Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 5, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 5, 1860 Page 1
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T ITT NKVV yokk herald. WHOLE NO. 8824. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 18C0. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE C01TEST II IEW TOIL The Empire State the Battle Field of the Campaign. The Great Change in the Sentiment of the People. WAMEH OF CANDIUATK8, 6t.? Ac.. Ike. Btbaccss, Not. 4. 1880. Accounts favorable to fcslon continue to be received. There la considerable feeling on the Aaaembly ticket. Mr. Mvers itji he ?U1 be eleoted by 600 to 800 majority. The bctttog la y?ry large on the result. Got. Nell S. Brown, of Teaneaaee, la addreaalng the ?teettog here to night. C. T. Longstreet, late republican candidate for Mayor? a New York merchant ? to Presi dent of the meeting. Judge Harvey Baldwin alao spoke. The Breckinridge Bute Committee la doing great ser ?toe IB opposition to the republicans. The chairman, John A. Green, to continually at work. Snucna, N. T , Not. 3? P. M. Continued Rrperti from the hUtrior Ftonrallt to the Union ieU ? A Peaceful Revolution Going On in Wetltrn Sew York ? The State JVot Sure for Lincoln, 4c. 11m moat cheering accounts continue to poor In from all Beetles about the revival of a national feeling in thla Beetles of the Empire State. The nation ala have a pon derous majority and a ponderou* power to oontend agalnat, and it aatonlahea one who ha* been upon a tour through Um Booth recently to Had that In Onondaga, a Gibral tar of the republican* tn the oentre of New York, so many national men, freely avowing themaelveeaa such, are to he found. It evtnoea the extotenoe of a jood itate ?f feeling among rational aa well aa national men la thla region. There to a severe contest tn thto Assembly district. The Congressman to conceded to the republic ana by a large majority, but the assemblyman to the great question and the great point at laane. Myers, the republican candidate, to bound to be tefeated, if the power of all the antl republicans, and the power of Beren hundred pro- repu 91 loans, who hare aigued a docu ment avowing their determination to vote agalnat him, will avail. Capt Myers, meanwhile, keeps a benign aspect. He to as social and personally agreeable as ever, but a lltUe nervous. What trade bas been male In thladlatrtot of Onondaga, about a transfer from the Assembly to the electoral ticket, cannot well be stated. It it as yet a pro band secret. But Myers Is coursing around to night among the boys, just as Marshal Tukey , whilom of Bx ton did, when be was before the people, pronouncing his election a foregoner, and that he will run in br irom Ore hundred to eight hundred majority, this looal etprit Is the core of the existing political excitement In Syracuse It eclipses the Presidential contest altogether, and men are to be seen running about the atresia with rolls of bills to their hanla ready to bet agalnat If# era, who, you will remember, was elected to the Legislature last year by about ssvea hundred and fifty majority. Hea;y beta are pending on the result of the present election Bo confident are the fuslonlats that they will oarry a Strong comparative vote agalnat Lincoln, that bete have been made ? First, that Mj ers will not be elteted; second, that Lincoln will not carry ite State of New Yorfc, third, that I.iocoln will not be elected. Mooey la large quaatitlea to floating around for betting purposes The republicans art taken abaek at what tbey term tfce preeumptuoua oonduoSof ibelr oppooenta. ".^lx thousand for Frame nt In Onaodaga," ibey cry, "and talk about our candidate not carrying ibe Slate of Sew Y >rk. Prepeeleroaa. " And away they go, I must certainly say, bo far aa my own experience goes, in rattier obscure cor ?ers, to talk, eonalrfer and comitate upon the chancer. The bare Idea that there la a doubt about republican Blrenglb west of Cayuga Bridge is tuttijienl to secure ads Mscratlc vTctcry. Ex Gov. Nelll 8 Brown addressed tbe democracy here to sight, and tb< booming of cannon at thla moment an ?ounces tbe fact. Mr I/ragsircet, former republican candidate for Mayor, to the presiding o (licer. THE CANDIDATES. Presidential, Executive and Other State Officers, Congress, Legislature, County Officers. PKE3IPENT1AL ELECTORS. CMOS kLBCTOKS. At URBI GreenaC. Btomob, tinman J Red Be Id umtmrl. ? 1? Selah B Strop*, 18? Charles Siodyew, 2 ? J Li H. ?rower, 19 ? (Jeorgw C. Clyde. 3? Jsooo A WesWrrell, 20? Johu Uuna, 4 ? F 'jab K. Purdy, 21? Ambrose j lliggtns, 6? William A. Kobba, 22? Loolm B Crocker, 6? J DrpsysMf ogles, 33 ? Psareoo Handy, 7 ? Wlllism B Doecio, 34? Inhn M 3irvsg, 3? <1. |>h?-o P. Ruaaell, 35? Elwis U AabtlM, 9-AhnUm H Conger, 30? I ?m <s M Pulrer, 10? (Voiel B St. Jobs, .7 ? H les Fiaoh, 11? Khrba P. Strong, 28 ? -"barlne H Carrol , 1J? William K? n?. 39? td.liaon (iardlner, 13 ? Martin Springer, 30 ? I 4>b B 8k io Mr, 3d 14? 'arors Kid J, 31? Ulraaso B irrows, 16? Italab Blood 33? William William*, 10? iltnry II Hues, 3i? S>rpb;a U. Ca. dwell IV- UtTidC. Judaoa, ? RXrCSLICAH ZLKCT0M. AT UlBua William C. Bryant, James 0. P itnato same*. 1 ? Jobs A King. 1* ? Rear? Chorchlll, ?? Kdwa-ds W risks, 19? James K Altaiee, 5 ? tndrew Uarrigaa, 30 ? BeoJ N Huntmgtoa. 4 ? lame* Kelly, 31? *h?rmao D. Phelps, 6 ? ttgtimund KaaflBaac , 32? l>bn J. Foot*, k? Frederick Kapp, 33? Hiram IV wry, T ? Washington Cm lib, 34? James L Voorhees, 3v- Wuliam A. Darling, 36 ? William Van Marter, 9? Wm H Hooertsun, 3i ? lolm F. SeeVy , 10 ? J.oorge M finer, 17? Fraok L J owes, 11? Rufbs H. K iog, 3S? Jamas P. Walswnrlb. |3 Jacob B cwrpta*r, 29-Fxra M Parsons, 13? Jobs F Winstow, 30 ? Caarlss C Parker, 14? Jacob H Tee Eyck, 11-Bkti H Wbalen. 15 ? N Bdson *bel>lon, 32 ? Joha Urelaer, Jr., ie? Robert a Hale. 3J -James Parker 17? Abjah Beck wtU?, STATE OPFICEB8. UTocicinndjr n*mn- rat. Vouftai D*m nrrat SoTernor lamaa T Brady. Wm Kelly Lieut Governor.. . . H K Vlela. Wm F A'ies. Canal Uoamis'r.. . . Jobn M Jaycoi. Wm W. Wrlgbl. ?MM Prlaualosp'r. Robert W. Allen Wm C Rao lea. tyiMuss JIiMm. Gwreraor FdwlaJl Morgan Wm (Jodeil IJant. ik-rsrsor .Robert Campbell. Sydaey A Beers UaaoJ l- mmis'r . . 4amaal II Biraes. A-nss -Vocsest. BMtoPrtaos laap'r. James K Bates Kills Clisbae OOHUMNB. 1? Lather C Carter Ke(> jbli aa. [ Ilenry Smith. IVnocrat. Kgbert T Smith Untoa t? laoes Humphrey K povlMao. M ?< s F (Moll l)>ag'?s l?-mo< rat 3 ? A J. Wllliaasrow , Rei?st>licoo. Br* aaa'.a Wood fjs/xi 4 ? T, ho Uosamcrf' rd Ptosis s M Tikiiney Tammsuy IVaglas Dssi. Jains V Kerrigan rsrt Durgias IVmatral. *? Willlass Wall K-^aMiean Nelson J. T?ylor T< niaisy sod Not art ??Fred. A Oh k I log .. . . R*p<jhli*n J w dealer T.msssir rvmoe "at. John (aehrtas V 'oa * -s . Doug las Dta. t? tngustc F. Dow !t-t> jr?i ?n Flush *ard i '?!?'? '?t *l>rsr.i ^sh?n aa .... K? leaser; rvis; kiae IVt.ixwat. 