Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1860 Page 5
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Oar FkUMtlyhU Carraspoadanea. rmi.ADlI fUlA, Oct. 16, lfCO. JbwarsiAin Pat ty oj ti*e VUUcuU-lphU i Board (if trtuM ? A Jjusuten* and PUmture Trip oj Thrtu Th&aaud MiU:? -Pennsylvania PoHtic?~ Gene ral Cameron and f he P<u-ifie Railroad? Th* Ifcndnatlon of Lincoln - !t<<w it 'ra.i Dow 4/retley Deprived of the How? The Di*gr<W ful Fraud in the Pint Oongre??ional District. <kc. #The passenger depot of the Pennsylvania llail toad. at Eleventh and Market street^ was to day fee scene of aa unusual excitemeut, due to the de parture of " the excursion party of the Philadel phia Boaid ol Trade," in the " fast line,1' which leaver at 11 50 A. M., on the arrival^ the first train from New York. For the excursionist* two car* were provided, one of which contained ie ,af> ?l>e of the party. Those tw# cars stood outeidc of feedepo', in the centre of Market street, where fee business partners and social friends of tfaoae entered for the grand trip were present In Mble numbers, sprinkled with a lew curious stran gers all intent upon the spectacle of a deputation ?f a Boar 1 of Trade at tide water starting out on a visit to the cities on the Lakes, tho Missouri . the Mississippi and the Ohio, making a round trip of feree thousand miles. Truly this is a magnificent aouutry, with ligaments of iron drawn across tho Mate, into which it is subdivided, uniting in one sampact commercial brotherhood the cities of tho ?eaboard and th?- growing marU far inland, begot fesg intercon'so between distant points under A system of tree trade a song sister common wealths happy and p-osperoufl in the bonds ?f a Union which has made a new nation in a new world. One cannot even write of the West -the broad, long, gorgeous and glorious West? without ? glow of exultant rccollcction, mingled with en feasiasm and expectation, for In the lap of the Mis sissippi valley, where plenty dwells and where em pire is building her court, in tho midst of popu lous States wedded to tho constitution which ctakes all Uio Slates one compact, tho Union men ?t the seaports must seek allies, If ever the hour | ?f extremity come, which is so often predicted as a tiling ia the near future. It is well, therefoio, for 1 tommercial men in the East to foster a kindly as- j ?ociation with the commercial men in the West. The excursion party was gotten up un ler the auspices of the Executive Council of the Board of ] Trade, which created the subjoined committee, aad invested it with power in the premises. This sommittce consisted of Samuel B. Stokes, cominis- j ?ion dry goods; Robt. 8. Reed, of Reed & Pay, grocers; Richard Wood, of Wood, Marsh k Hay ward; foomas 8. Fernon. editor JiaUroadaiui Mininn RegitUr; Edward C. Biddle (chairman), ot B C. A J. Uiddle, publishers. The programme, which is printed, and whictfwas arranged by H. U. Honston. general freight agent of the Pennsyl vania Railroad , in conjunction with the committee, stipulates that the party will leave Pittsburi? Wed nesday, October 17; Cleveland, Thursday P. M., Octobcr is; Chicago, Monday, October 2?: tJ'iin ey. Tuesday A. M., October h Bt.Joseph l-nday A. M., October 2*1; 6t. Ix>uia, Tuesday A. M., Octo ber 30; Cincinnati, Friday A. ?!., Nov. i, and reach Philadelphia Saturday night, November o. The party comprises about forty persons, pi:ked ?at from the leading importing, commission and. lobbing houses, the principal manufacturing Urms, and a very few of the professions. They coropo-e a body or men representing a large aggregate of individuality of wealth, intelligence, enterprise and ?ommerciaf success. The Chairman of the Commit tee on Preparation, Edward C. Biddlo -a "I nila delphla Biddle"? is President of the Westmoreland Coal Company, and, moreover, he is a most excel lent, exemplary, broad minded gentleman, who , will' have things comfortalil'- for his Commercial ?arty on their travels. The action ot the Democratic State Centra, Com mittec at Reading, on Friday last, when the com- ? STomise action agreed upon at Philadelphia on tho d 01 July, and amended at Cresson, August - was rescinded, and the original action of the State Convention, held at Beading, March I. fallen back etiou, whereby the electoral ticket made by tna Convention Is to be voted for without condition*, want be construed to moan the abandonment ot hope to dcleut Lincoln in November, and the pre aervation of the regular party organization. r To the republicans, the election on the nth in-t., ?u'side of the large delegation ot UnuoluiU>s sent ; to Concre!?fl, wt* "too much of ? good thing, r >r ? Hie mn-t difficult thing to keep in a vertical line upon lU party basis is a big political majority. lA sooth, a political ?: -ndiUon that verg-w to wards unanimity is always to be shunned and feared, for party lii-tory demons! rates that small j majorities work closer to the line and keep *m?r to the profetsed principles of organlritlon. Already the little captains and licnfenantB in the Moplss' and the republican parti' *, who wire ?odil fusionists on Tuesday. the '*h inst., are be^ ?Inning to talk about a United States henator to ?n. oeed Higler; ?l*o as to who is to go lnt.