Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1860 Page 3
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THE J IP A HESS EMBASSY. U?r 8I> Haal <1* Luaadv Coi rMp otitic aca. Aructa Hat ai )*nr. >*, I St. Pi vi di U'iMHi A~g. 16, 1?60 J A Lot if, Slow I'aitaQi?Xiw York to Jainn in Ju Mvn.kt?All Wei! on B"ard ixt y.ajort ? jAyaritsc t'u turn? Speiutatwn in JCggi? Pray*- Jf-j'inys Ihtuutf/ul to IU Japatute?Puir Opit ion of lUm Tkeir y VsiiW( Important Kjject? L'nUcd ?la a ? gliih tmd Portugvue War Vetleh in Port? Cap ur: < f S aoeri at Congo St ctr ? Bruk Starr Trade? 1 12 0 JO ton J on Bjard m Slater? Solar I'knu mcwm? L a'do Patt and Ire tent ? ike Bii/lcp'l Ckai'?Du-U lanca -Trjuie, <tx , rfe. Tbe United t-Utea eicum fr tga -o Niagtra, CipUln McKean, bavlsg on board Ike J a, ai.a c tuibiwy, en rout for Japan, arrived at tb'.i |ort <d bi evening of tbe 6th, thirty -eight day* from Ntw Vork, abirt ut ooal and water. The Niagara was nineteen daya fro 11 Pner;o Grande, which port abe left oo lbs morning of tbe 18lh July, baring gone nse nonand mile* out of ber way, bunting for tbe tardea, which abe railed to find. Had the Niagara taken the other route? New York to 81. Helen*, jtliag at the Chpe <?? Vcrda for coal and water, then fr-m St. Hjlena to Cape o' Good ilope, where abe would hare te:n before th la time, ibe would have reached Singapore In t:mo to bava nade tbe i*fsage to Jeddo before lbs cjxm.acoaieat of Ibe monsoons, which set a b y tae lit of Ojioier. It haa now been 46 daya tinea tbe Niagara left Sandy flock, and tbe dltUincc made la lite tbtn TOCO miles. Tbe time occupied In making tbe balance of tbe trip la eat I mated by lb uae who bare often male the pasraga, and wbo ought Vo know, aa follow*.? From Loando (our present stopping place) to Mauritius 4.600 mliea, forty days, where wa (ball atop at leta. ten days; Mauritius to Singapore, 4, COO mllea. thirty all daya' run? atop ten dayt; Singapore to H ,ng Kong, 1,803 m lea, will occupy eighteen da) a? atop ten da?a;ajd from Hong Kong to Jeddo, 1,800 miles, will occupy at Ieaal twenty days, aa tbla and the run from Singapore ta Hong Kong will have to be made tbe whjle of Vie way in the teeth or Ibe mooeooae, ocsupylng altogether 114 daya, which, add ed to thai a'ready occupied, will amount to 190 daya from New York to Japan. The Japancae hare ttood tbe voyage ?d far first rate ?one of them having been sick or ailing during the roy age. Everything baa b?n done up>n democratic principles aa far m perianal comfort and oocreaience ha--e bean con cerned all restraint baa been thrown <JQ ambasea dora, Interpreter*, doctors, Tommy, co -ks, rervaute Jtc bare all mixed ?p promiacuourly, crackitg and eatlog peaeata, aittlng croealegged on Vm fioar. atnoking their plpoa, happy ae the Hottentota >ere la Loml). Tbeir time baa been mostly occupied ta learning to ?ptak and road English, wbtch th>y l?vo acquire* m a wcnderful deg-ee Tney arc wuoh irlereated la what ?hey sec of tbe negro cbaraoter Jere la L *ndo. They go oo shore tUlcen err twenty v tbem dailr, or as wiaay aa arUb to go, and engage in all kinds of cpocula Hons ? in buying elopbarur tuaks, turns. beatnandall aorta of nlcknacks; besides, trie- have oeauletely mon'-polia'id tbe egg ciarket, hs'ing bougkt sereral Ibcuaaad dozen, which thty are carrying tout) wiln them Tae p-ice of ojga bu d<x bled aud evea quad rupled since the Japanese arrival fcere. It isrr th great dlCcul y that the wardriom, or any of the other messes m. board tbe ship, can ( od any e<;? for eae Ibe Japareee are aotrtwbat annoyed at the attempt, aa tbey regard It, to car vert the si to the Chris tian religion, which is being lone by rrayera on the quarter deck Dtgt: and mora'ng, and' prayer rnteiin |s among tbe crew every evealrg They regard it aa the more strange, tecawse tbe steamers Powhatia and Koaneke, which t rough t theae to tbe Untied Suites, dia pensed with re-lir oua serrloec on board, except Sundays. Tb? Japanese are under the impression that It lean acltl our gorernmeut to convert thet- to t.>e Carlstun religion, the same as It wrt by the Fjrt jguese gjvern men, through Francis iancr, ibe natcilonary, two hun drel years ape. When we e insider tbe torror aad '..alike with which tbe .'apaneec regard tbe Ofcrlatian religion? the uianfa :rea and blood atsddlng whtofc it baa caused In their coun try, it ta not at a'.l atrar^e tbey atentid fee! as tbey do. There ts c^at danfer f. the whole ?fibla Imp >riaut com ?aereiai treaty, which our goveramor.t has tax en so muob pains aud ?-teres t tonegot.alo set ratify, will be serl ously tf net wholly broken up and e'estroyed juat by tblt attempt to cram down tbctr throe ta and parade before tbeir ryea '.hree times a day rellgisus serrioea, simply tc ? gratify a ?' piooa upu a and lieutenant '? Loando, where w < are slop- :ng at present, It tbe prlrcipal, and in fact ' tne only, nara! station cr beai<iuart^rs of the African squadron Pcerto Praya, one of the Ctpe Verls. was the nara.' depot foimerly of tbe African fjuadron; but Lnaado being located nearer the teicgo, Seuagtmbia, coast jf Guinea, and the other slave trcdiog districts, It waa made the bead ouartere of tbe African iquaJron about a year ago? the business of I'eierto Praya bavin* been tranaferred t> this place. At present tbewe are ail American man of-war lying In tbia