Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1860 Page 2
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NEWS FROM MEXICO. ]?,, Kail ot Sttll l? Doubt? K?|>ortc<l 0?ath Woli? Jti r*mon AK?Ib la Ut Fie til, ie- *?? By tbe ateamsblp Teuueeaee, from Vera Crm, arrtr U Ntw Orleaua Ibe lOlh lull , w? art la leoeti''. ?' fl'e? Mencan papers and despatches from oar correapon en In various parti of the republic 1-bWat dates are J Tib luat Tfct accooiila from the interior arc ao ooa log tbat tt ? ImpoaaiUle to arr rea. 2X5 r.r^ by - ltb?rali "itil Z ZSi *"'?? lo uke . baega of ? por I loo of ihe dcfeaoaa, 1 * bA'? klU,,t He U ' **' U Will be metered. wbo captured <??" ?'?*? TUl# Hue! il-sald, was CM bia l.bert, by C-Wlo o. oeria u term., but refused aoj but M unconditional tlba r tt loo ami !?. tbmfcre, slUl la tbe bands of bia oaptora. me pubiohed a bulletin ctTlag toe very lateal at tbe moment lb? ?> au-fclilp Teoo. sseo wta abjut liaveg, and slating, am >cg*t other ttlogs, tbat Marqutz, *bo tad mar bed to ibe nllsf of Guaaalajara, bad re treated. Ibe 7 rati d Tnion.of Vera Cruz, baa been revived The iKjue ?f NovemJtr 8 aaya that, from aome unei plalned cause, no malls or correspondence had been re ceived from ibe capital; coOM'iuently moat of the oewa from there la mere rumor It la aaid tbat Miramon la again In ibe Seld at the heal of ail cnrpi d'arntei Hie British tuvoy aiad oilitra of ibe foreign diplomatic body were at Jalapa. 01"* MATAMOHOS CORRKSPONDINCI. VUtamoko*. Sov 7,1890 Kffitr'id CowprmtM Betu-efi DtgolUdo ??d Miram >?? rianftw a O'T.rral Pnct?Olfciuimto it in(Ar ti Vral Camp? Fall ?/ GutdaUijura-Utii'i of Oziural WM? frebcbU /mmedtae Han'. i f tht l.ibtralt Agnnst Vavi'al uuh on Army ?/ &*!'<* T/Wiiand St<r>-l'tac* Bft i "n TUmau t,,u and Swv> Vtm-Urxican UpinuM <J a,rji* .9 ?ni man I' 3 A -Ol\tr I"*u ? f A\? t,*c A \try impurtaut rumor baa reached tbl? piaoe Tla MooU-rey to the e(T?J. lb?t Central ftrgolUi i ha? entered (B(<) ? peraooal con reauon with General Miranon for tbe pACiUcation of tbe nalua on comproa?Ue prlnctplea Met cans know bo TaUe of time, aad there ore tbey gencialiy cuit tbe dale lo tttur, aad 1 am ll? ro ore uiable tn nay wfcon tbat treity took place, If It ( ver eld, but tt reacbea me tbrouRtj prlvnte mureea and t ? alao publiabe ), wlibout c.>airadlctl >n, In the Of cial Bo?(tn of Hovteley. The leroiB af the cotnprom'.se are tot gtv?n lo detail, but I *u? told that tbey |>ro?We for tie raalntcnanoe of tbe prtcent ?ta(u <tw> by both ptrt e?. >i far aa oacb m?y coo? der It mceBtary to preaerve tta organization that a national Cotgrtaa la to be called trgetber; It at all mat lera lu ttliputeaia to be Killed la :ot(irea?, and taat a new Preeldent la U< b.' cb-iaen by lhat Wy or by tbe rwxtut&r vot?? w ttmy I)*4 uf*OJi heroftfi^r. The r mor VurtUer rrr"ru lb*t Geo?r ail Dobla-lo and OrVeea of tb? tibial army, ?ioieillr de^'unoed ibe irutsa it ion abf n ap; r.?td of it. Ml mat tbey threatened to bieak It off by an u.?lant atlaci upon Itiramou * po "Nr Gtoeral Pegollado ha? committed any auib folly *? Ibal attributed to him in the above rep.rl, be may ba v?i? utowriy conaWired tleeoiaeof Jlexlco He la ai_ wa/a doT, (nmitnlrr i. lb, net.r did tie c .mn.,1 a greater ?rr?r ih?n ni, n 'rtth I'nte to recover frum bi! dmaatcm as a mat tar^l oourae from yur position, anl wlib ihe taforoa t ton ? btch tbe Sa? V. Rk Hkkmj. spt-eala brf re ibe publ'C you anil )our re?1er? call WW* a tf Uc Oeld, and < te lo. k alone ta ai.Ui -lett to ynu Ibat Jl.iinwu roue; fall and th.t tbe liberals must s.ic <xert II tbev b"ld ntit wilb ibeir preaent army, and with ?ucb ' tierala aa Ortega ai d l)oblad3 to ?1U' them tbey ha%e Ihe aOvaiU t- m e^-ry rtsp?x:t;a"d it would bp too bad ,f old [V(foil?.lo should step in Just at tbe wrorg plaoe aod s.?oil the game . . , la cooteciir n w lib tbe above l uc.lersland that (Jene rata Onega, [K>b:a.lo au.i o^aaom attacked the <11/ ?; ia4al?J?ra aioirl toe 16tb "It . ant took U a r w iimjs o??|ieraie flsbliBg Gtmrtl taatllto. who was In ba.l l-r,n invited to aurreedee, bat aa^tba terma tol be .greed on. h? )u? to lake who bas be. n wttb. ot i r,.mman l for charie of tbe plaza lorttttcitions Toe Meal ans uia great confidence la W.,11. ar,d It ?. known lhat toe plaaa ia always tbe last stand, aad ?hen tie moat desperate "oo'lba Viifawdtrg t the incomplete reports wbicb I bave. l?rie*a o eted Sre u the city Ire? <?ue buDdr^d piec?s of aruile-y, an i kepi u^ a ontiani Ore until tbe Ulb. wben ibe order to storm w.sgtve* tfce town wsa carried but a r'ais^rift^oM? oc^ curr\d, aod p.)ocli*'ly the ??c<.ra t.-a * I ?aa killed, and e'n?*l bis vnlire Btatr Tht \<m i b?rai tide web Dt l 10 grfX, tf 1 vo !>?! ttif ?occ>utiU Wblch r ?!!.<< throufh tne tib?ral p%^-r? It U aliogeiher pro*>abl^ tQ%t ibe fcbc?f? rtfhi y ? cipiuua by ib? MlKHi ??( (ieucral DdfoUado \u mUuj * Mentha* taiUUo "flert d to release Ceueral ' rsgaon b<a oato'e provi.'td be would ?ftr* to retura to t#? !'?? ' !!? lo Cain lie If Ibe town w?* n?t taken, but I rage refused t., itmH b r. :iberiy cn *n? terma TDe rea< Hot isf. us^er lieneral Olbon, met with a d r ?slteus before Ibe city of /.eealeoe. wbicb ihey ?It, mpted to tak* b> turprna A nml'ar atu mpi ws* m?>le on tbe city of dan I. i s oa i? r iaih ult . bul was iiawiaistlil Tfce r (i.aliy |x^lK O ?i k.H?irs l?elw?*n th?> SUtei o Ta WK .;i|B? auo Nuevo I "<>n baa at leoglh been adiosied, anM we are bow n tbeb. si o, terms \ idaurrl s ???.! ' ? truiilv inlo terms, aid w? have .<r.ed fc, oa^af.r (livVsi. n of teaouroea wlib h m , an i alto to r< prois a wet i' ii isis ?bo may fly 'rom bia Viate inio tb>? Ibe Amerirao oommuaity bas been 'in le a rl(le1 lately by a lilMa?are|*d*,? Le Ibapeif auornapoadeBcc oe taefi Ibe liovirtfr of Tamaullpaa ami l. -nerai Aram berr'. ibe rero vi* i mary catMilal* f ?r l?3vera ir of Vuevo leoo. Aram wn coram sv.nrd C'jitinas, , ue kai i i aa on.- of bia < fflc r? aul ?i ncrat Oarta p- .fa. ed ?a>iDg to Arambrrri tbal b? ? 4* poll rg h^n . f oj it,, o i *u Oris ? Vwa> rn i tt oe" ?we ar.d the Auier:' ma on ibe >'lb?r- sad j?ni? ' la' v ... . looi |.b:m tn.? it one la pte' a W. ' -ge StoreB a ?>?'.? 1 ..ut ttiWt l iietlni^ wa? Aranb. rti'a <am?> he |?t..B'maO ?ould er -a over tt*e R ., ill ae'ie .tid foi ow t'ti aci 11 tbe mouata ns^or lie weui.i c?icb M? I reck, n It.- would find o it <011 t>e\e ao ?urad tson ?'i l'a'1 tU newaa, Mair.ll ? l.ieh the RIO l',iao'ie a l.l ti t be micb ?r a P'o*eot.;w Tbe baiOii who r mmiiied aoeb r? ? ainy #n U,iba.ih. . .?.d alter* .rd- lied to lljrkrg^ l it mat wUb r- v? i -<?? tb-re f -m h s o?n crowd He m cn? a from ti? owa r ?b' uaerev. ,o t tbe/ s-e afu i hi a be cai iw b? did not divl'e ibe pUnder fairly. It la to oe bo.^d l.e wi I b? taJght ao4 bai gn>1 'be b. ego ( w ibis .'e bare a \ been o- leeefl to Tsaifico to taki tbe llaa of mar. h, unler ?-o l.? a, Vl!e ' beral forres. s-nce t*e fall of Woalala ;i*a. c?n Ukr ,,p .he llaa .1 mar. 1. 16 COO slroag, fof tbe city of V,1 cr, at'1 we may s<?'0 e*p,tl 13 h ar ttat tb' '?teit n?? i arrowed oo.n to. .1,1,1 ar uad tbe ettf of Meii-o The i eaclU'BlilS have no refpeclab e foolbold tow <>uts da ' Tbe tao lata ar* a?aio troabllog the peopM o( N'??r? l?o? several reaches l??*e been robbed aa l many per ?one carried oil ocii mo datum coKwwruKm mi. ?aowMttua, Sot. i, IMt ?? Hri '\inrtrlf >*./ Lifi' ? ll-al h 0.?a ? IHitrict I CY*''? Brj>r.ti,d Sk"iir>f if (W'i*<U bf Coveinur T< rftHlTI, 4c 1 be fieri, n pert'd ?ff lame at I at :ptd The Metl MuaiM up at I wet* n menr for Breckinridge end Ialc Tbf rouLljr bat got ? Uiat r>nplri>un by I l*r|* TiinMUUir itmti. The * even ?b*ch p'?vtii? 1 b?r? mi tiuntively abj?| fn> ?fki ? ( b?> a n>oet rni.rtij .l>tep,>?rf 1 rbe l?'?lr'i t Court <vinm?rr?e iu ?.-e?i *o n?it i ndf r Ji. 'ge I?rmee, ol the s*n Antoalo Ittlrtct. wttb a foil dorkrt A rep rt <a eurri at that V ?-.rrt hta rteght Uort c at ???I ba h m ktaol AfV.a AC -OCKT?. From tbe N?w mirae* I'm) liN, Hi* U *he ii'init ii TrtittMt*, fo.-b.t, <??f jre reported f*o? Vera <>t I lb# Tih rt-wb-*! brr ?rl>arf at to eerly k><r TnUnn. aiteiuooa She bri<ttnr (olio* teg I air?<t P%' >? ? Hrt Corvia, M> A l^on.T Ptitou, Wti?b?m, H l? *V re T. Ntpltr, L t I *'!'??. R H.?o ano. W?u> n. -ir V.iia, . r ii <<ib*a,l 8 N iv r art. ? ? fovr 8 th? tterreg.' 1 b? Tree<tt< * h? i a ptewwat up, with a ttr <ag ri'iibrul cat in lfc?- i-arly part ?>f ifc *o \ki , ?t, oh ebecged lo i ptlin-.flbtr u ii.? nb'i approarti<<l 0* bar Tb? CalU<! *tal?? duff T >etiel<e. Uaol 1>d l?ri a?t, I tg*bi|i lb* n> antn >> I' ai.'ai??, ? ?pt Ba/irJ. rtip SabIB*, Oept A Jin ? atii the t*it|i -?eppiy , Cbpi fa'krr alto tb* f rtorh *n<t It* > n,?n ?t?an i??!