Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1860 Page 2
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IM0L1 HORTH AND SOOIU flow the Irrepressible Cuflict ii to Be Carried Ou TERRORS OF SUBMISSION M TH! SOU fH. I ~ 'T millions of 1'roperly to k\D< slroyeil. Utabli?h a Piper in Kichmocd. WLNDELL PMLL1PS TO STUMP THE 88UTI. Lincoln to Protect them by Proclamttion and with the Army and Navy, &?!-. *o.. fte. Our M aahlngton Co\r>;ipom(??c?. W'*mriiro?, Oot. 14, 1880. A lUtrcr} tit* ri#ut nf ? tbeml rift to Sor'hsm StaUf - Wk*' it Mtonl l>y .AtrtMmQm and RsocliUwn, <fc. Jub\ taMu?d from a Tlili to the intsrUr of tho SUtca of flr.-li Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, cad brow *le southern psrt'cns of Vennessee tind the caswrn port'.ri >? of Arms**#,* review of tho t-ne and aenliroat ?f tb' peoylo of li-W reg rQ? kadi tc the following con ttoskrit ?1 Tfcat tbero arc many wb-r are for secession in tarn of the cl> cuei of Lloraln,ssd U ti generally oooceded out waittngfiraay or ert act f Tbat IQal cl <*t doea ts? comprise a a* orlty. 3 Tbat tte South will vqflodly Mnriand a lepa ration In c&rc Liocoln'a aimlri*i ration vtould Initial* any poiley calculated to Interfere witb the r.ghta of tho Ssuth; In other woriis, to Inaugurate the 'Khemt* of the abol.t cnt.<ts of Ute North, as tbey hare fce?n advocate! ever (lose the antlslarery war Ufa MHt There ta a nul?r wtricb uvany to the North do not ?osaprehcDd when the South ?|>caka or the Northern ?bottttonlrts. I-trgc numbers of the mcmbere or the ro party spurs Indignantly the Imputation ol boinj skollll mrr fhrn tt la preferred against thorn, and yel they are igaoraat of the t haractortstlos of those whom the Southerners a'.moet universally declare to be aboil Manlcta. Hie South do cot think It aloue requires an y, cutthroat, robber, assassin or a nigger la loavt to be an abolitionist. The mcleralo mem IMM of lbs Northuro republican parly think it does ??I tbe Month Insist that abolitloolam consists In kMM evlft than these and those are the demands of the oaalslavrf uen of the North ? iemandc they have been ?rgtsg and pre- > nting in the faee nf tbe South for years past? upon which tbe antl slavery movement of the Nsrtb K bared, and which infuse Into it muoh of IU vitality, lod pendent of Uie territorial question. Wo 1. IV abolition of alavory In the Dlatrlot of Columbia. & Tbe abolition ef l*e slave trade between the States, & Tbe abolition or repeal of the Fugitive Slave law. lbs Southern protect toe lata (of slavery In the TtrrU tertes), the Southern non Interventionists, and the South sew Pntoelels. all unite In declaring tbat In caae Lincoln's aMntlnletratKio ahouU toeoeaefully atUmpt carrying Into ?Oil either of these locg cbtriebed schemes of the North ara ant slavery bku or abolition lata, they will esteem Mm act a )'M t cause for seceaeioo , and if tbe federal power appeals to force for the ;mrpoec of compelling submlssluu, Ibsy will with aae vwoe declare for open revolution, let tbe sease-|i>enors be what Ihey may. Tb,s may be term?d Uia petition ef the tnoderaltats In the Sooth, while the aMrss ? and their numbers are by no means small ? arc asadv to take tbe election of Lincoln as a cause per I of ?sparti.ue and lbs erection of a Southern confederacy. HoaUo-rners ? men of Intelligence, sipvrlattce and MkMaeaco? declare that one drop of blood tpUlad Is define? of Southern rights wi'l be tbe signal that will UrloR the Sunlit together. Inn Mar/U', 1 So lV-viui. with can bear I, otie m ud, one hand, una stotlve, >m? Impure and one object. They say tu -y have no other alternative They will defeuJ witb the rifle and boa. I- kiills It, ir c-ui?luutl.ioal r , aud while the cuj sanative |*>rt n of t'le |h- ,?Je will r>-etrila tbelr tn rre ardent t>r? liiren uutil the crllu^l siomeot ar rtves cr tbe lm|-eoJ:i.g ilaoger ims avert<>-l, they will a:i staal sht-ulder tosbo-ndi-r with their IrienU an I th? r ?eigbbors ia deleooe of tt.- ir c <uni?u rightt ai.'l their pn n rty In the worda o( Mr IV H .?l<i>h'oe, a II II auu Iverett or I nKin orator. In Msatph's iavly, the Colon men wtll advoraU- pea-o an I I nwu ?M1I an overt aet la orKimtu-d h? ? ? t th- Sou 10 by ib<- fedaral Krr ? (brth'-ir wlv.e an I da-gliters aoJ th . famlli'li, hlca and U. Mr pr?i>erty are aa moch interesk d in She Milatioo uf th-- qu<ai> u ai.J lu liie Horrors of a ciVti war ?-? i ? -.,?i i.itra .iistitii -oi*t, and they ahoui I h* ? anaifthtrg to say <>n tli - suHj -, t. But, aai I Mr S. ,wli -n tbr terrible mooter t arrive*, and in. teniae le between *.'ie tpnri ocf nf tbe North atx* retinal, ?e n tbo part ol the Soaifc. tbe Caioo men WUI be f.- in i siue by tile witb Ibelr aeif tibort of all shades of palitiM, tMttUag tor the cm*** ?f tbe gkn.tb bo ar lent aad geoeral le the feeling of disunion in the tU. that caoOidalet U-r locaJ oCicee cannot, In ni toy be tirctci If tney avoe tHemtelrea op It teeession or tbe right to secede. Ttut the om In the larger cities, aa wail aa is M<e acrleultural districts. But tbe m>-agreccaa of the oppo tliu? ia made up by the tecrst as welt a? opet buwr ?eae la which tbey prrwecute the a*mp?igo. B t tb t leeling m aot onsllted to oo? party mors than to aoolb- r He'.lher of the three parties in tbe Hoeth love rash tber aa tbey ttaad arrayed at present, but, when < ,min?u ssi ssi ? made a?raicet a SSmmno f<w. tttjir pereooal tialosstes and bad feeling will be overwhelmed In tti.i ssfsraess with which tbey will ail Or t?r?tber for the Sew.airn molecltta (If a I parties the Rreckinrilg* party ? tbe boldest is tbe South, and. ?tran*> aa It may ap pear. is view of Major HrecklsrMgr t r'jwatel doelara ttaaa a favor of I'aios, that gant.eman has bis Stm:i<esl advoeatre asiorg tb? opan an I avowed dtaumon.nta Wfeea sp?kee to us relatloo to tbetr ineoasittsory, they arti owlrdgs it, asd say "Brsoklarldge may be the flrtt war tbey may have to hang.'' Major Mr?kinrtt?re's peeit 'jt favt* of tbe protect km of aU very Is lbs Torn tar lea Is. however, the serret of bis strength Staoeg tbe aura ists of tbe South, and tt Is this w bleb will give him were Ss .then States than all the otbei oaaJldatsa com bised The negro qsestlon Is tbe vital qaeatioa of llu ftnth Touob tbe negro and you I -uch ootuia T>u-1 aottno, aad yoa loorti tbe mtinspriag tbat k?efa tho aiarhiarry rf Oie woel.l In motion It Itiaraily feeds ttte r.oegry and clothes lbs naked, sad s ose of tbe (Msstial wberM in t he oar of tmeriews r. tntieroe In the words e# s dittlcguiahed Southern lady, "Be ore cotton, king* sad potentates must bow." It is not oaly the Soath erwer t (octet that Is touched wbea his negro It Um pared with aad taught to aolertaia wild and dasgerou* aeStooa of liberty , but lbs soauaer ? of tbe oounu-y , and tbe taaaofhetnrVag Istereste of lbs clvlllted world, are teopardlssd The Soutberaer knows t>:w sad also tbat upon tboas foasdstioas bis rights to his slave pro a may rest fweare. If be sueeaeds is keeping off lb? k J roes of tbe "peculiar laslttstioa," who are net ?her ia leers led ta eomsssros a?e manufaetsriw. nor in anything tits, eteept ll be is anscbieroosly stirring ap servile insurrtrtior sag Is infssing ink lb# else u wis aad la to the halls of (<*gT?as the sptr.t of unfrioa U axes in ?bs -OS sad of isjnstiee is the other Ji tfe> (Ire eatlsg belt of the to iUi all pollttosi aad nsany ssber rttw at turn upon tbe sagro, aad la prapertloa as seaad dsie ? psrsosaUy lalerssled in tbe metitatlea is J" feeelrs tbe tepport of lb* wltra.?i* Kor e* asipie. taktag tbe sute of t.etrgls for ulaslrstioo, the " freqaeaUy termed abollunalsls? rtd^"po^Mr- !Ul* ^ ?o tbe.r Brec km ' f "** *"Wk>sri ige aad laa? sieo iTj^-a^r 1 asdllos Hsary , ? Jsrks<r_ .B tbe pessliar lastltatlon of llwrt a? ? wui oa. j>ey sbosld be largaly intertsled is tlarrw now ? ? oy ir^To?? la tbey owe In iheir own rvbt or any B. Bow swob oo'.toe . oom aad rkje do they ra?ej 4 r* sol James t. ttwarl aad W B (taaldes, TVtngta* eteetor aad a.u-ri>ale for the rvrsl distrtet Is lieorgia, SOTS, x tbetr )WB right, store oegroea. plant stare aettes. oars aad rtoe tbaa tbe while of Um nreesia t idge aad Ia*S sltsSnrs foe tbe xtaw Arm they sot tbe Otraersnf tbesou, tbe istirtsSil Pirty, aa i. there fnre ss retply Ooase-red in the ?tlt?er?