Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1860 Page 5
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Cuoxtru** the Con vaotlu* resolution* not to ea. tvi a Cos * vectlon until the formal counting of Um electoral rotw by Cungre**. Xhl* rumor give* uneasine** to tbe act'.ro *e ce**ioni*tt. The ItcbrMk* Kltctlon. UMajja, N. f., Jet. 31,18*). Tbe Territorial Board of CkovwB^ra, oomposed of Got Black, Chief J uaitoe Hall and the United SUM* Otstrlot .Attorney, Mr Howard, met to day and oanvaaaed tbe re turo* for delegate to Congress Morton, democrat, ha* 14 majorltv over Daily, republican, and baa been awarded a certtlloate of election. ?ttaatn Beud tor New York. Nkw- Okuams, Not. 1, 1890. Steamship Philadelphia lalla for New York, Tia Havana, on UM 3d, and the De Soto on tbe 4th. Tbe \V ? atlier at Kay* tta villa, Ark. t .witTTKviixa, Oct 81, 1800 Scow oomtnenoed filling about noon, and la still falling. > Another Counterfeit. I.vniAHAn.u*, led , Not. 1, 1W0 Spur loo* bill* on tbe Booue County Banic bare male the ir appearance here. The plate 1* genuine, but tbe sig nature* are bad Imitations. The paper Is of much lighter texture than tbe genuine, and presents a dingy, greaay, blurred appearance The tilling up Is oo*ree, and on the large note* bungllngly done. This counterfeit, appearing simultaneously with the geuulne, has oast a buaplclon ?:j ou those Interested to tne l>%nk at parties t<o the fraud. Markitii Pnn.ADELl'Ul A STOCK BOARD. I'm ti>?uau, Nor 1, IBM. stocks steady. Pennsylvania Mate 6's, B5?< , Healing Railroad, 80S; Morris Canal, 60; Long Island Railroad, ' U1,; Pecu?> Ivaala Railroad, 80. tight exchange on Ni w York at par. Nkw o*Li4jfH, Not. 1, 1860. Cotton: tale* to day, 7,000 bale* at 11 a 12>ie. for tniunliog, bolder* oiler freely, but show uo deposition to Li.-' ks balm Surar dull at0'4c il^o. (tr fa r to fully fair Molarre* a 36c i 40s Floor quiet at 95 70 a 96 80. Or n at 67c. a 72a. Pork dull: mens, 919 60 Lard, In Ui-tt, 14o. Whiasey.aic Exchange on London, 107 a "07>;, and with bills of lading, 108 a 106X- The reet of the market unchanged. Mobil*. Oct 31, 1800. Cotton ? Sale* to day 3,600 bale*, at 14c. Firmuc** re 31! lets sale*. rn?m??TO!*, Ort 81,1880. Cotton? Sale* to day 1,800 bale*, mar kit Arm. 13a i Timor*, Nov. 1, 1360. Flonr quiet but rtealy : Howard *trt?t and Obw tC SO , Ciiy Mill* held at the x*me rate. Wheat firm: red. II 26 a f 1 36, whits-, 91 <5 a $1 66 Corn Arm: yellow. Uio a 08'* ; wblte. 70s. a 73(3. Provision* quiet and unchanged, tout*) llrm and active. Whiskey dull at 31c. ' PlllLAl'KU'UlA, N'OV 1, IS SO Flour ha* a declining tendencr and declined 13X9 >HV. Wheat declined: *ale< 13,000 bushel* red at 91 SO a >1 37; white, 91 40 * 91 66 tjrn dull: aa'.es 4,000 Ik ?h?ls at 70c a 72o. Coffee ready. Whiskey steady. Aikajst, Nov. 1-6 P M. Hour dull Wbeat, moderate tic man I, at 91 Id.1,' for 9<>rtng: and 91 66 'or white Canadian: *al t 8 000 bu*h?ls Kyi? Sale* l,0vx> bushel* at 76c Oat*? Salo* 20 000 buchils at 86c for Stat", delivered at tbo Central depot at 36c a 36 c , afl at, corn dull. Western mixed at 87i., i In l"ts parley in mi derate supply, ai.d demtnd g>od for prime 1< >ts : salts SO. 700 bu?iiels at 78e.. for Cauala liast, 73c. for prime four rowed State, 68). for winter and tw rowed S ate, 7Cc. f> r Niagara ooutf. an. I 74c. for Bay Qulnte. Whiskey 31 ?l?c. a 21 \c : sales 276 bbls . Bi cr iu>. Nov 1?8 P. M. Flour quiet and unchanged Whiat dull and parti >s nprrt: fair* 12,0f0 bushel* No. 1 Ml waukee club *t 91 03; 6 000 buahel* <"u ad* dj. at 91 07. Corn dull: ra 1 1 P COO bntbil* at 61Xc a ?2c Whiskey lower: sale* 500 bbls at ?>?? Canal fr? eha unchanged. Lake Ini Rjru ? 12 000 bbls. Hour. 118 000 bust.els wheat, 8,000 ushf 1* corn, 20(0 bunhel* oats, 1 000 buxbeis b?nc.. Caual e>|>ortf ? 8,600 bb's. (lour, 14.1 000 hus&els wheat, 8 610 bushels corn. 8,(00 do. barlev. Lake Import* to November 1?94.) 350 bbl* of flour, 13,783.044 bimbr's of wheal. 10 677 833 bu?b?ls of corn. 1 170,348 bushel* of oat* 21 6 .Sea buahels of barley 74 246 bushil* of rye. Canal export* tie same time? 153 9S6 bM*. of flour. 10, lhu 638 bushel* of wh<at, 8 740.(31 busbal* of corn, 1,13a, 36v bucbel* of oats, 108,396 buataol* of barley, 45,879 botbtla of ry*. Ow*r,o, Nov. 1?6 P M. flour *t*ady. Wheat dull hut without mtterlal charge: tales 8 600 burial* No. 3 Chicago iprtng at 91 08, afloat and delivered; 3 000 bushel* winter red Wisconsin at 91 20. Corn dull: sale* 2,600 bushel* Indiana, for city oae, at 68c, allont. Other grains qalet. Canal freights onrittled and lower. Roat* In active demand. Lake Import* ? 182.000 btwbel* wheat, 16,300 bu*hel* c>rn, 13 >00 buaiieia barley, 6 300 buibel* rye Cmal ex porta? 4.881 bbls flour, 134,700 busbal* wbeat. 19 100 do barley, 10,100 b')*bels oata Lake Import* for lUo month of October? 8 867 bMs flonr, 3 162,641 buihels wheat, 444.804 busbal* oorn, 29,376 bushels oat*, 619,463 bnabel* haney, 110,184 bushel* ry*, 18 016 do pea*. Lake lm Cort* since openle* of navigation to Nov 1 ? 111,983 bl* flour, 7,381,644 bushel* wheat. 4.606.739 buabeia c -n 328 217 beshe'* o?u, 1 066 7Q0 buhe* barley, 278.881 buahels rye, 38,400 bushe * pes*, 181, Ml, 938 feat Inn. bar The aales of ootton st New Orleans on Wednesday were 12 000 bale* The amount was accidentally omitted yo* tctday. Crk aoo, Nov 1?9 P. M Flour firm Wbeat active, and lc. 1 >* :. lower *aie* 1*3.100 bi sae a at 87 ',c a 88c for NorihweaU-rn club ? I 84- * 86) for No 1; 81e. a 83c for No 3, all In (tore Crni Arm: tale* 15.000 bushel* at 36^ In ?to'*. Oat* quU't. Receipt* ? 3 700 bM* flour, 00.000 bushel* wheat, IP 000 bushels oorn, 7 000 bushels oat*. Shipment*? x 000 bMsilour, 106 000 bushel* wheal, 68 0(0 bushel* oorn. Freight* dull. Exchange on X?w York one per cttit premium. Ci*n!WAn, Nor. 1, 1980. F'oir irarket nnKttled, accurate quotation* cannot be glreu Whiskey sUady at 16 ',c M-s* pork In g>iod de vand sales 1 00 bbls , all In lb* mirtet, at 918, *t<<ck of ol<i now exhausted; new, deli verable this monih, at 917. ISew lard wa* oflered for tbl* month at lOS^c Bacon fe.ll. Money market and tight exchange unchanged. Tli? CmimI la Haw f?rk. OIK ALB IK V COHaUroVDCNCK. Auun, Oct. 30. 1S00. fThal Rtenrnet e fOn Monty f Tbe g ifal qoaatloo belog agisted la tbla locality about (iiiN iiiji la: "What Let >maa of the moa*y rtlaad by (be N< w York I'nloa Committee and entrusted ti Cagger t Co for U>a pur pot* of carrying ibe I n ion electoral ticket?" I have reason to believe tha' the large auma ftr*arrted here bare bees moat unwisely and Improperly ?pt lied. Tbe p re* Id it g geolot of "67 Plate atrial, op ?taira," *emt to be oaly Intent on lak.og car* of bla p;r ?onal, faa!!y aod railroad frietda. Of the mooeya for waided bar* acne M (CO bar* i >i< low tbe Sabeacnady district, to be applied tc'.ely to lb* porpfwa ol forwarding tbe HUrMU of Cbaoacey Vibbard, of the Central tel.. road Orar >3 C(0 of iblt to a wa* applied to buying up Ibe tifctRcledy Arm* ? a itrm iy did* abael tbat baa a dal y e ire* let lor of about f rur hundred Tb? paper ?aa formerly for Rrtckiarltf g* T i* majority n ibis Con grtaeioaal district ?aa some four Ibouaaad aga.osl I lie tien -crats at tbe laat elactt?a, and tbe cbao-Ma of ric peeking with Vibbard, even Jf tb* Catted *lat?a Mlat vat at bm disposal, oould not he of tb* anoet flatteritf character But be bclobgt to tb* New York Central c 'qoa, aod mast be takro oar* of. AuutLrr lari* tea i.J beaa eatraaud to a peraooal friend '< Peter'a, familiarly know* aa tb* "<nrtfo Cnitf" Tbe t* wbo know um men will |oe*a rea-tiiy where tbe Pioaey will (o to To* elector! of ttawego oo< nly will be u><at f <r Moat# If a tingle dollar of It ?