Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1860 Page 7
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every citizen of New York to scan closely the and character of all of these men, and i 'select out those whose antecedents would be the beat guarantee against the repetition of the scenes enacted at Albany last winter. The Albany atmosphere seems to hare a bad effect j upon the majority of cur representatives, and i no persons should hereafter be sent there but | those whose past record will be a proof against their being entioed into corrupt combinations by the ever active and wily lobbymen who mlwajs infest the legislative halls. Mr. Jamks T. Brady on Hw Tiuvbia? Mr. , James T. Brady, in the character of an elec tioneering agent in behalf of Breckinridge and Lane, made one of his very peculiar speeches for the democratic cause at Bingham ton, last Thursday evening, the drift of which may be understood from the following brief extract Speaking of the Breckinridge democracy? Be Mid that they had not made any compact with the frtenSs of Doug la*, or the Committee of Fifteen In New York, which from patriotic mot Ire* had recommended a t'nlon ticket. But they bad oonolodod to support that ticket In the^pniulng election, because Its uncotM could not help Douglas, might defeat Lincoln, and would surely assist Breckinridge. Our itate ticket it to koep the Held at all hasards. Its banner Is to array those who ooatend for oar principles. H Is to be the nuc.eua of a national democratic party ? the only one that can survive the oon teet of 1800, whatever may be It* remit? the ongaalzt Ikon which, la 1804, would oontrol In any convention is sembted to elect a President, after the one now to b> chosen? a party net seeking for preferments or ipoile, and to which our frlemli at the South might confidently look ' for consistent, energetic and uncompromising support of all their constitutional rights. This is helping the Union movement, is it? The Breckinridge men bad concluded to support our Union electoral ticket, " because its success could not hfclp Douglas, might deteat Liaoola, and would surely assist Breckinridge.'' And then the Breckinridge State ticket, Mr. Bra4y for Governor, " is to be kept in the field at all hazards.'' But what sort of response does Mr. Brady expect from the Douglas men to his first reason for supporting our Union electoral ticket, to wit: that "it will not help Donglae?" Again, it appears that in his war against Douglas, Mr Brady is fighting for the democratic organization ia 1864. IIow absurd. Is there any well grounded probability that, with the election of Linooln, there will be a rag remaining in 1864 at the now deplorably ragged democra tic organization? We think not. The exigen cies of the times will create a ne w party, or two or three new parties, among which the Tagged remains of the late democratic party will be absorbed. Mr. Brady, and others like him, who are fighting for the "democratic organization" in 1864, practically concede the point that Lin coln's election will be only a temporary demo cratic defeat, like that of 1840 or 1818 ; that this contest ia nothing more in its issues than the loss or gain by the democracy of the spoils and plunder for four jears? nothing more. But we hold that this contest, unlike any one which has preceded it, is a contest involving a political revolution; that the issue is, not the spoila, not the auccess or defeat of a mere par ty, but the preaervation of the conatitution and the Uhion as they are and have been since their formation; or a complete practical change, re- , pudiating our constitutional compacts with the j Southern States. Taking this view of it, we contend that all party abstractions and factious disputes among our cocaervative forces should t>e thrown away as literally nothing compared with the paramount object ? the defeat of Liaoola. ? The conservative and patriotic atmmercial community of New York city underatand all thla; and it ia due to the Bell and Everett party generally to aay that they thoroughly under stand it Their beat orators, from Tennes see and other States from which they could be spared, have been thrown into the Empire State, and they have been working faithfully among our people for the Union cause. We commend their example to all concerned; and if the true friends of Mr. Breckinridge in thla State pro perly appreciate their duty, they will loee no further time in drawing off the courae all such Union electioneering agents as Mr. Brady. NEW8 FROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. A ScaUtra iMraur; of gtau la Mn ?olaa'a Cablatt? Polltlrlaat Looklag After the Ipatli, Ac , At. WAjonaoros, Oct 22. 1U0 A bch iaaa? ncmtiit o? rwi bt tub ri pcbucaxs A rumor la rth here tbat a d!stlo(xitsbed .Southern auieamao baa beea approach*! and baa consented od errtaia conditions, to accept la the erect of 1 Jnoolaa elect too, tbe pnatof fearetary of Mate nrMiAKW oobb AMI) noir-?<i as mo t* to a bbw tob*. Sacretariea Cobb aad Thompson left Wsablcftoa lb la orsatag for Xs? York. Tbe object or tbelr rtalt taaot koowa, bat It la oeliered to be a political oge. ma rotmruA abb tub ftbuc nrmi loba Ball la atroagly la far or of the fustoa tickat la New York Tbe reptibl cans hrre are moeli mora lndig aaat afainat tbe Dell mm and tbe Dooglasltsa who bold oOoe tbaa tbey are agalsst tbe Brock inrldgsrs, for tbe riaaca tbat tbe two former claaaea are looked upon aa competitor! for tbe (poll*, to which tba gensMis Ua cola I tee fee m themselves exiioslrely ratitled. Tba ?raeklarldgera eipact to be proscribed, aad bold to their prlaclplea aotwitbetanding Preatoa Klag. bowerer, wb j L urly reoelraa boaBaga from tbe ofTloa beggars mora asbasi ileat tbaa IB gleea to bared Itwy prlooei, deciarea that aa faithful stark ahall be toocbed, whaterer ma/ be his pel rata political aptaloaa. MM Taoaaclea occar la asy placet, bowerer laalgail ?aat. the null for tbaa la tre?sadoua. The Consulate at Lagoayra, wortb only flfleea hundred dollars, H Bagiilj solicited by a horde of appliaaaU, mostly from the North Defeat to aay young aad active mac a such ? pursuit aa this Is batter Is tbe kmg raa tbaa auoceas, for politica IS tba worst of tradaa. o? sbbatub not'otuia at arLWirnsa Tl>a speech of Seealor Doi.glaa at Milwaukee la re garded here aa sbowtsg to what lengths a 1 cog bow oaa draw his string He is a I rat rate story UUer aad oaa dress op imaginary conversations eqaal loJhadsrS. Tbe oaly tb a? tbey waat Is a season lag at Ihth tras aaacaiBhicB ?bbtijxj at rutivobs Many of oar leading pol'ttrtaaa hare goae to Baitiaors *o at ten J the Iraofclartdf* gathering there te Bight, srracr na aa. tabcst a rAjrraaa Mr Taaoay -peaka lo day la Ctarlaaatl He com menced bis l oar of speaking too lata for himself Breckts ridge Is the North wss k Iliad by attacks oa Yaacay be fore lbs latter undertook hla nan drfaace. arratas i* *i*iro. Tba Maalcaa aawe via Mobile la cwfl'mad by de ?palcbra