Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8804. MORNING EDITION YORK HERALD. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1860.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS, HorgKg, noons, <fcc., to lkt. ArrjK iiOtTNKTn MOT-IB LEXINGTON aVKNUE, ? * ' <*? <? Nineteenth (treat, at (I <10; four brown muae Honeea itp towm, MM to KUO, three la VM Twenty ?i?ktk Mnei. ?U0; oeeta ,-?oowl nnM. ?U) J. M. RICHARDS A CO., 270 rourth arena*. A rvBjrit nrtD house in rwmrr sixth ktskkt JO. to let? at (l.tOA; one In Twentieth street, at St. MO, one la Twenty eevemb timet, at I1UOO. a ao a wall looated hoaae ?hr. t patt of rent aan be paid In board. J. M. BICUaKDH A 0 J , -70 Fourth avenue. AHANDBOVKLT KPRNIMIBD FRONT FARLOR, WITH a large Hedroom atuehe.1 to let to a Keutlemao and hie ? for Lotiaekeepioff, with a l%r*e eo tknag efcrre in It Ap ply at Wo Bum etraet, a few Ooure eat o I Bower/. ASPLfNPIP 61*1* OK FARLORN, ON FIRST FLOOR, for a.lighi buAlneee; a dealrable pluoa for a tailor or mllU aer. Al*> ault of Roonia on thtr# II or. for a family. In a new booee, with all the mod- rn iniproromanla. Apply at M Ktehib avenue, or W i'rtnoe atirec AVKRV PK8IRABI.K 1BRU 8TORT IIOUSK IB Bleerkar atrcet, eaat of i armlne, to let cheap. Furni ture fur ?ai? or to rent F.u a number of bonnier*. Hum. b?Ui ar.d i-b*udfllera WORCESTER A CO , #W ?i oadway, >ank entrance. 'm 4 FUHKIHBKD HOUSE TO I.RT-IN TWENTIETH XL at'aat lietween Broadway and Fourth avenue, a-titable for a *ma i fami v: rart only $ SOU. and p. ?it an Immediate Ij. J. V. Rli'Il A KDd A CO., 270 fourth avenue. AHMtLL FAMILY, WILL LET THE SBOOND FLOOR of a let b?u*e. cuntal'iinlnx two Ronma and two or three Bedrvxxtia If required, ?ud paetrlei; with km aad Orotou water 2W Wen Thirteenth Hlreet. KeM SIB per month' BEOADWAY-TO RENT for TWO AND A HALF year*, wt'h immediate po*ee>nlon, the upper portion of the Bourn Ko f.M? Broadway, conaiaiiDE of two atorteeand attic. Apply to X. H. LCDLOW A CO , No. 3 1'lne aire?!. (lOOPKH INSTITUTE -TO LET, FOR RVENINO OR / Sunday met. In e? one of 'he larreet and heat furoWied K oTiii on the Main liitll Al?o I?eek Room, with large booh onaee. Apply to WKLI.KS A <<II<LETTE, office of the IJooona lay Booh, room 19. . CORNER STORE TO LET-'NB OT THE BEST STANDS In the r?y f ? r the llquo' trade Apply on the premium, corner o( hieveutb avenue aud twenty ninth etreet, between the biure of lour and all P. M. FURNISHED HOUSE TO I.KT-THE KLE'IAIfT THREK etorr stone'fnont Hotiae A o. 61 Wut Forty fifth atreet, between Vlfth and hlxth avean**, handeomely aad oompletely furn'thed. Vor part 'cuUm and >rder? to ?ee thepremlxM ?pply to euiur a. WjLKINH A OO , Ho 10 l'loe atreet. 'ROM novrmhcr i FURNISHEP HOPSE, OR r.AROB PART OF A HOUSE. w?nt?*i elUwrin >ewYorkor Brotltlyn, by a Kea'eel family. lor the s?r month*. Houae moat be uae*oei)tlon able a* to loeation, aul v. ell fu/nubed Addr**e boi 3,WJ Pc.atn?ce. New fork. FCBN15HED HOrSE T<? RENT? BET W REN FIFTH aad Sixth a-n. I'.ee, near Madleon ajuare; a four ?viry. free etoce front Hon ee, renteellf furniahed, to rent for iUr mnntha from the lrt of November next- App'r to R A t. H. MCHERCK. 141 Broadway, forterma and oardiof admlmtou. Fcbni^jkd qouhk ro i^t-or unfornbird if dealred. It la a three atory, M?h a loop c inutna all ImproremeLta. four olccka tram Brotd way, convenient to WaahlDcv>n ciatre. Apply tt 134 Tbompeon Mi eat, near Hpckob atreet. CCRNIKBBD I10CBK TO I.RT IMMKDIATBI.T-WBU, looted on Twenty foirth street, near Ruith a?eoaa. ) tm?i will only have to pot ti5 cash from now inul Kit ?iid board ihree persons. KiNBUIMKK A CO., 341 Fourth STenue. XJOCHi: TO LKT-THK I.ARO* TURK! RTORT ARD XI Mile brick House i J Si. Mark'* place; II is in good order, kail will be rented low I o a send uwaot Apply to Mr. JAMKd oiurmuiilt, as Broadway. I A BO It FA?TORT TO T.KT -THB BUII.DINQH, WITH J thirty two lota of gronnd, lately occupied by Arm at A itlec, air diluted between 1121b and 1131b mreeti. First and Beoood armiea, at Harlem. Tke factory 1* of brick, entirely new, and la .OxSOO feet; ban a (team engine of forty borne sower, complete In every particular, and Is At for all nasi. fHtutfii purpoeee. There are two MMMMttoM new brink I>we.iJ!