Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 21, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 21, 1860 Page 2
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. ?.ri.< Burl*** I" Turkey. k , ., UsTWHa.N #IK Ut!-.-* L >< " "';** , :.H tAKst c ?U.?1?TT\J ??l' * *T , ? TAVT'.SQTLS AK? ' or TUK AjBIKN'iaX*. j , i;lt V.-a Hi* AID from IklMlK'J, Ai ^tcUJ Published ?i Couataatiaop* ] Tur.iuru,Juljr?(ll).tt?._ ,, v cfl n: >li U .-HT l.irros Bclwxk to tli? , ? riarch ni the Armenian-:? , is?ck? 1 felt ex jetdlngly horry. as 1 am - re s a <ic did. upon witnessing the diticulty vhi i , ed the ottier day regarding the futiorai of a , cv Christian. to who* a burial was denied L s:.. \d to the Armenian nation, o! v ? denne d ?'M a member, by a body of ?>? ? i nvi el the < .e^irian (orthodo \ ) taith, wt h ? , ';'nz tun It ?nd even violence. . \. istirrl *m> ' I be im -I about tin. 1 amenta le : : ,1! fliat ct ? i pleats or you, ctoc , ? I V e ofSoiri^/fwi'i- l/will'Vaparigc' die u'auu " fcJPKfl iiVS? ih.t i ny * sis ra^&visiiiuwsa ?r , ,-Pie.< r . -idii ? der this government W ander ... ,-d that the hnrri'sh government, ot which t . ?. ' rtn and-KTiater part of the peop.e are I i >? t, ?J.N,c .mn. ist ratea the condition of tlit Cht I inhabitant* of TiuL y. it ha? never r:. v>d v'ot. < in hell all ot PiuUstanta, Catholics, t..ego* i m Ai meniant- or of any one d? uomina'ion wait ever, but in beLalf oi ail Christian* . ,,ftA%r.lhi<*lY It e.:3? ntlal to understand cler\v v Lethe i the Ortgi. :.n Armenians deake to a.- u i' , '? ir-au'v svt . pa'liy. ai.d also whether t ? tii'id" the Protestant? a* Christians equally . i , mselven. or, on tlic c ntrarj , as distinct na ? S t ioi to theuiaelve#. so uiueh so that eye c ? I I ath, bv which a)i .worldly dMrnrt.-*.;. leve ied.Uey are un-orthy to repose t.d \i) ?wUli themselves. . i l ez leave to say to yoi m if rroUxtantt do not reccive aymp*~i from the ('!. tiar.. ot your denomfcat. * it will lie difti u < nation to f. ? a:.?; -; tl . a l .r j vou a.' ! wi:.p..rdoum-i ' a id . * ? -i ?' .'-p 1. 1 Vitow l'roti'-tant- in ,d. ' uV ? f tie w ; f ?u rn,,o w 1th P ? u,lo br.t , j ? a 1 1.- < tn? * ? >u -".It na even in onr foihns. VhM* all jffim ; " -Vit" .. Have that ?f lovo should U. MlihterC ti,> Itcd States who^ govern; ?. i ',.i - ni e-i ii* ? ? t?f the mo t umv. i ,.. I toli-rii' > ?; <.V.v .So iu the -ame etraia a' c t iart conteren . . . . lovernm' .t+ or Pra- . h .,\n and the Net!.er lands, and the l'rot v*n* ?)>, -"uu of Kuroi*e. v. "VI I i re-echo my sentim a ? the liV :t;. tuoreover, to ^tate ju; e;;-t r .Tholic tteoph s. e,; ? ally the lionoraMe ! r*. nit n wliieli alwiV* '.iuee* rebc- ?ti' t- ?.