>-i la Oawiioa, PrWutUa mi l Mtaaco <i* <>?ray , ??r? >i Vrre Oi * T*? I'utW'l Slaire alra-tier Patn** tailed for Tampteo on me II ltd. ?'? uai<nu?< ?n? ib cha ^oi a ap?rlal Mlr'tro la reft n m* fo ti *i pon r.? tl vb* tpwi? n.BCerla lalalp aalaril by l*a I rfol jJ.i at b*'?o(t4 lo An pit, wi eili/ata. Tfc? Br'i-fh atramrr Va'or-tir, <"bpl \ Jhtu, ??! daily ?ni* cttd at Vera O ? Va*? Cm t No* 7 1<?W (>ur la'rtl o??t fr?? lb* latrrlnf, reo?l?fU b<??, it to tb? .!Oib all frooi ibo ail ' of aal U>* I Tib froji Ontdai* *rt Gra Warif^rx. Mtraama'* Maminwn rh'tf. ?M tbfB a 11b n loir <t*)a' man h of ib? aeoa* <if truoB li*r? at Vrra Ob* ?? ba>-? ha I a chaifa of a*a t?i rj, and ibr Orii th Iriation haa l?n the oapttal for J? tapa a porklra < r ibm go on him# >a to da) * aiea-nrr. *' 'a *r? baa a'a? Mrond aa 'llmKnt of lb* f.t^lila oa T< butnlrptc Cna.i ta> a iraot. tbll la a aoaat tf of HriwrilMii Ta? ia l.<a|af a?a me ptritcultri ? An r'prrw f*arh?j h?r? 'eat aifbl b y l*a ff'ltWI ?* t'aordlnarf Notbn o?? baa tranapirod Mar or at the all aboorbiag poini. i.'ie4e ?jwa, ? \ -?pi thai reliable p^ toot fr?? Mr*l?o thtak iht p?aoe bta beee latra, hot f'JI are riprreari bf raoti ?an wiabert of tb? I'bertl c?u?e that (itm Marqu< I eriii bare rm? tn h a otaoel lo p<-e r?i.t ? eletory * Ibr i art i f the beau . D( liberal f.*ost, aader ooTimtt l of ?ra Orf l/wi* ool, lb?rr' r?, f. r ' giorloaa" or rary inattroie latrll'terr* by tb? opportaM\y th??r itar'inir here to day that Ktiair >a <ni#ndt to aftr* Vora Crui a?aia al aa rarly day I tbu k b>a a |n>i prarrai. ;?>tg Ir k froa brartar, but brUr*'- h'm It * bafdt. for ?ta< of I rut aad foorf adfia^rt f>> e ?i ih'ak hia a <? >eipet* t i piottal at ai>, aa he ettdeatly ailoot k oiteir m b? tn* u a p?p|>< i of cd any laipo tail ir?Mtca, aud thea I ibluk It la | for rally pretty wcl understood tbat be will ntver qiiirl uj rule th<- country, as ever succeMfjl be may b. al the keel or his troupe and aaay from the capital. v> hf re be '? row getting oa badly eofjja. H< J*7t# Vf W>?' 4 Wr^tJ iirvgfe iff going on near Iht c t) of Guadalajara. tbtt toe liberals are Id p>Meaaion of lt>' suburbs of t be l->*u already, aiul that they art cow, wltb i? n>? 30 0C0 mm, desperately Igbt it g Ur the p'sza, palace included, I suppose I am mtrj U> It urn i hey mil get wbipjod If I am wrong :d b?vn< ?bi.l ta on the ?i.buct, 1 hope tbey will be i)ulx about it. atil ortainly before Marquez's (an excellent cDicfla:o) arrival If not I fear thai we? all of ui bore in Mriico? aill be, by tbe next mall, Juet precisely where ?e have b?*n for several jears paat, aud will remain for many jears betre, until something effective and positive (ball be fettled upon, at borne or somawbara olsj, "lo noiet the ca*e," and interfere aocordinglf To return to VeraCruz: I beg to adviM you that wa are gettti ft along swimmligly ; indeed Oeampo baa been ?t'jx ib'ed Minuter of Foreign Ailslra, and bit son In law, Mr. Mabn, Min'rtrr of Hacienda, or Treasury , which la coiHaereO a good mo vs. Vkk* Cat z, Not 0, 1890. As yet we hsvn hrre nothlrg dtcislve from Guadalajara If wa wrre to believe lettera from Giiaoeniato of the 26lb, the beiieied city was taki c on tbe S3J, but nothing of a reliable cfiaiacier has fit corns lo baud Irom the scene of cci>Q ct H?elf. Fro? the city of Meiieowe have intelligence that Mtw mni b it left the capita; at the head of Sli corpt d'armee, bat In what direction la nut stated Frcna Fuehla It Is stated thai a body or some 1,000 nrn, or mote, wbl b left that city on the 3d for the cap! tal, bad pronounced and g>ns over to th* con itltut tonal csure This, scd other equally significant events, would i<? m to Indicate a change tf pu illo sentiment on tha table Ian da. Vf?A Cjtrz, Nor 7, 1800. Tbe Ercltfch extraordinary arrived last night direct from tbe capital. It does not bring cosflrmati >n 10 full of reports we have bad, but tha uo?rs Is nevertheless of ( considerable importance. Guadalajara has not yet sur rendered: but the braleged ?ere rwl.ioed to the Iset ex tremity. aid it was believed the city would soon fall Into tbe bauds of the ooDstltuti -naiists From Mriico It Is stated tbat Miramou was convinced tbat sfta is cruld not go on thus much longer, and was d spiKcti to give up the command. Wl'.h this object a imeliog of piominent citizens nad been ca'led, at wbl'jh a committee was appointe) to lake the matter into > msl di ration. In this connection it Is stated tbat Roblea is intriguing for the I'resinoucy. Tho abi>vc letters are the U'^st and moat direct, and we consider tb< m reliable Neither oi tbe reports wo ; have n ce ved by way of Havana, of tbe capture of the city of GuaJalsJars, or tbe raising of tbe elf#*, are there fore correct. Uur letters are als> equaHr sliest both as regard* th* repo-tod death of Gen. Cat illo nnd too sprit k eg of a lata! mine upon the constitutionalists a private letter Irom VeraCruz aays: ? "It Is reportel that a new dlpl> niatic ra?vi t Is oo foot. At all eveots Mr. McLa-e is going up to Jalapa. where be is to meet Wagner, the Prussian Mtntiler. Mathi wa, tbe British, and Pa&t-cn, the Spaulab." Tbo retirement of the British repiearntatlve li permanent, and a portion of the legal urn caaie rn by tbe Tennessee, homeward bound 111 bis leittr detunciling his passpoits moreover, Mr. kathewt imi tbat "tbe Kovernmer.t of her Uajeaty #111 n?t court Lt to a Hani of bfr re;at:oos with Meii.v as a civilised nation, until ll sees an order or things estab Mi-bed therein which prom'sea a stable government or a provisional artsngi meni looking to tbo same result " In tbo meantime Mr. Mathews will oonttnue to resile al Jalspa. ftlblsM f*r !?o*?mbtr. | rrom I* Follel ] Various novellle# in material hue been prepared Tor tbe forthcoming *ea#on. We nat'ce, ?!??, ? f?? of {??' i j ear ? good* with new face#, by the diff-rence in pattern at; it gt 1 eral character We may mention, among otoeri, the t??>im* do lathe. In l#r?e plaid*, or (potted w"l? pa_ I til* poll; tberep*. with wide atripe* <10 enward*? freta and black, or violet and black, art- Ibe no# ' ?? lura lor tbi# natenal? prlnud foulard# de lalue, ind* k gr< und*, with rrnall bnnehe# of ll>wer*,aad a aew ma lerial ral!?d Turin velvet, a perfecttmilat.oa of terry velvet, hut eotnpotcd of (Ilk and wool. Tb< ce fabric# are made WHO plain ?k! *?? but very full, and the bod!*# Rencrally have tight #te*ve?. Tbe tortage a plaatron i* very elegantly worn and I# veiy bec. ro lug to torn* tlgure# H 'a applicab. elm all iioal all a aie.lal# Wo noticed a very eletaut dreaa of violet Uir. It. ant 'l<ie roarte In lb!# atyle Tbe P'"1? *tt' of black velvet, riebly worked witb i*t h?*d? 'a? *i? t'ght. At the top of the arm was a full pjfl, Croat barred with b'a-W velvet. In>arb diamond formed by tbe irin.u.lnn wan a twall jet bang ug ornament Tbe rklrt w*i i nlirt 'y wlihoot ornam^t. **??????? ut the oockrt#/ Oae en aaeb #11# wa# defined by black vtim, tbaped aLd trimmed like tbe p aatron on lb# I *?ir Though niolret atd i'o?p*dour atika ere worn, u lata# j anttii". # and taim# teem at pre#, ut the a orite wear for a toilette hahll *9. Ol tb**e the emerald , w an I the i e w htcJp calltd *' ? ltie color* most elegant 7 "'laic k moire# #rr very elegant, and their e Ifcct depead* < Dil'e y upon tbe rtyle, aid ol tho trimming by wbioh th?> aie arr< m inted f or Inilanee. we have aoen a blaek ttiolre with a boulllonnee of ap,de g ?eu tllk, and a rue! e < f black guipure in th* centre The ?'?**'? "er* tigb and bad two puB' of apple gretu #llk at iba top. B< tw'e.i, tbe in ?ai p'aced a luebe ?,f? ,i Home drettea ate beiig made witb tbe aklrt perfectly plain IB Ifoet. ibe plan# commencing aaoul two incbc# oo t liber ?tee ol the lantcnlbg. . . , Tie 7 ?ave i?. ke's aie begin# log to be tllfbtly wadded V me art witb a nulltirg ol Mlk of tbe ?m. C .lor aa tbe .kill with whlca ibe, are worn; other# art .trim a,ed wuh Chleeiea ruehirgt. an ornament likoty ?o cm Un.e in lavor through th* winter ' ll?uv die?a?# that we have #?en have been trimmed i ? lib patti# of vilvet. Wenoilotd a | llavtm.e. wb.cb bHd unall palte# of black "'"V. I w lib r;ai row guipure, placed down e.cb ^m ib' ?kM aid Ihiee row# on lb-: body? i*e on each ?baalder and j ibeotbtr between . . , the aiacaroo ard Pl'trot button* arc ft II worn, and | 1 ?vc? verv tieeilt'Ct ahfb worn with thirk dre*?>#, on ? leb a liore elaboiate ??