>? Houses. with all um modern iMproretneuta, con nected wiih It, and Ike whole * safely eoe'oeod wttk a kick brtrfc wall Will be let or leased on favorable term*. Apply to OHABIJB L. SPlbTt OAK, No. S rise street, It. T. c fficb* ? hrvbrai. vert firb omoai to i.wt, oa am sad Mooed floor* of Ho. > Browiway, wttk all the modern lanr^eaesa, Urotun water, Aa. Apply to H. NAT So 17 !? Washington street. ONI OK TWO AH AWT ROOMS TO I.WT? FOR niebr-1 or i o'iirnlahed. io ?'nj[le genilemen. by a small family wttkooi children, to a prltaAs residence with Modern ?mprayemeaik. Apply at 49 filth greet, near leaMiS avenue QTBAM POWBB.-TO URA.gR. RUPRRIOR ROOMR. 0 wttk elands power, In ue ?piendld new bulling now ouae pletieg uk *iU) Nun. tt, M. Id, if and M Greene street, thebeal and n?t central lonatkm in this My. Paruae In want of tret claa areommndsUotis ahonld Make teamed late appHMItoa M> E- J. HO WARD, on tkeiremiaw. QTORR T<; I.BT.-A BANIWoMlC HTORIC ARD TW > (J Rnr?>. for a family, In ihe new kou e 13 Dt?'s!on strrot. 1 esse win lie given t > eome moe business; no Liquor * Ijajrr Bier Xl!l .'ierr <* Dry Howl* nre'trred. rpo i.rr at n:> io ri.*tf.ntu rtrkbt. pocb doors A iwin Rreadwe/, iH iS^ na no the necked flm. far niebed or a'lfiiraliihti Aleo a llnaenint stiUan'.e for a pby PIRT-8BTRR.AL K KW HO08SB, IN TSIRTT BR. trmd *<re>t. t&tehed la Me .?? manner, wf.h gas and 8s tare*, water on each floor; well arranged for genteel sssa'I fa milies to eerfc loor. aoce then need apply Ttnee wlehlng earned* t -tee, u a bore, eboold anU at *71 Ninth areaue. j. a hatch. rp'i urr -PARTOFBi OhK 111 RABT TH1RTT THIRD * etrbei near i<eilc*i'ir. are ,ue; eooatatlnc of aratd?r. kkcbm u I part of fonrth floer, bouse eonialn* ru rrnlna and rauce a plj> uu the premteea. or to JAR. B. V AN CUMf, re lima." -ray. ____________ I - AT A RBPrClTD RATR, TWO LOWKR PARTiJ rfb -jeein Rait 1 kirty (ere:dh etreet ''*11 *n1 eee. Abn one in forty elgb'k e"/e?i at MN; ??? le T irtleth street, at K?i. iw.e in iVrty sereaih atreet ai WUO. on* m T??att sln'b ?* ?-( at inO; oe? ri% tteeead arenoe. a eoroer at MM. nod nee .?? I blrty hiotk atr?*i Apply to JOHN >'B'f TUB t Oil, tlklhlfd ?ie?uk. rUf-AT PTRRKTLli LANDINrt, A Pl-RHIHURO ko<.*e for the winter. In iiRre al No 8 -- ath street. frner ^ >:?we street, afi ? talrm rtrwa ko. A M Nr. T W. RRDRDT, or of aTb. ? h'IAT, H udeoa RWer Railroad depot, f tabklll landteg. ____________ PIJTT RLROARTI.T PrRRlMHRD. RT BOORR OR eeearate Soora wttk or wlthoat bttcoen. seiiar and rard, the two new modern Anlebed fo ir story brown stone Hooeee, Boa. 7Uand n Weet Thtrt, street, between Broa-lwny ned ?m> areene. All m?*T? famished If derired. Aleo, * ent for physli-ian's or otisar oAee. Apply at PI.?T-TH* WHoUt OR PART OP HOt'n* NO. tt Writ Karl J third strset. with modern liepr iiSMimu. to a suRabie t arty, the reut would be tales La board Applj i the | rem tee for <m? week rl.lT-t N1CR TWO im ?T AND B? ?l?RT NBW b> ' * H<v?e. on te^enty eighth atreet. near Third are nne Has raa. range, keator. Ae. Pine lonatkm. Re? WIOL Puewe>K?i m>sa*1ialelT Also* ?ery nlee e<*ta? H m-e on ??fcty iMrd ? r??t, wall flniahed w"h all '.he gas flltnree. two nam* r??- KUA Apply to JOtlN Tl RiXB. at the paint More. Rtgtity stalk street snd Third avei.m. TO '.RT? TITR BAHRBKirr "P HOORtPW SROADWA T. r mere# Tweet? Srat atraet. ?a steeliest stand fer a Srat dae re?t% irant Intutre of P A J R. HRALTH, 11H OfchM jsrat Street. fr?? m tt to So clo- k. rLFt-WB KPLRRD1D ITIORB ?M tlXTH ATBRUR. ndiilvnforx; .'J feet front, with epiendtd showy ? ladoea good Vcattne %i,.i l.?g Ieeee. WUI be let towto ? to-dlrnaut. Injure to the shoe atom. TO 1JR-TWB RBCOKD FLOOB. OOJTT AININit FOCR ? no ms, wta waSrr end sai. of the genteel bnn *i u Dammat atreet Rest ttZ*' The Fareltnm. emsprtsiag fiwmnti neeeesnry Id bmieeheeplnc. is for sn<A Apply am tke prrmltea T) I-I'-THK MOPRRI* HortR. KTARLR. *C ' % M Raet Thirlt rlnth n. el wllh linmediaie ? ewwre. rent MUi Apply at 191 I?;w?r from 11 to U, or al M Insi T? eat' strealk >?reet. of rtTKR A H JaDIRON. TH> I *T - A N^DRRN RCIbf 1 1I RRR HTORT RROWN ? afc?>e Dee-iing oe fitkir fourtk street, near Ninth are nae. wtM oss lot ?f sr ^-r.l ad^<tetaa, on wkteh there is a Ufeb'r Seat moderate. Apply ai III Pearl street, up stairs T|> Ik'.-OrPIi'R TO L?T IR TJR VARHUR RCIKD ?log t i titer*? Meet, near WlbiAM. 1st in I jlave P3MM> M a ean be ftrni. Apply as shore *0 MARK l->Tt ^ yroirf ?j pocrth srmtkT. thr ??towd pr.toB: 1 bas a'l Ike Mndera imv roremanM. home pleM .a MS ?ltd beta ten Ur ad way aid RaaSmgton sqnara. I' MMSMe tir wr,' lately TO t TT - THR TWO WORT ARD BtukMRjrr HOC**. I Ml MM street t*' Mocks weet of AmtJety I'm le ? 