Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1860 Page 5
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below Second. Tue lumn werw ooulned lo Wrj eel's*, oeoapled by Patterson B?.ult"n fir ton of notion. Tbe upper stories were by Charles Tote, 'm porter of argon vod wines, aod Krai cia Trus, importer <.f colke. Tbe toUi ices ta i'M) (MO by Are anl water; Uu ured. Death of Commander Handera, of the Navy. Nobtulk.OH 27 1460 Commander John L. Haulers, of the n*r> , diei here on Frltey. Boatheri Ocean Steamer Hortmeatii B4Ya*maji, Oct 21, 1880. The screw steamship Mount Vernon arrived at the bar at Ire o'oiock laat eveuitg. Mark?U> PHILADKUUl* SlXtCS BOiBT), I'HII ?I'KU*HL? Oct 27 1M0 Stock* heavy. Pei.D?> otuit wiate ?s, #6, Heading Ball road, S0K , Morria Ctnai, 60; long Island R?ilr?ud 1IK; P'-nnxj Irauia R?IU >ad, 88*. ?'*hl exchange at Mr a 1 20 per cent premium. Moaaa. Oct 96. I860 Cotton? HaVs to nav 2 fOO bsles. at llr for middling Ba'Mof idf ace* 14 "no bal.s. Receipt* or tb" woe*, 14,166, ae*lo*t 20 010 I) *.iea?<-d receipts at this port to day. 86 600 "ale* Kspo'ts of the weak, Id. 000 bales Stock, 100, 2W7 bale*. Freights aod exoba'ge unchanged OuKiJC-nn.v, Oil.. 28, 1S80 Cotton Arm. Sale* to day, 8,0Co luka. I'sii Aiiairiiu Oct 2T, 1880 Floor dull: miperfloe $5 75 a $8 W'imti qui-t at 11 40 ? 91 60. red, SI 86a$l it, n>ru noil. Provision* quiet: mass poik, $19 6i>, i iino, $ 4 60 Whlskuy dull aud He. lower: sales at 22Hn * U' ALB**Y, Oct. 27?1 P K. Fl^or dol! and rs'eaMe In *ib%ii i,u >u ly (lorn dull Oai* 88'4'n tor -tta e: ??'??? 16 010 bu, li-l* Barley active; aalea 40 1(0 buSDei* at 70 1 lor Si?ie four rowed, 8'o for good, and 86c. lor c So lot Canada West Who key, Brrr.iU), O-it 27, I860 Flour rteady. Wheat rtnli ami be?vy : rai*? " o*.0 bushels Canada club, si 17. 8 C*>0 buehels r-d winter, ?1 16 Coin stead) : saint 12,010 bushels at bi^c, a 68; Canal freights cul an- lu*t-i? lSc on whim ?ud ll^i on r?Ta to New Y.irk. Imp ru ? 14.000 b?>i? ll?ar, 46,000 bti*hel* wbowt, 8 000 r?u?h?is ooru a;id I li00 OohU elb r) e Kxporta? 104 000 n?*tw-l? wneat, 16 000 Otubj's corn, 10,0C0 bu*Uel? oata mid 6 ooo ouenels barley. A>uiy laUUl|cact< Tbe War Department has earned ordors tobolsiued, direction the troop* tow stationed at Fort Lir-cd and the three companies of the First oaralry sUtlooed at Fort Wise, to be immediately withdrawn to Fort Riley, there to remain for toe winter. Major Oilee Purler, t nuta artillery, ii assigned totem porary, duty at Fort RtLdall unt 1 next sptiug, who.i be will proceed to Gamp Fioyd, Otab, th retojjin bis regiment. Major Henry Prluoe, Pay Department, is astign?l to duty at 8t. Paul, Minnr^ota, and directed to pay th* troops henceforth stationed at Furls R'.dgely, Ripley aod Abercromble Lleoteoart S. H Pi loam, norps of Top*gr*i hieal En gineer*. is aaelroed t > duty iu ihe Office cl Ex ^ .oratious an-1 8ur ?<?>?*, Wwhiugvm, (i C. iU)?bull, ?iitiuian liu({ a portion of lb 1 Fifth iofao try stationed ?t for< Pai.atleroy, Mew M'-xico, makes ?n oSlciaJ report In the War l"eii*r i:i"Dt, sun. g ttiai oo tbu 18th Of depteinbur, aoo >i three oY.ioe.kt' 4 , a haul of mounted Itniaes. (V?v?j *s.) uia .? a d fp >i?t attack oo bis command. aui al o 'ii'fmpied to run i If tbe mule and oxen herd, whieb waa itruziuK iu toe vicinity of the fort Toe iDilaos were y*il?i.'iy remilind b> tl" lew troops Which Wujor Roes> II r<ad ?t bis eomniaiid. b t a'terwa'd* returned, nav tog beet. ronifi>rjeii,aodreuea>i-'i ibe attack. They were att'o rtp Igod with s> vere l?a*. b it oo ac ooont ot tbeir being iioo uo their h-irsea tueir lo?? uoul-t not be accurately ?/c ru imi Maj irK r< i >hu its 1 ? One sergeant arid dee privaW * pneurely wimndet with *r row i, six mil es carrte nil *01 live wouudco. with ooj os and om cow kill' a wuh "ali 'be cd? j? 