Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1860 Page 4
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ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. The Victory of the Gartbal (liuiiH at Voftturno. BfporUd Protnt of the Great Powers Against the Entiy of Sardinians uito Naples. Beinforcenent of the Freudi Army it Borne. * MILITARY PREPARATIONS OF AUSTRIA. HEAVY filLBi 0* THE ATLANTIC. THE ABERIf At PKODICE DAB RETS, *?., *cs *?< St Johmk, N. F , Oct 83, I860. The City ol Washington l?(l Liverpool at forty minutes put three o'clock P M. of tho lOtb, and yueenstown at BU P. M of the nib. The City of Washington encountered stroug northwest and southwest galea tbe entire pvaage. She has Ore hundred aad eighteen passengers for New York. Patted at nine o'clock A. M. of tbe lltb the Kanga roo, bound up tbe Channel. The news by the City of Washington I* mainly confined to the detalla of the battle of Volturno. Tbo NeapjltUns, estimated at 30,000 strong, attacked the Garlbaldlaus 01 the lat, under corcr of a thick mist, and tarried some po Bltioos, and for a timj suoceedod la driving back tha OartbaMians, wbme num'xrs dli not reaoh half theirs Garibaldi went forward, revoWor in hind, Cheering on his tnen, aud after a desperate tight Of eight hojirs duratioo the Neapolitans were broken and routed, and wore pursued close undor the walls of Capua. A brigade of Germ ins ?u cut otf j from the main body of the Noapolttxn amy and driven to tbe maintains TUe Garlbaldlsps took fire thousand prisoners, ami it was estimated that the Neapolitans had three thioaand killed and wounded. The Ions of the Qarlbal liana was stated at between twelve tiondrod and two thousand moo. The royaluts subse quently made a sortie fro-n Capua, to the roejuu of tlie German Brigade, bat wore rap ilaod. Tln> King of Na pies and his brothers wer.i prescut at tlie battle. Rumors were current that Capaa had surren lured, an 1 that the bombardment of the towa tai progressing; but neither had been confirmed. The line af tbe Volturno was still strontfiy protected, and It was sad tbo Neapolitans were preptrod to defend their positions. Home Sardinian troops assisted the G?r ja'llani In the battle. Garibaldi bad called on tbe King of Sardinia lo go to Naples, and to send him fourteen thousand men immedi ately Tbe i'lsdmootese troops had entered tbe Neapolitan ter ritory. It was reported that three of the great Powers had pro. tested against tbe entry of tbe Sardinian- Into Naples Maiunt had quitted Naples by request of the Pro Olo later. Advices rrom tbe Papal States indicate no change in the state of affairs there The Pops remained at Rome. General Ijunortoere bad returned to France The trench bad noes pled numerous places near Rome. It was reported that a third division will be sent from France to Rome lbs I "arts Bourse was dnl! and depressed. Rentes 881 Mr. Military movements on a vast scale are reported in Jtnatria News from Pekin to tbe commencement of July bad been received Tie M Petersburg, but there was nothing or importance. Tbe Vaglish funds were depressed by heavy etports of gold to France. MARINE DISASTERS. Tbe Ann Waabburne, from Stockholm for New York, was lost on (tot. It (probably Sept. 19). The Pablia, f *om Croastadt for Uoston, had put Into Dolheehurg, leaky, and would discharge Tbe General Berry, from f.unlasb for Butoo, was ?poksn September 9, with loss of bowsprit and radder and under Jurymaits, was (applied with provisions. THE LATEST NEWS. I/>*no*, Oct 11, 1360. There is no change to report is Italian affairs COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. I.ovnox MOMKT MtKIKT. The London mosey market was groera ly anc'iacge I. but Um demand bad rather tacrcaaed Umbo*. Oct 11? Noon. Cocsols for money, 6" . for account, 93 a M 1 , . uivi) snrramas. Tbe latest sales were ? Illinois Central shares, IT ^ a It discount, Krle Rallr ad, 40* a 41X; New York Central Railroad, SI. Pennsylvania Central Railroad, 44. LITtBTOOL BKKAPXTITPSI MAMKT. Livanrooi, Oct 10, I860 Messrs Richardson, Hpenre A Oe. aad Wakefield, Nanh ft On. report ftonr Sail and rf eel lee I 61 per bbl quoted Me 6d a Sis 6d Wheat dnll and declined 1'. a 3-1 per eeetal, aad Weaiera lis. M a Us 6d.; Southern, 12? 0d a lis id ; white, Its 64 a 14s Oorn firm mixed Bud yellow. Me 6d a STs ; whim, l!>s a 40a 6d. I-tVOrOOl. PBOVMION XtHIT. Livnarnoi, Oct. 10, 1M0. Href la dull. Po? k q il? I aud firm Bacon qalet. Lard quiet, and quotations are bare!* maialalsed. Tallow? There baa bean an average bus lores, without quotable change. Lircmrooi. nmrd mamit. Uvbbtool, Oat 10.1160 Ashre? rots ere qalet at tls lOd pearls q ilst. fagar firm Rise quiet. Coffee quiet Reels firm, common. Jl a te td Spirits turpentine dnll at )|s. OL s 81s M LOXDOX MAM*T*. Wbrat has a down wart tendency, aad q notations are bereiy m? turned gar steady. Codes jalet. Kice qalet Tea alow of sals at utcbaaged quoutlona. Tai lew alightly advanced quoted &5? 6J. I.laeeed oil, Mi 61 Iron?Scotch pig firm at *2? td. ledlgo ? The annua; aales have commenced inferior quallt ee dull bat . nacbarged, With aa tocreaned demand TUX LATWT MA HI IT*. U' narom , Oct 11? Soon. CWtoc? The market is bnogant, and the sales to day Win reach (row 12 000 10 U.OtO bales at fell pr o* Rrraietvtfe? The market tor breadetaM vo-day Is qalet bat flras Pr t eiona? The prtfrMon market l? generally da*. Produce? firm and artlve at H 4d. ale H Rlcefl"u Other B-tlclSB generally aaebaaged Lnnoon, net 11? Noon, fhltew advanced qwrted ITS. BreadetofJi firm Rtee Orm, with '.a sl.ght aivaa>a on all laalttles Otber articles are generally unchanged Ntwi front th? British H?M India*. m Vierael delw ef 1 euie U??t ih# we?tb#r ha I ? opprw.raly w*rm, uJ oopioua ?bo%rri * ?ra torn%r<3itt lb* an far crop Tf'in? nrrcr *u (nncwbti jjrara'rat )? ID* W dlatr ci. ard ? r"x> oaaaa had proro.! fatal Tb? il> or *oc?r %????. rum had arroaroot Mxw tu tierrtM or?r lad y?ar At Parba Iota tl;? cropa mrtt rary promtairc, lh? au(ar tar? fcartnf, ta.lar tha Ir1ti*rw* of oopMM rain?, full/ Hr-^rtfrd from tbc lata a* vara droafht Iba in *r ?? ?M tii|btly prermlrat Raatii?wa rary dn Tl.. r? had >.?*? * >rm arrtrtla from tba 9uua, ?mb rarfora of braadat jfTi mi nth r 0? kbtira, of <>'?iia<ta, bat arrlrad at M<*t ?rnal a?J br?a ??r> m by uta Prlry (oaaeil-lk* ?"?? ?f A*a?mbly tot Wt., lt H., ?nl had br?a wtll rwaitad Tb? Tarlcfuraa br'f tachal had arrlrtd at W K tu tr?tu W?rr?ra with ?at?r*Bta. tha poru^a of whim ?o?UI ha <to?*ll?d aa tat*ua ttar*_tb? ra Waiter foitg K> D??a?raia. Arrir** ?t ? Kstla# IT. ar v * <% ??? Jkmtdor f'-im f sab*ib 11th, hr* *r,n l-nbath' Bmiy, N*?r T?rk 30ib, arM^aar Bah ;?