Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8813. MORNING EDITION YORK HERALD. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 18G0.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. R mippiiio. U>U<rriON IK PRICKS ATLANTIC STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. KBW TOBR AH1> GALWAY LINK. TOUCH IN O AT hT .JOHNS N. F . To Isad pam aiw, tad receive ibe royal uU tad |WW vent despatches Ibeiltwm comprising this hue un been approval by Uie Adoairaky. and are the NEW IRON SUiB WHEW. STNtMERi I K1BKTEB ? ?W uoi burthen Ml kltll 4 41*) I'ma burihea C! *1 ICR i.tOO I' mm bu-thea fi ttAMA...^ ?.*<"< t"?? botth?n 1 he Mil depart or* ?U1 ba lb# PRINCE ALBERT, from Hew Tnrk, f f < cm? er to Kre?> titer No. ST Nurtb river bates of pamage to arj per'. ->f I sland os a railway, and to the prtartoaJ sines of K gland anil Ho-'tland Fim r-lan, (MXJ t'M aed >7*. according to atata room aocom OuVaUues Ibl iVdul $30, Including oo iked provla ona Audio H. Johns, N. F.:-Flr?t class, $35; tlird otg $J0 Children under twelve jeare half p'loe, under one rear free. 1 Hrd dm paeenjiers are required to furnish bed* and UliM Pennra taking piaiagefrom New York for the (teaman flailing uom listen, will tereive free iseaage from Near York to tosum The sierr.era of thla conmarvhave been conttru '.ed wl h tie gre?t. ei care aa rera da safet' and comfort, ooaahlnet with aa Jlel aiid pripel lug power, and are btuA ?IU wale Ufbt orra^arlOieBia. They are ?n,d.?ntly especial U aurpas In speed and lough westhrr qu\lities any vevsela evar bulb, and are replete witfc elegancies and conveniences An eirerlc crd surgeon la ?t' ached to ea-hahlp Perjoon %*iahtns to aeud for thMr friends ean obtain return tiakeis ai Jut follovlng ifreall.v reduotd prl -ea:? In third cabin m Ualway. $."0; In third caMn 'root any town In lreiand O" a rallwaj , $12 *). In third oabln from tbe ?principal c4e? of Englnnd and sootland. $tf. _ F jr lr? Igbl or puuia apply to II JWLAND A ASPINWAT-L, Agents, a and fti Soma aireet g TEAM WEEKLY BBTWBBM NKWTOBK AND LIVER pooi, landing and embarkli.g oaaaengere at Queeasjowa, tad.? The Urerpool New York and Philadelphia Steam fAi , Compear intead de?o?tc.hlnx their full powered Clyde Cum Iron eieamsbl. a u follows.? CITY OF MiNCHKS.KR Saturday. Oct IT OITT OF WASHINGTON Saturday, Nor. I U.ANGARU ? Haturtay, Not 10 And every Babarday. at uooo, fn m pier M North river, Btrss or rasaaoa. IT rat oabln I7.r- r Steerage W Do. to London 80 1 Uo to'oudo. ... SS Steerage return tickets. g lod far Ml months. WO fHpan for warded to f arts, II tvre, Htm >i"i(, itremea, Dotterdaan. Antwerp. Ac. at redone] Urouab f"-re? Pfssooa wlaatnr o hrlnx '>m iheir fn*ad* eaa bay llekett hare at the foUowH>|[ ralea, to N. w York:- V'rvaa I?lverpool or niiiwMii II ant etblu $76 *81 and liOA 8teera?e from Liverpool. Mi; from Queenstowu. 130. Theee steamers have snpe lor aooomSMdaUnn for pasasa ftm, and earry experienced surgeoua ihey are built In eralar UxM Iron sections, and have patent Or* aealhtlsiufs on Ihmb? For further Information apply la Liverpool to William To nu. acent St Water street; la OuMpw to William taman. Wo I Bt. Enoch aquare, In Oueenetow^o O. A W D ^tmnur ck Do.; In I radon to lives i Ma-.y. 61 Kln( WUllaai <tre?t; la Parla to Jules .Deeoue, No ft Pisoe de la Bourse. In Phila delphia to Joha O. Dale, 101 Walnoi street, or at the oompa ?y'? Odtoae. JUtlN O. DALE, Agent, U Broadway, K. t. CB BOUTH AI! PTON AND HAVSB-ON ?ATUBfUY, Bo. 10 ?tbe L'BiUni Hta'ea ina'l s.eamer PULTON, J. A. on commander, wl'l sa'l from pier No S7 North river, ?foot at Beach street on Hstardsy, for 10, at noon. Thl* stea mer (unsurpassed for saff 1/ and comfort) baa double eiaine* ondvr deck, enclosed by water tight oom part men N, whl >h. bs ?ttdee other revulia, teuda, In the event of ooiUaWm or str?ad'n?, to keen tbe ]iumpe free to work, and sra-e the safe r of ve? ?<4 and pau-QKera Price of paasare la aeooad oabln ?76 and ?90. For f reiki - parsa,. apply ?tAVUWL M KoX< UNO MACKKM/.IB. A <enta No ^ Broadway. The steamer ABAQO wfll a ill Peoember 8. SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRK-TO BCCCKSO THR O Adiiatlo ? Tbe North At'anlla Steuuhlp Oonpaay will deacatch for the above porta their apleadld steamthlp ATLANTIC, Ctpto'a A. Q. <4ray. c*rryln* the Celled Hiatee tn*ils on Ibt f illowirg dajs, from ' anal street w^aef From New Task, no eatnraay, Nov. 17 and Dee 2D, from Havre, Dee. 4 and Jan It. and Vouihampl >n oa the day after leaving Havre. The Allaatla is unexcil ed for stregth anl com 'ort, has waiart'ght oompertasnta, and la la all respects In om Bte order A limited number of second ea. U paaseageea. ? bom excellent aeeommodaiion* have bean provided, will ba takati at tn each. For freight or saaaage apply at the -jOoc of the ooaipaay, 88 Wall street L t. UTSPllKJIt, Secretary. IfHB NORTH GERMAN LLOTDd STEAMSHIP NRW ? YORK H I. VvaSanaen, eonmander, carrylag the Called BMW aall, will tall oo SATURDAY, Cei V, It 11 o'clock M.. roR BBXMBN VIA ^OCTIUMrTCB, Taklsc paa<eagera to LONDON HAVRE SUlTM AMPToN AND BRE CBN, At the follow'tig rales ? rirat eabtn. (UN eecond cib.n Ml), steerage. $n For "rslgtat or pagaage apply to oIlK'IB, KEl'TJIN A REICHEUT. No. 81 Bruadway. CTEAM TO HANBl'RO. HAVRS. LONDON AND SOUTH O ampton ?The bambnrg Amerloaa Packet Company'a ? -ii sleaauhip H' HI'RSIA N Trautonae rommasder, Wm leave on Ihurrday, Nov. I at llo'c! ?k M.. for Hamburg via Southampton, taking paassngeisfur litvre. Loadou, Boulh amolon and llavhnrg. Mrs! eabia . .. $100 I Keened caWo.