Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1860 Page 2
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THE SOUTH IN THE IMPENDING CRISIS, Oar (lk*rl?tl?a C?.r??|?o?4??<'' Oakmo,! O.Oti ^ fr- ?-- '< ? St*'"7* * *w*7*' *,/ . s at* by -4 r ? >" !*^( # , um? b*~ .a IZTEITl'J* E ' ?? - """ VJZ MtMtf ?M*** f Wll t .? ??m h?D|iu| ?v?M*4 iW> ?? "?'" *' ?b wmmmm t?m ? a ,( .&*? ?hoiu ? ? ?r ??we**f*?2 rfUM NMtWCftktte ^^-TtiSSri 5 ?? ?*?*-?' "?? " LtoMU' SSTm T ? m ? ^ wm**mr*f m j2sr? .* -??? ???? ^ TSTjrT-r ? -I ~r, hmm * M9 ? ???" "??' rrwtIM*I!lI*,ILl ??> ' ? ? So,tt H"n,t *' ?* 4. k?i ?? ?" ?>? >"?? '?? ?"* ?'* ??**r ,ha i?. ? ?? ,.'??.?-**? u4 ?n ^??iU m*m w UtariMito, ? * ?'' ' " " ' <h%l lb* ,? .+4 <u. ' rt u?i l?*ki?utioa? of lb? n, - **; mM to MWftMi Mi >7 **? ?**??*? M ????>???? ?*< pwlf ? U? t? Ul,r u4 kM?U >'? >fc* *?? '???'? u? MM p?M. ?? mmmmmm, ??> flM..MlML|, Mi ???*? - ^ *<"* ?- ?* ** J""** .. .?? MM V~?*? ?? ' *?"!. ?? ? " *'? ' ' ' " " ', lb .1 1 Ira* -4 %>?>?? ? ? ?? ??" ?*' kto* " MA?tf4 ?>? * '? * ,M ** 1 "* ' "*** 1UM*, '* V"".r lit* ?M| ??*?? r . v - ? ?"* ~ ' ?"*? ;k M, u. ? ^ih* fc'?h-1 ? ,<?. <? ?fcr H .?*???? ?? ??? M u mm - ^ v^fc ?*? V'n *!! r?. UK * ^ ?^'?*?oa I ,|4ir*UM>?l' A ?* ? ,r? , *. ...I - '? ? ? 1 . MM ?? ? *?' irrrpcr* ??!? r.?Cx-\ ? ?tt? wv? STiTTI mmmi ???? ? ?<s*j . M .h M?U. * -w *?>' * .????????"? ?* *??? ?" ? " far- 'm *?* wa uifc l ???"? - ,b f "***1 r.rpmm T+ ?Aitr.cM.. ? .. .??> rirss ? um - *? r ;;t t.v"r ; SI .. -r-rr ?*? *' ' !?*?* ' ..r I ? *"*^'"*77 "L- 3 ?** ? *?r u. a* k>.~ ft? I ??? *??.* i. ,>.,M i, -1 . tfc h?i^ n?M ft-'l * * .?IrTlr, TZl T???" M< ??? ??*?? tSJinJZ? ?*. w. M. .? . ?... ?* ??rMr ?? ??; *???*. T.wk? K#" T"?k ??*r'1 1 mmimmmm . .t-r .r, .. ... . ? .?? ' -7J ? ii ??!- m ?rt ?4 H ? ? :^rr^r-T , , . ?- ?*?> ^ - oM(. ?? h* ?r4 ??? *f? _ . _ ?riftr ????? j ?* ?< ??- ?t~ ?*ir2 ?#M4 W MTM ?? ^ShSi? -?.! f,^ ?? :<? l? ?? r ?? ? 4??r*, u4 ?i>" ?j '%? ? r**,*'T ***"/' ^ lW# w ?4 ( ?mm . <* ?w k.? *???-? jr !??,?;? v **<?? *l..."-.> ^L, <4 <h? ?w ? ? ? ' r,tj^ j.,t . < ?t? *?*?, c ?' w ??!"' * ^ r M l lor ?l ??, mt* ??? '?? ** ?? *' - - - -UL i. lr' 1 <Wr Nur>lwr? * ?* l*"* ' Mttx* 1W?r, ?4 ?M?. u.rr,rs,uT - ? -- r- trss Li,Tfc*d^rr? 1 **?* f^-r ' to p.n -?J 4- ??-4 *" "TT..L _ ^ ,--|f- * TU? pr?#|?*? ? !*????? ' ?,'J* *?* * ' * " *? mT ?!?> >? ife? r~? r"* f >?. rjTV JstJU ur ? Httwr ?'V- ??*. ??*?< ?f ?".??? "V. bMkfrh. t.l ???'.??? ?<?r *4 ?wtwi tb nwweeer ?*M H _> gw )? >?Srr o? fc*?? ?? * "*** f ** "' ' ^ ih? w b. ?.?. t.*c w'U * J: ^ t .? ?' ib? r ><???' -til ii !*.!?" r*.Y|< >v*T ifc? iM? !????? fW?M? r-? *' VC.' ?r. f?H*? ? ? ?? ^.r .T*. ? ?rr wM fc"? ITfc^rtT. T-trtmff ?t>4 ??? "*? T* lta s^?fc?r? NOut *?MiW4 , 1 ? *"T* tirribrr* n,U|l^?J?? 'ZT* .^JT^ f ??u .r ikr ww .Mj* ?w?^.*,_rr-r .1 r-U r4 !.*? !?? IIW ?' ' J'" ., '?r ttmlt Itel It M ???# ?"TT1 . , j',*n u. r? M |l ??>?> ?>?y. tTTj; itiiMifcyiti* rru?* ?<* wfc^? It .b. ?b?a b. M. ? ?? ???? ^"H! _ .>. ? mr^??r|. hrr jrvrj . ill fcr "?f1"' ?? ^ **???? I b i jot. iJ4h Oar Balilmm l hilKxn, "?* r. 1?*0 Prr*f**h -Tks friMilMf F~tm? A >aia* Urn erlm and tv Jtr;*dibo? a Arftmn %f ?n ?v Kim *f T>nwiU Vn I ?<| /*r Pufy mkm Ky^tr-4 ? Mi tap a | initf ><i?| Hark" ? f/M y OmMnm awl Owrerrtm < IV M (V a Wk'J ' , 6c. l?w b; tt* r*r*? >?? ? f** 1 praa*ea?<a af tb? I'bmm mro t wi*b I ba.1 but ikm hmh. Wd tr? up M oar n*obl la politico bar*. aad aar Plata M aira kirW 1 Tba *'?etica aC Br. au >u ao uat af party fSAfbfe " " M ?>opj tb* <lar?Bt p*opia Itrmt lb* r"-.* ha Thr? wrrr at t*att fonr thouaaol B*H nWcaM for Brown . *o l tba rrlara* aril moaib will aH"<r o4| Maryland Mill firm la brr drrotloa to lb* I aioa aaJ lb* raaMIUIka. ra*tmf h*r rru for B*itb*r Nortbara UoattM aar gaailina In win, aad aiiia bar aaaa arc d*t*rmlaed to *tar 1 by tba iVr.ih a?J d*f<-ad tbair rlfiilt aa I property wltb tbrlr blonl, lh-y will aot aaeonrapa *1 f fiaa abi arak tb< ir oaa prraaaai *a.l* by k n.t iaf a ami war W* boll tbat IT Abraban l.'erMa i? *'*<1Ml f?hteh trod *Wbld) tbal oar rlfbta ar* la da< g*\ tbocfb *r wait ?"i?* pnalt'ra ?|r??oa baft"* ?? aev. aao (bra tb. M oat* Mra o f I MO *111 ab>a tbat t' H poaar** tb? tamo ?p r t to drfrad tbair ri?hu aa did tbrlr airaa <f 1TW Marfan I m-a art, tb?? ft* at U * ?> aa brar bo raporlr* tr tb* r?p*r? bat aar ardar ?M * net* V' s I 000 at tba bra? Hl.ttaa af Ball' m?rr an.l 11 1 1 | I gp ? bull? for ?i*el'oa pu's- *?a. b it ? ? m I ihr pr< irrt..