Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1860 Page 1
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THE'NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8825. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE ELECTION TO-DAY. Volls Open 6:35 A. BE. Polli Close ? ? ? ? ? 4; 03 F. M> SHALL NEGROES BE ENFRANCHISED? A Question to be Decided at the Polls To-day. WHO ABE EHTITLBD TO VOTE. kapertant khraaUM te !loi>-Regfctcr?4 fetert- OaMe for Id too Toters PUeee for HoMlag the Polk? Facts Worth iMthg- Boundaries of (be Ctty CoBgrctOonal Districts. lole Early, and Take Your Neighbor Along With You to the Polls, fte.. Ac., Ac. INDEPENDENT UNION DEMOCRATIC TICKET. Ticket! to be Cut Oat and Folded at the Breakfast Table, Beady to be Dropped Into the Ballot Boxes. TOM ELECTORS or FRESIPKNT AND VI CI PRESIDENT OF TlIB CNITED STATES, GREENE c. BRONBON, HEM AN J. BEDF1ELD. RRLAH B. BTRONO, JOHN n. BROWER, JACOB A. WBRTBRVELT, ELIJAH r. ri'RDT, WILLIAM A. KOBBI, J. DKPEYETER OODKN, WILLIAM B. DOT AN, STEPHEN P. RUS8EL, ABRAHAM B. CONGER, DANIEL B. ST. JOHN, KLI8HA r. STRONG, WILLIAM EENT, MARTIN BP RINGER, JAMBS HDD, KAIAB BLOOD, HRNRT B. BOSS, btethxn d. DAVID C. JCTJ80N, CHARLES OOODVEAR, GEORGB C. CLYDE, JOHN MINN, ambrobb s. moorvs, Ll'Cira B. CROCKER, PEARSON MTNDY, JOHN M. BTRONO, EDWIN M. ANDERSON, JAMES M. PCLVEB, MILES FINCII, CHARLES B. CARROLL, ADDISON OABDINKR, JOHN B. 8EINNKB, 2D, LORENZO BITIROWS, WILLIAM WILLIAMS, CALDWELL. FOB KXnUCBKNT ATITI IN CONOBX88, BENJAMIN WOOD. FOB RIFRKSKNTATIV1 ?? CONOBE83, JAMES E. KERRIGAN. FOR KKPRHRKNTATIY* IN C9NQRB83, NELSON TAYLOR. rO* UriUBXNTATITl IN CONOKBS8, JOHN COCHRANE!. FOB UTRMHTATITI IN CO W)UH, ELIJAH WARD. FOB RKFRSSKKTATIVI IN CONSBM 18 A AC C. DELAPLAINE. yob m i itrtB of niK city and conrrr or n?w tobx , MATTHEW T. BRENNAN. FOB JTHT1C1 OF THE TmiWl COCBT. GEORGE G BARNARD. FOB JTBTICB OF TTT1 rmin* COTBT * tb? ( itj or Now York, ta ptooo or Jum W WhlW. BMKi'atrd lo All TAcaacy oiCMtoaod by ibo reoifHAi ?o U M ? trdi Pwvrepont, FREDERICK A. TALLMADGE. FOB BKORPBB. ABRAHAM D. RUSSEL. W* CTTT rrVf.M, JOHN fl. MoCUNN. W* "t-BBOOATt, EDWARD C. WEST. AOAIN8T tin rBOPWF.D ambnihukt in relation to SUFFRAGE. FOB tvrf RTl^OB, CHRISTIAN SCHWAR2WALLDER. INTERESTING TO YOTEBS. We publish to-day an additional fond of Information b?ar ng upon I be election to da y. Before another ran ?ball riae the citlsena of this city and of the Union will have dec lied whether a test tonal and fhnatleal President and party (hall rule the destinies of the aatlon, or a cm ?tltotlonal party, active for the equal admin titration of federal affairs to all State* , regardless of aectlonal boun daries or plaoee. We hold the above a a the Important and absorbing question of the day; but la the din of the election battle we muat not forget the fait that oar Con greae tonal, State and county ollioea have also more or less Importance. To preserve our constitutional obllga tlons Intact we must, From the least to the greatest, Ig nore everything 1 1 not u red with black republicanism. OUR CITY NOMINATIONS. *>? C0X?*V-, Tammany ft Cnlon. I? Beojtmln Wood j .hloomLrford 5am?iSy and *>sart. g? Neiron Taylor ' William Wall Mo*. , Douglas Desn. t? Eltjah Ward . .. . .. Hepublumn. Augnf lot * ? nlmivfil S? Iraac C. IVlaplaine ???i?n. Abram V* akeman "*PUD MEMBERS OF ****??**> [hit- Hwart. 1? John Callahan. W|>?h 3? Wm. Mo&Tuley Qeorge' Ha t^^T.We^. *SRSST' ? law. V HtH. ?? J#bn Lt !ke K OMaW?!,0r l?I^e?^y. ^rimpbeu 11? George J. Campbell. ^Srew 13 ? Thomas HiBjniJ- R^rt c'Hnwhtnga 14_THeodore JT^ oorbl? W Vartan. I.-, ? George W. \artan. a Arculartua. 18 ? Crandall Rich. } ? jooee. 17? Sydney P. Ingraham. -"7 HnutUxm joaepbTeairdlnw 1? Jacob L. Smith. a % ? Daniel Uamy. w H (jiiaon. ,_SS3V"?-. ESV2S. John Conway. idward A. Fraser. 4? Wm. O- Sbea. Wilson Greene 6_ Cbas. ?*%&?... Andrew Craft. ?_Saml. T. WeWter. Hora?to N. Sherwood 7_Danlel Young. Rob*.. B. Boyd. 8 ? law. K. Hill. Cummlnga H. Tucker 9 ? Charles H tanei. B Hooper. 10?john ftii'ey , Jr. I^breobt. U-W. M?Cooke^ J ?. Btrdsall. lj ? Geo. J. Campbell. 1(Me ponda. IS? Tbomsa Hl?ms. ^wkrd 0 Johnson. 14? Bdward Mar ray- Dennis MoCabe. 15? Geo. W.\ arlaa. Jotn p. camming ItsydMy" P lD?^ ^cufwOimiATIOlCfc Vt W YOM COUNTT AKDJTWC nmmam. KSS,0*" Sum-ate McCain John H McCuna. City Judge Jsms^ I.ymS. Mat. T. Brenn^ SSSSSr-::::"'. Snrr.yata johnH Livingston. John Sedgwick. ouy Judge Joyw h? johnKeyser. f^Swiswaelder.Wsa. B- ?uari. Supervisor M Urto^r Jo^> Lever ulga. Ke'r00" .::: - Surrogate ^^ttlnN Tro?t?Cbarles Peck. **>"* M- Btntnger. Supervisor u ^ THE .POLLING DISTRICTS. F1KVT WAR1>. All who reside on the southern Ride of Liberty street, or of Maiden lace, from Ita junction with Liberty to Booth street? locudinf dwellera on Governor'*, EiUls' and Bedloe * island-? are In the First ward, ud will vote in dlstrlcls described as follows 1?32 Greenwich street a? if Greenwich street. 3 ? 118 Greenwich street. 4?31 Depeyster itreet. 