>ra, Co?, r.tak t*n I Tm " " rt P vr?t<TCT ?Tba o. ta tba I'lttwi ??. ? bac uarrr l*ai<Ml nr .if. -* ? , ? ate of bta ?ipi otro ot . ta ?jfcn tiuirf, ?t Trcav>a, (La ? u? eo ? t; , v t II * tpf i|* ?? t > t< tr ?i? in' f.itVt, l!? THE CAMPAIQ* IV HEW YOEK. Omr AlbMjr C?rtupoDd*Mc. Auiajit, Oct. !M, 1M0 What (he /*. h'uuml art Ding vrith Ift<e York fmnit? Ihe Albany Regemcy in iMck?TKt Omgrtuional Nam nation hi Albany (hunt}? Ik* Drmtcratie Nominee Soiif?TKe Nominees in the In'trior of the Slate? The Central Mailroa4 Company Haying ?p Country Paper* ami Otunlry KUlort to Jnturt the Sucoeu of Thar Ca dtdala? PutrHnU on of Black Mail to Iht Country Sc-iWert ? The fight of the Factioni?Thr Financial (XndUxtm of th ' Futumitei?The Urgency Not to be De per.d J on to Defeat Lincoln in Neto York Stab, ?f j , <fe Tlie lluiu< hu frequently told the tnoneye 1 men of New York bow the Pennsylvania mendicants, ol the Forcer perssasion, havo been in the habit of foiblng ninety nine cents on the dollar for themselvos out of e\ try ?um of money raised in your metropolis to advance con perratlve principle* and repol sectional fanaticism. It would aeem, from receDt developments which hare coma under the observation of your correspondent, that New York has politicians In the Interest of the Albany fr'gency who could pick Mr. Forney's |>ockets, which is, I am aware, supposing a good deal; but they carry out the brggmg tactics on a much more magnificent scale, for they not only expend every dollar collected for the benefit of the Union ticket by the liberality of conserva tive gentlemen In your ctty In advancing their own petty interests and strengthening their organ ization, which nobody oares anything about, but actr&lly forestall the funds raised or e\ peeled to be ralMd before they are paid In. It h?s Just leaked out that the Regency small fry have rcoeived from the Committee ol fifteen the sum of seven taousand dollars to advance the success of the Union ticket, whub is the lift thing they desire That valuable antique, Edwin Crnsswell. It la we I understood here, ??! useful In (cabling l'el?r Csgger to handle the New York tin. Tbts money is bfliug exi>ecdcd In a way very charac teristic 01 the railway charlatans, namely, in tue interest of Mr. Core Ing la this Congressional d strict, and Mr. Vilibard In tm I'.^hieenth As the reptibli ?ns h*ve so candidate lor congress in the Albany district, but Lave nominated Mr Oicott, an oil hard shell, it is quite unneotKSiirr t<> use fuuds here, unless the Central Railway Is more imj rui.t to bo represented tlun the ilenocnlic parly. In tbe l i^htee-uth district, Mr. Vibbard is running sp?lr*l lion. Mor.lntai Myers, the national ca&di late, no minated a week be'ore Vib'iard. Tlie Vibbardites have lxiu|t li i the Pobenertaday Hi-U'vtor aud Daily Nm i , and the editor bos withdrawn frntn the oouoorn in disgust When }nu le*n- IM over H 000 were pud for this oldie you will gte that it is four times what any country print it g utlloe Is worth. In the city of Syracuse, tue head quarter* of the Breckinridge men, Mr. Uagg?r has pro ? tnised $1 COO to the Syracuse l"ni"n, a Central Kail?iiy i organ with a weak backbone This pap'r M Cigar's i mamslsy to ftght John A Green. Jr , and beard tue lion t of the wirepullers inhnowndcn am og Utt Salt Point ' ers It appears thnt the Committee of Fifteen have ha<l al ready paid in 000, ol which sum $7,000 were spent in ; defrut icg the exc uses of the Union ra'ldc^lhn uvetng In >our i Ity. l)f course, some people feathered their ' nests on tbe arrangr mi nt Several .bousands have boon spent in your ctty In Items ol which there are uot fifty [XT ce-nt of vouchers Toe Boll and Everett Slate Co.n I ml tie* have had but a .small contribution, md lh? Breck j tnrtcge men have not had a red Tlie Committeeof Fifteen ; are in debt several thousand dollars. Now, every man ' of commas Intelligence muit kcow that the Hrtvkinridgo I men have a direct ml net in carrying the Sute of New York ngainsl Lincoln, for if tbiown lul'i the locate Breofc inrlfgn or l.ane irust ? in tbe day, while the A'baay Ho gescy have a dlrcct Interest to let the Slate all f j for | I.itcoln at.d ra-k the 'Halt l egislature auJ tbe next Con threes with their men. Tne lire skiuridge men have spent thousand of their o*n funds for tbegiodof the Us ton : ticket, while tho Albany Ktyeicy here eimai aad are spmdmg all tbey can beg, bjrrow or steal for tbo fur. ttMuaace of tbelrctrn local x?h? u<? tl self-aggrandlss m< 1 1 and their two-peony org sni /.at ion InlstRyou will recolloct a-hst ? strife there was la electing dele^*ies to the SUto Cooventlou of which Hora tio Heymoiir was chairman. Mr. Caggar then expended about >24.(00 in buying up delegates. He beat the hards I and then sent cut his assessments all over tbe state to | elect the ticket lie hsd nominated. When they j canto In be of conrte reimbursed himself and salted down something. The game of the Regen ! cy, yoti may defiend u|>oo it, Is not to elect tbe Uuiun > ticket, but to buy up votes and prei os to elect their As semblymen and memb?rs of Congress. Tbe suocess of ' the Union ticket is what tbey do not want, for It la a death knell to the dt nasty of t agger A Co Roy si Pbel|is. a follower of DourHss, In your city (do you kno?v>, ukes tbe place of lierlin, tbe ciothier, on tbe Onmmutee of Fifteen. Mr It has gone to Kentucky, to Impress Mr Breekinr.dge with the Importance of that committee to tb? Union. Before your New York men "bleed'* any more, would it not be weil to see what is being done with ttetr funds, and take care, if tbey give any more, to help the Brook lertdge m< u, who, tboi.^b havinr thnr ewn axes |a Knud, do really, from their own interests, duslre the auocesa of the Union ticket. (hit Delhi Carr(ip*ndenr?. IWun, IVloware County, N. Y , Oct 38, I860 Krpecfed Incrtott tit th* Republ lean Vo<? ? Bcpublicani IJrtur Orgonired ? JVroumf'i Vote in Delaware ? iMs Krpulh an Yiitori'i?Tht Americfm Party NonAert? T\' ZVwocrwfe Littl < HHtrr ? T\t Party and Inert ? 0pu flat and Brnk\nrvij*~ Small Showing far Knher? Dovflai Men Ootnf for Ltmedlm ? Hate They and the L'num ? A CVuitn of Old Abe t ted? The Cirmw Vote, A ,4c. The republican vow la ihli fount/ at tha election to November will ba largrr than II bag ever been bofor?. Tbe ciaoeoolona and divltioe* in the democrat ;o rank* hare dene a rood deal to Intolre tha republloaa* with greater hope and murage, and to lead them to pal forth additional < floru to locraaaa Uialr u*ual major!!/ In Doia ware ThM I* ona reaaoc vh| they bar* thoa far held more meeting*, and are bettor orgaalied, than the oppoal lion Tiro political gathering* took place here laat week? one a republican, and tha other a democratic ? bat In Dumber* and enthuaiaam II wat oo needed that tha ra publican* had the advantage Although there haa beea considerable excitement maatfaoU 1 concerning tolllica la thi var oc* toon* of ibe oounty, ibe re will ba much mora from thla time forward till the day of r I eel too Two prtaaipal cauo*o point lo that rtauli. Oaa la Ilia natural eiclwemool Incl dtot to m inlertstlng and '.mportant election aa It teorhr* the culminating point. The other U thai the Couelv CVmrt baa bern In teminn here lor aorae time paal, aid the lawyer*? who are generally tha leading polltl nana? hare beea to* buay with their legal coat* to taka an active part la politics Bui II la ex pec tod that Ui? court will adjourn today, and when It doea adj^u/a, c-?a?el or* ar.d attorney*, who bav* pleaded the couaoo ol tbetr client* In lome civil *uit or cove of petty Urcrny . will go oat Into tha surrounding Own* and plead the r?u*r* of luelr favorite coodlialoo. Pelawaro bu al?a>* ben a itrorgly aali alavery county, and repaid can (rmcp'ei bav* b. <-u (radial)/ gaming ground I* it for noma lime pa*t. fbe rrtull of the lat? rrealden , llol roatrtt and *i,M<-qo?nt election*. compared wuli ib* ; rrtet I fee Dbg* of the people, ibom th.? cheug" wbtch ha* lakeo place la tFelr oenlimmto wlliiia ilie la*i four year*, bul r?j>e.