* of tba r'fMa of tba fea'k *? ara dr.ll>- 1 ? I | b k?<? moa. aad tVufb ?* baa l>* at preaart an ?>?** cradly wrapna I! an lb? t-?r*b. w? eta at a a> nata'a aottea band'* a itiuakM ac I aaard >?a kr ? lh? n?d pr. r^i_ ?tir raki raa t**a ? aal f*a ? ?'i (lad t? nra<t>i *<si brr* n?r ?al) bafa H Kaa ? U 1 bat 'blli w ?? aim * ia<atr aalil Uw ?Wa ??? Ku* p?aa la r^MT briab 11 tbr n iiaVr a? nuia, b it bo rrtdniiM larrat baaal'y, rapwial'f lb ?" lb* AmUi Hoarr ta **-t HfM aaaa :*aor af tbr f -vara! war ' ' . ?! K !? " " 1 ? ?' t?|D<a f r at all Tb? bark* bat* rt-nl-arvpd tbair clraaiati* aal I'M* *0 aucb a? a.T ?t to aawmal la a MtptaM lntimaa,(M M. 1?M A AM rf Jfi-) Md r<M?r-fV% Afmi tm M'l mwWi^fawar ?< t*r '>14 /*?'>? d jlr^i taxliai? TW ('?mft u/i m+: r?M4>-IV tM*4a, Awi'? *rfl and *r?rMartV Mm-TS* I aa? fctbrf* t* Ctorrj Ar *al?. rU (ftr ??i<u Wk? -fa- r- MM/ r*- a? ;V ***?? * . * W? tra bar laf bl(b Umaa M tba ally *f mm <a?a?a ?ai *t "tof t'f ir taai r?r\,?a ara faai*( aad i?M|, fbrwi^ f* la|, Mill a mu dor* uol kaow vbathdr ba it aad* aa feia bfk at b'a b?M Tb* proapa* aoa ? Uat IrartlbrUfa will W Mary aal. aad I arm fir* yaa tba pr .b?bla raaM tbara for. for tbara t* aa orrta *t> la aafUlaf Tba aid Am?? ?aa. ? 1'ia^ \ giT party, bad *atirMy 4M a - pw*d IVa* tba ha af tb* fmaal, tb lb* INaldl tbt* wad door laat (prlaf, vbaa, at ib> r g*t aa?r 1 U*?T rar rfaaiaad aada* tb* liu* af Ooaat'tatw-Ml I ai a I* tb* r?7 tbit m*rra*at vaa raa?tod an tb* naa? Ml rail but aba I tbry *n'< ant eaaaaat taa.r std r ?>?Mp Mrada about ! da tar tbrtn tb* lata auaWpai atart oa (#art iMly d'd Tb*v w*ra laft ? Odd ttraf a a vwta -d S^ftO, aad tb* Cllf forrraarBi fr. a roof ta e -raar ivni raw id la to tb* bar 4a of lb* r*'ira**? I IWfr badi a llltlc aal traor tbr naa**d at ? r? * " ' A ;.rr a?t aad tba prxaat Mate af tb r?? * b* e aa* taara Dt*nif??i? ?1 > lidilrtnlti ?*?*?? r-? ./ ?at M ??< ta th'J City h, th. Carroll H?li * r. rul ar bargain ?t?rod into bet ?<*?> tne W-C I ? *j i Via r r>u lit! OP wbO hftd Off thaoUyaadtltoaarf th. '~hll_nie 01ly ui.Oit tbrtr k^.pujibelrotgMjt aK.o and * Jilt .iT*-"-o?.. I'o '"o men of tbe city would P".l?? Iht Pitl 1*?1T r-4t)cl ulau-e for the clly .overn^ aoiUwal* o. lb ay were to bave Xte H?u Wi nam Aletander we* Ujr plenipotentiary on Tirol.? it i fc-cty American party, and the H ilb. John 1- Keruedyand Villliam Price tne piaolpoteatiariea OD Ll.airoi th* ooniiuiuonal UnlontaU lfceuiy parly, hoaevtr "armf tnadierv, de.ilu?l to commit theo? .. Ut* to tbr or?aoi?l?oti of tne (talOlllftta Th?? bf^ao a -i#> *h>ci U.ied .ummertob-eak rtown tho city An I ricM organization and m? rge It la the Union urgaut ' ,t.on ln.tead of leavrn,? the Plug l>*"y ?" their capitate. for Mayor anil Council, tbo lluloui.ti i,,rr?d then to take a man who would not have h <en their ebotoe if le't alone. Titer came thf> hour of veo irtiiw lor ibeOnloolata S"?ne two tbouiaud of them w.nt over to Bmwn ,and left theMty American nwdUUte r tb ?ud dry. Tbey were ohWfly of tbe trading cla?, * bo hul been reformer* laat fall. .l iM before the municipal election, you will remsmber. Winter I a* I. mane a Bell and Everett ??< ordi-avored to rally tbe old Plug t'gly party upon the r rai Hi' ate UiuCei whjm he ad u pled u bit own. Tali r,.ov, mei.t, or o?ur?e, repelled the Unionist ard trai'er., who were reformers laat autimn, Ml who bawd hi* with a cordial haired. The ?oePW? I art< d trow between the feet of Winter Davie Hu myr knocking down, and dra?iog out aud k ll'tc be uied to dignify bv the expreulon of tbe play o< trremetr. eplrlte," could not be lulled In the fac? of U.e new P., lice, DOW In the band, of honeiil character waa a guarantee that they would e*ec lie the law Tbr republican, of the city, at that time n-jm^ng erne 4 COO. Inc i-dlng the Uerman., went alio for Brow ? . I ibtehbaX^r' *en from tV^U by'the' ? Er lai men. the Beh n? . and rticaed the J,'.?* mr TL^Ooi.c^ b, clftln. for -r Brown \Z?Z iV 'ted ,.;tee In round number., and ii a?n r icme dilo ib< iiUD'1 for Hindes .. the verv o'.l l that tie re?uit was awerUleed ? a* a iumperti' to Llcooln of uearly ibe who ? of the H i (i<? vie Tbey i?.ore revenge again.1 the Union ?t , m who had betrayed lh.-m, and ir the vote fir t r.aiorcl hid been uk.-n the neit day, BibIm vow _ r#?r |. Eii h4vc breti C4?t for LUooin muii, Uie IT* or part, it 1. believed, will go for bin qu.etly and .-itn.