Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 3, 1860 Page 3
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vownteaave hM own d^r.ty the fire* dem of h!i pni oufiu Albert fall sword la hand , and Jlo-i :a enle Bis de?U fclftooMtetl more and mure the d??.tini?, ef my family *llb those of the Italian yeoale.wha, far to ?w; oca tar, eg, have given lo all foreign Unas tiis bo Ma af their er.OcK s a p|.*tg? tor roe loving the Inherit* ice of evf rj ?? Km pKced b> (>o>i wuhia the Mine boundaries, | and joined together by Ibo bond of a cmitnon Unguafo. , t educated myself by that eTusapte, anil the m"mory of ; my father was m* guardian star. I could never bear.*',* k> my cl.otee u or and Ibe word 1 bad given. I strengthened freedom iii an cjxvh not very ravor?jle to freed' and I wished tbat, *s t developed tt?elr, *? should laktt moi ui tno tuaauera of the peo? e, tor 1 or/ a Id never b*rb r and jstioaiv or rtwplalin of *Ui win dear to my feopo By freaerviag Tree Jon ui Piedimal I rtll^ oosly reelected ibe htr!'?c? w%i-h the prorhittc mind of iny MgQBt lather Kad brfi"??tfc?d to all Italians. By repre sentative fraBchtce, i?> popular education, by the tree dom of t.kJo and la<citry, I rn4iavurt:J to .ueioia* tin, well being "f my peuple. T wiebed that tha CalbJllft re ltgion t lieu I<1 be respected, bat alto tfcat every tn?n Should be free m the sanctuary of bis own cuuoihhm; ajud bp slruntlfeeniag cirU authority I openly resisted that obstinate and achemirg fa.t.on which Ijohm'j) t > bo Ike only friend and guardian of the throne, Sit which aims at ruing m the name of kings, and placing between Ike sovereign aud ibe paopie the warricr of lie tatoleraat passions Thia system of government aould not be without eff"*t a* the rest of Italy. The coaoord between the savereign Mid tho people la tbe purpone of national independence , and of civil and political liberty, the parliamentary tri bune and ibe free press, the army whlea had preserved Ha military traditions ucder the iriooier, raised Piedmont to the rank of standard bearer and arm <r. Italv. The ?tteagth or my monarchy was not tke result of the acta af a clandestine policy, but of the span iwiuenoe of id?ai aad of pablic opinion. I waa thaa enabled to maintain in ?k*t part of the Italian people which waa united under Day sceptre the notion or a national leadership (yemonta) whence waa lo spring the ooacordant harmony of the asvaral provlnooa in one single nation. Italy waa able to understand my conception whan aha beheld my soldiers sent into the fie Ida of tbe Crimea, be side tbe troops of tttb two ?rest Western Powers. I wish ad thereby to acquire to Italy the right of participating hi all acta concerning the interest* of Eoropo At tbe Con gruu of Parts my ambassadors were able to speak for tbe ?rat time to Europe of your sufferings. It became clear la all smd how the preponderance of Austria In Italy waa hgnrVme to tbe baianoa of power la Europe, and what dangers beset the independence and freedom of Europe se kmg uc tho reel of the peninsula waa subject to foreign My msgnanlmens ally, tbe Emperor Napoleon 111., felt Skat the Italian cause was worthy or tho great nation he ruk-a A righteous war Inaugurated tho new dest.uies of #?r country The Italian soldiers fought nobly beside the ssKooquervd legions of Kratoe. Ths volunteers hastening from all Itsiiau provinces, from all Italian famiUex, under Ike Cross ef Mvoy, thowed that all luly had Invested me with tho right of speaking and flgbtlng In her name. Policy pat an end to the war, bat not to its elTeota, which went oa with their devolopement, following the unswerv tog Icgtc of events aod ot popular movemeut. Had I been actuated bv that ambition which Is as arlbed to my family by tboee who do not consider the aatarn of the limes, 1 oould have boen satisfied with the acquisition of Limoardy : bat 1 bad shed tbn prectoun klnod of my soldiers, not for myself, hut for Italy. 1 had ?wiled the Italians lo ums. Several Italian provinces had changed their form of government lo join in the war of lodepcnde oe, a war oppoaed by their prln -ie?. After the peaco of Villafranca thoso prov roee a?kod my protection against th? threats ned restoration of their former govern ?lents. lr tho events of Centra Ualy wero the conse etoonce of tho war to wh'ch we bad called the people, If the Sva'.om of foreign Intervention was Ibrever to be buulsbed from lialy, I had a duty to recognise and to nphiM "ie right of th?e people legally and rr.ety t * utter their vote. 1 withdrew my govern ment ? they made an orlerly gnveram"' t; 1 w mdrew my troupe - th y organizM regniar forces, and, vietnf wftb each other !n unanimity and civil vlrtw*, tney rose to so hl(h a reputat on and itrength, that nothing hnt tbe overbra'lrt; vtolenee of foreign arms cr.uld have sub dued tti'Tr Ttianis to the wis lom of the O^ntrRl Ita'ian peoi le, the monarch cai i lea coaatantly git'n?d ??trenptb , the monarcny gave a m' ral KUidtnce t that peaceful popular movement. Tbcn dirt lta'y ris" in th-> <*?t matlon ?' elvitiE*d nations, nnd It became clear toa'lEorope Vial the Italians were fit l'or pelf govornmett. When I aorepted the anoesatirn I kn?w what European dlflirnltles I was about to mvt Bat I could not treak tke word I bad liven to the Italians In mv war proclama Moo 'fh?se who would charge me with impru lance ahould ealml> consli'< r wt al would be<;aae of It* y rn tho day in which monarchy shi lid at i>ear lviwerl s? to satts 2r the want or a national reconstaution. The annexation id not change tbe susstanc ol the oatlouai movement, but K assumed new forms Py accepting from tbe popa ktr right tbnae fine and noble provinces, I must Iryallv p eeogniKe tbe apnllcsti ia of that principle nor oould I meas'tre It by the rule of my prlvats leelings and tnte resu In f.ip|K>rt of tbat pr i clple I, for tbeg>K>d of Italy, ?adn the sacrifice which lost rtear.^t to my h?art; 1 re sonnoed two most a< bie provlnoea of the kiu jdorn of my aaeeators I have always given these Italian prior"* whu w>*hed ta b? my enemies sincere oounsels, reeolvtug. however, Mai If those oourli wer<> vain, 1 would meet me t?i|re? to which the r Dlinducss would have czp iaed tor throne fer accepting tbe will of Italy. H wm la valu that 7 ??Bred lo toe 9 rand Duke (of Tuaeany) alliance before Um war In vaia tbal, after pvace, I offered toe High Fantifl, In whni. I venerate tbe heal of ibe religion of ?ty fathers and of my paopic, to lake npou myi'if the vicarshlp of Cmbrla and tbe Marahea It was evident that tf thaec provinces? wtttch were oaly reatralaod by tbe security of tbat clvtltzs'I government which I pro ycaed, they would eooner or later break oat into revolution Neither will I recall tbe counsela (Tlven lor many years by the "Poser* to ting Ferdinand of Naples. Tbe judgment which war pronounced against but government at the Parti t in greet naturally prepared the people for a change. If the outcry of public opinion and eff trta of diplomai-y proved to be of no avail. I offered tbe yoong aucoeasor of that Ktag an alllancc for the war of Independence. Bui there, ?lao. I found goals cloned agatntt all Italian f -oMuis, mind* larkened by passion and obstinacy. It was nam ral tbat the evttts In Northern and Oeutral Italy rhouid aroo?i' men '? mind* In tbe (Viutn. In Steily the esoite ment broke oot Into open insurrection. A D(bt )>egan for fraofom In tjtolly , when a brave warrior, devotsd to Italy and to me, MB Oar MM ralel lo itit aid They were Italian* Urold I, ought I, t > have prevented them' Tbe fall of the government of Naples strengthened Hi my heart the conviction tbat kings and govaromeuta should bulid their tbronse on tbe love an 1 esteem of the pe 'pie. Tbe new government in the Two Siclhee was in augurated In my name But tome of it* acta < i isM a? frebee>icn lest It should not In every reapect we I In .or pret that policy which is repreaerted by my n.ime 11 vm feared thrrugbout Italy ttat nnder tbe ehade if a glorl' i s pipe'arity, of a long tred cooesty, a fvt >o abamd roustrr whirh was ready to SB' rtfl->e ibe forth eotrlnr triumph of tb? nat'onal can** to lb. ctr moras of tta an 'it tons 'at at ol?m All Italiana turned it me* that 1 might avert this danger. !t was bit < ?aiise in Mrs prc--nt emergency It would be bo modera tion, no wtadom.but weakness and lmpr\)1t'noe not to take with a ?tr"ng hand the direr, lion of that nat .<ual wioremtnt, f"r whloh I am re*poirlble b-'fore fueope. 1 bare ?ent my soldiers tbe Marches and I'mbna, Mattered tbat 111 ?<rteo roob of people of ail nat.jos and toagie* which bad gathered there at a new, sir og Base of foreign inter vrtt loo, ard tbe worst of all. 1 ve prnr'slmed Italy fir tbe Italtaos; and will never al low It to toeonme the nest of nnamopo'lte aorta, assemb'lng there to hatch reactionary p!ou or to further tbe objota af nnivereal di aiagugy Psnrtj os Barmen Itait ? My tr-iope marofc in to yoar country to atreegthio public order I do wot roae to tm;>oac my will npon you, bat to see that yours la respected You will t>e called freey to manifest It May the vo?e yon will depoatt In tbe ?rn be ?o*p1r?-d by tbat FrovW?noe which p'otesi? a rigbteoi s cause. Whatever may he the enures of eventa, 1 trasqu'ily await thr JiUgraeat of civilised Farop*, be wise I am aouvooed that ' ba*e foiitlled my dotie* a* a Klrr sod an Italian My pollsy may sit eerhva, be uaotr^a to reooaeite ta For nv the projrr?a of the pa >p|e with the atabtllty o: mouarehtte I know that la fla y I close tbe era of meMraa. TI'TOt FMATl'E' , FARIVI ihteo In Anooaa, th a 9tb of 0 t>tber, 1*00 Xapnlenn III and Italian t ? tty. (I1 o'B the If Bdoti Times, Oct. 1# ] Tbe dead a.