Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Kasım 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Kasım 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8834. I YORK HERALD. EDITION-THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 18(50. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE80UTHERI SECES8I0I I0YEIE1T Despatches from Montgomery, Charlratoa, Aagiita, Nashville, Rielimo i and Waihingtoa. The Excitement Spreading Through out the South. tapertaat K?galid*i Meeting Jortbeni Skippers te CbarlMira. He message of Governor Brown to the Legislature of Georgia* Federal Relations, Retaliatory State L e .gialation, and the Right of Secession, THE DETERMINATION OP SOUTH CAROLINA. Chaxiskto*, Not. 14, 1900. Tbe blttorness or reeling against Um NorUi seems hourly iMreastng. Some daya ago the Charleston ud Savannah booksellers returned Harpers' month)/ and weekly publication*, be ?Mae they were tainted with abolitionism Now a geoe ral movement la contemplated to re urn all Northern heots, exoepl from publishers Known to be sound. Tbe popular feeling ran* ahead of legislative actios. All Yankees are viewed with suspicion. Boat* foreign consuls here are 00;/ walling a formal separation to open favorable negotiations with tbe State, ft la understood they hare already (all authority to do *ls. Mayor Macbeth to day notlfled the agents of the North ?ra steamship lines that he would not hencofbrth permit Ik* leading of storage passengers unless the steamship ssmpaste* guarantee to maintain them In case they be eoaae vagrants. The agetita here have accordingly tele graphed North to refuse such passengers. This mov* Mit Is an execution of an ordlnanoe hitherto a dead toiler, bnt now revived because it Is fearel that In the Midst of antlelpated destitution next winter at the North srowds of paupers will Hood tne Southern cities. , Minute (Men organisations are^ap reading fast, and pal Mi to branches are swaging in the streets Is all dlrec Place no confidents Is rumors that tbe seoetslon foel Isg Is subsiding. It Is on tbe Increase, and Is hourly growirg stronger. Over nine tenths of tbe people are ready for lmnaec late secession. Beuth Carolina will not be tn the I'nlon after the 1st of January next. 11 the Convention whloh meets on the lTth of December ibouM prolong their action any unrea ? Ms time, the people will take tbo matter In their wwa hands and secede from the Union. You can rely ?pun this as a fixed fact. Tbe V?rcury, tn referring to a despatch tn a Philadel phia p ?;* r about taking Fort Mxiltrte, says It Is totally nnfrHindod, and unless Northern journals sond out more roiiablo correspondents they must expect to suffer In ihstr pocki is as well as have their fears excllsd by on jut apprehensions. CONDUCT or SHIPMASTERS at CHARLESTON Pun ai>si pria, Nov. 14. 1800. Tbe reported eonloet of tbe captain of ihesteaner ?cjstcne State, at Charleston, was much exaggerated. Be did not haul down the American and hoist the Pal msllo Uag, but merely saluted the Carolina Sag by dip pmg his colors. Bonn*, Nov. 14, 1SOO The steamer South Carolina arrived to Jay from (h trillion. Ubpt. Bailer pronounced Ike report that Ut cargo was taken from the snip a hoax, an 1 that lbs 1 and so:lal experience of his late visit 13 Charles 1 entirely satisfactory. CLEARANCES AT THE PORT OP CHARLES TON. CHASLSno*, Not. 13. 1900. To Hon. A. ?osr Collector, New Yort:? It <e reported tt*t clearances are refused at this offloe. Oan trad let It. The business of the efflos goes on as WM. K. OULOOJK , Collector. A TASKSE BCHOOI- TKACHFTl EXPELL5D FROM SOUTH CAROLINA. Boitusi, Not. 14, 1460. Woo. C. Wool, ft graduate of Rirrtrl College, baa ar rtrad here In the atcamer.^ulh Caro'inarrom Chtrleetio ?* tu clTllly req netted to lot re tb? State, \nJ hi* pee sage to this port pel J. Mr. W tod iu tft South Carolina I* falsi en engagement as ? school teacher la tU e Boose Till# district. THE ACTION OP ALABAMA. KonamiT. Nor. 11,1800. The Boreroor of Alabama wll2 publish his letter on Bander. H'e proclamation oallng the Slate Oooreatlon Segttber will appear oa tbe Tib of r?oeetni>er. Tbe Ooa aeatlcu win meet oa tbe am Mooday la Jeanary, Tbe OoTtraor's l<Uer la iimllar to thai of OoTsrnor BM, of femtb Carolina He Is tippoeed to vetting for ?Biii Snitbera state* to act, aad ror >mmei><!e Immediate malon Tbe letter Is written to aaliafy tba people, wbi are tlrtd nf delay, and Impatient for seerest-M. Tba L't-ioo moo of tbe mate will make war ap*t tbe l?U?r, on the grooad that it la uo else for Alabama to araede aloae; bat tba dleunloa element la largely la tbe M^orlty. sad ta Inereaalng to strength. Jeremiah Clemens, formerly S nntTr from tbta Sale, as 1 lately of Mentpbfc, will be a 1'bIob candidate for the Coa root Ion It la oa drvatood thai Messrs Oobb aad flm toa, of Al ibame, wtl, foroc eo oprrettoa. keears. Clay, Fitipatrtck, Carry , Clapton, tloore, StaJ worth aad Pugb will favor lame Mala te eeeloe TOE hKCESSION QUKTION IN GKOBGIA. Miujmd uxa, Not. 14, ISM. Hwiebea are nighlly me-.e by Meeator Toomba, Boa. TVwaaa R Cobb aad others la faror ef aeeeaaloa. Ibarra Slepbeaa, Johnson aad others oppoae eeneeetoo. A bitter fead allele la the Oeorgla I^g'eUtire batweaa tt* r ki de of Mr Ircraia and H jwatl Cubb la ralatloa to tba Peaatorahip. No, bias ef latereat ban traaeplred bare to da y. TOE FEELING IN TKNNE88BH. Kassnua, Nor. 14, 1M0. The ftr ;,ng bers IS that HxiU Carolina has haaa too |m'>( tale If U'ere l< a geasral mo re meat of the S>o'.h, lbaa 1 1 hi ii will lake part ia a teUhero Ooareattoa, aboold sm be called Sorer nor liarrla will probably eoareae the I-aglalaiure. THE BE0EBSI03 EXCITEMENT SPREADING IN ViitGINIA. Pi. NnT. 11. 1**0 Tba aeeeaaloa e?e>tetaea? Is epraa4log so rapidly as to baee aoggrrted tbe propriety of organ<t'D< a oompaay of Waal* Baa la Uila elty Tba moremeat Is ?>w oa foot, aaa wifl probably be Tally matured by tba early part ef aaat week. Tbere te ao trtitb la ti>e report that Ooreraor IMeber ?raSe In Oorarnor Wlaa, oa bearing of hla act I re more kwet la orgaalring klaete Mea, hlatlog that be (*laa) was ao k?m ?; .eera w of T.rgluta, bit that aaoiber bad OTCJeated htm wba would take aare of tbepobllo Intareate ef the Stale Ooren, r r * art ? maa wbo wo ild aaiirtake to rastrala any aaa, moeh laaa Ooreraor IT toe, to asy aaeTemeat o( a atrieUy legal ehareetor Tbe etete ?sat bears frimM fmcU erMaaia at its attar waat of fcsadatloa Tbe Vew Or lea -? A >Ka of tbe SUi loat., wbleb r?^okad bera uvday, ooatelna tba aoooaol of tba dtaoarary of ???'n?y rtaad of arma aodar tba aeKro oablaa of a Mr. 4HM fTr^.a'n, ?proprietor of a plaatatloa near Pnataba tsala, la A. Tammaay parlsb, Lmlalaaa. H la sappaaad ?key vera placed there by >a?e ab >lltlaa emMasi lss. aaate there altb ? riew to atlr op aegn lasurrae Maa. Tba matter Is to be strictly ta>|alrss lata. Ike ?r" ?f I A Dryer * Oo , of New Ortmm, dealers * *e4 atedaiiioee, retiraed to Vew Tart, sin day a (go, ? consignment of I/oooln medals iblppM frm ibmt oltjr. They diadaiaed the idea of dealiog laitwb artlclea. Tbe exhibition for m)? of portraits of Llnooln, la Kx charge place, Now Orleans, on (bo Otb or lOlti lad , ? > exssperated tbo people that tbo exhibitor barely e scaped violent death at their bands. What If Lincoln were to appear la yroptia ptruma at tbo aaaae plaae f Bo woula be ilajed alive. Can a Union exist when such fesllngs are entertained against It* chief maglatrate elect t Per bapa tbe beat thing that could bo done for tbo Cairn now would be to aend Old Abe on a abort pilgrimage t ) New Orleans. He would have no need to prepare bla Inaugural after that The tir.quira of to day urgently presses a call for a State Convention. It la perfectly non ommllUl as re garde secession, bat avows Ita read In en to acquleaoo In tbe decision of a convention, whether that be for onion or disunion. Tbe Examiner la more ultra, and counsels unity of aetlcn, while It desca&ts upon tbe