> Lin aolu's cabinet from Pennsylvania , who is to hi Port CoHeetor. Postmaster. Ac. Ac. It is gne?r??U that tlen. Cauieroo would t>c cou trut with the War D.'piutaient, and fee distrUmtion ?! such additional patronsge as the bulling of one. two or three Paciti: IlallrcaiU would givebim in feat situation. It w*? supposed that ?. en. Cameron favored the nominst.on of ward, next to him aeif under some such reservation as this; but tno truth is as a delegate to Chi. ago told the wnver ?;en Cameron '?uld not coutr-d the Pennsylvania delegation at Chicago, v< ry few of whom were s n cerely lor him. Aad wh.u. alter repealed tou.t consultation between fee delegations from I <v.n aylvania, Indiana and New Jer-ey, it wa- d'- tdefl that those Mates which voted loi Buchanan in I could not carried with Wm. 11. Seward as tiie republican nominee, the next st<-p ot sup ?ort of Lincoln was easily made, mde Bendent of Oen. Cameron's Y our neighbor ?f the white tile and short pants, who. at ? h'-atfo. voted on a certificate ft Oregon, very W B*?ed himself of the credit and the eclat >t de i rr sc^ard iu HepaWicin Comiiitlol, when, in w.t? th" ioint and cjn.Mirrent action of the delegation from Pennsylvania, ludi aua and New Jersey which did the baslaess. course Oregon ws? a?>oot part of the Huie w ith Kcward la large letters pHnted to lus coat, h it tho nen who did the thiag that gave Ss?*ard the .I'.mtus , wre in the delegations named. The perp? trau.d i?y the retu? J"'U cs of th<> first Congressional distiict, ol wt.i n moms . . P.irksr was I'l.-shlent , in giving tlits oertittoute oJ ( ?Iretlon to J. M. B itler nnon a for*^ pap^r. pre ?ented by one Byeily, piodu es mu i fr. ling. The audacity of tills fraud Is ustouii , t iiir. for the means of exjio^lng ii were at me Mino ,,n tile in the Prwthooatory s oBfce, wliers fee iruo returns had been dep >s.ted a. >ru fee to law on the day succeeding the ete th>n, wet, d??pite the rondnsive evidence known to erIM, Mr. Ttu'ler elnfhed a certiilcaU^ to whi- h h ?*? ?ot entitled; and that night Mr Builer wa. sere sadrd at his ho.iso. Messrs. Wm. B. rhoiuts a'.d >. lar.ian KtoUe making eaulting speeches to these rensder*, snd ih^rabv lending ^e^Un st, cover ?vpr ? trtMictioii toJrli U aa i?*ack a^t.i \ Aftl sti whom they worship. Wm. K. Maaa. Dis trict Attorney, himself a l.lneolnite. dei.'.un <H the frand in indignant terms, and avowiM las dct- rm>- i asuon to pursue the forger who kUria' b >ris reu.rn. Frsnds at the polh are doub'le-s of X"^?it occurrence. s? the many el. . Ions ,,re ami tested serf# to demonstrate. In hag la d and in the United H tales. B?i? a forged re' trn, an. h as M-?rrts H. Parker. Prosideut ol fee B- turn Jndg s.rt ? ived from W HHam ^ from the Fourth ward, Is an isolat. J a t of vuany whi- h ntto'ih] consign the actors and ab< Mors nil to . fee penitentiary. Hi ('??nmlsaloweva of Kmlfrailos. to lilt KDItolt OF 'Ml? IIK?*LO. k reply to s oornmanieatioB, st?ned M?IV>0sl l ? " ? aboff. at-sU of lbs Pesnsylraat* Fa'irosd, wb'.ch j yasrad ia yonr paper of this B*>raiag, denjinf the nor lacUxss of lbs report of ibe pr.?ee4lpgs of ibe C.ssssla rs of Kia^ratloB Is Tffir Isaie of rbarsrtsy, ?be SVh tas. , rvlstivn ti * (rirplalut and alflsvtt msd' fir sn ?aatg rant atasl rteta acairst oae Noidnaoa. an a aao v t*i??d *grat M Mi l Orai. 1 wteh m a uy feat las report waa a oerr?:t <>o?, e?o?|i". is nae un'.mpoetant pankiiar. i aad tbe ewniannieatHwi Mel' tt B , an far as rslbrs lo j ia. I regret in say, aa otfr prrverstaa af my ooa | varsaiK* wilt* Mr. MoUoaald, au l la Uioorrect I as -loea > vou b-rewfe a mpy of the alMavlt of W?la, la oonasn (..? ? 'b abwh, snd enace*aleg ibe menvary of lbs mnrfT. I wocl.l auie ibal ll waa only after I bad .af ste ed Mr Nordbaoa I wia.14 ha\?. bias amatod tba*. the ???o,. tba moanr crlleolad by him Own lbs aralfraat ?as refnadsl. BfRfaBD errr*tary aa t ?eaeya) Sfsal la Oowadaehaeea >f Kail HI a.ost. w.wea. ?ma Taishll|M Prseawlea. r?> ; hm amrwa ok rwa bmrald. BP,.r, ..ban ft w*ld be desirable la omit tba f.rtag^ ar oaraoa a iba lae of a la lis pasaa?a aunt, sieasier Osrutg WadaiaSay slgbt. a* fee |NM ?aiM n,?Maa -a waa so'.eg ap flMbleiT, taraaf fee aa? ? iK wb^b there mast ? e prrww.?e- ? ere d l??affsd Is *WmI v yg; aad ibe -raer..-W"e-tr?t?lw?. la-ge igbts ^,g?aj?U??s fee w w-B+m * * ",wi FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Fmday, Oct. 26?6 P. M. The money market exhibit* no change. Long pat er, perhsps, jroes a hhado less easily than it did a few dsys since , but on call money is easier tbi-n ever. Several of the banks were sending rennd in tho street to-day, offering money at six per cent. Short first class paper, too, goes very rvudily at the same figure. The amount ot' money lii the banks socking employment is quite lar^o, and w ill increase if political disiurbancea should lead to a contraction iu business. The foreign exchange market ia so dull and the bankers are belling so little that it is hard to give an accurate statement of quotations. We presume , however, that the beat bankers' bills on London can be bought at from 1034 * 103J , and bills on 1'aris at 8.17J a 18 j. The Sonth continue to keep their friends hero well supplied with cotton bills, which go at 107 a i; some good produce bills are also offered at 107J a