Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 14, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 14, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. "WHOLE NO. 8833. MORNING EDITION- WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE CRISIS OF TEE tJJION. Bcspatcbcs from dirltstoB, Columbia, Macon, Richmond and Jackson* THE HEW SOUTHER! COHFEDERACY. Convention of Statesmen from the Cotton and Golf States. A Declaration of Independence Adopted. &b Agent Despatched to Lonifl Ni- ! pole on in their Behalf. Proposed Declaration of Independence | from Booth Carolina, *r. *o.. *t MPORT-ATT FROM CHARLHS1 >N. OtaASiabToR, a 0., No* ij, 16t? tooth Carolina la a onit lor reaManoe Abu Indication of 1. 'bike feeling ibe ' ?i ImIut? ottered to lake oo? fourth of the u . it *stK.U to arm U>? State. Tbe delegates arriving toy th? Cotamb:* ft ?? ro cetvod with (punucroa* popular demonstrat: ??, * to?b |i|U proootaiun ud ? Mlule of ana bandrad (una. rbi* labecaoso thoy rcted unanimously for separate State ?at km. Ibe two bousea of tbe Legislature met lb la moraine, wad in joint aesston ratified the bill bub pending the opera* ttaa of certain eactiona of the act of 1867 la relation t> kuk snspentloos The paaaage of tbia bill relierea the baaka from the penalties Imposed upon the* should they be required to suspend specie payments In oooaeqoence of the pressure. Ita passage la a aooroe of gratlfloatiao to aB parties. Another bill paaaed was that providing for the calling of a Convention. Ibe Oonvoatlon will meet oa tbe 17th |MdM. Ibe Legtalatara baa a4)oaraed time to*. Tba excitement ooatinuee to be ln'eaaa. Tba people are totorastned to aend delegate* to the Oonveatloo p'-'wd to get the State oat of the Union at any nost louao dlatety. The Volunteers, Including tba German ou?>>ar to, laiJy parade with the Fute colors. A great dononatratloa la projected ft* Tb*raday erso tag to weloome back from Colombia tba gation repre auall g Char lea too In Ibe Legtalatara. Cheering daapatobea are continually oom og from aalghborlag Statea offering ready equipped military or ganisation*, pa; log an their own expense*, to aid tba Mala in tbe event of coercion. Private fetters indicate tba Intention of many Naw Tark aaernhaata to settle In Char le* ton aa Boon aa tbe tala la foraaally out of tba Onto*. Tbe mort earnest entreat lea are received dally from all porta of tbe N-wth beggiog Sooth Carolina to paooa. A detachment of Waahlngtaa Light Infantry will pro toot the government arasaal la oaae of outbreak. Ibe West Point rlee mill, tbe iargeat in Cbarleatoo, wan boned lo-nlgbt; loss aVmt two bundred tbouoand dal kra; luaurtd principally hare. INTERESTING FROM COLUMBIA. OntCMMA, 3 G , Nor. 13, 1840. Mr. K-'tt ku aarenaded bj tb? people at two! re o'clock hwl night. Be made an encltBg *petcb, urging prompt M decHedl notion. He Mid liukl Mr Bach iota *m pledged to *ece**|on, and would be held to It South Carolina rhould ahatter the acuur**d Union. If ah* could not axompiteb It othorwwe, aha would throw her arm* ?round the pillar* a f Uta rnantHnllon and tartar* all th* The South Carolina Ltg1*<alur* adjourned thla morning. Nothing of Intejeet traiuplred. Tito member* are now m mm to their botnee THE ACTION OP GEORGIA. Mjcoh, Not 13,1800. A bill appropriating one million dollar* to oe oaed at Uta dlacrtilo* of theQor*rnor,fOr patting Geo -g la in a ?UM of Military defonoo, paasod the Houaeof Atpraaeota ttrea thla mornlrg onaa tmoualy. It ta believed the Con veal Ion bill will paaa with tinta ?Mb ferny. Georgia will more with circnmrpectloo, hot will not submit to blac* republican domuaUoo. the feeling among the pt ;>le la rwry harmonious, bettering It a qoee Ikon of glrlnf ap all , cr nuking a itaod for lartependuaoe THE FKEUNG IN VIRGINIA. Rlc**o*t>, Not. 11, 1900. Done promaent ("nton men ta Virginia are making rl goroua eOotta to Influence the aandtag of Gommlaainaorr to *mth Caroline and Ooorgla to ladtioe theaa State* to ?ebaatt to the action of a Sou thorn e^nferepoa. Inamuoh . howeecr, M the Lr|ialature la aot Is toeaion, the probabll Ijr la thai thla mm -aMi win Ml to the groaad. In the absence ofBtala authority the mkwtaa of the Ooamta ffoaer* woald protn entirely polatleat, and grara doob*f are cater Wlied aa to DO tooocaa la nay ereat. Tba moTerl in thla eoa.'ereaoe rcbetue propone to o rm ttitata It of no cqutl a amber of delagatea I>*n the North and Srotb, the former to be oonpoaed of men of known eooaerratire f , lalon*. Thla policy la luggeated bj the rapid pragnr* of Um a*ou**ion caoae, and tU ?malty of Urtatiag it with the character of salty, If a peaceful loiuttoa of the dnl-ou.'ly oannot be ?krginta will txLaorl erery effort la the ceu*? of peanr, and foiling to caonoed, Rhe will cooperate with bee aieu r Stale* of Ibe Koatb la vhatcrer policy th.?y say pr.n tt Ureal anxiety 1* m?nif?*ted for aa early a**omfrly o' Ma leg'iatur*, with a new to a caU of a Stai Ooneenllon. It la feared teat the mlarbief will b? beyond the reach of rcmeJy, It procai notion I* not bad la U>l? r?gar 1 It la provable tba' antettct* will *ooe be M'1 ihrjnjh iut the Male to gtr arp eotloe to th* arutiaieoi* of .be people oa the qaeelio,. ta aeceaauxt. Tba Lag te atarc rill he Iwtb to ect wttb? Mate *aantf?#fatton of public opinion, and It I* tb ",'b the *e\eral ateaber* of thai body will org" tht* poiny |i Ifetir rirpeetit* oountlca.tbat they may a-l it ooufomtt> with the taut aetu of toalr onnatliaeau. I waa u formed tn d ?y that la eare i* any alte~npt <m Ike part ef the North to any of the aoce-tini rhav * hoete of MiaulO W<i> will cater jour Norther* cltien, ac ptander and rmuct by way of retalulxm fa th t eo barprlee they wtll itrlte the CO operation of th* deprare. and Tin tone of tbt*e citt**, up jb the *tip?Mti<? of a>. ?i?l ahar* of the plonder Tbw aaoo to ?c fro** * T*r; The ?m ?kJ*er of to d?y , In aa article ? bow tag the *tte* l^ilimw of any Joetioe from a party hke the refm''!! ?an, baaed npoo th* ana !*? of bcatUlly to ?laTary.ety* Wo think that Um lair ?<artloa of ? P*>-ty into lb? ?? trot e( tlws *o*vrn stent, p?e,l*e?t fci *l 'vepiwer* to vb CJ-.dl'ea of any klrxl ef jroperty, M ** o*t.age oo pec; ? rty botdera oi the try , too gr ?* ani<taB ftrxa to be borne by the people ? 