Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 3, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 3, 1860 Page 4
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THE ClMPilM II 1EW YORK. | THE PEOPLE WHO WITH ENTHUSIASM. The Republican Losses and Democratic (aulas. Oar lyraiaw, DaoUrk, Jonn?Jown, Bothwler nail Buifalo Correspondence, **.. . Our SyrftdM Corr?t|>aadeno?. Stbacuhb, Not. 2, 1800. TV Inertav </ L'nim Xrnt\ment ? TV Rejiuhiicant to be Drfealtd, i tc , <tc. Tbn I'ulon movement is growing ao powerful In thta secti* u f to alarm tbe republic* 01 In the oountry towns the unloniata are very natbaalaatic and hopeful They will mue large galna in many towns, ana cut down the republican majority one bar in the oounty. A republican cauraaa of Syracuse shows an Immense falling o(T. Myers, republican candidate (or Aaaembly, wlU undoubtedly ba defeated, and Clark, democrat, elected. Our Dunkirk Uorreipondrnr*. DuinuitK, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.,Oct. 31, 1800 Chautauqua Oounty One of the Republican StrtmghoULi tn the Southern Tier? Mr. Seuxtrt I'l fn/twrice?lhe hcrtate of I'nputatum in fanor of (A? Democracy ? Frmuni Men fur DnugUt? IV hy Che Democracy W 'ill Not be ? Sue umtful?A Hundred Volet Jar Cerrit Smith? Majority of X early four Thousand for Lincoln ? Suxe*t of the Eefvbiican R*j>re>rnlative and AuemMymsn, <tc. Tbe republicans regard Chautauqua oounty a* ono of their gr t atest atrongholda m the southern tier. Mr. So ward 'i early career Is In part Intimately assoclUed witn tbe political history of the county. The people were strongly Imbued with the anti Masonic excitement which, it will be r< membered, raged bere to such a great extent many years ago. and as Mr. Seward was then before theen as a candidate for public favor on the side lb* aiitl Misonic Ink-rests, be became quite I? pular with the |*oplo of this oounty, and hla popularity among them has, with but little exception, growu with their growth and strengthened with their strregth Dining bis earlier year* he resided in the oounty, and had charge of the aValra of the Holland l*and Company. The liberal course he puraaod toward the se', Uers obtained for him a Urge number of frlenda among tbem. When he was elected Governor hla position in con nection with the land interest was tilled by Mr. 1'attorson, and the same liberal policy which he extended had the eflrct of cementing tbe friendship between Mr Se?ard and the people. since then, towerer, particularly within the la#t lew years, the character of the population baa (hanged some* bat. and with it m proportion the polltl. cal complex too ol the county. The census of this year, has just txen completed, shows that the population of the county has increased 9 S36 clnoe I860, or 4.902 since 1866 Iu the central portion of the oounty, where tbe increase has beco small, the republicans have bad, and still have, a large majority In every town; but In the northern |?rt and on ihe rear line sr south'1 ru Dortion, the democrats bave mad* coostderablo gams In ibe toons of Dunkirk an l Homfret, an I in others which show a great Increase of population, conanercial interests bave had an im|>etiia, nod the Inllux of emigration, moctly ths Irish , has tended to Increase the Klreogth of the d? inocracy The Fremont majority of I860 will be considerably decreased in those more den lely l> pulated districts Tbere are some of the Irish win sol emnly declare that they will not vote with tin Know Nothings on the I'nlon ticket, becauaa the principles of the American party sre so deadly opposed to th.? Intereit* ?i foreign born nltisens aad they assert that they will gn for tbe republican electoral ticlet instead But on tbe other band there are a number of men who worn drawn into tbe whirlpool of the Fr? mont excitement in I860 who W'll now support the fusion Uf the twi thouaaud aad odd vou-s wblcii were cast for Killmore, in aoiaa loealltiea moat ??f Im?i w'll g<> t> tbe republican side, and in oUmts ths this will be aooi, lately reversed, a> that it is et|ieclid the Know Nothing \ ?>(? will be sb >u'. equally divided. Tbe rtpubheacs ol t its regi "> would have been bettor satis Bed if. Instead of Mr. l.inooln, their particular fneu l, , Mr Seward , ba i been Dominated, and th') eothnslastic , manner In shw-h le was received when heaoofce in Fro donia last ?ee* iDigbt be takes aa a pretty sere Indies tics that if be hai been i.on.inated for ths I'rsaidency they w Mild bave given him even a larger malorlly thai they will give for Uie present republican candidate Id the nentra: por.toe of ibe oounty Uie dem icrats are Dot working any, for these lowna are almost exclnslveiy re puMlcaa; but m the northern portion they have b<w>n arilrn.and bave gained some ground. Yet amoag the democrats there la a want of the indlS!>ei?ible requaiiea for sicoeesful'y carrying fM a l'reaid< ntial campaign, and Uw principal of these are entire harmosy of fowling, a b r|>erul pr>e itM of suoeesa, and plenty of ? material aid," Id tooe of which particulars the demo c.?u are fort. tied It Is directly Hie other way with the republicans, ana h ?? e they will be able to obtalo lbs ad var tare Ml:1; the Cnloa tlcaet will g*t a good sapptrt, and It must not be aaid that tbe dem icrats are Id la There Is a sort nf "furors '' aaaorg the republicana and dam > osts of this pin- e In this particular, that tbsy hold meet li(S on different nights Is tbe " republican wigwam," wbicli la used one n ght by tbe republicans and another by the democrat* fiovernor ford, of Ohio, will speak is llie republ'Cans this even lag, and the dem? rata will hold a insrtlsg n the same place on Saturday evening There ar-anmeof the rabid abolitlooiata Id Una oounty, and f.ert't Smith wil' get about a buodrM votes I incoln'a majority will be i 600 n rtaln He may get a few hun dred D ire Reuben K Fen ton , the republican candi date. will ba electsd tn Ctsgreaa from thta district eots prising tbs cosnlirs Jf ("hantauqoa and Oattaraugua Hen rjr A lYendergaat and Hiram Saltb, republlrana, will ba clocled frost thia county to the Aaaambly. (Mir JtbMlawa CorreapoartefM a. J'Wmovi, Pultoa Co. , Oat 31, 1S40 i?i '"..iiiyiV ? The (\>ntsti? TV tXofhvi of Ctawncv r ibbard?TKt Kl*ctk?n of Mr Jttm IV W f * (W /? fit"? ftwte. <#> T ) one leaving tb* qoiet political atmoapbere of Al k4i y r.n.Dl) and c b:o( iota tbld Coogreailonal dlalrict H W lite a ? moon cofU|?red with a ft tie breeze ui?>o the l"actflc There the polit.aal e'emaat* are la an alm.xt <t?l- < r?*??e bare ihey sweep ma>liy akoef, carry inf ever) llnnf barer* tbtm. aad raitiaj a (pint of rutta Waaoi eotfa aa 1 bare aol before teen la like <Mate Tblt la o> ? .if the moat doubtful of the Utojrraaaioaal llilrict* la t:>* Mat* Tb* oppoalte partita are to ae.irly bala. .-~1 in etrrn(tb that II la almoal impuitible even I* appe .('mala to a roererl ret 'mate of the majot If of lb* ?wot awful candidate Tbe Imtnct baa bean lb?r.> ifbly eantaaaed by H xj (tin* -a H Kit. I be republican candidate, wb.i haa \ Kit." I au.l aputen :a ererj town 10 the four OJunlio* r-^mpr ata< lit* diatr'cl Mr Vibbard, Ibe JaperiaWm deal uf the New Y>rk Oalral Railroad, tbe dee*"- ratio oan Mate, baa bero .ndtapwed during tba Boat of tbe raai|? (a, and haa aol mingled m?. L am m iba aova reign*. aal lb * may afccl bia proapecu eomewtat, tbc it h 1 fancy be rell*a mora upon lb* tnOoeone of I be Ka md lo carry htMMfely through than to any peraoeal rtMtar of lb* dldUMt- He W not an orator, aol rarely, If r ver, attempt* lo ad Ireae tbe pauple, ab le b ? coaipeti lor Mr Mlt, u favored la a high dag rea with all I bo (rer?a and lak l la of aa orator He baa. I learn. airealy ad irraaeti ibe r> urt of hia dulr.ct U.riy aiae tinea, aal wi rpanfc two <w three time* a day iiatll Iba trrm.aalioa 01 tbe eon tret ? r Vibbe. 1 w t fenilrman ea t a mar of b'.?b pnam ?. an. if i mrnlm of bia r*>aneetK?i with the Central r?l, ?"T popular But hie < >o?eciw? with tbal company, while It will %'lranna bia oeuae among aertaln claaa^e 1i rev?iy opna the Uee of tb.- road, will m at certainly t*tj :r* km. aal l>> a very eitent km uf the h.haHtan> tfArfrharie mealy, aid la lb' town* of ibe cnantiea <it lultoa, M. ntr?mery and Vbenectedy away from ;be more direct l*f taaoea nf tb* company Tb>a aati Orairal Rhileoei monopoly feeling twi large It ito the ca..< ?ra el ia malenteo' the ita*) by Uie republhane. aad l hey ?ra fain I of rotee for their eauae Tb* pntle aay lb?l il la loo m ic^ lor isem n b<?r |o et: (>po rt lb* ?' per. liter. denl of tbc ra !r >al. ?bl'.? lb.' I'reaideiit of tbe aaate mf/wnni m !l. undo iM?