Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 26, 1860 Page 3
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lALH A* IVVTlORi . joUM~r\ Ul'Ni?ERFOI?n A OO.. AOCTIONEKRA A. BV^KHt HOUSEHOLD FURNITCRK. uhe cruou-.y of a family declining bouajknei ng) TO tM Bul.D if PUBi.I?r\L'Cff0*. OH 1 HIS (FRIDAT), At .La elegant residence ?a. CI West Mitceatb street, bei wnen F'fth and SLith aveace* ; Riia coam?a"Ui( at 10 S " oloek. Tbe honee *u f jrulebed Iraa than sii mooJaa ago, and * in agwrrni order , the : .rultari all made 10 ^rder by B oadway ^?"maomificfnt rosewood pi .woforte, esitt carved rosewood I* rawing Roam Hu a velvet medallion t'arj els. art*' s Sron/ee. Oil Paintings. ftatnary, MJ Br.ttft, E tension Table, roaewiiod and mahogany Chamber V omit ore, en aotie China, Uiass and Silver Ware. DEAW1NO ROOMS Pvswlrg man furniture, oarerel with French broeetei a f iha rtshest dsscriptieo. solid rosewood frames ; two a alia. Via . two tele a lata Sofas. to arm t hairs, two recepuoo and eight oval b?ch Chairs, Bade by Weil, centra Tables. statuary aarble lope elegant roaawood Etegerea. plata glass doora. Bearelsire and Bookcase, limed with aallnwood. Cbeae Table, klaid with pearl; roeewood aide Tablea, veWet m?|iiet ta'iie Oevers. Krc-'lgnures. eaty Chairs aorered In vel'et. ladlee" Work Tabic and Writing Desk. vslvst mndallloo Uarpau, a? tele Rugs, aatl'ioe lava Vaaee, magnificent ruaewood Pisno ?arte, full aeven octave, richly carved legs and eaaa. inlaid with mother of pearl and solid pearl keys. has all the modern taprovemeni* raeewnod Canterbury, Stool, embn4dered eloth Cerer, Oil Palctlnge-Iloly Family, by belle rea, aaperb paint lie; AssumpU'* of the Tlrgln, two Matoh Paintings by Oole; rfkl t Piece, Winter Scene. Marine Views. Scenee on the Ooyt t Mm, tmuggler'a Family, Storm .at Sea, by Kg taw . also, a mnbtr at fine Cabinet Pic. ire*. French Line Kngravlnrs. rare and oostlv Bronze Tun from P<mpeii and llemilaneuin. Artistic Bronte Kta tnettea, Dreeden china Vases, auperbly decorated marble Flat sea. Cur d and Psyche, Pandora, Ac ; Hat Stand, Oil ?lath. Velvet Stair Carpet. Silver Pined Ends, Rote W W 4 Chamber Furniture in suit, Bureaus. Armour a (J lace, Dress Tab>. Benateada. Commolea, Conch and Arm Chain OOY ?red with velvet. Hair and Spring Mattresses. Blankets, CVmnleriimee, ail Id oak D nlns^ Room Furniture, Buffet, ?arbie Tod lined * lib sallow**! ; lite onion Table. Arm Chairs, ale ga.m set of Crystal and Buby Ulase Ware. solid Si ver Tea Emilin, French China Pinner and Teasels. Sbeflleld Table Oetlery; alaoullthe rtaaeinent and Kitchen Furniture. Bale pealtlve without regard to the weather. Competent t^raonn will he In atieDdanoe to pack ahip or earl the goods at a res ?nnaMe charge P triiea wishing to attend tbe anle will take Ika Fifth or Sixth arenue ears or stagea at the Aator House St. Ittafcolaa ami MetennoUtan Hotel, which si'l bring them within ? few doors of the houw . corner i4 Sitteentb etreet N. B ? The above e'egani real I ? e for sale or to lei. Poasem: >n Mplj- 'or further particulars mature of the auction ADm*:sTRATOK S SAL* Th close an Istate An evtraordlnarr cbanae for housekeepers. Magmto nl Hi iaehold Kumttore. H. WILSON A Oo . au? ioneera, will ae!l on Friday, October Jt, at 10X o'clock preclaely. a 1 the superb and .eiatly Fuml ?ore. Palatum Sutuary and wurlaof art, rosewood drawing room Bulla, elegatt aersn octave Pianoforte. Mirror, velvet j Qarpeta. he. comalned in the private re* dence >20 Fourteenth . street, near Righth avenne. ibe auctioneer calls special at j tentkm of his friends and the politic to this sale, as being tie , largeat and rlcheat aaaortmeni of Household Furniture otic red I a! auction this Heaaon. Tbe furniture wvs all made forth* | present owner, srd Is In complete order. The whole will be peremptorily and absolutely aold without reserve. I L RAWING BOOM FURNITURE. chalets of carved rosewood Btegeres. mvrble tops and Fleceh plate doors ard backs; ladles' Wo k Telle Inlaid with I ?other of pearl; rosewood Ceatre 'able, statuary marble i loo: two fall suits of Drawing Koom Furniture; elegant lete- i a-tete Sofaa two arm. two reception and eight oval back Ohairs. oar red rosewood fraatee. and covered In three eol- ! ered faun brueade of the most einenMve deecrtrti in, eon ' stating of two console Tables, lalaid buhl and tortoise shell ; . brocade and laee Curtains; six light ormolu and brojse I Chandeliers, importeil from Parts by Marcott, LApran/ A I Or, , Candelabra*. Brackets, French plate pier and man | ?el Mir ors, v th rirh gilt frames superb Sevres and Drexden I eh ma Vases, riehlv decorated Parian marble I tatueties of the Seasons, artistic Broeies, reoreeentlng Night and Morning, Panders, Painting. Poetry. Maslo. Crusaders, Ac . antiijue lava Tas-*, from llcrculaneum aid Puuipcll; enonv card Table; velvet Carpets and Ruga; Turkish easy Chairs; bronze Clock. r,ns one month. Oil Paintings, by Rneeeau In man, ? nnltngton. Cole. I^carde and other eminent artists; French tea Engravings Trial of Killa Deans; the K light it Joseph and Mary intoKgvpt with the Infant Savior. ? AGNIKTi'BNT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Carved legs and case, four round comers, finished all round. Maid with pearl and solid pearl keys; music Rack, rosewood lad, covered In brocade embroidered eloth cover. Books aad Mnsie; hall rosewood Hatsttnd, Oilcloth. Brussels stair QarpaU. Ac Chambers, second story? ftlshly carved rose wood Fedatesds. style Louis XIV ; Bureaus and Oom modes Is match; Wardrobes, dressing and toilet Tablea, shaving Masds H.? kstanda (Vrnch. arm Chairs. Curtains. Shades. Cor aleew. hair Mattresa's. PalUasees, feather Beds, Boleters snd Pillows. Blankets, Sheets. Quits, C-ranterpanes. decorated china Toilet Sets, oval Mirrors, dialog room Furniture of ?very kind . also kli< hen Utenslla. Ac. Csah deposits will be required ot every purchaser, ss every article must be sold. P. KIMBALL, Administrator. Attractive Ann peremptory AUCTION RALK OP BLBGART HOUBEIIOLO PURNITURB, aitkaprtvaie residence <8 Wul lleraulb street, near Pifta aeAace. wast lid*. HUB DAT. Prlday, at 1(IS o'clock. Bajrnlf.oMit rtnee mr< **1 Pianoforte, kiertut Parlnr Rolia, richly gtried loltd r nee wood, JUaewtmd IteHMM, Book mat. J?t ar Mirror* Ui< PaiBilnjrt, Artistic, bleque ud faj-tan Ornamects, Velvet Carpata, Ac Ar. Ac. ( ?uv,m new randy. and mo be had at the hnuae early W'.ii l All of Mid furniture w ma made to order by , Roi A Co., of thir clt?. PABUJRR i doable round i?>r-er?l mild loaesrond Pannforta. ba* . mild pearl ke>* and elriraat tah'et board, roea woad Oaalert ttry Hl*>1, Miiaic tlaod and Preor.h ea->o*aed *u (V v?r. u.rr Muita of aarrad Parattni*, oorarad with ?tk brocalel, rrorn and (Old. dmaon and bin*, each lull of right pleoea, Tate a I'lr, oral. mnJaUlon, Oothic *4^d console rVa'.rm. Ktejiree, Bookcaaa, Vlrrirs, OU Palm mm. KncrarlBfa, relvet and Braaeea Oarv'ett, MiMO Sop, Ac , Ac. DIBTNa ROOMS. Oak eitenaloa am! m<*ry Table nak Rnffet, eakChilra, fa.hlaCitia.rt. K u>n sidPi uki. silver Table and Ifm.wjiii, Uklna, C"<-ke?7 UlMiwan!, Fruit ltaakni, <"*rpet, Woo*, laonoin, Bur Chairs, Ac , Ac CHABRBRR. noCd rise-wood Pedatead* marble top Brraana, Wtahaianda, ad kalr Battreaaei, lUi ,w* and carpets, wain it a d aelled Purnknre. Chair* oil Paintings ?w?. kere. Untom. if Alao all ike Basement and Kip-h^n r&rsMore kale p<*tt .re. r?.n nr abli*. fly order o.' KhUlp , attorney. ai.t.iw 4 CO., Anotloneera. A 'ret BghMMth m reel, anlra 00 the premier# ( r nee to let. poaaaaslna Lat of Nortaber. D bab $rua hi tvH pack ?T . ' i Pormtora liprea* Batablish-aenL BCRttHAME GTaSttiAVSLS! /"ralture rMkiai Bstabllehaxnt. P1^F?A!1 jyT "ffw '_jNwP ? < Pimrtlurt Parkin* Km tahtfc b -B _ nt, into* IlMfg Kl? sath atram be'warn fifth and Pick airman. Pianofortes. Hlrr-rs. r.'Minsn Htaintre saw j?T3SS? ssr.?wri; AJ IIMIl'IVD ACOTIONKEB. . PKRKMPTORV HALE OP 44 CHOICB LOtR ?n 4th. Mb and 9 k sven <e*. lll'b 11-Hh. 1 Itthai.d 1.18th atreau. A J ,Ht.B KkK, S JR A <V wl.l^iU at an.'tleo oa I ei da j. Oct. 30 at 11 n ukirk. at Ike Merctanu' BzckaiR* 6a 9tb *rrnae? t lo4? and 1 (nrr m ike a a. mro-r lldtii >u Os llVib >tre<t? ltf (o.rn ? a l'K)?eeteavt if 9tk ar Tke above Is >()ARl)kI{ BfoT, oo xrala. aad free trm On 41 h avna'ia? 1 We e. a. (0 feet north of lllth at On IHih ai?ert? ;? all n a -O feet raat of 4tk avrn ie. Oa 6<h a\rnne? 3 lo a e a 14 feet II :n<kea n rtk 1 <kl at. On Mli arenne- 1 Iota oa n e Ourner l itth al re?t On IS4th air ret? I Iota a t:? 'ret east of dn aveaua. On i.