>!e of trimming would be oul of ' \* pi or ?klr*p *re worn with a ?hght train, eepejially Wlen u ade i>. rat ID. A.l ktr.C# and #t> le# of pa# m?n ten# are Iraki) k ibel aprearance; tome are e*tr?m"ly , ei<vat ? Tbe rkirl# <* tun-* dte#K-? are ma le en point*, , ai d . n brn< ei?rt ? n routaebe. c> lumtwicg vry wld# at tbe h< m, aril l radiiall* d mlni.hlr if inwar J# the waiat j rt>r tverlng rtnn^#. Iigft materia # are mat m re- | n??t, #ueb a# l?rialar'#, tela, lolle, ll'u.t*. crape, Ije; ( Ibe bouill?tt.e<?. <r narrow U..unoe?, are tbe u- lal trim n..rk? Tbe latter are geatraily ?et oa very full, and ' w ruarriod ladir# #? #imp'e a#tyleof dre#? ?#. of w uire ,,o? I r- ?ary. I iee lake# lb" p'ace of lull*, and |,wel?'tb?< of flower*. Uce H. nnce# tbmld b*ve unler '.ouner# oitar'.alase. or they a-'' #P'- ?" bang too b>?a- ilf W.. remMked ibe other evening a ve?v ta^teful in lele ear.. ? am* dr?#? It wm made of ablie IcrUtaae, wlttt f, B arr .wil uurw re^blog totheknee. and ??re aue c' narrow fill b'ai'l on each A .ec-u, I #k?rt de??<l lo ibe i of it# 11 wineee, aud w*? rich') embrolder. l In goid braid . ? sr.e^e. wide at the bottom ?' I0? ai the wat??, being ernbromergd on ear b brewdtn The body . decollete, wa# triir.'.ned wits na-row frill#, like the** ->?> tbe iklrl With thi# dre?# wa* worn a gold and par! tomb. ar.i ii a cew*oOi.e ^ ba r were placed tbrre (old atd j-?ai: (tart, tb? centre being mn^b the '* /."'t aleio'. and the burnou# are reproduce! with vry rl'gbt va ..tion. They are ma-ie of c'nlh' v*' I, u#, att'qee, ke Thejr are ofien triom i with a new Ijle of are ? h eh l.a# ma e it# appearance, and 1# ct lei llama lace, and with macaron batl'?o# l'M#e?enlerle i# a faToiite c rnan eal We have ?eeii aorna larre clort#. ocmfl#e-l at the ?*>? with large plait* a #wall pelerine fall# a IllUe bell ? tbe ?bou'dtia A.ine tuanlle# are .i-ote in f/onl behind, otter* 'all In pla-t# from tbe #bouider# behtftd and 111 to the flgme la Iroot A i ew cloak ha* l?# appear m<*. oailed lhe Land grave It I# boend wllb a narrow watered elbbon^ Hie ?elei lie tr mmel la the #ame way, I# looger behind than D frent Tbe #leev* I# ornatneBte?l with a trimming up the miid of lb ? ?)f**e. Imm tbe wrl#t to tbe elbow The fr< ntof tbe m>Mie i# cloeea by a pa U, on which ar# oiaeed two bott??# . lhe #lde I# made In rtlvei, without any other trlmml?| tban a Utile rorhe placed at the edge, !n#l Je The #1##*#, in two plec??, form# two point*, on wil A *re p aoed t?? M C*#> n t>e # and ba*<|i'B#? are #t1ll wore by young ladl?e. P?aet* are wore totgo, advaai log la tbe frJBt and f" V >*vet eeidom form# the wh? e of a bom et, hot 1# gene ? accompanied by tulle, law, of srap*. The iuleri>r of the t??ft*t M very #eldom all wbiu. the top belrg g*?? i ally oomp?wed <rf bla t WM', 0>w*m, or velvet# A chl ore* rucbe i/bi fjrmi a dem guirlande. at.d ha# a eery elegant <8?ct. We bare ?otle*d eeveral bonneM. a few of wb eh we w'l attempt to <S*#cnbe ?So 1 Black velvet A while l?i m 1e, pi ac*d ruebee on lb. iw#?e, half eoverlng )? II* f?ld# llttj* bunehe# of ? i gal r- re# without leave# A lorg black fealber placed oa the ra*#e. atd fa li#| or tb*e^rtatn No 2 A black a UK bonnet, quilled (eu loiange# i wlih while #ik A velvet plaque, fur.beta co'ir, waa piac-d on tee cniolie. and ba r of the pa*e* trimmed wuh , MeadOB&d blatk taee. A jet ornament fa*<neJ the vel- | So Velvel boonet, elotelta de Perm.- Th* pa?ee wa* leebc*. w ib wbre bkn-.le#, at.1 on n wai placvd a ne^retreLlerl*. tertnlDalirg la glatd# Pia'n enrtala KnLtrg beaddree#.#, -f whatever they mf h M# . . *. '"?bly have l lie dlaleme form Hil wreali# of flowei* ai .1 leave#, oe llower# an laoe. ae. very el* taLt A tu be, p. ;ated, ai.l wide in toe ronl, narrower at be tide*, ard then wH? ualer the (v>m? o th* back hair, I* very ?lmt>le a?.i lady I'd# The hair I# ga'normi dietitd aboee Inea.' hiaddr*#te? at the back. <t"ld re nib# wiib barging drppa, tltber i# golJ, e^ral, or pe?rl#, aie very dirt.agne . .. . , . ... Mary enlferea <?e bal are made of bia-k velvet, ea d leme t"B he p>.ial 1b Iroat l# place*! a #tar or c*eao??t of I r< clou# tloBt a i-a one #loe a droopleg feather, generally til i.ed wlA gold #rd f#IHrg oo th* #bo'i'der bliou d th i# alylB of headdre## ha made for an ua married 'ady or tourg girl, the quiilea are 'epl*r^l by gr.da#?i the fralher* by bar be# of bloada Net# a-* ?<? I lot gtr ?een, nc?| t fer ne?li*e ibej are "W gewraUf I acermraeied by Iwo bow# if velvet- -w* with I iog ead# I plated high a. ibe eld- u*b-t, m.we eav.^ at ee i aide of tee bm* rte#? how# may he replaced b? n iw#r# la tkta reee ibe net. lb#* arccmpatied, may b* wora at a I- ( ! N,.?nt??* Saw H??e<niat ? There l*ag?a?,'ial Ibtaaiag 1 nut U t he acat i? t et ^lieneal* ib tbe B?rih*ro pa.l of Orv # rvuaty Pltvill* wbteh 1*0 ye#ra ago b"??T? fam. ill* # ta# been unitbanted for leeerat ytae* Ulell err many irar# baa had hat nee it habitant- a h?rai t H* *nt>rta?f # viaiiera Ik *pi?abiy, bnt tsec'laee a I levila t 'ot # to r* move to lhe at* ?real rettlemeal# He refaeea to #r?wer qoretloe# a* to hi* form*r htatny Oil f W. t aadrr, of !Vue? 1'rjor due I aad wa|na mat roiclttv. wat mir'1** la ^an fraeeieeio oa th* M<h all , ?o Mi*# Jea* II l>a**D|mrt one of ih* lac anciaro peprit rati # ? ' *bla I* ih<I a cafe of love at 6r*ta<gtt, foe th* partiei have b*ea erq?alnted ?'lb >aeh ? her for latlt# yeara, aad eega?ed for ihree However much we ira? fellel'tte oloeel f.ander or hi* htpny fort in*, wa reaBot bnt . ndof* with lb* imhilc na th* g**a' Iowa wb'.h ll ba# ttietaiaew lbr>? gb thia uaim. for *re l.aa t!*r be# 'era r* fh* l.featlm to (i*rman**tlf with tea e frtm ibt atar* " The marriage rwremor v wa# p*rf?rmad 1 bj Rt i f. ftoir Klag ' tHTEEISTIHQ SEWS FEOtt UTAH. tJ*r Ottmi Salt Lake Correspondence. Gbhat Salt Lakk Citt, Oct 8, lsao Skekh ?f a Cfrtat Conference Held at Ortat 8Ht Lake City? T?t Apoitla and PropkeU fniictxng the Snuuh t'p of ft: Union? Jotejih .Smith's Prophecy Abtnit 0 \t S' par at m Betvee ? ttu Aarth e>.J the South? The Negr>& l to b* Let Loote on their Matter t, and the South to Call for Help from ' Oreat Britain ? Brigham Ftumg'l Hight to the Pmid-n cy of the Mormon Church Formtr Stt at Kelt? The Dr i'h 1 low to *11 AipiranU for that Honor? Bngham K tkei V wn the BUhopi- Inter e King StaHvict?Xeu MMiff"* tun Mutt? All Mormondom in Keviiul and U'joi- ing^h. The Anniversary Conference or tbe " CtaurcU of Jeans Christ of I nter bay Saints" Is held on tbe Cth of April here, and wherever the disciples of tbe new faith are Ur iel under any organization of ",tbe priestbojd." At that time missionaries are appointed here to go to all tbe nations, and in a few day* afterward! they ar ten route. The semi annual conference la held on the Oih of O.'tober. but the early fall of mow In tbe mountains, anil tbe general anticipate* ot rold and stormy w?a'.b?ri bare suggested tbe appointment of the tall mtsn'.on arte* early In September; to that tbe October con ference, thus freed from tbe missionary business, be comes a very important epoch for general bul ness sad tall preaching. Of tbta we hare had an tutereeiiag abundance* In tbe Conference tbat baa just termicate 1 From all accounts It has been tie greatest Conference trer held In Mormondom. It commenced last Saturday, continued orer yesterday and terminated to day at nojn Tbe ouuber of persons atteudlng the Tabernacle and Bowery c Mild cot be much leas, If anything, than 13 000 The streets surrounding tbe Temple block were ctu rdei with wagons, carriages, horses, mules aod osea, nom<> of tbe latter eren sporting California saddles and brldlos Tbe large Bowery was packed rail to its utmost capacity, tbtusands burg around on tbe aides at tbe enclosure, and thousands more, who could not bear tbe speakors, | rono naded on tbe ten acre block. From tbe reeidt-uts Ileirn that the present conference exceeded uot oaly In num bera, but In poiat of interest anl >'lbc Increase ol spirit," m jibing ever before witnessed and ptrtic'.jwtud m by tbe oldest Mormon TUB MHKT1N0 Iff TftS TAHSH.VACI.K. The nlgbl prc? <1 li g the Conference. tbe I1*' been exceedingly Mo'ioy. ma lt>e hazy Ugai or it>* tpotnlng revealed tbe mountain. ea?t and weal draped in ?cow Notwltb.tandli ft lb.- gen.-ral uup-eaaftutocM of the weather and ti>? "l??d road., the faithful ?m? ?i>ag ullrg in from every part of the Tnr\u>ry , bt fore the appointed hour for opening thty ?wa mid about tbe Tabernae'. <t?or. Pr?ldenli (h. I tie .1*6,1 of the V ir.t ?CTe Brigb.m Young. Heber C Kirahitl aud i'toiel H Wcl ? (X ibf Twelve A|>oBile?? Or.on Hyde, Wuford WoodraR. John Taylor, Oeorge * Smith, Fr.ra ' Beoftan, l/>roux -DO- and Krankilu I) Kicbard. If the J of Stvtnllee ? .Kaepb Young, l*fl * Hancock, Hi-n y Herr'man, /?"