Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1860 Page 2
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AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. ?> B r :%?|>lca l uir?|i.i>iil?n>'C. \'?rE* Sept. 2S, 1 hs. ? ^MMr^ > Ym.'v Oj/tthi .*? ay? -Vo A ul for Utiri /Vri'vJt n ? , Hi S I i" -T'lt ' siy #\r*iiA?d v\!\ Ott'l / rt ? ,?j" -a'? i ' "f the Oi-'y of yof^?Oi.iiLaiili i Seliy ??u T h,,\ihu ? ' >>< MtracU of iKr f ?? ->i--fa Ibm? 1'ke Opurtt'i n of tiaHbtld 1 1 Capua? 1 Itr * xj-f cr~ ' Vot uin ? h*ly * ft! i "? | /rr iA< i a.Uvf?K?n /Y'i' <?'-"< ? V.'hful S 'lift in ( ? ' dt i C<M*f*?7%4 JAir' Cntfi'riA as & Mark , fwr :.V rtvu'l A. , & I*eryth eg bore ? ,.ust no* m it* t'* political, m ? ?n.^ m.ui Hni a com, mod that good timet aro lo ?tore . " :h>?m eves a feellDg ?r buoyauoy topenple'i *<H*b.a wbi.-b ?!??? make* one lorget tuat 4o 000 Sty* iroijf are within Iwenty-tlve niiiot of us, at Ca ??. r sirs ned only by th ) watchful evo of Garibaldi i>oir pc:-u.' .i:g on the capital and wreaking, with stcn an*: f :!He' vecgeanee l"r Pif* humiliatlona. Tbe easy ec_s sarm ahloh gre* u-d UartliaUfe'a lirst appearand) ?edei in ite usual Neapolitan way, la vivaa. Of all tie tfce. tacda wh? ro vociferously cat led heaven and ? arth to vitnea* tbe'.r dovot.on ami g-atitude to ihelr deliverer, tot a hundred have I'.nco answered bis patriotic appeal Jor ro'unteer* and material aid. Tbe oowardly bounds afcrug % ' r m oulders at tbe idea or tbeir lighting the sol A?ers c tue.r lata oppressors. Even tb.s would nit be ao had ? i :r, as a general thing, tbe moro Neapolitan! a lie crra t .us the worse oil he la ? but they show tbe moat no ffatro:s spirit In evor) thing, charging exorbi tant pr ce* for everything required. hi.icoJ, a red shirt la tsre toprocurc for IU wearer an 'ncrease of flfiy r>er coat In price* beyond what others pay. Ouo would sup pe* tb ngt were exactly reverted, and that tlieso were cm e?oome cxroquerors forced upon tbem IT ' aribaldl and bia heroic followers had not come here wKb tbe more lofty purptse of freeing all Italy, the' ngra of the VeapolM .us must have dishearteue.1 tbem, acd It i real y asfc.nts.. ug to st'e the r pat fnce and for besu-az. o. U'?t of ttit m ai ? poor In every (ease of the wer<!, hav og hardly moro than tbelr maaketa and tbe c kk Lot' on tbeif ba< i.? ? tiiey r? julre very little, and eve* U ? : ti e a accoried wltli the greater reluctance. Thoy wc ?! e imply jUStuieJ, under audi ctr,-,nmsvaaco?-, in si* og it by force, and any other man than Carl baidl wocld do ao wl'Jiout bealtatton Aa u is, th>> m >st admi racte >rder pre valla; at do time before havo lire and pro rert; ? -en r, > perfectly aafe in Naples as alo<v> the 7.h of ^epten ter, 0 Til'* re<t atiirta whirh you aee at every pern*, an appe?ranre of gayety and life to tbe street* wt :kwi;'d be eq.ially astonishing and unpleasant ti any winder ug Bourbon pasamg th.s way In hit emigra tM>c eaataard. \n American would Imagine it U> be a grar <1 ub.lee of New York I -i>mcu, except that the gal teat b'boya arc no; g<ijt-ra' y seen with loug sabres Jlng I'tf at their he?la. or carried In loving contact with Colt's revi'ters. Apropos of the latter, Col. Colt can take to a iargc abare of the honor of freeing Italy for. w:tb tbo exception of an occaaloua' Freeh pis tel. they are unlvoraa !y bla, from either bia Mkrtfrrd or lomion estahllsbment. Tbe Vat mal (.uarJ now as a police force an 1 gar ratn fcr tfce three principal fbrtlflcstiona of the city, ecder ?' ? 'moot-se oil! -era O. these, Hi-' Caatle Nuovo, ac.nm-ise and very , indent Ktructnre, and the Castle it' vc are on cltli< r aide of the royal palar-e, at the wa Wr of the c.ty. Tue Castle St. Klmo f irms a proml acat i'-atare in a view of Naples, Irom whatever point, a>Ua - at about tbe middle of the rldg' winch ex Uxdt around and separates the western portion of tbe city .rem the country back of It. So harbor and city In lot world could bavn a more commanding position for a aefer e from land or a?a and though built at a time wbec KoJern impruvom< nta in warfare bad cot beso a-f?j-ed its waH?, of en"rmoua tbickceas an I height, its u m iiae extent oi coi.nlerpearp, and moau cut out at lit rock, atd its One poaitlons for heavy ball, riea, wet d have ena?l?l It. In tbe handa of determined de fanuer- , v maae a formidable and probably suveasful ret iucx It wai the last plaoe riven up, Garibaldi ktaat rece.vlng the keya at ita gates t tie aecoad flay a"ter '?:? arrival A volume might be written about tkw eact.o ol the Middle A^ea.of deacriptloa and history To the * is ter it la oce of the moat intoveating thioga in Nap <m with ita drawbridge*, dungeona. myaUrlous rk*m Ti tr~ and aubtsr'anean paaaa^ea, lead'ng nobody >o?ii where, and tbe acenr of chivalry, romance and, in pact ages, snlhciinl to aatiafy tbe wild**! To uu who tw born lo Xaple*, under the old regim, it a - x' alt to rea: n the prracut date of aflalra. Ac cmv DC'] to meet patrol* uJ guard* at every orncr, Irooi* of cavalry and Midler* march, nj through the ?tree* to their poeta at the palact-i aad fate* of public pjta, it mm* hardly natural to find th>?c placet do eerlel ( nc mla*e* the eonr.d of the bugle, the bright ?aakei* aad bay . n*ti ol . it* of Midler* gleaming lo the iu, <r (larked bef re tbe barracks aad In the *|uarcc. Tbc-.ffc aridler* are here, Uie]r are no longer a flitare, aad appear m< >re a* rli tirt thaa a regular element of the pty ttmlf. A free government la erl entiy tbe cbeapeet There are fewer prlocec to protect, and conte penny lew ooca<x>a of cuu*piracy to be put down, wher< tbe people have the chance of behaving themeelvee properly of tbelr ewn' it.tiead or being forced to Ute arbitrary ww. of t; raanjr. liar laid ft :dk>u*ly avo if any interference with the re.gto-.t behtr of U>e people. Neapolitan religloa ta realty tbe mott beeotted mperttltioo in the worUl; but that w . ich it I at takm to u-ng to produce could not aafe ly be -hanged in a moment . aad be wtaely a be Ulna from attracting to hlmac'.f tbe notice of ibo fanda f fanatioe by a uaelee* rruaade aratnet theee aoeurditie*. There ta l viae etx jgb f >r that aJterararde. aad tboec abortf hlel Ctr rt<ana at home, equally fanatic, wb? clamor for a gactra reformation at bl* baad, ahocld be eat. filed that be opei a tbe gate to l hem? let tbeta do their duty, now l an: be ha* dene Uia. fa tbe contrary, :aa Cm ait after ?Birring tbe city war toalUo.'achrch, going through all U? ce rtmoay a :b aa much a; ; arent (lacerity a* any of tfcem The greatrat evral tbe year namely , tbe m rarle of IM UQMMI no. cao.e tfl in U>e 19th It li ?ratrlb ng to wt ch Ike Nrapol tan* all* -h m re .m,?ir lac * than all elar l?? lea. aad fo ftp n* a the a >ld wt b in ? vuprtai l on baa on their and far*, thai many of tae groat evcal* c ibe biftory of tbe ciuy have been mC .eoced by It tt I Marat tool fcrei ble pu rea* <>n of tbe <s.agd m, a ii?i?witi a *a? elk ?c by tbe ng pruwt s not to hire ibe perf-rmaE-e r- -ts- off ta only one bosr* Ibt miltl t? it wale I. wlUi praye-t and nrorat >n. to aer tbe b.'aod .f) I boo they broke out all over tbe city w ib lam cui of tbe (a.amtiee aurely foretold by tbe arc ? of ibe >>a at . and impr ? atiou* on tbe Preach, whnae praaenoe bad ?* *ed IV Many of tbem were a?awdnav : . I aad the c:ty wa* la a *lal?of aiarrhyead do-par At laat M.rat a*nt an o'.cer to tbe bieb >p, or otbir high fan t .aar? ? l?o J ?uppoa'M to puil Ibe wi.-ea, and pre aecl rg a loaded p'*o! I b( laid, "Cnler* the blood "f It Janarlur . . ? f ih.n too minutee. you are a deaJ Mah-'i Hrl re Are : uole? bad p?aae.t me eh? te and acclamai "!?f of all Napief. and booming of raaann, annu'Tre 1 the m race b ! at 'aft bees per firmed and that the aa'.nt wa* pMMCd ? tb Ibe Preach Tbe tradtllnr ? the wb le tbiag la f uaded ta, that la tbe ?cn.od oat .ry -l ,'aaar a ? aj thrown amoug Inti Ijj i H'i?u ,.r i f. J', bat ibace aa^ oeaetc. eruleally aware jI ha ;?< Iat bu?d, r four! to tv.ucb J b it To itUe a ?ar? in ng 4 It. the n. tt t me the pro cone i; gave o ef bat-hanwet ew?rdj to oae of bteatoet evpeft ao1 : >r? *b? at ae tiro ?e eat ot tbe aa afCbeal Rt 1 1 ? an, who n. w t ata rut.lp nly by 'orgeutag t $ r? ,?r same, gatberel a??r ?' the blood IVrm tne gr?., n i * ib a ep ef. ahwrh ?te >^jeeaed late two p' a a? a pieoe o( ttraw i? tt.'.l Hfbe ? ?o toe df .if oae of IM After n. meri.i advealoete at tbe at la of tbe la'ttfcl, lb?ee two pttlal* again tnraad a| ta Naplee at I atn I tlte year IK a ice wb h time they -?y;.af y ! aaarrt their m.rar (ova powert twlca byeer Tb.- !V?t I .fart ion rami eoeet oo tbe '.rtl Mcritay a Hay, and la repeated dur^ag tbe aaeen fo? ovag day*." Tbo aeenad te froaa Ibe IPlli to UieMth of .?'efHrmiwr It a imp- ?