>. ,?.i support e' slavery as a ay Sthar ?esoa in tbe Istaf Aad ytt tbey set ery (or protectma or Jigsaws, seotsti.?a or revo tstisa ' Aad UM mmmIMM byseSsd SK> the rat?k>r>? )' ' r terrfigstor l?s . sll going to sbow that Ibr (treeaisndge sad I aae eterlors, whits proelslmag sad vaunting t?eir leva for the Hoot* ac t tbelr leterm aatiea u. staad hr tbe *. .there ootors, MM wstl, sossbwtw. sre n-H surn troe r?wt gg, aad teve aot troth rsssoa to be Irsri, to the th . aa Ibose who are ttgsMtisnl ss sbti tuaiMs bad tbe f?e?of Ho<iti.era Mtltalfos* kl, allbosgb tbe rtowtb ia is lie present elst? of -nlor ?si tgttstlss aad ttera.lbere are tbr ?e who eren tot rtdlrala the ibraats of isMalkwi aad lbs lde? gf rwrolu ilea 'x ibis class sms hs sassserat^d lbs sapttaltsis. baaser*. the vpn?i eMlriwtri n?, ll>e prlaclpal WMchaate. sad awae otbers ? various waUu sssd ridss Vfo Ir dapsta As , th* ?aa ideal ssd orasr of 1,1** Sbsres r ^ l of t ooo ta tbe Meebaal w' btak aad sso of tbe prtselpsl real estate owaert in the my, rmsaUy defbtrsd that lbs * rsssios s>ovtstnsl wast folly asd as shssr?.'lty, I tbat II would outue lo naught aad tbat it would ha ee I se more effort spss Ute , -rruaixnry of the I'ntos Iba^ i U' fb'Jire of the *?? w.a' Bank a Sew Yott w nl.\ ! bare ?' n the banking sSlitatlosa or the ftwtb n lis sp.nlos the oath I?e of tbe Oslral Rtiirosd an I ' Bbbkd^ Ousspsay of (iaorgia. .a Savaanab, nostra but tbess as-1 ail other nplsxiss froea staiilsr SSSTSIS ur-i ?ate w*h tbe deaiaratiris Utat .! tbe r?hts the ?-?ith ' are sea^ ' by UM , as ' ? he u ? l sf wig ? scmsgsl, ' l/.e peop.e will asitediy Cf *a? ths rMas, flogb CSbU? anrr w theee, lbs "So'' men ' f tbe i^iolh .t the Now Mgst i nwtatioa of tbe term, are soiled nsssrva* ?-* ?M f.wieo. by ? teh other gtoUefes as W. ?Itls^we J -an-.* 0, ^ ? r< %? i| r r w> ->t-a^^?g_ua^_ if b.M tutted geetlemeo standing before# kxw- live I tun* it* bi lm an boor, and wlltt Wietr (old t. -1?1 ane* attempting to flop its progress The dotting :.>oo native tsthe t> pe of the disunion sentiment iulbe3>utb, n l tie opinion of the talented author of lh? "Yewaaseo ?' iu nboit, ti e live, moving, active eiemeat u ( Um> rioulh iti , i?( i.. inslou or rtvolulun; thu comer vatlVij tie r, pi h 'or |<'iu? now, and for diaaolutlou only M a ial. iirtnjiiy Which will win f Oar UcorgU CoricipeU?lc?< : aiocsta, Ua., o i. 3, 1 r,o ' mponiint frjn >Ke 9nUh?A Jocii Eltction li Cer.-gia? J Hrst G'un of (Ac Oampaii/n ? Kxciltmtnt ai*%: '.nUmy I'nittd Sates Trrxjn ? It Will lid xn an St t ?n the Ccmjn\gn?T)u SeutXcrnrrt Atk If it h a Meta ct, dX., (ft. The election today ill to fill T?cancl?? ? j the Legtakk lure, caustd by the resignation of Tcatw as W. Millar, Senator, and W .lliam J. Khodee.'rsprescv.ative. The Ball and Everett party put In somlnattai John K. Jackson, Esq., fo# the Soa&'e, and William V. Crawford, (son of ex Governor Crawford, former Baor.lary of War under Taj lor'a administration j I or repreeerlative. The Douglas Utrrocracy placed m aominalwa Jobn Davison fjr Senator, and George T. Rarnea frr repres- nlattvc. Mr. D?.vi*ol is a w arehoua: and oismgeion merchant In this city; Mr. Barnes la a young s?M |>opu!ar lawyor. The Breckinridge men mado an nomination. Hr. Wyatt Dickinson, however, rather nc ardent BreclclnrMgo m*a, ran aa an independent candtccto. Tbe election was very quietly conductei, although considerable Interest was felt by tbe lx>?jlas and Cell and t verctl tnen w*h re spect to their aeveral ceadldatoe. The result was as follow k:? ma 'SUA TOR. John Havisoe (Douglas <1 mocral) R23 John K. Juokton ( IW 11 atd Everett 710 Minority for Davlroa ....107 r>? HBrilR'SMTATIVa lieo. T Barnes (Dougirs) .....904 W. P. Crnwlo.d (ttellitid Kvtrett) 6t?S Majority for Barton ... 311 Mr. Dicklnton obtained a totvl of 47 votes, Th.i la the first l.<nc for eightuen or twenty year* iha'. the democrats have elected tnetnbeu of ths l/yiglatare from lb ia county . Tbe contest today w*? between the Douglas meu and the Bell Everett* Tne Breckinridge party lock but little Interest In tbe canvas, their votos being about equally ulvldeJ between ttie several cuinli datts. Thr Douglas men regard tbe result aa a victory ? the flrrt Douglas gun m Georgia? and reK'iee ancordingly. Mtisrs. Miller and RbiKl<tt, the retiring iwuator and reprereiitatlve, are both BW1 men. The newly elected will, therefore, tncrcaae Oouglas' voto in the Lcgialature, If the vote fur l*realdentlal elrctors come* before that body, aa no donbt It will. Tbe Douglas cuen think that If the election for members of fie legislature were to have occurred to day throughout the Hiate, there are strong probabilities of tbe I.lllle (iiant carry leg the Stile. Of course the Hreckinrldge mon think directly the contrary. Bon. A 11 ?tepben? addressed a large meeting at War rrnton, m Warten county, today, lo favor of Douglas. He is ust from tbe Chrrokve region, and reporta favora bly ul the progreasof Douglas and Johnson in that demo cratic latitude Tbe Iiouglas men are nuUing arrange menta for a lb r?ugh can vans of the State, espocully In the lower portk-n, now almost exclusively BrecKluridge. In the meaotlino tbe Breckinridge men are not !dle. Tney are working night and dty, and do not re lax in their clforia, notwithstanding the easy con<|U??l anticipate and nearly all pai t:es predict. Tne Bell Kverrtta are alao wide awake, and work vigorously, mi t Nrran >>tat?s ranoen OKOBKcn to Aror-rra. 1 tavt |j?t returned from a lour through Kaau-rn and Western Tesnrsjiee, Alabama, Mississippi, and a sligiit skirmish en the F.aatcru trontlers of Arkanaaa Every where I have found, e?,eclally in tbe agricultural regions, the utmost onceru regarding the anion of trie federal government In the present crista. Every movement la regarded with a jealoua eye. Tho report had reached some of tbe preclncta that a number of stand of arms had iuat been forwarded lo Char lee too, 6. C. The conjectures respecting the movement were Infinitely various. Some declared the act to be for tbe purpose of aiding tbe seredera of South Carolina in their project) 4 rebellion, others that 11 was an iu illative step on the part of the federal government lo coorce MbOnik* Itlo submission to case of refractory pro n edlug*. Thla was the talk In tbe up couulry Ihiuugb which 1 liavo tust passed. But when tel'-grapblo deapalchea were rtcelvel In M> n.phu and aJJ along tn? lino that L"nlte<l ritatei tra?(ia had !>?-. ti ordered from fori Smith, IrkansiU) ? a region wheri' l was fti|>peaed the ("oltrd StaUw foroes wore f?w enoLgb aJrealv to protect tbe frontier ui.-n aud th. ,r familKS from the ravagts Of the Indians- -aad directed t>> prjeeed to Aigusta, Georgia, to garrison the arsautl tl.ore, th? (V-llug assumed a new ao>1 n?.>re deriiivs rbajie I met I nited -tan - S?n?tor Wigfal', of Teiai, at Cbattaro<g:k yeat?rday afterboon He spoke of tbe IntelllgineA) and said be c u'.t not believe thai Mr Buchanan would alum pi lo coerce the Sou lb, and the H<>n. Senator knuwa the tone of ibe l^uthein heart aa wall an n.any other Southern orators But U was not only tasoog politicians ibat re marks ?ere made on ihe muoo suhtaet. Men In ao!i I fiaadicg, sound representative men, were slanted at tha dein<>nstratloa, hiSlgmdcant as It may aji^ear atadis latioe Ttiey cannot conceive, as they ex>reanel them s- Ives to me, wby tbe administration sh>u!J order tro>p< into tb!s locality at a time when the Southern a.nd s t > fired, and ao illy prepared lo brook ac t thing taat bears the semblance of federal menace. Slnoe I bave arrive 1 In Angela I have aacertained that ths trwpa MM ordere-i here at tbe request ot Mayor Bio lgett aad tb ) Ctty Counefl, wbo deemed the property of l tie I'ntled StatiS lu the arsebal b< re as insecure ax at present pro lecti d. 1 will look into tie arsenal to morrow, sad report antn. The Terroraof Nnbialulna, Krom tii-' CterlMkia llerrurj*, Oct. II ] A few *)? a nice we endeavored to abow that the pic turra of ri iju an I <lea?Ut.on Vo tbe ^.utb, wlilch tte tab to i**'o?t?ta to alack r< i>ub!ican domination were eorintin unli) druK t; to (rtgfct tit from our |>roprleiy," wero unreal ?nd la>a We propose ao* to reveraa th-' i> clure, ao<! to tti-iw will probably be the oonmvi'ieu. ,? jf ? ?ubn. .