Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1860 Page 4
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UTRUATIIKK. fFUE l'KKflH>KXT As an AUTHOR. His i V J- gagement to write for th* i*lger unh ? iy appl.iii.loU. Hear tin- voice- i*i Hise front all | nes. Sec what tlie papers ?ay. (Irom the New York UeraM-1 POLITICS AND l.rrUUTPKt. ThK PaHKWIKT *S A Nkwbpap>:k Wujtich The political history << ' United State* during the Hn*t MXty ye.u of t-'u existence I as yet ta be written. The i ? mm 1 1 - . >j > to a recent period, were in tin- hand- of (??all p tu iaiiH, *1:0 lined them t<> further the r own en is, and d J not scrapie to publish 'he vilest peraou u attacks and the mont odi?"i^ libel- upon the party leader w ho were oppe t > tl era. Hus e mrse w&h uur^uod niireruiitingi/ from il?e til th? cldai Adam? up to 1*10. *hea there wan a mi pension of l.o^tiiiti. They broke oi t nja'n .u I&JM. however, and roaa to a remarkable height timing Ja k-?n's a.lmini .tratiou the old sol di. i proving in the etui a match lor all bis per secutor-. Stner tSJii we have witnessed the ri-.e ?>!' the independent preav and conaeqgsnt de cline of party journals The great newspaper now is tin best history for the people, and the luii. 1 1- compiler will lui.l tunple materials at bis iund. The in -.-in* link-, in the chain c<n only to supplied by those statesmen who partici pated in the politics of the country previous to IMG. and who view the event.- of tho?e days with out n trace of personal prejudice. We have al . i-iy some cOBtributinnP from distinguished tat men who. after tbelr retirement from the cares of office, or the toil* aud contests iu the political an na, have employed their lei -ure hours in totting down their rcuiuimcences and giving valuable fetches ot their confreres. Among tlu-se wc iiave the recollections of Mr. t alhoun and of Mr. 1 '? u ton- the latter more after the manner of personal reminlsceoces than thf toi ? er. Aud it has always been a mystery to in why Mr. V an Daren has not contributed to our poli'ical aiinala. No man is more capable of writ. iir the history oi the rise, progress audfallof the democrats partythau he, and Mr. Van fturen mi^'lit give us a most interesting sketch of the first Albany Hcgency. which would be found to be a striking contrast to the pre ?ent concern. The old Kegel. c y was composed ol atilo slat smctl, tike Mr. Van Huron Muix'il. andthculote tar above eueli fellow .?* as lb timoii. . I .i u ? r and Cassidy, whose greate- 1 achievements have consisted in pnbli.-hng a private letter from Gov. Wise, cheating all th.'ir fnciiils indhumbu poor o!J Dickm (??in by persuading bin that he a- to has c the Charleston nomination. Perhaps Mr. Van Bnren may be moved to take up his pen when he bean th it hia old friend, Mr. liuchanati. intend* to appear in the Hold of lett.-;s. It had been rumored that the President intended to write hi? remtob-eencea after he retired from pub lie life, aud now it *< em by the following letter to Uie immortal Bonner. that Mr. Buchanan, like Mr. Everett, will make hi- fir -' e -ay in theco .ma* of a newspaper. B inner. pnrpo-ing to pabl .-.h a number ofaMtrhea Of eminent statesmen, write?- to the President, repeating from him some account of Mr. Lowndes. of South Carolina, who was hi Congress with Mr. Buchanan forty yara aj;o, amU the following ij the President's reply: * Wi-MnscT. >s. S -pt. 8. 1S?0. Mr i>*?r "ir ? i birp received your favor or tao 31 loat , tad shall nv ?l cheerfully c imply wttb yoar request, aad lure. ?h yon ? *1 u ti of tea life of flillim Lmte, M noon u p.i?ibli' I!r?*:iooe of the frraMMI, wtaeai .tail pun?l ?ut<*mfri tl .i< b?v ? .er ?aori. 4 "ir couu try, and jet blf memory Ins b"'a aa.i > L?*glo;ted Toe trutb ia u at my ,.?,i?ii; dulti-o oec :py my whole time at prw-eot I ba<! ln>i- t I mifbt tojoy f una leisure after ihr ai.iournce at oi . ongr <??? , in tb.- I bsve been .lm appotnted II a.-t hf fore, 1 hope to furu fIi yon th" sketch ..?? wfier tUe 4 1, of March Thin from me ? il. ba a tri bute not only to j jatlce, but to gratltode Yomra, r try reapectfully, J A til'-- Bl JHAN'AN. Rimaav BtMnm, !*<v We trust that thi< sketch will be succeeded by others of the old school of statesmen, ho tliat the rising generation may see that llieha'l.- of Congress wero not always thronged with spoilaoieu and demagogues. William Lou-nde* i* not the only gieat man whoan 1 memory baa been "sadly neglected." and it should be the'dclicht of their colleagues who>e lives aro i yet spared t*? j. ; \ .? : > the world soaaa aconunt of their public and private . hara 'ters. Tlie retireil Matesinan can al>t ays find ri ni" a - well aa consola tion iu tlie pursuit ol li'-erature a profession whlthii happily atevated above the level of the , beggarly politicians of the day. The public reaps a great benefit alao iu the so'id contribution- of I mea like ihiclianan. Kverett or Bancroft, and tho i ftuallt goswip a>.d plea-ant anecdotea which aie nmbed by li :'it writer^ like the Chevalier WikofJ. l"hi y * ill all be welcome. i From the New York Tribune 1 Mr Bonner announce*, lit our advertising columns, to 'lay that "to the limp list of scholar* and state-men alresdy no'nocred among the con tributor* to T'< ' /."'>?< r, the name ofJinn Bu chaaan, the illuitriouv I 're aidant of the Halted relates in now added." Mr. Bachauan Is to cooimctn e a aerie* ot biographic-. with a sketch ol the life of Mr. Lowndes of South Carolina. How ever widely we may have differed from President Buhanan on many point* of public policy, we can not forbear to warmly commend hit course in thin , matter. It *hows not only an intelligent apprei ia ti in of the now-paper literature of the day raro among old achoo! politician hat also manifest* a real and lively intcic-t in the in?trnction of tbo pabli . It i* also m >*? honorable to Mr. Buchanan that. In letiring from the highest station he pro 11 >*e* to himaell not a life of indolence, hot of la bor that ia at once n| ;>ropriate. dignified and 11*0 Ml. We congratulate Mr. Honner on hia progrona from one di-tiagui*bed name to another, up to thia \ la-t ac. nation of that of the I'reaident of tho i I nited fvite-. We learn that the honorable ! < <? ?. Bancroft i< also preparing some hlatorical Conti ibutiona to the coluuvna ?.f 7V.e I*<iijrr, From Um New York Courier Fiquirer Mn. Hix'i aWAf a f'oNnur' Ton to th* Vkw Yoms l.irain . - Mr. Bonner, after an interval of <|aiet, ?luring which hia has pursued the area tenor of ita *ncce<w. now rouses himself up to one of those great tr iV la journalism, which have rendered the / ? ' /? ?? but .1 *erie.-i of suoosasst' . each ooe more tugnal than the 1 . Mr. Bonaer ? last achievement, m appear* by hi* adverti*eiaent ia another colun n, 1* the engag'-ment of President llacbanan. Mr. Konner it about to introduce into the Is V?" a bk> -aphk-al denartaiont, which will be an tnatr ic aa well as an interesting feature, aad nil at ill farther to the number of those hifh toned aitic! ? by which Mr. Bonner aim^, and ? o-afallv to pive i hara< ter t? tu- paper. Mr. B !ianan is t > inanij' rate the biograi hioa -erie* wtth a life of William I a wiwles. a dit!inguiah< I -> > tti f'aroliniaa *t?tc<rasn w :h whom Mr. B>' hamn was very Ja ilmate. Mr. Buchanaa'* letter to Mr. Bonaer, en ferine into the et.gagemeal to farn.