* PuUlpher, Aitterl P **k"00l,', Hi'fiH'r S f.llredte or the H'lih Pr:e.l?? John Young, Edw o I) W nolle) tod 8atuuel W Bichard. Cf l?c lr? .Irieory of tbe Slake- Pavld Fuller ??d Gro'gc B Wftl lace Patriarchi ? Jobu Smith, J- \.JUBg aud Ua?c if or ley . The opened l>y tho cho'.r Ringing ? Tl.e tn.rnleg break*, tbe ?b?lowa Bee, t/j ! /'<>n'x aiaadard i. <;nrur!'d.' Tbe daanlng of a brighter day Majr.lic ri..? on tbe world Prayer ?. oiu-rcd hy Kara T BeD.M. OM ">? twelve apo?l'?s and .he choir ?aas? " 1 d Pra'-e hrolbeis Hebtr C. K tnl>all, G.o A smith and Brlgham Voud j Id JHormondom, more than amoug owe- J"'1'*1'"* bod lea with wblr.b 1 om ar|ua<oWd, there III great a fu-hmei t to men, and very frequently the men malte ili-) imptfBlon ? U en the faci. Urinative. ,iav? fal.*U to i car either character or weight to the bearers 1-acti ILtTlllr coMf .oo.of til. laci, in. therefore, apt to con tUe himtell t'guly to the sphere that be thin*, the Co u muDlO h? accorded to h'm Brother Heber, from belrg nt.t coui* - Mor i o BrUbam, .aj . -bat be thinks proper aiu may It# found aaofw u prop^uedlnguew di clrmta .? expour ding old on.? B-^ldoa neOor h- a ar*e oer 1 li llu?Lce A Blr.oger reading be vert apt to pLl bin. down .niJOf ft c?rttln e.ts KOr> <f men to be Reldou or ftever Ititened I to but wht-ti a ptwoal acquauitance sprint* up, if it ,br"d oclTb. IrJ ?<tlDg him on the jUoJ li cbangea ? nllrel? tbe relattonahip betwefta ? <a,<?r Md b.arer, and Heber theu become# a lo b? "**? ? to tb#qua!Btc??of h.a.tjle and thtbUnt hon?lty of lh> ta k m. re than makag up for any J ^!j e~rr H. (c tboiot?hly original, and *M "d * ?H*1, think., a t atvral M rmon TU*? M ?o ? '? llcbtr He may not ?ay all th.t he think., #0t wilt be " ?" e to b, -b.tb,th,D^a-.ftth^w.^e fearful w hrn he < p w .? any )?.??. Ko > ijoi* t? (ItU'lfc b m fr. m going into ml.otl*. Bl.dwoour.e oa th. opeftlM of tbe U,nfererc* ? chuflj ?fl. \.MlM"??erj .on and duglMr al AdMklft to M liroi gbt to aa a?-?unt for their art. to relation U t kmgoon," tto. ?uhj?i, from llehart Ufl^l* g mod , waa rich aad racy ^ a boat ? pNi .warm of tb.1 ??r, mad. fttrioM. and tr,lng to deeour everyttrtg ixKiy , but ?fier all did tolbitg It wa. uH d fflcu.t to undcrMaLd who tbe bog. were, when ho tie h.d ihe dr. am iu?t pre*dli g the arrlral of the army. Asd wheu be ooked up anl tt-held tbey were ftU Cooe tbe picture wa. com. eie .. K dar tieorge A -mllb ? an apostle, aad bore hi. tM?. m? i.y to the truth of the (io?pet (ieorfe A U the chief bl.i. rian o' the . burcb blcwed with an excellent?..? ? rv aid a happy fa-.ultv of tclUrg a ?tory. He had Been rt'.prlT.d from me. lirg ? 1th the tWiuU l .r oecr a ^yea^, from *ome ardent to occ at nt. ItmM He tore, brim full of good feeling a?d ft?ec.??*r Detal and wbole?aie px'iortation to ke?P the r eye .ingle to tbe ? I v.u cement ot ihe kingdom, be raricw^ tfe a h. r. of ihe HainU 'n the IVrtltjri .Uoe their ?ri 1<4?T and aa? .al tfled ttal the h.nd of <.od f? ?I?W? ;n a 1 trelr atTair., even the much abu?d ftrmy had tewa ihe fator of Ue lord, to cloth, them ftnd fumlah tbem with the comfort, of life ? in the grocery .nd dry food. v?K -.p.-" it anlifu' for \b* proiptrout c rcumiUucet .o J H&trti o(i? tiiufttCHl THry hik'i been drtren, toli tl T ' V ill Zi ah The to** Wf bow where the l^rd wanted them to be and 'bat |oy aad con boIai loo He Up^nwi on h . oration with a uraiglal.rward r" ^'' who Bv'gbt l ave been rather fr-e with the tttturg Brig tam be* a aooderfui fftCl.Ky for ttoc utf out to*0**' a?? i robahly hi. knowledge of huaaan ?lie. the interrra*. . H. thoogbt tom? of tbe bnM* were i o better I tan tkey ought to l?e; and U It place to reveal aeeret. en tb? hoo?etoj? be gave them to uL.1et.iwd tnfti he wa. on their track, an l Uey m?bt f\nrct tome a lirriM ?( ihfydid bci ter than lend to tbe church .tore the worftt prjdu-w and ttock and keep tbe belt for their i?s PurPl>^#1.*0j11?f_ commodftlMW. He mu?t have made *?*% to tik.le when be epoke rf ???ba.liog the lai chicl. n. kieplng th>- fat ftnd well 'avorel ?>*?, l"ol .uSi??d\eid,Sg to h'm tb. meftfr., lb. CTlpp ^. tn. j ux.thleM *Bd the ??tltl?el.ift" After ftli, Brigham.tboogbt , tb.m gn,Hl bo,., and belle* d tbftt tfceV wmiH I '0 right , now , .ee log that they bad been ^proved aftd hmi I g '? Meb a mild bint about the what u^t h?.l been and ih? ? hat .bat | wa. .ore to come tf they 4lrt not *e the 'cratr^ Won , derful man, llriptoam. No olh?r man dare? io ^petk to ItiCb men a. be doe. Tber take It II I ^ j?'* under tl at th. time, but oone lhat he chait?ron over, tbey are more d.ioted. il po-ibl., than I ?en.?. Tb. choir ..B| again, nri,kam ptosoocoed toe bene diction upon I.rael, and tte folk., refreshed greatly pleued, made q.lck track, lor borne, to be i. nme for a good .eat at th. A^MSOON 8KWI0X. Tb. cbotr aaa | ? .. Com., ?? y. ?al?t. who dwell on eftrth. Your cheerful rotoM r?iM. *c . Prayer oltored by Oder >aon Hjde, the Prt.lJent of tbe Twelve ApoaUe. , aad another lavltattoo frtm tbe choir to . . .... . Come ye that lev. tb. lord, And let |o?r) know., kc Br 1. 1. am maie the opantiik ip*ch Tber. wa. b'iiii Dev. on hand? the coa?i Herat .<? of ft new movement roe the rir'graliag of the .ami. Irom U?? frotnif. !?> I iaa Kvery j?ar tbey had ipeat large .um. of wooey 1ft p?r < attle. wagon, an. geaeral outbttlng, 1. ordM I. croM tie Plata., aad mil had been^ rninou. Ta.y bad tow to oseider tbe few binty of ft plaa hy Wb?b I ? propyl to t?od ua*. fn'?n her* . very .pri.f to briog it the. m grant., at d mvc tte ?pw? '??? "J n otif a on tbe (r.^uer. and bring It IB here to it>e Tirrltory He referrtd to tho travel, of Aloft", t av.p" wme ttve and IweBly yeft?. ftgo, when bo ftnd ft huB.tnd c iter, walked up ? ar t. of I.tOO mll? l in tbrre it. i tUr. and dl.l thetr own cookltg ftbl camp d?ti?. u. aaw nothing to blB.lrrwB.Mng to th. Mieeo.utrtver eyry apnpg tome I n.dred. ot wagon, to hung along lb# eat g rati.* It would not oaly keep the gold in lhe .ountr. , n.nftlly .t ent on the frootlcr., but It woota d.uble tho eitmbtr of rmigranu every )*' .# Ue greati.t e*i>er#e of the | ^>oroey *a# .^cra* the r Ian.. I'oJkiWH g 'the IVotb.-t" B.hop W'w?..y, J,*eph W wb. bad jmi frtm the e*.er'm?ot?l trip. c<>?0rire? whit ha b*?? .aid aad waimiy rmenmeoded lb# ?ew m.'vem'ni H> .cw'otlh aa oi tb I't.U ta to Be a vftlnaM. ?ach n#, ?nd .< m?wh.t near a tbon#a#d tf ihem atll h? "?r' , n n tbe M^ibg M hnng in the 1/ nrd ? p.?r fr?? _l?* gftUl.g l>oac#?e of B.byoa thl. new looaitl >. m< re tbftn likely io greatly ##rHg# if #ol eotirtl) to ?iip? i #ed# the u*t of tn>' handcari, a' >? b Itev.rt thai the ot w.g -a I. cSrftper tttau the manna ( bUMl. team, at #a?t .??? a. ? ha# b-e# bithe. to 1ft# oi tr*m o of> oceipttl H?? BKf(ll f, HI ^ Cbvir .##(, Br tele. ? e *rvaaU ol our t.w Afrr a tw.edlMlwa "? a'l K??P#r#d h?m?, .fttwHed j that #e aete ft greftt people HNPlY MORMHO. | Tbe T.lwtOftrle be t* too ?m#U 'or ?be<^>w^? wb wire ru.ft'.g tato the .,ty. tbe Bower, w a. to# oely F* ?tbl. rl.c fn. nte.lrg. and tb# wcthe' bel.g fa^rftbl. tke cbaige wa. agr e,ble t?otr .a#, <?ir re? t- wnDg loid. anl K der Jf#?vib Nouftg. dibt ot alt tbe Reveal ?., rflered l?fty.r Obotr aftag ? Aril ?, O Ulo? ton. /loft, Tb. u h| of latter day. ar d tb? o we were .11 pre par* d to 'l?e. ?? HK.-tBlM ?M.? o? I". <T*r* or t.? V'. , aa . M.MH-n ?r rr ?r.?it?? for th# p? ???*?* of i.? 'iig a M^rmoi ? Mving to *h?. momwav.wa ftg#. * ' b?ti g 'ftinrtd Wtih a rail .o pe.-'h tb? <?????? 1 < g'%f ?? tl f font i ?? ( ti in.iiii i, wi'j twi?- of ypyLL Hr Ifc* irti mrojr of lh? ? pprttrofcr i) m, kur t ii ?er. tovtfrr ?til ( fitotn kfliri the V? ? w tl and reflect over ibe picture be came to testimony. M knew tbat Mormoutatn ?u of Divine origin, that 11 *u Irue, that ll wu destined to triumph A* tbey "were surrounded by political speeches ' he wu ? little disposed to make hi* politick] speech eOmctblng like ? momentary absence from bia subject came over the speaker, tod he returned ud delivered the mot I Import sot testimony made during couferto so. anl oat which ?evmed to make a deep tmpreaaion on the whole cougre gallon. It referred 10 the call of Brlgham Young to the presidency of the Mormon church Broth ar Hyde referred

