Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 15, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 15, 1860 Page 2
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? 1 1 >0 ?tow |*r>i?r 'Z $Z etetw it. *'**? h '5 " 1 i,? bJ 11 !l * . , Tb* * hi Id bj a r . - i?u. ? ? .-e?*e;ii*Mi, AU4 aot Of ,af' In t-MUioo V<? ih** niti *u%w ?4ti h ihm e^wmpi.! would buvt Ucautt * ' .ep.?I<?! thotairo oaatltua??al and offm.ivt. U? iw.Lit t?." Itao fo.ivr ???>? ot rlUciior our Sia'e, m ?*? fO-'eellfue, to a suuiunry way, oi ?acti abollilou fBiMi'ini ??* ar.i io?p?vi .n a""t our pfO,r!e; who, un<?n i*e ii<ewiio? id bo ?? ? i ??- i?*a dliog. lertorlnf, P'?n Jbluj, & ; , ar;' scat.or'. i.'.l.u?l* lory dscumctit* *IB K u? nil *" ? !>' ?i *?> slaves to revolt, Bi d n? n.i.rrt- * r > ??>?.?' "'J1! nu.l are eapi)lay, tinier citr it- ? " ' " ? the mcetjdi.ii) '? l 'tch V> <? ?r t ? ?* t ? '?* '? ' v|!la??a ?:id luiLt ( , flw No u?.e cu deny thi pover of onr pH?> csda, aad to mafce ?-'?'J <?< 1 1 ,ly Jwl^ii.r.tof her people tuM be c ??";? and |>rotMttoa. *r in repeal her I" * " any pari thereof, .sheo kjci i*1' 1 ? ?he proaperiijr of fcer oeti ctt * ?' 8 ' r ' ,Jf upnti h.r Mamies N"' ,ivfc, -Vn?Vc n? JVwer ou earth ?..?"!>* I ' ^ 4 rr?n, ,,.,toti wblcta aft* doee no* ???>" *' ..icjos I- fl,# bwpM.^Mddjici' " v ?; ?r t, p;fum b?r she mould rofun t I ? ? , , a ntt,,?a couru to tl%,l/rtp,)kle.J ?,r li<rt of Muitebutettii. 1 ' ? r, ,lb,0. (be p?"?p>of (??o?f?of KM 'P.UbU n.k- piry l herlAlw wdelirer tolmMto" '? ??' "h,r th" r" ?"'",rnT'"t ?;,r M? ^?c.v?rBmei.?^? ? rtgbt to ?!?;???? or to dl? J \i?t ,h?l! ?>? th" ,>rovnioiu of her potnl node While (iporcia a ? noyeretgti ?be will dt?i*te her JL? LutlUW,"a*<iever?.?e for baraelf wh.t ??? will puB..h ? ? "rime M?lr?t her t>e?ce aa! d'.galt,, ?nd . i iiie irlU omit to paoi?b It m'iy he ot>j >*?- ? th*t iu-h an envlwnt woitd <t?uy to the CHI? o? ?it Ua???-hu?ett? or otb->r 3jtt?* wbo? ottlr o? tuay he det>rt*.<l of the protection ol our law*, ih.-en >> rr.i'01 ?f prtvu gpt and \mmuu tle? of ciU trtj of ttf ?ev?r?l aiatee." Sh"uld thla bo thn o?ae, tb? Uu lwt>uld iKitlxnurl We wore fcol tbo aKijr??a3r? The law* of tboeo si?t'? were firet ouacte'i. and we-e in ?.eUileJ lo 6' prlv? our Citi7ro?. not Only u' Vhoae ice'* ard Imtaanutea" uo<J?r the conaillulioi, but of UH-lr r:?hl? <>( rrotwrty'and of their llbartl 4 a? fr<x>n->!v Mv<!<,aa abo*t ahown, even deniei the uto of ti- ' for tue puolanmeot ol him who I* oanTloial of fca*iif forcibly taj^n frm ? Cltli-a of (; Wfla h ? pro miv' m opoo violation <>f ibe cotatltutin j of tn* Holt eJ Stalei and tho Uw? of Oni.arwu. WhJ tben, will jleuy our nebt to remoTe frr.m our altlule book MW ?*? nrr?-< t her otUieM Mil ?h? ro^adtatea U?r atttute* ei?o?^ cd for the ptirpcec of deo? leg ihe protectloa of her Uw? k. u ?f Wt? n?h? wpe?H ber uncoeftl^t ooal M-t un friendly U w? a^alotl ??, we rhall M*m ' J' 1 ollirooa the protect >n "f oorlawa Intll d0?f ,?14 we ahcuto retaliate upon the robber by relnfing to prj ^tTm wbTbe N. plunder* or to pualrt. >???' wbi T*y t'm while be .. apply lo* ,he torch to our dweUlnf.. th? kor urmr *rTto? In ?pt op'nlon the t'rae for bold, der'ded action hal tirr?re<< and be ir he" -r thy the confldeaoa of wbo w i*I n-fi-iC Vi vinll ate her honor at any coat and Z ^a.Malo bcr cor.tu tloral rt?h.? ate, cry h"J . ll if Wc?e>l Uk- i eg ip Ut loo abore r. omroendeit wotild J a I, atn'BRlben raTt,,r than weakea the th. of ?b!<m I., ta cni the -"taua ti'ueraUy , and would d > much lo de alroy tba aectictial c i trader of the cxtnl rore T ? ?* i?-c.1irp Ix tween the free and tae alive 3-ate*, and ^ to narr'?# the iMue to a oonicet be'.wecB tadlrldual tnat<^ %r,d not between whoU aecttona of the Cnlon. Tha^ ku?wl< *tEontofihe fart that one *?to hM the power to pro1 ? I hrrrtlf aga a?t the un^ti?tttutloi.a' ail Mr* ?ivo ?*i*latioa of an iner, witbou. dlaturblH* her ' re latloafi wtfh them, ml only ^.-rtroya line* of dlTialon drawn acf#9 too t nl"0, Md loe*. *?? trover-j between ln<lvlflti*l St-i-.-a but m\k ?? < v 5 -late pay a more j ut regard to the r^-bte of e r-ry o bar Suu- lu view of U ? fa t thai ?'i4 c*inol look for pro teciloD uj thf wrong (r >m tb* ntbnrii'-Aer iitei o* n pc< t'oc of the Tr' wl ..?e aenee ofjiai o at wo I a* letrreet. wntcr tb? rr 'i^ 'e*1*1*11'*' ihatn 1 1 ? eoodcmietiua of her bal f* tn an . o r uirio ,Ututlona! . i.acttnrnui f an> ?o dttW?lo?lst would like to c<jtt. our f.nui ?lor; ?? a f? '"?? (oald 1 have the aaauranoe tuat the I al h\? of the conailtutioo, wru'.d be a? durable aa the h.lla Zi va'ey. cmbrar 1 within the vm, t.rrjt.jl^ t.i't^r i la lariadlctK D. Tbi? e.aaoot be th" case, howewr, on.. ?? Z* 2*U? Of the Vol ?? ? vord. to every other ?e tioi tho in' n i ?*nrr of ll? eooelltutlonal rlgb'-r 1 ear neatly Invoke the aitert on of ibe pmle "I gu t- this tub) ol ar.d truat the <??b*r^ Aaenai>. y ?,; .y lake prooi) t acu m lor the prUocitoc ol their r jh 9 au.i tho vindication of tnelr h"tior In my opiuion the tinea demand the legiaUtloo whtob I now " ? at a thr |>eo^e, ahould H bedsnled tb-ra, wltl, a .?! oufUt to i If * therms, l, a.- 1 at the ballul l.i ?Um-.ot.t.e eou Iitii ol !<houU theae retaliatory !*?'? b? ' ena t l while I have the bocor to bt the Kiec Hl?? of iK-org a I star Ui prom pi and decided lo tbelr e. lorcoi^nt loe black i "publican | ?rty, orj.a?. *+l upon a iie?llwua> miue, ftandliig >ipt*o a nKtrorm jf avowc-1 b >ntin y to our c M Uutloiial rigtiw. have i^obably trlumoh.vl over us, by the c!e< t:c<i of Ui .*o?ii lat?e for the I resi dency and Viec Presidency. M?ould euch be the ca e, tbu dominant party m thr \..rtoern (.ectloa of Ib.i LBloo, imong whom fan at Ida v rut?w t'm h>. ir, and mob ia ? t >o >rt?ci (uaiataii<e lt? aa^-J *' Cf. will ojn'Mer ttem-. .v.* U> TioU.ra. and the pe- pie of lh' Houth al v?aiu.?h' 1. In that rvebt, the adoption of other ?tt'rg.tir<lii, may bo^ ? ue neW'WiarT t >the maTfnance of the rlgnu a:i?l h n-T of Ibe I lareb titling Htat. ? a? lo#raJall >o, ln*uli and mj iry will pr.baVy betheocly reward which (.e-irgi* au 1 Ha Uber tlare melee c.u ih?n e*i?ct to reoelve for rt? I'Qued aaanc i alloc with tbetn in the L'qiop( ac l ' tlon to their foul domination So * >on aa the government *hv\ have paaaed Into blark rewwblM-an han la, a portion ol our citlaaaa -nu.t, ir l? >**? bus, be bribed into irracmrj vo iheir own aeoti'M by the allJmnckU (rf olBoe;nra bao?ry awarm of a*. lit i-jn eaiia aanrti mutt be im juried am-ng ua a* oJlvn.IU.ri ti eat out o?r ruoataoce, Inault u? *.tb thuir ariogjnce < ruptenr aiave. an t cireaJer rtiaoonto-il ??ooaj .???>?? While tliev ll'?id ti e country with tnflanTiat >ry ab tlitloa Sl^ni 25 do a? -r their ,?wer to creato In tun -?vlb aaiatoortbioga wb'ch m :et u timt.-l? ' in a war of ealermiuatl <o beliree# the wblui and tie 'whAfr* fight million* of fr?5mno in thu ^-aVhern "-tat- ? wi I rwua. ot V? per mi Uila etat t of lb n*a tn ei am. ug Uiem. and will bow the nock in willing aubj~Hi >n to th.