-h the life, will he publi?hed in the h I j>r of O tober Jit. Th.* n i ruber, 'tit rely original will alio be enriched with pmnrini ationa from th? p?na of Kverett. Urvant, Henry Ward Bee her. M. P. Willia. John O. t*a*e, lieorgc l>. I'renti e, Mr*. h'/ourney. Fanny Fern and other distinguished writers. Ifon. ?>eorge Bancroft (the historian) haa aluo been enlaced by Mr. lktnner and in the l**d<t*r of (K-tober 27 an article from I ? rten, on the I utile of l ake Krte, will appear. Witn su. h a li*t of > oatftbatofi aa the fimyr ?< w haa, it is no wonder Uiat it com mand.. at) i ir illeled anc< ? fa jfrott to* Tsar'esloa (J. C ) News Biography or Wituaa I/iwnmbs We are treated to see from the President a letter tn the Mew York h*i<jrr the' oar distincu shed *ti?:? ?tuan is about to receive that meed of honorable record to which his great desert* entitle him. It haa been matter r.f iMi-j.ri-e that nothing but the bi'ideSt out* line of Mr. laiwndca' life and career lia< ever been ^'lpplled to th" Amerii an pnMi . whi!<- every other of onr men of mark, wh??e reputation kaa be. me MlMl, haa re eived t!.e literary diatin tion of a |>io?rapby. duly i ommemorating their merita. We lu-e gratified <>n perceiving that Mr. IVi is aboat to supply the ommiaaion. He was tlie com i j?e#r in Congreae of Mr. Lowndes In the latter part of kJs public life, and fr?m hia political aaaociati > >? vnuat nave gathered from tradition sneh materia!* relating to that Isnentel patriot's services an I character as have not coaie within hi-> per?onal knowledge. We -hsall anxiO'ialy expect Mr. Bi ciianan'a contribution to this part if our bio^raphi ia! literature. The appearatce of the biographical aketcb of M- . tawndea In the colunna of the //??'/??*? consti tntea an additional claim to that pabiic mipport x hi h the enterpr i?ing proprietor ha* already ea tabluke | by procuring the contributions of Mich .American *t<'"<<Miea aa will '- onmand general at tenties by t'lfir rxp ien e and literary attain jncnta. be*4 lf>* frl)m prn-of other contribu tors in tii<> purin e of tale- writing, poetry and Diagir.iue WTiUng generally. [TYow the New ters r*y anok R will be seen by the announcement that the I'reaident of the United States will commence a ?erles of biographical akeuhes for the l*<Uj> r m ivo.n ap his public duties will permit a moment's a station. The flrst of the eerie* will be a sketch <i w iii am f/)wndea, of Houth Carolina, ooe of the J M>t promising statesmen of his dsy, the peer end ? ial of ( aJhoan. and by some believed to be hia ? urior. and who, unf rtunately for hl? country. i -lit oil in t) e her onln* of a oareer of real frcatnee'- the tn ri an people know too little nf liowrdr*. ard wa refoice therefore, that esch i i a e 1 i. ' v. e> el leal medium sre to fc. . , i. ? ? - vl Uv-i % ...31 j^UvC. T!? Is-ij' 4? serves sti'.l greater soccer. not cnly for it* enter priae but for its patriotism. A a additional feature ?i the next number will be a contribution from the pen of llou. t.eortfe Bancroft. the historian. Tt\e present number liiui original contribuUou* from President Bachunu, Kdward Kverett. Win. Cullen iirriwit, Henry Ward Beeceer, N. P. Willi*, (leorge P. Morris, Jobn (J. Base, George D. Prentice, Tlioma.s IMinti Knglisb. I iuerso?. Bennett, T. S. Ar thur, Mr Sigourney, Faniy Fein and Alice Cury an array of great uauiea. , trom tba New York Time* ] President Buchanan id about to join the long ar ray of the contributes. lie promise* to (?onimetice work as soon as be "ffeU leUurc." And then In- proposes to ouen with a biographical sketch ot William l/<>wnde?. ol South Carolina. This in not ouly enterprising in Mr. Bonuer, but graceful and sensible in the venerable President. We hav e ho dtMibt hi- i ontributions will bavu de rided intrinsic interest, and certainly the specta t ie of a Pi evident ot the United States bec oming a contributor to a newspaper ia unusuai enough t-> attract attention. (From the New York Jourua. of Commerce The New York Irii-n is about to commence a series ot biographical skftches of emineui sutes men, and ha- selected Win I.nwndew the distin guished Sou lb Carolinian and early friend of Pre*i ?ient Buchanan, to whom no biographer nus ever v< t done justice, a-i the siibje< t o ;lie lir.t article '"hiukiug that the patriotism ol" the President would lead him "to serve tiie y mux "ipo of tlie country by holding up before them an example worthy ot tlieit imitation, and knowing that his in timac.v vi it h Mr. Lowndes and his thorough ac ? ciusintarrc with public affairs at trie time pecn liaiiy fitted him for the ta?k, the publisher of the ? ventuu-d to lequeat him to write tne sketch. K'om the Trentoo (N. J ) American Tile Nkw Yoiik Ledger. ? The copy before u? displays a continued iinprovemeut in tiie me< ham cal department of this w idespread lournal, and it is n?>t surpassed bv any other published in this or : any country for tne variety of its contribution ] and the ability of it- contributors. Besides th> 1 distinguish* d names already connected with the 1a<1'!'T, we lind that the venerable President of 1 the United States will shortly honor its column.- b) lurnu>hiug a sketi h of the lite ol Win. Lownde-. 'from the Brooklyn (N Y ) T'tn>8 I What Nrxt.? What Mr. Uobcrt Bonner of tiie ' IstlgiT. will be up to next we are unable to tell. ] The last ctt'i t lie has made has been to secure tlie ! services i.l President liui hani.n to write for tie* column ol the /*?< l<jrr. Air. P. lu signified ilia willingn -s to c( mmence a aerie- of biographical nketclies by writing his recollections ot Mr. Lowndes, of South Carolina, whom be styles ? one of the greatest. wi.-est and pure-t statesmen that ever adorned our country. ' The will heneeiorth become more popular than ever. ft rom tbe Pcou*ylvanta (PliMadelptila) (-tretto Trs Nkw Yokk I.bdukk The career, or ratner the flight, of this journal is one of tlie moat r-mark able i -iim* of success ever known, coiiscouent on . energy and perseveran e ?