Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1860 Page 4
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REVOLD riOtl AT THE SOUTH. ARMING IN VIRGINIA, i The Crisis to Come Before the Inaugu ration of President. What Maryland and the Other Bolder States Will Do, Thf ittitiuir of South Carolina and Georgia, of Minisfiippi and Alabama. The I 'Ian In Georgia for Dissolving the Union. THL CASUS BELLI IN VIRGINIA. Ilow ttie Cotton Stales are to Be Precipitated. Bfll Regarded Both as the Cans? and t.'ic Pre veotire of the Beroitiliot, Onr Hlchniona Corrcspon?l?n<*. Piww.nt, Va.fOct 19,1800 rtrcini* Armxnfi Btnef for tke Oommg CVist - cZinor^Ul^ PtUrmxvd to Aiktrt U> hu Policy of Biriume* to fidcal Ay/r(SSXM-1Kt Great Cruu to CVw wit an Mr I)w,K* t T.rm-Poriticm oj rtr WK,j nf old Dominion wUl b< Forced vto (Kr Oct "iU? TKt Tratl-tn loUI'an uhfd?Brnktn r? :*U Curry ?Ae SUU-3t>.*U>r Janrt M Mjxm on the Star.]' , ?tc , ?fe ? Tbe freuueui applications Tor arms to the Auptart (.ene rn a u?i* Sieto turcatadoe a cn?i* In our pMltloal anna*, compared witb wUloh the Jobu Browc raid was a mere ho tld?) ecene So nuuin ?u? ??d urged are thore appll Jatloos that the State \? unable to ?uml*h ibe necewary supp'lo*, and the probability ?* ttat ft"'"htr large jwrcbaseof arm* must be tt.ftui. at ?b early clay lo meet the rc-rilremeuis of ber incriiaiog military organizations To*re are p en ty of old musket* and other antique aims on hand, b .t our volunteers reject thorn mi mefflclemt, especially ino-.n tract with ?rniK of intern Invention. Toe Joan Hrown md bw tad < 06 |M U t met to \ irfitsla II aroused the an I ary ci irtt of the State, aod led to the organization of volunteer ootnpanlea, and their cedent training j ait to time to make their scrvres avdlablo for au) crisis th?t may come in the future Withlbciubsiderceoftheegct.e nunt coax 6 aval upon .1 >hu Brown's Invasion. the mllita ry arc or of Virginia suflercd a tempirary abalemeni; but the pro* peel of Mocola'S cieot.on is again re*uiinatiL? It to a pitch of eothutnasm far above what It attained at that memorab e epoch It U estimated that by tbe time there shall be n-ed for their service* ? aay about lVeember or January i,e*t-uot loin than from t* o to three hundred thouwod uson will tw fully armed and equipped, read/ for any cmergoncy. U addition to this ahall, no doubt, bare a large auxilia ry ( >rce fronoiher So ihern Stile* to meet the enemy, should tb '} at'eapt V> enforce .'?oufla*1 coeuire policy upon any sroedtag State# Oct. Ificbif U detefmlD^ J to a1h?re to hi? policy of recittance to federal a?reMlon, should any ?aoh be at tempted. 11" wMt int? o!Uc? plKlfel to ma'.nUla Hi* ?o Ttrelgnty of Virginia, aod to pr?erve her toil wcred agamU Hie triad of a Ifderal army ; and he faithful Iy redeem that pledge. Hiose who woild pretumi upon forbuaiaoce w'.H nod tlKtnielrea aadly mlaukeu He ti for peace m long f^ace offen any hope of redr.M for Southern gr\e?anC?i . but he will not hetllate to retort to tbe other ftlternatlTe? the t.lf -na rain rr^m? aa hoou u lb0 cocrciee policy of tbe b!ac? refubllcant l? attempt ed to be enforced by the deaec ration of Virginia noil. It ma to be generally understood here that the crUU looked lor at a reauli of Mncoln'f election will be i reclpl taic 1 within Mr Buchanan1* term Tbe policy or *och a t^ura.- W evi lent, In tlew of tke di*adranta*<? under wt ch the South would la*>r in any ettr. me re*(.rl, *ueh a a tbe cot lem plate* , with th* ?rmv an I otrr aa*'!*'n???. trt'l ot the *ery man who** election ooMtlluie* the prime eource of the di I: rutty She wtU not fire ?e enemy ansh an klranta*.' Sb" will make tbo Iwue and pursue it t.. tbe bitter end while there t*?lt" left In power a man ?U known ?Mt?jr to tbe South g,re* a *iar?n?ee that I r will not ?t le??l m?r by ?uy ft .ra oil.. i*l -ct of bi* Ibe proper v nd leal Ion >f the |.-git:m?te r.fnt* of ?orercigc Siat.-# By trie Uaooin *hail have a* (?'iroed the r-!o* of g..eernroeut the work mil hare i b*n don* t rrry I'lan aad erery arraag*3?e?it for future In dependence, <'ra*a .ay, for a Er?at Southern cjn federary. Including M^lloo will liar* been perfected ?r. l it will take a power far greater than l.inoln wnt-, l.av<?at f"n mand to undo thi ni Thl* I* 00 founded *pe<-alat?on 1 bar* ?ern oorre*p >adeno?* fr >a> hi?b and It . eiitlal aource* relerrlog |o tbi* aubjevt, and lb>- fria bility wuh wblcS the ditall* of future ojiera t . n? are art forth lo the*e c >r<apon lenee* would con TID^ aay ? but a bl^A re pub Iran that a terrible cria ? i* inevitable. Tho iianta who at* now incredu ?th a* to the true porp.?e* of the H thorn people, and | whe Will, dnubt'riw, V?te for -'Old A?e." will yet cur*e the Jay that he eball have entered the White H*i*e. nay, that h- waa Do?nmat*<l ft will be a aal >T?at. not tM the South, 'or tbe opinion l* bow eery generally held, and l? faat gatatog ground, that *h? would be far mere mmo*. n>' re ;i.d?j?n<)eat and napp- out of than la the I'B 'io Hie very ntveaity of her oooditun of eauaniement from the ?nan>itarturing North Would tnii??l her ?o add a manufartui ug phaae to Lcr already innum?rable *ouicr* .if wealth Tbouaand* ? k > trru r ated br an b'?ne*l *eal for the welfare t>f Um suuth and who .leplore thl? waut l* her '.nterual n? ^t^ent. .O.U rejiise to .e, wheb would re.u't In dinool-n ????/ ? v i air! br no political raotlre Th* >a*i* of thi* ite*i e ? lar Vhore aay mere pottttaal eo-l4eratlujl It ??mpr* beni* chiefly. If not wlely. the material a 'JHMaa th* Muatb an* 1 know the name ?> tie* wooVd operai* with thi* c a?? In behtlf of a eoutxijan'* ? 'S* l aloa. w^ tb^ ^oTinced that t would better lo .r* to the '""STit h 'iuc'h a feeing now general It eaterlaiae ' ia the HoTth ~ tba.V.W.b nwb Value upon the l olao a* the -enj-le of the Wth SS? not *o muen a* 'oajlbere under iBfuH Mi * b,>o4 *? 'J*1 rcMiui It sb rtdoetA lo a r#ry ?iieoutled ?i4td ard . and a*^* bat tL wei?ht of ' U,n-*t Ab." to ?ap " taVtJTnla a (real l.^JI.ent *?lrta W hwfrateeai. ,oi wiU the other Honlbrrn State* in the l?"ltable d^th log w i mi wM** or, a* the* are no* called, th?. oiawiTiooirt*, ar* ?ub?l?M*l?t?, to a mat, and w II rot co n?erate la an' movement which ?onlemplal? re e.?uroe to b.aca rep^bl'ean r?!e Tb?re are many d. nj crat* a? ng the bo* ,-r *e?tiPM 9. tV Sute who an aim! I arli d?***el. *?d bebce th^r* ?? bat IIUK b<>p? "f a*y mo'ea-nt on th* pan or ytrgla* ouUide of tbe well defln*?l, Cl.'Vly underatood, dlftirrtif penclaimad principle* of eoo*titutlo??l law. Virg "la wMi mora, i1 at ad, with a *low, cannot ? ?tep, not r* tjlrg upoa mar* co**troetlee c >n?l: .utloo^l right*, not nur* the ?ef| w>>T'U <4 tb* C oHltutlon liaelf gfle wl I. Lowever, b? Inevitably .iragd -d Into theeonSiot . ?n* ll tr* a* i know ab* l?, to ergag" in It Itoutfi Can M, H?hh ppi aad Alabama w ill uad wibtedly aeceda b?for* the ml.ldle M January ne*t, ft?d t*>?u a conB ct with the r wl real government, it H to br pee? ?ed. will fjlliw Virginia cannot *tand by la aueh a eontioce-"'y with folded arM She mutt go to the aid of her mat ? Stat* and rxrui U?*m frow the fan** of tkelr lr<1-ral oppre. _or What '"Old Hickory" cou'd do with impunity to Hoatti Carol 1* a ? impunity ao far a* the astloa of U>? oth-r .southern siaww i* c<woera*?l? would aot fje an maiant b* tolerate frtHB "Old Ab?.' Tbere I* ? rank lisg. deep -r. tr 1 rewatmeat at hi* etocllon in the oopilar b-vm of tbe South which oeerf* but t (light act of aggr.-e">n . nay, a ham w?tl??it, to kindle lato revomti m It ? -a n.^ rollow lb at beoaoee j^uj^er.we.1 ^..ilhl^naih.t 1 taooia cow * 4o *t> Tbe very attempt oa h ? part won d Irwm tbe wbot* !%>ith to armed re*i.Un a. aril f^eever tle?r. y the ^.lendld fhbric of th* V.WB, H?NM U refereeoe to aay great danger of ? geaeeal r*vol uU>* , wh ' >i , >be^ >? everv raw* a to apprebead \ Irglala, North Oaro I ra. Teoixeaee and keatacky w?l ToluaUrlly ?agagad ia a mmflict with tbe federal f Tarom*at . ?* tnaiter who may be elected to the Pt**'d*aey But tbee* W r*aaon v. balwv* that thejr would go to the r*?ou? oj aay *l*tef Simthern Mate whea throttl'M by lb* federal ? aal Aad mich a eoatinfency K hr oo meaa* Improba ble. It coe*tilo?*? now the ream annroe of ?pprehea*lo?i to lb* I'nfca loviag men of tb* border elar* Stale*. II M (be kaowa policy of South Carolina, aad ber ho' beaded ? later* of the South, to brlag oa thl* em?rg"ney by a Iter mal act of nana* ion . which yoa will ?eohaMy *ee coa?a? T ated kag bafor* "OU Ah* shall oave lake* up hi* ? ,.hm tn tb* While H >u?* If tb* coalliet Mali oosa?. aad Virginia arrav h?r*el' oa tbe eld* of the aaceder*. a* she ts?* tahty muat, *?*ry tilje la Ube late aad they eoald be cnuated by ti lisii ?? M ha politely w*-aed to gather QP 'a 'ffeda aad qolt This el**a will be show* , mrrrj MM U?