- yoke, is a qiH-etlon to be determlntd by taem .u their roverclfn capacity. j?-.a Whether the eovert ign will of tb' peipie In the $1 ta eru t- M. ? ahall, lu th a cri- ?, be a..ceriiiued by a ,? u? r%l convent ot of all it* ?*??? ?. hereafte* to ^ oalle i, and up ?b*ll act IflMllW c?f.o?rt, or r e? J fnT herwlf. wilb?iV oorierwooe wittt the otkere, are qi.ralt.4M u^on wbuh a di?>-ri< ly '1 opinion may etlft tun aiiitn tw -caraarre *t*t? amoi I enter* ala no i.miM of U?o rt*h\ of ta;b State t> Jo aide awl aot for beraelf. Thn I n?on " ? ? tw.-oo u..> auvere-gn Sialee of wt, ,ch . r J? ' r?cl 1 -tats 1 ? th ? l'aln? to ta point of evr r get; . o eaiual of every other, and n?Uher u ? . lent up iu anouicr ; .r at.y of Ui" attribute ?t fover-ig-.t.. > > ? ?.g aa all Uie Htaua abide in pool la ih by lh?ir ciat. i . lineal e gagemei.te lo ea?'h oih?r , anl <h? C'j- >t > ia not vl>taud. uo .???at'? taau witndra* lr?? tar ll1 'ii wili<.>t t hi :rg goi ty cf ba-J fa'th W tiinrlhTa If. h i*' ever, th.- umptfl t? vtohOed by tte re'ua*' ?.( pa t f tbe coeirar lif g > ari a to abide by II, and H ati??it to la burd. l?. a Li - they reoe ve tb? b^-ia it* arming fro a :t, tb? oi;. r jnrtiea are n-> I >ng?r bo.'r l bf It, f?Jt ^'t.y iecian it utility, and refaer to a*?bie b? It oi tb >r Crt It a an taeeatlal part o tin* .aw of ewlric.l tiai th p?rtne are Item' . or n-t*bcr are boun I , aj I it bj vir lat>e the r otrari. tba evh* r la oj i ug?r o?tid. Hut ( luay V- ail >d wh> la to)?l|* ?f tht violation >f the ? -uii art * I ara eer that eacb envereign ^ul . fr-. n ih. ?er> r.atore of ihe riae, rauit Judge ant decide for hera.if toere la ??? coma. aibitrr bel areeo .aen Kacii being eoverelgn, aakiiowl.-Jgea no higher power o i aartii Too fed'-ra! govcrumenl ia but the lias'lnl ag**M of all tho .-<iat.-?, at d baa no r.gbt to aaa^ine to dlotau to thi jwiac'^ala, from whtcb it derivie all tba |>o#.,e 't t-ea.-w.-a nor to ?it In J1 tgment upoa tb* con 1 1 I ?< tb? creator . wbi-et creat ira it 1?, and 0/ 0 -aajnl a1 me It ratal* for a alng'.e day It t? not t.? b^ pr.i :m ? 1 lh? a ttate will recede the I'a'rn eithott i nt -ai?? <?. Ifce e?0i' i*ocy of the cauto eacb aivcreign Sia'e m .*t judge f herself vfn n her doclalou la ma!o ?' ?ne Saa a right to reveree ite In'tgmenl. b? ca iae n > h>;1 "f p > ? r atlata lo wbich an app a an be lai'ii. lae f.fbl o. a -Hate lo ably to no ?de rr.m Ite I -n w i -r . in D ? ludgmeut of ber per.plo, ib* o?frpaotj i * the cimllldt >i uave lieen violated, cau <>r.y be denied b/ th >?e waj deny the eovere gat f of the Stale I am aware tba'. hive atteenp ed to an %' >jl?e 'b > riibtof a portion if the statea of tba Union W t~ -te f r ?tn 4t, eve u tof 9k juM c lo ISl* rljht of tn^ mw s4 lo ae?,le from the Bntnh g..vcri.met>t and *? tbe < jl >o! w p ar eased oal, ttka right of revolution, II ia a'g.rl tint the e.ivi rc'gt *iat ? of the I'utoa r*osee?? t.i otb r r r . Tbare la no ial ara- .'y b*t*e<B tbe |w?ci?>? Ti" lalixit.*, prior lo tho K -volutin, w. re nol e?vjr->ga Tbey rrre ?ib *le of lh? drll:ati goveramcnt, croll. 1 b ?* It, ai a belong.- 1 to i'. They had tet?r eron Ca'-n"! '.-J be lb. equ ill of the Brit Ml crown, no.- bad lh?t g >r em men t erar reeoga'tsd Ui.- j. aa at.oli.or fi.-'nel any c ,i pari wiih Ux <i. aa lovrre-, n (. iwrre Whan, t'i re'--?. Ihey w Ibdrew frtiis the g vet amen of ilh'tt Brtla1 j, 'l was a oaee of rrbr': >o . ^ in part cf t'i ? a ibj ?i*t, t^n ft the power of tbe w.vor- ? a oihrr lords i' *nf?r lion ? aa l upon lloir ??) .?? ?? dewade.1 thriretfij' n tro?n Ibe pena lise of trcta.ia i> t' a inteeiweat w i '<?? aabieru fs it eq .a'a) th?y a^ra till fioy ua I nett'ilwIH tbeir right of etvirs'g.lj hy I tree ; ar n? Bit tie ?aieleaoflhe Vb'-b a-e e ? ai'. u * tbe fjl-ra gt . erameol, ware n.d r?a' . by |t,ae I lo t?ol l?- 1 .ag 1 1 it. Tliey cr-wled it frr-n tin it J. ? v.s iu pi? to tbetB it to re?j? tabl?', aud wh.-n i. ate- a ibe uuM r?pos*J In I', t?ej . a? fn?l etrj -?-igas. have a' to rcaaw ib? p * r* rr?.i?-' vely d-iefBted to it by t' m l> .1. ;my ro, ihvre li uo joubi mat eerrgta or aa> Jtb- r i*i?ie t. . i Va ? on a perftt r'gbl to eetotr Tr n it wh- . r.-r u? p s. n ilielr eovseriga r?4>aciiy, de 0* Tor lO?ine?.,v. a u.i t n ? ?on pact ha* ??e*T vlo'i'. I hy thi o'.h r 'm a A^J r.eiUtr ibe federal B. r a a-at' g'vernm'~t hi? ? v n ' gbt In make war tip >?i be* for the sier. '!?> of lb < a ?overr .gt t? Ibar tbey bare I ? ti'aie war u,i > * I .r ?. 3 - ?tmiM ..f a?y other u.itnf h"e?>) rereiga piti-r i <t <4e? a d^term'Tie wbll? t etcrc'te I *>e eie u;.ts ? \ in seeiedn ?'"tn the I'j- -n on irtoiil of th" rto.a'wa the cm pact by cthrr !?ia?f, ! eftojld d?af th - right ?bv tahe- Jtale nrgtveram .it to coerce b?r to retire t > t la aret. r%at ih* a! leg. at "a of bar C'l vena W?t|IJ b .? ine to h. r i >oe. ac". ? . 1 woak) hs enured In lb" pr ? teriaie or aer Rag TtiH th*y shot J hire And tr a*v otbar guvertxaTi <a?. -,i .^vsrt* ra sad an.i n ? ;<iftol tl-ai over tbeat. aed t* t a 1 -*e of an^ of th?-n ur? it i eharge o' irswn to Ita a. nwltyfnr fnii.iwmf tha lag of t?cor|.a, 1 w??W tela a.' iw-oa ill/ ay se r ug antl b??g leg up<>i toe Bearcat me t ?* nf t%? erb) .-u o* tn -*i r v verawieel 'er eaeh rUlten rr Haotg-a wbtai life ?b nil i?o llitaa l.lefally lake?i I ?e*d naly all li?ai | r,.??r \ tas j -eau-'n .>r eapara s# e?*?* a '. ia or ?f un' . ? l a ?' ?j -,ci .n Ihe pari of a>l Ihe < . th ,-n a? a t ?- ? i *?t - ?f rlghi A* Ibe cause oi U e 4wth#r <t -tta'ea ia a e . n ,n ? i oar, ?? avl as th- agr" ?< . S :p-?a tbsir rigbtt are <n m -i. I ab -tid Ible* it w?e? Hiat their acttoa be cmiti .a tub errtra os ?t i-?a?r ia If !:?? flfl ea (laalh- rn -Itire >4 the I dl^i sSo. ig m vt m tvfal'.j? aed d.'i -mi -I to gee d* fr nil, tu u ^nl I '.* B* war. en liin v^h-4 r>any of tb* in* h ?ra i? pte are 0r|trt'0t> fiHnn o ir c illna and ..or irads (.,> f I .. ... i|,?t'lf I I-. tr ?ssT.-.e s, as ?e.l as tba |, ? r ? ?r !?? I^a' they c I'd ?ellbe> ntor 1 to |{tit DO, *Un ? by ?d K* Other. 40 It T,?Z ' i ,! i '\<. t! ;ta i. aff-.r-l to ? te.e. ??'->' ?! 'K'!' JESSES people or Ko.l^d I. j N orlli ?d SWU* _hllMllR w,ih ar.5 detMUt??il upon ui . k f L, n . . if of I lie,' ...(.port to the OOU m srop of I V: -!ur: ,ith'e Union- An m -?i.? <4 our m!ii wfcicb wouid out ufl ? ?"??<? crof ot ?"'a' *ou i V.Tir* of the C? K> ?b ,hr0' "? ha* tUe crT u( ? if ad cr Mood" would ?i ' a<'.; ciUol the action of ths jovrmm.nt.theatmy audtheuavy of t.reat Brliftln to "J[ *ma*are that the opinion ? eoterta'nod by many that ihi? Houlherii Hvates, m ibt? event of a dissolution of the I l u i wi> ! 1 be in a worse oouditl >a lh*u thoy now ?re in re.'