<*..? ni't reirud ' '? rel' iit ot tb it det?*'tah.e S< .n*. ^ ?n'Ht Ol Clirii-tiatii.y. 1.1';' y tauledbefori i io.. ib.t-iuU o, a - if. ?r .iiitW. - horror tliaii 1 d>. "it ' the dut* of . eur Kmlm nee to guile ' Mti'l ai ' ?i'f yonr coreM^iom-t * an. < .it ol vor.i T"' "ion, a." load <1 a < hur. viiick prwfrwt-to ?? rura,yj & t?3 ni, ? o't 'lit 1 * ?? ???'- ? !?' '.;"*r >.f y >' r i.wn <?; , ther "l ' - a- tha' they iea?i*. aid 1 ea h V Clui- ian< Whether livintr or after d Hi: L ? thiii uiiti.i'i and unworthy conduct .-hot -i \ ,1 the, ded ? st it b< . ome a:. - xample to other 'w1 5^::;tU. who ouitht to l-e unit 1, ln'? a lisir dis?rr.M n" and ex< itlup* quarrel anion ? , wi,o rec to i ed the same tio?l of |iea? e and !, -rr*. I l.ave toe honor to be >our bmmen. e a i t "hum hie ai:d obedi- ut servant, IU LWi ?? U, 1 minence ArchTial p Sahkis I a uarch t c A'-iiinians. tn his I xotUency Nr Uetttl '-J,- a wer I'riti* An 1 a^ador at C'Wtantirop.e: - -:Vci ? i ?V- 1 ' avo re ( ived Vov.r Kxcellenf) - 1. 1 . , nder dat i -?l.t July, wherein youevpress , - on ac( o ot the paiolul oeeuireucei oa U;e i v*?kin t. t burial of a Protestant Ainie blH not ce . an* to cta'e that my own re-rret. n- v. i a- the-a ' I ?ll m> ( orell?ionist?. are no le? .,.,,* j ? iicrelcre i sui mnch grieved on Uarningtlie ,,ni .miona luimc.i by youi Kxcelleaey toncerni^,* '"'r J'ht pinte<.t of the Armenians against the above rrn oti- "ed bo *.u*. y ?r Kxetlleocj* ?.nl> dM' err- \ so n* of I to'iv. exer< slog violence and heapi .^ in nit upon the' I'rof -t?nt rtlig" ?n by exeiting ? bhad popula. e to ec mailt outrages upon a eorpse ?i d oe-secute a H t?tiau even the g Kt h are n<". sir. in reality, the drcum-tanees whi h actuated the Armenian- Permit me toiuaUe a fe* explanations, no that you may and era *.td ?l,p t?ue isture of the case. Kr t ol all. I 1 an *ay. and feel proud in anylng I ,ct , 1P #l| ths wod l. thst t lerati jn is the fuuda rae:,* 1 ih. uine of the Armenian ehnr a - hur h "let., .lent .and free by re;?on of it* . . I She has shown this toleration by incoti lesi*liie laets, and the occasion of thia < >rrea|iold ? i- .. u u install .? . : this toler?tio:i: 1 >i re| eat, t!iis U ool) the leg limate ^ ri,i i ? t.ary to the practice of othnr CnrtsUans ol ,k'V ,-t tho tendency of whose r?'llgioas doc to persecute and exclude each other, the Aimenians have always he-towed a P ^'e ,''' b " i i to all Chrlilut * iad? ?J? wu-Uitr tin tk.*v C.ilhulic^ or lVote^Uut^. ?b>. h will 'outline to ha; pen hereaf'; r, is ma h to i ^ ? c.