Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 1, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 1, 1860 Page 4
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THE EFYOLDTlOIiET CKlSli The Reul rempcr and Tone of the south. Tbe HecklrM luuorunce of North ern JullUIUlrt. PROGRAMME OF WHAT THE SOUTH WILL DO Helper's Hook unci Northern I*ro" imnimil'"111 a soi rum* mmmct m i fs prospect s 1 j Pmitanical Invasion of Northern Hordes. Wbtre Would tbe Northern Rup Par liament Gel tbe Money ? The South Mutt Sever Submit to the Inauguration of Lincoln. Governor Wise Takes the Field In Favor of RevoMlon. Tremendous FxriirmrBt at ttir South? The k? IuuoihI Eaquirer flireateok Civil War. 1U' IN T O T 11 MI X O KT 11 . The Slur of Bree kin ridge in the AHceudaiit. The Seutbera Bwkt Rtla*lD( to Do BwJom with tbe ilortb, b#?? li> Omr U Mhlngloa Correapondeare. Witfuiuii.ros, Oct. 27, IS/JO. tfu True T\wu ai d Temper of the South P i lured in the Letters in the llrra ? tUf^llana tuiweeu Ihu Struggle and that i / tAr Coiimvi wiih England, Jc, The letter* |r?m your oorruapondetiU at different parw of tbe south, and the exprcaaiona tranafurred into tbe Huuld Iroui lead it g Southern Jo ornate, are heJd by thoroughly luiiiu-ed cit z<?* of the ilaveboldlng Stitee to protect uooik^|{< r*te<i pnturee of the true conditio# of thing* there It i* quite evident that the tone of the Souther o people ta co luger a tone of complaint and re (DoDitrmore They now tell tbe *Vory of their wroo|a In a temper that cannot be miatalten Contemplating the probability of Lincoln'* election, and reflecting on the ?vowala of tbat candidate. and the evldeut aoopeand ten dency of republicanism, they burn with a ju*t aenae of In jury and Uiault: and a (plrlt la at length arouaed, which, ui;eas New York lLall Interfere to defeat the republican party, will dually warm and *wcll every boa>m from tbe Potomac to the Gulf ol Mexico Not? lUiiiandig tae |?lna which you and other oon nervalive (oimilnu have taken to enlighten the North, there *eem* to be at lafatuaUon among certain per noo* Uiere which makee them lti*eoa!bl* to the porleuUma aign* of incrcaaiug diaontcnt, ex ! cltcmeot and revolution In this roapect there ta a auiking r< ?<mb lance between the preaeot feeling tn lb* South and that wbloh animated the Amerl can Colotiee when they entered upon their conteet with Uriel H'ltaia. I (iciiaiitutional o ipreaaion ted m that aaar to a i?> intent ai i o,>p >eitloa? flr*t maotfeeted in pa tltioca and rriuoiiiu tnoea, an J atterwarda lakiig tbe attitude ot rt*i*ta?oe, and finally bepirat'oa aud afcaage ol government tbe infatuated republioar lea l?r* will tell ll>ei r loll'itrtti Ifttl the excitomeui ncm fined to two or thre? State*, and mat there II baa been produced by dttaflected politician* rhta I* tbe very language of ?be royai procimuaii m in 1774 in r?g?rd w> Maaarbn at tli rtie obj deuouooed tor bar ? rebellion! apirtt," 1 and the loyaly and B lellty cf o J>er wlocioa were exhibit ' od in ooctraai with her dieaflxctton It wa* couaidrred | and balled aa a m i. .???ii* ei. u i,..ol until the i whole cuutiuvi t waa in a blaae, and tbe feeling of old , faneuil Hall became tbe aeonmeal of all America Tbe people of New York, who have no much at atake, I will turmly col be eo ignorant aa t.i mstttfce the n?mpci Of their Southern brethren me *iM> ineee in*triiellve I* befire tliem. U't them not deceive tbemaelrea with a beliel that the other >.uih<rn State* can or will f ?eparata from the eecedwg Siena. In oaM any abould adopt the polic) of ?? ???. oo they will inevitably be drawn into aoomoon struggle fjr taeir ftinaw nghta. what ever apparent diflervuoe there may be aa to the manner ta wb.cb the *truggl? aball cuoo'tre trerf ttoulbern Mate bejievea the prticiplea aud deatgoa of tbe republican party to be uaj iat and uooouatitutlonal, and that to carry tbem out would be a palpable uaurpatioa of their rlgbta, and aaaredeatruct on of tnelr domeatic tranquillity and all their b?*t lalrreeta. and tbe great prtnel Jle which unll?a theao staiea la <>ptatoa, and will make tbem ultimately oo operate ta aetioa. la tne denial of a right of a triumphant inV^lly <0 wage war up. n their proyerx j and rigble un der the form > l the coast lUttoa. Oar nichBoM iorrMpoadru*. Rimai*t>, OH 27, 1M0 JV Otmng 8r-*eglr ? SiX'.rt DHmmvtatim cf (V rmpU ? Win to Sttmtp Ikt Ma r i* Favor of ftnMiv if lAmtxAn U k'lrcltd ? A Fkwmcf .ViyAftngab at IK? Smith Him if ft* tXt Hotilt fhti?Stmik Carolina wili .V? 'it Hnt. ' and Uu <KJur Stain ?*.'< /Wwc Umr ty <>n*?Br*k\n r\ lf Mi: Ot<-ry :Kt Salt f Tirgimm by 5u TfcoiujiU /funJrtJ m*i TV-nan < Mt kaotci amd (M* Hunlr-d rv-uaaw-l Satlori fknm w( o< K? flyv* w a M ar of ;At Ser'imt, ami a timer ai Hum y r -?<ir om4 ctmwrr#? *?viwwi Would \X Let Iht fl'trth HmJmJt Su*:krm forti, rfc Your f*i*r o( yraterJaj r>roabauow? trulf ibc awful (TNtt tbot null follow u><- etest ioa of Maoola, bat oooe of fomr ourr?wt*adeata full/ doeerib* tbe real >UM of the pob.'le fee/Uig ud Mtiei detaraiaatioa navar to tubal to bieet rrpubiu-?a role The Mtaate Mr* reauiaiioae of ei 3nrtr%?r Wm, which ?fn adopted bf aocUmatioo M a Meting Dm^Ml of all , porter, prove Uut tbe cmulrj people tn Um ud loyal to Vi/gtata and it* Soeth. If Ltaaata la ei*<-t<<1 Wiae U pM(?4 hi tamp the Mete lad ar..ia? the people , to twaUMii ib??(b be trUl harr to I ears lb* t<e6et I* of ? ?ck wife The young mm are w|U b:B of all pt'lM*. The Virglolo a??bert ar? with h a, and they ar? Off>wd to HtaMll, ao I will, if oaeaaahry, aoi? tbetr father*, buiMiti, brotbort bad lorert "draw lb* twuia abd r. of a*a> *t.a%bard " But jaawuj 1 bvard (rom tie :ipa of om of *14 Alb* ' faireet laughter ( gtaa <? ), la worda that breathed lb* ? jtrtt of our aa<>thrri ta tM daft l bat tried art* to**, wiUi * touaUaaae* beaming w ta patriotic far* ai d aa eipveetoa of a d?r|>. tart r|? I bat *p>*e U? word* be', .re Um; war* altered, i .at th? t bought of tab tag a trip to Karopb, bat If l.iaooka ab Mild b? rlactad ab* would rooata bt bor?# ab ! plot list for cor wowatlwd Soatbtrb acn.iim "I will try to be b rarraoe KlgMU^bte." Witt ?? b fair core to far or aad aMou rage ua Lbar*> la ?'a* tact word aa fall. " lie new* rec*irw4 from ib? Sovtb xw'aa ao doubt a a to '.heir enwroa Triaa wiU be tbe trot to Mad* ?ntt Chreliaa aad tiw raat. owe b / owe. wui foil le, aad tbaa tbe r.iea mag ??ddle ftoetbera Kuuw autt go wttb tb-a. or .-rwaia wtfi a Mraolr and H"*e* of H'prM-Dui r?a blaec rvpao.toaa b; urrrwbelalog a^jntiea. bad wjr ta Uua U tb?j do rtnatb Tbr eat, tom ta tbl* ftot* fWM brarelf mare !Mt taetttwatoaip te? ftw now doobt that Breetitr.dg W1J rarry f * Mbto by at lew* all tboooood Tbe d*a < ~fata were arltgbted wbea tbe; beard b? woeUl tpeat twd aat^aMe tbat he eoaid aata t*-er Uioeaaad rotoi fo ?MfetWMga *pa*inrg "f k'tta. I ba^ti^aed to be aaa tiHi wbaa tbe Friaae riaa oat of church, aal tiaard MB *a?, ? Th?ea o nta, I aeppoaa. tbe fatur Kiag of tbeantaaf of ?otitb Oa-oiiaa^" [ oaae aeer re P'T'bg, "la wm ant be the log bat he a ay be tb NttBdty all j of a %>eU>era ooa'Mrraer , r^roeal bjr tb ? area cf toob one yon oat Hearj fat" Llaeia gle lag aK, aweraeea aad eoaafort to biaet reeabltcaaa I aaak Uetr ibdepawdrwoa aad ?a/?vy b; wimirawiag f rom tbe ( a taw " Bat, poor ?*ta tat t n paea uTLwar M'l ?*arart will Wm oare <4 h m The rtrw tataa la ta editorial of joer pa<w.r of rwler day aa aeoorda wiu my rtewa. tip>?ae4 w>-iw> weak* aiaoa ta a abort tpearh I aele ta Ktaannad, thai I Mnfat tbiat toe aaat hart beaa here aad beard th>? ] m veadrd U?at la Ibe erewt of a dtaaMottoa tha N rta wnalt oot atrtke oa a blew n>e I rat bioe tt?ia all u?4e be-? t*?eo tbe two oerttoor that ihmwa oaa haadred oat I flrtjr II oaa?1 m?ebao ca oat of enip o?a-ot oar b in 'red tb.>uaaaii aaiior* are tb?nwi> oa "lore to t>>( or V ?t*rT' m<wt of yoar batika aoat cloae or bre??, ynm r BNMfart etrw ?tT but -r.ftw, foar m?rch?nta ail (?o ,?wa?r? iti'iat 'a : tbe t eeatj to lit >aa of f o ?J? a> 1 go a> th e?rrj n> nth will ao liager b? (>?ra ttel, ? ~ot will (waa atatr law*, a^iafwagiog IV ciII-kHI?>j * irbte f<? l? , ???re tbe gnt atllwea of lade^t^laaat < ?' ito ^' tth v< ?? ? v r\h watch waaid b? r? ' oet uf j MffiM ) rar i cr.jw of oottoa, rtoa, tobwew, 4c, ' tnwt r-iuau unpaid until jwwe la restored, or peititpi o. v.-f tx< i?id Thro will lot" mcuhaui ? of the North re al/* what black republicenlam U the working men, the aalli-rs and all will ark, wby m tblsr ami whea t>ld . U w for ifcr mil.' or the negro, woe to Ike | black njiutii i*tr ct tbe North Wlico throe men's , witee an* cbiMren are starving and cryiug for broad, tie i/repr.