6?101 Broad street. 8BCONP WARP. All whe Bto east or on the eastern side of Broadway, on or above the north side of Liberty, and on or saio ? the south side of Spruce, Kerry street an 1 Peck slip, are In the Second waial. and the.r voting 1 strict* ara as for lows ? 1? No. 8 Th' at re alley. i ? Uirlinj slip. THIBP WAED. All who live west of the middle of Broadway and be' tween the middle of Liberty aad the middle of Reads streets are In It r Third ward, and v?ts by dMrlcti as follows ? 1?190 tireenwlch str -et 2-4? Koblasoa street. 3-260* ?reenwieh street. f? No 3 Hudsos street. FOURTH WARP. TVs wsrd IMS on the north sids of f?rrooe, Fsrry street and P<ek slip, east of Nassau, Chatham street and the Bowery , aad eitesds north to Catharine "tree I. District ed as follow*:? 1?11 laoob street ? ?266 William suest. 8? II New Bowery. 4? ST Cherry street. 6- tt Ian. a street 6- 61 Cherry it reel 7?48 Catharine street. fifth wars. All wlro live west of Broadway aad betweea Reads and Canal streets (so- an ng always the roadway of each itreet) are in the Fifth ward, and will find their districts as follows ? I ? 1*3 Frackl'n street J? 34 White street. 3? S3 Isonard street. 4?4 B> aih street. 6? 183 !<<ian? street ?? .tel Hrreawlch street. 7?74 Latf bt >ueet 8?472 I ana treel. M1TH HIP B- f :si at the lower end of the Park, aad embraces the wboir rtgxm betweea Brae Iway on the west, aad Park row, I Lai ham ? tree t and Bowery oa the cast, ss far north ar Canal street lis district! aad polls are ss follows ? 1?1 Tryon row 1? - ith Ward Hotel, Centre aad Reade itreet* u-.8C.ty Ha. p are 4-1 ? I^oeard -ireet - (entre street 6? 7 tl ill-erry itrret 7 -'.?ar<l tr<et 5-M l'im street. ?? ki.aa tic warden, El /a>eth aad Wa.ker -treet srvrnth warp. Th.f ward * bounded by Cathar as. Division aaJ Grand streets atd the ast r .var ;n e?ect n . sti . ts ars da snibs<t ae follow i ? I M rast Broadway. l*.'i t h?rry etreet 2? 130 Madison ilmt. 4? 184 Cherry *1 reet. 6 Ml Pile street 6- 173 Mnam itreet 7_v.. | M ntgemery street V- 3M Mirrry itreet 9_.v., 2 <? >nv?rseur street. 10?80 i.i ^veiaenr street. 11?179 Monroe street. ik.itth warp. Th* ward '.aelcdss all west of Broadway aad above Uacal or to Hoostoa aad Haaicersiy street* Decllea I.SU'CtSSS f ? ows ? 1?64 Wo<isl er street J? M Thempaon street. 8- No a Car* street 4? 2 Dam. sick street I? 400 rtreeaa ich street. ??110 Woneter ?'ree< 7-141 Unreal street ?? 144 T.rleh strs. t. 0?lkl V rieR (tree. 10?803 V rich svree. 11 808 tar tat street IB? 118 Charlton strrst. utirrn ward. [ This ward iisa wsst of Ptxth sveane. its socth lias ros ?l?? threap Qaemlas, Mess fear, Han-ook aad Hamersley ssassta, sa# erteade north to Fourteenth street 1? m 8rssssm stresi. 2? MB Radeon itrwt. *-*???>? Bui W i saa, ?ii>r aad Mortoa st reeta ?-U Cfernsifhsi ? r I ? 16 Seventh arneoe 0?48 Hammond ? tree I. 7?33 Fourth street. 8 ? M6 Hudson street. 9?18 Fourth street. 10?4 Bethune ? rtel. 11?80 Perry sir**t. U-097 tireenwUn street. TENTH WARD. Thia ward la enoloeed between Division Street on the ?oath and Rvngon >treet on the north, Bowery on the west, and Norfolk street on the east. It baa the following districts 1? Tenth Ward Hotel, Broome and Foray th streets. 3?73 Allen street. 3?08', Orchard street. 4?62 Hssex street. 6?80 Hester street. Bowery. ELBTONTH WARD. This ward Is the region east of Clinton street and are nne B, from Ri vington op to Fortieth street. The election districts are these ? 1?141 Attorney street. a? 118 Pitt itreet. 3? 373 ?l?nton e'reet. 4?90 Lewis street. 6 ? 79 Houston street. 0?38 avenue C. 7?7 avenue C 8?349 Tblrd street. ft? Colon Hall, cori.?r of avenue C and Fourth street. 10?186 Lewis street. 11?89 avenue I). 13?316 Stctb street. 13- 330 lug Lib slrett. 14?121 avenue D 16?410 Tenth street. 10-396 IC**i tenth street. 17?13 Dry Dock street. 18?217 avenue C. TWELFTH WARD. nils la the whole of the Island above Eighty sixth street. 1? P MoGann's, Bloomlngdale road, near 96th St. 3? Kast sloe 8d av. , between 88th and 89th s a. 3? 'Jbar lee Habn's DOOM, 119th St., one door W. 3d ST., south side. 4? Wm Mansfield's, N. W. eor. 194th St. and 8d ar. 6? N. W corner Manhattan St. and Broadway. 9?1 W. corner 168 th street and Tenth avenue. THIRTBKNTH WARD. Itla ward lies Just saat of the Tenth, enclosed by Nor folk, Riving ton, Division and Brand etreem, and the last riTsr. 1? 190 X Broome at root. 9?90 Attorney street. 8?87 Wll>ett street. 4 ? 111 Broome street. 9? T Uoerck street. 9?94 Wans In street. 7? 14 Suffolk street. 9?49 Cannon street. FOURTONTH WARD. IRMward 9lla tbespaoe between Broadway and the Bowery, frtm Uml to lions ton street it baa the tea following districts ? 1?973 Mott street. 3?31 Prince street. 9?43 Prince street. 4?179 Kllaabeth street. 9-14 Marion street. 0?174 Urand street. 7?990 Mott Street. 8? SOO Hester street. 