Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 1, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 1, 1860 Page 3
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8p*rU>r of Sidewalk a under "treet Oomm sstoner -tm'th, w.a ikiw tU'lui timse-if rea'ly for any bounrable compro mise, n) as to run bat "?? candidate against the repub licans Ho la About Ave feet cine inchee lo height, Mueiy built, t*&4y t.air, < la* nDimen, small, keen bl ue eyes, generally dretcMi wHh gnat care, aud cau bosoen walking di?i the dollar aide ol Ure>ad#ay wiUi conside rable flour-sh *im??t any evening. Th? kliutaritrs and llreckinridgera have trotted out Tb< m?? H jtgina, a liquor desler ft Eighth avenue. He la ? enunn of ex Senator ivrng herty ; never held any office? although he bus been a candidate for Cousciiman? and slants ready lor an; ofl'.cc. There la bow a movement on toot to iia:te tie Tammany, Miz?rt and 3reekinrl lge par Ilea ce bim Tor Councilman at tbe charter election, and if accomplish, d be will witbdra* from tbo Held and leave tfcc coast clear for Alt* Ward. lie waa torn in H'est Chester county, ac<l it abe ut thirty years of ?*? The rcpnbllcana have nominated Judge C E. Birdaall, a gentleman frem tbe rural districts, and a relative to Judge Beebe. He wa a appoluted to a judgeship Id the Marine Court, to fill a vacancy caused by the reelfuaton of Allied Fbillpa, and at the expiration of his term made a wonderful Oourlah, got up ail manner of aocletlet and organizations to aecure his election to the aame plaoe, but was ao badly beaten by McUarty that be has not been beard of since, uatil he turned up a few evenings since In ? republican convention. He la a tall, alim peraon, wear* a broad brimmed hat. and cuts a great swell in a small way. George B. King has been nominated by tbe Americana or this district. Ha is a small, short and active person, about thirty A vo year* of o?e; never held any office, but baa recently taken an active part in the political squab ble* in the district. Uu la a commissi on merchant at No. 179 Fulton street. FOtTRYKENTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. Thin district takes In all of that territory lying be tween Fourteenth and Twenty sixth streets, exteoding from the SWxtb avetue to the East rirer, and waa repre sented in tbe last liegialature by Theodore B Voorhlea, who, many others, left a :ity railroad record. He has bceu renominated by the Moxart Ball party. He was nne of the y.mcgest members of tbe last Legslature, la a de scendant o' Knickerbocker stock, and is now twenty eight years <1 age, and a property bolder. Hd was admitted to tbe bar In 1854, and was for merly a member of tbe \*hf? pirty. Ho was one of the most prepwacsslng la the last A-r-m bly; is tall and will formed, win only, jet b'ack hilr and mustache, dark, peneiratirg eye*, tblu face, dresaei with preat care, and got up naturally and artificially so aa to preeeot an attractive appearanoa, yt without any marks of superior ability ; bo Is evidently one of those persons who b-'licv* in taki-g tbo world ea?y. His name ie recorded amongst the lint of yean In favor of the city rallroada in all their various ata^es, also tbo Washington Markei bill, ao lt;.- C umliwloners of K? eord swindle. He voted agnir?t tlie Sunday law and tock a prominent stand against It; also r>pj ?cd the republican lrtpectors ard CanTatsers bill tbat legislated out of cilice the old lespectors, acd favored the bill to pay the old police force Root. C. Hutcbwgg has been nominated by the Tam many rarty. Be la a young lawyer, holding forth in P'ne street, acd graduated at the Columb.a 8cho. 1 bet a few nwntha aj>o. He la about twenty four, ^smooth, fair face, free from tho appearance of care or annety , pre soots on the wbolo a youth'ul If net boyish a| p. arance; is a novlc.i In poll llx, and this, perhaps, preseuta one of hla strongest Claims for consideration and support. He Is a per* ia of gi od education, spent several year* in Europe, and was tbe correspondent of one of tho weekly papers, undor tho Signature of "^allnus." He is a translator and writer for aeveral of the weekly papers, and la a claimaut for lite rary as well aa political honors. He communis the sup port of the men of aocial influence in bia district. Tbe; tight in this district Is between Tammany and Mi sari Kudeavoring to sec which will win, the probabili ties are tbat both will fall, and the republicans slip In between them. The Breckinridge party have brought out Ktward Mur. ray, a person who ran agaiost Geo. Ojidj ke. He is a na tive of Ireland, educated iu tcia city, acd a carpei ter by trade; la a quiet looking sort of man, about thirty Ave. He waa at ot e time ei. gaged about tbe Cuatom House, and we believe tbat be la tbe person hUo figured as the Abe rlfl's attendant In the Stephens trial , and made an effort to Impeach two of the j irymen. Tbe republicans have nominated Ji?? Foftda, a brother of Judge Fonda, of tbe rtlxth Judicial district, tad ? law >er. Be Is about tu.rty Ave years of age, small mua dark hair and wnlskerS, and has a low, faint voice ? al most a wbirptr. H? never hold aoy office, and It much respected where be la known. Elbert Robartaoo baa reaelved tbe nomination of tbe Bell and Everttt party In tbe dlitrlct Be Is a man abou thirty (our years o( ago, tall, dark completion, heavy beard, a machinist by trade, aad work* In Van Kelt'* aaw mill, waa a candidate for Assecsir a few yoxrs ago, but baa never held anj political ofll* that wo ait aware ft VIFTEO'TII ASfKMkl. V IU STRICT. This district takes la all that portion of tbe city lying between twenty alsth and Fortieth streets, extending (rem tbe S'.itb avenue to tbe East river, and wm re presented in tbe laat legislature by Cieo \V. Varian, wbo baa tioen renominated by all tbe anil republican faction* of tbe district. Mr. Varian la a native of tbia city, or the French Ueruiau stock. Be received bis initiative steps tn legislative nutters In tbe Board of Aideruien, and nade withal a good member, and sjrved oo the Co mat it tee on Uanks and the celebrated select Committee on Pro (lata Be waa tbe s[>ocial engiaoer to contlrm tbe ordinances of tbe Common Ctuncll, and v "tad afa alt the city railroad*, West Waabin^ton Mantel, and Commie slotitrs of llecords claim In all their various stages. Be also voted against tbe Sunday law; la a man about ilfty five, ana louka as though he believed In uku.g the world ?"T Tbe repuMleaes have nominate 1 Ed ward C Johnson, ? dealer In frulla la Fulton street, wbo rseidea la Madison avenue. He ts a native of Vermont, about tblrt/ eight years of age, dark whisker*, partly bald bead, and a full believer m all tbe BX/dtra doctrines of tbe republican party. Be never bell any office, but la one of tbe sob staLllal men of tbe ward and a large property bolder, may be put down as one of tbe best uniiuatii/cs mat have been mad* lor lbs legislature. * blXTEBM II AS8KM0LT DISTKICT. Tbe Nineteenth ward makes up tbisdistricl. It was re presented In tbe last leglsjittir* by Henry Arcularloa, wbo has been renominated by Tammauy Hail, aitaougb It la reported that be It going to decline. Mr. A is a man of we'gbt, mark, g?nlns and reputation, and could ?take tbe most noisy speeches or any mamb. r la tbe laat legislature He is a native of New York, and about forty SU years of age. Be waa tbe Tammany Hall can tfldate for Register la IMS, and defeated; be was nomi nated In 1149 for Coanty Clerk, and waa again defeated, and la 18(0 ran for Congress agtln*'. tiaurge Bright, and waa oaoe more rou ted at tbe ballot boa. la lail be M elected Commissioner of St>e*w and t.atnp*. and re Mgned tbe |>ost at the expiration of two fears, and la 1W7 waa elected a menK r of tbe Cominoa Council, was Uhalrman of tbe Fluanoe Committee and ose of tbe Com ml** lasers of tbe Sinking Fund. He neit turned up m a memb'T of the last leg ialatu re, wbere be suppurtel tne City railroads and the West Washington Market Mils in all their varies stages. Be also voUd against tb? fuo day laws Starting la tbe world as a poor boy, be has seen all sides of society. Tbe M zarters have nomlatled Cruo'all TMcb, a rn-mber of tbe brm of Ricb A Marvin, Iroa sale masu'aoturer* Be is aboat fifty Ore, and was at one time an A?si?'