< r? . <? to the recapture of their fafUirS *>*vea, ?r ii I" 6?"t itrft- numbers wou'd MOftpe , aud wa would bare i.o pr'c<?? by wblcb we could recover them from anv portion or Ibe Northern ooofrdeiacy This U a groat error Id ca?o ol ft fteptrfttioa of Ibe Iwo aeotionS, and tt;e formation of new governmenU, the pooplo of the Noitfceru r.ocfederftcy woold no longer feel thai tbey wrre c totv.ert with slavery In the South, uf more than tbey bo* ftre in Cubft or B'ftSll. Moat of the NortU ern tiutu bftve ftlreftdy eaactad stringent law* the Importation of Ires nogr.iea among thorn they would not de*ire nur.h ft popuiatlos In tnatr midst Toey wculd bo willing to spend money 10 r!d themselves or II They wouli need our cotton, as they now do. ?nd would ltr> o our trade fttlll indispensable to their orosperlty. We tbould then have the powor ti regulate our own r i venue Itwi, tarlfls, fcfl , and to discriminate against thi oi and In uvor of K tropein rtinte*, If wa ch V) do ru>. by Impooiat eiport di.tle? on cotton puro.h??ea by them ai..l Import dutiei on manu'actured arlicleftftwd by them to our people, rblft the, oould not endure ftod i.ioFpcr Ibe rwult would ba that thfty would, If re uulred, on' or Iftto ft troftty with u. to bring hack our ?l?ye?, and celiver tbem to ul ftl the lino, if w# would ?*rte to ft favorable oommcixlal treaty with them, oy which they cwld buy our cotton and aell w U??l> ' 0 pr? c qua! to n?? wtth other nation* A'jmUar treaty . tor the like reftfon, could be mad1) ? th tb E g ift goverciu' ot, by wbioh t'auadft would bo uo longer the I.arlx r ot fugitive ? avea Ki\oit or in* mjv* aromrnM The nrtitn'-nl, uo doubt, prevail* in tbo Sort aero <iat<- ill 'it ilie people of lb? 8 mtb wt'uld be m great d?n ?vr fiini their alaveft, In cjok- wo should attempt tofteoa r,te from I tic Northern Siilco and to form ftl iiide,>et.lont government iMurrection aurt revo.l ftre ?'r^ ^ 1 ^ t? rnpted to be beta in tenor over u? I do not prntend to d. i v that Northern m eg axoug us rol^lit be abi\ o^Oft tioLaily , to incite amall numb t? of flvreft iu difftrinl lo calit ui to revolt, an I murd r ramilifi of lun'jeent Wi>m?n and chiidr.'r, wbicb would oblige ua promptly 'to eienute iheRiftTfc who?h ?uM ?*?? departed fr. m the path o duti , mi K r the <er; ptive toll iouc-i of ft'jolltion Inoenlla rie* Xhe?<< limlanced would, however, be rare Our \ navea ftre 'isnaily under the eye of their inaatera or ovor tfi rr Kt w of tliem cat r?ad or write Tney are nut per mitud to t. uvel on our ratlr ?<18 or other p ibno onvey ?1)CP, without the commit t of tha?e bftvltig the oontrtu of Ibtm. They have no mall l*ci ItM* except tuob at to .r owLcra allow tbem to have, ^rd co roeans of cjm-mia.oa Hon with earh o'her ftl ft dlsucco They are y un armed abd ui??k Hied In the use of arms A gen. ral revolt , revolt would there' ^re be tm-wrslbl^ B'lt tlio more Implant r?:t. wblrh 1* well known In Southern ftoctety, t?, th\t nine tentt.a of then are . truly uud ile voUdly atUcb#d to their master* and B?; tre*?. ? anl would ftb?<i In their del joc.i the laat drop of their blood ih-y !?! an J r.r^oiao tb lr Infer J.'ityai a iai*<e an 1 fieir <!, p ndeoc- up >n tt e'r owoeri for their j orotevittoii and ?npp->rt, whue ?mile_of ftporaofttloc bjx ] ttilotia tli i- t h rheftt enjoyment To?y b*ve uot b an arciiatoned to ola'ra or exu 'ae pi'itloal njj J?, aud few ; j oi Ui.-ui have any ftmbittoa beyoad their preaent comfort and ??*., ment In ? a*o or a plot or coaapiraey the Mere* | could be comuDnaloftted to bul few. till ?jb?o would leirn j it, who won! l lee a-ed lately oom-nualcate it to tbalr mrf- ( ! ter? and put t^em upon tbeir *u*r 1. Thie wo i d ie?i to i (Ul imio<di*te k 17.11. - and oxecolion of a lew ol tbo r i loader* We haee, therefore, but little cause o. ftppre- ] bciiUlon frott a rebellion o! our lave*. nr. ?* DimovtTnrs 'ho "otrw rojrtRt^Tan I . t u? for a ro "merit c ? trm t our dtffloultlea with our . labore r* In ewe of dlvlilon, with the dlOlSttltl-'* which , the Vortbtrn people wcnld h?ve *ttfl their latiorcr* VanTof tne sJrtfcwn ma,l-r* or employer*, if they pre .er the t rm, ar > no? io t> w*e'?ion or Urge forlanaj, Uteb tbe\ are. lu'iiat. d "y the um of the .trongM W- j white Ul- "1' '? a nong Ui ui, woo haee labored and tii.. d . aiid dropped tbo hnny li^eftt for w.-?k* and month* and vear? Id ttietr service, and have received fr i^n them lo return a me?gr?oompeu?ati..o,whioh la health ha* b .r? > T j 1 rallied tliem to *?i'.>o-t tliemaef* in a alonpl's atjle. > ? nvin* to their families m *t of tb? nrnfort* ol >"fe,aut in has oftcu lett tbem in dcetltutlon aui actuU i want of the r.ece?*?ri* of llfi ! vtnle tiioM who reo?ivc tbo h?ne5t? of tV> labor of other* ar. living In ttately id | 1'iiurv atd far i g aumptuoualy every day , many of the m">ornrh whoae toll brought these c>mf< ru m*wt ?p?n1 II.tir .'u>r in iinpl?a?ar.t dweilinf*. doome I to perpjtual ohrcnr.ty and denie<1, even ,u thedmf ?* of li'e, prod need by th-lr own htru labor Bit who are tbo*' honitt *?nriy laborer*, wbo are kept m a pofltlon of iMerlorlty to tloae ???!"? K iitrol ov er tbem? Ttiey arc white m-u Tney balon to no in. rlor race Taey ar" thr *on? o. freemen, aad they have a rignt to t?e trc-e, many of them are jJ"^350'1 ed r.'om rorolutionftry Hre* who lied their i BW?d to *^ , cure liberty to tbolr |KWterlty. Th'ge men h.r' p u.ti A* inherited Irom aneeaio-n, which ar? to alienable Thev bave the right to be?r trmi, ?nd th m sa'ud*.l tbem know hiw to use tbem Tnj> .^11^3 and write ar a oorreepo^d with each other about tb3 wrong* tnlltf tod npen them. u,..,? sht?i<\d a scraraDon luk) place, tod th6 Northern swwi Ul P Mm ^l'rttV- A of the ?Jontn. aud | Ui lnidte our ftiavee to ln*.irr,otlon. 4* of th?* Northern wuiu labomt, who have k *.ce atthe hanl* of tlioee wrbo have wrong fro n th m lLe ba.'- earnirf* of the wwoat of tbelr br>w*. mignt'e^ I ut iN-riv io r*v?tre ftitofaili n for p?%t lT>ja*tw*( *nd Wo I-M4 rt the principle rccorali'd In the (tilth that tb* true K^t Vrarv 1* not ar ar.*locrarv of w -Ith, but o' ool .r ,t l 0 nduct, While their *eP*? of jMllee ni ght pr""?l tli. m to a* lit tb. iiouth ftg?;n*t the MiT** ; ??? 1 ?f < in t -o NortU vbo douleU ?qualUy vbem m t M > li\ the (M f?oie ??f the South Amoo* i:s the poor white laborer It reepwtod a* an rn<-?l Hi" f??l'? m treated w th kinlnetv, oona'dera tiii. and n .pen He does not botong to tl.? m.olal elaa*. The 11", 'O i* in to Of the term btaeq .il He fee,* L> I k* th' He be'oega to the nrlv t -oe arU^.rrCV. lut -are of wuite men. ile hi ?ok* n ? *aa*ter 1 b wU, aud Ik ai the kee? to to ou t rave ti ?1 al 'n" He eccelrt * hither wa^e* fo- hi* taw than .doss ths laMrcr M 'm* other iain n . I the worW. Md h? r.l?et ?a kkAMm with the kuowled te that ti. y bcl >ug to no Inferior c??t, |n?l that the hliheet .nrmo ir* of the ?oetsty In which be hvos wldT IfthtlT conduct II good, ret pec t ftud treat ,blhi*s reeu' ksow I?<ftt In the event of tbe a>? dltton of ? avert th<y ?O..M te grea'-. ? -Her. ?? > than the rich. ? ti, Jv.,1 1 be able to protect tu t* ee? n>v Wi ", uever p?rmit the ?i?ve* >>' ti. .?th to be ftrt fr'. tp ci th"?o oom'ta eowpetttloB w th their lavie, i?t. witb taeui *?d tbstr ehlldrca ft" ' tit*** 1 > ir f.ur i- "ir** ?tai j*t t ? n? .it wr a w lib Miew-wftrrb to the ba'M ?o? hv tneir .tde* act uaitiv' at* to tlw cbot. ? of ti?? ir r>i.. *e? ? ; ' *"n ?