Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 4, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 4, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW-YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8823. C1TT POLITICS. Th? llalu IotimM. mocuno name at pytha?ora? bill? thb ?urroBTeju or obuoul wa*? on hand. Tbe inclemency of the weather, lb* miry lUU of the streets, ml the tkomuJ aad oh omIWJ influeaoee which preralled last night, acted u a preventive to tbe demonatraMcn which *M nnnonnoed to take place at Pythat .rsa IU1I, In the Eighth ftve an*. At eight o'clock there wu but a small crowd present, but tbla gradually Increased until mi bine o deck the ball ?u very nearly filled. A tempo ra ry wooden platform waa erected at one end of the building, Illuminated In an extempore manner by lampa and torches. Among thoee who were present on the plat term we notloed Mr. L'dolpho Wolfe, merchant, of thta city; George Brlggs, member or Congress for New York, General Ward and ?eTeral other*. Ike meeting waa called to order by Mr. Samuel Osgood who laminated Udolpho Wolfe aa chairman. Mr. Wolti, on tak: k the chair, i&fH ? Seat en en and Ft Dow Demo-rv* ? I trust that the mo Uve wblcb >n faces me to uooupy this poet to night la tbe ?art . that actuate* you, and It la? warm love for tbe ooo Mltution and the Union, and unahaken confldenoe In the yruioiplM of th? national democracy. (Applause ) Let all pereonal icclings in tbla dlitrlct at burled. Let there be union for tbe sake of tbe Colon. Let ua all march In berried phalanx against yonder sectional republicin ?arty. With Ute music of the I'aloa In our ears and the ftsg of tbe l'o ion over oar heads, we most and we will eoeqaer (appiaeae.) Tbte meeting saasmbiea to ratify Ike nomination af Uinsral Ward for Oongreaa. 1 hope It will be done enthusiastically (Cheers.) Too are all ?ware that, by the action of a Gotamltiee of Arbitra ble*. I am no laager a candidate against General Ward. I agreed to abide by the deoiaion, and I will bene good as say word While It is my opinion that a party should a at todeptndently , yet the Importanoe of electing national Men to Coo freas at this crisis seemed to make it my daty to go into aa arrangement by whlsh we oould all unite against tbe republicans, and I hope the result will vtodtoete the wisdom of my oourae, and that tbe re pub ttcaas wlU in cenasquace be defeated. Union men, Bell and Iverett men, brother democrats, let us resolve to ckerisb for each and every part of oar wide ex tended eeontry fooling* of frleadsbip aad eoamrd. Let ua re aatre to frown down every attempt, oome from what quarter It may, wblcb 1* Intended to alienate cae section of tbe oonatry from another. Ani mated by such feelings, we may hope to see pro-, parity abed Its nab blemioga over tM lend where liberty pleated her bosaa, aad from which she will never be driven if we are tree to onrnelvs* aad tbe prscioae gift which patriot tam aad valor bought at tbe sawlOoe of tsrreato of bloed, aad which true wisdom lavokes ua to gaard with unnasalag vigUanoa. Ike following geaUemen were unanimously choeen aa Tics Presides la aad Jecretarls* of the meeting:? vie* rimnD*.m wm. ?cuoaacy. Nelson J. Water bury L. Gattmann, Dr. Merkle. JtOHl WCDV, K. R Bhg-rduc, Patrick tan ih, John D MoGregor, Sober t 0. Barclay, Adam LUbwn, Wm. MeOonkey, George W. French. W Brennaa, John Kennedy, Katren PerhUs, Jam* w?bb. E B. Bui, J. L. B?ldwln, Dr. Fill Infer, James 8. Ltbbey, William 0. Kennedy, A. M. C. Smith, Peter Palmer, Gideon J Tucker, Samuel 0*good, Andrew Leary, Obi Wm. Menok, J. It Voorhles, A. M. Blnnlngcr, Charles P. Johnson, Patrick Cuff, John Oaffrey, George a Peters, John Hardy, Paver B Sweeny. L. Abermann, BX< HTAX2ZS. Dr. D M. Cohen, Samuel Radclrff, Jno. Mask, Hamilton Morton, George Prior, Jaata* Gregory, Wm. Murray, Joseph Lamb, J. Traub, Peter Dolao, Philip Haas, John Brlce, Wm. Joyoe, T. Hassjer, A. 8. Mills. Tfce ratolatloM #ere then read u foilo #*, and aiopted J Bald load ?cOjnuioM ? Resolved That we, ootstitu'sooki abiding and Union loving eHclora of lb* Seventh Congressional district ? comprising tha Ninth, Sixteenth aad Twentieth brdg of ttw city aid oounly of New York ? withoal regard to former political division*, hive aeeembled together la nui meeting t? night, to renew our tow* of devotion and attachment to that torn iion c?umry whlca we are proud to alaim a* oar own. by birth and adaption, to reaaeerl our fealty aad lore for the g'eat republic of which we are cttimm, M, ta thu language of President Jackson, to deiormlne that, at every ?aorifloe, the (MM awl aMahaU be ?WlMl H-im if'l. That w? un'iiBtleltPg'y denc'in* the attempt Of arpiring ianatica who pursue a falae and miauken philanthropy to array in huallle attitude the two great oeet ore of our country ? the North and lh> South? ehoee interested lUuld ever he Idtntloal, and wh > pieae**, under warrant of the cnnellltHltin, eq tai and common righto; that tnowlng no Northern and no Southern or Vaetem r a ,<ateru <11 v icton <>? our common country but cher'.sntug It ae a trrit . we ?bali brat preeerre ita Interest by voiic* it the election now at hand, aa we intent to <h> for that ticket fur Presidential < lectin iuetl> termed the fston ticket, which Is hearted by the moored Dimes of (Jreene U lironson and Hrrman J Kedflcld * Heaolvt i, Toat the el* .lion of >>eo of conservative cha Meter and conoaded ability aa mesaer* of the nev. na Uooal Legialature la of vital moment, aid we ball with ?anataction the fact tbat moderate c unlets, generous magnanimity and patriotic resolves hate to far tnumsbed la oar dlatri'ct; tbat the cor dieting Interests of the landl date* ot rival organ Itatiooa, so haj/ly dispoa*4 of anl ii< bat the gbrl jus o.1 4eveaUi dia trict, alsrajs oattoca!, presents for onr taffragea bit ooe candidate for Oosgrea* la opposition to the black republi linn nominees. Resolved. That we recognUe la Hon K . tab W?M tb? nniwa nominee of the Value men of th.i district for C>n grera , a gentleman c( ability and pmbliy, one who ba? ably aad latafaolorlly rapreeeotied our dialrtct in tbo Cl-?td with the utmost oondlence we entrust to blra H charge for the Immediate future. We can aad win elect bim by a sweeping majority, Rssolvrd, That the thank* o< ibis meeting are due and tobdsml to the Hoc Ueorge Brigga aad I'dnlpbo Wolfe, Ksq , who, by the action of the pottttoal organ nations which they represented, Stood na candldalea for Ooagre** lor tit aelf raor'Udrg spirit which they hare manlf--eted to ?are the d'alrict from the dlagrane of being represented la onr national Congress By th ? candidate of a eectlona: org?t ' i ?t i >? The retdioeea with ah <-h the? anomit?e<, to the Withdrawal of their claims la appreciated by tbla meeting and will be fondly cberlshrd. Resolved. Tbat from this aigbt, until the poll* cloae on Tu?rday ae-.t, we give our active e -irllona In erery legi timate wbi , f r the suombs of our ticket adopting aa oar ?otto, t'atoo, Ward aad victory." O nrial Waaii then came for war I aad waa rec.Mved with mooa rntboaiaam He aald tbat be waa glad to aa* ao maay of hie frieads and fupr 'rtera on an oieaaion ao tran# i.t with Intereet and Impor ance to the whole oonn ?o la ?ia opinion tba rtruggle now abont to b?