J. We hear of nothing going in to-morrow's steamers but the threo hundred thousand in gold mentioned in this miming'* Hihald. The panic in the stock market continues, and tho prices touched to-day were the lowest of the sea son. There Wcro at the morning board, and again hi the middle of the day} outude orders from par ties who are availing themselves of this decline to buy, bnt as soon n- tlie?e wero filled the market re lapsed into the control of the bear*. Iu some stocks, as. for instance, in HudsonfRiver, the scarci ty of stock is causing the bears some difficulty in making their deliveries; but, as a general rule, a sufficient number of weak contract* havo been can celled by the fall, and a sufficient nnuibcr oi' real holders frightened , to supply the market with stocks enough for the business of the day. Thus far no failures of donseqnence have been reported -a striking circumstance when the extent and sudden ness ol the fall are remembered. In the middle of the day today a demand arose for New York Cen tral and one or two oiher stocks, wldch caused a sudden reaction of 1 a U per cent in tho prije, but at the afternoon board the reaction was quickly lost, and everything fell off. Comparing the closing prices of the day with those of yesterday evening, we note a decline of I4 in Virginias, ; in Missouri*, 2J in Central, 3 In Esio, 1 in Hudson ltiver, 24 in Reading, 2 in liarlem, 24 in Michigan Central, -1 J in guaranteed, 1 in Panama, 3j in Illinois Central, :ij in CJulena, 24 in Toledo, and 1 in Rock Island. We do not remember any day for years which has witnessed so general and 10 tre mendous a (all as this. No day in the great panic of 1857 was so sweeping in its destructive effects. At the close of business the following were the quotations Missouri C's, 75J a 4; Canton, 16 j a 17$; Cumberland Coal preferred, 104 a 11; Pacific Mail, 91$ a j; New York Central, 80 J a j; Erie, 284 a 2 'J; Hudson Ri\cr, 56| a iS; Harlem, 15J a 16; do. pre ferred, 39 j a 10; Beading, 41 j a 42; Michigan Central , 004 a J: Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 1J> i a ; ; guaranteed, 354 a 36 ; Panama, 120 a 121; Illinois Central, 71 a 4; Galena and Chicago, 08 a J; Cleveland and Toledo, 32J a i; Chicago and Bock Island, 60} a j. The prospect of trouble in the Southern States on the occasion of Lincoln's election Is naturally attracting attention to the condition of the ban4iing interests in tlio?e States. In the event of any overt attempt at disunion the banks in the (iulf States would probubly find it ne?es#ary to suspend spe cie payments. Such a state of alarm would prevail as w ould probably cause a run upon them by their depo-itors, and, at the same time, the cotton move ment wonld receive such a cheek as vi'ild pro bably cause specie to flow Northward. It thus be comes interesting to inqufte into the number and condition of these banks. The following tsble is taken from the last published statements : .Vo rf ??' i>4. buni* CajHtal Loam. Snclti ? *r<c us. .0 *14 Wi 0s-.> 27 H01 H- 'J '.21 121 Genjia 29 lo tiHo o?u 16 778 V>i 3,211 974 Florid* 2 300, COO 4ft4 ?30 32 S76 Alabama s 4 V0l ooo 13 670 827 3,747,174 Mlssiaairp 2 1110*00 093 310 691 Lou a. una 13 34,4V6,866 34 401 609 12 116,491 What are called the Southern States proper, ex clusive of the Southwestern States, are stated in the report of the Treasury Department to contain 146 banks, with an airirregate capital of $54 ,">83,256; loans amounting to $82,231,9x8; specie amounting to 110,130. ilo, anl notes in circulation to the amount of $3.>,8*;3,t>18. It is very ea?y to perceive what an cflect a panic would have upon these barks an 1 how quickly they would go down be fore th>> first of the thunderstorm. Wb#?n we try to analjze tlie exact effect which thi -< catastrophe would exercise upon the banking institutions of the North, carc must be taken to remember that tanks, unlike other financial concerns, ret-t wholly upon a ba*is of confidence, and that a panic w ill be quite as fatal to a bank as a substantial loss. If confidence could have cen established in l-*>7, our banks need n>'fer have sui-ponded: if confidence is de-trojed thi- winter, it will not save onr 1 inks to know that they do not share the actual louses of the Southern bank*. It is clear, however, that bank failure- in the South would involve actual losses in the North. We have no means of knowing what the actual indebtedness of the South to the North may beat any particular time; the state of the exchanges ? Lows, however, that there Ls always a balance due this section. We presume that it is safe to aesurne that the North sells to the South Iwenty million dollars worth of goods every ' month, at the very least - paying for these goods in cotton, tobacco, sugar, rice, Ac. And a? the South buys on long credit, and sells for cash, K is j path a pa safe to say that at any parti' niar moment there mu-t be somewhere in the North from |W) ,000.000 to >75 SsVO ,000 of Southern obligations. This debt wonld not be paid if the Southern hanks suspended. Cotton would not come forward for ! want of banking facilities, and the lots would ulti mately fall, as it always does in such cases, upon our Northern banking corporations. Thi" is only one point of view In which the subj ect may be considered. The bu?ines? ?f the Sab Treasury to day was as follows s? Rae*t(ts noi,s#o *o ? F< r c us tenia * ? 