Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 16, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 16, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8835. YORK HERALD. EDITION- FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1800. PRICE TWO CENTS. BlPOBfMT PKOM THE SOIiTU. Tie Legif Jatnre of Virginia Convened by Governor Letoher. IMPORTANT PROCEED, N63 IN GEORalA, fhe Soolh to lokiit upoo the Repeal of the PertoDal Liberty Bills or geccde. The Position of Alexander Hi Stephens aid Senator Toombs. A Call for u Slate (Convention in Alabama. (hand Torchlight Parade of Armed Secessionists at Columbia, Enthusiastic Secession Mass Meeting in Charleston, Ao.. *o.. fee. THE FEELING IN CHARLESTON. Cmautsron, Not. 16, 1840. 1 Another tremer<lons demonstration tx>k place to night , Is welsome the Cbarleeton delegation. Institute Ball ! VM megnlflcently adorned by tbe ladles with motioos, ! >?ni aad ralmelto brandies, and crowds thronged In ?Bd artur.d It 44dresc?s of welcome wors presented amid deaf MtBf ihfcra, and Stste Senator* Porter and Lo MM, and Representatives Butat, O'Connor, Whitley, Freobclm, Yeadon, Pope, Ramsay, Simon too, Collin and Others dfliverei stirring addresses, all breathing ihc sen- j Hmenl that there was no alternative left South Carolina 1 ?are tatlaiit ?> com Ion or eternal disgrace and ruin. k th?i courrc of the prooeedlngs Mayor Macbeth, who prtsldid, Md a despatch from Genera) Bon ham, an aouM tg that he was out of the Cn!on, having resigned ?a aeat in Ooogress. The news waa reoeivod with a karat ef enthusiasm. Pfwuree and r ckets arc now blazing outside tbe hall. The limitary Committees tow titling In Columbia, dnr ?a tbe rrceas, are understood to bo adopting tbe most tm r%r |,r on aaurea to arm tia State to the teeth. Tbe Lift'Kla'ure on tbe 8rst day of the regular sear lac wGI unanimously pus the bills reported. T??. principal Jobbing merchants to day raised an !m ?ease liberty pole at tbe corner of Hayne and Meeting Streets, from which none but Palmetto flajs will ever ware. Tbe government ofnea's all orer tbe State continue ?ending la their realgbatlona. PARADE OP MINUTE MEN AT COLUMBIA. Coirrau. S C , Nor. 16, 1660. Bis hundred Micttte Men. with the military and Ore men, tamed nut here lait nigh; In a grand torchlight pro essslon <n taos'?r of recewljn. A moetlng waa afterwards held, at which Spraker Or r made a speech, espousing se cession Be was f< iv.wi.d *>y Mr Kdtt and ittc-s. 11m State Fair la progressing satisfactorily. THE EXCITEMENT BPREaDINQ IN OEOROIA. Mjco*, Nov 16, 1S00. 1!>C Smate has passed, ato onatlmoujly, the bill ap propriating one million el dolls's, at the rtlscro.lon of tho Soverior, (or the defence of tae - ate Tbe Jo tit Oo3Biitt>w on tbe atateof Uie Republic agreed VMUilmoosiy to report a bill frr calling a convention of Ihe people, jrtth a preamble recommending resistance It la nndersUod that Got. B .>wn, B Stephens, B T. Johnson, Lliitoo Stephana, T. R Cobb, and all other leading men, have acOovaed the bill, and that It will pas* aaanlasoua4y. Tbe legislators differ somewhat oa tbe mode of resistance, but the immediate secession men have a large n- .j?rt'y. A H Ktephocs *.->oke at MiHedgevllls tut night. Be flSTored the 8taU> O'STcntlon demin 'Irg of the r'Mtes which &??* LUiilUtd the F-gltlTe Slave law to repeal their salt, aiid apon their re'usal, w-iob wss certain, 'Jtm the "c *h or- Id go nnt with c "in hands. Tbe ci?wd c?iita for Mr. Jackson, of Savuicab, acd a sfarp diacjesi n Wowed, Mr Jacksoa e peeking strongly for tabulate iecc?et"n Ik' h m tbe f.-eilng in Savannah that It is hard work W> prevent It* t^fultC'j (roa> upon Port Poiaakl V 1 1 G? , Sat. if. 1M0 Itfr ?u '?oerVerable dt?ec*al-? In the Senato to-d*s OB tba wis nferrltjr tUc Bullion app.o,</tatioa b! I for irmi ?ad ininlilci to th* F na^oe Co**lt'.ec Tba VU1 prortdm u?( th<i oci bi 7 b< rubject to In* cuutrol .. tbo Uov.ruor. VUu y (4- ]*to/a obj.ctud t? pladtag lh? rworu anil ihe purae Id I be ?am'. b?n<t?, ?b?n th pr ? paMd fei? rec.ce laU-l 7h j bill proooed ia r^ultr or<J< r anil will p?M A bit! ?aa Introduced tuip odlof llic Oi 1 cuou ar debit ?Dill 1M1 I-*I>1 o??j r. A mol .vl <o WM Utrodaood firlnr power to the (* >?? r ?or, la oj?# o* fed r?l on?r?i<ra heir-g i-.mi -y ? I aft nat ? MOCl'VK : !?to, to eupl y lh? i If.cU il u I Ury r >?.-?? ?fQtoig a to nwiat ittco omroloa. To i? roaviu.lua wi pm Seaa' or TuofflM n ?le & po earful tpeeMi-vo npnecik Ur t ?Igfcl Mr Bvl"* followed. or<ltj the .c?nb.?tn??a'. of a ion hmn eocfr^rracy with a-ircr?l<niy la -bo fader... power, K.d tiiftl >11 B*?te line* b? 09iu?r*?l . The kfcu.b( rat Q Of kit parix ? had a *?>??/? r**!* Uday Hdoiu w utif if-M,! w I *UtoOoareutlna Ta./ r qfrnieo ' tea -taooa, tb? ti n" and ?-"!? to b> settled bj th? C?.LT.Lt|->6. r,o?1 fte'i r.< p*era!ltd OCR HA CO If Ct>BHBffrOWni?CS. tUfXW, OA., N'otr. I, 1V0 Pliitictl F^rm. nf-~ H-V itr.4 thvf'mi Mm .Trrn^ t j flbu'A trs? S..U n n a'iim <<f tk* .Vu ih m ? *1*1 K/j ul i. an /*? y Ckor/rj ?VA tV mdinji of IV Mumm (Xhtent-? Itinuit Jf-? ? Orwyi (bd H'ttnf nn R? .> lifu? /*./ for lkr>nce?n*vt lm^rrteHm~ r?* <Vo rioiMl flat Vtkm Own, <fc I porp> ?<? itTinf 1 os ? ?b?rt oorourt of pnb'.lo feer*. I> r ????, ?* ftn mi J b* ?w?-r, Hi la % perfw t.Ult*?l fernrat, caund by I be oearwb?iaiiio| m?J >rltl?n flew to Abr*h?m I mm, a la the act I ??trrj ? a *?, ar. mtr.rttf oa tbat by b'r Heotlo? the North baa datern oed to fat lea nr o u* a BktunuU adaia'atratloa ?bUJ> la to b9 krevrdly boat))* to oar grmtoat asd lodtaptaaabla in dM trial lotenrt* With tbl* rlew of the caae, an loon iMarlnf tbc Norlbero A La tea and the fleet Prealdaot, sot Wly wholly antl ?l?Tary, bat ao'MBB'y ooin -allied to an M trrepeeaaibla o^tfilol" affalnm our peculiar laatitatlou of ahtTery, a w?o(Iiet whioh b'lH Itaelf to aiutrmlnata Mr rlfbi to oar alara f roperty , ?b eh rifht wa ara da tarialaad t? mi atola, we eanaot ba olh-TWlae thaa ?*? alto 4 Without b?iBf*o aitrrn>l*t, Georfta tu ta^an h\fh aad paieioata ,d?, bar aetkw will ba gaidai by w? doin, juatloe atid BicJ ratios, tad whU ?ba doaa ?*; be oo??vt?