Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1860 Page 3
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_ . _l ' 1T77 uMlmnA themseiv* their <1 Hue Is to prevent Um * 1 "Jf1 * J*Vr4J"w^? <*? Wall* wm ihrwigMd fey Um renssaoaist ugep , aa invasion which btomi probable, -#?talderteK profraaa to Chihuahua, ha v tag iim4r MMe po?"eastoo of tta capital, aod re-estabMabed la that loe reactionary government. All this abowi plainly Owl Uiia Bute la completely surrounded by enemies, la eluding ibe barbarous Indians Strange aa It may appear to mo but* liberal* aod react ioo mis at war with tbtt Bute, It la a notorious faci, which wlli fee duly appreci ated when tbe dark cloud of pass toes. baae envy, aod aa unexampled ungratefulness hare vaniahed, then the merit of a Stats wbicb baa almost exhausted itself In the de cree of tbe national cause, will be manifest. It will too appreciated, I nay, tx cause tbia merit Is the true cause of thai persecution which la only entertained by a row persons unfortunately constituted aa authorities, but which neither dots nor can exist to tbe people whom they govern. Itefidea the preceding, there la no o her cause upon wblch ifcal antagonism cau be founded ; and to their Borrow, Its authers will have to repent wben .hey can no Isoger avoid being judged aa tbe* leaerve, aa it happened With reaped to ibe famous EUatuto Organico Subao qu?nl events will, wben the struggle m over, Justify this prediction. ? In the order of Incldenta must be notioed here one which from ta nature and tendency tails upon our so cwty like a rpark upon oombuatlbie matter, namely, tbe declaration which, aa General In Chief. 8enor rHfoilado baa mtde, stating that ! and the Mate bare seceded , aod are out of tbe federal Union, and hare ittthdrawn from the obedience of th) supreme government. Tbe only U>lng certain in all this Is the explosion of anger which predominates in thia man, and It cause* atonlsh ?sent to see him stoop from so high a position to Ike meanness of impoatore? thus disrespecting public opinion aod the civilized nations, who will wonder on seeing ao<s of so Incredible a character. The picture of tbe principal political events which have occurred in tbe Mate is ooncluded ; their origin and tendency are known to you. Ihet picture may be Imperfect, on acuuat of omi ted antecedents ? tbe exactness and connection of wblch tbe public has not a true knowledge; but their aumbtr and complication are such that history alone can duly appreciate them an d pronounce upon them its Infal lible Judgment. Nevertheless . the preceding narration Inspires deep and serious reflections in those ? bo truly wish the peace and welfare of their country ? in those wbo are convinced that these inestimable blmtstafS can only flow frim the uprightness of their rulers, when proved by their acts and never disowned by sny devia tion, by intrigue, or by the unlawful m>'ana witn which H Is generally attempted to close public atutrs Philosophy, which so wisely dlsoovers the bidden se crets of tbe physical and mo-al world? which teaches tbe precepta of tbe latter, approving tbe good and condemning the evil, which aoinds the mysterious depths of tbe hu man aoul ? philosophy recedes with horror before tbe cha M of pass ions which it ctnnot dissipate, and history il Mlf has to wait until thece are subdued, in order to' dis cover tbe trnth and to pronounce Its juog uent upon each fact. Such is the fatal state of tbin|s in Uexiso, not with standing what is raid by thote who huv.< a personal in term In stating the contrary. Great as these difficulties ma) be, they do not prevent considerations arising iu the mtiid , void of oonfusion and at the san>e lime oooclusive. These considerations are:? L thai Benor begoUaJo Is rMpoaslbie before God aad man for having created and fomented civil war In Um Mate, and consequently, lor tbe evils wblch hare fol low ec or may flow from that cause % For the aassstlnstloo of general Zutxua, as tb? orlgi aal cause of the aforssaid diUcultlea. They are:? That to Mexico tbe character of Its dissensions bus always been tbe same, as also the onnstqnent means and results. Passim, calumny, falaebood and all the ctaaes of div|. slon, constitute the history of all revolutions, from tho ?rst to tbe last. We see tho effect ofa>ltbl*: we go far awar from tbe path which we seek, or pretend to be seeking, produciug thus tbe ruin of tbe principles we Invoke, and rendering each day more obvious die de cltne instead of the regeneration of Mexico; for every where we see dissension instead of cor cord; rebellion In Stead of obedienoe to tbe law; moral relaxation lust* ad of all tbe social ties ai.d of pub!<c on! ur. This l? moro or less the pietore of She public misfortunes which everybody may see, and which; tbe civilised world can lemplalea with astonishment Such lamentable and no torious effects ntceasarlly fluw from a sep-vlor cause, in cluding all tbe others; it is not proper tbat I should staM It la this manifesto. I wul therefore observe s prudent silence, In order not to accumulate canaes of disunion, and for the sako of national honor, so ueeply wounded and slandered by others. But 1 protest, with all the right which tbe justice of my proceedings gives me, sgslnst lbs oomp'lcity wblch my gratuitous enemies attribute to me, tor their accusations are totally false and Instigated by a spirit of r at. Cur. Wben (ball we oocstltotojourselves, marching as we are towards a oomplets chaoa? As 1 hav already said, all our revolutions, though Ihe leaders be JiBerent, produce vices which destroy the proclaimed principles; the alms deviate from their object* ard the fate of the country falls thus Into the hands ioA seta? which *? oppose. Amidst such a general subversion, tbe Executive understands bis j duly ef saving tbe Stale from being wrecked; and, having Its confidence, be will aocemollgb his endeavors If the co operation of tbe latter is continued to him. What would become of New Leon and Coabulla If tbe disorder which prevails In the Central States should peoelrale to its heart' No one can realize tbe rmrmlty of its oonsequenoM, and It Is therefore necessary to avoid them by ail m-atiS. Tbe struggle which distracts the nation must have an sad. for tt cannot last, In the meanwhile the more we endeavor to establish the peace of tbe State and regulate IU administration, the more the