9?198 Mulberry str< et. 19?216 Heater street. FTFTRKNTB ward. Thia ward haa.for Its southern boundary a line ranntag west frees tbe B iwtry, 1 trough the middle of Houston, Ilanoock, Bleecker and CaraiM streets, to Sixth avenue, which boeada^lt c a tbe wast. Its aaatern line la tbe Bowery and Fourth arenoe, and ltatopa at Fourteenth street on tbe north. 1?134 Amity etreet 3? Nor b-a?i corner of Sullivan and Bleecker streets. [3?191 Mercer street. 4?139 Waver ley plftce. 6?116 Eleventh itieet 0? Mel baum's barber tbnp, No g West Eleventh street. 7? Nor'heast rorcer Washington place, la Cnireralty. ft? 013 Broadway tt? 148 Kaat Tenth street. 10?08 West Ibiruentb street. SIXTEENTH WARD. This wtrd includes all weat of Sixth avenue, between fourteen i. and T*ot<y sixth streets. Section districts are as fo wwi ? 1?73 4 .en it *niiM 3 ? 109 Seventh avenue. 3 ? 1&9 <*veath avenue. 4?323 Sovmth avenue. 6?303 R'gbtb avenue 0? 200 wv"' ?eveote?Btb Street. T? 111 Ninth aeeeue. 8?91 Tenth arenoe. 9 ? 100 Nibib avenue 10?434 West Twentj Orth street. atVRNTKEKTH WARD Thia wa-d fills Us space between Bowery aad Clinton, and Fouria'avem a sad avenue B, from Blr logton up to Fourteea h street 0 strtcted thus ? 1-933 Bowery. a ? 383 tfuustnn Stfct. 3? 104 'Ik street 4?83 *e<oi>d avenue. 6?19 Stitli street 6? Nonhweei corner of Sixth street aad f ?-3t are sue. 7?116 East Tvelflb street. 8?200 ? ut Thirteenth street. 308 First avenue 10?119 East Eleventh street 11?133 avenue A. 13? i3 a enue t, c< rner of Fourth street. 13 ? 116 Houston street 14?381 Feat Thirteenth stmt. 16?104 K.eventh street. lft? 9 ' avenue A 17-137 ? Third street. 19?180 Seoood street MDTBKTI WARP. TbW M tbc whole region Milt of BtSth ITMul from Fourtaaath to Twenty tilth atract 1? A3 (Jaton plar* 2? i?t tilth Avenue 3? 70? Went Twenty fourth at , 9. K ooredf ?rth ara 4 ? N W e waar FiiVaath >traat i*d Third ???bo*. 6 ? N V ooraer ftaventeeutb itre?t and Third avaana. 6 ? ft K. corner Twenty nooad IW* Md Third imu*. 7? S K ooraer Twenty third Hwt and Third araaua. I? V. W romer Fourteenth ft reel aao Ftrat avenue 9?339 laai rubteaath meet 10? ft W -ort'T Twenty aeoon I itraat tad Seootd ara 11? \ortbweat romer of Twnnly third itraat and lit nr. 13 ? v.utheaM roraer of SeTPcl*?i th (treet and lit it. 13? soaUieaal corner of Twentieth atraet and lat a*. 14? dautbeaat ooraar of Twenty third itraat mJ av. A. KIKITBVrS WARP. All earn of Sixth avenue, from fortieth itraat to alfhty ? itb itraat 1 ? f Jarre j l. cor Fourth avenue and Forty aarond it. a? 9C9 Peoond arenaa 3 ? Kdwd Pair-ll'l, 91 it It , between lit Md 3d ava 4 Franc ta fttaftom, 3d tr , bet 79th ft 79th ita , ? ilda. I ? souUieaai comer Third avaana and Kifhty fifth at. rwrsTirrn ward. All weat of Sltth avenue from T weatyHxth to Fortieth itraat. I? j'.9 Weat Twenty lerentb itraat. 3-319 fen Ih avenue 3?347 Vint 1 ?venue 4 ? jw Weat TVrtj ? ilh Urea' . t ? 430 Tenth arenaa 9? 194 Welt Twenty ravaath Itraat 7? 40 J Ninth avenue 1 ? 436 Ttfhlh arenue V- !'t fteventh atenoe 10?31. Haven th avenia. 11?343 fteventh avenue II?179 Weat Thirty third Itreet 15? .391 HavetUi areaoa. 14 4 at Seventh avenue twkkty ftrjt ward. Thia ta the whole region eaat of Sixth kvanae. rroan Twenty tilth to Fortieth itraat. Platrtcta aa folkiwi ? 1?179 Cant Tweaav Mventh itraat %? MrCahr't 391 Thlid a venae. 3 499 Record ? venue 4? ft F. ear. THirty f' nrth itraat and -xwoad avaana. I ? SM -Ventd avenue #?4 "4 ftecnd avenue T? 751 V'-oni avenue 9?464 Third ? venue 9-^M Lei la ft on avenua, near Thirty third itraat. 10?444 Fourth avaana. 11? 3?9 F"urth avenue 13? N a nor Twenty eighth ilraat Md froadwav. 13? 1J99 Br. alway 14?691 ftllth avenue TW9KTT 9ROOWP WARS. All went of t ith avenue, from 4Mb u> 99th at. 1? MS 9?h aa , bat ??th ana 41at ata , a a Hkar. ??906 W 43 1 It , bet ?th Md 9th ava , a 9. 43d ?t 9-19S W 43 i iv ? hat 9iR and 9th ava . a a. 93d at tat w 44. b at , bat 9th and 9ih ava . Natlaaal Ball. It9 W. Forty fourth itraat. batweaw 9Ui and 9th ava. 9?5. K ooraer Nlrtb aveaae Md Forty atlth atrwM T? 1?1 Weat Forty afith at. , bat Broadway MM Wh av 9? a a aor 9th av and 49d it , bet 47th mTmui ata. 9 ? f aide Uth a? . hat 49th aad 4Mb atf, about any feet north of 49th at , oa 11th a*. 10 - 949 9th av twenty a va that north of 40th at , oa weat ride o f 9th av. 11-?4Viath av . bat 431 ad 4*i h ata, twenty teat i uth of 4Rd at. waat itda of 9th av. 12- W l Tth av , 94 ft a 4Tth at , bat idth and 4Tth ata 15? of Broadway, betwaea Wily fourth aad maty Afth atraaia, at the ham af Jaha fidii lir 14? fl ?? (or Trath awawa w4 Srvauty ihtk 9W99I WHO ARB ENTITLED TO VOTE. Every white m?le citizen, twenty -one yean old, is en titled to vote, provided te has lived in the Stale one yen r, In the oouny four months, and the dlairio. thirty day*. It la required o" naturalized eltlaena, howsvar, that thay shall have been natnvmllied ten dayi be.'ore the eleeMoB. Foreigners most have lived Ave yean la the country, and given two year* notice before a court, In order to en title theas <o naturalization. But If they oomo to thi? country nnder the age o eighteen, the