|iy bt eieoiad la Ue albany Ulrirt <>f oo irae lb* al^lt-ni ?f M' (>orat*( ia by no meana rerWia, bat lli*y a re t.?r fail I hat be will nw-el, a >4 Ibay have ao Iraire la *?? lb.- iiiOanorea tbal oialrol Ue "tate l.f ? H ire iraaa I erred lo the fed. ral capital. Whether there ? aay fruaad Iter lb f oli)ectlo? to Mr Vthbacd I do at pro pi *4 to venture an ofilaioa, bat that Ibe ob|enlt?a ev i.e adtnUof no ^uret. ia fhe republican eat nt^a ^f u>t f oable vote af Iba ra>natl?a ro>n("ian| tlw dietriet vary aonewhal ? le?y rbe more aarri na predM tbe elect ?na of Mr. Mix by MO m*j..r ty . b?t tn ?e eei ?.~l to more we <M are a* follow* ? Vb iOtr.e eoai.ty. I'-r v hbard from MirKC Monlffntnerv . Ml*, repu i ' ?an fre? to t, 'M faltm cvualy . fur Hit b) from *? ** ?a>"r'iy. aad A bmeetady . from a lie lo tW ?*? puhliete mi)or*ty Tbi* wid, i' oorreet. eleel Mr Mil by about MO majority, UB if tue ;o??el reimblMaa eel I>""* judged olalm ibe eMotl m of Mr \ Ibnar I by rr an M.Q ta UO ma)irlly Mow il I* I I J" t*rm Vibbard'* v?te tbi v 'Me | Jivea lo Mr Mnvteeei Myera a Jee, of **ee?r(*ly wbo i* roiiaidf aa the Bree*iandfe . tn.l d.le He baa fcardiy a abadoa of .tren^a ^ ,.TWl lh., matt of ^ld prrihaWe vote*T*T?oT^r, be^rVntlTr r"r-'t aay .are If Mr V.bbard rub. beb.nd urn mS' flT Myara rot* Wl.l lefeat him and eleet Mr Ml Mr M t wprenaen a f>o.1 tal M dondleoie, aal be id lab' ir a? H?. Ctort II Cochrane, a very |?p*K> m?i. tbe pre ?eat member ef ih.? dm- let, wm ?.ct?l n it \ I ma.orlly h?l hi* competitor we* not m pi;.u,*r * '?!?. antial *? Mr Tibbanl Mer MM- Mil f?N* M pop.iar a* Mr Corhrae^ I n?v e?an ond or l? ? r? ?, >lirae aa l d-mmralle m ??> agt la Utt dldtri it, aal tbe for a*r tre rharantan ted by Ibe meat eeldnalaam, an I ar? a?e m |e>* n( in dte li ..n? Mr Mlt w il in- e ve4 ? ih? t (Otoral licttl lb* fbikowlag are Uie t%\ jat <a taaJr by (be republican* ? Schoharie, 800 to 1,000 d? OfatlC majority ; Montgomery, 300 to 400 repubUoaa: Kaltoo. M0 republican, Schenectady, 300 republican; u4 outside of ibis district, Washington oounty, from 2,000 to 2,600 republican ; Warren from 000 to TOO republican, Sarafra, 1 000 republican . fciaex, 1,000 republican , Hamlltuu,M0 rcfHiblioao Those aro reliable estimates Tbe deaau i rata vary bat little from these. Hob. John Oovode, Hon. H B Northrup, late American, Charles Lee Armour, of Ma<-v!acd. Stewart L Woodford, 8. H. Hit, *0 , are ac tl rely canvassing Uii? district, and the republican meet Ingt are very large aad eothoslastlo Hun. Horatio Sey mour and other* are stumping on the democratic aide, aod draw large crowds. But iLe enthusiasm seem* to b? larking to sums *itent. I go to Oneida aad Madison counties to-morrow to feel the political pulse there. Oar Uockwttr Cerr*?poadm?. Roohsktss, Oot 31 , 1M0. Monroe County Oeerwhelmmgly Republican? TKe Repu bli oant Rtck and lAe Democracy Fenniiets ? An Jei+U get* the Cnum Oommittee'l Money? Three Republican Mrmbert to be Return M to the Assembly, rfe , dkc Owing to the demoralized *tate of the democratic party la Monroe county, and the bad management or It* leader*, the republican* will, aooordlag to preseat Indloa tioos, oome out of the contest with from three te (bar | thousand majority, when In realtty they hare not two i thousand. la the tlrat place, the republloana have all the local offloes ? county, elty and canal ? numbering orer one hundred, aad hare made their aaaeaamont* from ?1,(00 dowa to lit. They hare thai raise- 1 from $11,000 i to $30,000 to carry oo the campaign. Mr. By, their 1 candidate for Oocgie? , kicked against 11,000, but waa In formed that unit** he field orer hi* aam* ahould not ge ; oa the ticket, aad he bad to oome dowa with the "stuff." (>a the other band, the democratic committee are unable to raise one thousand dollar*. The organisation 1* in the hands of the Douglas men, and the federal officeholder* rrpuJIate (heir assessments. Th? local candidate* refuse to pay more than mere nominal *nms, as they say there i* not the aiigbteet bop* of an election, and only a few paltry dollar* can be collected from this and that private mil virtual members of the party. No aid can be ob aind lrom the State Committee, and the Union Committee of Fifteen In New York hare put their funds for this section of the State into the hands of Sim Jewctt, the ex l alted State* Marshal, where they wi'l remain, for au?ht aay one here wHI know to the oon trary Theee are the poeitlons of the respective parti**, aad the republicans baring numerically and peculiarity IhosuperUy strength, as wull as a lar ituperlor orj*nlz? tlos. cat not, in lbs nature of thing*, fall to oome out of the eoutesl, as 1 said before, with from a, 000 to 4.000 majority. | The three Assembly districts of tho county will send to < Albany republican member*. In tb? city, Pond, tbi ' chairman of the Committee on Cities aad Villages, in lb* I last Assembly, dare not comc up for re-eleotloa. Tb* lepubllcsns, therefore, nominated Lewis B. Morgan, a lawyer, ?bo distinguished bim^ilf last winter by lobby ing tor the Kankrupt brl, which his naneeOce the do , ernor would not sign. Be Is, theo, the oundldate of the army of bankrupts here who are working r salouily for bis electloo "without distinction of party.'' Opposed to him isCol. E. Trimmer, de nocrat and lawyer. The Wo od has been in the Asietnbly two terms, but he Is a , negative sort of maj, unpopular with his ptrty, and I will lie smothered, most likely, in the excitement of the i President al con teat. R?mkwtsb, N. Y , Nor. 1, H'iO K-puNux inj in Uyh GW ? Poverty af the D*nocra't and 1 FiiftnnuU ? TKy are in Debt and Almost in Dishonor ? Ant Monemen/t and DewUpemmti? Whit it Said About Dimnion, <tc. The republicans in this city, aad lnd>x*l throughout this intensely republican region, are m a blgh state of reioic I ing at the glowing prospects of I.loooln's election, and In I truth tbey hare some cause to rejoice, for while tbey bare bladder* of cash to elo3tionoer wltb, the democrats or fustnnisls here are a poor, poverty stricken , debt laden party, wltb scarcely a red to buy tickets with. In this oounty the republicans bare about one hundred offices, oo each of which an assessment Is levied. For In ilanoe.llie Oounty Treasurer pay* 11,000 cash, and as the nomination Is an election, be dies not grumble I much al forking over. So wltb many other otflcos; and in gn?* amount the republicans have among ibemH>lvrs raised the snug sum of >16 000 or $20,000 for electioneering purposes In Mour?e. How is it with the e or fusion party Directly the reverse A meeting of tbe Democratic Oounty On '? Ml flMVMW was Mi yesterday, and It was like a meeting of mourner? at a funeral Tbe flnsicial budget waa optned, and it was found to stand about a* follow* ? Already due for naturallzatioa >000 i r>o. for printing 'MO Ito. for ransic, fireworks, Ac 300 Making a total of tl ooo And cot more lb to that amount cm bo ralaod la the count; lor party purpoaca. Hare the fa-ihf i bare re MM no reliet from abroic* Ym, air. Kgbloen huu tired dollar* ware aenl np here by tba Comalllee of flf teen . placed id the bands of ao e? I'mtod Slatea Marsha , ma aa bis Niniruclioos arc to baud none of lb* mooajr over to any commSMee Tta" elder Harry ?wily kuow* arhat l* dote with H Mark tbe cilTereuoe While the repub i.eana are confident of viotory and tln*h with cash, tba ?PPMHIIM is MT, dlacooaolate and almust disheartened. Tbia la fo of Monroe county, where tbe republican man r lv will be from 3,000 to 4,000, and nothing n Sorter Toe naturalization of foreigners In tbli olty will ?It? fall as many rotes to tbe republicans aa to tba de?n >crata. 