latter will be protected from the evils which have originated from the general Situation; and when the day of pea-ie, which, God grant us, is come, this State will not be ruined like others, but will, on the contrary, be a llvtog body ready to advanoe la the pathway of Its ruture welfare May Divine Providence, who sees tbe slnoertty of theM wishes, realise them SANTIAGO VIDAIRRI. Moirrmui, August SI, 1990. Tk? Trad* la Haw Y*rk. TUB CAM OP TH* ALMMEH SLAVKR Wt. Before 9eo. W. Morrell, E*q. Oct. 28.? nu Catted Mala at. Qor4m, Warrm and MuU ?John W. Dunutn0oa reoaUad? Wh*a I aaw the ftte abe Boat bar* beaa hearting towards aa; aha waa aader aail, aad we bad alaaM; aba eoald aot by a ay poe eibllity bare avoided oa, araa If aha waal oo aaolbar taafe. WUIIaa JTarrea'a examination oon tinned? Oar va aaaJ waa hallad by aome oaawtta Uohioan . I heard the ball; aa paraoo answered tba drat ball, Chptala Gordon, by the wtoh or tbia man, aaawarad Ike second ball: Gordon told where Ue veoeel waa from, did aot aay where aba waa bound. Una q seat! on waa aot saked . by "tbia maa" I MM tba mm In charge of tba veaael aad cargo; bla aama waa Manuel; I oaa't aay whether Captain Oordoa apeak* Bpaalah or aot; 1 nerer baard him apaak ypaalrh, I doe't know wbat waa doaa with the ihlp'a paper* Sardoe did not aay anything to me about tha pa para, I doat know whether or not ah* had paper* M leaving tba Havana. 1 never baard of the papar* being thrown overboard or daatroyad; aotbiag waa ever aald M My prMiaci aboat their being throw* overboard or deetroyed that 1 reooiiect, 1 kept Ue lag book m My way oat; the book ahown la tha log beak, that la a^ writing . the eatriea aboat dtoMargtag ar* aorreet: the ballaat aamed In tha tag bonk at be log takgt to waa atoae it waa brought la ? boat, I tail kaow how Many boat*; the atoae* war* of all colore, the ateae came TroM the Mad . the aoaat, 1 preanme, la atoay Md aaady both the ataaaa war* mail, **itabl* for bal Mat. the aegrtaa were braagfct m baard altar tha vttlt at the Brinah vaaaaia BpitAra aad Plato, which waa oa Aagaat I. 1M0 aatry. 'Ttoaday, ?th, finished taking In baUaat at eight wara ready for eaa; alak M*a all wall, except on. tl.e aegrora w*r* not on board tbia day . we Bailed curing the day eoaie Km*, weaaiied, I think, oa tha tUi 1 think the Mb, maybe the 7th . there ta no *atry am tha lag book after the ?th It Might hare beee tweaty Iber hour* from the time we aet tail tUl we were taken by the MohMM: the naaau 1 Made no m try ea the *U> or after oo the log book, waa be aaaae I b*4 ao More to do with it; I did aet haul down ibe Oag , doa't kaow wbo did. did not eaa It hauled dowa. I was oa deek whsn It waa done, bal dM aot mm It 1 have enn a maa named Say**, 1 doa't kaow whether be waa a Spaniard or aa American I eca't kaow what oooatryau* be waa. ha w*a aeithar a Ihaalard aor aa Amertaaa I am not a chimb of the untied Mat**, 1 never voted M tbto onuntry at aa aloe Ilea; the eiigura war* taftaa M baard taa eviaiag before abe a an take*. Ue ahala of them, nearly 900, were taken oa that ereciog n boaM belonging i p* Man | m abe at taar er flve.oame m rtv*r. dea l know the name of aay M;| we took from Havaaa nometlmaa lived oa the ahlp aad <? lead. Uieae were Hill aad Antonio ooe of them, Hill, died - and tha other one. Aatoaio, bene we mate of ibe vessel the aaiae of the oneatgaee thaa waa Varree, be flame oa board, laaetved the negro**, and taea went oa Mare, our viaaai did aot go to nay port M the Tatted HUM before goto* to Onagri "be went dtreet to the mwt from Havana 1 never new a paper like th la ebows I doa't kaow whether it Is staled oo the paper* thai I am an Americas or Eagltah, I sever saw my name oa any paper except the art! o lee I de not kaow thai l am dows so ' the artlriee as an American I aever wrote II, 1 don t kaow what aay of the passengers paid for their paaesge, aa arrurarnt was made, that inasmuch a* I waa dta ' aharged I abot ld reeetre three mnath*' pay, aad if 1 name 1 ea the v*aael I ahouM aot raaaive my fun three months' , **ito dlreet ? Opt H II railed the crew aft ad aaked who wanted to go b<me 1 thought the Krte micht be pur*u?t aad takaa after we failed 1 never ?p>k*t about it eioept am ng <rgr.?lrea aa people would tatk. I **td I would rather be lakes by aa AawrKma tnaa aa Baglab tmH. Mordoa laid anwwthlng of me taine kiad . I don't recol lect bav cr an; oonveraatloa wub Hail na that *ub)e?-t, the Srte had aboel ItO tana bailart when lafn the t>el la** was sol iherharged at Monrovia, the balltSt WM not diet liarged while I was oa hoard, la epeakisg Of the beet* a the Ooegn I m?aa laaaahn eome of theee Munrbra WnaM carry M aegr.>ea Bill told the crew thai they bad better ?tay oa board for the Meat waa etekiv. rroea evamlned? The laanche* were r/imw lol by AT rtraa* employed tor the purpose, Um Blares ware aot MaMed , there were a fow ragaoaaomeaf Ui- Haves . they tPtft sot tied, they dM aet rsawt , aim* ware talk leg aad aa ae oryiag wbaa eomtaa ?a board aboat oee third werJwoamn-saaay of tk?a yoong cbll dm we bad ao Fngltsh tag oa board, ih/re .m other aatlnaal *ag eseept the Aasertoaa flag, oa board the Amertcaa tag waa butetad by h Ipaatoh aatlor, at the dlreet I oa of the taaalard Haauet, wheat th* Mohiran ?red 1 pre*nMed that Oaptatn Gordon tr*a?ferred the Krle doa't know whether be sold her ar not but be trassferred her is tome way I prwaMa ths Uaaatbr WM msoeto ChpMia Hill HID ass s Spaniard. T>>e metriflt Attorhey offered ta svidsocie aa a (T' davit af capu 0 I>?rd?a, made at )la\ ana b*for* th* L'nltad Btalee Cxaaul. Adjvurued to October 24 IVaval lateiligear*. Th* Talted ?tat<w steam rh^ n* lancaster. Captain John *udd the Wjooatog, ('.'?! I K a Mball. an-" '?'nrragac e^t. Com. T A. Hum w ar* at Ohliao oa the yuh nit. UNION NOW m FOREVER! Trc mendous Uprising of the Feop!e. Grandest Popular Demonstration Ever Witnessed in New York. Turn Out of the Conservatives Last Evening. Seven Miles of Sovereigns in Procession. 