*? Me k> give an >uea the ana ety w tt wb rh tbr n rerie wa* "ipeeted on tti t oerag t Tb>- b..*tb waa cowd-i aad the alreeia leading t. t full at au a- y h ? r o tb? m?rr ng. tbe peopi" repeal a# Av.e acd I'ateraoalert >r tbe roen .fed mirarle No gen of fabalei ? vala* cj l be g iardn! with mere ^ea.o- f oare than ? be*t.>wed ?,i"i Ik a A a Ifco p' eel aehl the ( bia. dp to fgbta*up pree. ed rtelamat'ea of ?w > ar.d rearrat.on * ae h.m? . !r>iw tbe who'* tboltlli. te Al flret I bad Ibe apprartare of a bard , dry ? beUHMV , liae rleaiet blor.1 or aaytb.nff fM II *? mor d etowly Wkvvli aad "fore aria aaJ f?paat?i;v a?t .a tteaitar? ib<?? j? -t wh^ were to ai.preauly happy ae to be n--?r ? aftng the phi*; w thjtr.e gretleei ferv Al laet . *fle? a'.n t tw bo rt of .a-e* *iid f*ai.Sui Ilea* wit bo i* *<ubber. ibi ?ltMtance af.d' ipt^afed to ha^e cbMg^d it* nav - awe ng a ato * ,**ty mate rial lawi cr??e o' oy raM . tad fr ? all ii4m. aad a : raw atoMeata Mir,?Wa i??U (han.,og IM ' rotor to * br^ht Hill* va r?rte ,(e ,ad le.danclamal x ft. i the a r ? -, ? ,-t,,; tmt . wbioh cwild be ottWeeaHy bating .hM n ?. baida." lm?Hlatr r arter wk it ?abboa v, n .ae fortb com?enred flr jg, and Ibe U.e real * tb? <?? , w**? rernlar lo.rU. of ju'y,*.*, ta tf t ih t, n cat loo oft be wb' " :ty the ait on for th? ?? i raaic'.tg tli dayt ha* prw<*1ed rerwia r j tr then ? ai 1 the* SI .'aa?PM S inite at ?r M I Uar.hakll M Ibe Be rbie ndead the prewu aa- 1 beu- r Ibe Nood being I rvlier ik t t .me tuaa lati May. when the King w tD<**el t There ha* ? iwayt beet ft amug tbe mvaau te i kaow tbe aatoai natnr * of ,h* arr.oi i mlrw le, b it n Mr rurtecNy -n. ft reel aa>'b!!f, a* Bar ba II reoognlre* H a* owe ef ib? lrmtutlo** *??ilB' let tbem alirlbiito it rr tbe a-t i<a r lb" beat <4 rleat'f bat: 1 ->? aehmaioal pr?^ualk-r er aaddl* II o.^ that parkhorae V ?w.?l* cad;u. ng., pber^meeN ???*!' city Tbe operations of flaribaldl against Oapoa nut rery hood oott'1 t J some dofliiU* eud. Tho cHy itaeif Is id a ill reel line liurtb snout tw?uty milus, bat by rati road, wh .-h inuk?? w-Mriy a rght augie, it more The N*a pontun f. i-<-B are variously KluuM *t from twenty tl ve to forty thousand, tboigb u they have oommumcaVou ..peu with ?>? ? t?. the numbers fluctuate. Or laese eight tb ussd-I are line rivalry so 1 be has m ?t of tbeS?uM and Havarlan troops here. U la* /?r y-a rung fortress, al ibe base of tin1 ridge of m >>:btaiue ai.lloatug the fertile plains surrounding itie city of Naples, bar lay all the ad vantage of modern forttftnattons, a large to#er or routd bastion, flanked by beavy batteries, auJ tho whole i<ir rounde I by a ni-at Garibaldi bat altogether about flUuoo thousand oii'D, i be greater part of whom have entrenched menisci vee at tbeadvanoe point of the Tillage ol Ango lo, on the *iu|>e of the before sa?utioned ridge, and about I two mile* to tb? oust of Capua Three miles to tie ao'ilb east of the latter la the to we of St Harm, an1 ' i?o and a half miles fr1m Angela, and here he bu frcm '2,000 U> 3,000 mes; so that he to ts occupies two angles of the triangle, Capua being on the other, and would i>e sbie. In case of an altacs oo either, to Mice lax enemy to f'ank There i? oo communication kept open between Santa Maria anil San Angelo; but the former comir-iolcuies by rallrotd to Caaerta, only four utile* back, and thttico to Niplw; and San Angelo with Caaer la by oountry roads, about live uues Tn? remainder 01 h.s m.ops are m the celebrated pala-ie and barracks at Caserta Santa Maria ooeuplea cue site of aanii-et Capua OMf second only lo Kume. !t was bete that Haunna's roldiors became so enervated with lie pleasures as 1 1 b no longer able to oott in up lh?vr triumphs over the R> mans Tfie only relton of its orsner gran lo ir DO* re maintDg are the ruins of an ampfcltheatro, suppoiod ui lie the oldest and largest in the world. Its tnott reaeat claim to cntice is from the fact of IH having oe-u tno Slid of tbo fl.wt-ous llgbt a week ago last Wednesday, la which out of about 1 4U0 men engu^et,, Garibaldi lust over 400 men. Tbe whole thing wa* a piece of stupidity. auJ dote Without orders from k(M|MrtM l in<il' was sent out beyond the outposts lo drive la ii i art> of Neapolitans, more for ibe purpose of t.'yln:/ ?be i.gbtmg temper of the men than an) th.u^ else Tu? ? nemy retired, but losing all reason and prudence, t'Je U? ibaldians followed thtm up to the very walls of Caput an I tbe next luctuii a murderous Hre was opeued upon Uieiu by tlx' puis of the fort, with shot and shell, wbioh lid itn-st f'.srful execution Still they stood their ground, firing away musket shots against the stoue walla, but suddenly tbey foULd in- nm-l fei upjd a masked battery amot'g tbe trw?, which opens 1 up-)n their II ia<? rji"w;i g th? m down with grape in sooree and n iodreis Old ?< In Krs wiuld have hardly done butter, and all to ?< lo toakitig tbe bint ure of their legs poestblu uot eveu f >?> ping to carry oil tne wounded, wo >tn *h?y sawih" S'ea jnlitaim bsyonettlt atterwa-is? the Kiug .artng ?M.;r?l that no quartcs f tould be i iven Hid the etie.nv c mo out witti their cavalry, tbe whole dirmou would h*r? been cut off, us not th? sl ghtent or.ior or dir- pilne rcmaioea after tbe flr?i discharge of . rap-? The fast week Oarlhtldi bas be n aci > :y ?BgSged in making a forttfl 'utioo at St Au '..-to, wlitrh waft llul>-le d yeetenlay, mounting the la?t of ei<tu of Wtiltworth ? guns, w ih wnichlt Is h ? mt<?ioo very soon to bombard the ? neuiy '4 l>oeit u in Capua Iu<lee<l, It is ibe general opinion that oper*' ->ns hal coiTiTi-'n'*?1 lasi uiglit or * uilu u- e<n ttnx moruing from the fact that ail tbe public bucks were boizoi! last ni^ht ant order--! to Caaerta lor c- of the wouud-'i The Kt-.-g on recently been Huowu to be tu Capua. Day before >i:it- r day his carriage, with lour bur?e<, was se-u drlviQK out near the port, and twa vbolis were thrown at the party Irom Sim Aogelo. oue of which killed or wouudel <>u-' ?' tbe dra? ions sorruaadisf It. It is well ku >wn that I'rliice l.uigi, bai.leb- d with so much apparent 'nd got tlon b> ibe Kag us a reactionisl, is iu the plate, boa l? tw i ol tbi King's brothers. It is tupi>oae<i that Cu,iua will be given up without s pltebxd battle, as It cau be mane untenable by a bombardment . besides the l'ie-1 nionieee forces will shortly arrive, tUua it Det>recu two Ores? in front and rear Oarlbaldl tabors under difficulties which would cauue most men lo give no lo <t<i<i>air If is army is the m >st heterogenous and disorderly nnxt ir- imaginable ? liscip line is unknown ? and the moo ooey or not. ?bo and wnea they please With tre sxoupiloo "f bis three to four tb >u Sand I'ledmoctese, and ahoit thn- hundred H inganan? and a few Kngliihmen, his otlluers know noibing ->f mi I lary science, tie has absolutely noartiliery offloers ? I General Turr doing every hlng He has uomloallv two or three reglm- nts of cava'ry, but without horses. Groat expectations are made oo tin- eight hundred Eugltah vol unteers. wbo should be here by this tlmu Col Dunn's regiment arrived here from MMWlna, day bifure yes terday, and Itiiuie-lialely weut oui to Caserta, where tbey were >ent to cut oil a column of the eoemy, sal I to have lei Capua. Why, at this time, don't wo s-e some thing of American volunteers ? a splendid oppor MUtf fir a regim-ut or two of some of oar belligerent p->t>ulatioo, wbo would Hud more glory and proBt In lighting tv rants in Italy, than loavtn* their bones In the swamps of Nicaragua Qaribaldl wants men more than m >i? i ,an l suuh men as astonished the world w ith their exi loJs iu Mexico would bew>rtb ten times those of which tbe most ol bis army is com pos<d Srtu them al-mf so so- u as Dossible, for there is still to ' e plenty of lighting before tbe Austrlans give up Vi liftia, and tiar.baldi Is a man of bis word It is pro bal e that nothing will he done there fur several mouths, but l mi st b.ipiieii sooner or later. In looking over a c mi, auy of troo|is one Is surpruod at seeing so large a proportwn of them mere boys of four teen and sixtten years, marching and bearing their wounus with all the t any frox d of veterans The rod shirt is an uniurtunale sele -tian for a uniform, as It makes tbe most conspicuous mark at a great dlstanc- A (teat many were picked off at St. Maria, by tbe S?iss r Ill-men, at !?X) and 1 .000 yards dlstaoce. while their dress of dark grey could not be distinguished from tbe surrounding trees. The Knmia March**. the following very abio ud elaborate article, from the ?Va u*u ot Florence, on lb*t portion of the l'*pal i >rrl lor) which m bow the *ueoe of nnr; warfare, and the emu of diplntnalio rrrrlnioalion alm?