'ere pqrgned some three ml es, bat c inid rot he overtaken, as tney erere on h irsebai k aui tb? Iroop* dtsin mnted. Ctuy>T R speaks in a T>ry ban< some roaiiner rf the gallautry dltplayrd by in* oomataod, out r. truii e*joed lngly his Id?')I>Hv of f"iio? ng tn? lud aos, nat bartoir besa Iprc perly, provided with a sufficient na-obtr ot boreee. Tbe enotract for trersporttog flee hundred and flf'.y re emits aad twenty ottioers fruru this nit> to faala< oia au.i Brazos Hantiago, Texas, bavlug ?eeo award, d to Oi ita u G. BarrU >0, be has etiarlertd the steauiih'n Star <rf tae South Ibr that service. The departure Is llxcd for tha morn tag of tbe 31*1 lost. Vk? Blanket U?rMin-I?port*iit De ruiou. Before Hon. Judge Nelson anl a Jury. CNITgD (*T \TE3 CIRCCtT cor nr. Oct JT ?Ch<ut, Jay d lieu rt Augus'tu Sckt'l ? TTil* action which ?m conclu c t to 0*7, ?.i broght to re cover the difference between the duties or Gfteon an. A twenty four per cent, which latter rate hat been ewtod by the Collector upon no In voice of certain maouf ictnree of wool, styled m the entry aud invoice Gentian Bian kats. The Tariff net of 1848 arranged artldoe In schedules. In schedcls C "manufactures of wool not otherwise p o rldcd for" were charged with a daty of thirty per cent: and tn schedule K, ??blankets of all kinda" ware charged with a c uty of twenty per oent. The Tariff act of 18*7, retuolng the daty on Imports, provides thai the articles eunumera>ed 1a sobi'ulo Vol the ta?lfl act of 1846, should, ?fier July 1, IWT, pay aduty of twenty-four, iLSteed of thirty per cent, and th se ?outreraud la scb< dole K should, after the same date, pa* fifteen lostoad of tweets per cent. the plaint ff? ontitondetl lb>i tbey were entitled to en ter it g ?,os tu q.itstiou at the rate o Alteon p r oeu., aid submitted that lb?t question tn be decided w*?. Whether ihe articles 11 question were blankets, a* com ?strcially known at ibe c at- of the Tariff act of 1<U7 Judge Nt- 1? d b? Id that there na?t b?e<t n? rooonrtrtHv tlon of the firlff a'-t of 1*40 by thai of 1857 lbal ttie latter act did not <-ha> ge the leg<l oprrati >0 of t'.e fcr iner, but operate 1 a* a mere. redact 00 of tbe <1 iticn pro Tlotd for In It; that tie p aint (Is met'., Mtrtf rs, c ?uUt.e their trulmr r>? to a itoe at aal previous to ti>? pa*s*ge Of toe Tariff act ot 1M4 The plaintiffs tben i-alul Are or ait wltuecve. m?r ohatts ur.4 cloitiiera. la po?e that ihe atltcies In q let tluo were c >moicrciali> Iluo.yu as bl uiaeta prluf to the art ot MM Two wi sn?? on tbe par', of tbe gorern urnt ti-s'i Vd that tbe aril !j la <1 ?esto*, Nfc?r? tie Tariff nr* of lltfl. *?as import' d in puce ..! thirty or fi>riy yan'g, ai 1 a'l that time I' oatnc In ibe shvc of a pair ? h a li'is, earl as tbe Importers proJur?-l lu (x <ir<; but that tns a'Uela la bclb was ued nitlaly fur Uac maniiia jlurv of overcoats Urn Jury Teeing retired nndar tbe oharfe of th? Omi fetenrd talo o urt ant stated that tbe. were unable to Sfrrt e. Tbe lodge, at thei* requ. ?t, agi.a ci ??<?? tbern that If th?,j belle too that tbe article In qiieatloo bad bt- a ta? parte! in Ita poaeci form with a Oretga I > evade tue legal daty ta cloths. I oat they sbooid Qa I for in' do ? Csadaat The jmrj again retired, and, being aaable to agree, were discharged ii nil Mnodar It ta uactretooo that ei< veu of the J or ore were la favor % Of a verd ci lor the uUector M V. B W'koxson, *-? steal felted Rtatre Attoraey, Iter tbe C'oiicoter A. W Urlsa-utd for Ibe Importer Raptrler Ooait? Umeral Term, Prraent, all tbe Jadgea (?nr. ST <%?aorr 8 HmiHct rs. Otmtlim \'ctn-Ur*iU. ?To be re argued. Raprtma teart^lpulal Terra. Before Hoe Judse l<eoaard On. Ff' <***4 tthert M. Ms if. M orr tnJ aOmt ?An order may be entered stay lag proceedlacs td plaintiff antll tbe dicls' a of tbe appeal, upja dtlcnJ WHa givtag seceiity for paya?at ef the roe IS of ihe avwel by oadeitaklre la the aim of $100 and sy sllp itatug that the teeiie m ?be arttoe In rwae the de-'?i n eh ?!l v> a IB 1 mid. at d defbeeaeto rbaii ar??>r astd shall be dated Urtober S7, 1840. Costs of tbe m ?tl m, 810, t > abide the a rent n* fr^j '' 4<- .a? f?* re'o'i mrf A*' I M tin WO- I Ifctet Jfi?.?r tonim,r*t if , of A>? 