> <ha racterifti. of the Yankee rare. Mr. Bonner's pa per bus finally reached us high ? grade in excel lence as in Ta'r.cty of matter. IFYoa the Sew Itaren fOnvn ) New* Tbk Lkixjbk. It is a marvel in the history of newspaper literature, but uot at all surprising, that the New \ ork should not only Lave reach ed, bnt maintained, tlie proud position it now oc cupies among its many imitators and rivals. Witli a circulation above a quarter of a million. Bonner seems determined to keep bis beautiful paper fully up to the original standard. Ilia latent move has been to engage .lames Buchanan, President of the United States, to write for the Ledger. With the names of Kverett, Bryant, baxe, Morris. Knglish, Beecher, Mrs. Si^ourney. Fanny Fern , Arthur, Bennett. Prentice, Carey, Biclianan and other- as contributors, what paper co :ld not succeed (from the Providence (R. I.) Journal 1 Certainly 110 other publisher has succeeded in lu inning together such an array ot great names in liU-iature a? have illustrated the column- ot the lA-iigcr. (Trom Ui? R chmoatf (V* ) Enquirer.) Tuk Nkw York liuun. ll will be teen by an advertisement in another column that Mr. Buctiari .'M hii? i OBMaM to MMrMI for the New Yor!? Isil'irr. It is Mid tiiat he will write an es^ay < n the life and ( liaracter of Mr. Iiowtdn, of South' Ca rolina, one uf tlie most profound statesman ot hit day and generation. [From U>e Albany (N. T.) Tim* l'KKKtWOrT BtTCHAKAN POK THK I.F.IS.I* -The New York Lrdgtv dealgns introducing a biogra ! phkal ilepartnic nt. and giving In every umber l the life of nome great man, nrepared exprea-tly for it* column*. President Buchanan contribute* the i lirst in thf life of the distinguished South Carolinian William Lowndes, the appearance of which will b* duly announced. Thin department will be moit in terestlng and valuable, aud give the Wy an in i retted character. | From the Boatoa Tranaertpt. | Tin Nkw You I.kdobx - Mr. Bonner, the enter i prising proprietot of the Liiigtr, not content with ? -moiling among his ? i>ntril>utora au? h nanen th'iae ot Kdward Everett, William Cullen Bryant, .lohn t!. Saxe, N. P. Willi*, Geo. P. Morris. lie*. Henry Ward Heecher, Mr*. Sig?urney and George I>. Prentii e, now announcea that he ha* a< i ured the services of no less a personage than the i President of the I'nitcd Statee, Hon. Jatne* Bj i Ian. in. This distinguished contributor will help t<> write up the biographical department of tlie Ijfl'pr, aa soon a# h?? is relieved from the cares ??f t>tihiic ortlee, and will begin with a sketch ot Ui> Hon. William l.owndea. the distinguished Kontln-rn statesman. It ia stated that Hon. George Ban' roft is alao preparing aome historical contnbtttlons to tlie column* of the Xtdjper. (From ths ttartoo (tfaaa ) Journal D Tw.n<njrt. OOKTanrrna*. ? Uhe enterprising r.onnor.of the New York /* Iftr, has added to K is lift of contributor President Buchanan and Hon. <Jeorge Bancroft. The former ia to fnrtush a biographical aketch of William I.owndes. tlie emitK nt South Carolina itatesman. and the latter an article descriptive of the battle of l.ake Eric. iFr>m the IJrl tgaport (C-xin ) Stanaarl. I Mr. Buchanan 'a artirles for the bilgfr will refer to the character of Lowndea. of Sontli Carolina, one of the most prominent men in the country forty Arc yearn since. They will undoubtedly be of great IntcreaU Krrrn I be Wsstinjun (P. C ) Star Mr BrniAVAH ah as At rno*. President Bu i has been engaged by Mr. Bonner, editor of the New > ork l/t?i'vr, a- a contributor to that j jooraal. The New Yore IWbw says: ? It ahows not <>nl* an intelligent appreciation of the news paper literature of the dav. rare among old achool poiiti ians. lmt al?o manifests a real and lively in lerest in the instnii ti?n of the publl , ltisal > most hoaorablt to Mr. Bnchanan that, in retiring ftt-m the highest Staticu, lie proposes to himsi If not a life of indolew t but of labor, that U at ooi e i appropnate. dignified aud useful. From ths<;*ao4 Raptta (M'sti ) Keqalrer 1 Mr. Robert Bonner, the Prr'.-e of new paper ! r'il>li-her?. ha* secured the w ttlce# of the Pre* dent, to ? ontriliute a series o! MograpMi al ?ketehe-< to the ? olumns of the h lj> . We think I t: no vrmi 'it of Mr. Buchanan is commendable. I and his i entribations cannot fail to be huchly in I t? rc?ting and instructive Hon. t ieorge Ban rot t I i? al?o | reparnjr aome historical contribution* f ir the colnmna of the Ltdg? r, ? ? mm the O arabua (Obi") fact ) A ? BID AtnUCTNifi IN TH K I.H'.IU. w.? aee ' v an idvaii e i "py of the New \ ork Ijntftr that linnner. in 1 >- untiring efforts to add to the attrac tion* ef his paper, has engaged President Bnchan an to commetx e a f-erie? of biographical aketcbtt w tl, a life ot v\ ill am Lowndes, of ImA Carolina. !-u h enterjirise de-?rTea and will re.'eUe ao' cea*. AU tie other usual attractions 4til! be maintained ia connr ' tion with this. [From the Nswark (K. J ) Fren\0f Jmirmi ) The Lm.u presents a combination of diatin gnished literary talent we venture to aay. never equalled m any abigle newspaper in thia country or elsewhere. The IfJgrr U dwtag good aervicv aa a popular educator. (Trom the Bait mops (Hd ) dipper i Mr Ruchanan i? to commence shorilT aft^r the 4th of March a series of biographies with a sketch of the life of William l/owndes, of .^outh Carolina, one of the moat promising atate^men of his day, the peer and equal of Calhoun, and by aome l>e lie\ed to l>e h s atiperior. and who, unfortunately for his coantry whs cut off in the beginning of a ' areer of reaS greatness. The Amen an people know too little of I rides and we rejoi' e there f'-re that such an able hand B-ni such an ev ellert Biedi ia are to be U>e means of doing him e. ' -??. the A'banr (S T ? RtprMB II , t't l: I < ? . . ks'. J .. iJ / abilities and tastes, and his pir-voual ucquainUni - with Mr. I ,ow udes will hardly, tail to indite an arti cle worthy of tin subject. Ttuly, Bonner '?> genius u inexhaustible. [From the ltarilni (( w>n ) Post | Mr. Bonner has secured tin- services ot our vcne l rable President as a contributor to the columns >rf the kew York ljtdger. Mr. Buchanan is to write ] n skctch of William Lowndes, the emiuent Mouth 1 ( aroliria statesman, as soon a.^ he is relieved from the pressure ol lain public duties. To no tit tor 1 hands could this tribute to on? of the most distin I gu it lied of our country meu lmv c been committed, it I bavins been Mr. Buchanan's privilege to have en- , ' joyed his personal fri?*od>hip to a rare decree. It in Mr. Bonner's intention to publish in the hedyer , a aeries ot .-.ketches of the murt eminent American | statesmen, which is thus to be iuaugur&U'd by a hketcli from the able and graciiul pen of the Pre- 1 Mdent. It will be a new feature or interest added , to a paper already teeming with the productions ot j the best minds In the country. The New Vork | I txiijcr is a marvellous outgrowth of experience, i talent, energy and Uct. (From tin' /h.'mleii e a (i'enn ) Inquirer ) Uuciiamk. thk Bus. airmen. --In another col umn will be found two letters, which we have ev (noted from the New York /yrfjur, published feu turday. but dated Oct. 20 IN60. Mr. Ilonner the | editor ol the popular sheet in question, i . Certainly i a gentleman of great enterprise, ;?ud had lie not in various w uys demonstrated this beyond all doubt, 1 i he fact ol his thus getting two wncks ahead of time ' itself w mild remove all speculation upon tho suijec t. Mr. Bonner nevet allow-, anything which he takes hold of to grow stale upon 'his hands. One attrac tion ol a novel and startling chain 'tar succeeds an other, bclori' we have recovered from the astonish ment with w Inch the lirst lias stricken us. Thus, sometime ago. we found the editors of the three great New \ork dailies t wanging the lyre in the column* ot tue Again. Mr. K\erett. in furtherance of the pur chase of Moont Vernon was induced to becomes regular contributor to the /<? > ,<?<?. and the entei prise and liberality ol the editor divided publi ap probation with the patriotism of the scholar and statesman. But the las! periormonc e of Mi. Bon uer has eclipsed even his own previous m hleve menta. He lias now detern;ined to .