* ** etca^ty with them aod -k i>* ban !. .* Wr chlMre. lo niarrwaj 'bat tb.< all I mate d< ?.fn of the hivk rf (id . ?? !r tob-ng "bo lt tb ? 't.U " ,t^g, 3 ,hfl -?...?th rrStite* ard f at IU t-ttim b?, 1 * ottwltobf ?J. TLl uo very d,*u?. ,-rtoJ 1 ad lo ^ [ twnoltacr- r?fu"? ??, i th">* unit' erldeut t . ta? mtad of every ??:. dfo.Mi.rn.te lb' k er wh> hi. ev j Ll'.d this |? ?ti -n in the I'gbi al. tb, .orrou 1 ' H ih''.ua '^Hi and fob} of the >eo/? of the V TtWn I ,* aba I drlre r? .d the <? *ib I" a ?. ?rat 1 tr <? -1 ,h>r.. we have, *t?hla onrwlve*. ftp th- ?'-iw-eU o ata'.n, p??'r and naitonal gr.*u "?t. to an etteul^pi* | v*<! 1 y-eo' .'bl*. by to otlcr i?ofleoo tli > 'aie 0 tti^ , \V ib a va? and feul'e territory |>*'?i'd of tvrr. aatnral ftdranUfe b.>'.oWL- 1 bt ft ku l IVovl up I th? r. *t favored lie I, an I w th almoit a *>?pl it? 1 me: ..-.vo'tne. Hon en Li'e o: Ibe w. *11. If we were | tru.i 1 1 oirre vo, gw p?wu w^uU hs urtseiM* aid ?ar | l>rW|<erlty unl*>'i?dad. A Ktav* <ov\ Sjrri '* s*t.t?*?.i^p. If it 1* ascertained tfet the o re^?b.t#*os bt^o t. m"h*<l o-er ?!., ! rWimnJ tli* call of a '' >o?enii >n j 01 :ue people id the .-<tate at an ? t If day, ail I will cor dlallr w.ih the ges*rftl asiembly M aiy a-ti >s In the'r i - 'tr i t may li- e.ry I . tba p.-o JTVkT vUc1 ^rfUaf n?llb? MVrm. t, n. Tf an enemy Wbteh. when f, wlud wi.b t.ctory, will tii ron^tion M f .1 a. pas* Ms, and prepiri.g V. a,.?,or (e ey ?? icb matt 1. ? m t ' 1 er er K ? r, I rrc .-B-ns It that the sum M oae mlUl t "f d?l .'a l> Imi.^uia ly a,o I ropt la ted a* a in Ittary f?n4 '1f. 10 1 tV* that ("ernrt prcivt?ioa" ba Bale for raiato* .ten po t of tin, oae, a. ma, hot ?>' ^ *!*.." the tmM'.e pe tr.ltlrs may r ^ulra it* ?t| 0 1| ire. '?Milltoi.* for .lef"u<e, b it rot a r . n for t'tba.e, ftl 0 I 1 h#* tSe flit' r# " Iti'? TofT^flrM^ fn' of mnpriti of Mir r ?hl?, we lAmrd rrj.ty, " rhwar?umeit isetbasai r 1 at ? new ?uad by m.f ar o* ^ ^ __ Aid to Italy* to tit* *r>tron <<r rnic nrau.n. n?? r?ti. *?r U.1M0 )w bf m t: ii"! *? V pabtMk >a jwr |>a.i?r uw foi low'ii letter, Md ?ibl'|e \ our cbeJlrM ??r?vit. i? T ' via ' i' ax (niainii > x Tut 'JtRMU't fern it * *w Von* - (?MiiJMK ! lhar.k j+a, in lb* of nur cioatrjr i *i ' ? t ntn, far tt.f |wtt iiitiwi v "i h?r.' iik?j t?i cr>Uwllsr nicara fur ib? :i*!l*a ?*r Da i*?r%*r*r* ta . j i -r ?Oi k , ud h# lure of tha (rttlttil '<f ihi?? wli > lira ' 'ibrrty *r ! humin iT"<frr??, for ?b!rti li?!r HiVHim a r!*rr 1 1 bland. V mm*. An , ?. G WUHaLDI. | ?!r I' Vhwiij, X?# Ttirt. t ?-a* i. (>?i t, l?M HI 1.1.1* Kit Y. ATMMi rtJAJI*a AW ? !.??! MIT A?* >HT*ENT Of ?b.'a? B. r.Mi? > f ih? nrmmx ?>'ra. W It -UdtM' "W? nuar'ilt r?v1? ?n iwtm '? lo?d a?w Mm c. tin iimt wirtHRato iirroKN thimdiic* (f II, J tMt l?a th.- t \? k tar?? of trial w ?na rria from (IN In tit. wbi.-h riv* Win s. ,\m ??.? 1 10 An* ?i bar nwa>? Jt**. n. ilM.BXItTr uJ M?a tfcnr %kmv rrm.w"l<M"L J stf ? SSST.3Bs.sir! 3K?~ ~ f r A ?lST?tf* * ? I vc?!^5r IjONT AND KOl'ND. DO L< BT $5 KB W .RD A dl.ACK AHO T\S atO. kiMfr'iviiljtlwiAiMof iUndy the fcbovardirkrd will be paid If rv-iurn <1 to 78' W'vO ? ?/ KpOUM)? CM MONDAY, litU IMjTAKT, A BUM OF r M"?ey Ihcoimij u> ly obtain 11 kt K jom'i Dials* ha tall, 1?S i ruth atrwt ? IST-JM BkOAI'WAT. OK JIM 1XTH, A BUCK 1 j lara Veil 1be Aider will be rewarded by Lemai U at )l? uflioe of ll'- BUbv House Hit JJrjmlwa/. IONT-NDV. IS, IN OOIKU KROM BROOK ',TN TO i West Tweuty ?evciith street. a gild Wueh and i 'bain . th? nub wk? marked J. 41. lo It L O. Tki> liuder will rrreirat *?rj liberal re* ant by leaving tbexime at 3t ? artlandt street <1 P SCHl'YLBB, 55 ttwttandt aire <t. LOHT-KKTWBAII riKH' PI. AOS, BROOKLYN, AMD Men-hunts' Hotel. Conu.urtt i-tr?et New York I'ity, a motirnii g freaatpln. ? t wl'h hair, the lull! via on the back are ?? A. J. A callable reward will be paid to lb* tinder and no qtMtions saked oo reluming tt to T?Jt air A Ilom or, IAS Front ,ira? I op Hairs. LOBT-A BLACK LAC* VKIL, 0* WBDNBmDAY evening. between the boon of Bra and all. either oo c<n'ri? oat of MSoene's ml Ul aery modi store oo Broalwity, ?> very near ibere going towards Priuoe etriwt. Tbe Baler will be suitably regarded by learla< It at the aba re (tore. Lost.? oh Saturday, th? joth iwbt. a rmall rough haired black and whit* Terrier s >ti; ha I crnpp?d ear* atd tall about T mouths old and an* ?erhig to the name o' Jenny, A liberal reward will he paid to any ooe ret urn lot her to the owner at No 8U Waat Eleventh at'eot. LOST-A MALTKbB KiTTBN A SUITABLE HXff AtU will be paid on ret u nil of n la 14 Heat Thirty third etreet. I out- a draft rasr ho. at bixtt datb* bioiit, J on Meesra. Belmoot A oo , made a> Ban K rani woo by B. 1 avldnon May. and acoeplad iy Helmont A Oo. All persons are hereby t milled from regoUaiing the M?e u payment baa been ?topi>ed The fla<ler. by leering the mm at the deak of Lorejoy's dotal, will be suitably rewarded akpbkw smith. LOMT-BY A TOUNO LADY. ON TT'Mn > T MORNING, about eight oV'ook, while eroasing Knit n ferrr. or in paaslag through Fulton, William and Bee loan stroets. the Park and Broadway to Walker street, a 'told Link fluard I bain, with a Me representing a bnnch if grapes aid lea/, to whieh was attache! a sold pencil, w'thout Up, and a ??* turn aired gold locket, r>>nulnln< the Ukeueaa of a dereaa.>d fvih'r aud tie hair at a deeeaaed mother . with the Initial* (J It. on tbe oti-sMe. Ihe ficder will piease leave It with B O. Hhaw A Co , tU Walker etreet Hew York, and reoe lie the ir.anktof the lueer. N B ?Pawnbrokers wll please stop the sal 1 aitleles if cBerad atid Inform the loter. LOST OR BTOLBK FROM THE MAIU?-OCg l*OT?, oeed in a letter directed lo f? W r>itnnaa. Pr*.ikl n Bhsei e unly. >e? Jersey. B*M no?? was for I ?nlve huadreil and IWTSty nine dollars sod ninety eight rents, drawn lo jus own irdar, a1 eight months fr in eptember It, U6d. All par* le? are hereby ?a'a>d agalnat ne:? tlatlng said no. a as ii baa beet oaiotiled and payn ml n opio-1 bOIiOMUN I HaST. iT9 troadvraT. r OST--OF TI1K ISTH, AT TA Tl/jR'd LOWRK HA Li I'v e a bniwn leather PorkelboA, eoatalaln,.' ib >nt fii The i.nder will he ?'ifab y rewarded by Isavlng tae aaine at the df*k In Ta, lor a '>\v m I OUT- KKTIFIOvTB HO. 113 OK 1M5^ MUTUAL IN J turaore ' omparj srrlp, In name of Barnaul BodiOH*. ft rTiir lie of no ute to nrr one wi boul the power of a'tvnfr Ibe finder wll! mack oblige tbe SttMerlber by leartns Ii at li lteekm&n alieet HTgt'HKK P AUL STOLEN. ? IK WHOBVKR TOOB THK TRUNK FROM 1 Maiden lane Uia m irking, will retarn the memirand'i a b<* k?, papers, An (/ do use to any one bnt tkeowjr, th ot:nh the Post ofllie or rtberwlae, kauiiab'e rewa'd will be liver and no qneettoos uk*d. QTOLSM? OM niisiuv NIiiHT. NOV 1.1. A I) AUK O bay Mare, lh<* two h.od fe?t white aud oae fore foot, Msck ?all end mace, and white a jot on left side of her ha*k ; it an it 7 >?ar?old A reward o' #15 will 1* pu.i on return.n* see to t>e owi>er, Patrtck MeToy, Ninety jetjnd ? jeet, between Fourth and Fifth avenu.s BBWAHIW. PB<X'l A M ATIt 'N - $*<IU KKWaKI) -ff HKdKiil, THO tr*s < "fi-ifcy ?