Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 20, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 20, 1860 Page 10
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THE PRINCE IN BOSTON. OTHCSUSI OF YAIKSE DOODLEDCM The Ball at the Boston Aca demy of Mti?ie. ?rand Display of Bijouterie, Moire Antiques, Tarletans, Raffles, Puflfe, Feathers and Floun ces bj the F. F. B.'s. THE NORTH AGANST THE SOUTH END. WHO THE PRINCE D ARCED WITH. rirc e m wsEs m receipts op the affair Visit to Harvard College, Banker Hill, Charlestown Wavy Yard, the Mayor's House, Fob lie Ziibrary, 6lc. PISCiRACKFrL SCEIE AT H tRVARD. k Sophomore Puta the Chief of Police Hors ce Combat, A*., *o.. *o. Bohtos, Oct. 19, 1840 Tlx J 'ltd bill of ul evening tne topic of the M, it but lltti? to add to the 11kkau> deapatcoet iut night, except in adJItion to the Indict therein aamed. The I'rlnce danced ?;tl< MesJamct T. K. Cli ck ?rug, Ritchie , C. F. Chlckeriog and Bate* an<l Mr*. Lom bard, foabody, Kiltie and Lilly Fay, Crane, Apploton and ?age. At) of the Button uolaDlc*, literary and political, were pretenl. The (upper u eiuelient and ait well terved aa at a large pr.rala party. No acci dent mured the plaature of the evening. On the ? hale the ball wat a great taocett, and more en joyable than that of Montreal er New York Although It* ladtra' c'rewet were not ?<> rich aa at thcjiatier city, the fr nee a party tay it waa charm. ug. anl that ap,-?art tj be the proper a-jective TLe Frincc Jan cd seventeen timet, ai.J iefi at half patt tarec, the ball not conoluihag til hall pact Ave o'clock. Not only did the Prmee procurc tpecial ticket* for the Bra^jf. bathe invited Le Vert, lbe ;?.! -.'i with Whom be danced were delighted with him. talked to them a great deal, and (. rambled with the Goartitmun for the honor of picking op the ladiea' fan*, tat tall without the ilighuxt fault accidentally, and without deatgn, anl made himself gene rally agreeably. Tli? Tnnce UBderstandg female*. At is iaxa.ia be made the laat ball remarkable by hit unu toai vivacity, m> he rxerted bivt If to pleate laat e\enlDg Ic a macGer particularly noticeable Tbe iatt ball and the belt, that it the general verdict. lotgfeilow, H< Unet, T cicnor ant Everett, aai.tted by Mrt B- g. rt, of New York, did the literary part of t!?e afialr. and did It well, tapectally Intereet ng fe? t Briiije. the Puke of Newi-attle and Pr. Aek'and. Th t morning tbe Puree wa* In eicellent rplrl'.t, full of aa'&atton, ami rap. tally oourtcout and attentive to the lad ?t aL I gentlemen who t irroundad him The parly arcae late thlt morning, and were eo/aged oatil half patt twelve o'cl<?k with the photographer!, wnoae p.cluret, like everything the Fnoect title spun It. tell like wildfire. They then atari' d fur Cambridge in carriagea g arlad fey mounted police. A great crowd collected la tee them ?B, ttanding place* upon wag <t.a upoo the audita of tbe ?treet being let for twenty fire cent*. B m .ug la re ajmete t> tbe ciieert. the t'rince pataej dowu tbe tluly roa<!, over wblofc, at wc.iai from tbe hjuter, Br tiab ant Aaorrean flag" were turpended At taml ridgr, ort aoreral tbooaand school chl'.dron wrrr drawn ap, and m tbe Pr nee paaaed I bey waved their handkerchief* and ahowered bouquet* upon htm. At t tanbr.dgo all the window* wcro fl.lcd wlUt pe pie, ?nd a great crowd occupied tbeeq :ar*. Tbe upper grad ; aire of Harvard G>(lege bad been la line waiting for tiie Prince ft>r or* r an hour, and aben be arrived tb?>- ia luted b.m wilb bewrty cheer* formed In proce**i*a. acd eer >rted b'm to ({ore !??*!'. wbere the corporation and faculty of tbe College were aaaembled M??*r* Iv*r< tt. Suti and *umner w err prerent. I'poa tbe *t'p* of the Ha . tbe party waa inel by TrMldect Feltmi, who led then .m, .le, and Intro Ju, two* It. lowed A British ac connl of the tattia of Uirgtoo pubhabed in 1778, Uie Rug ibarlt* charter of tta eoto?y, and a petition t> tbe F r uceee of Walea, George the Third * daughter Amelia. ' were (bowa the party an t Ute Trlnoe waa praam teJ wttb an eiqalaiuly (r.uted roieme of 'Folk Song* " from Tbe -K . er +\:t 1'reaa," a* a ?peeloiM of American typo graphy, nut w:th "Qalaey'* Hiaiary of Harvard " Tn.i brsogfc'. cot the \*nerab!e Joelah Qalncy, Sen ,?r, ?ow ?taety one year* otd, who wai moat cordially greeted by tbe Prtace. and eeprciall/ ?y Dr AcklanJ. Having affixed tbetr name* to tbe O lege Hegiater, Who actdrmte titter Inacn'j eg thera, tbe party were taken to the room of Mr Joerpb W*'?e. owe or -be ?enter*, that the* Might ae* bow American (indent* ?re doBleiled IMbf tblt ? t a ?gr? ' f j! t-en* V-ofc I- lace owtalde The Cbtof of tbr ^abridge polite, whlla attempting te keep tbe erowd bark, etc tM I tbe re ef car of tbe ropbom^rra, aamad K >tarla"?. who ?trvk the rbie with hi* oane Ro*ert??e aod bta a1) t tor were .n.mediatr ly ar reeled, bat tbe latter ?i< rra et*d by th* law (tafeii, and U.e fomer wae tukee %ut% uy relaaael r\* brief t ? ia thrMgh tbe 1 aw Sctaol, tbe t'beorra tc> , ftoir el ih u pa. ty ei >ycd linr eiew* o< the fur t> m', if t r> ''he lawrr*'* Kie*t Be - boo), ?nd (tat ? tity Coilrge, th- party ?ff* f*e? red at "a? Ma ?r m by frcfr? ? r Ag& . ?, bad the* iwtu-ae.t w? lUr \ u '? !;. , wtara ft tataJtai **? f*<T*r*4 .1 , ujMl t> the frtMw'a rlrfi???4 mtmf diMiagu -u I g< nttern r. were jr*ee?', ?< t a? peeet?r? w?ri n ? le Ixat tt the j <gr, t pnebtag mh r way through I. j *rrm? ree cr W'l, *i"P,' *b m *<r? n rijier?< vaBdote f f r 1 e < f Valee' p?p rw iH ??*? rrrifrf the ittlfli ?>r t ??( roc 'ri i-i, aad t.'?-'.y d. afr .? th* I'r ; c, (be part} ureeo to Ho'.at Aub r? Tt' ??ri'i 1 ?? W t r; litt'e V do w .lb I he College '? ?itcb?rri( ibr r e a* he arr rt . at u? r differed tall*, aai rr< rued to late uuia ntfri-'i 1 a ait'" Hjetd ta*.rg it ' tr..a>aa fr'-adi to clu-.t ia *?e th* Iforr ot, i'% *ar I at tnharn the e m ber<atb ?t cb * ?abo ft- -a etont wh n ia?lng f- rr ;rai d of IV aj ..??*. the ? trl t.?%r b; , u ?rutcb bi* afhc * ** ?? ? >?r? reel, ar'' ! .,fe' l?>w"? MideMTf, ?<? t??h ,t ? baadf narter< . wef d oat to + , ?rlT ? m pr -?t r?? rv* n I ?ri 1 1<: th? c?o*? t- iy b 5 we" r t Ma ii. - tutf'd m j long eaoiifb u> .?* at tk< -mum of 1 ?, A' awe, H itib r ?t,d ?' <t f ? the r'* *H T ? t>'- ? utre'Mlltai: 1 1 ' ?; ' at tbr galea, aa.i ??! tafvr^- t .e Pr u ? 'In ? mm e tad lv* i**tt' vane ro >? 1 >r * r < ral wh wb fMWd ? w ly in ? th it* w?*| i.g n>< rn rr? Bcre, 1 ? i-i : art *( th? tur ret tambri ? ?? and ? ;? l'?re?r \v f?*?- ?. f nri; ?*re d: 'e?a rap i!y te C ?' ?'.,?I1 u fi?il > :.,?? r ! ' '> Al>.' t two th .? .1 pr;? w*?? gttki 1 th' rr . ai fbrr-* .! th. I'rla- * a* h ? ?tie ?' at' mi tb< mnM'M'M, ?li b ?ae ?- at #d w?h ta*i?b a?d Amer! >? t\f. Tbe party e "r* ?' -wr ?.ir- , ? ?l??i:r, ?? J the rpM wbere he h 1 ?;!*?* th- w ?, t n; i?n- -edonh' b?h c ! I He Aran are f gi % future * og U t? (Mtyefttawteat , oei.ry ?" -fcd wb k w*a mc* v. ?. ? ? tb 1 ,e aahM of tb? (wte'le I ,??? yoader ?'??e. np -btrh ttte he t ah on,r V*w '?d'?h t? wieel that* <'?U '*>.1 , crwwd o! 'Jlnr, .???.. b?# . Ihe f? li/t. I 1 a^c ^ )>t% , fit weM *e. t wh' - tta ? yal p?i _ *?* *,? , x v>r, err'T ,1 b ? < imcr w K 1 T>a. f Aw v| * ? t ?t liey ha I etKI f M ft *vr ' Tt r f a > t< ? tr*y b* wr ?>} i' ? ? < M4 * > ,? , . ?, ... vemltj mar* rt**' tta tfc (h* tt ? < ? ?? /? ? I ; ? . a. * TfB lb* party vjttcl the Mayor'* bo jeud ibe Put. .e Library, acsonapaaied by Robert C W and K<t m aru KverwM, returning to Ibe bowl at ten o'clock 11?e r?rty eave by special train on the luta era railway Vt J'orl.acJ at ba f pa?t nine to morrow. A ? xolal car wtM bu It lor the occasion. It l* splendidly lurntahed, wRli a blue liced roof, otudded wttb atlver star*, purple j hangings, and a (.Ivor table aervtoe and ixing* to match I li prowdtd. Die depot 1* drtaacd without wttb Sac*, and numert i transparencies representing the Inevitable Grand Ir uk Victoria bridge. F ree pease* are aa plentiful a* rocn tn June, and const qo?ntly the Canadians will be on bail in peat numbers OUR BOSTON CORRESPONDENCE. Boiero*, Oct. IT, 1M0. 