Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1860 Page 9
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BTTt'ATlOWS ? All ttb-IT.fl.ll.f.S j^ANYKD- a SJTI'iTION AN ( I <>K n,v no C>B'V' Bon lo <Jo general Imcirort, tuui g'<id cltv leleren ?? I her Uat place C?'; ,',.rl?od?,? till! H unUt iu ill |HMHiO> mb,a M , Km;" Br?oklTn Ip'AKTCD-i MTU at i ok, by a Tear hk- ?k r al-le voninr wr>m*n. a? <<r ivfi.'d do |he o II work In * * r'vate fatvllr : b<>i) ro'iimefi given Apply Ibe ha ary i.^VHick? ?t C' rner 1/ i Ifira w. tirooklvn JANTKD-A HITlaTlON \S LAUJiUKKW. II AH r ilea'! tiree jcw? lu ?er lar' ol?e ?onJ rcferenoo. .^at 172 64i ?v., brl*--ei ITi and 1'th at*. r ANTED - A SITUATION, BY A FRSiPK' TAHT.K WO f mu . u noM m h ?nrt In |M<1 la waab:ug and ironing. BNhretce Call m 7T> Wci*. I7ih ?>. ?l ' ANVKD? A HITi: ATION, BY A ??MWITIIIHI MAR S' tied vrcmu, Mk v>? uur?e ber (>eoj Ul twi uijoiha old. ftn l? asea lar t?u data at 20o Ut uir , ijS?wa 1-th ul eta. ?a/ A*??D-A BTTUATION A? CKK)K. BY A KKBPMO BT taoie woman * ho uorougbly nnrtenitaijde HfMMII ?>pl) >t t4 Hut! oik w , bM vera (Imd and Bro me <u . for l? <ur _ rANTf-I>? A SITUATION. BY A TOUN8 WOMAN, AS ejni.. wwter uod rooer. Can be aeen for two daya, 1/ I en.-i,r.?> at !N Atlaotlr at.. Brooklyn ?tTANTKK-BY A WIDOW WOMAN, WtTU A LITTLK IT .ui I.I >eara old. a kit nation aa houaekeeoar Is eome |?; eciable lamlly ; la wtUuig to Bake herae.l uaaful. Call ou addt??for thrre daya Mr*. Martlu, 637 6ib w. fcTAflTiP? A SITUATION. BY A TOUNO OIRL, TO IV (*?> <b*ab?rwork and waiting In a email private family |qut/e a. 46 Hut aim at , third lioor, back room. BC ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A I KiriCT ABLB WO lf maa. to do general bonaework, ? hi la a rmd plain luk and Irat rate waahar and 'ronar, good city n fervjee. ut 75 1'roabv ?lreet frcnt baMMM, .N.toebat reapeota paranaa need apply. T ANTJD? A SITUATION, AH OOOK IS A Mktft, I family, or lauudrcaa, or aatial In waahlsg. k ? id rate >ca. lujulra at 111 Weat 30th bl ANT1D-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, In a email, rrapertahla family. Apply at St Kin* ?<. >? urea for two Onya 1 be b ANTID-A BITUATTON, BY A YOUM1 WON a N, TO tdo <?i eral honiiewrirk lo a eaaU p 'Irate family la a d took, waahar aad troner ; or to do chamberwork; j^od nrn e jiren. Cum tet-n for two daya. Call at 19# Weat oeir Htb are B|f A NTKP? A FITnATION. BT A YOUNO WDSf AN, IT ai DLrae and aeaaiaweia, or 1<> <<? iMunbar?4rk aal |uMp( lua privue faxnlly. Call at U 1'eriy at, drat 11 wr, ' . ruooa. for two daya. ?ITAKT1P? A SITUATION, AS HOUPKK KEfBR OR |T Burst, by an eiperienced lmllah wotoan, would lake of a bo>we Tor a reapeotab'e widower or barhalor; |ai r*fei ? noe ^nen. Apply ki 3M <4 ar., bniweeo 27 lb and b eta. ? LrAKTSn-i SITUATION BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO 7 do a<*owal huuaqwork In a anall family, or abate her k and hi a at*** Is waahlfiff and Ironing beat eHy reference {ten t.-om ber laat plaoe Call lor two da) a at U Weat 1GU> ir the rear. |f AN I *11- A SITUATION. BY A R1SPRCT ABLt OIRU lo do cbamlierwora and walune, or to take earn of chtl tnordo plain aewlnf. (tot*.1 re'ireer* c?n be (fiver . no Lrou.'ii 1 1 f(o a abort diitai lu thacoantry. Call at IX.' el .'f-h at., between 2d aad Sd ara. ' AN'TSD ? BY A RKM*K<!TABLK YOUNJ WOMAN. A . a tu>!? a? arm rat? nook, .aaher and Ironer; baa no ! |;e-u u u?*o in the cuantry; beat of dty referenoe. Call at 1 Monroe a' reet for two data r'AMi.I> ? A SITUATION AS CHAMBKHVAID AND -alueaa. no objection 10 lake oare of ohlld/aa. and ta nd plan' newer: beat of c ty rarerenoe. Can be aaec for ? aya at git 7:k ar , corner of iltth at 'AMKD? A MTUaTION. BV A YOUNO WOMAN (lata iroaa flootiaad ia oonk. in a private laaaily Can 1 1 ri: In: mo daya at 106 lit a* , third Door, back foom. |T AM ED? A H.1LATION, BY A KK sPKCTAHLK If girl, aa 1 bambermaid and to aacat wllb tbe waablng aal Balnit, or ae rirat claaa waitn?a In a private family, hoa an ecuoe to go lo tbe country, haa the beat of referaaee. Ap ai v?l b>at lllh at , fur two daya f AfTWt-BI A RBfPBCTAM.B TOl'Nfl WOMAN, A iliuu >a aa couk and to aaaial in th? .aa-hing and Iron la * Urn claaa cook fau ooobjetU.Mi to go a abort du ?e ' ut T tbarlly. '^tri-pUoneMe rc errore rl'en <'nn |ar?u tor tiro dayt at No. I ?<re?a liar. Broutlyn, third r (rum RandaaL ! AM KI> ? 4 SITUATION, UT A RESPECTABLE yimng woman, aa waitreaa ; aba la quite competent and r>?u? '>aat dt? reference A Ian. a young woman to do ftnherwork aad Bra wathlnc aad ironing, or cAamwwaork aeartng or would not object to take cam of Knowing ehli n , ahe .Jro ran give good referenia. I all at 123 ff<at lftb beta era 6tb and 7th in . front baaemaaL 1-AKTII) BTA REXPKOTABI.E TOL'NU WOMAN. A ? tfn atlou aaooob. waaber aud irunar lo a prlrat* family; ?wmilii do hoi -aew .rk In a ?mall family, la a gool ? ???. hu refe:?'.ae, la wl'Joi: and obliging. no objeet.og u> the Can be a?en lor two da) ? at 121 Mulberry at. r AMKD ? A SITUATION. ABUOOD COOK, washer and trocar. ?? nd c*y reference no objection lodobouie ?k In a annul lam ly. Oall ai 113 7.h a*. r ANTED? HiTl'ATIONS, RT TWO RBSPBi'TABLE young women. One aa a alter, ibe ruber aa go -id nook, Aer and iroaer. TBabaetaf city reference can b? given I ply at No. 6 Slat at., b'-l?crn Mb aud Madlaoa area . aecood r, freM toom. ?tantki>-bt A PROTIWTANT TOUBO WOMAN. A altuatk* aa chlld'a murae, la wiling lo travel Ho nth or i part or would g? aa lint cl.-uta waiter la a pi train family: [tiling I* g? a abort dtetance to the coun ry. Oaa baaano two daya at Htl Waat 16tk aa. , Brat Ituor, baak room. r ANTBD? A SITUATION, RT A RBHPBOTAKLB WO man. in a ama'i laitilv to do bouaawork. JHy rala ice ?l??a. JUall at 111 Kaat XXb aL. lajha bgggataaL H,' ANTED ? A BITI ATION. BT A RKflPET A BLK yoarc girl, abo it aevenieen yeara of age to take rare blirreo aad do plain Bearing. or aaaiat witk abambarwo'k. ?>1 elty reference given, i^ll at 116 7tb are., between 14th T aSTH>? A SITlWIi'ia NT A BBBMKJTABLB I vnaa* ? "??' Mi aahaU. plain ,n.a.? family aa a .| p.aia rant ana eaeeWtii aaaber aad Irnaer. It wU log to 1 ,? ? n ??? ra, If renuind Baa r? d ?*y i af n aaaa from la* plaen < all *4 *1 ??l nd m . bntwena Ith aad 10th a. e??* ad Boor, fmat ma. fur two day a IrANTMD -BY A RESPECT ARl.t lOCNO MOM AN, ' a altualloa to do eeneral bouaework, la a good nook, her aad irowar. the )>eat of elty rafareare aao be |lreo i be aaea for two daya. ('all at Bond at. B?' ?> -en Donglaa Degraw eta , Broohlya, the aeoond brtak bnqae. ?TANT*n-A ?m-ATION. BY A RIWPBCTABLB mr tea* womaa. lo do gen?raJ hmiaa? >rk m a am all My; aa ohjrrttrm In |o a abort diotaaaa In the aoaaAry . be aaea for tan daya at 1S4 Waat Ikb at hfANTBD-BT A BIMPBTTtBLB (Jl tU A HTTUA tloa ae enambermald aad waiter, or will do aha a bar k and aawiag the beat o I elty refer aaea fr-m laet piaaa. 1 at 112 Baal fid at , aaonad floor, front rocm T ANTBD? BT A PBOTBrfTANT EN'?...rtH WOM4N. a et?'i?u.