port, tbe Niagara, Co stellatwn (Hag ship), Han Jacinto, Mohican, Mjstic and the tisriou; there ???re due I. ere, also, the Suispter and Portamauth There are also four Kugltah and four Portugacaa men ot war here, making fourtceu altjgetber. beaidea aoase dozen eitbors, all engaged in trying to stop tbe slare trada. Tbe sloop Uarlon aaila to Jay Tor hone, hannc been on this station two J ears and a ball? six mouths over her time Near here is ?te uu\j place ?u tbe afrl can ooaat where tbe slave trade is carried uu witb any Mooeas The rlrera Congo, (JaUoon, I. .ango and aome half deren other large rivera amply lnti the Atlantic ?bare Laaado. To the north of this la the ooast of Guinea (the coM aad Ivory ooaat), Bierra l?one, Monroela, Liberia, Am ?Ms, and tbe missionary colonies of Pennsylvania, I/?uia - ?aa. MlaaiMppI, Maryland, and several others belonrin* ta tbe Initad Stales and Great BriUIn, to where they s?s' their llbaralsd slarra The tr.en pd board the Storm King, iately captured at Ua Congo rtrer, atated that taelre veaac a bad Isft tbe vicinity of the Ujd^o within the last three months bavinr -aa Board cargoes of slaves, bo nd for Cuba- one rsaaei baring upwards of twelve hundred on beiard Tbe Niagara a arrival at Ixiando threw ibem all off tbe track She waa taken for tbe San Jacinto. In tbe other "**? alao suppoaed had paaaed oo her ?ay up from Fernando Po with the Eog sb mail which ta brougbl up monthly by the American ateamera Tba Mai. lean v. as some three dsys behind ber time, tmppoalsg she bat paaaed, tbey came out tae aameat tbe ?otber veasei, aad waa nabbed tbe Drat thing All these slarers have daguerreotype llkencas?a or aeery veaael belonging to the African aquadroa? tbe 0<a ?teUatioc.San Jacinto, Mohican, Mystic, Mar .on aad tbe otbera, taken as seen from dttTerent pewitioes n?e mive meau of all the American and Engliab Squadron are ?cjaacly watched by peraona here wbi> are lnt?reatrd In *ha boslasaa. wbo communicate hourly with theae slavers t! f3* """t fo' '"uf hundred miles, by amokea 1a tbe day t ae aad Area at Bight Toeej s gnaLs ars placed witn n half a mile apart the while diataaon The Ess in New York an I other parts of OMuJ? intereated in tbe slsra trade will parfo.tlr aatomsn tbe phllMtbropM world whan the..- Amerioaa'c^u'i. wbo captured these slavers, u>r tbe dueisaurta which bare recently been made to them The ' ailed Sutea staatner Mjst'e recently r tnturad a slaver with tl2 bOO worth o' duuhlo' >n? and sireretiiu o? board, but no slaves Tbe resael has joeo asilwuie United r tatsa. Yesterday was general Inspection da/ of t>i? <Un Jar laic by lite igonw*-r R eve~ meri,seaii-*o and one aorlaaer b?. ogmg to the N agara btve been oaderwaad and sent home by tbe liarioa which atllel for home vos terday ' A r.ost singular pbenoaoneo has been ob ?arrai t( the sun for sereral days a>?o <t an bwr before aunsel E'sves an iu, <t>ont tbe size at pare at. y of a ban's egg. hare been distinctly otaarrad by tb> naked eye (ft.a of tbess appea's three or four tlm? the size *f tbe otbera It la ae>u aooui 6 leg above lb borlzon at Loaado, la la' 8 deg 49 m'n s >utn ioog la Meg- 9 ssm eart of Oreaawlca. The Niagara sau this aftera ?oa, with the Jtpaasao. for Maurltii,*, at feMirci'c! Ye tercav wa a.great day b ere In St Paul de lyjaado It was tbe dr-berkatioc of the oil ?o varnnr Genera or tblis place feir Liahsa, bis plaoe bavisg beaa a. led bjr ins arri ral here a law days ago e>r a new one ne-.t cit from rjrtogal Ft Paul de loan do a owael and KBder tbe gorrrnia?nt or tie Queen oT p, rt iga' -i'?n i*L to,n' cf tnm? "i?>uen iiio .nil labak tan's, of all the arpearotce of aa old d.lap.dated Spanish to ra '7 J? i?babiu,u .4 sia*. Cine beastly r ?ndlliac a meist eatitly nal ed. with lextinal llgeii*. m>?. n< then, than the babooes aad apes afcicb t?aag rpon tbe braaehsa < f tba coe-^iMuu in lbs Th a waa for mar ^ the great slare uart Pirtr rcsrs ?,,LT.,"?wir.!ur -My ^ ? fctha old stone chair apem wh'.oi ihe B .hop o?%l ta sit a" - bless the slaves at they went na board, for wmck a niBc to race Ire two r.a?U /tsropeaoa) for erery a c Intvr. tbe nwaeri-skic ''old o>? r ' is rti.i in and it "na of tbe ralkaf iiated ??l as tbe :a?i rem una e" ega aj.t aiare trade nieiw was a keeat parsdr whaa the Oo? 'raor Genera ?.m Marked or beard the Pcrt'Jtta?re war -aa<ner sssefao Which aaatn eoavey I lie ?nif The mllcar/ were a ?ut, a lalJte * as fred f r. a tbe f<?.-t aad lb f our P. rlu ?a*e warrteamer* n port, aad als> rr,.ca tk? Ainer ?actbip C>n>tallal oe, ly>ag in p?et A simlAr perform mc> war foaa through ssiti wbes tb? i:a* Girerm.r ???d.'d. en Ibe Tib test Tae d tfailt -s at A?bng, i as** to?BA!iout long m <w ..oeth a., is braactaal g s earless f.,rm Tbe Porti-geap i?v? recaat'y Bent ?ut e*ve ral ha; 1 red tmopa fr-im lx?bar thate and tao satire tilaaba, am .unfng ta aome ., mH w-ara uaen |?>raadBi .n of the t?cs aad dr ven away muai o* Ukc l> ? aeac men. consisting oT ona f rsnrb, two Ta^avb, oac Au?eriua and ?laa imJ f al^TS; wht*b 60 * ?'-"""?aa? .aae a'* .1^1 . 'a l?vry, guts and JL., i ^ bare .at^Jael Laport ajd ez Kd rZthf- -? ? V211 Ihla, tbea* a^retar^a Bare se W> I Utm M aootlsar place, calls 1 Ran. mitm raa ia a fr^ ! ?*?'"