5? Thomas V> I ?? * '?sr. M? Ch?rl-? H. \sa '*,ck. . R?p h iCSI. Ii B St J )bu . t m u. . 4 II? Iter H wy riftrr Joba D sieele P r *"rsl 1^? S?et>b< n [aak. I .... K '|>.3il :S5 AMrisr >< ?*< r n tmocr at 13? A ?? (Hia Rtpab ?i|. lapse M- >mh e, Jr 0<mierst 14? Thomas W (irott R vubltcan. Frsstae O rairg 0.i*orrat. 16? leases B MeKaas R?p itll'ts KmersonJC Ii.tM Oiaoceat. * Whewiar. R-phhiims Af ss?tsC Haad D ai mr.t IT-* t? WMrwiar. t^aMte S. Hesry O Fjote ,.,, D'aierii II ? ^\smw B lit R<pitV<t. Mr. r.'. eat Myers ?rackiartrga dsfMOrbl. Obs isoay Tinhhrd. OMsgias s. aioorat. 1?? Rwbard F'aarhwt RftShlMsh. Uh tries Vapiee 0-m>Tai JO? Roeooe (Vn H ag H ? IV WIUC Bore ..Di?wirs?. SI? R Hotlaad f>uell Repihlicaa. JadanaC. Meiaoa Hianorst. 8 C Hitchwk 0 mgiss rvmoerat. M? Wm. B. Laaslag.. R-puilliss. ?I? Ambeose W C%rk R-pullVta. ?eo C. -therm n R'eohlorldfe DsMoormt. James F Stamook D <o|lwi (Vmaorai. 34? Charles B ^adgwlek R-paMtota. lAka I. Ten P .ogias rvmocral La' her Has 4rs*kiarwifa Dsm xvat. 33 ? Theodore ? Poaarof... R-o<ihlM?s. Wat. C Beards ley DMKttrai. 33? J P. Osmhsrtala Repoblloaa. Osorga M. dark Rrwktaridgs Dsssogrst. Jabs L Iewv, Jr D<"g'a* Desnorrat 27? Alexander B Dtren Republican. Harvey A Dow iiemoornv 28 R a Van Valkenburgh. . Republican. Cbaa C & Walker Ikunocat. 30? Alfred Kir Republican. :x? Augustus Praak Republioan. 31? Bait Van Horn Republican. 33? E G. SpauMlng. Republican. Solomon G Haven 0 mocrat. Carinas Cobb B cok lurldge Democrat. 33 ? Reuben K. Fen Iod Republican. . M. Bunnell Democrat. NEW YORK COUNTY AND JUDICIAL NOMI NATIONS. (tfficm. M<*art Thmmany. Supreme Onurt... . George O Barnard Geo. G. Barnard. Superior Ceurt.. . Kred A. Tallmadge Michael I'lshoeHer. Recorder Abraham 1) Ruaaell .John T. Hodman. Surrogate Kdward C Weal. Edward G. West. Clly Judge John H McCuoa. John b. McCunn. Register James I.ynch. Mat. T Br on can. Supervisor C. Scfc war zwoelder Smith Ely, Jr. Breckinridge. Republican. Supreme Onurt .. Jobu R Brady. BeoJ W B-inney. Superior Court... Fred. A Tallmadge. Jamea W. While. Recorder Chaa. A. May. Tboe B V*n Buren Surrogate........ Malcolm Campbell. David R. Ja^nea. City Judge John S Livingston John Sedgwick. Rer'sier Jamea l ynch. John Keyfer. Supervlaor Lafayette Harrison. Wm. K. Stuart. Thmtiwwy Irregular. BtlXKoertCL. Supreme Court. .. . Jobn M. Harbour. John Leverage. Recorder Abraham D. Russell. ? Surrogate Edward C. West. ? Register JooathanN Trotter. Charles Pack. Supervisor Smith Ely, Jr. A M Blninger. MEMBERS OF A68EMBLY. Dut. Motarl 1? John Callahan. 3? Win. Walsh. 3? Wm. McUauley. 5? Charles Blauvelt. 0 ? Sam! T. Webster. 7 ? Darnel Young. 8? John J KelUey. 9? J >hn Oaflrey. 10? Luke V Gozans. 11? Wm McConkey. 13? George J. Campbell. 13 ? ' Thomas Hlgglns. 14? Theodore B Voorhles. 15? George W Varlan. lfl ? Crandall Rich. IT? Sydney P lo graham. Breckinridge. 1 ? Jacob L. Smith. 2 ? Daniel Learn y Jobn Cavanagh. 3? Michael W Burns. John Conway. 4? Wm. 0. Shea. 6? Ctas Blauvelt. 0? Saml. T. Webster. 7? Daniel Toung. 8? law. E Hill. ?? Charles U I ones. 10 ? Jobn Bulley, Jr. 11? W. McConkey. 13? Geo. 1. Campbell. 18? Thomas Biggins. 14 ? Edward Murray. 16? Geo. W Varlan. 10? ~ ~ 17? Sydney P lngraham. Union. 1? ? 3? ? ? ? Andrew Lewi*. 0 ? Jobs M. Ramsey. 10? ? 11? John Hardy. Tammany. Wm. Walsh. W. J. C Kinne. George B Hall. Sam I. T. Webster, runlel Young. Oicsr H B >gert. J as la h R. Dunn Law I. Hill. John D. MacQregor. Luke F Co/ ins. John Hardy. George J. Campbell. Andrew Smith. Alexander Ward. Robert C Hutcblnga. tieorge W. Varlan. Henry Aroularius. Jay Jarvls Jonea. Independent. James Fitxglbbons. John C. Gaw. 13? Geo. J. Campbell. 15 ? Geo B Klog 14? Elbert Hrbertson. 16? Geo. W Varlan. IB? law. R. Kerr. 17? Sydney P. lngraham. KINOS COCNTT Nicholas L Edward E. Dean. Thomas Wallace. Edward Dunn. Bejmbli-an. Joseph A Gardiner. Ira H Tu thill. W. H tsilson. . Lewis Uopps. Jobn J Shaw, ltd ward A. Fraser. J. Wilson Greene. Andrew Craft. Horatio N. Sherwood. Robt B. Boyd. Cummlngs H. Tucker John Hooper. John Laebreiht. C. E Btrdsall. .Icaae Fonda. Edward 0 Johnson. Dennis MsChhe. Jobn P. Cummlng. DM. Regular Democrat*. 1 ? Andrew J Provost. 3? John Cavanagh ,* David T Easlon 3 ? Tbeopbllus C. Calloott.t 4 ? James Darcr. 6? Waliax C. Joaes. 0? Joseph Nesbltt. Robert D Woodland. 7? Wm. S Milledoliar,* Andrew Spear. * Breckinridge democrats, f Member of the last Assembly BepuMittni. Thomas McKirath. Marcua D. Moore. Nathan Comstock. Jonn E. Coiumtyer. William C tndrug. Jobn M Stearns. George H. Fisher. THE VOTE OF IR.M. The following girrs the strength of parllac W. the lest Presidential election, ud the number of electors which etch state baa. Cat II oat for reference ? Kit fort. Buchanan. /remont. ntmm*.. Atkantak . alifornla Connecticut fl r k laware 8 FlnrWi 3 Ucsrgla 14 illinola 11 Indiana 13 Kentucky 12 ImMMImihw 9 Maine 9 taaryiaid 8 tUtoarbuicUi, . . 18 Michigan t Mirslaairpl " Missouri ........ 9 Mitneeota < Bampehlre. Saw Jem; 1 Vow Tork Vortb Garoi'na . 10 >*>? 23 ergon I ''eat ay I rant* 27 'tbode It land ... 8 loath Carolina . . 8 tkkneaee* 12 !>saa 4 Vermtnt V >rg mta 18 W C ?fl 73i 81 ?10 68 346 84 036 8 004 4S?9 C8 691 10". 34S 118 870 36 170 14 Mi 22 1*4 31) 0M) 30 llo 89 240 f.2 188 86 446 63 164 (New Male) 20.601 42.Tlf 30! 99 1*1 04 376 43.0 t eu 87,1:9 ??Ml 10* 100 71,762 82.888 4??43 106 819 49,216 170,674 (New I 230 711 8,4X0 7* ,486 31 100 10 060 ??. 106 88 843 88 346 98J38 276,004 117,497 te ) M7 863 11.487 (Fleeted by Legislature ^ 38, '.61 801 86 600 Tit a' 30C 1,888,232 1,011 014 874, ir msnroceioHB to vcteiw. There 1a *l?.*j* a larre claM of persons who, not fan ' *r with tbe law oa Uk aabjeet, are uncertain wb*thv. >'j*y are entitled to Tele. for their banefll we not* the rrqulrrmente of the statute ? Erery white aals nltlren, twenty eeo fear* old, la sal! ?4sd to vote, preaidedbo has lived tn (fee State one j ear. it the roomy fear aoatha, and the district thirty days !t la rrqalred ef na. i rallied cttisaaa, howerer, thai tb?y t ball have bee* oat* rallied tea 6*;'l before the etoc 1*3. 4 orelgser* ???< have .red Ore years le the oonatry, at d (tern two years ooIms before a enact, la order to ea nitc tbeaa f i ? ? I -t But if tfc*y oom* to Iht* oow-try on>'er uk age of agblfcn, the two years' notice a d.ijerae.1 it *. iafflcleal tha. Uiay bare llrtd Br* j. art in the country ILae wboae parauis were nataraltcd tefor* they were tweatf ote years aid are aa tilled to rote as if born la the , -? ooiry Tbutw- ehnee lather. laslsg made his declaration of Is i/iUit has died iwure as:aal oaluraltcatioa , are also : entities I" rote. IVaa.'se bora nut of the lilted Plate*, of father* who I ??ere al'.ir -.* at Ibe tise ef '.heir birth, are ealiued to I rot*. Terse;** who !.*??* riade, *r are directly jt Indlreelly otereatr dti ao~ b t *r i.s^for depending ?a the r exult "f the a'.roOoa, are no', enti'.led to vote Onlosad men nan oaly *cle r-',o pn*e.