2 V A rrtrai at and Departure frcm A Max ny ? / Vtyreu Bn Route? the Grand Reception at flojion? A n Immenie CVotod ? The Military Duplay ? TV IlluminaUd I'aradt? Tke Royal Quarter* ? The UvU It, 4c. From Albany on the bill to Albany at Ute water ilde, and tbecoe aero#* the Hudson to tbe Weetern Railway ?tatioD, tbe Prince and party proceeded thla mornlag ' nnder an escort of cavalry and Infantry. A fragment of U>e orowd which bad gathered In front of the Congress Ball %cOOH> panted tbem In an Irregular troop, and tbe line of procession waa margined wltb spectator*, wbo oheered aad waved tbelr bata and handkerchiefs In a kind fare well. Tbe Mayor and other author. ue* look leave of Victo ria *? ten, and at a quarter to nine o'clock the royal train and tbe state car, which was beautifully embelliahed, moved away amid ihc a&'lamilions of tboac assembled. Thus ended another of those ovations which have lent lustre to the New World ]ourney of Alber'. Edward, tho beloved. *way sped the locomotive, through valley, over bill, pact mirror like water and woodland, towards Bos ton. The nay at Hprlng tleld, where tho train arrived at twenty minute* past twelve, was limited to live mtnutea: MTcrtheUaa, two colonel! of the local army entered the royal car, and, presenting the letter of Introduction from the Governor of Massachusetts to l/ord I.yons, welcomed t * 1 i oce to the ?Hate, and afterwards accompanied him to Boston The multitude at the station, Including tbe Mayor, were onthuslastlc in tbelr cheers, and it was a matter to ib'-m of extreme regret that h'.a Royal B^h ness sale so sbort a slay. Luncheon wae served on tbe tra'.n after this, and some members of the Boston prets. wlo ha t come on board at tf" latter station, were visible. When Longwood waa r- ached the train slopped at tho Cottage Farm station of the Boston and Worcester Rail road, three miles from tbe city. Bere the royal party were joined by the Mayor of Boswa and the city govern ment. There was a detachment of police present to pre serve order, aud these beadel the procession when it started on its way to tbe city. AER'.VAL ir SOHTOX. Orrr the allldaia there poured a crowd of thirty thou raud, which, however, quickly thinned, leaving only the respectable portion to witness the cortege as It pawel by. Everett, Wlnthrop and iAwrer* were aaotig tHe number on the spot. Tbe carriage* of tbe Prince and suite moved forward under an ettxirt of tbe First battalion of l.igbt Dragoons, consisting of more than two hundred men, the ladies warlcg their handkerchief* in ? half frantic state of cx< clumett, and jotning In chorus with the men, to wli.di the Prince responded by raising his hat and biwlng to the crowd. "Ooil savo the v,' teen" wan being meanwhile playod by the baud. Ilia R > y al llighcos wa* In his usual travelling dress, ?lid w?re a wtarted In the Orst carrage were tbe Prince, the Mayor and 1 ? rd ! jotr Tbe Duke and other members of the Su.le ltd corporation CuUowed in separate carriages Although tho procession moved forward at a q'tarter to four, it was as much peal live before It reached How doio sapinre 1 wuaaitonmbe 1 to sou the well Jresae l and e\l I'-i.t'y polite peotiie that lined the street*, especially through longwood, (the name revives my recollections of ?t Helms), and pitas* 1 to see tbe fraternal interest tb:y ?manifested in behalf of Iks future King of England. ths mmriMi oisrijir. Bere Lf if! Hurrah was au almost It oeseant cry, as tie I'rtnce's carriage flame within v'*w Babies and old woasn, blueblng and blooming girls and rray haired men, were alike mingled In the man, bi t ail united In the out' grand sentiment of welcome to the betr apparent to ibe throne of England The bright eye* of fair women beamed from a tboiisauJ windows, and ortr the Ave mile* of the line of route lb* r pretence graced the way I n ay live long but 1 thall never iigtt.u see such a series of ovatloaa as 1 have done ilnne the arrival of tbe Prince of Wales at Balilax up to the prevent time, and of which thia l* nearly Ibe last I would not have mla*ed tbe sly lit of them for any money, and yet 1 am no worshipper of a Ui rot e. Mile alter mile the gray of the Infantry and the blue and white of tbe National I.niwrc brightened the prooefs on towards the I lever* Ho>'?? Ttir people of N?w York, and wherever else the Prince has i araed through, know onougb of tha[< I aracter o! the** b r ii !? ee'y cardial recepth ns to dlopecie with my le, . ds. which would be but a glimmer compared wilb the roalight of Ibe reality. All - ngwood bridge the cr JWd grew den -or ard car r agra ?? rt borne al?"*t blc.rkeil the w ay, while the tr. .? wr re populated w'th grown men and rmnll i oy?, nbo hart about the bett view of all, beatdea indulging Id It.e paillme of plundering ibr anplo tree* ..f their fruit lb" pmoMMm quickened IU par.- u it advanced and tt.ecroudof followers quickened tbelrt alto, to the tune of paaaiag plaudit* WIH'IT Hi wect tbe cavaluadr through the m* n itrrot (f H'.ib ry, tbe tnlh-wlaam lacreaaod, act thon rands rf liam'ker vawl by fi-mate I and*. kept time to thf cbi era of tbe nmii. Tbe-<- war a ? u- w ?|orm of raiubrl-a. a thunder of applauae. but tbe latter on j rem ibe air at later rait I bare were bo mm u wtvo ibe Prince moved by almoM an Id aiU.oe But are not boura. and II t? lhaae that ?cake tbe .nmiauat Unum, the uU< *a ikuie u f euch an ovanor.n d they were well Now York atone eaoelleJ, aud U? u ail tray cry "llxoelttor," but lie like 11 el?e ? I .ere unreachable. 1 do t < t profeee to elevate crtry rlrtlch of tbe but an 1 1 ck tato tie dignity of hlitory H te enough to aay that all were eager aid tbat nearly all aaw. I iv> waved be r -e .heir eye*, and tbe accue iu uaa of the moat to aptrltu g character at tin *r a? r aotm P?*l tbe s-tale D' ti?e and ib? U aintg tbt oaraloale dragged if alaw letgtb atoag, for hero It' pao-: iiarkenej, aad low, to the Revere H. tee, lb" multitude bomtnlrg v alter ?? the b>tel <u ret bed Ttse crowd waa bero no deeae that hta royal Hlghn<t* afltr enter ng the ai le door, came out upon tbe ^aloony and acknowledged their cfeeera, tbe greatrat tic.temenl and moat n.i. uee eotbnaiaaaa, vetiltug Itaalf ta ihear*. men while prevailing. After tbta aeaa rneeauitoaa took place, tacludtng Mr Krerett, and tfcra ibe puty rtir? nrd in quiet till eight P il . wh. n dtnrer wu *eri?l Kraevth aad Jeery t,trd re?peetlrely pridacp-1 at < i," t?-weet iu Hurt -a. but nothing wta ertr roe n i | te Ui< preaeal ttti.l is u highly ntf rial ? pi e which are art ? rtbeUaa aa'o have at lent ire diet net toe la. Iu the evrnuig the grant praaeatioa >i the Bell and f"\ eretl fariy Im k place. aad k< pt up the e*cit mtat lo h 'i ling p?mt )t watMllivi. I hail ere, a* "it ii w;? (T?i f j?? ir a a- d torch gbl ?nnmiM of ih? coc*tlltitn'oal 1'oion party ( r N'nachi aetta, r ?i ate I by Ibe State Central < ?>m m 1 tire. " For two b uri h- ore the proceneloa atari 1 1, it 1 g*ln*re-l and ran..' together like ibe pi.r- ? in a on/, le ' map I wa ot rh d, ? :th ' in.tar aol ? title Uoteri r, r*rr,r fr, m all war?t? and all direct i?na an.l f^rmrd '>a tu? 0 rnmoa, their rert "er ?- n r?? gt< them a ?b"wv at'p<arir<>- ir th. r ?re amid tbe darkiirw ? raw tl.em lei u., I ut U>< in raareb,! raw them pan thf R?v?re Hnuie. wh 'eh > IVval figl t en <aiaa f >r war I to arttmea tbe f a|Mwtrr ef the nocturnal ?.? r* tviia t 'ak led, hel a ree?i'a 'f(' like cbnrcb knelle. r-wkeu Mw, i-., .. - gbt* ei( 1 'rdi.irl #ri *#, cb'-"? IWolle.1 i<-\ rhe?r? l.?-?t *? *?< rd h ? ei ?