* apt t id to the purpoaee for it waa Intend*! Humor lay* tbat 81* Jewell, ex foiled ?Hair* Marshal, ba> tbe dispensation of tbe ineaat net apart for all tbe r I n rNM about Moaroe county. Tber* la a M rent ?torr tbat ooatlderable tame have b?ea lost recently la au alien pt to ? bock tbe tiger," an i tbe f do aay that l?eee fund* bad a I'nWKi Omiml V* look Win ran ten* Tb* ad.totatBg 0.i?r'e??kmal dteir'et of Rea?*ela?r la Cl< ?e, wlib tbe rh trier* la faror of eloeting Hjb l??ai Be< "aibe, Ute deiwooratt* rom'nee. t? >agr<? Keery r'-a oi tbe district la "taawtonary ground ' M ugau baa a nt acoealdrrabl* sum into tb" ooualy. aad Um wra'lb ?f the diairicl beirg m slly la the bands of tbe refm??|t rw a. large auma bare been oouirt?aied to eleot iMta. Ibn rt publican outfit at* Tm dein >TiU of K^oee* lair are aad* np principally of tbe poorer awl w'*<il? civs**. tb* strnegboirf* of tbe de-noca *y bt.rf la tbe man n'ar taring ward* of Troy. Tbe repib!' r?..s are Bghliai ile*p?raUly, aad Uiadlawtei ie ta <iane?r ff. in want of fn. dt aad leaner! .Jnrvle, ol Hie small |r? runwli t~, i i? twea etamping tb* dietrtet lo h?ip to aav* INIa, hi* leltow Mai?mie> n aa dnaator < naj?. K > e. aad a ?M* ??? ir *f r> p an ora or? bar* t>eea lb -re or a?* g'li g I caea t*>at on' er a-i^h cir-nnotanoea a |.i ration ?*? ma .-" b< Ca?g ?r 4 Oa f?r a aiaali *.. not of re ? i<i ? by the R M* laer weulral Ojin-al' t*?, a. J tb* *'*' ucy of th* ra?e *a* r?r? poiatediy r-?*?rt?d I ??ffn Me ledir?ant Tr- ?n In'o'mai't >iil? (hat P*t*r fare the aopleattna th? e. ,11 an miter and at |e-ly r*f**ed to "e^-o* dowa" a dima l'?d*r (o<-*e e?r i fwratafi* ?h? T'o)a? re'orr.efl. ataf?f \*tig ar^e nl f. ter aad fa! y lirpr.H: I witb the fait tbat Ibe n >a*y la b e bai.da ? a* Im eg o'.iraga.e.?l| s<)>ianderad A %*rj 'aige ine foe* Into ?fe bead* of (JnuO !?e flu ? ly. nt* nall? to tb^ aer.wiat "I "prlatlBf but really aa ? to kelp the dr,?< and that c?">| i* Tbonsaide iif d< I'at ti*?* heen t'"-* ?^??andered th* Attwi ? pr?paridt.fc*.empa bl I large V' wan p I! " tf "'?ft ofary ifeant tbat may h* ' f. ra Vde* In a ??aay < aee uy . yoe ken*. ?e Me brother |r aw of Cagrer, asd be maat be la ? ? carr o(. I bear tha' 10 000 ? i pv?t If oa? et ftwg'ae apeeeftea bare beea f. warded at lite a few dajt to a i,?-l?h?H.riog couaty. I WO Cf wbirb tr* aow lying ta a ptl. wbera tbey aeew ? HI b* d'a?r.bul?d until aioatbs afler elrcllna frit tb* ji kw- *111 fbr pribttng tb*a ? M* to b' P*^. "f fc?iotft lb* fart* . _ . . Tow may rely * -t ??at tf any el? a Ooag"*i??ki ?Iirfl'ta cat of >'? a Verb aee tared II will aot be fro* mi y "roa'erta" or i>tbir eRertte* aid fare tab* J by tb* A aaay Oaatfai Railroad tliqoa. A Cbtara for tha TbltfN. TO Till K.I'fTOB (W TlIK HKHkLD. T'uc .ababltaala of tha Tbtrd ward aad tb* d "alert of WaabMgtoa markat will regrat ta baar of tha raalgaattoc t>' paMM oOtwr J "be Baaablla, who baa baea a aaaibwr of Ui* lore* for tb* latt thirteea year*, aai akm* aarvttta ttra baaa so laealuabl* to Vbaaa Hi* icUraaaeat ?1U b* A lest to tbe rnmnanlty at laraa at wall at to tb* forea, if he baa a tbonwgh kaowledgaof tb* f?ark*t tblvrat aad euaptcrtoaa oWaetwrt wbo laftat tbat toaalWy. ?*d wbo had raaroa to bold blm la terror Hip efllatt My aad tinmaalty la of htadntW ti<* obaritabla Inatllnlkwt of tb* city, fb'ldreti bar* be?a tared by bla froa degradrtlo^aad gat. hunfirtd arrtiii for Uroeftf owe ootoow ? ? ???? Xl?? Irrcprcaalble Caaflkt. A>OffTlt* UTPtTBLICAM MAJjb MKITWO AT OOOriB IK htitut* triita or tbx ion. oalubba a. onoir, of lvakia. Under lb ; aupiote ol the Rapablieea Oampalga Club, a Bun mcetlug waa bold last night at Coo par institute. ' Although asnoonnad aa a maatinf , the eaaemblage, ! compared to the nightly gatberlaga at tha InatUute, waa J not large enough to entitle It to each a deaignation. Tbere were aeveral led tea oa tba platform, but tba aaual oharae tcrUtice of tbe lrrepraaalbla ooafliot ware absent Tbara were no flaga, no bands of mute, no transparencies, and ao Wida Awakes witb torch ea. Tba moating waa called for half peat seven, bnt It waa near eight before tbe pro ceeUicgi were opened. On motion of tbe Prealdent of tbe Republican Oampalgn Club, tbe chair waa taken by J. Auma dnvmm, Jr., wbo made a brief addreaa eulogtatlc of tba part taken by the republtoanaof the ettj la tbe preaeot oanraaa. and the aandidats whom they aupporied for tbe Kresldanar of the United Statea. After the Chairman's addrsm the meeting waa treated to some "patrtotio" aura by tbe Lin coln and Hamlin Glee Club. MB. OKOW'S RPKECIT. Hon. 0. A. 9*ow nu then Introduced and received with immrDM applause. When silenoo whs ruelored he aaid: TLe electiou was already decided In favor of Lincoln, dea Llte dry goods combination! and all fusions ( Applanae ) There was weeping and walling and guaabtag of tee lb an.oog lb* traitors, who aaw that the I'ulen iu safe in Abraham's boaom (ipplanse ) Ho would refer to the vital queailon of tho day, the disposition of the public Ian da of the country. Su.ce the Revolution the juriadiatloo of the cooatry bad bten vattly extended ? to the extent of 1 400,000,000 a?,res of unoccupied lands. At the present momont there were one huuured millions of acres ol land awaiting the occu i>anuy of a brave and Industrious people. By the laws ibu I'resid' nt cnn fix the day for the sal< of pubikj laaJa. but previous to that day i>artten could purcbaao lands {r jw tho government. These men were Bailed exemptors. li? ibis sysUrn tbe milliooa.rea couid purchase up the , lauds and under thus monopoly tbe people of the oountry were deprive! of the means ol settling on the waste , lauds fucb a monopoly palsied and paraljxod the arms of Industry and enterprise. Ine repub^ I llean party would alter this systom of , latd monopoly and *(caie free homes for froo settlers. , ( Ai 1 l?uw.) Tbey wouivi no looger *Uow iUe goveroraeot ; u, wiest and hold pesetas ion ol ttioie lands, fhe govern- . ment mi*ht as well claim the right to let out in sections tbe vcrr stmoaphere they breathed as to set up a oiaioi to , tbe innate public property or the oountry. They woul-1 j di n.uiid that government mould surrender till claim, MU? c? ?ie a policy which hrld possession of fourteen hundred I millions of dollars In land Tho goveri mint was respon slate for this roaldomtnUtratioB, and thoy would cwroo It to ceafc such legislation and to base .is Uud la *s upon seme wiser and more jidlclous policy. Tho crlmcs of society were traceable to tho maladministration of the internment If they desired to see the ga.loasea of the country broken to plccts snd It* penitentiaries closed, tbey mutt compel the government to leave to tho la'xirer all bis earn I eg*, so that bis home may be made oora foriahle, tbrn would misery and Its ooncomilant vioes and cnaes disappear from tbe land. The