-i ..lire avowal Winter Oavl. ha. beeu tryin* t i ? ? it i, Jk LDier tbe idea that it i. brtter for him ta n p ",i itnouKl carry tun Stale than BreoKlorld*", lut ?>" i w r I. ??"?' f"? creature. a*?eM tc hu iug? Ji.l iu? t ii *o out hi. ur*?eote ai<d Itugb at hi'n flie re IV.1 ai.a reFi-d Inns a* their w..r*t eierav in thl. crww, ?.if.r a?l? n ice he ha. tbreatcnod to eierowe hi* la t ., f ? lie ehixiM g<t any. noder l luoiln, aiv?r.e y to al A I erieane who will nm vote as he wauM lh-?tn to Tr e t an' idea of b s havlug u :l ."uce with the ae? a ? tr ?!,(?. '? lao?htb.e la the extreme, tbojRh Utf t ,, h. ti ?<( down by ron e i*'opie out of *' | * ,m ti|?itl>u. likeiy U. r^ime icl ' favor with tbe w ? i - i? A grew*, r error cever wm ent< riaii.ed Hlf v i.e. .? , il Katrai and ( r.w i Terrlt r al billi *"? ' ne ? , , , a: i bik la'.e if^'ech biwi filed his polltloai .talui, ? l n % . r<*i ubl <"Ati Ti ... me I.ite M.iMory will enable you to aee upon ? 4t e??'J ibe llrwk'nr ige men e-p.H-.l to carry ? . Th- e.,1 re vote f U.e State will proOaoly not ,i.l >u ><?, of which tuliln ire * ill c?i, nay, It jO lt?e o-unl', It eipocted, wU aland in the coun I ft* ~ SI 000 ?nraiar.lge ? jtfOOO ! ? " ? S OUO 'I' 1 OtO |h ,)[ fe|, !? ?? tn ww ,1 B eck Bridge olo the city wtih ?? Jaralrt) eeWS'll wLirb Will give lilm tlie electoral ?. i. th' Male if Baltimore tbiaid, and a* it I. Oonfl | ????* oa. waaa thu. - . Ur rai.r ?1?i ... 10 000 ?*" ? 000 H11* | *? |.M .... e ? ?t . r a m 1 b? the Br.l men thai ttey will enter th? f t. wttlt at leaM ?100 piuralltv, and e* peel to get a. * a' II Iho cut, aui the >>e?l informed politician. | t?j Ui? Mi 0ftlcuitt "O M cOtD:u|C D<**r?r tll^ actual r,. I Mr owe l.dgaiei t give, a much larger vote to 1 ii.^i a thr r -tin 'tf whlell will help Orecktoridge .till ' M lb', m ?ot all The negro queetloo wlU iceeen Mr . vote wia.1 h adrvdt oa the KaaWr. dbore Ae %f <?i?aai"? . aot^df la tb? ?at? P?M tae leaet at I . ? t-1-t *. kt W what tbe bray of tb* aa. l. too a. u ? bw I p .bt? a? 1 br It Vnur people mart be great 1 . .. ?'nt: . l?.'t^t ee. pie. bly tnfljeoci- a .lugle v.?te .? or the taer Ana yoo .1 1 *e, too, that all the a or tl.' u'te !a tbe #.iulhern -?Ut<-. by the Hell ? tr I. V a' ? ?-?!? '? 1,;'' " 1 * n aaak ???*? m' the rraaaa la. paaple kuow tber- ia r , , * cf 11, iii. I t i. n fr. iu lb"?i wh.i thre?'<-n II. If ta. . .it t e sir. pw of ibe H th would IH wait for tbe ! aaMBM) bet aeUW the Itle ol tbr traitora ov the ,.wt. u?..' b>?|< Marytaed w U go fur Hreckin ridge, Emm Ibe ikllmtiH are divided amoeget them | _ . tt at . atl Aa to l*? thee alave >lelee, the wn , 1-, tr. a -g'a. le a?t abl? to re ;M V. e a inr r ty I tbii k tot will Bod th'. ti be . :.srir?rr3.?. , ,t aeiteM M ttl I at <g ai.i Ml I MM TTttTo .10 ta a?t ..etetl. bat that it will alao raiae ay a ...... a r.a ??rt. .. itiwrib. taiqu.1') true It ! 1 1 m* ? ??tpwt 'w-ae-aai ta %bt? ^tate I. aetontth , . t . ?-re r rrTat' ia U?e ll.a.t that givea ail . a.e aa. anad-^t ? f th. lait w.rr /'ef-.-v tor a , ?? pM have ewtrihwte* Ifcetr ehaee to th ? t a. i wUMtlal have aade ibe ?sal?e all r .ra ? ?%mm wMfc M<i(M> ra?t*ity IMl.i?oolaha r?^4 aa. >?? *ay pet d?wa D^awara awO I mmmrnmm mm at the very aeit rte ittoaa M? !?v? *4 |r*'* U1* a* a i? ty la ear MM, ??< eaut?wal mMM* wer w th. iraeuf the Hal'.nwoee which ?p*. b ? art nx-et. gave au?.' warrael to ia . Idea but h:. ELa emrt .1. the He.: rath, aad tbe abaadon aeo i ml h ? b? the r?"?i<, ha?e fore'd Ihe r. puhllCMS. "f i eWf^lLlB^I t..rtheei?4iW.,a?d thev have rah ^ , Mi WW MA* la?r to a Ma ar'?e?d *? J Marahali. ,, , the f ??"???? ?" 1 "" 1 * I i.ah. w ?r HM&ntwf .'U?MW *?'ib^l He ? ',f gtil&S?S al arge % U.m ?at' . a popular p., I- ?a a. J . ae?ad.u .w?aa Mr pavto falow >? | Jr . IH*I I. at aa eed M. baa ?te?r 1 the oppo?iaaity ! rC^.rt^a- ;-*>t??e lr?. -b . mm? h* w- iC t g>j mv ?*52f h.m' 55 foe . fair . leM.ra lb. a woai hhv I* MB at^heaaa^ hOMlltra'tMii l have aaay mm tim riMattoi pm>(. ? ilrMt at i MW MM . O* W M, 1M0, it t n u m ctty *?M ?; r*ini >!?? I tat ttorflb'.of rory marb rhM^I laokoo* aro Ml B( nKa, Ut *f f?44 Ml ?ff) HXkw clt Ikra OfWI lark of ogiitun am bli * 4<* M. 1 M cm* ?f 1 fulw rrorylb c( I ??' l> lb* 4rrU Mo lorti p*(-r of uf da ? ''pi <?m w 4t*t? iM ui amy kum; m btbUi ? ?? ? -r i , i | fmt i ?? t?. - m ? >?> i mm Hiii ? b? grmt transit lot My Mb <4 lltlMIUM, ui mit In Ui* tor* wko W? U.t C aatr j ?Uh Iob( t?i*M* or to?tii* 4 1*^0*1 twa TWy vtn >??