1 Judg e^nt f * 1 ree poe< ei t ot. in* nt?' 1 tr to ua relora tu tbe altoraa I tlve mandsn.iis, ?Mhtets, At The "MI lee nf th, pttu'fn nf fTmrit'tit 4y- it rr?n ' U'ntr t?f n ''*?> J IthnvUrr A<frm ? W%rrat.t d<Mha(g<d , at 1 the rb 1 r? -t" <-i ?<? to? re?o ed'M Bt tejrd K /-."H* w J-ihn H tt trray - Moll t Ifrasted ( ocpaya-er tol the oat* u" dlebufecsseSH of ibe ti la 910 ooeu ef oep"**a^ ? r o let f^awAna A llrr" "no t-.krr 1 rs t#w K H'sfdAjsi ? ! Mot lor. dtnle 1, with 810 rrete W oppnsiig Tlta Vwte s?s Praeeylvanla *0 TBI IMTt'B fr TU? nra VI.D Pen ai>si pais Oct 37, 18^ tu your article (editorial) cnuiaia>d in jca'e - lay's Its Maui, competing Ihe recant vote fci Meveroo* la IV nsjl van la with that for t'reeld.otial siedtora is IjJ'J, ft??i ap pear to asatma that the wht|.- of tha aau l4a<wi? Votj la thWAtale was cast fr.v Vnater. tbe denneratl-! ran lidat* foe Bortruor. Kow, so fbr Troin that tu trr ? t 'act. It is Mtartoas hera that many thousand Belt ar, I Evtetl men lacluding the Major and other prominent et-asnvat vn?, voted fi r Oarttn, Ihe People s? n< t the ab< lil oe? eandi dale for Oovsraor, aad ?b > will at the easutag tieet >? ?Me tbe artt abolition I ineoln electoral Ik * at: aa1 aneh la Ihe reea throegboat the Mate rertta, the aad lar I* rannlitate, was vou? lor hy in'>esaada wh<? o< aplas c<>ln and hie c at>' IStloalste as u. uc i as they Oreelay.rred fbngls^ ? On Tarn ti your otee of lata an 1 c <mpare tbe vote m tbe people's 'trhrt IpOoVWh ' w|>h that -aal f,.r rrerHeat tl Mgctets in Novi aibar of the same jeer Cornrsoe, t..? people's Candida's f r Otnal OWimtsa <?>er, reaelred 810 111 vetM la Oeu, bar, aad Ma Peemaet electoral ticket ta Novrmb r oaly raoai'ed 147 *la, pntiog thai u ~u, aa now, acs> 1 f the wbo'e oppueiMro vi te was ^>aateel oa ?hair local reed i?a tea Them m?y sot be as geeatad'ff-eaee bal e?-a tbe vote m the ocp ?t'l'<a rna*e astd natioeat ttrassa aa tbere *a< M MM, bat flfiy par oaatuf that difl--eoe? ?tu be sassgb ta dalhai Ltaceta; an ' re y apoe it. Ihe aoaearratue Mlaad Kweeta trwte *< t reaeh t*e Utwee that gt*aa hy thesn at the reeeat ei <-tka> or F^ater, the deuio^ratic aaadidal' A OCKHN, Kit IVTOT ?t!f CITY POLITICS. Thi Prti.Bi PwIum mt ?*? 0?MW"lo,#' A iuua|M 4*H* Hc|>Bklli BM-Vha KUtMkU Ai*?b?jr Dhirlci, 4te. Ihe politician* have boon eaoeed njly *>u?f during tba last ?tili. itfte'tlly oter Coi,|n*?l<*"' buMw, mi. w? a?e able to rccord one or two change* In IheOuigreaaioaal caiid Irtalc*. Tbe Bgbt la the Talrd dlatrlot U waxtag wars* All tbr?e of tli? candidate* are workitg with great aeal, l aiotl li, poaurs and banner* ara upon every cudo', iuiu the three curat red battle promise* to b* Ua. mo* I lute restirg one in any ol tbe dtaUtcta In the city. Thomas J Burr tin* declined tbe Union pvty noa?laat'r?n in tbe fourth n'jtrlct, leaving only three candlds'ea la tbe Held there Many of tbe loading democrat* of the district who supported Mr. Barr for Stole Sonalo- , aa wed a? for a representative at Washington, 'eel diasatbflsd at bis course. Ilia friends, we understand, are go Ing (/>r Mr. Kerrigan, tbe Mozart nominee. Tbe battle la waxing warm between Kerrigan and T%wney? the former but r< eelved iho endowment of the Union part/, an 1 tbe chance* are In bia favor. Tbe f ifth dlatrlot antl republican*, we believe, have rot concluded mak;cg tbelr nomination* yet. Tbe demo craoy at the prcacnt rate will bare about two doien caa d'tctln the Held before election. There t*, therefore, firj proapoct of tbeeUctlon of tbe Utorg* I.?w furry republican candidate. The tlglit bet warn the polt'lciau* and the people In tbe 8Kth district i* itlll kwl up with It* former * Igor. Mr. Cochrane seems to be drawing to hi* cippnrt the bulk of the democracy, tearing Mr CI unler, tbe Tammany nominee, only a small portion of tbe German*, with ahem be is spending a greater por tl >n of bis time. Should Mr. Cochrane carry of! the prize over the combined tfTirta of the trading politician* and barrioo. clique* of the district w ho ar e array ed a? miut blm, It *11; be really a triumph worthy of tbe man. Tlie8eretlh district has presenleti no improvement* ? I