Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 18, 1860 Page 3
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one that mo be learned. II resolves itself simply Into Ika ? to ascertain, a a jou always oui. what, iu the day la wkitk you lire, la the (real work for the welfare of ?snlund, do that work learltaciy, tn the lo?e of year lellew meu and tn the fear or God, and this Union will aarriTC you and me and your posterity for a thousand yearn (Appiauae ) Id his St. I'aol speech he throw down the gunntlet to the South in these defiant terms: ?? For the first time \u the history of the republic the 1 slave power hae not even the power to terrify nr alarm the treeman ro as to make him submit, and ech-'tne, and ! eoujnlue, and i'?mpr.>mi?v It rails now wub a leeble voice, as it thundered in our ear* fur tweoly or thirty | years imst With a feebki and muttering voi.,e Uicy cry i Mt that they will tear the Union to pieces (Jerlsive j hugbwr ) Who's air ud? (Laughter and cries of "No one.") rhty uimplam that it we will not surrender our Binclplts, aud our system, an t oir right ? being a ma- I rity? to rule, and if we wll not accept their s}sl?a ! and tucb rulers at they will (ire us, they ?itl go out of Che I'uioe Who's afraid? (laughter ) Nt body's afr? ii; nobody ran be bought Now, fellow elhaens, let 1 me ask yon, you are ko prompt at answer ng? snp- j pose that any time within Ike .asl forty yours we oould nave found Amoricau people In the t roe Stales every where just as tney aro everywhere In tbo tieo States now? in such a cjoJit'ou that there w la no :*rty that acrald be bought, nobody that w>uH besca~ei ? hjw much sooner do you think this revolution would have come In which we aro now erirngedf I <io not believe there has beeu one oav slu -e 1787 u ittl now when slavery bad any power iu this government, except what It ierived Irom buyirg up uitn oi wetk virtue, no wiuciplo and greet cupidity , and terrfying meu or weak nerves in thjfreo Mates. (Laughter and applause ) At St. Joseph he was less defiant, but inore wheedling, There he spoke as follows: ? Mow come up here you? f there are any such before ?e? who are accusl.<ui<d to sound an alarm about the danger of a dissolution of the Union; come op here, and kea at this scene of Kansas and Missouri, so lately heat,. I-. t>r'>ughi tdftlfear ,>o ulbtr sacre in Ik* bonds of traterLal aOection aud fneuiikhip. (Loud cheers) That li exactly what will always occur vtotuo'cr you attempt to divide this people and to s. t one portion against an other. The moment you have brougbt tbe pxvie to llie point, wh.-re there i? even the letst degree of danger vo the national existence felt, then thiiee wnmn party malice er pu'tf aoibltion Inn arrayed against eiu-b oth ;r as euemies will embrace each oiber as Iriends aud brethren (JfatbuPiasti '? applause ) Lei me toll you ibis simple trnlb, that ibotign yon livu in a laud of slavery there is not a man among you who Uoi a not love Slavery less than be loves the Union. (Applause.) Nor have I ever m?t Ibe man who loved freedom so much under any of tbe aspects Involved in the present Presidential issues as he loved tbe U> ion, for it is eul? through tbe siab lity aud perpetuity of this L'n on that any blessings whatever may be expecu d to descend on lh? American people. (Oueerj ) And now, fellow cttisens, then im one otner lesson wuub this occasion and tbia Ceo ot.stration teaca. Tney teach that there is no dllfertoce whatever hi the oaturu, ooo Btltution or chamnter of the peoiile of .no several states of this Union or of the several sorxious ot tne. Union. They are all of ore nature, even if Ihey are Dot ail native born and educated in mo simo esellmetU. Although many of them t nio Irom distaul lands, still iho very ellecl of being an Americau c.tiz-n is tc make tb?m ail hi the. t uk nionKt LAW. Ah to Mr. Seward's individual rule of action, he makes this frank declaration in his recent speech at Madison:? It has been by a simple rule or Interpretation I have ftudted tbe constitution of my coun'r/. Taut uIh has been simply ihi? ? < bat >y no word, uo act, nocoiabiua lion into which I mt).ht ener ?boult any one husun being 'fall tbe generations to whe nib Nig. mu.jb less any >'la?s of human bein?? of auv tation, rac; >r Kindred, be oppressed an 1 kept it>>wu iu the least degre4 in their etlorts to rise to a higher state of liberty and Ii ippl hees (Ap,.;auB? ) Ao>id ail the s tosses or tn ? times, and all tlieefsays and dutcussii'us to wbion the consti tution ol the L'dit* >' .^wtca has beon subjected, tb s has been tbe s rnple, plaiu, broad light in which I have read cv-ry article and every section of that great in strument Whenever it requires of me that this bind shall keep down the humblest of the buuuui race, then I will lay Uo*n poaer, place, pojitlou, Cauie, every thirg, rather than adopt such a construction or such a rale. (Applause ) If, then Torn, lb ibis land ttv-re am any who would rise. 1 iay to them, InUou's uame,gi>o>l spcoa. If then aro Ui :>nreign lands peopl ? who wouid i .i prove thtir ( ou'.i:i m emigiatlou.or if tuere b" an ,v hero who would go abroad iu search of happiness, in tue im prcvm tLt of their condition, or iu tui-ir elevaiiou to wards a higher slate of disuit/ au I aapplness, they have alway s had, atid they always fi* I have, a cheerio* word and SOCh < Jorts m I can cots stentiy make In their be half. It is not nccessary for our present purpose t<i fol low Mr. Seward in his views of the future political superiority of the States of the Mississippi valley over those of the sealmard mid Middle States, nor in tepsrd to the manifest destiny ol the republic to absorb British America, Uu-sian America and tUe j Spanish- American republics. TLcse vifews are ela borated in his St. 1'aul sp#ech, whirli we published yerbatim. Besides, they ar > outside of tne object >f the present article, which was mi-rely to present ?efore the people <>I the country the daneeroui doc rines avowed and preached by Wm. H. Heward, md which he expects to have put into actual prac ice when the reins of government are placed in the lands of Abe Lincoln. It will be for the voters of his State particularly to say, on the 6th of No vember next, w hether" they deem it the part of pru lence and patriotism to hazard the destinies of the ountry by contidin^ thein to a party representing .uch radicitl and destructive ideas as .those eniinel ited by Wm. 11. Seward in his cnsadlng mission to he West. The issues are made up, and the verdict s In the hands of tiie good men and true of New fork. We hope they will be equal to the respon sibility. Th* CM* or Fmmmy Whit*. "HJ BODT TO IK KXHI HKD AND Til* M ATTf H TO EI IMVBWTIUATIP BY TUB OOHOXBK. For several day* put all aorta of rumor* have boon .float regard tog the death of Mr*. Jane Augusta Blank aan. of No. M Kcet Thirty. fourth street, which Anally ?suited yesterday In the matter being brought before A* proper authorities for Investigation From what oar ?porter could learn, the following appear to be the Bw.ti ? the ca*e ? About two year* ago a well known courte aa, who went by the aoubr quet of Fanny WMle, be mm acquainted with a lawyer in tbl* city nam*! Mmon Bank mar and abortly afterward* It wa* aenonnred that My were to be married. The rum it wu *ub? 'j iently wsAimed by the *3tion of Mr. 3'autmaii Dn?.(, who. It is alleged, went to life wi'h the woman a her residsror, a* abore, and, it I* alao al.eted, Mknow lodged her a* hi* wile Tne affair created a real d< ul of talk: but Fanny wa* rich, owning m her >ws r gbt three e. gant dwelling ho-.:??* ai d ot . r pro ?erty, valuta at ?uJ,0\X), aou the nvaa. lance ao->u ?aw d to be the *ubj<?t of remark. Mr* BaMt.uan llrad ? good trriu* with ti?-r buabaod. aiid a* l.ite a* Thursday ?at waa *teo in bl* company at Bub} '* Hotel, a Br< adway. wh!tb?r they bad gnna to aoe u?? p->oen t'on in b' t'f o( tlie Prince of Wt'nm. ?>n trti 1?? mora ng, to ii?