76 000 Oo 460 4o2 M 4 763 *06 6J The ex' h?ngr? at the Rank Cleiring House this morning were $2<j 2:,',. 6k, ai.d the batsoces 1 .340,1*20 11 The New York <>as Light Company hns deelsr- i td a dividend of five per cent on tlie capital stork, i and an extra dividend of |s per share, pay* file 1 November 1. The Panama road earned in \ugnst snd Sep tca>bsr, W36 A>8 67 sen-art sad f*pW?t>?r, 18">9 3JS <136 OS Ptersase ?I61 MO 3i j In October, K'.O, the road earn<d #106,279. Tlie estimated eunings of the fli! .ago aud Rock Island Railroad for the third week In October, 18?0, mrrr. 14S 71 tiI wtfk lo cototxr, Isi# 3*, 7(6 ; '.at ???.,. ?? >"535 ! The Cleveland and Toledo road give- a gain of I j ,ooo the third week of October. Th<> Illinois Central shares have de<iinel four teen per ccnt this month. The buslnc** of the > company thus far for October compares as fol. J lows with the whole month of October. 1*30: ? j Mri ef aird la < >cU<fc< r, 1W $14 SS7 CO To tk l? data ts s ra<wtA aa7^S0 SO loersase of (232 -in 00 Gtsb ealtsMtoM tor laaAs. la Ortober, is;* .. 9SS.674 >6 Cash oolleueA 4Aks 121, -(10 09 Imnsas ot esse ?M"? 7* For the Hral three weeks lie uafll' has been ?3J7.W2 ?1, against to a gain of 167,670 83. * The following Are fee figuros in brief:? feltsar lM.d_ ??7 30) 00 cart mil**** Me vm?s in sni oo Traffl^-tAree wssfcs 327,062 41 Tlie money irticlt of tbi Cincinnati Conw wciol of Wednesday says:? Since tbe date of our last ?*?lir?W "J**6*1 ?? tera bwve taken oo new direction. Abetit U?o as*?" amount of dleecuBt'.ng la 1"ne daily at tbo banka, aadji healthy oomlortabla con lliion m tlnaocial maitera to pro atrveo. No change ta rale* of disoount can be repoetco, and currency ta in fair supply at lb* dHuooat boawa Our ftaanolal relations witn Uw interior ?biw a rathor m?re active use of enrrenoy by baaka and banker* u?a - 0*1 oU by Tar) small balancca to thotr credit J**"' A material variation to observed as to the character ' of we currency float amoogst u*. "*???? ? been a reduction la the volume of New Orleana tunda. Tho notee of the bank# ?f ?"?? Indiana and keutneky are distributed In ab?* tbc usual proi-oriiuu? toe lalier rr.tber the larper in bulk. Uacurrent Wrtwnfundado net comprise so large a part ol reoelpta from the interior an they did during the mom aotlvo seaaon of the If gooda trade, and .Sob a. do -ak.^tr.DP-r^ara taken very ^aickly by Weateni produce and ?k^?Pe? lor*. The current of buaineea keepa money clone in lh a other W.slern cities, but as eooo ,r~^fy ihe ?l?w 5 movements of the Northwest are ohoiked by the close <* lake navigation. it to probable IMt a large proport^ef the ?nii? encaged la that business wUI &e diverted into cbaS.CtKu will be .ore g^rraiy dlatrlbut^t ? the twoele and bo made to perform aervloe aaore aatto fiuctoryto the mercbat ta. Tho money paid out torpor* la in this rtslou of couutry, the article which tells the uie for the ma"y little country debta contracted daring the previous six months or year, and ri^ily makoa tbo principal reliance of merchant* in their ooltoettOM. The St. L.ouia DtinwaL says:? The week opens without more activity la financial cir ciea than laat reported. The demand* for eachango keep follv uo to all the supply that can bo bad. The baytog and selling rate* are th.' aaina wltt those ball tlooa that aril at % premium brfwr J*? a aaajornj arrt arm at 1 Der cent premium, both oa tie fcaat ana ino HoVthVaad the* cannot wpply all the d m ana there la noon them at thto rate. Few aro drawing on New Or iff- it all, and most that do charge 1 per oont premium. Tbc Toronto G lobe states tlwt tho Sheriff of Waterloo, on Friday laat, took possession of some cars, wood and other property belonging to the railroad at Berlin, at the suit ol" Mr. R*wt, who holds a judgment against tho company for dam ages, and presumes that similar seizures will soon take placc along the line. The Leafa-, tie Toron to organ of the provincial gorernmeit, says:? It tiaa been a thousand times repeated that the question of living additional pecuniary aasietanoo to this company, in it* extremity, has been cousidercd by the tg>vernment and that a conclualoo, which ta variously suted, haa been oome to It may bo aa well to say, for me information of the public, that the statement to wholly dovoid Tfit journal announces tiiat certain American are on tho point of Bailing thopori lonofthclUe t^tween Portland and the provH.ce frontier. andexnetVng their own terms Tor freigUt, another asavurea the public, with c-eat gravity, that the government has rtaolvcd to take the line tnto it* own bands by soma nnexplatned prooeaa, and carry It on * a provincial work; a third has made the dlscovrry th? thrre la to be an additional subsidy of ten mllltoca of dollatp, at least; a fourth, notto beout dono by bl- competitora in the art of lnventiot? impor ant Intelligence, a**<ire* a certain number of reader* thiti. Mf. K08S UHlFif OD tbe OOBKtrilOtlOU Of ft 8C90DQ bri '?e acroea >he i"t. I*wrenoe, near yaebec, and the ml tin oat ion of tUe road to the New Bruwwickfrootler, a* a mean* of g-itli g orer the preaent Bnanclal Theac are only a lew of the absurd atorieg