*4tk atrvet- 4 Irna n a 1U> do On 1 ttUi atrtet dU) !?n wide) -4 kit* 1. a 10" feet aaat of Mb a rt r Tttlr r rrfrct and lerma liberal. ? at Mo. 7 Plnr itreet A J. PI. AC* KKK. ACCTIONIKR. ? PereBptory aale <M Kiialm and Ground* At White 1'lalna. A. J. RI.KKTXER. KOR A OO. will aell on Runway, Oi tobar 17. al 11 o'clock, al the Mrrchanta' K.irkat|e the above nJnat ,e ai.ljurban Beeldenre. rrceally owned by OoloaiM V't fears, e^Jiprlel.i* a two eu ry att 0 and ant eallar rraae II >oae, ?Ur* Id with brirk, with riteosno; Bare*. OutbulMiaca and atml aeventren and a kalf arre* at Land, on the Hratti river aad old Pea* road, within half a mile south <>f lh? d 'p >t. ad |olBU| juida nt Bra. Piaher. Nraara. Ho^ps Hnrvm. t bbeiu ae Coaiaaanda rxlrnalve view* and the n<>m*n vlj'.ln'n* the Paat road a?taise ona of the ttnrat BiiUdlaf allea ia ih* town, ??pa, Ac., at No 7 Plna Mrret. ArrriO* NOTlt'B.? BORT J AUB RALE OP HOCSB hold Pnratture. Oarpeia. roeewood Plaafrrt*. At, M. DOCuBTT, Aurtioneer. Will aall thia day (Pildan. Oat. M. at 1*W o'alo A At aalaaroon 81 Baaaan street, a few doori rrK* Poltwi, Ike ea'.lre kooaeko d Purnlture o* a fa-ally removed for <-mre alenre nf sale, aad to be Mild by virtue cf a chattel na-i- trare aaaawttnc of roaa eood par lor folia, covered ia pluvk and bro aalal. a>ah<?aty ( > . aoverrd In Wrckitk. ?< Tate a retea, par k ,r and ana t lhalra. oaafkle tip oernre Tsblaa. R/aaaala. ealvrt and inrrala Oari eta roeewnod Planfiwla Bookcaeee. on f na^aa Tablea. 8 10 aad 11 feet Ion*: bla* wains'. Mop HnilrU Dloin* "kora. Hreeslnr Huret'is. Wseb , Be^strviit. Nattreerre I'sUlaaara. Ixiunres. Warlr.>-~e?. Ae , the whole belBf wall w.?rtty Ike UlroUcia of dea'ars. A CtTION NOT1CB? PCRNITrRl AT A c?RBtT H*R A yarn ? All Ihe hniiaeho' t f itrnlt'ire ofk Dilate fa<atly, rCBOvrd 'roia Wrst Pmrteenth street U> K. R' TH A r'irol *are.-| 71 Rtith avenue, one door ba'ow Wavrrlay pla?*, wt.i be sold at prlrala aalr al a (rest aarrttue thia day. ? <n a let tax rif Iine roeew> d Planoaorte cRy maker. PwmI and Uaver three roaewimd parlor hulls, oovered In brooaiel pt ish ?ad balrrlKh roaewood Blatarea .antra aad aide Teblaa. MMkMi lacmla '>rV,?t?. alao a lot of r<??wi>"d -nan . ?any. b ark aralml and otk yarlor bedroom and dlnin* room FntBlinre. alao pier and mantel Nlrrora, Prcinb n?i rises Wsrv, rhtas Vsaea. alltrr Wa r. aad a 1 H of Klwbaa furnl ?arc Ae A lit Tin* Norit'I WB B. SHIAI.KT. ACCTIOYBIB. Oparfterf. (i aaa. r'hira.aiil *'aner ?! ?da. - Prtlay, 09 B at 10 r.-avirk, al <? Pearl alreet ? KitKNI'.ltR 'lAUuO WRLL "wler to the open oa of '"fc*ai?>ara liaaL Ml sail, witho'it teaerve. hla aallre al .c? of the avwe r' da la aiore. erwii riain* a rkoara aaenrtment of to* aad comaaoa '"%1-ia, files* Crocker) and Plate* ilooda. la k> * 'or sttr aad c-mntry Hade, at t many a .liable 10 the h ante of h>it>.a and private fa aaillee Ttraia eaak Oo da well pa- ked for aki;pin? rffl ON N'llICB. B C IIiKT. Aoctionear. BTTLIBH BRdLlHH DO(l CART. 1. HA Ll'OLUW. R . Will t*L on 'ulurdsv. October T7. at 11 ovioet. at Ike salesroom* M Cadar atraet, ovaoa,t? th- Post ??ce. a tery atyl tb Knfllek foor wke- 1 I) >? ' art fur ?eor two k^reaa. taacem at fonr In band, with lead b are Irneee aad rata*. H it -me >tbe.- like It la thia country A J. BLFBCKBR. Af( T! NKtR , In r>?? t> on Pale nf THOVAf SIRklT PR -PUTT. By nrd-r of P. T Ki?k-lee Can . Referee A. J RLnC< * td RON. A CO e1 I aell atjaortlon na Tktr* Ana aiov I a> II o d f? at Ike Berokanta' Kichanre. Oa Thoma* atraet? <;ar parrel no the t nrtk stda of ike rreet, Mk' feat wrat of t htfrb atraet alt? WtHO faat. Ha pa, A J . No T rioa atrae A CCTKiN NOTICE Jk thir hat onlt at pbivate rale a real, 'man. dreirona of vtattiap Eiuwpa will dis^oae of Ms Ho-'sebnld Pornkitre. Paintlnra Bitot*. P^noforte f Ivar Ware. A- . Ac , at a ?rea? *arr fl. a. All irlnf tke ? ntrnie .4 Me reetdenoe. |a Weat EUrbieea'k Mreat. between flTlb aad ?frhavaaaea. Ian Ire oa tke premlaea I root 18 lo 3 o'el -ek " Not Ac. tCTTLB, AUCTION KIR. ?DUTCH HCLB ll'R . f.ijk Rn?s St aix tlo*. Ik Is dar, at 111 Pillion ? raet, m Unci, ok, m ludln* H' arntk* TtUlaa Eeveatnlea Ane aao^a, ttadlolua. Ira, Crocn* , Orows taparlala. As.. In lata to *0 i pnrnkaair*. ? A N NOTICE? A PABILT IXCI.IEIEO tiOLIB A kaaplajr. will diepoa at, at private aaia. a 1 ib?lr parlor, Sat' berand iialni ro-m Pnniltnre at a great aaawitr.- Bar' anil Ptaaofmi^. anal M00 for MO in inin.M ? >t-> . i si d r*i*ar, i*r)..r R ih, oa0 IBB for flto. ma do f ir V*i, Biok mat. *|c|er? c.-(t're TsMea. An l ^nlra for three 6tya at Bo. lt> Waa' r wra'.y altth aire. ' near Rtrtk araa e. t ^ AEET.f At* A' ACIAB, A/ILAR. DOUBLE CIIINBRI V/ Prlo-r wa arte (rat'- 1 Irired Dfctlaa. Ae . Ac . al anc io, BB day. al >0' . o*?|n?A, al N -> ? IcA a *U*?t ooa ihe bwtat' wt *?'?*? of ?ir.-enb.m?.> P|I?B ?v?r cfa"rt 'or *al?. 'mm l/wj* ??raad $, A I bar f, N . WT MLKi at irvnn.1. BROWNB A NICHOl* A L UFIOM UKH. SATURDAY. C atuhtr 37. At 10 1 j o'c'ock at o ir saleroom, 3t Na*(L (leasehold rgrtlluir, rtm' red f jt warn MDof of sale, ea> Mating of Brussels velvet and lugraln Carpels; rosswood Buns, id n mi a rep#, roeeweod Bsds?ead, .Ituo, Wsshslaiida. rose HOI. I marble lop Vubiuu'i, elegant roeewood mrtilf top t ectre labia, lace Window i rtalus. gilt frame pier, oeal and Dan el Mlrrrn. mahogany ???tiara hair Mattresses and Pall atM-s, Bolsters ai.d Pillow*. maUarauy hufaa and Tele* IMna, mabngasy extension Ohatre, oak extension rMnlng r^h-ilra Tol )??> fata. Ac. Alt", a laijte as .<riment of kiteben Furniture, auk which lh* tale will commence. rrlvato bale. BROWNE A MICBOIA ACOTIONEBBB -SATURDAY. October 27. In f root of the salesroom* 38 Nassau Hirer:, every hue pair Huraes. black and acrrel, 16 hauls hind, eight ar.d nlna year* old; sound. kind and gentle to a i harse-ta: have teen driven lr pfhir all summer; gOJd in single harness at. J saddle; eolJ only tut waulj>f( nao. Double Harnea, city built, but Utile need. ALSO, Two sealed Rockawaya, If i< ud order; belli to order in ih* city By lockwood bro Suva 45 M ' irra* street. ? Tbia day al 10 O'cta 5k. 1MIORTANT SAl.l or CLOTH, MEnlNO ADO UID (JLOVBi EmtW .lackria, Shirt* and Dra?ere, Wool and COTTOK UOSIEIIY. CLOTHS, CA88IMBRBS, UaTINBTB, Ac , Ac. Tke trade la Invited. By a. j blkkckbr, bow a oo.-on Tuesday, Oc tober SO. at 12 o'clock, at tke Merchants' Ki, hinge. pe lemptory tale of 24 Una, with Mansion. on Seventy tlflh street and ltleventb avenue, formerly ike resldenoe of Peletlab Per, I. feq. The mansion to large, and tn exceller.l order, with bathroom, hot and cold water. Ac , and la one of the ttnem lo catloes overlooking the North river. Alan Ave Lit* on fitly seventh street, near the lij.bth a<-eune and Vntral Park; and two lotn on Fifty record alreet tear Heoond avenue. DAN I BL A. MATHEW-i AUCTIONEER. -SALItBROOM Bo <4 i 'edar street. directly oppoaite the P.wt nffleo HOliSBHOI.P Fl'RMlTURB. PI ANOFOKTB, MED ALLION, BKl BfBI? AND IMURaIM CaRPBTH, Ae Bl'TLICK B'Hl'LT/. A M ATHEWS wlU ull al auctlnn. tn Borrow i Saturday > al 10H o'clock, al their ea leer own. No M Cedar alreet, a general as* <rtmfnt of Parlor, Be 1 and riming R<? m furnfc ire removed for BflBTentw ee of sale* oonelertng In part of rkhly carved rosewood. walnut and aah >gaoy Par lor Suits. In broeatel phisl. reos and hair doth. raeewool and mahogany retire and aide Table* with marble tops; rosewood, walnut and mahogany dremmg and other Bureau* Waah atande. French ana other B?d reals hair and bank Mattreeaee, Bolatera, Pillows, Loungea, eaay Chair*. Wardrobes. Rocters, together with a large var.e.y of other Kedroom Far-lture, oak extenalon Tibles oak during ( hairs and Lounge, library Bookcase*, <;kalrs aul Tables elegant rut Glassware. China Vises and TeaNrta Candelabra. Lamp* bhades. vel ret. Urns tele and Ingrain Carpets. Ae . togtther with a general aaeort mert o* K Itchrn Furniture, with which the sale will commence. At II o'clock, one elegant Plan-.forle with >llan attachment, city made aud In ? i reliant order. Cataloguce early on mora ng of sale at u learoom . EH I.ODLOW. AUCTlflVIIB. . 8ALR OP THK OALUBR V OP PAI1ITIN09 AND ENORAVINQB OP TUB LATB CH aRI.IH M. LBUPP. B. II Lt'Dl4.