Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1860 Page 4
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In E W YORK HERALD. J A M fc ? O M U U N B ? ? ? ff T( U*K)H AN'I? t'K C- I iVh. K. W. CORMTl UK Kl LTuN AM' NA*4Al ** SZf"'" -ujpsr ? f ,i? aa '' ?- V ' . ; : ;;;y ,r' XTr.*"', ' , j ' 22 um* U//. tAHUr ur.KM.lf ,m M-uh ?-?/ ? ;>'r I W / A 1.1 h i . "Av rspowww A "*"* ? V ' ? ? " M. . " ? ' ' I r I Ijlsnutti fMtd j? a, i { ? t'oKuo- ? </ i'*' it i'l U rjh IK I : roe- ? . i?n> ,T, ... >??' l? I tr.uu tnu |.AI ^ *, ?>!?<???< *? ". jlJ( AMi #****?? TC M'KRO >V KVKJN1W. A<'Ai>KVf of MUSIC. Miurteeatb aircei. -I*au as Ori ji- fa* bvoi'moT*. KiBliO't" OaKDKN. Hrf? lw%jr.? Oih?" uj. WIN TEH druauw*;, U|a'uatte Jk/ud UMt. M u i I f H, WiU.ACI'8 TI.t.ATKK, Hr-tniwuf.? I'i i > .- . W;r , Fik* IjAURA KKKNk'H TUK v't KK, Ho. AJi m .lw?y. Ailiw auoi HKW ROWKRI TtlKATH*., BcwerJ.-li Kj ... g BaoWh HaHNUK'M aMKi'II an MUMNI M. Rri?.)?M-.? ' Bi?Ok.t? Ji*krn i u |iia MmaTj uKm l..> ..? . 1*1 ?.????< BRYaKTH' MINMK?i,h M-.n.-.oio H?l;. 47* itrv+d BrkLtUiUM, Ki.*..a, l>a*rr*. Ac ?Init.wt . a?i MUM' * kAi im>%, ,iniMfiv,?, HiWiirr .t < iihih.'> W.n.T' , . i.\ Li L-rla* .? ? t? i u m i. I?a> > .Ai ? ,'CKK' I I'M 1 A A I Kl. M i Kl 9 ; 'TO T?A'I.. W 4ro*Jwry ? S Pi. ui? Bl'irayin- A Kt n 1 i.i a , thiubrr IhiJO, ? He (%*??**? Tie hteamnhfp Citv of VY& tthiog ton, which loft Liverpool on tin 10th and Que ;D*to? n on the llth instant, arrived ut this port at a lite hour last A telrgraphic summary of her news, re ceived by tilt jniph from Cape llace, has a I read} Le< n pub i-hfd. a* i.'si Kurop.-an uta* to the l.'ih, rt ce.\ ed by ilu Canadian. The City of Washing lor, er1 ountered edv?-r*e gsles duriji^ the eatire passage from <Ju( enstown to Cape Race. Tlii' steamship 1; ioi-, which left Htveon the lOtli ir-t. for t!iU p .rt, put Into Halifax lor a suj ply rt coh! She wax to It ate Halifax t > day for N I1* York. ? here :.he will he due on rtusduy next. 2Jer captain report* ali well on boatd. H) the srrhal of the Isabel at v'haricaton, wc luve advice* from Ha 'una to the 23d inat. There Lad been no change in the sugar uurket Mince previous reports. The crop# promised a satls factory j i< Id. The Spaniah Minister to Venezuela, j mid tl.i Spanldi Consul at I.nguayra, topretlur with one hundred aid twenty si* Spanish subject* from Venea wla, had arrived at IHvana. The report thai a fleet waa fitting ou1 at Havana ta aid Mira nofi tii Mexico is denied. The steamship MatanzM, Captain ! iesegao?, ar rived at thin port yesterday, In four day* sixteen kotir* fr.-ra Matanzas. We are indebted to the very obliging pursei Mr. P. B. Huertas, for flics of p?p cm. The news, beyond the market report, publH.ed el-, where, ia devoid of int? reat. According to our Washington despatch, the Secretary of War haa t ensured General Har tey for dbobeying the order* of Gen. Scott re specting the San Juan affair. In consideration c.f his eminent service* Gen. Harney will retain lit* position in the army, and will be allow. -1 leave C.f a bailee for a pr riod. or be assigned to the com mand of one of the military departments, as he may prefer. There * as a strong rally of the friends of the j I nion at the Cooper lnatitute last evening. Conni- t deratde enthusiasm pre \ ailed round about the ! building, and in the early part of the evening rockets were discharged in fiypt of the Institute. Mt . Joshua J. Henry presided over the mee-Ung. The first speech waa delivered by the Hon. Charles J. Helm '.of Kentucky, who was fallowed by Mr. Gerard, of thin city, and the Hon. Mr. Stevens, ex Governor of Oregon. The demonstration was miet I nrmonie us, at.J the I Li u seutin. nt otet with waim and hearty applause. The steamship Nc w Y. rk a illed from this port yesterday for Southampton and H/. mm, with Ut pa?Mengers, ?i :>7.i00 iu ape. ie ao d 12.000 pound* of silver ore. The C!t> <?f Manchester .siled for Liverpool yc.terdaj, with 140 pafstugers and 1150 ,t)3? in specie. The tl ce litt.'i LCgr. es f unJ on the 1 ark W. H, Kibhry, * ' ch wp seized as a slaret somr months ?g? wire yesterday gtreo up by Marshal (lynders t? the S? creiary of the * olouixatioe So,- ie'v. The ^atdiu' *m! IH-puty tl Kerffp ut c\ tnp iui,*d the little darkies ftom tbeluited but#* t.fflce* in a ismage. A large crowd Congreg;tcd, and ?emed to view the "*ma ga mated group with ^ fnu' h Inter* st. The colored children looked be .It! > . and n ere neatly attired. The great billiard tournament, at ri elan's, for the gold me tinted cue was contin .??! yesterday ?fterotioa. The first mat h e.ia bet we n Me*ar>. Kavauach and (.eary. and It was es<ily w..rj by the former, before hi* competitor had s ored more than VIS peints ?ut of the .'.oq. An -ther match ti e; followed betw.en Mess*. Tleman and White, in which the Utter was '.eaten by I TP points out of the t (00. The playing yesterday, though good, was not brilliant. The troruament will Ih< coiMm ui d every day. except to day. till T1 'sd?y rnr when Mr. PieUn will compete with the win ncr of tlie | riae. l>< for? a mixed asceuiblage of lady and gtnii?m< n s^citat? r<. tie mu r tDt'k. t >t eterday etb.Mted rvtber tese t >*acj fer k>is e* Its ? barf, whiia foe paresis la store j e- n irus'ta r*le?s wrre SsaUUMi. The sai?i ?asr?mi s - t ? WO bs *s. el" uf st.'eagM t'j* b*s s of ll\e t<T tr i ; t:| sidt Si '* S Bf brrkers qn. l.d ibem ?