Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1860 Page 3
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wit lb# perfect affiliation of ita editor with the Littlejohn ltd Meyers eatoeoi of politicians, they require ao reowk ?very aoaa'a rtgbt la abuoaa bta own oompaoy and keep It ?halt at alt tluea be freely upheld Id tbis Journal Mr Liu njobn'a " haadllng Mr Greeley wlthmt flora*," <? branding Dim as a oalumuamr , and u siabbin# private character lbr tbe aaka of attalntrg political purp.vea of hie ova," &c , la all la tbe way of buaiaeaa. I bare a "ixlitical purpose" to subserve la the premise*; ?ni thai* to purity tbe Mtflalttk d of our State from lnUa mere aud operations which hare render* 1 it a terror to taxpayers au<i a stanch la tbe ooitrus of hoc-?t m<o. Btllevitig this sort of legislation 1 1 he every * ay wr.-ng aiid rumoua, 1 mean to eifol it from the State, or at a,l events from tba republican puny. If tbe d?:u< crate ite tit, aa they have done io ^rstnga county, a< t ouiy to renominate ibeirown ?rr action inn, but to taki' up aod try to re elect those vhotn popular luJigua twn at tbetr tuiadeeOa baa driven from ce.r party , Ibv Have It will be tbe worie for them At ail event*. I shall do what appears to me dearly igbt, "to tbe fallb that right makes mght " la it not beautlfbliy cool, thin talk of my #PP >sitlon to the re electloo of tbe tools of tbe citv isilroad joh'iera aa pertinence In local affairs 1" Whan Mr LlttWj 'ha dtaot-nned from the Ppoakrr's chair list winter to irge tbe arMmbiy to override a New York olty Governor's Tito of Ave hills prop ?ing to gridiron ibe streets of this C'ty for ihe ber.eflt '/ Jobbers scattered all over the .-nato. was not, that "an inteference" iu "local aifetrsf" Ota be not know that our m> nclpal authorities aui c u' prers al> but unantm us'y protested s*aln?t the passing of tnoae bl1 a lo li e chape objected to hy Gov Morgan f "Ijocal ?Hair* " eb? J>>o8 cot Mr. Llttlej >bn know that it ta the general scope aod Influence ol auch legislation aa that we ?re now considering ? with tbe 'act that the repuUll ?n party l* Imp icutrd la and damaged by It? that L aa pro- i eluded the runntrg again of nearly all hla ooe*Jatora in I tb> objectionable legislation of laat winter, and will da- j teal u good p jftiou of thoaii who have eLg tutored a re- I Bonsinancmf But wa are told that "there la no man in tbla j comm.Lity (Oiwagoj *bo tlijoja a hi^h. r charac ter V r pweooal integrity than Hr l.lttlejobn " I Kvery common ty, of oourse, ereeta aod graduates Ma own alaudards of Integrity, and there a no ob jection, ao long as It <ioea Dot attempt t> thrust tliera oa other people. Wben I was lo Chloago Ihrea winters since, a prominent re publican oomplatued to ma llat their Roveiuor 1 Bwsel)) bad aeut on a requisition to our Governor fir the surie-nder of Mr Llul<john aad parti cr, aod It waa not compiled with. Had ll neen, wo ro'pht perbapR have been favored with a comparison of tie (>*?rego aod Chicago etandarda of Integrity reepective ly. that wo. ild have proved luairuotive and profitable. Rut -'Ur #r >wn, tbe vlgoroua and Indtpi'nd' iil iilltor ot the O'.wego It lit* been pitebi> g Into Mr. Groelry. Iu behalf of Mr. Llltlejohn. Of courae be halt, tht ich 1 never luard of it before It li but two motilba since Mr. Tarbell, whi bad for yea ra been editor of that pai?r, wit got rid of b< cause to was rot euQicieiilly plaatio to the Llttlfjotn and kindred inflaonoei, and th'* indepen tfeot gtntuman installed 1n hut place Hi! now grinds out ?ttaic to order. Ti? his vocation Let aim griad. 1 can scarcely lind tim? to stUod to hi* tda*ter* But, that last toucb about "tepubllran meinbt rs ( f Ar aetnbly," "prefereuacs ft>r United Mitea Sruat >r," aud '?republicans b( stile to theeiectl"n of (iovernor -"oAard," deu<ao(!s, and shall receive, aitehtioo It is very certain that, neu.g coni(>vlled to atop iu Syiai-.uBe to await an e* pri s tra'n, I did ?perd a f ? w toliiUUs *l their uig< Lt re <iu<ct with Mime fifteen or twenty repubitoaos, ?ho are vp)KD<d to the re election ofCapt Myus(ooeoi tlie Littto jolio intmbtrr Ivl wiuier) to inj aeeeu^biy. Bit utltlj. r tbi're r,or elsewhere, from the hour of mv leavln* New York to that ol my return, did I tub r utake au inquiry or b??r a f ug?< stioo a* to the prtferwees of ui.y one, wbi lbor rsurti'date or othi-r v at?, an to tlov SeAard or the I'uited btat<-? SKcatorshio Aid, tb u^li I have do knowledge ( u tbe auhjict, 1 have a urou* heller :hat uol ooe of th'ftsntl Mj<t? r^pobileatis of ^yra ii? a-i verae to 6ov Reward's returu to uto tieuaic or oppi aed to him in any wuy. B'.t this hu'm??s of hldtrg and cVaVrg all the i ibbcy and corruption of our State under tbe uiautle of Gov. | Hewar<i must come to aa end If he's sat Is lie J win it (and no m&u bu more raaaott to protest agaitut it),oth''B ' are no' aod will sot be I know nolbn g of h? pu-poaea or wirhes oa to a re election, fur thovnb tku t'wws pro c'tlmtd, aa if hy authority, in that fatoou* aditurial ! letter from Auburn 'sat May, that Do wou'd j-ernmj to- ' rlly decline a re el< ctlon and rtfuce to tcnept an v p>?t I under the pro?p?>?-iiv? admin istratlon, th? f^uri/rr and t^quifr bait since declared, aa taouga semi ol. 'tally, that bo might, la a certain c >ht'ngency . cootetit t > tcr vo air ther term I now cell npon Goverror *e*ii'd, as % miVt r of simpis Justice to the anil *rldi'<vi republicans of our State, to s a'e that he will or will uot couaen'. to a re eiejtloa and to rtrve a third Uiui, If be will, f feel aure ih*t he wlllreci've ever v re ,iuh! lean vo?pi m onr aext Legislature, and be recboten wiib>tit a shadow of c >tiiisi. Bit if bo haa riail td not to rcrve auctUr It riu, thi n tbe ire bow irnle of hta nane by tbe volartea of G< < rgo Law in onr laat I-gislaturo Is cle trly rojoat to tbe antt eor upt ooirts and very injurious to biat. Ho aisba reelected to the Senate, If he wishes it, with t the votes of Mr D. 0. Llttiej >bn and Copt Auatln Mje-s; and 1 m.'?t earneat'y protert ag?in?t their jetvieg re , elected upon tbe prettbce of devotiin or Deces'tir to b?m 1J U. THE HELPER BOOK. 1 Ttia Endorsement or thi Xlevoiatloutry 8ch?ra?. Nxw Yor>., Mn . h 9, 18W. Pur ft* ? If yon bare real Ml critic*!!/ eiau. . A the work, joa will probably agree with us that no course of argument so iuooeiwfully controverting tbe practise of slave ry In tbe l'nlt?d States, and enforcing a precise and ad< q oate view at ita proat rating t Recta, material and moral, has r quailed that uf tbe volume entuied "Die inn- : pending trills of tbe south How to Meet It," by Hiatun Rowan Helper, of North Carolina. No other volume bow before the public, a* we conceive, !?, In all refpeota, to well calculated to lnduso la the mlndc of ita naJers a decided and persistent rop.guancc lo siavsry an 1 a willingness to co operate la tbe tflbrt to restrain the shameless advances acd hurtful Infloonoes of that pern iclou? Institution. * The extensive circulation of a roplou* oompend of tbs work In queellon among tbe Intelligent, liberty lorlng voter* of tbe country, Irrespective of party or locality, would, we believe, be productive of most beneficial re ?nits: and to tbla end we treat you will assist us In carry ing out a plan we have devised for the gratuitous distri bute n ?f one bunlred thousand copies of such a cm pend, which, if coetracted for and pobllsbed, will contain about two euadrcd pages aid be bound in pamphlet form One hundred tbousat d copies of tbe oontemp'alod com peod, which, cn about two himdrtd pages, would contain very nearly all the matter now embraced in th<* regn tr v lume (which sells for one dollar per oopy), can be bad, well printed on good paper, ftr sixteen oents ea-h? $16 000 tn the aggregate This atnoual we propu?e lo raise ta such turns as you and other gJoi fiioui* of a good cause f* el disposed to subscribe In all frtses, ?h<n eonven ent, contributor* to the r? wui please msks tbe'' subscriptions la the firm of drafts, or Ctrl i Urates of de stilt, payable to tho order ol the 8011 Wm H, An'hon, IS Escbarge plare. New York olty, oar : tfasurer and U e'luraer. eiio will mnHarlr, through the ! eilutbnsol ti.e Tn n.w?, ackuowledge reoe. ,'ta o. Iks aau<e I . try perrou ? h ?> subscribes t< n <1 >tlar* or mora will, If timely application be made, be entitled to as maty cv I plei of lb i . ni|?'nd ii r ditlrl jlloo as l ? may dtaire, not exo ' dlig the nuiuier thai the amount of hi subscription woal I pay for at net cost .