-ssible ooaflldt will bate begun at ths North, aid Ufrt ??? White n?'D will tboo learn that false philanthropy lur the negro b< irnri the poor white man 'a family Then your political |.r? acbir* and Infamous poll tn lair will )>avi to Hi e (i> ai U.e vengeance of a duoel ved , h i r. d nu i outraged ptiopie Hut ibt> nay you will blockade our ports and make ua c?mek>Urms We fear It not. Old fcoigianl would Dot let yim atop ner trade with Charleston Mvannah, Mobile bmI New Orleans any lot gnr tbao tbo could buar tan i't>?g ami moiI her th-etK w> unite with mtuy a ship of our present "avy, that would bolit the Southern a -a re and ?tri|?s, and drive jour Northern fleete I mm our South era rout Wb< u wc ar? foroed to Separate, give us Old Kogiaiad an our friend and ail; la preference to New Kng laud. Bat 1 bjuH close. Vocr warning voice anl abb 'lsfaoco of Uie South must not and will not he forgotten To Ne# York we all art' turning oar eyea, and hope aha may be able to aave the Union yet a little longer, until, perhaps, a F?ootid anbw thought mar bring the Northern people to a at'tine of JifRice atid oaoae them to retraee their unholy bw-pa and once more give peace, aocurity and quiet to the country. ?a* 6th or November la Marly here On that day we want no Northern man south of "Maaoa and Dixon's | line " Let thorn be at home lo vote If found here itey i ought to have thirty nlna laabsa well laid on each of their bareback* Breckinridge la gaining dal'.y, and D.uglss la "grown* small by degreea ana beautifully leas " There are fifty two ooantlea In thla State that Govern w L?toher cannot find a Donglaa man la to make Coatmia ?tuner ex Election. Ri(N?o?d, Va , Oct. 38, I860 j Ignorance and FM$ of !fortkem Bdilort atovt (Kt South? \ muUtkeScxitk WO! BedUy Do,*. Tbe mary idle and some foolish oonjecturea which are : Indulged in by Northern politicians and Northern editor*, j in refereaco to the coarse which will probably be pursued I by tbe Southern people ta ctae Llnooln aad Hamlin are elected, have induced me to take particular paina to aaoer | tain what ia moat likely to be dose. 1 learn that aisoe the Penney tvaala election a tree inter change of views has been bad among the leading men of all partlea In the Southern States on this vital topic. This interchange baa not only been bad by oorroapondeace, but in personal conversation by frequent visits between such pursoni, some of wbicb have been noticed in the publlo print*. Tbe recent rlalt of Governor I-etclor, of this State, to Maryland, waa for consul la tun on this subject Tbe discretion of prominent men, who hare taken the sub Ject In band la displayed by the faet that suoh reckleM and thoiigtitloas agllatora ai Wjs act Pryor, and Yancey and lihett, and Toomba and Jeff. Davia, bave been sedulously exclude* from their coua ; sos It teems the programme determined upon, anl | which will bo oertainly carried out, anl which Is well understood in every State south or Mason and D. ion's line, Is aa fol.ows ? Moat or tbe Southern legislatures assemble, according to constitutional or legislative provlsloujof cach Slile, In the approaching monlha of December or January; aad with respect to those which do not to convene, tm mod lately upon the fact of Mr. l.incoln'a election being aaoertatned I an eitra session will be called by executive proclamation No warlike, hostllo demonstration or ailloa will ba ' attempted, and the most Mgacious Southern states men are of opinion that no preparation for i Internoclno hostilities against tbe otbor section or tbe I'nion will be neoessary. The action oT each State U-gtflature will be limited, In referenoe to this all important subject, to the passage of a brief law I lur the atceruinmcni by a popular nraioe* vote wbelhr* the |>eople of such State desire lo secede Irom the con I federacy, and such law will also provide. In case the majority af the people of such State shall decide in favor ol sect-salon, for the election of a primary convention to entorce Uitl MHHk rlgutol inde|wrdent Kov>ireigoty , and which Slate Convection will also appoint delegates to meet and confer with thoee oo dwlea who may have de cided In favor of secession, so aa to Insure barman loui anion. You will perceive that by this m>de the submit ! will, in a great airaaure, lie taken out Of the ban da of agl - 1 tatiog and demagog u leal politicians Time will be given to Uie North aa well at to tbe South to rell jol upon ttila n.i>uii'Utoua crista l uloas some f<K>iiah, bairUra nod young men of tbe .South or enthusiastic fan an as of lac North tnould precipitate bostllltiea in the meantime, of whloh there is aome canger, at the Inauguration oo the 4th cl March, bloodshed and civil war may perhaps bs avartai V sucli IVity AMMI lunatic* Irr-m eilner sec Ha MNnUMMlSMI MMtM Waahmgtou at the inauguration, the Sturm day puasibly blow over without actual collision, and nine be aliowe.1 lor toe e?ciW~l ap prehensions and passions of ths South to aubaide If not, I tear tbe Idea of March will be the beginning of tbe end of our MM i n ion The MkVlH may be considered ss about the subelanic of the anticipated legislative act to ?bK.h I refer ? An act to aaoertom the wlatv* of the people of the Hale of to reepect to Uie future courar iherwof for the maintenance of lie righu aod protection of tie to Itroeia from e(frteaioo ? Br il Queried, &c. , Ac , that tb? Governor of the Slale bo, end la hereby, required fortawitb to teeue eo ei ecutire pr"Ciatxjain>n directm( ml preecribiDg |?>ll ? to be opened el Ibe uaual plaoee for holding general eleo tioae, to tbe neeorai rountie* of tbta Slate, oo tbe Htb of January next, at which tbe lawful qualified rotor* of thia Mate may then aod there, by rtea w vote, to b? regie tored by tbe discern of eucb elecuoa. hp? i heme m favor of or aeaiaat the imeiioa of Uila Slate from the confederacy of tbe Ualted Sutra, aald rote to be ei I reaeed by tnacribieg eppnatto to fee doom of tbe rotor the vorda "aeoeaeioo or "anil aeeeaeloo," aa Uto aaid voter may direct. Tb<i omoera of aald election to be duly qualified ea proarrlbad by Ibe Iowa of IhJa Slate ta reference to otber election? Section 2 Be it further. Aj., that It ahall be the duly cf the fB.oert of aaid eiectloa, Immediately apoa the ooee of tbe poila, at the hour of all P M of aaid day, to at teat aatd regiatora, under their roapecllve hail da, aad to ratara the fame forthwith to the Governor of the mate, who abali, at the eipiraltoa of tweaiy daya after aald electro, wane hta proclamation announcing the r ran It thereof aad tbereapoo, U a m^orUy of the rotor* of tbia Stale at eaid polM, ahall hare decided ta faror of receeetoa, tl ahall be the duly of aald Governor lorth with, by prtclamalloa, to ooaraae the Urjulature of aaid Mate, for tbe adoption of aaeaaurea to art tot the peaoefal er par at toe of thta Slate from tbe confederacy, apoa Juat aad equitable lerma, with refereace to Ibe common property of the staua aow bald ta truai by the preaeat fi-datal jot r rumen l niawle Nea tat Ylrglat*. [From ibe Richmond Kaquirnr, Oct 30 J V rom a report la to day 'a Iftvyvirrr tt will be eeaa the couaty cf l"riac*ae Anne, under the lead of cioveraor Wire tiae inivated * oompaay o( Minnie Mea. and reoon n,. [ lie la ail it,? ciiiee an l coenliee In the tbe name actloa. Tbia la a mat important move for provtaiaaal meaauree. aad t llacoln be elected aeit Tar a lay the Mate, from oae end to the other, will be rife wrtb "Hum. i# Mm " Tbo report made by Gorcraor Wiae will be read with (real In Ureal throughout the country at tbia time When a man like Bjrernor Wiae, whoa* devotion to the federal I'n'oa bea neter been qoettiooed, dee ma tbe oooa atoo importa-il eO'Wgh fur aucn a courae oa bw pari. Ibe people of VirgtaM will be ao laggaria la tbe ooaieit that I.laoi lo'ii fleet a mini epriag a poa the ooant rj. Tbe Minato Men are fur the protection of tbe State a* well aa to reaiet any a.iempt on the ,.*u of tbe federa1 | rmaaal to ooert* ibnee Sia tee which ?uy determine npoa eeoeaaum, aa. la thatr judgpieui, the proper remedy for a rtolatel c?altlettee Ttie ruoceei of thta flrat atvemp'. at f?ra I of eompaatee of Minute Mea, wb<a tbe oppnaliioe party waa preaeat la full force aod (are ao >' to toe, taetroag evidence that after the I'reei leattal electtm ahall hare ptensd, nfany of tbe ipprwi.ton will rally to tbe democracy tn defence of the Stale aad bar atatora of tbe South TU TUB KMTOR OP TBI RICHMOND Ugrilkft. itivww Anna t?fjir> , Oct. Ik, IMO Y "ate r day waa an important day to the Stole aad the (?outh. at a bar t* cue la tbw ooaaty, held at "Nimmo'a' yea terday , ta t governor W lar made oae of bla (Teat rfforle? peebaia the greateet of b.a lira Bm a, <eech waa dellrar ?lua' partiaaa ap.rlt? be dealt not ta party pallttoa II ?ee a butd, fearleee. Stale rig bla epxxib ia wbWb be abr we?l. in the m et rlrld aod eloqueat mtaner, tbe ar>?