> Ui tu? or^iag aapect of an arrry. ar 1 tbe gl, tiering Inttr mi, g'.an.'lig pro?a?KHi marcbid or ta *ay. club iu .eediag < U.h, lor mora tbaa an b < r MimM pilka braiti I It am >? iraem-n aad <-?rr IV' atler ti led ??its Bag bearer a aad tl ? laeeera thought p tP" re<i* lll'iM.lpatad NI'j ar t - , i en.- e* "red at Inter tal? the Intel r< vie itarll U. a and Ibart ?tn o-at?.l w'th ro'? rt-' 'git" r <r? a?i? '-v'<* r le n.?i ?e rt 'h . * ?em prevailed, "and all arert merry ?i h b airieg* ''ill ' l.rt n>ou?>u,d two b- narwd aim 1 k i?'i in t' ? ? ? lenriid tanowt, *li nh M etery re ?p< 't mud <i tt '? r ?t iai t ae ?'*<wtatMiaa ira vr^miaa ma ea-< r a "< n tbe aialern * tag of tbe bold, which ta U ' lha ???*. f t e l ?t?ee hy partit '-ni T1\e ?'""iff ? bttefetea tmn*vy < w"?h r rt?rea. n rt > r r?e . r i e e \ t< eria, i " m the cotter t i>Le of lv? rell laa etlw ra rha ? ad'ei" par'-^r'" ? in br ti'a re i > i . r i i T*> f. rr nh eg r Vr th? r> ?" |*rt new, acd ibe iitattg tah'e 't a> i?nrl hw a>> rte*a (>ere.iiie. Th. tr > ' ?t >a i, kiaMkr, eat lb# ?i .!e|Wlr? 'l^?"l Matien h. .!?.???? at .. ft vale i t'lwr bamg on ' ? r ( <t r i ad tba g ta > n- < 4 ot lb- tj Witt be hi.i? * if are m ii*?<ii eaeept mw '-?d to et i <r ai ',oa!rg I ? the a -Ueira.-y < f g rid h >u .?<t ef the iiad n tt r i f a??-r ra?- h??a t"?|elH to f*t|k u v.ry ( waft ahiy \ ? rpr ? ag that t Wweeaea ? .1 h*?e i.ta m ted iim.e or ac.'-?m modal *oa , aad f ITirjgf'lat li f beat, Ii r a^; It ng w. - ae aa I m re e wr ? e iban i y % arl'-tc a' ae o? tt* ! Ml ?o?rv ' i n M*'' I'eraeat or t? en t am i 'able to *a* "? n < f tit'* a-ty New K g and reoapt t. whifu* baa'* at fttdtl tl thr I. ?*. - aat , and o, at; t. i thai aay m^re la marrow Borto^ , t>- U. ltdO r I >% ?%' H ? ? '.*nj f F> ' [K Frt 1'm/> <rf?fc U i i i ml yni.'r?J O le !t? /tmatMrna? a- i 'eflft *i (*? IT re 1! tie ? TV I'. \ e Aparfl 'or IIW C4ft'M?r,"ir Rr -fiea af rt' f ifr I" -or ? T fi i !>>>T Ii *' ft* i * ? PriiM K i n i '*e H f>e?.|ia? Jl tire fi i " ?a* tt #? tba q at. ty of n. -tot it ao laage* -laeif. fa te p trie (aaff, It ? t iae<l ejftde d. tt, "under tfc 0.1 h ied aBuernw M the Priaoe et Walea aad po i ** " ra? y tfca tt* tbar k rr ? Cut ar ' ilt ? a ?! aea >e *? tar thl* storting, Botwltbstand ni tfce Marc*!!/ large tr-? f<: consequent on the prr*enoe of tec* of thousand* u i viever*, which showed a *?*if ?acriiice of the mi*t genu In* cbsrarter. The Boetontan* are uneaten tattoo* and oa- j dtmonstrative In their show of cordiality, but they are I none tbe If > well meaning than those wbo make a more i boisterous and jubilant display. TLe Kevire House was of coarta tbe oectre cf -t traction from an early hour, and tbe Hon. ildwurd Fverett ?r.d other* wbo were presented last even tig railed up m tbe Prince before noon, aa alio i.d on* Ralph Faritarr ? (be hero of Bunker mil? and hi* daughter, all of whom were kindly received by HI* Koyal aigbnes*. Tie crowd increased in the neighborhood of the hotel aiftbe day advanced, till, at half past twelve, when tbe Prince made hi* appearance through a Ude door It vaa with difficulty kepi witb'n the prescribed limit# by tbe mounted and foot police, wbo lacked civility more than energy. He waa In fall colonel'* uniform, with tbe rtbbo* of ibe Carter cossplcuou* a~ross bla breaat. The Duke c.f New cattle, Lord Lyona and otberi of tbe tulle were in plain mornlog drees. A burst of cheering greeted him aa ha stepped Into tbe open carrlsge in waiting, after which Colonel Banks, of tbe Govertcr's (tail, took bla acat beside blm In uniform Tbe drive waa direct to the Plate House, where tbe Mayor and other municipal authorities had prevloualy assembled to receive bim, together with aeveral bnn dreda of ladles and gentlemen, wbo tilled the Represent* | tivee' Hall and Bcnale Chamber. Tbe Governor and Lieutenant Governor, the member* of tbe Kzecutive Co mil and other ftate official* were preaent in another chamber. As tbe three or four cirrtage* containing the royal paity drove up to the Common, which was <lcnsely l*r.|ied with people? save m tbe avenue* and other place*, wlere tbe polioe bad kept a spaoe ?lear? the people unavoidably pro*<ntod *om? obstruction to the progress of tbe cortege, but, alter a few moment* delay, tl.e human mass w an clearcd In twain, and tbe horse* bounded frrward Aa bla Royal Highness, who by tbe by looked lorae what exbauated, aligated, there waa a good deal of cheer 't>g, not only from the multiude on Urra Jirma but from tbise high u? on the balconie* of the State House, from the c< litre of wbtc.h drooped the Bag of Kngland, whll? at eithi r fHio bnr.g tbu flag* of tbe United mates and Ma'sa obnre ts respectively Tbe Cadets were here drawn np to receive him, and tbe.r band struck up the music of "Hod Save tbe Queen. " Colonel Reed conducted hi* Royal Hlgbnet* Into tbe pre sence of Governor Bank*, when be waa introduced as "tbe I'r.uce of Wales," upon which the Governor weloomod hm in these word iv ? "It is with great pleaanre that I wcl-ome your Royal Highness to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts an<? extend to yon tbe moat cordial greet Irge of It* people. Tbey bave regarded with pro found gratification your vialt to thla continent, so auipM'.ioua In ita opening, ao fortunate In It* i rcgn is, and now, 1 regret to eay, so tear Its ternii Bo ariured, sir, you will bear with yon the united wishes of tbe people of Massachusetts for your fc*fc return to your frlcrda and to your country, to which we are attached by *9 many tie* of language, law and liberty In tbelr name 1 bid you welcome. I welcome w itb unfeigned pli asure the dlstinguirbed and honorable genll? men of your luite " After which be begged per miaslon to present his associates in the Executive Iiepart meit of tfce government. With each of tbeae tbe Prince shock bands warmly, following wblob tbe Governor oon ducted bis Illutlriouf guest through the Representative' Hall and Setate (bam her, all Uiere present rising as be entered Ten minutes had hardly elapsed wbrn tbey ptswM down tbe steps to tho Common, where bis Royal Highness mounted tbe borne, Black Prirce. In walttrgfor him, and, with an escort of military, rode forward to tbe review We put lubed tn yesterday'*> * fall aroountof the proceeding* on Thursday, in hxior of tbe Prince of Wales, at Eoaton, but on account of the lateness of tbebmirof the c >mtr.enccment ol tbe ball a', tbe Bnatou theatre, we were unable to give full paitlcularl of that affair wbleb we bt re snbjoln. |Krcm the Boston Courier, <">ot 19 ] TliK BAM.. or thk hunch. At half past ten the Prince entered tbe bul'dlng, ac i compauied hv Hon Robert C Wlntbrop. Lord Lyons and I the link* of Newcastle, and proceeded at once to bis drcx ; ilr g riom upon the second corridor floor. There was n i ; rnwd about the dorr, on tbe insids. o|mn bis arrival. aL'1. roeo'dly faibkn able was tbe whole alfair. there prevailed rnrsfltettentwhatcverabontlheplaee. After fifteen mi iiuies had eispmd, bis Royal H gbnesa, attended by Mayor Lincoln, Ern I'd ward Kverttt, Huo Mr Winthrop on.1 h s suite, entered the tein;*>r*ry private box construct*. 1 fer bis are at the centre of tbe flr*t circle, and gtzlag fottb up the |>sncire of natural beauty beyond lilm, was welcomed by the assemblage wllb one ol those silent, yet l.earty msnileatatiot.s of pnbllc applause, for which aeiect gatherings of si.cb a ibaracter are alone notorious An Interestlg conversation relative to tho flue ' 'lisplay pr?nnle?i appears! to be in pr<-<gresa, while lbs crowd esjerly and unremiltirfly iraxrd ui?n tbe rnyal b< x, and a mia Mep uf whiib bia royal Highness ?aa gci'ty, srd wb'eh j iced eie portion of his graocfnl lit tle figure is oi d and homely relation to others, furnished dslectab'e fiod for a little private mirth, to wblcb the people l? low would bave gladly Joined If they bad n*iy known whal all the trouble waa about Tbe Prlsexi sto >4 tbi l.iavy tliois fn m Ibe dazzMug (*-uiar batlerie* with herrle tliaress. srd, c<>rsi<lerlrg the evperienee which the |is?t t^re? jtiertha hare rowpellsd bim to obtain, it * t ol^sttsnge that be should be a. meth irg of ao adept at tcch a o'ifenre At twintyflve minute* past eleven o'clock, Albert Fdward came upon tfce floor and afWr I w alk'cg tbe entire lei gtb of tbe hall and returulog, he>d ; himself In readiness for twi iumhki, which In rerdlately WfMtd The Committee pre ? ri.lrd tbe Trincc wltfc an order of dam.ijg, of tue follow 'rg k a ropy ? <ir*D<* braUaal Overture l.tndpalntn*r I. (j-iadnlle J bel Rtrauaa I OmulitUe birtllan Vhpni Xcrrahr 8 Wn'tl .... urif'M ftrauaa 4 (J adnlle l.'Ktotle .In H?rd hUau? J I aotrra Newport ....Fry ' P'<!k* Hue four- ft'taee 7. Vuadnlr N?