two years not lie is dispensed with, and It is sulticieot that they have Uvtxl Bva years In the country. Tnoee whose parents were aeturalzed before they were twenty one years old are entitled to vote aa If boru la the country. Those whose father, having made his declaration o' (n tent ton, has died before actual naturalisation, are also en titled to vote Persons born out of the United States, of fathers who were eltisens at the tine of their birth, are entitled to vote. Persons who have made, or are directly or Indirectly Interested In any bet or wtgtr, depending on the result of the election, tre not entitled to vote. l oiored men can only vote who possess freehold real estate worth t260,on which tbey have ptid taxes. Convicts of any crime punltihaole by State prison can not rote, unless pardoued and restored to the rights of cltisenship But, besides tbe preceding requisites, It Is also necee vary tbat every sltizen should he registered in order to ectltle hln to vote HhouM he negleot this, he will hare to mako aflllavlt or llf nllaa aav is t'> the rsaaoa why h S wsa cot registered , and also produce the evidence of a householder la tho distri t to prove himself entitled to vote. Tbe voter must a'so have resitted one year In this "late, four months in the county and thirty days In the eleotion district In which be offers to vote

WHO CAN VOTK FOR PRBSIDtNT. to Til* sorroa o? tub iisrai d. Tbe HUle memorandum in this day's third column, first the BaaALn, headed "Who can vote for ('resident," la a mistake No one can vote for member of Oongreas who Is not qualified to vote for Assemblymen. (Oonst. U. 8 , art 1, see. 2 subd 1 ) But tbe constitution of tho United States does not pre scribe the qualifications of voters for ('residential electors. It leaves tbat subject entirely under tbe control of tbe respective States. (Oonst. 0, S . art 3 sec 1, subd 2 ) Many persons may be umble to vote for Assembly I men and men Mrs of Ucngress who, neverthelees, can lawfully vote for Presidential electors I Any one who can vote for Governor of tbo stats can vote for Presidential electors. (Const. State of N. Y , art. 2 sec. l.) GLASSES OF VOTERS. There will be two cltfM o I rotors at this election ? 1? A oJaas entitled to vote for Electors. Oounty, .Tudi clary, and Supervisors. taring been a year in Ux Stale ana four months In the oounty, but not thirty day* in the Congressional, Intoblj and election districts. '1 ? A cJasa rbtltled to rote for Hector*, Countv, Judl clary, Congress and 8upervteera, but not AMetnbly, not bavmg been thirty day* It the Aseemhly or eleatioo dls trlct. A roter uuat have lived four moatha In the coun ty , however. la addition to oee year ta the State, In w der to rota for aven electors. H CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS OP THIS CITY. THIRD DISTRICT. Thta district ta oompoai J of the Klrst, Seoond, Third, ruth and Eighth wards of New York. FOURTH DISTRICT. The Fourth District oowprlsss the Fourth, Sixth, Tenth and Fourteenth wards. FIFTH DISTRICT. This district IS eosspesed of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth. F rteesth ?Hd Sixteenth wards or Brooklys, aad ike Seventh and Thirteenth wards of New York. THE WITH DISTRICT Consists of the Eleventh, Fifteenth aad Seventeenth wude. THE SHVKKTH DISTRICT Is made up of the Ninth, Siitcenth and Twentieth war da. Till R1SHTH DISTRICT Takes in the Twelfth, Eighteenth, '.Nineteenth, Twen tieth, Twenty Qrst and Twenty -second wards. Tt? TUB DEMOCRATIC ELECTORS OF THI THIRD CON URRS-'IOJ**!. DISTRICT. In the HlkiUi of Sunday there appeared a card aononac lag my withdrawal as a candidate tor Congress. 1 would state that In two or three days 1 stall publish the full de tails connected with my withdrawal. I would simply state to day that In aocor lance an Invitation from Mr. Joahua J. Henry, Chairman of the I'aion Elecnml Committee, to Mr Wood acd mfseif, ths diQareaoes b<< I ween us w?re submitted to arbitration I selected a friend of many years' suudlng, and in whose lodgment and segiiclty I fell the fullest oonddenoe, to act in my t>e half; and at a very late hour on Saturday night It was asnjunaed that my withdrawal from the fl'ld bad been agreed upon My reluctant card was issued In pursuauoe of this agreement, because 1 was honorably bound t> abide the event of the oonf?reoce. I oonsented ti the, not osly bvcauer I considered my pjaltioo in pregnable, but 1 felt booad. under a bigb sense of duty to the democ.iatlc party and the country , not u> stand in the way of a democratic triumph te the .iietrict. JOHN C. MaMKK. IMPORTANT TO NOS REGISTERED VOTERS. Besides ot* er reqaisl'es. it ts also necessary that every ettlsen should be registered in order to entitle him to rote. Should be neglect this be will have to make iffldavit n ?lection day at to the rea son why b- was not registered, snd also produoe the evidence of s householder is the district to prore himself entitled to rote. Inspsctors Is New York city