Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1860 Page 2
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?Aaer ef tM Bremen (totplayabne, died on the 13th of Jaly leal, id lit* Axe tie mi, from OTtr exertion Lb capiar hf ? ? bale ??l?i loiMwhlt B'ngalar oolnolden'e It*'. FnglanJ ui ?kweii will each h*vo one of Ibetr royal prlnoua travel Hag In tb* railed Stale* at the nam" time !t 1* now t'n J?*rt ilnoe Prlaoe Kamehamrb* return 4 from hia toar wHb Dr. Jodd tbroogi tbe United Sttu*. England and Fraaee.and be will have an oppo lanlty of witi ? ramj ?few great AkH|<? have taken plai.0 to Ait: rranciaO'i. Tfce aoene at ine wba rve* iu Honolulu on tbe cxx Ml-'n ?t the Prince'* departure waa one that *howod a . ea*? (fee* tbe Hawaiian* hare much al \a ft?r thetr King ao l wbo we-e ' **'ng tbom Al li*il 8 000 p.-rson^ MMaibltd on tbe e? plana.' c to wltcea* tbe departuro At quarter to Ave o'c'ock 'a t he ?ft?rn'v>n the Kinma Kooke heated tbe Prince * royal llag, and *el Ball The King, Wbo had aocompac'.ed ol( brotbT to tbe wturf, lata proceeded to tbe ituamer, ? biob hoisted Uio royal ettadard, ud backed out into the *t-' am, under a salute from ibe fort. A* each viiMel foil lb* wharf a cr>>*d of abe*rt b'.int from the a?*e?bli.-d upectaUir*, wbicb was retorted by the peateegere. ft was * *pleadid *lgbt to eee tbe iteamer rtartiug, h<?r deck* crowded vrllk be tween three and four hundred peri>i>n*, and thu reiterated 3^eern and rr^'tlDf, tie hlfrt'nji of the nQllitwIfi, tbe warm rareweii of all, muat havt" been a* grtuelu! to tbe Prince* beart u* the) were bociorai c a.ia unm.Mitkoable tote an of tbe love and afloctkm In Khtth be 1* Mid by that people, native and forcjn mm jatak. 1 Tbe trig Orbit, napiem Shtarmaa, arrived at Victoria, Vancouver'* if laud. Sept 18, thirty ono day* from Hike fadi. in ballut. Rio went for a cargo of notlonx, b-.t fcruci tbe Japan- *o to unwilling to obeervo the treaty ?*al rbe did not obtain a cargo Tbe captcln Informed u* tea l Uf r .can dollar* are at 60 per oect Ulaoount, ac d Aamtctn and olber gold the same rale. The Freucb Minwior at Jeddo baa realgned, a* bla rcprtsentnliooa were quite unattended to, in reaped to * Ibe treaty. 11m Japanese bad ooocluded a new treaty with Portu (?L There waa little later from Ctaira, bat a large English and Wench force bad a?*emb!ed, and it was rumored that (be Gblneee would make a great resistance, and deaperato ~ ?I waa expecWd. The Russian war (learner* have *ery active, moving about with large bodice ul I on board. tie REVOLcrie* a sew (.kuiada. Omr Ptumk Cormpendtn**. I'AUlf/, Oct. 16, l*4f. I if ilr G< n-mmmt ? Bailie r>J HeniraUi ? A Iraoe? Mntfurra i 7\imt He Revr.ket the Decree Declaring CtotM a tndeptndenl?IYrms of the Truot Hej-ctei fcy the 0mrral OoivmnerU?MoKfwra Isnne Hope? Intrigues m the Capital ? Mevival af Ow CQUrakialvm Scheme fret able filial Result? The Presidency? El 1i*npo, of Sujyr'ssed ? Blockade of Santa Mart*? f hi Pa i Stgroes? Withdrawal of the BrituK and A**eri Vmtels? British Insolence ? lAeut Jrffert' EspeAi' - Vessels qf War in Port, *c , dtc. i from Bogota to the 10th alt. tare been received ?. (ten. Herran bad returned to tbe capital from the ie ol Ban Under, where the government troop* under i command had met with complete suocces in ever? en nl with the revolutionary forces. It is reported that he will toon take oomaiand of the division that ka to ka ml to operate Against the Plates or Mafdalena and r, both or wbtch, with the ezoeptloa ol one place? i Marin? are lo possession or the revolutionist*. Ik* paper* from Bogota are Oiled with account* oT the afOTttons oT tbe army In the State* of tiantaoder and Aatlcyuia. In the latter :*tate, at a place called Manl Bl*, a battle *? fount t on tbe 29th Au/'usl between the gowrniucnt force*, undtr General* Pounds and Knao, and ike revolut ion late , commanded by Gen. Mixujuera In |*r*oo , which reeulted In the partial *uooe*a or tbe former, who van strongly fortified in the town, whll* the position or Ik* latter wai much exposed, and tholr lo** In oonas i In killed and wouaded 1* *atd to have been very MoequeraV force* amounted to about three thou wad me* , and the government's only lo a little over hair Hat number. On the morning after the engagement Mo* *nssa howled a Sag ot truce, and after some Utile parley between himself and Genera) Posada, tbe commander ln cklsf of the Aut'cqulan dtvtxioo of the federal army, an arm talk* waa arranged between them, the substance or wfctch I* an follows ? Mesqnera agree* to suspend boatllitle* against tbe geco Mi government? to revoke hi* decree declaring the Inde > of the State of Oauon ? to grant a pardon to all oompromlaed ta the political movement* Uie government of laid Stale, and gaaran teeing the safnty of the cltlxens who may bare Mw bottiie to It. (How magnanimous) And the general go rem meet U to acknowledge Masquers a* the bsgtumate Qovwnor ot the State of Oauca, and pardon sdl peraous who have taken part In aaid Stale Lo the pre Mt revolution agalnat the Confederation The agree ment a subject to the approval of the general govern snant, and In the want of I U being withheld,* truce of twenty days Is to be aUowed both armies before a renew al of boeilllltea. tofVrmalton has already been received here that the (sacral government refuses to ratify tbe agreement be i Posada and Mosquers, and it may therefore be ex that tbe war will be vigorously pros*c :lod oa both aide*. Masquer*'* partisans say that his arrange ?ant with Poaada was n mere ruse on his part to gain ahme to enable him to rrcruit his army. But this M not entitled to much credit, for, as 1 slat at m s former letter to tba Hium, tbe f | lainul ts in possession of some of Mo*.juor?'s private correspondence wiUu hi* son, wh > ara* recently taken prtsoaer. in which be nates that h* has no bop* of ?anorodmg against the general gorrrnmrnt, and that If knri determined to anpituinle If bo oou'd do so oe honorn bte terms All accounts concur :n saying that tia army la gr sally diminished by desertion, and no doubt be would gladly make terms with ths government, or rather would have done so a month since. But events bar* raaanlly Irnoepred at Bog it* which, if taken advantage of, will (really Ihvor the rrrolutlonary causa. I allude to the arganiutton of a cabal al the national capital to ignor* Oaai nl Hcrran aad foist upon the oountry Manor Arbolada M the Praawteat ol the nonfederal ton. Already the Per neaSr, tbe government organ at Bogota baa hauled down Dam' I' and run up that ot Arbolada as noueervativs caadidats tar the Prsaidescy. and H fc snae rted that the State of Coo liuamarea hM declared ,n his favor. This political or pMtsaitoo ta beltsved to be compoeed of Iboae mho wish to abolish the present confederation sys tem or govirumeot and revise the old system of cen tralisation. so jostly odlot-s to a free people. If th* scheme should succeed, It will probably drive Her ran Into the rank* of lb* liberal party, and a proirajtad, Moody war will follow There can be no doubt but that General tlerran ta the only mail Tor the preeenl emer r. lie i* eminesl'y conservati re. and hi* eiucluin to residency would. It ts b?li*v*d restore p?a< e to the atr> , aa be ta awrptab'.e to tbe I beral party who are ged prlaeipa. y ,n th* r?ro!ui:>n Th it fhrl bs* Rbly isstigau J tbe m rement aaatasi tilai at Bogota I* lo be hoped teat it will not succeed, n >r will It ir there is an b?crst scrut.ny of the vote* cast in tbe laie elertioe. as tbere can be I n! little doubt of the selection | of Herran by tbe peopie over all bis competitor*. The TVwf Maania u'tue liner al tats ?t 't?. has kaaa sapfwessed. sndeverybody ronnectad wlb II, et.ept Bswor Morlllo. Its editor, lias '>een impriwsvd into tbe Bsisrol army aad Mr.rtlk) bad to make bis encapc from ksanls to prevent being arrested welp<* . aad all other place* on the Magdalena river, as* ta pcasession oT tbe revolution ists M?lo, the ravo hstjoaary Governor of Bol;rar. Is al Maripe*. Arbcleda. the Vise Presi lent of th* confederation and ?ssnmander of the Atlantic d!v"'on of tbe gorernment knsa, la attu at Santa Mart*, whu h pla* he baa strong rUrt'iOed Tbe recruits sent frem lb s plane by laten U Hurtado. a rew we. Us -Ince, hnd arrived al 4aata MHW. tbe revolutionary 'oroee under (ien Vega were, ?t Ml ncrouata. still at the s enac? Teg*, it is sail, t* Is he supsrseded lo ths oommani. when it wna thought nsntir attack would be made m Santa Marin Prtvnle advicvs froas Oarthagena. dated 4lh *aat . but aitSsntly written by a rsrolut.oeist, stale laal Hanta ?ana was bene'.gedby ?!eto by ssn, with three schoo Mr*, twrwty lv* boegc* aad *U nnbonla. aad by land ky Ganerats \ e?a and Uabata*. with one tho'jsnkd men. awd aa attack oa the town war eipected on tbe tOib or Utt iaat . bat M Is believed that Ar ?oledn will be able lo iM^d til p K* It I* reported also that Ool Ttsro, st the heal of tbrn* hundred government troops, attacked Cabatas in tbe (Msnaga oa tbe SOtb of Heptember brt was rep usel a ah nsnstoerable toss, fifty of tits men baviag. les?ri ? l n.s soaks and gone orsr to Ibe rev Mot : <r ?t* Ca'.