1*a work on ear Mate armory t rapMly pr >grea*ta Th* pewit itate of affair* ha* glm a haw Mimata* tu PREPARATION!) ?H tflMMPPl. Jaoaaon, Hi** , War 13, 1190 Oorernor r?ttu* ha* lamed a pro tla?lk>o oeaeeaM# the Otale l^gtelalcro to onoau r the propriety ami aa aaaotty of pfi/ tarer and bettor Mfcgaarda foe th flree, Hbertlea and property of Mia* aalppl, than the la* *l*etkxi and pad action of the Northern ilnto govom ?Mote proMH*. * KSdimSHt IN C IICAOO. CttUM, Nor 12, IMI OkMafo I* greatly erclte l ab-wt the fhil irf ?U?o*h, a*4 ?nthiia moaer goMrnlly m r?f***d Raaww my* thnt Wi th* bank* wont take W. THE REPORTS PROM WASHINGTON. Waamaetoa, Nov. IS, 1M0 I (any letters in reoetred bar*, from I ad leg polltl eiana of *11 parties ta the border riaveholdisg States, ex press* ag declare op la toes against the legality of mocmIob under tfee eonsUtattoa, aad alee iU eapedMmcy The nv nifestations of ton lineni from raanlltaa here, ui from meo who usually tike ilUle Interest la part/ ooo teste, are still stronger against the disunion luoveaeata. The mercantile aad moseyed interests are aMo staking their valets beard by theadmUustratkm, aad almost with unanimity they are lor standing by Ui? I'stoa. bone letters clearly stue that the ultra seoeasioaieta feared the banding tnfetb*- araiost them of ibo ooaservatire lal L politician, " e no part; men aad tba and tlnnae at C..-K, ui) therefore berried up their work. JT.? \rfr,i-yi tj bolder^ ara evidently alarmed at ?Ua> ?o ? ? ? ?- claratww tu tba Lrgtelature of Sooth Carolina, Ibal the u>? 'or ratting ways and nietns ?bo ij l?r mi m if m l> ->i>.rty ts*t la maaaoed with deaUMUao v>? ?i <'bt .? ?oi<wiatued that tha vote cn ?rdmiag lUtOcurrmpm u, ca.led waa hastened leat It ?tin tM.D> that h ulh 4a vtu not read; to meet U? Ma, \ui ttlat tte ?aiM day waa toileted ott In or >urta iLr. m ?.? <|i?ft'oa into Congress, and U?? f-utt" ru del ,*IV me to take their stand. V'rrti !? ??* wane ' e\or%Ule to the preciplute ?? ii a Mr. II 'nter reserves hla oplu ? v ill > ? ??ea' ran ?, bat It la underatood tLat ha ie?{aiL"' !><*?? f. .l u i' n nt Mr P.ei. 'i? of riot h < ?Mi;iaa, lata Minister to Russia, *ltb hat t'ttoe. i'o L*a bifu a: Brown '? Hotel for ? .f"*! IM)I. V . .<***? ?. u?rv,iiy against tha sooeaslcn move .-r?t J?i(le?d i nf jhe writers tbera rldlcule^tbfl -o>4 '?< M. iv of the fceceders, si mat log their uauae a - <i.i. ? Uook. 1*r lnptacce, one says: ? "Let o? not ba ?rier tl.o noofs of the tedefal stead when a repob loan rtw jctt has got into the saddk." Another crlea:? tAUilaa la at the gate, and yet >ou dallberate." A third exclaims:? "What, in ooaparlaon with liberty, la all tho filthy eotn embowelkxl la ihe eariAf" But beneath all this queer rhetoric taero la a profound and earnest reeling. aJrtsdy we see signs of the approMh'.ng icaatoo of Oorgr"ss, and of the gay seaaon at the vetropoha. Mutn bera have eogageil their apartments, and some ha?e ap peared at the hotels and l>o ir ding bouses. Tho roil of e^slpeges an renu?ylvanla annuo la more ooustant, uad the exchanges ol tarda preliminary to social entertain ments bare begun The pruct '.'dings in the Booth oxelte the deepest la t> reat in tllplcxaatlo circles. A moveiceat li tpokon of to pub'.iaa a paper bore da voted to the interests of seoesaton. A letter from Governor Moore, of Alabama, to a gen tleman here, states that It la bis Intention sot to njtke aay mora la Alabama until after Llaooiu has beta de clared elected by the Electoral Oo'Jrgee. It W said that UlMisaippI will pur . ue the same poiie>. It Is feared I hat fieorjjia Will L>i mors preel iltste. A hi:, lied ruiaora la referenae to the coarse 'of Mr. Lincoln are In circulation, attributed to Tom Oorwln. Many of Ucas are erroneooa. Gov. Ooewta baa besa here , for thi<-e days Be exvresac* hla opinions without hesita tion, but ipeaks only his own opinions as to wbat bo b? llevea will be the coarse ol events In the South aud lbs porpose of Mr. Lincoln. He is cnaftdent, from bis know ledge of the Preildcnt elect, that ha will part an to emi nently conservative worse, guided ociy'by tbocoottita tlon which be wtll swear to support, but thkuka it would be harlly proper for Mr. Llno?la to give any exprtulon of hla views or latentlona until be sball have been e'er tod , Presuent by the Tote cf the Eicctotal Ool'.cgta. CU? Gofrnor said to-nlgbt, In allasloa to the roporta in otrca latloa, that a man could not evo tbu k in MTashlngioa without dndicg the oniijectored f ar^ort of his thoughts b> thj Sew Yura Aewtpipers aaat morning. IMPOUTANT MOVEMENT OF THE MOTION AND UU1.F BTATltfJ. AN lNl>in*l>n>KNT aonHIRH COhFKUUKACT? D1CLA KAIION or INUKrSNDEM,'* - TU* KfcuOOMTION OP fbami eoi onr ro*. itc. to tin bbitob or >bs nvuis. Nww Tonn, lor. 13 1W0 At *n Informal meet) eg of dlettt>|<iwb0>l jMtnor* at* <*t H "? from Um C"l on uJ U -U !l*u *, b?- 1 on " o Tib taM 'ji UMrlrttnn, * draft of a d*0hr*tlon of te'.ejv -j-V-k*! <il preiented for Ibe ooailderatloc of tl>r pxrt rt preaeel. ted ar.h ih" eirrpilo>n <f aoaje *ligbt aawaiimviU (*b' i b I bat* Dot botu able to obUUi), lb? aul^otned :* a laltLful copt. The prur?ti!lny* of Ibo mertlrg all j. led to above will probably not be roadr publla fir (crcral day* -that la, until ana we re bare been noelTed from promneot alalia mm thr.n'jhoot too Hontb, to whim onple* of lb* pro ceeding* have bren trot la tbo hap* of recelv.og Uiclr approval and tapport. Fro a tbo mu touro* through wh.eb I wan femrol ' wilt the "tuning tctel igenoo hereto oonreyed, I bare , alao obUluflJa ? neBae copy of a bow ael of laatractt ?*? i wblch are lo be feat to a ilatlogunhed Southerner row la !*arla. acJ whu tata bo depeauad open to act for Ue confederacy . la hope* of extracting a j rem lee of irleuJly i recofnltloo from Lonia Napuleoo. I bare lurpoeely (uppreaaad the namea faml?b<vl me ?a tb' re preaeot at tot* traltorooa me?tlry , hoping the ?r.ber aecocU thought may orercome ' bl( exested and pr* dpltate action, but It aerartheleM eecma right tbat tb* M< ttbera public abouM know the whule extent of U?a rtTciui."Birj icii-ate wAieb la p ottirg at tbe Huath. GREAT ROUTHKRW MANIFESTO. MKLABATIOIf Or IM-Krt SDMM NT THE BTATT<* OT sotnu WMM| uaitauiA, alabama, tlomida and ?nmsrrn. We, tbe reprrectitatlree of tbe people of floatb Caro Ilea, Gcorg la, Alabama. Florida aa<i Miaaiaitppt, 4a, la ilelr came *ad by (belr authority, agree aad declare that, tot tbe rea*ona berouato aaaexnd, we deliberately aad ?akmn'y aeuoonoe lo tbe United aiatee aad to tbe elrtl Md w^rld tbat w* no longer owe any all glaooe to tbo i b I let State*, bat itat we are, aad of rigbt eight to be, , * free lad UtUepKdent fewer. Aiv! feeling <**a4et>t tbat we can Juatlfy ear la tbe ey<* of tbe world, aad ipt calug to tbe God of aatl( oa and of b*t"c* an wita?a* to ue ri?bteoe*e<M of our eao*e, we <to hereby , In the cane and by tbe authority of tbe people, form aad m'a tliab onrMlre* latoa ?parat? **4 iBdep^aleat ^outh'-rn oaafedtracy, to be maintained, if need be, by feroeaf vrrf, aal e?alri"g to be re?-gataed, *n *no* a* out ci'Terr ibmi'. ? hall t>? orfaitlar-l, a* ? free a- : ?ov-retfi atica, prepared to tilwr nto tioattea w.tb f r?tga '.vera, to lay Import dalle* aad t?