37,000 CONSERVATIVES AFOOT. Over Half a Million of Spectators in the Streets. The Wide Awakes Com pletely Squelched. THE CITY m i BLAZE OF FOE. BONFIRES, ILLUMINATIONS, PYROTECHNICS Red, White and Blue Lights, Shirts, Coats, Caps and Breechcs* Bell-Ringers, Little Giants and Breckinridfers Side by Side. The American Spartans and Minute Men of the Union. Splendid Display of the Trade Associations. Boatmen, Batters, Tailors, Batchers and Cartmen. THE LADIES IN FAVOR OF CMOS. THE ROUTE OF THE PB0CE8SI0K. HONORS TO TIE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY. icon iHl? CICUHENTS OF THE EYES Of C, Ac., *?. The Minute tad th* raloa Mm toraad oat In inmlnM lutxri teat night. Ob Um third of October the fid# Awake* had th*ir peu proo***ion, *o ion* talked of, aad introduced, like a etage dlap'ay, with a blast aad floor lab of trumpet*. The proceaalon via large, Ibougb not ao tergaaath* r*pabU*aaa maimed, aad wat oompoaed, for apart part, of jroatlia able to oarrj torches, hot unable to rote, either at th* approaohlag eiee'.loa la November, or. rr om appcaraawa, at several rubeequanl election* The rank* vara awaited by claba from the hack couatry, eltlea and village* ? from Albany, Troy, Hartford, Dan bury, Bneloo, aad *v*n from m>r* distant potato. Thl* conglomeration of club*, metropolitan aad urban, pamod through the *tr**ta la solemn array, Ilka a midnight parade of the Bona of Malta, naeathoataatlc and awaken; a( no *?? thudasm A party of cowled raooka. bear lag llgbtej U|<er*, rataratac from a fuarral, would have been ititle aa provocat: ve of any political excitement a* thoaa Wide Awake*, who were ao called, a* a wit happily o beer-red, 'becauae they bad no place to sleep." Th crowd which fathered to aae them appreciated, aa all New Tork crowd* do, thla lack of aaUioaiara, aad before half of the doll proceed oc had paeeed the Wide Awakei war* popa larly chrlataaed "somnambulists," or ' aleep walkers." Qapt Isaiah Rynders aw in* pronaMlnw, aad deter BtMd t**nrpaa* ll. With the aM of th* laloa ma* of all parlies ha has succeed** ta doing more than be ta leaded ? be baa give* us a fen u la* torchlight procemion, tb* |iaataat New York rr* r mw, la Bomber* aad (ea*r*! appearance uasur pssssil i proces*toa **vea mllea la t*agtk, aad which waa or*r thre* hoar* ta paaalsf any |1t*b poial.orgaa laed upoa a priaciple directly oppoatte to that of the Wide Awake*, lb* procession of last night waa oompoaed, with the exception of a tew inrit td club*, *atlr*ly of our owa citiaena, men who can aad will rota her* la lh* city aad Mat*. Ia anmb*r? It more than doubted th* Wid* Awak* prooaarloa, there being, apon the lowvat aa tlmau, from twenty Ore to thirty ihooaaad man ta llae, white ta dm n, run aad anthoeieem It w*a oaeqaatted. Chaw tag aad cheer id, II iwep* through th* *tr**tsa maaa of llgfala, men, maate, caanoa, Saga, traaaparaaelee, tablaaa, fl rework* aad ban a*ra, tadaacribably tmpcatng, and th* ahoute which er*rywb*r* reapoaded to th* cheer* . of th* elaba from th* thooaand* who ltaed th* MraM* efcowed that the l alo* mea oelalde th* proessatoa were ao *a merou* that the thousaada ta I la* ware hardly missed. The crow da a pro the aidawalka war* uneqaaliad eraa at ths Prises of Waiea' reeeptioa. and ao ovarflow*d th* streets that th* proce**ina oould bar )ly f an*, th* men cheering aad the ladle* MthualaatMally waring their baadkerebief*. A a lha varlou* compaatea peaeed th* Rbuu oflioe on tbelr retura, they cheered tramiu loualy If th* light from thoa* oountiaas torch** oould lllame *11 mtad*; If all would keep step to th* m arte of lb* Union; If all our voter* would *om* forth, Ilk* lh* mi* ate m*a of Id. at the signal of danger to th* fate*. blank r*pub llcan tenendum weald be rebuked, the Wld* Awak* , torch** q Beached, aattocaJ cooairvattam oa?e more rata the land aad aoae need fear for the aafety a f our oouatry and oar whole cnurtry We glr* below * fall report of lh* proe. stum, the vart ous elaba, tr*a*i?renr<?, banner*, nominations and Incident* along the male ? BCEXE CT THE PARK? OATBEmSO OP THE FORCES. rpnn a clear night? and last night herrvaed to b* clear? the park, derided aad rldlcuied a* it ha* beea, t* a Tery pleasnat place lo looags Ni?bt gives a fulloee* to tb* tree*, of whtcb tb* broad day robe them arouad glltur lha (treat lamp* aad th* light* fr>rn ainrea and offiaaa aad laat night] the City Hall, ataadiag whit* la the pale moonlight, appeared with ail it* beauiM and bob* of II* defbrmlllea revealed. Th* aky, during the ear If part of tb* ereaing, wea curtaiaad with heary Clonda. a* If tb* (tare bad hlddea themselves, esvlous of lb* lUnmlnatloa to take place below, and ttie crescent moon I tee If only showed aow and tbes, dimly but beau tifully bright. By half past alt, the*" few careful people wh" a' ?ty? precede the crowd, aad carefully select good lieail o?, to be pnehed out of tb<>m when the lime fcr rgbteceng arrlr**, began slowly to gather and aeat themeeir* oare rally, and with a proper attention V> comfort apon tb* City Hall Mep* J *et before seven a ahower of bio* lights inner need the approach of the Philadelphia Crb, <tf 6m hundred and any MtnuMr Hon, with flla* of ooo serratlvts, or man who sympathise with the btfcnuiiatioo bat do not Joia tt, marching in front The Park titled up wttb tbe rapidity wblcb characterises New York crowd!, and a ruah waa made lo Me the strangers, and to give them a cbeer aa tb?y paaaed up Broadway Vo the rooms of the Wow York Minute Men. Then, for some time every one whistled * Ptxlo's I .and" and waited for tbe nest club. A momentary escitemont waa caused by a private ft u de j'*u, got up refardleai of expense by several Individual* In Printing H >use square , but tbe excitement died out with the blue lights Tuen, completely tilling up the bUdo, aud agreeably mllvealng tbe scene, came tbo ladle*, w bo are al ?uy ? an t every where in favor of Union? except in lndlaua, where, from the recent majorities not has than from the dlvoroe Uwl, dlaunlon seem* more popular. Then more mualc and more blue Ugbta, and the Perth Amboy Club took IU pUoe upon the ground. In a moment druma seem rattling all about, and tbe aky la traced with tbouaanila of fireballs. Tbe rub dub dob, rob-dub dub, rub a dub, rub a dub, rub-dm dub, which appear* to conailtute the nc plut uUra of p.ipular marching music, fairly deafened one. Torches tiUr.