>%ias 'orre when attnrksd waa four hundred strong Gen gotnlotn t In ooaamaad of Rio f'acbe, witb e icbl | haa<l red men. < en tints as * Vsarruslima . has !to?a Wt in command ot Oarlhagwa by N'eto He s m I to nave aevsa baa lrc : *? n an I som- e |bt*es fletd p << ?s Bf the arrlrnJ al tb s j? rt of a sma coast ag ' adi ian called tbe Itrtr fmcH. I^sa ?oe^?vent-:r* whtcb port she left on tb? ttb a?t , Intel' genee u< be** rsorivee of the complete susreas of Ihe |iT?rm":il forres I asat Prom bar* asb.>rt time s'.ace All tbe p>rMof ins dlnle of Cauca nre sow ttl posaesWon of tbe ?#ne**i << van n>? tit ? 3t.eonvenlr.ra, the tifwl mpi-tai ; aa 1 ><t la hold oat, bating flnnll/ mp'ttilnlel Tv R ttieb *>r t He*, chartered by tbe Ibtajdente i^serai af tb.t -"tale a few werit since, was expected to sn.l trom Bjeaar-at ra on the gib tasi tor Parst.s Wttb |M foeern-n -at t-? < <* bnnro, asd also lbs Mew Gmnndias wtftmner >' mm ' IW with e.ghly trooM Alton ng that Utey *, ed >j ib* s.h ? yTr i. me tie- "top-H to hne* enabled Ibem to Mean here Taeir not krriwn! ha* eocM.->ne<t . ome per j tat >on i lo ui' cnoas of ttietr delay When tbe ?teaar Kraaces left R?;?oarent'ira * >arge oris w% se?a d the <m*g, r | ;?**4 by some lo be l war ?, tei vrM em' 'row Gtisrhqsll This Is hnrti'y poss.ble, f-e, . ?>,* Mosjoe^* suoasedel ts porch asisr w-l Ott ? t ? t , t,^e, tbere before tosaeral Horw r>ra? ta t iiimn .a af tbe plane, ha j fbTAe W?v>ild (Kit be vetl %fter*?rts, a* ? lore* |f know* to b>- in inba bad ?il*rfy o?i(>j**-i to his revwlnttonnry SChen.e< r fbe 4n?k4ii kit Sh iav?l ? >*es ?r t".'1 shin -'t ttaiys aa* ?te, whrb b. a |4m tvr rune days, were mtbdrawn ?-i th- nm arreea bty to Iberi^iKSt Of the lBt*nte*te '.eaertl ' a? pee" ?'?usly sgreed npoe bet we- n that .m-?er a,iib?n,' mnadere of enid sbiia. ffc the r mar oitburetsi* geraleot stcurny wa* felt by the etl tens or Ibe pi both Mitre ud wwrtf*, bat Uno* their wit-dwwtf, oa j ?TTenU OCCMlOOD du hg lhO |?t WMk, lb' pop I Alloa I Ui ?eeu ircitl; alarmed, ud U* truojja kept I under arm* night wn on ?Mount o( idle I rumors to the effect thai the negrje* outa de the walls were prepiring to make mother s.visrtsk on the ciVJ. <>n tbe night of the 10th test. the e.ity rn in a/greal stale of ri ojaiuiioi), rum ore being rlfv lhat Uie town would be attacked th*t night Armed Koala mm the British * oop of war Clio laid off the *b >rr alt Dtfhl, and It la said exer cik? c^a police o v f r tbe ha? bor4cb>alleog1ng and atoj ylug every boat that left the *)? .ore forVhe Vmerioarfsteann r Un cle Sam, wbli.D waa ge> ung reedy at the llm* to (all with patier.ger* aid teal * for tiu Francisco Tbe owners of iin?u b<yas, aa wel'. as erry American eiiii'U residing here, are jrr? atly disgusted at this interference of the ?ngltgn with t/jr lawtul oommerce The affair is being investigated, and has, I understand, already be<Q brougb\ to the notioe of the government u'. Washington In troublou* times like the present, Americans bare do objection to l)M autborlUe* of the rountry eterclatng the sir.clMl polioo oTm(*6 harbor end bay ; but wbeu this is doue by the naval forte of a foreign Power they have a 'clear Mil per fect right to ooti plain, and to kuow by what authority H>?y are tbu? Intern pled and annoyed whilst In the dls Charge ol their legit mate, lawful dulls*. The Kuglish nor any Oihsr l*'JWer has a right to land f^roes^ere, or have tbem in boats sear tbe sb >re lor tbe purpose of b< leg landed Id ease of aa emerg- ucy , while there is m llicrltai force piesent without Ue knowledge and ona currencc of the commanding officer of the latter. Tfce l ulled '.Hates, by trraty, have guaranteed not only tbe neutrally of thi; latbmus, but the ivbeoiute sovereignty tf New (iranala ever It; and for Ute authorities 01 this country to even a'low, much loss request, the for ysr>'.' any other foreign nation to land here, when there is aa Ame rlten force In the harbor, without due n?tic?, Is net only an c.t of disrespect towards the United SUles, but a clear vKHatton of the treaty. etneo tbe ClscoutmuaDOO of joint occupation of Pana rva, lie American lorcee have beien entirety Ignored by tie authorities, as Cagt. Porter, or the St Marys, cut ( fflclally notlfleo of tbe proceeding* of the Kcgllah In placing armed boats near the shoro during the night of the 10:h inst. : nor bad he any knowledge of tbe fact until tbo next daj , not withstanding lie bad officially Informed tbe Ictendente (leLCrul In writing, on the 7ih Inst , that the Ccued Slalei would not tolerate the interference of Ki.ropeon nations In the amirs of this Isthmus. Both Capt Miller, of her' Majesty ?? ship Clio, and the Iuicn dt nte bare evidently overreached IbamMlTM In this bu f.uers. Tbo fcocadcrlan schooner of war Ktttlwake sailed Lenoe on tbe lttb Inst, I<>r Guayaquil, with rome nine persons on board, banished from th?s country for having taken part in Hie disturbance of tbe JTtb nit agalnct the (MPMMMl Amorp the number was iho Jamaica negro who boa.-M?d of having killed a number of Amerlocns during tbe riot here of 18 4. The mtaeiable wretch ought to have boon shot. Lieutenant J. Velarde, of tbe New Granadlaa army, accidentally shot himself on tbe tth lust., ou board ?f a vessel in this harbor, by the accidental disnharge of a musket, while In the yorformanoe of nla duty, rho con tent* of tbe muaket entered his head, causing in* tab la neous death. The last mall from Callao brought order* from the tlig oflioer of ths I'nIU'd States PaclOr squadron for the $t. Marys to codvcj LMMUt J??fr*, of tbe Culled States Navy, and his parly, to Gulfo Duice. But the Panama Railroad QHlMlf , rather ttiao have the .-'t Mary* ln?ve h< re during tbe present troi.blee, kindly profl'ered to take Lieutenant J and party, with all their boa is. tan , to their destKiatlon on its steamer Guatemala, tree ot ohnrge, and accordingly the expedition will ball to day on board that steamer. Lieutenant Gccrgo B Bat oh, executive or. ?r of the Pt. Maryx, Las been delatchcd from that verrel at bis own request, In consequence of the serious Indisposition of hi* wife, and be proceeds to the United States in the Ariel. There ha* been no arrival at tnls port from tbe Sou di Pacific or Central America stnoe toe sailing of tbe last steamer from Aapinwall for New York, on the 6th instant, and corsequtntly 1 have no furtaer news front either of these sections to eommonianto by the Ariel. In port, Celled States sloop of war St. Mary*, Called Plate* Fturesblp Warren, and Dritutb steum I'rlgite CM >. Tbe Coiled Huts* flagi-bip fanoaster, and steamers Wyo ming and 'Narraganseit were atlll al Caliao at last as coui.ti. The Culled Slates sloop of war Cyane I* at Aca pulco, and the Levant at Honolulu. 0?r U?enncBt?ra Corronponflemce. Oil- 4t 1M0 The Battlf <f Manual eS and Dtjaal qf MoXfuera?flMf* rmtura and All thi Part* (J Otuca 9urrtmder?l to the Gowmnient, dc , <e- _ ^ , ik. According U> my promt" k#*P 'oa V09^ 0 1 doing* aftout here, I bave to inform you tUat on the S6ib anil 27th of Anfntt teat General Moequera atUr-ked tb" poaltloo of Ihe f?<lcral.troop*, under General* Em* and l'osada, br'orc Kantcaiea, a "tall town In the 8t*le of Antioqula. and alter aevtra attempt* to atorm tne town, wblcb were repulned, General Voequera enured Into ncgot.?tton* and *i*ned a truce with Genera.* iCaao and 1'i'iada, be b'.matLf agreeing to retire to the State of Cbica, und the trooj* of Aotloqula to be withdrawn. and not to take op arm* agalMt >ho*c from Oauca. During the attack ?cve*al tbella, thrown by Moaquera a men, retroceded and exploded amougtl tbem, makxR and baroe. In all, M ha reported tbat Moaquera loat about nine hundred klilrd, and from at* to *avon hundred wounded, prlaooera and ilanerter*. At the name time tbe above oonurred a party or eon - acrvativea pronounood teemeelrea In the town* of Call and Bug*, and a foroe of about 700 walled U> attack Mo* nuera in bla rear but the Governor* of Call, Palmira and RtaT wuh ~rh men a. they conld collect, atucked th<m at U Goooepcton. defeating Ibem ocmpleto It kililru over WO ani taking the real prteouer*, with the exception of a few who hid lbcm*e ve* Mrtqviera la at pretent either lo Call or Palmira, "rf* n??ir? bl* army, which, I L-eard reported. amount* lo 'rem ?is to eight thousand men. He lately received a ccmmuolc.Uon from the merchant- of Antloqula a*1 Medellln. protecting agalnat any 0!??" Tln?'wk 'nV*? I taktn by the Unvrrnor of lli.'ir Htate, aad a kin? Uc* qUrrtfo?pe,<-e,pr.