Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1860 Page 2
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THE miNCE OF W j aLES' VISIT. , fto PWiow* ^ I rkt' of the Reception *?? li e <* froilnces and ibe lulled State#, tnu 4ii Ifciw months afro lo day the Prince of Wales, after ? ?P?ed) and pleauuit passage rrom Kcgland, landed at 91. Mar, Newfoundland. He came, ttio ion as I re;>r<?on ?Mive of IbeQuteo, lbo beir apparent to the t jgliah throne, the Vlcoroy of Uma,!?, lo inaugurate several pub lic works, and, lo rom|>atijr with a suite distinguished for Innikog and ability . to inspect the Nortb Amort - n pro Ttare* aid revive lbs mouldering fire* of provincial loyally by showing to liieuj a live frliice? one of lbo em bo4lme<:'.s and perftonalitles of tbat royalty which they tod been taugbl to revere. Although tbe FnglibU j >".ruals uniformity disclaim any | fcaowki'ge of political motive* conne- 'ed with tae Prince's ! visit yet tbe trl|i m so opportune, that ccrtalnly If U cannot bo praised aa a happy design, H most be nct'.cod aa a moat happy accident and wtBOtdcQce. Three thousand milts of Atlantic wave* wash cut a great deal of loyally tn time, and for years the provincials nave bees slowly bnt Barely drifting Into M Indifference towards the English government, wh'.oh rtpeatd among the French Canadians Into unconcealed dial ike, avid among tfce half Amrrlcaulred Vppcr Canadt aas Into almott Independence. 1/wal jealousies, anlmeet Ues, *rongs and differences '.iad long been aiding and ?batting this lntf'fference. Kewfoundlan^, who, wilt her ail laaticg lltt'.e piques abeut her tiahcrus, *n4 her unac ?Mil table mania upon the cubject of Trench Intervention ?srf French marine power, bad slre:idy so tar forgotten tar loyalty ss to bo'sf.he Kngtl?h Cap, union down, as a atf n of contempt, rj only poelCed by the g^ft of a g> leromvct i^iriai hlng an Indipeadency, an ' was In fact kern* rrown away from her allegiance by her oodtlah aad berrlnga, us Neptune is palled by his Iclphinn. IV-ae distant little provinces, like Nora Scotia and New Brr.rswH k ? about which few know anything, except through the medium or Bloencae Ft irlea and anecdotes af tbe Ksnucks ? were far too busy with Yankee Other ?mb, Ysnkfe iteamermeo and Yankee lumberman to save much about an Invisible (J.ieea aed a Parliament, which did rotbing but tend them blockheads of General (krvernors. Of course all entertahnl that comarm love aad respc*.; for Victoria which is oenlned to no e'afS or samtrj ; but love and respect are r.ot the all of loyalty, and the Kanucks, Rluenoscs and their oon |*t riots aad cut wood, bargained and were cheated, al regardleat of Vcglanl arl lier govern mi nt , an J svitly reminded of tbew wnen men of war c*-no Mo BrJlfax to Ptrew tho ftro" .s Willi druafcen tars aad glvdl'ic lazy policemen a llttto ocwpatloa. la *<owtr Canada the Kror.ct ac t the EnglHh have ne^rr Ikof ugfc'y coaW.-ced Tfce e n , n has beoo a sortcf-e',1 and water srraxgemert, pr >di;ctive of llttlo f and niar^i barm, a* the backward and even retiogradiap roo dHkM of Uan*<la Kast ampl" proves Tte French *f<! '.he are Laterally aa?lpo<Us, and Cau-ua doer not Change their characters. Always quarrelling, tl.e Cana dian nursed their amau titles like suiculJerlaf 3res, whleh, toon after the Prince lauled, bars'. out tfi-osh, oaogbt the foolscap cf M Homier, set his pooT head aMaaeanil ' unod out in acpceeh, delivered al the%.Vutroal B?oa Council, Id wtilch he rehearse 1 tUo l.ig'.ab ?Cgrverions and Fre-i -b lorl''arx.ices, and, w.'.h aae grard rnah of rfcctorljal display, Im|'?a3h(d af anoe the Irrturtry atiJ ctclllgiDce cf all tte men and the Tlrtoe of all the wo?"n, who had bean unfortunate aaaegb, through their mother's fault, to be born In lb* Brttlrh Isles, and silly r cough to emigrate Hence to Ofeoa<'k. Besides this, tbe arrogant preteusiocs anil lo Marant policy of H<3 Roman Catholics in Ue lowar fsui luces , had croatod a great deal of approbe ision among the Protestaatc and the Immense political power wteMe-1 by tie i*rvte?Uiit ais'viation li l',i>er Cteada caused mucb sppreher.sion among tbe Koman Satholics. A heat* -'.t dislike anl cou tempt of th? Stmt r i snerul, ?>.r Ldraun 1 Head ? a contempt equally Ml by all partial, (loco be truckled altsrnately to alt? mingled gall with the wormwood of reli?i< us Irwubkre and |?'tty, but most bitter di^pute^, In re gard to tbe Iccaliun of the seat of government spiced Iks Macbeth. an ccog'nmerallon The acbeme of the Baled of all the pecvir.oes under a viceroy bothered ?ana brads vast dit<x>vcre<l In the sale of crow n laads disturbed others, the eternal Krand TrmL Ilailroad sabaldfr*. ar.d the mi nim sunk la a nue.'eM c* lal, traabled other*? aed a'togetlier thai Immense piece of waaaa sod woodland, with oases of fertile country here aad there, whk:h Is caliei Biltisb North America, tfcat i kernel of a country (a ith how rich a "meat" in i of a railroad to the Parlflo, shortening tbe dls i between England and Ike golden tnl, three th->i ?aad miles, no ooe oan ltl!1, was In a mcsl unpleasant aad remarkable condition, as flustratad and ei:li->d a> siow, phlegmatic Cai aJa ever ean be, ansloos, diit. rl<.vj aad aneery in a quiet sray suffering, but alien!, remind bag eae of an obese Individual soatcsl cpon pointed, feardly able to sit still or to rise. tbi nuxca'a rvaiw and woiu. Unetblng mull be done, aud to aotaebody thou|v.t nf Qneen The whoa; tmillof, pliua-nt I kit uonblea wool I Ilea, 1'ke clou la before the hnr.oM i ? (be yoeao who would arrange, tulxlue, support eret-y ag, ereo to the Victor.* Bri.lge, wblcb, to mliplKo ? ? potru, eol er?n "peers ' could austalo. ?> lb? Pro I 1'arlUuaeiA lBTttad tba V ieen, b it Coir log to erose to tar transoceanic poiaenalonr oa aocoant ef tbe eitl it mm \ l be Queco sent her ??c, ?r J the pronaclals were ooa tat Bo tar, thou, is tbi pro* !n-*l wen concerned, the c i visit here wu one of It^or. From Jt Jjhni to lb* royal parly placed through I continued of arcbea? ivoldlag oc'f Uvm decked with color, it Kingston, Br.^TllM and Toronto? g^ itn?n:r|, achool cblldrca aire wing tbi wsy with Bowers, binds playing M<1 cioirt tinging the tJuM." At every city era taraed nt la escort the r. ;nee, cannooa thonderod ? wol mom*, tt" people nod wltb each otiw r to do hi a b?o>r, ami at nearly t??y 0 1'.jr thej g%re k m I bi'.l. R*n?p ttoo*. leveee, bill*, pneeeaioaa, deftr'area. In these yea turn up t!io Frlaoet projrtcime la the Jafl* i elttec tad at oat i. n? bat* upc" bit p rngr**a it ax a (ar.Kt c o'u od ?/ trjope, bu>aert. illu n aa ? ni'.r.c dai. r. - , g.iwrn, prea-'r.iall'iac an.l oei -bra It wia royalty Ira re.. I rig through U? pneaewnns, I I ha progress waa attended with rojtl rajjlalagt, ana et*l? t The Prtaca met tba people II f at leeeea **d prxiaan na, ?aul alarayi la the c' iractrr of a Tttcroyal aad ?f a futare ?ifa Krta at I alls. aia?v tha taLsr, who are i by nature a oata proolatnaWn, be ncarr oade ed toicw the rrtaoa. II s parta? rt were a> ecte I ac ' to Ibe oii.ctal rank of their raJatirea, be dauoed w*h lU*m fennel y at he woali bare ea/eo a aiaio din ?at wtU. u>etr buebenda ard tat hen t*0 formally be tag coaclodad, bt left bta partaerf abere tk* foaal : leea, W l* ? middle f the door, ar, 1 Vhey found tA.Mr guar at tfcelr guar.! tans ronad thetn? Wishing U t the retrue ' U*1 waste of bitlr? ? Door, Ute u. ott try<ag the world lor * U4y or i?Uem?a to trararae beat they coo id Daly at l be repealed r.( el American newt^apart wonld tb? roy *i forj a', that tbey ware uvt ef Koropa aad lIM be Aaerteaa aMbboleth, ? Pi y aua Csafc-i ' 1M Prisoa made kalgl.ta, iaa ifarated puklw Works, as titaad at tht otMianay of layl?| e >raar itoaat of puk.