Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1860 Page 2
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NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Adriatic nt This Part ami tue Persia Off Ca|>r Eire. SIX DATS LATER lilELLIGENCE. NO CHANGE l.\ iriLHN AFFAIRS. THE WARS iW CONFERENCE. The Holy Alliance Not to be Revived. The Prussiau, <pani>h and Portuguese Ambassadors to Leave Turin. USPIRE VICTORIOUS AT NEWMARKEf. *o.. fto.. fco. Ttie Halted States mall ateamihlp Adriatic, J. J C>m Blotlc, commanding, left Oowea at eight o'cl r'i P M oa Friday , Oct. 2fl, and arrived at hor wbarf hare it eight o'clock jeaterday morning. the brtnga 312 pasietgers and about 420 tona of cargo. In c inae jiieLco of the great press upon ourcolunns to day we are compelled to leavo out all oar Kuropeau corrtspmJcnce and a!ao other Interesting anl Important foreign matter already In Ifi*. which we must defer til' another day. Our Paris correspondents speak of the possibility of a rupture between Franc j aod Sardinia, and allude to the w ilhdrawal o' the French Minister at Turin at ta er. Jencc cf tlo Kmpcror's Intention to oppise th-? ag<re? a on* o! Sardinia on tte Papal Htatea, Our Ixindon correspondent thinks that U>s visit of Queen V.ct.irla to Prufila hat a greater pol.tical aignil caace than la generally supposed. The F.tglitli aid Continental loorcala aro die uing the Warsaw Conference, and speculating upon its probi. ie re a ta Tlio general tone of the discussion .a favorable to the peace of Europe, but the Opiniont of Turin, more boi ligetant than lta cotemporariea, boldly asserts that the ootifereocc u n?f actuated ' y fritndly or t zi i pacific ??.'<?? twnr toward* Sardinia, on.; declare it a contjiiracy ajaint: /Vjt ? anJ that England, aided by Prussia, ha.- played the part of a |o botw-en In order to revive the Holy All an* to cr lib nut the spirit of Italian liberty. Count KiaselcIT, before leaving Paris, gave explanations to M Tboutenel In reference to the Interview at Warsaw According to these explanations the object of the iinljf stsndlcg of the three Cjuita is, without departing froaa the system of non intervention, to agree upon the pr.u Clpl'-a for the rcgulatonof their conduct In face of cer tain eventualities. Count Ktsselell, as well at Couat, proKated lo the most explicit manner against the aupposttton that the object of the Interview is to re suaritate the Holy Alliance. The london 7cn?i of the 2<Hb ult. quotea a letter fro? Warsaw which saya that the pressure there of lha Kmperor of Austria appears, to be Illy viewed by ail parties It la not. however, though . tha'. any demonstration of 111 feeling will be made. The Paris correspondent of the London Tim's says ? If the Fmperor Francis Joseph flatters h nasal f that bo will coccillate the Hungarian e*ilea to tbe charier which be has vouchsafed to iheir native country, he will md Uimaeif, I fear, grievously lu error. The same correspondent says ? A French traveller, arrived from Verona, confirms all that has been ?ald as to the great preparations f >r war made by Auatria in Vcoctla for some time past Veroca alone rontatas wilhtn the cltaiel and tie entrenched camp which protects It 100 ICO men He adds that it would be difficult to fjrm an ilea of tho Immense works whiah have been raised for Its dofenoo. Tbe citadel caa aiwaja be supplied with provisions from the mountain* Mantua and Peacbiera are llkewtsu straggly garrisined. Tbe Austrian force* In Italy arn estimate, 1 at UO .000 men Tne pla n of Mantna la studied with fortifications, an 1 Pesahlcra ta a little Verona At ibo '.i srmarsei Hughton meeting, Monday, Oitober 22 Mr R Ten Broeck'n Implre beat I.ord CJIasguw it. n /I jw.'oe la a match for 1 (CO sovertigna Tbe bark Proitnerblll, of and from Bo! fast for Bathurst. N B , sprang aleak on Oct 7, anl, th? watar eontlnult g to ga.n. 'he orew were taken ill, anl arrived at (Ireonock Ost z, Tbe N >rth American arrived at Liverpool on tbe even ing of tbe 23d of October. Tjb Arsgo arrived at Cowsa on Friday morning. Oct. 24. THE GREAT EUROPE AH QUESTION. Tlia Mtltails of llmU, frtarc and Prut (l?-lmportMI Oftl c Ink Djrn in cut ntrsl Ull?p|iraval of MfttiiUlta PjiI rjr, Ar., Ac I BKNCB rOUCT IN IT4L V. -om ib' I'arli Ooaalituti mnri, U :t 24 The ;?d f.j of tbo E np?ror In III? !? ItlMlfd w: t :i Ik itru? energy oj ito ' ?<> tilrtoe tliri of public opinion (Mtt brit c >n?i ler bow these attik* ar ? m?Je H nbai: reply 10 ibem with tli? It*' fmlar-iu m at wbra we bivo frankly ni*d'' Ibrm ibo?o <<a ibe one band It I * aa. to the UoTcrnmMt f tfc? I tnivror ? V u b?vo cobly tacrifi *4 your programme, to a* not <0 dltt.rb tbe pea af Straps Hjr ha no# at v\;:a. fracca ynu endeavored to ale? retolut on, la *ar? tbe f'jpe, and recondite Pr1ii*ea wtb tb-'tr au^ -c;a All tUit bi* been *r tti-n, but n >t .-art t Mt. Your ? (nature allied to tbe treaty ot /trick ha* hem camelled ?y the mMDH aaJ ba.l lailb of 'Vetmont, wh'rh an ?rd 4 tt* ??a Thi- PrlticaB whoee rlghta were t< wrerd are n ex re The 'apery, which >? ?i teclt'od it wm your * *b to < atoMato to ita I' 3i,' Til p-imtr, ha* : ?at the greater v?ort >a of in ["?'< a* '?-? RavatBtlna orerrun* tbe tvo aau'a t lita iDvilri ?icilr acl S'aplea. p'-rhapt ? lew ujouha h. noe. i w.l! attack Veeetia; t?eri?Wi' l icat'oya jour work, and ltd very bilineaa U a prjjf or your m ;>ii?Bcy Tie J;(aTowal? you make t > Pied-nnil are of at| ooc troth more arall than } "or oouBael*. ami by disavowing her you do not **em to f re* y^urael', for yoc eeem to ap prove that which you lolcrate rtm*. before pahlle ?pintoo you are the ? ? ?:>, 'I.* of a pillr/ whu-a yoj are oh1 je t to blame An bo ooe beliere* In the weak roaa of a 'Ml nation I : ke Fraooe.and of ? * ivereigu bear eg me aame of Napoleon y ?i are ?u?p-rlel fduplirtr f -ope which wa* ao. l ti Iruet j n|, b'j M li do l>l rnt, ereti tbe cimrch ?u*poct? yoor protection aad toe rarriflori wb:ca tou make la the interrata of toe -ortrr n l'oatiff do not ?u?y the n. Waal of th' Caibo Itri Tnrgw up tbta faiee end humiliating pjaltlo*. P> o t be taken 1a tiw by Hi'dio'a; do not '<e reejlu i.ooary tfaiaal your lnrl Datlna. With a 0-m ban 1 pb > J the treaty of Vlllafranca lntereen?| to 'aa n"t to ha ?i?ied reatore to tn>' " >pe bta prorucea. to the P"no? Ite r ihrcii't t<> JU'y the codltltoa of Jhir paiiticttl eiietenr*. an I yoa * 'ti ??** r?ia u th' r mfl leaoe of t urope, vb'< h you bare Ixt, aad tbe ?at'ta^# of the Papacy, wb> h yi i ha^e a'lesated I HI I b? other has I w< bear quite dt I r >nt lalfitfe It ta ?? d to thr for rrmenl f>- tne Cwi^ roe ? V or l.?*e taken the oanae <>f Ita'y in lianl . It 1? your nit ii te, tt la your auponrt. wb;rli bare restored to a ? bo.e p? ?pi? the "eawt ble to pnhie of tbe r nati "oahtr You bate ataVed Uie m.*ey. the h^or, an l the blo>^ o' frarre a tbla ?r*at matt, r R/ ?'fr af the peace o' Vtl afranf???? r?e?r*e.t the ntktaof priacaa.b t A?t rot itBpoae ihem Hy fMtnr of lite Ita tana to tlxaaelm yoi aata U>ein the ar?