| 111<a HIV I1?i ?ss beavy an.: saaiar for s?** ? mm <?! . -i< r lM * i ? b o* Wrtura std <o..?ts braadt, ' a mtrsi* must, WMi Ua | 1 ''aac?.? tj. w ... ?i raster for tbs t ?. > ?tc e u mea (j. ? M'?, a h?> it.j gurki t was active ?at' c.i; ??> t, thf'j 'if (sport Cera wss actlrs, *t ricts were a Hhevt al?e?stVia of ieo??iv?t Po.S ? a* ' s twure, aotsa>.at'cbtat 110 ItK f r asw avas. s *t ' tr- at til Mailt lo %futsm!M , .U ai a a ?! tb'sal.s s ttirac^M ?-)0 a oeo t.S?ta Cssa withuaA ct>a?f* iirp?ft?: r |B pries*. rrft|t.t* aere ft>?. si rl.?.d <<ih s taMrr ri l#w <su*?. ear*' >all? for r<a B to tr,;.?b porta Ar-mrf iu. eef?r n. 1 1* to t. f rp, t-l wit?. *bo?t so 040 b ah>-ia of ? Aea> at ISM a 1?. , to ship's t ??s Una iwiaa ?t .??< , 0ii?r at ?? ?? , *bS rbtrae at Ito , ani wu. at, fa a? p'? b?fs. to f/ a 'ne at 195^<f. ? Thk Ihtt or TMB Bam tkniRLvnr>B?vT or THK Sum? Tf>?> great fell la ?U ek< that h*? niready inji*>n place, in tI#? of the probability ? f Lu coin's ??lecilon. is only a preliminary of ^e grmt rr|sip that la to corns*. Ills always tte aeiikeat tha Dn? gi ?* to tb? trail in ? flaao tifci ctLieat; but *? ar? entering upon ofM ?r w?Uh Ue attv.ogest will not be able td e'fctd. In this etrargeocy It in tb? duty of the H ink S,!,,?lnundeot of th? 8??i? to take rl?p? ai wc. to accnre th? Mllho!?l?r? of oar t>ank(. II? should tm tb# anthortty n n furred u,on btm b, tfc, aad call oU er?ry bank in tbe 8tat? tc iacreae? th? mvfiu ?r ti?a tipop which tt>e bim bare been iaaued. A. tow *UM it in tbs* great m,,, ? ibf) p?o| ie a bo b-.ld th? MM* that will ^ ihfl t(?er? a beo (ft? impe dlrg ,-rwh comea. Will ^?TfHr.w-t dent -,f th, State do hia dj-j b# ? tfii ?ct ftt one?! Vb* ?>t S.uihtrm IUrulu.1 * ,>'1 Is*. ?????? Ul.iniMi. Ii. tMi> p-j>?r ??? cou untie to publihh our leo luMi ii?iy intelligence lrn?n the S >uih Ii ?ni I..* rf< it ti>a> ft a public ra we ting in Mw i h . c in - ot lm^ortuM resolutions werw . I'l'tiit, iii wlich the r'ght it secession trotn i; . I n il i; i ii.'iieatMl. uni it ia declared that i e en-i-'-t u ot Lincoln will be bqld ^t> t*4. a just * ??' *?> p?iatio? It further reaolved i i' il ? Governor tf ifo* 8'n'e should be re ii', ii ill io Ci'nVfi* tbe legislature, and, l'vatly. ? * -?ii |iiii(n ted that a Southern CoufantluD i'l'ulrt meet tur tbe pntpofe (if Hgreeing upon ii , j i.t pui iin** and karmony ol action This in h very alarming condition of things. VVUen in- cool I) to talk of the right of the se 0*shoh of fr'au-M. ?>nd propose measure* for car ry in* otii th. ir determination, in the eveut of a cert ni! eontii gency which la ItKely to happen, it i? almost tantamount to dissolution. Tl e p'li^ili" ot i be Soul b em State* generally, hi n u )a?pe proportion of ibe demooracy i f the N< vb. bnvf alwajp beld tbat any aovrreinn .*> ,ie hiK the haute right to aiibdrnw from toe Union 'but a partner in a mercantile ftroi has to separate from the concern. This was the do.Mmeof John C. Calhoun, for mauy year* i be fti eat leader of tbe South; und it apuears tl>a' it was the 4octrine of Jetferaou and M tdi yon. two of the great. at of the foiio%rs of the r.rieral Colon, und the ablest interpreters of the constitution. Tbe question is handled with gimt ability by a writer signing hunselt Jiiriinian, whose argument"" will he founi In another part ot this journal. The doctrine, however, i* disputed by tbe republican party ana by many who are opposed to their or?*n i/ation. But the fact of tbe S mthern States beitevii-g in it U mfficient for thrir nctioo. and practically amounts to the sam? thing hs if it w.-te a principle of mir government beyond dispute. I'.ir no power on earth can keep the Son* hern States in the lTnlon against their will. ?r d v hen It ceitfe# to be their int* re?t to re main the Union if but a rope of sand. lli'herto it was their interes* to continue mi mbers of the confederacy, as it was the In t. rest ot the Northern States to induce them to j ?loso Bui tbe time i.~ come whetr they bave begun 'o weigh tbe advantage* of the Union ii^uiiist tbe advantages of secession, ind a vhj lutge proportion of the population ? probuMv a considerable iniy< riiy of tho whole- incline to the opinion that they would be Let'! r and safer out o! tbe L uion than In it. If their drui'stie concerns were let alone by Northern atrfrrroarr*. tbe people of no Southern Siu'e wt.uld ivir desire to pece'e from fbe I i ton; but now tbiit Ibey see a powerful patty at tbe North controlling the elections la every (,! e Ol its States, even iu those bithi-tto deemed c< nserv iti>e. ut.d that party organized on the l?:is'.