*?w, to create an aray ?d tary, to Mia ?(?**, ??It b a of credit, aed "tb?r ?tai to i- rfbrai all aeia It fdrat tn aatlooa *ue< n 4 aty Tb>> fr>:!.)WlBf are aMKX g tfco rraxma * h ob aiak. It im for e* awjrr to Obliaae m' n. ^r* of tbr fed* J ra ICiV* 1. Tte pbraaeoiify of ua ronatitati"* (art- le 4 aeetloa ), a 'iao?e p?> lerwuy #t>aai ' ?4 for tli? beo?ut ol tbe <itl), bat t'i woeie'l a> tn at^'J the irongat'.ioa in *veet v i< rni* "f the It lerret It wa? ^aIn"d lo protect, thtreby antlrg aa mpnta t? c uf? a mir anrtal polity , aa if It wee nt dt ?t?b to be naotrd la tbe forme : arlicteeof a?rrotuet.l netareti. uta i.r'* aai ooalraeliag Hi* ataotgnlty , 'htrooaoed laU> tbe KiMrantee: 10 *at ?f> tbe Hauxka aatl Adaair re of tbe North, b: ? beea for tbe l?*t tweaty <l%* year* wilfully mtrua^treioed by tbetr dea.watiai.Hi, ab? bate *<> far forc?tfa all (?atimeata of joatl'W as>l f od faith tf'tt tfcey have e*lab^abed la reery prtarinal I rit f c' tbe Nortb aa orgaaiaed ???.. a> eatrtrcre of lla tateat and a.e<utaf, kaowa la pnpatar langta^a MM 1 '?antrrgtuuaf railroad," and br wuirh ?gat.imtt.>a bua * dr??* of Ufiutaad* of dollar* t re aanaaily I at to UM dontb 3 lo tbe B'-rt tfaprr <aat raar* whlob bare nrmrred la j tbe Malory or tbe nrvntry, a be a tbe materia! iLlerent* at tbe Mnta have be?r the far roach^g ao jul a t.reooia '4 ibe ftirtb wrraWot fumi the free hao'tad f*rero*l?y ?f tbe 5?ootb tbe ir.ea-* <>f ad raaoroteat ami rlftoflon Karly la Ibe bwtoi ? of tba "Ute of Vlrflaia tbat aoble Crmriciaanalib ondrd nearly tbe whale r,( tbat irrnw aae traet of noarlry dow baown a* tf? Nortb weet to the federal rmarameat, and wbteb tetritney bar Maoe aero eo'oaiaed with a boa lU* pofnlai "t). ?h' fcaee tarae* tbe rotble** bead of la- 1 traiilare a it. mn act* g a*pect uyoa tbelr parent Mala . hadaow aftrr a 'apee of rereatr tbrea year* ataea tb* ! pewag* < f the fatal crdlaaaea af iW, wa are the people wba have f<>?>rd bnmr* ?* tbe rVab aad gtaaraaa Mil af 'bat triT'Btr territory, loeladlrg tba Matea af Ob la, la dtana Ulm?,t? N?ehlpae, W ?ouaala, lawa, ho., taralag tbatr irtfat* heart*. tMtr aaemrcary raMa, *na thriatia tag to ralae tbetr etctottoa* polltteal arm* agalaat tba meet rh. riabec tnatiutioo of tba aacieat OommoawaaiUi tn abtch tb*y are *a hprpty latlebied I Wboa, m 1M0, ike federal goeawmeat wa* la be prr ?tdea wtlh a ette for a Capital 11 waa agate the Raath wbtrb < trerad bar laad, aad yet from that lima to tbe prfeeat hotir, tbe lababttiata of tht l^alrlet ef Oalnmbla h*?e bai no aeeeatloa from tte rade taaau aad laaalta *f the Northern people, merely beaaaaa they *bo*a* to mala lb* dame ette eaatama nf tbatr Iblbera 4. So t eaataat with barlag iimmt tba growth aai eoBteqoeBl wealth nd IB flu? tm o tbo South by U>? or dmsaee of IT, tws niiiin had scarcely p?Nd aeray hs ?c re im ty rssaesa North (truck a 'rrah blow at oar proa pa i>> , by interdicting, through tbatr Bubee-relent toola in I'oDgress, ihs ImporlaUoa of labortra tiled for our noil uo eiimats.. b A*mio, In 1M0, stin niossr lo ooatrsel the gresrth or ?ooibe ro Stsirr, tba prominent politicians of Ilia North nh coded the ax Mare known a* ih? Missouri Gnnipro r>issL*hich waa it tended to exclude forever the advance ol a Bnnlbern poltiv above Ua liaa of 30 d eg. 80 mta. noilh lain ade Yet. wbeu Is 1860 It answered better Ue purpose of tha North to remove tbat barrier to N'otlbeen immigration, It waa dose sriih aa ttllle regard U> political poser and good faith aa tbe re bad been )ue Itre Ir. the original compromise. Bui through all the Soulh baa bome and firbornt, energetically prt.leatlng, It is true, against these changes and encroachments, bat ever. oi.tiiy , j ifldlng at tha restraining voioe of patriot Ism tad tke oealre for peace. 0 la addition to theae Bat Vocal acta tbua paaaed to tbe a* yi and lament ef tbe North aod tbe despollteg of the H uib, there baa been sednlcrsiy cultivated among the Nortlern people sentiments hostile to tbe maintenance or .tnimbe rotations; their ignorant prejudice against ili* osspioymest oi tbe aegro reu*> aa laborer* baa culmi Baiol id several Stabs lu legislative acta calculated to affect t ie security of cor pronely and depriving its even of thtfc ilghla of redress guaranteed ps by tba constitu tion. 7 Id scMlUm to ths Irjnrlot.e State legislation o the N-ith, tbo v? i n oouiuuiutli< s of tbat re gion Lave been oon.tanily stimulated, through tbe Hip t sn.i the prese, by pjiit c*l addresses and in'" Msi-ts, iind by every other proof ts capa bie in*' publlv opinion, to a state of intense op portt >. to i v" r. thing favoring Southern interest! an<* dir. ctlv mi nam ? i ur present and future security. Under the u ti mire of ibis blcou-d, fanatical aiTd ui'raWroal ?pint, they have unnour.otd their determination u> te cure every toot of United Steles territory now possessed, or be leafier lo be acquired, for their own eapectal use srd hen At In pursuance of thla policy there rat or rai'K d. a few years Usee, an eilrcrltr plan of Irani g ration ot wbut weir oaileu fit? soil seiners. llii* pro jeot. p'aioed and prtcclpa ly car r od mio t fleet by ouo Ui Thayer? an attibiitcDii Cemtgog-ui of the State of Mas sscbuseitr ? wto travelled from city lo city and from ton u to town through tbe Northern tftutoa, aod by hta Fi jhiiiiol appeala Itdurc!) Imme&ie outrbcraof peraora lo leave their otm'oruMe heme a lu tbe Ml aad aettk tL tbe paxiied and barren laada if Kaoaaa, with tbe ? .e ana avowed of oraat^iag out and over wbetaDitg ttoolbern ietiiera Thla waa one of the Oral f? u'la ef the upeal of tbe Mtwoarl c^opromlae, and In : the ltd leo to iinh \.-r,m cjr cl Icelmg betWOM tbe dlf , (erect ?eotloua of tbe oowr j tl at tbe lima boooreJ do mer.atki p?nj ? tbo only parly wbirh Lu over boeti true | to the booth aBd the t'nlor ? ?? ibattero'l to fracmeata, wbu,b can urn agaio be reusilod exoept under tbe Tic forlcua llig of tte tndrpiBdtnt Southern oc-nfuii rany Had the a. '>ve raBked ctendo pMlanthrnpiM Hmitci hi* tipleiu to Ranaa* he Diutl bare olVmod aome color of itgtr, tut wut> a rtc WUia aaJteily potaeited rnly by peitort of bia nativity, he at< pped cot there, but prcjicwd and patl'.tUy exicute<l a MmUar icheire ol orgaa'Btd in.i:i'rrat! a into the n /.no and an cteoi CoiaKLon ?ta:lh cl' Virginia, thua thtwiog that ao gi cgraj turn or |4>iitlc?i bcundariea aro atiilidient to repel the encri aebiog tplrltof In" North 8 Hut little mure thaa one y^ar xf.i the State of Virginia, tbatceiot >1 il^trlct, waa invaded by an arnwd ba&ii fr<m tbo North, ?bo feloulotxly attacked and pillaged teveral rtiatirga.shed rtt'nei, anorg others, one bearing tbe r? vered came of Washington ; relied the DnllMl diatea Aistaal