*t a* eoarp, will Dot t* without IMMMN M uu r rt<*der* ? The region which takee the namioi the Mtrcbe* of An c< d?, from Up matt important city, I* diri l?d into Kt?u MM, "hi h, from their aevl-n chief liwn*, ?r? re ?I ret rely t> rnied i'eear-r t'rb'no, Anooaa, ? arc re la, Jer ma, ADfloll, Cam -rioo. B?.?id?* men? there are n>i a f?w other cH< hral<<d city*, Ihc rbief bt,'log J<at, Oaim >, Sioi gag i?, I ano. I'>rett?, Tolentlno, fecauat Cmgoil, aa4 the Pi 0 COO iif tNee rrvoo provtnoce dwell in 42J citi"*, IHM, borougl.e at,<l - . -i. ? l? with the exception of the rural population, wh cb ta mattered over a number of rotlagr*, becau*e. eatalit h. ing abJIIrbcd li tliia part o' Ital) . large farm* are imkaowo, and the land la diatrl bubo ail (tinned In auca a way mat the rural hablta tloui appear, when viewed at a curtail dlataooe, f> be the < m t.nuai ion of lb" town. Tl.e Marchr* lie to the e*i<t of the Apconlr**. and oa the oppMlta ?ic> are bounded by the Alrtatlc Me* In hi fth aud I nadtb I bay extend awal 110 mils*. and the character of the country, eloping gvnti/ from th<> A iku. to U>e ara. la in< r\ plrajwoi, rar.mia aad piotu rvwyM. If In tbe higher region* the *everiiy of the el i ?*u- render* Unpoaetbie tbe v*grlail>n which in gee?rat dltplaa* ltaelf epoataiicou*!) , In tbo I'iceao region tb<<fo M, cu the contrary a i-arl ol Me Adrian: onu. more al tra< tire tLan thai i f ttMOa; one where, Ui midet ot tbe ordinary object* of cult. ration. there II mrtfb. not ladoed nih 'j il.rem olive plautatl a*, but gmrag of oranfl and ol lataoc* to that between Urotiamare ami Stu B je delh , .n lb* twu prorinora of Fermi and A*<*>tl, at certain boiira of tbe day tbe air la taden with eucb a fragrance, and Hie new of tbe aea, of the g?rd?na, of Ihx orange imtn, ot tbe villa*, of the fltwert ?exlowa, of tbe bill* . riatny abore eariotb-r I tk ?* aa amphitheatre. ta *? luapinn. and an nocbaatiag aa to reran a'l that tbe tv. o gr.-ut Italian |k?'U have fajle I re Meeting tbe W. :aa of Arm la an-l of tbe city of Sao Ifc tit- tetlo la en lltuated that It woaM be, p-riit w, 'mp>?rtb!e U< find ? a?re t urban t ng localitf la the wi>i ? world. And aa regard* the agncuiUra! '0 Iti^f of ihe Man be*, we ".ay altlrm that U will ataud a omipir ? with tbe tx-al call ratra prortnree of luljr. Ii>aumrat? of til api'b* r"-*' the craa l**F of lhi'?e prf .nr. # on trarera ug brnal p a u*. bath" I by ibe (Jut mi an 1 by tfi T.ona, we b Noli lite atiil r V'i. 'ent rii'o* of Faleria, I'rb ? iglla an t Pane : a? tbiairr*, a;r , i. :tl.? atrre. waiia. arch<a, bathe, to* rip t one rtr r luig glortee which, banded J.. am irum rem >le law, all 1 lire in the rejoilectioi of p>j*W" ty la 'xam.ning tbe private m'jar<tm* we cn Wmplate wita pride tbe glorioaa teatlaonlea of an rp?ch preeHlec the Koman Oaqueet, an I am wgat them Ibe early tola* that mark the tut (lag w <?; en-tal er> nmti tl;e< utl'-a ol tbe Middle Agra, of wliU'h all art nr* ?et deftroyed, and other wrltu-n n atriih, are (till V #lbie, atieating the domieati m if tbe 1. -n bard*, tbo day* of fecial arn . the perio'l o. ibe freed >a of the ctHPnii !?<*? !? ahort. at every rtep tbe trwvr'iic take*, nature and th* m'aaoMoU of bi*i?ry Ml tb? n du*try of man appear to tall bim that lhrr<' I ?till ilwrlia h< re, a people w? rthy of b< tt?r diell**, and tbat If Um- ralurml aru <eM*? it tbe lnbaw.tanta baa exerted lt*elf to roaata'at t the Uial pol cy of o govern ti eut wblcb *y*W malKwllv per*oc?M*, for the purpM* *f ?tlf. ng every genertw-e a?p ratio*, ft>r thn purpw* af cr> aliinf 1 rrnr attempt al refeoeeation. It HnHteee true tbat tbji govemm'-nt bae euoceedrd la paralyi?n? all tbe vital en -g o*. In bacwhlng the ut idie*, in r<* (irrea.rg Il ^. cra.l ng t" Ihe lo are*. Mate of ifWi ranoe a great pi>rtio* of Uj? j>?'pta Al ? time when I hew* provin. ??* were te*? oppreeee.1 ? hay.rreu la lb( limt* wlioo they e?'lure.| i>ppre*ai<>.i ? tbey bave given to ariewoe aad t> letter* m"* cf UN higbe>l em iren?* t'rbtao la )e?* n>lebrate<l lor the *p|en aid ai d enlightened court of it* dnke* ihan for hartog g ven Raphael l< tbe world Pe*an\ m tbe day* of I'erti ra r aad ol Monti, wie the Alhen* of tbe It hae pro duced. a our owu tine. Koaeini, aad one of lb* ae* who i 'w an it, Ibe >?rd:ni*n (Jahine'., Mamiaal. aaaiaa.e laro aad a,trr>mr> U.-mar.'- were born I* tbe*e proviaca* Ferwt pr lea itaelf on baring pro lured I tie BMter of ? ??Hie*,, M>.< pornap* I*etari u* an<l h<re aleo wae born i Ireengta who eo treally elrnck Ma -h ar*tll that be I wa* It 1 lo ( "tnfwre him with Igalbta-J** The ifvitie roaity of ltanta WM pr.ntad, for lb* Bnt I t .me at ,'e*l >"'bai i ' rt? irav le made by Ibe l -l a p*o p., *a* atb.bited b> vnt oa ,n the fag* which it *<>* I (a ?"* r< m I' e army o( rtarbar <a*a, for the d*f*no* made b? lb- c l en* equaled tn bernWdi all tbe feat* recur led n ih \ ?i ,'j j .ther of ancieotor modern people* I N?- llier art* uor n.lijftry were neg|?rl?it in th">*e fe lt. ? ? T?,? !???! Italia* !<?!>.?- m mtnn'art rwl at lahria ao F ?*Tih- me *uppl' ? the raw material for lb* rir'i?*l *. k? n >?r'pe the only tugar ro6o>ry * tbe i ,-ute I* at Mr tlapia-e ten , s or.e of tn?- da*et aoJ beet bul l c.tie* u< the Pai?l .?'* ita rery anrieot add ma* ii in real br^lge* etr ta the aet- niet-ineot of all amhl lertr the r h/ l te*lre* w ih wb -b iheoe r- rin ?* are adorned W1,. bear c ap^tUoa wut the baoi .?f Ita Ir *0 t?'.b!''o*l?'l Ca*iel [??iraeie produced lb atgo' l Oet t pa nt" 1 ma ol-r*?, of wblcb tb<' garret ha* b? o loat, aad wbicb oro*t.lnt<' Mie nri aaert* of the great Kur* prat, gal-ene* Tb- nburrliet are tilM with m-tnumrnt* of art. an t al ,*t trare ,er* are etnark wilt *Ur pr *? oa Ibe paintiag* ot Taganl, the lea*l kbow*. a Ih" 4b ia# of U* a?le*l. of KA| haei i acbolir* In ; * re* I tig to d^poi ia? on milter* m >re lmm?dl ately reiat.n; W tbe policy and tbe goreramrot <if th a iwrtofitalr. we oi.gbt to meotraa tbat, from tbe wi alth of a reral of t* epiiroial *ee*. they are at war* c m?rred on ard.nale Thii 1* alwar* lb* ca?e arltli Uir bi*b >pr>r* of I -rnr, < *'mn Anrona J.wi and Slnlgagila The nob eel 'a iberr*~ . g t .at of Fermo. which yield* to U blabo) ac annnal revwoo* of ISO .000 frao**, oa wblcb arc* uat the card.nal ??hop of Fenno a aoaa?>*ly tera*d M>- Ph? of lit* Marrbe* t Oder Ibe Papal adataatra twa the two gravlaree of Crblno aad Peaieo wwr* umunl la <ae ra.ied ? I?gat>oa, of wbicb tb* civil aad political a4talnJtfaUoa ru rstnute' to g farlinai l<fit?. I* oonseqneere of tbe Austrian occupation daring late >?-' rs tt ?u governed by one of Um moct c inlessptible and worthless |>rolalea or th.i Roman Curia, Monseigt.our Tw.creJI Bella s'.nce 1849 Cardinal Clacchl, wbo bts cotnploiely retired from public life, dwells in a villa which be possesses n tbo district of fesaro aa au ordfeiar> cil'zen. Qardlnal fie Angelis, Ibe m?u m lutt ?n1 the moat reactionary araougst all tbe lardioalS, a Ari l bishop o( Permo C*' lltial Luoc:ar li !? Bishop of tfitigsglta; Cardinal Morlcbiri, a tran of moderate princi ples, ? ub a oertam tincture of erudUion, who held the ultloe o ' constitutional Minister under I'm* [X., la Bistop ol .hsi, Cardinal Anutauoci la Blibop of Aocir.s, and Car dlaal Brunellt, formerly Nil nolo, la Bisbop of OstnV). With the except' ,D ol' Urban and Pesaro, to wbiob we Lave already relerrod, the other provinces are g tver-ied by prelates railed l'apal#del<yalee During tbo last ten years ao exception waa made in tbe --ase of Farmo, wtneb was admlnisurttd by a layman, tue Marquis Nlooola Mortal. Tbe Papal government, being desirous to reatorc the credit ol prelatloal rule, entrusted tbe province of Kermo and that or Ferrara to two laymen, whom It se lecled from amongst tbo worst citizens, and wbo, conse quently, governed inure iniqullously and atrociously tun any other of tbe publlo fusolionaries. Under sucb cir cuirstanocs the |x*>ple could not help wishing t? have back tbe priests, so much more Intolerable w. re the abominations porpci i?t?.d by tbe laymen The following i>*rllcularsre!atlro to part of Italy, wh.cb s now tbe seal of war, may be foun I lnlercslio ?: at the present roomem ? Tbo |?>pulatiou of tbe Marches, ac ci>rdii<K to au ??!li>-l?l return of tbe Pontltlcil government, waa. in 1841 922 102 Muto, of whom 17 were in toe province of Amvina, 110 S31 In that of Ferm i. 2-13,104 In Macerate, 367.761 in P?saro and I'roino, and tbe resl in <?scoll and < nmerino The citadel of Anoons Is situated on the summit of Mount Artagno, upwards of 300 feet above the level of tbe sea I'he to vn stands on the part of the mount ilo whlsb slopes to III set, and its port is formed hy little hills wnieb ooasti tute a sort of amphitheatre The highest of these hdls, wbleh protects Ibe citadel luclf, is tbe M niegtioio, upwards of 700 feet above tb" level of tbe s< a. There is aim M>.ui t (? jasco del Cappuocim, wbic i is on a level ? Ith tl.e barraccs o' tbo artiUeryn.