-l?l)/ *l*re the optm lag of ihe [ reaont cam ja'gu to ls'fl Pelawore county polled 4 it' vote* for >rrn??l, 3 107 for Bochanaa and 3 009 for Kill aura. m that Fremont * rota waa til more than fiat of Oorharaa aad Jil'more com Dined Then, I* 18Jt, Iba vote for Parker aad Bo-row* i>g? her, for Uoreraor, wa* W more than thai for M >rgao The imer: ran tote waa aow reduced |ttai about one hoif Bit at tba recent el.clHio for 8 .ale o fixer*, la ISM, I*ovrawt>rib, tb? republican caadldolo tcr Petrel try of Wale, received ? MO, aad ,Un?? who wu to|>porte<l by tba democrat* and Amerlcau, 8 4*4, tbu* bringing op a (wail m?. <ruy o< 116 tor the republican* again lo the cm >og ooutMl, however they will bav* a vtry much larger mv>nty The An ?rk an i?My ban frtMoul In * ime luiatCM many of it* m-m>>er* bare guoa over to the republican, and in other* to Ihe uomoc.-m I * le Tne-o u ooo t>wa ibtp bert? that of *adr^_wbich waa *lr<>*gly Araeri -an 0 *hoit time ago, that will tow give a ropubltcao majirtly Aad tl>? democrolto party baa h. en almnai kuoeae't ?? pteeeo, like * r?n ihat ran agaioat iwr ro-h* >o tho eait b-an-bof Ihe IVIaware jeeierdtv T.i-re u*e 1 I., be a large domccratie vi te h< re KW rear* ago There are a B'J many .!? u.orraU ia lb* county noe -eooug',. ner l?. to unite a pretty goid ebow ?!th the repuail-aai, If tbey wduM only tli.-k to their prinrlpU*. an I were ac tire and united ' Dut the; are grratly d.*t?tVlad an I are i *omew I: at Inert in c<>n*e<)i*r?re Th?r awtun t > K? an ? ?able an<m<*tty rt'ating between the It* fa? tionn of the d?m'<rati - pa'ty. The Dng ?? men are by far the ?troeg>r, bjt hat there not b?n any alfmi>t at IMo? the Brerk Uirtdg* men vo?U l?* muh mere onmer<x'* Ibaa thy are. net th* argre gat* democratic vote U-^er tbao H will be *? It I*, II nutter* ?o o-?t cbasgw ra* Jl, Bnvklnrl lg* wW not receive more than a fV.w bto lred voieo, whilo j there m ooly here ont there a *sMK".ng Ml man to ne \ b a'l Ihe rourlf. Seme of (to (fcrigUt m?u ir.< ? ntirely >rf?wed to f j??n, * i I *om?r than *'ip >)ri thi 1 rioo ti. scl th.'y p> in for l.laco;o Tbi? t* the ct*? ? ;th o p? mil or i **yer la miki. They rtti* oo-ne lh'?g In Ua I# m ? "tf we vote Ihe t'oi?o eloctirol tlcki i we are rvv aopportiitf ole. i ir* for ll-eiklnrl lge, who wu) pmt>* >ly carry oil toe Vuihent tHato*. *n1 thut dimtoWbltg < nr rbooce* to Ibe Hium; oot we w,rold rithev *ee l.,ee -In thai Xrerklori lge ?ie<-ie4 ' Tbeo ogam. It m ooic . that wlitti* * f?w lay* lw-> i<i->n**>i l of the original Ictigioi e!e:V)rol i r? hove beea brxiglt Into the oconly tod ?? me of n ? : > <uglM men wnl v,d? Ihol !n*l?*d uf th* faeleo IMfeei. Th* friead* of Br?c* Inildgo, o? ag-twral thing, fav.r the futlco, and ttiw I nloo tich?l Will ondorhle-lly gain a iargo cumh r of vote*. Hat the republiioc*. in ihe mraatinM. bove. la cm o w f ond onolber, o>Med man/ to ibe r rnok* (n m( the coo ver t* from ?U* democrat V aide it Medfotn l. n | b' a, ibe t:ar?*mllh at Honnek He i* * cw*i? of ml Abe, hot, obltk* Iho l<?M, "Toak" rolltpl liter, u ?b>rl or) *lo up; Bo ho* beea * Je?i<.--at hu. thiok* mot be will thta limo r> lb' rexibieti t^ket If tey yooog men, wl> htve |jrt r>* r ?wie ef *g?, will ca*t their flrtt v?^ ftir 1 -ccii, l.i.g -he H?e of the r*l)r.0M, 0*4 wh r* lha tanaotMS are ]?-?*<*'. the lrt>h tote tho dem ?"rotl? or fa ?' wi two ft hni ?inorg the moim'a o* the CSecmta*. fjf >he tti?i ? iri . (?< re; iMicin Iftmxtof thi lo*n?h',i* I repabll'iafc* will bavo ir*'?>ritic?. ood I* a row? Wtmpivo. f,w -Manee?thwy ar? a* Iht ri *? th ? b-m'ooa 1 vrn *.r'" ' V "^*?*'?a T tenia will hoc I MO tf I t ' ? * ? f|.? :| | -? -JW, tslkvu,. UJ ,e^;, ilu aj^rUCMt- ' alterably higher. Ob tbs rote for ttoreraor Morgan will run behind the regular republican TO*e. The prt aciani reason for tats is that <??lt* * MaMr of the people o( tail section are displeased with bis actio* Id retotng the bill for the Susquehanna Railroad. K'caard Kaocbot, tbe re p ib 1 lean candidate for Ooegrme from the Nineteenth die trie! embracing the counties of Oteego and Dekware? will receive nearly a thousand ma>>rity la Delaware county, and even without a good majority? -which ia ex pected for hi?? from Otsero, he la certain to be eleoled. Tiie democrats bare not selected a candidate for Congress yet. They did nominate Chai lea lisp lea, but be declined the Domination, and they meet to morrow to chooee an other candidate. Tbe democrats concede that the re pub 1 leans will bsre a majority In tbe oountjr, but they my they arc going to work to reduoe il as muah aa poaalble. Our HsBtletiio Csrrtipondiacc. Moimcvxo, Sullivan County, Oct. 80, 1880. Politici in Suilnan County ? The Probability of a Dei*) erotic Maturity in November? Candidate! for Om$HM? Tktir Status and Relative Chance) fur Success, <fe. Polltlca la the abaorblng topic of oonreraatlon among the people of this Tillage at the present time. This Is tbe centre of the business of the county and tbe general ren dezvous for all tbe pollticlana. In the erasing the lead ing men of both partlei assemble In tbe barroom of tbe ptlocipal note), and generally, In tbe preeenee of a room full of bearers, engage la animated discussions and la various speculations concerning the coming o in rasa. Not only this town of Tbompeoa, la which liontioeUo la situ ated, but the whole of Suiiivan county, will he decidedly democratic. There are fourteen towns In the oounty, and the republic* us themselves expect to get only three of them. Mr. St. Jehu , tbe democratic candidate for Oongreaa from the Tenth diatrict, embracing the ooontles ?T Orange and Sullivan, la a very popular man. It ia generally conceded by the calculating men of both parties that ha will be elected, the only queelton being as to tbe major I ty which be will receive; although aome republican* are bold enough to affirm, In direct contradiction of tacts and figures, that Mr. Van Wyck, the republican candidate, will rcoeive a im-j >rtty of all the votes polled In tbe dta trirt They thick that, because be was elected las. term, be will now te relurued to Waahlngtoo again. At that Congressional election, in 1868, Mr. Van Wyck ruoalved 634 rotes more than Mr. Nlven, tbo democratic candi date, but the combined voto ol tbe democrat* and Amerl can* on tbat occasion would bave deli-ated him. Tbe vole stnoil:?Vau Wynk, republican, 2,313; Niven, demo crat, 1 .ton, and Fr.etil, American, bttS But the popuiar Sentiment baa charged i in so then, and the tables will be turned at tbi* election There a e only two candidatoa in the field, f jr tbo Ai?erlr.