Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 22, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 22, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6810. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE P1LI1CE 01 THE 0CE4H. THE RUN FROM BOSTON TO PORTLAND. TIE DEXQH8TRAT10NS 0!l THE ROUTE. THE PROCESSION THROUGH PORTLAND. Arrival at U?e Wharf and Departure ?f the Royal Fleet for England. UCPOSDIQ 8CXHE8 IH THE HAEBOR, 4ko.. *e.. 4k?. POETLAXD, Oct. II, 18M. Tbe special train .'rom Boeton, which left at half pMt Bine this morning, crossed the city line with the Prince Hd tuite at forty miautee past one ? the arrival being an nounced by a national salute of thirty-one ijnna from BramhaJ Hill. The train arrived at the depot a few ml. note* after, the englnee and oar being gayly decorated with the American and Kngliah Saga. Ike royal oar wai ?torantly fumiibed for tbe occaalon with a bountiful and rich collation of aseata, fruits, wines, kc. The engxc was ablaze with orlmaon and gold, and fairly eovered with Bags. Having entered the oar, be reappear ad at the request of Mayor Lincoln, thanked tbe Lancer* lor the.r escort and complimented them upon their ap pearance, and said that bla visit to Boston bad been most sal is he lory. Tbe i*rinee was escorted to the Eastern Railroad depot by a troop of Lancers. Bfc appeared In excellent humor, bowing aad smiling responses to the demonstrations of tbe popalaoe. At the depot he took leave of Mr. Win thro p aad other dlatlngulahed citizens. Mr. Everett being too cnwell to t>e present. Mayor Lincoln, Senator Sumner and Governor Banks aooompanled tbe party to Portland. Tbe train proceeded very rapidly, stopping only two minutes at each of the places named. At Lynn tfce school children were assembled and the crowd was immense. At Newbury port tbe school children and the Cusbing Board paraded. At 9aiem tnere was a great crowd, and a national salute waa Bred. At eacb of tfce above places the Prince came out upjn tbe platform and bowed hla reeponsee to the salutations. Tbe gatherings were very orlerly and respectful. At Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Governor Godwin waa received on board tbe train and introduced to the Prince and to tbe crowd. Tbe Prince said to the Governor that ha waa sorry that be oould only make a Dying visit to New Hampshire. He would be pleaaed to see more of It. Governor Morrill, of Maine, received the party at the depot. By soon a great crowd of people, together with a large Simber of carriages, had aaaembled in the streets around the depot of the Grand Trunk RiJway to welcome the Prince to this city. The neighboring street i were fairly ammed with people, who cheered enthusiastically, wired Cagi and Land kerchiefs, and In every way siught to honor their departing gueat. Many of the military companies present bad ooae from a distance of flfty miles to take part in the reception. Tbe day has been an Indian summer day, w.tb an eaat wind to give edge to the at mosphere The veaaela In the harbor, the public bnUd ings, the obeervatory and the British fleet were all decor ated with Begs, and bualneaa, aa a general thing, waa ana pan dad. Over the entrance to the Fas tern depot was a magn.fl cant arch, with the laacrlptloa, "Welcome, I'rlnoe of Wales " Tbe depot was roofed In with the flags ol all na itooe, and carpeted with green and crimaon cloth. On alighting from the car at tbe depot, the Prtnoe waa greeted with repeated cheers from tbe people. A large number of Canadians and British offloert wore present. He was received by Mayor Howard of tbts city, British Admiral Milne, Commodore Seymour aad other royal offl corn. Mayor Howard greeted tbe Prince with a brief welcome, preaantlng him to the members of tbe City Cornell, who saluted him, tbe Prtaoe raielng hla hat in re turn. Be waa then ooaducted to tbe Mayor's barouche, la which be rode with tbe Mayor, tbe suite following m Ive other carrtagsa behind. feey were escorted by the Pint regiment under com - maid o f Colonel Smeat, oonslsting of the following com paales ? Portland Mechanic Bloee, Portland Light Infan try, Portland I.ight Guard, I'ortland Rifle Goard and las Portland Kifle oorpe (which latter acted a a body guard), and by the Norway Light Infantry, S* wee too light In raatry aad the Auburn artillery, with ssvsral band* of ?naie. The procwioo pa? ed through lad la, Middle, Tree, High. DaAforth, State, Congress and Atlantic tlrssU, to the Victoria Wbarvss, which were built for the Great Eastern, where the royal barge was awaiting hie Royal H.gbaess. Passing under a large arch on the hill back of the har bor, and walking down a long flight of etepi to the point of embarkalloe, the Prince, after quickly reviewing the troops, which were drawn op along the wharf, Mid, "I'm rsry cold? harry ," and moved to war la the Hsro's barge. The atepi leading to tbe boat were oovsrwl with crimson cloth. Shaking hands with Lord Lyons, the British On sal, Gorsmor Banks, Governor Goodwin, Mayor Lincoln aad Mayor Howard, to whom be eald, "1 am eorry my Ttntt here hae been to brfef," ne tumped into the barge. The remainder of the party flayed a few momenta shaking bands, saying "good by to Utelr Canadian frien<ls. <>o Terser Bhnki, Senator Sumner, and msny American! to whom they ba<! been previous I r introduce- 1 The Prince went on board at precisely fifteen minutes pest three o'clock, the military presenting arms The scene was moat imposing. Many vrnstH were lying la the harbor, and thwe, with the wharves and ves wis lying at them, ware blsck witb people, and the hills behind were literally covered, the gay dresses of the ladles giving them the appearaaos of being ooverad with astern naJ woods. Skill behind Unas, upon the summit of Monnt Joy snd the neighboring hills, wsrs hundreds of carriages, Oiled aad covered with cartons observers. The harbor wss tall of steamers, sailboats, bargss, *c , whtuh accompanied the royal barge from Ihe wharf, the latter being surrounded by boats from the royal squadron, filled with Brttiab onoers. There was a fresh easterly wind blowing, and the waUr In the harbor wss quite rough so that the boats rowed quite slowly. As the fietllla aeare . the royaJ sqoaaroo , the yards were manned and lbs. with the strings of banting and Hags fly ng from every point of ths est, firmed a magmflt-eat S|<ec tade during the procession ths Prince's carriage iiop.wi a tnomert. aad the whole party were photographed, Munjoy hill, upon which Portland Is bnllt, r'sss t? fesndred ftet from the water and wai covered witb gayly dresned lad es ietMrt and !espatcbe? were received by th? party ?i-on after reach ng Portland, and the Doke of Newcastle read bis papers ss be rods in the pr ?? essisu The letter* were str.buted at lbs wharf before ths sonfualon w?e over, aad the baggage was on buard sbsa the Princ ar rived While ths cortege wae progressing, sa 1 >rs were oc-u pied ucder the direction of Commodore Seymour, in gel ting the royal party * baggage on boar I the nhips Each articls of ckithing -eemed to bs done up la s separate port mastean Xamsroiis were Ihe par els. fir. A ik.and had many botes ? ( book ? an I mathematical sstrumesU, Hi clad eg ?