-uitoribers' r.amef , with tbe xttSM Severally mWrl^el by tb? m, In all rasas where the am net is t<-n dollars or more, wtl' appear, alpbabcttcally arranged, in the litter pari of tbe < imperi l ton "Speni dt c? or ytrsnaai ir.tervisvs In r^ls'.'on to ' this enterprise i i ty be hat with any in* < f the u-iler signed, who will be oltased to rtcetvi, subscription la aid | M lis speedy < oisumiaatioa _JL? Al rarly rcs^i .nee rom )< u I* respe tfully solicited, Wm H. Atthov Trwtrer, 1? Ffebat g-plece, N'ew^Y >rk 9 1 -vwal Boston. Mats Wm Quaawo'. Baltimore. 0 t*adlelord, Providence L. Ol h*i.e, Waefclnton W U rloma* ruiadeli bla. Cass, is M. Clay, Wniteball. W Mrt aaley, W ilmlngt .n f I' Utalr, Jr. , 31 I.->uls Th* undersigned baring been appoints a committee la New York, to aid la the c.rcueti?n of Mr. H?'pet's book, ; on tbe plan proposed abore, l>eg leave to rasomaMad Ihe 01 ?cl to the ,.ubll? and ask their oo operation. rtibaorlpiK ns may be wot to t'w Hon Wm II. Antlnn, , No lb Excba: ge piece. New York, directly, or through 1 either of tbe trderslgncl comm ttee ? Charles W Elliott, R II MCcrdy, Abram W%ke-nai, Iiai id Dudley lleli. Wm. Curtis Koyst, Jsmes Kt-ily, C. i A. 1'eabody, E gar Ketchum, Binj t Maaterre, Jamus A. Brifgs. We tbe uadertlgised, members of the Boure of Kejire Sir t at vit o( tbe Nalnral Upagrrss, do cordia'ly end >res i tbeofaloa aid appro it tbo set 'orlhtatfio l> regoisg circular ? dehi > ler Colfka. Cyd'rB To?pk ins, Yalentc a H.r^r., Anton Durilugsrae. Joda Corode. 1'reeman H Morse, Owe* 1 Ave joy , Cad C Washbarn. David KUgore. Amos R. brat gee, t%mi (? Andrews, William Stewart, Kdwin t. M rgan. Abraham B OliB, (-'jmuel R Cortls, t,al>."ba A. Hrow, Sidney I>eas, Jobs M. Wood, JoshnaEOiddtngs, Natfcl R Durfks, JoUn M. Parker, Edward Wade, Emory B Pottle, Stephen C rosier, CWvtn C. Cti? ' e, lie Wilt C l^acb, Cbartea J Oilman, Wll lam H Ke my, John r roller, Char lee B Hoard, Wm A Hoeard, T I>arls. (Maes) John Tbompaon, H<nry WalJos, 11. rarnewerth, J M Sherman. John ^bermao. C. L. Knapp, Wm. D. Bray ton, Geo W I'tinn, R K. F'tk't, Jam? B .:T! gt< n, i Du'l w Oooeb, l-bllemor B i?s, 0 B. Mattaooa, Hmry L. lawss. Mason W. Tappan, RleAard Mo t, Justin S. Morrtll, Charlsst??, Men R. Rabbin*, I. Waebburne, Jr. , V fnavl* (Iowa), Kssklel r. Walton, J. A. H't sban . Jantes I"ike, J ?me* Wllens Wm KelK>rv, Homsr K. ftoyos, 9. A. I'arvianne, I B Waaht arne, Isaac I > Clawsos, Franr s E Bpinner, Beni. ^taoWm, A. S. Murray, Bliss M. Burroughs. Edward Hod. I, R?'>ert B ifilt, Mr Helper Is a native of North Carolina Who, as tbe re Salt nl earefni obsm i at tea and extanatvs tmntry.has rea bed tbe very obvious and Jo*t ooeoluslon tbat human slavery IS tho great primary suras and peril of tbe tooth, impeding Its pewgreee in morale, lateillgeaoe, iadastry, and wraith This eoaeloaton . with tbe fhe.ta oa WMcii It Is ro-inded, IS smbodlod In bts book eo titled "The Im pending Crisis rf tba tooth"? a work evevywheee re rdlved and balled by lbs advosates or free labor as oas of tl>* most impregnable dem<. astral loan at the jastles of tbslr oaose and the vital ImportsSMe of Its triumph to sar national and g'o'ral well being. Were svery oltlsen la l?**ee*loii of the Ibcte embodied la this inwk, wa feel oosfldeat tbat slavery would sooa peaoefuliy peas away, while a repnblleaa triumph la 1M0 woald ha asorally ner tala. . . rt la beltlved tbat this testimony of a eo-rtl.sra man, bora aad reared ur der tbe Im leoos of slavery, will be more generally lisi nded to aad pr. Tcwndly b>eded. whether la tbe slavs or Is the free f?tat ?s. than aa eooafy able aad eotKlnsire work art tten by a N rthara man. And It W very ioeirab *. tharafore, that a ebear ooraj-nd sf its CM< eats, litad for grato urns o' re k>* ?a.i* sad g*a?rs..y d.flctt J la theds 9lat??? Psaaey!\a' rt* New Jersey. Tod'i'.a ?od Illinois? wh'cl are to de ? de i be wit PreetdentWl onowat. HvraceUrteiey, John Jav , Wm Heart AuiUua, J ? ctimrmiD Tburlow Weed, Wtn <) Brtant, o Sta'r ('en Com, Herein spring , K n?U Mil -tmitb, B !?. B. rick, J a lucorwood, K. U tfatiurdy, John A Ktnni jy, Abiam W ?a. aiiui, W. < 'urm Noyce aim or m> uvoirno.i >nd Bow to I he jK'it. I In our ot>i?u>n tut o'ltnlon wblih ha* l> en formed 1'iom cata ibtatmd by a*eidu"iua ru Searcher and e< n per ei ? *, from laborious tu ?M'g>tloa, logical reasoning aid eaine?t r. flictiou, the ci1 ?es *o eh bare impeded trie progress and jn spertty ot tr.e (*>ulh, wbtth l.ave imu.dlo'l our orara PM ai d i ttwr uruilir pnrroti* info tt><* mott contempt lb ii.*tg titfti ?*> oe, (auk ? large ur,.i;.irttj of our people 11 p )>?'??}' ar 'gill ranee, tendered a *mall minority onnetled aur tyrauteal, sod driven th? rm away from treirbomee; ntiM utr-u u? a bunOla'trg deperdtree ob the free Jt?us dt?graeet : ua to tbe rtceraee ol our own souls, and brought u* uuder reproach In the eye* of all civil rod and eni'ghiened n?. tier I, may all be triced to one tvuieoii mi in, am' tin re 1 Bod potation In the n>e*t hateful and h rrlblo word that was ever incorporate Into tbe vocabulary of bumin eco nomy? tiavfry th* m m m/tih or mi rorm It i* expected that ibe tttipld and erquaciiua mai>?(<e, tbe v title vletlms of clavery , will beli?vo and, a* a g< no ! ral thing, tbry do bel'eve, whatever the ?f?T?ho! lere tell ibem ; tid tfcus It k that tbej are cajoled into ib? notion ibat tb<-y are ths freest, bappteat and m<?t tnt?-lllKent I people IB tbe world, and arf might to look with prejudice ; ana dican r 'batlon upon every new pr'nntpie or profrea nw niovi ment ihua it 11 l' ?i tho wol'uily ipert and Inventonirsr, Las laggtd bthind tbe Vurlb, tud la now aelitrtng la the wsrpool of Ignorance aud degra uation. KB*! ITU 0? "TB* SCJI or ALL VIILAXTtH " Wbile in V'lig i la. Tit y rtc< i tiy, as elderly alave huliler. wboec tolijloua wa'k and corveraattou bad re- i con n eudea and promoted him to ao eldorebip in the ! l'reab> tniaii cburrb, and wbo aupporta bimr- lf and family by ri?;ali g tiKiria ajid ti.tiacxxi, told ue that for the 'aht i -|ibt ?r tr 'i J t ars, aatie from the lu?r?a?e of bit butiikii uliatu-l*, be felt quite oonfi<ieat be bad not citari o a* n.u<b tvrn at oie per coot per auourn on tbe atr.outt of iita Itivtrt u?at. Tbe real and pera>>nal pro perly of ill ? afed Cuiittlaa oinaiaU cbu-lly in a Urge lra< t of lanti am about thirty arftroea, men o!' wboui, no oorditiK to bia owb ooB'tiaion. a-e more txi*naive ibao )irollltble. Ibe proctida ariHinn fmrn Ibe f?ie ol the to bacco tb?y prv.Oucu are all abaoibed tu ibe purchiae of j niiat ui J brrad lor bomo conaumi<Uop, and wli?n the crt p ia blunted by drwa^Ut, Iroat or ctberwiaa cut Hhort, i one ot the m ^iu. ? nun bo sold lo miae fund* for ibe mp ' porlolltiu oiliera. hucb are the agricultural aclr ve menta ol tiayelabor; aucb aie ibe remlig ol '-Ibo sum of i ail viliarits." Ibe diabolical inatltuiion tubalsia ? n lit own U(kb. At olo liuie rbiiurcu are aoid to piooure loud for llio | artBiH, at bloiI.i r puit etB aro Sold lo procur* fuod lor tbe th ;cri-n. WiIoib hi pealiitBiial alaioipbore Etti-n g aucccedi; progma and prosperity are unknown; Intuition aod tli ibfuh tm ?u*oe; evvr?ibiuj b* >u.' a dull, d!? and ui pr-.tltable, wrelohtdt 'H and teoia tion Maud ir he lu bold reluf throughout ibe land; ua aticei ot iLt 1 1 mi iiLcnoly inactivity and dilapldat i a broodi over oveiy cily and town; i^noraace and prejK> dice i- it t ultiuteu t-\ er the mifidi of tbe people; uaur ping trrp t* wield ti e hcej In- of | ower; every wbtre, and in etor) ihitiK. Licl*e<n ivmnre Hay and tbe (.'ulf of Mi xi< o, tire tl e tnuititudiLOua ovila of ilavery nfiparert UTfilJil^ihl Al I r.lL TO aot'm.kM ?OJ(tI?\Kll UIBK4 To utciio Ive tLe jmiple of tho ^"ulb, to bru g them to a kmw'.edge of the Interior anc dttreputtb n p> siil 'o wbli h tbry occvpy a? i? coa<| f t?>nt pirt ol tbe l utou, arid to fi ve pii mine i 00 a: ? pi 1 ular.ty to tboae plana wl.ich, il adopted, will ttotatu ua to id equality, octally, moral ly, Intellectually, tbduatrlally p?' iio?lly and flnan<-ialiy, ? nb llie no at lutlritbir g ai. i r< t.11 d tiaiinn lu ibe wot Id, and, if pvtBibid, Ij p iu..c u? iu tbo vaB of ev?n H^at, la lh? < V j ut f tbia Mi < ;iat ebi'idera, ellber In m iiii o rauci ot In ni a will 1 du.< imto0 t propagate er or.ooa t* fid tba.tli Houtb baa Botaltg to be aihmtij of, th?t ?lav? ry ba* proved a bloiBingtol r, a?d tbal ber tup; - rftrtty over il o Nortb Id an ugrle liural p?iiut of view , muk' a i.U" Bda ti r all her tbort C'triibgn tn olber respecta On U.e ( ti er band ?c coutrad tbat many veari of mn. tihval Hut), infl an.f itiett} t nance would not (uflloe to can eel Or cktiui tht ?*(? !<?? arm ti igrace tbat ]u.?t!> attoohea to the f/Utb in 1 oin qi 1 tie el flav ry? tbe oireat tvil tbat cvir lefel the ianu? that tbe Ninth beara notbiuf like eren a taeprclable app-i ximation to tb? North m naviga tioi c<'e or niannfacttaraa, and thai oonttarv to tbe opinion interlaced by uinety nine bUBdredlts of her pun le, tbe ti i r bebiioi ILe fi et Staitf in tbe only thUig of ahleh rbo bai1 ever flarnl to belli ? agriculture ?