to wb.i-h the imblis ia daily treated aa ui doubted veritioa Kvery ouo of th?m to tonally false; and th?y only altlbr from one another la degroei of abaurdHy. If the Am rriemn credl tors seized tho Portlaiid aecttoo-lf \ wera poaalbto for them to do po? lh?f wool d probably find that tbey ha got aa unprofitable bargain. As to the government work lag the road, we see no probability of the opportunity arising' and in arv oase tbe notion to too abeurj to be entertained by any person in hla aobor sense*. Any fur ther incrcaac of tbo nabllc debt , on aooounl ???? nriae to lust as much out of tho queatun as tbe working of the roa l by tbe government. The construction of a ?eoond \ lctoria Bridge may be all very wc J aa \ n^Nfo'll ccnt speculation; a luxurious a?rl of day dieim; but tho "vtoMeneritton will aee nothing of th.^ndr^r And oertalnly the gentleman who la so kindly wedlted with tbe paternity of tins project, as a remedial mcaauro ? awayontof tae pr?sent Bnanclal em^rr***moot? to about tic law man living likely to be RuUty ol sucb follr It is b'Khly probable that tbe original cobocj.'Iob of the Grand fruik-a road rrom Halifax to the western frontier of rfrnala one day be realized; b*t just now th9aa wno have to devls<- a way out of tho present llD?^Cl*1 dlBlenltiea of the t.rand Irunk have somatbtog elae to lbThe Tennesfice and Ala'>amfl,thfl Centntl Bonth em and the Tonney?eo and Alftbftma Central rail road companies have consolidated tlie innninR of . the three abo\ e mentioned roads from Nashville, j Tenne^ee. to Decatur, Alabama. Tho road will , be completed early in November, when the traiiw will be run through to Decatur without any delay , ?rThL^i,?^e. of grain at Chicago on the ?J | inst. were aa lollows: ? Flour, Whrmt tbrti, Oatt, *W<- ?? ibis buifc butk lu*\ 1-uiH. *r ranal - U ^ 134 By t; ,V C. \ KK 1,07a 60..1S2 bo* m 2,'M C *R 1 KU... 346 1 ?0 2 100 ? - ~ til r?n RK 600 a# 480 rt,7M> 400 - >?? m'm ? - rn ym C.A^gr.'^i i,76> Total .... * 4*0 12? X* to 17,M0t MJ ?.?t? ToU-lWli.' 6>4li 76,109 10.8?1 11.004 1,?82 10,?17 The Cincinnati 0 auti* ol the 23d says; - Tbe market to ootnf?rUbly easy for good paper, Jrt Me n nar cent and eapiiallsts do aot anticipate eveai the ofdK witer strtogeney this year Tbe dasaand for Yatu rn cxrbarre was light , bnt tbe rale* were not mueh, ^y%low ib?.v.rMo for Ifee Brat day rf tli* weak ? liatra were uc changed. We heard of ao tranaar.tloaa l? nUT but naoutvma ?*. flraiat par buying, and K orsmium atlilng. Thare ?aa urn* la.iulry tor gold from the country, asd ordera wsi* tilled at 37 a 40 f* miutn indicating a slight alvaaoe. Toe preval !ng Biurtk for time bill* were 10 per c?,nt for n'n*' "? rtaj K?urn and 9 a 13 per oont tor slaty day to tour m>utb*. N*w Orleans. St*ck K?< hang*. . fWiMT, Or*. 20, 1M0 64000 Tana 6 a. 90.. *9 '>0 Mia Ml it> i ?n Kit. oOV tOOQ Virginia ft... s? ^ w wich ft ft N I ?S 1 : - 00 (?? us | 14000 Miaaourl ??.. 76 tM do ' 16 f do T6'. SO 4,,.. ....... Je ' J??? *? rOM10trto*NIri M | 6000 do J;;, o ,i0 'JJ2 ?? ??<> '* . l-o 4? s; , 8000 do 76 , (0 do 13 87 iioceo*jif<**i? r?.. w to ?o mm ??? 5000 Hud R rRRlm 106 if l'? lo . " l*<0 Mi 10000 Mick Ho iu ?ba M loo do. ... a? |*t?0 do M Ml do iT'i ?000 Mlcll H ? f IxK . T? loo Mil k Mlaa KR.. . 1J MX) (11 (?c RR bdt . . M 100 da .. . . ; uv ? JJ? V* Iwrtl.tA Wf?'nRK PI f! f?" M 100 1'anaau KR U1 30 rM?OD*ioo. ... ta A wo io 120 / dO.,., *2 lUO dO frM I'M MCiaCMiprm. 1#^ 166 1U C? KB scrip. ra ,"? .d? )? h wo lo bii n '{ mNTcZti:::::: \*r & ? '10 Vi4 1 15 *> ? ^ ? *** ?? wo i? rr< *? ?? *>* m oo 7i v *0 100 do *6 T1H *? *0!< 860 do..... M* II W I J?? ?W ?* 100 Jo ... blO 71 V m d" *10 tl MO 4o 71 i w? JO (10 so* ?ys G*I M Chi Krt .. . . o?', *? J? *><< ?.?? do ? ?#0 <o 80.'* 8M> do 6*K M? <o *> V I?* do 68 3 . 4M)RMMiic?KK 41 SSO 4o 68 ? ' 100 do ?I0 4t IDMI dr * 1*0 I'ae l Ac M'l S> On n mk do . *ja r? ' H io >00 ?l U or? lo.'.:.. r 4 do 130 M>, 100 da ... MO 70 1W6 Erla RR..... ? 360 U? ? ft T .toUo R J 31 HO do.. blO 80 7r0 do 31 f J* ??? ?* 100 do b? ai, I1"0 i0 ? *0 *? 11 * ?? '** 100 d?.... (10 81 i'? ?? ??? ?S 2W0 d'. *00 .11 ICO do.. u 2" % fliO do..., 31 ?/ Tit Hu.:?^oRl??rRR. hi Old (Jhl * i'k Id R1. 01 SiO do >00 64 ', 100 do 00 , 32 21 ; J M t 4.. * 1? Oo ioo 60 ar? dr eo i ?w Jo lit 6# .100 do bit 61 60 Hftrlem RK . ?. O 16-; 60 dn......?W 60V J0 W 300 Cfctd.Bn-A'J j tRK to 2^0 flo 10 10W d<? T? 100 Oo idO 76* o?o *10 1U* |0? 40 ??? *? 260 RarlrtD RR prcrd 40'; M> do nU 79 J*J 'w 44,', .SO do t.'W 79 Sf.M*oiiu::: 8* ?? , _ ficoKt) nnitm. ?06 Trjlato 6* ... 89 ltO aL. M f M S I t . ST f0?? .. 60 ?fc?........ 8f'f 4400 MMoari 6 ? . . . 7i ^ 100 do M aw ?u xy chr .. eo?4 100 ChT,?*y rr ' bio ?) 100 da *10 7P?< 4C0 do lie 1(0 do... 79 Si? *>? 100 II Cm RR ?srip. . 71 *? ?4 66 X 60 do.... 70'< 16 rr no iM ^ MO do 29 166 do MM Tii/ IS ^ 4a?W*U., RR. .. 68 4 10? do b30 39% UO do ... 68 106 Hod B!t RR. .116 M 80 <Jo blO 68 fli! 41 to ICO do. 41V 240 do frr i yjltarkinR* 1? 60 Cier ft TM RR . 81* ?? if 16,V 100 do Cljd ioa n.r aS' 11* "S >?? ?3 J 00 Uai KR yrH 40 110 Oil ft K ia KR . . 60 J" ?;< 166 do 60-; 100 I" b'10 40 60 do *M Ml! HftHtokONl w?.. . 60^ 100 do'..,'.'