** A in an *JTr*r a b: 'i t<nk plxca la LunrMii tirwt. lo tbli c'tv, ?? tbo ovralnc at ibo 21 of K ,'r-a ir- mo , un' ?n? m< > Ully woun tad. ? > iu ?t t? JmJ in Iba City Hoaj it-I on the fo 1 lib of ?nvr iii?'l'i. And wlnn-A*, the mrrrferrr or iniirjarera ?r? ill. II ?' l*r/o And ?<* ui.krowa lo ih? ptib'le Authoring Noir, luerr'ore, I hVrnando J, Ma or of tha t It of New ' or*, la v trNVM of IS.: viihorliy In m? treat d, itn b?rel r otfir 11 r??ud of (he baodrad J >: 1 f?,r the i:.pprrl en n >n nod . m'lctlon of U>e pnram or p?mni ? ho n.U'drred tbe katil ' bo t sj (!uiotkj to he p*1 1 o.i the ,-er Uflealc of the liindi't Attorney or Jr.tnit n( thudtnrt hist >re ?b!' I'. 'b" e JJ p. *?oa < ' p<"r?Ki? ?ti* I re c- u*l.:UiI h?i ?uob ronrli-t. r * w? obtained Ui -? >u*b the m e c i of lb-) D*rt / rU m Itik the lea-rd the A:)fclla*tio.J tor hv.1 nnuj -nut <mi rnfc'i w?lpi> I*ra'?d?)i after inch rmrtlonoUie wu* -m III lie il'trrgariiFd In win in *hnri? f I h??e be-rtfi ?r I my hn 1 And ??Al of i Bi<v ki tbe i IB lla 1 I the i lily o' Rea- >ork on tbk fcb day Ot itmagNr, A. It. iMli intbARDii ffiK Il, N*yor. ?(?) REWARD -LOST, BETWEEN BROADW WY A*i> I y?-l f'irat ik'erun *nrt M Ma k'li | lac?. & lAdl-? cbia-xl inld > 'U? Knul: la. The ti : ler a II re<)?l?r Iba bVire r? Wild liy lenvl. (! " At No )1 plAti. N. V KKVA^l' -LOf?T OK U K-WAY, THE 13TU IN-IT., a black inl tan Teirler Sljt; ban ihw hat bAnflnf; Aii'Witv |ri lie u?me of Faliy. A I r'>- At ;t? k*? Tarrl/th at. Sr REWARD -' Off A LAR'IS BLACK WKWROVRD i) I* u I'm, with h 'bllD murk m bu bre*?t And 'nil Mpped ?!? ?bit*. k be rb-ir# ?ewArd wllj be p*ld bf brtnr li-K fclui <?> tx> I'owl fct OermAi.i. cornar of Ftftt at?oi ia and Iwfflty ?treet REGARD -LOST. ON THKHDAV HOKNIMO, BR *P' f imr* n I0u4 lioilnek h r*l ftwtvntr Hta< io 1 wt-nly fonr'li strret In butb ATrnna, the front of Uw- buiting i ?aa U a ladi ?!' Antrb, blnr ?r I ?oM anAmallrd, wllh lalt Al< on It The iihore riwn/ I will Ue PAlJ on teATlnr H At M Hr<iad? %j, room 3U ft)~ IHill W9MW FROM THE t HRKKH (IF O ? ? ' 1 blr1? itr~*t un ? A?eou?, A nx t q) w?ro? |)?tuv?d blark wtlh r?d ?trt >aa. ?r?y H r*e, 15<, VAD(t* bi*l., ligbt Awil-b 1*1, vd A a mmon HArnaan K UKW/lKl) -W1IEBK II FKTKR JiHIVHIIPU ? / l*r, a nnliTa of Miir'f . !*rn?alv Wl>?? Iahi liet'd of wna In tb? fiito'iiy nt Mr Kltkela* nrw M u. iw. Pa nv In IH?i i he ?hov?. rrw?rd *?ll! be pr anplly i Akt by hi? >1* >u bier 'Aih?itna for ?nr>i tii'o|m*uoa aa will lent hi flat lila ?b> t r*tu. iti im J.reri i r A alter or art>l)l"( to liAury hrlAr;. 41 fon>U free?. Va* Tork $2 A MIMKLLWROIK. T KVBRDit. l.'S, KO *1 UHOAIIW A V -THK K I tH.lM Kbo lor Wedding 0*rra. A oompArtaoa wub otBara la l?? ei l> H. WII1TK4 AMRRI"AK ^*IJ'"?K CO?R^ l?Y?r?? IA an'l All otbar dl*? a cv tmt b? In^l **>iu >n. Fir??J< all the pitr -I. .1 ;-ro.? ra U> > itgbmtt tbe I n.lej llltw It .iy " tiyfc. a I ula ai..t | i^RiNoii Ki f w ,? ;i,ni,?f.? an n r>rit!*o-t.ADnM P ail' i'bll< H-i' ? ura<a*< made of i lk WBW woi.lan m? t'no, ti (? or eiriiPo(<i<r."l e aaned wiian' 'Aktnjr lfc?ni ' plrcrt i '?virl?i irtiaTBinu > I nny kind Kbaala of aH ; a'.w'r rWv . ' ilvej. uw U' ? ?iidl.?e iitvloa r'f?<al Ml Urt'ol. Ce lt?lt aiH tja t ?,???( ?( ir^Aa- ico ertAT.- A oil m bi'it i i?:'i?( wh"> . eArtuee'; r?n i|-m? ? t'ula, Pana Vea'n S'fl l.tia. *r , rle^ia! nr iltel ??Ith nt rlppina. aV kl'da o' p! ?ln An1 f? Ilj tii r> * Ko \M Uniofkir Hfer;. eau r.>mneo' I'r ilw?i K L<)Rt>. /11NH, 1 iFLKM. MlTOUVKAK, *?) THB LAROWT, J Au : {>? - J! aawtaM 't of <Jrr? a. Her >1*1 ,n, lt:'?ri.a V w'-K >?a. rce Una* "l Ibe e*y at KKtV I .1 ? . I *na" 1 K'.re V <ti%Jka r - tii? 411 f ?il? wi rxnkar a* mammal ,*'FK*T RWH'iT OH If I'ObOllli MlfUI. krtVF ? T ice? Only 'S craH p^r n lire JirNiile i rn I>-ihi* Jly , en 1 sad ?' twpal, I !am i r In < ?.' ra. Hi- ' lio>; \ la.t.m a. 1 ln*H*,i >o Cm '? ?n c'A1* ? t ' i'.e ? #t a' I ?? A'e* aoaa*arttv a lar^a j?mi'i _i i f fai.e* K^rll"b ^al Franca l"ap?'a iHv>v !?? RVM., I IV t-n'arajr, b(t VMS f * en i ourih Aa.l I ?? li u t b a',: #eta Gas hl'haejvh The AT urilbf la tw -'-rttar dlrard, Aa * baa e? bA"< frm . n.. tbe J rat mAkura In lti)?luij. naa Jala or usut- b Tina ? " ?*?, Alan liana* i I**aTi a of ?*_"* ??rl"<y. ( if n-ir own m?ka ?la>. tall And Rata' Wln? t"."r?eeB, Htvu irl'i.lMi K."k?<( fa- porta baa, t'ercnrr < apa, HaflBfip j ew itn ?r it imera. Hum * t'ia.Aa?rv Ar A'ao a (utiartor art' i' liur nar Plyara, A>. ataaa. T. O AHROUL Vkat 'ictarar and Mporvr ??7 It ?.?*?? aire<H, 5 1. IA I > I V- ? t*'i i BluHHRN i LIN IN H?M fOQEOEH; j all k ? 1? 1 1 p air aewn* 1 it* by W#a?tar A w t? .va crv rhiue - . * ?>? in->n at par >a?<i, at ftl klnatia laaa rear but a*. aTEW Mi l>riRBART. FvJR ?0?:?1? ARD t-HIT. la drea. UAHe- ad *?er'i?, ia Attee^aii br lady pbrav jiaa Tl? dta.-eaa^ry i* ' p*a fro* * to in a <t. Urtta am nkH tip* frra at aamnl fo> pai'*ai? la t*? bonaa. *? vrn wmjt Pro I K~ PFV mv ? WaRTR IK - pTTr'~ ? 'Uialn V,d and r?? F>-nak?a, at a laaax Able i ? r niL apply at V> baft Hr>Al*ay. Koovtwo o f in* *4iCiHtjtr* <"an^ A'f n( njK*iri,i r,'T, !?,.? arat PHmr. ru>n anoi ?1 r>?t?trite4 rala male* a?!' 'an i r.f?w. !<.,?> >?a irwaa tbe <?' .'? of tba ?k*a?-i?y, F f, II'ImU. :. ?'i#t, li.a Ynrtl rRrN r h t<- join* r*rr"?nH fir** Vieer en 1 leip'-r-er. b4 I'.r >adiray. (*>rn..r.?f t*ellater?., am* TW I'nibda ay. re<r r .nrta atrert ".Wa le*ti?? Trnka, L'reta Tronka, Ae . for ab> I tab aa . Kom ??n tra'? lua ?' Pfclta ?>^e Tta* :t|rg Al?* >? b ? < I" ?? rv?; ?*)?.' Ueairii't iu? UrAkHH-Dt A Tl ll* * I < I. A lit A SI ft.; AT ION A? Ty co mi 'iM'e?a r K i'.*l:>K 4 I'^tdxy, 4* J linn loTRkigt ' t ?>? h ? or HKi ?6.U"" tLacti'.le r if' '.lie ik m Rami Rnma mi M>o*?. >' . b '<a .'ewel rr. tin i.orla rlrfSpA a I e?i.t,' nl II >?i? ? ?ii i I at a lb ?t iii> *'ir> in tb* e.f if a 1 Ar?e ? ai ety rf frnrt. I. HO'W * BroailwAt, Ma* It. IKIAHDIM. AM) IdlllOIMi. AI Kl? ? Al.HK?N i'tAi'l F<o Rid ^f H<*t a fl.Ag bark Pari'*. ile.v a >'111 of r; Ktna, o:i >ar m<t A I bird foora In VI a tb H*A'd. to #'i -le fni aati o> (,?. t>-j A'*l t ieir a eaa Uimae IVrat rlwa. wi'b a'I tba r,><. n. n prorveaaia. b WDT WIRbWI WO?fAl.' HOaRD I* A PRITATI A faml'* wb^re Inili iwU a> ? ? t ja t i*r era" a a ?a eqoi**i-i t for pnaidL biUreaa. (or ibrt* .n>? ? M . Herald Ofll, a, K? IM _ Arm iv An FAkrn.T Rvnatna at no. t? rpriy aeauad (traaA, ?UI kt A plena* at rrr.ul 1 *>? rm KACad # i?t, kn a re?U?*<?-i ej.^ ?1fa !?eii r*af le r**l ?a?e? a.ib xraal am b>d fall imrl If ran or- ad. <KK)I> SIZRO FO 'RTB RTt?RT FRONT ROt)W To !?? *t?b F ard lute f 1*1 alii pie ien'<e- n. *? -."A Weat VniirV??iUiarea< Raf. rareaa ak ?haigei l? ni-ar at li A i ? i a faa.ii ? amiimru ai kn i uikiiuy ; Ta rtre Twenlj th'r.l a!r~e? won ' < *. ? Ui ? * n nl y aftk h *rd for tee *u i er. < a r**a ?At>le leraia MH8HOB9B vu4 i.kV, ?t iTT~?ku 4??v f?r:,,ab?il f i nl Rial* la A hmiar akr>e R-".!!!.. baaemant b ?i?e, in a aat.l'e.nAii an-l alia or tin ai.,^ie tni l^iaert Oaa batb, ?e fa in r*at Twer. "A atreet. Bear leaad >*i?iiA A~~lb? MNUI.R URNT i.b V A..N i'AN ?lNI? cT.R \S k l*f Ror.1*.