-(It'll o( the S-utiiero K?ui to ihe rn'.e o( aboil ttouiam at Waahirgton. ta U?* pereooi of M<w- l.tnm.lii and Hamlin, ibouut tb?-y be elect* d to the rrtkiJiincy au.l Vice I'reatdcccy of the I'tnud Stawa 1 The drat eflect of the tubmaa voti of ih'-tiulb to tbe Initalalmn of abolilioniele ta tb? aSooo of Preai trot an t Vice l'retWect ot the lu I ted Staw a mutt heap-woeful rot roll KtK'O of U>e alrengtb of the acx>.it >->u party at toe North. Kucceaa generally ttrengthoBa If, aftar a:l tb ? threat* of reoutance aad diauniou mad" to Uwgreao and out of Cocgreaa, Ibe Southern Statea aick down intoa^ut taretre, tbe dtmcrallaattou of ibe S-Hith arlll b? complete. Aid (V pa tnmage 'muting from Ikt aantrrt of mantfy four ( V??erKl vfl. fi, and (V rrpomthtyre *f i/A'y mil. ??<u of nutvy a?n ?iUy. and krymut' to irrmMiblt tn tamtr\Uing Ut* frnrttl gonrnrntnt 8 lo plunder tbe South for Ute bee- At of tba North bv a Dew protective tar 1(1, wlU be ooe of tbelr trit nrtmrM of Northern ??ctionnl dominion. aad, on tbe olhar band, to eataoat the trnaaury b? arc I local ache sea of ar>pro prlatton, will be a ooogental policy. S Immediate daiger wtU b - brought to alarery lo all tbe frontier Stalca. When a party la eutbrooad at W?ab la | ton, to tbe < ircutlre and legtilatirc department* o! tb" govrnmeot, wboae cr~?t It i? lo repeal tba > Jgiltre Kiara law, the uedergmoad railroad will booom* aa orer {lo'it. l railroad TV 'mw tf tl/ttr yrnptrty v?l/ v /tfc t>. ? ? 'tl -m'd at* I tXt iiuivj tnll u ?*.' lim n if tXi caUm Slat* ft* ?It. and tkffmntwr JU Ut rnltr U* peiw-y makt Ukmwtri Jm Kam 4. Witb the cootrol of the (orerameflt nf tbe faitcl PUte? and an orraolwl and trbimpbai.l North to auiutn lb em , tbe abolition *ta wiU rrn? n tbeir ap^rationa up->u tbe South with in raii i aourage The tbi'uaacda la traty coebtry wb?> ioc* up lo power and sua itaio out of tba fulcra will rone out tn aunporl of the abolition foreron ?nt Tf' Br aal.m atd A.auel tit Ou AnKA ?nif atuftif 'y. TV i i Til orgmttt and frrm hnng a Cmon Cry. lo Effort an oMtiu-n ynr rnmsnf, tVv V-wiwe, e ikr go'iinmmt 'Vy twjwwrf, t/oj iVhiKi Tbey will bare aa abolition parly In tbe South of -tiuth-ra men Tbe nonleat for aiarery will no longer be ana between the North and tbe Sooth It will be 10 the South, bet we ? li.e paop e or tba Howth. ? If. In our preaent poaltloc of piH and uolte-loeai. wa bare tbe raid of John ftroao, aid twenty lowna born ad down In Teiaa In ooa year by abolltKm.nta, what will be the n raauTfi of inaurreetioa an I InoenJIarlara whi. h muat folio* our aotorlooa aad abject proatratiaa lo abnli ttoa rule at WMfciactia, w'th all toe patraaace ot the fedartl goTaraaeal aad a In loo orgaalialloa la tba ?VjuUi to (upport Itf /krrti ammine y mnd lU v.viUan! Vnrart with rttmm qf Var#r?, h%U r <m rr twrry porit m f i Kt ttrvtk while, la Umi laoguaga of the hlaok rapuh ioat i<* U larch, WidJiag*, tbey "*iU laugh at yo?r calaatitlea. aad ?nrfc when your rear With " $ Already there la oaaanineri tbronghont the (Kuth aa to the 'lability of ita ia*tlt<ivt>n o< alarary. Bat with a (ubmM.oa to tba rule of abolltloaUta at Waabla<rtoo. thouaaada of alanfcaldera will deapalr of the laatitation Whita tbe onndiltaa of Ihtnga ta tilo frontier Statee will lore* their aiarea oa Uta market* of the ootton Suioa, tbe tlaild la the enttoa Ptatea will aiao aall Uktir alaraa The general twtnat mat affl?d parohaarra. Tb* oooae|neaee ??at be. flare property moat he greatly dapractatet Wt wadw xtrmtma for IV ?atr ff ?U?mt tn mmr Y (V anltoa I* at*>, far (As ttjrct r%d of iKtm an 4 ur hmrm lAa fmntinf Tdtrt fir tin pmrdka* qf tiaM* tn i*ti ???M ka~ 'eew >?M? a? , an ar^mn t <f aw owdty tud dflmtof rmkmfram Ikt prMuc*i cmtUvn \ <f tin muntry ? W. auppeae that taking la fM? ail theae th n*a, it M tot eitraraguit u> eatlnale that the (uhmiaataa < tbe Wnulh to the admlnlaifMioa of the fMoral goreraaeat ui. ler Mrarr* Uncota and Haalio miat reduce the ralta ?f alarm tn tba Jtonth |10* taofi It la matputed that there are 4*00 000 ttarea In the l'nitad Stal"0 Here, tberefcre, la a loaa In Uk Mouthara >-opla of W* 000 ,0M oa their rlarm ak>**. < >f eourae, raa! ratal* of all kiaia rartahe aiao la the depreelation af flarea 5 ^r^rtrty M IV f<nmd*vm (fail ?r?"r 'A, , ?erarVy MlWu ?AaV? , {3 ntLr rrr^r-. rmafai ofw, mm***, M.nV., mcJu, i*nU. mi* X in'. I (imf%41.1t, dtMnal ami pr<uur* mm r.(M ?* 'UUHM te weeb rirloa. aa l>?al1eot and \ me Preua^m m Ik. j V?l ted Statea lha Rnotbero Ptau. rM .liaaelre neaee aMy (we know what wa aay) their anion with tt> Ni>eth i Mr I ttmlt aad h? ab??; . . an oohnrta will bare ^ Cfh tn rrlga orer Thetr game wonld he b -vik-M ftTi . Nation of their orgaa i ?twm woul.l heuti a war aad left to the tender mrr mw of , ba.'Ved far^w and IrMhMd North, UKy woo id he enraed and eroahe-1 , aa th? flaeiuout mom of the dlaaatero are .ad ihrm *tu if wTfU^u amd So mot ?w r ISvm wuA>V ,V rtk ma ? n'r- Uu triumph tf (mr aboiittsm ?we-iaw c^mpltO aid rnmhl* - v?a to ftwWWtal' and wi?M(V ft-o*r oflAr .Xor tA for cm' do 10 ir lha ftowth none *nbm ta to the rola o* aboil t<i?k**a by lb* reweral goreramant. Ibera w probably an end at all peaorfoi arpnrMMw at the la ton We naa ?iy Mr*[w >b* ruin they ae.ltfale fbr th* ?tenth ?y war Armed with th* pr ??r of th* gen*r?l r <-ernoieM aad the r iwftm v\t ^aa at Ut* Hor.b, they w I bo r? rp- " Nr pare* ra?e or ???, and they w I wo tbe 'wn* ' hor'or * ' f?? 't aat war d the P"'1? wfco believe* that we moat reparato frer. tbe ili W* *Pl>eal to kla humanity, ta csoo Mr Llnwln is ***?"' to dissolve our connection with the North before *tb of March nvxt. 11 the ruin or the South, by tbe emancipation o f bar "?v' M, la not like the ruin of &uy otber poodle II t? n"t ? "" .ere lose of liberty, like tbo Italians under tbe Bour b' f.?. It .snot beat y taxation, which mutt ?till leav* ' je m'?DH of living, or othew se taxattoa defeats itself. hi it it it the It u of liberty, property, home, country? e ery ihttig that maiet l\fe worth having And lAu iui un'l pro batty (aire place umler circvuutoncei of ntferxnq an t K* rur XAjituryautd in the hiitoiy of nafcmi. We anit pre ?rrveour liberie and institutions, under penalties greiter than ttnife which Impend over any |?ople ia the world. 