Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1860 Page 5
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Operatic and Dramatic matters. There ?u quite ?n o.Teratic reriral laat week. Al a !?ort of forlorn hope. Mr. Mulder Kaibri opened the Aca demy for a nlgbt or tiro, and hue been ?i successful, both Id an article and a pecuniary point of rlew, aa to lustity the present management to undertaking an extended s?a eon, which a til be commerced after the election, when Kr t'llmao will again appear a* the business director. So far aa vc can Jui'ge, the wluter season promise* very well The new soprano, Miss Hinnkley, U lo arrive tins week, also Mmc, d'Angri, the popular coniralto We presume that amicable arrangements will be made with acme or the Julian artists, aid It will crt* in ly be much better for ail partte"? be singers aa well aa Che public? tf there la only one troupe. The operauc I'ubltc do not wish to be bothered with a " divided duty and when th<>re la an opposition uur people are apt to let the opera slide altogether, laat week we had a fkir performance of "Kobert le Duble,'' and a rery ex cellent one of "Martha." Io both theae operai Madame Fabbrl nnl Plgnor Stigelll particularly dUtlngotshed themselrcs Formes was tareleas In Bertrand, one of his best roUl, but made up for all prertous short comings ta Piiiakett, which be rendered admirably. For this evening we are to bare the " R> juenots," In which i ibbri, Fanny Natali, MaJ*!&e Mar?tsek. Stigelll and Formes ling tbe principal r !-j, VndU, tha'. this opera vrill be represented on W. duexday , wbea the [ resent sea ?on will be conclude 1, the dc w season to open on the 19th Z^wvember The flrst concert of the season was ftvon by Mlsi Car l.tta Pattl, at Podworth's rooms, on Thursday crenlog Stias Pall, made hor debut 'in the concert room and de lighted her auditors with tbe purity and freshness of her <rcit?, a* well aa the precision and facility of her execution She was assisted by Madame Colson. Madams Sirakosch, Signort Brlgnoli, terrl and tfusinl, and, as might hare been expected from so exoellent an artistic c mbinailoa, the concort ?u one of the most spreeable If at bat ever been given here within our recollection. On to morrow evening there will be, at Nlblo'a Garden, S musical and dramatic entertainment in tld of the Widow a^d Grpfeau Fund of the New Turk Fire Department. Among ibe arttils who will a?slat are Madame Anna B -hop, Mm Wtsterrelt, Mrs. Mozart, Messrs M randa, B'.-dolphsen, C. J. Hopkins. ? Simpson and C. A Goil sj?tte. The plays lo be performed are, "All th?t Gilt ters U not Gold," and 'jJusl^n Thoughts " Altogother, lbs i>r. g!*mme ts a rery attractive one, and tbe exer t . ua of the ait .sis wlU ntult in a handsome addition to tU> food The v<eBdilur? from the Fund for charitable oVcta j ear %. re ?W ""JO Th" calls for aid are very eumerous? three hundred and twenty families of de ceased fireman needing ooritant assistance, and winter is coming on. Could anj tmng be added to this state ment, except the ialural ie ,uencc of a large contribu tion? la the theatrical world the eveute of the week have been tbe production of M' Walts Phillips' dram*, "Tbe Deal Heart," at Nlblo's Oa-den, and the performance of "Henry VIII.," w'tb Mlrs Cualiman as ijjeen Katharine. The "Dead Heart" It) an off >jtlve drama, but la rather too lioavj' for our audlerce Ttio manner In which it was acted vu not calculated to make It much lighter. MiatCush man'* Queen Kath&nr* li well known as one of the beat. If not the very of the diatingiiiabed artlat* rreat Ions . There ha* brcn i 'jibing new at the other the atres. TUo Old Bjwory baa passed into the hacds of Messrs. Bpauldlnc at.. Roger*, who will ahortly open It as a circus. Tbe dramatic season clos.d on last Saturday ?with a benefit to Mr. n. Jordan. Miit Vi.-torla, a migi n>ne?r from Par *, has given several performance* at the French theatre. Mis* Victoria la a pretty woman, and a rather clever sleight o( baud performer. Without doubt ?he wlU do excollently woll in the provinces, where ahe 1* going for this week we are to bare quite a Sbalcsperlan re vval. Mr Ft>TP*t p'ays Otte"o tonight at Nlblo's, *l- d MlN CLfhman apiwars as I.ady Maoheth at the Win ter Garden Both pine* a will probably be perf*rm*l several tlmue, and tbe lover* of tbe great master of Eng lish dramatic poetry will have s fine opportunity to see two of hi* fleet t rrestlCL* well delm' ated. Miss Laura Keen* has In preparation Charles Beads'* version of Mollere't " MUade Imtflnalre,'' ?ad also "Tbe Beggar's Opera." the latter to lntroduoe Misses Mei via and Wiiloughby , who US said to be very clover actressen "Alleen Arooo" will be given at this ho'jee to night. Mr Wallack I* doing to One afouMnew with Brougham'a remedy "Plsjlrg with Fire," that he wtll sot change hi* bill at preeeot The theatre l* full every night, and ths attraction of the play Increases ? ith each succeeding per forms cs At Barniim'* Museum they have a new piece ready to pat on la plaoe ol "J'.aeph and hi* Brethren,'' butihe lat ger, although It ba* bocn pla;ed one hundred times, Is still ss attractive that It will not be taken off from the hills at present. At the New Bowery a frcah drama, called "Ross El Bier," wrlttes tor this theatre by Mr. J F Poole, will be prodoosd this evening. Tbe pantonime called "Raoul" srlU also be perforated Th ire ts to be s grand perform, ones here to morrow night for the beneflt or the G. L Fox Beard Bryants' Mli strei put out a fine profraams for nest week. The perfvi MMSS wind up with the Immortal Dvsle," the most popnlar musical oumpoeitloa of the day. Bocley H Campbell bring out "i umbo Jum," a fh Btous hthiopian faice. The Italian Artistic Po.'iety, under tbe direction of .?ig ?or Musis, Liree to day f jr a brief tour of ooocerta In the principal ctirs of the West. The Opera seasou la Ph l la del pba wtll commence on the ltth of November Siguor Muilo has eagaged tbe theatres I* Philadelphia, Baton, Charleetoo, New Orleans, Cl&olanatl and 9t Louis for operatic eater tai amenta The sotM-ty regret that no ar rasf sets could be r^vle for giving operas at ths Academy Of Music bars Tbe troupe I* composed of th? Toliowlng artists:? Madams Culsofl, Miss Kellocg, Miss Adelaide Phillips, Mile Montgomery, Had. Ticker, Signer Brlgoolio, Blgaor Bbrlglia, Scola, Fsrrl, Suslal sad Deiettl. Mm Jon Bbotusam is Mr Brougham mats IIS Cral appearance at tho Hay market theatre oo the S .h October Tbe Herald of tbe ?tb hes ths IW lowing notice Of ths performance ? Ths Celtic element is In tha asceadaacy Just at j In ths dramatic world First we bev* "Uilleee srllMtrm grasp upon the town at the Adelphl, Bad then oeSLlay tae - lr ab lUlresi" dlls the l.yceum, wmlat a new^eedy, with ao Irlebman for Its principal charar ter, wss brought out to tbe same rvealng at this thsatre for the reappearance of Mr. J >ha brougba a Oae leature charaoier iea all tMl p?rfo? ramwe the pl*cas hare beea prodto J fur the sake of iba aru.rt, aa<l not the actors tor the pl<c** Woethor this Bu'ieorviescy of tbe ort tolls profsssori Is hem Ucial Is greatly to be doubted. Time was, the t?