( U Ik* Ural irw irt NlltMUf ??>?< VIM Ivht * lorry ft will bar* *<> trtok M am.M IX ro ? 'r n h-a' ul tt?| ?lwl Ir'ft M till I b? tarry to My it, but I lor tko Uatli of M Purina a r? Iirr4 of baring Iba r f r ho karat by 4taorg?*<M4 aafrnr*. M4 f*?.:oo topi la a ?'? awbi a nrr tt*M. aa<i will r?4aro aa lot ?r II la i *"f< I ?l' af Ibtaoa Mi tnl a r kM V aoa4 Ha. PUUTICAL. AhTIUMIIIIIIIMM VU'I NKVTIkH i r T - ? trmnrr*rj <?' Ik* twmii ?ar4 b# I ?' Waob'ivron Ma' ?a la Ib iiWi r oat** l"waior I Itll, aa ft Mr Jtka Holaw. Mr iaaoab I E?in? vat aallo4 i ?> iba raalr. Mr Hoary faU"* * *M at ?* ntoi oo< rMMj 1 bo r?i Ira'ka o* ib? BMnaaMma o iaa ? . i ? a? i?LOMa vara all ?*w?rr?4 ta - r * <.**???? la* ?<? p i?mlapi.aimm r ? Kwei If Jti.1 .**!? Uibw P,o koewar -#*M? 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CTBIOB BLBOy BAL TICB BT . ? ABT OOCBT1BB THAI ) BTP Dot rupplied with T'niaa BlanlorBl Ticket* au pro car* the hub bjr Bnplle?Uon to Uik Untoi rtuue BieouUn t onimlUee *n. 1 (>ntre ctraat, ? irner of Tryoo row. Dwn BcnlA, Bptecb?B, Ac . lapplled. Teic?T?pb a! ooca. UCU. A. iLAUiMV, HmvUlJ IrT WABD ? f>BBO"B -TB, AROUfB ? ALL THOFB IB fA*of of electln* Br. Henimio WoM In Coacreai will kt terd ? meetiD( <>? ike Flr?t Wapc Wood Aeeoci?tl?m to be held tble.Iridtr) Wor J M the "ri*. street lloore, kt 8 o oii'CM Ht oi ler ctl the foUowum comot'ttee ? Th-WA* Himtt, jAmri Fltrrerald, Kdvrkrd HnKAO. J Amu* ? 'kVAUkrh, 1'ntnrk BetTuIrk, Beo.kmln Blackburn. rjTIl CONUBB8BIUBAL OIBTBICT. A B AtW BBBTIBO Of Ik* friends of the KeatuUr Des<?-r?ile Ualoa Ckkdldkte FOR CO* U RMS. BBLBOB VATLuB. Will be held a* JlhfTH'N OF BAkT BROADWAY AND OBABD BTBBBT, OoFBIPkY EVENIBU November 1 at 7 W o'clock. CHaRLRB k. DERI KB, Cbalrtukn OooTeoUon. MlCBAkL biiiKua. re< rfliijr. TH WARD r.OUAVEH WILLBBKT AT LAIR D'B FIFTH Watt) Hotel ibis (Friday) mf #nr?M, at Jij o ci lek to pro ceed to Perth Aakbor. Bern lem will eoine e.,iUpped w B LOUAN HBRIikKf . ummaadant. 5 8' 13 JTH AHfclCN HI T DISTRICT -Ti E M 488 MRRTIND _ on thui evening. t.j tall ? the nomination of Rtrho.aa I, Ilanrrn fjr oirmhlr, la poatpoaed until further uotl<-e, ta ooo aequaaoa at tha Kt'itn being occupied by othrr parUee _ Jacob a. wk 1TRRT1.T. it?ii?ui 1 QTH VtXO-TllI UNION NATIONAL ('LU1 NO. 1. 1Z of Hkrka, will Ml at rimnftTa'i Hall. lMth atre?t and Third araaoa. no Friday eranlng, Nor. 1, ?t 1 o'olon*. The mem ban are paruttUarlj requaatad to attaad, u boat mm of f poclaana will ba tracnarted A. M. M aCDONALP, I earatary. TH AN8IMBLT DWTBIOT? T WBNTT UOONr mi For Bgmbar of Aaaambly, TBOMaM HMUIKR, Regular DaaaoeraMa Bapabtkma NnealnaUow. UNION, UNK>N, UNIC*. A maaa ?iiWm of the rotara of the Taaaty mill van ?U1 ba bald at Nail im! Ha'L WaM forty fourth ?raat. ha tmaea RUhth ard Ninth armwa. aa Friday areata*. Nn ram bar 1, at 7 o'aloak, far tha porpoaa o< ratifytagtha anmtaa U " '' THOMAS HKJOIN*. 10 iminawt the Thirteenth Aaeembly diarist The foLowlai I wall am aa hare baaa (anted to ildnatk "ST IUa<o Wood. Hon J. N'Leod Merphy. Son. H M Brmford, Baa J. Daggett 11 oat, Hr a-Jleary Arralarl ia. R ? laamrTfc^ Col Baorr OrtieC ? Tbna. Mamahnri. Br\, J. HarrlagfB, Ban irtu fan Bomi ad. igandilly thoae orpoaad to Ma* pob'.laan leglalattoo. aad In farar o i aleellag aa "Una am preeralatlve" to the mimhly. Boa. raraando Wood will pomttraly aldiaai the mi all NU'UOLAJ UiUI IN*. < halrman of the Committee at Pimra Pfim > , t?<a. McBaaoa, t I^tb ward widb awak?h.-"b?'Th. wrri oot 'ma-Free ? aFrltory foi I re ranee ' Urdrr Nj 5 The men. ben of t*e el.ute eumpatiy an- .rdarei u> aaeamhla at tbetr armory 4M srnome rtreei. at l>, o'etocfc. tht* reacting, fuSy uniformed aad equipped, to parttrlpate In the genera! Bit* la b-f* (* Faw Tor* a faronie eon the lloa Wii'.tm Barnard. Poactunl aMaadaaee la r? ;uee?ed. rtr or.ler o t R< >MKRT IRWIN, <'ap lata Wn P.*t' !y Serr<-ant Mthward-a briting or THN dfrocratio Rapubltraa Ward Com-aittaa will be held at O'C maoil Ball. 1? Rulbarry gtraat, no taU (Friday) er?tag the ad laat, at JH o'alocR U P. Witt PrwIHt ? laorn.a D faurr). . . Job* 1< aa*i? an, } 151 :?t ward IOCM nrnr D**orR4Tr<- union ) Otah ? At a meeting af tbn Hah hell at Robert K Urawa. .VT M at atreat oa Wedneedae eeaalag. Oatobar 11, a motl'u waa paaaed aad aarrted with aor amatloa that tkN Clab (tro Ita ualted eep .ort for the etortx a o t J<?h? W t han lev for Cflorrraa for tba Htxth I'oat r?aa. mai dtatrlnt. On mo- : tioa. ?br tneaUaa adjoarvad to Frllar erenlr* Nor ember a, at ' < o'akwh. Nirmi*.?8 WaIJIH. Premdeat 4. O'OBBIBN. Viae Pram lent C 3 Nan. \ . t. H?b?ba?. } "rfrrtartea nTB WARD TOUNO B1N1 DBB(VTBATIC HK KOBT ''Inn ? A ipeeuni of tba ahoea tflnb will ba belli at Peh?Fer a 111 **mte A thla FrVnr e- etitef, Rtrr t The irrmber* aac 'hoae fan rabla t^ tba i eeteeu m ef onr preeeM able i eeretaataUre. the Ben John ''orhraae. are ran 'taawid is aiiend Nr ' <?braae l.tue F Onraaea aad <aer emlntut rpeaheri will ha preaent and ?