Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW-YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 8821. MORNING EDITION- FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1860. PRICE TWO <T.>','TS. NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival ot He Bolwmi" ?'< PtU" M,t "4 the Earopt Off Cape TEREE DAY 8 LATER 1HTELLIGEUCE. (SB W A R IW If Ai?> The Royalists Again Repulsed at Capua. Reported Arrival of Sardinian Troops at Naples# Withdrawal ol the Russian Bttioistcr from Turin. Hostility to the French Troops in the Papal States. 1EM0EED SWISTEBUL ClliJIGES LI FR\Nl'B. NtWS FROM INDIA, CHINA AND BRAZIL. IMPROVEMENT IN COTTON AND BREADSTUFFS, *?., *??? U Fathkr Not. 1, I860, nx, steamship Bohemian, from Liverpool at one i P. U. rf the 13th, and Londonderry 19tl> ult., passed here this morntog at Ave o'clock, en route to Quebec. _f 4.rrtlni. political morality, or defend the treaty oi w W TO. ' --- ? ? owelty of speely action at Naples, a. Warsiw may SSiTi throw "? prou?ion TTl Francis. It was quite time that Victor Lmanucl had Mattered the Bourbon forts and driven away IU king, del^y will be inexcusable. Tbe London Daily New* ?*J? the Emperor will no bo ?O far duped as to join the Warsaw Conference. The I/>ndon rif?'? doe. not think the dead set of the French Eplscopals, or the strong pressure of Austria and which has cemented and oonfirmet England S favor. Mr. Low and Frederick Peel were spoken of as the sue ? ,<lnr of Mr. Lain. at the Treasury. Vhen the Bohemian left Liverpool, great rejoicing were poln* on in honor of the reopening of th. ap^ nee library, presetted to the town by B?*" u of volunteers were out in proccsslon, and bust .ess was generally suspended. l?rd Broupham andnu Hie rocs other eelebrltles were taking part in mn A great meeting of workingmen was held In U ?mpbittieatre the previous even'ng.and presented Mr. Brown with a handsome testimonial. Tie Quoon and Oourt had arrived at Windsor from Germany. Tbe W?een had recovered from her lndlspo '"ZLk has a leading picture, In which he Is Introduc ing t^^mce of Wales to hls preU, M the assurance that he don't get such a j*rtner human mrtlca at Dahomsr aomt-er reported. The vtet mt were reckoned by thou "lie steamship Ellnburg arrived at Liverpool on the moraing of the IStb. _____ FRANC?*. Tbe Loadou Timm Pari. correspondent sajs tare of the 1' >pe? Nuncio frrtm Paris was const l?red tbe forerunner of the Pope s qaltM- ^ The Loadon JW? Paris oorrespoa leat sayS-Tbe paj? OoMt, in the chaiactsr|of represuutatlv., of the Holy "^tTsame authority s?ys -Seiiom has the spirit of ho. tatty boon so general t> the Cburch of Trance, and never Um it aeui more boldly di^nayed. Pastoral., circular*, ^ucuttaD. and sermons denounce, and all but Implore, Dtvine vonfanc on the invader, of th. Tapil Mate., Ud ky Implication on tbe Emperor. The whole prelaey U aroused from on. end of ih. country to th. oiber The Trrnck note to the Federal Coundl ****?*? independently af tbe inwIU oterad to the freocb "'V, a Blona, a French subject was maUrcawd oa that occa. ? France therefor., claims that a searching inquiry be Is |tltuUJ, and expranca the hope U.U Ue guilty ^Ue. .Ill be PULlabod and fu'l satisfaction aoowded. Tb> Federal Ouacll ha. 4UrWted the govwnm?t at \ alal* to Biake tbe neceeaary Invert! fatlou . Tbe Paris Bourae was Irss, steady, aai on th. ITU at ?9 10. ITALY. Affair* m* wbMly aeebanged tt>e Parta Paint **T* ? Jkgtoon u the aanexatlon of Nap'ea anl ?l3tly to Sar dints la procia'-nod, Garibaldi will realpn bit political authority atJ aaeume the title ud fnncttoni of cm maader n rh. 'f of ,kc 111011 *??' 'e? forcc? of Southern IUly. He will occupy titmaetf In prepare* for wmr or it eprluf , WiO ??k? ??> HT*J X> ?? K* rope for ToiunUert U laeonBrmed that a French mart,.***# '<?*?. !aien with el ore* for Gaeta. had been captured by u/ribaiiri ibi.n t>ot aa the blockade was not recofslaed France, the would probably be reaVorad to arotd Jttafraea* waa? fMHM. The Torla Quite aaya Pruee a ha* amply made ivo , retnartra arainat the ertry of ??rdintan troopa Into V ? plea, but Roaata made no oommoaloatka. It wea ro ported, bowerer, rla Bti.b, that tba Rutaian Am >**?? dor at Turtt bad been recalled . and that lb" HarJiaUa aa I t at St Petorab bad receirad h<? ] porta It v.a* Mated ttat 14, CM>otlaae troops bai al ready rear be<i N'aplea by lea. After Viet* Raaaa re Tlewa them they will march to Caaarta to bo Jolne l by Ifcoee entering by t"?e Hon an fYoetiar. Triu?, Oct 17, 1W0 Tba nilratlf* ">? MUuictto had been an aoncee'i . bat not confirmed. Pet patch ?a from NapV* ray that a freab attaek of tha royal troopa bad been repoMed. Ceaat Marl, the reprreentatir* of ^iy at To'in, bad rea '.(tod SPAIN. Judicial proceed tap bad bean commenced a^a'aet R*l rH|'ie Part la, the wan who fired at the Qiean of Ppaia. Be baa eoafraard, and taya he waa employed by Herno-e Prade, a riepaty of tba Oortea All I. Mr O'Mtaa, aa eaieent Madrid baaker. in 4 after a faw boura' illneaa HANOVER. The ab-?!itio? of the Madt loea la oe ha are i?f settle ?eat. The auto to ha paid HaaoTtr la ?4*0,000 Eaflaod ?ad Hatnborf pay CtU.oQCeaeh, and tha remaiad-r by tba bthar Ptataa ntcreatad STRIA. Itteturbaacea are raportad at Uaaaajoa, XMi aW *>y tha lory __ FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL N1W8. LOMPON MOKtr *aa?rr. Uw'xw, Oov in? Vnoa. r<ine?K are at WV ? W*( for ir >oay, ani ?|'j a M for ?.-? ar<v/iat. New larre per (bnta, #1^ a *1 *?WGAJ ? ?rnr*? 1u* i.^ea1 aa ea ef American atoc*? w?ra made at tho ? *'hi r'r?t ? li'lwo a Ontra: tLarer. X , dn ia< Fr c Kaili *4 ?' Naw Varlt Oatra Ra road, U\ * e> . (WTtO 1 aanw. i tt. )?- v M," Pr^,jn> Cir:si'arr. pofVi "ajri at 7- 110 Tt-lnt-'oit 17,470 on pecu'atlon and 8 988 'nr r*;v>rt the market cknlig buoyant. The ad vices f om An eric* caused an adv non oo the middling qualities of one eig'-th of a penny per lb. The sales to (!ay foot up 10 QCO bales, Including 3,000 balea to speeu laum and extorter*, the market cloaing Arm, with a good demand, at the following quolailoo*> (Mant Mobile. UpUmd. Fair.... 7 * 7.'? 7>,' ! Midd log 6', 8* e>i The total stock in port la estimated at 764 000 tale*, of ?li<h 6 be (CO buli-? aro of American Ueaoriptionu.,Iiaporta ol' the week, 22 248 bale*. LIVERPOOL I HKAOTTrrrB MARKKT-OCT. 18. Mtrari. Wakeleld, Naah & Co , Richardaon, Hpeooe & Oo. and ether* report dour dull and partially declined 8d. per bbl , qu< u d at 2Sa. a 90a. 8d. Wheat firm and ad TaLCfd Id a 21 per oenial red Weatern, 11a. 8d. a lfe. 3d. j do Southern. 12* 8d al2*. 