*t s*>s, "wlni evar) rood or taad ma'.u tallied Ita wan , So alMi It was w).?in sew dramas, asd old ones too. fooad eeaptoysirut for aowa At pre Beat s factitious sort of starring eerma to elevate tbe artist above th. drama, and luteal of a plaoe, la wbicii a well selected t rr, j vnj set themselves to as press to tbe pvbhr u either a idea, we have arVws and artrrates < ach wl-b a rrjwrlewe uf*** calculated lor U>< ir aote gleriOcai.i-o It a true th'** are a-iuorahle esceotinae to u.:?, ?^t it j in h? fea-M thai the pre*** t* ftlalsi gnuiMi, of which to* Uiree laeUucen aaeied are to HBM eaunt a toJarabl) *',ff c'< ut pro?jf. Anther poist woriby of rtmarV a that it Is A-u-ric?o taate which appear* jt.?t bow to 6 |u -u.g or aLaisg t> f- la i our t ?rn , ir all th- a* c?-- ? the p ihhv of l.m l"u i* -alio'l \.[?ia lo < drrae Ue o(>l'.i. n ol Uiat of New York Mr I }4r wba? r> *| ]-<-?<aito? la I W lo be renoe lad,w*a i gar-weh'j- know- aa is arl -r ?f I/Wh parla al the (Sriap'r 1 andOsveat tardtn th*a' t <rhoa n<er th* mw acemaat I Of Madame Viwtr s. He i t retaraad to us with a nru? r . *a r<ch *a *v*r, a? mu?h faro* ami bn^ior. an? p?rha^e I greater raae w, ' unl?h A th <Ufh lilt t i?racur tie plaral . Oa M*.n. ?f la ose of r ehneso by b'm?'-!', tad is is a eotredy el ult ows writing, it is sot a rtrr rt 1 >r r derelofrl oa* The coi?i-- r U-:f. which IS nam?.l 'Romaoce and Re*. itt, altli tifli ? ?? '? a Hi ooeveatiaaal l "? Of leaaets. WOO I h brep hettir a Iwt or al n.-*t tbiee ?ri? Tb* !?" i tOMOf >s too t*tg 1* ?n b-*r w*a so basiy i sep*r?in'-i rv *?? ? 'twig to* *teb* ? rati roo^ner ,(? f .,!)( bar ' 'a>"n? of haopi atMOSOSaatet wita I. ??. ... a ?. . ta*,-, U| lui'l h?r a (alaollh |,>rn ii: f r>r [v>' 'iv. If ' t al ,'th"r s w aoj <?ran i?d ? ut is '? "? piane? ar<rt l!eau<> hy a froap ol 1 1 a^-t*rs whe are m r* like tbe treat. JOS ol Otste iaa>-r"->??.rtia Ilia* ?>' r*?' * '?r? I* tie r> maatis i* ui? i^|y (v. at r.oreacs Haydoa). a stroD* mlsded el terly ,w (Ura WUktM). a ww tiot ?.?id,wn. IS as otd lemntai irtrr i (Mia F?*ari FifseWWsy, two uiici*S ?a-l* to fa^erit* pa um Otiiwldtleaed j ^fWS), ft f^p (III W Ttrtm), att/t to <*+af ftnd !olm naairaj Irlalimte. Mr. Br HigUatn him flT. _AM IB*ae wo aort*dtbini'?o a roui*wh?? oladder *t?*T with skill, aad tt* lanrbiar " i tbout h gber at <ns, it o vilest, | the asttorl otjewaji rraais, ??. provoked wi'Ji guuiW*. *11 the aeto<-? are .wi iui*s with narte aad play tbelr Wet , th. audiou e*CJ lime to r.t -lun.^m r*p_M7 . , |r,? r..1?(, ,nr. ^?^?itreagham was l iMort ?a 0d E5*Ss55?? trosMaa of strong 'eel leg Tbe pari d ? be hernU, ?, >v, Sim fcmiiwii ? nr >oa hisssw^ mi *S Staysd tt with so mnca fssiu g aad seestbiiifTI: asreMriN m sail fwr^i the arri'asan of her audieaff StfeHM WW oults full, the rrteetalaawam sf Iba area laa betas msM of np "l<oas He L"V* Me'" tbe aew Cares, 2 Ms pretty balisf af "The *r *0^ " Political Intelligence. Tow Black B*itbu< aas Gn Mokic. ? The Columbus (Ohio) SiiUiman publishes the following from ths official etatmrrt of the condition of the Ohio canals ? The mumeol of the Ohio canal* for the ?ret nine meet Ui of lUe ti*c?l }ttr closing November II, lwO, ? lands iliUli ? !? xpcudilurts $2 Receipts WW ? lie lie. t WI.IU 67 Tbe remaining quarter will lnsrease tbe ex.Kindllures up to <100 000 more than I lie receipt*. The canals are truly valuable property to tbe State. when Uie yearly ex pern i lures on t. jfii> are a hundred thousand dollars more ituii tho receipt*. Responsible iwliea last year offered to ase tbe cat als and pay the Stale 120,000 for them , besides keeping them in good repair, tbe oiler wai de cllned, and tbe Stale Ion *120,0(0 a year, beoauao Uie re publicans Hunted tbelr official pauonuge. Tbi Fight in Nkw York ? Tbe Madiaoa (W.a.) Argus of tbe 23d Inst lays ? It is conceded that the battle Held of tbil election It lo the State of New York Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania have gone so overwhelmingly republican that tbelr re demption us hope leas. To No * York, which of Itself has i n'jt'gh electoral rotes, with the entire South, to defeat Lii coin, tbe eye of every politician and patriot is turned with painful anxiety, win her rests the result of this momentous Mruggle If she votes tbe fusion ticket, it it. .'eats Lincoln. If she votes the republican ticket, it eltcti L'ncoln. That is tbe issue In New York, plainly Mated There are do side quetllona, no mere matters of local politics, at stake, but It Is as If every other IM* tfcculd net vote, and New York should vote fir Florida, tor Texas, for Vermont, and Wisconsin, and for every other State, as well as herself. There the whole matter il consigned for a dec is on. Id Lmoolh a* AuoutiomuT?? I/ong John Weutwjrth, Uie republican Mayor of Chicago, and editor or the black re publican organ in that city, lays be Is, and, In proof or the assertion, publishes every day the following extracts rrom Old Abe's speeches:? I believe this government cannot endure permanently half alave end hair free I have always baled slavery, I think, as much aa any abolitionist.? Lincotn. An t" Fatb ih Pounos? John Wentworth, Mayor of Chicago, and editor of toe b.uok republican organ In that oity, advises, as "Uie surest way of meeting Lincoln," "all that tbe republicans have lo do la to see that the Breckinridge tl-kete are put in nomination and sup ported in every Ptate." All for Disc mow ? Nearly all of the democratic papers of Georgia have oome out boldly and squarely for a disao lutlcu of tbe L'nlon In the eront of Lincoln's election. Am I'.mxpsctkp Co.xrxxrxM! . ?At a recent meeting In Condo'a Congreerloaal district, Pennsylvania, it having been cbargcd that lie bad written letlera t> secure a re nomination for Congress, Mr. Covode raised bla right band and called on hu Maker to witness that ne had never asked any one, or given any money to any one, to secure liia nomination. When he bad concluded, A. J. Elliott, Esq., Sheriff of Armstrong county, roae, declared tbe statement falae and produced a letter lent him by Oov vie, asking him to aid in seeming his nomination, and cover ing a free railroad pass to me CUloago Convention: This Is the Oovode who has made himself so notorioua by hia com uu l leu in Wasliiugtoi, in bla attempt! to Injure the character of honest men for political purposes. St \ti Cosi.rk^iojtal Nownatkmb.? Below will be found the nomlnatlona mtde la too aeveral CoogreMlonal districts of this SMI*, by tie various partiee, aa full a a we Lave beeu able lo get them, dome of the democratic nominations have yet lo be made, as in the Twenty ninth, Tblitteth and Thirty first district.': ? 