to the persons who had aspired to the presidency of the Saint* at ibe time of Joaepb 8m;tb'* murder la Cartba<e Jail, and itateJ that In February. 1S?8, after Brlgbam bad returied to the frontier* from bia Aral trip to thia territory with the pltneera, the Twelve were aaaem bled In the bluff* at Potlswattomle for council and prayer, and * bile there "the voice of Hod apote to tbem from the heaven*, bearing teitlmooy tbat dls servant Brigbatn Young abould atep forward aud reolre Uie full power of the presiding ptwer of tbla church and kingdom." I never witnessed a congregation so evideutly electriiled by the statement of a fellow mortal as that targe audleace was on Sunday mori log laat It waa uaiooked for. I hiring twelve year* the chief* have kept that to them selves. The public ?? think of II what they may; but t am satisfied that every Mormon In the Bowery believed It, and just as soon as tbe sermon goer* abroad every Mor mon In the world will believe it. It require* a residence here to learn what faith is; but as it Is their own business I have nothing to say. In abort, tbe Item now meattoned, though not ilk* y to be believnd by anybxly but Mor muns, lab) far the most Important statement ever made in Mormondom *lnce the death of JoespbSailh. and though it may not coctruute more than the present confidence ; in Brig bam here, I', wtli uu luetttlousoiy o? a severe blow J to bis rival* in the Eaat. and fairly anuub up the no* or- . gani/ation of young Juaepb tailth. Foil iwicK this, the apoatle gave some beavy hlttiog to tbe -'apnetal**" and to aspirant* for leadership, and claimed for Brlgbam that he bad never mentioned the circumatanco, but cane before tbt people and received their ilectton relying on vox pfuli voz /???. Brother Orson seeired to think that he hail said enough, and o on eluded that ?v*ry body knew that Brlgham was the me dium o revelation. iuk puwoirrio.f o? ths rmoif. Orson returned to bit political speech and waottd to tell u* tbat Joaepb Smith's prophecy was fast being ful B led Be referred to auaae revelation that Joseph claimed to bave received about tbe time of tbe Sjuw Carolina rebellion l bave been bunting for II for two day*, but bave uot been able to put my band over it Tbe eunstance of It, a* stated by tb-a speaker, was tbat tbe Soutb Carolina o'ttliScatlon bualmss was tbe entering wedge Into tbe I'ai in; tbat tbe day would come ?n?u tbe | Nortb sad South wouli go t< war; that the niggers would be marshalled against their matter*; that the South would bave to ca.l up< u tiroal Britain lor aesisiaoce, anl she, by the by, was to nrel assistance herself rroroeome body else ? ill the ram" tbe iiasolutioa waa to comvence by operations hi htll ftislll* By a very factious turn and Interpretation, the api>ai,e rrferrid to ibe Onarlesloa Convention su I tbe breaking ep o! tbo democratic party Carpenter J<^rpb had to like a n Jit trip to iig>pl t) ful fit tbe prophecy Tucernlog lb* babe of Bethlehem ? 'Out | of Kg) pt bave I called m> toe ? ud tt ??< near enough to suppose tbat the democrat*, by au invisible agency, bad been puth*<1 on to Charleston 'to fuibl t'uo propbr*/. " Ibe church belrg ibe roca of salva tion ? to oid <.:?tho!;ct?ui ? ?ud a prediction being to [ Ibe thai? "wbua<>e?er *ha I fall on this ?tone sbail be b:oa*u to pieces." Ac The dean j era'.* bad fallen on tbe storn, Iboy bad sent tbe : srmy here, snd bad purposed trreatm^ Ibcm up bore; but tbe prediction waa bung veriStd, iad tbo democrats weie split up, broken and uivtced Ha did not handle tbe subject like Dongia*. Dell or Breckinridge He i.iokel at it with tho spirit of rmhUM, aad though tUo.r eoemtee did not know wb?t tlie-y were <l?tog, ths Lord knew tnem, and would han'io theia fur bit own pur p srs He took a dig at tbe merchant* an l speculators who bad come out tiers to aesit! la lb* overthrow of Mor nun ism; but tbey were also reanr.o* tbe general breakirg tip operation He hat Do apiiog'i* to uiase for b's hreaJtlcg upoiscourae, It wat all tru* aud would be fulfilled tiod had destgued tbe tri'Msph of tin work, and no power could binder It "fit!!! taere wm as .ItK-r tbltig " Their eu- miet had driv<u them out here ? mate theui cross tbe M'rsirnyyi pretty l!?*iy They were pricked ucd chased by bayonet*, aad no moroy ebown to tbem If the Alai'ghty did not yet a<al>e tbclr i ucm us fly at quick, with a* little ruurry a* they bad hQown to toe Mormon*, the Almighty aid uot sppsk by I: i ui j th. A great aud ler ribie day await <1 the tiatim, and a time would ooir.e when tbe ) resect oIsni of a'ptraut* for Presidency would have to itaaJ ?far otf, and never dare toassuuu tbe relna of gnvorniuefit Trouble greater than tuey could cope wuh would make thein umhiIi and staj.l awed and cor.ft.aed fli mders and lightuing great jt than those beard ai d aieu aiound Mount ti nal would yet protect tbe cnalr of state. The stone r- |*rted would yet become the head of tbe co> tier, and the agent waam the liOrd would appoint would 'Ule U riguteo'isness His testimony was true and b? warnod all men t> (ire beed to it, and if they did uot roueivr b t lestiiuouy, tSey wou'd no believe tb' igu oio rose from the dead Wi;h to intimatloe to tbe Mormon tnccbaoti aud sjeculatoi* that they were all going by the board, and would yet ? e ?orrow, Brother "rson Hyde, President of tbe iwetve Apotttew, concludod bia very Spicy, spirited testimony to the Conference, aid to the worl t a. large, of which tbe foregotDi: ts a faitb'ul tun. nary ? Nothing eiteouatod, tor sugbt *et do ?i ia malice tB* biti'tx or mux i.v uinnivtu Brother Brtgbam threw aatde hi* overcoat aad took up the subject of legitimate authority. Said the eteaiee of th* Mormons would yet hat* to give an aoco int for their persecution* , he warned all people, aad t. Id th -n? to be cartful aad "touch *ot the aooint<>d of the {.3rd " H i wat aware that th* most oi tho Inbililtaots of the ea'th would reject the Woaoei It wts li these day* an Chritt bad sel*? sowjttblag ii?"> tbegleao ng nl tbe vintage. He would aot wake a political ?i?>ech He wanted w> have nothing to do with politiciats They would crucify the Lord himself If they only baa ili? purer and it wjuil at Vance tbeir owa aelnth purpwea Toey would not leave a pa'ticic of blood on toe earth that Do ted in the vein* of tbe priesthood; >et tbey were brethren end of tbe came father. All the Morm itnt Oa<l to do waa to nfTrr tb-m the tioepel, aad bleswd would tbey be if tbey did tot reject it He had n > d eposition to predict tbe d ? wijfa.'l of the natiou It ba*i boeu pre dicted long ag , aud was fast ba*t>-mng to us *cc<im;>ltsh ti.ent Tbe ration w at broken to piece*, and oie touch would acatter it u> tbe four winds Toe l,>ril cm menced his work in th.s > mntry in ttie gar leo of i l >n rbat 1* understood by tbe Mormon* t> ee Jt' ksoa lounty, MlSKiurl ? Kep ] But iu the It iatmg of Soth'* ?rk tbe I/wd took N ab an I his family to anotiter land; aud Low be bad Sroi gUt liar.t. agai'i / jo to thu ciutioeet, aid would cotaunimtle tta work be-e aud re ga uver ita people H-< wanted to pio.,lw*?y go.?d ail 1^* tiate, la stead of prophesy leg evil H# wojU not curse thjp?o ple. the curie of the Alnighty '* u upon thuiu already, an* it would uut iluoiber oa their track They ua'gbt it >crish for a ll.d*, bu'. tbe doom of the wicked was cer tale. Tbe kingdom of tiod wr.uid staod 'orti er, and the | nation or people that pertrrnted it would b ? broken? i ri-Vrred to tbe nation* tbat hid h i d, and to ibe nations that now are will pats away, an ! t- > J woild re ta oa the ' earth No! m Hbstanding the chastueafat wiro be hut gteea the people h;rp, he wit glad to bear testimony tbat tbey were progre*iit>g, and all taat wat sow going on \ w*s lat like grlsdmg the clay to raa<o it ves??is of bono r There were kingdom enongh for trieru all, b it before tbey inhentvi tr.. tn ih' V iMkl to pur fy tbem tr'.ve* ard pay their dent anl obligations. Bright-# tbm rif erred loth* testimony of Or*ot> Hyde abo'it the msii feaiatioa at Poitowaltomic, conlrm ag what had becu *aid, aad told tlietn tbat a* ka*w for year* b>Ure ?bat waa rigbi iu th- mattrr. but he bad u >t optood hi* lip* on tbe lekjsrt He exhorted th ?? to fathfulses*, and told them tnat tbe yuke was bruit* anl tbe fel Mrs were burst Tfca waa tlie land of /.on, and thiy hail to r.lesnae it. and man would n?v*r realise tbe beaelw ot 7. o* c :.'?** b? wat nure to hoart aad pu-e n all hi* actions. He ?(?'ke ' f thereatie S'.ak ? of ' n, * as I It wat iu Jartrou county, M?*ourl, and lolj taem tbat IU* rainta would )et be galherrd there and build the Tempi# of the !/> rd, an* *o power cne, d hinder tt? no, aot all tbt devil* '* bfil He laid that la .1 waa ao riveted la th* tr.lad* of tf c salt t* tt at if be w*r* to try and perauade tb'm Co the contrary tbey would not b<ll?v* him, nor would they believe anybody *1** who would say to tbe contrary Eahnvtirg them to talthfolne** and ttalov* tor th* Gospel MtyoBd ertry thing l0 tbt world bee icclal- ' Id his very pmarla' ? aldrre*. an 1 l.i" choir *aag, Cons*. Iliten to a Prophet's votoe. And titer the Word of t?od And in the way of truth re ,?io*. Aad slag for j? r aloud Cm?