>itr*i >raef their o?n 4eat"nle? an] placed their fat' in thet ? own hanie. tlia prof 'amine which you iM not lb ci i idnftbe to carry m l bv beea ta??n upandraa '?l hy them They ar? a it IM Mid era of Ike o* iaa of ? oi.-h joa were tli? prom-rtrr and n.ypoft In rain won I yo . atop tbe Italian ilea Meat a?e life* canno? ball*. ?ooe flre.t ri, aoth'r ctn al t -n Poobtlraa th?ra wa? an tafrit fement ot an fnte' oat "oal aw doub|i?e? what la takiaf pare it abn ->r on. an J Irrrfuhtr, out ab >ra writt.n Men in aocla <?' ?e tbere la aoaetlniee * h ;<her r'flit It tt tb'? right wbirh tbe flallaiia are now da'eorflog ta Ib* l'?p? 9tat?t aa I a tbe king 'ot of th" Two -ricil. ca To" r e v I !. whVb iri ?t b<> b'tnu-l hr diploma'?, will b* aba ret. ad [>"b?pa glorlde.1, by htatory what, IB fact. U tbe peOJiia' latere#! a 4aci. ?d to bo uapop I'ar djna^t, th*' of tbe notirbeoa al Naples, rep-i1t?te ' th" ptot>, reduced t. a tar ly raanrtaere in a romer of ih? kmg to*, aal (oo'traaail by tha op alixi of E i?ope at th< C ?ifre!'' of Pa' ? ? Wh*t It MB politic*! a -rerelgnty of th" Poj?? wb rn i| ib< miiatthie with tha in le;>eodaooe ol the oa 'Mt ai.1 whkcti oat only b <i mt oti aei by f.?ra'g i Bran What ta all tint, e.-tu.-a-od I > the gfat reailt of the c ?a at 'tut in of Italtan nat^oaa' ty, formed tiader thT' p'oler I t oa of f raaoe, aad aa aa ?.tp"?t of ila power li t' i r>p. That > *t?a la yoara act fraaBly irh *re your latcroan J are al *vake, aad wfeer* eynpatfT awa la you lo hot by i hesitation lama the r??mi ?(T>rw In the r#> !?ic. I'ea. which raa ae ther hurt yteir feeling* HO' ftwa'l yoirdeatgna 0* not at IWmtIN oreipatloB wbic* Irr uu* tbe aat. o* fee! iU<? of th 1 1> > , i a , without a paring you tha tagfttilndBaf the Patt gWtrtt' meat l et Italy de-, ?'ope tbe ad'H-mdatoe wa<<* roa hart rnoMiragni and the un.iy wat. ? ?m ,, your *iraotaga ElBBlly, to node T" ir o?* ?* .rtt I ?t the b<iMIb*b of fr-ed n to day become ti d >'f?? the cit rena of a great BOnntry " sjcb ib tt?e whole trotb, w ihont co't* 'meat, at tv tha reproacbaa aod ?nii?e t a* Ireaead to I feo' '? p ? -y l>y the attremrt of ptbita optatoa >f w? were to (haw that Ita party mil not w ho t ?ompr >m 'ing it* n *t''ct p'i tetpia* aad ot ?? e??* ral latertwta adopt either of the two HB?e of eud -.rt wh.oh .t i* reproa.l.ed fir aot bar log adopiad, wr tt.euil raTegireatha bant pf.w.h'e atMwer ti tha at -laat'oat we bare ia*t ttaled What do thiwe prranna who would wuh to aee tbe t a |wroe tor a egainat Italy ?Bll on him to do' Th?? MV -a r? ??-?> firS'-Tf -t of the pale of all the he : ??presents an' til the ruV? be ban laid down Th;-? ask B II 10 renounce tbe mora) authority which ho exe?cise- ? ? ;ne wi lluro m J the peace of Kuropo Taey wish bin to contradict himself, ead, so to e*y, to charge nil na ! re Bat ii (bit punk^c ('an tbu Emperor forget that j be .s the elect of oolTenal suffrage, uil the reprc??Lta 1 ttve >o the tbroiieof the ideal of the new society and of ail tbe progress of civtllsttiii Can be betray the origin of ht? aacc sad ot the mirs >n whi-h ha holds from the CKcUdicce of the French people; Hu enemies deslro It, ao doubt, but ib< > caioein him too much la hope for it And to what a i such a defection serve To weaiee the preatigo of the Emperor without ad vantage to any one There i* one thing which llie whole world now understands? even tboee who regr- t to see it? nam"ly that the greet influence of the sov ereigns of it ?uat is one ot tbe elements of the balance ?f f ewer and of tbe security of Europe, and, aoretver, one of tbe moet precious resources sbe can invoke In tbe troubled situation of most States. The treaty of \ illa fmnca responded to a high conception, aud it li deeply to be regretted that tho treaty has remained a dead let ter; but Ute sovereigns who signed it never had tbe pre tension to impose by lores of arms the rights which were rt served In it. That pretens.on would nave been irre concilable with the situation which tbe treaty was to con secrete. Austria lost at Solferlno her supremacy In Italy, and, except her suvert gnty in Vecetia. retained nothing; but >ught Frmoe to inherit the very situation wblsb sbe hss wrrxted from the He use of llapeburg Ought she to impose ber Somination on Italy after hav ng destroyed that of Austria'' Ought her promises of enfranchisement to end in such a lalathood In fact, we comd not re store furmtr governments to abandon tien on tbe morrow of their restoration to tbe Inevitable reaction of tbe national spirit. After having re stored them It would bare been necessary to pro tect tbcm by a military ofupatiou of their ( ai>ilals and fortresses Wo. the liberators of iliis people, should oe c *ne its gaoler* Rome. Bolopna, Perugia, Ancona, Flo ret' e, Parma. Modena, Palermo, Naples, con iemned to live under our pn te lion, they bo simply slaves with a change c musters What would Ita.y h.tve said, what wsuld Pngland have s* wbit would s'l Kuropo bave said? They would hsre looksd upon lt?ly thus protected as a French Italy. And for tbe advantage of whom would the F.mperor have turcel hs arms Lgalnit h' ? old ally, t'.s King of Sardinia, ant bave placed himself in flagrant disar ori with Eng lau.i For the advantage of itovtruments which, accord ing in neither their nor their confidence, have bo right U> dimand such sacrifices. The Kmperor unuot and will not make sa riflcoa, ex cept for a just cause, for governments whloh are no', hateful to their own people and are not the enamiea of France Thus, in every point of view, for tbe maintenance Df tbe !< ultimate influence of the Emperor in Eirope, for tbe maintenance of our good relations with the c ther Powers, for the truth of o-ir policy, for the very honor of France, such conduct Is not possible Was tbe other of conduct less possible or tess dan gerout i. If^'rUr P*"'0*, lbrou?b 1 *" *l cr'?l? ol her destiny, and oo?/? VCV?J A reroiutlonary situation ba tom m n.'!?n tP"40? " C0UIltry the regular conditions of .nternatlonal eileteoce. I). are the profound pertur S U?? the ^ PUbl'C '?*? lho Tlo|l">' 1"'* stoos tbe precipitate annexat ong which we hive alt Bom.1 Could f rarre lend o hund to wch wild m^. nunti At prctrnt, ptrbaps, we i-icite distrust, but if we WBn". l"l'al uf W*tcinn her ,-hat ?i)uid have bapi<er?u ? W? nhould necessarily have hid ' > brea, oil w,th i:u?,la, wblcb hw 7 "t with i'a>WDm h 'h AmbMMl10' Tuna, wan Prue ? i wbi< b pr otcs ts With Auitr'a w j.cti fe-?i drafted ?0D,r'^- wp should bare Inevitably lab .r Lp'r 'r """iT; The fortune of Fran -e he, ?? .h: k 1 that w, uld have bo-o aian.lunod 0 the hazard* r,f . gigantic conflict toe Kmi.'rTw"^ h'^ part and big character, instead or being tie moderator of tbj revolution, ho would have bc-ome tho w" M bl ; V" ?! b:ir? ?Ue plci ac.tor'f Europe, he v i J be her terror; instead of beiDg tho powerful arbiter 1 ^ih?" of ^'iHtbrlum, be wo5 d have lost tJ.e verr of Vr'L? Jurisdiction; anJ tboj*h I <r 8,000,000 ot *Lllrag?g, and rtpr gently the national will he would ?are bp, -^me nothing more tbta the Instrument of a pir ?K? I , thes* attltudci wig In keeping with reror w7th theOU,LCOUa.trr !"lb lhe or l"o Em .to the ( haract* r o. our institution! with the movc??E, or ntw Idea, which prevail VeryX" n.i* .i ? 