Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 31, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 31, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8819. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1860. PRICE TWO , :\ rs. IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. R?Vorliil CtpMit of Uaadalajara? Ths British Charg? Orders?t to Dtm*nil 111* INwi port! --Horrible Atrewjltlea bjr Mli? ?na-A Man Md Woman Flo||?<i to D?th-ArrlT?l of MlaUtor McLaiae? The Valtsd States Steamer Pawnee, 4c. Tt?o steamship Tenaeesee, Captain Forbes, from Vers Wua (tie JUt, arrived ?t New Orleans on the 21th Inst. Bj- this arrival we have flics of Vera Crus papsrt to Baa lay, 2 lit inat. , sad they oouUln news of Interest Ml Importance. At the time the tosscI sailed an appa rently wull authenticated report prevailed that the im yx>rtant city or G?adaliy?ra hud been taken by the liberal forces under General Ortega. ft'tcr a siege In which the in habitants sulTer-d terribly froai (amine and other cantos We And no parUaolars of the (lege, the loss of lifo or the condltlone un ler whuh the city capitulated. Toe line o circumvention was completed as early as the 2d ms?., and a letter of that date from Ortega stated it would be rapidly advanced in order to hait^n the assault General (trt ga, it appear*, was comtnissionel In place of Itogollado, who was dismissed from his command for Uw- selxure of the oondncta There appears to be n'> reasonable doubt that Ouada'a )ara is now iu the bauds of the liberals, and it is a mart Important step towards the final overthrow of the cSurcb party. From other parts of Mexico we bav? nothing of interest, except that Marque* had marched out of the capital witb ? col amn of 4 000 mon, and encamped somewhere on the road tc Querataro. OCK oriPAI.AJAKA COBRISPONOKSt t. F unlit al Camp, GrAPALAJARA, Oct. 1. I860 Jhe BisQt ? The Federals Within tkt WaiU?Mitiary <>i* ratums? DW.ioni from t\e Oarrixm?Hnj/u ani ChtcKman ? lnUruling OmvertaLion i vilk the iVmwr? i/ii Determined U utility hi Miramon?IUncu of Or tega, <ic ,4c. On the 9? .h your correspondent reached this point just In time to see the federal foroes, under G moral Ortega, take up their positions In the barrios of this city. The great loss, by desertion, suffered by Castillo, the olergy chief, in opposing the march of the federal forces upon thia city, gave him such a want of oontldence that he offered but little or no reslstanoo to the entranoe into the barrios During the 26th not one man of the foderals was lost, and up to date not more than twenty bave been killed. On the S6tb the federal forces, to the number of 15,000 men, at least, took up their quarters inside the walls of Guadalajara During that night barrlcalcs were th-own up, under heavy Ore from Inside, In front of all the works of the enemy to protect the movements of troops and smtnunl tlon, and openings were commenoed in the bloik* of bouses. On the morning of the 27th It was found th?t some forty or fifty of the enemy had passed over, and that already positions had been secured to check the Ore of the clergy's riflemen placod In the towers The 27th was spent In pursuing the mining operations through the ?olid blocks of houses and In making preparations to at vanca the barricades daring the coming night. Towards the doee of the day an aolive fire was oponed (rem all the batteries inside, which lasted from three to four hours, without any damage to the federal forces and without drawing a single cainon shot m reply. During the eight of the 27U> the advanced poets of the Invaders wcrt strengthened, and the morning operations continued, tho enemy keeping up all the time a lire more or leM active The 23th was but a rehearsal of the 17th. On the 2fith your orresp >ndent rode through all the line of advanced works oj horse back, and observed everywhere the greatest activity. DotwtthsUndtug the rlBemen inside were showering thtir balls on all sides It was wonderful how so many shots ooul J be flred without causing mors dairags. la my escnrsion 1 met with the celebrated R .jas and Ctie eseman ? both uersocs quite different from the pictures drawn of them by the cariraturis's of the clergy fa two. Rota* frankly confesses his disposition to destroy every mac of lbs clergy faction lb it falls into hl< buhls Be clalmr nu modest/ on thli point I was cartfuliy re farding htm as be was expressing his sentiments, upon which be asked ? "You wonder* How can you wonder? I bave uevtr made professions of scruples, nor claimed to be a leader la my part/; but when cniefS In the ranks of our enemy can murder Innocent pet sots and foreign era? and these r; -n are received with open arnta and treatod as com pan i us by the ttpannb Ani'niasa'or? cer lam ly 1 cau not, with justice, l>e biased fur murdering every one who woald. If ho could murder me I havs never yet maltreated a foreigner, bat. on the ooa trary , protected foreign Intervals, whin It has been in my rower. My misfortune Is that 1 am a rough man. But this Joes sot bother mu I will always respect fo reigners and protect their interests when I can, but If my country mm will have civil war, whv, I am nit the mm to abandon the fleld. I will not sbee'b mv seord wti le there remains a damned aw* ko (clergy partisan) to kill." I ralied b* attention to his ti cement of Mr. Allsop, BrltUh Ooosu: in Tepie, His reply wss that be tbeo acwl under orders fiom his supsrler. bet never sgaia woe'd get into such another business. His men ars oertalnly bard eos tomers. and will give a reasonable fright to tbe mhabi taats of Mexico the dsy tbsy pais to ths siege of that olty He asd Cheeseman together arc men for a civil war, al though the atter has of late be<h more cautious to bis opsratWus He is bow i barged with the laying down of mines, and says that la a fe? days be mil give a "lift 1 to ?>me of tbe enemy. Ti e principal men here arc Ortega, DoMado !Urwg?)?a aad Arramberri? all goo-: mon? peraons of ability la tbe Oeid aad in the coutsel Yeetcrdsy tbe letter of Genera' D^elM*, who Mill re saains st lag.*, to Mr Matbee r.*i h*d be.e > pro Bes s virtual ac> ,H?_r : of tie proposition of L.rd a Russell for a peaoo. Here this letter Is regarded favorably , aad al will defend apoe the actiou of Presi dent Juarez and bis Cabinet at Vera Cruz Tbe obiect of these propceais Is to avoid the destruct'oa of tbe two eiti-s of Gaadas,\re and Meslco, which now oesms necessary, if the war rouit g on It is impossib e to say bow th-se pi > .petals will be received in Vera Cror If Presileot Jnarez still adheres to his p>licy I tmnk the game will g.> ou. the probability thai Guada ajara and Mst oj will pay for all. " Tbe fort* ? In it to now cam'xr about f.OOO men, with thirty odd piece* of artillery. Hi oe tb?* alia* of 1 ra(* lb* fietiAealloa* of the e.ty, la the oeatre, bare beeo greatly au# meot-?t and the Uhluf of t it city i* now by mo BfiM a on*l?*?ptH.I* l>?elre** lieorral drift bt? eo ftr a<lTtoce<1 ble work! with freat raatloa. Bit lint completely eactrc e* the f?rc* imld*, nil now e\ l?rdi to from tbrno to fire equarr-* froal the wall Krnrj day tbe el?Cle b-ooie* laiHtr, and *oe>n ?rile* bo*tt|ltle* m j*t e in menc* loaide th*y ar? well prodded wltb peovWioo*, bit are a.ip(viaed to be *hor . of moiicy , the grcatce, al l for the b^etegtra la the dlaconlrat I tat prevail* amoogal Iba cl.-rfy f.tcea lleaerlloti* arc o( bourly oijr'irreoce, an t 1 1 pr?real 141* ?bey are Compelled to keep nv a perpetual U'e fr >.u Ibe fortification* and town* Aa I am now wrlttBf al oto A M ) taere ?* a terrlfls ?oar of aril lery from a'i la* bat tariea of lb* euemy, wlUnut a i ingle re^ly from thia tide. Yeeterdar ueteral < >eUt* wa* \ery 111 from over rter tioo At Oral it wa* fnnrnl thai be waa *erk>j*1y ill. bat late laat clabt hit ocrdition wia bitter, aad bi^oa were entertained tba; to dajr be will be able to gn out of hi : <j jarWra H it II. see* created alarm In all tbe Ilea. My tmrreaiiiiti w that tbe aic*? of Ibla Oily will not b? ooael^di-d before tba mkidia ?