13. lastly, we conclude this brief statement o| the ter ror* of submission, by declaring '.hat .in car opinion, they arc tenfold (> cater even than tbe supposod tjrrore of disunlca. Why tb? Abullttoaalata Support Lincoln. i LETTKH FROM BON. PANIBL t. S0MK8 TO HOX. flEBKtr BMITK. (From tbe Boston I . berator, Oct 6 J Biddwoki', Mo.. August 17, thSO Pkab ?n?? In year letter of the 13Mi ultimo you <lo ptore tbe defeat of Mr. Blrnoy. the abolitloo can 1- hn lor the {'residency In 1B44. and infer that the anti slavery sentiment has declinod, bacauae the radical aboiitlott party doe* cot number so many rotea aa it did at that tlnoo. V, |th tbo highest regard for your moral ant Irte.lectual powers, I beg leave to point out a few facts wbiuh you se?tn to have overlooked. It is true that sixty thousand men caat tbelr votes for Mr. Blroey in 1&44, and did so from a sense of duty growing out of the conviction tbat slavery wa 3 wrong in the abstract, and H was therelore right to adoft, measures lor l la abolition, as well aa to prevent Its extension ?y opposing tie admission of Texas. But wnlle they all agreed npon tbe two facts, the wrong of slavery and the ? fht ? I abolition, they did col agroe upon aay general plan of o|*ratlons. Some contended far immediate eman cipation by Congressional euactments, some pi-op *ed dis union and others insurrection. As thute means were it war with tbe principles of our Institutions and tie spirit oi a Christian clvllicatiou, tbe Clay whigs, who were mainly opposed to the extension of slavery, cuing to th>"r urbanization and hoped for the best, while tbe democratic party, protending that Texas would bo an oulet lor slavery in tbe old states, and thereby become a means of its dual extinction, triumphed and added another link to Its chuls. The wblgs, smarting under the defeat, charged the Binuy men with having caused it wh.le the slave power, stili in tho garb of democracy, grew bold and diflant. Its arrogance and aggressions have gradually opened the eyes of tbe people of the free States, and they are now ready to adopt any constitutional measures to break its force, but tb?y are as loth to accept any which are illegal or impracticable as tbey were in 1844. and more so, for tbty now see more clearly the necessity of primpt atd (flective action. lTinte of the tixly thtnuand u>Ho ar ? net cc opera inp with you maybe found in the republican yar'y d> iny yoo<l srrvk*. WV bavo been engaged for many year* in scattering the seeds of troth among the masses, until a plurality, If nota majority, of the voters In tLe free Stab s are tired with tbo true sp.rlt of wisdom, and ar.imatfl by a fixel )+iry+e, not only to fTtfni the fur ther growth </ ?Ac ilave pouer, but to beard the lujn in hu dm. How can this be done, U may be asked, without Inter fering with State rights? / answer by placing Mr. Lwi coin m the I'raidrntial chair, and holding hit iiminirfra linn to the Utter of the cont'.ttulum an J the republican plat torm. In other words, It may bo done by placing tbe go vernmcnt la the bands of men who will hart the courage I <? ??d'find the ft'edem of rpeech and the pr-vt ' in the slave States l*t this constitutional right be dedned by tbe Ex trutlve, and slavery would soon be on the wane. Agita tioo. wb ch is another name for free speech, la all tbe friends of liberty cau rely on for sueoeaa It la the pioneer's axe, which hews down ignorance and preju dice, and opens the way for tbe eutrance of truth and the t xercifo of these i>owers whi"h (iod has given Bis children for the working out of tbelr own salvation, while laws are but milestones by the wayside, showing how far tbe race has advanced toward self govern meat. Krrry political party since the Revolution has profess td, dura r some period of its history, to bo opposed to the extension of slavery, and yet this monster has boen stealthily fastening its tangs on new territory, poisoning tbe soil, and blighting every green thing with its hellish breath. Tbe reason Is very obvious It Is because tbe N'uth, by Its adroit tcarfeuvrtng- has diverted the Ncrtb from Its constitutional rurhu^o m""t new issues yearly put forth to divide the free and oonaolldato the slave States It Is sbtunl to think of stay Jig the march of this de men by resorting to ucconstltuttoaU means, or by carry ing on a gutrllla war In tbe ootaklrtsof the country, or even by attempting to smother It by fencing it in It will either contract or continue to expand. It will never eesre to be agfresslve until Ills forccd into a defensive position. Bbaii we continue to waste our breatl by < l.asirg false light*'- Most we be sat.diod with capturing, now and then, one of tae picket guarl or a stray male. Is it wise to let the ariny that hai woo a victory in every < or. 1 1 rt remain quietly entrenched behind the Salwarfc M boolv, ready to make (resb attack* on the rights of th people tbe flrit opportunity that oilars Or $kall ?e? ten i the Amman flay *%'hfrte tpcech and afrm prtu e<nb!-i I'TWd i? n*rry f Ad, into their camp, d with a proclamation by the t renient , that U ?? mutt and ihxUtie maintained*" ftiould the latter course be pursued we should bear no more about Congressional slave codes, or of popular sov< reigt I) iDtheTerritonea, for tt? oligarchy would have no time to atteud to Uieeu outside arrange m<uts, but would be busy tn defending the "divine lasu tutlon'' st home. Ho'. anpp<i*e th? republican party get* rietro! of lt>o *?> vrrctBtBt, wlat UitbV IWve w* any evidence '.bat tb?*? ooaatlt ill >na' ngbM will t>e dtfeii la order to ihl* .j hwh >n oor r?ctly. ?'? mu?l lirtl txamluo the platform a?<l then walj /?? the ?euli went of the party We aiiall then b tt'ir to ascertain ? Lai it* predominant I )e* I*. Platform* t I alway* rep>eee?it the m u wbi c ?nlr"l lit.' piriv Thry are too often UMd m * m iilnu ?qJ ? i sw<e uu ? bit li men of rartoj* atudee of optnuaa end decree* of i MM | ?y the part* a**igne I them du'lntf a I Ye* id ?rt tial r?ni|? (ii ; hut when tbe |?rf'rm?n* i* over, ?ol Mif rreMiiml la laaugnmled, the nuirn take aoatrg tit him while i be j-?tpic art- lift to Me that Ujc ? en -ry au.t o? turn* are taken care of fur future uae I tret then, what ure the principle* embodied In the platform' Second, what la Um pr*v*ltng idea of ta> l*rt> I t>o they birnoalM) The fcltoaing rcaoluU m of lie Cbioago plet/?rm con Ulna the prior 'ptea nr the party Toe real relate to moa turna aud gi-avraiitiea ? ?1 That the matnteu in. e of the p*lnelplea promilg ale 1 10 the l?t larain-n uf Imtepanitaanr . an t f u'i >t;?l in tb? ft.lerai *oo dilution. M caaealial la the preiervalloa of our republican Mn ai d that trie federal onatita Dun, the n. Vila of toe sut ??. and the Uluu of the -<t*te*, moat ao<i rhaU be preaer/ed ' In the Itcclarati >u of ludepcntUn*, to whlsh tha ab >ve reKilutioo re'era, we ioi the following ? He bold tbeee truth* to he gril evident that a'l m?? are created r.jual. Utat they aae end) wed by lh?:r Creator with certain Inalienable rtgbla. that am >o| thaaa are life liberty and the purault of happtaeae. tha. to ae ture theaa right* government* are tnatilute<l aanf aw. dtrivmg Uelr j jat power* from the c>oa eat at the governed , that whenever any farm of government be ? tnr ?? destructive ?f theaa end* It n tn* rl(bt of Iba people to alter ortoaboiiah It, aad to taaiitute a mw government, \, :.? IU ? .ndat.ooa on awon pr i.c :????? and organising If powera la anoh kra a* t> them a ball a**m awel l.krly to effort their aafrty rod happtana* New. what aaya the ono*t:iuiloo? Ooegree* ah all make no law respecting an arabllab meat o! rvllgtoo, or pet .molting the free eierj'.an IttereV, or abridging the fre> lom of ep*acb or of the pre** or th? right of tka peopl* peaoea?ly to aaaaiahl* to pa tltlob t;.e gorerii rural for a redrtwa of grievaaoaa. Again it ?aya ? TMa ooealilalton and the lava of the Cuifd italaa which rball be mad* ta pjra-iaaoe there >f, aai ail treamw made, or which aball be made, under tha authority of the l ulled State*, aball he tbr *tiprome law of lb* lan< aad the Jif|ta in avary fuu thall be bo?ad thereby, aay lb lag to the contrary not ?.thataa line Tha Hrnatora and itopreaeulatlvea before tnenltoael. aad tha membara of the aaveral iHala LagMlavaraa. aad Ml evecotlre aad jaduMai oflicer*. b itb of lb* faKel State* and of the aerrral Slate*, aball be boand br oath or aB'.raiatxia to aapport tb a moatltut.<Mi Again ? Tt.e c:lix*aa of tacb Mate ahail b? rntitlad to all prirl Icgt* and immun tiea of citizen* m the aevaral A lata* Here are rtgtita *? rJaarly aet forth that they oaa ha understood by a", witboat an inlwrprwtattoa fr tha Supreme (. n If Mr. Oarrt** it tear 'n wvUitk aw aaft limarry ftpr \n rtflatttU. t Ju lT*i,U*t u btmmd by Mi nU V ? "i ?? tr dtfm.1 Kim *fain? mtt* <w Sut* (an*. SKntU I f'nt-U /'ki it!