0 "'n,e M,i:m the *rt of Austria In Ulj tl.aa (be eould seree the revolution she could no ? r abiolnttr.CtTr?1Uli"Ba,y J"0****'"" ?>u she couU fa the Itahar'a in H Yh * !,<,n th(" K,n ! (,ror <*' '?<? >-pon ' bc "=? ?o.oi?rg of a great cause, to a* to be come the c t zi ns o' a great c 'Uitrj be did not meaa Piedmont only, but Itoly 3 ?n? '?!? ?' hit m.M.oD, have not undergone rtl" wlstet to Mt'^re the in.) oendenf of e^t i . U|J *ltoout encouraging anarchy there A re rojLlied torerelgnby tbe whole of fiuro,." h l2 not ST 1 ' ??ove tbe vl .latum of laterrati.'naL Uw v w-.ereifn elected by universal aufTrage. L? cannot make ? r of klB*? ?ho?e ?i,.|o fo^ke them f ioa v, the interveotloo of France agalo^t Piedmont would be a cr,ntr?d,ci!oo. tbe .nterveot ,f0 " A ?r" ?n ,taly would ie an cflenslre return towards a position she a"flVr,.,ri*,"> lo*t CH.mplicltr with Sardinia would be u s!? ?V. "roI'e ,ud ? r??pact With rerol ,i, >Q bn* dk 10 Wh*t l""' of conduct l.c to lae ?> !'* C "' "0I" h,T# ',f*n r?",9<J agamtt Ooniress. a Cotpren oould only be lm ' le " M Mr?*enaent could not be eatabliahcd between be Puwera called up->n to form it Is l*at the *ST D?r n? the year . vary profound movement h- U.en El^cl"?- but it ta not eufllciently recogn'/ed riTf V'.", F,enth t mr>eror, at the ber.nnln, of HM Sni^ta rfi ki' *uao of 1 ?*!'- he ^ sf*roe'y on hta tide the opinion of hit own country But now everything Ig greatlv br"v r th f ' Wbtf,h ,h'? the Vnvt i' i*ri I treat ee or 1S14, now farort Italian unltv g, bed .tau fro n dt-t ' i , f. M "ho direeU her foreign afTtlrt reco? issla |:'n ""OD?M,? ? h?PPr l -eaage f?r (i.-rmanv ? h, 1! w i ?c lufDr?t' ? liberal overeign a to show, herself d: p<?ed to take Into ascc nnt a ?ew eif to nt t u the life of oaiton* Auatna borself h\* ?n m r'h lV*i V* 10 r,r^p:o* rro? ,hc which ^'%Wl \?h lbe "to?** 3w jaft ? pr r*? that he n^olred to eater oo a Iibe a. tourae a ? to France, faithful lo the ialerMia *Pf .-ie" w*? ^Cf0dfd' ,w "MM to any . ' ,?* won d ? Utogrese derive adrtaUuv from the reserve with which sbe it reproached ?a4 ?*'! bM i'II0,rn bow a ta.i A'tte- than any other Power, perhapg she would be at) e to ate the pomK of a camproniiae between verieccies After baring enfranc'i re I Italr ? -i r? rt . the P pe at K )me. b.amed the laraaloo of the Rnitu Mates .aJ of tbe Two Sirlliea. an 1 cauw? tne P d , en no? lQt<*rreDt:Dn to be respected b? retoert b?*t! ' ,be ??"?? he suspected either bv July or flJeM b ?h7 "r, T Kurcpe We have too much eon L .ence n the witJom of the sovert.go a who ? mid w'u)T^lte?^dC21r*" Dw *2. b# c ,nviDc^ tint ther w ? 1 -Dlfrtttnd hnw mcrh the aolrtt of rnmnmm ?!? cc rutuatea the conUilioo of the re etubiuhmeot af ordor .? u-; P?alMua. Itaiv. organited and powerfii ta henceforth a Kurrpesn lLtere?t; and Europe, In cin>ecrat Bf, b.. ui act rf her high Jarlmliction, that Jrgaoliatton wou.J r'ove herself bolt, far seeing and ?t. HI Pt'Ltcr or rttf??i* row tuns italv ? oi.oaioj it the text of tbe note addrcaael bv J''." *a.,'Vh:i 31 *? the Count Brasa<er ie Sam' .men, tbe Tr ta'aa Ambassador at th^ Hard.utan Coi.rt The !n;ortacce of th a docam<*ct Is tncreased *>v th? f^ri ?nuVv > IVfti ,r?m ? b,~U- XO fsrfi tt&rjgusr? lh# Br:i^ K . , f. Ow?*?T' Oct 13. HM r !, r T* ?The f^rsromeAt of Sardinia q ii'r llti?rf ,U M,n tter at Berlin, tbe S'sbet J September, appeara ttelf to have 'ait ?-t? and tb* llBt're" 00 wb|ch th?e to I??:"? the prlnslpl** on wb cb It tr ed of J?*'* produced on tbe tabmel hi . n^bneai tbe Prince K*teot If we bar* Dot rrtfwnded^ to th:g rrqueei aotu Uvday of "t t X/r'Z*1: X* Ab,e. 10 ?Pl'Wiat# tbe mot ir<w we i . .7- l!","B*b*' J'?'": know ho? murb TV- 1 1 ata.o |iH?d re 1st lose the Ubnet of Twf.n atd. en the other hasdf t e funJam^nui ruiesof 01* P?!.cy are to? well known Tor you o t toWe ire?l? ? fef*4sLM?'"??t^ pr n.c!P'" thaierery oipUn.,;^ miiB( V . ilr tmL. :^ "* "4 ,bf - of eo,*7^ ?f th' r'p,dlr marih , *' cot.d no , nger coat'nue a sl>nce wb'-n vn. ^nw^r^'rrjirj4 r# i: r r? ---7^ tim' p lie re loped ? tbe aforeeali memoraa c rte,!.'!^,.*2!.ni' ?'"Corneal start from tbe pr.n err the ?*?Vut r'k.til of eatlona' t'?? Vow m. ?IL *a?nwed r,^r/f r X /"n't who ? "V" '* "" ?? ' [*> eerful < ? fhe ,/t, . alio we 'mm-nse lmp..rt?n-e to ti? jrs: sjviv,;; ? f, ^l7^.0""c'? 1 '* "*?*??? <?-? to the priecif L ?t FnLTXZi! rr :r '* """d a" a m'e . ik ^ ^??pal!b!?, t rone'ders th?t t t e'M 'h.** laa note, ercryf eg ,he. :j roa h- , ,',?br?;M", **"?' re.- b! .? or 5 . sltTf ?f tb se wi. bee tbe ei tt'ae a the ties -save oi j ,?j tbf . - s?'f??>. tueb a nan f-e-ation x?-a er""^ orT ^ft, K apV-^ ^ho't r/b, tr," "?ufo?b,r* ^ ? I 'UJ?J . "r. ? th* 3%"" "f ,b? ?'?s>iot? -'Jht of i I . tr;,\;..,f ,-r;rr?.M,,h' r. $?.;< % , TT !i* ?*"' ^ ,b- ' ??i^a! of 'i 'i ?aJ r i- " 'l*A.'a< tbat. w.Uiout erec awa tine the cupwtal tbe prteral i..Bf L poo the sam < iretaJi i* 1 n???r?^4 of tSi. a'' ' ras on are * ret v mh^rt eantirw^i *h .. ?k^. . IbeWeefT'f) !-o?lir had f.n?H for tb* mVa^'ee k ?M4,f "* ?" ' 4'eprreed f ar fr!m ^s? "f b? *e a u>e ijtm t pir(aM nternatirna' -*Ht, the etrjia.ji .rtrsaent bu hSt ' Tee' tr.V "? "> ?" N-SPOI IM "cjl'er at i .Ml po'o't, with th* ar "*!! '"r 'eenr^ect'oo 'n th?t ciint-y aud boi ilBt ft by military wopwtion In the m?c '?* 'M ? *d"r",u"' Chaw"?ere hare eat-ru.'aed a V l wblrh ... ia*d before then 'or the ? ,rpoer o< e-^e | ?! , r?eb abtietat.ont a Chtor of an vereal a^age ? in. ? ,nr tbe Ita"an -wtmUtlort Da f ,rTM ^ ,* tbe erpne.ttna of tbefr pr aeet ?M,?r <?'*? tbe Bardiatm? gnre.ament I Ita:. i0'!'.l'rr'r'*'""*0 ,BUrr*r'tlon la far^ of-aet oi o? b?etl?te to ooosmii tbs ai wt lag-oat 1 Jtber :uiiat <?uivwm"!'* P' P'* "e,#' ",,b lb* i ??r WH.I BWU upon reri | P rlpi-e wt^ ??:y leplor* >hea pro I lb nd!; afl-1 slaoerely, snl we believe It to be our duty to exprea*, in the ruo*t formal ud ex pi on manner, our disapprobation ol principle* and the appllcat.o* tuai It tu been thought proper to (ire them Wj! e '.07ltiDg you, II lo Oomte, lo submit the preeent dtl.atch lo Co-ut.tavour, and to leave a copy of il with h x. I k e thj occm.oo of reiterating the assuranoe, 4c SCHLLISIK 41 3TB IK COKCMKONS TO HT7NQ 4RY ? TIH NEW AUS TRIAN CONSTlTtTION IMPOBTANT DONCMSlOHl ? I l'UtVILIUKH Ot THK KBICIUKATH, KT( . Iht- Vicuna Oat-'.u of October 21 contain! the official docum Ti'.e relating to the new Austrian constitution. They are as follow ? ? I. rnwtiA- HAirrrmto? to mr pioplsb WImi 1 mounted the tbrone of my aace*tor* the mo narroy ?u ti ooaed to violent concussions After a struggle, which waa most painful to my feeling* an * sovereign, it waa requisite, ai wa? the case In almost till the violently disturbed countrlee on tbo European con- | tlnent , to bring about a stricter concentration of tbe power of the government. The welfare of the public In general asd the