-ed Ua noaraa wbieb win ba tafcao by the aatlra ?oo'h lei me th eraffeta IP form you ?tiB?what of the ata * of aCa'.ra hrra tftrapgaaa It nay ap war Wfoo, ua ?Ur< sjeat adrooate* It* icaUut asd decMIra Waw? adtKa are lb? Bell asd IVor'ea mea, while th-re waa a baf* priear e1?r the n.loo they ftro-ra tar It w tb a Mfteita. ?a that Ir rok * the hi?U?t a taalratlia; hot now wM the dM la c.tst, bb1 wImh the Map kx or afaioa' HulL. ra r'?Lle aad Raathara boa or mnat ba takes, they are foor 1 rhoeidar la ah^ildar with tha Areok lartdf > *ea, ardecl lo Ibdi' m*lateaaooe af our rtghta; aid a? wa lU m Jm attar m(-wi nty of mir orar ?Mm| the orerwheiettBf aetl Warery M^orttMi or tr free "tout, an.1 aaa therefore look torward to aothlrf bat tBFertortijr aad raaaaim ia th* Dal- a, wa iW* <>Whal, mthar thaa eatmit U> iwh ? de(r?dat*<-a, ud pw^rably lo wKbdraw I**, ??r? bU taolfai da?ae?i, aitoa af the Anatharo fwft Ikq ao longer qui eapeot peace, turmiy or jaetkis to llltl Union wbloh to endeared to Item by so ua; bely Uef, and t round which olaater so atojr beiorei wi?? UaM; and though they lem that Union, they with om . ?otce fa* Um blame upon Utoee who wero not willing to Id them live there In pMM, enjoying anawlarbed the rigbts aadposesaetona wMcb U d nlmself bestowed, <1x1 thoy look npon Um black r? publican party aa the true dia ruptora of tha g orlooa fabric? aa (be true deairoyera, vbo, winding their anna about the tair columns o ( oar , national temple of glory and Cnion, in order to over whelm and unjustly immolate their 1/ lend a and : -tthaas, bave brought erambllng do in <?(<>* their beads the^Jtos of tba faircs government and brightest monument of man 'a lore cf true Iberty that the world erer aa* or bad erer baitowed upon It Blra, tbla you know lo be troe; and the deed la uon*. Let toe fanatical black republican party thank ' hom ed wa nor all the dlatree', horror, oonfustoa aod fading glories that now bedim the heart' La of oar baiovdi ooan ?ry ThM oar psople are thoroughly ar 5 -aed, and th I the public mind of the South la made up to a-iveranco frem a fr?*n? rai gurertim< at which ia committed to a oca ruction to all the soar of o-ir ua'.ioutl prosperity , let iho (oi lowlog lacta oonvlcoe yon. In all our towns aiid cHlea are being organized bodies of Minute Ben, wbtae duties and alma you will llo 1 la tte rtaoioitotiB Ik- low. 1 herewith trarmmlt to you tho ,>ro (?utoK? of >t meeting of the clvl zeoa of Maoon, (>w At a meeting of tbe ottiaansof Maton, bell Novent- I ber 7, e?"tiTencd for the purpoee of adopting measures to { ar core oor pollti a! and domeatlo welfare, la view 0' tbe j electtra > f Abraham Lloooln to tbe Pre<tdaoor of thoao I'riud 14 tea, oo motion of Or. J. Msacaa ttuai, tbe 1 H?u Waahitigton l'oe ?u nailed >o tbe obalr, and loun 1 K Hill bad joeiaS Bate, Jisqrs , were requested to act as secretaries. br taking tbe chair, made a few Introductory | r< mailt* a* to tbe object of tho maetlng, nr?la/ the no . oi tr;.y of the tze>cke of ca raocta and deliberation, b?t ariv'sirg and determination In the act loo of tbe meeting On motion nf Kt at. A Sana, E?q , tbe 0 ieir waa r? [an tec tu ?oio'.ut a oomiuitteo of eleven to report bual i<tf for the tcetlng, wberrnpin the follow ..g . eotl.m ?er? appilnted iba'. rwr.mlttee:? Kcl*ert a Snub, Kmj ; I. rtanii T. B*l?y l.ew * S Waluie, Eeq : t'ol J>lui 0 Lamar, Or Jot* K. B-anh , n , 1 C*a? .T Hair!*, f>q ; Br E I, tttroli?rk J. H ? Woab'ngioc. Tburaton K Bloom, I)r. J. Mareer Green, Or. i tu a A. fMjmor. The ci.mmltU'e uskad acd obtained lea re to retl'o, and daring the*.- atwecce lir I H Jr.o R. Hill aod I .Irfleifoc l.unar, "yqra, bilug oailod for, addreaaed tbe ; metliag Tte < . onmittee returu?d and -ei?rted a reaction ?*k ?n* time f'W iinra ro?t.uro delltv ration, acid that wbcc I tbe w?etlng a"J??um It may a"taurn until t>mormar > ivtMDg at bau i>b*t aeren o'ct'ick; wtiereupcn, C>l. ; Sttilev aToee aid In an ablj acd Impreaalra a^Moch <u I plained the ohj-'t of tbe rtqn-nt rc.- mo tiny on nictwiu adiuurned to meet on Tbcrsday at Uai i>aet aev?u o i xta P. ki TfiriWDAT? 7.80 P. M. The maeiipg cnuvered puraa>nt to adji'trnannt, an onuruvliy 'arge cooeourae of c<tlaens present, and tbe dou WmibltgUU l'oe In the chair. Tlsercpo.ti t the Commit'. x> e a Buainraa being called for, ibry at bmltted, through Robert A. dmltb, Churmaa, 1 iue tolK *iog report : ? tka ori(lbalthl>Man8lateaof the Ctlted States were < r??r ie.| ou? ?>' 'h" thlrU-en d .attest and arparale colo clca of Great Britain, wholly separate and inilepwnttcnt of w h ooicr; atd wben thej r>-, irate? from tbe mother i rt/untry Un y utd It a.* aeparate > oolelerated oanmunl t!?a,?(! were In the t-?aty of i*iaca so recogol^d by ? be King? for be Irtated with them br name, as thirteen diatact aovertign l'uwera riieao Powers or separate i .iiai-r^c i.l? tit rtiteO and united by treaty and alliance for itetrttiataa) ?Meao* r<?crt!iaf to each other as a who! a eertaln apeo'flrd powera, bu i never aurrenderlng the one 1. 1 the other, or ut.e part lo the other part of tho eoule- 1 '? > a?, . their aot-eic'guty; aire tbe oonatltu'^i United ?tHt?a, i r io?e-clgn confederated Powers, aad of ooorao *' aulute t-nuala without regarl to rise- or population. The IDTfRWSl wbicb iney farmed lor the <.onf>*leraoy was n nly tboir Mrat lo proio.*t weak < rimmioltl< s, a t a rovr-r- i ?r t for their pom lit tons, where maj ,rtll?e ruled ; "?r bait .1 bean ao, tbe an ! >rgest Htatva would no* he eu 1 i n. i u faT<.ru Hi the raat, for thote have a gr<?ter po toUit 'C tba: ell the t?<nou? united Tbea,- aoTe^eutua ?f-re roniv-t . ? aolely of walte man, aod th^y for an. 1 gweai mtLta only lor wblte men. bi> :h ware L<jmT"ua anmyat th^n all, bq' were 'trr > aire r' . ?rded m-t ucly ?a aervile *uU?rd n*tea. but a a eba'V 1 i.r?|?>ity, and were ao reo-Mfuiaed by tbe | laws of a'i aii J tacb "I toe ooaf^leratea, an.i ao t'ealed aa roii ici ail ea i>f wn iiw tnttc fntiatiiultua oi the oi>n federaoy, ?. i *t* an trcatloa btlwetn thum au1 rorotan l*i *<re. P.,tala?? a"?,?r r<x>r moTlng unprofitable tti me >r.f oapitante dictate ? .| the N't rth, IU- al"?T*? w^re teane fcireu luili< * tit. . ?ui1 ala> ery wan proh blivl by tho atatM Ncib AnO ao aooaer w<a tl.ta done than tu iw dute" roeriBiToru, aud tave c uUc:?i their aggreeilons upou the ttiktis |..rtbir dOk'h; a i tbia tbe? did, arow ? uiy , li. Ieae?i. the p ditical po?t.i of tba s-iLth, aad ea haure the'r o?r Tl.r *a? l?? l.y prolyl met by Ibelr 1. ;-l > t.a* : !' ?(.?, tpon the II mr of the < i.aU 7 lie men ? . u.*t Ja> wera ?o?. mog'^mmoae aad manly to rv>i,ceai tv lr d<.s g .s mider tuc bj pocriticai , rrsrlle nf rbnart Un>ry . inat IL? su iter-. i? ?>'>- barr *tiff-???d and are attirrr ] 'i i! r f iu tu<- No'ib mt' )(? t'? to ba loror, i?l i :?? I# b? ibr ju? Judffmaalof a MD'Ixt world A/lrr tb to bad TOIi.Etarl<y turrcodrrud to U?ru 1 Lc fkit tt-Hn Lo'-.tivMft cl btwUli, iti' y tti*\?t'?l i i' t pi'MbHon w?a ?t? Mlaalaaiupl, and lupl Miasourl i t v> too 1'iiti d uctu Uify I'ur ml tL?Soutb, unwtaoiy, to ! ' ?