**,??? It ia loffible ftiat the rickety monster may make a bet ter ibo* on a new trac; ; but if tt mJita a moro ridicu I 8 lUploy we st all tiol ba aurp'iseU .1 careful exatnl ra'U n Of ua pri c d> ol,? haa taught Qt the folly of expect tog anytbieg to iaauo from it lu any manner wbat er r It S'kft no dtspotltlon lo en.i;late the maiianimity (il Rl li<|IWI, am a? lor a lauiiaMe ambitl <u jj excel, ttat .1 a tbainci! . iatte a'togetber foreign in ita nature. IxtlWraM Ir < r 1 1t? are the ipaalntary vlardn npo# wljlrh It Iplii to 1 it '.ate ita morbid appetite; and "from ba<l t<i ?t i?.' >r tbe I'l omeutd m< Uo under which, In all lis f< ? I e ?i d 1 b ircr-ftita, it ekes ojl a rmtt ai!ro rable aid d?-letr?erp exl*t< rre ?okim:?> l-aoci iih i> aot'TBin.v mamts. Tt-e 1 1 raoo wbo e ctarioaity primp a b!m to take an as eontit "f tho I r uenae pl'et 1 r Not thorn lumgr r n w Ij ir j on tte aturv ' and hoor? ear Iota In Ball-more. Rtcbmood a; d olber aiaveboiotng cuter, win uot, we imagine, form a v?ry llatierlng opto lor of tbe products of tVailum foreata. l.el it tie r? mi ut oored Ital nearly all tbe clippera, iu<m rrs and atrml craii are built al ibe North, ibal laryor?r g cr ot Katlern IobiU^ t are exported to foreign co intrien; that nine teatha ol the wothIcb ware u*?d tn lha South' ru Mali s is Diauuli ctured in New Ki gland; tbat, in outrun , on* iiimgard o< tbe natural rialita and claims ol'doutliurn 1 ?orbknlea, tbe niataeta of ibe bmiib are forovor Oiled with Norlbtrn furniture, vehicles, axe helved, walking ? c?n<s. yard alicka. el-Abea pma and penholders, tbat tbo { extriu rdlnary iii hiIk r of factories, (learn engine*, fnrgea | anltti cbire Hbo|>a In tbe free Sialea rei|oirc an extiaur- j dmary qutntity ol cord w?od;that a large majority of tbe j magn.Lccnt tdifiri'a and otbar itruotnrea, both private > and piiblic, Iti wbiah timber In Ita various forma la ax tea- j ?Heiy used, are to be round In tbo free H latoa ? we aay , j let ail these thing* lie remembered, and tba truth will at , once tlaah across tbe mind that the foreata of tba North | a o a ? .uroe ol far greater tnooir.e than thoaa of the South. , The dlfli ret ce I* aimpty this: Al tbe Nortb everything Is turt cd to advantago. Whan a tree la cut down, tba main body la aold or used for lumber, railing or paling, the rtump for matrhea or aboepegs, the kney for afclp buUd t?g, ar.d the btanchea f?r fuel. At tbe South everything II either neglected or mlam4nafe*l. im nokiu mi mub ma Rirttra or not wimt. Nature ba* be<n kind m ua la all tbtnga. The itrata and aubslrata of tbe tieulb are profusely enriched with gold ar.d silver, and precious itoacs, and from tbe natu ral orlfiaaa and squedurti in Virginia and North Carol t, a, Sow the pi. rest b< almg waters In tbe world. But of wbat avail is all tbir latent wcalthf Of what avail will It ever lie, *0 long a* Mavery la permitted to olay the dog la tbe niat ger? To tliese quer its there > an Im but oae reply. Waver 5 lie throttled, thn Mouth. ?o gieul acd ao gior'Ooa by Latere must lie reclaimed from her Infamy ai I drgiai blu r: . our t ties, fl.-lila and foreata must be kept intact fn m tl>e unsparing ruutcr tba varioutand anit la reroute** of oor rait domain, aubterraueitu a* well as fupwtc al. must be developed, md made tn c m Irit ii? to our pleaiure anl to the ncccMiliea of the world, BfOlfmS wr?r mm tn* fur* TIiS presl rem utlonary movement which was set OB f ol tn < harl die. Meek cnborg eotinty, North Carolina, nn the 20'h >'ev i<< V.*v i::s, hat nM vet ?>r?n l?rm'oHid , si r w'll It be. until every ?l?re In tbe I 'd I ted ?tate? li frcttl frim tbe t> r?nc y i>f be master. Fvery victim of Ike vile losttlut!' c. wl.i tber wbtte or b'ack. mast be rein vtsud a lib He rafred ilfhtg and prlvllrf e ? of which ha ku Ken deprived t>v tn tnhairaa oligarchy. Whit oar ttl>l? sues of Uie rt \ oiutu* lefi uLi.mhivl it Is oar datjr tocos- pie te ?????? To Ibl* prtelp'r lb* N rth baa adhered with the strictest l.dellly. H. w hu It been with the Hnatb ' Han abe Imi tated tbe praise wrrihy ? rsmp'e of our ll'nstrlou* arses tor* f No ' Phs hu treated It with the utmost contempt; ? he lie* hi en eitrrmely f< flail ? *o eelfllh, Indted. that rhe r H" j pc'i r j < f Ita natural, Inalterable r'rht* fr m tbo | trl< ?! uf th> fornialloB of the government down l< . S pr.renl Sci -rest her policy ha- been downright su Wlsl, and, u a mutter of course, wholly Indefeasible. W:j baa hi-ggeil a v'ptr to her breatt her whole *\?tem has b?cu ieralyied. her c cacleeoc is seared, aa<l. still fc r'lra in her embrace the oatiss of ber shame aiid at"er tag, ?li h bcwrUigcallinS to every principle of Justloa ai 1 magDaciaiiiy. Kio-pl among tbe Don slaveholders, who, besiles, being kept n tae grossest Ignorance, a rs an - 'io r'-atrau i r?; ?,) maner of iniquitous lawn, patriot* lam baa fcltkotl orassd to eitat within her borders And here Ira dealre to be distinctly understood, for we shall have rreaskm to ref? r to this matter sgam. We repeat, th< reti re, tbe aubelance of onr averment, that, at this day. there la scarcely a grala of pore patriotism la tbe South, eirept among tbe son alaveh >ldcr*. W johth iou m iti-u 1 mi moir nur wn non r With Tigard to the tirnat ir*l and d??orBliilnf system of slavery, we believe Uie majirltv of Northern people arr vim icrspotone They s>< m t<> to ( k ll. at It is en nit h fi to l?e mere f te soilsr*, W< keep tn check tb? d Toat-e f 'emert of ilsvery. and to prsvent It from cross- [ lag u?er Ike bcuaii* within *hiob It IS sow regulated by : Remiss 'n their national dctTes, as we , onatird. tbey make no positive attack spon the iMtlM tions a vi.e iUtru Huts*. s s ? a e s a DH they tot In the day* thai tried men's ?onls" strike ar bard h.ows to secure tbe Inlcpoodi soe of fleori'a a* ti c; did lo def^n-lltif the liberties of Marsechtswtts, an I H It S"l 1 ku aly true .bat the lory , <m f South Carolina prolor^rd the war two j ears at least* li It not, morsorer, ally tree that the oll*arrbs ol (tostb Carollaa hare been ntmltifattd ptsts and bores to tbe reneral forernmeot *erer llcos it wss organised, and tbut tbe free and oosec! eottrnr people of ttr North sre virtually etriu led from ter soil In enssi quear.e of slavery ll <a well kn wn an t loer>nte?table fket tha' tbe Northers Stabs forntahM shout two thirds of all the Amertcaa trvps eo. aged la tfcs reTi lotlonsry war and. tboogh they were seither mors sor leer h'see or patrwc than their fallow sol d'ers e( tte ?ostb. yet mssmueA ss tbe lnd? pendetes of oar country was tniiclr lectin by virtue o> their numer'sal, we tbltk they os;bt to caatller It not oaly iheir r'.ht bat thslr <aty to make a flrm and dectslvs effort to ssts tbe "tales which they fovfiht to frss from falllsg sadcr tbe yoke of a ' worse tyrant than that which overahadoaed them 1 ond'r the re'rfl 0' Kir* Cleorge ths rhlrd Freemea of Ihe Not,th' ws ssi teelly ea treat yos to think of t V?? ! things Hitherto, ss *.ere fres Boilers, yoo bare ap 1 proae.bii but halfway t" the line of ymrdtily. now. for yoer own rakes sad fsr oars, and tor tbe parjwse of pee petuttlsg th't great repablle. which ysur fathers sad oar father* founded in septennial streams of blond, ws ask rm. Ib all serwoaae**. to oegaalss yaarsalres as oae man snder tbe banner* of liberty, aad to aid as in *<t?nniaat lag slavery, which is the only thing tbst militates sgalMl oar complete agraadl* ment as a Bat Son In this esM* ordlaary crisis of lia rs, so bmb oaa bs a tree patriot without llrst heccmlag sn aboil ties let Tns urn out i saoi "Saa* ro stsiks roa ra* ?*"? K?? slasaboiders of tt? South, farmers, merhaaiaa aad working meo, we take th>? ooras'on V? assure yoa tbst lbs siarehchmif politlciar* whom yon hare eleetel to otlloes of honor anj prolll hare hoodwinked yoo, triced with yoo, and used yoa as mers taols for the cmtumioatn a of tbslr wicked drstgas. eases Now, ae ore of jmr own nnmher, we spr>,,?, V> you lo Jem cl ts e.ur ?nrr?*t :md time y eflhrts .0 lasctMt the |s&traua sail of ib? 9o;tli iron it? ?snrped vd desolating control of the?? polMle*! Ir<i Onoe mi lor sver , at If Ait an for m this roua try m route rued, tbe Internal qtnaiion of mnil be ditioaei of ; a speedy and absolute sholKhrat- .? i f the wbule a> st.n. i* ih?* true policy of Ike <outn ? (ml thia is tie poiley whieh we ^ropqaa to pur>ue. Will J0? a, 1 raf will) 00 sti-lst wf will jo? h? Irivtcin? or Will >ou be Mavisr ????#? Poii.* mm* the Mm n>b of your arms until yoo tbe i ) ?'