<i la a Aral rlaaa family, beat of re 'area aa. . ba m?i at 1<? Uat IMhM. belweaa M lad M ara ANTB1> - A MITUATIOH. RT A RKSPk- faBUK MID die axed peaaoa. aa h. -.aekeeper. aaan.aueaa. or to da it ekaml> In make bareetf genarmllT leafnl. warn J |e^if?be baa a mmfortahle bome no ohiaetloa lo Mi ? UJ reference aaeieeptlnaa-le. Oall on or addrtaa 8. I 17 Gommawia at near Itwekrr. for two daya. I/ABTBO-BT ATOUNO OIBL Of V1PTKBN. A RltT I atMm aa waMrwaaad to aaaiat la chamber work. Qh ba i at 1A* Weat Ml * , front baaamaat TANTBD-BT A?K*K4iN or BB*?Bi:? A B1UTY, A ailualxai aa nuaerr gm?meae lady ? ei?i? or ?mpa - aa ob.iartina to t*<el. i'ai at K l K-at Ifata rt. fABtBO-A HnaATlOM HV A RWBOTABLB yinuig wrmau. ? rbambermaid and wut?r The be a It j re^erroee ' mm ier laat plare Call fur two daya at 71 el 15th ?t rear 4tr ,te r ANTMO- BT A T4PBO WOMaN. A SITUATION AM warier a' uld Mininrr u> aaal4 wlib the waahing aad I >tag orebamherwoe If re.|t.r?d. la fully r.)?netent Oaa I a?en tar two data at bar jr. aenl plaja. (2 weal 17lb aL, -ra aba haa Urad the kal fo ir yaara. 'ANTED -A WTUhTfON, BT A RB'PBTT A BUK f yrerg wraaa, aeank, aa.1 In aaalal ahh Ibe waahuig * Ireait ( The heat (A d|l refereaoa glean from bar laat a*. ? aO for two day mill laat IdUi at. is the rear, aa the 'ANTtD-BT A <%MPKTBNT TfCN'l WOMAN. a? aa rbanwraiaM aad ee?matreaa. nadar ? air dreaerg. baa a> eijen "Win wa., oaagmwaop lag '*4? n? to f?rel, bat be hat of rn? refer-*aaa. Oall > a<M>eta ha. 41 ?e4 Iiu ai.. batwaer Sth aad ath^Tea, a; a . tea Ktag the IW en. 'aBTUI A MTrAToW BT A BK Tit TA4I.I trnmaa aa <-b?bera?aV1 or aral'reaa Oaa glra MM tatf raferi ? ? ea ta I for thr.e daja >1 l?7 W?w 1Mb at. 'A!?np-ST A RWItt'f ABI.I F()I'RBKBBPB%, the aaab'nr <f a few geetl-aiea or fain t-a eotH bare k.K piataa to g" rail by the da? ta a aaa'r ' I amlly; heat -ay ?i i? in i aUal TM Warn Ifch at, naar (th be., lop low, k raat for two daya. "ABTtE-BT A RWTB T ABUI 01 M- A BIT04*1< >N to ?e?. waah and \n>n or to dn graaeal bouaaw *1 . heat ?e' eraare la , aire at 111 Warn Mtk aL 'ANTIP- BT A VOCN4 WOMAB, A BITT ATION TO a be boneewnek M amaal. ?rt?a'e fae'ly. baa anohlee la io ebaiii barwork and to *-ta artth wtabtag aad Iraalaf; r"T ? -reaea. I all al 190 Bldrldae aL ANTtP- A PBOTBbTAIITOIBU A? NTB^B AND eeamevee <kll In iiallaUe place, al r'.rat bouae from "? aa. brookiya. tlood pefaaeoeaa raqaiat >4>W> A BmUTK'M, BT A RP.-PB TABI.C , ??Minermaad aad e-lar, baa a* oh U, t rhaa.H.rwark aa-' taha aare of raiMr.a baa ba 0 r?t ?ei'-eec ?'all far t we daya a4 WB 7th be . be 4 ? it-Ik 3?Mi mm A PIT0ATfi.N BT A ?BdP? .'TABLB to maa aa a~ k waaber aad ir ear. or aa ? ? rate eoofe am at la tbe ?a*l aaal Iroalag Uatl al 171 Kaal Ui aL. aea let aad M aea. , ANT1IV-A ?7TtrXTION7 "T A tOPNO fllBI. AS eeametraae le capable of mrubf Wbaatar * Wli 1 awalea rabne. nnder^aada li mmib I aa aad nIMa ag. it art itr-g to ro by the week or mowLb tiaa ba aaaa galled at ??' "prtag aa. sear Broad a ay BY AN BXPBBIBNCMn I.ACNIiaBNB, OBN Ileal en ? or fam I* waablaf. tNar an r?ai4aaa>. tar we ?rata. Apply at ?> 7ih ae . bMareaa Mb aad Bbaa AM4l?(?DOBB AT FITB NWTU.IBO* PBB DOT.VN al in area tie A. naar lltb aL Bafaraaea glrea la etaira. bark room. ae?*d faar. 4WTPD? BT A TOCBfl WOMAN, A BITI ATION AB Rtraaand r"tmil 'in iw aa cbvnheramld and ae?m I aa Ilia ihe M of elty rrfe -ence Caa ba aaea al ' Hit al., betaaaea let and M ara. fANTIP KT ATHUil WOMAN, A sTtOATIONA* atma aad lanadr-aa Baa of i-ty treraara (or etgbl ' a aiirniui!,.! al la Iba rear 4 I* ilm h tat i"M bavin* ? at be <a" aa* 4 B"?th oM. (%a ba 4e<n far tohita "< * ?mrATiwis WAirrKD-yBWAMM- . ?' ANTED B* 1* AM1RI0AN w"l*>W or WJDm.l ? ' aire ft am fc< u??*k?-*o* - . c?r ??ml(l t**t Vwtiw rMHf ol a roiUi lanub . tinorrntande all hriDci? of boiiae irrpiu : and 'aml'y e*w'?i i f-ai?r) not re m?ft aa '?J*** " a p^rQjK&^r t home t'.r the ? .itar. CUf rrrfarracfa f '-W nt If* Wr#t (fa at.. "II aulUd Tmr a NTEI> RV A RISVICTAM-K YD H' I WOMAN. A WW t Iiiuilnnu uwnitreH !" ?ee call a? IMVaet ln-twe? u 7ib and Sthare* <*" ">teu for IWillaja __________ WANTRO A SITUATION HT A RWPK "TA'I'J! liIRL, tndo i ham her work Mid unlif #. ri. uni*rw >rk ard ??.!?? w)' b bt h*et ??? city rtijrence. CftU at lilt Kaal ,1st el . between 1*1 tod M av? nf Unp.IT A RE^PWT* BLB WOMAN. TO TAK1 T? :n lamlaee' wnmln* will do It ??*r. reaenfthle c<od re tr ? D(t(KM> Inqnlreat IT'-'Tlh ft. hi tweea J'.'Lb and iiXk hi 9 , ifoonl Door, buck room. WAMKD?A SITH ATTON. RT A TOUNO OrRL. TO iniimlKW waa^e- and Irerer ei?? ref?r?ne? ? iron her iaat ptacr Call for I wo da ? 'u S!i Wnt 3*11 at. ^L'A.NTK! UT A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN OIEL. TT n ?:uatk? aa rbAah?n?ftid and flnr wa*ha.- Iraner, cr ?* re??lar 'auw'rrja; the beat of ettj reference Oftli ?' vhs *a?t ink a< flr AXTED ? A SITUATION. BIT A KWrBCTARLE " middle ftfed wtnan who haa bvl eerenu >?ar?' eipe rtrace *a nuree. to eo houth. to take cure of a ?)<% lady, or Minrw to ft babe, nubile preferred. Can be awn far one week at ifl 7th ?r. orar the bakery. WA'mn? bt a touno girl. a situation as rnambennaid and waltreee, or ft? ouree sod kramatreaa. ?'an be eeen for two ilaya at Lin Allan Uo at., corner o! Ueury, Hroofcljm. WANTEi"? H1TUATI0NH, BT THIK KMI'KT tm.K Oeraan fir .a from H to ifl yeara of a*e. Ln an \m*r loan family Salary not an aiirk of an object aa a rood amift tlog Apply M 111 ChryeUe el. rrrANTBD- BY a first clam ooo*, a situation TT la a hotel. reeUiiraat or linai'dlnc homo; mderatu>de all kittde of aonpa, meat*, pantry ftnd muir aud all ordar ix> l.;n* Tha heat of iltj reference gtrm Apply for two i'?ya at 66 I'athftrlne at , i n the dry pooda Mar' TIT ART EI> ? BT A BK8PIITAHL1 OIRL, A WTI'ATK'K Tl ?a I ixik to a amall family, or 1 1 do gw.fa. ht:ir'? n*k . r<"<vl etty r* frenre. all ?r*r? In her laat place. loqulro aHO Uaat V irren at , ?oulh Mr okJyn. TV' ANTKD? A SITUATION HT A RWl'KtJTABI.'C TT* wrniiin to do (t?oer?0 hot:>t,w>rk l/< ? ?m?1 ulnln took and a Brat au> waebrr an I 'ro o?r Oali at l^t Wrat 26th ?t l 7th aod 8th ava , dm lio r back nvn. H'ARTID?A tlTUATIOM, B A KE IMC TAltL* ? ? youuK woman a> tiirxc ai ri a- am?'ro?a. '.he lifV. <?( Hit refrrenoe |lven. Tall for two daya at S3! ad Kr., in t He book rtore TITANTRD-BT A RBM-Ki rAKI.K U'RL. A SITUATION If ln a rrrl.'Ol prirH'K f?.rtlv b> ito boraework . la a fond cont a; d a Lrat raU wai-nrr und Ironrr < u be awa for two > ?? i tl sot enxa^rd, at l'.*t Hick.- at , itrai kljn. in the autre. IA/T A>TKD ? A SITUATION, BT A RUPEITA BI,? * I woman, aa plain cook, or nj eham jertnald aod to do ; lam mm-;. Can ke areo for two dan ai No. iJ. Raat 2>uh WANTS A SITUATION -A (iOOD OOO* W\?IISR ai d Ironrr draliV4 a altnatum In a amaU prirat* fvnilv ; la wiIII?k to make hTat-lf icoerally uwfal- App'y ftr two da> B ftt No 6 Knfft Hlth at \V*ANTBD-BV AN AMtlHIiAN WIDOW OK INTELLI T| K?nce. a altnallon to do tbt *ent-ral b'ueework. ei>-*pt aaebln* *mi Inwtr.f, It a faintly of two perMttut, lit * superior hi ?..ket*pcr Satufact iry rr!creo<? kl-en. Addrena Mra K U W. tlatlon 0 ____________ CAT ANTKD? BY A GOOD LAUNDKBSR, A HITUATIOJi TT in a private family. CBdereiaiult French Hullo* an.' 9 lie trim Inn, anl ba? cod city raft remit fro at hair Uat place, i \r be ? <?