* flame M lighted. The ?et?o,y . / mn wrong*, laflicted by th* party whwe vn a I aer* th a* traitor* are. wlU Inftme the popular I ? ? I,.n t to such a detr** a* to render the (tght of ??? I aiU>ra a ?jadde?l?g ?pecl*rie I kn >w aaar of thu i ?? la IN -late who are mark ad oat f?r famre n>v t'^ > * lb o fi th> y now *>ae)i Is fan? ej *r ? irty, and f \ i Ki i ai t: ? ? ? ep<ct <>f imminity ur 1*r the l -nroln t* ti>t(e t ?? ?M? a'-u or ar-t 'n'-ri* they t ? ,t i th , are a" le*a Merm s -I to f . 4 ' ?M^-a IfeMIJUKUtriU subjret them to usder tbe mo? conservative Md impar- , tla: a-imiklstratloo. . ... . Tbe frien ill Itrecklni.dge seem very confident of their ? ?ktlit} w carry tb# sUlf against the oombiued fore,* of Hell au<l Iktugias. Tbe Ut ler is evldeutl) losiag ground \ ki ? rapid rate. ?*p. daily sun" the l'etmsy hrauia IMNlH, ] ih<* r. ? ;i ol wtiicb convince J muij ol his friends of t^s utt.-r impolicy ol wasting vote* upon him with such prorp< < '.a ?< l !nu>lo's election as were foreshadowed by li.e i?r*e blsek republican gi'ni !o Pennsylvania. It u genera !j believed here that Douglas will not get a single .?^tatc in the tnion. lie i* ?i il.'nJ as Julius Cesar, and be mfurt-u tbe dooth will (bed no to*n of Sorrow for his demise S i-alor ,itmw M Mason will speak In thlg city Vo mir row (Saiurda) ) li ght Hi* speech is looked forward to witb k me Interest, though 1 Imagine it will prove to be a riilfcer w.*fc production He seems very sealant in thli campaign . but it mult be remembered tnat bis Best to uu I lilte.i Slates Senate U in great jeopar y, and it i eeds be cheuid lot k to b'k inU reois In that connection tu time. His expu siod, bo?evcr, seeuis to be k turegoue cj&clu s ion, for, if |?ipnlkr sentiment be any rtileriou tnj'itge by, Governor 1* ichor is destined to sup,>lanl him to tbat very high office. Old fog) lam is dying ui. even tu Virginia. Oar Maryland Correspondence. CrmikKi and, Md., Ojt 18, 1860. H"W Maryland Will Do in (Ki Cruu?TKt Rtrder States "'ill Stand by the South in (>>* R-.vobtiimiry Strug git, <fc It would ho cx<-e(**oi*.y dilUcu't to give you an ade quale idea of the excitement ami eppreUeasl i aroun d here f u? the announcement of tl j uaexpec oil result of be elections in I'eonsylrwva. Olio nod Indiana It were a rank of loBlaocrlly to deny tb?t the lnduatloas are Krowicg both numerous and clear tbit the time has lieu))- arrived when It will behoove (ho 4? >ut(i to It tad Brm and united, kDd either in?ke one lut < \>rt to main tkin its well defined rights uador tbe ooastitution In the I :.loo, or eluo to Iro tale t .? f! or -us examplo of Spartk, and. witb dn. on boating an 1 baaivs Hying, dellbt alely marcl> out of the sonfoJeraoy, sal, truu.iag to 0 >1, lea. e tl>e consequence? to he decided on sn>ne other fl*ld lb 'in the halls of Congress And this, you may depend upon it, la tbe deeply si tiled and almost unaoimoui conviction (?f the j>eople of the South Tbode who ivrt the can trtry deceive the country and know bui little o' the volcanic t< m|<er of thuso of whom they write, ll wai s jpposed that tiure yet remained, anong tbe solid sad well meaning m*.?ses of tue North cxwrv i int caougii to prrcenl a breakwater sufli iculiy Bin. -g to arrest aud burl back the advancing stirgos ol black repubii^iiiifm and defeat Llaco'u, an l thui ?. tdtaally rebuke S-'wa'd, Greeley, V.'oed, aud tbo otner p tiiti *?.? Incecdivles wiio ar 1 U boring in tbi same Tineyard #ltb them, an 1 doing so m j' h t> precipitate a C"i ! :l and ?i ace tbe last vihtige of brotherly tiling boi?ein tbe Serin and South B tbe recot el 'CLons bave forever difpeiied thi> at bi gt but r,. ad Ir^pe, and ecuted to ful' view, fa ail the kitewt deformity of tbe unrolled 1'ropt rt of Kboraci cn, the drua i roJlty tbat in tbe NorlJ e< ntervallsas :* mpvativelf poworfbss, while faaaliclsia a' J hostility to tbo S >uth snd he- i istitJtioDS arc in the afc? tdai.l, and manifestly rutin," Mill higher and higher Of! the winis of the nonular breeze Tb teachings o.' J be ya tncy have not enlmi i ated in Jubu Brown 'Bin so a* toprcJuoc a HMtloa in be | half of Ihe South. Their mission is yet undiscussed. They bavo evidently been couseoalod bj time and ele vated to tbe dignity of cardinal potato of faith !u the tilirk republican crcod. ad tbo little nucleus of aboli tion lata he gathered around htm on the Bur of the U >ur? bu i??tr'd the formidable dlmeustooa of a gigantic ?ect tonal party, overshadowing the entire North, and cooeed'M to certain ! get Into Us hands the reins of ? ho foderai government aud the octroi of tbo dottlaics of the nation What wax at Arst foolishly regarded as eon templlble and I"Og doepised by Southern statesmen ai an aor.ojl! g but harmless spirit <>' agitation, ciiraclerisix of the reatlcee, fermenting nature of tbe North, has so far become a stan^io# eubject of alarm and terror to the poople of one great portion of thu Union, that even th >ao who were fondij cherishing anticipations of the bos , an 1 not easily Martled > a prematura exhibition of fear, are no * busy anxious.; canting about In search of some available means of escaping, If sot altogether arresting, Ute iropocditg da ngor. Inferior Ic numbers, an I, of course, proportionately infer. or lo federal representation, the South bai heretofore rrpoaed Ita reliance in the bout' id generosity, good faith and magnanimity of the North. Hut that day Uaa gone by, never to return; and these eur.obliug qua'itiea ascribed Vo the North, and bei.eved to be real, have, under the touch ?t?n* of experience, reeolveo tbemaolvea into mare illusions of tbe imagination, or at moat, the blind and crc^nloo* confide ? Invariably placo<1 br tlie t oo aerrile client In hi* too powerful ]*troo. The South, reaping lcrrnaaed wisdom from the bitter diaappoinlmeota of tbe past, has awakened U the momentous troth, that here after ahe must lay aside neb fragile reeda, and aeek pro teclloa and safety la tbe d termination to depend exclu sively on heraelf, and the endeavor to make up is Identity of Interrata, unanimity of ocunael and concerted aollon, w lat she ?r ist Ineritab'y loae, aud the North gain, through the destruction of the equilibrium between tbe sect.ona. The Immortal Oalhoua, who aaw farther than the faccy DaJgetty atatesm u who have auoceoded him, waa right when he declared that while the most deapmd trg could Qnd no Juat reaaon tor giving ap the hope ?f {?erpetuailng the In loo, while ever power waa beid In a ? late of equipolae between tne North and South, the m Ml eacguioc would be constrained to abate mucb of hie hope the motm nt that balance was diatcrbod and tbe prepoa inclined to tbe North. That evrnl baa virtually taken plaoe,aad to the avowed diepoeitloe of the North to cripple the ia.lustry of tbe South, and cir> umacrtbe within tbe narrowaat bounds pos sible all ber meana and opportuatllee of cxpansloa by re striding the area of llaVlff witu u Ita |NM limits, there IS no*, or at .o very MMM date surely wil be, superadded the legtalativa and executive power to aocom l> sab all it deairve Could not tbe oorurrenoe of that iivnt at an early a period have beea prevented by the ex er e of a moderate amount of Judicious statesmanship t Moat undoubtedly it could. Bad the Soalh atood oa ita guard aad acted witb reasonable feHaL and, loatea l of llolxottishly waatlng Ita eoergira la the vain attempt to !oree aiavery into a Territory or rerritoeiei from which tber-forof Climate ant MMt ? .perat ng ?..J coatroll I g Uws of nature must neoeesarlly exclude it aa a prac I Mai ail remunerative investment, quietly, but never theleaa per* latently and vigorously, directed Ita at teitioa and eQorta to pualitag ou tbe rapid aetUem^nt of Texaa, and Ita dlvla on and ereotion aa apMdlly aa piacttcable, ci ier the provision* of tbe Com promtae meesurea of ISM, into four separate anil aov? reign SItuv which would g've the Sonth aix at ditioaal Setatoie, the South m'Kbt have ante! Itaelf with a check la ne brao-.h of Congreaa which would la some i. rrw enmpenaate for the i m it bad austatned, aud waa likely at t'l to attain, through the annihilation of lUa. equ'librium between the a"et me which has bo?a and Can be the only safeguard and guarantee of tbe cm lituaav or the * Jib in tbe I'nioa. In plaoa, however, ofauoptmg that courts, which waa till only one that tonnd policy and all the instincts of eel' preservation In d . ate ; aa proper and exped.ect, the South, following in competent aad nnwortby leaders allowed Itaelf to b* led c IT by uaeleaa dlacuaaiooa. adroitly sprung npoa It, from the Meaiy developer1- nt aud discipline of ita own strei ^th against toe da? of trlai. while tbe anbtle aad wary North wiaatlthe wh.le employing the golden oppirtoatty ta lndiwtr;oue'y carrying out that very po"cy with the lieu ttcai thnader it ba t stolen from tbe id .tb. and Ute eoaaa quene, ? that (he Siath is dismtyed, and, with lb* m e<t pain.'ui reluctaao*. compei'ed to couleaa how aal la the h, stake she hu oommit^vl, aad that the a lmt?ei"n of Mir ceeota. and the aamlHiOfi, Bow to be hoealdet to t< the w< rid, of Kao?a* uid Ore* -ii aa black rtftuMicaa Sutes b">ar witness t<i the W-rrlMe a< Count t? whub the North bi>s tamed that mistake tbe &>utb. Bit the error has been llaoovered tw> late t> be re<aed'ed, aad ti e e'ect of it upon tbe South la apparent to lue aa >n caaual and aoperf -i?l obaerver ? A. maty th qw.wtton ts aak?4 oa every aije, what I* it that aow BMkea it dsatrable for tbe South to reaalB ta the l'an'0 What la there la unlaou bet* sati the two see wmifcat ought to aalte them aay longer un Ier the aam i |overnment la it ac immunity of iitercataf Tae&nth >e agncuiiura an 1 the North mac rer tar ing, Is it th? ?qra>-ty <?