Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1860 Page 7
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Ceert of Oyer ?md Ttrmlmtr, Before Uju Judgo Gould. CHAKUK OK AKi?OS IN THK TOOT DEiJKKE. Oct. 23 ? Ac PmpU M Patrick Hmneury, The prl aoocr, ft mm over forty yaara of ftfie, ?u indicted for the crime of anon in the Aril degree. The unused waa ? grooer, doing buaineaa ftl 33 Goerok street, having mc oeeded ft bub named McKenna, who hftd Injured hi* .Stack ftBd fixtures fur MOO la the Nation*) Fire Insurant* Oimpftif, U Wall street In February last Ue prisoner called ftt the office and desired to hare the policy of Insu rance altered to his n ime, sad also to hare the policy la creastdto >900, ftad to bare his household furniture In sured. The surrey or of the coapaay , bowerar , ob exa?lB tng the premises, lefused to increase the Insurance en the stock, hot allowed 1X0 oa the furaltore. Oa Soaday olfht. or rather Monday morning, Mth fJl Jlu, were discovered to be oa fire, unusr circumstances which Induced the Fire Marshal to bring Uenueasey tor U Mr. Aatbon la stating the ease for the prosecution de tailed tte materials that were dlacorered In several parts ui aoma oba/red and others partially Imrowd. Hoary poll Ion, oflloer of the Thliteeoth preclai, e*a _ n nfa wT u. Aoiboii for Ibi proteontlo? I knew lbs premiaea occupied by Patrick Beanesasy, No. 33 ttosrek uriet IB March last; my atteatloB was called to the ore nises ftbeut one or taro o'clock oa Monday morning, 2dth March; I smelt something like fat barnlBg; I went do?ra Got rca street: saw smoke ciwing out >f the door; I tried to oprn it, out ooula aot; I tried the back door also, I "aretha alarm kB?ek; ft gentleman came to my assist xnoe and we burBt opea the back dior; I went to the station boose to pre the aUrm, under the sUIra I dis covered a bo* of kindling wood, ob the right hand aide, pretty well charred down; It burnt op through the stairs; it burnt through the weavher boards of the next house; I oiaco re red a bushel baaket with llghtwood m it, and matobea scattered round, lhat basket had not got fire; aome of the matches bad burned and got out , further oo there was ? barrel with ft aarsftpftrl'.l* box, with matchea. candles ??"< wood, placed Bear a hole wbero thorn waa a drftcght; there was a flrklB badly burnt; behind the oounter In a drawer there were matches tiid llrhtwood, there were matcbea and kind ling wood also in a box under the coanter; .? leed bag, such as Is used for horses, that was buroed up and waft under the counter; the fire In the first box bad burned up right through the suirs: there wai fire round tbe front window of the store. u What properly waa In tbftl Store? Mr B O'Connor objected to the testimony on the ,-tround that it there was any fraud In the in?uranoe lhat w a-, tor the Insurance Company. Tbe Court ruled tbe test tmony proper tosbo* a motlvo. Wilnets continued? Saw some old herrings there; there -jtas o m^ney in the drawer; there, were somo old pa ,x?rs there; up sialrs w? found au old bureau, but n >tb ua la the drawers, tbere were half ft dosou ?ane chalra, ?? tnarsle top table, a few plit'irea on ihe walls, two bed Meads and one mattrat*. the front do>jr was bolted: there was no key in the lock ; I Jiink 1 had been on tbe post rabout mi hour and a half or h-vira before tie tire and passed the ooor two or three times; the are had .mmed pretty near up to tbe roof of the aext door. Crone ex.miued by Mr B O'Connor, but nothing ma terlaHy different was elicited Caroline Brown, sworn ? Ured at 34 Gaerck st-eet at Ch? time of the Ure, my h"B'ja'?il, uiyaelf aud two oblld n n ?.-pt In tbe houce ih*i nlsbt ; auows the prls >n?r by ?i?bt h? k-pt a grocer* store; the store was mutly kept . pen on a Sunday; Ibis' Sundty don't remmniier reotng :bt store open; my ro?tis are on tht* seiond lloor, front Mbd rear taw wr Hecn.wy on that Sunday a'toruoon ?bet *v?n five and fix o'cloc* h? went in the all.-y*?F 1 think how? drcsred In uark clmhi-aand black oat on; bo was In about five or wn mlnutea; th^n came out m /?h'.ri sleeve* and a glase t oap on be went lancer street; returned in about fire mlnutei srito a pitcher of bter; last tnue I saw him It was near hall past ^Au" w'l^vla? I.tves In tho same house with previous ?aitnesg; saw prisoner cming towarda hta store on that Sunday a'ternoon, b^twten four and Hi o'mnck; ho wm aietri lb daik tlothes aud a black bat, knew orlsoner and family llred in tbe p'a*: did not knu? that the? had lift at the time ol the lire; supposed they were rbere the store was usually open on Suaday, but it la day I did not see the itore oi*>n Anthoay Griffln decoatd that he attended the prisoner's ?jrocury store; left hi* employ a toot the Wth of January; bid Uuit beioogt^l to the lock of the door load tog W(>!TcPM?yexamloatlon the witness said that Mr Honnev ??y b?rt aakrd him tor tho nay, witness was In ihe habit uf wearing ft glazod cap ftboul lhat time. l>a-id Deifttcy lired la ins rear buUdlag, 18 tJoerck It i? oi iai he 1 from tbo preml?"?oocu(>ie<1 t?y Hen^ tieesey; has seeo ttoo su>re opened anally on Sundays; I ?.-lnu'l know whether It waa opeoe.1 oo tbe Sunday of toe lire 11 was about t?o o'clock 1 ?aw tbe firs bursting out of the back dror: I thought Mr Hennessey 's folkl were '.n lbs house, and ws broke open the door on the alley to try snd save them: 1 was told that there wsa nobody tiome that they were in the couoirj ? and I did no* theu so Into the building ... ? John 8 Craig deposed tbsl hs la Snrreyor of the Na tional lire lisuranoe Couijany , went to see Hennessey about the transfer of tbe poller from McKenna; ihe amount of McKeDna's prh tj tM $:?00 on an?l $100 on flitnm; Mr H^oronwy lied lo the odloe to hare ihe policy transferred to him, a* he had bought htm up; 7 vent up. be wanted more ia?uranoc t refuted to it to him; I at read to trfceafer tho policy t^ htm aa it , ntood, and *V00 oo tbe furniture; be*?d lh- r?ins rery ?*ell furnished, ftnd I haeo no doubt there ?ss as much as Le insured for; when I reiused to lncra??e the pilicy on ihe stock he laid Be was going lo get nioro ?tock; I said the Increase of the pdicy would oe time enough. Alfred K. Baker, Fire Warahal, depoeeil? I wax called to to examine the pre nissa, S3 Uoerckatreet br tr?e alarm ot Ore ; at the time I arrived lbs lire was extinguished; I ' foun.1 coo or two polios there; the bank door had be<<o knocked awa? ; tbe ??ody of tbe Ore seemed lo be at the lisok ooor. nrar No 3* , there was a ?ox conialnmg coal and ; aaticf . ih? Ore titcndtrO up ?t%iri and burned the <*rboarr ? of the ao joining uouae.lo the rijht, under th? liquor counter. I lound a box wIlB woed and matches; b? btii<> the counter there waa another burning, rlghl by the | ?h?lre? at the bak;lb?