^. Sfl I Stoerare . . . . IW C M EIUUaPR A R ? AS, III Broadway. N. Y. mahif) Haauoonla wll; ?'-.~oeed lbs Bo-naala, No ei;eelr f ir Englard and France First caMa to Havre, HI; lo b.'nithaaarloa, I7& Third cabin to Havre, El to_ Southamp umi, pi? O. TOF.?tAB<'E, ages'.. No ft Bow hag dnaa, Maw York, tttgbt dra/M oa Londna and Paris tar aala. rnoB LIVESPOOI^DRE * DNOCHHT LTNE-TH I ?TL*!f H dldeUprar akip VICTOR f will poMuveU sail o* No vember * For passage, towe.t rates, apptr jMSilktalf \* W< ore beriha. aa board. | l?r ft aorlh river, ortoT. M. 2>EMABRST ?0 Be uth street. a~lAP?OOTTS t-I NB OF I J VR it POOL PACEBTS F*1LS Uladay at lTo-olock -The celebrated paeket fbip WEST f>IRT ( art tl?Ud (aow lyli ; m tbe stresmi, sails at a*) >va. Wnreawae Bt v'T <? TAPx iTT k CO., H4 ^uib street. WM.' tAlf* OTI sails November 1 3* oaupobmia via pan ana. F? A km claa a;aam?r will 'eava New Ynf% oa Ifc* l*. Ill* jLi lUt of rvh mm th, atoapi ?kaa rtaaa dataa tall oa Sua ? wWU.CM of da?rtur. wiU b< iM HomUj laLow t*fw rtwtfkt or p*aa*? wp'r ?? ue_nq?T ,f* "A. '? y'* qua*. mR a< Vinu. D B. A<1 A QITIAUi PIOBBBB U?f, "-?Bnltod ?l??ea I Ma?" ooniKiMX itll for Mfll??i om tiiirj war ?T amraawu. Hv aroummodaO'Mie for fir* aad nmwl Ik* PM*n|*n runul M nrtIM The riUn Ul HOI KM aTI M arrm rapid"? lowlutf for hydu my uraa I at pUr U Baal rtrar. rrw frUgfa ar paaaa?a appir to E W. OABBAOB. 90 Baarar atraal OT JOBBB. B. P., CAJX1MQ AT BT. NUU-THI V7 Rral aiua ??aia?}itp TT< 'mm A wID nil f?w ttoa Ikon vMrtaon tba ITU Inrtai.l inwlilag rar?n o? and a/lar Ta?ad?r, ^?M'saaus 5E"rannr* M?AUV, Mo. MS BawU itraac HAT ABA ABD BBW RRLBAPft? BVBBT TBB DAT*. r?? r* IM To all on fk irwtar, Mnmskar 1. at Ike HataaMp BtBMTIlXk. J. D HtilWwfc. mil fr?Mbt aad win mi, a. ?? -a, art *>ni rtrar. Tka Waaiaifclp ."rna P*a? font < f Bnrrar tturt Monk rin ? Barrmy *r?L gTATBM B All, ffTl AM F^rtS QVa'mIB TuTT^'Il^w'^RtafaMtao^aandaT wtU HABOOCB A OO.. M Soulk Okbat udottiob w pbicb to _ 'g-ssfta ,y.?... will Oa Taaai'ay <?rt SI * ? o'alort P. M. I to Maw Ortraa Moaalapar auMaloal its Raw Urtaaoa. llHH e.aa.eaaaaaaBaaea.. W I l?*wr n?l-ii?r M 1. O. BOBKKT*. AlMt 1IT Wj* . aoraar of Warran atraai. m, Mk ?r Mto? ?r>?d ?n* ?k- aauiac Iw. HAYAMA TIA BAW%0. ?. P-THB HlTliiB F?!Ld Mor? A??rt?? royal Ha?-aWpK *BM A*. jW wilt ail for tka aVrra poria frtja Ika aaa gmr fwrnH. ?*mm <m.rn llU| ^ W* 2f? . . I la on him ot ri.??a? T? ???? \\\\\\\\\\\\"'^\;' ? ?win War* Havana oa IM?I '''? vi-Vu-T!. Kar L altar wWafe dMa afcr w?i ?? <?vlMtua ?Bd Mk of aw* aM?U. aa<1 Hara ? ?!>? ?*> f*2jM,Tiu U,ar IMBbr icr. %n BrorwVjTFTl I .MHTQWI'' ? ^raixwaf. gWlWh. I J^rta arw atmaakla R. B OtJTUIB, <Xpt. Prad !>??*?] w?l taara rto It Mortk rirar. oa aaiorday. Oeob* V, M * T. B. Paaaa#r In ? rSEw ???. (Vdiabna. nfiiHrtaa yadr ArplT I aadlBraadw T~ BOCOH PBBIOHT ABBABOBVBBT-POB BIB. In l? f->rt?wrtk. IJBt Pi*?? and Alntnad, nMMOf %?k li'vfilfe aad PatwiMri awl HrnrtK Mda Rat mada, for r.Takan BMM. BaapMa Ml Inl?itm ataiiana nwwlrad "WJ day. awl >hi il|t wMBB fanMad at B. 0??* Mklnnar. Imiriipi Tl? Hi Ml I B . ?**?? '>? P"*ai itt. 0?t P?? aad BOiBOKB. 0?P? Onjafc. rrdry Ttar?i?y, at | _^TTT.w- f.itKT< '*?**? P*"** ararj liatanlav, M ry^ lallae 1t+*H iflrYorfoa, CB? Potat awl UMfe ?efL* r iWmlO "T Bflrfot T ??? P?r foatj to (Wr r.IiLn . jii u. ?d'' Kkkw^'' ? f*-1" iSiirrtrW rfrJ* dMT'nn awl aiwUi tartW ad. t* tn in) ?* 1?ra fcftwron f .. ?r a ?< | TTTZS ^ujdlam^ ?" u ' uianMnr, 1MOB SA YAWWAH. ? HT,B AMMUP MCMTTOOJiL***. OAP f talr. *? 0. Berry, wUl Leave pier IS. *. B , <* Tkonh ?f. oet ??t?r m. . Paaaare to ?a>aanak. with nnanrpaaaeil aeeoaaiauAafVe. *'fc Through tick- tr to New wrlnana. *? 75, >1 >Mlc. <a*> ratrr, ?*; Mamrhle. Ml 7*; WaahvUlr It* ISO, 6hattaaon? *35. Alhacr *13, F?? u< MB Broadway )K ?AYAJIK?H AMD OTHBK P01NTH. AS Hllillf.-' _ Tfce Oral elaaa etdewkeei elaamaktp AU'tPhTA, Uapl M. B. Wood hull will IMT? as on Haiurrtay, 'Hrt fl, ?t 4 P. M , inm filet ?* 4 North rlrer. Through UoAM* ana be kad for Uir 'auo?ln? plaeea:? Mew Crteene, *18 75; Mob'le, (?:, Moataonerv, *?; Rata- 1 la. Ala. M; Oomnbua 11; Albaar. 8; Atlanta, II. I )k*U?v to la, *35; Naah'ffle tTt 7? Kcoivitle. *24 ft); tfemphia, *31 7>i Aojriau, tlT W; Mar>?. 920; Savannah tit T< + frWffkt or naa?a*e aypiy at 13 Broadway Tke iMuur PuOKII'A, Oapt laaae Oriwall, will luooead and tall Tataday, Jet 30 at 4 P U. Ha MUIL U UTTOHTM. * HOW. FIOR OHAKLKHTON-? ' thk fimx ?5LA(tB hiuiwhiiiu. ateanahip hKYSTO?K BTaTK. <!apUtai> P Marahmaa. will anil from Pall?delphla for CharWa^Hi ?n Think!*/. Ueu> her It. at 10 o'aioek A. |(. IJailn *15, ?tn?f?re, *8. Tkrtiuh tinketa to New Urleana ?uil Inwrmtyllit- point* ?J *ju or rnu*a aa by aleanera from New York. Superior state noma maj be secured by auotylni to A. HURON lr. U6 Nnrw wharves, PhUadr'phta. T>e?t?amer STATU i)F ulUK iU wilt ??tl aa above for Savannah, on Tutaday, October 30. at 10 o'clock A. M. For chari *8ton,~b b. "savannah] ?*.. ani> th? kouth and t-ou -Komi weekly Cn'uM SWtaa mi l ?l*e wheel ateamkhlp Uie ? 1 The favorite aleanuhip J Art A U HIK, J 1) 1 bi llpa, coauii*0(1er. wtU le*ve pier N i 4 North river, oa >*turda>, Oct 27. at 4 o'clock P. M. Hxtesof dm ???*. with tbroiuh tlcketa aa follow* -To n??n' ah tla . *18; fharleat D. 8 . *15, New Orleaoa M9 75 Mo'ilie *V, M'iot l' nwry, ?)? . $U, Nashville. Teua , %H 75, MtaphU, reifn , i.'ll 75 (~hkUa> uaea, *26 Knoivllln, *i* 60 atui:>ia <i? . *17 Ml. Atlarta. (21; (Jkai lutle, N. O . *19. 0 ilunMa, 8 O.. *17 W Korfrt-I^bi or paiaace apply to SPuFFoftD, iILtC.'ITyN A ro . 