*r* fcaro. for the most part, gone over to tbe uem <cratlo tide. Mr. St Joltu una formerly a whig, a d a realdent of tbls village. Wbtto he was hero, roue year* ugo, he had ma ny person*! friends, wbo will adnere to bim In tbe pro H'tt contest, independent of party predilection*, so that be will receive quite a number of republican votee Mr. Van W)< k is al?o a popi lar man, anil will gbt a very good pupport from bia party. At tbo election for Suite oill -,er* In Id a ytar ago, Sullivan county gave 1 670 votes for 1 eavtnworlh, tbe re.iubl t an candidate for Sacretary of Ir-Ut, , while it figured up 3,102 for Jones, tho democratic candidate, who also received tbe support of the Am ri tan* Moat of the Americans will vote tbe democratic ticket now, and Mr. St. John will receive about eight liundtcd majority. There are very few Breckinridge meu in tbe county, as every fart on uuitea on the regular democratic. Union tlckt t, for the pur,*>?e;of defeating I.lnoolu on Hie Presi dential vole, and Sullivan county eapeclsto give aboil one thouraid majority for the Douglas and Bell fuaion ticket Hie active men on both sides Intend to keep steadily st work. There are three election districts in the county, and on election day thoeo m?a will be ready with their trains to bring voters from widely aeparatod ionic menus In this barren county to the polls Oar 8jriftcsu Correspondence. Svkacchs, Oct. M, 1890. TV Kite of rartiti in (Monda^a. County? 1 hi Rtpubli cam Kathrr LuJcewarm ? Advice of a Kentuckian, <tc Otoodtg* county will (Ire l.incoln 3.5C0 majority, and no mora. The republicans claim 6, COO. Scdgwtck, tbe republican candidate lor Congress, will b? re elected by a large majority. Tbe feeling lmocg tbe republican? it not enthualatllc, tbe toward aoreeesa noi being healed. Tbe Union movement gaiua strength every day intuit region, I. at mocey it wasted to make It aneceesful. Austin Myers, republican oorruptlontat for Assembly, will i>o opposed by roar) republican*. IDs election la uncertain. Tbe rote for Brady, tbe Breckinridge candidate for Governor. will be large. John A. Green, Jr., estimates it at 100, 0C0 In tbe State A company of Wide Awakes had their miforma Stripped In'iu ilii m last n^ght fr r MMM mett of coat Gov Isaac J .Stevens telegraph* from Kentucky that that State is aure for Breck id ridge. Ho write* endorsing fusIcD? anything to detest Lincoln. Bnucum, Oct. 24, 1<J#>. Ex Lvutmant Governor Raymond on th * Stump, Sc. Ex Lieutenant Governor Raymond addreaaed a Baasttsg of r?publicana to Bight, la answer to Mr. Vancey, taking atroog abolition grounds, hla speech being frequently In t<r pera< -1 with complimentary allusions to John Brown. TUe meeting dtd not number over three hundred, flfty of whom were latlea, and applause was only given when ultra anil slavery sentiments were uttered. Our lltaeotk Corraipvndtnra. Hatrooac, Delaware Oonnty, Oct 23.1490. The /Viped in Drlawx-e and (Xmn vi?Wu Sue cett nf Ihf RtpuNuarf Prtdictml, i tc The republicans will bare a larger majority In Delft ware county this fall than they have aver had before. Many Americans, and qalte ? number of Doaglaa demo crate who refuse to vole tbe fusion ticket and are en tirely opposed to Breckinridge, will uae their influence in favor of Lincoln. Among them is Stedmao Lincoln, of tbia vlliigs, who Is a cousin to Abraham. lie haa ale aye voted tbe democratic ticket, but Is now going for tbe republican candidate. Lincoln will ret more or leas majority w nearly every township in tbe county. Be will receive at leaet one thousand or twelve hue-'. red mijorlty. Governor Morgan will run a little behind hla ticket, on account of his vetoing the Pusquthsnna I'-allrcnd hill. Ru-bard Fanebot, republican candidate for Congress, will get nearly a thmaand majority In tbta county, and ?fteeo or Sixteen hundred In th- district, comprising the ootmtiea of Otsego and I inlaw are Ontr Oswego Corresponds***. Oitwitoo.Oct 24. I WO The republicans ars work Isg hard is this aecttoo.and by their auperior organization and tbe disruptions am 'ng tbe democracy they will gam some rotas Tioga county will go republican by sea'ty sli bundred msoilty. Gjv Morgan's set loo on the Albany and itosqucbanna Railroad bill and bis indifference to the Cbenang) Canal extension a tU hurt him la this locality Senator Divan will suatn.u tbe republican majority tn this county. About seventy Wile Awakee have left here to attend the republican meeting at Blngliamton tbia aflerunon The Toi eh light Profession. to tui R?rroK or Tin birald. Nsw Yons.Ojt 24, 1*?0 The following organisations belonging to the Eleventh ward parade! laat even. eg in the Grand I'sion toroblight process Ion ? I*o?glaa and .Inhnana Association, .'as. K Meera, rresidect, wnh aixty mcuBted sida.sll aaerbaoic*, one truck with an horse* tfO Rell ard Ererttt Assooatlos , ene truck, with bell 140 Cairn Minute Mm. with truck, bell and Chinese lantern* , 200 Brcckiurtdge and Ias* Club, with boiler makers to work on stsje 110 Adrlstic Ivmceratlc Association, with banner 200 Backsmltha' Club, with blsrkintlths to work on slag e 00 . Independent D>ti.oeratle Aasoelattoa, with banner . 100 ! '? y Ml HemTcratic I'nton Club 1M | WoiUngmen'a IVB,<cruie Aaeoriat on 18ft Oman Democratic Aieoaiatloa 100 ludepan tint ArtH ery 170 j Total \ ?00 .u? r mats, Ward Marsha! <* tbe Eleventh ward to Tin: BPtroa or thr herald. In yenr a< ? -nut of tb? procesaton <m T,i<?*.ley ironing j'li i united to nolle* tb. Fourth Ward National lo<lep"tid et>t C'nb J'O st-ong, atd TS of tbe men ta red shirts Tl ? ? ? ere under ctmmand of Jsmee OHara. who has > ? nrked hard In the eaue" Tbia was tbe only club that had ?ey horrenx-n from tb a ward, and tbe ?ne.nbera sx t?r~e? to little il i Hat >s faction at be ng p'tihW by th* Bsn*u> P REUtCAN. to mi r.Diroit or tb* bkb m n. <Vt 24. U00 In year tsrue of to day your reporter fnilrdto n >t oe tbe Natl, t il l>?moerat)C I'ainn Assoc ?t ion of the r.fili ward, in h.s list of rlufts that paraded last evening, and who muster ..d 4 voters M ? Kkl.Lf.Y. M ushal TO T1t? IDITOSOr TB* B1TStt.l>. Saw Yoa* OH 24, 1*90 It ?*? the Seventeenth Ward Vnltot I>eraocrat><' A?so t ill.* Uat II n John Cocbrae* accompanies on the n<ght of Hie grand eati aal democatratton. ard not tbe l>mgl? mid .I-Btron Cllb. as ern>n*n<ialy stated In vonr if sue of U> <1ay JA MKr BOX ACt" M free lent t 0 A Ssvsl Intelligence. Tlie l"n'te<l ?tnt?s br g Pa'.nbr ige was spoken on the gib ult g' 'rg into Rlo Janeiro Ber officers and crew were all well. Th* I'nlted flat's hr!g Dolphin. Lotnatander Steelmaa, ?*a apoken oa tbe 4ta alt., about forty nallea bel>? Riiesoa A) res, to wheh port abe was bonad To* (ktn sreas and fnlnskl w era at other porta on tbeatatiDS The new stesm gunboat ftaimole, from Norfolk, ha-l (e>aea the fltst, an i had rteelvei ordera from thetji?? n srdrr In Hb'ef reia'lee t? ber initiatory m .rements w th the squadron Tbe Sam acle aorked onmparalive'y we'l nn tbe Soulb ^he s the flrst ateamer ever S?nt lor etd'nary ! mad 'in duty to BratM It was i i.!T "red that the survey tag party had atarte<t for the I a'ted States N l Aanrrlcan masses oraa.iora were re quired on shore at "tbe Monal," aa ever;th's( was <t?lal tbare TI.e l'aft?d States storesbip H*l.?s*e is all ready I" aall frofti Boston 'or tss ttftl'etranean, sad la only wsitmg I'ta far wad "In will e -tit rivie to ncelrs tetters, s- rt to the Jtsvy Yard. "n<1I t^e lay of saving The frtl Inn ? v a -t ?f her i-(er?rv ?l.'mtensnt Com-nanl'nf , .Units Ma'i'*<'n Frat ey l.vuvuv.u J >eerh M Bra-t (r tr>, lea s A Kltrheft, pot^'t tlo>d, *e Aintt'a* U? . ? v I VIM Ciflili WUm TnUbmUI. A meetisg ef the mibecribere to Ik* toad far preeenllug a lettable testtnaoakai to fiapiala John WMaoo, of the bri? Mlnale BchlAr, tor raaoolag the paaseogora art era* of the steamship Connaugfat, of Mm Gel way Itee, look plans yeeterday la the rooma of the Chamber of Coos meroe. The chair waa occupied by Pelettah Jerlt, and Mr. JJowland, on* of Om agents of the Gahsay line la New York, Mr. SebUhr, one