to the Mate pert meal Great interest Ja (elt la tbe aoremeata of (fcneral Ampulla, and aa a chief of tbe cnstitutloaa! a/ my ha poa aratea tba ratlrs coaadeaee M tba onnstltutloaallsu ana their ?jmgtath'rers here Oeaaral Rob lea has a fsw warm personal meads la tbli city, whoae adekv* crura borate the report of bw defeat aad that of I'eauela ta their attempted egrsas from the metropolis. Kiblas ?m aag%rd to be married to otie of tbe loesltsa. aad moat aaaaaipllBbed women la th'a ormntry Pol it leal trochlea oaUsd him borne LtraaABT riBiraae ? bob sraoea Much is teres t la felt here amnag literary maa aad jear * aaiBrta la regard to Robert Chambers , a? Edlabarg, aad Tborataa Hunt, of Loadoa. two r ml neat aawspaper mea bow la this oona try m tworaLBa ib italt mim Bavat roaca ib tbs aart laahiaais 1W aaaM s t asilB if war la the Madllerrsesao dariag all tba Ms terrible eBrlt?fn?nt Is *yr ta anJ Is Ilsty U Tuuch to be deplored, bolt on account of the moral ef feet which * Urn of power would hive had, and also for the absolute protection U the lives and property of inn rlcan citizens, whloh bare often been plioed In Imminent jeo parly Our pet pie are forced to look for protection to the naval forcee or othir nation*, whilst our Minister! bare appealed to our government In rain. nil m-Rut or ciiannnas i* tskir, The late troubles In Constantinople a*?oat the burial of Protectants are understood to be at an end. The Buulu's art'cle revpeotlng the tnterferenoe of our Minis ter lays down the true doctrlse, and la approved here. The person whom It was sought to bury was not an Ame rican, but an Armenian, a subject of the Porte. The administration are fully alive to the liqportanoe of havlig a respectable naval force In the disturbed quarter, as all the elements of commotion abound la the But, and may at any moment break out In a wilder fury, Involving consequence* worse than any which have yet occurred. The Richmond, which has just left our shores, will pro oeed at oaee to Constantinople. tub ootrvmxioa or suuxa nrro stsam vmu. The Board reoeolly appointed by the Secretary of the Nav) for examining ships, with the view of converting frigates and sailing Teasels into steamers, are now in session here, for the purpose of making the necessary calculations for thslr report. The statements heretofore published as their report, and the number of rosseln adapted for steam purposes, are without a shadow o> foundation. It will be several days before their report will be completed. The Bids tor the S10,000,IHM# Coveruuit Lean. Wawisotok, Oct. 31, I860 The Secretary of the Treasury to-day opened the bids for tbe $10,000,000 loan. The following bids were an nouncetl A'amef of bidder*. Ammmt bid. Premium. Rlggs & > o. , Washington $300 000 101 00 Do 3,800 ,000 100 16 Lockwood ft Co , New York. .. 200, COO 100 03 Do 116 000 100 08 Do 116,000 100 13 Do 116 000 100 18 Do 116 000 100 13 Do 116 000 100 18 Do 75 000 100 33 Do 60 000 100 38 Do 60 000 100 ?3 J. W. Schmidt \- Co , N Y. ... 86 000 100 61 C. H. Merriman ft Go , N Y. . . 10,000 100 61 Do 20 000 100 61 J. Y. Dewey, Montpelier, Vt.. 6.000 100 00 Do 6 .000 100 07 J-; Do 6 000 100 11* Do 5 GOO 100 20 Do 6 000 100 <55 Do 8 000 100 76 Do 1 OCO 101 00 Do 3,000 UO 17 100 Alex. Mutrboad, New York.. . 8 000 101 10 Iiaac Bell, Jr , New York ... 100 000 lOo 24 Dry Dock Sar'g lnitit n.N Y. 26 too 100 26 Wm. B Scott, New Yjrk 49,000 100 00 Do 40 100 100 05 Gabriel Mead and Wm Carter. 10 C00 100 00',' Do 10 000 160 COS Do 10 <K0 1(0 W, Gabriel litad, trustee 10 000 loooo'. Do 10 000 100 iox Do..... 120 0*0 100 00 S' Wm. B So?tl & Co , N York. 26 000 100 10 Do .*. 26 OCO 100 16 I>o 2.'> (CO 100 60 H. T. Morgan ft Co 26 000 1(0 00 Del. Hut Ntf'y Ini 0> . Pblla. 100 (00 100 26 Lewis Ba^brook, Poughk'psie. 10 000 1C0 00 Dr<xel * On , Philadelphia .. 20 000 1C0 50 B F. Wb?-elwrifht ... < 20 0(0 100 30 D A CukhmanftB F Wright. 100 0(0 100 31 Do 100 OCO 100 63 Do 100 000 100 HO Prov. Ii>s. for SaTlnga, Boston. 2(0.000 100 26 Mercbaota' B*ak, Ro*tor ll'O OCO 100 00 Do 60 100 100 26 Do 60 000 100 60 Marie ft Kans, New York. 20.000 101 00 I*> 10 000 100 75 Do 10 000 100 60 Do 10 COO 100 16 Do 30 MO 100 16 Do 30 COO 100 05 Do 40 000 100 00 D> 1' COO ICO 60 Do 60 COO 100 1 1 Do 60 000 100 CO Do 60 COO ICO OT Do 60 COO KO 03 Orient Mutual Ids Cn,\ Y... 100 000 100 20 Hank oflaaaile, Illlqoie SO 000 100 06 Do 36 000 100 17 Do 35 000 100 40 Do 36 000 ICO 60 Do 10 000 ICO 61 Ketchum, Son K Co , N Y.... 100,000 100(1 Do 60 000 100 61 Do 60,000 100 66 Do 60 000 100.6.1 Do 60 OCO ICO 7T Courtlan It. Pnltld 6 000 100 61 Do 8 000 ICO 60 Do 2 000 100 (0 Peter T Bomer. Bo* ton 1,(00 100 31 10 3, COO 100 66 Do .*..000 100 81 Do 2 000 101 06 Mich ft Traders' Batk, N. Y. 20 000 100 16 D > SO 000 100 60 Do 10.000 100 76 Beel. H Flel J, Kxncvtnr 17 000 100 CO F. Wbltebnnre. Moo ft Morri son, New York 10 000 100 12 Do 10 000 1(0 82 Ds 10,000 100 41 Do 10 0(0 100 61 Do 6 0(0 100 62 Do 60 COO 100 66 Do 4 0)0 100 00 Bark of Troy. New Totk 90 OCO 100 60 Kibon ft Co., New Yotk 20 000 100 00 (iwjnr.e ft Day, New York. . 100 010 100 00 ft Ml OOO 100 M Dj 60 000 100 31 ffltrkos ft Co , New York . 21 UtO 10* 01 Francta ('? Plaer h*ru . H. m.k'o 10 i?W 101 CO1, H??rr T Vail, Sew YKk ftO 0C9 100 10 Hairtahurg fti.k. Prti M> Of o 100 00 Troy : i ? Bulk t'JC 000 100 '>0 I,l?erm?re, Lliwra * Union. Naw Ycr* 6C 000 100 00 D? ao rto 100 o-: Do 20 000 100 04 no 10 0(0 100 10 Do WoOO 100. 1 A ft 10.000 loo i; ft... 10 C00 100 21 Ik. 10 100 ICOM ? I<0 10 0CU ICO II PUMp fi|?j?r ft Je.N Y ... 30 000 ICO 06 Do I6000 loo o^ ft... 1O0CO ICO 13 ft r> cpo loo 2 1 ft ? (, O0 100 iA ft 6 POO 100 2* ft /.OOO 10? 31 RofuaH Kir*. Albany, N Y. MlXO 100X1 ft 60.600 lt?> HO Bo w*M Paving* Bar. k, N. Y. ICiO.OOO 1(0 01 ft 1(10 000 100 2fl ft If# OOO 100 61 ft... 100 0. 0 1COT6 IV. ICO 000 100 !>l ft 110,0?0 101 feO W?rd. rampbaM * Cj , N V. lOb.COO 101 4 J !?> *10 000 101 .TM ft T lrooio 101 29 ft 1M><*0 10100 ? ft WOOO 100 01 ft OA COO 100 (IT ft 60 OOO 100 61 Jobo C. tfrren, Srw liwk ... Or -0 000 100 64 Tt.oai|?<>ii Br<? , New York. 000.000 iro 00 Ik 100 COO 100 00 ? ft 1(0 OOO 10O0T Do... loooco 100 II ft loo noo 100 21 Wlillea* ItoilcM. New York 6.000 100 61 PmraylTaiiia! l.r? la ? truer!. . I'b'.'airlphit M) 000 100 00 ft 06 .000 100 30 ft itoop 100*6 (Mri'-ba ft ( ? uipaa} 4,(<K> 101 00 Itltabii'i Tren Ca 140 OOO 100 00 Ttr ?n rrgtlt bid* ar* (boat 110 '<00 000. Ttr ibora hi.! i?ra will rw?lr? award* aeoordlag to Iferlr ofl r?, ? illi tbr rtreptiua of tboae at par, who will |rt pen rota wound after the otbera are wrritf. There arc bo blddtri from aoulb of Waahlaftoa. Oar Wuhlnfian ( orrMpnadrari. WiMIIKlfO*, <>at 10, 1W0. C?wiwJ Mad ftf Polify?Tkt Mi trtmuh tf Alt Political f'nrtui ? TV 0*M?m iflw Cnxnn Jf.n? TVir rnorr, fcvrMtt and Dutim?T%* Prmtd>n Hal (Mtt-A'm Ynrk SlMl' (V Paid tm wMcft Ur MiMM Vwi in u la I* P*U'd, Sc., St. There la ? and I fear there alway* will !??? aatoag aa a eat of peraoe*. both la th? North aad tba Soatb. who ooooalra it I" h? tlMlr in Ureal to decry everything that ail nn favorable lo tba acetioo aot Ibalr own, and who are golded ooly by a regard to their latemat la a etafedrracy Ilka ouri, also, racb dirlaioo maat ba bom or Ira* lealoaa aad porfcapa laetly? of enoroaeh??ita, aid dleptaed to (bow raw to ihnee who would dim la lab tba tafleeaoo aad authority of tlia prtaolptea moat popalar hi tlia o lb ara. without lateadtag or w tubing to reader tbalr power arbitrary or opprtaeite, It otiQ ?? <?