2# i!ro*d?ay. 1 be N A * U V lit-*, Oapt Murray, will lucseed oa WodaBe d?v < rl .11. Tbe Ai'ubki Trprera,<*>mpan;'i irreat Southern npr??t are carrier* on tbla line. Ike ICi^rna* AgtuU, rtjuth. will (ft re in foimalioo aa tnnalUr* da) a, lar<\ Ao HCIICIPAli AVFAIRH. FA PKSB I'KSDINO BAFuKft UlH UuHOB, TUB MATOA for approval. F K M OOMMOf OOUHCTU Rf solution to rernlat", curb (fitter and II** Ffty fifth Ureet fro? k m l ue A to but rtTor, aiul t j pua an ordlnjuioe thero for. i!rard of Councilman, Ju_a 11, 1360. On ajea and don adorted. Hotfd of Aldermen, October 22. I860. On ayea and mr? adoftrl. Kevlutlon In alter grade of Fiftieth itreel between Fourth ami rtlth aaenuee Hoard of Coancllmea, April <6. 1860. On ayea and usee adopted. Hrn'd of AldertaeD, October 21, 1860. On ayea and noee a e |jtnt KiiuiltiHon to bn'ld aaewer In Heater atreet, between For ajth ape t'tirv >t;? street* end U> ?n ordinance therefor Hoard oi Coiixcilmen, Ocw'jer 12, lido On ayee and noea adopted. Bcuird of Aldermen, October 22, 18C0. Ayee and noea adopted hr?>lu!tnn to ref ilata, rrade, kr , Fourth awiua between Ftfiy eighth and eeTenly Ural atraeta, and that an ordinance tb-refrr be stiopted Beard of iXuuoilmen, April 16, 1860. On ayee and noea ad"t ted. H ard of Aldermen, October 22, 1660, Oa ayee an ! niea adopted. Kiro'ii'ton dlreetjnr tte Street fVunm'Belioera to adverliee for procoea'a frr 5 0U0 feet for (iretv> >le >1 <e*. tt ard cf Uum-ciUnen, July 21, laW. On ayej aid noea adopted. Hoard of Aldermen, October 22, 1860. On ayaa and noaa c ncui red In. hrao'utk i) to con firm award of contract for eonntm'-Oon at ae?"? r In Norfolk aimet bet ?een Hroo a* and (Irani atreeta Board of Councilman, September M, It 60. On anl noea adopted Heard of Aldenara, October 22, 1660. Confirmed on ayea and noea Hea?:utlon to regulate and rrade Fifty -Birth atreet, between Fifth and all til arenuea, and that an ordinance for the eame be adopted. Hoard of Councilman, J ana 8, I860. On ayea and noaa adopted Hoard of Aldermen, October 22. I860 On ayaa and noaa adi pled Keaoiutloe to open Witt fourth and Mity fifth atreete from TUm to Fifth avenue, aad a Iran ln? the Uoanael to the Dorp), ration to lake the naiaaairy atepa to carry the aame Into cflrct Heard of OoancUmen, June 8, I860. On ayaa aad aoea adopted. Hoard of Aldermen, October 21. 1860 On ayaa and noea adopted herniation to onea Seventy 6th atraet from Third avenue to Kaat Fmr and < i rerun* the Connae! lo the Corporation lo take tie par a awry atepa therefor Hoard of Coanctlmea Jane 8. 1860. On ayaa and noea adopted. Hoajd of Alderman, October 21, 1860. Oa ayaa aad noaa a* opto}. VmoNitton to eneb. litter aad lu Forty ninth at'?M. be tween i ecmi and Third avenuea. and ttal an ordluaara there fur tot Hoarr of OoaueOmen, J ana 8, 1680 On ayea aad noaa ad pud. k Hjard of Aldermen, OCober 22 I860. On ayea aad noaa ac opted. Beer hi lion t-i ronatrnat a eawer la arena* A. l.e'wean Fourth and Fifth atreeta, and that an orllnaaoe therefor be adopted Board of Conn< llmen, Jnca 1, 1866. Oa ayea and aoea adnpUd. B ?ard of Aldermen October 22. I860. Oa ayea and aoea ado, led keaoiotlon ti lac aldewalka In Lexington avenue between forty eeeoae aad r l'ty acapnia euanta. and Uat an ordinance ih?*r?-f<?r bo ndcDtod. r, ard of Oouncflmea, May II, IW. On a yea aad naee 1 H ord of Alderaaen, October U, I860. Om ayaa and noaa Mtaptod Reaointion lo permit J. Oornall to ereet a Ua roof aw, iln* over alfewalk, aarthwaat oorner of Baaei Market, twel?e feet front on Lnd>w atreet Board of A German, October ? I860 kt opted. B< ard of CanaeUmaa. October M, 1*66 Oonm-rel la. Baeolntloe to ameail for rneetelac baala aad oul rart at aorthwem ooraer eeeeath aeenae a d Mlaaieealh atreat, ao aa to rend "aonthwem omar of MM atrenoe and It laaleenth atreet. " Board of aldermen. October 23 1MB Adopted. P- ard of Oonnrllmen. Oetoher 21. lt(0 ? oo.- irred la. K?*>.utloa direetlnf the Mmet t :<nnmlaato?er topurehaaa hoee earrtaae now but dir? by A. Van ifoa< k Co., for ttoea t ompaay Mo 16. the price not to eaoeed f(00. hovra of Aldermen, October i. 1*0. Adopte 1 on ayea and "^P?rd of 1 eu.rtlmeo, Octibcr 12, H60 Concnrrad la oa ayea ard noaa. Reeolntlon to lac, rorb and (niter aldewalka la frmtof Bo. 196 boaan aUeet, aad that an ordinance tharafor be adopted Bcaid of 4 1 derm en, Jolr 8, ID Ad'>pto1. Board it Councilman, October a, Adopted on ayaa and cn^i BeaolMi-at In feaer varaat IHe Boa 117, 2'9 aad Bl Kaat Twenty lirat at rent, and to ado>t aa nr'taaitoa tharafor. Board of A.dermen 8apteaber 13. I860. On ayea and aoea ^Hoard of (Vxiadlmea, October 22, 1960. Conanrrad la aa ayea and noea Keao'itl >a to pay .'amea Baflly for tejnrtei to hta horae from I ?IIU.? Itto a h ite la thirty third atraet, near BMhth are ' H*r'\o( JUdermen, teplembar S, 1860. Oa ayea and niei H.*rd if Coo acflmea. Cola >er 21, 1800. Ooae arret la oa ayea ai d noae. Baeolutton to lar reoaewatta In front of Nek 83 Water atreat, ana to adopt aa ordinance therefor Board of Aldermea. aeptaaaher 7, I860. On ayaa aad aoae adopted ?aard of ConaaOmea, October a. 1860. Oa ayaa aad a me ado, led Reaolotlon lo feaae eaeant lota aanheaat ooraer at Twenty aevet.ih atreat and Baecmd areann, aad lo adopt aa ordlaaaee therefor Hrmrd <4 Aldermen, September 11, I960. Oa ayaa and aoae l^r ptid. Braird of Councilman, October a, I960. On ayaa and nae rone Hire" la Kaarilntlon to 6a? aldewalka eontheaat aide of Ooneernenr atreet, between < "berry aad Water atreeta, aad to adopt aa or d ma ate i he rat or Board at AMerman. Sep <?ber 7, U*L Oa ayaa had am |f Qh|?t Board of ConntUman, October 21 18H Oa ayaa aad noaa ?eemd 'Board of Aldermen. September 7, I960. Oa ayaa aad aoea idaCMtd. Board at Ooeaatimen, Oeaabnr B, I960. Oa ayea and aoae - lioa/d of a Idevmen, September 7, I860. Oa ayaa aad noae tnif of Couacflmen. October 11. 