Newspaper of The New York Herald, 7 Kasım 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 7 Kasım 1860 Page 3
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?hoot twwty It* par oeat orw the nu whloh Opdyke reached. Ala Ogurtng would giro about 11, OP# a^arfty V I he fat ton tola id the city. A ?tooa-We're not afraid of thai Mrcnn ihurn- Not)* bit of tt That will do oa ao bam. (H> hi, hi) Mr. Oauraa then aaaouaoed Um tottowlag return fir J u fee aeyeral dletrlcto af Um Nlalh ward>? DilriaL Uev 4* 1 %h M ?a KM >W i m S * ? 1M ID M 1M t<? m m? ai? Aaae anna did not appear to produoo a vary aattabo ttvy Mpnaaka oa (ho aadieaee, hat Mr. Draper rea? ?aaad their rrooptog aplrlta by tho aaggMtioa that at all areata Ua reduced the a^arttj agalaat than at tha laat aa retailed fro* tha Bghteenth ward wtheeflbot that tha Taath dlotiiot hadgiveattg toatoapotaa agalaat tT Llnoola, aad tho Fourtoaath dta trtat M* faatai votaa ag%laei|M Ltooola. Theee flguree wow toM aheerlag thaa lha othara aad were received wtth diapcalart anaai; hot thM feehag waa dtaeipat at by tha aaxt anaoanoeaent, that tha Twelfth dwrtst af tha Tweaty-gret ward had glrea Ml roUa for Uaeoto agatoet tat tor faatoa, leering Uaaala to a Majority of ?we. Tbie waa reoelred with ahoutt af apptooaa and topyhg af haada. lha aaxt ratoraa received wara from lha Ninth dlatiiet Of lha roinall ward, which gave Llaaato ITI agalaat Ml tar raattn. Thla broaght oat eoaaidetabie Jubilation. K waa tha* aaaoaaoad that tha Fourth dautot of tha ?fchteoath ward had glvaa M aad tha Fifth dlatrlet M MjmUta la* foaioa that tha Filth dlatrlet af m? Mtoth ward had glvaa SM f* Llnoola, ogalnat tda far foatan, with four aplit ttokato? the FWet dtotriot af tha Eighteenth ward Mg (Or Ltooola .agatoet 181 tor faatoe, with ? aeattertag? (a to toe, "?aad (or aaaHartog")? aad that tha Sereath dlatrtotof Ma Baiiaiaaath ward ted gWaa 1M haioa majority. ?at. Braper hero rwcrktd that ha aoly waatad to haar iron ana or two more plaaaa, aad then thoy woald ?tee* Tha remark alleltad aoaaa laughter, aad gava toaah oourage to thoaa who wara atill to doubt. Tha pptolua waa ezpreaaed that theee aamplaa were pretty Mr, aad that Ltoooto waa all aafa eaougb. The aaxt re torm waa from tha Sereath dlatrlet of tha Twaatleth ward, aad tad tea ted B7 for Lincoln agaiaat 8 88 for foaioa. Ma waa balled with ptoodlu aad bravoa, aad gaaaa enthoalaatlo Llnoola aun offered to hot that he would carry the State by 70,000 majority. About thla time there waa a lull to tha arrlral of ra toraa, aad aomebody oalled our tor a apeeeh. Lieutenant Bovtrnar Noble, of Wtaocnala, waa oa tha ataad, aad ?haata af "Noble, Noble, Noble," were aat ap flu. Dunt-Ott moment, gentlemen. Let ua'bare aaaM mora retuma. A Vww Btaaoca, totrodooe Noble. (laughter ) Ml. Dbatxb ? Oh, you get out. (Boara of langhter.) 1 have got a dcapatch wbloh I want to read to you. Here J| lit toMAfttrout? 9oooa Dautrxa, Fifth avenue ? Indiana al right. Hi, hi, hi," loud hurtaa and clapping of btnda.) Bnos Oaxrm ? Juat aand back word that New York la tol right. (Hurrah) Ma calle for Noble were renewed, aad were thla time to by that gentleman. Aa be eommeaoed to there wara ahouta of "Httooff to front, ao that the tol in aaa aae." (laughter ) He ooauaenood by Bay tog? "Othello '? aeeupatioa'a gone," "The burly burly'a tee," "The battle'* loot aad woa" aapeclally the latter. Area or four weeka ago I waa here aad found nwpeoded from a atrtog a lot of atoaea labelled "New York Hotel deaaoeratle argamenia." They had been thro wa through you wtodowa. They were the "Teatlmcor of toe reeka"? (daughter)? the foot prlntt of the abam Maaeracy? the traaka of the political Baurleaa of the Mibiaaa era. (Laughter.) 1 thought when I aaw thoae ?aaiaalnaa that our frieada of tha New York Hotel, oho had alllad theeaaalrea to polltleal aunuoha, had probably beta gttlag thaauelyea tor their aaaoelatea by perform tog the eperatiaa of aalf eaiaaonlitloo. (Peala of laugh tor.) A Voita? Don't itrlke so bare iKim- Hit em iola- (laughlsr.) Nona? I think I will vrlU a book. "Of wrlttag books thsrs is so end. " IT I do I will sail It "Political Peripatetics, ?sssmiassnoss or ths Campaign of 1M0. Two voluntas. Harper k Brothon. Dedicated to oar friend , Him. Draper " M would be a good Men to em be 11 tab it with wood cats, asssaipaBlBd with affldarlls, for the purpose of ?bowing ike real ulMaoe of the late Stephen A. Douglas (Laugh tar.) I bad a good aur ourloua adreaturee oat there, sad I will giro you one little rsmlataosaos, as Illustrating the extreme lengths to which men will sometimes be dri Tea lor aa argaMat. 1 wh ap la Ulster county, where I Made a ^iiob a newna tailing of miss. There were mm* very slsvsr demoeraU there, of both the Brechin rtdge aad Dooglaa stripe, aad we had a kind of tars feast ta the toiwa. A gentleman stopped ap to bm with a red fcasaadsa BslaplseUeaacfc? (A vales "Aluarat ")? Hi be to ms, "I bsard your spsaoh aad 1 waat yea ts andentand that 1 aa a South Carolinian. (The buds Totoe? "Oartalaly a democrat"? laughter ) ?'Tory well? yoc lefl South Oarollna, did you!" "Tea, sir." -A good plaoeto Mara." (Roari of laughter ) M1 waat you to understand, sir, that 1 think as Bach of the sores who took ears sfatasa eh lid, sa 1 ds of say own mother." "Very well, said I, there Is as disputing concerning tastes. I was bora aad brought up la lbs State of Mew Terk, amoog white foks." Hers the aneodots was Interrupted by the arrival of asre returns, sad yield log to the anxiety to bear asm , of the elect loo Mr. Neblefatood aside for a tins. One ohap ta ths crowd, impatient to fbreitall the asws, shouted out, "It, 000 majority la ths city," bst be waa aaet by ibouls of "Put that tallow out," "Olve ss ths ta lons," Ac. The returns tad tooted tht laUswlag aa the result ta ths Ssoond, Sixth aad Fourteenth wards ? rnrdi. Sep'n. Atat Vmtmmm. geooDd ward aa ?>? Ma Sixth ward 80S 9,277 1JII fourteenth ward Til I SM I.BSt Itie audience indulged is a rery melancholy "w haw" aa these Igures were read, but Sim. Draper sal lad spoa them set to be frightened, that bad as thaaa tgwas were Ihey showed repnblloaa gaina. Bsiaalsss dlstriets of th? Seventh ward, be said, had given 1M1 Ibr Llnooln, against 1,1*3 tar (baton, and that was a gals of I, *00 ever the last election. This saltad fsrth sons ptasdlts, sad then, as tbsn wen ao mors rstnrsa ts bs aaaouaosd, there were calls for "Noble, Noble;" "TeU the alary;" "What about lbs flosth Garni In lanf" Nobis? It Is sot s story. It Is lbs truth. a Vmra? Begin at ths bsginslng. Noeta? I will tall yon what ths South Carolinian eild if I ben an ao mon rstnrna (Voices,? "Go shssd;" "So en.") I told the South Qanilstan that I waa brn^fet np ta the Mats; sf New York sad sever socked a a egrets, aor wai dandled in her areas wbsa a child . the' ! asver wss epaaked aad put to bad by ana, aad Aid . asao etate with B?