>W A 00 will sell al auction on Ttuaday, November li, 1M0. at 7'. o'clock P. M , at the rooms of the Rational Academy of I>eslgn, n orthwest uorner of Teeth street snd Fourth avenue, N V . ihe collections of PalntluKH and Bn gravlrgs ixmorlslng rxeluslvely the entire gallery of th? late ( h?r!e* V Leqpp? eioeel family portnUte? m left at h's de cease, among which ? ill be found fine specimen* of the foil w Ing artists m-Jortaai Drenze, Vandyke, 1Tatt*au, Olir dano, famsl, Prezi el Hob be, De HI ?ke. Bekhart, Omme gaacl Htuart, Cole. Durand. I.euUe, Church Kensett. *oant, rage, Huntingdon. Chapman, Kdmmds. Audubon, Baker, Oa ?liear, and many other aiUnts of celebrity. Mou of the modern Printing*, both American and foreljm, were painted tn order for the late Mr Lenpp. whose well known taate enabled him to col ert one of U><) finest modern galleries In th* country. The aale wlU be positively and without reeerve In (etllemen: of hi* esta'e Iherallerv will be ooen for free exhibition at the room* of the National Academy of Detign. fiom Baiurday. November X until 10 o'clock P, *. CaUlogue* ean be ha] at tie oCBce o* the auntlooeer*. Na 3 Pine street near Broad way. two days before the sale Parties oat of the ally will be (applied with the same on written application EH. LUDL0W. AUCTIONEER. . VALL'Al K BANK BTOOK AT AUCTION FOR ACCOUNT op am B8TATB. B. H. LDDI>OW A ' O. will sell at auction on Tueeday, Oet 10. 1M0, at UX o'clock, at the Merchant*' Exchange, lor an count of an estate, the ro. lowing valuable Ktock ? S3 shares National Bank, par $BQ 3D Metropolitan Bank, par 110 SU) Mechanic*' Bank, par M tO Merchant*' Bank, par to tO Manhattan Company, par M M City Company, par UK) tO Bank ? f New York, par 10) For further pnrtloolar* apply to the auctioneer*, offloe Mo. 3 Pine street. Ii'DWABD f CHENCK, AUCTIONEER ? PERKMPTORT J aale of elegant Honsebold Furniture, Pianoforte, Mirror*, Ac ? Bv K A F H. 8CHRNCK, on baturday. Ootob-T 27, at 10)4 o'clrck, al their salesroom*. No. Ill Broadway, a laree aesorlment of new an 1 seeoad hand Honeehi'd Furnltnre, comp'tslng e'egant carded rosewood Parlor Suit*. In vart-ms i-overlngs, rosewood marble top Etegeree, Centre sud So 'a Tables; *leg> nt rosewood 7 octave Ptanofor e, Fraarh plate Mirrors, rosew*M mahogany and walnut Itedsteada carved and plain; marble top Barvau*. Wsshstands and tVnmodes; walnut and oak Sideboard*, extension Dining Tables; Dining R<* m snd Oflloe Chalra. rosewood and mahogany Library Bookcase* and Wardrob a makogany Sofaa, '*halni, Loaoges. crmrr Ktands, Itook Racks, *c . hair Maureeeee, Ae. To be sold without re**rve. to pay advance*. Ij^DWARD BCHRMCK. AUCTIONBBR. ? BALE QF THK J < arpeu Prurget* Ac . used at the ball given In honor of the Prince of Wales ? E. A F II BCBB.NMBwlU sell at auc tion, oo Saturday 27th Inst , at IBntr salssroom, No 111 Broad way, all the Car; et. Drugget. Balte, Ac., tieed al the bail glvsn tn honor of Ihe Pilnceof Wales al the Academy of Mu sic, oonslatlng of 100 yards Oarpet. WO yards red Felt 'Hoik, 1(0 vards of linen Dnirget. * large 'laantlty of Rope. Ac , the whole to be *o!d wlthon: raeerve. EDWARD SI HENCK, AUCTIONEER. -LARUE BALI of Carrtayes. Eockaways. Wagon*. Harrier*. Ac ? Bv B. A F H SCDENCE, this day, 2tih inst , at I o'clock, at the'.r ?al'sroim. No 141 Bnadvay. a large stock ? t CarHu-es. K e.kawnys. tnp and road Wagona, double and alngle Uarnesa. To te sold wlibout reeerve, to pay advances. '1)W ARD ICHENCK, AUCTICNKKB SPA N OF BAY PONIES I^DWARD FCIlENl K. Al' TIol.BKK Ij SPAN Of sPI.BNnil) BAT HORSBS Hr B. A F. H. S< HB N< K -This day. 26th mat, al 1 o'clock ai the), saleroom. No 111 Broad way, a span of splendid bay Hi>rnee 16 htuds high, U,rs tails *nd mauee. wirranteil p r fe< i y hit d ?nd gertle, and believed to be s nnd. lb* properly ai a private seeitomak, and told only for want of aee. Edward schbncb, aittioniiih. BLACK HaKK HOBS#. Bv B A F H SfHKM'K.- Thin day. 26 k mat , at I o'elm k. at their salesroom ?o. 141 Bniadwav, a dark hr *n Hl?- ^ Hawk Home (i* ears old 1S>? hands kl*h, warrar. ted perfect. 1. aonud kind asd gentle In ertry way ha* been driven by a l?dy ; E'DWARD NcaVX'B. At' rriON?;iR j kl.K'IANT SADDLE lloRSK My RAF II ?. HKNcK. -tkl* day al 1 or ok, at their sa!*sr"-in Bo 111 Br,jadwav, a ?rown saldle H wae. 7 vsara o'd. lt>a bands bifh. k>ng mane and lall. me Vyle and aatioa, wtrrat'ed perfu'ly to".ud, kind and geat.e In every way; to d only for want of e*e cmrit Bonn ow rfvhntertth stuebt at P auction ? We mould call attention U> the ?*> to be made *i auction t'jr ? B lA'DLOW A t'O , thl* *%v at U o'clock at the Merrbanta Ei'hac?e, of the new ?od SlW "iaa iloiiaeand Lot Ml Whi hevantee Ui r.reet The Hottee la nmahad la tlx* beet maoner Any one w lahtnx In i irhu* ahnnld m? ne? loot thu opportunity. Mapa, ,kc , at t he, Wi. i Piae airem, HINRT h. i.ekpk. Ai'rrnoxnR FIFTH GREAT ANNUAL B ALB. HIKRT H. LIIM A 00 will aell at am the dtm Inn of Wedneriay. Oot. K. Anraday Mth. Friday. Ml*. and Katu-day. Oct. W. at 7 oolnck each evening, la the ?*..?r1ee of the VaUmal A cad ear, Tfoll atreet. m; Broad war The above onileolloo coaprlora the wurfca of <JI*aoai. R W. Wlxr. J. T. empty. Daratid. L ft *i?not Hinckley, Healey Hart, Moftntoe, ti. H. Hall Darter, Bioadal. Brown Peraon Thorn UIGUKH SCHOOL. Norland, two baaoiifai ploturee, by a- am A. WUilema, Ad ney ft. reecr. froa the Royal Academy eihlblitoa, on* nt 1 wnAj >. Hnddlnrtna Rhayer, Rr (JalnatmrTiffc, JrtBnai by O. ? ifal "? " ? " i? ] _____ traataal work* two by Kdwvd U'Netl.of luadnn ,'J. Mark. A. Harianrf, A. B Taylor. Hardin* aa early picture by * nl J. T Peete^ ! .ouiAerNrr rf, wuraatad froa Ua lata aoUaettaa of Sir R Wile*. Uaton ih?- rider original by Hmr-iug. *r ft. Wllano George l ole, Leadon. Kdwtn W'.liiaau (taraaieed ; Htdney <>? per (id other*? being tke eoUre aoiiaauja of ft Moi>eraal, tH la lea?tnj far K irapa. T R INCH BfTBOOL Ortilsai. gnarkateed. by Paul Dalarocka, PHlerln IabN Be! Troyon. Oourvmrle, Da Notre, laufoal de Met! Jiiie* b.*l, U. I-aeie. id. Frare. Ralaon. Plena. Artnta IM B.aa. 1 R (Herman A R verm bemmeqa Aetard tad xh'ra. F! JMISH SCHOOL ?erboaokhrrrer.'i tw < bearfHfol orl?rti>A<a. TH Braaka.??r T. Wry. Vf-B Beaa*. Hiumrd. Van Oaa ul other* Alan a Vie piirata aollweUrB of old Plctnraa, jnat raoalTed and oer<w ha fora aiklt Had. It la nunenaaaary to aiten.1 lha jat of triea. aa tha r nMte win am by tbnae ftrea aoo?? that thla wli: ba aa attrvirdlnary an'e Maar ftrat rlaaa artMa arc reprww>i<Md, whUt h*T? n'rer hewn bj aarttoo la thia af'.r bafora Ther are now on wihlMUoa aa abora. feee and will ?Jan he o? ?Ihihluoa two arautaga prarhria to tha aaia. with aataioc .* HKRRT H. l.ftlPM. ACCTIORftftft -HftMRT H LIKIM A '>> will aa.) at aoc* n, ? Bat Oetn .er T7 10', ?'?hMfe. U be aa.e*r><nai, II Neaaaa ?u*et H" laehotd F mi ?ara. r?w?laUnf ??# K-'iaar.a *nd Infrain Ovr?t? 1 aewnnd emu. oat ettar*"*. Plila* lahlaa. Mask w% at Korf?ta ?*r*ie tnpa: Bafeotaay marble to ? bldeb-m.-d*. (ul frarr.u Mlrrnra blark walnut aad ath >caay aarbie tw r>r*a*ia? Hn raana. rmawond Kgt to grtra p'uili ir*.'Oi?iy ha.r-l.jtb n^thra, maewood m*rt:a t p T'reaataf R .raana mvw?rr and na??>>4 L atauaca, ^?*Ftiia>aa. bt r M* 'r?aari. bla"t wa'n it RedmeM"!. Alao. ai if o'etork a lot if R??r Tl?a> tad O'her Rblna. nat retired frna Rontb Aatrtca. Tber ara dnad ard Utaaed arl teaily lo >>e ,-raparad. HKIfBT H t.nttft, Ar<TIONBII ? HF.NRT H I.IFrM A Co wia ae at aactioa "n Fr.iay. U?. ^r M. at II o'clork at the warervura No. 713 Bria i way. an e!"c*B* *?l I laetun of Marhla Vaae*. < %rd R? H(en. Par an iln>i x uid kuUuMaa, Broaraa. iv^iemlan niata ware, t' the importa Una of Mantra Topi aad ttk?T*aa<.ni * t.a 'ar*e aad atiparb ! ? ?UeetiTB nompriae* areral 4na mar la F1*'irea br tSe 'rat iln* It*. Ian acu ptora. ?<ar ?. iKtana aad Vari dB I Vaeea P^abla had ' ard Kewrara << new and *>e?otif:i de al| i ? larre aa 1 a.aa I ilmi|,? and Hut ,?>t?a la Par. an ?ad . F>oa /?; Kokem \n <llaia and Oiinaware !n rreal iarta?/; er flatrd Ware . oaalaMa? of Tea >W. Draa Caanra, '%?e Baaketa. Ar. , H1NRTB. HKRTf. l? . Arcrii NftBR, WILL Nftl.I, OB Friday. OeMtr N ai t0S ''Bt*k atfca a* aar>>.? ??, | Pli.e atreet. rerea pV'M ale a' Ikoaebold Furaltitra, tfea property of a (a.tlaaaan w?'tn* tbe rtty. roapr ala? dr iae'.a and Ic rial r < %rpeu r waw - -I Par ?* Haita. H./aa( "halra, "aar ble lop net Ire Table* Unnkraae. Itie?are Borae-#. Wat' Waa ta. Hatatai-d Ouak ai d o aawarr. Kllakan UteaaUa A * \ Teraa caab. MAMHAI II lULr "WH WITTFR*. AC rluNftlR. Wli' Mil th a day, at two o'elo> k at ?M ' ana atreet >a? kei of BUekherry Bra-idr 'id demlnkn '4 Brandy, on* ? rtau. t>n< tlo'-k three Kn?rarui-a. four a,rr<>-< t. RRBWIMN, Harahti. Pawnbroker * rale of hib r and wobibr1 wrar'nt apparel.? A. B 0*r?T*I,AB, anrttf aear. .1 Mowery. will a- lli ,i* i*?y i?rt?bar t* .at IP1, o <luck a largi aaw >n at aa *bT?a WWipi lata# ailk aad o?har Drriae*. hrnrke ar I era je winier ohawlj. <>aat< Fan'* aad Veata, large M of Re la and lte 'i.ln?, 4c. B| ?rd-r of P BOA It ? A CO 1BT liraad (tfpei. AWHBRuEBR-BRAI.EOF HEB BCLOTHIII.I o*t,t - ft. LBTT. ?a?l->0?r ? Oatba-lne atraat. will fall. Oil* day. Cet. 36 at l<< . ook^* 5"B Inta of m?n a (1 Kh.n?. Alas ftakTk < I lore* and diUa val DrkWera aad HhlrU. By or dor of A. II ART. II Uhatkaa avraot. MAWNHftOI BKH MAI ft THIB PAT, AT !?'