of the ownera of tbe brig Minnie Schiller, aad several prvmiaont mercbaoU, vera alio present. It ?u reported that the total eum aubecrlbed waa over $6 000, of which seme MOO waa aabecrlbed by the pea scngere of the Coeoeugbt.n<>twlthattndtngall their loaaea. <>a motion, it waa reaolved to pay >600 to the mate of the Minnie Scblfler, and $100 to eaoh of the orew; to ap propriate 8300 for the purpoae of purchaatng a lirst claae chronometer or other proper tasttmoelal for the captain , and to pay the bslanee of the fund, amounting te about $^600 in eaah. to him William Hurry, one of the passengers of theCoonaugfct, and chairman of their meeting at which the su n of $000 ?u subecrlbed, Inlormed the meeting that the various lire loauranoe companies of the city bad agreed to aettle an annuity of 91(0 or $160 per annum on Captain Wilson tor life and lo continue It to his wife during the term of her lift, in c;i*e ahe should survive Mm Thta the loauranoe rompaniea a ra to do Is view of the fast that aoah a caurse will be ?n incentive to noble acta Ilka thoee of Oaptaia Wilroo, for the safety of human life in future, and be cauae the result ot aucb a oommendahla coarse will be likely to prove a good investment eree to tbe insurance com pan lea. William Hurry waa appointed treamrer of the fund, and tbe meeting then broke up with the greateat harmo ny and unanimity. Svbacrlptiona for th? HaUaf mt laaac Daalelt, the Octogaaarlaa, Amount received and paaaod over te laaac Daniels at the Hbkald office, Oct. 23, 1800:? From < Hicera of the St. Nlcholaa Hotel, retained by Mr. Frank Andrews $40 00 11 Member of the Twelfth regiment 6 00 " Isabella Isaacs 6 00 " M. I* B 1 00 <> t hai lea Harris, Norfolk, Va 10 00 " Several members of the "Light Geard" 23 50 " F. 1> B a 26 " cbarlea Rushbrook 2 00 " O, M O 60 " (me of tbe Boys 1 26 Through Victor I* Oal 3 00 Widow's Mite 2 00 Total $110 10 Board of Kdaeatloa. There was a special meeting of the Board of Education laat evening, President Curtis In tbe chair. The school oflicera of the Sixth ward aaked an appro priation of $1,400 to repair the playground of ward ichools Noa. 23 and at. Their oommunicatioa was re ferred to the Committee on Repairs. The school officers of tbe Seventeenth ward oom plained that the Evening Sohool Committee have ihowc favorit ifm tn the appointment of teachers for the evening tchx>ls this year, and that they have appointed more than there was any n ore salty for The subject cautcl much debate, and It was finally referred to a special com uilttco of Ave, with instructions to report proper by laws to the Board to regulate tbe appointment or teachers Tbo Pks-imcst Informed the Board tbat when be was In Europe U Boucher de Perthes, of Abbeville, France, had preecoted bim with ninety volumes of scientific books ror the library of tbe Free Academy. A reaolutlon e* preatlrg the thanks of tho Board to the learned donor wis adopted, and the Clerk directed to leud for the literary girt. Tbe Committee on Annual K-itlmalee re p*-rUd their (EtimatoH ol e*pcc lHu; ea for tbe yeai H81 BR follows ? Salaries of l earlier* and Janitors In ward and primary schools $725 000 !')culiut?l expe-oses (46 000 p ree Academy 48,000 Kepaira of the Free Academy 8,000 Normal Schools 20 000 A pppoisiment for corporate schools 32 000 Kej airs in shop of tbe B?ard >1 K'lucatloo 12 000 Hock* and stationery 96.000 F.vrnlng schools.... 76,000 Kent of a< hooihouEes 18,100 Salaries of Superintendent, clerks and other of floers J* 000 Incidental eipeoaes of tbe Board and printing.. 13,000 lxase of lards and hitee for building, fumirhing and repairing achoolhoueea 140,000 ToUl $1,300,000 The report wai adopted, and tbe Board soon after ad journtd (out in 1 salon era of Knalgratlon, The Emigration Commissioners met yesterday after noon. Commissioner Verplanck presiding. A communication to the Supervisors of Rlchmoad county, elaimlng $107 ,161 29 for damage done to real et tate belonging to tbe Commissioners by the buralng of Quarantine, and another claiming $14 ?47 go for laea of personal property, ai*o hi cturge of the OommlaatoQera, at tbe same cooflagratloo, were read and approved by the Bwrd On motion, they were ordered to be transmitted o the Supervisor* of Richmond county. A cumber of complaints from emigrants, wbo allege hat they have bceo defrauded by agents, were re oelvtd la ene case a German em igraat states, under an affidavit, thai s mac named Vordbaus, one of the agents <r the Pennsylvania Central Railroad, having bis at No 1 Battery place, look $41 from him, fOr the purpose oreerdlcg him and hta family on to Toledo, but tbat the agreement with Nordhaul was not carried out accordlag aa be bad agreed. On applying to be forwarded be waa pot cfl repeatedly, and then demanded bis money to be refunded. This waa refused, but be suoor?ded finally In recovering $>6. the balance being withheld as s fee for hta trouble. The papers were ordered on file. Commissioner JSLi.uwoars called up hla rtaoJutioos atainst tbe booking system, which had been laid over from the last meeting They were referred to the Castle Gardes Committee, wilb orders to Inveeilgate the subject fully and report upon It. Tbe following la tbe weekly ? tat em ml ahowtag the number of em If rants arrived here during the week, the financial condition of the Board, he.:? Number of emtgranta arrived to Oct. 17, 1800 Rl .261 Number of emigrants artlved since to Oct. 14 4, $99 Total 8* .600 To ease dale in 18(9 04,197 1*67 18M 1469 1$60. Inmaioiat institution Ward's tel.. 1,447 1.071 708 7?3 " Marias Hospital. . 1S8 87 ? ? Total 1,6)6 1,108 703 70S Overdraft Jan 1, 1800 $11,068 1$ Aggregate receipts to Oet 17. '?0. $230,000 08 Rm-elpts dnre to (let $4, '$0, for commutatioe of paeeengers, ks.. 7,144 10 ?-343,241 09 231,687 93 r>:?bureemeets to Oct 17 $218,072 79 Approprlat'on for Quarantine Com mus:oeere 3,000 00 219.872 79 "alanoe $11,916 14 Noth ng further came beloro tbe Boarl tlU they ad Jearnd. Th? Hfw InprUoam?Bt Art. TO T1!K KD1T0B or TITS I1KRM.D. Nl? Yom.OA 21. 1M0 Am wcretarjr of ? coamlttae which hu b??n formed :n Ihif c ty with the expreea intention to endeavor to r fleet an amendment of tbe "New ImprUocrreDt Ast," pa*aed April !?. 1U1, 1 bf leave to Invite your atu nlloa (wblob probably h*? ben attract*) by tbr anroerou* article* ?huh bate already appeared la aeveral of Use public Jourt>%!?) to tbr defecta of tbla law. By Una law aty prrtoo, on aa ex parte affidavit, can be arTeet?d and cloeely r<.oa?ad to u>? county jail for debt or charir* of debt lo alk lug fraud, where be ? la dancer to reinala two ware to await a trial by Jury, without baring a fair c.u>o* to be discharged oa motion. It le true that he ?*y recover b la liberty iu preeenllng twu irmdamen , each In a MMit double tbr noma I claimed But the man la mia fortuue la fr!end)f?a Thu b<mg a mint I nportaot e-jb J?t?, ia which ev.-ry peraon la Interfiled, we woult be a< rb p'eaeed to bare your lavaluable .1 mraal advocate the amn iiment oftbi* law, wbleh wr an.. t<*it ae fol io** ? "!a any rlrll ?a!t fbr debt where fraud la al lied ro perto* ?hall he arretted until furf*m?nt ia ib tamed." We believe, aleo, that la aayciftl autt for iltaipi f'*r aliegej 1 ander. lib* I , breach of promlae, fca . that 00 erven iboold take plane until lodg-neiii la obtained In due time a petition will be forwarded tj Ihe Ic* nature pray lag Tor the amendment Meantime, I am youra, rf*;>?etfnliy, B CXOVtR, m We?t Thirty 11 ret ttreet Mr Lladaay, M. P.. at the Meat. [from ihe St Lout* l*m eral, <?,?! 