Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 13, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 13, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. "WHOLE NO. 8832. MORNING EDITION- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER Hi, 18G0.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. C1BMT&AL, PABK-O&DIMAMCI-TUI BOARD Of > CoajBiaunei ? of the Central Park do ordain M tot iowi ? The Crnnl Park thai be op?a dal'y to the public during the month* of December, J aviary na.i February, from eeven o'clock In ihe morr lag anttl eight o'clock la Ike areolae, da rise Ike aootke of Marcb. April, Me)-. J iroe. Ootober aud Mo vemler. from eit o'elock Ij the morning until nine o'aloek la the even! wg; end during the m nthi or J uly, August and Hep itmber, fmui fife o'clock M the morula* uatll eleren o'c'ook ?in the errclng. Tbe (Superintendent may dlreot that any of the eotraacee to the Park b* closed at ?ny iinte. and taa?, oo special oocaetons, a'eo direct th?t Ike Park, or aay portion thereof, rematu opeu a; other titnea ior.ii thae above epeal&ed. fro terwiu. ether uk n employes of the Board of ( 'Knm's aiouers of the i Votra. Perk, shall enter or remain in Ike Cen tral Park etcept when It la open as above provided. No dog shall he sllowed upon aof portion 01 tbe ttentra' ?hJk. uU?e? lr>! by a '. bum nr prop'r doi: stria*, not eiceeal ln| live feet iu length nor snail any persou ^e allowed to lead ?\at oiedrrpe.'. eicert doge) in the Central l'ara. No person, ru ept ia tae employ of tae Hoard of Ornate Bloat r a nf the ? ".Am. Park, ihall bring up'ui the Central Park any l-ee ehrub, pl?nt or dower, no- anv ne*|j plucked branch, or poritou ot a tree, shrub. plant , or tiowar. fro pereim akall bathe, or Hah In or go, or lend any animal Into any of tbe water* <>( the fark. nor disturb any of the tl?A. water row I. or o'-bc-r binU li the fark, n >r throw, or place any article or itawg in laid wat* r*. lie reraon siaU Are. ill* '.Wire, or setoff In the Central Park, any rocket, rrs?.her, tope I >, eiulb, bal oou, ?nak? chaser, or ion bit- header nor auy ilrewoiks or thine under aaf otlwr u an t* rem p' eed of t..o k>ue or similar maie'tal or of the name or similar rbararter <i the Ere work* above speclled Mo peraon shall pla* or propel any invalid chairs or par unbulatora uaon any portion of the Central Park, eicent upon tbe walka Mo period ahall poet or otherwise aOti a-iv bill, aottce. or -Other paper, upon auy atructure or thing within the Central Par* nor upon any of the gates or eacloaagM thereof. Ro peraou shall, w ithout the consent of the Comptroller of '.he Park, pUy ui'on any musical instrument witun the Cea tral Park, nr r a'lall any peraon take tato, or narry, or Sup lay la tbe Central far* any Hag, banner target or transparency. Ho military or tareet company, or c'vie or other pnwwoi, ihall be permitted to parade, ~dr II or perform upon tae Con tral Park any mil.iary or other evolwnrni or mart orient*. The Ordtuauee of Auruvt 8, 1848. * hereby amended by In aertlnc tbe word "dopa after the word "g>>ata.'' aal the word "dog^ alter the word "k? raa," In aald or 'tnauce the ordinance adopt*! September XI, 1898, Is hereby amend ed by Insertlii; af'er 'lie word "oaiuliu?," tbe word* ".r ex preee wagru w!'!i or without passengeil nor any." The abote ordinance ^-aaadjpled and pastel at a meeting of the Board of Commissioner! of the I'ark. dnly con renad aa4 held m the Irt day of November, ISA) and ti pub lished in o jediente to tbe requirements of an act entitle! "An act for the regulat ..o an>l government of th? t'enlral Park la the<'ltyof Mew Tork. passed *prU 17. I- <7 Thefolliwlng ?ectiou or laid act la applk-able t > the above ordinance - Sec It All persons offending agalust such ordlaaaoea shall t>? deemed guilty of mldemeano'. au4 be punialiel, on con Tictiw before tee Mayor Meoordtr or auy maturate of the City of Kew York, by a One not eiceedlnz B'tr dollars; and, Ut t'afauU of pajment by lmprlaonment not eaoeediUK thirty day*. By order of the Board. R. *. BLATCHFOSD. ,'reatdenl of the RoarJ of Coounlssio irri of tbe Ceatral Park. AfriiKBW H UMRSN, Comptroller of the Park. Dated Mew Tork, Mot. 1, IVU. nrrio or raa paoif 10 hail STRABsaip >tom \J pany, Mow Toik, Ocuhsr SI l.S<0.? Nolloe la hereby |tTM that the suauaJ rittUoo for Bin* direoton of the PaHdc Mall Steamship r-omuaay for the eesttla* flacal year, will be aeM at tbe otfoe of to r cweapany >M Wail street, on Wednea imr. Rot. 14. pn,i , bM?m tbie hours of 11 A. M end t Vrtoo k P B. Tke trapsfer books will be ol ??J for lei days tt Ul IfUr MiicdAf. No* I ti. U MSftt'H \KT , See. MOVAL.-WM OABPB1LU B ANrFAOTCTRBR O* tte celebrated Kngllth Patent mirtng H tilers for Wlnjow hu recnorfd to 78 Berroir street. near Uudim. R mBBASCRY DIPaRTBBBT-iICRKAD Of OCBHTRUO 1 U? W ?sblrK*.on. D. C ,>or 10, l"?0 - Healed proowvU will ba receded at tbis Department ootil :be *Ah mat , ror ail lioudmi tOUO) I rU Of the beet Koeenda e IVmen'., deHvered aa the wharf. In this city- Tbe orment to b? of the bMt 311*11 It, aad eacb deiirery 10 be subject to such lean aa the cipertn undent of the work our direct. Iks Oepartmeat (eeeriree tke right to re; ?ct say or ell of tbe bids at It may dees iba lu Cereal of tke roTernment reqelres "Ids mist be eodoeed In ? eeeJed enreTope marked "Propoeela for Cement," and di rected to tbe undersigned, 8. B. CLaHK, eotlu * Engineer la charge, Treasury Department. WRWOCLDCAU. ATTKWTIOW TO THB 8ALJ Of the el?**nt Paintings ard Kngravlnas ot the late Cbarlea M. Leap p. to be sol, 1 at auotbn o? ? 1C. liUDUOW A i\), (bis evening, at 7!-i o'clock, at the rfatloael Aoedeey of pe Hgn, H9rtb?r<t corner of Troth srw and Fourth avenue. Catalogim at 1 be A at ii.?neer s oS<e, No. 3 fine street. ?VMU/U* UMaTLV I?l'BOVBl> PUKOFOBTB. LUM1TK * HRAUna?T. rs of a new aca'.e of orersirnn* baas pat* t Irv fnll Iron frime. graud nod square PUooforvee. *0. ill Plaaoe to real. A 8"A1 ?ajrafactorei tt?Lr a riKi ?v oitatk B00KH000 piano, in mmn A order, for }*J. >ne 7 <-lare, $120, one elauan-lt oarred for -SUO, ONA *17*. "be aaa?Bli)oei.i pes.-: kev ptan.i JJ1S #>* uc la re for 170. o?e 6 *t??e. ??. M r'.aas new plan.*, at (treat ?.? .>vaaine ?ver oflured; ereon<1 band taken in ex ckuia 143 areooa A. corner T?atl 1*. E WQMaAUBL ? URKAT PAK<}AI? -SPMItnm 7 OCTaVK R J??. A . wool! plai n mat l-KO, In pe?*~-i orler, fully imrraatM; m 1. be eo>d for one 1100 aad loo In inlrs at M) lllesknr Strret. A CLAW or dlXQIKQ TOR YOl Xa T,AOI*?t IHOPIH. ederery Wedne?1ar so l watnrday m irnlnj;. froai 11 /I'slnekto li. ?i Mr K.'S n Bast Thirtt Ant street. Mule. readliiK and moral tinging. Terms 111 quarterly, pay -?bie !? ABSTSK CX7TAVI ROfUIWOOD 1*1 ANOTORTE, OF rtck tnne aad sagnlflreot Unisfc. beat city asakera, for sale (or UNO at tbe foruittire parkin* rstabllehmeoi 171 Hiaih a< tone thr*? 'Kir? from Thirty rlmh street Plauo baa fu 1, round ooraeis. ^fsrstrnae, to. and f?ll war raa tee. Aflt'LKPPID 7 OOTAV* PIANO. ?0?