Independent yiomatry of a country was a saler dileoce for their 11 pomes than bavtl.meuu, walla or towera. The hoar is of an independent yeomanry were the stoutest citadel*. ana U eir arms the safest bulwarks of a o?"Etrf ? "nJ frcedo?c-for In the days of invasion the InhabiVantsof tic .emoKal bourn aries ol the country wou iddj Jt with , h?arte of oak auid nerve? of steel to ite defeLoe. w&y sLould not Hie government endeavor to naake . bla the fireside, of the bard, aons of ^-l*e fe? | weal h of a nation Ut tbe govcrnm-jrt frame lU land policy upon sound legislative prltolpes, wh ch would give tho unoocupled lands of the country to acta a s., and w.alvh and prosi>erlty would lucreaso. , Congress tbe republican party brought InaHrmcstoad bill, tbe object of which was t> give a quarter aectioooi land iltO acres) to actual suttlers, to become theirs by r.u'.Hvation and uocupatcy tor Ave consecutive years, th* best guarantee tbat could be given of an aux.ety to become a tual tll'er* and tattlers upon tba aotl. But that KotresUad bill, which passed a republican House of Kepnaectaltves, was thrown out by a democratic Senate At Inst the Senate agreed to wtat he would call a half Homest.a-1 bill; b?t that bill, when sent up to the vtb te House, ?*a vetoed by that old Buchanan. Every repreaenutive from the slave states bat one In the Hoase of Reprosentatl voted sganst tbe Homestead bill, and every reprtsentativa It the 9enauj frost tho alave hUtea But two voted agalnat It. A quarter of the d. m0"'''? I In either bran:b onlj supported the measure. Why was | ll that the great larty which ao long stool before tne , American people ? a party who once professed to be the | f? lends of free labor, a party which In the days oC^Jeder sou and Jackson stood forward tho champions of free labor all ov.r tbe aorld? .hat very party today warred ( acalnst the dearest Interests of the free laborers of toe c -uutry. Tbe roaaoo was that they knew that wien ever a bomesVad 'a sr should pass there would se an , end to tbe extei slon of slavery In the Territorlea of lb* t'nlled Stat' S. Tba Interests of free labor and tba interests of slavery were incompatible. The ( two el.ments c- old not exist In harmony, for the reason tbat under vbt free labor system every man was bia own laborer, and the product ol bla I was b s patrimony. Tbe only patrimony of the laborer was the bone and tuoacla wlib which liod bluaaed hia?, nnd with tbat booe and muscle, and with his knapsack on bis back, be sets out from tbe scenes of bla childhood N?d goMfortfe to m.ko for himaelf aod wife a ad cbll drro a nrw bom>*. and carve out a new p?trliaoay tor VZJt and them. Tne sia. -S bad no stak. In ?ej ao,u tr,? no ?bj?ct in tbr world but to evaders *?" eoul i tho vigilance ol tneir taskm^ter. Tbe whole labor of tb. *)Jberr iitlon was ownod b, 847,000 ?lav.owi. | ?i- and tfceae men deelred to have their syste-n extend ed and proucied by the government. But be wusiM Wll tl.em that if tbe govrrnment was pirmlttej to protncl Ibis servue ay stem . f labor by pr< t ctt??? tt tn th|? Terr ^ r lee, free labor would be as completely excluded from th-ee Teinhiries as if a la# was espocta'ly passed to eirtude tl.' tn metK.llcyof tba repab.ican |>*rtv to day wat iW a. cure tbe vaat Terr .fries ot the coootr y t^ ^ fre. iW ?? iree boM for frrr ro. n " (Apolanse ) On tb? other bar..! , tbe d? m <-ratu- part? waa lor protecting slave labor aud thus erlppll >( and jmralyxltg th? iud^ j-t'j ol r^? "" n Abraham l.u.coln was tae s nnda'd bearer of lbs party? a ebild of pen. ry and waot, l?>rn in a aUve State, ud surrounded In Infancy by Iboae Influences, tte tti'aerj Inllicted by the system up .n fr<-e white labor. rw<5d to sreka home, be went fonh single h.a ID, JHZL friend, and witboot any of tbe foMnltowelr ; t ..ii stanrca too frt^jor.tly b' *r ??i men to high and bocorabte i*?'tK,na Wtih n^-g it but , ojo? , and be went lorth ant arblev d for him- J a noble desiley and ol ths 4th ul March next he J 'ald r,r..nt b m. f tlx- standard bearer of a Joat of free i L n who would then erowa bin with t la bigboat I i.rwu to th- cifi-x-l world I 'to ? u bal c ,*? ? (..Ml, 1 1 . use p rxroon ot th-< government a* JaeSiwu did ?n bit i ; h an Intrl ict unclouded uy ael.Latine- - , with a I art enuikte< hy the blsn1Ubm?n a of p>?er ai.1 unc^'u,^ b- rm'lal poaltK n. On the 4'b af '.tar,* [ text I'neola would inaugurate bsti?<r aud "t***' \ ar d wtien be waa instated tn tbe l^.w'.denllaicia rih.-y wonid bare no tovode investigations, and If _ thej ' *bouU , h.a t-nnH prof' ft thfm nop ftlM gorjtfM* h*d paear.l aH -stead 9111 be would not veto It To l,.Lf olu labor couiu Wot up and o? proad In Ita daily ^ toH t's w ?s b< uad <r, fr?e lab r by ties of common porsu ^.'n SMlter ng. and p- rations. ,nd be ??? " <"?? be false to It if be wool i.asl be wouid b? ^ eoald { App aute ) As I'realdent, ts wou. l be ably as slsted by date lbs! Hamlin? (appiaose) ? tod on tba 4?b , i r March next tbey sroold Close a bo? k wb <"h MSttlM IM blackist rbapter evar written on tba oooauj- a chapter which would la after years be read ri i " r ebr Jr?n with shame for th- r anoestora^ The ! s irs of li* tia? s fcetnkeoed a glorious morro w, and la a tc ? days mora tbe people of tbe Rwplrw State wxstd be ca'lcd upon to aeltle. Ibrongh tba bal ot bo*, the psj|V whlrb would control tbe government. Tba elan. m waa, aa to tba rafi^. already mtled. LM tate*ta ard purpose*, Praaident; but a I ThTy toSb *d 'TllS' "represlnuturs 'who would#* s, txrs a./rMxtntt of the co^otry With reprfww u;.t .?ip a^ iito Unoo.I I. tba PreaUeaUai chair. Ibey might bop.f?lly l?fe forward to a g'ori^s and bear Q lent Change la all the affairs of the government Mr Grow bare sal dawn amid en thus wt . *t Plaie S?e (Irw club Mam 0? Jb? a?e?blaA to anothsw of tbatr ftrea _ __i a f jficffi move to tbe doofi, tfcwfti Mr. fcJTSirSii Mr r K r?ngbora , of Bnatta. to* tbe staai. aearoely a quarter of tba original assemblage ^Tbe'r^ceeoing's* warw brwaght to an aad a little afl? ten o'clock. ('?to* Tore might PmHtlra !? llroofcljra. latttMWf men of Brooklyn turoa J oat la Unnftb, uj fsprtwd ? lorehltfhl p.-?raa'oo lath* ? ?ter c!ly of awk numbora and reaper Uhuitf a* ar? auf Vest to make tb? rceatea of ibe aoaffvleraey tradable. He mailer tu t*k<n la charge by Klinund llr'ff, tb* irarrt Ma-?hal, with ft riy I't aid*. healdi-a Ibe foil iwirf luarekal* la iba ?'?ht dirwinak i>-?mpraio| tb* prowta ? "(> ? .r> ah Njtiderk. firat dlatk. n. lernard O'Neill, i dlaltx.n * C t?e W tt . Tb<r I dlrialm ; ,<iati M [ > t??l, ?ciurtb d'*t?ioa, John A IJkyioo, fifth dtTla'oii ; , | i .jh.ri furry, *>iilb IItkIob J oka Akiu, drvaiitk divl ! ?tno. Oapiair A f Kra?-lr. Ftahth dlvval^o TV. > dtflaloea w?r? prrwlMl, afu-r the Mraod Mar- | I thai, hy IV tneirhera of tna i raan C/aacll, or IMS of fftn aa ?y?>pntbiaed with lb* Union enatlmeat n*r ? ?re fMlvM by ??T?ia! riaoa of Ira York aud the I K'aute Men an oth?T ?x>??rr*atir? oiuha f?o*rali/ 0"* liNMl an. o? it.' in warn the r nt->n l^kfu* No I 1 ttfit rftelnrt, and ' inar ri?tt b? elaba frt>? N w t <rk i City Ttw of K't>fa co-mlf, w?ra aJao wottkl i f o ?lire Tkey w?ra r ad in llnir euaracl? riaMk (riintnf rhnkeri ?blrtk, and tb*ir ?ml wtorarbarac > lai ?Im kvkrry dyb?, h-rraiitg a'tofUor I r?lbw ?