( the month, and t may laat aatll Ibe tad of tbe met lb Tbe iiefe of M i?oo, with ordinary f I .. a f>>r the federal*, eaanot ooaa meal* before lb lOtli of Noeamber, aa after tbe ceo cto* -n b? t it ?... Ic i?en*r*ry w make btt* pre Kiatt* to nmw the force* te. the Valley of Ik t leu J ortt<** are r t to be eaatl/ oi tamed along th? I aa of ?aaroh Tbe Set''* hate already bc?a wall tlnpf* 1, an 1 moat of tbe granariee are completely empty. Of* CUT or MCZ1CU CORKK*rO?iDK*CI. ?anew.O* 13,1**) A lid << itlroiVI-ilaift/' />- . /"??<? nf Bru la.'i>? Kir*m*n <M4 rt a Jf a* <e be Fi*jr I U> lb itt f/u Cnnr? t\ tdkthAJb) ?Mr Makm (tr d."4 It awl *i< P*J ? ~U?A r or W m? nl \*r //?tM H- 4t? I V* A" ??vlrtd laiAu Af-W ?? T\e ITc man Pirn Cmilali, tra. <1 c Tb" heart ? *t* anil oaaitlBabal la -<ua?e U. de; t Ibe tar. ? J - U o la-?o ?* thai art da'iy Miac parpeiratad by theei .t*> oa la M<i?ao. Tas mir akin ISO axik aad WiMSdal, la it ng mad <?l ?? i, i: ? ? -n ?>re At" ?a? ?er* IF'I.erH-'y *. . . i o > ' ti : e by C-/ a at (> ? . ? - a ? ? r ?? t> area ar...|?t j, , (t x\ r r t.' .? * i o' tba J*ai ?!?"? f -r.a ' ?li' ?? o >bb?e tbe rill Mo 1?d marden cnx ul by i tS? Prai d*?i ? >?r?iu ? t?;e a'.riU'e i* o ilrac 1 1. nr'U-d bf the Are* deal b: naeK; th* c >otc ant of Mr I. t il* )a the foa. almnepbere a ( * dun(e> n. waien all bal f.llf oaial b.m. lb* aleocllie* or>aw.:ited by I/M*da? ra? of iba ' tr'iataJ eh efb too %? rrihv to relate th? lanrl** of tw*:*? uafxlataa o loitita .loaalial* wbllfl aalaep, by I bat Gfiti ah miacreaat " Aarada," aa I rariaa* other *a< rai (. ?a loo uam?ro?a lo .aeatioa tad Uta rtro'tlaf to daacr!b*^ar*ai: nan- rt of r**r4, aad it aow aaforUnaU ly fa; la U my tot to oh rot lo la aa other |*ait*ti a-.t wbiah baa . M b? n perpetraUd with:* the prsclaet* 4f th* capita. <e<*if. A few day* back a bxtorltal play <u pat oa It# *'t|?i. at wb -h Mlramon aad bt* fbni'y wa-e pr *?at I th'r 'ay an ajv nal wa* aia^c t9 * iBiairch sy k ? *? ? f |'*al lh?m tb? bi**?'n(t of p*aoe Th" vt* r *. ' ^rirabte, aad oie of lb* a He* r i * ' lb'" '>e*i leal, dep oted i. Ii- art rea ' , < - >' ' ' the V?x'eti p? ?, b?>f| rg M ? a ?'? -a'" pni h * f > intry Iba h-,3* *e. aaroeryy den trJcl rf tbe m*arch la th* plee*. Will st be fel'eT^I h?t th i anf?etiiaa?o ta(>p;; ?aat wa* d af|H to rr??* "**' * ? raota t> iisfc aJafui* j*i.c ?ru.i aw twMacad to raceiva 500 (tutored lashee at daytreak tbe following morning; when 360 had been admtuistered Iftramon was lnform?d tbal Un man wu dying. " Let the remainder be Mid, '? be given on the dead body , my order mutt bo carried out." But are miob deeds to be wondered at when La rarde, only tbe other day, ran through tbe body of an un fortunate soldier, guard at one of tbe Gareta'i, for not baling oppoiod t'.ie passage of 400 deserters well armed, and atoompank J by two pieces of cannon ? Tbat such deeds perpetrated In Che came of religion and order should bare at lonrtb aroi-od tbe indignation of the British govern meat is not to be wondered at, and Mr. Mathew .who, as yon are r.ware, some time since suspended all diplomatic re lattous with tbe faction at present roliog in the otty of M?tlco, tus received orders 13 demand his passports. The re-atons for this order, m de telle 1 In the despatch, are, the constant imposition e f forced loans, the varloas out rages committed on British subjects, the utter dun-gird of treaties and international law. and tbe porpetrat.oa of horrors u;)- n the- persons of their own people, which render It impossible for any nati in having a duo regard to its own character and dignity longer to bold dlplomauo tntcrcourte with a party who bare forfeited all claim to be ranked amongst tbe civilized communities of the world. It Is now that Die character of the Spanish govern meat csn be duly spprec ated, her representative ?r.d ambassador, ^er.or Pru !i"on, being the only individual eo k*t to ibaiur it still to recognise and support a faction so debased by dea ds of darkness a* to render even tbe residence at a Britiah Charged A(Tairtiuntnf suchaoom niuniiy a degradation and dishonor to bis country. It In pltaslig to und tbat even amongst Spaniards there arc porre few honorable men who have d< red to dentune?> an act so Injurious to the honor of their country, these gentlemen, when the Mon-Jtlmroto (Mir ?M MMltUd w Ibl Cortes for their approval, bavlrg desrankd upon tbe loss of dignity noceatarily ?nsutned by Spain in aocreditlng an ambassador to such a faction, and ir endeavoring to nanlttkro gb a tnitr based uion claims which every one knows t? be founded In pe-rjury and laiti bood. That Mtramon, (Jeoeral A1 mccte, and, for aught we know, Scnor Pacbeco ii itself, may be greatly Intereeted is the fate of tb ii treaty, may be more than probable: but that foreign i.atloLS will submit to see tbe jtial claims oi (heir citizens postponed to demands which, in their veiy inception, are known to be a swindle, is not t ? be supposed. Oct. 1?. 1880 It bait just comc to my knowledge tbal a poor un fortunate woman, whose husband had been taken as a soldier by tbe pressgaug, was seized whilst endeavoring to facilitate hit 1 1 capes fnm the <iuartel In wh^ch be t?u?- oenOne 1, snd wst ordered to receive three bundrid lathes. Although tntiinU, these three hundred lashes were administered. She died under tbe torture, glvlrg birib to a stillborn child. Tho nan received tbe s ine number of lashee, bat survived A fall afcmt of ( this will be- furrished la my next. I simply give you the fact* as tLe'y tare be-cn related to me hy tbe most un den'ahle authority. Tbe last news from Guadalaiara wai up to the 0 . 'i Cas tillo bad then been driven within his last line ortefene>ef> Manner left this city with 4.000 men for Ms relief on tho 11th, b it it is to be Imped that tbe city will fell befjre he can reach his destination tHTl TllU CKt'Z CORRESPONDENCE. Vnu Cars, Oct, IB, 186") Arrival of the Fatmte, I oith Minuter McLone on Board? Opintotu of Her <^ualit\e*?Uer Speeed, die. Tbe United States steamer Pawnee arrived here on the 16th, with Minister Mclrtne on board, also flag officer Pecicrgrast. who is to relieve Hagoflloer .larvls Tbe Savsnnah left this morning for New York, and the Susquehanna for the Mediterranean, vlt Key West. Tbe ?"awnee is one of tbe most stupendous failures extent the machinery works very well, but she Is one of tbe very werst sea boats In the whole navr. Her officers tay that tbe-v do not consider her safe in heavy weather sbc lay to thirty hours, in me>derate mrlher, with be hatches battened down. bcr roiling Is said to be terrl ?le, aid of tbe most vicious kind. Her average sp^od under siesm aiono is about seven and a half miles per hour. H -r greatest speed for a short time was tec and a balf. Newspaper Aeconats. CimM OK ?t'AI>Al.A JAKA COVFI KMED ? TKIUtlBLB bcenks or irrmnta. (From the New Orleans Picayune, Oct. 34.] Tbe steamship Tennessee, Captain T. Korbee, cm m and Ing, arrivod at this port at an tarly hour this morning, bating crossed the bar a little after mlfnigbl. She left Vera Lrux tbe morning of the zlsi, aad brings tbe follow tng passe ngers ? C. I ?? Itoux Usee, Bccretery to the I tlted States Ugatiot to Mezloo Mr. Hsvilaad and wire, Mrs lMbise, Mr t. Foulnkr, Beauregard and brother, Mr. Henry Mejea. The Tennessee left in the port of Vera Cruv aad anchor ed at Sacrifkloa a licet ol eight vessels ol war, as fol lows? . I cited States Hag steamer Powtaten, Captain Mercer? * ag CXAcer Pendergrast. I nited States ste-amer Pawnee. Captain U-rstone. l oited Slat. * ? learner looabemtas, llaplaiu Ha/, ard I nited Slates Irlgal* Sabine, tamtam Auams. Is lied Stales storeehlp Supply , Oaptaln iluun Spanish war sle-amer )>troneia Spanish war steamer Isabel la Catol ua. 1 rrnch brig of war Mercure. Tbe 1'awnee arrived out on the l(lh from