( taxation? Tbe S>uth nerds a to? tariff, aud tbe North tVmaoda a high tariff la It tbe ooaatact la I !? rchange 01 trade and the friendly and refilling tafl leaca ^f e >mir?rre- Tbe South ei|iorta and the North imp??ru l? it the agrwrnent tn poller on Ike qoeatloa of T "rrlto rial eitereK*i' Tbe A>uth is m favor of tbe aoqatettloa, ) y ritfar p'ircbaae or oor |u?at, of Oaba, an I tb* ? ? irravoeably againat it. Is it tbe at>?tlarity of laatitut ? . Tbe Smith nurture* altvery aad lias apwarl* ' ? j fell! voei of doilara iavsate.1 ta it, whila tbe Mortb .. ?w "P"'!' i?a ahw-mte ?' ultimate extiactioa," ant w.iit de?pi,il the South, by atyateoa of lagialative robbery, of every dolla' at that peop?rty ff with latereata ao diverse Bc.i esaer.tially acont .irci tb* two extlooa are hold t^fvUx-r oa y by the ooastitutkia which is ? very day fcore and store eneroarb*l npoa by tbe North, to th? d-tr mectof th' Soatu, what ts there, it is aek*d, to cause tbe Sent* > bee uw as to toe line of action it i* Ita doty lo pursue These aea lunstioas pregnant with unapeaiaHie -lai.cer to tL- fr-minoBaes of tbe 1'nion and {^*?? and traaqa llity of the owatry I warn Ih oee M?e Worth who. th . ugh impoaed oa aad deoeivad by tbe artfnl wiiee of aoftupt, rwrkieaa, aapiriag d.'mag <?ufw ready lo ride into ofBee ov.r tbe rulne og their oouatrr are yet alive |? a sense of juatiee mi dtaaoved to yteM to lb* South her rights la tbe Terrltoriee aa well as all ber other rights aader tbe ooaetitntloo. to poader well over them are It la loo late and the fatal die ta aaat To art hastily la la jaa raJ ta art rashly. Sowly bat pra deativ ia the beat maxim But these are emsrfeaciea ia which ta aal qutefclv ia to act wisely ? There ia a tide la th* afhirs of aiea. Which, lakea at Ihe flood, leade to oa ferlaae. Tbere are, likewise, ta the alhtra of every aatioa, tad meoia which either forever d*termtae its fate, or give tone and character to ita we and iaatitqiiooa Tor e n tnrvea te eoasa. Dariua trembled lit doaht. aad f' '1 v* took ih* b?Md step of dtaaeivnig the f>un I cil of Five n.ndrei asd the rfiaiem of Uuirlem\<n? g'veii h'? Srriw Or ?ar eroaaed tb* Re <le>a, an I hl? I ? ? of is ci ?t frigMfal pages relates 9 i v v.?in i u -ea'1- ? t e i.Vrtie* a' Rome were traaap'el on t?r ; J!'* J|' tread of hx iM'lie and etttnr" *!???l In | r";' 1 of rivi, w?r Who m li aev, after a oa n * > : | ? :*M ? irt.r <-? | gseo* ? *T Ht???Weti ' of tl?T'"Otri | **** " * * o*? -ft s e# ti Aaw l&l -,lu* ? powle of Carolina, the menace* of Um North and lb* ibreau of Um South, that Um election of UdooIo to im I Tendency may 001 prove the. Rubicon that will dir. le tht Colon Mi 1 ran red with tbe bloot of oantrnding ir?e men. Throw log out of consideration the fact that mere are thousands upon thousand! of men In tvery Southern plate wbo would esteem tbe ? lection of I.lsooln. prr if, a cause of dissolution of the Csion, bow ii lie, io tlie more time provable ereot of ha election, to Oil tbe ulii and ariuimiBier the government at tb< Soutaf Take for n stance, tb? porta of Norfolk, Caarlesl >u, Mj bile, New Orleans and 0' aires ton. Would anv Southern n an be foaud to ac< epl an appointment In tbe Cast 'in l'ouse of either of ibeie plaoe*f I venture tbe assertlou ihat to tl>>* present n asperated itate of feeling no iuiu person coul'i be found with temerity enough to tacur ilia ritk of ruunlrg suoh a tilt against publie ojiolon And it must M-Trr be lorgctteo that, if it ll true that revoij lion* discend from Uie scaffold, It la equally tnte mat too I owur ol public opinion la iucn ibat It holla t;<iv.jrurn<iiit? in check us w li as men, and tba . there are but few, m deed noni, wbo would not take much m ire troab'e sud submit to maty more sacrifices to avoid its deadlv tr "'is It; im to gain Its glided favors. It is not to bi preeum >1 that under any circumstances Lincoln woult leave thegs porlt unprovided i</r; aod If he can lerrot out no purs >m iu tbe South willing to accept then, tho nttliaii m'i?t r; me from tbe North. I* It to be erediled thai Ilia Siuib woul i apply ll* asp to Its owu breast and suHtr a Ltrcolnite propagandist of black repub icaiism to occupy such a position, when it would not allow oaa of Its own sons to do to? Not while it is recorded that It ??* ?mi? ?krlis Insidiously introduced by a neighh>irto( .il*te woo insiigsletl tbe li? l"t* to a revolt whioa sb > >? tbe republic ol At buns to It* lowest fouadatlons, and Involved all droe-e in nr intern cine and fratricidal war. And IF the .South would n<>( nihtnii, a" a>siredly It would not. to bavesucban imprriwn in ifipTU) panted la lu mi 1st, even on the plea of executing ihe law au I admintateriuj Ibe governing nt, would Llnco'n invoke tbe Issue an J sen 1 a 11 ? et and army to tnduct his appointee* Into otfl ;e ail thi n protect l boot lu it? Ah then would be th jreh*ars*l of a gran t tragedy, and the world would rlug fjr i with ihe struggles of, if not another uliun, at least anoiRer I'tisrsaHa ; and If tbe milern O'Bar of black republicanism did noi bile the dust and ill l! a bloody (irave, It would be beceQM tbe roc illncllous of Marlon bad been forgotten lu the South, and tho me mory of Brutus cease 1 to uerve tbe arm and lire me beari of tbe patriot. Boyoud this (fleet of black republicanism on tbe Colon all li coujccture, up >n which I do not' now clmee to enter l?t it r.ot be supposed that this language beco-nee only tbe meridian of Anbeville. and Is not at all suited to .lie latitude of a border Stale like Ibis For. a though the pro slavery proclivities of the people of this State may Lot be quite so lively as they am farther South, their pro South-ri seotimeol Is every bit as touchy and strong as it Is in tbe most seusltivc parti of Alabtna, <?eorgi* I or i>mlslana, and whalev - r fortune, be It for weal or tor woe, the future may reserve In store t >r the South, Mary land wih (hare In It. Instructions of tba Present mad Pssti {Kroni the Charleston Mercury, Jul. 17 ] It t*bi#htime f. r all thinking men of the Hiith to |?uie lu the ardnet pursuit ol inonuy, and direct their atteution to Ihe future of their couutry, in which not only rights, liberties aud b<>uor are Involved, but th?lr j very peace and safety, and tbe value of the property ? b ich Uu } posst-A* lor taenio Ives and lh?ir chillr-u TocfM riod is p**t a tiec lu a snldsn an I short siguled I devotion to pecuniary gains, fey could aSkrd to nty ?cl 1 the great matter t? l*e?ti th" sectlous. The time ol do llveiaiice can no longer he postponed, In order ibtt men iusv li mc ta lly thrive Tu? tfaager Is imninent, m every prnul of view ?ud to every iiiterenl Tba m,-r rhat.K aud piaot-rs c ty meo an l country men, caunot wait uiilll slavery is redu-3?d to the inilarlal region of the cotton yt?f<fi, and. siirrmnded will ? cord to of tire, Ihi ir civilization. riglilM aod interests pa'ch beneath th .' coLrz-nlrated bla7 * ?f an overwhelming aod a?rea?!ve public opinion, ^tiorn of Ibvir defensive strength, tbelr country will then become unliba >iut>ie, thomsei res bog gars and fugitives ll laies no prophet to foretell Ibe rise of anilely sad despair under a passive policy of submission i'aolc of a tMl* less, doarward kind will sen* uimd |?eople, aud m 'O of money, wllb their b<>a?ie<l gams, must go down never to sgain, in a ore.nniiig aid doomel country Negroes, lands, bouies, l<>ts. stocks and b ads must all depreciate an t become valueless, for on our social basis rest ail va luis, and when tbat Is saptied and shaken pro^jriy of CTery diHcriptlon goes with u It Is b'gb time for the tnlnklng men of the South to rcanzvlbe events as they happen, and to gain future wisdom from tbe record of tbe past That past teaches the folly of our hitberto windy and vaslllating attempts at resistance ? the vaulty o' such defenoe as is found in Con greanonal dcciamation, enpty resolutions and p<i.ntlesa ordinances It abould recall what we have lost by tlmldit/, sentimentality and Inaction; the millions of money paid to Northern m?iiopoii?ts, the noble arm) of |H>lttlcal martyrs, sacritlotd at tbe North fur lbs want of practical Southern support, toe magmtloeot empires of domain bougnt by Southern gull and Southern biood, whleb have been yielded up in the "watch aod wait, "oest-we nan get" |<ollcyof submlsaion ll should anamK us with the fiought that, like tbe tnrifileas ion of Isaac, we have ' sold our birthright Tor a meas ol pottage," for even the poor luxury <f a brief and unco'taln respite from Ibe troubles aud d augers of this sectional