-retti d since it '.? becoming d' h alt for ..s to ^Kur rlX- from the d -,-re.l v.i ,ns o. stra i , for t'a?y \ery ?t ??? find pow rful suppoii. is, Vmtl" '.si. u* U- io-'^-vc U* l*r )te-uuita have tnalis-nablc rights of n. n, is a.?o on- of the ,mi..^ litif s ? corded by our fir.uious aovtreiga to all t hrL-tian conitKuniti**- ?hA' t u E7errShtw':.Jh SSElt** 4"1 "y 'he \ ery toler *U?5? evinced by the Armenians ut the "Vh'e'di iJeUWote. t tliis r^gh* ompelled some of^ iU?m.nedF (ortt.ou-x) A rm?ian. to op^ae those who liA'.e set up cer'^in prttenatooB. of wnu > thr*r ilisnue* and quarrels may be regsidid as - t si iVroofs and to prevent the 1 urymg of a Pr* ?ii.stpron * ? T0p WaooO, where there t..?t*iii in the temetery ai i .1 R*l , . i, not one instance ot a burial ol any bu. tue ma inu,an^.X??dl that the hatre 1 an l anlmo- ty w. I T; eyd ^a" 'd hid ra ?ed s gainst him-clf bv Ida exi i"?si?e fanatici-m. had emb.tterejl lhc i^ - db * < I the Arm-nisna. I do not de- re to aay u ,s . . mtn over whoiu the --rava has been cfw*'d. but truth compels me t ? ?tate it that >our K\. t'.lem y niav thoroughly uodn * 'ud the ?. an Armeuian- in ,,,.ttlils man. remembering, ;.r,r r* aJ? "f S tl t ,o ?p" to ho dng. 1 prop..?ejl to him In,-, 1 submit to h*wlsh?; anJ I you kaoe ( what .. ,?r ,i!r rc?ult. Both sides became irritate i. >? , wa. i?w>!v d in the matter, and the <l",:?,i' ? Ci. l r MrUMM, as i - ?<*U known to yoor l.iccl \ ?t tlit rorpat remaiai'd unburn ] for *omc day <. V >t tlx elkurjr. H t IMlticntMlTt ol a Protet last and liberal government, could n?t i em tin la dl.Ten it at the tkht of an unboned Chrtatlan cap -e , and t1 ?> Patriar b of the Anivnian* *"?? tall j connctoW of Uit rniiublinit -"ntiment- altli whiVh to?i were moved In exeroiaing four 'l?tia r 1*1. d n" p. <* .? tha matter. Your K*eell*ut y will not deiiy I aiao. a * ii .mp paMcl]>ant of Uiom atuunoota, and both of a* endeavored to tarn ioat<- th s afTair In an hoaorabl; iflHMitU . \ oat SaotllMry will thui ptrctht that, it t era art any canMet* in th# matter. It la imp< ??ibl? to at* btiti Ihptn U> Hf W?? trjr oftht Armenian* IV Jon tne. *ir, r> Unly t > di uy my |>.irt i !?.?? n whit' vpr in rftMtlnK aaimotKv or *pre?diaf r.m t <>r aroo-i(r the different Christian com ? unit. ?. I vr diflbria tht qn itionn pgrttlalag to faith ?" oererthelena, are not oblivion* to the ?a^lnc*ol <?ur Mviour, love one another. " If row thiol taw: we ??bottld eierciae more kindly feeling tl. ?.i ? ?? ?i yoa mint be aware that it ia imposaible. u not rc c iprocated. That great nation who*? repreaentatie* fjn srt Va* vor oympathy. Onr only rejrret ia that ?Hp h*< not Mttctently atuditd ua. or elae *he wool I hate known that o ir church i? the moat liberal ia the wort*), and that our forlorn nation ia ever ready to a< <-*^t proffered ?vmpathy. Tma nation. wbl< h ha* been tutored in tht achool of *-1\er*<ty. tia*no other b ind of union than it? reliiii"0. It t* thi* ti'l'Bi in whlrh ha? pr^aerv ed it. and it i* bound to that faith a? it? only aalvation. It la to be hoped thM on better i' ?I'uaintance our nation VI 111 find, am >ng the hp) *?