>, at 401 Gib ? IA7ANT1D-BT AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT. NEAT *T and oreerty American woman fefly yeara -r a h.wnn n a retpeetable family to aew ami aaaiat a Dart of tlie Um? In ilie doBoMMic tlulitw Applr at 41 4Ql ?. . nw. \S cat 12Ui at. tlTANTK.l -A BITUATIOE AS CflaMBKBMAID <B TT nnn?. Can be eeen at her pret.*nt p.*ce 151 ^rellttA at , > elarcn 8th av and Broadway, i -an be a?~n for two day*. 11 'ANTKD ? A SITUATION, RV A vov ho woman, to M eook waab and Iron tn a private 'aml'v, b?et ally reJn rtD'A. I ill hi 440 (Mi av . I*" ?*-?n \W and Mtb m. TTTARTKU-A HITU.TION, H* A YOUNG WOMAN. Tf ebulaaflret rate ??>(. waaher ami Ip roer; jiwl rete rence ? an !-e Rtvcii CaU al 128 Wcat I7tli it, between tth aad Wh ate. W ANTKD? A 8ITT' ATlON, PT A TOITNG WOMAN. AS - ire lien t waitreea or chambermaid. nadci-Mandit ber boalne?>. perfectly well, baa trari' rlty rurr-ate tntm he? latl place can be ?een at IS 3d av., near Iftui at., la Uhi ?K re. TJLr ANTID? T>T A GOOD PT.A1V POO*. A SITUATION " In a imtll family n" objection to lake part tn waahlnc ted Inilrp Apr'* at SOP Writ IPth at WIT NU KHE'ti -ITU AT tON WANTED? BT A MAR rad wmcaa. who baa loot her own baby two mon'be old (0?1 rrfereBpea. Call for two dayaalSMIM av , io ibe rear WANTED- A PITT' ATION, BT A KKPK 'TABLE GIRt., tn do general houaework. *? a r >d plain ?*? V ? uhrr and lr< re-: can procure |oul nferei ee. < 'all al Deeo at , Hi ib Brooklyn, leeood Uxor, Ironl loom. WANTED- BT A MOHT ^ WPKCTABI.i OrRl. A alti atlon l? a amaJ! > ntatr tumlly aa >."4 plain p*> ?? u a fif?l rale waaber and Irouer . bra ibe bfet < / en> re'ar-ncn. fan tie aeen for tan dayi at 75 W en IPtb at. WTAhTTO-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. A RITDATin* TO TT do itinera' botiaewrrfc in a ?in ?!! prl at- fanaiiy; la a good ?aaber and trooer. Cell at Hi faotfic at . Brooklyn. WANTED- BV A EUfWJTABIJI GIB!* A HTTf ATION aa cha? ^'?e?aJl, and to do plain ??? i"f ; bxi no objeetl n tn nblldren. nty refen nee from her la*: ilaee. Cell at M \ aedam at., milk dep.*. TITANTBD? A SITUATION, BT A RIkI'Ki T ABLK TT ni.ldie a?ed woeuka. k) do tbe ebaaiherwnrk and wa#h Ini nt * private * am 1 v . or la fnll> capable ui teklnc rbarcn at l-arlwa ?aa Ike N at of e* y reference Can be teen for two deyiat 37 Mou at In tbe rear amtkd-a nrrATioir, bt a bkppb<?tabi.b j onn? ( rl aa rh?m ' erw aid aad mtrwaa. and*ln aaatat w ? aahiai ai>d Iroalnt; e>e will make heraalf mierally wo da) ? at 20b Ba?4 14U| >i . near ui ar. lot r*l, for two < ir- ANTBD-A LADT WWIBRTO PIND A SITUATION TT roe a fal<bfnl frrt'diil a' ? 1 at r-baaabormatd ai- waiter ApfW at 4B We?t MM al . on 1 naaur and Wedneaday m-i-a. itca. between ? aad II o ekmk. WANTED- A SITUATION HV AN AftUJCAN >)IBU Tf aa atamatniaa. a a ueal aewer, la wlilln* k' aaatit vtiib r hunter work <"eo be eeee forlaro da) ? at 10B Meal )1bak WANTBD-BT a RBXPRt'f Altl.B WOMAN. A BfTU alum aanurea. baa been In t bat na * rtt > mut yaera, and can take tbe ??ttre rbarve e( anlaf ant fron Ha btrth; lea tieal aewer Ilea tbe b?et of cltf refeeee -ea. Oan be Mee for la i oaya at 113 Weat Mb at . between Mb aed M> an ?',T ?> K- ? - BITUATIOB WAbTED? BT A ff ' ealtb< reet eotabla youn? woaaa. in a priTAta faal'T. t ati at 212 Weal 4Atb ai for two daya WAbTKD BT A BBf PR TT ABLB WOMAN, A SITU, atlon m roab. In a private faaallv II aa K>nd etty refa teeeea froei ber bMt place. (MI for two day* al US Waal Hat al. WANTED- A *ITt?aTtOB BT A RB?1" KTT ABUB yo a* (trt. ae rbeabawaetd aed lauadreaa or rkaabw Mid aed ?taitreae. Ml a p'leale ' aai'ly oee wbo perfeeUy na rta her bnetnaae and mm mm* well ?eooMmeeded. ' a'l at rn 7tb ar betweea SM aad M Me , third Boor, frost noaa for two daya ANTBD-A RITTATION. BT A PR'?TBHT ANT si.< U> lo aay kind of wort- bruaewnrk. Ac i ell forlaro riaji at Co We* 1Mb at . between 9th aad lfltt ara . In the rear. BT * B?'rB(7TAB'J TOPBG WOMAN. A TT attna'W.n lo de Abaaberwtirk and waWat tn a aw all pfretr lanily Uond reference, t an be eeea at 1M M'llber w W ANTBD-A BTTUATIOB. BT A BWPB TABLE yon nf mi?aa lo de nbeaberwork aad weuiac, nr . haa?(erw.wk ard nee waaMec ann tr>* nr Real ally refe renaa > 'all at I:a Baal Bid m . near Id ar , kip floor. W ANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A PBOTBrtaNT IBIRH fin. IB a feet laea ?ee<t,? worker and plain newer, wrtuld have eo ot eetfcxie lo the wa^ini and tronlea or plale rrnSiac. ? aa be eMa el 2?a Seal 2M at. near 2d eve . top ?onv. \vr BUBAB -NITUATIOB W 4NTBD BT A BB* par "T MVie married wowar, pnod c ty ref? re Apply al ?1 he 11 a M . for Iwn dare II" ANTBD-A AtTI'ATION. BT A WO Tf man aa plaie eot* or ea (eat rale wae! <ar ao.1 rooer. *>-et reference frnaa ber praaenl ewpln er t all el 11 Weel )ia .t fnr three leva \V ANTED -BT A RWPB'"T ABUB AMBRtt' til WIIViW IT lady, ea ont'ireanad Room a rartv rarlaa Sad lo ar are aua bear nf aa eereeeMe tee ant by addrea*a? ataunc I e-d be over ft per week. M -a L U I. , IIKI.r WlMKIi-ltl.KI. a BABE ? Ha f' - POB ?GENT?-TO RBUL AN aE \ ucle that ka need 'O ever- family They ran wtaae ft wa ?b tn BIO r day Hall at ITU Broadway. r<naa A and BUT WaBTED-IB A b AWTEB*B OBFfOE? aPI'I.T at Po 4 llaanref atreet tip a lair* betweea the hoara of ?d 4 P_M m T WAN-BH to ATTKND a liquor rtobb MtaMlawaMreentnaewfed IB' "Ira ai Ad Mn -rr j ai A. But wantid aboi t it ob i? iiAR* ">r age to d? "rbi work Referware re-jalre-t applr a1 the r. tner ? ( Atlanti- and Bear? au. Mroriklm. rooai No 1 ever |>e ? antaa'a grteerv F'RRAND B*>T WaNTBD-PROM 14 TO Ik TB A RH OB i ate Apply al the try foodi autre 144 At-aaaa at, >- trot I. a KHEPPRTTiTpM BIN REBEIBG~ SfTUATTf NR AT rlerba b?? k?eei a. V.nt.n, |?<etera artee. .??*, Ae . tfwwiM applf at RRPPArH - rtiaat*' 'lerka' Ragftatrr ? ? ? vrr 'aa'. ?, i-. a >ar ? e H?'- eor? -ee htm-ra Applleaale by aull arnet ear. ?? tm I tlaa pa TRAI mill WANTED A priEBTIBIC TBACHBB or peiitarakt4< aed a trtee'lkt leaaber of borkkeeplae: a '.-a.fc?f I . iar\ m?i r*l, aad pet-matter t aRtia I't* ?. B pot e need aprl> w hi carry tbetr MMa haf.we ileal, and pHPtala at A p-*c- ?" tbetr ecefceta for their amp to ere Add- a- a |mibaa>'t lumaMrelal Oollata of ike ' Mj of lew "rlaane. La. WANTED AN ATHLETIC TOUBO BAB. NBTWEBB the awe nt H aad SB. who Heap able drtrla* aad taaeat^ip a eorae aad wmpe abotil the idly, aad who oan at taad m the waate of aa laealM. Warn very liberal, addnaa AS., baa till Philadelphia Paet ngow WW ABTBD Til R be OB POUR m.kTBBN IMMBDIATE ?*, at Bewbntf, oratite aotta*r, N T addreaa Wm J. NoheHd Alan warted a eat of Haw te a aacnad baad Adcreaa ea aNrre, alatlm priaa VI ANTED- A RTB*ADT RBRPECTA RI b"_AMKRIOAB ' Kaaliah bny |4 year* of a?e to wait -poo a ' lied **eU**ae fa atd he a to -A rarader aed wrRer To a iah t a i ti Rtteiat w reraiaaeai a' nalAm Apply lor tbraa daya a. Wr Lam e al , Rroqk.yn. ANftn-A TOl Nil MAN Of GENTBBI. ADDRPRR aad fond a.