*reas?s when I grow up to manhood That la a men waiter of lasts, (laughter ) fekl be, "Ton talked about practical amalgamation, and aid than wen a gnat many saulattoss ta the South era Matte." "Yes," 1 said, "then wan more mulatleea ta the State Sf Vfrg sia than then wen rotera. sad that tbey belonged toU)? sttialgirraliia party " "Well," said bs, "1 a an t you to aottas thie ons tact: 1 a<!inlt Here are reulallon la tbe Vnthsra SlataB; but tf you know anjtfcag about physiology, you must ksow th. re 1, S way rf err .<:cl I for t*>?t Wu?u a female Is ta a delicate eit'iattos she a inflieooad by eaisss all nrou'.d her. Three srgro women ese white talks all around them? (lauihtcr)? and that Is tbe w it Thai l* vbs reae. r there an so maoy mulatto* (K *rs ef lai.gbl?r ) N?W, raid bs, that H a pb)Sk>logl sal taot Do >ou aoi rnollaat the story sf iabaa aad tbr peeled roda, In the BIWef" ?:\'t . said i, >)Ui i hare tboagbt, from mj atudy of the subject, that tbe result there came irom liie aae of an a dlr. lual pm-ted rod in each ladirldaal oass " (Peals of laughKr, In tbe midst of whloh Mr. Nobis sal down If *aa aTWrnarda induced to toll another aaeodote of ths campaign, but It was sot so wsll pointed as tha ass. Nr. rum here anaouaoed that from four wards? UicluiUsg the gpiilb? they found Ihey bad gained a ?boneaod roles aver the last etaotloa A Tc im? That is ths ratatlr ? ratal Mr Pn*rsB? Tb* Is as inensasd vols; but ws Mrs ss< lbs whole rota, we hare only the malsrltisa. The maj< rtty agonal us last J ear la these four wards waa TAft. Now it is only ?,?.? A V<, ics? That will bring the majority belsw 30,000 Retiuna fiom ths I'xsrtk ward wen hen anaouaoed. Sho* log 2,0*" xr'm l? r the I'n oo ag* ?l tat for I, in oo In The arc, . meot n*s me I red w'th svldeo*e of Wincing. ariJ r.oh rjeoolaftoua as" On'" " wbswl" " That'i pre t!/ strong/' ws re beaM on ail aides ?*. Dwiu*, HtlatM prt them mat* Uian ?hat. Be rilV^th ward gives ? m^irit; of til for fusion, aad t'^at Is a (mla (or a* of 114 votoa N'/na-Vliit k the fusion majority *o for as beard f<Wnf D?ur?*~I bar* not boM It op. If lb* returna fceep ap as they are coming la, Ito majority agalast ua la ha oily wtU be M.MO. ?okw? "Good," "That '? wis enough. " Htt. Oiatd-I got a Mtfr today *a?lng that if they did not get more than 100 000 la the city, ?re would Uek than. (Ltugbter aad apoiauss ) The Second dis trict of tbe Twelfth ward gave K0 majority to Boch?aaa It now gives Mac 'In a m^orHy of nine. (Ubeers and arlea of "Bully tor the Twelfth ward.") 8m We'll llnk'em op there. (1 Slighter ) Here two youths, 1b tbs Wide Awake en! orm, squ?e*M tbetr way ap to the stand aad banded la ret u mi mere was great anxiety to hear tbe Bgurr*, aad about* of "Bit down la froat," "Hat* off," "Order," "Whu'atb* ?aver* Tbe retaraa In qaeatlon gave the following lota)* la tba flrrrt, D*t*oUi and Plfttenth wards. MqntiUtm. Anion. MtuonHa for Anm Vlrst ward 47ft 1 446 *70 Eleventh ward 9,040 4,M? f.lrtO Fifteenth ward 1,730 3 flft2 *23 Pm. Dsatb? In every ward heard from we more than bold our own, as oom pared wltb the aatlmate pub. Itabed In tbe Bxnity Hatf giving St. 000 m*jorltj to tbe fasioalsts In this city. If we hold our own throughout tbe city In accordance with this calculation, Abraham Lincoln, a gentleman out bora la Illinois, Is, beyond all question, tbe Presides! of the United autcs. (Loud cheers and cries of "Bully for yon ") Similar soeoes, mixed op with remarks of a like cha racter, took piece all through the craning a* fresh returns were brought In, and our reporter left tbe rooms with the general understanding on tbs part of tbe republicans present that Uie Onion majority la tbe city would not exceed St ,000, aad that tbe republlcaa ma jority la tbe ?Wats would be at leaat tO.OOO As h* paa* sd tbe headquarter* of tbe Bell aad Everett men be heard the announcement made there that the majority Is tbs city woold be 46,000 The result shows that the republi cans caste much Bearer to tbe s?rk. THE FUNERAL SERVICES IN TAMMANY. THE CLOHINB BOCKS. eiftPS, BFABX8 AMD CONVUL SION*? DB. BYNDER8 AND THS HIJBSId ? TBI FINAL CONSULTATION AND DYINS KICK, WTV. Ota Tammany Ball In years gone by, la the ml of u; great eleotlon, has usually been Mm safety nUre where the sovereign* la their might bare resorted at tbe close of the day to blow off their excess or ?cm, aa wall aa to test the condition of the great public boiler by which the engine of the ropublto baa been maintained la working order. The Tammany of the past sod Tammany af tbe present, however, are two different Institutions Time was wboa the old wigwam was tbe aoene of soch gatherings as at. most "waked tbe eeboea of tbe dead;" whsn sosm of the best men of tbe metropolis were wont to gather within Its walls, and ventilate ideas that found a response throughout the length and breadth of the Stats; wbea plana were laid, policies marked oat aad pnbltc measuree determined that affected the weal or woe of a people ; when It was, la a word, a great political heart, from which emanated a vitality that pulsated with rich life In a thousand ar lerlaa. Bat to-day, alait "Bow hare tbe mighty tellea " Tammany BUI hardly musters a corporal '? guard. lis glory has gone; Its anoleat splendor has departad, aad all that remain* to mark a former epoch are a tew of the roaall politicians who cling to the slaking ship, aad "live or die, survive or perleh," have united their tortoaes to the destinies of their Alma Mater. A better Illustration of this downfall could not have bees furnished than last evening, wben the. doors of tbe wigwam were thrown open aa In termor days ter tbe sovereign democrats to assemble and drink In the tidings of a party success or a party defeat. Inslsad of glsasaiag lights, a glorious Ulumlaattoa, waving lags, bands of music, a ooagregatioa of grave sachsms, aoommlttee room Oiled with men, big with tbe teteof the nation, waiting tbe returns which aanounoad the result, and an eathnslastlc multitude cheering with souls full of Joy? what was the present plot art? A ball grim sad gloomy on 111 two or three boors of the even ing haa psssed away; a neighborhood around lit sp with calcium lights, rsfleetlag sa bright bulletins tbe recalls of tbe election, throngs of people, ooastlsss aa tba (saves of the forest, gathered around them, a lew dosca ladlvlduals only doing Instinctive duty In aad abont tba portals or tba ancient ehrla* itaalf, a lack of all geaulne enthusiasm bat that ot idle curiosity , and a solemnity or association that caty servsd to recall a funeral cortege, when ? Not a drum was bsard, aor a funeral note, As his ooroe to the