* la If V mi* hu keja to U? 9o%tX, Kt ? tj t u yriiirvd \f mmmm f. fry tk$ ar*> -wi nary It *et*a>* to me taat tbia platform la broad eaoogh to ho)4 all who reiiartt alavary aa aa avU.aad ret mgn tarrgh la IU tone l> aaltafy the moat rad'oal aat alavery mm who deainr to *aa alavary ahaliabed ta the m'Xt *t?elyand at the >aa?e lime roaatitnli >oal manner aad Uie cnlv qaaatloa la, wlU the rep-ihii?an party up to tt.e ataarard whte.h It haa Maatf erectadf Why ?WM It sMf TV gnrfmrntnt will I e in t W haw da *ww 1 wA* rrpard atamy a* a otrae aad a crimr. and they tev'i hat* "J" r-Maau weoewary In oonompfuA tKnr purptf Tt>* leading idea rf the faihera wa* liberty, aad t>j ag Ute-1 the avhKrt until the prtpte were raa>1y to rev 'latuwtae the goTemmeal, and to lay down their Uvea to at la: a ibetr *nda. .leflevana went jfe U>e verge of ??*? ? t >na. p>war t-> break down f-de*wiiina aad i>atM ap repwblkaaamm The roalrolHng idea of Jaekaaa waa lntlrtdaai ai i amy agtlaat a iaei ed moaopoly. aad la ord.>r to throttle the Called Stale* Bank, ha trampled the ooaatltalloa , aa OtM ?trued by the Supreme Court, tukter hi* ftat. Since bta IWMMlhi the powera of IM r ivern^eot hare be.n w.el >' I I" late and if I t m. nev*d mcnrpeiy baae-l no human leab, amahaimg ta two Aoiaaad million* of dollara. and. to acoomp lab in * maaUrpiere "> ieapt'liam, the ooaatilutloa haa been m>t laterpreted aad r mealy v totaled U^epablirwa party la made op of V irthero m n w t , NortV* **atltneata, aat w* have a right to lafee that the ronlrmliag Influent* of tha UaorHn admlnlatrali ja will he la fhmr of liberty and equality, I mad. 1-f ral aad eoaatiUlimial rigbui. aad to aeonre the** right* i>a every ladltidual, they will hara to eaiploy aucl m*?o* a* the eoaa.ltutlaa baa plaoad la taelr haada, and wm-b, U uaad, will lead k> I te f tlloelag raatli* ? 1 The prohibition of the eepkywat of a'ava* la tha tl.* k ?ar .la aad Ktecutlv* departaaeata ft ft* aUJttmm if ?!?*>?*> 1m fV Di*r*-' rf (HumSt ? intimate m ? i#K? m -J* ilw .fa* by ? V i*Cm dwtfi*a *f fV*< ipwrA and m frm praa* 4 The eveinaion of alavery IK* the Tarrl'orta* by the ante er*aekee, or by Cnagravisaal litarveoti m aa the laat reei 't thia ta the republican pialfbra when irtrtpped to IU naked fraraeewk, aad la la harBo.iy With the leadtag aaatiment of the party. Why. the*, Mittot vow vote aa cheerfully for Mr Ltn tola an yrwj did for ?r Htraey why ah->uld aol yoM aad your party, aad I if Uarrlane ar.l bia awnriatee. ptn the only . rga n aatx?IAat naa lift U- fr.m ^ ?h, 'own trodden aad orrweeeert* We rto not aee-l rour votaa ta aawar* the ateetloa o? Mr i.iaooia , fcr 1 aupa-v^a I te regarded, if ant cea~1ed by a'l Intel 'gent ^oilti Waa*. that be t* u> be the a>vt Preai l^t R ,| v? ??old adtl atreagth H the poeM'e? ,4 ltMl _rl Uidaaret '* f * * -a v r- ? ... , \ wfc e ?* .-t t re t ' ? e a , - brsve man, who ^r? now brisHlng with Sharpe's rtflefl and John llrotrij pikes and diiuaton, into a constitutional and Christian warfare. You have f< ught a good fight, nil havs fulfilled your mission T( ?i struck oat in too eight of oar b itory, and pcetied forw ard through tbe dark wilderness of bigotry uiul prejud'gje, . .d with your engineering implements cleared tbo.-w for the greit army of progreM, and now, lBS'oad of. si *ruig In tht victory, you atand hacking away at the old Humus, and censuring the friends of hu u.aa rig nts because tfcy are not armed witb the kind of w<?i>oiiS which you expelled them 10 oarry. DANIKL D. SOMBi. BlMk Republicans la the Sontli? OfTsn* sire stud Utfeailv* Operations. THK PLOT IN VIKMIN1A. It is ascertained that tho conspiracy extends from Oar rltuck, N. C , through Glbbs' tfWds, Black water, Great Bridge, and all the districts sooth weet of North River and the Chesapeake and Albemarle Canal. fcrery kind of instrument that could be procured was to be used an the occasion , such as ptckaits, pitchforks, Ami one of the Princess Ann.- magistrates Issued a warrant f>r a white DID named Thomas Carroll, suspected of Inciting the ne groes to insurrection. NEGROES IK PRISON. There are twenty one negroes lu the jail of Princess Anne county, Va , taken upon suspwien of oompllotty la the plot to which we bare heretofore alluded. Their ex animation by the court will come oil on Moaday, the 6tb of November. MORI INCKHMARl.HM. The Galveston (Texan ) Daily Vivilinn of the Oth Inst, tells us that a large dwelling bouse, recently oocupted oy W. J. Choppin, Esq., it Houston oounty, was destroyed by Ore on Uie night of the 30th of September? believed to be the work of an Incendiary. INCENDIARISM IN 801' TH CAROLINA. For some time pa*t the cltixeas of Greenville have bad rea?ina to believe that their slaves were tumjiered by abolition emissarlea. A vigilance committee was formed, but owing to the cunnlug and dexterity of the Incendiaries It was found iimoaslhle t> catch then. At a meeting of the committee It was determined to secure the servlocs of detective polios otfioer Coles, who not long since rendered such eilicient service to the citizens of Orangeburg, C. H. Oflloer Cotes has since visited 3reen> vlUe and sucoeeded in ferreting out and turning over to the committee several parties, with such evidence as im plicated them lu late transactions In that town. OKDKKKD OFP. William J. Brewster, % Softool teacher from Massachu setts. was ordered out of SomervlUe. Ala., last week, for incendiary sentiments. In bis trunk was found a letter from Senator Sumner, written four years ago, cuugrat ; lating him in his labors In "the cause." CONVICTION OP NECROKS. Throf hi-gro mfn were coavuted at th>! county court of Lunenburg, Va-, held last week, of an attempt to pjlstn tbe family of Mr. Spencer, and sentenced to bo hung on Friday, ttie Oth of November next. The r!T >rl to ktU was arranged by placing a strong admixture of some poianeouft herb or plant Into a basin of milk. The peculiar oior of the poison proved to be so strong that the suspicions of thoee for whom it was Intended were aroused before the milk was drauk, and to this circamstaooe are they doubt leas Indebted for tbe preservation of their Uvea. NEGRO UrNO. The Scima (Ala.) hiiu or tho 21st u!t says ?We learn that the negro Sam Howell, ubo was charged with being tb? ringleader of tbe insurrectionary movement In Talla depa county, was tried on Wednesday last, by the Pro bate Judge and Justices of that ointy, before a tury composed of twonty four slaveholders, and found guilty, lie was condemned to he hung without delay, and, as we understand, was executed yesterday, at tbe town or Talladega. MINISTER IICNO. The editor of the Houston (lexas) I Hgrapk baa re ceived a letter from Otis G. Welch, or Denton, giving the particulars of tbe execution of the Rev. Wm Bulky, the man to whom tne Bailey letter was addressed, fie waa arrested near Cwavllle, Bear county, Mo , by tbe Fayette \ die, Arkansas, Vigilance Committee, and sent bask on the overland stage to Sherman, and from thence taken to Fort Worth, where lie was hung on tbe same tree on which Crawford met bis fate. The letfr says that, oq being shown the Bailey letter, be confessed that bo lost It, and Dial It waa lest while setting some oats from a stack near where It waa found. He refused to make any further diseloHures, saying that he kaew they were de termined to hang him any way. TBI KFFBCT or THE RECENT ELECTIONS IN TUB MH'TM. A despatch from Augusta, (la, says that "the elec tion newa from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana has tre ated a profound sensation among all parties In this State. Carolinians are mounting oookadee in their hats. " PRKPAHATION8 IN MISSlSflPrr. Governor 1'ettua stated a short time slnoe, that tho legislature had passed a law authorising him to purcbaae arms for the State, and had made an appropriation for that purpoee, but that there was but littlo money at this time in tbe Treasury , and be waa determined that It , should go to cards paying tor the arms, even if the oil ens of the State bad for a tine t> dj without their sala rtes. We regard thta aa a self aaritlcmg and patriotic act. But ii tcemr that tbe annonscement threw Yankee dom