-owiaieat that eea lanap ai< nf I w aid wvbrletv aa Irtrttna.-, v-fe- ad Oat at ? aed i tea vtA m , aear twaet M ai, HHliP WA?TEK A. 11411 HOT T-> iJCA H If *1 L brwrtny the roolMttoor.-y b' Appl to >*" Biary Writer. Broadway. corn* I ??Dt> fll th .1 WAJIT*l>~rBDVKK4 AND OTHER* M\kK from U to HO lar Hhj ?rUln< tkntiHiltvrKcil'Vif CornboatUno tor leaihrr, v,d tbe Uatot k-fic <'.? at \T. r?Kir! n. np iliin Tl^AliTKD? A Cl.KMK IK iHIC fH' iMEHT RDM f T in. ? iu? MW to ?! WOoe ?,co.Hv and air ?*lar> <* a aultabl.- peraoe with i oiu 5- ^ $i ? ?! roaaifai u pa loer. C?U at 15 3d ar., oppcattr U. ( xxwa r li. .inula WANTKD? A TAIbOB. TO WOK rw CUSTOM o?U; o-e ill m uiakr b lown .tob. kg board In the fa?iu?: no ? Uirr c??d appij bill a mfcer. Heai<T -?n Uail at No * bit rrar bntldlri <op Itoor 11' ASTBH-A TOL'NO M * K. gilTCK A"i\COR??r TT at tt*urM. a ??? <1 :?"!*? of mouty.n th fc<?vl city retor fOc?i. Apply at 11 B. <rry _ WaNTBO? AN" ACTIVE HAl.Bt-M AN FOB TH* U^ook b<iatrrv?. oos who ran lB#neooe a ?ood caak trade ?"?'! ? *?? and ateail? rmployment will *""?? "> ">? rUnt ?i?4 of k ir jj AUo ikatvrl K>y fnw It to 18 yiftnuf ajtf for ? ha office hat U' wt() ?.??!/ generally i jaruL App y at 20M 1l??i Jf.tb H . Ir? !< to 11 *. M for three rfaya. WAfTIBIV-A B A 1.18* All FOR A B?(iAR HOUSE, lao a Mas acqaala'?4 amoi gat ablpplnc. Apply at IfdHtk'i M?rrbanta' Clerka* hai l?try ( iB"? 7S 1rcv1n-?y. MtmatlMM piocorrd, do <?? mmlM in :d adyaoe*-. IC<tabU**Md 1 4M- OEt> BaWUNH, Unper'jit-od.nt. UfAHTIl>-A ^AlBHMANFOB A WTICLIHAZ.K BOBRK; llni vourt ami to hUn?>v: g?-ueraU> < aaft... Apulr a' KtMi nthV Merchant* Clerk?' It<-Rl?try ( H<?. 71* Hn?.l*?v Situation! procired; do ti m. u adv<u;sa* EetU Lafced iW6. uEO RAW LI NM, Super ntendrol f?7AKTKD-r> APPI.KTBTOK & CO. ASK I* WA.FT OF f ? on* or ?w in n'ifneu of rnr r*y ami al .lit* tl r:it?a?a for ralxertttani In the city and vtrin'iv for a nr?v work al?c ?T?r u for tho c?>anlry Apt>l? to u. AepleUin A Co. Ml aud 446 llroadwa*. nuhaplntloi. drpartmrnt ' Waited ? im a riasr ("1 aj-s ki *i, kmtatk ornoi, ? n ai'Uvr bu-in-oa man ! RT<id i* < . rear wh>> ia familiar whb city real eatatn. to tat r ok ir*e of una o' tb? orlo -ipa. jpi>a>tmen'?. a iratlrman havmj wmc kuo?;?d|;^ of m?p ptn* aud annrrlr* and of itiksdle a*>*. prefer ml. ui.'ionUril r?f?renor? of bualLeaa i-aoai it/ and iuii'drity ?lii oe r?k|Hj ed. * with Lamp former aa .inatlriu and lefeienuea. In t, Journal of Ccmmerea ? -lice WAWT?n? A smart. ACTIVE LAO, CR"H It TO l7y??raof a*e, one * bo (an writ* a fair hand, tV>r a t t'maneft aititation. Apply at 'iliceof hh? an.t Leatt<-- He poller. 17 Rpnto* it , after ? o'clock A. K. WANT) I>? COMPtTKNT AND BBUaWLB ?KN. T1 er.lli I anhgci-lbrra for a new took. a HI jra; c miutait'Mi or u'lrr (ji.ra. A or It thla day and lo morrow i W H Ituak U* .toh-iaon Pry A Co'i , 17 J'.eekman ?( reel. actonl kt->r WAsrm?A rovtia okrman man. who speaks tar'ifcb well, lo attcsd * bar In a pallia hoiee A | : >l> m lames Darlg. ,Ir., No. 2 !'<vntli>e Him. T\r A NTED? A BOT, TO LEARN Tilt i S imVM BU TT one wbo ran ehow ?p mw it of bie.irau.Dg None otl er Leed apply. J ? H. Keyera. It Mn jlur WANTED? A BAM TO WORK OK A PA**! HB iru?t m,<J?retand taking rtn of s.oek. and !*? nh-; u> w. rk b?rd and fve pnr.rl . >'??, \ an'.>d. ? giroi,* I- ih ? It Ui 18 ir?> old. Apply lit 1 it K*?t 31?t at to .He baaaMOt, hi luo'okK k ilil* d*j. WaNTC.' i MEN FOB 8TEAMKRB, OBB BOO* keeper, oae entry rl.-rk, lire# p<.rt-ra three y.vifv trei'ee three w? ti w> dme bnr?* an<- <? ul. four clr'* to t:-*i<-: one parker for a ba'dw*re attire. (Jut- re* mule. ?>. Apply at No 7 < bathem r<iuare. WABTED? 1HRKK <>R PuCK BOYS A HOI' I it VEaB* ul age. ki eorh w >k lirbt manufacturing b'i*i*>?iw. ? nea for I ret Ihrett mottta, $; HI per ?eek Applrat 121 ioJ XC* W?atit,.n at between I kndSb'Block P M $5 w Ih Una amount, to lake the agent y of lf??' ' Vr.rk houae lu a VnKni Bjfj moderate wiarr mil roonni>?. j ??>r ?iven Addreaa with reai name Agrnry, lin aid nlli.-e. | UKi.P WAITKU-rBBALRS. AHUNDANCE OP WOOD SKHVANTH BOW lit ?l'T j f"r elty or caotry laerman Bogliah iootnh, I r'as. 4? tapable e'vll, artlee; at tbn la/grat Inmitote at t Home nor 1 >-y an ain-rir-an lady, Ho UH llib at. raw^r jj Itk ar. Oper I rem V la the a orolng UU I tu the evening. AO a I'A HI Ji i'OLOPMD COOK WANTRD? IN A P MCIT.T of tl.ree pemme, or a middle aged tiermn >. I- h or I I'rutretam lrteh woman. who haa a?r?ed In *be old no Try I A| r'i ai 111 Wea< 34ib at , between tith aid 7th era. ClOOK WaNTBD- ?N INDrbTHKM'gl WOKAN. OOM J t *WDt to do pleln rookliii and h*xi.^[ for a u?'*e idUly. i Call batweea 9 acd 12 a Uuch, el So 6>h at., near -J a v. rttPT RATB OOOB WANTS i-WII.I.INi. TO tin ,V a at Bin*; ala-i a pliunhermakl. A^ply at No 49 Wet 3tlh kL. b?-t wren - a?d !' A. M. IArVKRKSH WANTXM? ONB OP KXPtJUIt.NCTI AND J Wllilr x to do a Utile eb?mver?rork; aood fit r re'rreace required. Apply Ipoat 9 to 12 at No * Ka-t Sib at , near Bib ar. VTRHK - WAN1?!> A KKHPBOTABUI MIDIM.E AOBD il a merle woman na u .irae and enopaubw for au e ler ly lady, rood rMimmrni'.attona rr",i '.red Apply at i u Van dertiUt ar., Knokljn Uklr I botiae nortii of Myrtle ar. vu?t *ni? rkamstrkk-i wantbh-a mni'L* ii a??d wrman, Wetehor AmeHi-an rref e-re.1 Tana! be ?mart r.'j.igli jr an.l rmmlile Ap ilj at lli# 1'aj.ttr at., llrtxA l>a, beiwreo 10 an 1 12 u'r' < k. r) Tit BAK1CRP AND ( THIERS ?WANT "l>. AN AO Ure ;ott ? ( woman lo anaat In ctipmctlee. A pplv with r> eixnmetiO atioai to K. A. A O. H Wiuhatia .1 to.. M Hv t ar IL WANTKH? AN XXl'V RIBNOICi) AulD WO man, Knjiiab or American a a ckl'd a uura*-. lu a Pro te*?ol 'a*u'.:y . aatlafvtorr refereace ee-jnlred Api>ly at No. 14 Kaat Hat at , between IB* h nira of 10 and If A M. WANTED-A WELSH OR UIRMaN UIRU THAT VH d -ralaada renera] hnnaevo-k. In a aaiall taally Apply At Ma I9? liMtnicfon are. ? I*, fan ' rirn aatlafanviry rity refweore- oie wh muhlT > ixlerrtaeda her htia.neaa and la wllliar lo waah and iron fur a ama I family, may apply at IM Waal .la. at., Iron lu lo^oclock WAKTBD? TWtl UOOII OlXUl; ONB POt A COOK, warher and Iruaer. the >t&er lor a chas ?>?/ tu aid and to aaatet In the waaAin< aad Iraoinc Apply for twida;aatlf9 Beruy atrret. N T. TlfA!?TtP-A hTE*DT, OOBPKT1NT UlRIs A W*IT w f rraa. aad to aeaiet la the la adrj . aracea IT. Apr y at W Lei.ntton ??? a rut>t of 27tii au WAlTRt^fl WAFTED? A NEAT MULATTO OTBL. *hn tbOMituh'r tinderalarda her b a.neaa. wacaa W, Apply at U Wr.t 1 t# at , between lUacd J o'clock. II A tttD ? A Ml BSK AM D HBa MaTRMt ONB OAPA Vi Ma >4 taking rale of a el.i.d uf two raaia ?f ai?. a P-nerk o? i ler* an wuiiua pte'i-rred alao our aje'taloaied >o trarei Iter he t^at nf rrirreorea re-i tired. Apply at It laat SSd (t., be lore 1 o eloefc. WANVET-TWO OIBI.^. ONE TO FIIJ, TIIK POSITION of a nm* and w taker an I tr* n?f . the other ta i ha:ei er Bald and watt? -a. lo tlmae who nan (Ire ?<e?l ctty refe m I ra aa lo character and cepabllity. liberal wa?ea will ha pal.'