>nr?.rg their neutrality In caae the on the coail we hare a <*>uPK of nstll ai ined, which, after ^Tl"? " Barbaow*. t'uapl asd lacnandl, cure b ere la company w'th four trat ( ?ort* , and demanded t M eurrender of thi* n^re stating that the fate of lie prlaoner Anlbal M* qvra In part dependel opon the aame yurthermor*. tb* commander jf aald teaael decked that be tad I**' live order* to take the plaoe ty *U U* leal reaource. tbat be would reduoe the town to aa&ea with rocket* J U enngr. w. nroteet of the ? VimAWr the (.fOTtrnor, V? *?*w 01 ft prow* w foreign mercbatta reaidlrg bere, aed eowa daelog the de frmetef* *tate of lb* place, waal of armt, powder and a?i?>vu'.ltoo, rntertd Into a oapilotalioo u V?a town with .a fhrty algbl retrJll ?*> ?tih iuch irmi 9M tbey hil, in hooon'>? reirww, aad effecting ac e*rliange of prlaoner* We are sow again vnder the anlhonlie* of Ibe g^ne-al rerernment, at tm mediately alter the evacuation ,root* tboae from oa btiard ? iDded , numbering aboal 100 Areording to my humble opinioo, altbongb ?o?q lera I* cut on from lb* c"a*t. and having been defeated tn <U?I , mm: ci by wbict be lu*t a great deal of popularity, I tunk, j t,ot will?* tan ("leg, ItwtUbe eery dtmeilt f?r tbe genrraj ii Ternmeat to overthrow him ao *wo . aa he 1* lo fljhl It out to tbe la*t and hi* poeiiloo *oc . _ tbev will floaily b?Te l.. cap'tnlale wilbblrn, acknuw I U 'g'.ng him to be tbe legitimate Governor of U?* State. The Cfcirlqml Bmrrey. OTR CltDAO DV DiMD OOllfc1 IMH DENCK* Ctrtux> n? Daw, Sept. K. 18M A miwi of : V Brf+ditt n a' Btc* dci loro?Pyrturt far Me Inurut . Acrou tVw |1*<TWI TV 9avanm*$ of tkt rartfc acffury~tv^x*9 Mark l>\inic KiiimtM-TKt Lin ? of tkt fr^+rd Sail t\-ad, tic , rfc . _ _ Tbe Chlrlq?i CommMlon arrived oo the 21 1 of .^plem bar, in the Brooklyn, at Boca del Ton, one of Ibe harbor* and tbe ehtef ?etllement on tbe Qilrlqot archlpet*r> Hera each member of the Omm??lo? **cure4 ptl <M or guide* to Ibe lagoon, tbe Utbmua and Ihe ooal #*id* re ?nctlvely. Tbe aett day lb* v??el .teamed aroond to tbe I Tiger rbannf 1 . ea tared Ibe lafoon, and anebored o0 Flab , reek Tbe land expedition ret off on Ita march to tbe intertor tbe neit day, tbe ?ih.and tba other, namely, th? bydro graphical aad lb* |?olo|i?al branrbea of tb* (ximmtaatoa . ware alao entered upon. Bring a member of lb* former party, we ar* aeqnalaied wltb tbe (ubwiuent proceed lag* of It alone Dent. Morton'* de*lgn wa* to go by tbe qu ke*t rout* to the oncon la tbe 0>rd'.imraa by HblCb W t? allejed tb* rnllrand can r**a, *?d, after an ex amination of tt aad reconnol?**non of the conatry lo for** a iedo le ptan for the *urv*jr. Accordingly the expell lion ^*1 o?t by tbe path n*d by Ihe nnllve. lo bring nar (aparl'ln acroa* Ibe l*tlimu?, and on lb* l*at day of Augut luoaeeled in oroaamg tb* Cordillera., aad entered tbe benctirul savaanaa of tbe Paci#e a lope Here a halt of three day* w* made to caiber provi.loat, and a member of tba party who bad b?a left at the lagoon for purpoae* coon?ct*d with the *\rH UiT^?A 'Jif !? unnece*anry Inflate ?? than tbai tb* mountain*. rlT*r*,mvtnr* and nadergr wlb that ha I to be leavened, aad tne dntlv ra n*. cjmhlnH I In rr. ler ,t one rt great fallgne and c >u-n> of tbei^rty w*n to put y ?<?*, g wet c ..Ibe* of lb* urieedlng day. J"'1 a Irv ?ult W ib tbi* precnntion but one *urvey(^w*a it\.l u k oo tbe r<?d, lbwn?h lb* eanajnadlag oter In,! ,b? other got a fcch ef fever nfter ?? end of tb* ?V ?t:ot* baring heen aecured, tbe expeiitlon m*e.-h el il i*a 'aj* t" tbe canon, followiag a palb pual e t i tbe Catcera river, and leading towaid* ilnaonrca. \ ,i ,t.i the C.rd lier* range tbe cleft arpnaranc* it preienia ,^?eth*r with maay other remarkable peen.iart I e* tad ral* thai.ate* ago. it muat bare \>rmm fre-^enily rrni a* i let to give rrt t la inconceivably tr^i tr p t "?" "ava wb cb deluged the whole weetarn *W>pe of tLe <tl<mn*. aad which, tbelr terfar ' haviaf b?w?* dlataiecrat?d aad cov*red wllh #r*?>, now for? ith* l?ulT reen ?* van ana which *?eer down to the Pari w it ao rrgv.lar a t'ope that the eye can lak* tbem in at a g aLce from a wngie polal of the , Tbrae rarai e n are ornamealed with grove* ana dufnT of tree* ,a? i g *bitl' graceful oooon pajm * e," dlrt-cgt.*^). which mark the eouraea of the li?, irfthat <arry '? tbe ra.aa trom lb* m<.ontain *.d*?. I line* the tKoerre of the lorrenu la tbe w? 'errowrd tbt plain* of porooa lav* with or 1-rr.wr.-. of -h^b ar* at c ^. der.n e ^JJLto)h|nvaaca which I* bonnded at iM *!*nr i mitt by tte *batp clifl* of the Oitrtqai Vote* a* an 1 i Hun"y 7 . <n ih? Mtiirifdi in) wb eti tt.oM ttt Of Ifil ??? ?? w? ^ forma a sort of bed ibem, to ilTtM lengtttr* * by two gulllee, to ?rkU and deep. ud wlU nob looa aklee, lha?. Itey may ore pur ir be oaliad oanooa. At Ibe bottom 0< the prtaelpal cue tows the river '.Aider*. At Ike source of Una river, if at all, tad Ui* summit of the Cordilleras ba gained from tbe otr r ?lde by a rail road Along tl the line may be run ^udjlhe tartar bat already elicited tba Important fact ' uat >n certatifimtnt the trick may leava Uic c?uuu runl etnergetupou Caotae vacua without aq^eoendlug /vadr or\neog?f>f direction. Hit-pud of toe eipeoit' no, havlng<?reo??im)ieredjM>e ration g?nd been rejoiced/ oy t ti?; genOotnan seutffor ufihe Isgi cn.plaqcd tbe laltjr lo charge of the ia?lru n-atal aork that (be recoair iseanc* had sr nwn,tq|l?> tieo*s*.ary , and, |ivlog bim al> the surveyors but one t? exocuie 11 with, left the sac no, with the dtalgu omravelltng by way of tbe ooaat Ir, Golfllo, and lb. rce returuing <Jlr?*c .ly across the oo-iuiry, espl .ring and surveying It, with a view 4 ttail .ug a good railroad looatl<flfc>el?eeu tliahpolnt bud the ca/.on. ft prepare lor Ihii e*i?dition ? which, "(rem tbe rapid and deep rl vera to becri*aed ainrtbe usual difficultly of openttg a new road, la the m"*t formidable part of tbe enterprise? It Moanid necessary to parchtie large quantities of prevision* and securea gooi part/ of Indiana. For tbia purp<ae the officer lo^jcharge canv lo ?Ihifeplaoe. Besets out touay for OolflUi, accompiuiio/i by one aurvejor, Mr Jekyll The refulla of hueipior* lion and tbe mraauiementa obtained by Mr Wiiaon, In charge of lb" party in tbo canon, will |ettla the juoe lion of tbo pratil cabllity of ibo road. May it prosper Kiwi from tba Boalh Pailflc. OCK CALLAO COKiUtBPONDK.SL'K. Caiuo, Sept. 29, I860. The United S>cJtet Olaimi Wo Wmrer Solutwn? IV CkuM ? in Btuy Bmnrdu ? Dih alu faction in tke American Stjuadron? I/mu ?A? Men and (Jffleert v Paid ? I'itit rtf Prenc) -n( CattiUa U> the Lancaster? I'num M/vement fry tke United States Minuter to Bolivia, etc. The mall (learner thai taavaa ihia aflerooon afford* mt an opportunity of writing. Oar difficultly with Pern are no nearer adjustment than aver, spite of the preaeane of tbe rutted *tate* ships Lancaster. Wyoming an J Narra gansett. Tbe Hag officer la without instruction* to puah maltera to a settlement, and our Minister, Mr. Clay, has no desire to leave the country and b'.a tltnalioa here until oompeUed to by a change of admlnlatratlon, aad wlU not, It la thought, demand his passports, aa authorized, which wonld aoon bring tbe affair to a aeltJemcnt at once, without donbt. It would be the easiest thing In tbe world for oar squadron lo take posaaaaion of tbe Chin char and bald them until all oar claims against tho Peru vian government are salts dad. There are qute a num ber or large American ships In port either from or boaad to tbe Uhinchaa Freights, however, are ao low that they complain nothing l? made bv them. The crewa of tbe several t'nltA States ships of tu in barhor have been allowed liberty on shore, and bebaved well, and are a line set of m< n, doing credit to lbs service they belong to Great dlaaatlarsetlon is exprtw?d by botb officers and men at being compelled to receive the bam Peruvian aid Bolivian four real pieces tbe paymasters at tbelr nominal value of tttty cents, while their lotrlnatc worth la about thirty live to thirty -all <-enta only. Tbey claim tbat tbey are entitled to be paid In American ooln or tta ? quivalent, and a ten dollar Americas p>ld piece la eirbaoged on sbore for twelve dollars, or toonty foar pieces of lb s baa* ooln. Tbe Peruviana and Bolivians botb have dollar pleaee thai are of the same mint value ss our own. II our solpa were to remain here long, tbe 36 per oent lncreaae of pay allowed by Oorf -ess to tbe officers would be more than counterbalanced by this dodge of tbe wooden nut m*g man who prealdea over tbe Navy Department. A reference to Thompeon's or any other coin reporter will ?Low yon the value of theae c<>>t In tbe Cnttod Ktatea. wblch bere bave to be reoolved for flfti centa Since tbe arrival of tbe Ianoaster she haa each anged a number or salulea with the Peruvian flag, aad one day last week tbe President of Peru, General Jkslllla, made an oaexpecled visit on board, and was received with maooed yards ard a salute of twenty one K'ins, the Peruviao Oag being kept hoisted at her foremast head while be rrmatned on board. About all tbe foreign ? Meters bave visited the lancaatcr, and bave received tbe usual salute. Our Minlater to Bolivia, Mr. J. C. Smith, is now in Liana, making love to the beautiful lad leu. Report says be is on tbe lookout f r a wife to relieve lbs tedium of bt? sojourn In Bolivia Tnere are plenty of pretty wo mec here for bim lo select from. IK TERES TOMS FROM MEXICO. A Spcek of Annexationlsm Id the Horizon. YIDAUUIU'H MANIFESTO, *C.. tt., *0. Omr M?kUrty Carrtipoadtac*. Mo.tixkbt, <tat 1, 1S60. The Romi to Buin?fbeilu Detcentu*? Governor CwJaurri and kit A'ckfA ban ? Me, vUitvm the A'onnal Qmduitn of Mrwvco ? 