* JPOLOOK, r a- HB I. A IN'.RAIIAH ? aaMkia r ooim . Jt Kew Hoar* rr. ?*l lota Hrw> rate men a and woaoa'a Woar'nf Apparel, rl^b Preaoaa. (Yap*. Hr- he CMhaaii and other Hkaw la; Par.ta. fioa*. Vapia Piece linoda Bonta. I?.i*a aod Oaharo; alao, Watrheo. Iewe!rr, aad auaMro^e otfeor arJclea Br or er J. JUinftBd*. 3d fifklft irnnk MLM A* AlOnOI. PCBLK' MAiJC or COAL K4VKK LAWUM. By Tlrtac of a >?rt>e reu.lerwd ua Ike J*ih d*y of ,'un?. li*>, la the Kwt*kt 1 trim w>art,ln he < hu efy nit of Alrkhem B. ? "W-* >? fb# Cob! K'??f niul k*i.a?La Mining aad Ma*ufaiurl*f Ceapa..y et ?*, lite msdeiei'i.e?. a sial < <immlMnacr. w 11 ?Bei for a*,e, u Public Auction, lo tne hlgheat bidder, la frwit ut the Court Ho uee door 0! Kanawha eo l?ty. V -reiata jm HA?|fRl>AY, TttB PIRfT BAY OF DECEMBER NEXT, 1MB, uh-- folio* lo* valuable foal property. lo wit ? All thai tract or parcel uf mad belonging to Ike Mid Coal El?*.- md Kaniwka M.aicg nul Manufacturing Company, ? Ubii'i 4 to - Frr* THOUSAND ACRES, ljlng, fcelng and attuaied in the water* of Knur Oeek. a trlhn ai? of Rig <'i*l rver, and a '.he ..n'y of Kanawha, si getier ?iii a.1 U" UaUru.** Hou*eear.d Fiiturea Lbereroi. and ap purt'oaerM and ke.-ecitame at* la any wl *e tel. nglng or there utlo appertaining w U.'-h tald tract of lard lie* no th* oar* gable water* of Coal river about twelve mllee kelow <fc*W*ytooa eoai mince. and 0 1 u u rein* of canoel coal, of (pUnt coal and of biiuiunon* eoal the kllumlnou* ooa! being of a Terr mperior qnalitr. Upon thi* tract of land are a *team *aw aad ciiet mill, at ner*' konaee. ooal nceninr*. roal chute*, Ae , and by an axpeu dfcare of a few tbeutaad dollar 1. thi* nrov'rty orwld *ooo be pat la a eoeditloo for Ike mining and (hipping of ooal to the Weetera aad Southern market* For an accurate deacrlption ef ike mete* aad kr ind* at the aald tree', of land ref* re* re may be had to the two following deede ea record 10 the tlerk'* oflce of ike tvmnty Court ef Eanawka county, to wit: one dead from Id ward Keana and wife to the aaid Coal River and Kanawha Mining and Man a factories Company, dated iheSUth April, 1861, and reeurded la Hook Q, pa<? 472; and tka other deed from the K uiawha Mining Oom*aoy to the Coal River and Kanawha Mining aad Manufacturing Company, dated the Itth January, UM, aad re corded la Book 8, pace TERMS OF SAI.B. Five per eent of the porehaae money In oe*h, and the reridue thereof n three equal annual Inatalmenla, the purchaaer giving bend* with approved security fer the deferred payment*, pay ae.e a one, two aad -tree j ear* rou day of *ale. THOMAS L. BBOUN, Special CommMooer. Aogutt f, 18CU. PAWSBROE?R>? BAl,E-8t? LOTS OP MSN 8 Cloihlngon.y *i*< , * i;umUtr at bu sk Qlovea an I Mlt*. kalt draa<*r# an 1 rhlr'.?. ai*o *li 1'0/en r r' n* '>1' ? bb ma, Friday, October its. Hj order of H. B\tt>Err, lata of Urecnwicb ateooe. RICHAKLH KlNUBLAlfD. AUDTIONCEB U?HI)WAKI, AC AT AUCTION. hiCIIARDS EINGRLAMD k CO nil V'l tkta d?? ifrld if); at 10'a o'closk, at their aalecroom. ft.'- Broadway, SCO 'ot* Brigikh. <ierm?n a:,d American hardware .T.'Jery, Ae Alto, alarms u?.i mcni of Knglwh aad Aae>l.*u pock el cntlery. 'By order of the Rentlerr.) Fiwa-liO tic 'ec hand, v *n>l, rip, and t thcr Paw, uai.-tstf. AUW>, Part of a rrtall (took rt hardware, m*?U'!ng to part n' puck ?t and Ta'jle CntUry bum toode Aie*, Hat het*. Ilunmera, I'lanra 1' .119 Iron*. BMBf PmBN and Chiael* hi *jui aud Iron Lc? k?. of >') kind*, lUa *r? togetker wlt% a !a ? ai lor. meet of gnoda iwually found In a >at?d hardware *uire. Wklp*? 10(1 d. /en Willi *, n?>rtel atn' "?* and lion Safe.? ? ina Urge *lze Uaylor'* Bra proof Safa. " SAT. BOC.ART, ADCTIOWBK'R? THIS DAT, AT lO^ ? o clock, at No. 3d Hire krr ?ireet n?vr the Biwery. gen teel Household PtirsK ire r n of m .h .?* ? rif a Hed *tra' ?, parlor. e**y and ro king Chajra. Preueb plate Mlrr r*, marblt top eeatee, card Tahlta, lace 1' i'Uiu* and fornix**, Hr.t??el?. three ply and Ingrain Carpei*,On 'Tkiihvwiua^e B?d ?tead*, Rnre- ur, Waahfta >da, b'ack walnut *i'.-nai <n dining Table, Chalre, stora aod llevr, Kttcben Purul ore. Alao, ene upright rutewond PlawMorta, Ac., Ac SHEhlPP S CAI.B.? LKaTHER, AO ClI aMBB <8 A rklBt ufun. Aactioneer, WU1 *ell thl* day tPrlda;), October M, at II o'clttck attain room, 113 Naaean atraet, a lar<e luantity ml dole leather, Oa'f Skin* Patent Leather, Ehtep Skin*, LLr'ng*. Momooo, Plnd ll(l, Ac* JOIIN KK1.1.T, sheriff. SA 1. B HI ART. AUCTIONEER*? SATUBDAT, OOTO * b-r n at H*1; o'clock, at the auction room*. No. 1 North William Mreet Uonaehold Pnralture, Ac., cm*t?.lng of a general umnrtment of parlor, bedroom and kitchen K irnlture, lot packing Boiee, Ao. SAJ. ROOABT, AUCTIONEERS ? T0E8DAT, OCT. 30, . at 10-, o'clock, at No 11) Waverley place. Hu igehold P'.rnllure, by virtue of aereral chattel mortgage*, a general uaortmet t of Parlor, Chamber ind Kitchen Furniture WW. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS DAT, at two o^l-ie*, at 4M Oanal ?tr--?t, Purnltnreof a fami ly breaking up huuaekeeplng parlor Huji in brocalel, Ete gcre Hook -aae centre ride and exteiuloo Table*, laoe and 1 amaak '"nilalu KrenJt plate pier and other (Jiam?e. Paint ing*. onemewwd Piano, Btool and Oorer. re! ret, llrmaela three ply, ingrain and other Caryela, Otlelotka, mahogany Pitbcb and cottage flSed'trada, hair Matreaea, feather Beda. Sheeta, Spread*. Blanket*, table Linen, marble top dr?*lng aad plain Bureau* Waahitand*. Toilet China, Ofaaeware, Ae . Wardmiit* dining room and kitchen Pural ture PtoTm. tin. *<XHL iron Ware A? The whole coin priaing a large and ralnable araortnent for family u*e \IrIl.lJAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER? OFFICE, 4 EAST M ltniadway? Will tell, thl* day at lot; o'clock, the Mock, Diture* and leane, at a low rent, of the grocery and liquor atore. No 2d0 last Elgliteemk atreet near avenue A, conaiat Ing of two *v'ei did mahogany Com tera, (ilam CaaeaTea*. rtu gar*, starch, a good aeauruneni of Llqiior* and drucerlea, and AUth-r Plitnree WW WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SFf.l. THIS OkT. at Ids o'clock, No 3 l^ror placo, a ceaU-el aai irtment of French ru'Slta-e' S.if?v Dreeing Hmeaiu inahoguiy Chair*, Tablee. Mirror*, Wardrobe*. Waahataoi* hair Mattreeere, parlor Furniture, Store*, dining ro<jm ?nd.kl'.chen Furniture. _______ WM WI'IBBH, AUCTIONEtR WIU.SKLI, TllfS DAT at two o'clock, at tvt Canal Mreet. three aplen; id mar hie top Ounlera. **lo?n Tablee and Fluure*. a)?r 210 yards of velret and tapeiUy Ci'i eta, tocetker with other ;.i jd* In the Hue. alao 110 let* of Ivory han lle Knlveiaal Poika. WI1.MAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEKB, WILL SELL. ON Katurday, ,toi*orro?,) at 10X o'clock, the ml ntt of the grocer} atore No. 19 aretne 0, eorner of Fourth xtreet - Fine Cuuntei*. four *et* of hraae Hnale*. large Io*< ke(t Teaa, t- igar*. Hegar*. and all other Future*. Ae. Il??l HICS, ROOMS, AC., WARTED. AKMAI.'. MM WtMk.' I, A TOUNt* aUTLB man and wife. In a !ir*t clam nei* ht?rh?id liMween Ble< 1 fcer and Thirty fir*t rirreta Addreaa, atating locauun aid prloe per ammm. hoi I.C4H Post oflice. AI.ADV WANTP a FURBISHED HOrsE. NOT ABOVE ???*? n?ik u?r baiow Iwelfth ?trr t eonTrn'.-a' to Broa?lway and atag?? all are the comfort* o atioe ? n be obtained. Addreaa 1 otnlon. w. t*c n? . ?,q wicb A SMALL HOUSE WAR TED- FOR A PRIVATE FA mily, in a ooncenler t loratlo*, near ear llae or *tage*. heat from S7<" to MM) per ai num. J. M KICIi A RI?n A OO . 27o Fourth a veo'l*. rl'BIIIhHED ilorSK WANTEO-TO RENT FROM 1Mb "Toremtier tr Julyl. 1h#i a neat and well funiiahed Hoaie, complete; m at be between Thinl and tutk area uee and Ft. irteealhan<* Thirty bird 1 ree??: beat of rare taken of f miture Ac R'nt not ti 1 etoeed ?100 per month. Ad lie** Fred, bo 1 2 "<18 New York I'oat office. rt njnoar n.lW BENT-WANTED A Ft RRIHIIED home beiweeit fourth and Thttly fourth *tre> aad twren Fourth at d fcereath a*tn .ea Ad ire* i W. A , boi 1,172 P> il "Bioe. F At TORY W4.VTFD-IN OR NKAR WE* TORE '"ITT, of troilarate ate. either wtih or without aieam power, ?ttllalve for a cand'e factory Par'Jee having a building a* above to leaee. will p'.euee addreea glnag altualloe, rent, dl m? M'lOPJ. W K B . fa. U1 New Yo*k Poet nllea. House wanted -a small american famti.t. of ike ttfghem r eat) 01 lability , wlrdi 1 1 real a lint elaa* Heuae. paitlally f irniahed. la * grM lo-'*t'n. where the rent of part would be taken lo board, wlih th* prlyllege of takiag a few otkera 1 he be* of re'. reooea ?rtn. > tdnem, with parvirular*. Home. Herald oflice Horn WANTRP.