*000 OAHB, nearly rew. wtU be eold at a bargtiu. In. 1 sire at ItM Hold jt.eet. Bmct ya. AT A H> Kill IK- A SKVRM Oitk\K R'WKWOOn Pias > . 1 it litre used nm?4 rniners overetruag bsaa. ? ?red lets Ac, (or USA- Ptaixa to 1st N Uuasry. eorner of Btx.atoa tireei. AtrpiRKR ftomtn yxvr first n.*?s roskvouo mud eorner Ptaoofi irte, iit? B'rnng baas, sorpeaitae "?"Itf Hn? Culed '.ega. enst ?A" wll! he sold for 1171, war , SUM three years. Apply Immediately at 1M Su.^ery QB10SW.UIU * win. ?aitafart iren 3f MLASl). HQUAM AMD CPRIJHT riADU*. Warerooasa MM Hnadway . O. ? BOini ha*e beet, awarded tMrly etakt prtsa aasdale. tm Jhe sceervanty y tketr aaauufaciura, for Ike peel iMrty Sve riAiroa to sairr. F? S IAI'1? A ?'K)P MCX)!lt? HAWI) NIX 047TAVIC Pleaot Hte, for S-D, et 121 Kan Twe tty klitb street. f A HQHOBA IIIZA Val.lHTtfft PARAVAi.1.1, li prtata doeta soprano, leashes alsflnr aad I'lano, at her ? t?ri*Me reetdfioe, Ut 1huJ aveeee, near netenteenth street, " lean oe seen from 1 U.i t .> , ,oe* enry day. oiAKtm. HBLoPar<iTa a*d a i.u a h dri oboam. tT m* aad sec md bead, for sale or 10 real, at araal bai am. Baled enue aa I -w ae M0. pieone at >71; monthly pay aaaata reaoii ed lor e.ther, rsat flowed It p ore b teed. One aeiea cetera p.aoo :?"??d haad) for (17A UOBACB WATBRf. Ageet, V oa-i way. S!UBOB V A KSTBO FBANOIA. LtTK FROM BCBOPR, kas the bnor tn lafnrm the lor arc of Ittllaa miai - that y la aoer rea.]jr to take pupllc who wish to heperfemad le the ar*. ofctnal.ig 1'ieaee apply at Ko. U kaaniiiteeelb street. Wew Tore.. UA BUB 110 AtAUKIUKB, ^ DODWoBTH'8 HAJIOIBll ACAOBB1U. Bo a* Rmedway Hew York. N" 117 koetecaa ?t-eet Bronfelyn WBOVBSDATNaed AATURrtAT* lc Bew Tor* ?OFOAMecd TUt kHlaVa. Tl UIIA T8 aad FB11IAT8 la Hrookiyt le ad*U ia to tkeOonrt yaa'rlVe, I'nace Imparlaie. Brer jcreea, Bmil-e ae<< - tb?r aadel dtsrte, Minurt Mnedmle, i..rdA eat o?b-r eeorauosel da sees already lelr-K* n ~?w1 by Br. tVidwcnb; a TarWty M eewtr daeeee will be bro.tgct f orward inrlpf the <eeeoe among w blsA may be mretooed "UCii. riaa )i st retired (ma Paris aad Ibe i^ualrllle at rrl etioe." ecpecMiy adapted to the dr?rl >, emeat ' grasefil 3 ..'emeat la ehl d-aa I Im-iers X lerats, Ar . msy he bad at either Aeadtaiy. DABCTBO HORB ??W BBOOKM* A"A PBBT * MDOkK *TR*8f Kew dian are oow formtag to mwimeer# oa Tneaday aad -Wednesday AH *e f aehweasie daaeca tanghi la oae course ot .cacima DJ PABt'lBO -BO ? WBBT THIRTY B XTa NTEBIT - Bcilcacr iTtrt erol JACRHoB A I'riraie Daaaag Aeada ? BOW open Htaiera s?d wieaes Wxdneadays snd datar a aad Ttieedara aed Krtdait A r tea for pro ec j oa Ratintey taerlsg Achoeie aed private Iseai? ct cadPd to da- aed eeenlcr ITBBRBRO'^ DABCTIHI AI'AUBtf. W WBdT FOCR r meats Ctrset Bew York- 'aea for the reeer**> of ps. ate Alkeramac fcr Mtceee aad Bam?n. ceatnea for eeal ? maa and pnraie Hsesw la famillee a Seeded IV aalaie caa be had at the a<ed?cty. UILVOAOI. H 0IBIOB RITBR BAII.R" AO - FOB AtPtBT ABO Trey eneeecung with tralae *<> th aad Wect. Traiaa ee?e;? r?oai catstraa mm I t " >? "H kTt r art ?T*?ar ?apreea,, aid 7 JS 11 II A. M. aad i RJ 1'. 1 P II. I " Trey aed Alhaey , KeP at 1 12 loPH P a. I??4 r. N <*Badarc leci il Trrael Albasy (wl k slerr 1 a-'i lac can r B II A W and IMP B. FCaaAka pale t-ala. 7 K A |B 1 1 "1 P B aed 1 r m im? a 1. iiiuiinr PaekaMl Irale. II ?<i P. W einr wrf train visa B and 1 and f P B F. PBITH. ?aperta.eniieat. N tW T( RK ABD HtBLB? RATtBOAO For A ia) and Trr y. enr neeiiaa ?itk tbe !few Yjrk Oeairal Rairal . ijrad p^ata West Jlnnkirect and BictV cat t>n ?td a'ter *o?iiar,rr' II 1M0. irelce will leave Tweety tilth aAreet ?tattoe. Bew York, at fnlloea Fi- al haay.TA B a> d I P B ? .rre.a train and 1U A. B -ac'l train For t'r'4iaJ*-;,?4 ^ * si ipplag at all ?fio it a*i re Irrkrtlle. It *H'e Httpe (III B fVan-t A<> * t ( ttopi'lag si ? ! ttfric. for WbWl Fitlna. < 18 P. Jf fr.rai wi e drcei > r, rwdiii .1 . tetioaa. #Bi?nt. brtd ee,. II a. V ?r 1 W p B . ?"*e< dp rai %l ? \ Mt'trtTttt wiu a '.Ad' Eim: % '??'f. 8 * * '? Aib%mf 3 15 T II AUiti'T 4 ^ K. 9 % 34 EaM Aiha^tj'. t is a m (???!' r j *?*;:? 7 * V ? t Kt %\i tu SmS ?>rrm y ? - w** rJ 1 r1 4 i? I', a. ct ft r ' -'fTi'' " " aed IP I t f; irr ata-lctali..'#. 'I * > < A-- ?aui * ? 'trl l-aleat R luuorioii m 1*1*11'*. atlamthj nun matioatiow oohtant. ? KW TOR* AMD UAL WAT LIMB. TOOrHINO AT ST. JOHNS. M. T? To land pHMim *ad rnwtri the rural h|| and gorw Mil dlf Mt?| The ataaaaera eoaaprtrtng tMa Ua* tare b m Appro .id br the Admiralty and are Me n*w uoi nidi whirl otyambrjj I Jf IN8TBK. 4 tUU MM boitfeaa MUKMK* 4 400 km. bur. Via UL87M ."7 1?U u>na burl tea FAtAKA i.tUU toaa burU*n Tka neit departure wffi ba the PKJMCR aLBRRT. rrcm Mew Tort, Not pro be: U From pier Mo. 37 Nortfc rteer. . Haioa of paaaage to ?> part of Mtr4 oa a railway, Md to tie principal elilea of Rngtard and Hootiaad:? Ftret claaa. ?u<J $90 ami Ml. according to itaM room aooom Btodalioua Third claaa, SW Including oonkm I privtaloaa And to 8L John*, M. fT-? Flret claaa Kb. third claw, SW. Children under twelve lean, half price, aadar oae Tear, free. Third elaa* paaaeagen bra repaired to feral* bade aad llaeoa. I'eraooa taking paemre froaa Maw Tor* for the alaaaiait ?elUoc^roai Boatoa will receive free paaeage frum Mew Tort Tha (teamen of thla company bar* beaa cuei meted wttb the gTeataat nare aa regard* aafatr and cooafcrt, combined with modal aad propelling power, are balii with tight oompartmenia. They are oonddaotly expected to aurpaaa la apeed aad raaik aaalhtii' quatuiea any vernal* aver built. are replrte with eleganclea aad eonvealeneea n eipertorre>1 anrrena la attached to eaeb abip. Pai wWhlas to wnd Nadpdr .'rlenda nan oDtaln return Uaket* at tha fol.uwli)* greatly rednoed pr1o?a ? In third eabta froaa Ual way, ??: In thirJ eabta frooa any town la Ireland oa a tall way, SU SO, In third cabin frooa tha principal rlUe* of England and deotland, HB. For frelchl or peaaago apply to HO WuaND A AHriMWALU, Ageut*. M and K *nuth atreet. SOUTHAMPTON AMD HATRR-TO HCi'<TRRD THR A d rtatla. ? Tke North Atlantic Staaaahlp Company will 1 deepatcb (or the above porta their aplendtd au-vnahlp ATLANTIC, Cap lain A. <J Gray, oarryln* the United Matee mal a on the followlnc day a from Oana' atreil wtol From Maw Tork. on Saturday, Mot 17 and D?c *9, frooa Havre, Deo. 4 aad Jan. IS. ard Southampton on tha day after leaving Havre. The Atlantic la uiinioelied for aueagtb aad ownfoft, haa water tight onpaniaaau. and la In all reapeeta lu ooaa Viet* ord?r. A iin.iled number of cabin paaangera. for whom xtnellent areoaimodiUma hare been crovlded. will b<- taken at <70 t *<-h f* freight or paaaage apply at the odtoe of tha company, Hd Wail atreet I. P. BTRPBRNS, Secretary. For Southampton anj hav&r. omratcroat, U reran oar 8 - The Lulled Mate* Mall Steamer ARAOO, 1) 1-lnr >, rommaa'tr. Kill tali froaa I'ler Mo. S7, Mo th Hirer, fort of Reach alreM no t>at"rday, December 8. at nooo. Thla ?'ramar lumniraaaed for aafety aad oumforti baa doub'e en glara under deck, enoixaac