security of tba peaceful Inhabitant! of the mo narcby rendered such a concentration of power absolutely neceseery as excited passions, and the painful recollec tions of me last, rendered tbo free movement of the varioua dements which had so recently been In ooulliot impossible li wss my wish to learn the wlahes and necessitlei or tbe various parts of the em} ire. and I therefore, by my patent of the 5th of March, 1?M, established and con voked my enlarged Keichsralh. Id cone jucnce of the reports snbmittrd le me by the same ! hare on this day found good to Issue and promul gate a d.ploma to the n*al*rtchJXicKt coustitution of the uuoarthy to the rights and position of the several kingdoms and countries, and to a renewed "guarantee" for the representation of the ttaatmchUichen tie of the whdo monarchy. I fuitti my drty aa a sovereign by thus bringing Into accord the traditional opinions as to legality (Rccktsmn sthauun-ien) and lawful claims of my ooun tries and people* with tbo actual necessities of the monarchy. and with full cooOdcnce in the matured judgment and patriotic seal of my peoples, 1 leave It to them todevelope and s.rengtben the institutions which have been given or restored by me I he i>e that tlu'se institutions will, by the favor and protection of the almighty, prosper and prove a blessing to the country , and I trust that He, in a hose hands are the fortunes of princes and nations, will not wlthaold His blessing from the measures which 1, In cocsclentious so licitude, ba. e tai.i n for the welfare of my subt-jcts Vuw* a, Oct. SO, 1390 FRANCIS JO&Pd (K. P.) II. IMPM.'iL fOR THK Sgi.rLATliMr OF TH* UTtRSATlOH AL "-1AA1 lHHTIirHSS" AFKAJSri Or 111* .V.OJiA*' 8T. We. franc s loseph I., by the graoa of Uod Kmporor of A stria, K!r? of Hungary and Bohemia. King or Loin b.irdy and \en:ce. or Uahcia, l.odomera and lilyria, Art bdtiko of austria, &c , do hereby make known unto til men ? Our anot-Rtors of glorious memory having, with wise care, determined to draw up a certain form of succession lor our most illustrious house, his Imperial lioyalAp'S Vie Ma/sty char Its VI did. on tbo 19th of April, 1713. establish ibat Una: and immutable order ol (succession which is known und<r tbeuameof "pragmatic sanction," the rame having I' -a accepted by ths lnwful estates of our various ki'jfcooma and countries a? a State, fundaaien ta! and family law. Tte stilled on! r of success ion, the Indivisibility of the emplie. .n a:cord nilb the rights and liberties rf the above tamed kingdoms and countries, and the fidelity, devotion and b a?ery of its inhabitant', enabled the Austrian mocarcby, which, by means of ^tate an 1 In ternatlunal treaties, bad grsauaily be. i: enlarged and st ergthened. to resist ai. attacks an t to ov. rco ae all da* gars In the ntrrrst of our bouse and of our subjects. It is our sovere go doty to upheld (he polltictl oo?erand la ilueoce of ttie Austrian monarchy. and lo give security to the rami by establithing a c oar and unequivocal ftaie of th ugs, M .1 by enJeav. ring to br ng about an harmonious co opt rati on of ibe dtdereet parts or the empire. Those :c-litutlons and 'awe which are in aocordatce with tho historical claim* and ri^nts of tbo tiflereul kingdoms and coi l tries are the best guarantees for the Indivisibility of that tie aticb connects them. in consideration that toe elements of general organic icsututioc*. and of harmonious cooperation hare be on i l arged and strengthened by tlie equality or all our sub ?cts before the law, by the right ol religious liberty gua ranted t j all. by the privilege of ail ranks aod classes to serTe the State, by the common obligation to take unarms in dtfeice of the Stale and to besr tbe bur Jens of the same by the abolition of the interraeliate customs Itoe, and In < onsideration that the corcentratioi of the power of ill vcrnment 'or tbe management of lha highest duties of State is absolutely t.ece-sary to tbe set-urlly of the monarchy , an I to tho well being or Its reveral countries, we have. !d ordnr to equalize our different kingdoms and count' if ana to give to our subjectsa properly regulated sbaio -n the cn aad administration, resolved? on Iks ba*.-. >! the IMpp Saoct, >n. an 1 :-i virtue of MV own toverelgn wl'.i? to issue the following as adorable aud Immutable fundamental law of State, as well as for our own -ule of conduct as for the rule of cooduct of our tura sort in tbe government. We do resolve and ordaut u follows ? 1 7he -Ight to ssue, alter snd aboljdi laws will only be tstrc /pa by tis and cur fuccesiors, wlili the co operation of the lawfully asst mblad dtets, and respectively or the KeicLsraihi, to which body tbe diets will bavs to seoaths r umber of member* fitedbv us S Tbe things to be Milled with tbe eo operation of tb* r.etrbfrath art ?All leftslal.7e matter* wb ch relate to th* rights, duties and interests of our several kingdoms aud countr ei > .-.h a>. lb.- ;nas HMIMlli with tbe c.iio (ge currency, public cred t. cost >tns, and commercial matter* > urtb?r, the fuBdnmental prtnclpl** of a sys Kmfnrlbe esu .ou-ni bauks pr:v:i?aa<t to isa .e notes, sal the irgtslatlon lo ree|i?ct to tbe Post Offloe, telegraphs snd -a Ircads Tb" manoer of managing tbe ccctcripiloc for the army will la future be llac issed w th the Kelcbsrath, and toe necessary arrangi'ments ma Kv with it* co operation, for settllcg the m. titer in a castitutlonsl way Tbe Kelchsralb will cvop irate la tbe nfodi ciion or oew taxis and mp- its, in ra'sing th* already ex stlig taxes and due', and more pa.-tlcnlar'y n raisiet the price of salt Thi- Kcisbsralfe will a'so, to acc rdance w'tb our resolution of July 17, 14j0. co operate in th* making of new loans. Neither tb* conversion of already f listing state dests. nor tbe sale, cbi f or mortgage or tbe real propertv of the S.ate cas be onislne 1 without tbe consent of tbe Reichsratb Tbe exsm nation ;nto and tbe settlement of the amouit of tbe budget f >r tbe com ng year must take piare with tbe co opc'Uk.o of tbe Reichsratb , as mu*t tbe e tmlnatlon into State accounts aud tbe rtsuiU of tbe Aaaadal adm n strstlon of each year 3 41. matters of legislation wh cb are mentioned is the fortfolng paragraphs will be jiansged by the several {diets by tbe klagdoms snd coantrlea to tbe ft ryarian crown in th^ sense of th^ir forme.- coo etitut'.ocs aud is the other kingdom* aad countr e* tn th* aen*e o' and 'a accordance w ;b, the constitutional pro 7inc al s'atute*. InMW as tb?r-' are ?ome xatte'S o' leflslatloo la th<??.> provisoes wbi .b do not beioag t> tbe Humir < ? Cr >wn? that are *n! within tb* *xclus v* c mi>etence of tbe Kelcbsrath. and as *urb matter* have fir * long scries of ye*r* bei a sab ectel t> oue com moo treat moot and lec.s'on we -esorve to ourselves tbe 'ight to treat tbi m with the ccrstltutlonai co operation of tbe Reichs rstb but w th the ass's o! th* Re; ihsratb of thos** A common trea'.ment can a.* take place, even if tbe matt.** to be settled art- oOt within tbe exclusive oom patenee o' the Reletwratb. rtuo'd soeh be tbe wish aod ttprts* deaire of oae or .>tn?r of tbe diets | 4 Tbis our mpe- al d shall at once be placed la tbe art- .Ivs* of ecr ktagaom* a*1 couatrt**, and aball 'a dee time be entered :a tbe law* of tbe land a an a ithen tie text, and In th* arg .age .ts*<: in the coactry I'.-art ly after the r a<ce*a.oB saf a oceaaor* eball attack tb.vr Imrertal slfaatar* lo ur di.i'^ms, and ai ih'i t s e-pia* ? ' the fan ?? M. Ix test to tbe several tt.ogdin* ic 1 rocntr r* aterv ihey are U be enured a the law* of the laed la watlmoBy wboreo' ? ? bar.' berauato attached onr I t'gaature abd Inn^rl*! ?r*l. *n1 bare ordered the d I pi ma to be placid la oar laniij ooc-t ul 'UW area re* I