-d through the tree* in serried ranks, and from every *iJe ?treet came a glare, a* if the whole olty were on lire The air waa thick with smoke and colored with the varl hucd dune*. The oompanlea of the drat olvlalon died one by one into tbe Park, and at the command, "torches out," the lighta vaniabed, and the people turned their attention to the boys, who were orylug "loe water" to a crowd already shtlled with tbe damp night air. StlU the druma beat, and from the front* of the lur rounding houses, lighted up a a distinctly aa by daylight, on? ooui.l see that the dlnute Men ware out, but from some unexplained cause there was oonsldnrabls delay. During tbo Interval one or tbo oaplaina attempted to tail tate Putnam'* feat reversed and rile up the City Hall steps, but his horse seemed to possess tbe more lutein gence, and rtfuied to make tbe eflort Before the crowd had ceased laaghing at this episode the torches were ooee more ablaae, and the Park waa surrounded with a perfect cirdon of light. Torchc* flamed everywhere; lanterns, bell shaped, globular, circular, crescent, blue, white, red, parti colored, lamjf; of every aty Is and variety, caudlcs enclosed in transparencies, itage Ores glowing in prism tic hue* from carriages, wagon*, and platf arms with tab leaux. rocket*, bomb*, blue light* and romaa candle* ? all blazed, i moled, flashed, twinkled, flared, ahoae, and glowed In bewildering beauty. So the display passed around the Park, and the oompanlts of tbe Ant four division* again took Ihetr pUces within the enclosure and In tbe aide streets circumsdjaoeot Tbe cannon thundered, tbe bell* upon tbe torchc* j tngled and jlrgled, the music from hundred* of band* tilled the air with melooious thunder. When one coula accustom hlmseir to tbe blinding glare of so many lights, tbe men themselves, stout, aole bodied, mature aid, at least, In age, legal voters, were well worth attention. In uniform and out of II; lo red sblrt* and blue shirts and whits shirts, and In ahlrta which are called " hickory," or " check ," wearing oapea of all hues and shapes, and cap* matching the cape*, their appearanoe was hardly lest varied and bewildering, In aunb thiuaands did they throng past, than even the torches. Looking up, to relieve the eye from such an unaocuitomsd sight, the sky had cleared, a few wondering star* looked aofUy down, and Plana, gathering the lighta of all the Isaaer lumlsarlea to beraelf, proudly essayed, old maid like, to eclipse tbe terrestrial Illumination with her eeleatial radiance ? and failed The light* In the street lamps and In the surrounding buildings, sank out of sight, as tbe star* pale be'ore the sua, and the wDole superb ilium! nation, as we recall it, seems rather a fairy land garden of lights, than a real boaa lid* gathering for a Union pro cession. A few moments delay, until Grand Marshal Ryaders and bis sscort, tbe Empire Club, bad taken their post lions, and, at a quarter after n'ne o'clock, the prooesslon started up Broadway, to meet such crowds, such enthu siasm, sue * sheers, such shoots, such waving of handker chief* as even New York, the city of grand d Isplays sad great oeltbratloas, rarely witnesses. Red, white and blus lights; red, wblte and blue dresses; red, white and blue "ags and transparencies. The color* of our flag*, the colors of the Union. No wander tbtt the crowd cheered the Union Minute Men, marching in pbalanxea of light to tbe salvation of the Union. And If aa th* thousands passed cheering through Union square, the spirit of Waahtngtoo Insptrsd his statue there, a* statues were Inspired In anctaat story, and, aa before Prince toa and Trenton, tbe Father of his country spoke cbesrtog words as bs reviewed the Minute Men who ware, at th* approach tag battle, lo save the country, ao one ooutd feel surprised?and the incident will be fully recorded by tba Hsraih repirter. FIRST DIVISION. The trat dlriatoo of the prooeaatoa (braaad ta aad about the Park, uJ ?M under the charge of Dlrlaton Marahal Tbomaa 8 Murphy, a minted by the follow Mg gent If mm u aldi ? Thornaa Ryrnea, John Calltgan, Daa ate Dowdlgan, CbareaS Icaeaa. Michael Pbtlilpe, Wo. N. Biown aad Tbomaa Gallagher The Marahal wu flaely mounted, aad wore a rod aoarf ?IU> a blue roaatta. Tbe Ward KanktJ ware alao mounted, and wore white and blue Marti. Their aad die clotha were of while, wtUi the word 14 1'olon " la large lettcra oa the anl The Oral dlvteion. although perhapa not aa abowy M aome of Ibe othera, were loodly cheered In the moat iieari; maacer aa they proofed, to whloh U>?7 recip rocated wllh a food will. The/ wereeompeaadof aerarai city daba, am org wbich waa tbe fhmooa "fcnpirc" and e<>ti.o v tailing clube, cbieil; from Rtataa Ialaad. The follow tog la a deacrlptluo of them aa they marched up B">?iway whe re they were received la lha moat eathu aiaatic xanrti ? Fariai Ctx*. Thla elab waa aader the charge of the dm marahal, aad turned oat about artaaa hur. ired etroag. Th ay ware moat I y dreaaed la red ahlrta aad black paata, the moo carry lag torchaa and colored lampa aad traaaparaactea. Several baaaera ware borne through the club, the principal of which waa aa foili>wa ?A vary large aad highly ornamented banner, containing la the middle porlralta of four ot the Prealdenta la a circle, tbe whole aarmounied by tha worda, "faaplre Democratic Onb," la geld Icttara. Thar* waa a large traotpareacy mounted oa a carl, which elicited great alUnllr* mod applaaaa. Liuccla waa In the centre, with a pole in hla abooldtra, oa cm end waa a big nigger wench, bearlag It down, aad oa the other waa Horace Greeley, who had fallen off. The aigger aeemed to eajoy thia, aad waa aay lng, "la the bebieat." The whole waa aatltlad, "Weighed la tbe balance " Tb? re waa a amaller banner, with the worda, " Km plra Club," la gold let tare, and a caaaua, mounted oa lla car rlag*, teamed lately under Juet after thta waa a atrip of mualia, stretched oa two polea, with tha worda, "Kmplre dab," and aader It, tha tig ma of a reload There ware a aumber of tbe u?ual puliticaJ uiolu* , fee., bui|r>Be worthy of par tic alar no l*?> Maretal Ryadera' "purhet piece" waa drawn by a camber of mea in th- c'.ub, aad appearad to be regarded m a great pet. The Km|ne Uab lonfcel woll, and it would l>e hard to gal t frther a Jaer looking aet of mea Baiag the Oral of tbe pruoaaaloa, they ware recalrad with tbe m<?t b< arty anl vederoua ahouta. Tb<^ eaUi^alaam of tbe people apf area 11 y waaatiu pilch, and they certain i> di lnol ?i are the .1 , .1 ca. Tt>e ceil a >r kr were the Ki( aau*i> Goran C11 m. There were (Ira of Ibcae clooe, under the charge Of Mr Ray lomphlaa, l>nt they all a>ar?a?d V*elhvr and preaao ted tbe app> araaca of oaa dub There waa tbe Richmond County I*rmorra<lc 1'nion Club, who turned fit two bun drrd and lift) men. the Rtebmoad County l wage ftemo rratie l alca Club, with oaa bun i-? I and ai gbty men tha Ricbmoad County l a.oc ClaD, w'tb art-only Bra men tbe Tolltavllla I ai'<a Oal>, ?gLty bra %???