by water tight praparunenta, which, bealdea other reaulta Mad a, in the avaat of oollialoa ot atraudlng, to keep tha pumpa tree to work, and Hen ore the a?fety oj reaael aad i>aaa<-nier*. Frloa of paaaage in aecxwid cabin. $7S and Ml For frelrbt or paaaage apply to HAM URL M. FOX aad <<Rr> mai'KSMZIR, Aganta, Mo. T Broadway. Tbe ateamer FULTON will aall January 5. STEAM WKBK jT RBTWKEN MIVTOtI AND I.I VBK pool, land I k ami embarking |i?annri at (Jaeanat m, lieland. The Liverpool. New Yora end Philadelphia Steam ship Company lctead despair Mac Utli foil power ej Clyde built Iron steamships as follows KIUNPuKU batorlay, Nor. IT. EANOARtlO, Saturday. Km It. Ol.AMiOW Saturday Deo 1. And every betordvy. at anno frost pVer U North river. KiiTH or rtatei. rim Oabla $7*. | Strrragt |3U 1)0. to London HU | Ho. In London. n ft?r?n re urn tickets. food for sli months 80 l'Mttfan forwarued to Parla, Havre Hamburg, Urttaaa, Rotterdam, Antwerp An.. at rednoed throueh Jeree 1'ersocs wishing to brleg out Ihelr friends can buy lekete here at the follow in* relee to New lor* ? From Liverpool or Queeaeiowa. flnt oahln. $75. ISA and 111*. hteerage, from Liverpool BtO from y?.eenstown W? Three ate am era hare superior a -oommodaUoa for psssen rare aod rarry eiperleeeed surgeons Tuey ?re built In water light iron eecUom, and ham patent Are aaalhllatura on botrd. For further Information apply In Urerpool to WIT, MA* IN MAN. ajtent, XI V* ater e reet; In itlaagow to WILLI AM INN AN. No t Ht. Enoch square, Is Qurenetown to C A W. D HBTMOUR A OO : In l,ondoo to BIVBS A M \GBT, (1 Kin* Wl Ilia street; In Pvl? to J01.KS No. 5 P ace de la Bouree; In Pliadrlpbla t) JOHN tf. DAUB, ll? Walnut street, or at the ooeauany'a offices JOHN O. HiU. agect, 15 Brow! way, N. T. STEAM TO HaMBURQ. HAVRE LONDON AND Southampton - The Hamburg American Packet Com pany'! mail etesmship HaMMOnIa, H. P. Nebwenaen. commander, win leave on Thursday UnTWnnw 15 at It eoloea, M , for Hamburg via 8ouib?nipu^a. lakirg paaeeegers lor Davie Lon don. touthajupwm and Hamburg * tret gab la . . flOu I He?vmd csMa M I Peerage KM O. H. EICUABD A BOtS, ISI ttma4wav, l? T. The ataamahip TEUTON I A will ausoeed the Hamraoaila De eember I Tj^OB BOUTHAMITO* AMD HAVEE? THE KTBAMRHIP JP ATLANTIC. A. <J. Oray. Commander. wtil leave Canal atreat duck. with paaaengere ??vl malla rm -MorJ? y, the IT'k Inet .alllM. faearnfrn are rrn ue ?t??J to be or hoard at U O'etaak. I. P. BTBPHBMB. Mimary. Tub noeth okrman llotdb ntkam^iiip bum men, II. Weeselt ouaamaaaer, carrying tbe United Maine ?all, will sail on BaTURDAT, Novemb?w 14. at U o clock M., roa BREMEN VIA HOOT HAMPTON, Taking paaesegera to LONDON, HATRB. ROV t H aM PTON AND BREMEN, At the fillowln* ratea- ? rm naWn, ?100 aenond oabtn. 161. ateeragw, MA. fat frMgktorpe-gejjgM KB. KBCT9BK k UKCHELT, ha 81 Broadway. rIBJT BHIP? fOE I, J V BR POOI. AND t.OMDOM.-THB n-lwidld ihlp ALBERT O ALLaTIB MM i-*e. for Llrer p.? l Mile to morrow . mom for a few morn uuwr?rt I hip PI. > MOUTH KOi E, rnr Umdoa. aalle Mor li Turm, eee ind B*bla atale rrnaae aad faund tl& to Lire pool; do W> lyvMoe, fit Kor paaeare la uai la aad aecoad oab'u apply to THOE. C. ECK Ht aa 8oaUitreei. PIR LIVKEPOOL-DBKADWOCUBT LINB.-riBHT rlaiM clipper ?hma aalliac every three daye; aJen for Lon dr? and Now Orleans for pare *?? la taMa. *evnid cable or sw?rai?. at lowret ratea, app y oaJy W f- M. DBMAEBsT, El touih a' reat. FOE UVEBPOOI-RA1LB TO Mi tREOW -THE SPI.KM <* i.l rl |iper ahlp EBKBaLP hu r.vim for a lew more ?.-mnrt I all in paaa?-9(?n. who wiU be taken at the loeeet ratea A> pl> !Binrt>at?iy oe board ahlp, pier U But river, or to JO* hBrH MUEPHT, *1 South ajett. Bear Wall rX UVEBrOOlr-TUB BPI.BND1D PACKET SHIP DAVII) HOADi-KV. ClkSl. V^?, Bella Ni.f It Her arcoamoda: h>n* oe deck are unriualled for aeyonJ nabtn au.l tteeraie pueenrere. who will be token at U<- loweet ratea Apply to I>. McPHBBii"N, No. 1 Ureeawljh etreet. near t ut r (la. dr n iLD BLACK BTAR U*K FOE I.IV1EPOOL ? THB ' ABl lie, at V.trr 11 Bait river, kaula i?u. tb* atream Ikia avrnln* ard talle m morrow Tha HRliXIEWATEB. at pier No " fcor.h rtrar bb!'b or the I7ih leet a bpI ? oa b iard. or to WILLI AMU Attn ION all Fnlhoi etreet, f?lAPII<X)TTf LINE OP LI VKEPOOL PACUTB-SAILB C)1 I cm Wedae* lay. lttk met , at 11 o'doek. the favwilB park I ahip BBNJaMIN aDaMM. Oapt Chasa. P.jt paeaateapp v rm b-tard. at pier It Beat rlrar. or to T APdOOTT A OO., Hi Boaih etreet. TAPNOOTT'B I.INBH OP UVEEPOOL AND LONDON I'aekeie.? Parnate from or to London or l.tverpot.l can ?)waye be ee*a?ed ?? thle well kroee lie*, eai let weekly, ai the very loweat ratea, aed drafia for aay amonat payable la aey part ef ?reat Britain rr Ireland, by epplyia* to or addraaafa* Ta Pet\rrT A OO . N Boatk alram. New Torft PR CALIFORNIA TIA PANAMA. A ft ret itlaae earner wLl leave Mew Tort oe tke let. Ilth aad (let of eaah aaowth aarapt whea Iheee datea fall on Hue dev. whea the day of depannra wl'l ha the Moaday fo?i.,wi??. Fnr frt I rhl nr paaBace apply at tha oaly oSee. N?> 177 West etreet enraar Warren. D B. A1A.EN, Agent AfWTkAl IA PIONEEE 1.1NB, CAKRTINO THB UNI | | ted Malta maila -Tke clipper ahl i fllAT FBtrHEB, h ?yo, rtfnaMrxler. aeeeaada tbe Swrewat thee, aad will aali f or M* fbonrae dlraet derin? November. The ahlp la already m.e Ui rd loaded, aad hae three foarthe of her oer*o en???e4. Ber aeeKanaodatMne fnr flnt aad aaenad elaae paea?n<ere oaenoa lie eieelted Tbe aklf ? Uataaatl la aow rapHly l ad lac rnr liydeey dlraet at pier II Beet river. Par freight or I imi i - apply t) R W. C A tIBEON, W Beaver etreet. BDOB BIO JANEIBO -THE PtriEBT MAIL NTICtM P ak p oairaay'e aeamehlp kT. LOUT*, rintebar aom man.'er wil' call 'or t*r above port on or abont Tneadty. M.>?. V F>-at ra-'ip paa-ate MAO Apply at the udlea a: the Oom P??y H Wall atrer* ri ' k MaVANA | LNIlkD ?r kTiCN MAIL ?TBkH<tRIP qoakbb citt, R W. Nerrviirr, Ooamander, Win e?^ for the *>"?ve port ov> Tboraday. November It at 11 o'e irk rnma p er No. tl NnrtB river For fr>l?bt or paae?<a apply to HABOoUB A OO , 15 Month sueeL. H Paeeaee |o Toaall oa Wedaeeday, Nov. llu , !iek. 1 he eteawiakip 1'IMlKl J. Ji haalm e wanaader, la no a re aen irr reiekt. end wi.l a?.. as aimva from pier (?ot of Murray aireat North rlrer. LI *IN??T iN. < B'M'HBRON ? (NX, (I M'irrevalreee T he steamakie Weavllle ealle Hae I GEBAT BEDrcTION IN PBH*B TO NEW om.BeNe aNJ HaTaNA. hTEAMNRIP I'HIL t DELI' B I A. < aet. a w. Bbow*. Will laava Pier foat at Warren Btreat, UN MONDAT NOT. ?, AT NOON. Prel|b< I > New Cr'eaaa 15 reau per to Me foot. OaMa pat"?ei? New ortaaaa NO < a^m paraage to Havaaa ? hteamt paeeaee to Raw Orleaaa or Havaaa M M O Ri KENT)!, Agaal. No I IT Weat etreet. iiaraer nf Warraa etreet. PteaaavMp BMl'IBE CITT will Mara Nov H Br. la t4 falsi wl',1 not be et?wed after tba aalllag hinr. rE BATANNAH AND OTBBB POINTS, AB BBIX)W - The Brat eieae aide wheal eteam?t>'p PuOMlDA. Captain lease i rowall. will laava am Taeadav, Nov. U, at I P. M , rroea atee M horth river. T broach Uakete aaa M haJ for Iba fot Tiwl!