18V On ayaa and aoae adopted. Beeolntton to pare Faet Broadway, from fhaiham an 'i are to Orand atraet with Bel?lai paaament at the 01 pe jee of the ""fcard of Aldermea. September 7, L966 Oa ayaa aad aoae Board f Cow. d 'man. October n 1919. Oa ayea aad noea ad Of ted. Heaoio'loB tifla? aldewa.ka eroibarem ' wi>e? Irriif plaea aad Paven'eeaih etraea aad to adopt an ordlnaaee iheeaf r. Board of Aldermen, Beptamkar 7, 166il. Ua ayea and noaa Board of CounrPman October II, U6I) Adopted oa ayea KIM Beeolall^n la fan Twenty fenrth atreet. hmweaa Ktchlh and P lath atenu ?a. and ii adopt aa ordinance therefor IV* rd ef Altereea. aeptemher 7. 1961 ua ayaa aad a ma addled. hoard of Oounetlmea, Oatubar n, 1960. Adapted on ayaa and anee. BeaoiuCna la flac aldewalka oa the aarth aide of Twemy aer> ax* atreat, bet seen Firm and Waiaund aaannee, aad to ado#* aa ordinance theeefi* Board of A liermaa. Heptemker U, 16)11. Oa ayaa and aoea adopiH. hoard of ronnctlman. October 71, I960 Adopted oa ayaa and nrx a Iteardnttne to rermB Thnmae Ryaa te ereet a waterlog troo?l, on rortheaet earner of tu,a(? araane and Fort) >rm Hoard of Aldermen, October C. l-*90 Adopted. Foard r*f C ooeilmea. Oei rher 71 l??. Ooororrad la 1?M" to feaen Tenant Iota oa Ida Booth etde of Twenty alitk alMt belaeen i?eeolfe aad B?hth areaaae, aad to oaaa aa ordinance therefor. Board of Aldermea. Aaanat II. I860. Oa ayaa and aoae adopted. It. nr.- of (V-iaaflmaa. Octobar IS, 1919. Ooaearrad la an ayea and aoea. B~7uTa1u>iuu?.-* "woBTiraiMr orivoei w.i?r4 bh* CRM* ZSXXEZS r'^iSTwii^^wmSu MAS WTR. ?**<???, iiiJSj rftoriMoit or niijAAmw. ?_ r?H? win ?*?? * thnrl ***? <* p?'??tv u4 ?MM ?? k?tm<H m riato'i i,"***rr3LfcTi*** ? **?'* lrwt?T rvwrj *?**>*. fttta rrf ??- - PBibim biu.i a *n tyi.iH ??D rx>*nfiiArio*gr'?inoRa !>?*? twr""'"""*"- ^ >??* tB, W*>- ri IM i '.Olnrwd n ? Ma a *? m i - ?"r | thk rvnr. EArdlON OOll KRR, IdjMI Osl AMU UK. \Nl> ThL&LOr HP1-KO HKrWKIK ROa D HORHR * n kft- or ?auu. ?enen>oalj ?rtrru by Mr. Vimuut W be ooateuled to.- oalr bi borare belotitflag to prlyat* gent etrn-n raaidlug In IV# >?r? or the a 4y loing ciium. miu! h?a1v-rk?t thrrr iii nvt II* liM t are reeprctfuil) i I . .1 that tlir ?rraii??tAruP far till novel aud lob" rating ouuieat brtni aomplele, 11 wl' 0001 r (6 at the PARdlOR COUAHR on TRVRHIIAT. October*, 1800. fie foltov^aarentrlealiavlnr b'eo made: ? hy Mr **-mo A, bay geidl' g Tartar. K> Mr. Kt-.ler bey *v u!U.i< i'?tuam. B> Mr.??, Lbf mar* L'ellr "rand*, But u> oqb neaoo at half paali o'eloeh prwctaely. At'rriaelor tc ill parti rt the mum ?nd ateali CJM Dollar Ylaite a from *ii-w Vn'li mat rea'ib the 000 rae hy eh her th< ?rt>l) aitib ILlrty ftunh T wni ^liurrt, Tenth, Uouaux. Urtarf. HumtdII it-crl or Perk a'lp ferr't. PikM nr'ie by U3r Tllrt. filth and ItoM'tH atiwlfomn will take the oar* of the PlMlNag rallrr ?d at 109 o'c'ocS n* ?rrHniPB.?-i t. (HID,' under U?iUn(?<hKi uf a annr-?Ma> ofpatlmtn, wltA trima iwicuorj pr?<Hla do noi eid?r*ru?. neither 1 atua n r ?ip.v?ar will be apared toieinier Utia n.*? Uv i?(?t M if ct utd. at the iuig l)m> U? moat exciting ttm wlU e'ee 1 Id tile oooniry - o 1 rover t ocnftwlou At well aa to A*nW ? laappnlalaaeaM vial' era am reqneated lo > oa the irfaudln dan Aral buraee will bn ata-wd promptly At lb" hour oanrsd. ad eflclesl po'loe l> en.wirea to oreeerve order. HUKRKS, CARHHWKH. AO. ABRiinirui. raddi.r huj<bk 'Morhaw war rantrd kind And aound r> ft ta earner). eight year* oid aIao a aood road Uorae. War>loa email pjmiev for i bitdren UAH. T. llAl.l., 79 Heat-r etroeL AORNTIJCMAN HAVING Mi'KE HORHRS THAN HI want* will aell A bay Kaahaw Oolt. hair brut bar lo I ah tarn, all laarcld, 15M hand* fatxti, aounn and kind la mr way. And very fAnt; one of taa b?M rotd borw* lu tba H?au Prtoe $750. Can be tau at aubla M MuU atraai, tram U 1 S u'cloeh. AFIWR PAIR OF HORRF8 FOR HA1.R? 1ATH, 1*K TO I." ban da hl^b I >n* black ni'?, all or ?ev??D 1 <ad. prrfrcily d ind and kind. To ?>*nn at Thom paon'a atablea, Vhiitrnnth Atrcct juat wrat of Third avenue. DONKKY8 FOR SALS? FROM $10- TO H0< WARRAMT rd aourd and kind. And trAlne 1 for avldle And harnaaa. Inquire ournar of Turd Aveaue and devebty niutli atreet, lu the atora. OR PALI OR RXCHANaR.? TWKLVI TOUMU _ Horww, just from OanadA Weal, from four to aeren yean Old, and from UH to IChanda high All Ainmd aad klad. la quire In the lilackmllhahnp, 1RI Nor 'oik BUeoC. For le? okr pair btilish horsrr onrorat and bay, ill And el(ht jt-arn old 19 hand* hUfh. hob tada warrantad la eterr raacai.t; will be aold lo?<Hber or aeparaiatr they wo aid be axchaBRad for ooa fait bona. Can bo aeaa al 121 i;il jtoa place. F rR 8A1.K? A DPLRNIlin 1IXON OR AT HORRR, t yeAra o d. II ban 4a; w uld make a flue c>n;>? h iraa; l? bird and ann'O. A-, pi' at private ataMe M Tenth atreet. (jH>R HAI R? A RPAlt OP Tf)UlT* BOKKRL HORMRh r About IS hande hlrh. l.-nj tal<a. vary etvtiah. And fA?t tra ?rllera, in lart, a per!