. A -ply at iX Coaarraa at.. HiOvklya, betweea the boon of 9 and I _ II* A M El> ? A PIBKT BATB CM, WAKI1ER AND TT, to do Ike genera! koaaew.irk of a aiaali family Apply at U* Waal Itib at tk' A>Tt<"- A St AMSTllP.Sft, I OB ? B'HTT TWO WEEK* ff ?t l.? *?at r rtlrtkaii ei. near Hr?.ad?ar M'latbean eirelteni w*?r nsd naderataart ahlrt making Norn oihera neeo apply. < all between the bouraof fonr and aeren P. M. ?e*ee three <? i.iaia rer weal __________ AMTBD- A nOTMAI I WOM 4k. AH .4111 Klt-K aad el,amhermai<l la a amall private family Uri^ieap t> aahle rrtereunea re<iatred <"all U> day (Tuaedayi at Ik* Waa IM at. brtwena 6th and Ttb area. Yk' A NT ED? A M BXPERIKNOBD PEBfKIN, TO OTIC f f rale mi Wheeler A WUapc a areiag ma-hine, w re VIA 'ae family. laqutr? at atore. CI Pullou ar , Hr> ?ljn. ET N V HP k. WANTED? A TOCNO, lltAl.TITT WO ?aau. ? ' b a Imert of m Ik n< t more than i? >1 ?one r* Mere peed apply at Jl!> Weat 14th ?t . N. t. w w w TIT ANTED? ONB HUNDRKD I.ADIB4 AND '1ENTI.E TT men b> ?ara a Lew aad bnanuriil I "Ukanea that w.ll par frnm lit to UO a week, und omataa. employa eel glrea alter learaar ' a.i at M Meat Rr.-adway, a ear Market a reek, rkia la ao kumbng. WAMTBIV I.ADIRN AND OENTL.EMIN. TO LBAEN | a aew and heantlfn I watneaa. whlrh la eaay aa1 .-aa he Anae at brae, and at ? hi. k they i an make ir'?a It." i . 13k eaeai Indies will be ta'igbt by a lady Tb>am who atehe to learn moat rail immeriatnlr at 'A Baat Itnmdway, namr Market rtreei fklk ? ao hamb'ic l aii ind are for jo iraajraa WANTED- 1 ADIBH AND OENT1.EVBM TO LPARN A I tew as' faev hnuneev that wtn pay from tit to St* a week and wt ina naa b* warae< la oae day. am! ike iar?umr wtii (Ire (nratatt emplr.yaaer t afu-r U-aralag lAdiea will S ta'igkt hy a lady, lfcae e'.aumg lo lata ra mnat ea'l 'ramndlale'y at H Keet I'i'adway. near Maraet a rank, lb Via co k.unt.iig. Call aad aea loe yo imelrea. anted.- a tifH?n, t oMtriirr mii.unim mat appir at 187 Oraaawtak at, . from 9 to I o'alnofc A M MhN pinttkr. II'ANTID A OIRI. AN mUMHtRMAID. NONE KEBD WW apply ttnleaa wall raeemmanded. at SSI Pearl at,. Rrmkl'a W' ANTEL ?A MEAT. riDT OIRU all MI AMI AND r ham harm aid ru>igt ha a gmd plain aewer. Apply at l)< Adama aL. HenAlya WHHaMTKD T?( OIRI ? ? >K pfie ,v?,i, n j, w astf I lif aad Iror ' I a girl It or It >eare o? ?r npaaai-aw. '> . re.. Apply ttrm .'bill at 7* Mid ar , ba-emen' 14 AITtn-k NtRNt AND I'll AMHtRM tID, MUkT TT hn ud> ' '.neat, aad aola to (Ire goad reVrectna. Apply at KI Wem tWAkk. lirANltD-TWO PINE NtAWPTRVtiia* TO MkRE TT lafacu el ajili.g, wk ? as w ?rk oe i.^naeea aleo a (<rt d do get era! hotaeearork. N,me but Pnaraur.ta need at B M a at Slat at ttTANTBII-a NEBV (MY OIEI* AN l.ll * M liMRM AID. TT wko tindereurda the ear* rf rhlidree. and ta wll.tng to ?nake beraa.t granrai'y <taeful, aagra H per moath. Apply at I' 4 Weai fd at WANT BP- A HOOD f*H AMHKKM AID AND WAIT r?aa and to aaalat In ihe waahirg aad troeleg la a amall pHaalelamll A i plr a? l<M Meat |*lh at WANTBO? AM IaPBhIBNi BP WOB4N, AN OOOE, a ho ran briar (Btlefaaeory refereanee. ne who tAn I ronphly ae/eretarda her btialneae and la wlttW- lo weak aad f*k ,nf ? '""tiy may apply at 94 Weat lUt at , from IV in I > ivnk WaNTED-A OIBIa TO IN) PLAIN aRWIMO. WaHHIKI Hard irm le( and aa?>> m general h naawotk Apply at 14 *'? ?eer i-h ar d 71* area U'ARItn-A OAPABLB t? fl' INH OR OEEBAN Pi'dratai t ana, r . to do the (et.eral ho arank af a I 'trail aa ily mnaa l? a r?rf t. ?te ronk. waaker aad Irrmkr. ?'I ? I ? - k ai Ifu kidrldga it tk .Mrl> TFO OIRU*. ONB TO <(.Ot, WA?H ANI> TT aai.d kaepdrean tla; aelame iheteher aa . htmWmald aad aeaa a rea> ? up ! j. wtb refe renrv at tit Meat Kkh at, bete eei- 1 h ar.d 1ft* ,rea M'agea ?? and *7 ti ' a a I" iltNPRkl. I? >l ?tWO?k Tf mnat a r r.1 weahee aaf, tr<i?er aipa 'nuMlnM k'ao a y -'na P^rl b m.jd rk .d r?n and aaa a in lk? b?.ae?ir*i App ; la ihe 15 H , ?ii ? iki-d j. wr ?mfATIWfl WMr,V.B_>,Af.KS AMTUA1ION A* (XMOt'HtK W?NT1Cl>? BV A At ?%*'!>? mdMir. u* vouiiif torn. 2.* iitn of a ?? b?w4 <"? Ifrra- :n iii Itnlplfc ' *11 - !.?? Unxl ttirr. ,**.< Addw .1., b i tOl tlfrAid ,?Et jr. Arm** ouA?t> "<'> 'BcttoNga nii pv ntr C ok WAaUl A Jtti kilos, *ltti w In n 1. It' ' r?Mt?'t-i?r,t, or *!<"?*: uadt rtuuid* b!? bu?!n?w li *' lu'n.nbn. t.'otn* ut/n i An b** b*d ? 2H Kbd H'OwV>n ?t ujjj II*" ;r. AwMiPMtrAHi k v OHO van w>i i si'ilakh aNI? wrl.t? I rai<k* imic* iv d ?>iut> j>'ugi>?& Aiid >Lr v in demand <>?rru*u. vl?a? ? ? iiiuujou %a >.li-'k porter O' bv ? i>?" i ? ? """I ' d*'" * P*"* 1> ik? V. *'.1 1<> tt i irk ?. <1 '? ? fi? ?<r\ r\Ut lirnt city rrtVrso'B* ?dareai V Z. hoi

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WHO HAH RKKN AN I.V porvrol Wr?tt,< h gaol* It) !b'?clly fnr lb# 1am'. tve y?A"? mitbn ? ?" riA' lor n t *md ulr?m?n In a ,lob'iln< or m^ortlnf b- hi* wtili! be wlll'n* to go to Kuropn lo do 11m bn^liR <or A lirtn or Id ittrrd U> unr kind of f<-rtn?) litiilnna. Addma F'Aro?, t>?l n imi ati- ftiAt uffloe. Ahitoation w antk.i-bya kkotbst AKV TOUNG runn a* i .liter la u ?u>r?. i-r ?<juld druc ? <d Uk?o*r?of bor~?w Du'r taiidA lu tb p?rfiH' ly hi* tb? b??i of iltyf?f^ rr t. ea Okli rl '.''3 liitUbH briw.4Su lai av And a> a 4 IHOKOl ? H H'-wiNKfM *AN. Wl! ( W I.b rillOKl A I * o *r< ff?ceil wuunl I k?i to iu*ke?.i ArrMntfrm?ut w,ta h ?b.ii? hou'* A* (aImikhii or ty?iu. Kc! ensue rN lurtuitb t \ Adilm* 41.. box 111 lirrAld o Aor a Rf.r I K<"t Aft] F TOC'SU ORhXAN, WHO t-'KaKK t\ and wr ilea k nullah corrcot>. tarar.ui a Rltualion n "ch! portar, or amut-iblnp aimi ar, in a mercantile bo<i? Ki vr !,'<? ao n>. ch ?o object aa a b?r?w?iit poaltlun iiu4?;;r? terracea. Adorra* A. W , bo* !*> Herald .All ,-e BOCKKEKPKR, AC --KMPLOTMKWT WANrhD, ,1* A joitLtr man, aeei ??< Cap keep aaetof . nokel v do t" <?? Iiti-i d j' **? of noney an.l experience* ? r???il aa'eranan, w?"iM inak.- bT?rlf (Mftllt nwful In ?n ? im rr ? din ell) ii-larroem hum a .\UJreaa M., ho* Lr.itld c Iftce. t iOAUH*i?r< wa.m ki> k ituation, by ari*omc * trap an r wt'i baa lived with aomr of the ttrai ".tinilica m tbf elt? ' '*? n ;^v? tbe t>?...t nf rlt v referent m %a to (l.jwvniiiiltftirtMlity t *n h?* u-i'fl at 7H6 ir ad wav H-etaate-Allaldtrtii eearrleiredepoattiirv: r a rm* tin aard I iKcbiu. to tbe above place, an'l b? a Iro.lml U. OlTl ATiO* ^VA>' ':n RV A HOT 1(5 YCvKS <)!' VIS J? la ? builn-n in cr or at entna l.aht rat?h?aic?l trale. Twintre for late daya at 1' * 'irfine fit TtO M'.hCt ?NfH MAM rAITfRKRx. I f < iTRl. KRK1* f rt> BB3 "tlirra ? 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A HITt'ATTOH A? kMi?> >dI Uobbrc^rr ? ?uiry clerk; liett of rn.'eraar-vi AiWl'? W. K Ua lti7, Ilerhl 1 . .fli.-a. 1ITANTKH a HTCATtON AK P4I K1K. OK !'0%TKR, ?T In ? ?lo" . by * m?rrU*1 Wf., ?'i AhitIhb Hi?>un1rr >l mill lb? ou?lt.rn: U * ? iTNtW by U *.!r ?r i 1 Ilk. to ?rt ft c?/i??ii^ii t>l?f e '??* tl?- * -?.*r. -?ii?rrn *? ?l*?n Ad cirtM.I. H boi UO lier?iii iKIine. or W <tulurt. iin< ikiyu WANT?l>_BTA lt>vna M \ KKIICi) 11 *K, (IP ?>KI11 ed'irvUm fti> 1 -* lb '.?-?t teter^ine h? to mt-tntr. ft aitt.ft tWw u> |.|(bt porter, or In nny avcn pftUttn wberr he I'. 'ml 1 -tinRi blmiwll niwlul Ml rmiiloTtr *1 ? mod?i \t? ?