-t wbi^b the Frtneh clergy are making <>a tbe Empxror. lolaed to the Mrinr p'esanre ef Austria aad Rnaaia, ihrougb tbetr M nlstoe* at l*arls. m . ht perbai s make a tea* resol.ite man and leas deep oaleulatir wavrr in toe preee it eatno of Italian m,1ty We cannot Iwias'oe that morb car rime even of arfh com'vnM prenrr |B tbe present rase As frr the fnaminc torrent of Uivecttve watch <s b"iag dtaebarged from the of tbe Freeeb i'plar 'paU'. re can bardl* think It wneto ?lire attentloc than tbe fiattery fr?>m the same month a Utile t iase V" Tt.eae fswakif adniat'-f* wh. h?ve bit Jnst risen 'rtm lie'-. in* tte dost before him, base wall rarovd an extr mlty of oon'empt Tb?e? celt: ITS, who made th< mee : ves the f>ora of Bumpe, slcii'd frr mere slan?e el'nk bark )n la their Mi when their idm disappoints them and rsfnsea to l>? their peppet. Are theee m'?n la a ro?' ttoo to g've adv,c?? Tbey r? <Km1tte>i ll?eti^?elv??. b- ty aad amjl. V tbe elected of the ?th of neremVr upon his flrst rtart tbry w 'rsh i pped Isim as a ?Sod be win t/i thtak fartbem, wttl for tbein, act for th^m We. I. that ta lust aba* h. is now do ng What have they to onm plain of Iki they think they bavs m eta en tb< r rim' If they have it is too lata to oo'rsct tbe mistake nr? aad If ibey <to not koow th.s there ? s<>mrh Af eisr ah does ftut What atb?tr advice whett taay g ve t f? tb?re ai.ylhlni' In ft tbat conld move for a moBcut a man afaenee- It Is made up of lb* staKet assumption*, lb? refuse aad dreg* i/f ttv r d religious p'HItioal ar* i neat, *'*? out rr'ee ?r.i e-it an l dr>?: 1 1st tu las, if which tbe history of three leeturea bar proved the abSuMite lalMio<id. "It la true," say* the II ahop if rilctiers, "tbe ivpe has more than St t'etrr rv* had, but it 1a repaired fir the sptr'tnal ch!"f of the Wh e world, tbe r* Se of aon C<0 ooo of co*ar ears*." R t ta ??? the direct Kin of aw.OOO OW of oonaclenee* ^utu work r? o?h for aay man, without the addition of ? wbeis lenporai kingdom to look after? Tbe tWbop o' PoK-ttera .t.^? dm sae this Tt doea not ofltnr to h'm to aat h'maeif ibe ijneatloo, "why doea th* gulda of UK 0*K> OCO of coaac'Mieee waat ibis ton.poral appea iag< " Be assomr* it; he **? rta IV? It doea not twrt * reaami, tt I* ton setf-vtdeat to b m for that It !e an asiom, a fart, a truism, a law of nature it Is wfHtsii <a the sty that tbe Pope most be a kibg. He ran no more argue about It than *boit ?ay neoeeeary smompttoo in matters of raaam Or pra. tlre Why dr wr want to hreathe, why do we want to "at or drink, or sleep* Why do we aaanme our own at later -e or arythteg elae' (Manas we find sre must do an, aad a tbe sime wsy Ibe Bishop of Pnirtlert assomoe ihe (i?re?*ity of a Kirg Pcpe There mn?t he a ICiag Papa? oothlng ran gn "ti wttbont a King religion will drop wiihottt a Klrig Po?a Bnt thta t? 014 reaaon, tt is mere impreesioa, It is msre balnt, tt la oae of those rra tlona . art 1c al lasfncta, which grow out of the Simple rnwittttvaeoe of a partlnlar state rf tbinga; one of tbo*e a??r nfacturrd ilrsl prloclpiea wblsh are of the ?a*?n ? nt daltit'en the Helton of bratna wbtcb are too wtak to mil ie any pres< trt comhlnat ins, a al separate prtaciple Bom any state of fact TV raa?^i *r J* hat >#m lna<; ixt'f -rmmtnfl tV lUilui jw< of tkr Ptpn ^ in?f if it r.m J? f if f.i artlmj Si to W 1 ?f lhadntr nf tfjr'f, ? r ftc .i/rw-e- d V#. lit} / it' "aen tc*te* u (V nert r^tectW <f 1 he ft* m (V | . % m :n<t* trf tf* f?Uowrn, tmd miy ikmm (Ke force of onion ?" :Jir rid qf ideas, (A? ' if**?* a/ rso?m ytaid ^ <\< Mibtia-x? There la M one who mm r^*? ole?\-,',j than the Frtncli Emperor the growing Ofi<heoo oa which Oav ur reals jo mack, lo tba fool >u fee influence of ro Ilit.vD is r jt connected with lb 4 or that aeouiar abape of tbi-g '*ad that It Ul a mera a turn ami tmpoature upoo tuc^ a fro una Vo found the Marti lat cry tbat religion Is Ih u?B?rr The Husslan ard Aaatrtaa screw may piaalbly work a Utile deeper lUan the clerical one, bat the argument) of thine C'carta will act gsfc. much, at an jr rule, from tbo general position ao4 intrinsic credit of tbe advisers. Thutr fundamental rotations to lha now Freuob dynasty ara out such an to imi art a vary genuine oharaoUrj to any iuf| ration tb?y may offlfr for the boeeSt of Preach policy Napofoon I f I. baa, from tho vry natum and hkaio of b>? throne, ono absorbing aari eogroMlttg lDtn ' real, and that Is tbo aucoeea of bin own dynasty. Hit flrit tbcugbt on his ascent waa a spouse of tho royal blood o? Kurope, lor rojal atllanon the natural prop of a Kuro^oau throne. Bat tie cou d not get one, ' because oertnin CVurt* wvre ruaolyed to look upeo him as an adventurer, Two Cotrte, however, have give* him tbe treatment of a real Irtng, and gtv?n hiu aoltd help and support aa tberouiWfcr of a dynasty; and those are tbe English uod ?Sardinian; the one gave him a royal reception which would hare suited tbe descendant of a buudrtd kings, tbo other gave via family aroy il PrinueRB And we ma) adit? witheut going Into lh- caajistry of the original uomvecemeat 01 the Italian underlaktnK ? thxt, now that Ike cause of Italian unity la fairly afl'?t, iVspo Umi'i Irtfrci Jtalhm policy hat crmmttil and conJLrniut fa,*>r. We do not vouch for Kuglisii approbation of all tbo acts or the French Emperor connected with itiia movement, but It la not too much to Bay that tbe patronage of the oauae of Italian unity baa given French dtapoium a much more favorable light to sua it In be fore the English public t.'.an It would otborwlw have had; and this applies, we need not My, In a much stronger de gree to Sardinia. 11 la oeriataly a queation, then, whether Napoleon HI could possibly gain much by receding at thia time of <iay, 1 when the stream of events baa been allowed to flow so far from the causo of Sardinia and Italian unity at the suggestion of two Guurta who naturally sup port dynastic Intereata wholly opposite to hia own. K may very likely be the oaM that the cauao of Italian unity bM outstripped hia original design, gone faster than be wanted, and taken a aht)>o which he bad never intended fcr It. Hts idea was that of a confederacy which wonk) have relaed ao new Poaror In K irepe. have given ample opportunity for French Inter ference, and psrslbly issued only in an exohaug* of French InOuenca for Auatrian in Italy. That Idea haa been obliged to vanlah before facta, and the form which Italian unity la now assuming ta that of one compact kingdom In powerful administrative hands Tata ;? a dif ferent thing altogether, arl the dream of a Frenob poe seMlon of Italy ta over. Still Sardinia la hia ally, his re lation; be wanti royal connexions; It la bis interest to support them and make tbe m at ofthsm when he has got them. A great Italian monarchy tn allianoe and af finity with the Napoleonic dynaaty wonld be a gain in this light, even if it left leas room for tho control of France as an < mpire over Itallab polities The French Emperor is too aaga -loua to be angry with a movement because It bus net q.nte answered bva expecta ttonf ; he knows the uncertainty of human events as well as ary ore, and tbe wisdom of meeting them half way, and extracting all tbe advantage which can be extracted from them, if more cannot be. With all drawbacks his interest even now lies tn the cause of Italian unity; it will him, at any rate, one great European royal ai:>ance, whereas to r*> ede from it, now that it b?a made such nay , would be to loco one alliance and |ioesibly not get another in its plaoe, to embitter Sardinia, to dlsgnst England, and to abanlon that whole ground which strengthened bla throne in the fealiEga of tbe lloeral na tion? of Enrope. The King of Naplai aad Ke(flcl<lc< Casta, Oot It, lgdO. Bignor Caaella has addressed the following circular note to tbe diplomatic oorps at (inula. After i, mtlrg the decree, which anpeared in tbe official ;ourual of Naples on tbe ^8tb uit , conoernieg the family of Mliano, Slinor Caaelia eays:? lu. bringing the above decrec lo tae cognl/ahce of Pig tor . ibe ucdeis'gncd Minlakr, Secrcury of State, President of thu >linisterial C luncil, and provUlonally entrusted a th tbe. portfolio of < ufalgu Aflairs, c. uaiJem himseif justiikd in abttainliig from comuoat >n thu unqua itttd mi atore. Kevulution has never arrived In acy oouatry at such a degree of pervt rtity ana aiutrcby as t > sanctify regloule, lo ael a prern 'im >tpou as ^aeainattoo , and by thiK ex ample to oil, c ally stiniulale the exter jiioailou of aove j reignn; this, In fact is not only dune, but done In a city 1 occuplel 1> j fietJuionmu troops, by a leader acuog in j tbe name of thi King of Sard rnia, aui w bo, without be | ing disavowal, haa lor the last four months assumed lha flag and the n?jie el' the latter A mtn who atten>) ih k> awat . ate Im follow man? a j soldier who leavi ? the ran * lu kt . h ? general? a sub ject who uara bis b;i)iou< t against his king ? lb ?e are deemed mart>ra worthy of pralau, of learn, and of re wards, by th> g:ivornmeiit of fianbaldi. \iA ti> i apo tr.eoals la publidv made m the j .urnaia of Naples and I ia the name ol K ng Victor tmmaauel are rewards given and eOereU to regici^ea Pneb an exatLple aj* akr mere forcibly than all deo't matious upon Um m s..rab e moral oondi'ioa into which tbe kingdom has fallen, aud of the anarohy which, after tbe triumph oi mvaaioo, haa poaaeaacd the oouatry * th Its designs. The