Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1860 Page 4
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THE PRINCt DOWN EAST. rnulaitd in ||u? Embraces of New Eu?ln|ul. >I?leudid Military lte>iev and ceut Hall in BtMon. Tbe trooked Strrels of thut City Crauuued wilii Bewildered People " YANKEE DOODLE C'JME TO TOWN." THE R?0 CUATS OH THE COMMON GRAND MILITARY PAGEANT. The Prince Reviews 2,500 Troops on Boston tiommon. THIRTY THOUSAND SPECTATORS PRESENT interesting Interview Between the Prince and the Last Survivor of the Battle of Bunker Hill W li?t the l'ort lander* Have l)?ne and are Doiii%. Til E UOYA L !?' i? i<: n. r . T!i? Grind Ball of ih' Solid Men and Splendid Women of Portland to the Offlrrn of the Squadron. TDE ROYAL OVATIONS DRAWING TO .1 CLOSE. two nouns an k tiFuin. Tulal Ce*l of ihf Trip troai Si. via Chkago lu Portland, 42.000,090. nlue of the Trip to Kutilund Alone. $'^00,000,000. Arrangements for the Prince's De parture on Saturday. ???? 71 *C. THE PRIHCE OF WALE8 IN BOSrON. A DOOBLE EXCITEMENT. Boaro?, Oct 18, 1S00 I* ?oo. the city of c w path* and Revolutionary reml B <c?'T . - 4nTt. ?ilh , d0al)|e CI, llumeo, Mi ?b" l*i 'tee divided t'w public euMoalty with the & 'I Ai.d Krercl; demonstration Kept wide awake If tbe republican j ?ra le of Uie nl*fcl bctirt, B>st?,, ?e-mtd laat night a? If It rould uerer r. st a -aln Tin Mroett were < ruwded an I blockaded w!tb people, and all ?>r'.* cf cheer* uri all acrUs of mr?ic made oi ht aid *b.- *rh m.mtet; ildeoua or, ju,t u, Cboa* to take it, the IIkka; n dtjipau-i, Df ye* tor da/ ??ft the I'riLco aaujly euc?uced in hla hot >1 Md ?rier partaking of a ?*^ntfl.'e?t dmcer * ro>41 l^y determined to ?peefl the even to* quiet y at b.>mo aud go VoUtep early, if the pea f>!? would let then Bathe people wouldn't If there bad been wot tee Stamp Ast to nwnt, more iniepcn It?* t> pa:n, and a ntw tfeventy Si* to be"feugbt*nd bled and flisd through, there canid bare been no uiire nntae and tomliiaioti. no nior* drumming and fifing, no m re train l?T?arch,n,aed Vark,* Idling, ,Ub lheMw? U? Br niu# Tec crowd wbieb received ibe friar* at U?< l.otcl had hardly dl.^rr-i before It rcMM?*M In neb 'wg'ly aii|Kniti.i number* thai It aeeii.jd aa II peraoa Lu only departed to return Kith a body of B'w recruit* rireworki, tltumioationa and traoa I "enciet made tr ci- of tbe atreeta a* 'igbt aa day Tbe poopie. turning out In a I direction. ||ned ? ? Mrem.caeh corner aiming a* !f a t the po,>ul tlon hat *atb. red there, anil left tbe remaining parti., a of Ilia ellr ??oa?t Boeton. whlak, large aa u If. loi|<o'iaBt a? it 1* MJ T('?'r?b,c M " really look, b;.- dayiigut on'y lik* aii ixnnued t^wo, .einifd quite me tr Jtoi'tio. and wou d not bare tw,n raoogWaatf by it* iahabitaat, e*<v-pi by im rr?*M ,tr,-?ta; and to to all tk? ?*?:, paahtag tt* way thro igb tlie tr.-wl, ?uu ?^-n.:a# fmn lu kumbera a raa l pepjiatwo la It' ?*". the i .ll and Krerett j.r.*9*l >a Waa^ alar? a n. 1 a *s?re ef clcred li^ht* ibe Priaoa asd bit paty, atauding tt tbelr | I >nt wtcditwi tt iho H-Tfre n? lie wbol." dKfiif. There ni oat mi:rh egclleniitt, at i j It iheerlng before lb* proc?a*U,a appeared, Cut l.t crowd ??? worth |> ? >k it>jr at, ?ni tb? I*rtn<w lm?tl II lb* cr?iwi By u<i by tbe I'mlou bid 9 mi-tlt. l( b-llrf to <>bierre, for tba MmiUlftra run* > t#rh t>g up Ibe Mint, ipMlMf, ?1tk tL?Mr Iti.wma, I It irnopa oi i . <ini* tor an luteal mm f .i t <? tw.Jtftcy , U"l, uthka 1> oaltnually e* vi % j. a i thai thi-j t *.l f md Mm?' ? ne two. thre?, f- itr, irt, lis, acttu, t tgbt, tit*"? In tb? pt'raoa of J >t>? U , the public arrr <2utra-.trd. Thai* waa lha Pr^ce, ? 1 1 ife< r*#vM 114 (??< ??mm; but ?? the Pnaoe ?.i? as fir a* ite crvwd ?*< c none I, uviivi fVlrtra, la <)? i finm tM 't ? cM, tbe puo..c it ? ? l l iluot tlll.ff i'.rn? aoj lb* l\ ;ece, Itke nv>? ? H|tirB>g,MI ?< <1 the rrow 1 ;? the ?trr?r lb?y rtM in aalil ratk acd dv tbe r? t r . i > i.e flare of Ibe Brawi rka |!rl> g U>* wht/lc ?vb? a f ei< it'i?nr?? tadrernbaMa *bt? tb? r>val ptrty n M a?e thought ?* \ '.Irplay to uorel, erea '? thi? C of ckcttna <!? ^ouitratlODg, w? raoa it till *?<it I ? , ccaatoo, the flit 'ar <??<" "f lb!? rb?-?eter wtaie* fi tf ' *1 an npj' it t.ij to rer aai .-eiUluly one of the f -M itf klttbN la Maw Yart Uut our ?Nii'vi ia | a t\" <Ml with U<!r flrw T*'-hlnre, In ?"fcHad i|*bia b? ? ? t gr at ud< 'f.' i I cr ? J celebrating a gr?aV ? * *] ber*h*a toi?- 1 lha p""-^ MIMdiafto Um , 1 1* Pirort.n Btk.rg depattar-st, ta tU'lr ova 1 t. ?rt, ialt *rUita?y , ha f (lrt-irfi a'yto Fir?l rant> a lor | ?e of white . :?ak?d biew at?n. ?o a .-.if ana ihtt ?? V l dt red vherr ?o ?*oy b?'??a *??ild h^rs been pro r rN Tbm. C"?.?ai. jr after uiaipaay . Mt iaad tb? Mrlt ? "rf tt? ac t tbe n. :mw> B?n , vttb t-?. h?a of ait ?u?? ? 1 fVm.ptmrr? Plata, ?rBami6>??, wall ahapri, C of i, rartafato^, t*ot? rnrd, traar;?rati-?ia l( tnmt | '<<i !.ad tibaottad hi nor If la tavrMing J 1rr<>Dt rarta t tot t< rrfcw acd tt? KiButc ?? wrra cr, .)'ag tba rt p ? if ba labor* maairg Ilka lani(?, 'i?*i ,o* lika c- r t?, d Irkarlag Mko eaaltra, ah.amg la Umli*tao<? (uc *-ar?, cam# tba torrbra.aaJ bforatb tba.r coatt t . nit Ktrraa of light waiki I tbe I'atoB wn of R a no. Of .taunt, and *11 tba litth? tcwroa aoaUrrvd b?*?ahouta f, vfrv* to ? bow to Bf? H? 1-trtia it aa he Inn to vh'aila or to ba aa tir, without tryiog But 1 1 > *iikr? IM| me alao, thai tliey are m* upon I .a, aod ooe would hara l?ag.o?l that nairaraal J ?t. -drm waa bar teg a try at U??*a laatriaenld UMt ? . .t *?*ta ? Yanke* rmodte" p?ayi?I, ?" |*i ??** making g?r.era'ly If wr bad daiermlae l to a 1"pt aad t ?t. practiral tb< CtleeM methyl of defaallag tftt nt+mj. ft>a tba Tartar to tb?? M<w>a I* tourer, by A lt of iok, tba mnatciaoa la?t n ght would maka oar tr wt e?<!ie?t told. ere Po<-h awelliaf of rbaaka ftot htmnTiag trf tlrvm h?ada waa aevtr hr?rd Irti rt tr ea opg?. a gmaral tralatag day, and at a ? graat datl Krery <ooa la a wbtle, break'ng the noatoal uigte nf m, aun t>. r beia. ca?e a braaa haad. which halw to frnat of vtt botal, ard IhT tbe ?>trmn. attrrUg ttramt 4 ? .| Ha tt the Qvea" ???ihNt aweotiy ap'A tbe a ght <\ ? "k a hand clan i"* ?? folia ??