1 1 not more Tbi* baa boon ascertained by actual mvoa t gallon What do tta republican* bare aay about llsonion I will tail you Tbey aeem to bare j oat open ad ihsir syss lo tba possibility of disunion and tba erection of a (real aubslautial Southern confederacy Some tar ?"well, if i the South go? let ber Hilda for a yaar or ao, aa<! ibea ?be will want v> o->me back, and we can dictate Mir own Mrs* " <?i >? laugb at tbe tdaa, and ory ? "Pob ptb' Nonaecas The Cn ion will never be dissolved It can't be How are you going lo do itr What's to bsoome of the army and tbe navy4? tba public land*, treasure, ar chlvea, building*. arseeali, forta, the frontier* No, my dear *ir? tba I'nioo can never be diasoirsd." And agals other* rirlatm ? "D ? n tbe S?ith She >,u been a curse lo tbe North ever unce (be govr rnrnsat wa* oooslitalet lb r Bigger* and her arrogance bare become unbearable I would aatiat In kicking ber out of t!i* L'nton, aad lof ging her after wards'" ?What,' cried an intense republican ib Buffalo tbe other day, "tbey *ay Linoola abaa I take bla ml do tbs?f 1 will tell you what I know of my own little crowd. We bare one hundred aad silly W da Awake MM down to go to Wsahinglm oo the llh of March to nee that Lincoln doea take bis aeal, and if there I* aay lighting going on, wa are bound lo tail lo " Mow fortunate II t* that tbe Prtnos <? Walea will return be? in three rear* It will be ?o r.iono eut for hi-n to pi> < up toe piccea of oar broken aad a haltered . aion, an>l by a ItlMe pottering and some nopering mou I a I rrii) .itt.e monarchy for the royal family of Ksglsn t. There are lomt among ua, I aaaure you. who do not dia I like the dea. (lar Balfal* Correspondents. k-niui, trie Qa , Nov I, 1*0 TV Attxt-jdr rf Kry Cbimty ? TV Oeemaru for Limn In? fV CWn/y Tb* true poa.lka o< krls county in tba pressal (torua, aad the aide upon which tbe majority will moat likely be fout.d on flection lay baa been considerably misrepre sented. The Talon mea and tba republinaas each claim fur I heir li>kst more or lews ma)oriy Tba mast larorablt caicu^lioas made by Ihe ir leads of lbs Cstoa movement glrs them Uirse or four huadred matrlty is j the whole cnunty. able I be figures <>s tbe other I ids i>bnw fr <m dfleea hundred lo two thousand rapub'loas ma "rtty , As lbs deeiaive day approaches lbs interest oa all aides 'cleaisltee. aad the vN?sa Oily of the l.tfeas ts sow the theat-a of a politics, eicltsmest. which? eto?pt ?og the ?*eite*v-nt which eiists la Albaay? ts secoa.l only to tbst eihibited ta tb? city of New York? as lbs V*eea t ly s ibe ssooad la eommarc al tmportaac* is tbe > irpire Asia II will be Instruct It* is lati a brief, yet cmprrbrnslTS aad dtspssslooat* view of the real pnaiii i of alair*, sod from lbs coslemplalloo of a?me fai la wbwti cannot be ooaUorerted, lo oalo .lata what will b? lite probable result. !? U>? flrtt place, the rapidly imnmiii snaatroa of I ih ? W<?trrn e*iporto?i, aod tbe great acr-eei'a to lb* | [?T>' alio* of th* county, particularly by mi (ratio* (H'<+Vy of tba OrraMB aleaer.t) . bw materially iimni lb* bvt iix'M ud political laportaaoa af tbM p'aea nr* Ibe laat quad rain la! alaetloa Rrt* 'im *; wayt b?r* a ?bif *>**ty, ba?l?? avar.abiy gives aajnrMiaa ' Mi the ah'g Prrtidaatial eaoJidalaa. awl I bare la Ml f ? irgl* tatlaace ? heraia aa oppnatlloa oaodi lata for Coa rrrf ? baa ercr brea (tinaaaaful tadee ordinary otrrua (UB< ?a. aecot lieg I Uie appareatly ratab inhed rule tbal u Anrrl-aa e I ?ai laerraaa la auabera Ibe Jeaocrat c rton-nt prep. u >ral?a, tbta ally woald (lf? a Jem,? erair majority la tba prreeat ooatrai hal there M ar Hh. r ? of affair* bar* vbwk operetta la direct nrvaattHM In tial rale It la Una A tare* pjrtuo ? ?er- ; hape ararljr *a third? of Ibe pnputalma of llM? eltf aad r- 'irty ? onaipaed of ? ??r*aaii> A f?w f?n a*?v? a -l??d >1 rffiuir m |HU aid laet fear? man f of tbee? ?'f (a lb? r'ek. rt tba deaKvraif; bat witbia tba laet year >r two lb? wm neata if tba ' .??rmao? bare been rh?n eg, aad la thta oaapaica tba eto^aaao* of jwrmi (eat 'ter*?aa epeakera oa ibe repuMtaaa trie? Car Rarlt rredrle? Haaaaarerfe aad tbair ?Mdiut^a? la h? I o*?itcrV>ie lalneae* la changing tba .tpiai iaaa many of the Oar naa roteca. arbtla ibe effinaof tbe m la fallal rrpuhlinan raaideata aad Ibe money wbk-b they here apeo bbee a*?. had tlietr tall mooe la wortt^. la m ?? ia*taa*-ea aa alaaat <-.>ap>eta rend t loo la aeuti meat It la oa^oaatwaible that tbe reaall of thia ataetMa ? ill ab?? rwaiderable deanrratie raiaa n ?.me 4 tba warde of tbta rlt*. bat Mkai ear* are alao* eteiaatre I It made ap of llaaa elltaaaa la Ike rural dietr eta tnere vill be a pe*ttf pand ramblloaa atjwtf tbtt ia <n eee led In I ha Iowa ef Weal iVe?r? i* wh.ofc ibe t a Km aaa rlala a fair nwtnrttf. forty t<m iwmaaa -h , i bar* h4?elofnrr roted Ute 4e?.?rati- tlokat. htr? C^ra? imi today, nrrr tbelr oara etgnataraa, an i M*i*l mil they tatead to rot* for I 'nrofa. and the pri*?tptl r?a?. . t ney aeeira for tbe change t? the foew.a o? t?* <>-n M-at* ? tb the Kaov Sotbiag* Tba rw*l dtatri;l? <rn> gn <-e txibltaaa, on tbal ttr ??;y hope li>? Jr-m?-faii !.?r? la coetin.l to the citf B'.Taio ladivj, Wi? hattir' ?ii i may heN.'lakt wltbla tbe lUMltaor tbe fllril f%? ; 'on-tb, flftb Mailt. Maraatfe, IPereath and Th.rtaaotli i ? re I) iipm war da. art it i? a ? ?t fmrlata lbatl*aatb <* tbea (etorftig perbapa "be /if'b vA flit kf Ik J f I publican* will hart m^ortusa. The fifth and With wards, iboae upoc which lb* 1*a*nnnU Mr* mora inclined lu lxjcd <hetr bopaa at nhmm, irt aim oat entirely made up of Garau residents. Lsst year Um r.fUi gave arm three hundred, and the Slttb about two hundred ud seventy Ore democrat!* majority ; and alibougn ilwjr now claim aooupleof hundred In each, U U inure likely that the democratic atretic Vh will be peal y reduced, and lite rota ae soaae where about eren. Martin Roller, who baa been a democratic representative from the town of Boatun for three successive time* In the Board of Supsrvisor*, and who wai the democratic candi date for Superintendent of the Poor laat fall, baa to lay canre out on tha Bide of the republican* There I* no doabl but that a large amount of money ha* been *p?at by the republican* In tbla city and oounty upon the oleatloa. They have everything in their favor the city , oounty and Slate offioer* are ail on their aide, they have been working aasidnously, and they have had the mean* to work with. On tha other hand, the demoerata are *o unfortunate a* to have no nffloe holder* to work for them and are abort of caah. They committed a blunder by pulling at Ibe head of tbelr county ticket an American, rfoiomon li Haren, aa tbelr candidal* for Oongre**, tor the republican nomi nee and prelect member, Mr, Spalding, of thl* city, 1* a popular man, with plenty of money. Until within the laat f*w day* there wa* not much real harmony existing (although there wa* very Utile open hostility exhibited) among the Donglss and Breckinridge faction* of the de mocrtcy But recently the aeoonl democratic oounty ticket baa been withdrawn, aad there I* a complete union of all the dement* of the opposition on the local ticket, which will have the effect or adding oonstdsrably to the Union atrength on the general laaue. The democrat* have no actual oanvaaa of the oounty. Tha repubtloani have, and It give* them fourteen hundred majority In tbe ooun ty and alx hundred In th* city, making two thousand la all; but, allowing for oonUagwctM, It la safe to calculate from twelve to Ofteen hundred m^orlty. Kespoaslblllty of Www Eaglaad ftr Son th an* llavery. to ths EorroB or thi hkralp. Much ha* been said reoenlly In our dally papers, by tho*e who are only partially acquainted with the facU la the case, of the responsibility of N* w England , and partlcu larly of MaasachuactU, for Southern alavery. Mr. Yanoey la reported In the New York Tinvt to hare *ald, in his 1 toe ton speech, a few days sinoe, that daring tbe twenty years in which the foreign slave trade was a lawful trade under the constitution of tho United Statea, "Mas sachosetls Imported on* hundred thousand alaves, for whom her merchant* received tea mllltoa* of dollar*." It t* alrange that Mr. Yanoey ahould have made inch a statement as thla In llo*t*n, where every man at all ac quainted wltli the stale of public sentiment la Ma?-achu st-Us on tbe subject of tbe African slave trade at tbe time referred to knowa that thore 1* not the shadow of a foun d at ton for It. Tbe writer of thla article Is a nallvo of Massachusetts, and can go back in memory to tbe |>enod when tbe Afi loan alave trade w a* a lawful trade under tbe United St* tea constitution, and he knows that ns uaa who had ever been engaged in that inlqutllous traillc could ever have been admitted into any decent society In Rostoa. He would have been regarded aa a man would now be regarded who made bl* money by piracy. There I* reaaon to believe that not a single slave wad tmi>orted Into any one of the Southern .stales by any Massachusetts ahi|iowner, unlea* In disguise, during tho whole period In which tbe alave trade wa* lawfol nndor the Uatted State* constitution If the wrtlar 1* not mt*ln formed, all the New Kngland'Statea, except Rhode I aland, bad laws In operation In 1788 indicting sever* peniltles upon any of tbelr citizens detected as participator* la any way In the foreign slave trade, and lho*e law*, It la b'lievod, continued In fore* until the trad* was abolish ed by Congrea* In 1808. Wttle 11 Is true, however, that tbe people of Massacha setts did not, during this period, partake, unleas furtive ly, of the direct pruQts of tbe African slave trade, tbe writer is compelled to admit that If Mr. Madison's ra port of, the doing* and debates in lh* convention for form ing tbe United StaU* conatltutlon ia to be railed on, Mu sacbuaetts may be justly bald re?