-re was a firkla ofbultermuch 4,iia?rd to me heat and tne flrkln ol wbkih was buroed oi? the ouutde the o??uuter tbere were flno ?put wood and BiBtcbe* lh. Marshal deecrl -el se?er<d ? Ihrr irlacea where eridetcea of premediUUd Ore wore ?vidi-Lt could nut sec ?r y communication bnween the flr. ft. UK beck do r M..I the olher plaoes wbe-e ?b^ CBar red wood was (Lock an ! key pro uced ) Th? key was a Tin me by the witness, finffis; the flee may hare SoLrn'Oer,.! an b.?.r it hr-*eotit ( *>h'l,,,,rJEr* p o-icoed.) 1 gollhir ti 'u. !.er IWloQ, wluch he Od he fo.n.J oo tbe se?.nd M under the carpet, 1 know Wil ( Mil. A Tiemey, wUu ?aa? \?u?ined beture ton leatistrale. j nais ?areii for h m for his trial ftod wool flfcd b'tr ; I was I'd* be w^ K*e to Troy . | (An-dher aey prodded.) I had a couversation * th j>-r icy ai^at tKftt k?y la 'l'm^y's prreence fO^ jested Im ana ol j.-cnoo su.'-alnr d ) n-ooeasey *tate<t at the ? x.mioftl.ou that be Ha\s it lo bis n.pOew ( fierney ) to c-u^n tbe store on Moueay inon ing t .<sw examined? By bi.simss la to attend Orew and lo ou ?? nte the caua.a of lbs origin of Ibe tl-ea; lam rallM* toe ft Harr-tal. and I am paid b? a fun I cr. atet bv >b- dtff-?ent Ore tise.'aeos cimpaniea. 1 wsot to MiUhn't b"U*e ibe ni?ht of the fire, beoaute I had beard be had barn a clerk in ihe ?r oc.iry su>ra; I do not k"''* wbo <aa?ed the prisoner a arr?at, I n?a? hftra suie.l that from the susptotona aircn-wrltnorshe-wgbl to be arrxstwn. Tr>e ijtatrn* V I ?>.'??; n-n produced the barrel and teii In Xe?, i-ae partly eliarrew, and ot,? Oiled with ptejna or firewood, paper and i?:.dlna .Vima of tho oaodlea ?P iK-an-d t<i bwvelj'eu IsD'lx" ?ud to bftra gone out b?lore b*rr. r* more than to tw end of the wtc* r. r tV ilefence IVata M'tetwll was calied. aad dep#ed tbut.r'-net'.easraier is be d 'tied wttb wtio-as <n it- *?'b <f Msr.-b. and showed him a ttl-graphsi <ir?patb trdtcatix thai be most is in titan y toe follow a. mi ! Mr.g wit .. ?? kr c ? blm ?inf? bs was a suift. b<iy . wal hi . itje*l H al Ihe di?pal-h was ,enulne Mwns.l'-on-r -lepo n thai he aae Ihe def.-odant la Watertord. N Y , oti M-ienay evening, Vlftrcti ?? prt f > wile was a WO tbe-?. prv-oer's child died there oa ? t. ST n aijt of c*o<i;i. prl?"ti?-rV eharacter l? good. t euua Jstawad that be aild ?ul th- store la ,ok '?ir? i lo the d.f. noaal fw MOO, had reduc id Ihe ^e^nX^'iTld ,ot awrar to the va ue of the -uec^ fr?? ^ -.he r test<T.oay, te prors an ftltei, toecaas was adJouroeJ to We- res' ay (Uils) w"'Hng. ?t tea o'clock Tha Tnllnnnui to ( VViUnn. tnulxiiiod ?ub?orlp?i*? In Irn lralla*>al* I > r?plai? Jofaa Wito^a, of ibr b r:g tf.nalt Sshflar, u furu^br l by Hra?r? il,?!aod k ? Or R>?a * t-'-O * Orim.rt . -JO Orwi.1 M "ni ln??'?t>r? 0*n>?njr 69 N*l'tusr Vtitoal Ieiu '*?)?? &? ?rv?oy 30 OkAb 50 flww nmibuM * ? U Jan>h H>tm . tA Derbiatnan. Wood k Oo M HmrbwkftC? ltO W V H. tbrMigb aditon* of .1?n/iry 7'iav*. ? I> t?|crt k ? o? V a Mtiidrui, No??ot ' osilttrr. *1 Gnlirgt, Brooklyn.. t R W K Co V> TbontM Bsrma M InoeVk Wnlkar M Tb? H Fry k Co ... # Boy4 k Hioektn U fravtooMr kckac wta)|?d 4 *04 Mtf MOM Arrivals l>?p?rlarri UMVIIA V"!V.IJ -*???*!? ilrtat? Oil <1 M ToMmi. fun Aapln ?mil, ?W II B Hufnril tad mrttl Mr, C K *' *r? ?>!/????. two rbr<*?ri ?n4 ?'"?! W wriBMy, wa PkMajr. A r*ar?ia. J C n? h?a VIMnc <v JS?' ^-Z'ZZT* *" *?"? A ?n Hit. <11rk ul ?ll, Jote jobMM u Uarltt*. CWa B??<v. Bra *?*??? ??"* Ui^? rfclMr?n ?lj| *?rW, J n ???*. .1 ttrif bf A ?*r*kl J Kuuwlm. W II ?4Mr. IMf aad tbraa akU a*?: A I*"V J*i7 '*? A'Mwi <M ri?/ uj Mr, i aL.iL H *>*??? w ttllwna. CW'-? (It '??? lodf a?<1 tbraa rkiwtran M Itmo i a ?'?*. " ? I J Hi Mir, H n hi.- J n J- - - - "*? Kr?ti??' (I, I TWlon,_H w ? !HWasS^3S: H B?wfc. L OUn. ? ? I) * PaMnaadMUU-Md irttalho Hr??o? At*h- BMp Par??k-M?nra A? m*rrwL ><*_ r H?l> . WOI>-r KnU*. Jaa Tbnab*. 8*an ? -Hart Oral Tnrft? A stain <ImuBl Rtntu-krt Blum hr*-Mr< Rafc-MMi mmt aklM. Ittimt-Mf PitetMi Rorml? Jota Mm, BBtMaroar. CB? Brl| M?rg*r?t? Br Boh ft Mite boll, of OmH 0*l?BdM^-Tkli Dajr. Oocw ? N? saw, 7?, m, MB. Ml. ru. ??. Mf,ai?.Mt,Wt.M7,BB4. MTH.NT, IM, Ml, ?M. MB, MB. Mt. M4. OMw-Oamt ? Ma* m Mm ' Hct?lTin| Vault In St. Mtcpbaa'a Ckarck A petition from Re*. Dr. Cummtnfa, tM past or of 8t. , Stephen 'a Kobu Catholic church, In T<ventty-e4ghlh ; i-trnu utkioit permission to uae a imvtloa of tbc bnaemout j of that church lor a receiving vault, waa crauved. It mutt bare been with a kind and liberal Intent on | that the Board of Alderme* granted the foregoing petition. | The Arcfcbiahop of New York baa not been consulted oa tbe auhject, aud even though h la Honor tha Mayor should ' ootflrm the deculun of the Board of Alderman, there can ; be no receivlrg vault In St. Stephen'* cbarch. 1 Fvrrj tbteg baa barn done that oould be to provide for aH the decencies of iMermeota connected with the Catho ho eh?r -h In tbla city. Tha general ariab of the public to have Intf meets removed from (0 dense a population, except where former riphts ann privileges ??re reoog nlzfd, la In perfoct bartnouy wllb the Archbishop's ideaa en that subject, and no new receivlug vault or intorraeot for Oatbolloa can be recognized by him within tha limlta of the city of Mew York. Ihawlafl of R. Krance'a Dataware LoUerirt:? Hwssbb Coerrr, Class 153, Ocroaaa 23 1800. 60. 63, 33. 45, :14, 51, 4. 71, 69. 59, 20, 3S. OneenuDATBD l-<vrr*itv. i)ua I ml, Ooroeaa ? 18*0 26, 48, 31, 40, 59, 38, 57, 9, 6S. 6, 19, 41, 39, 14. Olraalan seal fraa of oharga, by addreejtf n^ ^ ^ Wilmington, Dataware. terie* -WOOD, BDDT * CO.. Manager* of tbe dblawabb, kbktvcit a* d aiuooiu stats lottwiss. Dblawabb-Bitiia (Yam hh. Octobbb 23. 18*0. 