<ilt to * i ? u^ro-.tiM J y ftrrtiatfU* w> tb?ra tcrrl ry rvuvfh for ?uii rttaiulag to herwiir 1 riltorjr f.r u m<-, and yctafW aojiyiag ? b rtflw ik ? h?v > fTor aiooe rrpudiatod Ui? oDMka . O'ff tba a .i,|wti M ?L<StW It tulgUt iLWTt t3 t?u ? rw^t v( 1L? fciuth TVireit iiim, without r?balr?and *l?hoit rnntohmont r< tn tbt lr trtuanaia, b?v? i'ur a l< tg r* rics of j < ;r* ?'ol? ti and cantM away i><jr ('area, id ?beo wa bara *tk?c f'?r rrdrcra tb?j at ft r-p a wtib wwksry. Tii j kavo by tbatr wu.j i/v i aturca miUleil within l. r lH,n.#T? lh?nitt **; inj-irct on i-f kite (?.ior?; ? nipti t binding tbkfii to 'urr?K,rr futit|m iltin, tad I air tx art! t a?r tuataicod ir.rfa nrorin tut'. nal town. TU r cit ut ? ti?Te imilormly norths, ma'tri-Atad, and s? ?? ii r*l lbJtAaim pit to dt-AU), *>u'.bcrn cif.:- cj when ?* >u( to rtciMsi tbau it?i or ou>,> u propariy within it ?? ? .oil iOM, --.'1 In to Ii 'iitc !:??<? u.? wioBf uooia ?*? If it 4 * pur aiand Or tbo'r triburaia Tbrir nutatta lia?a m ?< rarai luaur <i* oma within tkc tlarebouif t?i?? ? ;d ?i .'. o *ud r*. rin away our ?ii't thrlr lh v rp"r? bare rcliiurU to R'krran' tr no ? u ?rid the frlcoa u loaitlrra rroia loatun, oa tbr ?i-' B< ibit lima i? to mm* to rWi a Siity el|Lt of vb?ir prim la* ai i^*armra of OmyrM* <? rt ->?*?', aohAortbvd for, pAtrooiaad ?im m . i r*ft4 <b? pn>t|n-utnr Ad tbr clrritUtf* i f a book >?*' ftc<>fnm?r'1? to tn? i<A?r* Uir IndtMrtnalSAt* mar4?r >' lh<lr ??At<ri ?aj im re cMctvbt o' Uta twrror* of k'. up*) oar wiv<? at d itAogiiicra Tt.r i .>or thirf A id miirlr-rr, iolB Brown , wtth b? t?Bd of a??a>?Im. ?Ail?t?f torff-< i ???,oh a DH'xcrr, l?> lrr i-ATAliy of tl.? Iaw with b* uf?, M &*o?c>Md ? ?AAtattiy BAD/ Of tfce P rm?i pul^lu And Ibotiftodl ? t> r rltU' tr, ab4 bo o>Ark of ott.miro \? > r*a-??d |H-ia Umd, but tm.btr A|-i>robAiioa And larraMsd pAtrijs <1* Tbry hAT? JrlfM "nrel?'it?* try htr>d amiwIm, with II <*1 ? r D't. "n\ M oar ftoir-mm trrrltory, purcbAMd w tb the b!ood And (retort of our rlt'PN.*, a-i i Uxn, to 'utitr tbr wnrld, U?f pr*t?iid?d laob territory nu ?it ? JaH'd ' -!a?? IaIiot, ll Is ?.>t^rl??? it At *i<rh Ab? r l? ?<r? proftlAb ? tn "<l?t* < bf>rd?r1of on noca t?rtl Miry than tn Aoy (Kb' r [?rt of tbr t'nlwd \?lrm I tor J r?A?A jr<-,fcibt?fd the c imm b' *jiUli|!r* of i d ??t'f i r n t,a- rtt z i? trATelnog thi .jgb or tl ?tutu B tm tr :t?V ? . ty takltif fr^m th-m th?!r doo>'<?tic ? wfc, m.j b? tn AttfiBlACcr n|>oa thrlr lick Nal ?, / ? T ?r? tbn N >i a> arnnall/ trArrt a-?t'ih a'- I 'ilaIi to it ?? ?w,.h, tnt< ?w', with wb?t fr ttrntd tb?J m?7- p'rfT lb??b?.? t.jr rttT.ftf fr?.m t'.rlr m ?t po,-u ? i <M at M<> imfrr (t tk'lr louwitKa TV > b?' ?? erowtrd tbntr I r.f ?r?t?? of (ranlt and ?r ?' t tmt?irt ? r?? Wibv^tr^r a*d, arl ta ?h t if ot:r | ()?* ?t ant it ? ir brA> l#, a ?ao? a* t'raal !?*?? wtrwr ioi^ i'aS.i to Um ir |? ; ?iar ufard t? bi? ? r'?r.l j to laiv 'ab aa '? r?"-r?aalbl* 'oafliot " ?T r"r dr??r nftrtl It lb' It <? trura A tjr, a duty wblcb wc ?w? <0 ? r? rrr r?t? *? i try a -d ?.i:r j.??M?rHy, to arr? at V ?' ill''" "'? ?' d Ukr r-rt>trpt ard rfrretaal ?>> AJtar^t r If* prru?t ii ifm.f r<*h'A. ftinrfbra ? | tr?t <!?? ,*-mt ? Atld r?t>r?mmtAtir?? of a i aty ?i P b? b? r*qu? ?l J. At lb? r-?ril??t pooaibla *y , t<> .t?rod?w? i?to tb? l#|t?lator? of flAorfta A bill r thr <y na<i nf a of iha |-op)? of tha ?uu to t>?r mh vtioa a_il Jart>a audi maa a^raa ?? wUI prutwt Um I Tra aed faaitll?* from t.npoadla rota 3 Py?< I ? rd , TVat orr -V nal^r and rrprrrAbtatlrat ba rrq-ratrd to ti tr-TBoo ai>d airport a bill fir tb<! | ro ui t^<^ariii:. rf j^od arma H> arary ?ba!? oitlaoa abHao! to aTil*') daty S Krrrl .-rd, Teat we r, c.r.wn l to mtr frllow Qttiara* ii( Ar< r|la la *t*rj ro. aty to irorv d at oa.v t,, oraaaiy* ard arwi tlwtr?rir<-a a? wtll aa tbry n*j b? aba, for tbrir fwot#rtk?a ?1*m?t lwip< b<iI<i? <iai<frra "an iri T INIIry, J?: R Bri-t-m, Kobrtl a fndo, Krt ? ard U p??ctar, (b?rl??J J H K W*abtr(toa, l?wto *. *h ttia, Jam's Karr?r U"?a, r*r H Ian.*/, Jaw* a Uaawir, 1 H Wrirrt, 0 >?BitttM At d fi nr r'Url*!* r*nomaa?nd tb? adopttn* of tba Mil wrt r??oli*ii.?t? 'w tb? ar>-rf>tatoiTt of 'oowinlUaaa nf ra/r-y," and ftjr ihr r.r^??ii*,ioo nf "Mlaala Maa."? 1 Rr?<4rtd, *1)*t wa a ill int by o?r Preatdaat ' o>?i? t -*a of ?a ?iy " Ir cnarat of Ma pram f>?r Ml m%?l?'-' al di>triBt ?/ Bibb aoantr, a a>?)or1ty af wbowi for aarb ?Mtrt t say art ltar ??.?'! dartaa and ooatrol irraanrra v4 potlaa frr mi rafrt) . and ftir raroliaag ard or r?ei7i-r *'* B^a," Ibf ak ai in ail ra IfNM tb?? rbAn (imna* or a d ?o W> ?o *od qtiartarly or oM# o?r, at arrb itnira w toay may Appoist, tba raapto ' ?> Nianiitwt d( tba *'?trtc.U rr tfc?ir rapraawetalWaa ?b? || aMPiabla la wtmla or In part aa tb*y may dlrrrt, ?a a r???ra onuaeli tor tba aouaty , wbx-b -bail att andar Aibiaf or "M>anta Mrs." to ?*? twUd by tba aa^ral oAaniA and rrnovabla At thatr ptaaaura Tba ' Mlaaba dia" a bail rarrmo tb* ord?*a of tba <latryd ooaiailMaaa am of um ' ?l?awai Cowaetl," aad aaall, wbaa cacaaaary , b? pni Idc w.tb tba propar ?a*ni 2. Raao-rod, That It ba rtoomcaad6d Vo trary eoaaty In tbe "late ?o organise to the Mm* or a similar mvo ? aad to pabllsb their organ's Mloaa as we low order ' in , for notlee u oar friends ud oo-tpmlM. 8. JU-soItco, Tbat Umm prooasdtegl b? published it . Marxu ud Milked gevtlle, u<t copies be seat to eaftb coun ty tn the State; Mil lbs I the htlM'Bi appoint k oonmlt ki of three to bars tbls duly executed. 4. Heiolred, That a oommlUM 01 tire be appointed by Ibe Uhatr to coaduot ? ourrespoadenoe tn th 8 and other 8utM, Mid a committee of tbr?e la each district be ?o appointed to ratse fuada to defray uptnw of printing and distribution of ourreapoedenoo. 6 taolved, That meetings be bald la eaah magisterial district, win, in two weeks, for the parpoae of organising accord log to tbe trst - '-'iMMsatfteg of Mm | una lit and kach of tba reaotnttooi *was ' r#t. Iv?u wltb enthusiastic appiaure. Geo. E H. RrrnnroBD thrn ?r* and requested tbat tbe preambla be again read, tbat all present might rote understanding ly.and deOnnd bis position lo a few forcible remarxs. Col. WAamnero* moved tbat i be entire report bo re r?ad, and tbat tbe rote be turn up >u tbe preamble and each resolution separatel", which motion prevailed, and tfce report was again read. Tbo pr?ntu >lo was then sub mitted to >be meeting, whrn Oof, Washington arose aad endorsed tbe fame, giving bit reasons in aa eloquent and patriotic Banner. Tbe preamble was then adopted unanimously by arising vote and ami' rt d< uf uicg applause E*< h rceolutlon was Ink mop and slmtlar'y adopted Feeding Urn notion on the reajloWooi >' pa?wl, the Hon. Ttioi HUrosmax, Jr., Bjuor Mw eloquent r?marxs, concurring tUermn. liu motion if Mr K A. Wiumz, all the city papers wero rrqiMSted to publish the prnoeedlags of tbls mootiag. Uol A. H. Lnarrau., of (oiomtiu*, b?tig preeent, was loudly ftal)?a lor, aeoeoiiel the stand amid (treat applause, and addrersed the meeting In a speech oha'aoterized by eminently ?