grave we harried. Within tbe aasss sad sllcnca. A tew mtaetea before eight o'clock tbe old hall was lighted ap, bat with how little of Its sarly preetljre. On the dilapidated platform a orowd of bay*, with teoae that lad lasted a eras bstwasa men aad ball dogs, a solitary speaker, a thrcag of kllerssa the ?oor, wavteg la aad oat as they Urad af the aapabrtahle aad ua Interest teg speotaele, aad a geaeral lack of all that ascites tbe antmiw of humanity aad keeps men to gether la benda of political sympathy, foob was the plctore, without exaggeration, of the oondltioo of affairs te Tammany Ball Inet algbt. A nttls before eight o'clock, the prassat high priest of tbe matltcttoa appeared ia the sseae, aad te a aeseat more OapV. Isaiah Rynders was ushered apon tbe platform amid tbe cheers of tbe bealghted people, who thronged arouad him with all the derotloa of a crowd of spaniels arooad a good ? a tared maatlff. The Captain was ia one , af bis best hasaours, and as will be eeen teem the eneulag " sBa podrida laid hlaaself set apoa the stectloo la his j ssual characteristic manner srsata or cara? atsvmw. fellow cltlasas? I have received tbe retaras of oae ward? tbe Thirteenth? which was always aate. They give so a majority to Bight, a glorlsas majority (Tre mendoea sheers.) A Voica ? Who gave you the return? 0 Art. It ?No matter? I say Its so. facia speak ter thennlm. Bsre a mcaasagsr same with ths snsoun cement that the Hath Ward bad given a republican maj *1 ty, bet the report waa laatantly repudiated bv the gallaat Caputs, who sagg sated that It had probably gene the other way. What saa I aay to yoa, telle w ctttsene, ooatlaoed he, oa Ula ocoaelonf What Stell I my to ysa, Mlnate Mea of Hew TorM Tbe ra turns are aomlag dolefully la for as. You've seea aa lastaaos, which iadlaatas what will be tbe sltlmate sat I mate as determined by the organs of ths back repub Hcaa party to morrow mora lag. A Vowm? Never mind, Captain; the City's all right. Never mind that; give us the h*ae returns, Captain Cbpt. BTm>mu? Wbea I have Uiem I'll announce tbe*. ! In the meantime I will oocspr a tew momeals la a talk. This SM?ting to algbt will not ooavey to us aay Idea of the reaalt of tbe gsasral eleetioa, bat we shall give yoa ! the reealts of car labor* Boys, I hare worked all this day? I have worked and worked Ike a beaver? aad this | is the ellsaaa to all ths sfbrts of the klad la which I ever engaged I have seea dearly from tbe beginning whet weald be the reaalt. Tfce sl y will be triumphant. j ("IK' hi) Three sheers ter New York") Here s sMSSeag*r appeared la hot baits, brlagiag tbe retorna of the fifth warl, wblob wen stated at Ire hundred. Another appeared with returns fmm tbe Thirteenth, which were wildly announced aa "ataeteea hundred ter IbcCslaa." fibre" obeere tor tbe Thirteen h ) Qapt. Hrsraaa Gentleawn. this Is good news, I ' It be 1 true. It shows that the warda of .tow York are all right , for tbe t'nion. Are we salted or now A Von-a? So, here's a fetter that a'at. (Laughter "Put him call" "No, pat h.m tagetncrl" Jteeewel laughter.) I Cat* Kurt ami Boys, korp still; I can I bjar tnyaetf thlak. (Hois oaohlbalkm ) A Voi<?? Till as the troth, Captala. Chpt RTmttaa? I never de any thlag else. (Three sheers for the " on Id moa , Ryadera ") TO tel yoa the truth Jngt as last sa It ousaea ta, bet oae truta I'll tell yoa a?w, and thai Is, that bad It not boon (or cur republican ene mws we shoald have beoa eaabled to poll aoartj twiaa a* many votsa for the Cstoa as we h ive done No p?tt, j la lay oplsloa oagbt to bave the names of more voters regis tend than caa vots sal do Justice te the se?|?et. Hit poll oagbt to bare seore than four hundred voice, aad It IB true that tba bms who bare charg* of tbeas things be cnilel to acoouat. 8i>mekndy oagbt to take ihla ball by the boms, and, though lbs fo*o who aJr catas ths practioe m*r be aiy friead, I aa> ready far the taak. Dowa.t sty, with the system of t?>tlng which crowds A tfc ^sead m?n 'lVo eas tbaa half that number of m'"ati" tb' ws power into tbe hands of a fow, aad preveals lbs bcaset r.ders of tl"lr country from doing tbslr duty M the polte. ("'a so, that's It, give It to '?m, Oepwlo ") This 'wirrence most aot take place aga n. A Tows, Willi " th* iwmI l riah brogue"? Bedad, ;? ?pake* the troth. C?p? ? n ?m a part of tbe ba*tni** of tbo** la pow*r to tart pr**id*d for th* van la at th* people la Ik la respeet There are man/ tbtag* that hare Knar red this day to kaap aa from felting to tbe poll*. la tbe ?rat p'aoe, lb* black republican*?*? ukaa every oppor tualty iber eon d ieagaUy ? I lay legally, tor I like to give tbe davll hi* duo? (laughter)? le delay ai while at tempt lag to eierelae oar right*, aad, by the way, boys, I'll give a "specimen brick" of tbe pertinacity of soma of these fcUo ti when tbey try to Interfere with deoent men There wu a little fellow came into my offloe the other day? you 'v* heard of htm la tbe paper*? aad be wanted to obtain tome information. I gave him all I could. Bull be per*i*ie<l He waao't MtWSed, bat want ed more. 80 I toli htm, "By friend, I wtak yoa would Jn*t leave me and get oat of tbl* offloe as fMt a* yoa om." Well, he didn't aeem to "tab*" at ail, aad be bothered me io inoob that I dually tamed to him? for I was sit ting at my deak? and said, "Damn you, I wtab the devil bad yoa. Get oat; God daun yoa, I'd like* to li?ng yoa, and Um whole pack of yoa." ?'Why," **y 1 be mildly, *1 dont want to quarrel with yoa, Chptaln; I don't bute yoa; I doat bat* th*^devlL" '?Don't hate the devil," Mid I, "you ahouid'nt bate tbe devil. Why, be't the prime leader of yoa all, and no more deserve* your hat* than your grandfather." (Oraat laogbter aad cheers tor Rynders) It'* me who hat**. Ye*, 1 bate lb* whele abolition party. I don't want any thin* 'from them I wouldn't accept anything from them at tbe ead of a very long pole. (laughter ) For I believe that the carrying out of their Infernal principle*, If It ha* not done so to day, will destroy all the anlty, fore* and ?Sect of tbe government under which we live. (tp plea** ) I d?*pi*e the dirty rasoal* (A voloe? 