do Wolfe and General Elijah Wtrd still rdtnaic In tbe Ueld. It was at one time reported that George Brig{* bad declined, but ?e understand that be is aga'n in the field. Mr. Wolfe seems to have many ardent sup porter* among tbe military of the city, arising from his connection with tbe publication of tbe book giving an account of the removal or Pruidvut Monroe's remain* A compnmiae committee >n tbe Fig'.th d'jtrlet met at tbe Astor House, i.r.d after t?o lergtuy ses elors united! tbe antl republican strength in tbat district by dropping both Dr. Bradford and Mr U?r rick, and o.'lng Isaac 0. Delaplalue. Mr. Isa^o C D>laplalnc Is a son of l(r. J. N. 0 lapUite, who died a few jears tinoe quite wealthy tie reeldes In Fifth avtrue and 1* repotted to be a millionaire I* a lawyer i? profession, but ha* never b'.cn crgigod In ae.tlve prac tlce; btsalwt)* b< en a doaocral, but never cane^ed in ary form with tbj party machinery , audi* . ippo??d to ttand well ? ith all wings of the party, never baviug placed himself In an obnotloua attitude to eitber H- I* ebort, stout built, baa a abort neck, foil face, and florid coinp.tilcn, with utmtctakeable mark* of a good liter. Ha* ltd mostly a social life and Is doservelly popular. Canbefftn almost any eveuing at t'ue Tlfj Avenue Hotel talking, with a cigar In hi* mouib.jet never fmtklrg He Is about fort) fire y-jsr* <'f ar? aod ?ever held any *0ke. The ohange seems t> bare cats d ccnslderahle grumbling among tbe nae gem rn I ahotil Tun a an j Hail, but that ?1U in ?k? but little d ff< r etc the '-Old C...1 Bole" no longer has any piarer, and no pe< son thinks of looklrg to see wb*t Is going on lu i the rid Wigwam eiopt it be a few trading politicians who clirg to tbe tecial.awks acd scalpirg knlve*, think , itg that s< me favoraule clrcunsslaico will turn ud which j will give them an opportunity to carry tff a few scalp* and otherwise share in tba public plunder. TLe Assembly nominations are *t>ll being made, up ward* of eighty are already la tbe acid, with a fair pros pect of there being enough nominated to **oil tbe uutu her to one bun<*rrd. The Union and couierrnllte pariy la tbe 8<xte?ath Assembly district, we understand, are aboat to bring out Thomas N. Oarr? a resident of tbe Nineteenth ward, and well and fkvorahiy know* In the district. lie would make a moat euellent legislator f ?r the true interest* of the city. TltlKn C'OKOIUlo-IOVIL DISTRICT KATIFIl \T10N ' Himm. The democratic I'd Ion elector* of tba Third Onngre* F local district, lu lavor of It xJ?ioln Wood fo- Congreea, ? III b< Id a grano lai.Ocatlon meetiDg at the Fi'th Ward Hotel on Tuedajs evening neit Hon. VernaBdo Wuoil and oihrr emlnetit c rator* win aaoresa tk? (.?jotlcg Ptiiunai iautli||(iic?i Hod. Fnralio ee. woar, ol llama; J W COapli, of i A'"?bv. B. W 8j k aid"'* aud parly, of Baltimore; tad I, W Bantam, of it*- ( in led 8 la let arm/, aru a topping at tbe t*i Ni? h"ia? llrjti I UMffll VllUaaM *! <1 wife, of Haltlamre: Rev. H 8. FV.-n aid wile, of tan I raanaco; J. UatilB aad J B'uo n< li, both ol Milwaukee, art aupplog at the Brrroort Buufa f a plain (i'f no, of lh*? I'al'e J Wiln narf ; D Wnlbrldga, O* K cheater; Johb Ma'thani, of t uf and |l K'luaoo.of M, M wfounoiaix U R Hakrr. of Taiaa, aud C T P.?ee? I ai d party, of Bjaloa. are atoppiag at the I if ?Ii atcac* H?ta>i Cut Wi kipa and I leut MifViok. of Weal Point ('apt Aporrmaid d?n?bttr, of Ni warb frarcia Mndley, of 8. ?U'p aro l>- Pa w, ff Saratoga 8, 'fir ga, a*-* aiopptag : ai Ml" I' I MS I'larr Roll I JmlfC I'M. CO, ol HllaankXi L'. ,'ant?on, of Ohio J. ib<>a |?"o ai l wife, of Ubi", and H tlaiiUct, o' Nil 1 >ii-< w err atuocg Ibt arrlaaa at lb* Laiarge Boua? | jertetray n >>.-11.11, Jr . of Mra John flakc-rand family, i f I'M a>i- 'pula; X. C Ord, u( apuHawl; B Jnoaa. of New V?.? k. : ? 8:.ilrr, of hl'atl, a* ? f. C *r*.? ard faro'ly, u< PulrVId are Flopping at the I 'arendoa Hotel. W T. Oarro.i aod fatally; W H Willi laa ao<! w'.frt, J C n ml. to?. ! K l^?h,'?Bfl F. D. Clear? . of Waabing ton, 11. t\ ; I ?UI. <*" 5* tarrnU ai d H BenMXl.Of tho ri.Kd M t*e ain-j : I T. ??! A'al-ama C O W><*1. rf ladlaav 1. W. Rarrta and wife, ol Aaton atd ! . R < barda ar i la-, j , ui Ji> m On loaua, at a atopplug at the rr>p?.