-lurna. Urine 8. 1 k:?ere Oneto* . .. 9 Oalor T n? lazit' Mrbaeanllr 10. Vnadrt le Mntfr Htraitaa 1) l-aorera Ittta lleimemnlW II Wal'/ rr<?ojo?ee fltraxa* U Quftdril!e T n Berraho 14 1-asrrra . Paabioo FreW>n? It, l'nti> H'-'- m s?l\.i Poy Hrln-nu'lrr l'V vnadrtl Itlmnteri# Sire* ? 17 Lancera A marl -an Helm? a] 18 Wait/ I>ir ()ra< feabt rger w*|1 If (, edri;i? Isi ta>>o Rrvw , 20. (,'a*i!ruir . 8tranaa , 21. Ua'op I. Orleaaa le er B? ? Tb< erene now \ rNNUd tv one odd enough for a H * W-n ballrecm, bat Ml all ? aorellv la rnnoa of We.<.? bail* A en-ell trace wee rleared /or lbe o ?-nlr* quel rijle. ard aboot It aa?< abled In dare* rrnw 'e ih? fwti iotfcbira , who dfltred to a> < Main tbe i.airr of lbef'<rtn rete tody whom tLe Prlic<" waa opectoc lbe be I ~lt>> j There w*e to < Port at dancing beyand the fhr??tl?ti ?f tworrte art I b< re wee. In fart , m let treat fm antlMrr I beyond Ihr mcrrmrci* of tbr Prince Toe Oral -Un- c | w< 1 1 !.?*<> on? ki dtd the ercoed, third, fourth u.d a I ?ucoaaeote Tt.a fady njrnia* lbe bell wttb lbe Prinze wag Mr? Mayor | ir' fin. ar.1 the parti'-f ? ling aa t<? a Hi arra Mre T F niikrr.rg aid Major Tordalr Tba ,.tber , dat i era in the royal ?< t weir Mife fey and Franc If Bra* fMM, M'aa IMW ami Mr Owlght Tbr f.-'low rg a a orrrrt Del of ladi'a wb? had tbe hrror or iianr-t.g w tb lie Prince, up to lbe t.m? oar ra port clraed ? 1 (Wuadnile;? Mra I.rcoin, wife of big H nir Mayor LUrolt 2 (Qjad-i '?>)? Mra. Bai * i'e of ht Kai-allcaey (knei i or P?uka 3 (tfaltt)? Mre Wlae. wl<* of I.wnl Wife, V 8 It, an<* fai-(M<i of H"*i IT'iwaH i'T?r?tl 4 (?,'iiadriiie) . .M'ea I eaay frowMmhieW !au(hterof ("rorgd Cr'.wt laebiCld . Keq f> (Ia?rrre)?Mlae ?.???? Atrory ?a ybter 'if Charl* I Arrtf ry ai d ?rer d inixv of I ..?t I trndbo'at ? (IV lie)? M ?e l arr r It k vi, Caugbter of llMi fltorce Tylrr Rfil t, ( l !. f Jiatlra ( |>r?iae Jo4l4ai C'oi.rt. 7 C^iarirt !a)? Mra Cblckfr?c, w?fr of CWoael T r Cktrkar r? 8. (lat re)? Kir R u\. ?*, wKr of Harr>ara Rltchir, M? < r i I ,-<rtnii rteual an o< II ai.lry '? 1 1 k . (O? Mlea 1/ i !<aru, n?r? of I. ? Honor, Mayor I.lrrola. 10 i Waii?)?Mi a Ferry I'eebodf , da iiUl<ro( Gcoi.e Ik, - l NiVir 11 lattm ? M're Kilt'' Kit i'an?bt?r of the Har t. !* >my 12 Mtra Mary i ace, dr. tiler r: Al,le'maa Crane. 13 ? tt , . lit* pay 14 Vre A' ? let' r 1* M aa i-agw. If Mlee Pava [Frt it. ti ' fi evm P' al. < 1 t V tifaieirrto* ra raa to i eitaa Ibr :c<v r?t 'tia o llio ball rtoai ha*a bren part ?u larly drarribftl I ? ro b?t we ??? to e?y th?t n 'b? >a? ? ? 1 ,1 ?? i ib" bi. rMI tt ?r a' I -a (?rneltotia t?< t-o 1 1 of bfil ian?*Y llr'- ? I'fe oa Ihla '<-<*> "it a ere ' il ?? n MrnS'ht ?'> .? I)Mmi if ?v? r? l.ui'. charaetT and i *1 wara dla t 'eyed In tha trail ro?.ni A **w . r tbi > i wr wHi aiWrni-! In iiearrtlw ? V ra (.< trri'- Taebt attrieU I (rrat altn lira At an attirrit Iti a rteb I rarr pvrple, Henrr?t m gold, whvb pro ?ii:,( ?t aaMa a br Hi ?nt effcw tV *?i?i waa wade low ink. wuli atrrt H'rrre trm med w>th polo! Iar?, aB'l prfal'y rovr rrd wilb a la-a b'rtba ib< latter wa? * ?> 'id ? *b ? *n ?!' *olu braid Tlie w? ?i w?e tr'tnited vtbfoM I *?' ?" earriaia, ?MI a br-a^itin aa ?f ?hit? (?ail'ie. * i? < Pr?*r [ rr!r ac ? fl bow at tlrbv* ?ddr ' rt" ?!? I r 'f,? < rVvt of b ? r lol'tlK1 r " ?? #ivr in -b aae < 'r?iiMj>tnrr 1 n a white alia .ireae, aed wire eeaaraltf laaiata ef dmmoe-la ferr. S44 grant a |.i,r'd la a rlcb bn?ada, wlh cora ro'r.f i gr ,( 0, vrra. Mra * r.b'n Wblle e ll. If inmied with pout la?e, frarfil t ttlar- at .! headdreae of faa hera Mra J' br I < ar-'rirr acre a moat rlegaat grreo mo: re JBIIr,- 1, f it r.< d a f :>-Mr.l ' t? r and (k-? n rat n roucbae. alao ??? i a <? t!y b'rtha. a graen v*lr? i brail 4t' a? IbtMl r eok ?< a aa 1 earr ing* to aiateh. ?.ra WhUrii l-?. t ?tr t ?oro a ahlfe eatla rtrraa, fr r n ><t wtih ouffa >f wi nt tare ?h!te floaera sr kl '? *??* ? #?* t?i of 4 an, Cd ? wrlry, tMeWMy wr ? . I ' ?' <a - a ' ardr r H k(d admtrab a n a wb t- ? tot,? a." < a prk a'', eer ?'.?a brandrrat of are<-r* fot ?/r. w- b rm if >Hva ? ' Mt aaMea V aa Tt-rsy lotk- ? aa I ' a? t:r ???, !r. a del! iat' wh W lu",' w",b ? -if tr wa at. ??,: .ddr^ea af ft r > B fni a*e, ItiU "T.iteat ?tlbgoM. fSl9?9| -I. W #, i V'fctl#* f ; . if * ?, ? i- p, %<| r -W Tte ? u *t of Ifce dregs ni "jade after tbe 'ately intro- t ductd Gj ' claii n v >, diamond* were the ornaments. Mri Richard Fay, of Beacon street. green colorod *tlk, wtlb ail lace ilounce*; ornaments, diamond! Mr? Fle-nrv Abbott, ol Pemberton tquare, pilnt >ace ti.u c over a ligbt flik . alao point la*" *hawl; beaddrees, |i..r ? and ?b?e feather*: ornament*, pearis. Uri Loan. bard, of Beacon ?Ue?t. while moire antique ?t d doub e ik .rt, trimmed on eaoh aide with white ami I |rMn nlTrt Imth and peails, eorcage of greten velvet Ic llage and pearl* ; hiado r<-*s or gieeu v-elvel and peart; co-t'y (''anmod earrings. Mr* Revere, of B. yl*ein .street, China pink *llk, with double ikirt and bin* lace tuntc, trimmed with pink rose* and green tallage; our at go of elegant pltk loees, green foliage, intermix** wuhyarncia and gold. Mr* fay, of Heacon itreet, green aolored (Ilk. with ..arrow lloi nee*, trimmed with blaok lace, Headdress of loiiafe, pearls and clutter* of go'd and black grapea. Mil* '?klnier (from tbe South End), droee of white tu'le. with tulle over skirt; tbe letter (copped up with rarrow blue bo?l. Headdree* of Maribou feather* and gcid intermixed. Mits Oage, from Jamaica Plain, dress of cherry and wbite tulle, with narrow llounees and roches; pointed bertha to match, the whole trimmed to correepo&d;bead drt'f* the stoie Mr*. T E. Cblckertcg waa *operbly attired. She wore a dress of manve color and while tarU tan. trimmed witb ^oint lace. The want wan trimmed serosa the front with mauve colored larletan and with point laoe. An elegant trimming of foliage extended down on eilber (Id* on tbe front part of tbe rillrt. Tbe other trimming* were "(sow ball*." Her head dress ccrrctptni'ed with the trimming* on tbe dree*, being composed of gTeen, white and gold. She wore a mo*t valuable necklace cf diamond*, and alao earring* and a b>ac?lrt of diamond*. The diamonds were all of tie Cnett water, and vhe wbole toilet waa equal If not superior to anything of the kind tbal we noticed. Fhe wii made tbe '-eclre of considerable attraction. Mrs W I* Winchester appeared amid tbe *oene* of beauty and brilliancy alllred In a rich dark gremn silk vMvi t, trimmed with gold and point lace, and berth* and