oen.ioi admtsister iheee oaths There M no suthorlty giren. CJnly commissioners of deeds sad notaries pub lic may administer. These atl.darlta aad oaths should be prsserred by the poll clerks If signed by a commissioner or notary is blank before the roter stgss, It ts s nullity. Lf t m<s cbangsS tus rssidsncs between the Wednesdny prerioas and U>* day of election it Is believed be may vote, en Far* lab tag that as a reasoo la his affidavit, and giving bis hsusshslder oath. Voters who, from abeeoce. sickness or sosae other rsoN, have Called to get registered, can nevertheless vote by maklag aOidartt on elect toe day at the polls that they are entitles to do so, aad aubotaatiate their claims by the oelh o* a household, r reetdlag Is the district. To aare trouble, it will be well foe them to tare the af ?da it psspv** beforehand aad some neighbor sprten to for a witness. The follow lag Is a Oorrect f irm of the affidavit ? Tir -f. ? - *<etas dnlr sworn, savs that be M m* area/ before the Hoard ?? Saatatry of F.ioetma dwtrVt H& ? ? . of i he i iws of (or of tke eleruoe die trtet of the war! of ike ray of . no the 1ar of thel: last massing for eocredii.g ih? a> babel* a. Itai .rf fvra of eat'! ttatrtc foe 'k- reaar n i*i ' b? ?l> U?n alet and us able t" at# ad 'he said meeii-,? " or aar other reaaoa. aa tbai be ?aa aheoat aa..' dtstrVi or "ibat he waa detained from lakl meetiue ?r other oerea arv ewip?i| maul" ("or bast aesa' > or kr atefcaeos in kis family he. John smith. Same to this day of - 1*1 |>*rSCTOR? OF Riser I OK HAVS Till FOWF.R TO AD MIMSTUt OATHS TO I'HRSI. I-'TRSII" votsrm. Arroaas. 's ivrnt, \ Nsw Yosi, Nor ?, ItH. J Joeat ? J Hssst, ??i . Ctairmee ? pnsa rm? I ch? rfaliy ejwpii your request to atate my ? piatoa Is regard to the power of Isspect irs of glertieo ta ad mis later the oath to s ''bouseholdsr of the dietrtrt," whkh IS required bv the act known as I he Sffstry law, tn prove that aa Obregietered eiector i* "an li.bai>ltast ot the Listrtct " The law does aot, In espresa terms glre that powtr bat it seems to be nearly lt? in ten'.ion. from the laagu*?> ^mpt' t >4. that ib>-jr ahail a* ersiee the power, and. ladeerl. so<-.h action ?n their p?'t seen* aimoet udie, ?i.ealne to tte practical operstlen. S?. atna g >s my ronr1< tloa on tins point I fbould ?"t mvs tf beaiute to admtn ster the oatb If act: at as an !nst?rtor of Etertlen Kespecti.illr >'.ura. ^ NKiiios j MArntBt nr. CIXiem?. THE RTORKM. TO THK EDITOR OF THS HkRtLD. New Yoas. Nov 6. ISSf. Mam merchaats. with a fee hag of pair iotiam. have agreed to cloas their doors to day but there are tboae who may not And It oooreeleat to do so. They mitfttt, however, rloas ftom twelve o'eleck, thus giving thorn time to attend to aay uaSn ebed bualaeas they may de sire to "A half a loaf is l etter then none at all " TAtJU'it THE CAKDIDATE rOR SUrRRVIf?OR. TO THS kDTTOR OF THR HBRALD. Nsw Toaa, Nor ft, HSg Will you be kind en< agb to announce through the colonies of your raluakle paper that I am aot s oaadl date for Superrlanr, ha v lag docllaed the honor conferred oe me by the Hrecfelarldge and lane Conrention Mr Christtaa Schwarrwaelder la the nomln<? of that party. L. f. Ha*W* ?N. POLICE Ar,RAN<>RMENTH. The Oeneral BapsrtnlsnSsst of Pol lee; has ceased s re serve force to bo kept is each pones statlan daring the gay , to ho railed apm in ease af aay Itstsibaass Is their respective precincts, sad s fcrss of sag comprised of Uo Broadway squad, stoamboa aqual, and MMtlT* foroc, to bo stationed under Gapl. Wailing, at headquarters. THE ELECTION AND THE TELEGRAPH. Messrs J. D. Raid, L. G. T.UoUon and J. Onto, super lutendents respectively of the New York, Albany and Buflhlo, New York and Erie, and Oawe?o and O. dens ?nrg telegraph lines have kindly signified their willingness to co operate with the preaa In giving to 'bo public tbe re suit of the election In this State. Their linen will b ? teld open all Tuesday ntgbt, and every effor will be made to forward all tbe returns which can be procured The press are under great obligations to these gentlemen for , their untiring attentions in years past, aod tbe present occasion will be but a renewal of indebtedness. IMPOBrANTFROM 80U Ttt CAROLINA. Meeting of tho Legislators? Message of tlka liovirsor- Immediate Secession lle (ommtBded In Case of Liacoia't KUt tlon? Ten Thousand Volunteers to bo Kmolltd-Fllty Thousand (Georgians Pledged to Assist South Carolina. ?fce. Coii MHiA, 3. C. , Nov. 6 ISA). Tbe Legislature me-. to day. There Is an evident dls position to act lnitead of talk. Ttie I/yislauire or ganised, aad recc vel the Governor'.