< me prefer, led by Senator Seward. Amoag >thw articles. the Prince had several turtles, which be had -?p 1 red on lbs prairie. aad aa immense box containing irp is -we hort# from Canada. Lird Hlncbenbro** ha> tisg ng b rds and coariet squirrels At lapt lbs Prince's args, which bore his plumes on the front liar led for the Hero, aad instantly the gum of a. I the Hi. r* thundered a salute This wet repeats, the ships' bac ( playing "GM *>? tjnesa,' "HailCJiom b a" ai d o Yasies poodle,'' as the Prinoe aad his sut*e passed, and the crew* of ihe vessels a the sqondron v? c lerouily cheer tg ?? he went by each the deckrf the Hiro the royal standard wss ran cp K> the rn? n, *c' * asaond *?' whole Cent. The riggirg if eacn v awl *?? -Stanley fir rrel ortbg h ot if, snd .teta rt l sappcarvl from fcw'h Before embarking U>e Prlnoe naked Soreroor Bank* fcr aopies of ihe New York paper ?; but, as ueual, aj were ?aid. At ball past four tbe squadron salted, steering oat of the harbor, the Hero leading, followed by tbe Nile, Art ados, K!y Ing Fish and tbe Styx. They were accompanied a short distance from tbe barbor by several sailing ves sels and tbe steamer Wtston, loaded witb spectators from Boston, and were saluted by Fort Preble as they passed. By si* o'clock tbey were boll down upon tbe horizon, and at seven fishermen reported them out of sight. Tbey steered direct for England, "">!?[ n0 stoppages. As tbey passed down tbe barbor tbe royal party waved their handkerchief* to the excursion parties which escorted them. Tbe royal squadron will steam only long enough to clear tbe land, and tbe remainder of the voyage will b? made under sail. The Nils and Styx will leave the squadron off Halifax. Tbe especial port which they will make has not yet been decided upon, but the Admiral thought that they would land at Plymouth. The whole English Channel fleet is expected to meet them some distance outside the barbor and receive them with royal honors. Tbe Prince came very near meeting witb an accident. Tbe train was run so fast that the cars were sometimes lifted from tbe track , and the baggage car scraped against some obstacle, very nearly upsetting the entire train. Tbe sbock was distinctly felt In tbe Prince's car. The Qoeen and party just escaped a collision in Germany a short time ago, and tbe Prince had almost as narrow an escape ye terday. Yesterday, before the Prince left the ho to I in Boston for tbe cars, be bad several other photographs taken. A pen and ink portrait of himself, in uniform as a Bri tish cokmcl, was presented to him by David Davidson, the artist. Tbe peculiarity of the picture is that the Prlnoe 'e tlgure s compose 1 of Washington's farewell address, dis tinctly readable with a microscope, and that tbe frame of tbe picture la formed by tbe Prince's Keneaolgy fully written out. Tbe whole affair Is in the Lord's Prayer, written in the circumference of a sixpence, and is very ingenious. Tbe Prince was delighted with It, and sent for tbe Poke of Newcastle and Central Bruce, and all three examined it with tbe greatest interest and attention. It is to be sent on to London by tbe Prince's request. Tbe I Hike of Newcastle and other members of tbe suits expressed to Governor Banks and others the entire satis faction of the party witb tbeir treatment in this country, and said that if the arrangements for their reoeptlon and entertainment had been entrusted entirely to them, they could not have been so admirably arranged. He also said that, in spite of representations to the contrary, they were much pleased with tbe manner In which tbeir pro gress bad been reported by tbe American press. The general accuracy of the reports was wonderful, con sidering the facilities afforded tbe papers, and tae senti ments expressed oould not but be pleasant to tbe Prince and Engliab people. The Poke of Newcastle and tbe whole party pronounced reports of insults to them in Richmond base fabrica tions? no such thing occurred. It was a matter or general remark, as showing how much the Prince conformed to our habits, that at the wharf be shook bands witb Mayors, Governors, and even mar.y private citizens, while the distinguished British naval ott.cers present were passed by with a cold, formal salute. Tbe Prince honored the reporters who had accom panied him throughout the tour with an especial smile and bow as be entered the boat. To several persons be renewed bis promise to revtstt this country and pass through tbe Southern States. Lord Lyons and the Invited guest* returned by special train to Boston, and Lord Lyons immediately resumed tl.e republican style of life, dining at a t*U* d'hote In- | stead of at a prlvats table, as during the Prince's stay. Tbe London Timet correspondent baa returned borne on { the Ariadne. Mr. Andrews, of the London Illustrated ?V.-ui, goes on to D wigfat to take sketobes of tbe scenery, tod especially for the Quot a The Kaglisb vaieu Mid they %ere glad logo, and pro nouoced thu a blu'.od country la tbls cue tbs pro verb, "like master, like man," does not bold true. At the Revere Houae the Prince behaved more boylihly than nana!, made Kliot and Hlnchenbrooke perfect bulla, breaking the former 's bed, laughing at him for running again** hla parte ra at the ball*, and adding "Right Hon erable Captain" and "l ieutenant of Grenadier Guard*," with hla own hand , to the oard upon the room door of the latter The placard la preserved aa a curtoatty Barsuta tueoeeded In getting the autograph* or the Prtxce and party. The KarUqsM* la Canada. CHIMNEYS MHHIE DOWN? WIVPOW OI.AS9 BHDUM? nLH OF U MBKR Tt'KMD OVER. I Krom the yuabee Chronicle, Oct. IS ] Ai>ont ten minutea before sis o'clock yastarday morn ? :ng the citizens of yuobec ware utartle-l by a ihaktng of part of the earth a lurtaoe. which waa felt, with mora or lam violence, throughout the city and diatrict. The pbe nomenoo waa precede 1 by a low aound, precisely atmliar v> that caassil by heavily laleo wagons, and lbs duration of the principal shock is variously estimated at from thirty to fifty seconds Immediately after the souu I the vibration of the sarthquake commenced, and was so ": ciently strong to cause itself to be felt even la the largest bulldlnga in the city Tbe sensation is described, by those who experience'! it, as somewhat similar W> that felt by a pansrnger la a railway car ust commencing to move, and Its thock subsided gradually into an undulating motion, which could be felt within doors several seconds after it had ceased in the atrsa's. We bsve not learned that any serloun damage was caused, but the effect waa autllcisntly perceptible to nause oonnderable alarm and eic tement In Grant street, *1 Roch'a, a