sleeve* to match. To tbe dree* was a remarkably long train Bcrb address waa Intermixed with gold, email velvet flower* and point laoe. She alao wore a \ery ooetly pcint lace mantle. Mr*. Wtleoi. daughter of the late Jonaa Chtckertng, was attutd, beyond all queatlon. In a most tuperb manner: Hi r dreis *a* of moire antique, with point lace tiounoe*, the latter being trimmed witb putt* of tulle and pearl* sleeves to mate1!. Headdress of pearls. Shawl of point lace. IHamond earrings. Mrs. 6 J. F. Bryant appeared in a purple satin dress, with a very long train. Flounces of black thread lace tin the front i f the dress were puffs of tulle and black tbread lace. The lower edgea of the flounce* were trimmed w:ih wb 1 11 lie an J purple rlbb' n OBlMflPMl of tbe tklrt and waiat were pearls and gold. On either aide the 1 flounce* were fcaloonod with gold and black "barbs." Tbe waist waa trimmed to correspond, but baring tbe addition of gold Usee Is. Tbe deeve* were trimmed with p<arl* and (oict laoe Tbe bead dreaa c<>n*iatel of gold, Intermingled with pearla. On the left aide drooped a white 'rather, lipped with gold. On the other tide was white lace, 'ntermlxtd with gold trimming. The orna ments were diamondaand pearla Mrs franklin Haven? A crimson moire antlqne dress, | ever which was a black thread laoe tunic. On the left were crimson and cbtulle flowers. The dress was trim tred with thread lace, diamonds and tlcwerB to matob. | Tte heed dret* was crimson and wbite feathers, tippet w Hi told and la-e Over the whole waa a thread '.ace ! thaw I with diamonds. I M its Have-n, a daughter of tbe last lady, was arrayed In a bright, cern colored metre antique d ret*, with a white lare tunlo. Tbe dresa was festooned with white Japan llllies. There waa a bertha of Japan lllllea and ih read lace. The slreve* mate-hed tbl*. II. ad dress oi Japan lllllea *nd green berries. Karrlnga of pearls Mr* Judge Iliyelow ? A wbite moire antique, with black i thread lace tunic, and white tunic underneath: tbe latter ; f. floored witb crimson and Jatan lllllea, and blark thr ? id lace; bertba of tulle and black thread lace, witb I a rename of Japan llllles, extending from tbe front of the I waist up to the thoulder; sleeves trimmed to match; ! beaddr<t>? e l Japan lillie-s acc black and while point lacs, recklac* of darned*, and bracelet acd earring* e.f same ' She alto wore a most elegant comb of gold, bended with j clitter* of dun-onda. Mrs Murdoek (sister of Mrs. Jrsbua Tucker) ? Drab ' me re antique drets, with long train ; skirt plain ; walet and tleevce trimmed with black thr. ad lae*; headdree* ol white lare and diamonds; thawl of wl lie point laoe; ornaiteijt* diamonds. Mrt J' thus Tucker? Press of b'ack and wbite tarletan; tklrt trimmed with pufle; tunic of wbite, feetooned with Mack and white (lowers, each side of tkirt 'eatoonel with French rosette*; waift Grecian style Headdress of black lid white lioeert- Ornaments, <i amends Mrs (ieorge Brown, of Brookllne ? Superb dre?s of t each bloom tilk, trimmed with point lace Cape of imlnl ; laro intermixed with ?earlet velvet ami lrterlinn. HeaJ | dre?? of ?rariet gold and diamonde. Bracelet and ear rlrf* of diame n> s | Mrt K ctardion, of Longwood? black thread lace d.-ees, witb eleven narrow flounexr? the latter tninm. l with black ve-l'et and beaded with puffs of Mask l?ee and ve l vet f>n tbe left tide a bow of black and white Ibrcad ia-e and p<?rl?, on the riflil (Idea large bow rxterdid ! half way round bertba of black point lace OrramenUr ? Him'c's and pearl*. Head .treat of white laoe ant I pearla. Ml?* nicbardror ? Cherry ar.d white tarlelan drees, j trimmed with tnllr and coral beiads; aklrt pecullar'v plalUd and trimmed in front in tbe ?bai<e of a pyramid; lume of white lace, eelged with Freocb qunling. a:. 1 caught up en either side ?ttb pink rtbhem, tulle ana ooral beals; beaddiess ta rcatrh Mlse Adams (from rk>ulh End), pink and white tarletan pv-lls on the aklrt, tuLlc e f wbite-, ? lib puHs of Urlt-tn; bertba and tioe ves to cornspind. From W round, extended eight putts, trimmed with pink fljwers and gieen foliage Mrs Mose* b William*, of Brookllne, wbite tarletaa. will, pcflk of larletan on the lower tkirt; upper skirt e>f .tar etan waist of dress after Grecian atyle trimmings metlly tiowersand lace Miss iHetsen, dress of Freech while muslin, with live (lour ces, beaded with pink ruche*; tonic of white, saab if pii k. trimmtrgs of flowers and gold. Mr* .'ocas Chlckerlcg. black velvet dres*, low neck with fbirl kf'Via, and tall Be-rllia of thread la... ? hawl of petal iter, bead drta* of point lace, ornament*-? ?ilamocda. I Urn Marine, elegant moire antlqne dree*. with UalD. and trimmed wltb applique and ix-ii.i lac ?. M'r* Mary Quinry nlk drre* ol bird of Par*dl*e eo'or, irade with rutM?? of ?llk alternating with put!* and lufllc* of tall*, over tkirt of tulle Mr*. I arllng rich white lilk dreai of mtnrc color, trimmed with raperb church lace, or a^ase which la gene rail/ need od the altar* of English chuecbe* Mr* William Sweat, white ?like, with Boui.cea and bul lion trimming* Bertha to match. Diamond*. ( oe M .** Ward wore a dreee of tulle, wltb three (klrW, looped n? aitrrnately with mile btin^hrw of roee* and grien foliage and roae bad* Another Mlaa Ward wore a j creaaol tuil?. WNfe pun* ar.d kM Hklrt featoooed Mra Jrt,B 11 B'?k? Wi re ar. HMtH brocadc, bought la Neple*. ao<l which was ? rougbt with ailver The | dr<?? w*? trimmed wltb appttqoe aad tbrrad tacea Tha ; ?bole wa* nvat tlegtntly embroidered la plak aad other br'ctt color* bt Hlldder, while larletao, apotted wltb gold aad tr trn r<i with ruffle* Tnalc to correspond. Trimming of white flower* aad gold Mr* In he* ptek *i k. w lib pink tall* oter *klrt, the latter leeteonid ? ith taba of lac*. laoe aklrt, featoooed with tab* Of laee Mra An-lrew T Hall laeepder *|tk, trimmed with b ark Urrad tare, low neck, with thread lac* cape and tkirt, with black lac* flower*. M'? Perrlo, white c.'k, trltrmed with blaok *llk, aklrt Irltnmcd with rt?fl>?, Made atlk aad gold braid bertha t? cmreepond Readier* uf rr m*on *nd black Mr*. Rurnbam white tar iMan Tht i our ll*t tad* (X unit** it la nrrewartly lcrota plete. Wc ??ndertlard. fm?a reliable actlKirltjr that Madame 1 rary prepared oyer my driaae* tor the ball, aad em ployed ill rtj |lrl* t ?bi and day. ?*>n t a nam ?r t?? ernnurn All other plan* of legrtM cirept the mala entrance on Kaslnegtin sweet, thi Maron itieet entrant)*, and the et trcece to the itagr , were cloeed. Two .'forker p<'i* f. r receiving ticket* were plaead at each r4 the prlaclpal eMrancee, *i,d ore doorkeeper to the utege or grera ro m frl'MH* A rpeclal police ago at u-Li-.ed to ew< b of Uteee p!ao*a TI.egteen rorm wa* tor the etrl tire ??e of the Com mitteert Irritation and Kiecullre Oom nlttee with their re*i*cl:T* ladle*. 1ii i,l*??lrg iK'm* o*ee the grrrr. r?>m *er* forth* tic1' t 'rr oa* of the Martha!*. ai,<' Ih ladf* accompany ing tbem tb< *ta< rnem te tte right, aa you enter t;* grand ia looe : 4 t 1 'rrtn ?be error 1 for rt dor, of lobby . waa for tb? f*r1r*tTc "** of tbe Prince. That on the fcfl wa* r* ?erreu r?r it'Tited goeete with their la>1le* rtr fratd ?al? n sot to be catered by the people lilit.; ai'<r tbe riorpllor < f tbe Prtsor ?tie rro i, tte<! <i)<on thr liuliuirg wer Mcaar* 6?'.-ge H I pt<r. ?!*???'??? " ifhw ih Tboma* F Pickerlog, act It w?* dei- tr?<l that ary vlotatlnn rf the abor* lukw ? hri M at rt rr be bTWgbt to th^lr notice Tbe n w??eitrr? of lb' theatre wef* rtqttfttad to take particular rare do lmpmp*r peraob obtain almUw'?ri to Ub* noma bet . at h the Mage Tint airaMW A?r ?wn I*. I Fr< n. ihr h>?ti n Ourler. (> l It tTe ' arf ilic (wikiwlog BgVM lo (tvi -There wereaol t 1.(*0c<<.l> tUkfta at llfteatb. *u<t 53-> ?icgle ticket* (for addttin al a? "*) at 19 tacli. The t. Ui rc?i- p'? were. *<t< ruicgly, ak' nt KO. ati.l tie total exp*'i?*a about I34,( CO. IMd*?nMt*H ta the ballroom a'<>;<* i oat It I CO k'ote tirk) t* r< t.'j hat ?- bee* ?oM, we are ??*um.. I Lt the l***T which New York U 'gtil ?a* not Ire t *i.d. It being ettr'tiic y fee rablo to *i d a cri * the i,i UN r *a? m'trii, and a gtiarasPe fuad aecored by tbe liberal MbarrlpttoM of erveral of nnr wealth a*t merehar t*. wb" wetrr?ie the <?j<iv rt nlty V> *bfw the r gfarrr*itr N lelltrtrglitn n P><t t c.i*t at ei|*a' tatooDl of m tey.aed the an not of laTeatmeat* from I rual* *? uioee i* ia i lee If acormoo*. THE PBOtCKV QIIT TO CAPTAIN FAUXCK OF THR RKVBKCR CUTTER HAUIUET LANR. / a org ih* munltrocit and well dee^rred glfig |?