> *?ior "'.meat of the enure bouwti j, ?!?? w*? ouod ' in b> r Md To" frenJi and r* hit, -a of de eased v?e ini mediately rou", n i * tf.1: f?. t. ati ' ar-an** dock wire mr?. ? to hare ' bo<u interred at <> ?,-o mod r-n ihe li 'g ? nda/. M ?aoabre, n aet>jr , It 'aa r ir. r< rt that Mr* 3 ?.kui*ti l..?i wea >.<?!, aud he new* cm 'of to tbo rar* '?( a hr iter of the <1* ea* d, It waa rt?t- that a p t mortem x*ml atton of the Ix-dy efoou. I b rr. .e *<? r.;lt-., y, T)-*. ? in Dei i and h*r:d* were cinpl v* 1 to *>?k- tin- <ut.>pay, ted the r?*'nt proving ??li?f*. . -y t"> ih? brotuer, he b xly wa* ? nveyed to '.raei, Wj-<1, a* If ?otli ng nnuioal &a.< happei.i. a i*,t.oe of t .e .U?th ?aTiog he-n -c^rt I In * uLlay'f Hikiui, a", tw.i <>'r: 4 >* that a n>rm? n the fnneral predion * for the MBMery It waa thought tb-.i tt.e niti 'i woud n*f* Med here but l<ame Kuinor, with hertlio>i?.nd t-mgue*, untlnned to ?fr<<*^ th'Mnoei a*???*r*twd atorina lo re *rt to the oaae, and on Monday u.e report inai dacaaed ?ad been poiauor*! waa quite current all over tbe nit f. rrf>ri >u aLoryir<>ra oonmnntcatHf. fcigctber with tb* ?nrrenajr of thi-ee remora, tXirorwr *-airm?r w?* lodaoed, a 1>i<*4*y, M ootra'l with tb> I>ntric? Attorney upon be propriety of exhuming the rctnaln* of Mr* Blank nan an * w'^et'ef ti -tn poa'. a -rt?w. at 1'nr. The P atrict Attoruey ad*m.l the Oorooar to | l*eaiion I T* Saeda and F u..eH I* relation to th? .Bair and if they c -old Dot e*t lain nMttert W' b a 1 ntirr *at<*fketlot<, tbeti be would be fully arinonced to ake what *cti ni he 'bought i>?oper in th > prrmiM*. i>r. Md* itat?d that t* th be aud lit tlnnellluu) Mra? to he cot clasloe that d ath had baec <*n?ed by aptp^xy , tad that a certtftrat* ti tbat eff?:? h*d ?>ee? g!*en to trie Jlty ln*t" tor Tbry *tat>d, however, that thejr lid not rvam ae etiher tfte moMCb or IM^t ie* of llie itei-ewH: n'*r?,? oooft-ing tbalr ex*miaati.? to tbe brala, be art, Inngt !?*?', *? "r. Flunell bad charge of lh* bea i. fron atin n be rera"*ed a *m?!i oortlou of tna brala, whti* I>r S*ni ? operated upoo th* thorax ? ra I IM that the poat mv'trm riunn ation waa inormipMle, aad 1 1. at tb< r wa*?tlll * )?*ai of decea*?l having been poteoced, Corrnor Hrbtrmer deV>rmtne<l ya?a?lay to etbume tie rewiair* arl h*v* a tbomcr lavaatigation. Arcrpitngly an ord'.r waa '**U'-'1 rai|- waring an on iertak*r ta f*e*rl at reel ta prorowd to Brwtiwnon and r'lrlnt^r the body Th<* r ?rpaa wa* run tejwi 10 Vka dead h< u*e at B*imtu? Ho*pil*l la*t evening, Where it ?ul nrotla until the me iiual examinatlo* <? enaeloded The poat morun etamiaatioo will probably fce held tht* mom og. and will he condrctol by l>r Hon tan, **a,atr<t by aareral gentler en of hlgb ctaadlng In the MdKai profMilo*. The Or*M RllllMd Rtvlrtl la err neetlm with M Berfer* arprarunc In thl* city and the *an?atlon rrratad am- og the amateur* of the tame 1,1 billiard* by ha extra., rd laary r,?U with th* on* ?ad ha I*, a match wa* ptayad art n'gbt. In Phelan * ruo*M, Bro*<1 way , norner Tenth rtreet, which atiractel * great nnmSar of the a>imlrer* of th* game. Tb* match la* nlgbt wa# between M Berger and Mr TlewMo, a billiard raW'Mty f*"? ClnvtaaMI, who arrived bare on Taea liy ?Tenia* ft r Ue etpreaa purpoae of nMetlng tha Napolaon ?f biMlard*. who. with tha ?* option of Mr Pheian. M ?pen to wwitwt the rame with all mmh At th* ap Btaled h nr. elpht o'clock, tb? rune oommenred Horn* autlfulit ? "??'?<! (daytng Ire^uently called forth the plardita of the ipeciatof and tb.eigh M. Rerg?r played with exuarrdlaary (kill and br lllMoy, yet hM oppoaent ?vine*,, a T?ry anrprUm I *kl!l and ar r.a|aUo?a with tb* game It waa in th* latter part of the r%tne that M ?rrger ?h"ww< a datermiuatioo to win Tor a time the game wa* f*retty ?'Trnf t*<1 hot Hil'a i-'frrenei exteted la tbe arorr . but a few beat lift ! ard *r,rre*afal rtrokea, which drew forth gem rat and ip nt*r? <* applauaa aeawd w, *OT<ie M iVrt r t-i r?.ntn...* bia p4*j aad be ?ptdlv inrteaaed (fee *a?re until fa*M wu on lc I iMf' kg Mr Ticmtji but 79 *?. red t > the victor * 1*0. THE PIDICE OF WALE& Departure of the Royal Parly from Albany. | / Scenes aad Incident* Bn Route to Boftton. The Prince Presented with the First Snow Ball of the Season. Uai?i<l Travelling on the Worces ter Railroad. THE RECEPTiM OP THE PRIME L\ BOSTON. What the Boy&l Party Say of the New York Firemen, fcc?? iMi Bohtos, Oct. 17, 1890. The Prraci left Albany at nine o'clock U .a to jruiu<, Ay special train, for 1jO#U>u. A#*tu tho MreeU were c* ?wti ed with people, as at tho reception. Tho Burnouses Corps csoorUd the ro?al party to tho cars up m th?' oth>>r ?*<i ? ? of the river. The former formed la double rauk and presented armi a a they entered the splenlld railroad carriage provided for them, Senator Reward, Governor Morgan and inner Albanians at -oupauied tho party to the core, and from the plallorui the Prince shook hands with Senator steward, i,overaor Morgan , the Captain of the Bargi'gsef Uorps, tho Mayor and others, saying "Goodby." Senator Seward appeared to be a particular ravorlt < with the Da fee of New tsstle sud Dr. *ck!ani, to whom U?; promised to lend some at Otford. The train made but few stoppage* the scenery during tho tirst part of the Journey w?s a oythleg but pleasant and the weather, tue Prince sal 4, wan Cngiiuh? that is. damp and fuggy. i5no-v mold be seen rt'trei an l ther > amon? the hills, and at >ne stopping pla?* ? a member of the ruite Jis. m'jariod and prescuted tho Prlnoo the first snowball of the season. At ever> village cro vis of p op'e wero aamrablal, shoaling and eager to see the inane. Several tim ? In dividual*, with more ourkalty tban Hdcmcut, opened th > window of th<- Pr of- r* car in i itlletapie I t> look in. At every place where the rrowd ?* n uuosuallv lavo the Prince, for the tirst time slfloe leav ii({ Chicago, ap;>?a ed upon the platform a,T! bowed Before renrbiop Spring 1 a d. ?? . -ite.h wan received, saying that two a<ds of Governor B.uik? awa.ted the I'rrooe there, and asking him to stop there a few mi mites fhe Prino- sent a reply, aayiug th-?t be soald only remain Ave minut^f, *ai i) m not kave the train t? irspect the Arsenal Tho trai.i was rnu at higli spoe 1, but with every precaution, oi'-n siauiiog at tao brakes Ute whole distsnoe The Prince passed th-; time in roadlng, and not avsy from the window, pay iag no attention to the country through which the road paa*ed He real attoutlrelr the London Titna, with an article reviewing the Hbkaio'* editorial on the Orange dist irbancs, nod sent after the paper when It was accidentally removed. At Springfield about three thousand very orderly per ?on were gathered In the depot. The Prince appeared and bowed. President Ctupin and .Superintendent Cray, of the Wostern road, were presented to tao royal party, aad reoeived the Prlnoe's thanks for their accommoda tions and attentions. Colonels Tbom son and Sargent, Of Governor Batik*' staff, carat) on the train, and ?ere in ?ited iu to the royal ctr. Amid tremendous cb?wrln{ and a salute from tbe Ar aenal, the train again proceeded, and arrived at Worces ter, where a turbulent and disorderly crowd received them. Hero the train changed locomotive*, an J the di rector* of tbe Woroerter road forced themselves and their car, tmbelltaheJ with representation* of tbe eagle and 'loo, Into the royal train. The new locomotive, called the "Prince of Wales," w as handse-nily adorned wrh tings and tbe Prlnoo's feath r , and *u repaintod lor U>e occasion. Prom Worcester to FV?ton ti e train ran about a mile a minute Lord Lyons cam'- In and oouversod with tbe dlrectora to paclly them, sinoe all Insisted upon forcing their way Into the I'rince's oar under the most frivolous pretences. All the villages along the route wore over crowded, and the citizens, standing la their fields, he bind stoce fences, and among the golden pumpkins, took long looks at the fringe's train. At Iiongwond tbe train stopped, where a great lot of BostomanM, In handsome oarrlages, wore