-teen re the >ei ? vices of the person occupying the highest official position in the country: it is unnecessary to add that we refer to our est** emeu Chief Magistrate. * Mr. Buchanan has consented write i sketch of the life of th late William Lowndes of South Carolina. Mr. Lowndes. to whose great public end private merit due justice has n >t been done by hi* sum , ing countrymen, as Mr llu hanaii very justly observe*, is to be rescued troui au , merited oblivion by the pen of the President. Mr. I/Ownde-. w is one <>f th ? greatt st nn.1 purest men who h;?* e ever gn.d?<t with their rnnn< ils pt b lie affairs in this country In addition to his '_;rest intelle* t iai ability anil hi- unswerving int-grry, no warmer heart ever beat in human bosom than in that ol Mr Lowndes. I Aery person who i*a brought near him loved liiiii. and the atle tion which he thus attracted to idmself he amply re turned A more unselfish man never existed, an 1 he was as bra ? e a.- he was pure. [From the Philadelphia (I't ) lVonsylvaaian Tnn Nkw Y?'kk In this number we find a communica 'ion from President Buchanan in reply to the solicitation ol Mr. Bonner to furnish a sketi ti ol the life of the late William Lowndes, au eminent politician of Houth Carolina. The I a 'igi maintains its foremost position in the ranks of the literary newspapers, or rather it con tinues its onward progress at a constantly accele rated speed, and never ceases in its efforts to se cure the most prominent talent for contributions to its columns, uence its success. This nun tier has articles by Edward Everett, William Guile n Bryant. Henry Wort Botcilf and ahoet of other celebrated writers. (From the New York Express ] Mr. Bccbanak Writes for the 1jsh,er.? Bon ner, of tlie Ijedger, has achieved another grand feat. Not content with enrolling nmong his con tributors such illustrious names %s those of Edward Everett, William Guile u Bryant, John ??. Saxe, N. P. Willis, Geo. P. Morris. Lev. Henry Ward Beech er, Mrs. Bigoorney and George I>." Prentice, now announces that he has secured the services of no less a personage than the President of the I'nlted Btatea, Hon. James Buchanan. This distinguished contributor will help to write up the biograohii al department of the Ledger as soon aa he la relieved from the cares of public office. The correspond ence between him snd Mr. Bonner Is so character tie and unique that we subjoin it for the edification of our reader*-: ? lJRx.KK iwnca. New York, Sept 8, 1SOO. fleas Put ? I am about ooiiimecrlug in toe a serin of ikctchei of eminent riiu-amsa I wish to bngiu with I-own^es the distlngulsho! South Carolinian I have beea Informeu that at the tune you entered Coogrvas, a yi'uii* man, tn iK-cesilier. 1921 , you hccame varj lutlmaU with him Will you be kind enough to communicate for the beccllt of the readers of the ledger your reooUectiana of the man aa you knew him at that time!1 Very respectfully yours. rresMent BrmAjuis HDBKKT Bov.S'KR. Washijii m?r, Sept S, 1*60 Mr Paa? 8ta? I bare received your favor of the St In stant, and shall most cheerfully oumplr wlthyoer request an. 1 furnish you a sketch of the life of William Lowndes il-waaoneif jtoMMjlM I IlilMlMMI that have ever adorned our country , aad yet his memory has been sadly n?* lected The truth is that my public dutirs oceury my whole time at preseat I had bopeO I mifht rnjoy some leisure after the adjournment of Osa |r<ss; but tn this I have h*ea disappointed. If a it before, I hope to furaiah jou the sketch s.?>u after the 4th March. Ml Irem me will I e a tribute uoi <.c y to luttioe, but to gratitude Yours, very respectful!?, Ruhbbt Botm, Esq. JaUs BCCBaNAN. I From ihe Bra ton ( Kui ) Courier | President Buchanan is hereafter to be numbered among the contributors to the New York Is-'hirr. We shall expert next that l.ouis Napoleon his l">en engaged as the French correspondent of the same journal. Thiswe<k'a number of the I* dyer contains contributions from President Buchanan, Idward F.verett, Wm. C. Bryant, N. P. Willis, John ?i. Ssxe. tieorge P. Morris. Henry Ward Beecher, Mrs. I,. 11. Sigeurney, Fanny Fern and others. (FromU>e New Haven (Ono ) Palladium.) T? Nsw Yoa* I.moks. Ilobert Bonner, of the N< w York l*dytr, Is hound never to be behind the times in the matter of keeping his paper before the ptiblie. Hid lust great feat in engaging James Bu chanan a> a contributor U> his universally read pa per. Tie President is under engagement to write a series of paper*, commencing with a sketch of the life of William I-owsdes, of South Carolina. The next number ? >f" the JjnUftr contains communi CatioM fn ni President Huhsnan. Edward Everett, Um. Cullea Brvant, H? nrv VS urJ Beecher, N. I'. Willis, George P. Morris, .fohn <1. baxe, George 1). Prentio#. Thomas I?unn English, Emmcrson Ben nett, T. S. Arthur, Mrs. Sigourney, Fanny Fern, AliceCaiyand others. irrotn the Bill, more (Md) Ran.] Tn? Hiw You* Lkpoir. -An advance copy of | till* i'< polar weekly journal, dated October 20. ap prises us the enterprising publisher is about to I introduce ? new feature u> the paper, consisting of j biographical records of the m>>*t eminent and dis i tingulshed men of the I nited Statea. The first of these papers will be from the cultivated pen of hi* ' Excellency James Buchanan, President of the j 1 nited States, and theanbject of the memoir Wm. 1 owtides. the eminent statesman of South Carolina, with whi ra Mr. Buchanan, when a young man, formed a |clo?e intimacy upon entering CongTe*.*. Such publications will, of course, greatly increase ' the aiira< tivcticss and substantial value of the 1 Lnljtr, From Ihe Brooklyn (W. T ) News i V* Ijuxm*.? The startling announcement will be '? tnd in our advertising columns that President Hoc 1 anal w rite* for the imbitt ? W? suppose the l'rinc* of Wales w ill forni?h Knglish ? orrespou d< < e regularly on his return to his island kingdom. Ficr if Bonne i ' |Frrm the Newart. (N. J ) Alvertleer J Am i nita Feat Br Bo* *kr This week's 1/ilgtr C' Mains an announcement that President Bu> hanan has been secured an one of ita contrlbatois. Mr. Bonner having decided to establish a biographical d? partiu< nt. applied to Die President for a life of w m. b>wndes. and Mr. Buchanan has responded tlat he would furnish the article before the 4th of March ir posalble. ll-n. Ceorge Bancroft is soon to contribute a historical sketch of the battle of Lake Erie. The Ia <k m of thla week ha? contribution* from El ward Everett, Wm. Cullcn Bryant, Henry Ward Beecher. N. P. Willis, George P. Morris, John (I. Ssxe, Geo. I). Prentice, Thomas Dunn Knglish, Emerson Bennett. T. 8. Arthnr. Mrs. Bigourney, Fanny Fern. Alice Cnry and ot&era. [Trm the Km ton (Pa ) Times ' Just aa the present number of the Tin>*$ had gone to press, we received an advertiwment, whl.'hcan be found In another column, from Mr. Bonner, atuioum ing that "to the long list of echo lars and statesmen already numbered among the contributors to the Mgrr, the name of Jame* Bo chanan, tlie illustrious President of the Tailed states, is now added." The President will furnish sn original sketch of the Ufr of Mr. l.owndes, of South Carolina, one of the intellectual giants of the U't generation. Hon. tieorge Bancroft, the great hi?torlan of the Pnite 1 State*, will also ahoHtt furnish an original article for the />?' /? . descriptive of the battie of I eke Erie. Mr. Ban r tt s tiie tl> i 1 ex Minister t< I ? *l*nd now numbered euong the writers for V ? v ' J r ikr tLc a' .