1 "Ooh, tbe nasty baste*!" Laugbter ) They are not worthy of a man's hate. I wouldn't dignify them by a d I* play or so much feeling. I'd lib* to hang 'em all ap, by Sod I ; would at youf ("Teal yes!" and langhter.) Her* a anmber of return* came In from various wards, which were read amid tbe greatest enthusiasm. A Voiua from the back part of tbe ball ? More good newil 1 have reliable Information that Anson Burlingame, the right bower of tbe bloody Cbarlea Sumner, is de feated. (Tremendous cheer* ) Oapt Rnrrsaa? Well, I've bet a bat, a bottle of cham pagne aad * pair of boot* on tbl* *i*otton. If that now* I* true I'll gtv* yoa my coat. (Ijwghter.) A Tokw? Do *o *om* more. Let'* have lb* return*. In rr ply to which the Captain and hla mathematician behind him speat *ome fifteen or twenty minute* in tgur Ing up rt turns from th* different dlstriot*, which were then announced to tbe expectant multitude, amid *usb a display of vociferation a* completely drowned ail at tempt* to hear a word slipped in adgewiae. The aodieno* meanwhile ebbed and flowed Is regular tide*, tbe ball being tmptied almnat to It* sediment and then replenishing to overflowing, while (agar amok*, puffed from the lip* of hundred* who tor tbe eccasloa seemed transformed Into *o many psrambulaUag chim neys, bung l'ke a thick pall above the multitude. 91 Is a** being again rtetored, lb* (bptaf broke *ot again M follow*-.? Boy*, I've been Shoved ap her*. I wtab *otn*body would shove me dew* and tab* my place. "Never mind ge m." Wall, I will; bet I mast t*il yoa what sticks in my throsl, and that is, that owing to th* delay of republican inspec tors around th* ballot box, we wore net able to get la all tbe vote* of our party, aad that there are tboeawd* In tbl* elty, and perhaps some Is tbl* hall, who have not *s*rei*ed tbeir legal aad national right* to day . (Voices ? "Yes, I'm one," and "I'm another," and "I'm aaotber.") As as instance of this, in my own ward, where I have lived aad voted for ten years, I went to the poUa, aa yoa know is my eastern (laughter), to vote. Tbe man knew me s* w*ll aa any parson here bows me. But, says he, "Wbat'i your name?" "Ryaders," says I, "Captala Isaiah Ryoders." (Laughter ) "Ha, what'd yon sayT" "Isaiah Ryaders," I repeated. Be looked at me agala, aad patting hie head ap to hla ear, said, "Wbatt" "Captain Isaiah Ryaders, aad be damned to yoa." (Tmmeae* laughter.) I rather thtak he heard that, aad I voted aad slopad. That's a fhlr specimen of republican Ir spec tors, aad th* way they took sp lb* tlm* to-day of mea good aad tru*, aad deprived tbe d*sao cratlc party of some of It* beat strength. A totob, \jmp*ain, nu majority ao fw|in m im city to tbe felon men " Tbe Capi ai* , " about thirty ooe thweand, and I tout believe It wlU vary two theuaand from that number." A votoe, " Bow much in tbe Mat*." The Captain made ?o reply, bat u eipreeelve movement la the air with bia ?ngera around aa imaclnary aiK, looawa >*>??*?? thumb and tbe polit of hi* Me, waa quite a* eloquent a a tfbebad said, '? He didn't know " Bat, oootlnued be, whatt-Ter It May be la.the Stele, the city of Naw Torfc baa abown heraelf aa eminently oenaervellre Let other* do aa they may, we bare at< od by tbe oonatltutlon. (Cbeera.) I take It that erery did who love* bla country will feel a oonaoletion In knowing that be baa helped thla elty to do Ita doty. New Torfc la tbe metropolis that (tree tone to the whole ooontry. We are tbe gfWl eeiaiarclal eaa porlum of America, and from oa rlbratee erery stream that earrtee oar wealth from ooe end of tbe eooatry to tbe other. If there are men who are willing to trample open rocb Intaraata for tbe lore they bear tbe nigger, let them do It, aad If the I' a too la dlaaolred, aa Macbeth ?aid to tbe (boat of Henquo, let them aot aay to tbe dty of New Torfc, " Never abafce thy gory locka at oa " (Tremendoo* app'auae ) It la enoog h for oa that we bare atoad by the right* of tbe tlberttea of tbe people. Iftheftate baa bees derelict la Ita doty, It It aot oar fault (Cbeera ) If there are any black snake* here, I aay welcome to them. We are glad y cM are here, tboagh you have been drawn by mot tree of curiosity , and we hope yoa w'.il profli by It. Whether a man be a whig era democrat, whatever bla polltloal atrlpe, they ought to be ready to ttaad shoulder to ihoeider la ao aaored a oauae u the Catoo ; aad aa f >r me, I would a a aooa Igbt tbe fanatic* of the North aa tbe flre eaten of the South. It la our duty to Igbt tbe battle* of tbe Colon, wherever may be tbe ??Id, aad to maintain ita Integrity. TLit la my private opinion publicly eipreaaed (Laughter and cheer* ) I bare Juat beard that Mr. Pennington, that half way republican, by which I mean a half way atggar, a no body, a nothing, a goad kr nothing, baa been dafbetad. If that** ao let aa five three ebeera, which were given | with a will. I make a difference between Pennington and Greeley one la a half way algier, the other g^en tbe whole hog Greeley la algger all over, nigger la hi heart, nigger la bla prlneiptea, aad with all that a very deoent white maa. (Tanghter ) Why, bnya, I believe be'* ready to embrace a algger wanes If If* only for tt* goo i of the eauae, and the falser and grraater the better. I admire bla ?ejliiaeet, though I do aot approve bla taate. Do ym if (A vol ee, ??No, H amelie mighty bad ") I'll tell y?u a *t?ry about h'm, though I wea't roach tor IM truth It appears ibat Boraoe waa one day riding la the car*, and, aa hie good lock weuld Lav* It, got a *eat by the *lde of a big algger weacb Fhe rsielled pretty etrong Horace waa rather fat, aad tbe weather waa pretty warm The da* key ooulda't ttaad It, afcd aaya (he, "Maaaa, don't tsrooga an. too mooh white man don't auit me " (Tremeadoua laofhter ) Tbit'i a very good ** of a darkey Imbued with blank republican doctrtaea They dja't thiak a white man to qu'te a a good aa a i.lgger Wont acme of yon nbepe that haa been electioneering all day without drala1a? bla bottle give me a drlak T?a all took pretty dry, however, and I guraa ea eoooud though ta I'U lake waver Return* now began toe? me la more reliable, an l onpiea from tbe Hami n bulletin were read aa faat at tbey ap pea ted. with each rambling coa*Teata, cboere and ?a timet ?rrn aa might bare been evpeeted from *<i b a ?rowd. ia the (aptain onnfrfeed ha waa wall algh "pla?e.1 oot," bia voice w?* boarte and broken with an h ir a c0 rt, tbe aud.?i.oe waa rough, aad lou d?ii natratlve by ha'% the air thick, wifgy and Im pure, tobacco juice ilred the floor to the depth of ha f aa laoli, the actlcWH i.t >? fw> to die away , aobody appeared to '"oiole the oo<n fori lea* few, aad with the empnatie remark, " I email defeat, " the atately oil Narbeaa, wrap piag the drapery of hi* oont aboal him, laid? aot ?down to pieaaaat dotal - but a bee liae lo tbe livelier haunta of tbe lllumlaated newspaper ofl)?~e to oMata wi.?l he bad toi yet bad? rri leave econunta frorr abroad. By alae otiock old Tammany waa almost dee ru 1, and tbe llnterlng lew who lounged arouae lu dea rted pr le.iLCtr , only nerved aa a aontraet between a oaoe glo rfcea peat and a u> at laatcGteb'.c preset. BRKCKIVBIDOK llEADQUABTlfRfl. tw*l '*Mtod erevd gatl'-rel Ivt Blgbl a.Uila the oorSi ri of the narrow room which ha* ??rr"d for th? beadq'iarter* of the hard working gal'aot bead, *b >, aa tbe #r*t *oi!nd o I tbe locale of alarn to the futon, i -oil rd lhefe?'?