-a lu tbe ritadel Tbe western part of the Mount dei Cbppuocini Is oocuoled by part ol tbo town, wbtoh extends aloBt the side of tbe fort with a bend In 1869, the Austriarii, during Ibe war of lude leudenoo, extensive works, but tbey ?s.n abandoned toem They supplied toe lot tress with cannon, whlci tnoy loft likewise fbe entrants to tbe fortress is well delunded; tbe roads being partly winding &i i partly zigzag, and oonairact-d in such a way tln?t a surprise or an enemy cao be resisted, however ureal may oe tbe impetuosity with wblch it is marfe The fortr hs rat. not contain a numerous ^irrtson, >> it the magazi"<s a.-c U'go enough to hold stores lor a long siege. Tbe Commerce of America.? liar Manufac tures ana Trade in Silk, Cation ssd Tubsrra OoaabUred?Stallillits, Ac. [I ro'u tbe l/maou Snipping Uazeite of Hoot 17 ] The hill lately introduced into the House ol Re presentatives at Washington, seeking to impose lugh duties upon various articles imported from thia country, aa ell aa from the conuueut of Eu rope, tippi mi to have received aupport from vari ous persons, on the plea that adequate protection is nut given to native manufactures hy the present tarill laws, ami that, consequently, capital, which nitg'tt be profitably and usefully employed in die production of fabrics at home, is diverted into chan nels otherwise than favorable to doniesti : industry. As regards the article ol silk, it has been urged that it is impossible for American manufacturers to compete either with England or France that the fierce competition on the part of these two countries for the trade of the world has completely shut out other than foreign silks in the whole of the markets in the States. Let us see how far the arguments hero used in favor of higher duties are borne out by facts. Admittmg that the manufacture of silk goods in America is but in its infancy, it is necessary that we should notice iUi gtadiml developetueut and progress daring the last tew years, in order that no misapprehensions may exist on a subject which, unquestionably, hns most significant bearings. In confirmation of the pro gress of silk nianuUctnres, we may observe, that in 1M.1 the value of raw silk consumed in the States amounted to only I'201,0!i2. In 18.14 it was $1,091, 42!!. Since then, with the exception of 1*55, IS ">?i and lsoi. ihe in< reaae is an important one. until, in lv'iil. it rose to $1 ,310,911 The annexed tigures show the exact state of the trade, both import and export, from 1855 to InVJ Inclusive: ? mrokTs o$ aii k into raa i.mtxd statc* //?'SI* r?ett. Impart* KrjmrLi CimjuwKi is.-, 5 ?7*.l ?17 71 121 640.tM ISM 9MI 234 4 256 W0 97!> 1 s.\7 0M.734 4,143 9J9.671 1868 1 300.1,04 P4 0!'2 1.2WK73 1H19 1320 800 19.978 1 310 912 The above figures prove conclusively that the opponents ol a steady influx of foreign made silUs Into the United States have made ont no ease in their favor. <>n the contrary, we have here shown that the manufac ture of silk has steadily increased; and, no doubt, it has become a source of wealth to those engaged ill it. One of the supporters of the proposed new scale of duties admit* that the trade (a< grvwBapquetlly.bat with great rapidity, during the la?t few years, and we are Informed b.\ t compe tent authority "that he goods now produced are quite equal iu all respects to the imported makes, ami are sold at from ten to fifteen percent lower prices.'' If, then, such is the position of the silk trade in the States. ?hy attempt, by an absurd system of legis lation to deprive the foreigu producers of t'ae bene fit whi< h ought to result from a stea lyand continu ous demand for so useful ati article as silk'" If it can be manufactured and sold from ten to fifteen Iter cent under the imported value of other prudac ior^. why seek to impose unnecessary restrictions unon imDurtations? It i? a great mistake, however, to suppose that Ainciii ? will ?m be in a position to manufacture the whole of tin- silk n-cd iu that country. liven in Ftigland it ia found impossible to compete with the foreigner ax regards make and e?lor, to which certain imporlAbt secrets are attached, and which it would be found difiicilt to imitate .successfully. In the production of the fltteol description* of silk an immense outlay of rapital ia necessary. This outlay we can hardly expect to witooao in a com paratively young country like America within a given period: though, on the other hand, we are not prepared to nay that, eventually, such < ipital n> iv not be found, nnti that both the quality and color of the ailka may, in some instance*. come up to the Kuropean .standard. Fortunately for Ameri ca , the enterprise in silk manufacturer has for KM tune |'a-t been fostered by means of low nu joi t du ties (4i the raw matt-rial. * By the tariff of Ik">7 the duty of l.*> per cent wu wholly ubolL-hed, a id ?innle, train and thrown qualities wero ad mitted at 12 in-t. ad of IS per oeot ? the rate established by* the act of \*\C. No one ( an oos-ibiy cuvil at ouch a moderate s< lie. and ail u ho desire an extension of tl?c trade ni'xt al low that the legislative enactment r4W qualities free of dot* wm a judicious measure. That it haa bet a highly favorable t<> the ateady de velopment of BMMMMM industry M M exigent from Hie figures we have Riven above, m well a s from ti c admitted ftict that Ameriein ma lultctW'i are now selling at fi<?n ten to fifteen percent below t li? >-e Imported from Europe. after, we presume, leaving * handsome profit on produc tion. A$ regard* proflt wo oto told that the aver age co?t of tnatiula fire is about one half the value of raw malarial. It folio <>? therefore, that ontofthethe thirty silk milt* now ;i operation In different part* of the I'nlted St a tee in which are empl iyed ftom n.immi to IO.INMi hand* ? revenue oi about H .HK) 000 ia now realised. Many of the manufacturers in thia country would, v, e are sure. he gUi'. Ui be enabled to make ao favor able a report of (hi ir proceedings year by year; but they have ? wn a greater amount of eompeti tion to i onteial aga.n-t than the Aoerieana. This comp<tition la. we admit, chiefly confined to the fl'n st fabn s, for win. lithe continent ia ao faramte, and to certain colon*, which we tind great difficul ty in imitating. N'evi rt heirs*. our trade shows no such ptTgreiive Increase ao the American, which pronn?e? to become one o' considerable impor tance at some futnre period. Before, therefore, the executive deli rmtnee to exclaile Kngli-h ails* ft' m Ami rica by the ImpOsMoa of high duties, the relative position of trade should be fully consider ed. A I,; duty upen silk manufactures must lead to a fulling of! In our general intercourse, and to ,m ntt? r failure of tin principle that it n ?w en deavored to he atiplie-l to revenue, vir... an in ert d annual income Irotn restrictive influence*. There i* another qu--tion of considerable mo nn nt tu which we may diieet attention, b. ..ring, as it does, directly upon our commercial inter course with Arm rn a, \i/? the duly levied upon to becio in this country. The grower* in th? Mates complain that we le\ \ an import duty far too hi :n to admit of an extension of the (frowth of the ar tide, an 1 that its amount tends to ? heck consump tion. Let u* examine the truth of this statement. In 1-17 the value of the tnhaero 0 Spotted ft.?tn the United State* was |7.'24'2.osii. in MSM f: %-1 in - creased to 110 ,0.1 1 ,3M , and iti 1*>'.' to $Jl,u7 i.O.In. Ti e annexed figures show the value of the ship mi tits aince Is ? Wi 110, Ml 5*3 IV. 9 112 Sit 143 tisi it a tt,at0 hm ?> ow ::: !!?.? 10 01*04* HOOOTOT !?,'? 14 Tit 40* l??a II 074 014 In eight years, then, the value of the exported tobacco has doubled, and the present state of trade seems to indicate even additional shipments. We admit that a high duty i* levied in t!n? country, htit la' it i been ed, it i? upon an art; le of hixtirv in whlel most classes indulge, and tu whom moket mi ue ?eems of minor importance. Silk, however, h j ii -y different commodity. This is an article of m ? i ? y. both in it* raw and maanfacfured stale, and, a* such, entitled to special prinlfjn In regard to duties. Whatever may be urged against our ?tem i f import*, the (fTowers ortobn^eo in the Mate* -hooM bear in mind that last they shippi d p:oduce of the value of lll .70i.000, and that thr? e fourths of that quantity was t*k. n by Kt -lam!. France. Holland aad Bremen, to whi. ft th? annexed value* were forwarded: - (Of lac IS. 784 <{<) r mar- 4 I TO ??eeeoo* eee 4 MA |f| if. i wfi i Hi mh t'ren tbcoe lorge )?antit>s 4o nol represent the actual valne of the commodity conaumed in Europe , which for maay years has drawn eaormoitt supplier from the Bust and other quarters of the globe. Nevertheless, America certainly enjoys a high position as respects its tobacco crop, to con found which witli the import and manui ictur ?; of silk betrays a want of practical knowledge of the tines and appliances of the two commodities. We cannot, however, charge the American* with any actual desire to check commercial enterprise, ainee it is now fully apparent that they are