1%e JnrrHable Annexation for the Sake of f/uman(/y ? The Bmample rf California, Ttmot, 4c ? I'ulaum'i MMwtib awl IrUmtiont?tSe Suit Mr Biffht l, Svundt and Seme* ? Tke Kletnnge of Gambling? Faro Hank* ? An Jmerumn Bank Cleaned Out, 4c. The blatory or Mexico for the laat lift/ year* hu been written in blood. Oae revolution baa rapid!/ *oooeedod another, until peace and qatotnasa are the exoeptlon and war tbe rule. Soofi ?re tbe event* bow paaatng I'oeoe baa b<cu rcatored between Sen Lola and tbl* State, and we are Dot at da g?*r'i point wltb t?*tf*tate of Tamaull pea, but It la hoped all will terminal* quietly, aoch are tbe conciliatory meaauree propoaod by Vidaurrl ta Governor Uarza. Tbe Mexican character la dally beaom lpf more aaaimilated to a condition of political reatleaa cem. It la a country of voloenoe*, an 1 tbe paaaioni of tbe people bare aaalmtiatfd to Iba natural coalition around there. It ia not atranice that Hex loo la rapidly draoeadlng fro* ooa of tbe rtcbaat ta oca of tbe moat im povcrtabed oounUlea at the world, tbe people are uni versally Indolent; yet a few muat woak or all would atarve; but a? all aa la tbe proportion of worker*, there la oo at mutant to mduatry. Tbe general govu-n-nml aeama to watch the private offering of tbe dlUaeaa, aqd alwaya d?T laea aoma exped teat to turn tbe aurpiue profit* Into the public cotter*. It It a matter of aurpriea tbat ?o many poor prodooer* can be oaatntalned at ar aaall a coat of labor. War caaaot be cooductad w.ttoui m ooej , aad wUli ao much of tbe population ornatantly under arm*, either to preaarv* order or pal down rabeUloo, tbe exact tooa of tbe gorera oaeat abaorh all the earalag* of the p*j|>to. Agri culture, aalninf, aiacbanicei arta and ooaanaaroi are burthened wltb the Mat txorbltaat taxca. Expert dutlea ar* levied on everything that goe* out of the cooatry . aad an import n everything that cornea la, while apaaitc. taxea are kid on all tbe tuple production* of agriculture aad tbe product* of moihaaicaJ akiU. What la to be tbe altlaate rate of tbla country and people a aa latareatiag inquiry lor tbe political pnlloao pber. Tbere acema to be no chance for progrea* la elvlll tattoo or ta wealth in their preamt cirrnmaianore and coed it too The teodeaay of every thing la relrog re**1r*. It la eTideal tbat the people wore aerer prepared for aeU government, and tbar* If not virtue enough In the higher claaaaa to erect aad malaiala a literal govern nun I. Mexico wUl never be wall govaraed until aba la governed by Borne foreign Power, or by tbe latrodaetioa of a Mora InUUIgaat populatioa. Bow either will be acrompliabed la aa*rely a matter of epecu latioa. Tbe natural procaaa aewaa to bar* bean l*?ug*. rated whether It will continue to operate la the que* I loo. The annexation of Texaa, New Mexico aad Caillwale ta tbe lalled rialea baa changed tbe dentin lea of oae half tbe territory aad It* local population. The tat*llig*at Mextcaoa ot ib la Stat* *ee for the m*elv*a that ord* baa beea aubatitnted fur cbaoa, peao for re/olutiea, liberty for detpoiwa>. laduatry, education *a<l the art* tare beea Mime late* *ad tbe aero* of aa abuadaat barveat are the fruitaof good government? law. orler, the protect!* of perao* and property, the Inviolability ?f oonacteoc* aad tfce purtult ol individual happ*n*aa V.iaurr betag thoroughly ooavlnced of the foraging ? Mttnei.t*. aad the abaol'ite aad animate lutflmaat of ih,m, til! immediately a*lt Tor annexation la caaeof aa anaaa inter rem i?n by any l'ur>'i??i Pn?*r ud nor* particularly that o( 8, aln. In faot, be baa freqoeatly eiprrtard to me tbeie eatae worda the deetiay of Hex ?eo, at Hpar i.h America. ta bel* m tbe baUow at the baad of khe Amer < an republic wbow will aloe* oaa ooelrel it How tbai Tolitioa will b* etfrriae?l I tea aaaac the devei, pea.eau ot the rutar*. The lnattaet af the r ?i*i autletpaU* tbe MM of oar language and law* over tbt* I ? retero hemir^bere, aad tf we are true to the praeeet ! tbrttai aad jhjnra' <*eve opew*r>t of ear rata wa are I d.n red to the aov aiplMtmrat of Ute taoM aobw, beat* I nant aad glortoM mlaet-m that baa raitea la aay people Our fair a at laat ever and go*e . a.imo what to tbe relief w? men c-** of our eyaa, ear* and divudt ntaer of th* , organ* of *eu?e. To our ejee, for uur beautiful plaat ha* b.en for thrre weako and more dlallgured by the aaeirht Llltwe bona, a aad teata which have beea pitchod *mr greater rart of it for the arc-mnnodati.>B of ?b* nume tuna p. I1> gambleia, tottery mea, dealer* la ftulta ran die* aad itqunrt, ab<- go lar Ui reak* up the m a fhtr lu thl* country, a, well a. mCTSai i To oar ear*, for they bar* t.,ea riveted uaoeaatn.fV 1 -lev and atgbt-aad all aigbt-for ,ou muat immZSl Meiiran fair .*<?? aot get lato foil hl**t natll after mid Blgbt-witb acoafuavn of ananda rquaile* e>ly by that of tb* l"*'r of Habel. In tbe Br*t plana, w* have tbe ?iea t?rl*B vrtce* Of flty or a kahdred fruit dealer* aad boia ?tttlag (OtU. at tb* very top of their voiTo^Jaa^ awrlt* o' their rarioua arttclra, and of a* many mwe p?optUtor*ef tu, pet uhlae. which owupy I be etr^t IB . p .**' ?b^??cl? ?. In the aam* forotble man tier, lb* >mpt>i teal fart tbat they are prepared to fu'H'ah i ail ktnda of d*le*<abit? to the hungry, and urging all v> ** P^tnte Then w* bave the aolemn toee* of tbe lottery man, cell >ag uut a4 trgular Mated i*t*reai* aid witb aaaaal t?ang whleh would do ao dlatomo- to a Itoeaeaater from tbe Mate * ^ Bnwb#r^ * I tbeyar* drawa at hie erowaad table Tnea we bare tbe more ebeerful vo?oe* of the aina lee m<Ite tealer*. pro*l\im^ U>e na^^ nf ibey come ap and af the rou.civ* labia proprietor* mT ? ?ouoctog the hnuM number Mi ?K r ?i f* ?J I Ike respective wheels. Than our nttMtian to oaltod W (tare* or foor bud organ a, which asoompMy Um mm i umber of dloramM or panoramaa, Mi grind out onoeaa ligly ud usttringly, Tor the ediOcattM of tboM ?ho nay be prtMoi, ail descriptions of atualo, from a Malm tuna to the choicest genu of the Optra: while one leeble instrument la 4olng its beat to give ua tbe '? Portugueee H/mr.," another of larger calibre -in an adj lining bouts ovt?. puwers, If U does not silence It, with the merry "dailor'a d.mptpe " Tbe partings, I may lay In paaalng, if aot greater aa works of art, bare at least uieaeritof be'.ug adapted to tbe popular feeling of U>U local toy, for '.'uey represent tbe da ft at of tba factious Uiraiuon, the taking or 9au Luis, tbe defence of Vest, Crua, and other exploit* of tba liberal party. 1 will mention but a single other element or corn Ghent put of this ooufrtomerattoa of aouuda whlib I ?vts been attempting so to analyse aa to give your read ers torn* idea, Inadequate thiugh It may be, or ita quality and <-,iianiUy. I refer to the earnest, lmj>ortanate en iret.ty which salutee ua at the oornera of tbe itroeta, at U.e entrance of tbe theatre, olrcua, bull flgoia and other place* ol amaaemeot, at the door* of the gambltag roosts, and, In ibort, wbeiever we may go, from the poor unfor tunate blind, bait and lame, gathered from all parka of tbe Mate at thta their grand annual harvest season, lm ploauig charity upon benoed knees, and la tbe must ? 