** n *<<?? the banner of Rr?rktj.riV* an<1 UM, tak ii g aa Iheir <vm dt (Wrrrt V<t' n al Temer at T< ' .nte^ra. Almoat aa aoon aa toe r a had denote! tbe moment tor otostag it? polia I fee totdquirWra were be 1 ficged by da enteuslt- to crowd, uikjui, even to Um , knoaledfe of Ui? futll y ef exporting anything like exact retarae; le (lean >he ollgtecst Intcligeuce which j Blffet indicate the v*ryla< hanges of the day '? gtmgg 1? ' IB the city, tba Blat an > ibe More dlitaut quarters , o t tee great battle lei I A* yet tome boare muet latervM* before any authentic report* could cone In; volunteer ?*cou 4 kept going out and hurrying back with whatever Intelligence tlioy eo Did eoUeot, and as tbore wae do other than ?acb a* were approximately trutnfuJ aa tec roeult abows, aid oonaequenlJy favorable to tee gloeloue cau*e of the Union, they war* raoelved wlte inch hearty obeera a* be tokened tea heartfelt pride and patrlotum wbi.m baa narked tee gigantic e?trt* or tee ? Uolon sever* " A* tea *venlag progressed similar encouraging Introductions were made, and the account* were received wlte corre sponding acclamation It waa observable at tela time teat no demonstrations were made from tee headquar- ; era sT the republlean party, and tela, with tea nuiwau : rlty (ibillratiBg account* announced at the headquarter* of vbe Breckinridge party, drew forte repeated obeer* 1 from tea crowd. At this moment a hundred vetoes called for a spoeoh, I and after oonsldrrabl* trouble to find a person thai would address them, Mr. 8. W. MuMaav* stepped forward, and, i mounting tee platform, spoke as follows;? FfHow-dtlasns? The sun which rose this morn ' log upon a united and oonaolidated oountry, and ?poo a glorious confederacy , such a a waa be queathed to us by our forefathers, by toe pro- j visions of the constitution under whloh we live, < 1 bave tee pieasur* to announce ut you |* still safe That ; at snnsei U?s evemi.g we have hopes of perpetuatlog the ! Union and the e> nstltutlon lu all tec toleration and the purity la wbicb we found it ft<uigui New 7ork will seed upon tee telegraphic wlrea to the r?ur quarter* of tee Uakm tee tntelltaenoe that New York behaved aa tee bead, the brain, tee Intelligence of tee ooafederacy, and la yet loyal to the cm,a.liutinu and tee government under which we live. (Applause.) I am aware teat tbere M a powerful organlaatKW against whom we had to cut. nd, and which labored to strike down tee right* of tbe Hoote, to sink the right* of the white men, and make tbem sobaervieat to tee right of tbe black man who desired to raiae the bmk man to the level of tbe white, contrary alike to tho privileges and prejodi -ee of tee predominant race, a id the dictation of an all ?e*lng and overruling Providence. (Applause) But, thank God, ibat tbe acclamation of a sectional and treasonable party that ban been arrayed against u* are vain sad nranocettftil. We have yet four tear* for the convtltntHa and the Union ? we Lave yd four y?-ais from pettlaoat govern ment ? four jearf friro the control of free lortam, and (bur year* free from tbe oold water and green pea l>bllaateri-iii?t*. We have four year* to perpetuate tela glorious Union, lo see that tela Union belongs to white men, and cot to black wen. %e are safe, for our in veil i genre from King* oouuty aad oar city wards ensure It. 1 am tafe in say tng that the Union Is ours, and teat we ?ball bo able to receive our Boo there brethren la our thorongbfbrea? in our banqueting rooms aad oar hotels? with the account* we receive, I defy tee oombtned effort* of republicanism for the preetnt, even should hell come to back them As anlilaen aatongst yon I anaounoe tea. tee * tutor y ts won and 'he oonstltuMoa la still our* ? n*i to perpetuate It In a reMtveranoe ? not to perpetuate It In a brokm, fragmentary coed It loo ? but la an *o Urged, in aa ii'< rvaattig spirit of liberty? la teat universal spirit of right teat secure* tbe glorious privilege of freedom aad eqtallty to tee Southern Slates, to whioh I cry ?C* jmt jmtua. (Applaaae.) This speech waa received wlte load and long ooa tinned cheer*, and yet tee hopes of tbe friend* of the Ualoa roas with tea freah accounts received of ted defeat of Pen nington, la New Jersey, and Burltsgame, in Msasnrhuastls ?and yet tee cheer* roee load and long. Still did aa oml aous silence reign la tee headquarters of tee repubUcaa party, giving new lift) and energy to each freah oon aelved hope for tbe suoocea of tee Ualon ticket, bat at aa aalucky moment aa aaaoonoemant, verlSed by a despatch from tee Haatii), declared teat tee Slate had not thrown tee necessary preponderating majority tor tee Union, and teat oonaequenUy all previous wei1 formed aad g lor lonely indulged hope* ware oa*t to tee pound. This threw an immediate pall over tbe exultationa of tee meeting, changing teem from triumph to gloom. But few momenta were nooeasary lo ftx tee "damning fhot" upon tbe minds of ail, and wlte a harried perusal of tee aeoount* which new began to pour in, aad aa lb* toot was proved beyond a doubt, tbe'gallant Democrat Is National Volunteers got rid of their friends aad la si- j Is ace returned to a eoasideratloa of what sould be best j doas la tee future. MOZART HALL J waa In oompjfle Iviim laal eight Our reporter, la , expectation of an active a?d interesting aaaeton, waited , for the aaacmbly of the dcmoorata antll lata patlenoe aad 1 b<( hope* were totally axhauatod. On the door leading to tbe tublcrraactn apartment*, la whloh the mee lag* of It* party are nasally held, waa a notice to tbe public, la forming Um?b that ae mealing would be held that evon lug TV>?kl?x IkM (key BifM torn ap In anaaa oUm r In callty, oar reporter peraararlagly aadaavorod to Sad tbe Mowrt men, bat aU bw lnqulrlee vara frultieaa. Tbe liaa*nnt ball waa aa alloc t aa It ooold be, aad II to a long lima alooe ao mod) harmony pre railed there ' THE BELL AND EVERETT HEADQUARTERS. To paaa from Broadway, with IU amply itagea aad al m-at deserted aide walk a, Into tbe orowdad, healed, Jam I nod, packed Ball aad Irerett club room, waa aomatbieg like paddling oao'a eia>e out of a quiet trout atream Into 1 tbe roar aad craah of Magara; aad tbe vaal crowd aroaad 1 Ibo door of tbe club rum, la the at reel oulalde, ma y wall be alaallhd by tbe Nigerian raplda, for auch boatle, ooo rui.oD, cBihuaiaaoi, nolae and cheera were hardly erer eqia'led Ira Id e, amiiat all the nolae and tumult, a aort of anret'if waa orgatlxed to receive III* return*, H V. Bull be lag elected President mod C. K. Bill Secretary. Cheer* followed cbera a a the vartona city ret u rue were received, aad tbe ahoita Inalde were eaawered.aa U by acboea, by tbe abruli oulalde. Tbe room waa fblrly packed aad c.uld aot poeaibly bare oootalned twenty Kore