at Ilarper'a Kerry; by force enaeclpated mtvbbU fr cm the control of Uielr nglillnl mastera, and had they not be* a fpeedtiy overpriaered, (hey would have pro eredt d to revolutloeiae tbe State of Virginia, and frim Uier oe. iBrreaslag in BBtaibera. would hiv i marched on lo tbe attack aad attempted oosqueat of other tfewtberu Statis. Nor were tbeeo hlghhvided outrages the acta j otiiy of a tew misguided Indirlduala: Uie ?y otpalliy of the i entire North waa manileeted In lavrr of the leader of tne ircfeKtnt, one John Brown, who had In his pay a cat'.fl fereigrer. ott H-Jgb Foebea, wb ae rtoty was aligned to a:: ur l '111 corporal to Ue ra'i Mil regro aervaMa had the jalot tou reded The ealy tiwglMB takes at tba NortC lo Ihls rlaVJIrcl iT'aetoe w.a the iBsnftl -Irncy ol the inra .s ? tr.pluycd, %ci the laopporluolty rf the IMne tbi ?ui Tbe priLc'pal actor In it Is ? itlaaous tragedy la sl'.il avibipped aa a nubia martyr la tha North ? hia tau-te being preserved lu of fhul. Ma with the lerrretce floe lo a patrVtaad a aaiat. 9 The prrM-bt Jenr bta altritred the epro'meut ?f toWM huaibers i.f Uia male popatatlr o of the North Ibio a vaat military organmiloo, tavteg braoeieji m eviry nou slareholdtrg state, whlr^), no 'er tbe ftliaty d jgtse of polltMki otvbe, have by ror-alaut (iractlc^ per ferbd tbtmselvee In military tr- tiw Three *md oi of men, knowa aa Wide Aw ak?e, bave been orgaalred a ltd l t .e d* Hheiaie parpoee of tabjegaiirg the Soutii r>y fo,-?e of aim* . fh"old ihey Gr 1 Ibetreeivce otherwise nna^ls lo carry cnt their nefarious poliiieal rtc nines H Ti.i election by a large ma> rity <?( Nortbern voters of AbrhbsD Lncsla? s di-i.rn.iMu ajollttom i ? to tea l'trndrn :y of tbe Usita d State*, lo utier disregard of tb'ie frale'nal Melirr" ahteb ab'-nld ertnate the p^o>l > of all teciV'i a id tae roiu.try Id tbeir r.bolre ol frcersl i.ltl ccr?, i$ l-o r.u.u. nai,i g wrong of the 1< cj Buries of uijii u> aUinti lb ? South ban om-n call. ', to sos.u.l Co j rcet rc bis Ira gorst'os agalent the wishes af thi- entire i Tenth arrarfi minis have alread* burn male to hive In , atundaic* In lb" cl* o! Waj liin 'oa, <>o tbo 4th of Marcb ' next, a atn ns f -res of tha it*Y?? tan -d Wide .iankis. ' with wMoh ?he repn^ltesn pirty fr.^n to orerawe aid ruppress all flee expreestoo of nptiiloti u ',!.e mi t >T the W elhern djetr.bers of otigregs and tte Southern proplc tOFT Of TD? INSTbl'tmONH DlTEt TO till Of 1IIB IMiErlMil ST .^.ITflLKb COMUUUii TO Tit* (MI'KROh OP THE H1IJNCU Yen wtll first ro lea? ir l?' tmprew upon bis Inpe^il Majesty the trrrlt'.rlal ?Tteot anl Urge p 'pitall n <?' five seceding Sip Irs, which cover aa a-ea of lOVICB square miles, ard number over two ?tI!1(<k?? nf ln^a^l tacts, more than a eiotrty of which are of the CauCMtau race; and rvmlrrti.ig him that we w.h the wh*i etvllixed wor'd, ln?k to h'm >s the dtf Oder of o^preev <1 BStlcBalttles. Ton will prearat to his lapcrla' om *1 lo ration tha re a?< r.s for our see* aa I on fr u the t'aloo , n< gives la tha tea roasons which our destaraiuia ae'.s forth. Tbeeo ressr bs are nalqua. The history of the w<irtd I presents no pars'let. Opprenaod pe"p'e? hare hl'.^crt complained ef U.e governments whk H crurbod th m We complain ol the Insults aod mj'irlre aLich too poo pie of tha Nortbern States, through thetr rvprearrtat res In Congers and otherwise, bare perpetua'y hya,<od j upon f? ever Sine? tbe formation of tbe ft deral compart, and which tBjnrtcs thrtaf n to bee me mors irsrdsr able aa time prorrrrars unless ntw s^e?>esf..'|ly rrrj*. 1 ?<2 ? b<.log ot a nature whkh remlers tl aa Impolitic a? , ar a an.y lo rtlDaln in proltaaod fraloraily with r aa. ?a> mm. Ttoo^h the Soothem oonfMeracy te at the preeent date limited to but Ova lecedtag Slates, wu bava every reuon to <i|<ut tbe apeedy aoheaioa of | tbe saajo'lty of what are now io* Southern .-tale* , of tbe lax* ; for It nan bo longer esoepa tbe ferelratwc of (toothers lUlermea that wltb ourai.b drawal tbeir isfluecc* mill ho ao waakt red la the sat! aaJ eovaclls it at nntbtig bat utter p?: ti.-aJ dcetraci "n awaits Ui ?e who eootisne lo adhere to >yr enemies. Nor caa lite mhabtuata of uie rwh and pr.wsrt<tl Htat' of Lrnlsiirs lail to per je re the urttxnae gala she would mske IB wealth ard trOuen-e shovld ?be, s? a member of the SoutheiB briitedaracy, h<>ld ornirol of tha moat hs of the Mississippi, BBd to participate iu this advauisgu bow lm.g can the MtUe of Arkapsar aod T> naesaee r> eist U>e Ba nrsl Sir pu's* th*y mosl I eel to snlte Ihetr foetines with oursf ablts Tt*as, by jolsirg our BUcdard, moili rtse st on re lo llie p^eitwi nl a 8r?t class Stale, tha' lag with ue 'he whole value of tbe rich and aufn "al<d cm Difrre ?? ,th wouid flow In lo our ports thiougb ths Mntf of )(>xko. Von will also remind b*? Im "rial Maiesty tb*'. In the Plat* of 1 i? lac a oneo s drpe \deney of the f, Oct 0"iwe tbeietss ia ge (ipoiatioB if IiIsowb raosaot Itneace she ars still afficHotalety attarbed to the resiteia. esr w of tbalr i i hie ir'r ib b the Stale of So?ih Qtrolloa siso, the l' s<*er 1c it * gicr oss aottis at, lb-re is s anise rsos populnt'or tr ?li ?? rtits flsss the b'fd if n aa ixstry idea trsi with his own and " at to this fart is .t'?btwss r w rg that lrre|>rir*t??le spirit shies bas erer trade the JVtMtt ) ?aW the Oral V dars to oonfrpst cai iff ?? avtiy ?tn-rg<rey SUnoicg, M dies 1/a s Nss ' eiB. at the bead of Kuropeas rutcamen. sh.r a ? ng career of le t act lered srd uo'-?M*ked pnsp<rity, ?hit fsn fcs fesr Is tbe old w^rlrt rr tte Nt w, sbte d be rheete to ester, ! to oe bis ? n pie ree> |r itlna of i nr uidepei dri re wbes our aew f> urim'it id irraslsto? ABd this promlee ts ail yos ars dtsiitd lo utta.u ftnin hiia at preset I. though com paiaiirety few in bi rater aad means, ws do sot, like ssrdis's. eek of bia e lh?r swn <* s^sey, tor ws fsal that c I (Mens In the courage aod unanimity if our Ctti tees, ic their luvtecbie bravery ssd thetr capacity of es,duas??. thai were *f eves mnch weaker Bnmerteallv we sBouio not hesitate to tfatend aad siamU.n our rtgnw at si' Sssards. f Ui? mailer ef aerv'le i near reel ios Is sot raised by b'? Me eel j It Will be saiiereseary to a.iude lo It If It twrts-ee a ssaturof d^i.ieelia, you aaaf ea?*l7 ses-re tte Kan^eicr thai we anticipate so trnuste on that pilot; tke f' w tronblase-wie and mleehievens Per vasts caa be Mi l ti Ms; tl. srd tbe others, tbroegh fores of psrsrwal atw rhmri t to l hair masters, by ?e?re od sis-pie rewards ard th ocgb tbel' Bstsial ladoksoe of dispssiitcs, oaa N i tseily peisreded and erntroUd Ni r do we aas even the imall fbvne of simple reaogBl ttos wntrut i fl? t it g aa et|Otvalert Ws r?a already pr n iss two tree p>-rta of entry? CTtarteelns asd Mobile. It t?