? r-veramatt are ,a.ialag ds and' T whleto"'^ '^- detastnlae to reaiat. , n bMfcM up I if ihr III mt) tr J rnrviM u, tot by a |lft; nu?hL ir .? mtlre blacks Tula is the sauw tb ? g ,m "US, " ^ l urlngueae ar- afraid to piteb <? - "" THM MILL IRAkOll, LIKbill BLCIH' """ A?K0AL aoilM November II, MW*P'>:'UO Tl ?keu one dollar. -? i.tll* AMD TOBACroT | P w ri % 1 tW ft?/ gfiRI " <jt* ft f ' i <Hr*f k 'J 8ALB9 AT AOCTIO-M. A J. BLOCK BR. BON * 00 ? WIU, HBI.L AT AUCTION, At )! o'c.oek, at the Merchanta' ? notanx?, Ob BONDAT, Nov. II. ThenJe of the property on Wett Broadway, Franklin, Buck ?u 1 frfe'e Belonging to the eel* to of Thoe Riley, deeeai ?!. alvtrttild to take pUea thla day, Ia adt rornod ? THCBBDAT, JaNUART 10, 18*1. The tale ol TBB CUBIOMTIBB, C0IN8, Ac., Belon log to Ik* flume eetate, WU1 take plaw>o? PB1 OAT Jut. 11. 1 Ou TUtoDAlf, Nor 30, Pith Mortgage Porecloeure Bale, Coder the direction ot P. T. Bugglei, (?< , referee, ol U>t Mew York end Krle Railroad. For particular! tee legal advertlte santa. On WfDNKfTOAV Not. 21, Bupreara Court H^e of WABII NuTliN STREET PBOP1RTY, fnde- the direction of P. T. Riigglea, Ea>| , referee. All that certain pun-el knoni m 2H1 Waabiugt >n atr. i A, *-wt aide. W feet 10 toekee acalb of Brtde itreei, aU??J l)^ ?. d 17.2,',iifi J 10 and lit 1. * Oil THURBDAT Not. 22, Boireme Court Bale of VALUABLE PKurtRTY ON BTATIN 181, tNW. Coder the dlrectioa of W H Anthon. ICe-i , r cfree. ei rtKi'iu. On New Tork, Virginia and C . If ion area' jaa GLIP1UN, B. I ON rRIPAY, NOV 2S, Valuable New Tork, Wlillemabtug and Yonkt r warty. On Forty fourth atrret? The two three ekry ncd rii t <vicr brick Hvutea (wi li brown ttiie btaemeuu) at g Lota. Noe 27V and 27# We?i Porty fourth ttreet north aide, , 'brtweea Nin^h and Tenth arrnuca Thtt h uaee are new itnd ro ' u'.n cat tot and oo d water rtnre, Ac., Ac. , ?ue Witt f<*e i.- til i of lifts. XUx 100 feet S Inrhoa each. On Poutb Fifth atrnet, WtMamghnrg ? Tiro, three atory brick Hinae* and I ota, *o? lfiO ana 171 South FMbfltreetT aoulk, 1C0 I eel eaat uf Slxih atreet; aire of lot* L iUiKU feet eash. Af YONKER8 Fourrrrea of l and with water right. f r^tlr.g on the Had aon rl?er, about dre mlnutaa' walk from ' Jar tr ot, allttt'ed on Waraurtont venue and l*marttne atr. *adj .inlne la id of Thaddena Bell HANK KTREET PBOJ w.TY The two etnry attlr and l.wrmeut br n 1'onae and IiOt. No. 118 Bank ttrnet tenth tide 85 feet ear . 3( Waahl"g?,nelr.rt; aire f V t 17 t) I JO and JS f e? l. Ilia feeuae i* U. kakI order, (.'rot on in yard. TBKMS 1.1 BE H Bapa, te: ma and full partlcuiikra uf . a., .he ab^va talea can be had at Na 7 Pine nre< t. A LBEKT MORTljrKR (JUIFPI! (ICO, A V GTION EBBS, a. MAQNIPK'KWT H r ? "UOLJ) PCRHITI ? At public a i-nun, the property of a fan.i y declining fcrurekreo'.ar, oa to momw (Bondaj >, at H&? preciaely, at th? ..^ant rr.Ttdence No. 46 Weet Clileenlb a'.rret i.etween fifth a at 8litli aTenuiw, beU* the larieat and rtcheat aaa. -lmf.Dt C Hooeehold Punilture und Workaof Artollerel ?t> i. U ? ???;? tf?a The furniture wia allm'de to order for :he p owner by the oeleb rated cabinet nnaltera. Well A K<ith. a id la of tfco beat deaoripilon. Peacrlpt'vr <-at\lojnc? at the I mrjmc on mo.-ulnjj of lale. Vu ? buperb anou octare Pu mi. .-.rie, ^ ? , ... , .. Drawla* Boom Suit*, BroD. e an? Grm ln Channel am Vol ret NedaUloa Carpeta, Pier and Baoul Mirror a and Laoe Curtalna, OU PalBt.cca, InKravlnta, r v?'.('rn and Dresden China Vaaea. Koaewoci Chamber Fornli u?, en an't?. Oak Duilni Room Parnl.ure, China. Oiaaa and Bllrerw a DBLVN II. BULLBI t. AUOMONKBB, A WU: -aell ON PRIPA T. NOVKMIIKR 23, 1890, At 12 o'eloek, ' it the Uerchar.ta' Fmhanre, BtVK a TA1UAB1.K LOTH BBAE THB LOWER f'AP.T OP TUB CBNTRAL PARK, Manny:? On lot on Br<*dwaT, nnrtLweet eomer of Blity nlnth atrnel, aw? '?-e lot on Tenth ? renoo tortheaat corner of Sixty ninth 4Ma:, In rear of itio^lway lot, ?o be a. ld togxtber. Tht three W*a adjot.ain*, froatir.* on llroadway, and running ?hrw.?h u Tenth aveuue. w. Ill be a^'d alngly. Tba two adjolcluK lou. alao fronting on Broadway, and rculng through to Tenth C7enue, with the brick house there aa. will be a?M tog ether. Two Utliila of the uuroiaae money on mortgage for three re-ra For mapa tad parOeulare apply to the auctioneer, 3f Wall ttreet. ACOTION NOTI' K -THE AnVKBTIBER WIIX OFFER at prlrale aale f-rthe neit three daya, hie entire atook oj 1 inaeboln t urn it are wtlra o> nauia o' a general aaaortment U> be found Ir a i cat clan Are at >ry realde ice lncludlug a Sae t.-??wM l ian ftrte. oar (u'l tuita ol Par jr Puroltu-e in ratln, ap endld rarred roje^o-d Elejteree Ontre Tablet rich :,l t art ed. laoe atd broeatel Curtalna, tplendld r.hlta Va-ee. t'arlan Crr.?m"r.ta l*r??lte- with a (ine aaenrtment of Hedrooet nrnlture la r^eeweod and mahogany; alao all the Chinaware, Claeewa.c. Ac . Ae It will he e<>ld in b ta t<> ml. pu? haaera or th ? who> wlil be aold la one lot, together with the llouae Ihote only wacung f.rt. claia K .rnlture neexl apjly at No. 210 Four een'.h atreet, brtaeca lH hth and Nlntli arenuea. from S A M to& P M. A OOTlON BALB.-PK.ADT MADE CLOTHINO. "DRY A Oooda, Ac. Ac.? A. AI t 'BIKT A I.Afi, Auotloneer, 23 Bowery, will aell, cn Monday, 19th inat , at 1>J!