\t a-.:. rc:-> nt? at Ibis early Lour, in advance of many of our conten.- ! poraries, even hi a Iom of considerable time, in order that the numerous readers of tlie Tv ?f*. ! most. If not ail of whom are, of course, reader* of ' the Ledger, may not be behind hand in obtaining liia or lit-r copy of thia favorite paper, next Mou day, when tiie Ledger, containing President Bu < Lilian's lettci to Mi. Uouuer, will be rouily. | From lh? tlrxundris (V* ) Cuzette ] Beferring to Mr. Iiuch man's ugieeirent to write for the'H-r the New York T'ilntne says: -"H shows not only an Intelligent appreciation' ?f the newspaper literature of the day. ??are among old s< hwol pollsiciaus, bnt also luai ? ? t- areil and 1 lively interest in the instruction of the public. It is ui-o most honorable to Mr. Buchanan tint, in ' retiring irom the highest station, he propone** to ! Ij msell not a life of indolence but at labor that in at once appropriate, dignified and useful. " [From the I'rovlileocn (R. 1) 1'ost. ] Litmiahy AniutTioN? "The Illustrious fioa ner." adopting the language of Napoleon? "No thing yet i - d 'tie much rema ns to du" has added the name of Mr. Buchanan, the President, to his i lint of contributors. The table of content* for the ' Dumber to be i.-v-iued to-day is a iao*t attractive | ou. embraiing as it does the namet> of many of the leading male and female authors of Uie coun try. ffrom the New I/ttdnn (Oorn.) Chroelole 1 Bonner, of the New York Ijfdger is unttrinrin his eflfoi ta to furniah hla readers with the produc tion* of the largest number of tiie first literary writers of the country, and a.'- if never to be satm fied is constantly adding to kis already extended list of contributors. As will be seen by his adver tisement in another column, .lames' Buchanan, I'resideut ol the United Mules , is to be a contiibu tor. [from the Aleiu>dria (Va ) Sert:nel ) Biof?KAPnrc*i. Skktch Of William Lowndks, bv Phxhimcmt Buchanan We have receive,! an advance copy of the New York Ledger, for Octobei 20, froin which it appears tint tribute to the memory i f one of the moat distinguishes of our de parted sta'-emen, is about to be offered by tiie one i nioft eminent among the living. ?rota the Tannioa ( ki u>? ) Gazette. i New 1 ohk liKixiKK Mr. Bonner lias added the President of 'he I'rited States to his lif=t of eontri- i butors. Mr. Buchanan's letter promising to write for the Ledgtr, after the fourth of March next, a sketch Oi Uie life of William l? owndes. appears in | that paper lor the 20th oi October, issued this day, as advei tiso 1 in oiir columns, w ith contents from the pens ot Everetr Bryant, Beecher, Willis. Mfw ris. Ss.\e, l'rentice. f. |>. English and thers. We are very ma h obliged f\>r the " advancc copy.'' I'r^m the UUo?(N Y ) Telegraph j Bonner, the gieat, the indefatigable, every one thought went a* far as Bonner or any oilier man could when he secured the services of Edward Everett Dor the l/inr; but he has fairly eclipsed himself by ciigagmg Janice Bsc hinau in a regular contributor. Irom the Tr(, iton, N. J , American.) 1'nx N?w York Lkm>kr. ? The copy before as displays a continued improvement in the mechani cal department of this widespread journal, and it is not surpassed by any other published In this or any c ountry for the vnriety of its contributions and tiie ability of its contributors. Besides the distin guished names already connected with the Ledger, we find that the venerable ('resident of the I'nited Stiles will shortly honor its columns by ltirni.~liiug a sketch of the life of Win. liOwndes. fTrom the Auburn (N. Y.) Advertiser ] Every Dopy W bites tor th?: Efkuhr ? Presi dent .1 sines Bu< hanan has consented to write for the btlgtr, after the 4th of March next. He will contribute a series of biographical sketches, com mencing with that of William l<ownde*. They Will prove ex( eedingly interesting and instructive. {From the Cleveland (0 ) leader ) Bonner is getting up a -cries of biographical sketches ana President Buchanan is to write the lint, of William Lowndes. of South Carolina. Now let Bonner set ore the Prince of Wales ami Gari baldi, and tlieu rest on hi* laurels. [from the Buffalo (S. Y.) Repnblio.) James Buchanan, President of the United States, lias aiv i n notice to the world that as soun us hit olliciul duties lire at an end in Washington, ho in tends to devote a portion of hi* time in writing bio graphical sketches of distinguished American citi een* for Bonner's paper. His letter, in aniurer to one from Mr. B.. will appear in the Ledger of tliia | date. Oct. 9. Bonner, liming now enlisted the ser vice* of the President of the United States, will find it an ca-y matter to captivate the crowned heads of Europe, the Pope of Home. Garibaldi, and all the distinguished mea of the world into a desire to see Uieir names in a journal of the most extended cir culation on the face of the earth. The next great move of the king of tlie literary pro*- will be to engage the Emperor of the French t j write a bio graphy of Ins um le, to run through thirty or forty numbers of the Ledger. [Frrm I be New York News I Whatever may be our opinion of Mr. Btichan an's political act*. we know that as a private gen Ueman ami a profound thinker, he ia entitled to the esteem of every one of hi* countrymen. And he will receive it. The opportunities he po-seaned for writing reminiscences of Lowndea were of no ordi nary kind, and there is nothing more certain than that the distingulahed biographiat will acquit him self with crediit. i From the baton (Pa.) kxprem | Tri Nbw Tokx l.ns.FR. Bonner, or the New Tork /-?</;, rr, annotaicea that President Buchanan will shortly become a contributor to his paper. Mr. Buchanan is to tarnish an original sketch of the life of Mr. Lowndea. of South Carolina, one of the intellectual gunts of the last generation. The sketch will be furniahed some time in the early part of 1981. [Frrm U>e Kashvitle (Tens ) Banner I Bowks MM IMI1I? Ml Bon ner announces that Mr. Buchanan is to commence a scries of biographies with a sketi h of the life of Mr. Lowndes, of Hou h Carolina. However widely we may have differed from President B? lanan on many points of pnblic policy, we < inn ? forbear to commend his coarse In tins matter. It shows not only an intelligent appreciation of the newspaper (iterator* of tie day. bnt also manifeats a real and ( lively interest in the instruction of the public. [From tbe Alexandria (Va.) *eatln?l , Bioosm-hv or Mx. I<ow*m*.