Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1860 Page 3
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#oc it I tut too of the United States ? Whether, Indeed, tb? entire cm lax 7 of pairlotlo New England States that formed Me Hartford Oonventlon hare not nullified Ihli provision? Whether a Southerner is net foiled at sverr step by flute legislation In the attempt to recover bis fugitive slave f And more than this, whether he li not treated u an ewtlaw and an enemy, and met by penalties such u are ucualiy awarded to alroc.ous or i net 1 Tes or do? is this not to f and If so, Is it not Id denial of the promise of said States In enter'ng Into contract wltb their slater States, and in deflanco of the stipulations of the ooottttuli jo, in tended for I be protection of these States r The Ptalet which bate passed laws prohibiting within tbelr lltntt iheeHrutlon of the Fugitive Slave law (passod by Ooajrest In conformity with the provisions of the eon slitutlon) hate i.ttl- d Ot>a|rets and uulliiiod the oousli toll on. Tbey are tbe true disunlonltta. So far sa these law t are ooocerned, tbey are oat of the Union. Neither Is there any power in the general government to force them hack Inlo the (Jblon anu compel then to fulfil their obli gation! In any conflict of authority between '.hum au.l the itneral government Ihey are too powerful to be ooeroed. i thaury , indfi J, 11 we adopt the opinions 01 tLoae * lM Uiitk. that the State* have surreudered all soverclguty to the United 8t^tts, they may beooeroed ; oat practical v wo know that the attempt would prove a ridiculous failure, and that Ooogrets Is powerless to ooerco thorn, even if H bad the right. Bat bis Goegreie tbe power to ooerce a State that nul likes a t'atnte made In oonrormity with the constitution? If so. why has It tot ooeroed MaKsanhutetU, New York and f?ther 8 tales, whicb in respect to the Fugitive Slave law bave deBed IU authority? With what Justice ran It mil upuo the aggrieved States of the youth to uphuld a government which suffer* Its dearest rigute to be tram i led ot? The South la absolved from all alleguoco mill tbese rights are respected, and the rebellious J'atea are brouilit to rejieal these obnoiiout ttatutes. " A bar Ctn broken on one side," raid Daniel Webster In relation this very subject, "It a bygaln broken oa all sides. " A fere tin y lautt the BottkVl States, men fori', with uo to* disunioDists, and threaten to dragoon them iulo tub mission to their authority, let them set tbe example of ebiUieroe by repealing their aalllf)lttg natutes. Uumbonestl) comply with tbelr part of tbe contract an * yon win btar no more of wars sod secession in the South If they occur they will hare been provoked and aecessltated by sets origi anting here. The wolves in this contest ?Te not the pojple or .hc'Slates of the doutb. Usr New Haven Correspondence. Nnw Haven, Oe'.. 35, 18'0 Manitfa<(uring Distrtu Ovmnmcing at the .Vorth, <fc hi New Haven, at this pretoLt time, tu,re a e over ?lily coachmaiers doing liut little In the way of titling oat for the ^outturn trade. Nine-tenths of tbe people gel their living when fully employed in the trade. Cook's, l ho larytrt eitabi^ihucni, gives work only three days lu Ihe week to tb?-lr men A Southern pWOhlMV who *sed to buy s>me tifc.000 woith, tbis teaaou bought only $6 000 wtrlh. All of thi imall loans mar by have no work, and st New Haven hnudre<'s are out of employment. Can you fn< roiee the cause?? !? it Uio raid on tlavery, or what f Tbe lit-. oltttlon ttt Alabama. jOiKT HMU1MM CALLING A CONVENTION IN A CEH TAIN COMTINQMCY IN T1IK ELECTION OF A PH1>1 1>KM OW TI1K t'NITBl) STATB8. Whereas, Antl slavery ?dilation persistently c rationed tn the noo slave h tiding Stales of ttiil Colon, for more than a third of a oentiry, marked at every stage of its pr?frtcii b> contempt for the obligations of tnw and the mactity ol compacts, evincing a deadly hostility to the rwhls and iistituilots of the Southern people, aod a Set tied porro?o to el* ct tbelr overthrow, evtn by the sab version of tbe omslllulo o, and ?l t!ie bazird of violeucc aad bloodtb?d; and, whereas, a sectional party, calling tteelf republican, ooramlttert alme by Its ovn u'-ts ao<l an twdeDts, and the public avowals and secret nanchtnatlona al its Isadora to the execution of tbese atroriovs lerlgns, hat acquired the ascendency In tearly every Northern Hiate and hopes by tncctss In tho aprroachlrg Pree'. tkntlal election to seize tbe roveri'ment itself; and, wbereas, to permit trch teliure by tboee whose ?i mitu teasle sim :? to pervert its who'e roachim ry to the destruction of s portion of Its mcmbert wo lid be sn act of suicidal folly snd midncts almott wttaout a parallelln history ; and, wbereas, the (icoeral Arotmbiy of tl'i'imi, rej>reeeoting a people loyally de voted to tbe I'nton A?d tbe cocttltulioo , but scorning the Union which fanaticism would erect unon Its rains, deem It their toletno duty to provide In a Ivan 'e tbe means by which tbey may etraoe sueh peril an! d's honor and devise new vecuritles for perpetuating the blessings of liberty to themtelrea and tbeir poster ty. Tfccefore, 1 Be It reso ved br lh? "t^rUe snd Ho '?? of R? prefer tiitives of the State of Alabama, In lecral As sembly ooovened, Th*t aMB the IfMatag of tha con tugetey contemplated in the foregoing pr< arnble, trnio ly ? the elwtlw o t a HwHaHWipn the principles I and action of the party in the Northern States railing Hstlf the re,- it: .an party, ;t shal! be tho duty of tbe Uo- > vernor, and be Is hereby r?qnlred forlhvltb to 'tsue his proclamation , railing 'j'oo lliequallfled voters of tblsSta*" to asai tnble on a Monday, not mo'u than forty days after tbe date of sail} proclamation, at tte several places of ! voting in their rrfpect Ire counties, to elec'. .ielegate* 'o a convention of the 4late to eotalder, determine and do whattvi r, in ih? tpMntf s? 1 o^nvert'on , th.' ri*ht?, tnlercels and bogor of tbe Stale of Alabama requires l? be dote for their protection 2. Be It ftirther retolv.'t, That said convention shall , assemble at the jtate Capitol on the sec net M mday lol ' lowing raid election. >. Be it forther resolved, That It that! be the duty of tbe Governor, as soon at possible, to Issue writs of elec tion to the sherlllfe of tbe several com. tics, cimm&udlog tbtm to bold an elect on outhc said Honiay to designate l by the Governor, at provided for tn tbes^ joint reooi'i ttoas, for the chooelng of at many delegate ? from eaoa county to taiil OOBVSOlloa as the several c< untie* shal be entitled to members In the House of Representative* of the ?enestl Assembly, atd said election snail be held at the esual places of vnllng in the respective counties, and the polls sfaal be opened ULder ths rules and regulations now governing the election cf members to the General Assem bly of this 9tatc, and said election shall be governed lo all respects by tbe laas then In eiistenee, recnlalint tbe election of membert t j the Houae of KepreaenUlivee of the General Atseml ly, acd tbe persons elected thereat, as delegates, shall be returned In like manner, and the pay. both mileage and per t .cm, of the delegates to sa<d eoavenlloc, and the several offloers thereof, shall be tbe same as thai Used by law for tbo members aad oah sri of said House of Representatives 4. Be tt lurther reeolved, that ooples of tht foregolag preamble and rcao'utlias be forwarded by tbe Givern ir, as toon tt possib'e, to o r h. i ai' rs and r"prrseutelivsa tn One groat, aod to each of the Governors of our sister SUtea of the South. A. B MCEK, Speaker of the Tlouae of Kepreaentatlvea. J. D RATHER, Preeilett ol the Senate ANIiRKW B MOORE, Governor of Alabtma Approved February M, I860. Tk? Troop* of the Somth Adtt Hen-lew? Wkal th* SoT?r*or of lD?th Carolina To 11a Thorn. [from the I'd ion till* f? C.) T.mca ] Tbo review of the Tnirty flflh regiment p??o?d off qsit* plaaaaally ud creditably. Th* braaa baa 1 waa tail* an acqatauioo. Moat. Colonel Honor van o com aoaad of the reglcreol. The Governor, with hi* (toff, bentrala McKiaalck and Olotio proaootod quite a t?rl tlaat appearance after toe rev>*w. hi* I*o*iieocy oail a few wotda oad lalroduord Cilmjel T Y. 8l-n>oe,oa? of bta 0id0. U> the regiment. Who rr?[?c lad la ka Ix-ba'f Mr | MM Mid IB ?i.t>?l*nce tbo. be had l?