i'ensacola. Tbe I ale llsgsblp, sloop erf war Sa\ aau&n, I apt. JarviS. ?sited for New Verrk on tbe Itfth Tso United Slates steamer Susquehanna, sail .d fjr Key * est on ibe same day By this arrival we ha^ e fllm of Me-xioan papers as late as due, fiotn all i*rta of the repablio , froui the aily of Mexico to tbe l'lb The Oucit&kt the odki*i orgae of II It astern e>f tbal dale Slatee, thai Hm pro . tainae of Ibe brileged al (.oada'ejara were TT-' eoed v?ry low, anu ml mate* that tbe city would soon ba e to oapiuiteta. And tbe petrevgera by tbe diligent-*, which left the capital on tbe same day. state tbal Just be*bre Ibetr de parture tbe aews arrlvsd thai Um> oil# Unadaiajara ?M takes on tbe lltli. It It added tbal tbe Mas was fully credited at the capital. Tbe ertul, which row teem* to b? fully cmflrmed, l( a ant Important one, and may be tbe turning (total ol tb? Mfl mr tiuadalajarata tbe tecjud city o. tberepub lie, rich ar1 proci'-roue . and hat been deftnlrd w .3 gital It baa l> in, mor*oter, lb<' prln pal ttroogh >id of the r< arit >niau n that part of tbe re |.ubi c, ana it* capture M believed to opua tbe we y direct to ttor rwpitai Our Hire abound in meet touch inf loiter* from tbe be llt|ed city, from which It would appear. a* m f hi ladeod have bees expected, tfcal ibe ?ufler:ng of the pt >pie wai t*ry great. we learn. Indeed, from a letter of l.en itr lege Limeelf, that on tbe Ural intt tbe tillering had be 0 tie ao (real ibnt Ui- ure u(*>a the city tai suspended Iter tbe tpaoe <4 three bour?, tbat worn- n and > U<l irtn ir i(t. I Irate the town. H w many e-t?eiiy left we are not tr.fonned , bat It would appear ibat the number waa mail, lo all probability tbe poor peopl* kbew nH *bal k> do, an Utere for the (pace a f at leaal twenty day*, they rmataed budd eO together in tbi' ceaire of tbe town. fhrtbi-el removed from tbe rbota of lb* beelegera, ?ifTermg eacb boor dtavtmfjrla aat aaaieliea which matt hare btea wore* than death itaeir la tbe tame Idler (?cn. Otlega (ire* aa tonally lad ac r uil of lb* demorallaation aad neo^wilitecl the aoldiery In ti e town, wbtch moat bare added u n'oid to toe horror* > f tbe ftaw In Mm m< annate the liae of Um beep fee* advaxed night and day, aad tbe (>o.eral wnke <? u?' lot, with tlie muet perfect oonAdence that the city would be r< tn relied lo rapltalole at aa earl/ day. (if the capitulation we bat* no particular*. nor of tbe diapoaitlcn of it* people, tor of ttie killed oe wounded. Tbe latter moat, In aay care, bare been large Tbe tf*? by Una arrltai aiao cJteOrma that before pub 1 tbed of lb* aclKia of tbe eoaMiluiMal (orertMH ta depriving Uti IWfollado of Uie ooaitnat ?! of tbe army fbr the Bctsure of the late ooaducta, and the appoiatmeul of i? a Ortega :o bla place Tbe not* ot lb* government, B>aktn( the ann mnoeai.M, la eery aevtr* la IU reproba tes of lb* ?< litre, and deTarte that the ?oi>ey ? fiall be rratoreil lo It* lawful owner* We preeume, therefore, It will aona lad Itr way l.ilher by tbe Kiottrati'tr Tl.e I nltcd (?talo Mimner, Mr McLaae, Oil at ^ i ra Ore. oa lb* lTtb, aad returned tbe dull** of bla raw tie*. II M t laird frowi tbe rapltaJ, that every *.?t m lk< t genre which ? ?? to leave on l be gltl for Jaiapa, had beta takra b) it,. Brlittb I.cget:oo. lit aoc arrival f the tew frtnob M.nlator.M Pal gay, by tl ' Teaauee*, gar* dieappw.Limu.l to the Fr**cb at Ver* Omt Frr?t tbe capital we bare but a repetition of IV newt we hare for m< nth? peel had lo runn* ? Ibe a. -noil total e- iprt r n of bo* inert railing la of tb' neighboring ear rter* t, l. Tiee upn* tbe rleb, and aattetteo of Ibe people ad of whlefe ia to c?, a ita'e of atarcby aad cxfurioa we CM trill brllerr lo bt true II I* alao itatrd tbat lb. tro? pe were f? .uf flailed la rrob. the city of Tueola wbicb ? ar t be abai d*b?<l to tbe cnn*ntutl?aalif ta Jr tbe mew luf it l? dated tbal ' ??t.iral 1 Tgolladn hat briQ d?to*trd IB Intrigue* w th tbe Miratnno c>r?rameat '< r aa am oabk' arrestment t ? ?.??? the i* ? |?rllea, ? n ' for lb k b" had U'-ea nt> ert-J lo Vara ^ur for trial. n.e Hr ? . 1. V nittar, Mr Matbewa, W tu| p ai d to b* at Uii bottom of it TV* rity aat I the port of V*ra Cru* were healthy, aad a I ibe mi abrrt of tb- L#cailaa aad CouailUe, acd*r*tr* of ilje I<| adro*, were wall TBLISR APHIC. Sew OkivaM, Osi. 0. ] MO adv'.c~? rep >rt tbal tb ? W n?;o,Mo mducta re. ?<U f rec. nl / K ied by UcgoUado baa b?e* rwtorei. Te*tlmoalal letapl Vtllcea. Addtttaaal nbacnptlo* to MttltMoalal for Cbpt. WiWoa T tbe br!( Mlaal* Ccbiller, bande<l la to Me. ir* H e aid k A*T'* ? H Rnuti' A ?'or 12 b Bra w bltloek ft 0i . . . . M It 1 !>W-pbeMcKi ft On. 34 TtlfteftlMley M R w M.<al?omery.... iM * Agnew ft i<ia*. M W ii Htfff # B I f*r*e* 10 fbrytta1 * I*>bufto* ... ? Hale * Went* at Wm HaJtey A U>. .. . ? B. M. B O b** A Ob.. .. 10 H. Waldr'oa * 0* M Borecorff A Wmur ... to K O ft B 10 N"b?e, Brown A we ... 10 lie Camp a Moore 10 AIM* IfeUMft Meftley M Km. Waltt ft 'ten* ... V> I red Bett*rB*td ft Ob . M OMb I Ortbor* ft May 10 OMb & T Margnand it Jaa W TraekftOn ... 10 J 5 :fbo Bon AO J. ft N ta.tb ft Ob... . 10 U W T Male ft <>>.... ?0 W H PrlM ft lo W J?*ph T?o?b* ft 0?. . . . K W B A AO HfWUte- Co M flail. fHarb ft Ob AO Hajtor ft Co ?0 I? Applets ft Co M Ptkr Lorl ?'1 ?0 ToUtl MJ*i The J?wi' Hospital 1m N?w York. GRAM) BA*(jC*T AM) BALL AT TUJS CITY ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Th ere tu a very large tad (elect gathering of our He brew fellow cltiaens, together with a considerable number of Christians, at the City Assembly Kooma, Broadway, laat evening, tbe oooaston being a banquet and ball In aid of the fuada of tbe Jewa' Hospital In New Yoik. It la a long time, Indeed, since ao much fashion and beauty were brought together on so festive an ocsaslon in these ipacloua and commodious halls. The Hebrew beauty of New Toik? tbe dark eyed ma'dens of ancient Israel ? assembled, like their mighty men of old, In great battaliona. Tbe children of Jadah, who hare long socg the unwelcome lays of a distant dime, but who now rejoice In the freedom of this hippy land, wore there In their radiant beauty, which shone like sapphir< s In the broad light of noon. Tbe German irom Faderland, with all bis recollections of Rhine wine and lager bier; the Frenchman, dreaming of the clustering vines of bia poetic lan J ; the Spaniard, full of Arc and life and poetry, chasing tbe rapid hoc s as they Hew. In short, every nationality was there represented In harmony and good reeling, never turparaed at any ball or public man i '(Station given in this cliy. The ar rangementa were made with due consideration for tbe comfort of the numerous guests of the evening, and the regulations which were laid down and carried out would form the subject of a very useful le:turo to the ancient fogies who maimed and destroyed the two largest balls ever conceived In tbe I'nltcd States. Tbe dancing ball or ballroom, In tbe earlier part of the afternoon, was divided by a woolen partition, the guests assembling In the frost, while the rear was being arranged for tbe banquet. It was announced that the company would sit down to sup per at half past Ave o'clock, bot it was core than an hour i Utrwards before ali the guests hid arrived, ai. 1 there fore tbe banquet did not o;>en until about seven o';look There were some se\ en or eight tables, running along tbe whole width of the largo rooms, besides two tran verre tables, one at tbe eastern and the ether ] at tbe w, stern extremity of tbe apartments. Ibeee were crowded with evcy variety or flash, Dili and low). The gojd thing* of the , land wtre In overtlrwng abundance, and there was no room for any one ? n>>t oven the unknown man with an ireetlabl" appetite ? t^ blam" the directors for paucity in thesujjlyof the solid and bibulous necessities of the i evening The commissariat department le'l into the i ban la cf able manners, and everything went off with ; eclat. Before