- ? ! :? tocial war of destruction and exter miL-tion sgiilnst their most cherished Utttifu Ucn, tbe source of all their wealth and pro ?? an itistitulion guaranteed to them as no o'ber Is. by the very words of tbe federal com pact Wself? it is not to be wondered at that they i-bould be alarmed for the security of their property, and that they should desire to with draw from a confederacy in wblch it is endan n ied, and form one for themselves In which the tirs ot a common Interest would bind them togrtber for It* piulrttlos Now tho question If: Will the people ot U?e Northern States, for a m?*ie aWractlon. drive the Southern Stales out of the Unlou* U in the Interest of tbe Northern State? far nnre than it Li that ol the Southern comtnunlliea that tbe cou*?deracy should not be broken up. Tne bonth wiuld lose none of i*s weuldi or proa port-r- with it would remain i'? sc.ircen of wealth? the great st-.plrs; its iustlfutiona cou'd no lon;;er be interfered with, and il would eujoy domes-tic peac>' and tranquillity. But how dif ferent tbe Norih. wbos? sources of wealth are : |?s traile and cooimt rce and m inufacturee, d* j {tending chiefly for tleir existence upon it* con j ection wi'b the South by a political (Juioa, i?hlch securt - it free trade *nd tht' raw ma terial and a market for the manufactured ar ticle. and employment for ita ship- and capital tr.d Ii* numerous population Cut tbe ligaments which bind the North to the South, and the people of the North becotns a more impoverUhed population than that of F.i gland, and the profit* whl h they reaped fr.iin Southern product* would be diverted Into other channel*, and eutich Great Briula and If the North therefore, should be guilty of ih" mil ld*l co' r?e of servrlng the connection and forcing the South to se.-k safety in ae. e* ?ion. at it* own doors mu?t lie tbe terrible con sequents, A* for 1* m?dne?sto think of it. In the words of the writer to whom we bare already referred. ' The descend ant* In South Carolina of those patriotic heroes who, In 17C.V ten year* before the destruction of the tea In Boston? captured from the British garrison at Fort Jutnson aud desttoyed the British stamps? the descendant* of Tien who ri?ked their lire* for an abstract principle to vi id an uocooftltutlonal and nominal tax ? cruld never be persuaded to remain for one , li,stan* wlttiin *nv sneh Union of toroe." This Potnh am? the O ? Our police are exceedingly active wben their duty in volve* a whole$*le deecent npoo vagrant*. or poor boner t people who *ri> no v?(r*Q?? at all. Wh? n an atrocious murder U committed which excites a nine days' horror m l a nla? dtyt' wonder in the city, they an* also very ?t??'oi>Hio tbeir endoatrors to M NMV th* p- *j>e?r.??or whl!. tbe public excitement la?t?; nor i? th-ir /?> ?1 at bU deteriorated by the offer of a i?w ir l for hi capture. But eom?biw it h ippea?> tbtt tL?> moot pestilent member* ?f s?ciety?~the gtu biers and keepers of g^abling -i?!U~cUb-r fled extraordinary favor with th* j or they bnve a !? ppjr ki.ack it' intkiag f?etn*e|Te? invisible w Lt-.. they are want' d. A c tn orritrn d In our conrts within * f-w dtjlthiol ill'MtitlN this. A jc ng nun, a? allef'd. cfflbezcltd a portion of hi* employer's pub?t?nce nnd w?.? arreted. He adraiited the crime, wid will be dealt wish. re p;e?<uae. i9 rordi g to law; but ha made chaise* t??runst certain keepers of gambllog hou?-s fur defran 1* log blm out of several thousand dollar* of the money, tbix preventing him from talking resti tution. aiid although the tamps and residence* of four or fi re pal tie* were plainly furul'ti-t) and net down In the warr?nt Issued for their ar rest, the police. It appear*, cannot find tbe-n Nearly all of the parties again** when the** wnrrente were tsened keep their dens in Bread ?my or In It* Immediate proximity; they must be well known to tbe police, or if not tbej cnght to be. Vet strangr to ray. they cannot bf found. Hit I* thin* Can Superintendent Kennedy gire u t h A:n ct Ju s A;ccc Tjii. Nl.Wh H.I. 11 Si'BIA. ll ia rt,?slt eh'O tf lt' telegrspbic dfcj) itches t-bonld to c? *?nt O'-vt-r fD^aiiod, m ia the one wrt r*C'i*Ml yesterday ftca I- ther Point concerning Syria: - dar- i Ut* Vria-ir.te of Funl I'?s>hi fim- f>rU,tV M'H ?u'n ?* ., , rtrxmrantoxl (iivtr mi ?m?* It ilW?-? '*.?m I) ( > ritlmna Tt.? rfcn?Hit?p li r ?l in *rut ?ritti g U> l,?iRku The Mim> uIdhi h trt-rr turin#* ?<?'o >' Hii> < tr^i'ikLi ma htd tbriaiet.?d the lite o( Uiy KuwUu Ohkhi Car) we cuppofe that Fuad Pa-,b t h?* rea'lj left h>yria? Then tbe nusune of t? afy mow Chiir'ians la nol to be wondered at Nor can wo ?'xp< ct that ? be repetition of m 'b -atrocities will be coffined to Syria alone. N?*i'her in it ?uiprbing tbat tbe OhrlwtianB should rie?lre to leave thr oountry and escape fnriber peoeou tu n. But tvby i-bculd tb*-> emigrate to suoh a place as Lataifla. a town of Northern >S>ru, on the roa coast, between Beyrout and Alexau drettH and Dot for from Dama-cus, and wbune inhahiiaote, being of tbe Eunarec nee'. ar.' noted tor tli?-ir fanaticism aud uuimoci* y to all Cbri# flai.t.? The despatch also says, ' The IKe of tbe Rus sian Com-ul i* threatened." Wbinb Ruwian CtuwiilT Ik there but one in all Syria? 