1 - . i (mta-'.air.i for va/Uealara aps'r a? tJO iirraae street ________ ______ Th Ij|f-A riWR t: R-:*K OVPU'R ?o. 2 BRhaO I way orer Kar t s bai et ?rf . App'f is iteS'ra WMO LAT? HO ftR NO. 11 BAST It Al TIA- WlltlRf. JL Htn* is tfneii r as frmt, g?a. range and water fJkly Inwr ?nnr? rrnm tVnrt ?,i e?t I 'irniture lue Mis. Ap fly ?> w ' mat airtrt, np stake. rl-Ff-TR BBOORLTW TO A IfRNTia.MA* A*D ?MS wife, tb# n>p.m naru nf snae II ut?ts airati. n?ar 'Ptsitra fP'rj Water in :be ku'ise It 0?er ne?d acply. pro I?sf !HK HARrltK'k tH'ir f'RDK't THK rT X Laarenaa U #tel A. tly st tke oSe? Rent III par on' eiV rl.KT -TUB Mt'XlRO ri/HiR. PRVIR ROOM* VKRT ? r< na< i ??M, water la ai 1 gas It r?|iiinat. p H?e?a <n In fSwd 1 -ly. Hew ??| t er m -ilb *f?ply oe Ibe premlSM No. f, 1 ?ei tt n?ntk atreet. jsear t^.higvui areata LIT T1IR ?RW * I'R ?PORT BR'?"?? H f?RB ? f-ont lloaee I aawewa v lib aa l Msth aienm le firty ~ ? r- Ale" a n?w -aree '..ry > I. hist ltd West P"ty eish'H atreet, b*t*Mt fUtk >nd ?tiisgM areatMt Kent tOSti a!ADit*.W i.F.->l*R A CO. l'JI 'ibambTS street. T_ , PT- m we. * r ' >?' TTWR? ? , . .hikwre-i wpa.-tts er.traaee aU by Uaalf: sartor .. ?rfi?et. Aleo i "f plrt 'rf f'?i?g- J?1 111 Kw TT," e tbvh ttreei s. ?en - i,s ?ert deatrable Akeo other anai*R" ta. ' M i "a *:>?? ?"? fT'i F t fb a ea ie. ,, I- -wfHiVt.T* Bl.tOANTt.T PITRItlaWRD- A ' p. .1 i ' ?'i arid Kiiehe", wi'h three Re<|. * ' ^ . i- ?',re? eare, a a> coal bed gaa r ~ I "? dial I -a ? J ear.* 1 rated family m-iat be S*4MllHMMl'(|r rant 171 rer m-mth la advance. A.l.i - -? w"?doa?J, lletaM TO LET? NO. 88 BOND HTRBT -BACK PARLOR, carpet* d, *uitable for an oflirc, !<*?? meat, and otia U?d room. lurulahed or unfu rnlkfred. TeiP". m -Me rata mo LIT IN IHOBOEIN? THK NIW IfOM COIN IS 1 o I Third ud Uloomiinld atroeu. He?t aivM to Uobokaa tor a ttratclaa* CJroc ?ry. Inquire o( Or D. iilNSON, U (Jar dtplrwi rU&?t FAVOR AH1.V 19 MtTLHBRRr ttrRKKT. uear Chatham. atore front auj 1 vice Reur floir*. 44 light room* Aleo a Cottage. ellKtbly actuated. oo rtrocalyu oil/ Railroad, $m a month. 15 mlnuiee from Putt oa Carry. Apply at aua William atreet, room ?o 1, up a'alra, rpo ?n ON FIRST OF JlOVKM all, PART >F A 1 Boom In Hoboken, ten minute* from lbs ferry, wlsfc mm: rent low. Apprea* U? 3.066 Poat office. rPO PHOTOORAFHERR.? TO IJTt, RtJITVllLK AOIXMf. 1 modMtona for a drat rlaaa Phntograubor, on Broadway, near I ntoa aquare; beautiful recepOun roouia And nv? ior ad for makta* fcujucn Lieut dlapley of specimen*. m a 1? vel with the aide walk. None but Ant cIms luid reeponalbl# partlee will be nesotlatal with. Apply to J AMIS S. ED WARDS, Hi Weat Twenty third atreet. ?TO PHY8ICIANR-A FINK OFFICE. EMQANYI.Y LC I cated, to let, to ? phjaiCan only. laqulra at No. 1 Union equare. TWO ELEGANTLY FURNISHED HOUSES TO EENV To rrlvale familiaa ooly. Lonetloa deairable. Inquire at No U Clinton plata. Poaeam ton immediately. ?HiFpna. REDUCTION IN PRICES. ATUUmO KTIaN NAVIGATION OONFANT. NIW TORE AND OAJLWAT LINE TOUCH I NO AT ST. JOHNS, N. F? fa Laa4 paaeaim, and reoeive the royal mall and eorere mrnt deepatcbee. Tka (teamen eompr Jr. s thin fine hare boat approved by the Admiralty, and are the NEW IKON SIDB-WILREl. BTJC * M REM gEINITEE 4,400 :noi borthfluC RUN9TIR 4 40C lone burthen. JITTER 4 4KI toua burthen. "A BAN A 4,400 ton* burthen. Thr or.M depvture will be the PMNOI ALBERT. In m ?w Y(?-k November *1. Fm n Pier No. S7 Nonh river. Bateeof pi? retoan> part of Ireland, cm a railway, and '4 the principal rittnao' Knjrland and Scotland. First rUa*. J10U, 190 and tn, aconite* to elate room aocom r.odaUoe*. Thin) cl?a?. Mo, lne*udlux cooked provlekjn*. .tnd to fit .Infant ,V F,:?Kln<t niam. (M; third eiam MO. ?.'h'ldreu r.ndnr twelve yeara, half prlee; under jam yoar. ree. 1 bird nlan paeaenx?ni ?.*e required to furaiah bela and th>A Petaoni taklnR pamare from New Tork for the atmnnni alUnic from Boelbn, will reoelve free paeaa^-H from New York a) CauUM. The aica'aera of Cue eu<aoai>T hare been oonatrnnted with Ae nieatoel u&re a* rvrtrd* <afety and MioMr*., onmHntol m^dei and propt'.'.i g power, and are built wtth *ater i?hl compartment*. Vhey ar? cunMently expactbd to eurpum ji (peei! aod roncb weather qualltlea a at rneanU artr built, it ft are repletu with el?aancl?e and^neea An emerieuoed aurit>? >?