quantity or stooea were detached from a chimney and deposited in tbe street Window glaaa was broken in considerable ^uantitiss, bouse be and door knockers rang and so nded mysteri ously, while erorkery and othsr light article* placed upon ?helves, were thrown down. Chimney* and high walls oscillated to aad fro, to the (real alarm of pedestrians, and in a couple of Instances. piles of lumber were over turned. It is remarkable that the shock wss much more violent on the low ground of the city ? along tbe covsa, is the lowsr Towa, sad la M. Roeh * ? thai on Iks bslgbu In the Vp;>er Town, or SI John, and :-'t. I-oui* luburbs "h.r rr mrtacre ??? exoeedtnfly providential, Inas much sr the ssme violence of motion which prevailed in Jt Ro. b * might, If fell in the higher part* of tbe city, have disturbed * portion of tbe cltn and fortifications an 1 caused a fearful sacrifice of human Ufa <* tbe r ver the rtiscia ware sear-wly leas mtrk?d Vbooners layisc m tbe Pa'ai* harbor, rocked violently backward and rorward while along the novee, the ship ping eiperlsnred a tremor like that produced byaolltatoc Immediately outside lbs city the shook was mueh more severe than within lbs limits. On Ihs Mills rlvsr road, al'-rg the valley of tbe R Charles, at Bnanpirt, Charles bourg, lorelte and I*tks 91 Charles. It is represented aa having besa so ssvere that we are oaly surprised more ro r < up damage sas not loos at the latter placs lbs 'stile tiecsms alarmed, aad ran about the fields bellowing loudly Bit the phenomenon wss aotoonflae! to tbe north shore A gentleman fr> m Halifax, county of Megantle. last evs * rg inform* us thst t was felt n that township with Ibe *ame sympuaaa aad eMata aa la tbla city A oorrsspoa dent writing from St Cbristoi be i Artbaba*ka say* ? "We bad <(ulte a shoek of aa rarlbquaks this morning at *1* o'ck?k It >oaiiau#d two or three miaute* Tbs bouse moved like ibsroik-egol a ora lis, or rather Hie ??arth trembled this will b> tier describe the motion " Kr rr i.ns egtrtmtly of the country to tbs other stork* were felt in s greater of less degree We subjoin a num rf-raphic despatches rsretvs<l last svsnlng. by which t will be teen that the "artbiuak" extended from Patter Polbt te Wlsvlib, aad that it? < lert* at rtaco, n the "late of Maine were exlrsmeiy severe ? Mi>svar*t , (lot 17 ? Tbsre were two obocks of earth quake here mi* asnrmng The first, which was more vio lent thai any ever before fslt, aad rousei man r who were n tbe r houms, occurred at s quarter to six o'rlost, aad i-oalinuad for about two minutea. It wa? followed, aft?r aa interval of about a m utile. by a (light sbnc* . which as led a mrte longer Bi'.Ocl 17 ? Thie morning *1 six o'clock, we had a very stro*g earthquake T1?s abo. Es were fclt ihres t mea, after rpscft of some seconds Tbe aotae under grouad was beard fbr ten minutea No aci ident ocourmJ but psofe were very much frightened ? jrn>* pom, Oct 17 ? a ibrak ofsarthquake was feit here th.a morning. lasting a couple of m n us Rivaa pr Lore, (M 17 ? About six o'niock thi* morn icg , s s. ght earthquake wis I .stnctiy fslt, la s sens* (if ?bork*. orr ipyleg ? period of nearly five mlautea my ? ' . "i IT ?An earthquake laelin* near y five m'nut??, occurred at it la plans at sis o'clock ins mom 'ng No damage dons Ti" **? i V'.ntmagny) ? Two distinct shook* of 'artbqnane were iwt bera thia morning at sit o'clock tjtel shoos aat> d for Ihrse minutes or tbsrsabouts Hi!" i*?i rr lit Wwiaait* i* Tbxas ?The Navarro Kk firm of the 5th my* ? Ob Tueaday morning, the 3d Inat., r?ur r<?|ieotah1e elt'reas of thia oounly . all member* of our county oc'irt were found bung laths public square of thu town ' arios* are llis ' i>r jsctures as t<> tbs rause* of th * nafortm.ate affair Ws presume, bowevsr. that it waa r,w tg t > tbe faot tiial they were momberiof lhaooun t / onort la aayin bis, w must here enter our deeiara lion that we knew of no rmadnct of theirs whoih ds ?orved *orh a revere penalty It is thoiu hi that tbe pre r?noe of the Chief lust oe could have saved them fr im this fkte A* w? wt I hereafter speak mors of this matter we whhbo'd -?>m??nt uatll further dev elope menu sbtll pot n? la f ?se?* oa ? ail tto ;a?la cwaacted wilt tbw je ao?t. j Ma-/ THE C0HTE8T IN HEW YORK. Prospect of tba CoBgnaalratl Districts Duitl 8. Olckiuoa on tk? Kadon Klee toral Ticket? He Dtclaru for Union, &<? Ol'R A LEAHY CORKE8PONDKNC*. Albast, Oct IT, 1800. Confident* of Ae Republican*? Tlu Oonletl bdwee n ' anting and Olcott ? The OongrettiontU District* Ocmiiderti Doubt ful ly 4M RrputAuant?TKe Democratic Qonyrtuionai flgwrtt, dc , 4c The anti republican* have not yet recovered from the etlecu of the disastrous defeat of their party In Pennsyl vania. Their countenances are dejected and their appear ance truly forlorn, while the republican! are full of life, Ore and oocfldenoe. They consider the election of Lincoln u au fait aceomplt, and are casting about fbr suitable men to All the various ofllces under the federal government, and they do not appear to be obliged to caat very fkr or very often. In thla Congreeaional diitrtct the contest will be close between Mr. Corning, the democratic candidate, and Mr. Olcott, republican. Albany county gave something like 1,000 majority for Buchanan In 18M, and sa the democrats or anti republicans acknowledge that the result of the present contest Is doubtful, there Is some resson to believe ; that|the democratic strength in the district bat fallen oil within the past four years, and that the tide of republican ism, at hlgb flood as It Is, will sweep away all opposition when the Anal day arrives. The republicans confidently rely upon catting down the 6,000 democratic majority In I860 to the little amount of Ave hundred, and henoe do they indulge the hope that they may ultimately suoceed In supplanting the veteran democrat Com log, by the youthful republican , although an ancient democrat, Olcott. Both candidates are rich men, and neither would begrudge the trifle of $8,000 or 810,000 to be assured of success. The Olcott men are putting a large amount or cash Into the canvass, and as Mr. Corning is obliged to leave lmssedl ately for Chicago lo atlend tbo Burcli trial, which in volves many matters of apalnful demesti: nature, the de mocrats will be left without a leader in their grand dell : movements There are. however, plenty or subalterns here, who will undertake the minor manruvring of the I campaign, and tight with vigor and eilicleocy. It may be of Interest to the Hsrald readers to know what Congressional districts the republicans In Albany consider they are in danger of losing District composed of I'ister and Greene counties; Mont Emery, Schoharie, Schenectady and Fulton; Rensselaer, Hoik, Queens and Richmond , Kings. The democrats or anti republicans expert to present a 1 phalanx of tirteen members of the next Congress They I claim? (out of New York city)? The First ? The Ninth? The Tenth ? The