Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1860 Page 3
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tor piac? for the la?t ?tx months, havo been twins, mak ing la All f?ur pat r The I til pair oiw to haoi a week a*i> Should this stain of things c intmue. Some wtU be a city m>n>e day ol do nic&u dltaensious; II can al ready be said of li that it is ? ? growiag' place We ad ?toe all married folks anl di*<- >us?1aus to emigrate to BoerDf f.irtb ?tU>, and we anod : its aa a greeting to the diacooa?ial? everywhere There is m. mulling In the Mountain air of Texas that gives h?nltb anil devt lopes Hfi twofold." THE PRIKCE HOMEWi&D BOUND. The Dcpartui-e Yesterday for West Point. THE TRIP UP THE HUDSON. ARRIVAL AND BECEPTiO* AT WEST POINT. Review of the Cadets of the Military Academy. THE ARRANGEMENTS IN BOSTON, ito?$ &#? THE DEPARTURE OP TFIE PRINCE OP WALES-SCENE AT THE FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL. As early aa eight o'clock yesterday morning tbe crowd began to father abonl this bote), tone In tbe hope of obtaining a glim pee of the features of tbe Prlnoo and his party, outers la the rain expectation or witnessing a gor geous military display, which tbey fancied would be ?ailed ont to escort the royal visiters to the Harriet lane. At nine o'clock from sVx to seven thousand persons had collected in Twea'y-thlrd street and about the oorners of the square, Fifth avenue and Broalway. In front of the hotel very few persons more than the ordinary dally traffic could be seen, and even many of thoae were di rer ted from their oourse by the desire to witness tbo de par to re of one who bad created so great an excltament among them. To keep order, and also to have a clear passage way whereby tbe departing guests might ess ly reach their sarriages, the whole hotel squad of twenty four men, un der Sergeants Van Hagen and Matthews, formed a solid doable line from tbe railing of the hotel to tbe curb stone, tbe two idlest looking men being selected to act as sen tries. Tbe appearance of quiet Twenty-third street was ?srtalnly very novel. Carriages, wagons, mlikoartsand stages were mixed up In a curious medley. The bright tin milk cans were mash dirtied and bruised by tbe feet Sf those wbo wished t> be "higher in the world" than their neighbors. The wagons were literally crowded with b living freight. One gentleman ottered tbe sum of ten dol lars for a position In which heoouldsee tbe Prince plainly, and many ladies paid as high a* half that sua for the pri tUi ge of standing on the box ef some of tbe carriages. l>n tbe stoope of tbe opposite houses t? the hotel were living ?asses of humanity, and tbe windows and Balconies of tbe same baildlags were crowded with "beauty and tosh Ion." Opera glasses were brought into use, and such fatal weapons were levelled at tbe royal party fron the time or their appearing till they were lost to vie r. No damage was dene, that we know o', to the persons aimed at, although we wilt not answer for the aimers At nine o'clock the baggage of tbe Prlnoe and suite was taken from the hotel in two wagons. Tbe Prince merely travels with Just suAicient luggafO, and no more than any private gentleman woold lake for his convenlenoe. Thus the display in regard to these articles was very ?mall, the most prominent being tbo canes cut from Mount Vernon, which are not trusted to the care o* ?trangers, but are carried from place to place by one of tbe royal servants. At ten minutes past nine o'clock the carriages devoted to the use of the Prince aad suite drove up to the private sstranoe to the botel, faring on Twenty-third street, tbe barouche of the General Superintendent of Police leading tbo way. The Priaoe's barouche took up its station in front of the door, and several persons made a rash to touch Mm carriage, bat only one girl succeeded, and she went back chuckling and crowing, laying that she did "toocb M after all." Tbe remaining four carriages were, as usual, lor tbe special use of tbe salt*. At twenty minutes past sine o'clock the royal visiters made their appearance at the door, and. harrylog quickly dews tbe steps, entered the carriages in a rapid manner. Iks Prlnoe was attired is a light gray oolored great ooat, as the weather was fhr from being warm. In tbe trst car riage were the Prlnoe, Mayor Wood, Duke of Newoastle and lord I yons. The first two occupied the back scat or tbe barouche, and the last two tbe front, with their backs to tbe horsss. TBI liorra AMD TUB WHAHVSS. Tbe royal cortege proceeded very rapidly towards bad along Fifth a venae, until they reached Fourteenth Mr Slit, along which they passed to Ugh lb avenue. Tern lag Into that thoroughfare, they drove rapidly to ?ammond street, at the foot of which It was expected tbey WMld find the Harriet lane lying. Although there was no sign of tbe resssl, there was a small crowd of people gathered on tbe wharf, wbo seemed rery aaxlous for the eppsarance or slther tbe carriages or the ship, they did not assm to care which. II appears there had been a continual ery of "There ne is "There he is I" from before nine o'clock . so that when the Prinoe did come scarcely any peraoe lcoked around, uatll they were tare tbey were not ?gain going to be demlved. As the party passed the resiJenoe of E. M. Archibald, Bsq . on Fourteen tb street, the family of that gentleman had assembled at tie" wiadowi to bid adieu to tbe bob of tbe Qneca whoee Consul be is. There was a general waving of handkerchiefs, aad tbe Prlaoe acknowledged tbe onmDttment bv a smile aad a bow When tbe royal party arrived at tbe pier at tbe foot of Bam moo J (treet, they found UK at lane >u not (bare, bot farther np tba river. the Superintendent of Poller, thitkirg that the place of departure by eome mistake bad beat changed in Fourteenth atreet, aent ap a large portion of tba Ninth preciact pollee, nnder the oharr? of Oapt Seabring , to the pier at tbe foot of that ?tract, aad led tbe way for tbe royal parly to reach the ?iik epot Bet while tbey were ("tag op towa tbe ?arrtet lane iu coining down tbe r'ver, an lb at wb?a tbey rtarhtd lb* j*er there waa ao iblp to be Been more than at Hammond street What waa tbe poor Saperio taadent bow to do* He ooald eee ablpa la tba river high ly decorated with rtaga, but ao Harriet I.*oc; aad If he did not awear It waa not tecauae be did not fee! lacliaad ae to de At laat, b?wevar, be learned from good antbo nty that tbe abtp had bee? moored at tbe pier at tbe toot of Amoa *tre?t, aad off again be atarted, la front of tbe royal party, tbta time with more aw- seat In tbe meantime aome of tba cruwd which had atarted from Hammond atreet In pnraalt of tbe carrtagea, aaalng tbe neaul going down tbe river, rightly onaclodad that tbe friar* wocjj have to retom to get ea board, and a mat- wv made to be on the pier la time to aee htm em bark. A aquad of police fmaa the N nth and Plxteeotb pvei la ta, aad No. 6 boat a < rew of tba river police, under eoxawaln (low an, wera en dnty at tbe pier, aad preveat-d the populace from oocupy tng aay portion thereof m far an poeetblt cue man a?