lmposalbJity of tbe duth maUtalnlng a Cnlon In which Ita rights are jeopard lied by tbo elevation to power of a man aoto rloualy boatlle to ita beat and moat vital intereeta. Tbe partisan character of Llnooln 's Cabinet, aa at a jectore constitute! It, la a matter of very general com ment. Tbe cloven fo'it of defunct whlggery la stictirg out older tbe broad mantle of biaak republicanism. Tills predilection for old sasojla tlona la natural enough, but It glvea not the alight est effi-noe to the South. They do not oare a fig how his Cabinet Is organised, neither have they tbe slightest concern bow the withdrawal of the Senators and mem bers of Congress of the seceding states from their repre tentative posts wtll affect the relative strength of parAse In that body. Onoe aeparated from the confraternity of States, they will be la no wtac affected by black republl' can ascendancy In Congress. The North may rest easy upon tbat aubjtoi. There is a very general desire manifest el here that some t'mefy mediation would be offered to settlo tbe Im pending difficulties, and if possible arrest, while there la yet a hope, tbe polltlaal and financial disasters which .nevltabiy result from delay. It la said here tbat in a difficulty between Individual upon some trifling point of honor, mediators by tbe dozea would aot be wantlrg, but cow that the extateaoe of the Union Is Im minently at atake, not one aecms willing to tetdsr bis kind offices in this regard. The border slave Statea, aa well as tbe Northern Union man, whose loyalty to tbe Southern cause gives them considerable lailuenco In tbe South, snd cat sei their counsels to be reeperted, art criminally remise in regard to this offioe of mediation, A I commission of fifteen or twenty conservative men from both sections sent to Soatb Carolina and Georgia at this | time would effect a great deal af good. If they w ?uld not I induce an abandonment of tbe aecoesioa movement, they would probably tnflaenoe those Statea to defer Ileal action until time would be afforded for a natlmal or Southern conference. Maan while, the sober second thought might catn an aaoendanry, and the evil day be thus Indefinitely postponed. By all means a eommlaaloa should imme diately be organized. A gentleman just arrived bare, after a tour through the interior of New York and a portion of New England, ?aya tbat Botta' speech, which was carefully written otft and prepare! by himself for the proas, playod the devil la tbe North. As this gentleman remarka? "It Inspired a false security, and deluded the people into tbe Idea that eo real pcrpjae of disunion was entertained at tbe South." Such an cflcct was natural, la view of the souroe whence 1 tbe assurance emanated. There Is much aaxiety to ssoertaln the oonstltatton of Uacotn'e Cabinet. A knowledge of Its character, If It was ooaserratlve, would very much facilitate any peace negotiations that may be instituted. Will not Old Abe enlighten the South on this bead? A Cabinet obnoxious to the South will materially impede a peaceful solution of the existing difficulties. Breckinridge's majority In Virginia will probably aot go beyond a th inland or fooxteen hundred. A call for a Uatcn meeting at Qlamorton, signed by the Hon. A. H. H. Stuart, J. P. Baldwin and other prominent nun of Augusta county, baa bcoa Issued. Aaottor call has be?a issued for a meeting at Plttaylvania Oojrt House on tbo 19th Instant, to glre expree stoa to tbe sentiment of the county In regard to tbe necessity of boldlog a Soutbera con'ereact to recommrad a plan of aot ion for all ths Southern State*. A call for a similar purpoae has also been lesued la Amelia county. Tbe proeeedlaga of these meet lag* will furnish s good index of tbe popular sentiment of tbe State. These oouatlee rf present both extremes. Tbe Richmond ttvptirrr urges a State Convention at an sarly ("ay, wblcb might aettle peaceably tbe dangerous question. It aays It waa with a vis w of coneaatratlag public oplntoa upqa a convention, as well as to prepare i be people for any unseen emergency, that Governor Wise aaagurated bla Mlaute Mea, aad tbat he oonteapUted no raid oa the federal govcrnmeal TBI RETORTS FROM WASHINGTON. WanracTO*, Not II, ISM. Miter* tram d'ffrreal porta of the Confederacy oaetlnue to poor to npna oar lead'ag poiitlclasa of oil port too, u ?oil u i bo Preotdeat oad hea la of deparlmrota, ahowiog bo deefeat otMon about tbo threatened dlaordera la tb? rot too KtaUe Tory apeak bat one language, from the xortb. oad Weal, tlx , thai tbo bopea tad prwpocta >f th-ae arcttoaa oro Intorworoa with the tranquility of tbo South, while from thoee Tory alaroboldlag State* ?hisb aro a/aalng tbeaaeelreo roei many oa ex .reaalca of Ioto for tbo t'aloa oad of doprooa tioo aftlitt eeoeeeloa. Bat with tbo latter Uto ttacr forced npoa tb<ra by Mr. IJaooJat eloctloa la oo4, d tbolr npiai-ta, a queatloa or policy or of poltiiool power, bat of peaco, of aafety, of exlateacc. They coo ?tdar H aa haatoalag and prorotlag er?aea of laanrrectloa utd maaaacre? a proffer to their alaroa of freedom at tbo expeaao of tbetr owa hooor aad aacarlty. Troe. ladeod, taaaj of tb? la '.tore reoelred hare expreaa appro rwualoa that the Puuth nay Buffer a a much frjoa oaakU 'at friaada aad (.mrioai adrieera aa from foaa. The adrteaa froaa bualoraa men eepectally abo w a do ;lorable rate of UhlB(?, evea la tboae oomaualtkea whlob ?re lxd< <t for ae< aafoa. Tbo vaalthleM planter* aad 'artora are aenrlbiy all re to tbo etabarraaaairnte aad nT folaca (bat meat recall from the annooacemeat that the heita aowbere will pay for bUla drawa agaiaat cotton aa ttl their acceptance la Eagtaad la beard from. Tbe aplrlt, howerer, which arem* to aalaaate the commercial elaaaea ibero may well make tbe miaaathropo think better of bo ?nan nature. Tbry are rt en I red to act to war* la each other aa oratbera, with geaerooa forbearaooe aa 1 taatoal aaaiit <Doe la pecuniary aTalre. Tat preeanre aaa prirati <o ire already apoa thoaa aeocatomed to luxury aad aaae, ud la there rcrpeeta they hare aaly the tx?g inning of ?orrowa, t.nlea* aom? thing la prom/Uy doao to allay the ? row tag esettomeat. There la also another elate of onaalderale aad high minded lata la tbe Sooth, who, no* Irea derated tbu the ?xtremit eeceet too lata to their aeotloa, yet oaaaot forget tbe gratitude Ibey owa to tbe Northern mtaorltlea. fo arary prominent pollt oiaa la the North, wbojbaa alg allied bla regard far Sent tiara rtgbte. tbo ate waloo of tie Sooth, If edec'ual, will bo a political death warrant Saadrrda of tbouaaada of Iraa tana la dliuroat asa alarr holding Bla re wlU be ooaeigaed to martyrdoai Ihr tbe crime of etaadlag by the onaMltailoa, the Cakm aad the equality of tbe Rate*. It la hiaantle to tbe Soaib that la three fat aad party tlaea there are mognaaUaoee men who think of what la doe to tbia aoMe boat la iba rrputiteaa Htatoa, who liaro battled for their caaae agalaat f ana tiara and lawteaaaoae Thla glorioaa bud (till remalaa troe, aa tbe Raa?u> dally prorea. tf tbe Sooth wtU only be patleat the repobilcaa raotioa will break up orer the apoila, aad tbe *reth wtU agate tad Ite fries da la plarea of power aad lafleeaoe. The argument la faror of (rhtteg wlJita tbe Catea aamet with lingular foroe from Mary lead. That gallaat Stela rtewa with deep ay a path v the wrorga bar ate tar Statra Tbe rlctory orer repib ilnaaWai wa there woe aa the prtaelplee of Preaideat ~n it m *r it ? '-* ? f~ Bla white poliay, domaotle aad forolga, waa rtgorooaly aanraaael aad aaatataad, aad the ream It aaa a algaal rtatory erar the com Ma*d form of K?fw NHhlaga aad dkaaffectod daaia iltaa. Tbo rratgaalloaa of tbe /edge aad Dtatrlct Attorney of the Catted ."tatea at Cbarleotoo, Jit lo aadarttood, ware acoompaaled by aapi aaalona of tbo big boot reepoct far tbe prraaeal aad pabllo abaraalir of tbo Preatdeat, aad of oonldaago fen wtodaaa aad gMdonlka m u>ia orlaio. These officials acted only from a delioale mm of duty to | ibvmselves and Ute government, and to aa todlsembaraas U?