>aa laiebnll real i estate mO. 82M. on rnkmot tbey bare paw: taxes Urn ? :< la of any crime punishable by <tau prison nan , net v..(e, uaaate i*r ioa*4 ami rv*tor*d to lb* rig bis of e|tl/'B?h:, But, b a 4t? ti e preesdlagrst nisitsa, It Is slsi neons ' rary tuat are.-y cltlxsa abouCi be regletrred is order to e?liti* liisi^o *i te Should he aac'*ct tbla ha will hare In make ai. iavlt oo etoctloo k*y as to the reaso* why he was ant register*, aad also fw^dose the e*l4*c** of a householder in the dl*t?*t ti promt hlaaelf eaU'.l?l to | rote Is * paotors ?o S ew Tar* latffoana >t ad **i ? law these oaths. There 4s no authority Ojl;Ciura:< k.eaers of Ilarde a*J NHarle* r*h.M may ad?laMer. Tb*ae aflidarlU and oaths *bo*id Ue paxaer : by tht P ? Clork*. If i gaed by a Oomm sal oa*r *r Notary In bienk 1 before tbe rot *r a^na, II Is k sia Mly If a ??o cht n?r?a his resldssos botwssa the Wedoes lay pre rloa*, 14 I* heliered be Bay rnti, no faralsblBf that as a reaswi Is his arti tartt, aad jflrltx his hieeebetdsr T*tb Tha roter asost siao baaw resldsd one y**r Is Ibis otal*, four aaoatbk tn the s**sty , and thirty days -a the eleoltoa d lair lot Ik which be offer* te rote Attention I* called to tbe f<fowln? prorlklaa of lb* son- , ktitatina of the State ? rnr tbe jmrpoa* of retlac, ?? perstn *b*il b* deem?1 to bars (alord or loit a I aswiaci by reaao* o t bis pe* aenoe or abseoo* shil* eaiptoyai In tbe aerriea of the 1 failed Rut *e, nor while engaged la tbe aarigatio* of tbe | water* of thia Htale. or of tha I'nltad Hastes, or of high I ssae. nor while s student of asy SMn'sarr of laardag. i oor while kept st asy al?boss*. or other akyluia. at poblir espsaee, nor wiHe coaflaed at aay public prlsnk ? Umttituii m of 1U4. A rtici* II , ?r 3 That is, a aal lor, sold isr or atadeat, uatees a resident of Ibis oily at the tlsie of txcosilait *u<-h, eaenrt rote >'?***e be happeaa I* be bar* aaerely? the requirement of s residence of fo*r aaoatha la tha ooaaty , aad thirty days la lbs district, is asapaadsd with reftranea to such psikoss. No psrsna naa vote r ar a pwttoo of tha Presidsci *' electors In he sboaot aad act sols for all I'anaHy , bOTstofors, ssilors tad soJdi*r* from all parts of Ibe country bare been permitted to vote bere, If tbey happened to b? bere on election day. This la dearly un constitutional, and ibooid be (topped. It ll lmpirt?ni to know where a tailor or Midler, offartng to Tote, realded at tbe tine of shipping or collating. If be did not tben reside in Ike diatrlct In which be offers to rote be oan not be permitted to vote. WHO CAN VOTB FOH PKBSIDKNT. Tbe error la very prevalent tbal a eltizen oan ret* for Presidential electors eren If bo 1* disqualified frona votlcg for other candidates. Tbe Uws of Congress de clare that a person who la qusliflal to rote tor a member of the popular branch ot tbe legislature can rote for Pre sidential eleetora, and not otherwise. BOW TBI VOTES ARE TO BS CANT AS?ED. By a law of tbe State of New York it ia provided that ?'all balloU ' shall hereafter, in all tbe election dlstrlo'4 of tbii State, be canvassed in tbe following order ? 1? Klectors of President 6? City and oounty otlioers. and Vice President. 7? T>wn and charter olll 2? Siate tfOoers cera. 3 ? Members of Cocgren. 8? Judicial officers 4? Stale Senate 9? Polloo and cirll j istlocs. 6? Members of Aaaembly. CITY POLITICS. Appearance of the FUld Ult Evtning? The Coateat for Register? The City ton |tMalo?*l Districts. Tbe gnat l-xU bat te of ibis campaign 'ji thla city la thit of KegisWr. All the dia'.rtct and ward pilltlciana are directing ibeir energies In that direction, and are to b? found nr. II* ted and working with great seal In one ot three armiea in this rreat fight. Jamee Lynch la tbe Mozart and people's candidate, Jobn K (jeer the re publican, and Matthew T. Brennan the Tammany candidate lor this office. We hare cvrefully sir v eyed tbe field, and find that lynch stands tbe best cbanoe to carry off the prlte , Brennan la oompelled to re y upon the old wreck of Tammany for bis support, and must, frrm the nature of things, meet with a Waterloo defeat as certain aa tbe election day arrives. The Issue seems to be between Ljneb, and Keyser, the rcpubllcaa cantl! date: and all who wish to prerent a republican being elccted will know bow to cast tbelr rote. Tbe withdrawal of Mr. John C. Mather, In the Third Congressional district, hsa made the election of BjoJ Wood a fixed fact, and has left the contest a fair and iquareoce in that district. Mr. Mather's friends, with a few nnlmporUnt exceptions, are now heartily at work for Mr. Wood. Tbe compromise in the Fifth district upon Nelson Tay lor baa secured another district to the antl republican#, and settles the fate of Geo. Law's ferry monopoly repub llcan canlldate. Tbe only district bow left for the ooe serratlre forces to unlte^ls that of the Sixth district, where we And hangers on to old Tammany trying to elect a republican from that district. Old Tammany, Ike any old harlot, will sell out to any one. The only hope of tbe conservatives is by rallying to tbe support of John Oocb race, as tbe Issue is directly between blm and Conkllng Tbe Japanese candidate, that is kept In the flsM by Boole, from tbe present attitude of tbe voters In that diatrlct, will Sod bis supporters? If be remains in the Osld on eleo tlon daj? few and fkr between. Janta Hayes, the Tammany candidate in the First As sembly district, baa withdrawn la favor of the Mozart Hall candidate, Mr. Callahan. Oar reporter gave Mr Hayes at a runner In tbe recent notloe of the Assembly candidates; be is a market man, holding rorth at Fulton market, and Is not ruch a wonderful bad looking peraon after all. Mr Callahan, the Mosart nominee, ta a plum ber by trade and now worka at that business He will, ander the pieaent condition of political affairs In tbal dla trlct stand a good chance of being elected, and In pera ina! appearance and ability compares favorably with Mr. Smith, oaa of his strongest opponents. It will be seen by our advertisements that the National Democratic YoNotssrs have organized a vigilance committee, numbering fifteen hundred, to be sta tioned at the several pot leg districts la the city. Kacfc rquad Is to have a Comtr taaiuv-r of I>ecds with tbem, to be la readiness to administer lb) oath to those wbo may have failed to register tboir vttts. TTKMr attention will be directed sdteiy to tbe I nion electoral ticket, and see that the Wide Awakes do net prevent any Union man from voting ?minors ballots in ciik i lation. We were shown last evening s spurious ticket, that has been circulated m tbe Nineteenth ward by so ae party Tbe name of William C. Rhodes, the democratic candl late for Inspector of State Prions, was printed William T. Kbofeks. ;>el all voters look out for that kind of dodges. TO THE EDITOR Till HVRAI.T), Nsw Tom, Nov. S, 1160. I noticed sn article In your