|ln waa aoe tha; In ail reapecta n'|iaeaed thoae of Ihrmar year*, aad It it'pearftd etti'ety oe tha ptopla thamaeir-a whether it rh%11 end la peace or ta war. Toe Irrepr- ?aihle ar>nR'rt waa already npon ua, aad It waa tor the roaatitoeany of lie w York to check lta 4? ?aatat.rg pr<i#reea. Wh'i Mr t*?ward entered the Hraaie of the Called Ptatea, be waa the only one who aattn^l ihe eaecra-Jle rlewe net oat la llelpar'a bwik bat ? 'thin a T?rT flaw yeara, the 4angero?- i laaa * be eaunrlaled have beea et waded, an til now there are no leaa than thirty *eaat*ra who eaprjuae theee id.aa Tba citi/eaa of New Turk mat not allow thia It waa t!?e foe tha people to rto* np aad apeak tor tbemaeleaa, aad naieaa they do ro tow tba appartaatty would be aJlnfelber I net toih?? Mer mn?t be Jo ged by their art' We aual lot a u whit U-ey have dene lt> the past, what they do aoar, and what it aiay reeaonab y be auppoaad they will do m the fn tore He waa ao dtaanwalat, bat be ogtiki ?m be 'p aa' rg that ha feared for ibe oaloa of tha Matia If the rabid pr ae ' ah i nUNb ahooM triumph The tfc.mb * Mid not ai wa ( a he in led with Tbey bare la vanah j luitiilrd tbatr As*<* "4 daiy la tlte aemana (orera mm* and It eras net Jter r'tM mot fair for Soetbem men m<w to turn nprm Uteae rta>ea Air nMhtaf but tfce I r (del. fy ? ibf irotltaiKia aad eedeavor to break the (raad h- rmintrr ! I I Iiaelea* ' agmenta For bwa pnrl. tr e'ated, ha eonij be raady t perform bla duly fails folly au I to the of bla ability, aad aotaiag should r tnineia ui-n to he a pany ta tne deatru jttou of the rig Ma of any n-e tote <1 so glorl.'OB a conreJaration (I oihi aopi? -Ve. ) ? | Th? H<>< t;"-r?a Reiggg, the preaeat repreasatatiea of il- . -I.I.I, a liugresa, waa tba aefl speaker He da' -it ?t T. th mi the ad ran leges of flronasB ta p..l?w?i as m prlrato matter*, aad referred par ticvia rtf to the lata election of t>paaker of tba Houae af K*pr<?ee tail res aa aa esanpla la P ml He warat ly eepooerd toe rwase of Uea w?rd, aad urged npoa his oo??t i oeacy mm toot lhat they oaa tod no r iter rep-eeen toil** ihmugbout tbe neactrr laaoaciuding he pud a high compliment to i dolpbo Wolte fur withdraw .af from tfce etrtfe !n tseor rf i.eneral Wart, aad celled for three efcetra for WoMV, wbtch were heartily rsapoaded to by th* whole a id lea oe Hs bop?d tbat tbe sairts a?w batag Made to ifceck tbe tr??e jaable progreae of the r? publi.aa part* would be crowned with success, anl be eaborled bla bearers to a asa to rally arouad tbe polla oa tbe ? b of Seeraber, aad to protect tba cauao of law, ar arr aad right threagbont the tail Mr ftiP *e?T.m made a rary atreoaous ad dree* la keer of ?m* prlrclplea Be eombatteil the aertoae ehjeetleaa of tba rapoilicia parly, and *h owe.) tba tbey were ir j tag to "Tartar* aad imirtj tba whole gemns of tbe eewst'lulloo Tbey were srsklag to rob tbe people of oaa half of tha Htotoa af tbe republic by tbetr ? Bdeaeors ta deelroy a species of properly gearaataad tfcem >y tbe eeaatttntkia aad Armed by tba dealatuas af lb* fnprsms (Xror of tfce Caltod Malea Bat be Ml that tbe to'rlM psaple would aol be a pa rtf to aay each outrage on popular so.ere'gnty Tbey war* aol owly raiied upoa to riect m*n to I filiate for tba whole r*|Mh? c, hat i hey sera aejr ? tba era of eboaaiag a Pr?s Mewt who * aol to be toe bead o' aay oaa portloa of ?be r eWrritna Nr I | Bsu r tan made a rary rffeetlra gpaacb oa ?ha raa? groaatfa aa Us former speaker*, and waa vary toaoraSly received Be aaa followed by Dr. lorn M. Cc-atw., of Phlladai 1 vt)ta, who entered Into ^ . occ*s on w ith unch sp rtl m l eo?riy. The damp an"4. mprntilt atato or the evealng pat a ?et \>lanktl twtr vto whole proceedlngB- Tho lamoe <11(1 D'-l bain wry bright y, nor did the umlora' eloqaeaoe ?parkin very brilliantly A republican who triad to ?it bp a diveralon in favor o? Old Aba ?? driven into U?a storm without consideration or pity, and at ne time It aecaed aa If the democrats wero about u> fall Ibul of aneh other, by way of keeping vhclr baada la. We are (lad, however, to state tb?t at a late boor our reporter left them wrangling U> harmleaa word* over subjects tbat did not particularly Involve the perpe tatty of the I' a Ion. Mr. J. Daggett Hunt was among the aamea of speakers promised for thla occasion, and from the reputation of tbat gentleman it wai thought that ha wooM make a crowning eflort for the Union caase. The preaaure of 01T constancea, however, preveatel him from speaking. The meeting broke np at a late honr. l aloi Ratlflcatloa Mantlag tn the Eighth CoagrMilentl Dlatrlct, A large and intereatlng meeting of all peraona opposed to ?actional Km and In favor of the election of Mr. lean) C Helaplalne aa Representative In Ooofraaa from the Eighth Congreee tonal diatrlct, Vraa held laat evening at the head quartera, oorner of Broadway and Thirty second street, | and notwithstanding the inclemency or the weather was a most suoocssful affair. A stand bad been erected la the square for speakers, but It being lmpoeelble to addreaa aa aodlenoe there J under the ctrcnaatancse, the crowd ailed the neighbor ing ball. A One band of aanalc was In attendance, and a display of fireworks and boafiraa throughout the evening i Infused a life Into Ute gloaop afcponphere that, In apila of . the weaiher, waa positively cheerful. The meetla?waa] orgaalaed by the election of Bradteb Johnson, Eiq ,a? President and eight Vice Preeldenta each from the Twelfth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twenty tirat and Twenty second war da, and lour Secretaries each from the same wards. The Chaikm as , on taking his seat, made a few remarks. He said I'sllow cltizeoa? 1 stand here to night aa a na t local man horn on the soil of Louisiana, my earliest af fections ding aroung the State of my birth. Kduoated at the North, where lie the bonee of my kindred, 1 know no North or south, but only one oouatry. Therefore, I have a right to speak to yon aa a Southern, aa well as a North ern man. The feothhaa alwayr tuxxt by ths Union, aha will stand by it aow, bat it must he the union of our fathers? the Union of 178T, with all Its gaaranteea and conditions ? a anion ol love, not a union of roroe, a onion rounded on the rtgbta ol sovereign Btatee, not a iuiVoo un constitutionally Interpreted by a aectloaal majority. Shoulder to shoulder we went through the Bevolutien, and on ev< ry battle field of our oountrr the bonea of the South lie commingled with thoae of New York and her slater States. May thsae giorioua remembranoea ani mate us In the ooateat we are about to enter. Let us never forget the immortal Jackson, who, at the head of oar Bouttwu and Weaver a brethren ao nobly defended the rights or the whole ooontry at ihe battle of New Orleans. You were far dlatant from the roar of the battle, but our interests were jour lntersaia, and the very cottcn tales raised by the negroee of the South defended I the boaoma of our countrymen on that eventful day, when they drove back the legtuns of the proud invader. They stood nobly by you and yours. I know that you will never deecrt them in the lust defoooe of their constitu tional rights sgainat a great sectlwal party who aeem bent on ?ne destruction of our glorious confederacy. The mighty minds that ao skilfully directed our national affaits In times of troubM are no mora Tbi breezes or his lovod AshlanC sweep moumfuUy ovor the tomb of Clay. Jackson sleeps the sleep tbat knows no wsking amidst the peaceful shades or the Hermitage, whilst the roar of the ootan, as It beata on the shore or hta favorite Harsh field, disturbs not the