collected. At tbe landing the f'rlnoe was rejslved by the committee, j aad Introduced to Edward i rerett and Robert C. Win tbrop. Be was then taken to toe tbe pretty locomotive named after him, aad then taken up the h 11 to bis car rlage. There was a great deal of fnn, but no cheers, and much delay. Faally tbe party started, tbe Light Dragoons and lanoers acting a a aa eacort and prooeeded through Roibury, the private carriages in a stracgltDg list following an I rolling a' >ng. Tne route was crowded with spectator*. It was as if tbe Prince bad landed at Yorkville to enter New York When tbe city Una of Boaton was reached a salute wm fired, and the R,*u>n authorities look the Prince In charge. Tbe cori-sgo reacted the Revere House by a long and atnding rautc A few political Bags were dia,najei along the streets, and the people, m *tly ladies, tamod out well, on foot and In carriage* There waa none of that nfder of which Boston boaals. The people ran a id tqnetied to see lbs Prlnoe aa at otber places. Boston air, h wever. la so rank with Revolutionary rem'n 1 canccs that a sort of hauteur mingled with tbe curiosity of >be j> -ople. Boston Common aad tbe old houaoa are re minders of old tim?s that oae cannot but head, and lbs Prtaoe is rcce ?e1 here with oordlallty, bat with ont etth islasm. Mr. Ecgl'heart, who Is always patting his foot In It, asked one of tbe ctt./*s, la re lation to soldiers' driss, '? Where tbe men got their rad onata?" "Tbey took lb* m la 'T6," waa the witty bat aarcaslte reply. Cheers were given for the Lan? ri. but noce for tbe Prince. The party rea< ' <??! tbe hotel about half peat Ave. Tbe rooms are elegantly furalabed, bat, aa usual the party dlaiK-nse with cbandellera, and use only was candles, gaa being con?l?e-ed unhealthy by Fnro|ieana Gov. Banks also has i?ms here, aad had an interview witb tne Prince soon after bis arrival. To-night the town la alive with Bell and ErereUpro eesstoaa, wbleh form aad display Artworks in front ?f tbe bouse, where of course a crowd ? collected. Some person* shoat*', " Fetch oat tbe Prince " Tie hall a have shown hnd taste la fitting tip lie room with ormge color*, and la providing a little t-o* far tbs Pr.tos H rbow hlm*eli In Tbe p-< gramme fi.r to morroa tbe FIctulp baa alirady published. THE ROYAL VISIT TO BOSTON. The Boston lans are determined that their olty shall not lark la aay e*r>e?asKm or demonstration that may be spe^ a hearty welcome to th-> young Prince The Cim mittee entrusted with carrying oat the programme of the reception aad entertain i.ent are working Indefatlga blv to insure a aplendld success. From tbe cfllclal pro gramme which baa been published, It appear* that on Wednesday, Mm day of bis eipected arrival, tbe Prlaoa will be escort* 1 to tbe Revere House by tbe First bat talton of I.igbt I>rago>.ns. For the remaisder nf that day be will ha left unci let u' bed br ueramony to peas tbe time as It may (.lease him. Tbe programme of tbe eeterta o ment* opens witli a grand military review, la wttieh all tl.a elty troora and a considerable pnrtloe of the mllltla nf tbe State will be present On tbe name sveatag (Thursday) there will be a grand ball at Me Academy of Musis Nothing la tbo way of decorat'oss aad adorn in en ts ha* bwe ,4ft nadone to make tbe ball worthy nf the city aad of tbe y ung Prlnoe In whose hoeor It la to be given, Tin aaditoriaai baa heed) dec-rated la a moat eiabf ate maaaer with featooas, iwnnaata aad 'ascrlpt k?s, tbe American aad Kagllsb ci'.ts being predocniaaat Tbe walls bave bans colored a I gbt piak color, ahlch win pr a greatly improve I tflr t A large donr has been s?:t t' roagti the wall al ths back of tbe par.(oette, wbl. b mill a' low a parage from tbe ot-rridor W the floor V tbe bail rows, on tbe ?ame level. tbd 8r*t ha.>' ny Is draped wltb red velvet, trim* sd ?'tb t"id aid ihi otliir g?i' rl*S an drap- i ia an e jnal >y u antiral style fatl eceatre ot tbs fl'*t halomy ls ?> elegant and eia'>araie ormipy , sr '&? untad by tbe c>*t* of arrrn of Frglsnd and the I -c ' *tates TlitS Is de ? ? nec <ot tbe epecial ase rf Uie i*riooo. ffce rlage Is transformed into a decorated test, and a level eellieg has b?ra caastrart>-d. Tbia la freacoe4 la a vary tlakorat* ma i er aad be ill- uiicated t>y three beautiful chardeilers Tbe walls no ea h alio of tb-? ?t% '? Will be painted and decorated with mirror*, tlowem, vaaes and statuary. In tbe rear will be i>la ???d a osioim* <ti Windsor Otatle. A fouautin ? U be pu u> d ui Uin rlci Bllr, and will be in operation daring tbu proves of tbo ball The HaloOD oo the flrttlbal<onv llo> r hah boeri tranx fr rmed Into a reception ro>ni, aud rich.v doco-oet wlili Uerr, fcc In tbii room there ml lie the it ?cnption, in I* Hi ? "Fttio kuiuncUo via tn koncnxUu'inui: ' i'fio it ?>r ( h tbeintry win be covered with green doth, and tho WkiU will not be decorated with burning aa ou tho ooca i)< n o' former ball* at this p a Two door* Lave been cat lr<m the first balcony of tb? thaalie, by which there will be a direct antraooo to tbe lower Ootr of the Molodeon, which will bo tbe supper ro<m oo thla occasion The arrange nM>ni* lor tbo ?upper ar- snch tfcat tbe alt' ad aula at tho ball may fe?i **sjieo that rverythlig lo tbat departm< nt will bo satis f?r.tory T9e Mekxleon |m baulsnmeiy but not eaboiktcly deeorated, rhirn wi'l ik? two orchestras iu attendance, stationed la tho gallerta*, oun to play for iircmenailes ard I tie othi r (or waltaes. VlitM will bo tbo <>t rniani* augtmn'M to sixty six plea**, and Oil UiOrt'?,if llfi) pltoti Wo understand that i'l addition to tho mom beautiful lad iat of Rostou, and i ode*d of ?!| the prieetptl pluetn ,n New Kngland. ine tiall will be faced bv i lio pf?*erceof the leading belle* of Homo of U?e Western and doutb rn cltiea. It is believed tual ae ta.? l? to l>o tbo art, ai ' t will pr<.vo the best couductod rf the balls In Lon< r of tho royal visitor. QDM^UMtly the lu 'lf* nun to attend this in pr* fuieuce to ail other*. Tho next event ' u the pro^raiuu e l? TUK Ml SICAL KHHTI VAL. Tho Music Ball ?U1 Uo appropriately decoratod. fee toorsand pennant* wll be p aced around tho oonlM, ai d tli" low or fall- rv will bo fe'tnouod witb crimson vol v?t. The iroot ? I the !>alc,< ur will be ornamented with the lett< i* A. ? , and tbo crest of the Priuoe arranged In alU'inati order. Tbe upp> r balcony will be festooned In blue and sil ver. Above each door In the upi)*r baloony will be pUrid tro, bus, with trie l'riooe's 'uatner. Tho rlrgers' seat* will bp artauited lu a rcmiolrcular lorra up to the bacon}, with au oj)eniii(t sh >?ln( tbo stulnu <f tki lhottu. Tike back wal. will i>e ornamented wlf trophies. '?( Kir l at bur land," a new ?oog. composed by tbe poe'. loDKleiiow lor the aoaaatea, WiU bo HU?g in ? way to rec ucr it tec of the t.reai ii-alui-rs if Ibe evening. TI1K rBlNCl'd VISITS. Tbo Prtn>'o will \isit, iu a priralo muiuer, Cambridgo ?nd iUrvaid coUogee. It is >i|iec <*d that iu the t?ren<a>>i ifco Vayor of that cty ? ill moi-t tho Prmco and suite at the l'i vera Hotur anil oor, luct tnoin to tbe caiicg.i pronnir, wb< ro th?-T will he n et hv the oftlr rs an t atn dents Thuy will Iben visit the Library in Gort Uall, where tbe President and Farulty of tbe ooUtge will be tn ticdDceit, and will sulMcquei tly visit Boylfton Hall and Sii"nt!i;c Hall, and other prtuclpaJ depa'tments of tho eoilsga. It is nmbshle that the I'rtnoo w>U be enierlalnet. at tho residt-LOo ot Hreodeu . Kelt >o. TKK rHINC'K AT TDK HK\ KKB HOVbS. Th" aiMtrtmetits which ar? to be occupied br tho Prino? of W'sitp and suite during Ihelr stay In Boston comprise tbe room* on tbe aeoood and third loori of tbo #est * ng of tti Kovere House, and large n umbors of tip Iii.|*1't< rs are now omoloved in ptittiui; then la wder Ike ladle*' parlor of th.? hotel will bo on verted Into a r< i.i ot i on room for tbe I'nnce, aUer o '?( recarpeted and tortitshed throughout wltli n?