*>n reoolad by bia Iac*lle?cy to expree* bio appro halloa of tbe per lirauc*. They bod reflected credit upon the regiment and the dlatrtct. That It wu o matter of Joat pride to Uie.r dioliogu abed fellow ciliw>o aad chief Mad they h? 1 tboa faithfully uiarharged ooe of the dul'ea they owed to tbo (ft ate >f IMtr aUapil a and efTecuona iMt MM oror depeod for lie preaerraliuo, not oaiy upon the virtu* and lulaUlgoaca of tbe ott.zea , but aleo upon bta ability aad ghUl to Ha'Dtala It Ihptcieily woo in - mm al a pe riad of tmpefldiogrerolaliou.wbea fanatic, a ei hal oaarpwl tbo place <>f | air lot mi, aad wild, rackJet* u . ???? had trlnmph?d oTor rm.nd rta*on Tm tempi m al leoat waa upoa M> .Ni?.tht M ha ?in> direcie ih? irritate* of aa ttooa. aa ladlvtduala, coald baoh the llarce winda, or *t U tbe mrgtag wavea We were about to elect a chief mag'a irate for tale (real confederacy, with ita magnificent ter rllory eitrt.'Su g from tLr Chi ada* to th ! ML aad flroa ereaotooeean t'pon h.t electloa in! 1 depend thi future prlacipie* aod peltry of the gc verameet The black repob lioaa party, la a conreatioo coaipoocd oaly of Northern doiefotr*, la whWb no Southern Slate woa by authority ro presetted. hod nominated Tor tl-e NMHf ? ooaa with ao fame aa a ?tat<?man, aod without natkaal reputation, aimply beoaooo be waa plrdgo-1 in bootlllly to tbo laatltn tiooo of the south Ho serried In hl( baa I a bann-r on which waa laacribed Northern dooilaatlno. eentlooal rale, aootolWated govern meat ? the gradual abolition of aUrery, oad aotiabl to plant it amid the re la* of U>e caoitllutloa. for which our fhtheri I ?tght, and which t ie great oo f good * Mbingloo elminlate-*! ho Deadly waa bla b o liity toat it waa well kauwn be oould not aoaiatnl tie rot* of a nrgfe South- re State The do ?Kcrattc party which had bereto'ora rommaoiel tbe aatdeoe of the coo try and had baea th? gnarliaa* aod protector* of the c?oi toiiuo, ?ao now dietrooted aad r! U organ i red. There men aould tltev lo->K f ir he.p' Ihe people moot rtly open themeeirta The ei?cii? of ab ahoir 1,'rooln woe d preeent the alternative of (oh mlt(l?n to block republicaa role or reeictaooe aii-ok t rooeo Heated ceepntrm ht wart aw wwf cm Id ?# long l?ia.'f fb mSotf tornid 6* lo fk*marfw? wo wort*g trUtk* mk*riu>rj of Jtph 1m The fteoth ahauld rloa to bar true dettlny, **d with a confederacy of state* of aimllar irtl.lotlooe and thter<ota, pr?*eot the proud aoeetacle of a gorenimeot of law with mi nppr?*eion, aod of liberty without Itceove Oor poopie bad h?r< t .fore h*' n dlTid*d ov of eeparote ao.l oo ri^rat re realatencr* ra ootiTerll?o or ao conrrtiloo Thrae were ??< paat It waa rwleaa to ogtute tb- r ??i 'm or oapooieoiiy. Be w<rald he wanting la patriottow who would '.nder take to difide the date oa heroK/ora drf>reo<ee of op moo and ouvtctioa, while tho etorm waa aboot to i?nr?t la all Ita turw, Bo ooaid omrtely hare the welfare of tueahipof -t?ve el heert who weald ie<k at (neb a t me M cr-ate llfl alma atoorg theerew The limea a/1 oatnraof the crliia iMfierallreiy diaiaaded nniiy of feeiiag an I actioa The taauea *o? before oe were eetiraiy diaiiact aad d lerrnt rr"? thaaa heretofore pr (seated The State waa ua '.tad ?po? erery qoMtton of vital prlacipie If tbo lack ra pohllraa Bag ahould goat in piratkai triumph arer our aelartd Hoiitb, and their boot* ahoold trample I* h?e doat the c* aadtutiowai right* h?<o>eeib*-i to aa by oor IMfeer*. thee We coo id *ot h* the traitor ghtvaa, While Heart* ha* light, *r earth ho* graro If, bewerer, each akooid not bo, iheo in every depart aaeal of lift we olonid endeavor to advaooa oar Mate I* Uie bieoetaf of peace aad the derdigiMBtaf oar etaraai reaaaroae Hr,,neot aod able eddroM* ware alae made by naaa raio He.Klaalok aad ai*aa. Oal. HcKaara, of tbeOovnr oar 'a Man. we* aMo loudly otlhd Mr. Tb* regiw.ett tbe* oojonraad tn th* gro rf, ^here they were addreaaed ky tb* Sob J. I) A* b more What Oaghf fh* ??afh to Da If Marola h* Klecterl f (From the A'cxaadrta ?>aliaei, <)at ? | 7h* ineel or i* ?1? a*k>-J. wh*l eh nld the *r th do ?a th* ereol of l.laeo'a ( elacttoaf O iabtahelo reaiain r the rolon* OwgM (h* to Igbt I* the l.'etaa? "tight ehe to wait tor aa orert act' fr?i> qee*t <,??* refer- rg m f" fi ate fcar hut been ra?M. Does tb? fitter an* ^ne* election of u>7 man tej Ibe PrteHleney glv- to anv Wrta Juki o?ufc? of secesaioa or opvoaltton? Tb? ?f Southern cr pernio U> Mr. Breckmr.dge sJI oo in swer'ng tbla question In the negative, and In making thai answer a part of the I'nlon orr, which la their main hop! in thiscaBvai*. We intend briefly to valuer the i queetbn We oonimenoe by nuking If ib* election of a Prealdeat acoo-dtof to the omsof the oouftl* nlk n be Impossible, in any caae, of alf.rd ng cause for Mat- nUrposltlon f. r the of s If '!-? I ta?S, tbsn we ask, tin the of any IS*, by o *, ' stttui'ocal nasi Title* In Omgrees, afford cau?e? "an the approval of each taw by tb" Pnsldei.t ?fiord suck caosef <>r, If vet/tad l>> fcH, cai. lie sul sequent parsage by two-lhtrda of bol'i Hotr. n sir. t t inch ra- si? Can the suljseqcent affirmance bj t!. ? Si preKe Court, of it? cocMitutlonallty or validity iUt r I such eaosef O n the enlorcement of the law by the Tro' stdenlalfrd such causer Cui the oor stitutMna1 am^o 1 meet of the constllutioB, by vote of the requisite rr.A Joriiy of the States, afford such cause? We sfk tbiF? questions, and we ask Uie friends of Mr. Bell and Mr. I long las to answer litem; aol if they un twcrlhem c nf'stcntiy w:lh thrir position on lac mam question we have unler conslleration. we beg thomt ) I passe acd seewbllber they bavedrlftel, ard to what (ktal position they would commit Iho Siulh, and to wb<tl ; intolerable ditfotlf in tfcey would reduce lha peoj>le cf a minority scctlonf Ihtreisno decree of tjjanny more ahj??t aud disas trous Use that which may come to us coder tie forma of ' the cc or titutlon. Otly look at it. A sectional contro verty la raging In this country now. Th<so o tales which have a lar|o and growing majority in the Honso of Repro tenlalivi s. sr <1 a small but growing majority lo the So rale, are under the a'must absolute sway of a party formed on the baiis of opiosition to Southern Institutions bdiI southern equality. It Is very <!oubtful whether even nowaisirglc Northern Male will refiain flrom euteriog Ibut poaerful sectional comb nation If they iloct a Pre si.'eit. they have only to remove tho obstacles priso^l eil by an adver?e Senate, and by the Supreme Court both of which objects tl.ey have steadily in view? and they wl'l have complete control ol tbe government. They will make the ia**, they will rornlrue the lawi, ami Itey will have the enforcement of the laws All this they may do under tbe forms of the constitution Is our so'e reliance Xor protection to bo found in the fidelity of these men to ihe constitution ? Recollect. th?-y arc seeking power wilh purpose to rale us Then re meaber how easy It IB to oocstruo an InsUumeutaj corilng to Iho with. Remember, tuo, lh3t iho lead ers an! Interpreter* of tt,,B r?fty h*ve avowed th\t there la to ib<m a higher, and consequently a more Imperative iaw lb n ibe col slitutloD tfld which, there lore, 1b to tb'.m an itdi Unite grant or power to do what toever fata'toltm or ambition, UEder tl>: cKaIS of fira Itcirm, ma\ liid ihem do. Ri wlleel that sworu Senator^, and sworn Mgislatorl of several Stales, and s*orn judges and sworn ?.? U p, have avowed and a:ted upsn eeMtmeclf, ar.d that .? irstilottonal obligations have l>-?en t?] ndiaK'd, ceiirtiliitiooal laws nulllUed aod refilled, and the covenanted duty of good citizens spurned us Krrvlce lit o: ly for <Jog<. We aie apeak i<>g, -xias, tbo words of truth snd rob. rnc ft. These are lie men whose unrealalncd rule, under the fornt of ine coustuullou, is W bo loyally weloomodacd patiently aul. milled to. Is that sound teaching.' Put the whole case Is no' yet staled, suppose that tto lingering r?maini ol unpervortcd conwienilousiu ss may prevtnt a fractio#>f ihe Norlhern n.ajority from accept i: g 'be ? hi h<r law " gru t of uui mitel power. 