*e*ted that he waa "an Americas ettiaea, ?ai had a right to stand where be pleaec.1," bat the of ?orr dented tbe rlgbt. and away on akore be bal to go Several peraroa tried to retain their plarea uader the plea that they were reporter* bot tbe polloe. knowing that aacal of that ocrpa bad diatlngutabieg badges, re.'uaei to allow tbe gentlemen taat privilege. Alth ugh we know that aome of tbeei genlb wo were reporter*. It oonld not be eapeeted tbat U>e police abouM do an. Some of tba crowd took adrnetage of a *'<**? tbat waa rn-nrod on the aortfc at '? of tbe pter, ao! fll'e.1 It, climbing op tbe rigging, aad otbarwiaa oooopj mg elevated poattkma tbeeaaa. *"ben tl.e carrteg?a ma te their appearteie tbe crew of the Harriet lane manned the yard* of the veaeal .a a very cr*<ittabt? and rapid manner, aad ?Uk*1 cape *n baad to weleoaae tbe dtatlngetabed party The Pr lac'* carrlaae drove ap to the veaael amid cheering from tbe trw part tea oa tbe .loop, no otbar aatalde pereon* being near. Aa tba laat carriage drove oa la the pier tba crowd b< gen to rou? la a bady af tar It: but tbe loud oommaad of one of tbe eergeaats ef "Don't let that crowd name up." an 1 "Wb*t are yon doteg'" , pnt the potior ta tbe alert la throat them back, but nnrarlwately u too lat- : tbe crawd, aemberiag aboot Ave hundred nernooa, ware oa tba pier, and nn eff rt* coald get them off again. Th > pet toe, therefore, merely prevented them from adraactng tan tar epnn the royal party. A* the Prices afepp?-1 on beard the veearl, he wae aal-tfed with a roll of U.e drum and a ebrill ahriafe tmm ' the Oft, that being * naval salute of welcome Some of tbe auioua crowd now requested the captain to pot him on tbe wbeel home, so that they Might see htm, u>4 as the young gentleman did not feel Inollned to make a ?bow of blmselT, tbe dWKallsfiel individual thought it "to* bad that he would no ootne out." Tbe bag<?g? ' wagon drove up after tbe royal party had *m Marked, and I the oaptain told tbe driver to "hurry up with It awl net It on hoard." Shortly after ten o'clock the steam whistles of the excurs Ion vessels began to sound their discordant noteo, which were answered by that of the Harriet Laue, to toe annoyance of tbe carriage horses, which rtqulrud Ida strenuous eflorts of the grooms to prevent them darting over tbe side of tbe pier. The Prince having parted with tbe Mayor, which h did by oordlally shaking him by tbe hand, bis Ujuor w %a driven buck to tbe City Hall, and the signal wasgi/uu lor starting. The vessel steamed down tbe river for some short disunoe, so as to enable It to turn, and was saluted with a discharge of cannon from tbe Juaard steamers at Jersey City. Those steamers were very finely dressed with holiday and proaontod a very gay appearance. The Harriet Lane then steamed up 'be river, followed by tbe excursion boats. Shortly after the vessel had rt ached the centre of tbe ?tream, one energetic Individual shouted out " Three sheers;" but as he said nothing rise, the cheers w<>re very faint indeed. One unhappy Hibernian caul, with a sigh of relief, " An' cure an' he's gone, and may he never come back;" for which unfortunate speech be received a bullet on the side of the head that nearly sent him iato tbe water Tbe poltoe, however, preveatel any further disturbance. It wu announced that the royal party expressed great satisfaction at the manner In which the arrangements at the hotel bad been carried out. PREPARATORY ARRANGEMENTS AT WE3T POINT. From u> early boar In the morning the railroad trains from both ends of tbe HudHon River Railroad came bsavily freighted to West Point with royally seekers, having faith, no doabt, In the maxim "drat come Bret ?erved." The little furry boat that pile* bet ween Garri son'* and the railroad elation oppaeite the Paint did a brisk business throughout the day, on each trip being loaded dewn with fashionably dressed people. The mili tary authorities at the Military Academy were astir early la tbe morning, and at the morning parade tbe fol lowing order was read to the troops, Issued by the com mander of the port ? oanmx so. 32. Ilfctnqr-AKrKBX, *iutasy Arannjrr, \ Ww I'owt, N Y , Oct 15, 1800 ) His Royal Highness the Prince ef Wales is expected to visit the post of West Point to (jay, where be will bo re ceived by Lieutenant General Scott. When ihe Prince lands upon tbe l'oint a national salute will be llred In his honor from battery Krox. A cavalry detachment will be at tbe landing to escort the l'rince W> headquarters, and wherever he ruav desire. The Superintendent and his military staff will await the arrival of the Prince at tho landing, to gpsist the Lieu tenant General in a Hording every facility for the exami nation of tbe Military Academy and post of Wrst Point. Horse* will be in readiness at the dock for the use of the Prince and hU> suite. Tbe corps of cadets as infantry and artillery, the en gineer company and the dragoon detachment will be forme I in line on tbe Grand parade, when the Prince will be In 'lied to review them. The officers and professors of the Academy will assem ble at headquarter* to aocempany tbe Prince to tbe re view: they will attach themselves to the several mem bers of his slail to afford them any explanation that may be desired. Officers of tbe army visiting tbe post are Invited to ao comi any tbe Superintendent during the review. Ait* r the review the l'rince, with bis suite, will be re quested to return to headquarters with the professor* and officers, when the cadet officers will present them selves. Horses will then be In readiness a', headquarter* for tUe Prince and bis sui'.o, when tbe Superintendent will conduct him to the heights and ruins of Fort Putnam to obtain a favorable view of the pout nod vicinity, and thence to such other places as may be desired. Tbe academic frill-lings, library, chapel ,'cadeta' bar racks, laboratory and mess ball will be opened ready for inspection Tbe profeesor* will be In attendanoe in the halls of their respective department* to offer such ex planations of tbe s>st?m of lt> truotton and ef the ap paratus , military an<! pbilus?>ph. ', as may be deal rod. On the departure of tbe Prinsa salute will bo fired from Ibe northern siege and seaooaal bat lories. Tbe escort will accompany the Prlnoe to the landing on leaving io*t. By order of Ool. De Afield. 9. B HOTXBRin, First Lieutenant First Infantry, Adjutant. x r>rs A gun at tbe mortar batteries will be fired as a signal of tbe arrival of the Prlnoe and preparation for tbe review. Tho dutleo of the class la engineering, drawing problems are suspended. Academic studies are suspended afv one o'closk P. M. THE BTiRT FROM HIV YOKK. There was certainly mi great nlsoanagement about the start of tbe Harriet laao yesterday morning, and for mistakes In the arrangements somebody was oertslnly very much to blame. Tho royal party were to start at half past nine o'olock frooi the foot of Hammond street; bat Instead of being there aad in rsadlnsa* for smbarka tloo, the Prince's baggage was lost la Um confusion of New York streets, ani was flaaliy discovered at tbe Battery, whither tho oarman insisted that he bad been ordered to take it, aad where be de clared it should remain. At last the baggage arrived, bat still the cutter did not start. Mr. 8 the 11 was waiting for Captain Fan nee, and Osptaln Faunce waa waiting for some thing, which turned out to be Dodworth'* Band, but lbs band didn't come. Flaaliy, Mr. Stetson sent a note to