|ioosible, as fxirtiopi ctm.nis. in all the wrongs to tbe negroas and to our coun try arising from tbe Importation of the slavos, by whom soever Imported, and arhalaver their uumber, wbelber ore hundred thousand. or more or leas, that were lands! I o tbe Soothem States between the year* 1H00 and 1808. Is compelled to admit this, because Massachusetts voi*d to strike out 1H00 and Inaerl HOS aa thelimsof Investing Congress with ths power to abolish ths foreign slave trade, thus prolonging ths gnllly traillc for eight year*, lot the purpoM of securing la return * voto of Soulb Carotin* ? bleb would give to New Kng'and ship OdNri Ul? carrying trade of tbe tlave Stale*. Tbe facta, u derived from the Madlaoa paper*, are U rat ? la 178T , wbea the tblrtcea original Statee of the American Union ooaTeoed by their dtlegatta In Phlladal phla to form a aew oonatltutloa, the Statee profr**ed to be earawtly deatroua of the Ismedlal* abolition if the Air loan tlave tnule, aod oaljr three, vl? the two Carol! aaa and Georgia, dcalrad ita eoatlauaaoo Tbeee three Butte, lytic 00 Southern border jf the Dnioa, under a hot climate, aad embracing ao laatui fertile uncultivated Territory, which could be calii?at?d, at their peop'e (aid. only by aegroea, were uhwiliiug to he deprived of the power to import laborer* from Africa, aod expreeeed their determination not to join the new iMjor I the power to prolubn ttw tla.e Ira le tnould be coulerred na ibe general government Aooorditgly, la the (ret draft of the oooetituimn. the committee inserted anarttc.e npreeoly mHnM|? Mittnii forever the power to aboltoh the Wave trade When thla article . raise up for dlaraMlaa In Die Coaventlea, drietfaua from New h-ngland manifested their wllllngaee* to allow the article to ttaod aa a part of the enostitutloo If the Caro lints and t.rorgla melatel but Virgtaia aad the other Middle Hie ice weukl not coaerat to that The lelegatee from Virginia, neper lally , la the moet indignant t-rmt, repelled the idea of auch coacoeeica They leoo'inoed the African tlave trade aa "aa infernal t raffle.' and *la very a* not only a dtsooarageeMat to aria, man ufar urea aad laseetry In every form, but aa a denaorallxiag Inatl tultoa, eapeclally Is lla taSuenoe apoo the master, tend tug to make him "tyrannical" aad "to bring dow* the Jucmeot of bee Ten oo the co-.ntry " They theref>re balu it lo be "the luty of the Ooaveutloa. la every point of view, to coafer upon the general government the Bwer to prev-nt the increase of aiavtry " (.oremor a lolpb even went ao far a* to eay that he would ?>>ner rltfc the I'moa than taaert auch aa article la U>e ??>oatitn t ?n The reeult of the debate wai the: the artiste vat referred It a large committee, cooaiattng of oae member trow narh Mate la the ooafederncy to devite, if pueeihie, eotne comproaise, aume plaa. that would eatiefy Ike Carolieas aad Georgia oa oae tide, aud the dru-rmlced eat', atave trade feeling uf Vlrgiata aad tbe Middle gtatea oo the other Thte c>ii mlti?e repnrta aa a comprint! lae aa article taveetiag Cos grvee with the power to aboltab the fo-eign ? ?r? trade a/V ? tbe year IHCO, thua allowing the <*r>linaa aad i.e. f t twelve yeera lo imi ort negro laborer* from Afru-a aad at owing tbe other tea J la tee. under the gen r?l power of Ooegreae to regulate oomm?r- e, to ab? ' ieb the trafllr al ter thai period The Car .Iibm aud Geo'gia would, oouhtleaa. have b?en aatitloj with twelve yeera If they could have obtained bo more; but wbea the artb- e eaa under dito.teion. with thla limitatioa, Mr I'takney, of (leutli Qar illn* hived, ae an amendment, that 1*0 be struck out and 1MM lnaevt*d tbea allowing twenty j ran matead of twelve bw the continuance of the rbie metioa wia **? oaded by a member from Ma??arheaetia, aad wleru tbe vote waa take* every New Ruflaad Male preeent? Maaw hijwtu, Ooaneriicut aad New Hampshire? with tae Carottnaa, Georgia and Mary laad. voted fbr the amen tie eat, vhlle Virginia, feaneyl vaaia. New Jrreey aad r>etaw ar- eViod firm for iiM New Yor* and ftb'-le talaad were not prraect H? s ? .en ibe year leoQ. when tbe foreiga ? lave trade would hareeraeed if ibe New Eag'aad !HatM had joined Virginia, aad IMt. to wh ah year It waa eitraood H tbr r unoa with the Carol', aaa and Georgia, the retse- ? la I dlcatee ibe tmporlatioa of %V>cl 100 000 itavee. who have ?' ittp led by aatural larrnaae ataee 1V)S t> more thaa ?><*?? To uaderetaad tb? raoi ve of tbe delegatee >001 New ftif 'and la thue v?tlag with tbe Ca lira* aa 1 Georgia to eitrod the .uratlna of the foreign "lave trade for eight year*. 1 tbenld be t oea thai 'n tbe .'?me flret draft of I tbe enoatltutioa which roatalaed tbe article witlibntdlng | fh m C "igrvaa Ibrevev tbe power to a' ot'eb the elave I Irade. Uwro waa alao *a article derlartng l hat ? ao navl gaiixe art* vball he uaaeed wilboet the awent of Iwo | third* ?t the mem here preeent 1a ?ech bouae Thid *r j ttele waa inewted la tbe internet of all the great alave Utaf* 10 pre real New Tig'aaJ fhHB mono^oi zing tbelr , earrytag trade bf 1 avtgM.on act i, which wiw d tmpoee I beery dullee * for- fa ehtpe ant exclude tbem b-m I *?' then ;*>ri? The lahereve ta the jtoutliera e'ave 9latea ? b? -g mgrn flaw*, tbnae Mat * would net'irai.y earn hut I tvweb p* for ahipe caanoi be manned with aiavea Tbe ' people of t ?e flare ^'alee evpectH 10 he w hat they have been, an agt m tu*a> people, raia ng for th < markets of the world tobacco, rite, c<*tia eogar, he ? hi.lky artl fbe, that woeld g're empl omest to an materia* amount ?f ehtp,i ng aad ibey lna ated that thie produce akoeld ?Ibe wlole negro populatkwi H{'?e retted *u e? lal-O1', a ? .ntia* lo Ue eena- a "-ae 1 ml ?Sl and tn Mid It waa I .177 ltd The it rwaee In the ten fe?ra m*<le tr of I he aalo ra lanrexae or eieeat ot '.Irtht ti ?? <*eaifc? tbr e.*l and the mporiatlna ? from Afrleal waa 17 6 'A* r T S i-er rent WTial ? irtloo of >hla iwreaee u die lo imeonauoe. aad wbal p <r uoeloael'ir* inere?? *er? IW itia tor-?a?? of ike o-<ro h?* wlkil'v ? nai ir*. <ae->*ee there kav'ng ven so linp rtail na anl tie ftanag *?wa (wtm tm abow that th't tarreaae hat ve. o al 'he rale nt ool? r S per real til |eu rear* Ai' over ?7 ? pee eeat 'tea. In the mrreaae between 1M) aad^ IMt or li> per rant mar >-e fatrtv aei down ee the reanH of tmporiaii-w. aad thle en I i?l m w tab) |lva oa 100 ltd nr in i*ew?d aiaert Ml IW0 ae ibt ni mher ^f aiavee Iwporied lelo ihe I need M>i t.? tweee I TO aad ljl V Home dedideea. however, f* he made 'rma ibtt on af ?<rani of U-x Maaa which waa a^a^'tee mtJ the Uttoa la 1Mb ted had la '?<: < ti 1U a?eroe? ihd i.'^eter enfwwira d.iabUeae were earned tbnher fm-n tbe *>etbW ?e of Uatna oe iwoor'e.t from Afr -a a' er urdi for H three rear* before tbe purrbeee ot I miaaav tba aeg'O ?area la tbe whole of ihal Mrrltory were i ti'btaad al only 1J '?0 If we a.1 w U.idO fir the aumher of aef>e?i la t*a; twana when !t waa added t the t'oimd mat. t ta IbH. II Will rMiire the ewtmale of Ibe anmber of alavea imported from * flea mar tbe t'aMed itMea belwaew UM ead new frvm I ? Wm SI HO. hni aa Um whole ne?ro poealalloa of Ibe I nMed rials hae topreaaad MO par eam ataae l?lt tt ei.l el.ll r re aaarly |n M. ar aheat a twelfth part of U* aiavee ta u>e frntixwa Htalea u he nomher *>? 'bare m ontaerinea?? of 'he roae of Hew Rngtaad lo wtl'h -r? hare referred. *?d f*w whteh Hew Hrrlaao amy he 'airij re?ar1ed a* reopen*, h a. > a. lei rwnrda eV>w M.0Tt ne?re etarea landed f'im Afrtea m the t ort ^ t'hartewrn aliae dani; the fo> - year* !?"! IMaed t*i7 We !>a e aeeo ao idle ai vev?rd of the romhrr landed ?t Hew Orleana ar. ' ithe.- Ikeithere porta da??o? he.e an' the "?nr preeefHuj re\ra s.;i u eeema eawviaK e to vpvnaa thai It or.?t hare hee? at ?**! e<j -*11y tieal r-r eay fr^<a en '?n lob) ltd' maataf UM w*->ta n -tm ?" ai all th* Ihern porte il-On, the whole eirM retrt f-w? ? .*0 lo lin -a rea li la err ?'* ,?? w.h '.ha. oht* i*t ahova b' nal.- 'S iitd w the ?a ;ad aiwee ani a Mbl be ewrM to Mikd by ths shipowners vte woald car ry at Us lowest price, and kam Uua ihm tftsuld t ? no navigation mi to excluds lorapm. The New Knglasd ers, on ths other hand, with their ooU olisaato iM bar ren SOU, oonld not become rich by agrloultare. Their wealth nut be acquired, ohiefly , at the oatoet certalaly , by the skill and industry or their hardy aad enterprising seamen, and aa they had little prodaoa of ttoir own to carry to market, they coveted the carrying trade of the slave Sutra. In this auto of thinga, wbea the New Rng land delegate* in the Convention saw that all the great alave States were netted in opposition to navigation acts, but wsre divided In regard to the contlnaanoe of the slavs trade? that couth Caroltaa wanted the ?lave trade, while Virginia was strongly oppoasd to It, they go to Bonth ChroTlna and say, "You want slaves, and we want a navigation act, cease your opposition to a navigation act; expunge the article In Um constitution making a vols of two thirds ueoasairy to pass one, allow a majority of Congress to pass a navigation aot, aad we will (oln with yon In ei tend lug the alave trade from 1800 to 1806 " This was the bargain. Aooordlngly, when the