the company began supper, the Kev. Mr. I.yons, ' Jewish minuter of this city, said "grace before moat" In Hebrew, His tfcantB were very brief. He returned thanks to Cod Almighty for the mercies he shows to men 1 continually In cai.riug the earth to bring forth her m rrease, and prayed for oootlcued prosperity and btpplne* for the people It is needless to give any description of lbs way In | ? hlch the varices philosopher* ? native and foreign? en tered Into the provts'oas of the evening A* it was a hospital festival, they understood right well taat the marngera w uild la; no stmt upon their hospitality and with this Idea they did full joatlsa to tbo oayu t mor uum ol dtoks, turkijs, geese knd other specimens of th ? leathered tribe which were laid before them for anatJin. oai discussion Tbe attack op tbe light wines by tbe light cavalry brl j gade ? the ladies? was pretty brUk, though not alarm 1 leg; and the heavy cavalry ? the gentlemen ? went into the heel blood of France in a m >nmr that would not dls cred.t tbe of the t<nU>i Held. Ait< r tbe goid things, both ediiile and drinkable, had been Industriously disponed of, a form of tbaukiglving in the Hebrew tongue was very soleme'y asd bcaitltully i banted by tbr Rev l>r Kramer, of tbe Greene street fjisgog'ie. While this praysr ? In tbe f'>rm of the paalms el the sweet sirgir of hratl"? were being sung, tbe Jewish portion o: tbe aaren.blage very reverently cover ed their h< ads In m. d'ately after tbe elese or this thanksgiving, an swering to our " grace after meat,' Vr. NathaH, the President of the Asaoel*. ' tien, proceeded, amid much applause, to address the com l?ny on tbe objects which had brought them together, and or. tbe best means to he adopted for the promotion , of the liitercste of the New Wk Jewish ?aapltal. He explained that tbe Jew*' Hospital was n|?nad for the reception of t?tients oo the 8 b of June, 1K&5, (lice which date twelve hundred and twentv Ore I tatUnts have been admitted, < f which number eleven , b ii c red and twenty nine bave b.on treated g'atultoualy. Tbe benefits of the lnatiiutloi; have been enjoyel I by the sick and unfortunate of all creeds an 1 uf all nations, wltboot anv aid from tbe <*ta'? or Mu governments its usefulness, however, has been tncreaa<d, and tbe sphere of la operations eu larged. The fends being low eahacated, anl lo order that its mission of charity and benevolent* may be o?n tinned, the Directors are oompell<<d to call upon their fricads snd ropi?.rters for artisunce Taelr former ap peals for aid and assistance bave been reaper !el to with so much cheerf liners and liberality that they rely with cubUdenoe upon a uae result at tbe pr>*enl tisae. The following letter from (.over nor Morgan was read in In tbe course of the proorading, amid loud applause ? jf*tan or Naw Yobk, Kxacmvs Dm-iaTwm. > j Auuav. "ot 27, IMO I Ptab Pm? I tad lb? pica* -c of recelvmg, a row days *ln?v. ymtr polite fa tot lavltlog roe to !>e prtiecl tithe baaquet and ball to M f 1 too By Urn directors ao<> moir bers of Ike Jain' Hospital hi New York, Id aid or iia loads, < n the earning of Tuesday Mat As ln*lllutloa *hon- iMM tre .iprned to the gfcfc ?r 4 mlMiitalt M all creeds aad nail-as, a* is yours aod ? bleb ba* b!lfc?rt?. beru ma.oly supported by tba rolua tar> contribution cf >our people, la deaareiag of Uta r BiBMUdatK* atd #01 iort of all good cltisr tis It would (ratify tee mucti could i ba with yoa on an crcaaxa ao inUresttsg aa will be tbat to wbtrb tog bate levied me, but I u i ret to *ay tba*. olber CBkt(ea>eots ? III prevent my 'loirg so Popltg tiat tbi* i-ITort aril] meet w'tb tb? minoeaa It bo we!! d< m r Tea, atd atklng your acc*|>laaoa of the socloaure (of I1C0), 1 am. very re*i<ttfully, \oar obedient rervant, E. D. M<>R UN H*. Ubk M Mourn* a, Chairman, *c , New York elty. The Mrl toast, w h icb WH a laaal <me, having l eer drutk wtib mtin aiaam, waa very ably rsapoadsd to by ace ? f l be (m il< men present Uc kci u'l regular tiaat waa ??Ths Prsaideat of tba ! Ib ud S>taua " KeceiTi-'l with loud atd treoieadoua applaaee atd enrs of "Douglas" aad "I.iBOi'n " Tba toast waa druak witb three tinea three an 1 n>oeh eotho i ?r Mr I B Hurt responded to thM eeatinasat la a very roae're and trouble tpeerh He ?ald tbat K waa a b?| p.rtss for tbe Jew whirb be oagbt aer er torn- get, Ibai lila lot la oait la a country la which I Bad lre?do? flails tta big beat ? ? i fmenl Hare Jew ai>d Ihriatlta were alike id every reaped aod tbe i aly (aei rg which animated Ibetn was one of rere tract ami afVrf|< n for tacb other* rlrtun, cbarity an ! gaodaoaa (AhiBMI ) Thua It ebould be all tba world over If ta Im at wtabr* were for the c- aliased pmeps rltjr a&d advaaceaietil of tbla great eouutry , aad altbiM-gb Ibere ?re now some atgaB of pnlltttkl clouds lowrrlag oo tbe borlron be bcllsvsd BBt Iruatt 1 it at Ihiy wo iM all w> away an I IbM psaBB aod cratei Ineat wi o'd fort rer reet oa our laad In eon clodltii bla r?Bteatl( iia aad ei'( 'lent ip^erb Mr Hart paid B wdl merited cumphnuot to tbe Dtrsetsre of tbe Jewt' New York Hospital . aad obesrrtd U>Bt to their oarefal ti l )etlk-lou* imicriI rasch of tta suooees wag doe Tbe earn r of tbe tDslilulloo oinee it* fouadti-o bal beea rucb >> to call forth the appsaBaltee of tba whole ntinuitf, ard be hoped that Ita prospect* would be aa bright arid *ati?fact -y aa the peat ( tpptaoae ) fte third rej'.iar b eat wbb "CbarUy ' with the follow tag teree fn m l be 1'rovtrbf ? "The?e la a ? an tbat acat lerelh gllta. aad >f I bM wealth la laeriaoad aod tlere IB ra* that wttbkwMeth more than im l?r>r?"r. aad anil rr.inetb r?l* !<? war.t Tbe Her. * M laaaoa was loudly 1 called apne to rrr peod t- tb* tiaat He aald tbat be fe't mueh pfcasere ib stoklag of tbe great Mlblaea of tbe lews' H epital at tbe city of Kew Tort Wnotber we sail It rbarlty or lore, a- -thing an aa r -Blew a man a* '>? aerokace ird rtra li r bis own speriea Tbe be eg w bo MJM ibrr-igh Ib* world without dropplrg a Mr M tbe itritr of eraelty. Is one tbat ll Biay well K* Bali caa i rxer lie of <t?aaenf thi beart , l eoaire be tbos Bb ws ll at b< bar 0$ krart at all Wbat wovll make war late rahieai d set-art fro* us terrors batlh hi- a?ed In net a* nfcberlty this was the grtal prtaelphi Hal a-- ^ tales He pntest war In Italy. M hy toai sob ?> aad dlB titereste l heeo and patriot, Qarlhaldl (fr?m?i dnn ?l pta> ae ) (tiarity BiaM for ever triumph la the wneld IbisbaibttB tte gr<?t d?< trlae of our owd lleulvr He la. Use all true pi lasthrnp Ma uBWIIiing to looalu* h, B?TMsace His ahat iaat ebanty to Jew aad ( br -?t ar la tbe beat pn>of of bis * njerlty. and. ib allud rg to tt'Bl (real maa of tbe'r own re! - i -oa, bo fell ea**lDO*d thai Jew Bad (?*el le would h* r>ad> toBBite id dniag bm boaor. Tbe re wars manr other aamra to wbieb he would Binds as era a ?seats if lbs great priori pis of boman rhar 'r TTatk Ood ibey abi it I la tbe wor'd aa w?il ain'rc fhrWt'atr a* .'ewa (Api-'anee ) He w old allade particularly to tbat great aad UlsBtrtoui wotaan, P-aroaoe Vight i** e? i .m ' ebaars)? who. i *t ng tbe btm? of r- ttfort did BiSasaea la *b rh she ha-l brea reared, ? < 1 1 tolualarily m thee >ld ar-i lab-wpliaMe ibom of tLe ( rliaaa, aad what for' To mlaieisr to tbe neneBBltles of tbr poor ?lek sad wnuafad Kritieb satdisr? to earrp oat ta e(Vrt tbta Boble spirit of brotherly lore an I ebarlty ftp ) Tbe Jew a' H-wp'Ui waa I.^Bdel fhr a pnrposs rtry Slvliar to tbla lie ol -eta ar? lo e ire tbe emitted sad ta m'rletsr to tba neoeeaitiea of tb* rt(eri*( aad tba wasa<h<i, aad, la soaciuttos, he hope-l tbat every man who bsd ao abld eg alTectloa forbia brethren, l>t tbem ba Jew, Christian. Tnrt or sarBg", would eoae forward ta a Spirit of true plmaathr py W> ? 