..... ?,* 100 do, Oh I ' |J Jn M V m VP AMI RR... 1?4 * THM DRY OOOD6 TRADE. n>? foDowlay la ? ooM|MratlT6 HUmmI of Um Importt of torolga try podi at n?? York for U? wtwk. Md *u>oo January 1>_ 1M8 1866 ]W) ??!!? ^ tlWI.dOO 408.704 1870.300 OT3-4lW 1 ,111.011 nrw? -? .orto! . 60 68JJW 06.06RJM ?, 660, 160 By the above table It will be eecc thafthc good* enWei at Uila port the put week were U> eixa of iLoae for the MM period tn the two preoedlng year*, wh.le fbo amount thrown upon the market ou urgeiy to esceee of that of la*t yew, bet below the amouu; for tbo aame tune m 1888. The aggrcgatta, iluco the liret of January laet, only fall behind I lie large .mi>orui.i a* and aiu-muti thrown upon the maiket la*'. year, in the lame tlmo, by between *evea and eig'.t million* of dollars, of the goods entered for consumption, wooJena em braced $868 310; cotton gnoo* $116 497; (Ilk do., $409,340; Itai do., $107,341. aud miacellasieooa do., at 1114,188. Total $1,113,615 Tbe following arc the table* ? tnt'.rtdfvr C<p.iu<njxt?n Pelalnra .. Cotkfa ft w. Sbawl* Braid* & b. . Blanket*. . Bote Wortd yarn Total .... Cotton? Cotton* .... Colored Em mrtiiei 869 $840 310 Total Miscellaneous? Straw good* 310 Featb&flow. 6 060 1107,301 Clothing . I-ea gM Fmbnld'*. . Kid glove*. Uoriete . .. . Matting . .. OUr loth . . . . 7 42 16 1 2 880 3 $62,798 1 406 now 30 802 10,408 370 498 2440 221 Total.. . .1,278 $114,068 WitMnun frxm WarthMUt. Slllr? Total .... Flax? Mnen* 67 Linen & cot. 2 Total.... $9 Hit eel lane otu? Straw good* 14 Wtitli 2 Matting.... 6 J0.47I $1,7(18 474 210 Total .... Woo1? Carpeting. . Worsted . ? .. Delaine*.... Cotton ft w Sbawl* Braldi ft b. Total.... lottoa? Cotton*..., Colored.... Print Spool lioce ?7 $14,281 Total .. KnltrtA for M trtkouting. 21 $2,472 1? *3.187 119 48,b40 31) 3 16 1 14 7*0 902 3 oil Silk* .... 8bawl? .. Silk ii w $4 c40 7.293 16,918 4i $29,0 a 142 39 Total. 173 Flea? ? . l.lnor* .. 163 $79,842 Thread .. Linen & col 14 163 $64 673 ? 31 6 983 Total.... 190 $33,478 48 14 922 IftaoellineooR? 6 1815 Straw gooca 137 78 19 630 Cor*et* .. . . 8 $22 333 8 491 ?i e/>2 $34,232 1,460 Itota).... 316 $96,003 Total.... 142 $86,683 Recapitulation. Entered for oonaoaption ? P\m. Manufacture* of wool 86 i " notion 6f4 " *>lk 449 " Uex ti60 Mlsoellaneon* 1 278 Tali'*. $360,310 116 497 409,849 107,801 114 098 Tout a, few ?1,113,01ft Withdrawn from warehouse ? llauufactursa of wool 148 342,716 " cotton 07 14J81 " Silk 8 6 0(6 " flax 59 9 473 Hlfccllanoons -.1 +,*12 Total 303 <73,996 Entered Tor warehousing ? Manufactures of wool 1(.1 ?' cotton 316 " 8ilk 41 ?' flai ltd Miscellaneous 142 Total. 887 %M 644 Tie export o f cotton domestic g<v?ia Ui jpast week were onltc limited, aud cbi"iiy made to Sooth aiutrtca and the WNlMkHM4i The rxport from 'he |xirt of New York for the wetk ceding Oct. M. 1860, wm as fol lows ? Bale*. Rrasll 140 ilajtl U Cuba 8 Liverpool 30 , l>ulrh Wcit Ird a 13 Danish West Indus 46 I 803 318.660 i rrav lotialy ropot ted . . 78 670 ; Pinrc Jan. 1 7* *72 We hare before- alliidod to tbe bad Mala and of luf <n, f political sulhoiaiiits into thsareuaot trade; wbt'e inn* deprrcat log the practice we And tbe republl cao iourt.ale of this city are briskly engsgod In It. lbejr 1 setsi rot only to ssplre to the direction of the wb>!c go re>rn,?nlof the mumrj , but llM to the control and <11 ru t Ion of merchant* and capitalista, with the view of directing with * bom therrbill trade or who credit and l.ow ibey ahall imnt Uit'ir money. One of them, under H6 c* n.u.en ial l.ea 1 ac t ? aMfMlertSliO kinJuitis, advtsss Itf r< sdera t. 1r v.t-l ?? MJatH ? 1 Inee-t money in reforming the i t>ra of waar oounuy, aid, if your KM ho!. la oat, Invest a link !? rsfbrming , <1 tlclans." latter part of the aentenr* we should was |?rticularljr appUskbto to thuaeof the republican scheol who ttgare.i in the AlAany Leglslst'ira last win tor. Attempt* are cut, anally roads oy ibsae organs to cast discndlt ud l.ousrs in tbs ? > th rn Iri le, w 1 1 .i.i* owieg to two of th.- .arir-?t ? tft ot IMM ever before grown in U>o counlnr, a a- u.e u.*ar ? of sos taming the Jry goods uado, white that 'roni the Writ, through U?e panic of 1 "47 and bad cope, was for the same two years m< aaurablj aoo diluted. ! that nearly oae-half of on r bouses of heaviest capllai rmbarkod la the Southern trade, and * bo tui 1 on solid foundations,, ux>. so large an e ement ol InM p roeperity, tnou. l oe the suo eel of i 900tMtf OtaM M I Mlareprsaenlat >n Is trnly axtoetihing. The season has rloaed la opna tba distant trade, and onUI the election la oror norev'.ralof isspor twice In aear by tra-le ia expected. Jobbers, ss Ihr ss pract.oal, hars radioed their stocks, sttU aoaaldemble MOaHl i< 0 Will IIMRMSNI au-'q lino is now being directed to the probable ex twit of the spring trade ot the tfcutb, whicli otoally eom wooers in tt.o latter part uf Jan oar) ud the beginning ! of lebruary. s* vers catisea ootMlaa to lead to tbe no piaitlon Uult, '.oder the m ?t f??i>rmhi? political aunpirra, ' it will cot IJiely oome op to U*at of l?at *(>rtog. 1M re dncad yield [of the ccliua crop, Indap-adeat of other r-^aoeee, w ,11 lead to grt atar scuoomy m ronc.mptloo and old stirax so ore rel.ed na. as loag a* poeefble, that sec tM having be m w?dl sti| piled during tbe past year, asd ; eapectally Uia past spriag > rosa pteeeat tadloatioaa bepea are eataftslaeii that the fTing trale with tbe 'A rat. which doee oot e xnateoc-i a Mil before the opna .of of navigation , wld be quite i? re fly laetadvicas from I, rerpo 4 trade in HanrlMW*er was ,<od sad oouoa Oral, with ao lir.