- Message Therein be suggests that the Legislature should, in view of tbs tlirestenlsg aspect of allalrs, remain In srssloa, and take uctlon to prepare ibe State for the crisis. Ho earnestly recommend!, In case Lincoln Is elected, an Immediate call of a Convention to determine the mode and measure of redretis. He says he, Individually, oonsiders recession tbe only alt- matlve left, that the Indications ilio* the seoeasloo of South Carolina would instantly bring about that of the entire South, and that if the general govern meot attempts coercion, our solemn duty is to meet force by force; and he promises to carry out the Convention's decision during the remainder of his term, regard lean of hazard. He recommend! military reorganization, aid that every man In the 8tate, between tho ages of eighteen and forty five, should be armed by tho Slate with tho moat efficient weapons of modern warfare. He rtcommends raising Immediately ten thousand volun leers, to be In readiness at the shortest notice, with other preparations, conscious that we are oon tending for our firesides. We may, lay! the Governor, trust our cause to the keeping of the Supreme DUpoier of events. Tbj message was made the special order for Tueslay noon, and the Legislature adjonrned. The conviction of the necessity of secession t? hourly gaining ground. The federal officials of Charloston are Sitd to have their resignations written. At the celebration In Savannah of ^ie completion of the Cbarlefton and Savannah Railroad, the Mayor of Sa van nab pledged tlfty thousand Georg ians to rush to the assistance of South Carolina If coeroed. Collector Ool co ik, of Charleston, mace an eloquent disunion speMh. Mr. Buchanan was toasted as the last of an illustrious llna. There Is tbe greatoit em 1 1 miasm for a Southern oonfede racy here. Every hat has a cockade, and all minds are resolved to Bght. Coit-MmA,Nov. 6? H P. M. A caucus was held to night, at which It was ascertain ed that a large majority or the Legislature are for Invno dial* secession by Stale action. An ImsMDle crowd assembled this evening at the Con garee Hoose ana serenaded Senator Chernov fie spoke long aad eloquently, deelarlog the last hope of the I'aton gone and remtanos unavoidable Tho speech was en thusiastically received, because Mr. Chcsnul was blthvrto nucoamltted. It la rumored that Senator Hammond will follow suit. Messrs. Boo bam, Rhetl, ex-Uoveraor Adimi an J others i poke alio la the sane strain IMP OR TAN P FROM VIRGINIA. S|ies?h of Utiv. Wise Against tho Klsrllnn o I Lincoln. ?lCH?o*r, Va , Nov 6 1880. A despatch received here stalea that Oxford Ha'l, Ports mouib, was tilled on Isat Saturday night to overflowing to bear Governor Wine, who made on that occasion tho greatest opeecb of bis life. He spoke over four hours and was vory severe on John Mtnor B>tt?, whom he de clare! was worse than Seward. He protested that he would never submit to Lincoln's election He cl'?ed bis speech amid tbe wlldeel entbiaiaru Resolution! relating to Lincoln's ale -Hoc were tb?n tubmittod, and some one oCerlog to spoak in opposition aod pronoiiociog Wise's speejh a polllicai harangue, his voice was lost amid tbe wild ibouta of the excited multi tude. For several minotes the house shook with applan?e, and the rtsolulions were carried with enth uiasli? ac-la mation and cheering Colonel fHmmock, Comtnac lint of the State Armory, leaves (or Warhingtoo to night, by order of the Govern r, to purchase arm! for the State Political excitement runs bi*h. IMPORTANT FROM ALABAMA. Vomoini, Ala , Not t, 1800. south Carolina bu already arranged to eeoede if Lin coin la elected. Klorlda. Alabama and Miaaiaalppl will filow Karorable aecocnta to the lame effect have been recertd from lxw liana. Alabama baa forty tbouaand mod or am*, bat few raoDoa and plan \y of mumltona. Tt? Quarter maaler General baa juat returned fion an Impaction. ?artau. PHILADKLrill * RTOCK BOABD. l*mij>DBLritu, Nor 6, 1M0 Rloafce eteady rna^lftalaMM H, Kind log Railroad. fl'?i Horrte QanaJ, 49; Loag Island Rai'road, 111* fMn?j I van la Kallroa*!, *?'?. Sigh l eiohaage oa New York at par. ? rwM, Not ?, I MO FlooMbd wheat quiet, but iteady flora doll and |UO tat. ooi berely maintained yellow, 7lo a 79o Prorletone qntet ?M*a pirt. tlB .'>0 a MO Cuike rery Arm Klo, 1 4C a 18 *u. * h .? tey ills Naw to. Not. 6. HW. Cotton doll aalt to day at lie a 11 uc. for middling Pogar dull at Ave a T' for fair to fully fair molaxeee at 16e a 30c. Freight*? Cotton to Ltearaaol, 0 161. Mebange on Ixmdoti. 104 , a 104'.. and with bllla of lading 106 a 104 flight eaehaage ua Naw York \i a \ par u*at diacount Ri'nwnt, Not 8,1900. Il)ur Arm Howard Ureal and <>bio. U ?lt<, City HI H 96 to Wheat eteadr red, 41 it a 11 31 white, ?1 a 11 46 iJorn? Yellow, 44'. a 4H-. Pro'iaiona Qrai H.Mi-nrk. 119 76 Coffee q uel, bat iteady, at 14c a 16: Wbtakey , ? ,c a *>J*c AtaaBT, Not 8?4 P. M floor Arm aalea mnlerate Wheat? More dolor, bu ? i mitt J aalea 4X0 baehela No 1 Chicago iprlng at 81 17. 