> la attached to each attlp. P *r? ? to aeud for their Irtenda, can obtain returned ticket* at win* neatly reduo?d prioea: '& frn " ' triahinx he folic In third cabin from Galway MO' 'n third oabla from any own In Ireland on a riHwij, SSX SO, to third cabin from the .irlnelp*! ettlea at RaKlauu and aland, U1 ?or f.Vlchl at iu?ir app'y >o _ UOWlJ>lJ A AHPINWAtA acenta, Noa. M and M aouth ouwet. STKAi: WKKKLY BETWKf X NKW YORK AND LITCS txiol, lacdtec aril embark'U paaaenir-ra at <Ju<Mn*iown, TrrUcd. Ihr liverpool. Mew lorkand l'nlla?l?i?iihia Hteii-n ah'p Company InWwd deapatchlug their full powered Olyde biult Iron (traaatlpa. CLTX OF BALIIMORK, Hatnr.Ur, Oetr>barlO-, CITY OF HAhCnEbTIK, riu.irday, Oelober 17; CITY OF WAi<HlNOT')N, Kafirtiay. Noromber 3; and every Saturday at noon, f^om n er 44, North river. luru or rkSiAUt.. FlnttcaUa (75 ull | Steer ste ????? MO 00 do. tolsmdon.... W 00 i do to London XI U0 fUeeraf* return ticket*, pood for ?hr month* it) V Paaaenger* forwarded to Puria, Havre Kamburi, Br?mau. Rnuerdam, Antwerp, Ac., at rednotd throueh fare* Per?m* wl?bli* lobrUur ut their friend* cao'bny UckM* b^rr at the folliiwiOK rati* lo New York from Uverpo i| or QiteeDitowB, Brat cabin. I7S. tM and I KM. Meerac* from Llveivnl, V40; from Qu*?nMown, M0 Thra? atetmera have tu parlor aeoommodatlnn for i ?era and oarnr ezperlanerd unmamM. thry are built la muter tWht Iron aeeaona. and have patent Are amnlhlla ora on board. For fnrtbm Information apply In Liverpool to WIOLIAM INMAN, Anil. 21 Water atrret, la 01a*)f;w. to W'tfUIA* IKMa.v 5 m. Knocb aguare; In (Jnerndown, to O. A W. D HElNOtR A CO., In London, te EITH A MAOEY M Kl*? William ahreet; In Krla to JU1JM DKOoUR, ? Plao* de la Hmirae; Is Khlkadelpbta. tn JOHN O. DAL E, 10* Walnut diwl, or at the Uempaay'* attoe*. JOHN O. DALE, A*eot, ? Broadway, New Tort. CR SOtJTHAJfPTOR aND IUVRE-ON SATURDAY, * >v. 10.- the United .Stan* mall aleamer FULTON, J. A. r,n, oowmander, erul mil pier No. U North river, foot < f Heach iu?i oil Hauirtuy. Nov. 10, at ava. rhla *na mer (nnatirpaaeed (.? aaln.y and enaalortl baa double eo|taaa under deeb. anckwed if water u?h! mmparimenU, * Hieh, be *U*ee other rea i.ta, t- n fa. In th.< ?.<nt of oollHilrKi or Mrandlii*, to keen ibe pump* free tn work, and ereur* the mfety of vee ?el ar*1 paeaetirera Price o' pariare in aaound oabla 17ft and ML wS irelkht or p-a?. apply -,Al(UKL ro UKO MACEEN/.IE. Agenta. No. 7 Broadway, ateamer ARAQO will aall Deoemlier S. SO0TUAJIPTON AND HAVRR-TO ?t.'OCEEn TH* Adriatic? 1 ha North Atlantic Rt????klp Oompaav will despatch lor the above porta their *pleadwi auamablp aTLaN Tlt., tlajt. A ?*ray, rarryle* the tolled Kiatea mall* .*i tte follnwin* 4a fa. from Oanai atreet wharf ? Frem New V or k on Saturday , Nov 17 and Dec. 19, fnxn Harm, Dec. 4, and Jan. 11 and bojlhamptor on the day after lee dny Ha vre The AtlaiiU. J* uneioaued lor atrencth and oomfo-V hvi waur tiaht conipanmnnU. and i* In all rw* jacta 'a o mple-* order. A United number of Mond nablii pnaeeefera. for whom axeel'.eet aoeommodaunaa have been provided, will be taken at >74 ear* For frel?bt or paaegte apply at the oM ce QTUIU Of OOfOBBB ? 0 r< * imlMon ood Harro VnlMd MM m*U iMublp V A !? DRBBTLT. f H. LofOTTO, inamailer will mlU from ptor Mo 1 R.wlk rtrv. Ml Tort, M 10 A. M , oo Nomrrtar, <>ol. ?, wiU aula. ruMifin aa4 woato. tar aulwl a?d rruot. r.rok mkt*. tUD; oooojJ M*w. ??#. Tkvd M>ta, to Ha*re, ?. lo ??ih.u?ptpo. IBO D TORR TVl*. i|W Mo ? Howllnp OrtM. Haw Tort. Hlght Ar%t\t at Uomtau aod Porti for OA*. -mua SOUTH OBRMaM LXOVDfl KTBAMBWIP H?W 1 Ti.Kl, H. I. Vob Sum, njMMulir. aarrrloi Ik* J?H?1 raitH null, wll! Mil an aJro^DATToi* nun o-otort BBBMB* VIA BOOTH AM PTOB, LOU DUX, HAT M^S^RhT" ffrTUM AJTD ???MB* Ak lk? ( <llow1?f ralao - " - ? ? rtr ? fists, KBQTQBM A BBKfBLT l hh amuw. Bo. ? Brood tray. BJUUCBU AM SRI "AX PACK Kt OOMPAOT-* A ?oll T "r BaXOBIA, U Kb)?n> anmmaador will UtT( for Hkoabaro rmitbunpvm i?ood?-i> and Bmrro am M'm uf S? rn*. rwrt. ii.?i ^ 0. B. MKKUBD * Boar 1*1 Hrokdtr**, B T. Up MCDII1 A will rooxfc-l U? Bnoofc. x-s r? LITBBPOOL? OLD BLAH* BTAB I.IKl TUB poekot oktp JOHM BKIUHT lrlo? at ptor MM rtror, Mil EM Ortobo*. Tk* OOMPRoMI?-lt ml* ITtk OeMMr. Pbr rMMl frnat or lo IJtarponl nr Irolan I, nr drrn/U an [ro to*d appfj to wili.iaMm a uuion m Poiim m<?. rR I.ITBBPOOU-PtWTlVBlT T IK ri?,.,T XHIP. ? iMtrkor 17, Ik* far. rii* Wu ah V I.! X n llu auporlor m> mo ? ai '?? for all r ***** .if ppaarciar* Apoiy oo board, pi?r Hi ImI rltar, or lo C A TSM KToK, <7 WIBBIWI B?0* I.TTBRPr-ofc-TIlM BLACK BALI. LIMB CUPPB* r iktr *? MU. iAl'0 >bn <l?) rriB Pi-r II Baok n -w tkla ?bip ku aer< na for all (Imm of p> trr* Apply kl JAi'l B Wil>OB, lb? B>?i?h l"? h'OR L1VKRPOOL.-THB CRLKHRATRD rtJPPBB rip DMKAnN'lUt.Pl. mom tp Ik- at'raa. will p -Or. |Tj u> lu rr-<?. 