* oaawnaiihtT| | ?d that at! the crowd wet' mapnaed of loyal Rag I >, \ r-ert aid he ao<iM hare uaderrirad iu . ?w ag tba iloirar Ka("*b otelndr ca?? the qwta* \ th. c-o-d ? tLarb iCd ,0 ln rupooM to hearty abi"0*0 v;,athe ?^-,n *?" ix<< re? aud the ? , ?? rma out "I*00 finely piajed ** and tbM.MU r* p""i ?*?'????? '?'?"*? "" , ov r oorr?t? ^ f ,ndM m tb. rartMy r.T.r " i^-'o ,r,.t or tbe proo?.t? b?* pawed, and th. j Pr'DPt* bad ret .rid to re?, U- ^tor.o. did not ce..^ C. DM ^ r^turulng from th. parade .topped to j f( .,?ju nod to rtoier "Renlrnw," na th ?y call bun, , .cd untd 1*0 o'MMk tb.. mo.ulng the ahctriDg and Uetircoale. were repeated at interval*, by larger or m aller partlea Fretted by thi. mainlieeot l.'oton de t./ju?tr?t;on, the people abowed mow cordiality toward! tue 1'inco than at the ? " in tbo afwruoun. Few ,,WlU reason* why, ju.t u few tw.MOS Inquired the motive ol any mere Iwliay h ' 1 n?l "?** * ,.,-h a token and ?* pledge of the fcrea; ?* ?1 tbo per v ancoc* of th,. repair ' the ^ trxllnnl to forget o d > u, = nd the vicia ?,neuiUL, tteO - nke- HiU and Cbarl-low^ Crowd, o't t o?f. tiw?y andunooMCioualy.aad J a ptalW*o?tu^.y fid uoUho Boston crowd lut ntSht> THE CITY IN THE MOUNINC. Bi?ton awoke late ThurtiUy morning, after tor d!?i PrtHM tor tb* !tft few nlgbtr.and awoke to a boUday Tbe bank . ?d public ?chocU,a? wetl a, the publ.oofflc*. w<re clced, and many .tor* followed tbe example ?> ?U.e oYkck a .ma,: crowd g.thmod IU ** * ? Pt rere Ektel. a, d thU gradually merged unt tbe whole Mr el w a. filled. Squad. * Policemen wcredrawu ?p before th. Clly Hall, and crowd, gathered to look a thete raJ eur'atllM. H-*to" Common-never ap !<arlDF m? -? pliant th^ ?????" ?' ? ?MbiaJ UTr th.otg.d w.tb mi.u -u-d w . ru^a .a holiday garb. ; ? n mitUeia- n of bU forU dwbed about lh? fc.reelfc Vnor bualnr** of vital Imp ir-snoe. and lh) eeulle u?'t wtc I ue charge ol the ball Rathered at lh,- tneatro I rfpi. thecxpecU'd aUarW ol vhoes Mportor. who rto^ bir0dWloo, at tbe dccoralloo. the oi,^. ted atuc, 1 ?*, (t*. made un 1 wa? dtf^Ved. In va u tbo local r. I^n" i, . tied and l eaded, while lUeir ??tr opeliUB Mtlrerflfi , b, raw fair play -We don', wax, aayre. ! .,mj m the paper.," falrt occ of the committee men, j !. ?t ,e Uav ? buccv ujbtd to the wwb.i of tbe public by I o,T pg ,cu ?? cut. for the ball Wait till Hfbt ^d g^l i L 4 rt. That wa. an unar> ?rabto urg.mea , ic.j bchMft co?ticui<iy worked, like tbe l?f ,U r " asr!M'a?' d II .^n y Kr. Secret .r^Olapp. ? nM? who d<x sail tl.e g'?od be can m a ?****{?** -1 the atfalr ard Old the b-Hi he cool! for tha ' w^fhU ol the | < . , but eycu his cfl, ru -ere almntt use I U J atid ac rcporu r. Indlgnattly retlrol ???*?** tbe (,W:tKtn -nw- morrow, d..ubtlc"? , Not ooly tree mmltU* and the ba.1 manager., but . lii fact. every ece In Boatun, rei ned to 'oe bu?y aid to ! i ?ts ioxetbtrg upon oifmm.t. A? ihe morning gre? Older and tbo i't gat *u? di.|*f<K-d what le. Uoa ? je ' rexa.oed in the iky, th ? crowd. wbic? 1 nr^t. could only b- r-unt-d by teot of *?txa * I'our'iu Into tbe e ty from all. direction., b. ar, au . wrrtogM, 'torn .ub.rbaa v?l ?fM ?"J I from dUtant ?I?.W, tbe people ? ,?n In tie itrert you met tbe Ho? John Cauifia at; i w him Uartmr, the Fr.-ac , 1 remlsr of th beo'gbted prormoe. Boiler, the tbcutrloal Mayor I of Mi ul real, If a! > on baud, other Cwaduu,, *l" , hare arrla'td to Uk? a lea?? in the manner t". re I ? Princo without .erTllHy and without canfaaion .?i d.? o.d<r Amtrlian noUble. won al?? on Tlew m nam b< too numiroo. to mentl ?n, and w<re a met al ^ tb b; t. ? ^1.: >' ' ?- ? ?"'^-r^- *\ ; troop gatherer by 0B?i?alea fo> me revU-w , ca< b mm nhowrd tlmt he apprcc' .U l the fact 1STERVIEW OF TIIR PRINCE WITH RALPH KAKNHAM Rr appolntmrnt I^l.'h Karctiam . the Revolutionary veUran bvJ au lnurv>w with the Prince thi. m -rnirg Th ? n V?u ? ??> eery f .rd at. The Lake of Sowc^tle. ?h< ., W.ib m'wt rt tbeaulte, wa. pwut, ^lb' f ,0f sn 1( bo law Burgoyue when be fu'r.-ndered. id,.ng ??Vov, ruber bad b .n there " Tbe old ?,.U? ^ re market *jrhoi'klU.g;> , that h' ?^l.aa.d tapra.^ . ? 1 rinre he h. ?an to Tear that U? l?opl" were t ..nlng loyeUfi. Tht* ar.t Mr. Van.v^'s manner ellelte<1 much rtl ; in which the prlnc The Prince then L ?t f pen ard ,uk and eachatgrd aut^pM with hi. Tlt ur-mr of the men who hat ?u>od bofore UrH .h anl dicr. in 1TT6. In a marucr and with a bevtng ? dlf f?r, 1 1 from that with whirt he r- cetred the 1 r.uee. Sli? w,Ui lfcu ai.i. and gi.ardin.en of He ru t? ?b- moraux Mr Farn k,?|Mk. of the rtervKw with the gwateM r???. ?. i .ay. that he w aaed to rhow the boy and hi. ?o..llw? th.l he bore no anger for old limt. TW old man repre ?cnM tbe wtneral feeling- .... T II wttbin the larl three mouth, the Am'rlean pub and mm be role and llfWt .-rus.-gie.of tbe u> , f1i.| ?.. of mem' In our mint Mh. rn^rt I u,- .l?^r. of tb. IVeiaratioa of III % urnham. who I. tbe only wrriror of tno battle ol | B. inker Hill c. w left of the (alias! ban t who so aobly r ?>?. tJ 11 c OTcrpoworiDf trior If of tho Brttttb toldtory in tfcat memorable rtruyfle, bu bee a spared to ? (nod olu ?gr. b?T.rg rtrtilly attftloc-d In* 104th year Mr Fan.hara. ? to lu iaa; boon Introduoel to the f*r.u-? of \?al?-i In Boet'n, waa born at Milton M l!a, New H*v>i*tire, oti July 7, 1T&0 I! j tail bl;il.n?\ ??t o .tiriliil at ttiat p!a?e by tbe of * |un fur ?v?ry j<ar tbe rcltran li*d attained, br a Jta Mr ?prrcf.*, ?' '? ,b'' r,'t*l bonora of patriotic da c t ?tr*?v: .? i l< j. Jri it tii.a J jiff tbe publl: wort ?ppl -rd <?( tbe i xt'UM'P an i<( liiem of tbta time t.onor ed viteian br li?? be?n flooded with rullcr*. aj.l letter* It. n | > in ra d?*lrou* of obtaining htf> autograph. or who ? i t.i i 1 Jin _ f t 'I ? "C .en ;ug rutouB matter! cm nttled with tht Revolution, of which they suppoae he ba* ? r<(?iat Miiliwrc ?i.d recoil* -Hon lie roceirc* nil | tia v l*1te?? cou?t*?m?ly an. I kindly, readily reply !?? lo all tb''lr qncrtlon* fie rr itca anecdolea I of Wiublcgtra and General i'uvnara, the hero of Bunker II. I, as! other leader* of tha lie* bora republic Of W**ii*|rton he *ay*, with truth, hr ?a? "a Cne m?," ?ni wiib ?a<1 truth that "there are ! er ?