8up,)ose that in the stllltets of Seme bouest b"ur, sotiv lb i.g should whltper to B"mo of these, lha'. ddeltty to Luniau engnfeBietiU, aud the sacred observanoo o( SolomQ vows and oa hf. Is a pr'me teaching of the true blgber 'aw. Suppose that in eoDS?quenoe some of the more oh vicub b?irl rs 1 1 the coiifclilut ou mav not by ciccurren<? of tci, ? ite 4 li lutii.iul n.aj inlits be overleaped? what tbfl? ?ei ator Sewa'd has already pointed out Ibe roal by wMeh ib'te trn d of Inconvenient OOBSMeroei and troublerume c< mpuncliors maybe made available. N> iron t'ave Malea are to bo admitted un^er any e'reum stii rp*. Tfce cuiibt-r Is to s and at present (fifteen), and d'mimshed II pe?sible. Tbe number of froe States will be ltcrtased by every bew atlmissioo, which will be so rapid bat roon Cocgrccs will belong lo the Norihbya two. thirds iri rily li both tranches, and very soon will follow the a*>toliilo power lo change the oonaiitutl ?n ac ci idiug to ihoir owa forms, j isi as Ihey may cho se. Where thai! we be then? Will Ibere be any cause of State rests apee !n this conrtltutlonal procedureT Gentle men, we speak to Hell aud Douglaa men. The teach mpa wb eh you are aounding in oar ears aiswer "No" Tbe argrmenla by which you fmk to give emphasis to your party cry of <?1 niou ' answer no. You tell us lha*. It Is our duty to bow our ircka in metknesa lo i be yoke, lo croc* our wrtfg iu f.ll hi millty thai the cords may be lashed around them to surrender ourselves as nncnmp alnlo^ly as lambs to the slaughter Voa UH us If we fall lo do this we (ball bo bung as traitors, and ye tell us that you, our brethren, will help to put ?' tho hall-r"? aye. Iht "baiter," that haled word, that n akes the blood boll to hear it? the halter around our necks Will j ou foiNw jour principle to ?ucb reeultta* we have thus It g.'.tBut'ly drawn from it? You cannot. Voa dare net ! We conceive tbe trae position to be this ? The oooatltu tlcnal cleclloe of ai.y man, or tbe constitutional passage of any law, does not of ItnelfsdorJ ary ground for com plaint by any obo. Bat ft may be seoompanled with c!r rumrtancrs which do bolb Justify ana require tbe States to stand f >rtb in their aovere'gn d'gnity for the pnlee lion of iteir citizens. The whole ease turns on theae clr cumstai.ces; and he who stops short of ooBStderlBr these, aad <!wei:s on the mere faot of election, only andu In the bark of tto real qwstion. A msn haa a right to b?ar arms.and may walk the , street or approach the door of a citizen with a :-ub on bis shoulder, without for'eitiBg his life or doiog a wrong Bat If he proclaims thai bia object and purpoae are lo take the life of some designated individual wbojt be Is bunting, or thai be intenda to kill the owner of tbe hoaae he ia about lo enter, be may be, aod If likely to aocom pllsb bis ohiect he should be alaabledor slain by him whom he endai gera, and not fbr bearing arms, but for the cr mlaal purpoaa which be la engaged in arcompllah lag. Tbla purpoae converts what was oiherwiae an inno cent privilege into an "overt act" of crime. So If a President be elected by Innocent forma, but with Ibe avowal of himself 'and supporters that it la with a purpoae coo rem leg others, to which It la impoaslble to submit, snd eapeclally If be hava lha meana of subatan llally making good bia threats or latentloos, then there la occaatoa, there la an "overl art," aol la hia elec tion per m, bat In the circumatanoea nf it, to j is. tify and require preventive measure* If the forma of the conatitutloe be proatltated to the purpoees of tyrsnny, thst tyranny la none the leas odloua on that account, and none tbe more entitled to our reape*t. Satan garbed as an aagel of light la Satan all II. To re spact bias oeeauae of bis altlra la to become bli pray The leachisg wa oppnae la total In a double aapecl. It binds ourselves as vtctlma, and It emboldena our eue mtea. 1 bale ad of opposisg lha froal with whicj a brave maa deters bia lavadar, we bid them do In aafely tbelr ulmcst will While crying Union, cowalllulKio aad en forcemetl of tbe laws under a I clicua?Unoee, we are doing all we can to make the fnon intolerable, tbe con alitullon a >i ke.ol oppression aad the enforcement of Uie . laws tbe eotrcmmalioo of oar degradation. Shall we thus prove our own worst aod moat deadly earn**' I et us rather tay to the* men we will honor ? l ably abide by ecr ergsgemenla? >-u must do the same. We will failbfu ly observe tbe constitution? yoo must do | the same. Ws will cherish forever me anion of brethren and eej'iala? yon mutt do Ibe same Toe , ioribna flag of our Caioa ahail be Willi us a union e.f hearts aid a union of hands, with you It must be Ihs same If not, remember whea yon break Ibe bargain, that a bargain broken on one side la breken on all sldea Remember when you clothe outrsgeoua deslgas in dalualve drapery . that w th bias whs wrote the Dco.araHoa of Independent, "wo hate a worn eternal hostility to every form of tyranny." fl t what of tbe election of Dacota.- Would that ji.iti fydSLS.oa' Ws are in so bsate to aMke np frave issjes We thick be is a very unw'se and very unsafs man who IS. Ws bavs said Ibal these thiaga lepen.l on the circuas?tance? The circutrs'ai tea of Una caae are aol yet fuliv de ve loped. NV mas can as yet give a categorical answer. If he dews, be speaks in ths dark It ?ay be, If l.ineo'n la elected, that it wlU prove lo have been lot through tbe auperior strength of bia party, but lha divisions of hia rpprmenta Not by hie numbers, hot by oar folly , if tb s shouid prove so, dienstroua as tbe reenll wruld be, we should not meet It with eitreme action Tbe oc cas oa would aol call for dk rnatlfy II. But if it sh-'uld Indicate tbe omnipotence as wall as the determlaali vn of ihe party of which he la bat the leader, then we should be Justified ia say action we might cbooee lo take We must take car* of ourselves. 1b aay evetl, la caae I.tncoja la elected, we tb'Bk ?ach Southern :*ale, aa l all tbe <e?ntberB SUtea In coefsrence, should lay dowa in oalm hut Harleee terraa tbelr vlewe of their rights, and thetr dstermlnatioa to maintain tbem. I*t Virginia call upon the other Stales aa aba called dsrlnr tbe usurpations i>f I'M- W l-et us welch 1 ss watchel tbe patriots of that da? ard Strive for ths truth as tH?y strove. If we ah'-iii) Cat'? If tb? aori l?nt*i i success of l lnenin aow should prove bui tbe foee niaaer of isut l shed seclioaal doaioaitosi? tben we will, if so degsr rate as to reader It oeceeeary, read anew the bulewy of oar early sirts and find odt what I) do l)laaal?a la Mlas??irt. Froas the JeTerton tity. Mo , tiam ner, < Kit Ml Tbe d fereaaea la regard lo the c./uaulutioa have ariasa In an attempt to perpetrate aome act an.'ist la itself. | Those beneBtted by the Itjusltcs hare Ihas tieen Ce*v1aced t > at the act si" perfectly right If aol strictly , aad espitrttiy prol. blted by the coostnutioa? gnorisg . the 'ajt that the graad idea of tbe conatitulie>n la to sa- ( cure i??f?et .< slice la ail matters of iatioaai aoacern, be tween the dii'.erenl partisa to that ttauiinrnt For leslsre*. ibe party havieg control <if the fr?? States, , lararrvirg r* a hlMer taoeartilnl "oai war agamst the . rlate Mat<s They have B'd svea ths eicuee of balsg IB UresU'i ia tas subject of slavery They arc lot respon j sible in asy respect for lbs lastit'ittoa Vet they are j rmtsfaatly rerpeiraiirg acts of hostility sgaiast lbs Seuth, la ("? fiaace af ihe oewslitulioa. that if psrnrtratad j by the I aited suiee sgaiast any power on earlh would ; lead to immrdiate war. | Thie parte, tbue warrieg upoa U>e South, ia earryisg out lb i oh ? as of thte war, propesa to take coalrol ot the . geeeval gevernment, and lead rg men all partlea la the ; 4 jili have declared that a declaration bv lb" people of tbe free -tatee ?favor of ibe purposes of ibis party, by e;eedrg tbeir caadtdate for tbe Preaideocy, would be i,pt esuse for a withdrawal of allegiance to the gorers menl thi s controlled In other words. Southern men of all parti's base declared thai lbs etscttoa of l.laaoln, because of his hostility lo Us South, woald b? ia < rtel? 1KB th. rompaat by which the ?>uth ?Bt^ inn the l aioa aod leave her ao alternative but to set Bp for herself tbese mea are termed dlsualaatata by tba Sqoa* ters It la rot denied that they take tbe OOI?"V?SJW,,? regard lo the ccnst tiitlem, aor that I lbs 'JJ* black republicans la seeking to obtata control of the go vernmeal caonot b? carried out wlthoot v etalin| the stitnttea It is not denied that the first named aaSooly tta preset vatiem of our rresent soastltutjoa U al pnflty, w that ths ot>jecl ol tbe black rwpnbtK^nw ta ??? WbTsr sm* of that ,netr ihkbI It 's admitted that ail the ?ate governments wbleh Ihe blark repi Micaf s f.?lrol<??y the roBs'ltullos that they proclaim tholr p<.ri*>se, wi.ea ever ihey obtain oortrol of Ibe general government, to override tbal instrument Yet Uw seyiatters declare that reaistance to tbe aggr?