*w drapery, furni.ur^, ft c. Tho front drawing room will t>o u?ed by the t'rmoeaad the members of h:s faite as a dining rootn, and two parlors iu the rear will also be at tlie'r a.Sja>?al. Ta? bridal or 'Menny Llnd'' rba:r.b> r on the tlo ir above will be im'imjj.WmI by the Prince of Wal? 8 as hw s^cp'-'H apart ment. while the spacious parlor? on the same !l<>or will be occupied by the noblemen of hi* suite. Tne atteiol ants will dine in tbo lad les' ordinary and lo igu on tbe ?iinie floor with the Prince Tbe apartment* of tho Prince aid suite will be shut oil from all communisation with oi fc< r parts c f tbe house, and tbe iimsts ol the Revere wi loi.tcr aud leave by tbe front and Culdtch street tn Iran e >nly. OTHKH MATTiKS CONNKCTKD WITH TI1B VIRIT. Tbe only cecoratlons at tbe rttate House are >n tbe (ii verror's room, whtro the coats ot arms of ^glaod M is ?acbuscKa and the I'tilted Htato* ar" painted on purple velvet Alter the renew the Prince will b'i the guest of Wf tiovrrtior at th's place, and wil hero change his dresn beu re proceeding to the *luslc H:U1. At tbe meetlog of the Bjar 1 of AMermen on Monday last oroers were adopted directing the closiug of tb* of Hces of tbe several drpartments of the city government on Thursi ay next, and providing for the exclusion of vo lncies and refreshment stands from certain street* rn Wedmadav and Thursday, t> Insure the pasmge of ear ri*gcn to the ball and otherwise secure the publle con vtnience. >aoeull Ball market will bo cl-?ed oo that day. Tbe Ancient sod Honnrablo Artillery will dine at Par ke-'K after tbe review on lliuriday It is probable that the veteran Ra'nh Fart. ham will be mtrrdui^d to the Prince d.irlng tte visit of th? latt r to Ibis city Mr Karnbam will leave his quarters at tbe Ro veie liouie thi* aftercooo or to morrow. OUR ALBANY CORRESPONDENCE. At RAXT, Oct. 18, 1840 I he Hop at W at Point? Departure of Lhe Princ?TKe Trij lift the Iludi<m?K*cej>!um by the Mayor rniht AutKo ritifi of Albany? The Welcome by the Cuueru?lke Hoyal ratty in the Co/ itil?/Hnner in the Kim\tuj at Gitver nor Morgan' l, 4c , 4c 1 have oftea found, and sometimes to ray ooet, th?t darkies, Mil (specially d^rky hotel*, euUrUin Urge expectations. Th.s ?u conaiicuooily the case yes terday at Coxzens' Hotel, West Point, when, at balf-pu'. live, after tbe review, bta Royal Highness rode up to the ??.' and demounted. Thoao of tbe ebony complexion were on tbe alert, Id full anticipation of holding my lord 'a horse and witplng my lord's coat, and wailing upon him at dinnsr, and otherwise being brought Into such Imme diate contact with blm that perquisites of do Insignifi cant smoon I would be InevltaMe But to tbelr sorrow the ie<|uel told tbem that my lord's own servants would do for blm whatever was wanted, as I that all the darkles bad to do was to help them. It would have done my aunt Bally or anybody's ana Sally good to have seen tbe rash of her sex towards tbe spot where Albeit Edward alighted on tho occasion I have just alluded to, ami to have heard such critic tun* from thtlr ll|? as " lie's perfectly charming," "LovHy," and " Dear fcHow." It was a matter of mneb disappointment to many that be had declined dancing In the evening In the large mom of tbe Academy, and some of the ladiee were ao Intent u|> n having what they oal ed a hop that Ux-y jiresnoted themselves tn person at th : drawing ruom dor of his Royal Highness (or tbe rorptr- of tendering an Invttat: >n to him to ootne out and dar e with them in U?* alj> nlng focta. TI; * they ?14, trailing t> Providence for a ban Bat th- 1* ? rites were not name!. The Priate remained quirt!; <ii net eg rwim in enpujr with hi? suite and h>' >?; i tite ?iaO officers who bad dined w".h htm, till nr..r to U , wten he went Just as quietly to bed. Meanwhile the total was over crowded with guests, and ow .lk to its belrg a summer bouse, on the verge of breaking np for tbe season, none of tbe ar range ny cti were eomi lete, and people bad to do ar they best oould which was very i<orly. At haif i?st ten this morning tbe reyal party drove to tbe wharf, near the hotel, wbe-e lay tbe steamer Daniel I'rew. Heveral of the military c: cers were present to see tbem off, and to these the l'rlnce spoke a kind adieu. Tbe band then struck up the beautiful air of " Home, flw< st Boni?," wii.nh was played with touch lag bathos, tbe steamer meanwhile de parting <>n b<r journey. It was a farewell dirge which a. must brought t< ars to tbe eyes of tboee who I <teuej to its magi: strains. Onward glided tbe vessel within view o'tbe loveliest of the scenery? Where Hudson's wares o'er silvery reads Wild through the bills ?fbr. And lYn'i est like a ?' narcb elands. As lamed as Urnhnsgar. Onward paet towss and villages, bills and valleys, ever picturesque and r< man to. towards Albany. Tbe stssmer was met s few miles below the city by another, having in board the Ma) or an 1 oth-i, and at half past fair o clonk ah reached tbe wharf Titers the eorne was one of grandsnr and anmat.n Tbe Twenty Sfth and Kevnty slfth regiments (oos Ibot and tbe other cavalry) wars on tbe e^ot, an 1 had n> much d iS.culty la a spans clear for the die moarkation that tbey wi re oompslled to preaeat bayonets and mand with those weapons pointed at tbe crowd Tbe prootssioa was taken sp thn ?h Broadway and ?lata strert to the City Hall, la ope* carriages? the Major being seated beside tbe Priboe, and the dragging acting as an escort, ehils the infantry followed is I os rear. Tbe whole population of tbe capital of tb* Smplre vtate appeared to bare taraed out into those wide ibor>"fb farts, and ti have gathered at tbe windows and oa roofb of the ae'gbbor ng houses. The maeeea surged after the carriage as Ui y paired, and load were tbe pwao* ef welcome It was another glorious sight for tbe future Kl. ? o England to gaze upon, another link f rged la the chain <t International friendship, another wild outburst of ireaetae good feeling oa tbe part of the great Amerioaa peop'rv. Welcome those joyoas sbnuts, tboae waving banner*, those delighted ejas, that taks part ta tbe soble tribute to a aoble cause' There is ekultatton here, there Is lei low feeJIag and respect, but tbeoe soar above adulattoa. Tbey are tbe outpour lag* of a free sad generous a friendly and an tadspeadect people, who bail Victoria's eoa as tbey would a brother Tbe eatry lata tbe Capital oa the bltl was rtooeeded by flnveraor Morgan nMkleK a round of presentations, after wbleb tbe party entered the Congress Hal! Hitel, opposite, where quarters bad been taken for them by the courier. In tie evening bis Royal H'shars* ar d suite d'n?d with tbe Governor at his residence, aad to aaded tbe prr,oe?:. .rgs of the day. THK NEW YORK FiRF.MF.N 4 PARADE, lima n?o* *b* m *? op niw to caur KKoixnit M>nif otcttn. Aa siitcgrafb tetter, of which Uh- liliowiag * a ccpw waa rtcrly, ! yet f May by Ohlef Bs(toeer Jot a [lector, j from t;? taM llii' Duke ol NewoeeUu:? OCT nkK U. 1MJ0 Sin? I beg leave to thai k iou for peuc. iu? iuo <?? Knur- 1 day tight, fi>r tie use uf the l*ru.oe ??f -V * e* am! tho ? I*riy wench >n Wuh biiu, oflru1 .:iett profrimoi , of tl-? t rc.ui- t pro* MMOO i>I n i Ureaten. , to avail iinn i .it ihie upowetuklly 1 I how much 'luUhOiPti toe >'ntio? ant ill ?b? vtbunifd that pr.i-abelol, HI'I r* with 111 Di?gnl<loe:r.l H lrtuM whiell tie lin wen prt pared in hm U iuor N.j ottirr c.iy emit 1 | .resi ut such a i-i>eetarie, ui. i the sp . arauix ol ihit Hue , boily of ?)< ti *'*s as sink i .; *? no ruitl ix tbe ekUthltUM ?sh hi autli'll 1 nui, sir, your la tblul n rvwM, Nl. *CA8'LK THE rRlNCR'H RfcCKPTlON INT NEW YOl<K. j (.?iMMUMtt Of lilt. PROVINCIAL 1HIO-8. IS'ewYoik lvilM|4tHrii>< <I| the Wii.-hiOglon Uo-,atllu lion, Oct. 10 ) If tL? l*riBC?> of Walee ? >r, ui nan bis democratic tltb , ij?r< u K. ifrea ? (irr lab, nil ui d. r s-iy E?y deluatona at tori pub icati aiaipliclty , ibe ki>u?i of last nv -t -aust ha**: lton.ut.bly dieenchauteo him and compl. teiy disslpat m.y pit*?anl Oxforl uni er gradoate their!