Mr. Dod worth, to which tbe fallowing reply waa re turned:? Ma Prrr*n* ? Paaa Sin?l thought that you knew the reason why our baLd was not on board. Mr. Schell called upon me last night, said that he had heart tnat tbe band had volun teered to play, was very much obliged, Ac , bat the ban I waa not needed. Tours, kc , H. B. DOOWORTH. This at onoo explained the cause of the delay, and there fore, at nearly baif-pest ten o'clock, the Iano weighed author, and without "God Bare the (Josen" or any fare wall, except the cheers of the people, s larked tor West Point the aim rr m uvn. The day was the brlgbest and breeneet of October, the atmosphere so clear aad transparent that the moet distant objects ssemed tangible, aad the sky admirably suited the day. Tbmogb the dark crisp water went the cutter, tbe veeaela which the passe I lowering flag*, tinging bells or blowing whistles In compliment to the Priac-. Tho Thomas p. Way and several smaller steamer* acoompaalsd tbe outtar all tbe way to West Point, aad a" a'org l bo route weto boats drerned eut with Sags aad filled with ladies and gentlemen, who cheered as the Harriet lAae pasted. Beyond the dreariness caused by the abeence of music and the snaallness of the party?for no guests were Invited, ersa General Scott going to Wast Pstat by train ? there was very little to distinguish this from any other pleasure party, composed entirely of gea Uemen. The Prlnoe walked about upon tbe upper deck' and found It cold, went into tbe pilot bouse, and found that Still solder, aad finally went down upon tho mnin derfc, under the awnlnr, and re main*) there meat of tbe time during tbe trip, conversing with Mr. Collector ! I! and other gentlemen of the party. He eeemed more lively and talkative than be baa appeared be'or? since tbe hast npon tbe Mir .is prairies, and etpreamd very freely hi* rmt'fVutton a* bio reception In New York and esj-ertn'ly with the fireman** parade. He oa : that k. bad * en a great maay soldier* before, bat never such Bremen "Fine looking fellows," be added VMS rwnent will arum raw cwvrmr. Paring tbe eonveraatioa, tbe Prtnne, as wall ?s')en. Drone and the Itoke of Newcastle, expressed bis satisfac tion with hla tntire reception here, and hi* reg-et that be coald not have paasod more tlmo hers aad vliited the eon them Hate* He said that be should oerte nty revisit there i ted Slates, nt no VeryVI lata* t lay, aad would r "ne dnrtrg the winter, fbr the spwul pur pose of taking a tour through tbe .*?utb rn States. This promise wao rtoetved wtth general ?attefhctlon , a- 4 if ke|>t, tho 1'riace wlU bar* a seoond oral >a from oar Southern brethren. After an, tba baa rather bam a tear timegh tho Northern than thr ugh tba United Males. Tbe Prince will find tbat it takes ssveral trips to ssrtbts oountry entire:, Tl>e * utbw??tem H in tea want to sne ibe Prince, and than there are Florida aad California. *?? Kimr or tbk irrneo* Never t| peared more benutlfbl than yesterday Autumn, which pro! -cen effeoto hers that England's wood* cannot bosrt, made tbe forest covered hil? on either side seam as if drai">l wth bright chenille work, and the effect <f the light and shad* upon this tapestry of natnre, as ilonds obeenred er revealed the sun, was ladescribably beantlfttl. Reporter* are onppnsad to describe what tbe Prinew *e?. and this rule savee o* a greal >:eal of df-rlptleei up** th'e occ? *fo?. 'or what vrlt|^tbe b?gh I ulwarktt *e I the low awn Ing, the Prln. e *aw v >r) little of the seenery of tbe Hud Ron. He oeeme antnewhat Interested? l"il only politely an ? when the principal points of Interest a re described to htm, bet *ee> ??! nn^ am""' 1 la obeer^lng the din pules betwtun Mr. Moil an l lie reporters? >m? X wt.oro were not Invited on lx>ar<i ? d?s ute* ?h oh <*> a ?nall> climaxed by the dragging oat of *n ebentioB* m l e.idaveroux Individual, who bad conr*>%led himself in a con! hole, tho Prtjflo laughitg beartll a- ih ? operatiou was performed. Lunch was nerved at <> a oYI ?k. AKRIVAI. AND RECKPTION ATWKST POINT The Harriet I.ane arrived at Wert Point Juat b???ore three o'clock. From I'utcani tLd Wentchea'er counties, from all the sorronndiog country, and even from Albany and New York cities, the people camo to fee the I'rlnee. The little Terry boat, which, at dublou- intervals, coo ne;ta Otrrlson's with Wtat Point, wee o mpetely over loaded at every trip, and nearly aank un er Ha burden. The people came In carriage*, by the car*, In row boat* and steamer*? any way to get to see tb < Prwce ? 10 that when tbe cutter arrived the whole front of tbe hill seemed covered wllb human beings, aa if, by the Arabian miracle reveraed, the (tone* bad been charged into men. Tbe boat was immediately made faat to the dock, and no persons bm the troops and the Hbhaid reporter were allowed upon tbe dock. Col. Delaflell stepped to the gangway, shook haiida with tbe Prince, and Mid, "Your Higbnees, welcome to West Point." Tbe Prince, having bidden "goodby" to and shaken banda with tbe officer* of tbe Harriet Lane, wan then Introduced to the officer* preaent. Colonel Dela field aaked If the Prince would ride or drive to tbe re view. ?' What have youf" aaked the Prtnoe. The Colonel replied that borie*, omnibuses and barouchel were equal ly at hi* Highneu' service, and'suggested that the people would very much like to *ee the Prince a iKmii "Just aa you prefer,'' Mid hi* Highness . and In a moment tbe horaea were led np, and the royal party mounted and galloped off. Two squadrons of cavalry, under tbe respective command of Lieutenant Dodge, of the Second cavalry, and Lieutenant Williams, of the First dra goons, were formed in line on tbe dock u tbe Prince arrived. After bis Hlghneas had mounted his horse, and with his suite rode oil' tbe dock to terra firma, tbe cavalry presented arms, and the salute was acknow ledge! by the Prince, who politely uncovered bis bead. One squadron of dragoons marched in advance, and tbe other brought up the rear, tbe roy I party occupying tbe post of honor between the two. The Prinoe rode In immediate company with Ool. Delafleld, the staff of tbe latter consisting of Adjutant Holubrld, Lieut. Williams, Treasurer of tbe Military Academy; I.ieut. MctfiUaa> Quartermaster, accompanied tbe royal suite. As tbe Prinoe and his escort galloped up tbe bill leading to tbo Academy, Fort^Knoz poured forth a national saints of thirty -three guns from Its battery of twenty-four pound era, and tbe cheers and aalutationa of six thousand people sent forth cheers and salutations of welcome to tbe son of England's noble Queen.#U was a cheering, hearty reception, and well worthy of tbe occasion. BKFORK TBI JUVIBW. The Prince rode Immediately to tbe residence of Colonel DelaOeld, where be was received by General Scott. After about an hour passed in conversation and ratreah. men la, tbe party walked acroM tbe parade to the institu tion of the academic buildings, acoompanied by tbe fol low log attackct of the Academy, all attired in the neat full dress uniform* of the respective arms of tbe service to which they are attached Colonel Peiafleld, IJeut V ncent. Professor Mahan, Lieut Pynonds, Professor Bartlrtt, I.ieut, Williams, 6. A., i'roftas' r church, I .lent Jenkins, Colonel Reynolds, l.ieat. Warren, Professor Weir. I.ieut, Mendell, Professor Agnel, Lieut. Douglas*, Professor French, Lleot Ho?ard. Professor Kendrlck, I lent. McOoo* . 