*e oes oTthe general govrnmert, ender the roslrol of ihe bltck repnO'icaas, Is trsason to Ibe i aioa . v?,w? do b< ' fprer'We to say snytbleg rsrd lo ihe f'rf loess cr t ? rr*<;ire?w of lbs r"e !K.s of H-sae Irtd'Df S ulbcro men. We give only the fttot*. W(> c aid rot affirm or deny, without being Uebi respou alble by the rqumtters for nn lmuli whioh we uttsrly rrptdutte. Wo u? for the I'nion u our Isiber* made it, and for no other Union We we for the oonntltutim ar cur falters *avu it hi u?, and for uo other constitution But we will tot uy. n ibe Fquatters do that after the blatk if pubilCv-a uave vloaei every eaarutlal pari of the c. b> pact ucdrr which the flout h came into tSo Uutoo, rbe rhould ??ke the new I'uion and the new coni'.ilalwii ' r?ch/a(<d to ber by her i d* mi* it We will not?*y, a* thiy do, that the should lick the haud that amlt< ? h?r, w? will not fay ,?* they do, that uodcr any aud all Jtronm c'sccrt the 8. u;b chould submit Wo ?iv ib- 1 it la tte duty i f the Giotto ti p'alnly tall ? totV-k icji.bna* it?: .b-> Will nav ? ji<lc ? tj?l ?be ?lll tare fctr :h+t fcho wl>l ut.hjhhII t> !??? wrPT'f fbey ii-n< aira it tbilr por -nee to It (let no t.r ird ir?ii thc'C I o cowartlly viibmiffionifiH :i i?iu( i r,t w rtH ret be long, In onr rpiuion, Im'ico tin , V n' the N r b ?vci 1 e<>m': t > tb Ir reu n, ?a ! < vs ry t nmv ' ' tl:e "onth to the tbadra ?T pr'ratollfo Tien wu would h?ve again the Union ojr t*th?'? mele? 1|i? constitution tbfy iuve k? aim |*ae?* auJ r.juajrd bo i? (p tte dirtri Lt n ? mb? tol ibe < "t.f-'5ci 4 y At J < Ihir petition l(*d< to rf(Rtr\?otioi Theu let us tavern hiiit>ll'<n in dednritg the ccn?i'i? not* I'mt it-si. icault fjfcBi ilitto ajt.tkii.Lg. Font lit rnrra In I>iu<oln'a (?blntt I IHOM SIN ATllH 1VKIC-ON, OK OKOtUil*. CVLIIMHI'H, 0 t 18. I8M. I ] have an article in the .itar, of this oujr, alleg It ? 'i<at one of the & n*tors In Congrtf* Iroin tbia !^t*te ba-- i>rop????t and urged that all persons who ?h?ll ac cept I'ilioea under Lincoln, if elected I'reaident, should be outlawed aii<l kiile^? and niurh boly horror bin two ex rriftiii by i bat ra per and other kindred aubm' talon ?t' ota. at the eiormltv or the proposition. If the 1 uudi ra'^tel la the Heoator allude<l to, 1 take ocn?iiu to vay that 1 am not the origins tor or the advocate or the poller allnded to, ar>d that i Bunt have hern misunderstood, IF any one has n> represented n.e. The policy ha* been migtr'-Hiod by olh< k aid 1 lave occasionally , in private conversation, rjiWn of It aa one of the plants of resistance to tbe rule j nl a black republican President, but I have generally dia bpl'io'ed it, a?< many perf>pa >u (Viiumbua will doubtleM 1m ai die ? itneu , still, I do bot Ik'tilale to aay that In I rt.v t'pin on, any KouiD? ra man who would aocupl < dice in oi a it publican t'rceldeiil, el* 'tod upm the plaifoim ol the repubiloaii party of avowed Inutility to Eoiihtrn alavcry, would be no bitttr than a black republican, and ought to be roiidfmi <d trd rftracired by untverfal publio aentiment, and whilst I bi'ld a *<>kt In the 8> nate of the I'niUti Ftatci I *111 vote agtitttlhe c*Hiflrmatioo of erory 6' ulhcrii c aa wfco ? !ll be rotteu enough und bu* enough to tMf pi i Dice frrm Lhioo'n If th'g declaration will ai t ! tbo cause of IV>r?las or Bell hero or elaewhere, their frkudH ate welcome to make the moat of it. flu ? my ! plan ff ie?iitar o? to the electtin of a blick republifl in | Pr?Rldetit, baa been too often exprecaed, both io publla r und In private, to be miaim :eratood. II' tbe p?rt.e? wil l Late thus critwlacd what tbty have obtained frooi slre?.t rumtra, cociider my )io?ltion ltd opiaiona of an> conae- 1 riuence, aLd w'.rh to n.?ke them the auhjeots of coimnect, il ? y fcaif oi !y tn aJ vert to n.y norcben in tho fll n^to aid atGrllin to uLdiratand * i would do or aJvlfe the 8outh to do, In tbe evett >f Lin xiln'a flection. I have not changed the opinion then and tb?re expressed, i and when tbe contingency (hail actually trite, ax it now e<tm* probable if net certain to do. I shall u it >e back ward in relterat ng them to tbe public, an1 In cnfirclng them by all tbe arguments 1 oan bring tobnampoq tbe ?ubjCCt. ALFRED lVEltiON The Impending Crlili, SOrTBEHN rMTT VS. NOHTHKB.V KANATIC'^M ? LET- j tkr of a MHMVOTV oeoiujian. [From the Charleston Mercury.] W<> Invite atte-ution to tlie subjoined communication. ' It will be seen that It 18 * reply to a letter containing j certain lcqulrles, which are apparent enough from the arawer We present the letter aa furbishing, In our opinion, a ' fair exponent of the slate of tbo public mind in Georgia, j It asmuch as its distinguished aulbor is in a ittuatlou to observe all tbe Indti atlous of public sentiment, an 1 pot lei'l the calm ar<l sound judgment necessary to forming a correct conclusion lc tbe?o respects, as well aa for tbo sm:nd t (#f expressed, ttc lelttr deserves lb) most care ful consideration ? P*au Sir ? Your letter of the 29lb ult., propos'og to j nee ceitain inquiries relative to tb^ probable action of the pe epic of Georgia, in the event of the election of L.uoolfl, ! bar been received. From all I can learn I think Georgia will icver her fton nertirn with this Unlou in the eveut of Lmooln'n cl. ctl m. At ttc furrc tim) It In duo to candor and truth to give It as my opinion tbat there will be a large party In the | State t fco will oppcie any action upon euch a contingency. If she ("oca nctiecedc, I cannot underatind what other action the will take, w it la to submit. It strikoa me tbat wbate ver prcpoatti^na Georgia will hare to make ti lu r lister Southern Slates will be after the resumes her Independence among the Gat ton* of the earth. It occurs to me tbat the action of 8octh Carolina, while it would be agreeable to the people of Georgia to have her eo operation, will not Influence her people. If she has determined to tuorde, or control them. If she has Lot reached tbat p< Int Vy oplt -on Is that If South Carolina secede *rom the I'nlon the people of Georgia will defend her in tho feer cite e.f thai right to the last extremity. If ftmtb Carolina or at y other 8t?te determines t" teoede, It should be dene by a State Convention. The time of secetelon should take plate on the tn> of March next and due notice thereof be served on Congress through the Execu tive of the t'nHrd StaU s I do not believe m any South ern State waiting the action of their sisters If, In their sovereignty, ihey do not think the cause for a fep.ira tion it tnOlclenl, but will oooperate with others that they do they are not acting from that motive that should dely revolution and resist oppression at any and til hazards BeMde* I consider MM!! Mate aoon nhM all the powers delegated to the federal gov ernmcut wbioh tii') have ?!?*!..:< li !. essetlitl to cmnisteney at least, before they enter Into alliance, league, cor federation or ( mpaci w;th any 1 iher power whatever. If, therefore South Carolina considers the election of Lincoln suit! e'ent cause to resume the powers she bst del-gated to the federal government, she ought to do so of and by herself, and notify ber remain log confederates a what time It !* he? deUrm nation it tna'l take place deem It cseieis to argue the question of the propriety af distolvlrg the l*nion if the b!a:k republicans are stMneaa ful ILry have m*d?*hc Issue tbst It Is the la*t battle with lit vi ry : If the Voath h?eltatee upoo hi" ?lee"; 10. they will talk r when b's party carry out their threats If toe election of Mcevln is acquired lei by th? *roth, P? asrd la right that the election of L.ncoln Is the do via fsll of slavery I have aofeart tbat the titration of one, m ;<h le?a a half drarn southern stairs. mould prodnese bloevisbed to tot very great extent and even If tt did, it ought not to deter trett Bad Mates tn Ihelr setlon, baaed ss t should hern tbe dee^w-st conviottoos that they sre oocteadlaf lor the <r bon< r snd ttelr rights. SWRHftf'N Ptt.r ARATIOS* * MlSSIIWirrt. (Irvent.r iMtns stated a short time sine)*, that lbs I eglalet " bs<l r**sed a law antborlxteg bin to purchase amit- 1 r u.e ft.te. and bad made an appripmt ion for tbat I' 'i ss 1 t that thare was hut mile tnoi ?y M tn.s trce i.< . taei.rv, tad he wsa determined t*itt tt ( ? sards i-ai inr for tbe artna, ev?a tf th* ? ". I ii> .ale bat ftr * time to do ? tb it the. r saHtr!e? V r MIIMl >(AIUia>UN"n HKR PO?i.r.ll. Mil Mated that there are bow ninety wel W|WM cavalry cm Males in Virginia There w.M be a grand lrspet Hot of abeut twenty of tbe nnm*>?r at aa eurainp men I to be held a*. Refmond on tbe 7th of Noraaber lett. Tbe Rlrhnoad iMftiirtr aayt thst on no , vision l as art la'ge a flw'8 ?f rsval'y ssr*nM?1 for .'rill in Ibis Mate, aa4 it is n great Imir rtarce that tbe r ry <jmt ItiSti actors tbonld be 00 the grouad. It la st*u*<t that Coletcei Hardee. 1 tie author of the sjttcm '>f tactj.* now in ate la the l ulled Metes Army, aud Lieutenant U>k>ael tf fHiirr, has ripiin -I b s rial n-n to alien 1 the en rsnpaMt t aad impart I at true Uvea, if permtMt^u be ob taiLed from the Secretary of War A LAI AM V A H Ml Mi ma Tit* fOKITf-T The Jtliacta (Ga ) OmfrdTa. y la a late edit u 1 ears ? We are cri Jibiy n rm<d thai ibe ??ovrrnor of A.abaaia. In coaapflarre w'tfc an act par? -d hy th? I^eftslat -rr, has ordered frtv? IV-lg ? m two hmdred tbo'isanet ?tan ' of arms, to be used. If recresary. la lb* 'real of I.lw no's eli ctloE. Alal'Htia wll1 t;rqus?tl*>oab'y secede fr? e> lie l'ii 100 be'ore she will submit to the rule of s blai a re pub. taa l*re?ideat, esi?. ally when tt is W I keees tbat tbe rres.aeut waa one uf the endorsees of * '101 perdltg Cris and is eleoteJ for lbs sxprcsa p -prnt of deelrov'tg the ostitut < s of slaererr