war? * little mors ilumber, a little more folding of tbe hands In tbe sw-iet dream of pecuniary prosperity I<el us be bow warned, lest while we "praise the gods of gold, and of silver, of brass of iron, of wood and of stone,'' th^ dsger cone form with tbe aonouaseniMt made to the Chaldean Sybarite, ??mine wm? trice! upanrnn." Now ?r N*w?r. [From lit i Caarleston Mercury. Oct IS ] For thirty jear* paal, the obi grnat lee Hag oojoct aad endeavor of llie Charleatoa Mtrcury baa been to bold up to lb* pe pi* of tbia Slate ltd of tbe 3>ulh. the port <a toi.i fact (bat the government aet up br them. and the compact entered into by them aeparatcly Id 17HT 1TM, 178V ud 1700 under tbe atyle and title ol the ' Cuoa.llu Hoc 01 the I'm ted Sutra of imerlca." from 111 original limited %4< acj baa gradually bean drifting into a conao Mated, reut rained, trreapoofihle abaolute, sovereign government, absorbing a J: tbe Stalee Into itaeif and m ;rg lug all pow*r* la lla *upremo authority. Step by mop, aa it baa marched on to It* aupramacy, baa tba Mercury called out Ita unnghieoua advance la the people or tbla Slate? ei poet uiated, expounded, warned In tba face of tbe threat* of loanlence, tbe jetra of levity and laughter of foola, tbe fact baa been beld up by the Mercury to every mm la tba Ami lb who cb<?a to tea II. Let him la Caruiiua who woulu plead ignorance of Ibe condition of his ooun try, lay not bia folly at our door; "they hare ear* to hear, let tbem hear" KreaU, loaf I .retold, are tuabiag rapidly apoo ua. tad meera, and J sera, and laughl >r, are alike <ru?bed dumb la preaeoc* of Oia draad reality Kraaectpalioo or revolution la aow apoo a* Witt tbe put we are done We hare doae our duly to tbat paal, and ?e a w turn rrom It with dtagual. Sick suing ?r*r Ita record of failbleaa outrage, ru'gar loaolenoe, graaptag avar auJ faaallctam on tee ona band, oa thaoUMr, ua mac y wtakneas, dreada, doubU, Indeciatoa, l a mcnity ? we turn from II wltb a 'eellng of rellaf To tba future alonr? ibat future about to give blrtb to a deetlny Tor ua? fearful to ooctmupl ate, abould we foil la tba dalle* of rraerrtc? f lortoui abould we reap the reward ? of tbe brar* aad fra*. What OaargU Will Da. The Charlrtton Merrvry pubiiabea the followlag latter ? Tour letter of the 2Mb ull , propqalag to ma oertain la qulrfea relalire to the probable action of tba people of (eeorgta. In the ev*at of tbe aMttoa of Llaoola, baa beea received From all 1 can learn, t think tiaorgta WIU aever bar rooneciion with tbia t'ni"* in tbe arret of Llaoola '? election At the aama time It I* dua to caador aad truth to five it, aa my opinion, thai there will be a large party in tbe Siatc who will oppoee aay action apoa aunb a con ltog?u*y. If ahe doea aot aecede, I raanot ua demand ? I hi mtm actios abe will take, i.nleaa it I* ton bait It *u?>? ate that v .alever propyl '.iobi Georgia will bar* m make to her rater Southern ?'tale*, will be after abe r<<*iime? her independence among tba nationaof the aarth It ifmrt to me that the action of ?? h Carolina, while II woald be agreeable to Ibe petple of Oeorfia to hare bar co operation, will not initiator* bar people. If ah* h?a de tcrminod to aecede, or control them if aha haa not reached that point My opinion It, tbat If Snath Carolina aeoedaa from the I'moa tbe people of Urorgla will defead her la tba eier rlae of that rigut to the laat eitre-ntiy If $oulb Carolina I or any other Southern Sial* determine* to *ec*de, It a bo ii Id he djoe by a Slate O'oreitlon. the time of aaoaa aion ahou d lake p'jke on the fourth of March aeit, aad dne notice thereof l>* aerrM on Conger** through tba Ci rcuit ve ul the l*altad Stale* I do not belter* la any southern *ale walling Ibe attloa of tbeir *mt*ra If, m their *or*retgnty. they do aot iblak the cau*a for a aepa lion ta sufficient, not will so opt rat* with other* that do, tbey are aot actiag from tbat motif* that ahoald defj r>'Ton;iioi and r'??t oprr MM at aay and all ha*?r<t* Be*l<lea, | MMlt ?<-?aral* *ate actio* renaming all th<- |KW?ra delegated to tbe f*d?ral f.r*rameot wbicb they hare abandoned, eaaeatlkl to cueam? ey at leaat, before they eater lato any alllanoe, league, e<?i federation or cemparl with an* other power whatever. If, there fore. iV>nth Carolina coofldcrf |h* elect loa of Ma cola auinc.oht Can* u ra*um<~ iu? p>#e-* abe ha* del* gated to llM WeraJ government, rh* ought to d? *o of aad hy heraeif, aad aotlf> her remaning r.m'ederali* at what tlm?? It I* her ilrlerminalloa It ?hi. I Uk* plane I deem It i.?ele?- to argnc the que*tto? of lb* propriety of dl* arlrlrg the f?&.n If tb* h ack repubiinan* IK tuoceatful. They bare trad* the inue, that it i* the l*?t battl* with aiarfrv. and tbe elect oa *f LiMafci I* the downfall of lliwri . <f the A>uiti boa i late* apoa hN e Met loa, they will falter a ben h ? party jarry out their threat*. If th* el*rtioa of Manila la acrn. ? -ed la by tbe itoutb, itaward 1* right that the election of I inc?ln I* th* dowarali of I bare bo fear* that tbe r-paratio* of nee. morll lea* a oair doaaa Southern Stale*, won) 1 pr?1u>> sloAfbnd to ?ay t try grrai eiteat ? and erea if It did, tt ? ight aot to deter men and Stale* In lh*ir action? ha*el, ai It ahouid he. oa tbe deepest cnorlctioo*. tbat tb*y are con tending lor liieir honor and their righl*. A Pita fbr m*aninn. The (hmrr &tme, publi*b*d at Coins ju*. Oa. , ?ahaiti th* following programme for dl?>mlna It tay* ? We bar* for a long llm* had very Uttla h |>e ^al th* ftnutb wonld ever free herae f from lb* domlnat .ia of tba North, b it with!* lb* 1a*t few week* our hope* bar* beea greatly rerlre I Wa beltere now that tbe Taloa ai l be d <?olred If l.'aenhl BbouU be elected, A good mary prople are a lavor of a S>alhera Owtreatloa for thai purp<?*e wa ar* oppnaad to tbat The heat plaa , aad th* only one, IB for Soaih Carolina, or tlabama, or Mta*i<*itpp' !?' go not We are *orry to aay that - - do aot hell*ve that tieorgta will lake tbe lead Bui lai oae oralloflhoee Plate* mere, and Oeorgla will mipport l hem !? it aad when the taaae cornea, if It ahou la b* ae oeeaary to fight, we think thai the great maiority of oar clliara* woald abnak from the Idea of helping the black reprhl'Can* to mii'der th- r old fnea ta and aelghbor* At all errata, we waat to *?* the experiment male. |The IrrepreaalMf r*h*lrl In Vlahtnih. [turn the ttoat*"?m<-ry Adrertiaer | Thiwe wh? ah u.d lafer the predonilraai p ihllc Bentl rtrvil of the V.uth from orirfrg *uhmiaa i-i-aui nf tbe per** ami th' huB'ipg* wo jld greatly und -iraK- the glur dy IlU!" (eace an-' | nrlal'tm of our p*opie Th* paeti aai- li iara of th'? a* dloa are f*r hehiad tie great UBallBflli'g awn n' the country la la* apirn af mtat a' ? to Ni !th<-r-> a t: fai ni PH r* !'"?? \ I'aitalet* kl ||? a .(h . gioeaiy m -i?a ag th? X Ttaee* m at >r_ ? |-%i.ara. ar? a a. a. ?***. Aa<? aX?rfW?* ? | a fW * w?uld aptu tbelr last drop of bliod la defenoe of a constl tuikmal In ion; bat whenever tbe evidence is clearly pre sented to them that the Do loo of equal rights aad prl rl - le(M, banded down to them by their father*, bt* bean taken p?Mf*atai> of liy the enemies of the constitution for their destruction, we much mistake their charao U r if they do not calmly aad boldly withdraw this power* which they have delegated W the general government, aud dek-nd their sovereignty and lnoei>eodeoce, If need be, to the last eitremltjr. The people of Ihr diulh are (ol the l/uion only so Ion# as It shall preserve their liber ties, when it oeaseti to do tbla, and becomes aa engine of oppression they will secede from 11, and loot to other safeguards lor the maintenance of their rig ate Tae Bo i-ner the Northern people Bad this out the belter for all conoerned ' But the unmanly time servers at the South Krm determined to blind the people at tha North, aawaii ax ki the 'toutb to the true state of thing* Such men are either too reckless, too ignorant or too cowardly to ooun rel a bra re and honorable people, and should not receive an) countenance or support from true mo a. Tha Attitude ot Nlsstselppl. | from the Vlcksburg Sun f I.ET I'M RAI.LY KOK THK HOUTH. Should the Irlends ol tha ooole Ureotiari Itfe and the patrMic l.ano bo defeated Id lheS>utb, representing as the) do the true principle* of the c institution, j urtioe aad equality. It will be deemed by the aboliilomsta of the ' jwrtb as an Indication that hor people are willing to rib nut t ) a*iy outrage, now matter hoe or bur | denrom*, which they may cboore to 'Dlltr.i upon tb-)in i ?ucb an event would strengthen their astertions that the Urn >o Is io i?o danger from their aggression, ajd that tne ; s uib eiil always threaten, but nerer put her ibreal* into elocution We repeat (what we have so often proclaimed an our conclusion) that greater aid and coinrort will be given to Se?vard and his aglttuirt Of tha hap P<hi ng of the contingency spoken of? a mure stig ! germ# blow to the perpetuity of isis Union ? lhan ] any ether event that couid trail iplre as mrely as the ? tfiri niometer rises and falls with taeefasag<* of tern >-r a i ure, soaurely has the abolition angree^loo a Waned or re ceded as It was yielded to or resisted. It woalt be madness to imagine tbat aggruwion would cease upon the d ifoat of the Irlencs of Ibe&utb; for, as Jobu Randolph truly said, ' Fanaticism has no stopping place shirt of bearen or hell; Its maw is as insallthle as the grave " If l.m <oln Is elected and the South submit*, p-oudly will his frirnes point, lirst to the throats and warning of toe ?ieutli, and then to this lame and lmi> itent ojucl'tloa, as prm 'h of the safety with whlcb further agxreaai ios can he perpetrated to overwhelm aud confound the friends ot the South among themselves, who have pr ?;)??