<et loam of boraea fh>- owuer mortal to to? d fro a the country, wlahea to dlapoaa of them, aad wlf laie a d alii(f'ahcrae In put payaiaot, Addraaa P. A. M. boa >83 Pant orfee. F9RRAIR? A PAIR OP WRI.L MATCHRD B'.AOR Honea faM traveUera, warranted aound and kind. fr?? from fan t . aiua e or ?ooMa, aaddla or wa*on. Aadraaa 11 W? boi 1,963 Ptottllloe. rOR BALE- A CLOSR MATCHKD TRAM OP SORHKt, Marea IV and 7 ytara old, US handa high, trot a mil* clone to 9 minute, to t*? pole; per 'aetly aoiDd and klad. ataxia or Pontile; will be aold^eparmlaiv or WHttrher, aa the owner haa no nae for them. A aalle'aeliry trial will be cdren la i iira of M. HL itNH, Ml W eat Thirty lrat atreet. near i<luth Avenue JTtOK 8A1.R-A DARK BAT HORRt. 1SKHAKDS 111(311, r all jearaotd, aound and klrd. And A frue dri??r Inquire at at iblra eorntr Ui?lr jraWy place and 1 blrteonth areet. r)R RALE? A VBRT HAKDSOMR OHRRTKOT HORHR, illrrr mane aad tall, flnt yaara o?c and warraita 1 perfr.n 1; aiond, eaa Iro. faal either t lo?'e or to the pole; e ?l f >*) c-kh laat apilnc Will be aold for laaa lha-j half hla ralue aa thi' owner learrw the dt? neit week. To bo aeea at Mon ta* ue'a atabla. W Wrat Twenty third at**et. ITOR RAI.K ? A RPLRRDID RAY MAKR, P1PTBRN r baada big a, eaUre y aouiid free from all trieha. a p'eaeant tnd fre? drlier; alao. a Light Kunr, wKh top, and Maroeaa nearly new; will lie aoll. io|Kher or aeparatelr. below thrlr taIuo. can be aetn at CnlerhU 'a atable, Larayatte plaoe. rpOR FAI.I? A BBOWK MAR*. MW H**W H'llII r e'tM yaara old, eatiaral tall, free aaa atyliab drirer, awiai and k ad in alt gla aad do?ola harnaaa. aad eaa trot l> Ui-w mlaaua. Alao. a low prioed u?>d wort Mara. The axu-i nuta are aul<l for the reaaon that their owner haa tbrfw .ihe-a aad no are for Ihem. Apply at iM And 1M Uonrt atreet, Mouth itrotik.j n. In the aurtet. be 'ore It o c'oek. I^OR S II. K? A PI RUT CI.ARa OOOPR 0AS*1A<?R 1 mttabia lor ono or two boraaa. ro bo aero a' No M .'eaey atreet P>R RALP-A BAT MARE. RIRR TEARS OM1. |S? baada blab, elont bnllt, Tert Are traveller, warrant*! t.u<i and bind M erery reeeert; alao a ver? handawne dapo e ?ray Mare, ll?e yearn < Id. IShandahi?k. rery atydah dri\?r. ran trot la 1 11, werraaled la ovary raapoeC Apply al 11 Raaea atrae^ R RaI.E-8KPARATRLT OR TOOtTnER. A WBtft _ maUhed pair of tb irotith'irad tright bay lliraea aU veara old. 1IK banda hl?h lon? tal'a, l*m. free aid o'^aaa .? drive ra. alafl- or limbla, aae wlth-w, fault * MemU!.; aa a family or road teaaa or aa aaddle boraea thev eaiieot b? ex celled, alao, a bandanna turnover aeal R >ohAwtv, bulll to order, and H-I?b, llaro?ae ?..???. Hella, Ac , low fur aaah. Adureaa W W. II.. bail f-Kce. HORbEI. OA RRI AORM AND WAOONR POR IAI.R 1 he lialaneer.r avl rt the Rinca '"malr llarrla?a Pa* lory and Nable*. belea two htadrod waaowa, of all hloda, aad forty b iraea. W ill be aold ebeap Apply at iM Pultuo avoaua and 10 Ret lap atreet. Hruutlya. _______________ HORBR. ROCXAWAT ARD HARRRH8 POR H AI.R ? Very ryav. Inaelber or aa par ate. Horae aevrn yta-n ?ld .* hai.'a kt(b fit 'or aay aae. R. afeaarajr aad l'.rn?aa In pe fact order, tba peopertr of a *rniletaan returned fearn the root try wlo baa ao I tuther uae for them. Apply at 111 Wa ver lay plaee thia weeh. _ ___________ Look OBT.-n>R rai c rwo tkaM< op piwk bniaee. on? ill bat la anu 21c>h'ahiA, tho idher ll'? bar la blah with bo>i la lie. To be aaeo at Bo 1JP Fwtaeatli it reel, aeer Third aveaae. MARR POR RALB.? A DARK BROWR W ARR, 7 TRA V rid a aood traveller. auAable for a duet ir 1 any lira baMnaae, will be ootd rheap aa the owner haa no aee r.jr bnr. Caa bo aeea at Kwr'a leery Mablo. Monro* atreet, taw Market. WAKTR11- TWO OR TIIRRR WOK?ER. Ill ?I 'HARilE ft r atrwk Addraaa bni Pa 13* Herall uAee cutler wkea and a here la bo aaao, aa the advarUaar nail n ou.of Ubn any. fr'AhniBOTOH H Ad.'. RT IBI.RO. 1.951 AKD l,K3 THIRD If avanux. b'twean ltVh an 1 1Mb alreMe. Verm ml briar a frr (01*. three very nne pair* frim Itfteea lo Miteea bend* blab, alt la aeven yeataoM Alenantae varv flue a>acta boreee. T?ea? are r? -ecUy f roan Veraout, an' for atylr and artton eene<4 be aa-paaaej. TboM i* wan' of a lrat rai e pair or a aloile home, will do ? all to sail aad e? anun* Uao F? WARTRD-A OX>D RBtXJRD HARD "BA0DI,R. RRI Tv die and boroe blackel. Addreaa, alai/a(( prlae, which auatl<*loa, M. W , Herald <!???< 8 OR I YALCAB1.R AMD PART ROAD T!0R?R* POR aal? cheap, via ?A i.heateut Mar*. ISW ban-la, s yaara old IMao I SR. a brown llorae. l?S baada 7 reira eld time IH;a bay OaN. W baada enmlaa ? tear* old. eaa trot foal. Tia above bo-eee are free ead atyb b driver*, aad Br* reee< MR anaraaleed In evary reapeci. Akn. li?bl Waaoaa, llarnaaa R.^?w Htanbeta Ae , all eeailv n#w aad la perV. t ->^1e' the t ropei 1 r of ? (ontleatan (IrBif up hla a lr?A. Per furibar nar Ucilara Apply *1 th. rora*r at Jatm aad Jay airoeta. Rmfciya booaooa I aad M o'deafc. tLOTHIWO. Ah wmwm opAxa rn uin aid sarruaa to aoarart Mi MM 0* (Untfcto* Ma Mil -1 I XiNi larga orAar fraai l*a Hnatt aad WaaL 1 mnaWr ikat : I W Ml lha followta* rn? Tmm m to WO for W* r>rww K?k?i !? aad Hvm Nil ft* ?o?W^T rrm tl ^ tf for Turn to. fraai n to wtfnr < '.?m alar,. < *n-M Pnraknra, Jaw airy. k TBjwjggj mSZZ ta^ 'l "?li aaZaadaa'toby Mia"* ** * * '"' A -.LAM CHABCl POR LtlUH ABP 'IBJTT1.BWW la aoa??i Uwir iwt off rlmtitr* wv> aaah fim Nl'R Ell far pith Drmmm, tram S3 to 111 fnr nnaia u< fr <m II k f r Pint* ard <HH ilMMM Drnara or ( arpata ?riHn and Jawalrr. I h? Hirw? prw-a p*? ! IW -*1> a. ?lMrwll.w?wl>' .