-A PARTY JL'RT RETURNKP PRO\| Burope .lealrea a fur taked ilonee well MtM. at i rert of atnultllOU, .* aa uaftrslabed lio- aa at (Irooi ?l JUU U> II. 100. wiiA p< nmtmi 11m la proximo. DINOBB A HOl.DBH. Ho. I P>ae er 1 344 Rradway. Horn wanibp-in, por a tovnu mil and wtfe, aoaid UUe a laa<e for three or Ire yeara; ? m be ia a r??l oe'akb rlyod. with (M Ac . beet of referaneee rtveu. A draaa Hank. Herald ortloe. WANTED -A FIRST (HAM Pl'RNIVHRD BOOBH. RT I apHratafaaaUj, for all ajaiba. Apply to WLUaaa Alias, T1 1 ARTRD-TO RRRT OR MtAHR A BMALL PLAi'R Of ff no* half to ob? or mora arree, at or near V?,?era, or ahore UU atreet oa the H ten n rnr Wou.d hire a rlaoe antU ?prn? or km?rr Adilreae. rttlut real Ac., Hndeon Rlrrr bet I7i Herald aMm. w ANTED TO HIRE? A OOOO RI/BD I>RT ROOM, fur alone* fomK.rr Addraaa D . Haraid <Jif? WANTED- BT A OBNTI.EHAH ARD WIPE WTTBOCT cbl dree, wbo are Ured of jardiag abou ' ' jr on pita no or. with a. awdarn 'aproretneate. kali* ale fnrko n? keeplne.ln a daalrab'e ntlfbmrb '4. between Twelfik .n 1 Pnriletb ?treeta; a<? a tenemaot kouee. Ad draaa A B . KtUri C. alalia* price. Ac. ?nrARTifn to fitrb-a rk*r two wort *nd TT atilc H' >oar wltk all tie laodera ntw ?m?ata i??r-a Bleecker ?nd Eighteen) ?treett. w * of Hrovlway, ?tl< bur part or while of furniture U nitable. Addreal !*. L M i irk lot . Herald <?H?e. fANTKD-A BBTORD HAND BTDRACTLK PRRM of lk u> 10 i"?ia ; r#*t w URlC H . Herald otflaa. w TITAN TED- PROH TEE PIRPT OP BOTEBBBE, RT A ? tenttra n tad a ife ike iiper part at a (aat<?. two uafnraiabed >r partially I iralabed; rent a a to ? toeed li'-l per latim. IreNca below Tarotj tklrl rreet ho! wees ?* Hrn%dwa; pra'a/red. Addraaa matdiately Hoae* boi 10

Ileraid iRna. WANTED-* OOOP aoot, OH A LOHO LR VAK FOR aa kailieb ahadee rlUerla Raw Turk or Br ?>klyn. 11 "r tt feet mde Any oeaaarta* au<sh raa tad A reafMHMB lecaot by addi???;r,? W H . llarald < :).aa. WARTVB-A FCRRISHBO PIRUT nx)OR. PROfT Roma, la a plaiaaol kouae and raapartahle nalahrvw fcood. bp* dnw ladr l'"?lloo lIll>?? be be^arnai 'iraa! aad i-ian"a a'reeka and flowery tad Norfolk atrae'. Addieat Mr*. Uuk KtaUmi H Poet I?na. WARTBn? A "RAIL HRIl'R HOt'HE OR (H)TTA'IB. r a'atn.rt laa and <?rotoa water loralloa aad aetfk>> * bond Buat be (rod, and Dot too far up town, tba nrtee anal b?m.?*-r*ia. AddreaeJ. t. boi IK> Herald o&oe, ?atm? lerar Ae ? IM-HKHT." A LA ROB AKHORTHBRT OP P * I.I. AND WIRTBR Hin,rRRRT. At wboteeate aad rauo; at tba loweti naea pr ?w _ , anea. MRU W RIHHORR. *87 Rroadwar Grand pirplay op wintbr milurrrt at A I.A/k RIB'. No 1*0 Howa. t, between Rronae an 1 ? ptln* atreeM '>tBprMcr all t!.e a'eat Parlaian -t .'.aa of Hea aeia. Kiowera PeaUera, Rlbbooa A r . aatactad I mm ?? ate?' iapomuoaa *R1IX'!?BRT AND DRR?RRAKtH1 XVI P"raal? a tln<iee ii Tenth ?traet. batweea Nraadway aad t'al'?r?Hr plaae. lonUloa amiable for tba draaaaaaain* aad allllaai | bnareaa Ap^ly in JOHN R. WII.UP 447 Rrooaae afreet, oa? do or weal of Hrnadwaf. ?mujpi. " BIU.I ARD RAUA-A PINB ABMORTHRRT OP tTORT Rliilard Pal la, of eapatlor qoallty. at redoead pMrwa, a!eo pataat eoapreaMd Irory fiftaaa ball pool a rd bajpaelle Na'la. ?Maafaetarad and for Mia by WH. H. WHuU NO! iU Rmoaaa atrwet. oeraar of BHa. OrLLtARM -D HR. BBRORR, PRT 'PRBROR OP HIUJARnO. from Paria, wU! (Ha a abort aartaa rt ri?U(lr aad aruatlr e? kiiiu<iwa at Pkaiaa'a private ma. aor??r a* Temb urea* aad *?SKaasnp-"*'-*- ? von HAIJC. A I ANllb'iMk I OTTAliB HOlirK F ? ? K ? \ LB N f * :t A Wn?hui*t'?B Perk, Hm-kl.n It tn neariv new and In !?r var y be?; ~oi>diil<>u. n*wly painted, haa gae and water la: k''. Jaaajall* 'bi#, il???, grape > ne In tond haarleg; would tcil Ike Furniture with or without -he Hi it; leraa tar y mj. At ply at 18> a delphl air eel. J AN OLD ESTABLISHED RESTAURANT. BAR AND Diilog Saloon tor a*le, lit* looaltaa, ami do.og a Hint v; ate ! oaah trade; favuraoie lea*. h. <j ,uw rrnl. A. M. KII)KH * CO., U2 Naeaaa atreet. | A BARB O A"' 8 ? <"i|, I'EB A WO DISIN I SALOON ?%. tut aa'e.? It w arm doing a rood b -atar i* Apply at ifle fugle IhOT StaMa, 41a) Mad I wo treet, between 1 and ti o'clrca A. a. BRBWKRI FOR BALK Oil TO LBT-WIT1J STB AM Voder and l'tpea pa/ui.iy Wed up The uwoer wl'l take aa lataregt in It If deairud. Addreae Brewery, Herald , office. BAKBKY FOB IXHNtl A KIMK BUSINK88. and to a g<-od location. For peraeulara inquire m the atore Bo. 4 Herenth avenue, between Twenty third and Twenty fourth itreeta. BAKBRT K"B BALK- a BARB CHANCB.-POR SALB cheap , an old etta'illahi-d bakery, aituiied at Sit fearl : tireei, doing a K?od buiiorea. Apply on the premlaea. COAL TARD FOB RALR CHBAP-OB TO LET WITH A Ion* leaae, doing a ea<h b ivnae of over *? UUU per an nun; the owner ret.iing traaa biameaa. For partlculara ap ply to A. M. FaBNIHO, MB Bowery. (THOICE PLOWBRB KOR H ALB ? C< INSISTl.NU OP J Or&age, Lemon and l amella Treee. Inquire at 221 Broome atnet between 3 and t oVoek, th'a day. Frt.lay. DCMFRIK8 AND OI.AHHOW HOITKK-FOR HA LB, THB ifexk. Fijturea and Purulturr, Ae , of that well known board'ng b> uro and harronm; will be aotd cheap if applied for thla week, aa the iwuer la g >lni to Muiope. Apply ou the premlaea, Ill Cedar at: net DBPO STOBFS POR SALB-A FIRRT HLAP8 RETAIL Drag ijUirr doing a large br.aionne, and two ee-ond ola? do.. In Brooklyn. Apply to UKNRX HAYDICIJ. 1M Maiden lane, New York DBOQ STORK F' R R ALK? LUCATBD ON ONK OP Till: ' beat thorengkfarea In ihia city, now dole* a good boat i Dene; will be inld cheap for carh N. B ?A rare rhatuie for a phyalclan. Apply to WM. O'llONOHUK, WO C'anat aireet. DBVO RTORR POR RAI<B, IN BBOOKLTN.-II 18 ? been ertalftlahed rl^htvearx. and doing a good bualLeaa. Ia an eioellrct opportiipTi? for a druggtet or pnyalclaa. Ap ply to Mr. VABICK. at HU Wll'lam aUeet. Hew York. j DRL'O tfTORB POR'SALB? DOING A PIRST RATI RE tail drug and prwaorlpllm buslneaa; well au>-k.' 1 and ne tabilati d. Por par.lcuiara aditr- a? W. It. B., UeradoOl FIB SA1.B.? THB 6TO(m, PIXTI'KIM AND LBaRB OP the valuable Rneiaorant knovn aa the Pklladelphla llouae, Nua. 146, 1UV> aud >47 liowerr, will be iM at private aale. In coawjueu'-e of the death of tae late proprietor, Uuaftvaa A. Batx Por parUrulaia inquire jo the premlaea, of Mn M. J. BaTZ, adminUlratrli ?TOR IALB? A 8BUAB BTORB AN11 CONFECTION " ery. with a Are year*' I?aee W9 Mutb avenue. In <a e of the beet IncaUona In the city. RaUafaetory reaeuna given (or telling out __________________ FOR BALE? PROM ONE TO FIFTY ACRES OP THE ? Bay View Farm attnated on Third avenne and Fifty nth ?treet. Brooklyn, near Bay Ridge, within thirty mlnntee of Mew York by city oarg. inquire of hi LAB BEYMOL'K, 30 Pine atreet EOR BALE? STOCK AMD FIXTURES OF A LADIES' Furnlabtug. Htanclns and Embroidery Rlnre. with a Newe pot aUachtd. doing a good bualneaa Two aewlng mai hlnea, alaaaplng rlatra Ac., will be aold low. Apply at 21d Baat Hooaton aireet, New York. r>R 8ALB- RTO :K AND PIXTORBH OF A BOOK, atatlonery and periodica' re, well eatabllahed andd 'tng a good b jglneag. In a hualneao pail of the city. Will nil cheap for caah. Apply at 131 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. rR BALK-ORB OF THK BKST LIgL'OR STORIrf In Naaaiu atreet. In the neighborhood of oaany ahopa and printing olBeeii. Kraaon for aching, the ownei haa o lier !j jai neaa Inquire at I09NA9MU atreet fpOR BALK ? A NKW IBON PROPELLER TUO BOAT, ' F 75f?et long. 14', feet beam, 18 Inih cylinder; rnm very | taut, and tow a well, lMht draught of water Apply to .fOJEPH BLOAN, 71* Beach atreet, Philadelphia. Price. f7.S0Q. |j*OR HALE? A FIBRT BATE CHANOB FOB A BMABT r bnalnea man.? The Poultry. Vegetable and Flah Bualnaaa. In Lafayette market, eituated on Broadway, near Forty eeoood atreet, aatlafactvy reaema tlrea for aelllug ouL r)R HALE (THBAP ? STATE RldBTS FOB IIIDBMAR S paietit for carrying paaaenger railway eaf? over tire boee, worked by meana of lever rn?n platform of car. ac knowledged to be the osly thing anawerint the purpoee pm r?rlv addreea P. Btdeonao, M North Klghth atreet, Phila delphia KR BALK? THB LEAR1 BTOOK AND FTXTOBB* OF an eineUrat and we.1 Itted op whnleanie and retail i?r Store, ou a good corner, la a good bualnnee avenue on the' weal aide of the city. To be cold at a bargain. Apply kj T. UAFPNEY * CO . Ko 9 Chambers Hreet. P)R SALK-A BL'TTKR STORK, IN A t'.OOD I/X'A. lion nrl< e $130 Apply in the tailor atom >1 Unlveraity p'are, f"i three daya, alter 1 o clf>< k, aud mil before. ITKJBiPALB? VB B STOCK AND FIXTDBKS OF A WELL r known Old eatab!