3d I*Ty, Professor de Janon, i.ieut. Craif hill, Surgeon McDiugall, Liout. Hascail, Ana t i?urg Hamm ed, Lieut. Wheeler. Captain I lemon Lieut. Oomatork, Captain Griffin Id Art'?, Lieut. Breck, Jr., Lieut. Bentt, Lieut. Webb, Lieut Du Barry, Ll#ut. Wbltwsl, Lieut. I lodge, Ith lrTy, Ijeut. Bigg*, Lieut Fie d, 2d Cavalry, Lieut. McMlliwi, I.ieut Kelton. I.ieut Carroll, Quartenn'r, Lieut. Holnbrld, Adjutant, I.ieut. Merrill, I.ieut. William*. 1st Draf., I.ieut Caring, Lieut. Duane. Treasurer, Mr. 1-orentz. TBI PKIKCl'S QCABTDLS. There are two botels at West Point; ibe principal one la Oorzen'a Hotel, situated about one mile from the Academy grounds. The hotel occupies a prominent po ?Itloa, commanding an unobatracted new of the Hudsoo. It la at tbla hotel where hi* Royal Highness quartered laat night. The flrat floor and part of the second were apportioned to the royal party, and by the introduction of board partitions the apartment* were entirely sseluded (torn other portion* of the hotel. The Prince "a apartmenta consisted of a large parlor la thn southeast corner of the hotel. It was furnished witn rich rosewood furniture, trimmed with blue brooatel. It ooatalntd a grand piano, eltganl chandelier* and oa&dale braa, trimmed with festoons of natural leaves. On the marble mantel were two large Bsvrss vsaes, la which were two hog* bouquets of flow er*. The Prlnoe'i bedroom led off the parlor. The Duke ef Newcastle'* room* ware on the oppoaite aid* of the ball, and Lord I.yons, Dr. Aokland, General Bruce, Mr. Archibald, British Coaaul; Lord HI dc hen brook#, Mr. Warre, Earl Bt Oermana aodfMr (Jan. ner occupied rooma adjelilng each other on the aoooo l floor. The large room, forty foet aquare, uaually occupied aa the hotel graad parlor, was on thia occasion appro priated for the Prince'* dining room, tbla apartment waa elegantly furntahed with rosewood fumtture, trim med with blue brocatel, and the wai.s adorned with superb painting*. In tbe visit of the Prince to the various apartmenta of tbe Academy everybody ecnept those attache to the military Mat'.' or royal aulte were rigidly excluded; *o that *b>t?\ r paaard with In the various departments is knoan only 10 those who were withia the inner circle. Short, y before four o'clock the I'rlaee eompletsd hla tour through tbe academic buildings, and returned to Colonel De.atieM's resideaos, o|xo*tc tbe grand parade ground, preparatory to A BBVIKW or TBI C AbKT-1. The latter by this time had been marched, healed by tbe post band, to tbe parade ground, f jrht baUallloa companies of oadcts, eleven files front, presetted them ? (elves on tbe right of the lis*, then tbe e. >mp*n}' of aap. per* and miner* of forty ni<u, theo th?i4b?vu ry of four guna of light artillery, with a carpa uf cadets acting a* cannoeeera, and tbe left wa* occupied by a dotanhneat of dragoons, commanded by !.leut. De ign. In a few minutes after the formation i.f tbe line, tb" Prions and ?ulte, Li.ut Sea. *feott, Major [teas. Lie at ttee. -V' it appeared on the |?rade grouLd, when Maj Reynolds, t..e eoBimnnder of the troops, gmve the order to "frnpare for review.'* Tie rank" of tbe troop* were opened, the artillery unllinbered, the c:|^r* atd color* lo the from, wben ibe reviewu>g parly marched to ibe bead of tbe mill lary eolnmn, while the band playe<l tbe a r of "flod Sare the Queen " As the Prince and eeoort passt] down the military line tbe heed played the verr elegant air of the ??flower* of Edit burg " Tbe reviewer* poeacu do** the frost and between the open* uf the tr >na Uaca to tbelr or fral poeit on on U.e prrada gr ind. Tbe troop* weee then broke lit" e* ;?nii by wi)i?uiiee and marched is ret tea- -flr?t m e<iT m"o time, tie a n qeick time, and id double quick time. A* the comma&iiaal* of tbe compels- a i?t<?d and talsted lie Prtare he gracefully ra>sed hi* bat In arknowie m?. it' It.' rev'ew, a'tbougb tbe ntl? er?-al (tmii-tfc o*the le> tie wai tc.a'l, was very good, and tl.< march;! / of the men an I aalutmgcf tbe tSicer* beyond Betnr* llf per* te **? d<*t?i??ed Ibe Prlsee, leaning m the arm of Col. Pe'afeld, ?n<r?scbed V*j"r Reynold*, the enromasdsot ol the rad'ts. and rxprrated hi* approbates at the lauit lei* loai t.> r la afaiob the r*vi? * *?.? ort tucted, an t d?. airtd the M*jur to iipre** hia Uiabks to mm cade's for tue hot or of the | arade. Tbe (?arade uu then Kern mm aid tbe troops r'tnrtcd to the r qoart'r* Tbe Prince re tarded to Co lose I 1*1*0*14 *? h .?*, ?h< l|,. < !? ? re ol tfce ead-t* were Introduced to tbe iTlrre. I1" made va rieo* ?''"p ns m regard t/ the tt<gb d'?Mp< ne m> ?\rent In the arademy, and h p?d it would be bl? good fortune at so dl*t?et day to vint them p a lee* kurr-vl marner AS an tbe (tuerts kt Co/Man Iiot< I on thi- '-eeasioa were t>< n , Mclivairs, ef (ihio. R fnot, of K< ?? t. low* C A. Well# of \>w Tor* Wm H A*i n wail at . f?rn'ly, at i Dr Juttie* H Hiiry,t)f Hr<>oklya; II P. Campbell, MM M H. Oampliell and Mr* a B. Campbell, of New York: o. U fkbhard, of Hano ver, N. H.; Wiiu [, Mr* lM|kS Crugsr, V <s Ma^^lkS'e, of New Vork; Mr and Mrs T*ls, of Ir ?tngton; B. M Sts!g, of *te? V-rk; John T of ?av*t! ah; A. Ty.of t%to; tr I. Ma>lln, B A. Ktrttao, IW Ha'Meatf, N P. Willie, Rtchard it H J Kietmaa. f. W. May. Jr ,L. Mn?oo, rf V w yf,ri, Vr ChB'ie* Tel rbette, of iMrtrtikeepele. MitsA riaike.O W Mnckeow, TbtoOofa Ko.?pveil, M'?e H.; < J ? *ed lady, Fredcr' *k F>'re-*e.n and l*df, Mm an i *os, 1*. j.ij rs aas family , Ju?ra<' Porter, U. S. A . Ooloi.el Bu??erP?M. of Meiirn ( olrre l*ir >? Mm eoe, lie n of .-??ten Iflatnl; Mre ?>a( ai It.. i?.n, t???*i".tu, * #? lr?sob, Ml** )?*lte asd J\ V Pell, , f New York. CWWnto cVKVVrmiw, At fcnr o c.yck tb* Prino* n * , ea>-<<*t > y * * ?*? ptDf of dragoons, left tho academic grounds, and pro ceroid on .t bilik trot toUnuea's Hotel, whare they ar rival at half- put live o'clock. The Prince immediately r? tued to bie apartment*, apparently fatigued from tbo dm h |>erambalatloos. At icven o'clock P M. the Prinoeand royal party dined. Tbe following It the hill of fare:? i Dour. Pritntoilrre. < Ff*n. 4 Salmon Troul, Lo'ia.i-r Pauee, ? ( hup' n Trii^ n Kauri* P^rigord* *? < KlU i de tin* ,f au < I, .mimur ^ 5 r*T?rM?. { ? Ria <*<? \ mil ? U tYmi.tdvitr, > ? * ret in de \ ?dalllr a la K*lni*, > J Peruke de Veaa a U kUUeanalre, * J I'auvta rta< k Duck, Qniifi, > J Parlr.t'.ge, BroUvd Woodcock, S $ Heed Bird. 1 rim thoid. ji Galattne iW rkaaaon u> Bcllev le. X Pat* de Ka'aonla 2 Lougueen Bellevue. ! ^ 4?uln d'knilrea. ! kalad d? Valllale i CTK'S rCDDINO. s j Drape Plea A pole HeroBTaua, > . Air>l? Pl?a ( luirlotte Kunje. ? ?