* maelvea and the President in oaae ef mij oonfliot be* t ween ibtir Juries Ictlon Md obllgatkma uoffloenof the (he United flats* and aa cttlaeaa of 8oulh Carolina. Tbe Ore thouaand (land of arma recently mentioned M having gone South were purohaaed In Waahlagton by Virginia for tbe dm of that Stats. They were of Inferior quality. Ia addition to tboee already announced, Benjamin B. Bythewood, Colleotor of Cnatoaaa at Beaufort, South Oa rolloa, haa resigned Whatever may be alleged to tho contrary , your reader! i may be aaaured that tbe President vlewa tbe erlala with hi* habitual calmneaa and compoanre that he firstly M ilevea tbe Union will it ill be preeerred? that ha admit* neither the constitutional right nor the expedien cy of leoesalon, and that when the proper time ah all arrive for addreaalog hla fellow oltixena of the whole confederacy, ha will ?peU In luch a tone Md act la inch a manner aa will Jus i tify htm In the Judgment of all candid Md enlightened 1 Md patriotic men, Md hand hla nam* to poeterlty en vironed with tbe honor* meat worthy of m AmarteM 1 statesman. As to tbe pretended revelation* of tbe Qbbt nel proceeding* by your co temporaries, they dlaoredlt the maelvea by their absurdity. A letter from Mississippi aay* tbat If Georgia Md Ala bama go out aha must follow. Tbe 9outh la now denund lng that juatloe which (he haa aollclted la rain. Tho etatement publlahed thla morning that a military oorpe of Char)** ton had taken possession of the United Statea Arsenal In that etty la not believed. Tbe Secretary of War, up to a late hour tbl* evening, had reoelved no ?cch intelligence. If auoh wa a the caae the Seo rotary would have been advised of It at onoe. Hie telegraphic report ot Mr. Keltt'* speech at Columbia produced conilderable talk Md no little excitement la vartoua circle* In thla olty. It la amazing how eaaily the people of thla District are excited. However, they hare good reaaon to be exolted now A dissolution of the Union would effectually deatroy thla city. Tbe Union sentiment la oonstMtly Increasing here. It Is believed tbat the agitation In South Carolina Md other Southern Statea la likely to react upon the slave population injuriously. Tbe fire- eaten have been admonished by tbe Union men that their pro sect oourse la tending to stir up slave in surrections. The more Intelligent mulatto**, It is feared, may look upon the seoeeslon movement a* a plM for prolonging th*lr term of aerrltode, which they have been led to suppose, by their masters' speeches, would oome to m md with the election of Lincoln. Many fear that tbsy may beoome so exssperated by the prob able defeat of Mllclpated emancipation, through efforts at sect ss I on, that they will arise In revenge. All good people shudder at the possibility of such a result. Waaanratos, Nor. 14, 1800. Many of tbe prevalent report* Md conjecture* oonae ru ing the action of the government are untrue Md moat of them exaggerated. Tbe oourse of the administration w .11 afford no J oat suae for Increasing the prsaent excitement either at tbe South or North, a* It will endeavor fairly, firmly Md Impartially to perform lta doty, aa *aaee for Its action may arts*, always keeping the constitution Md the laws In full view. The remark attributed to Repreaentatlve Keltt, that the President Is pledged to secession, haa been received here with much Mtontahmenl, and hla friend* do net boiler* tbat be la oorrectly reported. It Is well known that the President baa nev*r male such a pledge In My pubtlo peper, Md hla moat Intimate friends have never beard Mythlcg from bis llpe which would lead to the belief that be entertain* aay sentiment whleb la not warmly In favor of preaarvlng lb* conciliation In all lta Integrity. Th* Pcstmaater at Orangeburg, Mr. Keltt'* resldenoo, has forwsrded bis resignation, to take effect on the 1st of January , unless, be says, bla much abused Md best be loved Ftale of South Carolina ahall aoonor seoede. The rca'gnatkn haa been accepted, and ho Uaa boon requested to deeigaale a suitable person aa his successor, who will give the proper bonds for tbe discharge of all the datlea required by the laws and regulations of tbe Pont Office I* parlmeat. In lUe event of no auoh pcrauu bo^tg toand io,011 lie office It mnat b* discontinued. MEsSAGE OF GOVERNOR RPOWN TO THE LEGISLATURE OF GEORGIA. Ijkttivi uiTARTaicrr, I Mnunxitvii ije , tia , Not. T, liflO / To tn Sdiii iiurea or Kxru<u>TATivai ? Slaoe tbe adjournment of jmr Iwt nuVm I reee1 ve.1 from tbc Governor of *>uth Carotin* ? copy of tho r?*o lutlori pnw< by the 1 1 K'*iati:re of tbat .?late, *1 Ita la*t aaaeion, on ibe i object el our federal relation*. H/ refr , MN lo theae reaolu'ion*, copu? of wh:ob are her, with lruiailt?i . it win be aeen that that galiant Htalo, im pal i ni un ?'< r tbc wrong* thai tbe, la common wlib her DcutUern Meter*, hat *i>ff*red In tbe confederacy. and ready, aa *bc titr haa boe? , to da 'end bar emit, tali. mal rgtt*, in lira alt lite aiareboiding state* to m^et m Con vent1' n, "tocoooert tneaarre* for united anion." nu i a*p rusTBMio* or aonnaa* rturm I a'ao tranfmit copies of tbc refutation* pat*td by tb? Ug'aiature of II jaMippt, Id refarMW to iba rarolution* or Koulb OmllH, by wbtcb It will be *oen tbat (be ac oept* tbe Invitation. Il li nnderatool tbat Uie Iiglala lure of Alabama b?? alao rtde prnvlilon for baring tbat Mate repx ti utod Id tbe Oonrr niton . while Virginia, Ten ner*e?, K'ntocky, Texan, aid probab'y other doatborn (Hate*, bare decline! to acerpt tba Invitation In view of these facta, It la evident that tbe Cwivan tlin, ibcald It mH, wl'l be romp-wod of delrg*-c* from but few of tbe Southern Stain. I think but little good I eocld be expected lore*ult Irom Ita deliberandi ante** tbe Souther* Statea w-re geuera 17 rrpneeoted I do not ! therefore rr con, mot J tbe apoomtmaat of delegate* to , repreaer t thl* Mate In dec'inmg to recommend the ap i poinunrnt of *uoh del'gaua, I do not wlah to be under ! itond as ? xrweatlEK a willlngon** to acqulcane tn the re pealed agitrrMlona of the noa eltvcbold'og Slate* In my opinion tbe ootill national rigtiU of tbe people of Ueorgln, and <>r (be other ?.av h .. ?? .$ ."-'Ufa have been Wanted oy aome of tbe nun alavcboHicg Statea to aa exicat which wonld jiatify than, la the judgmaat of all civil i?d nation*, In adopting aay meaaure* afalaat tucb < rr. Ddlng !ltat?*, which, la thetr Judgment. may be oereaaary for the rea lor ailed aad futoru protect tea of all . Ibelr rtgLta. noifnu aa* nri ran at *r* nunn< At tbe t nie of the formation of th* onnetllnlton of the t'nited -urn tbe rightl of the ?lavebo'der ware recog Dlaed In all tbe Ma lea. No political demagogue In the Martfcern BUM had then been able to ride lata power by denouncing tbe people and tbe Inaliiuliaan of tbe ft-Mtb era WUVe. aor bad tbe Northern pulpit bejn diaecra ed by atal.tion barargnea DM tfc<' paanafe of the law "t Oocgreen Inbtbttlrg the tram*, moat of tbe It egal impnr I lat on* of Hare* bave been made by Northern man, in ' Northern ahlpa And It la a well known fhrt that the En pie of tbe Northern ftatea, bafore the trains was in ibited by Uncgrfwa, ImportrJa l?rjr? proporttia of tbe alarra brought from Africa, aad aold thuntothe people of tbe S> titaern Mate*, aad reee1 v*<l ttMlr miaey for their . which, with It* proceed*, waa a* doebt l*e?at*d .0 Almttg, maaufactarti'g, hn Th:i (act wu Ireah la tbe rtooliectloa of the Noetbern patriot* wM onlted with our father* 'n forming the ooortltutloa aad they did not he ?Itate to blad themaolrea a- d MM* poaterity to r*ao"?ci eor right* ta *lavr property I regret to aay, however, tbat tbe eondoct of many of their defendant* haa aot been rbara> ter /*d by a llterpiiltof jaatlca, (laeeauuiy wbo?* aanttor* grew rich by tbe ??)* of tuvea to the sesthara people, are now ready to deaoun ? the traTu by wh'-li tb* torture* tbey artoy war* male, a* Ian <ral aad la bnicaa, aad tba Kiutbera |M?