>he,t b.** an 1 ?i?'.uiner > alure. which haa been eatabl.nhed lor the laat ai)t?ei revi a on one oi the prltelpal ati?ela In the ellv tatlaf^ctory reaton given for felling. Oailtaloi about UUU required. Addrnea J. A K., txu 17? Herail ottioe. FOB BALK? THB STOCK. FIXTURKH. HOBMK. WA gon. Ae . of ai old eatahllahed gtooery, Hour and pnvl ?I'll Mora tn a thickly aett'ed ne'ghborhood ; aa eu-ellent chance for an enUTpraing li ?in-a? man wliht apltal. ca>h Hade. |*t?i per moeta, rent low. Block llu'tit Apply V> II MaXWRi.l.. H2 Third aventM between Twenty ^uth aud Twenty aevenih atreria. TjlOR RALE -A FIRST n.AOT RKSTAURART ARI? r Dtatag Saloon, newly fitted up and dnlua as eioellaat oath boalreaa !l haa been e?'.<blieb?xi for the l?at twenty year*, aud la ait'iaUxl In a good netrb'xwhoret. Hailafaetory reaaoua given for Millsg. Apply at 115 John Mreet. tiWR SALK-AN OLD BSTAHLISHBO CORNER <t(IO 1 r eery "~t >r? Wmirm flarneea fbt.un I iw>*a ai?> i 'eaaanf building Bill be (old low aa I be owner anal e.te th<- !ty v?IFv irvon; po?i.eeeton ii?.ue4i?i?]r Apply t.> i M m i'T H W li'K, 9 and IM Inm Mreet. fjlOBRALB-A VALCAMI.B INVENTION. ANT PtlT 1 - wtafclng to taW* an 1u'ire>e la a valuable patent, can I hear of a gowl nnpurtni. t> by addreaalLg J. a C , UeralJ if Bi'C. when andela will be ah<mn FOR SALB LOW-ABOITT 40U acrkm of BBU. I/> -a led. heavily ilin bared Farming Landa. m Pennarlvania, well watered, or will e?ehauc? lor city or Mrooklyn property, m< rckan liee or a gn?l Imeixeaa. BK.i." A SOlTH?riCK. 10 Naee. atreei. rB n Al.f AT A BACBr>1CB, To <-LO-<E A CONCEBIf, a Ilualnrea aee teed by patent, paying (n?r ae?ea h indrnd pe* cent aid read} pt wui trade lor property M> mm aale a > awrchandlae of aav daairtptma Addraee IL A. B. ' Herald rflioe. for ihree <Uya XjH)R BALK- A Bl'BINBhS IB THE MBDICAL UNI ! r ennalaiiiig In the aal- of >arl "ie ?e<llrln*'< a il appliaueee old tri m the i n re and ordered by mall Call >u or aildrea PORT KR A CO., 3M BroWway. nno 17 r}R BALI- A SMALL RT/.RD HOTBI. ON THB BURO pean plan, newly ntted op an1 fuixlah?l oomplnte, la a I rromment Ideation for biuineaa. kieg iaaee, low rent, but a amail aaaouat of money re ilred down Alan a Beat rata lin ing Sal< -?n. one of th- Met oaaUoua Apply lo ROBINS' >N. 1 -? Naaaai. atreet upitaira. FOB BAUB- 4 LtP.OE OININO AND OTBTER SA loon, eatabliahed t?n yea ra. "n ihe beat bnahieei ooraer la tha ctiy. muat ba eold tl taw-ek lo pay a mortgage. Ini ilra of D. ML'BKB auctioneer aud real aetata brukar, LSI Bowery. Y.-OB BALE -A SPLKRDID RESTATR ANT, DOWN r tows. TUe place la ?? tha (rat tionr one b Mkiromine I. city P'W office and nnebliek Irom Wall atre?* kit -hen '?? Hie ease ?<??? and very euenetvai Inquire at JOIIB BKCtl TBI. S. Hi Fulton mreet. I aaeinent Eor SALE? o*i or rn? hb*t rATiBa boardibo IImum !ii Iba oil > , with iaaaa, !>ar I arn* in, had*. 4 *1 . But tM (uld iha ?f??. In/tuaof D. BL BK B. IJ.-J Bo w*rj rv)R rale-tub trwn amp nmnw or thb r okomtlii ft ud rtikU Li-iuar rt>r?. iM Chatham Vrw. Apply am iba pramlaaa. rK R AI.E? A BARB < "B A Wt'B ?TUB RTH'IC A WD ;itnr** <>' a drlaklr* **. *m. IB cm* ot 'ha 'iaat Ineall.taa la lfe? fly. mCtfnrf r> mjm (iraa for mi lilac Ohll on Lht "rrnUM l?? Waal MM i rB HA IB- A BtCB RALOOB, < HEAP. ATBO !K ft AS M l airart Km rr M N*>:cn Luw. *a IB* owoei a*ai?H UIHJ to It. I' ,olra In tb* ?*.orm rR raie-thb ioop will, rtooe asp ru tarn* tf * r r ? ??rT and U . mr ?'or* is tfc* <*m tui o f IM fourth Wirt Prua ?1<W kiM a Ic wnil uf Ik* ottani (n ag it lb* couauy. Ai^hat a O.lrw aire** Bo vr* ot* amd Hflf rB balk- a rivr nor hi f rabbeubp or*, Ko*. ?h mala, ?U1 1* -?l I ?tt ib?*t ?- ihtoonar naa 00 farther 'iM for it App'y at 17J Ruth ??roi? la tha un a. " ' FOB KAI.B-AB W0 MTAHI,IIH?i> Blf.f IAB1) IBI> Howlir* f*l ? n, ixtlnc in I'M p?w?l a (RlMMM ip a- rt tnliy f->r wij vrnrm dr airona of aiwd a total*#** For f ir Bi?r [>?rlir'i'ar? app'y In QBO. W BACK BR. ram Bo I, S6 Btnaas H. GRRATRAr-R!n<'B-oRB"rrna nn okohkri b* aod ba*t laaaiBl "i lb* f.ty of Hranlita d"'?* a "ff larr? Fdl boclaaaa. will <* a.i.d at a |raa< **r-rv .o* totetab I pur' bwrr. Call <m IB* fraalan. 71 AliaaUc alraat, -iraar of Biota. Brootli*. t'?0< ERTABPLI'jroB RTORE FOB RALE < HBAP -A T Br?l r?.- ?iM.d for hi maa Apply M Ut utlatoa pla"*, Ijh.h at/a?t 1 B PORTA RT TO ORCH KRTMI!*.-F0B RALE OR EX I ph?nt?*. |*o ?a!na'.l* Sony bull R raa? o?? la a Hi tear oid Mara Mara. U'.har.l* ?arr%a'?d Io lr\t*l t?ralr>- aria* r#r b"H?? prtna tlK, Iba *h#r a ?pl?nUd no frav. 15 band*? prior tlKl. warraatwl la arary raa?*o< Ap?Iy a? 74 ??? t'aaal xrtwi '^irB?ir irf Al:*t> LEAIC POB RALB-TRI LB 4KB ABD FIXTL'BKl or a flral elaaa t< ?r 1,1 .ttar far ??'<? wall ^watMl for fia 1 1? and ?on<J b*r bixabai . taa?bl? for a ftiat taa iro- , "?r? Ntnra. ibara '?# tf oaly ma In 'Ifbt bloaka. Apply ?' 1W (t,K?->?r atrart. I f HJt'OB -FOB RAI.r, A riBKT CUM WHOI.BMI.R Li aad I1 tali lj i or Hiora rm rmr of ttrnn mmm la Lba e?y. wfcb rood l aaaa Apply to P. BL'RK, W B-,?ary SUABTZ BOTK ABPOBAIN MIU. ABO POflTfOB Of tha I'aiant for aal*. nnoradad hy minari tha *arr daai la Bin. rad'trtaa In i arf??' dual, w?b ablltiaR frlaJta* rir faraa aaally r??W<-i. _ HTlMM k ?OUTHWin, n Naaao MraM <MI Braat. B. T. w TO TJ* ABP SBKBT IROR WORK BR.o.-rOR R ALB a full an nf Ttaamllk ? T >olf. and ruiar*a aad !<lwi M t rral ? -lahiiab^l roa yaar Alan a ?o -d I *ib* and T(r.l? !b? | tool* aad atrhlim ?r-- nrarly u*w. Apply at lhf> 'Mcr of lha Air Oaa U|bl On , M4 Bmnm* RrM. I T'BBBB, BBRCBR. *C., raB RALR < UBAf -THO (uWrrilw fl-n for aaia at rary torn prV-oa. tb? bnlaaoa of Tr???, ??., roiaialng laaoid oa Uta n iraarr farm formrrlv mmadhy1' ? Taaoir, Baq ApploJ. n abrald l>a mad" to John I'ami ?ll, oa tha pr?mta?a, nornar of Wa?t*haa>ar kmI Ii iBt'a foln' roada,tw???l a hail alia* fr>*n llarlatn hr1d<? i UK* p*a* dlract'y bT tba pltra Biril aBP B HOB, T) and II '("?n V iBR roB RALR BACHIBOBV. rrxri RRR II"W. W*>n ''art, alio<m, 'a>a ^11 In r , irorh i( o*d#r, and lA# mtt of rb*o raa to jrrt in lha i'i?lnoaa <i d miua T- BIUUS A BOOTHWIt I, Ht Raaaai r. rmi. i'Jltn rai.r "a r>r??iR(? RM/>o!*, tb rou piata orrla* 'h? *it '.arfH i in li.? -lly; ??* >rn I?* IfSfSi1 **n ,f ?0? Ut* ** ?*" ??' 1 'V 8? : ?? Bo. I Rtilfi ? r?ec F?JK SAL.H. ?FOR **1 B, ONB HALF INTP.KKnT IN AN ? )*/"'? ei'enslv* fcr* k'ruge btMtaear, fally t-eia-uished and mvklng BtMf: wlii be ikii'WhI wuh a r %rtr it re spfctalihty. 1 I'iUM A IQITHWICK, ??! Nassau street. ? 4-i Can -PRACTICAL 8KWINGMA? II1NF.8, WIIJ. J>*J .0?7" . sell Jm r. lor > l<- ali;h cath a>d tftiUIII trace. Addre?* Dajk u A Jtuee 94 Naasau street. Mnnn -?JR 8* LB. a fibst clash private iVvu. II. >lel with Ae entire fnrn.ture; flue wall*, an I dots* t good bumoea* A. M. RYPEK A 00., 82 HyB i str*<et AS1! nnn TO ?wooo M4DB a year.-for sai.k, Ju.uuu the l-use and filler* of a i.rst class Family Market on Hroitd way, now doing a larjje out Du>.a?u. Ap ply at l.QtJ Bru.lnay. aOII?B?, K*K>.nN, ?c., Tt) LKT| ASPlJtNPlD TIIKBK STORY AND BASEMENT IH ?H j ?torn) Mcn^ln let, Id 1 hlrty fourth street. near Third avenue, No. 1 AU baa ail *.he m idem improvements, uteludt ik Ksfiitu'cs and chandeliers, hut hair, Hud -old wtw roofhouL Knit to May 1.14011. I'lt-wai lmi>.edlet.-y. apply lo T. McBVlLY. *M Third arcane, near 1 tarty Cith wm, or ai 137 Baal Thirty fourth s'reet. A H II. BOA NT PRO NT BASK* INT, OOMPLMTBY KIR A l.lshed, ud suitat. e fur a phyah >m, to he irt in the lint class three st irv huck sloop home. MJ West Twenty -eighth ?tret', u??r ? inth avenue; no pbysaiau In the v.eln/.y, lo Cjulre on ihe prtmaes. A GOOD CBANCF. FOR NEW BEiJINN KR<? DRY ?ood Store to let and Sto-k for aale. ? ?it,.te.l lo a tine loisilon. ?o. WIJ Klithth a.enue, between Forty- Ural and Forty !?&>< i slretts lt:i hand. In.| .ire on the reiuuwa. A FIRST CLASS FURBISHED HOUSE TO I.BT? AT Eil/ebeth City, N J . complete m a ery uarticnlar; ooal ard wood In lb r cellar. loojUeil ou osie of the flne?t atreeta a the city, near .he depot of two rallroaU, cars run twirly to New *ork. Kent very low lo a rood party. Apply hi ouoe to J. A. DkFoREM'. It West Jera?y steel, Elizabeth, or J. W. UART1.KTT, ?31 Broadway. New Vurh. AFDl N1HHKD HOI'SB TO LBT-IN THIRTIETH arret fl 910; me la Twenty sl,th and one In Fou- lee th atreeia at 9116 a i. or tb one In Twentieth street at II, AM; a so, d-slrable an/uri.lahect flonaea J. U. KRMaRDB A CO., ra Fourth avenue. ANl'MKRR OF FIRRT I'LAM (IOC8B8 TO LBP? ONB of thlrly flte rooma. In Warerley pbtee. 