*lftrf, In i-kij or ouui.lry . Aii lrnM Prvdcriek. lit r*ll .?'?<'<? WANTHH-A SITUATION ?R I! AKDKNKR. BV A UK klr m?n. ft DAtlve of Knglftod. b? lutlj un '. -ralftnila Ilia rulUTftiioi. of \>*KriH il?ft. frulU MM iI ivik. h?a cond rut* n uc*? Appl> nr?<!dri ?H. B . M WU|P CTAiTa nr<-4 Morn tft hro?-l??r, fcr* 1 ork T1TAIWICD- A IITI' ATIOW, 1IY A TOOKO MAI*. ? f f yMkra of ft*?, >1 porier In % dry m>t* ?or? or in ? b >? Ml; la A (food p-emftn wtU i>? dlar'i***<?-1 afi<* the l?t of ?->. vewber. For pftrttaulMt rafera to Mr. O. H. i'oILku. M l^irt ftixlt at. 1X7ANTRD ? A SITUATION I* A OUOH RRHT tURANT, Tf pruftta ffttailr or nouMlox b ium aaaavAi.1 or b-?l Wftltor. bv a man ratable of fcla liualneaa. la a Ural comb eata rar a>.drarr?r, noderataida aarvln| diuoarm. aippara, partlaa. A e. Ilaa the nrai rcapMtabla refereaeea aa to character and capability Addraaai. II., 'MS Hrotdway. ootsar Ittk ai , l *?ior?) WANTID? A PLACE AS COACHMAN OB WAITRR, by a yotiof man who fully undentasila *>otb Kelera, by t roMw. to Mr. f. Kauro t 23 Waal 17th at. WAMTKO HT A MIHD1.I AORD HAM, A HITCATTON aa bookkaepar. o* aaalalaat ? ntkaeper altbar In Freneh or Knaliah Batt rafarer ?? prod ? war Malar) ant ao trunk aa otjact aa a rod ait aU<ni. A l.'.rnaa I. U T , Ij3 Hackett at , tirnokljo. WaNTRP-A PI.A--R AS COACHMAN AMI TO MACK bimee'f uaefoj by a man wbo mj?rauu.4a the c*ra id b rvaa and dr1?1n* TeaLotmOala froa bia laat flaea. In^ulra f> r two daya at tba ?wt abop, 44 Manor at WANTRD-A ?TTCAT!0? AS Ot>ACMMAN ORIIRdOl, by a maa ?b baa had ait ??nec-e la taAlnc cara ot bor aaa: ally o roiiatry at:, in* to travel. * ?..f raferat cm To be are* at Ml itrnadwmy. oa T'leadai ar 1 Wadtaaday, ba iwaaa 10 aad 3 o'clock. WANTRD-RT A fOODO Mil WITO H4K laATEl.T arrlrtd, a ritoaUon aa aviauat pnetar la * at. ire; wonld ante hirraelf uaafm beat of oMy rei*ranoe i'Aj at or ad area a No. JS1 Bo wary. WAMTRD-RT A STAKOT, KCHPRCTaBI.1 TOCKO man a aunatioo a? earpanter, baa aurrad three or fmr >rara al the bnaiaaae ia Willtnr to go ader leatr n-uotta. la <i'iua at Iba ahoe alora IM Id ar*. ANTRO-KT A TOUNO MAN. 10 VRAMH Of AOC. a 1 i iaUn aa paatry aordt, f?afor< mar. or tac a.-Mm tar. Apply at SDIal aaaave, ftnt float. Ma 8. w RNTir.-HAriNO IJHtl ItR TfMI NMFC.RR AMD altar nr bnataaaa. I ahoold ll? a ae4 at aaa<Ba >-> keep "?l In toe or WMbwrtuB flab eartat, cvpytac <* akaiaot. Ad r roaa 3 , Uraaapolat Poat iff'*. TR'ANTRI)-A MTL'ATIOM AH WAITRR. BT A *WJ*a Tf aaaa. la a prirata faai.j whj baa Htaa la kie laai pi?r? mm , eara rata tl?e tte ef ->? an --a la ,ilr? M i7 1Mb at , Baa treat! Mh aad (tk ata , aaeor 1 Boor, tnmt rauta. AMTRP-RT A R?-PR<TABT,R c?)I>i*n,> NAN. .. aaif au-a aacoa. hmea la ike , Itj >r ? L'.rj '.be com try praferrad baat of dly referanr.- * tea. a plyf c lao ya ai fc! ?b ftra . froa I A M. b> 4 P. M. TMK TK Ull ?i A Watchmaker, who iiah barm p<>i rr\ b?m. yeara la a II ra> rata bviae 1a he 1 uy. dea.-aa a alt ialion. laqub* of Kauai? A 'tnodln. No 1 Maiden I*de, AUCOD rHOTO<!RAPHtC ARTIST WaKTS A bin Ur? in a rallary. Adere<? Artlat. Ilert 1 ?? ? fWUPXlK WANTRrV TO NaKR NRW rujl-R K A K \j rala. Apply to A T Br r*a M Rutcari ailp. rltKRTl^TR WARTF. ?. TWO nENTIHT* THOROr' H ly 'inaltuad la aJ! the brtuiohra / the prr-ioaaJ-.o <>er ?tara (.rriarrad. Apply to Dr. MarraJa. ."I fch ata., 1 - mrr of mat w fAHTID A PiK>-T CI At--. WtT. " r.SH, (' r thrae yeara' ei^ener"* t Oerma if rd ?in# a 1 ' ta lp Uila w.Btrt auraaan aaffa/etra^, be 11 lerauu .,a tna ra . atr aa to all H4 brae eh aa Addraaa la. ?cRaaai. liM Vor b *h at . WllitarnaW, UTANTICl>-A OOPPMUMtTn, ORK A' 't^T'tMRO TO Tf an.rk on liaaay aiUla Ai ply at 1(1 (Iraenwtrh at . ba 1 trees Iba bn ^ of 10 aad KJ 0 rRBICH Al>VKHTIIK.ltRftTl*. N Iiba APUK-CNB CTIEINIRAR MCNIb .?K BOMIIbd r>. .mrandainaia |t adreaaer aa No Ai Waat Vth 0 OR TlIM ANDR-CPK railMONNR f 4RI. A Nf OORtR *? Ml,. at I- 'rar ata t ' ?" -r a'atr.^,^ aat'epe! II latire. rtn nailaat. N" T. M b at "tdnet t.j.iara lioitlla da aa pn aeater tana da aocnea rarrHuataadA tttaa C NR I.RMOIhRLUI PHANi'AlhR iPARIMI ENNR' UK aue ae 1 la?o? dairf una fatajli* Aiu> rteaiaa oooaaae oo ir rtre Rlla pent d taaar laa metilanra iwxanaaadAduae la irtiaer aa T b error ?t . Hotel da Lalfark r'Hl Ptn.B PRA?> AT^R ??-< <W ?E V \i HAN* I ima fMiHI" A?*rleahte. tola aa ' "i re ei l.toaahlr la lla(a fle. I 'adreaaer a Ml Hate at Tim BALL IIA ftTi- b It A* VI,RT_ANI? BAIJ. i> a i D OP TUB Nfyyii B ? H A* VI'KT aitc nn.i. 1 it * it tir tii ftindaof the lewa Hrtti iial 10 btWfar*. Olty Aaaei bly R<?nta t?< Kr?ad?a>, <>< i II, 'o Dnre a of car t%?"a arfli bead their borara nortb. N-tk .a ?-tiin* down and taking at tbtor arakptay. Wy to<ai cf the 1 owmRtoa. WIUM AMD IaI<inO??. rRNBIIlRB ft" RE 0I.U MONOMO AHB.A RTR WIIIHRET Btar la r nfaaa'dl) aa the p-iteat and mat heaJthf-tl batarara ao* la ae It la h< seat'y dMJtlod froat tla m at carefully rala. ted rya. a at' in ao eaae ofTerad for aale not II adai.fl to wholaartae nee by are To th? lata ltd aa wall aa to taoae in baa.ik It eommetda Itaeif far IU nartralled TtialHJea aa a a'j ? ahuiiof the aafeat aire at and moat t^nelW^nt deacrlptioa. Maay ol onr moat dlaur)friia"ta^! ah>atc*na are . tgRiatbelr peat tlce talth the happ eet nto.ltA S ill wktt*. k raob> No M ' 'adar aire. , ;.eta to-*. |*?f?r?RbT1I HTMRRT PI TII.1RBT ICHT A Itl. RHBI' P IW the eb?*p?al r>M?a to hny Pta HwtKa Wtnea bttme Rhiake.a iVIna I'.laat and fa mllj tr?i!e a! M We?t PifWrth *>tf hf tlw % Rid* Wrtrfm w* ?? kT a *KUULa* Mkfctl.NO OF THE KIOH*B fAR0 *.V 'if i. i?ny Ha 1 Ward (Vittiiittl** near! ? erar/ e^atier b? .? k p t .e foUoAii?4 ftaoluiTj* went vioaaiuiouaiy ?? K. nhfd, 7 b*.: ?e rc.-dUTy ei?6 ?.-?*# *r?d (lodge oar u ad I ?**ed tur po?t tn he Urljn electoral llrke* beaded by Greene t Hrorw u and li*m*o J. Hedfiald, tnaetfeer wit* the h\mIg tijkft. of wfr'ct W'lliaw K#H? uitht* r?imin?? f '*??? ???n?oe Wr**nT?*d. it*i ii,i? D"miuiU.?u ot Joba C M*tfc j far Oon lire * wur be*rt? approve! end ?<> pledge oar rr*l\? h inri.rkiuaUy a: d ooiWtiieSy 10 |hf H?n rntr #*arneet and ?I q im ort. bf)te*lrx tb*t ha wiu ably nod flKtfvIly r*pr??ert hfci cor?*tu- mrry In the co*u?clli? of vb?? naii'Mi, as hi bw* bt retoto re doti?* in the hen a?? ?>f thu Htaio llo' lwil Th%i wf will uee all honorable eierttone to aecar* ih? t U . tUm of .iuerpb Woodwuith lo Ibe A?e?mMy, . At-ignls in k <? a worthy . faithful and etrnlffbt forwnrd democrat. 11**0 red, That ?i' rordtaMj'uDdrfra? 'he Conuiy Ticket, emiv 1>jpfr m ^awTr.aiir Wall, anr we pledge to tb?ae candt ! dtiee tbh. th^i th?H recelre the hearty nvport of our or*aru j vat ion ? Ju*pb Murphy, Aruiur OreUluoa, J*?e? 'I ea*e Patrick Fenio? I?< bt b On;, Urn OruaaeU. A?**n V&j, Wm DHineii, 1* i 'j4ek fclavlti. Thomaa KeUy v> i (>t*ca, fim i CimmiiigB John Hm??' llaunla l>ii?ML .ii'uti Butterm riu Wm. OoMailo. JiJjtmt fU rma. LHuilai 'tnw *rl?u o, JotLU Wlldej, Jobs .1 fto; uolda, Mnrhacl f OaMdy ? PrJ .1 .MmI'. .1 amea Wbll* i bu S Km'.ift. Jun NeUaiifftui.i, .'?wxMi 1 1 ork taller, Artknr .'