9d ? white, 12a. (Id. a 14*. O ru (uiui . mixed and yellow, 36a. ad. a 87a.; white, 3 ye. a 41a. OctoBBR 19? Noon. The markft to day opened with a slight advance on all descriptions of breadctuAfc. Flour la tlrm at an adranoe ot 0j por bbl. Wheat laaotlve at aa advtaoe of Id. a 2U per ccnta . Corn haa an upward tendency, holdei* demand >n aalea of mixed at 878. a 37a. Ad. Anetfcer report lay* that wheat has advaaced Id. a 2d. per cental, with a itroog deuaud and a large busineaado lug Flour haa advanced 1*. Corn haa advanced 8d. per quarter. LIV1RPOOL PROVISION MARKFT OCT 19. Yarloua etreulais report beef dull. Pork dull. Bacon steady avd quiet. Tallow Arm at last wcek'a advance Butchers' Awsiciat'on 64s. a 60a. tkl. Octoau 19? Noon. The provision market la steady. LIVERPOOL PRODrCB MARKKT. The Brokers circular reperta lugar siealy. Co (loo quiet. KlcerUady. Ashes quiet: poi* 28a . 8d a 28*. ad. Spirits turpentine tlrm at 81*. 81. aS3l. Roeln steady: common &*. 4d. a 6*. 0d. LONDON MARKETS. Breadstuff* quiet and steady. Sugar steady. ColTfro firm. T'aflrm. green* have advanced }^d. per lb. H'ce Arm, wllh a sI'gLt arfvmce cn all qualities Tallow llrm at 68a. 9 J a 69. Spirits t urpentlce Arm at 32s 81. THE NEWS BT THE ETJR0FA. Caps Raci, Nov. 1, 1360 The steamship Furopa, rrom Ll\ "spool on Saturday, tho 20lh of Octobcr, via Queenstown 21st, waa board od off tbii point at Ave o'clock A. M. to-day by the newa yacht of the pre**. The *Uam*blp Persia, from New York, arrived at Liver pool cn the 20tb. She carried out newB of the burning of the CoLnaught. The weather in England continued unsettled and stormy. A Qotha newspaper *uopo*es tbat the oftly daughter of the Puke ofSaze MelningoA, just turnet seventeen, la tho destined bride of the Prince of Wales. FRANCE. Count Perelgny, tho Trocch Minister to London, b il gone to Pari* on summons of the Pmperor. It was re ported that be would aoon replace II. Thouvenot In tho Foreign Office. The French blahope and clergy continued boldly and vigorously to defend the Papal cause. It was belle v.* -I the Papal Nuncio at Paria would not return. T^e Bourse cn the 19 h t as firm and animated, tho rentes closing at 08f. 90c. AFFAIRS IN ITALY. Victor Froanuel had not reached Naples. The 'art etcamcr took out a report that Pallavailno, tin Pro Dictates of Naplea had resigned, later despatches *ay he ami the Mlnlt'-era remained In clTloe on account of the popular demonatrationa and the expected arrival of Victor Emanuel. It was reported that a fresh attack by tho ruyaitats n the Garlbaldlass had been repulsed. A deapatcb from Naplea announce* the release of Count Arrlva'eroa, and his rtcovery from hi* wound*. The movement of the French upon Viler bo and other places within Afty miles of Rome cauaed great diaiatlatac tlon among tho lababltacta. Petitions to the King of Sardinia and Napoleon on the subject were being moat nu. meroualy signed at various place*. It Is re Iter ited tbat Austrian troop* were largely con centrated on the frontier; and there waa an unconfirmed rumor that four thousand Auitrlana from Mantua had crossed the Po. It waa reported that the nation* vote In Sicily would not take place till the 29th. The Sardinian Chambers closed their session on the 19th, after adopting an addrsa to the Klag exprvistvo of their homage aad gratitude SPAIN. ? tlr Kscura, tb> eminent banker of Madrid, wa* laat THE WARSAW CONFERENCE. Tba eoverelgna were to meet at Wmiw on the day the Euro pa titled. It iru reported that Pruaala will demand of Auatrta, a* the price of her aupport In Karope, that Auatr'.a ahoult help Id revlvlag. at no dielant Jay. tbe uea .1011 of the Dantah Duchies. INDIA. The Bombay malic reached Marvel Ilea on the 19th, aad would probably reach London In aetaon for the Americas portion to be forwarded by the Europe. The date* and commercial new* had not tran?p'r*l. Another Wagtler rlatng of an important character iiad taken rlaae at Kattlawar. CHINA. Aoeordlng 10 tbe Pari* Patm, the tuKltah lllnlfter to Oilna bad received an Intimation ibat the Emperor would be ilrpcmci to conclude peace If the Allle* oapttred tie r.lbo fortg. BRAZIL. The Frcacb mall 'teenier bad arrived at Maboa, with 1 itee to Sept. IS. Ooflte wae doll at S <M a I :oo rela for good '..rate. Iichange had advanced to I7d. a gT>,4. TIIF. LATKDT KKW1. IK1AKTVK1 OF TUI HI mil AX AMBAK-UUOB FROM TTRW. Li- iarooi , Oct. 21, 14M The departure of the Human Kmbae#? 'rom Turin to officially announced There la no other new* of Importance FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL NEW<3. LONDON XOKBV MtUtr. M nry had horn in very brisk *maivt at #*trerre 'au* t "i I'n the t<-th tbcro wae grmUr <*!?, altbongh ;'?# marlrtt wea atl:l noeettl-vf Oool bill# we-e r'Mlly 1 ? ?* the Btr k Tt- il ? t market WaA ,u it auJ * ' 1 material variation The decriaae 10 tbe Back au '* ' balllon waa not larger Uaaa wa? aui.j.- I , ?'td. The ? >Jrawal* bad been l.jcbt. Tee bullion La ,*? 5dolt Kngiaal had decraaaed : '? H4<'? ijQQ ~ .1 rep "t '?rl" Of Penney van'* flvn* ! ???.?* '"Mr ^'M?te#nrit>? were In limited demand t 4rV - ? raf 7'"'"* ~ r|t ?" flrm ?'?? " j rfcarrrd l.tVWmOL fOTTOK MtRKgT. T?.? * ? r rr"ter report# the ee-?e ef <??.' ?' wtek at T? ton bale*, of wbieb IT KO hale* ?**? ' to l!<eruator* and II (CO to etporVwe. fhe ?*?'< coi . McJ or mly five bcalneaa daj*. V ir? , day b*mt a holiday Tbe market r'*d 6u^?mt on Wedr reday, an l pr'oei bad rtgbtly adrag?*d r ali ??am-- ? r t'.? a:- <???'? m .:??? 1 t ?:????, t>e n'v tat 1 ? ?<r the m 'idling and Itwer cradee having t?eu advar.ool one elrhtJi of a pennv u the w rk Th? ?artofFrlda;. *i r? 10 COO b?: ? -orl"'t'ng 3 000 to ?[*> culaWre and < altera, the market c.oaing Ora, wttn a ? ?d demand at the foilow ag author i?*g <;ooUllr;: ? ("'-am MlOt ryii%t Fair T? T 7* M'ddllng 6?t 9't 9^ The >tnrk In part wae eatlmatel at Tit WO bale*, to eluding 600 000 Am rioaa IT ATI or TK AI'R IV MAXCBC-TltR. The a.i??oea Irom Kaacheeter are favorable The aar k't wae general ly firm. uvnrooi BwtAD*TT*rra ma rift. I. Vuri k Co . I'.ir iard# i., -tpenne * <?> . B ( aed. Athj a A Oo aad Mbere report ? FVwr (Inn. an t #<l b'th^r. ftmted at a#e Ad a Ala Wheat dnti ar.d Id hifber. and to apme caeee at. higher red Weetcre, { lie 6>l a lie. A4 Snitkera, 111 M a lSe : whIU ffeet em. 1?" 91 a 1S? , <to. Awtbern. IRe gl elte 3d, the latter rate 'or *erv rhoice Own arm anil Rd. b fher I m.aed and yellow. Ma gd ?l7a Id while. 8Ve a tie tiflVOOL rnorraifm MARgrr. The MBtc anthrirltlee report heef hewvy. and holder* are 1 renting on the ma ket. Fork qalet bat Arm Bacon quiet i Ard inlet at 6la for lae. Tallow firm North American tfe , aad boliera demaad aa advanre uvmtroot nomt MtRgrr. The brokrra* rlfolar report# aekee a eady at Al a 2M. frr both pota and pear # Augar nea ty Ongea dull Rtoe Urn H*h ? ila iuut. whale, IM. ood, CM. Ame'.eaa ?perm, /lot t,lo*e?d oil ^olet bat aieady. Kieln a eady I < >u.m< K, "* *'1 a 6* HI , or tbe tpot, and 6*. Id. to ar I rlv.? Rp'rtt# tarprntlee (Irm at 81*. #d. a 31# M , oloa log with he 'era Mkleg an advance. to?T>0N *Aw*rra. f^rtrig h-re A?B?rl?n whe?' a ARa tyr I wh'te, ?a t tf a H? tor fad imir - T-?m rtea'yg1 a ' !