Seventh? John B. Steele. The Twelfth? Ambrose Wager, 1 The union against the republicans Is perfect in this dis trict, and with the aid of the d ssensions among tho re publicans the democrala hope to carry it. The Thirteenth? Isaac McOonnlne, Jr Tbe Fourteenth? Kr*?lus Corning. (Also hoped for by the republicans.) Tlie Eighteenth ? Chauncey Vibbar l, General Superln* tsnden t of the Central Railroad, now sick In bed at Sche nectady. The Nineteenth?' harles Maples. Tbe Thirty second ? .Solomon G. Haven (Union). New York city must furnlab the balance. The republicans here are confident of carrying New York by at least 60 000 majorHy. and some are so sanguine that they even set tho figures n round numbers at 100,000 Governor Johnson, of Georgia, Is battling bard for the democracy in the northern and western counties. Senator Seward was one of the few dignitaries who bide the r Prince of Wales goodby this morning at the Boston cars. Senator 9 left for Auburn t? day. The Elictloi In Utlca. rnu, Oct. 21, I860. Ctica eity will give ? majority Tor ibe Colon ticket. MoQaade (rep.) will carry the Assembly district over Kernan (<len.) by at lean enc Iinndred majority Letter from Daniel S. Dickinson. AN AITEAL IOR THE CHIOS II ECTOR A I. TICICT. Bi*aaaaios, Oct. 18, 1840. Mt Data Sir ? I Interpose tbe apology of absence an 1 pressing engagements for not baring sooner replied to your inquiries and luggeationi of a late date touching tbe duty of democrats id tbe present crisis, but a* thta la about tbe Drat mo aunt our ambulatory condition baa been permitted to lie Mill loo'g enough to get a lair look at It, for months, no time baa been lost. 1 said at tbe Cooper Institute, In July, and at tbe Democratic Ouoren tlon at Syracuse, la August, wbat oourse I thought should be sternly pursued by all sattonal democrats, and I bare not abated nor changed one lot or tittle of ibo opinions there eapreesed. 1 oonoe<ie the utility of "boards of trade'' la com mere but not In political organisations, sad I believe tbe oaus>- of true on (tltutioaal democracy generally make- bettir progress <iy Irm adherence to principle than In turning aside f> con le t the dictates of temporary expediency, or to onu-t numerical luocess undsr any etl geney whatever, real or imaginary . Be iidae, I have sses nothing ia or about tbe uf the nominating conventions ? in the nu meroui and diversified negotiations for uniting upon a oommon ticket? tn the tone or temper f tbe press in assaulting every trne democrat of prominence, or In the language or bearing of tbe speakers or tbe other section of tbe party . evincing tbe least desire on their |*rt for united or harmonious action, or wbich has given rvid- ere tnat iucb a ticket would be generally sup ported by tb?m, with that fidelity and active seal which alone proa. It e rucocsi. bat. on the contrary, such union ha* neea openly and constantly d- noanoed by Mr Inr gas. their itaadsrd hearer . and so far aa I have observed, tbe principle of repulsion has, on tbe r part b-en tbe governing and paramount Mnj tr >m greatest to least. But, under tbeec circumstances, and after all eflorll Tor a combined ticket bad been ethauste 1 by tbe accredited authorities of tbe respective Slate or. ranl/atloni, the "I'mon Meeting," at tbe city of New York, sad its oovmittee of fifteen, tuought proper to act In tbe matter, and accordingly placed in tbe field the present electoral ticket, being then the fourth claiming the ("polar favor I'pon tbe justice and wisdom of this whole matter, in fPM aad In detail . I ha\<- deep and setUsd colt ict ioo? but they are not necessary to the Bfienl purpose, aad are therefore omitted. The sum rs, sad might, aad character of this great mors ment. however, held in lbs very stronghold of the Breckinridge and Laae rganualon, la a crisis of unusual moment and dslleacy, gave a form to Its recommendation Tor a "I nion electoral ticket," which, amidst tbe divisions aad sab divisions al ready existing, destroyed tbe last hope of soo ess through other channels, aad eh th>- patriotic democrat so alter na I vs aad tbe nat<oaal denocratlc electors therefore did wlssly In withdrawing and tbe oommlllei of which you are chairman also met the occasion mnst manfully, lo giving pla* lo those who had assumed tbe rsspoastbllltv of tbe campaign and taken the lead into tbeir own haads ! approve generally of the r<-aasos your oommltlee gave la IAe public for its course, bst I thlsk aa additional ! chapter, recounting tbe particular etrcumslanees uader wbish Ibe Is lor ilckel wss place .1 is the field, aad the wsy II was made np. wai due to Ihe cause of political i justice aad tbe truth of history. that It would have been rare I red with interest. and might have beea added with out material detriment The nat'oeal democracy now, though deprived of their | chosen medium for supporting tbe eminent 'laniard brarerl of tbelr faith ard hope, RrrektnrMge and Laae, ? Dtot fad to lee that the election of the r favorites must, beyond ail ratimal uouM, be secured by tbe Success of the I Sioe I cket , an 1 wltboot that, must be nearly hope ?ess and that so other candidates caa sspect to be helped by It t or this reaao* , no friend of Bmrkmrldge and I ase should fail, falter or hesitate though be mar cot ari rove the mode, but avail htmeelf with alacrity of the last hope, aad tbe only mean* left him, of insuring tbe election of his chosen champ, one aad witb their elec tlon of (ecu ring tbe perjwtnlty of the Cn Ion, the recn* n'x?4 equality of the states, and the supremacy of the constitution. A temporary organization baa taken the reins on tbe electors' ticket lor tbe campaign, and with tbem tbe r? ?poceiblllly . an 1 now to glve'lt fu i and fb r r at , let all true democrats be fcitnful followers, tbat all just e?|? etstions may be rea lard tt is grat tying to remember that In the State can vase the ratimal democracy bavs In the field a ticket of the r own ?election? one which represents tsetr principle*, en, its their liveliest svmi>slbies. and is worthy of th- ir Boi.iesl eff rts one around which tb?y see proud to rally one la which tbey will deserve s cess, an I from the support of wbir.h no c<rr.umstaaces an divert them, nor s venal and stultified p r<-m, running ?s > tin ier to the loecmollvs ' Republican," drive them mill the even ttig of tbe 6tb of November nhafl cloas down, whet Iter n , vk tory or defeat, upoa the great ?tnggle of 1'SO one representing aa organl/Mi?n which is In nsnd is per |?tuily the representative and tnuelietnne of democrat* faith let. thsa, the watchword of every nations i-m I cratcintni: lo be ? Breckinridge an l lane. Brad r ani i Vieie, Jaycoi and Allen, lbs coosMlution and tne i aloe the equality of tbe states, "now and forever on.