1? Luther C. Carter, republican. K. Henry Soiitb, democrat. Richajd 'cnnlc^s, Bell Egbert T. Smiin, I Dion 2 ? James Humphrey, repub man Samuel P. l'oweli, Bell Must* F. Odell, Ikmglas democrat. 3? V J. Williamson. republican. John C. Mather, Breckinridge democrat Beijamln Wood, fusion 4 ? lohn Comerford, people's M. Tuomey, Tammany Douglas demoorat. James Car r if an, Mozart l>o..g!aa dtmooral. Thomas J. Barr, Mo/art Douglas demoerat. 6?' William Hal), republican J. H I.yneh, Tatnman y llreckinrldge democrat. John HanforU, Breckinridge democrat. John Dully, Breckinridge democrat. D. I' Wioant, Tammany fualoo Philip Hamilton, liouglaa democrat. Neiwin J. raylur, Tammany and Mozart. 6?1- red a Coiiklinj, repuali an J. W Cbatidier, Tammany Douglas democrat J. Cochiaue. Mux art Imugias democrat. T? Augustus F Dow, republican. ?ujah Ward, Brttkuiiiuge democrat l 'iol|>ho Wolfe, Douglas democrat Oeurge BriKga, I'uion. 8? Abraham YVakenuu., republican James C Wiilutt, Breckinridge democrat K. U Bradiord, Mozart demoorat. William F. Jsckaon, Bell Anson Her rick, laaiman j demoerat Bryan McCahili, Tammany democrat Jama* W Gerard, Bell 0? ibomas Nelson, republican 10 ? bar H. Van W)tk, republican D B 8t John, Beit fusion. 11? I'etcr U Sylvester, republican. John D. Steele. Douglas demoerat. 12 ? Stephen Maker , repuolman. Ambnse Wager, l vugla* demoorat. 18 ? A B (Htn, republican Isaac MoOobMw, Jr., Douglas democrat 14? Thomas W. (' coll, republican. Vastus owning, Douglas demoerat. 15? James B McKrao, republican. Emerson K. Davis, Douglas democrat II? Wa a. Wheeler, republican Augustus U. Hand IT? S N Sherman, republican Henry 0 l"?te. Diuglas democrat 18 ? .-tiuou H Mil, repab. can. Mo> drcat Myers, Ur>ckiartdge ^eaneril Cbfintoey Yibbard, Dovgias damocrat. 1#? Kxtoard Krancbot, ri publican. Charles Itapl.a. I*?g las daaaocrkt. 20 ? Ri m e Cot king , r? publuxua. D) Wilt C Orvve, Doogiaa democrat 21? K Holland Daell. republican. JudeoD C Nelson, democrat. S u Hitcbcoct, Uongiaa democrat. 22 ? Wm 1. I. an* ng, republican rj ? Aiubxse W Clark, republioah. inn. C si^ '.?an, Mrtikm ridge democrat vamea t Starbuafe, Djugiae temocrat. 54? Charles B Sedgwick, republican. Luke I Tefft, l?oug ?a democrat. t ? iber Uay, Brec . c r.dge democrat '^.Tbtcoore si l'omeroy, republican. Wm C Beardaiey , democrat 26? J. P. Chamber la le. republican l.torge N Uark. Brrckmridge demoorat. John L Lcwia, Jr , Douglas democrat. 27? Alexander S. l"v?, republican Harvey A. Dow. Douglas democrat. 55? H B Van Valkeueargb, republican ( has C B. Walker, l>oagiaa demoorat 29? Alfred By. repahlima 30? /uguetee Frank, repubitcan ?t? Hurt Van Hud, republican VI? F. (? Spauldlrg, rrpobl oan holomos U Ha vee. Bed democrat larioS Jobb. breckisridge democrat 3S? Reuben E. lea toe republioaa. M. Bant ell, democrat. Ptrmtl lion PhMm Kilj, of Ogdoaobarg, N T.,Hd Boo M D D*tri?d, ol Indiana are ntupt>lag U Um AMor Boom. Mr. n J. Kimollo, of Um Meaaahtp Cttf of Wmhtng ion: A J Ko b*e ul wife, of loodoa. W. B. Kirk, of SbrBlrW, eed .'ofcn B Hon; tad part/, Of Vlcioburg, Ml** . mo ?W>|.pl*g at Um lafarga Boom ll(.o. A Kink Is, member of the I'rOTtnclal rartlaaoal of l*ead>. Bon. U. A. Crow, of Paaaofleaata: Julge fcmotl. ol ?'? u?bk?-epok>. Hon C W Garrigao, of Phil* d' ipbMt. a. I. Coot to, collector of rovoaoo a* PAimoaih, I .'enotea, ti.d I> Law , of Fagtaod , are M >ppmg at Um St. Nti. colon Itolol I * t?iaaidlng, of Albany 0. P. WtfM, Of Ohio; C. 0 f)K>r)Bipt*. y< RAoAo Inn d. B A 8??li?jr ud A. 8b Ip l*> . both of tb? I'd lied Hta(r? Army; Mr. K. [>ao ? In, of lii* ltd, i I K (irtt-B, of It ia?. are etopp'.ng at Uk ?(? iropf'i'Uc Hrtrl. Tfir f tilt gv :ehe?l geatirmec wh? are fllllrg or who aredtctoo to (II gat*fD atonal cbatti, wervaitbeRo , ?? r* H ? ?< , IV ?i..n . ? n Tiiirtday latl, namrijr.? Dot Hot ,"l ? ?'?oct"'< ti? Ho* (.<*4 trio, of N* * FUnp < ?li. r. Hi- leioel M *rabar?> .<r Uor^raor elect nf Motto. ?l?Mol C* ftiu G'?*??ti,r ti'U of II r??y mnlt, IV tn.'tni WW wL> .ieeideal*l, or neither of the geatle ? n I , ? it ede ti- <? itt Lt V mitt tlM oibvrt Arrival* Drportarw. A KM IT 4 LA. Ii . errwu A?f?-M' ?r'. Kfl Mc?!ea. I wi) 1 (' 'in >M IWn kmr'i Mr M<l Mn J KuU"??w. Mlxe toll**. V,.? MiUlreO A r lt?><rrehaa, *. A II. ?nh?. ? M . ?a Fleif rt, inxavdMlVf 1 X Ha kti? Mr , hi-- teort 'm ?'?tia'*? ?? I ?IK. ? IMtOf*. Ml? i wea ?' ?<A "m t I"-"'*. ??>!' ?"rT??l Mr and Mn Jumm ' m* ? ?>."?(* W<v?1 .1-wiM Aa???. Mr Olrnn. Mr ' r ? n? ,*r? I hn I A ?!# o <? Materfber* Mr H>n.*rwnnA, ,1 r> f'i . ??' i !???. r Mr K'UiH *n Ml* An.l*row ud ?oi?r i !>???'??.(! l?4f, itr ti>wo? *nd Mr 1 ?i ' i r? '-r A?h- Wm? w n Bof |?? Miigor |-rr? r ?hrpr?r" Mr* An '??*. ittnoi t I. i; #i" m. ? b?o '??<?? Moor i y l-??tto. Rot )>r Alckrto O'm Miu bti?k oi <1 ??!-**. ? M.*? K : Y lint, Mr r. ? ?? fr ?nd >'r? 1 B / ?, rMM tad 1 I I A *r -!?/?? n .1 rl, ~ ,? Mr l in ??? U)T*woi?l H ft?l| f ?r ? W?rt. 0 a ? .I?r t k * ?*?r?t<! todr 0 |> s?h*?n?M B W Howloy. W II H?rn??, 1 ?? i H *iHmi A do Rortiaoo, ? let i,.t f fr>h.< I H r> : owe <!???? BrTwrr, ,lr. Oamra* Wood, Jr U"Yrr>b*rer Al m ? inbloe. i, W Aodrowo, Kdword m ;f .1 ? nnleler. jr Mr Hlln ir* MMrr 4ei C Mayor. b???r?h?m. W V Atckf LW *i*ft ? !?? Verm, f AmooL J Mr H??ttn*o M"R?"'I? *'?M Mfe WliM. 1*0 Mil rtmn, ii.-ir ?td mui eerrooi; Mr UWaiu. .1 tloflaa, Mr Ui?>ilKwa ? rhiliwa mi" ana. Mr mail. ?' A Aneoa, Alxeri r~" .';!??? JtSiTtt&a. t U im u#r , F Bola??? Total Ut>. ,^wb^armarmM^et> u ler. D A Toaac. IB Ann a?a ? la the e?a*ra?o WiTAMKH- Atroaebl* BaoteefflA-A OTarwae ? Jlw ?to Ma imftbW, Weteoo T P OUra. U B Alloa. L Trttd. A M A] era, Wa Walt. J ntUrepio. iwuMiaii or roamAanMa at np ra?Bi mi ? W?. P. Mellea, at Matefeoo, MM. tteo KAard KIwaH, r^ ; ?o?aA. AHaB iMMoai Meat?lie, Fa , t to* Aio?aa<Kr w%M?M Richard Mr AIl Mar, U KWAnit, low*. S Patiweoa. r*m..rad AnmlvsrsArjr of Ui Juba Street Pletno. dUt EplMopal Cbmk. There were interesting exercises bela ye?terd*y In (bo Jo La itraet Methodist abarob, cominemoralivo of the <la d teuton of lb* flrst Melbodtsi church tn America. The occasion la always on* of Interest to the member* of Utia dttomlnallon throughout tbe country, espec ial 1 7 to tboae who bold on to tbe landmarks of the Method 1st faith and reoultar usages The attendance yesterday ?u very large, tbe church being crowded both afternoon and even ing. Tbe services commenced at nine o'clock, when a lore feast wu held, tn whtoh many ot the old member* related their cxperlonoo and recount ? ed tbe scene* of former day*. At half peal ten o'clock in tbe forenoon tbe audi ence assembled to IMton,lo a discourse from Dr. Thohp hob, editor of the (Jhriitian Advocati, wbo took for bla ten tbe eleventh verse ot the itltwnlh chapter of Job:? "Are the consolations of (tod small with tb?ev Is there any secret thing wltfc tbec?" Tho Brat part of his dis course wu strictly argumentative, for the pii-pose of showing tbe |<0R?ib<ttty of (Sod communicating spiritually with man. Then tbe speaker proceeded to prove toe wil!:tgot?