< und aad rl-tli manlike vlewr , ud which was rtoel^'d with every demonstration of satisfaction by tbe meeting. Tbe meeting tben adj turned tine die All tbla betokens an earnestness arl decision, aad an excitement la oar people, wblcb It will bo In rain for any thing to soothe short of tbe incontinent resignation of Abraham Lincoln as PreriJeat elect, and the election of Dor g las, or Bell, or CriUcndon, or some other national man. Our State Legislature has jist convened, and oar Oovar nor has transmitted to It bis usual message, wblcb I herein send von. Too will Had tbat It gives evkteaoes of preat prosperity In our State. Bee Idea tUls, Coveraor Brown sent a special musetge : > tbe Alterably m relation to oar federal relations. Ton will perwive tbat be takes blgb Southern ground, though oounaeUiog oarelu! and oonalderate action. Now, bo It known tbat Governor Brown Is a bumble, pious Christian, and far from belonging to tbo Young America school. Tbe truth Is, the &>nth la not only ripe for action, but she <s really taking ber deetlalei into her own bands, as a proof of wbidb I will Inform you that a bill has been already introduced Into o\r Legisla ture to pre vide for tbe eoumon defence of tbo p*>ple of Georgia, and to appropriate uioney for tbe sama. Tbls bill proposea sne million of dollars for that purpose. A convention will soon be called, and Georgia will do citfe authoritatively for herself what course abo will pur see, and tbat deolslon will be adopted unanimously by tbe whole body of tbo people. Wbat It will be, let tbe docamenia I hero sent you doclare; and what some of the motives Inducing It are, let tbe following facts show:? In Crawford county, of ocr State, are two abolition emls larles la jail for inciting an insurrection among our alaves, sixty or whom, also, are tsaprtsonod, having oonf'ssed tbat they were Incited by tbe above mention:*! men to rise on tbe day of elec'. Ion, when all tbe msu wore ab sect at the polls, murder tbe oil women, retain tbo yontger for their own use, and slaughter the men as they returned from the pells unconsclocA of danger. One cf tbe regroei betrayed tie Infernal plot, and pre tented lis execution. A white man In Aur^ta telegraphed to a negro woman of tbls city to meet ber daughter in Aufus'-a by lb: ! next train, escaping for tbat purpose, It being bis deetga ; to ran her and ber son and <Uugbter off to a Northern | litatr, the two alter being la Auguta. Fortunately tbo j c!r?,*v.h **? delivered to the woman's maimer, and tliu ' th> t''?t *as dcTcau.d, V< liat are we tn do whra tueh aetit an Uwwn am onmmlV till by thote ?bo are il lueuc >1 b> a'joiltl 'u an^ j re",. 1 t - tarv als, an I sta'J:n,''ats of tbit port'.oa of | onr Cbioii nblrri b>i? n not to I. a.-e then, and ui"a i grrax aw< lin g ?urdt ot tbe -lory and honor of our mlgbly U" racjt la it a wotdrr Hit tbe national Uxg sltoold he take a 1 down from our Che 'cm K >vae In ("tranr.ah, .ad oar old 1 c ; uli? l'rg L iaU- l la lis placcf Isaawuu ler tnat o-r ' Urral cCbctn a suould ir?Ua, wbeu tuy ten -m ibe tiu.f i ftciescy of tb j f -per?l go ? rr meuif Ami, ioally oao it 1 he eipi cied nf a great and hlrh mlrded pf xile to ti they I submit in a ?ul? ? nhiti throat-LS the overtl row ' <mr In siiiutmir, tbe miixilor ci our families, the vioiat >n of our aio.hera and s!i^'ts, aud tba oomptr.i vafaala . - of oar ; tLtirc v mmuoii>l' The a'otc I r? sd to yo i to exhibit t.^ at. ft of ?* nltemeri bt'e, and some of Its causes, and t cerise 1 being taken by our peopla IMPORTANT from V1ROFN1A. MOCLAHATWV OF ?OY. I.tTCDEH ? THU I.KOIPL ATrBil TO UAJtf IV JAVVA%T. Him Mono, Not. l?, U60 A prceJama'tou from Coventor Lrlebor, callirg an et tra ?'??:< n nf the ' ejiriaiure, to meet oa the Ttb 01 j*du 1 ary nesi, will be publ ahed tomorrow. lie g tvaa, *a ona of 1he rtMi i.? for t'.le ar.tloa, tbe tale of U>e J air re Hive; Bad KauaataCacal to acomi aay of Fretch capitalists, which requlrea tha muhjIIoo of tiie LefitlaA-ira io La ran dared per'eot. Tbe u*it rraroa I gtvo lu b * own won* ? ? a ? a a e ? "Ac : wfcr'iaa, la noueequenoe <f the apinlal&cbt of tUi u*? a oinj >rit/ of wb in ari in .?li to ba tarorablc to lit ? Mellon ?r eectUwal rautlljalM aa I'r jl l?..t >o ! Vic- rreeiicui af tue I 'a lfc*<i rttttcr, *!?** nrlocip.aa u l vleea arc v a by* I urge po-ttua of tha^-i tnera 1 ?t*i?? to la la itif ct huatiMf to t&o r ccnsiiutioaai j and Had tc iome(ijuoo? ttioreif gtcat *? 'ifj.t-et rrerai'e la tbe pu fc . ,c rated, aa4 j>r?t<let?.? re nor a ttat ibe rrpreaeuietivea of the po-ipe of thta I loa moowefcub ahotjd tiu.- )oW> co?'?tdoratt'>c the coo d t ? b of public afTa.ra, ai,J doieriblae calmly and irv< ly ' h?.i a t ,n la Bffo?'--ry la the ttuorraa.;/? I, John Letilur, Governor, by virtue U tha uUwi .t/ tilu (?*?!,' i *c , Aa a a ? a ? ? Corpe of Mlaute M> a ar? belog r*tae?t la aataral o>.b ttca of tbe -tale, and c u.e moo here, mora en tbuelae.kJ U'ar tbrlr fellnwa, ptopoae raiatrf a oepa of flaenad Moo t;e people cf Fernnllle, Prince JUwarU CMBty, ooa trn.f!atc Inviting Vovc-aor Wi?r to a bacquet. They are at* '.jM irat b?rh??l4 see tha progre?i they a'" makl.ig la Hair orgac'.ia.loa of Mluate Ilea, atid aleo to bar bia i ricwa r>o tha < lifting rtat- o' affaire Trr tzamin^r of to day <".l*icar tta Itr.posaiblllty o' Vtrg i'ts relating Plata property within bar limits otb* rwtaa than by a uaKW wits tbe other Hmthera State* Tt shows tba; pr! vnta Interests m?k? boo dread to make an (Curt to tEeure tAe pAtmaorat poaarat'oa of that ^ro iwrty, aad tta tmlbo^nt eaplaymatl bar* will hrrry tt from the mat* fartor than tbe erll deorce of Uola XIV. dro'a Ho(a<?ot labor from fruoa "All thta," it (art, " moat ba avoided Ltl th ? pr pie of Vlr^tnla ray to berajtvr Vta'^w, ' Waac rac with joa that it 'i cot e< caiaUBt to !lre under a forrrou'-iit ?bV h will tot protft our property and will art to d?alrcy It Wf muat b?T? po-?rr to pfftet It. We do I lot dealre to lbs r?latlot,a bet r"ao Ibe State# ? > but wa will nnite with you and obtain |>owrr to defeid oor property, and I > develop* oar aoteme af lodael-y I ar 1 eWll!a?l!ce ' ?oeb a poaltlea, oo?v