'Ms ooa, although not tbe most sub lued tonee, and U M name of all tbe taints In the calendar. Now, please 10 mtmber that all this and much more It has been our lot to bear and endure, not for a slng'e day or week, but for successive week* incessantly, and I think you will be free to scmlt (bat we may well eiper.ecoe a feeling Of re lief t ow that it hM oome to Ita end. Tbe city derives quite a handsome little sum from theae fb'rs, ss it sells out the privilege of the tilsza, Including the right of opeolng gambling lablaa and saloons In other parts of the cliy, to too bigheat bidder, realizing from three to four thousand dollars, aooordlng to circum stances Tbe larger and mora respectable gambling eatao llrbmeoia are located either In the houses fronting upon tbe piaaa or but a few steps removed rrom it. The prioe of a license la graduated aooordlng toihe size of tbe bat k ; the large?t bat k thto year baa a capital of 910.000, and pay ? $1 010 for its three weeks lloense; It also pays ?10 a day for the rent of a room. These are rather sleep prices, but it to a paying business, you know.aa a general rule. There was one exception, however, thto year. A couple of Americans came from Texas and opened a bank of 12 (00, expecting, 1 suppose, to make their fortune out of ibe unsophisticated Mexicans; tbe latter, however, were too smart for thtm, and swept their bank in two or three sittings. They have returned bomc, sadder, If not niter men. The business operations of tbe fhir, although looded constantly with heavy and continual rains, are estimated SW laOO.OOO ? small '.n proportion to other years. A Turk has made out better than any AM SiN. by making a lottery of Yankee toy* and Coaaectlcut Jew s harps. MANI7E8TO OP GOV. TTDAUBRI. THE GOKPTITCriOHAl OOVKKNOR OP THE ^TATK OP HKW LEON AND COAtiriLA TO BIS CQN-TJITENm >ki:ow < itksiim? The chi?r executive oil oer of tbe Plate has always observed tbe rule of laying before you thi- curreut or events as tbey presented themselves In the course of bis administration. When these have been or a grave nature or for any cause deserving public attention, I MS has airccted tte [x-ople to them In a special manner, and when tbetr confection baa bean such aa frequently to change their appearaaoe or to preeeit different incidents, he bay given an aooount tf them all by means of con tinned and even dally publications, as he belie red neces aary. This true and tblttiful conduct baa not been denied even during that Bad period when the peace of tbe Slate, at somo of Ita points, baa unfortunately been dts tu/bed. The executive hardly perotived the Brat tin pt cms when an aooount was given, aot of them only, but alao of the true "-an tea which produce! tbem, and or tbe varloue pretext*, more or leas specious, w'.'h wblcn the em-mtea of order concealed tbe sinister views wolch led t;i<-ai to seise Trstri ildal arna In order 13 link Into the fearful chase of otvll war the Mate that gave them being, and had generously heaped upon them Its honors and benefits Unhappily that civil war has bees kindled, snd all tta leaturea, all Its sad, incidents, all its horrors have been revoaled to yon at tbe same Inatant Ibey cam* to the knowledge of the government, without it ^eiog rMMj IbCMMSi by tbe tocsidcratiou tha'. tbe enemy knowing tbe Keasures dictated for tbe cam I sign military operations, might not have produosd their full effect. For these reasons tbe actual situation, to tbe most minute details, to known to you.aud tbe Executive might conti qurntly dispense with mpotinc this task upM him self, formug as It will a picture of hla aota, as well aa of the most notable events, and mak irg known, at tbe same time, their origin and tendency in ordt r that bla conduct may be justly appreciated by the cutsets of tbe State, and also by those of the wboie republic, whose attention baa been excited by tbe ssan daious scenes whiob have taken plaoe at New Leon and Any reasonable man, wbo known the events and re flects open iht m nfdi do great penetration to discover tboir or jiD, bccausc Uiey Invariably point to the city af -*l Luis. tli f dpp, consequently, wo should take our de parture, so as to follow their natural order. ad Ultimate and alnoore taleroourae existed between fc!? Excellency tbe General In Chief of the federal army ai d the Governor of tbe Mwe of New l?oo and Goahulia. their continued oorrespaedeaoe wae an Tree that no one, ol seeing It, would bare thought It to be tbe Uiterrourae of two public men wbo, alnce ihp revolution of Ayatla, had held an important position in defence of the liberal cause; It would bare bees eoueidered, on tbe contrary . aa tbat of two intimate friend*, having laid aside official ?txmi and asking eaob other mutual oounaei, In order to itilke a fatal blow at tbe reaotlonar) party. I'poa leading at Tamptoo, alter bia complete detoal at Tacubaya, Her or Drgillado addreaaad to the nnderalgaed a letter, tbe oooteata of which, eomptrcd with bla pre ?l?M and snhrcqoent cjodUc*. would alone be sufficient lo mark hi* true cbaraeter and tbe view* ehiob, till then, be bad been able to eeoceal through a feigned modesty , but tb'ji one aoon d Uappeared , a a well aa other virtue* of tbe aame kind, to whkfe be owed bla elevation But it- t document, being of blifortoal importance, ta re terved, with other* of tbe aame aharacter, to appear In Ita time and place: tbat ta, when the truth la written upon what baa taken plane In thla episode of the Mexican ri rdut ion, an rich la ail aorta of incidents, In which are ?eenrvery day tr.ort clearly tbe vtoea. errora and vrtuea of their actoia. Tbbrefore, It la la tbe llmlta of Uila aiaatfesto'* purpoae to atata tbat tbe aald le.tnr, and other* wblcb were exchanged until tbe breach look place, autbor aed me to remit to Sr. Degillado the optnif.D wblcb be a*ked of me upon a aeries of military* operation* agaieat the reactionary arm? and to *tate ?\oalty tbat foch a breach waa a matter determined b* lor-band by bin wbo called btmaeif the "bearer of good ne*?e," of abundant resouroea, and of o?cr advaatagea wbioh, accord lag to bla aay lag, rendered triumph oertata tbe oorpe at the bead of wi leb Mr. Dtgullado waa afeoat to place himrelf had been, for tbe meet part, organ taril and ontnwaided by ( Jen era) /a true, aad Ita defeats oou'd lot be onknowa to me. aa tbay bad beaa mate maaifeat is the retreat from Guaaejialo Rating my optaloa oa thla asaaad. aad oa other documents which Gen Zoasaa bad forwarded me, I acawercd the new General la ciilaf, tbat tbe amy wblcb waa about lo plana ittelf at kw oom mand lacked lb* qaallttea tolnatlUU aa eff-ctlve military 'oroa, la It* orgaaiaattoe, ita d tempi me aad admlaMra Una, tbat tbe brigade of New Laos aad Coabaila bad eotne mat* rial detect* wblcb It waa necessary to cut ?fl at once, and tba'. for tbear rearoot, which wer* eolo roue, It *ee?ed to me ooavealwt that inatead of I ram* d lately opening Lbe campaign, be kbonld m tlntala tba defenalve, wbtrh ull thea the enemy bad respected, and in the meantime that be ibould employ blmaelf la Im provlrg the army, almost entirely eompoeed of troopa defeat* <1 la vartoas encounter*, aad ridding it of Ita bad cfflcer*, aa fbr me, I would march with two or three thou tand freah men'** eoon aa tbe amaataal about to arrtr* from tbe 1'alted Htalea waa reoelved. It may be either tbat mm franknaa* dlapliaaii ? De gollado, for It lotd bla tbat If be oadertook tba cam paign bte defeat waa Inevitable or tbat be pee eel red the nrcnmatancaa wblcb Ikrnrad bla object, namely? an apes breach with tbe go rem meet of New laoa aad Una huiia at the mom eat ahea haraaoay aad aaaalmlty were moat a*o?a**ry H a aaawer w my eeggeatioea waa eavece. A few ?>mpie explanatloas might lo hare beaa (vOoleat to daatpate that email cloud , but aootrary to til f Xi acta lion , It waa aooo nbaaged lato a decided tern neat Before It bum, Gen. Zaaxaa waa able to fbreaee It, he tag ac qaamted with the Ueceral in Chief* Incapacity aad aa worthy management, the object of which waaodioa* aad led Uea 7 oar a a to fcar fbr bla Mb, no that be waa la duoel to a*k a leave of abaeao*, wita tbe Irm pargoae of returning no more to ?*rv* under tbe order* of a m*a wbo, iaataad of being the oca ire of naloa, waa tbo ttr*t lo fnmeat dleoord with tba marked Intention a' aaaomiag exclaalvety tba military power of N*? l?aa aad CoahaUa, aad to laterfere wlih Ita latemal politic t. Tbeae eanata toon prodanad ? Knrm lei dlaagreem*at be tween the Heneral in ?>ef, abo tbna wlahed to trample npoa tbe ladepeadate* of tbe Slate, aad tba Governor, wbo waa boatd todafrad It* Inviolability; aad a* the oM*a<ible cauaa *f aaob diaagrenaebt waa tbat Aeaor Degollado wlabad ta epea tba naminlga wbilat tbe aader*M?d tb-cght tbat *l*p lo be tba certain Im of tba army, aid furthermore, aa tbe 9taU governmtat could not aea with indtlTereno* tbe uaalee* ?aeriAaa of Ita cAlaeae, it paaaed a desraa pro vidlr g for tba return to tbe Mate of the New l<eea aad Coaballa brigade, there lo b* car*fnlly reorganised aad d?rlpliatd. Tbe as??