* of th.' l ord to commune with Hi* creatures. He then inquired tl tbe oonsolattons of divine graae were small. Tbe disco a 'He was marked by the origins1, and scholarly style of Dr. Thompson, and waa listened lo with great attention. In tbe afternoon a reunion meeting was held, when brief addresses were niaue by the lormer lutsljrs and members of J dm ure.'t, who spoke feelingly of their iifsociatloi.R wttb this time honored piaoe of worship At six o'clock a genera prayt r meeting was com menccd under the leadership o( Mr L. B. I/Oder, at tbe conclusion of which tbe Rt r Ciiari? K Haiku, tbe former pastor of tho church, preached an appropriate and eloquent dis course. OMMtiMN Wll taken np during the day in behalf of the chtircb, and the frieuds of this time honored editr.e responded liberally. it waa ?taltd that at '.tie rocent convention of tbe Local Preachers' Association a resolution ?M adopted to make strenuous etloitu to raise a fund tor tbe removal of tbe debt on the church and lor its ultimate pi.nhase. Thu dally union prayer meeting held in the cburch has bo come widely known, and It Is understood that a deep re ttgtoi'S feeling pervades the oserclies Strangers visiting the city, and others, are tendered an Invitation lo meet tkete. City lauiilgtBc* lacnoumT Fina is Hasum? Ajuuar oi Two Tit.'. nn* ox Srwiuoir ey Anaos.? Between Qve and ilx o'clock yetler d?;-' morning a Ore wts discovered on the second Uoor of & carpcxter (hop on 160th street, near Kltgibrldge road, owned and occupied by Gcorje M Coockhn It appsara that Mr Smith Garrison waa returning borne, after em tiDgu.sblig the strict (at lights, and that on ntaring the carpenter shop lie discovered a tire on the secoud Uoor, ana at tho same notice! a mu walking away from the building He Immediately cried "firo," and proceeded to arouse Mr Concklln, who lived near by, and en pro curing assistance succeeded in extinguishing the Came* before any damage or account was done to the previses ('Hirer Knickerbocker, who waa u the Tenth avenue, alsu taw a man apparently runulng from the Ore. Oeing ti the tutplo.u ut olrcumetanc* ?, Roundsman Thayer, as I listed by < Nicer Knickerbocker, arroatod the i ?o sut piloted partus. Captain Porter immeiitteiv telegraphed ! for Fire Marshal Baker, who soon arrived i.od went Into : an mvtttigatiou of the cate Tue partier arrested are ; Lamed M.chac J Cor ley and Peter Goldtng. The)r ma i bow members of Hook and Ladder Company No. 17 Neitaer i arty can give a satisfactory account of them i selves, end were consequently detaued In toe station bouse to be sent to the IV, lice Court to day. Captain i'or 1 ler was very active in obtaining ft la regard ag the matter fcxiramow cr * F'.nr> Lam* ?About ten o'clock on Friday night Mrs. Deys, tiring at 119 Varlck tinsel, with her two children, was about going up stairs, when a limp she ha I in her band exploded with a loud report, scatter ing the burning fluid over her dress, s'ttmg I', on Are and burning h?r hands In a terrible mincer. Some youig men. pasting at tne time, beard her scream, and ?.et ing the l:gbt, rustMd In the b?s?meat and extinguished the fire on ber dress, which was hair coasmn<d. other wine we would hsv" to record an .tter death by that worst of all artificial lights, burning fluid Fikb in fcjtaT Fi> rKx.vrii jiun- Turks R.ihui Brnxxr, ro Duani. ? about one o'clock yesterday afternoon a lire originated la a frame stable la Fast Fifte?ntb street, between avenue* B and C, own id by Barnoy Dalt Ja. Before Uy flames were extinguished the stable and thiee boreee, valued In all at about WOO, ??re Jonroy. 1 Tne fire wai cauaed by some children making a boo lire close to the stable. Amur or tub f rrrn Wast) ?last evening Andrew Mil lar and bu wife, residing at Mo. M West Broalway, got Into a quarrel with a Mr. OosteUo and wife, re-mug lu Ute same building, whoa a regular me leu took place, dur ing which Mrs Miller waa stabbed m tho bieast ar>' her huabend badly cut tr tbr fane The I iflb ward pollr.e were toon on haiid , and arretted til the partiee with the exception of Mr* Miller, who was placed In the care of a ph)?iotan. GoatcUo and his wits were locked up ta answer Qncm Tims on mi Ha hi x* Raxiaoap ? The express train of the Harlem Railroad left Chatham on Saturday morning, fifty Bra minutes behind time, being detained at East Albany. It arrived la New York at lia usual time, having rnn the distance from Chatham, one bun dred and ttiirtj one miles In tbree boors and twenty minutes, or forty m'.lefi an hour, Including ttoppegea. This Is etroeg evidence of the good condition of the road, and of the capability of the tratas to stake quick time. CersMrt' Inqit~>.. A Curm or Atonmrw ? John Green, a child three yean of age, die* yesterday, at No. 201 Ksst Twenty first street, from the effects of burns axlden tally received whlls playing with soms lighted pieces of wood. John Burns was killed at the Pennsylvania CuaJ Cxn pany's yard, foot of Fourth street, on Saturday, by fall irg from an elevator about fifty feet ta height. I>eceane l waa thtrt> fire yiart of ace. and was a native uf Ireland Coroner hrblrmer b?ld an tnqueet n|ioe the body. Ooroacr O'feetfe hetd an m lueat upon the body of Law rcooeGrfDa, a rattve of Ireland, aged fllty six years, *ho was buried to 'K atb tn a stable at the corner of Teutb avtnoe Hbd Thirty n^th blrtet Verdiet, "Aiel d.uU death " an inquest a:jia*o held upon the b*ly of a '-eroaaa girt about tevetletn yean o' aae, nai:i'-d lera Grate, who waa a'ao burned to death by her clothes catchis^ lire at a stove The body of an unknown man . aboct 30 yean aid waa found drowned la the North river, at 'he foot of Day airect, tir.der nrtums'tnets which leed to the beMrftbat death was the rtsult of an accident, as i the U> iter's jury rtndertd a virdict aco> rdicgly I,, ra B Nevlns, a woman about 21 years of age. while eegsged in filing acampbeae lamp on Friday evetto;, wu ?o severely b trued by the exp'oetoo of the fluid that ah* died )<-stcrday ir conte- t hence, at bar rMldtbce, No US Went Tweaty focrth street Michael Morrta, a resident of Brookl) a, agad 44 yaart, waa instantly killed yea tarda y mora lag, by being run orer by Engine So. M, while going la a fire ta the Hath district Peaoaaed, it appeared, caught bold of the drag rope while the engine waa peseta* up Waet hoa-way, when he rtamblod and fell tinner the wbeele The Coroner waa aotlfied to bote aa inquaat upon the i>o ?