Utrto It oir capital acd -ft det.-e ol T:?on* oo tbia i sou of ncto >?- neo aarJ a tb? 13th year of o>ir reifn ?RAVCH WfH COL'S I RCCBMM. By '?pe* *1 order f lUvaovHt TBK "-OTK. A r"f>ta T r? . dated u;U>ber S3 Uat?- thot R -a a la' wl'.hd.awa bnr *t to later u l ?wk?i up bur | dpU mat.c ttabl ib uet>t at T rta frloc* Oauv a, bow e tr fctfc -e uttt ng coib untcatei tbe'oT >*'.ng not ? to I I Co* t Co t.r ? Sr Prr * b' tc, Sept W (Or*. 10), tM. I J' > P r-t? St ,c the prelixloort^a of \ n a rose* pot aa vji o tbe or !a It*:; a t -r! ?? of acta contrary to 1 I r gbt bare been *ccriupi ehed a tb* Pwlat'i'a. *od - n : t r Uii ?baornill - t ratio? of wb hwanowj I ft lbs "itrrmc Cv a jjeelopinf tUemeelrri ' Tbe tiper ?i .ovrrowtt from toe cwntnecicemeGl of | I tb a lout mo, oottl de-cd rt a duty to call tb* all ot oa j , of tb Ho> atao go eminent to tb* raa 'oa.UllUy wh:. b ' It ?? b'.j ti?f apo* 1 fi ,r it g%.? .a to toi iter j-.a ira ] po'.- p direct 1 <m r frt* n>prc?Hit?t.'>aa to !t at I'M:- w"ie?tt:e rtro: .:t1o? of #<e 'y began t ? reeetve frta * 'm >nt tbat mora; OLd motor >*1 a. p ort froaa 1 wb:-b a ae ti.a' *r,< ?b iteovMh? e ta e? t .? propot I t ot ? ?. attain d n our esttroittea the ,om? 1 ein c .-<1 | j tbe ?pb? -? of ' c*l coBp^cattooa It direct'y u-uchod u;- 10 ! tlie prtbciplf? admlte' a* a rule of tt teroottcool r?lo t.oai, 02 1 h*l o tradrney to ahote i.,e ??; tu a cpo? b ct -**ta Hie oitho- ty 6' ea'.a .iiebed gjeeromentt We oerrpte w tb deep --fret tb* !not:re* %li*g?d b? t uot ( ?rju- wlac.' did not oilow a in to oppose more I fTt'H o'j < to th*ee .ttr'goeo ( ? ? ),aod *? to.-?k Dote tf bla s aav ?a' >f tb -m ny ibia ; ? attittrd* tb > rrferi*; jp>vrrrir"B! fee l coartuoed tbat t 1 ire the I Q t of T r'aoalrcer* pi <?'?' of t? deoire to keep up I <<. relatto ? m ib tbe ao 4 Court but 1 oito tbiok* It hoe jlreo it".c1?at bit U of tbr re?o:v.tlooa wblcb woild b f. -r d 'no? b'a Ma ??ty the Kmptror an t??- lay >n ? btcb fir Sinl n an |o c'Tim- .v n ull'. olU v iwlf t be 1081-nvd b ? throe np^'aea wt h t!.e fee t <ta !? I tergal i-al > tie* bad t II ttica Mm I t to t ? ??ate r |-!( U ?a? that 1 ie?e rnorati t? roold ao ? no : iger ted til# 9?rO?'Jir. r,T?*Dir.*,at d!-eeted Ita tr 'pa a the midst of a jrofuod (>eooe, wlto o-.t aoj deriarot'on of war. o .tboct any pro . ixatloo, to cre-? tbe froafer? of tb? ? "oaoii sutea; t oi enly c?m? t to jE<1rr*taxdie( (obtr/aio ar r imptrt? it 1 f 1-. .* ) ? tb tbr nro'toUM "^tabllebed al No; a>, tt boa ?0 ct 1 ti ta orta by the | reteon* of T.ed- . trfe troop*, and tbat t.f b |h -ardlt .ai< 'UL.'ttoDtr'.ro who aere placet ot tbe 6 -ad f tbe ;ea 'tmt force* wttb iut cea? s| to be .b tbr ?r-Tt aof ::<B|t Vi?n- I maaja. fleolly taujilt cr ?-.d tlila ?er''* 0 * e ?tu>ta rf r'jht by anaoanr Jf, B tbr fare ?>' EuTpe Ita inlt^uon to an ? pi tb* ooo<*t* t:oc V' the k'nt 1 a ot r t frnont 01 larntor'M 'jtlocglni !?> BO-?r rtt wb^ ore jet 1e their n?i Oiatee *n<1 who there tefee d '.be.r ogUMrity aga i ;t tbe Tto.eot otuek* of !b? ret< tut ->a riy tb?e- ac:? tb? Hordto'.oa ^^T*ralne??. bo :o*ter *JI< wa it to rotat'ler t aa ??tr*oger t ? tb* it .e-ni al wb^ti no? u #1 u.? I eaiaia'a It takoa . f a t*e'f on tb<- - -???iviiialb 'It* ae.rt t*?!f ' to ''atraat C Btra ct'.a with tb> ? |tl?f oot'on*. To* oeceaUy >1 o -fa ?' .-vmbot 0^ atorcb, c> rd nut .atlfy !t, ?ioce W o?iy tbro?? )u? r te fats of tb* rwrcUi ttoo to gather I* b?; taee, lot t? orraat ita pro tree* oo.t rep* - u U qt'.tioi l're'exit of till* nota.e or* tot odm aoo^ie Tb ? ? n> oeMir? ert !y of ftoilon Bt. rwate. but of 0 (rner*. Iat*r?*t on 01 >a !o *>i foverrmenM It IB o* to ?e eteen*: aaa w'thot-t wh!cb *0 aocto. ordar, a > p**ee aa **eurtiy r hiM et-at 0 F -opt M'l Va *ty tba *aai?ro- ia? na t mpo* <* that hU bgatioa should uj Inrger resido where it ma/ have to wltneas acta wbicb hit conscience anl convl t'.oaa re prove. Ilia Imperial Majeaty is compelled to put an aai t< the functions which you fuitil at tha Court ot Sardinia It is the will of our august matter, consequently, thit open seeing these instructions you abail ask for your passports, and iaslautiy quit Turin, with ail the pav i*l ol the legal. on. You will infonn Count favour of tha mottvM of thli supreme derision, aid read to him the present despatch, leaving with him a copy of it. UORTCHAKOFF. M Li l'R.>ci Gagarin, tiC. TirMjri Comra.vnv>PLa, Oct. 17, 1900. It la assorted that sercral Ambassadors have requested that Turkey In Asia should be visited by the Grand \ Izlar, kH well aa Tut key in Europe, the state of tha former being i ,uaily terlous. Arrests are reported to have beoa made In the army and amocg the lower clergy of Constantinople Several l'o'.ei and Ferrad 1'achahave been vreatcl. CoireTiannniia, Oct 10, 1S00 Tbe Grand V.zler Is said to be favorable to a forced loan. All Parha baa been named Minister for Foreign Affairt. Tbe withdrawal of P.iza Pacha from the Ministry la ex pected. A great tight took place at tbe election of tie Greek Patriarch The British government lias proposal to tbe Porte an amecdmenl to the commercial treaty. Tbe l'arts papers pub tsh a telegraphic despatch, dated Be v rout, October 12. asserting that the Kagiub squadron left on the 11th, it was Bald, for the Adriatic. Two French vessels remained at Bey rout It waa reported tbatsg tattoa prevailed at !>amaacua, and that threats bad been made against the Christiana in oongyjueuce of tbe *ar ai Fuad Pacha, with the Frenib and P.usaiaa Consul, had returned la taste to Damascus. Spain. The Ix>ndon Timti says ?The Nunc.o at Madrid Is staled w'.tliln < lie last lev days to have remittal to tbe Pope 80.000.000 reals (6,000, COO francs), whioh lias been raised by the bishops. Markets. Lonpox Momt Mahkkt. Mouday, Oct. 32 ?The Eog llsb tuodi thin morning 0|**i without alteration, and a Bubaeqnent advance of an eighth wan not maintain >d J,8 business .>r the day was generally unimportant, but the politic ?l news, especiallT as regarded Austria and be- attempt to return to a regal system in Hungary, waa regards.! with coonderable lntereat. The Or?t bargain in courols lor money were at 9'J a 02',', and this was tho Seal qtoiation. In tha d Isciuxi t market to day there has been a Mr sversge demand la tbe Stock Ftchsige lonns for abort period* were freely offered at 2 a 3 percent No gold waa taken lr>>m the bin* to day In American railway securities the shares jf tho New York and trie alvaueed Tr?pi>av, Oet. SC ? The English fundi hare been Inactive to day, and although the political accounts appear on ilia whole pacilo, and there baa been a tlrnogtr tone on the Bourse, consola are quoted | at a \ for money, and 82?