>pte aa little bettw tlian <1< tt-^na in human (bape, becaaae wc soatlaae to boM aa nrr.perty iba oflaprio* of th* (tare* pnrahaaed froai taeir rat be ra Number* of them advocate the doctrine tbat oar ilave* abonld be *et frte among u*. Intermarry with our chlldraa, amalgamate wtth a* and be pi**-*! lo all raapcta apoai a ka*M ?f perfect tqaalily with our free whiu popolatwa For tbe pnrpoee ef promoting thi* ob Ject, and producing a general re rait of our alar**, a pvr tloa of their nr.moer, with Ore and aword, bar* Invaded Virginia, ore of our Souther* *i?t<* K la tee, an 1 elaugb tared la oold blood *ome of ber quiet, law aMd'.ng eitl ter*. It I* true, three gntlty crlmiaal* bar* * :il red the l?aaUj of the law npou the avllold but th< > utile of tUIr paulabment ha* been denied, and thetr niaaa bar-, beea canon. aed l>y tbe asii.uon awi in tba Northern mat**, and, area In tee po'plt, they are fre quently raferreit lo aa martyr* to lha oat.M of livriy, Rhoald our c utea* invade their territory, ail burn down their (actorlea, bnltt wllh miney or tne proccod* -.f money paid them by Virginia, Georgia aid Carolna p aolera for *lav*e, aad butcl).?r tbvlr clliien* wh > bold property a< quired by the ?al* of alaraa. er by tbe me nf the prod act ma of *lar e labor, bow differently th-y would rlew the qneatlon of orlmtaaMty. Bat tbe Invader wbo ?boaldaiay the Northern cltlten. who hoi ;* b a focMne ao^nlred by the proceed* of *!are labor aal the eel* of alave*, would be no more guilty than theee wer- wbo I* vaded a Mara flute, and alangbtered bar olt r <o* baeauaa they had *lav?*. nor would b* moral guilt be greater than that of tbe political leader*, who, br their doctrine* aad teach in**, prompted aad *acour*g(d th* laraeloo of Virginia. While lb* abolition ute deny oar right to bold the llav** w* parr baaed from tbem, (hey do aot permit ?ay om to ^nratioa their right to their pr ?uerty pur cha*ed with th* moaey w* paid them for *tav?a. Tbey claim the right to hold their property the* ao>ialr*4, but daay oar right to bold the *<av*a they amd n* for it. They eialm th* rlabt to carry the property which they reaalred from ** for alave* into tba farrltorlea, bat deny our rl^ht tpaarry the iiavr* they gave u* for II into lb* ffcll la aot the spirit of tba Northern patriot* of 1TM with whom oar forefather* nailed la the Declaratloa of Tn.lepewdeace aor of tboae of 1T*T, with wh -m th >y ea tared Into the oompact of tba aoaatitatlea. They were brave, aohie, gvnaroaa, men, who required jo*tioa from all aea, aad war* raadf, .a ret ere, t<> reader ev*a tAhded jcillof to ?i' il ikat I'm Oaorfla aad Mama chuaetto wera alike tor reign and lodepsndoot 3.ato'. Each entered lha family or Slate* with bir faith ? i so leronly pledged to th* other to perforin all bar oon'tiii llonal obligation*, aad to r?ap*ol all Um ooaatiluiijiul righto of the other. m OOMIlUJIIOn A COMPACT. The oot dilution or the United Slate* ta a compact Id the nature of a treaty between the eoverolgn Sintee of thl* Union, by which each State nwlo coocciieton* to the others, for ihe take of the Union, and each bound bar ffcllh aokmniy to the other*, tojdo, or to permit Oongreas to do, certain aoto which It waa agreed would promote the InWrcat of the others, and to omit to do oertatn o her acta which might be to the Injury of others E*oh dele gated to the general government, under the qiatlfloeitixis contained in the ooastitattoo of the United States, the eierolae or a portion of Its sovereign powers for the good of lha whole, tteorgia, whan |p be entered the oompaot with Mom ohnaetu, conceded Important oomrnerela and other rlgnta which cooce**looi, under the operation of our tariff laws, navigation laws and otherwise, bare Inured y to the benefit of Maataohuaetls. la re torn for oonoeasioci Masna~.h isoita tole-juil? Wotra4ta4 ami agreed with Georgia, that the would, ou her purl (a nong other things), "deliver iu to Georgia her fugitive alarta escaping and going into UaaeachuMtu, on claim of the party u> whom the lervlce or labjr may be due. So one pretends that (leorgla and the other Soatbern stswe would have entered Into tbo compact and form. ,1 the Union bad Maias ihoscttt and tbe other Northern 9utee refused to give tbts express guaranty. Not only the plain Ihugusge of tbe constitution it-ulf, bat the contemporaneous debate* aad tbe early coosteeo tlon put upon tbe oonatliuiion, of which wo hareerl denoe In tbe fact that no la* was pa*?>l by Congress on the subject for aeveral y -are after <be l'uio> w?a firmed, all show conclusively thai ute uuders landing betwoan the States was, that Massachusetts aud tbe ether Northern States pledged their lalth 1 1 Ieorgla and the otber Southern Stater, not (Implv that lederal government, by lu officers, might arrest fugitive slaves fount In thulr limits aad deliver Ae.n up to lh"kr owners, but that the people of MaaKrhiisetts and of each Northern State, by their clUcers, woild themselves "deliver thern up," juit *h tbey bound themselves to "deliver up" fugitives from Juitioe The only d flercnoe In tho language usod In tha 'Jobs' I tutlon,aa applicable to the two clauses or fugitives is, that the criminal, or fugitive from justics, It to bo de livered up on a demand of tbe Executive authority of the State from which he fled, while the sUve, or fugitive from Itbor, la to be delivered upon claim of the party to whom ru.ih servleo is due. The two clauses w 11 be found In Item two, or Article (oar, of the Oonttltntton of the Uhiled States TBe clause In referrcnj to fugitives from Justice Is In these words: ? 'A person charged in any Rule with treason, felony or crime, who ahall (loo from Justice, and be lound In another State, shall, on de mand of tha Executive authority of tha Stato from which he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to tb > Stato having jurisdiction or the crime ' The clause relating to fugitive slaves la as follows ?"No person held to service or labor In ono Slate, snder the laws thereof, eacaplog Into another, shall, in ooosequcnoe of aay law or reguH tlon therein, be discharged from such s?rvlse or labor, but shall be delivered up on olalm of tbe party to wb >msucb servloe or labor may be dna. " It mav be hero observed that tbe ssma larguage, " shall be delivered up," Is usal in both oases; snd that the constitution doei not, In either case, say that it shall ba dono by authority of Congress I do not asy Ihst Coogrcsa may not bare oonourroot juris diction In these cases, and that a law may not bo paaaod by Congress provldleg for the exercise of this power by tbe cflloers of tba federal government In case of a S'-ato refuting to do It, sad thereby prove faltbksa to Its con stitutional obligation*. As this may nut be considered an CqncBtlon, 1 do not propose to discuss It- but do sty, under there provisions of the constitution, the faith of each State Is solemnly pledged to every otber State in tbe Union, to exerciae this power whenever* proper ess* may arise, and to deliver up toe fugitives of either cist* found within her limits, on the demand or cl? n being made as provided by the ccaitltulon What Stats denies Its obligation ander lbs constitution to de liver up a criminal who is a fugitive from justice, on de mand of the exocutlve authority of tbe State from which be fled ? 