** of iho cl ??? no fuburf UL that brat . i?r eitbau bo- appreciative sen". of me oeslre t<> oo biui honoi , bis eapw <ty moat iirev.'i.l bioi ir<m IxiliHTlig that UkI night's luetlval could evc. have taken piv.u without iuibd pif vlout NflW Yorlt ex perleccea id Hit" ?am?1 hue of display. For u? originalit/ 4 vi ii, It would be a relrcehiBg eluitm lo w|l#t*H a real m* pobiican *>all,aliir thci lanaic uioui l,kbiniu? bv iheeplt-u hut of its ttaplicity, aiol 10 have ihu hackney ud descrip i tiooa of re; ea auo n?og?, diamond* and dilutus, and ah l ibe kind old things of ibiil ula**, auperfeded bv mo u?' I rauvt'8 of the brilliant intellect. the sparkling humor , in ?? I ce n> pry he ne i vera** of thought, and g-aco of manners, ! ? bich should g!? e beam* , uncord Ing lu ih? classic ttjoory , to such ?Nb?l| But Bviilier be re nor baa nach * mllWrntn-i d?? ui d ypi. TV. Vau mi tie if *ti!l morn or l?n> cMlitnU) of mci tal o'citrtelty or ?no'-al plovatloo, mid Ikaxu nnmaf"i la about iho ?am? a'! '.h ) wor 14 over Anieric*, (iLaiialoi.ji*, Juroaira, Oubu, all mioils with mi re or iraa iuoc< krf iho fw m ?i .?<f< of tlio roi'P'V li?e noiher couDtrWs: and here, aitbouyh o,ir jiolith-a' Ibi'orie* U Ucr Irooi thore ol Kuiope, we are tu praiitlori tbc Mini'. In ?ouje prai ocea wot*. Ui?n tli'* >ur< nt eto^k, iu otb'i* betwr. WlKiber ''i< ball yr.ic'.U-' cf i'Wt Diubt ?a? (?? it?-r or worae than that of England we will uot un dervake to deterriiin'', but 'ui* in icti a wrtalp, ibat th? evi ht it lot'oded to com< mmoratx I' av^ to It a niatorlcal ' character and graadrar guch aa balm rarely powcin Tfe Krf lull nutabilitiva woo alWii'led It, nwireover, ] Ii!fu?rd iu to it ao Ol 1 World aroma, wbich had a poculi.i' i ?(l,,t iijpon tbi' ai i. rphero. Wb<'a Oyrui Fluid eUali bave lhr d?u a rai, *ay over bi? .-a?lc 10 lb* other *ide, we might have faurk-d tur.b a hybrid ball occurring m appropriately at a< midway Mill on of the Ail itilu-, bnt h' fi n Nt w Yurk it maraatti rof ui) llttlo c.Brl*liy tj n e a nail of ?ujh intertiation il im >irl*tce, and our Iji* luU gueata tin si l.ave hmu ool a litt ? aurpriaed at toe rtkoureea tl New Yr.rlc I' r a icti an ner.aai .n. Vet, though tbe preai net of the F> inc?* and the Kogllah Doi>li'U>< o and gt'^*ieu?eri *Iio aofon>paui?*(l Dim, with n r. "deratt fpr Lkiirc <1 dipl? mat* tec. lied to the uilud sin liar gaiberuga >.u ?>? m'>tbtr eou> try ? a motaot) whi< h wouU nan b.-i ii ?till ptrooicr h.-i-J mo brilliancy or ou'furB* Men given (<> >h? l ull ? miu, he l/ut rrnum^ wa? in ovrry a? Lie kji i Ilxi lemdin ?)"?> of the ball j preteDleo th'- grcitii" u^i'lvld'ial wcal'b to the country | l>*> were alw ?t I ?? a . *lat M c.*H"4 " ?>-lf made," or, IB other won!*, t1?eu to pocwiai-y "H>lneno? by the ?u-ul bnnd or i?o| I brain I'he heavy lo-i 'a of Jewelry j vt h-.i u rtic.umhcf 1 n ir.? of ibo ladii a, a- c wi '.i;tii"i auw i ihe'r h?'ai.tlfol ah' nlderi, wa? a I nii?l ?*p>nei.t of the sueccia which alteuiloil mn: fkther'tor b^cOaud'a ituai nek8 < t> yeti^rday Lord Renfrew vlrlte'l Onipcr'a In titute I am tbe A?trr Ll^ra^y, and wltmpaad !''? re the bi ble urea to wbich <rur m netary uaboha bavnaoplled a;i>'ll.-i. 0 tbi lr He heard, ?i?o, fn tu ('hiure'ior Kerrli. of the prmcelv ficruic a ol our no rciimts in bi-half of '.he edui atloual iiiteieaui o' tbe people Hat ?>b n u c >ruea | ?? . h K-er.ea .hi that l>f i : ^..t. <? >nnnerr'<l no-tet rn hav a !*rk ol poetry around theui, ati l are goi era i.. | heavy aa thev are leki'ettuble. Our lii-rchanta aro e*. celltDt, worth / and liberal men bat they ?i 11 ; Md j this element acntr ee ? bk'l of ibe an) i I On a of N'?w , York Cio:e to a ball ol 1 '?orii 'h?n of !'ai : or k' Hirining ' ham than o! I-oodon. fnt re l? lu au b a fathering, m t wilhrtuoditg a I the a< -.?-aori-? which money c?n buy I or wit kugg kt, the want ol thit li.xule gra < ?. chivalry, I ri matee and many ?loed culiore ?u<i aec xopl'Hb'nenta which fa?elna e tin im ? > iu imnin of tue uiilllti.t ? | hlugea of the Old World lime r< M- ou. bowver. | pot try will wtave itael! rout, ? the ^reat f.>ui.d-r? of our republic, ant lerchanco th" aclon of a C mier or an *atir j will polut a bJBdrti yeai* hmro with the e?tr. - p-ll? to j the deecVt'f be i cvoler c cf their anc ^nn ?< I io Clintons I and Iho ElhoW, who were leprtacoied .nt nigbt, to the exploit* if tbei'r tirif So much lor tbe philosophy of th" ball, and now f ir th? practical. \ ?aJ and m? i ?' I. ly doty H"m? ?c v yearn i.r.oe, in the Crimea tim an-' It w?? tb" fa?h ?n t'? a^y that aristocracy was a fh.luie, and tli'.t ?lio?y buauie?> nunfl the middle -lv? wer? *Ur- ?h> to niaoa<n bit ties or ha ls. leV it is ??v,nt w oiff lit, kconrdlrg 1 1 it") I l>uke o Wellioflon, to rttn-r ne or dim i one as the otner. In thi Or- at Ka-tern we bad one examoie nf what ibo commrrcia middle f ans ran <*o on the othe- ?i le. an 1 'r the hall ef la* t niiiht whtl Ihe t:o.ild 'lo on tli'? It Is lni|???obl* to eet.celvt * more ootnt'leU' la^o Kvrii M unman Br? ?ud h e brotl ? r* of the ' < un ?'! r? ' -1 ir lnellpeiiral si'.p'dity In the Japanese leftival i? ir<- the n r. i > ec ol tbe i'rx ?-< '? bad. In tlie . peep i ?fc<?rdlna reception which sorpaswd loit?or 01 ri\ rplendor acythli g the ?'?.i,i rent I) n" evi r shown, and oiew l?om I he Inke of Neweaatle, *bo wept with emotion, lbs ? xclamali m, "I never beheld soe'.i a tn kg u.ore'l icete." The people shoved woat wiumut aid ur aai" fiance, they oould do. In the e\ cur money ocracy t ?u< hoi-.raoy, with every appliance wbn-li oould Im. ' braoty and sue cess, sbowel what tbey ootid not do. The lac t of it la. I. was ? ball of the eighteenth neutnry IP tbe middle of tbe nlnelei nth. As you inued amung t:ie gtonpa, tlte latent talk *u of the war'f 1913. ail seveml vetei ins, who hao not seen encb other siur* New Orleans, babbk d of battle* tn? bight loug Mr. Ihnuelt, of tbc>. pla> fully remarked thil be was tbo yen-.ogest fellow oo tlie lloor. Nor was age, unfortunately. o?n lined M> man Toe chiracurof the lovelier pun. .n of the ball may be imag ibnd from the fact that one fashion able milliner mentioned lo roe that she had male up no lesa than soventy four black velvet* for the hall Now, lu 1 a< edemoo we reaped *ge ami it Is ? charming nrna m< ut iu U* owu plaoe. Bui in a nallroom roee' .,la are m'-re rercrally lei oied apprt praie than dahlia*, an I where In New Yerk rtbebuda are s<. plenty, a-d suctvwd tMb otber with ai. Uic laiuriaiucc of thj celebrated fi uiU id the ench laUd gardft? Hctree one '? Kalkered ere anotker grows. It was aa.! t.. Si .1 i eir ? w eel y?i n<g pre*, rnv .i.roplM by a cuo.a<r c( ?*.. . era, who huog latu dlnuited ileao late SaMtlt.S bieui.J Ibe aalls 0?.r young ladle* are ao m cu of Ihe gerac e-n beh'tol of beauty aoc Ux.k a? fVail and lr?<t'.e, that tbey seem B.i.rr ccsttuvd Ui dance. Birt, dreh* elegantly and Ian uemauvce to marry. Bui lb?'? i* a ) fe as . . ?i ? g in Ihe w. rid. wt. 'L Amer-c-tn y>e;in M I noa la gatbert t', wind pn-eetiu an fairy like an appewr au ' *a one U yoong Aui?rit?o ladle* Tu.yloot ao Urf.ttiblUia ar l kiud, so rtad) U> tajoy ll?metlv*s. and ?o ci ..UBted If ibtv den'l, behave ao prettily If Ibey are not !iaude>me. liiat afra?rarceof grtoe and J >y la i? parted to any neoe lo wbieh they mingle Mill, Willi a I iheae dtawbacks, w ? meat take our ball. In the .any ir,< rclpg there w- re fhowot?, and some aul ky I 'ik.Bf cloni's hung orerbi ad, but In tlx- evenio* a hrifbl wbim of >-ub aoall* red iliem, an 1 dtasipwled the Vrri r? ol n.M y a dk mo win. ha*', hid from ao earlj ht.ur I iblee, tt?- w? It ko iwo Flgare ol Nuw Yora, e, H'lettiog ? tli ber I.* r ?ir li:s, as ibe r?se or a, " miaht ?>e. The i'rtooe w to afii ouihvmI I i arrive at le:i o eerk. bod. as he baa deriteil Irotn h.? rnoih"* a eh ir?cier for puutuality, en ry ore kt.e* he W" .1 ar* "e thai hour, and pte l?re<! arcord.i |iy. I rt a ??> rarly a* ci*hl the carriage* lieran Ui drop tbalr r owib of k ??*? drapery, under ibe direct eo ol a r.