*, ?l>k R^aeil. la ? am*l' f ??tl*. arbar? tb? r -n lorla '< A b>w i ?o l? r aj.irad 8efan>?<??? et^..tnial i "ail far iwodAya at Ureatiirt'b air?ei n?-^r d rtw TotrRfi RriraLR otkt' bman. ri RfAjWi^, ?taheaa alt? l.rabki Bt. In a b . . ?b*-ebe>an bate ?ofee aj r ee a ^ ; e ar<ieir Ue?| re ? y>- aa R#;?. lar l??ntlni: lemea adil a. A m\ s au . pat. ?r? t' W W , lleraW AOWn.wVtTur T'l* 'W*? aMW.r* { (antlrmea e?i i>e ?-i.., a ,H as | rlent I R MHkm aa 'rn e < w <m Roai I. ?* a rr?>-* a HwA' v , I Kafeeetraa ? lunt Mrt % i ah If f ana ?d , BOAKUIkU AND LODUlfttt. Abtrioily f k i v \ f k riu;i.r uhi^visij a coirfortafiie hosae In Forit aufh street, b at w<??i, F!1fc and Bills avenura wouid Ilk - to Ut ft well furnished Farina aod or* or twj Be roOM fur parilcul an pleas* adilmsi Forty-stiil frtreet Herald ofhce. A parlor amiwio* two RipttooM*. w.'a A ni(VfrD iimom entente, furnished baoil* me!) , a tt.-nt elia, ku** anlial teMe *o ?io<il>est opportanHf to sic ore a drtrat e Reference# entv{>,: *pi>)v at No. 9 (ft Clement's plaoe, toatrfou*al htm, b'tb house fivm Ki^utk at ALAROB FI.KA.RANT FURNTSHHD HUIT Of ROOMS lo !ft with Board, in a gentleman -ud wlf* or tingle a tltmni i>ltsi ttrer? exchMi^ed. Apply a. 3tU Kottm.U street, IMr J afayrtte j.laee ALAHY OAK REI'EIVM A PEW FAMILlCB AND ?entlem n wit* Board. prime l*Me If deatred, rooms lo inrt or R'ml'. on tint and aeooud II jOi haiidvjn.rty far niated with al m aiern iapru??m>nii, location desirable. Jtp'ilj a' l.Md Hr acwa y, dmt Thirty eooond street, Oo iiM aide. 1 MaLer at 6 o'clock. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES BOARD. WITH A WIDOW iadv , whora there are do other boarders Address A. M. II., ltruaduay Pnst oScs The terms must be moderate. APR1VAT* FAMILT. RRM1DIN > IN A GONVMNIKNT trtl pleasant nkrt of South Brooklyn, wwtld like to let one or two comfortable Rooms, with Hoard to a gentleman and wife or to two K<-i:Uem?>o. Th? room* contain cat and grates; one of them nommur.Wtet with a bath rooa la whleh are bnt, ro*<l and ?hower bathe There are do chidren. and ali the crm'r rc of a quiet home c? i teenjiyed. Kefereuoen eich ii ntd . Address SjmervUe, Brooklyu Pont office. 4LAROM HI**, WKI.I. FURNISHED PROMT ROOM and HnlMin a<lj <lmuc. on se Uxr. al o Rovm no upper floor, to le . w tb Hoard; huuse has all the landers im prorrmsnts Apply at 108 Waverley place, four front V? ash U KtCD sq uare A GENTLEMAN AMD KTR SISTER, VIET RMBPMCTA bly concerted, would like to ob ain Board In a private family, livlo* belwern Pi'th and Mnth avenues, at moderate prices b??t of references given. Adlrens J. W O, Herald office, for U ree days. A -MAI.L FAdll.Y WOULD LET TOOBTHKR OR BR psrateiy a suit of neatly fuminhed Rnooa on aeootid Voir, t'i ?c tlemaa with pattial Boa d if deeired: reference et tliw'ticd App yatyi West Rle'enthatreet, new Fifth avenu i API.WA3ANT THIRD 8TORT ROOM WTIX BM I-MT, ?i:h 1<< :?nl to (.ne or two ainde trentlamen. o? keotlemao hi d wile. Kk allon very desirable and ooaveulent to ears and i.t?p*-a Reirrenees fii:ib?n|{e<t. Call for three days tt Sfl J (in Twenty aaoord street. ^ Ply at W ^ T^r,^0"^ T-?' A WIDOW LAnr. HAVINO A LA ROM AMD HAND scmeir furtusheil lloaae, with more room thaa the re quires, will lft to iw l I'tueo newly ftuxU bed Rooma, la sulta or srpor&tely, * In or wlthoal partla' Uiarl; famllv anall and private; i e'fbborhool anezoeptlnaubie. Apply at 127 Rast thlriectth HWtct, two blocks from Broadway. AGFMT..KMAN WISHES A KRATLT P IRNtfUBO Koittn wlih Hreakfas', In aatHotly private fK-ully. where no other *i'i<t eoii u boaidera are i?ken Mtate full partl-ntl*?, 'ocat'en lema. uuan>?r of inrnaloa In family, Ac. aad ad uitna C. P. 1< , French's iiotel, r ?a 0). *NA??KIOAN LAI/Y, HAvITO A VRRT MICSLT A. ftirn i bed b ?"??> In a l <c*fl< r acxenaihle to riri<vd*ay Ptaces. wl?he.?to let some Rooms to (ent'.rme ?; honae bei K vert quiet M'd prlvHtc, tatlujao Doauders t al! at 177 tirsane street, Lear blee'ker. AtMALI. VRIVATR 'aMILY. LI'IMO lNTHRIRO*M h...,w. w ntld rent to a pa ty of two or th"**, who are alhlri; t" i ay a remon^rative priee, a haadaumely fu-ntahed sulti'! Koirsa, wl'b ii or I. htaara and ear* leave the o tt for every part o( the city inquire at 73 Went Thirty auiODd atrrot ATMCUNTt N H,*?Tl.:-ONK FIRST (H.ASH P1MII.T can be too, minoiatrd with a fine suit of Roome oa first flor>r a? o eioei'etil l?. a d. one <>r two *inK'e bo< aia, nultaMe f r fentletl.eii ?wef?r?nee? exeba aed Aiit?my?N a?d wive, oa a family, can b ve a ^ ell fnro'rh -d anlt of Koona on seor 1 It > -.r. ? ubjood tH .ird, In a private Freet h faoi'y, at 170 Went hit. aevrnt" ?t?et A so <1. 0)>|> irtunity for tao?e deair>i i of lr?-nl?j| Krw.cb aadtcuue. t HIM.I. PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN THBIR "V own honae u il rei.t tj a MU( ? K-ut^eniau two miuly liirrihhe.1 iront Pootx a on third (1 k*, ??Wio'it 'toir.t at a re* sou ab.'? rate; modare brown ail am h iua* all InorvraMaiii pletraut iirUh'Mi boo<i Y i West ibnj iti >ad ?tievt. be ween Kiglrli *'>d KiMh ?tenu<^. A few I'jwiST n umsavD boom# to i,kt i? tixr 4 ,/nNi'i Park Ho '.a , nranoT Hu la >11 M.J !. >1 iSt a\rraia. a fcaanttfal )?> ?thn . IrrmloK Um inn, Mil oorraoleul !>' |>erann? do>. g bu?li s ili>trn Uik u. M e.'i a on lb* Kuroyc.ia plan ajl kt"! ? AIaBGK ThONr PABI.OB OK FIRST Pl.OOR, ANP tttte ft'Miocs a bora, htrnithed, r;af Iia bad, lni"ti?r or ?rrwat' altk or trlib-Ml Roan), rtivntbltj aoia<- hta lha mrdetu itr pr vrTL 01a, md l< catad rWaaauil and (antra ly; larm; iismo'l Au 1 110 flilKroB Apply at No 4 ttt Mark'k place. 4 QKKTLBiIaN ANi- Hit* W1KK CAN OBTAIN A r\. fev rtaomalj f ir l?h>d I nil <>? I'Kk IMn mi a%mii.d (;oor, at It4 ttnvrr'ey plac? hatwwo Waatliutni a-i'iv-a and I Ixtd h???; aim ? *)? rerv <la?ira Me a u;l? A-.otn taro larja pax u-ira uie?.h wm. 14iid?i at 6 o'e! ck. ATRIVAT* FAMJI.T, BS81DINO IN TJTKNTV NINTH alrr* L letrPllik fc.Tr i? uu.i Broad war, baring ai.i*e h' "nil tfhti tbev r?--|iilrp moiiKi lcl ihan, with 'oa-d. t n a t% mil) or air, fit c?M.ra iru. Hater to tSriilef, liulchlae A Jo., 42 Knat fmrlMilk a'rtwl . PUCAtANT HOME MAT Bl POUND fcT AUREKA i\ l ie panlee, t?o Roinn ar.l H'l r. ? .ma in ? r mn and ??lilrd Iloora; tw . plrHaant 1 Uvxm for ? <1? canUatnao on f(uri> Bvor; dinner at I. 16 A?h.*ud placi, oorot-r Watarlry 4 VERY HAND40XBI.Y KCRNHHBP FARUK AND Badrooin. *lw Into aloile Roc uj?. may uow be bad al 'Jt Prim a air- el. *f?i( Hr , rdway. Utnia ooitalaaall tha ao darn u>?r njid ti tuimpted aaciualiely by taana Btn Meala if 4ae' -ad Afmalx pa wily, H A VINO M( rk boom thaw th< > rcq'ura. wr iukt 'at two |/>?aai.'. Rootnv ?tlb partlU K*.' <? lloiiae *(>h id xtarn l?pr"vrm?at?. Call at 171 Weat a.iUi (tract, aaar AiibU afaaua. A(> ? KiMMAN ANO WIPE, OB TWO RINOLB 'JIN u?n!"B. can I* a4e.'