-ned portion of the t hriitiana of other churche*. not that pro* lvt fug ayatera which would pull dawn .. r relitio i* MM mtional falm and divide n? agaia?t o .ratlvet I t thp dl?po??tion t- rppojfui^. m m* lent f' ??owftarj* af Christianity, and a-. - ih w irtl v y, , < flan sympathy. ? the ?t ?e"ltimP'?.,- will find " \o in < rt . ryo ir Kttellea y. I pray for a I in r 1 f* i r'?j f I er M ?je?ty the i/ipc-i anil ?, i*?< it beg Uiat jwiu ujutu.u , v 111 to acceji' tLe a*iur*ucea of my nrofouod ccc/ttdc -I'- on. Banna, Archbwuop. Titria a of tlie Armexani. At tLe Ptv.?.KH>TE ot all A.nuu.ana. July 12, 1 .60. Ts mapta Ju!r 17 ! - \ <? j Si. Hs>bt Ltttos B.lwkr to the t'a'^h ot be Aroietiu;.*: ? Imi.'.-.k Beeerviug tin- honor to aiiawer your tit r.ceV . I wi.i not di lay to elate to jou> .. i: hoc Uat ! have received it'wi'h pleasure. 1 I eive thtreln aa evidence of t. it spirit of paci ' ation and recom ilialioa liy which I tnyKefl am i . ' ,'uted. and whi u to the peculiar tkaructo; Utic f : t Lie Chnatiita f?;tit ?e both profesw. 1 beg yonr ' n necre tc accept the a >*uraac i-t of ray profound reject. Bilwku. POLITICAL. At a mhstimu or run w at;ona.. cnion minitk Mm of tka Il-vetiih win. k*:j *t ti#;r ruS raoM, De Bi cr*Uc X. al), ?20 Ttur 1 ai.'>*e ' . ou K . !?j rrt-uio< lWt toJt . lt? ??).: wia?jii *p?iollv?- caaddairt war* . nuuai at.jr en Ci -ied tor lUe Wlowlot oiSc?i, V: ?Fir Coi^reM. Hon. J >in C ^bnw, for Aaeuibljr, Oeo. *? T ri.upj?:! f* ?aatrer, JiwhyDrh. HORACE R. aOW-MT, Premimi*. Aikk ^ a, hacrat.* - j AMS1TISO OF THE D:?r DOC v nBHOOUVTIC Uolou ib it? V b#.J i: ihr Kmplra Koonu. ;ijS lu'. T?**1'Ui ?l ni?!?i A"?c ?' ?a M r. l*.. ereai tit, octobar K A", tfaie ? ? are i.e>' u. >.ttnJ. a? 0 l*. owo( !?;? rwnjeiit1)' t."a i ' -<i Br oriiar i Jt . N NiiA.tT Preallea'.. L'fjjriaB Far. P?c ?a r I At I> -TO BCRT H BF.AJIFOED. l?kj -Si 3 ? AS ' ' u.- >. 4- ' ? refi-tr.* . uti your r?rJ la fnilaj't ! ? . r have ?. j tty .Li . . ???' it p r jp ?..'oa t > ? ''i p ti' ? vn:? "f *t? i.e?f i C u.~<rtt!r cfitlt" ?te? lu tin* :? .k it'.., ,r . 'Wd -tsait*. ? ? U*. a? tf. i iiv ?. rtfic lit- -*a4- ????? *ti h* 1 c?d:> it. f hh-.xt it !? uiuet/ |t?? ??a: d#t#rmia??d he II er Clin J ?? bj ta^ >. u J. p.-^tled Ike Coo ai. n Uirh p ' ? 1 X- n ; lU.i* . .a oottrur. ?- r . < . . il . .? > ' oj -j- ^?r reit ???