|>t?p Hon I th. W. f, |ir<-?fh, tbr well Ivowa theatrical ?g-ut, ?ad laeoi ita haa*<> < f li r airr da>?. ban n. ? o lying oaniia roi'?l>'|il f r anB.0 tibia peat, at b>? rralacone lu Bro *? ha. I.ittlr b>'iie waa eutttiaiprd of bta recovery a fa* *> cka atoce, but if w aow fionvab-an* .1 Rant|railua a* llaytl. fftim Ui N O Pwayau' . ix o-brr 1 ] Tre en/grati. a to th* lalaad a? tla> ll, or tn. I'lia'.ogo, of free ewkweo ir ie ttla *1 ??, it Int nwnaeacat oil a 'mail anaie aa* wit# Irrrjata It} , ba> aaannted ?a no etiewaaa ik?(hiiI?h? mm* l'n>u)>ai Mcfrem't (rorere raei.t r*ia>?iatuit on Um aoiid tiaai* of ia? a..i u>itrr,bM made taown tr tl- t>iark pMK(H? of tbia e?i try vbe truiti'u'eraa o? It* prnvtaea and ta? a>B-riy of ita iieelre tn inaitny facility to tbe eoilfraot ?i", la re(?f?, r>rrwel-> Raytl ble labor aoo ca^l'a hi# iadaatrl'Mte h? hi ta aad tt-fpeaa for tbe >awa, eqilr ?' lt> bta roaftant oot lar.t wi b tbe whit* iwoi>i< o' tbr ttoutn, ie a ? .M, hie ?? fl?'ll?ail<?," an bi'irh ner ^-d by lt?. H<> tleo* (?< Urar I'e a|tat, Mr A Borre, kra nt.d rmlaed la Nar tireaoa, at re be bu r<o'llaiod tbe e?lt*? ot aeaa) o< oi r cit xma by L>a trffrlty, n ? ee* t?e ha>t?r, latelllfeai* tad man? ftr d qaaittica anl ra >??? thereby a cot ?l,*rratioo fir atom o#?f- ' at) 1 tr a orable to him than tbe I aallat traf ri lty aad equality itfvfferM t-> *eu of h-e fare hy We lanaatcal ?b?U I iH>biata<r tba Norib . ha? t? rr i|uit? aunuawlul la or*a nalrg ayet-aaa'!?ally the miimilna aa? baairada of free n.lo <?<' ?amlliee, ?L'pi?<i by hi* can witlite tbe paat two ya^e libra aet lira ?? the ileh I a" da of W\.ti, wb're la*} aow live oajot u.a a Ci-ilb'a. t? m ftil pr m i?rity,acdb IL? li Iih t cr <4 Ibatr ejaaipf rrcianaing that rich eu'l aid inil>ailaf the iidxiru' Haytieti* Wi a I 'a o tadnair) aad eaterpriaa. tbe twet nalemaiaa Ma a ?? I ' crara tlielr 'j -?.ra Vllh'r aa a i>mM? I t al-?ar ihe ? ra! r. t< ia at d baop} nc<al aee abkb art- Rutc to reeult lhrt?fi(n m ne hare loi'ktd a' thie ?fi<'m*rt r.f rw'grat"- or i <ti * .f aa it e.. <t ria tf.< t?o|>le uf Hafil. m ih it eater tt i oietia tn i a 1 1 ivaa a. <i apecuatttK i.,oa >li. amre I c r la"a ra| ?e||j >,i I he negm f?r ee'f p<<a.-ri meni? ?hal i? I I ibr r ? wn baau t aa a- d b<A i > ?? are eiaMDg 'acta r >t . I .l*?rnr?ipg tlx in lint we ipin t t. Kitenit ? .taerj -n , i ?at'nii bn iff t b< me to ar? -?te q.ieet.oa .* tbia ? m' | irratk>a deawahle lur ib < p><i>ie i4 ? ur Siati KaBdwat i ' It la aad tha rame i p rtoo Ir ??it'rlaiped o >,tli?r pu>< ? a ; btberaaih. Nt-w m. ra than eeer tie eoi.ini m Ibe I hla kr Ih rip mteat w ua?a> ta<a.. ?l => * rl -t- to , i artaal ?U?1 Kl.**, ?b h rauta i.a umiinn and I ma* ? a ib< r po#it4M a <k>- aaialat aud aua t nd I t?i.? i he ?ii i? a aaterai f ib> aiaaX aaaer , tb-y are ill . i at eaea aad tliey ciabi l reaae in ha *o Tp< r pla< ?? 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K'lbtPjt pan ateem ih? rrU?nlvm wnb whlrh ??i>ena<-li> I ?'* ' ante of GriiU*a*B'? llaia fur fall and Wirier wear are aotu lit j for If yrm would fc?re a beautiful ard durable 1'at make I lomr VulOum at K8PKNHCHKID t>, Ho. 11H Maaaau tt. j II. H. H.? The Prince of Walea and *IUte At OrBKKT'8 flAI.I.IRY T07 Broadway. Ili* la?t ph'U<ara|b Ink.u 111 America of U>e rrlnoe by !?.?? | ?'e?ire. now (id e?bll lilon Hi i uNic are innixi 10 eiamlne tlila picture, pronounced bl II H II u> be tb? brat e?rr ta??n of him. Ala>> am new. all tb? meaibera ot the rm a' party. 1 1 llM'RIfTU'M H <jK "(IW OCa*. Ualleiy opea from 8 A M Ul ? f M. J. UL'SNBT * Bnl f, I'hotnffraph'c Artlnu, 707 Broadway. ?tolrlo, |IN aad |'4t ? (lent lemen'a Kar a'ahlac Ueoda fBAK^R. fma lAndoa K'.S Uraadway. Kctp Warat a ad Dry. BOOTH AMI) MIOICR, WATER I'ROOr BOOTS, tn IM I MORA I M OR 11 Kill I.AOR ROOIK, fo# ad>ee aenta boy* and cinldraa, alu everjUiian dealra'ile for fail aad wlrio- ?w at ?AuOIl', I7t Itroadway and 150 Fulton araac Btraaala Life Inaarancr rompaay, Ma M Bread e-ay, mwr of Wall areH in oo wiauiRNnoncK, Preaidoat t. icm>Hn IttMiklfa Paotonrapks? Mlalatara to Ula t4?a. laeti.. >.?L IUA& U ? fL.i-1 MiHoK latabllabnd i.tfl aielaaay A s..aa' Urerilraai Oraad ! ai.d Bn u vaa I i. -*? ? are rnralde- wi ibe hrel man'ifafnurrd, j a ? ?