<? aiid 11.- Totnp klnarllla l"al?ii Onb. with about three hundred men. ma king a grand lata! of eight fc.ndred and ninety mea Thay carried a larg< number of l?reh>-e. lranai>areaci?e and dartre*, with tbe mottora of ? 1'ulon," ?' fa^a't give up the ahip," Kb They ware dre?? I ta red ahlrta hlar.k pacta, ai d Mima nf them wor white ?la??d jockey <*)? which looked remarkably wall. Tbey ware loadly cheered aa they prooaadad. Immediately after tbeae rama >ha Wnarn Grot, alio turned ont eome 360 utroc g, and pr a-ated a ine and aoldlerty appearance. They were under the charge of Mr Wm A Onb, Jr. They bore aareral traoaparaaclea, fr< m a ilc.h we ealact tho f.>llow ? aa pcrt<a|ia ?.elng the beat woarn iimai) i ?o aoaTH. *0 aurni, J ! *0 I JIT *0 WH?T X vita ?imii ? >1 ? \ X re?oi? ai -t nxn <<? a* , an { Ow* * KlAfk UTl'HLRUMKM AT ?<K VITI IVUI Wdril { | or THK OQaWTmTIOll. t j t JJ u If ff There were maoy others but ibo above show* tho lone and spirit of all, and will do doubt do for nearly ail the trantpa'eLcIrt of a similar na'ura. Tbe member* of the Worth (ioard were all dressed In cltlaen's clothes, and were a respectable and fine body o men. They were fol lowed by the First Ward Dk*o?iatio f'.xiox Cum. The Flrat Ward Democratlo Union Club turaed out strong, numbering at leatt 100 men. They were beaded by a large and line burnt r, upon which in gold letter* were the words:? riiUfT WAKII IXMOCKATU UalON CLI H They bad leveral largo trausparoucies, amonj wnlch were the following ? } KIKoT ?Jkll Ai.WA*S Willi AWAKI $ iUKKT WAHU 0? DUCK to I'KOTW.T THK Kit-UTH or Tlla WOKKUlU mm * WW ?J Borne on tbe ahouliers of the men was a large and handsome r< preaentatlon of the " temple of Liberty," and followlrg tins waa a cart drawn by four horses, and tilled with men; the cart waa gaily dressed with llags, a 1 looked well. Tbe G la mas rinvant "im followed them, and, with their members all dreaaed Id buck pants and white shirts, attracted great attention from their manly bearing. They were under the charge of Mr. Pugers, an1 turned out two hundred men. Battkky aki> WiirranAu. Boat***'* Ctxn. This club had out about one hundred men, all hard woiklog and hearty. Thry had a floe boat, mounted on a truck and gaily decorated with flag*, tic Torches were plenty, and made the whole look bright aud plea ?ant. Among their transparencies were ? } Wl ?A?r ?OWa BI T WUITB M I.N AT TH* IISl M $ I,// ///?/ l hey were followed b) a printing press, momited on a cart, on the sides of which were the worda "Knowledge la Power." Tbe persons having charge were striking off I and distributing to the populace the following? OPE FOR THK PROPI.K Written for the Union rorrbllgbt Procession. It' guiding star of Washington I Now leads us on our way,i We bail It as the harbinger Of a far brighter day; Tb?ugb clouua are lowering o'er oar head* ? Thick with portentous storm, Still, still that star Is beaming forth? For guidance and to warn I O people of America ! Be patriotic ' ? true ! Obey tbe warning volco of him Who ever lovetb you? no spirit or great Washington Appeaietb to > ou now, 0 do your duty In your votes, And thus before bim b >w. Arise to might of numbers grand , And striae fanatic* low. These hydra beaded dragon* told? Who would your b'tpea n'erthrow, Tesl point to Washington's farewell, The ocnatitatlon fair. Our noble l uioo? j?im4 la one? With wisdom and with care. And uk them what the. mean when they Crj out for frredom' ? bold, When our bright banner? stars and stripes? Should alt th* people fold, We ftar their freedom means tho ipolla; We fetr unhallowed bands Would like to grasp id luat or power ? And rivet on toe band* I With oanniBf slight and knavish heart They to lead astray Their rt aom only can impart Dtsanl'n and deoar; The wisdom of the hthers true la honor we should lore. Am oomlng from that Providence Who rules la might above. Then, freemen true, oh I strike with might f The enemy lay low, These modera? transcendental wolves? Who would our hope* o ar throw. Tea. let them feel the mighty Land Of patriotic power ; An l , then the smiles of Washington Will ble**iags on us shower. The nsxt in order was the BaOOSD WAM> 1'BMiXTLATIC C>10S CM'*, James Hayes, Chairman. They turned out 260 an, and bora a large banner, oe whloi was Us following, la gold IsUar*:? J ntvunt wabd MBianunc noon run Jhamm wore radahlrta aad black putt, ud owrM Immediately aft*r tbl* eJub omm tb* ohMf orn*m*a to of tb* Vint dlrtolaa. Tbmj war* a a follow* ?A large truck waa handaomaly oihmM with Bag* and ot bar derloea, the whole fonnlaf a canopy under which waa a litU* boy drcaaed to r*preaeat "Young America" ainuf la a wagon. Oa the top of tbla oaaopy waa plaoed a roll rig ged ml nature ship, dreraed with flag* of all nation*. lb* truck waa drawn by four white bora**, aad oa I la itdea It bore tb* following tnaerlptton ? Iran oikw ? n rr* Itrrm tu> a*t> t*' tmu'/ji? ixvAjrt lot ra raorarr I* nun *arno<uu?ti $ (J** ****** ? ^ """ !A gay nttla buek, W ith plenty of pluck , And lota of frleoda to back hi a. Hnodaoff! ti'lang 1 u****** **************** **********. Another large truck waa highly ornamented with Saga and ihtelda bear In* Um arm* at tb* thlrtaaa original States, and tb* following Inscription* oa tb* tide* ? Lao bjui orurraa oa* arm raw rmoa \ !too ultb roa taa black aarcBi icajn to auaa taa i oiimti no? < Tbrra ware other truck* In tb* dlrtoloa, bat the above wer* the eh 1*1 oa**. following tb* other* oaate a daaky cart, la which Waa aa ladlvlduaJ dr*aaed, war* w* U judge from all appaaraaoaa, la the oaat offolotheeof Horace Greetoy; at all treat* h* waa got ap to ripr? t that poraon. At hto tide waa placed a large aad good looking nigger wench, whom he car*aa*d with all the affection of a true iwpnbltow. Tbla prod need great aheara aad laughter from the tbouaaad of spectators, aad many wer* tbe d*rt*iv* epithet* bur lad aftor thorn aa they proceeded Tm?r> Wiiii finoauR Cmoa Cira. Thli elab turned out >00 mea, all dreaaed la red shirts, black pacta, be. They had aaver%l baanar* aad trana pareaclaa, f? utn which we aelaot tbo following. A* Or*! w*a a T?ry large acd bandeome banner, oa which were, fr letter* of gold, 0 ~ Titian *iin iiawonunc ? r*H?a f tra. ?oo*eooooeooeoeooooooooooeo? I'oi lowing tola waa oae bear Lag the followlag laacrip* tlos ? 