/ Bhoctoo Cat? or IinanrM ?An Inquest war held yesterday upoa the body of aa lafaal fmnd deed la a lumber yard ta Fifth street. The Kedloal teetisoay ebowe i that death Itad been caused by etobs la the.-aeet, w b tch appeared to hare been tafelod with a dlrkka fa As so trace of tbe unnatural Mother could be ofeAWed, th* Jury were obliged to reader a verdict of ' Dealt from v lotence at tbe baads of aoaa person nnkaowa " Pollro Imtalllffestca. Tna Baoar war iiuns Casn ? The hearing ta tta ease Of araon pending against Willlna (? Lao.hert, Jr , and aril inm n Trrlay, on tbe alleged charge of flrtjt the r store, at M9 Broadway, la April laM, for the purpnee. as j la allefed, of itefyaudlng tascrMre eompvntes ?es eon tinned on rtalurday tn fore Jwt.ce ICeiiy, at taa I . rat Ii.atr.ct Mlct Ooart. Jamre reevers was the fl*et witness oo tbe rtand fo' cr<?s <kan.lrat'(.a on tbe part sf the deforce, but up to the time of nd.<ourBB>eot u >-bni Of tfc*re?l waa ellcite<l wbM teaced to n.ttradict the wtaraa' direst lean mouy Jaw,?? Peerere was the only wline** era u aed, tad *a ad)oo: mneat was takes vntii the ItbofNnrem bar MahSSA: K??i sai ( aaaei w va A?aPM Ajr> Bar nar. ? A c? mplaint was Ktds on itaturday after no sgalost Marabal Kjndee* for the a- 1. ged nseau't and hat ter) oo ttilhair Haro*y a lew days Iigti. and a warrant a?? i s ird fen t.'a arrt*'. , t>.t ap to l?*t rvcola? i ad not bean raeeeted III wk I) S t lljr F " Ah: tear* m Aae ?* ? ICa'ly last night a lire broke out la a carpeater sh< i be>aogiag to tt'-ntrip a IHarbratdi, situated la the rear of ent? bu.'ling oa the eornar i ' faitoo avea te and >t I sill Street. Hre er , ??? wore pmmplijr oa the spot, an1 the fin ?*? preveaM from e|"?adia( oeeou.: the , cari<euter ehop wb'cn, nowerer. wae ? ? mpielei, d?etroj e<t roe bu licit I ?ae not worth m>>re tnar %Hout S40 but there wer? ? me ircie, bei?>r.)r?nx to the f >ur #r flv work oie< wb< ?*r? at woes no Cat '1a- nietnf eh cb bate beta Cestn yed One or two cheats of to"!* have i beta aaved CtrynMH' toots are eapeaslve. and tue Mae is Wiua-h greaiei lu u..a '??i??.l tbM< la tbe buiklmg Which wee fail) Inanred la toe Immklya Issnraone Oat pany. It la sap:?ard the are wne an ant of taeaadtanam BraiiLAni ? (?<?se Aabutt. Tlioatee Ikwaay ml DevH ?Town were arraste .''-r break lag lato tho grocery ator* j rf M war i ladit, *1 Fultoa e treat, bet eeea twelve an r?e o'rlieb yeeterday moea'nf . and ? teal let thoeefwwe goott to the Valoe of lit a- re*h to the asaaost of IW. Fart of the property ban be?t 'oeovered. Taaet m a Pwauiea Howm? The preialeea of Mr Th??aa lag bee, No MB Ooart atraa*., ware eatered oa aalnrday, and female wearing apparel ta the aaMr.ot of MO waa Maiee therefrom No srveaia havt beer, made H oowa Ror.naar,? Oa eomplaiat of M- MefVw nalrk, Jeaepb HeGavia waa arretted, ytsrdny, tor staa 1 t*if he* "-?? portal of the ?"?r'aiaar* a f*d rha i valued at $17 The chain >u tC.'ua<1 oa Ui- prisoner, who waa locked up to uimr BoranT with Vioura ? OfHoer fl!*.'" jaatartay ar reatad a bad and a iromir , ntmH Chriatops. AJIen and Sarah aarrlman, for knocking down a nan runnc Richard Htapleton and robbing bim of money in bank hllla to "11 amount of $M They wore brought before JuaUca Ulaoai 1/, wbo Boot thorn to jail, to await examination, JSaaa Uau Maud ?The bckford and AlUntio oiub* will play their home and borne match this afternoon, at two o'clock, oa the Putnam'* ground, at ha*l Now York They now ataud game and game. This will be a tine match, an both club* are A No 1. loatha' Miaalonary Aiawlatloa. The twenty aeoond tuioiveraury of the Youth*' Mia alonary Aaaooiation, of Spring air eel Prtabyterian church, wa* held yesterday evening. The gallerlea were a lieu with the children, among whom were *everal negroes, while the body or the church waa given to the adult* of the oongrcgatloa. The church v<*a not crowded, but there were enough in It to ahow that a deep iatereat ta felt for the mtaaiooary movomonts After the usual opening prayer and bymn, I bo Rev. Mr. Forbaa read the report f?r the pa?t year, la wbioh It waa stated mat tbe cubacrip tiona bad fallen off, whl!e the demand for momy and other Mulsutnce wan greatly oa the Increase Toe r mount collected during tbe paat year amounted to (326 The report closed with an ear mat appeal to the chart la ble for pecuniary aid. Tbe report was chiefly mule up of letter! tbat had bien ree. lved from varloii* mlHBlorario*,

rpeaklrp ol the tucceu they had mat with, and aollcltlag more money. Add reset * lultablo to the occt?'on were delivered by tbe Rev. Meagre, llutings and Bart In The Intervtis were tilled up by elnglog by the children and mule by tbe choir, During the exercise a oclloction wa* taken up, and after wnw more singing tho bcntdlctloo w*a pro noun ced ant tbe eoogrrgattou retired. WlllUtmaburg City Nam. Pabadk or thv Fiaa Dii-aktmkm ?The dee oompaaiM, numbering ab>ul twenty, turn out to day, and a aplendtd display they are expected to ma*e. About tbe foremuat company wll be the Victor; kiigine (steam) No. 13, situated in Cljmer street, neir Beuiord avenue. The ap paratua of the company will be drawn by four craam colored horffi, preceded by a band and the Drum Corps of tbe Ninth regiment. Neptune Engine Company, No. T, 1 will aiao be lotieeable about one hundred meu will be in nttendiuice, ai d the company will bave on hainl au t-lfgart rt< in engine, borrowed for tbo occaaion from New York. The procculun will paas through trio follow Irg atriete ? Kiret North Ninth, tieooud, North Second, 1<t<otard. Ansli. Bushwick avenue. Powers, 8aiitb, Grand, Grabun avenue, Cowers, K wen, J. t. mou, Hush wick a* ennr, Morroll, Graham a< enue, Wholes, South third, Eleventh, South Firm, louth, Grand, Fourth, Ciy mer, Lee r.vtLue, Kom, Heuford av.nue, Division iuw, Second, i'outh Niiilb. Fifth, South Third, Vlntli, South Set oud Fourth, and dismiss. Tbo line will be formed on I Irat street, l?reenpoi:it, at one 1' M Katal Intelligent*. Wo l.sve advloee from the Culled States chip jotiu Adams' o|i a the lot September lmt. She vu IV a 1y pg at loochow , China. TUo health of tho ollli-ors at. 1 crew was g-od, with the exception or a fa# epidemical diacasti Incdent to tho cllmato. but uot of a serious n? Phe vaa to leave In a few days for Jipao, where ?l,e would r?m*iu a short time, an t return to S'lauglise Ki winter The officers hoped too vessel would be order it) home oat spring, ai the uusouworliiy couiiliun ol the voiael render ed repalra ncot. sarjr. Advice* tre to the 11th of September fron th? Brtill squadron. The Cnlted Slate* ute^-n gunboat Dakota, ?t leb la reports! ax quite MOOtaBfttJ, arrived at Kioja nelro 2d u.t. from Madeira, where she slopped to coal and Uullvir mail* for the vi?aels on tho A ' r I ;ao station. The I>tkotA U one ol the no# ganboata, an1 I - f>n her way to r< inloroe oar Ka*t India squadron .'the would rail from Rto for Hor.g Koag on the lSlU ult. The Intelligence obt lned a? ladtlr* from the African lleet reported the abipa' compile* 1l good health generally. Tho brig of war Ralnbridge entered Klo on the Itk, and on lid f il lowing day began taking In atoreK tor her homeward bound vojage. she ?oald sat: tef-ire the foth l'ne Do! phln had arrive-' at B".eno? Ay re* from Montevideo. Mat ll for the African tq iidron will hoforwtriei In the corvette . srati ?ta, to sail from Philadelphia la ? l?w * ijcka , for the Kaat India aquadion In the fioop of war \ .indalla, now preparing at tail about the 10th proximo, the Cumberland, corvette, wtil liVcfrom New York, In about tl.ree we*'*- . lellera, paroe's, A-c , l for the Home anu Pactte squadron*, il they are seat, | properly directed, to the Navy Yard at Brook!) a. Csntl Tails? Inc rrai* of *??. Ante mi rocuved for toil* for the thlid work la October, I960 II H 567 tr Do. in ls5? 