<1<lr?aa t he meattaa AN 1) BR W NUIXIUAN, Frem^ant N Baj*r>T Famaury. r[\TB WARD? NOT. A BT 1IAIX WABD Co*MITTB? t7 At a rairalar Meatteg a' Jhm c^vmmittee, h?M oaTaaa- I liar rvfrleE. at l>r Hn?teeo?i^*ril Hall. Fifty third at eet. the fotlowtB* pertona m-re irt ^oted a Ftnaa* iVenmlltee - RnKeM Deeaane. Robert U-rrr aad Dartd Bimta tmary Aa 1 I'm .iiber paranoa are aulhortred to onllert mo?e? for thla or ?a< ir?Uim WN CI.ARR i Onrman Rae'y. Daam pABraau.. Traa* r. tinm ward-rau.t RAM.T'? a mw witTtNa 1" Of >.e tem irrv i aad ? r ? ' || aer , maUam wilt ha hell In Tlilrt* fot'ttt Mm* near K!?h:h treo ir oo aatur dat rvenlef 14 M at < o'rlork ; to raMfrtfce r?tfu'ar deiai craUr l ab't nomuiall aia. on ebli-b w^?'on the roltowiai reatlmnen a 111 a^t'reaa th* i*eetla? -H?n F?Ti?ado Wi< JmaeaT Br?dr. Wl, ?h #ard Robert H Kradf trd, Ta B. BaMaaoa aad Jamea BrN*e <? ? J *MKR R into rb airman B. Vaarramr. P?r?* 0. Ctart, flteratar<M (IflTII WARD -AT A BBOT T.1R NCBtlNd HB1.D AT dSVr the Vuiury Ball. No ltd Rlfhtb areaae. .>n Thnr? da) Forern bar I. 1S(P, the following re*VtiUja waa ibao! Raaohed That we the Oarma> rlttaen* of the Tweatietk ward, heat U j ew'ona the n.>nilaatlrro of the Him. in ?h Ward for O mgreaa of the ffatrict; Rot oaly thai wa eadorar htm. but promtaa him oar audit I4e.l ? in ort VAUINHN KOIB. Uhalrma.]. T. 0. Tun. Raeretary. WARD BRBcKIMlTDOt AND t.ARR UNION Jtaanrtail'-Ti will h Vd a apertal meeting oa Friday er?n Ing. B-d met at tfeatr r<nae !VS Ninth Iraano, al < o'llnefe ere taaly. Puartaai attaodani-e ta ???? -atly re-, seated. I H1UP IlAAi, Pramdea' | Wa. B. Wai.?r, Feerrtary. i nnm WABD DrrOLAIt AXD JOHN?oR KTtRH,rR - I ?,\J Tba membrra of l)te aboee r'n' are re teal*' to gleet at the mata of tbe rlnb tM Rlihlk arerne. ae?*in4 door thla fFrtiat' errrleg. Fotem' er i, it ?*? c'otoelc, aa ' ".aiaaaa o} I in port* I e will be traa Barer I .lA*Kd O. I'lNOND Praa leci i Tgtm t tfiaira i P V, ??!?* . Staratorlra. F. F !tAi >? ' 20*".. ?jft'r. WAf n NIBtTTt NVR OF Till CNIOV np?. 'a a? ' erefjr a? . 'i.g ?? i*? |'(t|A A. T. I'aa rtRW. ur?artf . dv<i* ?. (mi U/ta wastbd-a ???' thbrnbb ha* au > ? - -- - - w#U k?M*d cm l<?a. U? en who will Mil at lew prtoee for ?I' .rakk ere tn?*e1 ttcall I)* ITU* A JONBH, fro|??i1y lirtec <M hiMU etrmel. N Y Fj?OR UUATt BARO Alff ? A V ARM OF OT A'.'RKI ? wuaied UMT Fieek >id. B aaamtk Oouniy, N. J ; <jud tnl rtiu?e. (uod water, gold Irult A3. Price ft II 0 Tarmi - ?I Mi each btlaeoe oe mortct re a; all per anot. Inquire lr?a? 9 a M u> 1 P M. of J. PuTPH, at tracy'a U* ottoa, 18 P'MrraM, Intnl. r?R CHBAP ? OoTTAOK HOIHB. BARN OB t tu ueee tad 10 W? of Opt .ual. aenlrallv loeaird In the vtl ???* e< \ onken Donee enatatna 11 rnoma and mxlsro Ua pr .neater le, gaa. fnnaM Ac ; au abundance of cb .Ion fruit ? nd tlade treea. Por parUsulan Inquire oi Dr. hklNNRH. 133 kaeeau atrial room 10. r>B 8 ALB- A HOUPB AND M)T IN *W T FORTY fnartk etreet, imr Rlnth avenue, Houae three mor< Mid IMMIL M?ao feet. bntlt 10 a atneUiUr) manner lot 1 ? M 'Ml WlU beeoU aheap If applied for aonn. Apply to J. ? ATUBWBON. Ml Hwtaoa Ureal, befo?e V A. B., iM anar ? f b. r)B SALB-A FIRST RLAHS POUR STORY BROW* fro?? Houae. Wo. I lot Thirty fifth etreet, roeeworai and Mark walnut 4oo ra mi parlor floor and Kaok walnut al*lr-*ar a rapl Me ordar. Inquire on the pnalim D. HOBlNi. CB HA LB? III BBOOELYR. A FIRST CLASS BRIO* Uooee. fifteen rrame, all the laaproremeate No 173 Port a p'eoa. Alan, three brown ttoae frmte la Portland are ana. near WaahtoaUv park . loeail'W aplendld; terma eaay. In ? IN. builder, oa tke pr?lawa. quire of T. B. J AC 13d* BPOB PALI LOW-TO ("LOBE A OONt'BRN. A FBW I* Ilooaea ta Brook'tn. emne of them elegant bull.lngt. aoaaa of aaderata mm, anttahla for email fami.i-e To a peraoa wWh*>| In purrbee* a readdenee tkla offer* a *"?