< Keg lit h Cream. wine Jellay. * * FAXOT CAKB* 5 X Prara. Peaches. O rapes. After the Prince returned there was a great scattering of the tpectalori, and a ruth for the ooareyanoo* by which tbey were brought to tho Point. Steamboats and railroad tralna were crowded, and by the lnca[>aclty of the ferry boat plying between the Point and Garrison 'a station, on the Hudson Klver Railroad, nearly four hun dred persona were Involuntarily obliged to remain bo hlnd. The train of cars rrom West Point, which usually arrives In this city at half past ten o'clock P. M , dtd not arrive last night until midnight. The train consisted of fifteen oars, closely packed with human beings. The Prince will take bis departure for Albany to day. THE EXCURSION ON THE THOMAS P. WAY. Undoubtedly one of tbo most agreeable eicuraloos of the icaaon, and one of the most satlafactory Vo all eon carntd, ?u the trip of the Thoma* P. Way yesterday, in company with the revenue cutter Harriet l*ne and her royal guests, on the occasion of their visit to West l'alnt Anticipating a Urge crowd from the now thoroughly aroused curiosity seekers of the nietropjlla, the proprie tors Wisely made the provision that only two hundred and flfly persons would be admitted on board, and ac cordingly with this number the last little steamer left ber dock at the foot of Dry street, at ten o'clock, and pro ceeded on her way. Notwithstanding the thro?tonlng aspect of ths weather on the previous day and evening, a more auspicious occasion could not have been desired. The copious rain bad exercised its purifying Inlluenoe, the air was sweet and bracing, the scenery along the river looked all the brighter for the reiresbtng rays <.f the sun, and nature appearod arrayed In ber most pleas ing garb. . II was evident, even at the start, that the departure of Uie prince was not to be unnoticed. Hardly a vessel was in view that had not Its Ha*s fluttering from ltt masthead; many of the steamers, including three or four steamships, were likewise decorated, while salute thundered from the shore. The melody of ringing bells, the lowering of en signs and the cheers of the multldude that lined Iho wharves at various points, testified the general reeling of good wUI that attended the farewell of fell Royai High neas to the city of New York. Passing op the Hudson shortly after ton o dock, the Harriet I*na was deacrled In the distance, and soon run- I ntng alongside with our fleeter Tooted craft, the oompany on board bad occasion for the exercise of its most insinu ating curiosity. The e*eltement to see the Prlnoe was almost Irrepressible, and In a moment scores of opera glarses sent tbelr penetrating powers Into the very heart of the neighboring voyager. Tbo 1'rlnce, however, was In tho wheelhnuse and not visible for a time, almost every other youthful individual on deck md contemplated as bis Royal Higbnees. the Duke, the Karl of ? Germans, Lord I-jons, M*)?r TeasUale and other atoxdu , of the sulto occupied a share of the popular Mention, and resetted the compliments and criticisms which are the Instable legacies of public men In the presence <>f American sjverelgtis. Progressing up the Hudson, the public '"l'lutl0" Uat border tbe river, Including the Oonvent at FonthllL poured out their youthful Inhabitants, and the little hosts could be seen lining tbe shore and waving their ***** chiefs while tbelr childish cheers came rolling across the watcr'm a wave of welcome that was touching to every on, by whom they were heard. They were the genuine effuKions of childhood, and coming from the heart they spoke of a sincerity that seemed real and ?*?****? To these musical sounds the I'rtaoa responded by stop ping from the wbeeihouse and polltsly raising his hat, apparently well Pleased with the* youthful ebullitions from guileless hearts. During these momentary appearances every eye In the neighborhood found Ito Tonus In the paiaon of U* young stranger, and suoh remarks as "There be Is, "Ain't be splendid?" "What a bandaoma MUM fellow, ud numerous other phrases of similar meaning, ran along the phalanx or spectators gathered to UM,lr ourl" Atatmoat every mansion and upon every wharf tre gathered ladles and gentlemen, giving token of their In Urest in the deputing guest, and from various polnto sa lutrti were fired and flags waved In honor of the The d'Wlre of the oompany on board having been final y trended wltb a view of tbe royal party, the request was conveyed to tbe captain lhal be should leave ton Harriet Ur o arid prooeed en rapidly as possible, that they might Umd and be present at bis reception at West Point. This was accordingly done, and with a voyage marked br no otoer incident than a good dlanor on board, tbe Thomas r Way hurried on ber way to the destination. n>e sail was alt that could be desired. Who ever pnseed up the Hudson In autumn when ths fbllsge ? radiant with the beauty of a ihousand buea, and luiurl ous with colors that have never been caught by tbe pen cil of ibe painter, and not been touched by tbe won drous ? cent ' It war found impossible, however, to land at ' Rowe s, by reason of the stringent regulations at all llm<* ealst iDg wb n an aicanton party is at stake, and the aoai noeordlnfty prowled ha* a ml e or two * dock. H.-rs s landing was effected, and the party, like a Bock o! sbeep. poured ov. r the guards on toe du? and ur tbe hill towards the parade ground. This was a ??? but omnibnaea and o-rrlagee on the epot loaned the distance Ibr tb?ee who oho aa to pay Ibe.r quarter, S H who preferred this ooavaya.*. to aweary ?raint> were thus acoooi modatod . Tt>(. sc. n? at the upper laudisg was as beautiful as a nature Hundreds m ladies and gentlemeo dmtod t->a banks, fringed tbs hlllsldea. and oceupt-d nlcba of o|?n spar* where they Co 14 c- mrnand Ihe broad . ????? ? ttTlocality below, and witoesa the debarV alloc of the lYtaee: ai.d,ltka art imprwvin upon nature, on their own part they lent an ai matlon and beauty to tbo event Cfwhish tbsteene wo.ll bar* l-een deatltoto without lb.d r:rr,:.l. rerepttoo an.! movrmwU of the Priors u rr.t Point dearrlp. .? has been gtraa elsewhere. A I w its ea?<'d the d*,.!ev w th the great" ?U.afa. tl< -a. t V tv on. e? eyed a fall and uaduetod vKw of to- Prin- s, %l,i f. ? had reason to complain of fielr visit to the lata -T^w beir, over, toe ccmpany rttornedtoO" ,r8 re ? mbarked. and at flra o'<"*k the Thomas i' Way 'start 1 for the clty.wtfra ska arrived at eight oclock. THE FIEEMEN 8 PARADE. roe's orma, \ KsW YosK,<*l 1*. It* i Jcnw f irm, Fh* , CMaf EBgtaaar Hew York Fire I>s i.artn.ent ? I s<k gis? i have been requested by b s f- '>* ' K the Pr e* f Wai* to tost* U" ?*"? ' P^mrp* ** ctv an I you reel t aed asao< latoa, ft* > ' Wtfday r'. M >a?. aad to ?T thst is no conn ?7hM be wltassae.1 ^ sUibllloa of like eb*~ter at &i! to be cvsspa^'l with It. y: ?ss ee. . pt, IB addition, my own 1-we mp?t ae tsow "dgmeala, a??urr he noble Z ?',<* *<? U-V>n of my ohll^tH.. to hem an . ap ^Mlauoa of the r m^riw - f rewa, as Mtlasaa and as ai'1?- V.ryimly,yr" rs. fomi| Majiir Ie rur report ** firemen's torch tight p. i.j.ubkw tunor of the Priace , f Wales we aoo rdad the right of tL UM to 1 * !.?? 1 1 C.1 ? V 7 or th? City This ?s a r !?(,.* e. for It was Moataolt funglna Company Ha. s, af Uriokljs, wbtsh ooaup eU thai jesit.oa. to Tit U1TUI OP Tlta Ills?li9. Saw Y"?k. "et <aM Cuirtrt the ?lawai'*' regardlrg thi Fiempt En gise ntpaay u jou' *oo>..iat of U.^ para 'a on Saturday svti ieg. Ita cmpaiy W seveaty ntea.and 7. -ph%r v. 1-q. Is fare man, atd has been for ssi-ral years K ' ? 