-# pU've New (>vles ea. *W TB: Mobile I* Mutvonaary IB Bo fkila. Ale t M I niiabul.Hl. Ai "lny.R.1 >i iaia.tll tat iae?-;a ?1' Paehnila Iff 71 Rnoprtlla. BM M Memphis. ?31 it. Antnata *17 t?' Maaon tJB. Satannah tlA For frvl?bt or v???? app j at IS Brnadwav Tb*atean>>r ALiHaM.%. Oapt (I en R bchenafe. WI'J ?n? saed. aad sal'i Saturfky Nov 17 at S P. M HtMl'Bl, L MfTCBUL A BQN. TIIBOCOB FBBinilT ABBANCItVBNT ? POB N*?E | (0|B Pie fii~"i>h City Polal ard RW-kasoad, ananeetlif I ' wl'k forfolk aad Peta*eberB aa.l Mnih ?ida Raliroaea. fnr l.racbburv, Brlaw>l. Memiwa aaa h.terme??iate ststiona. 1 Frei?ki rerelved arrry day. and ihJ""th rnad^w faralebad at pier 13 North river _ MeatnehH JAyiCKTOWN OBpt Nhlnrer laatee every TnaB da- a* J ? M Heamal'p TCREIOWN. t^pt Parlih. avevy Hai'.nUy, at I P. M I FrtlfM m r -nem"' i b or Norfnih 7 reata per 'oat to i*tj Pntni t aatlalkd Elfihwed I s?nb |'*M?are ^.efiv-k Wa'eroom anl rnw?l? HeMled. ?* V* Peterelmri or Niefewvd. Iltf.ab el " ? ? ' < | '?<! 11 half prtoa. LUUt-AM A ' k. ' ?' 'N Bo II* Broadway. u-vu I.IVKSrof U- TUK BLACK BU I. Lift a^Sf r |*er ihip * ANM ATTAM aaii* from pter 1?, B? t r.rrr, W marrow i n- c M a I a *si < iht- Ti'.a F [ pw>;i wi jr loJAC'OB WlLKOft, UAtiouih atruet. rK 8AVANMAH A*I)THB MOUTH -THB NBW AHU eletant UIJMHV1UJL of I he Amtnn. Aluuc here* Meamahlp Itotapuy. Jatm A P-M via mender will leara pier t Wort j rl?er, on Thuradar, Wot II, a; -1 1*. M. The ships or ikie I'm are not ?uryrwrtj la elector. ? aifart aafet) ae,1 >jwl by wit oa the noeo. Tktket* to Vet Orieta, n II; Mobile, $SB Mimttxoaerr. 9Hr. Mem phle, |Si 78. WMhviUe, $? 7 A. Ku ?Tllle fM HI. Okatta nene, tit A Jbany. $23, fx riitnbaa HI ; AtltrU (XI; N?6tm. 8- 5 Aunuau $17 SU, Ha?anDah l'8. Atntly Co IJ. H t KOV W XXI. .4 CO , 86 West Ftreet end M Broadwav. The Hjiii I Varaaa inocctJi and le?e?ea (Wurtay, Hot tf. IjlOR CHABUOTON. H 0, MAVANXA ? <>*., A*D lk? Month ui4 ? 8eiH weekly United h m-rt Mail KW.m>Ii?I Meeauhip I.'aa ? 7ht.' muni ireei eteh>u>Mp NAhUVllXB, L. M. huT'tr raaaaendtir will lejre uler e ?. 4. >'ortb rher oa Werfaeadnr, *w >t ?< 3 ? clock P. U Kateiof pwaece Witt through Veketk ee fol owe ?1 o H*r*n uh Oa.. 1*1; Charlcsioe, R C.. ?1S Sew Or!?m, ft!) 7J, Subtle, $38 Montgomery. AlA, JK; Neelntlle, Tenn., t! 1 78: Kem^hit $31 78; Chattanooga, $?, Knoniile $18 .<0: ?ii( 'in to Qt,n) W. Atlanta, ?ilTCol ?mula, li <\, $17 at); Ofcar. Irne. N , $'V tor fr^rhl or i>UMKe ape>J to bPOFPOBO, tlLKOTO* ? C<1 . ]? lh* t/vl it MA, Oapiiiu Be.-r?. will tur*ead oo Kaltirday. ITot. 17. Tkn Adaaae Mi {irria Oompaay'a great fcouihrri *ipreae * etir'ed on tm? ine The nprree agent* >?>uth * I |(lv? .?for n.iiioo M la *?IUa*<aav?, I are. Ac N'.JV* Th? ateamora of the abote lire leata now at J o'clock, laetead of t un-PROM ch\ri,b*toh t o havama. Tl? ley Weet -I'nlted .-teire man ateanuMp IHAiBL. Wm KuUkaa. eoauMdr. TVa 1'oetmaeter tmeral hartae chanced the day tf ealllne of thte line the xtnam *lp Is trtBf. will lra*e < ntarleati? oa ue let IHhaiul 'Mi No?eob?r, aal will Inare liavana oa the 9ih ard 17lk Niwember wid I'eeem bar 1 afte? which dale ake will eare Ckarieetmoe the IKtb had 28th of each month, aed Uaraaa on the 18th and let of raoh month. For eafet' . epeed, ^HB'ort aail oleae-tre th ? lln? eaaao', be anrpaaaed. fiuu^e oaa be eeen/wl oa appltnatioa 10 hfOrrOR i>. T1I.MTOI* M tX) . it V.t<vLiw%y, Ifew f<?rh, or HOIDWAI k CO., Charleetnn. Matle for the eieamer will be made op at U?a Poat o&oa fat the datee aamad In the adTenlaeogenL FOB CHAKMIKTOff ?THE KIBST OLASo 8I0H- VUBKL atearuskip KBYaTOBK STATK, Capl. O P. M*r?bm%n, ? 111 vail lro? Philadelphia f'>r Charli'etou, oil Thuredaf. h<>? 18 at 10 o'pliv-k A M. Cabin paeia*?. $'.?>, e'e?r*ae, ?8. Tbri utb tick* u to Jew Orleane and iKtermwIlato iior a *t (w?e ratea aa ?>y eteamera from Ke? York rupi rmr atate n <mn oiay be att'urml by applvlr^ t)A Hit ni?. Jr. 12b Forth WhaMre. PbiHulelphlA Tb^ aieamcr ??TATB OP UB< R'lIA will aail ae above fur CaTanuah on November HI at 10 o' slock A M. ? a* ti ur Tub oki.bbbathd trottinu htaj-uoi* asoBOB M. Patohpii will etaad lor marea on uie premiee* of the tnlecriber, bnown Ha the Dyokman Farm, near Kki?mru*e, from tlte 8U> ''ay ?r Wnremhar, imt'l the JOtb day rj Uectoubar r?(t lerma $100 tha ?eaoou Uood roc inoiixla:i "n for marea, at modeiale chaj-jtea. WII.Lj * V W Al.ritH.MIHB, WaahiuRtoa lirova Yard. HUHSH.K, OIlILHIABK*, Ikl. FOK HlLI-TVOir tick. rood ?JE. rBCtCK oorae, It-, Iftnrt AHl'PttHIK I.OT Of C4RRlAt?M-l K>R Hkl.B-0 >N aieti> k Of . cMOhea, < 'elaehee, Brettn and BurrUie of i-verj de?< ripUon, at reduce! prieee. Alan * ee n.l bfci-4 Hrett and 1'OHIT very cheap. AppljaiBW Broadway, near Me; ro,ioll ten flute:. AFIltBT RAT* horse. NtKIH'S tART AND HkR nef a, la good order, for sale cheap, at SW 'ir?ui street New York. AH0B8I WANTED WITH ABOTT >'S0 POR WHIOH llq wi? Id b. cd wl'l be t" l? eartarsa Any Parana baring our >n dispone <?' in theea i?rne aaay addreai J Iboapsne. hoi 25 Htitld oUcs (^OIPKAND cwml ROCKAWAY BOB SALM- HOT U J lor a elccte lior?e aad Ib j'? >d order Wil1 fc?* I >11 ek-an il applied for in a few dais. Tan he e-?u at the ".able nraer of i u.\ ereiiy place and Thirteenth etreet (lOI'PK HOR8K -A BPLBNPID OR AT HOBS* 1* J haads high, warraated eoond and kind. 6 year* ol<*. an i late fnm * ermott, eo.d < beep fur wu> of nan laij'tire at MrtropoMuuj etah'e*. la rear of Metropolitan Uo.el. VOR BALK-ONB PAIR OP B'tRRBL HORSKH. WEU. f malchad, ffiern ka.ila high, eti * ear* uid, U; telle, eotini acd kind In every respect < 'vntrct together In three minutes. Will be sold low. Address x? W foal offloe. li,OK SALE? A fODND AKI) KINO IIORBE SHIRKS r kaa ? h'ph Harneee and a Kockewar Wagon i an he Been at 19 Kightb avenue, between Thirteenth and Peur Irtnth streets. Pt ice *40U. TTKiR BALK-PAIR DARK OKAY HORSKS. SIX TK Aits J? old. suteen hand* h'gh. aound ?nd kind. oropertr of a geulleu an and aold only for waa'. ot nse price Cwi: anil ? rgly 1* wented inquire at Kiefs stable fo'ty ' rat atrer t el?een Mediaoo aad Fourth arenuee, or of W. P. UlVKK klllU, ? WnUttreet CH)1 BAI.B-A SI'IKNDID BAT BORAK. II . BAND* r lilgli, ei*lit )Mr> old. guaranteed ?m< and kiud ran If* in three minutee. loweet prion fWB cat laat spring jfc.j aj iiiy "n board ateamboat Mattano, Pulton autrltel D'x;k, Let *een 11 and llHo eloet iormc i, oni brown, if , hands _ , aa4dle or doctor * horae, amo fry raetci? oorae, 14;, lRndt hlfh. eo'd for want of aie Ap>>!f at VrwtcTi a Hotel, tnjmi A. M;to? H. M. FOR BAM ? A WSAUlirtTL WBITI MKe-lKIIOA'tt Mare aliteen kasda ld?h 7 jaari old a irltat docile, a free and batuleniie trareller. with) u^fanlt <r Wpiu; lab. a most deatrabt* animal for a match or ihdUe borae. 