> a d that Uiey would drive the South into reslstanee. H'gher and sir. nger still will the created wave roll rtowu upon ul until hecersion will be left thj only ark or gaiety H the cause which tlnds In the friends of Breckinridge and Lane sucb aril' nt advocates be defeated, the embaukineot which awiue nan slay the waters of tbis tlixd ol lauati cum, wnl have been swept away, for jiddmg the thought that ita breacue* can ever be repaired In the Union Ust us | ut our shoulders to the wheel, and prevent a >y s->uib arn State from (oidk a^alnm the ga'la-it candidates of n>jr party, and thus show the North tnat we of the south are "cie us the sea," In defeifbe of our rights, L?t us ae ac tive A courciousness ibal we h tve d me our whale duly, will take a*ay the sting of defeat. If defeated we be Tj tboee wbo tls hi the good Oght and are delealel, the In spiring words of Milton must need be an encouragement to them ? "What though the day be lo*t, All is not lost The unconquerable will and spirit Never It submit or yield " These will be still left them, to say nothing of the certain and speedy triumph awaiting ibem, when the voices of at aroused and awakened people shall blend who theirs in the groat rally cry of tbe South for eq laiily or lade petdeuce. In the aggressions of the North we have a gloomy future line* of Moore, applied to his native Erin, may ?omi serve as a picture to our deitlny, should we n'l'iec. at tbe proper time to vlndiute our nchts ? But, a ?? for his country, her pride is gone by, and that heart is broken which never would bend; O'er the ruin her children In secret may sign, For 'tis treason to love her, and death to defend! Urprised are her sons Uli they've learned to betray, Lud stinguished they live, If they shame da their sires. And the torch that would light them through dignity'* way Must be caught from the pile where thalr country ex pirea. Waiting for the "Overt Act." (Krom the Richmond Enquirer, Oct 19 ] Tbe "s|>ocial attention" of the Why having "been called" to our article la last Monday'! issue, we shall give very "special atunlion" lo the remarks and reason lng of the reply. Premising tbat tbe disunion hubbub of the opposition parly 1* played oat, and, before the practical result* that must very soon dove lope them selves, la utterly bopelea* even for the exigencies of in is catvass, we shall examine oandldly the oplnioaa alvaiced by the Whig as to tae course of Virginia iboaid Llaooln be eleelcd. In our article of Monday laet we said:? Virginia can no more prevent tbe dissolution of this Union after LI acol a 's election than she can prevent tbat election Shi will be powerleaa to prevent eivll war, with all IU attendant horror*. Any one of the Houtbern States oao, and some of them will, Involve tb4 whole country. North aa well aa South, la the inlemecine strife of a bloody and desolating civil war. ll, In tbe opinion of the Virginia can "prevent the dtaaohition of the Union," we should have been glad for our contemporary to have laformed us hew tbat mxit desirable end can be aocompiiahed We are aatiaHed tbat there la not one maa la Virginia that deal res the dlaeoiu tion of thla Union Bat however eo much tbe people of Virginia may wlah to maintain the Unioa, by what c"Mir*e ?be can prevent tbe Southern Susie* from dissolving their coo root ion with tbe Union we cannot aae, nor has the Whig attempted to explain. We aiao aaid, that in our opinion "Virginia will, by a majority of her people, decide npon reaiaiaaoe, while a large minority may desire to postpone resistance for the ?overt act;' but bitched as ahe I* to the (Southern State* she will be dragged tato a oomrn >n destiny wllb then, no matter what may be tha deaire of the peop e." our reasons for the opinion that Virginia by a majority ol her people woe Id declds for resistance was founded in the almost unanimous voice of the Slate, at the time of the John Brown raid, for rtalalance to the " Irrepreaatble conflict" when II first developed Iteelf upon the s >11 of Virginia, and from the fact now patent to the world that tbe spirit of the " irrepreasiole conflict" still direct* and controls public aanttment at tha North, aa evtdeooed by the late elections. Our reason for the opinion tbat a large minority of the mate would wait for tbe " overt act," recalled from that singular, unaccountable and fatal change, Involved In tha support of John R<>ll, wbed such support divide* the people of Vir ginia. Believing that a large majority of tbs people of Virginia n re ss mush opposed to tbs " irrepressible conflict" how a* thev were wbea It bnrnt upon tbs State at Harper *k Ferry; c >n viaced that the people of the North are aone the laas la fused with lbs spirit that impelled John Brows that Lie coin's election will sacournge that aplrlt to opra acta of aggrssatoe ; that the "overt set" will oaly be delayed, an til tbe power to compel obedteeoe aad sub?lssV>n hss been fully and securely gotten poaaaesloa of, until tbe eaay virtue of toulbera men, corrupted by patronage aid pluader, have been able to bulks a party of allies to slack republican lam at Ut* South, and knowing that tneee rants are petanl t) the people ol Virginia, wess l, -we be Here that a large majority of tbs people of Virginia if tbe oppurtaalty of a State Convention waa aUowed tbe si , would vote for immediate resist sacs and for a common destiny with lite Southern State*, aod with tnte belief ws would advtss tbe Have States not lo hsailate t > sti ike sa sarly blow from rear that Virginia may hesitate la ber dutr to the South " Such in lb* wmi for the (41 lb that u in oa. ud If ?ucb be "treaaon, nuke lb* moat of It" From all wbleli the Wh if '? differ* ta toto," aad h?i ? We differ in lolo from the opinion ekpraaaed by I be E*qtnrrT in lha foregoing ei tract We do not bel leva tbat Virginia la tba alave of ibe t.ulf Kuwn, or cm ne nade Ibe alara of thnae rliatee, under nay circuaeuac<-e. *> believe *be W? a mlad and a will of ber own, and ta pr-pare.1 W net, aa ber own aafcty ami intereau | a>ay require, ?ilb >ul regard to lha wtihe*. oplaloaa or ' actios of ibe onilua Stale* If lb'1 Old Domiaraa la a mere aatomatoa. without lataillgaaoe, without will and without reeling, aha will, of courae, allow the Half *tat?* to decide forv bar the oou'a* ahi abnulrl puraaa ta tba event of Matata'a atac I tlon, aad ?l J (ubmil tJ be dragged or kioked la aay dl rrctloa tboae <?olf Nlatea ma y determine <>o tbe c in irary, If aba M a high minded, independent, aovaretga -tat- with capacity and dtacretioa eaougb to r?g at ? ner own affalra In ber own war, aad nbalk nut ber own leetinira, *fca will repel with prompt indignation the humiliating idea that aba will b? obliged to auftmit to ibe wiahra and dictation of lha whimsical aad arrogant oot Thla a all vary well to tickle Plate prMe B it la II true* tan Virginia lake gat* aa tadap?adaat courae, aad ?eparate ber >1 rat lay from tba cotton state* If ?ha ran, aa the Why intimate*, aeparate frv-n the cotton Xlalaa, *i mar fairly obclu 1* that the Bell and Krarclt men will rote lor her te make the ae ,14 ra ??'.on What then will fea ber ooaditloa? remataing in tba federal t'nico with the preaeat border alava -"lat-a. powerleaa lo protect her ilare prop?riy agataat the Wil4 and reck lea* laaaticiam of a dominaat, uarratralaaJ aad anounlro liable free *ji! part}? Her condition would, la five vear*, be mora pitiable than that of 9t Diroiaj > Ttie'Culf Htal'*> having dtiolve-t th?lr oonaecti m with tbe federal I'uMa, woald, a* foreign nation*. prevent tae importation of Virginia nagroea, and here would begin tbe flaanrtal rain that eould ?>oo culminate ta a deao lattag aad bloody aervtle war Such would ba the prioe of Virgin i a 'a boaated Independence of the lotion ?taio* No acch mdepenJcooc akiata Tba Inatitulioa of alavary bind* all tba "tale* wherein it ?