(?)#? fir I,,. * <?? 1 hai p, i ?1?*dy at 12 * 8d. Pofar buoyant, and #1 a 1*. h'rher. Tea slightly advanced: common Ccngo, la. Si. a la 3^4. IV flee neady Unseed cakia tn guod de-nand; Saw York barrel*, *11 Ta M; Button bags ?10 17a 81 Kiah oil* steady; Unseed oil dull at Sl< Hi b drm. iplrita lurpuntlna dru, and a ightly higher talis at iiJ ?. HAY KB MAKKKT For the week, ltciutiin* OH IT Col ton ? *les or the week. IT 000 bat*; market horant and V. a if. btgber; New Orleana tna jrdtnalrw. Sflf. do. baa, S8f; stock to p^rt, 18# 000 balea. Breadstuff* dull. Asht - dull. I'oBee quiei. Uda he*vy. Kice drm ~.'inir buoyant. Tallow slightly advanced. I At 4 nuict. Whalebone slo w ol Mle and price* utcbacged. TUB LATEST MAKE ITS. I.; . , <\: t. 2|, 18(10. Cott< n? Sales y l atere' ay 10 OtO bale*, mcl idlng 8, COO to speculator* and etport. Market closed quiet, Breai'ktefk steady. l'rovtlions quiet. Lokdo.v, Oct 20? Erenlng. Cod Sol* eloard at 82T,c. ? 93c. The london Timet of today report* aale* of Ullnoia Central ?h\re* at 20){ discount; New York Ueclrai share* at 81 a S3, Erie It) ares al 38 V Pa*j?, Oct 30, 1800. Kci.tcs closed at 68f. "fic. Dr. Cheever la EaRlud. [ From the London Star, Oct. IT. j TVi <i dlstiEguithtd advocate or freedom met by invlta tltn a ttirober of ministers and lay get tlemen belonging to varloct Christian denominations on Thnraday, too 11th, at Radley's Hotel. On the motion of the Rut .Mid Ilowcrd Hlrt< n. M. A., Mr Kdward rtgraiue ana called to the chair. The Chairman briefly introduced Dr. Ghtever, who was very warmly rvoeived. tir. t hh. tk (zpreiicu bta deep feeling of the attention aad OosrUty mlh which he ha.: Du j i-.trvwliere ro ceivcd )n tb'B country He then ettiiad u,in a miuot? dtfail of the circuiLBiancts uuder which it ?u deemed 1 Ltccrtary to teik the rympatliy und aid of BritUh Cbr st am for himitlf aad tUe faithful baud *bo, tbro-jgh evil report and go< d report, bavo suttnlned him lu bis *trii|f(i e agaloft the great Iriqutty of tlavery, an I in bis tu-aUasl adherence to tUi do.itrmo of ! ficti'B Word In cpposltkn to tbo siavcboldirg In fluence In the Church of the Pun tar ?. of which ho Is pastor. Tbe re reread doctor apologia' I for dwelling upon tbi-te di imHic malt. i a, hut U.j ta.-l l?e th >uglit U rig., to do to m iep'y to a protect which an lun gu il -*ot uii ncrlty of the member* of h.s church hud published In th s country sgatret Ma mittltn to the British churcbea The I>octcr then explained to the m etM ; that the ureal majority of bla llock had unanimo ialy agreed to the no cesfcity of at< king aid fruiu fiee British brlslUuis fur a free Christian pulpit in New York Ho read the reso lution! parted by the Church of th* Purltatia, which wero directly contradictory of the platem. uts In the prolyl, and wtich embodied the rcntltrenti ol nine tenths of the mi mbcrs of his church. The Doctor then atkc.1 wt other the lite action of a congregational church waa to be hampered by a dltconunUd It w, who wire at per feet IllmlJ to have the church, but wfco preferred staving for tho purpose of fettering both ohu-chand factor. (Cheers.) 11) further explained tuat the protettors were tbo par'.y who, by vttlstlrg the rl turts in the e'.ectlcu of trustee*, had for the moment I land tbetr o?u men in pos* saloa of tho wiiole money power of the church, aad by Uklcg advantage of tUo law < f the United Slate*, which place* all temporal powi r and authority In the ha c da of Uie 'nocU)ty,"fus dlttln?ii*fcBd from ibe rturcli, lad fLdcavcrtd to lu.ike I>r. < osrer tbo ibatrkireut of their own view* Had horelialocd from del ouncin,: the .'earful national s.n ol America the protest* ra never l>avc protested; but a* be c!>ose raibcr to cbey Grd than men. this party had pursued til in with a b Hefners of hostility which it was melancholy to col template. ((Thiers ) They had nut only thwarted and opposed hi? In almost twery cotcclvablo way in N'ew York, but thi y had actually criaied the Atlantic to Iru* trate the obji < t of bis visit to Great Britain. Ho loft It to the n eeting to Joe'ge between bitn and them . but cren If that meeting should think proper to take part with bit oppocebts ? bo taid It in all humility and in dependence tijioo Bun who (or thirty >ears hail enabled b.ui to ccntinuo bli courne without faltering ? bo would it'll persii-t to bla luat hour la proc'snrlr* tlavery and slsveholdlnp ti be man stosl'ng, a heinous *ic agalcstGod, and a violation of the vory biat and dearest rights of humanity (Cherrs.) Or. Ch cover tb(n gave tome iiiteruslitg details if the prciont aspect of American slavery, especially In its relation to tbo church * of America; and declared that if the pro sit vtry party could slop b:s mouth, or ev?n auTc vl In e|?efiig h'm frcm the Cbnrcb of the Puritans in New York.tbry would ball the event as a dec tlve victory, and would trumpet It abrcvl thrrughont the I'nlon as ? discouragement to tbneo faithful brethren who, in many other place*, bad pursued ice same course at hlnuoir. He Iciprctrc 4 upon th* meeting the mwaiay of sustain leg an abolition paatur ard cburcb in the Cnuich of the . Purltact. It was regarded at the very citadel ol aboil t on prtrctplM, and Its lorn, either by storm or surren der, would be a severe blow to all similar churches in tbe , Stales. Tl" Iioctof concluded by tayiog thai It was his firm conviction that if tbe churches throughout America were a'l sound on tblt subject, that elavery could not I exit t there for twelve months Ilwaslbi'u moved by tbe Rev. William Bbotk, and teconoed by tbe Rev. Tiioua* /ami-, ? ruat tin* me it lag having biard astutement frost the Rev. Dr. Cbecver. of New York, it rftolve* to express for [tr. Checver It* admiration and respect as an undaunted and trustworthy ' advocate of tbe slave In tbe I'nJtel Mates , who la by all to! tab n meant to be suttalned . and hereby commends 1 faithful servant or tbe Master who tnso.itvth righteous ( n?is snd Ju.lguient tor all wbo are oppressed. Aad this meeting alto f *i h i* to ssat re ths Christian brethren la ' the Clmrcb tf tbe Puritans, wbo bave so nobly tlowl by 1 Dr. Cbetver In bis malnteoauon of biiman fr*e<lom. of tbalr sympathy and esteem, and t> bid th. m la their gre*t tlrtiggle Oed *[?ed." | tbl* riflntloo was etierj.Mleally sopported by tbo Rev RouaaT t'BRi.isuN, U. D , and was carried unanl mo'itly. Tbe Key. J. H. Wit* s read a letter from the Rev TV mM Btnnev, re- of tbe e? nr-rners of th'^ maetirj;, re grettisg tb?. he was prerrn*.?d from allerdlng bv ill nesa Mr \N i't? n also read Uio follow lug letter irom Mr. ? Stn.uel M rlcy ? ltom?' i' ??, 'Vt IP I860. Mr Otis ill ?1 U'id Mr. (itrvey 1 r? id Doi . ai the meet irr '? r rn ? '? ? meet tr. ftmer, but X grstua* ) . ? will ] be lit e . !..? oitllred bf jo ir i-aUns tk .; 1 shall be hat I ntof itl r itwnrUO I ,1 . .1. to strei .Una hl^ b\n<fs In bit efforts again t -tarei J, 1 hat.