0 wAenuHmm a AHRvr Vara 0 to nta rmon j nrraw ro all ktayb nhtatkw ) The mea bore colt fly paper lanuraa, of rwiou* oolor*, which looked well, aad **rred to br*ak thelnoootoay of tbe torebea. The Third Ward Club waa followed by tiie Cabtwu'i Arwcutiob. Thi* noantoted of aome night cart*, Boverel with flag* aid motto**. (Jl each oart tier? wer* about balf-a iloae* men, maklag about dfty a. 'a Ifct* ?lu*?d tb* ur*t dirt *10*. It *o*M hr 1mi-o*?^'? to do fall Justice to all, wh*n there war* ao ataiiy to chooa* from. In dceoriblng tbe 'Iff-rmt banner*, trau*|?re*ri?(, be ; bat we bars "a 4<*vor*d to give a photograph of the dlrlaloa n* our re porter eew it; aad if any bare been p?**ed ov*r It waa owing to aerldeat, not de*ign Tb* dlrlaloa turned out nearly 4 2<.0 men, aad altb their l*?t?ru?, torch**, gay di i aeea aad gaoaral good humor, looked to tb* rery beat ad ran tag*. TTTF. OTTT AtrTTTOMTTR*. The May*' aad scomber* of the liDoiot Council Cop poaed to Bwiiooaltatn) of thu and other eitle*, together with tb* leads > f d*p*rtmctu, foderml officers, membra of tb* legislator*, member* of (jnngreaa and Btraagan from other (Hate*, wer* Invteri to Join the aaaoclatlon In ! earrlegea In aooo'da k with thia well time I invitation, a tnml rr of carriage* were la atteodaaoe In Broome ' ?t'?et,P"*r Rr<*d?ray, for d <*tlr (*l*lted ?t ranger* who ? wrre drelru ? of awelllng the m*gnt>r<<nt d*o> no at ration J r' the *?< n? of V?w York in favor of the oonatltatiou and | the I n'' n Tb ? (wrttoa of the m'a?t-'r i-ttherlag waa la I charre ?( the Ron Oeor?* ftneonhury, the *pecl*l aid j depute'' hj the ?r*m Ma-aba aad e b*a the Aral dlvl Hoe arrfvod at the corner of Broome street the oarragee termed la line and preceded the fmplre Club. There were only ? few vehicles In watting, bat this is eully accounted for when we itate that the member* of the Qomaon Oouncll and the head* of the various city department* preferred to be identified with their re spective ward woeialloot W? observed the moat, If not all of the above named official* In the procession, besides other well known tlboe holder*, who occupied teats In the carriage*, a number of distinguished stranger* now In the city, from all parts of the Union, evluced a deep interest la vbe grand rally ot pttrioia, who laid aside all minor dillerence*, and who fought by uniting In solid phalanx to express ihe>r fraternal allectlon for their brethren, and thsir opposition to sectionalism but thl* Interest was manifested more In securing eligible position* lo view tic proctssion, rrom the window* and balconle* ot thalr rts|*ctlve hotels, than la falling into tiie rinks. The Grand Marshal, however, need not ex pre** ditai<prcralion at a partial noncompliance w!t>i tii* m quest, lu i ln? respect, lor ibc expression* of admiration that ramu from the llpe o| the hundred* of guests at tno hotels in Broad ?ay . a* the maguitlceut pauoruma pissed befon- them, showed Ih Ir uib-rest in the cause which prompted the demonstration more than ifthtv bad con Uihimd to swelllhe gathering by their actual preeoaoe m i he procession. SECOND DIVISION. Thl* dlviilon formed under Henry Arcular u* as Mar thai, with the following aids ? Michael Phandley, Win. Gajte, Austin Dcltle, Augustus Oliver, Addison Karus worth, Allan Conrey, Thomas I.ynch. The Spartan Association took the lead, numbering 2,700 men, under command of Joseph B. Chaufrnu, and pro ceded by s baud, together with a carriage containing the otl'cers. The old time honored Hag of the atssociatlou fol lowed, Inscribed as follows.? ( If o< nnta to (ail, ) \ Before we yield, i i We II KparUn like { j kxplre upon our shield. \ Another followed will the inscription ? f1*/ *-r AV O 5 IrtfTxt anhuc'iation, (>K(.?mz*h 1*34 I A beautiful car, ornameuled with tlsgs, followed, an 1 standing inside were twelve fparia^ warrior* in Uroclau war dress, while surrounding the top were the shield* and coats of arms of all the States In ihe l.'mon. Tne member* were provided with lanterns and torchus, and many bore transparencies upon which were painted the emblamettcal triangles. The Knights ol the Union, to the number of thirty four, all mounted on horseback and clad In armor, under com mand of Captain Kerrigtn, occupied a position In tho centre of the association, and presented a very Impusing appearance. Folio ? tug tbem came a gorgeou* Temple of Liberty, II lumlcated with red fire, and presenting a dazzilngly beautiful appearance. At each of the four pillar*, em blemalli'Al of Ibe North, Kaal, South and Wolt, was seat ed a young lady, attired In a dree* of red, white aud blue, while above tbelr head* was a canopy of American tlag*. following the car came the remaining member* of the Blab, bearing transparencies and torches. The Perth Amboy Union Minute Mon followed. The members of thl* club were attired lo white capes with red collsrs, white caps with eagle la front over peak, and all bcre torches, being preceded by the Rahway Band. The officer* carried red, white and green lamp* and ba tons, and wore, In addltloa to tte drees of the privates, an under coat of white glazed cloth Toey mustered oae hundred and twenty strong, under Major Euward CroweU aaeaptatn. The banner In front bore the laser iptlon-.? ooocooeoc oooosooeooeooooooo o Saw JsartsY, to* l Urns Giocsu o? o o 1178, o o Will its Tkrs to ro U.nios in o o ldrtO o ocoooocooooocoooooooooooooo The next one was Inscribed ss follows:? eooooceooo'ooeeoooooooeooooo o I ksth Ax hot Uaiuft Mint ts Ms.v. o oocooooocooooooco-coooooooo aid was ornaiaeated with a wreath of llowers. Two standi of American colors, surmounted with wreaths, followed the above. The Union Minute Men, of Jersey City, followed, uader commend of Wm. C. Hamilton. A transparency bore the Inscription? l**w jsbtsv mas anTsaan Tua i-Biran xtjtbi voa rusi J Ulil HATTLS, AXI> WILL Gl** SKVSS VOTM r<JB 1 > ths mm. > A wifoo followed, with a representation or * Southern plantation, Id which the bom* of the muter la seen on Ore. A negro, *'U> a white clergyman at hi* back? enp posed to reprteent a well known abolitionist minister of : New York? ia exclaiming:? "I bah killed miaai and mlanna, and will sow hab food for a <Jr wife. Brudder Cbeerer will marry ua." At the feet of U>e darkey ia a white kneeling la an tmploriag attitude. The club num band 330 men, bearing red, white and blue laataraa, aad waa attired ia white oapea, with blue bordara and red ?ollan. The 1'uioe Minute Men of New Braaawtok, N. J., pa raded 116 mea, attired la a uniform of white oapea, uader command of R. C. Helm. The Boboken Union aad Picket nluba, followed to the Dumber of 210 men, bearing colored lantern* They ware attir?