Issue of Thursday, Novem ber 1, In regard to tbe Hin Jno. J Sbaw, stating tnat I Ite Twelfth regiment app'led to be reinstated, and that : be (?:>aw) oppoeed such reinstatement Now I, air, am acquainted with the fa> ts In tbu rase, which are simply 1 ss follow* ?When the difficulty happened in regard to that regiment I railed cpon Mr Shaw to use bis Influence in tbe matter, and bad a Img conversation with htm in < regard to tbe regiment, and I know that Mr. Sbae bad several personal Interviews with tb Uorsrnor in behalf of the regiment, and ussd All the influence In b" power to hare them reinstate]. WILLIAM PYE, Orderly Sergeant Company ? Twelfth Regt. THF. CAMPAIGN PERM0V3. OrvTJT WARD FIICHKR'S INffTWCTKMrt TO HIS IXOC* ! ON TIIRIK POLITICAL DCTtBS ? OFPIC1 AL CO*RtT TION AND BRIBERY DCNorMCW- THE mOIlER LAW vtnwcatid? a rotmcAt mLL*vim to rkhclt FROM THE ELECTION OF OLD AK, ETC. It bar log been b luted yeaterday that Hoory Ward Baecber would bold fbrth on tbe coming election, Ply month church wh crowded to exceaa Laat erasing, almeat ao boar before tbe tine for oomajeoclDg tbe mtDom. After tbe oeuel prelim leery devotlcaal exarcieee were perforated, Nr. Beeeher Miouoad bla teat, wblah wee taken freo tbe twaatj 9 ret reree of tbe tweetf eeooed chapter of MaUhew ? ' ??Tbe* ni b He onto tbean, i reader therefore onto Or rar, the thlag* which are I C" rar a, and nnto Ood the tb tap that are Ool'a.'' In bla iBtrodcctory remark* be (aid there were two pert toe utterly op^oette la every th'.nf e* sept ta wlahlag to eotrip Cbrnt. Tbe Herod l ab* were tbe Adboreata of tbe So man tatrnaive go-, eromect Tbe Phartaeea abhorred tbat Roman government as 1 preach*' 11 .!,edlenoe to It, aad thoajb tb j oo?M not apeak poaoeabiy to each other, aa aoon at tbey bad Cbri t between them tbe/ 1 found wajato j" id the r hanla la order that they might pat bltn down for when there to a great truth or Jaatkoc which rebahea men, aad wh <-h they therefore bate with : all tbe ardor of wlckedatea, there are no extreme* tbat will not Oad -a helping head claeplng medium betweea them And ac the Herodiao-~ and tbe Phari eea, onaoaai la ? tbetr bitter animoalttaa, * me together, and bjr meaa uta tempted Chrlol by lartdlom luaciiona of re tpecl U waa not the flrat t me that the devil'* twe ?Idea caaie together aad foaad they had not to*, what Ifcey m.t'vot to eatjh, ac 1 It woald not be the laet. (1 And laughter ) Tbe very beat preparation fnr perfwmmg their ?:atlea to tbe g?-. erament of the land la whlet tbey lived, rat a aaloma oonaecratloc. of them ?el ?e to the aerrtaj of Hod Hit Wit had l-en often qootrt tor the purpaan of uttering a 'Oh a b*-rr? tly aenti meat tLal a man akcald keep bto rollgioa an l b.* politic* ?eparate Tbat waa what every baa i of deapat 'c rulen aad prtoaU, moat ?^alred. "Cuaatry, rellgl >a, God aad fei^w men. pa^-i ?m aad j"le*y, oae aad In aepaiiib^. " waa the Ghrtatlan'a creed, at t tb" Uaitor a crved waa, "Politic* to polllia*, aad railgloa to rellgloa ' He pr opened to ccjAider what datua Cbrtettaaa ewed to the :uil in whlet tbey lltod, aad ? r ' r 'e-t to eiumerete a aerie* of datiee f eary clu. ao owed to Abe Htate a r ?. oa* and ur i*M nr? be owed b ? oduatry and frugal I if aad an eo!*rr-*l ohedianre to tbe lawi of tbe Wale he 1 1 a ed Tnena aa* bat a alagle eMo;tioa to that, and that ?*? * here a law < oaimaod* a c.'.lten to de a eiora wiok*.4 aeta Ctigen* owed to ttte gute a well tra.nei aa I <r?J reared too laebold , aB'l alao a?beeKal an t iaarty p*rt ? patioa to the aeeitMWf bardeoa of ?muio ng the goreri meat Tbey maac giro (e M oh time t-i at^dy ao I ra j fleet ten upon public aAAtta aa waa required l to Bake tbem Intelligent obeerrera at ! aiel < llgeat jadgaa of what wa> fnoi fur ?m m >nity. iVe Chrl?ti?o tltiraa waa reaimaaibU fir the U?i Made to the onmauiBlty, aad atoo for the aeieoti >o Md election of maglatratea.a* well aa for the malaUoacca ef tbe frame weik aad eatoraai form ef (be lead, aad f >r tu malntenaaoe of the Idaaa aad prUMiplea whin* ware tbe Ml and Tttol p>war of thoae laatltatlon*. M e Itorahiir prooaeded for mm time la Uto at rain, an I charged all the corruption now ettatiag to oar mi* , aiMee aad the laferaai iraak; oat If me for political rato opna the actor* aad then cpon CbriatiAn*, nalea* before Mo I they coeld aay that tbey eterted tbe a ?clrea to their utmost to preriat aacb a , ?tate of th'aga Partle* ahoald be mate ?p "f mea who ware of fl-ra prlnclplee and c.>oaciaotio i* inieat no*, bat If a party waa a gigaatle eagiae of aelfU'i rata, no Cbrtatlaa am ooeld go wttb 'tsnrebakel. Ha tbea aaaerted thai ta Haw Tor* Judgea a *?# corropt, aad ?a d thai every cbnrch in the ?lty that h*d ao preaci ag ff m tbe po'plt npoa the loty of a Chrlitta.' a* a elt't * ' eta deltaqnent, and by the aathorlly of Ood be nh.'ted Opna i bam tbte per vera loa at jeetloe la h (li plaaM t Amartou et rewoooM tympathiaa with Oar.UAUi, bj? were utterly regardle a of the corruptions thai w boring to tke very .yutie of Ihelr own Instilutlo m lucre wee a corruption equally marked in re specl to Ifea op. u ion* of men. We bit go it* through a revolut.. d, anl were being guawad i ? deatb by ftral'i If only w? might die by the Intrusion of some lkmltke enemy tt would oe a nails 'a -non, but to reoeivadsalb 'rora wiwhln our oarnselves, by tue c>r ruptton of oar owe men and our own >aws, w as n it only wicked t>4t de'estably wicked. Tnero novor wu a period ilDce this gi rernmrDt wti established when there was inch bocodlem corruption lo the use of moony as the present hour. 11a (the (peek or) wu In oonversattoo a few ?ey> Since with a gentleman of Wait Chester, who wu largely concerned in public affurs, who told bin that no man oould conoelve tbe ex: wt to wblch bribery was employed lo voting. They had long known ,hat bribery wa? emoloyod In legtnlalton, and the lobby was nothing butacottla. Tboy had ooly to turn oyt^fne leaf of Albany historj to see the shame knand a,nri>nable corruption of juitloe In legislative balls, wb?r aosn went swaggering heavy wits pokets ru 1 ol' goM, and Doming back wltb pockets full of b.lle for their ewn selflahr ess Toe gentleman alluded to toll htm (Mr. Bsccher) that votes were (old in the c> intry at from fiflt oenta to 9100 Tooy knew that mea wore bribed at the Five Points, but it wsb marvellous to bear that forty mile* out of the city men act a price for the performance of their duty. We were going down itep by km, ant we had reieheil auch a ooi lition of or ruptlon iMt, If there was not Christian rosis'.ance to It, wo would bo oarrted down luto tbe sewer Keknevlt would b< to when, ten yearn ago, it wu declared that God's ln? waa more solemn ani binding upon a mat>'? conscieco than any mere human law Tnera waa an out cry of derision and an atheistic bowl beginning at tbe capital, m* eohocd from pulpit to pulpit, until "tbe higher la* " became a byword, and nowbereelae so much