1 noire frr Darld. at Kloc'a stable. Forty drat atreel, bet areeo PonrU and Ma>Ua<w nenoea. rR PALE? A BCP1R10R TSuTTmo M ARB, D?? brows. C yeanioM neitaprlar. M'? band, high rem* *1 ably ahowy and ttyilah and can trot fn z 17, alto a new rotd Wafin, Harneaa. Blankaia. Ar A omnt'itaa eaubiiabitnut at a ba/xala Apply at the ( l ib Mable, 73 l"iarlea M/eeL LU>* 8ALJB- A PAIR OP WKIX MATOHBD r dark xray. wblta Ii pa t'< tieir talla. aU re?ra old, IS1, handa kirk aarranled a mad and kind. In atac e or do tola k?r cea. and bar* bean <iaad by the p renal owasr for the ltat Id asotuha. laquireat private autble. U3 tUat hUtsan h atreet. bet* r?n Mm vtaai t park nad Plrat a .cnua M haib rnK a r a YOQM past m<rb piv? r rear* old wttfcoat a blenlah; a new Hoad Warm. 19 Hie , aed a ah) via* Top \v?*o> :?.th b ilU by fcteteaa A ? m>th tocetbrr wlJk a new aet ot aln?ie aad d-aible Haraeaa. la all a* flee an ratah'.iahtr.ent u wu at er ou ? iM. TobeaMuat Tay lor a etal la. BnaJ way. near forty third atraat. For bai kchbap-a baniwomr b*t v\*rujoi.t half tferuiibbrad. by "Pof Hnaiar." IS handa bleb 4 )eare nid neit V*?. IV trot and gallop faat. la *?U hratkt ,?od perfectly kl d. would atake a line nvld e <r waguo mare faa he teen. U'l ?f4d, at M^aaenna A. r)R KA1 B OH BAP.? A DOBMIOhT A Va*IH)kRR ?h'lipi op War ' ? t *e?liT with llaraa^a;e. Ilrl I die. Bolt Koba. Lap Rniw, Hiaaket hha^i Nat. Mb p, ,kc. Pnqnirc cf H A. tlJcuWN, No S oarela> atreet. rlt BALK ( HKAP-A HANINKHI* Itl.AOK M*R? warranted wltho'it fa<Ut or hlewlah. 1#', h<ndi klfb ; >nr MU and tall. I>erfe?ly well hraken to ata*1# "r double bar new and a er pert<* laally or aaddle knrae. ?M1 at tirahaw ? etable*. M Kaat Twenty aerenth aueet. KOB BAI S KI'IIIT? OB WI1.L. BWOP OB Bll'H A.N'iB, aa agreed upoe. three a?ry faat horaec. two ramam Bnraaa. om aew alatle Barneaa; in* froae Maine, want In ret heme. Apply at Noa. ?? and fl Kaat 1 bin j aeoad Mreet A. M. AUBLOOB. formerly a ( Uarlaim HORBBM POB HALB? A TKKT RUPBKIOR TBAB OP eream enlnrad U'<reae. wed by a itatlriau la th? ooua try. perfectly gentle, kiad. ?> >od. and of eery ataliab aetina < tie of thaai an elegaat lady 'a or gcatleaaaa 'a aad tie U waa fxitb will go la atarTe or don^la harueaa. and ?lll be aold unci nndar Vbrlr ralue. Alao a two aaal rarrtage: will Seaot' rheap. Apply at Boward'a 11 ear y etablea. eoraer of iJraix" aad Mercer atreOa. HCRRBB KBIT POR THB WIBTBH ?A PARMER Oil Latsg lalaed won.d like a few pair of prlrate Horace |o ? inter. Befereaeee l>. Auetla Taylor M Readeekeeat. f? B Mai wall, m Wall atreet. or Woodhull A ?o , *n Pront atreaA New Tort. B t' ARLK Babylon, U L HORABB rOB HALB -OWE PA1B ?nRTlB!. HOBe?? fi aad S jeeta eld, high, ran Irn lornther la Sl< miaeiee. tad frnm the r.metry. Alao one Bladk H?ie I* harde blra. T year* old a gocd trarelier ajt> ? ne Itlack rteilMia. 7 \ea~a old. een trot la 2 40 Alan one By an <>?:t 4 Seara old. ktrd aid eound . a drat rate traveller In jure of P WIPFtW, it? Weat Thirty thi' 1 atreet. Hoebbb wanted to ?inter-eitber or ri a i ? Bad alio wad to rua la the yard la gwd watther, or aetth iraia. lathe atable. aad ererrtard. fke enheeribar gtrea b<e '-we i e'ennai alter t. >n in llo-aea left in hie rharg*. aad refer* f> Win H Mliaa M lUd Rlaateenik etreet. Ilo'iert Aadart >?, SM (aet Blercalh atreet, acd II B Po-A, *SI y tret ?- en ?. t AI.IB Tt.MPKiNH. Ma-neroaewi. N V nORan WaNTKP ? TBB Rl'RATRIBBB WTeTlKd TO H pnrrkeae tarn elBglc Bnreee Id haeda Wik IwlfMH ?wt. wttb eg mile aay en lor ei. ept gray eotnd aad kind, i hat r>B go la a KkJ .be. aragon la JH mu.'iiea without a-rta bimg or l< ealag Addreec Mr U Raymood. Herald '*?<?. 1m MBT WA<??N Pt R PoBTT ROUaABM BAD! ttr Li I'narabarp. Is gotid order In nlre at IM aeen ie A. la the ktnre. u7*~ POB 1AI4L-AE ?PI.B*riD A PAIR AB t'AB be fonad ha the Mala; ronag. en ind aad afiieee hand* high They are hlaeh and perfeetiy laau-hed tr-.e n ka-neae diaer mgether or aacarate. rapid aralhere, fact trarellen aed rrrj powerfaL Only erdd for aul mt Baa. laiolre at fla. ? OBT POB SAI.r.-A PINK N^RREJ. PONT iIHtNPB high the property i f a bnyfwtbe laet twe yea re ?ar ranted per'eet y raif kind and eafe ' >r a < ? a ICQ keddie ar.d Itrtdie April at WaeAioktoe e eaolee. oof ner rrf Taeoty autk ateaet and Biith areaue WANTBD Tfl Pt<KG*IA?B~A PA IB OP PIBB CAE Hag* Hnreea. uralt handa ha ye or b rower preferred. A'drrae A a O.. Meral u*ee. ABTBO to rt7BO(BhBB~ A PAIR OP PINE CAB riage lloree* over li ban ? ha ye or browia preferral. A ddrr i a 1 > K P., bli I* Herald -.?re. I LI, Pt HoTTTtl V t P PA1B OP BI."01? BAT PONT hrre?e orrr IS berde b'gh, eonad, hiad >od ronag; WO I meich* ? aad etyiiah A eoi!i,ie Rochaway nearly new i-taw kaitttt< e gtaee dr? r? and "aepel aide* A a nare h?? lin. rr. ?b' tier "D pole aed ehaiui t" h?<k. til In ftrat rate order Oat he aeen bt cat >tR a- HU Jerarr ateoue, Jersey *My. or ad drrea t oi I t;l p el Ifee. ? 1 IWlVlI I-Tl T A BIX BEAT BO.EAWAT OaR ^ 1 ' HJ tt??e it aa aa rr,od a* aew end woith WW to ae ' irsn. H ?aa >ii for A debt, aad m et be MA App!rkt)2 " LKUAL IhOTlCKI. I K Kit BMMB (X>CBT TBOBAB B OOllDIBOTON AB.) I x. t. he Minree>.ta aad Phdlflc Bai'mad 'hepw) N UMle -hy r'ren tkal la pitrewaaes or a j't.|fm'?it ?? 'ne'-- rieia e mirv entered Ror 7, 18BJ 1 Sha.l SSU At .< ?? Jit ia>ti n P < Mi. kley, au- tlooree, at the Mnmhaa i a? r* in 'he etty o( New V 4k mi lU Id day Of OHMmber >??' ?> !*? er?k soon, 4A Vinr.ewAA ilAtd IVia^t, m >' * mr\ i ">? I t'4 to < reft tnr tstre a em h ?r ' P ? *1' Alt may. T. 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Id romance drama or TUB imKKIKH or PARI8, the f'onUah drum of WALLM'T TH* HKR(1 or Rt'OTt.A.TD. nad Lb* onmle farm of MV lAlfK'K COMB. gABMUM't) AMBSIUAM MUBBUX. . iwtor the peraonal r^rrrWoi of f. T. WA.BK JM BVBBT Da? AND BVBMIMM THIS WBMX. I OMMBMCIX ' MONDAY Mot U, I*] Mr Stroma la pleeaAd to anoounoe la Mi palfuee UMU, after in*. rnraordlnarj >? rlluiK Aua Um expenditure V lanre I -:m? / Jiw> , be bu succeeded Is uoUlalnf from Burcre ?>t> ready (or hla Muaeuat. the wuodnrful ud world reernniad LIVlMt* AZTBO UMILDRKN, LI VI MO AZTBO CH1L3RBN, LIViNO AZTBO CUluDRBM, 1.1 Vina Jt/.TK J t'UILTtRRN, L1V1MI A'/.im; I'Hll.DRKN, LIVING A/.TBO <;H1LUEKN. MAX. AH) like bjy) and HAKTOLA (Ik* *lri* (Aid ICk* ieaeeudni 41 nod Pt'Hcim*r? of the aeeer.1 4*1 ouu(dow LNrly tHlooU of the aaoieal Aztec fionderaof ice rulnrd temp'Mi of Central Aowloa UB*0K1MU> NT JOHN L. HTKKUMMH. 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DRAMA, A NhW MUBrtTIU IIKA?A, from Iki great Le<lge- *%on by >lr*. fcootaworth, entitled kl.*K&; KO?K Bl.?IKU; H< hK Ki.MKK; HoSK K ki*K I'ruuMiM by the popular author uf Dacta Tom's CAatV, Ae. t e.,U U A It ea k ? nin.ii ((|< 1?I VIMr-tMII ICI.1U. Th? MnKf , IHWU IllliU 111 4i,tK>inTat*i> iptikki t Ktw, and lo a eiyi" of ele??t>r? Utb rl<i une jaaJivd It will be e>ipp 'ir.l ity Lit eulUe au-eagth ?' the laleuled i'nniiw; do* et taited haie. In ?>MiUt u to ikrw powerful atirasitma, the following ao ?rH?t. and w iiOeri ?l:i be on eihlblihm > >? '.n.t rveulux;. - WHAT IS IT T or k*N MuNKBT I ? creature of the ro>at tlugajar pecullarluet with miay xf the '? at'irra nu ! < b?r*i-U"i4U. ? of 1 olh Ibe human an.l l>rul? toe ?!