nnderBlgned cons ders it unnettrary to protest against thu scandalous decree, aluoe a.l tho seat. menu of morality, bonsr aud religion which out in the heart of man protest for ihomicives. The <m lertignsd denounces this decree to the luxtlce of Europe, ar one of tbe cloarest of the maav proofs of the Un lenclca of Ibe men wbo. by foreign force, aud profiting by unheard of treason, ha-e umrped tbe in oat oonsiderable part of the kingdom of Iba Two Hlcil ea. Tbe undersigned proOta, \c CAj^uLA. Tlie Kicnrh Kor?e in the I'aptl Htatee. Ttere are at present about 13.U00 I reucu troops <? the I t'ai al jiatea, aud it la (aid tbat 10 000 more are to arrlv A cord i n i* to be formed rouu 1 Itonte, from Coroeto to Valletrl. Civlta Veocbla. which la being strongly lorti ! Had, of court* bare ail approach iroin tbe sea line oc | cupatlua does uot, in ibe slightest degree, interfere witb i Uii- communications betwivn Uaribaldi a army on tbe i Yoiturno and ibe Sardinian forore Id Imbria and tbe Marches. Tiro columns of tbe latter are no irchlng to ward* Napirs through tbe Aaruzsi.ouo by tbe LaKS Ku Ciuo. and the Other a little Bore to tbe eastward. It is ' expected that both corps will be before Capm by tbe 80th { October, aad lb> a nit) -I conn tbai battle which will ue ! Oltle the fate of Francis II. Id addition to the lnte:l. genre of Vlterbo, already pub lished. *e learn tbat the .nhth.tants informed the Freanh general tbat they wol'1 Submit to Ui ?? Jriuon troops, bat woildiioii any acciuuv roce tc the Voat tioal trt ?* ' The French commander pr mired that tbe French Ir n'.ai I ai.o'-li enter Brat, but tbat be bad ordera to restore the Papal goTuri.mei t The niucoipalty left tue t?i?n In a body with mary of the inhabitants, but before do tit *? addressed the following telegraphic dtspalob to th" Hrlt lab coo"-u! at Leghorn that he m.*Li ^oo^u-iU it to , U>e cabiiet of I/uidoo:? The Mac . '; a! Comnrrroon ofVtterho, in tl?> tr uwn ant thecmatry'i nam . thank tbe llrit ith Cabinet for ua ppnt?i' itft tbe reaubjecl.on of Viterbj U> tha Papal do sit at toe They repeal lord John Rusee'i to >? >rnrna nlcate theec to trr msi'sty, praying for Or 1 rurtber r> mi atby NUOom. lOttlL'J MAKrVCvf, Ait IKVjRM The Ff? eli. in the same day (ibe 0th) occupied C:vita Caatetlaaa, which lit* half way between >V.tnc ar. 1 Vtter bo, without bringing any Pott'flcal troops with tl.em. Corneto, w filch bar a Ian t>e?a rerucop'.el lie* ? n the c ast, half way Mtwe?'ti Civlta \ eor.bla and tbe 1 im-mi frontier tonal rarnar turf tha flortara Can*. Tbi cretary or the leraelltirt Uiwoe, of loco. on, ba^ noelved tbe to. lowing letter from Count Cavonr ? Tvaiv Oct 8, 1M0 ( l>is ? I have received the letter which you hats ad dree** 4 u< me In tl>s name of UN- society oi the I n ?r?al Iar? l ti*b Ail.aiioe, So I. Citing iuc aid of tha King's *o rerninrrt la the steps which the father of the yenug Morals la taking in oiler to reouverhls chill frim th> rrreeet In wblrh h" M at prtteal rcursd, FeraaMai of the metioe of M Mo-tam's demands. I here the hot, or to ar? yv.:, sir, ttat the King ? go*e'?maut *.il <to all n ts pcwir that this child. In winm tbe jtahitc op n<e.n or fr rope la en ttrcngly Ist-'reelcd, may b ; restore l to fell family Be gnnd eni i(h, I t-'g yon, u ai^oalut tie i menihtre of tbe Jewish aitcieiy at th'-ee Is teat <?.? oi ibe goremtnent of the Ktng, and rcoelve, A.C., CAVfrt'K The Pollry of I'rmssta nil Italy. i r >m it>? Natiobal tte. of Berlia | In thee* da) ? nati onal pea* ions are not ronerj hy Idle qaa're ? a">oi.t the balance o' purer in Eer> (.? i?- U iuiti??t attaches -nly to thtar is*" i.inal rtrute ?e is wb'eh j gre?t qu ?t na of principle nre ? gage>1 fuo lai-'-triM (Ar-iv by Ibf- for*, gti p.|ie> of S [?'? i HI. 1 prcceeda fTi -n the lad that bit <?* *'! iaU: r nee. en ciou 'd i j- the h?i-? >tf ley'twai . baa comprsken I ? I tr ? ? mpic lr Vft Wl, ii war br?*u oi t ;??t jr?.ar m fay It tore at tNt mitaet it<e character of a war hetw. anr.-reip! ?of t game played li?i?. .n two omp-rom ?>: which Ita'r wa* tbe tuke Bui In tbe o irae of eeetita Wap< loot ?tr ore t" SrpriTS t of til s ??'.aracur. * '0 eet ftwgeWiag ttie laten-its of I>anee, h? threw >?n ttio pr- mi ?e? or tB" "id French dlpiomicy, ae w?rd.iur t. which a netted Hair murt be hrery daiige*ows rival In Frar e H? tak * care on to w iod tfc? ;u, an na'lioa1 ?entimei.t more ibai ha tas 1 ne by th* loi?ir;>i)rat >n < f Nlre he leaven the IUUIass n >>ne,an l coMWaues to pHfc tect them aga.aet an 'oreigci nttrre-ition, wb ie they ?re o?rnpi It const -tiag t(vr> i r,it^ J:at* of ra?re than SO OVj WO *n l? He ka< w? we ! tha t he cain'it hold *in h a ^tate -n lea "ng etr nf? 1 i he a.?o kn ??ers th?t he * ill flpd :n H a rore t'r .t Si' ( ?Uitloo#. e> lottg as |1? **?* not a' foate tae Italian ? \t i-l ? tnlnJ and liberal : opii ion la Fopcpe I . 'ertonate y th" o' : dtplooiary naca?H apareoislUthees mern ekmenu. and er?o to lh ' > ?r 't ha< for 'ts le no < ther eMT>oa?s tban the imsiUi'n e >de <1 th? trtatiesof 1*1 j, to w?M>a. SSStltatSS as tbey are, It still I see'1 Ik ? the oansn'oai anthwiy of Holy Writ "f wha one wltii repent to *f "hat o-j-tM Itait mteht *I!t l?a?K t- fram*'1'* attaek'nr <4''fmany on the Ih'ne atlB'iHa n. isly * th Vsn?tia **e adei t the "rentnaliiy, an I In i oer ? i MB Prraa'a I* not wre g fg [>er?tsting to OOStlder her r l?r.~ ts iiound ep W lb thKae ofAnStrla IVlt the I ", < alt ?(?? i tnr? w th Austria lalfht Sti'l or? ?eri a certs 11 rnaraalee age at Ihis evwntaalltr It was j i.Hrta hers* 1 1 that br ?e to a al ianoe at a perlol ?rhea It atill [i stiiTa 1 aome valoe-. Austria Is ae? aa loafer i aa siiy ?? be defeadtd apoa, leas evea thea leasie. wr?e woe id aa ly arrive u O late wih na-' equate feroea on the ec? ne oi e ?teet fWe< MtenMsre tfiin '*<? //?' f Aiutnc* *f*in<> /?aioin" unity, nr hers t/\*r #Va? i" ft*** r r?n demf tmjwwen/ Tbsas old irme a--e worn out, ami have already an vad en-errl< eahle, we are ob iged. la fart, to j drop then* tat Ml add to the cripnl I ?? iwen, to whou W< 'are to he ra'"!e( y Ifettern' "h'S ?g of ''flt'mai^ j ibe Harms.. ? Inst, this I* a heck Mi?' we -noet hrcf5 I betas ? ' can take a tingle >ep T he ?ny ?'?at I"o? -? ? hose ad n> gbt lie if roai in p< rtaue-i te ?e is Ksg at>d Butlar.i Jeha Rulall s ?<v n (at?>r of i<^ m lenity n{ the An*tri*i dome Ion in V iietia fin .1 mt*" t?e IHrget ?at me figlish Ministers w.ll Ukt g'?l etre ar t run Cfi It Hit againat public op'n,'>n Th" Br't ?h I atM'P Wl1! rot enOer ilaeif io hi dra? '1 Into a wef o whieh te IntSKtts are not dirnrtly at -a ie In this natc of th i.rt n?tl lor ?f ,Ar? to OS sore m prudent tUi ft jeBot;tnllwi tiihit the csase ? ? demonstration tbit would Irritate Prose a th? iitkul WBltacBl la lUly and lll>era? opinion Ui all Ku rope, without the tout practical al*,4r?ge, I Fro as the London B'raid, Oot 18 ] After twelve yeara uf tonsil and cbaago, aud abuarmal rotations on the oontli?'c of Europe, one happy result Mem to loom la the not distant ruture. We ma/, per haps, be excused if wo express oar oonvleiioa la * sense what aotentiflc term and remark that things appoar to be ftndlrg their speoitc gravity much rnoro anally au<t ua tu rally tbaa wu expect* d. Old alliaaoes are being oe menied; the reUtious of ilfty year* ago are agalu o Utl raled, and aystcm and order and union aro succeeding a ?late o{ Isolation aua Jealousy aud dlaoord. T/urt no It* n^er rxut a douU '\nl At approaching confertnu a: H'jr M ho will be the yt clu It lu a y?n ?rai umUrtlundii^ a ui M ktarmi Jiitui ay operation bdu>un l\'<t al Untl of lh? /-<t great iSiutrt This wan linm .dlaie onsen cncu uf '.au last meting of sovereigns at Bauen. rbe Prlnco ot Pi CSSla withstood Iho Umpter Oeruutny aoj nii-tr'a brc>ihtd more freely wUeu they found Prussia proof agalnal all tb? seuustloos of NspUeou, ul, -a a x,a sequence, lliero sprang up a iie-laa! roipact and rogard iu the piaoa of pant suspicion aud distrust. Russia took alarm at Iho prcpsgat on of those novel docmnee on international law by riarotnia, and at lbs equally slrasge theory of nationalities, baoael by nun Inlcrvonlioa, nave in too jato of ihi atgr eeor, tlra'. br-ached by ihe Sphinx or the Tuilerlca. Trance preacbes up tbo crusada, bat forbids in:erfereuce, whiljt wdicla prepares to act t.pon the text, secured whilst uitor middling by her ally's dogma of uon Uiturveilion. Thug Sardinia possesseu herself, -uder the promotion ot Napo Uon 'a Principle of non laterroutioo, of all tho vJjaoont nationalities, and when ibat move is executed France takes up the example and appropriates '.n turu some con tiguous territory This is the game *v ba o bee-i witness leg Tor the last eighteen months, and sooth t j sty wo are wtaned 01 the exhibit ton. We publish In another column a remarkable oxtrartfrom Ibo ofT.clal Prussian Oattde., Ukou from Its loading ibat artlc.e upon the interview al Cobleetz Wo tr<; isiormed that Interview baa rooted the cordial relations between England and Pieseia more de.oply than baf jre, asd that Uicre Is a coincidence between the views and opinions of England and Prussia on iho great and im^ortaat *i jes tions of the day. But the- last sentence Is perliape more suggestive in its language and alluaiou than oveu ibe preceding. "While tho Warsaw inlerv.