< o'el?k. a arte aaaortmert of Una whiter I'lnthlng eonaUting of fiao einth caaabnei e, allot and Dearer frock Pack. B ialnraa and Orercoata: doeakln. aadaet and oaaalmere Pant* allk. aauc, relret andpl'iab Vraa; large lot of Roallah, Freirb and Amertoaa Cluih. Caaalaerea, Benir, Cottooade, Doeakln, Unlnga, Tallor'a Trlaammga Ac., Ao ACOTION NOTICB. M C. BPET. AUCTIONEER Btoek, Flxttirea aad (? urnitnre of a retail t> rot err, Llqaor and He gar Htore *1il rt I/.RA LCDLOW, Jr , will rell on Monday Nor 19, at U o'clock at Ml Ke -.>n.1 areatie, near Thirty fourth ttreet, Hto-k ana Flxtnrea of a retail groiery . llq . tr and atvar store. Ato. Boree, Wagon and Uarnraa. ACCflON NOTICB ?A FAMILY DBCLININQ HOUHK A. keeping, will dlepoeeof atprirate aa'.e all their Parlor, Chamber and Dining Hoem Fu'nitnre at a great aacrldrn. Elrgant 7 c lave Pianoforte, enrt WH, will he aold for $]&], Including Htool and Cover; tlnrewood Drawinu Room Nulut, coat BSTO, for f'40. one do I' ^ Bookraae. Mlirnra. Rrorrea, Hureaua. Bnlauade acJ Mattraa<ee Inquire at No. 70 Weal Twenty alith atreet. rear BUlh a ei ne AO TDTTLB ArcTIOKEBR. ? Bnlbiua Flower Boott at ? uetton, on Monday, At KSi c'eiock, at 113 Fult-n atrtet. Inclndlng Ilyacitrtha, la.ipa Naretaaas. Ac , la lata to autt Baltimore ArrnoN iiodse op twbntt teabb ?Uk ting ? AI'HKuN A WO., general auotioaaefg. Bal'.l morn are mak !ng caah advaneet to any amount br drat upon hew York cltv haaka upon every dra?1|>tlon of nrerthandlee intended for their anetlon aalea. All operaliona tt'letlr conl deatlal. talee aettled and paper guaranteed aad eaahad pu mptly. Addreae aa above. ?OBNRY flBEBN, AUCTIONEER. XI llrooerlee. 1-lqjjora, Angara. Ao ?On Monday. No*. It, at H>?Ofloek, at 1M William ttreet, a large lot of Ur 'lertej. ? laea LI<iuoi? ard ?egara. Alao about W0 dozen bottlaaor Ala, (.QOolba. WhKe LaaA aad 1 000 Ibc Boee Plak. IRON wrw-" A J BodART WILL RILL Oil TDM Not. IV ?t II o clonk. al tbr aueti. a roan No. I North ^IIUiB it'eat, to ?d keen and f i|<?nwi I Iran Rafee. t Br rrtr*'? 1 WliAer'e, ? Deiano'a; alan ooe bay bnrw, about If brtjdahtfh tlad ud *eat'e. ??ia Harneaa and 1I(M W\sm-. alan raebtowa ll ? ? U ban ? high. 8 mn old, faM UaraLer MPOCOHTT. AC<*TT"\NHR, WILT, BILL. ON *OR. ? day. Not HI at Ik , o'akwk, al ? -i Nf ? Nae aan atreet a imml ?a?.r.ment ol honark' :d Foioltnre mm prielnc *>lid mee?i?1 Parmr Kuia r \ arad ir. hronatnl and ploah a>hni?BT do .enrrred In haircloth. roeewtyid an-' ma 1- 'faay Library an.l Beenta rt Knukraaea aiarh> trp Centra Tablea, Mteaalna fhkln| Tab'ee, Ptnla* ''halra Urmaio* Bn rraoa Waakatanda tto!?teada. balr Kalirna??e. Maillaaa~?. Lnua?aa A , Ar , th- whole tn i ? peremptorily ?>u to the Liffbaet bkder for rub KCRHRLL W. WEHTCOTT. Al" T.ONKBR BLKUANT nwr claim HOllbKHoLD PI RMTURR 1 1 public kurtlmi Rich parlor RoHa arUaMc II ma-bla gntapt, Palat nfi At On H. ?1?. Nor 19. at l()t{ o< och aaibrmrlnK tbr ewtlra parlor, dta'ng i^m. rbta'wr and 11 brary Furaliiira nf bona* No IM Waal > want) Inl atraat. ba I ween Nerraih ana KlahOi araauei lb- Faraitnra K all new. hiring her ? ? %tf In aadrr tw. moalha ago ?n1 ruaprlaxa a ariU'u liable for a (aahb-na?l? 1 urniabnd rnai,l-noe, all of which will ba peremptorily anld to lha blgheat bidder. rain or ?t'n? nferlnr eitraordm try tadonaaaene to k" ia?kaai>nra and the irate. Kainu af bouawf .jaaiaia la part of ? u??'. arrae oalaae roaawi??l Flaanforte, M? >| and <' irar two f'ltl ?ii 'a if an Id r.aew at par U# Farriiiure. norarel lo green and gold I r ? rrti rial, an 1 la perfect Trdar r aawond marl .a top Ff| free. 1 r? ata' and l?'-e On -talne T'.rblak I'balra and Isanaaa. rnaewund rai?i'Um ' %*, n arr. > r?nrb 1 1? an 1 aian.a Hlrrrwa raalra aula and (Ida la'i aa alarant Hrnn/*a. m b Biant?l Vaaaa mart-ia Uro-ipa and pi?nraa oil I'al lln*a ? r?a' k rrr ? i irk ' b?ti.' ? 4a. ?. l?|rary k arpaia. Hurt i ?i?wd Hadalaad a Urea I. or Mattraiaaa aad Had dm* r ? a* wnr*; -aaMna V --? ? I .n? * <? ??1 'If bar I Ifcalra. oak aatraakn Tahl? dial ( rmn ' "b?lr? ri.'b ?"bltia HilrarHara r oh% a-<l <-rr?'*] ?i!l II >a?? ant a lar*? quartxy oo> rnni aratad Oaial'n aaa oaa ba btlatlba h ntn. SHRRIPr K KAI.K H ftR FCRNTNHINO OOOIW - OBANHBRK A PAIKi'HII.ll ar.ruoa-ar* aalaa-.-m II) Naaaao auwat wn aall n Mondar Hi -amh?r I* at 10 ??e'of*. at !.?? Br-wdwa* h?t?wrn Tbfr-T finrU W4 tklrtf fifth ?raata tb? aatt> a Mork of a aa:? r :n Tl-q?* ??irai.ainf Uor-'a n naaimir nf a ?a ?ral a>-? utin " t of ?'nUarr xtiaar Plaiad War?, Japa aarj 1 in War* Iron Kara. N i>d fin. Taa Katliaa Waliark. 1 ?l RaeAa Ta>i> ll-aarn aad Taa Npnnna.Vau.Luar* HotJnw W. t? r.aakMa iiuk ? Ina j??T?a??Ta Farina Nollara Jam N m T- . . ? I to?l:;diBf ararytblaf r i'la1 .f found in a ",-f. al-aa -ata? al?k JUH.4 ARI.i.T chart* C * i wk art. Ar th>?*.?*?.-ti R?nav *ur kJ" *" al o ?!"? k al ik? ana k* tn?B, Nn I Nortk Wil n?i t'tfrx lloaa?hnld f'.mlUira. aiabi^an? Hofaa Ta' l?a, mrtinn < hOra Mtrnra. Hrcaaaa tad latra n < areata, .ill tl'tka. ? ak| ar f Rnr?a ?. * %ab>ia' ?a ria?ir-i1 ear: >r kn'ta, la iraaa p'a?k n'bovaa? p?rb? i bain aaaa Rfvi?n art Ufa liarlftaa^'a ai?b?anv Hr^'raada. looklff 'l.aaaaa Kn ?r??ln?a . I Kan? i r? half Mattr?aa>a laatbar IMk hla*k nalnat facratotra Amine ta-4aa bf wi) Sattaaa, kitekan Fur^ ?MkMk. U MJ BO'IART Al'irriODBRRH -HONnAT. NO? U. Pi at MW o'eSwa at Ii* WaaaAar awaat. mort?a?f lata, tha f It araa 'if a bah-rj aoaatatinr o? IHMtn ara Rb i? i aaaa. yU rl lka I'np-nard twj ?(*. Futniya ina ? naM. ffoufka, A? aic a?fla? O Faarrr. atmnar for m .t%a?aa Altobr ntna nf aa ?Manltoa tha I aaaa of tke a bora pramlaaa Nl'M'IfAI. *FFAI /?:T1 IIP NB? Tt/RK? ORI' ANT MINT OF FINANl ? Paw 'if tha R?.