* a of j'A cr, wh ? oorducte lh. r pari of the sB?lt allh sn rr-;. r s' .1 -n'lh >d hey"n4 all |>ra aa AmeBg the earlier arrit<ls ass f.e;.era1 S*oll. who loun-el on Biagt. foeolly . Inaeriti I'kr in me brar* old iroe orer II. e hi s. j u' Ibr sr.rTonadinw fori t l!o was f dloweO by J"bn Vnr Bnrrn. with a p??ket fi,|| ?,f V?i i?'? wbleh h" dblrlonietl dnrir.* ihe fveomg rnarles O'dmof. ai fVOMbdl VI ^ar-1 y h: ' -Iti. ?Ii.rdoo Bern., it, 'l J Riyitioad and tiler r pf eaeniailve b.en f'dliwel, ai.d , ?ter It-. ? ? . ? trre I tie true was a erufhtl an I kurgli f n '? of hr gtil a' 1 g'ltleril g I dlelUW a Nlbfbfn i f h epanltr ptmrti ^ < an Ihe room The eri0r ?. Hs tbe hriek I r' . ol wti*km*i. I.e 'a. was ei i i. i f. eage - h> h?(i'n lb- ne: ? ?r ' Iw r il?e ag del lo< ? Irg old ger.tiemeb roehed .1 *n crying 't' o,' j ylatr a?* than w- h n .tbir.g Oo . d b east r. , a the ii'wWsrUri >< re mi*i d ll, to And J .st at this w other t, iiowr^et , when it" o l age Mid old . htvairy aid uM Ixauiy 4 V-W Yo'k were Meo l t ^eg tUel revelry? bark ' b' . what toni.d ?:r kea ?? in* ear I . i| i ? ? tr ? ? of a (<< ? i ? but i r in.- r?l tlrng of lb* o?e|h'i? "P the ?lrry rlreets Vt 11 la the I .r ha? *1V? II ?ay At -1 .iu'i m j ifc. clang of s it ? (Illy fc?ii Iters m rr 1 1 w th lb" ?|?'i. n g ? ' ' r -s of -i ? , Kf , . Wf II l-fari' Ii" l> e and "ur ? t Ihe reet of Ihe i.'i I II e " ? r )-"? ,?ely re een.v ii d Ihe ?er?-Hi' ? ?? II- -? ,,*'k on a n uel) , road < ekal i g day. r rU ep l? Nrng t t ? 1 and . Pir>d "dsrr- ?? * TV" I- r ' <1- - .? wa? ?m-st de li*r.ll? beg'.'lrd -n thesepi"- -f ?h'-e rw-lo. .? ?< r- igied over a rrf .i .f il ?? I ' ? ? * ? r !???? ? t of . t. . I ' ? If *1 I Ii. res ? ?' I" ? 1? ill I II, ui W- I l.ave ae i |, de* n d lh" rnarv eet. rs o( tl-e bk'l \b ..I tai >ve o'C'ek the IVinee wai en h.e I lo lead .? v it y ? i. ?? ei oo? M -.".n. Ha en . I . nt, atr bl . re ? ? ? it,- "iff a mlcdk ? a?r o i<n,-ihos*mnl a Itlei nibther <l< m>-nt, but al l! diw rged with a ?lulet 1 1 v f e oily II I', trni a t" ? I ? n PiiMUnton l,,r lie | i ii e's party t*as l.< ? *?? r<'-i i? at I <>*. - . I. n ihnt I aba ' r>o atlerr.t < *> fcture th"?e f?n;bt .-tnite' * kind ?<?lle sr.le ea*y, pa'l . et? I man ! r ? r, sl^ t VI le-.l lie. to p|e%p '.ft I ? ? nm" all ??cl n*P . I. 1 (in . e l|." II * M-.t r. It ? : e id ?rs?' ? wsr of n. ?. hf h < sr., tr ? r* the y.u-g ( ,1 Ii ^and wllb the ne st Wr. ie' v g ?nce. wb le ! t; * V ? 1; nt hon A-aa-ii' tnd ( Ian t ' i >? ' ?r ...i ? i.iuf eg g.?e p ' ? ?> r ( Am'-ire . ilr I r i dat oed a It e. ard to- real of the a good de*l. from the Hi-top Adrertiaee Opt 19 1 At the ? ejwiHre of th? l' of V ale* a lewilng New \ . r? Iiej'-r l-^kea lo its- f the r..r ? ai t'.al al least ho , t .. tut s< re4 by no long aoeeehe* It I*a1rp-lted i ,. ,? i ? ? ? ry oear'y the r iv resi?et n a irli It ? i . ?? i jti regard ble r*c<pt on in New York with m i.-b *. st kt . i n The m .nary d'splay w it trdioua and in | bin fr'Wn Ibe h. arly recption iy the , I ? "I thouaaads who crowded ihe upi- r|w-t o' Rroa.. wb% whteh w.nld have ha* ? the moal ai* ? "-tin ' snd at-etahle isirl of the whole prraeetl'ng In te.y I i Ua the fo'ma net* of t.,.> p ,m| ' -. . | ? b' -i pr red the <?wa* ma for their i.wr alv* lv?- ' The V ? U lo public Inslll. 1 -pa kboae! him llhrarlea a cai vr r* ti. ? wrel. hodlr hrior lo what ne mav ae? . ry ? I" rr ar.'l . ? ' u -t show hir> II.. -"act ... m 1 1st >i ii of pop ,lar e.< it whii'i is tin .?? f ? this r. Ity And a* l-.r the t ?r | h,: *?? ?.!?)* w I i t *"? I "f t that, t or sha we ????,, ?? ? t', f>e*e h ?* 1 II rn 1 ? eei of . f I <o, ' a Iran for a r ? %. gi e*?. irlo shie'i no pmO?ne? or ran- of man pfereiiied IV! :. 't* all V a. however. Il ert pint Ikftv yk bil th? I |tt. . . lb New York, a v. I 'f u-.der "??*) e ? ? ,?>, r ss . i ? eae ( ? ? i ..*t * IW e . n| nam" j I 7 1 .. |> . e 1 1 <- I- ? "lie ? -,t ?erpr i In soeh t \ i y >rt it ia jn bfal V> reftd of th? iLr? who ?|sK. 4 bia roovi men la at (he ba1'? of Ihe p>r? t who ?rri h. 0 i.'Meti uuiulh i be . f u>e eily.who inert Imddlel aii.ut.u, pulling ln> iombti.1 uitlaly to at?wl?ui:l a? unlure never meant ttiai II abi.uld hear. So tar *| real reOLeuit Ill Of demeanor I* OH Olf < u, In#- p.l'>ll?';*"| %.*, rem m th?- o?| ftieuily <lrt*a?ed t r at Ihe i ol Mu*:< no higher Ibaii ihe v .-*r eruwd tu I Kfi ic< m a) , or Uo at ton door i,f (Yiultv I b. who tad i>?t i ekel* a g.. a<> ? an canton.!. .1 I "',rr**<ve* w,u. tll((rk u, ... Rr ariwat m of tbe I r?i. r -,,l,r'u?t it woulu b. go hi? q. vie too far to rai ir.ti fn i, ( wtitrh rein I in ih ?, , - , ,, j woub'.t? w" c?uoo< dwibt th ill-all t-ron j conl'r * 'V'"" to,, do all Fi ch r.'iliT.'i."' rii" **"" ' t' l"u> *ul j *?i rucn c<x(s>u? 1 #f:r-r^;rr r*a r,i 11 'U '*** nilitarj rtvww, | rr|?-ciJ?uy, ww be t<o ((Mt-kvwt i? t ? i .. ' gssgssrrsw; r; ?~ 1 thire PO rbi. l,i di uiOD*iriktl?bk . '.,t M Jm. tbualarm ax tba frtrc. pa ,> > n uiotg th ? ? t.e.t ? , ' of|?obi odfrpiay. bin we rrffar I th m u. a ...tur.'l a, rt lli.prr- ?? ft u, ltlt, vu!(|(ir ,u,? whk h Mmi r ?????"?? to regard .* all ,b?: c.conimwdl ... riiit ? i <hi*fa. U? 111 cb?*rlu*?t?l ?aving ol han.:<e, lN;r.LM.k or BoaUm Oniirlw. Oct 14 1 1 have Been a K'rauth reception, a Jenny I. n l iier.. I hade, a meeting Ut tro- i?0.,er InatitUo u. tin* <? tv I ww b. r" Iwi Lty v,a., ,bH1 Vao Hu,.,, r??, , i, li^ Kiiiderhi i k &fii r t .d PriPlrti i.tmi t(.r? ( M, th(. ? , lt>eral.,l Han iw n, lhe ?e>n,r.. t.. ,??, , | ,von , ?' ?V..t0> ql <U'l!!y1 ' ' SVw ^ ** '' ^ "irtha o t July, navf Kiu military duipU) Band 1 1 vie dmplav* ur 1 f" 7,.a" Hn,'? "?? P .or the Urot lime I hu ,r to ui^Ut wiiD'w.'d ib?- uremen of tnm im itiffLur roiiH.rallfin m torch prooffKti.ii Tins dumonstra ?HH ill bobor of Him I'rlti* Hi w Ivrhapsba wnx t;rai u? u with wbat ht i?u*% ir?<m ih<s buir.opy of fcufi.i Ar? lii? Hotel rh/?p* th# ^ ucnirtl wiUt t.?rm t,,a M\ | liU'*, ?d ? who abotit lilm, wero pl^nrt .r1th mir f "J"'1 'njprtK?i"d wiib our -Jipa. ity for orl* r: an I i >H i thought thojmtg niau *n? i little nervourt r-,- ' owcrarie of u<u?k?>try during a. wo of th<- coufunivl mo . meiitu at So!'>riftP wn? oot moro proiniHuuoua or recklom ,'5* UMthaiiii' of rickett w.uat tbo build ibK a d abovo m? biad of the J'niioo hv ibo hi? ,?iVir*r ,,lr An'' tlu> 5. , T'lu>u '*?' bardinlpa and! min.. L u .lhe c,ow,!|' t'lrcau-ned to 1 Lm J, "f 11 1? lw?y ?b?r.?T?r ho hivl vxiitiirtvl I ZZ''?eVrr* ,h' "?T-whcthrr I,ih, ooll-,^ 01 ,,m U . ,fkrr"'<1 0f at lb? turolopa of thti rtrr?t? I ' irr >,Mjrth " ?'th I hk Vrl.n J. ^ta-painfoi remerubraooea of ih,, b?ll; trat womrn wfco r-ad ^Ivtn up all hot? of bcm? luti.i lr*tVVhi. !n'' hl,n- p" hl,n. Pluvial him. 1 b;B arru when U),, tUoiiiln th?i ht? .t.h ibot-aurTrU, touahrd hi* ooat, auil utar.^t at h m with a wcBflrrinoDt lncrodibl.v rh^ p n- sty f-iooe wa* at tcotibca!^rm> il.andbiaall.infHotH serlima'y , t?a<platcd witbOrawlc* bitn fro ? tb" c onn of revelry ear , >n tu dao,?> lam told ibat om- of lb.' r",?rL.. ead.ra ol N. w Voik laalimo wmi up u> tue I'nnoo wbiln m J ?aliwir,f W,U| ? Willi whom he hi?l Jujced M iifd Hi? by tho arm. and re q? tPtod him to datice with b a .la. Kbti r A feBlk mao |U wall:u? iuu-rt. i ?1 ; ihe *'f'? ;N^W *?r*rr, ai.'i bold in jr tbe Prin-e'ii arm. liresnd hi* li|>?, pr<.ti?d>"1 his ohio, and arowlod "W'tiat r,.U^,,r:1o'U-"J ',k? cquirry e, jla ned that .t wpw the bright ?if rnnenrti; ti to-ich tbn irai' r 0f UsM " "? ^ metro ^ ' dillir.-a in o; .B;..n.'- Wbat ?u ii.r nw o clr uL; '' 1 ,k" "'<? -uld buy bm ?a3 into the pr.fc i ??? a TrP ? I do not My thut thii buor f. | r. Hu.i'O the true breedlr* of WnwYork.anv ttor.. 11 tbani.llor rerrrn u a n.v!U r ol ^q.,,1 '"5* _.N' lth<>.r I oraon# aere .-q .?| t . their re JT, Z TV T Hut h"p h? 1 >f the ball, nd I ?ul n -l foliow tar exam ole of me New Yo-k ne ?a i l"'n r???rr:' ?b" .a ur l>? Hut i will j a iiM Lish your pioi le ?.?raiii?t rt,;i- wt ' th? c?