- and Inseparable." Sincerely yours. P fl DICKIVi'JS To Jos* A Uses*, Jr., ( ha rman of National democratic ."tale Committee Tht First (ongreMlnni I IMstrlrt. A eorrsspoadsat furnishes u? w.h the foil >wlag ?sats ifsflhlrsla this district ?There * s tight mixture of the political ooap made la this district, a m xtnr wh b ? do mlxtare? like Ml and water, tbe troubled de<n ctrat c ngredlents refnse lo mir. .e together fMward W 'mlfh, ? f Suffolk, In been MaiaMel by ths DeaoerM Jouaty cos renl n of Jaautlca Bgbart T. Smith, of Ssffik, tbe people ( Ci .on car tilate. also a dea icrat, has h' ?n nom nated by an' ther cinreBl on, whllM th" AMer'car# have ( j Mvuhi KiOuvJ Jco ajnje, ? w a m deal of SuBolk oonnty With this broken front In the demo craUc rank! the other aide or republicans have united spon Mr Lather 0. Outer, a strong candidate, and have (imply to walk over tbe course if this slate of things eon tlnoea la the democrat e camp. Mr. i^bert T Smith .h tbe strong candidate. of he democracy, and If they weuld unite npon him with * r. Jennings' approval, be would easily carry the diatrta Why cannot ihia be done/ The Corraptloalats. Tbe following I let embrace! the names or all the corrup tion late In the last Legislature of thla State who have been nominated for re election:-* Wamet- Count**. Politiet. DeWIUC. Little jobn Oswego Republican. James Mcyuade Oneida Republican. Austin Myers Onondaga. Republican. Jobn I. Sllngerland Albany Republican. Martin finch fcaex Republican. Jamee Oarcle King*. Democrat. T. C. Callioott Kiupg. Democrat Wm. C. Jones Hints Democrat. Oammings H. Tucker. . . . New York Republican. Wm. Walah New York Democrat. Andrew drnith New Yore Democrat. C B. Woodiufl. New York Democrat. The<Mwe B. Yoorbees. .. New York Democrat. John Fulton Saratoga. Democrat. Judlah Ellsworth* Saratoga Republican. John H. Kortrlght I'later Ivmocrai. * Nominated for re election by tbe democrat*. City Politics. TI1K CANDIDATES BKKOKK THE FBOFLI? THB CITY, COVNTY, JUDICIAL, CONGRESSIONAL AND ASSEMBLY NOMINATION'S, ITC. Far the purpose of keeping our readers alviaed aa to the progreaa of the political trade sales going on In our midst, we give a list or tho candidates that have been placed In nomination by the aevcral parties for the nu merous oft! sea to be filled at the coming election In this city. Tbe following list contains, we believe, all the per aoss who have been placed In nomination for <-.ounty ?nd Judicial offices. Several other organizations have noml nated their tickets, calling themselves independent, work logmen, and several other names ; but they have made up their tickets from the names to be found on tbia llat, and have pnt forward no new men ?

tbs conrrv a*d ;n>inAi tickets. Office a. Tannnany. Mota rt. Supr?u:e Court.... Ceo. G. Barnard. George u. Birnanl. Superior Ceurt. . . Michael l lahooller. ? Recorder lohn T. Hodman. Abraham D Russell. Surrogate Fx! ward C. West. Kdward C. West. City Judge....... Jobn H. McCunn. Jobn H McCuun. Register Mat. T. Brennan. James Lynch. Supervisor Smith Ely, Jr. C. Schwar/.waelder. Hrekinridgt. Nrpublican. supreme Court... John R. Brady. Ben). W Bonney. Superior Court... Fre<l. A Tallmadge James W. Wbite. Re:ord?r Chaa. A. "ay Thon B V?n Burer.. SuTi??te Malcolm Oampbell. David R. Jaques. City Judge JohnS. Livingston John Sedgwick. Kealsier James Lynch. John Keyaer. Sujiervisor lafayette Harrison. Wm It. Stuart. Tammany Irregular. Brll Kerrttt. Supreme Court.... John M. Barbour. John I-everlJge. Recorder Abraham D Russell K. L Bogardus. Surrogate Edward C. West. W H. Browne. City Judge * red A. Tallmadge Fred. A. Tallmadge. Register Jonathans' Trotter. Charles Peck. Supervisor Smith Ely, Jr. A. M. Blninger. (O.t0HSHH10?Al T1CK1W. ZHl'. Ibntmowy. Mot (ft 3? Benjamin Wood. Benjamin Wood. JiraJiinridge. I men. Jobn C. Mather Benjamin Wood. lUfvbhcan. htdfpmatnl D> m. Amor J. Williamson. J. W. Bryce Tammtmy Motarl. 4? Michael Tuomey James E. Kerrigan. VnU'ii. Tammany trfgilir. Thomas J. Barr Thomas i. Barr. BrfMiam John (ommerfor 1. lemmamy Mozart b? N?ls? Taylor Nelson Taylor David D. Roy nan t Jobn Duffs. Daniel D. wynant. Rrtckinndge Union. James H. Lynch. Daniel D. Wynant. John Deify. John Duffy Jotn Hanfbrd Ttmmcmy Irregular BtfmUican. DaaM D. Wynant. William Wall. Phillip Hamilton. Ttimmmny. Mocari ?? John WlaUropChanlsr Jobn Cochran. Brtchiiiridge Pnion John Cochrane. John Cochrane K'jmtlican. Tbmntany Irregular Fredwtek A. Oonkllng. J. W Chanter. ?MMM Motnrt. T? I'dotpbu ' ' -Ite. Elijah Ward, " Rrtriym rtdge Cwiort. Elijah Ward. '??era* Brlggs. H^Uiluan IwMMSy Irregular. Augustas t. Dow. Augustas F. Dow. Mmuir Man. John W. latson 7h [tiiiflnt Mat art. 8? Anson Herrtoa Dr. KoW. B Bradford H' kwul-r I'mtm. C Willett. James W. ~ MeptMtcan. Immnumg Irregular. Abraham Wakeman. Augustus F. Pags MrpendmL Bryan MoChhlU. Did. amu hi T jasiiciAnoM. TVuMny 1? JMM Bayea. S? William Walah 3 ? Joaepb Waod worth 4 ? Wm J. C. Kinney .w<*o B I tall ? ? !<amu?l T Webelor T-Jum Naah *? (Hear H Bogart inatah R Imnn l? K Hill 9 - lota 0 Martiregor 10? David Oawford 11? Jobn Hardy la? Andrew ftaiUi i.eo. J Campbell II? Alex Ward. 14 ? Robl. C. Hutcbiege 1 ? tieo W Varlaa lft? Htarr An ulariua IT? Jay /ereta Jooea Br'-k inrUgt 1? Jacob L Smith 3- Daniel Leaay lobn (avanagb 3? Michael W. Barn* 4? Tbomae Montgomery. .' ? Char Ire Blaorelt ft? ftamuei T. Webeter 7 ? Daniel Yonng H ? law. F. Hill. Joeepb R Dana 0 - rbarlee H In nee 10 lota Bailey, Jr. H? W. MeCoekey. 13-?.eo J CampMJ. It? Tb<>maa Hlggtca 14 Edward Marrey. ]&? i.eo W. Varlaa If? rraak MeDoeoegb IT-.jydr ?y P Ingraham Mm 3? Wb KjfW Jota Callahan William Walah. C. B. Woodrafl. Wm MeUanley Ctarlee Bleu rail Mameei T. Weheier I ?III* I VOUO* Jobn I Heiley lobn Chttrey i oke F. ttoa/aae Wm. MeOoatay I J. Campbell Thorn** Hlgglna. ltaod<*a #7 Voorbiae e?o W Tartan. CraadaJI Rich 'mJXST toeeph A wardlner Ira H. Tuthill Wm. H utbeoe Hoppe Jota J. Shaw. K-lward A Fraaer K M. Btatchford. (wear 8. Sawyer. Andrew (Ml. Horatio N Sherwood RoM. B. Boyd. Jota Hooper Commiaga H Tucker Cbarlaa Curtie. Jota Iwm. Fdward C Johneon Dmi? MsOal-e l+dtpendsrU Wm. O Shea kta loaway Jota C ?aw Fdw n J laroon Mte.bola* L Hana-r fuimund K Dean. I? ? 7? J Manefteld Pa via H? Andrew Irw* ft ? Jobn M Kamaey 13? lieo J. Campbell ? 1.1 ? (,eo B Kleg ? 14? Hberi ftcberteoe ? II?Oci) W Varlaa ? lft? law R Kerr kdward Donn IT? Sydney I' Infrabun ? There bare been ao many change* of late, we may bat ? meerd tbe caroee of oae o? Iw ean l datee who claim the nominal on of aoma far lion la Ihelr aeterei dlelrlcU. but will be (lad to ractiry any error when we glee oar aketrbea of I be candidate*. KH.HTH CObfi RKkaMW A L PI'THICT. The n'imerou* rarda publiabed by tbe aeineel euidi datee ib tbe Eighth Congreeilocal dlatrirt bare eonr ahit befoggel Iba ooedltloe of affaire la tbat dlatrirt A eard will be fooad In oar adrerttaing comae from De Hred ford, ib w:n| that be baa not daa'taed, nad eaplaiaing h a connect on with Iba recant coareotloa in tbat dietrict to unita upon one candidate t8B rwi??