report of the committee of one from each State, reoom mending that Congress be Inveeted with the power to abolish the slave trade In 1800, cams op for dlsoossion, Mr. Pinknev , of South Carolina, moved to strike oat 1800 and insert 1808 This was seoonded by a delegate from Massachusetts, and wbea the question was pet every New England state voted for 1808. The question then came op on expunging the article making a vote of two thirds of the members of sach boons of Congress nsoessa ry to pass a navigation act, when General Ptnknsy, of South Carolina, roas and prefaced his vote for expunging the article with the following remarks - General Ptnkney said 11 was the true Interest of ths Southern States to have no regulation of oommsroe; but considering ths laas brought on ths oommares of the East ern States by ths Bevolotloa, their liberal oonduot to wards the rlewa* of South Carolina, and the interest ths wsnk Southern States had In being united with the strong Eastern States, be thought It proper that no fetters should be Imposed on the power of staking oommerolal regulations, and that his eonstltaenU, though prejudloed against the Esstorn States, would be reoonelled to this liberality. He had hlmseir, be said, prejudloss against the Eastern States before he came here, bat would ac knowledge that he bad louad them as liberal and oandid M uj ibm whatever. Such Is the history of ths artlcls la the Halted States constitution conferring upon Congress ths power to abolish the African alave trade, as given by President Madison, a member of the convention that formed that constitution. If It Is a true history we are compelled to admit that New Kn gland Is responsible, aa particn M c-imimi, In all the wrongs to the negroes, to the slaveholders, to ths country and to the world, growing out of the importation of the 38,076 slaves that were landed in the port of Charleston la 1804, 1806, 1800 aad 180T; and out of the Importation of all the slaves that were landed from abroad in any part of the lotted States during the eight years 'rom 1800 to 1808, be their cumber 100.000 or more, or less thaa 106,000. We are compelled to admit tbli responsibility of New England, because it Is clear that New England, by joining with Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, might have stopped ths importation of ?laves in 1800. and that she gave her votes In favor of permitting its oontlnuance till 1806, f<>r the purpose of securing, In return, a vote of South Carolina that would give to New England shipown ers the carrying trade of tbu slave States. New England accomplished her object. She secured the carry lag trade of the aiave SUtea, and the protita of that trale were a great source, If not the great source of the capital now Invested to her railways, her out ton mills, bcr woollen mills, and Id every branch of her prtwpereus industry. Rut there is a worm at the root of all that wealth God Is a Just God. He Is just In his dealings with commum tl s of men as well as with Individual men. If a comma n<ty of men. from mercenary motives, docs what It be lieves at the time to be a great wrong, it lias good reason to fear the vengeance of God. In 1787 New England be lltvtd the African alave trade to be "an infernal traffic:" and yet, for a reward, she voted to allow Its continuance for eight years May it not be that In the clouds which are dow gathering about our oountry there may lie eon oealed a thunderbolt cf God's wrath, aad that it may stt iks?not where New 1- jig land Is expectlug to see it strike, upon a humbled South ? but upou the proud and lofty structures which she herself has built on bar own soil with the whges of her Iniquity. *Tothtartpreaeine Mr. Madlaoo spreads the following Dots ? "He meant be penniarinu ?" import alarea. An understand id( no the subjeet of navigation and alt very had taken plaee between tboaa parte of the 1'nlaa. which explaioa the ?OU) no the motion depending, as well aa the language of Use. Pink a ejr and otbara." See ret of tlx* Asluioalty to Uov> Hanks. TO TUK KDITOK OK THE UKUA I. i). Lowvx, Mass , Nov. 1, 1880. Your cm men la on ths slight that was put upon Oovernor Banks ana lady at the ball la honor of the Prince of Wales, la Boston, have created aa Interest In Massachusetts which leads ms to give you a few of ths (sets pertaining to tha principals in that exhibition of sorbbtry. They may be possibly of use If you have oc ca? '>n to aay more. " Stats tt-eet Lowell Mills fossils'' you have happily meotloasd. They are the key to ths matter. These fossils ars millionaires, sot by their own wealth, but by ths Invested capital of others, which they control. la Massachusetts there bss been no restriction upoa proxy voting In manufacturing corporations. Ths oflloert haw k?n In th* habit for y*ara of htTlDg the owner* aiga a proxy to them at the ami lima that lb* dividend li raoelptad for Thta, being naked by a clerk, I* readily given by the owner* of the alock wboeu rual denoee are acatterad widely over New England? without a Mapleion of the coaeeq aenoee At the last annual meeting o f Ibe Merrimack Company some of tbe owner* w '.abed to elect another man tt tb? office held by J. W Palg*, who waa taking about S3A.MM per annum from the oompany. But lh* proiy votoa ware irrralitlble, and he waa re elected While J W. 1'alge * (V) were taking E3A.000 a year from ttti* company, aa ?tiling areola, Uiuy were acting to the aame oapacity for e tjbl other* In tbe whole eight I bay bar* not probably one teeth aa much invented aa they take from tbem annually. At a meeting of the stockholder! of U>e llamlltoa Manufactur ing Couipany It waa charged that $60 000 bad been loot to tbr company by one of ita officers playing into the handa of hie moo A committee of inveatigalion waa called for. aad voted down by th? aame power, of prokiea To a call lor a committee to nominate o (II cere, J W I'aige ita ted he had the pro t lee of a majority of all the Mock In hie pocket, and be ahould rule lu the old Board He waa h meelf an Mlloer of vbe "old Board," and J W i'aige* Co. war* taking abo*t twice aa much aaaaally lor com mixaloM aa ha had oapilal la the oompany Tbeae are not rare a'mae*, but ratbar fair ipecmeoa ? tbe management o thaee corporations by ibe anobo cracy of Buatoa {raw Bank*, with r. ? popular tympathi.-a MM noi be blind to three aliaim! .. wronga, and under h a admlala trat.on waa ;-aaat I a law placing -ime reatri. tlooa upon the of proxy vote* Thia tended to abut the galea thro ahxb tbe agnuta were Iracglng their apolla, and, a- waa to be expected, the aarneat opportunity la taker fir r-vrnge. by NWM * *Ua Inault upoo tbe (ioTerror aad b t: eetlmable lady, aad through them upon the p?..ple of tha Stat* JaME4 C A TEH, M L>. Tht Boaton Love Traced jr. [Prom U>e Boa toe Oourter. Nov |.) jTeepb ilrrnandex, who tried to kill Faaay May and b'maeif in Hanover atr cet an Tueaday, la aow ta a fair way to recover He haa thrown up Um araealc, aad the phjaiciaaa do aat coaai ler the wouad from the pietoJ ihot a aer tone oae The ball alruck a rib. aad. glanc ng ofl without Ir jurlng nay vital part, produnM a flreh wooed merely Mia* May waa only aligbtly lejored she la a rouain of Mr* Beraaadet. ar.d it waa at her inatiga tloe that the buabaad employed Faany to aaoiat him la htabuatnee* for year* they have aer a about together la the principal Iowa* of New Knglani. Mr* B*raaod*z aaya (he waa a war* that an mpn >per latimacy dialed between them and tried to pnmre Faany'a discharge, bat wlthaat lOct Reneaily Uie c'rl haa received attea tiooa fr m a young maa ta I awreoo" and beeaaae da atrou* of breaking her oaaeitioa with her farmer en player, bavag. aa Mr*. Be> sender eaye, been the maaaa of alaaoat raining b-m la a financial polal of view. Hi* bw'rea* be'ng la a tiuafaaed oaadttloa, be wtabad u> retain the oevvioea of Mia* May, who kaew all about it, UU be could obtala another aaatataat fee dee mod ail offer*, aad laalated a aa o ?nad'ate 1 ijh h?