14, 83, 40, 27, 54, 36, 61, 59, 11, 58, 51, 53. Dblawabs? Class BUS, octobb* *3, i860 44, 77, IS, 4, 7, 37, 3, 76, 71, 28, 21, 71, 5. Circular* pent free o i charge, by addressing either to WOOD, BDDY A Co., WilmlagtoajDelaware, ?r to WOOD. BDDT A OO.Tfla LoaK Mlsaoort. II. H. H.? Tha Prime* of Wklai aad Suite at BBADY'B Rational Portrait (Hilary. eoraar Broad wfev a&4 ImoU Mi* Mi. THK ONLY OAl.LKRY IR TBS DKITRD RTATBM HO aoRBD WITH A BPBCIAL VISIT BY 1HB RjYAJL pabty. Photograph* of H. B H. Um Prince of Walea and flulta, are now on view at BBaDY'8 Oallary Co jl?? In every Btvle of the art for aala. Gallery open from 8 A. M. till tt.tL (iektltman Who Woald Kxcal la tha beauty and elegance of their Hats, should call oo k?PKN SoBBID, 118 Nassau atreet Tha Newematla Soft Hat? SonM-thlni} i neat, lor yoonf gcnta, to be had only at WUITK* 21U Brosd way. H II H Tha Prlmcc or Walaa. at Neada Brother*, 2J3 Broadway, oppoalte the Park tuples for *nle. Maperlor Head Covrrlngi ? A Vlatt to the store of KNOX, at tbe onrner of Broadway au t Pulton atreet, will aatlafy every one thvt in potrt of beanty. tat* an.l flnlah the Data. Oapa Ac , to ha found there uannot be ex. celled. There la an Immense auvk. comprising every kind of covering for the beada o' adnlta and children, i he a'loe* are remarkahiy reasonable; In fact, all laa'ctd aud all cliaiei of per*OD* may be aa.ted here. V. R. Raman Cowwi./its. | Niw Yo*?. October 14. IdhU. i Mr was J. flriair A Son ? UanTi-BMBB? H. H H. the Prince of Walea. having been unnble to virit vo?ir gallery on tatnrdav h\a directed me to aay to yott that I' ?wi will go "n to ttoaloa he wll alt to yoa for hi* photograph. Your* truly, E V ARCHIBALD H R. H. the Prtnoe of Wa!e* at OUKJfBV S Oai.LBHY, T07 Bn*d *av B, royal tfealra tfeasra (1ITRNKV A S >W l<-fl for Boetoo laat WednrMay for the purpoaa of making PhoU>g-apha of the Prtr<-e of W^leB and ? ill to A ler hav1u( taliec aeve>al iiege tlvea of the Prlncre and rgval r?rt?. d urine the'r rt.y at tbe Bevr re Houae, thev kave jn?t rmurted ? uh tbo pU luma p r / nor.nced ac aatlufartory hy the Prinre i*ai hla Royal lltjfhneaa aave n>drra for upward* of a Ihooaaod o-jptee to be aenl alreot ti>JtucAiDi-h?m t-alv<e the plcturea will he no nh'VU'ie In a few Hara In the aieautleae the cnhlle ias eiamiee the acuwracha nt tbe royal early on the vialtera' regt.ter, at the Gallory, to wit ALBKRT KDWa&D, LYowa. MBWflAPT) JL 81. ttKMMAKS. Rt'HKhT BBrtTB, TBUtOAl.k. O N OKAY. a UK?R< W AOCI.ANII, a>?ll?KH t>. KMil K11K4RT, UU'-HlWaBrtOOK t'H i Rl.Rd O. C. BLIOT. Hroohlya Phnlo(Tt|thi-Nliil?t?rr to Llle Mtr, unrkcal'od I'HAR. H. WIW-MliilOf llrtahttatafl <51. At Ktsbi', An fiH Fallon Hl?< * ted fanry ckyh O , tioati t* 01 In ill Rlvk wil tarcjr P.r*Trr Orrrn*i? * !?' V> Si ill Bliu k and f -noy PBotOirwiiU... ? mi to 14 UO Uvvrf. K?lt. fallDr-t *nd uIm OYarcoal* .1 Wi lo ? Omul Mirk rhvh Frfwk I'naia 5 til *o HO) ? Inr Mark rlmh rr.x'k I'm* In in to It OH puprir black ololh Fmrk I'nkU [."> ml u> ?l UU I'MUmrrt Pllol and Uwilr lllirMH l'?4U J M I > IS in Block ITnth. I>n?akio ari.1 i ' ??in.?r? Panta IMIA II ? I Panrr i amtinara. Pilot and fl?-?r?r )*u la imio <"? m Rich Volwt V?ta 1 ill lo * l?> i BMdmnri' Vmta I Ui to SOU hulU to match. M. >10. *1J, 116. (IS and M>. Irfindan AqatKraiani-CoaiikHd Wrap, para? A t?? aaanrtmanl of tbraa atyliab ard daatrablo rv menta. of nor own Importation. juat r??*lT?d bT llUNt A IHVRNai'KT, mm ?? w Lmtt A Ob., baunra. aatnr Boom. Hi dhlrta for IN-Warraalid to Kit MOODY'S Hblrt Manufactory, lal Broadway. Rhlrto, Hh trta ? Mi tor ?M. Mad* fnan tba baal Aarakmi aad vVaaMatia Mm Una. DaM lOt CkatAam HtmI. ouraar of Poarl. JlrLaafhlla'a ImprovM Kimoh Vnki Stair**, mi< t made ail Mzaa, ur rr?.lr I, aeaaara Mora .ornnr at U rem wick and Murray areata t'ndrr Gtrmiata for tt>? Million? At Pl? I.AI OUIJR*. MB UreaawKk Blear'., ooruar cl Murray. Hr? lark Keep Warm and Dry. BOOTH AltD I HOW. w atkr pbowp bivjt*. i*n BALMORAL* OR UtliU I.ACR HOOPS. for adlra rrnta boya and chiVtrro. al m ??rerjtbl.'R di?ir%K* far fail and wiotar nv <1 RROOKR', A7ft BiaM?i|*Dd ISO Pittkia Bffl Falrkanki' standard Sralra. Adapted in wwrry liranrh ? f Vialnrwi ? fc?? <? * ctx I aad rurahl* la renolrr*" Ca'l atd rt?m'n? or arad for ?? lULLHTRATRD aad l>?* R(Priv? . ;>t |'|.%K .* i*'i . Ut Invl ?*? Saw Y.>r*, RMrr?^ "Oay i '.>i J.m '? M'r'te IMlnway * tuai Ufiuiraat Uraa<l and ml H*r? ?-%.!? -rn - ra BOW r .nald?r*4 lk<- Hrwt ta* mfarlarad. in -arnnlad for trw ywara W?i?rnon? M ?Ml M *Vlrr RirrlBC'l Patent Ckamplaa firm aad Ih'ilw rioof Cafaa, 111 Rr?wdwai. nwwr rf *<rni arMt, Raw Trrfc. Oruiir dt ?< ftaair.? Rar Mara tba ???l N? *? (<" f?iw>'? ?awli.a IH Hinatvar. Raw *nrk Mi 'M ?-?*! ? Rlre. Pilra, Clalt v*> aat I'ujal Ism. ran ?># r?T?ulu.l at Ho. It araaaa. twava I'vu.i aat TMrVrsik >U? la Da y A M ?rtla'a Riarnan ? frrta lin prw t?U"n jaat nw>d by JOUM a .-IIJHUl, 7/ <>ada r aLrnrl. orar Uroadara) . Baukalot'i W U>, Tua|>aw aad Hair [ha kaw iwprirmi <ax MrpMaNM ai .th-r- aatural ?od a^T. IW M; an liralat 'IM N 14 1?*1 rr^t ( llnbafli'a lilaialo M l'?Mla? l'a> a>aia*l> a, a d.>?*II*. bo laralaa <?# IraMml Nail a- I Naaw axt'a. 'JSU Bruadwa* . RniarttllaR Haw -Raitri ll.naluai. Wig art t'nHir* matufarlnrj, -a ?i u.? n?a plaa lnnir? I'n-li. ?1" klorta n? ' rn*n..-i t*l Hn r a r% Ma ii'a<tnrf AS>? Br^^dwaj. I'taM ar 1 * rlk a>r???a. ??Eradlaa* B. ??atlflar"? I'li.K-n A !ton*t *tna a k Ma Oriaa>lal < 'raaua " tnlri h* an .lm? :wa " Draatlfkl CatinlaRna " Phalna'i "?bow Wkiu? OttaaM Craa" frtaa RV ,.ar koMJa. ?A Clrar OimplftlaB" la Dtilrad a 7 all la^aa I at PHALl'N'a aa<>? <kua O-faaal On a ' Trtanpk of Art ? t'm nrmai Invlaliiia ?Ma aad Yrapare: saw and a-'al irrar ti ?, data i?na Imj-ia I9t rti>?na atr<? i. Hr"?l)rr. Tba Ira^a a<ii>pttarl oa Hlll'a Hair Dyr, .-Mi Coats, Hia^k or broam airraairi l?*r** R'< I Harday araat. aaiaUIr all inuMa cnitadara'a Hair Ujra, WlRa aad Toa aaaa ihr ? .na li> Ika world . a h . ^aa.a aa I retail, anU ika dia priniali aviiUad Ro. ( Aaanr n.raa. Braailfal taaplallaa-Lalrrt'a l<WaM raarl haa arktant a ralekrHy aa kanaa an a.|ual for !>aan? filra aad ptiaanlaa tba enaalrna (nd akja hriit al all ^PiflMa l*i la alp ?1 dapma T*7 aad tit Rnaiwif. Kadiral Crm off Harm!*, or Haptart. Or* H raR*B. rf tba wail ksowa b>?iaenf Marah t Oo., Rn t raarr anwt. Aalnr Rama. nppoaNa Iba nban-b darmat nrral nil I la tba anrfMal artaptalV* of Ma Radical Cot* riuaa ftlt. ? A raw Bottlao off Kotirty a tba paaapblal woaad aaab bnala ?R tin MM tcroftlt. ? A Mad Mil OWa aM Slvt MR MM Old Rant for DMtMNt larl ?Mi?llotbapar1ndof?Hbla?laabRdraa. ftra ynaharaMM ? ""aFAKsh wass.?. IfTBUP Rajoloo, To HlRirt at?, V* BadrM daa rarlapkaal? Pp. TORI A*' VaaaMaa 1 1 aaa aow ba prarirad. It M wtrrtalad t (Raadj rnra for OkmaKi Rba<i a i Mat CWIa. O? p, Qua, PtMaof all IMR waopay. Dp aotaadar wbaa tea aaa baaoaaUr ralla?ad PrMtMaadM ataba. Dapol M OorHaoM MrwtTR. t tnM by all I mMR? ^^^?ptloa ?It la Wall Knnwa I Rat Hanawapt pwWwHem Mm Rrtp. hiMt. kldoara. *?/ ?^d aia la iba nwaa l^'aat ia amaiatlia . apoa IRa M tMMMjiapaa of rreprtar-'- 'a ? r ip pali> Mt biaat Harried. Cintw ? ViLioiT ?At dtillwater, Minnesota, oa Tues day, Octefeer ?, at tbe wMmN of William M Motors, F?4 , by the K.-V nelson Ciaik, Mr Wiluam M Cai-box to Ml?? Wanh 1l Majxort, both of tb*t city. VaAimaitLU*? Ht.iJtiai ? Id Brooklyn, on Tuesday, Ootobvr Kit. at ttl John's church, by the Rev Thomas T. Rtllon.I) D. , Jamsm L Chakhbn; ai>, of Alelaodrie, Va . to Rbijui amkua, youngest dau.