Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1860 Page 11
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ralkr it a trrnn. ] A OrTlOR !*C?tI It ? SPLBBD1D HOUBBUOLD KU* A. t Sure at pub ic vendue -T.? til wfcero K imic a.*i a? take a?ttee ? Ltfuh having 'era made la t*e p*y?-rU of il chattel Btinniw, eiejute* on the ist nvt ijth ?avso'Jaly I" MWI IMN of t4 W?, IM prrv.?4 tu M i*i? J?y (Wf dacfcUv) (lot H. at 10v; o'ciivk IL by J. W. POB1 BR, euetltin-er the entire den ci*s? 1'iea'ture o >? Msei U> the elegant rea'deree 218 fcu'tMO'h airert r >ra?r ?* eighth hum. without anv postponement nr rmtm wliai (Kr or so "inch thereof ee will oover said aam had eipeuaea %?reoo. The parlor furniture la very rttefuve ?u?l of the Shert eoathr deacrtouon, W large port h n of which w?a w'? 'y Seeks Nesmldt fri, aad other lirst class iuanutaotu 'an. iu MI be fillj relied on both for eleganoe anil durability It esealau Id cart of full Heta of solid roae?aitf, nobly rar-eu, eereied n the moat eoetly Frmcb broiadee: eleg.iot senfa aad side Tablaa to m?tc> , two re, y ml rwaaond S?gsi*?. di statuary lopa lined wtth sallawood. I?l? .? MB us a, b?svy taoe and hrocatal Onrtalns OU PaUiUngs bs* ass eel sad SMxiara, well aortkv the att-nttoa of ena astassurs, also several very ckotoe la?ds?t'es by Vaoder aserdt, * lacker tad others; large Turkish Ckatra la lalia aad d*|V t: rosewood pearl. togetaer wnh a splendid assortment of rich _ctaa?^ ? d Parian marb.e Flgur-a. ?Utu. lusa. ala^"' , ^ rte " minf, hx.d uiher valuable m%nWiland panor Tmbmu, ? one of ibe mot costly at d valuable Planofort*a now to _th a Matry, full aeven octave, rlrhiy c*< vod caee and leg*, fluiahed aBereund. Chamberw-ltleganl ruaa?ood Furnil ;<-e, la suits, auiiu L I Ln m. qnet: marb.n top TaMaa. rich ta_-e Curtains. o?;?l Blrnrra Sceewwd Toilet and Work Tables, wild marble '-ioa. Tak e de Knit ? '?d roaew.iod Bed ,i?ada, aoU^ine atyle; Bu a ai h marbli top* aad n?lrn<ra, olacantlr curved, irllb MtanOaio B.atrb, rlcb>y dec-irated jlK china f Ulet Hot*. ___ kair Mat>raa*?a live ?**??> feithcr B?U Bolster*. Pll Emu, Rbeela. Bniaae'a and inrrain Oar p eta, aaloi t and intbo C? ki'li. pomi ri?ln? eo'lra ?et* lor bed'ooma; Louu<ea. ?a. fcofa Ht di K-x-kera, Olocka, Mlrro't. A<- . An. The imn geanr oalia pnrtlcular aUonti^u to til? Hie ai en^racion In nrlalj and r\U*ot ?u aaaoruucnt unaurpiuHe^ h^'iajt aoit u? waraaof 120.00)1 Fi.r fu l parti nlari mm catalog 'ra. wb'cb ?? be had at the hon?e on the aornlajfof aa e Hfh. ona'bla saraMa will be la attendance to na^k curt or atore *? ?x!? (oln^ oat of Ike cite, at a re?K aable cbarxe Hatla/a :tory depoaita vfll be required from ail i -uhitawa. J. n?RNSr, tforW.'i?cc AVCTi? .- Ko*in* kn i aNHivt: bai.k or HEAnrirri. Hor^i H i li rCuKITORK AT I'UBUO aUJTIOK, < n Thiinlay, Oct >6 at 1UH o'clock Th? aa i iioe < t 1I< iiae??e en and tke trade la iovitad to tb* aal* of it- entire beautiful Furniture of erery d'vriuil m anolau t d in :b? are aviry rea-dence f?a 162 Weat Twenty drat PARLOR CfJKTAIKB, three fnll ?eti of richly carved roerwojd Parlor Farmlture, oovrred with rich all* brocade, *a?uary murile t'p oentre . and pier tiejfant Flo-intlne anl P*rlaiin Ulrrtira with 'lie at?ba and brackeu, two r?ry rlchlv m ? unfvl Ml' by Kdlvrd of Parli m\fiit4c?nt ?ev.'O oitare rnaewood rforte, Ktool and Cover. Tr.rkiak R oepil m (Thain. eo wed in medallion, tapeatry, Uwly^i Frentk Ke<-ret..ire lined w*tk rallnao'Hi, el*gaot loacwcxd atejfere. w th P reneh mlr l or doo a, style of Loula XIV , taccflry CaroeH. Tarklah Lamigra. brocade ai.d rmbroldercd l>aoe Corfulna rich kreoae and ursolul 'kandelli-n, aitlatlc Broniea, marble tig ?Me aud Uionpa, amosK which are Day and Night. < o'umb'ta mi Onttenbera, aiilton wltb a rare anl valuab'e collecUoa of fatauoga worth} the att?Lt oa of c<mn aacura; bronze Clocks, kra and etrurcan Urn antrum. Hevrea and Dreaden. din I ?<?. room k>DitmvBBtii ruitrtiruai ?opener eztrnrlcn Puung "able, Uoth.c oak Dining Ohalra, ? eaitd '.n grren r? pa, Frcck and India china Dinner and Tan iei>, ruby cryatvl cut ''<iaaa <rara. Deeantera. JTlnea, Hot Sea,. Finger Bowla Ivory aad pearl ' ~\itiery, allvar Ware. Oaatera Hprnsa Forka, Dltner and Tea Service L'rna kfl.. vita a Ikrge va-lety of ? thar dtnlng room furmtu*; marble tap D rearing Bareana marble top Waakatanda. Oommndee. ?**kl Vaaea, Wartlr bea, fall suite roee *"od > bamber Fur ?l ure, <^ard Tables gold and velvet l?n<sc* -e flhadea, French ???raviiirs. spring seat and eane <%alrs, lngrata and tapestry Oarpets tvo s 'lsd roeewood 4edsU>ade, Htatueltei, hall Ht*- 4s ??d I halr 1 t mat h; tapestry atalr Oarpeta. with a larre aa ?"Ttm'stnf P?rl?r aad Chambrr Fnrnltare not mentioned afl of walcl Is to be sold oerea ptorlly. There will be men to pMk and ?klp the furnitc re, -f csslied, U attend aoe. Bale wMtout learrvc at )( % o'clock. An RAOT1TI AND PIREVPTORT AUCTION SAL* OF CLIO A XT HODhKijOLD FUKKITORK, prlrate residence, 89 Weal kieveotk street, near Fifth e. ?t rt aide. VHJ8 DAT, Wednesday, at tO)* o'clock, MagrUlcent Rneewvd KlanntirrW, Begtnt Parlor HuHe, rlch;y oarved solid roee wood, Boeewood Ktegeree, Bookeaee. Ptar M rrora UU Palbtlngt, Ardatle Bronzee, Bisque and farlan Ornaaaents, Velvet Carpets, Ac Ac. Ac. VBtataroes now reedy, and can be had at the honse early (Ms momlrr All ?f said furnltare was made to order by Roi A Oo., of tkio olty. PARliORB I Arable round eoreered aoltd i rise wood Pianoforte; has ssrm d legs, solid pearl keys and elegant tablet board', roee Weed Canterbury Stool, Music stead aad French emanssui) CSDtk Cover; three Bolts of ear red furniture, covered wltk saMa brocatrl, green and g>li. ciisaaaa aad blue; eaeh suit mmMs of eight pleses; Tete a Tele, ovaL medalUon, Uothlo aad euesole Coaiia, Btegeres. Bookcase, Sflrrora, Oil Palat Kngravtnga, valval aad Brusssts Oarpets, Moeate ' **" DIRINO rooms. (Ml extenskm and saahogany Table , oak Buffet, eak Cbalra, Mia Catlery, B aires aad Fork*, stiver Table and Teaspoons, Ckte, Crockery, Glassware, Fruit Basket, Carpet, Clock, bsoage. Basy cttlra, ^c. Cham bbss. Ssttd mas wood Bedsteads, marble Urn Bureaus, WasManda. aartad hair Maltresaet, PUliws aad oarpeta; walnut aad aaasseUed Furniture, Ckaua, Clnc!k% OU Palatlags. Sofas Bsskirs, Lsasgss Ac. Also, all the ?ascmsct aad KHebee Fankure Bale positive, rata or shtae. 8y order of Phtilp BMarty. attorney. ALUS A CO., A-jotlooeera. A !? BL1BCBK*. AUOTIONKKR. A< Fourtrei derirab e Lnu r n rirat and Beeood iTMim, M. 101th, lOMh ud )MU am eta. A. J. BLKUtKH, SUM * CO. will Ml] on Wedneeday, Oe Mar K at 11 oVIork. at tba Merckanta' Biehanae? On Finer iTun-l Utu north *eat oorner of lOtth Mrwl 0? BecoeP iTu ui? 1 Lot, weal rid a, MFmtBouth Fortieth On atra srmtrr-S I/tta. north ride, 100 feat wari Blereath Haam. I0V feet etreet near Broadway. Om lOtra h?ui~! Loa, north rid a, 175 feat wari Ftarri Oa Utra strkbt? S Lola, north aide, 360 feet waat Flret ire Ob NBh rTRirr? 