.ant Alderman, aad baa aoea mix jd op iu oo* or too :i igg og aAtirs tbe a -?t noted of wbica was t tat ot CraigHead, la West-hew*r oonr.ty. Frank MeDoanoogh, tte BrerUarlJge nabdttate, we be lieve, I* a builder by trade, aad hta had an insight at things al Albany, (pending a portion of the 1st seMlm lobbying for tbe Unsafe B oding act, which was finally got through after great dlftiielty. Ho l* probably one of the smallest men la slat r* of all the numerous caa for tbe legislature He has bro't hair, browa lab eompleiioa, and I* a sort of fussy ladivldual, geua rally bked, and withal a young m?n of some talent; I* active, Industries* and Indefaticabl* la bis political ma a<ruvres, aad will no doubt make some headway anong tbe political fragment* of tbe district. Tbe Bell men have nominated lewreao. R, Ker?, pro prletor of lbs Putnam Bouae In Fourth avenue, opposite tbe Barlem depot. Be I* a tall, stoat built person, with good address, and bear* a good refulalloa. Mever beld aay off and is about forty years of ags. baonlaMiUM. U>e republican candidate of tblidi* trlrt, I* a prominent politician of that school, aad a bom dealer by pr>fe*?,'0 Bel* we!l kaewa aboat Twenty fourth street, aad other resorts for the dealers la horse flesh, arfd li well posted In regard to tha Fashion aad other race worn*. Should b? be aieotsd, b* OOulJ b? rsiisd ! upon whenever u; question in refereeee to ttw brocd of bene* ume up tor consideration. He w a mail a*xiut ' forty fears of age, well lormed, dark hair, whiskers and mustache, and dr'ssoa wub |rtu cwro,??Q*Uy I* Um most approved style of tne arielociaiic cias? of bi? bust* j ness ; alauys has a clean collar, and fays speicial attention to hui linen. BKTIKTEKVTH AP?EMB1.V DISTRICT. Thi? district extendi over all tbat portion of the city lying north of Klghty sixth street, and <u represented In the last legislature by William Harrlf. He hu re tired into private life, and Tammany Hall bis trotted out ft young men by tbe utmo of Jay J*r?w Jjoob, who is nbont twenty two ye?r? of age, and a tun of Kdward Jour*, the well known public huu?e keeper of tb's city, formerly In the lower wards, but recently on onoof tho lathlonablo drive* iu the uppor part of the island; be is a young man of aonie promise, with no political experience Tbe Me start, Breckinridge and Bell party have noiiinat ed Pydney P. lngraham, Jr., nephew of Judge lngraham, and from pure Knickerbocker stock. HI* father is in too Custom House, bat be Is engaged tn the mercantile busi ness at No. 70 Front street, and ii an active, industrious and energetic man, attentive to butlnefg, and has never been mixed up witb tbe corner cliques that have so long disgraced our city at Albany. Be ts about twenty eight years of age, stoutly bailt, sandy corap'oxion, and has an eiprewlon of countenance indicating &u active mind as well as energy and decision of cbaractcr; he would make a good representative. Tbe republicans, after falling to seduce Justice Welsh to their way of thinking, have brought out John P. Cum mlogs, their candidate last year. Mr. C. Is well known bath her? and at Albany? the latter place is his winter resort, where he goes to avoid the chilltcg atmosphere of New York. He' is a member of theB>ardof Km ration and a Quarantine Commissioner, ami is one or too pipe layers if Weed's party in this city. Ho is a pro-nlncnt contractor, and although unsucceasful many limes, ta well liked wherever known He ts a thoroughgoing Seward man Ho was defeated by Mr. Harris last year for the same position that he is running fur now. Uo was a member of tbe Common Council In IstT. We have thus wailed through the several Apueinbly d'strlcls. and presented, the b?st that we could, the an tenedents of th* eighty candidates In the (Md, panting for an Insight Into things at Albany. If tho record I* not enough to turn the stomach of oar poilttoal readers, then we novst far that th?y have become harder ed by similar diet heretofore. Wo doabt !f there was cvr so iiu worthy a list of philosophers, with few exceptions, ever before preicnteU for legislative liororv . Oar Havana Corieapiinelen<-?. Ha VAX A, Oct. 26, 1900. Ji furt Carg .t ?J Atgrnts Landed ? A .Sra Linn jromiht Arctic heyturu ? St, am 1'louyht and MVr XooeUill ? The Markelt, 4c , d< The slaver brig Byron (Am ) ho? discharged her caryo, 670 negroes, and th >y already belong t > the ??m.ui clpado corps of Cuba. We have reports of other cargoes landed ou tbe north and south sides, but without very reliable data as to vessels, nuniW- rg or parti' s '".toroMo 1. The royal orders and distribution ol labor f?r taking a census ef the real m were published in our offloia) orgat s under du,e of 23 1 lust. Tho cemu* of Cuba, with the statistics of its iuOustry and tho classes and colors < I its population. will be very IntcreMtiug, and an soon at tbe dalu can be obtaiue 1 1 shall forward the aggregate of the subjects emb'ae e l fjr y.jur readers. A y r?'al xe-tsati in was oa sed npon our wharfyest -r lay by t..e b usage of his Majesty of the Arctic. *s ? -.-fr-a I.iou ? irom ti e sU'amtlii|i Havaoa, la his sail water ha bing cage, to Dis temp rary reMidecce jutsi.e tue wal.s. Co.unel Wood w.ll talute tbe people with bis sean plough ai iairatus In mo'row, tho car and I com iltve to pars from lb< wharf t > tbe ra:ou theatre, through ii'Kiley street Tli's 0oleie.el ha touched all the strl ts this time, bj winch, in peace, tb's community xeusHcs curiosity ai.d tbo vtry ca'jlcS of sgrlcultural Industry. His ishow rooms, tents, and theatre will be la full b>a?t iu a wi *k, and h? wnl have a magui?ce'nt season. Ibo co-mug onmneny of Kuttjaey /t Sewc oi?, the "Bias* Swaa," and many oth^r novelties, win draw upon our | potkeU next w?. k, or thereafter, piomplly ri ? h alth of ! the citv is good; not belter anywnere Sugar* qnet. | Rre gbvnone. and excoauges regular, l^m .oo, 1.15, lo I 14; North* ru, 2>* to I, New Ui leans. 4>j to 6, timrt Kignt. Military Inulllytmr. visit or a rosroN military company to mis citt. Company V. National Guard, ?f Boston, atta-hed to tha Secotid rtf intent MaiearhuaetuYol JDleer Milllta, an J *? tit command ol-Capt W Hjde, will vl*tt our clt? on the morning of tbe 10th of November, to remain four day*, and win be the guecl* of the F ghih regiment, W**htng- j ten Gray*, Col George Lyon* They will b-lng with tbem I u gunata, Brigadier Goo. \V. W. Bullock ml lUff, cf the Ptr*t brigade, and Col. Onndlo and italf of the t*eond regiment. The ocleb rated Gertnama Band or Boaton, uo der the command of A. Hemic* and C. tichler, will ac oompany tbe corp* The Guard will arrive by tbe Norwich and Wo?ce*ter | live, and will be received by a battalion ooc*l?ltng of companies T , Oapt. Hue k. ard H, t'apt (Gregory, with the F.igblb Kjgtt.eer corpe, rtergt. Turnbull, and the Haw I llrer oo?i#, nnder the eonmand of Uapt. Vartai. which wiM renuer a aalute on their arrival They will be eo oorted to tbe A* tor Houae to break fut. and thence to , the K'ghth re(r ment b -a I i*. Ii-r* where they will .