- There isnostates man whose memory so justly demands preserva tion at the hands of the American people that has been so sadly neglerted. The place he occupies in our thoughts and aflfc-tiona seem to be despite our iadiflerence. We are rejoiced to know that instice will be done this great and good man. at the han<ls of one who , has a heart willing, and a pen able to put him in a proper light. Mr. Buchanan v ill not confine him-elf to the life of Mr. I/owndes. bnt will as soon as hi* engage ments admit, hrtru with other sketches of hi* able pen. He has '?elected the New York Ledger, witii it.- large circulation, as the medium. [From Um Mao< beater (N H ) Amensan . Mr. Bonner haa done more to stimulate the taste of the reading world, and more to elevate the character of tiie miscellaneous weekly press, than any other man in the country. I From the I/vkport (N Y ) Advertiser | Tbk N?w Yost Itpom. It will seen by refe rence to an ad\crU*emenr which appears in to day's paper, that the indefatigable Bonner has eflectcit an arrangement with President Buchanan by which the latter Is to contribute a series of ar ticles to that most celebrated sheet. We i-hall ex pect aoon to ?ee Qoeen Victoria an l moat of the ''crownnl l ead*' of Kurope advertised as " regu lar contributors " to the b dgrr. [From the NorMk, Va, nay Bnek I TitiLniNiKH Aim Irsl'uwraiarroas. Mr. Bonner, in hi* desire to make a shining maik upon the his torn ?l | nee s of the world, in which he has already ! succeeded to a greater extent than the piMafcer , of any other literary publication extant, has con i en. d the idea of inserting in his the literary ?. dn< ti? ns of most of our great men. in the shape of rrmini?cenpes |fWm them about their contem poraries in the Held of politics and statesmanship ? thns f. rming a liiographical department which cann? t he equalled by .my other means, James Buc kanan. the present incumbent of the Presidential chair, is to lead off in this brilliant galaxy, by fur nishing an original sketch of the life of Mr. Lowndea, of South Carolina, one of the intellectual gianta of the last generation. Think of the towering Intellect* of the great statesmen of onr country, being brought to yield th> ir quota of intellectual treasure to the literature of the age. ? From the Indianapolis (I*4 ) 1 T n Nkw York Lnetn Brttt Abkad.? The list of contributors, whose articles are actually printed in the Ledger, surpasses anything we ever saw on this continent in the way of combining the largest amount and the greatest variety of ?a.cnt. from tha Oe'nrrb'a [*. C ) O W'tlanJ Tint hrw York IJMrr. President Buchanan promises, st sn early day. s sketch of 'he life of j a iiliam Ijowndes. of South Carolina We shsll look for this contribution with mo h interest. Mr. IknuHf ahORs a llg^V commendable and pra.?c- 1 ! worthy zeal in coutiuually adding to the value and | variety of Lis joi.rual. |fr*'m the Mwnpbw (Teon) En<jair<* J We get that Mr. Bonner lias securod from the President of the United Mates a promise to furai-U for the Jjpdter a sketch of the life of William Lowndes, the diatinguiahed South Carolinian, as tlie first of a aeriea of biographies of eminent state* men. Mr. Bonner is ever on the alert to add new i features ol interett to hi* extensively read jour , ual. (From Ifee Cincinnati (O ) <.**etti\] Mr. Bonner caps the climax of hie achievement by announcing the President ol tlie United States a* i a contributor to the bedgtr. Who else would erer have thought of eugaging the chief m aj;i"trat<% o' the nation as a contributor to a periodical* But to Bonner there is "no such word a- fail,'' and it would not astonish us t?> see him introduce Veen Victoria or i<ouh> Napoleon to hia readers next. (From the Lynchburg (Va ) Republican 1 The American people knowtoolittle of Lowndes, a/id we n tJie refore that such an aide hand and such an excellent medium are to be the mean* of doing him justice. [From the Charleston . 9. C . Courier Bonner, the invincible, indefatigable and "in"' everything else looking upward aud onward, has made an engagement with the I'reaideut for some personal akeuhea and reminiac encea of early cou temporaries. This series w ill begin with our distlngui died Ca ! rolinian, William Lowndes, a statesman who died too soon for the country, and one whose singular good (orUine it is to receive the consenting tribute ot all who knew him, not excepting Col. Thomas II. Beaton, who exhibited little love 0| regard tor other Carolinians. We invite attention to an announcement of this new and meritorious feature in the Ijedgtr. |Fr'?n the I.yochburg (Va ) Vlrgtalan | The New Yohk Lkikikk This journal is oae of the most remarkable instances, perhaps the most remaafcablc, of newspaper success, on record. Krum a comparatively small beginning it has grown to a m.urmoth concern. It secures the best literary talent of the country, aud pays enormous sums therefor. It will be rememberod that Bonner pave Mr. Everett $10,000 for his fifty two articles called "Mount Vernon Capers.'' the whole of which Mr. Everett contributed to the purchase ul tl.e home of the man w hom, in his ardent and unbounded patriotism, he so nearly resembles. Bonner is about to add a new feature, the publication of a series of sketches ol the moat eminent statesmen of America, beginning v*?th the lamented, and too early lost, Lowndes, of South Carolina, to be traced by Jamci Buchanan, w 'no was & personal friend ot LowndM. (Froaa the Toronto (Canada^ leader j Thk Nkw York IiEWB ? Its list of contributors comprises the ablest writers in the States, of all hinds, "from grave to gay, from lively to severe.'' fFro? the New York World ) "Occasional," speaking of Mr. Buchanan's ap pearance m the columns of the New York l/edgrr, says that the President has repeatedly intima'ed his determination to writ? a memoir of hia own time, after he retiree to private life. It is not hfa intention to print it during 'hia lifetime, lie ii a man of singular order, and has preserved a vast mass of MSS., which, if he should put into shape a r*re lxn,ne Uiu cV?# tor the politician and the general reader. [From the Resuirg (fa.) T!moe.J Nkw Yokx 1 EJtiKU.-We call the attention ol our readers to the extraordinary announcement of Bonner, of the New York Isdger, in another column. They will there find that he has added tlie President of the United States to hia list of contributors. Wonders never cease with Bonner and the and the day is at hand when that paper will cumulate half a million ot'eopiea. | From the Troy (N. Y.l Budget | A long list of the most talented men of the age are contributing to this week's Ledger, which is a sufficient inducement for evervman. woman and child that can read to purchase a copy of the Ledger, as it is a complete library within itael.'