73,867 PC j lucre*"" in I960 $79 1W 67 A<:>"nnl of toll* received for throe week* in lN;i?ber. I960 939H.J30 >3 Do. tu lit? SIO VII ? Increase In 1960 $191,6X1 tl Amount reot . ted from the openlrg of navigation to and iBcludloR the thtr J week In tmtober 1*60. 12 431, tti it Do. tn 19ttt I ,>51 329 86 Increase tn I960 11,040,312 '29 Obltaary. ,T. C Ap??- whose forme* tight with a f >rm tab1-* gruxiy bear ui California, In wh i.h h* received a uuiw her of severe wounds upen the hea<* an1 ha I a narrow escape for b it life, died *t N?pon*st Village, Ma?s on the 26th nut , probably froaa the eiferts of his many wound* A I n-? Ar.nnr. Sain i.v i f svtbr to a r ... _ w _ Tbe ii.n>aUh of tho I "net O'lloe w ere thrown . ?*? a mm* of ?ororal rot m> r ration jesterday afternoon 1, ? of the moot vigorous and Sa'oolung acrtatn*, proceeding irctn one of the b tl: ?aj s of the building I'poo Inveetl tatti n. th? rource of the outcry wa* found to be a colored ? "tnau, who was wringing ber band*, and api?rentiy In a stale borderug tipm lusanity. Tn* bystander* qoes tinned ter a* to her i/onblts, U> wklch ehe n.aue no re ?po,n#e hct pr inted to a lively llttie gr^-n adder, wbi fa wa* raj d!y wri?gling over the fl -^r towards open air. A ifiteral ?<1e en*ue<1,tmt a'tor a I >eg *U.'rt tue " varmint" was properly secured ana taker to the City Marrt a '* < 'lice. It apj cars that the cd^red Iviy, Mi* Ph.!a:.d*r P.eiLt. t,aa a tt>-?ba. d down iu (??fug.* Tb?!r marital lite not bc?n on* the m?et p>*aeant W potiic, and se.eral httire of demee'tc objargat.on* bav* p*a*ed between IkMI TaMlflN rierco went to lite Post Md tt ok out a mile pasteboard brx containing a letter As was ito iv og t rhe waa ? .Lliy aurprlaed at u> a. r ?r a h e* in tbe not, and aloical ickbuitiy the grren bead {glitter *rg eve* and barb?<' tongue of the aVe?a 1 adder abet up before ber be* , dered vtsloo She drop lied the box like a hot coal and heaie the scream* Tt.. ?.r.Utded wl'b fieee poauer,, ?- ? ut.r pet for me, and take It aad aloep with it ' r . s*1.* f S? Thty?*y that hlce la tru?, and let tfe a bite yoc. aid you wtll 8nd out thia la a good Htt e ???<< feilow " Ttiat the 4lab<<Iical Phllat ler auppoa?d his wi'e waago'ng to play Cleopatra with the cba'ml- g pea sent he aeat ber, t* not for a motn rttebe ent-rialaod bet that be ooaoocted tbia ualqae style of asakUig away ber, ta probable At any rat* fata deetfa* have ?ailed miserably . and h.s taakeab p, p .?aepfully ontled up I* * bottle of aleobol . will dee< 'ate the walla of the An duboa Cl'.b ?Chicmgc Jtnmtal. 'kU/brr S3 nariliiad't Hsgli Kys Water, T?e heel I* ibe world Tweot? rioe eeele a hotoie. D C MoaiBRAD. II 0 Ale W >^er .ueei, New lark. ? ? d tij all |?od dr'??lala Hklrta, Nhlru-Nti for ft*. Made fr n, tae beet Aan?aea* and a a went a Mua. a* D?wot 1<6 (JbaUaaa at/rei corner it 1'awr . BraahlyB rhatograpua-Mltiikidii i* ' Ufa MUa. una tool lad C1LAJI. B. WILLI Abnufl, I etao .^hed IML Ta Kwarr Watber Wki lliaa (litl>1r*w luflartog frasa a?a of tl e or?>,,.a.i I* Ineilr-.t n the per"f.| ef ! evtblag we *a; dj a<* let >? ueeiwa (.reje n<?i or the poe <i rleeaot iHbera euuil In Ibe way of tlw> re i<tf tk?i wi. If i >ire? ve* abeolulali m re - to for. * Lbe >w* of Mr* ?;!??> i tfl boOlHlH" w?M0P. Batrkelar s llati l>y? Mm the B?*i In tti< | world ?Made wild ar.U aptUed, la at /rj^rtale pint! IMHb 1 at tfe* wta 'aeteev 16 Bnwd ?Sr**t 'l.aill**' lltaatHer."? Pha'er .% *nn'i "tr ow Wklt* Orlenlal r-e?i?." Bold K a'Jdrve*t*u ? neatallfnl " I'halvn'i ? tno? WfetleOtteau '"r*a? T*r1ee ,D per ? '?A ? lea< Uet^ltlla*'1 I* ISealrerl hi %ll ;?..i** ?ae 1 1. Atroa e m.ow * tie ot* ut< < Leaailfal torn |>l? tlur - ' alrd ? ; -?/. I.?a ? Me red a e ear" u i e 'id* aa) i i?a? ? .lai i*<- i .w i et*<B an 1 ? . a in.*4 ?n fitar^a. ' ? **Ti7 mO b Trltiaph ?t ( A: aaitr^s't I- aSb't e*'r? >areea, tea t d bora, laeaali w . Aea , e be 1M Paaua atier' *??? '*%'? r tt"*" on ' rsa^iaataa U-raa*. GoairfeWtl'a Orte??r?l I'restiM, tte???||e ? abise, tootle tubtlfc ,?r aprratiiMl avperS n J kair aad ; %, .?? al 67 Wa ker tirwe', I antral Cat* af ae ?t?|?*?e? ? Or in MAlUli, o? tfee aell know k' ae o( Manib ? t - PC f \ y JkAtH ?r, iKgbiif Mb flnff k, *nrt ?. ^tal altentloa to tfee i'--?n,ai a?aii iali' ?. <* k* ?*iUa?Ua?e , tius Otrnrala f*w Wwttla* e.l Keaaetf a M ik?a! I <l??t?var' * j*fltw?s *tn?aaa?bin of ?h? ?o>fn? tMnlnoeni a?e Kaalt-f ' 'ntia?n' a) 4 at ot.r foOMMag U1 j cmu vl'. lb' pavi^b'.i* (VMM ? *ok bottll, W' ?r -* U? wwane^ae __________ Aa Rieelteat family Me4|eia??,?H<>il>?> ?*) Hi ll. aed Die t e-?? wtlfe laflila* ee^ala'v b ad aehe ??? Mirta ? ? eawa'cm, ettl | h.?a i?i .?h?a?< > o da ,irn. sr *** au diaorde/a eota-i* f-oa at?i o ? .o or | de; r*TS" aeeretb a*. . haj Hit,' f ( rlalad*i*a Mat* D??, Vtl^aia'iaapaa*, tt? ? eat la t?e world wh'. a. I iria. . v. J l*t d Ve tr ?il?y availed. 6 ae'oe hr Kandall'a Pat lor Ikea Mara. MS Rieeeker atoa*t. nfiprMv- 1 ejiau rovr, ta Ua i teeb, ] ladles a*d aey.riaaa a 'Waa Iwk aad dwr'as the ??r <?# B . rfc beirvw pe???'??f prte*a,aar mi .-scaima h?? ?? ? I It iiaetfeev HfK. ' I'jalet ? rearrl j -1 *t a. | i>r?Hlagi of R. rr*bi:?'i Italtwui Luttrrta* ? loom Olam ?7. Ocroaam IT, UMI. 31, 68, 1?, Oti. Oi, 59, 03, 71. *3. 36. 31. Gravd uovk ixtu Ijormr, Clam M, Oof If, W 72. 31. 6*. 6 6, 7, 18, 44. 13. 4, 30, 64. 6, 1. Ureu n??ouif.c?o< 8>?f|?, by addriiaain^ <wf.g WUaafaBM. Oelawara. UrM*m|i of Iht Dclawtr* VMU liOt" t*r??e 1*000 KPOY * OO., Km**"" of tb? HUtUI. t??TPC*f AND MIMOUKJ tTATI LOmBIH. V*f .a (XaJI Ml. OCTOBAa 27. lSflU. 42, 29 52, 17, 41, ?M, 38,3,56,44. 13, J8. [)u i v ink i'iim tit, Ootoikb IT, UMI. 7 o, t4, 31. 73, 14. '27, I, 62, 60 , 36, 63, 59, 73. Ciraalara ??ni fr tr of cka/jre, by addr<-aatn? either to WOOD. BUOY A I'O. wtlmhijfVHi7l>*lairar? Or lo WOOD. BODY A CO.. 8l tool*. Mlaaourt II. ft. H -Thi Prln<? of Wtlii anil Holte at HRA OY'tl NakooAl i'trtrall (talleiy eoruer Hroal wtj iuii4 Tenth atrw>i lbK OKI.