* TOBcntrairr ntocM'tow. The t<<rcbllgbt demoaatrallon . gotten up by tbe ualted ClorU'f th<w* political oppo^d to tbaeMetiia of Abraham I.toooin to Uia l'r?aiJaary . to t?l pla<* lo n orrnw night, prom.ara to aisaod la numern al atraacth, noralty of diaplay of aqolpmmu and eatbuaiaam, any thing <f a aimilar nature heretofore attempted. Tie ??great W'da Awa?e proeeaaton whtrb loo. plaoe n th<( city a few weeka Knee, and to raaatiogly api eo of by the b arh rapuhlleaa looraa.'a, la bat a "drop *a the bucket" oompared to the prn?cted Laioa demon atratl?a Tlie getting up of thia alU r hat b< en wholly entr'iated to ( iritain laa ah Kyndera. who will he' rand Marshal on that oonaaloa. He hae eelerte a n imefona auiT of eiperten. ed atda. who will, r<. <ot:)>t, diacbarge their dollea wllh tbe utmnat alacrity ar d eh l ' I" the procaaaioo will >>* Talo? cluha from the riburb? of the city, with muatc, haanera Me There ? Hi be at teaat ibrlty thousand I' aloe loving altizeaa n pi am aaioa. TKR ?l ntRTTennamp. At a revet meeting of tbe Etecatlra Committee of tbe Wr rman vat oeal ftemoerat e Central Club of tbia city, the follows r'Polutinn wan unaolao<eily adopted ? Peaolred, T>.at we tak? ths* opportueitr to rvpre** < ir ?lacere aat alhetloe at the nomination ofOotoeel Oir afa-j weaMer fir the offioe of 'npera a?r, and prim aa to (irt L a ear Mat aad aadiy ia-J iup;.rt, Miereiiatn<oas Political Items* A cajumoats ?m Fk?!r>Kirr WitMort a Pasty ?We have before announoed tn?i William 9oo MI, the abolition candidate for Governor of ttiii *lale, has announced his inlentioD to oppoee lierrtl Mnltb and support Mr. Un co la for Preiident, on the ground ihat the latter oomes the nearett to bis view*. We n w learn that Saauel McFarlasd, Ibe abolition candidate tor Vice Preatdcnt, ha? written a letter declining to ran on ibe 'cket with Gerrtt Smith, and giving b.a reaaona for lupjorting Oil Abe. Poor Gerrlt I Hta own party baa deaerted b m, and bn la now left oat m the Croat, lolitary and alone The aboil tlonliti have all gone over to tbe black republicans. Elb(tion to Fiil a Vacascy. ? The Governor and Coun cil of Maine have ordered an election for representative to Congress In tbe Kiflb district, to All the vacancy occa sioned by tbe resignation of tbe Bon. Israel Wsshburne, I Jr., who has been elected to the office of Governor. Mr Waabburna's resignation In the House of Representative* does not take effect nntll the 1st of January, the day on which h a salary commences as Executive of tbe State. He thus leaves bis successor to perform one fifth of the service and to receive one-twelfth of tbe pay. Generoua Waahburne I Nr.w Lomdoh Wids Awakw.? The Wide Awake Club of New Ix>ndos, Connecticut, has been awarded the prise banner for the exhibition of auperlor skill In handling tlio torch. What the object of dlaclpllnlng men in the oae of tbe torch ia we are at a loaa t? determine, unleaa it be to render tbem perfect In the practices of Incendiarism. Tin pRiunimnA Concrkskiohai Fsatd. ? Tbe Grand Jury of Philadelphia have found a bill of indiotment againat Wm. Byerly for making fraudulent returns of the vote for member of Congrcsa In tbe Fourth ward of that city, by which fklae returns John M Butler, the black republican candidate, received the certificate of slestlon aa representative to Congreas, Instead of Wm. K. U>hman , the democratic candidate, who received a majority of the vous cast, according to the official count. The following la the finding of tbe Grand Jury ? The Grand Inqueataforeaaid, upon their oatba and aillr mallons aforesaid, de ray, that the said William Syerly, Return Judge of tbe election held aa aforesaid. In the Fourth ward of the city of Philadelphia, on tbe 12th day of October, in the year aforesaid al the city aforesaiJ. and within the jurisdiction of this Court, at a meeting of the Return Judge" of a general election at tbe city of Phil adclpbia, held according to law, on the 9th day of October, In the year aforesaid, did unlawfully and corruptly sub stltute a false, forged and counterfeit certilicale of the number of votes given for each person for tbe oftioe of Representative In the Congrrss of the I ailed Stales, ia tbe said Fourth ward, at the election aforeaaid, in lieu and in the stead of the said eertiDctle received and taken in . harge ot by him. tbe said William Uyerly. aa Return Judfe aforesaid, to the great scandal, dishonor and proamnion of tbe public practice of the said Common wealth . to the evil example of all others in like ease olltndlng I A Rimabkams Goisnnicxrm? The black republican pa pers call the fact that the great parade of Wide Awakes In Boston took place on tbe anniversary ot the entrance of Old Jobn Brown and bla followers Into Harper s Ferry a "remarkable coincidence." It was rather curious. N.vni Daman ? Kdward Halght, President of the Bank of tbe Commonwealth in this city, Is tbe democratic can didate for Cosgreas In the Ninth district. John B. Has kin Is tbe present representative. In Kaknwt ?Roger A. Pryor, who is studying the part of Brutus, in bis speech at Alexandria on the ISth insi , reiterated bla intention to enact the character on Mr Lin coln after be becomes President. What la Potter, of Wis couln, doing} Thi Tvncm rs PK<stTivA3iu ?there la now bat one electoral ticket in 1'ennaylvania opposed to the black re publicans, tbe straight Douglas ticket Daring been with drawn and that agreed upon at Reading adopted. The follow log are the name* of the men who compoae the ta ttoo ticket, with their Procidentia! preferences annexed ? George M. Kelm Rresalnrldge. Richard V aux Douglas. Frodorick A Server . Breckinridge Will. am C. Patu-roon Breckinridge. Joeeph Crockett Douglaa. John 6. Brenner Krecsinrldge George W Jacob? Douglaa. Ct.arlee Kelly Breckinridge Olrver 1'. .lamea Breckinridge. David Schali Breckinridge. Joel I. I Breckinridge 8amu*l P. Barber Dougla*. Tbomaa H Walker Doaglaa. Stephen H Wmcbeeter Dougla*. Joeeph laobacb. Douglaa laaac Rerkhow Douglaa. George 0. Jackaoo Douglas John A. Ah) Breckinridge. Joel D. Danner Douglaa. Jeaae R. Crawford bougia* Horatio W. Laa Breckinridge Joahua B Howell Douglaa Nathaniel P Fetterman Douglas Ramuel Marshall Douglaa. Wuilaai Hook Douglaa Byron D. Hamlin Douglaa Gar lord Church Douglaa. DOQflM IT Breckinridge W Tai t>>i? I'utt Bora ? <m the 17th mat. a special election for member of the legislature waa held In th< countir* of Ameltaand Nottoway, Virginia. Weglre be lew the result, compared with the rreeideatlal eiestioa In 1IM . me , ? imo ? , flu kdnan tMlmorr l>rm. Unum 379 160 210 212 Neuoway 203 146 143 1M Totals 4T9 ?M 363 SOT Col A. B Mathews (Ball candidate) has been elected to the Georgia Senate from Griffin county, over hla Brack larldge coapet.tor Caimnan* >oa Cosnaae* id Ktw J**k*T ?la S'aw Jer sey the Coegreaaiooal nominations are now complete Ttey stand aa follows ? Dul fhjnMvxm. D**ncral 1? John T. Nixon, loaeph F. lotntng 2 ? John L N. Stratton. Auguatua Gre*n 3? Aleiander P. Berlbond, Wm. G Steele. 