-a.?ar of Tataa, Maw Oo'irt Movaa U tX*-Bhar? a ra?t, NnraB?l?r M. la*) - Notiaa la b?rahr rlraa tba. ! p?r rant *11! ha a.4dad ? iba M of l>? *-abar ?* all la.jr amalnlra ? nuaM a la IbM 1 p<w ??ni wl 1 ba addad aa th? M.k Of raaa?S?r. No ? raaairnd a'tar t I*. M. <.'*uoa? "'.rafrow 8 A. N. VjI P M. JaJURi LJCi. .T Racalr?rof Tai?a CHlRriW*AT|i>N R?-TK B fl'R HPflllAI. PON* TTFC / I;ia.vdbr Lba ltoar'? af Ali'ana'n t? nrMticatatM PnManCT ?f lba aarnrfr ?a ia f? Ur aala knap a? aad eat Itrtr af tA ?tj ieiwait? ike aa mm: of tatarmt pal i I ha' mai. aad ?'Vb tb * lof'-riaailna bealin* npor Iba-ip^anl a a tha rr T n>ut?? Bia* be anafi ad ia aao<. -a *11, aiaa' al r>? Ro I I hi II all. f-n Ifranar. tke l?* Inai . at i o'-b'l F M, All pe'?'>na .I'.araab"1 l? the la'aaa ta i m are kai nt r n iUfad to < a | reMtt al tea akoea ??#v. *Md ama aad p jue. with ml ftir. tb*f r. i trf*. JOMR H NHAUr. J - ^ r. j a. f (v? lUI.RtNT M PLATT. S ? I 1. 1. 1 4 HUM. OaiLAN B NIl.t-IARII TABLRN AND rf>*|ir|?a-<?f?N J <'naki'?a Na* law roramenta patantad Hat-tfr-^"' I i?CC f n +m rfvlufaul irv t?%f 0?r l CmH * rn<eare.,nea<iM-w^HB( )|( f ( N<w ? tn at i - A f TfT COPARVSBRSHIP WOTICK8. a_a tieer wiutniD luguoeeer. li carry on the **1. wiifOOl, hironB Ac . at auction at Mje In a Mile already eetabhahad. or wj.ild hir?? ?jyi wka ouuid lead from Ww to noc. Addreea A partner wanied-to ju.n run tUVKH JJaer wha it id a'-.otlooeer. ti eery on the liverj aid tod pruaie ? * nera > i oa . . _ ww^,. H R. M , He rald rjOPARTF*JMTlIP.-a PRITCHAKO, LATI FORRMAR 'J ?? 8. Dowe, Invtlea the attention of etiiUvuu ua iOue< nte.iDeted Id the manufacture of Uu Melr<* with * view It Mwmww.kut tbumaxh pracaoal kaow ledge of the eaa. Ad mas 304 Ninth a ventre. KOTIO* THK COPARTNKHBHIP 11 ERRI*)*)** KX tatlrj: under t>e r iae and Arm ol "Igga A rav'.ng be a dla*ol-ed. Taaaa A will ontloua la ttte eame bnd'aeea, at 73 |fer?nr. itreet trtAaC a 1U03M, T8 Na?aa i Creet PAhThER WANTKD-W1T1I A BOUT 18 0U0, TO J"I* ia cu> Ir.g out mi If ettAii.iahed. aafe, caah buatiraae, .bat tlvre i iL.'ti'Trr prof ia. See e a?h erilaemeot la yoMerday'g Heit.d. Addrcti A. O P., rtvtlon u toet office OT A> TED? A PARTWER WITH *1W CA>-H IN A TV light manufWrtorl ig loialneaak a >w doing a prot'able Mid idendlly U<reaeii>g bnr.oeja. A temperani-e Ban preterm 1 N.> agenie eee?l at ply. Addreaa ra.lner, ti-jtUeu a. Dew York l'i ?t i fliee. <K1 cnil -WANTED, A PARTNER, TO JOIN THK wliUUu. advert'- er Ha p'ruuu mo tier m?kteg hint urea, a moe< poly readily c?nipmh?nded. aDd will pay frun f 11 100 to lit WO per year. Any one wubing a permanent eaab bualneaa m?> apply at !K<i and fioj Broadway, room No. 0. So nnt) -wanted- a spbcial partner, m a O.UUvr. h',.alaera that will ra> *0 per cent on the in veatment. Addreaa H R. J? Herald offi ? CLOTIIIKO. ABCTTER CHANCE FTILL FOR LAD1BB AND URN to roctart tbeir eaal off Clocking tnloeaeV? I (ua rtulee lo pay the following prlcea Frooi M w* W tor .iitt Dreaawa; fn-m t* to 0U for 0>*ia and for l'arta from 11 10 to M. Altto. F irolture, tlaryeta Jewe'rr. *e. To avoid mlhtaku ? \4 id poatuina, all calla abould be a^lremed. by pnat iioly, tr ?. 1S< OeTertb aretiue. between Nhmeenlb and Twentlut> atnwta l*d lea attended to by Xra. R. A CARD -MER'JHAXT Ta ILORM II AV1KU PRDMf 10 f\ toll C00 worth of wttier I'. th o* on hand, and willlnj! to dl?p?e < of H at a f?lr prlc? will *eet wtih a ouia pnri-tiawr by ralltu* at the attire i r rjldretflr^ j D Oojfoy, M Cen treaTeet tl? nt'eireo bavion left otl Clothing lo anpoea of will v'leaie addreas aa above AT trie 5EW IhT All LIP21M KNT, SiS ItOWBRT. lad let and lentlemen can iltrp'*? or their caat oil wearui* at .nrr. turmure, cmpcia and ie?elr> to the beat advantage, ar<! (ttatnUrd n?t lobe bumbu?ae>l, aa la done by rther rreat bt.utera 11# un Vrnifne.l will offf r no more than what la (air, ao aa to make a llvini. Pnoet? Por 8tlk Dreaaea from *7 tofS,', for l'Miim?/?, Hela'cet, tr , ad! irdlnglv paid for; for < oata I rem 13 to 111; for I'uta and Veau. frum tl and up warda, by calling on or addieaaagH U aKKIB, 15J Bf ?ery, oppoelte Poorth and O real .looea atreeta, where joh will re tiive all you can eipect torecetve for your rxxU. Ladle a at tended by Bra Hurra. AORBAT DBMAKD TOR CART OTP OLOTBI1CO. Pnrnltore and Oaireta.? Aa I have opeced a new eatab itahaaent. 1 will pay the hit bee*, prtoaa. Id oaah. for the abora aaaae l artlelea. Pleaae oaD on or addraaa C MIt>U. Sll Elgbtt tvenne between Twenty etith and T wnnty aevenlh atreeta. Uadtee attended to by Bra. Utah. ABB1TBR ARD 8URBR WAT POR I,A nils AND gent emeo to get the hlebeit eaah prlcea for tbatr eaat (9 Clothing, rurDlture. t'*rp? ta and Jewelry, and not lobe ham bulged b? great pcfta Ii Uj aynd a Dote iy poat to J. Aahalt lAi Sever th avenne, between Twentieth and Twenty ?r* a'.reeu, * htch will be punctually atv nded la. Lauliea aueoded lo by Mra. A. ABKTTBS WAY Tll'N AS! OTDBR FOR L4DOB and Kenllemeo to d'apoae cf their cat off Clotbiajf, a- d ft td to be annoved by toy buailog tali acndanoteir call at A DrOAR', l>o 218 neverth avenue, wblch will be punctually atletded to. Ladle* attend eel to by Mr*. O, L BrmtR (TI ANCB THAN EVER ? LADIBR AHI) URN A Uemei , I have a great demand for oaat off