*k war* r>mi ??}? of t< ?voa>> ra Iu .be fi'lk ra, <>!? pany 4 Hr and \ r?r?t? Ulautr kr? I ?a, ii f?rl. ? d lb ? i lt>?r cli|i? la all tbatr ??>ry a I Ham j l?r l*Thre. tb* r ea pea aid r* ? of d ran r-. aa?, meir I*' l c-totad laa.artk and all lb?lr other r-^?oua ap ftnianii 1 ? (???' ' I ? ? ?' ?*' IW ao?, belwrrn >?? Ka.h aad *j"ll? aeeaoak tha !ta? I ! at march wa? d- ?. I<* Kk k !<? ? iltoo kr< na*. <*? ? ? Ibk* In .1 ItW , H 0?-it H'Xi theara lo Mtaallr ?!?*. ? ??d niaVxi, tkroi.fb ?a.rb to faMoa alraet.ap ? b;rh ?hr> >.fh tt\ rtle ?? > ? ? t. ??'?ci at | io tourlli aireet, down ? rk laHrkrd, tbriufb f.ra?.! | I |o Graham. ki.d thuf to Br 9*4 a */ . *hcra the dmaloot aaat of fluab af arenwa w?.*a dttti. ?a- l. The reaikla'.kit 1 dlelktr* w-ra ??arc(t?i v> tbe Cue Hall park, whaaa the* mrrr ?*m !-%d al a tola hmir X*ha croc MKiii kum'x-ied oTir eliblkeb buairW mi Ik kil, k?id waa ?t a aary laV bmir ? mi nr. 22 aiig. w rjwfcst ??em "'#io?t i, M ***"*? ^ *?^^i, NRwMr , ^ UiptrUat Latter from Charles U Comor mi StCMltOB. Naw Tou, Oct. 29, 1800. Dub Sm? Your tmriuttoc to addra? a Onion meeting at Hew Rootoelle, on the 2d of November, la acknowledged aa a personal oompllment, tod II would b? aooaplad with great pleaauro but for ilia preaaure or other oooupatlooa. Ail time and effort at my disposal for public purpaaaa ara faithfully m devoted la Uii city, where, la my own judgment, J can lerri moat eflloiaatly. Tbia oonaldera Hon alone oompela ma to decline. Our (7 (tern of government la tha beat humaa skill baa ever framed ; but It waa accepted by wife and reflect lug men with mora of humble hope that, under Divine pro tection, It might long endure and bleaa our people, than of absolute confldenoe that It muat aeoesaarlly hold them together la unity and amity throughout all time. It waa roreaeen by Waahlnffton himaaif that attempta might ba made to alienate portlona of oar ooaatry from the reat by enfeebling " the (acred Ilea which link together the various parts," nor did be deem it unBt to admontah ua tbat, however at root ty patriotic emotlona might in fluence ua to " frown upon" all cuch attempts, the considerations springing from that aource were ?? greatly outweighed by tboae which apply more Immediately to our Interest " "Here,'' says be, "every portion of our country flnda the most com roan ding motlvea for carefully guarding and preserving ibe Union of the whole." To this aapect of aUairt 1 would In rite alien Hon It la now too near ibe ordeal of November for effectual argum-at or adequate reflection upou any of the religious, moral. political or economical questions connected with uegrn slavery. The varloua opto una which now exist uruongst our people aa to the j iatioe or lrjurtlre of tha' uEtiluliou? the neoeatiity 01 conlinuiog It, or the daty of nppreaaing it? widely as they conflict, are nuverlhelesa t ion tired, too deeply mated, for any change in individual htlief within the brief apace that Ilea between the dream i i political eventa now flawing by our doora, and the br'nk towards which It may be lending. Thi- inloreala of the are oonaidered tn be Inter woven with tbe continuance of negro slavery. Whether it b?' a wtae or an unwtae view of tbe subject, tucb is the prevailing opinion In tbat section of our country. There has arlreu in the North a party avowedly hostile to Uiat institution, and pledged to dlscjurage it and to labor lor It* extinction by all peaceful moans which the constitution does u t positively furaid ? aa tbat instrument is underatood and interpreU-d by the parly and lta leaders. This ts the mildest shape In which the moral war now raging against the social arrange menta of tbe South has ever been expressed by any ouu. ir, aa Washington aaaerls, ttio promi>tiuga of self interest be commanding motlvea ou aur.ti occasions lhau | even patriotism, what may we spprohend wbon. In den and contempt ol all opposition and remonstranoe fitm the South, the united North shall baveepoken ai one man, thrown its irresistible weight is 'avor of that ae? ti< i?l (?arty. and Invested it with the supreme pjweel There can be but ore answer to this qnnitton ttoonr r or later ''the sacred ties which now link together" the North and the South muat bo sundered. How closely Iho to evitable eBeet will follow the oause may be mailer of speculation, but It ran only l<e a question of lima When those aball govern the confederacy who pronounca South ern life utter "barbarism," aod denounce aa "the sum of all vlllauiis " a practice on which lhat whole s< ctton sustain* itaelf, the south must seoede, if serejtlon be practicable. It Is practicable It is capable ol accomplishment wllh the utmost facility; and il 1a the extrroeof folly In Northern men, who either from patriotiam or aelf inie rest are averse to it, to deem il a distant or luiprobabls ev'l. Wtere no complete and Independent power of local government exist* In the d Iterated led sections, rerolu lions are fraught with extreme Immediate lunger to the ae.lore, and demand much skill and capacly aa well aa onursge Ir eonduct'nf the prcparat try and Initiatory ate|? a small bar d of Individual aro obliged 10 con spire, aa it were with ba.tera around th >lr necaa, Is aome secret place, without oolor of right In their first plaiting* or subsequent action. Their proceedings are, through out, in plain violatioo of all law, aod tn opposition to all the existing constituted authorities. iU u of auy pru dence will long endure great evils before lavo'vlng them ?elves In the perils alleucant on such enterprises. M it the raw ts far different when, in a confederation like ours, the d>*lro t> secede animates an effective majority tn a particular State. No secret ooospiracy Is tbere needed. Treason? If treason it may be called ? needs no mask to conceal its featnraa, or secret hiding plaoe in wmch to perfect its designs The trail >ra? If traitors i the) may be called? have a regularly aid lawfully con I ftituted government already in tbeir hinds, aad subject to their direction. They hare an executive, a lagls lature, a jallciary ; Uiey have aa army, arsenals aad arms, they have a complete oorra of administrative of liners, Ailing every department, la doe subordination lo their accustomed chief, the Usvernor. He, too, holda bis office ui.der State authority alone. Thi seal of the United Confideracy Is not found upon his oommlaston. He wears no badge of official subordination to any power. Hla ( flicta! reeprBSibtlllv is only to the people of his own Slate tn Ibeir court of impeaebmrnta. Internal order will exist pursuant to tbe legislative will, and external defence, pursuant to the exeeatlve command, may be arranged at the very lnatant a legis lative act declares the seoeasion. The few officials of tbe central or federative government to be j found within the Stale muat go wllh their fellow citizens, or g<> instantly into a Plata prison. The frderatlre volae, which an hour before was ''the supreme law of tha land,'* can no longer command within the State the means of issuing or Mrvint a legal prooees It Is only kaown aa a lure ign aad hi*uie power, wbiui may sou J a? ajuatitn> military fore* against the Slate, aad which. In that event, Is lo be treated aad realited aa any oner public enemy. Uultl that foreign enemy a hall assail her borders, p' a;e, law and order reign In every |>ortloo of the State, prreiaely aa If no change had occurred. Il would seem to have b? n a i*rt of our divinely wiae scht me if government that bo 8tate should ever be tri*t ed ur .'