>d o.ioot tunttr. Inquire af the owner batwoea 11 anl I o'aloek. at 111 and lid laadway, maT. EIOB BALB? FBOB OKr TO FIFTY ACBBh OF THB P Bar Ttow Farm, allnautd on Third arcane and Fifty flftk Mraal Brooklyn, aaar Bar Rld(e, wltkla tklrlr minataa of Raw Y e* ky sky aara. faqoira of BOAS MBYMOUB, M HOUItB PVB RALB, OB TO LBT-IN FIFTY riM* dree*, aaar Ijrrliictna avenue atme fmet, fonr atorlea and haarweat Only SI 0"0 eaak: tke remalider nan rmatla fur a tana of yea/a Bent ohatp. Inquire on ika praaMa. nOrttB FOB BALI -A NKW HODSK, WITH A GOOD larr? af rr ai d cellar, four atory. WitD feat. Bth houaa vutb r4 Ki?kt) tklr<l atrrel In Tblrl aTenua, baa marble man lain, ru aad water all ihrORtk Terma e*?y App'y to A. L TaTIxjB, I'Uilder. at the ? 're, or at 176 Kaat ialrty foorth ?treat Kbal kki atk Kxni angk -a noon, kbarlt new wall pa> in* l>rtek Tenement H'vuie "o tmni wa..l ert to ncbacce (nr *'? d W? rbtsdire. Addreaa, with full par Uoaiara B. eataaer Mo 6 Ce lar atreet. THIIKR 1>TTP FOB RALK-MOO LB88 THAN TU K AD lata! c <w ea can he paeehaaed betweeo Ruth and He^'"ttk keenara, aatr and ual 1-elo ? ?b? Fv*; IttTft o&red *- IsS) na eaeb ^nli r t'ujf<L Addreak O. Johnatun, owaer .New Tf"t fra, i.tti y? rc< COTTAOBR FOR RALB i HIAP-IN 1 1 3"* H BTRBBT, l.etwren f* ond acd Tb r aranuea. Inquire of T. BlTr I (R A m., ISf Waal atreet. corner of Veaay street, o- on the i<>*ai'jea. H.M SUM, KlHllll BC? WAfTKP A FI'RRIHHBO BOUHB WANT1D Port THB WINTKR? A By a >tnali private family. In a (n^l nHrhborb od; the very "twat f/ rare mill be taken with tke furniture; real from ?I .till to S1.3U) per annum. Addieaa WlUiamaon. Herald offica. A8APB WARTED ?ART PBRBOR HaVINO A LARiJIt ?' lewallnr'a Safe, an.l ? taking to <M?p"ee n' it at a rea ?nn?ble rate nan Bed a uiaujmer by adUreaainic 1. J. B . b i* li 1 Herald i Siea Broadway rtori wartbo, immkdia'fi.y ?a email Mnr?. with i ell?r for wh"'?aa'e trade, ear bet?r?-?u fX>rtl%nHt afet and t Nleholak Hotel Addreaa, with parti ruiara. bf ? 3 MM Pnat i flica. PART Or A IIOL'KB WAhTBO BY AN PNBXnB!*. i'<mal>la faallr of 'hrre perauna. Ad'lreai Leroy. Iy>wer P. at tifflre, a"?tln* lK-atlon, ri-rt, dtarrlptloD of SPRMBM Ac. WARTFD? A HOrBB IR NSW TORK, ROT OVKR f#W0 In a (ond nelirbb^rlxiod. for watob t?o ra'tiable arenua lota In Brooklyn. fre? from lac uinbraoce, wll! ba rlrrn. Whether wtib caab for bklanca. ad'reaa J. J. D , Herald uflioe. WARTKD-A RBOOB0 HARD BRTCO'OR'8^ TALOBIC Inmne. about 2? lnrhea, in ??vl ?.r.ler *<? ireaa, wltb prlre, .. hu h munt be ow, t J. I, boi C73 Poat ottce. WANTED? IN BROOKLYN. A SMALL PURN IBUI 3 Bouee. pleaaaetly lacat-d iaaimd tielgh' rb.jofl, o>?t venl-nt to the rare; beat of rafaraooe k'Ti?> Addreaa B. B B , boa 2. Ill Poal offloe. N. Y. nr ANTED ? A PLAIN BRUTE OB BROWN STONE Tf Rm, with modern Improrementa, looted between Tweat) around and Thirty eefrnta atreataand Fourth and Ptflk arertira. Kent about >1 u00 Inn ?liale appltaatun requaat ed. Audriaa P. B. boi 106 Herald ">Soe. WARTED? BY A (IBK'J.MAX AND W1FI, A HAND ?ome.y furniabtd II c An* partj having annh an one ard wfek would reir*rd eitra -are and the i r?aer\ atl)n of tke pr t>riiv aa of mi re lmportanoa .ban eiorbltant rent. ? ay addreaa Hank'r, b?t 1173 I* an offlee. Honey will be loaned on the Furniture U waated. w ANTED -A S* Al.I. FAMILY, WITHOUT OB'LDEEN want to hire a well fumlthed ma-llim alied Hiraae until tha lat of May n?*t, leratloo between Madleon and Bli.h are nnea third and thirty nl-tb itreeta N B.? The btat of rare will be takaa oi the furaMare Addreaa A. B , soi 1,0Mb Poat WAN1RD-PART Or A PURNIkHBD HOtTSB. IN 4 leepeetahle Iroatlou. la eUber Nee fork or Brooklyn, by a (cat rnu and wife ? ay parlor and two or thres *1 r (?na wilt ' ee of kitchen Ad 1rem. atat in* full particulate, J. U , box lis hew tort foal office. OTANTBD TO If IB! AU, PUR?II*HBt?-A PBONT ? and baok Koom on ika Oral or kaoood tlorr ki<?Lher a froat or la. k beeement Kitchen * Fourteenth ?eeet preferred: rent m adrace If required. Addreae. with teruia, Howard Ilerald office. WANTED- A OBNTBBL PDINIkRID HOOBB. IN A ?? for a re* i >aei .?? t.uiaal and family of the 1 ru r.