*i t- We've found tlie way tbe Prophet* weat Wlm l ?'d la day* of yor* Another Prophet now ta *e>nl Tli i* kooeb dg* to rector* Bentd'ctloo by FUer t.eorg* A Smith, end we weal P> dlsner. AFTKRNlHtN etv^lOK. S'Bgtag, prayer and >. aging, titer whicli the ksrasMt si* admin steretel by tbe B tnop* Patriarch Joha V ^ieg. I' es 'eat of the H gh ''rieat* ret ltd it Heh-rC K moa and iMmel H VMh and Apostle Johu Tavlne, lotlo wed by the Prophet, oocupied the afieraoon In general lottrneiion leetimoof, aad ta the recital of the good feelteft they ealertaiaed for tee work aud for the people Th* cb>or aeng ? (?aide us. 0. thou Great Jehovah aad Aprwtle W ifofi Woodrefl gtee ut ail hit heee-Ms t oe, ard thi - ended the ao<l l?i>ortaat day ever eeen a Moitoocdeta. a*a;vAi or j on* eisnsr Hi* Hutor Cbiat Justtte Kn,ney arrived her* lat* leal Thursday evening He waa ee.:omnanie<t ov * vctn* i*wyer Irom N'ebr iska, a nephew of Senator Bemib'td, wt,o alto r i^et in thn sawn fatally oawie. At the sine ttase, and \ery nnMpected, and rtiii more rery mu< h i;y tantiil. lad >n Agent K>gert reaopeared from tbr Kiwi from lOioinpan) isg Cxrrtspoader ? s yo* will notice mat tt^e i"b ef i st'ce bat riT> vel v*rv oiedial we', mietohi* fi river off cial ?'*? itrpieg gri>u?4 ' From a lather plain bu t n lb) a very probiMe that ai* 8 > tor will he ?** gned by the contiog legislative As-'nMy to the Third Jodii i*l district, and ritldn bere. and Ae-? Ciate Justin* Croehy will I ike cp quarter* at Camp Fioyd a* Ibe ?ne*cr*eor if Judge I. kela I bard / ibiak that Ibe Uhltf J rtic* t* over talitdei >.?ith tbe indeoeal haste" < ? the tsrri A*to< .ate* in changing the tine of hold ng tbe rourt* without waiting to ' >n*uit wHh bin, when be w*? only with n a f?w day* tr*v*l of Ibe ; ty aa<>?? f>f A<RA<T<<AK ? The r*Mui of MU A likely in pf. >e?? il?a *Ule of ArtUfH U nf wbote penfreaa la tke 'Ml tea I'M* hta hf?ti remarkable Tke mte tor 1 >kit? ;io* al the ia?t elerrn* * u 10 raaij nimbera AO r<io The whve por>niatii>o *111 ant fall tor liatn* i ((0 Mt, and Ike Hi lie alii, lii all pmbafetlMy, ealltia* I >n in* ritlflf e'Chia tXMfrraa, In Are rvprf -ntattrea. > Tl>? tncreaae ia tke enliat r <pal?Hoa aVarw 1*M la ao? '?? 'r rn ft 0<0 fbiA t, p?rba|w, tia*ian>i>t?>i la ItM h'?inr? r>< eny otker ???? Tft? mhu retm ?l tor.raaa* I von 1 ('Ta tke Male to 1ST*, o< ? ia r >ra* 140 100 wtota, ar J aol leaa Uiaa 1 W? 000 of pipoiatiaa A F? iii Fit* P? ?ar?a.*T m R.iwaua ?Tb* Citf Cutta i* Ha o' H'rt.irno.1 Va . ha?e t??a<l A bill (<? reora?alxe . the fix ivi *rt?ei i tiirn* a pawl i)?roi, aaa I' ?*[. >j a , |im t? ' t.- niher ? f H-v% ? n( ne? ia ?iU tb* 1 t ?1,1 m? 'b'uee Thr lawrml '? V. f io?>?4 nf a . |i'tf'r?l "a rear.taur oo?????J?i> fo*? ' >m<aea ae \ 1 ?e<?ei) Km ir nae aian -a? rri umI ??* i ?jd ??re l.oatle' ? U ?oa twain ih'tl baa* ?a I tie, ota til l lau4arti"Jt ?MWl fi vhar't ai!?i"i. * I TIE CSIfilQUi ICEFETIHO IXPIlfTIM. U?r Boca dal Tar* I'arrtipoadtaei. Boat mi Toko, Kept 39, IBM Progreu of Ou Wirrh?Sewert VetuHtr? Peculiar Adapt* Mi ty of the SmI for Railroad Pur/mes?Coal J bptora tion?Chiriqui at a Uatbor?Mr Th-mptrm'i Trouble! and Laif-rt ? Health of tXr Party? A Mistake, dtc By the arrival o' Mr Ambrnae Thomson from Colder* we have news cf the Cblriqn) surveying party. Mr. Thompson left the mala body of the party encamped la tb? valley of the CalJera, aeven days ago. At that time they were progressing most favorably? the camp wa a moved every four day*, and the surveyors were ateadlly working Uieir way down to tbe Atlantic, where the (team ?loop- or war Brooklyn la now lying ready to receive them on board It waa confidently eipected that tbey would reach the chore in aboot twenty daya mora. Mr. Morton bad left tbe party oa the 14th laat. , and gone toward* the (loltto, for the purpose of taking barometrical obaer v allots. Ia aplte of the almoat unpreoedea'?dly severe weather, and gnat consequent Buffering entailed upon the party from cons ant eipoaura la aa tathialan climate, the camp remained perfectly healthy. 01 coorae nothing dtOnite ia yet known aa regards the railroad aurvey. So far aa tbe engineers have progreaaed ; ever jibing i> (atlafaetcry ; the natural gradea round, al- 1 though heavy, are not aufflcleatly ao to prevent the eon atruation of the road, or area to preaaat aay obstacle to It; In faot, taey are regarded by tbe eaglnaera aa a great advantage, lor by them tbeoountryla ao tho roughly drained by tbe et?ep water oouraea oonaequeat thereto, tbal the ground, evea al thla leasoa of the year, in ttrm, hard, soil 1? the Ix-et, they declare, tkat they bare ever seen lor railroad purp ?ea it will be raool leoted that wb<o tho survey of the Honduraa route waa made tbe engineers of that road were pravaalad from running tbelr lists by tbe overflowing of tbe great plains around Coitayagua Heavy grades on aa lathmua road have never been 1 cootidered, by thise coaieteot to judge, aa a drawback, but quite the contrary, p-ovided tbe ground be auffl. clrntiy fl/m to bear the weight of heavy l>>oomotlrea, which in this cas- it moat decidedly ia Alltbecurvta ire aso of great radio* ? another matter of equal lm ixirtance The Brooklyn rr main* healthy. There have been one or two casta of intenrttteul fever which la no. to be wondered at considering tbe aeaeoa of the year; but i these caaea have resauy y leldtd t> th? drat doaea of i qulnl.e The coal exoloratlona under Dr Evans have been ! crowned wltb tbe moat signal auicesa. Coal haa been fmndtn gr<at ab nd?ie? and of tba fineat kind. Dr. Evan* opened several mms and tboriraghly tested tbe coa s taken from tbem. aad tbey have been pronounced to be ( f Ibe lintrSt quality Tbe harbor surveta oa the Atlantic side have also been completed, and the bydrograpbera have concurred with tbe Britisb Admiralty report* >n this, that there does not i xiat on tbe whole eastern ? oast of America a more com mod'ousand aa'e ba-boror one or earner and hettar de tli e?i tciituoe than that of Chtrtqui. Ibe surveys on ibe PaeiSc side bave aot yet been heard from, an I probably will not be befor" the end of October. Mr Thompson left the camp of tho surveying party alone for tbe purpose of p-oc'irUf proviaioni from the Brooklyn ard catabliah'nf a depot and camp at Lea Trea Bracbtos On tbe aeooud day be was mined by ao In dlan tamed Yaabei, wfcooi he ceaertbes aa the greatest scaofp be l>s* yet Km . tbey attempted to cut tbelr own p. t U down to tbe Atlanl c but ibe Indian broke down, and Mr Thompson not oolj became aick with the rarer, but got lost and out of provisions. After great dillicuity be !.>und hi* way oat of ibe forests to tbe plains, walked thirty miles to a aeUlement, and left the tame day , although still auSfertap from lever, cn either attempt to reach the <tliabilc. in which be waa onmpi -telv successful, making tb? r|s|<'kist time ever nude, even by Indians ? two daya and a few hours frrin tbe plains on the I'aciHc to the , deck of tbe Brook lyt ? where i e arrived in such miser ab'e trim tbal he waa wilt difficulty reoognls?d by her Uhiere He !e?rea to- v.orrow to trithlisa tan c.\i up, ? hir.b, It ia boped, will greatly conduce to t ic health and Ct miort ol the am ve> tug pari) . It is a matter of gene ral scrprlae bow be ran aland the constant fatigue and ex p<?i nee and it cerlaibly n^eaks welt for Uiiri{u<. By run- It lately arnre.1 here from Aspia abI!, we learn tbat tbat p >rt still cmllniKS vrry sickly Twi ol Mr Moi t in s party, arriving m David, tbe capl t*l of Cbiriqul, were asitinkee f.jr "walker's lliibustors," and caused a B'orlou* cxcitem< ni la tntl queer, |<arohed up little bid Spai.l>h towii Tho tohabitu>ti, in great tribulation, d-n stded from tbo Prefem an invealiaatioa, but wbeb be d<< ared tbey wrre very good "caballeros," C- in" to build III t ramxr.n if kierro, tag exoitemcnt wa* all tbe oih?r way ? it wa*, whl.tb could do thx most to burry on tbe nail bt *Iuib* AU tbe country i* eatuu*i asiip. for tt, ss well ?h?y may be, fur the monopoly of ice Panaai* Company is gttling unbearable lo the com merce of tbe world A4v. i ' When tbe party arrive there will be mora tew* Oar AipliiWHli (;<irrriponrt?nca. Asfi*w*i Ort a 9, M0O Arrival of thr Brooklyn from Cktrujui ? Or Evan* and far'yuu H,h Creek ? Aileron fit in the Projected line? Lieut Mi" tan Krptc'ed at f\ih Oritl:?Tht BriH th Steam er Rac-r a f ChtHptt ? Action *f the \ew Grenaditn On ere. meet ? <>ff litvm nf tkt Panama KaiiroaU thmpany to ike. Kovte? X he