't ia evident tb^1 the Consul meant in tbe one at ItauotM'iiH. and that tbe word S^ria baa been Mih? i tu ted for Damascus. It ia already known tbat Fnad Pasha has left Dania*cuft, and tbe rising of tbe ftlius ill mans again and renewing their a'rociiies by slaugh tering twenty more Christians at tbat pU< * ia tbe tact we bave to deal with, and only proves, as we hare raid, tbat the terrible example* made by tbe Turkish Uli Liter hare, it seems, been productive of no effect on the minds of the fanatics. On the contrary, the fanatical ? pirit is reused to Buch a pitch that Fund has been obliged to decamp. Tbe con-equence will be that the French troops, instead of b>-ing eiiquettically conbnt-d wlthia tbe limits o' Bey n ut, will now have tbe silent consent, it not actual orders of his Kxoellency, to proceed to Oamascus. vibere the cm ihet will be severe; lor tbe French forces will n >t only bave to Contend with the fanatical mob but with regu Inrly aiilled soldiers of tbe Sultan, whose a is loyalty doubtless compelled Fu*d Fasba to bare. Let but on>- Frenchman be killed there, aud we may reasonably suppose t*iat S,>rla will kx n become a Fiench colony ? peibaps und?r Abd el-Kader himself. Tben we may hope Syria will bo tranquii'zed, aDd tbe fanatic* elder brought to terms or driven out. But t? < mm out. a* is probable, tbny will onl> go to w r? fik tbi ir vetgeaoce upou tbe Cbrb-iiaos of ai.d tbtse ol the ancient land ot Armenia will bi tlr brut to sufl'er. It l? tbe du>y of th.< Obr'-'i 'u Powers to anticipate eneb an event We therefore lo?k for the next arrival ot news f oDi the I- .it with tbe u;ii ost impatience and anxiety. Cm Pcuthv *sr> Politicians ?We toUevw that mortal e.tes ddht looked upon a li?t of candid. i<t>s for the Sut* Assembly that can be eiu to compart' with those now paraded be'ore i be public bj the several parties and (i?C'ion< to this city, to be voted for on the sixth of No anther. It would wen as though the nomtna' ting cliques bad been searching ati the by ways and grog shops of the city, ?i:d with few excep tions brought out tho lowest ai d most wortbUwa ret ot philosophers to be tout d in tbrlr per *m bulations. A majority of tfcrtu h*To ??*?> knoan to the public, and we defy those bust acquainted with men and politics in thi? city to tell who tbey are or where tbey cone from, at Itaata large potion of them. We see in the liet of namea thoae who are tig i.ring m horse jockej a. ruui suckers. shysters, lamplighters, cattle drivers, shoulder hitter*, forty thieves, a number of the gridiron ptrty ot the laat Legislature as well aa sever it per sons ahof numes hare been preaeo'^d to onr Grand Jury. There are, it ia true, sever *1 worthy and honorable gentlemen placed in nomm tMon. but hardly enough to leaven the lot, aod unl-?? the public attend to their duty at th? ballot t> it we may expect to see a delegation fro.n tbU city in the next Aeaembiy whoae op?r*tiou? wtll excel the celebrated furty thtevea Com n ?n Council, and even out Herod tho la?t retn?rt able and long to be remembered Legislature Tbia atate of alTalra ia the result of the trick* ami corruption that have ao long been practices by the different parties in the city, until our otfi >i it poaltiona are looked upon by the rabble as ao many atreeta and avenues that will lead tbe>u to legitimate pi jndrr. Th ? men that will ole it the moat and desceud the lowest into tbe uitbj pools are now tbe peraona beat quaiiQ-d f. rour law makers, under tbla new mode of B<> mioaiioo*. Then is yet some hop? left with tie people, and we see that the m*ase* generally uo attention to party linea. party creed* or Ofgti i/ationa, aod seem to rejoice thut alleglau ?* to party pomioatioos is no longer a virtue, aod we trust that they will contiaus in that way of thinking until the ballot boxes are c'oard on the evening of the slxOi of November. We trust that no person will be lei by the party cries of these barroom ollqaes aod coo blnations to vote for any person bemuse tbey have labelled the candidate with the nama ot tbe party to which be formerly belonged, b ;t will salect out of the long Hat ot nanwt. Irre appetite of p%rty, arch persona, and such only, aa have at leaat toe marka of a gentlem?n and tbe qualilh atlon for the offioe for which they hate been nominated. Let the rough* aot rowdies, who are trying to work tbemae! vea lot > important official | ?llion? receive such a re buke that tbey will be natumed to intke aj other effort, a ui the rabbiah cleared away for the inauguration cf a better order of thing* hereafter. Hun IJartT.,u CoN^ttTt >cv Tax Lk* v tW Bkthvia Two tfrotitx? It is curtoua ti o ?? terte Ita e (Tor's of the black lepubiicao p*?>er* to contiuce the people that there la uo posubl* d&rgrt t-f any disruption b?