31 ] We h?u a rail at otr edlwirtel room* yeaterday fr,?m Bo*. Wro. 8 Lmdeay. He haa already nailed Biet >n, New fork, the lake ? it lea, Ac , aid h-en m >et favorably rece ved. He v.aiiad our Merrbaota' Exchange room* >eatrrday, ard wae Intmdaced by tta offlora lo the leading gvallt. nea of trade, and daring their oonveraa tlora aid beiore them the object* of hi* vlelt, vn ? The liability of ehipownetr? Ihe rale of the road at ae?? onlliatoea ? eigne I ligbta? tbe appitoeitoa of the Brltiah fore 1 in Dreerter'e act to American veaaela? oiieoora e>m?ilte.I oa the high a e*e ? the aetllemeat of dla I <iira relative to wagee ? the catabliabmcat of alilp pry r.fBree? the rljht* of bell igerenia? the "otlrirt ->a <f nrttifli butli rraaela? the ooattiag trade, Ac. Mr I.ledeey a <>b ? l ia to throw dowi all uonooea**'/ barrier* (be doe* i.ot larlode revenue dotlra in hie pro gr*mme> between ihe mamer.v of ??*??. Hrrala aad thai of Uie laii.l -"alee, and are are the adoptl ? by both a enUleaot Mfi'm of mtaroeti-wal mirine law ?h rh (ball be *impte, adapted tolhe neotaeillee o( trala, ard lutt aad 'air to bla ooantrymea aad nura. Re dretree to brieg tbe law* of the two oounWIea In tuch hum >ny that there would he 00 cauae nor fear of war. or ereo ra trora ef war, which litter, be ?ald, worked la aaiy 1a ??an<-<* aim >et aa dleeetrooe aa war Itaetf H* le particularly peatel with *jri a*u>ni*VI at t'M ?r< a'.m ** of th? r.tieg of the We*t, the m?rnH<i1e of t?nMr rommer je ar.d toe baodaom*, large aid aubelMitial 1 l-?rart?r ef th?i' balldlnga Ifa l?ave* ttita mortlag for lhef??t The honorable rertiemen m whon he In trod ui' i'd here rertlved b:m feroraMy. a id by hi* c .n *-r?atmr w tb tboer hoeln^aa ?^en he ta?v ht|# to l*v l -?.r.iap-'t '?? v>.?. . . ra^>. o?t?rc?d vu?a>.' gr?v?l wmjiw.vo. wumm. Thi Erto ?U? OM. miRD STATUS OOMMIMIOKU'S OOUKX. Before Gm. W.*. Ooi. M ?In flU mmtter af the reopU ? *< Oaptowi MKi Jfofe of the Brie ? Thia oaas wu suspended, ud win be seal before the Grand Jar/. CTWItKD STATICS P18TKICT OOUWf. Before Boa. Judge Beit*. m Che Matter of On >tlepe* Slaver Kate -thia rtme* wee seised as a alaver n< ?m subeequeaaiy bonded Tbe cargo ?m again put en board end the veaael prepared fer ere. Before oallieg eke wee again seised by the Oot lacior on suaplsxm that the wee ebont to preeead on ? eiMve voyage. as application wee now made by tbe owner , ( tun lee I' I?ke, to have tbe reeeei daoharged from u real, on tbe ground ihattbe eeeond seizure wee unwar ranted, and waa oppreaatve. Mr. Lake, wbo did not give bin residence, chained the! tbe vessel waa Intended for a l*na fide trading vojage, end nothing else. Tbe applioa lion wee oppaeed on tbe ground tbnt the Court had no Jurisdiction to try the matter by affldavtta. Tnat tbe proceeding* bed been regular, and if unwarranted the owner bad hla remedy against the Collector. It wa< claimed that whatever doubt there might bare been about the Orel r?yage, the government were in poaaee Bten of cuch facta aa to warrant them la aaylag unquali fiedly that the see Hid voyage waa Intended to be ? eiare ?eyage. Che Ooart took the paper a and reaervad tie de cision. ____________ Bapeiier Cewt-Clunbera. Before Judge 1 -eooard. JLMOTUEK FKATUBS Or THE JCTXJl WATROC8 IK* rKACHMSNT CASE. Oct. 34 ? rated and Simon Miuina vt. Cht u. Still man ei al ? The well known branch of tbe Watraoa Impeach meet caae, on which proceedings have been taken here ' and to which previous reference has been made in detail, came of! to day on aa application of the defendants fo commissioners to examine wttnoseee; among them wer the tfllcers of Judge Watroue' Court. The plain litis re sisted tbe afpllcattoo, on the ground that It was not competent, under the pleadings, for the defendants to 1 uf-e the testimony which they seek to obtain by tbe commission at tbe trial. The gravamen of the complaint in this case la that by the collusion of the defendants witb Judge Watrous, through the machinery of his court, tbe plalnliO* have bt en diveeted of their tlUe to the city 1 Of bienvllle, Texas, for which they a*k MOO 000 damages. The charge in tbe complalut Is "that tbe defendants, com bining, conspiring end <v>nf< derating to cheat and defraud the pluntttle, entered into a corrupt and secret agreement, whrreoy it was stipulated to declare tbe title of Stlltman, i frld?n and Hasina illegal and void, and after the decree rhouid be rendered Cavajoe and wife, to aid said c m fe<kraus In cheating and defrauding tbe plalnliffa, J & 8. Mosua, out ot tbeir interest in said property, t-hould convey the properly to Baaee & Hard, to be held In Merit trust for the defendants, and that Judge Wat reus was a party llttllimMMii" On this Issue, and In opposition to the motion of defendants for commis sion, plaintiff contended that there waa no proper answer and allidavits of merltr; that.wblle, in their original 1 ati?wer, lefendants fully deny the above allegation, averring that they did not "ontcr Into any corrupt or P' cret agreement whatever," in their amended answer they retract this denial, and, counsel sal<i. confess the 1 of the char ges by saying that they did not ?'enter Into any etch corrupt and sooret agreement as la set forth In the complaint." This, plalullfl snd couniel contended, was a full admission of the charge, and the rule of pleading and the retraction or the former denial, and aa tbe araendmrnt was long de liberated. and knawn to be material and necessary, it ii usl bo conoedcd that there is no longer an lasue on ihli point, nnd tbe conspiracy charged stands confessed. The I Uiiilills further reeistea tbe application on the ground Uiat it ? us tot irade tr. good fait], and that the l>?na Jidrj of the defencc have never beon supported by a single "allldav It since the defendants were compelled to answer, ] the refutation having been made by an attorney upon the "perrouai statements" of one of the defendants, without alleging the statements to have been made to him; and further, that nearly every allegation of the answer thus made has been disposed by defendant's allidavits, and that of the thirteen Hllidavlta of merit flled in the case, five, which were made before tbe answer, are ex set and final, but the eight slnoe tbe answer arc Informal and de fective. The defence made no lengthened reply, and the Judge held that as tbe testimony sought to bo obtained by these commissioners for defendant might be valuable lor ore, aa la mitigation of damages, and although a pro j prr affidavit of merit bed not been made, yet on the ques 1 t on of damages alone one could be madn in any case, he I should direct the commission to issue, but should so make the order as to permit tbe plaiutiffs to put their oaso on tbe Jeuuary calendar, and limit the btay of proceedings to the 1st of February. Court of Oyer tad Terminer. Before Hm. Julge Could. Oct M ?In the cote of Patrick Utnntuey, charged xcUh Jrmm in the/rtt degree ?This trial was resumed to day at the opening of Court , counsel for defence stating that tbe witnesses he expected from Albany had arrived. He j celled In sneorssion John Clinton