. I>eUa> , JciiB I euper. .'i,a? llruwn IT n II iJino FrlU Ijuiim. Ji (W, m*at\rr. Wm Kr?uw?. Cbrlsto l><*r .Ii*o?on, .luaepk Wv??(?ort(i. Htpbk ?)|.>nr Wm r. Godfrey iii^b M^frU ?. Ufa ltaroiijr Mm U Vorrel!, J?tu B Murphy brniriM F?)?, Arofeer. . P Horrwood, Johb MmIHH Krrl P IVvik. P P]HUKK I'RiMIS, ('kali-man Ward Oommtttw. Mirnisi. * 'imidTi K>><>t?<ary. < AT A V kKTlf'c; OK TU1C FIPTH WARI? WOHKIKU tora'* I'rmucratle ludeffrrnlnol Club, he'd at Mr. P ?J6 Wrtl a<ro?i. Oct 19. thry nuaolmoualy (nidonmd Mr !'eo ?mln Wood m Ulrlr canaldats, and lh?v lumnlmuu^'y *(r??d h> turn oat to morrow iivming anl join tn the irocea ?ton. I.I KK MURPHY, Oh?li'K>a'> PATRICK MUlhlf, Vtoc Ckalrman. J*f la* Tovnata r, H?crMary. AMklTlKd OKTH*TWKNTI*TH WAHD N4VION Al, Mlunte Mnn will be held nt 12S W. ?t Thirty ftrpt ?tr.-.- 1 . cont"'uf Hererth a?t-uue, oil Tuwi.l?f btmiUk. Oat 311 lH<at, at7H P. M By ordrr IaMKS (XK)PI?K. ??hiirmx.a Vi . a. Wllil r??ry ImnUL THBL4UM1JL9SI p?iok op Ulinri 'j KHUIH1KK' RK01BTKH HKU1KTIR rmiiKM or ??ir I'M OK BUUTOKAI. TICIKT K>K THAT \Ol.'R NAMKH ASK HaUlrTKrBP' T! K8I1AT AMI WK0K*?1>aV Of TH IH W1KK AKI* TH> uaBT oats run hhhhtkhino' lb* l'.aee* t k!gl*try will fcr auM>rUiml la all tua Dally Paprra of to ray. ACT PROMPTLY 1 I, IT T1IKKC UK N<l llH.Al IN PWrOHMIKO TRlri IMPOMTaKT ut ty Krw 1o-<k, '.ttoter ?. 1160. t, IW.T AiU-BMKLT DIttTHK T TAMVAKV HALU? hrKtila- 1 ("lti.H rat.c Xinuuim f-> r M?mbrr (if a* K?mbl>, 'iniM Hays. JOHN POX, ( lvurm?n J \*?i ?uu.iViiK. . rert'tary. TJ? f'l Manwi OP Ti.PRK REINO HO Ml'CH OOS I t?nU<>n a* t" Ika fatara Pre?i(i>*ntl?J r?irl?.liip. I nrup. ??? ? pnrle Im dn?-r?Mi- between the Noith aii.l h.inlh In Uilit n mi r < , ? hihi <> r*m? of hnae h*.l rhinld !?* |>U?tM .?n tl:?- AiloliUfl UruuaA. llkivar HOI, Hedford, Hrui<fcl)a hy the frVu,i?of tbe raudtdalr* la i imlnatlju The p?iuui wtoani ' i in?'.'iig ? bull r ruMtlrr lo u> ininile Ihn future Tre<l>teal a ii I >11 paranaa ? pgacrd In the couMi will do we.i i > mi)l ap <w me. v here the \ fcrintta i"IMrnlti ?i eKii be uaikHib y ad; U*1 ed N-iwi*n <he nppn-'ii* partiei. and tborebv ?aninel ulaa s<mil' m t ?|ierg i: r?> copy JaMKHK. Wli.itK. TAHl K VKH.srn CAP IT it.? ATTBMTIOIf TUB OK J legale* of tl? Wiirklnirmeii'i aod P?ipl?'a Ai4^-il.\titHi In ; the Nleven.4. Klfteeotti anil l^ev^nleentb w?'l?, e'<mpikta| nr. H'ltb tv.r,|rT*?cniMi?J di?til.t wl I meet Jii? TnHMtai . even biff, Oct .*1 at L Mullr 'a, 2< 8 Ai;.<j?tree< rornei of HuuhUiu, at 8 . i itirk, lo nomloata ? uabdldate for ('.? ffrata M. J. tin r?lary. M ash MVkTINO op TI1? CKITSO Q1R?AN EKMOCRAI V or TbKCllT AND OOl NTT or KKW YORK, Tn Im beld at the t'OOPKH IKrthllur*. ON WKDNK^OAT BVINIMO. (mTOBKR 31. a! S o i lock. TOR T1IK SA KK OK Ol. R (JLritlOUK CNI'?N IM TI1K PAROLS or T11K UAT. ComtriUee of ArrariMaenU. ? HKKQI'B. Herniary |ir. # W HCJII 1MBR. I'reft I.Kl ( HO' K WU I.IAkt kPKKAi'II .lAlOll UOK Dr 1'Hll.lP MIRKI.C. Dr. JL'I.ll'H KORN. VTKW YORK. OOTOll Ell M, l?0 -MKH'RF. OiTHRAHK and t ii ?m.?a H I mw linn In v\i w ih ? i1ana-r in thn dwnracy IB tba ?Ulk dlaurtlhave b??a ra ?iua?U"d V" Inilla yon, e*rk. Ui aand II -a of your 'rtamta to mrcl fti my -irr I SI Mutant at raw, or at any >lhar ultra you may chmae oa i??dLoa<la> a?antiiK to ftdvlaa na tj tba mm practi cable tnoJa of <*rrjl|jii tbr dtatrtct. I intra, .1 t!. VaM LOOM, An Banter of the With Oootrraaklonftl lilArlct RKliT'LA* DEMOCRATIC AMD I'MION HOM1WATTON. FOR BKOirtTER JAMU L?UH. RAI.IV, BOTi, RAIJ.Y '-VICTORY IB C?ta.IH._a M?>* Meeting will be keiil thia arailni. October Kt. at i-lahl 0 alrat at the orraar of t antra and i anal airaeta. n rmilf> ike William O'fkaa for *?wmhly. Fa irtk ?llntrlct Kmliiaai apeakara will be praaam Hr order, coMMoliQRK M UttfHT, Chairman. SBRTIRKUH to IOOI POKTH.-A MKKTIKO OF THK k i - b t h Ward I'aloa HenUuel t;1ub will t*ka vlivoat (hrmer'a ll '-Mil. onrnar of Pruoa nod liretne atreeta oa Tnanday ma Irr, a: I'S o'nirvk. for tka pnrroaa of taking part la U>- meetiri called u. ratify tka ootainatlnn of the Hon Henja mia Wind as tka ratio idate for Uaagra? to tka Third tkmgrm ?liaal Hi* rVL WALTER BETTK 1'readaat. (Irnai.r W Jieuok, Beoratary. fpllB UNlOlf AMD THK CqaBTITUTlON HATIOMAI. democratic nomination* rok JTOTtct or rat aaritiai mm, (tkomiK a. mahnakii roa jLHTii t or tna aueat 10* cogat MlCUaal. UUriOKt rBK roa Kai oatiaa. Joan t Hoffman. ron citt jt t?.> JOHN H. Mcui?N. ron bow a kit o warr roa aabiiTt*. hatthkw t HRBRNAN. ruH at raat taoa mini kli, j* Th.ll. COBOkiiklONAl. DlMTKltrr.-MOAaAT. TaM may and Vktoa ?A (rand aiaaa m?i n? of tkr *.<tara o# tka "klrl ('MBcraMonal dlatrvt wtl, ha kald at I jur i a f iTU Ward Bowl, ja tnaaday e*ertni. Ort. Ml, at ?* o'clock (or ten pnrjrr ? 'if muffta* Ik* inanlmona nomination of Waajamla W owl. kaq , to raprnaal tka rtlatrtrt la Il? Tklrty taiat'A ? oo |iwa Tka followla* earned rafra^n hai* dm* tr.*<t?d. and will b* prraaot itn tka 'nraatoa to a^draaa tk? mawine ? Hon. F?i aai.4u Wood, ii'a Biiak Ward, capt laaiak Kya dara, Hon K H. Bradford. J. M HarrtafVti Kwi lloa. Haary Amlarl'ia. Hon Aim Morv*. <t*m. ? K. V. Vtntkt, Lnka P. t'oaaaa, Baq., Tka D. Kaftlak. ac? iv^nald B Hote*. Ooaaa oaa, taw all, a>l Wily Ikoaa wkn ara"?"l f !kr ry atna of enMracUna o?l tka work le 'ka p.ibhr am, wbvk la calcaialad to Mka tka rtck rt.ikw aiul tka poor pour rr. Htm. Faraaada Wood wlB>?*m*??ly 0a prnaoai and ad irraa ikaMhi r*KJ MAT, Ch mOam. at Ammg^m. Maaaa Inn Baamary TH K JtlNTH WABD DXIOJf OLCR W1 U,~lfiKT~*b* r*f day orrala*. at Hfl'elo. k. at tkr Adrlatir. r x-oi* of 1 lindpoa and Barrow atrwati i .?? ot .? mm* kli. and iaiu irot 'I III to alatt tka In ma alMtdraJ U ra). AI BX AJfl'BR b MitW PnaUni. I JhhI C'oaotia Traaaiw V a>UM UliCHMH i I k?l?i W Paaaa, t , Hcwurx THlKt??^>m?Bt?>?tO|tAI, nikTiHT ?(t/.ART TAM til kay and Ual>?? A rrui.' oiaaa t <4 IA? rtfra o? tka t Hir.1 i'<KgrMBW?a. dWru t. wit: h* krM at I aird'a Tiftl Ward II' ? oa Twaday tlrtoitar 30 at ai(kt o'clock, for ?*? pnr?oaa id rat..'ytnc tka noai im' <>a n-.tmnaUon of itao ,ui.n W raid I*U-| . to raprraaot tt? dtatrK" ir ik? Thirty arvactk i > i,rr?i? t hr tiiJnwiac nan ?4 fatatiaaiaa k?r? iw#? teritad, aid a iQ ha rtiail < a tka ora-.ator to addmw tfcr taaa?ln; ? mun fbrwabi*' wi*>i>, HUN. BUJAH Ht V i)B.>ftT A Ri't'i. 4 ? Al-I IxaIaI. RVMiKUP. Hit - In > K . HIAAVrVhU. HOi? AMI .WORTtlK. J * ilARRI *uTu?> Kao UBH k It" \ WRtOHT, 1J?K^ r (MM, K?1 THUM*H [' KM .1.1SH and IKiBAI.n R. HOI It. i '?!? i?a row* a ... ?ac? sa. y innaa wki ara oppoaad \n tka ayn-ra M w*trai 'taa r at tka nrk lr. tka ( ublUi a?>rMi, akirk la BaVtalkMd tiWakatka ikK rli-har md tta p<. r purw. ? i K.x -a'i Wood wtll aoatU??ly ?# |,raa?nt and add-aa? 0" taa?t nr Rk> I. RaT, k n. tjoai. of Arrknr ta. Mkiatk ???.**. iwrrar, T -arafStg&ZZ <?'??' f,V \>* 1?JV,IH?*. ?" Vi^^'mi, HOTkl. , , W..W* T'-a.-.V. a,., t X . ai.i ?naf> ?? I TBf BlOffr* WAKH OKWHlBATH' IIRIOH i|,m will l?a?? tkta araal f n fk VftWdMk BraM at 7 o'-iort l?k?r rh'ha in ia? ward <Imu a.? fararnMa to Banyaauit A ?d ail ,n oa ui mir i>??wl >o (i??