-w," remarks ibe cfllclal journal of Berlin, "is a proef of tho good understanding of Prussia with her I-anlorn neigh bore, tho hippy results of tho Interview at Cobie-Uz prove that Prussia and retar. Ja how to caltivilo tho highly Important interr>ui by which she is bound to Ecglond." nut if Prussia and Great Britain haroiouixo In tlielr views and opinions, ani Pruas'a Gaboon lot! inate terms with Russia and Auatr'a, It .s notposr.ble lor England to stand far alrrf |rom Iheso lattar Now, wo confess this is a result not loss sgrreablo thin neceistry. Are Franct and PU&mon' to fchtmr ami anl*tce for uf a^grj.nJ.ucnml and agyrriti on, and U all the rex cf Etirnvt 10 lit ik cn and admirtf Or .S Ixgland to ls?ialc hers?)lf, aud whtUt actio? on a cot scien'.lous price pie of loo inter f*t?nce, Is ?he alwajs to 'cavo the w.<*k a prey to the ? tmng, without one tQort at redress either by her ariua or her uip'omaej? If one part of Europe cjinbinea, what marvel that other*, connected by a comm-inlty of lnicr ests at Make, should likew1?* snow symptoms of a rioaer lntlmac>f The confcrence at Waraaw, however, whilst It Is taken to be a substantial guarantee of unllod oo^a sels and action on the part o' three of the gre:.t Povre-?, wocld leave (-r? at iJrilalo In a condition e?i noded ol every ally able to render maler^l aHilgtanM, unloas aba established some oasis of cooperation with Prussia Now, tbe alliance with France has h"eu plainly an J open ij recouBced before the assembled Common* by the foreign Minister deputed lo act by tlio nation. /??.< drclar-d brfarr the wr'.J >\a. c^r\Menc: it no Umytr f lared tn .Vnjiokiin I t rii -y and d ciarati' /ri] We have, moreover, been tbe living wltn? rs of two groat war* nbdertak< n by France, with the object of broaklv( thu power of Russia aud Austria. Nice and Savoy have been absorbed, and Sardinia Is, In all probability, promised. Tbe Kbtne frontier it coveted, and Belgium lias been alternately cajoled and menaced by tbe same Power Frrneb Iniluecce domlnatef at Turin and r'alks supreme at Home, _r.<i has oeoetratod even to the tils fast and lofly heights of the Lebanon Need we any additional warning i.roat Britain lncludoe within Lor Remains ceruln Batloosilt'< s and poe*ess!"ns wb.oti, as they m gbt vastly Increase the poaer and wealth. of Fraiice, to may ttey at any moment bn maie a solid gnmnd of hostilities. It di es not, however. Be y?> tanly folow thai an alliance bclwxeu Pruss a and Great Britain, or between two Powwrs and Kua sla ana Austria, woul 1 be oCcnrive. )nde< d, uob a com part culd hardly be denounced in u<o strung lerm? of reprobation, were It ever contemplated. B-it toe not on weentoitaio is the very opiioaic, for we be cfo t,.at s ime oi-mblnatioii is absolutely recjalre t If wo a ot >0e spared a repetition of tbe European wars jf the I a* l sis y -u'S Xo tingle narirn, nor any two > ri\ree ooitJbinn i, vxmtit WW 'o try inwj tn K firm' Uri atn arel /'rums U%rik*r itul Will an> ooe, In pr ince of recent evenu, insure elth r of these oountries from war. if vhe/ >n<-? isolate themselves f W> advocate tblc alliancj n the of peace, and In bebalf ol tho regeneration of r.u r >pe, oon\ iLccd aa we a-e t Uai a crisis of tumults is Im pending, wben Halation nisy prove fatal. A Plctar* of Vimli*. A letter from Veni-e of i Vtober 4, ? 1 have now been here a fortnight, tad shall d itvmr tor | that t.m'- ??, torg u I lito, ?o aull ar t swiiiwd at , DU it ?"vn Have you erer taken a wa1^ t > Via -*r" ^ 1 ob a week dayv If )fM have, of ooorae yoo *nw bat ! eoldiera. H ta Ju*l the aan>t bM?; a*. wttb the exception of a tiw petty fade* people ud IHjMM, a othtng M or.tfcrro* can he ??*n in the atr.-ot* of Ver, e Wt>"f *re tho {nobles and wealthy cltizooaV They all w Uita <t > r?, and Auotra wnu?4 ?cr> much lilt ? to kn >? what thry my and do. I am a* ignorant ai the ta on thai point, aa all hoo?te of any laportau .< btre j b?c"Uie k> many cltadi-la, into wtiirh there 1* bo ad ! m"'arjee wrhoit good letter* of introduction, aod 1 ] broufht n>ne with me All 1 have learr"! la i therefore limited to whit I have ?> < u with mv own eye*, or picked up in conversation with cloorooi acd faaMMfl. ' A* *o. n a? tfc"te peoples'# certain that they era ap'mk Inr to ? for. ifner, eejwlally to ? Frenchman, tu-'y ot: a I reattaiol, 1 aaaure fun. aod ma..'* n > fu ret of tholr ' feel teg* ic>< liopea. They think l.brry m ii v at to be a.ready In their poaaeaeua, anil a.e ooortoccj | that fhe ho?r of d*!l?or?t!re ha# ntn-n I h**o t'men glren ?' rta! clfenoe hy rentar'ng to in etnoate i bat there woni.l Boi p. rhap* hp any grtai rhacgt ' in Vi octla txf'>re next. iprlng. At Venice tho tiat" of war m not pofted oe tte w?!<? It In IB the r?ry air yo j j hr. ttbe No irrperla: rcwript l,a? farh ride* the In 1 htbl antr to f^nuort the tb"*iri of tat F> ni?e, but for 1 two yt*?t rut Tu Vntygce* to It TVrc hai been bi evrfew T>ri*laHh?4, aod yet aru-r BtghifaU there Moot a llrtpg th'rg tr th < ?tree'* but p*tfOl* Tut to tot 1 thwdate >f thing* ar.v ant th. IV- V ? ? t n ? ' do; they ?i* no longer arrogant ere- . th"*- are uneaaj. f rowe. ?''"rt, and even attempt to a|>| ? i* v i.le All tt ifn h< ? ?? '.i. the ctty ha- e bri-n ta'.tM; a'jti><V net > to ibrr\ with tfce ?'nfte ereept1": of the t. ur .-i, ! wti.-re f-rr'r 'Tt and V<netiant meet under j.ret<*xt o' ho?'t ( ?* T>?- uri'rM t' b*v? a*fli.'e' tf: ? ar-atc ? rr<rt, for t?- ' ! wert to 'he Ft r!a- er -ry ?1c!.t, 1 1 ne-. 'i*r ? '"'"Hi r.f t -ard a w -1 of Oerm :n there - ? r*>? ??tra'i'e ffcit *!? that, with the '?*?< p IV-r ? r ?!?' !?, not a f'nil" y .nr^ man, frcm e ji-' -? ? twenty ire. '? ti ?'ta tr Ven'x l ? * t. r? *n f ' to ?? ?! the "m?rrtptieo ! ?are t ]M that" f >*e tt*ont them w*th <jarb%"t , ?? . l -*t hi trau* iu ttinor I naaual'i mrmy. At 'triaat Sr?t m |w?e.f0B laa ie?, Ufa on the eomaiiii ?,? roo'fr i Vi 4t?)' to 4 MOOt for e?rb abaert oooa-r'oi ?h<? n v?-ire rai ?ed roniijr bitter tear* to Sow at 0r?t. hnt I liar ? >w l>' >x>m* ll.i 'orr. r tint, aa ne t .or fa?l!ieai nor -omoiuo'-a >?4*h aa uiuc.tbey oaaiiot pajr. T1* rary rxre?- of the en! pni aa end u< it The a?me may h? aa! t of tasa*. Ihtrre waa g>aat anflariiig whes the foTo-nmeit <1e Wiled oi,e half orooe fourth at ererrboly'a toeom ; tint there ta I' ta now the demand la equal f> th" who'e, or e?on doi i. c and triple the amount I'eople hare ? ti, 'y oraacd to pay. that t? all. Th? Prlnr* of Wain at the Tomb of U Aahlaffton. tFrnm the t^iadoa -tar. Oat. 19 I Hi?t"r)- r- torda lew toea i a^-o pn feint w is la?trie I m thai, the v Mtt of homaico i i d by the iMw ?iv ? ei to the v iab rftaahlagti* Fghtyfhe yeam i.-? the man *to Yuntarrd to predict taat before a oaaur/ about I have rolle l.y the ir t-> tt.< Brutali Cr>?u ?' ltd *' a t . nti.i-y tr but ? of reacreme *" the taal re fat pta-v nf the arch re> i who waa th?o htdd n< hold ?'euiii-e t > our arml r, would hate been mJal i"! t'? htt Ono ' una' oo ] a a a aaslac for hie a?<'^?j>e from eoudiga poi.nlim?at te a traitor. The deap?t aM Ma -nyrw. 1 >n? f*iw,iel, in ri v i*a,?, ih*t the wo' id ?w ??!.? for tbctr ?s?la?ire erj i* iii. aod thai It aetded bit aa eOort ?>' in- tr wtii tn tte deetlal-e am.rdtor to a -?i - ae".j?h %'K-r ? -y m. ftit hate Uoag.ied thai ? m? uoetami>led fxi for: . ? ittglt hata fenred for vh. * trvvvua af tb? a i-ifert i a era' il ' ?t <? ? of at. n.< ?? crave. otMin thrv ha*? hai tt ? Ir eay . .. * ? ? i '? w >utd bar* htaiu u * an I ra'tle< tn i iharm npoa tlx oAtaitgait wa. How ? ? i; l th>- net .at. *r..t *ror.j '(eadt-t oil monarerj h?v? frW" J ?b? i prt>|>tieey that h a "*n fr.-*t grar .<">u aooli itatd m th unxm'red he# ; h ' re it. ?arou(>liag m wt h ite A ?. I < . trg du?t of Uk rehal ha# ./wrarted lata a i if fbrii't V. tat ei|>r> ?i.?* >f aer? <?!?*? emi aitrt *o ;I1 to ti?\ e dee?i?i (t'.ic / turn i i to gir.' U"-?ao<' t> fata foellbga f aa* one bad dar*i < loret*tf that tie f. derat ^ nTlacee a ?.rh tta l re? ?t?d aaair*'. hut r la wPtilJ, 'n U? ?i'?ce of a >lage o*r*'i a. grow Itto a Bitghty natlor, ? ~ . ? t the mother .tmatry in all the art* r.l paMaf T > th* men of i . .?. o ?.oc>? a W*ol/ c ei ? t|*e? * i h ir*?a<{i"* wo?il l have a? ??"1 taarc idu r^t-e ret ho<* '.net ? ipaoe oi tiaehMt f fl >e^ to convert 'h?m r,i i m- 1 ?? HateiaatiU "f fhu t ar truth* 'Ah' n ha noli! *1 n?r > eh > ha* c v r ? i .? u . ' ami.u*mei bnck'' I the BWnn] * M l> ""hk-n '. >S?1 | toe J to ror-jTer n ? < ntit- ? U ? m, tutnoi the fie1 ! i m the ehheplFie ? a >>n<par?tltrely !%?? ? ?? ?>r itt.?-U t i ?tr"*fl "t in the -ierf!*??y or.-ir*. if oa'.reh ? i aee mttht now he all re ye? air- ady had to en. i iel, are ! I tefewd-ier ge?> we tat > th-* h'rm -et of Ufti em rirea, aiwi re?*tr"a aa tig ru<"*' the he r to l->o I Vi>?l'ah thr' ?? 1* the?? ti t in th ? "tiein-v mtt for faltena* pfttrK t*, wh^*e hope* g *#> I ferre<t,are ckmd?d b* ti at heart *'i *????* wh:-t. ? t o I often tie fbeerneeer of iraaal'* All eoM* *?> -aftoe" ! after tbe'ty may not t>e deetiMd to reoatr.' e ( ai r I *|?edy *al.?faeti ?e h it fur the p'f<,?t?*'t *-> of :ri I 1om the ?>e> .ry th-.. (h It tat h- *i"W. 'a *aee, fV | /*? . k/ ft W0f. m V>i/*i7 W".' >\* I "mtt ./ Ilwt >i to*. ?<i' * m" f '*<?( tk' d ay rf'kt <nif --nut I* <f n* t>4, f"T f?# mrtn to fhUt mt t *' dnrt >I '?*?* - *1 IK' ' "*?>? ?oc/?rn.i'?Vm mf Oke truth Out 'he wt?l nf th' r*o; U u '*? i?t<r rtftofvi ??**? rf pmm We are qatt* e -nr-i* ( that ??ra out war t m?r>o ?te'.ofl* of r**te<et for f ?"t rrtaetplea are net alwaya fe v wed hy ewr?t?Vent Mttosa Ktaca bare h*rpr.. Iav prelnde.1 atroet^o* ertine* If aoleniB aria ' ' demttoa. oat a* Italian "rlf*irt* t* I their hetda befare they murder til* *r*?farw to aee>ir? B'f paltry "tore of gatd fhit ara/f toe vmmr> tn rKtritk tKt h"V* I hat nur /*r?o. e ?nJI britm a>.oy ?VA fr< "? Ikr fti vkii a liftivf from <Ae rr<*?v ' of fa? riH?' tf W tih Miffo* * o^iaecro'tew aanre MNia '"tin ermid */ie? 4*^ oonfatted '.