|? of Ibe South, an] tbe a^rramona of the North, lie eubmnted a preamble aa I raaol itioae tor the aetioa of ba ciuaty, the state, aa<l the .-Vmlh wbicb were at at iroual) auato'aed by the people. They .are to be pubuabed m the Atfwtrrr fte pteanble? a deciaratkia of ladepeadeeoe? contt aa a(raphw hwtory ot ti.'-m wrote uJ at. wa aeainal the Soulh, and la aa able paper Tbe reeolulheia auamil a piaa el Vhoroe(h orpaniaatKie for itoaiharu de fence Priaeraa aaae the mo re meat l?t the whole Mau aa 1 the Amtb do likewwe, aad are aball hara M faara of BMiataiaiag our equality aa HMM ri(bta aa elt ea* either in or eui nf tbe Ualna. rbere were frnwi Hftaea buBdr<*) to two th >uaaad per anaa preaeat I aer?r aaw tueh eciaaataaai Tbe ea imie ?ioa ebeeia aad orau>ra of our Wale are far behind the pe>'ple 10 the *p rlt Of neiftaaea to Vorlbera a? reatloa Tbe i-?p p are all rtfbi Tbey are deter a>tne4 to main ta n their equality la lb* I'awa, aad to taawt on (arer a men to; pm?cttoe or the r property wheaerer aod wbare rrer tt may be aaaailrd ttber epeaaere were preaeat aad alao addraaael the ?eel a< am<ia( them Maine I*m?, oar elector, aad .loha * Vi.niif . I^q , of l ortamoeth Ma w lamb m*ie a moat able aad eff^etire apweb He pilfVd taio the Bali Krereti elector, Mr 1. H Cbaa dler. with (toeue off, ahowta? ap to the coaeiTtMm if h a ai.dieace the free wmI aOltatMn ?f Mr Chaailer, la 1MH. whea a raei leal cm MaaaacbaeeUa. aod. to mairm aa charge free aniliam ecalnet Mr Chaadier. wnicb the letter had dee led oa ? re*al coratioaa. he read a letter which be hal lately reneieedfrom Mr Aixlrew, the !. taenia aaadiiato for Uoeeraor >a Mawachneetw. la wb'cb Mr Andrew (ally aaatoiaa faato prorta( the otter* e aad aor mwtelly pronoaaaaa Mr Uhaodter "ewe of the failea ?* The letter, I learw, W1? he prlated. aad I hope to aea It ta the mHuaaae of the fcfw arw. Ma toe laaat la a young, hat abe and rtatag pniit'eiao In hi* ducoaatoaa through oar 1W*rlct, wiib tie other eieavw* be haa aaorr than aaltad. -I the ecperutKwa ?< hie friaada He haa aoblp aad gailaatiy eaatotned tbe ranee of the naltonal aad State r uble democrac) . and atwwed h<wae|r, a* a debater, fatly equal to hta duitaa aad he a i?l .H<p.iaeeia hr Ma W Young, of Portotaoulh, dellrered a al rrla? tad palrvqtr and at' t$ apeerb He le a mac <tf ?>im ? t learaace, gi e delirery aad pollabed <aann r? Puriog , ibe -leliTery of bla ?,??< h cbeer after cheer of th* hdaeei ? ae??? f t tbe good ol I r? "ee, raag the weign V >a may reiy na the t -el nietrirl gtrtag a g??J he r ni t>f i tee if oa the gib g| "ill f >rr PRl<f(W8 AN MI. blMO Mm Meeting aad Bar bet ue tn PrUtM* Aui C?ui/, VirflaU* kLogrw H'ocu and import aj<t hehohttioss of UOVkttNOB W18K-" 0OMM11TKKH Of gAUTr" TO BC A1TOIMUJ i?B " MlfcllTK MKh'' Tu UK KMliai.lO - 1'BINOBM AlxtiK THUS TO TUJt HOUTU WUllJt THU* TO TBI INION. f^Vum tbe Norfolk Argue, Oct 30 | We had tbe pleasure of attending on last Wod needay the largest dim meeting ever held lu tlis comity ? I I'rin or** ai lo There were between eighteen hunlred sutl two thousand pcreoDH preeent, including cone four buu drid tad tee A numptuoue >iai wasajread, *id there was enough to eat unit drlek for everybody and plt*u> to soa/t), although tbe crowd was muoto larger than a uy ono could have Anticipate*. Tbe day wax lovely aod all cnuro teemed to contribute to tbe <h<j ?ymcot of me occasion Tbe (reeeuoe or four hundred ladies, among into some of tbe loveliest ol Virgin ia'a daugb'er*. snemod u> liikplre the orators of tbe oc?aau>e with unusual elo quence. Tbe mat* meeting was organized by railing Oul Edward H. Herbert to tbe chair, and appointing Edgar B. Maooo, Esq., secretary The Hon Henry A Wise (now a oltlien or the bounty) waa introduced with ? few appropriate remarks by the President. Governor Wise mads one of tlis most splendid ?C?rie of bis life, riveting tbe aReatloa ef blaaudienoe, and oarryln* them with blm In his eoui stirring appeals lw a union of the Boutfc for the safety of the South Ha | disdained party feeling, and addi usee l the people Irre pecfive of party tn support of the fallowing preamble and | evolutions, which he onrsd. We will not attempt a re port of the Governor'* speech, which was received with the g*eeW*t euthustasm. I n.e preamble and rem lutlont were pabllshed tn Ties day's N?w Vou H muij. | The resolutions, at the request of Governor Wise, were thee oflered to the people, irrespective of party, by the I'resloent, ud carried by acclamation and eothssiaam, although there were numbers of oppalUss men present After the Governor's speech the meeting adjourned to partake of the haroeoue After dinner Governor Wtee again eloquently addressed the sisnniMign la response to a question concerning the resolutions. David J. Godwin, Ksq , of Portsmouth, Assistant Elector for this dlstrlot, followed Govoruor Wise In an able and eloquent appeal to tbe people to dlsoard John Bell for his unsouid reoord and rally to tbe support of tbe true democratic nominee, John C Brecfclnrldgc William lamb, Elector for this district, was then Intro dured by the J'n Bideat, and add foe **<2 tbe assemblage John W, Young, Efq . of Portsmouth, then follow*! la a loiclble and effective sj-eech, alter which the grand as semblage dispersed amid much enthusiasm, and tbe di mocracy are ooafldont of carry ing this nob .0 old oounly tn November nest by a glorious tnajoriiy for Breckln ri igc and lane The people of both pa'tlcs (Ibe^e Is no Douglts party In this county) seemed to tblnk that the meeting was tbe most important erer held in Princess Annu since ths !W voiutlon. The Patriots' Baty. (From the Kichmond hnquirer, Oct. 90. j This is tbe last issue of the f.'r /uirer tnat an roach all of our readers before the Important 6th 01 November That day is admitted by mob ol all parties to bo 'be muet impor Ui l Hal baa ever dawned u(kh? Ike federal Union, an J tbe duty discharged by each v>,ter ol tbat day incurs a re s .onsibility ^rnur thai erer was before involved la the elective Irmicrlse It Is the duty of every demount to be at tbe polls aud 13 person* y s?e thai none <>f bm iriundo au 1 acquaint ances are absent If this be done, Virginia will be safe, a* tar as her citizens cai< iSfueaee the result But bould abstnne frum the |>olls, ludilkrenoo to tbe result, apathy from any cause, ke<p the i'c inocraW of Virginia frona voting, Virginia may be lost totne oauw of tbeooustltutlon lu (ailing to vote for .lube C Brecsinridge tSuob a re suit would be attended with coi sequemvis to tbe State moro UiJ'irious ai d rulcfiu* than a diMolatloa of toe Union; lor while the vote of Virginia for B? II would even tuate in dissolution, It wou d ai-o divide the pe>pleof Vlrgli ia Into a Northern and Southern faction, wblcb, beg tuning with orlmlnatlon would end U civil war Tbe man who votes for Bell Is ,-eady to submit to Uuooln. and if a majority of Virginia so votes, It will be regarded by the Southern States as an authoritative declaration on the part of tbe voters cf Virginia, of a determination to abai.don tbe institution '<f slavery to the rapacity <>f black 1 republuaLbun, and to trust u< tbo Union lor her aalety. It will be regarded by tho S >utb irn States as a direct barter of constitutional rights and prtvtleges. an In famous sale of their rights ax well as our own, and wll! In lues a resentment towards Virginia almost as bitter at thoy no ? have for the Near Kngland State* &uckart niU nf thf popular voU in Virginia rjcubt do rnrrr U jrrt dfntatr rraluhon and teaman tAan a n?iilar mvU tn any SiaU tn (\? /'num. and tcAtle ? would ttrylu d?i on the laK lujf rj tiu Vnton, unl'ti ?#< art i*r-j much m\.<'*Jcn , u ui uJa inaugurate mil war /rum thr ?u tot tn Kit-pinta Men who, at this crisis of public aiUtra, are wining to vole for John Hell, will not be unwilling to take up armi to sustain Unoola. A rumor 11 now In Circulation that Mr Alex Klves, 111 a late speech at ?te Club Ui use, alvised what be called the I' l ion men (meaning tbe Bell and Everett men) to take up arms against tbe di*uii:<>m.<u (by wh eti he meaLt the democrats), and should tbe State of Virginia t>e s<> unli rti iiate as to voU' for luiin Rfil Jfr /Jitiei may ha ee an <tl*?twn?1r of UKing kit f rearm Thus the approaching election becomes In every as pe?