*r from baadqnaiiar* was a decree depriving of hla tffVe the (foreranr of a free ?tate, and declaring tbe latter, tboegb ra toy lag perfect peace, ut. 'er martial law; then, with tbe ebaracter of a Oaaeral i* CMef wbo rt aaatmet tbe politl gal rnmmaad , Hr Herri ladu appelate! Sr. Arramborrl Governor of tbe (aid ftate. If all tfcli K aot a aeries of aaaaulta the ladapea dear* and *ov?relgaty of tbe Stale, It will be neoeaaary ta In ven i tew samea fr>r thiag* or cAaage their a itur* Not *all?fled with tbeee proceeding*, tbe Geaeral la Chief *< nght aa taatrumeat for tbe exeentioa of hta plans, art fouad t* la on* of tbeae me* la wbnae heart gratitude and con tele nee are dead, or dlaappear whenever their p*maal *ggr*ndlaain*al on? a la quest km, though IU i f\ct be lbe loee of peace aad pablts wetfara Geaeral 7m ragoxt waa seat to tbe oapital of raid Mate to botat tbe ?tancard rf rebellloa, Wblcb would produoe general rala and C< eolatloa. Neither thla ooaelderaliea aor tbe nalimiud cnnOdenaa of the gnrtrnmaal. aad tbe anawmn far or* it had l.<a|4<l iprn General Aaregoita, were able to arreet bis pi.rptaa There was gold, aad vlnoe la not reduced by It. a career wan opened to htm. and It pleased his aatbi tma to advance one ?Up, *vea If It were la mud. With ?acb cln u me tart** tba capital, tor tbe first time pre ?eaied lb* Kwaa of a mob armed aga r.?t the ohlef aa ihorlty . Wa<<ed by perenas ski had received from tbe latter ihe < niclal character tbey held being favored witb promotkaa and dttliactlona which, In mea void of honor aad tall of vice*, produced tbe eflbel wblcb waa lo be evpeatad. tbat la, a signal aad b'aefe trea*oa which darkened ftie g lor Ma of the Male and weakened Ita power, the r* mtabhehmsat of which has Oral aad la mating ml the greateel efforts But a* lbe pa**lnn* have a lasgsage <t ametr oally op p<aed to reason, abnadaat high *onadlsa words wars fonrd to re<y>mme*d what .if itarif ta ,x>at< mptlhle and to watlkoal that which ran oaly be an indelible skala Tbe nob la Monterey was so ln*iralBcanl and rwoaed ?neb ladigaalioo, that lb* voto* of the chief of lb* P?ata would have beaa nflk-ieat la coaftinad Ita leader, wbo trembled at the mere tdea of seeing face to face, tbe maa wbo bad re teed b.m from nothing The govern meat knew ib ? before and bad plenty of mease aad pawee ta ?nsum 'U ngbii, bit NMar Oagolladot tatartoreaoa was m Um tiy, tad theapu of the ^ . ? . I Win ???to.a wWfcTIi*. aad **?*?! lateda eauae f . werfal aaoufta la <tecide tbe lUMtfM it} ???*? * <*T1 saertOueTTbe Governor of tbe BUta bad by M aoui bwo 'iliiu i to ism on the coot rary, H bai acquired the most prootoua laurels, for be baa ?aortlloed hit run*, hta pud?, perhaps bla duty, and all acoepted deprivation of offiee aad even el lie befor? consenting to nerve aa a pretext for Me* ding a slDtU drop of b.ood. On the other baud, It waa owing to this aoaod policy that tbe authors of tuch infamous aoia Bade their worst defeota known , and loat for aver the telle prettlge an^nfluence with which tbe^hal been able to deceive the people. Subsequent events prove it, and the -.inderHKned la satlalled with hla perauaal aaort fice, aeelng that by It the State baa been freed from ttoa dominion of ibe wicked, and that be himaelf baa bora enabled by tbia example of tell denial to ooo Md with tbem, In obediense to hla doty, without any ooe being able to charge him with peraooal lntereet w?ijotli* mean object. The violent meaaaree executed by order or Senor uigollado produced a new order of thing*, and i if we wished to paint In strong colora, Inoapa 1 city, the want of ail endowmenta and of civil virtues, t tho orlg cal jierfect aad complete picture may htvo boon ( found n that adm'jmtratlon. Tho men who compoatd It and who Lad offered to regulate the oouree of the State, ? brought It into an Inextricable chaoa Having promiaed to Improve the public treaaury tad make It productive, they converted both the federal and State revenuca into j ao <J dorado, whence they and tbeln derived an aboadant harvest; baring boaeted that they wou'd ralae a powerful army, not a man waa tent to the campaign, not wtthatanl ixi g the eniialment, the vaxatioaa aad outrage* that were daily practised ; having promiaed to cement peaoe and concord, they were the worat and moat ranooroua t?t ever known to :be State. Their periodlaal waa full of bliterceat, aad their act* of hatred and vengeanoe. the natural coatcquenete of tbla mlagovernmeut were not long delayeJ. Two mootba were tnfilolent for ibe administration of Arrambarrl to |brtng upon Or If the moat dtaervod and complete contempt, and a patriot bad acaroely appeared wltb the true itaadard when all of you crowdod around him and tri umphed by the mere force of oplnloa. Aa for lienor I>e gollado, It la neceaaary to aay that If he acted without right agalnat the authoritte-a of tbe Slate, hla military ooo duct la no lata unjustifiable. We will prove tt, aa fol lows * Tbe General-io Chief declare* a deadly war agalnat a , Governor of a State, becauae, for plausible raaaooa, be oppoara the opening of the campaign , ooDtldering that the army bad not the dlaclpttne and organ tzatkoa udiapeuaa bly neceaaary. Immediately after the General la Caief opeaa the campaign aad eel I vert a battle, la which aU probabilities lavor him, aa he haa double tbe force of the etiemy , auperlor artillery and abundant rceourcea; aad yet, for causea which can by no mean* adorn a martial crown, the battle la loat, and then ? e a ? nearly all the ofllxra turn out to be oowarda, without delicacy or honor, and the force a lack that perfect military organization which la tbe baata of all area It a ?Official report of Me itftal at the Etlanc ux it la* Vaau. it ia to 1*' noticed that, with the exception of the ae vere li^ury Inflicted uiioo many merltorioua officers, the judgment pawned by tbe General ln-Chlef la the same at that expreaaed by tbe Governor. Bow, then, can we re golciIo that which in tbe oaae of tbe latter Is a fault, aad In the former la not only a truth, but even a discharge of weighty n r*(xin?tbiiity T gm The two differ only in one point:? Tbe Governor ex pressed hla opinion before tbe engagement, and on pur pose to avoid It; tbe General in Ontef took no not toe of tbia bint, and even abused tt. He delivered a battle, and it la only after be bad aacridoed many vlstlma, many arena, modi artillery and many a laments of war? only after he bad discovered that ha and a few others alone were valiant, true soldiers and men of honor, that, In ao official report, be ascribes hta defeat to tbe aame reaaona which be had oondemned in me, and which had displeased b!m so much ? serving even at the first appa rent cause for the breach wltb tbe governmcat of New Leon and Ooahuila, as for tbe real one, It la aa concealed a a tbe object at which >t aimed. Let na return to ibe afiairt of the State. Tbe movement which overthrow tbe Arramberrl adml niitratlon settled two principles ? drat, that the Etocu tive of the State realdea in the person named by tbe con stitution; r< court, that he moat be cbcaen by popular election. When ihit took plase tbe undersigned was away from bit aatlve land, taking no part In publlj stlatia, except to mourn In silen* over the common ms. fortunes of bit country, and especially over tboae of the Plate That Stale honored b>m. for tbe fourth time, with lie tuftre?