| 'iar ter during tbelr atay Tb<- afternoon of their arrival they will be reviewed in tbe I'a-k by bn II nor tbe Mayor and tbe Common Council, and In tbe evening will attend tbe theatre Sunday, company C, Oapt. larger, win have charge of tbe gneal*, eacortlrg them to borch In tbe morrlng. and to ruminate tirough the city in the a'ter- i nom Mot day tbey will be In charge of cm, May K, t'apt Frastir. and will vlllt the High Bridge and tbe in Milulion* on Kanlall'* and Blackweil'* llland*, by per million of the O<mmt**toner* of Pub Ic Ch?nt.ea and Correction*. In the evening they will be euterUiDel to 1 a baLquct at one of our t>rii.cip*i hotel*, by tbe raiment. j Tue?la) , company II. Capt Mo, re, will have Charge of th?m, vialt ng tbe Optra! Park, Greenwood a> 1 other p ar** In Uie evening tbe Gua'd will leave (or New H* vrn, under the escort of Uie regiment, c unman led by Col. Go rge L> "n?, and will depart In tbe 11 o'olot? hi at At New Haven tb<* Guard will be reoelvcl by tbe New Hav< n Grey*, Capt. Willi* Brl*M, Jr Tbey rem\iu j in New Haven until tbe morning of Thursday. leavi.ig thence for lUrtf >rd, where they will be r-celvi d by the battalion undrr tbe command ol Col George M liirnbtm They Wave Ha'tford on Friday for ProTtdwoe, remaining (here until Saturday, and departing theucs f.>r bone The (Juard number* ?l*ty member*, throe ofll -?r*, ten gueeta, and twenty five roemlwr* In tbe band Tbey are equipped In gr*y,*tmilar t? *>e Eighth of our city', and are a portion of one of tbe beat regiment* la Ma*aachu utti T1 ej will be In eirellent liacda aa tne Kigntn re glmetit caniot be eiceiled for attention and kin<li "?* Brooklyn City Kiwi. TltaCimns' Ga* Liunf Oohi'a-vt ? Tbe Inbali.lania of South IWooki/n wtll no doubt be glad to loam ttiai the fall of tbe roof of the retort houie will not materially f lay the manafact ire of git* an I tbe ?upply of cuMom era ? lb that nereeeary material Act ve operation* in regar t to light ng op will commence daring the pr??*<it month In the meantime, ai*i* ware being tuen t > re |*ir daiaak' r Perienal laNillgenee. Judge MUler ant family, of !<? f..-?ter Jolge (I 1 teste* . cf New York ; Meul Wa'nwrlgbt. of tne t'i tel rttW* Navy ;? W Brewer, of Bxtmi an1G ol an I wire, of M nlreal. are itoppn g at im Hrtvoort H ? ?e capt P?l?er and wife, of Philadelphia; J B f?aifirti, I of Iwbbe' Perry . Rev. O K 5baucou, of Cuonocticut, and s?0 or P l?eta*aa, of Cuba, are tw pplug at tbe Laiargs , liouae. J A. C Gray, Central Park '>mml*atoner; T. P Ijang ru- lb. ? t !'ri iadelnhla; S M. Waller, Mr? W H n-)<rell i and family. W C. Wnittomsu). H. A route, fJ W Powera an^ fair 1ly, r.f New V >rk. Jamea Simona anl wlfti.ofG* teva. ard W'!lUm While ai.d party, of Kentunay. are ttopp'ngat tb> Albemarle Hotel Pr. Stewart Ketine^y, nf the I'nlle^t Htat^a N*vy, T. Gale of Mcatphtt; W U Thorn, of C ne.nraii K I' Ker ! fbaw and P. W . Reaaor, of Pbliadelpbia, and w. Cttaodler and wife, of Buetoo. are (toppltg at the Metrapoi Ud : Hotel. Cnlord H N Ca?e, of SprlagflaH ; Or William# or Too**?' Mr Wytuan nod wife of Bal!lm> r? A H w'.?? and W H 1 h'?N and w < . a. of New i *'? *(,* 1 "tro I villi- ante H W .naban, hotn (rf tl.i Army, arc 1 Mopping at the Plltb Avenue Hotel. I T*mfe?? >r Mitchell and faarijr acd 0 Vts^ard, a1' of ?! I hany .la-neg I .?'gen aad wife, of England l?r Whrel wr gM Mid Li'i tenaut H Wiinn, both of tb* I'nitwl i *tat''? Vary ; R P larrtrrr. of Ph'i* loiob a. a: ' G ?orf W W ?rren. of ?o*vm, were amorg tbu arriva * at the -t I N'rholaa Hotel yefterday. General Harding, a wealthy gwaUaomi r? Img n^ar N*?bvuie, Tu n , h?a a jark of *( 0 aoie?, in uli.ob are I S'.O df er, 80 buITUoeA and a herd of elk. Mr* John C Calbooa, relict of tbe dMtlrgn'ehed j*e.iat ir frorr Aiutb Qmoiim, l.a* ><een lor aom* iin>' ?* a vmu m ber dat.gbter, Mr* Clemwrn, near R'alf-otbnrg Mr* i ta'houn hi now *iily?tgbt year* of age. wun an eye *1 |ff> ly Olmme I by a*e eh'-rful n conn r**i >n. and ref< '? with ple**ur* to ber many valued m??* *t"Mi* jar : Irg tourer rittdrne a Ir. WMlilogtoa and tie irgeto ? Capt Hugh Nel?on Page, a native aol p'e? .ut re*M?nt of PnrMBO'iffi, Ta , wa* a ni'dih i man under I'm -. '1 ? lk>r* enmmand, in C-irr Perry'* fleet, at ihe b*ti e <>f lake t rte, aod behaved with a icn g* lantry that th* e gtfiaMre of I '* n*t ?? Stale oomp immtel ft n by tne preaectattnn of a magnificent (word In tbe l' an of Lodlow, Mia* , there I* living a nee of Napoleon, p??t eighty year* of age, r?wl t..o'ir-' Hyne* II* *otered the Freacb amy in 1714, then not quite flfle. il, aad onotlnued a aoldtor until ae?r tb? olo*o Of th? 1! : *ian ewi ? gr He w? repeatodly u, l^i He fooght at AMlerlit*. Leip*le, Mareogo and B-.rodlao He wa* pr*a?enl a* a cavalry *oid -r at thi turrtbi* croaa Irg of Ul* bridge of I, ell-* a* w ?und*d In the n,tw ment aad Ui'ee of hi* brother* (lain lie atModeil N* pi. eon in bl* e*pedltn>:i to I'gTpl *?d with *? ':.l mte r?>*t recall* tbe aleg of A " ? th" ' rl *"? ' tbe burning *aiid* of thu ! ? ? 't ? thi tblrrt and Ik e*perleneie<t, and Ibe *k |r?i. '*h i I v In tv Km thit ever barW'l llietr flai'* aud rear H* *** w to the Prenob army opoo It* entrauee iiiW> aoo?r,, i ? Mear leant, and aeamg noth nac hut i ?i*t'-r b-"K u, with 11,'rty Ave othtrt l?n tne <erv.C'?, k?4 Unaiiy arr v II M ta tiiig bwutry. NEWS FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE FULTON AT THIS PORT. IMPORTANT FROM NAPLES. Arrangements for the Reception of Victor Emanuel?1 " Down with MazziDi !" WABLIKE PBEPABATIONS IN FRANCE. Irritation Between Fiance unci Swltitrlaiid. THE KIMi OP NAPLES STILL IN filE FIBLX Attempt to Assassinate the Queen of Spaio. DEATH OF SHERIDAN KNOWLES, to.? Sec.. Sit. Tbe stcamsb'p Fulton, Capt. Wotton, from IUvre an J timUiampton l'tb u;t. , arrived at lij h port yuttmday. Her advices have been partially ai.llcip*l?l by telegraph via Cape Race. The yuct-ii of Rogland arrived at Ufutseis October 18. Ber UajMty'* arrival in Engl?nrt is postponed till Wod< oeaday, October IT. Tbe U>adon 1 imr.< rogreUl Vo *tat? taut an acci leui oc curred to bl? Koyal Hlghnen the Onto de P-trts while hunting, by which ho Busutui'j a lraolnro of one of tbo boneti of the rijht lug Fortunately the aooileot hippen ed near Claw mont, and Dr. I rvl, of K?hi r, who was ot> tbe spot, lost no time In Be It lug tlio inj lret hint). Fi ju tbe latest Inquiries we are gl? I to 1. urn that tne young Prince 1s goii g on as favorably as pocstbta. The London Timet ban ntm u to believe that Mr. 1-t i.g, i II P., Financial Secretary to tbe T r< ajurv, t at ooMMteri to take tbe vaccnt rest at tbe Council R t iu Calcut'a vacant by tho utatb of Mr. James Vlltoii The lato Mr. J. Sheridan Knowii - math r of tbe "Hunchback," "The I. ove Cba?e," rh >?? loath v cuiied on a voyage bom Hull to Cruntiadi la Uie nt- utter Arctic, wax born at Cork In 178-1 The Paris correspondent of tho l*mdon Daily X- uw taya there ts cmstdeiable Irritation bttween Franc* ami 8wiUert*?d, oa account cf tbe repeated popular manifes tations In the fitter Country against jjiesumed aggressive dealgnit of Napoleon. Oar St. Ptteiibnrg Corrcsponileiicw. St. PirtRNKrRO, Oct. 1, 1?30 Tkt Wart ik Conference ? The Emperor of Auitria tint ftrrmally Inviud ? If" hat the OjficM Journal of St. Petertlmrg Sayi About It? The (Jiieen and Onrrnment of Great Britain Attzlout fur the Conference? Prince Qvrti.hakeiff'i Aim ? H iii i he Emjxror XapHeon At tend at Wariawt die. The proposed interview of our Eaperor with Francis Joseph and the PrngK'an Regoot hat created lucb excite ment throughout Fur pp. ai d its Importance baa been si truch extgg'arated by the phUo-Auttrlan proM, th?t it is more teci fsarv than ever to caut.on you against attach lug too much weight to the reports connected with it. Many of them are mt re It. vent 'i.s, the d.