7,y .r?, J Y. "*ATK'S s,Jr.,?.e>. THE CAR FOR TTTE PRINCE'S EASTERN JOURNEY. | From tbt Hpringfl -Id Repubhoan | The Western Raiiruad's model passenger car. to be rode In by the ITlnce ?f Wales next Wednesday, *m Oiled up and furnished lo all Its department* yesterday afternoon This ia probably the handsomest and most thoroughly furnished travelling ear ever run ou rail*, and the skill disp ujed in aa arranglrg and oultitllng * ill be a valua ble acquisition to the well earned credit of Springfield mechanics. Mr Gray, superintendent of the road, la alao deserving o( much praise for bis judgment and discretion in employing tirat class workmen, aa be la alao for h's ef fort* to impreee the Prince ?lth tbe unrivalled superiority of tbeir work <>n either lide of tbe 1'rlnce's department of the car are ooatly tufas mid velvet ciistiooed chairs, which would bo extravagant for a king, and In tho centre la t stationary centre table, beau.liully carved and mar ble topped. Tbe table ta furnished with drinking utensils , conslst Ing of a large ornamented waiter of solid silver, an im proved double eased ice pitcher, and hall' a iloxen gob lets, lined with gold The carpeting la of ooatly velvet. In one department of the car ia a neatly furnished wash ing rocm, supplied with water from an invisible source, and a comfortably arranged water dMet. Farther along is a smull ( fllce, furnlsbtd with deck anl wrtling male rials. All these comfortable luxuries were the inventlun of Mr. Grsy, and sslds from those already mentioned, they were executed by mechanics and artists constantly employed by the railrcad company. THE RORTON OVATION TO THE PRINCE. mi RgCIPTION, TIJE REVIEW , TUB CONCERT AND THE BALL ? THK Al'AKTMENTU OF THK PKINC*? 1118 VISIT TO CAM BUI DOE AMD BIB DKFAKTl'ttl FOB ENULAMI), ETC., ETC. [From the Boston Bee, Oct 14 } Tbe present week will contain within its annals of event* In Boston a series of festive occurrences that will prove quite beyond any precedent. These refer lo the reception and entertainment of tbo Prince of Wales ? per bapa to be ollquelUc&lly particular we should write lord Renfrew? the detail* or which have already appeared, in RMMWi in our column*. The F'rlnct* will arrive in a special train from Albany Wednesday evening, and with out any programmed ceremony will proceed to hi* apart ments at tbe Revere Bouse. Tbe military review ha* been arranged for Thursday, tbe 18th Inst., Col. John H. Keed having reoelved at Washington the assurance of tbe Princs that It would be acceptable. Tbo column will form a body of upward* of 2,000 men; and it would not be strange If in (act the number were doublet. Tbe review will take place on lha Common. The review will take place on Thursday, at 12>j o'clock. Ool. Reed, at 12 o'clock, will wait uiion the 1'rluoe at the Revere House, and accompany him to the State House, where Gov. Banks will receive the distinguished guest, and after stopping a few minutes tbe reviewing party will mount, and under escort will proceed to tbo Common. At the close of the display, whi^b will not be protfaeted, tbe troops will march through the following streets ?Boy Iston street to Washington, Washington to State, State to Commercial, Commercial to Mouth Market, North side Faneuti Hall, Dock square, Washington street to Court, Court lo Tremout, Tremonl lo Beacon, Beaoon street to Htate House. Tbe Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, under command of (Jeneral John S. Tyler, will on thai day net as escort lo tbe city government, taking the City Fatbers up at the City UaU and escorting them to the Common lo witness the review. On the afternoon of Thursdsy the festival of tbe school children at the Music Hall will take place. Tbe ball will be slegantly decorated by Mr. Roetbe. The occasion will be ens, It Is expected, that will afford great pleasure to the royal party. A sub committee of throe, say* the GWdt ? Messrs. Amory, Bradlee snd .Sanger, on ibe part of the olty go vernment, and Major Kitchie, from the Committee on the Ball ? left for New York on Saturday, to confer with tbe Prince a* to the proposed arrangements, r&ey will re turn this evening Ail the indication* of tbe ball give promise oT success and brilliancy. Tbe management of tho floor oa the nigat of the ball will be under the direction of the following gentlemen ? James W. Paige, Harrison Ritchie, J. Tbo*. Htsvenson, Geo. B. Upton, U. Howland Shaw. John Qulney Adams, Tberou J Dale, Tho*. a Stevenson, H P. Ammidown, F W Palfrey, E. M fiennle, W. C. f>tte, John F. Atdersoo, T. F. Cashing, N. D. Hubbard, Augustus T. Perkins, H. C Brooks, F. A Osbotn, J. Henry Sleeper, Kobt. H 8levec*oo, Kd war 4 Thayer. Robt F. Clark, John Hermans, Jr., f Horatio Wbitwell, Frank Buab, Jr , James A. Amory, Frederick W. Bra I lee, F W. Reynolds, John D. Bales, Jr., Jonas H. French, J. IHxwell Thompson, Geo Blsgden, J. Goodwin Whitney, Wb P. Mason, Jr., Caspar Crowninshleld, Samuel M Quincy, William Pratt, Francis Barllett, 8. F. Barstow, J Frederic Marsh, Anna Btnney, f rank W. Andrews, R. W. Emmons, Franc!* Braggiotll, E. A. Board man, Jr., David Arklay, Us la* Goodwin, Jr., F R d'Hauteville, W. H. Hinckley, P. W. Dewey, Jr., John T. Prince, Jr., (banning Clapp, W. L. Horton, Henry 8. Tap]>an, John B. Babcock, William B. Rice The demand for ticket* has been constant. The best families and circles in New tar land will be re pr?senled The list will close on Tuesday evening. I Tbe executive committee have invited gentlemen entitled to wear uniforms to appear in the same if they like. This arrangement is a good one. Military characters from out of tbe eity can thus appear without Ineonvenlenee. lady Franklin and her niece, Miss Cracrofl, havs been Invited to the bell ; alao the Admiral aad officers of the fleet who accompanied the Prince to this country, aad who will ar rive at Portland on Wednesday. The Eastern Railroad Company and the Boston and Maine Raurosd have offered free transportation for the troop* trots out of town. Tbe room* at the Revere llouae which are aaalgaed for the use of tbe Prlm-e aad suits are on the I., and tbe la dle*' entrance on Rowdotn square. They will be clo*e<! to all but Ibe members of hi* party during hi* *tay. By (reeling a partition, the a par lineal* will be entirely pri vate. Tbe ladle*' drawiag room will be need a* his re eeptloa rx>m, and hi* sleeplag room, private parlor and dining room are contacted. Rone twenty room* are sow belsg newly furnished. They will be elegant and appropriate in every respect. It Is not certain but that there will be a banquet on Friday evening. If the Prlnoe accepts an Invitation, It will come off, sod be aa sumptuous as possible. It will be given by the city authentic*. [From the Bo*too Pott, Oct. 14 ] We bar* already publlabed tbe programme of lh? de monatrallon* which are to tak* place In thiaclty during Ibe vl?lt of tbe I'riooe of Vale*. Tbe programme will be carried out M announced . and we bear af do new feature which 1* lo be latrodoced We bar* tome further parti cular*. however, of the ball aad other matter*, which we lake ptraaure to laying before our reader*. Tbe Prlsce will arrive la tbl* city or Wedneeday after boob, and will be eeoortod to tbe Revere Hon**, where b* will occupy a *uit of room* which have been fitted op for bin In a moat coaveolmit and appropriate *tyle by Mr. Moves*. Tbe roowa are situated In lb* I. of the build'ng, on anwdoln square, and will be reached by tbe lad re* ? eatraone, which will not be open to any bat tbe member* of lb* royal