>??* tt ly >f? teno - i <ll 1 1 Mtl "mt <ttdx'in; >w fti t*l. ii*?*a tn/htmot vHU I" ) *. oep'tW' kit /Wwr? coeeer The aoreraifn of ibeaa klegtoeaa, tt 1* true, politically poe> r|<?a, aooordiac to the tcortry of it ? oncatltatiot . hut, prartiua. : v the weam of the rr>w w ,e! ta a r'Het.t t f.MM for good ' r to. If tit*.' at '>r Victoria, haa witrn*?>d a rmwih af aockl nf.rtl ty which plarea it :0 aohle oontraet trttb f i r Un I ndar , (korge the r"i.rth, ttw ' harg*, tbouh atlrlba*ahte In I * me n e?t ;;re to doubt, to th* ?:t< id of oa! ghtrpmaat and the ?arch of human '^rogreat, la -Uao to b# aror'bed tpnotllgqv d?grta 10 ,t,? fact tb?t a <iod i< aring and vtrtooos woman alia 1 ,pon tbo tbrone wbtab wal disgraced by a bloated 1 tannic [o tbe (ante iiannT lUrf p >y i *r *jn?ravb\ea of Oae bead of tbe <%ate mlgM legitliaet-ily e*t rotse a wholeeo&e lUluenoe npoa -tie tendeuow* of onr legislation, and appronmaie tbo vtrtot ot UtlC'tai plete political equa'lty, without wt..c,h tLcre oa:> bu i a shanow of freed-m The tour the Prints of W.ilet the United Htatr s will haoe pi acta Mm in poutuion o f an un; ailing antidote (o the monstro ut falUrvt un'^ rt'jai I U the efftc t o/democra'ic itutuutiont, whi> h an clung Ut '<n l ?o much jxrtxnart y In the aru'xTats circlet M u/tv h those of tht Blood Kt^al mote He baa uoi ouir bad bis own e}>-u opined, but he but gained tbe means of convincing the fsw honett Lcdln who cling 'op i?h opinions through ignorant, and el ?llenuirg tbe hotto' ora'tj politician* wno, ko w lu* their rotter.m-tH. pro' ??us tbeto, to err mi tber own selflrh ends. He K?a been to a tar.d wb'-re trie two grand fcrf neare of the Knglleh aristocrat? mar hood r nfi *? > act the ballot ? eiiti la full operation, not aa expennoa tal novelties, but aa tried and approved portions of tbe cleotoral orgtnltation. He will able, and, as ?n honor able Hnglltb gentleman, we trust ho will b? willing, to bear hit Urtuuony that tho extension of thn fraucblt) dors not i reduce anarchy, nod trat secret voting does not >*d either to wholesale bribery or to utter political demoralisation. He has dwelt la a '.and wh'~re no State church lays ?lo'"ot hands on the money of ooctclentlous diiseoters lu or der to swell tbe Ineomrs of Its ministers, but cadi man is free to give his voiuntry support to tbe teachers of tho creed which represents his o ?n oonvle t ions. If be bo candid be will own tbat nnder soon an organization religion tlourithts In fall vigor, and (lads ao cbiok to the fill rtevetopement of Its whoiesono iutlucn'O ou hitman conduct A tory minister would flod himself sorely nonplused In hit oonferenoo with a King wouse mind baa been enlightened by tbe fruits of his own par | serial obaerva'.loa. Moreover, tht Prince of Wain Haj ac quired some good halHl s which he would never ha oe learned at home, and which we trust he Mill not be induced CO , lay a tide wK>n he returns to hit na'ltx land- la tbe United State* ho has mli ;led on a footing Of perfect equality witb mercbinla, and baulcers, aud literary aud profesti >ual men. Uao It bo Imagined for a moment thai b? wtil oQ'er a gratul^as intuit to bis own oonntrymen of the lame chases by intimating to tbrno tbat be deems ihr-m unworthy of the intercourse which he bos voucbttled to their rranaatlantiO oousmsf We car easily imtgino how rcftething it mutt taavu boon lo onr heir upptrmt to esrape from the T"arlROT>e so ciety of blgh born nanny and llnd hirnelf faco to 'tco with genuiun unsophlati .aied men; and we forrently I trust tbat no luck of courtgo will 1di>im Uim to bctuale to seenre for bimtelf at h>.me so fruitful a tour w of I pleasure, uece bieak down tbo antiquated btrrlers wb<cb abut out from oourtly clruii-s men ' wb ) havo earned dit'.tnctlon .n any honorable I calling, tnd a b'ow of hi^iilcuiable Imprrtanco wl.l nave i beon (truck in tbe oauro ol rational liberty. To tbei wor | shippers of liici' worn a .iiS(? tucb aa uchlev^mont m?y apjM ar 'nipes-ible; wonH not ns much hsvn been said | eighty live jfeura tgo of a visit of bom igo to th? grave of | the rebel get era! oi the Aoierlcau Cul n'.sHl by Mo n?lr of th? Brituli ttri ue? Nor bavo we yet arrived attboMd I of thete c Tveis, wbk b s?rv<> as m'.li?toctfi on the road of human progress. To (lay it it n frlaee of Wales niand lag reverently uncovered before vho mai-.tolia u of Wash lugtou a eentnry hence it will bo an Emperor ? >r per chtuce au Arcbduk ? A ntria rnikinc a p i.;' to Rome and pa} tng his tribute of reiteration t > th? fcitnhs of O'arlba'dl a d Ma'^iai, btu?'atb tbe domo oi M. f'?|er's, an ' then burt-clng to tbe old '-Atni lra1 r D.Ja to do bomtge to tfce gruve of K rft.:th Lord Derby's Organ An American luatl ilillvM. [1 rem :h- Iaodoa Herald, Oct. 10 J Tti? H^u tfranttoy Berkeley hbr Wiaently tav.-ired the mfcat. tactr of Ulitg' ? will) Lit ei.e'nuaces in Aanrtca during a lour Uicro of u?arly a tw< .wn Jilb. m h <cui *uhj*'cta th'*c experiences arc not fr?(;ritit, and tb* only remark we ahull ma'ae upon tl-em Is 10*1, ax to the ?> t pe loration habits ol Ani tioa, M- tkaatlif Birkaloy only j repeals, audi") far a<M* oiideoco t< ih" t'uth of ?Uat iu : ' numerahi<* prer ding wr l. r* have staie J Wo hope that I Mr. Berkeley BE 1 hl? prode.-flaeorB color their pintorM a | little, but we l''?r ilioy are uio o pbwtoy raphit* long -at ??*. On Uie qwnunn o< tlx ir. -v.- i; ;*>ri?ruy \ I of political frr?i!on In America and of tv ball i tbo e% 1 per tew >4 of Mr. > r.m.iey lirlnliijr are at greaur, becaniie at political vafcn. Xuu auionut of po liteness of a eociely >? m irti a | I'-ft'on ' >r Itaelf (ban !or f. >??> ; (f r i " . If pupil do not like to incur tbe dao*?r of being rpit upon oy a shot fat! tag, why, tbrj <ian ai?> at bo ma. Vte hardly hav.i a rig'it to Com plate Oi inplewslu,; aocia ha1' u So wnmd It be with the va'tie of the ;? polltn *1 toatilxll >u? of any cMQ* try. rbaao would cobc. i b only tool Batiru iteolf if they and tb> ir adtuirtra ?<r? ti t pt rv tually holding than up for admlratk-r and intutou, una telling the world loudly that they are rot a* other ? If we were t,> belli ve Ht BriKht aiiU Mr txjodco and other ontnuaiailic adroirora, or *1 icti t yr, ntu'i ?! Am ? r.jiui laatiluiloa*, wo ar in this cxunlry bowed i.own by polit *1 ??rvllud?,a-A . ely bales in the learning of freedom, an compared witu tine / ica But Mr. Berkttley ? who la bimueif at old politician, went tbere, we may ur>.iMM, lor tbo oxpreaa pwpoK of stadylng th? Aiaariran i*>iity ? lella a very dtilsreal story K- says ? "ile fuvii ia New York Uiat Uio ?taleim-ota of Mr. Ouh leu and ilr. aright were utterly in error. Insleal oi holding up America a* a place lor t.c to oopy aa lis pili.iaal Elate, it waa In tbe gr e*u at Stat* of political OOQfea.iMI and lytanny Uiat bad over iajb e before turn, and he ought u> be able to j,.dge of the political atato o! a f in try , ha fin* reprexented In I'arilameut tn? w.^vern ?i i v t - alon of tttoootsvervhirc for twenty yearn He had I e inked aoaielblnf ol ooerciou id tbia o.uutry. mil be bail never WiUx ??e<l a ioh frlghilul o> rc'..n u lm b?d aeen li tbo I'uiUd Hiat"? Ho dwn-rlbtd the klu^ of Infloenon tbnt waa ibere exerclaed by tbe lowett elmrea In eootroll.uK tbe Milllica, electiob*. lie Krautod lb*t opjreMioi' ui*L. be harsh <a tbia oouutry , but It w aa nothing to tbo opprea rlen <H thi rnob in Vinerlc* Hie ballot tbere a caree to America inati?d of a bow, and gave no freed > a to lite exerciat ol t be franchise Wnat cot Id be more anrioua luaii tbo fact that ttoo claaaea tn AmarUa ('??ac. t.* ag wealth, tbe ui>p< r ciamn or ariatoorary , held IMMlvt* al.ol iu ol/ultl' d alleaca duri j tb -ao elivtlon*, be, ?uae toay knew tbojr were orcTwbelinel by tbe ni ***"*> Mi ??ra GMa ami linuM MM w U>ey ware not tell m* Um ti uib wiiiu ibey beld up tbo ACbcrli ui matitatlouii ui aa rxample for u?." Now lo lb ia aU?ea>rkt alio Mr. Brrkt lay to allll only coodran K wbai baa Iv-ao (tatiit by maay pre iraTe.len out in? eridiaice on tbo aubjecl W Tamable bcoauM ol bla Having bat a lenctbeued j rti tical experi< uoa of tbo worktnx 1 ' ?''r el. at irai laititui ias. a a whatever may l>e th ir ex.. li of .ir le?a? an.l we baxe Be. or preu-nd. 1 they are perfect ? %t l*a?t ihey l .te m ver >el re lur d ur tn uie oondlt ei of t'X .udlug Iruoi all lovart or pwii nation In politic allaira prec aely iboee (,<ai?ea who, by lOeir etout .<?, tbeir leisure and ibi r Ivrt.ine. ar>- Hie mo?i a Ian ?*! ti UK# i?rv in iu< i Kaenaainun e?er e. mteada that uie coma* ctai'"* abouid be wle'iy eicli.dnl from ta* og a vhare in pntMic aftaiiB- Her ae ibey la Una i-irtioiry a?.d tbey ?ou 'I by ini? time bar ? had a ?irger ?i are uiaii th< > ba\? if I >r party port *?? -i, Btel iu ;ti?r, Mr It rravn a )>ti tuul aot liven 'xerttiro ?a liui t ,i ihh tuieg to tay it it Um> working i-iaaBer >bali Ml be ex. I led Ir. a. a ni.are of t>ower. and an. ,bcr Ijm i . ?a> thai tbay ?hail, by (irae ol cwlwra, Joan* oat of alt p ?w n'ai iDtrrwt lo p?blM at. air* lb- educated t anil. True, ? lit ua ibere are ooaltnoai ?