* ivaatefobtStBlrig tbe aesnrarre of his frteedshl > we i to tw mediately add to itwss the petris of flat restaa aao K?w Oiteaaa, wbevesl all ??.de ol freach maatifss t re ah* I ts sdmttud fits from soy dniy whslsasvsr. mo f pfd rrn apath>n or nrDEnw I'KNCB or KOI TJI CAROLINA. Wb n . In I he eosrse of hvmss free IS, It beecasee SS sessar* for oss pee^.ie lo dtesotvs tbe potlltasl bonds j ahti b I ere connected ibesi with another, aad to aeenase smorg tbe powers of the earth tbe eepanate asd reins) ststtos to shtcb tbe isws ofsstsre sad of sstsra's ?od tstiUs lbem,s densol respect ti r U>s opts loss of maakisd re^e ires that they shosld declare i be saasss whish impsl them 1s the sepsssiios Ws bold these traths to be self Briefest tbsl slthosab al sms ara staatsd wholly sseqast, saeslslly, morally, aad pfeystssliy, yst they are sit eqaslty ss titled, nsder every civilised gorsramest, ts the fall prnientsa of thslr lives, yet sees sad property, tor wh?eh protest as gerers weals are selety tseSttstes aasasy men, dsrtvlsg thetr Jest posers sstofy fraa 18s sisasst sr the gorersed, thss whss rmty Ihswsrgsfsaisstbsss^ssdsstrssthrsof thsas ??da, M I* tbe right of tho people to alter or In abo I lab It, u4 to institute a new govcumaot, laymg It* toon* altos vn sucb principles and or,i>*ni*.'.g i powers >? inch form u to them aba'l t?em miat lik eiy to tfftot thstr ta/tty and bapumeis Prudence. tude?-l, wll' dictate taat governments k>?g established should not be chaaftd lor liabtaad transient o?i>*es; and, aixvo-mnttv all experience Bath ibutrn that u-atiklnd a ra mo r din posed to suffer while Ilia are soflerable ttiao to rig it ihein selves by atolisbliig Ute forma to which they are ao customed. Bat whi-n a lost train of abuses and uaorpa tloaa, puif nil g Invariably the same ot>y*ct, eviui .a a uo ?If a to reduce them under alaolule rieapottam, It is tbelr right, It la tbelr daty, lo throw otf tucb government auit to provide sew guards fur their future aeiurttv. 8uch baa teen the palkut sufl't-ranoe of tho K utburu J- :?>? <>f thla I'nlon, and inch la now the necessity which oou i trains Ibtm lo aiter tfcelr present ayaUui t.f laieral government. The hiatory of the present Nor then. Stales la a blalory of repeated mjurh a, insults and u*uip?tK>ns, ail hating a utrtet object u< tbo establishment of m abso lute tyranny over tbo Southern Stales. To prove thla lot facia be submitted to a randtd world. I. Tbo Northern Wales of this Pabn have for m?ny lotg jttrs waned ugatnet our peculiar lortltution of slavery, Instigated by tbo dictates of a relenlleia fana tUi'im. which doclaita that lnklilulton to be a m >ra sis. wbllst we bold It tf be a divine institution, -.a'-a bllshed by dod h n.ielf la the following decree eounrlaled to Meaes oa lioant NhI ? " Both tby bocdmeti iuJ b >ed malil* wh'cb thou thall fia^e M all be of the h -allien tbai aro arobiot about yoa; 01 Idem shall ye buy boodmen auM bocdmalua, morvx.vur, of ibe chiHreu of tho strangers that st jonro anaceg you, of ibem fhall ye buy , and nor shall be your possesion; yerball take mem as an li.heri tares for >oar children after yon, to inhorll thein or a pctstsalor; thej aLali be your bondmen fornvttr " And we farther bold that this dlvtn-dy (stabllabed tns'ltutlon wae slasjl sanct.'Wd by our ^aolour and his apostle. 3 A large number of the Northern Htaies havt nulhdi <t tbe coortltution oi the preieit Union by paaalug laws lo prevtit U?e (u Uia: ut of Ibat oonatttution, ?mcb da ciare* that fugitive *lar<* shall he delivered up to -.heir owners? the principle of ? bleb Fug'tlve Jlavetavbus thf express and rocred sanction of ft Paul the Apr atk>. 5. Tbo Northern Htanw of this Union have declarod Ibat u-e M t''e of the ."outturn stales aball noi tui^'sU with tteu propel ty into tbe Territor'oa whlrb riirbifuliy beU/ug la tb?m equally with tbo Norm, and that the poo 'e of th* South rhall cot havi> Ihtir proprrty prot?i-.l*<l y tl.o lre<ral go\ercment, wb^n such protuitiou la (aa abevo drcit*(J) the sole cud 4nd object uf all gov urn ?tents. 4. Those Northern 8tat" have, by a r"l?ntl;?s and ud rerupv'oua wisjorlty, constantly Impoied heavy tacs, net simply without, but directly aguost our ropres^uta tion and oitr consent in tbr reneral Ooegrraa, hv I -vying onert us and exceaslro duties upon r "(is imported In re turn frr and purtbaaod t>y our cot u, rleo uoitobaooo, la ordar to protect and encourage Uielr own manufac lures, a?4 la order to expt-rd vat sums at tho North In improvins aad fortirylr g tbelr own barbers, towns and cities, at tbe evident and direct expense of the products aid labor <>' the South. 6. Thole Northern rtalcs have rketod by an ovowbnlm li g scrtwial vote a 1'resiucnt and Vict President, both froai t'-clr own se< 100 of eountry, lo direct C|i|>oalllon to our wiatMS and our prntcsts, neither of whom bare resolved ote r'tgle vote rroru rnriecti n.anJ whose cxpreea c.-eed is ttat "tbrro >s an lrrcprrist^k conflict agalust ala'ory, wblcb ran cover cease until slavery la axtlupuirbcd." We have for long yrars, In vain, appealed to their mnae of justieaaad coaamon right, we have ooojurml them by lite tHS of our ooiaainn klndrad to dliavow and abandon these usurpations, which woold Inevitably Interrupt aud destroy oar eonnerlloes and our Union But they have bean deaf to Ibe voice of justice, of honor and uf con nan golt-lty W>. must, Utcrclorc, arqulusce tn tho n?c<.-?slty wli -"h our separation, and bold tbetn as wo bold tbe rest ol mankind ? enemlea m war, In peaoe frleada. We, thrrofcre, the representative* of tho poop^s of th? ."tale of Snoth Carolira in c<'nventl"o asar^nbled, aopeal Itg to the *- j>rtBie Judge oC the world for tbo rectitude of our latentloas, do lathe came aud by the a?U> >rlty of the g? od f' pie of thla Clato a-emnly putllth and de elire that U.e <*tateof Hnuth Oaroilna la, sn1 of r'ghl oi ?ht 10 be, a fi- e anil lndep< ndent State, and that all poMleal evr.aoe^tcn betwera It and the Northern ritatea isaad cog hi to he Witallf dissolved, aud Ibat as a free aed ftdepeiw'ent Jtst.' we have foil purer U> lovy war, mccmde peace, roatract alilaros, eat?bli?h iomm?rc? aod to do all other acta aao thin, a which an lod. pen lcut dtste may of right do And for thu support of thla dvola ra,w>D, anha #m reliance on tb? protection of Ulvloe Provideaoe, we mutually p rd^e lo oacb other onr llvos, our fortaacs a. n jur tat^rd honor. PECKHK10N AND COERCION. orniWK or rut black uir uilican i-R*eg. Froze the Hon n A lite ami Bm, Not li j *(*v?IOF, nil rout OY TOE BOCK IV rrfift pr mlrent, aad li.dccl a.ooet tho only topis of political mlt rwi jail oof, I* U>? rumored imaae ai t. n>i>l i f a few t.i l necfd fiuiatiea to lndui e the people of a few to vwilt from tl?? .?m*' llnioo. There la ta tt'e B<;ih'T|r new, ub?iye?