* to thea Ibr tba adraatage of their reepeetlTe cooatitntloial prlTil^fM that tba pacullar Tlawa of tMIr owa paipla ?boo id ha dafaadad. aad aa artful apotogy for oaotlooal Mi la otlm f rmtafully raoalrad by tba aawary aa aa aw|am?? ? fwrHori la aapport of ? rl?oroaa n ?rein ?of Oaagroanaaal or aaaootlro powar The MAato, therefore, law that way, and tbalr follower* m*h elaaiarnaaly la tha vary hrtak of traaaoa a?alaat tl?a ooaatitotioa ftoeh ataa ao arf aaaata will oltaMa, aad we a*thorHlaa aaaml It M thatr hawtaaa to dW OT?itt awtf oppaaa all thwt taftda to pnwal* tfta inral aad fermaaent iat?m*o M tbr wbolo Ualoa, aMI la II* vocation t hey will infallibly labor so luog aa It yields them a proOt. These general remarks derive abundant Illustration from the present proceedings of the eitremlsts or both sections. To them no other alternative has presented ItseU but the absolute triumph of one or other of two op posite and Irreconcilable extremes. Whatever is taken from ultra pri slavery men is regarded by them ai neces sarily given to crazy republicans , and, an the >therhand, whatever Is not allowed to ultra republicans is looked upon as Inevitably oonoeded to the wild ultra ills of the South. That the real stale of things in the country is ex trenxly different, men of rtllectioo would conclude from the knewn principles or human nature, and men of l?f> r matioo learn from sources of undoubted authority. But no small proportion of our zealous poll tlclans belong to neither of these classes, and, perhaps, wo ought not to wouder ir they are slow in admitting truths which predominating leaders of (actions have so long thought it for their in terest to misrepresent and disguise. The time, however, seems at last come when conviction Is 'oroed on even their reluctant understandings, and by the sort or ert dence best lulled to their capacity. They would probi bly be little moved by the best argument* that could be addressed to them, and might distrust tbo testimony of j tbe most observant and candid professed politicians; but they cannot well refuso to yield to the opinions of the people themselves ? the true sovereigns of this groat ! country? the large conservative classes of men who, | aloof frsm potty partisan strifes, have the greatest stake | in the preservation of ordor, the stability of govern meat ssd equal laws, and aa hoaeet administration They mial even give tailh to the professions of | those great business classes when they are oon | Armed at all points by their actions. Upon New York now devolves the duty or giving ads- ; quale expression to tbe voioe or those conservative masses? such an expression as will pnt down tbe ex tremists or both sections ? rebuke their leaders and rescue the cause of tbe oonstllutlou and the Union from the hazards to which It Is exposed, by the ootHicl between j the factious combatants on either side to whom 1 bure alluded. If New Vork rails In the performance of this duty thro ths wise, good and |?trlollc meu of nil parlies op posed to convulsion and revolution ought Btlll to combiue I and take counsel together, and, making no personal or j factious qusrrrl with him who is elected uider tho forms ' ol the constitution, strive to make the most those cir cum&taoces which must iufallibly, even under a repub ; llcan executive, operate to defeat the mtcblnatlons ot i sectional >sts, diminish the power or tbot-e inclined to | make war on the South, ind to consolidate tbe Influence or tbe true friends ot tbe Union sal or the equality or the i Mates. WsKHiMrtos, Oct 20, 1800 It Arte Forfc Giim rp to AMitiunim? ? Lincoln Himielf Alarmed at Hit Oicn Election? Hit Anxiety to Avert the Storm from the South ? Pacification the Abiorbinj Topic ? Thr Ptople the Only I'acifitalon , <tc. "And Is New York really gone to Lincoln This U the qutsliou of many anxious Inquirers wbo have clung to tbe hope that the Ecplre State would effectively ariost the flood tide or republican success in she Nirlh B it letters from different quarters or New York so epeak the opinions of cool and reliable observers thsl the only aaswer cm be, "Yea " Hor electoral vote will be given to I.lacolb, aitbougli a large majority of ber beet clttz.'os are de cidcd I) against him What then? It may suit the purposes or partisans to talk oi measures leadltg to revolution, hut the wise and virtuous ?ill think of what Is best to be dine under the ot aimost universal disoonlcnt in nearl/ one ball ol the confederacy , an t of equally general ex il tation and arr>gain e ou the part or in ) successful Noith eruiatnon, boastful from victory, lustful of spoilt and rabid by their long abitlnence from place an l pjwer to tbe gi rural government. Il is at ui doubled fact that at lbs moment tbo repub lican candidate, In his h ma la Illinois. is amoog me ui?st anx'ous men in tho community. This U atiesle l by aroouLts from all his friends He hears of the tuuall ai d common* n in every staveholiing luteal the bare prospect of his eiesttnn He snuffs the approach of ?? c< ff.'n ?no rebellion and revolution In every brevz; This is ay no means a oom'ortable prospect He Is of course, anxious to avert tbe storm tbst sen -ns too evidently to be coming on Tbe more conservative wirg of his supporters, such as "orwls, or l)hlo; Mere ditto, o' lYunsv Iranla, ke., are xealous enough to assist him to do so, and to cooosrt measures for cffeollag that tfiSi'S In this they are fallowed and support ed bv all tbe it-ore ready and active ot those who desire peace la order U> ei joy the emoluments and dMlnctions rf office la quiet and tranquillity. Hence the overtures to it o South from l be republican side, already alluded to in tbe Bkiuid Mixed motives aad faulty characters, of c -u-se, tarry o? ih's, aa every other great measure la politics Tbtt Is the lessos of history. It has been so al?a)S, and Is so now. But a very considerable number oT Influential Southern, South western , Northern, Eastern anu W< stern men, as well aa some trom ths I'aclflc Slates, looking cn tbe election ef Lincoln as a "flxed fact," are sot unwilling to avail tbaaselves of I.lnooln's onnaoloui cets of his weakness (aa a mere oocupant of the Execu tive chair), with both houses ot Oosgress aad popular majorities in several 8taies, and a whole salted section agamst him, to Impose on him such terms as will pre serve the cooiitry from revolution and civil war. IMWUSS ia now the absorbing topic. Unluckily tb-re Is no