- r?d tb* il'cument * h eh b?s been tert over fr ma mn e n ?ir.ter? of l?r rb> ri r'- wwtrei-atloa. and I glre the mi..<jti In. :.oi . .hen. Uur *.. j^.rstri.y, Itev J It Wijrn. W KORUCT. A oornmlMt*, to eve pra<tlral el ?t to Uq for?g<ilag res... i "if was then fjrrntd, ootupr ting aoute b'^hly in i ?ueotlal oa?i * Ban^aH Morley, Erq , 18 Wool ttree'., CS ?%; lie, has contented to act as tr"**n-c r to U>.' Che vt Ci t. ml tee, and to receive contributions for tbe ol isot, Id 1 M A tiiavay, I J<i . barnatar at .aw, N<>. 3 T*?pk> isar, Tempiu. baa undertaken lb* d tie* of honorary secretary Th? riaaatUI Kallarea In Rililmor*. | from tin* Ha;tlmir? Sna, OH 81 J D>?? KM KM cmiMt tig in ihv etly ?-?ter lay , la bailntm end monetary circle*. oa of IB) an Bouiio m? Dt la tbe morning of Uio auapouiua ul ibo batik. tg h"iit? kuoen by the title cf Joe tab I*e A Co, iiluauu oa 'be norUuarl ourner of Oa'tlmor* and Calrert ttreelt. The houae remained cd^1 after tlo ua?al hour of epon'cg lucli inalltotlout, and lL? ?? wi eooa apread, coeaatoe'rif mooh eotrmrnt atd eurpriee. I>orlB|t the dr|?altara aa? olbes* gatliern la the baok. and tarlaua tlatrttMbla wera a:*t u to larg? Individual loeafi bjr the *u?|i?r*loa. It waa kaown alao iluu tbe banker* plelou H Co bad ? ua mded, bet bo aetitldera Hie depoaiiura appeared to be laroJred la that. Tbe bona* of Jvetab . .ea ft *> though ?n old ooe, :a oomfwd Bow of entirely different partlea ftoai th^ae orlglnaMjr eetrprlted ia the title of tbe Ann. The praaent ftrmbcrt are M?e*ra. Jerard art Georr* PltlUp Oorer, aba, witb Mr Oeurge f*. R??*o (not <-ng a me with di.we), ???'ri tire the late Jamrt 11 Oarter ard Wm f. fair j mf>le two or three years agi Tbe off naj rojodera Of Ibt hn if were Mcm i u* atitl Juhaaoe. fT5? tbe Ba tun>re America i, Oct 31 ] ."omo ete u-tiwiit waa ooraaloiiod Id tbe city *eatorday by tbe ?i *p? n? >a of tbe banking ho *e of Ja*lab l*<? ft 08. Ttietr afTatra bare b* b pat id the hand* of tro* i?e* ?r d at prf*?f t no '"cftn'te tt*|etn?ot of tbe:r pre:i?e <**(M a ram t>? given. A great nany roraor* a."- of r?i:r?e in circulation, but aa 't would i>a ImtmMlble to r< parate tbe falte front tbe true, we give Belth' r. Toe finite It one of the nidi ?t tnaactal Inalltatine* to the city, ttorgb Id tbe iart few yean Ita proprtelorthlp baa b"n ritliely cbargci by tbe withdrawal of fonn?r partner* M>a*ra. Appleloa A Co., baiiker*, a receotiy atul>lian-d boate, alto tnapotded yetUrday Toe g'eat fail la prut* ?tthe?toek B^ard, etper'V j of the copper mlatog noeka, tlT*? u tbe canaa of lk<n |t>,not>ti<wi? l?w? from Havana* A*RJV At or TBI fTEAlianif CAHAWBA. ItC nail nWamihlp Cibawba, J. W. Snitth cniamander, from New Or least and Haraoa arrlred at Ula port jea lertlay aftsraooo, four daya aad three bonr* from Haraev Tfce Cabawba left New Orkaua oo ber rer"1*' &*j, filb ?stt , at S A. M , aacborleg at Haraea at Boon oi th" JTtti nit., fr?>aa wbraet ?t?e tTok ber 4> ,*rturt Ibi fb'kiwiag da; at t '-ob. Tbe local newt rrom Havina It nnlotereating There ware repoeta of another *t*am*r bartrg landed a oarga of n?f oea from tbe ooaat of Africa to the lulan 1. Tbe attamth p I>a Mo, Cbpta'B Jotnaon, 'ron Ve* Veik aid oft , (o'-oo.) arrived at Rt^ana oa the JTth, fit 9 * M , trak 'eg tbe pa**age !n fanr day* and Italy "te boura. S>1?* left tba tamo eyeBiBg for Now Orlean*. Tbe a < fblla lelf bla, Oapt. Brown, from K*w V r.'t tbe SOth nil . arrlrt I at Hartna on tbe 2* .!j. Tbe Prtrti C*rrt*t of tbe IJtb nit aay* the r-gar aaar ket matinue* Arm though oaly moderately actire Tbe iraaaMilooa rafnrted dnr'ng the peat week hare beea motU) of ltitle ?mpo'taBC, rarytng from S'i a 9 reait per a-obe for So 12 Small |arr*'t of molaaaea ba-. t been dltpoerd of at l\ real* per keg. Freight doll. ft. i ' bang* oontlna?a dall, and ratea declining. !x>ndon, M dare. a 14 premium St w York, do , t Hj a 4 do ? New Orleant, abort right, 5 a 5S do Mcliraa dollar* 19 per reel prewitiia The riarpjr and ttie Dlainiimia. The folio* leg la to be tung la aae r>f (mr (Vhuma''1* op ta?n cbnrrbri u toon u i< -*nge<I to tit"*<c ? i**l, where e?>arltr It trtol T ta * rata and imply thing Toarh 11, like a tlr*"ng e?t >>a Tarn oai't anew r?T/tg CITY POLITICS. I'nlon RkllUratlun Rally. THK TWKLKTH WAKP iMI TUK PKMOCKATIO NOMINA TION*? (JHJCAT MMCT1MI IN HAKLKM? THK UNION AND THK CONSTITUTION? 1'l.ENTV Of kNlUUttlASM BUT NO 8PKECBES. Another or the Immense democratic ud Colon meetings which have been held of late In various section* of this city and vle.ui y during the past few we-ks, assembl* J last evening in Uie new ball on Third avenue, between 124ib and 1261b streets, tbe object (as expressed In tbe onll) being tbe ratification of the following regular m ml nations of the nationai democratic party? Kor Congress ? ISA AO (). DiI.4PI.AINK for Aa.einblj-MDNBk P I? >iB A 11 AM, Jr. For R^t'UUr? JAMBS l.JSt II. For Supervisor? e tin lei IaN MttHWr Ar/.WAII.DBK, and <*her nnaaireea of U>e partr. Tbe following dBintLt speakers will be preeent and ad drew tte mwl'rj -Hoa Fernando Iloa <leor<e O He net. bi'Mjt U. 1'rrfcu.N J llurgeU llunt, i ou'ad echwaekhainvr, Keyhtcn, C. Punajta n, John 11. Mac&han, Haojuei Board* an. In resjionse to this announcement the outpouring of tbe cltliets of Harlem was of tbo most generous charac Ur, and before eight o'clock every part ot the ball, not excepting tbo staging of tbo masons, which bad been left in the uncompleted room, was crowded byastanllig audu nee almost to suiIjcaii >n, whila the spirit muil tested ibroirgnout the evotiitig ludlcMet tbat tbe excltu meet which prevails en where In isgard to tbo elect .?.n of randldstes maintained as strong a foothold hero. The meeting *n called to order at tbe above hour, and ortkniztd b> iLei appointment of Ur. Joseph Kulug a* ..'ban ;uan, aud Mr. ii> urj t'alltraou, of liarlem, an Secretary. The former, on taklrg the ehalr, made a brief speech, in wbcb be stated tln> obki t of tbo meeting, but re marked (bat, owing to cauf-s of which be was Dot aware, r o resolutions hi.t b<">n submitted to him, and he *ts *rc< rdlng 'y uratiie to pn tent t:em In the usual way. lie also slated that none or the sneakers announced wore, l? h a knowledge, proaent; but II so, they were invited to the platlorm. Nine, however, appeared, and In tbetr at<?enre Mr Patiorsnn. tho secroUrv, was Invltei Vi address the meeting . which ho did brli rly, his remark* beiigcot.btautlyleioriuj.ul bycUterg, Iij >ts, ye! s and all sorts of demer 'ar?l ia.< Uti >ns that could jk sstbly be mventeJ, by u crowd of ah-ut seventy five short haired ji ulbr, tU< rvescing witu a red sbirl entuusiaam wulch seen. i. d deUtn-mid loci wn erery other noise but its own. On the conclusion of Mr Patterson's address, a voice In the ciowd n.o\ed ii.-l the u ? tli a endorse tbo nomlna tl' n of Mr. Delaf 'aue lor Cougress "Second that mo lten ," came from a s:ore of otn.-m. *nd It wna done *-|tb ? (bent. "1 move we endoise Mr. J. JarvU Jones