>r>-l ? R XUla. M ItoTaalk art I | attraaa tjU Bfhsmiiidk anMi l<adka uwW k. ?y Bra. BlaU. ?if? ohabcb tha* nu -uadiw a hd hb ? Wtm IB, 1 ba?? ? ?r?at ilMitti for <u of MtHfi tfet ^?rtara Mi anatbara ?wl? alan for fnnaf a, (Wpato jmnlrrjl I inimlw to m far Mt r>l ?ai ? rnai H H |M iv W niton ?kaAa. An . tka blakaal rrum paid for. fia ( <*u fmto 13 t- II* 'of Paula and V?ati fr-*?W aowarta >???a abnaa, Aa. By g>l| aa W aAdi itaa HaMIB. iB Bai aatk Mvai ko^aa Mna TantT IM asa, raa ?aa ha ?ua Itoaad la yaw nIBiala. LaAMa aaJMadbi ?is. Mania - ? wiat gtTAiniTT or oabt orr rumuwo. rci H aMara. ? a/|'?"to. Ac. vastad. to anprly tka m*ra auAH larftaa or faotlamaa burin* anj lo iB?i 1 at ?UI raeaHa Ik# Makaal nap prWa for tka aa* > y mitUlm or <uMnwiilpc a onta to A !>!'?? . f HA ?? aoaa . wMct ?ll ha panctaaliy aBaadnd to I alia nlaalirt to by lira. 1) I A MUM CBABOB FTTU* LAJ7IBB ABO OBBTkB ? Maa.? A gr?a? di'iaaad for tka Waatora markal nu* a larva , 'i*ruiy ni M afl akaklna. ftimimra, aar Ma, Jawalry, Aa. I faa^uaw to ?? tka Vm prtaaa bto Ml. A ?** a4draaaad v. B ib afciua. K naraotk anaxia balwaaa Taaaty fifth and Tw?? t atitk Bulla. wU ha raaa | laally MtoadaA to. Ia4?aa ailralaA by Mm, A. A^m oh* at niBABn por n/rrex*u -urnw abc | (?(Ittoaim b?Tlur ??! naai * rUmhhva fnraHara 9 ???)????? ?r? MMBi <?? rw**rm aa fiJto-?a - nMMa, fmai S k- A. <???. froaa tl w (M> ?h draaaaa, froaa II to M. flB baraaa aaA worftoa t raaaa lha Makaal art* will ba paU by aaitlM oa at aUnani a. Ha/rta. M M avaaaa. U*m aurMal to by B?? (larrla 4 *im jtcb i. a i>ibh Aim nrim.BBBB wmt A ?ra iWt' na nl oMaMaa lha atom soak prtra far aaf Spina af Waarlaa Apparal. Jawahf Qw*IB or paraMmra af aU ilaAa. aaw or a*ana4 bar*, aaa ? '? ba ? .awaaodataA to nil ikamaalraa. aa tka ManHaM ? kaa b? i\ rKhaiiaalnaad ID pm 'Aimi far a lana baafc I W?B *?"! mat bara r*^* al*aoal aaf prtoa A Ikw aAP ,-ttmA to J Atih'H. IN "torairtk aran-?a. Mliw Twaa ?' ?k MV1 Twwit a rat atoaata ?(? ba t?m?ttatBr atbaadai la 'Aitira ?tvmMtadVy B>a A B Plaaaa aaaA wliAoal Aatay WtNRI ABO MUl'llKa. ' ij'ir-i*?NtH rrBur mb? im.*bt-b?tahu|?bi> i Jr 1KC tka rkmj.r* pltaa In hoy Una Hraodloa. Wm?a i piima, *HH>n 7%iHI?la Ai , for abMoaala and fkmlH trarfa, al m Wail Ptaaaa'h MrrH. ^ ? *i'?? ?oM ' f , Bi?m C HARI.W WHltB, TvtyW'W. AnniSEMKirrs, IV lM'IKii U AJIDK* . V> C'UAlUl uuanqv oil anoi OF PKRFORV ANOIC. KotvXMUoc tk? Itooj>o*i -o?i? <ob lauln? t'i the lut to wit. ttr the ui?itn t?r?m p?ninlb| o r M ?ir Mrrri.len Mian I'lll-l.Jie/ h M-U Ptl, III ObmMtlCe in th? l,f ?> ulAllf fr ? iu*? elK* d*llre tu e*ra h?r In tah-r of hrr i<rtj it character* Ltfuro th?9's??i'f ter r->***?-rrrP? In

Till* KVK?imi umiiuiU 24. I j 0?r rol? >f QtJKKV k A rHKHIHK, In J^-ha-tr*'* I'll/ of main viii, Mlbh CUBUkt^If I* iui 'nlrrit by MwV) t W. Culil.DOCK, DIIUT, DAflDOK. LINUVAM. BfOlWMXT, HUB. DVrWIMLl* trrm ai>a cm f tow. MRU. CHANrHkO, Aui n rnwerf U < V> it >auy rjooi.fc* * CAj?:?ii?u.'s mixstuki.s.? wiuuvd n *?? ooc oai.:ay (Jet, i ? aad ? rmry e?er>l?i* < nf^r iw-0 Miil tinp?.*V!l6d buo cm ol the ORltAT *r*R UtiluM, Tn IW nra^?V'o?i'h ?l.'<r n>np< acU. Waneee, Plr*Utloa Ac ? Ao. , A** rrotTVl oiirHly %tlh :*>wn of b -if h^ir ad HpukAime. l>? >n npn v. 6\', lojiwenjc at Vi. Ticket ?iirtm. \CAl>B?T ?r *OsK) OLEVKI.AVr>, OHIO.-THK a<rm*nt of h>i|i Latin* r>r?ntlj |ivf?d ntk> knoo* Ihtni ?n?r?. n-ither p?lu? it eipenm >a tiv<rT>iirhlj retitUPK ?ia< refanJAin* It, placlm'Jl li> the frc* r?rk< fllM 'l'?i elesa b? l? o. the rouutry For for serti cr" ??-nirio?l etkiiiuiorw >1* ad?*u.afffla are uuAiir?iw?4d Ad' rota I homaa J. (Juiulaa. maih/iu^ a^eut, b^? I'lere i-ad, Olio. IT 19 TRVVT W0WPKRFU1, TMI Bid. Bt ISJ L Id hli *rea? eo itortloo fatV Taerr hi bo m??, >or mttr waa t latent y;u?l jut in. Hr I'er'om ? nrery ?l(hl at the OA'af'laH (18 nr isdway. 4 CAIH.MT Of MCKIO ?Til K OI'tRA. lO-MOKttoYV, WKTIIA-, < v*oher 26 Only nl*bt of FU to*'* tvl?-br<U.i Oarwaa Uperi of SI *1%TII ? CAM. FORMES In t?a pr? at original rule i..' PMokeU. w FOO* DAT A HIJRMIN' Coe of old l>an Ktnmlt'a b?t pi <*MI n danrei If par 'orsctd r-e'j ti'tht, aniVrteflred Kiuia.ctiu of a>i )lau^?, at In- OA HI I Km, ill Hr?a'' way W'KLI-. HK 1R A COMICAL OKNIl'h WIM Wh? Bo# H A RT, tb- tuxieotrtn K'L'nvtan Dom^dlan, And Ike brat <b*i haa evrr ap >?-n*d in iteonceri room, lie laaUII atlbr <1 A I K 1 1 fcS, 016 ItroalWK*. a M KitlC AN UOMOIBT UAI.U i RK'IADTir> THN BK8T IXTRKTAINMhlNT IN IHJC CUV. WUI d? (j all rWal eatabllahineau rHK AlRIC AL Mtmoa -WANTED A LtOY TO Pf.AT t>i? 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Nrrtkweet an.l N'K? TOKK IKFIKMA RT F(K WOKE* AMI OH1L I draa. IMHaonod aeaana. ta 3' Ivty pt.v?M-ie ? < <m Dlrpeoaary la open f rna. 8 to 10 A M > dnoe a id m? II i in? free. Price oc' board for palu^ala la U u> k >w. H par ?aa>. \FPU'K l.iaHtPorRB BOABIt ThR tKtfKV DBfABT / ir.mi. Wim?:n*"ro. I) <1 (. tl 112. 1 (w? > t m r] l'ropiienli *oli he reiv tv.M al Uue office *iqU11 Ho oloek '? . Oi; N(0dM l)n 3 lift: for w !*(<W Lit. Ill lloi -K in Cap* OyiArSltAL. ?L4. I>re?lnr? ?Ld ?> k il.-.tifn i irry be obtain Ml at Lola o?ee. r at -be fol ki? I g namxl p'? ?? rew tork elir? No t.t ( >? ar'a re?t II ?no. Maaa ? ?o 1 ilommoTial ?'.,vrf. I'M aar'pt la -OBrnr.r of u yard itfcl 1' ** I tk al -ee:e. By t idor ut Ike litktki ate itoar.i Cnpt WM. P. BB1TH. Kn?Ur.r leoirnry. n.VK BBTRPBOt/?A? PI BB ISBUBANt'B OOBi'AN I N?* lim, Oct a, **) -Motion tt L*reb> gtmi that lha itinual cUc'.mni of tkla Cn.npaar will be Li-M uu H >uJav, lbs 1 h I >, of Hnwu?t?r u.itl from II l<> 1 o'cl<M!k I*. M . f >r iho u>(0?' M ?l? .Hr?o'/>r? In lt*n of l> ? whc?? t?rin? aiplrn ?>? ,'*j , aort of tfcre* to?p'<-V5r? of ib^ i.-il Tk? t'anam book* will b? clrwc-l till afkar iba al?-nili>o, K. A. uTaNSICK', HmrMtrj. VINtNVIAL. 