an in the commercial metropolis. Nothing waa more fully trodden under foot than that a mio should owe higher allegiance to hi* God titan to mau When they had knocked every bottom out of tbs ship why should not the Atlantic (tocan come In? When the whole force of public sonti ment of ten years tad been to undermine integrity of conscience, be did nit wonder that directors of railroads were defaulters In conclusion, be thanked God tbat tbo great struggle wkl ihhad been preparing for twenty live years ? tbe growtog sentiment and conviction of equity, justice liberty and humanity? bad gatherel suoh force, that after repeatad essays and trials, It waa assure lly ad vanclng to the sonsummatlon of victory In the first sermon tbat h? preached to them, thirteen years ago, he declare! that bo would preach a Uoa Bl that carried liberty to the captive; that wo Aid never fat to rebuke slavery, and to urge its Christian extermination ani the maialonauoe of tbo free dom of this great ptep le. What a biatofy in tlnoe thir teen years. topes and S'-rucgles and cboers. Wn,it wonderful excltemmt and eontlicta. Tola nation had been destroyed Ove imea In that abort spaoe, and the nation, ruined so ofMi. came bravely out of ruin. They had aeeo tbe gatherkg forces and tboagbt onoe and again they hal aome streak of daylight, and thought tbe day of dellveranoe tad come; but the bleating was too goxl ani too rreat to be bad for so III tie suflerlBg. In l?fl, by a vote of the church be (Vr. Beecberl Mas permitted to go Into tho field and labor for the cause. Tnen be verily thought they were to have a revolution, for there was only one thing that od him to doubt, and tbat was It was to good to be true. "Wo did not succeed," said he We did succeed; we lostand we won? we were defeated, and so got the victory. It was tbe truth declared in re speet to tbe national lasca In that memorable sampaigo that laid the foundatloni not only of tie gre it revivals of religion In 1M7. bul that bad been working as a mighty leaven for the four years snoe, tbat wss now bringing sich results aa ero long we sbonld sre. fie thmght in God's gov! pnvl denoe they were brought to the eve of a struggle that oould not be turned aside or defeated lie knew there were many man alarmod, but neitncr intimidation ncr any bribes could sto| this victory or Ood Almighty now. He thought they had come lo the time at last, and that tbe stlent Totcea of t million of vo as on Tuesday nest won d bring back tins nation br legitimate roals and by measures unforced, and normal and right, to tbe foundatloia from which they had slid by )be terrible pressure ?f slavery for years and years part And what would be the result- Oo ldld not rev.-al bis counsels to anybody. Be would tel tbem what would happen Nothing' (Great laughter) They night depend up* one thlo| ? tbat all tbe barking would be before voting, but no bl?ng afterwards If there win, one thing wis certain? tial cowards and Msentlal I r. rut ice go together There wotld bo so reaction against virtue, truth, juitoe and rigtottousness that oonlt avail for one single ho .r; so tbst If an; man had made up bis mind lo ' migrate and convert bs money into Jew- s, as being the m>>st p >rta ble, he ad'ised him to wait a week longer. O why don't some of theeo men, said Mr. B , go home and get into their cradles ant get tbelr granlmotbers to sing teem to sleep. (Renewed laugbver ) It was natural fo* a baby lo be n'rald of wolv-ea and w.tcUato riee. but 'or a full gr>wn man, a free citlz -n to be a'rald of thane things, waa too conlemptble H - wanted his i eorrrafa't i> u> be ?r o er nothing, he did not want tbem to stend between, to got the kicks of both si les aad tbe thanks' ' neither. These men who were middle m-n had all their I ?bt in the r middle, and they ware deuxta ble Hi did not believe that any member of bis congre gation Van s middle man, for be believed tbat they all would stooa their votes is the rifleshot Its ball, ot ly death woald OK fbllow. He gloried that be lived la th's era, and waf thankful llat he waa permitted to labor for the dowa fodden and Uie oppreasel. Ha counselled his bearers to go to work earnestly and courageously lo sympaby with God and In charity with men, and when the euoof Tuesday night should go down the son of ages would rise, the curtain would fall upon oae bad drain and r# upon another sun glowng wl'.b new life and bope Ifter Tuesday next be thought It would be said ibe win tad passed Ute centre, and from that time for ward ofreasiog and fratricidal wrong wo ill cease. ao.| jurt ice, iqolty, truth, liberty and love would bs eatab shed f*r aver. PlRWlNiY Till RKV. r. K. OP THE (IRKKVR *KKT M*rBODtST BliHTII OWM. Politid, now th? only tcplc of Interest In New York, hat nt legtb reached U>? pulpit, and we are called npon ttie wti to resord a srrm n, tn which It la Ml forta | that polllca aad region ought to he inseparable, In orde' to preMre the I'nkw whole nod entire. A sermon of thlsrhmcler was preacbcl yestrr lay morning by Ue R*t Claries E. Rarrla, of the Greene Street Me thodlat Iplscopal church, an 1 wti listened to by a very large number of people, who, b> their attntlon, manifested considerable internal a the teach :ny of the reverend gentle van. After ike utual e*erclnee, the I'.ev Mr. Harrta aame Wward and aa an Inlrod action stated that he waa a'rald that he ihould say aomethiog that might perhaps tread apon tbi toea of some of hia bearer*, but that he ooald not help IL*. aa there waa but one tour ? to paraue, and that waa tbopelfe of diitjr. Ha to* hta tan from U<' F.ptatla to the Pbllippiana, lat chapter J7lh IMt -'Ut your conversation be aa It he cosaeth .he Uoap- I nf thr lat " After a few prefatory rraarks ha aald that there waa aoaaal?y between the paat government of the aoole; repebl* aad oar own, beoaute the Amrri ma aalloo baa thrown 'ff all alleglaace to the paat American oa re not { lor old bstltotioo* and Ivied Jantlqaltlee They bare no | regard <r veneratiqp for nnrirnt things Ne, ''go ahead" ' la tbeinaotto, and it la oaly natural, for we are oaly fol | lowing the eutopic shown aa by the craw of thr May *<T The ihettay of the Called mates la U aU? the people In Irpenfeat and happy by the exercise of fraa lawa. ftPM InailtKtlooa aad free opinions He waa op|>osed to W Ida A rate aad other a*>tla?. because tfc-y tend ti the creation of mobocraey aad wbererer a or .c eaocee t? tha repibllcan Tonn of government mist be a failure. Bee ides that, thia aort of thing muat hare It* *fl?ct of making tha ? reaeat republic Itk* the paat 'b.nge to be hereafter Aen at aa "goaa f orvver " H? contended that lo be a good cltlsea yo* cnu?t eir-ctae p>Mj to Wod , I and be sfcle to aaa religion la erery thing ? ia our rr?r7 day duties, ta polltlaa, aad to every Ui eg that la:: lencee oar artlons la il ia lira, some will ndoll that rellgioa bit something to do with everything jet politics. aad wb?n a minieier of the u m l-i U'u. bes ip n that Subiect w.:l order bin la step, and 1 tali Mai that the duty of tba a'.rtater I* to peeect Obriai ir or led Mow be wished to know what Carlat sreol , Ce-I ?aa* '? It not to make all reel with a taring and briitberly feel!