for /v'inblj roau for the Seventeenth disirlct," was tbe next prrpottttOB that wac -ccel.ed an t ea-rled out wllb tfce wlld?et display ol pulmonary exc.'tjaiect. tha nfml tiatienofMr Jan es U l.yn ih for litfglster was to ? Slml la r manner dlapoasel of, aailil Imnvnse cheers for the "U hi?trbu? Jemmy," whrn the proposed prog-smme of rUI'VatioD wassti'n a by the endorse i ont of Mr. !>rt tth f.!y for Sajieivisor, which was likewise w ab an amount o reverberation th?t t? emed to satisly all who lndul|red in Ibo vooifarous lux ry. Their objeot helnp sceomi lished, tto lnt< resllrg party alliult d io now made a Mcwpede lor IDe door, and for tne r.once c-'roparstive ?;Mtet sra.t r< " t. Tim Chilr.nan the n I ateo that tbo fp<-uers tot having yet arrived, a portion of the interim would be c?cupi?d t>y a *ent!emtn who would (leg I'nion a song, to the tune of "Walt for the Wagon;" whereupon a r horns of the onterrtfled wole the most euphonious echoes of the plate to the e.iUut of ten or twelve verses Still Ibo speakers did not arrive. His Honor tbe Major was ucmnmoAd to be In tbo roam, but did kit make bit api.< *rauce. A coliu. '.u? of throe was a: cctdtrgly sppi nlcd to wsit upon tha'. goLtleman ard <tcori him to the platform Tho c- mmltlee disappeared In the crowd, and fhdrtly afler ware's returned with a re port fn ra one of tfcelr number that Mr. Woo! ba 1 mvte t. s at tbo do. r, and been mvthv Mr Ii . ratuu', by whom he was persuaded not to enter, an 1 escorted aaay. Thereup'io tho aforiaald crowd ol i. ighs, who lad, neanwh'1.?. male th'lr appetraroc, In le i; d In ar'^'-hrr oviburlt of lam'Tt it'ons, amirlrg at they wrre Indescribable, tbe general t< nor of wh et, was Ibat ib< y should klve cfaso to bis Honor an I companion, and " bring tm back." Wlaer oio'eis prevailed, bow ever, and the t'halrman availed himself of a temporary lull to make a few complimentary remarks upon the no mtcation of Mr. Delaplatnc, who,' be bcllevod, would tru ly and woriblly rrpreset t tbe inteieats of tils cuustttaeoU anc uo his dut; Is the present Impending crisis Alter ih'S thorn belnr- uo other bus. m xa to be trans scted, and no other s|>eakers, the meeting adj mrned H Is pr)ie* to lay here that whtli Mie entire procee<l Irgs were characterized by any 'iuantlty of g *>d nature, li e failure of tbe several gent'emen aonoune^-d to aldr<?? tbe meetlig may l>e altribuUd solely to the boisterous fi '.eavors ol sevesty-flve or a bunirtd boys to make their roiay shouts for their own |>artlsaos predonvnato evtr the good order wblcb It was evident tbe main body Of tbe aud.tuce w laLoU to observe. Muttons 1 Otmwralk Count jr Convent ton. OOMl-LiTiON OF TUX CITV, COL.MV AND JUIIICUHV rii'in. Tbta Convention met laat evening at tborp'* Hotel Colon rquare, to complete their liate of nominations for city, county and jud < ffloea. riUilp W. b|i pre?idod and Heeera. Huakn anu Ctatweil ac.?d a* Seerttarle*. lfce CI air man of lb? Commute*: of Cauforcnoe ri??i?l tb" following ticket wblrh we* onanmoiwly tndoraed ? Juetloe of Hnpreme Coart, U<o (? Barnard Justice of Superior Court, Michael Clahoelfcr Recorder, John T Hoffman. CUy Judge, John K. Uviogat~>n. Surrogate, Edeard C Weak K?'*l?ler. Jam ?? l.ynrh Coi*rvtror, Oit ir lao rhwarrraekfcr The rroigpn'lin of Ctsarl.'* A. May, aa a eatiidet" fbr tie of Rrc'f'er, was previously co jamunl valid by lettor and accepted. On melon of Mr Pwrsis P. Rr?*i It wai moved to print lb ? ai>- vc ticket In connection with the Bm klnrldge KtaW' tlrket The meeting tban adjourned tine ?Uc, with choirs for the c >wluai,<iua Tit* Ileglatratlnn of Voter* in fhta City for INOO. We publlih In tha SubJ ?> ned table the partial official returns of the registration of voters In this city for 15*), which was completed on Wednesday laal. Tha Hat, of C'urao, la Incomplete, fr m the fast that the district r* gtstera wo all *ed thrca daya, after c'o*ing the regtstra tton, in which to make up their returua. We also fi bl'jh the Mayoralty rote for 1M0 oppop.t the retard of the registration 01 thia year, la those dla trijts reported oomplete, la order that the rcadsr ma; have material* ea which to haae a probable estimate of the vote of the earning elect lea. The aggregate rote for Mayor in December. ISM (T1 ?78) wae Tory large, especially when 001 pared with the rote for Flat* officers la the preceding month of that year; hot we are led to heltare baelag oar optalo* on tbe rogiaira Hon rttarna for this year? 'hat the rote at the raau ag rlc tioti win be at B larger? probably reaohlog ninety bre Uxoaacd to lee hi re are two hundred aad Ore registration dlftrtcta la tbta rity, and the subjoined table em Draco* the oBkial ret una Trim twenty nine districts ? War it 1 It. 10. Duti ..7| ... a ... a ... 4 ... u ... 1 ... ? ... 1 ... s ... 4 ... a . . a ... ? ? ... 9 ... 0 ...10 ... * ... 7 ...10 ..15 ... 1 ... 0 ... 1 ... ? ... 4 ... b I ... 7 ... 1 Aefwrl Vat' ?f 1M9 Tola). .14.M3 ?JX1 3IJ . 943 1(1 7? 3?*l T0? 24M "* mi tw 4X1 sat 90.1 47* 211 ii.i 189 Ctl 8*4 434 JI5 MO in W an Ml f>i 047 1.M3 Tli* Honlliem Clothing; Trade. rm mr rmTOR or th* BBHii.n. There are ab ut thirty Ire large wholesale e'oth rg bonata in Xtw York, maoufaeturlag fr m four t ? five m' 11 loo yrarly, aad employ', ag, at a moderate oalrttlai n, from eight to lea timv.aaatf operative*, an 1 r.naing at ieaat two tho i*and machine* Tw* third* nf tb?*a opera tlrra are German voter*, aad who ly dependent oa tb'ee h> nee* fhr work. It Moot generally kn^wn. hot It la a Art. that etace tar'y In AnguM? now about three mortbf? tbe grrat belk of tbier h< ?'? have been idle, doing nothing fnr nejt year Moet of them have an made a garment fer ae*t xmoo Cirh a thb>K baa nerer tH-iore b??B known Tbie ante of tMnra baa b">n b*onght a'-oot by the mere antieipelion of Mnriln'a ekelioii and wtM may wa riMi? I he I* ?lert~T t*ll' oir (ierraai and frlih tailor* tr.^pt rt a tlok't tbot i? fo h. at tbe Oread wt of their n. 'ill,. M?| ji<?rl * Itrke' biat ae>ik* Ui ele rate u>? *?f 'it turn l ea, po| h'm I* oer m 4*? *j?