? bo r rt udert.t powerless t<i (trite, tbe prnout ia tbo pr. | fr tin e ror aetfc*. ; under all the circiiaat*' oes, H'Mh) or it ill. ler.-e I* a ivirpe Fir?t **<vrt*iii, a* i early a* >011 ??ii tbo precise uati:re and extent of your out) , at <i iter. ? iihout a aoment'a dutar, p?rt. rra it lo tcod tilth T<i 'ifl-rnie jou In d? teriutnles what r .na I i etalH'ia tJ tight ji:Mic? and to'.a.aaily leiuieat your bane* i? HM of ttf pr nary objoeta r.f tb'? w*rk ; uid we rba'l fail In one renlre if we do t.ot arc ?m I llfb i ur lark tu a n.?pt or acceptable to God atd a 1 ran tsgee ua lo n.un hi VoiCTlO#? ftiCUVl It IF WI CA>, VIOUttTIT \1 W? y.i>T K( w Hlrt, we r.ik jmi tp ?'( seriotirn?p?, I* ft not appa P I I 11. at y :u bate filched fioni ui ti *riv flv ttiuea the mi up to' the attested value of j oar slM?? Whyjtb'u, tli j r ti Mil: c'lnicr for tror?? Is it your purpose to male j ll i can r porj rlua'? Thick 3 ou that we will cvf r ooutlBM to bow ut ifce wave ol jour "ainl; that wo will br nt hu .. ui it) .Liu t v.Tia?tit,(i dlagrat e I 'V licking tbe band that in.,t< t u?,m,d U at w tb up there is to poli.t beyoad vtbii-b lot b? a rater ct.rtk to be avirn.t? Sirs, If ibese b* your tloLf'tsyou aieiahirirg under a ra??l fatal delusion, j V. u . ? i ku*.i ug to furtbai ? >oi stiall upjir fi* i>8 uo | In r. berdofort, earpetlly hut gtibtn.Mivcly, we h%?o | ?W d w u to redrria the m?re alroeioua outragi * whU-.h Ji.ii l>v> ; . i|.< 1 1 ati <1 u.% but Ml at hai Kra til)'r laie of our (.ttltlcp>f Willi Boarcfly a p^rt-.sal, with ? ctgtte <f out It ri'i t that tdi'ed hiaiilt lo Ir j i v, you I !nv.' lulu tbin t'p tte'Ubl*, ?po frum treuce tUey have j l.?p i-wrpt iito tL? t*u< ? arc of nbl;vlop '"epiyt'orth, *li? *e air i'f n ar. '?pl8, i ot ??ppli?nt? W<< donar.t our ' rf((ht? Di'ttlrgmo't', Botblsf Km It is for you io ^o-ido ?l?ih<r ui air. l " t>ave jtawco pC 'Cvably or by vloltuce, for Klaiitrr roi.M nunc* may (oik) if, wo arc delermln td to latclt . i v way er the other ?JOTt lt?KMK TO T*>n OR MP BY Tt. Itin^rd t u Ibr hat ; i r w blch we b< rewlili unfurl to tbo world, with the full aut) I'xod di tcrmu ation to lund by It ur dio it. unW ?? r.nei'l vir .uous t Iflr.ary tha'.1 ho pr*t? mi d, ore tl e motto ? w li tb, in Mbttaoce, i tnbody ;i c pru oi !< h a* we cetceiTr ihnt abouH corern ua la cut (mtriotio w utftre tl o m> M untie and Inil diui* he that fwr monaced tbe lualleca .lo rlgUts and lit ettii * ai d dtarett iplneata of Atct rkra. ? 1 Ib r.-uli oigaplratioa ard Icdep^pdrnt poMtlral ao t'rnoulhe {.art of tbe i.on aluTfboUlli g wi ItiB of the Isjulb Ineligibility of pro rlavrry pltvrhoMeri; never ano vuie tc m y tre ?ho advocates tho retention and )cr|4 1. utk n ii bursar, e'nuery. 3. >"<' co < | ( ral'i p w :ib | ro alaverr politician* no >1 ]<'??!' :p v?;!b itiiu in teliglcn; lo affiillatioB wnb tbo* IP Fur it ly 4 No i ain rc?e tn pro ?lavrry rr.ercharifp; no yue?Ublp !p h a?f walltrt hc'< e: no fe?? to pro rlavery lawyer*; i a i trip ox niept of pro tirvery plijrlciana; co audleuco U pr<> li.iti ry i arrorp. t ho p-i re I lr'rg of pl&vea by pop ?'a"?f holder*. 6. Abrrpt ditctptlptauce of tii|*criptton to pro ilavery tt v ra 7. Iti' g.tatcft potllblo epcournKenirnt to free white labor. 4 Boi inoM** o* Mvotrriom m 1M0. In taking leave it <t:r rradera we know rmt how wo ear |:iem re f> rcible espretilon to ovr thoui;hi<> and In tioturr then h> c?> it y that, <n e"i re't with th^ intel li>< pt free vot< i ? of* the North, we, the pop Plaveholdlng wbit- p at Ibe Si. tub, dei ire apl eij i rt to elevate to tbe V ri?t*?ne> ir. 18t0 an aV> c at<: worthy reprefentat'.ve of tt . [reft r ? ? p'e? (in s i 'b'. d In the repohlleap p'atform adop'edat 1 bilarfeli hla 'n Iff?: anil that, fhrever there afn r we w ill, if we ran, by nor ii.Oraitl, bold tbe Preal diptlel elair, aril other high rllicitl poBitiona lo tho fiiceral KO*e?nmret. aarrfdly intact from the oecupancy and joilutirp of pro plavery c rmagognea, whether from ibe North or from tbe Fouth: and furthermore, that If, io any ttpi>, ibe oltfarebe do pet quietly submit to the will ol a i-orrtttuttonai niaj. nty of the people, as rrpreesed at tl o bi' i't box, Hie li'!-t hattlo between freedom apd r :?v. rj will be Ii ught at axo may God delend tbe right tv? rrrvrrti or tofiso* awt> Rtrmmoii. Tn nlti tf the geperal fund lor circulating ope hundred llci 'ttd roptfs o tin wt rk it. bit>J, su^n-rlptlons up to tbo Ifth of .In e. aroout.t to about f 3 "00, of whioh tbe fi llowirr. sp win roper t tveiv opiear, have been ro* CI ivtd tn srn p . I frr,m 110 to $2f0 ? Peers, Abtrr. Ni w York sity $10 FVppiy. B W ,NVw Yurkciiy 100 lb own Nichols*. Warwick, B 1 100 bordirk, ASber ft , Bn oklyn, N. V 100 ( larke. Jsirr* Fret map. Jamaica i'la.ns, Msrs.. 10 flay . C*?atus M . WhlUbatl, Ky 26 flay , TaiPlos XI , for a Kentucky clergyman 150 Cla) . fassius M , for several jiersons. 10 liarrab. F'heit 1. , Vrw York city 10 I* iWej , K (i . TV stop, Maw 60 KmI eett, viilitRi. Jr., F<sUn Mia* 100 Fsrt tm. Joratban. Miilvt le, X'asp 10 l;nke, KdwarOP W., Brcckljp. N'. Y 100 Fc sd cU . ?amutl, Ctoclrrafi. Ohio 10 Frrteb, Htl'et, K'. w lUvtn, CeLP 10 Krlshte, M J , New York city... 100 Frotl t> B.. Jiraey flty N.J 100 t rodlre. II. It ,ard fr i pd. We-Liugton, D. C 18 firttley R. rar e, Vow York C'ty 100 (?reepleat, R Hiftrp, Mas* 50 llsrris. Fdward, Wot ^aoekct, K. 1 100 Hedrtrk, llrP>ro:P S . New York City 50 Helper, Rilltp R.. New York city 100 Uurlbnrt, V Brooklyp, N Y Si .lay. .lehc.New York c ty 100 Kill bam, Kdrar, New York city 2'. McCau ley, William, WOmlngtou. Del 10 Marble, Nathan PoriBtron N. Y 10 May, Paarnel, Brston. Mass 100 Morgan, Kdwin I)., Albany, N. Y 100 Ntsmltb. Jobn, liowell, Mas* 100 Norton, Jot n T , Farmlnston, Conn 900 Parsons, J. C., Now York 10 Pinner. M , Ksnsaa Cltr.Mo 10 P'umly , Beelamln Rnrh, Itliadelphla, Pa 100 lUndo'ph, Evan.Ptitladetpbla. Pa.......... 20 Rtiitiblicass at Pi.ttsville aud N. Coventry, Pa., $40; Crown Point, N Y . til M R< publicans of ftbawneo Vound, ?20 Poutb Dead, lodlata. 80 Roberta. W 8 . New York olty 10 Roblnron. Hanson. New Caatle county, Del 90 Ryersra, David, Newton. N. J 04 gaerraap, ft N fttdrpsburg. N. Y 82 P?ith, (terrll, Ivterboro. N. Y 90 i?|.rlrg. Marcus, Mgleawood. N J 100 fober Johp A . l?n!trta. M. Y 10 Strarsbao, J S T Rmoklyn. N. Y 100 Tapian, l#wls. Br?.kl>n. N Y 100 Tti mas Wm B , Philadelphia, Pa 100 Tuetdy. Fi*mund. Newport. R. T 10 Waiipwortb. .laaxstt , N?w York city 100 V. akirnar, Abram. N? w York olty 100 Wr?d, Thurlow Al'wpy, N. Y 10O WL.te, Aaron, Tl.i tnprou, Ckcn 10 Wr iht.l. N James A , Philadelphia, Pa 80 W.H'iJ, ill a.) tor u II . Albany, N Y 100 A A IK ? H . HO C C . *10; D. D .810 t. E., l.r I V 1.5, North Carolina.... K.S f> > M . Wl mlrrtou. I>el 10 Afr?rd,by!< I. 8. well, Boston, Mas*., 810, F. B , B.otk'jp.N. Y. ,125 85 Total $3, Sit srircD or jib. seka&b it Bnteinm.' Pi.vfiBiJrrrv*. nc< 24,tf?0 A repaHican ma?? meeting waa held here tble after noon Tbe Wide Awtkea from the turrounding Isealltlri cww to y a In tbe detnor.rtmtlon. Tfce platform vu erected at tbe root of lb* Court Hooae Hill, and tbe aa dlence occupied tbe ascending ground. The preliminary organixatloo bar'ng beae tfr?-ted, Oorernir Seward waa Introduced. and received wltb great applanae- Be commenced by remarking that be bad br<n In tbe bablt of aaaoclatlrg great Interest* affecting tbe country or bnmaalty with local It lea uhlch ?< f tr'd peculiarly adapted to tbelr pa/ttrrlar re cepittp. After allutioca to Pai<ttiae, tbe Nile, the Sctaa, I'ljno'th Rock and other rlaaatc lo cal itlra, be Mid tha legend* of tbe Pi* qcetanra and tt<rar?a, tbe facladad region, tbe land or inlet, mingled oiDakioe. tta moos tale* ifid plains, and the great arfry of e v Hi rati n and c materce paatlog tbrovgh tt, veined to retider It a place 01 f-.r contemplation. Therefore It aremed to b ra we II cboern forrtSectltg opoa ti e great ph?no memo or oar day acd or jur country. What waa tbe great r l enomorne of lb* year and of tk* timwrt f?iper ?del people might Ull thru It wa* the rtalt nf a aorereiga Prlrce tbe litlr *) parent of II* European monarchy, to the Cn't'd Ptatra That waa an Incident of the 'ea*t p-wtlble ImpnriaBo* to tbe people of tble country. thourh It m'gbt U of ra*t Importance to tbe Trior* and tbe country from wbitb be came. Br t the pf-cnrn-'nin of our day ?ti the rrpibllcati ratty of U>? United Ptale*. It it a phenol ora which bad been wtlrtly mleuBdcretood hy all who had dlreeeted Ootb It, and, be w?