4 H A II uPOM ? BONI K ABU 1 M TltRKST WILL BB C\ i aid for ilia load of $410 f r lour moa'bu. and flrat kUm <-? jrln (Ivrn la tin^>?H?h?b!n p?r? iia< piop . nr. worth In Iba tn> -t?l ?t > nr lir - at l?n? $1 IW1, wkmb m?? ba I < f In pn? n' itr party |Mi ika loan. AdJitaa Marok^at, I la ? *M < m ?. > ABB FOB ?ALa-f/X:*TBI) IN ABD OB(IANIZBI) I ardrr tbo Ittwr*! Uwa at a Vadrra Hi. t? all raady loco to ln:n?<H* *- ou>raU'>p ?>it? a amall aa. ant of caak rr Punn-d. 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BOBI> ARP MOBTO *OB. tU.Ul/V on a rrry Talttable Para .if SM aerra m ler i(h ttau. of MHiratkie tralq.'d at fil.lU. oa Uaf lalaad. Ad ?rr?? Pumer. hni Itt Herald uOra. <11 (tan ? w abtbij thib ?v* ob unovm P 1 U.UUU. preparty la Rrw Tork eBy. for tkrne or Ht j eara, at aciao par tani. AddrMk Daytoa A loaaa M Naaaau ?liA tn\ nnil WARTKD-OK HOBI) AND BOBTflAlB rlU.tlUU on Irn naoraa. S7 SOI) on aaofe ? u-r?. property e'rlb (km Die the amount. Add/eaa Henry J. Mirtaae. boi Uf S Poal (4Boe. iiOAK OKKM KS. At % * mi i ? i. tun i.i i ih a n t rubbai;. n-'.um Kreadway Adrmaa** npoa IhaaanaHa. Jewelry aa4 tkar a ra) labia pmaarty . er ? *? ? ? ?rV*Jy eoaMeaMel. rrteata rout. ?? Broadway, ap auUra. at lit OBABD RTBBBT, THBBB" DOOBJI WBNP OP li. Broadway. -HoMr adraaard oa WateBaa. I Ham or da. nwalry, Plata. I'rj (?or da and peranaal property at erery d? ?rm?a, er boe*ki and (old by Jonird A. JAUEBOH, . .ocdwaar and krtjker. f * 4PTABCBR MADB OB DIAHOBDB W ATi'HBB, JBW elry, Wlaer Ware. Kara and peraonal property of erary ?eecnvUaa. by P OAdB bruBar, M P'mrta araaqa. opp.aba <"pa> Ineutiita, a faw doora baaow AMur plaaa. PrtvaMW rar?e, kail du?* a DVABCBR B A ?B -BOBBY CAB BB ORTAIBBO TO any amount no wav-kea. dtaaior de jewelry aad mer tujxtlee. at my pHrate . flloea, r>?.m Bo ?, No M HroaJway. iratBoor. PKn ' ? ? t rata ronma fir ladiaa Boaieaea aoaftdw- jnA W U. HBATIMura ATM BAf RAC RTRBBT-A HORIOBAB, DI AB3ND A br-*er. makre liberal a^?aneaa na l)la?">1?. Watrhee. lewe'ry. Ac . nr N*iy? Ikeai at fall raltia, at kla prteata ??Hoe, v rowan euaet rata No 1 op Main Baemnee nralMowllai A HOB B. THOBTdOB. M N AHMAD BTBBST. (*>RNBB of Baa. mam No. 1. aronad floor. nnaUanea to adraaoa " rn.^>?y. In ?'im? from II m (Mi >??l oa Mi I Ham. -via I ewe fry. Beware, aad ail kla<ta of Harrhaadlea, talk la Mora r hooif. or will boy the an' for rank. Nntaa. I'woda. Draru ?a. nefoBatad t'ooda of rarkma kin la to aiBii|l for mart rayre ar real rotate .f M OBPAB RTBBBT KBNBT HTMAN PIAHuNP \ Broker Oaek adraanad oa IMamoadv aet or ennet. >a(rkea. wturk moreiaeel* aUear ware, jawekry. aeeara. An., t bouakt for raak 'tppoaMa Uw Pool dkaot ream Bo. i. op latra W Oadar (treat IT II (7HABBBBB RTBBBT HONBT TO LOAB TO \ ear aaonnt na PlaaMmda. aet rraaart, Wiiekaa. Jewalry, ka. nr Ika aame brtufkt for Ika MchaM aaak prlaaa, by tip ?all kn.rwn IK A A'*, 11 Okamhera aim B. B -Bebnaami raaanotad aa Patarda/a. MOBBT TO IJUTP AT BOPBB ATB BATBB OB P1A moaa, WacWi. Jew-try. HUrar an4 Peraoaal Property | ,1 all ieaertpBsaa t*.??la nat ' a redeemed at aay Maaa erttkla ?a year. Ihrtrata oSra enl.*one. kali Jonr. B. Ba BB ARD. M 1 bird araaaa. PA WCIWQ AUDKMlk.!. t DODVOBTB1 DABOBU AOAP?MB. No. KB Broadway, ?aw Tork. Bo. W Bna large Mr eat, Bmoklym. WBPNBBPATR ABD NATVBDATB la Bow Tort TTB?|(ATR AND PBIPATfl la Rmoklya warl I'nrlap tfce eeaw^. awoar w\lsk may br laanti-med ' I* Cjarlne " :?* tnamr*)* frrwe >*r1e, aad Ike VeMrtlla RUr ?'eroe." WpaMally ar.da^J to |Ba ?erelof)?ma?t of praeeTal woreraekl IB -altdren. (Srrn ara of terma Aa, mm R* had at eHb?r aaatemy. r BIT^TB PAB'TNI f'LARRBB -BB. f?<f A BRH AIM! ail) derrte hto tlma exel'M'rely In ?1rtn? Iranna at a' reeldrneea t Ircnla'-a r>wta nlr* t?rma Be . nan be ? rd al bo 1 Art Kaat brrrnir^nth a'j-eet. Mnyreaiit P i\ N f t r lata to I- rirmr U Bre Pterr*- |o?i ( Ladlat* B ? ?r? "rkool Bo M Wad nvreatk alfret. AHi'SKHKirra. |h lUI. 'H (lAHllkK. i> J. M Niutn Buls Leasee aud Proprietor lb?i iiuti drama HOW RIAltY, iuw Kkiuv, HuW KKaIIV, H <W KKaOV. THE OBKAT LiiMkiN DRW A THK ???K*T I.ON110N 11HAM \ TUX (JURAT L.UMION UiA *A or ThK DEAD H MART. dka I) HSAJtr. i>ka? iiBAnr. Ui?u bKAKr Tluvaday ud Kat:ir>1aj ereninira, Orl 'it ?nd TT, Tbe D?rfurt7? iiC-? will mnwannl M hiilf pwl wvrn o'rloeh prtciatl) wtik l^ uevr ami uiirftiiiU dr?uiv ?nb * pnrio^ua ai d three art# v-lih rnurely nj-w mwri . drt-wta. aupeint ' menu Kii'1 ttfMiU, I y the ai-eenatul antbiarof Joseph Cha y i<uy," "Abe I'nor htro.lera," Ac . Ac , #ntu.od Ibe ? 1>RaD HKAK'r 1 hr new ?tu' extena ivo ac erwry by J. ll.bmlJt, with 6 La bo rale ty^ialxRiU, ouaiwiiea ?tl innate. PRoLQOCM. Pwiu, in TM l.KITilk. UK OArUCT. ThaOonnt Vatarte ... Mr. u2?" Tbe Abbe i i*t?? . Mr "*>rte? Fieher .\o^ mi l.and. v. ? ? .Milieu Le^rjo-t. r<?bi>ul ? . ? M*Wl JrvL . )itr. J". H. tJnanrAy Mr. tlaoxH THr a&rtm Br. Uouke 5^ Tayior Totnt pnn?|n*r mil c tffenr .. ^ Jiikr Joi i ?f owner o.'the oabftret leaTrula h.-i. .kir T. k Miirna l!?tl..trhje Ua-.-Jl Mra. F. U. ? Ho way Ciui??tv ... .Mum Kate Tie an Ibeuwiru o: tLe t'afft d* la HaJ.e Jar<! ttero and % mm at r trill -"Rl.vht I* 'alllo* " CAlJARiT OF I UK TRi 'ft MTU 8onr and attrx-iia? <?*y VemaHl.-*" ? Uulbk. jr UAl'llUlK UuVa\ itoTTkama Aot l -ibe Kaattie, I7S9 WTten tbe .lenple of I7tf Via, In lhe ir play. iiw.'kMiu, art"! ^e heave, I. whIh. wt H~ hnxl been uiv'erirl>ie?T by th? .Hedn ol d?/l.">t?e r iuimiUc.t ? .iklD th? rn Liioj rt :''rnB?1 hum. . ? .ln!? ? .'tnin 1 a VLik du 1 VU, ltvree toil enUcre aui divert: mwnft ila du OcntTal. 1 a popqlati' D .ie porta d'eu?jrra!aanie.