< a 93 for tho account in tbc discount market there nas been a steady demand at 4 per cent, lu the Stock Exchange the rata is 2aSK. There were again no withdrawals of gold from the B*nk to day, but arrivals from Australia will be ne cessary in tbc course of a few days to prevent further amounts being taken American railway sejurttles closed about the same as yisterday Wswrs.-uuv Emouo, Oe'.. 24 ?The English funds ooutmue without animation, although both in poll tics and the money market the tendencies, on the whole, are lees unfavorable than durlug the past wetk Contois, for money, opemd at 9i\ a 93, and ranged between those points throughout the day , closing at Id', for money and 92*^ a in for the a '.count In th.j discount market there hta oeen only a moderate demand to diy. No gold was taken from toe Baiik to day. The corn muket at Mark lane th;j morning was firm at Man Jay ? ratws No a.teration if impo.-'ance occurred ia American railway securities Trn smut, Oct 25, P M -The setting of the weckiy Court at the Bank to- lay ssclted little Interest After the announcement that It had broken up, and that the minimum rat^ remained at 4 per csnt, the market, which hi ! previously been firm in con sequence of the statement in t-3 Oynitituti'mnel of the at titude of France in the Italian question, assumed an ap psarance of lncreaaed streag'b Consols for money were first quoted 9i a 93 ? an improvement of , ? and they closed with a good appearance at 93 a 03-, for both money and account After regular bouis the smyptons were less favorable The absence of joid arrivals from Australia is now one of the cm if features stalest the market a withdrawal fro xt the bank to da? being found necessary The last price from Paris waaOSr 86c, showing no recovery About ?30 ?'JO Is bar gold was withdrawn from the bans today for as portation 60,000 sovereigns were also liken for Cgypt. Tbe R*d Jsrkrt rrora Meioourne, with ?152 000 has now bstn 100 days "out Illinois Central ahares slvanosd. New York and Erie were a so arm I-irisrooi ronosr Maskst, Ort 22 ? Tb? demand for i? d*> has been very f. <>d, and the sales o xceed 10 CCO ba' s, 2.CC0 or speculal; and for export I'rices are wall maintained. Lrvr.srooi, Oct 23 ?Tbe demand to day is moderate and the market rather better supplied, giving havers greater chose, an J in some cases a little advantage of Bo, though generally ibe market is Steady salsa 4 000 S. -.000 on speculation and for export. l<iTitrooL, Oct 24 and 26 ? The re has been a fatr ds colton- *B(1 lhe sales reached, for the two days, 18.000 sales, 4 OCO i>u speculation and for ei:>ort Pr ess steady """ I it FKiw: Cor* i?rr> Bibaost Maxkbt, Oct 33 _ ! Biifciness In wheat was rather limited, owing to the ?fb raws den sndel by holders. The advance can not be called more than Id. per cental oa Friday s pr las Hi ,.r bid s moderate ;i. julry at 61 per bar r< I, an 1 sack more money < >ats tb ? tarn dearer Beans Is r r quarter over last *r; lay. end peas the same la d aii corn was e<ig?rly ecjgbt alter, an : a large ; sntity fc :n<l buyers at an advance of Is 81 per oosrter i o> * - >> Cor* M ? ?KST. Oct :i -The market th s mors ing was firm at rully last wmk'a rates lm-oy Ph?. .i.i *>- pno1: ?,o.v M.? tr 0:1 2S ? Sugar lirm Tea inactive Coffee Irregular Rlje irm. I^B'et-d oil. .mm a 30s 81 scotch pig Iron. 52s. 34 a 62s ttd Te..ow qotet at 64s id. on the spot LA7E?T MARXFTS. I ivwoot, Oct 2#.1W0 Cotton iteaiy bit <u:sl sties about i 000 ?al?s pr >es gea?ra: y ashanged ? nee last Tuesday 1-js^ok, Oit 26, MM Messrs G.lf I ? aai 3a: ten report large arr .vals of .' > wheal and vn r ?e t'ida to rule dull, but v thou a:te-?t'oa a - c? sts seK "*ly at the full prices of Monday Sagar? I'e m >nd ccreas ag p-c >s -atue- Sigher re tioed wanted b-own ??suit ght id?r ty Cc"te? A fair supply of >a Ceylon. t te*xs ab nl tbe same Tea very nrw, a.tboigb a t many purchu-t Rtre Q'Si salts mo r-ate Maltprtre wanted, e- tri-me terms Tal ow held !or p-s*!ous rates, with : tUs pas* ag . . l/>?r>j*. Oct 2?, toaiuA o.- aocey as . acc.uat ars at abo.t #3 ^ THE SEWS BY THE PERSIA Ft To ?vs. N J Nov C, v.s?iC-rn.u Hq The steamship Persia, from Liverpool Saturday 2Ttb, v.a Qurecst-iwa 2'th j It arr'ved o' Cai>s Kace at aine P M 00 Sunday, whe-s the was ntf-csptvl by the as 1 yaclit of the press Toe Persia has two hundred passengers Her advices ars two lays 'sts- -hose red by tbs Adriatic. The ?teamship Arsgo fr,)tn New V>f . arr ved at fcutaam^toa oa tbe .6tb. and Ji< (? asgow at v.'rpoo. the same J ty. Tfcs itosmsbp' aaaJa '??tu Has to a. ti Ha. fav arr'.red at Liverpool oa Ibe 3Slb Tbe poaltics of ta? host*, s 'ore*s a !ta'? >s< 'teraiiy uac banged A Bu Jru.j toj roi.a|?t tbe 4t.e1l.ou of aoaexa tioa c Ddrm tbe presl-as ??.?>oftt that tb? rss t was ? most unanimous.;* la fsvof of aaneiatloa Tbs Brit.A Lef'.on 'a Italy bad a smart somunisr with the royalists at Ca!>ua. bi. t rr? vleto-'ot:= . srith a ssi of six killed and thirty wounded flpaia had withdrawn ts Ambassador rr m T.r.a, !sav. Isg its a!Ta ?s la the haads of a Cha*g? It >? elated that the , Fagltsb Adfaslral la go nf to Qaeta for the purpose of protecting tbs .light of tbe Slag of Nap ea. , It was -sported that the Ajstr so g. reranes it had pro posed medlatioa w th Frinoe 'or a pactSe soistloa of the ItaPaa question Tbs Warsaw meetiog a:>rupt'f adjourae-J oa tbsXU, ow'ng to tbe ll ness of tbe f>owager Fmpesss of Rnss'a Tbe roya. phrtiss and tbe r M nlstert held a reference 00 tbe ^kb N a theatic transpired, but a state meat w*s a^oat mat tbe prtacipls of a luropaaaCM |--ss was a' op let Tht (/ .Vi ? caused cons', lerabis sensat'.oc la all Tsarters by pul>l s*jing an article, braaliag tbs Warsaw seetisg as nothing bit a ronsptrair on the part of tbe gov -rtmeata represented there against France, and alao charged F.rg'snd w.tb bslsx a 'go between ti e same orroa' g'.esa a report that the government ?' Austria p*f poaea to aegHmt? wth Fraacs for a pac dc so list loo of tbs Its. tan question "hew"! re?art to irms w ih Ibe co ia let as ~e of hew n-?w allies Tbs Jrapsrv Nspoleoa bsP a military cot-m rsiat'.rs to ths.'o'isatioa of 1 aew plaa of an ?:ar of -essrrs A' tbs marsfcal'-s attends ' An Imper il decree raises the pr os af *.obac< 0 la ) Francs twsoty ier csii V. sis, C ct 30, l$>4. An >r.i< ? has >e?n .ssjel U reparsfor tbe coronal oa ?>f Fran ia .'ossph aa R ng of He^rary etl ipr n; War ikr prepi-attous ar-? - s';x nkn'rt'r nc -eased 00 Um MIsS.o. The Pvls Hoc- s ws lad Th-.e s.- est soles stewed at 31' s<5c F1*AK( ti AND CMMMBBTU: If?W?. to' do* m ?v r s in. gr e?rr 27 Oma+ji - m?d ??) ? ?t 12% il' for -q*<wv sal as ? couJt Ths nsoney xarket is geae-a:iy unchanged, bat l Ure la Its* demand for discount The weekly return of the Bank of &>gi?ad show* a decrease in billion of UD.Coe Aurx.CAn d?crnitaK> The .atest Mir* were ? TlUnoli Central RR . 