|ew| I the Prlbie of Wale* to thoae ?V> were entruttad m carrying out the prrrramme for ht* eatfrtaln>nftit n bla tour thrr.cgh fhe t'r.lrn. wa* Ibe w toOapt John Faune*, of lb* reven** cutb r Harriet lane The Prince, daring the pewage tp ttr Xorth rurr. rn re?v ror It r*t Polal, m. tcalt d h n. wllb a ral able watrh. chain aad eeal* Thl* ?*? drre *'?? ?rr*M?<tr IfM Royal H'gbfetia retired to the cabin ard t> e t for the rapta's alnn?. \flrr *g;nw? leg h? aitmtratlOTi of tbe vneeel and her management, be tatded ibe pr?*<nt to the utmilabed and d>iigbte<l re ciplebt. Tbe watch M of the rhwirmeter pattern wltl the ?< railed n agtr raee erabl'ng the wcarrr to i?e 't with pen f*r r bf In htiiilirg ?lyle It ? rery ! caiy and pirlertiy pla n The following k> the maker'i ttimp ? V " R "hi'. '? well?i* ?nd floldamlib* to the (>. wn } P - ? Ota! b;iiW Tif? rntrt?>?f . ; a?l? it' t?* *o*M ?**? T J {tftn* Meeet . t ondon ?.6 tM tibf of U( w lUl ifj t I .fltt KB , uott. w .h I be e.end UK dvn ' o Ubareta or scrolls. 0* it* other tb? following .nnortptlon ? (Presented by Albwt Edward, of Waits, to j; ; Cai tain Jobs Faunee, CHUB., !; } Comm'dg I'mled States Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane > od the occasion of Ibe Prince"* visit* to j Mount Vernon, New York and Wert Point, 5 (ictober 6tn. 11 b tod I6tb. A. 0 1M0 ^ Tbe chain Is of beavy gold, a fourth of an luo'i io wi lib, i with large siudded link* representing a oat>*? Uter- ] spcrsed are lbr?e valuable Mala, In rich setting. present toy on either rurface of tha chain a d(fc rent kltd of ston*, such aa onyx, agate, oorneltan and lava. Oo the rirj is an elaborately "? ilH key of lwl*t?*l coil*, resembling a at r lea of hitches of rope without an end The prlo'teal ? seal represent* tbe Prince1* crest, with Ibe trato 1 trainer , tbe beading oyer of the oentre one forming ton loot or i listening to the chain. The well known motto, "J.Kdun," Is well defined. U?r Albany Correspond* nee. Auu?v,Ocl 14.1860 The ir<* Washington Mark a Controvert* ? RetokUmnt Jdopffd ly the Ommiuionert of Ike Lund Office ? Poti ;?< n of ih< Di$f%ded Qua lion, dc. Almost every week or two something turns op tn the public paper! ? frequently of an alarming character? rela tive to the dispute as to title, occupancy and s? on of the grounds used for market purpose* opposite Washing ton market. Th* courts are besieged, tbe Common Coun cil are Importuned, the State ofhoer* are assailed, conge quently keepfeig op an excitement among your citizen*, j That there is "cheating all around the board" there is no ! room to doubt Tfcat there Is a strong combination of influential speculators who bave frequent "audienoe at oourt" is a matter of notoriety. Tbe very fact that tbe Slate odicers leased the entire disputed property for the nominal amount of Ave thousand dollars, aad again reoew i ed that lease last April, attaches a suspicion to Uie matter which justifies the belief that a collusion exists between 1 somebody of Albany and tbe holders of tbe lease. The Legislature of last session passed a la* authorizing a tale. At a meeting of the Commissioners of the Land Office, held on the 6th or September last, the following preamble and resolution* were introduced and placed on the minutes of the proceedlrj; of Ihe Board ? Whereas, The State Engineer ami Surveyor, under and pursuant to tbe act entitled "An act to authorize the sale of ccrtain land belonging to the State, and to empower the Corporation or the city of New York to purchase th* same," passed April 17, I860, has caused a surve) to be made of the lands hereinafter described; tbereforn, Resolved, That' the Commissioners of the lAnd olMoe, In purruanc* of tbe act aforessSd, hereby offer and agree to grant, convey and release to the Mayor and Common ally ol the city of New York, all the Interest or tbe State In and to all that certain piece or parcel or land situated in the city or New York, and Known as tbe West Washington msket property, , bounded as follows:? [Here are given the polnte of bouc dary ] Together with the wharves and piers in frjnt of , the same or adjoining thereto, with m II the appurte nancer thereto belonging; and a so In and to any claim or r ght of act-on in favor of tbe people of tbe State agaiast ' Ihe Corporation of said city, f -r the use and occupation thereof, upon the following terns and conditions, viz.? 1 That ihe said Corporation shall pay Into the State treasury, as and for tbe purchase money for said pre mises, tbe sum of . 2 That sail Corp* rat on shall, before the delivery oT mcb grart, convey over and releate, in the manner ppcci lled In the reveLth section of raid act, settle and pay oil all claims, right* of action and demands of every descrip tion wbicb any person or persons now have, or may or can have against tbe Cori-oratk.n of said city, or its les ices or grantees, arising from or growing out of tho u.-o or occupation of taid lands, or any part thereof, by the Corporation of said c ty. its giantee* or leasees 3 The citv of New York shall relinquish any claim or claims which It may have against the State of Vex York for rrectlrg buikbeads snd ailing In upon said Ian Is, or for any other purpose whatever in relation to it, and shall Indemnify tho State rrom any and all claim*. rights of a; tion and demands of every description which any person or penrns nay have against the state, for money paid or liabilities incur i od in relation thereto, 4 Tlat the said grant, conveyance aad release shall be Si bj?ct to Ihe r'ghts of all pertons now holding any lease or lease* if said premises from the Commissioners of tho land ( Rice. 6. That tbe af( re*aid offer t ball be accepted b? the stid Corporation wllbiu ? ? days alter receiving notice thereof. Resolved, Tbat if tbe aforesaid offer 'hall not be ac cepted I >y the said Corporation wlihm twenty day m after service of a OOpy of Iheforegolig proambli and res >l<i lions upon tbe Clerk or the C< mmon Council or tbe said ?ity , the Stale Engineer and Surveyor be, and be Is here by, authorized and directed to sell, pursuant to the stat ute In such rase made and provided, the aforesaid laid* at public auction in the city of albauy, on the .".th day of November. 1M0. upon tbe following terms and con dltlois, and tlie notice or sale lo be publlaheU In the fol low Ing newspaper*, viz : Cer.dllii tf? 1 The property shall not be sold for a sum !(** than fiiO.C CO, the sum fixed upon by the appraiseis be retofore appointed by this Board. i 2 Tte Slate to give a quit claim patent of all tbe right and title ef this State to the property; and In case of th* failure of the title of the Stale, the purchaser shall bare no claim upon the Slate ou account of cuch failure, for the purchase money or (then-lie ? the object or the sale b. irg to sell the claim and title of tbe Stale, but at the | seleritkof the purchaser as to the validity of the title, acd tbe pat' nt to be issued tliall contain a clause to that l !!? ' t 3 i 're fourth of the pun hare money shall be paid I'own in cash al Ihe time ol thefrale, and tbe payment of Ihe remainder shall be secured to tbe satisfaction or Ihe Board, payable in six equal annual Instalment*, with interest al the- rate of six per rent. ( 4 In addition to Ihe said purchase money the pur ri.tter ? ball pay til lawful ciaimt which the city of New f?k mty tare *|tiu*t Ikl State tor Ailing In or racial a it t ??nl prrmltM, or lor aay purpose in relation thereto; ?i <i t be pwlMM thtll * t< puv all lawful claim* wbk-li the le*M* ?r le*?e*?, aaalgtee or ttplgooea of the State tb*y litre agauai the Plate for money* paid or UatlllU?* tacurrrd on anant of that properly 6 Ibe rale i* In do wi*e to aflieci any right* which Mid >**re it I< ?