Sit*r,i<jua Hio Grand Rou't ? Mr I F MtOyhrr?Ike Sew i'urk Ti/nn?fertiUti.t (Jfpoti tinn ? Accident m th* I'arama Ka\U<tid ,6c The Colled Stale* ah an ?U op of war Brooklyn, baring on board aeveral of the member* of the Chirl<y,il com minion, arrived here on the ITih teat, from the Cbmqul harbor, for Ibe ^urp ae <>f arctrtaiaog at wbet line tbe hydrogtaplitr* ?a lb* PaclOn alila would be throng b arltb Iteir work A portion of the *urv*ylrg party aod alao Df. Vvant> party bail arrlvrd at Fuh creek, all in good health Dr. Evan* apeak I b'gbly of tbe route, be having croeied tt lo b'a geological eiploratloo*. Aa alway* happen* at II rat, alteration! bad to be mala in its? p r<-)ecle<l llae. It wa* not found practicable to uae tbe Caldera cation entirely around tbe Biquete moun tali , tbe gradef , alter Rotog aone diataoce op, wore t.?i bcaty, and tbe tpuri and mountain* |ut ting down to tbe rirer aide aaJ* aimoet a cul I' ??r, but uairg tbe lower , art of the canon, tbe liae of foal, afur going u j It tome dlitance, can tarn to tbe r'ght, and, driving through tb? en nun". by a lb rt tuntei of a couple of thousand leet, come doaa to tbe At xnt^c rout by r. rjr aaey grade*, through tbe valley* and tbe pat* of tbe Rm> K>oalo. Tbe idea of there being any I npracticabtkly In b . ldiug a rai road arroaa the lathau* cf Cblrtqu la rtdlcned by tbe engineer!, much birder arurk la oon*taatly asoom pitied in tbe ft it* J Ante*, and It H rerlaiaty *aai*r and far cheaper they ?ay, to build nine ml lee of aaey mouo lam work tbaa lo build over an unhealthy aa ) fatbomJra* awaiiip, ae did tbe Paaaaa Railroad Lieut M jrton and tbe real of tbe ? array tag party are ft peeled lo arrive at cratk Before the return of th* Brooklyn. Her BrllMBie Merely'* steam oorretle Raoer, Tap lain If one, arrived at tbe Chtrfqil 'agooa oa tbe 15tb ln?t ; tbe Br Utah uMk ?ra bad evidently boom aent for tbe purpoee of *r*tng w tat the '? Yankee* were about " Cap tarn Lyna* la peraea netted the encaapaeat and tetit* of tbe abore party, aad *ea*aed lo lake tbe greatest la tereat tn tbe tiler pew*. ibe K?o? r left for Aaptnwall at th* taste tic* a* tbe Brook lis, cad tc newlyltgln thie port Mr amaroee Tbo?|?oo armed here In th* Br< <*l)a, but reaata* quiety on hoard at her *n:U >rage, he v *t*g be- a but twite aebore. bt Ma uaaay friend* hero and tu faiiama, aad ibe nruit u( the eitlerpr:*e with ? bleb b* It connected It locked forward to witb great Intrrett 0<b*"t< tahle rid leal ? t* attached by saval ofDcerttn the alti-apt t>f be Mew (irarao.iM gortraaeat to ansa) lb* ootti-act* and graate or ? w tbom|>*na, **i ; they cat B'K legally ie aaanllrd, aid a* be nwae U<e pr ipeny tn ? h?cl. ine i o*i ?iii--a ?r. nan bake no il'He reset- wbrtLer he ulaim* utder "deiio<ian**eat" or other a '?e, ** the an *1 proprietor of the :*o<t* it i* lo be b?^pd that the I'mted riaatea gnremnent will tot allow thta l>arefar<'d awaipt to cruan a f.>e m?tai>e rleat trenail totiVe it b?a Mo tbe prao tMe ftir too lot k a time with Oaatral Aineriaan goeertnerte t<i break Ihrbugh all en .tract* with Atierir n rttaeca. ai?t the It ?iJa of th* Paaaaa R? ? arl are pnm naing every tt><rl. through Ibe pre?e ?ad ol bee ? ae, tn inr n a cha'ar *1 I* the <e*y ?f Ibe Oi irl q " mle bet tb<* Vrre op; Mtlion twtene ' <te t to the at mtnl. ? tbe >tr> itfeet pr<?>t*of tte aatite Tbe eo ntnaBoee ol Ibe fbirteui . ?.(l.iti ??t. 11 male the remt'k tbe Hlter Cay that w iMVa bttt r tiartmra thaai th of %ir*qnl It ?o?M tee a?re?ary lo make a new world, sad thai he etptrte-l M n>-ar tbe ?0'?tie of the I ?-..(??>, lee oa that I i e ;? tbre^ yea** ? rum wtw II a be>itt)t tot>(?'KL o I two rlva< r on tee acirti tfee lathmaa were owe* eetahtiahed, ttm * fretcbl art-1 (???? pger 'xia iwti woild locrctaae ? .tn ?? t\ ampler reptlivy where*,* noameroe roe 'aatniabia ut.cer me tiigb prae* at ene n. aopjly w ilie f ??H'le <n tte I i. 't*l Saa^e* underet.iod tkit the tare I a tbe Kbl*** f? ed, for a amaaoa of for' aevoa. n ee, ?e twenty ff re do lar> ae * it ta pretty clearly ee tahlete* thai to??e rate* *?l aeeer be lertatuiaUy ?% Oar* I before the onnatr jeuoo of aaolher ratlrtial t aifata Kerragut. of the Keowhlya. ha* beee relleva4by '^Va>?W?*er t<p*ua rwrafui ret ore a l.xae la ifc* N.Jitaeit. L'gbt, aa<t >akea with b tin the toot w *h*a of alt who ba*e keewa b'tn. 1h* Mineral ate fcao .?raa4a route ta g*na**ll> taalwved I" be * ai)tb. the acratma at tar fertile NaUr* W rue ? the la I erected t#p, -tun of the Cbtrlqal eoale the thing beanoe italaee Ma ahaecdHy? a rirtr l*ftatral aaeriaa, ? I ka bar >f Hot ei*??a 'eel *f wat*c. nawl??bl* tn* tbtrtymira fee let ge t eean aaaaevl' a* d then froa th? b?at eftar'aatme a road tn beb.Mll Mr t?*? b>i? dred ard twenty aae ail*a lo aieotlaa a male efany herVarr at Mtaratai. 1 Ihtak the artgleat .r of Itiir V I batter lay a?a)a . ... _ . IV aa? traaaa Moagber, ??) , tha Agtatarthe CiMriyU Ra^aalruaMxeKfr ta me Ai 1*1. aad left 'Ml taw atr.aef t.oat**eta on the lVH l^t , far O-ta *?<* Wb?wx 1 aa wrltiag >h * \ ?** see r*?, U m> wvaab>w Ihe ?nnhlya. *?.-er aot ofhee retael* ptuerng tha^ ?*t h?a#a uader 'n the barlHi*. T*a ?r'tnh W-m aliaa w I ?,aa,r fx reritt atil'eo tbv? mo'ti i?g , ft jA haa aot >ern a>?le to oetee to bee eb*?l oe '?a1 h*> {aaaaeoyere ly M Mi.fieaee of the heavy twell, ant 'XhaiaeBinettoa wuh ib? ah'pptnr by hoit* ta ?? it off ' . m u.h f.? t!?* pe rt of Aap'nwa'l, *i d at Paastna thi ve**el* are now I) ilg Ot r mi'ek fr< tn he t"? n o*ior ilgbtera I Tbr A'i >t,mU (orrrtpdaaiai .e< Mitr Tuii t prereea hit lnteni'on af m*i 'Og -war to the Wnl!e oath* Cblriqui project liui you tell ui what 11 the cau#tf of U?e eoltnmty al ways exbtbl *<1 by tbie journal to ibe Chlrtqui route, or, Indeed, to ??ery etU rpriae which bM been sanctioned by the administration? I oolloe tbat one of tlwlr aorrm pocdeata baa beta arretted for a libel oo Ibe Secretary at War, but whilst the Timrt tngagea m tbts crusade it lbu? relieve* Iterlf la a leading editorial of the Slat or Septem ber ? The arbitrament of cisatlantic questions and Uia sovereignty ri American water* bave been rtamefuUy abanuoui J by ibe administration of Mr Buchanan, and tb? prestige of tke country aa a leading power utterly aa crlflced The Ooff of Mexico baa In fact become a So lope an aea Ob, consistency , tfeuu art a jewel. Ad accident occurred on ibe Panama Railroad oa tba 18th laat , by which the track wae damaged, and tba Call for ota mall* and .isssengers detained some lima It waa occasioned by the breaking of an axlelree or the ea preaa locomotive. Mr. Yancey and His Accneera. TO Tins KDiroi or tbb hkkald. Moarvooataar, Ala , Nor. 0, I MO Binoe my return home 107 attention hat been celled to ea editorial article In the New York Tints of October 2T beaded, ?'llr. Yancey 00 Matter* of Fact? The North and the Slave Trade." The article purport* to be a reply to aaaertloo* made in my speeches ta Near Y jrk and Boatoa. Their substance will be round ia the following quota Ion* from thoae speeches Ifl my speech in New York I 1 aid Our forefathers were not only slaveholders, but la*. I orted slave* lrom Africa. Virginia ?rl>bed tj Mpprtaa tbat trade, but Ma?<-aot>u*elt* aiU other Mate* wtabed It to be carried on. 1 Laughter.) Mar arhueell* and theaa ? tber Suit* minted tbat the litre trade abotild sot Be 1 robibtted by any act of Congreas, and resisted all at tempts to prohibit it until tbo utt of Congress of 180$ waa passed. for, by an article of the constitution, which waa beyond tbe reach of Congressional amendmont, tt was provided by our fore'alheri bat no change should be made In the ilare trail* until the year ISM. How did that found with tbe modern theorist* a* to the exifteno* f an irrepreastble conflict" (Applause.) In my apeech at Boston I said ? Well, then, your father*, in demanding that iSe alar* trade, which existed wnen the Declaration of Indepen dence was male, should be ooutlnued; la demanding thai the Institution of ilarery, which existed when the constl tation was lormtd, should bare a wider bat!