taken, will loeirr , tbe praotabta aolutloa U veotiooal diOl. ntiea It la Uto mly Kotlaof arrrt'er a dtaaniat'.im of lua preawit nn ft leracy, o? oec preetdM by a loej and term tiTinrle, la wli?A both trctkwe will bo labjaet hi beary ar.d rula oai kwaas la moaey, cadar a aerie* of retaliatory ejafl ota | by natal'* , all directly lajurtona, If eot rnlrona, to prl rata fort utea " Tha Btqmrrr of to day, In aa art tele rridertly arrlttea after BMfc dalibaral kjo, diaeoaert r ry folly the p-rrrnt ?t*U of aUalra, axd the prrwpecte wblab It fcreahadowt. tt refer* w> what It ealta the ? Politlra fhaaimiani of tbe Nr rtb, aad tha tflorta of tba poiniciaaa to foater and ate for ibtlr owb MnmwM tAa growlag aeal jaeatof la i toleraaee a|tiiii the domeaitle ibtlltutioa* of tba Soatb," aad then deuila, la a eoapraheoalra firm, tha arils wroagbt by thea* kr fluaoaea, am-taf wbloh ara tha caa riant a|ltattoe of tbe slavery qneatioo? the denial of a M*bt la bold tlaraa la tba Te-rltorlea? tbe aholitloa of rarery ta tha rnatrlet of O.lombia? tb? aUumpt h> lifbt tha tarcb of aarrUa taao reaction? the artlrpatlua of ?la vary fraaa Tanaaa by ?aaaaari aad arm*? the carry la* of arwa4 laiaalea, rapine aad marder lata Tlrflata? tha aendiBg dally to tha floath tha flretraad of laaaaittary appeal, wbloh area tea ariaalaal ^prabaMlM la May diau lota of tha border Wataa, dapraeiatug tha valua of land aa well aa of pet toaal property, tha araattoa of la tvbordlaatioa aad ladalaaea asm* thaalaraa, aa.litoa IU? af tha FBgltlre Wave law, aad thaft af alavai ta tha vataa af baadrada of thoaaaada of dollars aanaaiiy . the XWfkirrr alao refers ta tha eowsa of policy which ' tba rvpahllsaa party win psesae samely , tba adatastoa Of aa maay traa matea aa poaalbia, aad tha enployMt ? tA tta federal patronage to (Mutate emaaolpatloa la tha t border alava Mataa, with a vtaw ta ascara a thrsa 1 KtarUsMXrlty sf tha fNa Ma tsata ratify MSMBtedB ? to Um eonittlutloa having for ita object the extinction of atavery. Ibe Ai tptirtr predion a m'jorlty of repablloaa m?m

bera and Senator* la Caogreta at an tarty day , and the reconstruction of tbe Supreme Ourt It o-ges f>? d?wi ?ity of preparation, and inggeeta to that end the formation of oommitteea of lately and oorpa of Klaute lies in ovary ooanty and towa. Soma of tbe military compinlea of thla elty are volon leering to aet M Minnie Man. In Pelerabu-g the oltiieaa have ru re la bed fan da to arm their ca valry with Kerr 111 '? ^carbluee. la Hampton one thonaanri At* hundred dollar* hare been expended In the purchaae of breech loading oarblnea for the na* of ibe Toluntear* there. Hie rery ladle* are pur chaatog revolving plalola, and praotlalng with them seal ouaty. The entbualaam everywhere la inteuae. Depreol atloa la l lock, or wheat, or oottoa, or tobaooo, la never enoe thought of. It la a ilrnggle for constitutional right, and thla right (ball be vindicate! if the htavena should ?UL William 0. Totty will be executed here to norriw, Mr tbe mardcr of hla (later In law, CMberlna J. Thom. He ?hot ber white the waa anting at h*r father'* table, in a flt of jealousy, because *ho refused to elope with hla. Ont RICHMOND C0RKE8F0NDENCI. Kjcsmond, Va , Not. II, I860. IV Southern Trailort and Ik* UerM?W\al /.tnooin'i KUctitm will Devtl^pe in Ju South ? Mart than Ont (told vxll Likely to JVn l'p ? Ovuglat to Solicit JUoori of "Old -ibt" for Ml Irvndi ?A Or and in Prop ta, dc I perceive that my atatementa In tbe HaaiLD referring to tbe acoeaatoo muvemeata in tUo Ruath hare been im pngned by partlea writing from thla elty, Waahln^lon and Baltimore, to b'ack republican Jonrnala In Um North. Tbe laane between theae partlea aad myself la in a great meacure one of political aoumen whlcn time alone can de clde, and, ao far aa I am concerned, I truat alnorreiy my prediction* may prove falao. My predilection* mut not be permitted to oontrol me in tbe discharge of my duly to tbe Haaain, and were I to ylsld to them I would be led to perpetrate aa grosa a falaltcatloa of facta a* man waa ever guilty of. 1 venture tbe aaaertloo thai no man In tbe South who valuea hi* reputation lor political fore light or sagacity will (lake thirn upon tho negative in thla itsuo. I of ccurao exoept tbe office aeekera, for It in palpably their lstereat to n.l*repre-??i,t the tri>e state of feeling In the Sooth, and manufacture a public opinion in accordance with tbo wishes or their benefactor In ex pectancy. Tbero la not, I venture to say, al this rnomen' a man south of Mason and Dlxoi'i line, at eon trolled by the Influences of *ome prospective gain at tbe bands of Lincoln, wlo la not convinced that seoetslon of three or more Southern .'l.U-i la inevitable. Not one. Tl.e South regards herself as rodnced to a choice between two dreadful alternative* ? I aoceaaion or dishonor, disgr?oo and degradation. Erery I man of every ita'.e of oplninu on tt-e gre*t laanc lo w pending, adults this feet; and no one, North or South, is at a loea to judge which alters. lvo tcio >ut\ will cbooee. I feel atiurod that tbe area! Imped: muni, perhaps tbe greatest Impediment, to a peac 'al ucpil eeccnce In Lincoln 'a elee.tlrn by the South, la th.a punt 01 tonor. for year* they have been threa'.eatntf aec.jiim tpon a rerie* of oootingencloe ahlr-h have bapf-ened? u>e abiiisbment of the smvo tra I* In the District of U mm ota, fto ?bat Iraimnoh aa these grievances were not suf Qc!eut!y aggravated to tionro anything like nho for iecos*ion, even in Ala*>a(r>a, tbe piujoot was abandoned for five y<ar* paai lb" rleolioa of a bl\ k rrpubliuau ProiUtnt wa* i<li.ud tu a* Me lar.ue wulcb, t>y common cor lot t, would conititnte the foous of dlaunloa. flu South La* been taunted lor jeara with uttering ?Mly threat* which ilc ht 1 uut the i.tuage to execute, u u.> of ber o?o people, m utt- r rbiune md rhagi lu, h*ve oiler ridlculcd her blueter ae f t it praUrto, nAU, mi I', % vlej at last todesperut uu by t..e ta utts ot friend* a?d ?uea ?, abe has now taken U r tt? t, r>'*oUed I) lalij ot tn-rself nnn Mctn tbe <V r'elon "f th*- worl'l If tuero <v?a n-' otbir It'CMi* ve t-> ? - ? tie e. -.rit >n <?'. h"tirr wblcb ae.ljirl#si'n wctld Involve, :l %ould b\j aaooah. put mv ?taUtprr.'s to tbe '"r" ?'t> have ?vin up">t cibi r an.* or.rn ?ubrvar tial gr . tain m rep>mt??>f t< n->r. 1 ha< tV? rery he i ant'. .'It} for a.' I ?ta'?d, anl t?cr?i|u*l wltl , lr ' ,i u a* e .brutieity. v-. " >n, 1 M ,xal, ui'w Is iLrvitaM ?f ?vftat auaji-r 4 "utea ktme ? ..i - c- u '? tA-mti e Ite ron"! aitnte poilttellM here put ibe nnmber v. tl?e and riiu of those with wh >m 1 oonrf r>?d up<?n tbo suej> et bir.