-l of view the most importaut tbat ever took plaoe la tins country , ant! ca Is uj*>n erery democrat to be at the polls, and to be active In procuring tbe atten lanoe of every other democrat. By one day devoted to Virginia the ^tat# may be eared from civil war, even if the La loo cannot be preserved. Oar Ilarrlabarg CorrMpoBilanrf . LUajumrai,, Oct 2ft, ISflO T\f (Jurtticm \efJ~Oft Vnt\np ? T\i HmMican Oocthme Would Utccil cm TKtmttvn, Sc. There la much (aid about tbe alave pvser to the South, n relation to tbe rota if the South la Ooogrsan. This nhject la not understood by the North La the ? bite States, a runaway negro ta marked om la tha tensus, while ta the South a Blave represent* only three flftba of oae rota. Allowing the ratlv of represen tation to be M,000 for each repreaeotative, aad the slavei to be counted la the et nsua of tha Soalh the same aa ta tbe free Stales, tbe slave States would thaa be eotlUad to a fraction over nineteen members of Oongrnan more than they now have. Thaa, front 4. MO ,000 aiavee lat ua taka two OR he (1,800,000), tbe amount not coasted la tbe ratio of repreaealaUoe of tha South? the d in bar not la the census enumeration af the South Now, aa two fifths of 4 ftOO OCO slaves amounts to 1 ,800, 000, let as dlvlds that comber by 94 000, tbe dumber apport oned for each member ta the whits States, and It will be foaad tbe South, er Ware Stales, would be entitled w ? n meters members more tbaa t hey cow bare ta the Hroae of Representatives of the Called States Aad one woald a m<at suppose. as tbe abolltiooiAla are for ma* tag s negro a full voter libs a white maa, that they would at k-asl, to making oat tba app >rltoameat for tbe raits ol representation, allow the colored population Soutb lobs couatMi in tbe census just as tbe colorad populatioa ia the white siaus rfbnald tbls be dona tbf stave States woald bare olostsaa more reprsssntatives, and thus make tbe elsctloa of Uaooln mucb more difficult. thaa upno tbe three filhs of tba slaw population being only enumerated la tbe reprvssn talma of those stales is the House of Representatives of tba Catted Slates. Tbii mat ler has sot been pressed as strongly as It dsnsr^M ia any of oar public jourssls We danlre to tors public disco Mica in that direction for tbe future We do not exactly ses why tbe black republicans should rsp< r so much about the (real strength of tbslr party, wbi-o in all reasonable probability Mr l.taoota will not rrceive more than a plurality of tbe votes or tba people of tbe ('sited Mslea. or, is other words, that a majority of the voters of the republic will be opposed Is tbe slsctlsn of a black republican President Mcepttoes bare been taken ta tbe vol lag of negroes at lbs recent State election la Ohm. ss being r lolatl re of the constitution of that Stale. Aoald the negro-a vote for electors of President and Vtcs Prvatdeal is obi i, and tba electors be carried by a vnte equal to tba negro vote, will such eleetsral vote be oouated for tbe Prteideall Uesrgla Banks Cautas ta Do Bnstaaaa with the Hertb. [from the Rf< bee k* Co ion, net 29 ] A geattemaa residing ta this city reaeivea a tetter oa Saturday from a creditor ta Georgia, who remitted htm sou * of, tbe -tank of tbs State of (ieurgta. n>? letter stated thai tbe writer applied at tbs bank above nan*! t" p.rrhwe a draft on New Tort to remit aad was told that an draft oould be eild, aa tbe bank bad oraeed to ds business with the North Tbe Botes oe tbe Stats Hank of Geo f a were lakes to Powers' baa k lag office aad sold Osr bankers do not yet decline to receive Southern no lee at lb? customary Its roust, although the .soeibara banks decitas to do say bus. it ess with the North. The above stau ni- ni in strictly tr-e We omit csbss, as tbe parties do not can for notoriety A Voire f ran North Carollsa, lOfSlPBIUTIOhB KBLAT11B TO A BOtTTBBBK 00N FKDBRAt'Y ? TH1 mtlTAKtCAL IKTAMOW Or THI ronra iiki.rsa't book- ran bffict or a so cm kHs coNrkf'Kitatr at ma xonrn asd boCtii, anp is rcbopb bkoiavo w.hld noa nu ALLT OP TBI BOCTS? TUB BQCIPHBXT Of A j? i WILLIAM ARMY OF 100,000 Him FOB HOtTHM* INVASION WfU'LP COS r ONB IICNDBBP M1I.LIJMI OF POLLARH? Wit Dig WOt'LD TUB Kt'BTH JBT TUB BDKir!UflB HCWr FABLIAMBNT KBVIiB)IV AMKBICA ? Tit:- norm imrr NUT rBBMIT TUB IS AtOl'BATlUN OP IJNCOLK. BTC. fwonssrao rt ?jrr?ros, ) NosvHjmiT>w Uunm. ? C / f?e wbo BO* denies that "there is danger to tbe flat '? it at a diss duttoa of the obi,federsry rwtabitshsd by o ir father* is threw let lag, aad imminent y Bo? ts bllod to whsl is pamtsg art urd #tm, Is regardlean of the <k>ollaj*un prug'een mo ler rear <ag aggresut"c? Of tbs abolinoilsts at .1 their amilators, tbe Wank repnbllcane, asd close* bis reaeoa to the leacbiog of blstori ? thai of he Purttai* is parl cutar? who bave always hiea etbtblM an faaanos and dearotically agg'eesivs from lbs lime of Joka Caoi ard i i iver Cromwell to Ihoee or Oerrll Smith aad Wen dell Phillips ta thia rule of trouble aad daager, it la ealneotly proper (or alt* consider what we, tbe ctlltens o' the Stale, Mail do JBrsl ror oar self preeeeration, ne?l, for the peenrt vatkn of law aad good ordsr among oarvstrBS, and (tf consntest arlib these) osr present Caina rh? Jabs Brown raid was hal eoougb; but tbs en ponrageia?nt of eilotls to proisns tnsurrsciloa aad treas. a an.opg on. ten t'tnee more numerous asd a haa dred timen more bornbie, I* fbr beyond the John Brown raid lit elroetty. what th?a, can we think of th we wbo haee beon beaded log ihee for months, with unaaimliy i t p?ealle?ed <a our |?ii ttnai lystory, for tb* pnrpoae of en- ting ss ibe governleg oflV e> over Smtlfn m?n that man shoee iSMBaad ' i??hol>)s aad wh.ise property hs ? ad been tsirouragiig ? 'hrra to deeteoy r ?e aalmua s b ch g veenod *??!> eight repeenealattvea of lbs North ?. eoc>>t rsfa Ibe el tempts r?c< maieeded Is Hflper'a b>>ok t crate lasurrertli's and i-ear i am eg us. Md the BbnnlrooaB nupporl ? fthene men by it>e black repn1' lean (art j, must be looked ua by can I I miaf* as ont wetgb lag "> "U Uu> guixl effect U all tho I 'nine meeting) at tQc N rib, unaecbm pan led u they bare bow by su* rebuke t" ibtff men, New J?r*ay atone standing out in view a* buving dote su Kiel b?-it?L the btale of tninge Id our coantry, It Is time topotder tbim well; It is time to look out for our self preset vatiou Now, ibe qatatioo comes up, stut>l we be iu.) bt iur off In a Southern confederacy than in one wiib mcb discordant elements in it aa the preseotoue with ibe V. rtt! , iu (l especially WHO that puritanical people of .V w leg land? 1 tmi not ro presumptuous, Ur Kilter, as to sappnse Mutt I <*u lilt the Toil of the future, and disclose w bat will and what will not be tbe (tale of things m ao lo plorablv an event aa the breakibg apof tuu> great con federacy I content oijaolf with Uylng taforc my fellow citliee* cl tbe Bute tbe vieas and considerations which have pcwitort themselves to my mud id a long and anxious examination of tbe subject. I prop we iu offer thtse considerations very oonclsely in (be following or der ? Klrwt . tbe relations that would exist to tbe civilized world, In case of tbe tormatioo of a tiiu.hern confede racy by the fifteen slave Statta next, lo tlie North, or to a Northern confederacy , and, lastly, those that would exist atuong the States and people of tbe Southern con federacy tbi meolvca. l*r<mieuig Ik at no statesman, or even reader of inoderii history, will deny tbat tbe mats rial Interests o' nsilons are tbe guide of tbalr pollT la mis, tbe nineteenth oentury, that oabtnsw are governed in treaties, alliances, reciprocities, Ao , by tbe expected advantages to tbeir nations, let us oots bow we shall stand towards tbe rest of *? world In ibis rtbpeet. A Fouthcm ooi Mersey would present to Europe a na tion tbat produces all those great staples, ootton, sugar, tobaooo, saval stores, Ate , which are not only in great de mand, but of absolute necessity to tbe matstenanoe of millions of ber Inhabitants, either for consumption, m? nutsctur? or revenae The destructioa or even ths mat* rial diminution of these products or ths South woald be