1 a canse the. ends so aiaeb to eonnhi* a ar nature ae I am alto rate tbe ootid It kta of the baaMU. raoe ( Applause ) Tbe fbarUi toast was? lbs I >a tighter* of Israel. Tet far. far keoea ha jwt o* hoesk. Frntn halV weJ tB' rtta SO d*r; lint drink to her tbal lack krrss aiosl As she woatd knra to hear Hr Hani J. DToanora. otherwise irnowa as lbs Hea meofGleeweod.rifpoaded tnibis seBllmeat la what mav rroparly he ?a led tbe speech of tbe evening, so foil was it ( of wit. humor Bad eparkllBg geniality He ber?o hy sar ng that, totally oaa< rualo?ed aa be was to pubIM spra?iag, he would not trouble tbem witb amrh of a speech - f'snghler)-st?tit be then Inmedlaloly after W-Ul ? If Into a serlea of re narks, whtoh rlrettad tb<t tiUBtloa of his bearers For nearly half to bonr Mr. , Ii'Oor Itra ? speech can oair be properly apprneiaied i when reported la full A* MS gift ao iJga of really excellent character, unstudied and extemporary aa It was. lie paid a giowing compliment to the Utile*, eulo glaed the director* of tbo institution, made a fervent ap peal for tbe hospital and tbo patients, and cloaed b a speech by a burat of uloquencv, closing with tbe lm?t of Campbell quoted above. One of the medical gentlemen present returned thanks In appropriate terms fur tbe profession , when their health I was propo?ed,and at tbe aame time atated ibat tbe Jew*' Hospital of New York la one of tbe belt regulated of tbe kind In tbe world Or. Apixk alio made an excellon'. speech In the English ; language, wbtoh, oonnderlng that a year ag > be could not \ tpeak a word of tbe langoago, was (uooeaaful In every re I spcct. He waa loi.dly cheered. In tbe intervals between the toasts and tpeechet, tbe , names of donna and contributors to tbe Hospital Fund ! were read, tbe oontrlbutiona varying from $100 to ! 10. Tbo aggregate sou received la computed at $14,000, though tl re are n.uny collectors yet to make their re turn*. Mr Jo*xrn Sxjcms returned thanks for "ours^Wr | societies " Ho alluded In passing to tbe political dlssen pic us eststlrg in tbo country, and expressed tbe bopo that tbe cause of right and justice would Und an early triumph. A great many volunteer toasts were proposed and drank, among others one to tbo President of tbe Hospital, who brief!) returned thanks There was a fine band In attendance, wliloh played all tbe time tbat tbo ompany were at the bauquei. It was not till elev<n o'clock that tbo remain of the feast were cleared away, and dancing &>m irunccd in earnest. Waco it dii commence, however, tbe gav and Tasblonable young men ana maldeus went into the exhilarating sport to their hearts' content. Tfcey seemed never to of whirling around In waltz, qoadrllie and gallop, and thus they wnut on tni the laiif biug morn began to >p?n hor rosy lips and tbo gray dawn made ber diurnal appearance, trembling over tbe far mountains of the cast. The ball and banquet have thus been an undoubted sue oeFS, snd we congratulate our Jewish friends on the blew trg that lias crowned their el: <rts. They will no* be enabled to add now Tlgorto the good and nubia cause to wblfb t*>ey have devoted tl.elr energies, and the public, wbom t .ey seek to benefit, can only remember tbcm with praiae. TEE CANVASS IN NEW YORK. ERIE COUNTY. BrmM, Oct 20. tMO. Timtndtut lit L-ira; in the Vnitn Rankt ? I'roOalle D'feU of the H /iiUnatu in Erie Coun'y? Outpouring of the Kick and the Righted ui ? A Plenipotentiary from Waihintfin?WiU! (U to he Healed, dc. Events that bave oocurred within a few days, hi' wblcb bare not yet fully transpire!, tend to th* c n lion tbat tb? republicans are not so sure of carryi j g Erie county slier all, and particularly tbelr CungroMloca' can didate. The union of the Doogtai, Bull and B. tciciur.dgc men Is complete, tbe copapact signed and delivered, and therefore ail tbe Douglas Irish arid Gc iar , and almost all Uie Bell native, and all tbe Breckinridge national democratic voters, will go for tbe Union fus'on ticket, and against tbe republican ticket. Elements bave lately been at work to eUect tbli obwet, and thaae who ars thoroughly posted sty tbo fn ile thng works cliarmlfgly I'nder this arrange.n?nt the CBlimitml re puh vxn majority of (00 to 1,000 In Erie tiles to tbe winds. It canm t be bad. It cannot be d'd. K lea myth, a phantom, a fallacy? so unsubstantial and unreal as actually to look the oth<*r thing and to give an antl republloan Instead of a pro republican msjorlty. In one shop alone tbe other da> f< rty workmen who *cro o. tinted <tpsa as saraff ir Llaoolu rharg<x] their rw, and now 1 ".rrah f ir tb* l'n!?n ticktt. O her mediant.* are failing into the I 'moo lite ths young ni?u who are ion ramlng tbeir Brit musla'-tiea, and coming to their tl ret voles asd milk, sh mt for lK>ugla* Diugla* socin ar? b?ard among German ia>irag(S and lager, mituo (Willi; the Irish delve snd carry their hoavy hods, and smoke tbelr duhliens, saving notbli:; , but tb nkin* like the deucc of iJoo^'as Tbe laborers, Mcbiulats, en in ora, conductors clerks, agents, manners and superintendents In fr'.e county of that immense power, too Central 11*11 road, tenrly all ^o for Due aa or fusion Tbe boat'nen,!cir, ttramboat bapds, the rich and tbe r'^btooct, ire all NMlMg f< r DH| 'as In th ? part of Erie oo i nt/, and l.ow the Miscbier be cannot carry tbe county is a mystery aore inscrutable than the solution of that qtiee t ro wh cli was prcponnded by the Governor of South Oarollia to thsttovernor of North Carolina, wfc?n they met tn tbe tlreets o( Camden. (Oath Oarollaa, Sumo time sj o. b. wily, there seem to be far mor Are an1 ( aim amoi , the Lit in mea tn this cans ty than aoi?ii; the republicans, and the ral ly dn s tn troth seem likely to overwhelm tl - e who were sangamo of votary but a abort t me ago. Wbat baa occasioned this wonderful meta trtorpboe'i' Pime will say patrl rtiam, and others, tiling the wur'ia of tbe father uf the fair Jeaaica, will s?y , " it lab monish " K.wlng, of Tenoesaee, waa bare a few daya Since, e'oihed wltb plenipotentiary powera rrom Waamnp Inn to m lop I.lnoola's knocking at tbe Wb'te House iojr Has be c me Uo later We aUali aee bat there ts no di ibt lom1 gashing WOMdS will be healed. Bill, lartles claim the ale 3t ion of tba r Coagreasional CMhdlfiaie in thin district. But the chance are that tbe I cloa oandKlaM will prevail, wbtoh will be a denr iratlc fain. ALL EGA AY OOUWTV. hmt \umrn. Oat M. ltd* M.i.m . ,/ k, r, >t in AlUgmft]/ (hunfy ? The C>. m. -? ,.ftK' Candidal*! , dc Allefaay pooaly will girt a major ty of near'/ ftur ILosiaad for Lincoln AttgualM Frank , repab lean. ?UI bo ?ieote-1 to O agrtm from ihia dtotrlcl, embracing U.? oouotiea of Allegtay, i .??? and Wyomlaf In iL? Flrai lan mblf dwtrlet if It i ooucty W w Art' II rejwbtloaii. will be elected b it IB Ihe -Woe I 1 ucine May alaada a chance of b?la| i*alee by William H Kib|. the d> mocrallc candidate, en account of a loca! dif ?cult) partaiolng to the change of Ibe oount) aeal CATTARAUGUS COUNTY. (?Mur Vaiitr.Qci 30, 1$*0 A I at ft r?, trj+r<'d?lhtcrrn ef 0U Iff Vtfc.dn Candi dal* PrtMeUd, dc CatUraoguf couaty will fir* a larg?r rote tar Preoldml Una yar lhac la 1164 I.laooU i majirlly ? >11 MrU rly b? one tbouaaad. and, perbapa, may aj.protiiBaU llxrt publican* cab Tar Ben eatimate of two IhoiiBaad fir* hundred Reuben R Featoo, republican, will bo elected to Con jrrree rem ihia dMtrlet, cmbraclaf the counttee of (at tarangna and Chautauqua No&QM J Norton and Franklin Phl'a R'lck, republican caxddale* fro* Ike T rat and Second dtatr.ota la lit la otuaty, will be ekcted to tbo Aaaembt) CKION FN THE OONfiRRSHIONAL DIHTRRTS. The rftarta to aaile U>e ooaaor retire rolera of the Firot O-ryrroa <?aJ diMrlct of Ibla Stale na ooe oandi ItU bare prorod tuown f. I. Kach at the three bow lama appoint ed * mwaaaitleo of Ore to neet the (.'aloe Cbamltee of rifteea, mak at a joist Mm. It' e of thirty, an 1 afl-r a |. rg and etormy eeaaioa It waa arraaged that I Iward I', nry Rn.lth aball Ve tb? ml; eaadltale of the ooaarr ra l ira The nppoeiBf rand, raw*. Mr Richard Jeni.uu'* ar" Mr Fgbert T hmith, t>"tli alihdraw tb' tr nar and *' I rpr?k lr fnppnrt af the oon^erratiTe aawfae Itiw * I tr.akr a coreerTetire Irlsimpb la that dlatrlrt ae. ;re. Ib tba Set rBlh riiatrlrt the rflorta to mar '.Hate I be con I r I'M clarn-a <>f M >?ra Wolle and Ward Un n-lfrt alia net tholr object, but the part <? hare oonaei.t'd to tbe at |? iiiawBl of ar. umplr . and a union wl I doubtleaa be ? fueled oa owe oan.lMaie. T\a awpire eelejtc l It Mr Hrnrj , fiu tdrot of tbe O, of F.fteeo towrt CalfR<lar-Thla Day. !?i '-aawa < ar? ? i* rrr ? v<w l*?d 10** IWO, IK!, I'.'O, 17W 1TJ0 IT*, ITU, 11?, WM, im, 1*40, 1744, 17(0, i7i?, liee. Arrl* ale bad IHpbriarN. AMtlVAM. <rit ani rn .