-(r? Th ? ? -a ?????- and 1*om i that time Baraandet, uaaally lively aad nbeerfal, baa oeen moroae aad atleat, aad II la aupp and that i* ooe of , theae fita of deapoadenryj be attempted to commit thia ; crt?e Or Cvrua, who ta celled 1 -at to th* awMM | maa, atatea that be haa been vary aervmi* of lata, aad that oa Moadar eigbl he walked tbe atreeta all night. Miaa May **j* b* bad oo other c*:oe for the oommla* >n of iht act t-ian the fast that aka laalated oo leaving bia i etapicy The follow ng letter wat prejiarod by Heroan I da*, la asaretatMe a( a fatal reaalt ? liana ???- Forgir* aae f<w what I do U r* for yoar children I bare n.-ea a* maa and wile for t* i veare with Fanny May Hha ha* been tbe -*uee of tht* U Mr Hall bad not inter toad Uila would not have hap. ;>eo<d May Wad bl*a* you mj cioor ohillreo I ctn rot >T? long 1 bare bare raised m boaiaaat by Fanny May Tea will dad ?>me frlaad* left whea I am gone ; YMa *aed aot ?>* aahaiee ? gf what I h?v? doaa Tbnae who have rained me will hare to go with ma Frlaad f? ?t*r aee me decently burled I am oot afraid to meat my nod Keep me aa loag a* poaUble, and bury Fan ay Ma? aad f. Good bye K>4EPB ftmm.Oet 50. IViO H*rna*?*l waa bora a .Savannah, Ga N?w?psm< ?* i?r> an On o* IS iOO ? Ta* of oar Saw ark i-raw? Meaara E C Aber A Oo ?bar* been Iwia dl?l nit of I. t<)0 bp aa aroompltubed acouadrel aamad F Saiitfe Tae fellow in Auguat * i w?nt to Kaata* wMM I hi* ? tfb an l childrea, and there paean d bimaetf oil a* a ?yxiilu rrer. who iLtaada-l onaiag a large *!iae aad ln? tbar ratab'lthmenl there He maaaged to parehaae a farm oa credit, mortgaged It for tt.MN. forgad the farm ?r? aigaature. had !??.? moruage MfeMMMlMlMll it at the Recorder * om?a, an.l Utea came to thia city, what* be mad* aa ataigameat of It to Me?ar* J !t Blau ve t. tbeiariar C aid E C Ab*r for M *00 worth of ??, - ? aad i lather. Everything appearing fair oa the fa>e. Mr 8 r*a*tred the good* aad <eft Thia waa oa Srit'obrr 1* la tbe aarly part of October aniith wrote fr m Harrlaburg to Meagre Aber * Oo , atatkog that he ha 1 oot bet o able to get the etore la that plane that he ext<e< ted to. aad that ha had now deu rmin 1 to poah on M New orleaaa and open there Thta excited atmptclan la i be Newarter*. arbo weat to Faetoa and diaoowere-1 the forgery, aad that tbe mortgage waa worth!*** Meaara. A'-ar * Oo. are la aearrh m him. aad hope to naaarabia anaat He haa, bowerar, probably diapoaed of tbe good i brfor* thia ?It i-a?i I Adaertaear, A"*? I Obltaarp. InfHrmatioa baa beaa reeafrad at the "<tate rtepart meat, la traahington from the fa ted Rtatea Ooaaul at llaiaaaae of the death of tbe fM>ow|p< named seamen, of ibe l a ltd mate*. vi? ?Tata* Panama, of Mow Tork wm B? nm. of Pnrtlaad, aal I. C tiam*. Pr Vaar* " T 0 Oorxo, at tea I'rns th* naif abort bard reporter ta th* Tn ted Ptatrw. dind la Beaver ooanty. week He bad mat ? and ; .at m any fortuaea. -1 the anal 'eat of ?h cb wait low* la tbe treat ?*?e*i ? ?f-. aa>'M *?*?<! at. >c of at eh 6* waa ta i tiaal aa I A New sal IumwM LUHtaTilf mail YUrttf ? uui of a aaw iffMilw fcr tha aavtng of lira from dlaaatars iimvh ibwIi at Saady Hook, la tha pretence of nnnl tnfinaaUal pttaoaa, amtag wham warn Ok pi. Ward , Commander of Um United SUtaa receiving Alp North Carolina, William M. OrUknaU, Ba? , merchant of this city. 0. W. 0. Brown, Btq., of Ctaotaaall, Ohio; Captain Abraham Fowler, David W. Foil, Baq , aad other*. The Invitations want -x tended to Commodore Moore, of Waafalagtoa . Major Wayne, United 8tatea Army; Captain Frailer, of the Board of Underwriter!; Gea. E. Ward, Hon. T. Barr, Senator Thompson, of New Jersey Captain l.lndaay , of the ship J. J. Boyd, AM. Command v Ward had been appointed by the govern sent to tnapect the axperimaat aa a maaaa of taring life at aea, aad Major Wayae to teat ita capabUltlea aa a ma dlaaa lor the landing of troopa from rmatlt Ai thla ex periment waa for the former purpoae, the Commander waa, of oowae, fall/ prepared to fire the apparatus every fair teal aad privilege poaaible. DE8CBIFTI0N OF TUB AFFABATU8. The apparalna or raft oonaiata of three poatoona or floata, made of vulcanised gutta pereha by the New York Gatta Peroha Company. Thaaa floata, aa oaed In the model which waa tee ted, were fifteen feet long by about twenty lnchaa acroaa when not inflated, aad a boot two feet la aiiainrr whan When in the former condition they are quite flat, and each ooaaiat of two parte Irmly riveted together ao aa to form a kind of air bag not unlike a very long air cuahion. The air la aapplled by maaaa of bellowa, with a flexible nozzle or tube, whlah are eanh faatened to a valve by meant of a acrew ant. There are two at thaaa bellow* va'.vea to each pontoon, aad bellowa to match. Theae poetooaa are eanh croud length wlaa by flat apart, rather longer thaa the floala, to whkoh they are faatened. On the centre one la a receptacle for a abort maat. A oanvaaa deck, fifteen feet by thirteen, la thaa thrown over the three pontoona, and faatened down to them by ropee through eyelet holea. Thla, ot course, faatena the whole together, aa If It were la eae piece. Aoroea thla canvaaa deck la a network of rope for the pur poee of peraona holding oa by or being laahed to. In thla condition, bat rolled up, the raft la pat on board the ihlp, and la ready for uae. Thla, when Inflated, would be capable of holding thirty peraona, or bearing ap a weight (i t , bare the reacting power) of from alx to aeren thooaacd pounds. So email li the apace of room required by thaee rafta that in the place of an or dinary thirty-root boat, holding about twenty-fire per aona, all of theae rafta oould be atowed away, capable of accommodating very nearly two hundred peraona, with power of allowing nearly aa many to hang on by the aldaa, providing the partiea on the raft oould only hare time to faaten knotted ropee to the iaahlnga, thua enabling them to at leaat keep their beada a bora water If a raft were required capable of holding fifty peraona, the pontoona would be twenlv-five feel In length, with a hioge in the centre of each of the lengthwise epars, ao aa to double up for a towage. PKOCK88 OF INFLATION. Aa eooc aa It la deemed reqniatte to uae the rafta, a man la placed at cach of the before mentioned bellowa and begins to blow away with all hla migbt, antil the poo too us are easb thoroughly filled When thla la acoom pliahed the valve* are closed, and four apart, eaob about four two fed long, are placed acroaa the whole, extending the raft la the oppoelle direction to the length of the pon toona, which are fastenod aide by aide. Wneo theae apara are properly Imhed on, the raft it ready for launching, the maat and aaila being fixed up after the raft la atppaaed to have cleared from the wrack. The Inflation can be made In five mlnutea. TBI larEKIMKNT -TKIF TO 8ANDT BOOK. At an early hour yeeterday aiorniag the boata of the United Blatea revenue cutter Harriet Lane, Captain Faunae, were waiting at the alip adjoining pier No. 1 to take on board the apparalna, Inventor and Inspecting offl oert A a the bellowa of the pontoon were beiag taken on board, the aallora looked at ttiem In a vary lingular man ner, trying eiperlmenla by blowing through them long bafora they were attached to the floata, Ao., expecting, perhapa, that thereby they might find oat the whole af lalr before the experiment waa tried. Shortly before nine o'clock the American (Cuatom's) enalgn waa ho la ted at the gafl of the cutter, aad aa aoon aa all the vltltera were on board the "anchor waa weighed" and the veaael took Ita oouraa towards the ooeaa. The trip waa a pleaaaot one, for although the tun acaroely made Ita appearance, Mill the weelber waa agreeable, there being, aa the heafarlng gentlemen would expreat them, arlrea, "atpanklng breeaa." At flrat It waa thought beat to try the experiment near Coney Island, and the Harriet Lane waa there anohored: but the inventor, Mr. Samuel B Broad, thought It would ba a far mora satisfactory trial If It oould be made upon the "broad" ocean, aad oonaequently the anchor waa again weighed, and the veaael proceeded to and anohored outside of the Hook. Here the aea waa much rougher, aad thaee who know the a pot will recollect that the surf breaks vary bmvily along the sandy beach. THJt LAUNCH ?F TH1 RAKT. At twenty miaataa to one o'clock the inflation com menced, and In cooaequenca of the ignorance of the per ?one employed occupied about ten miaataa. It waa then fhateeed to a "whip'' or hauling Una, aad oast overboard. Captain Abraham Fowler volnnltsrtd to ba the oom marder of the raft, aad Mr. Pill, the Inventor and aevea aallora Jumped from the rail of the veaael up?a board la the course of tan aeconda, not unlike the manner they would have ao done If the Harriet Lane had bean really tinting la a very abort time the command of "Uaat loose the Use" waa glvea.and the novel invention, with ten peraona on board, waa shortly at the mercy of the watea, over the tope of wbioh il waa borne aa eaally aa a oork. The maat wai sooa rigged and the sails hoisted, aad the frail veaaai sped oa Ita way to the ?bore so rapidly a* to excite the admiration of all the u (Boers of the cutter, who were aaxloaaly watching the retail. In caas of aecldeota thi tailors on board ware ordered to be ready to lauaeb oae of the boata to pick ap Ibe adventurers, but their aarvioaa ware fortunately not reqairad. TH1 AKRITAI. AT THE BKACfl. Tbe ml soon reached tb* Breakers, which It rod* orer M estily, never shipping A ipiM The ?Ailor? ??;<! th*t H boll c?mld hav* paaaed through the surf with out danger of being store is," nor oould * niJi nit hare goo* or*r tbem without " break lac up " Com Baa d?r Ward lad Mr Urlnaell, who, with ? reporter, ha l gone aahore to wltnen* the landing, wr re qalta pleaaed with the trial, and an npreaael tbemaelrea Ofoour**, aa to all now tnrentloo*, great inpriteanti oaa yet be Made la this, bet, According to the rlewi of those who wurrear-1 tbe experiment, tbey oould aow *ee the ad rano 1 germ of a realty beneficial *av lour of hamaa Mfa. The tarn lor state* that ha la roily ooartnced that had aa ordinary number of th*ae rafta boaa uaad daring the lata wreck* of the Haogarlaa and Lady Klfin, all the pa* ?enfrr* < ould eaaily hare beta fared : nor had there beaa aay oeed of the fearful **crlfio* of S 797 lire*, which bar* be*o loot *tace 1M1. with fourteen steam r?*ael? pMag b?tw.?0 New Vo?k, I.lrer^col And California, had a Ilk* precaution been obeerred Tbe In rector aeak * no b*n*tit to hiaoaif, and ereo oflered hi* patent to a *ocl*ty 1* thi* etty fro* of all charge, no mat the (eagotng humanity might be beet died, hut oould not get even the oppor tuaity to eiplaln or ahow hi* model* ( *IUd lutw Clrralt Coart THB C1U or THE SLAVE HHIP BBS. Before lb* Boa Judge N*l?*. Nor J ?TXt Vmt*i ?*m m Will mm Wmrtn, .?* tkamul C<jr4m and Darit Ball.? Thaa* pr.soaer* were separately Indicted la six ndiclmeol* charging them with il* aareral oAaaae* of rtoiatisg th* law* of th* I'altod Mate* hy mrrtag a* master and male* oo board th* American ahlp F-rl* i* brlag*ng negroes froai oo* foreign ooantr* to auolber They were brought up t<> plead Tbe IVted Mate* !>? -trtet Attorney Roceerelt *a:d that, ' ?* b? had been misrepresented on intentionally. be bad Bt wbat be had to *ay to-day oo the c*a* 1* writing tbeo read A* follow* ?The mattfct Attorney MM that, to U>* prreeni condition of tbe publl] mlad oo th* African , iretio* aad tbe consequent liability to miaooo (traetloa, be bad come to tbe o>malnaloa to to* re th* ; prt?oner* to piead guilty or not gnllty on both or ettbar 1 of the t barge* *?*ln*t them ae they might '?* adrlied, without any understanding or o^m-nrot oa the |>art of tbe authorities either here or at Waahlngtoa lh* Jady* ordered the pruoaer to be arraigned aad put n tbeir pi**. Mr Joa< b m?**a appeir*d for th* ;?rl*m>*r*, and pleaded ant guilt J to eaoh aad all th* (allotment* Tb* pit a* were recorder aad tbe pr Wooer* reman ie-t Mr Joaahimtaoa, la reply to a queatioa fnm th* Judg*. Mid be wa* not ;>re)>ared to came a day for th* trial A CORAL QCWrrOK or CA*HO*. Ft W Ai> i >t ml., i* Aufuttu AA-tf ? Tht* wa* a ?a t againet tbe CaUtctor fur r*turn of dutte* on th* tm cortat on of nameoa wbwb arrired here ta the steamship I'rrna la Woermber, 1??9 Tbe amount lapnaed wa* paid Oder protest, an.l tb* exosBB, sm 60. m Canned bark, wtth latereet a* an ubi**i eiactloo. Tbe plaiatifl '* cm: t. eel, Mr Waldron, *al.| tint th* r (bt ii.ty ?o four per cent, hut that th* la*V>an Boua* hat leried twenty four par cent, l>*tng twenty per oeol 'a rxree* Be tbe* produced specimen* >f th* goo^a ImpnrUd, aad callad Mr Bai'.ey. of Pbilaleipba. ado Mr Ball, of th* Brm of Ball, Hank h Co , Mf JfcjH and Mr Bishop, laporter* at I msnstact ,r of Jewelry a*d rameo* of this city, to pror* what tbsartir e* pro dared wer* lh trad* asd com? rca. Than* gc itleraeo all give th* KB* deflntloa of naaao a* * Bgvre cat by tli* fcaa.1 of aa artist oa any *?t ra' s '>stanc?. aucb aa MMLahell, tara, onji, oorneiian, aa**tbfst. MMNM aapphlr* or malaralt*. Tbe epartmaa* producad wer* prrwumi >1 by tb* witnra*** to be cut c*meoa Mr Wilentsoa. to bt* cm>* rxaamai loo, **k*d t!>*m serrral time* If ther* waa aat a duTarence b*tw**a **t caae<? aad manufmtared cameo*, to waiah Uwy an aeered IB th* legailsa they sa d there we* an article know* aa laitatioa ramena, wbicb ware not cat, but aade of a Boft mat*rial la * raou i The Oram *f ?h*rt<tan Kaswlaa. TO THE EDITOR Or TUB HRBALO. Nbw Yom, War t. I1W The steamship F altoa bring* u* news of tb* death of .fame* ^bertuaa Kaowte*, th* drama I lo poet. This IB incorrect Tho Sheridan Raoww* referred to waa a printer . *tg*c*d by th* R<i**t*a (or*ro meat for the parpo** of prlatia; Roar** pa per money, aad who waa drewaed wbll* oo b? paaaage from Hull to Ornaatadt. by tbe wreck of tb* Arctic, whil* la stgbt *f 'and I hare rere r?t mete news by eoaa* of b.? tmM latlmate friends In tb * city, sad can roach for the trrlb of tb* as-ne aa no lou-H wl.l be seen by tbe aetl arr.eal. WM C MIL1.KX. *B?*I IntelMgi a< e. T?i* t'n'ted fltatre steam sloop Hrwtiyi an I -?or*slii,t Faimn itb retnaioe<i at ABpttiwrnll on t*i<- Mth nit TTie Tri led ?'istee *t si me l*3< % 14c an I ? ?>p if. war <t Mary* w*r* at SaaraA j? tt, Kiti i.,t mm, Oreege o'eiook. mi | ? or age, aed | *' ? T*: ? IkMkUf M O NkMb A ran HAM SHOT DMAD ST A NUM. OMldlWMIIMtllU OOtd bMliMrtH w perpsfcetsil wm li the Tillage ?f UMi, Omge eounty, on hurdtx eight laat, aboat nine o'eiook. murderer *M a negro ikott IHrtf-ln fan the mardered au waa Mr. PIUmm T Wood bio termor, rest dine aboet two mllea end o bail ouiatde ? C Um village. Tbo particulars of the affair oro oo foUowat? Oo the Thursday night prertoaa a Unloe mm moo** woo bold at Ooahea, aad whoa only about tea or t noire remained la a public houea near by several nagroee m tared It aad oworo that they would giro tbo d? d demo crats a good whipping. They soooeeded la taming M whites out oT the house, bat before they oould pat their threala la to axaoutloa, several paroona arrived, whe tank tbo part of tbo white bob, aad the darfclw reoeived a good Hogging. Oa Saturday one at tbioo bleaks paraded the pebtta streete of Oooheo with a rifle la hie hand, aad toid nerval of bla republican Men da that be was looking for a bag thai would Ot It to ahoot aome white flrnanaram ?on of ab? b before twelre ociock that night. Blagniar to relate he waa not ar reeled, though be freely aad re peatedly made am of the threat. About half-peat oiae o'clock the name evening Mr. Phlneaa Wood wm paertag the negro'a bouae, on hit way hone, baring arrived lata In Um Tillage. The negro waa oa the outeide, repeating hie threat In a loud tone, rifle la hand, when Mr. Wool Jokingly remarked, "yoa had better atop your noiae er 1 ahaU attend to you," and ooatlnood walking oa, with kla I aada la hla pock eta. He bad not, howerar, nrooaadad more then tea or twelre peoea when the negro aleehargaff tha rifle at him, the ball eaterlag the aaok aad pamiag through the head oama out aear tha eye, killing tae an (ortanate maa lnataatly. The negro waa at oaoo Mlaed 1 by the people, who talked strongly or lynohiag hlmlapaa the apot, bat the Sheriff aad ooaetnblm Interfered aad I conveyed him to JH1. On hla way to Jell ha toll the mm- f ?table that when he (hot he lp leaded to kill hla maa, aad < wanted to know If there were any more of the Wood feat- ! ly left. Hn would like to kill the reel of them, be said. . If they were demoerala. Tha next morn lag after ooa nulling hla ooanml, he