13100; Bii(hth atreet, I- *1), 'fnrniahed; Twenty ilral rtreet. tUOUU. Thirty- i fourth Hreet W l*)0, Thirty fltlh street. $1,400, Forty aeuoiid street 1 1. >00; alto several three itory hr >wn atine llonaea at i ntorf' r?te rent*, aiaa aUire 17* Third avenue, fl.KAI. Murray ' street. 97.000; also, nfflr-'S In Nassau street, rkeap. OINGBA A tiOLDKN. No 8 Pine st'eet. and 1 -It Kroblway. AOCN TO U1RII OCT? ON HKAhONAHI.K TERMS. TO to ttloal ini-eUDcs. Call on rilOMAH CL'N ANNO 1, U7 Bist fclcteath street. BRDAPWAY KTORBS to lit ? to lit. in llroailway, a fine Kt re and Harnr:>ni, connected wlU) a ! r*t cla>Jt hole'. The above la an eieellent . i r? intty to open k sejtar (rt"re and barr Kjm, or frill store. Apply to U. L. KWIOHT, ma Broadway. OARPINO HOUBE TO I.ET ANP FDSNITtJRR FOR sale sltualo in Foartb street, near Bri *1 way , real of houe? fl ^0U per annum; price of furniture tl.STO. Ai-ply ui lit) MEK BOKO AN Pine street. No. 3 Metropolitan Uiuik Broadway basement. ? to lbt, a luiht. aikv H*se,m?tit "n one of the bestblorks In Broadway, suit able for a tr ink or bootmaker, or barber. Rent low. In Utilre at h23 Hr. adwa' , second alory. CTHKAP RENTS-NEAR CENTRAL PARK TWO Hl'N ) dred feet weat of Broidwajr, oo-ner of Ninth avenue aad Slity llm slreet ?Apartments, In new huusei, a" ft, ti and J?i per ironth suitable for respectable lamllles. Moet deliitbliul dtoau >n on the Island. Apply on the premlwa. ACTOR* to LKT-THK TIIRBR STORY BRICK Bul'dlni ?#i'J0 Te?\ with steam power and shaftl i*. situ ? tied on First street, adiolalni the ferry at South seventh I street Brooklyn. Apply al the ferry offloe, at foot of South ' Sever th slrret. fUBNlHHED BOOSB TO LBT? CONHIBTING OF BIQtl i Roods, ass an' water, to a small fanUy; any pereosi I w.ahiDK to secure a mafortable hone for th? w o'er, will Had I It aa very reaar'n^hle terms, as the present oraupan's will . Board r at the moat < f the rent Apply a! 218 SiiUlvan street, 1 betweea Amity and Bleecker. ' T71DRN IHHBD HOl'HE TO I. IT- AN ENGLISH BASE | r mert, four stories high, containing nine iar^e ? ,unre Rnosca very roaver tent and complete, w'th (as. wtter, balh, ; Ae.; well sittiaud on East Thlrteen'h slreei; *wlU h? rented low If applies lor immediately. Apply to M. B. BI) HON, 31 , I'lne slreet. B F HODSK TO LBT ?NO 97 ORANII 8TRKRT, SOUTH side a few d wrs west of Broadway . Ftirunure for aale. Inquire on the premises. Nice apartments to let? at wo :m downing itreet near Bedford, three Rooma at 9S VI Also three Rooma at U6 Third avenue, near Fifteenth street. In the rear house .ver nle?) at 9A Ml J. M RICHARD* A CO.. 170 Fourth avenue. OFF ICRS ON BROADWAY TO LBT? A NUMBER OF verv pHaaant front ' oa ih? : rst. se- orvl, third and fourth floor*, ou th* wcat side. of Brow: way, to let to May, or to leaae tor a term of years. WORCESTER a CO.. I&t Broadway, haat entrance. OFFICES TO RBNT.-THB USB, IN COMMON WITH two i the'*, ef a large frontoflice, t rether with Ihe ex clusive me of a small one autclied thereto. Three r.fctmv orBpiite the enLre suiL I/*-ation Moffat's Build lug. ?13 Broad ? ay, roomW. at which plaoe pleaae luqulre. Rent rea ? sable. ? I HOOM8 TO LBT? IB A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. TO irentlemen or unlet persons wlthont rkl Iran; use of par lor, erllh piano, and use of klt-.hen If re ,ulred Ke'eren' S re>|U'.red. Terras id'rate Apply at C*ri i ne rreet STORES IS BROADWAY TO and fine btorea In let. In llroadvr suitable for any kind of has tnees reuulrln* rwwn. rent re* SO* table. Apply lo H. L. KNIGHT, tiauler* il tel. |<|J Bruadway, r LIT? NICK APARTMENTS, AT E i A N ?KVOORT street, eorner of lindane; fatt Rmmt, second - ir K<-at 911 Inquire of Mrs. K EaUTOW, Xd Badaon slreet r LET-PART 'OF TUB HOUoE UK THOMPSON slreet. oi'inls>ln* of the llrst Soor with use of kit- ken; j water aud ?:*? on lbs prussiaes. For parttculars call at lia Thomi sou tlreec rLBT-THB NEW TIIREK ST'iRV HIGH STOOP House 12X Mast Forty eighth street between S.ilh and Srvtulh avennas. wllh all the tnedern l'n;n,vein'uts. ran; 99Vfi Apply 'o ANDItaw l.ESTKR A CO , ltd .hantbr*rs at. TO I.KT-IW HRtKIELVN. U7 MONTAGU R PI.ACB, AN uufurulahed l'a<lor and Redrnau on ee<-oid fl - ir hu mo LB?- * FIRST CLAM BOUSE TO LET AND FUR1I A ure foreale at 1" per r?nl below rst The farnitnre is mcstly nsw, and will be sold at a 'vgslu. ApplyuPium soer k Hen*, n, 71 Lnioe liuildings, llohotso, M /. r> LIT? BBCOBD FIOOR, 00WBTNT1?0 OF SIX rooess In ...use tit IMith avwnue; In good order aad poe session tmaiedlatalely. Apply In the saarlet r LET? AT NO. 10 EI.EVENTH STREKT, FOUR IXK)RR west 01 Breadwaj. two or three furaiahed R.khbs a> -he second lluor. A .so. a aaement, snuaMe for a phyawan. rl.BT-A ST IRB ON BBOAPWAY. NBAS FORTT seeoad street smtahie a tifst ? lass trosnsf In quire o< WILUAM LAW 'K B( . Ill Ftf'A sirvet. rurr-tiii imitn ru?m or the beowb stone fr"Ot Ho'iaa It Third areaae. aaulii,.i.i; of furl *>, Hia tal B orm. Kli?b?a. :!ir?e Bad r.maM and Pantilea. gaa. w iter ? ml waah nn ir aian id a tie Kocnb, aieallaot yard, real ow. iB'.aue <? it* am flour rl.ET- A FRONT PAEbOR ON THE PTIIRT ri.OOR, two lleilr*?>ma and Hueoaeiit lu< |U tn>l flit iraa. mat |1U a B'TClk. Tkcr rould -I 1 with H r< j at 377 A lei phi fliwl. u?ar Fiiltoe itrnaa Bffxtlyn. TO UR.? k tiEBTilWAN WHO m PROPRIETOR OP alarre Sanaa on t'nW>>miv plare. not far from I Unino plare propoaea to m >i? a.nne a. aratkuia la It, and to let It 'or bntim* purpoaea l? la well adanted f<>r ? m?rvif??. tiirtBK *atabllahn?-n'. anl to the e>hlhiunn oi val mine art^lra, ? be ml 1 1inr being elegki 'iy ? i raaantod. and M .O fret Iront by 7? in <l*i>tk Umi baaemeat la ? >( the aam* llmcnebina If I r?',nlrnl aii ealrBBon oo ti.e rear may ha >>it\mei with tha > Im m? Pr aaaaaini, lauardtaielT. nr on tba lat a t May aett Or It will be tel furnl?hei w nf?n>inbr i. In an ^loabtml teannt. for a Mrs "I three fear*. Apply at J$ WUltaai ?rwi | n?.m Mn ? mo IJtT AMD PUBNITCBr FOB BALE-A rKBT 1 pieaaant iv*tac? Ifooae. ta < '"? i age piare. Mvna Hleerker aad llnaabm itrwala. K?nt I MU par year The tnr tiitur* baa tiara nari but one raar la ta fr??l ordar, aad wtll be ?old cheap. Addraaa M. W , boi lAl !!? raid ?flre rI,ET-THK VRB V EU'HRI.E BEOOWD H.OOE OOB ' wfltrtnu. wntti'ffrr a'ataly >?i front a vl mnar augla Ronaaa at s.l Hr< adwar. e?raar af twelfth atrral an. iran?a apacf ' -ta. JOHN P. KF.lJtO, dljWl..,a? a. real let? jT iUNMok fTt wo" bto b t ~b r ? < ?* oot tare Hou?, lo Hew Tort aHy, with (U. Ornma ?aMr. *9 will be ren'ed at tba rate of MUJ |.er annum bi my cm* wbo will bdraaee tbe <rapant four faara renu Apply to J. W T. cot 1.TBR. tl Dey atreet ( r> BBooKt.Tir, a if a v rv on nuun utohv hr<jwa ator.e H' me rrn.tatalli* 11 nr m?. In r>el oeder | wBh nil tbe mider* iaipr'rra?ei.ta aad n'.eaaantly lieatwl wiil be reated mw f a reapnt.tlbla i?an' pnnMm Imaaliaiclv. Apply w ?i? Ciiatoii atreet , VI r.rr-!!? THE M(?l CNKX- RPtlOMABUi REHJll borbnn* brt?r?ea Waverlay aad (ttalua planea. 2H Orteae alreet hifb at?T hrleb Ruiae It feat frvat. aewly &>ia'ed as<1 papered. ?*? '.ltnraa Or ana, Ac. Apply 4 Ml reeis* Mreci. lVateaaioa tsmediatalf. LET Tl! K PARI 7> I PI.O-?R. onff* STTff'l op TWO r IJIO _ It * ir ? ta an Iir nh hwwment b.Hi?e, Ma ?r ill family wltW-nt rh'.drea wltb ?r e 'lte ut i*oard. f iriiiabed nr ntfnr e ?hed Apply no tb? pre?ia?a, ?3 Eartew .iraat Bronklia, or II Wall me mo bSooed pi.<k>b or the SOC?E bo. 1 3u. ?M>; rlare 9atw?e? li ef ?er ar.d II -Ml at atrae-a two blnrM fnm Irad *?? I Rm?'b( aedfaalf ra|tni*? Trr niBAP -TWO "ROW* KTORE PBo.1T Hkimi, .'II aad II* Waal r.wty etfkUi Mreal. batwfn tb aa l Olf'h a?enne?. In ira af K R PUIXIB, Bo .17 Waal Pony eifhtb atreal T<riirr i'R ICE FAlT?Tl?iTT-TWrr~5To*Y-<xiT ia# b"'iae. Are mln ilea ?alb rr"rn Port Rk" nood feery. 1 Btateu lata/. . Tar"a m"derala and roaaaatm (iTan at naw. Jt'UUB B. POMKBOT. 1 ?! Broadway. Bii?T OR rOB BAl.B A AI?P KHKV tlfoi larM fo'.r Iiorr br wb ?v?e (root few nm Wtm I aty tb'r 1 at ee?. d?l'fhtlit:iy l'?*ted w<ll V aoll eho*p. or 1 ret ler na a three yeara I- aae to a *-nd re.,?i?b,? t?oan \t'1 per rear h * further panianlara and kaya apply ta JAIB B KUWA BIW. T77 Wm? T waatf third alraat. r OB LEABE-THE BTOBE ON TllE BORTH | weal rrrnar n# Bevanth .nd ThlrtteOi atraata aotahte !W tba drug or gr ?wr; bnalte?. Innnlra oa the pr rnid WE trr Se T . ^ ?orlgj, "-'-"??.'.W. .. sj;3 iPtM|?? ^KW m tb# itr lb# >f^r /"I'm tk? J. .7. XzL'V T? ?.ndA T') i.Er"77i?t TTITib naici MoaBPon TMri. .I,I|, J.*1 "lpi *"f ?**' f"r dwalll,,, T3SES ?,??,?? % ' ?? ' : "? 