^lgu of wbica la evl'l 'Ul enough, and wbich are oOlciaily contradicted In tn article that baa jut appeared In th? Juurntl it St. I'ttrrtlurj. It was state ! by a Vienna c >rresp >uJeul ol tbe Jieurmti del l)< lalt that In order to show the Km peror of Austria bow completely he bad forgiven the put, and Low tlocerely deairom be win t> reatore the retail wi between the too go verr menta to their farmer Intimate footing, oor Emperor had oommiMtoned one o! ih > bigheat dignlurioa of ftaie (the Vljeroy of I'uland, Pr ooe dor leb* ntT) to proceed to Vienna with an autograph letter, Francia Joarpb of hla frlendahtp, aod aigulfylug hia ti-m iLlcntton to concert tneaiurea witn him Tor opposing the rivolutlorary ap'.rlt that* .ened tbe established or.lar of Europe. The organ of our UniMer of Foreiga Affaire deniee tbia aUlement in toft; Prince M chael Mortchakofr bad mrrely peaaea through Vienna on b'.a return to Wag. ?aw fro.n a German bath, and, far fros bring entrusted wltb a apeeial nuraton to bta Auatran tta)<?tr, had not even (era him, and only epent a few hjura m bta capital Tl e fame oorreaiHJodeut bad aaaerte.l tn\t Count toie, ?n aide de camp of tfaa hmperor'a, had Been despatched to Vleri a for the porpoeo of formally Inviting Krax. ? Jiwph to meet Alexander at Warsaw. thia elao I* contradicted by the Journal it ft I'rtrrtburg . which profeaac* to be quite ignorant of the motives of Count Tjle, who at an) rate bad oniy vlelted Vienna aa a private traveller ?? It l? to be regretted ," adds tbe Journal, "that such errwie out IcteUlgecoe itiould be propagated, which curve* to ?malt-ad public op! n loo, and i< ran- ho|? t or apprubeo sloes which are quite unwarranted by tbe real facta " The truth la that Fiancia Joaopli wu la rite J, or, to speak more oorrectly, Invitcl himself t > Aa-u< tbrajgb Ltr ambeaaed. r, Count Thun, and inst-al of having aent aepaetei meaeengir to Vienua with the Ionian m, <>ur goveromeal la perhapa ratber ?>rry by this time thit h(a rrqutst waa acceded to at all, tbongb to rcfiee It would have l?<o an alf.-oot sj ;n aa baa rarely betn ctvred to a crowned bead, especially aa It wei ?al juf.j backed by Prussia, and, Strang" to tail, ereo by Fxg>aiKi It ta no eeorel that Uueen Viotoria eipreaaed a ?ir>?j( neaira for U>e interview to tako plaoa, aod, wbe tier out of cmoiaieaice lor her Maj-ety or lorpiiitiial rcax'Li of bia own, L/>rd Patuursiou gave the R i?Ma-i Fnvn) In W ndoi. (Baron Brunow) t> nadereund tual aa npfroilirattna betwetn the two em.iree would b? viewed by the Uritlab govornon-. t not oe > wiioul j lelouay Oat with unle gned iat:?faetl<M. Ounaldarlng tuat a reono ematlou between Aslr. an I Kiaaaia Would involve too abandonment by tlie furtuer o the |?> icy wh ch cue naa puriued id ibe fa*t liao tbe Crimean war, an J wni-u la an favorable to Bnt.'O nleveat*. It V* ui t?- * ? n -f t at lti?l the attitude a??.itn-l oy lb* Casi.aei of Si. Jai,.* aftutod bave Lauaed ? .oi? p-rpkxuy in <>ur diplomatic circle*, and aave given riae to rurtoua In terprel?lK>na Aaoorn.Lg to roiie iIm Brit ?n Pnmirr 1a *i run aly aitroei at Uw pn>gr>-aaof ?v?i u> m U* y, whuui bave gooe further tban he either wiabe I or en*- t'"J. and m hicji be fear* will ultimately atrve to Iftcrtaa-t |k* pre ranee of France, b* grcada an attact of uae Ita taoa upoo Veoiee, wblch, if au| pxrted b/ Kapoleoa would "?ad to tbe Caal overthrow of the Auatrlan empire, wUc.h Tj gland Pttll to ka npoc aa Mi* corner alone m lb- fahriO of t urwpean pout) . aod be ? ani o'it, toeieforv, to form a ? 'all lion of the great Kowera, by wliKh el-mo curb a talaatr pba would be averted To attain ib ? object be woaid be willing to aaak? a me oonoeaai'-u* to K ?n Id tbe ori'utal u?<auoa, aod to drop bw oppie'tioo to a re vlval of tboae claieea of tbe treaty of I'ari* whlolj are moat d'aacr-ew^le to our u ?vernmenl Ibia optuioa, bow t ver . ta D?l ahared by olbe' p"Mi aoe, loclu 'iog, 1 be.levw, PriK* A etai.der 0>.ricbaanff. tbe Korvlgo Ml r atar b n.eelf. who Coda tbe txt>avior uf l/tr Pa'aaer too very ruapteieea, and tpir aa that ?.d fni n> ?l have ? <?' nad< rbai.d motive for prrtm <tiag a po? t ? cwtbluat -o wbic h he La* ao oft"o aadeavorad to i >ubU raot Urn re |>we baa i tf b i'i d'alnrbe I by I >e f l ml- ralandiog thai baa late y n tted H? t weeo Kunta and France Wnai w<?ld be mere raucolaled W> Interrupt tbll uuleratan Hog. r r Ui cenvert it IcUj leiatilitf, ll;an a league bel n Poerla and Auatr a f He ta knotre to b ? a |>erai rial ftteud ??f Nap' iron, at pveaett th'a v>nne?nii>a la de idel y ui | >pular Is Feglaod, where tbe trench Fet|>eror b?a l>e?oae aii ob)ec> of d'atmat to tba whole natioa. nu what would be w re lik-iy to mike 'I a' agais, sot only In Kag and, but In ail turop*. I than tbe revival of the Holy Ail ante, an ! the apoctvue of tba taree <????, ?>t.c iMwi-ra m K ma, I'r o uJ A .i Ilia art at II cal td? an tli g aaaiuat tbe >:'? ni ioa of op ( reend Aleal And if a war aUo ild or. a< out I ' w would the vvteras Premier bug t?W to Bee K?a > I'i'O* m ~r* raka'iMiug he: energ'ea lo ui Uo l<t>g a waru < t ra- ee the Weal aad tliua dimb iug eif to-o | urei rg ber r.atn'nl i, lr th ? i ?l Soch ira the refluct ioe to wh en tri? app^Mnbiag e >i fen oi e 1 a? g rer r ?<?, and wr. -f ca g. ?????.. ?. ? t? In k f'iraar I In i ? Ih ni'^r in ? ? ?- tnvi r ra> ? I -a. To barter ao aaie of 1 mce f- i.'ial of a -tria Woi..d be a aorry eacba ge, aad Pi . o ? iru-naa i ? I ao al' t g l?*n the at-eL' .?? parliaan "i ;n m r, t?rv. naiy alive t-? the ian??r of h* ix . y b- ? iMeat'd by the pereooal leaoltg <.f bia aiaai r to In !? ?.t i' ?t I rii < plea repi-?rnie i b> Pr. 'H'a aa ' A>iM*.* It m t ie tb?i a a ?ninuircai >? re-?aily reoeiv?.l froo. tl. ii*" of M< iiU i> m > w : all .r . I, m li ? n, a-e t" ??? ? lr :a lb' ? n.roa in wli nb he ,? uvolvixl A !? i ? r rjuir.rg the on, *-t o toe W* taw u ~i ,u an I .g a?n.r .| | nal It had do hoet, - Ur ? n. y ag< it Jraa b t waa i , IDtr t '? I to c.orai i late lo- p a< - f I. irope by aa InU ? chaDg-i of c>?.rt?e>< a t? t*t* i tl.- ? Pow?re, where v lew a a. re particularly de*ira'.? at ? o. m .' wh?ii ? <'ir rra were apread aubverau- of tl >1 and tbe atabi ity of Ihievea, ibe Freuob o'tivia' biated thai in raae ibe gee?ral h?'m'n? ?ouid .e greatly |>r <?>oWd by the prnaence of b ? own aovere ? >>. wbo aa* equally lolerealrd In too maoiteuaune of enter a. t atabt ly. Pnnc UortaHak. If ro nelved thia Ihtima ion w ilt Ihe ?lm ?t a!a criiy, and promiai.d to imparl it to the Kmprror, wn t>o oonbt w iid he liappy to w Cuiril Napil on tl ai the Pol eb .epital. an 1 r una lb v , .a ew> ? bail maoe three year* ago al Mcilg.irll irie I loaa of V >l.t. im'Ii.. rain ,'d that a tial be In ?. 1 waa i. ? . le'ea r f In* oan, thai bo bad oo In'truc t >oa to i lai ? : i l, ?lid that be war ?u,i? anabie to ?wt ? whether 16- i:n?a? tr. rla nf hla ? ,aa>er wodla a i a uf hla taa an I g a ?'urney. )l ? wit pioba'da Uiat PriaoeHojic ,< waa I ibe dupe of to ti ai.r^aient an artiUce, for ii? iuir?*l tyro id diplomacy would to m that th? Ambutaador would 1 nut Ihiw'I turh an ?M<<rvaiion without being duly an tn Ho*ever, iho upebot of the couversati m was U.*i toaul Shouv?i?u, our Military C idoa ia?- mer . at lure, has u-u ordered M Inform Nai>'lo>o, officially , tbat the Emoeror would be at Wa-?*w us such and snrh a nay to rnfet tor Krlooe K?ri*ut if I'rusfaia tui J the bupvi ur uf Austria, adding, to couttduuoo, tbat If the Kreut D monarch could m**n it convenient o join Ihera, Alexander would b? highly lltllorod to reoeive HO .till . guttfced * gut it ] mn I'll. I that It Cost llorUias koff some trouble lo prevail upoo the Empwror ti scud ; th>* tpvltatlor *rd It ritnalpt to be seen r.o# wh?ib" r Napoleon *UI aoorpt of It If be do?s, the mutiny of W?i>a* will VKuur qvte a didcreat obaraelor, aud , in sttad of contain eg ib" germ of aoialttlou, It will sooner i l? nd to cortlrni the tr'eMs>-lp nrt veep Ritsslaaud Fran-*), 1 which hi* be? n Kiinwhnt imp* re 1 by raeMl tf >oti, ai.o 'be ipU; pi>?* of vl.c reactionary clique ?nic.b seek to brirg u? t^ck to the tradltioae of and the Holy Alt'snce w"l be completely bsttl-d. It I* needless ti merliiu tbat ??rh * result would b? high' y acceptable to the party ol which (Wtcbakmr w the bead, and to whom tbo arrival of N'np .leon at Warsaw would bean great a triumph as it would be a crushing blow to tbtir adversaries The conllnemetit of the Empress , which hsu been ei peeled every day for the last two w.vkr, lis* 'ie?n d<*lny ed till Dow, as if CD perpont to give lime for these negotia tion* to prooeed. I !? srn from l>r ObloruV-fTtky, however, tbat her delivery wiil uko nlaoi tn a <uy or two, aol as Kur as she I? a Utile reenvertd the Emperor will start I lor Vilra by tl>e new rail nay. which Is now completed, j snd frooi whenre be will contiaue b'a route to Warsaw THE ITALIAN SEWS. Th? Kffci't of C'ovHt Cavcar'i Speech? Victor Etutattl and IVapvliuo- MmLtl Bl'l Pimltlou [From the louden Times, Oct IS ] ? ? ? * ? ?