rran Sf commanding genius to approve him self ibe great pacificator. But the people can take that work ir to their own hands, and gentlemen who quietly exert ihi maelves, without obtruding their names cn the atiuution oi I lie public, are ss good rep-esenlslivea of tbe people and quite as efficient laborers os their behalf. Is this legard, as any of ths more fussy and ostentatious pretei ders to popular Isflueaos and stsadiog. PaclSoa ttos> must be bad Tbs great masses who bare no lots rest aad no care about poll lias, exoept to se rare the bless lr gs or good government, will tolerate nslther revolution, nor si orssion , nor war os the South, nor anil slavery crussdes There Is s very strong public sentiment In Washington just new representing these Ideas aad reelisgs ? so strong that It will certainly control ihs next administration, and may possibly decide who shall be the counsellors of tae republican President The Tmrf. Tin CONTEST OP SMCKD MTWlBt ROAD MMi. This novel affair bad Its origin tn a friendly con versa tlon between some of our opulsst citizens, whose horse* are well known on the road , when ooe of them gene inaslv oflered a parse of MOO it they would join tn a trial or speed The propoailioa was accepted on the spot, the Fashion C>urse selected tor the porpose, and Thai itday ot this weefc fixed spon as the day The b roes are said to be so evenly matched at to reader it extreme!) uncertain ? hlch will be the victor. BrMklya City H??ri> Boars or PrraaTutoaa ? Ad adjoaraed *p?rial acaaioo of the Board of Superrlaor* of King* county wu held at the jail yeaterday to reaume the ooadderatloa of appro pr'allog, la addition to the tai levy already made up, the (urn ? f ?60 CCO (? pay deficiency of lulereat on MM bond* and 12* 000 Tor aewer parpoaee, when, oa motun u I Mr Taitx>t, it >? agreed to levy the amount* A conimunlralioa waa received from h etrirt Attorney Winalow In relation to certain charge* made againei bl* Clerk for demanding M from prtaonera giving ball, J 'tall fylng the prarlloe on tbe groun 1 of it* baring alwaya been dooe by ble pradeoeaaora, and Uial lb'.' fee* w.rn al'owed aa part of tbe clerk"* (alary. 1l>e c< mmratcaitoa waa referred to the Lav Commit t?e, and tbe Board adjourned Ooasoa Cot mil. ?4 elated meeting if the Board era a hrld yeaterday eveelng, 1'raaldenl Kalhllelach la the chair. The matter in dupute between tbe Brooklyn City Ball road and tbe Brooklyn Ceo* -al aad Jamaica Railroad r- n ,?,.?? ?ee takrn up, when A dermaa* moved a preamble aad reaolutlnw* to tbe eflrrt I bat tbe Brooklyn City Ubspaay bad forfeited lie rhar *r, while 1% prevented the other company from rut tin* far a oeer lie track la Funaaa atreei . therefore the Mtreel CommlaaKner eboald be Inetrurted to aauae the tracke ot the Broohtya City Company la y arm an etreel to br removed , withoat ex pea *a to trv ctty, no tea the raid company, within Bra <!ey*. elfn aa agreement wltb the Brook lyn Central and Jamaica Company permit tiag them to run over tbe track oa erjuitab e lerma, to l>a d? teimned h> arbitration aad that If the Brooklyn City ftwpaty refuae toaiga *?'-b agreement withia Ire day*, i l,ft il ? it her r "? pany hare a lb r i ty to lay a loable track tliroagh Kurman *tre*l, from Atlaallc avenue to Imton ferry Alderataa Harrow moved that, a ? the Rrooklrn City Railroad Compaay bad not completed ita I oa withia (Ira year* according to Ibe terma of the charter, m Ita cor porate power* bad ceaaad. In accordance wltb int prorl lion* oi tbe art therefore that the coot|?ny had no right to ruu their car* through Fur men ttraet, and that the permttaloa ot the Bier I lo do to be reaclnded After a long aad llreeome dtacunton aad the erpeadl lure af a irh gaf , It waa reaolved to a.rpolat a tpeclal committee of B 'a to endeavor to bring ahoat aa amioabla arrangement with the two companion Committee ? Al drrmm Vaa Broil, T. t.reen, D. Ureea, I rank* and Ca thaw After eowie rootlae baalneaa tbe Board ad /our aad l oan of Oyer aad Tarnalaer. Before Boa. Judge UoalJ. On. 21 ? V>t r?fl* m Kd*4m Ilnfdtm ? Tbe pri aoeer I* indicted tor murder in tbe eerond degree, by ttabblag John Cunningham with a kalfe oa the 4lh of Miylaal. Mr W R Aatboa waa aatigned to defend tbe prlaoaer, aad tbe trial waa aet down for Friday. Several other murder oaaei were called, bat vera poet pnaed la ooaaequaooe of tbe abaeeoe af oooaael aad wit neeeea In !k? MmtUr if Chart* Drrttn ?The mot ma to quaab the ladtctatrnl baring been dec led, a plea of not guilty wad entered Coorael applied for a poatponameat of tbe trial oa the ?Mm t of Mr Davlta, eta.lng that the teatlmoay of Thraaaa llay*. a reaideat of Haa IBHht, waa nirairy Re tbr reftte moved fM a oommtiatoa to esamlaa that wMneaa Ibe Diatrict Attorney Mid the gaallemaa waa aatliled to a re mmlaatoa, and tbe naly qoeetloe waa aa to the lime that weald be required Oooaael tor defeaoa rap I tad thai four day* weald he neoaMary to fraM the Interrogation* oa hN (Ida The DlatrM Attorney woaM have a right to toar day*, aad I bra the Omirt waald require two day* la aatile the order aad appotat a cowiaataalua The paper* ware Siad aad iba Coart adjoaraed tor the day 1>n Raaamoa. Ruvnr (IcAan, aaabarlaf MM baa drad maakfM, will mak* MeV third aaaaal mimiIw to morrow, Wedneeday, aad pm>*l to tha Haaraift (hy Utrn Tb? ImU a ill lafei |taM w IfcalUfc IMl. Otpwlart of Inttol State* Troops fo* Calll?rnl?< A detach neat of two hundred ud twenty eight recruits for the Ma'.b regiment or luited States infantry, now serving ia Californ'a, left Governor's Island yesterday morning, aud were conveyed on a s'oam'uf to the Califor nia steamship North star, wblch.sailei at noon yesterday lor Aspinwall. The followini officers accompany the command, vis:-? Oapt H D Walleu, Fourth Infantry, commanding, Capt. T Hendrlckaon, Sixth infantry; First Lieut. K J. Ilarvte, Ninth 'nfantr; ; Second Utut. W Sinclair, Third artillery; Secoud Lieut. W. W. Binder*, Sixth Infantry; 8ec<>ud Lieut. 8. A Foster, Sixth infantry; Brevet Second Licit. J. N Andrew*, Frurth infantry; Brevet Suonad Lieut. J. P. Martin, Siith infantry; Brevet Second Lieut. S. S. Marsh, Piith iafanlry . Brevet Second Lieut. Q W. Van derbllt, Ninth Inrantry. Lieut, fa. Sinclair, of the Third artillery, will prooced, on arrival In Oatirornia, to Fort Vancouver, Washington Territory. I.leut O. W. Tasderbilt, acting Adjutant, is a son of the Commodore. He graduated at the West Point Academy last June. On reporting to the oommaodant of the Presldor, at Sen Fraacleoo. the detachment will be supplied with sich fresh stores as may be required, the department pro viding the necessaries for the Journey. Oss hundred additional soldiers for companies A, B, K and F, of the First dragoons, now stationed at Forts To gen, Brook and Churchill, will be despatched on the 11th of nrxt month. All tho officers to aooompany them are not ye* detailed.