ehaaged hie aeatlmaau Md raid that be. shot Wood boeaoae he knookod him down three or foar tlmaa j but too many wttaeaaaa testify to the oootrary for this fklaehood to arall him from bla own aooonnt he tried twioe to lake Mr. Wood 'a lite. The A ret time the gua mapped, when be raa tat* the booae, put on another oap, aad then he mid, "Be (etched the democratic ooa of a b? h. " We should stale that Mr. Wood waa not preeeet at the fight of the prerioua Thursday eight, nor had he ear thing to do with It. ? The particular* of the tragedy were furnished oa hg : the brother of the deoeaeed, Mr. Israel Wood, with Jaaaaa ? L. Davis, of 181 South street, New York. ANOTHXB OUTRAGE BT KSUKOBft. On the night previous to the murder of Mr. Wood, two ' negroes enteral a house In Ooehen and dragged a woaaaa from her bed and attempted to take her la to the weed bouae. There her screams brought the neighbors to bar aMlalaaee, who seised the rcfflana before they oould ae oape, and were preparing to lynch them when the Sheriff arrived, and lodged them In jail. The womaa'a husband waa from home at the time. It is auppoeed that as ha waa a well known democrat of the village that thag knew of bis abeenoe, and aougbt this horrible meaaa ef revenge The Walioa-Mathew) CM*. ; THE DIVOBCk SUIT UKTWKKN TOM LATB MR. WALTON AND YOCNO JUITAKDa' MOTIIBH. Hi ruMi oocst? araoui. rsaa Before Hon. Judge Either land Nov. l?Jolut Walton t*. glim M. Waiton ?This saM, which waa pending at tha time or the murder of Ik. Walton, has now been the subject of the following opinion Tbe plaintiff, by the complaint, demand* judgment *f 1 NpirUKm from b?d and beard lortrer Thura la to tlM 1 complaint no demand for relief genera; ly, or tor say I other relief than judgment of separation from bad and < board It la aljnoal too plain for diacaaaion, that th* plaintiff, on the beta staled la the oom plaint, H not en titled 10 tbe Judgment of separation from bed and board. He aaka for an;h Judgment on the ground that th* conduct of the defendant since hla marriage with her baa been anch a* to reader It unaafe aad las- ' proper for hlaa longer to cohabit with her I aaid In caae of Auld against Auld. decided by mi at 8peatai Ttrm, September, 1P69, that to authorize a decree tt separation for cruel aad Inhuman treatment, " the proofs ahould show either actual bodily violence, or M*h conduct, acta or threata on the part of the husband, aa ? might render It unaafe tor the wife to continue to cohabit with him; aad that the word unaafe aa uaed m the eta tute (3d Hot. But 6th ad. 33T, 338, eec 84). haa refe rence to bodily, personal injury or violence and phyatoal health, aa dlatlafulahed from mere mental Buffering er wounded aenalblhtle*;" citing aa authorities for thepra Eaition. Bishop on Mar. and Dir., aeatlon 464, 4M, Wa ta il vs. Wbiafull 4 bart SIT, Mason va. Maaoa, 1 Bdw. ch 871 Tbe proofs to eaubilah the bodily rtotenoe or apprehended danger ahould at leaat be aa atrong when Iks husband is the coraplaiuant aa when the wife la the oom plain ant aec 66 of the statu tea (31 Rev Stat. ,333) aaya, that the complaint ub auch caae ahaU apeotfy particularly "the nature and clrrumstanoaa of the oeaa pla in t" relied on, and "shall a?t forth tlmaa aad placea with reasonable certaiaty." Tbe oaly aUagatloaa la the complaint In Ihla caae at all pertinent ta the relief and the oaly relief aaked for, to wit ? a judgment of aeiaratlon, are the 11th and lftlh. TV; rat is a mere ceneral allegation uf Improper ooadaot aa the part of the defendant ; In the uae of coarae and oppro brloua cpitheta towards the plaintiff (without specifying them; , In aocuaing him of crime and of improper intiaaa cy wiln otber sromen, and In giving away lo Hit of raga and violent language, ordering the plalntnrs frtanda ta leare ibe hcuae Tbe 18th la a mere general allegation that the plaintiff la oooatantly in danger from de fendant and her eon. Char lea. that "they are atrivlng to deprive htm of hla property, aad to do him badUy harm." without alleging any facta or rimnmalanena ta show that the plaintiff bad reaaoeable grouoda to ap prehend bodily barm from the defendant, or the defend ant and her aon, or that tt would be unsafe and improper for h.m longer to cohabit with her. The statute require* theae facta and clroumatanocs to be stated ta the ooa plaiat, with reaaonable certainty aa to tiaaaa and plane* It la. therefore, no answer to the demurrer la say that the lode bai provided a mode for making the ooaptajat more definite and certain. It ta matter of noatal statu tory regulation, and therefore I do not think that th* general previa ion of the Code nflecla the lueettoa (Sea remarka of Juege Parker tn Wbiafull va Whtafnll, 4 Bart. 218 ) It ta Dlatn, then, I think, that the oomptamt doea io? r utein beta sufficient, If proved, In anthertae the judgment of eeparaliaa aaked for But It la tnatated oa tbe part of the plaintiff that, ooa oedinr the ccmplaint doe* not cjnlaln tact* euiUoteot ta authorise th* judgment of separalioa aeked for, yet that it doe* slate (acta to author izs a decree of the anility ef tbe a arriage contrsri, aad that the plaintiff la entitled to such lecree la thla action Tbe oompialnt a., age* ttuu at tbe time of the plaintiffs marriage to the -finis si she represented to h.m that she wee a widow that aae bad >*ea married twice, that her husbands were both defel Tbe complainant then allege* that the plaialiff, after bis marriage to defendant, waa informed and be lieve* that au-h representations were sal roe, and made to dtoslve and inveigle the plaintiff into a marriage with her that she was married three time* irefore plaiattfTa marriage with bar: ttrat, to one Jeflai js fo odly to one Hamutoa Morrleou laaily te oaa Ru?a< II ; aad thai at the lime of plaintiffs msnisgs' with her b? f aaoond buaband, Hamilton Morrison, wa* and la still living in tbe Male of Ohio Assuming that ibaee at ?ai ? * If pn vad, would have aethorlaoil a decree dealer rag the marriage eonlrarl with the plaintiff vole . bad the nomplainaat aaked I or such deeree. lor eve o 'or general or other relief, either upon tk* ground at fraud, or tipo* the ground that she had a be* baa* living at tbe l IBM of her marriage to the plaintiff, yet, ea the ei mplaiat eat* for a Judgment of neparalloa ealy, with rat a prayer evea for the other relief generally, the qaea tion is. whether tbe feet that the com plain* contama theee *st ob igalHiaa, is an answer to the defendant's de murrer, that the eomplalal doea aet ooalala la facte n> rleol i?. constitute a nauae of notion I thlok not The drfennjt baa not ana w t red but temarrad. Sea tins ITS of the Oodi la "The ral lef gran te! lo the paini ? f there bo ao anew**r. oanaot etoeed that whlak be shan bare demanded la hi* complaint, but la any ? ?ther caae the Court asay grant him nay relief consistent with the ceee mala by the oomplalat aad embraced with in U><- ?ev. -eppoae I ahould give Judgment toe th* fia.i.i II ua fhra demarrer. with leave for the defeadaat to an?wtr la twenty oajs, a an the defeadaat should eat avail bers?lf of tlia p*rmiaaton la aaawer, aad should never put a aa anawsr, this sretloa of the oode would apptar lo prohibit tbe ptaiauff from having a deeree n um i ; <* tbie ooaipialol, baciuae the relief aaked tor by it is .roiled to a juegaMnl of aeparalloe, aad I bare shown that be wrnild not be entitled lo a udgsseat at *T|iarai. m. because tbe facta stated >n the coaH>lalal are m t s> flieieat to aethorrse auch jurigas.<nl It woald ap pear tt> lollow that i he dsfendaat moat have judgaaeat on be* cemnrrer, he I the piamti" may emsnd his earn plaint la tbtrtv day*, on paymeoi of no*ta Coi.rael foe plaiatifl, Mr. 0. D. Klald. for defeatist. Brown. Hail end Vaadrrpoel Tlx Itarhat Jrwilrf. r>i i?? BTArw nwTBier cocbt. MortDM JtJffMK So\ a ? TV On *4 Mn M r>v tkmmimd Onl4 Her and r-n, Ovid BrtrU ? Cuaaaal in lbi? eato (Mrtag mh4 up, Ja4|? 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Yaeirrdaf moraine. rnoa after Ian "'Moo*, a Bra broar nut ia nertala oatbaiMsace attached to Um rarntab B?ari."a< tnrf of Kiaaem * Kaatar. ooraar af North R?hUi *c.1 loartta at r?na Taron^h tba ??. rttooa of tb* flrwmaa IIm fltmna wrrr pr?reoti?d frorn ??"?Jiac to tba ma's bi.rtinf. ?Hfff thrr? vrr* a inarMy of nomhneti'ilea ta Id" t>rai of ramafe *ui nitirr malarial* a* It wae t l< aart lUi thr 4raor<( a*t"l frnin a (aula nf infl* nma hi- mater ,al twi'ltn* o*rr Ta# huiitnf *?* wmh. i ? Mre??d. io<* l<i?a '? raCflaat's! at lot m >r^ itv?. (oqq, wc wbirt. tb*-f ta an t