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Poet, wUl leave pier 13, h Hirer, cm Th uraday, October l-i, at 1 I*. M. t ana n to kavanoah. wtlh unsurpassed aooomino.ln.Uona, $16. Throagh tickets to New Orlaans $3? 75; Mobil*. $38. M?nt jwaerr, $1$; Memphis $31 79; Nashville UJ 75; Eontriae, III Mr, Chattanooga, $26. Albany, Columbia, $11; At tU?L $11: Mar,.,,. $10. Augusta, $17 CO. Apply to H. B. UBoWlLL k 00., 86 Weet itreet and M Hroad^ay. For savannah and other points, ah iiiujx The Brut class etdewhael Meauublp FliORll) A, rapt. Imm Orowel.wllll leave no Tureday, OoL IS, at 1 P. M. from oler No. t. North river. Through ticket* can be had for the fotlcw loa place*:? New Orleans, $3$ 7$; Mobile, $3$; Montgomery. $23; Ruman ia. Ala . fZt. Columbus, $31; Albany. $11; A.i*nt?, $31; cb*t IMivw* Itt; Naabvllle, $T7 7$; Knoavule, 5'ii 80; Memphis. $81 75: Augusta, $17 W; Maaoo. $>); Havaaaah. $U. For freight or paaaag* apply at IS Broadway The aieMnisr aLaBaMa, Cant Oea.R. Kchenck, will sao oe?d and aall on Saturday, Oet 30 at i ^ M, SaMUEI, L. MlTCHIU. A SON. liHiR SAVANNAH -THE FIRST 0 .AfcS StDK WIlKKIj F ne?nu.hlp STATE OF QEORuI t, Cartiln .i J. wl'l mU from Philadelphia for t-avannahon H?turday, OetoHer 10, at 1U o'clock A. M Cabin paange, $15 *t-rr are. Through llckrts to New Orleans and Inter. e<Mial|i poiuta at Mmerati-aae b? ?teHmerii from Ne? Y?rk iffllorlor sta'e roc ma may be ateured y applying to A UK it ON, Jg., 1.'6 North Wharvee. Philadelphia. The ? (etmah.p KKVH'fOb hi StATB will a-tll aa abo.e f <r CharleoUii, Cct? it** 16. ? 1 m ? CB Cli A KLK8TON, 8. C., SAVANN AH, (?A., AND *.? .- ?",1'ilh aud SoM'hweet.? 8en>l wr#kly U?ll?d Sta^a Rli'* W om>1 h>iu>?b>fi IJne ? The -.ea' mi"* ? u NA^n VII.! k U M Mtur*y cnsuMr. wi.l leave 1'ler N* # Nnith Klver, Pa W?ti'ral?y. ':ttober 17 at 4 .iVl"v* P. M Ratee of paMxite, with through tie hate, aa foUwa ? To ?* ??n'i?k. ?*., Ii6, t W1 'itoo S O.. 115, New rleaos l<? 75. Mrhile, $16, MontKoroery, Ala , $jft; Nuhrl 1?, tl 7 75; Mem phi*. $*! 75; rfhattanonc*. $38: KnonvtlU. ?.'fi 3?i. %agnHtv Ha Mi atm ta, $11, i harofe N IV. $ ?; H. O., $i0. Kor IrriMht or rawagi anplv to BHoKKi ,?!>. TiI.EH Tt'N A <:?? , 24 Brnidwa* Ihf *damn E<\ r<wa i umputt'a great Hnmhern Emreae Mcarrtnd on thi" Hon I'he ax^reea ari utr South will live U'xraMloD u to aalliuA da>s. Iva Aa. The COLOMBIA, OapL Berry, wUl gceoeed oatWiL .Uv, Ovto her at). ^ STE-t V hi IX j' OITr OF NEW TORE FOR HAUL The at?*a-ahlr t"Hy of Nrw fork 374 lone ?"?? ir* tr r i.i. t.atlt In New fork In USt Wider epacU' c jolraci ror tkr present ? m en Bar hall was MM by aeaa -a k VIM ?ml and la dUgonally Iron bmrad. She h?s tw ? **jri.ra? </ $0 Uach c> Under by W Imh at rose, bnlll by A iWmiw, nnder tM sut'ervisloa of IHu W. t%>pelu.d, Kji|. Hi, t>.?l*-? are SDeee norths old. iflw- has baan ear otal b?iween Phi laJelphla ard B^iatna aeven yaar*. and hni'twl hurt's." rwish sm go'iw q isJtUce aikl gr?v?i sveo<th. f'?r fun W pa/ Ucnlars apply to PHI NBAS Bl'I'.AHO* k OO., ISO OontrAl street, iir *i b :tiet.m. Maaa., OtHCBaSUi w. (joPai.Aao, 133 liraadway, Kew Tort. FOR 8ALK TUB NEW TOBK UU1LT LIVE OAJt SHIP OHIO T.M lor.a r^lste'; was thoronrbly repaired and re plunked la th's city in 1^87 ne ., metalled m Nonary la?t. ani all her masts new ratea AlH- Ktevvn aUte>mt^?ef Is* above vessel, a* she n"w lie* at Ford's v, barf itrooal) a. wUl be aald at anotlna on Ihursday. October 18, at th i Meechat tt1 Ex ehange. at 11 o'rloch. by I'lUMP R. WM.KINS Ihe shtu la now diacharged. and caa be seeu as above and the inventory examined, cm auplleaMon to A hkU K HONri 38 Park row riXAHCIAL. AQi;ABTiKi.T ditiubmu or two ct) Piscunr h?k hran derlared by IM hanond insw Ku>^ l '?;n ta?>. pajahla on and mixer the H> laatant. al Ua o/Boaof I ears. William A John U' Brian. Wo. M W*ll K r<ai. J OH If U'BBIBB. Traaaurar LAUD WAHKAKTR SOOOUT 1MI SOLO. ?T TATUJIt bBOTHRR*. Il.WaJ drrvi, Jfaw (art N KW OBIBAB8 AMD MOBtLB PtJICPS BOUOAT BY AUOPRT BBLKONT * OU., BlWfcU Orrif* or th* araBinr oakljo ut <w*pabt, of Urooklja, No. 1 Po * idle* BalUUar, W mtarie airoal, Bronaly*. tw-v'iar % 1H5U "'apUAl, ll.jlJU.iX>), ihvraa, Wo Mob. Tba I't'woi' (MkiiM Uoapaay, of Bnufclyii, a*ar lo eapltBllata. tor la*aall?aot fifty lbmaa.i t do'.'