^rorlag beuleacy. R- v cotton In this markrt within U," rut week has adraarad about half a cent p?r joand, with hrary sales. Iliough r iltoo do mestic goode are aorcms'.atiBg, pr iosa sltoa ao rhaare of impo'isaoa Wa eortlt ie t-> n>. hearr browa sheetiugs at h<t|e. Blear b. o ske?tlags and shut .gi were uo chaiig<4; to?c st)l< however, w we only saleable at raster reus I*tlla htre aoRuvniated bi t priors are sestalesd to s grvai ritcct by tha rec*ot 'ire in the raw material. f*?tt' n f toeels wors re.-u" aad Arm. '??if h?n.s were la i.ght "jpply I necks were sal teg at 11: a 11 Sc. C?tu? luck was firtn and bald at full prk*s fruits garerally wrre da i Fancy cam aMraa w?re ia steady ceniat 1. U ?tk satii.tts wsfe ?aieabls, wntls slfcrr glals utt jr" flja*ls, th?iig,i In m nlerate de msLti were selllrg wI'.'mmi'. Manga of importance. Ho. s cry, of dr*trabls q.ialit ? . mar In 'air demaal Tba ir.iTem' eta tb' psst wreit 'o fr>r*'% a dry r -"ds have b -?a mooerate aad soatenhst iriegu,ar % ith ths pros^ ets si: cad, too importaJ.oua tho tast wi^i may l>a non Mrred onuaoal'y large. Week ? iks coatlaaed to brid tbvir mo. tioagh l-?s sctira KtbMas were I, II alth B"re Urcuaess, wblk sales were r? r. Heavy !? i gllsh ai He rman woeMeaa wrrs Kept a a ey b) tbe mild, spring like wtatfe*r Uorv activity was antici|*ted after the ekevljn, Mpivhlly tf loll >w?d bv r 'Id and fr et/ weather Vt ide ah* n ujtlllss sad vsl vets were la fair dea-acd at svetiined prioea (.mens were rowipaiat.velf ?ui< t, and so of clnaklags aad I lair |rs generally Who?aale clothing manufacti rers Stem dl?pn#ri| U hold rff until after the eU-ctioa, wIimH .sji.ri' aaly aihrta U.e lai . ritg cjs^as of both ssies who iiefwr.d c | * -o Ui's l>rsi.(h of bos'mts for asopurt , an J nspeclally at the rww???r ettent of e?dd weather Tltece wse aa Increased qaat * ty uf gi?d* p/asaed for sais s Iks aoctl * boneea. embracing, among the 'ska. iai|?<rtat ioss f< fancy casatwera, wb eh did ideraWy wall; also l'?ter 'ham pvcro<<alings. WMah b-ongbt tt oeota A ?a f r bb< rs drsgged stj'(?, however, each aa Ma jen las, did tokrabty jtrsll, b. i prtaas gaaaraliy vera lower. Catalogues of Frcnch urasago^da, silks of tba <? I o'lal'oe* of wall known b< a see, were alao oftered. Tha g' neral range of j*teae oMaimd weee ow. rbeaaaaaa is ino far sdvanoed lor brlrgtsg forward taoh gooda, evsa under ths appiiascea of oar hast aacunaisra MTV COMNKRCUf. HRPOKT. fmruT, net. a0->< P M A-iiss ?Tbe sales were i ght aad oonftaad to akout 30 bbl* both eerts at 4 ' ,'C. Baa > naii 'iw ? >ioor-J Tbe ssarket f?r Western aad Slate opraed with stealmeiw, but the fore'ga aaws had a ,1ej>rt? Sg Ir ienee ?wi prVwa, which etnaed tor oomm. n gradw af State aad Wsetani at lower rat4d The irar*ar tioas evbracad abo?t 14, OM bbla , otoalng wlttita the range of tha lollowtBg qao tat loos ? $a per ftae Wats 2A a ft Sft Rtira Mate, frasa oM aad aaw wheat .... t 40 a I ? 8>ipertae Western * 'J6 a '? r?i Urttsoa to oho lee Wsatara titta 6 ?0 a : 90 ? lmils extra 6 1& a T tft MUed la straight Soathera 6 do a 6 10 mralght togw,<t extra do ? jr. a 7 f%otra extra famry aad bakers braada ... T 60 a 9 00 !&2SSVu i &? a 4 sft OT* was), Jersey aad Bpaadywiae 3 '<9 a .1 ? OaaaOtan Oexr waa a Irlie lower, with a moderate <?a Tha 'a>s embranad about 300 bbls at ft.. *0 0 ftt *0 Nastbaia ionr waa lower aa I mora set 're, with salsa of abor.t 3J00 hbla., wllh:a the rango of tla shore giro stlaas Rya ftoir war steady at on/ flgtires, with of 200 bbla. f^ra meal waa unlet at our quotatiots, and saiea ?'oapriaad aln .t ?C0 bbla. \t heat nil in *o n tupply, bat the market v? ka fceavy, and prioe* fei! efflc ? 3c. per buabei. Ttio ?*'<* embraced about ISM 0W> buabeis till N)i 'or 0 > ' e white SoriiherB. fl -0 for m led, II 40 for g'>?d w'lta Canadian, t) 62 a 1 1 >8 f r wblte Mlohlraa, 91 43 a >1 47 for fair white Oblu at J Jnd.aiu, 1137 for amber i ?? ai?] W acom in , f 1 38 a 11 34 f?r red Weaiera, II 30 for red Mate to store, aod II 23'? ? $1 24 for Mllvvaiik ? | club, and $1 lg a $i 28 )( lor Chicago spring. Corn waa lower, aud In fair den ?nd. The aalea em traced about 116.0CO bushels (part je?t*r<laj evening) at 00c a 0U'?o. for Wiiltra mixed aluat, 70c. for do Id (tore, and round yeilow at 75e. The market cloced with a tendenoy tawsn's lower p. :oi B, Rye ?u* p toady , witbraiea of about 2 fCO bnshels at Mc ail- for i^latn Barley waa on changed. The talc* embraced 18,000 bunhels at Stte for r choice fair loutid State, *ud at Ml-. Tor Canada^ Kat and Welt. OatH were steady, with salea of Weatern anil Catadlu at 38c. a 30c. , and Mate at S0c a 39 ';c. Corrra ?The market waa (lr in, with sales of u cargo per bark ConrlUa, ocmprlaiug6 C00 bags p t .and 1,100 do. at 14 >*<? ; 30 do. Jamaica, at 14c. a 14 ,c , aud tome Ku b(|tH St Domingo lor export at p t Cotton ? The calaa footed up about 4 '200 balea, cloalng; with sUadlnrti at full prices. The day'a later newt by the Canadian t- inspired at too late an hour iu the day fjr ita ' efleois i.n the market to be