rait or the great De'ender or the Constitution. They are gone, and we are left with the precious legacy of this m ghty Union. Let us see that tbe trust suffers not In our bards. l?t us be true to the whole country? let us ?e > that the compact formed by cur faibeis is hon rably aa/ried out If th'? be <lo?, and done faltbruliy, I f>r oue har? no fear of tbe perpetuity of oar Institution*. Mr. 8. Ill att then read a serlea of resolutions, from which we take the following ? R?aolved, TOat we recr>gnlij in Isaac f!. IVlapla'ne a candidate f"t Cotgreea worthy or tbo sjllrsges or every true I'nlon lovlig man, and a democrat or irreproac'Aaole and ur Milled reputation . one who can alwa>*b- relied I rpen in any emei ^ercy ti stand t>y the loieristsof bis I cor stltnents and uphold the benor of bis onuntry. Revolved, That tho importance of ever/ vote in the 1 teat Congress imperatively calls upon as to unite as oue man to store hie election, and thereby defeat one of the I mr?t ultra and danger jus of the abolition republican I rartr? a man who baa emloriod a book generally con dt meed as the mrst revotatlnnary and troaa.oaile that 1 has tvtr dlrgraced American literature I tieteral T*n*AWia was then called to the p'atfofra by the cheer* ol tbo audieixc, and made a abort addroal, I r<macnt!cg up<>n the strangeness of tbe apecta :!? pre retted by aa o* Ike ?M?Mkn ktm^ ttgb?iax^jcldtir_ I It shoulder w-lb his old oppenent* the dsmofirilTe f*?y. and appealing to all amrobled to atanl byac?us? s> I ftrrrd as tbat wblch could thus bin 1 together two Bach antagonistic parties? tbactme of tbe Un'no. He Tell that I so Jar as New York was concerned, tbe Union men wore i dolrg tbeir duly, Their opn>ueHa already tegan to waver I Their flgores aud anlU.ljatl"ns were greatlr r^u-v > I with'n ti e pa?t week, and be bad no doubt that by ?i >n day ten tbe slity thousand majority ao vauotlnaly dam i e<t by the rapubllcans wou d dwludle down l? at loss I ote third of tbat number ("fcee-s ) Jlr Talimadge was followed by Mr. Isaac C UntriAivs, i I tbe Cingrissiosal eandldate ol tbe Eighth dist' ot. who, 1 s? be came forward , after the rntbuaiaatl' theers of lha au I dieree ba^ sutsi led, aald that, while be thank ? I bis friends atf> inblid be Ml almitt that he waa aometh.Bg more 5 I ttst a man, for be had tte t"o wiogs of the democralio I party u pen bis fchoviuers (Applause) Tho present cr Is ia I ass the of the most imminent the conntry had ever e* 1* rieaced, an 1 It waa well that party aaplratiooa were I tutV. 'n acunimon dealre to perpetual? the public welfire I Bjtwrth two gi eat sections ? f the touetry each depend^ I tct npon the other. Boanc'ally and polltloally, there bad I trrcrg bp a diiu:it tbat almoat amounted to an aisimo Mtv ai d no man c>uld tell wh-re it would terminate I Ibis feeling ass dally Intensified by the circulation of I tie Hi It* r cocument, and by the seutlmrnts ot such men I fi * art! *r * n ftrouned Ilia state Of excitement uc.o?i which It was nearly '(np^a* I > ble to ei]<at ate with raJmn??a. It had been said that I 1 he re was ao attempt to intimidate tbe S - ? I 'r< m thla b?*t ? tbe ease, their cry was one of sympathy I ,0 ,, as brethren, with a ommon inberltanoe I If tbe South were the weaker party, a* waa so f req ueat I I* r.ancd, aaa it cvosistent to believe they wou d I *?sail tbe North? It was p'eposUrous to ssnpoae sven I ibe idea of a menace from s ich a quarter, it was true, I Lowsvr, tbat tfcelr r'gbts and prlvtleg-e, aa guaranteed I to ihetn by the c? natitotloo, were beingitreapasaed upon, I and they a ere performing a doty they owed I ibenieivts In d?f?-nd:rg thoae rlg??U, and for I tlfyisg tbew. selves sgniast the Inroad prlnel I 1 ?s ahtch would lead only to a common ram. I Be rhaddered when be thought or dlaaal ia, not o?ly tor I ihe North, but for the whole country. Pecuniarily the I > (.lb were our beat custe>mers. They prodoe* nothing I ibey ee-tsume. They buy everything hare. ?*'' I t? rlth ng bere. an J hence II was that tbe rale of wages I la th>s cocntrv was mamUiaed at a standwd higher than I ihat of an* other ttor'a In tbe world Trance, with a I foeulntton of over thlrtj mlllloua, only paid fifty r*o?V* I it to her brtt v^rksfD Tbiti)it?in of lalffcbwr I 1 onlirue b??een the two sections, an! aa long ai lit I did tt. the ration would be prosper us. bat the moment 11 I 'ritfil ? Iht l&oinnt Ibl flood ftt'i of pMttoa w?T6 dt^I-not o"y wou d ths North, but the Sostb leel the I . iter la to the vary fore la "??* 1 I lererta of worklngmec It waa ever the drsam of bls ilfo to I > (.stain l?e U boring mea or the coantry and withdraw I irrm the great dike u,warda tbe opealag fields ol I ifce Weat tbe anbcalihy surplua that eiiate.1 I In tb ? ??? prrt?ofi?n ?nd ho?a*? would bo iri.jrdoa I 10 all, and ao (qaality be preaerved, oT I ucne et a Id complain. *r Delaplama eootln. Bed hie ra I maika at some l?e|th. and waa frequently Interrupted by I ibe spplaase or hw I later era . . He waa fallowed by Mr. Ira Pavla. Mr. ? Irdsall and I .iter gentlewiea, who kept tbe attention ol a large aadl I re ' r nearly two hours ? - - ? I It ws? Mpe<-t'd tbat several of the distinguished e?ak I 1 rs a to have of late beea eanvaasiag tbe State srould be I present, but they were doubtlee- deterred from attandinn I I j the 10C emeat ocadltloi of the weather Tho PrMtil Conditio* af the Political nillll Flalrt In lk? (Iff. TBI COKTT.*T fO* RK.Iwa ADO KICCORDim MOTO MBTTfl OK TBI! CONOES.-HKIH4I. CH?*?? BO*RD, ?TC. As ?? near Um! day Of oloetioo wbldb la la brtag tbo ixeleodlnf tmM, tb? foarllla faction* aod Um aaabath ciuad*. thoo lo taoo at tka ixulot box, there to m(U( Ikt loaf talked of qacaUoti of 1M0, the ippwuM of Um diflerret caf tome, feaerala and oolooela keonoaei Bore nr??( and detornlaed Already the nwclM on UMir eerer al fanea bare Maumrd a death Ilka rigidity , Um llpa are Bra, and their tym rareal aa aaxtoo*. tfrVrmmM bo trembllag eplrlt within. No paraoa caa look akoat tbeaa for a baW hoar wlthaal Melog depleted opaa Um oooato naneea abf ut blai aa eiprwwe of wikly aad (bar alto tbo rttalt of U?e eleotloa no ant Toaoday. KTorything li work lag farcrrmble for u>? Co loo electoral tioket la U>M eity , wHb a prtaptol of a aaoeh larger ?M tbaa waa erer before polled la tbo ?alroyolla. Tbo mo reman t la dote Um > :wn mom to be meet lag with wooer*! fbTor Probably Iba bm*? eararat tab! that la gotof aa lb oor miAat t* U?at for Urgiator. The dmetnoa aad ooapaaiee of Um dlflkrtat aralN la Uila fight are aeoTlng ahoat to rapid aaoemtoa, detonalaed to via tbo fight for Iholr ataadard boa rar fb? frloada of Jaaaea I.yack aaoaa to bo tbo loolrat talklag and making lha moot ktlao of May of lha eaadtdatoa la tho told, aad bti frloada kra Mowtag It froaa Um buaeetopa aad coraait of rtreata that ha la etoeted by a largo majority , bat for aorno etoao or altar Uaara la of tato aaaaMcrahla change golageo amoaigat tbooo who* ha has relied apoa aa hkl tnoot a r deal roppertora. Wbotbar thla la owlag to Lyaeh/a modi ofatoottoMarttaf or Uw laat "dead kody dodfo," oaa of lha derelopeBHeik of m abort torn aa tt?hm? florar nor, that la being used bin, we are unable to My; ' bat one thing la certain, tbat whilst Lynch and htt friends are spending their tine boaating, Mat. Brennan and bia associates, who understand all tbe political wlroa ana their ramtSoatlons throughout th? city, are doing aa tmmeiM amount of work in a quiet