Victor Emanuel will a few tajs hence, If tho futea are not vory adverse, hold the Kiugdora of Italy by tbe tamo title by which Napoleon III. nolds the Empire of Franoa, [From the 1/mdon Times, Oct 17.J Tbe spec b of Ooact Cavour lu the .^ardtaian Ch.iaibers win more than tlx the attention of Ejrepe ? it will act as a haf* of the Italian caute. We prefer commenting on the ipceb to jl 'iug 1 1 *'?!<? ol cxitenU, becaure III* lIv by r.'Hdi.ig tln> ip*'ecb iueif that we gc. an iCta ot those i roaf>>ea of iUte nest Ana d'cillve po'uts of vi w which naparttuch tondlty Ui it as an outline of policy. The luiro4u*'.ory | t'art, in which be ?ett -ft Diatiera with Gtribatdi, ! exbibita o/nkunimato Utxierltv, converting tno aval vl all egg h iu the Sardinian Ch?, lu wauh tho Rem ial coroi k off ?o clearly the worse, Into a ftplendid compl ment, and " th> greater t hom?^? thut cjald over bi aliown lo a c tu^n." Tne charge ot U>0 B*edtUted an- > nezatloe ot S trdlniu to France it at ouco met by a broad difctln inn b iwrntfcat w ? nrid ^vo>? "for, (i.-utle men, tin great pru olple of uatiorality, the corner *Uiue of our polliloal ediCc. , i-an nevef bo in yoked for a OMalan of a portion of ot?r territory '? Th<> whole of Hij Ituinn mortmeol lakea place upon a principle wbic'i Inel tiea Sardinia, M d would make the ceraion of It an lnconaia Veicy and utracioti 'O. 1\.<- prtcMotlZwty t > prorent It, ho?<'vrr, m to annex Naplea, for 000 000 of men wi I ha. ?? a guarauiet) in their very s. iit^t eltlii - coaaion or coLoeaa on, and ihua Hie queetion m i ol t t'iy autwired, but made au ai^u>ui ut lor tbi Tote of th~ damb^rl wktoh is w nlcd. io - ? t r- ft of the apecch, howev. r, com ?? to a In ad on ih'' grtai auljocta ol K^hk aud V?ino?. nod heiu C / t < .it. i r <U- s : "t leave it in any doubt what is "the I'ole inr'' o' Ssril t.iv? that Rome In olewly p'.v d tn tbe ? liart of jv ? I > t cal prophx-yaa "tbe apKudnl capita! ^1 our Italian k.tgiium." tbe annouBoemcul la tat t *uH gitat oratOMcal ? I! ct, and pro J ucos general ? ,u theCbarb'rs. This s.alaay rate, c!>en and straight forward; tbe world ranC'd cimpWin of disgun*e, tLougb it wi I B e tbat, male tn this f< ria b/ a Sardinian lllclster lu a Sardloian Pari assent, thu Is a tregt aii anoouLr< m< ? t and a gr>>*t k- y noUi struok Tht tr^myrt 'ias NMMM, art onr ' f I\ kc (?iij. ?> H br n laid )r ni vtkick t/um ?J ?u d rauhack ; tA r Rulnc -rt it cmi ed, ant' IK* " L> ii Star' of Sttriiiitu Jtr-cU tutkuil<U%nglf to lh' Kin\an crown Th- I'etulian j um r? u toloed u.uA ttjuul 'jfiinoi oj r'gardt th' ii *< J. slut, t<i(( thi r Willi Una full an l dear exposition o' me Strdlmar. ilt'Sign, tb re g >ea a rnnnlt.g oratent of Je fi r. nee to European politics However clearly R >m may flgiire In tl.e ai .-iaoi of the Sardinian vUiou, '? however deep may b? our utfecitun for thu UlUStrloaa ma'tyr Venice." her time ba? not yet oouq Tb' ro is a way in ?hlch thlr gs must be do:n , It ia of no use aUeinptlbg I) | for'sia 1 >\ acd reach U>c g>al by a abort cat. Europe must bi convinced tbal Italy can govern bnts?lf. that is the awkward doubt that no*' fia ,ds in the way ot com pete I. a an emancipation, and tbat doubt i.i.u-,1 oe re moved by an et>ln and mod< raio oourse of adminls trattoD tefore Italian ui,ity is alluwel to aotorb Romo aid Vrnuc Sardinia throws bers -if upon the pub'le opInUn of, in tbe lull c,..n fldmce tbat if, ?s tlie ctios<D repvesenUlito of Italy, she succeeds in governing It, Europe taunt give w?y Austria cannot govern Venice in tb. v.c oity f Uailel Italy, "an Irresistible fatality dr.ves hor e ??en now lo mea snres of coercion and severity she i-.a?iO"t g >vern on any older principle, In conn queuce of the aUracllou aliiob tbe real of Italy M.rciaoa upon tbe f ragment from b?r, which tlio foreigner la obliged to counteract "I cannot Maine turn for it " Act ? iti- r an l m.r.' <? . ?-i Italy bocomM the griater will be the ailrl'.ioo ,t aur C'aea ujK'D Vrnlcc, f'r tbe moral world la aubject l? laara analagnua to thnae of the physical Wurld. acc irdlog to which *l tract ion la proportional* to the mvw " II Sar diuta KLijr walla, then . lor the gra loal ell -<'1 of her a Imin latralion upon the mind of Europe all tnuat g a rig bi at 'ail. and the Inbcrrnt wcakuesa of K ?tn? aod Voutaa aa taolatlona from Italy maul end In their abaorpli >o If Italy la it a hurry ahe has the fa o of Ibo Ural N'a poloon anil the Emperor Nlcbolaa befcre bo* an a terrible beacon , aho* Ing bow lmp?*albl? it li for the gruatt hi Power* to tuocsad who ton akc tbe pub 1 1 opinion of K.i rope Another reinforce men l may be exp>vi>?l with equal certainty fr in the growing erilenoe to tbe prmcl pie thai religion and freedom are q nte c.mpat'bi. ? n ite?d, that freedom la hi* b y favorable to tbe apread of true Miigioua lee Hug ? a liutb wblcb ih acknowleiged by the most mpMloticd bolder* of Catholic Idea*, an I which an tlltittrlout writer In a lucid interval baa prire l to Ibe aatlaf action of a* all." 6a thra? two appeal*, tl <so? to the public opinion of l^rtrft/iA i.',? h*im u.y ul m4 fe^'dots? ifcvonr rest* Ihe ultimate anrnaiplishment of CimpltiU Italian unity, and la tne meantime a balanced and moll Ted (tale of Ibinga mual ciuitcnl Ibe patriot. li it a clear, compact vlew'of Italian policy //. tu f*tt kit l/rrmni "*U and ait li k* a pAytfc-jiin wAo Itn >wt kit iOf. lie n Certain of tbe prtneip a to which be appeal*; fce baa marked tbcai out w;lb cl.\irnr?? aod pr>< .rion, ana b'? litieal map wilt lion be tbo only auUuriZ' J map of lulled Italy TU* I.ATWT FRIIM KAFUfl. Nin as, Oct 12 IS10 Having been rummote.l by ibe Dictator, tne Pro-Ui la U t (Pa'.iavictnl) and h l Secretary (Oarante) p>oc ad a yeelerday eTenirg to Curort a Aft-r a conference, at attended', which t.'ria ji and caiianeo, tba pro Dictifer and buKcrilary tendered umr rvdgn auou t. Mazilni bating rafuaM to Icare Klfhl, Ikl Pm 1 eta t?r prohibited p"lltlc?l clnh* and me?tion Tbe Pr? i He lator baa alao lor bidden l<>a.? Ujuio to open national workab I?yala, chief of the Natl teal OiarJ, bu boen dia m tared. Admiral I, Bnrbler baa refute.! ti rrc/ifnlae tbo block ade of liwu and M>a*ina de< real by <>arloaldt. The I rr rcb mall rl/ ana r P*ot?