atu uded by a total change In tbe course of t -ads, man a fcfltars and ouumeroe of tbe stvll.ud world. Its destruc tion ^oc la be followed immediately by bankruptcies and niln of thousands in Ka gland, Pranoe and (Germany, such as were not wltsessed even during the wan of Napoleon. It woe la throw out of employment and upon the public for support tbe million*? five in Ureal Britain Hona? who now support themselves by tbe manufaetares, &c , or our products alone This Is no rxaggerat on Lard Stanley, tbe son of the present Premier of tog land, and himself one of tbe first tta eatnen of his country, deotarsd In a soeeob to bis constituents, only a few years sinoe, oo oooasion of tbe difiiculttes between the United Sjites and Ureal Britain, tbat "a wsr witb the United Stales was nett to an impossibility;" tliat thi mutual lotcrestsof the two oountries were too closely connected; that tbe d'<prlva tion of the supplies of cottou would, in six montu, pro dure almost universal bankruptcy, and In twelv,- months an Insurrection of tl.e working class- b Now. iust one re flection here. Is it likely thit fcngland, which only a few years ago sect ber men of war (and in a time ot profouud pe?ce) to Italy, to f<>rce a contiuuaoce of the Supp ius of sulphur, and c.d foroe It ? Is England likely to stand aloof wben sbe sos an infinitely more important supply cut ill, acd by an a'.tack? fupposuig such a thing possible, wbicb I ds nit ? of tbe Norib, her rival, upon tb? people who, acd who only, can offer ber these supplies'' Karther, tbe Southern part of the United Mates rcanuf*sturee but a very iucc cslderable portion of ber consumption, e: titer of ber own product* or those o' ether countries, whl e her demand for the manu uotures and goots of ?very Klid ex|*>rted from Europe, but now supplied, to a very great exULt, by Northern manufactories, is enor mrufl> large and constantly Increasing? while tbe fact that the probtable employment of ber labor la agricul ture, axd the Indisposition of her capitalists towards manuftrturiDg, glvts promise that she Is not likely for many year* lo interrupt these supplies from Kurope. by fci?h Uriffh or by engaging In rival manufactories Thus a confederacy of tbe slave Stales would odor to the friendship and alliance* of Kuro.e the "material in teresta ' of a doubly profitable trade ? that or a supply of raw products, and a deraaod lor manufaetares and other goods. What clber cation on the faoe of tl.e glox caa offer suet a temptation to Kn?lan1, Krai oe acd Cermany^ It would be a most enough to turn Ibe philanthropic dealt rs in tbe coolie trade back to the original Afnran slave trade, and convert tbe armed cru sers off tbe African ooast Into Baltimore clippers, to bring us mere slaves, tbat thereby their profits migbt ba increased It would make them urge on tbe acquisition of Ctiba, and tbe annexation of Nicaragua. Ilosqulto, Rua ur Islands and all What a contrast to thts would be the million of tbe Northern States Rival always In manu actnres, In trade and in commerce, bordering oountries with border disputes on tbe St Johns In Maine, on tbe St I a wren ce Ir New York and on Kan Juaa in Oregon? nothing but old King Outton has he ret., fore kept tne l?ace? he bad but to rise from his snowy throne at the South, sbako bis white lucks, raise his oa>clp<>'?al llng?r and bid them be still, ana tbey have heen still This is but a metaptor, Mr. Editor, but every statesaian In tbe land must a 'mlt Its truthfulness I will now give a few statements to sbow tbe ability of tbe South to take care of herself, aud to support a powerful Slate In aa eflicient and dignified manner First, as lo revenue tbe statistics of toe I'nited States sbow the 'act that of tbe whole exports of the pudnots of tbe country (except spe< ie). amounting to fCTS 000 000 anoually, ths siaveholdlng Slates alone exported t'iSO 000,000, wttUe ths nun ', g States exported less than *? 0.0 000. the balanee belnr so mixed It oould not well be ssoertalasd to ? hleb ssctioD tbe values belonged Now, this expert of tbe products of ths soil to the extant of $00 000 000 to ?IMO.OCO OW) by the Soot i glvss a basis to an 'inport of fall ?'JUO 000 000 (and leaves a hand a n* surplus) , oo which a reduced tariff of 90 per cent would aff >rd a revenue of MO .000.000 v ithout any direct tax, which would be more than am pis (>r all our wants Indeed we conld readily riMlocf the tariff Ui 10 pur oast average, ud still hava ?m pie means to suppo-t a government quite M well aa tbn preernt one, under u* system of wasteful extravagnnoeaud oofcitaut fraud! V. should be relieved from th - enormous coat of fortifying N w York, Boston, the lakM Ate We aboaJd hare n< Mormon war, requiring transportation o( troope and ? ppliea, and almoet fabulous pr.o<-?, aad giving btrth to a icgtoa of contractors, able aad willing to prey oo the government to ar unlimited extent. Our noasts ceed but few and small size cruisers Our oom t?orrc not neiag, or likely to be, rery extended for many yrar* would require hot few eblpe of war t<. rwlMl It la foreign porta Our army seed but a nuoleus to form oa, In case of necessity. Having, then, an abundant supply of funda to carry on tbe government, the Sooth has eror rbown herself to poaaaas tbe flrat statesmen of tne ooon try, and nowb-re can a more enlightened, intelligent aad patriotic of uatrtna be foun ; thao thuae tiered By tbe South from lieorge Washington to thoae now repre arnting ber la the councils of tbe nation In Washington city. We can fearleaaly yield oar Intsrsots aad thoae of tbe government Into tbe bands of those statesmen, with ahom It will be entrusted oa lbs format loa of a Southern octfederacy T will now consider some of the mora pro n>u?-ot points of the peatttoa that would be prsasal ?1 to the North by a ooafeoeracv or the 8. uthnra flutes, ta caae inch were to oocar Masnachusotts, Vermoat. Wisoonsin and several of the other Northers Mates having already repudiated the ooatract between as, i e , the r msutotioa, by pan tug law* contrary to the provision of that entrant, ta thoae particular* that (to aot plnase them, aad thereby ' voiding the whole contract." bet us suppose that the lifters Southern States were to " accept tbe anaalmsnt. '' and call a convention among themselves 1 to form a mors perfect l atea " under a new confederation. Let us aap losr further that In the interval between the election of a black republican President aad the time of his Inauga ration in Mnrob, a period of fo W n.ontbs. this convention bad enrt, orgaj ixed. agreed upoi a contract or oooatltu lion which had been ancoptod by the States ta their Le gialative AMtemblles. had elected aad laaugu rated a Pre aidant . had cal'ed home ber sons from the army aad navy, aad pat the country on ber defeace, a defence not only of political rights, not only of properly, norsrra o* life, hut of tbtl which is fhr more dsar, of the defence of their wives and ffcmtllea from ths horror* of annthsr St. [Main go war, and th.nk yoa, Mr Ftltor, would aot the North I sua* before attempt ing to ?? whip In " such a people, armed for defence of sucb a can*' aad would tbsy not, ev.a If all of taem were Inspires with the deadly hatred of a Chiillpa or a Oarrlsaa. ponder wall before attacking l| and that without a m<d'T?, a nd against tbdr own oh * lout IbWmwu For tbe pari<oce of argument, however, let ps ci iistder this question of ah attack of tbe N>>rtb upon the tooth, either tor the purpose of - whipping" ua back into forced I nloo. or of oorqusst tl.s States of Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky. Troamaoe aad North Chrtrfina p"S*e*e a militia of over MO, 000 abls bodied mro, badly armed, it I" true, bat qui e a a we! as were their father* of tbe Revolution. Of this body JuO.OOO coul I always be kept ready Ibr act loo meanwhile ilvlaj ta their own < oontry aad among frteai* at little etpenss Now, to atiao aB<?em>'i country, aa army must be < well armed, thoroughly equipped, pr.'Vis >ued, ka I This, by tbe estimate of our engineer corps, can not be done under a oast of ?l 000 osr bead, so f that to fo-m aad bring into the u?id, r?a-ly for attack, la aay enemy's country . an army of 100,000 mto. which would be the least number aay military man woult thtak of brgmatag aa attack with, ' would coet n, H leas tbao 100 minion* of dollar*. Where Is tbta asm ta cnase from ' Kevdlect, Mr Fdttor, there will th? n be ro '? I'atteo State* " la wheoe tame luaaa can be rained. and tbe banker* of Kagland, ? ranee aad Merman) will hardly be willing to loan money to tbe-.r rivals to crash their Meeds, whose products are so ne cesssry to them, while the South cas oSmr aay security upon tbe pledge o. her product* It was apna the pledge of Southern tobaooo sad r lee that tbw piversment male its Bret loan is Europe, through Sties u?n from Bens marctiats, the French backer Is short. If the North were united In aa attempt to force tbe South back into a Cel -e. It wnoM soon be driven off In disgrace by tne p >wi-r ? blih the Sou h p?Wr? if raising, r.-H only ber own orr** is dsf< s< e, but by the control sbs has of the mate rial mtereet of the oivli red world , as sgatntt a mad attaW of tbta kind upon her ?lit, Mr tutor, there will be no attack npoo us, ss I think you will sgree.on aralm coosideratton < < the two parttss. alter a separation ?ar la mind that the border counties la Nsw Jersey . renoeylvanla, Ohio, Iliiaots aad ladtaaa are friendly, aod oittirr- ? poeaected by marriage, pro perty, he . wttb their Southern neighbor* It Is uo!y the more northers ocuatles of those States that as^ply ths Johs Brows raid, the stave^tealeri, *c This gives as great seeu-acoe of exempt i'<n from ?imiiar raids upon the border, aad these snald ha completely perrentel by a c rdon of border poll e, armod and mounted, realy to act at a moment's warning, aa<! keeping does wawib ?a all 1 suspicion* per? ns crnseing tl.e border Ihi* could be efleeter for one quarter part of tbe amouat of the preeeet | .