way, tbe klsd tbat tella with aa much effect aa that of Mayor Wood'a la tba laat charter election. Free nan la before tba people as tbe nominee or Tammany, but has received inncumerable endorse ments of German clubs, working man'* organisations and other tqaada tbat make up the general army tn this con tost. Lynch coasts before tbo rotera a? the Mozart Hall and tbo 11 Yankee Volunteer*" candidate, and la running with the party wbo are trading off Judge Abraham D. Russell, the Moxart nominee for Reoorder, for that of J. T Hoflman, the Tammany candidate, which la Injuring him very materially amongst a large claM who arc mxloua to see anhoneat and fearless Judge elected to that oQlae. The campaign started out in a direet issue between T' i ay and Mozart Hall upon these two candidates, b> . ?.de issues and oihcr questions have enter 1 Into the light, which no longer makes the vote the test of those two organizations. I.yncb, in aome localities, will run ahead of the Moaart ticket, whilst In others Bren nan will walk Into the rote o( tbat party la a way that will aatoniah many of those wbo are flgur log on this question. The latter la looked upon aa tbo heat nominee pat forward by Tammany, whose former associations draw te him the support of a dan that sons of the other candidates of Thmmany fUU WtU be able te. Shrewd politicians declare tbe issue to be direetly between Lynch and Brent an, with the chanoea In favor of the latter, whilst the republicans are exoeed lngly sanguine of slipping Keyser tn between tbe two. The lead lag Mozart Hall managers hare exi<rcssed their opinion upon the result tn the laat twenty four hours as being doubtful. The Bght is the most tater>itlng one in the oanvaas, and It will go a great way to settle not only the Congressmen, but other local candidates. The like of this contest baa not been seen tn the metropolis but once In the last ten yeara. All sldea will, beyond a doub'., be wtae after tbe votes are oounted. la the meantime, aay person who desires to sec tamest and determined dec tloaeerlsg, may watch the saovements of Lynch and Brennan for tbe next forty eight hour*. Not to the contest on the Kef tiler ta that of Reoordar The combinations that in being made aga.nat vb? alec tlos of Russell in quite numerous, and we notice Uut ?one of tbn Mozart Hall nominees are engagoa in this ope ration, aad we trust that tbe friends of ordsr, and ths fearless administration of onr laws, will remimber thee* gentlemen at tbe ballot box. A desperate effort Is being made to prejudice tbe minds of our better class of clt zeos sganst Mr. Kusiell, en tbe part of tbe repnblloans, who. from tbelr < ourte, seem to ooosider Mr Russell tbe only candidate that they have running against tbelr nominee tb a really amount* to any thiog. F.omthe general county skirmish let as take a view of the several Cong tssional battles which are now going oa In our midst, with all the nuise ud tumult of tbe In tbe Third Congressional district Benjamin Wood, as the ermines ef Mozart Ball, Tammany and the Bell party, is working like a beaver for hi* election, and h?s in bis ranks the working boys of the dlstr lot? those wbo do the roll leal work. As Mr. Mather, however, has withdrawn from thi can v?ss, Mr. Wood's success may now be regarded as cor tain. The rej ublicans are making numerous promises to the rnnners about Oaf tie Garden, that W they will go for Wil llsmson, Governor Morgan will pardon Fowler, tbe ticket swindler recently seat up by Judge Iog-abam, yet they ray when by themtelvrs that they wtu never a low tbe Governor to pardon bim, but consider It "good enough Morgan until after election " There is no change 1n the Fourth district worthy of sole. Ike cbanoes are. however, in favor of the election of Kerrigan. The people setm to be tired of Japanese rrwtientstlvts in that locality. The Sixth district presto is a mors lively contest Here ws And another Japanese arrangement in favor of J. Win tbrop Ibacler, trb < cow appears on tbe pollilaal stage a* tbe speriai friend of Buole, who Is using tils power to ob tain tne dismissal of every person la office woo is found talking In favor of Jobu Cochrane. He ba* commenced f political persecution ol uld acd mall irled uvea whl.h ta reacting against h.n. and his Jipancre otndldate for Con grera Tbe remova1 ol Peter Pi-tilt Irom the positl"n of < lerk of tbe In Ion Market ? a p-jsition that ho hits held bttaute of t J oari f?il attent.<'0 to hli Julio* ever sinoc J Wcitervelt was Mayor? ami the ap,H>uilmeat of Jataot Coc?aj , a rumrietler, in his place hai stirred up a rpgu lar brt*/e In that poilion of the di?trl;t, and sill tj's i lores cf vot'S against COncler and Andre* Smith vibj havs bvt toforo gone (or iiuua. fhw last Japanese tfoJg j i is tie worst thsr ta Iw <W bu >ns>. . The rrpubti unit are vtry aixloui tbvl ths light r a* k< pt up ind (tut ler remain lu tin n Id, aad all wti.i oaai ihelr rot ? a for Cbankr are indirectly voting for Conok Use, tbe rrpubl.cnn nomime Krom a rareful ranters of lb* dlstrlst wo have are r talttd tbat th? contest I* directly betworn Mr Coehraas And Mr txneSnog No other deo Hou can be arrival at from the prrmnt attitude of ; -art tor Tbe veto, bo* ever, will be a c'ose one beiaroo the two, aud a ba!f a drzrn votes mav settle tbe qaertloo. et every perron, therefore, dej de what coarse be will pursue, and every democrat that prefers ibe t lectiou of a rapuli I lean to adsmoosat will ast his vote for Mr Cbanier, and every pert n who ta* any anxiety to see the district re pr?ietu <1 by an able and conservative roan- -a person who ban by bis past rourae proved himself to be one of tbe ablest reprea? statives tiat has bten seat to Congress fnmlbts city for years? ?s tit vo-e for Jolin Cochrane Tbat >* tbe Im>u<-, k*>k at it as you will ? locbrnne or Ooock I n* ? choose bet w ten in. m A n inb<r of pare >os are ? iiktg Mr. Cccbrace b. -?use tb. 7 failel t> get this < r it at petty appointment, but tbe Issue ts of W>> great 'mporianreto 'et mere pera-nal feeuog decide it. It if to be toptd 1 hat all sa a Feoings will be bunod, and Ihe Issue met .ike di mocrats rial.iuig the im,Hirluic. of tbe doty they hats to perform Others i!e-Iare tbat Wry prrfer Mr. Coch rase, but he la not nominated bv tbe reg 1 lar party. According to all naagra of the democratic party In this olty , who have aoied upon the pr'LClpee t.f msionty ruling, tfes lloxart Hall drmoiracy has been tbe r? filar part? ever slsce tbe Waterloo do fiat of Tammany last year. Coss'-'iaer.lly Mr Cochrane Is tie D.miuee ol lbs regular party >u ibis district Udt Here is a mote imp<rtant qnrstlon al ?uke than Ibis * la el! probabil ity l oooln will he eiectej Preei lent, wneu 11 besrrnes highly Important tbat able, coaaorvalivs me 1 ?b< ulJ be sent to Hie lower hoese of Congress from this city , asd-tbe voters of the 8txtb Congressional di?lrlc* can ircnre this la no otber way than by voting tor John Corhrsae, as every vol* given for Mr Chamer Is on* tc favor of Mr. Owckllsg, aa the cmtest now stands la that district. The Ogbt ta the ^evea'b and Kiitbtb distrlrts is a fair anil square one bat two ean<Mdates are ta tbeflnldia sillier ef tb'ise d etriets? oas foe eacta party. No lalfe is sue is tberrfore brought up to divert tne attention of tbe publte from th? real one. The Severn! candidates that have reoeivsd sominati *>a in u.e tifih Coogresslonal district from null rernbli lau organisations held a onrVrenoe yestrrdaf with tbedom rn ltre of Fifteen . and It aae Snai'y determined tbat Mr. j Ni ?oa Taylor Shell receive tbe nnitnd noeawrvatlvs sap part aa reprssentativa In Oongreea from tbie dtstrlsV. A I of tbe otb'-r oaodldatre eicept Mr 'ohs KufTy wlthfrew ; tbeir semes, aad agreed 10 support Mr. Taylor It U?ap poeed that Mr imffy has made some arrangement with tb* blsrk re pub I Maris, uadsr which be ref uere 10 witb 1 draw, bopirg thereby to draw off some of the antl re paMiosa vote*. A person that bappeo'd to ba In tbe vicinity of Or k k PnfTs ratabltsbroent yeeierday, could hive aeen the ! largm anmber what M termed " political striken" 1 banging about there that was ever aeon coagre?ate I fa ai.y ,-ilarr- rrga'ar ronghs. many of them looking aa tbonth they had been In s starved condition fw mouths. 1 bat ted all of a sudden bacons liush by blooding live eandHate*. wbo are generally obliged to nay tbesa s >ms , IMig to get rid of tbrm, aad worn out 00 a g rand and