*. toalWtogt and ?eauaMets, r'-elrrd aad aoaveret a1 iitit la Btfllth. t reach, ttermaa vad Udlan, but did all Uile it a Prlnra. It was a p?rt of nu doty, aad :>4 ?M it-i'Ot wall, how gracefully, with what aico aad Je ilberate uct, U*aa wht hare read the Hu.w'i al.iqta rapnrta at hit prpfratt alraady know. I t ht did it h i doty, aoeertheleat, aad bad very little time aad leaa ebaa?a tar fajeyaseat. todeet, the royal party bar* eattoe to eottfrtU'.ite ant lett upoa Uit awmat lu op>o tl<? o->ti ef their laV?ra It Caoada. they ttr irk ?** Caaadiia troablet as a haaty ttrlket a taafce? opjn the Read. The Prtnoe abartd Uia fooera a#alaal u>e Ooteraor Oeseral, whoM beaAb kt waa oonpelM formally to pro^ioae at publli dlnaort, feat with wbow be alnji Itaked wiene toast wblcb wet to* 't to akeerad (Wia, rarliaaMat or the Oraad traak Rr Kdnaa 1 Bead m recalled , aad Blr ran wick VIOtatM, tba toroat Kar?, aow botda tbe otBoa of Oo awaor ?*eo.T. , aad It atiraraaiiy iad d^rr^iiy Mr. AD thai a frtaoa ooald do to Mike tbe Oraid trunk ,-wy wm doaa aad that beary <ead apon tbe abonldeea tr Cbaada to Tlotorla drldfa? was aaaed by tbe Pr'uoe at mach aa pMtible. Ottowa, which tboaid aerer h*r? toaa thoaeo aa tto a?at of |OraroManl, wm Made tata otoo?k>at to tto rtral elt'et aad tto peo ple ?-n?r? iy, ?eaaoe* tto Priaat, by bit preaeaot at tto fMadiif of rjblie betid tt ft aad la bit ad lreaa pon that ?ri MM MfK'f tto ctv * Homaa UtUioi.M *<r prapUiftUttf m every i o*,ble ? k0li w*ro *"* . ruk wbicb they claimed, ??** ? tbe ED*li,h ?tt" ' this que* Ilea ?f prt*xdcnoe, t.avlng been Scltlod by t Prince, t-Aii never be reopened. The d>ssentll?f ofturohfli *? re rtwgn>w> ' >ni aiado comfor ably oototi.ius. The Orangt men wi re u 'I'M their position, and at last took It, ? lib oiu b prefatory grumbling, but with ultimate tkiiefertK q and content, after Uaviug alienated half their r-f |c. l>!o !?? m era by ibeir 111 advised ? oaduct. Tbe Bsiiermeo of the lower provtnoes, Delating New leundtard, mr i gra itled by sympathy and the pr< mlse of better tln^a. Even the 4N9<>nt<-uted lrlab exiles, repreitoted by D*Arey UoT.ce, drank the Prlooe's health In ecu'eu'ed b>.mpcra, and ceased to exolaim agalif-t tyrannous England. The French were pleusd (bat they were answered In Freor.b,aad, overcjme by the Prince'* gracious manner and klad atteutuo, ahuuUjd '? T tea" 'o every English "Hurrah." Tbe EuglUb, je^is to a tan It, were (alluded that the French were oai ever preferred, at?d cheered tbe Vw>, tbe Prince and Via en tire allalr. the government of Canada changed taaocti, and the liberal ]>arty trr :,x4 themselves at tbo tep of For tune'* wheels, tfce Prince lending h* friendly I'd lo turn the spokes. Resides all tLis, and Indeed Ingulfing and Indirectly casting al! ! this, that grand sentiment of loyally and attachment to lio perron rtf the aoveretri , whicn la the greatest sakveard of a Tin Larcaic*. government, on revived and enlivened Talk to a prrinclal bowi/fan LUtatloo tetbe I'uilfni f .a 'as, and y^u latutl him ap**k about dttfiultles witi the home gevernment, and Lo bu gins "Blr," and rgtuinuen an IrterralnaHle arr.-iment; mentlua the probabilities of a C.sturbauce between the Fr. ret and Kn* Canadians, ard he la'ighs at you. If tbe Prince's vMl has not d*8eliely at ttlfd all 9hcsc mat tere of d Klei-err?, it bu at !e<ut Indefinitely postponed tbftn, as a change of atmxpberc sinks a etar back Into t*e deptbs of ? naee. How mudk of ail tlili vcrk should be lar;4 to the crllt of the PuIm of Nrwcastl ? and the othor advisors of the Prince, tbV Is net the ptaoe to Inquire. CUatever was done wtsdon* id the nametf the Prince, anfiby hla authority His wn Ihe fattjruc- and receptions, balls and procea sions, rtllroadiiig and speech maklur rides, drives, re views and Inspections, Involved ue 'little fatigue. Th it the rrlnce fliould liave borne It aK to Hell, ami to spite of ib?e travel, oaeatant change of ?ir, vrater anl diet, be labors n<v ' jcldor.t to or<i1e?ry travel, should have ' molMain<d hi, t faith and strrigth unimpaired, anl Aniuld l.ave embarked In better habit than when be fended, speak *tll fur bis ornrtltutioa and powers of ? jdurmice. F.t at last the long feries of formal It ec were i v r, and th: i>'nce left Cfcnatti for the United States. TIIE rillMK l!S?IATtl>NAI.l7:KD. t>n th<* T.' h of (?'eptem'ier '.be Prince leaves Windsor blazing be.nnd b!m, and, cteiing mi le bin. groat 3?t titles, aasnrots that of the Bsroa Renfrew. Amid rbowcrs of oolored l.gbts, tbo thunder of cacnon, tbo liming uf torch er and tbo enthusiast*;; chcers of thousand* of peo ple, be 7cschc8 Detroit, H- for the fir st time that ?lla p+'rijj uf humanity, *n Amrr cau cro *1 The formality with which the royal party were Invested during their Canarttao tour woe '.browu Into the lake* with Jubn Tbonms' stockings and knee hr ceches, and they pro eeodc.l on their way through the Ptatefl u private gentle mop, or rather a* uobl?auu travelling in the ohvactor of privcte gentlemen. Tbe people cheered tbe Prince ? ant what heart*, enthusiastic, rlrglng oheer* tho*e were ? hut Bur <>n Renfrew bowed big responses from tbe ear ns! e. lines of citizen so'dlery, drilled to a prccl t >i'U rivalling that of tbe rcguiar army, and quite as au | fail In military tsctloc, were drawn up In bontr of tbe I"rtnce ; but it w a* tbo Colonel ol ihe IGO'.'i Royal Cana dlan Rifhs who reviewed thens. Tbe Professor* and stu dent* of Harvard threw open tbe doors of their I'nlver lity to tbe Trine*; but I*, was tbe Junior sophist of Oxford who entered ana accepted the hospitalities. Trere was no legal prohibition about the m?tt< r. That b?arty love of nierrle F.ngland w bich *o many of ns are proud to -Acknowledge; thuee tie* of fatherland, ee moated by old tradlt'ODi, never completely sundered by wart J and revolution*, bow again made whole and r? strengthened by a long serl: * of iuternatlonal courtetie* and personal utlajlin-nts; that un bmitded ren^ect for Vietorla as a Queen, a wife, a motbsr, a w< man ? wh\;h all Americana fuel? forbade na to forget that we were saluting tbe Prime, and there fore we could cot alliw oarselve* to treat him only a* a | private gentleman But etiquette? and, what 1s better linn the beet etiquette, a tlce sense of proprloty? forbade tbe Prlnoe to assume bis royal title In ? republic, or to debar himself from cur hospitalities by a u*eles* assump tion of rank and high ststloa, among a peo-ile who rec>g l it-tl neither, though ucfurtcnately too apt to do homage t<> both. That lbs arrangement pleased tbe people there can be do doubt; that It was equally agreeable to the royal party they have rep^atc-dly acknowledged in terms >? complimentary as they were deserved. Of oonrse all were anxious to see the Prince. We fbruld have been more or less than bnmar were It n^t so Rot In Canada, where thero was no lea curlcs'.ty , there sacmoehl-** o|>pnrtuulty for gratifying It. There he must be seen as princes are, in procession, or formally at riceptiocs and levees. Here, anxious to (ratify wh\t the lii:'?e of New cast c tsraaa "so natural a curiosity lbs Pni.ce showed bimself to tbe people from tbe baloot .* at hotel* and tbe platloriua of railroad ears. Tbe re latroduo tlt n? to the Prtre* were to b? obtained only npon special but intra or at ievwt, here the Intr jductlos* w ere trf tr mal, snd took place In ballrooms, curiae**, ra.lway car*, or at any convenient opportunity rhere tbe Prtcce danced, fur tbe most part, In uniform; here only in full ??ontof dress, undccorated, save with bis Hanoverian rlbbm Titer* oee o*?M speak to the Prince only by special favor or at his Invitation , hers conversation was open upon the ??me terms as w th asy otter gentleman. No one ooal I have recognised in the republican sportsman, roughly dreesed, full of fun and Story, imnktog hi* "tort labieau upon tbe prairie, tbe 1'rinoe af Wales of tbe Canadian ce hbratKjoa, dot m ire In tbe wild h?y, rolling tenpias, drinking sherry e hOUrs, breaking Eliot's b*l au 1 writing oo*n?c title* upon Hinebenbroik*'* card at our great hotel*. Tb* l'rl&c? wa* pretty tboronghly d. m> ctaiiKi Tbe reoepttons here dlffrred fr*m ttnw It Casala, a's", u 4 les* In tbe part played by tbe Prince tnan la that played by tb* people Tner* Ue |mm?Mt ordered out Uk> tn<>|<i and paid their exj ses; tbe eunon boo?od an o4>elal welcome the peopl* cheered the great peer of the realm ; evtrytblsg fnn tbe oar* U tb* baa tier* wa* b'Hind, encircled ai<d decuri'.ed with red Up* Her*, esi tbe contrary, the rer*ptuiQ* wore ep-.Une iu? ( Tbe peopi* turned out of tbtlr own ayvtrd as J cbecrel volc.ita/liy ant Informally, detng boaur to tb* boy , whom th?j tovej. ajd not to tbe future ruler wh >m tbey re rpa-ewd. Aid at tbe flaal j arttng st Portland, when lbs Prlnoe reentered tk* vetsei wbiok he bsi qui ted at fUjfas? wbeo the bill* were aivered with pceple, wbee gay drerse* gar* the sc.