>utuiti tor giowar l et* e?o cbtfw?? . The roti i 1 uner i t a little tin- ner I u. I , and a ie tiBKt tbe other dM" bill aa a mean ' ie Leg ?'atore in e? *Bae>i wiUl a ?prtbk.icg from an ctaae-aofi .ily. We i,o oi.l met. thai, a< in tue frem b Aiwembiy ol toe ?li . llxeo r> pi.loM: of IMI. we bare any imiuttoti of "j an ? , i/?eri?r, ' aa a Kemte r Hutu lhv. cla ' r,t rw-u . ex i mil* 4 tn m allltBg actuall; aa ui mbitra, it i* lint rauf tbe atactic rt cwiu t f aad wocfenraa ftbefttn but ibat ibe> uo uotcbeooo, aad, we it. ok, *? v. > Iv klaitorp [iMie- t?i ?en I in **n?ra' eduaaU'i m-r inc. f Uieeiaa* g?t"-li?liv :al.e.l ge illcmeti. to I ar .tm> nl a* toeiul . tl Hut ill Uie cb .oe id the r to" rntren IMt w..rk log Ie hat *, *? we all kt ow, a lauro; an I Uiat vols* i? d? fmtt" repre-entwd and heard iu Parlt imert. (in tin baien Mr M> -keiey dora not r# into any dfltalla lo "imik bow lite ?ikx u a uurae ia Aim rtoa. We v. tab ha Iu i done bo. aa tbere are many la Kaglae-J win ? id the tart fetor* (tie r ? ??t that la Ann -A. ? n.ter (h ? ia lot r: ium. o>irr..|?tl n. aowml in/ to Irt ' 'iwltmonj '( every wrlioT ?? lb? aui ?* I rxoafit Mr Urigl.t art 14 r. (Vol, n. haa rnacbul a i?ent kafwo oaiy tn taglat ' ?orb bi.ron*ha a* we c o 1 na Ui 1 i'r??l:i"H?'. ? ab"dt for tbe naitot at uk- aaTtoor of 'readoBk <X ra ur**. one oaai oi wy tngU-ally that tbe hat lot pro donee the aortupt xi , out one .an ray, wIJi Ute c ?t rtrlut log to, that tbo fcat tut cure t rr t It ABd Uial m tbo vary waumf tion m ffeM M ha. ? *t ir enifd for la Kaglaad It * aatd tbar* i MKMf tin i' ta corrapt.i b. and that ",-n vut r i turwui ob)' p.'o arw nt.n ialeu ir wnptnt we!!, tfi M iwar t> t!? > at the l??.i<.' B At Be' ?i, ibd ?? lb ? in. in .oi preraoi ag < ithtr Ibti i.i lat on orenrropt ,o. t Urn iM,ia. ac rd,bg lo ttw tea line >ny of lhaar ro-w. t i flotir b to >ui extett u lady BhkBowa ? '-'ngiaqd. "v . an o| Gtoii baoa.wayt I en. ( l w? fcav-t Mvi.t f?i?r ? i ) ?rowou .t, iU?t *a We bait ?( ta ? re tsM'hm< -> <t Bcvi r will 1 1 re or atreid na nie."'i <aorr>iptim Co r'.pilon nual asdwlll rxiai to *m>. extern At an" rr.i ? It l .S'Xi'i l ? i* I ol tie ?"?Vi) '-< if t- man rat' r< Ar t that weal* a 'nund praoltot.iy ai Uk' worli *ver 'iiettr' Bar* largely BbMWg ItM 'aa"t otaoatad bad 'e? waM off ClaaiiW of anewty ibaa an, at MbWewt B high r inleUHtafi an I n< at gra>ie inrow <|? n lae ?of Srage to nere tvu?b?ri,aa in Am*' ta and ? mot bare a very bur aae 1 of f rt? l ttbiiliy It * tdo lo .y ibat if a oertaia fur .uiary ?t laa mf 'red by tlx* am doea not guaraotr, n i ity ti the dritua of eleetrr a ??er |H?unuar) ?tat>,?, or bu ah?olu(e,y MpRaaKWM ?'a t .*. w ill aecure ii. it-arm-ally lie to auppoao Uiat bp r B.era o.ukrlvaooa, "cb aa die ba it, for tw ? rcfaterinf if vi'Ua, ? I per > eel corrupt 4 abere tbarv ?? oorrupti blUty. it.r.iwug open be 'ru. chlae to all <MMr* baa 1 1 1, <t at y rat... prvltin ?! I' ?t ?'**?*??. i? affael tn Arm r' .* BOf IB It ever itbOly to uo ao ar, 1 ?' ? ? .itley H ? I j '? expapMvr i * m Ihe aui1 w.t . ?ma ot>i?irloor : ??*. *-t w -? l.ava to rtowht that nnr ureal Hefietw Bill MMfcalbPtol ur t*'ng the to4tum er? VBCat'on. '^I' '*a"1 i.unrtBBe* n t rain, t'y Cjn'irt tf r 're* friab arh*.n? ' r (toelitg ibe Eig.'r.i oi. t a.tbn O .rat. I a ibtiH. Th? I* Hyrt*. coifT>fTtfw or *iii tmntwrun* r?. *1 ?r? w&fWnv*n HI THK FMRVCI THOOPC TBI R> ULI?n AM> *MKKI r*M NLiw rvw? or tt i?wrm? rii> . . 2 !<if r?*rrr ?o* ? arMtAl. *r. , (froBi *p?*ial vrmpim <,<~at* of th? l/nn'. J* Tim ? i f nmm c*?r iu*t k, vpt w, im Tlila " or?'n* lli' ltbabn?iiM nt tlttf * Kvnnitr pi r?xl<?l in the ?<??<? ma (if ?h?tf e'"' "*??' I *V *r? ? j %rrn tmia ml I lha T irfci?h ?nthTttt?t ?ro aprelatiM. Wh?t ih? Frwwb *rr<r?<i Uimj nrrt Mfyrtiaad no 1 fart . ml to frd tfeM tta od'wrfl W lharorwi had not i???u tie Mtgbt'M Mr|? Uiw?rd? hnr?t?ff ll.? roffXtD* of l>,? rletln ?, ? Umh|I> Uflfly foor rvw,tn? ha** hiik-h lt>? ? iff l*? flrfl t?o ? Ui?n ha I (*?? a ? i?r*tah (r?rr'?nn i? tt>* P?i??? Ma i-i n, an<t th?? h?? ?t?o h?fn tw ? J%rf *w>fj of lflr? fn?ti fnr th* ??\ ??n or ttr*a *M#t? Alar Ibr *ir!f? of r*<t ! Pubk at (Kfrmt ?< lOiniiW' 0 ?Mf*ol op to l?ir at K?mmv to ri?*r>?? tlM" U'wn tn* v ro??f ?f Ito h M !*#? Ma, hul nntt, m hui i,r*a 4<w# In *n V' ?wir t fit (jdfc<??v?itim'??fcjnfT? b* i of v, ' ,f,,| ,|o O ti>y r?r fell ttVy h?d nnt nW n ah'-> to tl??- r >in* ? ? nn fit, I j l?M, driw Ulttr MJvi * -ao-1 barf t*o li "?1, lb*y f nm4 an on# wilting In ijfi<t<v-Mkn I tar l"h,,r If UMtr MfiM w?m lt?t?a?<1 to, I hoy <1i.| nM r? era muci prodlt. IW7 w?re toM tt.?i ib? oirli offloa^ ?tooted thla mors log? a kind of Mayor and four Alier rrx d? wtuld be Instructed to aelect among the returned Christians a certain number of able bodied ia?ii, who were lo oka/ tbo town of the human remains, ami lunr them as rapidly aa practicable. The oomuii**iouer* were further told that It was no more than fair that the men who old lb '8 work should be paid, and tb*y wre Instructed to do ao. The order* given to the civil officers were that, besides bury log the dead, they were to lay quick lime when ever blood ha.: been sbed and to roof In aa muay hoos.u aa they could. In order to provide shelter for tho p ip'ila Hon against the wet *easr>n. Tho ->tl.cor who commanded the French garrtaon > n oar departure was told to, and in eas* of necessity, enforce obedience to these U.hlrurlions, for no great coctlden'-e ik felt by the French in tho abil ity ana *l*-erity of (he Turkish commissioners. The Frer.eb parrtsou rer.-.vrd orders to lend every a#sistuic.e that in neb i be irqulrcd v> build luiekiins, bew wool lor for tut U it ruofa ami > rtiore tl>> towo. For this purpose 0 deuehmont of etiglne re wns rrdertd up f'nro B vrnut, W tb 200 ?pade*, plekaiet und hatchet*. The energy 41*. )da)cd t>y the French haa marvellously astonished tho poop c, aj.d contriifji very stroogly with the ludo lenoe of the Turk'sh authorities Vor noirly four month* the Turk* bare done nolhtrg, abaoluteiy BuiLig, ijwards tbe fulilliiitnt of the itmple duties whl<b the coiumosiost humanity and impose upon every government, no matter how feeble or how poor it msy be: while In two or three ila>* tbo >'reucb will have buried U o det?d, cleanae I the town.aud repaired a certain number of the dwelling*. Tfce funds provided by tbe Turkish government for the relief of the people, it wts resetted might he appro priated lo the following way ?the able-bodied meo are to be provided with t<x>lg uud tUe noceaiary means of earning their living The women and yo mg children are to be supplied with lood Whatevet objections s<me may talio tu the manner, it la impossible to carp at the matter. Tho Turks have dore nothing at iter el Kara mar, ard ite Inhabitants will do nothiug for themaelvua. 'f the charltuhlw emm ittev* of England and Amcrlsa were to follow tbe example of tho French, In devoting a p.rtlon of the fuel* collected to rebuilding tho Loses and providing tool*, great good would naolt. Many of tbe rofugeee would noon be In a position t c earn :h>'1r own living, which would speedily realize a considerable economy, by re lieving the fund from keep, besides enoouriging habits of Induatry. A cmmiPBioner would have to be ap poleted Up Bupcrnte-jd the distribution of the money. It Is highly desirable that be should bo an Englishman of the ofd or new hemisphere and acquainted with tbe ha bits of the people. Mr. Calhovn, the United States mis sionary at Ab'eh, if be would undertake tbe office, i* un doubtedly the best qualified in Syria for tbe discharge of lu dutie* HI* long residence in the eountey, perfect mi.s'try of tho ?aii(tujge, Intimate acquaintance wltb the habits of thoeght of the peopis, his great miral courage, and the confidence So has irsp'red among all, are ?dv?u moes difficult to t'nrt united Ir the same person, while hi* residence is but throe hoar*' ride from Peir el Kimmv, At the sane time I think the Central Committee should be prep*re1 to employ paid ass; slants It I* t<>o mu"h to e*|iect men to ontinui such labori ous work, such downripht drndg?ry, a* tho foreign mer chants at 'ley rout and mlsalocarlcw hare perfhrmod for the last tour' months. They may continue t lie surp-rvl ?loo snd direction of tbe application of the funds; but, a'Ur the??crlfle<* they have made of time and labor, to s?v nothing of th?lr *ub*criptlon* and alinoet dally aims, ' tnev ought to be relieved from mere elerki' work. To ! enable ibe rovler to judge how oneroni have been t.ifl I gn.m>tors l ibers of the--" gentlemen, 1 b<>g to trcep isfion jour space with the fallowing Bgure*, showing what has OMS done sine, the beginning up to ten days age:? At Be> rout, 10 M O persons, to whom must be added 3,000 more whoae applicasnns were then under consideration, were iin-rrioeii on the generil list* under the oare of tho Uev. H. H. Jemup. On the lists of Mr B Uistany were 1,100. on thoeo or Mr. Araman 1,600. and on thoe" of M. E. Feru s00 A Proteatant list, i trstsged hy the Pctr. R H Jewup, oontained 1 one hundred and thirty ntm?s, making the total num. her ol person* fed by the Beyrout committee 14 000. The llHiaof the f'ldou Auxll ury Comnlttef, under the ' ebarreof tbe Wer T F Keri, contain 3,000 names. At Tripoli a Bsalhec list ha* been formed, under tbe direc 1 on of the KugUh and l ulled ^tau*' V ee Consul* and the mlrnonarieti. W'nliiii ng tho namea of 3,000 pernio* who have l"en plundered and driven out of the finalise il'Ptriet and who are now lit In* in Ho'ad B'aherreh oeer ihecedaraof Icbioeu, in iirent dlatrce*. The dlftfemot lift*, In wblch ronnd number* are given ratter bolo"* tl^r above the actual amount*, rhow a tot it of aO.OIW ?nnl? who arc dependent for their daily breart upon Kn>r i l'?b cliirlty. If half a planre be civcu to eacn, the rate j of ? *?? i ilimro ? ill \>" -0 a vW'utlve of the cut of 1 <?!???!' i r. bee '?!!'