> rh nrn a* Waah'rylrn !l<rtii* lu thMw daya." da r*\ ? o' i'fitii*oi ikal "lie *** a f ?h old f.'Ilow, bat a* ;>ra\e at a I n. art) I -ared nothing n?r anybody." Af'e- Buiker tl.l! ttio vc.-erabia Ka!|>h *errad la three ci j ?? i?, t'urlrg Ihe year* 1 77? . 1178 and 1777, aid in IX> he leti'el la the rlllafe where t.-bi atlllro ' 't He wa* th? flrat pettier In th- place, ? b ?? u.. n an mmeoae "foreat wild," ab inn J lag la ft. io aeima a and remote fVotr ctvilm*d oommtn;tlea He r?? d?d In tb'? "d?*ol?te place" for four yeart, wl> n l.e at lerglh bro-'gbi horn* a wife lo direr Ma !? ne <<** Hi wife praarntad blot with tti'M htidrra, whom fi*ir at'.tl nrvlve, an J it ia with ?t, f tticni I ? ^ooort *>n. John, that patriarchal Ti-trraa of Bui Wrr Hill now dwelia. Tbe old warrior la ?till ? gorou*. it ! d But ?rem netr so old aa he really t He eb?err? ? n gular hablta, gr at to reat at tevea P. M ?? I rlttof at (Ire A II He eata heartily, rtept firmly aed ?cnr.:iy, aad mar yet lira many year* and nrtin mttiii na of b.a ooteaiporartea of the prraeat (riuraiioa He ba/ beeo a moaber of the Baptiat per ?nation for t^bly yrart He spend* much of hit t m? r?a.. .ti(r the ?crtpl?rr? ? iU> a patr of rpeetaelra formerlr tt' pro prrly of lii* maternal aaceawr, and now 190 year* oW H.' r* ii all bta facnlll** perfnetly. eroept hi* be*' rr. *bt<b la ? (htlr Jofectlre. What wet bar* be?B the rr ; ? ct''o* n' the frtoee durlag bta Inter* ew ! wtth th * rcr.rta'jle mat I/el U>e bum rayly. r r^yal parly, afltr Mr larnham'* Tlatt, were tub )? trd l > tb? oijw-*i a* nf ? Nrw York photngrapher, ?b" had e'tvtet a I' mpor-xry yallery In th* botrl. an l ftti" on at llie 1'itniV* a\ tulioo. V1FIT TO THE STATE HOrSE. Thrr then dre?ed and ita-ted for the retlaw Tbe 9 ale Hrsao mi erowded wtth people, axeapt la th* l? accil tha*ber, wiiera the Prlaoa waa laiaKdlaMy take*. Tbe room waa bat laoawly beooraked wtth Am* riran aad Itegitak rongn, ar.d with the worda -"Maaaa chua*?? faltrd State*? Eoglaad " Old colaakal char ten aad record* lay on tbe Noerraor'* table Th * rrtaoa waa ber* recclrad by Sortmor RaaW*. who rtu la Ui* foi towing brief a.idrcaa ? It la wit* (real i<leaaar* limit t weirn** your Hi*'ia"?* I" ihe Ommorwra th of Mtfrarh, eetla, and etl<nd In yonlb?m i*t "ord al (rrelma* "I tl* people The- bara r??ariled Vltb pro^wad frati?caliia y<iar*t*ui tan c nitr nt, ?n aaeplcl- na la Ita ap-aie* an fortnnate la t* i wr.-*?, and ??"?< Itrgreato ?ay, ao nrar tu tr m i * I r Be aaaared, *lt . yon will bear *r!1h mm tu? unite ? *tv* :4 tbe pwrir "f Ma?*aeAaoe?M for ?%> re lam |o yaat Iriaada at>d yoat uoanlrr. lu wtm ? *'* * t> i ,?"| by ao k?*bt i o' lanf .at* law aa-i ' ?rty I it*"- b*t? t bid ?<ki 'r'etaaa t wa?nm?? *''*> unMgned pleMure the dUttaful** tad toporabie r^ if a your ?uile. Permit me to prtteat to ?f ?nu iau* m the exeoutiT* department of the govern bis Honor the LleutenectGorernor, the of the Esxutive Council and the Secretary of State The Prtioe bowed hli Mknowledgment., end ?? tn?n conducted through the State Houie, the crowd cfceer'ng him as he pund from room to room. The party then mtunted for the review Ths Ancient and Honorable Artillery, of which corps the Pr'.noe I father is an honorary uiomber, escorted the city actuor tiea to the rerlew ?n* .rand review being or.r, the Prince ?? induct ed back to the State Houee, and partook of * very collation The lUyor, Uy> City Committee, the Supreme Court Judge., Hon.. Charlee Sumner, Henry WlUoo. UmuelSbaw, Edward ETerttt, Hannibal Penntaoo, of Ohio, Com Hadeon, lHJorJArnold, ItofMW Felton and a few other* comprl?ed the compan; toasts were drunk or speeches made, ami ha: - > ? * jr WBS Bikld' . I At the conclusion or the oollatloo the process >omor ofl from the Common, and the crowd- toe greateet bm- ( ZnZf aaw-ruahrf after them through the crooked streets, completely blockading the thoroughfare THE MILITARY PAOEANT. | The City of Boaton-wa. the aceau today of one c* | the largest and grandest military diiplay. ^ i haJ , u.0 British army bivouacked there Early u? 8 lDj the air refunded with martial muilc. a??mpaiiyla? | to participate 10 the great military psc-?? of Ul ^ i The city wu crowded with .trangc?i m w ! crammed to IU utmorf, and It we. deemed u??? pm Jeg. to getaroom ta.the sixth .for, the public house.. Early m the morning the *7 wa. ! overcast and a thick ft* prevailed; It ??" ' | gioomv aspect and many of thoae who esteem weather wise prognosticated the early approach o a ru ! atoim; but by niuo o'clock A M , a. the Ute. would hare i ,t. "Old sol" sc*n dispeucd the clouds, a?l cast his r? I fu'gent rays la full forte oe fer.-a /m?, and ?^?olallj ' 1 tte "hub of the unireise"? the city of Bostoo The military division line ? formed on ?i.wmul i are I cue ll.a 'ght of the brigade resting on ,lrcc' tie right of the Second brigade .eating on Co.oor* i lrt.,' southward Shortly after n?n the I diVsloo ua, rr rwte for the parn.le ?rouud_B^oc ' comfi. ^? i'?r?ll>' head of the column rwched aboot i ball ! .at tw, IT*. The troops entared the parade grouc it | irrn. Ifimci t street, asd ibcncc t ? point opportta the oK r? ti/r( t tl'.arch iuto th. roped enclcure ?rr?n? ? COMkM The MM tint o;-?'ne'l to the spectator as tl'-e C.r. o. . from ilmoat aty point to lw I , l n..t ' . as t.uly grand. Tb- Laic cie. of tb *>??? b0. f,.s rB,? -t et. Beacov. str ? t. attd Tr??.?nt street j mth ttc fs.r lat i oi the .-eni: re i Tuc B nccn "troct ma.., t>? -big ^ ??d' ' 1 *?* ?(t , or a 1 to tlifr r ? tary, w<r ? crowd 1 wiUi I. bi iui- cut:, t v. as . .t 'iat t titat not I is U?au >? t , lnOi ?' ? i' TLe 1 . t of the in1 c:.M?u, ?'t'T It catertd th? CVoib.u, contiuiied its aarch the IVme a street s,ie.r?.-a.rK a, arfc at tu. r ? ,fCUrl?rtrx? it, r e ufctil U ncarty eethed Bi : :*?-?? elrCl > * ? - ,n la ' d Tt. left of Mm ? rette.1 at a po^t op it- State Ho ??. the Ji?Ui ?? jrraUig a right aig.e, i;, 1 c ariy three fourths of a :n'i. in ie.^ta There were. interval* !*twe? the dine *?t battalion*, but B?l art r ti.ur prewrlbed for :u milttary regulation! Thf Bc?ton Cad Hs, h umber lag over cue huadrel meo ei. fU)tiy uniformed In cidet K ray clot h amis, trlttieJ ! , ia si'?rlet , and wearing th? F/ cfcaj-au. wltu red I plwrtf lookt 1 the U-a? ideai of to.d'.ery , and arter the d: t?i' n reatbrdthe Comtao. nev countarmarenad and p. , <? rded.acpompaclel oy th- BrigaJ-s b*nd,tothe8ta< Hm se. where they acUd a- a guard of honor to the p.