-oe tbe vari*4 $k+j of aa aitumaal w<o<t* ; wben tbe steel o.tored water* of tb* bar?tr, framed by low lying bill*, covered with f!?g d '?*?<? J boat* and crisped wi A the keen ortm er breese; when tfee caaaoo* '4 li>? *h*M fxxl'r >? Amtioi, and F?rt Problo ihunrtertl u rapif? ohrn paja'nj ilnn?U>e (lata of to luatver w>loU?7, to* frUie* roarhwl the wb*rr, a* if t# mark b* kf>|v?aclMkin of hW r'o*ptl.>o beraaaJ tbeeha racUrMtM vfatoh duiu?a f b?l II from tL? ii fcu o*o oostrjr,b? tboak htoda cardial!? with all th? /?eri ?*M pr.Ki.t to whom tx had bm Introdnnd, eolil ? aod f<r?aJly aalulad Ihr utaaaiaa nPJotaia auil tbs i Wet.-* of . U* M, ki <t. with tbrtf k>cf , M, Marty obaori for a I Vi it jolB|?c<l law b;* aoij In ? motavel raa <aai u> ?t*w aMM tfc? rhmdn of *??*? wnuh fa rt hi* arv "? a aa board the Here tba obaraater of a aaral ooai vuk~ of the rnacK op walm to buskkb HILL. O.l X(\ tfVm'xn, :*?i hu fc/yal Htf trn?? and til# tult^, afW ."Mfc "I tba.r t'.mi U H?r ?rd U>; .??*<?, \c , Wi Miuat | AuWurfl W. dror? dtraetiy lo Ct%rteata *o , at tba r?U of j lourtMa m V ? "i hw, tbr "i(b #om(?TT>l<e and orrr old Ruim?r Bill, 'row th? mimmit of which Uief enjoys.! ? Sa* tm? o< Srrta* aa4 Ita a?t{lit>*rb00j, to , M<'oairrBt t^aar.v Tbay wa?a toooaifMltd by bit 1 Honor Mayor Lmoft'a and tba Commute* o' th* eily of Bnaioo ? b? H< a It^ant Eraralt, H a R c. Wiatbrop aad OnTfa Ttckaor, v*n Al tna fraet ratranoa a>* R >jai H fbMM Wfca r?<V1r?d b j Hoa Q *..hiB||t?a Kama, Traaldta of tba .Tiafcar Rill U a mast iaaocia (too. ?b??oo<lont?1 t.ta H<,\w ant toita to th? "utu? Boom 11<*. Rk-b?rd froUta.^Mr, ir , an t oth-m of lha diraetora of tba aMoatattea, v*wi prwnl, ul wr* rrapMM iva'y pwafl to tba Prrnw , lo !/>rd l.voaa, to lb* Dnk# a N#*'**' ?d nt(Kr?, by 'raal ?-ot Warraa T%+ I'rtnra l> a nam - ta tba b-x>j fx TW1t?r?, 1 aa did alao M o*fc? 1 bH party, U fclljw Orr>??B It gSTZLt vearaatta ?afdwr l> Rag - awrt ? OtrMH Holt, ft hvM. )? ft Oa'd 1>' Mm Tt.e party hen wslked to the Mmm of tbe Moan men i ani examined the interior, looking up the oone to p>e top, %d4 ?beo W>e KroaiOent eiplaioed to the Prlnoa the biatory of be original liuoato keoaaaent, h oopy ?f | which in m>rbloi udi to Umom k of 'baobejjtk, ?nd turning to Id* Duke o1' Newcastle, #ao u Proflaolal Urand Matter of Krcema* ?at, Sr. Warrea obaerved, "This may perhaps be apeouti'y inlerealtng to your liraoe, u It re!at?a 10 Uaainry " Ths Prmoe, not nnlernUu Hog what *?? Mid, dee r?a the remark to be repeated, which being i. one, the Prince Mid with n nil ?, "Oh, yee, the i l>uke s a freunaaon " He then pawed roand the M >uu mint whlilD tbe cncloaure, obaerved the Eogliah and Anvr'car. flags ut tbe top, and Inquired he height of tie Mruc.ure. Be then made a pleaaanl remark to President Warren aa to tbe objtct of erecttng the Monument, to which the I'realdent made an appropriate raply. Th? Prince very oordially obaerved, ''It la time theac old mat ter* were forgotten." Befur* the party left tfco ground* Preaideri Warf ? ?tat id to the Ihike <-f Newcaatle that be had cauacd it ,r0e Cof? a of tbe 1 Inauguration of the Btal'ja of Warrw i" to be aultably fccuti'l, one copy of which waa Intendr d for the Prince, one for ford I .yon* and one for hia <J' ace, aa memcakra of tbe vieit to Bunker Bill, and the Ooke re piled that he would be hapvy Ut reoelre and <f upoae of Ibfiii m 0 1* '.red. Tta vlitt to Broker Rill, like the Ttalt to V j? tomb of Watt.iuyU'u, will exemplify to the cowntr'/ the oordia) feeling if amrty which happily exiata betwer D the govern meLta and people of our muther counter ami our own. IaU perpttmm. THE W^TORBANCE AT HARTJL'RD COLLEGE. TO THE TTHTOE OF TBf HI KALD. Yoct account of tbe rcocption of t'ja Prince at flu virtl rtwta an iwascrtted stigma up-t? the students of that colU'C?. Your reporter wok wrfiently misinformed ; there ?u l>ut crllght dt8turt>aroo, mil no member of lb-.' college, bo? k Ikw student, concernod in It. The pellet itFkultf'. him withoat ? juid, kad hkre r ince kpo killed for th'v/ iinnereis^rj violence t MEMBER THE SOl'HOttORE CH33. Camhudw, Oct. SO, 1HM. Our Cblckfi Correipoidence. Cuicaoo, Oat. 14, 1860 The l of Qovtrmr Bankt to Retire from Politic*? The Cytd ? Governor Banks to Become ttetiient Direc tor .Ke llliwit Crn"al HaiLroaJ ? The Go Tfi'ir'l Sa I ory . i be $8 SCO a Four iw His Xew CJfic??I>u'.trj or the (M?; ? A yew Grain Elevator ctt Dun'Hth ? i/wcell'in^me t'm:U O ncerr,\ng the Busineti of tie litinou Uentrtf Kail md Om/xmy ? T\e Land O'rant of the Oirjxira'um ? O'eat Incrtaie tn the Value "J the Oinpany'l Land, <tc The recent decision of the &>n. N. P. Beaks, the pre sent chler msgtrtralc of the Com moo we kith ol Mossscbu setts, to retire from the Held of politic* tad devote him self to the material lntcrekt of this State, hue r.wuktued k spirit of Inquiry smong hie numerous ffrtoDRl kud political friends as to what his rckl position is to be. flavlog likd occasion lately to et kiulne iiomc'hat Into the history of the Illinois Central Ruilrotd Company, to corporation Gov. lltoks Is so in to bf ( >aie officially kttachod, 1 submit the following statement to the Hik?Lr> : ? Tbe title of the offlce which Got. Bankt Is to assamo In the above corporation Is hat of "Resident Dlrecwr." Be repreaen's tbe President kud director!, wb > iro scat* tercd over this oouctry knd Europe, knd cannot attend to tbe vast duties required of the a from day to Clay , bvcoe this additional ollice Is fmnl to b? nerea?ary. He KU as grand supervisor of the entire busi ness of tbe oorporatlon, wh.jb Is divided into departments like tbe government of a State, only more vast and dillieult than the government of mut of our StaUs. All questions that caaoot be s it M br tbe beads of Ibeae department, in tbe execution of their duties, have t? be submitted to tbe Resident Director. If In tbe course of events any question arisek whl jh require* additional legal advlc ?, the corporation has a regularly salaried aliortey to be called m. If, a?(a<e,a question arises w Licit the R>sldeut Director dooiiitea lo t*ke the r?s|?ostbi>ity to kettle, be can, t( be rbuoeea, submit II to l be ceil regular meeting of the directors tluvernor Backs' ealary Is to be *!> 400, M >4.600 more tban he receives as ve n< r of Ma??k:uuaeiia Thai fate could adorl to r*y hiin u nn.rh a* the T.linoka Central Ka Irovt, oral!.'0, lor the r< oord rltowa that >>7 nm great economical and ilnai.cial operation* aa Uoveruor. ha Uaa aavcd and male uiore money tur M wear but cua lUan an; other Uovernjr tbe old t> mmonwealtb ever Had. It la partly oa actual 01 U K record, aLd bia 111. i? -raall) vkbow ietlgei ?U|?>rior admin latranvc ability . aa extibitod lu th<> vario'-a nop ir Uli and circuit public pent our he fc?? ao f inafaii ): ity (lied In WurLingt w , *r ?ell an la IUmucuumsu*, 'Uil thl* rrwerfclwrporaVloti wee inouoed to Invito tiov Ku.m be baa aorepved Ha will rlo*e bia ial turn aa Governor of Maeaach jaetla i<d tbe lit of January, and theu enter at oaje uj.