Clothing foe Weatera and Ho a the. a market; alao for Fitrnlture, Oar eta. Jewelry. Ao. I guarantee to pay for Hllk Dreaaea from "en Olo ' * " Eto $30. for Woollen Cloaka As. the higheai price paid for r (loata frun 12 lo Sll, f< r .'ante and Veeta frotp II npwvrda Boo la Hboea Ac. By tailing on or addreaatng HARR1H. 1M Kevevlh avenne, eecond houaa below Twenty Brat itreet. yog ean be oonvineed lo your aaUafaotkm. Ladlee I Handed by Bra. Harrla JUHT ABRITBD, FROM CALIFORNIA. WITH 110, K0 a rreat amount for eaat off Clothing for the California trade and Ptke'a Peak The hlgbeat price paid for Uaatofl t'lotbiag. Ir? a IT m 936. alao tftk lrnaaea, for Oaata. IS to f II for Plata ard Veeta II toSli upwariia Bonu. Jewelry, For Bltnre aad heddtpg ike blrheat prl* pa d for. PleeaaoaUaa or addreaa H '?abey. ho S? Weal Hrcadwav between Leonard ard Fmr.k In atreeta. or X Jatxjbe. Bo. I Batter Mreet. La dlea aitem e ? bv Mra. a Ma'iey. The hiohbrt prutb paid, in carr, for ladim' acd veilietntn'i caat oil Ciotblng, Carpeta, Ollobaha, Fnr al'"ie Ac Call on. or acHe adureeeedloQ OaNlELR, (3 Third avenue, will he panel tally attended lo Ladlee attended toby *r? D. ? Q nnn WORTH OF OBRTLBMBN'R N?W AND $0- UUU left off routing waited for the Wattern mar ket. The hlgheat eaah pr.oe ever paid nan se oriataed la bankable money, for large ~r a in all kAa by aaUlnf at the Mure, or addreaatnjr *a Walah. 41 Centre etraec TIIK FIltEMKIV. AT A RROCLAR BEBTINU OF THE BOARD OF B*. glDteriof ibe New Tn-k Fire Ileparlisent the following prt amb e aad reenlutloaa *ere at anlm -ualy a.lopted - Wbereaa our highly eeteemea arnxnate and honored aenlor I flirer. John A. Cre^ er ?? | b'a tenderer hia reelgeaUon aa an Aeetataal icglneer ol ibe N?w Tork Fire Department, aad whereaa ikla B>>arr rannot allow an ooeaalon Hie tin preeent to paaa. ?bl;h la * feanght with In'ereat not oalyteour. aelvee aa a board of <W -e>a. Imt alao to ihai dejartaaaat we have the hmor tr> neimw1 itwl'bostawe il'cbt re?gnlu >n of the aemce tbat thia /-nt e man haa rendered the nomaaan ty lad the f l.*e Pepartaieni In the many yaara ol eerr oe tkai he haa ao gal lastly, nobly aad ehlv tlr.uely battled thr.uah.thar* tore be it Reaotved. That In I he raelgnatloe of John A Cregtar. , the Bew Tork Fire Dvpartm^nl haa kiat nne of lta aMM ?xpe rlaaeed, efficient aori able offieera, hit coUaacMR a ed, dtatnlerrated aed irntlema Ot Raw Tork a highly eap ??ah ed. TM* after ?w?v ly #i nstlrtag aarilce Ulieea of whh Board? wa deeply ani tlnoerelv regret the loaa ot a eonnrlllor of aneh ripe eiper<enee eh ar indgaeot aad unAlaehlni; In legrliy, aid tbn etami le of a dla lpilnarlaa uf aueh a high or der of executive ability - ? i'moapi to mnaaod, eager lo obey " y eaolved. Thai we lender lo oar retiring amoritte our moat oordlal aad heart'elt ? lebei for hit nnboonded proaparlty, bapplneee and ?ajvymeot and. while regrvtuag thia aepara Uoo. nawlilalwaja lurk ba< k with unabated pleaaure upon the many happy houra apent la hia aaalety a* a law of I'.e "liny pleaaent renotlaetloi ? of a Irrman't Ife. Meeolvtd Thai a eOfijr of the ah-ive preauabie and reeolu Uodi duly anlbeaUeated. bepr-aen^ed to rmr murine aa??iaie and friend. JulI.N uK Kla, t*hatraaau. U Joarrn B rr?, ge-rHary WINK* AM) UHVORI. ARRIVAL or IRIMI WBTRKBT -JuHR RaULIIPR ofle-aoo " aaoc? b , e Urmi tram bon if d warakn Hr'i'h atrert. a lot <* Wl?'i Wbleter ai aMp Rffnur, af that anperler <inallt? for wki. h kta import*! at am ?> <-<.?? ra ad He (aa pnl op at tia ak> n Bra lkna?n.t boll *? ot Whiakay of ao rtp? an %gr aa lo defy all ?. ' a I>rpot No, A* Naaaati ?treet, brao< b Bo Hi avai na O. ku enia par bottla, II W par pUkip. FIKMI CI. ABB GOODS AT MODRRATK PRUIS. ( eborn'i I'ort. boitli . la Oporti. CVII'uawrllTe do do Loadoo. ItiandWr, aiaUc* I"'* 10 l"Vl ? ?err.ea and Madtiraa faaortta braada. ttaiapaaera ail th? leadlar tr?nda Rama. Olaa Ac ?coiet ard Irtah Wbiaketr. laaponed I8>7. thr i.deat aad floaat to Haw 1 rt N? inferior *'?>)?. II H. KiRK, t- fa too atreg CTRRBTH K r N k rr DIHTIUJAT-IHTABUBHID ISQ Tbe rkeafe* place bi buy rao Krandtea. Wl ???a. I. Wkiekeia. OBrdUia Ac , fur wfciinaale and fan! If trade. al MA Waal fi/Vanih a rrH ?? Hoaar >4d br lk? ?l? a. ?Haeu1 WH I in. Proprietor Sitrnth ?rmri piwtii.lkut nt and si br ran Ik erenow- Tbe rbeapeet and ww plaaa I* the aftv ?at all blade of Para Minora for famil r tea or wb?iaaaje trade. 311 and SSI Ha raala araaiaa, be.neea Thirtieth aad TWir iH Uraau M T Bl (ilIRa A ??* HOTBI.II. Hunt. TAVILIO* III ROILAR," PARIB, "HKAKn Ma'arm MetiblAa 171 K'ie de Rlrill, In froal of the U?a ere ? RFKKU proprietor? lArr# and taali Apartmenta for faalliea aad reauewiee kr tAr day. week or moatA. aa reaaraable ten* a M curat una. arip*i oorrjr or biith avi aoa aod PorUeak at re?* -A few rmrj daatrahle faaalll lad at i. r a Ronwia B"W aaorrnpled will be rented wtk rtoar I npon .reaaooaMa tenna. <>ood aaontaaaodalfc# aad praapi ST. UWRIUCI R TRL. BR' AUWAT ARD BltJRTH ?terra Maw Tarfc.? 4 >ada ia>d on the Rnropaaa pai OreM red'Kllon In prteea. Fuel ; Rnrona la ?ulta, M k> III aerweeft. alatle Hooma (asclijtolr for pwllww.BWlo It laeiadlaa ?aa TARR NOTltTB -OLARRRI-R I1UTKL. A' LlfPEIf ARt) atreet ivar Htmtwaf Hoard f 1 to M a wtek. rt ai ?Irtle or double. famllieaaadCreapeetal. e m MM; lod? og 2"c lo |T?, (eetlraaa aad wire 7t) wav hjnat a*l alrkt; r i>aclak at- 4 an b< ard wllko .l lod*ta? ckaap. TARORT OOHPAK1KR, ATTRNTI< >H.? A RKmPR'TA ble ern ;ian]rrto I*<?1*ted at tke PtnJkio Hill, QnarenUne. >uieg laland ''.rat aodlor on Ibaokifn lag d\/. k ? elieut akoutii k crouad. and Ike pretUeat p.A^e woaad Raw 1 rk. KkilPATH * III I JK Poprl-vm It AII'KOADR. HDOROR RIVRR RAU.ROAD.