- ?p? ctabi It j a fo.?d rapi '.rtuilty for k family wb . a t?b to ah e up liou*ekeepiB( a' d '>?rd wiib Ike edrer 'Iter or otlierwue Beet rtij reform * f1*eu AldreaePer kina Prnatice, ilerald office. rANTID-A HANDBOB BI.T PTRNIBHND HOCBR IN , drelrahle location: rest ne? toeioeej HW peraunum. Addreae I 'ark Hen/amla M Wee'. Xereeleentk efeet Am AAA -WANTBD, TO PCBTIUNfl A BTOCK OP IplU.UUU. Dry Oooda at a lib?r?! dlenooat. Par' let hating eiri-ka of rher *oo.i? to eell arou'rl do well to ealL Ap ply at W7 Pearl (treat froat r.wm. ap Haifa WV ?IKELLARBOVI. EBDIOOTV a CO . UTHOORAPHRRB. la every braaek of Ike ad TUlilhkll Ib in | At their otd loaeltne. No H Km? eweet, New Tor*. K1NDUBO WOOD AT tWBNTT CBNTR WHBN TIN or more boiee are ordered, oak and plae by the load at low raj re. tawed and eawed and epLl aitmail ooal at yarl foot of laet Twn.t) tklrd *'wt C. UOldJNH. MABBLB HABTBLA-OBBAT BABOAINI IB BAB tela - The ?aberrtber eel.eehearer now tkaa erer A B1 aP*-b of rein erf, ttetnary and colored Hatrla aleayaoa d at K LARBB'a marble yards. tU hat lukleenik Kreet waal o( Third arraue, B. T. WTBTACQB'i DUMB WAIT! KB. XT1 Impmrad Patent. The bad aad mnat neiia le la ute. Ooatbtocs eaee of work Ib( and eernruy, with ike utmo? durability Willi? i 1 to lift MtlifirUnB. Addma JABU B L BTa t'?H. Maenf act rer 1,11 Broadway, (oraer a< 1 hlrty fmrth treat. New tit. NOTICR MUtACBLOCS PIknr,\ KB T.? TUB AR-OLCm? BB BOVAL or t'oRim AND Bl'BloM* Inanalaaaooa Mi Bffioari ow < area, without Cuuiec, Pata ar Bleedlrf Mr. RBNDALL, o I M K'fcat etraet. I-oadoe. anffiw of "Praofca' 1 >baer atlon* on tbe Caneea. Nature aad Treatmeei of Corae. Bunlnne aad laerowtng Italia " tat arrived tn tale rlt* and loealeJ Ulamelf tl M iv>ad air- at. wkere he aaa be rat eu ted from 10 tin 4 n'r Inch dally Jurta# h.a limited atay >aoa ki' < *ki> ? latoa, ? ?. Edit >r of the Cealpe., U PtrTi AU'ii. II (rati Cm me to itate thai after ih- rr mora of aererai rvwva br a rer? aki'fui and palaleea mutr tattoe by Mr. Bendall I am ? ainrtat c ' ?>' M ? ? 1 ehaii re rowiirerd htm wHk i <t>Meoee io my p ? tt) u Nt? Tot a Ort It l!M0 BPWaRD R DIXON. Nr. B naa pm oee thoiaaeila of errtfVmiet (rum tbe ofta #p?l obtlltr. aad u aUr-iictala Uma pr*ifae?o?e aat d ?rvira ft medliai ech<* :? aed colieara aed. la addHl ti in nthera. kh book eeotaina rertlfleaU i*aa me vf llie roya family wbt. k lave l>een llndly rorniefc- 1 him foe ike ln>rert?>a aad aatla faction o f tboae who amy re .aire bti e?m. N' fBW TORK INPIBBABT Pt)BWO*??ABD fHTl _ dr?i IM Hecrmd arerne, le attoodel b| iady phyaMaat Tbe Ihepeeeary la o?ee from! to I# A B. ad'-aeaat e</t rli e freek Prine ri bar4 for parent* la Ike hoaoa. M pa *kL NOTirR TO HBA rkPTAINA-A Ohl'L T?1 BB DIN p. aed of. the affieery of ? kteb a well ke?wa io B mm wa <~viA.De Add rem Nra W. T >at, Nwwhlya. UOPINO ?I.ATB* tip TRR RAdl.B Pl.kTB f> RPAB* are of aaperlor qnailty low anet ?repeoi'' y^,i par aar nntaialed *aln water, aad mat a lifetime. Bit, tree M dremtbeacent of the aoapaay. a PURBAB. IT nMil ktieel, New Torfc OH' PATBNT CONICAL BPBB "TONB OU aa klwaya reee?ee<t the lim ?remta?-la a' orm, Ira R m H ?a a: waya re??Hee^ the (lie erentaw? la all aereety dae It renulraa eouu'. power, artade eren y. aed la W table to *a> oet ov order Btihf., OKIPPTTU A CO . Naa tf?rtar<wa. RTheelwriebt tad Bartone Woe* prem Mg aUr\ 4a>d ha AlW Roltttm t'tida aud ali klsde of mlli materia a tVi?Md;et a circular. SFWINU MArilTNVt -TWO OP W TINT! BR Aip Wit, ana a to 'et etdier I y Ike week daa or m'atk far tk?r particulare apply at R't Waaley place B .'bwrey mrt? betareea Bo- aton aed B eecker atreeta Tub BBmBn cr niactt and Tons, or bow ? to he; litre and preeerve t . -he lataw kr a beawUfa', pira ixeapleilon. the freahaea of y-mih. a 'uetaetinf a M other ral 'table aerrr j nf trt'ei for ft aetti free to aay adtraea apply peranmU.y betareen I and ??>>..??? P B ar b* letter to Madame PI f ALI.1B, II Waat )ioiu oa atreev. ba and cofpbi w tnBnor*B ?a bbwbab. m "raad itreet. near PiR New Tori, keept eoeetaa ty oe haad :le Ineet trerrtmeni nf Tea. (ki ' e. eii?ar Meleea Bai ? Ok ('nr-anti, Pmaea OlleaUll, Fo^r. Itarc*. I' tena. Oho WW| " Mfcffi tutkkffi ? t "-e. TflB BIB'ATHBTtt -AB BNill.tKK P * BILT Of _ t?n p?r*n?e, Ib deep dtetrea. reei en full f an .-tt a t?m p? ran help f-om Kit filth and taelnr '?ea? n<me f <rm rUm tetttmoaiala Ac., are Ik eha'te n> Re T R t"ki mae. la eharpa r* Ihe Mieetnn Ckoreh of tbe 'n araatlw Twenit el?hih Mraei and Beenad aren a wb ? *?! kiefr eeae< e aay d< ratlm and arkaoelrdce ke tamt , a M? reetdeere IS Let ikitoa a- eaue. T1K TaTTNR* At '# PBk v K pnwn?Ra PON NltVtt, rr>-rt tnd Hf'ke* ?lad a koeaeo, > alfi tbe he?t emit ttrm ixedl-dae prVe ?t a pa-*ate att ka'f a doe?a <w m- ?# ?tp"?eed in tke i elt^i -?.??tt f-*e A It OOl iT A Ot> i -t priet >r? R. f. CBRkVCft 11 A A at ce?? a -eat ear? PaTRNTRCH -A P*B*T wi'. 