3 Lota, eeoth aid*, SHI feat weal Viral are ?ae, MX) feet ? treat ?air per aent eaa remain oa nortofe for three jeara. Ma? Ae , at He. 7 fine eUweC A J. ILIIt'IU, ACCIIOMBBR. A. Four %mm Lou oa 111th aad lUth atreela. Between fourth and Fifth aeaooae, a ear Central Park, llllli ? to tkr ?eu to of Ike Bar Dr Jerri*. A. J. BLBtCK RR. t OM * CO. will call at aootloe, oa Tfcaeeday, Uetobe* ?, al 11 o'clock, at the Merchant*' Bl "SSi? ?T?ai-> Lola, eoath ride. US feel weet Fourth rs ?U~ .mm^U* north rite, 171 feel weal Fourth o-thlrde eaa remain. Title tadBpotable. ?a ?a, he , al Mo. 7 Fine etraei. A 1. BILBOS TAYLOR A OO., AOCTIOMKKR8. A. AB?OLCTK AMD ATTRACTITB ACOtlOM BALB, THIB OAT. or AAQ NIF I'J BWT AMD COBTLT BOBBWOOD AMD MAHOOAMT BOrtqnOLD FTBMTTUBM AX Til BflilDBMCaoF A FAMILY DBULiWIIfO UOUBB KBBP1M0, Ma M Weet Blchtneeth rireet. Between Ffth aad Mllh araanaa, Oneaaeadag al 10* o'eloeh prei aely. I fwaltore waa aO made to order by Brat elaae eNy nana aad can he exaalned prerlnua to the aale. marieHin _ . ? ? Bulla of eeren pteoee aaoh. , marble ?dee Otl ,IrI I Flfttraa, wttk ? article* both naefnl aad omaaantal. Brgant aeran octave Pianoforte. pearl ke re, loeewood ctaa, l Barred le#a -a eery enpertor kaetmaeet Dining Bona Baeiaial aad Med Chaabera rite a tea aeeortaenl of Furaltoiw? Oarpeta, Onrtata i Coraieea, Crockery, Hirer aad Olaakwara, MnfUah r, Painting* Clo-ka. Bedding, Ac. Bewrr article fi la I art'T baring beaa In nee only a abort lime Ceka t honae. B?mae te let, Iaqntre of the auctioneer A ?. MBBWIM, AUCTIOMBBB. ?L. BT balKM, MBBWIM A CO., ?OWDit aSB TVB*t?A T*B TBM I * (^T*4 OCmiKBB SB AMD SB. At T O'CLOCK, nn OIL PAlMflMOB ? A choice private eoUerttoa. en*. ?Mm aaar or I# laala by nririiraled aarlea' Mi, aril ame eftreatlT Boa coatee of the MM. OBfcraetag waay geeae of art. A Ian Matarar* aad eaa be eraailaed prertoo* to the i |M part of aoMd raaewood fraaaad Bulla of earee ?veered la Freaeh aella hroeatal; roeewood Mu? |M Tahiee, ?nt f ranted pier aad Metal Mlrro NMtofa. Broaaea, paiian aad < klna v aaee aad I Bow oa eiklblttoa at I ACCTJOMMB.? BIX HUNDBBO Braaaaa, al anafo^ by Wednaeday. Oelober St. at alare M Oortlaalt etreet helm a very da a <4 pltaM rood* of all railrilee, aoid In Iota to at?y likti, 0. TCI TLB, AUCTIOMBBB ^ BALA Of KLBOAMT BOBBWOOD at m Broadway. tkie day, el 1 1 o'clock. L OOIIOM MOTI CM. ? DABIBL A. MATBKWd AUO ?Binin'irTi'uiifaoti ?OTl .KB CniOLtS A M ATHBwM will aall al ?? m ,'horedayi at in', o'eloafc, at their ealeeronoa Mo. ScSaretreet. oepoaHe tU Feri oftee. ahnoi U i .1" ?*r MM f?a' ioe Raean* Bagara, eaeap'tetac noaohaa.>1^adree. Ohm. Millar. OiiaiiieM Ae of well kaon braad*. Til ? MaB aaar. Pwua da Mai r, Ooenaam. Ua Oraaadla*. UV*m r^haaa. La ladla. La Hoaelaalidad An. la It 1 lu N.iea all la per'eri ,?der e?d war-ant*' ae rw,.r? ? 53 ?a win BE. agonos MOTI OA- MOBTOAOl BA' ? OF Bo CMC A hold Fa -a Mare. . areata. Ae ? M. D-jTOHT*, aoetloa ??, wtU eriU oo Tko radar <>et Sft at 18 a elw, alike raaa ? Bm atreet a few donra Faltoa >aawi, ? p^aeo itreet a ra? doora rr_ea rw ?Mae ri a ehattei mwicave eari raeaewu Parlor Pari a Tee ad If |fia? aa<l *old -ir e %t-1 7 plaeee. paWM rw p'nah ?Mi la aaryn p eak aad aeieaaf othara meewoot marh e taa OMn Tat lea. meewoorf ar<l mahoeaer ??dt<a? v Br-te MB ae d aaleat C r r.e>* eitearioa DMaa Table*. Klaoh wa' aed ?**!>? t<p Hafleta eak diami ma Ctal'e, ? or *ialad ware. tn?l?r? B'toeui aarb'e o.t> [)ra*a*ae M^rea.* WaeheNnd* K >)?t*e WetMe aad mahoesar T - r-t- hm a eada, hair Maureeeea ^art a**ea WarOr >bee I. cneee As Afca. at IS e*etaefc. raeaaaod S ortara Fiaao one. Ae . Be. B oonoM Fo*tm w c alm"btwi will mbi.l ?MMm* fiirarlar < ctohar SA. at IBS O'elooh. 71 eveeae, eeAr Wa- arte- r?a^e. a lar*e \wnrmeat of ?M rtaewml kowknld ForaHnre of deeeJlr'Vwi. ?ed fmai 'he rerideaeeef Mr Unn#ene it Fonnaauife . to 71 klath MM for eonrealeeee ' f eale Oee en rreeworrt riaan. three raelrr Bnlta. enwered In **Ue 1 ead eeleet p]'i*h. Book Oaeea. Ri.:e Koante oaotre Tail MB eaay Okair* aad Uiimtw. Frearh plate 1 mm Blrrera. Rteaaree eel ret ead Briia?ali 'ar , OllrMtk roeewood aiah'<?aoy aad waloat Bed . Boeeana Wa*>eier.<1a. rViaevdee Tablee. "*0' lelea, eofa Be?towade Frwnoh - klna die ^ ""Peeeaa. Bole. BoUwe. nilowa, aad B VCTIOM MOTTO*. IfiCirarS a renns MOTifm-rriiMnTTitB at tbitatb A ?ale A rare orporlnally to porahaM ?rat rlaa* kons t aassswsf INI ror^r, rrww Wl ptrlnr ?tn?, ^<1 ror '?? do. ^ W?, Bniili ?lrmr?, Pttottnrn, 'iftim. dflf j? ? **** ?? bN?liS u 70 w5 (ALU AT AVVTWOM. ALL All J ? EELJM * OU.. AOOTIOi I hupkr i buuftaoLi* iUm property of a l amilv (Ucllmm bn?- keeping) TO Ht SOLD *T PPBul'l ?PCtIOW. ON I111S(WEI)K?8D4T). it lh? elegant r?*i?tenoe of Ju- ge ? No. ?3 V?t BUteentb .treet, b? ?m" P fth and Htxth avaaufli , Hale oommenoing at 10), o eloot The taw wee fnraUhed lee* than utaumth, mil and I tail txrel ml order; the furniture an made to unto by liioad?rey "^"IaONIFICKNT RORRWOOIT PI ilTOPORTB. ?olid carved roeewooO I rawing Room Suit* velvet medallion Oaro-te ? i It* no pror/.ee, OU Paintings Mutuary, oak Ruflet, Kiten*Km Table. roaewood aod maho?*ny LJuuuber Furniture, sd suite; Chloa, Olaas and Silver Ware DRAWING R< NIKS Prawing roam Furniture ouvere,i with French brocatal of Mm richest de*c'tptirn, * lid rosewood frames ; two aula. tIi . tw> ft* a tele (Wm. to am < hal'e. two receptl-m and eight oral b- ck Chairs, made by Well; ?nt*? Tahlee ttunaey isarMe tops elegant roeewood ktrgere*. plate *!?** door*; teeretalie and Honkciue lined wrk eallnwood Che?e Talle. Maid with pearl; rwewood aide Tablee. velvet nominal t*ile Oovere. Ruoolgnur? ?. ea-y 1 h- ra m?'?l in vei at 'Mia*' Work Table aad Writing lleek, vrlvet med*i!iirn <iarpet?, mo *.?i ? K i . aiiUque lava Vaa*?, mag"ltloent rosewood Nt-o forte, full M'Trn octave. rich I v -arved leg* ani eoae, latlaad wtth mother of pe?rl and (olid Ntrl Leva has all tke ?moiern Improvement! roeewood Canterbury, Htool, embroidered elotb Cover; t il fainting*? Hot? Katn'iv. by tellere*, auperb pal it ir ic ; auumpli o of the Virgin. two Mat^b Painting* br Cole; Fruit Fieri', Winter H i-re, MmIu Vle?a Ksene* oa the ? of France, hmugrler'a Kamlly, Btorm at *ea by K< law; *j*o. a num>? r of fine Cabinet Pic uret, Prrni'b Line Kngiavln**. ra>e and coMly Ur n in V*rc? . n>m Pompeii and llerculai eutn Artiat'c Iron te St* turtle*. I>re?den chioa Ya?ea, *uperblv deoieated marble l-Ulie* Cup cl and Piyihe Pandora, Ac ; Hat ft an J ' il cloth Velvet Hair Carn-t Stiver P...'.*d Hod*. R new >)1 Cban,ber Kurn'.lnre in *ult, Bureaus. armour a Qiao*, On-aa In* Table. Pe aleada. c immo lea, couch and arm < 'baiie wt ertd with velvet. Hair and rprlng MaUreaaea, Btanketa, Counterpane*, an (?' oak O n'a* Roona Fnmlture. HulTet. Marble Too lired with aa.iuw.*y ; Kiteoaion Tab *, Arm 'Thalra, e!?*art a?tol Cry*i~l an" )? uby <>'a?a #are, aolid SI ver fra Service Freoch hina IXnner and Te* ?eta, hbetliejl Ta'ila ( utlery; ?'ao n'l tie atement and K'tnhen Furniture. rt? e Jiralttve, wltbi lit rejrfttrd ti the weather. Competea. o rem ? 111 be Ir afen Junre to park *bl? or ?a>1 the (oud* at a rea ?' uable charge Partlrk wlebiiiK to attend the ?r?le w'.3 take the fltih <>r Mxtb avenue cr? or etage* at the t'HrHo j? ht Rlcbolaa and lletrnpoHton Hotel, which ?1M brle^ 'heaa withln ? fr w dw>r* '4 the houar ; corner of Klueenth atreet N. rt ? The elegant real i"n. e for tale or to let. Poaae?alon immediately. For further particular! Inquire of the aoeti n eer Klejrant Houaehi Id Furnltue* on Friday, at No M Fifth ave noc. Farther naitl.-ulara to morrow Alio on Monday October 29 at No ? Ifadlaon aren't#, an ?xl*a> Ire avnrtmrnt of ilrnt claae Houaehold furnitum A'DCtlON ROTI"R.? SPROUIiATOlUt, OOODOB *N(7*. A Bv A. R. TlU'MPriOW. auciiooeer, thte moninK. at 10,^ o'clock, at 79 f aeaan at-eet the entire content* of *ale# room, Sewlne Macbicee. Furniture, Jeeelrv, Watcbne atuffed Blrai, Artiflcial Flower*, Havana Pegan, Mnorauhnom P'pea, Ac. All moat be aoid. As Auction xotici -winkh, liquors ac-to fouthern and Western m* *chan'a ? H* VRT (JRUKI will aell thi? day at 10,', o'clock, at the atorc 1M Wtlllnm Ktjret, IS etKthtb and It quarter till ' O^nar and tard Rr*n b> . 4 catk* old Hour nun Wktekey. i pipe* Holland (Ho 2 hil*. orn He' nappa. t bbl Scotch ? ht?key, 1 oar It a Malaga Wine t?n quarter ca*l* o d Port wine. 1 bbl Abeyntbe, 3 do. ttum; a'-o 30 deml.tobnt aaaorted I iqnora, t Iron Bme, KBoe L?'?k, 8<i,CU0 Imported and domnatlc Fegar* 4c. ArOTION NOTIC* -BURNHAM'8 furnitur* *x pre** *nd Forii<tnre Packing ?mablinhiaeal, lit and 113 Wa*i Kleventb *treet betweei Fifth and With avenue* Houaehold Furniture o' every deeciiption boxed and ahlpoed to all part* of the wo 'Id Covered vagon * for the removal of Furniture to tke country Pianoforte* Painting*, r>t\tu?ry. I'll Paining* Ac . i aeked and moved. Storage lor furniture Fnrnltnre ? f famlllea moved witk utmoet care. Auction iionrtE -fi?h, oro^iriis, ac? hknrt OmEBN will Hell thi* day, at 10'^ o*cl ?