*o??, assignee or aa*tg?ee* of Hie State may have for the past recta or mesne profit* ? the obtect of tt.n raU belrg t - release Die Plate from any and all liability u> any paraon or party in the prem'.aet At a ireetlnf of tha Commissioner! of tha Land office, held on tbe |30lli nit., a 'communication iraa presetted by tba City Attorney and (Comptroller of Ibe elty of New York, MtlM a |<etpf nement of action u poo tba above resolot'on. to enable then to ba beard before Uie Boar: In relation thereto. Tbua tbe mailer stamla at headquarter* Tba next meeting of the Ccmmlsaioaer* will be on tba 8th of No < ? mber. when tbe gmilemen who deaired tba pottprr.e n:< tt of tbe race will appear oa tbe part of tbe Corpora tion of tbe city of New Yotk. Tbetr purpoae, we under ?land, li to convince tbe St*te Roar! that the title to the property r?rt* in the city, that the leaaeea have ba> n MM wf th? Courts. and that tbe city I* now In poaae* sion. rtreivfrg recla. Ac The queenoo cow mooted 1*. whether ibr law i n <*r of Ibe State iup tain* th> a*tlnnof tbe ftnrl tn grunttrg the lease* toll, oar* Tavloracd Bricnan The matter ttand* aa weitate it. MMrMMflM !rg all ef'orla of latereated partiea to beibf II. Tha Stla at the Haaldaaca of 111* liar.. K. Ilalfht, Kn|. The sale by public aactlon of tha affect* of R K Ha gbt. Erq . waa reamed yeatorday mortiog There waa even a larger attendance than on clihcr of Uk two prevloaa day*, and though the bidding throughout tbe day wa* very brtak, and art lo lea of every dtrrr tion, useful an 1 rich and valuable. paaaed lato the ban J a of pnrrbaaen at rcrreapoadieg ratoa, yai bad the a* 1 1 > ha adjourned to another day. Thla morning, th.'rcfjra, th ? ?ale will be returned. Tha buttaea* of tbo mrr og opened with ibe aala of tbe kitchen and ?u.,ar?.a. far Dili re. tbe quantity tad value of wbiih ro.Ti ,'ir, ?d with tbe general cbtitcter of tbe boute These were <jol:kty disposed of, tod from thews* the awihUg wre mirnunrd to the mote ar!?locr?tlc p triloba of tbe balld'rg Tbe tak here romtn< c?o?l is the ' room oa Ibe principal Boor, tba whole garniture of ?rt>i? ? waa of a very i-rr?er.?r character There wr re r c*t Bre ? tela iarp>ls, beaetlfn' aril vary tear/ oak l.bra-y tabl" fuwr solid oak bockcie**, an aallqie and uniquel) car ro l ?ak rbair < I the altteectb oenlary. t*o arm ch* lime of ljon<* Pe Qrttd, ormolu and porce tin ct-.d?riabra? for gas. which bad a vrry One a; petraore, ** tbrj w >rr la fall ilttc, rich Itee tdl hroetlel curtttta. tupurb mlr tor*, touagit. brobte c'm-ha, Ac Ac Tbe caw* rua for the dtutng room p eoenlexl ul? crtainirf rich carpete. carved blark ?a til rhtlre, two black wa'nnt tlfre*. ta?g Ifetrb ?!mt, Ac Tbe r>rnpetlt'oa lor Hi** rich articles wt* very brltk iu.d drew pritty % ?li Bgu-es lberrt' p?iior tmng ato tbe coteervat n y mi d"k ? ItivuUl f .rt d Hue were ao!4 aa OifglCl r??|?t tar?rtry nirta ??. h'art wainot corn ???, f-?cr raivtdrak i nrra. f? ur ? i *.e book ca- . aa ???? eo 1 ' iiy t?^?f, two httrk wt't ut qntrt'tte la.1 e?. car**.! k>Wk walnut chair* <4 i'arltiafi mtke. tw V?i aal 'ui im itai'f of iiosllar ?l.*p< aid carved paiicrr one ?. r; il'fai.t tiera velvel tflvtc wivh cwahkiaa to matek . ot earvrdVttk Kt'r.r.l rhttu'i 'ltr for gM, four 'c ;ii e oo? yarn lea gat hracWett tn riegtat otrved hlt-k *ttt' retire it !e. li. re alto the co&pelit.oa amo; sat lild?rt * ?>* well tittered, but it w^i geaarally ti tr tied that the eoatly arttc'.e* did not br ?g an< th ig like their rrifinal value. tUhotigh evew thi"? w?e m t eery |?i'?rt rttle The rttrttloon wt* ti,**l jiored tuto. tad tere it aa* that tbe tn?t? of t)e proprietor mali I ?ve b?e? more parlli u'trl y eserelatd, acd Ibe eaptt <! i >r of b?a wraiih d re ted tocomp'etc t u*ui n*'mU' r?:eiy * i |?*aed in exoailetca and fltl*b Aurlrgtnl Ad hi;*v-rii etrpet on tbe floor, tntird. t?a?> r Hy i'rarf?d, a ?tij*th lit of rtrvrd ebony tn<t or?<Ma lirrltore, roo ? * of one lo't. t .fht 'tulwiilf tnd tlv n- tfo'ty de ? igned efcallt. the handicraft of fUngaal, or Pari* two lial ta rhtit*. tr eltgar i < Irrular d vat, rti-bly ? athrei derod; a aMgrltceal ebcay onaota aid broaaa a'O' t*ble, two aftendld ehonv, ormola ami liroora nabtnele. two *v|Mrb French jiale nurrute, two al>ttnt rrta lu brarkrtr. for carVtr* fr ur fine ormolu bracket*, with oae ( a* el rarh rae rhaadcller. tod two Hevre* h1 e porrv. Itin and errnoln vtae* Afcoee tad enrronn ;ieg lh>we wre Imir tuperb ?eta of freen tad gold bro. ttei p rller*, or t'oor curlt't ? one Urge eet of roirfra rurlt a?. go! 1 tl>d yitrr b retUl, to barwn-n'?e with De protH ,rg c<>ltii* and tint* li.ree gold co: m -r?, K>- . \?\ ibe bid dug for U ??0 art'l. ft ran up q?i< ?ly Tlv- twi m - -? aul fur ?2<* ali the other n.htillclea at ? rreepjif1 r g rr"v?a. The not r parl<?r or Mm, fronting on fifth avenue, ? . ft it < ? - r'^r'y ' ? r The catalefje riaa ? 9ed tn tlerant Jubntarn earpet and rug, t b< v.ll ftil evjie m ea?rrd ikwy a?.d ormolu fii?mtjfe, wtbtlat ?roMerated c the rtar taloor Mnorclh. m f'l *?'*) ? Hfl f ?f '?Mr* u. Hi m&rbie tope, one elegaLl ebony ormolu Itl Iiue'm) p,er uble, mirror back and marble lop. LI i.urioua and nr? above a.l >u a centre table, tbe *lab of which was fumed of a collection el antique and vur i ooiored marble* a*d polished granite*, taaber'ntj revtra) hune red distinct piece*, quaii, tly and boauttfuljy arrangtd and ?tl in ih * r0om ai*o ?cr? *ome very choice blue pcroalam vaaca, and bronze e'l'itLlrian grouue ? lib i*(!e*iaJ*. 7" r.V.ui0,r ** u *ate chamber to the front aa'nne, an J licit g ftMb avenue, and here alao there waa a 'avjh eapeu dllure. directed wltb great taate. Amoegr tbe splendid parLliurt of tbla elegant retreat were two net* of elegant broth aatla window curtain*, wlih cornices and trim Rj 111(1! mo* t beautifully and tastefully contrasted IbeM were of 1'arislan manufacture; two rich lnaide whito dumark al'lc curtain*, brocbe *aiin door ourtaUii, a *et < I matntOcent Uobelln tapestry door curtain*, com toe and trlmmirga. Car li lan make, witb lace curtain* to match; ? full of bo'* d'roae and ormt in furniture, covered :n Gobe> lin tape?try, cor tilling of t?r arm rbair* and two parlor chair*; bo la d'rote and ormolu bergere, covered In crim p-n br< che* ilk; fancy rosewood rock leg chair, circular ! fl..or cur bloc, he. Ttere waa great anxiety feJS for the pttsetslon of these neb ari.cle*, and more than once waa overheard tbe whisper of an evidtntly victimized buiband to but oara ipr*a, " Wellj have 1 grne bi*b enough j elf" Abete<chl?g look, how evir, aidid by tbe fate in at Ion of the moment, and the hope thai hi* opponent* would tucoumb to bi* next bid. 1 kept tbe bidding up, and In many caaea the articlea want I at high prire* Under the fame bead in tbe catalogue | were i numerated two magnificent bolt d're se ormolu and antique and Sevres china grand caMnetf: eiqcialte bOiO | d'ruo ? Hcretolre, orian.ei.lcd with ormolu and antique Hevies porcelain- elegsnt bols d'rote writing deak, aim) | larly ornamented; a superb tx udolr lnitre; four eieganB orn,' hi and eevrra porcelain boudoir bracketc of lights; two gas bracken of snl'que Italian wood carving; a mag* nlfioit cimolu and antique Sevret china boudoir clock; ? |at of antique Dresden .'