< e, t xprtttiDg the hlgbeat confidence in blm, and this, under tlie actual circumstances, be value* more tbaa glory and worldly treaaurta. Th a vote, fellow citi zens, can be nothing l<*a than the moit tolemn justiOca tton of my jrevloue oonduct, and tbe implicit ooadeaaaa tion of that of lienor Degollado and hla aooomphoea; and this more than j*ya me ror ail the aacrlSoea aad aorrows wbtcb I have eadurtd. In my renewed character of chief Ksecutlve efficar, you are wltoaaaa* that I have never moleateU aay one, and that all my aaergie* bar* been Dilated in tbe public aarvkoe aad in the inter caJ establishment of peact, without deviation la tbe least froca the path of Juatl<-e and nubile convenience. T Banks In tb s recuperating policy, tie State waa recovering iu eeju J.'brlvm, coaflderoe was returning, and p ;bilc welfare begitning to crown tbe efforts of tbe government, which beheld with pleasure ibe coaataat endeavors of the honorable Cod greet to realise tho** blessings. Bet Senor Dtgolialo dlse ontinued to look upon the Stat* with rancor. He had first tried the temper of the pro vlatooal governor by expreaaing in a latter aome Injuria* which were repelled with clgnlty When my election wai known, he and retard blmae.f to a reepectablepevsoa, to laterpoee hla good offices Bear Ibe ooMtltattcsal gover nor; and although than the Injuries were changed into Kf, he lm peiaed humiliating condlttoaa, coca id* red aa sartala atulbulea which the Stale oould n>t raong mire, and exprraaed hatred againti person* whom lie a t* aotar.d never will be able to de*lgaate TiM< xeoutlva wish leg not to leae ita time in uaeleaa debataa, and daalrlag be tldea to show lta impartiality and dlaiatereetedaeoa, paaaed the buaiueaa to the honorable Coogreee to be resolved by It a* it deemed proper. Ibis step eicttod the anger of Heoor tiegollado to tbe utmoat degree, aa sbowu by a pamphlet which be pubilatMd aad widely circulated, aad whieJi, for tbe decorum of tbe nalioa, mould not appear among official document! Tbe honorable Oongreea, con tlderiog that this pamphlet was, or appeared to be, aa accusation, Invettlgated the affair, glvlug full Juatlc* to the sovtrnment It seemed natural that this resolution should be received by all a* a final settlement of the cultles caused by tbe General-in-Chief; but unfortunately It wa* not ao. 4ft*r some time of perfect barmoay be twees the Congress and the Executive, the former passed a decree revoking the discretionary power* with which, ?luce Jsnuary, IMS, the latter Lad bee* Invested Tbe Executive not considering tbi* (tep convenient, aad hav ing the constitutional right which he had often exercised, of makit g observation* apoa tbe decrera of Oongrsas, bs aid to in this caa* la the maaner aad within the time praacrtbed. It tt aiaaaeoDttiiattoeal prnvtatoa IBM Urtmit a decree two tblrda of tbe M|iin pfaaeot are aaoaaaa ry. It waa oot ao in tall caae, and tbe majority , who wera lolly aware of It, declared by a ilmple declaim that tba previa tea waa aot biadlag, tba aetatoaf wara cloaed tlx "?to day, without aotlfylag tba li.-ouilrr, aa1 ev a bo Cure tba latter baa received tba note oomaiua teat tag tba mw dectatoa. Tba txecattva abalaint from dlaouaiag tba motlvea which nay bare la. lured tbe ma tor it y of ?<agreet to act tbot. bat It la ceottaary for bis to (lata tbe facta, ao that ibe rttaatioa o which ha waa pieced may be kaaww. B Uoacreaa bad roaliaoed tta teaatoa at tea*! a day laager Ibe Kifcetire wee Id bare returo-1 the di otaioa, atiagtag tba rraaoa be bad For cotildarbf It ooatre ry to tba coailttattoaal right* of tba Mate; bat the area toe be tag claeel wit bo at giilog hm aot toe of it, be bad do otber reeoaroe bat le return tbe eeld lecieton to tbe peraaaent tepatatloo. wbtcb be did, expraat'ru bid rraaoae for ao dolag, aad protettiag tbat be woe Id hut rraaitr tba decree apoa dlautlloaar) jxiweo annulled ?e kM h It wocU aot be an aooordlag to tbe rtea.u, ttoa Two af tbe depatiea wbo teamed tba | iamil Or [?<tatir>n were ttaociaie.i w.Uj a lee diaeoeleeted per km. wbo bare alwayi eootplrvd aut bad already taliea He re to bring aboat a tiunnlt TVeae two daputlaa aya ter laualy left Mraterey aad by tbelr ow* authority da elartd ibaaatlvea la fialeaaa a permaaaat I'opulattoa, aad aalled Ctcgreaa to i ma bio ta tbat town Bntdaa tba :rr?galarlttee wbtcb th ta atep iaroirea tret, tbat a body wbtcb the cnaatitattoa required to be onapoard of three pctaooa caaaot be reduced to two. n. rh tea ao wben that rflket la by tbe txclotira wtu of thorn two. arc aad, tbat tba rraldeace of tba State Lagtalatore aad ??ecttlve au thorn tee oaao' t be changed bat by a decree foutcrd upoo weighty naanai of wuui Congrtaa a to be tba jadge: third, tbat tbe rttliiaaee of th<ar aatboritiea at oifcreai piaata would be alteaded with ear too* laooa veateace by raaeoe o< tue May aria which requ re tbelr eeactwiace , aad tbat rocb aeparat too voatd break tba tatiaata eoanectloa which Boat etlet batweeu then fourth, tbat tba oarocatioa of axtraorl aary Maaidai oaa bare bo validity without tbe aaacvoa and puMioa I ttoa af tba tteoeuve. btaldaa all tbla. It la necaaaary to > atalc a fact trr tbe judgment of impartial |?.-aoai dtrorg tba dapvitea wbo rawrial tba nteor.ty of Coa gma there ware two wbo nadonbtedly ? eld aot g> to t.akata? oae of tbea oa aoceaat of ba wall kaowa and rooMaual title of nkneet, the otber beoanaa hi* charac ter, habita aad way of living rendered a jonraey Impoa ?iMe Tba rlrccittaace, wbtcb at Oral rtew i?a? ind'Strecl la tbe qmattoo of d .tcretteaary powera, ra reala tbe draiga of tbe coa Tab tag depatfa Tba mlaorlty wbtcb bad prevenltd Coatreat froa eoapleUag tba two tblt da required by law, thaa red' tee 1 ta noaber. it waa poattble for It to obtain a reeull apparently legal that la, b T?te of tbe abamata two tblrde of the ataabera praeeet, by mear* eweatially violent and reroluttooarr ioelag all tbe legality "bleb Onrg reee ha* wbeo ?? ?n^,V I at tba aafttai, aad tbat for tba porinw of obtatalag ttaewbera j tbe two tbirdt ft quirt d by tbe coaatHutloB. By tbla we , at.t oaiy are tbe aonattmia procaadiagt of tbe tw.t f^gl Ilea df puttee, bat, what M at ill wore, tbe daa al ta a (>o Terror of lb* power of deVadlag tba onaactm'aa, for tba takt of wblcb ?o much blood haa been abed on ttie battle ?eld, aid tbat. too, whea all tbe otber troreraon bra la vrled w lb tbat very pt war? fi-r Witt yt It the liberal rav.aewmld be orwpietely ovrf thrown Bat laying abide tba dtferritceatj powara, tbat la. ??.ppoaicg tba Oovaracr w H boat tb?* wbea tba reaaltoaiat C^aa tbreateaaJ to Icvtda tbe State, aad wbea tbe rtot at Oateaaa ?r..|i plane, wru.t in: tb. r fruiire bare a.ted aa be dll, taklfg dla- , erettoaary axaaarra to arntd tbe daagei ErHeunr ha weald have acted ttoa, bad ao oae would bare thought it wrotg, eteet?t tbcaa wbo would like to aea Ibe %Uo la tba |oa?rol tbarvaaiioatataor of tbe rriaataala afOaleana. Tbe <joe# lion of dl>rretioaary powera a eaaatquaatly a Mere aevlnaa, a profit lo gain pnaa>*ai?a ?; the power, aad fur tbla >e?*oa revolutionary dlrtaterah p waa pea fer rea to ibe legal nae, wuhoal ohaerrtrg that tbe foraar ia aet ?a'y innpoaa.bla aad ruapaaail of aipr >per e?e tnettd. bat id alao oppoeed to uiurala. |? agar ty . aad all pibllr nrder aad gaaraateea. aa wa baraaeea. wbtlal tba iaiter, beaidta kawg trgitiatate aad alt i?ir; baa pre aerred nil new I be re prMloaa bMalagf. f >iSllli>g w mala objrat. wnicb la to caaiawd agaiaat tba ooaaoa raeaey, tbe eae?attve aaaaalag tbe raafoaalbiitty of bll 'Vbe'iiaaaMaa la awdertba ueeaerttyef makiaa tbeaa d< rtaraiKiaa. bat it la aot bit faalt ibat there afeoald be ?e?ad prta<*a r^'* rf .m?'o,iag eurh mm. aor it It iuet to have est lortbrr rrga'd for Ihnae wbo trail Hia ?eleee Of ?eae?rea ttnl aKre reprebeatiMe Tbe ittempl lefial'tta Ib'led. for rot a tttgle depaly wtt prenent. bat ia or a?pe? tai l?? fbr ihla, a aaaher of nea ware taaeni bird ther'? tbey we?e pabl-o efflcen uader !<caclary or other reepoatlhllity lo tbe State, wbtcb la m>mt way tbey had ter red, aad were (Jet I roue if latradtriag dimrder ao aa ta elade jaatlee There wera alao t<>tne ordlaary erimieal* aad tbeaa, la talon wllb tba former, were tba aotbora of Ibe " pltn ct Oal^aa. It m ne.eeeary to Mala bare aaotber tcaadalout taciUent jnat ^|fira f M IS tbOM *boTC !^lha1 ' mj ooold not T*m*m [ Biale with Impunity, went to 8m Lu* FI UK-meatee* M vtctiBBB of * per*<?t^ ?h,col aever nkM Be>oor DegoiUuto |in the* run or* rather. embraced the oppo'uallj to contented mutineers, and to bolit ? e?ai><teixl om trrvc y the focua of the com piracy. Ho |l?| Military orgaalBatloa, with ine pompoua UUe of of HoLor," and lavished upon Uiem Buch >U pralaea thai no one oas fail to oooaider hi* wo, new act of convocation to all tboM wbo would 11*4 epire egainat the oonalltultonal government of N| and Ooabuila. home men, moat of them criminal according to Ihlsauggealion, and were|ellowed brB neral in Chltf to go and ? Her their aervioee at ??1 ? ? when a mullooot force ???* already HMi tbat city. Bealdta mia, rtenor Oagollado ha* ? ponded, and correspond a MIU, with tbe multnfl baa offered them all blade of aaaletance, nodi time tent tbem order* upon the Oaatoea Boom el mora* for tbe amount of twenty Uxmaaod dollar* not tatiafled, be publiahee In hie B*Ueilm all ul m?nu which tbey forward hla, and sutler*, | command*. that pepor to iDBult and oalumaiete wnmwtof NewLeoo aod C^ulla tbo. girl, example, wbicb Mother periodlcalof the -we c, followed, u-d both adopted the plan ofmlarepr| the (acta tn order to m It load public opinion. . ^mutlnrer. of gnawer, ^de^by ? enee of tbe people. Vo?m?maomm* ?wr I i ! m m San Lu>? atswered, i Wbat a alngular phenomenon . On one ntt, which has given a thouMnd prooft Uut U stands and appreciates liberty, unable to appear before a court of jurtlce, allied t< I SS p^nf. ???.,***> 'n ord? to deliver the .State from , ! rant." You have heard it, ciliteei ol New l*cm bulla. Abandfolof men whimyou weUWnow, or ibree whom yon fortunately do not know, will I overt brov. and annihilate the tyrant whom you 23 when they will have. natched from your ba, arms which you are laid to raise voluntarily - I imDOM liberty upon you. Tbu renooed the bM uS2/K t? the rererae?tbenatural <natioo When they were convtnoed tbat. few whom they ***** by ebes frTcdihiP, there ?u tot a stogie honorable* would countensece tbelr parT?