>*, at the *t->re IM ? 1 11 lam street. VH) keg* Dti'ch Herring, WO tin* An ?hovlaa, V*1 k?*a epanlak (ulve*. 10 bbl* Manherel, 8 bbl* Herring, Soap, rtarch. Ornti*. Mu*lard. U ffee, S bhi*. Pale Ala. Ac SSIOFRK'R SALK OF BRUR8KL1, VII, KT AND IN L train Carpetlnr, Mattlrg, Oilcloth, Rr g*. Ac . Ac ?A M ? KiSTa l.A? . auctioneer 23 Bowery, will aeil. on Thnraday, 3Sth ln?t , at li'W o'clock, abont I, HO yard* RngUah. Velvet aoa bruM<t>* Cnrpeun r, 1,000 rartla ail ? ool and Ir grain Carpeting a en Velvet and bru**el* ? uga, large aaaorunent at loo r, haL ?nd ttair Oilcloth, Matting. Ac , Ae. BROWNK A NICHOLS AUTIONKKRS -WBONBSDAT and Ihuraday. October M and tt Kach day, at 10^; o'clock, at our *alr*mnwk*, U Naaeau atreet. Unpen collmtion of real Carearn marble ctatoarv and Vaaee being the imnor latlon of bignor Maueiul. Matuary? The at* rtment oom prlae* *ome auperb piece* of reel Statuary Marble Sculpture*, by Franrhi, Bartol nl and other*. Vaaee - Cooateting of an tin natiklly rich vani ty of real BardiUle Ma'ble. Ak'?Ii* Vienna and aiabaater Vaeea, of the Roman Urec'an, F'oreatinn. Tin can. Neapolitan and other cl>e?lc atylea A ri h picfuaion of ?eauUfully carved <^ard Receiver* Tnzzae, Fountain* and other ornament*. Alao rick Fancy Uood*. brenze Clock* Plated Warn, Berlin Uooda, Ae. Aleo ? complete aaeortment of Mch'mlan ftlaa-ware, Pttich Bowie, Fruit Beta, Deoanter* Ce'eeie*, Ac. A portion of tke good* wl'l ha on (exhibition on To* May, October 33 JJBOWNI A NICHOLS, AUCTIONURR. WKDNBSDAT, OctOer 34. At 1 o'cloch, la front of aalaamom, 3ft Naaeau ?treet, A Ore pair of Horsea gray and bay, eaven rear* oil, 13^ hand* high warranted Brand aad kind; hare been r.*"d by tae owner tor the pa*t >ear during the inaaer In the nouutr; are reliable horeea for a family; need to all kinds ef noieea, and P,,f'eui albo. % rvroble Hameea, city made.jnearly new, and la good order. Two eaated Waroa, pole aad shaft, built by Wood Brathara A Co, la good order. AIM, A hay Ware, 14 hand* high, 7 years old, eoand, kind and gentle; wtl trot in 3 m In a tee easy. A lot of second hand Waaone, 'top aad ao-top Roc ka ways, Ac. Also double and elagla Bnrneaa Bulbous roots at aootion.-wn h. prankub a IU Ml) at auction U.I* day <Wedncad*y, Oct. M),at 11 o'cJoak, at No. ? Broad (treat, two eaM* auperlor Plower Roota, put dp nsnalr for faall* nae, (aaMii of double and alnjle Hyaolntba. ToUpe, Bare la Ma. Crocua and utter Roc* a, warranted true la tkilr name* by (aldnpua. EH. L0DUBW, AUOTIONBBB. talualb im btook at auction pob AOOOCNT or AH RrfTATB. B H LUIIIXjW AOO will Mil at an ettoa cm Taaedar, OaL " lor a* 10. I860, at UK o'clock, at the Merakaata' Bxckac eooat of Ml tMM. U< folio win* valuable Btoek n ?baree RaMoaal Raak. oar W MrlropolltaB HMt. par VO WO Mecbankne' Rank, par - M 00 Barckaata' Bank, par 00 10 Mankaitan (Vmpany. par ? N ORy Ormpaey par WO OU Baak > f New Toafc. par ..'00 Tor f tinker parHealara apply to Ike aucUoaaera, office No. 8 EMDWABD iOHBNCE, AUCTtONBBB.-HOU?BnOLD ? Pornlture -Hy K. A P. II BOHRNCK -Thle day. Oct. M. at kii, o'clock, ?t tkatr aalearooaa. Ro ltl Broadway. | aew and aeeend haad Bouaekold Furniture, eoaMln| la part of anl'a of rieewond, aakonaay and black walnut Parlor Par kalrclotk. roaawood aaarb'a plate pt?r plain nltura, to broaalal pi oak aad balreMk. roaewoe top Etrccrae. centre aad pier Tablea. Preach Qlaaaee. KrneMla and larraia IkrpeM. carved aad i Mark w*:?nt an4 oak Hdcboarda, eitenalon Tablan dlaln* wood, aah ?ary aad blaek wafant Bod*ea ito. aaarble top Burr ana, Waahalatda aad Oomaodea. elecaat marble top black walatrt rmaa aad kb wood aad sal Bedding, Ac. Afjoo. at ji o'oi/xw, Aa clepaat roMwouil mio attar* Pianoforte, Marly aew. A loo a mpertnr itfla. with oaaa. KB. HIM*. ACCTTORBBR. . auction BOTICR-Urre trade aala of Aaartaaa aad frercb O'Mawara HIM* A BI. WORTH will aall, na Thnrwlav, Oet *, at 10 o'ctoak^at Ike More of TVwu D. Moore A Ocv, SB Water itr?4: 1 MO oaaka of A?rlrpa Otaaaware. MO raaka Pranob 'I laaawara. OataJortiM bow ready. HMkNRT H. LBRDB, AUCTIONBBB. ? RBtTBlTBR'R ? Mle ? HRRRT 11 LBBDS A OO. wtll mU at aor-tkn oa nFedaae^ay. Oct. Mat II or look, la the rati err over Ike ?<aawm.'!l3 Raw i (treat, raMM* aaleV rWVortee, 1 hy order if Judge Leoaerd the ?up-em? Ooort, fo^k^ beaeM of tke creditor* of Ike late flr? of Onper A At^^H w'uYbafeaiy far aiMMttoa onned af'?r Prlday, OMober 10. aa above. JOHN BcDONaLD, Ria?Mi'. HBRMT H. LBBINL AUmnONBBR. rfptH orbat anbual balbl HBRBT B. IMim A OO will Mil at aoeUoa. oa the even inra of Wedaeeday, Oak Ot, Tknraday. 10th. Pilday, MU aad Bata'day, riot. IT. at 7 o'clock aaek oreaaw. la the ntUartaaaf ike BaiiraaJ A aad ear. Teaia atreot, aear Rraadwaw. Tke a??>Ta rolleeHoa oaaptlaM tke worka of OInoal, R W. Wlar. J. P. finpaai OfraaA L B Blaaot. Hkaky, HMliry Halt, MiBkjll. O. H Hall. Darter. Btodai Brow a. flaiaua. Tkora u>.. ch^a knouxh ttrmoou B. Roddlaptoa, Okayar. dr.. ?akM>iwWH>. tvMpal by O. Morlaad, MM beautiful Btaturea. by O orpeA Wfllaaae. ?d aey B. farei, from the Royal Anadeaiy eaklMUna, oaa at Mi rreateel worka two by Rdward 0*RaU of leaden; J. Mark, A Barlaad, A. W Taykw. Ilardtai aa early plelare by TPaaaal. J. T Peate. I.wilkeili'i irt, aai i aatad 'mm Ma lata eollawlna of Bti R Wilana. IJatca Ike elder, nrfetaal by Hfrdat, Mr R. W liana. Oeorge Cole, Umdoa; Rdarla WRItaaw, rnaraatead Htdn?y Otiper aad i<ker> katag Ma eallM aoUeetl a at m ?ctteraaA, who a laa?1n( for Barm PRRRCll 0 "HOOU OrteMal. paaraateeA by Paai Maraafea, PuRaila. I aibl art. Troyaa, tkmvinarta. Ite Nutra, Uaafoat da Beta, Jnlaa OoaL, O. laaae. Bd Prere flalaot PMnti. Artnta rta Hlat, I Roteiaaaa, A B. Teroa. Ueeeeaa Aocard aad othera. PlJWIRH lirHOOU u tke y nbllc Win wa Irr tkoee (Iwt above that IMa will be aa axtraordtaary aa'a Many arm claaa anMa are 1 1 ii i aiukl, ?btrh bare aerar been offered by aaetlon la Ikk idty before Thar are pow oa eibiMttoo aa above, free, aad wtll aleo be oa ttklbNhm two erenlDia preWma to the aUa. wtM ulalngiia T DARIN A CO . APCTTOBBBRB OP UTBBART PRO ?J party. Voanh araet aad Latareue plaaa, oae door eaal (if Broadway? Tke (ale of I be MM WP. B Bt BTONR I.IBRtRT will kd roaUaaad tha day. M ? jMggJLS ? ^ THM?IX)<lf, TBIAIA WOBBN. AC. Tkurada? -n/RINO "AI.R. eoaalauae of vary ahnne (l|L f AIBTINOR, OTATUART. Bt'BTR, (fUBIUBITIlW, AO. fOHN r. NORTH 1NRRT. AOOTIONBBR n? f AHBR I *| Rnola. ak^iea aad ItnwaM at a<i<-u la. na TburwUr. rtoL I a at 10 , o'clock at ib? atore of J. T I?avta A Oo , la Oort I land I Itrrei lariudta* mva'a, baya1 aad ycmtM' aall, kip aad I ?raM double (Died Borne. lKJI'OHTT. Ar<TTOWR?R, WILL MA THIS ? . da\ rWedn?aday> ?^-ar K at IDS oelork. at ? rs?tk am..* betarean RMeteeaM aad TwwaMeU (tra-ta. I BoaeekoM Pure Bora naadMMa of loapwood fmaa Par I lov Pobp. mvarad la cilaaoa aaTrMd bncatal. vlr Lonea. I a.a> an 1 oarbw rVaJra, w>M??ad aevea ndave PlaanforM. I aad* by Harmnra. pill fraaa Pier Otaaa. dab aad brantcdle; I laoa window Ci rtaMt aad OvalaM. naewand ooraer Bwara. I water enter P alalia (a. aaafl OraaMpata, ?FMMM0M In ? I ink Oprpeta. OlWlatka MOMOOMMMOO? d I anpaay Preach Uiaas'a palMt ^RAORTd K1K 0AlJ^)^U^*>^Tt7RRITU?^A<^^ M AaBBBRB A PAIBOHtLP A'^^ra, aril MO. Ihlp day Oat M, laat, at I0iy>lock. ai No M0 Haarr (ireet tka I fnrrMn* aad atork of aa Rnalab chop bow contl^My <* oil PaMtlapp, makopaoy TPM?a. Aral ' halra fc>? IM lleer P'Mip. larpd OarpeL f)ilrti)?