1 am aware that diaosisioaa sometime* arise about tbe Ir^al form of lbs demand, and that a 'althleaa executive may, snder some shallow pretext or legal tech Dtcalitjr, refuiw to do his duty; but what Stale, by legislative aulbotltv, has ever vet denied the oblige lion.' ALd what Slate, sot controlled by abolition roan le Is, having so regard for plighted faith, will for a mo ment deny Its cotslituiiossl obligation to deliver np a slave who Is a fjg'tlve from servloe oa claim of tbe par ty to whom socb servloe msy be due? THS COMPACT nttOKK* ST THS XOSTTI But bow have ee-ir%l of tbe Stats* of tbis I'nloo kept their solemn compact H-orgaf As I should ba 'on rilled to extend Ibis mraMge to t? great a I ngth wrrc to attempt to point out the faithless leg'* itior. f Maiue, Vencoul, New York, Michigan, and of other Northern Plate* upon thl* question, I vrltl notioe only th'i lr -t?la lion of M.ifsarhuaul'e as one of a class of State* which, under abi.iltion rule, have *bown th'-mnelvea utterly re Card less of tbtir constitutional obligations aud their so , mn pledgee cf public faith. Ilasmotiuretts has r.c.l only failed totnacl laws provid ing lor tbe deliverv of furltlve slaves to their owners, but sbe har, In Dsj.ont violation of every prln-inle o( good fstth -iMfiUxi law* thro si?4 , to i ilmtf w *mr power In toe wav or ttifreniflilon to tHelr omo'liiy ftt-> oncers of tbe federal government of fugitive slarca to ind , within ber limits By a statute of that Pti'.a, approved l'??ch ft, 1811 the eotumande the Ju tges ?j< jostlce* of tbe peaoe not to take oognlxaaoe of the act of Uooxrtr^ passed la 179J for I tbe delivery of rug'tlve slave* t ? their mfKrt. and n I to graat tbe ccrtlScatea required In caaes that may arise uncer tbo third *ert|.e\ of that act, to any porvno who claim* asy other perroo as a fugitive e' .re within h'r Jurisdiction Thl* certlHeale, nnUr tbe act of Cougrew , of ITIO la necessary to enable the owner to carry bark his slave to the Stato or frrrltor/ from which he del ; and It is by th*l act made t'>? d ity o' tbj ridge or J v tioe to act in S'teh ease, and to grant the certHcat t jo i [?roper proof being ma 'a. She also eniets that bo she ? T. By a datue of that State, approved March 34 inn, she coumsr.ds lha Jndgea and lost'.cc* of the pe?'o not eot to take ciigt xatc* of tbe a I of Cotigr?se, passed to 17*3, for tbe delivery of fugitive slaves to tbclr RMtft, and not to grant the ce-iiVates reqniret, ta eaa a tbat may arlae utd< r the third *eclloo of th%; sot, to aay per hi who clo'tis ary other person as a fiig t've ?!ave wltb In ber Jurlidi. tlon. This certlHeate. under the an of tcrgr. v* of I'M, is eeccasary to oust ?! : tb* owner la c ?r ry back his slave to the Stale or Territory fron which be ?jd; and It is by tbat act mad* tbo duty of tbe lodge j or Jua'.loe to act la rueb oase. aad to g-ant tbe c ri leiin I upon proper proof hclag mad*. She alto coaeu Mm raerlf!, deputy sheriff, c,< rover, constable or latlor, or ; < tber ( fllcer of tie Uomm oa wealth, shall arr>-?t or d?u a, or aid in tbe arrest or detealhsn or !mp*?*oui at, la any Jail or other building belonging to tbo State or to any ' oocsty, city or to rn thereof , of aay perron for tho rsa ! son that be i* claimed so a fugitive navs At>d a* a pe t ally, it la eaactel tUal any , iMice of the peace, ?hor !T, I depoty ahcrill, c-ircner, constable or jtH>r, who > iball cff< ed sgalnat the provisions of ths law, by In aay way acting, dlreell/ or I ad lr colly, I urder the power c >afbrred hy tbe third *e> llna of tbe act of Ooegreee aforemeotloord, shall forfeit a ?um not exceeding *1.000, or ba *i.hjocted to Impriroa I menl not evoeedlng oue year In the county Jail Tb^< statute not only prohibit* all ?> ' err of M .???!>? i from arrctlag or detalnlag a fugitive Slavs aaldaaleato , a elt'aen of tieorgia the aid of tbe offloars of th it State a I rapturing hi* fugitive slave found there, hut den lee to bm the ate of say Jail or building belonging to tbat iSlae for tbe purpose of detaining b'r Slav* uatll be can carry blm away, snd also mak'r It Llgbly penal In aay wbo ads and gut* tbe oerl.fleate directed by tb? aet of O rgrevs as sb^ve Hated nils law of M \?sa -buaetts tflectea'ly tullidei, la Chat State, the %r< of C,orr"*?? parwd 'or the protection t f the c institutional rights of tbe people of Georgia sad otber Soulbira ttsus Mrs* m <e*A' Hr '*m tn i-latfw a :ai*? tsx Men la l&S, the liTKiatoture of Misnscbnselta oaised, over tb<- executive veto, aaotber (tatute, extending tbe pro vislrn* of tbe aot of 1143, to tb* net of <bagrvM kn. wr at UMfugittv* Hsv* law, paared m 1??50, and which wa? ia tended to nullify teal ict Thl* a t als Aiten t? to the frgltlvs rlare the benefit of tbe writ of fab-?j jor|?is, sad, on hw application, makea it tba Cuty of tMoourth* for* wbW h the habeas corrm* la r*lurnab!e, to order a tr al by Jury, w bleb I* not allowed by *aid statute la aay raie except la care o' a fugitive slave; and slso gives the court tbe power to a^rnil him to ball. Oa the trial the Jury may retarn a general verJict, and tbey are to have tne same dicretion that jtrteabsre In the trial of criminal ens** If th* Jury dissgre* tbe Kite may be rr.hmltted to snotb?r Jnry, or coat nue 1 to the text term, at the diacretion of tbe coirt. The olaimant I* required to state in writing, with prvenloa an t e ? talaty, Uie recta upon whkcb be r*lle?; ar.1 aenber tbe elanraa'. of tbe fugltlre, aor anyone Interested la the alleged obi ga'tcn to servloe or lahar, nor tbe rug I've bin: self, shall he permitted to testify on th<' trial; and no octfrarHici, arimlealoe* or dectaralioaa at toe fugitive sgalrit timeeir shall be given in evidence Cp on every question of fart levolvad In tbe i**ue, th* bnrden of proof ?ball be on tbe c'almant. and th* fact* neemaary to he e* Ubliahed m<*t be proved by tbe testimony or at l-?a' two credible witiea*e*. or otber legal evl tenee *q*lraleat thereto; and no e* rwfr dep-wlt ion or ?mdarlt sriall he re ee'ved in proof I* behalf of th* elslmant (It might be in behalf 'I the negro): aad no pretumi>;loB sha'l arise lo favor cf tha r almant fron any proof that tb* alleged fugi tive or aay of bl* aacesrtora bad been actually bel 1 ?a a (lave, without proof that such hold'.ag was legal I pre svme thia proof could hardly be made to the eatlefar tlon cf an abolition Jury, who deny that slavery t* I* a*y rase legal A Ine of aol lea* than one^nor m ire tbu Are Ibonraad dollar*, ant laprlionment not Is** than ooa nor more than 5 re y*nrs, la ?? posed on any oaa woo shall ootae into the Ooamoowealtb. with intention of re movlag, "r aralMlag In removing therefrom, any pereon la tha pesoa thereof not held to service or labor, ha. I'nder tba rulea of erldeaee laid down by the itatut*. wltb tbe delay* allowed la the hahaaa corpus court, ao eltlsen of Georgia, before a Maaaarb Kelts jury, would aver be likely to ba abl* to aatobltah hia c aim to b*a ?lave, and, therefore, tha peaalty Impoaed by the itatute la to be, aad donMia** wn* i* tended to he, inflicted upon ?very owner of a fugitir* atov* who aater* lha Hmtti of MnaaaMiaaatta lo claim hi* property. Tbe aext eectten of th* (lata to, in addition to thta pe aalty, given lha aagro the right of action for damage* agntaat tha per eon who Ihna entered tba Commonwealth for lha puma* of removing bin therefrom A! ?r providing fcr lha delay* and preeclblng lb* ?%le* of evidence above mentioned, a* though the legWature (eared that aosee owner of a slsve might he able to hiiwm til iheae obataelaa and e*toh !'?h, even ?nder nil thene diaadvaatogvs hi* right to hi* prnparty, they promad to saait that aay a Ucar af the Common w*nHh, or aay offl ser o' any cttv, county, town *r district, whs ahall arraat. impriaoa, de toin or return, or aid In arreeiiag. Impr'aowlag, detntaiag or retnratag, any psrnoa for th* rssese that b* ta ciatme-t or adjndaai to ba a fugitive from s*rr.o* or Ishor, ahall 1 ha punished by flna aot i*aa than ore, for mora thw two tbouaand dollar*, tod by tmprteooment In too SUM prison I not Una ICau uoe uur mure tbau I wo yo?'?. Aud u .be volunteer mil ma of Ibe Mate ..ami iho owuer, . v oa * to, ^ TD MJud?od W> bo hia propnrty, tbey are subject, unite r tbo statute, (<? a like pojeity ohbyiko tub ?kdbh.i i aw a rnn nrwo . If, therefore, a ettlz o of ti ,.,y a followed his fugitive "** to Massachusetts, aod a Iter a loo*, expensive ?uj vexatious litigation. obtains in tbo proper court 4 Judg ment nt?bllihli( bis claim to hi* property and a .r * t > return homo with him, and a mob arrests him wh l? attempting to return, and takes bis property from him by (?r5?