*eee by slave stealers, and would oul> be n?cca*ar j till ' the relation between tbe two ooostrle* could ba decided. And sow let u* eon* der what this rvlattoc Is llksly to bs It must either be civil war.oarrlod on with all the aorvnrs that ever attended such c-atesu, or It w ll he a fr'eadly a -ai.oe , I r..nt guou* and hnmo(J?oeoaS psople, whdSO lr,tere?te, education aad gereral character are is a cordanoe In short. If It aesumsa s peaceful will resemble much the alliance that bow agists b <t ?eea Fagland and Scofaad, who. while they have many differ tag laws and custom*, aad dlSbr la many chara< -rl itijs, ars yet content, and sere, for many years content tn r* trala peacefully side bv side: or tbat between Canada aad tbe t'alted -tutee, with cotermlaoa* hojadaetea, free navigation of noondary rivers, lik* the S fa <n sad tbe St. lawrence, and rselproclty tresgtss, ilk' tost n?g> Hated a lew rear* Siacc. admitl'ag tbe prnducta of cither country without duty In brief, there I* no reason way the I wo oocfederariei should not et *t, side by *td?. with frienJIy relati ma. fr?e all erst-istoj?, p> rm.Uing a e'ose sad fries d It laterooarae nf cltlfu* of earn rnatitrr and Intla^ate bu?meea trass*rt!on* just m at prieect, it. id lb-it tbe Northeen people will hare ai rotce iu tk? nak of car law., aod wesMI be rid of the sggreat.rentM of Puritai. e*i faaatictim, vh ch, Ill it* blind pcrs'i.t of lla on tain Imag.umgs, would destroy a paradise? would substitute for (be mild precept* of our holy religion a "higher law," su '??nil slavery Mb* aid an ant slavery God"? wonld burl the bleen-d Saviour of mankind from bis (broke In h'aven, and plaoe J?hn Brows, toe cheat, Ui< b orse lb) rf aad midnight murderer, ia bis sleadl Now, Ur Editor, can there be an/ doubt aa to which course would be adopted by Ibo Northers Stale* gpw a withdrawal of the Soi.ih from the present roafederaiyf DoubUcM If ool> two or three of the Southern 8 La tea were to withdraw, the N rtb mlgbt attempt to c>eroe tbem; but would the other Southern Stale* permit this* To do ro would be to surrender the liberties of tae whole South This, however, is not the question now under <v?sidereiioc , it is whether a great civil war would be undertaken against us id case of lb* withdrawal of the flare States from a nationality with the Sorter Bear in mind that It la nut the border people we have to fear; they are generally friendly and know enough ot the negroes not to desire more ot tbem as public Luioancee among IbemMves Then It would only be by I be unltea action of the North that any great or impM-taat aggressive action oouid be taken reaulllag In a miliary attack upa us Now, would the North wast, tbe North and the New England Stale* be likely to be united among themselves* Are their interests so mutual act dependent reciprocally a* to an it* th?ai la ai.y great enterprise, much leas one Involving the ex pen dRure of mlllKita and I be sacrifice of thoutaada of lives? the dlarupture or all business, the destruction of all pro* perity, and the utter ruin of numbers of their best people? W lib ? bom la the great North woat moat closely con aecteof Oeitalnly with the South, through the great channel of the Mississippi, which It would be as mucn aa objeet of the South to keep open and free, to retain the business of the Northwest (for we are not likely to drive off oar best friend* to propagate an abstraction of oar own), aa It would ror the Northwest 1 lee If < With whom do New York aad Pennsylvania carry oa the most pro Stable trade? Certainly not with New Eagland; la fact, It has been declared by some of the members from New fork city that "New York could not affird to break with the Booth and ber orators bare declared tney had be^ar break wltb New England Again: when ibe North should meet In council, on so momentous sa occasion aa the disruption of oar present confederacy , and to const ter what was best to fee done for their own safety and prosperity , it would be bar states men who would then be called from their present exile; ber Everett*, her Wlnthrope, ber Appietoos, her Dick In sons tod ber Seymours would than lead the deliberations ot her ooanclla and the action of her assemblies The Wilson* , Sumneri , Hickman# and Cbaffeea wodld descend to the obscurity w honoe their tvile demagogulcal pander ing to an Ignorant fanaticism only has raised them rbere would be no question of " rq latter sovereignty," no "fugitive Slave law," no " Territorial rlgbla," f>r these person* to make a noite about, but these would be changed for the solemn oonilderallon of tae fatare of their country. And when the quenuoa comes up before such an assembly of conservative statesmen, whether they snould commence a clrtl war, of which none of the most sanguine could foresee the ted, the wisest foretell the result, or whether they Ihou'd offer an alllauoe of comity aud freo trade to a sister repubih, from mlioni so much wss to bs gained by trade and commerce, or so much to be lost by a distract lug and desolating war? ran there be a doubt as to the way tbey would dec de? Nonel Mv own opinion is ? ana I have been closely intimate in Maasaohunsrtls for twenty Ove years? that In less than two years after the ' formation of the Southern ooofwlcracy, Massachusetts herself woud agree not only to return all fugitive slaves that may escape hereafter to her territory, bat to restore , I all now on ber soil, In order to obtain a treaty from the | South, by which her manufacture* would be received by us on the lamr terms tbey now are Id fact, a Southern confederacy woald hold tbe prosperity, for years at leul, of all New England In tUe hollow of her hau l. For the prosperity of New England being drpcndetil exclusively upon manufactures an<" c rruieroe, without tbe market of tbe Sonta, tor the former and the protection of the navi gation laws for the latter, these, neurly her sole employ ment. must perish. No, Mr. Editor, when tbe North And, too late, that they have driven their b'< then of tbe tb into a new confederacy for their sell preservation, reflection will then come, and tbtir object wl'l he, moat assuredly, not to begin a destructive and useless war against them, but to recover by negotiation and treaty tbe advantage of Ibetr former trade and relations, and In bidding for this I venture to predict that Mamachusclu will outdo all ber competitors. Many other reason could be adduced to prove tbe utter Improbability , almost Impossibility , of a civil war being a sequence to the format ion of a Southern confederacy, but really It would seem like silly surplusage to argue the matter further Tbt tnnelewnlb century ts not as era la ? Inch a disastrous and desperate crusade for tbe propa (ration of a fanatical creed Is likely to be undertake by civilized nations. and there assuredly ts no other cause for a mnderou* onslaught upon an unoffending and homo geneous people than that ?? can't he made " by moral suasion" to believe thai " slavery ts a sla against tbe laws cf God and man," for we And It clearly ordered In the former, and it ha* been acknowledged by tbe latter la [ all civilized and uncivilized nations, and ia all period* of history till tbe supposed u.i rests of England excluded lla lew years ago, at least so far a* tbe black man I* coo cerned. Cubbetl, Ocleman, I -ester and others, tell as that as yet tbe white laborer of England ha* not been freed, but is In a Ear worse state than slavery Ha\ leg thus shown that a confederacy of the fifteen ?lave Slate* would present to tbe civilize world a nation wbese friendship aad all lance are every way desirable, and wbcee weal lb and power must soon make It rank with tbe first of the earth? whoae revenue* would at onoe. and without any burthen upon the peoplo, enable It to sap port a digniflau and liberal government, and farther, that so far from an attack apon us by tb? North, tar trade and alliance would be equally Bought for there, It only re main* to consider the relation that woull exist among tbe States aad people* of the new confederacy. And here ws are at once met by a fact of no snaall importance la this consideration: It Is that wa are, la many respects, a dilereot people from tboie of New England, and more homogeneous Ibis diflsrenoe first aroes from the different ?? stock" from which we sprang This la too well known to every one familiar wtia tbe early history of his own country for as* to do more than refer to It at prssent. It I* suf ficient tu aajr there baa been, at different period*, aula gooism between tbe two ever since tbe listes of Queen Mary, of Sootland, aad Uharies tbe Ftrst, or England, aad our own. Tbls Clt&reoce of origin bas not bsan obliterated. In deed, the difference of ?