< d this fr'lm it- upon prt vate tcfrrtRatloa, ruc^ivel ijcm i<Miroea ul tho highest rcr (oahllitir it iMiwiUli ?? J?in? *<ir other Or tba n)i ; repuaei.tatious i< thooo who undertake to u *ie ?nr e wi ?i. t o lint no i r i ?il- a iivu inu Imi o j p twitl prrferrwnt It I* Mid ? aart I fear. in'orUnalo Ijr, wild leo tuith truth? ti at ti?tt niottra If rary geno ' rti| cpmui h Ik iiiuUi. i.ioooin'i election will, in ' til p>u?abllitt , hare Uki book > (TiCt upon to ma lu ' tb? -vm!I,! tbi- bfv <y. pox h?? n;xin rata II trill brtog tbrm t, iia .'frin iht ir wy.frt ii a#. or rather d?eclopo Ibtlr trH dtiiirlni in *'l their deformity. U ! wilt r?v tal 11. * ?* troth that * - hart mote Vu?o oce ki [ freo fa'lrcll In the * uifc Apr?;i.e rl QtMwall. I wt|| nrrttoa that be aai iat>>r lr?m Wt*' g in tho l*?t I."f laiatar. r.f Ui:t ifi iU ll"> Uw l.? ry *u ro M t ha?r ir.a.'e B'm tn ?bjeet of mot mpt to erer/ irtmlei cf nut V*ly , %: a 10 II -nor y ail h? yotrn for a tr an of n>t?rijr>rr thai lie p. r?i?led to ret?i tnf h< e?M in the f-ivo in the U?th of tt><> moei Divl?l re o'lattoo by bl? wonnn, in !?.? hoi* ? ?i y* would bo ohltnaiely axpell? d Ch ? 8jaate, , I. mrtr, wkety t'kjatet r'ra la their c.nirt anu i he I "ft. the covrted glory Hi w,l! bow n ?H iwt.&abili ) t y, iece:?a tbe rrwari of b.? traachrrr fa mm' Btibordl i i lie fnr? 'rn tn1n>i?a, to whieb it i* ra d to n .? *r >"ee s .* from ' i. h t ?. r>r- a* tbm that the'- te-.trai -s ?' ? arqutcaortM* nod nibn '?*i.>Q ?a th? jwii ot ihi diutU, *hich Ord Uielr *?t IBto blarK rrpubllrw J-uri,?l?. m. Ull TtKjee *ho woal# t?'n r?M? ivneiri' <??*? tbe H? *AU> rf>r 'it not ? e Bdvora?y of tli? r?n?|ilati"u?! r1|h I ??! the Smith ?te the p?oW'ty p?? ot tht? coljrtnu* iCt'.TW iii. No t oe, bo Soother d ix><b, who ta (UtoiBteO by ? p*trint.. M*\ lor the bCBoe ??? weirm-m rl at* w 14 b? foord to okter ? wnrd In di/p?it(e?iei.t o tn? xMi re* A that grmt joorral OB the oo ufary, tho hl|Or*t d <<t pralr* t? awr.r 'Ml to It by etery man ahn M of anprrriatlvK die o?*reated rerrloe. aoi mb'mm f< .1 o. lik a la win ta hariaa Ay, ladeed! oo p'irj>oa?- of ! ??O'fekm ectrrla:nr(l at 'be f ntft* TbeieMaoi a otn, womiiB or ehlM *m<Ui of Mae >u aad Dlioo'a line eap?hle ' ( f Bti'i ntaaotnc or itlfnarDOx-at wbo doe? n H kia<" V) ? Uie cvBtrary Nlttr wa a *b ereot oinre o>rtalo ot oo currei.oe Seeeer'i'B ia dreci i f??rniial u< w, if "Oly to aeenre ?touthifB r;/;ht* wtthla the Vn'cn. If ??r a !!?>??> qu?nt oerotlallnet tb? I'r.tor r*n again bi jwr'tried, ?l vLieb maaj oreatMBUee Bi' Utre an abi I'rf b"pe In | aty eveal, If but to redeem -? thsrn h^tio?, wb'eh ht* b> ?B orer acd oyer r.f (r pk I'jtd to the Boot* nm*\t >n . t t this wt of ?f?i? to the ?T--nt of the el?otv>n of * hW ? repuhlHian Pr??i ti t wilt be aer r,,ii:?h<-l Ti.? rtrorr it PBton ?arn la ttto ?":tion (a ?? II, In Tlew MB l?Bl?rry to ?r r- r? I*1* f \ranteoB for ?laT? rr?'|.?Tty wbt b thr smth will io?i|t apnti m a oodimic o b ?* re B>atBtr| ta the I atca. I harB th*t Tkh-i'M will be a*> Bpjiltea t to 11 '"J Abe'1 frr f%*or? I(>f bte wko * 'b-re I It r . n -vy ' i Ih e fallrb fortao* It It o IIH nl W> * '? ?? w the Jn<l?. rar roem-rt'e tuth a c?r?> ?lb b'? a?-i? l bw*tt<tty ?.< bierk repnl tleiaa-ein * ? i 1 *?ir -- eaue ? ?; -? ??!> a!r -?1v i reata oj* ? him, a <1 tt w:!l u<'-<t hut Ittti* ta o?nflrm It Bn ???tic-* to I la ?ire it't'ed froat. aad if tfc-' f intralctt M la then*)' '?t^> tbt Jod(9 will bav? It io ; bw fH>w?r lr- roe'er 'arr? n>* frtr?a, ->6 or bo I t*? It that a r rati I a^i'toi f?.r fedjra! ? b to ?"i ? 'ith la ui i-roar**! Tb.' ri<b<*t deenocmette ertr ? t? wmll ie t>r"J*ht in I'yht by tbe fiaVtl wt>< ' ?' thr n<iu.r? ?? <? to ir- ??? i tn a,(Hd Aba" Irem lh? 'nub f?'r ill >ea tney w?i piueo B loiiree id aa lght.<oiu< ut L^mpwed alib ?!> tre frfliab "8'uv O?oki'' woktd bt nothlat. I uader >uaa that ereri ?ff>rt will be maia to ,>r^orw oj lea of Ui ?a lettera. If Ibey raoBot be pr<?or?d, a ?W?.. wal h will be kept at U.a ?l< ^arl.r,. lU afurr Hu aMinn IhirHlnauf nthoe, In 0rd?f, If (eiaa.Uie, to Br'c.jl t ? ,i* the Balnea of tboet who (Irr eoarituaBoa in a ? a'uuula : trBtlou by aollnltlnt ' ttl * at hia tuads At ina t"-a? ot a two ? rata n.i?alou In t^ CatttiMlc oa ' tbrdral In tbtf Bill t< k jvit, c rcn t>y tha ' K< l?mi>tH't.i?i Falbeta," Riabop knliil. in a hr>f tdur. *? uf fi* .k* K' tha ir,l?, ra'rrred t>. Ibe freat Baod of rail? n. a* the oaljr IB' ua of aieeatitf mio abura hi? uatarai <v?ai lkx>, ami dn cling hlri to ttu alt?ifiint..l of the BBtaral glfla la eiaw of wbmb be waa rrra led Io ui>a oocaeotion he ra'erral elnqi?nlly aad witb m >rb f>irl'nr . to the tbreau Bed dl>mainbermoat of Ibia, toe frvaat an l i bappl'et gi^rarBB.ei.t oa earth, Bad lf.*t, l?i, i, .n a moral qnea .lna wbleh, If a 'j aited la tb" light of fa'.h ? > . lalib. woold have rea'< I to operalt tb- eetia ?jw t, j at d log tt were wall tba onu-t'r woold taka e? au^le by U>e Cbtbolte cb-ireb, If In bo oUibt nap^nt. at laaat in tbla, aad praetlaa the ki'arrtlei and ladiHrrwn<w> wbiih ba?a happily kept that thorca fro* fro m tha aliMrbisy LaHnanaaa of that vaaad qaeattoa ! CALL FOR A BTaTB COHVENTiOH !.t ALABAMA. Hommiiir, At* , Nor U, HN Tba OovOTMr af tba Mata will Mm a eaJl for a Pvu. CoBtaetlno to aaaemhle m Um tth of Daoomber Bi orgea tba paopla to yrapaxa for aiaaaaW a. I aaad yoo tha taadlag potato la tha Mtor of aoreenor , Moara. Alto* aaumtrallng tba wroaga that tha 4?nU. baa Mdarai froai tha Ndatai goranaMt, ha ana tinoea aa IWVrwi: ? " la fall Ttaw, aad, 1 traat, Jaat apprectatioa of tU my obUfaliaaa aad r?p^n albllltMa, oAetal aad psranaal, to my Hoi, my Btoto aad tha fadaral goeaeamaat, I antomaly daelara Hat to toy l|tti Mto aa>y hopa ?4 fatara aaaarity tor Alabama and other ?l*?*hoMlng %atei to to ?v.**I"ki from the Union. I rteptorw vnn neeeeeity for a rm*4 to such a conolutlon. H bw br a foro<*1 apis mo, *nl tkoie who agrre with me, by a wtakod ana p >rwr*e party, fatally bent upon tN> iWnruclioo of !