* MAl.l.KRY IN TIIX UNITED HTATB^ HONORED W ll'.l A Hm IAI. V181T BY TUB KOYA.L I'AKTY Phot- 'graph* of H, B. II the Prlnoe ofW>W? ud Fulte, are row on ti*w at BhADT'B Oallery. Ooplea In rr?ry ktj Id of ike art lor aa>. Waller) oyeu 'rom SAM. lUi ( f M, II. K. II.? The Prime* of Vl'tltt and M" * At Ol'BHKY K ct A 1.1. HIV TUT Broadway. The lact iibf tOKrHpb lnvn La America of the rrlaee by roy ?l desire. now on eibibiUim The rtibllc ?r? tuvtted 10 examine thla ntctura, prououactd by H K H to t>e the but ere, t%knn at him. AUo ;? vu-w, Kil lh?' member* of th* royal put/. fcUWTttlFTR'N Hi UK NOW Of*R. Oallery upeo frog* U A H UliIP It. J. til! UN BY A HON. Ft Uwrayhla A.rtl?W, 7OT Broadway. 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Anna M I.**, daughter of the lata kznkiel felly. GinitKT? Biia?iiau. ? At l?ihway,S J., on Wodneeday, ikMber 24, by tlo Rot Mr l/*kwi>od. Mr. Bmf L. (liinxKt, ol .New York, lo Miaa K.aaua J. Bkaxilall, eldotl il#oshti-r (,f M B Bra pba!!, llou?a< ? luiKtiar.? At St Matthew'i Cliurch, Wilton, Ccino.,oD Wwi.isiliky, October 24, by Hey. Mr. Sllinaon, '?ytvHirt ft Diivi i' to Jbbiiib, daughter of Jaa. W. Plait oey, fcfcq. la Ri * ?On Tburailay, pvenlBK', Octobcr 2H,at tbc rwtidi nca of ti.p (jroom, by the Rer l*r Hlacra. Frkt> BkiCK B 1*110 to Maui ha M. la Kua, all of t*ll City. Died. Aimptx mo ? ^>u Saturday, October 2T, of c us impUou, Iijuku.* Akm.-tr ijo. ?(fPil 2 yt ar? Ttie rclnllrii ted friend* of tbe family are reepectfully invitfd tu attend the funeral, from uir late rt-udenoo, No. 166 Kail Twenty fourth Itreet, Mil* (Monday) after r" on, *t oue o'clock. H?r remain* will be t?<on to Qr> nwood for let ?rment. Bunn ? In Brooklyn, on Sunday morale*, October 28, W eovtiiw jiru UunN, joaugeat *.,u of Hubert at i CbarloUc Bl'on Funeral from t ho: r reaidenoo in Putnam avenue. taal >i Bedford nvrnne. ibis (Monnay) forenoon, at teno'i iirck. Borraar.? On Wunday, October as, 1'ktvh P BniTWrr Tbe friend* and a-^uaialanoea arn re*pec.tfttlly Invited to attend Uc funeral, from bl* !?t<> realdenc*, 832 Ninth avtaoe, between Forty ninth and Fiftieth street, on 1 Ilduy ulUILOoll, at t?oo,clo? i> Dmi i iukM ? On Saturday fiVi-niPR, OctotMT 27, Mr B> UHiiiAW . aytd bfi year*, 1 month and 12 day* The funeral will take placo tt.? (II mday) afternoon. at i ue o'clock, from bl* l?te reeldcnce, 143 Hammond ilreet Koi-* t ? In Brooklyn, on slaturday, OcWber 27, V ' kib K or, aged 0 years, 4 month* and 4 date. The Irli d<1* of tb? family arc reapeotfuliy Invited to at tend the fhueral, tble (Montiay) afternoon, at two o'clock, !r'm the ro?iden<-? of her father, P. A. Kosaelot, So. 1ST .-'ecaett itreet, south Brooklyn. Bikkibaji ? ( >n Sunday, October 2S, after a short ill n ??, *.<?(? i fit Amlm ooly datchter of loba H. and Alice BerryeiRB, aged 2 jeara, 8 montli*, an I 27 'laya lne relative* and friend* of the family are respectfully .11 ;u..! to attend her funeral on Tuesday afternoon nut, at two o'rJi < k from tin- of her parent*, No 81 V moe itreet, New York. The uo*i i that we loved *o well ha* fkded 3 ?ni ? oe Haturday en-nli.g, 03tober27, Cahouko ?, ( KHt, w.le r.l tbe Rev joba A. Burti* Not r - will be given In Wednesday'* paper* when the funeral will take place rm*K* ?In Jertey City, on Sunday, October 28, Aacsn, only chiid oi Ciarkaon and Annie M Drake, aged 2 year*. I nionth* aud 0 rtaj*. Tbe relaMve* ?>id friend* of the family *re requested to ?tired tbe funeral, from the residence of hi* parent*. No 89 itreet, Jerit j City, on Tueeday afu-ruoon, at two o'clock tviuci oor.otv, N. J , paper* pleaae copy Fatu> ? 1 >n Suna<y lucrnltg, Octobor W, Lath**!.** W a kY , daughter of Jam** and Bridget Kagan , tjeo 2 yuar* and 6 moult* Tie funeral will lake place lhl?(Vonday ) afternoon, at half i?*t ore eviock, from the rraldencu oi her paieaia, Situioa ? v Y nn *U1I day, October SS. ttiuux H Jwi, m rwi. i T anil Harah K. Glllinor, of mm city M,a rauraoc, N J , and t>r?nf<* nownty paper* pl-aae oopy Hit..' ? ' n hatorday, Uotobur 2", at bl* residence in ibi* c ty Hillum Biu., Lq , aged SO > ear*, late of Kdmburtt, Hi otland dc/i n piptr* pleooe copy B .-?? ? ft-j Halurdar. October 27, l,rx? Hmk-lxs, ? native of oounty Lonylord, Ireland in lb<- 4Mb >earof i h '* */?? I; - -u d? a-.d arq ? at*oor? are r"?pe l.'u'ly Invited I If! aittr t <t?e funeral, trom hm iale reeidetx ltd Weat Tb'rW-'h Mre?t ?h % (Benday) afttruoor, it t?n ^ ciocir H'> rew?'r? will be Interred tn < a' vary Cemetery. Milium? un -u?da> .Oit'ib'-r W Mr*, trenail Hirariui, late ?f l/>urbg?l!, e?nt7 Armagb, IrtWu, in the bit1, yfar > i her ?ire Tkt iitcdi ana actual, uuiee* tne fair ,y are '"?,>e?M fuJly ii vlted %n att< n ; funeral, from the reiilenoe of h?r k i. ,n : * , Ml Ti nlh arooue, nort,er of Twiaty alxtb ?tfiot, ' i. T ieadt. aft' mis at our i 'clock .oaaeruo ? Ot A uday < wtcber 28, at three P M. , a'ler a egerlrg iLaeai , Job* aged 42 >(ar* Itle ' ? tie and the ni'niber* i' fleu?y f ?y ! ? tjfe cf K k A M are tnrMed to attend bn Uncrai, f^om nt* .at /? enr<', 212 Ma1>-n ftr-el-on Tueaday afternoon, ax ; wo o'clock Bl* rtmi 3t will \>e Interrod in Uro?e *< <?l CfB."Ury Uivn?lt lata r <v en !>.nday. at. Urn Xa.uiaO Ma kk, w.ook ( >me* Mavec . aad Catabler Of -ae late In-. K .tiert Ha.*ird, of tlttabetblowo, N. J Tb frietd* o? the family are reepootfnlly tnrilcd to atla.dbei f antral, C6 TWWa,, Irom tbe First i'r<4t?>ler ai (li.-ch, curaer of lif^i aveni ? an I Klevenia Hrent, at t. u 0 cioca lltr reoia u* will be taken to Mt*ar??h, N J ?">??' ? "* "alt rdav, Ort. bee ft, Haaa* Mrltw, wtt n' Hetry M -"^urt, in Ike SMfc year of ber ige T?e r'Hi???)* wilt be laten to 9r<-en ?<**! Comet^ry, fr m ber late rr?!c?no?, Mi* Tbirty-elnk itreet, corner or s:r'k. *fen e, t' '* (Muaday) afl?rti<>oa, at two o'clock " friend* I r ? rrlal'voa are r>?pee.tli lly tarltel, M u'' *? ?On Hrnda> nnralog, Ootooer W. Mr*. Ki.; >.mi l, t u, .ixAber of J. bn Mark c *g< 1 do year* May (lie rtit la p?aee T1 . Pf'tll a d ao^.A.utance* of tbe fawllf.are re t-t 'tfvl'y '-aw it - ' to attend tt* funeral, from b?r latere e droce. 2V? * r ?t Twenty flrvt itreet, on T ieOday after i. a, at t? j o'i 'oek il >*t ? (ir M t. 'oy, Ootooer 2S. a(W *a oe-ern au1 ?lr rt .'in' ', r?.? ' i Muobt, a native of ooonty Maid, I Irrlattf to' - 'at.-- - i at f1at>c?k, oa Taeeday anernooo, at t? ' c' ? ? , fr -or, r t 3trg?a *tr*et and the old f .ih eh ml, TVooklyti Ni Die ? Ixi i alurthy. O. i. Oer 27. el two o'clock, Mr* f ? / ' r ? < v ? N ar 21 W r o' Mr leaac Ni-vtn*, ao j ooly cbiM Me? Ma*e%ret A < 'mid T?>e r Diataa on. I be tak< . to kvervrtea* ( eai'tery tf,'? 'Mo?Ja;^ Bio-tfr kt tier o'el -tit, fr^n 2Ji W*ot j Iwraty f-nrtk etrvei. Ri^ ?- ?A". A?V*r a I I on enoday i?