^iai| In a b""<r u> tka oiaaa nMMMtaa marttoc a 'ka IklM Cw na IXatrtt. _ K WAIRWUfaiir, I'rar-taat, W.iiitor. T Krlly, T W ilMoti Va? l'r?ai.lnnta. Wm Harrwk. T K "itaoa na^ratartaa Tka ArUllary i orpa al'l ? ? oa ha?-l to n?ka a/rar r*m?r.ti for ikair ati nratoa to k?war? oa tka S'aL ? ? ,'ii W?Rn KAllna'ai, ainB P.all and Kraratt 'Tak will karaa. *ar kar? th?ir h*<td 'lOk'trraal Ika JlortkwMd . m?r i/ M^iadwa, and Toty flflfc a'ra?t #11 naia na Ob[? aad to aa<-i>i^*ii?ir and In f aw of tka l;atr? ar* in<tad u. auoto a ? a bo* a Waanora vtU b? kald rnn a*anlaf nolll aflar "lao. ?? K l*A?? %I.AV Ft- al'art . . . O BlyiAK IMI.DBB, Vka PnwMwt 1 I. ittiif' Reriaiary LIBI0H>0b"?U>: 8AKb1Tf THK HPOliit P<* rraakdaai MR PCRIOH. _ P'.r v k-a rraBdaat. AJfTBODt Rxt?mrT a rrpvblicai' RKOCIKM. IfT WARO RK'lt'I.ATfiM -A HKITIBO Of TUB i nbrva t I ok will ba kald kl ? (lanaawtrk atrwat tkta rrm ing. Ry arilar fATBlOK rm.-IMMOBA l*i iald-1 U|) 'it>Ni<RBWl|OHAL DIKTBIC?* -?<>*A tj ? *A*MA O rt ?nd UkW n mnit A praat nnaaoratjon of pwtoto. Tba frtaada o# Raajaartn Wood. ?*).. am raaiaatf""* k<?d to aawmkla In tkalr i aayiui'lra ward* tkta >TTota? ftt jo cto?? prartaaly, for tka narvoaa of forait?? '? *** n ar' h to Ibr Pl'tk W*rd R'*al, tad Uka part" tkd proowH Infra I ha (rntr d raaaa maatlna, wkto* * < a0?< to ratify tka ?oKlaatti'n of Vr Rar laaitn Waod. W -madtdata to rapra rut ib? '?iHrW In ?!>? ?#tt iVmprim tl* Firm ?tM of ma,t a? l?o M Itraaawtrk atraa . Rawed wawk Kalahow Potal. Ilaif ail rnrmt. #Srd -ard. ig Ukarty ?raat; Fiftfe ward, Ba : Utr" *'"*? , ?? bpr<n? Mraat. R? ' ' ' ?RJAK'R RAT I --Tia-i ??? <* ?* aa -f A* Mma a Riato* II n t ka ? ?rj. mmcki.. 8D DIBTRrOT -TBI Pa ' II> V *>K.' CUQlta *Yu ?WU'JK1 tkl* eeenliu ?! 7 c nl. -? o>n.-rnl UbiW li/Mit tJ wa/ id m iimmimj to tar i \U?r n..? U)>I JOIlK r KLHSfcUL, firtaaa B IloiUM, Sren ."Jry _ 4th wabd hathbal ukiok club - a Nwrimi ot tkli Hub will Uike ulnoe Ik? eren n?, it 7 r M. t*ua? ua: aUas'tiae- la renewed. By order of JuHK J. WaBV Prtwidnat D Poa iv a> i ^orciAry. CTH OOKdBBSSIOKAL IHtfTBTOT. tl We, the undrraUntMl tnrOBbera of the PemneritJc /<<? Umrrntlrti for the fifth PoiiKraaalnaa' district, aatfu ?*r naaiea at prtitivi u> * card publtaked In the New T or* Herald of thi Rj iaa: . in ilia i-Beet that we rriiudlaUd tka oj?- <* aui Diinr- a inunction ettkacard publlaked in the Herald aad A Vol of the -tat lad . Uk Irave i-< aiate that ire were pre* ?t ?ord took pari .o tlr Joint I'lmrentlon of UdlMlt. Tunaaf ul Btat Hnv^Wa d?lef>t>oea, and that BBUXIB lAVUtl */l? rMMlT<n( a ma ,<rii r < f all the to*m to which Ike Om \rn:.oe waarnlu >d, war on thr nuealtaa being pal. declared, wuhmit a dvaeat' * ner tb? ? c?< igao'.ia oo'nJure of the Om ?eo'.-oo. /AkMAhT M07ART 7f-? w?B? 7fa ?i<n <' * I oolkr, Wm Merrtkeld. il li<.."_ordf Thugaaa eaiith. Jlhu *oe<l. .'antea Ryan, TL. uu I /?*. . Ktnra (Vkrefa. .'ifco C K?al,>g Phi!lj) lAagk'Wi B Ilaafciii. koiiert W lUkum. Blrbnet Bayra John ttulrada l.taa lira WAjte B t: DeimivL Th nw H. Perrat Oira.- Bi*-iA. < ortirUoa Wood. "? kaa?l fcra.?. M^?r>ra (t Kkater. Fdwini v<ra.jj (i-or|sJ tima, I harl ? l nai - M.oka*, hmiOi, ? r'llTWk i>ond?ram 1 bouiaa Hr*.W* Vni Fit peine* Matthew Paiw* W Il.U A MKBUIitt lli'l WUD. 1&TI1 W4JIO CaroMruai^ae Joka HU.gkla Hiou. it H>'aa I friar Breve ml J ilin Vm^aed 1ST . ?AB1> Mprtiara fagaa. WUiiaa Kortk. f rnl'k. W. Ober&iw. 6TII COKURBHHIOKAf. DWTKinT. RaTIFH'aTIUK BKHTrji'i. F HIKMH of 1 (IB UMiOM. Kal.LV KA Ll.Tt Ihe Irtruda i<f Nrltoy laylor lb* frj1 ilar caadldateMr Conarma in ren *;?<l hr <hr .'Olnt t ?invriiL * .if Tamauay, Mi./art aLd W Ultamhura drlrirKinua, will aieet, Utgether wtta lb<*r lolrrrrtrd lo ih? dflral of II ?? M>cUnnal Bepublleaa eea <V?t?: at. Ihr .i! Un.nd ?irf? Kaa! !lr 'vlwa# on 'i r?> n.a*. 80 b IdfI. at 7" ? o clwk. for ike eo rpmm of ra tfjtB* the aomlo Ktlon o' ^ a I 8f / S TAVOB v tatiar ?"? h ol be m*n>nrea u may ba dratnej aeoeewr to' ik? ?> t??M o| the ravne. Th* following immca ^aDllrm'-o will be pri-at i' and tl 4rr?? the mr?tlnr ? rr lop*1 i 'Inum, of Mim Hoa Fran* B Np'tiola >irts? (!apnip. Tbumaa r rield T1i<v?iore V. T mint .* Jod^. Morr! ? Jni !ifr Wm ?* Tireed l'*nt?l K *v!0r. Wm B MarUr. Vlnllp Merkle. i? chuH HuaovA ? '?I H ' ' A OKklRV.. ( 'i^rmAQ .'olnt Coavenil.iai Mini*? Mit< Hr< i?tMri FTH W*RI> \ nt?i; MK ? 'S 1M.)('UI,AM ABfOOJATlOK - ?J 'Ihr mrnibrrauf the sibovn m? .vtall^n *r? rr |vi?t to mw ?t hi v: nl-1 a Bo. 7 l.ilrhl atrwt. OB Tnr? lajr rrrnleB. 0 ??? .*0 * 7 o'nloca, In parllcipale u Ibf uraod rmtiiraiua 9 Keejamln Wood lor lurmhi-r of i novn-aa. ?.ort j??i? i.yaA for Ke^atar aud C li. Wtwuin C i >r roe'nbm of lbir-1 A hlv dial-', t B? ord?"r at Jokn A I'd y Pmaideni, .)nk" Mom, Vloe Prealdrnt; Andrew Morgan, ti-cretary; !???' Mtbomg, Hroordlci; Kerrtlarr CTH CONQBBKSroirAl. niUTRIOT ? Tl'k OONF KRBNOB t) i - ? iib .!?i-? arpom rd h. lie n-'-tetr aioif t onvrDilou tke corn tu'i m?l nr.'oo party r' nr filth I '"at re admit! dtatrlat kxehy do>,i> Ihe publKi id'* rarfdatly the rf the I*Mh dlalrli't th* t turf hav? mimplt-UHl tli>ir lalMHm. Hint th. ! tlir Hon. Iiainpl l?. wlnant Ik tke raiwildHte of Ike i^man itu. -ial union r. 11 Borlanit, k, s N*.*ina, '*ee. Airnairi n* n<-> fink ard Tidrftnlh warda. Vnrk. (I O, *?, An. U d W>Kilaad. W. H. Arrrita, I blrt'rotk, rowieMtk, tine*. Ik autl hiiteeulk waida, fcrooklya, K l>. QTH WAR1) IWH rtl.A* ABO JOIINKO* Ol.tIM -THIR 0 f;lub m ill Murmi li- at Hurler Htr^et Hail t hi * r. mm*, te prnori .1 In un rkliuht priaeaaloo to lb* railllrauon mrrting ta la* ir of ri n imii' ? ?*l fo? <'on?reaa. B/ ordrr, J AMfcri A . UaBOI.IB, riralfMH. Wm J. k 4 >*, P- i-retary. iViaunlUen <1! Aif rurir irm ? Kilward Lynek. 'ui"!! Mooney ,i<da H rnptlM, hrrd'k ll'i kman .1 II. lKrkl-H llKonrn Will, WaA. W Nailj- Allrr.i Hulaud. I! li. K . Ai U'lr M"llro?. nil! WAPD-AT A VkBTIhtl OF TUB Vr?DNff Mint. Draaoerallr Hickory c'.ub. Ik Id k Srbailer a Ui avruna A Batliew T Hrena>i waa iinanlm y rodorard ae niir ramlid" le Inr Begialrr The memhera of h? ah .ve Uafc are requratM U> al<?rd a ireetli r tlda (I i rada rrentnc. Ota JU. at a MM ?, coiner ff 1l.iite?mh ?tr?r' and H.->aa<e line ABHKkA BM.I.I<lA>. fmbdent. 11 iCuasl Pi.aiit. Fesretary. 1 7T1 ward? mi/.aki iiali.-th* i>kmookatio I i KtpnkHeaa Ward CowbHIm of tte BeeeMaatt War* ? III bo'd a mrettnir at tbnir keadiinarlera, Hermluuie Hail mirrar llnuatrn at .1 Allan atreeta. ikta Tnradar ereolag. Oola hrr 30. at 7', o elook B> order. fn.VWTIR BO II BIBB. lOTll WaRD-AT A RRRTIIfOOFTHR V INRi flKTI lt7 War# lln?lll Dmh* ratlr "'l?b. < -r*. '? Cbarlaa Wt? rand In tb? chair lb* Domlnati'm <if U<r? Jiidjf R>iaa*l for K* ? order wu unaalmoualy aadoraad CHaRLKS W1ROAKD. Pi lit, John M . La?o, PurrMui. t)fkTb WARD? A MRRTIRO or THK DoUULAJi AlfO Jfbnw.n K lnj>(r* i tub wl'l t? >?*?<!, tils avanlDtf at |UI tax* 1Im.II. ?VS Ki(h'ii ?t 7), o'etork AH thua* u> fa? *r ?jf tk? I'alim irr roiurated lo ?il? <1 By ordar, J AM KM HV(iU?H. PmMM bli.mri, i h??,. rirvB Umir, Jlacretkrtoa. PKHDOKlli. 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