- aren tb?' Nofth and South in tie event ot Llama's election They denounce, la the most Impu'lent terai*. every ouo who lusictia'c* that trontfc* is brew Irg south of Mason ard D ice's line, as If the s'gns In the heavens there are not ao palpabV tbat all nny read them. But while these jour rial* ate endeavoring to cry down aid sneer down every Idea of approaching di(Rcu*ty b? twt-en ti e two aeoti oa of tbe c< u>try. nu't ?ct Sit g at tbe Oft 'Ion of j^unioa or aec-ea'OD tbeU own columns are daily bearing wettui >ny to tbe dargar. For example: the 7Wl>ut?f of yesterday hie a lorg edltriUi futendlng to show that no trenarn aeotitr? nta rr no se-<?ealon opinions of my rot sequence axtst In the 8.?uth. nod style* a'l talk about aeeeaalor at d dUnnlon "Mle gabble," while In the very teat column It Ubtr* lard t;> frore 'lu'. u-.avu and diawaion liit* li r in tee ver> bean ot ?ne adm ui >ra'i >u itself, ia lie peipon ?>t tin* Km :rel*ry of ?h" 1 reasury. This is * ouri> uh uuy Mtralj of es tttfiliafeiug H point, but i> ouiy ah ,*b that tin r?*put> ii'iurn are iu eucb a fright mid he?i'der about toe pori'ion iu whl h tbey eitud t>ptv?en tbc Mi ieal and tbe moderate portincm of thrown parry, that they cannot be er?? <1. c# fitly logical or ?owdi?lMik Wbi'ie tfjlog to eieite 01 <* portion, they are attempting to allay 'lie It'aia ot tbe oii ? r. Tbin i? jiiktas the 7Vi Jvhc does v. 1j < ti it denies tbat any treason ibie rtt-t-ignh are to be feared from the of the nholiiitin eunriidute, at the Mtirie moment when i> assert* tbat then- very demons are rife iu toe councils of tbe administration arising from the prospective ftccet-don of tbe black republican* to power. Helper and His Bltrk Republican En duiMri. It may not be known that tbe bo .k (com pendium ns it is culled) was tbe w-irk of a coterie ot rank abolitionists and ultra black re publicans. Chapters were couiribu*>ed to it< puges by Phillip#, Garrison, Beeober, Dm*. Greeley, Cbapin, Cbeever, Jay, Suinner, Gi<1 dings and a large num'ierof o:h?r persons o tbe game c'aas; Helper having been a reoegvle Southern man, his name wa.-> merely used an a clonk to give it circulation. I' was during a gqpd part of las'. year secrely circulated under blaok republic *a eadorsemout, or until the exposure of Irs io'iiMus character in the in November, 1859 Th^ laten tion was by Its dissemination to abolittouiz tbe Northern miud. It coutaius sjme pt?s?ges whicb have been overlooked, aud which we proceed to give below. We particularly recom mend the following pM?age to tbe members it the Catholic eburcl. and especially to the untie of our Irifb fellow citizens, iu order that, the> may see what tbe black republtoau part; tain* of them. They cauuot shift their resp >u?intlirji for these Benilmenis, because G iveruor \l*?rg hi. Mr. Stranahan. Dudley Field, Hartff Greelev Jumeg Buwen and other blaok tepiibtk tus c in tributed $100 each to hare them ClfouUu-d, and bixt^-ei^ht black republioiu m-wim* oi Contcress endors* I them. An i u it on- ludi vid'.ml among thetu has esvr rooii'-'l oi spologi/rd for having tauc'ioued them. or foi aiding iu their circulation. I'll ? Tribunr com limits to udr? rtlse and end.-r.w tbem. aud t circulate tbi? tre noualle b j >k wi'Q thrie iu tamoun pass tges io it. On page 83 the folio .ving ptrigriph oc curs: ? tl IWn lDM''r" kVililt }^Mrr'" %bt ru?' *"*"* ?" " loeywwiao it a*?<u a>,o co> naur tin, lt a-..n ?, lutt-iiigrLi p. e? ? %|() w^? ? ? *c cat. ?ail all rd t ??-, t?e ? uu tfca u .??-? n *;?! i ' of UM Me Iu 1 110 ul ? ?.n ... al*?er?. rop-ry, uk a?<r.. dmu, th?lT .r? i ?1 #or;.r,^ v, lU(. ???? ,0 ^ * diabolical ion of lufmatv ity aU(| d?a.Uti,?a Runt-mlwr who a-? the oudor-erb of th ? above outrag.?ou? iniulc to tbe r. ll^i .c .*a i character of j.0 large. patriotic and (.flu -fatal acinus m th^t of our lri*h felio* dozen*. A^-tiD, In ano'ber pl*^?. th.- ho ,k *uvn th o. a nun who L? not nn ?l>oIi<(-?ti M *, i<t .??? wti'.il and diubulictl instrument of tt>?f derit.'' ()u I'dge 90 tbe following paaatg* occur*; ? lb i, tarror rrgaDdt-rci of tbe d>?ib hire wa r..n. ?W ?? ?>*'? L.. .o.t.rt , 10 P"i o> ciaipfoonMsi 1 . "ir.T m , t r trae?. t.orna, tira, Irn, (??? u J ' ... uT? *???? ! b* j 'u "<ti? jrjrJiv* ?^ * -r u?f.?b?.a?b 11 ?? aun r?k^ ,t.., t, VaTV.u. t nt*tM. atra, and it. I. k a-**. it. dr..?o nwl! n 117. L know b< ? ) o j frf 1 io aiorroa aoraluf '.??<???? u? At page 12.. it denouoc** Vlr*inU as tin iicao rant arrogant nod fpollt p.nlty ?f uirt. pride atd obatutacj. It t^u b.o??b forth u? follow*:? nK^*1 ** 10 f *>?'! i?00ru, l>, 0? prM'l4|,>* ? ^irr?cyv.or ?>????. m.u ...... M.d lihrr^lty, a?l,?lHH???, a .d U-l .b /. nu t u ? *?"* iba? Virtu t. ,ni ?? ota^ .u", bn'dit.f ?aw? ar. d.?L? rrw, rt., .. t?' mat a t brtn do rlatit If ?? a p. B _ 1 ^ ' k. , r ? " ' ?1" tar an, 1 a. I?w po"r 1,0 ? Wttdrat - tbi* dair aa.ala.aMdi* u? ^ ^ 1 Lroughout the book there are pa>?aget pealing to th?' nrn alarebo'dlag wbttei of ibn 8?>nth to get tip a elrtl wp?r a?ai?it lh^ ala?e holding population, with proal?wof aMi,t14a ? from the North Toe Tribune eadorae* *11 toi-t and boaau that one bua1r?d ^ad 6l\y th .a?i0 1 ropied hi*ve b<-en aoid. or luven aa \j, uuder tte fnr.ka of it? Gid 8 *ln?, K.0^ Halea. SbesjLan*. Ac. Ic Ua laau^ of tie 3J?t cuat laat It gare a prograaim- of Uoj ?lo'? ad mttitatratioo. io which the following paaiwr,. occurrad:? ^ ("? kao* thu th# aiarai 'ba fraa. a,r?? a-v! thl' r^,T"'l "'h 'l*"0""* ?? ?ba. tb- Bi' fBaat ^.'h a ^T .^,;- ? ?*. .tAT. r;.