6 M.0 butheia red Mate at 81 34. and oar lota do at 811V. Oate ifady al Uo a .16 * t aai?a 30 CC0 baebela Cora du l, the lantity ofl'rmg la llabt ?alee 4 MX) buahele Weei.rn m t~1 al 47 ,'? ? a 44<i Bar ley m fair demand |<r >< ea ?troiger aalee 30 040 buehela at (Ac a 71 'or mat' 7 V ftr Canada Kent, aad U: I or do Wrat Whlakay ~Sa?ai JM ibla at 21 H? ktiio, Nit 8?4 P. M Floor iteady aad '? moderate temaod Wheal ? Another adiatce li fre'ghta baa rbected th? lemand market without important theme aalea of 4 000 buehela Nu 2 rht reg'. iprug at |l, 0 COO buahala U -een Ray alob at 81 08 4 COO b< ?r?'i red winter at 81 16 Horn r.ioaad firmer ratia ot 17 COO buil*;a at 50e , but beld at tie at 1 be rime OMa dull at Me Pi'iey dull eloign Kye iwady raiei o' 400 huehe.i at 96o Wblakey nominal at 20c Canal freight*? He on wheat to New York ao ?h prreoti of rorn Caaal eiporta? 2 400 bbta Hotr, Ml 474 b ibela wheal, lu 000 i>uahei> oora, * 0v? buahela nan lake in port ? none Friday mnr o lag? 94.307 hb la Hoar. 1.041 044 hmhela w beat *11. 840 buahel. oora. 1,010 buhMa oata 1 471 hoehe'a harley . 840 buabela rya, total boabele, flour reduced to wheat, 1,471.841 bu*e!a <??*?00, Not 8?0 P. M. Foor unchanged Wheat oioe^e firmer, but qilet eaiee 2 400 beibela No 1 CbHago aprlng al II M, and 14 000 buabela North welter ii club at 81 II afloat. Other gralaa quMt Caaal rralghta lr blgber on gralaa. with an ad Taarlna tandaary flour 44c . wheal 17o , oor* 14 Ho , |o New foii lake I m porta? 1.141 bbia flour, lH6,lo<j bnahea Wheat. 11 ICO huabata oora. B4.0M knaMa har ley. Canal e?v<n?? 1.T94 ^Ma floor, 74,100 baahela wheal, 4.700 bnaheia corn, 11,700 boabele barter Ckir a*o, Nor. 1?4 P M Flour Arm Wheat quiet aalea 4J 000 btwbala al ??? for Northwestern club, MHe a 44o tor No 1, 41 ><4. a 41 for No 2. la alorw Cora firm aad Uo higher aalea 14, COO hoahela at IV a MKe , la alore Oala qo'et Hr< alpla 3 900 hbla floor, 47 (VK) huakela wheal, 1,400 boafeela oora AlnwaU-AOO bhla Boer, l?: 400 buah-n wheat, 80 M0 bnaheia oora Pretgbta iwater 11 S? ?l* on wheat to Ruftae. Hlght eiehange oa Naw YorHal 1 par oaat premium QirmnMf. Mot ?, 11 m. rwr la letter d?taan?i aalea ?v8M hMa a4 MUa M 90 Wheat adaMoad M a 4e red, 81 04 a 81 14; while. 91 U a 91 16 Whlafcay ^ead/ U 10 H*- J? Tkrtowa? Nothing doleg Bom I la r>o4 ^Maml a M 17 H a 97 oa the epet aad 94 Ti ter feura Mltrar*. Mnmty market eaay. Mfht awnhaage aa New Yort iail at M HFWS FKOI THE MTHMAL CiMTiL. The Am let y Rcipietlaf lb* I'oBtMt la S?w Vork-Th? KtCMlloa Keellog U U? Uoir liiktu-Oar HcUUom wltk CMtraJ Amarlra? A<mlMloni to (ho KagtlMf Corp* of tbe Navy, Sic., 4tc. Washukitoji, Nor. f, 1840. All thought*, ?M fee! soft, >11 desires? whatever usually ?tlr* Ibe federal metropolis ? are all merged Id tbe uni versal anxiety about the Ttrdlot of New York to-morrow. The Itoloe electoral ticket supporter* are critically placed In the only nperture where republlcaolim can be lucoees fully repelled ? in tbe Tbermopyla' of Ibe nation. Hopes and fear* agitate tbe whole country Advice* from some quarter* are encouraging and Inspir ing; from other quarter* we are prepared for defeat. The suspense will be almost agonizing until New York'* decision is known I*t every New Yorker appreciate the duty of thiacrt II*, and contemplate the consequence* of hi* rote. They Involve peace, credit, business Interests, publlo safety and personal prosperity. Tin om MM itiiniu m iuiuxi. A citizen of Barbjitr ceunty, Alabama, write*:? "Our people are beoomiog more excited every day. Tie most prominent Bell men are for disunion lu tbe event of Lin coln'* election. The country 1* waking up, and a* the crials approaches they are more determined. Juattoe and right are on oar side. God 1* with o*, and I believe tfl will bo well." TblB i* tbe sober. serlou?, deliberate tone of tbe Gulf Ptate*, aud of large portion* of tbo whole South. W1U New York precipitate such men Into revolution? nil TONK OF TH* ftOCT8*RJI PKEHH. Tbe Southern paper* teem with article* in favor of ?eiewlon. Mary are boyish, eloquent affairs, worthy of young men at college ? very unworthy of business men; but they show what measure* the 9outh Is con - templatlng fur future den! >ng with the federal govern ment. Till I-BW1I>KKT AHt> TItl C*H1H The despatch from Richmond, published In the IIbbalo, intimating that -'the Preildent i* alarmed," waa founded on quite erroneous information. Moat person* who con verse with the President would think blm perhaps rather stoical ca tbe general subject, and oertainly skepti cs as to any serious attempt at disunion by asy oonatde. table number of State*. OCX 1 RF.ATY WITH .HCMUUCA. Advlcc* received by tbe government from Mr. Dlmftry, our lilniaier at Nicaragua, Indicate that there will be con siderable difficulty In getting Nioaragua to ratify the Ltmar treaty. From lume cause or other she seems averse to it,notwith*tandirg Martinez, who !