*,- towards each ether' aad duet n >i politics rone uo lrr this haadt Bit what la palllise* ItttsqoeaMsn be ? said aaower la a short tlm 1 Tn* waa at me when the Kalae l.lqnor law waa consider** poltt.iw, yet -*bea em In later preached upon teiP|*Tanc? end 'J e <tiltof drtnkraeer. be waa t'niehod ipno the sbie'der, sad informed tbst he waa infringing up>>n tberightror the ?eo?le, and shccld stick lo " i*'i?t cru -lfled tni If Tuli ware In be admitted to m <rr?w *? a Mat* he tui pmr* that the Blaster would but k*alio*al ti pre ai.n agaoa*. polfgaay for fear of blT-adlng eme of the raa dents af the new Nlat.e The aame w.'.h ai?-r?y ? u sirter of Bode law c?e <1 ml l?ll wh > they ware ofl>i.d?W when peea< >tleg tn uK the c (?n of the day The lot.-, said he, la ??ill o' p> u je. for the tra* Meaning <?f the word conratealUa, la I he n-rek langeaaa, M eltlreorhlp therefore Ike t*sl might read "Let fow cltl^natofp be aa It b?v??ach the gospe of Christ " So that yoa caaaot aeparate p^ktlM (rim re ligiot), aad if every maa waald only tklak of die wdea be goes to rota thlaga would br very dl fr'oal He would now aas?|^he jiMetlos ef What la polltl'Mf ft la the light nnM of gnverttag. Bo as to better obtain the oeeenltlee of lllh br a nombla?< p>wer, aal to straagibea the mUrioi mating heiween Oie Mate aad the tadlvidaal l'j|ittr?, th#r?fore, waa or ?-?(hi to he a*ove the eanailaana of ?ne* eeekiag and will smMlloa It shoe kl know ?o N >rth <>otb, last nr Wfwtsesach, ehenid reeorl to no chesting, but should knew nnth'og bat tree pair lot n si trith ead falraeaa Why ehoeld (mtltlM be divided from rrliglon ? Ri|lgl >o has always beea latlaiately roaneoted with the to terrsts of the Totted *tat?e, and waa the a*?aa of making It what It Is R?Hglaa baa diaaathr*lled the whole aatloe, an 1 raised na ta tie digaitr of men, making oa all sovereigns la onr own pr -soo If, then, yoa separate johtlea fross rehgtoa ta lb* t'nlted euus, what will ha the resalt - It will fall, w did all the old republtos, who fa I from thi rery e*-n? ea\s? f.wk at Kcgland, who hae all bar power fro* her religion sod trust la tiod, aad owea It to aothlng elae. and the belief and praettoe of religion la the Catted tttaua has had the saaie effert. If we aeparate rell(kn from polttM. we shall ha earned wlb (end aad faetioae. tute latrlgnM aa1 ntevyy of tba people, and we shaU become tha sport of the woetd and th? devil IatrBlHrtiH ?CM?e l e wd -tan*, for navtes, armies and fori* are perishable, but religion I* everlasting. aul with [ Inspiration I ? gul te us we ?boaid be able to show lo the world a government tbat tbe ancient* never dreamed >.f Lot politicians aay thit there la a golf between polities an I religion, and quote K >me m an Initauce wben every thlog la (aft going to decay ; uod they (or her, and wltb Jiutloe argued that the pulpit should not direct tbe people bow to vote. Thta aort of untou he boped tbe lx>rd would deliver them from, but that waa not what be meant by religion In polnlos. No, he meant an individual religion ? i feeling that would direct ua to do right? a feeling that would prompt us ti) do wbit we would not be afraid to anawer tor on ibe dual day of judgment. He wanted that aptrlt In every man, from the President down, and than all could say that their "con veraailon waa aa bwometh tbo gospel of Christ." In oonclualoo he stated that, aa a minuter of <5>d, ho would not attempt to tell or toa'-h tb*m In what manner to cast their vote, whether lor Hell, Hreaklo'tilge, IMuglm it l.)o x>ln , bnt be wanted them to go to the p j I M with a 1 pnwr spirit of brotherly love, and all woull be woll Although tbe sermon was a very long one be w n lis tened to wltb great attention A collection was taken up after the sermon lo order In defray tbo expenses, and after the parting h>mu and henedlctlon , the congre,-t tion retired, tbe male portion of wblcb, we trust, were politically bewailed by tbe Kereread gentleman's discourse. MISCELLANEOUS POLITICAL ITEMS. Look On ron BiKirn RrrriKx ? Black republlaan hire ling*, who are disfranchised themnelvl under tbe eleo tlon law*, are going about ottering to make snail bet with parson* whom they know Intend to support the Union electoral ticket for the purpoco of depriving tbotn of their votea on the day of election. Nbw Yokk Safk for th* Usio* ?The Albany Arpit of the 3d lnat aay* ? Never, at thia point of tlmo prior to an elootion, have our aoooum* from .ill parts of tbe Stat1) been more cheer log or more oertmo'y indicated a democratic victory, rhe enthusiasm In all the rural districts of the State in lntease Crowds II x.k to our meeting* and are eager to join In the good work ofdifeating Lincoln Tin cM?s are altogether outdone by tbe spirit and enthusiasm of tbe country. Tbe republlMn majorities lo all tbe roan tie* nortb and wed of Alhany will be largely reduced; of this wo have tbe mo** reliable asaurancas We lay to our friend* in New York and Knga ami the couutlet south and east of Albany, that If tbey do a* wall a* the northern and weftern count**, compared with tbe past, and make good their pro nises, the State is safe and Lin coln will be defeated. Nrw York City.? The city of New York will thta year cast a larger vote and give a' greater majority against black republicanism than ever before. Tua Rivbr Oortmix ?The I'nlon ticket will go to Albany with a'gty thousand majority. Ta Democratic Emtibatb ?Leading democrat* In Albany estimate the majority ror the Union electoral ticket in thla State at twenty Ave thousand. (?reat RaDrcnojr ?The black repablioan* have reduced the estimate of their majority forty thousand vote*. Toe opposition will reduce it forty thouaand more on Tuesday. Look Orr for ma Win Awirai ?Many of these prac tlced professors in tbe use of the torcb, who are not v > ters, have succeeded In getting tholr names registered, and while they are banging ar >und tbe poll*, ostensibly for the purpose of preventing fraudulent voting, they will ?lip their ballot* Into the boxes. Tmk Grid no* R tti.?oAi> Mij ?The bla-Jc republicans have nominated for re election to the next Legislature of thla State the prime mover, the Dnanclal operator, and ?even of their folio serf, who got up managed and put throogb tbe Gridiron Kallroad bills, the W <st W ishlug ton Market bill, and the Commissioners of Kecorda Koe aat winter. btll Look On roa Srmort Ticket* ?The bla-.k republicans have Issued w bat tbey call atra'ght iMuglaa, straight Breckinridge an 1 Bell lic'teta, and they will endeavor to force tbem Into the band* of oppoaltloo voters. Wnnil? tub K?ow Morwrcni TickbtT? Daniel Pllmann ?ay* ibe I'nlon electoral ticket eoQtatns the name of onl? ote Know Nothing: be fay* thai James I> Ogden, Ha- lei B St John, William K*nt, Jam'* K'da, II -ury II R ?