< etitutlon* vital to the Southern Slate*? a party whoae o ?rmltutlon?l rights we haveanwer dlsluib>d, and who should b* oar friends ? yet thoy hat* ui. without cause W? sbouM remember that Alabama mual aol and dtoide the great questions of realatanoa or submission for herself. No other State hag the right or power to decide It tn her. fte may and should oocsult with other slavcholdlsg Btatea to secure concert of action, hut mil she most decide natation fbr he/self and oo-onerate afterward*. What will the Intelligent and pUrlotlc people of Alabama do In the t-nponllng crleW Judging of the fninre by the pant, I belter* tb?y will prove them ?elres equal to present or any future emergeucy , aid reYer will consent to affiliate with or submit to b. governed by a party who entertain the rntit deadly hi* tlllty towards them and the Institution or slavery. Try are loyal and troe to tbo Uuijn, bit uvvtr will o>n??jt to remain a degraded and dishonored member of It " THE POSITION OP PLORFDA. Wamiiuoioh, Nov 16, 18d0. , A despatch reoelvod at Charleston from the Governor of Florida states that Florida gees with Sooth Carolina THE BEPOBT8 PBOM WASHINGTON. WiNnrao**, Nor. U, 1800. There la dealdediy a belter f? eilug to day aboot the probable political roault of tbo c lions In tlx) cotton States. The safety va! ves of entirely unreetrlcted discus sion being all open, there is Tell to be less danger of a sudden explosion. The Convention of South Carolina, net ousting before the 17tb of December, may Hud lis me naced proceedings rendered uunooeenary by a declaration from Mr. Lincoln himself previous to thai day. At any rate, tbo President's annual mrrsag^ will bo tr&ntmlltod to Congress oven before the day of the ole Iton of delegates to the Convention, and no well Informed person In Washington doable that Its general spirit and speelQo recommendations will be Stud lo oalm the rt ir .u of dlaooulfciil, to allay passion, to recall sicos sionlsts to rcil^citoD, and to- unite the stttasaa of all parte of the confederacy onoe more a* a band of brilheis. Time Is a treat modifier, aud belure lh< let of January, 1801? .be day tlxed for the secession of f*?jU> Carolina In any event ? 1 now venture to predict that every oilier alavehoUun* Sute will have rusw -ed 14 ara>. for Nr. lJncoln's Inaugural acd the appointment of his Cabinet. From tboM slavoboldicg SUtcs come many powerful arguments, by tome of the ableet eoDatltutional lawyers and political writers cl that St'i Hon, ?? u> matrating thai the right of secession cannot be recognized without dan ger to Ihu /cry principles on which the seoodors wouU ??t\b;!sh a Southern confederacy wi h any hi; t of suc cess or permanence. The tullmslton in a No* \\?rh Siatrd paper, lb ?t Mr Buchanan Mtalr^s to evais bis d'u>?s'' at vhl? or 1st*, omy shoas the mai.gnani mtndauliy or the writer, acd ts an audac-ous denial ol the Ol. duui r-j which -yiuservv 'vlvto, North and South ptuae la the e -tapreheus'.vo Intel licence, solid stmo, wltd >b> *nJ ifturUnlsn of the Protl dent. The Uncotn ?n r>ly on Mr. Buchan*n V? eave Ihcin fioiu tbe co..*otu?.cc\? of the conflict whluh t!> y have provoked. A ?> od ileal of ridicule Is thrown npoa Nr. Oci-win's autborlud d *i.>stm(r of the views attributed to hi.n by Irrcepoi rlulo acnbbkrs. If men of any is^rlc, aooU* or p - ti>< ai, are expeCed to notion aatboritat.rely wLat 'a nald about there , tbey would have llttlr ??>.e to do. Mru of charectcr r.ugtit to ti ml to tbo teuor of (li'> r iiviaandtbe snitlniftle ana the loeliminy of tt.i>?e to \.iiomthey aro pensocatly wuowa. All the no?a from North Ca< otiah abjws thxt dlaie u not rt-edy for sf'.'n'jf A ViVU.t f \ m a ktf if C' tton houre tn Caailcetiu aajS Dial there is r? *Uy '.o un .ni-uity ev?n in . >u?h Cm' olmn '.r i?TfMV n Tne a"? mtB ac ' ertiiaos and tac chaolca, a. 1 all tL J tirofeaiicnai claj!"< s, aro d cl loJly o.' ji^rd to a i I'Siion. wod dki net wlib fouth Or 4iaa " to throw t'.e t *> "Tfi board," >i site has done. 11 sc'dds thai ??i i Hammond's rrilgcatlon *s Imuf d'ate, a letter ba>irg bo n rec.lved hero .iir.ollD/; hie prr* 'oal fia':tt. to he forth Titb sent to 9rMilh OhTMIM The Oo'lvCtor at r ?i.fort has < ffliuUy ln<i'r*tel b'? r^lcnatlou, bi irg at: .vllltag, b? aayf, los 'teat ttra riiuh'icau adni'olrtr. tion. It haa t< retu'ore b<eo HiU>4 .*ut Uto tu'Jri ot an ad dr< ?? w ar under i ki'.ui've rmi a 'luratloo, but it *?>* a ? |i vt U.0 ld< k '.a kbudoBOd, Id v Ir it of tho e?i?y merlin* i>( Cuigrctw, to wh b;" ibc CMWlUvU >u, tlic Pn?l<t*r.t !? ni'Jilll to |t\r tnfortratli.n of the rU'.e of Iti* f.'clm. NKWR BY TllE WAV OF BOSTON. 1I1K ? hr LIM? IN crMMLMTOl) ? EXf UI.KIIIM I.C ??, WUOD? TAM1 kKINO M il II rtLAVfcK, trC. [?' tu It' B sk n N<?v 16 ) l>o the rrrnral oi the itaaiiier H. -ilh Uarol ua ?ra if m?r rrrorti rt vhniel the ??-t*il tail rtifieil'-d In uniaming mi IIUTTMV Willi On >t Ihwler. i tie capiaui said the aury ciimHW rrlaiive lu re>erai b? n oi ootino iiav u? turn ri inured ' r? n id'- Htn'-wf *?s utterly ?ith -til ' . > In, i lid It bo lud iNiMd H >M urlylnaled IB A ir.ria A f til k'*>>D nir.'l Bi? g?t, ?bo ?? m mit !c lm e<eaiti?r ?? (*>'?i U. r ou hi ' la?. trip, wie Id ?i>f uete *1 tl>? time tte f< put t wna put lb cliinlttiob Mr H , tieltoviott the r.ery trne, and f<arti>? llw wi'rl ?r*? in d*->ter, touurl i'? t harlcttnu, bu ??? gnatlr mrprlwd on bt* arrival t i Bed ihe nty C> anneal wly .<iiet, tod tb<- tt*aa?- r ro ll ?:! f. ?? aaiial, lb |??i" lit wool Ifce wharvee of the ? trip Mop ?v.? ?by I' "le tlty nf Uiart- awn tue <%? ;? 11 1 tl|l, lilt qurrttllb ? > IK-caMl< a, or toawnruliit, w ??mall* Md vmhimH) rpuatad, It tfiM'i to en |r< f>* Ur alUtli'.t. > i'f, ii. t n. ui. J ereti c.liiMien.eoU |*rr?'ci til t' *>it n| ? >i iv Aa to thei reiaxIM "f?rcl ble tijiuam '? ?d k ii Dili man nm?l Irom the mate, be nod, " A *?u; n. ju named Wxid ?r|l out with ft>e A raaaei * I on w.o jrwr'e Hit nil I i Cliarleaton ? ? 1 1 ? i i % art jtfk m M te'oher M ? aarwii Ml a pi* i.'?t lar u.atA' I fr?ir? u ? IM # ben be Ml <-<1 be area* ? kbf/re in ? iilet, imrMt ii manner, ? <1 without Inter f?rrn-e fri ni ?i y t<if Be ???on tu?k Ibe care lar bla Odai drenuaiKiu, Mfl ?bile ibe sua onu'vixt |.'ei? with i t II >? l*r>. .?*? > hlr H I fk- eoar<>rt?li'M *m i'*r r led nu Ui ? I ifb l.w.e M>. W"?<1 ?t*>Ae faroeaMji nl llw> ebetluc n( Mr ]4<iObi?. but Mr. Rluugrt ?u more re ferrrd in toe ? ?(ti rri^n hie political ? i-?a ^lilinut knoalbl it the lao were ovi'ln ar l hrimj A-ntbera ff r i ie??p , wfo i>e,rD|ii( d ?"at? J >kt Iw-blad the N rtlwa erw Tie rtocib' rt j-Li nm rrpntte-t what thty hal bear<l tn tbr \> (Vnmlilre rbe uit'-r i?rtb w:th ("I ?b<iu to in*r?ti^ave Uie miiur Tbi ? m ?? rrlained tlx- w r ? iea'.*'. t* cf M*. tVimd. au l n<in i kited h in Mr wae aeked ?? to* i oBiimttee if b? ??? a ripiiM wi., a<iA,ale<i, i> lie d. l oot ?b?rt*ti; *e?n.- ut. f??or?ble t?i Mr Utno elcfi twin Mr W. lKf"re r?i.f) Irf The c -O'liitt^J aakrd 1KB arain what bo i' our hi "f toe blfber lav, an. I aa bo (till heeiiMi-l to reply, ibey f<>rn'.eu e oi.IiiVmi ihni b' waaanan |wir >?? ?? 