* baa beea rel/ed. Advleee froaa tlaela rate Ibal the young Prior * had agata lift for Uapua, and that oriiera ha I been given tor a ieiH wai cl ine genera, alia, it agaiuat lie liaribaldlaaa. Kan ax (rla Mareeill- a) , Oct 13, 1MJ0 Yeeterday, In conaeq . -nee of tbe reaignaii >na tendered by tb' Pro fliatator Patiavtctni and b,t Ululate a, tbe Katio?a< tiuard went u> uartba'dl and rep-eaented V him ibal diaturbaaora were Inim rent Tbe I ticlalor order" I ibem to Ore no any perai n almuting In favor of a r- rubllc Tbe palrvla wbh'b were afterwar la a, tit Ibtough Ihe tlreeta were aalutrd with anoutj ot "I'jwi. wllb Maaainl I" "tmwn wilu Crlapl I" The li -tat'.r baa publwhed a procUmal on, la whlcfa. afUr aaananclog ib<- approach iu? arrival o< Victor icoian tel. be raya, " l*t na be ready In racelre tbe man wbo? I'roTldrnce baa aent ua There will he no m >re dtaonrd. i>t Ib ted Italy and King Victor Kaanuel, Uie i.aian leomo be lb* p*r;?'laal ay mttota ?t our r?g?nera A cirrn ar ot tba Mtniatry etpreiaiag Ibe aame feeling baa atau been pnbuabed Hying eolunita bad been deepalebed into tbe proTinona of .''telly W et fore.- payment of li.e tax a N>ri*a, Oct. 14, 1?M) Tte Pro pvutor and tba Miatitry remain in ?, ce Tlte derrea aouvofe i.g th ? ixj^uiar aa'emlx ca In order l i role on ibe annetaltoa of Na^lee to Ptelmout etIU re j t .ait.a in foroa. Crw-pi bat bean dlais aaed. <M II. 1M0 (jetrral H .yon l, a* tent three regitntbla to reoocupy Vftrrbo aid tbe patrimony of .tt. Peter. I ?n."r,r>ere and flwml Scbmidt are enpoote I here. B-eduievre baa bee n appointed c iluuei U>r Jura bat ( biu tummooed to (?a< la Tie r-pe hat leaned a proriamal inn nr lerlag an la- | qotry ooi" ? ratrtt tbe priaooera taken by tbe rtardiniaia, whom the Papal government ac< oaet the latter o.' hat n? plsadertd. The r? port la current tbat K itt i baa aent oonilderable g fia to tbe IV j e FRANCF. Ttv liondon Times' Parta oirreapondent Bay* ?At a Oabu et ennpcll held a few da>a ? no* a? Ht, ?t wbieb tbe Kraperer presided, it waa reeolv* l that Mp W taiit w>,rka ni "iln bn Immediately odihhkiM V> rtreafttien the forlKtaaiiona at l herbonrg and Algl-r?, ai i i ki i> ?<? tuai a n.m'>er of ih ? , < *??? l i? .t?t- a , I n. <?. ?tri>eied ? n the m >'el of tl.a fi' r. rtt garrUnn of Maraeill t la about to ba reloforced by two ^t?*linr* ard two *ij adrona. A Mt*r fr -m Tmiloe anentineee t'tat the rnmiM" 1"e? rf tlf laarartra and berl i,ad rer' ivi-1 or l?ra to take | in f??rlei>Nta and atorra, and lo prepare to aall at tbe lirat tr.oBHBt A' <"uata lad been reoalvad that tbe French fleet la rr call it from Va| lea. P?aH, Oct. 14. 1W) Th? tf'tiiViir publlthee the followint dau*t (Viuttaatl n^.A'tl 14? i*eo'-rai Deauforl do Hautpont ba? mi >le rilr irnpied lleir el K am nar After baring eriahlirbH , a pmritf'oal ti unlc'pal It an I l?*taila.t tbe fbrltl>ai>t In Ihe Lai f-a built by onr aoldlera, be advanced ar far a? I J ib .-ruiieri. wb. re be arrlveif on September .TO. O a tne ??..? date Foad Paaba arrived at (laruun, la tbe val I <4 of Bikaa Tbe two oommand?ra in cbiuf ware to niiltt Uietr c?rj f d am, i on 'Njto jer 2 Uiukt Klaeaitfl bad a conference yesterday w>th M lliouwnrl and tbe Pajml Nuncio Re took lea'e of the ] K in pet >r to lay In a private a'i'i'enoe at -<t aond.aul ? ill Ml oul tb't eeenlug foe V araa n Tb" Couat la no commented by tbe Kuaaian Mialater at Turin. I'aaia, Oct 1?. 1A?0 Tltr Jf'mfur aayt ? Tbe Papal Maauxt be.igaii.Mt to pr' c- o| to ll>rne on Irove lor aeverai waaka, waa rao^lvrd in au-Uenoe by ibe >.<aj.eror. Tin. M<mi.'ur a fo-mal denial in tbe reported ?' '"i ? ?f a f <"i?al.h a< dreaat'd by the lh?ke ,i. f.r? ? Dt to Umif Clere, annonor.lng to the lalt.T t i? linm. d ate waiatatice of the F'reoeh Ir.iopa, aod a?ra ?Tie An.baaaa.lor ba 1 only *<nt a lar,>at< , u ue lrei*h (oiaaul at At>r'.aal routaining tba a??? |MM Ibat IOC ItVer. jn of tba iU.v* ut luf Oii:rch by tbo Sardinian* were fur from being eflected wtth tbo 'auction ef Uie governmiul off tbe Kmpernr. on tbo contrary, Ibl* mvaa'on hat L nbly. cm ukJ lU a.aapjroral At that time II bad Dot been d<cidecl to lacreoae Uio effective force of tbe French army at Home The Kntt-ral council baa ocmmnniaatcd it* reply to the lale eon. ['iaii in oo the cart of Franco, by in?aA* of a vei - bal loU', wherein tbo Federal Council eipreaxe* ita regret oo account of tbo event* al tjeaera; but iUku tbat tb?y could out be cor tillered at an international ottenoe Thta 1101*3 atiui that the i.-tg* of Aiuoaatalari and Cooauls alone are placed under Uif protection of International right*, but not tiara boiiled on veacela of railway*, where every Stat* tin the tigLl to prohibit tbo boating of foreign Hag*. WAaranuM Oct 15, 18flO. It i* dated by Hontldeal offlcor* returning from Italy, It&i latuoi u-.lcre waa to arrive al Home to day I'r rro \fett?rcieb i* expected bore fan. It la aaid that ho baa beer tnatruoieil by hi* government to give the bnnch government eapianaiUM.* concerning the In ler'. lew at V, uriaw. The Pari* correrpoa-lert (o tbe London I^m? gay* ? The cold, rainy w?atbtr we eitierienoed lait week bad a marked rtlect on tbe Puna il iur market Flour of tbe (our u.?tki u*e fr. m b?i M). pc r Baca to Wf. rose if. the esek of 120 kil a. SPAIN. Mu>iur>, Oct. 13, 1W0. The Kyoca 'ta'.cf that" lately upon tbo i^-oa'a arrival at M nine th? Council will decide upou tbo rcoall of the Hpaninh Mltiia'er from Turtn The tame journal aim tayn ?Their Itijeitlea leave Stora ge -fa to day AUfeTHW. Via- *?, Oct. 14, 1800. Tbo report that tbo Council of ibu Kiuplru Ua I Ueeu con vok<d for Oeeernber 1, In mder to oxamiaa the i>tatuioH of tbe Provincial Diet* i* titallv unfounded. Tbe Council of the Kuipiie will net rca**ein\>le until niter tbe Provincial liiet* uua'l htvo been formally eel&b.iahod. RUSSIA., Oct. 13, ISM A traio, con toying the Kmpernr of Kuaala, haa arrival b< re iiiuld Lie y>< iiUiat entbutfiuam on lb* pari of tbo po ptiiatla* The Emperor cxprerted bin ratletaction tc< iho manager of thu ra lway. BOKNEO. ALfi.*M'..U, Oct, 7, 18tiO The ? ar in Ttiri eo again at the nat e? wan being -cu tlaued advantageously to the Dutch. TI1C WAR IN CHINA. SHAM. BAB, August 10, J800 The t^^c'b attacked tbe cliy ) ?lcrdae, but wcro re Tulaed wtth a 'tlMerv, The* bad pi?'ni up a proolam* lino announcing iheir c< iniiiu, ami ihreatenmK ven??anM i.nUte ti>< cit> bi.t muted to tbe^i. In. fitraigo leaideata have foi me<< a velun?e?ir <or|>? Tbi Kr<-i"eat a'arni ;to T#ila irade la entirely p?np|ied Ihe ailK-o lorcea landed ki 1'. htang on the M or An. guct Tbo Chinamen inlormad lb? ait rprotir?U.alihe (?rta were eltfp^y. Hie alllea tb>?rcu[)on took poaaeatlm of tbeni.and found ooly*iK>diii gnna and three men. isklrmial.n wub lie Tartar cu^a.ry alujrwarda loik place, in which f. rleen men w< ro wounded Tre all'e I tr |ih tVn p'' ee.-'t'ed ?<> the Taku ForU Al ?KBauit til (/repiired lor iho lAlb of August Too troops wire beaitby. T e Ir bflr Hell bal boeu totally The crew \ were raved. I AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. ! MitJiot'aM, August SS, 1890 So lew* ?na been rece v?dol' further b jstititics lu N>w I Zeu and. 1>a1e la not-ae. 1 the departure* of K--ld kbip* are ? The Norfolk, 86,202 i ? z ; the Otlnw i 38 856 "t , the !i?ifu?ure, 70,623 ot., iu?d J the Water Nja-pb 80 t(2 ' z adkimdi, Anguat 25, 1*60. I Bueiiiiia la extremely depreueU. TIIK VERY LATEST RlWj. ITALY". Nai-im. Oct 10, 1800. ; T tie pro Um Dictator haa resigned, ? ad will lea.o to ni|ht Tbe inn latry haa aiao r-^ignod (iarlbaldi dralrra an aatembly to approve tbo y jt.jg; , a'?o one for Sicily. , tirtat agitation and dlfcmient p.'aratl. Strong patro.a or the Nat rial Hoard patrol tbe Htrjela KPAIN. Madkid, ti.-t. 17, 1890 J On tho arrival of the y .ecu at Ma lnd to <'ay, a vounf man, armed with a amall plrlol, attempted toihoot her Vi.jrtty Tbe pl*tol, however, rolgc.