-.uco of Waiea. ap ..on ^ the tr.wpa wer farmed .a rev;e? ord -r th It. * t ? ?u lJtcerr, over one h-r. lred -.trong, prored.-d W> ib. fU'*er?> Hoosu to r*cort Ms U r*' Hlghne* th? Prlure of t the Slate Houfee On reach og that ; .ace they li. w u|> ia hue fat ing to the hotel, and in a f*w minute, the royai g... it and suite, the a. :tary port'* of ?h;ch, with th* I'rmco* if,appaa:ed In fuU untl^rm His ?, ; ?.?nr. was the signal for a ep-ataneoua -,ut?.ur? of and an Inr- sKant warn f of ban lkerciilifs f,rm ihe thouAnds of ifKCtators as^mMed to grtrt tha scion of f-agland s ooble Cfueen The 1'riLce wal n...unted oo the celebrate! horsa "?kck rrltce. cwotd by Col T 3. Lsmrenee The 1 ti'.:i'?euls, which were maau!acture>l expf^sly for l.ii I usr.'wire of tb- rlehest and noat gorpeous style. The r? o is of quilted tmeaikta. oovercd with blue allk val T t a, i b< und with gold. The bouslnga are atao of blue ? in ??lvrt, racod ?ltb gold iac?. t?1<ed with bca y gilt I. ,e and b<, < aeh crm r oT the h-uitng beari the I orbis Ro,al Uighceas .n gold Tba bol.teri were ' I,f t. I e velvet, laced with *old lace edge! with fringe an 1 beading of gold, the socket. t ppW *Uh V** Ths ! brt a> i plate Is cf velvet, boual with gold, w.tb gol | uitMu galc rings, and a cealre pltce on is the go?l r, it ef ibr Prince Tne bridle lr of P*fM '^her, with I t, W ^u^klc? rear a?d frtwt band of blue relvet, edged , th gold fringe B-*ettes of T. IT.I edgel with gold, and bwrteg the cr, -t of the !*rin?. are placed on cither side, aud a similar roaette is on the centra Tne btu are ofgolu.of the military pattern , and the buaaos oa them arc of gold, with crcrt la the centre The whole forming the most sp'endtd ?et ot horae ?,u pmeaU orer eeea la this city. The eqni;m' ui? oo ?*jor Rroee l borne irt th? Mine u tee Prince. cieepl that the erect aul triage were left cfl. After the Prlace bad aooiit?! b.< charger, th l.ancert were divided into two squadrons, ml tb? ro)algueat and lalt'- occupied the poet a! honor betweoo tb<*m At tbe eerort proceeded to the State Hfuee, th? populace went almcct fract.e, u the bur*u ! entuiua*m mau feetii!, ud which were becomingly ackaow.?dged (>7 luc boofd ju.'it A* the Prince cesre-1 Utc nrletoeratle lo ca! .ty r,r UeecoD street, c new cceae opened k> the v ew Here the rpper tenrfnm appeared on their hai"on: ?? an wnrtd the'r iNLndkerebief* the young n'W'' -\ad the old to ?? ?? tbe Prlnoe bawsd la * &nowlt 1| meat of tb bonor dune b in. do doubt .atag'ned. ae be railed, that each rt wired it aa a personal eocapttment to bereelf. When tbe PrUee and eeeort reached Ue State House tbe Brit ?h national aad -u?e 8?p w?rt flying from each w cf the Bnetoa 0*det* were portioned ail the way up tbe ctepc, and their cortice of sentries opened aa aterue ttftjr fret wide for the - jra" party to pare through to reach the txecjilre ha '? Tb? 3?t>a Brigade Bao I, when the P'lc? aoed to a*cend tbe ?up* to tbe Capitol, struck up tbe II'. 1 *h nat'or al aaiheta ?- God Sere tbe yueoo." an I mmedl itely after tae A me ricau tattotal air of" Bail Columbia THE MILITARY BEVIKW OX TOTSTON COMMON. While the royal gueat wa? ,>art? .tr.- of the gut 1 hoepitaiity, U>o tbownada uf ii?ctav>r* waited f< r his appoarance rery gnod nalurediy Th* troop*, lu'.tg Una time slacked am, %nd pari- 4 of lb?tr rations, fur nlahrd by order of the Mai * fceoerai w tb a gasti Tber were furaished with rcite. cold htm ? <i >V'"i until the Inner Iran wac satisfied hhorliy after one o'tinck t.orernor .Tanii aai ataf eUpartiy uniformed, the l'r nee a <x sjlte Joeceoded the siate I! >u?c ctc}< and Kin av 1 their horse ? and fro* thetpe, uadrr tbe eeeort of n.e B.?u? lancers, proceod. d dowa Bear. ? strr t lo Ib^ntofi tConaw^ and entered 00 tbe tbarlee street 11 te vs the Ufa party paaeed along Fsst on street they wm ? gr ?te<* w th dm/coing cheers On ente- eg thi> Common the Prince waagroetc I by a fal to of thirty three g as, Urod with eel. meting rapidity by tho '.alter/ (4 artillery 1 cder V* r Mar The PMnee sol tsrort tfcja preceded to a pie It on deeigaat J sc tho to point for the review by aa Mwrfc 4 it the northern bace of th; big Ulil.' Ths trwpe were coon foraed a wtrtf rler rusks ipen ?d, fflrcre to the front of tbe e.~n:miads, aa1 the rer ewert pr ceHed to the right of U* m.l'larr "ne aad -Me town the front ? the bands of the ie??ral *eg V. its p ? ? lag * God care the tjueea" w u gaol t eci, ta the Pr nee rearhed the be* '? of lbs batta as Got 3an. r rode .a met par, y with the Prince and eif ? a- Ui. character!* ties of the aercra: corpa. The Other metahert of the roysl party were ajewyan el !>rtheO frnor'estal. aad tbe M%jor General aa i staf rcJe .a the rear of them After rrat blag the left of the Mae the ree!. were pmceod ed 'tewa '.ha rear of the lla*. an 1 theace arouad to ita right. t>ack to their ovtfiaal pnslttios. after which the If ope ' rnka into rol una >y roxpaa m an I siar,*hed In reritw '.a the orler alreaty lear bed The starch !n j retlew was ftret f*?cnted i , nre aary and th n a qair tt*e 1% a cattcd, the Nft) part ?i ^ ) aad pro to rlegaat ppi baroacbw, eoih draw] by four | l. ? ? ? Tbo Lao-en. act tf u mrt thCB foraod a ' "? t 1 !a? ^n i t1 ? - ? : r -lege o'toeet ay the so' - ' ?*) f ?. I pr ?o*1*-t throrg1, ?>j lcton 'I. 1 t ? W ' ? iloa *"??h ngtoa to ftale, Stat? lo Co-n 1 ti * i' t' i-frt'i; In tb Mark t -eorth die Faaealt I t? ?. \r? ?< t.