*i - - - oamablp l.llBota Vr < 'attar r. ? nd ladr, II W Kbrba^t. Joarh FfrifTer, J.m?? A VMM, T Wetamaa, < hia K'nyin. I. <? II' ? M'? A Major. Ad .l?>h Moaat ?l, h? Mr ! ? an i)*t r T "iritr m C Fl?b?". Mlaa Oa'rle F <trr . W I'Fewall. O J Vewelt, H f Pr?ell, ")a^? hid ard err *ft r l.rfrrro and ?d? Mra ' A H k!.me. Mi F Itff'dr. Mr Frk nd. ?Ue atd ? Mid I l*r?!ea W F Htli, I J U'lVI, Iri i.takt It I. foraiea A V ?et. Mr A Mary, A ?<?*r? Ft Uarrtt J Utatt, Miaa R W?.i?? * Mra An a tnhad* and r?' ' Mra Fa lite# Henraihy, M? ''a-olne !*'?< h Mr Ham at art Mr tw ??!? ' ?"? aa.t 'bHd. OeoOaletl ? I.I. M?far fVhn I a?r. V M i. ?r, Mmlmraa l?ek ?r. Mra t? Ka helie. M' Nwwne J lUebWiaa V A?-rano. 1. 1'err rr i ?? 'tk) Mr > It Mb, Fail H ?? t wmrd. Mr W??b rrr HrFaddrtrd M?a Beanatoat, Me* J Mark, Bar A Aadol t'larl Mra ?k?r?l?n kr Hln?? and laiBt'f. ?. Mr ItrM and f.Mtl. | Mra iteo Ha!e"e. Mr* T' rrrr Mr H*'inr<>'lV>t, M'x I'aiMtW Mr Hrald). Mra rekxoe an<l OOMyflMI? aa?W t ti. ra m l rlaea. kti Oniimirr H'tav?- Pfaatabip Btarof '.be W?el? M-a l>el an: 'a Mr?.M'.^a? PlbrMM a ?trade aait lady, Mra I'M <lne. Dt h???.n? W l?rk neoa. ? ? taytbe ( aptaia 1 h^a^ann a -id t4her? la tba X"?rar* cniniMrrnw- ?i#amablr tv, itaMa T M Maladen Mlat Oedanet , Mr* R. ??, Mi<a Fleminf, i J I>??d, JaplWOll. T W li'M*. )I( Ml J M V Kaar, k it o rr. A Olad. P A Baraar ! A M fl ekrlat L. Wolf MM A r *mi; ?? A l^ntnl*. H ??eler, R F?? trTDr Wlae. M J Mrffrt" ?r, J R*W>er* Mn Kki*. Mra R allaee aad I ehlMfOa. V ftn> i h - wl li at^race Pkiifik- fteawkk p Alabama- J Haafr. R R imer. F r<T~ I, l??a?era. ? F Hallade), M?i H llalle'rr A J Oar rrr.ter, tboa Bal'r r T W Maiwall W I -era nee. Mlaa Roaaall. Mr I' taeell ? M RrVa. < aa? I. J Wondnifl ladv and three tlinrea J B ? bad ?!<??. H M Rao and ladr. i ? R I<well. M-a H r Illlr* ? W ? Malar, Rdward Co nrta, R I Wada. O ratler ?na W F M He bell f Rnaa. MR WMewai)-aa4 aeraa la the MaorRRt TO ARRfTR. Raw fHir,i'?- Fteawtaklp star of the W*r-Mr? DaRbleida. Ira I'hiMita. I eter llote an<1 11 la the *t?et?a? liRFARTIHIM. Fmioii, *?? Meaw?klp J a meet art- WDl'aai O retreat, AuOotHmfck Wll1 am ti Ral'arh Mr Rallatb A Itobenann, ,i a I ? D ai' Wl'llam Wnonter, MrCloa, Mr Read, John fl? itr'er, M.'k?'!l Faree. RatbarV reaa. Andr?wll Itallach, 1' 1> a ??r R<iRal!>"e T llar'eaa. C Mrllra < hariea Foy. a V Fbea ' baeia* F Tarty. Jr hn Mee, ham, Mi?? *fj, ll?re irir R Riarkman. I harlee kwti e. Mrs ilea Wayne, U 0 SeilM ik- Ttaa bnotr I aad Mk t aad II In the aleor OlihoMity or a CoandtatUl Clerk. 11IS KI.IOItT IttoM HAVANA ANI> OAkTUKK IN TIIIS CITY? HICOVKHY OF $11,000 IN 001 D AND BINS HILL1? AN INTERESTING CASK. 0c the 17th lust., Pastor RiemJS, a confllentlal cl<>rk 'n the mercantile Arm of Ctbaj ?ea, Ybazabal fc Co , of Hi vana, absconded with t30 1.4 belonging to L.e employers and sought refuge In tbls city. The defaulter, it apposrs, made collection! to the above amount About two o'clock j In the afternoon ol the above day and left for Now York at throe o'clock la the eUaraer Bienville. At soon as bli Bight til discovered Messrs. Cabajoea At Ybiii'Jil to let vored to hire a (learner for the purpxw of going to K->y Wc?t and telegraphing from that point lo the aa'.horli .01 In thlio'.ty to bo on the lookout for tha fugitive: b it they were unsuccessful, and were obliged io crap'oy a (Uvng smack. Owing to contrary winds and a violent storm which let In lmmcdlitcly a 'tor leaving Havana, tbey wore unable to communicate with the Span lab agent In '.hi* city until after the Bienville arrived 1 i port Nj thing daunted, however, the agent procured thu services of officer Nlven, of the Second prociact, and arr mcnta were made to ferret out the whereabouts ol the defaulter. Upon Inquiry the oftloer learned that R em w arrived In New York an the 221 Inat . lire dayc a'ter h i departure f om Havana, an 1 p it up at the Metropolitan Hotel, where he stopped a few days and then left, ?a^kg ho waa going lo board at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Instead of golrg to the Fifth Avenue Hotel, bowevtr, R etna* sought refuge In a pr.v.ito h >uso la Heund avenue. He hoped to remain there la con parallve privacy and security, but ho wis sully mistakes, as the erquel will show. Having faced the fugitive to the Sec nl avenue boirtlog house, Nlven employed a Cuban to take board in the house aid report what he saw ami heard relative to lt ;ran' move menta. The (tool pigeon, after remaining threadiy, reported that a mau answerlog the fugitive's description waa boarding there ujder an ataumea nave la order that there might bo no mistake, however, Nisen employ ?<! a second poison to take board at the hoaso and re,* rt what he saw Tbe description or tho susp;oieil b -ar.lor con , ar"d ixartly with that of Itiomos, ami it waa deter tnned to arest blm Acoardtagly, on Monday ulcht, atout nine o'clock, Htvcn. lo company with the 8pau!j speut, retired to tbe hoarding house and took him lnt > coftody l | ,3 bringing the prisoner to his bedroom and searching b.s |?crs< >ti papers were found la bis possoeiioa which at oncc established IPs Identity. Si* hundred and forty four dollars In goll coin waa found up >i tie pers >n of the prisoner, which he declared wis all the money bo ba<) Tho (Ulcer was not lo be liliudod so ? sslly , however, and a general search of the premises was de sided upor I'poi it;" t >o of a v ardrobe Nlven fjund a (acsate ol letters, wh ch were claimed by Rieiu w as bis property, fhe oO cer then prooeedel to open the let'-ers when, to bis surprise, he found thai tbey oontalnod hank bills amoiiLtlrg lu the aggregate to >10,400 Ibe mouey wui hand*' I over to the Spanish agent, aoil Rtsaaos was taken to thu Second ward station house until tho mitt.r should be lurthcr Investigated. On beloi; a?k'1 to * count lor the balance of the stolon fundi ((10,000), tbe prisoi er (aid be lost It, but be waa unable or un willing to state how or lu what manner be met wltb the I>>js From some letters found In b s possession tho 3,?nisa agent is uQder tbe It presslon that Rtemos left a Isrge amount of n.oney wltb bla wife, whioh nisy probably account fur the little bilaoce. Kicu.'S wan preparing to leave for Kuropo whoa he was ai rested. 1|. lateaded starting for 11 *ton yostordav, and me Cunar<l Kramer from thtt point lo Liter pot I, where he expected lo remain until hl< wife sh >atd come alorr He is a s*arthy little fellow, Ave (eel e!x rchis In height, and doea not look oi ler lha:i a m n ol ibirly ><ars. although ).e says he is thirts eight Ho had beea Hi" oontldential clork lu the basse of Calx u. Ybazabal k Coefur many tears, and had always eoj iyed the ri Sprcl and esteem of his employers As there ?\ sis Co tlfaty between this country and Spa'n uncer wi. ?< I'.xmos could be returned to (Havana as a : from justice. it Is not llke'y that ho will be punlshfd The law which nukes it a feluoy to bring stolen property lot ? this Slate might he mad< applicable la Ibis case, but We o( ir e Kiein * win come oO unacalbeJ, as ToJe, the Hul slac defaulter, did a few weeks ago. I'allce latelM|(?ntr. Tm Co?iui>t A'.ii**! Yornc Hniav Dnni^m ? ' The examlcatlon in the case of V, ill. am Horry, Jr., the Wall street opeistor who waa charged with defrauding Messrs. ','uirk \ llommedieu, of No 4 1 Pine street, out of (6 000, ea?e off yeatetday before Justice Kelly, at ihe l>?wer l"o ace Court. Tne case attracted a large crowd of stock bn keia, faro baukera and fancy sen, who were aa? jus Mi know the result. Tno prooeodings were o|<ened by t*is ?ourse1 for tbe defence, who moved for the ditch arts of bis client on the groun i itat Die evideooe wa< In snfflc ent The affidavit of tbe complainant did not ?!. >w Hurry procured tbe note from thwirs. ?,>i|.