-d Ore The tu.u U ' belle', i d lo be iLMlie. AUSTRIA A VT> P*rVfA. Bkkus, Oct. 17, imo I Th<- oflicitl I'ring *11 Oa:''lt contain* a loading arllflo upon the Interview At Onblrntz, la which It Bay* ? "Tbe cordial relAtlous which havo eiiMei between England and I'ro?ala will oobltune to exlat If the two countrlee Jo not mutually mltundemtaod their trae latoreaU TIicm relations hare become more deeply rooted, And hAve ac quired Increased flrmnees And oxteux'on by tb? ooofa | renee At Coblcoti, And by the ready cxr.hargo of rle?r? wb'tta the n to<>k place between tbe l?Adlo| alalia men of ! the two couctrlca, la view or the prevent groat rirapll caMoca In the European polltlml ayatcm Too more aatiafactcry It la to be enabled to atAte that there wa? a coincidence between the vtewa and op'nlor* of England and Pruaela on the great an J Important qiiea.lona of the lay." Ito art lie tbue con rludMC? "While the Wamw Interfk-w I* a prv>f of the good ouderatan Hog of Prurtla with h? r Kaatern neigh bora, the happy reanlu of the Interview at OuhUntz prove ' that Pruiaht nndereiAnla how to cultivate the h rfi'y important itterta.a by w'alcb ?!>? la bound Vo Eog'ao l " i num. Loboon, (let IT, 1W0 V'" l/octon H Tali' l Paris correspondent atatve fiat the departure of addl .mnal troopa for Rone hai boei. a ?? pwM. The aera.nd dlt alon of lb* Arm? of l.yona ban iicclvel a count* ra ai.d, but haa br. n warned to U <i I liaelf in rtadftwea to atart at a moment a notioe. AK1UVAL OP THK AW1LO *AIOX. Ij?b?)' ?oi . Oilob. r 17, 1M0 tt<- \rgl" "^Ainn, from qieber, on the 8Ji tual . reached tie rirer at an early hour tb i m rmrg AHKlVAk or TUB IDtSBlKll. Qi naaai iai,(>!t 17, 1*W. The lUr.mrli'p F.Hnburg, '.t w Now Yo.b, arrltvd h<:.e to dA7. TJ!? LATEST .MARK KT*. IXrrbO*, 03t. 17. 3 P M (Vnieia fcr money arc at V. 4 a 93%, ai l (or A?x>unt At 91% A 03 Meiara. Klng?ford At I .ay 'a elrrnlar eaya Figl'ah wheat brltigF Monday 'a prices. Buaunaa in fore. go la I mlted, but late latea are fully Bvppnrted firing com la Bleed y at Moaday'e price* TV weaifcer la flee. ?>ugar?Frk.<.a are auciatat<l, although bualn aa u> ouiy < moderate. Ooflee? Tranractloua are few, but ratoe ate without a! ! te rat tow Tea? HtlObr term* are paid aad there are many opera tloaa. Rice la fully aa dear, with a large biialaeas. Saltpetre la wanted. prior* are atlffiv. ? Tallow la rery firm aad boataeaa larpe Ijvaarooi., Wedoeedey, Or I 17? ? P. M. Otton firm Hal?a to day 15.000 bales, ol wh'*h f. OCO were on apwitiietion and for eiport. Breadatu' ? firm. Flour quiet. Prorlaioaa dell. Lard iteedy. Tt?e Blare Trad*, r*mn> *tati? circuit iwht. Before Iloa. Judge MeUoa nunuBi or n?un axd viilcrtaailt aaarK ox bqab:> a tut aa (>rT II ?In fV nnllt *f 0<*r4tm. Wmrrm and I fill, Mattrr and Mitet of UU fiat?r tri* ? Tl. I' .t?l Muv a Diatrtet Attorney celled the atteatioe of the Court to in e raee a* oae ta*olrlag ceat difficulty. The pri*?oera were indicted for the bi|.b oflVeca of plra< y, which gera no .aoret ' n t- (be f. uri an t jery, or toe eaer.utire. Tb y I ?hna' i 'ilber beer them, if guilty of the piraey, or die- ' ( r barge t* m Alt ireth"r; there waa no power to > laioaotn ,t WfXild atipea' that H e ?? aro * a> were hrvt?ht ot beard tae ri**< eh p ia iaet Jb-? own '4 by an l r.,mm?nd i d by team ioa*t<T?, wa<> rla m< i to ??n pr<>p"f ty ia 1 tbelr awa (el> ? r t / i? The negro OMife ra by aia*e arrai f' e^nia eol'l tl < i' alarre to aaotber lantaia, wan. aita ' ib> r r?emea, caul ki be .-^pania'da, U>en ?<eik ta rommaad, aad were eaHi io h# ti> a >iTim*n i wuea caotii ? - m, th>-w three ia?a ba*ii K aoikiag waa, bet weavaaaaa ; | iy i?i*erager*. tt* potol lor uh unirt wee wbeth i"?rti' e W' old ' ui eaal to p.Md t ? tae min'ir oiimci et m I , catTlnf, wbica ie ibe traa > larg" Wnat vrnoht Vbe t/iurl adriee in #u"b a noiireeC If UMf were tried ai.d fmied. al.Mrb M hgrlf probable, n't ar-Jtlt y n pirary or ii looa-1 gt.uty aounae 'Mitaile pr<we>tre wo ml ?e br> .glit to a< ?r np<Mi tt>e I'realdiut aa wculd qtiatie blat lo '?fd"n them; ia attMr ca?? thny wmid #tannt tree Toe t ttwir o?ure* aa? tried 111 Hixt >0 rery re- <?iili , Mr. leaoeiueeee raid the b imantty of tua fbatrtct At t"rt>ej i ??<?> t be !?*> btaUlf eaviiied, but th^ro ?<we dtfll cnltiea which might arian A* tbatr crjoael be oo<ild a?t mean any arra<i(' tnent natll tbelr trial, aa It would Im ter ?**ary for lliem to oil r ?"tn* etrhleac - (a mil ra' in. Tbe Court aaxi ber "ill n. I edrMe aoy c nira-j l<?r ahirh he mighl be held re*|*>u*|iil?, out ? itlj a>H m ao .ir4 BLre with the reerimmendalloa of the |H?trmt Atv rnar II batotg* ie bia ?? yartmeat aad not I i tbe tlrart. an t fnr tt ba muat be beta rt?v?n*ii>.e tbat t? all tbn uiart can ?ay. rhe Dlatr'r.t Attnraey *ald that theae peeame enni I a??e tbe gorarnirent very Imiinrtauit of. 'eiai'"e a?v>wti ? * ere tbe partiea In tat* aitr who Hum t??>er weaete itat fur we r. n*t 'if A'rim Ilia Keiea?* belt 'b fe'aa Ti e capum rem* Ircm M* ue, and the ota?r* furib* Urt. t The matter waa tl><" Tne '*rand Jiir , MMraVd tfc- f.-linrlar laWBeewta - Horatio Moruu r f -??? ?'?' "? ?,v"h l, r?" tatl Jm. i-'ito* ( >e attempMai V? rweeie a mutl< t ar i ferott" j Ik a el Thi |> l< fled g.i, ty, and taeir trial* were po?iK>?eO till Monday. City IntclilKciic*. Oiurrai'orioaa or moiwauim ?la it iu the power of tho police to Ltcli the aad the beam from the tali walk ? a William atteet .a the v ein, jr of pl?o?7 It c..t It wu..l 1 bo ? great accotamodaltoft to jwr1<JOt through that alieel ,u U iltiutaw tuanie?B Ii *i ulrt ai*o be q'.ilc at agrteubie to lulle* t? jmm ?0 fee tHewalk u.atead of tttK it K tne ntidd.e <,( the ttreut M tti?y wore compelled to do j nderilay , wd %.MK lte t^u* ?u- bow* to bellow aid growl en the ??? Nowm F.'.k? Am jalit>- luy Atn Ail Setrtrf Dai ? la aimer. every portion of tie world where t?i? i giiah language a ?!? ken,?a'l ?0??p*rllcul?rly in <;re*t itriuun und rffun peri* of America, laet ulght, Being kir *u u November Kra, ?a e duly Ooti-tnoai iratei by peouilw ?o cial game* *ij J j <iiity. The ciiatou of keeping id ii*ij:>* F/'ii iu th H liuliten la almoat a* ''old at the ht'la,'' to uae a home y fnmlle, and I* eepeoially eeleora'.*<! ii vH.tlaacl ii >i 'reiaod, whore aiplea. nul*. oak'S, ,<le* and agrtw. abk bew ?.??-? aru brought Uito rxtoutive requisition. Krom the large p-irt which apple* play in the eierciaea of Wm mber Evo baa probably uten derlvul It* came of "*ap At plo Sight." To dav I* known uni'?tig?t certa n CUrini au ueoomuiauona a* ''All iialula I'Ay," and to morrow fca "A!! !"oul? l>a y." By Catholic* thead tao orcai l< r.? are held iu grea; re*pert. Ou All saint* l)jy it m cuttnmarv to invoke the prayer* of tho taint* in Beavtu "11 Wi.aii "f the nunort hero below, and to morrow ? tie uuu to the task of praying lor UMrepoaa 01 *bu,a rip atlr g tbtlr ptccadillH* in purgatory. Katai / <?: !?*? ?v> a ^aiO )' .Cixi ? Coron?r Schlrmer h<;d an lcquett j Mtcrdaf , at No. .riJ avenue B, upon tho body of a p'rl about ecven yearr >r nf , named Antoinette Robrey, who .vu-< k. >'d by falling down a (light of atalnat pub.ic i liool N > #, In Fourth t'.rcet. It ??? not nupporfl that ilectWHl- waa cerloualy ijireJ at ll^t, but in an hour or no ufw r rte.c u ing the (ail ty mptouia of a fatal na l 'ire began dotelopo tVm i l.'tt, whiiB rexalted in <;eatb Tue j-ry ;u Ui r udi tU a vcrJ.ct of "Ac3l driiU! death ' trOHT AT Til* BATITRt? -Hd ,l?(l (T A UAH HCl.I ? is' t' D. ;.t wiu- created at the )!>?vtery yeatcr^ay ttornlu* by a t ill wi.' i- 1 <1 ? m-aav Altho'igh pro ni>uncel inad by ooniiiet>nt peraeua, vb? fumal did not oxh tit at yti w.g lury,* at l ag quietly la tne 0)< ntpaoi , lw.k. , .. u.e ci?w^ h tj?-?<Uly collect ed, or orcaal -iially an wv atr? -I I for a few yard*, ai d aja t, arfom igi??tollJ att .i t >. After khm daiay , r 1:1 fare'. 