~ HlaVilart te ,\ap > 1 e?J, par hurtinjL THK HKAr> TIRAH". Taktr* at -V Maan e. ?.-;?*!?? of the l"rtaoa>--?. AnU' rbuuil'i r In cfeeliiU'l hi. Valtrie. Kakioiilulto Uoiel Hi. Valr-t Flr*f?'. iNr the t>lair, Royal The Cafi J')o>!b)ii> lo th* falala tViyal . AC r II? !."??< TV Iluel to the i)e*th. Elterlorof l'riaon of lis <)o .etergerle. tiorrMor ot tbe It's* l?b?rt Laudry'a Apanmert la .he Cooclei gene. ACT III ir* ?uiUA>rurs. 1t? "3ct*l He Vi ic vtib Nntrti .larai In tho lb* >.yillottneau<) Tree of-lJceitv AMemblaje ot Ike heotiuralrea I're.Mj-iv.l jua for the eutl.n Ink liitr rt the r??DaierfrMe. U K A M> TABl.BAU. lh? Pare deurere "Ko lore cST?reo ? i:h trta >l.n aud t>i< -?-* "? Jolea Jaola. r-fat'Ly of the Dead 1 1 ??? t Mr M?no wnild iniat r ??i>ei'tfuliy atv.i to the puhllo llu ? k<- baa heen able to arall binj. -II ot ib ? ui'iat auooeaaf i.> tin .ti. ihronib Mr W?ji? i i?ine, *bo lathe annul In tbL ot>u?try i l Mr. Henjamla Aeha'er manager and piopr>?lur of Ibe Ibrntre hnnl Pew Adt lytl, (/?nd.)L, nbere it hvl an tin iLirriupli d run for at. entire aeaaon. and nrnr, brln( In pna faxli ii of aAip bee, i laiiii, ,t i . u*rd la >ta piixlaxliou in that er!*t>il-.bin?r,t, be prrari \* il here with all the vinntif^ thua hi I nurd and ill oereiy bm>e? t) may prcire k# aaceiitinl.) lo lh? painij* of lUM Harden aa It waa . l^nae U Lhc Mew Adelphl Remember THUKSDAI and SATURUAT *venla?? BfWWtlT TIIRATRR. Mu' Wai.aaer !. .. Mr R L Tlltoa I AtkRWb I I. Ot'M'LIVKNTART TO Mil aNh V KM Ki Alt, Teri'trtd Uiem b? Ihilr oiiiienma frli-oda, UUiK AT THK Vtit.llN'l KICKS. TUtAHUAV IVtiilKH. im:TuiiKK 2V 1.1M A. THIS nRiJAIt UIRL. Mono Mr. (Thanfrau h ?( Mr. <1. W \ud 'r*>u Iiauce Mlao UUoert JACK klUEt'fARI*. Parr* Ji'-.i Annie ^'?s?na hreakneek Art IHIIy lllreh Unm rintti tlun Hea i oUou KehL. OF hOIIKIl'IBltlML Friday? Berettt cf Mr (luuifraii RT ART'S MINbTRICU*. , KftA'i.W Mai , 471 rtroadway, aN?re Orand MreM. VMi'ai, Oet. Sfi. a ad even nlckt dimui lha waak. JlHbt and 1 AM iIRTaNT la tbetr rut' talloo nncalnaltlei HAkROM', the *a rurtle fnur, la Ma plnutna baliada. Till UfaAl lAhbl UAMCa, RXILKO KIUaIB MewHuaca, Uancea, Soloa, Raytaca, Borleanue^ cynkaal Ac. iMnnapea at ?K, Cnrtaln rlaaa at 7V Ttekrta U oaela B DOUWUSTtl'r ?AIOOM -MUM DAJU.orTA PATTI. THE ONi.T UkAkU ? JR. RUT A.>I> VIHKr Al'I'KAKANlf OP mi*h cARi.inr* rA-iyi. Will take plar? ?? roat IMI llrDAi RVKNINU Out 24, On ?hi h oacatl 'niha follawtac nnpreeedwuMd oaaltluattoa ol ?ta wll' awixar j itatli ?a ike aa< iimilaa Mar. I'a'ILIRK Cv.1J*ON, Dave M n aKDWHI. Kl( hRKIhOU, HI* rKHRI M* SUhlM, Mr W. UAAR, and CA RUmA FAT 1 1. Mtutoal Dlreetor aud ODni^iiotor Hlg MU'/.IO rkOUMAJIMS. I. Arja I/a?beHt HI* Rnalnl 1 Karhlere PaU! and Ferrl 1. nl'liwu ? lar .1 ??r b { FtJdr MIxnAnue, romu'aed and performed by WUUaahaar. 4 Ro eeo, Tea rea 8l?|i|rnbe Kibk. Cjiam 5 PrrenaJe I>i? PaaqiiaJe Hrt(ji>ll 1 Liuette, HaRo faUl ivad Main, (krakoacb Parti 1. Pnrttn, Rellearls Brtjro >11 fend Ferrl 2. Kalh l?ea Matixutieeo > tna hirabtaa-h 3. Rijc.ieiui Paraphraeea d* i ' inrerl by Last WU lam ilaar. A The celebrated French l?u*kln? hoac........ Mae i.'olaua ? R<*do flnaie. Menoambiila Mlaa (ku-kiUa P?kH ? Wnanat, l*uoJa <1 iaa? ermora Mate tiolaan llrt* -jh Ferrl Hualnl. Tbe prtre of adaalaaleti la tn?d at Ou dollar M> all parti of Ibe hail, f a er >a aha M fur reaervad aeat' 1 he -aa.'a <4 aeata a til vuaaieoeera Tue? lay, at ? A M , at t he umal t ?W"-e? r? K-jttrw Mali A M ?n.l Hraoaaux lK,>ra o^na nl ; t ODooart to r.xkaaanoa at k K. M. NIBUI'H oardrr J. M Rl?? b wuiil Xu>|N, Tbnrada) Cr?nla*. OH U "*U TBI COI.T Ul AHl>. < API CUaPMAR. of Uaiiionl, (Vianacttcut teotMd by LOMVIMT C. NATIONAL ORAYD, Hagiin>r.t. Ufi M rffu), of Knot 1 1 ?. wUJ fcornr lha llMlr* <nu Ihnr prnwnr* no Ula nrnaiii, to * .UM) IA<i !.rt? r?| nam. UKi'W of Ik* gnat draaia of the DIAP HRAIT. A M ERICA N CORCIRT UA1 1.. A ?u BROADWAT. POK PARTIAUO niMHOKNOHR *1>1 aj'j.tar to lite aalociahiuit l)liloiv?Ua MM. N ATloMAI. 1 11 RAT RE, CIRIHRRATI, fUOAT, OO tou* U. JoktBMi lhu|<r|J.O Hum . JlK|?lhM|W TUrd ai<M >f lb* o?!r?>r*i#.l Irtah (YraMlaa isd TomlM, UK. i. OOLURtl. T7RICjCrAU.RO AI'IVUM flOUHR ClOWDRb PROM T IT TO DOMB. THIS AND RVIRT KVBNlNit naUl farther a 'Uoa. will b* M? Ml Ow Ki aat <>ri(tna< Irtak I man. HtM llw <X?LLER? BAIT*. Ot, in ftajoaa or niunvu. Mylaa Ra Oippajaae Mylmot tha I'amhm) .. Mr J ObOtoa Wtdaolal. u> Ika alay Mr. ttrfltoa w?i aft* lb* fi?ll?a?M pa* 'liar t*Uade? Td lowi Ika Ho??a thai Lam Ma/' ' MrutoWr ! +W9," "Hoy* of BBbaaaf." MM TirMala How ard will Mag Ik* "PraMy utrl MHMagkar OMr." Pl-ma tha '"Usage Ptaaa aad Tilliuaa, Monday, Oat R l?l] Taa man B?wa Thla dr*ma kaa awlarad u?oa Ma wc <id wMit, aad from tka ruakw i wblab kaa auaadad It, ww akt.nid Jnil*a tt woo Id rna f'?r a nanalh wara H pnaalhla la ra lata Mr l?lllaa. hat aa ka aiaat ?b.?ilT Wiara to fnllU otkor aa (Mianrwa. wa adrtM ail to arw tha 'Vollaao It taa mnat rinallar I <!r*m?. t ml ? doaa?al<n, a?d ?p paala at oa ? to tka brut Th* aranary of Mr W httal la aloaa *nn Ik* prloa of adaiiartna, whJa tha baaotlfaj maale and wnudarfal ma ? hank-a' aAarta ar? na ralalad tn plaaaa arary noa. Ik* laal aaaaa of lbs ???oad aat la at uana ika ma* tkrtUtog and lata a ORBAT PAIBTINO. n. hnm oa saklbRtaa a? Paanlaaan'a RaOdlng. Mo. U Baal Fonrt?*alk atrr-t, nppoalta talon ?i? Warlaiu.lar'* UaHrallad Painting, aauUad RaRaI. npra froaa MA. M. to M P. M. Adaaluaaaa M ?a* A CADIMV OF MCW.-*HK OPRRA. 1(1 MOIKI W, PRlltAt, Ontokar M. 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