> l(Ttl or military offloor ol ibat Stale oooios ik.I all ?s*isla him agalnal the mob to roturu io 15hu-.^ ?.WL * Pr0P"rty. ?uch offlcsr, for this net, is , w . ^ froB1 0ue to 1 *? tnooaaud dollar*, ami obo totwo'yt^ m ,h* 81410 I,rU?n rru? ? hi1 'J f!lrt'ler made tbe duty of tbe Governor, by and wlto the ad v ico and oof sent of tbe Council, to appolat tu every countyln the Common woaitb , one or more Commissioners, earned In the law, who are to bo diligent and fattht Ml tr. the defence ofai y person who is arre?u,d or selxe't, or in (larger of bolnf arrmted or set*?d, as a figUtvo irorn s*r jlce or lalor, with power to enptoy other coiuuel for me defence, aod tbe whole oo?u of thedeionoo, lncludtu< the attorney 't tees, are to be paid out of Hie -Halo Treasury. Thestal ite then declares ibat no Jail, or othe place or con aneinent belonging to, or need by the (Aiinmonwotllh, or any county therelu, shall bo uicd for the Imprtaonru a any one, who shall be aocused or ooavlctcd of any o to > creatcd by anv of the fug'tlvo slave acts passed by Con great, or who may he aooused or convicted of rotl-uing any prpcets, warrant or order Issued uu>lcr eltoor of ?aid acts, or of rercmug, or attempting to rescue, any persi ti, arrcst< I or detained under any of the prori*i'ui? of either of sail acts, or of any person arcsled an trr ex edition for itamsge for as?iHilog a f igitl ro to eacaoe from service cr labor. I'niler this provision of the statute, if the kad?r of a mob resists a United n?i oln er lu the execution of a process latued ua the authority of the acts of CougreA, or to? arrislcra ugit've slave, ar.d thereby enables the s ave to ear.ape, or r, ncue* Bud lak. s him from tbe ollioer aft. r ta'iS!! fUni d*rl?* Tlol*ll"? of th" law IS Inn k ted lu the I'nlU 4 ?UtesCour. and oonvlcuM ar.d sentenoed to prlron for having In tho manner abovo men tiontd forcibly taken from a c ll wn of vhls state hit or , perty ; or t! the clt'z >n ol Uoorgla sues him fur dam > in tbo I'ctteo States Oourt, and rtoovers jul^ment aud Has him arrested mrter execution. Mma>-aus?us i either case, demos the one o! her Jails for his imprison mint. It Is ttnally enacted, that no part of this statn'eshati ?PP'y l'1 mcoh of ib< act ->t Coocms as rela'ea to i^i tivesfrtro j'isttcw: showing that the Huto recogoms ber constitutional o)llgatlon In tbo one caw. and repudiate It In the other. *y ?b'*e statntes the SUto of M issanhusetta no* only nulllOe* tie aots or Cooirrss pa<sed lor the protection of the constitutional rlgbta of the people of Georgia, but holds out cvtry Inducemont In her pjwer ti h?r cit'.r -is to violate th<*n., to resist tbelr legal wxsess, and to res cue and take from ns our fugitive slaves, after an *ii jJi. cation under the acta or Congress that they are our pro perty. imrr cw Foimtm^ a*n sornirTi* jnujrtrino* Wten 8-mth Osroilna, tn 1832, malo provisl ? Tor tbe nollllicatlon of oerta'n laws of Oongroa*. kaoirn ai the TariM laws, by the operation >f wbi :h her citizens were being plundered by the govemment to enrich the mtnu faeturers of IMkachusctts an 4 other N >rthjru States the whole It ion was convulsed with excltem.-nt, and the use of fr^eral bajonet* was Ihroatejed to coeroj her law. obedience If ibe attempted to carry oat wb? wcro de nonnced as her treasonable designs When Massachusetts, ia 1843 aud 1855, In palpablo vlo lation of bgr duty under the conisittitloa, acts tOrctually cullifj Ing tho laws of Oongreas enactel for the protection of the right! of tho Glutens of tho slave States no outpour ng of Udlguatlon went forth, and no cry of treason to th? govfrnnteDt was heard from the Northern But If a Soutborn man proposed that Uiusarba setts be coeroel Into obedienoe, or that a Southern State pat* retaliatory laws, be was denounced as a dlsunlonlst If not aa a traitor If nollllicatlon in South Oar .Una Tor Just tanse, rns treas n .,;*iu?t u,,, fedeial government, what better Is it In Mafta^hnsetts, wlthoat cans.< r Pr jbably the records of no Stato or nation tn Christen dom ate more blackesed with the deep stain or dls grace, caured by a wlirnl violation of nuoiicfaltb, tn in this record of Mas'acb^setta If I uae strong tan rise* It is I fee! that H e wrot - Joi.o our Stale mi ilre that I speak tb* tr-ub w'tliout rcrTvatlon. Wn.lo the trade of is wuilb to tb^acl. isctM. acnaally. hundreds o' t bo jHitdv , if not nuiito; *, cider our tsrilf laws, nar-fat ,.n arts, au.1 olb"* ?'jvantage? whith Uatsa thnsetts i .er ,ni frrm the I -a. . he roUlb* u(v?n her statute N> k tbw ...?t extrwirdlnary laws, for tbe pur p^-se of row. i>( Uic ,u(n? of Georgia of their property which may wc-ipc and be f>und wltb n her llmla. She Is lavttlng oar tiade, u> wblob many of her cllla><na ook for tbe'r dslly bread; but If our m?rchaat gies thern t> trade, aud uur its with hiia Uis slairo. as a body st-rviut (whleh b< hss ss stn h natnral right to do a* a ciliata of Massachusetts baa t. carry bis Us?<a^u wiih Mm when " 'ravels through (irorgla ) tho laws of that Sute take from htm lit* property, and rtluse to permit b o m bring It with bltn when he returns t > his bt^m' Suppose a sib liar treitr or compact existed between Kraioo an I tireat llrlU'n, aud tho government an J '?? op? v: Jattoa at Uio otnpact, rob tbe ptib,?ctg of tb > goeoromisot of Ore^t Br Halt . as Ibe gorerunoent an I ci.ix?ns of Masiaehu " tudothe citizscs of lieirgta, wouli the govern nett "? ^reat Bi lialu subnlt !?) It lor a single m nil K? doubt, in stirh case, sati t'a ;tlon wt.ull be promptly de ma:. I. -.1 of tbo government of PlrMM; act, in case of rtlnsal, tbe gorsrnm?nl of (Jreak B.-ltaln would r^sirt to Immedialo reprsa'o. or a prompt dec! .rat Ion of war. I Should l?,e f'eeit > u of (?-,rg.? bed inV.1 by the Net* lalor* tbo pr .teetion whmh tbe crownr l topis' , i Imh never fall te aftotd u< their subjects/ U?o ourgoveni I '? ? Wtel, and our boasted freedom Is bat a (clean m'rVirv MctraotMi oHiiairio*^ cr Ttrm I ^ ^.:i lte" "? 'f cover n men t agree that the ! doties and o legations ut tbe gist* or g irarsaaaat, Kid tte Cltiren cr subj'ot, are reciprocal. The St\t? h ts tb>< ' ? " : ' .^re from each c men p.- mpt obellenc^ ti her lavs, i > iMiininaLd hlj s-rvm i .? t?.- | , aia'rvt her enemlei. whenover, In her jadgmeot, It -nay be reeefarj lo W protpctlon, or t'.e vtndlcatl >n or her honor: and to tax him to any extent which bar nnocsni ties may at auy time require. f.ioso requisitions H'orjla, as a aovcreign ft 41', has ^iado. and aiay c tlnue to make, on all her tisen li r-i . sums paid ss taxes, and the eervK>m wbtoh eaoh cltlsen rrndsfl tae f ut?, Inclndltg ? bcdloaoe lo a.l her laws, he is rntltu 1 to demaud and receive from the ^tau- full and ami e protection of bis II e, bis liberty, hla fatu ly h s reputation and bis property it every <-eecrlption. ' It Is the duly of Georgia, tiier. t >re, w beoever owe of t?r clti*rns, no matter bow h> mble, te robbed of his pro perty, or wmngfully deprived ol bis liberty , by any otl, r State, to demand prompt and atnp'e redress; and if It b > denied, to make the evuse of bor citing her own nause ' aed. !l n*ed b*, to exhaust her va^t rcsouraea and hOr treat ?l? rgies lo a ri. teeoitned eBort to redress th* wro>.? li, therefore, the St*'* of M.v>eachu>etta, la omtMU ' ? ? i-'H?s u. UeorgU, pldBdde ? citinrn er (i-orgta of bis property ?> rMrtM.(MnrgutviolnteeoTery principle of gno-t faith t > h"r own r.fien if she refuses either to eompeneale l.lm from (I Mf ow* trenury, er lo oompel Mmaeinsttli lo cobms ? ratebtm A sovereign State sh-uld either protect ber uiru' ' I'hi'f'm rl*'m "? r a. ???,..,?* an.i ,he.r obe no* vn*s? *?t m nrosen Rut !l msy b? atkel ho* '.->rf:a can oompel Mt**a choeelts tooonrvn.ate oh .-?es ol Georgia wbi hsv t.??n ribbed of their property by Msssseb osstts l??isl.ti..n Tbe las of oat.