I cnlveraal ?pree all aronad. and srvrs ready to t'ar tbio -s geseraliy or do aavtblag else aoosssary for the man that j won Id band over lb e mosey. Third CsagrsHfsaal Olstrtrt, WITMintSWAL or MR MATUKR. to rsrs srrroa o? ths rkrsu> I'sder lbs advk-e of personal and political fr! n't. on wk<ee judgment ! rely, I deem it my d"ty It wiifc lea# my sntno sa a oasdktate for Congrees for the TWrl 1 >n gTessioaal dlatrlot, Isavlsg la the Sold Mr W'wi a* ibs oa!) dcmocratM aomlaoa. JOB N C. M tTHi R The Ml ate Aieimhly Conust TBI CMAKI-M THAT R IVR TA* RN Pl.lrg IV ~VT DINTRICTK A SMALI. CO ARCH POR Pt'KLIC RK' JOKIKO, IN. There la no prsspee.t of a better order of things la tbe Asasaabty dtsutntn, and from prsasal ladlnatloaa tbe ra pmblloaaa wl'J oonse ant of ths 000 lest with n majority of tbe Aaaosablysaea la tbe dty By tbn wrangles aad la teat toe flghta at tbe ao called daosocraty, now split Into sa away (acUnas aa n paraen baa (agers aad tia, thia denso nrattc ?Ny will aead ta AlbMy alas or ten ropnMicaa Aa seabtyssen out ef the saventesa laprsasatsllrss in tbe lawar hinai This is tbn fTalt sf tbe dsanorallsatioa of the mudmn deeeemcy, now In the baads of spoilsmen and stock jabbaea of every name aad nntnrs, wild with scbemea of paeulatloa aad fail aad roe a tag over with I gisbsry, triasfcsry aad every thing alee diagraeafal In pnlittea; they bava drlvsa all baaaat asea ont of poll .ica, aad wa are now ralad by a ast ef asaa palled ap with self tea My, wbo era met) tag beadloag like a art of ra raaaaa wolvsa a Iter tbalr prey, alopplng oanaatoaally to llgbt ranb etber, aa If fearfal tbat Mae oae woald get | bold of rasas alaa steak drat A clean swaap by the ra ptibNeaaa la every Aaaambly dietrtct will no dxibt do tbe fhatlaaa aad aiaaglag pbUfaaphsra eome , | good, aad flfa to soma a< tka audidatea la tbe bald sa Indispensable qualification that they do not now ptweess, cam el 7, oommon mom. When Umm barroom cliques find that the people wlU not endorse their selections, and that they are spending their money to get Into oflloe In rain, then, and not until then, can we expect that they will ocase their effort*. Let nil partten attend to theee gentle men on Tuesday next and prepare the way for n better order of things hereafter. In the recent sketch of the Assembly candidate* our re porter did not get his eye open the right per ton for Ira H. Tathlll, the republican candidate of the Hecoud Aaeem bly district; the business of that gentleman was given correct? a Wall street lawyer? but not his "personal ap pearanoe, an another person was taken for him. Mr. Tnt hlll was born In Suffolk county, and la about thirty one years of age; has been a resident of thin olty for eleven years, engaged at practising law, and has bad a good bus! nets. Be has engineered his own way la the world and bears a good reputation. He is a parson about the me dium height, slim built, llgbt countenance, dark gray eye with a sandy g )etee, and has an espreeiioo of couote navce that Indicates considerable energy, and would b Uken as a straig htforward, honest pers >n wherever met. Be has recently been endorsed by the Workingmen's So ciety. and is receiving* the support of a large class of those that Mr. Walsh has been oountlng on as sure for htm. Another person by the name of rttsgflr aid has taken the field as an independent rand date in the district, and we understand that Mr. Walsb Is to be ex tensively saratr.hed on aooount of bis city railroad and West Washington market votes at Albany last assstoa. This, with FucgernW In the field, may enable Mr. Tnthlll to t're blm a hard chse Mr. Ed win J. Samoa, of the 9?vsath Assembly district, haa asst las oomaiun^jauon stating that be la not a stump oandliate for Assembly, aud his bnslocM is s ??milkman" Instead of clock tinker. David Opdyke Is now the only republican candidate in the A" Id Hume of the candidates la the Tenth Assembly district reem to have come to their aenses. and a compromise hat been made tnthe Moaart candidate, Luke F Comana, Bsq Bavlng been endorsed by Mosart, Ttominr and Onion partiss, his rbaacts for election may be consider od good, aud he will, if elected, ssnke anhnSMnl and industrious to gtslator. We understand that three or four parsons are yet ssklug lor the nomination by no roe corner oil que In the district, and there may yet be half a 1. wn phllueopbers in the field who will, uniess bought off, run, and perhaps altogether secure votes enough to throw tne dlatrict Into tbs bands of the republicans. Mr. C ranks amonsst the best nominations thai have been made by lac Moiari party la this oity. The fight between the legislative peculating republi cans In the Kleventh district, under the lead of Cum mlcgs B. Tuckt r, and the antl corruption Ists, with John Hooper M Ihelr nominee, Is kept up with great lutereet, and arrantes to hold out until the ballot bsxeaare closed on the night cf election fy* prrsent Indication la that Jjbn Hurly will carry off the prtzi The democracy of the Twelfth Assembly dlstrlst are also engsged In an Interesting tight There seems to ba a d< termination on the part of the leading men of tbe dls trlet that their member last winter iball not return to repeat bis re -ord. It seems that Alderman Boole haa espoused Mr. Smith's cause, and be la now declared tbe Japanese candidate. Tola, hnwsver, only proves tho old proverb that bin'." of a feather will iiick together Tho people appear to htve made up their mtnta thuthey want no more representatives of that breed The re movsl of Peter Pettit is telling largely against Andrew ?mltb, and shrewd politicians of tbe district predict the election of Geo. J. Campbell The fight, however, is one ol the mcst bitter of any uiatrtct in the city. We stated In our notice of Amenably candidates that Mr. Voorhees, of the Fourteenth Assembly district, voted for all tbe city railroads. Bla name la recorded against Geo. Law's big gridiron. One of tbe candidates of the sixteenth Assembly Its trlct has declined, and hi* party endorsed Hr Areolar! ta# there are Sllll three candidates in tbefie'd by nomination, acd one stump, against tbe republican candidate, making the chances of Ibe latter good There is one thing that Is exceedingly oonsollng la re gard to tbe Assembly fight; that is, only seventeen of the eighty philosophers In tbe Hold can by any mishap be elected, and only a portion of the band can bo in Albany as cthclal peculators at a time Let us all