.stly by the central power In loed, I think Such scum tmpoeaihle. When the terms of ihe federative compact ara viilaled tbe Aate baa but to eecede, aad tbe viblrai government m'ist recede from its course of op prtsaioa. This X manifest No State, with tbe facllltlM for talf ptotacliou tl>ua dealgcedly afforded by our system, will ever Im ( submit t.? abBrtlute Irjuanoe. No other HUMi in the I a ion *111 rrtr consent lo b >14 a reluctant dlila lu cjbj cltoo by ibe constant e*?f>k>y?aol wltbtn tu borders of ? 1. .< .? a. Iii?rf f >r. o A l oiao bald l"(elber- by Ior?" la utterly repugnant In oar conceptions of p >lt-jy; It would violate a cardies! rale lo that gr-at unwritten code < f political cibca Iron wbtcb our aiming federal on spraig A pe?n la fan no l rigblfull) ?><" g'>v?r owl aga oil ibetr will It never waa Intended that one portion >>( uur rounlrj sbou'd forcibly held wltfcla lb" Colon by the la'tmd |- *or of ibe real Tie "ra-red lluks" of mi loo rHrrrcd t<> by *ub,?n >o were uol formed <i I vulc.aoias I n.elal, n'r wera tbiy eesigoed to b? hclJ to tbelr place py o am?t 'oree Mutuil affect. on, cemented by mutual li Ureal, la tbe only power toat cto k*ep us uuliod |f I lo Lot protead that a iHate may remain lo the Union ?n 1 n "' fxy ila authority; nor do I ia>?< ae that a Stale can ever a. cede altbcol jost ??# la taw reepect I u?.fc apnv on admirable ted.-rsli** government a a a Uieo rracy I" iber'ghl, It la mrlscible. to work lnnj*J?s, it baa Bo fa?i Um; afcen wrong, it la at>t .lately pu??rieaa. Tie fc'uth baa mat forth ita warning that It will troat I.idoo o a election aa cjcluatra tvldonoa Ibat tbcra tslsla at tbe North a died aid nta'terab,* popular bo* limy to H Liber n Interests. lii%t U will not await tbe |?r(? uai <>u of an ovett ad Thla U rallM a threat, and tal-. ta'ed with derision. Hereto la a misconception of * ? d sibus* tbe Northern mid. I I" lieve thai the rt-puilicM party *s eompoaed of two r a??' a lull, U>e amMMoua leaders, woo, without faith tu their own doctrine* , have .-riitled upon attslalag nowrr through Uisturbti g appeal* to a misled public r m aclecee Mrcondly, tbe boa>?at and conscientious op 1'i.niia of negro slavery. Tbe farmer bar* loot ted a moral war against oar brethren of tba truth, inteudiag tliat Ila Haass shall bo quoncftad I be Losunt tba Id raadlartos aha., have atlaiaed piwar They id tend lo deceive tbelr booeet follower*, and ao doubt would aark lo mytj their power aod pelf !n pea ce and aaourlly by a "onraeof prlicy wbmh, uader tba clrtumataroia, mlgbt well t>* pronouactd treacher ous ) believe that within all montb* after hi* elect loo, t lacola would be more bated by ereey boa eel abolUtno tat i Lao aay otber I'reaMatt avtr waa bated, or tbaa a ay o< bMf reaent oompetltoea aver would be If elected Bui trie rtrwe not -rl-rU n |h ? ? ; ? t. ? n the 4<>utb would ri-eogaiae, la a preference for l.laoola. ibat Northern aea I'n.ctl H huatlla to *>utber? lalcreau, and deler?*laed aoocer or later 10 aacnSoe theae :ctecea4a to a reaaocae I' *B aad deatraeklre prt>pafaadl*a la a aather aapect the raatlTeaa? of the South la na wiaely treated aa taatcalBoaal aad laonaeeq.iaaUaJ It la ?all thai oar physical force I* vastly greater tbaa their*; taai oar courage aid ras>latl a ara equal lo tbatra, aad mat a a arae 1 collia.oa woald he br!?f? wonld be fatal to the Ik alh For lhataae of tbe argument I will adalt all taw. hut what would ha the reaiitl* Who will depict It* ) Wi.-i'd oar Nailhsiii oarrlora. *Atr batblag tbelr Iwomi In frahrrral bioi-l, tura thf .w latn im|>Hinenia of husbandry? eeUe la thslr oawly acquired tarrllory, and '?)4oy tbeaaBelve* , \ agriculture cb cuttua and r.ce pJta- , tu ..i t' WMild tbay he wil tog. in tbelr eonditioa, t ? - 1 ? > I'^r ratee t < <*? or ? ' KMriNk ea?aae: t ate 'i and ?nrluolWy l*dn|<?| u.gro feliow citnea*' If tot, ? I at woul' tb*/ do with IB* dewolated bosnea f Ire eubjoyaled Vith*' I wul t.ot folww out lha Biratdaraitona rentier tod w?b lb? barful topi*. Toe man who bei.aee* Uat aa armed rwllialon of Ihla ?ert <a^i ever ar;*a helwvea tbe military f. rce if i-ie I a ion anl ta ? SMedtng Sooth doea aot uader siaad Um ftodwaatal prl*91f>*? of nur l a toe, aodJhUf to appeectato the Tirtue of our* Tbe aaaertoaa cll'r* b wbo wmtd wifllegly wltota* Ita ocearreacos ere? m f.r- Tet?t ttms c, ta a traitor to throe ' Bdaaealal r.'tr'pl** I tar. aaht at la <ta polttiaal aapeet, ao4 la It* 'mm*. d?l<< praeueal bear maa aa It relal-o to giremraeaU. ac ikw. tttiauia t* a n.ras are aaally executed l.-t as loot fWr a ?asaaol le ita s It arte' rasi.'ta If l<ireter*M bo* |."l? ta ita Metal arrar irwals pervades the K.?rth wl?-r ?fc a'\ ?el the Houth b>?*- ?f No very ooalrr J. eg reaaooa rat hat iadta*i;f I ef a i)?gatte* coocliWlna ou IMS ir- J D k*|l, I it ti It ptvn that w* caa never avaka war ?|?T tl.e *.? til ?? f"?oe ibai section hank Into Ute I ms lot ua Sea wuai to the Beat rba^rO r la tbe aato 1% . *ae of ovrnia At an ?r'r-poe>e?t re^i tiir, perfsatlf s'mad and *o itnpe.' w?h ail the l .rwia^ aa 1 S'.ireAtio1 elesaeata of a .? t aad good piwrsalal la foil a^ttao, what s*a. pra resit lb? Talte t ftoieaaf .*Lth?m A?-rl? him b?log ?w -ie?" s?>lr sdirltied 'ate the great hamlly of elvlllt?1 aad ? horded eywy taa'.l ty fa* a dsreot trol* with ?^,.pe? \ irr**-ebi?ai rVot'tewdom wil l bai: the klrtb of t? ? t < w r-m^lee with dsMlght. aad wonid haataa to aff >rd I e- erj r.'edf.. eeoatoe'e^i ? e?* Ta? -vao-'? i ?? i he Mian ted lato Ma pnvw otthoat MM Lr at k.a ra'.a Tba raaoifailure* of bale! Ve ? Roglaad aad lha haled Nt-rtb wo-. Id, nf aaaraa, be rxnludad Tae ! r,?r r jfc. aad eewiatetrlal ntoe?oafae mi eiMtlaf he tweav New Yr?k aad tbe iraaaatlantM aat'oa*, la a? B?t1oa?'lh on?ibeen peodocta and Noatbera inrsiap I'lO, o- ti?d be iraetferred W? a dtroe% enr'e*gvod*oee bo taeea N' a ( t leant mad (bariaattaand He very sam* V -Otfa W'.aea wii'ek Bow nnwdact tbe hdtlne* TbtS a Be rat a are of the happy nomai*rcVal and 'ddusti ia latevtbaear* onw existing Mtsreen tbe North Bed tbe w >m<4 promptly jfdiaw n?.-fce"?r*ooe of o?r poliUtatl c* r?e r lagro planted Won / oar New Bag I la?' ?'~ee? *. < row Sip-' Opeenl'rH IB tbC Wit, betoxe of ootUw, would aooe fowl the effect of thu uJ change to oor condition Tha (aotorlea la which thj vt * |?? tobor, aad honestly secure Um means of siibaMtaace, would soen be deserted. New York, to Um dartotw >' her real estate to one ta?Jf of ita present value, would reel It Ought we to provoke these oonaequenoeaf I think I aol. I an isllsfled that If negro Blavery be a ato. do ho ?"?t