The t ottf tte-y (Ala) Mail M the 1*!h ta-|? The ymai n of thlar ty ihiakicg tfaa. the t me has tr r'rid e?!ii n they should pr? pare to ree 1! a iy fr'tb^r ag gves'ori <?? the petrt of th? Vr.rih, wo lid r-a-v^ tf il'y 'n vie the; ? icn of the etty sad vciaitr, bMweea thesgesrl 1 ttefB and tie?*t)r. f> fleet altioeerl Ha". P?Frd?yal?bt 'wtobee *1, at ha'f past aev<-a o' li*, fer tte i ?.epeee ef ftWmict a s'ub wh #? mMSo sha be '?Re-tietan e to I Bfo n li obeeJiei oe te C I " ? l.Afg RKPrBLH'AV SOOTHINO w* quote the lub)"lred etlrait from a M i??acon*?".e b'a k rej",lil cat tbeef, fntn an article r *1 f *he ?<rrsi.* aent of l.iatoit's eabinet, wb'-a he ?!ull tier been eluded 1 1) It is a i*?l!cate ba 1 to raiib * tati Til tyirpatby ?ndsoppoet ?The naase if *?ee a ?* itksrn gmt.emen have tirea1> b?eamgg?l<J anJ if tli?o. vi s'.rn etiovld require thai ?'.rh an tfp> '-.tnrnt eli it;' ?. i>e ti nelerrd, we have no deuiM tbat It Wlfl be accept ? I, ?r I tha' the preteae*. ntcBiled lor?i la' aiMttlev ihai > Soother n ?an wci M ho^il e (fee "tder f tie P * iM be thst aad dler>iaed of at the tiiresbil'l Tnt*rttt? Tsieiri'T ?A terrible affray aoeorrr 1 tt *er | Irrrsboro a 'si er two ago, wb>eh r<*'i!ted ia ll<* aeatli of Mel'etlla C fteadersetr aad tbe air ose s< slug of t*<? atber per?i ?s. Aonord nf to our laformai in, while a large cro* l of people ware at the depot atrs.t pg tn arrival ef ib? VMbviile ira'n, t utbt waa MBanceil be tweeaMr iletderroii sod two ait s aewed Reai Wtr ianl Thi iras Farmer Ward, . e.rg a large kaife, cut Sender loo la the n -el bruU maraer. mfl^i'ng wu mds which prefixed 1 eath in a ah >ri l me after the oaeprn nee The site r ."dap ?ti at h i.f antv^ i.'st, but m ?* ug bis a m. tbe ball -Irick a Mr Wis, of wilaaei co ialy, Ukinj elect .a bis left saeuldar. iti c* :si?g a atrioua wound A man 1 a mod Jrs' ; h Rarriren In endrtvprieg to aid Ues lere>a wtt sssa ^led Bed ba ly f>eaten and slabV I Mr flen de'i-n wft cotveve l to the residetce of his fktber, Rev. C T fist lersea, bi.t survlvsd only an hoar or t^e after rcatlig hoM. farmer an I Ward were arrested, but t-eleg to ibe b!|h state of feelltg exlsllcg sad the maa* ?' et'rg nflte rpf'e tloa held la I bat place on the same day. II wsa wisely detrrataed to pootpone their trial ? 1 A'eaArC'- (flaw ) 9ftU ? rrr>*s <<t Atsov ? At riotots, N. R.oatbe 12th net , Abraham Pe4erioo snd hla ? lfr aera murdered, aad their hooas fired fey rrbbers Arrivals tad f>e part area. AMrim. SAV?>i??>i-'V,iMai? Fk iiae -?rs O eiaywso' A I. Brad ley. A i Hue son K p Raeeett. ?' It Uordwln. l)oi,ti*r H 1 ate J m Kelnr Wf*. Ifk'd, eh*. ItUraU fP Va ?tan. T * flaberehsai. J A rta'ajana, L Fisber-arid I le Weerage ronn i*i?- Rtmmabir I'sia aei>? W r He ? bar, W Br'>ik?, t B Woo' Htd lady R r rireagfl, r A Ratter. Bnsaa A Pet ?ers'll, K Orr. C B Katier, Wn Ho, d. r? Jji o- Ra k MedaW??art Oka Tiler na, of Ba ttoora Oil' f'Tiyf- Bri? Vary "tar'ee Ktt llmwa daagbts> and aek-a Supreme Court? Circuit. Be- ore Hon. Judge Allen. THK PAREKH V?1N COMPVVT? VDU1CT tOATNWT ram. Oct. JC.? ?hotwtll ui. Halt ami JtweU?TM suit id brought to reeover the amounts paid on eeiti i<?W?of tbe Parker Vtln Company, which formed port of no illegal fraut ul- ul ow is?ut of tb*t stuck by tbo delandeols la ?the yeata 1S68 in<l '61 ? in nil to theamouut or t'i,7UOOOO. The defendant Mill, who was Preeld' nt, dcnkw ta bit nntwer tut he knew of tbo over issue; Jewell, tUo other defi n ?.:it, ?a? Yiee I'rwt leut, almlisxn orur lxrnie to the am or 1 of 1ST COO shares, but gets np tint the com pac> were In .. untof fur<l?, tbat tbo OMlltWtes ware tprned by bl?0 and pWp d for <onn? fir tb? n?" ood bene pt of ibe coS'pany. Wttn<>r>?? wero oailrd for the pla'o tiff ?nd te*tltl?d tbnt ttio defondan la represented the com pary to be Ip n flourishing condition Moris B Bramball dtpoeeJ that Mr t'reeldeut, urged hlro to pniobase stock, whlih he assured btra would be n good Investment; after the expocare Ma'l a^mltt") to b'm that there bad been an over Issue, th%t hn now tt Iron tte biglrnlog; tbat tho Qrct was in July, 1863, wbeu 2 CIO ?harts wire lruoed, and tbat I he over ia"ue 01 Lin IM 'I UI I il Ue coiil'' DO >.>cger keep au .. ' ? of it Tbtodore H Head reposed tbat botb defcoJants almit ted to l.i nj ibe over issue, and that they knew oi II fr>?ifl the b< ginning Janntf Clark", tbe secretary of the oooipany, also gave ettrierce bf tbe over usue. which commenced in July, 1S43 Ibis ni'.ruli g the jury rendered a sealed verllct for tho (lalritiir fir tbe full amount claimed, about ft 000 This is the plotter suit of loveial others, involve a vast amount of n.ouuy. Mr bmwtU lor plaintiff; Messrs. O'Coccr mi Via Co'.t for dtftuuanU i/tftry li-tltr in. Richard J. Clarke. ? This was nti action to mover an alleged demand agonal iho do fendast srlUng \ip< n two separate Umtruutt ntf ? one made to Mt'tflra. Weeks & Delomst, agrt elrg to p?y io< m ar. iialn pvm of m?Dey iu tlM* porobaf ?d cor urn premises npoo wb'cb tbey were then fbr<>clos'og a mort gage, whtrD Instroineot wo) asrlgeed t? 'be piaiit If by ib?t?: i he o'Uer iu"tni un.ct was an allege:! ?tfrewtoent made by dot u. ant to plaintiff to pa> Ct-rUlu rent Mr. S.i xey , f r tl,e ilef. n?iant, denied ail liability on tbifte r sgrctnitnta, and al'o ?et <ip that an a turn bad b.' .1 buogtt In the Md lue Court on thrre mtr>^m?nt?, where he succeeded In bis defence before Ju< gi Thomson. 1 Judge <>'len held thai tbejadginout of .ludgj Ui imp ri D was a bar to Ibi* action, >cd directed tiiejvj?y to llud a vcraxt lur tbe defrndaut, which they did. Bourne* Va l>m? ilaii? t further perusal of tht* bai ileoooe abeet morn fully rat'sles tr* tha< it will be ft riii 'f t coovtclciil and valuable compendium of j> >etaj lstclHie sot, and tbat to mtrcbabU and p mlruaet. ti It will lex>n become iadlapenaablo. la fact, It Is nut out of place* lo Ibe band* of any (oe who usei tno Peat otiioj < ami lit willing to be aiauaed al too game t.nyj bo I* being ported up. Atido from the practical value of tbe p*[? r, it* publiefc tr ii< rervoa tbe good will aud patroi ?<?* if tbe public a* an ollicer <1 is t lnj; n >rh< d for bla inl.itlry and fidelity in tbe ducharge of LU> official d jt!. i. We ui uex a few extract a from tbe .Wad which i%i Id be extiiitltcly circulated ? Tbe law* of Congreaa J> tiot eitf od auy legaj protection . lolrltui before they air plaood in a l'o?l cdlloo or letter box it *ally eatabllabil an a Oi i? tiiory for leitera; and , iinn-1 ilie decmon ol tut ooui u?, lbej purloit iu< ?l u letter by a p? r*ou authei mJ by it?> owLi-r ui takf it from tbe < I'o* l Office la Lot I'utiiflmola under tbe United statoa ' itatutra, unle?* it can be raiibfactorily a'nwo tbat the ; guiiijr puity cbteitaiLud a lelouioia .lulI at the luao of apf!) li t; for tbe loiter. I /'gal provision ha* bed. n.ade by Con^rtat by which If tttra may be aent cut ol tbe nail in cure* of t mergca cy By tbe uae of tbo government envelope, with tbe *lamp printed tfcer.on and louttilulltig a inert tuereof, letter* may be ao leut, p ovldel the envelope la duly aou adei remit with ink, an 1 the >laio of receipt or iracimiaalcn of aueh letter wi ..tea or rUrupel ib-reoa Tbe oae of ftich i livclope tnoi e tnau w?ca tubJecU tbe of finder to a Que of fl ty dollar* AletUr or oMtuary envelope with ft pnt'if atatnp put 'n By tfce writer, rar.u.t go -ut of tt? nail (?