it' a. Old men uid cxperleaood aad laex perteaced politician! ware all Jumbled together la one in i estr'cable m*rt, all cbeerug themaelvet boaraa for , I'aku and Tlet'iry. la old gentleman, hit apectoclea fly leg around hia aoddltg bead, elbowed a young Believe relter . a liule b >y poibed kla ancient comrade aad an | t. uraged htm lo ooer. l.uue an I big mea, la ablrta , aad oat of tb?m. with and without bate, abooted aad ?bouled till lb* r oaf of tbe room aecma<l la aa mocb danger from tbe nolae aa tbe Cuor from tbe weight ap>? It. Every buck waa packed Tbe eetreiary aal a poo the labia be waa to writ* upon; tbe chairman kept I bia mi by etifTt ranee, tbe ro.irrtera' Ublea ware adoraod { with enlbuetaatlc aboulera. all war* gentlemen of lb* pre**, aad lb* geaela* reportara wroW apoa their bat* ' or, throwing tbrm op la Joy at ao one x pooled majority, n.ade drake of their kaeea aad aelgfctaea' backa, aad ecrlbb'ed tbe brat way tbay oould. Herilng*, packed la a box.glrr* ao Idea of th* Jamming All wera anxiouo to (boat for the lalos, to bear tbe returra aa th<y ware received by tbe Minute Mea of tha lalou, aad to glva real to the eotbi aik/m whlob bad carried them, agalnat every ob ?t?>, Impediment and dlaoouragemeal, through a long tampaiga and a cJnaeiy ootilaaiad omo tloa At each relura waa announced, tha I" aloe banker of the ward wa? displayed, aad greeted aitli the C? K-H-'-O ? M Beit, Xvarelt, hurrah? bi til tbe Lbali Ban waa b<?ra* from announcing Mayor I lie# aad tbe erowd from ebeerlxg tbem By half peat eix the rooa waa tllnd. end a'th< ugb tbe crowd waa al m el oriaianllj cbaaglag tla pera-na it did aot change ita atirogtb end asmbere Shortly after eight o'eloek mea eregera aad meaeagee from other mate* began to arrive aad the (>a rman anroaao-d. aa well aa ba waa able. It at I ? cad b<< n Informed reliably that New Jervey had j gone for tbe frii.n Nina cheeia for NewJeraey, Hip, hip' At.d for thel'aion Then ->n motion, Sew Jeraey >? ad? 'tied amocg tbe I'alted State*, M ibe baa been fcl every ?l*r?lon for Ibe lael lea je???, bjr a>me party or aiber. ?? Fail River had gone for Colon' Hurrah"* Craab ?e?'. rbelra aad ben'-nee. e mpletrly amaMiel hy ll.e >ncr" belm'r g cri *d. VolSea in k>?d, eager ounver m<n-c ?>ade a perMrt modern Babel of tb<- clnb room hvut* for " a eoag, " aad "a en?e^h(" a<t?rnat?t wlih rb*tra for tbe Ctww , and evavy me in it who loved ft pi me rue at Ibe other <od of Ibe room Jomperf upon a tav la aod began a ?peev.b, but bo might aa wall have been In ai ether arantry a* far a* the Cb t'rmw'i . alremitf of tb* ronai a aa d, tor the erowd a?par?t?d Ibe two P>rti<'r* of tbe rr'im aimoal aa onmpleiely aa woaid tbe wall ?f Chiaa !*'?? for a era g dro mod the attempt al a at r<rb, aod et.rara ailcaoid the ca e for a atig aa a mea e?Pf>r, t? ariiig aa Am Hean Qag paehed tbro ieh the Ihirag with the aewa of |/er?ey Cltj '? majority Mew, tbea, mrra eb. ?rv Another nvaeengc p<tah I ed, lifted, carried ap to ibe aland, and aa : nted by Itiuadeva of cheering "Reduced maj <rt|iea fbr the blark republlaane la Wedara Mew Yor*," ebeera for It* "redooed," for Kraeto* Doralag, for Bell aad Rv*re< t? lrdtaa ebeere , 7oa? va ff.'ee#, n?ll k-eret ebeer* bi"?b* Aa; k led of wm to mean long IU* Ibo lul.,o aad ibe rnlce a?r M^re eb' uta. ?"ea rhfi, criea of order, b'??ea f<r j erder, retraana. rail*, yelia for order, tonadi'g I ahr"l teroia ah?>v? the dnii baa* of tbe el '-era Jf >? iareliMr B??'reiger? 1 "Th'rly tb< arar.1 aMj wl*yf? 'tr^t beard from, aad ?U((.g It Ion warda In he. r from ? Nothln j but ? I'oK'D elwr will io for luai W'j*' | Westchester Mid Albany city, "U-N 1 O V, M fveretll" ; Fbouts for morenevs, alieriiei'ng ?itb mi.*ri i?r Mat re ceived. Shout* 'or Union ui<l ir?eus for ioiiu A iwa. Laughter ?nd imloiw euthuxiarin 8 ?t?o olj fr o/lee of "All up," and calls lur "Disk's kand." Kvory body shaking b*ud? with every turfy elne IVople ? lib large fait lb enoourkgiiig thoee who wart *fr?i1 Ij be'leve. Ptirile* pnshltg out for fresb sir, sod largor parties pnshlog In with fre?h md uutirud voioe# ? vd in the midst of *11 this anolier m^KHsugrr lb m ?d >i i uttir*, rbtered sll the way to the plilfiirm, sod cheered stili more for his Dews from Philadelphia Y Momentar; sllenoe and ?egnf>- relighted Relief party st the other end of the room leads off s cheer for New York oily. Up com'i the answer from the s reet. An other cheer, aiiolnci ! Tien ? grsnd L' u loo oheer from sll, (he Msge drivers joining ss tbey ni>p la front of ibe club room Enthusiastic, whether victorious or not. Elated If succes-ful; If de feated, enthusiastic still. A tentlool The Virg ola re | turns, snd a Union cheer; Niagara Fabs, uid more cheer lug. Borne one wants blacker ink to paint up the maj >rt ? ! lies: "Get It from Seward's speeches; they're black 1 enough." Three grcsns for Seward, three obeers for J Be)l, snd for Even it, aud for the I'd ion. A Jug of aweet \ elder Is pasted around? Here's to President BrU Drlnk It down I Sbouta for tobacso, for elder, lor water; the crowd surg'rg and s waj tnf to and fro, noisy, etciiod, unable to decide who was elected, but ebeerlng for Bell, snd hoping for hope. Oilers to bet Lincoln would not carry the jtue Bo taken. Offers to doable the bet The men at tne oihar end of t&e room keeping but a coatiou* 1 Union cbeer. A painter kept busy putting down Unmn majorities. Three cheers Ibr him. Brooklyn besrd from I Obeers upon cheers, flags waved, hata thrown up, louder and louder cheering. "There are thirty threw States In this Union." A cheer for each of them The crowd almoit hoarse with cheering and deafened with their own tbnnder. Men staking despe rate efforts to get upon each others' he wis, to get a look at the msjorltlrs. The " republican" majority blank tiled op with dashes, amid tremeodous cheering Another mtaaaKe: lac easier, Pa., gocsUoton! " Who will secede now?" Cheers f>om outside, from the next room, from every one who can speak. More cries for songs and for "Dtite." Some one leads 1 off.? We're tbe boys for a demonstration, Bound to win oy moral ruasion; Hooray, booray, hoaray , Dixie's land. We will catch the Wide 'wakes napplDg, Hickory club* are goo* for rapping Booray, hooray, booray, Disle'i land. A tremendous chorus, and cheers upon obeers. Anotber song:? By oar coantry's laws we standi Awbolawho! We're noi yet done I We will support our native land I Our sa'laiit Bull's the victory's wool Then rig. jig, rig, Jig, rig. Jig, fond. Our gallant ffctl the victory '? wou ! An alarm of fire In tbe rear room?' Thai's t > roast the ' black republicans." We'll Mod white men to Washington I ( Big, J'f , ^ ..Three sbssrs for the TMrtsentb ward' - For New ( York? she's done her prettket" -Tor Sew Jsrser-tn i the Union ch*er* cb<*'^, *Dd M **' ward-, majority Is p.?.?