merely endeavoring to revive a worn out sys tem in support 01 home manufactures. Enterprises, industry, utid general activity, aided by compara tively small duties upon importations, nave mile America what ahe now is, a great emporium of produce ho great, indeed, that in some previous years she has furnished England with supplies of food by which a famine in these islands has hap pily been prevented. She has. too, "held her way" for years iu furnishing the world with cotton to an almost uulimited extent; but. beioro she can become a great manufacturing country, and suc cessfully compete with Europe, she must import more skill, and sink enormous amounts of capital in manufacture*. No reasonable person would oppose her progress in these particulars: but if at any future period the manufactur ing trade of Kurope should be, so to speak, jeopardised by high duties upon importations and the want of remunerative prices in the (states, in tercourse must fail off, and raw produce here he come a mere drug, in a comparative sense. Ite fore the Americans tamper with their import du ties, therefore, they should fairly consider their present position as regarih England and her colo tiies. They should bear in inind that out of the ?ti2,!?28,000 oi foreign trade in 1 England and her dependencies took ?42 ,N 10, 000, or about sixty five per cent of the whole exports. Out of the ?"i6,52'.',00O of goods imported into the States iu that year, !'l f represented those furni-hed by means of English and colonial industry. These figures may be thus divided: ? Uotmtnu. InporU. England ?(*) 451 011 Scotland 6,160 767 Ireland 115.240 Gibraltar W2.238 Malta 61.3U i 11,581 671 North Amtrlcan ''obsessions. 4 244 91* BritiKh Went Indus 1,907.738 Britifh Honduras 412 "16 BritlFt tjniana 329 'is7 Britifh Africa 1,061647 Australia '<6 J64 Br tltb j.ift Indies 12,140 7H3 Ionian Stales 42,21 S Total ti ">3 eaa 572 (?26,731 .814) If, then, the trade between England and the United State* is to continue toprosper, let America at once throw aside all impressions in favor of re strictions. For years the great republic has flourished under a system of duties which has taught Europe a most important lesson. That lesson has, fortunately, placed England in a high position amongst the nations of the world; and .shall America, with her vast resources, seek to stem the current of trade which, hitherto, has been so profitable to her? We trust not: but if ever so unwise a policy should be determined upon, the re sult, in more than one point of view, may be disastrons. Mlactllsnaoai Fordga Items. Qarlbal 11 bas hail all the old police agents of tbe King of Naples sent to the Islands of Tremttl, and will keep them tbero until be shall be ablo to make lurthor arrange nunts. Sank a measure was absolutely necessary lor tbelr safety. He cannot aet them at liberty, nor do they even wish to be set at liberty, for the people would at <yice tear them In ptejes Meanwhile he gives lo tbe re spectivt families of these wretched creatnrna the regular pay and ration* of a com von soldier. By a special de cree he bas suppressed all the convents of tbe Jesuits, and bi.s confln itcd thalr property to the use of the State A number of .a<lies, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters of the political prisoners In Naples, have waited on Garibaldi to thank him lor having res ta red those who were dearest to them t.. the bosom of their families. Amongst others ? as tbe S'lgnor* Aatouetta Puerto. A certain Signorn Klola acted as spokeswoman for tbe rest. Gtrlbaldl replied that be feit sufliclently rewarded by such a svns fo all tbe toils snd dangers be bad undergone, hat he added that bis mi>Mon was not yet ended. White, the defeated aspirant for the championship of the Thames, was so chagrined at tbe easy victory of Chambers, that bo buug himself tbe next day after bis defeat Tbe 1'arts correspondent of tbe London Pott says ?We mnst bow expert two events? the flight of the Pope from Rome and the rcttr>menl of Francis 11. from Gaeta It la Imp issihl*. after what bas taken place, for l'lus IX to re main in the Eternal city He bas by tbe advice of Auto Belli sought to burn, pillage nn 1 destroy tbe property and persons of tbe people el D'sHtates. H? hat It tied. His srmy of hirelings Is beaten. His criminal intentions have been prevented by heaven, l'loa IX Must go. Tbe facial Gaittc of Vlenoa publishes aJproclamaUon of tbe Lieutenant General increasing the mil.tary patrols, and limiting the use of arma for the suppreealoo of revo lutionary attempta. Tbe l*rtu of Vienna states that the two lordships of Lisa and Bcnalek, in B >b> una, formerly the pmf>erly of Count Thun and tbe I'rlnoi of Kohali, have been pur cl.astd by the ltake of Ttitcaiiy. Tbe cllts'ns of l'r(?sburg. In H<iogary, havs petitioned tbe loeal government to alio* ot lltgyar names being atiUtd to the iii-tmao directions painted on the street Cortrrs Prestburg ts exclusively lnbaafted hy Uemaus, but tbe latter, in l(unga*y at least, are making common oeusc s :th the nr.t ves to the eight principal town* of Ssotland, containing tn 1*64 a (Modulation nt 784,800, and bow eattmaW"! to mve ? population of 'XiH.WS. the blrtba in the month of Au f ait were 8, Mil, the deal hi 1,73s, the aaarriogsa oM. fur the week ending Sejoember 22, the brth* of MO boya an it 811 girla, to all l,<7o rb idren, were reg1itere<1 tn 1a>ndon. In thi ten corresponding weeks of the year* 1S&0-6# the av? ra^e number waa 1,00T. The Official Outfit of Vienna, of the 14th met , publtah an n deere# calling on one nundred and twenty fbur per sol* tx nglr.i to tbe Lombardo Venetian king Ion to re turn to their country before the ltich O'tjjer, unJer pa ii ot having all their property oanOacated. letter* nor that lately tn Ikobemta. and particularly In Ute circlet of Prague and Konlggratz, a great number of K-'inac CMMM btvc abjured their reugiou and em braced I'rotta lantern. In thavlliagaof Spaloa aloae for ty *?.?< u perioLi have acted In Uiat manner. A decrec h*a been atuod by the King of Sardinia, ax il ing three btabopa Tbe Anm<m\a, of Turin, the cbtef organ of tbe clerical party, waa Sequestrated on the 30 tb nit , for an article atrnt'rg the government of an Intention to cede the ? land* of Sard-tila and Citia to tbe Krenah Km,>eriir The Pope haa J net addrra** t to the Btahop of Nl*lbes, cbapia'n nen?ra4 of tbe I'ontiftcal army, a lett?r tn whicb hcdt*[l*)? much *oltc.t';de for the apirit:-. it welfare of the aoldiera aerving cnlcr bta flag, and autborlsea the prelate U> accord to ail who may be in dingir ut duath plenary ndulgrooe under certain conditlona. In the 1'aited Klngd m, on tha 20th November. 1*59, th. m.mbar of di p?<*itora n gating* i>ank* waa 1.47W 723, at <1 tbe amount due to th. m waa ti 0.402.440, ui addition W> which there were '27 033 ao-. unlt of charitable tnatltii ttooe and frtrndly aociettes, wb-te deprwit* amounted to ?016 190 ao that the total amount Invrwted tn aavtngs bai.ka < n that day waa ?40.997.630. Krom tbe 20ih So nrob*. 1AM, to tbe 30th Novamisr, 1S69. the increnss tn the numtxr ef dep aiPxa waa W 3C5,aod of tbe amount due to them ?2 344 ."tM Tbe lalaud of Cnba. In aplte of Ppa"lah misrule, aayt the UruUm Jmtruan, la one of the most prapnroo* por ttona of the earth Her present population u eat I mated ?it 1 180 000. of which nearly 560 000 are white Inbdb tame 110.000 free colored. 