party Tae ladle*' drawing room will be occupied for a reception room, and the ale*?ta( rocm, private parlor aad dining room of tbe Prince will be convenient!) tear. Atont twenty other room* will be provided for tbe eulto In tbe eveelnf of Wada**)ay tbe Prlcra will have an opportunity of wtlocMlag l>>* grand torchlight procca*b>o of tbe B> l! and Evaretl parly. en Thursday. the tecoad day of tbe Triune'* visit, will take place tbe review In tbe forenoon, tbe roooert of school children In tbe afternoon, and tbe (rand ball la tbe evening. The troop* which have tieen detailed for tbe review will report themaelve* in Shawmut avenue, wh< re th* lire will Im> ' rn.od al ton o'clock. the right reeling on I'rnok In* etreet Tba troop* will tbea march to tbe t?rad? ground <-o tba Common The Prlnoa will he roBdncted to tbe Mate House by Col. Rood , where bo will he received hy HflT?r?or Rank*, and wbenoe tba party will l>e < aorrted to th* parade ground by the l ight I big^ee* Company A. Tbe display will bo tbe most ex tensive and brilliant that baa taken place la tbl* city for ?evrral year* After the review tbe Prlaon will be or cor ted b*< k to the lie V' re Honae by the troop*. At Ibrie o'clock id the aftornooo Ibe Prlnoe and mite w'U vl? t the Mn?'r Pall, to llrten to a rooorrt by pupil* selected from the public *cb ?l*. Tbm will without doubt b? the mo*t irlerrtting feature of th* etitert omenta In thi* city. Tl.e ball will be beautifully decorated by Mr. Roetbe ibe ball at the Academy of Muilc In the evening will mr|ae> all expectance. Tbe *ot>*erlpt loo book* fbr tlrki :* will be rloeed at Bv* o'clock to morrow afternoon < ? i ' II ?t the sale of ticket* ha* bei-n up to lh? I aBt>eip%ttrt* of the rom wilt tee Tbe Melodooa will be i;*ed ?> a snpt cr room, and Mr. (tenth will do hut beat la bl* dP(iariBi(iit The c< m 1*11 y w HI b<" a* select a* could he de*ued, ard will include representative* of mo#t if not all r.f tbe New Fnglard elite*, a* well *? th* Rritith pro vince* a a ii h c mm ttee of the city government, with MaKr Rilch e. of the Hall (Vmmlttee, bava vto'tod N?w \ I r* for tl.e porpoae of *ettllag th* detail* of lb- recep Hob, ard sr* siprr-tod ha< k today Among the invited guest* li> tbe ball, be*ldr? th<i?o already aowuood, are th* Admiral aid officer* of tbe royal * juadion, and I*dy yrsrkllB and olrre Who wi l danr. with th* Prlnoe will be known oo the olgbt of th* ball. The oomrnltleo have arr?iged an mcrmtdete Hat. however, which ? hiar'e : by the namea of Mr* Bank* and Mr*. Uaootn. We also bear meot Bed the name of 0 relative of Mr. Kverett , fin ? rlday the Prince will vl?lt Cemwid^e and other Interesting place* la the city and ?nbu'b* (In -Saturday I n w I >ave for I'' rl'arid, ? lirre h* will meet th* aqna drc* wi tch he left at Montreal, aad from whlcb placebo will tab* pa?**ge for fcom*. wiM?om ca^ti.e Ann nu t.. perbap* It nsav *ot be *oiei>re*ting to d<?cribe * pe?-n operation tbat I* bow going ?ti withio tbe wall* of the Aradrmy id Mti*?, where tbe bail lo hooor of bt* Boral Highti'M Albert Rdward 1* t ) b* glren oo Thar*n?y *v< nl*g Ml W* do t' t rrftr to ao amicable, frat.rnal and elo** aaoclatloo of lb* Tolon Jack J ard lb* S*tor* *rd Htrlpe*, oor lo * friendly and [ rttf rr'ghborly tltt a If' between the BrlU?h Ll >o i ard Am?rlcao eagle, bul to a bbIoo of bo<ll?*, ' repret'Btlng a nnloB of friendly Idea*, more oorel Th* | heavy ' i at'' (a theatrical term) wed forth* rear wail I of I lie "llp-r" ball room bor*, a* a piece of work highly , ornarenUI aad appropriate lo lb* orrtolon, an llloatra I ll'? or lb* battle of Rnnker Ifill. WI#b tbe <-aM for II* r*e retard It wa* ? towed awav m aome ob** corner, lilt'* anapecl'tig lb* character of the "other ?We of th* ptetnr*," wblch It *al at * fotnre day to prrwent fhil ib* flat afortaald la again broogbt oat Md dnttod. and | uprn it* t?v?tM lb* pal*for? ar* *o? ea?Jg*< 'B ('?gurrreotj pirg wiodmr r**1le Capitol Ilea' Tbree cheer*, th?ri. for P-mker PHI? tbe l'*wter?nt , ? bcfcr* Ibe aiiiiert, of o*.ira.- ? aad Wind??r Mtb I Bono* Oct. IS, 1*40 The Prior* will b* received *t tbe R tbc-y hn?, > n ' Wcdoetday afterac. o, by a eormllteeof U>* dly (>* . i rnmeal an I th* ba'l*l?>a of light drtg>Miex, who will eroorl him to tbe H*>*r* Ho ire No other public demonstrations will be mad tn his honor until TTi j red ay , wbicb la lo bit observed tn tt ta city as a general holiday. Ioaffeiiuw baa written an ode wbicb i* to be sung by one tliouaacd girls lo the air or "Cod Have the yueeo.'' It It aa follows ? OCR FATHERS' LAND. Go<1 biraa our f. and Keep Iter la bea-t &?><! Uaaa One witb our own 1 Kr< m all ber foes den-pi , Be 1 er brave m? nd, lio ?ll ber realm- descend, Fi otect her throcii' FWtiier, iu loving care. Guard Thiu liel kingdom's heir, Guide all bia wa' a; Thine arm Ins sh. iter be From harm by land and sea, Bid storm :iad danger Uoe. Prolong bia duys! J^rd, tot war a tempest eemm. Fold the whole tarlb Id poace I'uder Thy wings: Make all Thy nation* one, AM hearts b< neath the nan, Til! Thou xbalt relm alone (.real Klnf of KiSKSl ARRIVAL OF THE PRINCE'8 FLEET AT FORTLAND. B<mox, Oct. II, 1800. The royal neet that ta to oonvey the Prlnoe of Walee to tagland wta signalized cfl the liarbor of Portland, Me. , at an early hour this evening. Flaw a from KraMlor. IDE CAPTTRI OF OCAYAtiriL BY ?.KN. FLORJB ? AD* DRESS FROM TDK PEOPLE? PLOREN' I'HOCLAMATION TO 1118 ARMY? llRAVERT OP FLOKKH , 1TC. (Translated from a private letter for the New York Ukjuui. | ?UAYAQCU., Sept. 20, 1840. On the 24th we occupied this place, after a glorious as sault and a serif* of victorious combats Franco Bed la the evening lo ? cowardly manner, abandoning bis troops, who continued to light without blm. How General Florea escaped is miraculous, considering the rash manner In which be exposed himself. 1 myself had a narrow es cape on tbe night after the battle, thanks to IMyIbs Pro vidence. While leading to the General a horse I bad oap tured, I was tired u|>on in the most determined manner by our people, who did not know me, because all oar arm y was on foot, having entered the place b y canoes, besides having had to make our way through a thick mangrove plantation, of coarse Impervious to horses. Again, so the following day, having gone to receive a party of tba ua my who had'advatced with a skill :!ag, under pretsnoo ot lurrendering, 1 bad anotBer miraculous esoape. Tba rascals Bred on us within point blank range, kill lag the commander, wbofell directly by my side. I joined Gen. Flores, in the province of Marrabl, and thus it happened that I was present at the last battle. We have pleuty of anus, but there will not be much further need for them. All that remains for us sow to do is to resist the pretensions of Castllla, of Peru. We havo taken 800 primers, 34 pieces of artillery, several bowtta ers and an innumerable quantity of muskets Till PEOPLE OF aCAYAQflL TO OEM. KLORM. Ball, avenger of the country) Rejoice in the enthusi asm with which the people salute you as their father once more. Thou bast avenged fifteen years of ostracism by restoring to us the country thou bast founded and ttve glory which thy sword has won. From to-day Broad or will be no more the prey of ambitious Intriguers, the plaything or coward