*!??? ao Intimalelr, that a rommoa dftlny awaita alike lha plaal'iol 10 1 farm ing Stale* i >ur ooa temporary , douhllea*. bag good ^ 1 c,pU,">B V irgiali wu'ild an re*:** Avt ? C*.'iB when conatitutiooally elected In Una *< I differ frcin the tTkig, an I would point our c.mtempontry ! lo the aimoat uaaaimoua voioa of Virginia la 1*441, for reaiataaa* to 1 remoat'* election Wa would remind our Contemporary , that the call for the meeting of lha ."tomb em Governor* wa* approve i by the paopl*. and that John Minor Botta wafl tbe only man la Virglala thai, la iv.?, bad tba hardihood to opealy appaaa raaiaunoe to Kr* moat If wa are m * taken la tbla fact, oar eontemp r?ry eaa douhtleaa furnMh the evidence of inch error la ISM ?o Harper'* Terry raid bad roaaed Virglala to tbe ooaalderation of her imminent peril; ao "irrepr?rt bie ocalllct had been announced by the leader* of ih* black repabllcaa*; but tbea Virginia, a* far aa aha ooald, ?aad load tba declaration of bar Oovaraor for raatataaoe And If aa. why abould bar paople aow abaa I ? thair po ?Itloa then' Hae aba received any aamraaca ihat l.iinln t* any more cooaerratire tbaa Fremont' Both wore Southern born, both nomiaea* of a aact tonal party Join Browa hai abowa tbe extent ?f the increase of hoalllity to alavery fremoal waa oppoaed to iiatery la tbe Terriio rle* Uaeoln aanounoe* aa **trrapr*MiM? con a c ' in ?h* <tetc* la oar opinion r*aiMaace to L,>n??|ii ?* doubly de ?*bi)d aver ro*? tan -<? t-> fremont Tne If" ivj >afi ? ? Ika r*w?lo? of Virglala la, that ehe menu io m\0 1 by tba cumulation and the t'nl<-n 1 1 tae ia?t. an I l-man I all ber constitutional right* .n lh?Cutoa. ao matter who mar be PreaMent " H* not Virgln't detian lr.| ?'a'l b*? aon?t1tition*l r'th r la the ralia" f>rfiHty ye\r?.a t '* *tea*t far ? b?r (mea ?Ma'a'ri thm no v i^? ?"-?** *i tS# oat ! ???? ??? ?ve n._ -*i - ?* ?, m iiea ?*e? cotton States, by withdrawing from the Union, hav* left b?r ?? friwndleaa and helpless la her Totoeleaa wo," a prey to the malioa and a dependant upon the mercy of black republicanism? Theaa are practical question*, wblch no silly cry of dlwilM can prevent men from asking themlolve*, and their answer* will decide the Stats, la >ur opmloo, for " rests uui otj and a common deulny with the Southern Btaiee " We regret our contemporary could not examine *o tm port act s subject without endeavoring to mue party capital out of It. Our c> temporary ssy* ? In ooncluslon, we Invoke tbe aeriou* atl'nllon of tbe people of Virginia to the pregnant extract which we have copied from the editorial in Monday'* Enquirer Lit tbem all be admonished la Nine, that tbe si igte and only tsaue In tbe preaoot canvass n the issue of Union or disunion And let tbcm remember, also, that if Breckinridge should carry the state, and Lincoln ehould be elected, Ira me 1 late d (union Will be upon tbem with all Its terrors and hor rorg, if tbe Breckinridge leader* in Virginia ctn possibly Bring it about. Kven If Lincoln should not ie elected, U i* overwhelmingly I moo riant that Virginia mould cast her vote against Breckinridge and the disunion!*!* But if l.lnooiu should, unfortunately, be elected, ho* transoen dantly and Inllaltely important, bow absolutely essen tial It I* that Virginia should vole against Breck inridge, and In favor of tbe Union candidate, Joan Bell, by a tremendous majority, if Virginia vote* against Brejklnridge, the advocates of "resistance" will abandon their purpose of precipitating revolution and disunion But should Virginia unfortunately vote for Breckinridge, look out ror disunion, revolution and civil war in llxty days thereafter ? for *uch 1* the programme of tbe reckless Breckinridge leaders at tbe present writ log l"eople of Virginia, do jou not perceive that yoar rights, jour interests, your very safety eaU upon you to rave tbe State from Breckinridge, and carry it f;r Bell and Everett? The ides that dividing tbe Sontb between Breckinridge and Bell trill contribute to preserve the Union, could only : bare resulted fr-m that nunllced view whictt party , pas-iou always lakes. Will not Diack republicanism be encouraged to hasten the "overt act," when a divided Sot. lb s? lompltngly iavltea to It* essy and *i>eeily con qu?i> Will n it the blact republican* believe that tbe men who now advocate a delay for tbe "overt act," wi'l be tbe very men who, when the ''overt act" wmei, will queellon its sufficiency, and use the sumo arguments against resistance t J toe dr* t ''overt act" thai they now advance atainst Immediate resistance? Bui ehould the wbole South in the approaching election pro*-nt a tolld front, will not black republicanism recoil at *uch evl cense of determined resistance, and thus lbs "overt act" be dela> ed , If not abandoueJ V So tbat s >und policy, whether I.lacoln be electid or defeat?d, dictate* tbat unity upon Breckinridge is the ouly bope for ihe pre servation of tbe I'nion Tne united vote of the Sjuth I or Breckinridge would be at argument who the ootton "tales to delay action; tbe/ would see In * icb united vole a great moral as well as physical power for their protec tion a^aratl black republican urn, which might raJucs them to remain in the Union and *w*lt th- revival of conservatism at the North But should Virgin1* looenn from her moorings, and by voting lor Jobu B-llcrealo Immediate alarm throughout thi 8>uthern dtaVes, every consideration "f s?fety wonl I il -maud of th ne Stales the speedy dlseolutl'm of a 001 f? raov % which their anciect ally, Virginia, had become a neutral tn <he war tbat I* waged against them fo vote for Breomorldge 1* the duty of everv I'alon man, whether he deem* a common f*te with the South to be the best policy for the St?te, or whether he would wa't for the "overt aet" before resistance Voting for Breckinridge may def'St Lincoln, while suoport for John Bell, if it Is not neutrality, is aid for I.invila. Voting for Breckinridge mav poslp >oe the "avert act," wills voting for Ji hn Bill ihmUs it Voting ror Breckinridge, by uniting the South, mas defeat Lln?in; b it if n>t, it will be rrttardel a* tbe last act of * brave au1 delormined people to preserve tne constitution, and will be looked upon by blani. republicanism an a warning to abaci >n the "l> vert act," while voting for John B.?ll divide* the South. encoura{fl* her enemies, in 'lies ibe ' overt act," demoralizes tbe South, precipitates disunion, and may produce civil war. Hard Tlny^-Kood tor Asritras Kcflcctloa< (pWn the Kichmond Wbg, Oct. JO.] The Selma Repintrr truly *ar? that "the complaint of bard times comes from every portion of tbe S^utD Money matter* are tight, and lha weallhiust if people Ond It difficult, and In many cises Impossible, to procure means necessary to meet their obligation* and to defray tbelr current expenses. Sadtosay, in truth, the people are (Offering lb the Ueeh from an inability to get the real necessaries of life Many who, in last year's plenty, en joyed the comforts and luxuries of tbe land, are denied the I'ast as wed as tbe greatest of their earthly want* Nor I* It because the hand of Providence, bpautiful In Its dispensation* the year before, l* now closet agtinsl them, fbr provision* are as abundant and not higher prtoud than then. The Western .state* are sending to our markets tbelr increased surplus of grain aud produce, and It requires bst tne jash, as heretofore, to obltin pro vider* tn any quantity, but the mmey is not to be hat Why In this?' Because tbe banks refuse tn dioount No natter how good tbe paper offered, they cluse tbelr drawer* against It. And why I* this? Not far la the distance are be be Id sign* of a dissolution of lha govern meot under which we have prospered as a nation, and It would be niiRi'e, under existing circu m i*, to ex lend credits and increase an un - "tiled bus >ne-? To* most Important Interests of our people are In a depto rable condilii n, and a remedy must be applied soon, else ihey will be la a condition far wurse, never to be remedied Tbe panic of 1867 set tbe people to thinking, for what touches men's pocket* touches their heart*, and they learned a lew?n of wu-dom from orroi* they had com milted In tbe man igemrnl of tbsir own affslrs and In lb? tr choloe of officer- selected to manage those of the government. They have not forgotten that crista, and they will not flail to act with promptitude and careful watchfulness in future, especially while their rights are la danger through tbe recklessness of those whose desire for self-aggrandizement would lead tbem to ruin because tbey MM ruV The masses ?f tbe pasyta. we rejoioe lo be I 1st*, will move in tbe rtgbl way , and put down those who have disregard sd tbsir Interests and dearest rigbts. If II la fair tbat a man who la guilty of destroying tbe rarty of another (bould be made answerable for it, it t Just that* set of men or party guilty of tojaring the pecuniary interest* or well being of the community or country should be held reaponslbls. Tnal the dis union party, t>y its disastrous course of policy and tla foolish threats, bas brought about ibe present lament* Mi *lale of Xflalr* In the South none can deoy. and though ll can never repair tne injury it baa done, it Should oertalnly be prevented from committing a greater and mors deplorable evil. Ws wwuld not If ws could de p cl the consequences of so dire a calamity aa a dtasalu lion of the I'nion, wblch would perhaps follow lbs alec lion ot a black rsoabll inn as President We bars no dt* pnaitloa to a>arm tbe people with atortss of horror. Bat thsy saouid think and act with a vtsw to averting such a calamity, and we believe May Will 111* plaioly lo be seen, by the most casual obssrver of the working* or tbs Breckinridge party , that it would rule or ruin. U It ana not elect its own candidate, It would evidently rejotaa at tbe elect I on of Lincoln, that It might hava a pretest for a disrupt Ion of tbe confederacy. In our hnmble opinion, tbe only hope of defeating Lincoln is through the ground swsll now making In behalf of Bell. He la the strongest candidate In the field against Lincoln, and every vote cast for Breckiarllg* or fkniglsa la throning *omt thing agalnat htm to strengthen Lincoln. Tbtak of Utia How Ihi ('?