* at the head of affairs, is itrongly in favor of it. ora TKKAVY WITH K1W GKANAtU. Tbe exchange of ratlBca.ions of the New Granadian treaty took place to dav at tbe Department of State. Gen Jones left for Ne v York this afternoon, and will ?all in the steamer of tbe lath for hi* pott, carrying with blm a copy of the treaty for tint govern ment UB> IUR**Y AtTOIMTKI) t<) TH* IWABTMKVT OK TH* WWT. General Hariey , bating been offend either the Depart ment of the West or tbe fiepartment of California, baa Anally accepted the former He left here lor Now York today, and from thence will proceed to St. I.oul* promotions is AM) AD>IHKir)<ra to tus x*ui.i*?k r jai'i or TH* JtAV T. Tbe Hoard of Chief Engineers, which convened in Phila delphia on the 18th September, for tbe examination of Assistant Engineer* for p-omot;on, and candidate* for ad mirtlon to the Engineer Corps of lb* Navy, hat* just eon eluded tbeir labors. Of tbe candidate* for almisslon tbe Board found twenty three qualified for admiaaion. Tbe following I* a correct list: ? T. A Jackson, W B. Bunt, W . 11. Duncan, P. B Bright, W H English, W. H King, Jo seph Baiiy, J. Johnson, S P. R}?rs, Albert Eaton, F. U. M Kean. John Wilson, P. K Voorbets, (1 B. Milooey, J. Jaciion.F.. Wbittaker, W. C W.lliam*, T* A. B. Able, J B. Lbcma, 11 M. gsim. r, A. Maury, W S.Ar'mlth, | P. W. Mrgee, C. > Let C W. Jordan, J. guratp, W B. West, Albert Jackson, W. H. Jack?on. thi iontkaiw roa *aval hi itum. Navy yard supplies tor the year, commencing Dee. 1, for the Washington, Oosport, Char eatown, KIHery, ?roomy n and I'emaooia stations, l a- been awark'd to B. N. (iibbert or this city, who has gltta tbe neceaaary boitds. Toese supplies consist principally ef lumber, copper, uall* and oils, to ax estimated amount of upwards of *100 000. Haver* Ualr al 1?w llavea, Ac, Naw Baysb, {ban . Not t, ISdO A s> t ere gale from the east tinted the city iwturM comirrncirg about fire o'clock and ending about eleten o'clock. Manv trees were pr at rated, and tbe iteeple of tbe Wooster place cb ireb (Seoo od Pat list i waa thrown apen '.be square Ita beigbt waa 240 fe?t Tbe bell, portb. etliVature. colamoa and other front work also fell, crushing tbe iron feaae ? round Ute church, but doing little oth'r damage. Had the atetple fallen to tb? north or south it would hate crushed two o* tbre* private ravsiona. Tbo loaa I* four or Cte thousand dollar* Y'.tng Wailord, wbo waa (tabbed by the student Bel dea, dltu at seven o'clock tbii evening. A Colored llnrgistr Hunt. Niwmrron, Vt , N-?t V into A colore-' man, giving tbe naiue of Jamea )'. IV*.-rtng, late of California w-aa shot dead last night while robbing a dwelling bou*e Numerous burglaries i>av* recently gr atly excited our citiarsn. Poet Itntre Kobbsry. Hotl UlAY-RI KU, Pa , Not k iMCO loHn A. V.-<onnell, Aa* ?Unt riwtoiaater ? H wry, Blair county, baa bees arretted on the ciiarge of robe ing the mail*. Kite at Nprla(flrld. ai-mw.n*tn tfaea Not I, IMt The (InisHng mill of tit Parsons Paper t'ompany, at Belyofce, was nearly all burned today Isiee, MOOOO . ooe ba f of which waa insured at SpringQeld, Hartford and New Bav*a. Tbe manufbetartag mill waa unbar ased ?|M H ft J nam, N r . Nor. 3 1M0 The vletmahip Arabia, from Bnelon .11*1 alt via Ball f?i paaard Capo Race m rmUt tor Liverpool, at eight o'clock tbtt evening Brln John U. Deehler Hank. Bi rrjuo, Nut 3, IHt Tho br'.g John (J Dtebler, from tba upper ltk?e to Buf f*!o, loaded * II. Wheal It funk In aboal nakrlilkc Ptrtiia nf Maiklcac Aaaix laace has tM aaat U> bar from Backiaac. Noalhtrm Oitaa Nleamer XnvamiiU. Nov ?, 1>M0 The I'aited Htalea nia'.l ateamablp Nub v Ilia, (apia n Murnr, from N'? York, arrived here at elgbl o 'cloak Ihtt (Saturday) morntaf. ?avarrah Not. 1, 1M0 The it'ur>?blp HtinUvllle, from Ne? York, arrived at Ibe bar at four o'clor-k yeeW-rday afternoon Til* Baik af I pptr Caaada. Tun? III, C. W., Mov 3, 1M0 The 0i?/? today, in reforea<e W> the a:lalra of the Bat k nf I p er Taaada. ?ay? author utl rely that an ar raacmeat haa beea made by which tba other principal hai of the Province ?uad ready to aaalat an l defend the Rank of I'ppor Canada whenrrcr neoesaary Kreehet la .famea River. _ R**?oin>, Va , Nov ? IHI rw '"i11" bBT* l!>e m?- ntaina and aoari a fV?tbet la Jaaea rlrar The wharree at Ronketw am ?"hmerred, and a ttop ? pat to the m.rem.nle of tbo ?tupping. ? P??aaaal Iat?lllarare< Mr W H. Mwardi aad Mr B, Jr , both of tba failed !>talaa Coast Surrey. aad P B Tyler, ar yia( #eld, are etopplag at tba St. I ten a Ratal Marsala da ftadepont, of FVanoe Hr T. f. *tearart, of Oeorjrta Uaailca narilai of ."few York, ProfMaor Soy* of Hanover. N H , aad Bar J B. Ooplay Sraaaa aad Mliy . of Bnaton. are itopptnfr at the Breroort Boaaa. maa J Brown, I. Irwie.aodM T Moor* aad party. New fork, are Moppiac at tba I.aferga Hnjaa i.eorfe W. lay. of tba t'atlad BUtaa A nay, m* A I. Brows aad fhmlty, of Haw York. W B ai? CM. ?ifb. L _ ana and faaH'y.oT New ON ?ad danghtrr, of Albany r %. Plskaaa aad Teaaiiaea. Dr. F kni aad wlfh, a t ftrB; B B nf It. UiM; f P. Oo'btti, aad B. W. Oarbls, MB ?* Georgia, war* amaa? Ike am rale at Ibe Wli Aveaas Hotel yesterday. Tba llBrar Brie CaadWM*. tHITEO VTATH ?IW?ICT OOCBT. Before Boa. jadse MB On b ?In tk' malhr V O* ?-? ?**g *? mot ma of Called BlaMS fHHrlrt >*????*?? tarad aa order ooadeealae U* We as * alam, ?< *1 roetlcf bor n be ee?d by ibe BarafeaL