4 ? Brwjamla B Kdaall, Aadrew R. Cobb. 6 ? Wm I'eaatngloa, Netoemiah Parry. I.wcou Pota is Y racists ?The Martlnaburg BepuUi caw learns that s Macula pole baa baaa erected la Berke lay county, Virginia, aad that it taguardod. aad that aay attempt to cut it dowa will be resisted by foroe TaaRapt ir ? {Null-Ika StaU Srnti net publishes eOlclaJ rr turns from fifty alas counties, which foot ap ian*^ 'Kg Hsadrleka, M.M4. Thia glvta laws a ma jority, la all bat thirty one oouatisa, of 7 > n Theae counts gave a demecrat . majority la isM Suppoaiof the republ'oan vole to bare lacreaasd la theac countita aa la tbe remainder of tbe State, laoe'a ma Kirity, when olt.clally known, caa scarcely exceed 10,000 Tbe Lagia lature will stand? /bnatt Hotw. Republlcacs at 61 Democrat* 22 34 Republican maiority 6 24 TtM givea a republican majority on joint ballet of 30, which secure* the election of a republican Seoaltr la place of Mr Fitch I'crrjr Ntatae At I'laveiaad. TO TIIK EIMTOM Ol' TUB In your taeu<- of the 23d appears s ? ommunicallon from one of tbe two a*n employed by me to work on "Wat en tt 'I Terry" aa cutter*. which coatalae *ome Male ments > ksly to m isles'! If not notioed He clslms to be the sculptor of the Ptrry statue. Why not lb* other man, lame* J Butler, for both were at work for as by the day, aad hai been for a considers1 's tins previous to commencing work upon lbs atetu*. Who ta the sculp tor or the "Greek Slave if tbe cutter is eat i tied to that iam< power* dots not cut, eacept la cutting aad carving ths rr caa flay model Wbo w the Sculptor of Craw ford's "I.tbertj " Clark Mill* reproduces It from the plaster model Whoa* nam* tbail wa *ubat>tut* for Pa mer l wbea we speak of I'a.mer a ?' WbllS 1 aptlv*," or Calmer * 'lB<!'*a <? 'I " 1'almer do** let snt tbe mar bif to "i run doe*" hla aiod- 1 Of more :o<) taswos works of (teova, t? whom shall we rive th fla-ne fa nova i <i not rut a Hi his own hai l ur reproduce i* ir.srble hit ' Sapil?- r, hia "Veaua,'' hla " I'aaoer*, " htt '?Heyeule*, " or any o till other works Aeonrdiog to th ? man, < snova ia no aeuiptor, but has had huodr?*i* of sculptor* "reprodur n | his works in marble aad nwi' ? ho** ram** are ignored and l?at to the World and Houlo*, Clark Mult, Oawf'ird Powers, Wale itt an i II. K. Brown are not sculptor*. but V tboa* by thtm by toe day a* callers it do* the title of ecu p tor* W?r itt it perfectly maawrof lh<> r.bwel, ar t always 0ni*he? his own work la marble O'Brien aay* when tbe statue enteror ae waa protiN twl he ?? pro*a eating b>? stulie* In Hi, me. and was ?rltt a ti with rw- i feftice to bit do ng the work. TTtla ataten^at is r"rt. He a a* h*r* at th" oomai^ffeweDl aad fi*t?" year* aft*rwarda, aad waa ne*er thought ?t a* the ecu j> W r. m cb le*t writt. n t*> Wkii? we wrr* eagagr i gotiatlng for a acnlptrr, be left lor Italy, hat wae M k aga n n lt*e than 6M year Many dhrr of .i? *<*>* w< lit* ar* ? tually open looorrectloo but we om.t ti.<"n, i a* t s uot |? <*lhle that sr?tli n* l?s may ??y caa m a | plar* the fame attached U Walentt Perry ^ ^ CVatr*ct<-ra tta' ** i? t m aer.'j Police IaUlllfMis*. A CHAFTKB OK STABBINO ifflUTi A disturbance, growing out of a wrestling match, oo curred at the porter boose of James MoCaniey, corner of Thirteenth street and Hudson, which came very near cut ting abort the existence of a laborer named Patrick Dono hue The assailant, John MoKenna, loet his temper, it appears, and In a moment of rage he Uow at Dooohue and attempted to gouge his eyas out, but the prompt inter Terence of some bystanders prevented him from carrying out hm design. lte belligerents then left the place, bat won aftirwards returned, apparently as nod friends as ever. Suddenly Mch'enta drew a dirk knife from bla pocket, and. without a word of warning, plunged the blade into bis adversary 'r neck, infltetlng a fearful ttasb An attempt was made to arrest the assailant by one of the spectators: but McKenna flourished his knlfo I in such a decidedly threatening manner that the law and 1 order gentleman eh rank back and allowed the desperado u> escape. Donohue was taken to a neighboring drug store, aud after having his wound dressed he was seat home. The police have since been unable to allect McKenna'* arrest. Timothy Harris appeared at the Sixth preclnot station house on Saturday night and stated that he had been stabbed In the Hide and face by some person to him un known. He was standing In front of the premises No. 92 Baxter street, he said . when his aaeallaht, without any provocation, drew s knife and stabbed twice as above stated. The injured man had his wounds dressed at the New York Hospital, and then started for home. At an early hour rn Sunday morning an affray took place at a collee and cake saloon In the Bowery, between two men, named Jiihn Kelly and Morris Ilanyon, In which the former received a severe penknife wound In the no k at the hands or h is adversary. Banyan tied lrom the place after committing the assault. but was pursued and am su d by the Hlitti precinct polios, after an excitir j: chase Commuted lor examination. Tnomas largan was admitted to the New York Hos pital yesterday morniig. suflerittr from the effects of a wound In the neck, received at Ui' hands of some person unknown. The wjund, which appeared to have been In tlicted with a knife or other sharp weapon, la not con sidered dangerous Anne Kitzsimm?nF, a woman about 26 years of age, re sides at No Kant Seventeenth street, wan severely stabbed b\ ber brother, Thouus i- U/Mmmoos, on Sstur day ev? i 1 1 The assnlant, who was drunk ai iho time, iiuarrelled with bis slater about snn.e trivial matter, ana in a moment of frenzy draw a sheath kniie and cut her In the breast. Oo being arrrstrd and brought bol?re Just ee Brt man, the prisoner wai committed t > await the result of bta sister's injuries. ELoi'tMcrr ami Akrxmt of tot Lovlki Cori'LX. ? Some days ago a despatch was received at the detectives' office, from Rochester, N. Y , requesting the police to be oo the alert for a runaway couple who had started for th.a city. The officers were further informed that the wife of John Mclaughlin and a man named William Flnnegan were tho fugitives, and that they would probably secrets them selves somewhere on Staten Island Iietectivee Kotfo and Pool were detailed to ferret out the guilty couple, and by shrewd management the officers succeeded In arresting the couple on Saturdty. The prisoners were boarding at a private house, near Yanderbilt's landing, under the assumed names of Mr and Mrs Hlldebrand, and no douht tboafM themselves MffMfr safe. When brought to the Oneral Superintendent'a office Mrs. Mc inughlm declared that she would never live with ber husband again, and would sti ;k to Flnnegan through thick and thin. Her paramour fell quite indignant at being de tamed in custody, and said the actum ot Ui ? police would be the neans of li is losing a large sum <>f mmey which he expected to