-'od or alarmieg Ih tri *h la, tb? ?lm<- 8MtM t"*v? battt er ihe tight, the p i *?r toe IM irrllnai'.on lo avcoda? therefore they will nl. Id us c nlJir the matter a lit'Jo. rti< ngnt.f a enverelgn eoaln'rreWd State to withdra* hu been ofln aeei rted. aao Ir now beii' ved In by ma .y men both tVaUi twj S >ru> ; t>M It b?a l>eea gi'Ot raii; tit-alM, art tbo ar guttata in lU fatcr oootrovrrUd by all tba abtoal Hatrrmin aid palrta of tbo country. Mr. Web lltri *r,ina?-(!t at mt the right of ??><yng -o I*. 10 cor jm\ nj?i.t, nuat Kwcrabie, and ? iuj rut to thoae who tbtrk 1 ho right of ei>oeeeion do rene^1* a t " "al o' ??at rreat alnteeTian'e '-pin wa. '??> long ai toe eererki *\%ua retain, 11 tbny new to, atvrrr fa control. within their own <1 imam. of all ibur local tfiali* , and are but inter 'end with bj the f. dr?*l aolbornira tn tb-?e c?ate rooeeme, H kl absurd to c *'Bi the right of 8i'0>mloa. Thnee roooorna thai are i , mmitied to the <iuiu?lfa (tiTUdwtl^n and riolrol of tbo IcJeral gnti ri m t, wire ao onttnlite'l by tbo original v. I Mataa, al h tie dUttsct undtrHarJlrg that tbe ftalca ebnold bet etuapt to reaume tbeae delegated Eu? ra. I be j lie .? Bu mora ii^bl t> claim the ro V rim to Ibotn of t3' aa federal prerogative*, Uiaa trie geaa [Tai government b?? to raim any Ooatroi ?*er aaaj-ot* .f Ir ec.Ale'd ftiie jar!?l'.ct)oa la oue only aocceivabte roe Magi uty conld th" ripk: to u ,<3s U etntr.Miw"l ?( that pet bach M (V prtmaJ riyht of rto !ufu n, of nbuiton oycwtt aw 'jutxny <? -tiih.tA btioukl tb? u toral govani u.i Lt iu.dt rvalia to tale antr from a SLate the ri-ttrol if Ita etata aifatra, witi.ia ita Mutfl Jnrtadictioti. then a .-n?'e might aiaiin the right of re??>!i'tierarjr ne *uco", th# ground that th? 1- tn HHWtM Itaelr Tlnlated the oam f art ai d rrbdarxd It aull ai.d rold. But no man urrteoda that ic* anch rave m tLi haa la tlaaiy 10 via?. lis* 1 ghta of or State hare boen m'erVred witu bjr tba fefitraJ govertmeot. nor i* there aov parpoaa, fterlar'J or foppcatd, oa the part of the prMaal or tco a?n<niuf ad i?u. iMrat ^a !? gi?a any i? eh prorncatkm to r?ballK<o If it be raid that the rigbla of a err Mafe bare baea Interfered with by t tlicr f> at<?. In the ae.uate capacity cf Mite loterc'gntf . Uia alttioagb true, ?noi4 not n..? t the ea?e, le i af' id any bam for revolctlon. A law of Kifiaibcfttta may be opprtaalia of a eluiea of flnrji Carolina. I"t% #t?n it It )? -?t?'MI?e oelr within M?*ai rhoaetn' i"' n,a'p a .1 un 1.. r n F.?a -t!y a) with the liwi off-'oelb Laroliaa, wbiehure anjnat tn#ar<1a eltianna er Maiachmatla Or?kl< a, If tboee are c*??? < f I hi* aart la ore a- etloa 01 the rounb> . Ih< re are ai many aa<i aa flsgraal c the ctbvr. and the only dofteaible mam of rraie'B or artjuitment la tbrimgh ttie arbitration ol Cjb gr?pa and u ejudidlal tribuiiale of Ihr rouutry It the Ie<tc>a' g< v< rnmrat ?bould atWapl lo Inrade the drttalii of Male rigkla. Iba* wouM he d.?j? tl*? and firee of rtltatanrr bat there li an tnnh oa<iae, aod there ? I be 11 w Ah . ul4 mri't .% r & to rrrum* ;?n?m t') "> '? >?eloeJ *r A? frlrral fyr-nms*'. Ih at won It tn h>OJcp,ati vvfc/d jviUfv :k' ntr%" if fmrtb!' ?vu ly the fxfrrol ((eviwmrw! t> t?r ng bwk the on niMrg ?Mta 10 ll( allegiance to tbe ronatttatloa aad tt>r f'alon B tMiwb care tea arlei n- v?e ? ill ?r>ae There la, trere 'ore, lo 'flat ng right of moeericn &od ttie eiatm fi r it t? attctly tr -lerrra.tle 8rt> nrt ? uybt cot to oe aid U at la act of tfca atrong it mcoot why it hover *l'i ha, ffcCoadir , the alara 4iat?a I arc r t th pM - 1 1 e^oede t'r 'nr p? m 'tint by the fed?ral r^nm il q-.t?tiy t ? theiaw, lh?y ran f>t go // (1 ?'.m rd (?> tmipf. a i nhtittl a? d n (' ?v"? fn<t o JuiUi try nnrm to m un a i?? lA? ur -'I'Wirn end ;ht Ioim viU t " j-/mi a fia" t> m d' If they ?li*>?t<,l tbt> ??> ? -I tin ate tlMtr oatba ai>4 fcawia nwtWgM tl la Im reive ifbtMuc th? ? nly 1 tt w j? ??f?ic tn^itkud >f ?*??. ? ,? by rl'ihree. la*olrlrg lb- mUiMI a of trie frd?eal iaw???d a?m?it re?i.t?' ea to tb? 'ede'al a^ttorily fa it. t t ?*.Vt (A/ ?(?> A t* fj m i?.*d tf? J ><'/ and Jit/* >? ? itfcjA O t> t?e Uf*f ?r* o f j -fcvr , 1 ? t ba*" > ?t 1: r it< a . 1:1, |(|. , . 1 , n, -1 t^. a ?.a, uor th' rh?rfC??f rmmiU to iv>?,n tin ggl*. The putrt ^?ftl.eo 0' all a?i *'? n?< 1 la of i->war tl ae i?ne'j iLi-t M??*a that will* 1. am Ui?\t t<? tn ? j rri '1 d>Tkrj .ill' irtd- r He 1 '?a if the ibil't/ of th* J ? a?e t" f '? te ?u? pt' f' ?ter .ti? Thr ??l* re Nilt tn th' r 1.111 vi Bra1'* u*-tJd >' a N< W| t'rift ? mj\Aod ,,nn,?li>(Mn?n !..ii!it), tW ??ie. i\ot? Ml Mi ?f iU4 ;m ? ?/ ?loe?rg, (JW I'wieii'l "f t'rtr f mmrrc*, (V IkMlf alilkatr mtUrryal w*r . >1 and fnoHs a f"TCl lt'(e<i>ne U> th' oulhcitUf ' %e| n.uJ rrtitut on <i tAe V r.r?m<t>' th<y had d fed Ttt* w? ?%> to o eptrit ol utklLoerei or w*?t iag, but ber? ja* theer are tba tiei-atrrn rtihi* ' vu , which pi ^ppea'a "t pulint, rr Coarlehee of rh< icie ran reaxivo or ota ige Thirdly, the -lari' Mate* have ao molioatioo in A nckir* ard pa'? oaate ml. r r ty ? a ren mi, all niaori t;_4)f the peofle of three or IVwir Ptat< ? are poiohlng il.gnti i t Pi t thi y are a I <? th*r li.t-lgn g poiltlriann ? T are ad Tee tni) r? who are pai leg otmo the '??>? of 1^ ; e < | r md nMH %i> nproar In -?ue h. ia "IM r-att - r (laager " Thej l-ee la the ero s.-lil <d th-' r?p^io lk?e ;arty to po?*r the reru n end of that re'gti t* ter rrfrm orer the eip> < 'on o* ptihllo oplahn at lite Pi ui?i,b> meat ? of wb rh they bar# aa I- ag r ;?W to P'aoee el pellt>eal power aad ' retard ? doalaaUoa la It* ledrral f t?i ir 1 t Tb?y are n?t ta Ue ieaat apprebeeelre of I be abol'tloa of Marery, or ef any aggmatoa a poo rtoo'i.era rlgbu by the admlaletratinn ?