400 000 alarei, and 34.000 Aaintin aid Indiana. Tbe augtr estate* are lmaen?eiy productive Twentv three of tbe principal plantations, <??n|irt*iBg about 100 ( 00 acrea of land and 10,176 alaraa, are valued at ?1.000 000 Ttieee twenty three aatat "a prod need, tn lSf.9, 135.000 boia*. tbe worth of which waa ?4 each bo* making In all CxtO.OOO Th?re are 1 ,0o0 '?car [.InnUion* ta t>?h*. Uie ei or ted orolucta of wmcn animated to about ?10 000,900 par annum. After long and tedtoua negotiation*. n concordat baa brcn cloned between Hay I' and the Court of Rinn- It mail"- larger ciMVnel-wa to tbe tempore! power tbu were aTer txt 're granted Th-^ Cor baa oommand'-d the formation of n new Co* rack arn>y in tbe province nf tbe AnX'or, tbe frenfe IfiiaM to oonaist of rucb Mantchooa and Tartar* aa are Willibg to enlist under the no I or* of Koaaia. At a tillage near nuiymena. Ireland, n man by m .a take det i *e- ed a paper containing tbe following, tnstand of an { or-ier for good* ? ' 1 do awaar. In the prenaomof my I h?iy brethren, by tbe Holy Ctmw of St. Peter, ant by tbe : Itl.asrd lady Mary, that I will mvniatn tli- holy reil I gt ?n ai> 1 riterminota all heretic* . aa the* are nailed by i nr Holy Father lie Pop# at two boars' warning ?? P <S M A sllhilnr document waa found <>ae night la tbe pocket of aa unclalme'! rant I ?t during a riot. A letter from It me of the 14th ult atatea that tbe Chpal t*eneral Kan/*e, in h* retreat from !?inlg*tltn to Aticoca, forced a paaaage through 4 body of 1'iedm <at*ee irt>i(? who endeavored to lotervx-pt him, that be killed ar wounded (rem >00 to 400 << theui aad that on hta part ba kai four officers and 04 m o killad or wounded. A lady waa praying In n church at Bevilla when *he andoeaiy fait a twitch at bar drean bat on looking round tbe only i<ersoa near ?aa a female, w?th ner ban da claap vd ocrtaa her breant In on attttade of devo4l?t. Present ly, Bnd'ng that some of ber jswetry had been stolen, she ft e the alarm, when It was found that tbe devout lady woo tbe thief, aad that lbs aroaned arm* were moreiy w* I work. A get at nntnher of nno ootralas oned officer* .a the ITiiw an army bare aaked f?r dl*i issal tha servtcs un dsr tbe new organ niou briug too hard, aad the pros p^ct of odvai orintnt mors reduotd. The Austrian* who are aervtng In tbe Papal army bar* been >n'orm*d that, m toe event of it* being dissolved, they will bs allowed to re enter ths Auvtrlaa army w<tb t tie gr*d?n they have attained, aloo, that If they reoelve wonnde. rendering them nnflt for servos, they aba I tx> proT.dtd for \ letter from Nap'sn in the C?o*ti nfwrnfff aaya that the I 610 gnlley ?lav? tn the bag aio of t aauMamare. pri>At<ii? by toe abaooos of nil military fore*, demanded to be al owed their liberty during tbe daytime ITtelr guard ioi a aould ain bare refansl, but they were few aad theronvMls many. Alt they oould do waa to obtain [ than* their word of honor that U?ey would coma bark tr ihstr cogs al nightfall The prlt^nem gave the required pledge and want forth to tak* the air lasre dib ' itcvrt* ly seems hat 'be tetter decla>st , hat they not nt'y kept the r ? ? ' Me. n ?*. tus' while out I O'b ?I"*- ? fegr rg m-ag" .rjs II to th? probity of thaw gentlemen, ordered ht* aer vant to keep the gate* ifcat mil ? bright look out. TtM ?errant ?u astonished HI* an*wer wu characteristic: ??Wby,*lr,'' heetolatmed, "wbatneel ol auoh precau tion sr The Casuitamare galley (Uvea are all aaaaaain*, not robbe'S." Among the killed at Perugia wm Sent do Maiatre, son of the well known Oount Joseph d? Maiatre. whoee mite nloua work, " Pu Pape,'' is the very quintessence of ul tramootanism. The (Jpinione of Turin announce* thrit M. Carlo Cattauoo , baa acc< i>t"d the office ol Envoy to the BritUli govern ment from the Inctator of the Two Sicilies. It It Mid that In London there are more than 30.000 women who earn a miter a Die Incomc in the various do I*rtmecta of needlework. Ttoe Ot'. Deuttchf Pott state* positively, on the faith of a letter from Trieste, that Prinze Nicholas, of Moutene gro, wroto to the Kni|>eror Napoleon to notify hia aooca hiou to the throne, and to aaaure blm of his devotedness to France, where he bad rooelved hia education. The F.mperor. in reply, promised the I'rince a present of 2"U 000' tor the expenses of his establishment, on con dition that the frontier line drawn out by the Kuropean Gommlscrloo should be respected by tbe Montenegrins. < ifficlal accounts from Constantlnopc acquaint ua that Fund Pacha has rated the Indemnity to be paid to the Syrian suflerer* for tbetr loeaee In the reoent trouble* at ilO OOO.OOOp ? 36 000 000 p. o' which have bsen assessed on tbe Mussulman population of tbe whol ' of Syria, and 4,OCUOOOp on the Jewa; l..eee last, It appear*, having a:ted m a manner to justify peconlary caatigatlon to that amount. A prediction recorded by some transatlantic mat be matieal ((emus in the year 1816 has received, In the re turns of the national census, a remarkable verification. Fifty fivo years ago New York contained 76.700 Intubl taoip. wbicb this curious individual predicted would b o Increased to 882 002 In 1S0O. Thi* estimate wu publish ed In Valentino's "Manuel of tbe Commou Council," of that date Another calculator, taking the ratio of In croasn alnoe 1S06 aaa basis finds that In 1900 the city of Cr York will contain 6,267.493 inhabitants, being at t 2,000 000 more than tnc present^xipulatlon of this mitropolta. Should Ixmdon, however, oout'.nueto Increase during the remainder of the century at tbe same rate as during the last forty years, her population will then con siderably exceed that anticipated for New York. Father Gava/cl preachcs every day to tbe crowd In tbe aquare of Pt. Franc laoo de Paula, Naples To prevent the profonrd horror caused to the Buroabite by tbe eq lee trtan statue* of Charlua 111. and Ferdinand 1 de Bourbon, near whirh the pcarict tribune of Garlb?ldrs chaplain in erected, the heal* of tbe sovereigns have been covered over with drapery. !u bis sermon on St. Junuarius' dty this new apostle of liberty addressed Ironical thanks and praises to the Ralnt, and ca'lod him a galantuimo A few prisons aM>lauced and laughed, but tbe treat maprlty expressed dissatisfaction, and accused the preacher of Impiety. Garibaldi ha* tarn el one decree which raunot flail to st'r the bile or Auatria, for It refers to the Hungarian volunteers. Depots arc openel at Naples and Messina lor Hunp>ir>on MR is, aod it Ip iMven out tint Garibaldi has pledged hlmaeil' to repay Hungarian aervicoa with hia sword. The Irish and the American* have, as is known, claimed i.aribaldi aa their couutryman. Tbe Germans are now protesting that be baa Teutonic blood in hia vein*. The Kil erfeld tiazrtte says ? When our country man. Theodore de Neultoll, proclaimed himself King of Corsica, be sent bla confidential agent, Dr. Garibaldi, on a mission to bis mother, who was then residing at the | chatea dc I'etidooi'h. rear liupReberg. in i be district of the Mnrehcs in S'russla; and the registers of tbe parish of Ruggeberg show that on tbe ldtb of August, the d"Ctor there married (atharlne Amelia de Neuho.T, daugh ter of bis eovoreiRn. When, in 1741, the t.enoese recon q':ered Corsica, Theodore sought refuge in England, and l> r Garibaldi established himself, at Nice as a physician, and lived there to an advanced ege. He wa* tbe grana falhtr of tbe Italian hero. Of tbe provinnee which remain to the Pope, Rome and Comarca have 320 604 InhablUnta: Civita Vocchla, 20, 701; Vclletri, 02.013, and Frosinone, 163,689 a total of 660 807 inhabitants The l'ledmonteee have deprived htm of tbe Marches, I'mbria and the province of Vlterbo. Tbe population or the Marches 1* 924 065, of I'mbria 472, 03'', and of Yitorbo 129(372 inhabitants. Thus 1.6*6,019 inhabitants have been withdrawn from tbe temporal ?way of tbe Pope. Tbe revolutionary party are eon vlnced that the Piedmontese will enter Rone, and Jhave prepared large quantltie* of trt colored cockades and Hag*. They have even ordered a statue of Victor Ema nuel. Rear Admiral Peraano to whom Garibaldi, on entering Naple*, made over the Neapolitan tleet, ban been raised to tbe rai k of Vice Admiral by the K log of Sardinia. Tbe revccuo of tbe Turkish government, roundly stated, amount* to 1,200,000.000 piastres or, at the pre aeot rase of exchange, something under ?11,100,000. Toe current financial year commenced in March, 1800. 700,000 0(0 piastres of thi* year * revenue had been an ticipaud. sod the money applied to expenses which should bave been defrayed from tbe revenue of the pre ceding year. 600.C00.000 pisaatrts, therefore, alone re mained for the strvlce of the State during thla year. A serenade having oeco offered a few nights ago at Genoa, to the daughter of Garibaldi, sbo addressed tbe crowd In tbe following terms Brethren ! I thank yon for your manifestation in favor of tbe brave men who are fighting for tbe unity of Italy. Then long live Italy! long live those brsve men' aod tbe I It Oalantuo mo." MM. Mantaealcht, father and son . notorious for having been tbe m?at active agrnta of tbe late king's tyrano* at Paltrm , were arrested on tbe 7th at Caserta, sad taken undtr eacort to Naples. It la stated In the Italian Journals that General Btbco baa taken lervice la the army or King Victor Emanuel. The Xnr GuTttte nf Pruaala says ? There la no longer any doubt lhat tbe Kaperor of Austria will go to Warwiw to meet tbe Kmperor Alexander at the aam s timo aa toe Pr :noe Regent, f be King of Bivirla and other German lTinn a will alan be present at the Interview. Tbe under standing between Kuaata and Auatria bta advanced to sncb a point that hopes are entertained that at Waraaw they will come to an aocoid on all tbe great European queatlona. The aecesiion of tbe Gran 1 Duke Frederick William to tbe throne of Meoklrnbu g Strellts ha* been announced to the population* of tbe Grand Duchy. Tbe oocqoMl of Naplee by tiarihaldl, which ?M eflected is twenty oop days. ouly co*t his army, acoordmg to of c 1*1 reports, elgh; ttcn killed and tixloen wounded. A Hamburg letter states that the last mall from Afrioa ha* brought the ?ad new* of tbe murder of M Robber, of that city, tbe African traveller Be bad reached Uie lake* to tbe we-t or Zanzibar, when h* waa killed m b ? tent by two utivn, who abol him with polsaaed arroar* A letter from Genoa, in tbe Oa--*v de tram*, assert* tbet th- f*?rJlo an tiavy la now first In Europe, aftc tho-i of Koglard and trance lV-Jmool, U says, ba 1 alrt? y thirty *blp? of war Garibaldi ha.