I mas can mm clioo or tolerate It. 1 am satisfied that If It ! be a sin, the republican party ? right. We ought to oon , our with them and to extirpate it. We ought not to ??? I for the South tJ secede, If we cannot persuade them to abandon It. If negro slavery la tbe unmitigated orlme ! the republican party represent It to be, wa should purge i our country of It, either by nuppr easing It or cutting off from our communion, even though It be our right hud, ' the member that adheres to It. But I am eat tiled that the question whether It be ? llu I or not hsa never beou fairly considered by the poop e of ' the North, or even srgued before them They hare refer beat d or deliberated upon any argument ooncernisg j it; and befote dually deciding Ita character and proper , destiny, they ought, In conmun prudence, to give this mu' h oensured practice a fair hearing. i On tha whole, therefore, 1 am most anxious that tbe I question of nrgro tlavery should not be deciled at this 1 election? that a respite of four years should be allowed to onr Northern people, during which the subject m?y be fairly dltcusted and dell terately determined. ' If three years hence there should be found In offloc a Single Senator who dare In bis plaoe aasall the S iuth, on mora) grounds, as'imner and many eminent and in fluential politicians are constantly assailing tnat section, I. as a Northi rn man, would assent to a peaaeful dissolu tion. Instinct States, with conceptions of social morality so widely variant as those now existing between the re publicans of the North and the people of the South, are uiitlt to associate under a common government, if the moral odium in whioh either holds tbe other is allowed any play or operation In politisal slTalra. This is a I I sslt of Ami-rlcau conservative! at the North, who conscientiously believe lu republican doctrines,, or any portion of them? a brief term of deliberation before milting the irrevocable blow and bringing to Ita climax the Irrepressible coi (let. If alter such deliberation the sent'ment of the North should be nurbaoged, peaceful separation by mutual aereal would be tbe duty of both lecttoes. Such a mode or separation wen Id greatly miti gate the evils resulting from tbst event Kvery man of i rotr.mon prudence, every lover of bfs species, should pro- | fer a peaceful dissolution to a violent and revolutionary ! disruption. If the outhern States oh lull secede, no overt act of i trrasen will bo coram, tle'd by suy person during tbo otU Cial term of Mr Bucbnean (C >i>Btltutlou United States, ! Art. 8, sec 3, scbrt 1 ) Nor indeed will any crime what ever bo committed in vloiatlou of tbo laws of the Union. Vr Bacbanan'4 sdinl-lrtrulion will have no power ? I to aid to suppressing " the wrath to come " the cemilng evil will bo snnounoed by sovereign Irs's'ative acts, totsk? < fleet on tie Inauguration of coin and not be! <ro Mr Buchanan ean do nothing in tbe p?? tu bet except to 'ctue his pioolaaiation summoulng tbo new tJopgtees to *ss< mble on the 4th ol March, 1M1. This would e? ab .? Mr. Lincoln, alter being sleeted by a soo M< n, ai. d inducted luto ollice as the l'resident of a section, i to demand tmmod'.stel) from the li ngress of that section ?a r meaning and war supplies for the ] urpaBC of reduc ing to obedience or ?ubj"Ctiin the revolted South, if, the f>es of the South believe, coercive meat1 res are adapted to such an exigency, or at all practicable. I pray that the Impending evil may be averted, my faith ui liivine Providence gives me c mlidonce that It will be averted On the veto of New York depends the result. 1 sm, dear sir, yours truly, C'HtRI.ES O'CONOR. ' ClOkCX W. Loin, K*q , Cerretpondiug Se'C.relury. Th? Eighth CoagrsMlon?l District TO THE gDITOK O T TQK H Kit A LI*. Ahrsham Wakeman, republican candidate for Congress In tbe Eighth d.stnc; In this city, javo $100 to aid In tbe circulation of Helper's Itiamous book, in which the fol I lowing parugrspbs occur ? We eaa well afford to disperse w ith tbe Ignorant < 'athollo e'ement o* 'he Imrmtd Jute In lhe influence which 'hey ei- 1 ert no enelrty, there 1? so Dale difference between slavery, | Pope'y ?nd ne?rn driving rletn* rse> , that we ?r? nut sur pnxed 10 tee it em solus bu,l in lutnd in their dtabol ? al work of lnh'unamty and desolation. Ic another rlare tbe b<>ok proclaims the purposes of bla k republicanism as follows ? Our pti'p ?e Is ?? firmly fl-ed as the eternal plIKr* of Heaven. we hire determined tu abolish ?.??er>, ana, so help lit (iud, sbo)?li It we will No tnsn who has endorsed p?-itlm?Etg like these, or b\s contributed < ne h' nJrcd doiltrs to scatter them broad csst over lbs oouLtry , slia'.l receive our support for any jflice whatever. A T' TPR ><T THK EIGHTH ni?TR10r. | II. R. II ? iht Pilacs og Waits tag Prlte at BE APT'R fal'unal Portrait Qallery, somsr Broad wa; and 1 entb street Oi* cm? 0ai<lkht in tub unrrgn rtatbs IIO.NI.RED WIT B A BPE< IAL VISIT BT TUB BUTaL PABTT. Phot.T?raphs of H. B. II tbe PYtnee of Wales sad Butt*, are sow oo view at llhsUT'8 (laliery. Curies In ever* sty le or toe art for sale. Gallery opes from 8 A. H. till I T. M. H. K. It? Tha Prime* ot Walss gad Bun# At avnuwrn OALIJBT m Broadway. Tha last pfctoffrapk taken ta t si seine og the Prtooi by roysl destre, now on eiblbMna. Ibe pntdtc are tnvltxd u> examine this plctnra, sroaorisnsd by H w fi to be the beet ever takea ot Was. Also oa view, all tbe meabers of the royal party. hV wm'.ltlPTloB He>e>K BOW OPB*. UttUw i uptM ft e?M o a. ? uti v r a . 4. aUliHBT * HOW, Phutocraphle ArUsta, 7UT braadway. I nlon (be A UAHK M hKTINQ ? 111 b* lieM lit lb* CCMiPRR IN<T!Tt'T1C o? rmtfir, not r muk '1 <r 1 o cxocx, r ? >o ?ni'pnrt of th* t?rlon Jtlrrtmal Ti*ket. H go JAMW H. Jim KK < f a** York. Si on. J*MKH K CUNtOV A Bleat. ?l?pl, I ?n't other 'Blent! ud <1i>t>ii?'i abed geat>mro. in!! aditreen'itr lf"o* em wi ? ?'[?on ih* danger* whlrh perl' Ik* I MOB AKltTtlB t:uA?TrT*m IB 411 oppoeed to theel?e*lnn o* IJeenla and Manila are ea-neetly i ? x> By order o f tbe Cumin' ?*? JuBOHCA J. HINRT. ChairatAa. JtniAl Bi id. 8*c jr. Heartrending Arrlri?nt ? We Haw ? wall known fit "'-re r .a over hr a duo In Brmut iray, oppoate at Paul'a He ran '>?er kt I I Kn adwar. fur th* poraaaa of pmr-irli | nae of thnee mp*r*> I'aie or KNnX'H til b M pl?***d lie Pltaee I.r Oftoirtebe , ore .Md It, ?.* U w juld t* out of fkehlnn. Imlla Ralibu I too i ? mo Ohoit, Willi l.a> ? dlee'. Mleaee'. Boyi u4 < bMr-n ? rt. .>ui Did M all ! etj.i*ai.<l pr.rre at MI1J KK A CO. 'A Caokl Mr jet Gentleman ? Hate Only f'l.?Vne?rpiiti?l j fur etrle. knglf. e'egnwe and d'trabtUlv. Kwm .?r ih*ir 1 rrnnwcril Fa> ry lla.a Mid f"ai * for rk'drwo H A It HI* A HL WtAK. 114 ilo wrtj t4 <1 rand reel Ul Kighlh arenne. Srnvtr A Btkn'i Celebrated NoImUu Hewing Kii hie*e. Ike t"?*t In a?* f >r faml'r aatrtnj td Hroad w%j, B?w York, axf IV Polk* timet. Brooklyn. UhlrU, IklrK-DU for |N. ?erf* fnioi th- -eat Amnebeeg and Waweitta Mail's* Depot 1U( CW than MrweA, enmer of Pnarl. The Only Way to Rat* the lalon U to bar r?ar BaI of W U IT B, 111 H road war. Herrlst'i Potent fhanaploa Hr? and H trgtar Prorif hafae. SI Broadwar. enraorot Hu n?j areet, flew fork. _______________ Pk?lefr*pkaln Brooklyn.? Wllllautnao. 1 MM. Tl?a niamaae Taelne, "What la III" Al Mno < hlldrea. A inarla. the Mat at M'eeeh ud llie Bre.h raa," Ao., wlU draw eruwite at BAABWM'H MUPKuM today. To Ketrt Mvtker Hko Hal Children end er leg fma air ?f tke rnaapialnle larlde-.t k> the partud M teetklae. we ear do M let rour own prejudices or Ito preia ?l*ee of otfc*re. ataot la tke war of Uk* relief tkAl will aa evr* rre alianJulr t lurfr-lo foUow Ike ue of Mr*. W1FA u>wa aooTHiau mirop. ??l^ndlea' ieanuler."