. I From the Washington (I). C.) Intelligencer I Amkkican Biooaarur. ? The New York tfdger apprises us that the enterprising publisher is about to utrodnca a new feature in the paper, 1 oa-isting of biographical recorda of tlie most eminent and distinguished men of the United States! The first of these papers will be frost tlie pen of President Buchanan, and tlie subject of the memoir Wi ham liowndes, the eminent statesman of South Carolina, with whom Mr. Buchanan, when a young man, served in Congress. "Ion" Write! to tlie Nun:? "The sketch of the hie and character of lx>wndea which President Buchanan has promised for the New York ledger, will be only tlie first of a series of contributions which he proposes to offer to his torical literature in his retirement, through the periodical press or other channels. It is known that he intends to devote hia leisure, after the cloee of lii s official term, to the preparation of memoirs of the public men and events with whhh he haa been connected during tlie last forty years." (From the Nashville (Teas.) Patriot | Thi New You Lkpoir.? We are indebted to the proprietor of the Ledarr for a copy of that paper tor October 20, issued in advance. The circulation of the t silver continues to Increase, and Mr. Bon ner does sll that an enterprising, sagacious pub lisher can do to mske it worthy of iU great success. In no respect haa he failed. Aa a literary journal of the highest excellence, the Ledgtr is witnout a rival. [From the Biflalo (N. V ) OourW | Th? Nkw Yoke Lxdob*. -Bonner evidently has adopted the motto of the Kmpire State *? hi* own. He stopa at no halfway summit of excellence, and ia continually adding attraction to attraction*. (From U>? Pi 1 /wt? Bulletin ] Bonkxx and Hia Motto The motto of the famous and unapproachable Bonner, of ihe ubiqui tous New York Led yer, and which he shares about evenly with the Rreat Kmpire State. the ItM of lux daring exploits, ta the well known Latin "Excel sior!' But If any one, after riding hi* advertise ment in another column, wtll inform o? Imw it ia possible lor him to M>ar any "higher" in quest of i.lerary M nt, we ffl taMWM hiin its the Co lumbus ill hut discovery. WlMaM w ; t h putting under contribution the leading literary, political and scientific magnates of the land, he ba? now in duced the President himself to enroll among the bright galaxy of hia gifted contributor*. (fro? the Harrlsbtirg (Pa.) Patriot | The New York Letter in about to commence a series of blographk af sketches of em.nent states men, and haa selected William l<owtid?*. the die tir ^nifchol South ( arollnian and early triund of l'r< aident Kucha run, to whom no biographer haa ever vet dooe justice, as the subject ol the flr?t article. Thinking that the patriotism of the Preti- i dent would lead "to ^rve the young men of the eonntry l>y holding up before thorn an example 1 worthy ol their imitation," and knowing that his intimacy with Mr. Lowndes, and hl.-> thorough ac quaintance with public aPairs at the time, pecu liarly fltt<d him for the ta-k tiie publisher of Uie J/ftl'i'T \entur<d to request him to writ*, the sketch. | From the Norfolk (Ta.) Argus J Tat New Yoki Ijiohi An Illi -iTEiom Com TMintToa. - I'reaident Buchanan is about to join the long array of Its contributors. He prnp<>sea to open with a biographical sketch of WUIiain l.o wades, of South Carolina. This is not only en tcrpriaing in Mr. Bonner, but graceful and sensible in the venerable President. We have no doubt bin contribution* will have decide J lUtnnaic in tereat. Fr-tn the Wllmloftoa (X C ) Ber*]d | Thf Nkw Yon* latoint Robert Bonner, the editor and proprietor of the New York Lrdftr. la certainlv a man of remarkable enterprise. His paper naa become one of the "peculiar instltu tions," and b contributed to by the best talent of the country. Among the distinguished persons who write for the are Kdward Everett, Hryant. Beecher, Willis. Morris, Prentice. Baxe, Mr*. Ngoum?y aad many ethers: but even this array of talent did not satisfy the indefatigable Bonn4T> In order to give the greate ?t trta! to the Irtgfr he haa Induced President Buchanan to give an article from hia pen in the shape of a biogra phical sketch of the celebrated William Lowndes, ol South Carolina. fFrom the Atlanta Daily InteHifeaeer ] AM F.NTEBrmiaiKO Kntrma Bonner, the Le-toer man. haa secured the promlae of I'reaident Bu chanan, that he will, aa sooa aa convenient, contribute a biographical article f ir the Led/rr. We publish the correspondence In another co lumn; It will be read witn Intereat. Bonner ia one of the most enterprising of living puhllaher*. and he make* the Ledger the moat Interesting and ri luable family paper In the l'nit?l States. He spares neither labor nor expense to procure good matter for his readers, and fie ahould have aa he haa? a moat liberal circulation. [From the Norfolk (Ta > Hermit i New Yoax I.kdokr. -Bonner is a trump he miy be called the Napoleen of the literary pieaa of the country. Nothing e?r?peg Ma far rea* hJng ot*er ration: and. believing that a biographical depart ment in the lAftr* ' would be useful ai.d entertain ing. hp well ae profit* Me. he at on< e set hi# wita to wo*k to start the scheme in tho most attra< tire manner. And '< ha.? Mii-reei'si. Mr. Buchanan, Ihc flrcitJrbt of tit I 1UJ Sta'. - ' > 1 comca'ci <0 ' write for the New York Ledger." So, then, the numerous readers of the Ledger will hare an additional cause to pour in UWr subscriptions; for there u> no doubt that Homier will at no ex pctiati to engage the talent.- of the uio-t tuuuieM uuiida iu the country. ( from the Providence (R I i i'r?aa.| There seems to be uo official station wo high, no intellect ho colossal, no literary reputation so ex tended that it* pruetige is not liable to impress ment into the service of the Jjrdgrr. Not content with almost every great name that is dignifying the literature oi America, but determined at length to have a royal victim, Mr. Bonner has consummated his victories by the annexing the chief magistrate of this republic to his unexampled stall' of writers. Mr. Buchanan will henceforth weekly lay anile th? ? ares ol Mate to pay homage to literature and the lsdncr, and amuse ami instruct the nation which he rules, through a medium iu which it is wont to find the great thoughts of its great men. He is to c immcticr a series ol biorraphiea with a sketch o I the lite ot Mr. Lowudes. of South Carolina, in that week s number. 1 1 rom the Norwich (('-inn ) Courier) The following letter from the President has bNa published, by which it appears that Mr. Buchanan baa consented to prepare lor the New York a biographical sketch of the distinguished Hoath Carolina stateman Mr. Lowndes. The article wM be looked for and read with great interest. Ho*. Ceorge Bancroft has also agreed 10 furnish an arti do descriptive ol the battle of Lake Krie. Tfca Jjfian lor the coining year wUl be far superior to any ot its predecssois. (From the Wilmtnftoo (M. C ) ITorald j Tni R'kw York Lv>oro. Robert Bonner, the editor and proprietor of the New York Is'kjrr, is certainly a man of remarkable enterprise. His paper has become one of the " peculiar instite lious,'' and is contributed to by the best talent of the country. Among the distinguished perwona who write for the Ledger are Edwurd Everett, Bryant, Beecher, Willis, Morris, i'rentice, 8a\e, Mrs. bigonrney, and many others, but even thia array of talent did not satisfy the indefatigable Bonner. In order to give the greatest e<lM to the Jjedger, President Buchanan will, before long, oiva an article lrom his pen in the shape of a bio graphical sketch of the celebrated William Lowndes, of South Carolina. I From the Bangor (Me ) Times ] Bonner means to have ull the big bugs ia the country enlisted in his literary corps. Who wan ders at the success of the Ledger? [From the Ncwinir?port (Msm ) Herald ] Bucbakawand Tin Prkhk. Mr. Buchanan has engaged to write an article for the New York Lt*tger, whuk nuinbci-s among its correspondents many of the best writers male and f<malo? ia the country. iFrnm the I^jwel! (Mm* ) Journal and Courier.