-<obertt, at tiref o't ek A v , ? eua af."t 21 )e%r?. ysnr? ? daoihter of Mr J> Li Hooney, dmeaied 1% *? "Wl? O HI trrif > ?' |lj lM t: |! . ii a Ut. f?l, tli ir i Vic da; ) afternooo, at tkr?? '? jck, i i,?n b laU fa't- r a MINM ?7?v? f>n * -ndaj rs!?o|>?r M, ravtaa-**, tke be'^ved . ?? rr .e ? ff!iae<k> aa?* ItiyH'ia Ib? ' ? ? tbe art . %rrr?t| rtfr - v1t<- 1 tl M ; le .. i tveera In, l,. r late n ? ?t#aoe, Si. I Hndfo et f ? . y <oi ?> i alta'aeoa, M two o'cleak Her re ?i ot t-- ree^ at C?'v> -? Vrr??iery ??, <i u>oer st ?tt?- aa'wirtand \ iove " fe of \i : . ti ) ear of h. tjvtt' ? l" at* .1 Ut* 'u^^ *1 fro?a ^ 'ihi rH'4>M?, ? >31 Rea- Te i tj roe terei, -mi Tue? >*y a'teraooe , n,?i >t:i further two*. H^rrt w t be takrv io? aiT*e> f>m*Wry t-r :?"?-?!? rtend'il, N I , on Hrotay m^raiag, riru .">> 'xtl: fiun'b*'!]1 jriafiu* a. wui take pMM frsm 'at* late r**i4? le af d '1 .-aiaj ?fi' a ->*. ?.i < ? M* W't??rei ?aa ?h? toKby p> tbe Boa t II MNBH, ial frea. drat o' toe lloarA of Met'opol tan Pelteie, on I *?** *i ? ? v .f tt ? n-?t ->f int. aa^ "ii? : imQf. ?Mlltfrw ptit a r"?t<tept it Nrhenertadt , (* T WwntTt-f t Frt-'aj t.lg'it, (Mokor W,*t Vortrt ne, T -trk rt?* ''' ' p'J, 'M \ , unrit n w'*a of ^er e ? Weoteroat ?? tr-| t ?eer o' her ag? the '>??? r- a '4 v,r ? i j are referlfjity l??!t?d to el '"r 1 t*e f-? ?e-*J ae*vlr,*> ta ee- *|? '?"H? e'ieb"ftl. H?ra? ear; {, ) in * (V Mdayi afternona, at two % \ ' f '? ?-?**?) ? at Tbtrty "rat ?tre?? ??'??*< n? U>*p . H-Te? >jihI tble (Moot*f> moreiir it ?rn ' V i,. s f r.d rarr *g-o M prov! :*d V> cenviy tbe rrlm>?? to 7?f.**Vv-?aeV aa"* rW-i"* Of! Pv&'IftT, OtU /rW W<> v*, IB U?i ??4'Vt j *?? ( ^ n age, a "it n of tee ^evniy rf f rp-*rary , *eZffffc-,nf tbe ran. tr. oad ttwaoaf ba krot koee , V'rf? ?il>v- a' 'Met'* al?e "? ?> * ?ir"U?e le lav, J..I , ?oie. ,r. *e?etfLIly 'a Hied to atoM b a f-*. ra.', !r..ra hi* iaf al jet -*, X Oa* ktroy., at (Ifc 1*? ? re--, on at t?e 0'#** - ... !>, ?ikcn.ujikii.uua. . A? w* ivunii lh aoHH-inniHiin oabiis IV ?wbtiekedTfUl - "" M rutao? ***"? AT JAMEr KYKRDEl.LH, *i MIOADW ll-V? jy < Arils Aa.-Bee tka ijtun biussoas Wetmag te?? ope, milt oely at it in xtura. At aryRRiPB r.? ttb or at bard madb oab* as<i otMT rovelUee ui therard And >uu<>ur| Una. W. Bl ? The white wi 'a He origlnallv tnlrod a par fi-ruoa only a: SfS P.niadway A WHII! JCB A WTI>ON A biw:no MAimiKB fb "lid be pttrohased la preference m any o-hsr. ^.-eaues t M sdapted rot only to family use bat ?J<r> to the mww? of In* makers uhlrt makers ?af ter Htlors shoe blnde?? te? aaai an I All kinds of tailoring. USoa B# Bru?aw?jr. ? end for A circular. A CARD TO THE PPBiJO.? THOtTBAHPB HA VB PIBPi and thousands morn are dying from ermaumpuim, wttg ovbr/i* Hj*e Buffer Lug All Ui? harrort of dyspeptt*, wiea 99 "*%. J. BOVBB HOW IMPERIAL WINB BiTTEBB. they would iurely I*. benefitted If o .1 ? tired ~ I" #"?*' prejudice asalnst patent medicines aboard Ml eittudvi these valuable bitters. as the Ingredients An pok 1 "bed And no IntelHreu.t pbystelan run or *r!' disapprove <* thrm They ire made by a anweaafn! pbystslan sed ABM cbemlft, ?i,d are u?e<l by the Drat physician* In all pane of Ik* l num. r ?r consumption, dtspepsla, Indtgeeikra. da MIMy. oetrn iiin'M si. .i m a m? 11 sine for f era ales, IhM pruTta 10 be an undoubted nuooess Mrs. Wearer, o! Al'auy, N T, and Mrs lamar. erf 7 mil |Ba hare been cured of eonanMptloa. Dr. Beaokaa. ? eurlila ou re.' of chronic dyspepsia Br. MuUrasr, ef Brrmklyn, e"red of paralysis. Miss Htaata, o I Mew H'k of eilrtuie ervous debility l wlil.e kuuJrwie Of femalM lotile * UM,Ual00* M ^ virtues Try get CHARIJ8 WIDDIFIBI.D A CO L. PeoprlMoi* . . _ 79 William " hT drugglaU generally throughout the United A HAMS' KXPBBHM COMPART OIVE PROMPT A JV U<m to the eoilecUoo of Orafta. .Sjtee Ulas. c o. rv h lis Ac A KKW STORY, THl?MYSTEIlY 0F wrLowooa b* H?LVaMU8 UOltB, J K. TnB NEW YORK LBDOKB Ready to dAy At 12 o'rloen. Iu the BOBber of Itt Liedser ui U wml iod?r m U onlnrk will be c. mmen'-e l uie publieaUon of n vedw the al ove lltle, by Mr ? obb. The ??? of this ?v>ry !? ma is the rlc'nlty of New T irk, and the persosagee ?bo (If .re la ? once actually walked Lhestre>ti of tkts c>ty. U Isa tale ? tender an.1, deroted lore, of unepeakable euffer n* beeolcaUr borne *nd thmngk It all run* a noabre vein o' Lasnr-.talLe nnsticlem.'surb as not un frequently eoveiopee like a iitll, the lire of a belli* who Urta only for tae rraUfleatlon of bis sw ? -Iffahnesf. RUHW A TOl'tBY. Who.i?ale Areata* At.arob a'Mjrtmbkt or nunr ci.arr housb bo'd Pornltnre will be sold At public a':ntioe tltsisy (.Monday Kt the eieeatt prlv-te residence, id West ltenolk meet between Plfih and Hlith arf nnee oommenoln* at IMi o'clock. 'Koeewm] seven Oittare l'lai..iforte, Pw-lor Buka, raee ?no4 Ckuher FitfMkm <*k Plnle* R *ira Purnlturv, BB and Kitchen yurnlture M. trKiF f IN A 00 AnnlooeM A BTIF1' I A I, TB1TH.-THB ORKATBRT TMPK07B . Pea( romfaet A mem In s;m<*tiberlc plate? M LavWt'a patent. Pn* K# se t nd the fm uit? highly re** mend U or co and ?atlafar.ioB hither un?U> .tiable 12 Wa'ertey r-ei.r Itn .?dw?v k OiUah'd i ' ' B AI.UlVH n rrrrrrrrrrr tvyy yyty >wmrr pprrrrrpprprr yyvt tyyy hhh ' * KK YY YY Rfm MR rr FF YT TY H8H FF IY YY 8H8 FKFF TYY R8R FKKl YY SHM FF TV Srtfl ?f yy an I F Y V RHR HHH rrtrr ttvytt aR8 rhs FFFFP YtYYYY K-SsUtH RAI.Ior'b I-ATBNT lBPROftli f KKNCH YC K K 8UIRTH, PHleiitei' Bovember 1 ls59 A *n? OF b'llhT W a KKaNTBD TO FIT mt.1r to if Hi ire, ai (It. US and t2?. Ac . Ac , per d .m. B) order ttrni" for less than half a dozen ehlrts Wholesale trade tapvlled ua the nana: terras It A I.LOU 1KOTHBBB fc ??? liraadwa), New Y SA < B ! t-T AI> ? 1KTI.V .MJ HIOK'X BL BCTII'IUBO Dh R VM ?' A TOE* rOPUl.A* "PAK1SH AKr.RU'AB PAPBa ? ttt KK PDBLI-HB1) OS THVKSOAT HOT. i. ro* Havana and Panama htbaMBB~>, sun GOK8 10 EVKBT SPA Pf I> Ft OOCKTBT. ADTBRT18KMBNTS TR\>si,ATBD FREB KOTICKD 'in F.OITC RIAL COLdKBB THB SPABJSn HANDBOOK ?f NEW TOBK TRAM Trn vi MoiwttATS. Orrtn 14 An- imtf. D" C10RNS, BUNIONS INVBKTBD KAHJl. RBLABOOT J .UlBtn unit all ?l**aa*fl of tba fawt ror?.l, wttbonl pais W In'-oaTrutmu-r to the pallrct. by Or ZAi'HARfB mu-gMR iTii'- piVta:. 7? ProadwAy Refera to pbyaMAna ui t'jrfwaB a t lb* city. (lOtLBfTIONS MAD*? IN ALL < 1TIBR AND TOWMt J ta th* Rut Mid Wmt Month And f^itbweet. al -n>l w?BA rmt* ?. by ADaMH B1PR1UW OQMPANT ,IAW WI.I PIAfU? . DBATKB1. AT ONl'i MIOTIO. ? BAD TlsTIMONT Baxr or tir lamut. ( _ _ _ ^ *? Yo*?, Amrnal 1>. IM i Dr. Vrr Mnarhztokar tr*A?Ad me for daafnrwa ttrr I nil? fu'lj koe ? u t'ti t .iiI.'t. I) btarltic ?u raatomd, ami ma i' una aa I "id rrrr and I Add my taattmflar la bit fa for. O. B LAMAJL Prvaldnt of the Bank of tte BapoMa _.i . ^ "?w Toe*. Or*. u, (MB. I waalndurwd by the b ib tratiaooiala to nil - n |i Ml il laora I" p?n!' 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