- IMiolon 4k Son'i "?a m II kite OrtenuU < 'real 1 ' A>td kr all drncrlato ?'Beantlfnl Cooiplexlon." Phalen'a "?bow Vktte OrleeuU '>tai ' Prtre Mr. pee kotua. "A Clear CoMtpieilon" la Uealred by all Ladiea. I'M rH AIVIA 8 "floow White ortentAi (Yean. ' Trlaapk of Art ? Caneeron'a ineteiMe W/i aad ta >9?ra. new and aoeei laeeaUna. deteetlm lapoa e>h e IM Pi^n etrfiet. flrookl /?. The tra.1* eapplted Ok Kadlral t are of Hernia, or Raptaro? Or. a. K * A ?*H. of tke veil hw wa knnaeaf kank A tkv, ko. I Veeei etreeA. Aebir Hone*, nap'adto tk* abarrk. derotee renal etunMna to tke ear (tea. adaptoltna of hi* kail teal t are Tnot Benntirai tenvleilnn.- Iialnl'e Mqald Pearl kae aekl*T*d a a? hiring ro *tia! for fvi'l frlii* and p r*eer*lBg tke W>m rle?V?n anl Mm Anld at a J 'inuglate Ciioi'tpA. dep ute W auJ AW AAi *daa/. flrrofala.? A few Rottlee of Kennedy'e MedMai l)ler?rr*rr, A Jolirvme apenofkn of tk* aerrjnle tJiemenl *nd liaA.ioe "'atneet, and nn-tif fsl.<wUkithe dtrerttM ta the paatrU>H arnead each knute, wU ( ire tke worn ewe. CtUtadorw a Hair Dyt, Wipe A 1'or^eee l*e (mm la a* world, wko *eale aatd rMeli. aad Ike if* ?r1 eatolr a* p 11*1. ? a?< H' tna Balrkelei'a Hall Uy? la tke Beet la lh? worU - Made, enld and applied, la aavrovrtai# p- 1 rate ran M tke wig faclorr. U Brm4 f flearaad't tlrlanial Cream, It r wye. Lily. wk't* P'xid'e k ihfle, fer epmetlaa et>aei?umA ka|f tni ?edieaMd Hoap at t WA.ker nrea. Rerekead'a Kye Water, Vke neet b tke wnrM Twrttr ire re*1a a >?'V a n a aoBBHBA II M Ik, M Wetkee etraat, B?w let Hold t>r el l ?id dn?gwtA The mtlit. *>eetlila| aad Hrallac I?l1u e? r* r! II' I, f Wa T'a Hall rate (>teun*nt eUmurtr reeaa aeode H? w far Burae. Beal^.a aad all ae*td?aU J tkte ae lora. aa It c ir? tke wnr?t d? ?*rlpi km ia IWO or Mtree da * HfU'B Hair D|t fto Ceata. Hlark or linen. Pryot K?. I Bkfclar areal. aad arid kf aU Drug Cllratiaf h'a Itlaalaa Wig ? Partlage i n etai ak e Ba turakw up beklad. AnpoaLa A, T itteean A ?7 ryt rtii: ;;:c. Drftwligi mt II. rraaci'i Diitwi. % MMrtH:? I man OMm. Oil ? Mi. 1. UK 46, 6, 1, 36, 71, TO, 48, 62, 66, 76, G9, 31, 47. OonouMW Lonur. OU? 1M, Kor I. UM 13, ?*, 62, *0, 3?. 48, 16. 43, 17, 67, IV, 1, 12, Ctramlars mt trm at ski r??. by aiitraMln^^^^ Wtteiuitaa. OMtwNt Drtwiui of Ida D*i*wkr? (Uto lot teries - WOOD, (DOT A OO., tfaaaffei* <* peufiii, iiraaif mi HiMOBBi Bin umwa DlUVOi- braA Class Ml, Natimh 1. 188U 15, 16, 36, 29, 72, 1?, 67, 74, 14, 29, 3. 32, 13. DWLAWASJS? OLASS us, MoriiiU 1 1880 69, 55.8, 40, 64, 5, 14, 66, 39, 26, 31, 12, 15, 45. Circulars Mnt free of eham, by ?Mfh| allW WOOD. ?DDT A (Jb WUaUnrtao. IW?u?. Or lo WOOD. *DD+ * OO..TW. i-oois Mlasonrt. MurlwL Biovn ? Girrtw? On Thursday, .November 1, by the Rut. J. E. Searlei, Mr Ki>wari> Bsuwn to MW Hailah , daughtt-r of Cbarlts B (.iflln, K*q , all of this city. I irM'HU ? Nivilii ?On Thursday, November 1, at 8t. Ann's Komaii Catholic cborrb, by the Rev. P. J. Murphy, Tmcopori J. I>ir>4'uaB lo Mtaa B. H. Navuxa, both of thl* CIlT. Ha>ar? Wills ? it Garb an Cliff, Rock Iiland county, III. , on Tuesday, October 38, by the Rev. Mr Wasworlb, Mr Gbomob W. Hrhhy to Miss Ajnowsrra U. #?u. Hai.hit ? Goran ? lo I"envllle, N. J., on Wednesday, October 31, at tbe horn* of J. H. Bullltger, by Rer- J. V. Tullle, ot Rockaway, Mr. Wm H Haj*by, of Brooklyn, I.. 1 . lo Mr* Mahy Goran, daughter of T M. SturWvanl, K?q , of the above place Plain ? .-ha.ssoii ? At Yonkera, on Wedneaday, October 81, by the Rev. Dr Seward, UaoHo?: B Para, of New York, to Mabuarit C., daughter of Wta. iihaunju, haq , of the former place Wakakh ? I'ikYKA ? At North Hempatrvl, L. J, on Thursday, November 1, by the Rev. A B IDrt, Ro isrt M. Warnsr, of Brooklyn. lo Mlsa Klyika C , daughter of llealtll i/urjm, hi| , of the former j ilace. Died. A.m kiah ? On Wedneaday, October lit, Aouu'uca, aoa or John W. at-d Maria W -Indrtas, ?*. 4 1 yearn And 1 month. Tuo frienda or the family ara Invited to attend hit funeral from his father'* residence, Eighty fourth street, near Tenth avenue, tMs (Friday) afternoon at t?i o'clock CrrrsK. ? On Wednesday ovtnlng, October SI, Mrs 11/ kv (. i ttkk. In the 80ih year of ber age The funeral service will b" held at the house of her hoe In law, Mr Berjamln S Thcrnol, No. 169 Christopher street, this (Friday) morning, at n'ne o'clock. The re main will be lakt-L to Wuodoridge, N. J. | Cahmis ? On Wednesday, October 31, 'ariB Cakxaji, wife of VMillam W laruiAu, aged 60 years, 2 montha and I 22 day b. Tbe tr tends of the family and the membera of lying 1 Island I-odge No. 382 F.A.M., Brooklyn Chapter No. 148 ; of R. A.M., sud Washington DtTtaloa No. 1 3. of T. arc ' rrrpectfuUy Invited lo attend her funeral, Ibis (Friday) 1 inori'ltig, at eleven o'clock, fr itn] ber lat ? reaideucc, No. j 'i04 Hrarl ltro<t, Brooklyn. rraatMiiAli ? -On Thursday , November 1, a.nnib, wife , ol Nicholas Cunningham, agtd 23 years The relativi-a and friends of tbe ramtly, also those of ' her ldcIo, John Birmingham, are respecitully Invited to , attend the funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at half past ono o'clock, l rum ber late reaiduuca, No. 63 Columbia , street Co< ma.? Ob TliurrJay evrcing, November I, Pmnc D. Cooraa, sged 32 years. Da via ? On Wedneaday afterncoD, October 31, Jou.t Dams, sged 6P years The r< ativea and frienda of lha farmily arc r of poet folly lnvtteo to attend the funoral, from his Late i esi dence, Sccoid avueue, between K gbty tilth and Kighly slzih itroeis, this (Krlday) afternoon, at ona o'clock, without further notlco. Diss ?On tburtdav, November 1, atone o'clock P. M , .'ona Dcjnr, In the yltt year oi bis age. Tne reiatlvea and friend* are reai>ectfully InvitoJ to at tend b s funeral, from bis late residence, Masj>u;l>, L. I , on Saturday morntcg, at eleven o'clock. 1 California papers please copy. I Pilxoi ? (>c Thu'sday, November 1. Jams-, son or J> hn P. ana Bridget DUltn, age J 1 year, 3 months and 13 days The rels'lve# an f friends of the ramlly are respectfully Invited lo attend tbe luueral, 'rom the residrnne of bis parvnta, 17* Fra-.klln stnet, this (Fridty) afternoon, at two o'clock, without ruitber notice. Funoral to proceed ! to lludsoo City Cemetery. Fauah ? On Wednesday evening. OcVob?r31, at half past lm o'clock, Jans Moha*, wife of Thomaa Fagan, sg?d 40 years. The frirt'ls and rtlatlvr* of the fimlly are requested to attend her funeral, this (Friday) a'ternoon, at two o'clock , from her late realdmce, No |l 7 , Smith- street, Brooklyn. BsAka ? On Wadasf'Iay, October 31, Joiis A , only son j ol J"bu and Fiamrs Ilearn, ag< d 6 yi-arsaud 4 months. Ti.e fileala o( tbe family aro respectfully Invited to st tend tbe funeral, Trons tbe residence of bis parents, No 114 Faat Twenty -fifth street, near Beoond avenue, lb s (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Hastisy.? On Thurar'ay, November 1, Jais, the bo lovtd Wile o( William Hartley, In tbe f>0th year or ber M? Her rrtrnda ard anjt.a'Dlances are respectfully InvlU-l ti atticd her runeral, from her late residence, No 103 Prime street, this (Frldty) afternoon, at one o'closk pre cisely Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery ' for lnterm< ol Rohyiin ?At White Plains, on Wodnesdsy, October 31, AI<KAI<<SI I' Host?