<- a hie del. re in Ibia ( l.T, a* l'.,? Ideal Dim .it ? f the a 1)0 vi' nai?.i-0 corporation Me hae r-oenlly been here, aid, in coni|*uy wttb tt.o !'reeni?bt, Mr (itbrrue, of jo ir cliy, hae made a tour of tbe l oo of ruai b.l ?ig tbf to Ike cor iraliou. He w*? accompanl-vl hero b.v Mrv. Hn'ike, etui, I Inhere, made aumo arraiigtni.'nt r tbrlr ruluie rceidt not in Una oulro^jiu of tan 'id ier.*i Now, en* word ahiut ibt IIIIo?Ui Cealral Railroad. It if ibel tibial c> niluu->u? liao of roid under the. control uf a tlrglo Corporntiia In tbe I'alid -tuea It owi a olc buadred and twelve loo->.u u:?e<i (of wiiico Lumber (went) tire bum coa.), aci. lij lirtt MM ^ta Pel f r cai?, twet. y lour ba;^"|J* an 1 rxpre** care, and twolbojaand two hundred an. uinrty Bra freight r*re !t bis txiriialve workahrp* for tb? maar.fa:ture an t ri pair ftf mcbia-ry at tbicago < en ire 1 la and Ainbny, witb one or two iiraller eftabllfbrnente at four other plana, 'ilic r<?d la wWrree .tad by and uuloi cuuu- u t.oea with alxtern distinct I bii of railroad At IU i.ortfero v rml-iua? iMUititb? ">ti ine Miai.tivin rirer, the c?r.? mate connect! ?e witb 1V1 b >ale of Uin Mioue tnta racket Cmpany i?r lUo l", p?r Mi.slaslp,il Tnn vonpaii) bare rite itly erected a *r%lu e evator at Ilua lettb, by wnj.Ji (ra a irttl b? tranaf. rred fr a tie luati to tb? car* at a conaiiorau.d m Wtwr aaJ expetio At Cairo, the ao itbern 'errriteoa of the ro*.', tbe c*r* mate iiii< ct enLueciH'i a (byr.tea to C ilaisbaa, Ky ) ? nil lb* Mobile and < M i > rti.lroa . lor Me.nt4M. Na . 1 Virkiburg, New Orleail, and other Soutoern clu** la tbia < it ? tbe compaii) '? fbollltlea Ibr receiving and f w wareiug freight are un*wr|?**"d Sleeping carl are run oa all its Llfbt |?raeigee traina Tbe pmliabie cimln|? Icr the pitiebt } ear ? :ll l?> ft rOd.CoO Tbe ireatett aB"nni lamed In aay Ofae year, b*rti?ulur? (IMS), waa ?3 434 Ml *9 Tbe Mad department it Ute Boat iBtoreatlng bianrb of the r< ir pauy. It l? |'tr? 1? ever by Ool Jobo W l m fer, late of Hwir li -? .l?, a- I at ove time one of tbe moat pri<?it!reat |?>'tnr ti t uf that State Tola depirt ciert la i'l*ld?<l finl" tar? bi'rea le. tbe .?a<h .-r'?, 1 be talia ro. ?u, and toe rontra-t rr< m The wh >le force employed la u ro nprlaea about tweity Ore cUras, ? - >ni a * In -Uivr of ctar.ea dicker, a, ttoa iiia; in yn ahed nove i?t He la oa the auony aide of tbirly. la a naaectatr.f (eoti-mar anil, t 11 aaid, write* ee* I nilrrahie for ronie of tie I. a 1 >u< , terwr> pu1!, cat uua in |r rri'iblej ki ? r. 1 1 r ? 1 ? Ihe 'abdl of tbe 1 unikaCou tral Kai.r ad ffeM romprtac aa aeea covering 4 oM 1 juare miite. nearly aa la'fe aa tbe terrlterv of to* ?t*t? ol r oenrrtM ut, twice *a lar?ea> Iblaiart. ro >re thtc hall aa large aa Maeaaciuat u>, ab^? tbe eame BUe at the Klecta rate of Hcrae^aaa- I, three tour.iji aa large aa the Hrar.ii [>oeby of fLtiaa, and Lad m li'ft aa tbe lirtail ftueby of Ttn My. Tbiae la* da ware f-ant?<1 by the fWberal girercaen'. t.) tie Mate of I i i .loui, and by tbe jutt were trabiferred to 1 bo Uutral lteilruad u>B|?ay. Aetft The whole grant waaf>r j 4^4 g^C qq Hi>4d prler Ur Deoeinbrr 3t, M66 11* U ' ' s*"W?t lb 1**4 U1 347 w tyild 19 1H?7. .....Hi ',22 ?Hd U> IMS M V01 55 Hold In 14MB ? 21 Stold lb 1#?0 , t j .September A).... to HI M l.MT ?27 M l.e?Tlo- oe band 1 Ml Alt *> Theac uaaoM are m fur firming purp>*ea a* Ihoaranid, bui tc ?iu.< ir,?Uu .* lo DMr M |K?*i Dtnl ttalt *4 Th-- ?**rrg?U! mh fctajr, loaludiag ?oW?? aa<l eaah. vt aa ' 'I ??? ? frtof lo Orc^iOrr 31, IMA W.M ? ?T7 M rtalra la ft. 114 WO ftl fei.i u. l??t 4uM 211 M Ml ?> 1MM SM.T04 U feicatal4:>0 04 (V*x 01 Bai.a i? 1d*0 (tc ?Vvv tubor 26). 4*4 4m? ?i Total tie 330.3*0 ?* Thrtr hU? U?.u<k U'rn low poM, ? otinbxr at wbKMi ?M rrroatn no txu>>*. ud ?? mvnej atuvrt ire fitting MKr ihfT ?><tlB *(?'<> qnV r?*.,di f Tic anion l of MM! radio* ?r >1 frsrltnd 1> H.rt? nrigtraU^ M.kM ?aa IX.OCO.OOO Ca.vwn.Ml la W. I* >00 |Mwa"d lb ISaT '??? '**i la UM 441 <40 la If-' 9 410 <<0 K*4?*a^d la 1*00 (U 4ap*4M^b?r I).. 2jj M 1 T49 MO f 11260 MO TV* (viand boorta annao*^* lo M 000 UX). la laelo'tad la 'h<- abor? Mat a-u:, m? n?irlj ?li dnfaoad and :n Ui- kaiida "f lh" r?i?i aojr nn 1 tr mt nit jr?t fall) riuxliM Th" m'lwuooa >?| ixH^a h*r? *rr-?^?l ?nn,Mtiiiw imar 430 000 [Mr MonU. <lorta? lb ? lairt Mrm ?. ?r?? m Ik* ?'ii of < pu-maor >aM tit* n >nal M a III tlr rlatag ?V>?004 ? ?o1 'r tin r"'c? a,ipc ?ra??or4, t? eoUfCtkio will t?? fry bury durlaf 44c rtai*ii.d?r af lb* ) far n.? drrnaad In land* ku bt<r at-adiij- th? lafran* ? Bra tb? 5K>1? p? Au?n?t last Th? aau# ?la??? May, 1??4 I ara b#?ti oarfrr IIUJ 000 par Malb ? md -Ca m.>ntt? ?a . ? it II4 WT? ?*oaralif r?~ ( u 'rn a ??4 U00 ? ? CO Tb' l??? ?? ctli (<"pt?nh? r I ttw* ?iUa IBOMl ' 1 tl'.l ?X> ? b*.!** warlj d?ui <% an? m xiih'r ??>-? tm ?? *?! , ItM ?? f f lb* IIPDlrvl IU Iro?l V>rp< rai.m, 0T?f *tilcA ?V-?rrr(.r i?aa'<? la no ?k'S to. | pr<?4a. '?i. r/ Jm.i %t? Oo?.r,.? M bat ??>?-? w *??'?? J utiwi# of I*'*## (>?? itmri ?rib* ??"? "* **? *?*?. 1B i ?* ? f '?? lrt t r^?'ir?1. !>? r?* ??>?"? " ? ? *n mm'. it ? ".? i(U# no \L* 1 " *?"* > m^wr T*i? ~ ? >a ? * MVt o? *''? ? ?? ? '?> IV. 'v *V> 1 ?* tit! U* b '. 0 m ,BREPBEBIBlF. coirucr I the involution at rM ^9^ Begtls a Rtvolulmr ? tte gm0h "THE C:N8*:i(UtI0H OR DISSOLUTION." TEX AS READY TO REVOLT. T'ae Helper Book and Us Revolu lutionary Programme. The Spoilt and Plunder of the Linooln Administration, fee* M*, M. THE CRISIS IS THE CMO*. [From the Austin (Texas) Stale Gazette, Oot. IS ] " Tbe South looks to tbe North f jr a clear expression of the estimation or the value ot the I nlou , and tu a leg lance to tbe constitution Seward, In hit Wee tern tour, baa Uiawn a l>old portrait of republicanism. Tbe Massa chusetts Convention baa shown thoae who follow lta ban nerwbat abominations U must embrace. Not Simply war upon tin- South . hut of approval ol ssMDSluatlon, raur der aod rapine, is tbe demand made upon them: not sym pathy with the pioneers of Texas, when arson demolishes ibeir towns, paralyses their Industry, and arms assassins for a midnight revel In blood, but snoers at tba lrlght of tbe v icliius of such aavage atrocltica. *' Will tbe men of the North occupy this position." ? A'i w Orlearn picayune Oct 3. Precisely That Is the question It la usual for a tow drmageguts In tbe South to put tbe question u> Bute right* lun? whi thi r, In tbo event of a black republican being elected to the Pretidencv, would they be In favor of a nisfolutiun of the llntonr It la readily nuswerod, Yes! Yes! Tbe I'ucyunt puts the true question to tbe trtje party. Therein Is the diflerenoo between a patriotic writer ami a m fcrable demagogue ? perhaps tbo secrec'. and bought tool of an immlgratl.? aid auciity. To submit to a black republican administration wool J be to abandon tbe constitution ot oar country. For tbe State lights democracy to do this would be> Infamous The cetoocralic party of the South reully gave birtb to that instrument, and it will be admitted that throughout all aucceisive cbancei of administration it has stood by It as ita most jealous and watchful guardian. Tba Breck inridge [party is tbe only conservative party In ths Union. It seeks to uphold tho rocstitut'oo In the Spirit with which It wus framed by the sovereign utiles In 178T I'u der ro will It permit that sacred charter of liberty to be inverted to the criminal uses of a sectional part; ; but tbe Breckinridge men ol the South, oomi what may, wlli olmg to tbo name of our oouutry. embalmed In tbe love ol (very freeman or overy Country of toe globe, aid its still wore bleeped cotslituti u, whi :b has given to the I'mop all Ita prosperity, Its greatness and immirtaJ renown. Standing upon this gronnd of oonscrvatlsm, that party bas put forth tbe only platform whish meets the crisis. Ib? re is but one Uiuo Tea', issue ts the protection of ll (Urn proudly rbe is. n party eschew tbe whole uiue. The Duugisa party only remove tbe disease fnm Congress to the Territories. Toe black repub llcau party moot it plooijly In tbo face, and oi>?nly avow tb?t there Is nothing In the ftderal ootstiluli>n which justiOos Congress, or any department of tbe federal government, in protecting sla very ou side of a S'-atc wbero It may exist. It goes fur thir. It srows that tbe i,egro la the ti|ual of the wblta man , and a bert ver the federal government can exercise Its power*. It must prctect the equality of tbo negro. The black republican p* rt> seeks tbe utter destruclton of tbe federal eurstttuttoa, wherever tbe property of tbe South is roLcrried. Tbe R'e-ktnrldge party meets the issue as boldly, as emphatically, and as dlrettly, as it ts mads by the Mack rci ubl oans It denies that tbe negro ts the squal of tbe white ? 