.bit a itatuettea, two Italian i chalrr. two tmall ekgeres, 4c. The hondoir bedru in waa molt richly and chaitely fur' nithed, ?rd wlih all the appiiaicti to eaac and luxury I winch wealth can command. Thr aiieKH rr. waa chararUrlatlcally furnished, tbe or nament* ccnciitlrg of bronze groupi, statuettes, Ac In tbe vetllbulc ttoed tbe tteel armor of a kmgbt, ar ? rargrd a* It wai worn. It wai oomposed of Milan atee), the fatorlte srtl-le wltb tbe knights of old. > Throughout tbe sale was briakly contested. It cloned at about ball pait one o'clock, and will b? recused tbM tnornirg whrn the *ec< nd and tnlrd story furnture w"l be deposed of. TBI " NKW TOR* CtrB" HOr^C.. Tlie members of tbe New y?rk Club have uaea advad tuge of tbe opportunity ai'orded tbem of removing ihe.r club from the piemleea which they at present occupy '.o Ihc n-ignlflecnt mar tlcn corner of Fifteenth street and Fifth aver ue. Tbla ptincely bouaa waa tbe rceidence A B. K. Bught, Eiq , the tale of wh^ae palrtmgr at&tu&ry ard household effects we noticed In yetterday's and to I day 'a Iftura. Spacious aa the mansion la, It appears ica dequate to me?l tbe requirement* of the aristocrat io | body who b.ive rented it, and considerable addition! will com-' quenlly ba made to wpr'7 what ia need cd. on the flrat itory of tbe bain building, aa .1 at present ttanda, are three very lar;e i?rlir*( | d ivlded by columns In tbe Oorlnthlan atyle To tne aa a : raloon an inta room la attached, aa a'to toioeaeconil and tblrd parlora. From the latter a door :ea1a to tho ; (onaervatory, which Is built in circular form naviug \a the centre an artlBcial pood, tilled with go>i Giab. la { In tble potd la an Iron vaee full of exot'.c plan'.a, aa well j as tbe turroundlcg space, In which the ihoiceat flowers I are reared. From the prmnhousc. or coniervatory eatt, a door will lead to tbe billiard room. This, then, la tbe new addition wbicb > row I built Thll room will, when completed, te twenty 9?e I feet wide fronting on Fifteenth street, iiy eighty eight | Kct in krgib. Tbe ren alnr g tpaco of the one hundred Tett of tbe lot will be dive l< d to butler * paotriea, waah | r'ona, AC. It Is to be built In the French sty la and lighted by a giars roof Adjoinlrg tho billiard room on Fifth avirue will be tbe dining room An entrance to ! tbla apartment will alto be connected w tb the coaaer vatory The rire of the dlnlrg hall la to be 20il0 feet. The floor will be of the new atyle. Inlaid with oolcred wo->d, after the antlquaatyle of marquettry. The ent re cost >t the addition will not Tall abnrt of >10 OOO Therm w?a drawn by Merars. Renwlck, Archmuty fc Sand?. of No. S8 Wall street. Mr Jobn Mulltn bas the contract .'or tbe ma ronry. and Mr Ryckert the cVpenUr work The build Irg will he ready tn about four weoks, ani the wbole it It occuplad by the club on or about the drat of January Uar Nashville t'orreaponden< e. Na?B\, Tcdd., Sept. IK, j Ih Stole Fair of T< urteimee ? Great Sui < ettvf the Display ? Mftiitiniit Prize* ? A Sottbh Noble man an American Stork Breeder ? Fi><e Dinplay of Horned Stock, Jforum and A*?e* ? Splendid Collection of Floral Orna>nei<t*, Xato e and Ef * otic? Brili ant Otmcourne of Ixidieg u >td Gentry, j i*?4fe Tlie State Fair flnished liere on Saturday nigli^ last, and wa.- a complete auccess, forming a largo exhibition. Owing to the fact that tli? state Agri ^ cultural Society beatowed their liberality in pre ' miuma to the btock department, there we* not ao much competition in tlie other departments aa tlitre othf rwi?c would have been. Tlie entriea for competition to this fair were open to all. not restricted to Tennessee. Kentucky turned out a full *hare ol exhibitors. A Mr. Alexander, from Kentucky, took 11.000 in picmiump; $1,000 for tho beet bnll. 600 for 'he best jack and $.*>00 for the beat aged at.tllion. He la a S< otrh nobleman by birth, but chooses to reside I in Kentucky, though he derives $:>0 000 a year i entala from" bin eatalea inherited in Scotland. He if one of the moat enthusiastic stock breeders in ! the United States. j Ilia imported stock of various kinds ia probably larger it number thau that of any other atock I grower. The display of foreign atock at thin faif was large; ao wax that of horses of various kinds and ciadex. and of mulea and jacks. Of jacks, thir teen were entered fcr the highest premium, and ao gocd were moat of them, that the judges were pretty much all the morning, and until one P. M, de< id'.ng who waa entitled to the highest premium. A laige amphitheatre was built on the fair grounds to accommodate the spectator* and viait era, capablc of holding !>,000 persons. This dia plsyed everything brought on ti.e oour?<? to tl e grrateat advantage. On Tlnrsday and Friday, during the fair, more than 10.000 persona esch day went into the fair grounds. paying twenty five centa each a* they pawed the gate. The' exhibitor* and all paid every tinie theywmt into the fair ground, U a dozen times a day. The society offered very large premiums, which brsught all the beat animals of cattle, horses, mules, sheep and i>oultry into the fair, found in a large extent of country west of the mountain*. In the floral department there waa a rich dis play. The plants and flower* of the Insane Asylnm In thi? city were brought out for exhibition to ihe lair grounds. This, wfia Ike offering* from the I t iv f?t. owners rrsde ? splendid decoration fo. Floral Hall, more ao than I ever aaw a', any other fair, and 1 have aeon not a few. A fountain in the centre of the hall p! ?yed It* <#.'* <f i ch. This was trimmed with plants from the Weat Indira. South America, and amongst them were many native plants of great ^nriostty. Two laige aquatic plants, called the Victoria Regis, were exhibited in the water tanks. This plsnt was one from which Paxton took his models and dfi-igna for the gla-swork of the Try*'*! Pa lace in London. One of there plants on exhibition I nd y large white flov era on it. BTbe seconder npper floor of Floral Hall was packed to the full with the handy needlework and manufacture a of the young ladie* ??f T?-nne*?ee nnd Kenti i< ky. N?*hville nirni hed her ftill quota. So much were the works in this departns"nt ad mired, and in Mich large qnantitiea exhibited. that the managers of the Htati Fair had it >n serious i onten plation to build a hall double tie six* for the coming year. There were a great many entries for con- petition in this department. Th* judges had a >li(B ilt and delicate ta?k to perform <n making their award ol premh m?, snd I am told that they gave as much sati?fartlon a? any of the rommilteea at thn fair. Thtre was a vtr? large attendance of the ladies this fair, and there were a larger nnmber of beautiful women than you would even see at ? similar gathering North. Xo one can say that the Southern ladies ars in c.flerent to hot^ehi ld nist.ufa* tures. In the fruit d< pattmrnt there wsa a di?plsy from the com. try shout S*a?hvll'e, and a larg" colle lion ef p?srs from a rnne<ryat Rochester, N. Y. The p' r. h anin n had pretty much pa-?ed, and 'he drci Rl t hs? hfen so severe that much of the fruit brr nn r dry and piihv. 1 fonrul romc tine ciirg?tone nsackes on eihibi tion Irom the neighborhood of Nashville. TKerc waa a large attendance of spectators to tMa lair INSi Kentucky. Tennessee, Northers A'a I ,ima ard Mis^sippi: *ome from M<'*oiri atid Arkansas. Ihe grounds on which the fair was held embrace some twenty acre? and are sltnated two and a hall miles nortliaat of the 8ta,<- Hcu?e, in the suburbs (.f this town, not far from Cumberland river, out on the way to the HermHage, the sacred final borne ol (ieneral Jackson and hia good Rachel. ( ?ptaln Wilaon. of ihs mail* ?rftMTsr. TO 1 1t K KMTO* Ol TIM IIX1UI D. Haw Yoas, Oat It, leeo f ha with pleasure observed th? course pursas?t ir yen Ip I he NTfrls tr pr^em to Captain Jack Wilsos a prefer t"t irrstal of arrr^etatfos of his sob'e enamel 'o Ibr rcscrp ? tfc, CneB?; Ms pw*rr. #rs " f ssew h m ?' it, I i rait?." I was an esipfn.TS la a ahlpplBir So is* a ?M* <>rlr? ?_ wfctse frit'' wis with th? R" '*? B?t". Tl< SclfA r, S isan, Ltirj?"'lt'' and others Ik!cc M t" t he Iter, nr.d 1 rtally oiberwlaa arrouat for 'he thr I' of r'rumre wMch 1 i*e*tred when Uie dceratct) CMi.e "rsril tack, of the MraB?e, coailat- sp," th*r 'bal fe< caowd its irss trouble, sa t b:s rf-osd I ftas wia ? harbisi^r a ?,ood fVe'gM, and ?' a!wa>* ?r (4 oe ?. t l>t'HS. ff, nry desr I f, tb!S 'S ac *tr r,, l ;o? Is yarloa it. fc fl.