> !. f. , ? ^ y t a f. HcJr, ii*r*H hj-1 r> ? ? a , "I . ? . f T ; C ? nil Wis wi:h ff??l i .,{ kf.t . .1-. , u- 1 r-pu41\ta<1 ibc* ? .? -? e ' ? ? *;??? usaiof whieu . IV U ' -? ? ?'??*? ! ?*..i ! *?. .?> - -#W!J < 4 .* ,! T 'r ?f v:4 ?. .I'it vJlivl voi- t-< , I#a* . ^ a 0/ Mr H*rr:c* t ????? urs ^ ^'-*1 ^rrx> -.*At . i v h . air i'RO ?' i. ? ih- trv.ifn-.ti F '*?*.* T ???*. who ?tro ? ' ! ?u ' f* ' n -r ty *.1^ '? nf a ?. jr..;r?i. i .? 'a?i mauietlii) u* .tt if %r r-' ; m.***'. *\ mMsa <tl SI 4 't ? 1' >nd*jr. th# -i"l f r ih if mtifc iin thi fins! in mhm? wiftil nit pirtliili<iMai in *1 I hj:? -? i i.,i> ' - Ajr >! J'-**!*/ th* ? ' t? .? x . v ih \ ;cu!>?r i *???? i uett?4. at 'htf U-^p. c**sv. i . '4 U (tul *Ue*tiiat ai 2*ji > t d. 5 ' ? .A! ? -A.::' '.MS?. MirthiU JU^r ^ r-? THJ. "N! >" BA. -TWSX1 T riR^T vie riion of ou U4I> U -c'> ? . "i f>*. - .tti.,. b f ??' r f TUtfli: .j.! ir. '1 p ?i i"a lo ' t'ic ? : 5 .,ii?r ?tov*na tttsti i^Driier Of Tbirtv !? *V* .Am ? * , J*?. a dejio.. J ! '?>' ' ? * I ' i d! i * \ COMMIT ! u--h 1 - * .>tr? ! (W? by an :ir %cer ij ? % potnal.tM *ta lupi x; * ' X:LAx -ft r. >?!.:, uii y n g ronuiltt* ? ?. ? vM urT it. 1 f irlhttp u f;vr* ob t < 'e* ?*'?4 i?#tf tfi cmir^' tal f f*o?as*"^e r #?vi?r ht . ? j-ea. :? < .11* .Ijr LiCi 'J?>i ASt%4ir ? 3l ib-e . a. i '-.i * ft. %'i.\ ft i *|, bkfth{*<*'l i'ld a*?';ut'iT nf I'mif'tli t'll>#P'Ally I ic- ih!j fii** I ;b-? Lib-.oOf t*^!" t :?sr*! * oi? -ct . KOviMju^H ? !!. Pre?d--? X oTlt cok tHiwn? m n'->r^irr ? <r<t 'ir- -?! p*r? i ? ?*-r c r ? *;#1 ta* report that !"???. ' n; :? i I B: I - 1 ? J 1. < . .h- s. > . ? d!?l' :nt I ? 'i t .1 !t? -re ? t r. n*? u !>) u :j N?i:i!5ai n?aa:rtlic t" i.i'z : *i itrn . r tl:n* ki J Ui ftrtn mf fHeafa aul Ike p'-al'c tka; I wtii . ? ar?ii4l-lat? ail.l t ~lo? it oa 'i. Ju; At vrmVr .'tXX'H i.VM'II, iJ K uaiaavi , Brr.t?;/a. K D. TI. i tiKAN." CMOK T RCHM9HT DEM05STKA TIOS K it or ? in,! Kr to'i. I'rt- ij 13J0 \ r.v.N/.r.A*. ok :?ek ??> : 1 ?.???) f ' a*!. ^ i:,? m ! f t tf t'l* l>0'i*'?t li-iolt Ir : .* f i.t' I - r_ --.rr.t ; n-ttM ?? rii cr"j?ti il? Cuiou it "fcljtti-Dtj Wnr! v?i uartu I* M Ik* r rc<pec I'rt'U. *r*?n n I ?i f t?t u ibr . i ia*pii?l. ?: ?H r-r.rit 1 (.? Or Tlw Pflki?'t PC WWtfjUriM wts r?> "r -?? .a ? n ;j'ir n tiif .?(? > i:*j *11 U? irC'n ( the J??. ? ??: 13 from Ur or ftri.MtriJn1 cr .? .'???. lt?/ ok*/** in -?fr - r? 10 tx du l p. n? u:i at ?? Saic h *.-? cn ?* ?.-u*i.y .>os*rTi*4 oq lif 00 r ? 3 t:.r ?.-? - I'.i'j w ' -r :a*i ''j- r m*p-ttj?? t '!?? Mrmt> It ^'i?n?ra v ti >[ ??. t 'lardeo, 6J aai ' 7 fy .m n ? r *t ?