-- n?rrt,'V'*t to Trf moot, Tree. oat to Bmcm, Bum <ril> to 9UU House, ?bm they ware dlalwl ' The rtreett along the route of the proeession were crowded w'.tu people, ui in (Kb Dumtan that the "oldest Inhabitant" must have b?eo astounded. Tbe following programme gives tbe ordor In which the troops were formedXor review on the Go nun on ? t IKST DIVISION U V. MILITIA Major General damuai Andrews, ooamandiag Dl.lSIOfc 1ST AFt DtvlsV* Iu*;>ector, P 8. Dav'-a. y'iart; rooster . Preston A Ames Aid de Camp, H. C Brocks. hrgtneer, John R Ball. Judge Advocate, T. K. Lotiirop Aid de Camp, Jos. L Beoahaw The Commander a Chief and the M^or General and their respective staff*, were uniformed In dark blue unl lorms. heavily ornamented with gold lace and bull. -jo' and mounted on spirited chargers FIK8T BBlfl AM. Brigadier General Wm. W. Ballock, coarnandiog Brigade Inspector, Major A. Dearborn Aid de Camp, Solon fisher Quartermaster, Capt. J. Moran Kjijrnecr, Alvtn Adams, Jr. i-iroJD asonuKT or urrairrar German ;a Itrm Bend? twenty Ore pleod* Col Robert Condm commanding Lieat. Col Isaacs S. Rarrell. Major J B Chad wick Compat y A, Captain Clark B. Baidwta. Company B. CapUin Edward Pearl. Company C, Captain Walter S. Sampson Company D, Caj tain Thomw L D. I'ark.aa Ccnit?cy F, Captain John W Hyde. Company G, Captain Henry A Bnow tompaay I, Caplaiu ? Uildwin. Coa-.pauy G (f>( the Seventh regiment, attached pro Un ) . Captaui C P Measer Company F (of the Te it a regmsat, atlaobcd pro l<m ), Captain H C. Lee. KSOIM KMTAl HTa: V Ad ulait, ? Bench tju*rl?rmaeter, S A Mjtaoc Chaplain, T 0 Tliayer Ps. mas1 *, Captain S ?.??,pct Surgtms.S A Green Airlstaut 3urg.i qn, J T Beard llie ' i iforni or this reg meat la similar In ad respaets t Uie Nation*. (..card of Nirw Y irk. Ibff mistered 860 to en IOOKD tUTTJUJltl Of IXTAirTRT Tills battal vtu uniformed in dark bine cljthoe, fuced a 'a Uu'l clotti and gold lace. Ms;- r Hir* *cn I. itrine, command og G u dip's Band? la .oty Ove plec>* A j'lUut, T Blgelow 1 awrecco gv.rg n.flias E Bui k ii.jiham Company A, Capt Rali>h W. Nowtou Corn;, my B, Capt Gord u CI irlettcva t.ty C hS, (atlacU. pro ??? ) Capt Jao. I. Ilvjd Com j ai;j B, (- r 1 battalion, ?tti<:h?\l pro tm ) Capt U W. Pratt ttniui luiTAiioa or iKy^rar Y? <r ' .etcr, commanding. ? Pal ro Br 10 Han J? s xieeo | eces Fikbburg F .niters, (Tl men, aii Mt,) Oapt.J. W Kimball. Tb.s company w&t uniformed w ib red drees coats, fated w itii wh:to m.xed gray i iotti pants, with wide white *tr!pea sol ret blnluig bear ektn sli ikos, with g i t? in front They were armed w tU Minie Baskets Sau* Car>n.<, Captain Foster. Tb.? company was unlfortned la scar'.et cloth caata, trimmed with white cloth, black cloth pants, with \ ids whita stripe dowa the seams. They misterod seventy Ave moo , tncluditscommtn'oned officers, Lt!<> Uaat Im Ajrrr.r, Capta.n Goo T . Nawhail. They were uuirormed in scarlet < ">ata bear skin skakos, In ev ry detail similar to the l itchhigb F islleen They u. ..?t?red G By (even men, all told. CoWAjrv of Ui.ST Att:i ,skt, Mai'r 0 F N'.au This company wm uniformed iu jrfay fr >ck soats TacoJ with (carltt, and pants of similar material and rjf id. a I .->'Ocn regulation cap. patent leath-r tips, sur mounted by a red pompoc Kach soldier wig arm>-d an artillery sword The.r battory consisted of four eti pounder Bc-id piooes and two twelve pouu lev howitzers a oa.^aoa in w.nch the ammunition Is drawn, aceompa nied cacti piece, and each caisson and gun drawn by tour horses, with poetiUions, Ac This Is ao ex< ellcnt oom pauy . and turpaM in disci|>line any artillery company ia New York city They had sovnaty three men, all told B -ton Dtaoooas, Company A. Capta a Thomas J P.eroe Llc.RT Daai-ooM Captain dchn 8 FciiOWl T e > m'i'.ned strength of ttieae tw) rompanles was fljt. ?e n men, a told ? They were uniformed In dark bl dfr' <i roat(. bra?s shou!1er rcales. old ityle United Slate* arn / drtgooo ecrpe light b ue parts, with yelloxr cord dowu lb? o:tside Svuua TUey i-re armed with heavy 'f-ago- n ?a?r.-? I trauma I.:?nr Duoooki Capta:a W. Gtbbt tort/ am TlitS w?a uclforoied to mixed grav frock coate, pa^ta of a'milar ma'erlal an 1 bat;, trimmed with raogt col'irel 'ac ng?. dog m?:a ca?i (Prcttlan ttyle), with rf'l bag w>pt, with ytlJo# [*?? .?. tosg black poa?. pent, with yellow t >pt, and patent Icat ?r l?og boot* Tb?-> r?rc artn-d wttL litary dragoon tabrat *V>-To? Laxcih.', C?pUu> This lOK.bij u: >u:iUd eighty four t/wpera, ul were uc;'"rme ! w'lb *ed d-etr coaU. faced with wbtte, dark b'-ie ?boi. ' -r kiita '.gbt bio* ;aota, with wile rtd *t?tpca d ? n the tvttia Poilrli 'ancert- raw, with patent ?*:: : ?k . pi? ce att r t f ' l " t:. a bead, red ^;iara Uij>?, wbtte ?io. -a Tbey were irm-4 with Unco*, rmtn wb.rb wer; I it s*allow ta;l Aagt two ptatila aad ueatr 4*ago?i nt-- ? sad lie c>?tha of b .* ana *td HaOOKO BK! 1 ADB 11 a : ? ?<>r -a. r W Perce. r -maiar ' :g Brigade tit? Br s?dr Ma or, Gtorg* W t.ark, Jr Quartorinaatar , : 1 luigi i, Wit am C liar sr tag Aid, iftlaa P. KtcLs ui ns *r> :>u.ix*srr or wrAjiTiir U . tiel D W WaMroea, iommaa1.Bg L'.?ct Colon*. Chalet Raymond Major. ? Nattck Baud ? : ?*?.; uie< a p ?<?** V Cm Pjti* Captata 8 H Ward. Thta c?w but wa? ub. formed la dark greea coal* and .?at.;# t; aimed a tb bla<c They were amed w:th Mat ! bit rlflet, ac t muatered Sftr mee. all told Mt< n*> i Rif '?a> (of Nattck). Captaia a Moor*. They w<r? (.Bitotmed ttm lar to the abort Tbey pa ra.: d ti?ty two meo Kew Br 'ford Braw Baj 1 ? lighten piece* y*w p. ?i?n Cn Or*?i>. (apta'o T !? flan The wor* a oadet grey umbra, fiacei w'.th Mack cloth and fnid are gray cloth Freo h ca,?, with black plum** Tbcy mjtttied aeren'.y meo P tt \ Liuirr (?? A <r? (of Marbiebead). (apta.a Mart's f'f ww h ack (r-*k cata aod paata, faead with ?h te, aad Freeh cap* w'.th re J aad white plataea; bit crttahtllt The? paraded tereaty met Rj> m.i'o* Ijiht briar. (*>-:th Read lac), Oapt Car l-eater. Tboy wert ,n( -m-l atmtlar to tb* abort THty had ? txtjr 'pi r men all tokt, no paradt C , fflhi ( (Sewb.i report), Oapt K F '.aad era | T?f j were ^aiforaaed ta blue frock coat*, wbttt epau ! letwt, blut paoti with Hi* ttrtpta. "dged with rtd cord. Tbcy rrra arniH with the old ttyit of fa ted ftataa ar?i? atd para-ttd ecT.-nty 'stir oca Th'j L.'aif in? waa crganited !n X776-76 *r<> a ?r*?t (Plfmo'jth ), Capt flnii agwoM Tbey were b'a k frock rotla at 1 white abouMer knoU, edg"d with blue b a a paatr drab ?tr pe whit* craat beltt Tli ' j paraded fortf m m all told. Br(.rkt?raae Baed of Lnweii. t * ? .iii'i Cat tr" (lower.), Capt J A Sawt*!i rieyw^reblor fro. k <*?U faced w!th whit* army >10# pant* with wide dra<> atrl|>e* white cma* b*ilt. ' it n^a with wh t* p?ni| oo I^i? aipa- r '* a eredlt to <r i ta-y of Maaeacb'itctta Tb?y ?uttered Uftf cght nea a' told Wei mouth ''rata Taa l? 1* piece* T * nttih n.urtii var>, Oapta'a T i-trdoc Tbej tut black frock matt, factd w'tb white, aad biack pa^'? with w dt wkitc ttr'.pta dowa the team* Mu* clotb oapt. w tb wh'tt p^mpoat They muttt-?d *ty. tertn asea * B aw??w I ? Tt lvn.?