'i ? li r.Dimrm. r-xm i ?T?i^ DRY OOOD8, A*C. AMAZKD with DRLlitBT ARK THE I. AIUEH AT THOkK BFMTT1FUL CUJA1B. wl.iah, (or ?tjle, and ebeaimeaa. ARK HKAI.I.Y CNKIVALLRO' AKABIANH MBX1CAN* with and w.lh ml aleavea. BAMJt' K"4 tight fitting a>*d Ima** liiiuKNoua. aoUA.Kf. T 11 K TUUKIHII VEST, and every other atvle of g?rmenl mamil actnred. We would earoeatly tmpreaa on Uw who laink they ?>'"* go to Broadway U) procure Uluaka auj t? J eio>LI Lent prloea, to CAI.l. AND IXAM1NK. Our 8TOCK OF CI-OA K8 in the LAROr>T \r .M elly of Mew Y' rk. our atflra uniurpaaaod. and oar PRiCkR ? to A) n *r Mini IJMM t>>*n %ny other h^iuw 'n the oil J. muhm' Rii i fthtldi^n'M ' "I.OAK^ n*ailj (IAHJUNf8 |AOI TO ORDER AT OHM UAI'I HO ??* <11 our mods wtrruM ?? repreeeated. " S "A CKvSfTLTOo. w. a. *ou**ra A ll wool frrkoh muiioh At ?* td , Ba. 6d. Aad 7a. ? ka aiaalaa* baraaloa ever u flTered. CRYBTAL fll A"l R<iPO*ll7M. Mo. MS Bower AT JAMES TUCK HAW, A jfoa. 7N and Ml Bioadway. New Parla Flower*, New Parle Flower*. Feathers, Feather*. Bridal Beta, BrkiaJ Mi, Veil a, Veil#, Telia. ('?at IT urea, OutiTurae, T I'.et Fixing* Id abmidauoe. ^The marrti.geat.le aeaa >n it t>e-petual for Bridal Heta. AT OAYNl ICR. MS BROADWAY, NEAR UNION ?Hi are. and KM ISri .idway, between Fourth and Amity ?trtet*. l?d . can tried from new g'?od* just received la Bai rn i'al Fklru. loll wldlha akelnt ? e?ten?ton Sk'rta, hair cloth Rkiru, French brilliant hklita; alto, be otlehrated ' '<!' ! imbtan Hklrt. Our sVek or Coraru la well known to he the largeal In Ihe rlly. Our dollar <?oraeta are beautiful ahapea- Skirt# at equally low price*. N. B.? We have no other ! ranchea la the f Bargains in um>akh and hh awu. B. B. M1LLM a OO. are BOW ready to exhibit their new uatwrna of ARAB. lOUAVB. HBDOUIN. PAL1TOT, and other recent alylea of Gloaka, juat ad led to the.r (taafe. at rerj low prloea BROOHB. LONG AND SQUARB RBVRRKAB R tad fancy wool kkawla. at great burgage at Ml AND 5M BROADWAY. CHAKLOTTB O. SMITH. Fall and Winter ("loikj, af the lalaat (tjiee, Now ready 1,0(9 Broadway, one door above Twenty alilh atrcet. LOfrlNQ OUT BALI OP rAM, IMPORTATIONS Or CORTA1N (JOOI* *T KKDUi'RD P1I B?-. FKBOT'RON HROTHKKH, Ml Broadway , are now .<??* lax at RKTAIL their (tuck at BROOATRLS. SATIN DRLAINBB. DAMARKR, OORNIOEH, LACK CCRTAl*H. NOTTINGHAM LAOS ODRT?INP. RRPB. WINDOW RIIADKW WIMiuW QOLLANDd, AO. AT A LARUB RKDUOTI.jN IN PRlt'KH. PRit'JCBOM BROTH Kill, Ml llraiMiway. REAT BAROAINH J drawer?, 0\ KKAI/Ji, and PURNIVBlNii OOO DR. S OOOd^ren White S. iru with linen h-?oma andfl'.Uar*. from M per do/en up, heat made m-ifhine itliched Denim Overalla. at SS 90 per d<vrn. brat mate machine mliched Cautuc iiuhei Draweia, at $S <0 per doien. Ulekory RhlrU, ft li per doaen, fu!l aizea. Merrimnok Nnpnl Rh'rta. S3 75 per ibvn. Alan a very larf? alork of Merino I'ndernhlrt* and Drawera pay, red. blue and farcy flannel fchlrla and Drawer* Gloree, Ti?a, f I oiler j , and a full wrorimeDt of all klnda of Fonit**inj| (looda. of our own Manufacture and Imiiorution, whi-b will be ?old at unuaually low prloea. V. A U. I.KWI8 A BKO , 11V t ham bera atreeL Great bargains m LACK CUKTAIRR. We are eloalac ont Urn Ulanoe of oar fell tepnniUci or theae gooda. ua will Ml! them by the pair, or ut? aad vol them op, with every ityle >t trimmings. At prteee that defy or m jrtiUna. hUI.OMON A BART, MM Broadway. GLOVRS, OLOVRS, GLOVKtf GI/OVR8. W<- will open thla morning mo dozen more heat quality I, A I>1 as' KlU GU>YICfL At .V. cent* a t>alr worth II. 1,000 doteo ladtee' undrereed Kid Glovee at M cents a pair, It orth 62 1 , cent*. 1.IW0 <1o?o gent;.-men'e iinl eea?.l Kid Glovee at SO enle a pair, wcrth *7 nula. W1 dozen Indira' nndr.wwil UannUel Glcien at 8<? centa worth ?1 A verj e>-.e ip l >t of ifntlrwa't Merino L'nderahlrta ami hravert. A ebotce eelc '.lonol grate' Multlcra, Scarfs, Necktiea Ptna, Art. three ply beet llneo Ool lar* garTPle and Byron *?l do/ea all iim. we nail Uie par tu ular aUruUm of Uilie* and *?ntleineo to the abore lota, aa they will Hnd them weitb eumiolnr RONaLDHi i.v * mKAKRR, 777 Brother. LRWIH * BRAOORD Reneetfully annonDoe to their patrone aad the pc^M. the! the j neve remote I from their old etaad IMKrnadeay and here opened their model (tRMTLKJuNH* PAXlilORABI.R FURNISHING BARAAR. At 779 Broadway, oeit above the earner of Ninth ?r**a. w UULRBALR OARFRT BTOCR, AT RETAIL T H. A J. R. tXJNRUNG, Importer* acd Jo' ber* of OAIU'KTH. AiJ^. DO. !B iriRTLANllT STRRRT, NRW JOl.k, WU1, trull ihKdate Ki Feb t. r.ert. iter their eatlra noea ? K ETA It. BUYKRtt, AT WHOLSHALS PRlt'kK POS CASH. nnyere Ban tee emerum rrtm not of the larfeal eki I ? ! ??tl la the elty, and HATS OMR PROFIT. If. B.Joet coding rrum^at*aroadiij} Boa, Bae MaortaMM Of Of the man of act ore of J. CROHHI.BY A HONR. Rn. maot . la now opening hj fall impiTtaltoe of LAD1K? Kim FRK.vt KIDGLOV1 all eua, all oolori, beet fiallty (3 .enla a pair. * PaM etnrk at fine I*ee- and BahrotderW. Full ??? of elaaart tilbbone and tne French Fall rtock at Fa1' Hosiery and llhiisa Full aloe* ?* White (kx-da. Flannele. A Fnll ekmk of IJoea and iJnee Cambria Fall rtorh of UWIee' I'nder Clothing. Full at. irk of Yankee Notions. I Ad lea ere alwajl eertala to And with aa h fall aeaortates MM above (oode at the loweel prices R. H. II ACT, SM aad XM Hlith a*., aaoood eauaaoe below rimlfih i DAHCIKO ACA1MCJBIKS. DOPWORTH'H DANCING AGADSMISR. No. "01 Broadway New York. No. 137 Montague Mreet, Broofelya. WSDNRKDAYR AID SATURDAY* ta Raw Tort Tl'RfcBA YR AND FR1DAYH ta Brooklya. I In addition to the Court QuadrUle. Frtaoe imperlale. R*er rreen, Raplre aad other eoriai dance*. Minuet quadrille, l.iada aad other edaontioeal dtacea already tatradaeed by Mr. Dad worth, a lartety of aew danoee will bebmoaht for ward dortnr the reeana uaon* which may be ataatkiaad "La OMfiaa," jtial reeaived iriei I' aria, aad the goad rtlla "flttr rteeae," eeseotailr aadapted lo the Aerelopeaaeal of fraeefal m rreaieat In chltAraa Urouian of tarma. Aa.. My be had at either ina hay. IpBRRKRO'N DANCING ACADRMT, m Wl Wt WO I1 Ireath etreet. New Tork.-O?ea for the raplie. AfVirnnoe far ?'??! ? i aeet imer. Hrhoole ami private i Clreulara nan he had at the wa^em ? w~ Ml. ArOURTA BAR Till HONOR TO IMFORM BRK , pelroee that ahr has opened two Haacinjr Academlee? one at M Tweat) aaeoed eireet on Mr?day* and Tbnra.|ay*. at S P. M.. the other at M Ntilh ateaae, on Wr laewlaya IM 8eturd.1t, at 3 P. M. for patlleulara applr at f. T went J PRITATR DANCING CLAMtMN ?MR. (TMARRCAOD will devote hit time etel'uHvety la rlvlur If ei at enpl'e reatdaacea. < Irrolaraeonuinhu taraaa. Ae eaa be ob tained at No llfl Reel rervnteeelh etreet. etayeaaaal rar*. N B ? A eiaae le reratmir at Mra Nteera' *-t t lellaf Bnarf h| Itahool, Re. M Weet Vlereeth MreeL (>Q WMBT TII1RTTAIITI! NTRRCT -MADAM* (TWU Lo RRROl JA< It NOR Private Dandac Acafeay Day* o' lulu ?. Wedaeedar* aad aatardart aad Mnadtti yi Tbaredaja "tOAl IIKriCK*. APINANI-IAL and utbhart Aurrao, MO, m Br^dwar - A tvaaete ope Dtetaoade, Jewelry aal other aTatlahla proj ertr, or pumhatad If dartrwt i'dalaeaa ativi j ooaadaaMaL Private r-vna for lady apt ilraate. Mr. WOOD MU Broa.: way, ap etalra. near Braoate ttreeti. '' zzl*' A DTARCRR M ADR OM DIAMONDS. WATt'lMN. JSW A. et rj. HLver Ware. F'in aad i?^vmal pmperty of every deerripUor. by P. GAGS broker. M Poorth aves ie nwmte ! ?"%>? Inatlt ite a few ioon bakiw Aetor pleea. Private M AT SI OSDAS VTRSVr MRNRT UTRAN. DIAMOND Broker Caoh ad van pet ea D lam. aide, eet or aaaM. watebea. watch mrrrameata, alver ware, jewelry, aecya. ta, or boacht for ea* '>ppo*e the Mat oAee. reeat HlW ?alra.H Oadar etreet OS AM HRJU> MMML JLMH ,ro rm IHamnnda eet cr nam. WttiAw, J??atry, hoe?*t for the hUrhelB the UIAA<11. II iA?at?i atreeA. M. B No ila? ? Rat ordaT? A " n'lic^dl Je'^'q/Ar hpeght et M^ - ^ ? T -m NROADWAT. NR4R HOCRTON RTRRKT, MO A eey eaa k* r talaed to aav amount on Diaaaoada. Wetehea. Jewelry and M?i '"haa-llee or bo-nht f-w naah Prtrata oWww rial No * ?r*t fleor B atae.i enaMeettal '>?re for kt Aim w. ll HlaT,|(\rrR T THS ADYaSCI opfi -rr or u jawib*. morsv ?>e ' I talnrd la any iiantltv OB Wa'ehee, Jewelry, ? I'edt Reyara Dry 0 ?y t Hardware Wliae Br*?-!i?a. aal every deaenpUia o? Me nhandiee. ar bm?ht aa.l the hlrhee' prlrea ilvee Bnalaera etrl -I j eoei 'eatlal Goml<la tared Ratab'lehwt la 1HI. Principal 'dBee 0 WllMMa wr-ef, branch office W7 Broa.! way ~CO Ai?. in . . . r ?4 (uwt mm ?* t"b hkst A*a Pir~ O 'HlU ferrnt elrea, wanted In he delivered between Ihta ?lata aad Nov I, IRTI Cash "a ? e;ivery V_L7?"T * ? ** ?'Ate the prwe of ea. k ti - A*.lre? t>*l. Berarf office. ffi