and Henry Walloy, police I i nicer s from that city, aid alao the prisoner's slater, wbo a*l>arat?iy deposed that tbey saw and convened with the prisoner as early aa tan o'clock A- 11., on Monday, tbe 26th March, In Albany, tbe fire la tbe prisoner's store la Nt w York not being discovered till about two o'clock on tbe aame morning. Froas this testimony the defence oi.nttnued that an alibi had been folly proved. Tbe Dle tr let Attorney, however, aa rebutting evidence, produced the time table of tbe Hudaon River Railroad, from which it appeared that the defendant, by taking the half past nine o'clock train oe Sunday night wonld arrive la Albany by six o'clock on Monday morning, allowing him sufficient time to make the preparations for firing the store, which were discovered by tbe polios, before starting. The defendant's couusel ingeniously summed up la hia bohalf, snd waa replied to by the Dlatrict Atto-ney, wbo waa quits severe on the alleged failure of this attempt to provs an alibi The Jadge briefly charged tbe jury, and at ten minutes past two P. M. tbey retired to consider their verdict, but up to ten o'clock bad not agrcei. Tbe District Attorney called on tbe ease of Francis Kn right and Lerenso Stewart, aliaa Stevens, indicted for manslaughter In the first degree. In causing the death of Daniel Horrlgan, by Injuries Inflicted upon him on the 20th Auguat, at the liquor store oorner of Cedar and Weet streets Ex Reoorder Smith, for the defendaala, de manded separa.e trlala, and the Dlatrict Attorney de cided to try Enrlght first. Mr Smith then said be waa cot ready to proceed, aa linportant witneaa beleg ab-ent In Europe. He pat In aa affidavit to this elTect, and the trial waa aoaardlagly postponed to December nest, tbe Die trie I Attorney declining to try Stewart until Earlght had been diepoeed of. Mr. Smith, In drawing hla affida vit, made a curious mistake He stated, and tbe defend ant swoes to the drcumataace that tbe w liases, In ques lion left New York three weeks slnoe to go to Ireland oa board the steamship Coaeaaght, whereas that oaforto- j nate veaaei was barred, almcat in Bieton waters, thrw week* sgo, oa her ret am from Ireland Uakrtlii on America. (Mr* brwla' I'?rta ktl? to Home Journal ) I fori ml Uduuud la I be mUm, la a tort of ah >rt bin* anil grew plaid dreaatng gown I knew bit *??, anil ex pec.u d to meet a gen vie man of bent lorm Mid cacked voice. I tu happily diaappolnlad II* baa tba form and mem of forty . and a roice yet tweet aad 3exib.? ? a a a * a a " Would To-j cot Pke to jo lo America and write a book of trareU? It would brUig ) tm a fortune, " I laid, with Irg lo turn tbe ?ut>)< ct ? Go to America:" be replied, looking at me with at too - ifi.mai "No, I will never net my foal on American I Tbe Americana know iiotti i< bat tba 'alaHichty ! dt-lltr.' Tbey tbtlr mlllkfcalrea aad alarve their 1 r?eia, because tbe) bare not the ability lo undarataad ! their woith You did well to coma Hbere you will b? I a, (.r? latrd." I1 "I waa apprrc .tt< o la America, " I replied. " Appiec eied"' be aicla:m<?l ? Tbere ara not many p*"l>ie la thai rial country wbo raa undartUtd a aoul like jouia " | "I love my oo<-.nlry. ' t added "Toll HiT? ia vain, ' be rented, in . atient'y. "I h."f* not," 1 P.Mntd. "Yoo fecpe in v*ic haOualinaed. "Hw I wal ablt I I lire like a prince, alien 1 waa at tba beat of tba r'taVe, aad all tbe word wta bowing to me, tbe Amrrlcua was at my feet, but wbeu I waa In need, aad tent Pe piar? K> New York to g?t tubtcrlpltont for my worki whereby ! mi?bt be enabled to pey my dabu, ibay tnrnel their bartt on me I nil incuo d lo aend Oe Placa to America at my own eipcaae by tbe advice and flalli-rlea <f Ameri can*. and be returnee without one tubtcripuon Tbey are deceitful, /?'?* " "Yaw bave many frlenda In America,'" I mu<< 1 "ight io, mtdeinotaelle, b-it I ?at tatatakca I tboigbt joor (rial American pub ittitr, Monllenr Apple ton, my frl?nd, but I erred He it, p>warf il, *al could bave aided my plana." "I aaaara you, Mooaleur 1 aWrtlM, that If Mllwr Apr>l< toe failed lo rarry out your wither, it waa not bo i?w l>e (i wt cot dcwire to <io ao Re n a high minded an>i honorable geblletnan . and feel* an >nler?at In grains beyond ("o'laiP aad wate," 1 replied ??J rn the reed nroka b? neath me when I had in<et reed of iw tup|>orl, ' be tald, rarity "If ywo would go "> V-W V?rk and give a co i raa of lectcea, you woull mite enough to pay your dent*,' 1 ad dad. ' t'afti imitr, I bey would glva their twenty flva lovu to we me ?Me, at tbey would give It to ana a wl't beaat Ihr n It would end Tl>f y woo If not com* a tec >ol time I'll tot gratify their curkwlty," be taiil, impatiently Vtn would like to meet our poet*, I am torn,'' f eta tieu'd "Y< > lave no p-wit Huul cannot lira and grow tbera. tt atai nt," be rrtoru d. ' O, yea, we bare p??et*," I weat en "We hare B<-y ant. Mail t k, I<* gtellow, Wilht, Bolmet, M<>rr ?.?pragna. Ae ' " rh?y m'tbt have be?a poet#? great oaea If they hal 1 i>>e proper eulrlmetl. Ooata lo aae me every dtr, but don't bring an American reoi!?man with you. t will ant rttalrt bim if yon do." be aald. a* I roae to lea^a "Yon ara prejadiewd, Nontieur I*?art'.n*,'' I r?)olae1, "J'eid* be replied; ?'iha Amerl^ant bale me n? rame l am poor, aad I ratuia tbe oowplmenl moal tor dlallv " "Yoi ar? fiaak," I addad, at I left bim at Iba dtor. Te? Ft?UW Fr?t> ? TIM OanmitlM for Um> Oaltaf of Ui? r v?utut? and Pt.flrrloi 10 Pjri* U* <4 lh? ftoltowlBf ir.mi ?millDlbropM, M, JmM Oartar, 1I< bite, HI, M J. C . $t>, A Ubori*j ?>??!#, M. HUtla A AU>?rto?, II . Kir?i i bur.;h and Soctaty, Wm* flpMaf l?ld. Mux , 124 H: KnaM Htm I PrcabyMrtaa iharoo, I l? rtW OMa, Kit if>. A Ifcmkkaapar. H, H J , H, I' 0, D?wotl, 110, ftrai Methodtot Kp<anop?l rhu-ch, St * |71 SI. M. Krsa, Rrldtfatoa, N J., 110 Mm Rvh?l Hn|ibM<l, (iranada. Mm* , 110. Im 8. J R?f?ra. No'lbur, L 1 , 13.1, M 1. , Franklia cwatr, Kr. , II. B?fcrm. <i IHiteh eharrh, Rtoainf itrm, N Y , til; H A I" , 112 M Ihrouf h New York Omrrwr, Ml li; H R r . M H At M. I*. A?dr??*a ProUMUnt K()l*r m*I Ri.nrrh, W lmln#i"n Hal., |tt Innday ?rb > ?l, St. An dr<?'? rrrt<?tai.t churci. Wi!int<!f* >a. T> 'i , ? I*. HmmiI Dtt ratl !>alPh ' a, Tarrj i tmn. I- , fc>'l?r 4 . It TiHal. tin I j?f.Tton?? arkii* ;j4 , s- v . 114 '|l >. - mm. m. AM.a, u.wmcr, ?. !>?? FMANCtAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wsombwat, Oct 24 ? 