{?. Makotaay lea Bm. Watar CoSr, Sbawar* wMnw IWet a larpe aMrrtwc * [of tea I^TW. f*aatpapa? Wtiea, atpM > ?Ml HoM AJa. Ad , Ad p R1 IA1JU Af AUCT1UI. AWNHHU?BR'8?ALeTUIMl>Ai -JOB* fOBTIBB*, 16 tot Browwav torrerof "alhariae atraat, wi'l cell, at Kk o'clock ft I rge and gorvl ft aor mem of men and wo men a f'oihirg Ooat?, Panic ftD.i V^ftUi, ? ilka, Ualft'oM A**1 other [')? rt; * n lien bhawla, (Jul* ud BluktU. this aaie u wail worth} the ooioe at d??'era wd utAer*. P. M ANiBlf, 8/ trtrWoa atraat. PaWNBROIBA'B PALI. ? W N. UVil WIUL BILL en Ttmradav reit ftt M i VthAie etreet ap alfttre, ? Urge ftiKP Irotnt of g>ud and ail' er Waicte-, Jewel ry, Dlaia ade. Gtn?, Ptotola, "oa o?I Inatrumenta. *c. to coinmanne M 10 oVotk. By order of J.B..A J. BIMPWoN. T> VNRROBBR 8 BaLBTHIB dat.-bbll A WORA 1AM, Auctioneer* wtU ee'I tkla d i?. at their auction I .a, 26 Kew Ho?m, 400 lota of Mac* and fl#ui?d silk Drmni hroobe and woolen Hka via, merino and atald ? Boote, 8h<iee. U altera Dry Ooida. Qui ta. Bl'nkeW, rbeeia. fhlrta. and "tker articl-a too n-imaron* to meatfon. Br order of KB 1 1 BNhkHi). Lloeraad Pawnbroker, W K*at BWadway, and forirerr ?t6 HuJaon atrvet Pawnbruker'a aftl" *?1U1 day In *KLL A 1N'??1AH AM'H auction room*. or Hanloo A Co a. Full particulara day of aale In all the papora. PAWNRROKKR'B 8AI ? ? B LBVT. AU'THONRRB, M Katharine ureet, will eell, tbla day at 10)4 o'idock. man *rd women'a Clethlag, Blanket* (Jullta, Kneel* Pillow*. Boote and Hkoee, Jew?l>y. Ao. By order of A. HaBT, S3 Chatham ?Ireet Pawnhro<b*'h balb-800 u> tb or xara CI thing 11 y; a'*o a quawlty a t buck iJloree and Mitt* knl* Drawer* and Hkl' la; alan, all dosra i>l?oe? of Blbboo* on Prldav, Let. M. By order o if 11. BAHNBrr, late of Green wich avenue 1CUABDN KINUBLAND, AUCTION ERR. AUCTION Ha LB OP A HHITAIL STuOK OF BARDWARB. TUESDAY AMD WEDNKUDAT, Oct. 23 aad M, At 10 o'clock eaeh day, AIMS Hixth avenue. Tbe entire Hook of Robert Bnaeell. beta* a oompMa MacM oaenl of abelf and beara Hardware, Ontler*, Men aleo build era' and mei-har'oa1 Hardware <4 every deacrlptk*. all d w bleb will be aoid wkkoat inaern, UM proprietor lUnlhilt SAJ. BOIABT AUCTIOKBKBS? TIlURflDAT. OCT. ? 15, ftt 11)', o'clook. ftt tbe ftUotlon roo ia No 1 Nivtb W l llamairwt flo la^bold Fu'ettice '?onm-tln* of mahogany rotaa. parlor t ba-ra. etay and rooklnc "kalra, Bureana * aah Hanoi odire and <-ftae aeftt ? hal a, cblldr?u ? high Ckalra 40 lmktr? Olaaaea; Brotaela. ibrrn ply a id la?raln TarpeU, Oil I'lotka. Dahocany, earrxl, blah pool Bedattftdi, oo Ufa Bed atrada, hair Mattrnae^ fealhe' B?dt, Umbri Furniture Ar Alao, conitabln'a aale 'J bot ? famllT Snap, 3? nftaea Bay Rum. 1 Hortt. SiHiHAKL MoC aNH, Oonatable, Huteentk Ward SHKRIKF'S BALK -1ROCBRIB8. "L1QO0RB, AO ? C9MIUBR8 A FAIRCH1LU, Au<"loreera. wUleeU tbla day, at 12 " clrek, at talxaro <? No 113 Kaaaau atreet Teaa Ruga?, Kploea, "oapa, Candle*. (\j!1>?a, rttwc.h. Brand lea, Bum. Oln CiampafDe aid o>hur Wlnea. Secara, Ac ; alao, platform tcal*>, lunar and ooCee Mi! 'a. FLxtur?a Ac . Ao. JO.iM KB'XT. tthwlff. TWItLfTH FALL TRADB BALB OF HABDWARB Auetks Notice ? J.iHN B VaN A*tW4arl B >?. auctioneer will aeU ou Thureday. Oclo>r U at tea o'elook, ai 73 William atreet a larae and varied aee rtment rjf ante rlnan Blra ir?b?m Sheflielrt and >ier?*n Hardware Oatlery Ao emoractrg i pear A Jacka^n'a kfttd ftnd janel Hawa, bite ? ark Jo , 400 guftrler hollow A turura IT peon Mftnura itannc C^impany. Aleo S4 foaa B> re, ?ftrd A n '? eeleb rated tV>la I'ut'ery um pccket Italvea, In doieua and on carda: *'ao "0 dozen L' S ba?ta'd Fllea. aaaorted ?l/ea; a'ao Hoi her t A Oo '? Uble Oilerv alao SO doeen coal Hoda, I0Q d?x>n Ame'h?? ?be?ra. Ik douole lianel Bndteh uuna 12 do. Ueraan. ft'ao lOlOlba c <lored Ontton Ripe. U>*?' hnr wtlh ft Urjje aaeort mn t of hardware c >mprlai?K Nl pie Wrenehae. Kef hlaga Ki\'aand<) n..l'e jo>alon Gapa l.ocka and Ijfttcbea handle^ A tea. ahirgllng and ela* Hat-rheta braaa Hlage*. Iron do Sb doren American dra* Knlrea. ato'e door Locka, Cfciaarla. Hammera. S-ow, aerew Tn'aa axe aal ha'i-bet eiree, ''lanee, liuei; Horara Hooka and > tap lea, cut Tacka, Ac Alio four riiaea Ireneh tinned Ware, c ?mprtaini the uanal aaeortment with a lot of French Hardware. Th* whole beinx in good order, and Mid on a credit of four utoutha. w TTjr.'-TAM ABBOTT, ACOTTONKKS, OF Fin KO. 4 IT Kaat Briedway, will aell on Thu-a lav, ?itb Inn , at 10X o'e'ock, the atork ard nn?rea of the wh VeaaJe anl reta1! Uro oeiy and l,lqnor 8to-e, 408 Grand ?tre?t, oo-eer of Ollatoa. eooalailn* cf Floor, fOHo.Btarcb, Bpleea, I "o interi, Kega, >rtl, ueer Pumpa ?nd all other (litnrea; fine lee Ohe>t IT LI AM ABB"! T, ADOTIONKBB WILL HBM. tkla day at II M o'e'ock. tbe aux-k ftnd flitureaof t?e Grocery and Llmtorno e. 20S Baventh'atree'.. oe?-a?eo ne B, Omul ra, Beer Pomta, Bploea Demlj na and allotiar flx'urea WH. WITTBRS, AOCTIOFBEB? WILL BBLU OS TUIR day at2orl.>ck. at iiit Canal atreet. all the genteel F-irrtt'ire of a large b->oae. Bolaa. 8of? B?da, mah ?any French and cottage Belateada rorktng, eaay ftnd other Ckalra. eitenatcn and ctaer Tablee. pier and mantel Ml rora, velvet tapeetrv. thr?e-piy and other Carneta dreeelng and >tber H>i reau?, hair ard o>aer Maureaaaa, Feather Bed a, PBIowa, Ojaa forteri. bheeta. Blanketa. Vaaea. Oloeka. China. Silver, Wood and other Wa-ea, ollcl nha, Hturea, Ac. Everything uaeiul to kouar keeper* aad otkera. WII LI AM WITTBRB, AUOTIOMBBR. WILL BEL*. ON Frdav, at 10K o'clock, at No 3 Leror place, genteel Faraitnra. marble top 1 reaalng Bnretna, Hair Matlr aaea lleda, Bedding Parlor Furvitnre, lMnlnt Room aaa Kltehaa do t a Tuesday, Oet 30, in Bleecker atreet, near Ureeue, elegaut Hobaahold Furalture. Catalog uea at Ml*. WM WHTBBB. aTCTIOVKBR, WILL BBLL THIS DAT, ail o'clock, M 4(4 Canal nr?at two apian Id lar?? marble top Cotmla.-* tee Crea* do . large airro a. I'lalra <ll?aa Jan ' 04 et ie- with the uanal * iraiture at a Oral alaaa baloon " "" MPIICAL. An abbortmbnt of blboant bkvbn ohtatr Ptaootortea. wtlh all the lateet improvemen a oraratraag acalr. foil iron frame, baantlfnliy ornamea tad, will be eold at a great reduction ia price* for tht* weak Tk"ee to want M great bargalaa will apply to B M. aMBLBB, 8b Walker atreei. Bear Rim ttreet. i ORBATLT IMPBOVBD PIANOFOBTB. A. UtIHTB A BBADBURT, Mannfactnrera of a new anala of overstrung baa*, patent to anlftied full iron frame, grand aad e*toara Piaa ifortea. No ill Broome (tract. Piaaoe to rant ABPLBNDID n OCTAVB PIANOFOBTB, WITH Iron frama. roaewod aaa*, la aearty aew, will ha aoid at a bargftto. Apply at MM OoM (traet, BrooRlya. All BUBOrBAR LADT (OP THK mOTAL AOADBRT. I-nodor wlebra to ba?. a few p-pUa lo tnatra t on the PUuio tad ?U pH at their own MM K?" bae ale i a -holoe Ml 'iloa of nr* ?line na hated lo be dlapoara M at ooet prioe, and a eery Una aaraa octara double round oof? rM oarred Ian Ptaao lo be aold eery cheap Apply at 71 laal Fourteenth MR at, between Third aad Poarth areaaea, lo tha fnilt More. AROPBANO RINGBR DB8IBB* A RITUATIOR 1R A rhnrrk choir Apply at Mf Raooad areaae, botwM 4 I o'clock P. M _ AMAOIIIPiriNT RBYBR OCT ATI ROBRWOOD PIA ooforte. round aoraara. rtnklr oarrart lam and e*ae. orer rtra>( heaa Unad wtth aattawud. kaa all tk<- modern Itnprwre matte made to order f or the araaaa i owner; ooet S4U). kaa been la oee bat Bra mooiha: *01 ba anl I for IM. leo'ndlnr Bmol aad rm-r. A leu rie*ant Parlor Suit, snat UK), for 1140. l?<iulre at 70 Weal Twenty alitk atreot. aaar Rlith a rati <a QllJCI-RRlRa A ?OKI, Maaafactnrer* of ?CARD, RQUARB AMD UPRIGHT PIAROB, Wararnoaii M Broadway. 