*^the> ceued I ling the people to eecood , which, in tbe vUlsgea they pwwL)My even mentioned .they eppe*'.od_to other ??ana^ forded them bettor reaulta They aMauitod the i ?hicb lav In their immediate vicinity, aad am aacr ilcee and vexations which they impeded upo ' <u the lorced tnlialmenl of all whom tbey met ' S=SS5a ; formed lhat armed force which entitled Itoelf the 'UVnn"iL!?mbcr what the Eiecutlv* did then. ! ? care waa to give you an account of all that had o?fl SweTl" tbi Jorse of ?-,duct be ba ipr-c* ' himself. Aftcrwmrda he directed the aeeenib1'0* 1 Ocitnl force to punish ibe author* of the ?ob ?i timely atop to lie evil* that thoae bad begun w section of Ave hundred men. under the ??? - ; EES vlulroga, left for l.innrea, aid I at tul rewi of bi* ?PPro*ch *?? from tbat city, where tb^h^o*ll?W*J ; of crlnite. An active purauit on the pirtof u>ic? roga would have toUliy VII tbe proposal of that worthy 0?O" . il live had ytt howei of avoiding the tffoalon of bl 1 ' did not with to app<<m] to thl? meaeure uatll all n faitd Thl? good dlepoettlon, aa well aa the tra net feeling of the Chief Exwutlye olUoer, are 1 iti & letter directed to Colonel Quiroga, which .t ! w mlSit in IS placc. tbat the afore-M latont.ol : be know.:- uowmm, Jily ai,| 1 Coiosra. no* Jru** Qt mooi. at Llnaree: My ? Von wel! know tbe aocBBo!* b?;ie? which at prlvee me of oomm^oc^v mv famllv It baa prevented me alao from wrt lZwe wvZ*!* "pay to tbe ifflcer. under your 90tnmaad, ?eoondJ to dd voo tbat the government 1* weu aatuoea w (kill and prudence with %bich j ou hare managtd^ thitg, thirdly, to nspend a while your operMioni Oie wbo acta by legal anUorlty dlCfera ?*to'H a i evolution tat. The former ahoold aak of <^>d and follow tbem oock fBtioujly. wUboo' tight of the law* and public welfare: * wtt tbat human life la ri*p?ct?d, ,or it being m, ciout. bn reapooBlbility in thai matter If of the character. Tlie revoluthmltt ta oiLerwIae; be it nnecrupulon* In tbe ehoke of mean*, kecaune b? la vengeance and the gratiBcatlon of unworthy p (\be ocewrenoe <rf SaS Gregorlo ^lonjthl. a. It !? therefore nece*ry for the to obtain two retultt apparently oppoaed to ea?* the re eatabltabaaeM of order, ( ?loo of Inoooent blood ; and ihonld tbere be acj ahed, he It the fault of othera and not of rrcmest wbleh ba a employed every ??aaaa to a lam aura tbat yon, with ibe reapectaole tora your oommand, would have driven the matinee far If order* bad been give? you to do ao; hot t ( lament having In ita baa da other meana to read efltot certain , tt baa to awa it tbe day in w btoo , ae tfatm for tke execution of Ita *aa. und tbat 1 aliude to tbe marcb 01 a force t> saui will flank the revolotiobitu. whilst yours, s c<ij ion with It, will, whea required, attack them .d be flight or lota ol the enemy will ba tbe rea-lt 1 peratlon, thou Id ha be Jaring eaoughto await ^ nthia caae be akwo w ill ba reepoutble for th? uneat evila. You kaow that areata hare frort worda to be true , and now. aware of all, you wi > tbe deep Borrow which your uorarnor maat nave I etltg the awkward oalumnlea and etopid ? toe a which violent men, 1U d^poaatf 11 infbrmed writcra, have had tha a 0 propagate. But lelaebood laaUonly aatll t 1 nown, and nerhapa tbe day la not dwtaat when lb, i public will dojnttioa to iblB State and Ita aau^ Hhile the eveata which have been related ww re place a aew and more eeriaua danger required tM tion of the government. Tbe reacltoBlai Cajea, combination with the mntlaeera of Oalaaaa, waa ing on tbe town of Parraa with a brigade of thirty dred men and eight piece* of artillery. The ea called team upon ib< citizen* to take arm*, aod a Ibe great ?alltlacltoa of belt*: aurrounded by tw?J tand Ave bnndrad warriort, with *aaaa H waa all marib tgalnat Oajen, without erea prortdiof J tbe atlaerable mob of C.eleaaa. M Ca>^ treated at tha atera aotioa of tha peep' mace, and Ibe State, being without rtaeur rend a force out of ita leerlteey la b* I waa obliged to dMaM the greater part tte reel appoiaud %o ra-eatabllah peace 1a tha later i or. T. tuetra bad aeat a detachment la?a dteaaMaw of J ""??iirf of Ckotaln aoea, and by forty elUatne of Cblaa, wbe ro'luato tone d their terv toea-had to aavt iteaif in the aetgb State of Taaaall^joa. the other det?chaeat tint and mm diaper sed by Lteuleaaut Cofcmei Gaa.ooa ? Satictai Guard aoe the p,opi. of I-arraeUd Vl wbo ta a. flaa weal out ta optieaa IV i, meaawhUe Coiooel Qelroga urged "fal thoald be glvea to Llm, for Um rebeta antmeatlag their rank* attb the fkmoua ? u ?ear." Ti view of thi* the corwaor, wfib b Zaarua, ODmmaader la Chief of tha <HaU fortwe d a plan of caapaiga which both war* to execute in t Ti JT, lt*r ?*rofc*1 1* SalllBo, o ^ tiiu^I iii. ' bT * CBO a MM nq warn 10 DC ine tan or the unfertoaate ? /-uatua, tad the beg laaiiiff of tbe followta< om be muktl by oie of thoaa horrible daada vbieb ualeeraal ladigaatu a aad make tba mod trambia ei?ttot crime la all Ito atormlty, aad at Ike eight a oomplete revolt afalaat Joatfce ?r tbuaa ?. oenarre of eociety. irracherouly attempt Um Urea < a*aa plaoid at lb* head or affaire and la wand wtu lie authority Ike Altoraey ueaeral or Um aattoa, IVe IrcaCaaiii, aaa alreadr jiren aa laptni J net account of tbat horrible crime la a par wbtcb baa n baea pubtiabed. reiierlof m- iboa paitful daty , after baring already ted lie m^ort. be preteat at tba aaddea Icae of one or tfea beat ? tbe comuj, wboee klrd acta aad eacred frieadeh at do km Ma rrtr folly deeorlbe. Nereetbaieae. 1 1 add ?r me atcetMrr rtmarka, aad aa/ that tba crl? the oeaerqueaee of en exceaeiTe perearelly aa lb or tba aaaaatiaa, aad. ta one tract with It, or eatrem Rdrare om tbe part <?? tba elctim and tba uada-e Tboa|b (Kirud by a force of fart* two meat, tbe p? tioa of pleete ( a |Wt au omitted, aa M la atmoat a the caae ?M me Am faait, I bough rapeakaae b?? crrded, nererlheleei I'oaa worthy aw*i?e, for I I croaaary Ihel aurb aa act MH take plaoe to Im I tbat ibera vera m (be Maw ma* eupynrt I political cauae capable of preened Itattag ae'l teinua'Dg ll,e perpetrate* of such a er me.l i bat tb< re vera otbeta wicked enough to Macula f lnogauddeB.y npoa mea MuleUy aalaep aad ibei airi away . The preceding clearly ibowe tbe charae**' both o | led aad aarallaaia. aa wall aa tbalr ?.? | lap Tba farmer too* ao preeauttaaa. beoaaaa tbe of aa borrtd a crime aerer entered tbalr miada Tn ter availed theameleae M thi* ctrean Tend tbetr plan, to commit leo muidan. Bit F race to y permitled tbe oraaummatloa of om, th he itagLai 'n>< ia General '/'-arue. aerlng ma by a *| fatoe. Path la tbe ietd to which itaaotbora w?h to a legit male character preteadleg n aai permute, he coauma of war. but aU ctt'ieee la whoae bwf tree leaiMl of jnetiea pre? alia demand with md >B ibe aia'bllatioa of the eel! doere.ead Pre* -tern elf, * bleb cenrota tbe affaire ,f me*, eewml fare altaared tba crime ta be iipaan la Ita eeermtty Sew fane bar- reeewied . ircamateacee. and Ibcwe who rely upua laatiaa t t. vbat it will be folly a.lmta?tere i the prt~? liata fally demoaatrete the ertalaalttf of the a nit* L Ike meb of OeleaM an wb ii ta* .Hate bea t ? I ?urn I hem le the mcaatime. let na reader to tbe I rtflt'm Um faarrat h^nn ablah r?t<?K>e bee I f oa Ita anai ? let aa ofler !? b rr. ? .? bomef of mr ? | ad let aa krrp b'a be'ored memory aa a te-tiiw ureal Icea, ia Ibe ?e me r>,anoar that tf.? "tate w> ? e?r*e bla tame aa a ken of pcrp?ti^l glory Afierl b!??ly aeeae the |oeenuneol trenpa (?raplad the ell Paitiito, aal Ibe oadere'ioed. ontwlthaua<tln? th*f Uacted rate of bla I lorrow wbltb Ilk 4 to military operatiaaa. I tbrotch tlx peblicattoaa tally appreilate tbe eaurafe I ttwoe wbo rompoee I lie <ff?rtual t? oi <? ration \ aiprr t abom are worthy of epeclal aetloa tb?ae of I tee, aliiamha.Cbiaa, Kaitilla. Fanoa Arlape aad M. rty > ? k ? m theee ? n *M. we l.aee ^UlaaJ tbe I I Lf Ibe iMitme<?e. at.<1 tbe rowplete re Mtabl abme | LtbUc rta?e, for the roaeolXatKT of whlcb mil ilar* bare beea eembl abed m tba eaat. iaaui aad cf oar Blata territory. , Tbe flrel Itae la to cheeh *? 221 ^ " ' atd abatter allbeded to the fart'oeleta by aome aut Ilea of tba State at Tamatiltpaa lb- aeonnd Una 'a I stress ? r-'5^rrirr,:,|

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