-.T.Hhr- ,h'? a .. JSaVdl^XT^r " ,w ? - Thna one pkaaoof Llociu a adminUtratUn U to engender or to Inaugurate, if p,Ma,ih.w. % oir? war at the Sonvh batweu toe at>o ?iar?kol4iag whiM* of that aection (exoit*d by abulition eaiiararier) acd th'ae who owu alare*. Tijk Co*ixfc Kk vouTin*. ? Tb? In^icaiion* ?? fining popular aenttmar,. |n f?rr,r of aec~all>u in the Sotitbern ai.d South *eaWn 8ta^, aho.tld . ew Tork C??t brr ffl-rUtrnl *,,t* ??r Llocolo, and thua aecure the trluo.^h of the bla k r-p?^. ican party, are miiltl^l^ing on ,t.-r^ ride. That thia fealtng ?n the part of the tj .fit^ro People i. a ?H. fotioded and t>ecea?H?r> one for ? ftirc.wn felfdefatce no mau can deny who ranien.l^t the^ac? that the whole foundation of ihM party U .be a.aerU..C that ? .larery ia ,0 .Tli atd a crime." The onl, |.,*ir%| d#r,,0 mati of ,bia I rtea |. tbu proclaiuwd by U*?* nrtttoy, of atert.%1 war ..n al^ery whererer ft n.n, e.iat Thi. |, clear and ?nca.promW?f leclaration of war aga<n?t the 8 -uih. and U " bdor-ed h> Llq ?o|n hiai^lf. |0 th* an "Otu,c*tr,e#t of Ma c?nt?cti..n tha? -thie Union cauni.t exlM half alave and half 'rre " ?uh inch dla loct and unblnaUoK annonof* n-t.m of tLe future pullcj of th# federal ^.ternn.aBt, oran the wla.l, m oT M b%J)<. -nuld rouraal the 8.mtb to pnt iM 'II ort!er and prepare for the rta-r ifenry. Thfa |t la doing, and the flrat a?eP ?* w,rh *? ?"fwion U the #^,10* ?f aprndaotd-airett, aecnre the ao^y that Ota, be wan., d If Mnoolc reralre. Ib? ToU( > f New Toik on .he fth of NWrnh-r next the *"* h" * n,D 00 tbe ^M^ro bank* ?or gcMd. IV crnrw of exchange |? nnw galnat New Vt.ik. larxa aaou ?&d credit* *e!ng nwaarily aeut to tbe Bculh to carrj^be 1 ' uttci crop to gtirope. am thto will gire tbe i tifhetr. back* as eccrinoua power to drain ou ra of ap*oia. Ccderihan* dr iimitttivf wf ??5I!5C?2?i?^ svUjjtbU thirtj days, and a panic thnugb ut the c tl01ry which no bank c*ri withst,?id. The circulation of even 'lie New York banks will n?t be wor?h titi) cent- mi the dnilMr, for the first step tht? 1c taken towards seie-siun in the Soutb will ' rtiik down the ht.<cks of ?V("-y Wta'O, even tin** of tb? Nor'b. aim render i; impotairte to realize them, Trui* the politicians and d ** in * uogties are blind1) turning tiie people to ruin, without a single bop* of redemption. Thk Nj.w Buooju.yk Pakk.? Although tbe act for la) log out a park and par-id? ground in Brook I j u ha* been passed nearly six months, no steps have been taken until recently to carry out its provihiors The delay baa arisen trom the legal difficulties thrown in th? way by cer taiu wards of the city, tbe inhabitants of which were dbsaiisfled with the mode of assessment ptopoted in tbe act. These difficulties, it la now understood will be met by an amendment to the law, wbiiih will be introduced by the commissioners |n ibe next Legiaiature. To the park itself no objection is offered in any quar ter. It is conceded that it is one of the moat urgent requirements of a city, the population ot which alreaoy numbers :.00 000. and wbiob is inciea>ii g in a rauo almost as rapid as that oi New York. Pr i f pert Hit!. tbe rite of the new park, is the Hnest. that could have been chosen for such a purpose. It constitutes a portion of that ele va'ed range selected by Washington for the erection of the earthworks that were to defend New York against the attack of the British, and wbi b would have successfully accomplished their object if the obain of outworks could have teen completed before the attack was made. Fr>m this e levation a magnificent panoramic view extends on all sides. There Is not In the world perhaps a spot which offers greater natural advantages tor a park, or wfcich. possessing thei-e advantages, c*n be secured on such rea sonable terms The promoters of the enter prise are tbnefrre right in puaoing it through hetore the r tptd advance of buildings in this direction retders the value of the land t>o high <o Justify i s aypropiiation to such a purpose. Tbe I oundaiu s of the park, as fixed by the ac?, me as follows:? It c immcncea at the toter rection o< Warren street und Washington ave nue, runs tl ? nee southerly alon/ Washington avenue lo the city linn at Montgomery street, thence Soiiihwesier y in a straight line to a P? int one tbotinHiid feet easterly in a a rai^bt lin? drawn from tbe intersection of Niu'.h it' set v, itk the city line, theuce to the Intertec ?hnof the ci'y line and Ninth street, then oe ?orihwesUrly along Nin b street to Tenth avenue, tbtnee northerly along Tenth avenue to tbe noitherly s'de of Third street th> nc? no nb westerly along Third btreet to Ninth avenue, tber re northerly along Ntnth avenue to Fiai bush avenue. thence akuig Flutbush avetue to \ underbill i. venue, thence along Vhnderbili avi nue to Warren street, thence eatt erlyal ng Warren street to Washington uveaue, at tbe place ot beginning. Tbe spa ;e bounded by these lines is as diversified In surfaoeand in tegetatl- 1 as any spot containing the satr e area can posfihiy lie. Nearly lu tbe centre lies the Lew distributing reservoir, from which a com manding view ia obtained of the cliies of New Yoik mid Brooklyn, with their million und a quaiter of inbatd'ants; th* Inner sad outer har bois with tbeir fleets of ships and ste mien, and L'aiit lelalad and the Atlantic, stretching far awity Into tbe dlr'ance There is no other point near tre city where the same extensive and tlchiy vat led landscape spreads before the eye. W ltbwi tbe pai k Itself a succession of beautifal wooded bills at d broad. green m-adows, Inter speried and there by a catural pond of ? -tor, ? Wer leaiun s of atuticd.