-htor of tlio lato Samuel L. M'iIimm, of Hrookljrn Hut HK? ORTB ? Ca\AWHAB ? On Tuestlty, October 21 by the Rev. M d II u lion, Th-imau Hoi sswuktb, of Stu Fran cisco, to Rum J., daughter of William A. Cavannan, Giq . of Una city California aud Cincinnati papers pleaaa oopy. I< Kajo.k? Pbkkt ? at Newport, K. I., ou Monday, Ootober 16, by the Rev. Win O'R-illy, V G Mr Joh* La K*ii.B, vf New York, to MIhs Mariiaust M Pkkky, daughter of ths lata Christopher Grant ferry , of Net* port. Moors? CoiiirBN ? In Grace church, Brooklyn Height*, en Tuesday, October 38, by Rev. Mr Child, Joux C. Moons to Him Makiubtta Iahub Couubb. R>?lon paper* pleane oopy. Rtrrssa ? ?'wiTH ? Oa Thursday ???Ding, Heptembcr 2T. bytbeKey Edward T. Hiaoox, Gbokob A. Kirzssto tiinux F.j daughter of Jonathan .Smith, Esq Ttlbr ? I jtti.b. ? Ua Sunday, October 21, Mr. Charlbh 8. rTiBB. of ihla city, to Mils Mart Kmiu Ljttlb, ol Bedford, Weatchcator oonnty. OU4. Rattclli ?On Monday, October 23, Mart Tbrbu, the beloved daughter of Margaret and 1'ater M. B.ttelie, aged 2 years, 11 moot ha and 13 days. The friends and acquaintances of tho family are re spectfudy invited to attend the funeral, from the rest decca of her parents, No 41 I'residant atreet, Brooklyn, at two o'cirek, this (Wednesday) afternoon. Blahm ?On Tuesday, October 23, Wuhblmisb Hbbki ctta Blahm, daughter of the widow, Mesa BUhm, aged 6 j earn. 2 months and 10 days. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, from the residence of her mother, cor ner of Bloomtnylale road ana 104th atreet, at eleven o'clovk, tbia (Wednesday ) morning Bhuwn ? On Tuesoay, Oatober 28. of consumption , Tho mas Brow*, a^M M years. The relative and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, this (Wednotlay) afternoon, at two o'clock , from No SO Rose street. Com* ?On Tuesday, Ontdber S3, Frsdbrh'K J. Coma, , In the 77ib year of bis age ltie relativts and fricnda of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from bis late residence, No. 30d Do graw street. South Brooklyn, on Thursday a'ternoon, at hall past two o'clock His remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment Hudson a ad Westohebtet ooouty , N. Y. , and California paper* pies*-" copy. CotiliBtt ? On Monday, October 22, William Corbbtt, a native of Charlavtl, county Oork, Ii eland, aged 60 years The friends and relatives of the family, and thosu of his sods, James and latri-k, are respectfully invited to at t>M tae funeral, froas nia late residence. No 130 East 'htrty sovenfh street, between tfecond an 1 TUlrd avenues, this ( Wednesday) oJternoon, at two o'r'ivit l'KMBK ? Ou Monday mornint, October 22 of disease of the heart, after a short Out painful illness, Asia J .widow of tfca Ma Giofgs H iw*u>r, and oucind eui?t daughter of John an'i Marxarnt Hauler. Tne friends of the family, and those of her b 'others, i Harry and John A , and aino of her brothers ia-law , <?e.i. K. thumpson and Atnos C. Woodruff, are riwpectfulty In viua to attend the funeral, from tbo resldor cn of her father. In Seventieth stroel, near the North rl rer, tbi* (Wednetuia>) moruing, at eleven o'clo-k Blooming lale sUs'-s, iri-m Tbirty sa?oad street and iixth aveuue, pans witnin one hloe.k of the house Jinn. ? <>n Tuesday, (Vtober 2S, aft?r a short lllnea*, A? >i^u, the wife of Robert Kith. Her frte >'H are invited to attend the funeral, this (Wedn??d?>/ afternoon, at two I'sioek. from the real. Orr.r.e < f Mr Ji hn MtUer, No ItiT West NioeteestO Street. Ht'Peo.v ? On SHlardat, Ortoner *2 J , of asthma. Hb*RT Bi i<m?* in the C7ili year of his age The fritD'ie of ti e fam'ly and those of his *ms, .Tohn H., Anlrew J , Wiiltam J aad Victor K. are rt s.ieritfnlty invited to ait-ixt his lun?"al, ou lnur?H?y morniog nest, at ten o'clock, from the 'huicho' the Nativity, in A-cjuJ avenue, obtirt rn)uiem m>H illlb-naid I.a?i.o? ? At Itfnu been, N Y , on Tuesday, Ottober 23 *fw r a Mageruii Hmehs, Uaruict C. ButiAKnr.H, widjw ol the ate Kilwm rt I />v? ksmk ? lii tbta eity, on Tuesday momlng, Ontober 23. W 1 1 iiam Hksrt I.t**B?i, aged 1 month ami 20 days. Tne fiieoda ao4 ar<jnalutaj,oes are rrst^tfai'y invited t" attrun bis funeral . this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'r-ioek at Nn ITT rwrrnth avenue LMKiMr ?In Brooklyn, K 0 , Cokmui s, infant ion of Conra<i at.u taroline I.osk imp. age<l 10 months. The Irieede and relati e?s of the fa nllv are resp?ctftrlly Invited to attend tbe funeral, this (Wednesday) alter Ci4>n. at two o'oln dt. from the resideucsr of ilia parents, N > 166 jtoinh Third street |.vo*m ? un Ta? ad.y , O^oher 23. of ooosnmption, Kn ' WAkii I,Yo?a, atone cutter, aged 41 years and 19 days. Tne friends at.o relatives of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from Ibe residence of his brothers, ()?en, Wiliuni an<t Nicholas Lvoos, No 10 King street , oa Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock. M- tar. an* ? < )n Sunifay evening, October 14, at the re alilenor of bis grandfather, fatr-rk Molloy, No AO Rait Twenty seventh st'eet.of scar latin a, Hakrt m !>?<? N af i-<l 4 > ears and 1 month. Irinsier Esprtas. Ireland, pleaae oopy. M<4 i'?nrv ?On Tuesday , t?nu?b?r 2lt, Rnsmrr Mc"i/*? k?t, eon of William and Mary McCloakry, aged 4 years, 4 tnoir.ha and 22 days Ttis ri-lativcs aud friends of the family ara invited to a'teni the fur>< ral, from his father's resldsnoe. .146 Tenth avenue this ( Wednesday) a'ternoon, at two o'clock M< Kshka ? <>n Tuesday, October 23, Rcksard Mo Xmu. aged 4? year*, a native of county Mooaghan, Ira lasrt n f ftlrnda aii(l arqualnlancra are rr?p#rttnlly larltAd to aiWLd to.- faaoral, Horn tit Vmoenl I iiuaplUl, Uila (W. "oaelaj ) allemoon. at one o' slock M' i AriiHi.iir ? Of noaaamiHioa, on Tueaday, October 88. Jvhm Mcl^rimua. marhle culler, afrxl 49 ?iar* 0 ft)* I neurit arc refpeeilully loTltnl to atteoil tho Tunc ral. In ui Ik* rr>ideuc? of ti.? brother la la*, Jerc.a 8tr pirn No J/i liougiaea ?trrei, Booth Brooklyn, uo Ttjura Ua? ?ft? moon, at two o'clock Kkiim 'ID ?In Yorktullr. ol Tueadty, October 93. Fa LK'ita Iftlaut aai^litrr of Ilr J'hn 8 aaJ M Victoria Rt< Muond, *ff <1 6 montha and 14 <Ja)B. V. <? JriM-y piprlf p?af Copy B> A> ? On Tum4i.V| ":tober 21, Wiixu* Bai :?>? Rta?. won of Tbouiaa aatl Auu? Rfaii, a|td 1 jmw, T m< ciha aiid I i"ata The fri?Ma of the famllr are invited to atten-l the fo iirriu, frnan tor rmfw* of tila pan-uta. 14 Oelaooey Bfl oe Th'irar'ay afternoon, at twa o'clock *r*fct ? ? <>n morning, Otlnhtr 23. at one : o'clock H*ar C*lH*n?a, only obi Id of Jamra an J Marge hi S m. ata, *? >i 1 year, 11 mo< tha and IS i*j? Tb* friend* and relet iree of the f*in ijr are reeprrifally ! Ictiu*: In atirud ha 'aneral thia ( W>*tnee<laF) rn irnln*. a* t?n o i Ik a, (rota lb? rtkMcoce of bcr parti. ?, No. 301 1 Havana ilfn'l ' i'mmji' * ? (in M'iiJij, Oc\n**r 22, Mra Mutt .8"iji a<o*. ii oih?r of the iate Demel Sptnuaf*, branch pilot, iu u>? 