re jo toe we have this uucb favorable In the contest StLce tbe abore was In type we have asser let tied tbat Mr James Ba) el, the Tammany candidate of the Viral district, and Tbomas Montgomery, tbe Breckinridge oan dlL'ats in the Fourth Assembly district, have declined. King* Cuoatjr Politic*. ntoPrEcrs in the county tub conohsimionai. AND ASglMBI.Y CAN V A JS, kTC. nor neighbor* on the other ante of the Kasl river Are thoroughly aroustd to meet the titne at the ba'lot sot on Tuitday text The peoplo ta eve ry election dtalrtct are wild with enthraiarm, mod the vote that will bo polled w'.U t>e larger than on any former o>?l >n. Willi all tbe boaating* of ileacrtloca by the republican*, and tbelr at tempts to divert attention from tbe real laaoa, tbe vote to g It* Aieotorai ticket will be later than a* people suppuae. X aareful oaarua "f tbe e*ty IfdWi least eleven tbouaaad I anion inaj >rlly. Toe R-publKun SUte Central Oommitte* coneoJe all thousand democratic majority. A tbe la at Onarreaainoal can ram tb? opjxn lnoa to Ibe rrpublicaDH were divided la tbe Second nongreaa h>n it dla trlct. wblch elected tbe repub:toan candidate. Tbrj c m Bu crfd tbla ran we with two candldatee In the U-ld, but a better icoae aeems to bava guided their Cornells, ao i tfcey aow preaent ao nndU ided front upon Moses t OdelL He will not poll aa large a rote aa tbe Ual?a electoral ticket, but tbe majority ap mt tbe republics i? la ao large that be will be eiucted by a heads >iue ma Jorltj. The city and county ticket l? being contented wit'i great life and eoergy oo ail (idea, ud e\erj thing ikb< to tend to a general turnout on election day. Krery grade of society, from tbe very top to th* bottom, Is In a atale of turmoil and exritemtot, all of whlcb will aaalat in rolling up an ant I republican m?imty la tbe const)' There are three candidate* for 8b <r .a In the fleid, namely, Hugh Mclaughlin, Douglas demo -rat J' ha M S'imee, B< erklnrloge, and At thou > F. Can; Ml, the republican. lbt? trtargular fight ta becoming quite interesting The figbt for teata a ire State Aaaembly u goiag on In tbe leveral dtatilets with ita taual itie tue democracy In a tr.mber of dteiitete preaent two randHates, but a* a general iting tbilr council are garnet by common a-n*e, a quality not lovnd in tbe demoeratn < a-np in tbe aeve ral AKeabiy dlatrwe In New Yuri la the Kirat dlilrict the ooeteet la ami; kept up botMM ftwnil, laao crat, aud McClisiQ, republican, witb tbe uhaore* In fkvor of the former Tbe Decwd dla tr<ct, fr<m all ladicatloea, will eeud a republican enters a change la trade is tbe programme of the dem > eraer befire TueacJar. fbe Third Areemhly district prcaeota all the mark* and 1 lira of a we'l drawn battle, ant the fight te a fair aad rquare nee, without any ambuah or guerilla |?rtlea to divert public atiectloo on false Issues. Mr. Ueiltiott tbe democratic cat d Ida te, was one of tbe tndnairtoua mrmt>era of tbe laat Irf laialure, and who, whatever m?y have been hla reor>rd apoe queotleon salalde of Brooklyn, waa rnsof the belt numbers o.' ihtl Vdj for kwk^l uter Nil, watching w'tb ao Argaa eye everything that would affect In an) n.auaer ir I rm the rlgbla of the lnliabllani* of ibat it> Tba diatriet I* a a^ ae one, and baa unially bera repuMican. but be baa tbe pr?attge of oaae Carrying tbe dialr'ct, tbat ta l"t.mi larg' iy In h n favor, ao<t lli" rej'ifcl'cana have a new man and a envloe In politic* la the field, Wbo aeema ? r?;? ?? ri u,ma tbe fo;.p<w<v| wtakneaa ol hla op|f?enl tUan a real anil genuine can vara It if, howtier, en* of tbe a>iarpe*t owunMd ?l* trtca ta the city. Tbe Fourth dletrtct I* a one-? '!ed one, and bo pera->n antlcipat<a but oo* reault, aad tbat la tbe eirotluii of Jainir Darey. The Fifth dletrtrt baa evhlb'ted aa many dla treat phate* to tbe eoaUat aa a kalet loacope. Tbe candidatca have beea anmkered by tbe dosen, but we ar uaabl* to lay bewnnaay r maider thvmaelwa runmog bow Tbe two democratic partie* have salted ipua Mr. Juaaa Tner. ma/ be three or l?mr bogwa oaee brought out by the re ' peMtcaea to divert the vote Mr An tra**, the republl I ear taadWate, ta at eork with great rial, b t aeeou' to meet with a bitle* but covered optwaltioa wiib a ponton of bia owa party, aal if uaa'^ie to ten where ta Mrll i or In what way to eouaterai t the woek that ta be at i >oa , agaliat him Tbe attitude of it. two ?art.. a, and the 1 tr i:r*a of the | >ltlk ian?, la ilia r'ltlu an I V veath j:atrii-U point ta the rtecUoet of tbere;> i >1 ? in D''>n'.nc?<* Many uf Ihn politic u * In the Uly at Oku''.aW elll wake ' i p aeit mort ng aler elect Hm wiwer, ard with a U?? '. > a-iir i..?tfre-? to tbeen tbat will, ' tbey pro#', by Its tKai'h'ng*, make litem tMitler men l' the : ,i.ure I nlon Tort hliR tit Hroaaaaton kkd Slut lug In IV*w J eraejr. <* Friday ever Ig a pmcaaatoi of L'nloo Minute Men waa held at Perth Am hey, at whteh th* Fifth Ward /coav* fatoo nub of thM etty, with their hand, war* preeeat, together with the Latoa cluh* from N'rw kua* wick aad the Jeraey Blekory Mny*. Th* proceaatoo paaaed | through tbe prlattpaJ (tract*, whlah were Illuminated and decorated with flag*, he. At eight e'eloafe the meeting waa ap**ad by the Hoa. W Roblaaoa, and addmaa* war* mad* by Robert Adrala tad Peter n* WiU. R??? , oo th* laeue* of tbe preaaat ooataat J. Wilru, Kaq , addrew-d the audience aeeembled la the froat of the reatdeaoa of F. Hrtnaley, Crq . fmaa the balooay, aad bt* rtmarka were vary ealkaalaat cally rec*l vad. Demeatle Rawa Itamia. I i ???**? Wiwran ? rhe Tata* aewapaper* atat* tbat from oa* to two tbouaaad haa-ta *oakt obutn employ meet at high wa*e* aa the railroad* of that stata laraKAf* tw Ttrva* ?lb* traaham flbiaa) ? aw par m mlf tbe following ooairaat betwaaa tbe e*a*ua reteraa of J *40 a a* 1*00 Ibr WMh?fft-m oouaty, to abow the prrgre** of Taaaa Wa copy aooi* of tbe comparison* made ? 1*40 1 m Total popalatlaa ? 191 1?.SU Number afila via 1 llg T.OU Value of proparty M.Ut.lM I1IJM Oil , Haie* *r eotte* IMt MM Acre* to eoltl ratlaa 10 JM M411 THE REGISTRATION OF VOTERS. Th? !????* Imnm of Vqt?r?-s?c?i sltjr of VoU>| Early. Yesterday waa the last day within which the reelstry I lata of the various election districts war* to bare been banded In at tbe oftloe or tbe County Clerk, but, notwith standing tbia provision of tbe law, twen'y four liata yet remain unretnrned, ao that we are atlll unable to glvo ibe prectae number of reglaUred rotera In the city The ad ditional returt a obtained yeaterday do not, however, ia daoe ua to change our opinion that tbe number will reach tbe figures previously given, Tig:? about 120,000. The proportionate Incrtaao obier red in districts already given, acema to bold good In thoee which we print below, and the proportion aetma alan to bo carried out in regard to tie actual vote to bo polled ?n Tuesday n-xt, whlcb cannot fall far abort of 96.0C0 vote*. Tbe necessity of redisricting the city, in or 'er that every vote may bo deposited, will be very obvkouafrom a glance at the following table, though such an undertak ing la now too late, unless lor the charter election of next December. Thua In the Third dlatrlct of the Nineteenth ward the number of registered votes la 1,330. Allowing ten boura for the duration of the election we have 000 minutes, In which time tbe canvassers of tbil district are to receive and] deposit 1,930 ballots, or a little more than two a minute, a ttlng which muat be regarded as impossible, when the various delays, arising from swear isg non registered voters and their Touchers, searohlng the lists for the names cf voters and other matters are considered. The necessity of voting early and of prompt tej?; both on the part of the rotor and the canraasera lit giving receiving and depositing the ballot, la therefore T*ry evident. The table below exhibits the numbers registered In seventy-ons districts not previously glv to. Twenty four districts are wanting to complete, with thote given in yesterday's Hbulo, the entirs registration of tbo city : ? Ward*. Dttrici*. Vottrs rtgit'dl 1800. Mayoralty ooti/ -59. 