<i >!?? art ?t te p pniet'i.,1 r r \ o?,r ra ' aa, ?tnr ft nec< ?. < .r an* irw.r. " 'f w - j are d? tormlned to do thl*, let them vote for Ltoota. If 'hey with 10 lire peaceably and proper, let ibun vnr iba U' n ticket. A CliOttlit-K TO TDK rPITOB OF T!IK UKKAI.D. A sugg stlen has been rnado, and readily c mrcnteti to by many, that all wholesale houses m the vmtbon I-* to close tbrlr d<on ou Tuesday, go to tbo polls aid ?i>rnd one da y In the service of their oommr.n c utilrv A* there will certainly he no trade oo that day, it li t.opel that all will cheeriully ) ield to tbo t ? ill's generous Impulse of patnollnoi, A CUKHINU HAS. The Third, Eighth ami ThlrUtBth As sembly Dlatriota? Correction*, Ac. In our sketches of tbe candidate* for Htate Assembly, publ (bed In yesterday's Hiraih, we made one or tw . | unintentional error* Mr Michael W Buri.*, of tbe Third Arrembly district, claim* that we aid him an Injustice in stating tbat he was in the market, an I declare* that h * bat no Intention of withdrawing, and ?rlll not, unlt-n tn - < t>vei>tlon tnat nomluated him tboul l ao decide A< i hi* former bOBlUfd* b>- plate* tliahewa* an ageet fo rttl'e broken at Hull*' H mi and took cba'gr of the stock that arrived on tbe railroad for tbem, and mat be is uow em) lojed In tlio Street Department We (rave two persne* a* candidate* in the Eighth Assembly district by tu? name of Punn; une Joaiati K and tbe other Joseph R I?unu Mr Joeinn K. I'unn. sud irt t Joseph R , 1? tbe perron that ha* received tlio nomi nation by a portion or TV-nmany and Hreeklnrl 'g? pir ii'-s He work* tn Hoe'a prlnttrr prse* entab Ulioient. He ml. ru.s u* tlmt .'oeepb R I?'inu 1* not la tb ? tl- M Mr Thomas Iltgglt s. the M 'tart Ha'l rand'datfl in the Thirteenth Afsemily district, ha* sent o* tbo follow. nf uotc In regard to hi* propo*ltlon to withdraw:? TO TUB EDITOR OK TUB I1KKU.D. In your review of tbe various Amenably candidal 3 In yedercisy's itiue you place mo in allog'ttier a falte alti tude. 1 am tbe n< minee of tbo Mowt Hall orgm'zatl a; ard, wlnle 1 ha\e always been In lavor of an honorable union upcn a ringl* dimm-rattc candidate, 1 have uover either made ir entertained any proposition rclatiuxtia :runcilmun.c nemlcatli u, or anything ele.-, an ynur re view would *<cm to imply TUOMAd HkU.lSd. Nsw Yokk. Nov. 1, 1310. The fourteenth Assembly Olatrlet. A " Friend of Truth" Informs us that EVierl RiberWoo, of Ihe Fourteenth Assembly district, Is not a machi;.Ht, bet l* an agent of 0 V Deforest, oil manufactory, aad a gentleman U fair (duration The Great German I'ntnn Demonstration. TO HIE EWTOK OK TBK UKKALP. Tbe underslgnod committee of arrangements respectful ly request you to rectify a mi st rerlous m in'.uke nivlo in your columns of to day, In re*p"t cf the* Union mcctug of tbe united tier man deru oucy at the C)jper lostltitnte last nigut. The Ek iaiv iui * that ' Mr. Anthony Eickhofl" was ehopi r. cla rmanof |bo mjnit r m> : ' fc'f* tU ?l>eeeb irude hy the chairman, "Mr. EiskJcfl." Permit i'S to ray, a* a e< tnm'\T ift of josilce toward* one r* the most reaperlaMe cltlr?n? und gentlemen, thai Mr Will 'm A. Koipe, tbe tlertor of the Fifth Istrlcl.on tlm Union eieetnrui 1 1 ket, nu 'hoai n, ?r.1 acted as cbalr man last nigbt. tbat Mr A ElckheO dd not partici pate in oi:r nicetirg at all Btrpectftiilr, j our*, J'r. WII.I.I am jjaiRVEn, lA^n uof, wiii.tam WILLI \M BKVGUS. IV I'M MERKI.R, GEOR'?E 0 B > 'K, Dr Jl'Ll^i KORN. Nnggcitleni to Working man. TO TUB UIITOK OP TUB 11KKALU. Through the columns of your valuable Journal I beg 1 ave to ray to tbe worklngmen of Kcw Y rk and cent cltlrs, Uiat It Is cow In ibeir powor to mau:riaily Imp'ore their condition, by choosing none but go.>d urn to oll'.ce, and tbo* aecuro a prosperous o&n lHlon of trade in general for year* to oxue, wblcb I* the best way t> ol.Uin pit nty o* en ploymeut and good v>age*? far a i'i t tor way thun by *ir knaui other oombiualions, wblcb wi re to rile laat spring. It Is tic duty, and abouM be tbo aim of every wore ! i grnan to (famine the character of every candidate!) bis district, and vote only for tbe boat, regardless of tbe i iilj to wlii 1. be beKHifS In Ibis way lu< y cau coaler uu iverlaitu g ben< Ot upon tbcmselviB, Uieir iam:'ius and the public at laice. By giving tbe abuve a place in your patwr you w.Il b.ucli obi to a hiiioere frU ud of tbe WOSKlNUKkX. IMpelnylng in imill. TO TUB R1MTOR OF TDK HKKAI.n. Philadinj-iim, Out 31 1800. I baa'.en to lay before you a glaring fraud about lo bo |?nvtrilH la yonrcllv no next Tuer.ta r The r^ptbll ran rarty. f teller confident and certain ofcarrjicg Penu ry Ivan la by an ovcrwbclaiti k majority, have c wc! a 1. d to turn Uielr cflurta on your city ? uaaiul/t by ten ilcg a lar;o ncirbcr of men to New York lo rote the ticket , and thereby rcducng the clly majority ac aul i d nke i he Mate oerlam Ibr Lb cola. A mcmbtr of thai party railed on me tbli morning for ID' ne) to aid them lo carrying out tbeir ueUricu ecbeme and not w let leg lo ie a |*ri \ tu aucb a vll-aaou trai .taction I deem it my duty lo oxjhim It. The Board or Aldea-nan. Thla body at' I I alt evening? President Peck in tba ebair ajnuii'ATmx or i>i>thm?c? it tri aiaiTvnt rou.a? rnx Mkurr at THoaizari to utoot ertrut narmn* By Allcrn an Wh<-r<-aj , tt la currently reported antbilteved tliat tbe e extla ta thla city an orgauizot body of men who Intend on the day r>f election to ob ' tract the I*, and hr a rvatemtlo plat ballonfc erery voto Un y oae , la cr ier t keep back the eltclora and Uiay \ clib|c ou ma l day, u ?-ret >rc, lietoiv.d. ILat tlio tftiu id of line countt be reqneelel art authorized tn appoint aa man/ apecial depn'ua for each an<1 every dtatrlr.l wnere tlin election ta b?ld aa he i u..y de<iu i>ro,?r to defend ttao i igiiti of tbe doctors ol lt;?c!tr I' uaiy adopted. TV Prraidrnt prraent?d a aeriea of reaolotiona appre nUive of the k'.ni'nrsa of lunlei f. lick ' a In presenting 10 tbe City Library the ainala of Copgroaa, comprtamg forty two larpr octavo, conUltlrg a fu'id of valaaMe political and atat!atical Information pe cu'larly a-'apt? ?! to ? library nompr and prlaclpa'ly of pub lie documents and recor<l*. The C'etk waa diircted, by r?-?oir:ti <e, lo cot vey the Itanka of the O mmoa Oom.cH to Mr 8 cilea for the pnaittatlon A communication from tbe Comptroller Ibo are the fntlow ng balance lo tbe Iraaxury, (<rt?hcr 25, Ilia re r. ipt* ai .<i ra)trenta a'r.c- tbat dat'-, and the 1-allMt a< the rl<?v of hulneaa on the SI ?t nit., aocarJlrg to tbo returns of tbo Cit) tOamlrrlam A County Treaaurcr? Raianre, October tt ft'il *71 52 l. i r.| i? S.tM.746 7? Total M.4ST 017 8H Pa)n.<Lta 1J4V.M7 It Balance, October 81 fa .1*$ 040 It Tbe a bo re atalrmi at includes a trauafer from the Conn tyTi??'> r\ u> tbe Clly Trcatary, on account of tetet, 11 tWO.OCO Aft* r ?