861 h >eer >' lirr age. The relati-** acil fr:< n a of the family aro u> tiiwii Ihf inn??i torn h?r late rrtid*m* 112 ? wm ?i.?iieih?,.!.-?*t <bi? (tfedoreday), allwetre o'clrvitf . ll.i??r? ?>u U evlaj IJi toher 22, of r.nnr?etl?o of tbe ' lotj?, 4Miu At?i?a, wife of iiaamci S T torp, eea <?at wbirr at tlie Utr U jrrie fuel*. afad 26 jeari end ' Sirontli* i Tb" frier da end relat'r?e of tb* family, tba member* of tb" Hub iiw vtiv Salmon! Oawd, an<l Ui? mftVn of ] l.ilioilf !*?'*?, No 64. F nod A M , are raapentfblty In ' Tit'd lo a<t*i>o Ibe funemi, from brr lair n*i It-noe, 10# A'lea ?tr ?> tbi? (W?ta??<i?y) aflnroma. at hair pa?t '.rx o??a. Htt i'v.Iii will bo takea to Cypreaa Billa r?r*l?y for ir t< < m.ut Tva.?aa ? la thu Tu*-?<1?y, OrV>b^r 23 a'trr a I lot . *n<l a- *? i? il>B??a wblcb ab? Imra vltb ihrmiiu , :nMM.i'r kaaatsa rrmr^m talirt of William* Turner, | l'in#m I lt.?t<>a, al* h , a^f.i 69 7 ear*, 9 aontba I 'b? f?i?#r?' wl'l ?*??? plar# fr>m ? ?f h#r In a- iu i*? Wii-m B Bornman, 112 Pi!>?i<% ?tiwt >..? rt ? t t'in? ui a|i i h will -?r in t?morr"*'a |>a|wa I %*????? ? Ob T' -v^ay m<m<n?, (mnbar 'Jt ?'? ir j pn>-.?il Tmarna, tie h*h>r?'l wife of Imro-m iVkm, of lb r i iW, a i. %i t r? nf Ksaiaiid, af.1 T4 yi^ra It <? rrfrC" i f ir>" ??rrny are n<y n.tfwlly larltr'1 to at t?i <1 I"i,i ' il l! brr lain r?<l?liHi'?. 4* fbiM araniM, U> ? (W?dt<#<<a?l af^TBoaa, at ??? n'cloak m ?.?aai km ? >n TiX?oa?, (WV'bar XI ?fi?r ? ?l>ort ac t I pah lot i*i *?at 'jwiim, nary chil l af Wn>ia-a aad I ||?. a "r1 w-at-rxirii agrd 2 y?r? ? m otha and 8 d?j ? Tf ? rHai It>-? ?i, i fn -arta of i*w la-nil} ar? reapocruifj l?T-?r<r lr> mtrnil bi? fflneraJ, ?rooi th* real ti-0 - of b?r j H*r>"ja?W' etreet "n Tbnra^ay m'>n>la<, at ba> l? ? #' ???<, vltho^l fllrth??? .n ?it?ti.?o. W?ira? I i ? ?> ler-ebnrj , rm *??>? MM), Oelnber 21 Waun. ?i-? ' ?? .r-*r? at .1 A month* Tte frwi, '? i f Ihe t'?trily, the mmOrr* it<l n*n<it rr ra bera of Septiae K' i->a? Oompaay *o T, are reapr> t lolly it?'lr<i to aMcad n ? i libera' from bia late raal. #rn?, No *T "? '?lh Tliirn air--"' near faroi/th tm< ( Wi ilnrarat ) I'lare mm. ai i?i> ?? nlprk Hia raaaauia will latrrre.1 In lli^u rmrterT of the Ji-rr rr?tn , Wti-H ? At Kaairai . Hal iich i?aofy, ira no T i-tydav Oitnhrr II Mtau f ,<*m|lli>r nf Jnlia f aad Uae late Ale* oidee * WMeh, nf tb>? ''Ity, ?K"d 12 year* A atiAC K bi.A n icoi? m. a KPLT or Till MXTV M Iff II KR<l! V R5T TO H ? PP**'* ? KRKl.t, Will ba foorkl in THP. > AH'tf, Uf HUM Vllf, jlmV ocr. Alan a "lll?W 'rf 'he f?iB# Or?|irr % II/* "Rro?oaod'? Re lew Hri'r*?'l " |re,?ad *?d Hrr Palieo l>"aa ." "A T*tt?r frea H'lr." ' "Al r?->tlriii of ihe Pope" -fir ' aMI ? l*i;ert "Jrha MltfAell'a l^n-r m Iralaad'a OpporiueHy," lha lauwl aa?? !?? Ireland, Mr , &r tor 1a ? by all new* ? ;enta rn< K rRRn muni t^fti^a Wo I0J Nkwaa atreel, |T*w tort. An nx< KLbWT oppo*Ta?rrt to ro??'?iA?t HoneeboM F irxlo re a' ?'wtlr-n -AI.I.Ra t. R 1*1. tR A ?X?. ??i^Wnrara. will anil at pnhlle ?iuii<w tkladay, We.ln**.l?r, at ?a w?*t Miteenik near F1IU? ara. at] tk* ?a4p>iflnao frraHitre In tke a^oee re*liten"e meewta* of roa??'??< Fia on'nrte, rrwewmil itrawln# room Pntta. Oil Kkiallae* Statu rr, rneew.Ki and mnkoa*ay rhamher Pnra tiira, oak dlalna mom faraHitra. Wa> rrantaaaelag ai K>^ o elnak. 1?W **tltn*IJ,-a (OM-WtDHRO OARDU AMD 52mES<' ** M*a> "* ?ata akraal, WTf. A* joitw, is Airn it am* *txr. m nmx aalf draaa Boote. >? m doaHa watar pnii aawod Badhi At jab. ?TKRi)Bj/s-rn orakki Btoana WaddlM Baaatopa. racy .linal bo>a aaly at ? Biuai At. f. n-*i?r>?u,ti. mm bboaowat-wsddim Okrda, Ao. Tfcaao naiahrauil aatiarad Qarda aatd aaly m BRArrmn. mr a RRArrmn. ritibrb or diamoittm for A aaia a? abar?alo. at BtBtfOP ARRIBA, rmb Aranoa miicellaixovs J MMUl n>L-ni OHKiTHT Jk ',*B(iV5 A mnl la atmnopherlo pl&u*. M. Levett'e ?m? .fT* 'y?."T >"Khlv rwmwi It for firing (x ?'ort ?uC w Uraatkw hitherto uo ttainablo. U Waroriir atmJ UruM??? Belabllahed IMS. ^ AT ? VIDDIRti OABD AMI) IN VKLOPA in ?|>> 'rov%d atylea. ud ihe boat variety of n"l* ptD?f At aiMKVtnrn, us bro ai>w at? just intbo dm wl th? ?f?y tUutl nmi? t'.ar?. p ALLOCS rKrrwFFrrrrv-K tyyy vvty rwm rrrrrrrrrrvrr yy.y yyyy hsj bbb r? KK YY YT HS* HH FF FK J Y YY' BR* FF TY YY Kjm FKKF YYT BA? rrvr yy mm FF YY RBR FK YY X*4 rr YY 888 MM VFFFF YYYY YY 8HK KSM ffkff yyyitt hssiwa RALLOVB PATBWT IBPKOVBl) KBENOU YuKK BHIRTR, Patented November 1. 1840 A NSW BTYLB l?? HKIKT WkRRa.VTBD TO >TT, Dftdfl tn vuurt, at fU >18 tad Stl, An , Ao., par dozen. No ardor made for low t h*n half a -doaen ?hirta. Wholeanle trade gnpcUed oo the ugttai tarma H ALLOU HROTHBR8, No 4(19 llroadway, New Yore. GBDAB QLBM 8BMINABY.B1NO BINW, N. T.-TODNO MMa b? anted and eduoatad; tinder tan, SIM; a bore that are f IN) Apply to giro Freeman. principal, or at M Flee* atreet, Brooklyn, aod SOT Bpnat atreet New York. Looaikia ungnrpaoaod. CAST EN, LYCHOD A <X>.'8 SWEDISH PUNO'H. Bvery family ought to have thla delicto oa aritoio In IkaB borae. a* it cannoi. In taata and flavor, be eioelled by aay other beverage. and being a decided favorite ?drink Ij tka lad la*. Depot M White aureat C1ABIIX A WOOD-RCOOISSORS TO 8. OAHILL-ABB J arUing their Balaai ral Boota, for ladles, al KM, Houaa bllpp?ra 7 So. to $1 A large ?nd extenalve aaanrtaaeut of Boota hbnea and (Jallera, for litdlea, gentleman, miikaa, boya and rhl'dran at moderate pricea. OA HILL A WOOD. 627 Braul way. between Bleeokar and Houaton atresia. ( Laura Krena'a ) PIOBN8. BUNIOWB, INVERTED NAILS. KNLABOBD \J Jolnla, and all dlaeaaaa of the feel cured, without oaln a Irconvenlence to the patient, by Dr ZAUBABIB, Kurgw? Oklrotiodlat, 780 Broadway. Before to phyaleiana and ear (euoa of the city. jJBAFNB88, DEAFNESS. DKAPNI >8, AT ONC'B BBMOVKD. IS 41) TESTIMONY. But* or tn? Rn-rnur t ? tw Yoak, Aitgu* IS. ?.->60 V Tr. Yon Mnachrikker treated mo for dealueu ?orv euro n fully and aatla'artortle. My k<rti|*u rtatired, and eon unuea aa goud aa ever. and I add my teaiimoov tn hi* fa- or. it K Proaidoot of the Bauk of th? Kopuhlto. Hkw Yohk <Vt 19 IW I wulnd'.ined hr the hl(h twuimoniula to r.nno ? ir'eit dla tanro ronanll Pr. Von Miwhuakor, wh ? root >roa h? h?*-in* pufoctlj , and 1 Blneorrly reeusun^d him an * nwm oUtlful atuiat J. 'IHOIIP^OII, PotgihkeopMif. lint >n i.Viunty, n Y. Naw Yooh Oct 11 1m40 Ok Vow Noocnziaiita -Dr ?k Kir? I ?m a It'll'* of your ak' II Inkr operation of thi Kar 1 e?m? to titu deaf, ann iii y hearli a la now aa good aa tier Y'>um ?