* '. iA?4 lur tvr itara * arer??.iiu SS and Wain r ?t. Herrlaf'i I'atent Ckauipliia Klr? aad | >a?glM l*r -7 ra/ea W i*r *4wat , coraer of Harray arte. ?. ? trr*. At KtMI', W1 ?id AN Kuilon Afraat, P ???* aat riaaj rlafc IHrrr all H Ju ki JH 00 Mia-* ud iiM! Kmw O anmaM . . * i? ki in 00 Ala, k ai>J imc) I'iUc a ...... ? (0 lo 14 uO mmm ?ra r?h f Mir" vwt ?tkar OrnmoaU .. I 0? to - a*ak ?k?k fr.?a i m'? 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Wratora atrial <%lJ aa or aMi?aa <on ra> a Omwiiiai tk? 0> ly W ky la kar* ilka I nlnn la to kt | ,<mi lial at M 11111. 3M IMM war Ta Rrtrv N?ik?r H kn llaa t'titlAram ? ""?|liaiM|i'ilaii? lata .n<14a i ui 1 pi >,f a ? aai a?. ...a i?? , ,r tai |.r? 'irtW-? ?, if IM arr ,il ?1 aaia a>hM? Mac l la Ik * way ?? ? *? i*u J S?? at. kr a ra a? ?'? ., aera-io t . tkaata of at wo . kx? a a?i?Hiiai aiAi.p aairif, tor ?? Mara to * Ik? ?al aaaakaaa ul * ? aauua Mbaiiaa liaa n UA ? kali ? aiipp' < .1 aar rrf toa'l "LaallM' B*aaiia?r"-Plkaloa 4b to?* Mkaa Man i mm " toJ ??? all 4" ** it* alirkl Loaiblailaa ' -toa Wkaa ii nakk' toa * mat to '?* * ii*< ?aai|i|tll*a" I* IHtlraa kr all laMaa ' -? m * ? - ? ? **>- ? ? iwl ??maia ?al< kilart * I Taacaar ami llalr t> ? kaaa naiiMtaaa a?r?-aafci?? ai ak ??? aMan' a?w? ?aa? aa?*?M a* ? .r? i ?? i-laM to Haad araak Irlrlatoia'a llalr U|?, W l(a aad Taa -ki ?? iw ? Mai.< a* aa J taMJ ?*?? tka tt* i aaaHaO. I ??w? Hoaar 1rl??|ifc al Art ? I taaraa'i larlalkl* j *mar I'.,*! ?>a ai-4 >-ai kwtka. i>ai?? lapoa I ??'' ? I?ra>wa aMaat Ir.l ri Tka ifa^a aacrBaO oa , Baaaumi taaiaMakaa .talnl'a LtoaM 1 a- aatlAM|IMM m Mtnai an a , tb r ?ai ? ? ii laa to >a> ???a an 11 i ir 1< a i ma- mJ Mf-m Ttt %M *1 Hay n , V raa < toAAtaMf Uaii?> ?MAkiaa lillMWI a- ? ? -4?la? kri nj Ml MM f < > '"?? li ?rr? u!< Miraa 1 n? ai>4 MM Mai, aa at) of ? lira a ac?* Mm a akira at< arrar lana a aaairaa ItoaraaA'a Orlaalal Craaai, H ?>???, i.ilj-. a tar, ?? Mia tow la I* t; iiwMii? aaaara ?? t l. air. aul kiM^Whir ai a7 "ikrniMl Haalial < ara at Haiato, ar K?pt?ra.? P? ? H k aim M a* to a alt aaaai. k <w?af ?aiak * To. ? |twi mil ??i?lli?i MV*' * k. I'kttrrk a? ? ?M ?lin.Uua t tka turgMai >Aa?>aawi (4 k a Hatflaal l.'ar* trva 0MAi lianiai ? Oa MM ir?a> . < ? ml ?r *7, of M-ataapl aa, biiaiu AM-iMiMi, a#ad ft jaara Ikr nlwl r.t a. 4 Iruato Ik* faai"f It rwaracWallt laa lud ka aitaan IM r-.i ara. I in., k> r ItM imu- _aa. Ma. IM bt! laralr li-vrili Hrai aa H.-a'laf ariaraaoa, ai "ar ft t Ii i k tka * aaiaa all k* {takaa la Mr rat ?no" to I ii iwi>?l ? ?tit ? 4 M kr May r? ? tor St Vtatat a . wtM at ? 1 1 ... C l<* I a ?. ?? ta >iu? , # BMMa a t It ta/a IU labiial MM lata ^Moa li.ia <*?i..a> ) a'i- 'a**, al ak a wal, Iraiu k> r lata Mti?i aa?. at Oa i .e ' ? Mrii-i Itr mina a<t m- ..ii 4Urt>* /, ai ? lit* 'I krr MM inf aa<? Ai>faa?u?, k?? rtapart ? i.> ?*??!? t kitlkl 1 mi 'o in at. | ;> ?la i at Waata 1 1 *? Ai. ii, oa t ? i ilal U l-i?a ai toar ??*?, a?Ml ? MMtM AMI "?f* iMfr i a4a an r .. to Mr |ii n ipirlfaily i u ft >i ' U t ?' I'll* ff May . aTlaraaaa al ? aa I'M l, t to IM i? aaaa at Um taraaka, I'M tkmi a?M in* ? ? . i inJ-r 1< Ii ua- Ma ? aak ? i |i frlaa n'l i, it. In'l'i ila f?aritl rra* Cat- | ? ? I i'ikI.i ? i?M toa ik kiMW aai Taa.-iy trM trill, I, ? ( ? I ?) I all. . . m a at laa h'ii i Mt |MWi-aij i.xt?? i i ? ? * <? ? ft, ? iki < ??a>T, ara 1 1 Yt - ?? r??a< k, I It < '?r* a> a IM awiit i , a* j r fiftl ?? ito toa >. aa.i nwam, a I. at to ? |~M l.?t*i I'MiiM IK It?|?ii' J I hflat ta ana It m? a IM '???? ??? ' i oa, to taa |v*> a#?l '?# ('ii.tif) afka- w. ii laa t'aaa It r>a ? >? a 1 1 .to nin il M> IM tat y uaataAry far < *- t- ?? ?