<l ia eltixea'a dreaa, and w era under the com maad ol 8. H. Dewey. The Union Minute Ilea of Patcraon paraded 104 men, dreieed ia white cape*, with red b or Jen, aad uader the command of W R Rutan. The Jereey City Democrat c Club, nnder the command of Cbarlee Keenan, paraded 260 men, In ettlaeo'e dre all be tag provided with torchea. A traoaparency bore tbe deeignatlon of the club and the worda ? Oooooooooooooooooonoooooormnoooooooo * oooooooooooooO o uh8rtt a*D rnonravrr. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo The Hickory Club, of Hobokeo, under command of Joaeph McMaaua, paraded SCO atrong, each maa waa r lag a hickory or check ahlrt, aad oarryiag a little Upon a traaaparency waa the inscription OoooooeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooO ? mrw ,?aJT - I.I T"U! VtTTl WILL o norm 1 AUium m laaamaMoaia oaavuet mam. Ooooooooodooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? >ooooo?iooooo J Aad apoa another the foUowtag were tbe worda ? (toeoeoooooeoooooeooooooooooooaaoooooooonnooooooooooO a n? I?, nnm ? ran nau> e oe aatKMiatm aaaiaa* u'-niniuiii, ? will m ?n last ro tulo. oooooooooooooooooosoooeoooooowoooooooooooooaaoooooO The nrarU Ward Bill aad Bverett Club paraded (My all men, under oommaad of n Q Christy , with a uniform of eapea with white nape aad red tope. Tbe National In Ion Club, Foortb ward, paraded WO atrong, oader command of Captain John J. Ware, preeed ed by the martial baal. Uniform? r?d ahlrta, black pacta, for tbe Orel eectton, the reel being attttred In cltl arna draaa. A majority ot the membere bore traaapa renctee tnacribed oa one aide ea folio we ?"Don't give up the ahlp." Oa tbe other aidea wore a mechanic a arm, eagle aad tbe worda "Uakw and Oonatltattoo " A banner bore the following inacrlptlon ? oooooooeoooooo eo ocooooooooo 0 wn UO* *0 !?oBTH, m> WMTM o ooaoeoeoeeoseosoooooooeseoe Tbe Fourth Ward Toung Ben a Deowraita (lab fol lowed, ander oommaad of John Shield "a, carry lag a ban ner with the follow lag Inscription ?"talon dab? or ganlaad Orlober 0, 1M0. They were preoodrd by Mctaaa, the Htghlwd p'per, aad a hand fallowing tbe Club, wee a wafoo drawn by a dimtnntlre ackaaa with a white man aad a ool irod man maoklag a pipe, aitttng la a loriag manner aide by aide la It Cpnu tbe aidea waa the inscription,?' "Republican principles? free lore end amalgamation." The F nrth Ward Madiaon Karrem paratad In red and (beck rhlrta and oitlaan'a dreaa, under the command of fell* Mnrpby. Tbe Fifth Ward Talon Aasociatlon paraded flfly men !n red ahlrta an ) white beita, precede 1 by a corpa of naval ry, and followad by a wagon trlmmid with ilaga and bearing twenty one mea. The Fifth Ward Zouavee followed with fcV> mm, and a drum corpa of fourteen A transparency bore tbe In arriptioa ? oeosssoeeoeeeoseoeeessasono o nm wam> km a ? <?orurti? . o Tbe Alert Volunteera paraded eighty men, aeder c- m man <3 of Michael C. Murphy, fUlowed by aeor)* of artil lery , under Colonel Herbert. The Firth Ward Y ung W?n'? Aaenc'at ios paraded dfty mea, under e?mmand of A. M. C Hmlib. following the club were bannera, 'eatrlag tbe lneorl(4?"o ? sescesse telle ?_L? ? * t, o bbk?aw? n? nirm m< <?anr??? at '?""?*? ? sowusv rua **?*? a?t aurr aw pwra**' 0 o Aiwran ? The h *th Ward (in be follewed, anmbernig la ail 1 000 men, the M. T. Brennan Peiwesrette 'lab laking the lead, w ith a oarrtaga, on the front of whleb wae a bwrt rnl transparency, bearing tbe rfeaigistfen of tbe ' ?b. Follow tag waa a ban?-e, ?Hh tbe mnorlptlon - ooooooononrnnnronnnnriwwionoooooenoono Toonoorvwi-ioono S sum ?Aao? rnta ro jAr**u|i t* ril otrm* nag, ? aw I a r?rWFrt to iwa c*7<w enw, oqoeooooooeoaoow w?? '.wwwkw^ -oooooo o ?ea uo A humorous traL?r>arerrjr fi]<yy>..ded, with a rej re*en 1st on of a fimcoxk, and the woid*:-? "The gameooek that crow* for the I'nine '? A third hanitr bore the lollowtng ? OOOOOWUOO 0n??0* KM MMk ll m ii <y> if fj -<X rt h U H H Wl tOOC) O TH?Y WAN * ?|?'UV Hotu-K is M ami ik rum O O DkKfcD HIM? Mi* 111** \* OUT * kai| sl-.JBTKK AKD O O WK IX till 111 If O OOOOOUUOOOOOOUUOO IOO1XX<O<10O< II f o 1 OOOXJOuoijOooOoOOOOOO Another *u tt scribed a* folk)** ? OOOOnOOOOOOO?MMtf> OWWOOOOOOO lUnOUOaonOnn<NMMOOO OOQO O UK 00 Lit ours THirll TO <J<> TO W ASHIXOTO* , J5|[> 0 o Hum; now. nor*, um k?kp 11m tiikkk 0 OOOOCOOUOOOOOUOOI/OOOOUOOOOOOOOOO -oooooooo >? H XXJOOOOOOO A coffin tiisprd trai-spartlicy, with the words? no ooeocececceeoooocecooooo o0 TO Till HKJIOKV OK OLD A Ha UMUUt, WHO DISO ao " VKMHaH tJ, 1H80 0 C tCOOOCCOCOwOC o c 000000000 o<* followed, and excited considerable mirlb during the pro gress of Ibe proooaalon. The Sixth Ward tierntun Democratic Club followed, pre ceded by a banner with ibe designation of the club Tbe Leonard Club, under commend of Gaptaio T. Curry, preaetUd a One appearand ID a uniform of red shirts and (laz^il cape, and were preceded by a banner with the Inscription ? ooocoaoooooooooaoooooosooooa Q wi wa?t a fiATWHka, ?<t a kail Ni-urram, rus n mnmm "oooooooooocooooooooooooooo" Following name a wagon drawn by a donkey, wlto a colored Individual sealed inside, and a tranapa ency over hi* bead, with tb? woru* ? '? We'vo aaught tbe only Wide Awake in the Sixth ward, la you gazing at me, while folks?" Th 1a device reeled no little amuaement among tbe spectator*. The Voung Men's Independent Club if tbe Seventh ward muttered 600 men, In red aud check sblrts, who marched after an Ulumiuaied wngon, on two a idea of w bleb were the worda? "An allied army (gainst black republicanism " I'pon tbe other* wa? a representation of tbe eapltol, and tbe word* ? "The White Hoase for white met. The Seventh Ward Ranger*, under command of Captain Jame* tool*, paraded 450 men. Preceding wa a an Illu minated wagon, wltb a paint lug on <!ltber *lde represent lug a boat, In w blch la seutod a miscellaneous number of white and black personage*, with the editor of a well known republican paper at the holm, who la auppjsed to bo laying, "Free luvo and fre? niters will oertalnly eitct Old Abe if be pilot* ua aafe. Colored folk* bare prelerenec of stale rooms " Tbe boat I* about to land, but Brother JonatOan wiin a vigarou* push 1* keeping 1% oil, at the same lime excUlmiug, "ikiu'l laud that crowd bero 1" Around the lower part of the wagon 1* tbe !