* tor Gr~er- I -..?on, inquiries, ?? Who', seen a Wide A?BI . to the tune of '-Who* teed my sister r?mee eltmMng ?p the pillars to get . chance to see, nod, seeing, frttlog * ,0 cheer the returns posted ?P ,n the it* of the chairman'! seat. Correction! of the returns, the majorities more-l.g. ^ ? sesson of comparative <???*. *? comparing and adding Bfi lh llaU 0f the majorities, and then a general cheer .[the result as the chairman announced the grand total Srespoose to repeated calls. Then more r> lot, broken only by krad laughter at jokes which Bached bright y mnnth In the sxcl'emsst of the time, but which would *" "? "t ? i HBULf'. ?? ??**. " ' teats of all sorts of Intricate political ealeulatloas. Then hrt(Pi n ff it restored volc*i lo tbo?6 wtio . tbcmUlres itlwt, M * rocket j out rocket rlsto's appear, are discharged and retooled. | lEwloU- reoeulng the shots with that triumphant rs . slgnatton usually bribed to anclsnt wrtjrt The official returns now com. In fr? the I BiU and cut down the . maJorlUSS somewhat, but Z. the city ahead thirty thousand, end that I. enough "a" J , . , .. cvervbodT wants to know about . to cheer about, boys. I*s j y m.t?rit? in.rmoo.intT and Sew Jersey and Brooklyn ? majority Li. .nrt cheers ut all's right for the Cnloo. oomee apropos, and cheers say aus t* r .T_ o'okrrk krU|> UM boor tarn .?-'V " other so sear that an*lety buahes the eheora and SEE .tand. with fl.ger ?m Up, whlls ths crowd anticipation Mll|, u those specula whllh always pass the time upon such oacaslous, sT-bWare^trad^ and proven felons rery ? U* TW, - *-"<? "? """" "crrsni i othrLinc into hours, and the scales still polasd and Urn contest ??' .decided. Ta)k at first ^and^?ld^ then huahed "Z\ the gas, the atrength of the floor, the .?** ?? <* , lbs lag'r. the g???nenm of the d,wpa-xh?. The ?rowd , th'ss somewhat a# people go into the stiect to ujt*p? i^tba^room'beoosaea mors and mora *nl.t and ordorlr ' a .mile fs'nt cheer (alls, and even the Union sail onus l?a. ahout, ao mts?.a b*?ms? the am.oty. Waeur , Ton that surest tok? of aniiety, usurps the pUce?rf * ' . ,,k. to see It" Is aubatltutsd for :TT~rX Wis - The eTwd I. wa,?.ng f,r more nrwa andthose ?ho ha.e cheered W,?dmt ^ ! ii, ?e 'that the good uews IMS com* all Is a heap, a?d hA 1 the bad news to follow It I Smith's election in yueen s county raisrs a faint c^er , a.r Vuloo another, and another a polwemau s ?d the 2- u,. enemy to Bight " Groans for dub. "rescued from uie enemy ? u,. rifueeth ward polios follow, and then cheers, here . ,h # M wtlitke on Joftelj ro*l? of dark ulfUtJ, i..,-. ? . -?<- r-r-v rr*^! "? ri. z ; *r?z:z T-isr .. S; hr apeaks, and eheer prceoklng ch ?r, ths U a I o a i SJTi ot.r break, forth ?om? ?- ?'*? ?? ! I ,t,U the , ihirf . IBd do toej * . -.a Ti; takes Draper. P?^- Aa a Cnl<m ? he^U' ^pntdows U t. ?.??- thf H-f ?*?" I ??T t*eH> ?vs jears ?? have rol.-d n!?er or a- n *r * i UL l^I^nr dirunios Coin., fin. M our cry. ?vw ..on lost ") l olon ts our pra>er ? tb'wwvrk:T. mowdrn, the Calo* ?? ? ^ ' ' trtr, 1 rWi mau win go -lown ( ?s *n ao? br.|?s eeery # ? "So." "Ordse," and a kW,?\ Orl'S of "fide walk, - vn ? tairs the real b?sitat?-are doubtfnl hm go down stairs, w , wide ? row ? 4U'd[ v f T1 l K ? , k h,.?i Bell and IteereU cheers ; tnxrn *hee?* the A-ak.s the Vmdrat 1 *e? be... W? rear ;;r the - - ^ ^ "uTZ'T.. r-r ?? """ ? . " Oari.,% .. Moc' Is Tbs ?ew, ts s* glr-a oat to tk ! ? Parties W't h Omrle^os 2ws en?it?sl '? The WtM 1 'artsrt ars II ? I ml*U^, the New Tcrk Hotel m'r glre up the ?.?* 1 OR,, Wrodta elected," but there ^ no cleers. at fr as ' ??<? <*" "? ">?*? b%" ? "Z Zwm ? - rn wa f0 T the ?? n All aort. of rsni ? (K?< a? o. i the v m ft-ms dos'l s?e It, oth?ft do, soma | - n that there are too marf tolicemen down sUt S ! sthera .a, |tr. ?P ?d go hema Alt ?* I tide indicate a row, and rlelrs STe hStHf , ksn into elkbs and .ticka throws avealthlly under th. ?a Me Trent' n'oeS rh/e,i?g outstde, a.lemse anxiety Ir 'de. TVt fer^ary ~n "?? * A^"' toarts with ?'iU?r?it, ruahH sf ?Utr. as "The Wlds *??>'? ?'? H.a?tog m *"***.' I on. wha'. .frald r' AM. ?? T^ , .lf? 5Tbe ???? .a rot the arws r m ^ ,r1lM. Tbet d? a-* Ihe eow>mittes of (I ? < ' ^ ^ r?? nr the ?sw. a> St em.- a crtta n g*'J Bi | m< r . t kfS to coaf r?Ulate }on ?r Congmssmew. The rtlurua l?uo Ka.-l Rrookljrt uil Williamsburg sre fcfc ivnt wilb cbot r*. Route oue |J|| I that "kublicio pul|r> meu ht?t urtimd two of o*'r Bifo (Crirs, "I?i ? gu down," -^ .n r" blsnos tb. tti three g"?j.t ') Tbree* r.neers were given for New Orleans and brr a.*jc.rit) A t?uiLriuut wianes l? r?n<l K mi republican decreases id jorltM wbicb are received Willi s Ie? chrers Vben the Chair man wir I bat there will be do Dure re urn read from tbe aliu,d lo-ulgbl, aud wilb cberrs fur h?- Colon for lolio lochrane, cries of "lyl's form a ji'oceaei.Mi," "Brltg back ibat Haulier," the meet in* it Broken op, and U> scattered group* the onnipany talk over ibe return*, compare notes, sa drowning aim catch ?i straw*, aud ?I 'Wljr NaT* tbe ro >ra Thus tbe Union men spent laat night at Ibe Btll and Evei'll Lear quarter*, and received llit elutili'n return*, toping to tbe last, aud not entirely giving up hope. YOUNG MENS REPUBLICAN HEADQUAR TERS. Tbe headquarters of tba Young Hon'* H pablliwa Club and various Wide Awake organlsall> na of ibl* o>i/f are localtd at Stuyveaant Institute, No 069 Broad war , aud there Ibe more youthful portion of Uiu re, n ? ljau* as sembled in great foroe la*i eveuing Toe rouin I* large aui Cvuimodiuus, witb a clicular gallery rising from UM easterly aide, tbe wall* laat nignt were bung with llie names oi numerous republican oaudidala* an., various republican devices. Over tbe platform wa< a large oil painting of a scene In Kaoaa* during tbe troubles tneru. Tbe piotu>e represents squatter* and boruer rulliai.a armed wild rides, a-nl ? feaiaie kneeling In an imploring attitude, a bile iu tbe background of th* whole a ruae Kg bat la k>eu iu Uatuea. Alongside u*i? wu* k representation of the "Ran splitter " In a rattier nncouib costume, wbo waa wielding a moctroua rail, to tbe imminent danger of the bead* uf three dimlamlva ftgure* under bin, wbo are supposed to be Breckinridge, Bell aid iiouglss. In tbe background waa tbe Wnita House, and ever all were Uie word*, ">;lear tbe track." About seven o'olork tbe crowd began to gather though tbe Iront seats and platform* were reserved more par ticular!) for tbe < lli our* aud members ol tue ifflde a wake club*. "Oil Abo'* Choir" waa in atteuuanoe and during tbe e-Teuitg sang a number of * >ng sot to popular airs, smi'ng whicb "Dixit'* Land" flgurod prominently. Tbe reiurt* from one of tbe wards s>ou after aaae In, and tbougb tbe fusion ticket bad a decided majority, tba announct mi nt was received with hearty cheers on ao cuant of a republican gain In Ibe ward over the rote la tbe same place In ISM), which waa shown by a tabular record of the vote.