-rOR ALPART AMD Tnij ?aaaanui wRa Iraia* Rorvk aad Watt Tral ia laara ? not mnui nun. , J aad 11 A. E. aad TP1 TroT aad A I baa 7. Hall, al 1.11 r u. Tmy aad Albaar fwttk Maap lac ear). R X r kr. Ponckkaepala irala. T JO A Bl ?ad I P M Peakaklll trala. (HP * of Mtnr train IIIA I 1 aad 71 ~ rmnm Tttrarr n?rr areatv ? 2-V II X' A. R. Ml IJB r. ? s?ir. r lu P. M. <"nidar? teei?4 I a * aad IK P H. ? ?r i M l? A ? I H aa 1 1 N P. M. 4aadrr.ii ; A. P. PRITTI. Rrtt^latendeat N1W lORR. HAAI.BR ARD AUNA!f T RAH.ROAD. ror AH^bt a^t fmr, oooaeetto* wiib tk- Raw Tor* I < entral Rail road . M ail ratal* Weet R?>tka>rt aril "VintA wad Oa and after ^oiwIat. ot IS !*?' lr*r.a wll1 l?%-e fnalr wi ik ara? Mau >n. New York aa f^! *w? ?for Al ? barr.TA M an/*P M atpreae faiae aw: 10 A M aaai! laato Par rrorai P*il?. 4 P M . ? ?? ai nil plaoea a ..>ra \ .ak?llla. Par Whit# Plata*. Ill a * t >? and I U P, M , ' et< pptar at al' atatt m P ?* w. ;e rialat. Ill P lira Wktte Mrael d'l>o?. UTiito/r at all rutl i a P? fliliama brM?e II A ? %nti ' *? ?* " . tr'-m ?.ith are at de rA. #c/wptm at ai! a >' na flri ini'if - Wn laara Aibaur, A M fkat Albai r I .1 A. M leipreaa train i Alntnr, ? At I" V >aat Alhan-. I P M ,a?prtaa trtla ) AlHanv 1 A M Ami Albaar ? I* A ? <?? . t-*lr ? >'r ^ <o Palla. f A fe-TPloa *t all Hal II mat Treti it Ahile rialae ?, i? A 9 ava 4 *ii P ?? ai'irntrr al all eta?iaa ITUilaa* rridre. (to AW aai IP X . e?*<pilnf at al -tatior# IOHR mnmmn.1, Aiwelant* nerlaieodaat Til K I-K? I I KK RKAtHTB. DHRtR MTRRAiiv UBIOR-ifV i)? n?<-H?r A I ? il rtrlel* '-krr* * r%t#i immk ka "*<atorj if I Ae in." x at rt!,.l n IJull, A?' ' pla v >t* Tn?a dep e*?r'?<r ne<( ?or *. at *n'd rk 1k?>m MtetM. ? ka. at Ike .1, r.r OPTMIT Air??-.||R(? AI.'DItt *? O I e^iurr ,i U to at ? l r^ti. re la V aire ai , . ? r i , ktsd . _ *.'t a I ha erer Ir*. ?OAHP1SO AND LODUIKU. AT IB ?AHT TWENTY FOURTH HTREBT a MM A IX f* Prtrala fully would 1st a lolt rf neatly furntahad Boom* <* lk? rtbond Boor, la om or I we geetiemea, wtth full or partial Boar J. Prtrat* table awvad A handsomely purnihhbd PARLOR AND Bin room to let? Suitable lor two gentlemen Alio anoihnr !> ' in Family private Apply at 1M Tweuty aecond HrMi, 1* tween Miih Mild Kevenlh avenuea. A 'iiTiri Piiin. _ o'alcufc P. M. toi* *eo'Ie??o. wllk Uoiu-d *nl He,lrooni? ? J^ff^oea required. ""A?. Dtnaar at all APAR1Y or QENTIJUfEP CAB KB ACCOMMODATED with Breailaat and lea. hy applytag At 13 VVeetTwenty aemnd atieet, Alto a voung l*dy mualo teacher, part board paid in itiaol*. Referencee eirhangel. A PRIVATE FAMILY KE-ID1NG IN TWirTf NINTH ?lre?t. between Klfls Avenue uui Rroad*ay. having Wore Kwmi then they require, would let them. with Hoard, to * lairilv or alnn!e gentlemen. Refer to liradly, HitchlniA Co , Kajt > uurteiiulL aired 4 N AMERICAN LADY, HAVING A VERY N1CBLY i fttrntthed bouee la a location aceeealble to Bra*d?*y wlibea to let iom Room* to gentlemei. bnuee bel> g very quiet and private, having no boarder*. Call at 177 Greene ib eel. near Bleeeker. ALAKGE PROMT BBDROOM AND A GOOD 8IISKD hall Bedroom nloely fiirnl?h>-d do ibe eeoud story. to let in gentleniru, w Hit oi without It reek fast nr Tea. In one of thr beat iocatiuni lu ibe et:y, Kj. U Wa\erley place, near Broadway. AT 128 WR*T TWENTY FIFTH STREET, BETWEEN Revintb and Eight* aveniee, m?j ie obtalail.1 by g-inlle tni.ii ar d wi:e or two alng'.e geiiilemr-i. a Rt.mii on aeeond tl 'Or to fet t ? :*re, k<1 lolnli'it bu'ta ri?>m with hH and eo.d Wa?f r. eon: at<l mi ana a No. 1 Board, wllh free ute of Ur^e double Parlor, at $13 per week A HANDSOMELY Fl'RNISHID FRONT ROOM, WITH all llin modern unpp vemeota wJl be let with i.**l Boerd.Uitwo entltmenora gentleman and wife Apoly at the lirtt r an bi :.*? ?U * eat Mutb ?lreet near Plftb avenue A WIDOW LADY WIH I EH TO LET A COMFORTABLY fan Mind b?i"k Parlor, to one or two gentlemen with Break fail If oeeirec, urate and gaa in .be nnm, famllv a nail atd private Localon pleaaant and conveuleaL fl t ?treet, near Heco* d avenue. ArOl'l'LEOPUBNTLBMENUAN HAVE A PLEASANT frcnt K'wm, wltb gaa, lire and Board tor $5 aweekeasb, at 341 Weit Pilteenlh street. Dtjner at half put 0. Referen rt a enlianied. A FRONT ROOM OR THIRD FLOOR TO LIT, WITH B<?r,l, to a gentleman and bl* wife or two ala^.e cenU* ir -n. at M tlxth airaet Dinner at 6 o'clock A LADY AND GENTLEMAN WAN T BLBU ANTL.Y Kl'R ntabe.! Apartment, koard for the laly only, loca'ed ar' ve Fourteeulk itreet Adlrem M. B. A , Mad'am ? |Uare Po t cilice. AdENTLBMAN AND WIFB, AN1) TWO 8INOI.B Kent>m?n can be accommodated with newly !urulita"i Rocma and good Board, In a pleaaant modem kouae lu a ro i veolent location Apply at 73 Macdougal atree , near Bleeeker. Reference! given anil requited. AN ARTIfcT FROM THK NEW YORK ACAIIIMT (l? Muale want! ? Room, with partial Board, la ? private ra I trlly, In aacbange for leuoni on tbe piano ai d aumlns. Ke i tereneea exchanged. Addreas ArUat, boV fl 17U foat olll ?, N. Y. A PDRNIPUID BEDROOM TO LET? TO A LADY OB > gentleman, on