20 X * 21 Cjsouat Erie, r.9 ? a 40 Ne ? York Uutral, 67. 1.1 VKRPOOL COTTOK II AKKkT ? OCT. 27. The broken' circular reports tae Bales of the week amount to 63 000 bale*, mr 6.000 to (peculators and 6,600 to exporter!. The market waa unchanged, and. i with the exception of good staples, which were tlrm at full pricea, quotations were barely maintained. The aaiea oa Friday were 8 COO bales, including 2 000 to specula tor* ind exporter*, the market closing quiet at the fol , lowing quotations ? (Mrani Mobi't Vp\n nd Fair 7* 7'4 * * Middling 6', 6>, 6 X STATE OF TKAKI IN M ASCII RriTKR. The adv ce* from MancbtwUr are favorably aod yarn* hare slightly advanced, with a little emulative Inquiry. LIVERPOOL BKEAB<TrFK8 MARKET- OCT. 27. The breadstuff* market la generally quiet. Wheat haa a downward tendency, with a alight decline Richardson. Spence \ Co., WakeQeld, Naab \ Co ,an 1 others report ? Flour is steady, bat quotations barely maintained for some t> -at ds quoted at 28a. 61. a 32s 61. Wheat Is downward, and has declined Id. a 21 per cental stnoe Tutaday'a market red Western, lis. 6d. a 12a 4d . South ern, 12* 6d. a 13a , white. 12s 9J. a 14*. Com quiet, the advance checking business mixed and yellow, 31s. 6d a 39s.; white, 42s a 45s LIV ERPOOL riOVllION MARKET- -OCT. 27. Bigland, Aihya & Co , and others report ?The provi sion market Is generally steady. Beef dull, pork quiet but Arm bacou quiet; lar l, more doing at a slight de cline. quoted at 62s . Tallow has slightly advanced; quoted at 66s. a 67s, 6d. for North American. LIVERPOOL PRODtTI MAREET ? OCT. 27. Clover seed active and ?lightly advanced ; quoted at 47a 6d s Ms. Ashes quiet: pola, 28s 61. a 29* ; pearl#, 28* Cd Sugar buoyant: Rio tlrm, and hoU?rs demand sn advance Unseed oil quiet, but steady. Cod oil, 32s. lOd a 33s. Rof'n steady: common, 6s 4<1., and 6s. 6d. on the spot. ; 6a 3d. to arrive. Spirits turpentine Arm and slightly alvanced quoted at 33s 11 a 34s 61, cUilng st 36a. T?.a has slightly advanced. I.ONDON MARKETS? OCT. 27. Wheat 5rro at 64s a 6^1. ; red, 60) a G4a Iron Urtn at ?6 6s. a ?6 10s. for both bara und rails. Scotch pig tlrm at 62s 3d. Sugar buoyant and advanced 01. Tea tlrm eommouCongou.l* 8>?d. per lb Coffee quiet and de clined 6d a la 61. for Ceylon. Rice Arm Tallow quiet at 6'Ji Spirits turpentine firm and slightly advanced quoted at C4s. Cd. L.oseed ol! dull at COs TUE LATtsT MARKETS. Livskpool, <">3t 28. Ii60 Cotton ? rbe sales nf cotton yesterday were 8 (WO bales, including 2 000 to (peculators and exporter* : the market clostrg quiet, bat steady. Brcacitutl* quiet, but steady. Provisions quiet. Lojrnojr, Oct 21 ? Evening Cooso's cIosj-1 at 92 V a 92', for money and aocount. HAVRE COTTOM MARKET. The (ales of the week have been 6 500 bales O-loans tres ordioaire, 96f ; bas, *3f. The market j )utet, pr ccs essler, hut quotations unaltered. NkVkl Intelligence. Th" t'niWd Stales brig Baiabrluge. Lieut Com Mac well Woodhuli, from Rio Janeiro Sept--ini>er 18, arr-.ved at Boston od Saturday morning H r other oilli era are aa foilons ? Lieutenant#? Geo A. Stevens, J. C4. Maiweil. Master? Alfred Hopkins Parsed A s?. slant S irjfeoo ? W F. Wysbam Captain's Clerk? E 0 March Purser'? Clerk? A Hill All well on bowl the Bambridg?. The foi'owing la the list ofotlicers ordered t>tho eor ?cite Yandalla. destined to the East Indies ?'Jora maudir? S. Pfcill|ia l.le'itenatit ? Napoleon Collies. Wiillam A. Webb, Henry Wilson. ? K.omng Pay matter? J no S. Cunningham Surgeon? Chas EvaroJold Master ? Robt. L Phytbian *n:iUot Sjrgeoa? H t McSaerrr Sorond Lieutenant Manueg? Juo Schermer born Paymaster's clerk? Beoj Du'iieid. B)?t iwata ? - R. J killer Uurner? Wm Cheeny Car?enUr? R 0 Thomas Sailmaker? Wm Rogers The Lata Fire oa the Chsreket .\e?tr?l Lands. Luvij?i>srt, Nov 8, 1380 The Fort Scott Dtmwrtt of October IT onilrras the re port of the burning of seventy fjur dwelling) on the Cherkee neutral lands by the order of the Indian A^ent, L'onau Much Inilignat on was felt In Sou thern Kansas at the never i ty of the measure taken by the authorities. Married. C.?rb? Tvuia ? Oa Mom! ay evening, November 5, by Rev i ott Jonee, Wil- :ab R. Carr to . n A., youngest daughter o! the late William Tyler, Esq , all of this city. Manchester, England, Malta, Med.ierraueaa and Call forn'k papers pleaeecopf. Got*? liua I ? Jb Wednesday, October CI, by the Rev. M 0. C. Crawford . Jossrn B. O-i* to Miss Mart V Crajcs all ol thla city. Baddbb ? Habrii ? On Thursday eveninr Sovembe* 1, by ths Ilev. M. D. C Crawford. Walts* J. Ua:>drv M 0 . only sod ol Janes Badden. of ^>bo, Loolm, to Emma J., vocngeel Jaughter of the late Robert L Harris, of Roz bury, Mas*. Boston and St Johns, N B . papers please copy HARWoor>? Mauirtsr.? In tun city ^ on Saturday November o, bj the Rev .tames Millelt. ft the bride's reattecce, Mr F Rasas HarwoopIo M ss Lure Mai.'itsb. ?!l o( this city. OUd. Badc.s ? On Monday, November t. Mm Ara'TATa Bai < s, agi-d oi years, wife of Ciaties Madge, lata of Waterford Ireland The fe n .s of the .'ami y an i tuoee of ifr a in n ;iw, Joseph K Reydea, are reepectf'illy n iter to attend the luseral. from the resident-- of bar daughter, Mrs Son >on. KM York street, Brooklyn, oa Wednesday morn ug, at nine e'elaak B' m r ?On Monday, No ember 5, o; r >ngestion of the brain, Sarau 11x.'Tkr, only daughter of Thomas and Mary ! B.udy.aged 1 year. 3 months and 3 days. Th- relatives an l frien ls of the family are reaper tfui y nv'.tod to itiena ine funeral, fr no tlie regid?nee of he parents 1M) East Houston -.irett, lata (Tuesday) after aonn, at two o'clock Slark ? on Sunday. November 4, Jams* tl B tft age > 40 years Tbe relatives and fr *nds the ex-aeaabera of Ca.ta Fag ne Company No 15, the Harrington Ujard osurance Patro'. No 1, uaptaia John Macty. also the members of the Insvtnre PafeM In general, are re?pect uiiy nvited to attend tbe fuieral, ram tbe Dutch Ki jrmed Caurcb, In P th avenue, opposite Amity street, oa Wsds'.-sdry altera ion, at two o'clock Barb - 'in Monday, .Noveabtr I. a'tor a ihort . ness, B* i ? ST. wt'e C .Inbn Barry, ;n the lOtb year of tier a ye TLe relatives and friendi of tbe family are respectfully i to vi led i) attei I the lun^rai, oa Weduesde* a'ternojn. at tsro ( 'clock, from her late reatdeaoa, No 10? *'?n ? i teeath street, between SiiUt an 1 ievtnlb avenuea. Bux>i ? Oa Si nday evening, November t, Matt.oa i W Wife of Freeaan Bio ilgond, .n tbe 88th year of her ate Her relet vet an 1 Menda are respectfully !nv ted lo at it 1 tbe fntera. from her late rueldeacc. Sit Taompeoa street, this (Tucadey) afleraocc, at one o'clock Bn.?vA?? in J?*?ey City, ^n Mi nday November J ( Mrs JruiA Muobmar, Wtfs of Wm Bi'ormas aged 61 | ' > i'i an l i iroaiht TT?j relatives wd friea is of the '?m,!y *? -sapecifoll, I turtle! to atUnd the funeral, oa Wed^r)day a'lefo. tin at \ t'A o o'r.ic* from ti.e la on Baptist ctanrch Srove street CC!!