4 1 <14 404 4 324 240 6 1 614 343 6 018 141 7 ATM 307 0 0 M7 MM 7 2 077 401 t 040 422 7 434 308 8 60.1 382 1 0 460 607 8 1 428 a 731* 4.19 12 207 238 9 1 748 *78 4 <72 480 < 4 MS >64 7 064 404 ? <22 488 1 1 729 S01 1 2 M2 428 10.... (complete) 4622 2877 I I 2 020 410 8 491 4M 1 3 3 110 633 4 (88 602 1 4 1 310 183 3 407 268 16 2 002 416 4 734 606 < 414 285 7 401 200 9 404 312 10 1 .090 464 2 8C0 678 a #76 <?? 7 730 632 1 7 12 70S 290 18 803 828 1 8 1 700 600 2 80^'. 602 a #89 6 KJ ? .309 283 10 469 242 H #103 3?7 1 8 279 394 1 9 2 lOCt 007 3.... 1320 899 812 649 2 0 1 614 .106 a..., 819 681 1 9 020 408 18 ?78 4B0 1 3 661 .104 2 1 3 KH 341 4 . (40 376 0<W> 421 38* ? *67 8 2f0 430 9 4<0 627 , _ 488 ? ja.".rr?:-r .....i. ........ ? w* 6 463 4IW 9 088 ? Total, 71 dlatrlrta 48 3C0 29 431 Total, prsriuua 122 districts 02,6' 5 40,076 Total, 193 dlatrlett.... 1C6945 79.100 * Ttoew dutr?cta have beea formed alncc tbe last e.*c Una. Oar Knoivlllc ('nrre?|>onilrn<*. Ksoiviux, T? dd , October IS, 1*00 /'a J 7rr.ntsi <??/'? Put anl Prtttni IluUrry ? Itt Agr\ iultuial Jdfintif? Its Minral Wealth ? Inatknutt'ir , Cot I Bnh anJ Kailntui Prnjtcu, d< I write from Uie cbitf to wo of Kail Tent?e???e ? that portion of tbo "Yuluntecr flate'* lying between ttie Vir ginia ud North Carolina line* on the e*Jl aol tbe Cam t>er land Mountain* on the ?cit- * s-NiUoa of country, ua til within the ;vt Ave year*, Isolated from tbe ml of thJ world; hemmed in aa II la by lowering mountains on ?very aide, It ban been, aa It were, ao " unknown coon try," until by tbe opening op of tbat <rr*t central chain of railway which connect*, almost by an air line, the cltlea of New York and New Orleans, we have sprang at once into notice, an l bare been put into coatnualeauoa w.tb tbe "balanco of mankind.'' Kant Tonncoie, tin jgb regl:n, la irareraed by Mi*ral rich md fertiia valhys, product*, no* ra.illly h.crra ) car by year, are deniued to make it t ie "garden ap t" of the (*outhw?'ati'm -Hate*. Tin oomtry abound i with mineral rprtag*, Bcveral of which, having been re:eotlj Improved and fitted up with elegant hotel* for lh? a. commrNtotlon of rlaltcri, are brmmlng lb? tutnmnr i r aorta of rich Houlbtrners, lnk'D( a retreat from the tr epical ivn of their cotton and rloe puatetloo* (tar mountain* are flllod with Inexbaortlbl* bed* of coal. Iron, roe, Ac , ibe derel >pement of which will eon tribute larfrly to tbe wraith aad general lwproreo??et of oar htretoiore n'-gVcied aection. Beanie* i*? chain of railway already rrfrrrrd lo aa iravcratBg K*?t Tennea*e> fiotn rati to wrtt. we ba?e now la progre** tbe Kaoxvill* and Ktn'.coky Kailrnad, which I* diwtined to form an Im port an I lx< In a line of road connecting the Ohio riror at Cincinnati with the Atlantic Ocean at Charleston. At a rcoenl BMrticit held at Cincinnati, ol the rartoua in teres!* ooacrrBt d In thn lmp>rt*at undertaking, facta were dcreloped wb'.nh make it next lo certain I tat the route ?ia kooinll* w:ll Be aelacted by tbe taJ <t< of tbat city a* the mil direct and feasible, al thiop* nowstdefed, of at y tbat sao ba ma.!.' pr act cable in eflettlflg tl.ia m i< h cr.ret' l connection with ibe tioutb For a addition lo tbe fact to at lh,i knoxrllle aid Kt, lucky road 1* now part y under cm tra-i and the wmk in pr. <r*BB. the Blue KMg* road, ex lending from kaoxvllk to Charieaion, via tbe ttabun ???(> and Afadert'O, (t C , la alto under way. and Bo doubt 14 tnu ruined that lb> ?>uih Carolina l?g -slater*. at IU ap prnartiln* *??Biow, will make such furtbor altaaoo* aa wl'l inanra a apeedy ormpletioa of thia rr mi w?rk. We are we- ittMl1*! * ?i*ll from a eommlllc* appolalad by ihr Sattir of C-.nca.aatt to rtamiae an i r poit upon u,? ront,* bat ha e fern ? riHkd la ( itocot - n with this ??*? ieef , and wi car. n't dot; tit tbat a personal ( xamiaaiicn by lb**) fei.ilswitn will establish, Iteyond cmUtrtrt- , Out the Ktixrli:* rti'ite ? iM ?>ae ottering th* bifhest and b< rt )rd i*?rents It the pc ?pit of Cincinnati, u by tl lL?y rati jr.jai t itaply and n i at ape-dkiy a>-omi?liati ib? rrari'i ol ?u tl?ry b??* !? r'aw, ri ?a airact <A?t.e? ? l%n w.tb UiO P. ibtru ?t inlic *? ?(- ru Wbl!? c* ibie auhatt ?| j "tk-e r??ii.r?- 1 ?I in id a< t omit to *ei.l.r? Ibe fat i Ibal to lite . terl.iu* of the Hub Waa M ttwaa, vt thia eity, mure lhan lo any other owe maa. petbepe are due the prrweDl binhly dal lerltf proepfwla of kaogTlIla aad Eaet Teeaeraae wiia rrferrare to thia ?ubf*t of a railway cnaaactioa bei ?. ?D tbe Atlaatlc and the < *lo. for while there are othara who bare ant b?ea idle la puUilag our claim* la tbla regard, J edge swao baa? fr jn tbe inception of the it* ol U>e I'ue Knife Kailrnad, year* ago. wbea be mad* aararal trtpa to testb Carolina, enforcing Uie eialM of the k?*t Tenner*** route npea the auealion of tbe otfiltailat* and legislator* of that Mate, down to the owastoa of the r* eeot meeting la Cincinnati, whore be made aa able and Imprraelv* argument aa th > ?nhj*et b**o flr*t aad forw moet amoagnt thca* who bar* tieaa prn?tla*at la tb*lr admiacry of tbl* great railway ro*t* arro** tb* c?miuy? de*lgaed to oaaec I, by a dirtct line, tb* Ohio riror wiib tb* attaattc (tacaa While jour or>rrwpna4*at, aa a satire of Rwl Teaama*. nu*t naturally feel a llreiy lnt*re*t I* tb* araompllabmenl of tbla graad anbeae, be thlak* that a glaao* at Ua map will abow lo any r? fleet lag mind tbat b* dnea aot or?re*tlw*le the import aane, la a geaerml polat of rl*?, rf this great pro )?ct, which la bow agitating th* mleda of the nwamercial aad maaufbclurlng seen of th* We* and ?"ulh_ Th*y bar* long d?*lr*d * direct aad speedy me*** o f eattaa to lake tb* pt*'? of Ik* JSl ?exattooaly tlow r*a ?*, aad the opeoing / and Vaeb Title road h*e ?aly *oarla<?d^llMwi of te* to T . lW? ?irly aomplelloo of other **d ^ w** Md lb* extreme (bnth NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Enropa at Halifax and the Prince Albert at St? Johns. TWO DATS LATEB INTELLIGENCE* TH2 ROYAL CONFERENCE IT WARSAW. CONDITION OF THE MARKETS, *8.1 Ac., *0. Arrival or th? Kmropa at Halifax. Halifax, Not. 3. 1880. The steamship Eurnpa, from I.lverpoal on the 20th of October, via yueenatown on the 2 1st. arrived here it eleven o clock last n.ght, and snlled #n?:a for U utm at Ibrce o'clock this morning, where ?Uo will ba duo to mar row ^Sunday) evening. The Eu-op* reports having on the 20lh cf Octo ber, at one P. II., ships Yorkshire, Ornson, (icy Manner log, Resolute and Portsmouth, going Into L'ver,>ool; 21th, at one A. M., 1st 11 80, lonf. 34 43, passed stextssnlp Ca nada. Tbe main IVat urea of tbe Karopa's newa have already luen telegraphed over tbe wlrea from Cape Usee. Tbe following It additional to tbe latest telegraphed via Queens town .? Pasis, Oot. 30-3 10 P. M. Tbe Botuae opened flat to-day and the funds reoeded. Tbe rentes, which opaued at 88f 80c , closed al 69'. 