In oar midst into a perfect tremor; in fact, It made them "tremble m their boots." FORMATION OF MILITARY COMPANIES IM TEXAS. A volunteer cavalry company baa been organized at Moscow, Polk county. Tbe cltiieca of Canton, Smith county, have formed a volunteer military company. A Dae cavalry company was reoently organised In Aus tin county. Two volunteer companies hsve been formed at Marshall, Harrison county. A One company has also beea rajed In Jasper county. In Hrownville a rifle oompany has jurt veen organised We not ioe preparations In >tber parts of the Slate to raise volunteer cavalry companies. ARMING Till STATE OP TIROIVIA. Bt I The Richmond ?h*fuirtr af the 13th mat Ufi ? The oommiaatooer* appointed under the set pt***d at the lut reaaton of (he 1 aftelatare, for " tbo better defene* of the HUM,'' e**embiod to thi* city Una went, for lb* uimk Itoo of buiMb The Hoard, kMtH UMrUmcd lb* I Me jor Spnrke*, or lh* Morrill'* Brooch loading Arm* Facto ry, of ialtimort, waa m this city, r equate a u> la tor view with htm, and that rentleman appeared before them the Board Inquired of Major Sperkta at what prtoe he woatd affix Merrlil'a breech loading aiuchmeo ; to too thai? I of the beat of the muaket* now Lb Um Rich mood Armory and that |ealt?maa, havta* examleeJ lie muaket* and reported that there waa a MM unmbar of tham of ? vory eo per tor kind and to aoeliwt cooi.t.on, replied to the Board thtl bo would attach the Morrill la proveaaeol for 110 apleoe, aubject to tbo lnapaetioo of Mr. Burefehardt. of Harper'* Ferry, tad that ho woold deltroiUhem flnlahod la ihtaetty at that price The Board thm epofce of alterta* Ibe muaki'i* to th? Mlaie torn. Major dpaike* exprcaaad hi* readme** to hot dkl not *uta liie prtoe, but bo *aid be *np the ooet would he about M, aubject at*o to Co. led laapoetUmT (Thi* tarn, it tt ??If to a*y, would *ot be a breech loeler ) Major Mparkoe showed oa yeaterday ? Lotted Mate* ??Mil attend la lh* aanoar lo which be propoee* to alter the auaket* i* the anaory, aad we aobtaltat an y pronounce ti a moot tCeotlre aad reliable waapoo. We do aot (ay thia froai a mere eorao ry inspection, for we have already feted owe of theae wiapxa at the Tredanr Work*, aad ll i* decidedly anpertor to any breech loader we bare yet aeea, aad we war* preaeel at the laapeetioa by a ooaaalttee of Ute Uet Mature of rartoaa breach loader* tubm I tied to them For wrerai moo the peat Major OoMoa baa b?ea**akla| aaartea of experiment* at laxingtoc oa xarlooe arm*, atule and breech load lac. Hi* report, we believe, ha* been laid before the Commwatooer*, and we Taoti-f the predU-uoe thai It wlU be found, when thai rep u t li ash ltahed, that of all breeeb loader* aobailted to htm. M%, <r Onlatoa repraarau Merrttr* a* decidedly the beet ia maoy reap. -CM, aad that he ha* recommended the p-irchaae by the Oaaaal** toner* either of the pa teat or of a oertaia number of oarbiaea tar the car airy, aad of aukeu fur the lafhntry It will ha reooltected that we Mated a taw dajri a*o that the Ooaaalaatoaer* had wrlttea to ICactaad roooera kag the pumhaaa af Eabeid rlflea, aad that Vhey were la formed Uat 0?e tt. ? rnand would be aoppiled at $2) apiece Now, we hare aa doubt bet that It will be faaed la Coletoa* report that the Uat ted dial** a nek el with the herrlll attachment .a auper or to the Knfleij I IMlll a Ufa been nrored that the Miate rifle la *upe ?MW hd' . I Be* idee IhM, Major Sparke* oltar* hi* IMffl Uadtag oarblnee at MO aptaee, aad hi* hraach loading aimketa at ???'> -both ea It rely new The Ooaalaetoaera we underetanl bar* pairbaand 1.000 Adaaa aad rtaaa*'* ptatnla, from Amee, at IK apteoe. aad we hardly think it worth while to argue that ?(w ^?if' am* ara nl *h**p*r ?4 ****** We are clad to lad that Colonel Fhaitb, owe of the Com mat'urri, will ti*h the MerriU factor;, la Baltimore, oa Toeaday aert, and we hope that we ahall hear of hi* pro etdtag the Stale, a* aora a* paaathle, with Marr.ll * UB proeemeal nn oorwmom or Mmiwirri cm thi cot m? or thb -orra. Ooreraor John J rettu*. la a letter aa*cca?ta< hie taabUty lo attead and aldrea* * public meat lac, wlada ap by eaylar? 1 refret thle the more, aa H la the ft rat lar-Utloa I hare ree< ived to meet la oooactl Lhoae who Utlak the tlaae for action, not wot da, la now. A proper lax oa Nortiara manufacturer*, and ladtxldaal aatloa lookl^ to doo a lenooree anmaerclallir with the abalitloa dtau*. la the lerer which, properly Wad lad, ran lorn New Kaalaad np ltd* down la *11 moo I ha Half her perflation Would he paepera n twrlre month* from the day the Hoe t her a Mate* eeaae to trade with h?r The Aoutbere people eaa rea*e that trade if they will II. But II w aot ay porpeae id thi* baaty note to dlaeea* any political topto* I writ* oalt to thank you for rew?em>>eTl?g ae wbea the frieo 1* of the aeeailed Male* were called la ooaacll aad I aeure yoQ that 1 do tyapathlxe aad expect toooatioue t t act with thrwa who dare all and baaard ail, lather taaa aee Ma ? eeippl bear me a powerleae, depandeat proetaa* af a black republican firaaaaal. aad bold bar c >ortitettaaaaJ ' 4 ' by the frail tenu^ of blaoft repiblH-an oatha. Wnen Ibe aparka oraae lo fly *v>warda, Cawaoohee reaper! trealie* aad wo I re* kill *hr<-p ao aaore, the >eia < f a black republwaa alfht be of wa* rale* a* a protect 'oM to ?lave property Wamwamt* Caeprnat* ma A ai* it ? V. C Taiaaa I* the reralar toamerMlc aoaalaaa tar .ta**aahly n the Ptret IMrM of Wa*tcb*etar, instead of TV M'Deraott, aa prerlaaaly aaaonaoed. A Mmwraa m Tin* Cax?. *r wrnt Mrara* ? * letter of the 12th ?* . fro* Waoo, lathe Rtafc (t*t*a) Bntnirw, hM the tallow la* aairular para?raph - I learned aoae two day* moo that a (eaUeiaar, wti ha* hitherto ee ioyed an unhleailahed reputation aad tae poafldenoe of the comaablty M whlah he Iteed. had been arreele J. aad la aow a prteoear la the Jail at tail ton, charred with heint oae of th? aaaaatin* of you** Jane*. r?eloarh and Kerrey, from faierUoa, who were baaely nurderxd while aeleep at tbe'r camp, near Ami n. in <Uj ?at The exidenoa. whieb M mainly <Mre meluiital, a iatd lo be eery atrorj wra nat hi? I n' rtuuale y, if [udty healTorda a. . ir..r n eiancn iyep'f ' f tli ?e the "ateal th* Hrrrr of hear en to arrr# lb* dex I ?a ' 1* e a a?n eter of U ? ?? . and . . ? . ?-? ie<f a feeefhi faror'te ?p- ? ' efr lattrMtlBg lncldciu la tk? Lll>?lJ>w> Barker. Not kmg sine? we gave some interesting frets oouoern leg the r etpecUd gentlemen whose Quae appears m the caption oi this article, from tbe (act of bis belnj so well aod so generally known, and the extraordinary cireer which has made him so deservedly popular. As a dis tinguished Wall street lloancler oi the oldeu time, his reputation 1s imperishable among the mercantile and moneyed classes of this oity ; and as any frets concerning his personal history, in addition to thoss already supplied by us, will be read with interest, we glre the following article from the New Orleans Pieq/mxt of the 80th ult., under the title of " Old Names and 014 Associations Ooe day of last week oar well known aod venerable fel low citizen, Jacob Barker, Ue patriarch of the renowned financiers of this oo un try, mule his appearance In Wall street, aftsr an absenc* of several years, moat of wblsb have been spent in this city. Mr. Barker settled in Wall street in 1798, when New York had only thirty-live thou sand inhabitants. The woolerful progress which the Northern metropollf Jus made for the last twenty years must have struck the old broker with admiration. Be was, in his time, one of the most important finan ciers of the country, and during the last war with Eng. land he raised money for the governm sot. In the panic of 1826, a great nnmber of the banks, insurance compa nies and merchants were smashed up, and iadiotmeut* were Instituted against many of the broken ones. Among the unfortunates on trial was Jaoob Barker; bmt the Jury never could agree in his case, and he was Anally