(tea HUM are to bt Prtrlpl tateri Uto ? Rcvulallia. [From lh? Richmond Kn<i Irer, < >;tobe* >0 | " Precipitate the rot no *Ui<? into revolution " ud ' Are the foatbern heart ' have been tbecbirf abibboMb* of the oppoeition party In tbMcanvM*. Tbtt party baa n< t the sagacity V are ibat every rot* fire* la the South t" John H. II or Stephen A. ftougiaa haa a practical ten I dtney to acnomplieb h .uj theae retulta There can be ao ??rer way of "precipitating tbe ootlna <4utr* lato a revolution" than by ahowlng Vhoea Hiate* that ladiffe reooe to tbelr right* hM taken p'ace la tbe rain la of tor \ irgtnta voter a thai lUxel* at baa tupplanted com atllutiooal right*; that tbe fear of dtfuOKin haa aub orned the mauly courage of our people; that la n "rika*? peace Virginia will Bell rat bar negro** rlghMftand liberty It will indeed ' Ore tbe ft>utbern hurt with iieep ladigna tlon to learn Utat tbe voter* of Virginia bad throws away tbe aioral power of Anuth?ra ualty upon a tsrtiun <juid like John Ball That In the day o f greateet trial to th* iHiiilhrm ^tau*. In the hour of tbe m.iet Immlatnt parti t" i he I nlnn, Virginia bad bretteUrf In be' duty, and ax bibitod neither tbe oourage ki rote with tbe North aor yet the resolution to suvtaia tbe Arath, bat had aentral l?e<l all her Infloeaee on John B.-I1 Tbe r lectio* of Jobn Ml la known to be an abeolule i ty it i? n"t eip?-te.i ?y tha lea <1 era, Bad it M not <*r?tre4 by maoy of the infiucutia m?n jf tbe party Three facta are uoderntood by tbe Southern Stated, who Irn iw tbe great Intere** now at utake In th la can va?* If Virginia, proving recreant to tbe ? >uth and aafalthfal to the high (x aii i ion aba baa formerly held, abooid, In tbla tairta. rota for Job# Bell, the Houtbara State* will i urned lately be some alarmed for their aafrty aad abandon a I'm- n la which Virginia, after baviag her aoll outraged by black republican in vnatoa . had compounded for peace by deaertlng tbe Hoath Tboae stataa will not Cermit ber to enjoy bir ebamefully parchaaed peace, but. J forbiddi** tbe tmportattoa ofYirgtaia nefoet. will return tbe poisoned r bailee to ber IIM. aad compel hv v <1r?|r le t' Ti rlrrra A VOle Ibf J"hn Bell by Virgtr ,t will be properly conetrord at the North ae an overture f. black repnbltcaotem, aad by the Month aa a ?**" ' trnrkupg to Northern fnnnllcMa, an^i br advance atep towarda abolition w"~ . _l"T Ore tbe Anthem heart. " ? ? , " u <*"?*? Plata* Inta a faroJkt^- ., "J ihLJTlXi h*fAM ihewn >fc- ? ** And J0 1 vtlb III tbflM ficii WhTtl oppoaitk* call tbemaelvei faloa men ** IV opo- p^bin cradalltj Tba Crltii aad Ita Pertla-The ?air Way of AvertlM* It la tke Klectloa of Ball. LtTTKH rung RON, P. H MII.L. . . U Uawo*. 0? . OA U, ISM 1 received yoar letter tht* morning ^ 'ineipected profeaai..nal eagagemaat la Tboratttoa aeit Moau." wU\- ' ?e fr -m going to fla vacrab aad Attt*,' * j*' Intended. Tbe oaavaa* ? nearly the taioa J? nearly over alao The rkwda are above of to day &/V?rlkf kii horiaM, bat theee elood* do not raet a more gloomy ahadoV ever nawre than do*e tbe eieetloe aewi over the fhoaa of all the thinking Men 1 meet Ibeae late eiectl ma oerlalalr tadicat* aa gMd, aad aa remiBly da Indicate evil? the ooly ^naattea W, hew great la that eviff Something mojt ha doa* prompt!/ ami wieeiy All part* feeling aboMi 'give way?all fcr ?er diflereaoei oa miaor lata** tboWd ha Igaorad, aad good men ahoaid unite fur the good of Ibe roeatry I caaaot bepa that anytbiag aald by mm ooaid hare *ay effect, for ali year* I have *e*a thl* artaM appraaeblaf , Bad beavea know* I have nttoad aay poor feeble voice aa all occaatoa* I* warning* to the penpte for all year* every election by tbe people aad every aet of U>e E era meat baa beaa bat a Mop nearer la th* brlik of i?lutl m. 1 do not eay thl* to crimlaala, for 1 do n^t believe tha* thl* retniit ha* been by ma.iy l*tend?d, but nothing eke aoetd, la tbe oatare of Milage, be tbe reault of tin* policy aad aptrlt, both of t*e i>eople aad tbe governaaeat. II tr?y ->e that Provldrrc* baa determined to beer w th ii* no longer I* nor wtokwlneae, at 1 haa give* the pe over "tc holteve a lie that they n>> he iitmned " Punng tb'? ranvae* t have dtciinet t> diaen<e *>?# which friend* and fee* btve a .-neti ae* ??*ei ire to 4 1 have done #o I have !*??? .{ CgtlU^k mJ m " mrwg we union, we ought an to ?vol lea. While U? betUe to nflu wt M argy M4 thought to Tic lory, Ht nut defeat Mruin we cu disc use IM there It wt hope of aavtog Ike Onion, we ought nit to Ulk about Ma deatruotloa. ? J ? should direct mr; mo whvo bop* la gone aad ( ?"?J** propriety of earreader or retreat .J""?." ??* a poaeibtitty of aavtag thla Daloa. and weighing the word I hire naed I repeat It a * P?*? MJM* of Wring Una Uaiosf Before indicating what ought now ta be done, tat ma first pot it oot, In all kindnesa, what In my hoaeat opiakai are twp errors uow prevalent In the couatrv errora muat be wen before any unity out be secured Many of oar people In their inrnei z? tor^Tthaw call Southern rights, are declaring that the ekwtin-* Lid coin ought to be resisted nod shall be ~ - belng oppose J, and thus b??v>ming excited by what thZr tlwm infidelity to our aeetion, suffer tbemvelvee to ba driven lii to sectional appeals and very enreine positions Tbun feelings are ei)geuder?d In their bosoms, not simply linettle to Llncom, but hostile to the Talon, and they ar* tbuH led on to debata i la probable dissolution, and, the benefits of a Southern confederacy. The roault of all tbla la the aame that oocura la almoat all extremes? the extretnee meet; and many ptUKAte cttlxacs who deprecate the election of I.tnoolo aa a aufl Clent cauae to destroy tbe government, are yet strangely pursuing a policy whlcti moat Inevitably contribute ta loat very election. Tbey refused to aot with thoae whe admire, love and praise the Union, notwithstanding thoaa aame men wbo love tbe t'n n also oppoee Lincoln la deed, tbe flrst cltas, losing slgbi of tbe fart tbst tbe pre servation of the Union nod of tbe rtghta of the jouth are perfectly onsmtent, and coming, Imperceptibly to them selvea, to tbe conclusion > hat these two things are Ircoe slst<?t. they are in the babli i ! speak lag very disraspejt fully of tbe Union, and of au who magnify It, and thus tbey regard every man as unsound wbo does not vote M tbey do. Tbns It la we often bear men who are Southern bora. * ostbern raised, slaveholders ? men whoee greatest lata -eats is are slavery? wboee every hope Is Identified with be -*nuth, roundly denounced as unsound as free sollerc and often by men whose mlocedenta and poeition 0Oiiii chow even a l.-sa Interest in tbe South and !u deetlnv Surely, surely, a mode of thiuktag and speaking whlefe ea<is to such absurdities must be wrong, Theae seme mer. , looklnr to a probable seceet'.oo of ?ome of the States, aad deelring to avoi l ihe un >levuunt ioh*equetic.-s or a wroeg poeition, are la t)ke habit of alk i og much about secession aa a const itutlonal right. Thus we are accustomed to hear long, excittug, threalea log speeches oo a quoetlon which in its verv ?tate neat la an absurdity. Constitutional secession! Will any "*?a pretend thtl f>uch an act is provided for in the conatita tlon, or that the framnrs of the constitution contemplated ?u.