11 dentus that the federal g'lvernment should so regard him. and it demand* tba; the property of the South should be protcctc t by the ledural g <vern men In all its departments, aherever It may be found order its jiriadtctloo. Tl e /' ucyv*< properly sLoas In tbe preceding extract thai the south l>uka to the Nrrtb f>.r a clear expression of Ita i it (mat ion of the value uf the Colon, rbe Sou ib will aalt tbe Isioe witb deep s tlisltwde, It being beyond her control. This expression w|i| bo gi'SB by the North ern .-tales on tte 6th day of November next. If they de ter m ne in ra*or o I Lincoln, they docme against the ooo rt'tutlon; ir they determine against Lincoln, then t bey ? ill mam est ? desire to rnstatn the rights cl tL;douth, guaranteed by that charter. We mate co threats. We simply say that while all will be well In tbe latiercvent.eod tt'f. great nation coallnns, as in limes past, the beacon light on the dark ocoaa of mcrarcby and despotism n the Old W.>rld, leaning man kind ts a just apprec-ation of their rights, that, on ths other baud, should the North select l.mciln, and thus clearly indicate it...* the oooslltution Is to bs aubverted to the mad purposes o< fanatical haWs of tbo Soutb snd her proper ij rights, then, as true conservator* of tbe ccCstilutloB, we shall seek to adopt such sis aa ail: MM all the Sutea desiring tbs perpctcatiot of that instrument to CJbtlnus it at least to tb< mselves and Ibeir posterity A dueolu tioo with the He-.tb is already Inourrel. when tbe h lark republican . 1 .wees ti e alUTDat ive of the el?. I lou of bis sectioual canuiilalo for the Presidency, rto far aa tbe rpir t snd l< iter of tbe constitution are involved, tbo Iramersof that tns-rumunt pever could bavsjoiuad the I'cK'O with the usderstaoding that It was to be ad tn>n la tered according to the pruritics of ojen hostlmj to slavs pro|M>rty , now set for lb in tbe plaUorm and tbo speeches >f ifx- black rtptf.iican party Vi-tuali) , tbeo, there is uo It titer any In ion In i liter re under ths oonstltuluia, in tbo event uf the elee tlou of a black republican Prttl Jest, azd It would tben become necessary, for tbo pur l??e of protsctli g our pr<n>crty and II rew. assail' d and ttireatened w tb destructi-Mi by tbis Nortbarn sec total partv, to ca.1 a convent on for the a cnool DM*t of ths oorstltut oo. Ibat is pmvldod for ?A Hie lestruwient Itsr f We eovld Dot call It In tdb m<ids coated oat, because of tbe preponderance of tbe black republican Stale*; bnt tbe *tatea wbo*? rlabts are la Jeopardy could rail It, and wo j Id call It. Tns namo "tailed States" and tbe "rvmslituttou" are dear to tin ??ooth. We gave tbe latter birth, and we shall cling to them both forever. No fearing, no doubticg. tl.e Texan shall kniw, When b-re slacds the peoud South and yonJsr ths fos ! > I*t as now look at tbe platforsis of tbo niack republl- | can party. Is ttie ouiober we bare Hut rnom ttagarnine the i lalinnu airttsd at l'bllatal|.bia oo tbe III) Ure, IM6. aad where tbe nommatlooa for President aod Via* Piisident were made or Jobu C. Fremont, of California, aad Wll'lam L. Daytou, of New Jersey. The f.liuwlni ! reso at iocs are all. w* b*l eve, io tiis platform relating to tbs tostitutloD of slaver j ? nucn asrrmir.i h att^rm or 1%M We deny tbe suU?> ri-j of Coogreas or a rerrltorial Isa glslature, or any Icdlvicwal or aaaoctatloc or Individuate, to giv* l?r?l assistance hi slavery in any Territory or tUs I nited Ma ea while tbs present eonstitullua altali bs ma'ntaiaed. Resolved, Thsl tbe constitution mrfrr* on <o nnpgrMa sovereign power over the Territories of the Tui ^v| Sm<cs lor U?eir government, a ol uat In th- eiercieo of this (?>wer It is holt th.- r , M at. J lit) g| Q ugreea to prohi bit lu the Territories lh<a* twin re.ics of uarMrma, po ljgamy and slavery. Ws shall | las or at tbe*? tons' ? 4fM?TAX0i *o aLamv mnroML. If a man ib a Territory, or an) where i lae, were lo liao hie tnrke or bl# jurae, uc he rtilel la friaada ant aei<h boa to aid bin la erv mof tt>? borae ihwrca or highway M. Woald II iTrr M coMiderrd a matter tor publ.c c?*a ror?' Bere, howeaer, a part/ carried a Lucidrtd ?ad foarlrea electoral t' K? in the PrealdtDtlal alBBiiaa of Ult, or wl'hla a'lty of the ro;? em for IVeal I ? u Ba chat-as. declare m tbelr platf >rm tbu 4,ib?y deny IDo authority of Corgrrae, or a Territorial I -fill at ire. or my Indlridual. or aw tMH of 'ud.Ti iuala, to (ire lejal an aiataere to aferery id any Terr?t.?ry of ibr I'otted gtataa " Here M a boM aad nnquivxau declaration thai all pro trri ' B lo Poothera pr<|*rty M mot only to ba wltbdrawa from fit,* na ol a Territory , bot It la to be m?<!" a criml Ml ? flattc (or any lodtndual to aid la giriag ewJcit'/.eua aavwtaocr ia DKiorv ? tbalr property It la Beit <i?e'ar? 1 to* r *ht and duty of Onngraaa to pri'bib't in the Territory 11* we twin raiioaof barbarian, [?>ij|taBy anl rlavry Voder tbla MMM. there lore, a black repubiloan (Jorrreta wuuU anri a criminal aoda lor tba pu-iahmimt 'if ibe ai lera aad abeitora of the ?av.. holder m Um Torrltonaa, aialtar to ID* enacUaent* wa.'e la n< at ol tba ^iatea ia Wileh tba bla< k irpobllcatie anw ?1miL.rWr tb? gorornroent. It would M ? blacker enr'e tbaa any black rod a arar pro [weed fur Ibr protection ol fcn.tiern pmoerty. I'rrbare lb" alare. ioflncioeJ by black republtoaaa, ra ?Ma bla maaler, aad la doing an ca iara inaurrrctloo. aod U.? blood and dte^a of violence which Mb* lo ila trala, asci ipitad terror an 1 dwmay Is eaory f ?m !y lo the land, Mtuta Tba owner would i*?k ia rain for prot?ctKw firm ibe ?r<i?ral |wfinwil It woold either aid th? a'aie or ?ul 1 by aa a aortal r wh.o tba maeur waa amok down in tb? duat. aod kit b maa and proper .y bu r.rd o tha n Tlluntn d of the mceuiliary That araraai'tiftrni.l la tbia pi.nnre, that it la a reality ?<? to ba ofa ue. abould our aarka ixi toted to ? he oar of laiairoaa aubm ?noa. let u? qnot? i>am Henator -raard, lo Dia >p~rb at Mad ? in, tha caplial of Wlruoo aiD, ?ao# ??ria( ibe ptraeat oaoraaa of 1M0 tbne are bla wnrda ? It (.?? b?? n by a ml* of It Wprclatlon thai I hate Hoil'rd lh<- roni.tuiiro of mj country. Thai r .ia ha* t*?n rroply lh? ? *%at t-y no art, no cvtnbtaauoa (tie "t H h I U'lbt . avrr, nhor.ll ac) < u* h- hud Im d( ..i ? II lb' glDI"l*IWXl? |o WhlLb I ImIodc, Bl'l-0 If*? ai>y c ?M of button !??'' ??. of 111 nalioa, rac? or kindred. be op prttKl and krv1 ??*? >a tte .<???! flfree m tv>ir rff.rta to rtae t'1 ? b'jtvr atale of linen? a?d bapp'r.??e Amid ?il |ioa*r? of it* ttn,ea? awt-1 ail ihe ?neaj ? and <ita c?*#l?i|> U) wblrb the on*?< lutiou hM hwa nhpri.-t ? tbw haa the plala, brnn! fbl i ? i , . .red rtey art*,.' act trery aaclU n of ibtl (real ItiIiukiI tluo?rT i i I'ffi ? ' m? ibM MM ti?.i ? M" k??p. 'I^tm th? bi mb'r?t of Uir human nt?,ln?a I will lay dowB |???r, plnr*. P"' i ?, (MM, trerylhtaf, r?t| rr Iku adept ml t ooretmetuo or aurlt * re'e ? App'aoa* ) If. lb. fff rr, :a tht? ai .1 i i r<? ar?> au? ?h<> wotiid Ttao. I ?ny In tfce?, la God 'a nimr, ep?* i Note l b?t ?la<-na word# Tt.a tu.r to 'rt?r |.??t tho r o MMH of IN t'aiwd (*????, Wtx n a b ?