Bowrar Thkatkk ?The present is the laftt week ol the dramatic season, and is devoted chiefly to benefits. To morrow night the popular comedienne, Mrs Lelghtou, takes her farewell beoelt, playing In four light pieces. Court Calendar? This Day. Cot'BT? Cmccir ?Hart 1? Oyer and Terminer. Part 8? N"?. 1102. 63S, 670, 13 28. 1924, 1028, 16W, If 32, 1PM, 1638, 1642.222, 1392,518, 1348,1391,1618, It 52, 1656 Hrvaaioa <"nrKT ? Part 1? Nos 12'-' 760 939, 941, 943, 732, 7*3, 764, 536, 581 . 813, K06, <?67 814, 641, 901, 98?, 826, 937, 684, 627 >., 087, 969, 820, 821 THE FIBILT HERALD. Departure of the Prince of Wales from the I'alted States? The Or* at llarstloa of the Day- AfT* Irs In Karope? -The Re volution In China? The Salt Against the "Benlrln Boy"? Local matters In N??r Vork-Msrkct Reports, &c , Ate. The Fjmilt> of tomorrow (Wednesday) will c ntain a report of the closing movements or the Prince of Wales In the Unltod States, with accounts of his I(e ce|>tlofi in Boston ao l Portland, and bis I)oparturo from Poiliatd. An lr,tere?llrg article on the subjact of African Slavery, and its Bearings Commercially, Financially and Phll.iuthroplcally Considered; The latest News from Fa' rope, with Letters fr< m our I/ondon and Paris Oorrcspin dents; A Narrative of a Visit to tlie Tal Ping*, giving a forcible account of the present Revolution in China, A re port of thi r'ust agaiost the Benicia Boy for the Board of a Womaa claiming to be his Wife; A report of the Post Morti m Examination in the case of the ia".e Mr* Bank man; The Ltieet Intelligence from the Parifls; All the Looal News of New York and Vicinity of Importance; Reports of the Cattle, Provision and Money Markets, and all interesting news matters of the preoedlax week Trnxfr? S3 a year; rour cents a single copy. Subscrip tions received at the office, northwest oorner of Fulton and Nassau streets, New York. Single copies for sale at the counter and by all news agents, advertisements In serted at the usual Hseald rates. Drawings at R. France's Delaware LoUcrlM ? Bosses Codstt, Cms SM, Derosa* t> I WO. 67. 1?, 59. 3-5, As, 11, Jh, J, 7, 69. 6, It, 05. Ooiisoui>?t*d Lorraav, <'nm Ifg ((omasa 72 IW 67, 51, 62. 74, o4. 49, 47. 39. 9, tO, J*. 8, It. (.treulars sent free of charge, by addreiwtng K. FRANCS, WLImingt m, Delaware. Drawings of the Dslawat* Rtats Let* isrtas ?WOOD. A co , immm nT the DMiwiaa. najtvooKV **r> atseouai sure umsaisa Dautwiaa -lint Class 808, ucrrosaa 21 1M) ] 31, 66, 34, 17, U, 42, 19, 5, 6i. 71, 1*. 1?, 17, 1, 20. Dblawabs? Class sot, fV-roma tl. I860 61, 33, 44, 43, 5H, 47, 63. 1, 69, 41. 48. 71. Otreulars test free ?/ charge, by add mwtna ?! iher to WOC)I>. IliiiTtlXl , w II ml ajrVm, Delaware. Or to WOOD. kl)I>t * OO-Tw- Louis, Missouri. Royal II aw ana I.otterjr ?Tho Kollow aDntnhers drew Ihe principal prizes la the drawing of Oe r ?. UW - Vro. Kri/ee I Hoe. Frisco. I Mae Prllfs. 9. ilS fllP.UXl S 7? SSM.OU0 14 4<*4 ....... SW'fl ; :?i mm I i iu7 so.uuol N<?. IW. Ill 171 ?l? 9M l?. 1 MS J 1170, 1 SOI I7W, SMI, 4.4BS SrJ7 6 179, li.MK S.UM. 6 717 7 770 7 Wi, N.HW, 9 IW, 11. lit. 11 SM II 17.V II 111, ll.'iW, 14 tM It 4 III It Y4. ! 1A SIT, 14. M^, 17 l&l. 17 710. If SJ0. I? 'M. 2I.I2S. ?l.?l'l 22 100, ' nu? n 111. St .WI. nm. r.l8t,S8 t<0. 28 4M. 20 ?7. 29.0US, 2? 8 4. 29.Kl.V-SI IW0 h Tor iCrenlan ac to the *b"re drawtnre addraes Don Roiiri i gnex. eare of City Po*t, (karleetoa. Sooth tJaroliaa. H. R. II.? The PrlatM of Wales aU Falte at IIADT'i Rational Portrait dallery, earner Broad m mm ??"< 1 ftiiM Arf#L TBI ORLY OAI IJCRT lit Tl It UKITKn HTATSR I HOHORSD WITH ? HPM01AL V1*TT BT tHS ROYAL PARTY. PhotogTaphe of 8. I 11. the Prince at Walee and Unite, ' are now oa view at HRaDI'M <iaU?ry Oodles la every ?t?le rif the ait for cala. nailery opea from 8 A. H. UU I ????* Ten Tnoasanit Heads \\ noted . Ibr Ten thrxiaaad Hats, just reset ved by WHITE, the hauer, S14 ? mad way. V. R. ItaiTmR flwmutt J Raw To??, Octobrr U. 1MU t VMM J Onsir A Prix - < ? t* ma >? II A H tke Trine* of Wal??. k*rtn? b**n nnabl* to rt?H your *?ll*ry ..a tatarday. hu ? r* I* ? ta* to ur la J on ih.t If 10a will ?o ne to Uo*iua k<*Um tj you for kta phut' L-mpk Tonra, trnly, R M ARCHIHAI.D II R n b? Print* of Walaa at OCRRRT I UaIARRY, W,Bnd wa? By royal drair* V'min Ol'RRIT A ? >B loft for How on last W*dn**<tay for tk* I'irvon of making PV*n|r*ph? of lk? PftD<? of Wal** and mil* A ftrr hart** uk*n Mtni; n??a urra of Ik* Prim? nod royal rarty. d'lrlaa ikrtr aUy at tk* krrtrr lloiia*, tk?? kai* jna rrtnrard with Ik* ptetnrna. pr-> nouacad *t ?atlafactary by tk* Prlae* hat hia Moral HI?kon?a iiv* wjwi for iii ward* of * tkooauxJ ooplr* lo b* anal d tract tr> Borkinthta t-alaea Tk* ptrtnr** will b* on rihib'tto* la a f*w dayc la 1m> aataalia' tbe nnbUr oaa riaatu* Ik* autoarapka nf ik* royal party n* th* ? lalwa' r?(tal*r, at Ik* Ualtary, to ?rtl ALHRRT RIlVttD, LTOHB. rt_ ^ _ ?T. UKBrfdRR. b< hr?t Hurra. TMMI?IA O * UK AT, HERB* W ACRLARD. ?A"I>MR n KKOlMtART, II IP CHI R(J It ROOK OHtllU <J. C. RUOT. IhlrU, Rblrlt-Wi tor |*. ?ad* rmm ik* brat Aa<akra? acd Waaauttk MtuUaa. Dvpot W Ckalkaa atr**t ramar of Pnarl. Ml Nhlrta tor |N.Warraal*d to Flt M< tiliT it Rhirt Raaafartory. M Broadway. Ortrtaait. Hlwh and faary rlotk f> \>~ ll( B'ark ?ad faary l*ar?r * t? ? Rlark and Ua*y i>flot * "? II Caaalaw*. Cklrtut y*B. Faiia*t. A*-. Ae ? 3 hi AI IVtM', M and M Pulton ?lr*?c 1,1 ring Rlaate** Twins. I'ItIm lUppo p. -?mr??rrf? kratnf < tb?* attraction a> BaRHIRH Mo ma *?* hia adrrrttataMai lltlnway * ?*?!' Ortri4raii| Oraad and art'iar* liaii m ?>? t.ow rrniantar*-' th* >.??i man if art .r??1 an ?arraaird for Ur* yaara. Warrnrau a *ad H Walkar ntirlBf'* Pklrnl Cktmplna Plr? aad Bnrf'ar Vratjl Pafr*. Ml Broadway, ooraar of If array atraai. Ira Torfc. Tk* K.nllr* PIUlM* Matter of Bell'* I, If* aM th* Uwtna ?p 'rttor pr**a rrpnbHah*-! *r*ry w*?k I ?t'*r frow tk* Kdttnr? Hrrran aad lb* < h*aipl<mAip of Kn? lard- Tbr Buffalo tntb iiiUni and tba B*tit*l* Itoy-ll B?-ri?r tbr Hrwat BIlMard t'bampV*- Pnll lkaalrw*) Rrporta and a of aro-Ua? arwa. In WILtlll' HPIRIt. Bow oat. Por aaf* by ail o??i d?al*ra Tk* Prlurr of Wkl** R*WI>'I HAiniWE?< ABU THE ROTAt* PAH n.iiw. A w >n? tk* ra*t of rurvwltl** a?<l ral'iabl*a*oll*< t*d ky tk* ROT* I. P aMII.T and aoN* dnrtnt tk#tr rialt to tb* P'rothtr** a?<* tk* Hl*t?i, *r* two rrf (IROVRR A HtKIR H cki rhratro Boitm ntt i-RtriBt hachik iw, wkw-b w tr* pr?f*T?d abo?* alt o?b*r? la tk* aartat. an 1 w*r* a*l* ?r by tb* If A Ry TTf * A VD HAItrniOBKMI Of ( andoa at tk* rAM of tk* Ornrar A Hak*r f . M <?. OroT*r * BAkWt D*l*braM HoImIm Rawtnr Ma. bla* Um bat I* *? for tamlly ?*w1a? tM Broadway, R*w York aad 1"B Pnlton ?ir*at BronUya. rinkU * l.y*a kwtM ?MhlBt Coa. a?*y.? AH ta?kla*a warraatad to ft** parfart a*U*far?oa * am IT r*Mti A?*nl* waNt HI Broadway. H . T. Tk* OrtalHt W?*tl?7 at tk* Bay.-Da hnM?5>* [?l"i?m*. Drk'iiac -p*. at J. PRRRTICR'B, M Una! ?tr?*t ( HrakaRk'* lilasftv* Wlf, Partial l'a? aaln?V*. aaorr ltr. ao tora?a? a? k?kT?d Hot A. T. M*w art1*, 2R> Proadway. Matlklai Maw .Battel lllaaloa*. Wl? aad Tiwia? awaufaetery. *a alba a*w plaa Ia4Ww Mm* ??La'I'f' Rraa*l**r"-Plikina At ?