-u which require but small aid f?om art. Unlike the Central I'a? k. the (ironkl) n Park will have the imme ?Mate I <it ft of she I let i d drives, as nearly one half tbe area selected Is wooded by trees of la-ge growth, composed of oak hickory, maple. *o?wood and chestnut. A fine, level space, Miittib'e aiid almost ready for a parade ground, ?nd sheltered valleys, where every ries:rlption ot plan's and Wees ma) be cultivated, complete ibe advantages of the bite to judiciously and frottdsntl) selected. It is to be hoped that these beautiful natural ?endues will not be spoiled by the intrusion of tor n ai.y architectural crotchets. Th ? Brook lyn people will rpate their money and c%ln a rvpiit?iicn fur taste by avoiding this besetting ?in ot tbeOlMral Paik. In the selection of Mr ?g?ert L. \ iele as their chief engineer the iltGt k I) n Con mi-si.jiter? huve exercised a -ound discretion It was this gentl-man who t> ade tr,. flrrt p*scs of tbe Ontral IV k. and If his id# u? bad been carried out in full, instead of 'n part many of the eirors would have t>e?n avoided that bave led to such a useless bl| extravagant expsndlture of money. Mr. \ ielr will now bive an opportun ity ot provlrg tbe merits of his perfected pUas by placing them in this new work in juxta position with those of the Central Park Turn CoNOnr.^ioNAi. Nomination A Good ffxftvrtjr? hme r*j??atMU) poiotrd out to tb? rtlflerent partita rppo?ed to Liucolu'a election ?be folly of ii >tkii ir three or four different noml nit'ior* for Cnugre** in ?acb district, and tbui divid'ijMhe atitiptb of the opposition. -which ah? uld be re1lpimi?.ly coirMnrd ia or.lrr to de teat ikr republic** c?idld<?te. It w?uid be a OV-tful ar d n*ham>'ui thlrfr to we tVa great rrtutrierclal cot *r? alive oirtropoll- aonrtit.g - bo) I tic n d ettibera to Ourirret*. Ye'auch will b<? irTi hble reeuU If tlx- coateuiptiM" bicker ii '.?* ai d ici-ane HTtlil' n of aome of the f?o ti? liiatt of the d?*iiH>craUc |?:*rt j be not cm*hed c i ? by tbe pood ?cnae of the p*oplf Ne a?-f* very *'ad to p?re*l?? tht. the people r.f the Klybifc district havr followed our coua ?f 'a. and ttat two of tbe rpp' Itloo cantld^t** hate retired from tfc? field. thn? l?s?lng It op?n fi r a fair fljiht between at,p|1tl?nl?rn nod con f r*a'i?ir*,tbefK?T'e? f wMrh r*nt?o* bedotiMful. Tbe ?*n e p?- Itcy ahould be Adopted In evrry Cotptf?Mot>nl tftetfirt in tbe ci>y. Tbe caodi da'? who wctild divlrt* the opposition forces la w? rn* than a Mneolo nan. aud de*crrea to be d* feated. Hllllaai*bai? <??? / Vi*a<-<> ? 't riiaaynigM tfce H*' mw to a t*wv la Saotb f!tta ?rw?e?, TMrtl at^M, t* kwri rwtra or mi0tr. ^ fatarwr U?? Lrmat a la tf*. M'aaraiiae ic?.k j>i wpsaaa waa ana aur- .af erar a man krtt^Miai a rar ' <r. % a fr, ? kh al.c u."?l . < u ??foot* lat i h? bn<!f . Ua wa* tko * a.vaita ?rft?a??3 or btaarn.* I ??d, aud oUrr | ?r1? 1 f I ta-ai* a> ?fce aa> wmtpam Ht i?n p. n? i, M *arua ae?l if ?a?t Uw ? %*!.? * ifv Mr* Hftlnrw wt< l^ml )ntc ?te waa arrwcaad Ir ti ?< p.'i*. .*) f ' all >a*al lai*nl|ratr. HalW Kuu?? ?w?>? ?)aui"<i' frr-* ,.r w--> r a re?we, ?m aa Mi itU imi iimwim i> . ???# W^ ' '? ^ NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CAIKAL AdmlaiaitkilM lad the B??eaeti?l HMMiM-Oeaian of Ota. M *??r '?? *"? la ih* It mm Jmmm >*?" "?*?1 I'ruiuutliiBt, At.., (Wc. Wamukotum, Oct ST 18u0 ?' nw >m of tub ruauiiyr'a rtjuirioii " 1e lital hope of tbo Duion," vrllw a diatluli/Ai)! JoulLeru whig who ?ouirod to Beory Clay tbroigb goo< and eril report, sod to whoa the UM Utter wmteu a Asblaud by the lb en d? leg palri >t was a Urease!, "u? li the coi>? realism of Mr Bucbaiaa." Ackaowlelged b] tl.o c >llt'D 8 alee to l>? the de render ot lite equality of tin SUU?, aod or ail ihoae principles which the 3o?lt repards U efcN-ntial to her earety and wolfbra be will bare t <u tar or tb? Hum that coa UD<l>late aiceeeiun, aod fell appeal* will save tlx Union, ?bile l hi in" o' ? I'reaidaat who o:(U bare raeiat ed wltb lens patriotism ani force the aggressions of re publirarlsie would be uo heeded or aooreed. To h it olbei civic triumph* the Prcalffnl now adds the gljry of thi pru? pertive Facilitator of a land other wiea rest wlU teuda or per bap* crcucbed la go-e. tub vioa r?JHtl>uf'a rocrrys The A'ti/v /y aiats*mjtn, puolisbed at Uctlofton ant Mr. Brick luriugu'n nrgao, declares ta ipl a lea1!