-) Mr. Bonner has added the names of some of the most distinguished writers to his list of contribute!*, among whom is President Buchanan. [From the Columbus (Ohio) Bulletin | PhRSITi- VT BCCIIIKAN A8 AN AtTTBOM. It will be seen that the New York 1 'jedger, Issued to-day, oan tains a letter from .tames Bu< hanan to Mr. Bonner. The list of contributors to this popular journal already embraces the best ialeut iu Amcrka; and the addition of the name of the President of the United Mates, if it does not create a sensation, it will create a curiosity to see the Ledger. fKrom the Ptttthurj (Pa ) True Press. 1 Mr. Bonner announces in our advertising columns to-day, that to the "long list of scholars and stites men already numbered among the contributor* to the New York hedger, the name of .lames Bu di&nan, the illustrious President of the United Ktates, is added." Mr. Buchanan is to commence a sericM of biographies with a sket 'li of the life of Mr. Lowndes, of Sooth Carolina. However wiieiy we may have differed from President Buchanan m many points of public policy, we cannot forbear to warmly commend his course in this matter. It shows not only an intelligent appreciation of the newspaper literature of the day, rare among old school politicians, but also manifests a real lively interest in the instruction of the public. It ia also most honorable to Mr. Buchanan that, in retiring from the highest station, he proposes to himself aot a lite of indolence, but of labor that ia at once ap propriate, dignified and useful. [From the Milwaukee WMeoaata | James Buchanan Whites fob It.? The advert** ment of a conitug number ol the New York lA-dg*r will lie found in another column, a more talented and accomplished list of authors were never be fore combined npon a single journal. A new ad dition to the ranks of Jjtaoer w titers has been se cured by Mr. Bonner, in the person of President Buchanan, whose articles will be forthcoming be fore March 4, next. {From the Troy (N. Y.) Time* | No need of saying anything about the Tsdgtr. Everybody knows oil about it. Everybody read* it. Everybody likes it. A marvel anions news papers, original in character, striking in concep tion, it ha? attained aueh aucccaa as the l>olduen* and geniua of tlie cntei prise entitled it to. Mr. Bonner, its publisher, baa linked hi* name with the very idea of newspaper triumphs. Taking the IjpiirjtT when, aa the organ of a clans of Wall atreet merchant*. brokera and importers, it waa com parathely ui. known and nncaredfor, lie completely and readily c hanged its < haracter, and railing oae after another to his assistance the mo* scoom plished and popular writers in the country, be ha* placed it at the head of all literary weeklies in the world. We cannot think of a really successful writer of the lighter class of miacellany who has not at some period contributed to its coin mas. The Napoleon .of publishers has struck all the Nti of literati. re at once. Fiction, fact, senti ment. fancy, are grouped in ita pag<>a. To all. the highest order of mind renders it* best contriba tions. And through all a I urrent of Utt most ea ? ellrnt sentiment run*. Mr. Conner makes it a rule that nothing shall be printed in hi? paper to which the most fastidious and pious per on cau ob ject. No one can find an objectionable phrase ia it (".rial i;' 'i 1 I' " the popularizing eh a claaa of literature as the JA dner afford*, siid etery one who ia < apable of thinking on the subject tlianks its publisher for the great and good reform he it* been tin me ana of aceompUatataf. [1 rom the Cleveland (O. ) Prmocrat I Mk. Ri'CHANAS AMI mi NlW YoR* I.KIHJKR By the fallowing it will be seen that I're-ident Be chanan ha? consented to Ornish the New York IjHhgtr with the first of a series of sketches of emi nent iMmum. The l*re?ideBt lias i lio-ec aa his theme a sketch of tawndes. one of the purest aad ablest of American statesmen. It will be to Mr. Hu< lianan a labor of love, to aid in giving to the present generation ? proper estimate of one who in his day stood second to none aa an orator aad as a statesmaa. In his early career Mr. Bochaeaa sought the friendship of Mr. J<owndee and it waa riven him. Mrch or his prwent fame he one. to the wi-e counsels of his ?;irly friend, and it ia be f lo^e of Hiis that he has promised Mr. Ilenner to gi^ a sketch of the life ol the distinguished Hon* Carolinian, to whose greatueaa no biographer haa ret done justice. In speaking ?i U?e lortli <>mia* biography, the Lrdmr says: ?Who will not reparo with increased admiration the chief ruler of the nation w io, alter the l.ipse of forty ye.?ra. fiede the recoil ?ction of one of hi* e.irly friends still so to-ali Mi hi? heart as to prompt him to the perter mame oi ibis grateful tribute to his memory' And to crown tbe whole, here is a gem of a let ter from the Hon. Horace flrecley, the great leader of the opposition to the party which Presi l*nt Be chanan represents: ? New Tori. Oct. 12. 1<W. Mv D>ar Mh. Bowkrr: ? Let me desi-t a mo meet from this absorbing, exhausting political strife, to welcome my old acquaintance and your new ear respondeat, ' Mr. .lamea Buchaaaa, to a place ia tlic guild of public instructors through the medieei of tbe popular press, lam not ign< rant that he has been writiag and speaking to the Americas people for a good many years past: as I am grew lag old myself I have a tenderness on this pmot, and will call it thirty. Rut political contentioa, forensic or other, is one thing; non-partinaa reininisi races of the great men and great event* of the last age are quite another, and are read by the million with a heartier and more unal loyed delight. Ik Is high time that the Amerioaa public had a truer and less degrading coaceptiea ef political life and aspiration of the men who, frees time to time, move across the poltical stage, at tracting a fitful regard, whi< h often does injnstieo to their impulses, even while exafgeratiag their abilities. I have known men aot commonly cre dited with any exalted aapiratfoaa, who have giv en laborious days and sleepleee nights to polices, under tbe Impulse of motives as pure and nnaeinak as those which send the missionary to die in some far away haunt of savages, or araw the phlisa thropiit into the most repulsive homes of blaspao my, squalor and despair. Trnatfag that w. Ha chanan s recollections will tend incidentally te vta dicate the better class of politicians from the ta iuntsnd indiscriminate rsproa?h to whii h uaeea getiisl yet inevitable asso- Istioas have subjected them and that they mav indn c^Hionsands to rea der a more consistent and tajlrtial altent.oa to our psblie a flair* th -a ie noC general I remaia yours, tmiv, bora"# aw.Hunr. Mr. BoeewT pt. Mltar of tlit New \ irk ?

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