< Abraham I.innola, feat they do ep prebend, aad wil*. good re. ma, that their polttlnal mi reader, ry lath. Kuth la ahrrt to to'Blnaie. aad that power 1 hero all! aoon para taU the hand* of tb- patrlntle, '? I - rty oaief aea of that errtion of tr>e rouoiry Tbla aad Una aloaa la tfee Baaqoo a gVwt that rteee lo dlatarb Ibeir freat, aad forraielng U111 Uier are making n? of the It tr jonry e*nttra<eat aad the d rappo'ritrweat onnae Bat epoa defeat la eernre In tbeieae|-ea aaa( planee ta gretg aad ta lacrativa loral ofBata at borne, to Vlaa trail ?let fcctb Carot aa naly eleat to tba Called autre aerate Oorrraor Oat, who la a aaadldata ftw Um aaat, aad aba baa jaat uaaad hla ailly and treaaoaabia 4 la or. Ina proelarr atKa. aad (ilat *11 at naoa anbalde ? be aa derttaad* the real |tat of tbia bnataaaa, aad, bta ni ealad . D ?a aarored, be will forthwith "roar yon aa fealty a a aay wtblng dnre," aad advlaa Ue Paimtuo rooeaatoaiata ta wait for ao?a overt act Aa tor Ue real, tba great maaa af tba Woatbara people deatra. aa aroeiatoa ae diraiaa; tbey are loyal to lb# it wrni'nt, pat'loilo In Ihelr fro) Ufa, tod lautb Ui Mrrs it.e treaaon and Ibe h.iw'dio of I bo brijgit'l* wid d^magog-me f'tb hl< . and 0 utm I UilloHicg* lU-> are oow af H'rtirf. Notooj Hi Hi. fr. e -natt-a "red f<y*'an? anktety ? boot ??Tiaploo. TKr prtrf u* uf (V. &mtX will "U? car* ?f Ait t atiualvri?if tlkeg a< hi, Old Ahe i mil If ever -tvf artuil *'.U mpt la n .11 o ui kabvtrl IU? ouB?t"-'i.tou or de rtroy ?be I'd lor? tf *py aafaull I* male np-r. lb" lntea: rlly of lb? repuo'tc br f.nattak !"rom any W.tlob or rhflj ? Ibe law abating, loyal and nalrkitto men of the slavi Hiaii g ?UJ finLii at ? wa!l of Ore <i?air.t tbriu, and mil irm t and roll bark th> ir lurtuili nt beau. aa the h"H-t r'ltl* (?r the ocu.ii tbue bvil back lb" nogry turf a of the tia. | Puih is our JuiiK&iert of the irnepu-.t anl tbo proba bility ol ucrttlon end d'autilon; and ODtU phlloaophy It fel?<\ eiprrlesw va'n, r?-a?i n powerlera, faeti conwit-d Uil.i (JCtiob, aelMblcM *i do lut-icr lite Bkla auriDK o bin i action, acd prlt npli' exm<;t,tbat juoifrii' ul trlli be vindicated and nriM by ibe encta ol the future. (Trom tbe AlbVny, Wo* 10 J Will. M* LIRWl.V HAY Ok DO ANVJlUMi TO IUVK Til* rVTOB* ihi te * bo itk Mi l.iucoln to b?y or ilo ij api ince dlniEl^njitr, tako coona*.1 of tteir fi uri rainy tbaii thmr j<;df n>eet rb<} ih raoia in nhoge mind* irea von liiiki do Lot wrnt nuytoim na'.d or done for lite Uatou. Tt< v ere agali tl it lor rvaaona ?li < b uolbli f ibat c~i b ta t ? will ohaii*? Tbe purpoee la alike -irke ?nn .iiiate. Tbo meeikniata at ObaHeaton broke u ibe Democratic Convention, thu" defeating a uomluat'o wbirn might bavo Ixn. aucc-mful Plkuruon w&a at lb bottiDi of tbat movement. Their dtaloyaltv la oonrpl cming In ail thry do cr Bay Suutb Carolina but lit) aurly, mr? ai.d moilnoua for more taaii thirl jraiH ia Ihe only (>l?U> In the (,'nloii tbat withboldu tbe ebolr? of Prreirtroilal olcclora from tbe j*r>ple. rboeo ilrrtor* haye rirqut-nOy b?vn Ilku jrtod t<? withhold lb- Ir v<>Ue. TL' Siato kreim luelf iu a p'iHIou of quaal ribrlllon. In pel lo> <uiJ parpone la io? wbal It Uoe Men icary yrart? lo rulo or ruin the republic. Mr. Lincoln oeuld neltiirr lay or do anything that would cbacjp ibe dc?i*n, or ap|Hik?o tho ln<* ignatiiW, it ibe difunioCiKia. II.* mere iwtMotio and ffm roua ?vo?alp wcu d b? M!o?,ed by ptre^ral' iia and ndiculi' n? ?ould be launud ?lih " owardlot " anl " unal'lai imlnty " In the ot<ar? aril by tbe oratcra of disBulou. Il n deelaratlon would and to Inttean of dlmmiablng cxtntirp otIIp. AnJ *Xa'. u itill won*. tnWuilary (ir )/rj tuii i* i iffiru ly Mr Lincoln, le tvMfutZltM l*a fubUe mtnd uipid impair an-1 iceafctn Jku f>?u*r and cw ft twUmL It will be mid tbtt ?r rvowal of Mr. lJnooln'* prlnciplet ud p-lloy would nm<>t tbe api>ri>hun ?losa aLd ktrrpgUan Uie lia..da of the fikuds ?>r In ion at the tvwilb. Tdih pre?<-nta tbe only argumrst tn favor of tho propoiHl >d. But \n rep'y, we rrirark, that tbe perTeralona which wo'ild follow, tbo r.twortby motlvta tbat would bt attrlbuwd, the ou niuit.' - ly and )aert It would occaatoo, wonld more than acntralive any good thai It prorata*. Again, Ibcie la no occeeelty for arowalk from Mr Lincoln f! ? cvloloD* and ?> ninnenta are k nown to bi toe trotlmcntoaad opiuloi of Waahln*; m, Jederkou, Madl ?or , Monroe, and th" <.th< r Revolutionary and constitu tional fatberk Ou the alavery and Union queatlooa, Ur, Lincoln niandk jaktwlure tUar itatcamvu >? id patrkta alood, when th.y wrro frrslrterl, and where U.?y w -uld ?tacd now. If alive, to apeak with their llpa aa they ?i?aJt through their wrltinga. NEWS FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE CANADA AT HAL'FAX TWO DATS LATER INTGLUGKNCE. The Intervention ot Franco In the Italian War. TIIE CAPITULATION OF CAPIW. ( onlradktory Beporls RfspectL'S tbe Battle of GarigUano. The Italinn RcYnlntioa Ju^tiflcd by Gr?*at Britain. IDE Sl'CCHSES ?P fflE ALLIES IN CII!U, 4e.t Ac.. iImivjx, So*. 13, IHi/O The atramiblp i.i.ada, frira Ll rerp"x?l at too A. S< of lb* 34, ?la Q-mcii>U< vu P M of tbo 4 lb mil , arrtrei at lhl? port at cne I' M unlay, ?M aVl?<i at tfree P ki lur b 'ion , wbera ?bo will bo due va W.?ln*a tr nifbi In toe l?adon money market tbo (use* were .;aW, bin ?teady . The C&ina aewa exercised no tafluma* on ouo ik) IS. The money tr artcot was aarbanfod, b. t tbe ooa tinned withdrawal of fold from tba Bank ledMtheei pee tat ton that the Buk rate mcslaoca i>a rauK-.i? pom bly nut wi?k. Sir WUliam Uwolaoa ?* fisettH ?'>rerr->e of Matrao Iba mertlnf ef tba Allan tic Mall nompany (GaJwty II tit), on tba 1(1, m mertl/ l ro i'v>rn.a, u.A waa ?J j^nroed to tba 2M November. Tte steamship Vaadtrbilt from New York raacbod Vothamfton oo the aTantor n of the lit Tte tteauhlp City of BalUmira from New York af rived at QuarcstowG tbo sar.o arcaing Tb ? North Briton luatainud so damuKO taroajh (eiii~| at bora at Balky Oaitle. It waa Hat' d tbat tfce kioa had been ho if It ff-fn the Cuaard outr.pasy for Iimsa's .Now Yurie m ' rhlitdi ';>bla Vat. TLa Australasias (screw) takoa bar plaia In tba Ooaa.d mail liaa 'a pccembcr. THE WAR IN ITALY. Ar*ordto( to the N'.apt/.itaa anouutta, Otatdiat ww bealam by tbe Neepoll act with fr at Inaeattbe r. fltaao, (cme de?|atrbea pUcia* h ??li a* htfh aa two '.booraud k lint aad wocadei, and Bra ton* Of -ul despatches from Turn tay U>eae a?t*rlii? are c up v ly falaa The 9anllaioj>a were aot defeat. I at all Cat ua waa attack ad or tbe (it, aad capita'atad <ia tile follow Ire day. Tba Nap lea cor rr spot ib-cl of tba Lac<!?a D*C / Aim I tak|rapla aa follows ? Ninas, Vor I, M*> Oapns captlu'atf-d to if ay, aad tb> troops Wave ?iia tb" hoeora of war^but lay d?wr> U e'r artwt at the f >rt* tl Napoll uf Capita. To m -row" they tow to S? '*e ( Saplea t? all lllow.'ratcd, an I tir re ere p at rejotr'.njr ab attoU oa G**U la shortly ?*v? 'M. It is dostcd, via T.i in, tbat Admiral Pertano I i-' c m meted ard ?a?,< ? led flriry oa tbe ro/aliato r e.f c wet* Victor F-manae! bad rmtrr t it^'.arijllati THI TJRfllbn OOVERNMI \T AND THK TTA MaN KfcVOI.OTION. TTsa load'.n DmOy .Veirt publl>b?a th? Util Uhi d? ?patub f?nm Lord J< i.a RmatH t" tba Br'U?h W'a ?i?e at f-urir , dated Octnbrr It U>rd .1 br> aaya the ?reat sj tkoawhiea appear to tb? B' Ittrh frrerataent to be a lev ao are tliea? -Wrra lb' t^v.pla of Italy I aek t g tbe antataiire of tba K ?* of PardU'a to taliaei them from ?oTert!n:"ata ?itb which tb?