-h a thing* And, what Is remarkable, thoae wbo oe? tend for it memt loudly, boaat of being strict c >nstraa t ii nisis All thoae wbo do not subeorloe to sum Uiogioal statesmanship are ba?tll? denounced as untrue and as Bubroissionists, although they might not differ aa to a right of reaiataaoe to the grieranros complainel of whoa those gilevancea be?nu inevitable Another dims, I submit, with all due respeit, are la error, and a>e lolng serious damage la tbti run cms. This class in composed of men win declare tbe flrsi u-niioaad Induwrlmlnat- ly to be traitors, and give njtloa m advaaoe thai the election of oo man ought to t>e retimed wbo la elect- h) according to lbs forms o~ Ibe constitution Whlah Is most to be rernected? tbe forms of ths constitution, or it# 'ptrit, purpose and moaning ? ' If a man were elected t'reei lent aicordtng to the ftr -i, but with tbe avowed inteul to subvert the gove'Qmuul and croato a monarchy, would we submit to his Inaugara tlon? Well, is not ibe avowed intent to administer tha government to tbe detriment ? to the denial of equality u> one wet ion in any par. suiar, Just as muon againtt tha Spirit sad meaning of tbe coaetitutlon ? Vu not ths very purpose of the constitution tbe geaeral good, the common equality, the uniform protection ol all? Wiloh is the worse, to violate the meaning and observe tin forms, or to observe tbe meaning and violate the forms of the constlt Uon r Yet, who would submit to the rule of a man, however good and pa triotic, who should seek tu siexe tbe Presidency without the orm prescribed for bin election? If It be oonoeded tbat to exclude tbe South from tbe oommoa enjoyment of tbe Territories Is c itra>y to the true meaning of tha oonstitution, it is difficult to perceive bow It wtald be wrong to prevent one from sc-iilng the .?overcment whe avo > thai exclusion to be bia puipoae. Tbe rigbt Is ua questionablc, ana ongbt not to be <* viiod. The expedi ency of rcautaucc- u quite anotber queatlou. This qnea tiob must be determined by th'iae interested when tha time shall come, and tbe circumstanoee are before tu There will be many things t? consider In that day. Tha present always brings to light many facts whlcb tha future bldee, and, safe lr correot principles, let ns da right ourerlvf-e. and wait tor events. What we ought la do then, we will determine accord mg to our then convlc tioos of our duly and tutereei. I have never tnongbt that the doctrine of overt acta had anything to do with tbla qu-atioa. We live in a Slate whoso laws juitlfy. us la tbe killing of one who ''manifeitiy intends'' to ooaa mil a lelony un our pers>us, our habitations, on our pro perty , and tbe circnmatancea from which such lnlealtoa is declared aa mar '.lest, are auch as would "exct;. tha fear* of a reasonable man " What principle woul^ aug gest a different rule between States aad governments So, alao, tboee of our friends wbo cannot agree to tha absurd Idea of "conatllutloaal st-comlca," oombattla< that often run Into tbe other extreme of denying '.be right to secede at all. Kxtremea not meet c?cb other, bat one extreme h-'gvts another. Tbe Slates foil the neoeaalty of a common bond ta secure aad promote their cameos inutresi and safety. To tbis end they formed the consti tution It was their right to form It ? t rigni not fooat In constitutiooa or goverameata, but it was tha right which forma a I government, and which reels on tbe Imm iveable foundation of duty aad t merest When tbat constitution, ao formed, ahaU fail of that end? oertainly wben the forms aual be u-ed to defeat tbat er.d a-id purpiae of tbe ocrslito tlon? the mom right which existid befjre tW ooa slllutio*, and wbich waa exercised In formiag It, may be exerci*<d la Its dea miction, and ooatiaoa o exist after It The right to secede, thea. Is not a Destitution*! right. It la me right to form a government nd to abandon It? and is fie same in both nasea, batag rounded In duty aad lateraat. I need not add tbat, hav lng entered into a oompacl, our duty requlrra us to ad here to It, ao long as the other parties to that oompaet ooe?rve it. But tbe other part mm cannot Tlolaie it aad re require us to observe It? we may or may oot, as wa plsase All its obligations are equal and mutual Many good meL, prompted by their love of tbe Tatea and its jus'ly prised benefits, have talked ab?ut coarci^ back a sett-ding State. However patriotic such goo lie me n may he, such ai lea is utterly will The inalsij of the world nevsr furniabed aa Uiatanee of a govera mem so entirely at variance with Uie Idea of force aa Vhli republic. V1 ? >be duty of every patriot to do all la hla power to prevert Ui"> neceaalty of a secession, and the more ao since no power oaa aver rtoover a aeoedtag State. Thia Union once destroy ed?even broken? cm never he re formed Let every man know thla, aad let every man tremble wben he tt to tboagbUeea as to haaard Ik Wben aeceesiua shall take pla a It will be uaeteaa ta talk about rtmeiiea. Nor caa the threat or treiaoa deter men aho boneatly believe the governmsnt hsa become op pressive. Tb>-re can be ao tresaoa to a violated, aa bauched couatitntlon else oar fatnera were all traltora. It Is belter to be adjudged a traitor In behalf of our sona try tiau lauded at a patriot against ft. Whea a m*a feela thus tt will be uaeteaa ti reesoo win aim about tbe virtue of power and the IgooMioy of tbe galljwa. He eeea oftiher His vision nan take tn no virtue but mt at rigbt, aad no ignominy bwt aahmiatOa ti wrong Mea ? ho dIOer ao widely as the two classes I have mea l toned can never convince each cibsr. Both bo tag wrong, dtacuss.ona will hat them farther asan d?r Angry strlfea aad dlv?siooa must be tbe sure raauila. let us ceaae all this wrangling aa to what oaghl to ha d<-i.e la a gtna oontingeacy u t u? adopt niutrti lo arnrt that toeting*acy i pM one point we ru aJi a? rr.i the election of l.tncoln Will *?? ranger Um I bu b Tban IhM nothing it not certain Kuw, Mt hi. ?h<> deei re lo preeervi tbe I nlon direct their aryoic<>Bti ai.d their edurw to defeat l.inooin. We ma/ viiflcr at lo the brai method to acnompiMh thla Bat ou thing ia again certain, our division* oao u???r bMomplMh that defeat. We bad batter lalto oa a ay man thaa be 41 vtdeo on a* 1 am ready for aay plac that ? Hi bar ma nia* oar people and tare tbe I moo. Let all minor MM be ignored for tbe prtjteat. Whiial wUI iugjeat <rbat I tbsok M beat. I am pr*par*4 to yield to aay bitter uggeatln We of the joata ara ? u|>i?r?iag tbrre candidal** Too ought to ba withdraw* at <>coa. Now to detemlaa which two? let ua reaaoa a lilUe What makrg Liceola to ohjarlioaable? F.r*t, b* waxtionai 8aoon< ly, he It agltatlag thaeta rery qoe*tloe Thirdly by thla ? ciloi al agitatrm ha ?rekft to obtain tbe government, to uae It to reatrlct *1* Terr. Bow dae* Mr Dooglaa atan " Ha oppoaea all Oow grteaiocai rrttrlrlloo on alaet ry He la traty and eal nently devoted t>> tbe I'bioa. Bat baa be aot agltatedl Waa be not In tbe front of that potto) which r*open*4 tbla agitation Id 1M4 I ? *t he tot at and oa that poltor how? I >oe* ha n<>l ad v orate a theory of restriction objaa t to* able to many* H.J beat frieao* muet aay yaa lo wb a question. Tb?? be la ( pn. we oaonot at pruaeot quiet aad unite tbe ,.J <fB Mr imigia* for all y*ar? he baa w'. allied with a policy of agtlaitoa, and u tbaaa **? 'ohj' cDooable in oa* of 'ha p>> oM which gsalMa U? a dieUirber of the i .bile peace Bow Han !? Mr Bre. kmndgef Be Ooagr*? (local reatrietioa. bt.t ha loo haa heea for an yearf kfeU.n.o -I"5 nr,|k7 ?Ur#<7 ?eliatloa in 1HM de tun 4* *? iHal poltoy boom rith *? explanation ? an oai aaalloa wbleli demaadr farther tatljo Again, wbotbor Br. Broohiarl'go-, la h* opto loo* aad platform, ? eectlooaj or aot, yet ia hi* tapportert and their appeal e aad arga menu b* prea*at* a NPttoaal appeAf*0"* I M? bow ? tat tag faC!*i To* oaa sever an it* tBs peopia as om eecti'-nai agitating ggflAM** Bgaloai aaothar aaatioaal ag ui *g candidal* Yoa raa (lever appeal la NorUara me* to abaadno Utelr sectional oandtdale I* Tot* fir o jr arrt local candidal# We maat avoid, aa UM palat, tbe very appears*** of **II. Bow fttaad* John Ball? Be M aat aad a* ret wm *** Honal He * and alway* haa be** etr icily aat>.>aat. H* never WM aa agllalor Be baa al eayi opimoad agitatlua. Nobly, nably.iaah* Maod falthfoily hy lb* ?-tu*m*at of 1M0, aad the pledge* of all parlMB la lt.'.J, aad r*. rawd, "opoa aay pretMl whatarar." to ooaa*et him -*tf with Ike policy which rem ?o*1 tbe *lar*ry agitatwa la Isi.' *>, aJ?o he ha* alway oppeee I aot *atr Ooa gr?aaio?M ?" kia<M of lecMlatle* reaumti^a* ?. eidrary ?f ha. pttf, iff ** pfttorm, hy hi* life, by hi* r*a*r4, hy aoh?e qaelttiaa which make him ? model ?*a?i ?wn he reptlo lite* *11 furthar slavery aad ?*aiinaai flatwrtton. and damiada aai.-?rai obodMaa* la IB* law* of M* ooaatry ff? All* erery r^qulftlla of IBf ea*aaMa of Uae?lb aad the frteadi of lb* CbkM. Ut i*a B*ath, th**, at oa?* withd-aw erery othdr oaa gldata and unite a* Mr Bill, aad IpMfe to IB* M*rtB tho* ?la Ilea of fowr aaetloMl orgaaliatM, are offer yoa ? netinaai orgaaiaatioa la llao of yoar aaetloaal plat form, w* offer yon IB* aaaalllatloa aad law* of aw eroatry la I Ma of your a-Htawal, agltatlag. rail aplit ting Qaerfldate. we otfhr yoo aa aipftiUawd, aatl mal, t'aioa lonag utaleamaa Chaoa* yoa hy IBM elootlow whlrb yoo prefer, ThM will pot tho iloath oa high fmng It wonld make the lata* of aatloaalum aad e?. i ooa Hem *o plain that the NorlB, la ?y opt a loo, ooo't not r?aiet, and th maeieea waoli dafeat UMoB, 8"t ftb'-uid Uie North tnua prefer l.iooola, aad thereby ?f i * Bd-termiaMHm u? abaadou the raitbf'il oba*r?anc of our Bvl'otiai ou si part *11 the WOfM wo**d atialt oar right to rMlr* Wber the North br BMfcl * dlat a t U-j* ?h?Ji pr. 'er ?*ll->eallem to o*ti< <*'i*n) all d abl ?< to ? l>?h r (hlM't ?tn>i??rmrn <i ?* Tb?n o.h oa'y IB* w 'M, i ii ( no hlmrelf, *?ll< adii* a* a* he dig t^-.h fct UtilW-i w. (?-, ?? W< Utft

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