'l t Nlf ? I faeib't?B 'h*-.?t? t'ke De-tH Hto'ep a-tt^ftek' f<w p-. aad oae ai t-?eaf wi? a Id a . . T.e ut ?uea- tniiM. xek ??- *>. a i . - ?. AUU OHAM'I ? 4 HRIX KH T BTOEE. KT08S. 'U ofM and Irur for asie cWe*p far rasa or will I>s4? '<* eljani w4 liquors AAdrsss Trade bui 110 HsralduBaa. A TTBKTIOB ?FOB BalJC. OK A FAETNEK WII.L HI , ?" isken *ku |KmMi tiiulmt uetaud -oaa* mau*r Is a Dew btialBesa. a most m? ud UkiBg la eml <a nrand br ? .apply it *0 Whits AnM, natt CIAS K( ITS I FOB BALB-BT THB BUSHEL OB OA BOO. J Mperil v.?rtta ri?er f W. FIELD. |jX>R BALB? TUB OLD BBTa SLWHMEBT Of B. r LBfn"H, ?yriiLf lod HTtj|4) UiuliAamr I im II Am uJ dlsMUcr 101 j>o.ihMojrestr??l ' r*MUMr *?" FOR BAl.B ? THB 8TOCK AVD PIXYURHOF APIUff is'e Meal Marfcet In fcinh m* douw a srwid ^ ueta I rice $#00, which includes butss mm earl i iiii im I" R.. >?i 189 Herald "IB"*. f>J" five dm. UHJB fe A LB? THB OLD K8TA Hl.'K 11 BII BUtJ/B BBU? F Oja er Home To ihe rlghl kind of man momrr eaa be mace. Will he sold cheap Rent low. thOl awl eaa f>w tnmr be. r. *1 the Bull ? Head Oj tVar Ha?, earner Talrd nswus and Tweet) Hfb aUrel rR HALB-THt ?TXJK A WO FI.TTUHE? IF A Ororery store, Na tf Tb inti?na et??ei a gnr* ebuwwfor a bosiness man Apply at a 1 Uuaav* street. or 1M area'ua B. B B.? No a(enls "eed apply. _____ |jiOB HA1.B? ONE OF THB BKXT BAB AND L0BOB r Booms down town, to a (nod busiueaa location. For w ticulsrs inquire ot Mr JOHN B. WKITF1BLO, plumber. Bo 77 Fulton itreet. or Bo. 10B Naaeau street Imfnt. IjVJR HALB- ? THB LBA8R, STOCK. ADD FIXTTBBB OP r a Oirtfx Uooory. fruit and Meg*' wore am Brnadw ap, rear the rlftn A venae Hotel For particular*, .njoire at US C'liutou place rR RAM? A RESTAURANT WITH A OOOO BAB and Oyster business beda lie^diug, Ac Apply oa tfce premises, the railroad de^ot. ooe dot r f r. m Party teoood street. Moar avenue Fib sa' b- a ooffbe and bpiok miul. banobobb ly fined UD. with flue boiler eagtar c>lt*e r iaetera. abaft lug. beltiug mills, ?c. at 1 a cheap and lotu lasaa. .mm oo the premises. 328 Washington auwl Fob balb? a iono bbtablihhbd pafi. m< bbt making bualaeas. favorable I wee. good toeailoa d ??* ? large trade and one of the beat chances for buMiesi, or *? take a uartnor. BI30B A HOUTHWI'3*. 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Apply at the offi. e of W ilkes' Spirit of Us Times, ourasr at BroaA way and Worth street GBEAT PACBIFICB -OBB of THE BEST OBOOK?tBi and m the beet locality Ir the city of Brooklyn, 'slip A S larpe nub b' illness. w<ll bs sold ataprsal sa-nfloe top purchaser. Fo partlcnUrs cal atB. PKAlD, Bo ? Myitis aveous. Brook.yn. MACHIBERT.-FOB RAU. A TBEBTT HOB^BRTBAM KbcIbs and (Virnt h boiler, 30 torso yosrsr, dos Worth liiplott PnBBp bo i also oie marine aide lever 1'i.mj, wEl throw 7<J0 palkHt* per minute; two Oopper Kettes. aVitil 'All (aliens each, Mott's Portauls Kettles from 100 to SO jraHoas cach Apply to t CaBaIOT. dealer ib tea- and second hind kaehlnery of all kinds, Boe. * and 6 Bridge street Brooklyn, nssr the ferry MACU1NBRT FOR SALK-k. \ fTBAM BBQ BBS. TWO Plena I a foot 1 itbotrati) er a 1'^aw, -ne hki velops rutting Vrraa, fou* R niter's Fies?-a oor F?U?ru Turn . U>gB aoEluc ht TcL liU'B maehlue shop, tt FriuiEf rt PfcOFBLLBR FOR 8AI.K CHEAP -MC8T RB BOLD u city at some pries. 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More well Sttrd np abA a Una art of rueiTO m. p><w<.tlag aa ?ananal ihaaee fnr a aaaa of aoaaraMi aaaaaa to yrawaa btwlMWB a Itk and lo make boot. IMlMta 1,101 ram WooiTta riS" ros aALK^BOiuMii*'* aho "rik lurra rr wip'atr A ralnaKe l*aar. good locaUnai aad flnrt r*'? r'are to lo bualn' ?? ud aUf iMarr It ?01 be at U A aaarttvf DlOtis A f-'STj! *K'K, M Kaaaa a atreet TO nUU-AMT PAAT1 wnil TBI! ABOUNT may ( nrrkaaa an reUViabed eaak hvwneaa aa4 re tala tAa aerrteaaof lAr ptaaMit uwver If daairaA.e. AAdraai laM'm krrrkitul boi IU Herald cOiee $300 Wn/in ? FOR HALF. A RBBTACBABT. OTBTBB ?Ul'U. aad rialng Bonaa on Imalwar, cn? of tAe fir?! lorailooa for h jsnna la tke rltr. riearlng aei Ttmr'.j alrlMM Hil ? eanaa of aale frtaMlaknd ma> j year*, and alrganll/ fornlakrA. Apply at 71 >'mm> arart, r>wa Bp ? AUI(t ?BOB Kal.B. A CIKEaT RAiHIAIK. AK OU? M'-abHa *4 bTia'nraa lh*l wl?; clear orer M M a j ear, a lib rdiaar) rar? and a tentloa. A. M. RTDBB A C<> ? Haai UNTAIRATTS. HB>RT LTOBH lurm ? 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