>aiin'*U'ait wt'Aa larit# froat Booal and b?l! HM'r kim iriii>A?4 or nafur.nitbnd wkb o- iritboit hord. In ? caai! A<arnoan family at tul (irrnawlck svet<V, oii? d<- r fr< m Br*nk klrrat, aaar W Jiihi'r Paik AUKK1I.BMAN urn WIPK. OB HI Nil LB GENTLE dmi. c?nba *?c ui&ojaiol wlik Booatt aad IkMu J at 412 Po irik iirti'l A PA *11. V WILL I KT hKVE-tAL PIV VHANf PJB D?k?d .li? roi, v |U loll or partfel B >rd IIouis coa tnina nil iba madam imrrorencnu l'?a of nl%no A en |.>n:ib ? b "m? lirntpurarata. App'f at 17?? *??? Thirty nirtb mrrri. Irlirrro haraatk and E.<btk aranuac Neljkbor bivd daai ?bla. 4 PEW IX<?tUU>Tl.f Ftl*IIIHa*I> ROOMH TO I,ET. A wlib Urard, ?r.i' * real! Kooa 19 a rlnfia grnUaaaa, at 177 Ea? Hmadway. Icrm ra?? >n*lil? At e.' ?a?t twbnti poubth ntrkbt-a rkaix private fual'y w ult Ut a (alt rf raaily 1 on tfca ar?-cn ' Jrr, to me or lata *?jtjaa?"?. wl.b full or partial b CrtrUe lab'a Hnal AWIP'iW UCT, UVIR1 RKf.RIlt C4Na:OOM ??:??>?? alv ) aal *?nW n ?<* .'or IkeiMlj^nly, 1' <J?i ?>?, >?' r ? ~rt . t .ti ?! I. ? 1 > 11 1 town Ad t'maafjrt* d? 1 Bra 1. iladow i'- >.? 1 h'iv . Poat .Sea. . unrri.utN ^ 11 win ob i <vu sir >li osn St t . -i- mi ?- n ? . x' I s mi it un.i Jam ?bad ot 1 V 1 ?! wiifc Kna d 1 P' ' >t t ? ') .?'.-iad (tro-i, be irrt n ait'.h ki d . rtrBtk .trtur-.. Fa\ II Y. Qk>TIBMAM AND WIPB OB RINOLE V zriliTDi'ii. rati h?<? 1 ??n? oa tb* irroad 600 r, with Bo*id in a dm i laaa boo?a, onaranlrnt to oara andatA??a AVP'1 utt U? mrcot. bataeaa Biaaakcr aad FaorU ?tr?at? l NJfE'.T rrRRiaCBD Bl OM. WITH A PIRK 'LACE. V w ? !? 'mi r 1 ? > *ao!l?t?eu Raal W p?r Moath. Ap p' at M" l'ilcacatr<al PUT -TT PAMTI.T ARB PBMIBOC8 OP l.irriNO V twoortbraa nicely faruitluM Roooac. oa ih# tb'rd llior; t .1 #*?'. 1 t ? 'ir.r.i d| t'oa*''l? r?f# auraa ?t< aa ? a 1 rf"i'it* rl ?i plj al ulrret. l/atwr?a H ararlry pUcr aad Uioti ?a; t PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD Ai'' JNMiDaT* A A imi i.j.i wifa wik Board. looat..)? wrat 01 and aaar ri.'ih nail lii >1 Paitiat wbi ara m aaarrh of a bnaa a ad I I rl* w 11 P>?ar a.1 ''??a R . Ilrral.) nft*. . T.AI>* PE-IRH *0 ORTAIW ROOM AND H'lABD \ II a b.?i*e ?b?.ri> Ia?r? ara b.i- ona II' two or an boardara a?d ? t#-r ?' anforta of a hcjtaoao br ti: nil Lo'ati ?i oaa I'ai tri*? aiodaraia Addtraa A. J H . .irra'.ii ?a ? AT No 91 n.IHTON PT.ACB-TWi? OR THREE V ] ?ir* r.? io eta oSuua itouoii anth r>-d.k.iri. R?'?r?D-~a ?l???i ?? A rrqnlrad t rn\ \tb i .'.ki h 1 amu t pwire to *"<? >m D ar a nl > naii aad wir* or lara ii?a# rau .hbiii ?? !b II >rA ri. nndaral M#rw?a Yba I- taki >a la pl-Hivni, and r.?a?? ??? 'iirat'Srd ? itl> arary e uTtatroMi An. If f * ma ??? kl !?' Waa: HrrtU brtwtra naratiUi and bi*h>h airkoa* IK I *KNT!?Tr PI R PVT. CORNEK OP FOHRTH ?A. ! ? ?-? V? r'*a-a-,i I! 1 iaia to I at to c*>tt*u*a an! barr mill or a?<-*l? (tctiaaiaa. UO'IM and tojatloa Aral rlaaa 4 R ov \?1 I.aR i* ? E'fROON ON FB0OND FLOOR .?Y ar 1 1' i'l 't- d "? *n 00 ibl-d doir ai -,j ha I. vl. w Ik it >*rd. ?? I If fMflkw > "~i?d tiraat m.darn h uaa *all l.? rat^l i?M? <r ni< r. ?k Call far two daya Rafi raacoa (lrkU(iA 1 FI1R. I A HUE F i RNtkHIO ROOM TO LBT-WItU A H tM, 1,1 * iff|>Tin till Mi al'r PaatRp ?oiMI. I>t?. nar al ( o'aloak. r?rttu it.iv*^ a a, A anal ICvin r?r a am a ? 1 -(liriraB. Ap^ly at IfP Waal Tbl.-ty Mt'ilh r'-i>M artr hi?hik aranua 1)R. WlJirRA. B t Y' VR?) WIPvlW- IIK'KJ yTITE AI.ONE W ?CLD a (a?l ?Riaa ti i- trxl. houw ha? baih and (aa; rr,rP\?Va rai 1 Nov n?ad a-p'r Vul iSiaa wlJiau o ,.?? 1 r t ra- 1 a?a ?i^m> ?->.)?! "ra B?ai n' ra'amooaa If ra ?t'tlrad *?'???? i<,luratintrtl,rtlMI.'? BOtRD-t prRR OIEP BOOM WITH BOaRP. TO ? t*-a a t an ard wMa or a ilrtlr laat rran Apply at IX) Jtaat 1 bl'li*lf alrart KO?RP-I!A\'I>;i VV|,t FrRPIMTRD BOo?B ro LEF, *nh H* 4, in a I ?' ran prltata t*a, whh alt I ha aao ?.ara I ??? ?Trann 7'.' Aa?t "I watfli atrial. 1 aar K- ladway, oiaof th . -at Inrat .ma ?? iboetty. OA HP A I tin* FROBT HALt. RT0ROOM. OH 1 lhr f<?-?ltff.>t aolry, *c , lo lai to a inula (aaun man t>*?i 1 an ,?|pli al ho > Hank atrial J * 4 R|t -4 FIT i.tsTLINEt. ?ni! THFIR WITRC r> a IV Khok'rw *1. r'ai raatiraWa r?a ha arv im m 1 latail a Ik f'a?a?rt fLi-111' lVv.rn na 'aa?-.naH?a tr'wia, al *a laai a rr U ml i"?n tt WMiaka.i and antitk ktraot M Hwlk farry |? l?pn A Ol EfTLKlMN ARC Wir? OAS OBTAIN 4 If ?ary p a?a?t area, oa |tia 4 llvir, ? r applyta* ai 1U> I *?t ? if.iaai Ik at-art, b. Iwarn Jta "indaal Third avannaa. BOtRP -t?RB?: ?OOMH*CYMWPM'i!*TI?r| To l,BT. with I ai'. aainratj or lofathar. aniiaMa f ir a fa?Ur ar ?! ?la ?<? ,1 -mar i.-<- ?rkia all tka m-Klarn l?priraai*M. A|>P>7 IAI Ka>i tkirtaaaih rtraad. araat of Mand aiaaaa )? iA*l TO |, El . Wf'II BiIARP. OMR BMP BiX)?, I? ?ai? - r a* ~i> K-aUamax Aay t-n? wtahaw tha -.?B.r tn!l nla??? anp'T a*, ho IS' Ra t F .u taanlh Md |,iui^? al ( Al P It Y ? "ma aatla'aatory, Rafaranraa ai |? WRIT. PftfUkntP RJ"/** TO l.ET TO ha. wtu m a'ta at tkMfA. alM. HoiM'ta atraa* aaar BOA It DING AMP LODUI.Vft, OARD-A small FAMILY, BRQUIRIMO BOARD, can tir acuut? ndaterf wlih a auli o< k mkm (aeooed a i ri, e liber furabbadur inrfumlafced; aleo. tw?or three Kumi iMra ktorv. far nrL,anuru or a no* *11 ftilly. Apply at i Wnl 1 neat nereuUi street. Boa*p.-a fkw yolmo mbb cam bb aooommo* satr I with single or iooble Homi, la a t<althy, plea?a?l aa* (join ?r t! losattoe batweaa Hr >ad way sed A*oe plane, Fourth itreet s?.? Aaior pin oe. an bloak with Altar Library. Me W LmfartUa plaoe BOABD AND ROOMS. -ONB <JR MOB K ROOM*. Will or without Board for fl it oiaaa boardsr?. In a bouse o' BOdrrn buproerment* References eiri?\nrel. Unfurnish ed door If desired. Inquire fur 'three 4avs at 110 Foarth areoue. Boa rding ? koknikhrd boomr. with wuan, for single gentlemen hUrea paaa the door ??r in m Li a tea Apply at US Baat Broadway. References ex changed. BOARD. NO -A PROMT PaRLOR AMD RBDBOOM as the ssenod fl rrr. and bark Parlor to first Hw n?wly and handsomely furnished. c?n be had In it private bi im, with Board. Apply at 110 Waat fbii-ty flrvt ttreet, aear J0,4itb area tie. Boarding ? siKTLinir *?ro wocld apprb rlale the rowforu of a rest' el home, liberal end supe I lor partial with full Boar 1 on Km d?y* a?i> b? aoooasn Vati-4 at No 9 Hleerter street. between Broadway and th? Bowery, i ee of par or, (?, bath, Ac BOABB1N0.-8XVRRAI. MIOB BOOMS FOB TOUMO mam or m vrled oooole. Alio a front Parlor on first fl xjr. Tereta 'root IB to B4 par weak. 144 Mulberry (treat, near Snat BOARDING -NKATI.Y FUBNISBBD ROOMS TO LKT, wl'b Board, to ger.t emen and wire* or slv lie panose, at No MS Wat lbl ty 8 -at street A gent-el oelsa lor hrod. and eoorrnleot to cara and ktaxea The house hai all mxtera taj ptOTt veals BOARDlNtV-A ORMTLRMAM OR TWO DR1IROCB of finding permanent H *rd In an American fatally, where (hey i an feel at borne and hw ? 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(latlnj torme whlcli mu?t Li oij- eruit, W. M P., Herald olBee pOARI> WANTB"*? FOH OBN TUBMAN, W1KK. CHILD IJ vi? f(.ur rearr) and tn.rae. Any prltate faml y h?rira more ri im Una tl ?? reonlre, v. II (iad pertaa- -nt b wrder? of thr faltfceat reape.