> ? M>t> i?i oat I ltl*H be elrated lo tba Prwi iraoy, w? Uut no !. man 1n<l m "rf atj aa?t?. race, or hla^rM, tm i . ? . , dot* la tfca MM It* '? eflbf* to rl?a to a *> *h. r ? mf of liberty and bap Micea "If ? ? . - r tfeara Wt any (?**? er lw) ?ooU riaa, I ??> ui m a taaw, ?<*? ep?-od" ? rtfirly > Jt ?h?t tt< ?'v-*r-. ? . ? M rat Ml ? II ta Jn ? ?hal J >ba ^ ml All a ku'tf H W ?h?l do M'd It 't I. a. W ?. ib?a ra? roaht ?fcal Baal b* iht f , n ur ora | i ? nr rb bkid M V? Wimaaa 4m h i ? a L ? uf l*? MT*fcOid?f? rrj, ,1 ,mh ret u "vrononity 10 raise lbe? wanaard, ? - i tteir aaaUlSBlial opinions Is a SlnvahOkltaf W xninunlty? I Could is. b language be proclaimed at in ' A ttm? rrom Ibe stum? In Teiaa, without being treated r^, moendiary, and subjecting the author Vo be bung io 't black Jack bj the eutragt <i community ? lid Parn d Buley, or any older ?w> .itiooUt, propoee to do more tban this? Did not be, acting perhaue at the very suggestion of Mr. Sewa'd, '*y to our semi* pt?f?u lation, " If there are any of, you who would r lie to a tig her etaie of lib' rty and happiness, I say to you, In GoS's name, tiod S',jeed " And tble 1* t>,e party to whose power over the foieral guv ore men i it '.s proposed that we shall passively submit. ? Mr. Seward cornea backed up by the great State of slew York. Bla language ia virtually the language of a aore rcignty; tjr w? ail know that the pubilo aentiment of New Yor V la faithfully uttered by tbla high functionary; and tba?. It will be carried out, and ha* lawly been aclod upon '.n tbe casea of arson and polaon in Texas, are facte too prominently before u? to doubt or deny, i gc*r?Tio? o? rown. Tbe power of Gongnts to prohibit Southern property teing carried to the Territories, and wheu thire, to deoy it protection, la a palpable violation of the conalllatl m We propose co argument to sustain thla position Toat day 1* imxeed We will record here, howsver, tlio opinion of tbe United States Supreme Oourt, aa delivered In the Dred Scott oaie. Congrees, In enacting the Mlaaourl com promise, sssumed Id Is very power of prohlbltloa claimed by tbe black republicans The Supreme Oourt deny It: ? ' It ia the opinion of thla Oourt that tbe act or Congress which probiblled a citizen from carrying aud owning property of thli kind f slaves) la the territory of the I'nitto States north of tbe line therein mentioned, la not warranted by the conatitutlou, and la, therefore, void." "And ia, therefore, void." Mark iW A law declared to be absolutely void on axount of unconstitutionality is to be roer.kcttd on a Still broader scale, stmply for the purpnee of destroying the property of one half of the confederacy. Is not thia a clear notice to the Boutb by the black republican party that the constitution Is to be set aside wherever It may not minister lo the deetruc ion of Southern prop?rty? But we are told that the Supreme Co art has decided aiiaTst the power of Congreee to prohibit r lavery in a Territory That Is a feeble barrier? a mere gOBsamer web. Senator Seward proaoees Its reconstruction In his tpeech in the United Statea Senate, or March 8, 1668, be said "The Supreme Couft can reverse Its spurious Judgment more easily than we can reconcile tbe peop le to its usur pation. ? e ? e a The people of tbe United States n? v?r can and they never will accept principles so uncon MitutU nal and so abhorrent. Never. Never. Let the Court recede. Whet her it recedes or not. we shall reor ganize tbe Court ant) thus reform tbe political sentiments and practice, and bring them into harmony with the con stitution and tbe law of Nature." Tbe sacred portals of tbe Supreme Oourt are to be en tered , at.d the ermine of that bench of spotless history Is to be dtsecrated and perverted to the unholy lust* of this monstrous party. The memories of Ellsworth, of Livings ton, of Btsbrnd Washington, of Story, of Marslitll, of Trimble, ol Woodbury, and many other just and upright judges, now resting in their graves, bave given to this depart met t of tbo federal government a worldwide re nown, and tbe patriots or every land will shed a tear or Borrow at the black republican flat which now goes forth proclaiming its inevitable downfall f hen they (ball have reached tbe citadel rf power. Mr. Seward was not the drat to proclaim tbla settled design of tbe black republicans Senator Wilson, In bis speech In New York city, October, 1866, while deeomt Irg on Judre Kane's descislon In the i'assmore William son care, declared openly tbe same purposes of his party. Be raid ? "We stall Changs tbe Supreme Court of the United Statea, and p'nee men in that court who believe, with Its pure and immaculate Chief Justice, John Jay, tbit our pi ajt rs will be impious to heaven while we sustain and support human slavery. " rutvBHY a mix antic or reLTnurr Am barium"*. Tbe Seuthtrn < it / -n cannot fail to nolo tbo Imperious hauteur wllh wbicb it la sournrully declared tiat we who beiileee the rlave li dilution juat and beneficent, and de t'gned by Hod for tbe welfare' of an Infer Ur aud degraded rate, arc gt-i ly of a tin aod barbarism having Its paral lel id} Id lb? terrible crime of polygamy that auoh a declaration could ever be made lo tbe platform o( a party desiring to be national In lie object* la lm?it*lble We might aa well fraternize wub scorpion*. How oouid we sfliiislf with cucb a (?arty? How could the txmlbero mar, without Inftttli'.ag him *elf, accept position or nation or utociallon of any kind or degree wub a party thua guilty of ao unparalleled sa NfelMUHNrilMMWIII moral and a Christian peopet It M utterly Impels bis. We cann< t diffuse our cvertim to such vlUatous freebooters We Know the foroe of tbe wurds "polygamy," "barbarism " We know that the former stand* oat of Uie pwle of ?U Chris tendem? that It Is a revolting ertme, whl;b insets with tbe united exec at ton of our raoe. this, howavcr. la ts tlgned by the platform of tbe black republican party aa a r tar or ftfr robbing tbe property of the ctlit<*ut of Or ken elates of tbia In ion. Gould sued revolt lr.g terms bave be-n ?m il?j ed la the federal constitution by its framerif We moat keenly f?el tbe humiliation of IL*iati^ma How could we bild social intercourse with DKDor wumro breatttng this Intuit In our facet? Could wo, tbe luterior political power, hiving no moans uf de ft nee la our vote to sustain our rqoallly, could we feel Ibtt such a*?oc:aticn wat la keeping With our self rerj ect* Wby the bar* utterance of tbe name of polyga my in lb1* h< arlrp c.r r ur families Is abhorrent If oar slates are held b) a tenure equally as odloua what would be our uutsf What wonll be tbe duty if leg suture*, of Court*. SLd of all tie*ti rial oilier* of tbe govern tut r:t w bo could i ?.urtain tbia belief? Would It not bo to obliterate it ?to blot It oat aa a dark, loathsoae and damning spot on our history, disgraceful to our anoestry and a ta. roach to us/ With such bitter sentiment* sjrsiust tbe South. cocld w? bave the Idlotl] fulv to ex p- ct to see oar Sjuthern cltixrii* lay bold of another f jot of American territory aud transmit it m a MTttbfi to crscendai.lir Those golden page* la our history wiitcb st eak of tbe arneaalron of til the vaat lerrlUiry south rf tbe Ohio and w<st of tbe MiMiatlppI, uatll we rtifh tbe Gulf of Metteo ai . I tbe Rio Ora-ide, are aloted fire itr lb* soot of the men w tio gar* init magutdcenl tour. try to l?e Null) tbe I'tiiou uan never more, lu t<<e prostituted, ; . i r 1 1 aud minurou* union ultb blat k republican toreif igntiet, sucb a* would bj intugurtteo under Ur. Lincoln, h_pe to add another laurel to tbe wrea'h uf slave Mate*, or atiol'.ier trophy to their enterprise, tbelr prosperity and power la additional HuUbern domain. TV> suocessea of tbe back republican forces have shown ns the lolly of inch bope. Wa expect ed to liave gaat-d Kansia, but even with a dem cratla h<!liiit stration tbe experiment wa* n palpable failure ire black re| ublican eon bad gone forth; It thaped aod moulded Northern opinl-n; It warped and