-.k k Horn me die; with ary feloeiotis latent Hi got toe pa ler In tho ord nary coins e of trade, and If after aelliiig t be appro pr at d the pro x-rvla to hi t own use, there wis noth; -g on tbe face of the milavlt to show that h' ooatemplak-d surb a fraud wbea be recctvol tbe note Tbe mm ?ira,> gncw <1 lie mnti< o. kid in muni wa? r prhar I. It n Mid that Hurry baa paid bark Me*ari y tick tt II nnm" dieti about U<ee? r.?.e?a? ?r ib? fftnlvzziid fun la, ltd 1 to* be wIM ultimately make hleaxoum g o.. i ? ,m tn?m After of tbe Hurry caae, Ibe mtftMMt io?? up ?i. *ee*f the f amhlere Tli? .fuatloe tad d?Ct <*4, be aaid, to bokl e i h of ihe drtaO'laate to h all in th? ? no of f < -0 to araw<r II" required Horry to gin- ball In a I IB ilar an.ouU t<> appear to proeecuta. whereat the coubitl lor the stabler* grew eitremr ly wraHiy, aod a aid the ruling wae iincrec 'dented. Jjatice Kelly ftatad tbal be waa <l?U nolo- d that the ccmp'* again <t the fawbicra ibn> Id tx> ?r<>eec*t<d, aad Iraialod Ou llurra'a cn.rp ban wb?lii<r the i ouneel Itk'd It or B'?t. The ] trial i>l the i*g?i"l waa then ??t do en f,.- lh* 15tk |>n x m?, b?f<?r* the Onort of j|?\ i BeMione, and tbe , ptocetdicg* werecloaid. i'ax ? w>i - i.iai.* ? A, ?><? Crawiur! aod Wa'k er, loteml.t. ?. lrla, ab??t eleven J cart of a.?, rtaldlu. is Brooklyn a ere taken into c iatody by poltocmon Carr atd (ioldec, of the tflflb |>rejinct, i. ach*'' of rl..,> liftler It appear* that Uhm praaoctoua yom.- ladle* have been to the habit of oomincover to New York, ua known to their parent*, aod atea'lr whatever they c>ald lav their bud* ? a in tbe ihape 1 1 dry ? . >da an J lancy ware, (m Monday nu M ti.-y entert-.l th? etoreu' Mtry K*n nVr. . No. 64 boa?ry, under prel;uc of aiao oi ?omc pnrcbaaee, and while there Mole a bat, raluti M II They were d?Wted n the a<"t , li iwcv.r, and handed uttr toll e I 'lloe, when tin y dlaclueiHi their true ib?eae ter and reaenUd far|? wM' h ate, ered belief F >f a>ver twe aieBtb* t! e prtanaer* have bee preyloi up a M> ? propr .'t?.ra ol wural retail I tore* ta Broil way and tie l*>wery, iwaheg, la the *(?'? %te, at I at 1000 or II 000 worth of go- -la, wl.icti they <ii* l> Md i f al the larlou* pawa i>(Dcaa about town Tbe ??fttcrr*. oa proceeding to the rtaidetoee <<f Uie prienn?r* to Brooaly*. f..uid aeveral hui dred dollar*' w >rtb of dry food* fura, fancy article*, Am, which ir* ><pi??i4 |i are bern *t> len Tbe property waa brought over 1-. tbe S ith ward rtatlxa bouae, where It now remain* rt|-naed t . U>e fk a of the public Tbe priaooer* rte.u a In cu* kxiy peadisg a further etamloaiioe R. w Ax i!K. TII* r?!MT- |ii;tt Mtl'HUft IV ?*'it<ir i .-Y?n r to WT ? Between ua and eleraa o'olo;k latt h'gh" the fan a* B !y Moll'gan male an attack f <-"nk V. Cabaun Broa'aray, near Pr n.* ttreet, boating I m In a aiiat amretr.'ol manner, Md nearly g".ig'.ag out bla left ?ye H that Hi II eoe part e* hare not b?*a ot> very fr. ebd ly term* of late,?iid laat n'gn', av?ut t ri aViTe lionr. ?h.:" Mulllfan waa pwrtty up B-'??dway h.i ?aw VrCblx rlan Dtg with revere! fru-ada near Tay''>e * I'pper aakxiD Be lasBtodiaW >y dre m a rero'rer an 1 w Mboot My lag any 1 1, i d to Me al" aent up t> bin a*l 1 dealt h m a iiwerful M i? with the butt of the i t--i orer II e 'eft eye, rattt*( It oj*n *>< that It pe.<t'iid?-<l f? nn tbe aorke't, H<> repeated tbe bloara aeeeral I' n?oa . durlcg *h?eh MsCbbe ana hut one or two aU*m[ ? li Mtlka *i.ttigan rically ofBoer I! <*ger? rame up anl at reeled b"th parti n, aad eoaee> ed tr.em to the F t;i ?erd nat n botiae, v here Ibey aere I ?-ked up bf < H ' BO' ' ll r j were anroapat ted In the etati ? hnnae by a large rnaiber t?f the "fanrv,' *b> 'BiieliaUh Marte I ff in p irrnit of the Keeordtr, la order in obtain the r d>*eb*rge llroohlyn city Neu*. r?i4*moi y ?t in a ? Mr* Mary M Parker, reti! lug al liJ FulV>a a verier , tuiipaa Into a ciatera yeeicrday m rn log and drowned beraelf. luntealic troable* have been *?? gerd aa tie resain of the raeb art ""b^ had inary.i.' | ? Ith I ? r boat an J but II waa **pf?*ed they were renon cited, wtea tbe aaforiaaate nnaaaltled the raah al l Bbe leave* tbree children c.f th ' agee < f ttilrWW?o, '.-nrtren ai.d roret taeo yeare Coroner Morion b*t<l an 'rqee<t or Ibe bod) . a ben a verdict la aoe< r iaDi a th tb- fkrte aa* retorsed Naval IbtelllRenre, Tbe I'olkd 8tat< * Naval I yneum will deapateh a malt by tbe raitad f *'r* ablp "aralnfa, to tall fro* n ad> 1 phia 1 r the A'rmaa eontdroa l?tt?r* *ent la the l.yea om, a* tie Brookljn Navy Yard, will be forwe-ded a ma. i ? I' al*> ba leapatcbel by the I.yocum foe tn? 'al India atttadroa, by tbeooreette. Vaadaiia, la a few t)*?r l'*mplblala na tka citf Halitoad*. TO TUB BbllOB or TBR BBnALP. N*w Too, Oct *0, 1**0 It t* aot often that I noaipiala, bat IwVm a day I bare a *erl?oa *u^)aot of oowipUtat an 1 I cannot loag"' re mala patient, lueaengera la the oar* oa tbe mtth aa-i Flgbtb aveeoee ft?d 't tmpottlble to get th* nondector* lo ?top the oar* when they wleh to get ?ut- 1** "* *?oeth* 1 have been travallwc ?p aad down, ae l I Mr* never, rave In oee laattane, beaa able to prerall *Mi ??**? to do eo i bar* paired oa aad nfl every tlwe, ar'' rro qaeatly. la wet *ad mn.idy weather, at tb* ?"<k ' What I write to you lb!* W!J*. * pnealhlr eowe regnlati m Impera lively to be Ittirlag tbe nondi *?or? te itop ' ?ter to lea?f nm-rf * < " ff I Beaded any argnment la delenoe of what I ^ee-re I wm/d .Imply F?UU k> the lata tcc deat oa Ibe flstb Areaae Railroad. W. H, NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of the Pony Ki|irti?? Tht Politi cal Campaign? Death of Brigadier Oen. Clark? Tl?o Coalition in tl?e Oregon Le g Wiature? Sliljiwreck? flarkeU, <Wc. St, Ort. 30, 18?i0 Tbe pony express, with four d ays Uter Uaiifornis new*, arrived tbia morning , forty hour* behind time. Pa* r*A!?CIsOO, Oot. 17?3 P. M. Arrived 16lb, ship Tropic, Liverpool; sailed 13ib, snip j Hornet, for New York; 141b, floras Kiog, H>og Kuog | loiiiata, Sydney I 8b Ip Met* via lost on tbe 15ti Sbe ?t> la cbtr|o of ? pilot when she grounded, and bUno it attached to him for attempting to enter the port in a dense f ig. Too local agrot of the underwrites ut tbe Las I and of Europe, assisted liy Capt. Hoxb> , Murine 8-irveyor f-ir Lloyds, held a survey upon tbe wreck yesterday, and unanim > il ly decided that sbe was a nui loss, and that tbe best thing that cotild be doue would lie to sell tier on Thursday for the benefit of w bote it may c >ucern. (This vewel Is probably the Meteors, from Bordeaux ) Little of Intercut bos occurred in the ravket since the departure of the laU eteamer. ^ ntMkxis are without particular change, though uuder a somewhat improved demand from tbe eo jutry tbe market r"n*ralty his ac quired a rather flrmer t me No lealing trans tel. 