0 A K>n hare beoa awardad thlrtr o4?ht arlia aiadUt for lb# anparlomy at tkatr BaaoTaatara. for the iut lainy PIAROB TOBBRT. (iiritmitapcbr. which i carrot oortbou iw J dura aa lo aiaka a perfrot oaorlSee of my Piaao for oaeh, thle week. la MM aaw. MM MM epleodid ioaewi??l. fall Iron fraM. la warraatad aa One a piaao aa aaa ba koiu l.i for H*l. M atk'r i ruaraatee prloa, for naak ?.7? <SU1 aad asaalae, atMH ? lalk araaaa aear the ooraer of Thirty Brat atreet. fTK)R BAI.R? A GOOD 8IOORD HARD SIX OCTAVE P Pianoforte, for KM. at 111 Kaat Twaaty atilfe aueet. aaar Third araaaa rR HALB-OHB UPRIGHT RORBWOOD PIARO Preen. Bah*, al?eem loaa anl u alak; la Brat rata or dor aod rnadiuoa. PrVa M; a treat baraaln. Id : itr? at 14ft Holaratiaat. aaar the Bowery. R MaRBHTBIR, Ar'i. TTRRRT MATBB HBO* LSAVI TO BBOOVHRVD M hJmaalf ta tha pnbiM, aa r of tha r laao. M rMj roforopoao Rtroa. liilim IHBIathotreet piAROB TO RBRT. i XIW *t?D HBWRD HARD. AT LIQHTB A HBaDHURTR Ptaan WarerMk, til Hroo*o atreet. Pi ? rob mn.onB^Ri ?rd albbardbb orgarb aaw tad aaaond kaad. for >?le m lo real, at ?r?d bar galea - Melodeoaa aa Ww ae 1*1 plaaoe at t7\ m>r,-.Ur pay mania method for 'a bar, raat a'k>??d If purohaeed. Oee "" A%at. ?3 B^dway. OIARf* AT TBRf B BDOCBD fKICBB- AR ABBQBT i ?ae? nf ?ne alaaa aaw Plawa at graatae harsaftaa la Raw to?t. BmbI ha^ Plaaoa Uk-e lo a.rhaaca ttWIpw bayad PIMM. aiagaaUy aarrad na?wod aaar. for 9HU. oaa ? ortara for $1*0. aaa f<* ?I00. a l\ ootara fur tdk. aad oaa for MP oaa ?akngai y Plaao for WU. al lftS araaaa ft. rnrwrol Tratk atraac *. MMhHI PUROFOBTW-RBW ARD RW-"fD H*BO. AT ? (Ml bargalaa Por aala or Hlra raul allowed If nnr ?baaed. Call aad aiaaloe tham rg tN J RKTT4. lata Wm n Qalh In. ft Laroy plaoa. Hlarrkar as rr?t oaa bloak waol of Btoadwar KHBl-BITKRK HAUB OP P1RMT CI.AMI PI4RUPURTBH E order of Jndra l-naa-d. nt tha Rapraaaa "wrt M M mj. of Haw Tor*. I will eipaeo f<* aala. ataaaUea. ? Wad ----- ike Mth IM . at M A. M.. al MakMrooaa of Haary H uSg'^Ma MM., for M be?* V Uw arrd?r?^U?. Ma flm of Oonpar Null, alary ?aaorlaaewi of Opaaa MM PMfortaft ftaae planoo hat* Ma Sotahad ??In Hi m?i w n-r-T- wRk Ika MM approajd aaa M fall Ma fTMta Aa.. Aa. Aaie pnaMa. tm-mm naafe anae.nuina wa JoBR MDORALD, Raootrar Rlfll RFRRR A 323B II*TB RBlPKRCP POR A | frw day*, al their old ?*ad H > THft *roadw*r r^rnar Of Tealk atraat, aad aow off'r the hahuva of tiatr aojt rf PaaofnrM^I crMty radaowd prloaa for ca*. to loao tha HOTIIJ. At thb botbl ?t. (?bbb\ir. piptii triiri

Reaadwmy aadTwaaty eanoad atreet -UhUnt MMM tha apa?'teaa aad ele**rt ?toin? rowan added to tkil b*?l ika pioailftor lo Pfaeared to mate arranraaaanla wl'k and Mile ?aaUnaea. wMMaaianiaa aad Hoard at Ublo do hola Pr+rala laMaa. aad ataalo a la nana aa herenfora. U TCCBBB WOClJ Mil TO IRrORII TUP PVB . Ik- for oaa Ifcniaaad mitoi arrruad thai he b?o Ma ?plead Id Hotel Gentlemen will do well io t all ?* Itl and JM Ponrth atreet. Wnuamaburi. at M rkiiadelphl-. Miriaa Tha abora for aaia or trade. ^?utaa * raoie a n?we ?r ?T mm ?? r?> ? " ~ ? TDRTH tmraL, ooij.bob gbbbw, * I Thfta Hotel la rary neatnl Mean and ?na?-*odl' atienltoo raid to the eonforl of rneeu Prtrala *u" Km r m m Md rnBAPKLLBBR, DRIVB III R K< t TO^^H 1 aaatan ttnoaa. Broadway, onrnar of daidid ea the Bnenoeaa plaa Good fare eteaa^^^^^^H oftt?daaoa?d ?ih ali ttar?a TUB BRTTH Rooaton ?treet - < oa B. m. Of BA D. Pmortetor. ???rriiwra ; CUB IR BO DRR A TAI.IIRfl DOWRIRG. THB old ?T?t?w rate ran of la 1 ?r?*d otreet. haa tb? Had ?r? la lha oHf. Ail OI.D BP ICO H A R. AT DRY OOflDH, AC. J A MM TUCKER'S, _ - Noa. 7M tod 3U Btoadway. Sew Parte flower*. Sew Pane Flower*. fNlim, F Ndtit Brtdal Ret*, Brtdal Ma, Veil*. Vet la, Veil*. Oottrure*. Oottluree, Toilet Flxln** In Sbundane*. _The marriageable aeaa id U perpetual for Bridal Haul A card. M. MY ERA, In retnratni bla alaoere .basks to the ladle* of N*w York and the vlc'nttle* for th?tr patronage ihete laal fourteao yeas*, 'ak.a* tbl* oopoiiunitT of ar<| ualntlcx them thai ha Intent* "Mag the?hol*of hi* Taluabi* stock ol Mourning Good* at 10 par oeat 'raa than coat price, iur cash, lu oo? sequence of hi* retiring from the bualneea. NEW YORK MOURNING STORE to Bmatway. bttween Bn?>raeand Grand street*. A MAZED WITH DKLIUHT A ARK THE LADIES AT THOIE BEAUTIFUL CLOAKS, which, for style, heauu aod eheatiutws. ARE H RALLY UN KI V AIXED! ARABIA NB. MtXIOAN-i. with and without alesrea. BAfcQUEH. tight fitting and looae. 8H a wlmth, bournous, zouaves. THE TURKISH VEST. and every other *tvl? of (carmen t manufactured We would earnestly laapreae no thoae who think they muat Bio Broadway to procure faahiouable Cloak* and pay exorbl tprloee, TO CALL ANO EXAMINE. Our STOCK OF CLOAKS la the LARGKPT In the city of Sew Y rk. our atyk* on turps saed, and our PRiCRS M to 40 per cent URm than any < ther teniae in the el'.y. Mliaea' and ?-hlldreu'i i'i.OAKS neatly trimmed. GaRMENIS MADE TO ORDER AT ODE OAT'S NO TION _ N. E ?All onr rood* warranted a* represented. CRYSTAL PALaOS EMfOUiUM, 203 SoWERY. W E. RUBER re. ALL WOOL KB IN OB M IB I NOES u. At I**. 01 and 7* 1 be create*' bargalua ever ilTer*L CRYSTAL PA' A 'E RaFORlUM, No. 113 Bowery. W. R ROBERTS. gALL AMD EVENING DRESSES, AT LORD A TAYLOR'S, No*. ?<] to *7 liROADW AT. J oat received AH I LEG AWT ASSORTMENT or RIOH BILKS AMD PARISIAN FABRICS, FOR RVRHiNG DRE8SE8. No*. SU 10 Ml GRAND BT*E *T, No*. 17 and 49 CATHARINE STREET. BRct r,?8 LACES. ? J VST RECEIVED A LARGE AND choice arnrfnent of POINT A L'AlGUILR, POINt GaZS, POIN, 1 1CR and POINT aPPLIQUE COLLAR* Oollara and bki . Collar* and Cuffe, A a , In new sbapsa and dealgna. Also a a heantjful line of BLACK THREAD LACE*. In VEILS, COIFFURES, BARBS. Ac. Valenoirnnea Bdctaca, Uc. par yaid. BAILEY A faRRISGToN (US <tmadway. AEGAINS IN CLOAKS AND SHAWL* R. a MULh A CO. lo exhibit their new pattarna of B a r* aow ready to exhibit their new paturna or ARAB, ZOUAVE, BEDOUIN, PALETOT, tad other recent style* of Oloaka, juat ad led to their atoafc, at BRoStHK LONG AND SQUARE EEVEESAB A, tad fancy wool ttawla, at great bargain* at Ml AND SM BROADWAY, CHARLOTTE O. SMITH. Fall aad Winter Cloak*, *f the lateat style*. Row ready. 1,001 Broadway, on* door above Twenty elith street CLOSING OUT SALE OF FALL IMPORTATIONS OF CURTAIN GOOD* AT REDUCED PRMER FERGmON BROTHERS. Ml Broadway, are now offer to* at RETAIL thsir stock of ElOCATELS, SATIN DELAINES, DA MARKS, CORNICES, LACE CUETAl"S, NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS. UPS, WINDOW SHADE**. WINDOW H JLLANDS, AO. At A LARGE REDUCTION 111 PaK'Kel. FERGUSON BROTHER*. Ml Broadway. j?XTRA RICH PARIB SILKB. Par susisr Vaaderbtlt. LORD A TAYLOR, ?a to m BROADWAY, Rsvs test rsMtvsd per the above steamer, Met froes Pari* FITS CASES ONLY, finals In lag toe ? RICHEST SILKS ETER IMPORTED, AT FROM m TO SU rEE YARD. THE AMOVE WERE SPECIALLY IMPORTED TO HEN* THE PRESENT DEMAND FOB RICH ?OODE. jJlABUlONABLE CLOAKS ASS MANTLES. FALL STYLES MOW READY. A* LORD A /aYLOE'S, Noa. t?7k> m BROADWAY. Noa MS to Ml ORAND STREET. Aad Noa. 47 aad ?? CATHARINE El Lkan o,\ wttk arary atyla at Wl?aato??. l'fw? IkaJ W) 0< M riui BiMAin LAUB OTBTAI BB. Wa arc ilatoaa oat UtbdHMrf oar fan taportotlnaa af l>m pooda. im will nil toaai bjt tka pair, or nki ud po> ? !?!???. .. . r arm Trthina. ?OUJllOH * HAST. mB Broadway. rioorm wantbd-a btook or dkt ooom. Boon U aad Rkora or < lochia* w*nl?d, la aiokuia for prlaM VnUrn lAada. wall loratad T or fartkar partlmilarf addraaa Warraa. box J Ml R. T Pad attea. nujrm. OLOTM, OWTB, BLOTBR ' "-WK WTLl. \JT open tkia mornlaa, 90Q doraa aore brat quality tadtaa' KM Oioraa. at Moaota a pair worth 91. 1 i?W d wan ladtaa na drcaata Bid Otora*. at 11 aaata pair, wortk tJif aanla 1 OOU doMa vtntirmaa a aadraaaad Bid (Jloraa at to oaata pair. w?rth 87 aanta 10 Aoraa ladtaa oadrraaad Oaoatlat 'iloraa at fOemmm worth 11. A wry ckaap K of f*at>aan a Marino UodmliUla aad Drawara A ebotoa arlaedna at raata BaSlera, Hearfa R?c tUaa, Plna, Ar. Tfcrarply baat Uam Onl lara, rarmt# and Byron 100 dot?a all tf/aa- Wa ea'l tka parti ralar aMratlan of ladtaa aad aaatlanaa to Lha abora loto aa h. ? ?u; ? m nam BONALDftON A MIASM. 777 Broadway. QOOI1 rUBUlBHTBU #OOM At UOBD * TATUOBt ? mm. m to ?ar bboadwat. AT LOW run* ?Na MAID mat. INagaad W OATBAB1BB TB?1 L^alL^n amLmaaa to Mr ptorw m4 MtopoMto . that lirfWh raaorad lha Mr oM ataaj M Broadway aad karaoaraad tbatr aiadal ""u!3! ""'"fcuTO IUU1. JWJIAU OA ?f noos, W BBTaTL ?.