<m'| ?tea Rita Ow mm vrmm ? < ? mi An? k "Ucantlfal Complulua Ph?l?*'? "fcow While oriental Cream. ' ' Prloe 60c per bolt* UA Clear Complexion" U Desired b)r Ail ladlee. lae PUAtON H ' Hon. White Ortenta: Cream " Hill, Inimitable lattar of Hair and Whiskers to tult the co uileuanoe, Ko 1 Barclay atreet. llalr Dye, 60 cent*. 50 Blank or and said by all druKaaia!?1*1' D'P<M No' 1 **rrl"7 at <**. jyftfgil'fljt jn> w%. and TOM- | privately applied. MoVa^TuS^** 1 I Batrbelor'a Hair Dya fa the Beat In th? I world.? Made, Bold and applied, la appropriate pi 1 Tate rum at the wl* factory, 16 Bond street. Caa be Paid for la Weekly Payments ? PilcettO. Bureka Bewlag Machlaea. OlB'e tit Broadway, Agent* wanted. Barrjr'e Tiieopherou la the Beat and ' eheapeit article (or dreedki*, beautifying, car I'm, cle anaai*. prewrrlne and reelorlng Behalr. LadJea, try it. Sold by all Pearl ha* acS?'?|^"f?*I'0*,~'dUril,| UqmM J*)"* u,d P'eeervlng the com?S!lv!tT^?.l,2 *,lual tor beaau. Prtncip^ depcT^'rus^way " ^ An rafklllBf Itemed jr for Aitbma.-llol LOWAV'B Ointment, nibbed Into the cbe*t, will poatlvely cure the wr ret caae* of italhaa. It hta been uaed by tin) j Mil Ja, and ha* never railed In a ?in*l? instance Radical Cmra of Harala, or Hvptara ? Dr. B. B. MAKBIi, of th* wall known houaa of ManblOr, No 1 Yesey ?treat. Aator Honaa, oppoelte the church, devotee apeolal attention to th* surgical adaptation of hi* Bartlnal Core Truss. Cong taa are Immediately Cured by Dr. TOBlAtF Pulmonic Life Jynip. Many lire* h?ve been *av*d by It* use. Warranted ?uperti* to any other, or no pay. 81 per bottle; rti for 96 Bold at the Venetian Liniment depot, M Cortlandt street Scrofala. ? A Few Bottlea of Kennedy'* Medical Dlaoorei/, a Judlctmi* appllaattoo of tha Scrofula Ointment and Healing Ointment, and atrtotly following th* direction la tha pamphlet around each bottle, wtU aura tha wqrat caae. Glwe na an Old Naraa for Dlaeaaea Inci dent to the period of teething In children. Here you hare that OLD WUKHK FOR 26 CKNTH, In the form af MH& W1KHLOWH bOOTuINU BTHUP I'rofitinr Klmbrll, Chiropodist, .V.IO Broadway, room Mo 3 ftrat tlior. rfmowi corna without pain. In only afternoons. Uo and see blm. you that have c mi Hair led. P*x?<B?TRArn ?At Oakland. New York, on Friday, August 24, by -am ? Caae, Ewj , Mr. Baem>? I. Bimi, of Middletown, N Y , to M.vS Jutjai'Hixs E. Travu, < f the city of New Yoik. Pririjrti ? Ai'Ruxr* ? At Dover Platna, New York, on Wcdatsday, October 17, by tho Rev Mr Knapp, Oko T. Bsi Piaa of Dover Plains, to Sarah E , youngest daughter of John Adrlanee, K?q , of Pongbkeepsle Pa via ? Wuhos ? At Williamsburg, L. I., on WeJnosdsy evening last, Ouiober 17. by the Rev. Wm H. Johnson, r>MK> A Payim to Mam Eiuahith, olJqgt daughter of John H. WUaoB, UturHY?RoMSYif ?At Detroit, on Thursday, October IS, at the leaMeace of the b'ide'a father, by Rev. Dr. Be l.uuc, rf New York clty.arstsVed by Rev. Mr F.ldrUlge, of Detroit, Dahibl Fmw hy, Jr , of Brooklyn, N Y., to Somia R Romux, daughter of Theodore Konevu, F.?q Fhslijey- ? Baimoartbi ? On Saturday, October 20, by Pev. Dr Morcle, Mr M < nam W s-'iifiiky to M''S Matilda A Rv moabvbl, eldest daughter of (?uitavu* Bauagartel, both oi this city. ? Died. Bybon ?On Wednesday, September M, at Vevey, Swlt r.erland, alter a short lllmas, Mrs lMAiin.i t Btho.i, wife of Mr Joha W Bytoa, of this city, In tbe 431 year of her age. Her remains will be brought to New York for Inter ment fh-sRT ?On Pnnday, October 21 . of consumption, Fluw Ja.v*, tbe Leioved daughter of Patrick and Ann Deery, Rotnowlagb, par lab or Drumhouie, county Donegal, Ire lard, In the 23d year of brr age Tbelrlendsof lhu lamtly, and tboae of hor ancle and aunt, Mr ai.d Mrs Mao us McSultr , alao the rrienda of her cousin. John Cleary, Brooklyn, are Invited to attend the funeral, from tbe residence of her uncle and aunt, No 207 (ireene street, tbla (Tueeday) alternooa, at two o'clock. Her remains will be taken to HatbcKh for Interment. 1 ixia* ?od Monday morning, October t2 of dlsr?ae of the heart, after a short but palMul lllseas, Axba J , widow of the late (ieorge H Dexter, and second eldest daughter of John and Margaret Hunter. The friends of the family, and those of her b "others, Mar rj and John A., and also of ber bretber*. la-law, Oeo R Thompson and Amos C Woodruff, are respectfully In v in <1 to attend tbe funeral, from the realdetce of her fa'lur.ln Seventieth street, near tbe North rtrer, on Wednesday morning, at eleven o'clock. Bloom in* tale alaagee, from Tbiity aeoond street and jixth avenue, paa* Within one block of the house lutnlt _i?n Monday, ()<Uiber 22. lltt.oin Kl I.B? Do- I ??LY, daughter of Peter and Mary Donoly.agcl 8 years. Ttie rela Ivea and friends or the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe residence of ber parents, Eleventh avenue, between Thirty sixth and Thirty seventh streets, this (Tueadaj) afternoon, at two o'clock. ? On Monday , October 22, Patkh k Doommu, a nali re or the pariah of Odorney, oounty Kerry, Ireland, aged 71 yeara. Tbe funeral will take place from his late resides oe, So 28 Baxter street, tbls day (Tueaday) His Mend* and re I latinos are Invited to attend. Eoav ?On Saturday, October 20, after a short lilaaaa, E?waat> V. Ensv, son of the late Henry Edey, in tho 24th year of hla age Tbe frienda of tbe family and of his brothers, Hoary, Char lea and William, are invited to attend the funeral, from (*. 'ieorge's church, Muyveaant square, this (Tuea day ) afternoon , at two o'clock, without further Invitation. riaxAoAK ?Oa Monday, October S3, I'btsb Jlamauam , la the 48th year of hla age H's friends snd relatives are reepectfufly Invited to at tend the fnneral, from hla lata reeldsace, No. 116 Centre street, on Wedneaday afternoon, at two o'clock. (?ai.a? On Aonday morning, October 21, Mr. Uaoaos Saua, aged M years. Hia frleBds and thuae of bis sons John aad George, and of hla son ib law, Wltllam Gorman, are reapectfuliy invl Ud to atlrLd his funeral from his. late ftsideoce. No. 818 Front street, tbla (Tueaday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Obbb*s ? Ob Sunday, Octofter 21, William '/. Gaaaaa, sgeit 36 years aad 6 days. The relative* and friends r>f the fatally are respectfully ' lat'.Ud to attend bla funeral, tb:s (Tuesday ) afU rnoon, at me o'clock, from his late realdeoce, No. 68 West Forty uiBtb atreet, without further invitation. Hi itmrn ? <? Saturday, October ?, Hkmit Hcdoom, of aethma. tn the aTib >car of bi? a?e Kurt be r aotioe of IB* funeral w ill be f 'ven btr?n?r JmH m ?lo Brook I j r , oo Monday morning, October S3, Twim .U aged 58 > . art Tbe ralallvea uid friend* of lb* family ore respectfully Invited to atU nd tba funeral, from bla late reaidence, corner Twrlflb atreet ud Fifth avrnuo, Shi lli Brooklyn, lb ? (Tueaday) afternoon, it one o'clock. Jonaeo* ?In Brooklyn, oo itoaday, Ortober St. Ft/tna, Infant daughter of Matthew W tod Jaae D Johnaoo, , agtd 11 mnntba. Tbe irtrBdk and relatives of the family are reapectfully invited to attend Ibe funeral, lb.