. \rt of Vbolr aapt la! flock, br.rx all that ramaina uoan?airl' ed fnr I*BiliaB wtrttnc to laraa ?U1 oali a tber at ffca o*o ?f iba company, or 'jpna tba tewaaurar. at tba (Am of AeMiiai k Hloo.l<ood. Jfo. a WILiaa ate?rt. ?aw Tort. HabarjnrU'joa wtll ba ra OBlrad till thr 1Kb Inat. Bad bm loc*er. Jtaaa H. Urmmt. Tiaaaurar Wlf P UilBT. Praa'l QrriviAJ* OHIO BTATB LOAN-* 100. IU> Omcaorraa Coaauaioaia* ft tn } Ikiim )'nn om> triTf ur Oim, > UBuraaot, Mth Ai^uat iw) Aa mata of Otto daaraato barrow the ana or all milltoua ?ad roar huadrad tboaaaad d<>U an, Ui ba append aiuUialraiy to tba payment ot thai portion .1 tba Public drM radae rnabla at plaaonra after I In Slat tar of iVaambar a?>t aad Id Mat rati the ( ??aioia*n??n M tba Htaklna Pub 4 at tba Mala, oadrr anthnrH} .,{ an wt .>f '? Ueaaral AaeeniMy, will raeatre aaalnd prot-aaiaat IM "hla Mata Arawy. Ha. M William iM. New Tort rttr. aalil II v'ekieh If of lha Kkh dar of MoTmhar nrtt for the I'crrhata of ?U mllliona and foar hundred lb.. aand d ilUri of Uia trar.a.'erable ilarufl a..t*a of tba Tnndart aa.l Raglaterad Itoht of tba Male of ( >bto baanaf taiareet >naa tha lat dar of Janoarr, Un. w> ba raid aria I ? n la h on tba krat d?}? kf Jlanjut aad July af aaab raar, at n? Obln Mata A > la Uba cttr * Ka? Tort, ?t(b Um prnalpa) r?nbanab!a vt tba kw plaea. aad ?Mra, aa k> tbr noa a*r aant of int?r?*i and tb? una of Anal rr<lamv><fc'B. aball '>? tn armrdanea *1-.B aneb 'f tba tbroa ma dHk oa 'c il Wo# aa. on tba >o?ntDc of tha pripoaala. tb? Crm ?lanorara naa; dcaa tn ba tW m at a.1 raataaaank to tba Mata tbMM'-oaay 1 H??nu* M)ai^ot at tba rata of 8r? ; >?r aaal par aimoa aad mlrau' ?? at tba u Maura of tba bt^ut aftar Iba Ibtrt) 1r? day of I'arMaD^T. I WD 1 Uaaiiiijc .,i?r?Bt at tba rata o* atf par rant par aaaoai Bad rwtaaoiahla at tba | raaiira of tba Mala afvar tba ibiny Int day of DaeaoiS^r, ISTu. k llaartat lataraal at i a ntt? of an par nasi par annoai Bad radr>aa'ola at iba p a?aora of iba State aflar tba thirty krv* day of IVa aaabar. 1 "?*> tarb ar n '?al aiM ?late dtallmtly for wktrk of tbaaa eloaaaa at nerUBr*i?? it la ma la, tba aa<>'iat ?< Mtbar a blab la d* ?>ad. aa.'. tba prt.-a for *a<'.b on- buadrari lollari of aaab rlaa Vf>m??ad k) ba lakao aad renal ? ? armn . ?y a -artlkad abrvt a. or rrrtllMt* of <te| QtU '< >aa i< tbr oa;>ka of Haw T>?k rtty, payibla n tba owar kf tba ' Biawmari. for ? atux ?i\iat ft Ira par rant of tba ammat of narttOnaat bU for ?W h ? m aball f.^lallad H lb* ' id.W aball fall la r for ?????????? *1 *1.1 V a. b .Id afeali ba draaad aa aada a<tb?r for tba ?boia ?nan unrd u aratn or 'or anab pro rata aa>. .n>i tbaraof aa, at la rmt-' ap i Unl air aiMpi A tu tba bldiiar, racw J ba a t had to ibr otbar pr.>i ant IniarMt nai tbada * ?ut. at iha rw far arbl b Iha aartllk^ta ar* awardra tn blaa will I - JoaM lo Barb kaMkMM bwldar, Bad ad;'>Mad n* tba dr!1iarr of IM ?rtlllipiak and rarli will ba rronlrrd to pay th* raaMaa kf the aa??mt hid by btai oa Iba I?tb day of tVrambar. 1MB al tba 'ihiaMaU- (.#r iry, la tba r?T of >aw Tort at wblrb i ma aad plana tb? oart:i-ataa Bwardrd ?. i ba raadt f?w da i --t ? i-n Wtra '? .? r ?J !>?>? of lha htata ar Ohio nd *rmabla oa tba Burt lay nt Jaawy i?l. raaalrad to fayiarii I of Bay part of Iba Ujbb barabT vnMualated. TW nf ? aaaoor-Mf" >>ldd?*B will ba rat nwad lo than nana ?a>llkBaua at tba <>hkn ftaia Araaar m tba day at' aahaa itant Ui tba opaaln* :?a r~T>oaala Tba i aamlaal tnara i aaaa n tba rt?bt ft ralaat Bay a all a# Ma b'da if tbry aUll daaa It M-raaai-y la urdar to ?r >tara or yrai'W tba latarrat of Iba Maia . prvMBii for thia loaa anal ba aarlnaad la k aaklad aara 1? ? <^.1 to iha tVaai*'Hr?ri of Ma Mnklaf r u.dr la "ortar M aanra naif .rant ?d for Ilia rannatmif umd. iba oauataktaaara bara i rapkrad a fona of ? r-vaal. whtah. WwrtArr wttb B appy of lb- art * itb-wlr^ia ioa loaa Bad aay R/crmaUoa daairad IB tb? pmalatk. may ba * tahtad at thanWo teata Araaay la Ba? T rk ohiy or M IfcaoBotaf iba 0?a'aamrra 'a fVdaatBa. Ot i. B. iF. Y a \ i.ttp.. Andlbir nf Haw. A. r. ftCNtfcU^ Sarrrury ?' ?l?ia, t:. r w il/xifT. Amonrj tiwfkkL ' oaaiiaat-mri of tba kU.k t c r? if IV *ata of OMk PITTHHC k<l PORT WATRK * UHt'JAOO KAIL tOAI> OotnpBvy HoiJara >1 f.ral w 1 ?aoo?d :aort?*aa ' of tbr i bio at * PaamylraalA, Uta "fclo I?d!? i* ?>* Po it VTaiBr Bad ( Vrkff" Bad of Ika P '.tabaxv. Pat Wtyoa Md l^ioaito Ralroad tVaatr-irti t It.; da air rt'itHt^J1 kkkM al iba l,oa "f Maa?ra. Wa,?i w. U lar # < *> .. S? >/??' *r*t. oa f>?t'ird?|r, tba JUtk laataut. ?i twalTB 0"> 0*h for ?pprortl ofMkplaaof rW?i,^jA- B iil>? ?-n, J >'* 'iir jlttak. L U. Kdi kK, S ti in a i?< kkt to f <? .Aim. IRKI ARO, MXiti.ABlt ABO ??UM Kt?bt H.ia oa tha UR!I>* BAB* rr W>jrrxiB, BAMOBAU !A** or MKtT'.AKD, R*r.r>irr BAf?r'i??? mypmi. :k?i.Airn, la in* (t*ll apaarta U"tt? ^ TaTU)* IWtlUH, *aaka?. B<b ft Wail straat. Bra T ork. Sinn /knit to!