1 airtk-- bin. ?e fi u-ta, U- r?tur? aa aiae^ lr a* tn Ifc'ttdn Mr W. dM dM i em' aatmte with unm, t?.i?. u<aiie urn wImIb arr.uifr menu to rtlurti, aad ae :1a a mm itew p?id Jan bia ei per.ire and lre?leit him n the m rt Mttena m u ,er, lie Utd aet romi'iaui ?f th? e<>ii'*< n wh. Mr W nxl m l tsptalti l*a < r Uiat Jurt i-cfor* uie arrlva1 at l'iO i-i t a -Serr be bad en|a*e? In tearh ?nb 'I a Mnrtl e?n |? Idler kail pwt Ik lb* pr*e? a*ir? ?l % ata* ? % qaanMtji if aitwll. Tb? ibo ?!k?e bad a<'inlr?'tle ?l i" a (>' rti'i'i mt hia maa i< r'i '?B>|ly. r*i.?ir I, the utalb Iif <?I<' ?f 'li. m Mr Wi. .1 i* nl Kplal >ri that Hi ant ?< ii n (?? i?rr"^il? unniirl ?|?l??'l>'e In tber? ai.h^rt ?.d am ... an * -ivr.i o't na " la m>"?lBal> n, Oab'aia H?*l?r a*' I lie waa o( nj\ I, n n that tVMh tar. ira woi 11 ewewli hJIji reavdn, bit Hi ally retma tu ber ah< Ui tbe t'u'ted t>*l< oracy. Tka Vol* for Kinti.n in Itw .Imi;, The to'al rote h,r f..?eV r? ni aa fnl|j#a ? 9*i nMtcnn PttirM J C H?>nbi"wer... ?? 1?? Wm. tkw? **J W?1 iirdnw K Hay.... M *l? Jni-I l'ark-r . ?*7 ? ?baa K. V?>?r UMI Th.-n H-mynn tt v tf Vr-war-i W l^lta .. M Ml Pet?r fl Vr ?m b* ilO ?l?r.||~ n Srntoa , . . *?????* ale* Worta .... Ml IA4 lto*|d lh< mpa?n fta Rdtanad Hre? er.,.. 57 ar| 'aaar W dodder ... M m ? aa Cnod'. ?T,*M Tli? r ail?i r| rotaa art at folloar*:? Ikmftm* Mr J Abraham W. Narh. . . 4 ?t<> nkaa. >t Mofhee. i y. Ill ?<?<? Wi.'e ... a ?MI J'hb f W.?*lbiill m Irtorph Vilet a Ml Peter f tiara I It iwnl <?. Uidrrai*,, . I fill iHwne.i.ja *><? Ill TLui N. Ifcnartar... ? WJt J ht V H*nen 1CI* ?ai H Mclk?a.i II* .t'.hn R Darrry, B'erklnrl'lrw, bad lat The above akawa ab net* aitlim oiaj irlty a fa nat '.'ark rwpi.MtQAdtatn of nearly ten lb-< iaand ra tea Caarl Calindai-Thla Hay- . ITf?kB? I orat? I iri rit ? i'?ri I? Aawa ?.I*?''"" I'll* V- -h..(| uii'i* Nia IJ17. I^tl. IIW, I.M. S?T| f?f# 6JJ4 see (,% H 1,44* ?f<*, 4Mt,??W, 1414. rem Ht b, rr^. rh d f *'?? 4?4? 44?4 ?M 4 161 , eui i?l? 4101 tlM Sal J IH O ?'i* ?4e4 4*31 ?e<? J. )M M4> alt# Mi? '*m M4I fi!4l Ml eti4.*?*-? "'W i ?l?0 ?J? ?t I'kaioa l oi" ? t ? ' a' ? I? *<*? Wl. 'JlH, WT, '{ , It 41 7i? 1046 If47 l(*l I <V# H>*3 l a -i?i> ie i ma** ' i'i"?i - Sf? W M V. 81 v a? r, ?a a i,?AA-??r I-* ' r?J y3A*io9T4t, a.143 ??4? VU7 l.14? .?'C ?l m* Fart t_ Nna MM. 2IA4. i0'7. ?ra ill* MIVO, 2314, atl?, ?aao. wai, n;?. <om na im pgr tan r from Illinois. The Polioy of Mr. Lincoln Relative to the South. Hia Cooper Institute Speech, Hi? Debate with Eooglaa and the Chicago Platform Bit Policy, ??.. Ac., Jbc TUe Tribune and the Bamwg Jmrnni of to day, tbe r? eopnlred orf udv of Mr Munol* In lh.? *aU>, repudiate the Idea of big announcing hla future |jo) icy m>r>i thau ha ha* already done in hla Cooper hamate aptech, hla da bate with Dougtaa, and la accepting I tie dootrtnca of tbo Chicago platform Both paper* po'nt to tt?e r ??/>? dn of nr. Liaooln M embracing the principle* h> which be will be g lided ia administering the govcrLuu ni Tbtro If a itroog feeling here asulnrt Juba Wentwortb, for Uia bitter rplrit he maulfea'd tiwarua lb* 3ouU>, agu.nit the known wiahea ot Mr. l.inooln. Wr. Unrein in Mpvlnftlleld. THE PKESini>T KLKCT ANl? TII? HBCEHKION MOVS MKNTH ATTIJKhOI"ril? Trig NKff OABINaf? INtfUlril OK VlaUTLKd? MK. LINCOLN 'a t'ORKBHPONOKNOB ? HIS PAILT LKT??- M !lfl. LINCOLN AND UKH VIHIT* IKf ? WHO A HE TO PKV-IDB AT TUB WlffTB I10U8B, tro , ETC. Tbe republican Mo oca la at preai nt one ot too meat attractive piaciR on the globe. Mr Llaooln la bordeaad with as 'ia (cense correspondence. Abnu. tl;ty of hla lot ten >o day PoHclVcd aut< tc?r( '? Mr. Lincoln tali* freeiy w.ti etery one who calla, baring something pleauut to aiy to facb Uo baa l?v o urgtd to auiicuice hi* policy te aiirance of bla la ?Pfirftti'.a. He, however, pcaitively declined, aa heftlao decil-.ea Indicating to any one who will cowi'iee blfl Oabuiet Uetftldtodfty that some of tbe putmoUoi ot it ? Sontfe tad fa'etly scLouncd, ? uiiog tbe recent carn (Mlm> that If he (Mr. Lincoln; waa ekcteU armed l<fti.d* wore foimed In tbe North to go down there and liberate the alavea, and the m<?*. mat ho feared war, that an lnaurrectloEary increment anocg the ilarta would result from th .r own teecbli 4* It la rettieu that DO iffloer will bo Uki-n from this State, a* In that event m*cj of tbe .oaoei lights oould tot cooriatcnUy be reearded. It la understood that Mr. Llnooln will &cqalew? in th'f poi'cy, aa 1 Indicated in my dcspalob lc Sunday'* Biiialo TUo men '.m; < ug thing to tbe reiublleauv of TUloola la the worse than r.arriRjuiau ra iioalwm of J'ibu Vent wurth, who daily Instate npou burden'ng Mr. Linoola with bit iulcnn< >?U> ace impolitic u?tloua about slavery, ft 1 y do not rtfle. t the coi<?erv&tiro l^oaa 0 toe repobtl ran* of the State, and grtft'ly a?g or Mr. I.lnoulo, who ticca Lot hesitate to txpr. sa bl* d'feaii^rub^tioo ef ihetu. Mr L'ncola haa r<i many caller* tbat be cmtlnuoa to meelte theo in Hie Fxecatire ubaraber 01 tbedtate H ' re; and In ordtr tn obtain time t* atVi.J to bla oor rtip^r denoe he baui been akl^ged to 111 iim houra of frucn ten to twelve A. M. and frrm tar J to four F. M. for hla rr<rpiloe?. Mr*. Line In, al*o, hw ir.n.y Oftiiera r'he d ?<* not ap prar turealiae that die ta> been elected to preside at tti-' Wb to Itoiae tit* n- it f ar ye*i?; but by the ea*y ?'*ec ftiad 4%alt; ?Hk wfcuh ahe rMelvon thn? who call i'p< n >ur rial 5 , ?Sie fbo?* that at 9 p<*?eM(>e the no r<-??ery rj-iailBcatl' n? 10 the hlyh; r doMee of the Preal^ett'a wife at Wtrniu^toa H'r *'?U r, Mri Mir'tiin K . warilt), of thia city, an ednnatndaii l aooom I j l.ft..d "friy, and a nle.e, a beauMfal yeoag lady 0 J eigfeUeu, w.ll accuBii?.ny Mr*. Llnoolu to the %hlta 1 htcae, and uaalat her la doing tbe hororaat the Pre*' ? I dint ? ! ereea. Cbjcauo, Nor. 15, 1M0. ?r*i.voKi?i.i), Nor. It, IBM. Jeieey Cltjr XiWf. Till ABMIM roiHuNIKI CAM. The t.M.r'.y tu thia oaa* au cklI'uuiI yfaterlay bo fi rc (it rcr at ( m<uucl}>ew. TV flrtt ?r:tD<*( ?aa Cn?j!olU tl tut, *bo tOtlfl'-'l that the tie i%0 Ti i'. lay ,u avion* to bi" dratb; did not b?et I or c>ni(>i%tii of *. y moiling bi t ?f re r i'ii In the obmt; ?he dwt tn t c c^lela >' h> r bb*hau>i't HI tteaUnf her oa?bertg?'.i >u M.Jay; Kr. /V-tt wj? jri-ient, tr.d Vu be try tag to cry hvard bim n.y be fire her ? pow if, ?'.?I tT^II en 'h?r, after arttrt ?| In Ij ?if O'U tl ? nnrpea ?*? Mr. a uke a un*<]<-r atd tbri w It Id ib<< 0n>, fe' Mid no d"Jo't txlkf- in dirtcr'a irft.r m, t in r? >n. ?ri?oll fl'io*lv of tlilorolorm , tivertic.ud Krt A ?*> arte ?u tin u in i ?? 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