acquit ted. During the trial a Judge ordered him a Sue of a hundred dollars for some oiVouslve word relative to ono of the witnesses who, as Kr Barker wu aware, had made erroneous statement* In the course of his evidenoe. Jacob stooped down, wrote a check for the amount, des patched a messenger to the Dank, and handed the floe, la gold, to the bench? remarking In a natural manner, thit he always settled his lillerenoee In oash. At another time, the old broker, who was expecting from a distant port a shin richly lalen, had had a coo venation with the President of a maritime Insurance company; the latter engaging his friend to bare the ship Ins ured, but Jacob objecting on account of the expense*. Finally, although they parted without coming to any decision, it was agreed that the President would draw the policy, and that the next day Barker would see whether he had better sign it or not; but tho nest day was a Sunday, and the two friends did not meet. lu tbe morning, an express, who had ridden a long way, went to the private residence of the banker, ana announced to him that his ship, so long expected, and on board of wblsh was all his fortune, bad been wrecks 1 on the chores of New Jersey. It must be remembered that at that time there were neither magnetic telegraphs nor even railways across the Jerseyan peninsula. Another man might have lost his senses under such an an ex peel ed blow; but Barker, with his eves and ears always open to look for the main chance, remembered immediately Ins conversation of tbe previous evening with bis frienl, tbe President, and without losing one moment he sent him the following note ? Fbibsp Joiur? IT thou hast written tbe policy, send It by ibe bearer for my slgnalare; if not, thou ueedst not trouble thyself about It, for I hive just received news of my ship. Thy friend, JA0013 DARKER. The President of the Insurance company had not yet written the polity, intending to do It on Monday morning; but as sooo as be received that note, tie hastened, or course, to fill up a blank and to send It to Barker, with a letter, in which be said that the paper was dram when the note came to band, and that ue was mncb plsassd to bear that bis Triend had news of bis ship. But on Monday morning, when friend John knew what kind of news Rarker had received the day before, be never oould forgive himself for having drawn tbe policy so inoonslderalely , and for a very long time lie had a grudge against the old broker who had caught him in such a plain trap. Tbe interesting souvenirs which the visit of Jaoob Bir ker in Wall street recalls to tbe mind of the old inhabi tants might fill up a book, and we bars no doubt that one day that book will be written. This article drew forth the following oommunioatloa the next day from a correspondent Signing himself "A Constant Reader"? Nsw Oaixiro, Oct. 1, 1880. To m Enrroas or tub Picayi-jtb ? Gmuxn- la the remarks published in your valuable paper of Sunday, in relation to Mr. Jaoob Barker's early life, there are some errors which, la jostioe to that aged man, it would be well to oorreol. although Mr. Darker visited New York In 1793, when there were but 86,000 inhabitants In that city, his place of business wss not m Wall street before the war of 181A Be was txteoslvely engaged la commercial pursuits aad Stock operations, but not as a broker, to New York. The circumstance about Insurance to which you allude was not with an insurance company. Tbo business wai then done, as it is at Lloyd's, by lad I v ideal sub script too. Tae bargain for tbe insurance oo a small adventure, not a ship, was closed at the first Interview, of wliich Mr. B&rktr, then n bis minoritv, hal not ituy evidenoe; therefore, on the following day, when be heard of the disaster, he wrote a noto to the underwriter, re questing the policy, if ready, if not ready that U should not be tiled up until they h.ul another Interview. No such letter as yoe publish was ever written by him. Tbe matter was amieably settled, and tbe parties re mained friends I or life. When Mr. Birker was flood one hundred dollars tbe Court said they were satisfied ho did not mean any d le respeet to it . that If he would apologize to tbe witness ? hey would pass It by. Mr Barker, knowing tae witoaas lo have sworn falsely, knowing his statement to be false, refused to apologise and promptly paid tbe floe. Tbeee little remtaisosnosa will be fousd to possess much iatrtnsls interest lor tbo friends of the veteran Isaac Mr. Dftlmal Carrtarjr far Urtil Britain. to rai editor or tbk build. N?w You, Oct. 12, 1800 Tbt qucttl?n of the adopt lac of * decimal currency bur of lateyeai* been tiamiaed into by lite Britlab g >r?ra neat, but, Mlirul have b?eo able to learn, no cbenge baa m yet taken p'ace. ] hart ukeo tbt liberty to tub mlt to you a pan for bring ng a decimal e arroory !nti operation which 1 ha to oarer aeoo anywhere, an J which 1 think would be round to Tally embrace the doalrod per peeo, without being incoo reelect tar tho Britlab nation. My piaa ooeaatt in tto oolnage of a ooia, bath in atlTor ?ad id gold, equal to tear thllilagt eterttng, which might bo oalHd tho Brutali dollar, and which thou id bo dtr idad la to ooo hundred r?u The deaomieation la wall known throughout the world, and tbero caa bo ao ra ore objeclka 1 1 It than toueil -no or two (hilling pieoe. which baa been already adopted. Tbe advantage would bo ? lat. Ike Brtuih dollar would aa*. allots la va'.ne to tho Span Mb. Mel lean and innrr.u do lar, aad tha are fraac ?HOT: It would bo about oaa third more tbaa tho ? tut tan tlialor, aad aboat doable thr A a* Irian Bona. It might bo uaaful fur tho China trtde, aad would bo available for tho BrlUeh North American Onto? at. which, aa maUera eland now, are onmpaiiod to aaaa currency diOoraat from that cd the mother ooaotry. Id H woakl *U ?w oT the cooMnu ?! uee of many of the coina now in ttaleaoe; for I tale tor. tha tortretga would rtpreaeal lire Brltah dollar*. aad mm ba'i tor<*reigt two aad a half The florin would ???i for half a dollar, lb* tbilllrga for a qiartor aad tha ?ltja*<? ? for -wo ej*ht: The only now cmtna requatle would be iiaK?, half 4i<a a, aad oeata. wbMb latter might be a.loyed for ooareaitao* with alckel, at our owa are. Crowaa and hail crown* tbonld la time be withdraw a from ctretilatk>a al -og with tho copper ?a na. maaawnia the orowa would repreaeat one dollar aad iweaty Are .eata, aad tbt half crown B ra eightbe or a Brit an dollar, or utiy two aad a hair caata. The Britlab pablM would bo taebled u> aae gold dollara, which eipertenoc la tha I'attod diataa aad la fraac a baa tbowa t.i bo rery movement. Id Tbe ooavtrtxa from tha old currency to the a?w. aad rfc* errta wowta be very aaay for tbe Brttrabeoai rneretal coromaaitv aad tho public gitiraily aa betweea pound and Brtllth dollar, It would Imply a diriaion or mulliplMatlaa by I; aa botwaaa abilliaga aad Britah dol lara It woaM bo by 4. iha Br I tab oaat would be ?<ianl to >?d >?*? four par oaat, aad the tua remoa of the peaoa ate oacta, aad im ma, would be aa aaay matter LIB. Pv?raarrr o? gentlemen who haa travtrtel tha weatarn part of the JUU alaoe toe dmqgbt oomm cooed writaa to the duatia 0ac*k thoa, aadar data of Kept It ?la regard to tho geaeral prosperity of th* (Hate, I may aay that ? a route of four baadrad a. lea frjra Aae tin, through Beitoa Weoo, Cortlotaa, Oaatna, Qoitaw, Tarraat aad Mount rtaaaaal to tha ptaoa. I gad the proa poet by ao aMiaaa *o gionmy aa aaay paraoaa bare hoaa lad to aolave. la tie praira atttaat tbo depeodeaoe of the people la leat oa lb* prod aae of eeltlvatioo thaa tha baaw of Moth. Tbe attar a a aa daa a aoaditioa aa caa be .mag aad, while tha tanaar a ?amclaat for tha aaeeaetttea of tha population. with a email turpiut la m<at aatgbborhooda. la tha ttabarod aactioaa the tap ply or sara a arger wbta the oottoa. which take* La* para of tbe ttook of tha prairtaa. a alaxet a i allure, rtorpt oa Rad river aad enw>a ouar vnlky laadi, where, a maay tneteaoee, 1,000 pound" per eore hare beea aide? about half a crop, aa tha planter* aay a all rerttoaa over which I hare peaaed, enra, where pentad early . oa wall prepared groaad aad properly ooH'rated, baa ;>rodaead from twenty to forty bethaa aa aara 1 an toto that further aouth it a mom diaauaragmg &m a here oAred at 91 per battel, aad geaeraily n all the coaatlea aaattoaed at ftaa tl to II M Meat la tout daat ererywbere, aad great la la tbt greet**', pmfatl ie. Maay pefaoaa are tearar the Male proTeteediy aa aa aoaat of atarclty . bat It a lata to aay that the Ktata will be largely acre new* ri ted tiaa Itjured by the *iodot, ta by it the wUl be relieved of the la?bu? of a hitterti onaetderaba caa who hare ilred by other maaoe tt?