* John Muna, James M. Pulver, mles French and Coarlca H Carrol never barn been members of the Kuoa Nothing party If thta be so, the republican electoral ticket baa more Know Nothings on it than the I'nlon ticket. James O. I'dtnam, elecior at lar*e,an1 W H ' Kobertsm, un tbe black republican ticket, are both Kno? Nothings. The Jiovimber Term of til* Itw Coarti. Tba btvet; the Ofil Monday la tho month, tba buslnc* of the various BUte court* is *upp >eed to commence, but Una la alao election week, and tbo oon*ei|uent oxclteaaen; immediate I; prioadlng and some days auba?<iuant to tlie "earing of tba I'nleo," wilt doubtless tend to stagnate the atieam of litigation for a few day ? Toe universal complaint of want of court aooommoda lion I* mill walled forth, bat mill unheeded by the autho rlllcs mlnee duty It I* to fee tbat the legal tribunal* of i Ma (treat city ibould Do located s tmewbal belter than In mlaeraale and badly ventilated chambers. We And tbo Superior Court holding It* tor iuns la several direction*? atone time In the Marine Court room at another In tho SupervlKir*' chamber; at another over a burr -n i In a public boufe, and for tbe prevent month the Special Tern of tbia Court will be a^Jomao Ulod wits the | chamber of the Doard of Aldermen Tb'ia jarors, wltnea { iea and *v?n ( Usata and levy era themiclves, ?ro puuled to ascertaia where thi* ambnlatory la prtvi.egod | to traar?rt It* boalarts. It la eipeoted that tbe Court of Memoes will be removed to it* old and congenial quarto ra at the Tomb*, and that '.he cpkctoua room now occupied by It at branch of criminal juntos will be bandod over t > the Superior Court, whose ju lgc* are (lad to go any wh*r* from the lltt'e, dlnfy room iver tbe Ore en g no houae, oorner of Centre and Cb?mbcrs street* The vacaocy creatcd by tbe rcslgratloa of .fudge Pierre pent from tbe Superior Court bench (Id conaeq'ienon of tbe bad accommodation), b*a boon filled by J. Whits, Sen , appointed by the Governor, until the people elect their choice to morrow. the Supreme Court General Term will alt th!i mmth. Tbe calendar I* nnuwualljr large Two brancbca of the Circuit Court wilt be held, tbe calendar* of which em braoe tbe ninal amount of action! agalont Insurance com pan lea aad other public Institutions, lactuding rail way companies, fcr damage* done through the grow ne gligence and reck l?a* urn of their servants. We are bap py to see that Juries (sides* (all to (Irs tbe most eaemplary da sages agalast railway aad omnibne companies for Isjurtss ssstalned by our eltlrepa throsgb the carelessness of driver* sr conductor*. The Court of fiyee and Termeer stands adlouraed to Mocdav, the 12th InaUnt , but none of the very serious murder rases will he brought up by tbe District At lort tj until th* stultified section of the act of the lsst Uglslsturs with regard to capital contlclion* I* rspealed or amended. Tbe fa per lor Court will bold a general term and two mat branches The Common P eas will hare two trial breaches aad special term, as will also tbe Marine Uourt. CtLRiRAR FOR M'!*D?T. Srimw** 0>rsv? C??ri it ? Part I.? V * 14*1. 1119, 1?'<7 IMS. 1JCI . 3tM . <M3, 1161, 1453. 1313, 1477 1 J'd UTS 1?. 101 614, ?l& 0*7. JM Part II -N.* !?.??, 1*0*. ism. ioia,s. xoia, iau, mi ltu ioo?, ltTfl, IM.iin, IMC Cr i satos I orsv ? Part I ? No* iK'j. Ml, *18 0*7, ?41 *47, M7U, 7*7, K01,p?3, 7?, 703, 404, ? ?, 411 m 4M, MIT, too, 101 Part It ?Ins 7<M MI.W.IM *40 ?3i M4 CM. 840 *M. *3* *44 *11 *40 W3 Ctrnwm Ptlaa ?Part t -N os 1*M ?7.1, r.1T.3l.1fl, 3143, 3141, 4t4, *>00 WW ITfll 1474, t43, *> I, IT.d Part II? Vi* ?*3 31.1* 31*4 lfltMl /<4,ajl, 340,3*1, 1734, 1*70, 1>73, 1?43, 174*. l*?, 8044 , The Ksvsmbtr Kssslsa ef the 4'mnnion CMHl . 1 Thel ?rd of Alderrret w l| not meet -'nt i *fMt#tey ever, having ad.euraad over for tbe r'? There is r.othk-'g spec's: to rsim* l ef .ro the w 1st' '4 a4'r, aad a* II ey .'tel very sore ab it h?1n ra "jhe I respect'.t g tUe | Pr'ncew. Wales' reoept, ia, we hope toe res^l' of tbe I elect' on to morrow will pi t Uistn la good h< woe, aad i hat tbsy wlP r?onesider toeir action oa the tramnha I ton frow .je Mayor respecting tbe npuM ol sake Rein tag bis Rofal Hlgbaess, of Kaglsad tfltraf* sa tb? AaserUa* Kl?g. aa<| fpeady Keparatloa. to r?r Korrom op r?* sgRti.n. ( rseollect *f reading la the Haa.ii o aoate ttae la A 1145**^ lsst of a gross outrage commuted at Klo H ? Vsw Oraaada. by the revolutloaary teeips aga'aat tSe psrs?^of- tbd/- staed nates OrAil aad the flaf of Ibe Catted States, aad I am happy to leer* by a rwewat arrival from tber* tti?t the commaadar of our sriadroo in ths West ladle*, sa being 'tarfrmed of toe loen't, t? mediate)? despatched the aloop of war SI l>s*ts. Cap lata Poor, with orders to demaad redraws. fb'f rvaasl arrived at Rio Hacha about tbe let of |lejtea?*r, and' tbe C'SMBan^er demanded Ibal Ibe tlag ef toe Ooa sutate should b* hoisted by I wo omoers of the . thai too troops Sbou d Uies He unssr It, aad afterwarda salute It. by torea volleys Although si first Itiey ea daaVorad to evads glvlsg tola saltefa'rllna. Ibey had at past in pesv torongh Ibe Ctadiae fork* by toe paraaptory lerrnah which the Oosimasder aiaHed 111 It is so rar* a thleg to aee aaf ef ths petty fttutb As tor- ( laaa Stale* brought lo aa sc.?-'s?t for UMslts I' our flag Ull Onasato that I bars thought It my doty to give p i> ltcity to the v*ry srsditoble action of tba i*vy tiaswt ?est ia tola i n stoats. P R Vsw Tom, Ms? I !*?<> THE IRREPRESSIBLE CONFLICT. SECESSION MOVEMENT IN THE SOUTH. ?outh Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas to Kori a Southern Coof df racy. A Convention of the Horth and South to be Called to Promote Reconcil ation and to Amend the Constitution. THE ADDRE 38 ALREADY PREPARED. A Virginia Clergyman's Views of the Movement. Wbat a Northern Man in Alabama Toinks of It. OBCiJIZiTIOB or MflfUTE MM. Our Baltimore, Richmond, Bontgouery as4 FrrnaiMJIna Correspondence, *0.. *0.. *9* Important from Richmond. Richm >hd, Nor. 4, IMA. A large and enthusiastic democrUlc moeilng fU bald last night In Metropolitan nail, and *. I dressed by Gen. August, T. 1. Cropper wd Patrick lloory Aylett, District Attorney. Tbe speakers were strong Id favor of disu nion and res la lance In oaae Lincoln was elected, aid ihey were vociferously applauded. Notice* were given out In all tbe cburcbee to day, by tbe clergy, for prayera fur tbe I'moo. Tbere u to be a meeting field In the African cburcb to morrow, for all denominations, to unite in prayer to avert tbe dargcrs tbat threaten tbe ooattry. Politics are raging bigb bere. Men, women, boy* and girls talk about nothing c'se bat politics and disunion. The Ramon In WaeMngton. W-ahbim.tow, Sunday Evening, Nov. 4, I860. Quite a number of letter* have been rooelvcd by tbe Secretary of War from moderate and