-y ware dlaron filed, aad waa th? K'rf of (<* ; ntll?J ta fomta!i>e? tbe aniataacoefhia army f Hta t/irdablp? W*i?aty'a foreriinei:! do aot ft el jiWUfled la dtciarlL? tbat t).? pao pie of Southern !la!y t art ant f???l reae.?ea foe lv-n? ;c| r? their alley iacc? , and catoroi, tberafoee, Man* tbe Kt?t i.f JardiBla. tbe drepaush ol >aaa aa fi.lliwa ?Her M ?j-w ty'a goveramcal will torn their eyaa ratiee to tbe frail fy :a| preepacU of tbe ^*ept? buUdlng of the odia je of tbelr lli?arth> aad rmoiidatlbR tba w??k .f tb'lr ta4a pendroea amid tte tympaUil** aad (nod wiabaa of tar?T? Tilt WAIWAW OONFKUKNI K. A Reriia drtpatcb tbe i|,ii? I'owera acrrtd to ia r.:ine aay prapnaitx.o !u# the ??aemt,liB( uf a :>?ct;r?M oa ibe ltaliaa fr -ation Fh\NC E. It waa brlkavtd tt><aiia Vk<t iba ob)oot of Fraaea a i or* rratlr| tbe bhir kada i* tia?ta by aea, ta airrr :y t ? fa eilltate tbe earapa of tlx RlOf Naptea aad to irerent e?w>pl'oatt<*a we i a he r?|iinre4 fbalraweb )m?naJ? , effcr ao eiplaaatlnn Tan additional Iron Ta??l fr't*t! ? bad beea uedarel by tba f rench |m?u n>< t.i The Roarta waa Inn aa t ae'^altd. Plaatea d#f Sbr TOKKKT. II waa report- d tbat tbe ?f>rtremeot waa aboat nrf i tlailat a lra? offl*Ven mll inna eter ag at Pat* at b. 4 . A aatiroal foenad loan ta alan et?k*a of Oreat BaaaelaJ 0aekaall<-na wera ononrriat at C'?aat aa MMf* INDIA AND CniNA. The iLditt aod i-ht sa lualla macho 1 l?oJuu in tlaa to be forwarded by tbe OaotKa T'a Qot enatown n>e deUI'g had not rcnoood Llrer^Mjl wb-a the OenaJn mil i frcia there, but there ?we a few additional par r.i u'ara o I tbe cap' ore of (Lie f ak'i forta Ttf Krcncb vertion ?ere** Wtb the Eugtl?b I- aaya on the Stir t tbo AJiira, after ? vehement reaiatanoe, oarried by amall the moet Important of (he TWro f >ia Two t utdrrd Frenc^and two Wit d red Engl lab were pat Kort du cen tal- One thoufiuid TerUra killed wero frond la ihofrrt, am?rg whom fu toe Geci?*mi la chl?f. Tw other lortc lui rendered luco-arTely the iun? evening. The capitulation gave the All! ? the whole ouuniry ?? '?r m Tltu rain, akd tlx hunuied braaa foa of la.-** ca libre. Tb>|Ambaa?ac'ora proceeded to Tiro tain, wr* T-. <:tilseMO Ccn ru'ifloirrf attrr.drd them to open n- f-' It wa ? reported thu tbn Ambaaailorr *u I Mria pro ceed to Pf kin, wilL a cavalry neco-l Th? Chlca tea marketa ware doll. tm . ? t#> (a (rr>>it demand Ei 'hangee rather ? ? , Cnl mtto doapate^ra report ?? m Jtoo a of ? nfetlw m tte S'* h European regirafnt at D:i.*bi,"*e. . The Calcutta import m??lr ? *** deli TBILiilM iNisHH roll detail! of the mptorn of (dm ak'i fortu ?r* re ee Ived atid c utirm the r hti km u><Ui*uk im portant. The Chlbeto evUioed corti* >?i .ie iu:li >trf aku FINANCIAL ANT> COMMKKU \L f?UWS. LIIMMN .MNKi MA 111 II r Oonpoia Q2\ a 'JO I >r mooev ?ud a*wint Too *o-*t'y rrtcrLt of ibe :i?nk r" Kc*i edatu t ? d4<r'Mi in ?l 1 lion of ?307 .110. i"h? market la ronrra'li ui I la rttca. *V T-. .. 1 I.hf.M Bell, Hon h Co. npitri s. i ? Va> r b .<? t?t i .<1 (lightly dearer, with larjf? i?sr Mi i?a of s* > ?? Y?>rk iuJ ObSo HUM ?torks, reloihcatti e a <? J-a'i.y U?iiro?4 aecaritttt sr* cer ( rally ni c. ? V.i 6 > bond* uf ea M ? 100 D^> ?'? a Ki Ltiulcj 6>. of 5<-'72 93 a S4 Marjlaiiii 6'a boudi j?3 n 96 Mr.?Mrbr.trttr 6'a bonca ICQ a 102 I't nnrylraula .'>'a &f> a IT 1)0. <<r>. boodn at 77 8H a 80 Ti Dnewr a'? bom1* HO * H? Vlrf'1/tn Sao' '80 8a S a 84 1?. 6'? of'8? 81 ? 8<J MVKBPAUL COTTON MAHKT. IT'' hrok?r?' cuiular if|?rti ? ruo raiea of the wook sn nun lo 111 600 balta, Inclodinj 47 100 to apeonlatora aod 10,000 i-'k.ra to eipoi U-ra Thure haa orrn a* ftnoM id ail qaalttiri, eapcctsi'iy ?o tbo nlddltag nod lower gradia, Mnokntlog on I tie week to one quarter to three tlabtbrof a twoay per lb Fa :r quail ilea ba?e alao Im l>ro j r' Kbi'y, the Imp'ovemeot helug oau<Md by lata ?iiviouj froai Ainrrioa Tne aalea on Friday were 11000 balea, Ui. 'ndli g ? (00 to apr- ulatora and exoorUira, the lnark^i c.'i'nrg drm at the ftolUit prloes. The following arc Ibo aulborixtd quotation: ? ihir. MvJMvng ()?!<???? T I Mobile 7?< ?V I'p acda 7 t\ The imal tf- ir I- |> n !<? , mtireaUd at (77.030 Mian, ta clualve of 612 C00 ?>?!.:? of Amurtcan. Th? ad? 1 1 ooi v -.urii. ater are more W/orable, and bolaera of goo><* tfe uiu>>i *u nd vatoe HAVt.h v' .TTO* MAM1T. Ni w Orleans trre < rui aire la q mi ii at our. ? baa, Mf. Theaakaef thi> ww>l< ?m*e hr.>n 18 0t>0 hal?a Svx-.k in fmrt iVi.OCO bake Iter* haa Wn ao adranoe of 3f. ? 4f. , auc the market cloaee buoyant. LIVIltPOOl, BK|f*r>MTI KFS MARKKT. Tbe market for breaoxuflk if actlvo Rlotiarlaon. .-tlirrce * l>i and ott era rep ri ? Fli.ur '| il?t at a partial dreltr.e of M ; q'Kitril at a Siii. 04 W?*at quiet but a tr. r?d Wn-tirc, 1 la 3i a IS* , whlto, IM. a 14a Jorn baa an opwajd ItDttin, tllk a ?l-#tt xlranoe on all qaatl'fet r l*? 8fa. lid ; white, 43a a 46a. i ivmrooi. riioruioN marikt. Th.- warkrt fur |ir<>Tl(l(>i.a w ?fn?ra'ty quiet Mratiw. ti (laiid, Atnay* h Co ?'?k< Oeia. N?ah .v m>. and otbera r't* rt:? IV< t <> i,il. 'Y-t total and rt'ni rta<- m qatel. I...rd quil t at (3a Taliuw Aim at 6ta a 67a. (i t lVKltrOOL fROtM CI MMlklT. The br-keia' atroulii r rivnta, ? Arliea itoady: pnta 8d aUk? i ?w irla,?*H 01 a 'iu? Aug if bu">?art at An idvai rwgf ?<i 'or rcun n;. Ooff* quirt. Koeflrrti, ?>tb ? >li?tt advauvj l.lcaead aov.-e, ?m> alvai ret fc't I. r?>-i d .*aai t 0>n> at < atreme pr|j?? Idi.aor-d oil flrnur I.! i0?, 31 r t?n olle? fiaaaauttna* auimi?<rtant. Roaia ateaoy : P'?bo? ii 3J. ate #J. H,?:nia turpen i.'D aUady at 34a 6J. a 34a i mikpof hark ft*. krnll llmiariira ? at^r lf. lma Drm b??a ?> d r*"? at f> ? a (A 101 -t'lfur b? ?aot, an 4 mw?4 b* a la. t ? tire >iut m ? tali oe %re w> , i:..iMa ?" iln rt in Tea i.w iti.001, bi "nag <ivil .u *1 ntU? i<tut?<atAla Hpirtta tnrpcvtlM I/la at C4i. a 3i,?. Dneaert oil dull at 10a 6. i a 30*. HAViia Mtairn, "f.?k Irrirtltfi* 3t?i ?h>?? ? .?,]? rt<-?'ty Aaheo dull, rcli r quiit o.'a liuji. Ktii'lrm. e<igar baary. Lard firm. TDK LATK?T t( AHRET". ii.faMiMoi. Not 9? SrenlOif. Tfcr rrrrlt't of let' -ra fii-w A>orriiw per atnami-liip Valid* tbtii racard .newto wiiwit In the C'lU.m i?a>ket tb a afirnooK, aa-i a fu>tn?r ai?M M"?ina wu i ?|?i <tee4 'll<''? ?n .. ii'lx ?| -,nl?l'?e U | ,trr , ainj the ralra are rail ualy r*i o .t d ai fi ,i 3$ tdo ui 4u,0c0 b*>i' , all of at. ch wtn n.a.o !?<<? Vh*a a'tern ?m. ljttrilNkiL, No* 3, 18*0. ( < iton ? The ralra of iv>t-n? u>uav are eaitmiaiet at K i (to bail a, taciui iof 8 IK u m ape mlai .r? an i nporhe'e, tr? n ?rv < < - ?- -p r rj,n ai a ad?a#r ? ..f >, t a X<1. rvrr ? Ui ?? qrMatti n? . ail Urecrtpllora ll'ia<i'ti% qaUt afad *t?ady. Uurn buoyaat at ax trr prKia Prt T'iioca qalet. r0?T?W. Vnw.?, 1800. Uoaoia cii K'd at PI for tr <ey ami *r. y?utt. avcaxMi* lafr?t aa>M t< tar a -re ? 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