< me routine buameae tbe Bard aJjo med to Widnte<lay next. floanl of Cnnai 1 1 man. MtlUTK O* TI'B HMOLtTtOH TO APIW-f PfPl'TT' aiiratrraon m.ecrtoM mr? rnt widb a?'ae? HDlOnvn BV TIIE T>EMOCR ATI. Tbe Board of Counellmcn met tatl eronlaf? Prea'.deat Joaea in the etia'r. 'itie reaolotioo odered by Alderman Piatl fwhleb w l le rund la oqr report of .be proofed tn(a of the Board of Al'rrmrn), directing the Kherlff lo appoint A* Mant 3b r!:8i to prevent tbe p"lla from being obaln to I on tba day of the etectl w. name op for eoaci'reooe Mr. Inv obaerveJ tbat ba believed nothing he wotild ray la nrpoalllon to tbe reeolutlon would change a alogie vote. The acting Praaldent (Mr. Bogan) lnaoi?u|ly later rtp'e I the apeakrr by remarking that be bad better take bla ;<at an i not coatvmo tbe time of Ibe Hoard. Mr. 1a>t rejoined that be won id exe*cia* bla right to apeak upon the m< aanra aa l<>og aa he thought proper rbere waa (aal<l Mr. I. ) a auffieent police f?roe m tt. ? city ti arenre a frte |aarage fo- every elt /en who d. tired to caal b<a \ u- wllumil hindrance. It wae aome I thlag i ew for the -h?r1ff to he celled npoo in peoteil tha ' r?fh?a of the elt'r?na. and be ceaiid well gne?a where liv? reatiltittoa tame front He would willingly role for that iraolnlion If N lie th ght II waa offered from a a'noerr oea're to protect the punty of tba eleattra francblae. lor lb* rroro-r I roandcaca waa abakea In tbe perlty of Ibe ballot boa, then oar eloctlona were a ifcere fare*. He would aoorn tbat man or party that would by m ara any [.reveal tbe right of an indi vld'ial le, dep an b a ha' -d for what party he piea*"d. but wli?B lie be i?v*d that lh a reaoiutloa waa e. ceirel I for tLe r'.r (K^e of retardlaa rather tbao ad'-anoleg t*e rigt .? of the ballot boa. be would ratee hta vote ara al II. Ibla reBoo.tlon be believed emanated from f"?ando tbe ? rat. and tbe l<?r 4-rata wcr? sailed upon loobey blm, an-i tbey w - Id do ao freaideal /"at* tented lb* charge thai tbe reaolntloe emanated wllb tbe Mayor. Ha (Jorea) obaerre.1 tbat Mr. lent knew vary well tbat tbe poiioe foroe of ibla etty waa clamed for certain imrpoaea, aad be aiae knew IBM ! tbe Wide Awafeea were formed Into annate and were to I be placed in etrong democrat c war"a for the parptw i< I pravtnl'ng votera from going te ?"? I"', " ?" Wlb I (ttbat ' th , mf" Uk . 1 ?>m?'lay Joara) fctTlerfd that if Ibe, Wtief tt? the ,^aate of tbo ree^li t <a - ' Ma liaio imT wot' >d net v ,te r enure II cmtalee i a direct ? b? who net*' of epoke fl. d the t?< ? - ? a . -rai n ' f rf ?< ? ? ?' n? all ? ,'-a? -I-Cfarty i ? Tork was going to be frlrhtrued by the Wide A?akn>. h? 1 r< tiitLid iLe Pi aaidect of ilio Board Knew where the re soltl'loil was COOCOCted, but It was tat of p'aoe la b'm tPre?identJon??) tomakt any retort npon the republic*: - for be owed bis emotion to Uie Presioency of tbe Bo?nt to republican rote*. Tbo Idea that the Wide Awalur win xoli;g to frighten tbe honest voters of tbe I'm aud ? S xth wares was absurd. The sum and substance of tbe r< solution was lb at It waa absolutely iec?Muy to bave voting material ou flection day, and It would be vuy plea?ut (or tbc ??b'hojs'' to rtcolve 16 a piece for Heir f? rvir?s on paction day to tbo cbaracterof sheriile] Mr. Joxi* admitted that be owed bit election aa Prosl Cent to tbo r?i ublKULC, but challenged any man to say tLat be ba<. c mpromis>tl himself. Mr Piuw waa disposed to lock favorably npon tba re aolullou u ti d er dlat u?k1< n. Aitbouf b there waa only a handful of Wldi Aw?k? i to tbc city, yet It w?b well known that the} were to be J striauted on erctlon day ff> as t > obrirui t the polls In aomc distrcta there were 707 to Ins. and they hava only ona muiutu oaoh In which t> vote, uLd tbo W de Anaktr would endeavor to prevent tfccni from v< t vg Tbe gentlemen who reprefcotel tb) repubHc?n party ,u 'be Board denied that they w??ted t 1 liunr bout at votti ?, but be (Vlr. .-<aa?,) believed tba tbo rt |t r > law parted by U e legislature odolemplttKt that ohJ<ct t>y endeavor tig to r?sluc3 tbe democratic tnu jonty In this rliy ami State Ho then alluded to tbo 'Ha le Italy ol tbe i?Rt Utglaiature, and thou, luccoLcius >u uracil the u 'option o. tlio rc? lutlon. remarking that !*?' allibt, In bta wurd, bi obnrnd pollceoaee atat oned by oricr ef the SupcrtuHndtnt to iijtely scan ovary ma i wlo itplkUrtil bit. uauie. Mr. I iv my repl ? J to the eh trget a' <!labor.C"ty, trit'e by it:- ircvinna a ^rak-r, nuali at r.e reptbtloau I-?rly la the I#f"e!atur'- by oopdcninlog their acts iuk! also UioUoidu l of tbe democrats who voted lor th'? (rid iron railroad bills. B< aides, sa'.d Mr I'lnokney, wi, . might M> talk spall at dlihooosi legiaWtlon wb??o the t x an',> o ? f a corrupt ;Uoaamoo| Oooaetl wia tiefo'c tu i. lie ?ou'u Lot dwell upon luul natter, benauao tt wou'.ct bi li iiarilhrniutury, ho bt nm a mumoer of thM b?d> . He woii'il ii aio.i tout lowmoch aK the ilemocrata ?e'? u ii majority n Ihe ijnumi'u CouiiCtl, an t wore oorrupt, ibe i li trace ?ri tu at tho ilt oi i italic p?ny wua crmiit. Ut i ? o l' mil id Mr. M aw o i:.n tote 19 (crmll tie " o lawtoocc, '. tin' ry In il> i.u''rf and font ? , anduHooi ii 4 tlfciris iu tav. ng ?? ay a tarry Iraonii.e' 1 'in Ink b.ip. It wia uut of yU'j lor tho oUc-r alto of the be nae to tn about d lab' meat Toting. Ho clalleofi d | Tool to show tlmt ill" tei?iullcan? <lid anv tb'i'g to pi< vmt h"Dta$ voting. The ut'j-Ct ot tbe n-ao Intioii waa la create i;loea f'?r ceri n va, bocauae lb" Unl m tavteg Cotntnlit'' h* l ni'i sud th'lr treiaury u aiu lopttcg to a tv tbciu><u. Mr Jomim aald tbe dMBociata were not fr'cUtened. tnd at'fcrled that tba f lico force were worre uoar than when Iht ) wtre iiuder ILin oi l mai |iower. He urj!"d the pre vii'ii* >|iieat ou, wl.:oU waa or ierod by a voto jl d'untu t > elfht the main quaatton w\? thun put, an<t th1 B>anl concur red wltb tli? Allerintn ? liiu su voting attir BMttvely auu eight nrgai voly. Afurilio adoption <'f rereral utihBportant o'Jort ?' Boatd at/'j urneci till Wet oeailay. Ktwi fitim tiie Baliitniii. A It HI VAL OF T11K KAK.sAK. The Cucard inuil ateamahlp Karnak ?rr!T<d at *a early hour Jttlf rdajr m raicg from Uavaoa aud .S'lfaao, N P. By thla arrlTU we bars N'?s*lii pjpera to theSitb of iicto'jcr, Itclta.vo. Tutka Itl&Ml .t Ivicea of IIjii 13.h of Oitib^r hare b< ea received. Tho I^eg aUtura bad bem oonvfn .l for tlic porpoKv' of lay leg before tie member! the dnejalen of h r Ma .eat} '? gotrerninciit In rt trj to csrtytin ordloau' * I at-dctl at the laii aecaioti. Tho weatb' r at Turka Manit hvl been ver} unarttl d Several vessels bad arrived to loa l with aalt. Toaoeata per burhtl waa tonsldere ! the market prk i. A Ft Willi rt l>-t EI> 1Y A WAR rKAMER. fr-m ihe Nassau Guardian, Oct. 10 ) On \VeilLca<Uy, tbc 31 IntUu.l, the s' >op l uitn, Oapt Sacndera, torn id rourd Riding 11 x'ki 1 1 g.i to?ari Or ipc* ("ayr. atie canie In alrbtot ? lirigat soma dlsUuitv which, a? tho tw? vetst Is appr >ar,hed ea> b < '.'jer, hid il tbe appearance "f a a?avcr OraJUA ly tfcey got wtth'n a ut:!'