* ( rueeday ) afwnooi, at half paat oee o'clock, from tbe r.nideuoe of Mr pa ml*. Lafayette aveoue, bear Marry avenoe. Kb???j>t ? on Monday, '>otober S3, Fka.vk eon of Abu W and sarab M. Keoaody, aged 3 year* and The friends of the family are lavttod lo altaod tba funeral, from the rralde ooe of bla parrot*, oo tbe aortb 1 aide of fifty eigbtb etreet, betweea Second aad Third , aver km. ?hta (Tuesday) afternoon, al oae o'clock. Mi Fari ?j>t? ? Oa Sunday , October SIT after a abort 111- ' n<*?, J<aa- M< F??!*?d, lo the t.'.th year of blas?*. Tba friends aad relatives of tbe family are reapaatfally invited to ettrnd (he funeral, Irom tbe realdeace of his rlstsr, 1M Hraad strest, thlt (Taeaday) aAeroooo, al oae O'clock. M> Mi i ikk ? Oa Monday tnorslac, Octobsr33, ofrroap, - Hri* l"aumaa, ?oa of (We) Hugh aad Jaae McMuUen, a*rd I years aad 11 aKieths. Tbe frtead* of tba family aad lb oae of bla grandpa 1 reela. Iwatl* aad Jaaaf MoOaflerty are lavttod lo a '.tend , btaruaeral, from the ree denoa al bla ?otbar. No Ml Rouetou ?lreet, ibla (Taeaday) afternoon. al two o cloak H'> rrmaini * til be lake a lo Obi vary Cemetery for inter ?eat Minna ? na Sunday . Orlobsr SI. Mr* Miamrnr j : Mi: i?r, wife of Henry MU.'er, la tbe SAib year of ber age Tfce frlendt and arqaaintanc ? of ibe family are re quealed lo attend ber ffcaeral, ibia (fu-eday) afternoon, from ber lata reei^enoe, corner of tba Bowery aad Ureal Joan* street. at half peel oae o'clock obvb ? On Monday. October SI. fRAH'ia Wabiov, aoa of II. nry and Arnn 1* Orib, a*ed T monta* aad 6 day* Tbe relative* and friend* of Ibe family are respectfully Invited 10 attead bl* foneral, al tbe r.aldeooa of h>? pa rer.l*. Ro ft Van Brunt strssl, Brooklyn, tbla (Tutnday) ?'?mini. a. Irn n'c'nck p, moK ? a I flwtch Plana N J , on Sunday evening, OctrWr ?1 . of abecoea on tbe bra. n. R.'HARn Rons**. Tbe relatives and friends of Ibe ram ly are rtapeclfully InrtWd tn attend tbe funeral, frem bla 'ate rfUdssee. at Haateh Piaina, N J , oa Wedtitaday m rn njt. at too o'clcck . a lbout Turlbrr latllat! n. Tbe train leavea the foot of < ort:andl nt'eel al ?l|bt a clock A M , via Centra Ra lrnad of Niw Jeraey Riirt ?on Monday, October ?; A?n M , w.fe of John R Riley. In the ^Stb rear of hrr a*? Thr rVir*Mi* of tba ram Jy. aad tboee of bar rotataa, Joba ard Tbierae Rrcyan and Joba and Willtaa Metlroy, are rerpcctfallv tavtted to attend b<* ? :aeral from ber late reatdrnce. *S Cherry atreet, tbla (Taeaday) afternoon at two o clack. hi I /rate ard "an Fraactaco paper* nieaae oopy PrtjrvAOB ? 'm Monday, ortober 23, llf?. Mart *r? him , la tn< l&lb year tf her a# lb. rrlatlvra and f^lea^a of the faailly are raapactfolly Invited lo attend the foneral, "Tom ber lata residence, 113 Wrft Fortieth Rtreet. oo ffedneaday, at tirolve o'clock Tti^er ? Oa M?w.lay, Ortober ti, of aon(*atlo? of tbe Iubi*,A?*ija Alkiba, beloved atfe of Samuel * Tboep. and danchler of tba lata llarrlB Pee la. a?ad 3D year* and I iri'Btha. ? the friend* aad relaltrea of tbe 'a rally, tba mem '?era of the Fifth rompaav National board, and the m- mbera of I*f*vetle lodfe, No 64, F and A. M . are r?ap?*tfi)lly la vtlr l to attend the fnaeral, from ber lat? realdeace IN Allen at r ret, oa Wedaeaday afternoon, at half tmM o'clock. Ber r< main* wffl ha ukta to Cyprma hII* Cemetery for lnter*eat. Tpr***.? Ta thla ally, oa Monday momtif, OetoberM, J mm i ajtana. eeeoad ana of Mary aad Ibe M* Robert Tucker, Bfad S yrara aad I aoalbB . .. . The rrleade of tbe family are invited to ay?d the fcaa wllhoat farther laviuttoa, fraai tb? mot bar, 113 Waat Flfteeotb atreet, thM (Taeaday) Bfter oooa, at tare o'clock Va? Am-aar ?At Aahnry. N. J. ? <*J? ber 30, WrujA* Van Airr^aar. of thia olty, la tba Stth ' T*Tb*C'"r^r*rVn take place at rv <?a w^h?May aiimn.n Wt ??? ?* MeOwtreiWium* iJStV ??"< " I l.liadi-lpLi.a paper* yi-urr?)iy W limit) 'I. ? Oo Kuftt/, Oct..l|#e .. ... 8t. 1 'J mo0iu/ jc.,"i daughter of BtpJibiid M ant Arnei'* \vi iiiork The frli ndi tlie f*u. 'y a-- rt.pectfuUy touted l m attend tbe funeral, from lla residence of her parents d Hummock Park. WeatcheetereouBty , this (Tueaday) *ii.* DOoe, at hsl.' part three o'clock. without further uotlc?' Carriage! will DH'ft at Molt Haven the Harlrm traia' lesvinf Twenty alxtb street at half paal two P M * V01 no. ? In Brooklyn, ? D. , suddenly , on Sunday , Oo tobtr 21. Mr* Eu*ah*th P. V ocao, widow of Una late Wm. I. Yourg, forairrly of BaltlniM*. The fri. eda of Iba family are refpeetfolly larlted u attend tbe funeral, from the realdenoe of bar aon, Win. B. Vuud(, No a Bowron place, Lee avenue, Ibis (Tuesday) aft v noon, at two o'oiock, w thout further laeitatioa. Baltimore paper* please oopy. HISCEUiAVROUS. A1 T WM. IVIIDDiil BOBR-WBDDINa OUM AND . Knvatopee of the luteal sty lee. 1M Vnltoa street, *. T. letabUahed fat. At jonbb?, 10 and it ann htbibt. m nnp oalf dreaa Boots, ?? 10 double walar proof sewed Bsott AT Jill. BVKRDII.L'B? TBI OBANOB W add Inn kvelopa, rary elegant. Bold only at way. At j. iv Kit i) iLL's, an broadway? wbddibo Cart's, Ac. theee oalebrated engraved Oarda Bold only at thia etora. AT BIBHOP A BIII'B JIWELRV BTOIB, PIPTH ATB nue Hotel. Diamond ? and Waluhee at the lowaat |iia*hlS pr'eaa. All pahtibb iiaviko bubinmi transactions with MRS. H A. ALLIIT, formerly of 396 Broome street. Will pleaae eall at or address tbe Improved Hair BeatoratlfS depot, 121 West Houston street, near vartck. Aw kxi-illknt opportunitt to pubohabb household Furoltnre at aiioUoo ? MORTIMIR ilKIKFIB A CO.. auetloneera, will sell at public suction, this day, 1 Hea rt ay at Weat sixteenth street, near Fifth avenue, all lbs magnificent Furniture In the above realdenoe, consisting of rosewood Pianoforte, rosewood drawing room Suits, Oil p-'irt 31 Statuary, rotewood and mabagony chamber Furniture, dining room Furniture Sale oonunruetng at 1 Shi o'oloak. WHBBLIB A WIUBO* Should be pnroftaeed ta p _ adapted not only to famllr use, but also to the sewing of dre? xsvr.Lorm A TO _ln AT Artificial txbth.-thb ork*ti*t improtb ment In atmcmpheric plate*. M. I<eretTs pitUtut Prof, Reese and the faculty highly r.>com?en t It for gtvlua com'ort and satisfaction hitherto nn> ttalnable. Wnvsrley place, near Broadway. Kataljiishrd lili (TORNH, BCRIOWS. INVERTED NAILH, KNLABDBD J Joint* anl all diseases of the fret cured, without pala 0* Irronvenltnce to the patient, by L*r '/.Ai'HARll, Huriaaa ChlrapiKllst. TlO Broadway. Rcfnra to phyalclaiia and IW (eons of the c.ty. IV AKNKSH, PBAFNKSS. KIAFaK.SB \ D Bank or tii? Frr'nuc Naw Toaa. Aucnst 16 1*60 Pr Vi? K'stkllskfr Irent-v! me f< r ilearn?s< very euocea ful'y and Hatlsfirtorlly. *ly he?iioi[ ??? re?toi*d and sonlla iits saguod u ever uid I add o>> testimony la hi* f>vor. a k lavab. 1'.