-*c?,>t b> private hand), lor tbe reaaou tbat the 'a v c tbo matur ?i.t'rely to the tnvetooe* famished i y the ili-pvt meit W"ie the privilege extended to tb? oilier kind of aim |B, there beng bo way of cancell ng tfec m, by tbelr le life, exltbilTd IrauCa upon tbo levebuu mi^bt bo tbo retail ?*. ealllrg or lending for ft letter known to hive been a lvf rtiaed, tbe fact abould alwaya bo tiate.l. olbvwieo 01 Ij tbe current litter* are examined. Vote* In abeeU are allowod to be *ett In th* mall at ot*e rent a abeet prepaid by poatago iuispi, provided tbe weight i. t exceed three ouncet. Corrected proof sheet* are to be charge) paraph IM portage in eaae Die corrections In- tbiwc only of ty|?>- j graphical error a; but If new matter be Introduced, or any , notatiota mad* by which Information ia a?kcl or c.invey. \ id, or iLKlrucli c? glveu In, the aheota are tub et U tii r |??tage Kewapapeta and pertodlcala to foreign wxiotrir* (par tlcularly to the comment of Kurope) niuat be ?<-nt ll nar row baida, open at ib? atdca or eno , oiberolav llioy are chargeable there with letter pcatage. 1'oa maaiera will not (ufler newapapera tu be mad In their < fficea by |eraona to whom they are not addreaard, cor to b? last out is any caae, without i>ermiaaiou M the owner*. roain.aiter* are required by ? reoent law of lntgr"?a to deliver sewipapcr* eent to tluba, from a furclahtxl llat ol iiuuea Art, tltaMtll* gad Keltarr. Boi d'aworka have been traaaiated Into Uorn.aa, by Mr B. Harry*, of Hanover. H*rr Kiitresateln '* Opera, ?' Tbe Cblld of the M<>or*," i to ?b?rt!y forthcon inf at Yi nna. W Paoaay, ibe celebrated aatronomer, and one of tbe , 8, 'i>t Kap i * baa |oM 4M at an ilviacal I ag*. There aro, juat tow, no I'-aa tlian tbr?? vananck* In I tl.i Fr?n;h Acae'euii* de* Science*. lheCeiUob aa Library at Plymoatb haa lately received a vaioable add itk>a in tbe ati*|* of *?l*ral aut-ifrapb latter* and other man .arript* of Kir Ji*but K?yuoi ia to gether w til bla |>o-e kelb?j'>* of tbe year 1 '44, ?.hu n ooai tain* tbe name* of bi* tltUra and tbo cutri * of bit en gagemenla , kf> A *' nuim ut on a n.agn fle cnt i %l? to l.ulu'r la ti bo ere'ted at Worra. It u fiom a Jergn by tbo tcalp'. >r i'. ela tu I Tbo whole mm reqaUed fbr tbU moimcn it m tl'^10. cf w l> b X12.C00 lia* l??va already m ? .oi. beramn> baa coatrll ted tbt grtMef part of tau *tun. Tb* late Tlien.a* Heoel i ?mi<.e*oed bla llti'rary rareer. 1 It ap pear*, in the column* ?f tbe iHi&tlec AC ^rn-sr, ol wblct puper the late Mr. Rintoul, of th* \ ta/<r, wa* then editor. Mr Wi.k>? OoOIm" w n Wbiit" bat iJtt '>eon tdliud t)> Tau bint/ of l>etfxio, to bit Copjr ?ut eOllai' of ixg ub elaaa^a An ?' Annuftl Rrglal- r I B"Ok?i Hlr i, Trictlng, Panar rrakieg,' Ac baa been pri jecU d In France. liwIUin emde a covpltte 1 Jt of the puMlthtra, b-?kt ? * and printer* of farla, of Ibe 4et?rtment* and of the Freorb coli'tle*, with the datea of their eatabltaboBeat In bual mm. the name* of tbe ir rroekcetaora, agooti, *?> The peMMttlwt of tb* Arnadel Sriiely, for tb* year 1IM, cona at of a rnro?o I lb>grai.h after t fTeacn by ? terra nat Saacto in the Chureb of Ht. itomen ico. at Ohg't, an outiiae of ih* tgure of an angwl, from Ibe aai?e freaui. a ehroMo iitb"graph of the Virgin ted Mbild. from a freaoo fcv f^onardi da Vlei I la th? monaaterr of M One fr < , at Keae; ta oeitllee from the head of a \ irfta la thll picture, Irare.i trim ttN trtflMl; !?" weed <-nrr?r Irga. ' ibe r*li la" ar u "Tb* lleturrrclloe . ' alt. r tb* freeconf <.?otlo lb Ibe Arena ehapel. IVlna. a?d an ar e<i?at ol tbe al??ve ear < 4 freaco bv "aoato at Cagll, writ lei by Mr A H l.aj ar J. Al lb* laat alttlng of the Prensb 'eery of *' ? caret a pajtr w*? rroaltril frniB P<r Dav 1 B'ewjter, n v 1 'eh tbat dutmgnlthf 1 ph.i-eo'.?r allule* tooertft'o wonla i. red by M In la U.? " oa ti M *r ian.eal llHTiKtry,' and ibowa tb?t he (%.r Pbrtd; waatbedu (oveier o! tbe pbitom ia of colored r.rg* u tbe b-ryl, ? we'd. Ac , wb : n b" /? at far eei k a* ItlS. wb le ft Woi'iaioB dlie ivered tbe aaiwe I* to>iae4 r par in t' e [etlow'ag year He a'm meal, ma t*ie .-nl* ? n of ttbtf dltrorrrle* of b'a by M. I I'vrlag tbe wn ? en 1 tig W*pi*tibtr 2i tb fbliawiig AwrtTftn itrretliaa were p*i. ottd la *agUw! ? .lob* *u _t..rrp,of tberitv ui Flrouklju, in t>ieooeir.ty of iiir|i? *r.J Wate < f New Yorr%l ,tta I't '.tee al -a ul Art . ?'ia. r at #7 Oraeerbi.'ch atreet, I/adoa, C->g *??! lot an inrenti m of "Ae l?pnvi l mt h ?! it coat ire or frrmibf a hard *tx .1 ot a caudle at thu tltoo of n. icl'.i g 'hi r*?e, ftt.d aa apparent c?au ..ud Utere ? tb [?teel K I M irth, 1??0 net I V'liaid, uf l.'verpi' . in the r. iai? of Iaih a* tee frtUenta, Inv at a ot ? Improrf metita la , i aea igianliiiii A oomw .ti it 1 1 ? b m 't >m abraad. b', Jar.r R< He. oft a. ia> ?tl, !? lb* ? tr. 1 1 of Oi 1) as<l I i ted .?latel of Amer.ra Italed 1'i i Mar #, l'ti) I iward Joaeph Bcghee, of the cltj of K*l beater, In I i . '.itiiy of lai caaier pateat afeni. f>rau lav ut, m of In.pfotl me*l* tti the ti.atu'aitura of oil n< ?.itp.jn'ioe abd reftla, aret n the ap:<aeat'it e r-ieil-l tbrvwith ? i n noD'eai on to b rn f . m al r >a i i ; a*i a :??. I? r, o' Rrrikl- e. I'atUd Mftttt of Ami ,c* Dated 31*1 ttan b lHfO A*abel Klowtttn Fatoe ni the r Iv of Vew V irk, lb tie ?ute ef K*? Verb, be* of t^t La lit d *utM at Am' I a lor aa la vent on .f "A mid. of loan ?.c:ai eg *t?el :?i d Be'h ftp IK tlt-r l Vlbceat Sewion, of tb? ofTJo* 'ir ?ab nt*, ?fi Ctai-cery lane, la the cotcty of Mioiilarci, ?HhbbloeJ Ira ?gh'?n.?n, for aa levrntt o ?l an ? !mpr )/*d ?p,->*ra j I a f'iT tiiir'g rr ?fi '* ont of wi'.W ' t contB'.n?e;f.lloo to b'm fre'm ?br<*d, by Hofv* Irvlrg Orbbdtll. of New Pedford . tfr .etrH e< ut.fy J^tate ef MMfaebuii tt?, I'blted J.alet of A?.erlcb Hat*. I in May. 1?0 r*v.d M.ilaid, of Mftrpeml. la .beoviBtv r i.inca? trr, gratli-mfta. t< t aa laveailon ef Mi*tprovrD*^itt la ire ig rr?i h *?? ' A . omtntnjlratlc n to h )tn abroad by W K draman, of CiaciaabH. i* \ue SMItof Ohio, a*d t'bitrd <taiea of America. Ilat' 1 2Tih March, 1 -Vi f??r*r'Tto* or m* Oorre* x*i, ,?r..A* Cnor ;a ?ba ? Fai d* of tbe dttieier* aitcaJaot upoa ?he lale trrrillc tornado 1b I<oni*lan* root. one to ?>me le ? mil' ? ter or pwiehee of the *ei?t. The am. ot if .lavage doae to the regar maonfkctnriM. to tbe cab* crop and to th* r-oMea, It iaeali ulab'e The Bfttnn R. tfe At ?*?* ? Ar?oo*t* f'o? tbe cottoe reglos* ar* d* plorab e Tbe tlorm made t coaiplete *weep of every I a I oa th* | install.** we liarejltar I Mb It* > ? Ma eiun'ed a* blab ft* VMubnrg.aa I bow far Meat we eennot ray. Th* lo** from de*tr..rtin? to onttnn alone mil probably awonnl <o ever one million Ue'laria I on* ob augar cr' p we are noaMe t> wl naln The 'e?* I* Baton Reege, Ine'udlrg oogl hnale, will reach hiHy ore hccdred lb?ntand dollar* At Point (Joepee b i t ..?'*? i f nf( n e-.tti^n waa aaaltered ovvr the ground fir ai*rrt, ea rlrg the ffcrm* to loofc Ilk* at I* a mow gleit ImI WllM NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Canadian at Father Point. 01E DAYS LATER IHTEIUGEICE. MO JEW MUM* MOVEMENT 1.1 ITALY. Warlike Pr* p;> rations on the Coutuiout. Rumors of theAun?xatiou?l the Island of Sardinia to Fraiire. RENEWAL 0F1HE M AS 3 ACRES IN SYRIA STATE OF THE MARKETS, ?tc., ftc., *C Fatusk Point, Oct 2d. 1810 Tbc steamabip Umailan, irom Liverpool I Ha, vu 1/oti dor.derry evening of the 12lh mat., jiaasol Father Point at balf put lis A. If. to day, en route to Quebec Her ad ' vict* are one day later than Uiuso by tbo City of ffaaiilng I ton , ou Chpe Race. Tho steamship Bremen, from New York, arrived a' Southampton on tbu lltb. Tbe ateamih.p Kangaroo, Irom Saw York, arrived at Quecsstown ou the lltb. Tbe English oewM I* wboliy uaiuiportatt. NAPLES. From Naples no ufw movement la reported. (>ar.l>aldt was about to not v?kc tbo electoral collegia of tlie Two Slcili< ? to vote by universal aulfra^e. The Plec'tnoDlctio corps de arro?