*; In demand ing tbat slaves should be Increased In number in de manding tbat they ibould bare tbe privilege of trading la thi no, or buying them and lelling the an to our people ? I ask you now candidly, did they not, In demanding *M this, demand of thi Ir posterity perfect good faiih 10 securing tbe title to that property* ("No'." "Yea!' ) Tbe editor of tbe Time* assert* tbat "tbeae statement* ihow tbat the disunion orator i* either very Imperfectly read In the history of our eovatry, or rery reck law tad unscrupulous in the statement of facta. " The whole teaor and spirit or tbe article can be beat abown by the follow ing extract : ? It 1* true, as be allege*, tbat Virginia wal opposed to tbe owntlnuarce of tbe aiave ir.vle, utid we are sorry to ?ay that tbia 1* toe oaly truth contained in the state ment. Tbe editor then prntx eds to (ire garbled extract* fro? tbe debates in tbe Federal Convention, and add* hi* own week attempts at argument to sustain hi* sweeping ** tertlon. At the point made by nte la one of some Import ance In tbe present aspect of political affairs, I ask the use of your aioi<*t universally rial column* toapread my rtply btluro tbe publlo. Analyse my statement* and tbey will be found to oon*l*t of the following pointi ? 1. The slave trada existeu wbeu the Declaration of In dependence wis made 2. Virginia lesirel to bare tbat trade suppressed 3 'MmtacliuseUs and other Stales wished it to be car ried on.'' 4. No change *n to be mad* in tbe slave trade provi sion in tbe cootitiitinu prior to lb* ytar 1S08. Tbcte are tbe on y realtors staled as facts, aod the truth ef each and a1!, t xcoptwg thet numbered two, ta urqualilitdiy oenu d by tbe editor or tbe Sew York 1 u igbl aflorl i<> leave tbe 'gEorauoa or mendacity ot ta* editor *f tbe limtt 10 be judged or by tbe public lutein gerue as to ibe ftm alatcmeui made by me, but as I bare before ire tbe "Defies In iho federal Convention," rrom which he hat initio his quotations, 1 will simply refer bio to tbe 3* vol , MaJloub papers, p 1,390, on wbidb will be foutd Mr's (of Ct.) statement? "aa the Siai i are now |K?fbci?ed or the r'ght tv .mport aurea, ts tfro public good dm no', require it to be taken lrom item, ic , he bought It best to leave toe matter *aa we tiud It." In sustaining my positions, numbered tbre* -and four, I abailctle not merely wbat waa sail bycertala oeltgaUa irom some of tbe States, but also wbat is far mmr p- rtlntnt to the argument ? wbat the State* did? what tbey voted for at 1 orcaiand. Tbat it tubs takes as tb? h-gbrrt tiltfent* i f wbat each State wished ta re cord as :ts will au*d urclslon By refer* uce to Madlaon's Papers, vol 2, p 1,2)8, tbe draft of a ce-OKtitulloii will bo found as reported by tbe Comnatti e or Detail. It did not provide lor a prohi bition t r tax on tb<* importation or slave*. O* thi* a debate tpraug up. I quote rrom tbat debate the view* of leadiog d< legairs ? Mr L Mauri*, of Md., proposed H vary article 7, Mo tion 4. to as to allow a piohibinoo or tax on the Importa tion of Mavei (Vol 3, p. 1,S*8) Mr. I'LUtwoKTii, of Conn , was 'or leaving tbe clause sa lt ttanda Let every Hiate import wbat It plraae*. Tha morality or wisdom of slavery are cooitderaiioo* Delong trg to ibe States ibemsslrea ^Vol I, p 1310) Mr 'nRMAS of Conn . was fur leaving tbj clause as It stand* . Vol S, f I IM> t Utiloocl Ma-kw (Va ? He lamented that soma of our Eastern bietbrtn had, from a lust ot gain, embarks! la this nerailoutlrallV:. lie beld it as eaataiial, iu ovary I olrt of view, tbat tbe general goveiumeit adoull tar* .be power to prevent tbe increase of slavery. (3d r>l , p. l,M0l) Mr. f ii>wo*tb (Oonn.)? He said, however, tiat If It waa '0 be considered In a moral light, we ought to go farther, ?Ld free ihoae already lu the onuoiry. As alavea slso mmtipiy su fast is \ .1 gimtand Mar laid mat it ta ? btaper to raisa than import tbem, whilst ia tb> sijaiy rice aearnps forciga suppllee are necaastry, If we go further than * urgtd, we *hail bo orjutt toa.irds South Carolina atd Ceoraia Ut us aot intermeddle (31 tji., p. 1 391 ) Mr. Ki>o (Mass ) tboa|ht tbe Nbject should beoaa stdrrrd in a po IMcal light only ? ? ? ? 11- re mark ? 1 en tbe exemption of tlavr* from duly, wbllaa every other inporl waa sutijsitcd to It, aa aa Inequality tfcat coulil not fail to slrite tbe commercial aagaoity of tbe Noitbern aad Middle (Mates. (11 vol , p. 1,3M ) Mr. but \ iHMu a Mohri.-i (I>lu ) atahod tan whel* mbjeel to be commuted, .asludiag t'teclaute 00 Imoort*. Tb<rs things may form a bartaiu aotoag the Soathara aad Noribera Maka ,3-1 vol , p ISM) The matter was cemmitted Tno committee made re pert in suhttaocc a* the sorlion now (lands ia the coostl t'lti. b, < xeertiDg teat the committee reported ia favor of the year 1(00 (.<n I isckjiby (3 C) moved to sabititut* 190?- for 1800 ( 8.1 vet . p 1 437 ) Mr. I."**** tier* ) aeeoaded the motion Mr Mai ik?i> (Va )? Twenty )*ars will prodone all tha mischief tbat can be apprehended from ths liberty to las port slavra. U* ibe mnltoe, wb rb pas*ed o* tbe affirmative, N*w Hatnt', t'oanectlout. Maatachuaetta aad three .J?or Mates, a) e. New Jersey, ('enoaylvaina, iieiawara aad (3d vol , p. |. 427 ) Ibe Oral pari >A tbe repori was tbaa agreed ta a* sn.ei .lad, aa l/>l ows ? the m'cratloo or lm[">etatloe of rueh ptrseas aa the several rOatea how txtaltng shall thick protx-r to ai'mlt rlia.l aot be orob bited prior to tbeyrar 1S48 New Hamiiebirs, Massaehiwetle, Uta nictirnt, Mai) laad, North Ca'olloa, South Carollae, Oeor gls.sye? 7 New Jersey, Peot eylraela. Helaware, Vtr glata, Bf ? 4 (84 vol . pp I M8aad 1 4.V ) Tht above extracts of options tf lia-ing Northern da IrgaUs, aad the above cited vows or Maasaobusetta, Curnaetletii and o.her States, prove my aiatemsat nuw beted B. It prove* that the propotltloa fbr " pra bibtiloa " at ths >' im|><>rta>i')a < r alave* reme " rrom Mart laad. aad waa warmly eupporied ua moral groaada br Virginia, aid that Coenooticut immedM'aiy pros na* ed,"l*t every Mat* Import wbat It pteaus." while Mesaai bueette ably Serooled Ooeaaatlcul tbat It waa "to be oneaidered la a polltioal light oaly aad at oece rag - geeted lb* exemption of leip>rl?d rlaeee from-d>ilr, now ever. "Mnirt the cnmmsr atal aagai Ity " of tbe N irlb. Hel nadeW a sutjee.i or trade, aoi for moral tpeealalints 1 rr<ee ritram* and votes aia? prove that wbev tbe com inltir* reported the year >K0 aa the period with<a wnicb ibe trade iheiill aot be prntiiiitiwri , V?t ? p-nmpt if * oeiio aad voieo wtth rtogih Uaeniiaa ta a ?or twaraf ? il< it to etUsd 'or ll e impertabloa M t lavas ir- te Africa to lb* year 1 aaw tura to the > MvtMe ration of tbe ft.ietb statemeat trade by tee, and I aoatiaaa exiraoto frona tbe debates ta it 1 t> erral Cobventloa ? Mr i,*ahv,ef Ma'fa*h?*eti* moved to reeonstder art* els v<x ? <?* epp'jeaitoa u* two thtr )a?> tbe elites ir' ? fe's I f if '8 for a r oaeadaeni of tbw r'^etliat.oa the l>ei ^?tatar*i.f the I n<-.ed Sla'es ebaH a'i. a ? ?a*eot?>j ft> 1 tbat pur |4<eo " Me te-d? ' fw-v tb rde tar "Hinaow /eatlrv a in>t.wl" ?' atMi eaa btai '<?* l eloa to inae, aitia ibat aay j?bvrrt lb* mate, aaastiistaw* el-el ft ib er tie Mr Gaaav'% mot me. Maeawot.^ttf. tVwisnct. at IVsreyleatiia sad jta other Stataa v iiwd aya .II ml [1 1.M3 t 6 ) it beiur renoaMCerad, Mr iUlt?*a*. of A'ltb Uti 'el'ta, eai 1 "bi wvre r. >u d eeroe fef I re s r?>we. !?,' whu n tbe artiaMm s*Mtieg to >lavtaoa<gnt be all -r<.J >? ibe ttlelee i> it . tof sated ia ihal v^ouwrty. and pre i** aisttrt it " "a aeerr toobrUte tfcat otijarlloa Utea wore* were adttue to tbe pre|n<.' ? "l"r*vtded uaat el | an.rf .imri.t ? biola ??*? Be made pewir to ineyaar ??. shall in aav "aaaeer ail^et tbe fn-irtb and Bita -Maa.^ns ibe aereetb *.??*? " ?% tbi?. mole* paaeed m tW-abmi tlve, 'be v.Mr >atw<d tb? a Musaih.ieett*. < fc--va?o?ieo New Jerswy, t^easyi *aa.ta. Mary lead, V rfiut, M?r Oarnhaa. %r?* flaroura, 4?ur?a? Aya (Wear*? N New Hampthtee, dlvwied n??e aaftrwsi* aad votaa )**ve my fourai iweposlti or statement, aad thai alt*- *a*sa.-b"Viis.tWI reoood aadvvdaiHw the rcian> Mntwl ihelM* If Imp iat'e% ef altves, ' be. ws? e tiled 'or tao recmaidst ik>a ?i tae art tie tas mode U tasealmg t . xetwiottea, aad ? .iv-t for the -Ui?a tbat emeadmrat to It m>ele tfaen'A tint I* a >a# tbe slave waile fit-aalv X Have notb ? laoia 10 add. V*?'*f sow eoKwota* the hiw astaai'iraat rriWuatm* of twm. laedlag editor* tke Mara repub-ovo aaoae, vlr ?Ml Taurlow *ral Me. B'srv Ra)taob i ? ibe Int la my sprecli at f>?b U r, Sbd tbe 'saa > a thi* letter, I ksa-** the whole a> *)??' th*?e spertbte to tae )*dg*eeat ef aa latoliigmaA pub I mar be primAioi to or.erva, bt> amrer, tbat Ibave 1 bad aa op(* ?W.a Ity nf cofreetiag the report* mhlob m wade nl tha?, ar-d tbere ar? err*ra of style a* l at rrrbt in tits report* whieh 1 should hava t*ra g. a batrw 1 rtircleu (.Ma Id tb"*v pspar* whl*H here ?->plei Vh-. T.wei - ??* ra we tbe jieiica to poblmb m? vep'f, I *b? 1 g'tVidtd by ibat act eJ aoeneejr, wai'i* vt tha sains t tb* raeet o f irwb waald he a?b*erte>l Toeeo>?ei servant "? 1? YANJI j *t I ovreille Now**eOe b o-ety. tVl . Martae* I Mr; el lea ts bbfouto* i^taiwtrtn. vlr# Aaron ? I Jecie?*d