-? apparently a iuh Hire of n an toil motley, which fur want ol a rnunf >be bvim??U etU aayft what i* iir wii at x* ir TWO AI.KIN<> CtUl?0kKN1 who. though l*>-n i f p>rfecily b!mk par* uta are white aa ?now. wlh white ha'.r or ??ol, acd p'.uh ?h. Al'ToiltArhb ? r PftlNCh ur WaLICS AND Sl'ITE. ? be ttraoge had aifMervnte am u a. ? it at ca>. t i:sv sir a problem whWh baa nerer >et lire . tattled USWtpimuOaLCj k, roRri/NB ri the ma*: >3real Ayi'AKlA Ullet with i.lVlNO P1<H fnMk Jnnal eirry rlrer ard am on JtA 'ace o t Ike globe, laciiiuug ke beautiful aHOIu fl.sH UVIKU SH x?KS,t>i> )o >ii.e?, auau atom, .?c . u?ii?t*ii haVcv rs ell.* M >!>K *XH nCK 'BK-.f and eatold nuniiKn n( other 'are aixi btaawil i|><r:<uiii or natural and anlAeial ^ irvxiiee iiotnerery pert uf thn ?rW. Ada.ieet? on.y 11 oeota. Children under ten reura, 15 neite Kar-|r.nt?, or froet aeau, IS oente extra, children under tea, 'J cniia extra ' 'n 1 HI! KM' AT. the Bd Irat , Vra J J. PRIOR, tno la i. ted and lanTit* artreea if >lile eata'iHahneut. laxei a ? V.NAFIT TlnkrM lu adraace may be oMai'ied at the Uehet ?ce. r.TAKT'K U1!<?T*KU? mrRlNtdC U A I ??, 4TI Bmtdway, above ilund atreet Vinday avealnK, Kot li. and every n till durln(tbl week. i'an Bryant In kli oriklnaj JCwk e of UU1 Virk-ionv; Jerry tryant in kit PlaLUli'Xi *Te?tr1clUe?; Wtuholl in hlj plea* at iiaJl ??!?. Ike latxhable btirlee iiie eketcb. tm*i? i'r C'o?c;iu,l"r wltk old Dan kmmvil'a world renowned I?|X1?8 l.ANII KRHflV *U H> K?K :v?ra opt n ?%. to oomiaeeov at 7V Tiokeu a "aaie. I Al'R A KKKNK'M TIIK4TKK ? WANTED, NKk'RHAI. I J KrMc.ase llano ra Alto 1'itr ladle* for the ror^t da alleL Arplrt'ilfr H ? KKK at the tta*?- door, Uroeby etreel. i It Binnilrf hetwee" III ard 11 o'eloek iA^artrp a roiirmn ikadrr r o* am ou V ettabl'abrd (Irei riaee M'nttrei i 'uapiav; none bat I Sorough ixaeletaa need apply. Addreat U box 1(W Ilerald OTAft: A5D MANvOKRB ARI> RTARfl HE*! R"UR Of rrg llalfaur fo- the privilege of playlet lln ire oan:i'e . lat-rnrxl 4'aaa of ".leante I1ea.aa" ean do an 'ip'ie liberal riT? by aprlyltg per l> Uer lo H. D. falater. Academy of ? ?em, k. 1. ? yU|AKTI. ^ -hold to ?*at adtak'-k<-hetr 1 r i mr on. . v/> 1'aintu || (or I in) wnrth fr 'ii liJ 'o |li?J earh; ICM Wall bra. warranted. IIU to |i:w ea>-k. gold halia, diami^iJ Pita, Ktnga Aj. Theaa art tlra *re really ' ?if?jne and are aojd at ?fml varrlflre. 4. U. UARRIif ? kR I70 Broa.leav. rtjrm *, op etalra. B *140. imiTStVTiua. ICADMI or rX^MAKMHir AMI) HOoaKRKPIRfl, V 3M Kr<w?ay eeattnaM by W H<j<? iuaiD. for maay > eara ihe a?? ?taol of Oliver it. Uftldtmitb. (berotigh . . a?l-a) Inair.i.-t. .n, aiibearueat, earefol attention. Open lay and even ng Terma m .derate a ORRT1.RVAN. J0?f ARR1VR0 PROM PaRIR A woi.ld glre l'twet la French and >>e m*?, at htt reel legist or I kt Van of pnpl a AdJraaa Mr. Morally RI Weal 'nrty el. ktk aueet. near Itix'.h arm m Aladt wioRiirn to rimiw hkr stuot opthr Freorli languate. dreiree lo a email ee -ct r'aaa near ke rtfik Aveaae Hotel. Teaekera fo-mlev a rl?? aedr ?rribe^ win pieaae addrea* br? I -Vi Paei oMoe. giving refe rnree aad tfrel . A card. ? ? kw rnrrui rr -rivrd dah.t run week for claae ? prlrale leetoieiioa la >"ena%nekip, Keti>kee| lng an I aritlmetlr adnl'e m?y reeeire private la ?tin Uoe In all Rerllah brail' kee OUVRR H U<i|.DMRtTn. K road way oemer of Twenty Hr?t timet. ? T M H>. WRITIMU, HO< ilCKRKPIMfl, 110, LRWOJft V oali?*ed. ?ri'kmeiw K per n -nlh - At tker? a*e r > ?extlont at PAIMR1* Merr*n?fe "'?MVrge ?: Unwary New I rrk or JsS Pnlira ttreet Mnohlyn ttn lenta froa aity or ?< -it try raa wi?Bieai? at any time, and prxgreea aa raoi.tlf aa hrir mterprlae and alil'Py will permit, aack Mixileat jflrtly ird:< ineuaea n. ATKaCHRR WAMIRD TO OIVR TenTHUlTll IM the flptniah lui*'i?g?. a perwtn who eon' 1 Make it cei 44 aieat ie "'?? one c; at la eeek week Adlregg M . Her aid jfl< e a PKOPRMOR OP SRBKK. ? r ?- Al l. THE flM i\ lah Dranrhea and ir athenali^ wit "a to learb a fe.v man dally in vfkar. a for ar? otand part board. Ad'.reaa AAA. Herald "Q.c? A CADEMIBi) AND BBVIN ABIiH. TRCRTKKS A.tJ \ erme?r?,?iJr >rkera. pnpilaand , xreaia Introaaeed aad ?Iiepilac alike National Teeeaert' Tattii ite. W> triad wa* N. ? Tvarhera aanttd aad eduratWeal enrratpoodeale f a Ihe .* It lute la all aectioaa of Ihe I. aloe. Ren1 for drealan. HI IE A AMDRKWR. ? NT FPANIKU LADT. 0? ?D0CAT1ON AND RR fTL rtemenl. wko would be willing to leetr.irt two young la liee le her r UI e laai > are. an I be en n peaaated etlh a g ?*! ?< me in a fa?ll| of ihe nrt? reepeeiaMiay. may apply at 1J ?4ii Ikl.ty tecoed tveet a tar fifth ateene. The bet; Hy reieieaoe aonld be re.(inre<l An rnourr i.adt wiuhic* to mkbt with -two or three ram e* where ker eel ?tew may be re tnfred at ^ all v gmeraete, the le iboroagh y eapahla o' leaeaiat the Knrilea lang'iage. daaaing aad ih- radiai-ett of Preneh. The k rheei rafereeoee fraaa her pni .ia A 1.1 ill ? ? H , i! Atttiy t rert Mom*, i. di?r and -vai.1 * pbbnch amd bnimrii <"tMii a! and OomnterrlaJ Int U nion. Mo JU'^aw raee. lloNAen. M. J. Teraie M?> per enhonl yea:. PRtiP lOMfi M EDICATIONAL EMTABMNHMINT. P?iB private a.lnll taliion In wrlilr*. (xxihteepltr aad epiato t lary mrreevowdenee Ae , Ae *41 Uroadwnv. ?y h > ae* a' * I irular metho.1 of l-.ttr laMoa, ladi' t an gentlemen are itiithl In write a tuperlor hia-l with 'ree.1 <m and eieganee I e eaey aad neap rehentlve :etenea |>K1 V ATM LMBOM IE PRIMOH-BT A TOCTNd I I'am ar .ady, I ri"ighl ^ la 'he ar'4|'?ratl? e" o Par a Mie will learb the pnreat lanrnaan a h" .remat'on la ? .nori urn* Apply every day at 7IS Kr ia.lnay corner o' Watbn gum glare room U frm t till I o'eloek ANTBD-A OENT1.RMAN TE40URR IN A PM> vale 'aiaily, lu Inttrm i iw > Vouag ladMe aad a ?m* i boy. ?tie -malted taaeh ordinary Beg. 'eh Manobee with Preact aid pier, and it wll'lng U> e?ien I four h-nirt lo 'ha lu a\f ayply, nith mr ?meneatlont.M 18 /nraieia.m gtreei, Tfrfio* .1 rn Wrr'naeilty. betw een IB and I n nlork. II ANTED A NITTATIOI* AM (lOVIKNOM BT A TT la-'v r*r*; Id"' '?aipartin* a lbor> gh ed'iraline. Ad >'r? at T?m ker. boi III! Herald elko*. ? .RT BDEAAIJ JNKTITrm ' ,1 _ aae Br-anllag Mewilaary. *i"4r\aee fill r ?irkte^ leaehere MiperVw faelltMaa ti prepa -a - r it* 'eye. learV ng or Vitlntaa Oradiama an irae f'?r al. #. Hero for new H>?alA' and eiawil .e e'aimt ?.nmr le i .. I re I teemhar A At Irata Rtv. ;r<Ml,h B Alut ** ; ? ? ward, D. T. W' $110 * inmv mnr irrs. Aral km i ?r mi'hio. -i us ??>r*HA-i.A juivi lb" pilule are reeorrtfulr li>foroa*J that the in.wt e? laaalte preparation* *rr be.r* made .'or ih outer eeaaoa Ike ( |.n.m? r .ht art:I take place ui the c->orae a t ueat *??? Wflt the Opera of Lt JCTTB Tt ? er'nelpa) fratnree In the r m i?-*)uctl">n rf ioi ? muter work .11 th? Academy of Miiac will be ? (.? it out an orchee It* of nearly eliti |?rforaM? a perfect an.t muiuh r u> cbi rue, au euurely uoar bud moat " rniM eu rvroe. ' Tt-c atagr her been arranged ?*i an entire y new prior>ul?. Inr'-fujlng rtie hrradib Md bel*ht of the new eo?iery u> u>-*rly double lt?