mlalod even our Northern friends W* triumphed la passing ihe Ne brack e Kaisas act, but It wa* a barren victory t.noe tie physical power of tbe N wth laid hold or tbs territory , u i w I. at with vast contributions of money, Beecber r iles, <mm'n'atit aid societies and a leaning uf the federal g ' vtrnmett to apia.lnt Norther* executives ti administer ? l -i law*, we weis cheated oil of evory fool of a Terri tory wine h lies directly la Uie heart of a^veholdlsg ten iter} , and which, wltb any falru?M on tbe part of tbo North, woull thla day bave bean nil slave t? rr lory. B t aa Mr Wil?w said lb the Called States Hecate, m tbe 9ih July. 18W. -be doom of slavery wa* sealed in Kansas Hear his ominous word* ? | Mr. Wii*o* a a e "When toe year 1*64 opened tpon that vast Territory In the heart of tbe republic, ? freedom foe a! I ? chains for none,' were sogravett upon its suface in Utwrtof lltlbg light. Slavery was forbid din lo (nt'r that n.apnlOoet.i reg'oo of forest aod prairls. lake and rlrer. Its chiUlrg rba-'ow fell ne-t upon the (U'Wers tlat blc>ir.ed aft.l the waters that Sowed Tbe icnl'ght of rree^>i?n bathed its virgin mil Fres labor, edMiO< tl labur? ncurc in the plighted falllt of tbe tb ti uf a ceUurj ? h?k ? d apos that vast dosiain , ly Ing I* tho <x netaJ r> sioti* < I the N .rib A?ertcan oooline-nl, as Its ligbtfi.1, it* legitimate I .bet I tan e. " 1 It* ri?ttfui, its legitimate laneritan-^I" How fal*e! H< w restitute i f boneat ilea ingi I.-ok at tbe map .Se* tbe rave territory *;*i.Dtrg* to lb* verge of tba Rocky Mi mi tali's Thla land was by aaturs, a* it was by r gbl, oar landi It asvss could have bet'taJlM larnt of tbe stiatger, but it was torn, libs Cai'V^fe. rulb lessly tri.m tbe embrnes of a weak and waning section r*d is tbe arqael. B tier Is tbe rata of U e S'tlb when Its rlgbts depen4 cpon tbe merjy of tbe t' 'i seal power of the North! Nothing aau sat sly ber remoratieas appe tito for Tree soj area That Sittion n.ay prate ab?ut the evils of slavery, and de nounce ns as guilt) of a sta as repalsivs and hateful a* p< It gamy, but we can see through Its :i may veil anitdlai > err f t mercenery motives Vhtcb alone actuate It aod bad li to make th:a war of aggression opon us Witlioat tie |?wrr of iipantMin, tbe princely oap'talirti of lbs North would at tbis da) be trembling with wo 11 founded h ar srd apprebe ision <4 tbe drslroetioa of all tnslr mam n.oib fortures sad anri. mutations by tbe sooti-ss of at agrarian port) c m pus ?d of lbs norkiag ma with ire- tal'el to tN ir bauds. Yes, tbe capitalist of the Nrrlb si owa thia dai ger. and be desires lo open np fresh sveantfor t^esuppiri of hit armies of w bits slavs*. Tin) must tsve n-nu lo lit*. Tint It tbe magic kty that nnloeks tbe secret ! W* art to b? rontimn'd and dtplted as tbs only Cbr'silaa rtl>on ia tbi world 'berl'Mng slavery, tbt "twin relic ol barbarian and yntygnBf." We, ibe weak and spiritless aui mission wis, will have to stand up and receive, tbe > rr* and tavata of thi <ipu'ar tetit.rnenl of lbs North. Our da i|hwt wilt ?ve lo htat tbe,r mMbert su1 tbemeelves reproach*! as beifgcriisiaai aa tbe bar lot wltb btr debauohsd laoe, tor couiiUwarrthg tbs sla of alav?ry. ibis la not too ttfbiy ?oMwe?. When sucb high iuLCtlotarlet aa Ans tors nf iove-t .gn S'atea r*i stand fe'tb In the ^-nate of tbr r reortry ana ab>.se and villify onr social character, wbat ra nt be in* bitterness ? r tbs denuai-latkms of tbe tit teste citizen sgsust our ooe-otrymeo Hear, Hi"?, the iio en if t**t alt r f umber, rn tbe 4 tb of J Tins, l->6o, in tbe Mr-tie of the t'rtteJ States ? ?l*i?Laff> 1? 'rrbM U>Mpr<?? all the ?rorajliy of itla !??#? .tun, f, ? b i* t< ? ??ai.wa ?? is t*?if % form cf c i nil Mirg. illiwit t.. ih? if ftot U>? ? ???? 1/ k ?! 11 lb ?B?Uv<r lljiM yoi wtji, I, (i ai? 1)1 ?r* i4?b? ?i? c?f k?r, llir ud tk? ? hi n,? if ?fc* cc.'Uit'y; wrpi.g not trar?l/ a ih. aiatrart ?? iiitiD vir-itu*! ?/ iw o?t wroof la u,a I cccrrtt* ai> . (i d (> ?><fat)g bt ?id(I? ahiorat cf rlabt. U" k at il in lha .?ht irf priLctple awl 11 la nothing laaa 1 il?iah ?f U-iU'icM,? tfc ? rw-rnal lawafOod. ai.d ?.??? lh? tlrL'al i,f iLal Olrlar law In ?h:sh iM h ia' I tt lf W SatltftM, tkot to*f ptMtinaJijr tb? froaaMt It* ai.d Ifcc |nn?M ?tb? ?m Barb* -una la orttli; HiHlttl in iia la*; t>a-har-,n? ta all Itt I barban>* la u>? irMrnure u u ?nploya; j t?il?aion? in ri?tr^arnrM; liarbaroao in spirit; b?rt>*r f n? *li. K-T.r tt tk(?? Marrry W-M bra?d bar ?bilf h (!? r*l"p*a rrerywbrra all*a Is the lejl Ttdval. ?l c IB IM *1 Ctrl J of which B? forM ? pari, tba I ?#?! t?l twmiiit* or barb*Ma. Vtolrnor bruMlitf, 'i jofttf*. btlb?ri*m, m?l b? r*f -odocod I* iho lire* of | h< at.. 1*0 aitb'n IbMr fetal ?pb?r? Tb* m?al that It iiuii bj it * ffif -i Into and htwuwi a pari of his body, n a>"'.< * abtrb ?? mud *?? a do? cliaeri* hlo bo*aa to r~> m l iba ilanry on wbu-b Ml lira, In all Ita Brafold f. v.'lirt ?>??! NlMNI pari of ib<-m? 1 or ltMOt*rta( ILI .r 1II| K < If, blotilag their chararlm, an I broking Tor r> a i <>.?i kpr tj Tfctt laapuafa In mi-u* bu-tho J it <Jit>rr !? ?*? n ??' i n??r fcime thorr may ho rtf h?ppv Latin ?? . *"? aonblf P. uat> ra, who can tuna fee 1 *?d ti i to fc? i, id. M'?brWat?? fad on pai*on, an) lirrd 1 4 ti bpt l'? tbero M a mora Mitbrllt'o* who caa . *?!?<? wi?fcr?t bor a tb* pr<t>oe nf *a tary." * ,t- ?i 1 a bfc ?!?<? tnd corrupt nama? at the North ? an lb*r< b? ? Ca oe of Ua ?i.utfcf ?for??! irrrri lb? i?b?t'ta'ii ? "? IbUffttj-, or iiaanluimnl w# ' frht iB r L'. and propio of Texan wttf mo to it H.?i I * I *'??? lo tf* waat Ntn u? rm Mora. tl,tA ami iuMy, I from iha <>.. ?i be atuuUd by a larye majonty qf our but umsj community Tbe risks Id tbM ulrecuon are too great. It should be* settled principle to engage only In anob a trade aa wllli tarn frequently the money Invested. We do not btlieva la sectionalism, etpeclsHy In aeon lar matters. Our New York merchants ehuuld have done with guc.h nonstnse, and aim to do bus In cue anywhere wbtn It csn be done with safety. A metropolitan mer i haul should bare no local political prejudices, although he should have Intelligent and arm political opinions. In regurd to Suutkem hade, a very Uvge proportion, MO ?kreefourtkt of it at leatt, in our judgment, it net lourth ike ruk* taken to tecurt it For twenty Ave years past ?r? do not believe New York has mads either seven, Qvo ? r one j*r ccnt prollt od the capital In yea led lo lave Stales. A lew? very few? houses doing baal ncm in tbat section have made money. Otbers, whoac principal trade bas been at the West, have done a "so li ct trade" at the South, and have done well. But thir das not disprove oar position. The fanners or planters r the South rely alsioat entirely on a hing e crop for 11 the money tbey need for tbe year. If that crop alls them, tbey have nothing to rely upon, for current expenses, lhe debtor demands a year's delay In such cases te pay bis bills, during all of whloh period be la continually adding to the pecuniary burdens pressing upon him No attempt whatever Is made on a cotton or sogsr plantation to ra:ro other products for market. They think tbey do wull if they raise "hog and hominy" enough for bomc consumption. At tbe North the state of things is far different Tho entire oommuuity, as a rule, male and female, la a pro ducing population. Labor Is honorable. Every town and. village Is alive with tbe din of toll. The farmer, the mechanic and the manufacturer alike have sosaethlog 'constantly on hand ' lor sule If the wheat crop li ? short, tbe crop of cern may bo good. If both are poor, then tbe fhrmer relies upon his butter, cheese, hay, oats potatoes, wool, cattle, fruits, Ac. He has something to sell almost tbe year round, and ha makes It a point to dl vice bis chances and makes sura la some way of yearly thrift and proapenty. Now such a community Is the plaoe for the Hew Tort merchant to look for a safe business. Other