> tt?:. i < t ^ > ? f M . wh?r9 tk< l.t f of , ?? ???. !i wil t'? ! ir :.?4"tt ? o r'.tvk P * Ibr i it *r% ?n il ijen f re ?4 I 1 t ie?" i-itlrri'ot I .>3 >?? rrpie ?rt<*.1 :i th? Th; t'aaik . w a. .; l^-a? ?? ?re I ti ! I ?? <"? ? (,? ? 'k ??; 't ^*r?e?i!l Aa cr -r n r*la otn t.u* 4 it ih" <1 ^?r#nt b <ll?? A ? ?rf?n'rUi>i <r !'>S?'.:ns frrrti tuc 1 k.r lee";bx>u^ ?t'.i* 1. . -i -.v' ?ie "1 iin irl v tt uk fcnl kM ant y?. m >. t*i -?U' iiamntuietf i<. as lu u?'. ut? 1 r >Kr? rnij ' ? ru ?)? in t?o ?. * PVItH MTTfHEU.. ? . jav.1* 1). ruMi > A ' HN A 31*1.:. V 1 WM H TH.\t V. I JOHK 0"Ut } Cau'.a'aa i?;?t a y:,aca wa FL'JTO, j T w WHKirr.ER ? 0., V. H FKARiLU ? ^ rria> clt ?cr*opt OfTT -Tint rouw i J. r.en o' the c.!/ > "W 1 ?i k in faaor ' ike I n; >o E.?r I r. 1 rtn. are r rdlal y ItitM . parage aitb the T>na* Jt ?'? 1 tmnr'tfo I s" ?* Cl?*>, cn tja ore*?:.>!i ... Ui? jr-m.J Ir ?? pr<*i-? n. All tli ?? ?b . i iv.iii 1 1 Miinifrfr-x H I meet at l>* at >re Jlo. 1 i.-r - pl%>-? ti'.?erti*r Btrr-.?' i 1 .<?4*7 ??eat?g < 2J. at tun , -k preriariv Ore linnet will p'raae appear to b'.ark or dark rt>ihe< ?nd hla-k 1 ?t wl, .,? tun, thed at tl ?hea|.i' ?-i#r? II ?l*rt>rU> * till t "r.1 and a !ar*e drina forpa h?v- t,??? niurj, Th?Ueiir.r ? reach and Ti?r >a . -"j ~n* ar? mt ?o pa r?> n.tb tbe ?'.nb II f. Ca UK. Pre?:o?al f Ht > inf. HecreUr/. 1. ? . II A RRMON * ar.b i] w t*i >? J?.w? w. rncu. * "? T<> THK EHTTOH or THK HIR VLI> - T 8KB I* THE Ttlbfiin of to day ap art p'e t' -mg ib%* I am ao'i- tla< t<??* f c 'be tr nnd that I a m an A pprrn re H of . < fl?rr\ i U<at tbl* e a '.naa !-.i>n -at <i fr in bnglaaiag : ? pelg ea <?( ?u ! ir.p? mi p TOpeetaat cm MMiDCtlmka > :>ot mj n iu ua i ? ?>/ all S"*ac)i*a a' h ffBOCTNl I lave ?n abnaad ny tbe n^MIni prt'li ?; i ?*i> ?a*. 1. a.: of which 1 1 a I n.> alien.1. ?*, ar -a i*e lim (*IIMh ir? c?n lateeniy, arl Bwwrf arelltkat tba ? wbohin.* me won!.! sot ???li <?? .t H h whet tbea at ' l?.f n afk'-iO I it ihf ^ -rea'ins dta- wd anmca' ' m ad.jyt#d |l tab cu./eie. ar.l wa-a. it it?? it'nk M a ihaty cant e?| ertt-n* on Ike n?n?a .if a .l? u "her I rut ?-? rteni no immt't 1 irtt Ir* \ed w!?e bn? ?uk- t??-? ?? t? <-a? lair ? ?? ? ac ?t? 1 1 V!o i t-i rn> ao-.e?y M mem i arrt**' her? my <ia>via.?ina ha m all .??? tl - rfrf wk! " Mtb?* *?l wk ln? 1 r burr ??ha****, ai ? my ?rt??...? 'a t?? ;? ? fviirn tn ? ?a?? mm lb? n.?.i,?an .a *tfr? 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K OK FOR TH* CWiOK BATUMI AL CLCB Of Kit ( ? county -Bar/ member .. f lb a ei'-b aad b..tta.lflR are rt'. ,<*ted tr atlet.' l>? meeting at 'he ro"> M Si V. F :l t-?n *.t?, on Monday evening. the Sid met t: orfaaUe for the proceed on on T u QTH WAP. D PBVOO?. ATIC Z*P;tB CNIO* CU7B -AT O a ?e?tu>g of ia'? tl- b beLl ?l (W '? aodaa ?t ?et Wedaea d*r October It. 1640 the ;o'.b? rank .a* were ujanlmo ;?.y Adapted ? !.??? .