1 rrbt, ind an M 1' ?tet? oaotktuily forward to a atop p.., a 1 tli 1 lllU'ie pioe* of tau/ua, takea tteady am. am- tht 1 .tie wn <1,-, a l-uoud attempt, v lib a t.iuilar rtMBit a third trial, uut the rlfl* rafUaea tofoofl' ?nrt t lau*b and iti mt tl. rlelvaly. Tho hu.i tiaiidd nil the time aitn the patient ui a martyr. At uoptb a rifl? , properly li*<l<^. la triad; lte la taitn, u- . 114' k ??,* tho ?hrt. the . a i Trtkmpi ring off in a'! dire ? n?, ?iiticip%llcg ^ cba'ge by the infuriated Huxii.ti, kb' it uai'iivb i'i ho tiiiy .vou; : lint tbe f>r It n eft ? 'i. ? hi . tlf !? t.ul ?t -i?n tped far aen 1.1 tin v 1 1I1 1 1 er A gal. < the r lie b vebed and fin ii, ami tft.i. vh" crowd Kn.rcn ff, tuulMlPg over oao aooti) ? r; ti i-ir fi The b 1 uru? rou id t - 'ee what ? Hi' matt rn.idgi. ? t> M 1 ther chaar?. Ah! thb vr l.. . ? b? Otl In goetataewte ? ? iK .ng hie I. i?i at -h .'i.iilbegr I At Ii ' 'pc , In >hB hi unit bin ai UnaPy lUa 1'. wn ii* *""111 * up again, lr ?evei.h' 1 atai>? u-ad 1) er .wn AM Uiernhot la liret - I.e ttai ? agaao for a thurt I'lttaaee. but Oral ly roi.i- .1 ? It< ilow. aa befurt I fwari?t?i?i the rlllen s 1. ti t' e*dya'n,aail tli ? bu>!, rem-tvlng the i.uilet lte lira.l, < spire* 1. the cjiot Th? large aaaem b'.ag" Hi- n # '^ethe "10:1 crttial nri ka b-:ipr made ?ptui).eii ' co of rilli Bumung, of wbii a ?iich apleudit irjai^'-h imU i>e?n glren b, tku potlceoiau. I'ollrr In ta I tl|tr nt'?a Tin H-, \r>rna ('Aha PtwiNHD ?The etnmlrallon in the eore of U>tiahal Ryotiera, ?l o w charred with having ** ha te) W.iliuin itartiey a few daya ajrn, wat poatponrd ye*t?r<!ay hi til Thursday, Ktr. 8 Tha defendant waa in court, attended by bit cauoael, Jam?s? T Brady, and e* pn ?ed himai If ready for trial. Tho complainant wa* ri |>reientod by bia lather, Wd Barner, rir , who aaked fur a di lay of au hour in ottfer that Mr. Win C Noyes tr'pht ba> ?<? an importunity or app'aring to "^virt Mr. Ni>\i'?, It appeara, waa '-ni iged in argute* a ra'iroal earn in one of tl o r>?il coi.rta, aud ooild not piaaiuiy attend before ' >ur o'olock Juiuci; W' iah tutiuiateil that be wonld be aowllllog to go 00 with tho ex'inuuatioa at ruch a late hour, and (ugtrt fted that the mater aboiilil bo aOji'iraad over tor tie oay. Some nt 0 iter t> ggMted tbat it would be better to adjm rr the rap? until atler the election, and, all par ttea beti (r will t?, the mat' ttrato poatpooed the bearing unl l Iburtd ?y the 81b <n*t., at ten o'clock A. M rbere waa eontldeiabie oi a orowd? and a miied one ai that? in the cviirt room : but ever) thing paaaed off quietly. ^*i7i ki or t i COO ty CnfjrrwtFtrr Mo.vtv ? Two 1 <rotfci r?, baniod Andrew and Sun id Roberta, proprietor* of in oyiter raloon *ltuatod it the comer of Mercer ud Spring *tr< "t?, wero bro'sght before J '.*tloe y.arVtnhush . kt the JefJereon Market I'ollre Court, y<wter'?y after noon, en charge of liir'n,; a uanllty of counter alt bank bill* In thc'r r ?*<*?!' n with intect to n .ter the name The arr< ?r 1, wli" were arr<-?U t by M*cUr<? BkmU. Wt 'Kon aD<l MaCdcagal on tl.e prevloua moniif, bM l m hu?i ' ctoa lur ? ?.me tlmo t>aat, auil acloee ?uct wan ! k< pi ' u their m.ntin"nle accordingly. Artnel ?.th ? , neurit! warraut, tl.o r* protNtdl to the r?.n denee ot ? the prladMtt, at No. 41 Uftg itrwt, where ttmy f i jjd | 14 000 In coi'nl. rfelt hi.i*, ni'.idly "tea*" >n Smthem kill Weattro banka, taro |)rc?*i? act t 'opiate*, winch had evldte.'y bu n lu reoout uaa, Mt>m> of the bilj ?<r* tii.ithel ami 'ready for the trade, while other* ware only half flnlabed ? lacking tlie I'guature* of 1 1, , nftioere of the r< epective hank*, Ac. IW iiti the apurlima money, the police Mtcetf upon a quantity of genuine biila aod ? aou file of bfti k b ?ka. which ?.Viwe<l that the nriiontre *-re lUporllor* to the unimiLt of ov?c HtXiCO Ilm luagielfai* rouinj'.iui the pr.noor'H for nzaml'ult <o Amiw.h AKi,i-t or b< innnm?4 iteeoent wei made cu ? hou'e in Suill . an *trc?et by Captain W tiling, o the detective jiolvoe, aaaUl- J b> several > Ruera, Ian tnaitf, where they found upward* nt t'i ">00 in counter feit b*lle of ,erlone le-rrlpaiooa. w?h a i itnor r of tool* aaai for counterfeit lug parjweoe Tero rre,, ? % ,i ? i -<* murl *0*1 Af"'rew Roberta, wbo were fpuad In the bocee, were arretted art taken hefcre Joatioe y lacitun'jub, wbj ?ores It ted tbern to nn?w?r Tin Cam or r.u ' thin r*r*i ira* ? Taator IUa<oe, the fugitive from Havana, wbo t* charged with baviug awta died hi* encplojer*. Carbaj ?*!, Ybesabal k Co , out of 130, 134, wan brought before Juello- W\:?h at Ute lower Police C>iirt, y-eter lay. They.anlab agint appeared M tonlalNII, and urged that tb' i^rnfr be held for Irtal The trae'el'st ?*r of our on that the evl lenrr vat lr?i ftf i?i t, ar-d thrrefOT* flrlt c >mp l'-td to Slim -<m lh? cmp'ar.t Tb? prl? mrr wa? t Vf'ijon -l.ecjarged, hnt llnmed<atelr a Urw 1v h<> wa? r? arr. tte'' oo a civil wr>t and l<? il lr, ? Mrl 'f ?tre?t i?i| Kari ia' ball in the civil nil haa oeen tlx> d at t'iU 000, ao that It t* not at ail likely that U* wlil b. kii'.it to jkoo ire ti a releaet urtil the c?>aipla uuit* are willing I > g vehim hi* lsbor;y. Tin rmjfiJt r*. Locu Paaoix ?The dcftalaal 1b thi* caae, who t*charj,cJ with (mlMUilbg a lot of jewelry while In tl.e emp'.' aeut of LAxaru* W oeberg, of No. M (Aat flruad w ay , write* to uratii uj * that the charge preferred afainat him la grouciiU**, and that .ho proaecu llor la a inaMcl '* oo* m t'<e t>a-? of the ennplainant. He feele aarrn'tie tbat wten the maiU-r onrnna tw trial be wiai ?? abU- u? |nove hia aoure iun<??u. , aa.; ta ou.y naioea that the ca?? may b? d r, jttt ul at aa .-ariy a day u iw^eib1' >Kk*FT or tnwn !!? *f ? ?*? ? Y?r?"r1ay afterac *, aboot Ore o'clock, a* detect ' rt Pon'? ai.d B a-h were peering down Ch Jrch rtr?v t, tbey obaerved three aoted indlrlduali harg'eg about the neighborhood of Praakltt atreet. They kept waleb of tbelr mofxmeeta for a long ttme, <ii rlnr whtnh they were o^eervrd baaglDg aboat neilain huliwiai* in Die e tn ^ub"rDo?d Aftrr nev I me the inot-^M they would arreet tbcro aad Ihey were all caj'ti.rtd In froi t of the Piftb Ward Hotel, Kotl B'fwtway. tin ^*teg t?mTeyrl to the t?>' re heal quart* ra they gave Iti'ir naiwaa aa lit rid llartiett, allee Kolierleoe, a. d iehn Matlie?e, aaaai.Mrge il>oea. bot?> well known ai l bat it a>rve<l a terrr. n the S.ate prieoo. Tl-ey are a ? well ?r"?n IMit'^brre la wttJ (..Hard, alia* Jltr. (Uvia, 1Mb r wt ?? n rbartner, who waa arreted a"t long r nor b . del) k ? !<? Tbe above pert?e were if r/ tr.T'*i y * Hi aaottMP yniag man, named John Hrvant, wbo wae a'wv np rtiwe w<a hat" k>r e pie time <>e*a h rhl r ah<><it the iiwer portion ?if the r ty, Mwbetly with the lalaat af tiali itg a haul. Tliey wll' t ow, lo d iunt, be a f t .ut of baru a way for nmr t'me i*i -n? * ciu*"Tra* Mom ?At aa <'**\y boar laat eren'ng three men, nate i 1-avM Raetlett, John Hat thewa and Oe??ge ft w re amet -l by titerUrw Pool and I: arb o* a ebarre of beta* b 'gian The pel aooer* wera vd Kraiag ar?v it *o?e wrarebooaea ta the y.ftii wa?d, ar I the em .-era kaow*tg th"m to be old ( Secdera, aeMCi on the om at?r? ta*t "aa ouone of pre '?it ?? ta w iia i> ? ile.r", ?r,-. ?tol tbern in ?>r ler W> fcraf them i> t of |he way "r ' 'iipt-n'oa Tbe pr ? o t?a we-e I ?aed nj at she "?ati%l m ft-o. -n. atreet !????*? k fie Hi ??)! ?ii?' tart i "r*T? _T? i m?n, n?mej t?ar? / ?' ' <y . w? 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Notblac hut * ytw? or TViMnw. or p>?aiMy a IT. ?id Thia kiM m nrlfe n ae i) - haliee, but pray let aa have tno'e n' your m wt for tWKW ME* Tt wt ar, t>rt. W.IHJO fap'tma ( nwruitiamhtri P?fore :fon Jedge fawaH /Vt z\ ?Jam't n flam* r* St* T^ri JfwUa <3m+ |XWg ? t e n di r e I in | amt'l * d- fantt, an l aaey ?%. ra'ed, W'lh |t? <?(*!? ?fo? pn*<Wf "i On ne In X' Hiihni ' .?/?.! rf ' I'tae. ? H* ' .. ffft tt<( charted and -"?oner ramaaded.