<os f ;rat. hes a ready reply r ???t dist ngnlsh't writers on that subject lay down the doctrine ttxat a Slati, wb #e cifr-ne or snbjeiui have been or justly aod I legally 4ej?, .ed of their pmor ly by aooUet Mate er nation, which re'aseo 10 mats reparalt' n, may tawToily make reprlsalo by s'et og tin proper! ? of ?>,* rffond ng Pi tt? or natt >n,or Its c ti*e?,s or aubj. i tg wberevnr to be 'ound, ae1, If Justtee Is itm refused, by and doliyerieg In tto lnlur< 1 P?- * 7 * - vui JBt or tbe |?rotiorty So sels si to tndemo 'y him syw ? > the s> , els red to be no lost rates of war The law o' nstloas <tooo not, tn ritrh eaee, C"aSo' tbe tnjired State to tbe selsqr* oil'..; ? ep ; - ? f v f tt. -It n :.i g ?*?<.?, hjl a .1 rises Ibe s? frire rf tbe pto; ?riy Of ary ladlyidus' rtt aeo Orf.l;-r|nH(.rr' n ' -g ? V M c fr "llr law. I siKh case, roosidors all the p*nperty of every et tlorn or subject ?s the pr";?erty of ibs State lo wb eh ho . a. a. ' t? ? a. , or any pari r ;i. I , .? /lf. far suofe tnjwy dooe by the State as nstifles reprisal If an it iure-1 rut.- u ike, r. ; r.sal sol so se* tbi p-m-rty ar a eMiasa or snb)eet of ibe oflbn.i in g state, aed de" vers It to It* Cil rn ers-i 'ir, I 'n Sitisfac l-tn for ihe i, ,rf dooe snob cilisen or tstysBt, II ts no violation of the right m prlvalo proper!) i< a the ritirm or snij mi of tbo oi flrtidlni Stste, whooe pr?perty l, u- brrn *?'x?t, most look to hia own Slats to compensate him for tbo loos Which be bee sustained on her ar^ouut, and It is thi doty of su*b 9 ate to make good the i.iaa of lu eill a o or snbjer.t. H f iltows. therifore, In case a cll'xen o t tlanc |la I* deprived of h'. slave, or other pro^ty, hy tb > nn Juat aaa uaaoastliutiooai leg ts'aiioo or Mass i^hu>ei<* and Maosarbnsetts refuses lo make reslltqtloo on denand' Ibat Oeorata may, by tb* aw of ratloaa, lost'yac't) an so. ,nt ? ' an , ? M? I t 1*1' ? ist in w a t , ary one <.f bor rltis^s wberevrr to be fouad, saftdMI M9 I? Indemnify ber ? .turn, and rotala It till rcatlta tloa la mada by ?aaseehimriis. or ooifiscaia aol Mw II lo the injured cltlsen In satis Vilo-i r?r ibe da-nate MMaed by bi? This is rot only the !?w of naM-ms but it .< the law r.f ratu-r and la In atrial u! the platreet principles of eatoral loslioe rtsTB sioa* io aseaiiu' jiot aa-raif-rtn st ns rvix.m tl'TlOW i6?1 r"**1"0* * %l* 611 Illation of ibe fulled I ^ ? which declares that no Slate shal tram loiters of mar,*, aed r?Pr*aJ I.Urfera with tbe rl/hTof a ?te S radrers ber own wrongs or .those of her oltls^. as ^ ^ where'rt" M9 do nib* ? rtmm&j Tb* \%m of uthM rfrviim a elrar dl*tlartir>a bet wee a repriaals aiaie hr a s .rerrim Wale, ar.d letters of mar i ie aod rrp.-ira) granted by a fTTT^ 'in WaU to an lodivtdsal or lad vidoalo. a.ilhori* las tbem ta rodrsss tbeirjowa wroogi Tbe Mter is pro l! Its It Mtaiaa no lnhibitma sgalest tbo former. Ik org la baa It tbereftwa, In her powar lo ooaspsl Mao raeboaetts. or say otber Northern r<taio, to do J at use to bar altlsess, aod la ibla way te ''^??>e ber to repeal ber ebaotlosa aad legialol oo no the sobjsel of slaverv, or lo Suffer ibr p.. to lies ??<?>! to brr r total I >0 of food faith and of lb?t e.,mit\ aid' rbo I frsr exist net w r en a'l tlvllized r.a s , i -r nf..r* ee--.?st y rs eommend tier rej.reaoets' rea, by peoaip- Irrtlallot, to remove from ber oreateheoa ovt?y stsls of laejoanty hy whleh It is sow taraiahOi' I M, "< uu,*t aggress ki aod e, oitt lint tonal "U'e PglsM'-si with 'nsl eelalla i'ot> r into erd f roaot.imeMl tbe eoaitsi*nt of a law *>il' or't'a tbo i*< -eftor tt Uita Mate, la e.aoo any alll ten of l' s - late shall la foturo b* deprived of bla aUvaa ? ether PTT. oparatloo of Ibe agfr^alya agl? ill 'ob of Marsacbusglis. to wblcb I km rtlsrred or 01 fill* Mg'tiatiuo rif ?c y dUts, or n, me nogitt ;t uf any such i-tttUi Ij fnlil! ber raiLalltuftoaaJ obligations to (?aorg ia, or hi r nlliseus. by delivering op to iha oaner, on remand, bia nave which may bare eeosped into such .-tale, l> call out auch military foroe aa be may deem tootsrary for the purpose, and tu selzo such araouot or tbe niouav o? propc/tj ofsoyoitizQ of such offending and lallulets Si*U , wmcb may oe foand wllhlo the hunts of ibisgtatc, aa may be arrpy sutictoal rully to indeatnlfy ?ccb citliicn of Ibis iiatn who may bare been robbod or iT ProP*rtJ Ihe fai'ure of aurb faithless State to dis charge Ha constitutional r.hilf%iiouit anl furUfltk to f2i'fhU^L4k>,0,,,"r p| ,utb rtl*1* 01 Mlaara; and, la ia?o lbeqov.ruor..r?ucb S ate (ball rati, within thirty flays from tbe um< he receives auch notice, to ctuae I be P?1?P<'ii ' i 0 our "WD tll'z?n to be returt' i to him, or ts lull value paid tj htm, that It abaU tbi a be tbe liau of tbe (i..Teri.ot of uiia Stale to deliver aucb quantity o f tbe properly ?o aeU< d to tbe It jurfd c'tizon of thla State, aa may be autlloUni fully to Indemnify him against all I cama^'8 i ubtatm il bj btm j luai FActi-ua o? norma ptatbh to m axm-oiD. ni. lu,k#fc more, tuat our self reapivt a? a pco Dou1^. I"0?!'1 us to withdraw from each of the h?iT? ^fD , " 01 this I'siod, which, by Ha legislation, u^ai'i h* l() *'"dB lU oouaMtuttooal obligations to Md *d,M,e?ee 01 0Uf trad " t furtner recommend the nractmebl uf mob laws aa will drive the pauufaolurt d artlc. a of auch Hates, m Tar a. poSbkt S".keu "f lf ?<*?** "i thTtbifr' S.?il u T profer kgislailoa, otrry iul ibis policy , Maararbut* tia and caon Northern stale which by legislation, baa shown it* If f.itbiaa. to iw'obl,?' t nta ub'U r the constitution, would have to sock inarkoia elsewhere; snd If tbey should be compelled toacnlibe products of I heir fhnlortes out o toe l a ion for tele, tbe* would be deprived of tbe rut proflta tbe, now obtain in the I Dion, on aooouDt of the *1 vantages our tariff lairs afford tbera la our own market a oyer all Imported goods wbicb pay tariff duties it may be den It u that we have any constitutional right to pars a*i In Georgia prohibiting the Introdnotioa of I MMIICbDlCttl gOfHJB loto Gforflft, II It not D606MAFJT lor my purpose that I controvert thla proposition by sbowltg it at the ciuslltutional obligatioua of Georgia to Hartacbuictia oe>se, whoiiercr llaaaach uaetla lefuaea to be bout d bv uer cot atilatloaa obilgaiiona to Uoorala b'- '1 other wutda, that Maatacbuaelta oeaaea to b i longer ? nutied vo the bent ilia or tne In loo wnen abe reftaea to )? ,b"rJC1'?- 11 " ?"?''Oi?nt to say that, rh nfth i* l0l*t,',n"f provision of tba oonatlto 1 ili . I1,""4, 1 <.:orgia baa oomplote control xukUer in mo coQiutuiton&l czerciB) of her po??r o! uiauoo. Whilo Go>rct" bi ao ngbt, aa aga Let any rt ate or the Union which acknow> ledgta and ooaervta it* coualltutloaal obligalloo to her. to pat a any taw pn hlliiting tiio luportalioa of Ita gooda int) i her territory, tne t>aa the undoubtij rubt, M sood aa tbe KOo<ia of any dutte are oommlagled wit? and be come the prope.-iy of bar own citizana, to tax them aa ""y dee a pi ojor. Sh? alro baa the ii*hi to diacriminaie betaaen udTorent ar r'^. ,nr'""'l ^r?Ptrlr " ?he may de?m proper, rhla right ahu bas eietcned from tae carllrat period of herhlttory. Mhe has at a;i timea, In tbo asioaamenl of tans, discriminated bet?een dilloreot aln ls or property, acd Bxcd one kud higher tban another, while she bu al ? ajs exempted Kjmc klnr.a of property entirely from tbo burdens cl tazatiou. ivior to the act of ISdi, she taxed city acd town property and mercban law bigticr than she i .a .and and cegrnes? woile horse*, cattle, bogs, household furniture an.l many otAt r articles were no. taxod al all. Kten now rhe taxis hank cap.tal, foreign inaurance com panlea, lotlrilea, A :r , higher th:in she do.s other pro fifty, and co lax la lut^oaed ui>on libraries, houaebold furatlu re, under the value of $S00, , Jkc. 1 ap irab^nd, therelore, that do . no wiil venture at ibis t!me to ques tion btr right to discriminate as she may deem proper Id the assessment of her taxea. _ *"? * "* ?? u. iKni.a n.v-Ri*iM*Tio!t. Whether ?bt w ill a lacrimiuata between ?oods manufaj tnred in other t late*, K, aa 1 1 give her rnends vn advan tage over her enemies, la a mere question of policy. Feel 't n 1 that sl.e would do Ibis, and hel'evlng that sbo baa it In bt r power by the adoption of this course, la a rreat iD'-amire, to drive the gooda of her eccules oat of her territory , I earn si ly r> i immcnd the rnactm 'at of anctl luwasa will a*-/, mp'iah the object To Uiia end I would suggest the |*>ss?i? or .n art to Uke effect oo tba Orat of Jasutf) Lext, but no; to opemta u^oo %xij good! ! ?