- forO'Bt dl?ea*loo? 1 lirrr tnarolfloeat imiN t?v? hern pamlrd, and an eetrannllnary qounl.y of .-plenrtld pro prims hair hern tiprriKy made oa the or:(tua. r*n?. .n p U teroa. The dderenl pnawinu aod tableau* will oompriaa afcoul ?<?> peraona, 'it-aaed In the rtrbeet nv >eo ?ltr ooii.meH >.rr<il. itr.l n ib? C'uatrj , Incliidto* iwily tnnr oomiilete h . . > ufao'id arn.or (cap ? pin Ibry are of r Hllj main *1*. rorrrepouJIoK id their mlnuieat del*! a to llw?e w<*u In tho tweif.b century, and are the only ouee that have ever breu tin ported In Amertr t Kuil parUcn.aie of the arranzemeoU made and of Ibn rteb'il of the art:?l? who hare breu ad Jed to the c*-napauy wil! or jut to lo future advertleenn-ota. LAl'BA KKKBB'fi THKtTRK AlIlA IKKMC'H ThKATKK. LALKA UU*K'H THKaT.-K GOBI INI Bl> MWM OONTJBCKP hL'Oi'KmH or TUB JTKW JBD INTk?KSTTKO (\>MU>V HEW AM) INTRKBHT1MM O.'MkUT BkW AMD MllClilCtniHi OOMBDV In three asu. ?T I'H1*LU KtatM, RB4 , Called PHTBIfl A?D PABOV; TMVSH AM> PABOT; ri.VRIO ABO PAhilTi I'Msr Al?l> PABCT; VUYHTH ASI> PABOT; 1'H* BIO A BI> fAf :t; I'l'VUI! AND PAHOl; PHVWO AMI PaMOT; ok. Tiie HYPiU'HUMJRlAa mi'i cuo?n?iAO. hypo HDhnaiAn. ?<?> vomoBDKiAn. HI) O'-UOOIIKIAO *?ikb Willi TO BIUI1T. ABI> ?V>M BIGHT T.IX rSBTUBK BOt I m m* the follow!** eaorllxiii eaat ? Ar ian C. he bypoMmirfrtae) Mr. Btna Ke.-valdH ibla hn.Mtv^l Mr vj r Krown I?r. frr*or *r Im? Uia.'ulru* Mr l*et?r> n-?i.e? (with a ar?v) kr Hutu Klrurant Mr <}o>atrtt* Hooofot Vr vrm Arr.olae. Mr WBt ?: . ?i Laura Ketaat L?uu>a Kn J. H aUmb Uel>lt.e Stra.Lou.- ILjomI An**' vie (Willi aeons* MMe Wllkvi^hb Ibr irrheH'a, uu<i ?? I He tllrrctlon of ".*>"*1^ tfmker, wir t'Caforv a chiitre variety of oueraUe e?lr<titc? To toaeJnde alth ar ?nureiy new larce. \rjT. B Waldea ?'?<). n.-rer' fcvrorv Krtno ar<! called ??(?(?DI.BH % PATHBK. Vtlih M m Tolly Nvriballanl Meiara IVter* wad I .rearm. 1 'or* oj en at 7; to ? ce at H n clou* -n/INPlR OARDKB. V? lb? Ittauareinem hrx the pleiuiiir- p> ? intaane* that ? Thu erealr i, lueeday, A ir IS, MThB CI HUMAN w'M appear a? ROMIO, aid Mr*. O. P. BuWtRS ?a jrL13fT, In fckakapeio'a t'k <?<?>- or MOM BO AND Jlri.fBT. ?'ia!?lue<l hy Meeait. OaiJrck, Myott ami * p-?werf>i! c~'ii t any. BOWKRT T1IKATSK I?mh< UJ Ktnifxra SpatClIng A Hwn R-aje Maoogor K I.. TJtou Iroaeurer J W. Wi..l->r ? KW ORLHA.N4 ?HKOC?. chanoi cp phohuammk. Tr*M?*V RVRNlNtl, NOV. IS, l?*l. bKCOND MJUUT OP 1 La K.v IIK..U rktti .lit* K." jjr W HMITH The jreateet acrobatic '<-*1 of tt? ??? illul'njn U'>nn?V>*'-H V DKVVIR M 1* MARIKITA XANPK11TA Ir nmw f?>t Mix K ATI UHXaNU lb b-r Brothera lieaartel, .!hao ?? ' lOna- >|1 John Harry. >kq HUiit R. Tklorde. Mulgr Chortle Pleh II: Hhert Heiuor, ui lit* acta. Oloent Man iV*tt'.'.o an1 tent DuifriV Ciree HofouMo lihiw Mr. 0. J. *o grra ? ill<1 -rr km h >ree HIB \ VI. COMIC fOMIW AND M '1 KM. NEW U a1.L"C1 UirKKIlsHKllKfl 1' U.I NBW P**r..NIVlK (4 rand Mautioe eiei ) WeiineedAj aiul oo.ii/ U f aiWvno.? H(X1t\ A CAMVBB'.L'S MTMRTKXIR. NHl.VR.lA LtK'N Moudav eret'lu* S.<y II *?..! IIM7 eroiu&j MOBR HKW KRaTVRIH. THB OPrNTRTM AK*S l>*3l'T LOVBX ni8<?LlRB? OVM PLVKO *, HutiMr -ftV H IH'NNTHBCOK J 1U AN1> R*ll? ??H.-MNT HBATt' Willi new N*i?a Art*. I'tsm. PlaMattoo H'wm. Jbn fee Door* <>i*n M t% , vo ojaaacM ?1 7\ 1 i.'Aeu Jk rwoia. R1CITATVKR FROM FHAKHPK AKK Tla f IMrecti-o of the Rn i..uie Uhrvv t*h ? pleaeuie In ajiao'UielAf tkat they have made ar- ,u?emeaU with Mr. Taelalro to roclie from memory um ???ay of, In tha lacl'ira room, Clinton Hal:, cu Wiv.ure.lay , Nor 1?, al I o r net Mr Taeiaxo't wal! known repnUUoti %* an orator, aod ra markihie !?o?lll*rity with the w>rki of S??a?:>e?rr aie luah u cannot fall to delight am' luetr i?t all ? b.? l'i/ h.m. Tickith w cinth Por ?ala at the muete etjrea Me?lxn will procure their Icket* at Che L.-rarj, and down toera j?oe, M Ut/ertir at reet. MR KAMI KL H P Minis WIM. I1IVK A COR CUT of V oral and Inttruiaeelel W?lnewla> ereumc, Mo% ember M. on wb'ch Orcaaloa Ue foil .* ;m: UIMlM(<llakM talasl ? ll M?<at ? M.W lOJIK HARMONIC HCM'IITT. SKW VOBK Hi'H I Li.Eft HI' Nil. Mill Ll'C? Uoi.lllN'J. Mr//j Soprano. Mia* CCKRBI.TA UOUiINJ, Soyruu). Heir 1IKR01 X, \lolltl?l llerr aibhnwaM). VIoIIdM. Mr THOMAM TRAIROR Teaor. Mr J R 1IIOMAK. Harilme ? Mr HAMUKI. H. P. MKI6H. K ^an Mr. a. r. liKlHTOW, l?v<rr IlamooleRxvnty. Mr JOHN KIH'll > KR. leader Rrklller Hnad. TIekeU 16 renU. to be had at Ptrlb A Pood ? in ?? (tore, aad at Ika door on the ereelni of Ik* ooncarl. Uoun open kt f O'clock, cooeert '.u eou mtooa at 7V? O'l iocb MSLODBON. K? BROADWAY. The orlglaal and m at a uiaodlooa CONUKRT HA LOON ta Mow Tort, proooow err ukht a bailor i'KBPORMANOI Md a creator array of talent than all otker rooeori reoow I* ?riker. In tke Mooloal devartaent are Mlaa M. O. UA LAN OR, tke tin eat rontralto ts the <uj. Mlao I'ARRII L.KWIR, tka eharainf oaatatrtok. MMa MILI.TB 111. AIR, the feUgktfol Konmtreeo. Meant H HARiilNil WM. M. RBKTIU, J A* (ION MOB. aad A. BRt ND AOR. Mi tke Boaot. Mloeee P TUohksoM, a WAUIT, KM MA N0HB1.U ? Art* BI.AKK, JO0MPH1NR, Ull'UA WaLBT, aoA IDA OINCLaIR. In tka Rtkeopean and Mlaeellaaaoai DopartaeMa. HaM MaooN A. BRI.'M' aliK, ANI'T aOoMB, I'aD MANklHKR, (H.D lOM ?I LMON. HriXT BI.?NI> Hil.i.r r|r in I* M)N aodoikera. OnnatiHitlnc k onnMatlatiori 0 umwi 'hick eoawA bo aypreook (d aoywk^ro olao Tke mo At eflletoat orch"a?ra la Ik# CHf, nnder PKOPI?RCR A. HTRAL'lt A^mieaAoo II emu. OrekeiL a Heata It w?; (laHerr If MB *? I.KOH AR1I. Proprietor. JAK COMNKH PtAfO Nana,, r. AMBRK'AN r?l>iKRT HAM., MKB1CAN ITTNCBftT BAbla AMCRK'AN COM BRf II a 1.1.. %U BROAIIWAT. Ill HR lADWAT <11 khoadwat. LA?T TI1RKR N 1(1 Ills LA-'T THKKK NlifhtH UM 1HRBK NiiillfN or THE IKLRHIATBD ORRIN PAMII.T, IhK I kl.KBKAlKJ iRHI .V PtKIi.V, TliK (KI.RBRaTBI) ORRIN PAMI1.T, THR OklRRBATBD ORRtM PaMILT, MIR ( PI.RHBATRU < RRIN fAMIl.T, TIIK I kt KHRATKll OBRI.V PaMH.T, TUB ? 'M.BHRAf Kll ORRIN PAMIl.r, THB < R1.BRHATBK ORRIN PaMiUT, k,? tiiala'ARrDi fn rOkOAPi ? i r (I.AhKK AI. HVKIKASl! r OK'IUPRM. Vkirk hare . irtt?d the woadar a*d almlratlnn o< all B'ir?lf? and Amerira, and are ealenlalod an las to do i(kt tkoepeeta lor bf tkelr trace ?!?1 - #r?nee. han ?> BBMoMfe hr their r-eaxtk aiul danu. wklrl ha<e for them the pnnd utlo o: the 'ireateel Mae on of their Art la Ihe World: bolnt th?ir I. ait A t pearaace la Row Turk prior to thou leparture for CllSk. PI RUT R1I1IIT Of the enrat-rmeot of TOM WIUION, TbO I all ir tf r? I reeentatleo of the lather rare W Ht'TI.lR I'ropriowr. TPXTRA H0T1CR Pj Mr l.?TBR WALXACK here to kaao???o that kia wmwr it wtu lake plare "a RATUBPAT NUT. A treat Mil will bo preoemod. GROROB CHRINTT R MINRTRR1# OONrBRT BAIL. PHIl.ADfl PHI A, FOR BIX NloHTR MORB. ?I fTOierrtet oo Noorlar. Noremhor U. Tkie ??iaAiratoil trotipO lu Wa r laiTt dnnnt the laot wooh to crow 1*1 k mm aam ptiuag the olMO ol Ph<la.lO)pkla. They will open In Waahtoftna no MoodkT, Bot ember If, fe? hi i ahta aad ikeaeo to f*arlee*oo. Mokllo. Mow OrlORoo and Terae OBOROB ("HRtRTT . Maoo?or aad Propria**. N'lBLO'B tlARHBN TO KAU. OOMMIYTRBR Nlhlo'e Harden, with lie *pa> lone eta?e nmrft (rrer tke par onette ard den raUieia will l? let far Bo It ao libera, tewae ?nrloB iho aeowin oo kfpl<raU>io m _ T M. NIB OR. l/0??. ?" "" . ]h KW TORKBR RTAITT THBATRB. *-* K*!F?