-nh g'oal re aped, KOBKRT HA llC. Proddrnt of the Oondbue Fk* Inaurauce I'vaptay, For all dlae.iaea of ihe Kyo and la', tpply at hli office Mo. 1U7 Itntnn plaxo plana Bttwaoo Fifth and Birth arenuee. D OWNBBt AND THK FuK rLANO Doodoiiied KKKl'bkMK DLL. A 'till aupply Ooaranloo,! oo' ouatomere At aii Kara, By 'hr iVilo a*? J. 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Prlact of Wftlti trtm t tli* t'alud BUtw-TIi* Urtkl ttaMllou of lit* Dap? Affairs la Knrop*? Tfce ?? volatloa In Cklaa-Th* Mt AgtlMt the IfanirU Hoy"? UNI DlktUri In Nvw York- Market lie porta, , 4c Tl 8 Kamim Hnuui of io Jay (Wednesday) wUI contai a * report of the cloiStig movements of the Prlnco of Walet' ,n the United HtaWs, with accounts or bis Re. eepltoo In JJostoo ?sd Portland and hn Departure from the Country; AO lntersstlng artlcio ou the subject of African Rlavtry, wd IV Bearlags ttwnerriaily, Ktimnclally Mil l'hliintliropteellj Considered, The latest Newt from Eu* rope, with I -otters from *?r London and l'aria Corr*-ai>on deoU; A Narrative of a >vl*H to tne Ta! Pint*, giving a forcible account of tbo prna.'nt Revolution la China; A re port of the Suit against the iVtfela Boy for Ike Board <* a Woman claim lag to be hia ITiAe; A report "f the Post Mortem Examination In the case at the late Mr* Blank man; The Latest iDtelliieooe frw-J the PadCti; All tke Local News of New York and Vlchr'.ly or Importance; Reports of the CMUe, Prerplon and Vimj Markets, and all Interesting news mailers of the proeetflac week. Tnw W a year; tkur oeala a single copy. BubscrV tlona received at the office, northwest comer or Eultca and Naaaan streets, New York. Single copias fbr sale a? the oounter and by all news affect*. Advertisements In ?artsd at the anal Has ti n rates. SHIPPING NEWS. Htrtrntrnti of UeiftB 8t?tm?rt. FROM BUIOPB. Ma mm. Leavm. Date 9w ORy of Waahlai**.. Liverpool ....Oct 10. ..Hew York nftflU tftmthampttm Ool 10... 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I*avfmkl, Ptwtland. with mdne and | SjMt' i.wfru Tl B Oomweil A<V>. was detained oil I'b^tbam ipe t>wl, 5e bonrn by fw, also r*pertpnr?d a heavy NM irate. PVp hilfna (Rr, of UverpooU, Wis. lama, Liverpool, SH day a, with c<ml. to master. hh r Alrnora (Br, of Urerpool), Williams IJverpool. 12 d%ya. with roal. to Kalier A Son. Kiperienoed h*avvHVVand W win^s m<?t of the paaaajie, 1 or Umi past few days muderale M and NK weather W>lp i* B Lamar, Brad'ojr Ix> ndon. Beot 11. wllh ?ds*. to Dnnhatn A P rc<>n Mm anchorwl in the lower bay 6 *aya, I detained by adverse Winds rfept W, John Herbert, snaman, of New 1 ork, died hhlp J II BUmtt, Tnrker. Bristol, Rng 54 days. wUh Iroa. to JAN Smith Had variable winds nnu! up to ltt 4^ ion 4? W, wbrn e*i,et leered a heavy gale from H Was off tfc? llojk nlirbt of Ifltlt and hove to head off ahore ?n th* uale from NK ehtp Bernard lof Bath). Hubbard, Cardiff, 46daya, with rail road I/O?. In Menner A heake Sh?p Wrrmsr 'a iPrna). Franke, Rotterdam, it* days, with n dae ard 1M paaaassert to t; Laling. For the ia at IS day a had he" vy b K Kates, loat aails As Fblp I'araas. iAnsstiigi. Buenos Ayr* a Sept 1 with hides An, to f? W ItePorrvst A Oo. He^t 4. In the lllver l.a Plata, about 40 miles In-low Boeuos Ayrvs suoke U 8 bri< Dnlphia, SumkI It' ar. f mm Mm tevldeo for Buenos avrea. all wei; M himl. lat 1.1 IV N, Ion ftl W W ship i*h^ruMm. Hklnnar, from Uallao for llanuili<ft If^a ftl .lava rail Hark Haor* Hock inf Rraraporti. f1rl8n mwrMi, M (tfi. ofttnal to W?l?h <'arr?r .t ?'kkaa aiblBat. Ui it). l?a i 41 lor h i * cue ffiaHW wm tlii >*n on k?r h<wm eoda. -hi'lad wpi. bnlanrka. and en na ahar damage, hurt A tiflnn (Aoa), Ivaocli ?. t'ar<!/l. M d?j?, wiih oai, ui Knaka*dt A i '?? Hark A U Kv*i?r. Ba.oa, Hordaam. ?5 d?v? with win*. I ?r?'K Ac to V. are A llmrr (let It, l?t 43 1J, lm 41 JO, ?p? k? >lup St Klrbolna. krt.i'* for h**rn H?k i<ervr>ida It4 Hn'b , IMtAkfL i*?rn*ta, I'tra, An? 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Marakall Klual>rth|i<in for Kact B-aioo Krkr Barak lUlrabath. lolly, Rllrabatkpoct for Kaai ram krVira K hr fahaa I. WbBa ll??y PlIaihDkpnrt 'or Fall Blrar. I krhr I kariaa i ?l?man Itlir ?? (or Taniwn i Sik VaMMd. i randall. Bllra><?lki ort fur Barracanaati p. rr a r ' ?i a |i|iana. ?H aS?ihp<*i far 1'ronii^inwa. Ml Rimira T B'lara Kl aahnkunn for Pr"?l/,ani*. Hrkrnmto Ra?a?ti ItamdkHH kf rrwidakiia. Hrh' J a I una 'ard, ?riitai-ikport fnr IXykina irk- J * k. MHrklll. M<ma. Bai *^?ap'i?l I .r I'awturkH. WurWIVngrr I *?E>#r, K'.i*abr?k|vnr1 for llartf'ird. Kr-ar Otlan^i NaBk, I'arbwr, K Irahatkport for ? aaior'f. Mil * B RrynnUa HaadFs Bnaabrtkaort f<?r I* i iAkk^ay. ' Mr Uphr laaar Marril' Mkfnlra K: ra^alkport for liana -U. Brkr faraavaraaaa. Fiillar. Albany for Hoatn llrhr l*h?rai?r. I ?<?,!, a Ikalt f. r Hraana I Brar Jainra Knallab. WH t-a. AlBaoy for Boa rm %hr A an i nrtia llaru. Al' an> for ?*? li*.|f irC HrHr T?|oim?r. Bortk Ali>aa* f'?r Ba* H?"?n M.r R *1lia. < iiaai-kla for Baar Badfonl. Brhr J M JVpitty, I*ir1a RnmlmU for Baa Had fori. dUoop R >pnjrna, nt'-lia. Pftr Hwa 1 da ra Bl'vip Jamaal.aarbar V at J day* B. ia K.'ra A Jayna Ctriailr Alhaay for Hi ..tarpon Hkaxi i??*?l*na lioura* B< ad..*, f n Raw Mfgfi fo-amrr fi^hla Bad rh'.iada'pbia Uraiwr Ankraitta J'aiaa Kklladalphla CK-aiaar lrnaaklaa Vaadarraar. Pb lada pk v maaoirr Dawn Tarry law Hadforo Plaainar Row IxaKl.m ftaMU Naa ImddB. Bl?*a>ar Hanray k aanrr. Pporldanna ?taaaar V allay (Jay. i^nu Ikartr, IX BH0W. thraa barta nnknown Bn* **?' at ddalna fbafora ravottod aa OraaH# Buiad RAHJCD. B(??maklpt Btor of Ika M-mih, u>d M...?| Varnna. Baraaaak Jan -aiowa. BnrfoU Ac. ahipa W Altar 8<*??t Baptnaa, liana of Ika Uraan Maarkaalrr. Jokn RHabl DaWIU (Tlnma. i1?T V llnaann. and ? I! liar aa ton. I.ln^in?il , lBda?awdaa>w. Hoof : Kna|. and mhara. Frian <v?araaiaM?? Rklp raaKw. Uraroonl. MM Maria Ma Ikllda and Tnn juin. PVtad. Ipkia. brt* Malta, da. Wtod ibb > to nnr. ?iMliBMMai Baa nvwa ralaaaa far aa twia of a larnlr ?ala al Bnaana A t raa We ire todaktod to oe?l Uawd**. rww I aa. fmaa Buawa kjnk for a*M of La TrWwaa. datod A ? M aad Bapi ft I TkaaawarkrT 'wia fllw fw?Mtoi, )adl t Head t*m f*n JtMmmm. Um Wtti k kroakar raa -intolto trw ?bis jo*!, e*lrbra?.dp'a?,orh.,lMi,,f,ea?ia ?Wl tm grral?r pain. tVw.? ueaa] I. u?-, ui_ ,? .. _ ?trurt..m and linwh of U>la *eo*l to wake l.e^ r?^A MoT Her frsme and BJpcr ?.,r , ?* ??? * ?? ' ' Nhiii Malller Lo"! 4 Qtiireau auj i I ,t>lcude<l for th? coaituig ua'e. j Villi" Hi.iL* llan k (of Nrwhuryoortl. Capl Tlmr'.rw wbtcfc ? I'M Olcu'la \uill I for Iloatoti, nr. I wht-b baa i a) .. ? ova- tine fur sometime. vjm undoubtedly lost in a h??ry g^a la ; Bftiril Bay. April * and alloc h-wrt perlabfrt IheonlTin 1 fut inaUen (a regard to her fate I > I urniaiied bv nlwiiu namad i It ho i-a'ur ?