_ar?a or iterrhanclae j>urcbanrd b?rore that time (so that onr merciania may bo for warnt-1 of lia exlsteaoa be [ H ie tbey licur any liabilities on aocouutof ita vioJatlou, ? b ch shall requite every U\pa>srln this Slate to awear, In audition lo the oath now prescribed, woether be baa dutlrg tbe year foe wbicn b? is giving in h s taxaa, been ire vender of any gooda, wans or morr.hagdlse of any oisertpilon. Hbou d b" answer tbia quea.ino la Ibe afflr n. alive, tbrn to be furllxr required to state oa oatb. to tbe bttl of bis knowledge and belief, tne aggregate value of all gooda, wares and mi rcbsnoiae, of ar.y character, i Sold by btm during aald |?t led, which wen manufactured In or bt<itirut tu to ibia Wive from Maaaacbuaetta Ver mint, Michigan, Maine. Krnele Island, uintiaci cut! New inrk Mil W'.sconain. (I bellorntbcsa aro the tkatea whicfc rayo most pelp.bly violated the consliiution by WMr trglalaUoa anj tnoi' action, aithaagh tuo leviaia'ion Of iobk others is by no m.ana juaiillalile, no l may ba Oen.e tne aubjeel of future act. on oo our part ) aa I h? sbpnld be r? quired t ipay, In addltioa to bla lax on other p'oper'y, a u.t of twentr hve per cm apoo uio amount PI such goods, wsrts and mercnandiae, sold by him llie rfrtci of tb.s law would he to dteorioiina'a la favor of tt.e manufso urtd srtiel<s o' somo olbor .Vortjem ittstes whoae leglslatlra, inoogh not hy any meaSskenfrom (Mnauif, .8 cot ulto^f'ther at otTnnsire U) un m that tl Ho? sum antra moi itoued ami in favor al?o of go.,yg mtnufar.turud aliioad, and wtlch woro lot import* J through tho U.iblers Sutea abara named. I tlrrk It be* that we *< n et for tbo ptraeut only aucb ?tat<* as are mist *u the wrw^, till we nave shuwn all the i ffecl (his irgialatK.n; an aid otbora thin re'uao to r?pesl tni Ir fll'*aiTa legis atran, the statute cau ?aally aid Justly he -r tended lo'ihem Wore sor.b a law of f.oce lo I >1 - asart hmU in the market would re fuse to puirbttu the g .ods ut..>o which ttioy woui<t bars t" i?y th? i ?. a ux. and in their siead would uay such as are sot snhj ct u> It. Il eaeb (toalhetn Stale will enaet a law similar Is th? one ajova rvooamrt '??.!, the . :: ri will be, ia a high tfcgrr*, ti jur oufl to tUf ni?uuf*< turtiif tfitcrest ui tbo abeve aaated S ana H> ajon aa the mamfaetnrers la tbora "U U s aee tliwl they are deprived or tbo benefit of tbe Sonltern Ira le, or Ibal tliry raonot epj iy it on e^ual teriea w.lh their ne'^ \.t i.ihT N tritiern States lb -Ir nUrtsl wl'l dirlsl* to them too p'niwiety of uDttlig and requiring their operalivse and th<>so tinier '? 1 ,r ' ?' u at the ballot box, w.tb the large r a?s of law abiding, iuas* rvailva. nonaiiitiikKial men la tf ' r " ? '"t ?'..?? . ti? i'ir b> i- n r a ly l j (l.| " l"?ti ? *? I a-. If t r i -a h by al! Uu r nii?t?a tlonal oh 'rat oi.s The ai-e.umuUtloa of strength which " l i -al men in ib?se Siwte* wouli. a .bia way ta'n, II Is be'i-ved, would place them a U?o ma/wity, ai I eeahts Utem to hart ftnia place and poa< r the abotl sdera *to bavt so m xiutroliad, and by inetr ?*?o?-? la di graced It r r rmoectlTe tttatea. - . ? : wer sboulj be ' ? Slats to saspeo'l by procis d. a i ion tbo ot>rraii?n of Me act aa agaustany oae of sa il flairs, wbiaitir be m?> be i r mf .rirad vbat suih Klate ha* t. j ,??. i t, . rcjoHttnl. .ial and ufftfasivs i< * la'uk i aa* m reteraad la tba shssrvanne of t? eoa NiMMesal ohi'ga'.H a* i r lo emorare in tbn l tao.i<ty,by pn c.lamation, ati) Mfetr Slate SnKuag sloalla* lawa. wiit it worui it'll as s. is tsk x ikth ft a-sy be aald iti.l th e u? ia?, vo?H| ha frei|ijt nlly evaded, a'ui Ibat g Kids male in MaMtaeh isella ? .1 often be ieh? ed an t pasa la ih" tsarlet as gooda ma te fa New J araty rh? womM doaHJess be so Ua raees, aa a maaufbtnurrr wbo won't vote fi>r a law "?ataa of on h's aute th? *hatae of a vi.ddiia of hsr p gbWd fa ih, would be guuty of any other act of bad fniili bnl it wou l t.. . SS ? 'or tbe m*ai|fanlsieis la thaas Rataa to make the 'rau I a geni r*l oas, as !t I ??JM bs ths tale f sat ?# tba maaufar* i-er? 1 . 1 i nporter* I of New JrtSey sr l ? t>j -.j r ,u,? a* tiight hava tba || advat.tst.i- in .i?thern ir i > ur '?r the law , i i eiposa as I ?wa sa fiessibls lbs fra'tds at> mpi;d lo be pra-iKed by i the maaaf irtirer or importer of tfassach vtb*r Mates 4lr?rtrr ' .ai- I aga nst. Il w ?u d thrre ' : " ??'d' m I e a I taak fof OM 1 < i el tat to form a rorreei c?n-, naU?n ai lo ibe charac " ' r tti r ?? pi rc ? t? i by blm, an I as S> law wotiln rt istrs h'm ti rwear to lb.' b?<tt of fcta krewiedga at d belief he would rr4 ll??iy be wani ng la vtgllsai' : bit would require sash evldsacs. tn mat nc kls pare Usee, as wia'd saitsfr his miad thai lbs goods f>t>rqtof*6 w* rm o*'? to ttt? tu Tbo fact that the - w n [M r he evaded M an SoBe^at reason Why It sbonld aot hs ei.arled. How ofw n are ibe reveona I ?|" 1. 'i"? "U'*r r?????saia violated > a 1i d . si j t . i what ciriPzaa sstioa for thai rtHOM W'.u.d do wiih ial th? m Keen the lavs stale?! nmrder r. . , lo ;-nal e.?le, ar.' rLih.'r*' huwh..w.,.: d say lhat tbey should aol, rrilbalar, .. til, bave been e nacted Ttet are oftsa caaT rtted and tbey surd i- n < >ir ?Utule book aa a terror in ev | doers So woa| | . |lw of lh? vrt,imml r * ,rTl -native, and wouid pla.o tk iaT rh.ndlsei.f tboas Sutss uader the baa of Southern pro ** them to fraud ileal rontriraaoes btfore tbey eould tairodnje n among as This wooif Vied eate onr honor and puatsb their perSdy. It wonld c inpel them, as lorg aa tbey resists fhltblesa *? wermpen, to i ia? 0nr t'sdeor pay s lerge portlua of oar lam, aa the merchant ha -lag lo pay twenty live par r?t, l ua uj. ia Ha?*achutell? or New fork g wda woald rot bay the* ashes be oould p trrhasa Ibeaa twenty #va |iwr ornt rhesp-r than be nmld get Ibe goods tf soma other Stale not stihi'i i n. ih? tax TV'S far I have rtmexnded the mildest meaSa'SS. wbicb. is my (adgmeai. will redress "ir wrongs and raasethe renaaJ'.' ibe oift salve asd usjqst eg slat loo above referred la. rv?*t .nta to us asiansn raat-riiutQ nrizssi or soa t ? a "T . rse W'ould ibe snaetmer ? herein suggested be deemed la nifTW- st lo the soormp labmeat ot the ohj?rt. I would i hen reeommead, as sa sddltloaal ismiija ?>?-? it. ? . rode sad (Uer laws of this State which protaol the ftraw Ift-'rllee ard property tf the sltlsena Of other wbl'e ts this atata ba rrpt^M so far aa thev now the r,ti.r?ss of sach frss State la this UaiM whWb baa " the -Aaracler, M)<9 fBl^O 1?hJ to IflCOtBpltlki ih# obteot of Uni MamaIm seUS kg'alallOB lo which I have d treated yoar at lea t Ion ? and lhat tbe clliseas of nrhiai lis sad of ranh frea' ?ute In this fslos, gallty of I Iks bad lallb to tba people "t-rorgta, be d?<W without ^ pro^ Tlb^ ?'t*1*. Mtll Us Stales to Wblcb Utey ra S|rctlvel? belong shall bare repealed Ibetr aassaailta. t'oaal sr I i.btoi toes lr( s>alloa and relara to tbe ohasr ?? nee of i heir constitutions! pledgee la reaortlag Ho ?b? rererc tboigh just mesnrs of ratal latloa, we sheaM act only on the rfKeealve It woald ther?f.?re baaeash [ 'ar to make It tbe duty ef tbe Ooveraor of title State lo ? *P ft. by proeia-eati'-n. the rfpeal'eg aet alove rweom menred, and \o reetnrelbe ? 'l I ?ene or eaob offattdiag Stale I tube peolertVwi of the lawa of tbla Malo so soa> aa he shall be afDclsily lafanasd hy the Oovsraer of sach

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