* *o rry to *ay, hnt Im perfectly understood by thoee whom It baa enro'lod awng It* member* Ita arp<*r?ree ob ibe atage of h"mar?a<-ti >a hat t*k?n the rorjrtry hy ?urprl?e, aa the R^onttntinn aad tie American Keri lutloa took tbe whole world by ?crprlfe. Tbe republican party la lta*arti<i*t dem-aelra., waa weired by an tncredtilooa and ttnlnMiyenl world, eery mt cb a a Ihona great areata bad l eer on ter ?VchI. It waa thought a trace ^nt, aa tfllh<i*hattc r "*rty . a fanatical party? creryth'ng hot wfcat really la ? power, di mltatlrg over a'1 other political power*, u<l c*u?!.'og all rppoaitloa before It. It wa* to mere aapling am )>y tbe fountain, I ut a rturdy, endearing, perroacnt oak, ?prcrg op from tbe acorn, and of political oectaaity men bed ceaeed to thick that they eoald pat It down by the ordinary appliance* of politic al action Ait at iaat all wbo diaeealtd freai It bad b*ca pat to tbe ncoaaalty nf ceatbiairg la one tnal deaperato eflhrt, wltb tba hope tbat U>ey weald (Illegal* h It. Only aa late aa Iaat December Joba C. Break Iaridge, who waa wiaa beyond Ibe ordinary mratnre of wtodrm for yenng men. had annoaaoed tbat tbe country waa mined exarpt tbe repv.bllcaa parly wa> ratingntebrd It ??? not atravga tbat tbe organlaatlon, growth atd de?elop?ment or tbat party waa etr?*??, paaairg atrarge, that after a priod of all year*, throogb wbleb It had been going on dally eocqoerlnf and to a>,o> qoer all opperitioo, tbat It wan Jnat a* moeb mieumief (tood by our poliCeaca ard itatoimen to '*y aa !t ?it at tie '?*g rn rg Tbe ftneraiitei of | <tic?i inei war* eighteen veara? no more, no i??a. Thoae who were ya tiling Into their gravei were lay thing but repubUJaaa Por every democrat w ho pushed Into tbta grave two m pablicats came upon the Fiaga of action every year, 't wwt un>> a aim vie ra?U. r <f the dtviMon oC ttie geuera tiob Into years How many year* would UKo to ?>M enough to the republican mijolty to give It t.h? rapport in nuaibe'B wbloh it fail. J to Lave at tbo lust triair Th> re was abuudai t reason tbat the republican i<?r'y mini succeed and tbo dcmnC'atlo party dec! no TV people of ibtr oouutry to 18CQ numbered thirteen ooto liita ai d four milll*>rs; 10 d*v they cumber tmrty mil liona ?nd thirty fim Slates Stuoo that period taoio b*l Uten gi li g ou the gr. at prohVui of koci.ty , wUh b **?, tbat whereas lu tbe jiar 1H00 overy laborer <??b I'Ca tl call) a Hnvelio'der, aud ibat slaveholders directed t!i i political inductee of Haves, al th "y were count ed la ?umbers? that tint statu ot things baa been ri moved, and tbat seven of th' < rig'rsl thirl' fit s'av? Static bavo ^unie fiee anil tttre have bran ad Jul tUvtu more free Huiea. making t Ightei n wlni h n )> it tue ?>?'.eui if A i n-au >U?? lahoi , uui that lb if system lat been brontfhUutoaoonfl-ct with tbe oil" r ?)t>t<m, uui tbat in this * ay each elan* o ( ' Hian?, huiMir g on H k o ? 11 system itw foundation or p?li i tical jower am Infl-ieiio.) in (tie federal I'alou, bar at last cott.ti into a c rfltet, an trrr i^rc i sinte conflict Wth th-> oibt-r. Kviryoocy night havt- kuo?n. forty, tilrty, twuly' )tar| ago, that just tbut , oonfilct must liu,':,tn, but ibi> mroocratio party, the .-id al g part) ai.<l the Ki o* Nothing party, tireiglt ?eve 1 re ly warr t u. w-ou d not b< Here it Thime pow m bad ' all perished, and Uim great utcesaity baa brought up ha ' foie 'Le ?liw!e world a pint/ lLal c uipi< li'nds *twli? g. lig on n the onuntry, and a.'aita to It. That wan tbu whole i biloscpb ? of the republican oarty. It did nil iLiuunUr any ro?istauce tJ iU j ruortss. Itciiely ui|i?ii| that In all ' TerrtorlflB |??w r*to hi iht- I-mlaim, I hi ae luilan* fhould, I wtih the ruMi D ary bumiulty ol our oounlry, be dm piat.tC,ana new Malo b? liirmAi by fine whiu< men of Huh ( tioiili) ai d fri'in Kuro|io Uo tbe oiher ?ide it #aa raid tbat iboe>* r?rrituriee mu?t be ?avvd from tbo A f lean tlare. liul not ulu i ?gr? lr..ui Afr. a e.Vfr voliiatarlly eti.lgtali it to ibe Ann rioai costjuept, if rvor tquatted or pri' < inliUd lu tti u? rcrruotug, wlule frio white mere o> ntn 1 ally (.oliif there; and there wi ro tbo tauei vi acre! in ie m the rlare 8taK( than were re quir< 0 let tbe Oitcvndar.Mol '.be neKr?ei< In tbe South for tl i ii' it tiLidrio yiarf. Wnv do '<ei iraua, and Iriah, and Ano ricai g? t> Km hh and Neirwk* inatead of to Vtrgin a r North Ctrohna? Siuiply beoaiiHa wb'ia It" > KO to V (tioia o> N'litb < audita they Un1 them telvra lu an tireprraaible ovnlllct wr.u the African | a'ave A* there wan no reamtai ce to Iho i pi ?. I lea ii party, and to tbe arcompiitbmfnl of Its | D'H m totbite*a?Bi> p<?lble argumtut agaUist It. In tbe tblicre cf argument t..oee npp"Hml to It nought to ( |i cunt l? piognra hy ra meg eavilK about tbe conalitu | lion ; bul r "where d ea the u. restitution ?anctl >n slavery I ?itn.n Ibe jar.allcticn nf Ue frderal Union. Tncn they ; ra^ll iibonl Ihe riputdlran e.onitruetion of the l)?clara lien ?.f lndi (.? neei re Tf e d?mi'e 'ate '*y that the true J (iBt iroctiou in that all whito mi i ?r? created eqnal ; but tbo declaration of Independeuoe uwrtN ihe fact In regard to human n^tnre 1 lb i oti out tbo vtboe world. Mr. Seward j iti ubitC not tbat the tegro In many ratpecUwu nu- i equai a i<b tbe white niau; bi-t ho tr.aintaiu>d iua'. tnere , wa? Juat ?p much Ictqualiu aoiung v. tit. men, ph>sl, Bocialiv ar.d it. u I v? tu?Uy , nl Ibue w<? among im j;?i i p loi all kLe? i here whs Inequality bel' ti a une (ii o arnl while men; bui lh<y were al iqu?l in our p. nil. al righti He I au rhown iben ih it the r^publie^iii party w a? a ti crw it) . tnat it wiaa heoulyvaily that acopu iireif to the ? sigenciea cf tbe tim<a, and liiere' ire icut prtvaiJ,* it a. c^u the priucl ilea o< moiali .y | and l un aLity What irmoimd tn he .irm r Votumg, ho la'd, hit to erjoin ihia laci cotaideralu n on their m mory ; an' that laal coLaiileraiiun Mr. beaard proueded toeu Jotn. Tbr llor. F. I' Slant, i and tier. N'yc fallo 'e.l 1 1 the evening Ex Uovrrnor >oid, i f OSlo, am the U ui Mr. B< wara, apoke in !? lren eti'n Hill, ai d at night the vVl la Awaksa paraded through Ibe aireeta. JHSCELLCVEOn POLITICM ITE1H. Thk Onxno* t'jrmtn Ptatw IniKn ? ?The overtttd mail has announced the c.oc'.l >o by this Oregon I >gl*l? ture of two Unit d Slates fenst-vi. ???>. W. N- ?mlth, democrat, vu elected for tlx Tf sri from the 4'h of Uarch, 18C1, In piaoo of Hon. Joseph Iaoc, whoae term of service will expire with tb? priBi-nt Congress. Ed ward 0. Baker, republican, waa < 1* aen to Oil Ibe va cancy, and bla term wilt clone on th" 4 h of March, 1S?5. Bow Tnrv Yot* is Yiecwia ?The felt wing is wn et tract from the election lava of Virginia ? The writers flail ent-r the name of escb voter (n a oo! >mn ('n the poll book) to b? headed with the wori's " >'*me? of Voter ?;" and tpposltc tbe name if lbs vot<r, a mark tmlcr ttv unou each perton (< r ahom be Mia. Ard !n an election fur elw'ori lor I'rc-eiident and Vice 1'rraldent Of the United DMct, tb. mid Offloer rt*il receive from ea .1 voter a paper or ticket ooatetiilcg tbe nantl of aa miry per lore for electore aa Ihe 8taV> may b- entitled to fur the till)* being. Tbe r.ume of the voter i-hall In* written tntt<tbatkuf U>> payer, and lu- ti.<iii bWodcoltu vtva Voe# ft>r wh^m ho v tea aa r'e tnrr, e u-er by rejieat't if tho i *. a of ea< h portion \o'ed fnr, or by any other ?ti? t'rici drstgnatk n of tb< m MUMWril provided |itU II be be daml lie may vot" by b?'l ?(. W ? ttm vote n ro (clftd i ? t> .? coma estneers, It Khali he recorded on the tto 1 bo> k a* am ???aid After the n?a>?? ut ? the v t< ra of ftrlcg to vole Uciore tbe time of closing tlio election ahall been been tbna uterel, t!'e > tr ihali < ji ludi- tbe !>? II Immediately on ire er>n;!urton Ihccof, the nwree i luaanf tbe |ioll at all be certified by tbe comma*) inrra ni*rlntend t x the election. and by the ofllo< r conducting t! o wmo. It,c I'llici ra cosdnctttif tbe ekot' it at the p ?o a > 'her than the Owrt Rfiw, shall report and de li\ . r IJ.c poll within 0?c fays alter the c jmn-enccncut of tbe tin wcu to tbe oi'iiuaiaaioncri at tbe CtMirl liouaa. Unrut rw* Ou? Ai.a ?The following Idler ' waa written by lion. Abraham l.'ncolu, lbs republican Candidate for, the Preslde-ncv, to John M. Car* in, Kiq , obairman of tbe Committee of I/Pdure* a' the Harrlaon Lterary Initltnte of IhU city. It :? d?to<J l? j mouthi preT.ova to the m<etlng of the Cb oa* > Cnveu' >d, an>t may bo oonaldered a enr <elty Id politlm'. literature ? f i rmtiriKUi, III , Apr'.: 7. IMO )om VI Cum,bq ? I>>?r 8i< ?V jara of Maicii 11, ad<!rif?cd to n>?> at Ctilcafo, and ?? <Wlrg 13 ?'rurifo wllu me to vrtnrc for tbe Uarr.ton Literary iLMIt'iie, baa b<*n rccaltcd I regret tu my I cam. t nix > au b aa ar raeyn (M. 1 am iiot a i rt?f< wiotal Kcturtr? bate never got up but nee lecture, an i thai, t thick, ruher a p'or ore Bettdee, wbfct time I cm ?,'?re Imtj my own ? .? I i ? tin/ f< ar , I (ball be eoiEp lie I tu fire t<> polM'ea Rerpectfnlly youri, A. I .INC >IJ(. E.