6 p. M. The money market continues easy, and aioMf on call can be had everywhere at C per cent P a per of the highest class ranges from < to T per cea% lower grsdes, 7 a 8 a 10. Nothing ha* yet bNB beard ef the Souther* paper which the Southern banks are unwilling to discount in consequenoe ef the prospect of Lincoln's election; it wonld be very welcome here, if it be really worth anything. Nothing was done in foreign exchange to-day. The steamer took out only $13,869. The "Mktrt closed qaite dull. On the Stock Exchange the panic still continued this morning, and prices were marked down 2 or S per cent lower. The margins of weak bulla arc becoming exhausted, and their contracts closed at a heavy loss. Thus Hudson River waa done a ? low as 54, a decline of 4 per cent; Central at 81, ft decline of 2{; Erie at 32, a decline of 2}; Rook j Island at 66, a decline of 2 J; Illinois Central at | 76, a decline of 2; guaranteed at 76}, a da aline of 3}; Toledo at 33, a decline of 3 per cent, and so on throughout the list. Between the boards the market was still lower. In the after, noon the market was unsettled; some stocks wera lower, others higher. Ekie fell as low as 30, and Central to 8)}; most of the Western shares wera also a fraction lower than in the morning. At tha close, hewever, there was a rally, and the market closed better than it had ruled during the day. The following were the last quotations : ?Missouri 6's, 76} a |; Canton, 17 a 10; Cumberland CoaP preferred, lOj a 12; Pacific Hail, 91 a J; New York Central, 83 a 4; Erie, 32} a 1; Hudson River, 67 m }; Harlem, 16 a j; Harlem preferred, 41} a 41; Reading, 44J a 4; Michigan Central, 62 a 4; Michi gan Southern and Northern Indiana, 17 a 4; do. guaranteed, 39} a 40; Panama, 122 a }; Illinoia Central, 76 a 4; Galena and Chicago, 714 a 72; Cleveland and Toledo, 344 ? i; Chicago and Rook Island, 644 a }. The Stock Exchange has for three or four day* gone through a panic which reminds one of old times. The speculative railway stocks have fallen from 6 to 10 per cent in about three days. In tho meanwhile money has remained as easy as ever; railway traffic has continued to increase; the export* of produce continue enormous; the export of gold haa fallen off; the wheat and corn crops fulfil the most sanguine expectations; the cotton crop, though it will probably not be as large as that of last year, will be large, in good condition, and is coming to market early; the bankB have curtailed nine mi lions in two months, and are stronger than ever bo fore; in a word, the panic on the stock market hsa taken place in the face of such a combination of elements of prosperity and confidence as probably never was witnessed in this country before. Thi* surprising phenomenon is ascribed to the general dread of political disturbances consequent upon the prospect of Lincoln's election. It is a littio remarkable, however, that neither federal nor State stocks, which would be the first to feel tho effect of any real politioal trouble, have shared in the decline ; and real estate in New York, which would suffer far more than Western railway shares in the event of a dissolution of tho Union , has not been affected in the least. Even the stock of those banks whose customers reside at th? South, and which would infallibly be broken in the event o? any attempt to dissolve the Unioa, is maintained in the fa:e of the threats and terror* by which we are surrounded; and these binka themselves arc so prosperous, and feel so tttfo real concern regarding the fatare, tint, unless ru mor belies them, they are not wholly disinte rested spectators of the pending panic In the stwk market. Altogether, it seems to be a fixed fact judging from the general prospect? that the dis solution of the Union is to injure Western and New York railway stocks, and nothing else. In tho meaiHiak'*, the Illinois Central Railroad, which, with the MMss'ppI, is the principal channel of commu nication between the West and the South , is doing the largest business it ever did. in carrying West ern food Southward and Southern cotton to tho North. A party of gentlemen from Florida aro here, negotiating for the establishment of a new line of steamere between thia port and Florida, and offering to guarantee an unusual amount of traffic; and the largest private banking house in the city ia doing a larger business in Southern bills than it ever did before. The business of the Sub-Treasory to-day was as follows: ? 9 Ml 99) 76.6MSW LWM IS.MiM* J. mOOt JO MM Reeclpu 1255,311 M ?For Customs 89,000 00 P?jmrot? 180 0* Tt BaUno* 4, 630, tit U The exchanges at the Bank Clearing Hoaae this morning were >37,935,446 36, and the balance# ?1,307,73? 60. The Union Bank of tliia city hu declared ? semi annual diridcnd of three per cent, payable No vember 1 ; the New York Floating Dry Dock Com pany, a quarterly dividend of two and a half pet cent. The sales at the Mining Board to-day. were:? 100 ska. I Royals.) ?0 11 ^ MO sh? Oartflnsr.tM $ 160 do '60 11', MO Gold ail1 . . bSO X 1(0 Gardiner >30 t* 1COO Jo tOO U-M The following table shows the condition of tha banks in f jor leading cities:? /.tmu. .%?*-{?. r*r<> ?r?. flnmUi. V. OilMM, Oct 13 H4 MIS 7TI t <>H?? * 4*4 t(l? I5,I??.7I7 few Trrlc, Or? ft> W, Ml MS B lit MR rkUadal'a. OrL U *< ?1 6W ? 3?7 i3? buUM. Oct ? 64 2UOU0 ft.lM.7UV TrliJ,., fri- M3 ?Thi7Sb SNM0 4C3 InImIm l u wtri M 773 SM n7M.US U7 071.m ra*f?a?. ~ m.mtaa - Tm.m I f491.0H - ?47.Mf The following is Messrs. Neil I Bros.' statement ot the movement of cotton for the last week and since September 1, 1*59, compared with the Are preceding yeart: ? , K>vHft$ fur puf Pmit Simc* TbGt. To Ot Vr ,r "* \U !*wt Britain Frw /br P. IV 6 .. fPfCO 400 600 %'< 000 8 000 istoo 1KM7...MOCO 3M0CO 100C0 7,CO? 1 M 1".' 7-8... 1.01)00 211 coo mooo 8000 loot ISM 9 1IOWO 460 000 25 000 1 000 3 OM 1*60 *0.1 90 000 606 / 00 6.S0C0 11 000 1 009 l*ot <1. 70.000 431, OTO 19 roo 0 000 3.000 A rj?<rlt Sin. * Wirxt V Smtmnbrr nut Tb ft> O <h?r Pri/atm frontr J %r f?. 7V?J. .*?* ]?*-?... IM.oo* ;itt0 16 000 17t 000 ?t.0W isee 7... ?rco mm it. oot 73,000 -mam 1M7 t... tTMrf) 13 coo 12 000 MOM 170, OM ms ? 'nrco 34 coo itooo imom ?M0M 1*** 00 148 000 40 (00 M.CM Ml 000 375 OM Ifc.t) 61 76 010 >4 000 It COO lit OM 4M.M0 Thus the receipt* show a decrease of 73.000 boloo from tbof-o of last year, and a decreaae of 1>.00# over 1*.',9 !>, and the ezporta exhibit the followiaft [phi la: ? Oimf i 6 Knit M Amw OOk ff P^<ll ni'k IMc iter.. /no- i* /aa. l?.i <<??' :-'<X0 H000 iOM M 099 MOM 1V.I 9 4 WO 10 010 5 .tOO 9 000 M OW We ?rr rrqurated to publish the following c?rd: ? Nttw foil* A*T> Haulm RaHJkUb Or>*ra*T, > Nur Yoax.Ort J3. IW / ?< me -rmarka b?r1of baea Mdl M MtaparafMiiaal of lb* Aib*n; npr?M MiM J<?N plae?d anon tb? BirlM Railroad, I derm It proper U nl< a brief uat'iiiaat cm tfce Wan tba praaeat &>a*d of took r bar** of iba Harkwi i unpuy , mora Ihn l*roo a?o. 'bey hm l N ?ery nvioh v ai i ??. I M road ai i rr.: ? iDft ?toek n-lt? oot of repair vter fuo'lio# tb* A"allof debt, ?bich bal borae sort opprawtnHy npoa ihc rompaay , all eBbru ?rra directed to the tmpmremaat ol the read and equipment. aad tbia baa baea kapi im it lf la ?wt ?>? tba paat ituee yearg It bu nar>aavilv heea ? work or i>m. a* the mm i kin b*e? appreciated from the earaloft of tba road. In order tbat m new debt aboakl ba created. F.iieMlT* fOfa'ra aad rtnewaia haea boaa rnfle, eereaially wiitin tba p?at year, 1?trlb| whiab tt?a a large nmo-it t <>l tea iroa, |M aad ba lasting b?e? *>aaa I>u< ed la tba trarfc, and the ca i reballt aad rafaralabad. lt?i*ra?? pka?'ire to aay tbat the bridges, leaf* aM ?an are nnw ta irnet esoelknt coadltioa, aad tbat tb?p ? 111 c >Ki|?ra favorably wilt I be beat rosda of tba aoaa ' ' ' 1 I wren f?* aa*. ao'l it ha* n? ?-.# baaa tbe p> Mf "f '*? <v>? |'?ny to r< iio'i'i ah their niiare of the treat tbro'igb Iraral to atd from tba frit Tb'- arraafe'nrnt siefe ?ltb tb? flnds n Uirer company ? ma year* ttoce. h?a p*oro? M rvlTantareoca by wlta ra-*tpc tbe tins ifota public a1* lata a ?hf*t ???* t' ra rat? *e ?"? ?t i not* pexte under mora fe?'wa'nae>iei?fle? nan ? ?.?>? ?t, \-r Y '?.< at ?u at> naawaiMi,") a*see tr

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