-rd Tt:it the meol Halt election* hare JkdwwJ the tf ? malty of at Uoa oo the part of all tno*e oppoeel to the .tat: . rtire* pf repnh:lcAn:?a in order Mpr m .te Ihr ' gelul and b?n> Kelt .1 ctrlnt* if I be item' uff ao ' tliM wltho r utit'ed and eceiretk 01 tue part <>? a.. th.?.' oppoat-d to Lincoln, I f reu.?Unao candidate wUl be e ?ctrd aad I. e c unlr* uvwt. Iherefart-, Ke?olve<1 ibat we heartd: aad cordially ? adoree the Colon Birctural LrlteL hnadel Ij ileaiAd J. Bedae.d aad u.'eeut C. 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K i-B.' r? o' ererf dearripliou n u;*u:?j la .he 6tt avory rt*deac* lit We*: l*?utMri; "treet. rtXI.OR CONTAINS three f" 1 if r.rh : e-ir?t-J io.-ewuol j>ar'.or Furnltt r*. coreie.: n. n -h *l,'i; brocade ?t ttuary ilia-' >,? t >j oantr*. *j'a ?iii pier i?k;?? ? .?,*.- F lore .'to ? *a : Paneiac Mirror*. w..s man. e aa ? at>J ira-*-!*, l*u rr:r reij a?a-tel Mlrro.i, mad* hy KJNrd m? ifireit ee?eu nr.avc r?*awi?..l P'.auoi -te HmI and Corrr. 1 : tJ. recef-ion I S*.ri, covered I" medallion :aoe*try ladj ? Earre: -e, Uaed era *adn w d.f'agaat reewu>1 hum. w.:h F'eac* mirror ton. ?)'t ? oak Xt\ t?i *<rj ii-ptu T.r?i?k Lounge*, brocade andem'JojMe r?d U' ? C artal*? Icii 'irjaf inn or?o a Ohaadci-er* artle'.V Kron?4 Mirole Figure* ?nd Oroa.n. ?mi r* *L' h ft 1*t knl algal Cm ?:abu? >? I'.laabarg, kilil. u w-iih * rare idJ v? vie ci-ecrioo <t> PaI*tle(S, wir lb: th* cvijcIm*. ? '?m * CUtck* l?'? *?a KIINTIII ni-.axrer'-a, S*rrr? and l>rra.1?'i I) MM? ROOM AKP UIIARBBK Fl'RSfIT5jnF.. 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Al'onosim, WII.L 811.1. ?t the Men-hat K' lickaac*. >n l?la>. 0?u>bar Jt DM. at tar aire o'ciuck, IB l<ota. aw the lower pan <4 Ik* Outra. I* ark. 1 UN oa Rrn^daray. H. X eirntrof Fi.lj thir l *tr**l. 1 IjH on amin e. .H. W *o.'aar of Fitlj UilrJ *tra*t and rear nf the llmadatar 1/M 1 l^rx oa seveaik areaue. adiatnlaf i. W. corner of Fifty third atreat 1 l?a oa B?ktk a ren u a. aa*t aid*, lw*atj feat north of Flflr a' nil atiret 1 'y* in Broadoaj. 1* tt -..roar <J Hirty clatk *tre*t. 1 Lot on Truth av<u le. t jrner of F.itr ninth (treet. rear at 8na<??f 1/4 t Lota on Hroadw*7. betwaaa Wm ala'.k aad Re?ecU?'h rraeta. Mjntrtm. all r ilo| Uirov^b to Taaih ar*a> *. artk aima. biuldlaca. 1 Ua fr 4 Ul( Hr>au1 way. n * I. aoraar of Vint* trvna %sd Flity firth t r?ai '0 l<nta on ^utv-fonrth (traat. wrtk *t<1*. enmiaan^a* tU *??? weet m V^klk a?en ie aad M feat I tr. *Aaa eaat of drm?. ? ay. ! Ism nr. fkity tf itk airart aootk ad*. 