\auaa Tai cm u> Fx t a < r Ou> A ?i rom tbefuU?w. Ing paragraph. It will be *to that 1. ncoln la favored by l!.c ! rglltb pr aa. Tbe Lon Ion CkrmkU taya:? We kouII be very aorrv to aee Mr. Douglaa elated, became be ? in aver of tbe cbscxHiug tnatitntluM a.? tuey Hilt, and ttc unity of the Ftaua Ibcre la no tale ty f(>r K .n jean m^carcila! . vert?<nt? If tbe prnjrea rive B|. r t of tt-e di "T-iirr ? f II' United Mtetea '? n! lowed to i icceed. hi ct 1 ti.r In, a&4 tb* Crit tlovr ti U.c t?)Araiioa ?f lUe Lalt< a rtatee la (d -cicd. FkWAM) a C'Atr era mh Kg Kuhtx I ho I.yaoa (M. Y ) MrfuUicm*, announoie that m ?ard la a o?..dl< ate f <r ra election to tbe United Set. ate aa follow# ? Remi ruber tljit every vote i.?at foe^. bn H I,*m ire* ? ? la a v te lur tbe rc < ler lion to tbe I nib d teul* of l>-at fcarleM elKtipt^n of h mac liberty, William B *rd Rernetriber that erety rote oa-t ar*tnvl bim Ml tbe aanre as a rota age ion tbe gallaat .Henator. Ct aim o* rna ktir ?Andrew U. CurtJs, the new'y elei led Ooiersor of Peneaylrania, will addreea the pen | !e of Providence, B I , oa Frlday*ev?al*f. Ptcu.vrj? A Ka fiteTKi.v.? Hon. laaat t Red Be Id, after he* leg be?n on tbe Supreme bench of Vermont J lat toe qnart?r of aoentnry, ant fir the tact ten )tara lta Chief Juatioe, baa deel aed a re elect'oe. A B- axr?? RrmA* o* tin t-"Tr*r ? Oetiiral Datt. R. Atefciaoa, ttie oooe ?otorlom border. nifflM of Kanaaa, and l olteil .'late* iti? lur from M aaonrtr ba? been ln damd by the exigencies of tbe preecat political trills to come out of bis retirement and take tbe etump. Tax PBACtuut. On hat: am 0? ? n Rai riiaMi* ? He valos "f slaves who hero oacaj-ed Ironi tL<i nounti^s of Ronrbon and Fayette, Ky , wilbln the last mot. lb Is (Sllsaali d at M6, KO. Tr s Et'TTAMt ?Many years ago IClwood r#tcr predicted t' at tbe epitaph which In future age* wots! I b? Inscribed up o NT political tablet wonld ttad as rollowa ? Btro lies a pro) le whi, In alrlvlag to gltrt lli>c?ty t ? tb< tegro, lost their own frse e?m. Ins E.ats T*o> MIS I? Tt'Xlta ? TT." M'.tWlag r- te, fii m tbe Columbi a Sun is fro? a but'.- reapcoUhle aad reliable gentumac ? Ktiiim. fla., 0?t 18, IW. ?nic leswirertleisary war la Cblboua oonnty la el ?n or I P<are reigrs In tbe disturbed district, fbe aopre n try c' tbe law haa been vindicated. The paitU* ae ? r d, a* a general tblng, iu>mitu*l to the auihor ' m i auien have b'm committed on a c*ia*g? of imtrder, ten i f a*'aal . with Icteet to kill, and a large aumber Here nqiired to And lecorltlea to keep the |?i*. Teir v three committed on a charge for conspiracy tne ettlain naMMtS conducted tbemeeives la an admirable manner. Tk? Uwtlea of PrtiMrntltt Klertora. XO THR EPITOIt OF THE IffRALP. J flea you a aartioo fro-n Ju I*" Worjf'a Omtn"0UrU? f.n the C->, apripoa to yornr latalllceat m ft** Itott tipna the <iotl?a of Preaidaiitlal elortora llpr*aenta ? fall aoawar l? ? beqaerlea of Iba black rapnbllcan orjr?r? a* to bow J ad re Krai, Jamea I >? pay* tor 0/ lea and other* lat*o4 to vtita If alee lad. All that ara are eatitle I to know U>, that lhaf will a*ercl?a their beat Jadfaiant aa aat* republleaai to pat <low? tba Motional affiuiloa wbiah row una to lata thaomintrf TV1 aholeeof anpte'lfr-1 elee Vra la a alap la tb#V1(ht direction. LEX amBT rm rwa or?aniii Tina a*? Thora pr<.baM) la no pert nf tba plan of tba frame r* of the ror?t;totiin which, I .< ttoallf atw?* or, bin ao Mile r<*nt'** I ;ha ftt i latloa of |t? frlenda aa that w'uicli r-farda lt?' ? li"ir? of I'retiileat. The r aoduabiciljr latead id Uw? ifca I tcioia ?LimM be Icli free to mike the eh ilea arrrr ir? U> ibe^r own MibtI of the re'mlva m?Mla ? If' f|i a ilcattf ta rf tl-e eandMatea tar thia hlfh office. ??<i >L?t II f ? ?>? 'l be ui. vr a? pte>Ve lo ?i y 1 ,|?il%r 1 ,V. vf.U, ti .'die i .d?4 / u : I 'j?J lAtscu-v*. In N-th r<*rj>?rt* tbe ma( hM dleeppelnted alt these n pecutot*. Ibe Ueotor* v? now alrnuat ueiwaaily pledgtd to Mpport a pMTtleulMP OU <MlU before Ihry receive tbclr own appointment ; au.l they do little u.ure than regmter the previous rtrcee*. pottle by puMto and prlra'e i?e?tlng* of 1 1 ?? enmij of their own HUto Thi* Krr?nleut i* in i o jut itut tbe uubiaared cbuxo '>1 the people or or (be ?latf* H? ka e.'.rm uly the representative o' * party ai >1 ctt ul the t'r lor ; atid'lhe dan <er, *ber?-Orr>, I* that tbe < IT.ce n?y herraftir be tilled h* tbo*e who wIM gratlty the pr'vate nrfkl?tliU. or prejudices, or ae'Sili oi>j-?ou of lbelr pari i'*r,*, m'.hrr than by those wbo will ?tidy to fn'fll the high i|. M'ey e/inietn tUted hy the om ftiliil'i n, *nd he tue impartial patrous, *upp>rU>rii and frier <!? of Ha great ic tared* of the wholu country. New lorn tkiikla. TO rUK KUITriK UK 1HK IIKHU.O. Fr^m the rtp< rt IV llo Comptroller of tbe State It sp pTWS the C(?t of Ihtge "great and ipago,tl'-..nt work*" an ount t'i $42 'J6m 170 82? that Mice 1H64 til H9.'J 2VH 73 of the amount have been expended to tbo tolargcruent, and that I he auOUCt of r. all2< d toll*, during the last live ] yrar*,'* but $10,718 307-av< rsgit g $3,U7,?<il 10 per : year. He alio Hajg, "they arc at thit mororitn depreMe 1 ! by t bi u naue debt which Las bten hi aped up/u tuuiu, that their traffic bus been too heavily lai d, and has b eu ] <liv<y;ti J into rl\ul channels, where ft w>er and bettor policy haftlwtD pursued,'1 ant "that abuses of a grona and *e*t<!alou* character (Hit, involving, It is frarod, tbo 'ctrfrlty of !? me of ito ceivanta of tin- g'jvorument '' Anil lu the elaborate report of tho Auditor. In which ho hat) 'abort u to prove that the fait it g olftu the receipt* la clnrgnttjle to the raiiroa'i*, be *aja ? the .-.iiu'ii* h*ve Ortwd )bi Diselres it in public orbttdence, ati'1 we have the giatifj l g *p<i lacle of seeing thai the coiuwei clal tun i.a(' b> rue iiirf.i< their imperial water* ti ls;>9 was a lit tie n ore ihnri nxtj t n p< r nei I . of tbo whole imp>rl ai d eiporl loinage of tbo Un'toJ Hialo*;' an I lu th? rto tall he alio* a that the eritirn tonnage liuring the l*?l llvo jiaif amounted to 17 9il).lC8 'ota.yl whi .ti Hio iio.iuct \ cf He tot eat utui cmm to 7 I7i 613 UiB> ? ? t li'tlu" ov r tl r?e rlgblbe, or ttjlrt) e'gbl p?r c< nt of tbe wli .lo an i not Uot hb the n or>i|"? f.nni toll* arnjuiite I to$|t, 4 .8 (!?C'? ill riji'l g of wbloh Ibo lucnl>er ga.e I ut I41'4 677? per )f*r, whilu the ajrloultural prot.iee lit' j tweirty *eTi n per cent of tbe tonnage) gave #97X, 117 or tb Is4 i t i I* p? r toi about d' uhly tbo charge upo r luci'er. ThU ? apeitaule,1' t'tiugh gralifylng to (hit tjlhiftbe Aui iliT, alio j rl apa a nugget 'I II. o poclten t'f II e lumber>, i? ijtil ijuite an e>ar to tbe eye* of the agricultural; aril perba k tb? pariltit who are obliged to the bill* would rather its ?' imperial water*" artre lf?* by pli l> uu lumbr r, SJ.'i.c t onto per toil ?gal*(t 34 CO R "a little" lo . r un lur Cl'ijbopp*'r#, and ] i I li*|* Ibia arljiwttni I t. w Itu "bo dl*|M>*ll?>u ol tin) ?. i - i Uiti n lr. ill U na, ih the *olution of tbo U ui,ili oil. r V cnig rna li e buelnetu, u* premulgated, foot* up '.u tbia w i?e : ? 1'ioOut t of forttd, S8 per cl of whole, ? r 34 tit) eta i>er ton. Agf'I produce, V!J " " W> f4 " " Mibu'ariurt*, 7 " " 89 15 " '? lleiehai.d)M, 7 '? " $1 01 ?< ?' Other uiliclm, iiO ?' " iil 00 ?' " KACr.J. Coroner*' Inqaciti. Fata: RiiikcaD Aeni k\t ? E'ward t'urry a dlr' ear bid, wtitle crctalng the Bur'1 m Railroad track, bear F'lty alxlk ftreet, yis'orday morning, abort lea o'clock, '?a^ run in r by ? tram of car* and almaat ln?u Hy klllt'l The boi'y nl deceateii wax Onav*Ttd t a Ihs Mm teei th j recltct rtatiem bonre, where Coroner Sibtrrn'r l.i Id ?n 'i qro<? iwikpcI lived in SutUnh atreel, bo iwiei J rrt *Ld fMocO ?v< m ca. FrhMSd Finn Ctii'tLTT ? V'iry P Bij;ray dlod at \'o. 1 Uay itiMt, jmtarday, from tbo efiecta of buruaaosi rtrctaMj ri*i Irrd en the JCith ult., by the ? ityhalni of a buro'ni Ihi'l !a>p np>n b*-r ttmo. Oironer Sohirtaer i I :d ?n Irq'tcM uf"0 the h.n?r VerH't In aoanrdaooe I * tli tb. lib. ro fa~ui I>. neaaed wm twenty-four year* i 'if ?n<-, ant war a n live of Iht* city. 9CAIMD to ElAra? in lolatt child, named Meyer j :?'.r u?*. where parent* rcr.Je at No M fiaulM Urett, I d'.il J ral? ; c*ay from Kit fflc? of Injurtea ar -Mentally ' t'Ci Ived Mi tin 31 'lift , l>? the ?|iri tting of a pot .if b 't | n ii<c 'jpi o bla i (vk arid hr'-ntt Uorwier Schlrmar held an irt njon tbc body, w ben thu Jury rendered a ror- 1 diet cf "Accidental ("rath " Domestic \ i \v ? Itnni. tVM fxl!T?Tl< 0? PltlUlPKJIT Bl CHANAN tO Ami IT K Jk 1 p?a ?Our Be) rout c< rri apoaderl write*, ?i a the it ? ton : r,tliatihc arrlrai ( l a hcaeliful c*no of bs inly ! alhir lu.tLlcd Cell'* revolver*, with a bit oootalntug I over two tliourabd cartrldgee, fmm the President o' Iho l'? it" 3t*t?