* then given aus,wuded over tbe plat form. Mr. Wnanit Qua* waa lntroJuoed and mad? * sbott speech, In wh oh be kali that although toe city waa going democratic, It would not do (0 by the majority estimated by the i unionists, Tl*: 4? GCO Be concluded Wilb tbn assurance that the Bin e was i erlainty going fur Ltnoola After acme more singing by the "obolr" and an ex hibitioner Wide Awake cfeeers and rallying cries, Mr. I-amumct, tbe "Iriab Wide Awake," aa he Is styled, vti introduced and delivered a speech full of rluaka poriau and classical allusion*, all of wbicb, however, waa ttncturec with a slight brogue Be narrated hi* expe rience at ibe polls during tbe day and bow be bad cb*l lengtd tlx voters, two o< whom be was to charge with Illegal voting In the morning. Be bad gone through tbe Statu on a tour, and was certain ef republican succeM In the State. At tbe conclusion of his remaiVs, The l'KSMMirt of tbe city Wide Aaakua announced that Goverror Pennington, of New Jersey, bad been re elected to Congress. Tbi* anuouueemunt wsa race 1V ad with deafen It g applause, all present nal.ig to taeir feet and wa\ trg their bats and cheering witb wild enthuslaaok. Tbe rxoitcment oontlnoed for some minutes, and wsa fol. lowed by telegraph! i returns from Connection!, Msssanhq setu and other Hlates, all Indicating republican suocesaes, a bleb were greeted witb loud cheering. The returns frux tbe city ks Ust as tbey cam t In were also the can** of tremendona applause, and tbe real of ibe evening was paMcd ta singing republican songs, rejelvtog and obeer Ing retains and addresses from Incipient orators. THE FINALE. THE SCENE AROUND THE HERALD OFFICE. Ft am the doe* of the polls unlit a vsry lato hour Inst u'tht, or ratter esrly boor this moitiirg, I be crowd thai wss arcund the Bnuu> oIUm waa not only very pwt, bat also very exoltad. At ooo tine there oould not have beta Ire* then from three to Tour thousand per Ktj, all very anxious te w I toots the return M they ?rn IlillTMtnUr MkltlM Iti tm?|Hf lielll II III* three windows it the eoro tr of Kaissu ud fuitou streets. As each retura appeared a hearty about greeted it, hut aa the large majorities of certain wards ware Bade ksowa, the fee I id ga of the crowd seemed to be more and more excited Brtwron Ave and seres o'clock large groups of petaoaa mlgtl bare been seaa around the outer bulletins aad la the business offioe of oar establishment, aaatooaly road lag the telegraphic dee pale bee from Maryland, Virginia and otbet parts, which were then male public Shortly after that time the retura* from the dlOersat wards be gan to appear on the transparencies, which were not only Ilium inatad by the gas light bahlad, but also by a very powerful Drummond light, whloh was piaoad on the geoond building trom the oppoette coraar of Pullou aad Nassau s tret is, la a diagonal dlrroiloa. This light seemed to give great satafM-.t'oa to the crowd as tney loudly declared "the Hsa*iJ> was always rraJy to make everything clear for tho benefit ol the uttiauks, aad to thr >w a light upon all maltira of Intcreat " Oib?r* thought that the 1 luu.mond light waa ' a good idea " As Ihe crowd gathered round, e> me rasoala of boys drors s band-barrow through the living maia, hut as thay tr'.ed to repeat the trick Uiey were aent "to Ihe right about" and cleared off for the sight. At another V>oms the deco rated wagon of the fuaion party waa Orlreo through lbs crowd, and waa not only to para peaceably, but was received with loud cheers Enrrgettc ue^ hoys ware trying tbetr utmost during the early part of the sesalag to dispose of Skit Hirer tickets, and In eome cases made sales b it the geeevallly of Ifce people were too anxious to w loess the returns, acd therefote paid eery little attention to the solicitation of lbs youag "mes of Sutlseas " When tbe large majority fhr Ihe IfcaM ticket fleas by IhsHistb ward mads lis sppearaace, the cheers we-e very loud aad hearty Aboel ibie tlmo the srowd bsi gathered together lato too large a mass to allow tbe Pel ton street stages to pass without great I y Isoum waling the people, aad a voluntarily frmed commutes p'aoed Um-wi wires at the the outside of tbe nrowd oj either ?od to tura the vehicles back Lato Broadway on tha one aids, and dowa Nssanu street oa the other !%?ae of ih**iare driver* did aot like this mode of prsceedUg aa I wished to force tbe horses aloag through the arowd, but all tbetr sflorts were without aval!, and as they were cmpelled to movaoe aa the people wiahed tfcem, they were ss'iitd with a partlrg Jeering kind of ch"cr A crowd mart always bavs Its Joks, and "oultlsg" wera several of the queries they made of to" poor drivera Whenever tbe writer of tbe retort,* ah owed hi meal ' or moved the Iran* pantry, eome one of the penp e wouid sail tbe alfaUon of tbe other* thereto by tbe words ?' lx' S out, tbe Hnuu> baa got another," and such like ?iperaeloas Ab nit half |*el seven a rumor got lato fl.rc.alatloa ?>-*s way or other that a " rsvotstto* had Br >kea o>it la T>r glaia and Oovorror Wire bad been airasam tied," which for a few atlaows aauar I a Utile enmniloo, b it 11 did sot last k* g On* man, apparently a repahltaaa, bfts doclaimlng la aa e?eltod manner about t<?- ooctiici of Some particular inspector af tbe po'ls In th ? sity, ?'>" It waa (uggeeiM that be "shoo! I be rlM-m af?os one of Ue rail* Unco n split." Tills proportion was greeted by s cheer, *0 1 the ma, dou?iMeas Iblmleg "dlferetmn Ibe better i?r* of vaior," mads b ln*r If aoaroe One einteJ yout'i ralaed a kltd of iLdlan Whoop, ot a very dtsegreoebe s-t'irsto rrtn?d ear* wh'rh ?ss rtesoaHsatod by s >y ae a renaa hraetf betwiia a "gmwl of a bear aad a bray *f aa aa* with a vavy bad *nt4 " It her tbe rstormt rrt^m Oaynga aid Onondaga war- -t. i kib|)<ui ib ey were reeet?ed with a quiet kt?d dlae* s | factum, p lately how tbe sympathy of th* flrewd were ea'iated ?om* oppoeienl* of the Ha sat* wanted to asaert that the paper waa W bird band because w* did n<d g1?a the returns I qu<le ss quirk as they wished . but vV n, in the sours* sr s few m'" lea, lbs tgnres of a- verai wards rabidly ? (.|?ared (me aJt< r tbe other, aeveeal pereoo* tamed 'M** ibe nnfbrtupate t .mp'sm*r,t wllb? "Wb;i <l**r* to *?y i lbs Iftsatn I* behind tasf w-rdl-g an la j q> rt*g '?!> 1 nbo dare*, t rayr Another staled tr >t j ?'Tt? re wis p<> iy of I 'me Wh'i * j w?at ^?raa at oar*, asd tha? rm Ut ? ? ???* tian drth 1 hlleg (*t o*e at a t'ms." OC (n?r*e Ib* rrowd *v a m'acd a;.J if g .Uv_ U

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