? re-t . and the tinp"<lal ?]<? purlrofi-t The linmbiT of p-reon* who have been *np pi! -u w. lb cSolb'ng 01' rtlie care of tbe Rev fir. Ta lm roc la 4 000 The hoapital. wheb launder tb'- rare o' tfcc Rev. (' V. A. Vun li^ck , M I), receive* fmu 60 1 t) 7 ft petiert*. no an aver**", weekly, and to' t'ttl j n.rnM r th?t ha- p**eed through amou't* t:> between 200 ?tut M. the ?ot.p ktU'.h -ii tr. ntloned In a form*" letter : baa b?*n ?*'j?b!l?n' <1 In connection witb the boepittl, and every f<o i>J day s'.pplie* soup to about tiOO person*, ' cbli fly nur*lug moth rg ami young children Tbe nm mtttce have commenced anpplylng bed*, of wltleh 180 fare been irvte a ri ady and itiatrlbuted , beaide* which (00 'rhajft (heavy Ara'i bed qallU, ituffed wnb cotton wo si, one of which fo-m* rov bed and ocvrrlrg) bare either bicti girrn awty >r are In the oourfo of being inwV. Kir the r ' ,? ?? ino ?160 t.a? I> -ei *"t uMt to provide l'haft, etch v, .;i supply 400 of th-re q-illl*. On the Hooray before ka"tcg Beyrout I went i in the Miiflon t;> wttMM tbe d'atrlbut'on <>t charity. | I foutd croud* of nun and womon a** "ablet ID a Ural! pi' t cf g'ojnd belonging to the ei tablis^tnent out In at! tbe approwhee lead'ng to it, I In the centre of tbe plot ?ti? an avenue of tree*, to j wht ;b rope* were tied on both (Ida* to k"'ip "" t^e < 1 '/apttca ba?l been t'orrowrd from tbe TirK "#i autb iritte fi t tl.e ptirpoao of maintaining order. In t'ie centre o the avenn<; ww tb> Her Mr J virup, with a coup " of native* attached to the V.wilia. He bad ipon hi* Keen* printed HfUi contain !rg tb' name* of the appihtantt ar ranged aceordtrg to tbetr village# or dlatri'U, and btiu die* ef printed "Hp* of paper or ticket*, n'arknJ tu *e en rubtllv!?KH!?, ( ac* reprefcunng a day )1 the week Tti * mcde of prOMOtf'Bf c-'Ulsted :e Mr Jet?up reading tbe r?m? of the appltcatl from the lt*t, wliieh ?*??? repeated b? th" clerk* oottl the InJIvidual wan forthcoming, to ? bom ? t Ick ?? ' wat haoJel cor tain rr th? namfter o' the m inber* of the 'imily. The licit toils the tirk'-t to the opr'iclte end of the g'nund, re itood tlie bnlli't g* of the Vluloi Pro ceding tl i^er ' f ir.d tbe Mr Pt'M tt ting und? r t!i? ?h?dow of a wall, with tin bow be rime h:ir , ll'ed with there d My little ittmpeO pl"ce* of riirtal *h *b {)??? current for T'irkirfi ? no fV>ni the ticket he t re r?t t?o?rb"-li> reprefrtt Of two day*' I al'owanee, ar 1 bunded b >-k tbe e)gintNt m miccy. ' To keep at ihi* w -t f"r t?-. ir twflr h vir* eo*? ?cutr.-e ! ty en er a brrn'ng run, ? ith crowd* of dirty, 11 Ud hu 1 tran 'lelogr fre+rinf r je'?,t* too he**y ? i%\ t:poj any 1 one All: ug'i ;! * ?* !n I ? cper. a!r the ?tncll waa ?-ery <! 'Hfrrt atle (Ti e*p?ri<niei1 a *enfe of UMir 1 cu i ? ter r, and 1 rb'ijld ?n ?i ?? t'.iat M J ?? u; ird b e Mfiinir, rtr ti1 *? tbe oentft, R si Vare tu 1 rei w m'T" th'i*" atl*'-er' Ved 'n the ll.aek | l">'. cfc?l<-<v!a ! hiT' tMrn?d fnrn ? ctr ''trtxe'ved ?i r<i re I fet a 't Uat the Lnvdor C.-ttral t' m m'ttC' l a* been ? ?vl >?: "igf) to ct-' ??? i;-p' al of ' tb' rrt-genVn m-ide In a p*evtc"* l?t|er fir apirt p?'*ttrg ?20 a w r' ; to itijloy refugee '?Vr ,n r"*t?'ytbe ti wr. ? ';?'T.eL? tT tbe dej-^a'eb of my ''fee. ?7'l ah ';t a f>rtrlght before tM receipt of tlWCtr ""'?r, there h-d be- h_,ji vt'"t a <* mt'Cll, c-?i ? rttfr ef eight t '-rrili e? et tie girer"mort and e glit rrrrnentatirre of t? ? t?' ?ra e< ?ntn'.atee, rhfly ttie dra.' t at* tVh?'he? I ?? l?*t are the he?t r|inli9ed , tb><at c 11 h- r--n ed r t"*T? t be ?e~n; V.t to ?'aliiy (rn(in?'i? rt ' ""it noth -.g, ur? perhaipo the prm.pte icd pr*ciio? el b o? ?!> They I are aid roropear?. ai-d a* t a !??e tliey ar* alm'?t den* !'? 1 1 /-hi A* a hi'* th- r are not einratc ?r n accord Irg lo ?,ur rtar danl, and any V> ir(l of hea'tl; wo.ild M U r k.u?!ri;g.? vf ? ?- voce very diap. The bid prcnf of the ralue of Ibi >-o ,reil wi'l 1 ? fi'tind In IPe fact that er*te?iy a-t Knrnpcan In Beyroit, ?aye the tooeula, knew of u crnali.o. Inetead of df..gin.??i?, I ?'ui d bare lathed It w :1J ? a** bn n ?>?tt< r t' a?? th* K". pean wer eh* i i* a Vyrmit 'n c'-. >t fc.-n %t> "or t*v -n m- tv to Ibr tli Blct|>al I'antrril. lor tbey have a pre- t -al ti> > i?dge ?f tbe aat-ta ; ibe town, an I a <lir* t In' < tt .r It* clenei't ?? >*?;. l> ?> jir'v ? llig itiifM oil hat* 'c- hired to a"r? ?"*?? th? "? f |in;-ir??ee? an* pa , Wtaaga of Un ont<*uK, bat t| ?n?M oertalnip Iut n'-tc tfe t we ("itti whlcU It .? r?tl tna'i-d K WO !*?? ef f.'ti h*r tf> be fto -vcl. ct anee aa<i bead -r !??* ejre-e'-nt h?* '-e- - lie tv ? n ll >!>i. At. ?? ? mi IV . <*>? . ?'.) aa 1 ti e Jfrt t'-;j t' 'icta I. . y v?h h the re. aim and at ioi. a from Icnd^e af? he carr!'' 1 'r'e iff?' *ed t"r ,? * liv r etnp . i d t 1 Al*ari*' 1 n- ' t? ? . A no'' r ?-*/"?! i ?t ri I ai ;? w (be 1 1 na?t? referred tr tiiai ? aaeicai ?t r, I r|i ? . a'J B"|ViUl I" H? t e* aW' t It n 1 1 nil? h*? ret ? ? ? '1 thv * me faeor I "o far at I can paiher the onnumttee la r?t t f-npo*ee. % it rgb fje) r lull tbe wtnt o! drag* T w?- i t?- ? ' "? ?? ki t,'t?l> V e? ( II who "i I hn #t to m- i w n tt-i > w ? r ifi rr t.n i it-ir.,ut.??ivramiinii.i - I reefior di 'it r ar, 1 li- u ') I *<vt?il fry h*t ?( that i be?* to tt r nie't an?M do* arp?or? t ?? ft ' ar cc n ?rny I . iaUa*n]'lr of it'iMM* Hirtbr ;ir"*if?ai in ? i ?lh tut ; a tb? .|h tfca tnediCai r * ir * li lr)f 1 lacannijt an. fie for pr??rnt ??e. J ? * * " a'' ?n^ if ' i (teal and ?lrtc prrad !??'?*?? ?p-'> r 1 "" ?r1' th? : tbiiiiniiiJI of re'ug??* \ I It, gardr- * aft . I un lef ' ri,?T w. ?? ? ne m 1 'n. .i i tbat i t* a^atn't r eti a lerrtHI* e<'??* ? t*n<'? W" ? ' . <1 pr- "'-te ' r ' rare m proYerbmliy ??tinn?aiiy," I ut that # no rea? r ? e rb . J a ?aj* be ao ?h > j I. ui .rt italely * ' per' l?r*e occur, ard lh? ordinary medtcal riw-nir' ? i leade^oal wit eh le n-it tm:- ?** '?'? rr tfii r-?hable. | itil nipw?*)iittf he ?er> h ?ay o>i tt>.?- ?u<> ha^" , decHatd Medical aid l>eoaii?* II ll aot ?aat? t ?c? Htieri* It '? a <jei*tl?jt "f 'f' i r HM'h we onf tit t > be ]?"rirt#?4 ae* rat < *ey i"** hie on tier n- *, and e?en what roe/ I at Ural ?M.m eitraiataec* mi n Uie u. J | iore true ? ? r - y. I Ike* re tvk t' ? HI rty -> ?a ->g vt r.t 'a'lii-o | '.a*? 1 tt r the ?i h?rrll>er? did nM 'rt-ei^ tv "n.- tli* r 'ha i rity to Heymut. and that ir eiitrai a*? ?ta-re * a*. tifWl un hap't'y iirgeetlf rei"'rert -arwh <v ta a e?*r ? point, I metiti'-eed neit her* wh**e "lere wan not a eiegle t rop-an coetor wbeti \ eft that fir fl." <br?t>an (w|>"iati n that ha* beott lnatalt*4 In tl ei- tn tot.eee <? eattmaled at flr</fn 9 000 t > ?,0f0 *o?l*. and every lay ad '* tn th- ir n in ??er for upaarda of two m mtb* tb?ae | or rreatorr-e bare heet iypoe?.l to oeorivar n* Ir tinmerabl" Hud km na-ther ta tbe caetle yard, n a *pe*? tuo ?na l for a tube n( their n"m*?*r?. waallttg pri'I" r ard * nit! ll eft ?? 1, *< antlly nt?l. r^mpeied to *>eep on th" grr tnd. and with mlt de leerwrongtit hy ??e ?cenee thev bat wtr'aeed It wo?|j be ?aryeti -oe ledeH | If ni?ny of tb*m bad not taken into their eoneftut'or* th? ger** of d'aeanr. wh ch will amner or iat?r hreal 'erth Aiain. tbe rerala* <t( th*rtrttm* d,IH"n,*cfcr??;teta th* ytreeta op tarb atda, witb a atigbt ooreetng <* U'red fr ? throwing d-iwn ibe -ipT"- " wall* of ll# hoaeee Keen new remavo* m*y protrn iirg into ? rht Wh'B tb* rai-e arnee altbo-gh they are not ?o heavy a* la other art* thee wt never UielMW be enmeiont I- wa?h down ev?-y ?" ' of d.idt ai d leave tbe reman ? '* we.1 H almagpMCW UMM, wblcb will tnevilAhly breed a |?tl enae A flew rmif* Throagh tk? laland or IpltMahrrgea. Tbe CkrtttlMK U? -U4 ( MvrpiUMM) of the % 1 Of October report. from th* Tr-.muM Jfman'iV ?oj *U (StittibtUnlf) th<- ft>U<>?u,g important geographical cj corrry ? 'Tti *e who h*vn ? knowledge of the i harts of 8| UzbtrgrQ ?iil h*\? i baerved that the firth or sound . being tear y Iwinly Ndhi'hUi; miiiR id length, slretehec ?rum the u rtli to the south, ai d , r0r the greater part dlv des that :ai?bd. It ts ouan.ooiy called tftorfiorden' or the jtnut flrth, but old . r d. icrlptions -sll It Wlbe iand's Water (a earnc , 1 think. givi-n by the Dutch), Ail Ibt j charts which I have seen indiral* Unit tbere exists no built I f i <j tn the heat of the said Urtb la auy directum. That th'S i? tho case h?* af> hith-rto t>?ea the general beliol ?.f the le&faring people of flnmurlt who annoalty vslt Hpltzbeigen In thia jear, howevt r, two or more vessels ol th.a place ha' ss Heel mward and back through a round fine out from the head of the ?wi't tirtri in an easterly direct n, havlOji lb without any dlUiCulty, reached the eastern const of fpltzbargon, which ?