- esl'ent of tbe Ba< k cf the Rep lib lla. tru i l(>7 ( 'LI If TON PLACI, r ki w fkw mrti Awn mxth avkstiiw rtWNKR 8 AND THF PORTLAND Iteolort/ed K IKOKID K OIL A 'nil supply Ouarsntead our oisuauera At all timea. By 'lie Kote Rgents t. H. BRI NDAOI * OO . Noa Mani S8 Burling slip. JfRINCH IMPOBTKD LAD1B8' hllUIH, AIM. L HIII.'H, B7I Broadway! warm oorksole aad IMsfe B'oleof sll tlrds. Hipper* acd qullird Shors of alleoiaret rhudrvn s Boots, Hem Bate aixl other makera in Patit FIVBR AND iODX IS (' AL'nID BT THI MI ABM OB eiha'allon ? volver fiom decayed or decaying vrjru*n? la molkl soils When absorbed taitn the circulation U heoomes aa Irrl'stlnc virus In tbe blood, ablrh deramr* ?nd destreya lha health of the whole syttem. We have Ion# sought aad bare at length found an antidote, At IBS AOCI rtJRK. which neutral'res this m?lari >ns potioa In the hlordaad stlma Uies the liver to eiprl It frowi the body It* anion upoa lha ?Minn is Invariably su>e, and Its cure of Fever and Agneavd kiidred coniulelnis ceiuln." If uken In season it eipals the virus frtm ihr > ) i im u it is ehanrfeed, aad Urns keaus Lttnse who use 'he "eura" 'rtr from tta attacka, keep* the ?>*!??? ta hritllh HB ?*h .-jpoeed to the dtMM* t!< nae iueotly U not only rurra toil oroterta from ibe great variety of stTrollona which ere Induced by this malignant Influence such aa RaaN tent Fever, Chill Fevar Dnab or Masked A(oe, PerlodlnU Headache, or Bllkiu< Headache, RHIous Farera Neuralgia, Rbenmatlsa, Uont. BIlndneM Toothache. Barache. Oatarrk, A ah me ralpltations I'alnful Affection* of ilie Hpieea, llyata rli-s, I ollc. Pasalyals and Painful A fl actions o( the Riomaeb and Bowela, all of wbl"<>. when arising from this oeure. will be found to assume more or 'ess the Intermittent tjrpe thia "Ague Cure" rrmovel the cauae at these derangements aad Cure* the d'ssaee TBI* l> sororr pllebes by stimulating the eicrelorles to evpel Ute virus from Ibe si *u-w Bad Ibeea organs y drjreee ne cosne habttualed to do thslr otfrw rf i heir own accord. Hrnoe arlsaa what wr i. rm acclhnatioo. Tune may acrompl eh the same end, but r>ftaa life la not long enough, otfla" sacrificed In tbe attempt while Ik ta 'Ague Cure ' does It at oece. and with ?afety. 1 be nkaN Ma IB ? BB varleOea or aaees bee abown It to l? a surer se wrll aa safrr remedy f?W Ibe whuie elase of dlaeasea which are naueed liy tbe mlasmatle tofeeu m ban any wkick has been dtB>r.erad and It hae *83 another important advaataga to the publle, wldsh Is.that llta eh *ay bj ?r?ii m rood. Prepared by IiVV. C. A TIB A CO., LowsU, Baa Bold by all ftrnggtate everywhere GBBAT RIDUCTION IN CBINA AND OLABB. On aad after Tn.eday, nd laat we shall oder far ?la ''V rcu. ncavim or CBINA AND OLANB, ODatrldsi tW Pierre at fT6 per tat. Tbe nisa Is I he very i ueet quality of white Preaah OBB% aad the glasa Is rich cot aad engraved HofceaUaa Ulsssess^ the whole formtni a serMre it fur the HMH In *B eonntry We are only enabled to o?> r the a bo re M ihta tow raw IB eonsT'iuerce having aerured them from the ?aaufaeturar at a great bargain for eaeh. aad la filing tae rate we hare (lv*a our rualii?ers ibe fall f rurflt of tbe reduntloe Tboas drain ? s of securing one of ha att.IT* arts wtO aleaes call earlv sa onr etock of them la llmlten Alan on hand the following, which wa-e purfhaeed by Br. Haughwont In Biirora. at low rate* ? MII H DBCOBaTID 1>I 8NBB WCTB froos VTt apwardB. I Hi do TEA do do. td do. BBOMZKB. PABIAB OOOIM. Be Be An. K. V HAUtsB WOCT A CO., IS" I* ui! <93 Broadway, n/ier of InmearMt BOIRL CAHABO BT H RR BARAH B. BRKWBR, Bo. ? Tarrta a'a Raj . !l?r?n? Mrt Brawar. t.nfrr many iihll.'Ml'HM f-r ibr kind aod I'baral CUtrrna ?- at k? IraralUrr kMlllXN "t Ktiropa ??! Iba n lad MaU-a baa in\a#ad ?-l ak<- baa raall/ad M lan ?a?n of darrtlon lo Ikalr r.imfoil In i ajlrndld rataHlaktnaai tor Ikatr atilriialnmant, la a ?aw v.uaa, inl tl?lah*l uaa wkluh wan opanrd trr nimpu; on u?a I.Vh laatant mm haa <Va larmlrad tkal iha clari ? no lot j; ailatlr,; Ir Iba pukUn mi ad tfcal tbalr ara no h>.t?la I* Oan*? or lb ? H?ua -wfrarabf tfco-iMDiia arc rtaprr rd of ih? kaaltb tartgnnua* nlomt at Ihla daltrlona <-Mmaia ahal! ba wiUtmti foundation In lk? ftnara. A bar wl'k iba heat lloiv ra naif. I'n araam aalona, * Mra it*iMtira nana d at all h. >ira. MJIUrd aalnoa and r^tdju num. tm (ba baaamant ?Hb Mrj apartn .<wla. a >tt lb' brm on k lo llatana ia <-bar*a, aad b ar kotiaa fnralkbad w i tk alagaaaa. onahlnad ? lib a rarafnl rairnrd for Ilia ana foil of bar patmna in batfa. barfdiait acd ?wpata. ikatr ?Iparlanra will rarlfy H own I I.U.MBU ball protbotibo cbillbd iron MALM I HA ?W t?f Dty llart :i i ? ?-?.nd kanl **ti lor mala rkaap mill B MfB. H (triad nj K T Ir YOC WART MCABD OR ?f*TAC?ri TO GROW, am mf ffifiart wb.rk will fr rca iba batrd to ?r.i? -m iba iim baat far# In a faw wa? k* and will ant at*.- or la;<i rm ? ha akin la ur war Iilaacid hr daalwi faaaraj:* prtoa ?l A It GRAHAM. M daw a mrtm, Srw Tr?B. KBRTTCIT ROCRROB WniRIBT. Kail Rl??r D|?I Ilwlaa naUbllabM IW Wa ar? lk? > a??n'a tor tb? ah-n - n *?>l ?nd loot Mla* li*b*d brand m Wbwtay In rvrn '*It f)fd??a for wh? abtrr*. In harri*l? ?knnbl s? 4lrr<-t#<l ?imo',y B T. ??ill a Ha.< K rm HaiUiatioa, Rfatuckj Oidara for eaaa Wb ?fc?? in 'ia IB IBM \> A m fUm lau and D> ig?i?U U1U Ml a?d TM Broadwr VfOBXITBAn H ?AUIf BY B WATBB. Ol A A?F? PR'. Bit ABI? mr AI.J/BI.B HIVBJir FOR ALL IkM.ABVATORT AM) SMYRNA!. DIMBAMU I P TUB PI B Tbla n?w anr* < ??Mi .! rr*parall'-n baa Imwd aanraMd bf rarra ' lar?'*arl#t !a rhrnirx M^cn'-a aad la rvl'"?M tod r? r"?m?nd#d l?T aar?r?I of lha ir ?? rirlnanl pbvatrtana In Uua fi'j ?ho hata tr-aic-' it In tbalr p awtr*. A ??1 ahta ?ad n>* aw B?? Walar la tuai'td Paw iHaama^a ara mora annoj-lag aad jraral.tit tban Ib'wa m tb? ara Faw arc a r?adrr rW Barad If >ba pr> par tra?ra b? u<ad In Una and ?<?? ara mrrm Mrt" (If tb?jr ba na?l*<?ad. II la roi i rrftrilrn frr m (ha Lb in i ??li h*i la Mftrlr ?* aaari what* tb> lata ma' ?arurttira of ika ?j? la n- 1 la?nj?*d, ? f?w a) yllaaut ? o! tha Ba?|o Bya IT alar wl I r??lrtra parfagl taaahk i.. Iba or ran and randrr aar : rtk*r d.?K>rla* or maA caUoa urn 'raarr aiT d'a aafa piraaipl and ra)ia>- r ? irf r' Wf lata >a '* ikr ?" ??d v- ^ lk? Or,.r W? '""J* *T'r IMW? ?tWfpil ??!>**< ??W t\g*w w Tsataa ? - ?*>bbtibap-r *A(irrBjfc watbb h ,m * m rragxlab.a <r (Ulala. I r? ? OkniA a bqlM*. M* M PRTCl. BAtt RAL n.AIBVBTABT PHTPHI\AI?. m I a maa- Bkd <>? a1! at Bo ? Btat-% I'KU, bftwwa i! *auu and lkirtaaalk MraMa. iHMra froa ll- A. H. BlfH-% ?H ? Hnrauu aad IMmaali WMB; bow 'ad p?PM MAPAMI lIKRHABn. (rftTROPOman. ?TABLtraaa* la Ik la Mr M) 1MI Ikaailfnlia Wo mat *J U nil aaffkfint frm Hnraa. BaatrnaTlaranH Nalia Aa U?? IMP a.-eay?ifiKa,"-u? ? ? -4--^ pun V ARM. X Tha Oranar naw B???ailak Hani* BaAmf Pw i>?k Uia tiaaiaai aai aa of arar arar ikvrn ad 9nr y an naaa IkMtBkli. Por ttfommtum applf IP Ika (l??*^aaw or OwmlPart. Raw Tor*. wbaraTt M ati?M<a?lJg H9 Klaarkaa ggg aad Mi Mar? r 8W^i?! rjlii* tm piotou) v.: -r