*it bnaeat abor or the d'retopemeet of aay of the "fwn irwoe of our aoet bovatifal oonatry. lt d to be hope] they aertr will re tart v?w "*i*Aae B?.> n m.*t ?Tbe M a -'at* ment of the depoata tod or'laage tt tbe "New Orltant Breach Mat during the moelh of .-September, lf?0 ? Chiiforaa gold tl OOd It Other gtdC 10. bit 4T til, Ml II ?)r*r lepoe'ta? ltiilbraa tilevr Mlt tMfewr tilrer .11.479 73 7S.4H U Total deoot'tt t.old rotttgr ? 1 ono<H>" ftlrer or.inage 121 MO d>llart TMaiaeiMfr dmuT ? L R. Wktte and fceorg* r Wbtrtoa two of tb* >wdg*e of ttertiao al Ckarleetoo . 1 ( . , oa !ne It* net nlnlge.l ta t flgbl with kn rtt. Mr ?Fh?rHn rer*'re<f three ttab*. nae n >ht left breaat, jut ?? T? r?art at a he bark tr I tn-Hhar an.t-r tft rlfbt urn ""he banal a thd ^re*?? ? m ' >i-?? ? , . ,~* e . i- tit? ****** it DWUl In the Orty utd County of New Tort, from ths 8th tm It m~. i^uber the l?tb da y of October, IBM. jbmwthiia hrarTasyv oolored persons, 5 OBATHJ not ACVT1 DHiflL f ferer, gastric... 1 Bluing from bowV,,:.; } J S^chS1romuwlUDW ? ^typhoM r. ? OODgMliOQ Of tiki llVOr . . J lflfllOUUtlOD rtf KmU. ' o Congestion of the luugs. 4 Inflammation of hanrt " J Convulsions, lnlhfltUo. . . SO Inflammation of Imef B .1 Io^="?*tion ofsptaa... j Diarrhoea . . . .\ 15 umammalloa of afaunach ? Dlphtherite? 3 Jawdioe a Dysentery 8 Phlibltis ? Epilepsy 2 Smallpox 6 Sryslpelss a Vomiting t Total . .1*0 D BATHS HOM onomc Abscess of tonga. 3 Dropsy in the cheat. . .. 1 Abscess J Dropsy In the bead 10 Albuminuria and Bright1! disease of the kidneys. 3 Heart, dlaeese of. 8 Heart, dieease valvular. a Asthma 3 Marasmus, adult 8 Cancer 1 Marasmus, Infantile M Cancer of womb 3 Palsy 4 Cancer of bowels 1 Rupture of blood vessel. 1 Cancer of the stomach.. 1 Scrofula 1 Consumption SI Tumor 1 Debility, adult 4 Ulceration of stomach.. 3 Debility, Inlkntile 10 Ulceration of the throat. 1 Dropey 8 ? Total 163 raA tbs noii diimu An onus aiumn vot win urom ouun om nuM. Asphyxia 1 Intemperance I Burned or acalded 6 Killed or murdered 1 UasuaJtiea 8 Lockjaw 2 Casualties, run over.... 1 Lues veaerea 1 Cyanoeia 3 Old age 8 Delirium tremens 6 Premature birth 4 Drowned 3 Suffocation, accidental.. 1 Fracture of the skull ... . 1 Suicide 1 Hernia, strangulated.... 1 ? Total. 43 Mfe Under 1 year 106 80 to 40 year* ? 1 to Syears 44 40to60yeara 46 ? to 6 yeara 33 60 to 00 years 10 6 to 10 years 11 00 to TO years 18 10 to 13 years 1 TO to 80 years 11 13 to 16 years 3 80 to 00 years T If to IT years 8 90 to 100 years 1 IT to 30 years 8 100 years and upwards.. 1 20 to 36 years 30 Unknown 3 38 to 80 years 25 ? Total 805 ?Aimrma. Austria 1 Ireland 84 British America 1 Prussia 1 Denmark 1 England j France 4 Sermany 86 Holland | Total Scotland 5 Spain I United States 380 Unknown 4 ptsijo nwrnrrooss. Almshouse. Blkl's Inland. .16 Lunatic Asylum, Bloom - Bellerue Hospital 8 Ingdale X City Hospital 4 Nursery and Child's Boa Colored Home Hospital.. 8 pltal S Island Hospital 4 8t. Luke's Hospital 4 Jews' Hospital 1 St. Vincent's Hospital.... 9 Lunatic Asylum Black- Ward's Island Emigrant well's bland 3 Hospital ? Total. ? II 8 18 10 8 14 18 10 18 8 23 18 10 18 IT 80 10 18 18 16 1* 44 23 30 88 13 31 34 30 83 ? 8 ? Total 886 The number of deaths compared with the corresponding weeks of 1888 and 18M and of last week was as AMlaws> Week ending Oct. 10, 1868 480? Oscreaas 46 Oct. 16, I860 860? Increase. 16 Deaths from acute dlsesss. chronic dii external i acuta dU chronic dlMiM. 3S6 eitonul oionc, 81 DANIEL B. DELAV AN, OUy Inspector. Nsw Toss, Oct. 13. 1800. Oct. 8, 1800. Oei. 18, ?eteerelogkal Register. lbs annexed table shows Us temperature of the at mosphere in this city daring the week ending October 13, the range of the barometer and thermometer, the varia tion of wind oar reals, and the state ot the weather at three periods during snoh day, Tlx. at 0 A. M., sad 3 and 0 o'clock P. M. 8 p. jr. ? Utl.M N. W. 90.M.M) W 71 k? H. W. a?.M W H. W. 80. 1 ? *1 111 is (4 S. W - M. W 66 M. M N. B. tr. m. Ml til |ii?| 8 "I m K. W. II In. w. k W K. w. N. N ? Saturday? Clear, and blowing fresh. Sunday? dear aU day and night. Monday? CWr ail day Tuwday-Clondy 8 P. M., cloudy $ P. overcast Wednesday? Clear. Thursday ? Clear. 8P1I, cloudy . 8 P M , overcast Friday ? Clear. 8PM.; cloud f 0 P. * M<] ooo. Saturday? C tsar , 8 P. M , cloudy , ?P M., overcast Th? Camiu. rorrnnos or TD tornw w?t*'ct of ohw.I ( r? bol >w iho ootn; let* return* of lbs d.ffnreatl conn I Ma (exarpttnf Hamilton) In Ibe Southern dkatnelf of - .bio, takes under Ibe *up?rri*loa of Uoi I. V. *:fw<l,l Is lied hum lUrabal Cincinnati la put down at 103 000 I though the Murahtl li rc.innj lb* work daa*. and Willi nndoubtedlr BmMN to 4.000 MM mora to add. Tt tffrtfmie lac mm in Uila diaUtat la rooad number* ?MO OCO . We (Ire the return* or 1840 alao, thai tho pig mAjl compare Uketn wllb lha return# af 1880 It a<al br| bar no In Bind, boeerer, that Ibe, boaadarlw of of ibe oouallea bare bar a changed at mm 1440 ? SMB. Ada** .18 883 ?.U(| Albeaa llill 'it ?M BelaMWt 34.000 MP Brow* ST.UI 38 ?*. Rutler 30,78? 34 4N CYampagn 19T98 n 6 Clark n,in 3#M OanaMt M.4M <8 i ( lint >n HIN 31 U. Duke ?,ilfl dM'l ralrfleld 30,244 H.7 fajetle ia,TM 16 s. Fraaklla 41.900 418lj Oailna 17,048 31 M Graeoe 21,944 38.1H Uuernaar 80,4,11 MU Hghlaad a4,7<l 17,71 Horktag 14,1 1? Hjl Jaefcaon lt,7l? 11/ Uwwaw lft, M0 I.icklng 38 .846 ludim 10,014 11. m Maraar l,Ui Miami 94 999 Hoatfooa ery 88.818 Moaroa 98481 Morgan njm MaMtafMB ujm Noble (new munly ) ? ferry ?,7T? rtrkawaj 11.080 rtka I0.8M Prable 11,780 Roae 83 474 fcilota 18 488 Hbelby 18.848 Vla4oa 8 343 Warrra 88 .MO Waahlaglco 88.440 Total 1.004,4* 1 J4J DWM. <>m?l?l retora* (Vo? ?*?<??) fire nnuntlaa Of Indian oow>prtelr? about three fhuiUia of ll?a fftata, are puhll ed ta Ibe fadlaaapoli* S nHmti The total poBalat.nal the glrea mantle* la 1.114 13(1 PopulatM of tbe i raaalMa n 1840, 884 8M tnrreaae, W 148 b*w vou. ?The Mmmnprr baa the o?M ret? IMMltt and mm of the u?n* ta Ontario , ? .ini The population of (fcnaadalgua Tillage la 4,718, aad of] ?own 7, OS | Tber- haa been aa iDcraaaa of 811 la 1 town fere The nvwt of the tovaa n Oblar >? I aa >a?raaaa itaoa lb* iaai enumeration. rorri.ATjnx or mcmmvp. *? MMRi << tbe labor* of ibe oeaan* ukm ?bo? u It.e pnpolatioa K r.b>r?d W(re(aM 87 .808 wb ie I hleek kond and free Tbto I* an lanin of oaly lo| ? ?f? IMO. when tbe pipalat >.>. o? tha rl?y waa J7 i Tbe aaanal fer eaataf* lam *wi haa baab a frart<oa r> par Ml T*X 48. _ Tbe 4'rtin mi' 0**Hr ?l*?a aowe talareMteg ati I ma of Traeta aanatjr TV* ?n?aJ pr>"wla? na of tb? t #8,180 Md of tba rtle af Aaaitn, 4 408 Of tbe lloa of tbaooaatr 1 ,800 are aativa bora Mr u aat/o. who baa laJiea tbe cmaoa of tbe eonntiea ol | rrr.cli. ',ra)a and frlo, faralabra the ?"?d ? ?'h the follow lag ~.Ar~ n leo: dwe'llaoa, 881; ?baill?*e, 10| popalatl. mere, S. *relga bora. 807 ra^a of real eaia ?, ? lalna of peraoaal eataie, 800 M# Tbe town of **M roataiM a MHIMM of 40 nbabrUnt* 4 veil. 78 fMallle*, 132 fnreifa V>rn. 1*0 ta I bat pnpvi f 421 mheb'tant". th<-r? ?<? S ? ewe ma" v nj IM| MR " t foatlxoM ta ?h< t< w? ha'.

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