- annexed twice aa many at Naplee, among them tw> line ot battle "hlpo, tbe \ t?nvio and the Hooarra. Tbe Oaribaldlaa nary In tbe water* of S.c :'y had eight or tea steamer*? Eogllsb, Am* r Iran as d other* ? glvoo, bought or oapt ired Br i. leu tb ?, tbe letter nji that Ptsdmont, no; m Urge an accession of naval force, had tr.,ide contract* t? 1. 1. land fore'gbt lar :e steamm. two of which are already delivered, and a.?o for au equal number of trar.epirta All these thing* cotrtdered, tbe <7or-7r 4' Hanct reek-' 0*1 tbe Sardinian cavy a a ootniMiag, or to sooa to r-jo ?lit, oPncarly one bun !r< d and forty m<-n-of w ar. Rj*sta ha* *oundcd the flnt note oa tbe new organ of lb" Northern Alliance Prluoe (iortchak";!, tbe Ruaenn Minister ol foreign A (lair*, tra-toi 1 tbe fcrenrh Ambat . dor ?? ft. Peterrb'irg that tin al. itioe s I ce<Ti Franoo and Sard i? la eaoourage* tbe propagatioa of doetrinoe d* i gcrou* to the political equilibrium aud ln? *tab.lity m throne*; M Ibat Kuaala would entirely i*n in her mis ?Icn if shu were oot, la rommon with other (lutes threat ?-n< d , to raiae her to toe la defence of *oelal order and monarchal interests Tt?e Prince added that Ib1? waa tbe oh"^t or tbe approaching interview at Warsaw. This declaration ol Uk Rum tan government, as thus reported bj telegraph, I* nut vary sxpllett; but it sbowa tha poll cy which that government is pr< pared to adopt la tbe event of tbe Italian revolution pen-traltsc into Venetla. A woman t amed Joy ba* written from New York to tbe matter of the Cloamcl workhouse, eoclo* iag a flnt clwi ticket lor tbe pensge or a chubby boy. wbo, having co aame, was callsd the "(< rest I'akoonn '' the kite alao euoioaail imiwey to purchase clothee fur the little fel low , at d tbe mssu-r was cbnsra to See him off. A Berlin paper ttstes that a rather atn_u*r doe) took place, three days ago, wiib pistols. Lear tbe same tpot ? here M. de Hiockeldy was shot Two young men, an aoqaatated with each othor. Nad a dispute at a party, and oac of them sent a nba leags to the other. Tbe letter tell Into tbe band* of tbe twta sister of tbe one challenged, as 1 a a she bore a very strong resemble ooc to her brother, ?he reeoUsd to lake hia p.aoe. Her aaugoaiat detected tbe eeheas, a* t waa gallant nongh to Ire in tbe air , b it his example waa aot tot lowed by the lady, who levelled at ber oppose*. but Tort .natal? oaly wouadod him sllgbt'y. Tbe AUywtw /** wag, which statad a fnw days slace that oti the return of ber Maj-ety from Ooborg ' the be trolbal of her Royal Htghnei*. the Prises** Alloe With rrit>es Louis of B*??< Iiarmstadt would !>.? omjlally ma le known at ftormtia .t. now *utea thai tht* lnielligaa? m oaly inexact aa to the place nam<:,an that tbeer.nt will fc- celebral- 1 at Maycbre tn*te*d ?"* .nec Lahis i* the *oc of Prince Charles (brother ' f iberelgtilegttraad I Kike) ao . tbe Prlao?el Kl isbeth of Prussia (daughter ol I'rtaee 1 Wiilam. uucle U tbe King) an.l was horn on Sepltmocr II 1*.T. Tbe K og of Wurtem >>urg reaelied hie *0ib birthday oa the 2Tth nit. Hie Ma rety visited ihe theatre m the ?< u'.< was re> <'l*d with macli satl.uaiism by a < r?wdcd audi race. A telegrap ilc leepatrh aanouaret that tbe submarine ? able' from Algter* baa iw-e* enneieefally landed at tbe laland cf Minorca, aa t tbat inaaaagee are la coarse or pv'test iraarmiaama both ?*y*. Tbe >1iatan< ?? la 8A0 ni i lee, and some portion ? t 000 fatb" > deep? apprnarh t g (be general SepSh or tbe roat- of Uk- un*uc<-eaar<il Al safe line The |wwtioe from M oorce to fo-ilon, la Fran-e, will be about another AO mllea, and thl* Hi et pel ted to be laid ilur'.og the preecnt month, (hoold the ? rather prove favorable. ?ance aad Prnrela are about to appoint a cmmleeion > of delegate* to rtiMjuee the neeessary nrrang"ni*ts for | cutting a canal between the Sarre and the canal from the , Marae to ihe Khine. I ftter* from Nap lee rpeak of a liemlae wbo la fighting In tbe rat k* of tbe army of Oartbaldi tier name i* the UMictees Maria rieiia Torre. ?he II ara??: to tbe teeth, and alwajs to he found la the f. romwt rank Si* i? ?al I U> have killed tw<> Neapolitan* with her owe haa<t la the oombaU of the 1Mb. Tbe "khazlae kliaaar." or private puree of the f?u!tan of Turkfv.ts t?'?? down at ?&>OMO. to trils h?v* t < t?< added i be annual allowar.r . ? l-.r me (<ultan ? m -thee aed inepTnolher*. hi* MaJ< ??> '* h'oaicr, bit mni, 'in *l?l*ra, ' married danehter* and k.-ae is law*, which amount in all . to abot.1 ?300 000 more making up the sum of ?4^0,000 A letter from Na->le? eay* ? 1 muet tell yn i of tbe fune rai of the Bunrbun*. ? aa enacte.1 bt- the pamim o? the ctt?. two or thr- o evening* *iace We were rta/ i by tbe touod of many voi^ee naginf a speeie* of n?w beat, aad, running to the T >10410, lai ?e? what the *t>orl was. ae four>o a ioag pron?asiou of ? ?negoter* walking *oiemaiy alwg. carry ma n tte aids: a r>ier. ^n which ?a? el 'csned or.e < 1 their r?>n?paa .n? Tti^w weee llguta k'irt tf s*d tbe k?u?i swri pst merlg of s* ord nary | funeral, white an chanted, as with ice vo?oe,",."/B &."? fcorie ? mono, ewdiamo e tottmrarla. Vtta GaribaUh ' ^rhe sour boa la dead, let ua ge and bury bim. Long HvO tmribaldl.) And go they walked along, with mou se rlousness, turning oat of the Toledo by the C e*> Europe A private letter from Turin, of the 23d ult , received la Paris, contains the following passage: <iaril>aldi alone pofw< (Hi<a the secret of the |>eriod at which IbO Hunga rian Insurrection la to break out. He Ond* it extremely uillicult to prevent the Hungarian liberals from aelinf before ho has given tbe signal. At the moment 1 am writing to you Kossuth, Klapka, Teleki and others are heic calling lor the hour to strtie by the (jaribaidlacv clock. The O'pe Argut of August 31 says, that ma the oeca-' ?ion of the reception of I'rtsce Alfred at Oapo Town, the American Consul (Vlr. D. II Huckins) ezbibHed more good uate (u tbe arrangement of hia Hags itxua any resi dent of the olty. Art, Literature and Sctc?ee< Mr R Waiklni, St Petersburg, figure* with Hamilton. Adams at Co , of London, as publlablng "Stories fNn the History of Hnaaia, by Aunt Mary," who la tbe Ma rf Ann Pletzker, a ready known ay her contributions to juvenile literature. The subjeot of " Aunt Mary "s" new work baa at least the merit of freehuees It la the com mencement of a wrlce, and la devoted lo " Olga the Wise, or tbe Converted Princess " Mr. Davis, who, for four year* past, has boon employed, by order of tbe English government, In exeavatiag the remains of Oarlbagr, has returned to England. Ike re sults of bis toll, which are of great antiquarian and his torical Interest, will be imm* diately publhbed Mr Davie baa mado arrangements with Mr. Bentley for his work, " Carthage and her Remains; being as Acouat of the Ex cavations and Researches on the Site of the Phoenician Metropolis in Africa and other adjacent Places." An cnthualsatlc proficient In the study of statist. oc ately calculated thai 16 milliards of men have perished In tbe various wars wblcb bave been wsg*l since tba creation o t tbe wo'ld. Carry lug bis caiuulsttona stlU ? further, be estimates tbe blood shed In all these wars at 3,660 000 barrel*: and. taxing the weight of each man at an average of 100 pounds, he concludes that 1. 