*? scription ? "SUaner Abey I.'nooln, Captain iireeley, for Mormon Heltlemral, Nov. T, leriQ " Following caaje tbe carriage with Captain McMabon and a number of tranrpurenciea aud American flag*. A banner wa* luscribtd ua follow* ? ocoooeecccocoo^ocscoooooooo o tiiic rmo.w, tii a cfwrrn-noit ami th* h t hotxl o O WIU. H? |I?K*MI*[> FH< '? TH* ATTACKS OF AtX KSO O O Tl< 'SAL fVUt. O eoocooceooooooosooeoooooooo Tbe Seventh Ward Nelson Taylor Club cloaed tbe dlvl t.on. They wure commanded by George U Brown and paraded 400 men, 100 of whom were mounted 00 burse back. TIMID DIVISION. This division conalatcd entirely of Brooklyn club*. Al fred M Wood acted a* Grand Marabal. lie wa* on bo-_* back, and wore a bright red glaxed cape and fatigue <.?p to match, six gentltmen acted a* aida, all dressed \n cill rrn's clothe*, and wearing red, w bite and blue ecarfg. After tbe Martbal and hi* aid* came a ? nail number ol gcutii men no hoi tebark , all wearing red scarf*. I a 10a lJUMt I, No. 1 Tbi* clob was on tbe right of the Third division, ?evenly Ove men paraded In a uniform oonslatkng of oap? and cap, and all of them bearing torches or lamps; twenty live paraded in oitlzen's clothes. A large trans parency was carried at tbe bead of tbe elub, after which came a large and handaome banner, both bearing ins name of the club; a Hoe band was also provided. Hick out But*. They paraded about ?ne thousand strong, sis hun dred ef whom were dressed In shirts known afl hickory, and every man carrtol a hickory elub; a large and handaome banner was borne after tbe band, and on It was an exoellent Itkeneaa of Andrew Jackson, or <'014 lllckory ," as he I* popula- ly termed A large num ber at; led tbemaelves the Hickory Heavy Artillery , and drew a brass cannon through ibe stretta. On one of tbe trie *p*re ne left borne by the HiAory Boys ws noticed tbe following m i uin r. >a > w??n AMV l.KOIJT Another one bad (fee following I iuv? rata ruwou, aura, 1 > flli. Tol' ku ? { no vim v ? m i Frery Member of Uita orgaui/?tlon waa provided wlU> a lamp or torch, ud two Dae ban it were engaged. National Cub? Kho* Oonrrr. A large four wheeled wagon tai plated at the bead, Dour borate with nodding pluaaea drew It along, while on the lop of the wagon waa a large iranepareacy bearing the name of the club; then oame the ban 4, after which fifty two of the membere of the club la a aalform, eoMtatlag of a glazed, elate oolored cape and a cap of ibe tame, every man carried a lamp at the aod ef a long pole, which waa alao ornamented with a ama.l Bag, thee acrea hundred men i* citiiea'aciothae, bearing Lam pa or tor shea. Mnt-ra Man. Com pan 7 A, No. 1, ef the Minute Men, paraded eeren ty lire mea, dreaaed la ted cai<ea and cape, ail tbe mem beri carry tag lampe and torchea Company B paraded eercaty tight men, with white capea and cape. Each man carried a amp or tore*. Several aaaall traaopareociee, with the aaaaa of the club, were carried tn the proeeeaton Company C paraded ab?ut aeraoty >ve mea, with light capea aad cape, each aaaa carrying a lampor tor ah. Cixram Wiao nuooinr Cira. Two hundred aad twenty Ore men paraded, dreaaed la white eblita, black paata, aad black glaaad capa. Tweaty four of the member* headed the club, marching ilk abraaat, dreaaed la red ahlrta aad Meek paata. A large ti aaaparnrcy, with the aame ef the elab on It, aad a taa haad waa atoe provided, each ?an carried a lamp etmllar to Iboae aaad la the late Wide Awake deeoaauaiioe, er etae a toreh, the glare ef wfcleh la mack more eflbcllre aad pietureeqoe. After the Kl< rrnth Ward Clob had paaaed aame a larga wagoa, drawn by alt borate, rm which aaaa ware riding aa poattllioaa, aod which formed part of the Caloa laagae detoo nitration, bat had heea naabie to gat lata itae M waa literally )med with mea aad boye, many of wboaa carried colored lam pa or torchea. A large number of Bag* were aJeo waring from different pari* of the rah tela, aad, after enaie delay, a pole wee holetad la the eaatre, aad a large Aaarlcea flag dleplayad. FOURTH DJVWIOH. Wm. M. Draper, Marehal. Thlt dlTlalon waa aiade up, not oaly of New Yorker*, bet of rtranger* from all parte of the Mate of New York aod lateracllate Ptatee. oooaeq lently there wea aome dlfflmlty experienced la gettiag Ita exact arraagemaat? a difllcnlty that wea not noaflaed to the reporter, bat m participated la by the Marehal and hi* at la. The National I'alon Megoe aaaa e Oral ea thi* dlriatoo. J?m<* W. Gerard, the dlatlecuiefeed lawyer, M the Preel* deet ofthla orraniaatloo, bnt oa thto oooaaloe Obi Oran berg look the command He waa pialaly dreaaed, aad tho oaly i rnamrr.t be wore waa a badge oa hie hreeat, j> erribed ? Baee?oaoeeeaaeoae9e*aeaaaa*a onei ??r"wi L?*ai a _ _ _ _o ?aoeaaeoooosoooosao o o o o o ?*9 The on re. pan y that followed after wee oompnaed of lea young mea of hoar aod bumM. Ulaatratireof their power U pctfbrm what they willed? to krep itep to the meato of the Colon Tbe c? rnpeay, whiob wa* preceded by aa ? mcieat drum oorpe, paraded three boadred mea fc< it la nrder waa the loi?n Mlaute Men of the elty of New York, under too ivmman I of Ool Draper They aoai'<ered three hen .red atroag. aad were drmed la blue Oaaaei ahlrta, black tmwaere.and military cape. Eaob men bare aloft a flaming torch. The Philadelphia Minute Men of MM followed They were under tbe eommaad of Qapteta D. F. Motb They were attired la elli/eea' dreaa, with ao thleg tn dtctlageieh eorh man fr?m bid M loW. The deooratloaa, however, thong* aot ready, were eotwieeble. la the fbremoet rank waa an emetaet band, preee.i? d by a marvbal oa bereberk. Tb** followed a hanaflt. oa which waa the fallowing laecriptioe ? ODaooocKioooooooo'wooonoooo aeeaaaoeaaaaaaeeaaaaadadaO o m iwi ta Ma* or laid i o Cmmmm, fnrnnmm u. MM ? Oonaoooonnoooooooooeuo" <?<">? ???o?j?*'|?kx?kkxkvkwv?3 Then eame the national flag, which waa for wed by tho Sag of Peaaaylranla. Tbe men all held flaming torchon aloft the etaff ore*" ? torch belag derv.eete I with ribb 'ti? [(rmWlH) ON TINTH PAOK J

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