developed. | Kheii.iit<.? Kales were sustained though mot leaa active: To Livrrpejol about 40, COO a SO 000 buabela wheat were er gaged, In ttbip a bag*, at 12>,d 800 a 1,000 bal< s \ cotton In lota, at '4d, with 3 0C0 bbla flour at 3a 3d To London flour wag engaged at 3s. #d, while wh.iat ranged from l?"4d a 141 atked, In ship's baca. A brig waa taken up for Cork and a market, to load with 13,000 bosbeis ?h?at , in bulk, at 14d. lha brig t-'.ate it Maine waa taken up for Cctf, Kran:e, to loaJ with staves, at p. t. There waa no alteration to aotlcv in ratea for Havre. Farrr ? Tlie recent sales having pretty much cxbwt ?l the suppliea in flrat bands, the market exhibited rattier more nrmneta Fair sale* of rnisluH Aero rej. rt- ??! at 13 40 for II K '?, atd |3 tO for layers. Other dry rmlt waa wlthoet char ge of importance. hll.?i wis in gixii shipping demand, with ? <te? of 1,100 l< r at 80c. a -jSc. f. n?,B. -The market during the week bad Wn active and pr'ces art lirm, a coutiaued upward tendency, | The demand from t ho trade la apirlted. but the llrmuess ol holders In a mi aaure reatrlct aalen Receipts for the week bave been 12 000 from foreigu and 11, S00 from ceaatwlto (orta. Thi Baleb were 13,000 Byoiioe Vyroaat 24\e. aSte, t months; 3 600 Rio Grande. 34 "<0. , fl moLtlif: 4,000 Ormoro, 23',o , 6 montlia; 10,000 Uillfor lila, to arrive, 34<; , 6 moctb"; 2,100 Matimorns, 2Jc.,fl Bontbs; 3.COO Por'.o Cabello, "21 V 6 months, 300 Tr-itt", 19 i c , Omontba, 6.0C0 city acd Wuatcrn dlaoghters, 8'?c. aV',,0., lath 6C0 wet wiled Rio Gri' Ue xjv.i, priralfl ten .g, Laaiinm ?A moderate activity bar prava'loi through- ' outtbawetk at uncharged prion Koce'pt' from tan ncriea conllDue light, an d the stock ia uot aocumuUting. HouaMaf ? The tales enr' abf>'it 400 b hilt Cuba at 33c., aud CO bbla New OrUanK at 48c. Navat. Bioaiw 8alea of 300 bbls. flae ro?tn wera made at $2 63 |>er 3M) lbs and 400 <!)., No 3, at II 95 per S10 lbs., delivered Spinta turpeutine waa un> Charged. PuovimojH ? rork? ' The market was m'ire buoyant, with a good demand for m?tui. with ial>4t of 400 a 600 bbln , iuclrd:ng ne? mexa at 118 87>? a 119, and old do., at 118 81>,'. Beef war steady, and In fair request at un cbaa?ed prlcea, with tales of 360 bbla. ttac-n m llrm ly be Id Cut meats vara Qnn, with sma I rales of pickled ab( i dera at l\c. , and 3( 0 hanui, at llo l.ird was ateady , a itb aaifu < f j0 t>bl? , at 12', C. for o'd, and at j 13c. (or tew. Bult< r and chose contmue dull and prlrcl heavy. Kb-e wo* steady, with small sties, within the lange of 4 \c. a 4\'c. fi tiiiiH ? Tbc niariet was unchanged. The sitleaem- , bra. <d aboir bOO b Us Cubaa, chlelly wi'.hin the range ' of 6>ic. a 7 Jic. for both grades, and 46 ti boxes on private tern h. Tiii aoo ? The demand continue* gcol'for all sort*. The ra>ea embraced 72 thds Kentucky and Maysvllle, at Be. a 12c..; 1M bales Havana,32c a 62 ^c.; 1C4 do. Vara, p. t : 461 oases SeeJ leaf, 4c. a 25c. Wool ? Ibe market uinttucea quiet, and prioet are 1 without alteration. The sales c<impr'p<'l 160 balea Cape at 30c. , and 30,010 lbs California let 2nc. u 34 , t! months. Fleece and polled inactive. Wim>hSi ? The market was firmer, with sales of 4.'.0 a 6C0 bols at 39c. a 32>4c. a 32'4'c , chiefly at the two In side flgurea. SHIPPING NEWS. ??tibkbU of Ocoam Mtaamara. PROM BUHOPB. thtmm. Lmmm. DaU. Ar Otyof WakfetkfMa.. Urai-pool Out 10. ..Raw Tart ?Hoc* .BonUuip'.c* Oct If. ..R?wYnr? Am UrorpaoL Oat if.. .Raw York Y1*o UrerpooL. ......... .Ool 17. ..Hew Tor* ralto*. Roalkaautoa (lei 17. . .Raw Tork pkwlu. UrerpooL Uct I? Qnebaa n urns cola. Hotuhaoipioa Uot U... New York fttM, Urarpool (Hi M Bou* AArbUte. Roatbamuboa Oct 14. ..Raw York AacloBaxua IJrerpooL On M Qaabea rente IJverpool. Oct 17. ..Hew York North American IJtrrpool. For 1 Qneban John Bell. Olaaeow Ni it I. ..New V..rk Teuton!* MmithjunptoB Nov 4. York V aaderhUi .Roiithampton Rnr 7 ... Mew Toe* Haionla. KouihuapUm Rur 13. ..Mew Tark for imori. . City of M?aaheaer..N? To** Oet 17 ...Urerpool Rfw York Hew Tark ( <?'. a eu North HrtUm Qa?bee Oet 11 .Untrvxiol United linxdooi (Juebec. Oct 10 <li**ow tnllt OaniUnrpail ; Boroeela. New York No* I lUm'-iir* Oaakdlan .Qttabre No* 5 ...Ureruuul HUnote. New York. Nor L. ... iiiirr* Aide New York Nor 7. . . .Mrerpoo) n ha?ian (Ju <-bee N'<>r 1U .. l^rnrpool | Fntloa New V irk V.,r II Harre Bnrupa Hialna . Nor It . . l.rsrpocl Hnmnnaila New York.. Nr? 18 Hanilinr* AtanU.- New York Nor 17 Harm knfloftao'o . Qiebeo Nor 17 .fjrarpool | PrtataAJDart hew York Nor N <i *.?%) FOR CAMPOlLNfA. Ariel. New York *oe 1 A*ptnwa!l Rnrtoern U*hl Now Vork Nor If. A??"iwa!l *tar New Y trk Nor 71. Aapmirall FIA VA VA. If ATA KX AS ? KD WRW OKI. RAN#. Ri*?mii.? rreoi New Y.irk In. uiMtftt H*r?r>*fkh lad Raw (irleana (th. Fnm New Oneatie l*Ui. liarara l?th. u rlrtac at Rew York 23d. (Ja?iwe?? Fr-im Cpw York 1 It>, arrfrtrr at 'litui l?h and New Orleans irth. Froa New Or.eau* tftk. lUrau* JiiM. . arrlrtnr *' New York \1 Da Koto- From New \ort 21 it arrlrlaa at ttarana Ktu aad N?w Orleena ZFth. r? Ne < Orieauk atb, liana* na, */? nrtaa at New York llm Qc**** Ottr -Fr?m New T^rk kod Rfui ererr twenty 4*ia F r ni New York <M th. arrtneg a Hark"* SUlh. ? 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