*, ar ? prcacat to Abd el Kader, created bubo n i ia'lou there, It war on exhibition for reveral daya at U.i I '.:ted State* Or.culatc, and tbfl plafotn ?.tc greatly a a oared. Tb* jre-i Ll la ? otlb a'-outfl OUO, and *a*v. con i tt> ltd by a-- m; ;rrent?ry letter to the AU^rln'-cbtef Tin i ld ben. ?'.s mi rb ene?tc,l upon the r'ccplloa oflUt un. *|<ecieJ aprii elation i f bia humane < ffirta by tbo go Ten ii ? at of tho I'n'tcd ?Utea. A (ivuT Yiuaw os Taut ? Wt\i?B, Va , Oct, 17, IHO.-YtMWdi) Ijdirp Alilri.!)io waf arra?g' r<l r In* ?raaalrlBf Ulat, t liarrtd with baring mur :?re I bla am and< r, after violating hi-r p?-r? ?? Aldrtdga, *hen ttr?t aiitaUtl w?a tak u froui tb<i guard, aa4 bia r.<l!1a tni'e, and i an u rerj near tM>ln( banjii il, acd would Hi dim n . fmet' hii-ri. la J Uo Ua4 not 001 r.*B' to hav cunnlUed I the prn .ir , wl..n h? waa aent h*r< from Kct iiicti-y, a* ] l.r n il.t?fcl tibavp n :t 'lercd brr oil linn " tn'ly Tim ;>eofta luro wcio teror n ore excited Wtieu ttr Wltcbrr mine lo apeak of tbc forlorn condition nl tlie in ' 1 1 r ?ten fce w a? iturtWsnd<<t hj an Indtrlated 'arc, Uie ro a aud rtlDii pn |iar? i and bla o-ni* arl'xi Uiua extorted, lo ?aa p<.coliar!y afc<iueal, and maay vera no red to tear*; but VbuUuil Scut km uu lor lurUier Utai. Ft inor or a ^ t"tnaii*rR ran* Fr^R or a ft at* Nora WTKix ? Tbe Ixiiilari.ln (A C) Jl-r ilii rtatca Uiat lt?t irrcK a altlita, in ttie ntn i r part i f tbal 'liMrlcl, lalitm f IV It, uWmlttad ?i ii ilc b ow I k out I. ? hraliiawllh a?b' tpuo It leemf that he hat been much birravnod In m nil with the r?ar of an ma.irrectitn for come time, ar d had. lain with bia arm* beaitlo bim Uie tiijbi before bla dealt. lea Tmin aim 05 Lnxo IrtjiJin ? Thu wire la not yet be'rii eirrtflnd, l> I will be In a ttry (bar) tliW It la not nla rdeit at prraert lo r >n a branch from Kin rhead, bet fr< ra Orrmport to Kag Hafbur, and Uifu e to Mia lank. Ttio cab1* a:ro?a ibe l*ion'l will cot be lal l hufore a; rlrg T?>o Importance of thw line will be mnob en f arre.1 bj the c< nt' mp aled artlnn if tbo Araoe tied Preea. (1'r ]?*?> f (/. /) IfiUaaa, M 20. r MiMAanma Bsiuirsb ? Jutuea Cttmianla, Pcatmadar MCarlMie Pprlrga, Pa , bar- been rem tnl i!ie ollgi (all 'h la teeri-?*?y oti y <"fr i , Ibe watirl i I (. i.tli fd, I'ccaui be dtri'li i bn o>ina.!. kooh wnb a fl r !n Saw Ynrken aiju at'ty of nrirate elr^ulara sent tl-rehj ta .1 fliiu to be ma '. I Toe ra". e.. re b-? I ii t ii pu't'K 'I w:tn refrti e In t .( Puln i't' r Jeorge \% I. .e, and tbc oll.oe at Wietmort land depot, Ne e lltaip afeue, lor tt.gk|.i.g la Uie - gill cuUrpt .cc ' bua aaaa. Ptm.nnl I ntel I la enrr . Jodge ftinreh, <H I'eaoajlrania Mr I'enn and wife, of Wnntr< al; M B FM4, uf New V<?rk. aol t.eorce W. lit a y, of B< n?bey, are at. | | .tg at the f ift't Arenuo lie tel. Jei'fe V? Turd, of Trey f^pta'n Tin red Mr F n. Car l>rf Mk if tb< I'liWrd S?at'? army. I' 'I Walker, of ' I I I lai><* , ^d K a (ii bi rt an 1 lamliy , iA I't oa, are eiop I it g at it?< St. N ii holaa Hotel. I it and II1** ''Ctll, <' Qutbcc; J H Fak n and party, if I'tahrtlle Tr n II ( iUell, of Vcrmo-.t. H r, i f ihe I it t'd Ctalea arm* ami W. it goater. f Prlaoe. I' n . X J., are ll. ^ mg at the Metropolitan Hotel. ( ?pt A < nado Of II a ana. H. Almy and wire, of C>a rre'ient 1. P. It air, of Lm.tkm.aM C fliarrie and wife, of 1 liiladtli'bla, arc r topple ( at the I^firgo llooae. Ohliaary, A?i *i? B Hrrr-Hijuxi*, a ton of .leare riutsbliiaon. of Ml"crd, Kew Hai?t*hire, and brother of Ibe well known )!elfhia?< a ?lrg> ra lied at the f/inatln lloapilal, al (%intb that n. of 1 1 lot, to it.f arnty , on 'aturday. He eat dfty. two year* of *|e, ai d for many y ?a a a gr jeer upon Broad tlr eel (nai rt < ?lenal*r? Tlile Day. I > ?tai?- < ,v i it tot *t ? liraaii and petty Jurlea ori*# 'il. firm* Cetar ? f'tacTTr ?A* before. hi rmaioa (e.l ?r Putt ? Th i being the laat e'ay for ler'ectirr bali.ralitUUin paperi, the j .r i<a bar* le?n dim, an 1 ror the term. Iipremt lonif-drmlt. Before Jnege A I en ACTIO* gfiH AW AfLT AKf? BATTTRT. Cry 24? Hlrphm A Avrtin It A'.r?.i en<f Rirck ? 'n tt, a care which la* l>?i' fally repTrt?d m the Hrattli, the Jury iccdered a rentlel of alt eenl* for platel.fT Arrivals an. I Departure*. IMIIVUf. T*iRrA-S?lfc II?n*a4? WlacM. nl tl f rMh. '< IXIT'K1*. Po*T 4r flirt? n?l# Rmikcv? F J \\ aJdmlr, '* !j tad f% m l!y . K F.mrxt, I it ?r g n?r>aafc-E?v>l Cbkieokr. 1 Jim ten, R f"<cck. rrriR-rriir?. I I iT*?rfK>f - *t<-ar?nb'r Africa K?t R Onndtt, Tod; I> 0 1 ? ? I- ? i . V, ? ^ rf. ? i:T v- ?n<! Vr* ?,! Tr? >?l ard (> r*at,t. Kr? V'aa |r*r> do; MHw'H R Ra'lOT, m II M If?h. do. Miaai' H Irl.h An. * A ~M>|. ?T Ni. M T, Vim n t? l!,???r. K *n? A oh MMUm!, Jm lnir*(?i) Fbl a Jbn hV.Jokt v ? ? >? ! ' ? V i?.<1 Vr .'?? Ifarr'a-n It ' ir , h, , w rrdtnt i,? f In W H?nlwm Pktlt- nrm??j' Plhi 'ln, Knr; Mr (.(???! la-n rl ?'?an aw* atrrattLVatv -it*. ? Ut?n t Mr ? rd Mr* |l>arr M Kef. 14 I' f i?r? r. rh'i*. .1 Miranda, M'.W'a, .?? ? n 1 arr ? .1 >, ?>'. , ^ t Aaiirawa. Ireltad, Irtoh, Newrn?t, i ?| t?a'<tniar, H<ia in* ?r?fi AHll M' nr-*? *b|1a. ft a Waaka. NT. K Kfoc t n. MltaFmilk ldin?<iirf ; Mr ai.d Mr* Jt? A 'lr?h?m Tan nmH'itoul ?mr?'li? U W II r*i;#ra NV I, ltd r?'"> n ?rd *<?. MT; Om Ml"?*ll. 0'?m<r ???rm?? ard M?r a i u ? >r Ihna Ire y, Fal'?. F H> r -??. For, Mr and Jt>* llnatfw*. *Y. C?m Rew'all rht'k ?r? * Vel*11a?. HT. f ??! mrtfl. tnr Mamai Mtaa, CM 111 HI la ?v"* cn?i.?iMi- mawMfctr Kirim-l w b??i( mii Mr J* ITerrj awl Ikdf. I'r H r Flah'.nraa, A Bmu>a. M?a 1 M Und ..r V^TWarrVa, W J Harder. J R (lrMM. 1 MMdWon. Jr. r f| R ke*r>a t? f-laarl. A F flreene. ?nTarV;i, I R a I r'tlMdna aod tody, <'aUrrla# Itbartoek II *??**' J JSLT , art rMM, F Van R?h*?rk, &?. ttfan- aad ?? m. T c I llWyr : Mr* Rrrd#nbnir ?"d Iwo rhlMr?n W H?irr * Ha" *?? ? i r. II IMiaf and twn rblWran. Mtm *?"??/ j I ar,n! J t l.lrtdir R Oortrtl, n ImMM ? fenWh' r<!rr Vra^'aall ard awtljj 0 lf*| r Hr<?*n. *fi? r?.lt am* U>r?a i W.r?B. T t'n?*fd. * * l'"!'* ?, ? ,, 1.0> > d rl' d. C M V.'Li I- " . .V T?. -i. M-. O \ ' '?! 'J' ' , '^VUMM inQi *? 1-^1 I J.rrar..1 S' J* , * * :^,r M sTdJil M| *?????"* * t * WH'Ib. A Wdrlr(?, if ' M Ch I ml. t? H ! Ilan.mrti. W rr^w#l' M? T araa. r " ? '?*. a wi?m..,*a ? M ra?H. Mr Kt??r. *td l? '? ^ ?" r***" . M faalalU ? I..I rW ? i?, J |ra, fWHjlf 't F CITY POLITICS. The In tan City ?nti jr <'???? va?4toii? M MINATION up K II" <in city A NU CO!' MY T1CRKT ? iiik coNViNTioN i '-itnfvn ?? n ii'MfFi i.rn to AlMOthN L* 14.A0 kll'iiite- IUji.I COM \ KM^IJ*. *ic., htc. Tbe I'lIiU CoimiiUoi,, (m cuu,* .,f u,re? |rnm cacti wari* ? ore re|ir?reiiul'?e 'nr. ? art. (,r ik- ^lrt? political orjaB iiai iora tp|m< d >11 I it m>iii? imwd u> i Lit* National Yi lei te?-ia to tuactnbln and (elect a luk.m li. *?i |0r H o fttjr, roonty renfTPiftlKCtl and Af . mblj. aomlnattriba, from the varli ca cabdidk-ca alieauy m tbe Mil, b*ld au a^jnuritd Dicetltg lait Difbt at tbo Volnnleera' bead qaartof, 761 Bioadway. Mr W J* >I< tu rn prealdel, TIM mil waa calli-d, and all lUo wa>d? wero found to be NpriiwDted Much debate and loud lain w<-ro oreaal' Bed by au atti nipt to'carry out a reaoluMou adopt ed at a previoua meeting, wbi< b gave to c-acb ward dele gation tbe rlgbi of dilltg vacanoiea. Geo. Ijjjy u apolte atr< t r y ?*alBat thia rtroJutloo, arguing tbal It wa? ua fair Id a I'uton Convection to give any one "member tbe privilege ol lllhii it bia delegation by laro others of the lame parly, Mr. Lloyd, consequently, oil red a rea-ila tion that vacatcKa ib? I ho dlied by persona of llrn hi, me I'OIiikuI com plea U n as ill- no k'tn lit , mb'r.h *aa adopted. Mi liovD pnxDird a niaj >rtty report ou city and ?n oty tiiniittiioiii aa follow* ? r. t o Mipcrii i l nil ? Krtd A. Tallinadge. >'or < .1; Jugl ? i lit K l.l.ilgttoU. I-oi Kicridt*-. Jil l T H. li "im. V'T Sbircgatr? Idwarn C West. tor fnpi umi- C. r* b*uri*aeider. Kr.r Ih k u tii? Jun .fc 1.) i b. Mr Ha v (inn-ntm a n.uerllT report , which waa simi lar III 1 1. at ol the tin.Ji.Hty, ?|ih Ihe ex -iptli u of fcubatl tilling I ho i. MHO ot w v. hitiiuc In Lyocb. <>r> t. ? i . i ibe t.i.vLtiio pnn-*edtd to endorae each i ante oti the to tit) report n paraiely, and urooeedeil ka far it lb- litm-of '.Mich * lUi ut ola'utlnooe. A li ' tlou ?a* li.kile lo atballlute Ibe tamo of Bri li uo fir 1 j iih on tbe rr? riiy rcpirt. Hi" i m- n a l' cue of wild confusion inaned, and all sipararco of Older wan lost Amid a wild (icIKtLiii w?ro tram a tbouta<id bumWrooa too th ir II r ?.'J< t.iMt I I t, (or rr-fPif, and tu facit for any ilili i> -pit rri at<* n r>i lie At thia moineot, aim , lotikl il ihe ? ?il? imathtd Id wltbauuia trim ik i Wide, and a rucal tt.rb made for tbe Chair nan. kvi lythlrjt IrdiCktf d a Trie fli 1. 