-a in Naples will arnouut to 20,000. Tbo Viitrie aarf , that Garibaldi has thanked thn aeam in of the Knglish sb'p Renown, who served tho (iarlbaldlan guca on tbc lat. Tbe men wore that day on leave of absence. The Pledmontese troops were e? peeled tw fore Capua on tbe lMh inelan'.. It wa a anticipate) tbat the Neapolitans would evacuate tbe plaoe before their arrival and retire to Uaeta. Tbe Lew pro D1 later of N'aplei, U soon as be was ap pointed , adilrt ?ed a letter to MuzsLdI, complimenting him on bla patriotism, but arklng him to give a proof of It by leaving tbe country, telling him that, even without Intend ire It, bo caused disunion; t' at many nevl Lis name wi h tbu parrlcitlaJ intention of hoisting aiiolilur banner in Italy. There la a probability of a CoogTess ou the al'.rrs of Italy. Tbe Lon ton Daily Newt correspondent of Vap'e?, an Italian, haa been killed; hie anxiety for tbe result of tbe battle of Yaiturno led bim to. far in advacce, and Ue wai at fortunately abet. THR rAPAL STATK4. Affairs in tbc Papal SWtea are uncharge 1. It was reported tbat I amorlciore had telegraphed to J Varit illea to secure psrsage In tbe flwuner for Civ.U Wecbia for b!ns?tlf and throo otllcer* Advices from R >me e/.r firm the statement that '.be FMBcb would occupy Vlttrbo The Pontifical gendarmes precede tbe French by twelve boora The Inhabitant* prepared to rep-itss tbem, b it l ad to yle!d to tbe French. Marquis Deppoli bad prooeeded to Vlterbo, t ) reassure Ue Inbabitanta tbat Victor Fmanu >1 was at llirnerata It su reported that Russia waa about to recall her Ambassador from Turin. It waa reported tbat tbe French army at R?me was to be Increased to 00 0(0 men, and the gmisoo of I.yoiia waa to be put on a ooinptate war footing Tbe statement la confirmed that Spain had propped * Congress of the Catholic Powers at Oaeta. > uneral service* have besn performed In all tbe chnrchcs of Home for Gen. Piuioudar. t'.en. liuyoa v.- as present at the Fienob cti'ireh of 31. Louis. SARDINIA. ' Tbe Sardinian Chamber* wore debating tbelaa-ifan oexatloo, ?o<l ? tow ?u expected to be tak* u on the lllb. Sen. Claldlnl bad received order* to Croat tlin Neapo Htao frontier, aad dectalrt event* were expound ti occ ir nt any moment. FRANCE!. Tbe ParM enrrerpondeat of tbe Lonloa TVni't njn prl rate tn?t worthy aooounta from tbe laland of .Sardinia ?pf-ak of UM commencement of maMBiv re* by aecret agency there In ffcvor of aaaesMlna to France, in the aaine manner and by the aame mcani a* were employed by French cmtaaarlea in isiroy and Nice. The Bourae, oo tbe lOtb, waa very flat, and rente* de liaed to 6Sf Me. AUSTRIA. la Auatrla an extraordinary crndtt b?1 bcca graated tn tba Naval Department for Iba conatru t on d uaval bat terlea to defend tbe ootraaca of tbe porta STRIA. ginot tbe departure of Food Pacha from <rria tbe Mua ?> .maoa had reco amf uoed their maaawr'* and ki l l tweaty Cbr'atlan*. The remaining Cbriat ana w re era I grating to latakla. The Moai'ilmana were furl *i* aganal ibc CLrntiaui, aad bad IhreaWoai tba life of the R.a*t*u Oaa? I Tilt: I.ATKHT HKWB. l<n*tH)H, Or.t 12, 14*0 m giii >t run its ?sd TRit occvfATio* or > mm BT IAIIDIKIA. Tbe J^oadoa A?'i Pari* oorreapondenl telegraph* tba'. ao profit, la a diplomatic aoaaa, baa b<~-n made by Ruaata, A net r la and Proaala, agaiuat tbe entry of tbe *<r dlanln troopa lato Neapolitan territory ran AxoLo-FMKcn nun. Tba I nt'im Tim* raja tba Fieoch government la q>?** Honing tha Cbarber* of Ounmeroe throughout France a? to tbe alvtablent a >f ant rlpatmg the date* Ov 1 by tba treaty tor Um ad mire too of the redoc" I dut w a od rarlona Cla *ea of Brltlah manufaet.rea {toon arc fbr intlntair. Itg tba drlay, bat ther* any a proloagat, >o of the traual- , tloa la toj?.r?ou*, and tb?4 Brltiab m?< blo -r/ aa I t > . i 013 ht to lie admittad at the reduce rat<* forthwith, aad all other art'eiea 00 tba Hat of December, a majirity of the rrpllta wUJ prcbab y bo la fav >r of atitK.pat nc the p? rlod of eocnpleto operatic of tbe tr- aty uiroaTi** Qti> tic* iv onmuKC*. The (neorance of k tara. Goodfcart, ? 7%r rnflt -ra, at I meb'ro**, whrae bclldlag* we?* daatr jod .t. Wadaea day, bad uirf btea paid. Tba extra per:-l of flfloen da; ? allowed to rath ? had, bowevar. aot < \ <iral. IM tbe premlrm be'ng teodetei'. the .itc ??, w tb ibn e?e?p t on 0' tba I.lverpuol aa I Lohdoa, ret >ed It tevnu. Tht I'ar'a (* rretj "t da at f the 'on Tima r?t; ?* thai a n .vcmeriof tbe AnMriaat Med 1 >t la * peraoi.a by turpi M* Arttrlt anna. '"re iHltilf releaaed fraa at ;.ld -gat.osi contracted with tb< Krrnrh Kmperor, ao I hi* good rea?m to kaow that ilaat gorora anl? beat oa < t ' te m ra'irf fcef- ? l>r"?a???l an l ? '<.ha?>ly Wratc^t ?atarWjr li.rlr pUtaa U.r aa utarrect >^ary aoroaaoat to her pr"*iooro Pittr*' o? A i?ivato letter froai Turla an Luna ;ea that a ? >r*a ar ?nai 'Mtt baa b?*a orier* ' ?y tke P!eda>oot'?e g-> .e?ti m(i.t,aad th? la) bofore th< ^ardlatat. vf n v f? depar tan from l*arta a Mpply nf r,ny thouaan 1 n xkota and pWMM ndlllna |*ron*aloB cap* ?t? grant- I by tlio Fraorli govern n:'nt to ita ally itait A*t? H*iv< n| * vvtx arm*. Tbe l.eaduB In a nader, aaya free Fnrope la tired of bnylog liberty of Napo noa poond bypo' n i.aad if the abaolata Foropo of ?Taraa? ateana anjlh ?g. It ?* rathrr tired af ireirg him aell It Kapoleoa ill l< maater I of tba d??t in lea of Italy, aad are an art prari-al h ? f ** eroahlng ber uaity, or froat oedlng bar to any hiiy alliance, if ht ihould aae It. but If Wt read Ui" air"* o' tbe tlm<a ar ght what be dnea ben ;efor ward npiat T>e d' te yrai .a. THII FAMI OF nttvc*. Pima, Oet 13, 1>M0 T*e rat a JMitfeev pab'iafset tho monthly reaurna ol tbe tlaak of Fraact, wl KJi abowe. aa oon?r?ro1 with fteptembar, aa lecreaee la bin* die?o a ted aot jet do* of tw? atj algbt aad three quarter m-llinaa, aa adeaana of two and oae UiirHratb million fraaea a banb bote* a decreaae c eaab na bard af alaaty 'ae mill oa Iraaca, la I treasury bulai.ce of fcuruen foir flflha mlUlaoa, aad .? current accounts of twcutyUirre om naif million franca. SARMNJA AND NAPLK9. The l'?r ia Vcnttituiwtinrl contains au article ilgiietl uy M Bontt'uro. He raj* it does uoi belong to any foreign State, oo uure tJ Sardinia Uiau Austria, u intervene la Nnp.'ia AOil Sicily. Belwetu tb? invahions o( (itrtbuldi and of Hard'nla there la * great difference. Uar1h*141 came to raiae ai d duect revolut. >n id th? Interior. With bis bands be would oniy coinmuuicaU) to ibcro a proper spirit lu their struggle ?g*ir.?t an 'in;>opii ur given) mint. SiriiiLiar. Invasion cojS'UuUb adlr ct intervention of one ri* marly coLfllluttd Suit in the affairs of another Indepenhnt Slate. SWaipe to e*y, Par iliaitu inv^alon took place wlllout try declamt'on of war ? thu represen tative of the Kir g ol Naples still being at rui ln. Hy the entrnrre of the Pledmoctore troops Into the it >man .-'tatea Far din la baa violated the principles of neutrality. Count Cavour cave It to be understood that the entry of tho * Sardinian troops Into the KUtrs of the Ohurch was princi pally di/cctcd nalt st Uiu lull ;ou? Of Uarilaldi. Now, ou tbe contrary , It baa become evident that they go to aid lilm a. Bmlface deplores the conduct of tin Sardi nians. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL NEVTS. LONDON MONKY MtllKKr. Contois were quoted at noon ou the litb at OSJj a 93 for money. Tho funds exhibit 1 incrcaa?d heavlnves under tho drain of gold for France, but tha fall in consols on tha loih dl.i not exited one eighth The demand for money waa and tbe mark, tighter, and f?w nllla were dlicoui t' <1 b low four per < < nt The jireatare ? as, how ever, tef ar Yd ng nn rely li n>p< rary Tin lain-- withdrawals of g >I<1 Iium the bank for fhip n-?.nt to the 'ont r< t.l <?< . . lu ni>a. I.IVFKPOOL COTTON M AKKF.t*. The brokers' circular r? p- rt? tbe (aloe of the week at P2 000 t'ii>?, of whicd 20 400 were taken by speculators, and 18 tfO by espiwters Tbe nsrket wan active, and prlcta of useful dctrrlptiors n f An were jmrtltlly gbth of a pent> hi?ber The tales ol the lain aincui tc 10 (CO Lai. s, of which t 000 ..ere t? speco lutnig stid e i porters, the n,*-ket closltg firm at the fol )< w'i * authorized quotations. ? fbir. MuhOtng. ? Or!|U( TJtf 0>a Mobile ''i ? '* I'plarit* T'? The i leek In poit Is fftimiled ai 737.000 bales, of a! n li 818 ECO are Amercau LIVERPOOL BHKAD-TTI'fS M AKKET. Flour ta? a tteclin'rg t> -i..\. Wnoat wuda down ward, and pri < a ta 'Ad a <id. lower glnce Tuerday. Corn i|Viivt, but oi. u y l.tVUtrOOL FHOVIPION MARKFT. The irovlflon murget la di uel c<n"rall. urchanjed. Tbe tallow markut la nuit. lie I and ticited. North American jIs. a &6?. I.ONTMtN MAWKETK. Tbe laitow iraik?t i? ursett'ed and esottetl tales at (08 a >?a. rid. Lnber ariiclva unchanged. Ohlmsir. I'KATIl OK C A IT A IN WLAS HOLMK3. Thfdfinh of Ihkt well knoirn citizen and jpeatly re spooled "fD of Ibe S"a" took place yesterday morning' ?tEutCri <iwlch, Rhode itltuJ, at which place the do cemd bad sjieul Ibo principal part, if not the whole, of Ian summer in Ibe company ol bli friend* there reei Hog. He lad been for tunic length of time In re/y fcchlo health, aul hi* death bad hero dally expeoted by bis f.