*tn ilo or "? PP-; .V-? Vck." Ibey underuxik t* K"t We ^lew lh<* *bum he re i!ir came t,. I Tb+y tifjwted bua lb?*tr hoiiPPK through a? -vd ' BI|Ch other rrticuloim t bit,** IhU 4,h?? I -,?>r.K f* ''"I1* dltrrD"'?-d t? tJavo oothiuf to do wiiiith.m >r..mfl-atu?la?be foil?w>i Ma.orW.KHl ; *.L..*.C.V ,' '1 ll" bin p|t*l|tifn a* ,b0 ?nl,^1 ((lT<,p? m i I i pcpdlatton 1! had b.*r,i r.; Toai.oy ? ' to bin Tr'l ? b"W lh'T ht,n *n,' "r to bim, aril b. .leunnuea tn prom iV the . xnererco of ! tbai . > ..tub to oo kure h. accepted th? iuv ui;,.b of t*o ! or tbi.t .iwr?ry n -ietiea, but aft^r h.g ex:wr eoce wild Mr. F.rria !,e^cd the Cebtusy Clm, aa or?anl*iti m of Burh p.. te. alou ai'd no rub.u.,t,a me, It ? k"',w bat is ere la bo euih bloji at a literary circle h?ro The Jciernaltrlf kbforb ol' tfer- !? or lltrr.ry ei, in ? ? pure Kmytblfjr la Bfcr.wy, awichy, Baahy, brvy, alitter.o* hew ^otkl ll ? a a ? *' 1 ba?? vo <li?p.Hlti,n to die parage \ew York OBintly but I an> 'down on" ita Benratioi pro. lirille*. ,* n,., Hr.tce. ar<i It i? b cauan he waa "dorfn or. ' th-m that be rno?t.'l 10 ibe Lalc^iy for two dreary tour*. arDiaud. iU|ftbe prt.vt?Miol<t?. The prurt-taioo, Ibnvgh hverai Oe< and qnr.r. and aa.naio( a .mrl mm, ,n<! udl .aa cow aodtbei), waatn t roo' daatbe tnultituda Uiat Blocked tbe imnn Ibroeab wbleli It paaaert I D<-vor be tell a. ch t. ikucw-. Klae 'adiea in line ntrnwee la di<a ni l mi line, oo tbe top* of o? nlhuae* *?d ih? ton* of bi itturl n otl cm, with Dtirtiof iiif?intn to ih?*,r ut lathi ra. with pyramuia of children upon their ?ik.n.c abfuidir* aiid brai!*, tuaidetia and I .v>*ra *U'i uauci.a without lover*, and lover* without Riatdena DKlaecrol) and q.ieer Tir.aed n e?, amok nt pioew, l.,u? Bf dkbort; boya beneatb the Ciaea, endeavoring t.r^aut Wat., a itjeeleo itump with a fall u p .rt e'e of a rork i rl an die* pnllli K the r.nill,.?t aod raol.'rat of Havanaa | r.f? md Urn admirer* of loi*. ootapialniaa tuat ibe , ae??oo\a bad crurbed tliolr Uni r toea with tLwatbed lett atlli an orderly mulftuile, Utoueh u.l*?d. everybody waa |ood natured, and many weie profaoe p me griinibled that the Prince did noi ilae o'tet,. r; but all cheered luatily wben CfLj* ""l*"" bl*pla'? faceaLd ucoovered h1* head, ? I leb la a* id to le tne coonk'rpart of Cenrf* tbe Ttlird'a n.? pr.a t-?? ,m ?rer two b<mr* pa-.irg h? the Kiftb avetiH- . kii i uurirg tbm Hme you may be aura ibere ware n.t*r.w hairbrradlb aea|.a of the hu ket men a Ire barged I* ir ptroirebmea rlgfctat ihe ip.-eUior? m me H'-'iL?."""11" M" "ruB1B?u?>< 'l?"t b arera am.nlr.1 w.o ik-m anniwr. ei. tjwb, aa hepaxaed, llluoiioaf d Ibe ^<.ule^,a ,r. '' ~ ' f **'" ,r,Un,*r baaow-1 rnnity cbnrcl* with h* prrr.-r. ?".Cf -at retire bad h eo g!?en < th a ai apwi... ? ??. i t.. .ll?ar ibe devel rf *?Cb a r.l gi?? lervor le*' arerM <4 policeMi ware aerraaary 1 1 ?iiara IU taia x a tv.u, wb.< h we have autbo. ity for ?a^!kr ll?a ? irh k ? lt<ni*? of (;od MU 1a lb. gnu ra Of Tr.nlty had rec?Tere.| Hi. * " ,i ' K * ? aniiff tewa i.,ai trnty were K> ? . 1 a -. .ai ? ? e? Ut, I a way to Tara-: ae, lhey brgan * " " - "iat ? ?i. ii t. l I , a prudent ana* *? " e Tbrr Maued t rketa. Thej ?\) Iliad 1* "?'! ,r? an i r?.| a rroat prw Tbey rack*? ii . r L. . . . r tt,i aacrrd prrgramnm Muate of them "?* u i?*y*r? <4 kkkkMta atio. Tbeaejum may J ' ?a a I t ha:kward up tbe a aie.ei ,y giving H ap - r vaatot aull .tebt ira nlbf There ? aa *n ?? ? Hi r .i I i 1 r m . r ..f to that prfodir.g the ball < 0 *l,! "?* to lb- eburcb ar.J let oa not i.?ra our bet- 11 I oa Hiilytaro pub .men ar? jr. aervira '''?'?bl atd i arrow |?tli, ael ererybt dy la trying to ? a k In it 7te reprea. cUtive of tfi Peter . aam ne* ,n.r l.'i'lr, we enter, 'rellry that we are tery lucky f?i b>*? . raibtr than ibe n>ia?eabie aloaera which a tbe p*op,? will rai ua a balf hour b< rce ITie ch irrb .* even |1 ti w ?.% e ? I 1. 1 attii tiw r ngiDg e.i ma bate an ! c tn aDlBxtlU tramp.rf fact By tb* kicdnea* M tbe i <11.1 al*a liaiiUel ti rnbtr of wrltu n pr. riaoiuioa for tbe i b ^.lilj koiftin '-X** i ti are furuiatKd. ibaoriignsaWoc, wbi have & m? rar'y in erJcr to ae- | cure ??aia, aie al.jw~l aaeitof eccl*aiaai,oal luaflk be 1 fore tta foil r?[Ml r,f ibeuay. Th . coira In tb. f .rm of an egbibltioo or two | raj ><r l?? <a latex dad for the 1 1 nee a ja w. bill banded about tor l. *|? tl 0 (*.e of 1 lbi?a I* a laige I ?.*?, bound IB red moro ?o and fbxteoed w nb a go.i cuap tb* o| wt ob to alaled in a I ti?i' run * t ,*/ rr to b?> $260 ? ? ? ? 11 *\ d ""btreb waedena prerada tbe ajgaat [*"* ''P 'be air e, the fi rmer ofllrla' perana Orw ring a TfK* '*rlr,C" ?"* ,t"' bea.1 nf tb* W, ?, o^c? ?Z :'"" ?nVr',.I.:,L0r'" ' ?*""? by him to 1 y , p'aeaa Tbet. every body look* at him w mucb ** they wail I to and tbej want to a great deal. Tb-n oome ill the v? airy f.^ly clergymen in white aurnl.ore ! r. . '^V. '"i" *h?lr wbito ; ?i meet .1 tbeajar. .and really 1 ?fan...'., pieaatnt female worab ;*r who 1 ' ' -* " '< the y . elegat l - Ut loe by IH. meata ft rget to aay tbat tba reporter* of I ' 4_'l' !?*!. r"|tt*",r'1 w ????" tbai tbeao atir j pi.<?r were Uie gift if 'a ptiua m<-mh?r of the eoogrrwa ! * 0"HM ?r of draig nation a..n,?wbat iteculiar ai-d r? i #rf?ir mijv c< n^lM?t?r/, r.hll W ii*" "? r,,Tl',r T*a tbay 1 ?Ii t^ i .'.i ff, it ip to of ?r ?u.'l Pa i it It- .a*e and areuraey with wbl-n tba t i e ?< rabipTtf* ft . ow tba pray?ra w in their hoa '>*? *'? '?* Pftaja, apewka v^iumni'ln' j ' . ? * '? V ' ,7' "?? ? ?? ?? > l,*' t '-r to?? aurtly aaear k*,< on tb.. buok OCR ltilSII MILITIA AM) TIIK I'RItfCt' OK walnk ffmn U-* M-tri'pnliUn R-mM | C'nr lrt?b Irlnw rlt r-n ? rMiH'H l? lb" of th* l i lt mrWM M lh? ><?? Voik St*io Mi t,* .'?<! ?ot turnmii'li TVi mi?t l??t la tt< r nf K <.fri'W (lb'- I 'tiw of W* r*J, In oh?4!t<w,* to ih*- rrKrof Urn* r?l Sn?lfW(l rlirrritg lb* military dt*t *? ? ninrtw-r o( mi|UM rttiirnt iniBv-rmi# f llutt lli* %td<t ?*? ' g lit * 11 Inlbin A n ?ttb? <i| th? lr'?b if lb* Finrt itlrlnni I mb'il 141 StMttfd*) ?vamt, "i .li, r f. v> , rb*M ' l??fWy Joir H? r?n *?* c*'!>n lo H.? ofcdr, 1 ?nd . , ?tti<? M WHIla artrd M *rT.rr|?'r lo* fo lowing rr? nt "10 oO ri l, ill tiatnd to 1 tiaViy narri#<t ? WktMl, ? t*H? ?? tl I* lb* ilnijr nf lor rwi -oaof tb ? I fftbrv; Ill ai* Itr Mm jgle for fr?ed<-ra In nt t?-r t%r !?. ?? m> I i> IN prof ?gal ? ii of r?pul>l?v?n i1nrtrtr<? an] h< ?? r?ad if rv?.bl?jan prlrr.p i* th nnytiont 16' flobr; ? m . 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It I* Br p> ritop i,f tt,r'r diitf ?o d '-n ( to IhM ?ibllitt th>m*"lTi( b<|irr ih? *? ? t. of * r> f?l ' b'uw, to wh'tn lb?> owr- not i,n( bat *!? rnsJtiomtft/. lh?t?ftr* b* ii KrW>lv?<1, Tlitt w <!?r- tr riMhl wrflwi befm* Mid >f ?p? of Wi n on 11m lit! mat., or *t MfeUxr tiirr o llM r\\f t<1 Sv V"? be f ? pr< r-nj IB | no ?boT* p?p? T ?'* r"Tf l?r?i ?} ?hitw hi Mrpi. >f OUr w*ijr '? ( ? ? 'I lr *l> *9,': '"?i who ?i?r ib*? b*r i>( ? ibi?",hw!tb l 1 >? 1*1*1*1 1? L??brr ?f ?BtT par* r> for 'f'? ?*'. U'*T u I *w wb| ihrT rli oWl IW "I -? ? ? r.i I" ?? ? part of ? *J?<"t*.l ? rrai t?r) for ? m-< n ii I r ?! n tl' ) ' ?** illii* f? I Kf tg of 1 '* !>?- *?! ?" ? ?*?? -?*?r b-?' ?< of r Vd ii ." P "pt*. bnt.oii U* t'*irir|t lit* iKir k ior 1 b* t^linn iif ti art cm op (nalN ?n?J mt/ub TIIB PKISCE OK WAI.ES !N THE UNITED BTAThB AND CANADA. , ! n m iLi' l/n ,i.u TelrgrapU, i?ct 3 | Tt>? ? Hi >qo? hah bo rt'uttuA i , ciiuplaiu ' f aoy Ikk of bcrt i"?ilty f Ihi ' *i .no*. l|i. h'?n beeo rn-d *u<t fttnUi U'ia Vt-ii an o Hi- re?*-mh uotof hi* rvveption In Ni-itt Scrtu a -I So ? l< - ut, a ? tr, prou uitlve oi li'illijtf of ui i; vd gra* itioo. * i tje loy alty of tin- two 1 ?' ?d ?*???? try aqnabblaa ,n Uphill K I ri ||(tio.? u, I'Tfun** UotWI'bMIu llDf ?.? u.. t.) no p.i*OAue<l , ul II i? to ?*k ?ard irutli iltfti i .rtlotal rtn ( ' i o t't tin? I rtoce ? f I ft? bi:"u m muiy m dinner* inairid bv .b" very bourikh au<1 utc ?il b*. bi-v.or ui a porti it of it.? Canadian Toe Ptii Co I'Ju hf-a oo more liaa ou? oooaaka mfH icandakt'ts!