173 fewl waat of Br*d an. ao<i iOt f*al **?*. feaik a*rau*. A r rtsc of the pitrcbaa* aoL'f -nay re maun on mnrraga V ? Mat* Md parueaia-*. apply to Lhe AucrioMar M Wall *.nf. AC.TOrfu* A0Cfl'>Mt*IL< FF1iTH3UH*OADWAT . piREiipmav v>f it k ? FIMT Cl.ASS CaHINKT FURMlrl- ItC, (i.m rcrsnat. at !?a ??? hroadwat. A C TTTT1.K whI ta'l a<ir?t^n. ot. TCK^P AT. at II o i'1-irh. at Ike warrrroiBia M BRt>Al?W AT. naar ilrwr ch ire* th* et.'tre rick aad c.ecaai Mtnaft of Mr C. J ? :nMITr wkiia retinnc tria hnaiaeaa e mawtlae tn part o< WAKfcANTBD FIRST CLAM R'XRWOOOIt. OAK. MA H<M>ANT AKlt III. ACK WAI .fUT TARLOR HALL. BOCtHllR ANI< DIN MO ROOM MMTR ot tke moat modem aad aaunae r ?taa Alto. LltfRARV FtRMlTORK T> - oh ."ha lire I ?eo m?o - fa. I'.rad aader tke a***rr!a! a o< Mr, Rchmiu la warrant*." e | .aJ ?*a"*> FnaMare a^d In ihM rBy, and wili be anld wttk<>*t rea?-r?* ' .. ana < ata'ufiiea the naornln* "I a* * A '-??'!? -? r i ured Itam aU par."kaaer> nckaowa to tk* ataxia Mr AVOTIOW MOTICK -M tOUrtHTT ACOFIOMIlt^. will ael' on tfoodaf. l'r'..'i?r f.' at I.'1-, u c..? a at <i*a room Mn. 'J R<aa?n a* ie?t H rv?u.'l Foriuture. r>>?aiat(a? hi part> f Valr.l T*p?atry H -uaaala and t'>|r*tn Caraeia. roaa wi?d < f?rt%?e Planitnne makoganf aad roaawvid Parlor ?nlta. onrrrad la hroe??ei and aa r rfotA. t? T> t? a t?(?a Pofaa, Arm and Parlor Chair*. marMa t*j Caatra lab.ra, roaewa-d aad m?*<'taay Carratary. Boo*r?<-a eite tai >.i r? nine Tab>*. HuTeta (Valet <1ialr*. I'rraaj( B mna. Waibetanda makoranv and er>'ia*e Hedatea/a. hair Mat uvaeea Palltwaea, 1/-nn?e^ Wariro<ea At: the whole l ? ba pe emptor!! : a>?: to the m?hea' idder t >r r?v to pa ad 1? Ja A aOTlOM KOTfrTf-SA r.OOjr rURRinrRR A NO A. atc?? -CI1 AMHER8 A f A I U H 1I.D, a '.nwtra o!?v*, tUWmmm etnwt. wLl**Q o* w..lnead*r l ictlb*' 21. *1 III o'eVyh. ai if? Hearyrreet. th* Furaltnr* *ac K;.?jh of aa Kr.(iiah Chop Houa* Arrrio* KOTIIF -rtfUOXH ABOI T R1MOVI V I .* ??!' tiad It ?oth?ir ad *nta?r to rail oa the areal Me^r > pn'f.aa Stand *7 K >r a:-*M aa1 110 Varn * atrret MMMtaioii for raao'ta* famlUea la tha aouatry nr etty Can* ?? ? ho-!-*. A'l (tad* of Matuary. PaatlJta. Pier Mtr-nra Plan i orlea rem red Ac with rare and at our 'lak. InraMereef *U klada i-ariad and ak -re-1 to all paru o! Iba ant Id. f. ?OC!.tM:td. Prcprtator. a rmoM MOTTO*. -a family hbcukini nor*F X\ Veept*? will rtifiio* nf. at prtrate aale all of thai i Par lor. ? hamh?r aad 1 minf >' m? rQmii ire a' a rr?at ?arrt1 ri aewtaid I'lannforta. r vai HuQ. for BMtt, lac. idlnt Mont aad |C"T*r, ParlnrKuit coat BMhi. forflti). oar do for fl 39. Book saae t^rp*?e Mirror*. Ojirt*?n?, Bureaita. 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