^B^aOOBB^ BO. to OORTI^RirOTMft bbw iou, ? 'ZStk Rayara bara tka aato *** * "r' *TL*b obb PBom. B. B-J- Mm ?-? < 0??*? ^"c.nton.BT A ROBB All Bah. auaatora; baat <aallty ? oaata a pair. ?aa Umt and Raabrtodarjaa atanrt R(l> bona and Bw> fraaaA Ptoi FP HnMrr aad illmm FoT ?w? of ? i: rtnr* of atnck ofl Hnrtarr < KaOamto. Hull atrw* et WMta 'nll?/y-? of Unaa andH oT ladlaa' of Taakra Rnttoa^^^^^^^H tad laaaraal wart oartala to ?nd wltbaPAfal OH aban rnrta at B. B. Bactt. _ . .. mmmt mim batow PnnrtoantA I W*T( HKR All) .IKWItl.HV. A T !WI BROAPWAT- UADIV OOtD WAf'BWt TROB A ??. aarraatad for ?n? aad thark?r.n*jJI t"?4a?f r i a?<1 alh ar Wivtrhra t<M r?at. roard aa<l foe f^aiaa alao a huftamr aaanrtaMtal of /awalrr. ?* l*p?tori prtraa eirliity to a<a ?ni ibiii at HI. A T Ml BBOAPWAT-OOBrUtlTlOI ABnOOI.D VBRT A (.kaina warrant*! In Maa-1 arM and not to ttmlah t rkanra fr Vr from (1 M) l/> (t. ??'lAr' iTialna fr<?a ?S to 110, tan aad m?>' tkaa allB UOHIBI jawalry atora. ill Btaadway Broadway. HI N AKRWBB TO TUB Qt BRTIOB. WHAT ABB OAU _X fprala diamond* PtafM of on fn-ind oalr la fallforato, rat and poUtl h ??? ? , tonjQiaBa A N AHRWBB TO THE QI BBHOI*. WHAT A rprata (Hamowto - -flMM of nrratoilaail n foetid only to Calif nrato. rat and poUtlMd to ra dtaiarrwia. wklrh tbay aq'ial in brtlilaarT. I.?di?a' Branekaa. Karrto* Crmara, Raakiaraa, Ac. 0?al?>maa ? Rxlltolr* and < loatar rlaa. Btop Mada. Be. Oall aad aiaatoa tkata at IN Brr adwar AT THB PBtNCB or RALU rA! iroRMlA Dtannnda "rill lank a a kaada aaa aa raal bnlttonla. and d? aot aaat ana fovtk aa aim k. Oa atklMUon and far aala at Ml nxaadway. 1st. COAL. ^ A BO BR . ?traat Broaklra. la aattrnt for Mi "?ak nlr. >h? bato p M parad PaaallT Toad for M M fmaa wntrbt ar to aaW. Appl r i 'OIL, OOAL ? aI.BX ABDBR OABPRBLU M NABIM V ttrrrt, Rmaklra. parad Paartly Coal fo __ _ at W "aad* itoaat. or at IB* doak f.?* of I MVIM, ROOM, *Cm TO jM? ? An blboant fbont UMM ooiu-Lym^ furutabed, and aullable for a ?h- elelM, to let to '??'**< eltii Urn ?tTT blub atoop bona* 2U TwenW eighth ?trwt, Dear Ninth avenue, no phyalolaa la lh* Tlelntly. 1b quire oo the & FURBISHED HOUIB TO LBT-IM TWHrTIlTH _ atreet between Fourth ?eenue and H road way , amiable or a am 11 private l.mlly ; bonae In Ho* order Mid oonlaluA all BprotemenU; rei.t|l 200 J. M. BlOHABDB A OO . >70 Fourth ?w ue Arms OFFICE TO EKNT-ON THE OORNBB Of Broadway uj Duane a1 reel, Ha SOU Broadway, at a eaaonable rent. laqiire ou the premlrea. A FULLY FCENI8IIED HOUSE TO LBT? ON LBXINO ton art aue. all modem impruvementa, In perfect order; aaplendld Piano and a lot of ooatly Palivlnge mil lenialn, rant >1.800. KI? hHLMKH A CO., 343 ronrtb avenue. A smai.l PRIVATE family would like to let unfnrniahen Rniaa, with privilege lu ike kitchen If required, to a gentleman and b:a wife or to two or three grown pert ua lu a houae having the modern improvi Dirnti and wbhio eight galn'itee' walk u I the ferrv; eara p<ta* Ihe <o or; rent (12 per month, at 103 Uran.i airett, Jereey City. AKDLLT FUBHTSHED HOUSE TO LET-IN KOUB teen'h atreet. al fl.'O1, one In T ?*ntv alua atreet and "Of in 1 binlelh, at | M00; alao aoue very .heaii uufu-nlabed Houaea J M KIoUaKDS A CO . 170 Fourth a* ",ue. Am MBErTf F'RST CLASS HOt'hES TO LBT FUR Dialed aril unfurnlahed from Eighth to Fifty-third aUvia ?l?oone furnlahe.l for boarding, In Clinton place and oae with KS room* I uiher np tuwi. Apply to N. U. BISHOP, Ut bioai ?ay, door. AFl'KNISHKD HOUSE TO LIT-IN BROOKLYN, I u'tahle for a Urge family or boarding bum', with km. range and every convenience, near Wn 1 and Fuitm lerrlea ?arge garden , will b? rested very low to a good tenant. Ap ply oo the picmleea U'J Bridie atreet, Biooklyn I BOARDTNU HOUSE TO LET AND FOINITUHfc F( H aale annate in rourtb itreet near Broadway, rent of houw |l,3UV per annum; price of furniture fl.fu Ai.uly to HO MEK MOBUaN, Pine atreet. Mo S Metropolitan Bank rACTC BY TO LET? THE TIIBEE BTOBT BBIOK Building ?Si90 feet, with ateara power and ahaftlig. iBu alrd on Flrat tlreet, adjoining the terry at South Seventh etreel. Brooklyn. Apply at Ihe ferry office, at fool of South bevestb atnet FIRNIMIED HOUSE TO LBT DOWN TOWN -A PAR tlall* lurnlahed Honae, wbere the >eut will be moatly taken in Board. Nooebul a competent peraon need avply Referenee given *nd required. Addreu L M , HeraMolU^n, t La tin it where an .ale* view may be had. rl'RNTBllKD HOUf-K TO I ET-IW W WHILST PuACB, n*ar Itroau way ? hi'.ra al. e; rent t! i*H) per annuna. alao one In cltnton place, near Oreene atreet; rent $JU0 per month. a lao one In Eaat 34th IV , near Nadlaon av. ; rent 12 8>M par annum. Alao one In 3d av., below 10th at , rent 12 fOO pe- annum. >lao one In Weal 31at at., between Hth aud 9th ava ; rent 11 000 per annua. Al?ofoe In Ykeat 44th at, near Broadway; rent 13 000 per aanna. Alao oao In Bait 33i at, near Madlaon av.; rent >1 OL'O for alx mo itba. Alao on- la Ea*t I '.Lh (t near 2<1 a* ; rent I i?) per mouth. Abo ore In Abitifdnn aq ,arr rt-ni 1 ' -"J oer month. Alao noe In Thoinpaon at., between Houat m aud Prince; rent ftiu per month. Apply to FIBlD A VcLEAN. Auc'Joaeeri, No. 'J Pine at. rUBPTBHBD HOUSE TO LET, AND RENT PAID IN | board - A ?mal' family, ocjupjinc a flr?t i lean b "iaa in , Nlnih itrnet near Kmadwuy In per' order, woald like to ( lent ihe name to aome amvl, neat Am-'rKin fanallv for the r. nt, wilt the privilege of taking a few boarder* ; hot parties nf the hl> beat reape<'taMltty need apoly. Aldreaa 1 U"iiae, Mnlb an eet, atatlon D Poat "ttloe, prepaid. QtUENlSniD HOUSE? TH BER STORY. ATTIC AND j r baaemei t; rtntef houae t'JOO Furniture >t ba'f c at; I price about I ^ JO. Terma caay. Apply early at 15 A blngdon ?qiara I.OORH MNMWH TO I,Kr-TO SMALL REhl'KCTA blc In -be new brown atone, honttea, on Second avenue, between 1 wenty ulnih and lblrtieih (treeta, ga? fix turea ar.d cbant'arera Urough<.ut, marble mantlea h it aud or Id water; rent 111 to ?2I. Applvlot MclVIi.Y, tt4 I'alrn avei ae, near Thirty tl/th atreet, or oo the premlaea at the cor ner drug etoie F H OUSEK TO LET-IN 8KYBNTEENTH RTRKET, I1.0PU. Mneteenth atreet II. H00; Twenty elgl lb at'eet. li,000; Thirty 'our.b at?eet, $1,000, Forty aer?nd etreet 11 J00: Tairty flfib atraet II 600 alao furni??ei| Houf>? on Ei,ht?euih at'eet, 11 <V?'; lhli:y fourth atreet. (I.'W: 1 hlrty aevuth itreet, ?3?.0. DIN'lEB A HOI.i BN. No. 8 Pine atreet and 1 244 Broadway. HOUSE TO LIT.? WILL LET PABT OF THB FORNI. lure If deal red , It la three atortee, high atoop, oontalna all lmurrvementa. I'ourblocka uf W road way , convenient t> Waah ington a ) ..are. Apply at 130 Tbompaon atrett, between Prince and Houaton. LAROE FACTORY TO LET -THE BUILDINUH, WITH thirty two lota of ground, lately occupied by Artaet A Ylrten, are aitualed between 1121b and 113th aireeta. Kirat and Seoood avenuaa, at Harlea. The factory t* of brtca, entirely new, and la 8ih300 feel, haa a ateam engine of f.vti borae power, complete In every particular, and la 01 for all man u featuring pnrpoaea. There are two oomimvlioua new brick Dwe ling Houaea. with all the modern l-aprovementa, c m seeled with It, and the whole la aafelr eni-'naed with a high brick wall. W1U be let or leaaed on favorable terraa. Apply 10 CHARLES L. SPIbTk OBN. No. 3 Pine atraet. N^T. MAJHON MBUBLEB-TO LET, A LA F?AN(-AISB elegantly fnraiahed. by whole lloora or ?logle rootna. with or without kitchen, cellar and yard the two new modem "n ab, four atory . tret claaa brown abine Houae", Noe 70 aud 72 Weal Thirty eighth atreet between Hroatway and 8lilh avenue, a parb.r ooam"n to all occupant* a prlvau< nUti rant for oorivf ntence of eeeupaata eelabltahel In the bene ment, ao rooroa la t for leaa than three month*, rent payable quarterly, in advance; no applteanta dealrad but auo* aa are able and willing to acce) t ihle cc nlllion Aleo a nae front Baaemeit to let, for pbyatclan'i or other oAoa. Apply al So. 70. ,FFICBS TO I.ET-IN THE HOUSE NO. 78 BROADWAY aad in So > New atreel. Apply lo Br. JaBKS CHUIk ANi , it Broa tway. 2 OFFICES OB DBWSOfM TO LET-IN NAK'AU itreet, ender Meeere. liuncaa. Mbaraan A . 