'ins have occurred that not ci Tuc receipts of * u?at have been very heavy. Boat shipplig pircels cannot be quoted above II 60, and shippers less eager than Uuyerp Nothing In tonnage, Tbe ship Meteor will l<*d grain for Liverpool. Tbe clipper ship K t. W'll el* will soon sail for New York. In bor cargo w ill b? sixty seven pipes of California wine, au I In future similar shipments will bo made at regular Intervals to supply ai agency established at tbe Kut. Ttv pony express, with Si. I oula dates to tbe 7lb. was telegraphed from far son Valley this morning There Is lutenso anxiety to receive Ibo uews by tbe next express, which w 11 bring dai ?? to th" 101b of S pl umber, when the result of I'm lYtuaylvaoia election la cxp<cted. Tt e politicians grn r*;') ooucede that if Koet r Is clccUd California will go for l>vviu. wuile, If Kuster la defeated, aiid tbe other Northtrn State election result in republican victories, there will bograal J auger of Cali fornia going for Lincoln. I'nder the cllesta of diacourag Irg Kaateru news, It la generally conceded that the B-eck Lnrldge parly la loslig streogtn here Col. K. II Baker, republic in Seiutor for Oregon la expected to arrive in San V r inoia; j by at jamer to day , and hla partisan frlenda are preparing to give bim a pub lie recep.ion. II) la cxptcleJ l<> make the tour of ibe State for tbe benefit of lhe rtpublicau ticket. Brevet Brigaller l-enura! Clark, commaader of tbe department of California, 'lied la lbs fitly today, of chronic diarrfc" a, aft. r an llunai of two we?k k He bar Served In tbe I States army since lJia wsa thr< u*i. tbe war in Mexico, and promoted to the distlngaiibed potllion occupied ai the ton- of hla death for meritorious coiiduct at the siege of Vera Crux The Ursl cabin paSftet gers wlio lell New York Srp'em ber 1 published a rani tu tteSan Kiaacisco piper*, since their arrival here, severely ceisuriug the condition and ?ranageinci.t ot that si' a no; They allege, thai the/ wtic denied tbe ordiutry ncc. c?.tlja of lite. I'tu parlies cum plain log are h gh ?> rtt | ? < i?oie The rainy soasiu hat iairly commenced, tais expruas leavit g in a iikki drenching stuim News from < regon Is untm>>ort?r,t, the papers r<veiv I br It f devoted to politics. The 'Ten: >cratic pajiors (both wltgs) have generally denounced tie coalition by wbtch one republican Serat .r was elected Tola baa brought out an address from the tiftot u Jioug'as members of tno legislature who united wllh the republi laes, to which Ihey excuse themselves aa follow*, lu vo'ing for Oo' jael Bstter : ? tVe wrre Influenced to some extent by his pisillou ujn.n the tiavery question in tbe Terrilorltr ? a position dill-Mug hut little from thai of our own party, a.lbougb ailing with tie republioans, Col II tier, in lhe canvaaa of tvs Slate la^t rpriog, openly declared himself In favor of pr?-lUai'. em iMe-vei, tlon, an.l allowing lhe' Terr itor ice aa well aa Ibe States to t > ttle Ibe'.r domestic tlli.ra m their own w?> His < p n r' j<aUd declaration up>n llio slomii in California, in Ibe ~tate ruiius last year, with h? pi %ate profea?ii>ns, more re>.< ntly ma s. leave u* no rociu to i oubt bis sloeerlty In voting for bitn, thore fore, our sacrifice ?f ptinelples aetmt to he more In t ame than in subatance Aside fri m partisan polltios, wc are stlltfii d that Col B>krr will prove a wise, aok and (rudeul Snualor, and will r< fleet credit upmi Ift State wtli-b haa entrusted him wub ilie jmeilion, waioh Is 1 1 1 of e itian can be aaid, w;lh truth, ot our Senators hitbeito. VfWl from Cuba. AttRITAI. OF 7 1IK STAK HP Till W MT rKOVI HAVANA. Th? stean.ablp h ar of line West, t apt Gritlln, from New Orleans 23d and iltvana iitf.h insl , arrived at Ibis port Its', right Thrrr vu very utile of liUrfil occurring ?t Havana (m the U'l io?t a Te**el , with four h indrod nefroee on ?> .ard. ?u brought lata Htrwi by a Hpaalah mta Of war 1fr.e etramer Ilibaua. Capt Mitcasell, aailvnd on Ibe 34lh iMt from Nrw York The (ugar market waa quiet at lb" fo. loving ra'ao ? White*, ontmwi, at lltllM real*; do . gnod lo cbotee, 13 a 13 H; curarrnrlioe, Inferior No I lal^; do . go. >d to ebulre No 10 aid 11, S^atV, t lebrado*. toferl >r No 12 and 14, B a \>\ do . g<w1 So IS and 10 10 k 10 , do , toper I r NO IT and It, 10 >? a 10\ do . choice No. |9 aid 30 Hall1,. ?uacore.'o bo IraoaMUOM. 1 be Cjba ? ofteee , tl-> a 91V, per qalstal Ki har^i? l.'itim.JO day*. 14 a 14', t^er oanl pre m . m I 'aria do 1 a I 1n New York do 3 a *?, do Baltimore, pojab e la New York, do. 4^ do. TELEGRAPHIC. Nrw OBUUXI.OCt. 30, 1*40 The ?t-emer IVI?<>lc, front Ilarata 3Tih, bai arrtir*! Her r>e we la unimportant Tbe Havana ajgar gu'. 'tli u?i banged Tbe (trowing erop I* Mid to b? la eioe'leat er.nd'ti in, j a heavy yield. o.Lor article* art yeaerally unchanged City Inttlllgrarr. Tut SrmUM :a Syb:ji ? The < .mmittoe fir lb? relief Of tbe deatltnte and anllerlog in Sjrle acka?wiedfo Ibe receipt of Ibe following aum? ? S., $1: L. T , 91; Prayer McctlSf , CoolMfVlUo, 111, 14; ttiMPa Sunday aobool.RI ALdrtw ? church, Wllmlogton 12 M) Mr? K 14er and other*. HI Jaabaeborf, (5 Catb, 13 Wat. Wbulor.k, thr iugh I R Jfia*W>0, K*.| , 150 Jaooli tli-m, WiUtama Pa . 970. I? W.t, ?I0. O H , Hruok'ya, 96 Mr* Bi m, M A W K , 96 Harlem, N. Y , 96. Rev. A. I. Ctup'B, Amsterdam, N Y , 91. C H shlptnao, 9100 II <. H Ural Pri ?l.j teriao cbiprb, Cleveland, n II Ke irer ft Mrcke, 916, K M MiUbeil Newton, V J , II. A Friend of Miaeir ne, 910 F W O , Hartford. Onon , $4 A !/?rel y Widow, f:. W Bc< kman 960 P. M $10 Caterer la, N Y , 96 Mary Rill, O.J I.yan, 96 R W A, 93 Tl. 8. K , 110 mead .-'UuVnnr.e. 0 , 96, Mra P I. <i. N< wark . N J . 96. Mri I*. T . do do , 91 Toal, tut tO previously ? ?i ? a iedg. 1, 91H M4 bV total, IM.Oe: *M A BO< 'Til, Treea , P9 Fmat atreet T i a HiX"-*! tit ft* art Wira MraMR Ca?? ? Oorooer Si l.lrnier beld as lnqu?at at loe D.arlty lloapllaJ, la Tblr tecbth alcel, npr.s Ibe bod y of Bridget TKigaa, a native ef lr? land, aged flflf one j earf, who waa killed by bar ImUi d, Jo| r f'> tar, aa t rtri<?i:tlf reported Fro ? the ? ?ir? tlicl-'d brf re IbeCororer, II ap|??r?4 Utal de cear<d and ter burtaod Ined uabap|illy together. THey qtarrt .id friqu. ntly aid ?<re of mV?iBp?rat? uabiu i >b Tliurrda) mnralng dereaaed waa foaai Ij lag on tbe fn nt ulcop of ?.? r I.. wee. No 10 Riw^erell atre*t, bleed itg frra. ? wotiad la ber let which alw mated (be re ri ml al Ibe liarda of btr LuSaod l i-oo being re iboti 'I ?' ll.e boeptlal II ?aa found tliat de. i?-l tad I ' ct woaaded altb aa aie, or a<'me liter eta'p, l*ea\y lD*trum?nl, and that Mr If ? brck? ti Tba rrarturrd I'nib wa* amp itatM, w ben deirluaa Irenena tiiperrt nel aad tbe hi.'i rt 'at. ? ? n ar. d The J.jr r?i dtr, d a rerdicl of . athfrrn if irl"* al Ibe lit ? )a of h?-r boa^aod .1 ha liiger, " wl ereu ton tbe Coroner fomni tie<l the pramner to await the action of the ('.rand Jury. Ihigan rutea ibal lie did an| alrlke titreaard with an ate, b it thai "be fell over a coal K tiiile and li dieted tbe injjr.v beracif Itrtuwir FiM is r>TT?K.* PractT -'?n lareeligal n lb* elrruoietanceo attend. ng Ihi- Br* la lfc? grocery at ore of Tbet.aa Katr, No 3-19 Dlrhioo ?r?el. aw M.?day aigkl, a' oi.t ele-ea o'rb*k, lir* Marital Itaaer fousl atrong gronada of auipk-tne agaiaat H moa Kata ffcaahyd of lb" i wner of tbe al re), U>ule Kalt aad 'a* ?>_f >? eld* . oouo* nurnUy oil err Henry TheoboM. of tbe tbirteeiito pro c nit irrk the partlea iato cuai"dy, aad y**Ur4oy tbey ?(r* lakf n b'fore J##loe Rleera. al tbe Kaaei Mark* Po'ie* Court, aed *??itlcdl?> ???It b'wUwr UlM?*i?a tl .n by Ibe I ire Var?l>a. 9atAt ? Atoot ?re o vioct "**Ver lay afur B<? a a m?i named iaaoea Bursa waa klllod at tba tailed MflMW1' Wefleery. Waak ng Urn alr?et , by , m rruebed by the fa., ag of a" dummy ' Tbe U> roa?r wa* Bot.Ced aad wUl bold aa laqowt to da/. Av mta f ?t?t A<< t axt ? ImI trenlrg, about aareo o'rl..*,* aiaa naaied Jame* Stewart, will* drtrlag a Inadr I truck la lb* yard of tbe factory of J R Stewart, U? Wrat ihiriy alxlb atreet. waa killed by bolM coafbt tx tween tbe truck aad ? one box** of goods lit* Coro i*r waa Immediately not I ted to Tim r.i>;TO* o? tuf itntio. Ill four refrt of thlf arri*t of Mra Browo, charged V lib kieplng a diarf I uUole h ae, von knati b?r at tbe rot n?r of Twelfth atreet an! t'afrerall* plaoa At 1 trap a motet, aad roaide over It, at So 3J M Tweirih ? ' real n i . ' - ly place, yoo f me b alal I r Ibai tbe 1'tuM fpoke? o( la No. 30. ooo Coor from tbe ?jraer f Vatreraltv o'aeo. 1 JAlOB TVIRY.

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