* Oaptalo M M Witu. "VfimeataJ oalfona. aawe a* ab?-e They -* rv?r*d forty term mew t aim L. in C< aar (t*3*rtor), Captala J Sa e Rrglineata' vlHttlti mrty-fswir men I. I.i m !n win (H iona? Capiat T ?p' -kg Reg 'mental UBlftwm. ^nrty fl?<" m?n {tnrri Anwr^t t ?? at Iwrawn- Oarialr C r A lama Oef! mental BBiforia Fifty ngbt mer IUi> oii-a Uwt Ta- 0*ft W C ^"ar*?r t?, r'f' i ' ? ? ' *"'n IIajoock L. fi 'jttastht, Copt P H h'swcomb Regimental uniform. 42 maa all told. Wark*h Light Ccam> (Roiboro), Capt. D L Shepsrd Keg lueutsl i ntern; 46 inen 10 Mm parade Bm:aTk*s Ii< uylsfAWTHY, Cspt C C Bompot. They wore uniformed in eadst grsv drew coats. yellow fac eg1-; posts of the name material, with wide black stripe* down tbe sesm blue cloth French infantry cap*, with dark green pl'.ituei The military rev'ew tu very crsditable to those hav ing it In charge Their movements ware executed almost oo the minute la.d down ia the programme; the parade -iruunJ was to appointed tbU everybody had a good Tlew of the Pr'nce, and al. went away apparently satisfied The aeece and work to got out of the Common after the review boggart deecrtption There wai a per fect rush of crinoline to get through the pointa of egroM, to the sacrifice of stlk dresses. pretty bonnets and hoop skirts THE MUSICAL FESTIVAL. Al the Prince's request, he and the royal party were put la eloae carriages and driven hat Illy to I lie hotel, where they doffed their military dresses and re maincd till half past tire, when they were es corted by the Botton Cadet* to the hall where the musical festival waa held. The j crowd around the hal: waa immeuse, and the oulalde ar rangements were to badly made that Ingress was mpos Bible. The ball waa decorated with Hugs, Prinoo of Wales' ! piumea, and craperlea hung around, which , wore fi.ied lalies. A large platform wu erected, ! upon which sut the I'rinoe and inv.ted guests, comprlaing 1 the Chief Justice, the Governor, Mr. Emcreon, Senator Sumner, f'rufcaeor Agssslz, Professor llolraes and other notables, sitting directly In tbe rear of the Prince. Twelve hundred school children were arranged upon sett* sloping from the floor to the ceiling, anl trom the plattorm one j could see two large triangles of boyi, and two Immense i*ralielograma of gayly dressed girls, while betwoou U.rn w a* an orchestra of sixty performer*, led by Car! Serraha As the Prince en'ered tbe wholu company rose, and Uii' masses <4 chiilrcu wivod handkerchiefs and ci*pp*>4 hxnds, producing a line effect. Bofitou cannot but be a little literary In its receptions, but till* department *a. very n.Dol;. arranged this afternoon, and consisted of only the following beautiful ode, by Dr Holmes, which wm splendidly sung? the PrU.ce anl the whole audience r>s lug, joining in the singing, and iema u.c^ staalmg uai,. the bytcn was couc'uded ? Go<" bl ?s our Fathers' I and. Keep her in biurt and baud One with' our own I From all her foes defend, Ba ber I rave people's friend, On u.i Lrr realms dtscen 1, Protect her Tbroui.'! Father, with loving eare, Guard ib"u her kingdom's P ir, Guldt all l is **o) s. Thine arm bis shelter be, From hitn by land and ?e? Bid Ktorr. at d danger flee Prolong hi:, daytt Lord, if t War's temp'st Fold tlie whole earth in peacs I'sder Tby wings' Walco all fb . ijfctl >t* Wt<\ A!! hear is 1 <sneath the Sud, Till Thru slialt reign alou.. , Great K!:.g of Kings' The remainder of the following pi if ram me was then performed in anst pe'fiVt sty'o ? 1 1. ' Jubilee Overture," by Voa Weber, having for its theme, 2 The national air "Go1 Save tbe King " 11. tlioral from ? rit Puui,'' by Mendelssohn with full orchestral accompaniment III Allegretto from the E ghth Sym iheny of Beet bo ven. IV Gloria it, Kxcliij Pea, from Moiart's Twelfth Mi's. V. Andjnu Irom the Fifth 3; mj hoay of Ikclhovitl. VI. The Old Hundredth Psalai The eetert ^nmrat lasted just one hour, and was very enjoyable. The Prince anl party joined heartily la the applau- < and in ]aing'.ng the Old H indred. Tl>?y were than cscorteil bac? to the hotel whore they 1 ine-t ai utuai at teven o'clock tbe city nuRist; Tnn da v. The public schools were clo#e<i , also the injjraoce o'l ces. tbe backs, the Boston Corn Kxcharge, and many oftihe stores. The wholesale m.llluery koodi stores, the aholesals drug and paint dealers sod the wholesale dealers in woollen goods closed at twelve M. It was a perfect gala da., to the TVistoniaus and their country enisles, and will long bs remembered by th;m with pride. The party like their quarters very mucn, saying they are so bomtlike The table r>r the party Is very haiidsome'y spread with a gold service, but only sovao or eight dishes are provided, the party preferring the sim plest and most substantial eatables Fruit is prt>vidcd at every meal, and a number of flee p-:ir? are p.eserved to be tsken home to Queen Virtorta The party were mnch Interested anl emits! at the n< ? of the accident which happened to Prince Albert, pubilsbi-d In the Bostos journals to day. To-morrow at eleven o'clock tbe roj?r^*r ty viait CUn bnJge. and dart for Portland at u lac o'i >uck ?a Saturday, The Canadlar. otlictak m 111 accompany tbe Prince tl>er* m l * ee him on A fleet of (mail *u-ara*r? w.'.l probably accompaay tUc ? out of th? Surbar. TflE* BOSTON BALL. The Boaton theatre aeamed to h*r* doub..- 1 IU ?la*, ao irnmrou wac tba apace wb'.sh vu ti be crowded with "fa r maiden* and brare men." Erin after tbe Acalrmy of New York, with ita magnlScect ecupd'/ril of l.gfct, flowers and beauty, tbe Tt mton ball room did not a*em second rate or fmir, bat, on ibe coa trarjr, ac unique and original were tbe dea'/aa by >! ears Hoyt k Cho'r. and ao aJmirab'y were thoae daricu car rtad oat, that even the lulta of the Prince w?i<* dd ghted, asd acknowledge' that. In the matter of ballroom deco ration* at ka**t, tbe fart. llty of human invention *? woo darfal The Boatoa waa about the aaros *htpe aa that of tbe Aca tear, and waa formed la the Ham* way, tbe par?uetta and ittff b*tng Cw?d over The ?mnller *ix* of lh? houae. however, (are Ibe Boat >n:tr? the advantage >n a eoay, comfortable. rejoyaM* fo*!!u| whl b very . rrat room* alway* lack, and >at which * (real ball I* ? mply a creat nulaance One frit at bomc ?,med;ate!y cpoo entering the tnJ pr'-parel to eo.oy bimi- u natural. y a? if the a.' nr were a prrate party TUB I'MSvWt AMD RKCVPTTOV ROOM*. -Broad double ?t?lr * le>l from the ?ttraao* of tde banding to the reception room, which waa ratlvr taw drily furn-abed, with red, blue aad white hang'ag* an 1 wreat!:* of .lowra. and which presented an epeclal deoo rat**, earent a iarg* Rr.ttab ooat o4 arm*. nppor?.