aeetiona may offer seme attractions, but the risks are la proportion. ! Jiut runt many of our loundeit ncrchtmt* art deoimittf ? any but the very best, extra ytU Southern names. So long aa disunion sentiment* nre ulUrtd at the South, and sc long as repudiation along wttb disunion la threatened, lc case the North does not acoord to the South .the Divine right to govern hencflorfrft ana forever, business men wlU , be cautious in giving crfflt to such sections. It has at I art been foand out that corn oan rule occasionally as i well aa cotton, and that the corn and wheat, buttar and ' tbeete, and bay and wool producing sections are worth more a bi i dred lold to tho merchants, and mocbanlca { and manufacturers of Ibe North, than tbe joutb, with all Its boasted ttrecgtb ol ootton aud tobaooo. There In no part of our territory more oapabto of (te veiopement, evea lothehigbest point of culture whlefe has ever been attained, than that of the Southern dtatea. If tke lliykt t*f ilavery could vitk one brtatk be twept avay , tke uituite tnrimeu interest* cf tke Sou'Ji i cvuid at once be rewtutumued, anil it would be a physical revolu tion ?bich would put into tfce shade any moral npbeav Irg which the world his ever witnessed. Tkerutk of mi^iisli to tka' fair and b-anli/ul coantry would aitcmufr. Uik Evrcpe and Jm-rua Tra le and oomvcrce would take a tew itart, and the Weat for tbe time being would panic In Its rapid progress. As things now are, tbe South can never be a dtcrable section for any other than a huilte l trade. Every m^voo.ent in tbat quarter la toe slow. Mi re life and activity are required ? activity of capital and activity of lab >r ? and from the latter none aa a cl >?s should becicmit Whatever may be said about an Idle aristocracy In Europe, one thing la oertaln, It cannot thrive here, rhc second generation In such fami lies Is usually Intg enough to kill out all the muabrooic growths In that dire-.tlon. Iu view of the facts here pro s' nted, let not the Houtb complain of tbe North for dia ling her pollc), but rather let ber make haste witfc those changes which shall laiure her a growth, p roe peril J and power, moral and physical, socond to none o f equal ttrr tory mi tbe face of the earth. EXPORTS or THE SLAVE BTATK8. T?*al exports, growth, products and manufactures ef tbe United tttatea for the )ear ending Jane 80, 18&9. per re port from tbe Treasury Department ?lUo,8M,38i Deduct gold and sliver ooln (24.172,443 Do. bullion 33 3iV Hd3 67,402 806 naluw $178 8112,08? (>f thia mount It, fro *u of tb? growth ana product ut ttc Southern or alav-tUoM jig State*:? t< ttoe Il#l, 434, 023 Cotton macafacture*, S8,3t(l ,it22--*ay on*. ?ixtta for raw material 1,3M,0ST tm.i $iea,sw,MC Ti bacco I. af, total exports (21 071 .631 Xto mirnfacturcd . $3 834 401? raw material two tbiiUa 2,223 iH SS?7,9TS Ppirlt* torpeetln* $1309 035 R<?tn and turpentine j,2t8.3H Tar and pilch 14 1 ,048 3 806 47C SHareeand beading $1,104 238 Shingle* 04 Ml Bewr timber 3 Jo 207 lVatdr , plank and icnnillng 1,17* 550 Utter lumber a#3, 739 3 002 486 R'ce 2,?7,14l^ Wheat flour $4 1MM3 Wheat 162 3% Indian rrrn.. 248 408 Julian 860 441 Bueu^tor abip bread $2 Old tMW Butter KMC Bacon $7,4** Wuol 11S ,5 17 Total alar* State* $S0u 100 $4C Otberthate*... 78.104J34. ? > x pott* from lh* ilar? state*, ao called, 72 per oast of * he le ami uot Kxpoti* from lb* free StalM, ?o oa!l*d, S$ por ceal oT while am<?ml lo tht* a detract the whole export of aril -tea the exelo ilre production and growth or tbe Southern 4Uf* ? ?ay outtoa, rtce, tobacco, tar, p:lcb and lurpenVoo? Is . down to those mate* Otber article*, a* flour, wheat, eon, lumber, kn , arc only put down a* I ho / were exported from different Southern port*; but lbi?e artiolea exported from Sew Uneani we not put down a* from lb* Huuiborn state* THE ECPl'BLICLTS M? THE SPOILf. Til* Spoils aad Plandar o? Llncala'i Ad? ?nintii m ilon. THE ABB1.E TN KKW TUHX COMMENCTO - IV* Wl? l.Kitl^LATl'RE, ASP MR. KKWAHO'" riK* r* TUB I'MI kJ> PTATKit *ES ATE ? WIIO IB TO HATS IT? I From tbe New York Trlbuu* ) MR. P. 0. Lim-RJOON? Till TIIIIK UOV. fHCWAMK rinmoe i* rnwa^i oorwrr. [Correapoaaeecu of l*e New York ftnew ) Oawwoo, Oct 9$, 1M$. Tli* rrpvbllcan* are thoroughly wide ami in Ml* rrclion of tbe tUate A g"od ikal of feeling ha* heee el cited by ib* decree laeueo by Mr. Rrialay, of yo*eeity,p thai St**k*r iJtiiejobn mi at tot be retoraed ?o lb* ?Hat* Aitembfy. Tl.i* imperttuaaa* in local affaire M reaejte a* an Interference, aad tl.? re**.* (irea f<ir It I* regard, ed a* an intuit. Tbere I* no man la ibi* community wbo irjfljt a higher character for personal integral mad Mr . Lliuejobn. aad the charge o t norruptljo that Mr. (Ireeley be* mane Igainit b m l* treated witb <**alen?pt. lberr wa* a eery luge meeting of tbe rtpuillcana belrt bera laat algbt, at whicb, after a *peecb of aa b-xir aad * f a r on national public*. by Kx IJeot <*>V II. | Hay ? mot d, of your city, Mr. l.itliejufcn dl*rra**ad tba 8Uta> l>g'?iatloa o( la*l winter, and eapaclaily tbe New York: Kailroad bill* and otber meaetirea to winch exception bad be. l t?krn Be bandied Mr. Oreeley giore*? branding hl? a* a calumniator, aad aa (tabbinr priei** cfeararlar for tbe take of atuming political purp i*ee o?* bl* www. Be aaeerted In the oroadeat aad mo?l erupbatle. iruirfr that be bad never profliwd, nor expecMd to pr >04, to tl>*> extent of * fartbing. from any actioo ha ere- iwr. a* ? ieg iriator u on any public qiirnum wtalwear, ta$ rt.aiH i led cwiradiclK'n trviw aay quarter. Mr llrown, lb* rlgo;oue and indeprn lent editor rf t*' Oawifi. Tma, l *a wrilu n a letter to Mr. lireeley, need - lug tbe pLih aopb< r eery much aa be bandM ettww I* < plo Trie public 'eeling here la r*ry 4*clM aad bU? t?r araiuet Mr. Hree|?y'? e<>ar?*. Tbt tf|d biicaii ttalortty in Uil? county will b? largi-r Uiaa erer before. Nobody btr*,of any parly, loo** f*r lea* than 50 OuO Lincoln majority in t?? -"ale to* fuel to ha* burl tbe upp-wll un r*ry aerio.i?lj a'l ttiroigh t*!* irrtMia I.ittlejUm will be r* *iecl*? bj aot iee? tbui 1 COO rr..- jo'lty ivtmf* m cm*Ai <nrw ti*k? w*m'Ki? r .nrr, It* TftBpuaAfliiOn uf IIM *?# Torn Tim * ) ??, 0 1 *>. IKW Tbe polttk*] 9U>HI i* rrrj rifnartf (mnnul lu hi* rrt;tiy Tbr rrpBtilieuK t<?vc lti? BlftbltjQ rm, f rf? i<J<diy oi*r ibot- opr^iwou in oigw/ut-io, ia uoi j?* ? 1.0 lu BBtbaBMMB To. .r *.? f ? | i~bi la'f?, and IIIUICM? IIJ? pup llirx? .f tf> ,?> an Br TfcH tt?M of lb? mow d?ri i??l . y anil tvry I Ukltra la lha M*t?, ?ri the foaling of ll?.? rrpu .l-v..* i* ron??<iir eo?>s?rTam?, ani do <?n J.? r?* ?? Mr. 1 loulfc* ta?B<>? any loierfrrerea ?un ulaTorr -w with tta onctltlailnrai rtgtif* of tio N*ro slutr*. ]?? I f rttnjul '? pruluw L< I toe ei*t...?i ? (T at i?p l. fcr Y.bobjt tpoke l.< ro a few ttem\ngi in a ItMlV. ma<i? up o! m-n of all p?>in? H* <**? '*? uri i"inf y (iiarrit it 'n ?U L ? r?tr.r?? n t.1 f >>?? Ibr Nets WHIM rrap m ?t ; r. ill from ??.?????>* BUr? tf 'o MMfia BD<1 iort>*?. IVr^viilj to* pr.?do w I a '+ Ti'iMr mr-rwi.1) f??l III* political afreet of BIB Bpw> ? )? I B l? itr ) loa rAtmniii?A ml* W. Hrfr oy h?a dim ia i>ia e .uatf, B?V;1| U?Mul? ? P? ? ? t ?? fb? pilkClpM Ohj.fl of hi* *?!t, IW?*TBt, ?rrm U> harr b.fu to l??.* s ter !?? rrj?.rnr?a i??<rv *?r? <f aw. tn*>ly, la prrfrrMioo* f"* r?ii?<l ma t* *?ii?tif l>n takil 1 X>'J trurtrod an ? t?r?wrtlBr '?(?! '?!. H? Rmi'I B" ?t??'b IB thia placw, bul h?.d ? I Or> f< ?? ir>- ytMttdBjr ana bomb im uf iiii "n npuil tbvtli boatil* to tb?* r?Bie.itl>a <-f Hr. .< w ? J ?:iJ ?ff a . < ftof t" d? a ?? lb? r#piiBtio?a c*i4 IV? for t>* A" ii ?> *b? mrf?..|K*? "? )??? * ?!!*??? l.faUta-* ? f* trt It. (WtraBIOl* r?"1 fnr ['H* r 1) * 1 I x? m B?oen larfir fr. ob n *!?..? i?| ihtir k\l ' MlMf. 1*1- 1 1 ' r?c!rf boikl'nB, ???* tk? rytf-f n.- ?p-,i ,ir nam' ijm.v .? > ? i*?wr4?y ? rrn-r r? miwm m jr Mr*

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