realize by a specnlation at the very moment of bis incarceration Tbe prisoners were both locked up until the arrival of the injured husban l, who has been notified in relation to tbe matter, and will probably arrive In town to day. A Kt'uirivs from PBKjfHTt\ A>u Ssxt Back ?Samuel R. M Kepner, an alleged defaulter fron Pottsvlile, Pa., was taken into ccstody by detective King on Saturday and sect back for trial. It is alleged that n the fall of 1U7 the accused, while employed In one of tbe public offices at rottsvllle, managed to embezxie about 110 000 of ihc public money, with whloh be lied. No trace ol' the fugi tive was obtained until quite recently, when be was dis covered in a brewery in Forty fourth street, and arrested, as already stated. The Sheriff of Pottsville having been notified of tbe fact of Kepner a arrtst, the necessary ex tradition papers were sent on and tbe prisonsr took his departure by one of the evening trains. City IliUlll|?mce. Iujnw or Nam in: bah wu gi n -It wu announced that the Ojibeway Princess, whose Indian name is too loot; to write more than once Id a short paragraph, would j esurday (Sunday) attend at I'nion chapel In the morn Ing, and at Allen (treet church In the afternoon, to give | a brief narrative of her visit to England, whither she bad ?M K' MM interview witli i,>ue.-n Victorie u tbe I representative of her own and other Canadian tribe* of I lLdlaoe The oocailon wae looked forward to with great | interest by the congregation* or either church; but In consequence of a sudden lllno?? the Prlnoees oould not leave her apartments. Prof ess"r Mat l lion announced the ranee of the ladv'a absence to tbe congregation, axpraaa ing tbe hope that the would be able to be preaeat among them on next Sabbath. n*( a r.Rxm Smart ?Between eight and nlM o'clock on Saturday night a Are broke out in the oailnet shop of Jacob Van Noatrand, Noa. 3 and h Greene it reel. The Irs waa quickly extinguished by the firemen. The damage to tbe (lock will amount to about t'JOO, Inaured for $M0 In the Mebfcard In tu ranee Company Tbe building la owned by Mr. Mansfield It la damaged about 940 Tbe lire originated, it la aaid, through lb* oareleaaaaaa of a workman named Solomon Bndera, who waa at work after dark, and when he quit be turned the candle apaide down In a wooden candlestick to eitiogulab the light. The lire originated at the place where the eandleatlck waa left. rma l* Lurr [Lirnm Sraaar? flva Hoaaan Bramm ro PaATii ?About half paat nine o'clock oa Saturday night a Ore waa dlecorered m a frame atable la the rear of 170 last Kkvealh street llie flami ? aono rx leaded along the whole row, and before tbe Are oould be extinguished Oxe borsee were burned to death. Tbe Are, It la aaid, origi nated through the care lem new of some paraan using an unguarded Tight In tbe atable. Candles are coastaatly used by the oc< upaata, and when they wish to put the light down, tbe nandls la stuck into the moat convenient place, which sometlmee la a bale of bay The following are i tie names of the owners of tbe boraea burned ? k I 'unn, horse valued at about ?... IM Tbomaa Knloren . horse valued at aboat 12 !? P Farley, horse and feed, to. , valued at about ... . 160 Wm Kinney, " " " " IM Wm. Kelley , " ?? " - IM Total MM Tbe slab lea were owted by Mr llafea? totally destroy ed? valued at aboat 1200 a<> insuraaoe Tub Tiioba* p. Waimi <3? a> t. passed our office last weak oa their return from their fourth annual sxem else , makings very Hoe appearance an 1 numbering eighty men . rank and lie. They were under the command of Jamee HiBcbey l?*tter Arem Mrs. Kraeatlae It. Rose to thk koiroa or thk iikhald. Saw Tom, Oct. it, IM*. la the account of tbe aacond day 'a loll del Ooavaatlea la tbe Hb*au> of Moalay, the reporter did me great injustice to say "Mrs Krosst ne I Knee followed with an other of her cbaraelerlaltc epeechce, teeming with bias ph< my and profanity " Tbe fact ia, 1 made no speech at all. All 1 did waa thie At our afleroooa hueioeaa meet Ing a Cbrtauan present, who thanked Ood for UN moral cowardice of the preee. asked for a deflaitioa of truth I Invite! him t> ' rime in the eveolng and I would give him tbe definition He did not nome? why. he knows beet, but I rare my lefluitton, and by Its standard (I have no other) I tested tbe mssMenry nf tbe Bible account of God and tbe creation If that ia blasphemy, then no let it be As for profanity, tbe oaif thing I was guilty of wae to quote afew peerages of Srr'pture and if so doing is ae ceeeertly profane, then tbe Scriptures aad not I ought V he rr sponsible. Rut If ia ?| lt? of the miserable Puritan ism which, If It mold . woald c?mi>el tbe sun to "stand still" every Sunday, loving " darkaeaa better than I gbt,' glocm better than cheerfulness, aad alaepfag in i hurch better than whoirwome rational recr"atloo, we still peaesas tbe right of private lulgmeat, freedom to rrad and interpret the Rible. an 1 to express and deAno what to us appears truth i and that ta all I did), then, it seem" tome, the accnaatioa of "blasphemy and pro fan ity" for so doing s inconsistent and unjualitlable I am alwaya willing to be reepnns hie for my oplnioas. but I sm rot willing to he reapnnsi'de for what I am n -t guilty of. In doing ma tfe' istio>- to give this correct oo a piece in yuur pa,?er you will greatly oblige yours vsry truly, KRMMnNK L BUML Ths Irish ?? the (nntlnest. Tit THK CWTlHt ?>f 1 UK IIMtA! It. The latertsttag Sketch yon jeWaMl of '*ea tamori e'era reminds me of the ancieat soaaertioa an t syaapa 1 thy between Ireland ind my ai*t re Frasce Be waa the I founder of tbe Zouaves; hie mother was sa Irish My. | Many of the greatest soldiers of I ranee paat and pea sent wen MM, er ?'? <?*< frottMM. From 1 Ml to i I'M irteen thousand Irieh *ere constantly ia the French ai'n.y At lar. ?? Nerwln lea (where the tit Slrmi. I n,,. ,f|eid fr") ?l ' remoea, at Almanxa, P<?teaoy, A , the** rtgimenis rreatly dlstlngmsbsd themselves IV I mother of Msr?h?l Wureand, of African fame, created i Hue d 'aiy . ?*? ?a Irish Ia<ly, named Uies Sutton ds Flo I ard. Wexford rounty Marshals Rlely. Kai anagh. eel I ? rr, Nellie, M -Wabon Onuat Bourke, t -4Bt McCarthy, \ !sr- nnl Walab, <ienera s M sate commander of (lavsJry of Imparls! Guard OnunlGttyon. omntander of the irenoh army n IV>m< Marshals Tlso ant Clare, and ttagnan, 'ale oommander rf the artny of Paris uen-rela O'Farreil, lleroa, "'Malley, Itilion, Ifoee and Brady, the latter ces beioagisg to the Imperial iiuard (MUMflMMi, Swlney, neecan. Praacarg iet, A ?re all of Ir sit birth or Hat-age. So la tbe fan. ? is l*pu'v, 't'Dllloa iforrot Ms ay of the most sintaent historical < t arsoters a France are of Irleb extras ion the same in St>atn Marabals re!! and, ->f the islt-r eouatry, are !rlsb was lAcy,<if liuss a so is N gert.n# Aaetr'a 'lary. of V spies Gu'i n, of Hungary O of Portugal art I t is as id by some '-erama oew?ra??rs Ibst Gar'hsldi e al Of .I'M ! teage