/ ti'.bbed. At ace p!a;e an iu (< rliiifUt lellow is said to bive n .i he.1 i! l>> tbe carriage abd rf moved bis K >y 1! 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'h' t".<y ivn ?/ .1 'i rt /Munrtl in We citut of tlu I krii i ' j > s if/ rabl ? vmtreut to ti >* m?de ?.* ulmti '< hull ? '? Urn tiu/ ? tg nit U / Ml *MrM<UA. Of < C I)r?"' >b" fi ? I ? TTHt?, . jp?? in he ?t; of C nfM win hi iH' " li,? '-'.M, u ?t IVtruit, 'it* rr.UMl rx.'-'ct Hi.1, h ? mui t ?- ?iu. ' ' 1 1? r-iiiuw(?d by Cremeu, a**.d luuitii, ?u.l . it .j. - - i ,i v h- i-Xjici.1 DKituM, vow tu - lo in. ? r.. .i nrive, t< ? 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"rio i> h riv a'l ih^i Vew Vork can hoaatof in Irtelleei , in *? ? m hi ?> ooainif retpeoto hiiity it th. l'ribtfl Of VaV* be n a jrouojf man nr ki. tak? biui lo t>i', b?? i'l (inUe ni^xl t> 4 noio ily at tin t hi ti.liMi f . ??? - ir i .".if ' ? ' (.ii limrt *li?ln, who ? 1 1 1 |ie??iin in n?itir ounnii1 di nutim1" of ?i ;h b?ir, h.? ? '?lb anj bin p,?K, mui iovi.m .u,t lau i tn i ol bid boot*, h k neka and Mr. "pv t?:" ^iii h? ? nice the bM be iirprefBi it with a loliii^ r.l t t itituile toward# Hit) lr> i- alio ? ullrbtenr I p >b wbo, Ii. it y an IlKy ri fird n i'turiby and ar 'y, wb >, ? * ii ao * t'ie bofMg* and ??eb thi- rupi-ri ttiey pay tu > r:r ur 'i.'et.i^ can jet mao'ully r?>m? u * .? r o and fxi l lo tbe y.*th ful po i of a foreign vove r?.if;tit th? p i *.y i^ wh' ?e -. '?ede- ' Ci 8eoi a tbey live rteriil> mindllM, t>'<' cordial anl gontri u* *elcrmr uot m ly i.f novpita.ue m u, but u o<lu rated grr.tlrneii ?lijr Politic*. OEhMAK DKMuthAI'It I'MilK JIKKTING, A l?rgv am rr.p*clabl< meetm, o: i*ern>?u uemocral. wan held at the Ox.jwr lotlllliu 03 fucii'lt X a?i*u>|r. IDo prowcdirp waro conducted in ,b?. tttrmau Uugu^^ Tho irecUr* wu* nailed t? order by \[r (iu.Ueua t/>w (r.k, Chairman of the fr o^a* mm! J?u, ...u Oural clatloo. Amrunl Br'mor t E?.| . .u appou.fc d Pr.Mdeoi, ard In ? ver? able iptffh ur^ed the B*Y"f ily ,>r i*tala lag I lie democratic Caloo tlrk*t Fifty ihru? V.,,. Pr-a?. .lent. and twenty two i^cretarie. were elected. 4 earlea tf rewlollon. .nffcrad by W. B.<a,a?, rfeoUrmr the un ?Jwrable u.olmioB of tba <>rta?.? yf it,? , ,t. ?r n?w York to buiWIu the I'nloQ t|. and p-eae: v.- th? IV, no by defeating the b'aclr republican p.rty at the poll* D No\imbrr, mt'o ui Biiiuioualy adopi< d. >v< ral <*atl? mro then ?p?ke 11 l?v r of the cl*uu? nf s. oafc.r <?HiK,?r and rt-iotctmiidrd I'im to tho .uppnrt of the <.. rnnti 1? r B??tlng afijnmuMl at a i*ie It >ur with cbterr for tbe denvr.r.r.v , D..iii<iaa aid tbr fnino ticket. INUBPlNPiKT UKMliCRiTIC UKNKRAI. t'd lHrTTKl. Tbm rotnmittfe n ot lait evening at So. 103 liowery, Mr . J. Riaer.hou-y , the Pre?ldcut, Id tbe chafe After the dl?p<?al of aomc routine huB!n> the .ab ject of pulling In nomination a ticket, to ha m*d? unfrnm liC*U<> ,u lfl" "*'J' ?*J>e UP lo' It vu *ial<"1 that the hid not he.-n entirely Po.itic ol the pirient nec'.ira, an.l u 1,1 .on the noroi nati .UK w.-re postponed ui.ltl Kr^?y erf-at;.* ae?t at eifbt o clock. Tli. tneelti>K then adjourned tbs i'kiom torch i.ioriT pki>?>^kion. "b^'Blaiid that ibe itrand lorcblighl pmcoBeion la 1 iiou.T the IT?1 ,aif- ment o( Uaritial Ky- .lor. an : a. a rot?drrabl? amount ol m..nav n.a*t be extend ed I moiakc it He imp.* o* ap-clade that the eltiieaa of Nra \ork looic for . we c*il upon our ntllzeux, and iwr tici ?rly the U m I'ctnn itte?, of wblnh Joanua J lloorr V, ' V ,h" M" ^ ? m">'?eul wbi-h la t.i>ii>alaied to iuick' atpirltof <-bthu?ia?n an I couli drt.?. IBU- the p ..pie of thla r,lty iL,| 4 hun ?r*dfol>i fOHkr than any public drni?u?tr.i>. n yei |lvcu at the t'io?.r l..?t;tuu. or ekaowb^e We ? l**,n U"1 M?f?hal wu CI. airman ol the l' aiDiiilte of Arraun n.cnla, appolntea by the Daioii lonnsitltu Ui pcrnil Ibe butiota* o' the I oiimi i.-m?o> f rail, r ? lb. (ooper Iwl.ti.te, a. d In tbat cp^;.,Tn. ' n.r if bt acd rrrenia) vervloe, aa rrertbrKfy who .?,D " hM been (etx rally ua der ? l<w..l l,y all da*< a .n Ibr r ly that tbe I'uV.n O. mm 11 tee 01 fliurn were u, irnt tb.- Ha.ihal in (ettmit up the f.r.'|*.#r.? torrhl,*bl pron?(Hoo , and that tbe Mar?hal b m Sit -a; b", v"*hi r,,"? wub ' t^.irf, ai d tlx r.! te nut e the ordeia for tbe L'. .B??ry pr. j arati' 1 a In Tl?? of |b? affair. ? Ir,?' ,'r'* rtnl hB? h?.n Bppropr lhJ4i ?"J 'hrv U?w rufca., to d? r ?ll ? .i ! * """J wh" ""fir S? tl?r? to Ifcal e. n> Bit 1 tee exerted ih?! a porlKm of the ^ ?PW'Pr.ate.l to the nor, we, .f the pro ct??m fine* ib? /efuaa! ?( tbe cii? rmaa, Ooaever wo d?V "ual rirrlS* ^ U' r %dv*r,[, l? "???<"?? of r~W r?^' I !. "* ^ "f ?.rieeo, ??! m of the laraod U.rahal, abrre all ffleera of rluha ar.d araciati .aa h 4 1 wambled r Ihe purpo*. Of makl?K ar>ar(-m<nli f.,r the lorrb !r"?w?l"n. ?iid there olfer.d a reaotatt ?* thai a retire, rft.mir, ?r .me ,.,My ,I1Ml ? ?h. u.d e ap ?i r led t> r. |l?ct fonda to j?? h I i lefrayin* ,b8 -tbrr p.., ,^'.7 r?i IH .?> the camp* igti Mr S)our , r?q 1 w.*i m .? icitue of twtaty taotr, , .d t* ratitli 1 K toTb^iS ?;C Mh '.the .r.^.Man y rat.f rt, b.TB ie <?' r? . ,? n pr..t , . ,, r::;,^."ak ,u ior ,r,ti'd ** - ^ ^ ??"<?? Ol hl\Mub*i pr?|o*..i U It W. old 1. U>. a.eaiia ,4 1U(. ?mi ir to the Un.l? of |tt Vw? ?t, i >? Bilitr. lun.ctenl peeakltry aM to carry out the r i.hjeoui At RiOKClale a.<t :a urrnuwi . we ca 1 in n tlx I nion iu 'vt>" . ih* h4'"'? a ? * ?? ?" City lnl?l| Igrnr*. BtLAinw. .r ti.k Saw Von* irrt P<a.r 0?r <Ujt . roe * Btranrer from tbe tte, .,r pul Atraea Hotel ard ?r..Wi two note. v> two nf bm rrtmdt ooe reBidm, I. We,, r rty r?b .lr.?. ?M utK r paat(ilM' lb w?t .V .icier 11 lb .Leat. rtmc Wt,m ^ lh, ut* ceat Btaaip, ?d were placed la tbe r rvwr,^l.. P?4lbo?. tlr.e Of tfeeae gniea react tta le.tluat,.n 10 exaetlyUdMyoae boar. afW 4, w. tbV 4ep.?lt?<l m beeirert^ wh,V lh^. ,rtaol1.*m,.eU arer * ,T ^..r^ 7, "inh "r ? ,e" *b(, bare baeo ^ Bairmw Abmm.1^ .????>?. tbe ?roraal who aactnded iD tho balloos ?ur on Tsertay, l0 the T,. rinlty of White r*U'r?, deaeetidad, a'ter a trip >iamarre.i .V4 ,"c'<,r?,? " r * A*nnt*Baar or twi 1*,? 9v.wa -Tba nal U-*ira IrBtero ty i-e'et. rated tbtlr flr.t ana Te?ar* yeater<ay , by an aaarmbl^e at ibe;r ha I and a Imu.. -J* later Ib tba e?a,Ki i?. r. ,,h ^,nf ,fw 1 lTea?.?Bt bad made a fb? appmpr ale rea,,^,. ltM. ? ?be flowed fbe^ Wlw vfr7*, K^-r/.'rr r;v - - 2s s? stttiwr :x arjzz;* ininot 19 Ijiijrr.Tos Arr?r?? Nr 0?rle? *"B *" T?f?n.wa?.e- lejrato,!., ?fl. rn^?. av,0t r?ne .'elock. U, attend the ^arale .t .r.'i'Tr.rr: L", *r lhr,"D f"?? h" bm . e?? rtL .1 Oarvmut huhui m t? boi?* ?"i"r?t tip* 4. tbe body >ir? ia Ni^th Atoti ? Vtweea two and ibree .'?lo< M yeetarta y itinrtlKf a ir? broke le tbe Baaocuf 'iri Irarre bulldinf Vo ."Ml Nintb ?r?noe Th" flame* ?p.,* ? " No (41. I.waed by Jadg? F >n U, and ooHQpted f iNrr arwd a itniUi aa a carpeBtee iiiy \/im uo Ma and t?o'? (bout I ISO oebu.Jdng atvnit 1100 Tb* 'j? * By No ?fi, ow?e?i ard t?r<ipie>l br p a Rroia u' tbarbV i? ?t lei n aeiifaeUTj , waa alubti. a.??1 b* a Bored for lino i? ?>e Kutfr* loe ireo<-<* n.rut* ? o*#.,n btiM'ajt Ho Ml will he ?boot r a-, the Bmroaed 10 bar* baen tba work of an p tc?a Imrf flr* * ?*n"r* iMMiiait^ Trri f A. Krn?w Caai_nee . "?"1 "??>Dca fraud, n swoacor * ih^T " "" *' h^? K A. Kinraian wa. ^nt,n ^ Jeflerroa Market Pol lea (>,0r, fc. . ' !???*?? Vo? o' the liar waa CHi.umed 1, ' nD"B?!> 'f ?be WltOaaOf B the pr,w^ ' "wn,nM,?* . ' "rp ' t^?BuTJr ' 'rroborattar J. ka H I J e 1 ' , Vice l'rea<i>M , . ? ^ if lh? aflalf '?t pan; , war rrua? 1 ?am e ' ur " :IhbI Inaarano* b'w ?ae i?i?? p. i>?,' r r.T .T *lh bolblnn wb. re?a 1. , BM ?ut? l th, ABlba. , the ?l???d..ra, t > o i,.? r fiah f tiBBo ,,0 t 4 7 ral h*rr?kl MM b? r'tt? rf to 'ia than y oa".*""3" b? d?oteora4 to * iir*M< < Bite r tae 1 _ ? n- '? r "f other la. ? u 7*. .fit,-, , ?? ?< >?" ' ?* NknM oioiAinf. n reat: me I Bga.a on

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