/)4?*o*?owi> abb wo?r *?a I'/ViUvV ?t tba !o**? r%ta Of it,t?-aM. in ?.? aa ; > tuit an If ??. oa y<a i aalnta t>i ?1ita iMy Blaa ?Stl. l'B tnl ar. In ?'rt?k-\ >n r bi lo a?it. Apply to A PBH lBABf, LI Walt airaat. WATTHKR ABO JBWK'.HY. At Bl . ? 1 1 .? a \ ' k; . ? tic warraute-l fiar (old Bud i:iaa kaapli All klr?a<if gvd and airar * bi< Ma ruld ran' |v?Ard ?V frh Vk?>"t; b.?-< a hwlattia Manrtaiarof Jawa ry. at ' n? ported' prtflaa. fkrllttT to tarn porehaaara al Bl ALmSt W RROAPWAT-Of^v rt* TJit/A* > ?J )I.I? i> t < haina, wartaatad In o|ab t v t.1 ai c kut to tan> ?h t kbaaea aoloc. (trai II SO t" Id (rtBfd C%*'n? front M la ft ). rx: and araoitaa ibaa M I. B, CXMItR'k jrwalry *"ra. 8U Broadway Rroatway. HI. A B ARRWgR T<t TUB (JOBiTlOB, WUAT VRI < . A fomla lHamonCat Pteraa of rrrakalirad i tartr fo-k hmnd o?ly la Caitforala. rot aad riVmbart M raa' k"'k dtamonta. wblrb May aiaal la brl.UBnry, I.a-br KarHnaa. OraaMa. Rarklaraa. Ae., 'taratamn a (-",'t?'-a ai ' < loaar naa. R ata Muda Ba. UkL kni tiaau^* U"? Hroadway. AW THt PBIBm np WAblP" lAUaOAMP H?ia Otamondk will look aa has'lanma aa raal brtllteata. aa1 1 1

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Itaiisa "vrr* a< J -ludes' Hall. eo?bi-? ?1? i n^u t? a few !e^r>na to arruui B!" f-mrm aed rlj ?ilrcUvaly tAm x m adnlrnd eoatpod ,tid. Ad treat J* tailt, ?r*et. 1 1' I TAR FOR ?AI.K-WtL'.IAM H Til TONil P iTBNf, (JT r wnnff1 patent . 'ated nea.1 a rich tuood, aaperljr iu ..-umeil. C.. at IT aatnbere etreet. TVNRT MATER HKJH LBaVB TO IttfUOHMKND i I hlmae'f to the p'if i r aa lettrh^r of Uie Piano. Heat etty -.rrinoea iltao Ktai.i< iaa 11V Nliilb itrreu ( KKfEIVK KRt'M THK t'lMXT OF TBU BOHllt, PJ < v'l* for Uiatiuctioo on the PUno one. MISS O I.'H'WPIT M.ISR. Ko7J Grand (treet, ojrnei o( W??ctar. 1 APIdh' RA Cl.IZA VAI.BHTIBT PATAVAU.I. l'KI 1 J ir.a d'iai>a n^i rano. teaaliea and plan < at her prl ?u rated* ii "? Ida Ihlrd a?et.ue, liret IVior, near tWvenleetilii ?irtai, ? hete ?ha m be ?^en from 1 till i o'clock every day vf nU? Al--OTTO MCLUCR TlAOHKR OK PIANO and ? ?.i(1dk. had reomved frota 131 Nl.itVa'.'eK. Mr. H. ?Inuea to 5vr Irvumt at hui tnu?c rr*Mr.. HJ Br.nteraf to ilj. 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WRVRWOATh and KaTI R >ATBta Raw Tart. rnWAl' and PKJDATN la Bmoalya la a^dJUov ti tfea Ornrt QuadrU a. Prtnoa Imparl, a. R*aa ?-Mia, tapir? and -tk?r anrtal daaraa. Via sat adrlti* ??a *n: '.?i?iflVA,.o?H lan^ airaa^T Introd IMI kr Mr. I -alwnrtfe. a ?artr'r of B*war daaaaa wttl ba knm?kt f ?nr< ida# "tka araann aaioo# vfckib mar be mu?mI La )aat weal red 'ne? Parle ud Uw Q'lar.n. e -RUrrt 'ae," aapeeiaUy i^aptad to Ike dar?lnpaw?> of tnemtul Temeni ir, children rrnlan of taraaa Ae.. My (w kad at either Aaadeaar A 1,1. TBI NEW DAKO m.-U PR flARMO HROOKRO* V Academy. Wl Itr-maie atraa*. la ina'yea Tbe hail, Witt rerepRwa. dr*M<- a aad i>raaaima? r mma poa ? <?wr-ea4 adraatea* for punllA All tfce faaMonal-ie daaeea a I i b? tatrodaeed, tnretker aiik ?? and b?a..tifnl Preach Q'ja'I' PRIR. R IMPERIAL ANP UA RCWR I ad lee Bicrt Tnaailk) a and PnrtAyr, S to ? P. M. '??mlaaaa ? 101* P. M. i|?n.tff*roR Tl'RIPAT ARD RinRWllAt. Til' Tree meet Wedneada/a aad Ea: irdaya, | to I P. 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LAUHA KUtMB'8 TUKaTHK "miHH WKIK Till HI) WKKK TII1BD WfcKB HKHILT OIATIKVINU 8P(H'IWH HIGHLY ORATirviNO HO'CKM IIIUBLY UHATIFYl/iU Hl/<X,'KnH or tub NKW *KW MKW AMD BKAUtirit, KKAnnwi. BKAl>TlKl)L thrkk act UK AM a ?hkkk act dkama TURKIC ACT DRAMA or JBIBH OHABAOri-a AND OOBBTKUOTtON, 1&18U C&ARACTKR A?l? CCNtURl OTIOH, ?MTtTUID AII.KKK A ROOM; AILKIN A ROOK AILKBK Alt' ON , AJl.KJtN ABO< M; AIlJtN A ROOK; Alt .Blew AKOUM; AlUCKN AK >ON ; AILBBM ABOOM; AltKBN AHOOH; AILEKN ABOON; ok. rn? LADY or OLaNMIRB. LADY OF OLANMIRB. lady or CHAN MIRK i:ady or ql ammibk. LAD* Or ULANMIBK In cobim .rnreof the ifreat Bncjer* which bM attended ihii production u( thik bohutliiil play, It will be r?vea:?d AND KVKHY MIGHT TILL rgBTUKA MOTIOB. with the folio* Ing r?oell?ci (lormu Hmimlnu Xr Daly PijjiP 2" ????; 'Mr. Lend lather M?I'a ?!.-en. >fr Leegnn Mr. Htrmlijr Hlenklnsov, attorney At lair '.Mr J'e.ara Ljbj MuMmb Mr. Strati thane Ma*luilB jollnltU)n ffJW *?'?< *r B*"*0" 1'haddy bheemni ? Mr Goodrich Attern'BArrn <\ ?n, commonly culled Alice* _ Ml? Uiita Beene K Hthleen Karrndan Mr*. J. H. AUei Iff* >*"<*>?} Klenhlnaop Kit. folly Marahv WlUy Maclr.Orx Jr? LoUy Huuh up i ?'? i * OonUookl WtirdMoM? vinin? I?m.e 1* utNor.