- 'nl k" t" Sr a. Ik- i a ' || l .inKMfi a, J' , ?r?4 Rk tiara ll. >1 i ?aatr. ? a ? f i?-?.< i*j., ^ ara rta aaa't ' </ 0 4 la I II I ? r ? ? ?M" K ? #ay afvrt ai a ? ta Ii . ra IU f.mia an*a< . Jar I . ... i* f?'\i tor It, Waar .'i?a lira a? . a^tt !$,?*? II ????*? a* i to ? aia t ? i ir.i i ? *?? gtf 1- taa ii| |a al'i . 1 1 ? f I in ?? aaaaa} I iai u|taai.f'i? 0k> NtokMk lit M*t? a,. T .1. s M?. ito ataaa* a %? . \ irat * ? .trtMk ? Hunt '?? aa laaaa IMMi M fill Ikni ai a M a ? aaa II || r A I ??%?? ti mt.. t a "? t? ?a?,ia<artoi to. **aaaaAt ? ?.?a, M iih nMMt" I ????"*, * tMato?* yar a* at i a^i ? ii. f. a' t m a? >t''iM fkiMlf ara lavtaa la an ?? t ? i mm i ai ii.*| antra, i a m?m ia? raa? ti * ' In ?*. ' ' a fki i k* Alalia aai a * | | |?*I1| tut to M*?*t, toMtfa l ? ' ? i, totti, i?M?a M Mt'ia ? a r i I ? ??? . -i ? ? a.* ?-n -arw ta IM MM yr* ' ' i # **> ailn* a taenia n mikta j.i. ( ?* ii. rfM r k' it *? '-y.Ato ka* \ i? , ??? aa" AMarAto"" toM U ukraat, ara "toaato 1 M .I.'fc* k'?*aAa*Ai MM IM ?M ni'aMi 1' ?a**^M Mri?,ki? I k < '? . * ?. r. ? ?' ?? " Mato t ? ri M* am to latari ? . a omwi 'to""* f ? Ol 3% 41 Ai , * 0 ^ 1 *f'MM > liA. AWa I ?a?MT? a*Atn' aa *k' ' ?< ^ Mt aat Mary Mt -r?, , a ft* ail II'KN ?a? ?? T|a m n ?M Hi i .it* ' a ' " ? ** a'1 .a m. ' ,at>, u.i atot 1 t?atM,aA, AltAM, I f ft I *| #? * A * to if fc* * ** pv 1 t?w* PfW I I" 1? _ ? I . i m.AMiM kt lUtiiMto B to. A %-4 : ' r.' -**.t a? ?* ?ai t k ro^'.aA. Haa* ,*m I ?*. < l j. " TWtMa^wtMiw,iM mm. ft atr i of I be partth of i<ruautr?, Ouuali Tyr 73M y far of bar ig**. t The frlenj, *i,<i . .jualntaoeea of the faj ti ln Jan .is fkt i?ey, .. Turn .us %l n ruptcithily Lfifllwl Ui l>W ?e fci Ofr?l OD Vnnrta) ?furn, u, >t tal( om ?*X k fen* I'Sitf"*' 486 *"*?<?? >'?>?, tKlwwaa TVrtf Hlun ?f il Tbtrty MvH,ih HkMLATI ? Oil SaturOily. tlri. i rr XT t.r- lu.S t >MM <*?1 KlU of r?t)lol( J. ltd ILiial-ttk ^ Ueirttf | JWl, 1 month and 6 o?>i " """ Tbe friends and aoiuamvaor-La u) IU) fc?uy in re spectfully Invited to littenl Umi f . .-rat, miac^-layl afternoon, at l*o o'clock, from 111 t>in 1wel< tb r4 street. Kauiju ?On Saturday, '?U>ber 31. Maav jln . ?<r. l ia. daughter of Patrick and >.lisi? Ki'liWa, s^sd l w aid T days. Tbe l Mends ol tbe fkmtiy are respectfully r?i jaawd * attend Uie funeral, this (Muuday) aft?rauo* , at in o'v'ock, froaa tbe resident* of ber pareciU, W Same* avenue. K>v, ? In thta cttjr, on Friday, fxrtober 30. Atr.a?w I oai> Kmc, of Cube,fors?ei I / of Georgia, la the Sttb y?ar of bla aye. H*a fi lends. and U>o*e of bla brothers, T. Buu. r Kio^ and Mepben (lay K lav, of Georgia. (are respectfully la vlted to attend the funeral, tbla ("inn lay) morning. at nine o'clock precisely, at Calvary cburcb. Fourth avenee aid Twenty fli at street. Hjjiiav- In Harlem, on Friday, October 2d, W?; raa L. ? Majou, uged 2 y<ara, T monib* and t days. TI.e funeral ner?!rea will take place at the Methodist Fpt?copal cburcb, 12*lb street, tbls (Sunday) afuruooo, at 2 o'clock. (>r< j{ob papers please notice. VcCoia.i* ?On Saturday, Oct ST. Fr.\o?, wlfls of miulfk MotVlgiu, a native of tbe parish Oulldaft , county 1 Hi' <ki> I, Ireland, aged 67 years. Her funeral will lake place on Monday aflem x>o, at bar past two o'clock, from her late residence, Ne. ? Stanton elrvet. Brooklyn Pittsburg (Penn ) and l*ndonderry (Ireland) paper* pl? arc ropy, Mi On ns ?On Friday, October 28, Mast, wife of Ro bert MoCluno Tie it iatlve* and friend* of tbe family are eoepeotfuRr luvlted to atwnd the funeral, tlii* (-hiuday) afternoon, at one o'clock, rrom her late reeldrnoe, No 110 tight* avenue. McClat ?On *edne*day, October W, of ooosnniptwot. JvLU C'afouni V(<"1JIT eldeet daughter of John im Jessie Met'lsy , aged IB years, 2 month* and 6 .lavs Tre frleni's and acquaintances of the family ere r? spertfully Invited to attvnd tbe funeral, from ber pareota' rt airiest**, No 313 West Sixteenth atroet, tbla (-tundey) afternoon, at half past one o'clock Shckiian ? At Uttle Rook, Arkansas on WedDeadaw, October 17, of cengestion of tbo lutes, Miss I<ocauk Hhikha.1, formerly of this city, la tbe 17th year of her age. FrHKneii? At Bisbwick (I. I.) after a few hours' ifl nee*, Futamor ^vamia. aied 1 year, P months, and iM da**, daughter of Henry V and Magdalen Rrbenrk Tbe friends of the family are rerpeot'nlly Invited t* attend her funeral, from the residence of ber pareota, this (Sunday) afternoon at three o'olock, without far tlier notice ? nmriti.UHltuci. At wm *v?Biitu,'H ?)