763, The J'atrie lays ? Baron Hubner's visit to > ranee a solely on persotal matters. A Frencb journal speaks of an armed Intervention of Austria In Italy aa being decided upon. Tbe last new* announces, on the contrary, that Austria will maintain a defensive attitude, and will not act until fbe l? attack! 4. The Prtut taje ? Prince Metier nich lsei|>ected in Paris this evening. lo tbo town* of tbo Roman State* which have been 03 oupled by French troops, petitions have been signed beefing Victor Emanuel to ooipe and entreat Napoleon to send hit troops away. WiUiw, Oct. 20, 18M. Tlie Emperor of Russia la expect >d here at fuur P. M. He and the Emperor of Auatrla will take up their resi dence at Cnateau Stohlere, where Prlnoe Uortcbakod ar rived today . Wiiuuw, Oct. 20? Evealng. Many strangers are In the city and much ex?!lemint prevails. The Warsaw Coi fereeM U limited to two days, and the lornlon GUI* rt marks thai It se*ms to 1r>d,oate eltaer tbe re establishing of harmony or a remarkable nistrost In tfce probability that a prolonged conference would pro duce a cordial understanding. I/>*r>os,Oc'.. 30? Keening. Bn.lrern la the Flock Exchange limited. * Consols im proved )?', the Bank re'.urcn belnjt mo*e fare rable than ? as (xpeeted, but in the alter r.oou they relapsed to open ing price*. Annexed is a Hit of tbe pa?*-ngers per ">rop. ? Mr Afhworlh Mr* IU>aes. Mrsira Brodn rs, Bjyer. Biiet, Berkrn and la'y, Bo. k?ler, Badea'i, (.Toft, chill and lady; Miss Chadwvn, UUarge, ?Xilina I>'?on, lie mcau, Mire Draper. Kill*. Mrs fcllis, Feurdel- ler, Mrs Kmaey mad cnillren, Mr?u1 Mrs Fairbanks, u oues and lady, Mrs and Ml?* Gaidrer (Jile>oro an t s-m, (iieeaoa, I ?K??re, Harrldy, Paper, tlackea, II) hams, ?l>s f Han i ton, litmes. Huaoewell, Irwin, Jubrson and Udy; Jill-rrjr. Uid. Mwklrg M-il"}-, His* Mot'er, Mub?r, Mann, Mall, M> 7/ ?h, Mi?<be?..o, Her. M<r?ely, Ni ebols ant ln<ty, Kotcruaa, I "ani net k General I'l.froy and lady, field, l-<-op?r, Mr* Iteil and son, t^ioaael, Stair, Si t' no i f. , T.nn?.t, t'mltb C ?'nce. Dr. Mtantna, Miaa SUtnford. Mi*h hie oar t, Tatite, Temant, Three, ill, lorry and i?m ly, Tn?t' t, H x Talime, TueWor, two Mrs T ick er. Vtrooin, Vand> rttial, Ynumiu, Wnitworlh, W.tey, Ward . *<nwonh, W>:ili?rt?y, Mrs. atd Miaa Wetuefjy, Wimn, WtsUiead. Tlis Vewa I)/ tba 1'ilara Albert. i?r Jen**, N. F , Nov. 3, lb? The rveamrblp Prince Albert, from ftalway cn October i ?J,airivi d at this port al twelve o'clock on Friday night, but wtrg to tte -en w- IMr.jr of the w're* her aew* fi ild lilt be tran'mltied to the preea Tie l'rince Albert's date* are tw< days later than th' ae pfr tbe Emopaat Halifax. The news is tin mi riani. Thn royal meeting at Wanaw was progress. i g \otlrg at Vaples on the annexation queetion com s> tad on the 21*t of October, but tbe result bad not been a* ertstcid. The Liverpool cotton market was <)ulet, but firm. BriadstuOa bad slitbtly advaroed Prcvlslors were dml, bit steady Olio's a S?2J, for money, and 92', a 93 for ac count. itrnohlyn Cltjr K?wl< Pwrtrrm* Fiaa ? A Pi in* K -i'-tjbt Dcmman -Y? brcay ? verity, at about flvo o'clock, an alarm of tire from tbe Third dialrkct *ti Bounded, udi lajld glare which fxt'Bdcil a'nv *t or?r tbe whole eHy proclaimed that the r> Bflagration waa an eitcoaive oce. It Iraotpired that 11.0 flro had broken out In the Utlr<l ivory o' Urn mam MMl of the paper factory of Hamilton Ac Ducaidein, c >rm-r cl Carrol! and NeTlna itreeta. which waa com nulely dtatroyed in a very ahort time. Tho even ng **? TPry MMl; tbe rata fall la nrrmu and Ifea ?ttd Blew a p?rfect gale. TV ram, however, waa julte mi> lld?Lt to rhcrk ib?' pnvr<aa of the lira, which *ai Urn'd by the fnrtoua blow that prevailed Ureal dim cuiik a were e*pertenoe? by the tiremen la gelling 10 tae p|>.i tbrrugb tteetorm and in working tho eogieoe while U< re, bat, tbot gb Ikejr worked aobly , their eif wi* were ife arali Vn tave tbe lact. ry, though the Uamee were pr'??iii?d fr< m tpreadlng to the adjiinisg build I! t" Firtutately, the factory waa an la> latod e.ll lire, and the firemen were, coai"jueally, materially . aldfl by tb'a elrr imautooe in preventing lb. tprnj of the llamee fc.m the balldlng alters the (In rriyaaUd The tcene of deetroctlno la In the neighbor ? d of (>< <raaua rre? k, which, with Ita trlbntarlee, were I art a'gbt ewoi ea almnet to the dimertiooa of (mall rlrtra ard lakre. Tbe lartorjr MMbM of ihrea bo ld mf Tbe Bi?m ore waa of three (tor ea, with e front ago of thirty feet by fifty feat deep. There waa aoother bin1' ng of thirty feet front by one hundred tee I la depth, of nae ttory, twenty Ore feet high The third b< 1 d if ?aa la the rear, an J eonatote 1 of oee atory, twtaty Bve ie?t rt? tret by forty fe?t la lateral dlwi<i>aona Tbealnleof the bnlMiaft wera of llmbar, frasr.t ' , ballt by Kilter* alio waa the contractor, a', a r< at of |M 000 The coat .?f the machinery la aatl n all d at |7i 1(0. aa<1 of Ilia elook at $1 3C0 It baa aot beer anerlaiacl that any lltrta were !<>?a or any peraoo Djwii The bi'l i >r waa leaared, bat whether par fall* or fully, and In what company or oompaatea oouJd Mt be aaorruided P. AH. ran* I*TT*nra*?ra ?On Friday nlpbt a reepee tab!e f, male, ranted R-ieo Itarl'tg, safari nately drank rathrr too freely, no that on her hnaband a*riv ng nt their borne be fined her fhr gone la latoxloatloa. Finding her art' la ao degraded a poaltioo, tbe endeavored to leave tke IB order to evade her boaband. but ibe waa n 1 by ber hnsbaad, who remonetrated w'th her on the "* i ' ??!/ f goiag out, aad BBdeaTired to prerent her, 11 oforinnately, bowerer, tbe prevailed, and left About an hour alter Mr Darling waa aotlfled that but witt waa lylBg ob the atalB ttair war, npno whleh he waat and ft nd h r iliere, with ber head down and ber feet up war ?, abe taring evidently ?t tabled and fallen In that (- ? 1 .0 M>a waa qa.te dead. Yeelorday mora lag aa IB ; ?tt waa held oa tbe body by Coroner Hortoo, wbee a ? < rdlet waa returned of "aecideataJ death from lajariaa ne aal ned br fall ib ( dowa a flight of ataire, while la a ttata of iBtoiiTaticn " Mr* I"arlu g learea foer helpleaa children oa her huahaad'i haada. Polite latelllgeate. H :on wat Rti t ta;ae at ? Aa Haalel 0. T I Hyer, of No Mg Foarlh tir?et, waa paaatn* through Mar eer rtreet oa Kriday Blfbl, be waa allact'l By a noeple ' h ghwaymi a anil robbed of* porlm naale ooaUlaing 140 Two men, lamed rb nnan Fiaaagaa aa<! ileory E. Onge. wera lubeeeaeatiy arreatei oa autpietea of being be perpetrator., ani m being Ubea before Juatloe ymrkeabiwb, at ibt JelTereno Market follce Court |W were c>- aaiiw tor eaamlaatloa. (to the aame -ight aa WHiitm a Reara, of No 101 Chrrnteaireel, waa naa'taa fbronth ftaet rtreet oa hie way boete, be waa tiiilliii by aa impudral Ihlef, who attempted to rob him of htt goM ^ chain. 1 1 earn reeWl IbeVflbr" J " nghwaymaa, aad aac reeded, after a brtef at niggle, la m*"' ** tbe TtaUt ward came ?p and arreeted the aaaalt aat. Tbe prMoaar, who gave hta name m Meliy, wee oa? mad fcr ?iri n ~ y' Cltp latalllgeart. Foran OMtrm ?Tke body of aa mtooaa aagra, about thirty yeara of age, Moot built, waa fooad drowned at pier No. S North rWer ;eater lay Ollltaif, jndglng from hi* clothing, waa a teatering men Oarooer O'Raafa held an laqeeet and eent the body to l*e dead bow at ?ellrrae Hoepttal for eat Ocaitoo