. sr:>i a half (f eaci, otb' r. Da^itentc tha brig tw>< I away fttn Ontp 'Saj ?, evidcut y to avoid a i*'go ? ir fteamer layltip there al at rbor. Tun people oa the tloop wire then wilns? a to tbe Euddcn and rnM moveaeLts of the * tenter In "getting uu'< t wav ," and ti the beflsnlug of tho chwr, t'.ie result of whxh ?k rhall. no don?it, mot hear. The cha^c was aboet S K hy E from the Orange Cajs. Aa the lTrf?n oosttaned her court", the met I'lu Kir d, of (?nen Turtle lay, Ca]tain jamis Cur:v, who had been on board tin ateaner, and had learnt that tbc alnvcr bad born an ?'> Ject ol very a!1oni< uate regard l>v the aleam< r for so n^ bon'S, and ka>l, tn f?et, been and r that aorl of sur1' . lanee ablii the apl'ter uLuatly glveatStteQf. Tb're can be to donbt ttie *'i*er is taken, as aim waa loamy ground fu"t, acd had no chance, tad Auatair bolog tiu atid the day before them. The Cttainb*r of I'ommirti. MAIL COMMl MCATJUN EITWKKN TDK IN1TKD BTtTK AND CHINA? MR. UMMAY'a ,>K0r08iri0.Sfl ? Tilt. IMMl'MTV Of THK CEA8, KTC. . Kl'C. Tbe regular mot thly inciting of the Jbtmbtr of C m mcroe a as held il noon yesterday, Vlo* Preailont Royal Phelp*, K?<i . occupying tbe chair Id the absence u President Peril. TLo announcement tbal th? resolution In ragard io direct mall oommuolcalioo between tbe United Ailei and China would be debated, Induced a full attendance of irrmbora of the Chanter and <>'^ooUeajo lutereat'd la tbe project. Tbe minutes of the last special meeting bavin* been read and approved, Mauri. Abraham a Bajlla, No. bC Merchant*' Exchange. Charloe Buck lngbam, No. 4 College place. Frederick Chaunoey, No. 42 South street, and Oiarle* H. Marshall, Jr., No. S Burlieg slip, were elect < 1 n.i tnbei ? of the Chstrber. I lobe it Mlntnrn, Jr. , waa propoeed by tbe cbalrmin, an t < ectel a number ol the Arbitration Committee, t te ll I! H> 'd, f>n I rum tbe sun-llnr committee*, Mr. Han (tm*I, o' tbe l.aeratlve Committee, reporu-a that, aroordiag t ? up mMmM, tb" eaaaBMaa hat Mi a ooafer<noe-with tt/ llti lay the 101 b of Oetober The following potnte were cni>atdere<l ? Flrat, I Lei liabilities of European sbljwwuers .n oaaee of colllaiors at xa, ti c liabilities be coatrolia* by the laws of each country, the cinm'ttee agree!** that fit actual value ot the v ?*ela, instead of the tr sir" and toe tai;e,ar heretabra, sboaid bo oocai leted. luo rule of ib- icad to ta a^' by a'l eoaatilea. (teond, In rera'd It orlm? at ae?, the committee aimed wait Mr Lindsay, ttiat doserlin, mnttny an'i ('it' r trine* ? Lou Id be J? .alt ? ith aciordtug to ttw lav* of th' nation t> wh.eb the ve?e*l ujiob Mteu *u a crt*> * eocorrei belonged, bet IWMMMBMi a onanist. ty In the juried>n. Thud, In regard to llgbte at see The t?>me lews ' she^ I g?T-?n ? tel. r<?s.!, but a uniformity ta tbe lava would bt of great value txurtli, la r'*ud to si ippmg taller* This, aleo Mould he ooedu'ied In aroardaao* with the ia^t "f ca a country, but ahippti g < vi sb-' : be esiab..tbe<l l >r tbe u w ?K1 protect ion of ma*tcr* and crewa. Fifth, Tbe rtu ittraitoa of *hl|*. Tbe c>mmitt?* eon! I | nut agree with I tr Madsay tbat ?16 per toe abooid be levied on each ship, deeming ?10 fall/ safflolenl. Ml h, Tbe coasting trade. Th* propieition tbal tb.* porta alM.uid be thrown opea, (he committee cjaslderel a ? :bjiPt for debs'.'' In Ilia Chamber Mr OfM? * Ihen morrd tbe fol'owla* rreilntton ? Heaclved, That a" MM of tl ? rejort of the Kceeutlv ) Cemmlttee on prepr*^! r>. sages ]* mar'Htae, law a? relate* to I'abtt t'ea of shipowners, crime at see. right* at *??*, ai.d sblpplsg f flloee, be referred to a select ooj. m'tue, wi b it-i" r its to prtpsre and suhnit to the C;.?t l.*r s mtrr< ? O to r" ? rr.ment, a ae>vr dance wil l the reri mmer.'iatlo ? of aa 1 rep >rt and that *? saiwli thereof a* relates t the rrglitrati i. >>'. sbipe and to tt. or> (.'"tr tra'e berf'<- ltd to ao<vber?-! t eimmltte. with It IrtiCnoa to IB- tsl ?gate the nvrita of i>i?i pr i p<ettioc?, aud report tberaoa at the ac st regular m<< t it g of ibe '*a?ib< r. Me Dtmena f>cf r* ?hj< rted to the framicc of a me ?tor si h'fire the whole matter had been fairly d ana*' e l He tl.orfht that sniA a cnnle waa unn?,.al H aiove.1 that the mnlt r be rtferre l to a ae:<ct nommttu i t!r <>tt >? ? h< t< (I that the reeoluflSn worn I paaa I. Mr Ofdrn'* aw ("intent were adopted th* whi le mall r ? ins t 1 e ? fectaa ly poatponid till tbe m.. i ? of Mi' I ard in ,'aguarr vest lie was sure that the Cbamv i did r * wlrh ?u:h a t-'elay, and woaM past the origla< re?o|ei|-* Mr. C Bimiow w mid tote for the original re a <iati>v. as tae delay weld n-t b it be l? jurlooa. Mr > e r tlion ? thdrew hla anc ndment, ?n'l the r tolation yaasr i. The tret part of tb? waaWM? fl ferreO t" tbe Unmaslttee on Colli* on*, aud the eiaain ler lo a rpcelal e i OOMtetiaC of Meei-a. ' apt. *re, f ute, Nc'sia, W f <)nl?irar *ed J W. Ji_?W _ ?r ff?1j if bar er prevl >oel_T sns !e a brief p J aeoal exptana ilea aa to hla wparttsiiiy ia the matter r*i?A Aim rmr r?-r?o erarm Vr. I ntrt m've-1 that the eoos"l-'?tio" er l??e memo . 10 UMraaa m r.rard io a ?? ?ieam aet mall cm muo.eati.a between < h n. .ad the Ktatea abo il t he - Slf ? ed ' r s ' rtrlghi.aad that a aaeatlng ' A m n tier wished ?? wh* ">? ? ' MMIp a special meet o* The sob ect MM laat aa wolf bo escsldered at the ">t< regelar morttng. Ula motion In 't*< ? l?el was earn 1 Hr i>, tl rr* fx ' t? 'rontrM whether the aparia , rrri.te upea thai l'i atioa at the ltevaaa* law* wa* ,,?? Io report. . ,. ^? .... , - ?? ? I - < rrtt* said tbat '? tbe ahsetne nf Mr, Qrtaaell ite ehairmaa of the committee, be won 11 state Ml a re prit bsl heen prepared by an expert, bat had not been dxaned satisfactory A snhject of neh importance si eold net be Uthtly trsalr 1, and the oommittee woold bold another metttag aa re*.n a* pneetfele after the elee It sa H* there' ore wi*bad th* *ubj*at puatpcaad till a St berno*?t mrsllsg Arreello the eeirmHlee to which was refrrred the Toeatloa of the trr m unity of th* orran, repe.rted that It waa hardly de*>r?hie to eonslter Ihf hisJtM farther at preeeat. oa iroti. n leave wa* girth the ty n-m lt'* to w ihdraw bott tt e ci y r te and it rorlty report* upon the ***)* . , ami the I hs-nhf r res. ited lo lake no farther artloa 'a the "nt'oiiMII aas'nneed 81!?Ms!ali^> Iim"* ht i \? e rv-ri w -b ? |t*fa'?rh ?** - T,B 1 ,vl th r?rt-sl r a thee*, tar of ibat r?*ael ani ...?ht I ' the .. tt rxn ttee r-;? ?e t for tbe i: 4t?t*rly ' S n ... ?' M I. " r It. ,Vne d . S r' W 0t?n at, %r> I l'i*Chao>?t' sdjmra-M