-bo arrived at Ba Cm in the ahfp Matlapaa. from ; OslcuUa. ailiioujih ? aim liar aiataiaeal was reoalvad here ?ve I mr-ntha slaoe from i alcntia lie states (bat he was oo ooaitl ! the British ?hh> Urologist. from l/iodon for Calcutta, sad ' hi the IUi of He?,;*l on the 4th of laat April, they alruaUeed > the American ahl p Rlack llfwt, from OafouPa for Boston. I> t I the ne>t da ? the K.'vt llawk wa* Id atf hi to windward, an I eltwe ree'ed sal's \-hrn a heavy squall cam* up. which i ' teen to strike (he able and captiize bar Tha same squall sir i t!ie Urologist, computely dismantling bar. The naputia of tha ship i 'eia?irw, which arrived at Osteon* April 16 also puaai ta the May of Bengal vtan'lttes tf wrecked staff, trotoh be ! judged to bnve beluoned to an Asaerloaa ship. Tba BMk | >lawt was built In Hrwfcnryport la Mdff. and wmWI Ions ra ; c later. ?ha bad on hoard die f ntlowifcff cargo ? tltf hags salt petre. ?7? bags and SOU' pockets llnaraff, lS.780 rtacss runny cloth ?mu caeca castor oil md I0M bawl eutah. Tbers It lain? I hieuranos in thla city oo the1 targo. ! ,ll?* 1'BweAB-xm, from Baltimore f-r Kingston, Ja. w*b Kb aaaoned cargo, went aibors lo the Chesapeake aavlortr Krrer. on Pnday. The cargo will be aaved ta a tlamaMd aoa dltton, though the veaael wtll probably be a total loss. KenR (la?"?? Townaeod, at !taltl.aore from Sombrero, an, the 7th laat. lat ?, on 72, enoounlered a heavy rale from KB ?"?J lost Jlbboom and main boon and split sails and on the l?lb, lat St, Ion .4, encountered antther from (f 10 WIT*. Pens CiuhLMTOif. of and from IMfaat for Boston, had bead of mainmast carried away night cf :?lh laat, off Cape Ana. Kishiho Fcits AcatJSta. or and lylas at Harwich, look Are om Friday nubt laat, and before the l".ra ootild lie eirtlorutabaZ bnrtied ont Jir >(iurtrr rneJi, all the rabtn ..-ark milnaall ? * taft topsail. The Traac'. Is maur.-d at rvsnla. PwHtao Hcbh Mart 1 vrmt of Portland, i ul Into Salem 'AM f i?t, with Iom of li*iid of malvmaat Law ts, Del. Oct J?? Seltr Horteniria remaloa aahora. lis r'Madel "hi* " W ?> being laoded. and will bn sent ta Lawmen? Krom the rard of (" V Mln?t, of Phira>iiirr, en Thnradai . a aoperlor w hile nak ahlp of M 1100 U)u, to h? coMii.tandcd b) CapL Jolni l<owadea. Wbalsmea. 8ld from New Bedford Oct S2, hark Nunbaan. I'Acl'l* Ooeaa. Arr at Honolulu Kept 1. Julia.). Wtnegar. o T NB. iron I >rla tni Kay, 1 whale (be saaaua, with aalomaat and b?>w?pr1t Mdty apruLg Arr at Ijthatna Anr J# Abram Barker. Rlocoaa, of Nil, froaa Kodiak. with Mtt wh ittti Iba bone tir aea^on. Arr at fall* hept 18, H erald tub, ill HH. IKW sp; Clara Bell. Kiabcr. of Matt ICO ap alone !rM report OO and oo do Bepl 17. Am w ttal.tiK hark, no rexrt; 19th. IiOuirfana. 7 uu tp. lleaper, AO ap , Abo, liitu, all t^td; Oooca rea, Swllt, of N K At linker a I?land Jnoe ", ?fapnlenn. Maiey, 5B, 6.V tibiae Aug 1. Herald *1. lleebe, NB. t(U au %: tth. Japan, ilrant, KB, HfO r|.m Kllzabeih >?lft, < lugr. > It Jill ?inn 'laaellc. It tker, KB, tfui apm, tlto. Atlai.tle, r^ilemaa, N B, MM) spm; 36th, to gema. Ilain'ui. "It, 71) apm At J.rvla lalat.d Mkv 24, .l.?h.,a . teaK.l m. Italea NB. HM spm ?7th. Mohawk Sam K.'t at?9 apin, Wtb. Sea Uotl, Mcbola. Pew Heil'"'d irpttkeni I9?)apm At hi Vinccut CV 1, hri'l 21, I hiimaa .'lt'ier, \rinlow, NB. Tf apm. I'pto the K"-'lak tleet? Heard f r< 'tr \l? May, F.lm*tra. Bn>wa, Nl.. lat<wh.C(.i htila, Morrlnf I l? Ul. I.tu^e, b tt, elean. V lae vard, I'aawell. Kl^ clean It-ard frt"n? In -Tuly. I'viimblan, l??l(. Ml 2 aba: Kmerald. Ilrrce NB .9 tibia lp I rt wh; Urn Pike. Kialier. NB. whe. ^?Ki Keturvia. I'lah NH, 1 wb; il?*rn.<nv Krtly, Tltineliilu 7ll bMa ?p mi^ 1 w h laahella Tuck er. NH. 1 hp'ik ? h. Jrtferaon, Uiiutting HH/'iwh;J H 'Tntnu ano, t 'nishy > B. 2 rt wh. t 'ceau, ' lark. N II 2 ap Wh Iglbbla; T?tB*rl?ne, Wlne'ow Nil 1 wh. Tampeat r'lah Nl.. I al.t Krotn the Arctic fleet? Heard f"im in .'one; A in arte*, Bry ant. N H 1 ?mal wh. Arab (irlntcll Kll clean, (tnriuiui liera. Oldetbmg clran. (leu Waahlrgion Brlrhtman. Wara ham clcan .ln'i.ea Slaticv. Wing. ?K I wb; -flreh Swlfi. Kjui, NH 1 amall wh John How ai.d ''t ln-M 'n .VB 1 wh. Man-la, Bllllpia N H. 23tl Moc'exuina Thlter, NB, clean. M c ta rn n Birt'a NK 6 nlrui Ma<nulla Plenw, M'; clear. Nary, Hargent. N It. ci?an : i "cmn'gee. Oi yn Kdg. 2 mall arb. H' e?4 weli. i . Ihha. Kll. rlmn Heard fmm lo.luly. Itraganra, 1 #r ocr NB, 1 wb Cyntbia Uiwe, lloti.i itlu cla m. Kliga ACa iu^ Tboma* ^B 8 ~b. 6 U h^la; Henry Ktu c'in l, Kelly NB, il.^it i 'trega, ball in. I II twh: K-puhitc h* ver. Breme<L .1*1 hlila; Kh.roo. swift Kll. clean. Wm 0 Nta, t>mils NB. tM hbla Heard fp in In Ainruir, C!e>ine Hhainnna. Htt wlnterad In Plover Hay 2wh Kcho'a. fo-prm. Ilon/iluln l.eari... md. Ml. 2 wba. i lahu. Unite Himolttln I wh and gma| iratiog Vla lo-ta. PaneUtwrg 1 letniluiu clean. Wallna i ana ITaoiduln, w Intel nd In Plutier Bay , Agate, Utmolulii. Uigug well tradu^f. ?pokrn, Ac. 1'ark Kllraheth Denntaon. hrnce for Urerpool. Oct IS In <9 3U. I<? W2i. KoralfTB Porta. A'riawiii, Oct 13 ? Kid bark (Kiliieo Kule, Whatehury, New Tort Bi-gaoa A ruga, Hept t? In port ahlpa laihelht. Nonis. froaa r.Hlumnrr nnc, (Stag; Mary ')ik>.Uil .Mcliilvnry for Kaat tndlsa, do. tiarka Talarer i. Merritbcw, nnr, dn; Trn?at?ra. t.'arvar, da do; Oepray, Maah, dodo; l.i Plata Orowell. for New Vora, dot Dawn. <"b??e, do <>o Andrea- Nandere in Tbtp?in i.>' do( Radiant. Kl) no. dodo. I'aladlo. Wliaoti. for N York Idg, l?aa* K Pat la Hand, from Oiaar>w. one. diag. brtga V'olaat. Ituta forit dodo Mary Wllklna. Wood, for New 1 orb Idg, Waltkana, I lar I; . 'or Patagonia do; acnr Hugh Barclay, ('hadwlob, for Kalttrrorr about sept ? (lai t ao, l?ept 29? In p^rt ablna V A Palmer, Al'en. Jaeaea Brown, t'raldree Klneo. Krerali, Wlslteld Hcou Wtlton itaa well Hnragne Whitman. Lyra, t'h?e?er. Simaira. Abb-iU Na pier. Keith KUwoud Walter t'hadwtuk. aud U.ty L Hats. Lull. Bottmnti. Hept 4? Arr brig .liawnblnr. Moan, Baker's I* land HM 3d, hark />>a, Itnah. MrKeao'a lalaud MfaciT, Aug IS? Arr bark rtordi Kicg Mlliett, 7Anzlbar tl days. Poai Pram, OetV- In p<wt brig Mowlrcae. Bey.te. from Hal ittnore ft ir tae <iuan<t >stauda, t*i eail Mb the brig Oaaaa l'trd. Kewman. and achr Win I. Montaitue. Jr Carmtae ti ah (i r Balnmure. arhr .1aii i>ni> '"r a inh < aroltna, aud brt? (I C Hr.ilpga. I*eklit? aid a f?w .lay* pre 'ton*. \ ibckiit, CVI. sepi 21? la port bark huaan Jaae. iTbHda, to aall next day for Port Pray a. brig Kaeiern Stale, kellny. fas Buna Vlata srit day. tKiaaagKo. Oct I? In port brig 'oalah Jei, Small for Hasp t in Koada idg. 8!d He-i J 7ta. brig Brothers, lllalada.l, Kt Mar Unit, fur water for the Island VarriRaiao. Sept 1? Arr ahlpa Tarrler IVirn. Montelle. Haa Pranctaco, V Washington Bo<<h, Paacn I. Ilaltliaore. Ni.1 Sd, ahlpa Jack Krtal. Tbtmaa. Oobiia; Stb Oieti>indge Howlaud, 1-iul i lie; Sum ram Ulabee. Btarton: Betsey Wbiiaau, Nlckar> SI*, and Musea Wheel v. W bit nan. Callao. Anarlraa Ports. APAI.ArilH'ni.A. oet li-Air brig n-inklrk dr'ffln NTmk lS'.b I'. t> W Dodga. Jarrls, NTork. ("Id brig Mach.aa. MasMa (or Slooller). NV ck 18th -In port briga Punklrb. 