500,090,000 pounds of human Hash have bean cut to plecea by hostile weapons. The revenue of Great Britain Is about ?70 000, WW; that of Turkey about ?10.000 000 The salaries of the Baglish Cabinet, consisting of Qtfvn members, at an averageoi ?6,000 each, amount to ?76,000 a year, while those of tbei Turkish Ministry (Uushirs included), amount to about ?190,0(0. A Rer. John Marshall (aocordtng to a Scotch papcr> states that the lato Mr Hill, of the Dundee Cmnrier, In formed him that Lord Brougham was the author of tbe famous artlcls In the Kdlnburg Review an lyron's "Hours of Idleness," as be saw tbe manuscript in the printing: ollioe In Edinburg whore tbo Revir<o was set ap. Hurst .V Biacket acnounoe fir appearance, in Ootober "Tbe Valley of a Hunlred Tires," by tbe autbor of "Mar garet and Her Bridesmaids;" "A Bxik About Dietors," by Mrs J. C Jeallreson. -'A Or Jiae In tbe PaciQc," fronn tbo log of a naval oflicer, edited by Captain Ay laser; and "Paunton Manor House,'* a novel Tbe statement tfcat a Temple Bar Magarine la to bo started In oppisitlon to the flMMI, with Mr. Mala sa edi tor, Is contradicted by Mr. Sala himself. Tbe donations to the Pugln Travelling Fond have re cently advanced from ?300 to ?000. Dr. Cummings' fnew prophetic work, ''Redeaaptloe Drawetb Nlgb," has been published. Count de Mootalembert's new work, "Lea Moines d 'Oc cident,'' having been published at Pari*, we may soon expect the appearance of tbe authorized English transla tion promised by tho Messrs Blackwood. An elaborate work, desjriptlve of the Mormoaa and their territory, the renult c* porsenal experience, Irosa the pen of M. Jules llumy, has just made its appearano* in l'aris. M. I>entn, Paris, has brought out a volume by Jutee ward ' " " harsh. Gerard, the "Hon killer," called "Exploration de 3e Ths French plays directed by M Talexy are, It la said, to be given during (he winter In the Opera concert rooosi at her Majesty's theatre. The Complete Bock of English, Soottlsh and Irish Bel lards," In one volume, with glossaries, notes and va rious readings, is announced by R. Griffln ft Co. far December. Tbe Academy of Beaux Arts, Paris, on the 33d awarded tb? prlsee fur architecture. Tbo first grand was awarded to M. Joyau, puptl of M Qucstel; the first seoond grand to M. B< card, pupil of M. Lebae; and tbe second ascoad grand to M. fiuadet, pupil of M. an ire Too publla exhi bition of tbe grand prizes of painting, the subject being "Hopboclee Accused by b's Sons, will tako place ot> Wednesday next and tbe two following days, from tsn to fonr o'clock. Rout) edge's "Christmas Book" for 1M1 la to consist ol tbe -'Collectel l'oems ot Elite Cook," and will be illus trated by Oilbert. Sampson, l/ow ft Son, I<ondon, announce tbe "Mount Vernon Papers," by Edward Everett; and Captain R. B. Marcey's "Prairie and Uverlaad Traveller." Dr. Elcboff, a well known German writer, la tbe aatbor and publiaber of a curious series of sketches of ths Prus sian polios, cat lsd "Berliner foiizel Silhouettes." Tbe book appeared on Moo lay, and on Tueaday tbe police ar rested Its author. A history of bunting and hunters nader ths title, "WU danger Skizzea a us dem (?ebl? t? der jagrf und threr Ges cbicbtee," by Kraaois von Kobrll, wito Illustrations by E Probllcb, has besn brought out by Ootta 4 Co., StnM gart Baron von Blbra, M D , has published , through Sehmldt Nuremberg, a very eihanstlve work on grain and bread, under tbe title, ' Die tietreldcsrlcn und das Brod.'' The first voloms of an antiquarian oliTtloa, called "Alihertncmer dee Deulscben Reicbs und Richta" (An tlqultiea of Teutonic lams and Politl-s). edib~l by Dr. H. '/* opfl, has been brought out by Winter, Hi idelberg. Two botanical lectures, recently delivered by Professor Cnger.of Vienna, on "The Korm-r Terra Firma of tbe Atlantic Ocean," snd "The Pbysiol -glcel Meaning of the Culture of Plants, " have beea pubiisned by M. Braua mullcr, Vienna. A sew ethnological and philological periodleal baa beset started at Berlin, \indi r the title '?ZelUchnfl far Vol kerpsycbolegie ondSprarhwiaasascbaft." H 1s undsr tbe editorship m Dr. Stetntbal and Dr M. Lasarue < T> the twenly Oflh of Auyust tbs monument of SelJIIti, tbe caralry hero o f the Seven Ywn War, vu luufunt ed at hia birtbplsca, Calcar, dnt (teres. Mr Blancbard Jcrro'd Is aa'd lo he enraged n? "A Bis lory of Icdustrlsl Exhibitions," wbicb wiU be published by Messrs. Allen, of U-adenhall etront, la S'oTrmtxr. Tbe po*t author of tbe admire. I irate ly " Jaa? Grey," died recently in one cf U>e btpitals in Berlin. Burbarl ?aa about forty years A a ?e, and bad been for tome time la Indigent clrcutnsiannee A catalogue la being a?i? by authority of all the ob ject* o art In tbe aimtrom Krencb mmeooi and pa Iscrs. Tbe number already reached amount* to 40,040. A second catalogue la to follow of tbe paint mrs and sculp tures in the pabne buiid'nirs of France? cburcbsa, con vents, hospitals, town halls, Ac. Tbe ' > isms tee Fwid to tbe I/tadna International Exhi bition of 1(03 now amount* to ?343.000. The Rnyal Academy, I/nttdoa. encouraged by the pro* ptrccs state of their lands, aad ro ire ?<* penally by Ma large me me derived Oom tbe exhibition of the past sea son, have raised the pay of all their auff aad increased ibe rate of psasloaa. At tbe last meeting of the Soelet* Industrie'.!* of Mul liouse. Fraocs, tne so Met y '? si rer medal was a var ied to Mr fUaucher, engraver. Muih >use, tor havidg baaa the flrrt to introdnoe tala 1 ranee Rig by 'a pa Wat peatagrapb eegravlag aiachia*. At tbe Olympic tbea'ra. Mr Horace Wigan (clever botf as dramatist and as actor) baa achieved a donate success- . able acting la his own new farce, "itavage as a Bear." ugh new, the farce is not novel, for it is adapted firoan < the old French piece. "L'a Tigre da BeoiaJe " A new vri'saje of poems M announced by A Oocld % Co , t> be called "The I'oetlcal Souvenir," aad wlU ooa tain a portrait M Alfred Tenaysoa, aad literary aottoea ot aad pne.ry bv Alfred Tennyson, rrelarick Tennyson. Alexander i?mAb, f bar Irs Markay. P. J Bailey, R tfoo-.k too Mllnes, M. P , Coveatry Patreors, Cbtrlea ?'wain, Wil liam Alllngha n, j. C. Prlaae, Gerald Maaaey , Aa , Ac. The last works of Reaaa, Kaalehoa aad (tapta, hava been placed on the la lex as Um books condemned by tbe Papal (internment. Thackeray is said to have la contemplation a smosus* rpm a b story of that Anna Augusta wbom Or Jotaasoo remembered aa a 'stately lady m black velvet aad dia monds," aad wbe toaehed hlai for the evil. The prenaea at the Parts mlat every dav turn not ar prreent 40.000 pieoes of 10 cea times, 40,440 uf Me , sad 30.000 of one franc Cbsaeii Petter, and f;?lp?n aannoaee "Oar (ramptars Porr and Rick " a series or biographical akeuthes of iwer aad women wbo have, bv aa iit's-ediaary uas at tl.*r opportunities, beaeflited their fellow rreemrea. Tbta work la edited by Mr Recorder Hill, aad Lord ?reafharo writes a preface for It The anniversary of f.oeths's birthday waa the other day reiebrated at narlla by s performance of "Faoat, wit* the music la part by Prises Raltlvtll. la part by l.tbipatntaar. The Prince Pierre HaMiM Bon tparte appears aga.a la sutlRirsbip, as the traaalstnr tale frewea M a (tors tear, e g-ad c rtiaptoro"), which lie bad i orator ly published a lu'un. The Rsv Ja<Bes White, the well known author of ? tmr vsi isb'c b.siorieal works, baa now tn the preai a History of tog land, ?o l>e mmpietrd la oae roUtnae. autf .ra wilt tbe saaie auUxr a Blatnry of I ranee The title of the ? ew * i?traliaa nival (aim ut tbs Dm * AueirsMsa bnek reprlat^d la England) u. he punnhed by ffcaaa .. Wondwta af Hath, te Maris* or u>? i igM of s.mio use's Hosts a late of Aastraiiaa H iso Ufa, by Ma?d Jsaa Fraac Ws liear that the tx>rd? Oom?l*> inner < of the Adalral tv have purchased the epieudld mo lei of Risks designs'' b? Mr. klly, wl .b a view to lla he eg pi* ed la (.rem w l<b hospital Madame PfeifTer, the celehratrd traveller, baa Ml, Ip tr aaMcript, an aatablefraph . aad aa aooounl of bar law v?< ag* ?" Ma.lsgsarar which ts about to be pubrtsha* by fcrr foe, at \ lr una , be l"arU M mt mr nomrnnntcates several kite rowi ih. rorreapoadence of Nspnievn tbs Flrat, whw-h u>e pee ser i Fmperor bss roller lad and will hsrs pnbllafeed. TV .'tt. ra fmm this cmieetKMi, now printed by tbe MowCewr, sri from tbe year 1TM They r*ftr to tbe Ggyptiaa expa dti n and are meant to prove that fleaeral Rmaparta nt'ti rtnok the expeditloa not la the seaas sf s eoaqssat cnl? . but that he looked at It. or at least wished othars to lor k at it. In tbi light of an act of einilaatMa. An ait<mpt is hejig made lo revive tbe dlarsataa sa to the authorship of "Adam Hede," aad tbe nlalma of Mr. Iiyr i ?. of Nonealoa are a rata belag pat forward The for the claim are laat Mr. Liggiaa waa know* to he writ ng a seriet of stwlea soeh sa wsre published sa ? .V?n^r of Clerical Ufb;" that the adventures of the be>' lae of "Jaaefs Repenianae ' artnally oce-trred lathe to?a ebrre Mr I.lgg<ea I* real teat: thai Hi* so nailed ?(.eoree DM," thoo. b deaylag l.lgglos' autboraklo never t'tmi hMaciuafeiuace. and that U|| el h mse*