enemies, nor the victim which trea son intended to offer to ber depraved protector. Hie In corruptible Justice of the nation restores you to day. Re joice In being the first soldier of America; In returning to raise from ber pr-n rate condition Ecuador, which owed ber existence to thee, and now owes tbs vindication of ber honor. The order, morality and patriotism of the army which lias so houotably sustained so many combats are doe to I lie reflection of tby genius, whi> h has beeu Impressed oo each of those brave fellows who, under tby orders, are berots? terrible tn the shock of battle, generoas ta vto tory. Continue to be ss tbou wert, father and liberator, aad the country will crown tbee. oo the day which will see ended th.s ismpaign, which tbou hast opened with en thusiatm and wilt terminate with glory. PROCLAMATION OF GIN. FLOEES TO TBI NATIONAL Mgr. SoimvBf ? You bave occupied the last bulwark behind which tbe barbarous chief of Taura sought refuge, sad encircled your brows with imperishable laurel. The in credible passage or tbe Haled o wltb artillery, aal tbe combats whtob followed, op to tbe completion of oar triompb, will be deeds forever mssssrshls la the military history of nations. Citizens armed Is the defence of tbe people? Too bava fulfilled your Important mission, and a grateful people will acknowledge your sacrifices. The country releas ed, resssumes ber usurped rights, an 1 appeara befsrs her neichbor republics free, strong and Iran null. Tbe magnanimous provisional government appreciates your rate virtues, and the supreme chief, who Is yoar companion, is preud of having witnessed them Ui'AYAQCIl, Bept 2b,lMQ. JVAN JUKE VU >REi. TBS PEOPLE OF Ol'AY AQC1L TO THE SVVKXMR CHIEF , (MR1UEI. ?ARCIA MORICNO. Tby Inflexible constancy tn the work which thou hast undertaken has given us" as many days of glory as those of mourolng and weeping which traitors prepared for us. Be proud, then , that thy grand thoughts bave commenced being realized. Tbe popular grstltude will reward thee for tbe fbtlgues thou hast imposed on thyself as s soldier and a magis trate. Tbe halo of glory which surrounds I bee, geoer<u< and msgnanlmous conqueror, will be tbe Insignia which will distinguish thee when thou prsseetest thyself to glvesn aee<>nnt to the government, of which thou wast tbe soul, of tbs mission confided to thee. Great as tby genius are tbe benefits which yst remain for tbee to bestow. To destroy the factions and chastise the traitors is only tbe oommoncenvnt to erect the edlltoe on Iswful ground and Insure the future or tbe country? here Is something great, here is a glori ous lot to whlrb Providence has destined thee. But thou art worthy or tlalshlBK that which thou hast so glortoosy began. Because tbou wert strong In tby convictions, invincible tn tby faith In the future, the people of Eeoador sse in these the securest pledge of tbe aveogemsnt of ber honor and tbe stability or ber lofty position. Go on, tireless a4vooate, the limit which bounds tby career is immortality. Coroarn' laqatiU. Fatal m Bboadwat.? An tnqurrt was held yeo terday by Coroner Hcblrmer, at No. 134 Eighth rtrwl, opoo ibe body of Jamm MMn, a native of thla city, i|rd 23 > ? *r?, vbo ilM from the effecta of lajoriaa re rel\ f d while < i iiagod In a fight ?l the oornor of Broadway and Prluc* ?treet, on tbo Dight of the firemen ? prooeo aioa. Iieceaaa-d and two frieada were rtacdlug on the aldewalk waiting for the prorearton to ooaao a org, when RoberUoo, wbo wax tomcwbat under the in tlnf-nce of Honor, became enrt^ed tn a quarrel with two rtrargera. From w< rda Ihtr came to Mow*, aod tn tbo row Ftobertaon waa kaockrd down. t'poo being picked up b y bta friend* deceased m>peared to bo badly Injured, aod waa at once takeo to bi* home. He waa atlondod by a pbyetotan, but he rradoatly became woraa, aod di?<t al-out half pant an o'clock on Cot day evening A poat mortem enaminatH.n of the body, made by I)r Hon ton, rbowed that death nil cauaed hr c mpreaaloo of tho braia, the rowlt of a fracture of the akull In the ai> eenr* of any Uftimony aa Vo the nairie of the aaaallant, ibe tary r?i>iiere<l a verdict of "Death from vtolcnoe at tbo band* ol tome joraoa uc known " Fa tai An ?>(.?*? ? rvrooer O'Keefe held an Inqoeat at tbo flaw York Iloapttal apon tbo b" ly of Timothy Doaa hue, a native at Iralaod, twenty four yeara of age, wbo died from the effect* of einrieo accidentally reoelved by a brick falling u|?n bio head whllo he waa paeaiog by tbo building rr.w in lb* B? He of deBolMJfla at tbe o?rner of Chatham at d Inane at recta. Verdict la accordant e *iu> the above laata. "To r*4Tfl ? rat' arlne Kan per. a child about three year* r id, wbo waa r.> teterely ?caided at So 34 A Eighth ever ite, on the 2Mb oltlrro, by the ill mil of a coffee |*>t Ufon bar prraoa. died yraterday '<>m the ?f feet# of h?r iMunea. CnroMV fchlraor held an laqueat apoa the h?dy, when the Jury reodartd a verdict of aoc dental death. The Kin In lleator Street. TO TRK KDITllR OP TtlR H1KALD. Kaw Yoaa.fict 16 IMt. 1 beg lea- ? to correct an error which appeared tn ytmr paper of the 151b trot n referenda to the lire at N.i 10>! Hrtitr e'.r eel oh ?alirday ererlnf, dur'ng tbo parade, V"u ray that No 19 Krgloe wan phM la efcartra of Qapt. tew n I'atml Ratcb. No. 2, and thai they ? ?. eeodrd In eitiogutabmg tbo lire. aided by Engine Oompaof No 9 The fact la Erglne Coanpany No. 2 waa oo the rr" rid and at ?orfc from ; fte?n to twenty mtouiea before aty i tber apparatus arrived at tbo Are. v.!>w*nt> j. Foreman Krgltie Oropaoy So 2. Ithltnary, Mrr. Rtuwt J?v* Wjntneiniii. the ?etimah.o wtfr if John A tt tt hirgton, | , died at Wave tan I, the reel . ilenc* of her hut'. and, In tanqrter ooiaty, Va., no Um ?th l??t . to J7ih y?ar of her ace Jowv Pane. h*n , a leftover of tall'more la 1114, dtaij kt Aaia|<ilif . oa the tth loot The Bolter of Ute dece? ? l wan a I'Hrghler of Th< mu Jeenlr g?, Keq , Alkxaaf Gene ral of l>.<. thro province i.f Mary tand. Naval fwtollfjgeare. TM f r '/ d -l*i< ? eleaoier Rlrhotond left NoTftllk at. ek vto o n, on "atorday ai??i pmoeertrd l? f'ape Renrv, I ut returned al Hire* o'clock , on account of the preva leroe it a I K?y ortheael gale, I lent *vthrvd ft Taylor ha? Keen ordertyl to tbeashoo . ?hip t. leiilutioo. al *nnapr>lt?. Arrltah aad Urpartarii, ARHIT4UI. Jliriioofn. kc- Pte?tr?hip J,w0rmn-Vn JITrWifid I '.:c n ? * V' a. 1- *L*. '' w famew no'k P W Tiaty, hra M<oaobine, M u Hacllel. H It haao I.' In ike tfeerate. nrtimm ' . i-Ti-.rwnv hp Tl ,i>rpn- Weamaklp Oaroeta? Furre na <?a"aev. fr< l?a, LorpoU An*heel?r. lt*n dkt-rt, -irm ?m Ageba l*terer l^nynid Arnelein JITorkj i 1 i?>l ai'iixte II tVn a or l< t? i>. Joeetif. H?" ? ? * . 1 A' ' f'aawai ger l a't -aore f<? Knr?, < blear"; 1 ? ? " i . ??? liani' .rj * I' eao Hflfl: Anim 7rai??'l ? - \ llneKrf inn*. Ill Kit,? iicnrnde?Vo*?erl'Men 0\"rt ? Wleke'i, If i, ?'ana tn Pn?rw^., llltaol*. r in rar'?e' . P -^oo. P <'urta, ro Ve?li.ier TV-*r*T pwk i v?taer-i.erief ? .i.kee. Mil Mm. I iRrmnali. 1 keiler Hehille. VaJen il ' Hariri'^ J ti^aman I *ir rlaootj t* H?rrhkardt ftki .fl I> Kleta aad f'tafhL 'lO'ienail * f" -?? *??* '? barwa INwfc N > ' rk - a?d taeiTln ike "If r*tf Total li*. Pnaole Mk.dkW.

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