-lecdr, ai he aac far adnmced la life, beinj; ia tbe 78th year of bi* age. t 'a .urn SI aa Holme* tu one of the leading chipping mcicbants of tbla city for many year* He flrtt com menced bli maritime career "before the must," and durirg tbat period ol bit life, when he aerved an a "com men inmas," he not only gained credit for hia iodLitry and enugy of character, bat also for hia Integrity, aa may be jedged from the following little anecdolo re lated by cue of hia oldest acqnaintani cs ? Ua one occam li , when tbe teamen of the watl to Le bclcrged were being paid oO, the old . Quaker gentleman who owned the vcseel (aad who wis alwaja r mailable for hie aoiitcuesa in scrutinizing tbe accounts of tbe man who worked It. In looiiuwecs making out the ecu unu himaelf), teeing uic rtt ease*) among the pwrlitau. be paid, said to him, "fi a* , U < e cabSt mako out thy inn a- omul," aid paid him acccrdibg h> It; which ?' lion, on thu part of the old gan 1 1 man, wu oou*ideted the greatest mark of confidence ever ?hown Io any in hi* service In 1818 the dcceaaol, who had worked hl? way op by hia illimitable < btit y and peiseveriuictf, wm appointed U> the lommand of the ship HeauttftLoe, which was one o! the *? a plying between i.iia city and t.iverpooi. Tina vt>M:l, taring one of th" vuyagee, unf.irtinaU ly sprat g a leak and autik at H'?; but aa II waa kadou wita t aval lion h there ?n no jeopardy of life during tbe n..i fortune, in the year li'iO t cunpony with Juhn A liasaeli, boilt the 1'hirbe Ann, a brig, which tie com n aiiiltd. Ibis brig may be (aid i? tiate lie?n the I'luueri of all (tic pei-Sfl> m twoeu this City and New Oi lmis Tl. .i vtesil be ?ax captain of lor Uiioe lean, and when he gave i.p the oommand it luty be raid, without nag (vrtl'on, tbat be was 00 Bi I' i teij urivtn f ? i in ibe *ea. ai.u made to lite on suire oy ibe under writers an i marine ir* i ranee tfhre* in W* ' utreet W hen ply ng between thl* Mty and N. w l). cans it IS mid that, in tbe ec'-gilic desiro of making quirt laissges, be was far tjo jraloue, and ran tbe *??.<? aground more than once. Whin called npoa by tb'? "< ll'.ccs" to ma* e an <x plana. .on. be Is ?aid to hue re plltd to their Iblerrcgttutlea In turaewbal of the foll.w iLg strain ?"By Ibis accident I bare learned aoth'rg moie ttan I kLtw before, lau |Tevu>.wiy aware tbat ? t ary lime I ro ?cUt run aground, very likely a or noir the spot w here J did, aiid 1 ai?o ki.oe tbat 1 am re y likely to do exactly the xan e thing lu or next ?oyag'- ' Tb'? ?< t ?ome what of ? perJuJlce against bin aHaet, wb^h rt rolled In bis Im Ing r< ir.pel'-d to retire from ire lei, and wh en. Nfee n.u.y other a:nar>nt mialorUtes. was tbe vrrj thiuK that helped to n.ake bis fortune. In llid Le tin a.' r.ced the new line to New Orloaa*, and pur rhate-d the sbl? (rawfod aad others, la this I no he waa very suec' nsful up to Ute time when be sold out tbe business to tbe preoeti osaert, W. N'tlSoe \ Co , which waa m tbe yetf 1140. lnlM7,at lt<' litre of ibe <"rnm rclal was r< ni|4- uu by hi* ft icectH n with sotn'j oui? <le i .altera to !<.?(.? bJi ti.k> muil, abd tetnpr .ailsed with his creditors for Dli) cesils :n the dolitr. lie, bosever, tuberqitently (?Id up tbe abolc himdri a it ? Said that a< nso of bus ib* n fitetids UMo him be n. .(ht htvs eaaily a me on with bts bu? b<es without iu?i" ..?. n, but be .|?-ni?l ?lber ?.m. and rather than risk the rl.auoc of an ti.i t tail ore at,d k jrealer Ixs to bit credilo S b? I ? Ld?d. He a'ao wai coLbncte I lb the etu ililp of ihe fl ?t sue cer-fbl ier?.W lifting do. '? In tU K city, will, /i dock, at It i gb I rraiyjeaisar lie if Ban/ dfl. allies, ildl I ilimaiely ?u a nr. ?ia of real xleg great prei.1t*. II furtkei waa ol* of the dutctorsuf tbe fwinware and ll< dirt) renal Company, and tt N owing 1 1 a graat m a sure to b'.s Indefat'tabl* ee. rgr mat it>" so s. .: cettftil. II* not oeiy mad* moi ? y himself la this eoe ri in, ) -l be was fie m>sn< "I preveatlag mas; fro i p. I ii f obt whm tbe six a was eery low. wb<> wot. 4 ? theiwis* bare done ??, to their future regret, at . a*t ifcej d" n t now tail ro'ry at hairrg retained lb- r rba-ee For aiary years he La! Mtirtid nto r?"n(.!ete'y ixivatr life, anil but IllCc LSki. nu of bun during tbat i<eriod i.ulsl.ia o' hit own lenity 1 1c deceased was for maay i .-ars a prowlneat member of the 1 <*M Brick Iberi b" in Ihekiaaii street, and waa ?o when tbat ediOee was isken di.wn but wb'i< the rnennrai ii f tbat coagrefla IIpb |o JUrra) Hill and tlie ereotbin of the new buildiif there to. ? p ace, be tranrfirrel bis rburi b re;a" in In |ir. Krliiry's. He resided far ?me leegtb of lime at Bon i sin et, |(. wm h b .se bit I. ?1? wMI be rraMted to day, a d fn m ?u- tee b a I i.erai will take | 'a r oo Mon daj ? i <t, at half past three I' M I he Ce.< as<4 is said <o bave oicd a. nil at loaat if net o\ ? r ft quart* r of a mi llO* <4 ioil*r? |{? waa eoasiuered u, be > bla bueteeaa relal msbin oc lue a man of strict probity, and In b a meral relate r? as eatimable aa onuld be desired bf the (n ?tatr v< r t I'm .taa, aa a ?b ter b< was CLei|i.a.iid, aud * ?m ma.ii reap* '.ted by l?i. h I a*aeee< r* aa '? n .*a Aa he mi aiaa of inte ilect and ? lucai. <>, h' r ?. a <.ren.< 1 l>y bis pvMet gera (who weee tries tl y |i nbersef G.igf'ss : ti" drat iwai.f fbatme) s< an 1. 1 ? Itl every way. .n 1 as be waa very ai'a'rie a?d please t it b;i hianm / ? ' ? ? i th- r ele aa well aa Uiel/ reelect I'uring the /, agH *|li .., a I. err , d w.aa, I. ? Liver bad aut oti .I'i'M.but Lt i.i phe aa ai. I bieuil were r..Biider. d by b m at s ieh Am mg th< ia Ml e n'er.f the an*t rrijv rutt o' our pretest mwn tiants. an I lie isla wt II ki?.wr Wtlliim !'??? I , of Mew o. who p r >be : frrmthe ntact id tbeehoiera io wm ' i? i f b* r*|.b. wa. Tue d. -aae | waa a aian ??' atr^ng ? ..I a. : delertiM all m, v>d wfeen he aiicc s. t h s mlad en any em.rre of aet'ej tie wm i. I to v- irigtie. ed from it.BntwotM be Biaeb fr??m at.|?raat diti, -nltiea ,a the *a) At 1 1" t i re, wl en an tn" teeate e'aee Io he nee of ti bariu I. Ih In ?m a1' g arid i i.ewltt, he ma ? ai> t a tT 'r i to abandi b II at.i t> l a ! tbe | r .as i ? ol h.a f r ? i '* or tlilr siaiim-r.ts of cell resulta of h / suii len leaeltg N >H chilli make hlat refntla friti lauaediaie'y d< r g ' i 11 re are arTaeal *eee4ot4aenr?vai ab nl ib? it rlibtts of ba atror.g wilt, am ag wbtcii is me fat tb?l, lii Mta^Mrs of nto i4 Ibe nur i bar t? ?U had been In lb. f.aill of a i.. g"?>da by hs vtaatla, ??>.'g > ?? usually "he wo . d not a. r I iry brge? be b!ai" w? **<l ao did hat laae t 'see. be one . iy lor. r ai . h 1a by revising Io carry the 1 de n alt ? S?t ng f? tb? ? e-? ban' . when lie lBi|..lre4 Ibe real' s id b s se Hela#. that as he ba< ?i >fl?i said be "would not str d by biai ' he wo-ld kaeebimat hia word, st ' b ?' ii'd n t ?" ,"d ? bn? e iiv I b. i r' b' ' lb rfr "a led by b .s m>et lalima e r, ir 1 i -in l i>e nAri log -f the a-.'di abject ap. log* httbe'rfl I dir.- r, ? rebait. to a ?iw the g '>de to beaonl ? ?i!W ?b w?? we.! kti' wn by the ah p >.t,g an I . her r. ? ? bs H si l hia ''aat^ it maeh reg" lied by r ifBrrrniFtMni Ow<nr TnUMMWairt Utnir ?> Aboi f or . O'clock Ibht mner 'tig tbe harna helorgtag lo Mr .'mi I* *ey, la the ?imth??st part of the town of OgdtB arre d?e' 'ottd by flta. The hnildlaga were of tr< fm. d met rloni ?(ha waa M by T6 fret, another 29 bt 40 and a shed 21 by 44) The large barn mn alaed ?? 100 busb- '* of grata aad h 'arre rjnantity af hey, Ae. Ti e I'thtr halld'igi were llH wttb Itve et?ok. The i at tie wre raved, bt.t artbirg eiee Tbe Iweiliag bi ii sg of Mr Ik wef , ntuBU i r.rir a 'ew rods frnai the l.aii ?. w?s In 'ma-ment I'l, but was aavril ay the iltm. n> M'tl'iul of the lemstra an f ae ibbor*. Tbe but 1 1 .1 hi i V i ga aere In good eef*a*r. sad one i?f lh*a? the la g* - w?a b .t reeci fly i*'<i,lr'i' f' ti"ee? w lets a 'it l.'i 000 leaai-ei' 'or IS POO but ft p'rt'oa ol that mm wae. ii aome pioi'n. 'kst ??? rsene. 1 T?,e lira aas ? slaly lb. ? rfk o sn Ii o-n nisey , snd we ht?e tbesa'i i r- n if si t> eb s: that lb* will wbo ar> ? lib' match II aow lu i ?' <iy Hi- aaaae m m>, belt. fed was ?r.'?te.t " Re? .. <r w!tb?h fa., til'.- a sler be ?et tt* nrt ? i*i?t- ?> '"nv*