-'is or so bnwby and imoi!j*nt8. AOT 71 KMT. . _ tub norrt at OOKK. Jrl/b !>?aan rr und?r the io loeuce of f (an nfoet#- Whiskey In Mrcu'Mtap- A Bit of a tcre?c*i from Pbaddy- ?h? Kfidfo ( oAf fc^irta? All een- Weird Molsby Mid her l*r? ?rntineuts of ihrll? Ih# Arri?ah AlI.tBK A?D UHRAIUK. Toe Mora ? AlWa 'i Kftn- A arching into th? Heart ?An fcarly Loif-llW Punt Kwvivoc -Tbj Lov? of C^f/dHom! - A 8trutf|<Ubclw*m Rl?bt and Wr nag. lOTf AND MWfOIC. Farra/an Pb!V*> Oon?^-AUr*nt FrlgM? Mm TnahUi on as Immediate i>eparturex1he Unas Capsized -Pktilta la i>au g#f? ?? if iatbd ;.v ".a* a j dan. AJ leen Ovcrootxs b y Her EmoUoa* the Dapartura? Weird lflitf? thi rnoeii-fiT. Ph#r a lanea **???*?! lb? H#*J rr|?, |? Woe! woe! to lb? OoUeert bj i?v? *d?n ? k? 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LOT|, 'TWAS PIIK rkWAREO r HK CtJT. a ?i s*a*i> ,* AorcsArroft. tmi raoruKr rt'i.nuiD. AI T ItU tO DRAWING KirfVM AT CLA^HlT!*. AjHOBAKTa or l?4KKAOA>'? EBCOritBT. A Token of I h?rka ? A WmuoJy Quarrel - tiarna^y Lost Ausaa ? ruumniir. irryAiAMca. The Iiiterrle * betwean 11 .?b?na aad Wife An. cu a i ray ? Barradnu'ti 1 'unlit uii <>? act it r>**ot '-.o tociT'iaa The Kill rem Alleen Conartona of her luii* nucfl, r*. to riy? #h? Beai4Tean?i an it-rats, to T"a p.hoii, > ne Arnhi? -7'hh WIU? M&%aa'a Frara -A Last Chance?A fcndden Raar tin: rot?ci-? in tub cur. A row?rt'i Fea??- MUly innde tM M vwens?r of Death- flu* Vik'lon dcg? the Muruerer'r t .*4?irt>a. *" ?*a trim rti. acrjrc ?*co?i>? a a?ua at aiADMium. A fee ret ? A Ij ?ee'a Quarrel? a \Aomao V?ie.l ? Ciir eHy? The nea- Ihi.j.' Mn ?CXBB Tin D? A IHBBBB-f BnoP. A rtirpMT KflllADB Weird Mctahy? 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Ciuler the dlrectlm nf THOMAS HAKBB. win perform the eelebrmled Iriah Orerture, the <\?ieen Haws, the Prtroe of W'alea' Foil u. and the 1'rtnr- or Walea' kkn rai I e, lalrodnciag the satlooal aim i^id Hare the Qne?n. Rule ndiAi nte, aod Tankee Drw?i..\ tuiethrr wtth all the lr.. Idental u i. Me. oonpoaeil rtpreaaly for the drama, by Mr. Baker. Ivmre rn>ee at 7. V <-"mnMKi'-e at S N* + u r<" ^ "? UM#K ???*.? "CSSRm-u- ?,. Mr O U f"?; "r J Mr. O. 0.1 jin-ifca^ JnnaaM^ rm.J HarrtM. In **? pl-rfP*1 ?? -TswtgllESSKW ,n,a Tfc* pwfemwee ' AL MBtrcAir CONCMT UAJ.U ? BKICAR COBCKBT li ALU, <14 BROADWAY tit HR?>AI>WaY riatrr apprarari r rilWT APPKAK A R< I rx>H HANTI A'lO UIRBOKOU, IX)M 8ART1AOO QlBBONOlW, DO* HABTtAOO OIBBONOIR, ?a WH RKhl1 A V, Ortnbar 17. WBI>RR?UAT, OiUmi 17. B W BITt.KB, Proprietor, TUB PBBHIDBWTIAt. BLW7TJOIT. OB WHO WTOIJI tho Q?rt WW?I. at tlm MBIiOlJBQE, W BroMwy. 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Chanfrau Mr. ^TW. k Mid a po,. ? r'aloowpgan m 1} sr.', 22^7; \5Sr^r for th'^ a,r" * W*iUi'S'8 i hkathi. K*; ? WfcU^k i -caeca. Hr. iMUr WallMk. Mac* Ml JJR. LKS7KH W aLI.ACK,^M5r. W R BLA? S?iA?kVtV1Wro,IT' MB.WOBTO*.** sftfsjibH, sassta0* As., An., he., Ac. ALL PLAY IMO With num. MB. JOHN BROUQHAMI NKW COMEDY froomuced by the prw mmI public THE VKKT Um ALL irtS PRODUCTIONS it w adtkd .. 1VKRT NIUHT. PlAefli way b? *Nmred *ii day* in ndtsocie. P**!? op?? ^ 7 Si. to commence tl 8 o'okot ? r^Tlhk fiTee ff"* "* e*Ur*'T i"*P**?d. wtlk H* m%f ARNL'M'8 AMERICAN BP8ECM. B Under the personal sttparrtalga of P. T. BAR RUM. 1 he only place of eminemort Iq New Tork honored wMh ? VI HIT KMOM THK PKINUK OP WaLRM. whnwltk the I111IB OP NKWCAHTI.B, RARL HT. ORB r ANH aid o'liere of his mite eipreaeed hiftisall lehgkked ? Itb the rtirfcaltlee be eiainiaed XVRRT OAT AND EVENING THIS Win, COMMENCING MONDAT. Got U. 1MB. LAST WKKK HPT ONI OP THB OS1.T LIVING 81 ANKflB TWINS. > 'HAND AND RN i, WHO, WITH TWO OP TBBIB Children, will be on Exhibition l>ej and Evening. Ikon afea Vave ever aeen these w>n<lerfnT and extraoralnary teiiaa ? Mnsr*, know them to he the most Interesting and curious at ml x-'iecta, while those who have not, need only to be told tkat 'key i ire two living men. *9 ynani < ld, eo Inseparably unMad a* ;?e pit of the ktumarh, that what one leeli the other doee t Lcrti uni* goes the mh?r ni'iel , that lh>-ir sympathies. ? '...n a, joys, sorrows are all the satsa. At lb* sans Ium irffl be exhibited for one day longer, tha ORKAT l.IVl?<r HLACK NBA LIOR, The mighty k to* of the (mm an. the I'm# stinpoeed fakulo? *> -ptuno. the mo?l ttajratlo terrlflc, thoogk jet dontlau la *Munt of the great deep He welgbi SOU tbs., and aaM Mlba. ?f flak dally. tu/and for a abort time, TWO AUJINO THILDRRN. 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