/, ? *?ili aotjuililj teceaaiou u|mq Lmcoio'a election, but it ialdli to talk of ? Uotou ot foros. Mr. Yauoey at lies logton did not aak Ktutuiky U> cut h r lot will Alabaira. Be coLBi-lled t>o courae U the oast of Uu ooin's election; hut K.utuJty must atani hy h"r prla cIpl'R If ?b? wou'd be Instrumental la prevention Ui< States 8o\-lh of ber from rtvuluil'O " TBI rutflTIOH or XHCKBTAHY COBB Tto rickieaa aspersions u(?ou toe ptwilitiu of '.be Srera tarj of the Trca&ury b your qua llaterai coaUmp >rar; galu do credence bere U- ?aa the Uuion Candida* wbt a hi- was eler.iel goveroor of Goorgia, In tbe d?y that tried men's soul*. To reak-t sectional aggress)!-* t true Uolooiam To aubinit thereto la lb < Barest road ti overthrow Hr Cobb'a aatbeet > nia, and bis proa- n pa ? It on vindicates their own otnisisienoy and pati l?tiam. *aa daaa or can luicvrr The Secielary of War, In his co'snnialoatt-m to lien Harrey to-day, In regard to bis co iraa In the .Sao Juu affair, although be consures law for disobeying tbo or ders jf Geo 8ooii,J>et, In consid< ration of hut vaijaWi aerrlcus and of hi h:gh tttitcalmo of his curat, tor a a soldier, be Is disposed to be iigbt la bis censure. Usbl Harney will remain la bis foruior position to ihn army U Le de*lr?a It fe will be allowed leave of absence f" sevtrai mootot, or will be ataigued to oae of tho de parimeuU. HA vat raoM nowB. Tfce following Tasscd Ml i*bipii?ii btre b?eo prtmo^ot t Uaslere, Id liue 01 prouot i-u, fi-om th 21 h of OjM ber, 18W ? Fiaocls 8 Wtke, Juot-ph ?" Ai- xindtr, 3fa ry D ToOd.Jaa M Prllcteu, Kt?ard Terry, C'a*s J Giaves, F. M But-cc, t?> rcu Wnaoo, H<-nry B St<elj,| V NsNatr, J oho W K J y. rbo' B Mills, Arthar K Yates, CU'be Merchant. H 'bry W Miller. TUB tB>hCB otnci. Wl.iltt the general i UaraoWr of the apjwleimeatl il dt pariRKutJ a ^tbhii glon is, aid lor yea/a put hJ been, ol the mi?l uLSali.-fiusiory deecrlpti mi, c ix'pnael a they are of bai<g(.soti of po>-> i*u# for the i> st pti who have no eur;ul) i lmmr betuiid tbelr pov. rty au ItfOt.miHiii;;, so w< , 1*1 toaee that lb; S-cetfyi tin IlI rinr hea iui ?> >' a a. ark fit txpr.-t ctnctl I this r<+[<ct id tbj eo.rtrictioa of tue c bunau Id bis i1 p*rtioti. ? Ibe c-nsia offlv The head of the ? fli ro is a geuilt toti laro-?ir kc wo as a StatirliC ai: . Rod who w -u) api- 'in'. d, c Irooi poHtloal cao?i?, but bicaure ol hi* pecull q ul OoatloiiS for the p ?t, and the clerks aro ouly t poiutcd after a riK'd erau tuat oa M?oy o the ?iv casta for ci?rk*bi| 8 Is tlil> bun au have been reje I' d, i though backid up b> it ei" at pownful pollii ?l lulij. o Tbe result will douoiiuti be luu fonoUiou of a ban-au oducaltd ai_d loUilg?bt uieo, ?hoae laMii all rcfl credit vpnn tV gorcrcuit-Dl Cue of tba nin?t la> "ita aod un ful outita o' a gorerovo n to |>rorlde acc<ir? statutloa rf >be g-<>f in and wealth of tbe cojatry Tai form the basis npo0 whx l. commtrciJ evle-pr,?o c alone ioteMlgrntlj c ?l<n.l?ie rj<'l yet, tip to tba prr? < tlnw , the I'uiltd M Ua l astxi-a far beblud most f ur peao p trroui : ta In tbe character, acooe and re<lat>IH of tbls ( :ira ol iLf.-rmalloo A bursas of statistic* abou be a permaoetit e*v?bii?bm?ijt , and It Ir ow-li-i l. um l care wbicb Is b? itig taken le t'?e eooHtrurnoa of ilie O Bus offlcc, llial its Inij" rtia-oe ia Lot underrated 19 t -ecrelary of tbc Interior. 9|???<h of Htrtiktl V. Joftaion at lllrt * Vn K!cnvn*tt, Oct. 27, ISM Reractx I V. Jobnnn lyokl fc< rv toaiybt Ue atti lbs I tithe wto tort til lu <.|>j ?< Omgiaa were lUe abloiittte? teat tlM> true DalM** iliiuju.) acre tti> alo bonUkkt! f?ot, 1*1 ? (eat ibe d.bga ?we t lt li.did frtlb iLc liovtlt ? D. V ry wvi or I <> * trr< iib.e Itcl DkMliI;, tig'irtil-ta of pneolpie. Tm v (tLia d?lrg ?tk>a \ cu J DTi> fiv? n it met for H iiur, I tl.. jr tbrttfej ?i?oiC .'1 l(u Ir ?tq<ilr?opt:oe in thr ?ou( platform, ltd t? w?? bud faith to their |)iil Di. rrgad Mid a<1r>|4 Br?ctii>rW|r *- th >lr DoaUti . B<' | ? MtUrjt of tbr <'.ia>ioo coo. prom m, u cwlnW J C. Cuihouc arc Ml Mr. C'r/ton, to *tr?h Mr Mi rtfened in bit upr b la liar Hium, Hr tail t Alabama, In l#>6, in Uit *?ti *?l i*>r ? puttsii J .u. imid ilIt' ?? iiilua a? a tint f?a mm, w ber eoe|> rt ut lit. laa, wl.tle Virginia, tu lti< raun Uuurctlioa thro $tt P mi'M.utof b?r ? < B *1 ''rmtndi I ao I I ? a!*rrt Una ? ,.ii. Hr m-'tid Ui* i ji.;.i >b af Huui r It, ih? li fa?or of lite power mt Temw to tefa'aw >Ja? -j la iheir ova <ra> n>air u>ued that U>t & u". icqi4i i scd Ia lb j i Tl?), atvll a* Mr Hi <-b*a?c, Mr. IK nklu.-|>* aoor|>laerr a f l In DiirtBaiioe at CiaetuaU |.n> ^roia Ilc< . ttnanrj, wbirb tb? cntotrj wIM d,> a|> slate. Be con H i*1 ?l ?i tb atria* alter facte ia f t*ri Ui? M'.aaoort cwipmnlKi. lUir Dtlwtra Clara rtmpl* aaj Otoi M Pklclxe . Ow*ir*,Ocl at, IK raee b?nrrra tte ? l<-br*tea l?ir?? Gn-r Pairhet aid Flora rimp'c, nnr Ike Wbite 1 tti* Fafb, at Crtr r% , r?.ilu<d aa Mh>?*. ? Tue tr?t flora T?n>|>le wtm li> 1 12 f?icb??i 'radio* to lh* >J (i-ttlri j*>l? foor I* Bf *b( la a^rat'- ??. and I"*'. thrt>?u,( a tboe Is iae am q urtfr I't'che;. wan m r.<*,d beat uttf, Flura Cj* tb'rd tiMl la 1 10 Pat lluta ui Ow lv<j-th brat. \oe$ bra r/ lra< I he L?ita|li>n aad Mt. (.??*? Itallrn 9 Pt l/>rw,Or.i IT, l? 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