<aar? la Broi ?yln, NovemOer t. of oonsumplioa, after a I nog aal sevsre Uincsa, Wlluab Ct in, years The reiat n and fries is of tbe family are raapeetfuUy .Of'W-i |o auetd Bia runeral Ibis (tuee ia> ) aflernwu, a. two o'clock, from b's lata rssidenre, Walworth atrc?t, between WllloMghby street aad Ueka:b avsvta Bar Brook iyo Farsee': wi'e aad children lea*. 1 am not dead bat sleeping litre As I am aow so you must t>e. Prepare for deal* and fotlow -oe Corn ?in ibis city, on ^inday, November 4 JotU C Co t! . M D , In tbe f th year of b'.i a; ? His frleais ard i w of bis 'amity ar .? respectfully la viled to attead the faaerat. from the tjr>-ne |-treei Melt oi lit I p copa: cburt oa Wad aee day il tern -oa, at one o'clock. *'!*?< sa? Oa >aturlay. Novembers, at 'a^em tilt ao'j, of fypwid fever, G*<a il.'? ? as. ? u o in !at? C-eorge Fnt ager n f dlM city, a;e.l ? yia i KrrrauiAR ? (>a Minday, Novembers, i'art Katra' ? a?, 1b tbe Kd year of bis age Tbe Vends of th? fam y, a lo the m. .ben of tV Bel ford slr?et Wetb-id et Fpiscopa; -harch. are 'e?peclful!y at UJ to attend ti.e fus< ra , ibis (Tueelay) afieraoon at :ne ~'c ock, from It* West K.ghtecuta ?tee?t I aa'R? Ob Moalay November j Mrs. t'< ? 'Sra Ua b, :b the 58th } ear of her age The re al v s and frieae* of !' ,? fan iy ?-e respectfall. iovled W< attend h- r fuaera!, fr>m he* .ate res teace No 1?' Sec vi 1 strtil, Wtji ansb rg. oc Wednesday 31 rn ag. at lea o'clock Mi ta ? At St Viaceet s Haap.ta.,oa Tu'-aday, Ortofcer I ? Mr. I'atr * Ma> ss apotheca'/. ate at Bai'et. N S | ?TDt ? >t %'Orwaik C<>ou oa !*r.nd?y . N"-.~eino?r 4. ?? ?a> R M r, ?'.fe ef the lata W.riam It Mair. Y lb s ' cay O: s ? Ta Houston, Teres, oa F-'day. C-t-iber St 1888, of b'Uoca fever, ir. the 2Tih year of b s ag? .'as*' t tfi'. ' to .Brest tro if tbe 'ats Hoa OfMO Jtia. ??' BaQ88ai Hpa. Saratoga f'Dly . 1 f V. na.>>u?i aad : ,i.,? >a..s. N T paper* [dease enpy I BRDRR .Ain ? tie Moo Jay Himwtir b. R'^aRi- I'a* * aaaart, ??? 1 II mooihe ami IS lays Tbe f*'.eL}a Of the fa-r.|ty art -e-; :e?te>l ti al''?d Ike faaeral. fn-.n '.he -"S J?ors of Me ; ar> nts *4 Hu'ber'y Strrtl, ths (fetstay afler 0 o 1 *t two J'o oe? 1 owe!, pai-'ra p,?-ase ?opv I '!bar? oa suidey Nrvembe- t o' erarlet (it?t a l^R v po bar agcl T ftars tuootae aad 11 in* 'Needs e' tbe fami.y are *eepe? tf ,!y ?r ud to at leii 1 the faaerat. r>oa the residence ef her parent', 10T Esai Fourteealh llreet . tb.s ( f use. 'ay 1 m -reins, al eight O f <>ck Tbe rtmaias of our b esaed lar cg w.i. be tsaoa lo Orevn wood Ceeiel *y for Etermen! IneetRt ? ( >n Muni' y, Severn v-r 5. Ia^s aw, eideit dt .gbterof f faacots eod Ana Kuae.e ?*ei 'A y?ars ad t months Thefr.eada anl act .aiataare are Uy iav'ted lo atieal tbe fam rai, fr.^m b?r 'ate reeiaeece N> 1 M artta street oa WeiiQeanay alter a* a al two o'cloea rti t 1? (.la Muni) iy. N ovember ?. .rier a ah >rt and se vere lllnrsc. which ehe hore with Ch* el!a-i r~ gnatlm j MaBt, tbe belove-l an i a Teetlol ate wile 01 PotiUp Sm'tb, j late oi Hue iid pariah of I ,-gan ?id aad daughter ?< .'amee ' arraliv. of I urge *e, oartah >f K lenrars. coenty ot Cavau. Irviaad flie re'at ves an 1 Irieads < lue .'aB- .ly are req .esle 0 | attend ibe foaeral, from her 'ate re?id< ace 4 g c" arkeoa street, oa Weon<-?.tay, a leraoot at b , 1 . one o ciOlW n? remmlas wll be tator>ed ta Ca v?-r 1 > t\h* y Wfeii* ~ OaBaturda .*< vember Mar C Ws is ?,fe of ' iRba W? le. n tbe "1st veart< her <ge l"be rel <1 we anl friecds of lue farn ,ty are av led *? atteal Ibe fanerat. winxi'jt further not<ot -im ber ia? roetdsace la Beeeowleh Ones thla (fi ? !ay afVeraooo atlwoO'rlmk Tea!'.a t"a?e T?enly ?-v?rin -ir -et N Y atltl aad (?eernwieh a'. I 19 ' M Carr uat ? b* ta ? a'Uaf al ' le lepn Arrtvala tad DapanurM AIUT1L8. EUru in BopraAarroa? txaamship Adriatic- tUg*. Uav Btvbop Kip and Hon, Rev W A l.m? D I), la 1/ ani two daafh UVB. T M Adama. MIm James Miss Wetasore Mia Eatobam. Ooi Pickens. e* Untied Mates Minister to Ht P5t?r?bu.-f l*4r. daughter and fin II) , Ool Lay, UtA and lady, Predk Heha chardt. lady and faoallv, .'amee M Brown, lady and famllr, Aiuostua LBnn aad lady . Mlaa C W Brum. MIm Amelia ^ ard, 8aml McLean, lady ind faroiW. James MiUaii lady and family ; Kla Cochran, Waller B Oamatock, H M Nulte Mrs W L Man... and caughter. Mrs Bourne, d K O* formal, lady, son and family; W B Ualiiono, Krcretarv Unite 1 BUtes Legation, Cadi Dr Chaa D bnmu and *ady Mrs Wall* Major U da Buauaa, OuroaUus Baker awl lady Mtai PhoaM A Baker. Mm J Kennedy. Mlas If Baker. Mlaa Laura Baker, Mlaa Julia Baker, M 11a .Ao:;.f Crane, Mlaa Anals Oar Mm Goeteabofer and child u Mool'u; ffa lieadarson aad ladr Mlw Henrferaou. Miss H 8 Zacharla, * O; C Llllo. R M.rohy. C Tbonir.a, G A Conovar 0 WMcSride, J j Prtncla J H Men-dub QeoN Joora, J P ltin?. ? Qaraod and lid?. I)r Rodman. MIm Rodman J ? Hotohkiss J Eaower aad family, A Praaah, ladr and child: 18 MarrlU aad lad*. J a War Las and lady, A Brrick?on, MIm M FeHotri and maid Mlaa III dies J (.' Ta'abot, Ty'er DartdaOK John A MorrU, J OoOa. U Griawold 1 < ray and servant, A Hassan banr. A Schttltn aad lady. T A Whlttaker and lady. Mrs Melaon. Miss Brockeabur* Y Allen. Jr. lady and servant Dr N L Frothlagham. lady ad two daughters. Bar ? Copley Green, lady aad family; H (Hat E }? Janes. Mis* Mrs Leybarn. Ulan Beera, H B Midd.eton am wife, Mrs Johnaon and two children, W Kldd. lady and famlif . W Eldd, Jr; R Kidd M as Oilesby. Mia Lebarbur, C W Dar 1 1 off and lady, G B Dorr Mia Murray, 8 t Ferpaoa, Mlas Krnt.ann, MIm ' Walker, MIm He jwood, P tlmms. New Or leans; Mr Peat, do; Mrs B tttrakowza and two ohiidrea. Mrs ? de Brasses Hunter MIm M M Tnsnklns, H K Dean Mrs Oaaa and da filter, Mrs Glraud, Mim Langdou. 0 latlf.e B H Johnaon, O A (V?o?er, B W Hlllyard and wife. J J Tina K Hour saud, F Zanonl, A W McDonald and s a, I Rock wet and two friends, C BTatham, lady and family; T B Ellaoa. W H Heosall. J H BlUott and lady. J Urnsars. Mr Rewmaa. J A Wllsoo A Ritter. E tao rtand tt M Hewllt. M O, W r (lard nrr. R 8 hmlth, lady and ler. ant Mimas Baldwin, J P Hon* and lady, J Cowdio, A E Ho'.llday, M P Anderson. 8 Ooatsa aad lady. W A Reson and lad/,C Andreas and lady. O M Bajley, N O. R A Mark, N O; H K Bridge, ladr and family, fieabury Brewster, Mr Merrill. O A Bralbrooh, Royal Chap la, P M Vera, P Davis, E Lase.-e, N O. W T Mil lar, Mr BaroU hetmer. J P (lay, A Dawaon. L Lamina, G Orena anl ssrvana W MrUonald, Cazanova and son, W A Drown Had lady, a 8c boles, C Tborlyson, J ? Pod?" and family, O Wedato, I.a ferte ard eon, K LarroaJe, P Bel a ire, J de la Montal?ne La vriet, B Wever, T Jamey, Re. JP W WilUams, Major Hal? bard, N A Murdoch. J Kane ha: and family, M P Mal.braa. Q Mali bran, Mile Lr^ndre. A B Cbisholm. Miss Foliar. Port atj Pbimob? Br<? Echo? I'apt O Cuu*. SUaoa Spenoar. Cbas Grant. Vn French, tin Lueaa PHG8IKST? COdflUM? Ruakcr nrt? ?(XVCUM^fiaiMr Art* CONWM?a?<r Htm. art*., COMAI^tbir IV M. -? .???? IVm cm u4 cwn iim? at. JTWCtlft f-Paatetr ?%(*. PrapMrt UiMMnMSi la r?Utl*? U ??