(! general y thought to he the rlchoMt nabtug ground, tl?. ugh lb the courne of thin summer It h?s not proved sc. The found Is uariow aa la alao the north end of the ? r I || !f ? hardly a at weraat In width. A strong current rui n through it. which, however, la by no meana dungt rous eitb' r to vesao.'a or to boa'.a. The navigation thia *ea?oti to Spitsbergen la not yet entirely disconti nued, aa all tho vessel? liavn not yet returned. The rau h liar ill) surpass* a an average year, ao lar, therefore, the new paraugo has been without a practical result " "Tri no- e ept 20 ? Spitsbergen , by It* seal and walrus fisheries, aa wtll aa ita bear hurting, becomes vear by y tar of greater impirtanco to tbla place, and at there ID general y a great complaint among the soamun about tho lark of a reliable chart of those reglona, U would be de sirable if oar government would choose to lend out ac ei|?ait!on In order to remedy this great want." L'aiud state* iircalt Vomrt. Before lion. Judge Nelson. KKVSMTJl PROTECT ? ? IMPORTANT TO IMPORTKKH. Oft. 81 ?Urtrne O. Brmvn n w. John O. linker tt ol. ? Decision ? Nblmok, 0. J.? The principal noes Hon In thia caae la whether or not the protest is sufficiently explicit within the requirements of tbo act of OongTesa. The words are, that before mak eg payment of the dutlea the importer must protect n writing, signed by hlaa or his agent, setting forth dis tinctly and specifically the grounds of objection to the payment of the dutiea. la liteely and Burgess, (lb How ard, 410,) the follow lug words were held sufficient to uie an objection on the trial that the appraisers had not tuadi the proper examination of the goods from the several packages as required by the act ?"That the goods were not fairly and faithfully examined by tho aypraiseia. ' In that case the article imported was sugar trow Cuba, and the samples upon which tho assessment ivas made had been drawn from the casks and exposed for aou.o time tc the air, and would not aflord a truo criterion by wh>eb ta Judge of the value. Tho majority of the judged were ol the opinion that the proU ?t was tuiiictuutly speotOc ui co ver tins objection. lu ll.c presuit caao 10* queste n <; appraisal arisen In regard to an imjxirUtlua of h on, and the t bjectlon la th?t the examination waa dei me in not examining sampies from the atatcl uumi-< r of Iiacaagea required, hu>i uUo vu?t iioiUiur paoaati ? l< i ramplea were examlued iif .1. anpra'??ra. Hie w mi ,i. the prot< at are alaimed U> cm lb" objoctlon, ai<d h. cause the appra.-ert "ha 1 not usci or ,m^i i/ni awuiliO.eot meana or niadu uullljlcnt txainuiatlou of n?i.l br^ud at to dote rinlne their value. Tt tn?> t>? sutlVlun'. to Uia'. a gulhh this rase, su lar ai th? eulllc enov of the |>r te't t concerned, from tho case above roferrou to. out th< words in the connect on found could alfor 1 but iitttu :aformaiioa to the Collector of the real ground of thu objec'.u r. i Bey are found among a maaa of objectlona n?vrriufe' alio >si every one that arise uoder mo revenue Laws utu ex lending over some sheets of foo'.s^ip the CJol'ector would be obliged to go over uic entire process of carrying g >oda through toe Cus tom tiouso lu every luntatice of entry i a order to metl the a most countlosi objections onum'.rat^l on Una |>a|ier. The protent seema to have hi en wnnout re fertnou to any tpeSiUo oiijection, hut wuh .t v?i? to hit any that migut happen in thu txiurao of le.ying the du ties. We think tho departure In ni the ?trlj; ooustr o tMin of the ai.t lu tbe oa?<- above returred to na>< ed to this geueiai and indeUnite stall m nt ol the objectioc an 1 that It may ho nocesaary lor C ougreaa to utvutiero aud correct theabiuia. Tne fiat in tn.s ease waa imoarraan id ou ai^ount of the loaa of thu (/ap- ra iu tt. ?. i' to u llouae. an 1 it is tioeetUns y dmi'iUul a ties truth ol tie. truinaijliou ap|>earod on the trial, T?r the ?? t nl too proper pf pai?t>ou of tho dofoto^e. Wo anal) fcrao. a new trial, with au order Ui enaolo toe government to furu;/o i the pro(M"r evidence, if In tiieir power, but it inml Oo ou term*, on |>Ayuu?'Ql ol ibo ot ia?j .a#t ctrc lit CH-I HO ?Utfcrl Loll* w Jh? ('? of the fAy. //" nt ag* ? Appeal in Admiralty laartor party? ? Sr. no*, t J ?Vim IiimI ?w Il ea la tlui ciiau iu ri ui ?c? i "t the imigo of the TCMei to reaaver a fro. gut uut rr u charier party. This Cuart< r parly wm angered aiao lieiwitn the HbeUaat aud SI Mrs. AlnQchM, Aiiii' iUa k Co., uicrilianta, fur uie tiurdoy utLt of the vtaeel Irom the |> rt of New Yor* in the weal c?a*i of Africa, on a trading voya??, an* back to New York witb the privilege of oonltiiQint, voyage for a >uar. Too owner (.ugagoi U> keep the reaae >1 well fltU-d. tifbl an I provided who every rKjuii'le Uty-oBaery it?r ?otb traits* voyage, n ceptiLg capla it, ctevt and provmobJ, a.j i mat ILn whole v. unci (with Ibti exception ol the cwhka, lbi> due* ai d ue o&aary room f>r Uie tuxomtao Iiuijb o! lliu orew au l' Hiiwip u( sail* and otUn) would be at Uie aoie u* and dwpoeal ot the chart, rare, and VUal u> goo It or tut . Itat diae would be laden on boaru alltcrwiae '.ban I roui then, I and Uie owner aiao b?uu l b.nmo'l to receive on board Uc | vtaeel Uurlog tli i \uya*e all audi lawtul | ??lr u?> mtr I chaadttc as the cbartt'.r* muni ibluk |MMr l<i ilnu I The clierurri'rs < npa gu on Un <r pa t, to provide u. ?i* Sol el *ll limta Willi at iocleul b?lliuit, and to pay urctiar tor or Ireigb. during toe vovatfeMW per aijuiu, and ail J foreign and dt m??t,c port chargel, Ats , payable ?? '? low* ? SboO at the cxpiralios of every four m >uihe in | New York, and In full on discharge of vowel. Tbe nbar I tern lo exit nw wlivn ia ber birtn for load .vt ei. 1 ro I ported locbaru rera, ai.4 ttaac wbun ibo vt-aael 'OaM have relumed and discharged bt( cargo In fti< w Y< ra for tue fulUluit'ftl of the tuferal illpuletious rack party I bound inline, f lo Ihe etoer? the onu tba ship and u ?ie I Uie oilier lb* tiTchandiee laden on board Tbe cargo , wi? put on timrd Ibo vaseel In tbl* port by Urn '.barter era preparatory lo tbe vt.yagu, but Uelorw tlu started oa her vuyag* a ?( nation ari*> upon tae conrucn tu of the ; charter, or ralbtr In reap ot to I be right* of .toe ' ar lerers i.uder It lite latter claiming toe cab u to' l'.e j aOLommolatloa t f paaaet e?r? to be reoai rwl oc t.oard . I vtnicb A?ai'i..ieo b> tba owner, aadtbereap n Um rtar i toier* cnaimttioed ike cargo and ratuaoi U> g i ou Willi Uie cbarter party liiml it I ?' M , vtr frt bt tor tbe uku o Hw vv?ia*:l ior tiii tuoe i^at n , aud d.tDiagca for tli> i; o ilfllmetl of the '?.tailor party. Tt ? catt I'-* not fail wuMa ia?t olaai of < *??? ane>e r lhirv ha< been Oon.- under charter f the v "a- ' , vcat a la. no go ?? piacnt >u a, f f tbe vuy??* <i ftd Mytc, ,. wt. h t )? ru ttu tn u Iku up >5 tin >^?e'oi rvrgo ixd rtha charter party In tli'-m oa?'?, whaiber Ui< or. a 'i of the agreemei t ia oa lie part of I be ? wt < r, or tue cl-'iteier, V- ra tU IK! uo prjgaai uf :n "ru i agalnal v>> ? 1 or car^t. a do . * u La* atu -1 .' -r it,. b.i'-Otff e.tber patty V> r h,ro tt >? vt.y?yf h . '. rtnn b.eacad i | eu the vary tortus of tb<* igT' etneai oet wen L-iC.parl' the ftMnlt ?> rt pm ou o -a ri k ,a . and tf lb? l.tu attached at %3, at* ; lie-l mx.i u t> . ?? rt ' tarfro in l< <ard; knd far a? tke f<ir*n of 'he ra B t y ii <' iaeatv'1, tt I* Itieiame aa If the T' yagu bad been broktu tip by toe dkbrtertra at any o'Jjt nut l.i Ihe ti >*? of the v .j if' , afPr tbe ?(*?> fc?1 bear eut a we?k . p onth or ior,tr t"e real <i?ertK n u, re . true, iu the oaae it ahtlher lie dam *< . up by tbe , cbaru-rt ra to pal i ainiiri ou t">ari to oo uty Um mb'r, w?? a ' ' ,i V.|? It t *a*. Itica Ma rofoaal war ? a hrearh nf ebarter, and tka I arV-eem Ihwl a ?i*l>l | tt. t . i aa ? ? . * i Uie < otraot. if t>?t, tt.ey vara o fault, ?, tba r-a'g i II ckargt.tbia tor fr Igbt and d tmtg>* ' b'rtw, lb ot .rt?r, wblt.ii ia a verj tpaotal ind w-.H drawa tr? nawtt t tear aed rea< ily iind'r?ui,vi ta ?w 1 P^t of It. iu teraia rtwri-ca Uo- cabu It la MaiaUKt, l w ? % that i; ? la a mlata?a, an l :i iat ? i?j>tei i wit# ? ' - r partaef tlia matrumem, acd Ibai wltkout the i?t of the cah.a p. in., itiarlrrera the voyage a> mid a>H be i ' 'iii' . aa thua the raarrval <u w i d d'faal i ? a tract But tf uere ha.* baea any m ?:?.t n ih> 1 1 k^ter. r? f tta 1 rrt* do not avpr'rii the '^te?il af in pan, i#. t tier a ia ?? Utar u-i ar aeUitaf the q anxa tkau . < ..i,g oi. Uie 0?art in <tb ? pr<heena? lo d> r ?,*!?' It* c. ar ai'-l aadoubtcd nvaftinc, ao4 that ? t?, t (aatlt'i'e t |>r< -ei ag t<i reform the coaira> > And a? t. the t t ," .i'?n Umi t.ia ' .ear w?r?? ot ; the idurUr wa.. 1 ne^Muriiy defeat tu wtn, e, 0? !< 't cf i atxi pir;> *e of the part ? * la ?au . i r lntn ' . w< are < uaMa In ??* tr ? i -eoca We da uut M .k I. a raaervaii'm Bx-'eaarUy eitludea ti <?.a-i?r fr is lit* cab.i. . for, aiU ugh ha * appoiatrd I- tba fbartartr* mm*. Iii ? qu^lSaa ?"?ai' tb nactar ? M tba "Waar. Tbe iai ?r b* 1 dat'ea lo pwrrorat 'r, ew i to kl ? al l aan.e <? U'eWI WptireSMMtt* y t.? i ir , ? tlk . after, aad .. which !<a, ae w>aat?r. waa ? ??? iai y <4M*-:ivd. la ear e?j i?uectWn * t;.e t.OarU" I! poaaaaa a >>t tba rraaei waa r*.i t? >>? ? .lue ve,y a in< rnartarai*. aoi eo aa ?dnltled l?r tbe t?rm* t>f tba 'BV.raanaBt. r - r t . war ?> *o. 'a ?? f iadg?aat. regraH ng llta eaii:-< acd |xrp"" of Ihe v jage I * If ot r vle? ir ? tue , w 1 1 ? au i ?< . tha <, arl ? a to tba f intra, v. an" wafcnai l ck Iti t ? in in ?nd?w?oring lo aerfri't a tkair n ea" nf A* ra? i? tbe lien ?i? n Ut- cargo oa 'iart the ei art'r \pr< up..n the veaa^i, I inr h',e t li r or n rani btd b? -u ?d> I' ? part of tbe ewrer The de rae bf i'W r??<'raed and (%? craa for HW* aet ? ii tdt'liu to clerk lo aaeertaia U.e freight at i <aa>ag?e tWimeeiti itwa Item* A Vrw Pawtt ia l> IB ' us/hi ? fke H?tii t e I (Oar" la rov-r aaennneea t- at a e?w ra*ty ?? ? In he ttrnttol ntjarsa a if wb e' rtoa I H < ?fi*r ?' w ,H l?e th i u ?n. r tae utounrwi l?e party ? ? ' Iowa ?1 rft-aurt I'atoa at the Pmia aat ta "ar . * ( meat, w Utatl e>mpr >wiaa. 'i- R IWWW br v >r?-i ! latioa I Maatlm free fw* >?r- i*etaiitB? * rede'e I thH.r ol ilia Br t ah An-- ? ? > >"? !<"?? . >? 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