'o . al? a *ne ault opppetta the Poal offlce. and a large an l eoinm <dlou> atore In Muiray atreet DINHBB A HOLDK.V, No ? Pln?- arfeet STEAM POWER ? Yf) LBABB. Sl'PBRIOB BOOMS with Heady power, la the apleodld new building now aoaa ale ting on Irta Boa. 4S, 44, U 4* atd W Mreene atreet, lh< beat aad aaoat eeatral l?oaU?e la the city. ParWee la want al ?rat nlaaa eeenmmodaUooe abould aukhe Immediate appUcat^w tc B. J. HOWaBD, oa ihe pramlaaa SYOBB TO BBWT. WITH FIVE TEABA1 LBAIE-TUE elegant Flore tu Stath avenue, between Thin < eeventh >nd Tbiri y eight I, aireeta right In <be eentre of ?,nr beat fa ml ' ea and aullable for any reepeetaMe faini'y trade, bouie la kn?i aio?A UiM. For teraaa apply to THU?. H. O AYMOB, Rrredwly. ri.rr-TM mw ari> blroart trrrr stout Rn|!lab hu#iD' Bt browa How. wUh pll laol arn in Foriy ninth atraat tba ?l*h'h Hhim KM rrlf tram Hrormd >Trnna. Inquire at Ro. WMurrtv KrvtL, ui Ihr bumw I. T> LBT-I.AROR ROOKR FOR VRRTINOR, OLC1W, put aa. Ac, alao r.nalahad ?r nafnralahad R?i<na for m (*? ItnUnaio, wUh . r without Boarti. laqnlra at <1 Uw >tM r l prulw far Rameu TO LRT? THR FIRST 1FD THIRD n.'WRR, WITH bumpnu, >? kotiM M Joea* Itrtel On tad Crokn. - Ill) "tl lh? p rfmiK* r LRT- PART OF THR HOCRR 10? WRRT RORTT tli'b tlraal. n?ar Broad ?r?y mnttaUac of tba namad floor and pit it nf tba tblrd; watar. *?a, Ar ; rart modaraU- to i aaall family of adnlta. Inj'iira <m tba i-r rUT-noR ap* ktmkxth. at n uanhrvuurt Mm*, onraar of Hudano.fimr Rnoaia, aa> imd iMV H. ai ?11 laq'ilranf Mr? K RaRTON. ?4H Hudaon t'.raai rl.RT AT NO 10 Kl.KVRRTH bTRRKT Fol RIXJOP wrat of Bread war, two or thraa fnramhad Ro.*?a oa iba ?enoad B<?r. Alao. a un>M, an Hah to for a phyaielaa. JO I.RT-A RTnRR OR MOAOWAT, KB AR fORTT aaroad atrert aattaMaftwa lljat ? laaa frame tf Io,iir? WILLIAM LA LOR. Nc IIS Flrtl rtfrat fpo LRT? TWO LABOR FARI<ORR, A RAHMRRHT ARO 1 'rdrnrma ttiarhad. IihIimiIi I ?nlM autttola for a inU?Mlt wlfa and arrraat, for Vmaak?*i<'n( In a prlrat* fconaa wit* all nodara lmpmv?a?aata. Hrfrrrar? raq'nrad Apply at ?o M Prtaaa atraat, a taw donra waat <M Mr >*i? *r ? r I.RT-A BPLRRDID RTOR? OR RTSTR AVRROR. aad litaraa for nla Frpat M fan*, larra ap! radM win dowa. ar>d looaiad In l ha bart batt of i ha araaua. Ro aaaata i.and apply Inquire at 459 alnh aranna. r LRT? Or TOWN IR A FIRHT I'LAR* MOTTHR. A aparloiiaauM o' Imnaia tba aanoad <k? * parlor, dialog ronw. ImhM and two hadmoaa. walar rlnaat, rbaa-lrilara oral raalt. yard, waabroom aad (M lor odad, raat ISO par a< nth la adraara. Addraai Owmar. Harald oMoa. rO LRT? IR RROORLTR. RIX BOONR, OR MORR IT I rv talrod. la a Ara I rJaaa honaa. aaw aad haadnim?ly fur alabrd. wtth arary aoaraoiaa ca to kaap boaaa. Bra ialo ;iW fma Fa toa farrr Lonattoa naaanaspd. Kaol low h ? a da tlrabla taaaat Addraaa "waar. HaraldoRina r LRT? THR FIRRT CLARK TRRRR BTORT ARD haarmrat Boiiaa Fo 7? Ft Haw mil ? plaaa. ?Mwaaa H"natmaad Bl^cArr Mraala. baa all Iba ai'alara I -mp rora a pnta. aad la wall wlctilalad for a prlcata rmldanfw or pn If al brardina bnoaa, batai maTajWal to ran aad ?v?i Ap c >' aoia will plraaa apply oa tba praaUara b-fora ?o'a?r>. ? A. R or afl#r 4 T R . and bataara UI n i !??? A * and I r R. at tbr ? 1k* of #R F<<xr ?A "BRTr It John Mai Rrai IWi par annum. rnWm l?>d1alaly. PI RT-FART "Or THR HOTTBR IM TH^MFHOR ?I raat aoaaWlna of tba Rral Borw aitb uaa of ktv-han: ?alar and raa oa tba pra?laaa ror parttr>ilara gall at IP 1 hoti -oc ?irar*. tr>0 I.RT THR TRRT COMIIODt' OB ARI> AORRIARLI 1 rait of fonr ronaM bain* Iba aarond Hnor of II'. Haaiai'ad atraai havin# a alar aad fm, and adapt* il to banaa>aatila? raat II* par ? nib. rurr-THB "k.w thrrr RTfiRT mail btoof Roi?al> Waal Fart* at?hih atraat tx- warn Mlttb wid Mr?nlh arawtiMk wAb all tba aadira Inpr o am?ata. raa' ^!L_* Pf'y A "?R*W 1 JBBTRR A OO . HR ba-aHara ai r LRT- THR HARI'ROBR THRRR RTORT H >l'?R inal "alabr : with aJl Ua atodam Iraproraaiama Ui>waab ' it, Ko l? W?.#r ?y plara. aatr fltnh aaanna. rwnt awvta r??a to a ?naall I <mily Apjly to R L HDTIiaR IBB Warar lay plara ffO LRT? AFA RTRRRTR IR THR RRW BTTTLDIROR 1 aornar nf Htidann aad Frrry atrwau. ??> ap tiuraw y for iba anmfaaarAaUra of r??r?< mala faa liaa. Ibrra 'amlliaa n raab h?uaa, raa I from tua to RMO. Ia,ulra (I 4TJ lltdarai uraat. TO LRT-HtOa ROOKR. AT RO. IW fH.IKT<?f Pl.*' ? two doara waat af Haaadway Haw. ad I loor and i? > 'QM oa third laqulra on tba prvmlaaa rl.RT? TWO I.AROR ROOMS. OR T8IRH FlOOR wall fnmbbad aad to ba M MWf irrahl low. Apjlj >i IB B -ad ttraaL TO LRT- THR noon RO 178 WiR r H0CRTOR RTF KRT opp?H# < >**?*? plM, t wvfir*r<*m9 wMb aiJ tba ? <U.a STSUa, iro 1 rf- FIRRT fit, >RR RTORR ARI'^?Jfr<;?VTJi00 ' for any h lad of hnalnaaa i.ora?lr>f. W w "???' <* ? rLRT IR RROORLTR? A THRBR RTORT COTTAQR hnoaa 77 VandarbiK. b-dwa?w Part aad R*nl. r ., ? - haaiidtaiafy r-?t ^ jm walar la. Apply toT" BTI.IK"* *riM ?????.*?. HOI SEB, HUOHI, TO LET. T?iEJL* HiU-rto ?m r?g im?y * *ub cellar mw t>nak ilouoi, joat tnhhtif ^<kU> ,Ue*1 'I bird tkvmum. fear* mod of ? ?od?ro InproycgiAatt. irnt wiitr rsoim h mm t n r ? S'j'iflJ ^ ^ riti n?ul tiUii <>rlral I'lrk rent CSAfJ nrWi ?4 )00- ippl? kiJOBN TlftHKK it llw DAlnl Aon AleMw* frith ilrttl ?p<A Third P*ial -ore? *?*!? rnrfH-?#? t'"tE **<>" AND'HOUBE ON 1HB northwest oornar erf Seventh avenue ud Thirtieth wmI inquire an the premi e* ? aumw ?m rllltK-KHTiUKANT, UAHKMENT, UQ BROAI>> way, 009 Lor of Twenty lira ?irm*. U elegantly Sited at. mm! fre*e oed Apply to t. A J. E. hKALYLl, 1J\ '-w.ui ?U est, trcm II to 3. vmww, r> BKNT-A NEW rOOR STORY I WKLLIEO HOUSE, with all the modern la provocate, ?table nuehM. l*oot uoo Tweniy alxth itnal, near Foordi iiMue. > il ill ? Im M fust office rpO BENT? FURNISHED, ON WK?V TWENTY-THIRD 1 *irent, a large three atory and attic high mod Hoaee aiu ly 30 feet wide, beautifully located and io good ontor Th? entire Furniture will be rented eioepl (liver, labia and bed linen. 'our adulta will board with tba oocapaat if desired. Kent f ISO per month. For oar da of ad nil?Inn apply to J AM ICS ?? BDWAKDt), B7 WeelTweaty-Ujlrd Mreet rwo FLOORS TO LET-ONE OF FIVE BOOMB. AND one of aii, with baUt, gas flituree awl ekaadeilere, la boiiae nortLweat co 'uer of Thirty aaonod atreel aud Beeon a aveuue. rent ?15 aud $1H Apply Uft. McRY'lLY, UA Third avenue, iifar Thirty tilth alreet I * PPP.B I' ART OF HOL'KK 379 MADISON HUR TO I- .at. with b*ek basement, huiiae three alary, brtek, with large comfortable rooane. In a rleaaaot and healthy kljaUoo. Inquire on the premise*. from 9 A. M. to ft P. M. INSTKVCTIOIV., tbobodobi.t educated. ooob dibci til nartan, experienced In the care and education of youth of both ?i?, having met with loaana la buataea*. wkieb La? pluDged bur Into extreme pecuniary alfflculU^B, dealrea to meet, without delai , Ihnae who have eblMrea from ? tot# yeara of air to e:uca>e rboa/d tf required). that would ad ranue a tonal] sum of money ao aa Ui enable her to ooatlnue a school Uitt promises well; other securllt can be Riven. .'li; jjjjj'jjjjj References given. Addrett Energy, Brooklyn A CARD ? TBI SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NIW puplla dally, thla week, for Inttruetl n In Mercantile writing and double entry Bookkeeping at a reduction at twenty five per oect from hie regular charge*. O i.l V 1R B.U 'UMMIIll, US Broadway A I.L FOR $10 ?PENMANSHIP AND ARITHMETIC, A three mnaiha, aeventv eight 'etaoti* or Bnokkeeplog leaeoer, apPmlted for III) Ladlea writing leeara* ?