*rly education, < rdotneelia tn?tl tn lions, of general rsllgious it kin lag and of occupnllon (we being chiefly en gaged In ngrlcailnrs ud Ui?y In trade and manufactures), baa continued the marked dtf lereooe between the sen of Ute Southern ud I bone of the Northern i*4 New big land Slates especially. This dlffe rrnoe between tbe people of tbe two sections baa caused u increaaed friendliness sol eosfldenos among thone of ('.miter efcarnetertstion? as far aa lbs nature of eaab disposes them to frankness and oonddsscs? tnd the .-toothers people, let laeir political differences be what tney may , bare aa bounded confidence la each other, that wbra the time of real trial anaaee ait flouUse -n meo will be frond bound together, aad ready to defend tbelr rights lo tbe last The only difference la aa to whether that tiM la close at baod or io tbe uncertain futare. Tbe rrnfideboe thua eilsllng throughout tbe (lava stales la the laat tbtag iimssiry to make perfect had Impregna bie the tie that sow btoda them together, aad which K the strongest of all lias. that of a oommon daager aad a oobboo InWrret I ahall not enlarge upon lata topic; H <s u?-> well known anMi( ourselves. I will 00 ly ray that bat R r the conU. I which the slave stales of IBC In ton hare had over certain of the ni in wary material Ij terrata of ihc clvll'.ied r.stionsof the globe, we sh.mld? I' cot long atani ? aeon And It impossible to retain our property, and tbeae Sooth?ro Stales would prasent tbe ! iruire <.f aiuibrr St I'm logo ? r Jamaioa Tie true i hat rallghtctied statesmen of tbe day begtn to discover that the interests of a large number of people require that they bs supplied with notion, sugar, ao. , fee , and that Boubt re oaa tbeae be bad oa ao favorable terma aa from aa. This baa given ua o?r present poelttoa, which la one of great power aad lultueooe: bat wbo ran tell bow loag wa ahall ratals this? Who naa tell what change* Is tbe economy aad trade o. mankind a few abort years may not prodoer' 11 baa required but fifty years to aaaka the onttoa crop the most tm ["riant etchaage crap la tbe world, anil tta onetrol Ike object of mighty nations t> strugg.e for. What may not the next tifty years pro daosl Wub the leas o( this power and lnflm-aoe, whtt would be rar silual.on la mm b a ran n as the prwssat' With aa ovorw balruiog numerical mafirttj at tbe North, aad f. nr fllihr <?< this ra?>>rlt) MbfMd c>( such materials a a tfcr preerLt hiacli NPMM party. what safely w >u.d there be for or- When yon reflect that erea now, with all our advantage*, this people, so dependent apoo us and this very slave labor for all tbetr prosperity, almost for the bread they cat anil tae clothe i they wear, would destroy this labor aad create a servile war to carry oat tbetr abatract creed. There la an one point wbl -h la likely, even in a remote degree, to raler any antagonism between dli(<eeat Ant?n of tia (bulb, as Uieir intends are the same, their ooou pattens alike, and their gvaeral characteristics mors bo ssagsai ? S MM of am SIVUtSBd c.atioa of eo large a population. I do not dram It neosasary farther to rafale t!?e s seders >1 *t * 'me rave wMsfSd, vit ? in caae ..f the attempt at tbt formation of n new osafederacy , the Pnutb would be belraj ed by tb? astbltlon sf h fsw SSpIr In* aioo? t.r own sons? Into atareby and onofualoa ivftwe qu'to'g tbe aubj'Ct let aa eadaaror to put lbs tree ttalr if t* irfi at tbe North, la ana particular, bafire my frl ?w eit i?et ? It H, tbal tbe polttloal lenderi are no K*gr> the people la at'otttloatra aad aggrsnslon. but it I* the Mpta wbo are now nrfiif no their rep's eentatlTi*, tb'-j tbf sie? \ea being constantly etelted by tbe bara?gi.(S. kr. , of tbe fanatical orators, wrtie-s as I l<riurcrs rncb a* I'hiJllpr. Qtesrer, Oartls, Aw. It is this which waki s the matier so dangerous and almost baps lees of a bappv lerrr in?t''ia. Tbe rnnrtei-xa of th ? tmly un'ortasate state of flings was ' "red rn me dnrlng * reoeet stay of er vera' w?i ie K< w Fjigiand. ahortly l efnrt and after the IIok> when John Br< wn was bung, aad so man of oowmoa sense wbo won Id use bts ey<s an J ears, and was a witaeea of wbal ocrurrsd there, entiM be made to believe that lbs great in ass of the pic I*. did not mora or leas sympathise with John I'.rowa, and aot a few, even of those bifh la preitKW, to lbs rvteot of sis esnoolruios. aad this aotwithslan I tag all tbe rH <rti of hU the ooasor vallam of tbr cnuatry to spread the true character of lbs man before It, < publw. Yes. 'he leaders bass raised tba storm, and, Instead of being abl? to direct It. are them ?flees obliged to fWkiw lis eeery nn poise Th? shrewd est of then I begin to realise that tbey have gone too tar or tbelr own purposes, aad would rata monarwta their asgnage aad ager* wions Steward would glee bis ears to reoall bis Rochester speech, but It Is too isle. Aa<l ssob 1s lbs Psrtinn eba racter. sucb Is IU stabbora fasatinswi wbss aroassd. thai If the present leaders are not anmeteotly bold they will be turned out aad others more extreme la tbetr priori Rite pot la; it will sgaia bs the loog or Ramp Parliament ' I lacing the ehort Parliament, as in tbe days of C'bariea Uie nrtt of Rag I and Truly does "btalory repeat itseir," and ll bsfeooete na, If we would not wttneaa ? repetillm of tbat porilon of it wblcb desrrlbee the oabndled It * nee r-f triumphant fa nalicism. to be more waichfnl than were tbe miallsts or tbe tIBirs of the Rsgllah reroiui'on <V one thing, al ii-est, we may be sun- faoetfetsm is nuer conciliated hy r,Hices?los . and no roaceasi'in ran he rreaier or eihlhit ir <rc w?akn~w than to a-lm'i Ibe right of any of Its leaders t > >>e ineta.lei into ih* ate cult re pr wee over u* To place |a the haad* o' a mas wbo h?e oiwaly aad Iv ld.y pn>olaia< <d l? tfi ? N trlbero peopis, "slavery can be limited * * ? a it oac and BUM be abolished. wid you Mil I mull do II" (*** f?w?rt '? ObK> BpaKcb) , (he power of lb* way u< UTf, and it tbe treasury, would be a (oily that would deserve, and doubiicM brag, the heevaat punishment. Oar only exouse to- oermiutng (he inauguration of inch a Mb oould be, that *? believed be waa I) ing lo deoelve ha Northern allies, and for oar aeaedl, for II la loo bM dow lo allege, a* mm of bu friends do, thai be did bet mean what be aaid He baa repealed tbe substance of Ik* prmolpla too alien etnas, aad la loo aany plaose aad at l. c ft intervals, lor Ibal excuse lo bold It la either ha intention lo liaiit and aboliab slavery a a aoon aa It la la bia power lo do ao, or be Ilea, and certainly la not la be trotted by the duulh. Is tbe gloom of mind whloh tbe considera tion of Ibe male of tbe country Inevitably brings, tbere la b gleam which coaee ta rbwrus with tbe hope of better things; there ta stMl a point la tbe dark view ibal Ibe mind of tbe Slather* patriot reau oa with satisfaction and trust, which usder tbe providence of God will y H burn and flow till It baa ditpersed Ibe lurid Uouda that now ftli tbe heavens wife their frl|bilui (onus aad ?lnk bla aoul In aol? ma aadotaa; for there can be no gadder page la the hiatory of man a to aee a people ran mad by rioting In their own pro* , d. ty, destroying witb lb sir own baada the aobleat work <rf buman gurvfLtbctti. and that, too, for a mere abetrae Uon, wblcb baa no practical applioatlon to them Tbe pacta of biatery may be sought la vain for a parallel caae Tbla light cornea from the North; It emanate* freea that email but noble band of palrioa who for teag ai weary year* have (ought the battle of life for their oeua try and ibe costuuimn, who hare stood up year after year agalnal over whelming numbers? against aim oat universal opposition ? against slander, leant aad vituperation ? againat the den uncial loos of Ue slanderous Pbiuipa and the teal mouthed BuauMKV who have never sunk under the aaaaulia of tnsff host of eoetnlee, or o sepal red under del eat nor bowed the knee to that wall worshipped idol of Naw rntUal ?'pub He opinion " This glorious band Is sUU ta tetd* aad, Instead of sinking, la redoubling la eflbrls to behalf of the constitution aad the country; ita Mat bar* are at length increasing. Upon la suoossa, under Providence, the continuation of oar Union iawaM for wa at the South have done all that ta aa lay. We can do no more ta the emphatic language of aa Bev. Dr. Wbeatoa, "the battle is to be (ought at the North." Should our Meads saaoeed In the engagement now aesr at hand, and lbs black republican party be beatea. M may give tune for ibe New England mind to be aie abused of the errors Ibal twenty five years of Calae education have grafted on II. II may give time