*, >gcd M> years 1 be fur eral will lake ?la? fiom bla lata realdenee, on Saturday n timing, at t< n o'eloek at the houar, aul eleroo I o'clock at the oiu . iiurr.h ): .M ?In t'hlla?)el|, lila, ?.ii Saturday. OrV>htr i, , i aasa [ Iawcow, ion of Samuel P. and lavlna Kill, In tbe 7th year | of bta age Kami ?On Wednesday a'teroi on, October 31. Mic&ail Kami, m of Jamea trl Catharine (Cane, aged 11 muathi at 1 SO daft The frier da and rr'atlre* are rrapertfiiMy Inrlle ! to at< tend bla in bit pert-eta' rcaldence, 7W Th;rl avenue, corstr of Fifty ??oni atrret RAtt-ar? <m Tbursdiy m -mlng, jVirrmber 1, Cmtrt 0., jnargtat rod of Jobs and Mary P. IUmr y, afml 1 year, 7 nooibe a><i S < aj n Tic facet at win take pUoe Irorn tt" retldenre of hi* fattier, 125th iticel, 11 r i m, bttwf a 8utl? aotl Seventh av^nui ?. tblr (Frl d?yl afte rnooo , at Ukrte o'clock Frlen.1i and acq uan tat ree of the Ian. ly are rttpeclfully tar tied t< ittloea the lueeral without further ftotloe !!<?? ? Of* Tliuralar. Norrinftrr 1, Mra. I.Iita Roe, re>!ot of the late Jtmee K. Roe, age* 69 year* Tl>e frier il* and retM'ree of the family, and of her ? ma, Chailn J , Oar Male N. , Win t> and Tb"mu Koe, art la vttid to attnnil the fui eral, on Saturday. The bujr wtU be Hated in io mirrow'a Miane. tie ? At Orae*e N J , on WiMoee ;ay, l>;tobor il f. i i'?ittia, wife ?f .lohn Ri(r*m The frier da of the femii? ar- nr ted ?o attend the f mo ral, f ft m the realdwee of G Wa?hU>?toa *nttb Hrntlacd ?tr ? ? t, Orange, thla (Friday) morning, at half peat tea , o'clatk. * Sntt>?o*B ?On Tbora'ay, November I, Bbmra ?im> ?oaa, m tbe #?? yt ar < f h ? \*? I)k re al tee end fn< o )a ut tbe faiuliy are lnv led to att?:. i tbe funnel, fr?n> bli late reticence, N > %i C'oton piioe, on SmSay aftrnBton, at ha" past rm* o'clock Vvt,etai ?er* cm at the Ctt':nhof tbe Aececaloo, fifth a*. ?cue, corner of Troth atrrel. Kruiiui* ? At K me, '.a, oa Wilaeaday , Qotob ir 'it, Mra r?Tnr?j\a Srvmaaava Miitiu ? tt Haratnga, > n Taeaday. October SO, Sri I IBM U MIBIBHttt The ff<niir tf tbe 'tt&lly are r??pe<-tMly Invited to at tend the toreral, trt tn h'a lata rrwilenne, fltmptlead. 1/ ug leiaud, iL.a (fr. i i, ) afurtooa, at two o'clock. Ovarii ?On Tbur?"ay , Not ember 1. of dtptherle, Hanar PttAaaue, eon ? I llrtry C. ant Maria fe .Sew krt, and 11 n-.'titl ? *t.'. lf> lav? The rrlatlree aod frteadi of tbe faanily are reepeetfally iBTtte'l to alter. I tbe ftanrrai on Haturday mn*ma( at nlae o'elo-lc, M MHWlM? |t< bit parnnta, No. 1M Ht veath (Wert TUj rtmaioa arUl be taken to Near Rs cbel'r fur interment ?*Ct? ? '>n Thiiradaf , Mbireaiber 1, faiua. wife '>f J -ua r. !*Aitli, to the ??>! year uf her age. TT.e relet h ?? anil frm ?'? of the riaailly are rcapectfi: .y tnelted to ailend the ftaneral, on ^noitay afteraooa. at oae O'CnOi, It It- bar late rMWtw, SM Knaebetb Itrect. Rtiiia? "a W<-on?#4av er?nle?. Urtober 31. at v>rea ?VhM't lULBK 9tacv, wife of Kuceoe Sitae, axed M yaara Tbe trtrv la and re let i ree r.| tne famliy are requested te a1t>n<l tlianineeal. fma her late rratdeaw, No. It Jaoaee ?treet, thla (Friday) afteroooe. at half paet ooe o'elock Vak Pa*.? Id RriioklyD, or Tneeday ertnlnc, October JO Mra |iiwr?inV??f)j? In the Mth year of her af* The r? lat 'Tee and frtendiof the fam .y a r.t reefMctfu!.; tnrtted te attend the funeral. tt< m tbe ree.dnnoe of b* eon >n law .lidi!. v, Manley, No. m Poearl Mreet Brook iia, th.? (Friday) aftxrn ?a, at two o'alo<-k. witMrut fur the? tarnation w?i>* ? Oa Ttt .rada/, N ircmber 1. ki u.ian, daugh ter of Patrick an ) Mary Waleb, afeU tb-ie )ea.-a aa I 12 day a T!m frlre-'anf the fanatly are inT ted t > attend tbe f'i nerai, thia (Friday) afternoon at two n cler? . froei tli t.reeow ch atreet MKITLI.AllLI'llll. At him ?**!>??, t :? utt *t iumi Man* CAMS trl Utaer roreltl?e In ike card an< *u. ?re.-jr Uah. It & Tk? ?hl'r ??i i. I ? or ?lr .:|j latr->d w.?l b? -w.i per 1'eetioa naif at At ionaw ia ?!?? n *nm ktiikmt *t HRwnti . taLf <l<wae IW'b M ?" di ?-# wwr | ?>?# Boole. * * CV aad tee tketa. AMMT'^AIt BP MT!I*a PWTl'RM afORt w ' M Itrr ? 'way, ehe^iieet le "ew for a J allies n IHIAP l.?T > tent Preti :b Bt a't?k 'terras at t amrnrae !*1? Auomi B:.m*sn* JOHI'lt*)!''* PWTt f? WaCRrMd MA<M7 ?J7 H oadwa- Mew Torh, aad Sit f 'ton eteww. Hroxtr , A1 _ ( arrta Ae I ee tbe Otange Hloaaeit Wr. 1)1041 (/ ,',t. euid i-u.j at thla ??>re. Aoamh- *ipk?wi <*>mpamt 11 vi pnowt attm# . |H? to 'k? e<,ll?rtton of O-afta. U mb It la. > - m im ? O. D b tla. Me A(A*n-IHT?L ?T. IiKRM A lit. M'fil AVI 1t I Mr' w*irar ar-d T rptfy ?eror> ' w? -1 , j r??mr"m * iae '.oua, ele??ni 1 Inlnf tnnm adeed t> tbi< II. > in pr-'pfet' r P tre|?ra d M? trake frtifiiwe u?;it faiwi. ? aw e?n?>a rentlewen ?<.aktn? Kenare a?th Heard at talle It k >ie private tablea aad BMwla a la carta u i,?rt'.afoee a t wm ?TM*riMJ.i/* at)H* wMO.noa n Bareloi^e <4 Mm lateet atrlaa >B raliaa ami M I ??Utt .Mbed Utlk A ?TlFlt l*L TUTU -TWf O ?SAT KFT * T *OT? A a rt.1 In *'moe?lM>nt elalew 9. I*re t ? patent rrm ?eeee and the far 'It r kijk'r raaen rwe-\J u bp-1 aattefaettna bnfcefw tiniwraaWB U Waewriap plaea era' Brreutwat. BaUhlMMid MM. Ht hKiKV tnvMF.riii naruk, ' Jrtnte awe l???w?rtiie?>ee ? ?*("?? odet, Of Ike rMy tVj~l iTTJOM* MA DM- III A IX (TTnMI AND YOWfh 1 ?* the Meet and Veat, *r,a? aad Meethwegk at Mian* n.h, W Vi.k?a? t? ^**1. aad all alaaaaaa af 1Mb feet eared, wWhont pate ? "?>ee te the patleet. by Dr FhfH AMIl her^aoa it tm hi aed wa? Merer* m pkreMana aad seriBe B ALUHl'tt TV rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrwmtrrrv il SI Vr " rrrw wvrt tr rt rr trrvr tnrr ?AUOtJ'B FA TINT mrwortD r kknch rote BHiim Pataa ted November 1, law A KTW HTYLB OF BHIRT W A RKaNTBD TO fl* i*de to amun, at I1A IXJ aai H4, Me , Ac." li d J?'* rder made for laa* tfi* half a-doaen *hln*. * WkolMKia trad* lupplad m Ik* nml i?h BMUjOV 9BOTHBML ?o *0> BwMwir, Xi? Tom. D lirKM at one* lEHorin, KKAD TBti riMUM Y. Hi.fV or TUB ??PTTIMO, I _ ?iw Vom, ()e ob? II, 1M. ( Dr. Tea Mnohzleker trraiewt mr for dea/oe*a Tflry nMM full J and aatiafaetnriiy Mr beanag wu i?tored, and a*a< tluue* u good u ever, nod I n'.d mj teaUmnny In bis f tror. a. b lamak, Preatdeat of the Bank of the ExpohHa. _ _ ? K*w Vok*. Oat II. 1MR. Pr. Yo.i Moecnriaicr*-? Pear P'r? I am a living wltaaai af y?ur akin In iba operation ol the Car I came to yoa daa (. md mi bearing 1a now U good u erer. Voura, with |M reepect R'lBIRT BAI1I, rrealdent o* the Goodhue Fire Inauranae Onoapaav. AI.L I>I?XA?KK or TUB BTE A Nil BAft OUI UD BY UK. VON MOH'HZIKKUL fO. 1UT CLINTON I''IC, Between Fifth and buth areuuea. F'ROM AUCTION, AT A OKKAT HACRIFIOS- M.UBB jitrdaof Ingllah velvet Bruaaela Ihreo nlv arid tngrata ' rrpeta.l 2 COD ttnga and *nta; alaitlnr otlcloiba Knd Oni. g?M. ft'nr tarda wide, at HIRaM AN DBKboAH, 99 M 'J. TKPROVItMKNT IN URi 1 MAfHINM.? HAKMA* 1 A KK'hKl.'N linwuv/-' Machine for Making Preaaatf Pricka, iiv ,rf<l l.y Lnuru Pa'ent ,( tbo I'nlte.l State* heart* di Oa the 1Mb day of Aofuat 1-M 1 he Proprietor* raapaaP fully announce to Hrl, , n nk-n ru.1 all where InUTemad that tee above patented mich ne la aureilnr to any now knows 0* !? '?? lor th* niauufwlnre of the heat 4.jalltyi>f preaaad brlcka. 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