1. but tbe annear ?i ro of it vual pollcririij prt rented lurtber dletarb At'CO. lien. Una lo ridoin- Mr l.ytuh wis now put and I'krrlii ? Ibo i*i 'i pat Ion liom tfie - Jth ward er votlB(? in tin t . put lv> ? wfci u tbe C halrB-'ati drclared Mr. i-yuco ?a ttitir Lotiiihce, "FaTi \ ' N ii fti i pi 1 up, and, after cJcfyinn any Iran r' lf? r ? ri t,i mi io n (iti^lllr I r ercountrr, pn creiled to loi-k e ill ota Alit-r bavtiif n riitm rami po^fctteii Ibi k') , he buttoi to up li - n?I.?ml ? an pi < ? rid lug to iii o ol in *?< r ;n ????r pill-tally, nhman rgri?? waa it 'it < ii" of i?r >ivV I i ra *1' the deVgtif-a, with tbo i ,\ ? titirn of ibet hviina! and oue or t ?o otbera, tboa iMDpid, not howl ti r, btloie ? u vular niouou *a? put kill I til 4-d to kf< joUt It a BCora ri >' rKTuii*. In nii-i" iaU ly klti-r u . -iitotiioiit ihe conventloa room *?* ii 1 1< -i >? ilti al'i .. M I. Ldrel "In ad Kahblta," (ra r) 1 1 ti i- j it ir' ni f i i icon o | *ct ty ) who, it ap|?arf, ? i re In Irt in ?. Hint for till' pi'.f|ioa? ov.taide. After a (ii tril iliinoi-?b ii(i ttn v proueeded to orKanze, and < ii',tltu llr. Si lit <Lt *itt> a c!' n over h.H l.iart, to preH'e ? ver Iholr dcllbi-ra I'o.a ai d r< iiiiniitlorn. They noml&alel, mitti the g ? e- 'i >t i i aMRiity , Hint iii for Hi g.olcr ai. I MatUor ii.i tl e Vi rd Coayrctaii Bat dlatri.rt. II-H i ?-? nt tfce <?! ii'p r*le t 'boi re th? r. of whom tliM ? a lar^e i.< li pM n i r p?-t t. iHba?t:d in tho moat Ocwaial> , <r i hi I <r in tlir- mort r4>re?ta itiantitrr, mtirad ol t li ,.rn n the m nt ol ih +c ? i.n m re ?ODt to aemolleb ? vi t\ tiling, thiy '? o% I'd quiet Itr on, laughed and h J'?j i il Iho ti n a? Bunch, If cot more, than any oiuers preaeat. fire* In Vcw Vwrfct FJBJt IK NIMII AVIMKi Shortly after two o'cliek yesterday (Vtilt'idl)) miro Irs i Prr ?'u discovered in tbv grocery store of ?. bite lko then lli Nil lb avenue. The Uarncs were rery kooa ts tlniin I crt by the llren en. Iiemaire to ibe stuck ami 11* turta about *200. Insured for fl MO In Ike 1 I S'tMui Hunt m ? i otn ary Tbn building ta owned by Mr K?b? u iii< u Miiilb, no tbu damaKO tu it la lut trii mg. riFF. IN WEM TKMI1 STl'.ECT. Between tbree an<t lour o'clock yesterday (Wednesdsy) morn r p a Ore broke out In the four at try dwelling (owLod aid o-cupird by Mr Ji bu Pmfold) No. V Brc voort place, Weal Tinth street. About one half of tho Wp ttory and roof were nearly distroyed before the Annua were auhdued. Mr Peiifolil and family. It seems, *iie at country re?;l<nest Nov. wn. Ialaud, list i r <1 e htcfx- in chur*eof W. li Jar* ? aud wile, wlu ?'?pl In tbe front baai merit They Informed tbe Firo Vt.nhal Uut tbe Prat alariu lh?y got of lie boou bring on Art- a as ti. iu a ueigh'jor r.nging at Ibe btll atd Informltg Hu m that anx Wc was !u ibo ad y iuii n boote Mr Jarvlsaa?* be ran upata'ra to tb? third ato ) , a&u could then ate tbe tlanvce haul lag throng* tho cullt g of tbe room. It a here ted, fi' in ili; aj earatice td U.e bur nkg, Vital tbe fire ot'gloa tid Id tbe back room , on the top atory, but h int It waa caused la a matter for tbe 1- ire Martha! to utaoover by liquidation The ilamaae t?> Hw building will am .uut, 1 ri I .itily . to b'kiui 12 0C0 and ire damage lo tbe bouse l. lcl iBir ture about $i(0 The building it luanreJ for tv.UO, ui.o i.,, lurtiluii- lor 94 000, lu ttto Clibton I'.aa - racco Lompauy. rillK IN Wf>T TIUBTY TH1KT) -THf kT. The alarm of lire for the f^ei-oad dlatrlct, on Taieday tight, about half put eight o'clock, originated at No 804 Heat Thirty third rtreel, canned by pom* wondaherfu laklLg fin Tbe Uaangc dono v, III amount to afH,. t 120 No li KIRK IN EHillTH AVEXFC. Bttwrtn two and three o'cluck on Wedn<aday m irning. ? Art wan d'tcovrred In tb? wo <!thi<Js otl?J by Tlenry Niubb, e,,rner of R'abtb avenue and Forty -fifth ttrret. Tie Arc waa aOon eslingulabed itaaage about HO In aurrd. fill IN TfTIItn AVKNt'R. "bortly before eight or lor* yesW-rdsy morning a flro broke i it In tbe bmldleg Ko 302 Third aten ie, lu th? prmilreeof Mr M'tcalf Tbe damage to the fernlture, by Are ard * iKr, w ,i* ??? nt to nkntllll.tN^Uly Intorrd Tec la- ri.n l t xr ,iied hy ( banes Keit er aa au eating I. viae ti t stock la .lamaged bt water *u th4 est< i t ? f tbot.t |K0 ? SMtirod. Tbe balldlcg 1* 'aanged about 13(0 Hollce Intetllgear*. A Dixit an ( ah.hi mna An ? Aa tbe grand Talon proration waa paaalng np Brcadway on Tura.'ay mght, prizeman Parry, of the Fifth prt> uci, u^gpsered tbal tbe iioor of tbe premla?a No. 813 Broadway was *,tr. 8uap? t tiag itat aoa.e tblef bad taken advantage of tbe roefritoa incident to .be proof ?<<?, and bad eatered tfco bav.lltii:. be prnreeded ap ttalr* with tbe determ'nat '.a ol Inttitutlag a aearch. B< f. r> rcaeblng tbe aecood Boor he biant a bolae on U>e floor above aa If aime perana waa atlemt 1 ng to force a door ? MM. Utk procetNllog farther I.e dtfcot.ted a man, named ./ aauea -'mi lb, atlemptlBg to cOi ot an entrance to tbe room a of Mrs. Hinaotl, m .oufac turer of la ilea* headlrtrwr no the approach of tb* rlTrer tbe burglar Bed to tb? attic ard II.ere NatcMd bitraelf, but be waa cliaelf purtord aad Orally aerttrtd t'pio ararcMag Ibo prlcwer a im i tiiy of pictara fran a. gla/>?.r'( d am mda, aid da goerrtaa mattrlala, the property of Char lea WarterAOo . werehund In r.ia potaeaaioa On being tanen b< "ore Jnatiee Kelly , at the Lower NMb Ooart, yrwterday ?..rn )ng, hmKb wa? commuted for esanlnatlon Mrr. f a >e?t a i 'ace baa *eaa broken lalo three tiaaea *11* la lb* laat o if bl noctba p so loins Mnmni rs Witra "rwaar ? Tasi freeing s T*ry rertoua a!l 'ay ormrred la John '.reen'a danos kooa*, at 21t Water street, which will probably reasit la the vU alb if the barkeeper ol the eatabliebssaat, W. H Oraee , a biotbt r of the proprietor. Tt r<v me that at a boot eLn* o'rlo-k a aallor aamed John McGu'ra same Into tbe bar rotm atd mated bimaelf beblad the bar. Be waa re unett? 1 lo 'eave hy the barkeeper, aad refusing, was put out In front of tbe oovater. H? tl.en made a ki ll aitee, acfrg like a dr.iaki n var, wben tireen eanae (ma be blsi! the i-' oatT, aid, wnb ta* aid of utbara, poabed b m oat into ibe urtet. Wh > the party war* engaged in (|iiarr- lllag < n ibe mdewalk Mctitura drew a sheath knife atdplurfd It Irto tbe st maeh or creen, laAiciltg a wound t?a larhea in l?*gtb, Irom which the entrall* pro lm>l<d Tbe aaeaiiai't ran away and tka Injured aaan waa takrn M* the MM ar d me heal al I MM. Pwsait MkgMMde frr the Mai (SIM, he waa raptured Mar IV-i . mm. atrei t by < m?wr *i?o??"t. , of the Pemnd ward II* waa taken to lh< teen? of hli?>d, aad was Idee lifted by the bi t*rently dying man a a bit aaaallaat. M.-'mlre ??* hih.i' l to r<n ir'se, but c?t tented bimaelf with say eg tba'. he would 1 ka to "thaw" the wl iie party ip It * twit at all probab'e that <.reen caa sur rite ?**? iiamt Fatal. A?e* it ? ' The afray which took p'ace | *? Mowdaf < VMlog, *1 tbe aortier of Taltd Mr**** ?'d Fifty r.lnth itreet, hetwren ac me members of t*? fr*d'-e ?en*' fiuar a o* the.r tetara ,rom a lairr? *? "* 10 ?' Tom lit a?ir a wood, will probably r?t"'l fata <f lo one f tbe nartbl urolted. Teeleniay l*e noedtti??e of wiiliais ! H %a.?, the ti.)tnd man. was ao nrlfeal that ll ' eas daetfeee sflaltable lo rearrest Mil bee I Kit. Tbe pr amtr aUtes t* rt e* ? leksefc wsrd frr a met ram.d Mc?'. mh, and t waa BOt till S/W h* kad atmek him Hat ha d:?^>'?red "J *"'* ?! man liimteif beoetea that ?e kte# wa* **> tote* lad for ) .t.,1 ..,II.?* ? ' f?Tf IbAl tb? W>*lUr ACll -?? ">?r lor wl *i baa ocoJrred. and tUUs that be bers so fli.VlU lower n Ward wbaletrr. tmswri AWAfir ? FrederWt W-baoht, the Oermaa wh" aaraoftrd M'rbsel Ckvanagh, with a clearer, nm Toea day sight tnjoiing h'tn so sererely that hi* life I* <?*? areir'd of, was arretted, yeetardaF afterw**.*! "tapie toe let en laltnd, hy potioaana* ?oldea. of the "Ittb pre r't f t The prl*e.*er sals be InA eUd the l*Jery la ealf drferoe I araaagh. who 1* Biw lying at tfe Vew Y-rk lleepual, I* In a eery danfarona oMdNtm, **d is *ot **? p< 1 1< d to MiVMlM* tli?ti a day or two. Mai lTAt-v?o ? A n''srrel eceurred early ''it eret 'tr at No BO White striet, W?un two mea oame I Fit* palrtak sod IraarM K l>. . ar f l*peir ck subbed '.* } ? 11V I* tl a rh n, lr' lettr a '*rV>a? thengb rot ?^tsl smay'naenrred^l?*! tU',' -V {?) there. [r.v :? r *d ti-in war srtd lot jllfpe'