tsr their wise men to leach wisdom Instead of (aaatlotaas to the people, and for their iru* minister* of Qhrtlfa Got** I to turn them from their "anil slavery Bible and anil-slavery God" to the true teaching* of ha Holy Wort. Unices this is don* we shall only have aa armlslioe Instead ol peace. Meantime lot us of the atufe main Win our full, jus I and equal rights, keeplag ourselves guarded and prepared, ever ready lo extend the haad of fellowship aad aliianoe, but uever to permit any ana. who u aches or who bss taught a higher law lo himself than tbe destitution, or who proclaims a determinants to interfere ellbtr with our property or our rlghta, to be Inaugurated li to the possession of the power lo enfer** this determination. When that time comas let as rs 0*1 ve back the broken contract, tbe constitution already vitiated by so many of tbe Northern tftalea. Yoari meet respectfully, H. K. B , of Northampton, N. C The Billiard Toaraaaaeat* Nxw York l!n a ism ths Psizi? Kavaxaqb ths Wn m- As the Billiard lourtament draws to a close, Ike Interest felt IB 11 grows more and more lively, Indeed, billiards were never so highly appreciated aa at the pre sent time. Tbe great concluding game of the toarnaaeat for tbe prize "cue" came off yesterday afternoon be tween Kavanagb and Tleman? the latter being the Cin cinnati champion, and the former one of 111* professional* of the Empire City. Before the game commenced, Mr. Tbelan announced that there was a game to bo play *4 be tween Lynch and Jrary; but thoae gentlemen had de clined play lag it, as their chanoe of winning the prise had p;iseed away, and as this game hal formed part of the programme of the evening, to atone for the deHclenay , Messrs. Kavansgb and Tit man had agreed to play a gaaM of 1,000 points for lbs priza, instead of 600, aa they pre vi>uely intended. Tbe player* now cam* forward aaid applauie, and stringing for lead, that advantage was waa by Kavan*|b. Tbe paying then commenced brilliantly, and was far above the average exhibit jd on the tourna ment, tbe Lumber ot '? inning*" from the ooa mtnetmeet of the game till it* close being oaiy 84 for the wb ile number of 1 00o points np, giving aa average run lo eecb inning of 28 v Tbe game, however, was Onaliy won by Ksvanagb, who beat hi* opponent 364 points, thus taking the Oral prise for New York aad laav mg the rccond lo be taken to Cincinnati. The highest runs made by Ksvanagb were lit, 143, 118, M, 66, II, 61 and 41, while the Ingbsat scored by Tlemsn were 1M, 13,41, 69, 66, 6S and 43. the latter number being re !<? My] On the twentieth run Tietnan was 466, whia Kavanagb's eoore iu?od only at 384, but on lb* thlrtlsth Karacsgb had not only overhauled Tieaaa, bat stood lo bis 060 Ksvanagb male three tna ahot* a Immed ale luooeaaton one*, bMldea three other floe shea al aide rent lime*. Tie man mad* three flne sbou durlag tbe game. Tbere was considerable batting, and at the early part cf tbe play the odda Mood heavily agalnal Karanagh. fie showed great skill aad delicacy of aa aipuialion In "nursing" the balls Tlemaa played more masterly, aud fully sustained bia reputation. Mr. I'hetaa announced that tbe prises will be baaded to tbe winner* at bla rouca, a Broadway, oa Friday afternoon, and a a brief ? peer a complimented the payer* oa the ability the? had exhibited Be wtll play the great game a preeeaee of the ladiee this afternoon with the winner of the pMaa. Great edora are betag aade to procure tlckeW of aJals sloo to this match, but the licks a are a all cases ooapd mentary aad numerically limited. Lat the ball roU. CommiMlMtn *f Eal?ntl?a, Tbe Comm wiener* of Kmlgrattoo held their regular weekly *e**i<>o jwwilif afternoon? tiulian C. Yerplaaok, Ptecldeat, !? Ike obtlr. The com Bit lee to whom ?u referred the oonttderetlon of the aabject o I booklist paaarnftr* la Europe for mi road paaaafta la the Catted Statea *ubmitted their re port. The document eel forth l bat the oommittee, while eenalble of the evtla aiteadaat upoa the 17 (tea ooold m make complaint ?false* the officer* aad *feata of thane roada for their effort* to txtaad aad Uiorta*t their beat oeee Ike committee was la formed that foreign afeate received aa their coca m lea Ion twenty per oeat oa the amount of each ticket eokl, which aum te paid hiai by the purchaaiaf em if real, the rest to he paid at the offloea la Una city. The evlla ariaiof oot af thto were ae follow* ? The emifraat, let trad of fotaf by Albaay or Dank Irk, waa compelled to fo by way of Philadelphia or Ptttabarf; aad, again, circumatanoea raifbt arise which would detain bim la Now York, but the money already paid oa the other tide would o?t be refunded here. The oommittee had aoufbt frequent lalervtewa with the Mre-al road* for the abolishment of forelga afooclee, hut without loaoeat, bat they were cocfldeat that a proposition ao just aad aa iMimase could not rrmtlD loof unadopted It bad beea m -rgPMUxl, at a meanj <1 broakinf up tbe system, that ae ifent of any railroad bavlhf foreifa offloaa he permitted to tell tlckita in Oaatle Uardea. Thit course would ex clude from the Harden the two roada aow poeaeeeiaf . mcee there, aad would again eubiect emlgraala to tha dangers of ticket awiauiera outeide Theee roe*, ? be oowmittee were aaaured, would dtaooaltnae ? the practice were It not for rival roada who pate I wed offlaaa abroad. Ia rofard la rumora that were circulated, oonoernlnf impropriety oa tbe part of thoae employed at the Uardea, it behooved the Uimmiaa oaer* to Ihoroafbly inreetlfate the fhele of tha ceae before lak laf tayacuoa, aad thee tf 11 mm try re pair the lejury Tbe oommittee battered the preaaal arrangement, imperfect aa It mlfht be, waa the beat that oould be made under exletinf rircumt-aooea In oooolu ? oa they reoommeeded tha adoption of the follow iaf m. aolutloa ? Retolred, That the system of boekiof paaetmgert hi Kurope, for the purpoae of traaeportatioe orer the rail roada in the United itatea, aad the evlla of wbioh were eo fully eipneni in lb* MM (MMHi totheg>vem menu of Co rope, la November , ISM, la deemed Injortoun to the beat ibtereasa of thr emifraat, him te ihe rlak of l<ea and otsapt*>,ulmeni, aad m or I la the oon demaation and the dla->p? >tal of tbla Board. Mr JmusoBAF* Uk? k i.t it wroof to oomplala of aa beaevxletil en laetltut . ? aa the hooking system. Tbe tub aget is 01 H M 'a.ed bad naiad that tbe pi tan fr*rd w ?t a ret of ttuari Yaakeea, wbo w la bed te do away wiui the bonaief p> flem 10 make moeey by II ibvmr 'vee bare la New Y?rk,aad be would repel suth an Mamualloa ao far ae he u.maetr waa oooceraed. If Ml Uie -a' ton* roada wold unite aad hare equal pMvilefaa at Oaatle <>ar lee. it would b? proper to abotteb the sya tcm Is rom lasioe, bo deeired time before the quastltn on 1 be r.w, utum name up to 000 trad let the ataieaawtla and cornct the error* contained la tbe cotamiuaa't re P- * Tt?? rrmh iHia waa tlita put aad carried. Mr. J*Ulag haue oil* diaeri tiaf. A ro?)monieali"a wae received from the Penney I .-aala turned ia regard ?a tbe oa ae of Nordhaus, their af?ot who waa aitefed to hare defrauded aa emifraat out tf Ml Tbe matter waa pnetpoaed until tha ne< aasary al dawit eould he preeeeted 10 the hoard, aad will be con sidered at tae aexl m?eting The Board then atfj >arned The Japaaeee Ball Bill? Demarrer of tha lotamaa Ceaacll Natialaed. ?rrKm cvrxT. Br fore Una. judge B^eney. Ort 30 ~l*ri A C\1ftrU m 0* Mayor, (TmijfiaBit . Sr , <f A or r< r\ ?The plaintiff mored, oa beta* af himrelf and other taxpayer* of the city of New Tart, f if aa injunction to rent rain the dsfeadaat* from, la aay manner, levy leg the an ? of 1104 MO upon the taxable pro pert* of the city, and from collect inf aay part af that turn aa faxra for the purpoaa of paylaf tha bills for tha eipeaer* of the eoierUsnmenl of the JapaaM* Sabasay. Mr Cbalflefdl com plaint, already published, charfta that tbe committee of lb* Oommoa Council, wblla thar eiciu^ed reepectable etVaeaa from the Japaaeaa ball, aaw tbe ticketa at prtcaa varying ftoaa 010 to IMO each, aad appropriated the rn*eed* to their awa aaa. . .1 ?Tbe q>ieatioa of tha rtfM of the plaletlff M maintain thia act toe, aow raised by data error, * aa di rectly before thie courl aad made the baata Meittaa oa tbe motloa for an nonaction Tha* *0*108 waa dee led oa the ground that the oomptaiat did ao* etate facia ?officieat to eoaetitute a iaa' af aetloe la tbe riaie till ; aad following that deewoa, a* wtli aa oa the emh ?r iy of the caeee clied? rartlcoiarly Dnollttie r* S*jertia>re af Broome, UN Y rep . 1*6. aad fotvit r* the Mayor, Kr .UN Y rep M*? I reader "i Igmenl 'or itaf^n taote oa the 'emurrer la ibl* oeer - tth leave to pla nt m to am- rd bia of mplalal la twei,!}- day*, ct ftyoN-ot Of coata