?*-tni)ni?n Ktro Ka?el?n'ea of ibe latest atvlea UM Fulton street. M. T ?etui, tithe it HI# AT J>VKS gVKKI Fl I.'B, SI3 HSOAPWAT -W|fB din* I'arda. Ac ? ree the Orange Ulnaaom Weddlnf bf? lope *old oi ly at ihla* ore AMT (ilMHREOE S.? !"'? flRIT HAND M t !*K O* Bl\ ? ard "taer roveltV* In tbet a'd ?nd ?t?t(i.n?rv !Hi? N ? ? The whDe *atlo tie eii?lnallv Introduced b? Otmbrede, la p?r fectiou inly at Wa .'roadway. AWHIILKlt k WILSON 8IWINO VA^HflfM ?h> uld he ptireba?ed In pre'erenoe l? any o be' ber\nae H Is idaetei* i otonly to famtiv tin*, bat ale" to tbe avtag of ?treee amkera >blrt mak- ra. *aiter flttera ?bc>? hlni'erit, raat make** and ali ktn-'a of tailoring t.Bre 506 droadwa/. erad fur a cl/culnr. A CARP TO TUB PUMJC ? THt tTRANDfl M A VI Olf O, ana t^oa*ud? nice a e drlna frrim <v.n? i-^uli ?i <hUa otl-era are anffet n* all the burro a nt dv*t>?n?<a wb n hy hmoc UK J Ili'VKK 1K)U IMI'kKtAL a , 6. HlTTkKil they wottl** aerelv he twneltud if n<* enred Tve ren*r?l pie|>Mtce aralnet latent m'd'eliies "boiiUI atf eiterd to tb> ?e Ta'ii?e|? utter* aa the tner-dlenta are vuk li-fed and no tut lltgnit pbyeletan c-n or w'll diaanrme* at them Thev ire ma le bv a st'ereeafnl nv?le1?n and aktl ai rh nilat. at'd are va?d by tbe Brat pbyalctan* in all p?e?a si the I' nine for ?,r *u?eptl'? d>*i>e, a'* lndtv??t?oo aet>tMM nere,.n?nrea and aa a medietne f<w fetnale'a they bar* -<r<wM to be an undnnt ted aneret* Mr* We??er or Albany W I., ?rd Wra. tjimar r>f Ue^ride, have heee cnreil of eonauwpUak 1 >r Meaehani of Flort a rtired of nhroete dtraoepMa M r He draw, or Rrr^k ye cored of paralta*a Mlwtteata of Newark, rf eitreme nerv n* deb'lkv . while bundre^e or fetaale* la IMi rtt? w'll t?ar testimony a a tn th?lr Tlrtne". Trr oa* t>ou^" t'HAKI-lS WlDDlFlKLD k OO . ^enprletnra, 7H W It Han- air h'o'd by dniggtol generally tkrontbout lb* Untied Sutea. AfAKn TO inn PFHLI" ? TH^P^ANDB HA VI DIE0, and tk ua<nd* aaore are dtleg from rmwauwipU.m. whAa otke, i are a iflenng all tbe korror* of dyspepsia, whaa kv uelnr ItR .? POVKI ronH' IWPRRI4I. WINK BITTRB8, tb?y wrwild turelj lie herefl'ted If n t cured Tbe several pre odme aealriet patent medklnes abooul aet eiter.d \r tk? ae valnabie httuc?. >< tbe Inir^ieate are p?W llahed and in Intel'Irerit pfcratirtan ean or *11 dlaapprove nf iheai Ibey am B'a>*e bv a >ii<eea*rnl ch)#niaii ard akltf<4 rh. ml*t and are need I ? lite drat pb* atclnna tn a!! narte of t r SB hit eoTianmptien, d??pe't)?i*, Iti-lgna-Kwi itetnHlf, aervoi^ve** and aa a medteine f.i r f'tnalee, ik?f pt need t" be aa i:m ouh ed auceeaa Me* Weaeav, it AP-aey. N J. aud Mra ? amar, of li"?.r^a, Lav? bee I rued i.l rtnu '.wiil'oo l?r Meachtn. of ? 1. rt.ta ev^e" nf ihn nte djapepaia. Wr, M draw af Hrw*l>ii, enred of pae?t??la Mlaa Haa:a of New aik of ri xeme u?rt. u* det ililj . while bm.l-ed* of 'etn ?ta* In ihta (Sty v ill taar teaU'ijny a* to ilirli virtues fry ana ' -"Wlf CHAR! DB WIDD1FIBI.D k CO . p-oo let.ra, IV w 1MB atree*. Nr> d hy den*tlat? gwoerally tkri lgkcnt tbe L tilted nuaea Baiimirwatrr r/rrrr. Irau-dlaa aaara no puMIc and prlrata bull."iyra far aofl n.'iakla wir% dMWHi Iron wurk ?? ?? 1 rt*raa rai'road hrid?w. Ac l>?pol 77 Nwtrn 1am BA?TUrrT A OOMFAWY? PUtDI.I If ANUFACTL KKRA f ? % I kOWlBf MMkloaa. / 'a him. a wonn-iirrr'twoiui to a. OAnrUa- tu y/ aalliat tkalr Halm. p*l Home, fnr at ASM. Hna) Kippara 71a k> ?l A l*r?? Mid ailaiiaiva iMirtnmi a# ?..<? aknaa and Halter* ><w lullaa r#ptkni#ai ?Ihm. >^A and ? hiMi?? II BugrtMprlrM I'AHIl.l. A W(M>il H7 Hmadara/. M>m Hl?Mk?r and tl-v.aam au i < ka. (Oppaalte UtLlft K'auaa ) / lHi ' M.M'AM AA?I>BKAI> U tlkLW ? 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