-taputy. Addrraa J. Kiujj, box 'i.jiit Poal ctD:e. Hoard wantbd-b? a gknti.sban and wipr, laarntil! arr eel famllr An Bt'ls'ap k'lan fumli" p-/> f A.'dr'aa, ?lth ttnaa. whih must be rajdcrtUR box 4 0b Po/t ( d i n. HOIBD WANTFD-KV TWO TOt'NO I. VII1KH IN A rma'l farrl'y, w He * lb-r" are no other boarderv; w?t'\ ^ ? idow preferred; boa*d net to tuoeed t *ra A H'csi 1> U , Htrald ( dice HC ARD * aBTBU-RV A I.aDV. IN A SfRCTI.T ?*l rate family, ah' re no other b 'ar ier? are taken, a ?>"a with fir* at>1 raa for ah'eb T5 or ?fl p r ?->ek ?? ,; hi m.ldjlj cation up lowu, Addr ??a H H R , Kx 174 ilerai l oSlre. BROSKLtN -A I.AR'JBBIO fD STORY T ?OM; Af,W on? rm tblrd ?tory hn?h tandama^y 'U'.ilaked, ?>< '?t at 243 Ulrka etreeta near (ertle? Pantries, balj, (as, furoari, A.- I>l ner a) t o'r lock Trrma m?lerat*. doakp iw BR'OtM k -i r*w oa* Oil J? n a?<ee modeled ?!ih iraoi ' <mmt ?nd 3o?'J In one* t>c rnn* t l??.i?it aa<i r-**-nlenl liWInoe of neer aoora- v?. all IV Orn?? T?rmi (tuderalo UtNUM reqnlred Ip ply ?V *7 ' one >'.1 etreei BOARl> IK RKOOK! TIT -TWO OR THRVd FIN ?U K ' liruiee rh& rtnd dralrable Iltma*. with H ju-d. ?l 101 l UiU iifUct, riwp?r oi -i\t? r?nv(?al?at w Weil meet u.U ^?o'b ferrlt* Kitereceea required. BOABP IB HROORI.TR-A CHOICE Rt'lT or WCI.L fumlKtiM) Hif ma. Id e ?rwt claee boo a, vrrT plnuant ]ry H'Mi mi' ?m-?e?l:ile b) own from Bulb o. Wnli ?.rert and Atiaol frTtre, In M isnpb p l '-*Un r wih * ?id <kierd, in a prWMA i ?tnllv oo rraanaeMe lenaa. rnltiiu areuae, aeoood door fran Fiaoklio avroue. BOOR!" 'If RBOOKl/f*.? PLBkRAMT BOnilS. FHR *1 hxi or tmfnrnlebrd. 'or rent -ma/i arv! rl e or ?nialo K< rtleirei.. 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L?d Rene wk re ? lik nt patlel 1o*rd <-?n be ? ?( #?<* 1 ; MP I ?# hi IAS kiieU Hi". 4, a few do re ?a<t of li> ffBVMfO Book* t>? utr- -m m 1..1 HMI r men w'thowt s ?r.< al 1*4 r?trne a r?ei Ol H' IMUE0 ht.OMB TO Utt?A PABUM AR.i H(!< j r Iw"!, Iflr lkr v ???hr?" , aVp h i '?? '??<"??*? ?( I tea -ni'n .?ly. meh'a f -rM. IfMld aprlr ?? M l?r-r r>? r Kim, ?.| rtreet. r .y h ue* wud o* R-t?ltei? Re'.' ! recee nqunri . .. ? ? . . .I,.! I F*i UN Ml BP R'H>*r.-A OOrnJIOBVKBrc H4M0 WW r i Hfn?,kri B)>??ia Ifl Iri, li c??'<eh. - w^anct I t . U)? rtjat'.fii w eeMral ?? 1 werMileM t ) >Hira and *.(?? a?<: i.*r a epiT hi Ml I'.ntMb Ut-e^ rih<*. __ tfrtRlBBM RO<'Mn to i.BT-on r,B?T ob *mns> ( F li'flf. with all ?S. iruitm Ini * ir^a rl< a??r Vfhahl. t ! r?| *r?, wnk or ?l?b-. it Kneed. (??.rm?.t< prr 'e.-.-ed. Ai ?ij kt nviiT mn amrfwhy. ft RMlUMtP R Wl^R-WITB r*RTI?L IK.ABO l? r (Kjnirrd. nr fan of the b"n?e, f?rnieb?e wkk a I tw r. ? ?> tiiep. .e fnr h ?o?rk??hi?* I eealklh f*l. leme >? k.! rmie An 'f a? *>? ^eel kUrtreutb etrrm. yiHK ATBRt'K -TO LBT r.lB TH ? VI <i IK t A r b>r<? atMl bvadmoie ant ?f B???. w !? r?tr; t UetMie an I avt-W'eer m?f>m It anpartfthf i-et tlci r* ? Haew linnw al ft f I'lk aeenae . GrNTI.BMBB Ota riBH RRAUtI?VtAl rt KM hni?.?. *t?|nr Bo?rl l? a pri.ile famt'r >. ,i rlr ai ft! Umi Twretf third eirert two Mirtt 'r-wn II Why. GaWTLBMhR, W1TB TH1IB f \MriJBS MTVR^iM* to the e<r for Ike ?n-?er, mtr da.1 ?d?eai.l ?"*t? ?M I ftr^ee newt* fnrt.i?hed, wltk rHr?t? i?b> nr Bntr^ In the faatny. t>1 mm al ft. Arr'f hi Ml Bmi teaMr e ?hlh atreaa. ( (??*im.l!VFS PFIRTRO BOA BP, WfTH TIIF I M 1 I fn?H aad pr1*i>r?? ? I a hneaa "naT *?d en * ? jr a ?e _e< * at B I ? r?? 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A HA.OE l*?r'or, with Hedri>? i Aljoli-tiu: Alt i, Boumt on ik* eeoood floor, In a hernia fcarlng the modern M*pr ..oaitute end M oale. thre- tulaafcse' wall Iran the tern- Appo at fa SI Orsud etrerl MKH MATTbEWR CAN ACfOOMMODAT* a FM w mor* p?i o4?u?jt or trturteui wiU f ?rk)*a a# di:gle Ron cos and ultk '* wlthnnt tto*rd. Id t?r large u| ..i-ir ijiO(*I'.>.ih h-?i?e 110 Bleei-ker #.-eet. tiro bl.jekg west jt Br*dw*y. A ?rj pLt u^M sad osulrei Ik-aUou Murhat un.h urvff*. ooawss or ftxth ivi Doe aud Fortieth lUOrt -A few rery Jea.rthlr family Aod a'cg c h rati now mux -oplrd will be retted. wUl. tluuiL npi.n reuonabl* Ifrms, ti aid *coo<*aiod\u?E an.; ?-????. 3 AtMtUaa Inrrery O^Aitaun1 _ J. R. HOBTWTOK, rni|iiU4lit NO S WEST TWr.JtTY FIFTJI rtT&F.CT-A FI N? HiJlT of R'i tnii to r?n? on the flrst floor, fae*tshed or 'inrur. nUhrii at lb- Madtgmi Hart Honse. yiraer of Hro?dsr?r ?r1 tur tfcflLee lurnfched, if preferred. Best ?f rafiiinMN qulrtd jo. i ?* v kU'i ntci -n>imi?r hoom-i rem ' ernUr mm, wrtih or wt:i x.t H <-i 1. at Uil Nrn.d U.i"uie vro. 14 kaot revs?tkbnth strekt. mrr^MiK of Fftb arsrue aud Br.?.1??a) ?A "li t f luroiibrd 11? w to let. ou aeeuod eiogMiut: f t .rea Rootua. auliahto f r t ia.a',1 f?m'!v, wi'h i rU>. . . luu'o Ihoho'tae h i* all Um B'ldrrti conT?uieoc?a beferei. ?a nehAcged. vro \ pianc ? fhrwiuhbd rooms ari I* to let Id the bulldl** "? 1 Wanerle.. place, oonarol Brotdway. B.*r3 cad be h?J, If drelred ORB OR TWO h i .MB TO LW-TO 8l?l(4l.K OKNTL? ntea or a g-utlenen si-.d wife, hf a *?*". prlvai? fa-altf wttboot *fc.Jd r-a , nut low: Rrxm ?arge. bnuai ku<M, Ualh, Me. K pi* at 59 Firth ?tre?t c\' H-r to 1 arenae. OKI I.AROK FRoKT it, ? v FtTRWlHUSO OR W9 f uru.'liad lu let. ? nh Moird to a ?nlla*aw tnd ?i'e nr rJi fir g?fit.'mea If.iut" iir?t d?M. *lih all m.ileni imvrur^ mMiia. Plnotr at ati Ap 1, at 161 '*?a: I l ii Hi aal. between Sevectb Aud KUblb Arto jae PRITAtl BOARD IN BROOK LTN - A liBNTIiRM AW aud w'? nan be ar-<nm?9<>dKt*<1 wlti f Kxj 'otrd aalA e mforttl l* h.>me by applying at SI Uai-rt*-n Mit ioot*> bleut to foLlh terry. PRITATK AKP KLKfJAN- BOOMS TO LJIT-WTTH O* wl'hont Ror.rd In aiil'e or a'Djie lxx-?j, )n (lret claM fir? oniot tea' ? a'k fr ira Wall and houUi ferries. Qas oot aad eoM la ba brut*- -a end e err c nmfo'*. u'lth waah: nx fi r e !u tMe ho'iae If deein-d Frlrate table if aiahed. Teraia muMl 1J7 Heoryatrret. Hrooklyn. Hake OrrOBTCMITT -A OKNTLBMAW '1A1? Ottr/UK a rfr> o.ewar.t Kn?, ou fir? fl?r, la * uriTate family, reiMtng ?? SI K*?t Tweo'y fonnh atreet, north* eU aoraerof FooitA Aencue. Room and board.? a i.aimkfrovt room, oh lirw fl'or mo M&dlsoa avetne. Adlrv?i t>. U, Madia** eqf.Are Prat ctBre. MM TO lKT-*irH IKIAKl), AT ?.>7 , Wflf . Tai-n j fl'tt atree' . li j iao cu al n?oJerii la>pr.. -emeaU; gr?J ulgkborhaol. Room to let -a pkiv atr f vmti.t havivo m^rm r??iin lb.., I iVy r?qalr?, wf.iid let a pieaeant third etory IrtrtRoimln use or two neaiUtn-n .? rrMtjoMj'.H leroae, without It arrt Apply at ti7 We i TtaWy lourih ?treet Room to a family (WiruooT oh<l.dekn> would let a p c??anl front Pi'-'or. on ee" nil ^,?ir <o ? grotlMnaa an1 wife, or to one or tw.i a>ug e genUemeD, with ar wl bou. iVjaiM Ajply at Ui W?a; Tweety Brat Mreet. R0OWS WITH PARTXAT. B<?\RO FOR tilNTLKMM. Why be bv t>y avpl>in^ at N'o. Hatnivmd airwH. gra v? gee. hot and cold water Keforenr^g evrlieaged. TW\I TTtBT l.KSIRABT.K FI'HNI^H C "1 BWHS TO t.tT, with Ito^rd, au'ta' le for gentieonen KaC tkelr wires ar tingle gentlrmen. 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