conservative nen in the Sou lb, asking him to sullon a sufficient num ber of United States soldiers In all tbe arsenals and fbrtl <1 cations In the South to prevent the arms being aetaed by tbe tegroes, who, It Is feared, will attempt Insurrections In tbe event of I.lnooln's election. Mr. Stevens, Chairman or tbe Democratic Executive Committee, to day received tbe following despatch from I. C. Mitchell, of Montgomery, Ala ? Tbe despatch tbat the Brocltinridge Club of this city beld a meeting on tbe 18tb of October, and op-nly an pounced tbelr preference 'or Lincoln's election, in order tuat ibe I nlon may be dissolved, is ao unmitigated false hood. It li low conldrntly suted In <*rcl?? th tt profees to be will In'ormed about Mr Lincoln's purposes, tbat, If olrctcd, he will offer the Depa'taent of State to Mr. Bell, of Tenefisee, and, in case the latter declines, ilea to Mr. River, and tbat In no event will he subject bis adminis tration to tho Incombranso of Identifying Mr. Seward, ellhir In tbe Cabinet or as a Foreign M mister, or In auy other e?| a-ity. This Is not regarded as m*re rrnnir Tbe excitement In lb>- South, however, Is not likely to be al ajed by sucb balsams for its w >unds Tie pro ceediog* in South Carollns, Alabama, Oeorgta and Missis slppl have an air at business more portrnt .us than tbe kudest demons tr at 'ons. Tbe cooventloo :n South Carolina will offer precsdenoe In the secession movement to the other cjtt?n Males, but at tfce rime tlmo will enact nil manures necessary for her separation alone. II cr I?gisla turi meets on Tuesday next, November 8 Toe Bover nor, however, does not tblnk It his duty, under the au thority of tbe Legislature, to Issue h's proclamation call log a convention until the election of President is made by the eh- -tors meeting in tbelr reep."t:ve cute* and cartlrg tbelr votes, which will be done on the flrst Wed nr?day in December He may, perhaps, even wall un til tbe sealed certiorates of tbe electors are broken opso, tbe votes couotri, acd tbe result announced m the pre* ence of Congress, which will take place on tbeseoond Wednesday in February. Tbe Slab*, therefore, that propieed to watt for Alabaam 'may, after all, postpone ac tion for three nvntbs and a half a'ler tbe decision ol I Tuesday neat is practically known Oar lUlllmort CorrtipMiteac*. Bi.ii ? .*? Rh a in*. Important Snl fr<m S"ut\? Mm A ting mi!k Ukf Urcr'lvm P*rtf?A Omvmltm of AU !A? Safe* tobt CuttM I'prn ike Arrxnvm of tKt (\4tnn ttiU*?A Final AdjvMment of tkr. A '?jro '/wttvm M lA* O-notntvm if 411 (V Kal-t ? Oowl ifiafim of the OuUon Pawtr wilk NorlX rm M'inv/tcturrri Agu*ntt 'Mil and ? //uf<rr>cal Uvrrri tim?Uniy C ?y't A mm -an f^iiey, 6c ,6c , We bMl new* from the eitrem* South, wwn wbi Ji ji'nt c?rry gladneee ud pride to erery American hrart. It to now acre* d between tbe Irbdlag trwn of Ue t'BK n parly and tome of Ibe uitra Southern dm to tarr. tbo tecraaioa of the cotton Ktatea Into a eooati tat tonal measure for lb* Baal ar-ulrmrt I of tbe negro qarwt.nn, a r nnmpaalcd by guarantee* which (ball impart peraaaeacy aad rood faith to ibe ad)u?lr?e? t. Am a ddreas, to Be iseued b y tbc seceding IMalea, baa bam agree.1 to Tbti addreee, although accepted by U>a extreme Southern part y, was drawn up by a leading man la the Calm orgaaiaattoa. The eeoe Ilr.g Stalee will aadotibtadly be South Carolina I lor'da, Alabama, Mlaatralppl aad Arkaaaae, poaalbiy Teiaa It la enough to fajr that theae !>Utea, la with* drawing from the l a loo upon the election of J.tocola , will call upon the North to meet them la eon res . tloa, aa provided by the coastltatloa, there It *H tie the baa II upna which tbla domestic af'Ulioa la to be arranged and dlipoeed of. I bare ??en the draft of the ad Irea* aad Ita tone aad temper are srfaira hie. There ta nothing calculated to era ate angry fee'lBg at Ibe North The reaenna for the witb Irawal of the a? nroitg f-tatee fr> m u>e I uioi are net forth in acinar, a'gn mcrtatlre manner. t wheb tbc motive ta declare! That motr.e ia eot ibe deatrpctnn of the American I'aiia, but la prearrvatloa Tee addrret then goea on to o mstder the bo|nle?? j? aitton of Uie Smith before pobltn optSioa at the North the utter derimet en of her poeltlon la tbc II. ?e of Rrpreeeolsliree, and her event isl Iwi of tb< Senate There being but two alternative* be'.nre tbe <b.?tb*ra peiple, either a blind aubm a* inn to ' Be free negro tbeor ea of Iba N'iribern States, or a final appe* t . tbe letrt'lffi see of tbe pablle mind, mate ta a mis ner lo arreei atteattoa ud command reep-ct, tb< wr I 'rgHaW* aKItavowiog thetr 4e rot Ion to thec< aat tiitww ai d t>etr drelre lo lira witb'a tbe aplrtt aad vary let er af ibe eMnpaot of t'alon, eaii up?a their V irihera berth I r?a to m?et tbem lb correnuon, aa Wfire ? tared Tbi , frrraea of Ibia mowmetil loo* to tiie M?aw lo r?"r '?>* . ? t'emtlre aentljient of Ibe North la aopp f th ? Ca oe mo?em?nt Of oo-i rae th i retjeioe po! j d ^ ? not ?nlt Mr Rh 'tt ,w Mr frtee ia T b y a-a i ? ua on lata jwr ?*, aid deaira a rwrwianent d>?-.p? ? ol 'he go?? n m<t i, aad tbe formaitoa of a Poatb era roatade,ary But tbe gr ?t rnv of the M?tM rtgbta party of the aere-vt g Walea aarneatly lee r* the preservation of Ibe Ca?oe. If It eaa be a. ? mipitahed wttbia tbe iimlta aad nf* awpoiated ixmdiiioaa of Ibe caatltottoeal aompaet lllib atgB'ftranl nrcoa?ataeo* ih*l tbta woremeot cornea from ibe PmilberB l-adera of tbe Catoa party Heeling as II dorr Ibe elabea of tbe great majority of the aaeraaloa party rf ibe laeth, we may Boar expert tbereeWaaor IJscolat rle??ma to take a cmaarra lire aad ametl'uttooal form The dtanatoa men per i fa' ibio the affair berauee ibey are ooatleat that la Ue , end thrlr et<r.mep4lry wit be ooo firmed Mr Rhftt ?a Cm In U.? emrlctloa thai lb* Nortbar* Malta will I either a< l meet tbe I* -alb la c->o rent roa, or, II dotag it tbai tbe c < mxrda af tb< Maotb will act be yMded l* or ?e reree?BM guarantees proridad by aa ameadaaeal .f II; r ratiinttoa Mlerlag tbla, be glraa way tar tbe mo.r.i ct. le Ue bMief tbe leal aad erteene warw> I rri poard by "ooth Carolina will reserve moral anpport i freai the fact of the Northern peop'e ref relnR lh? last effbr of Ue I aloa man 1 d.flbr wuh Mr I Rhett on uia anbieet I baliere tbe Nortbera people trill meet tbe Soutb ia tmanattoa <<aee together fans to flee, entirely dtsconrwcted ffw Mala laflaaaoe* aad Corgreaitoeal oorrnptloa, this llarery Isaae, Ihna enna idered upen lie owe aaerlle, will be ' adjusted ft! adjualaseat will aot. bowerar, be mada apnn a aacttoaai baaia or through local HI imkm atno*. Petering as Ibis negro laber qneatlon does Istoall the ram l final loss of onr political syatem, the ooeastoa win att be lost by those who ta Iractag tbta nafortaaata free aegro agitatmo detert ereeywbere the dplomaty aad prrpraei of I "gland aad the fa m*rat?o whom ma

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