'IrlRlo. trm NTork diss Marta A I anise. Illefe. fn m Havana Idg. barka B II W llodge. Jarna, ft'tm New Vol*. dl*g;srhr Norfolk Packet. Itedall, fur NT.**, wtg AI.PX ANDIU A. i?ctB? Arr arhra Narah Plaher, Kdwanta, Norwich. Ann WUleia. iVinanr. Warahaia Kraacta. I Ina ne I], Jersey Tltr. hid ackre 'I W I'.awley, Rawlar. HnaM; Iram Smith M' tilrera Kali Hirer; West nnr. t 'rrewwll Boevm. BAhBH'S Ihi.aNlt, Paciilc ' mean, Aug 17? la pen abipM Ped Rover, Cnaiiainis. ft>- llamp'oo Rtaada Idg. would aall abrm Aug 24. ??? ntng IJ^hl. Johraon. for do do, weald aail aNml Sept Kl Sid Aug U ahlp Plylog Mlat, Unnell, Uamptaai Koada with IW toes gnaoo H< rToN. Or'. 21 *rri??m?r Kfitoitni, Hnwea. I'klk* ^alphl*. ablp Pear Not, lltlar, l.!*?rpool. ?rhr Alva (Br?, H"?b*nl. JI*U*a blrn*l Inr ? ab'p . brlaa <1 I ?<??? rra M H*:ap* n, <:b?.r ''rat ?n, I'kim-M Hpr**a?, V>lt?a Philadelphia. ? ti p Milan. K"*lla ,<IOr'Mni. l'?raa Ant. llatrk ray?i. Robin i ?'U?r, N 'final Oak, k)dor, rt.lxlrlrki*. brlr* drwu'i-iln P irt an l'r..ica; Kaa Jmpk, liallelt. Ku'U'lll: arhr* I'lflla. N-iika>ll ?, (?'. H?u? Br'l'vtt. Va. K?h I. Herrr, Wf i?t, Al*i*ii<lrl*. Facur. Mathra do. *11, wind N In B, mrnm-r* M *???< hnetti aad I" ahlp Nariiaau Mutt Rr.baMla Mart") *n<1 aetb..raj la I. <b b >?n ? ' "b*unnl IU h Franeek H e?or dripped lo PrealJent Koa- e ?nd *a r bored HAI.TIWORK Oe< Tt Arr nblo JnM Iruixlr HflOlna*, Klrhaoo.:, b*rk I'nkm Ha< I, Hfwn, br ( Ara lanrbe |%, ree> MeDniit" MIim4 RM m (ir ?r..h*ja, Toatnarnd >o?h ero ?i#toa ship ' >ean fr">iB Hra n-"i> i id MHMMV I h* H??ou, RMMIi N Tor* arhr Mtaar T? (IT). Port Hp II In HHI'TI.L, ' et >2? "Id *"br Oairlle WlPlktna, WTm%. i ll aRI.K.?'TO}?, (Vt l? Arr a^amabl i Naabrltla > mf, BYnrft; li-Hr 'J I. Hn'lmtn l,?l?hi.n. "Ma<brfbi? IVmjIa. ll .rti.n NTark. KM xkr II P Money. Herman Ma btle. IIAR^ KP?. f?iH |S? trrankra <1 * l.ampber. Himw RTnrfci I9tk. (i?r*r r Hack."/, fbiiaat pbi* I'M lift Srnwr lln'l, Ntwa N Vork Ki"i ARTOWM. ix-t 19? Arr brig Kllra'ielh U*l*ea PbM dellbU rr Brwlnn; kebr f A Ileal* VVM'aiu* do or do I * i'-n Iti, the ?ir?"i rvyfftni aad Mar uihiwi aft Urtwr l?ln?, nnm<- nnkroan. IIAlAHntflir, nm It- Arr br"t 'Rori Rio lin?r" Lab, hark licit* if n. KatN RVrrb *T'I ?ih. brl*a W'.lliaw IU >?m, Mill rr. ffnmv <m l(Hb, Vw? A Kin* A TO"?. V fork I It* aktp Vt HTra.ia. Mnmlii. NV?rk. 12 h. brt? W V (*l*r?. Mlo?lltl*n Ik ?<fn l Xb chip W II Molth. for I.Nwrpnol. ^vkf ?i*iwi. l'?H?m?i. *nd lnlw??r. I>md 'nrdi nai IvMa, Pr*lii?. for I' ?i?fn. I> t) M'irr*r. I?n. for UTort, Umn L llotd, S?wj#r, ?M PM^flodkr. pArbar. nor *cbr? J W Wab ?tar I ?kr W IITi?l llirr; M? .Ni? < Ml ?r nw ? itdP'iRTOWIf ? i . iin If. Arr *rkr K HhMtdoa W1HM, S1"rk,IOb ,"i< W?l?jfr, K?>? 'I Mr < " 1 1 1 feh. ?n, llo?*?r ?? To-* Ink ?rhr* C'iakh ? AlhorHi# H?M. Horth i :.r .lti* IU.W PHUI'pa Monat, KYork H)'l?w Hill,* <<? I'l I'M -*r? br|v AlAKlo lnn?A Ph ?*r', hi? nbn l.lrr - W l>j?? V^|rnfte? i*i, for I'o-i.Rnd F*rh- IV*Ardiw*r. iV^rkrr I* i 'pnn n*kfc _ bn?*n *'ior?, for Mr^n jport, IHK*n? Mrdad ik l"r llAUff*. *irk ?. H -.i I..??riwib lor Con iirtw. ny 5*y 10 AM ? Ikpnrt lk? ahnrr i?rlr*l? ao! hHr* 'Iwjh*. and <"> nnr llri. arbr* K " Ha^rji and Inbn ') *U'I??, M'll'Il.K fi * 17 id *hlp AOM" ?!?". I??IIIt?? l.irrrnonl ? HI AkPt.RI, <>M m Wdwkr Ho-iadarr, <*!?.?. MTirtt. fl? i iRl.KAb M i>rt 17 *rr*kip?N.,m?a I'kMr. " ' 111. , Frr. Toiint Ha?. M?rrji?*n. I'. ?vti I'reoov PW<n? T%a4M^ P?'i?ii *n/ W? tlr.?lo?. ?Wpf, RXork <Td WWar ?-?? ll?rdtn?. ??d MaUr Wood, timk, Ltmrvoul, II <ikai? Tilpp <l*nnm Wrt Arr by lr; akip Korklul l.lrrrpool bark Mary H?l?v, Butfia ZVI Arr Ihy I'D aklp <>n?*n1, Il?Tr? h*rk Larwtac. Mm* r T' ?rd U' ?*? 9tk lux >klp Ktl* l>r?r and barb IM*b?. Chip ? "*r? V T*? Mrrrill fmm Hath, wbn-k mi raportnl b+ kn~ ??* f-rdara. Hd ?r#rrdar a l?rno?a for Mohlla AI'lt,<?"tlP \rr a bra Unftna, I'nlm alonp I'ahaf ra. Ilnfalo*. 4ldarbr*Jan? ??? Warta H?r?rat-?w Wjrmi* I n r Rtor*. al^op* lUnnri:. Itararatiaw. Ar*?o*J, Kbwraua; I ll?i?i, '?rrro Mrt. *V A?r arbra A?i?lla. Vanu? *od f-lankl HlijaloB; Jn I la fortall Pilot Wall* Blor?!iald *ad Jail a onrar Katr Tort; Jrt j Ooldaa Rata If rraai aw I l.m*?i"? \^l4?nr; lit iit Jaoa, lanntna Robart T ilnk<n AINarr HM arkra Rorwa ' r?*oa Ralaman<b>r Wm llanrr. ?ad J*ma? Ha*? aaa RTork I'alm ? r* Klr??i ai . i tao*ariaa R?? RRHI HMD. 'm tl arr propailar W*nai>H< * '1. and l>??a. Parry, Rtnrk. Hid 2Jd ark W*irh?aa rial. Mor*. RtWPf.RT '??? B Arr arb' Ann klariba!! P??'*id fW RTorb bid brla J oka RaVab. WhaJrf a^t Malrtllat. flaraaa 23d arlr Paaa? fare, Rrlrr* do aia-M RRW KiRfM.N. on 22 a rr bar* ?iW Rb-bmord. Va. fo- Bravm. brlr,"?*'?'^*'|?^J mora for 't aabr i'aro in? i Irani Pr**r?. 'I*',?^?|i'?la for *.1 Mill. A 11*1 PHI A ivi ?- trr bar*?^r?<r Sa?iW?iry. Kw Jaralr*. ? bra I ? Wlul-faa ??S "-A.*'Hirr* Ko,ar. Halaai Pa krr *<?I<?i H Rrnhk lallf, *mm I tori < id rt?.a.a..Crabrvl^. H??r laakr, JJ-'??rwa .>j?. bV-.r* h.,k Kaillr ?? -naari RaT. Rlnlajra >.H?a ? -..n linakwaiar. Pmi.a .da. bnira Kt-r Hf*? '^nrVaton Triad, llrowa Ra-ii-ort, i ? bra '< rarkar. *ad lo? *???ald. Mar Hoabai K To?a ,;!7 W r jam* ?*? <_a?brld?a ; Harab M althU. Ilorrb, Rrv|?? ? m?i J aaM. Hknd, ?agi In alar. P<'PTI.A*I? ?'?? ? *fT Hr brla Raaiaaa'a Rrlda l?o? ? ...*?????> RR f'?r PbMadri lkla, rVi Ha an i i>n?*? i'bii?d' i bia '.oldaa ii?l?,Waaka, RVorb <tdalRp Moat HI wm, 1 laiWarhb) Raraaaab, br** .lobti R Hrrw, l olby; lUraaa (II rlaaranaa. daaiiaalinn rbaagad ) Rid. wind ?, II M daaaan llam Rlla, a riadna rifbiR l ab. R?n. r'BTWlVrn, fvi |?^ ?rr arba * OHnkwalar. OUaaa. RVnrt . Snb, Rllaa A na Tobay, d<\ PROVIIXtMi B. MIMN wbriWIai P Haikn* RaT. N Tor* Rri? farlnr I. aland prarVraalr raaortarl aid for Aiaa anrtrla, rr?alaa at aaebar balnw (ViaoMlral Pnfat. _ . ?; :i*H1IORD, <M m rn bark Ab?*ll. HaPartaad, Rb> 3+ R aV r?A nmmn, Ba?t ?I-Arr Baa bar* *?#??*??. asjawr ,iss?g ^JVxai W/daay CU Mb. ta barb Biaaaai i ?R.UMrfBb ?a rt RR AH. CM I?-4it? r TWa ? Tar* lid brv Halda Jarbaka "*?^aar, WARKKAM nai ?-*M eBs n 1 J 'law. n*rrfc AlniatrH. MM|Oim* da#RbbTrtbir7w Haw CaraJtar, hi aHrlr^

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