*d by AMi>r<ran flag*, and ?urpeoded oppnait* Ibe entrance Near ta.a reeept'nn roo? waa the commute* room fur 11 abed la tue ?tyia of and a* r.obiy a* any pr irate partor Tba* baJ the taioca of tbe theatre for hi* dr*a*lng and r?t!rag room The Mtooa wta -^painted decorated asd fura ?h<-d in dnwiac r.*i? *t;l*. and waa provided With a ap iend id m:w an I all the appitancr* M Ibe tcUetle Tae other crearnf were erf haadtotm*iy aad y??T?oitniiy fur r. .efcrl but presented ao apectai point for d^ienption Hay ng Uii ? baallly gnurrd taraugh tbe drawing room*, let n* r roc led tbrocgh the aaw:y painted eorr'der*. oar pctrd ? th grrra bav? to th* or at re of all-act' >a aal beauty ? 'ha theatre Itaaif Till KALI BOOM ? TBK MAIW)r?C F/tff r| IUa roi m 'rem tbe door* directly r>pr??te tba ?tag*. lha eye. da ruled bj the light from a th">;*and b tvn. raasot al firH lake In tbe frill beaity of the ec-oe Af una!, aa attempt ?*? n ?le h\ the de?arator* to traaafVm th* *t*fr? into a mv qua*, or mperlal tact Tb<? hw heea ibe roato-- from tltua Immemorial Ali decorator* attompt It aad all fail AA Ui* JanaMM ball, al the A?ale?y, ?verywt*re, th* nag* mu*t b? t?aa*f ?r"-.ed Into a mar Iff and refaa** lo be traaafonnad Ian any *nch Ui*| Tbe *ame attempt at Waatformai 'S wa? mad* here ?ad with tbe aane remit The ?iafe wwild nM look Ilka a manoae, or even a pa?tii?? bat did appear Ilk* a larf*room, removed and wparata from tbe mala ball, aad decorate 1 an only ? -eae pa'ntrra and ball nomm itee? can lecorat* Tta prtrat* .wtH wrre hi Idea by (rovea of *?*????? **. from tbe deep nhado* af which peeped pn<* while mtoe* a* If tba w iiod aymphi w*re obaervlnj. lh? d'ep<ay and w?m *a(?? to V>'a la tba danan. The** frorea " ?n*ed the en traoaa to tbe *ta?e aad %hov* 'j*a w?re crlwoa car ta aa, '??!?? ia h*antital fold* ta th* prr?eeal*m drapary, which waa fo**ed of an l??m*a?? Amertoan tac mul |rar?fhlly arranged. The ro?f of tbaaarqaeawMpalntod la %rab?4*e work, la r.fbt vanad oolm*, with fta taat'.e ?'??wra, aa-l fro? thl* coiMng w*ra *r.ep*nled thre* chande':ara. o < a alyla itmi'ar ?i th* arahwpe dre'in* Palllat from th? e^t'lnj ta the *<d*walJ Tare crlrr-on eorlalna, r?ll*v*d by gold bat, ?* aa1 *V ?* ' a- 1 laprlled In Tarkiali rtyle produt ng a rr.*t b?ait ' a., J novel e<T?*i The ?'le walia w*r ' pv.rted n prr? *, * 'ti o? vbi*'9<i *qoara?. aad r* *Te4by pa;.y* framed a? gold and pautod m lighter colon and awr? fnrlod designs. From each of these panels ? foe. r tm either aid* of the marquee? depends J aide chandeliers, in ebony and gilt, ondsr w hich, upon ornamented pedestals, war* raaea of natural ilowers, from Peer's (a/ dace at Brighioo Btiww these chandelier* wero largs plor glasses, gilt framed and flower wrsathed, aad ths redsplicatioos of three mirror* aeemel to increase immeasurably the slz* of the room In the oorner*, at the extremity of the tent, wore also pier glasses, h?lf con certed by common onrtalns, and jost beyond them were evergreens and flowers, forming beautiful supports to 1 back scene, and relieved by statues of Ceres aad Heoe. Looking from the entrance of the marquee towards its extremity, the etfeot was perfectly bewildering. Besuos all those decorations, which the render most frame into a picture for himself, the eye was attracted by -??f little details? a strip* or gilt, a happy nourish of the crayon, which cannot bo described upon paper, but which aided the general effect Then Immediately op posite, half hidden by trees and flower*, among which a white fountain bubbled up Its orystsi water*, Calling again in diamond drops beneath the brti liant lights, an immense pljturc of Windsor Cast is frowned splendidly sad completed the tout entemkU. Johnson had surpassed himself in this picture. Fross the terms of the magnlfloent castle [lotted the royal ?tandard. A roan J were tree*, picturesqely arranged and grouping with the real evergreen in the foreground, white by a trappy fortune the artist had succeeded In catching that hazy, mlity, hail clouded sky peculiar to Knglista landscapes. All of the royal party reoognlzed at once the fidelity of this picture, and repeatedly nipresaed their admiration, not only of the artist's iklll, bat of the good taste which thus beautifully aad unostentatiously suggest' ed the prasecoo of the Prince and connected his \homo with lis appearance here. Seats covered with greon cloth were arranged around the marquee, and the royal party wsre seated upon velvet sofai. TUB COUP D'lKIL. T iming towards the entrance of the marque* aad ;ook | ir.g ont upon the body of the theatre, tbe ooup d'oeit was surprising, and each detail only heightened the plea sure of I lie first Impression, Tbe horseshoe nhspe of the tlicatre is that most favorable for lloe effect , and the result was all that ecvld be wlebrd. From the celling, which n most richly trvcoed scd painted in gold and whit*, i bung a large chandelier, an inverted dome of gu light* *Dd glass. gllli>rlcg atid Mazing In lescribs i biy Tb'* and aide brackets around the walls gave tuffic.rut light for a do/on such balls, > and brought every detail of tbe decorations | mto fall view The theatre lias three tiers, each of whioh was diiferently adorned. Objection might be taken to I tbe motive of the decorations? which was malily gtlt ud oolor ? and might have found fault with thegaudiness and .ack of limpliclty which characterised the affair, but it 1* cert# in that every tbiug whljh could be done wIUj tb'* stjle of ?d rumcnt? and It is capable of magniiloent ellocts whu entrusted to good hands? wa* acsomplished ic 'he ballroom. rr>m the uppermost tier, gilded p?. !ar*. ?..h arches connect. ng tliem, support the roof, an! tb^ee were left undecoratod, escopt by alight draperies of red , white and blue flap Tho front of tbis upper tier covcred with a hanging of crimson clot!., fr.rgtd with bltit, and a blue border, draped in fesioooi and tludded with gilt star* ran along the upper edge of the balustrade. Each of ihtfo fistcccs w<e tic td by a bouquet of natural Uow or*, from wh.rh tlt'penJe<5 a lorg bine bannerst, ending Ins gilt ball, which hang below the baluttrade and over the tier below. Tne second vat hung with orange color ed cloth, fringed with blue and festooned with oiiuisou and wreath* of flowers. At eqnai dU taices along ths front were shields alter nately bearing the Prince of Wales' foather, and the mottoes, "Justicla," "Concordia," "Amlcltia," and other Latin Inscriptions. Kach of these shields was placod upon a blue hanging, with golden stars, and was supported on either side by the British and Amerloan Qa?i. The first or lower tier was hung with royal purple velvet, edged and relieved by gold laoe, and so festooned and draped ss to rsveal, at e>|ui -distances, tbe gilded 11 g ares whioh adorn the front of this circle. The dancing floor wu si ghtly raised above the level cf the dress circle, and was sur round od by a light rope rail .ng, and was completely en clused by white drapery , edged with blue and orange cloth. Directly opposite the stage and rising from the first to ths third tiers was the royal box, handsomely draped with crimson faocirully embroidered with gold lace, and tbe whole surmount? 1 by a dome of blue vslvet, with outlines and ornauxtita la (oiit ace I ;oo tha front of the box wet (be Prloco of Walea rather. A bore It where the draper tee met, were tha crown and aroia of 1 oginc<t , and ujoo the aumalt of the dome *11 a spread cag 'e, to (lit. The entrance* to tha dancing Boor, si indeed to every other portl ? of the boaae . were hung curtail* of purple vulvet. If (rum thia deter pt. on the reader can imagine the immeoae theatre; tbe danciog floor our lose I a* by a pavilion, each tier dif ferently hot richly decoral?l, and crowded with auperMp d'CMt-d Ladles the royal box all ag'.are with light, aad rich in gilt, purple and azure; the frescoed oeiling, with it! pendant dome of llgbt; the marque** with ita groTea, :lowers, mlrr rs and arabeeqne cclling, Ita multlfor* and rar ,od ileconttiona, and Ita Tie w of W mdaor Oaatle, awa aa if from oat now aumeaae wiad iw; If he jaa imagine thia i(vd?, and than cm: It with richly dreaaed ladtea, with geat>mcii In every variety of ball CMtuaae, Iroat tbe full military uniform to the plain black dreaa coat, white over all the llgbte stream their brilliant radiance, white mirror* and jew die SatU back and reduplicate the ray* , and uie aolt, awett awel! of tbe roaalc bear* with it tha light moving throng In a bewildering mate of beauty, then be can form lomo Uea of tbe appearacoe of the Baa ton theaWe at the Prince of Walea' bal'. TBI scma ROOM. There were two eatrancae to the tapper room ; both front the 1'ret tier, and nelthw very wide or eaelly a a rett: b:a The Mal?deoa Hall, occuplel, elngularly esougb, by a Ken tan tathol.c congregation, waa taken for the (upper room, there being no apartment about tha theatre iarge enough lor the purpoae. Tbe room la not v>-ry large- but baa a gallery running around it la whteh la a na, and at tha further extremity la a raieed da*. I poa tbia dale the table for tha Prlace, hia a ita and lite committee waa aet. A email divan was placed upon thia uala, bat all the guaate were obliged to stand while eating. The woodwork of thia hall *aa reflated la white and ylH, and extempore chandelier*, of a atyle unique, but inelegant, were sue pecded frrni tbe eeflttg, and coaetated simplv of ? gee pipe with five or tn barnera extend log oat, like the araa of a Orework star, aad without aay relief or decora t km whatever. The table* were elegantly tumtabo I aad decorates > 1th tic. era, and a large mound of flower* waa piaoed at U>* entranoe to i ho room. I" pan the gallery were piaoed dlvaas, afordte i tesommodatloa for about oae hondred and fllty per* ?. and tiieee, of couraa, were re served for the ladiee * tabie waa alao set ta front a ibenrgan. tor tbe ?.i,>p y of those la tbe gallery, rise tab ea were set with rat*' d thalvce, aad were ajliuer | Ul aad out glass. Wax caadise were ptaon.1 a poa tbe Pr:eeet table. Wreaths evergrerae were *..?r>sed ? d around tfce gaiieriee. AIV>?etber the appearaaoe of tUe hit s rw at. with Ita I gb ceillag. pure white wai'e and weil iuraahed Ubtea, waa very baa da omo. la ?pita of the abe* .c* of th* somewhat gaudy glare sad .iter which dsi.agutahed the haltr-<eos ta?i tli Prwee'a table, a! the extremity of the room, "av er ineca hanging* rvlieved by t:?wera, aad the stops of tbe data were carpeted with crissaon cloth. The taMea rat *a!y around tha all** of th* nma, aad th* ceatr < war left fbr the company. No place rtce; t la front of tb-> Ublsa waa rtearvtd far the waiteva. ra* ISSKB AT TUT RAIL. Klevea huadred doable aad two huaJred aad tw ? ity ? re ting'" twb-te war* ao'd fbr tb-> bal'., t.ia rrcs pt* m> lag about twenty thousand dollars The ballroom was enwdel ear'*, aad !>y tea o atiafc was a perfect >am. all the house s leapt the l,uh?* tier belag lied, aad evea the dri* lag rooraa and lobbies crowded. Three thoasaal peraaaa wrre preeeat. At a few wiaitaa after ten the Prince arrived, aad ? <a received by Mayor 1 acotr lad party la tba retep' ?* room Alter a aemetit or two ha waa conducted late I a? let, am spent live mlautea survey lag tb? brilllaat *eeo* The affair opened s-meth.t^ like that la Raw Toft, for ail the committee beteg anxious to apeak to taa Pratt aad ?aalr fbrwvd to do ?o, rrsah weut a lar?e viae of Bower*, scatwrlag ita ronteata orar th? r? new ftere were profoar apologiaa, bat the Prtaaa waa iauf% *1 aa heartily t'jat be coald not hear or speak Aa the i-arly sutrrM mi a af the bande-Awo w t pry. t.ded? *1 xg! pa ling fartaata, wfcleb eadrd ?? m'ltie aitfc"f*ed aava tha Qa?ei> " Tbe party tbea mevM th^?'?h thecv'.ri. wt'rh opeaed before them.anJ prooe?d*d ? tfrMrofthe mar^aee; bnt the crowd eoprsaeed arocu t I that they co d act f?r? a ?'t. a? ' they pwr ltd to tt. < 1 certrt r* m. a%eet two e*te vM frreed Ihf rr'r>;?

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