*T^ ^ rirttnithlof MIRANOOIINA r-meitr. by Bloat, aod ? N all t KR BR WKIR, drama, bf Bahn Hora^eh > naidoltaa "< am.t* ' tr?m Vf AM AQBRR A Nil RTABi IlRAIRnr* "P JVl Moo fafiho MinlOBOrf PjAftCR *" a.?"aloB d'aaa f/"Jenaie li?, a_r, do B? ?** h? *t> pifinf b t l*u?r to B D rauBsr. Aeod^r t M mo. R. f. IMPORTANT FKOll El ROPE. Arrival of (tie North America* ? at Quebec. TWO DAYS LATER NEWB. THE CRISIS ON THE CONTINENT. WARLIKE PREPARATIONS IN FRANCE. ISSENSE ORDi R FOB FBENCH (i I HBO ITS. The Warsaw Conference Fro nounced a Failure Opposition to a Revision of the Treaty of 1856. THE PRESENT POLICY OF AFSTRIA. ? niniiuciicy or a General Etiropcan War. IMPORTANT FK9M CHINA. Succ<s>ch of (lie An^lo-t'reucla ? Voiced. The Ambassadors Ba Roate for Pekifl. The Eu^lisb Press on the Visit of Um> Priurf of Wales (o tnerica, A I> V A N t* K1 IN C OT T O N. Our London, Pari*, Berlin, St. Frtmliurg; CopfDiiaffB t'orrf&pomlrucr, ftc. Ac., *c Tlie atoamakip N? rth Auicricati arrived at ijiiebee < n bcnday evening. Hhe lelt Liverpool on Tliura d?y, Movember 1, and lx>iid<>nderry on the 2d. The cewa from Ku/< pe and Ai<ia u u( high im port. nice. Oar detail* of new* to October 31 , brought by the Bremen, arc very httrrenting, and are explana tory of the event* received yesterday by telegraph Irom Quebec. Oar Paria Carr?i|ioa<l<n??. Pasta, Oct. a?, 14?e AnyeUon't fdt'-y <m tk* Julian (JucMvn?A I niltd Jugg ll/rtofler ? Ai.'ikm >.uro)^an <^nprnti ? tkt Mait*r Aj irit? \af l*m I and X*p ,l*on 111 . Ac , <de Kiog Victor hmenuel baa euterwi Venafro, au I at laN tbe F?tnch Ktapcror bu rpoken out. Tbe olurnua of U( Cf 'itvtu nntl have furulahed a to it sot ooly [or intf i resih journal, but (or all tbs juurnala ot tbeclvliiaaa world. tin- nianlfeeto, tor aaoh It la, la Cuained np la Uw word* ? "J* orfiir.i .-d -nd powerful iuUy u Km** forth for tkt tnUrtrf of h'urnpt TV Knpn-or will bt tfcd ?, operator >j Italian rtvoiutvm and iKt arhUer on j-uttttm of jolitical tqutlihrium The only wur count it a An ;*?n VifgrrM " Ae you 'marine, nothing olec In talked of. The caure of Italy la Mid t? ba alive again, for it la rtgbtto argatd that tbo Fnnvror ran not exerclae the rolt ba haa tbua iMeraniy atlnj ted wltbout preaoot'ag a bold froat la tboee royal conclave* it waa at oce tlae errjoeoaa ly aarr?**d wu abkk' la countenance To aoderata tha revolution lr to nr ' *(* d? It "boldly aaJ la g)e4 order," and to uh' 'an organ. *ed and powerful Italy la for the get.?i * goad of kuropa la to uaa every .?tillable eftort u> ootiititule it. UaJer auob oiraiia lUccca the belief gaiaa ground tbat Auitrta, <leaptta bar 'uatdhble prei'uatlooa. wil Had the sword ernaMe to btr tan da, and her true Inter tat In the Omgraae Ma t.aperor K> pergieiently oaiii for o: oouree the eti eagee the la the botti r tbe term* fie may expect. b<it It be gin* to be thought that Venetta will ba aagot.abie. la lted tt la arta no* aaid tbat tbe ?Ui*-aa Charge d'Afla.rebaa received a telegraphic deepatcc Irom War* ?aw, to tbe etlect tbat tbe priaciple of a Umgreaa a already a<topted. In encti caac, of ooarae, Italy, iwnitet 10 lta prtaent preporttuaa? t?r <1 ? takaa tor graata* that Franeli" II wtl *??? be aboveit latotbaaaa ? muM be re|>reaeB*e<l ; aad what a eonlrani will the trimpet tpegue of taeoty alii'oet, with l/>aba rdy, Miiaa, I'arua, Flore ace, Naplca. Am , with tbe imall bat power - rui voice of tbe Ouefereuee of I'arl*, after tba Crimean war, preaent. But while wa look oa tbie plrtare, let <ia turn M knottier. We want bal aoaae eix woeea of tba aUMfe aanivrraary of tbat coup 4'rtmt from wbicb tbe tor tuo<? of tl>? arooad empire lake their riaa Tha author oely aake 1 for tea yeara coai. leooa, aad uJgtag irom what baa bees areoapiiabed alnady, It aay flirty b? prtavmad tbe jcatiflcatioti be wfli be furaiabed wita at tbe eompl<'tU>p of tbe period will b> ladaad unpraoadeat. t<t. If wa coapare tbe career of tbe Oral Bonaparte froaa 1MM, wbrn be became Kmpernr, to IHU, when, after bM meteoric paaaaage be turned bia back >a Footaialneae Mr Kibe, wltb that of hit luooeaw.r, rrom Ueoaabar, IMt, tn tbe prca^nt data la 1M0. II la lapoaaibto la Chit N?f 'f?e 1U. will, In tbe udgaaat of |?euriy, have a fair right to diapute taa paia with bM great uacle Tbo Oral Napotaaa ! ttrnek the atari with b la lofty head oaly to fall forever, leaving bta oauntry ea enabad aad uubtaorag a* bla ??If The eeeoad. with oea yrar ? bort ol Ike iun? lentir.t of tbe ia|*iia] throne, will enter any coogreaa that aay ??wiatite, the ttad,*pat?d " arbiter of tbepoMtleal ?*) ill - i uribu of Kur.ipe " We aay dlallka tbe praoeaa by wbiaa ? >?>-., <oa 111 t.aa arrived at a poaitlea wbteh r?ian i ? raaoe eo imairaaurably In the acaie of aatioaa, aad wa I are of roaree to>i cloee to tbe acene of aqtlaa to jniga la I partially but Vbta we eaaaot dray, that auob aurpraiag I'xd .'ortuue wee a?var acre arorthtly eocoapai'ad b f i rudence patleaee, forwlghX and mdkeputabie phUaa tnropy ! P to Uh 3Sd bo ooetlrmatloe bae a-riew? af the aatry ol tbe tiarlbald'aiii Icto lap'ia Tbe heagoHlaaa raeldteg ia Carle have aigned tbe loltowlag leetorallea, in praeaane of ( otiat *ro|ielio. Wardin an Cherge a Aluira W aa deraiiaed N*apoiitaaa, rtaldiag at Parle, deprived er at eatlaiaetteo r>f bairg *ble to <ep?wtt their eye 'a the lira of tba |?lab wita 'peoad at Nep.a, bar* r _ iiiie theaeelree la tb.e ro,a f legatioe aad ererceed tbe wwa t.,be at I.?| aJk?1 to laaea the ^.yua e< toey bun aad tb? t tr.bnle o* Bdellty to v letor Fmaaaa. SSliwif k leg of ooiaellewitb tha graai Mhiw aad aetata act. v *t<- len?i?*a of Victor taaeuei, bow that he haa rawtevl ike eon em ? lair'y ea-'B< th? Ni-aponUoa, awae to ehara l< < bear?re ' fla gaaMea ? ael.' ha I rate tee af peroneal ?ab.tloe, b t of ermetiv tie* Italy To be kit* of !oer or tweaty fin t mil lone le of ft lie matter but II <? laiportaat tbat a>en of tbe ami raea aad laa^oage iboald bare a r.iamn eoaatry W . are iteetiae<t Mi be a great per>iM6t t a. If wa are oo y ?!? t.fBi ne?t I', ba eo Auetria .eeeaeanliy threatene rwe, aet long ?ii?oe abe forwarded tna a ?"te wyegb ?ae Ka pen.r ol tte r>?i eh bill at angry ?vpr??? me, but wblea *>? sot if <-b agrot ma Auatr * hae. In feel. '?? the pro I t.?e% r ?? -at for v.tarkir.g me he * prepariag r* tbe ar? og hi t a*?t at.f rg, ? lb y>or eo iperalwe, I ?hall bare 4>>0 0?0 men 'larter arme. and, taaak <?od, the '.va aaetaa baM Toe P^pe MjMgf ?> w I linilwuw Of Ihr I t n**? bi t Be It >eat?a eve'') I I' ?" ? ?' .r->pe? tot the right aad aetleeef oyr eeye^ ! Ibai, but! am a th h m U-y ? <4 ? P? ?H?aa ? ao^iM scat t a b oob .* ? a I iav? ra,?atA t g

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