*. aliteen icMona, at Pa1NBS> MERCANTILE COLLEGE, ?2 Mowery. New York, or Ib3 Kulton etreet, Brooklyn. A MEXICAN GENTLEMAN WISHED TO FIND A LADY willing to teach him the English language la etahaage of the Spar tab; beet refereaee given If required, iildl? F. P.. 423H H roadway, Poat oSioe ACADEMY OF PBRMANHHIP AND BOOKKERPINO. t\ SO.! tiroadway. oonun>ied by W C. H< >At> Lanu, for mary yeara aeetatant of Ollrrr H. (loldamith No claaaea ihomngh. praetl ?1 Instruction, with earnest, earefol aUeuUon. l erma mot crate . Open day aud evening. AT $'(>? Kl.KU ANT PINMANMIIP-CW BROADWAY.? DOI.BKAR'Fi^atem of hand training remove* "'iff \mti or trvmbtleg and givea anch full command of hand -hat .h<? ongea' worda b?n be wittu n whh perf.-ot eaae without llfUnc the pen. advieefl Book kfepino, phonetic shorthand and pbw manabip are taught at room Nn 9. 8&H Hroadwav, whern penoni nlabia* to acquire K'oithand Writing will have a good opp rtuaWof bei-nalnK verhHtlm reportera F. O'llJWD Or ah am a ii:an<lard work* on Phonetic rhoilhaud for sale. BOOEKEKPINO, EC. FOR RU8INB8S MEN AND clerk* ?Mr. POLHKAK hut one private (leak vacaol which inuy be iecure<l at only $11. for a full praeueal eourae. In double entry bookkeeping; regular Mrs* tK> Apply day or evening. -BY DOLIiKAR'fl BYETBM Or leraon m?y beoome a f-md penman Mr D In pereon ?tvfl^H'ate leaaona and gaarantee* to re move *tl0'De*e or trembling from the wot* hand. Adrtce IL frhate lea*ona, $IA Evening writing clafses conducted by prof. I,ONu. antbor of a new anl popular eyatena, whereby per*on* of all area are taught a lupertor hand la twelve ke tone, *t Wl Broadway. FREBCH LANOCAnE. PBOFK8MOR A. BA1LLOTE ANTI-BOOK RYhTKM; Or, Natnre'a Praotlcal Method for Teachta* I *aau*gai Claaaea for ladlea. for gentlemen and for children. Naw You -Wood'a HnlMuxa, Ml Broadway. haojuiTB? 16 < ourt Ureal oppoattefnty IlalL the claaaea for UfiUAl will begin on THIS WEEK The reputation of Pro'eanr A HallM. and of Me eyeMaa. baa apread ao far and wide In the community, thai It li ? la <a to enter Into long detail* about the advantage* aad i of hi* method without bock* Perfect practical proteleney la reading, writing and lag French I* guaranteed la a onn*ee of 100 leeeoaa. A pamphlet contalalng full particular* aa to the ayataa and nonra of Ike clamee. tenna. An., aad Blytai reterem teetteonlale, may be had attaa reooa. BUHINR88 WKITjUi hunu train' ng oaar Mr D is perenn |IK||n> M BEEYaTIUS A son im poems the pdbuc and ^ acinalnuncae that be haa lakes roaaaa at M. Oondaftoa A Wood * Uymnadum. R ami !>6 Huth avenue, opnoalte Klghih ?treet. where he will bare 1 1* fencing claea. with I it la. ranters, broad *word. cane and Terma H per mowth. Apply aa above, from 12 to S o'clock, for circulars of tar?. Spanish language? professor oobbin bar reaumrd iratenctlon In the above laaana?a. Apply from 10K to 1, or from ft' t lot P. M . at room No. 7 CUnton Ltall, between k'yhlh tUreet aad At tor place, near Bread way. rA>Y WISHING INSTRUCTION IN EUGLISH. claaate* t r French, by an e\prrienred graduate of Yato College, aaraklng French nuenlly ?Addreia Ralph Iteytm, Bo. 9 Carroll place. Hleecher at., or oall at 1 o'a.oek P. M. DCTABTKD? BY A TOUNU LADY OF EDUCATIoW. A YY altuati m aa teacher ?t Freucb and the pianoforte, either In a private family or anhool. AC dree* S. k. U, boi i.i M New York Poet office. MILLIHBRT, LAHOE A^SORIMKNT OF F?LI. AND WINIEK M1I.I.IN1RY. At whclf?%le and retail ai the lo?e.t c*?a pri<*ee MRS. W HlMMONil tS7 Broadway. M ILL' NERY AND DRK?*M AEIN<? For *ala, a Hxiae IS Tenth atreet. between Broadway and Pnlveralty place, local cm t'.ltable for the drr?*m*kln? aad millinery btiiin*** Apply to JOHN R WILLIE, 4(7 pr. meartrl one dor.r vhi .if Broadway, TIIK. I.Kf TI UK KKARON. HKIJ.EVDE IK PPirAI. FOOT OF TWKfrY HI KNI Uriel, Fad rt\. r > a '. trodnt ;? r? add re. * u> t^e e wrae H lei tnr< a t.i be >'i i Willi 'he al at ide^ti of ihla city, a' tile li *,1 la I during <he er,?sUg winter will lie made by It. J. W Fraacie. al U P. M. th1* day, I* lha le?tr? room of the!?l Profevtor Y. M ?t aad I?e M W Me Cready will make aome temnrka it behafnf tte Me<liial Board ot the li vllutlnt,. aa<* t^.e Won Uap"t> Draper in be half 01 the < raala'ttre of PnblleTSSritlee and ilorrec uota. All prreoulnterrMed are le'vitevw be preeent ro PRIR LKCTURKR Till* DAT. AtClioinndA AMDTBMaa, TO l.ADIR* UHi.Y At S r. * . ? To ladlaa and ?rt Uracil at 7^. b? Mlt? <' \ KM AH, pky?. ? ia. Par rlrcolara ao<l Ulla for th* ?nbi*-t wl bar n?ira*m.p Mid tavaatl >na ai ika Itrtnre and ftt bar ott a, n-aa Wo 1 , (Thnloti Hall Tba public Aad pkjatc ?n? VI innv?l ANTHOMH1T. 4 P*<T.-A MlKRMjU) IIXT AND Ajrra(>ld?*H X PL tbai baata tha world ?od $6 IW raward for uf ona wh< . raa MHl Mir* Wkl.l.lNiJfO*. a ho M *ckoowl?dr-<1 lo ha Ika ??ol7 lad) l? tka oily who tmlkftilly girmt .nforaui->o i*w ra r*Lo(r laraaa lawinita. jti'.r oaya aba. a frtaada lor*. roirt ?hip. m arrlaga bealik. aaalih. and * bo will raolala i*mak*n and aafaMkfaJ bitahaoda Mia W la Ika oaly parana la Ika cltjr who kaa tha gaaulaa R'uuui and AraMaa itltaaana f'-r km. rood In* and ail I'Minra affalrn a id a>? |?arwiM*? far Ufa 1 alar aot lo ma?nlt kla aa rally atfiad and beautiful jouafl lady. Lucky ni.mbera rtroa Hlrluy rarpe. itbki My MMMN aaa b? araa at bar rrkMreca. 1 a Rliik aran-ia. op poak* Rxkih ?r*xt Am H4>m A PIPK AkTROl/wl IN f. THAT KVRRT OKK (IAN ? dapaad oa la Madaaa WII>o?. wko tella the ahiart of roar ?i*M a a aooa aa T"" rntrr k?r mam Madam* fU# la Ike iraatrai ?imln?ial tkal -rar waa kaowa. ftka will la?o*? Ike powara of kat acHaaa. aad Ml all ?e mala of foar whole Ufa Bar pra.iirUiae ara aa tree Ik* I iter mrprlaa ??*y oaalkal poaanJt kar. ftnae ladMa auy ?a? a ttlla Uald, tkoofk they "*?d nil fear, for tfca pr?aun ariktn* but what la renonelieekle 10 phttnwvberw ai wowdrrfal aac wmmmtM ladT.aal'. iai?bi aara fratoraa and fire tkna fond look for Ira Madai^^^^^H aitantfra knowledge balk of atteera aad kaaiaa ?Uf aad laakf. haalth aad ?u?a?ttr. project/ io? at ala Ma. krra aad onnrtahla. rioaaa* to aa; uadariakJoa ka. AL Ik la will bo laid eorrartl* frna tka aanoad kooaa rf ika 'Maa tlaJ OMMhlkn MMM WUann Ik AMO aaaialad by MM of a bl(h ordar Aarlant MMWH and aaCminBlal. <4 thai 1 aaa a ImiM Ifadaai* ? 1 ? n ? powara wara lah??lu? fr?ai bar i-an<i?"?i la tka aalaa<? nt aalmiawr ladwH W liana iu?ii iiarlr.llad aa lo bar pnwara nf adapOUoa aad ear lllaauaunaa. rwaa by Draaba. or Ika lawkurlkJ Dwon Kar ad* lea baa aarar baaa kaiaa to fal'. Truly ai?r rk* ba aallad a iwoal 11 mill fal wnaaan RraManc* I ??> A!'?n ? Saiwaaa It .iiaMa aad atanum yaau^orar Ika kakrry Paa la f ill far ladMa aad naUaiaa. ABTOinilRIK(t.-HADAHa MUKBOW. WTIITll dawblar. bora wttk a ?Ml aad (M of foraidght urfla kow ?ona aad oftaa row will Barry, aad aiaay iiaala ?ria yowr wylkmekda. faa u aaat^atli otkar* map aopr'a t my ad rwaaaajdk 19k l*adiaw kkrask> baiaw Boadoa ttMkMk / yi.AIBTOTAIX'B III kBTWOtTBti WBXIIOAL OUAIM V rorkal Eonwva. M Ponrlh Mraat, tm Hmadaray Tka Ma nrUMai laadtaal aad I Hoaa day aad a<*aiac. aad parfaal aakUfi alwaya or on pay lakaa. || ADAMS RAT IH THB IIBWT .Tl-klk VOT* "T ASD ArtminfM ia tka OaHad aia?M gtraa lnak>_ ?kni, ?aa ai^ady aiarria?<w. tala nf loal prapartr W " 1 mi? aaar inaujn ?aik amt I ?"? m *?? ? ? kla M ? ? ? ? ? ? ^ Mhadamr 1.BAHPR" !#? "f"**? R*2?5 I I aa ba mwilMd pHM 1"**- Marrla^a. Abaaal Pi TZ atlM?S 3 tra^faad. - ? ranlkmaa Hoaalk. Oaaaa. ayaadr ??<*>? a aad gfrai I %T a wnn har ?**? hrard of thr cci.rrr at 2? ** "V*?* PRIWRTRR- RhahaklMWnmanliad bv ibmuaad* In flibi kad ?**>?< rl<W# a?h arm *auaiV-.i.?, kbo faala maOdrntkbc %m no *iaa). Mia ta1??k> aaa- >f t I'arw wlfa or b ?? ipl; a^n llia< M h-r rfriar |r r?W?1ak ika trnih ?It* liar a rail, at Ml TNM aa^nna. avwa Twkn^ am kuaak. '?Ad Ira. K' a*alA, gylfmm. W. faah maOdrntkhc %m no adaal. Ilia ta1??k> aaa- >f 1 1'arw ~ 1J|fear awwr. If ' w??ta ?knwl ptsab Mm I a^ f^TiSSSSMXhlL m Wl? I ill ~ th rrmnfr niimi.tRRT-4MAm.unrn> jjjyjjjtywj BWWRBT. BADACT ITIPTIRKTH WTRKRT D1RTIM RRT BWT A RI.IRIlRnl f K I .-is -