eroond (I wr, where Hire are no biardera or rUk'ren. Apply at 1 Uardtn row, Weet Eleventh itreet, mi ih avenue. A HI ALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD RENT A PaR lor ud two be 1 room i to gentlemen or gentleman and wlf? rnorni contain* kot and ccltY witer ga?; boitae new and ntar Broadway. Apply to >3 Mayveetn! itreet. Aral houae Kaat ut Tlilrd avenue, and between Ninth and Tentb itreela. AFLRMKHED Rf'CM YO I,KT? TO A HlffOLE OEN t!em*n In a reepectab e family. Call at 277 Weit Twen t< thlid auett, near ktgbib avenue, Urn iligkt o: tlaira. front rooaa. AFKW RINtlLU AND MARRIED GENTLEMEN CAN lie mi immodated ? lib tlrat claaa Board ana Ro ma In qu re at 11 Ureal Jucea atrcet. APLEARANT PLAi'E AND HOME IN WEST FOPR. te?:i b i.reet ? Dhxi'd a genleman and wlfeo'imge liet Uetuen be in want of tbe al>. n e. wltn alarit** front and hark rc< in. leparaie oe logttker, on ?ewd licior, and neatly fur klibtd, taev wLl pleaae addreaa boi 4,i'. 17 l*< aat ? A modern Impr vemeo * Viah'uit ao"E WITH TUE leety fninlabed R, ,m. I(, ?^f?r?l neat and gen ffin j?2%' " su 11 ^ U!^rsz,xdJZ AYOLNd MAN WISHES A WELL FURaiHHKO wllb iraakfaat and le? and dinner on 4uecav, la a private famiiv. hoarding bouiekeepeii need not reply Ad dial* C, bok 1 .697 Poet ..aire. ATRItATE FAMILY WILL 1ST A COMFORTABLY tr.rt l?).ed K < m. gaa. Ac., with treulfaat If required), to a reej^e'aMe >ingle gentleman, the r ?itn u eaaantly over -.ka WaihiD.-ton aquara Apply at M Fourth atreet. AYfirNOnRNTLRVAN AND WIFE. WISH t PARLOR and I e lri. m. with Hoard. In a ama'l private family, recupvtcg a moil* t n built bouia and living lu goial atyla. lora. tu n between Tenth ai d Thirty fourth a'.raeU aud Fourth an 1 Kiitn avennee. Qrit ekea* aoenaamodaUona deaired and the beet efiter.cee given and reqotrt d Ad^rev, ataung localltn. teiina and aooumtn xlatli n, A C , l>oi 1 1U Piat (.dice. AOIN'TLEMAN AND WIFE. OR TWO fHNOt.E GEN tlemen. cau be arnoeimodated with a large fr mi Room and kali Bedroom, tumlabed or unfnrnlahed. with or wlthoot Board, la a email American family, at ?U1 Ureenwtch aueet, oii? dour from Beach atteel, aaar Bt John'i I' ark API RBIMIED ROOM ,TO LET -A OBNTLBMAN ran be aemaimodated uiih a neatly furntahed bedroom. Apply at Eft M Heiry a Ba'erenca wq aired AOBNTLBMAjr ABD WIFE OB TWO IINHIJ OBN I let i en can find pleaeaat Booma, furntobM or on fur nlfhed, o? eeeaad ilnr, front or bach, with full or partial V) Weet Twenty aeoond atreet, batweeu alith and Peveath avenuee APBIVATB PAMII.T RKMIDINO IN THE UPPER pa t of Ibe eity, eotivenient to Hlitk avenue car* would like to let a Parlor and oae or two HMro mi, with Board, If reqnlred. the rooaig are well furnieheit and the bona* la ooa forubla Addreea A. P. F . Herald offioa. Board -to i.kt, wttii bovrd, a bbtond floor. with Pednwuna. Pangtfee and Walar. Ala., frooi l'.,nm on third Boor, a gentleman and wife or Magla gentlemen. Houee brown atone ! mot an< re leie wlih midern imtirc .menu Yatina very mot erale Refeienree em hanged. Call at IIS Weet Fiftieth atreet, er U Billing 'I row, bMwaan Eighth ana Ninth aretriaa Boabd.-a rmall pamilt. bbquibiro board, can ba aeorraaa<?laied wlik a fill of Rooai eenood em.-y>, allber f aralabed or aofurnleked, alao, two or tbraa K-xma no tbird aucv ror fenlieaane or a nil faaliy. Apply el 94 (? T*?m HtMlt ItrMl T)OAftI> WARFKH HT A UKHT1.RH AN AN1? WTPR J) la k Mali prime f am? orrarytare modern botlt bow and Utlaf la Jo3d ?>!#. at i>ated between Fourth and N.itb aretuea aad Ponrteeatb ?n1 Vb.rtletb etreetj Ptt<^> nrial be remoniible, f?4 to f*U v- T n. rolb. and where lti?-e are no oU>er brardere. OaeireutbaiaMe reOren?ea gHva tutd ei reeted B'?riila* bonee i>?p ?r? re.- 1 out an.* or. A . ue? lurll'ee ?ji* boiJ.TSflra ROABP WAMKD-iS A F*!V ATI PABtl.T, BT A JLf *?Bi.i?aa, h.? ?.!?? ?, lbr-?- th ->-n and i.t."?e will ra I|iitra a pari ir an! two be-'r > n.r own m teiaeen ? I J 1 bl'tieu Mrrata, Aad l?>-.itoi. and Knib a.enuaa Wnl larK' uer??l for ?n<?1 an "aaodatloa lv:en dm ra "jnlred. A?dr?-?eB t< ? a rv-1 Kcjal ..Ui-e. B(MBI? WAS?TBI>-BT A OKVYLCM AB AND W1PB, ? bi-ed tirat elaaa iimracWm In roeal aid 1 --T ? fata I ni.rtft iwttA iba aae of piano If d?*ir?Di would be eooaUered la part payment. u<mri re p??ri-? flren and rriulred. Ad draaa Board and IM. taw IX IferaJd oMea____~ BOARD WAHTItD-Bli A tlBRTI.EMAB ARD HIM wife. In a >?ajl whale fawlly. an Bpl<r >t>aJ fanNy pro fe. red Addieea wttk >er?a. wk'rb muat i?e i. >lerai?, bit 4 4l6B?wlork Poet ffiw on tbe aeeond floor. i? l he-* Parlor oa # -at II or new'/ a ! ba> datane.y '? n ?h?d e?n he bad In a rrtrale b> tee with B-*rd. Ailpi; bt ItO Weal Thirty Bm iireet near b aaenue. | Bf'ARWKO-A FKW RIHU1.P OKRTI KMBR. OR A fiitl?iran and wife can have pleawnt H >ard, wttb tbe rrtn'fUi" a bme at ?4 taut Rleretth itr?-?t Referenda twtaeftd. T>< AIII IM; ? A TMIBD BIORI FROHT HAM. HKD I J raOBlll*t a lib r?? paitry, Ac, In A rroaii >aiei*l fami ly, wlarr ibere ,rr few t.i?r era. b?aae kaa all lirproieaaei.ui at Hi I'natkiUiil ' ?am r?a vlUio ooa blooa of Ike bwe. Hr aHUIN'I -KO 3 CAHHOI.L PLiCK ll.BIC' KBf* utrret. ?tn<d r,T?f..rtal le Romra for rert'emen ai.d wivea, or >i> . a c?nt < men wiu )W?rd. at a ?nx'eral* prtre wtlb all rr,' rte > a kr*. <?r at kit j wife, flu, t'.n?le teotia ?en Hints per weel HOARDIVrt A flKRTI.VVAl* ASH HH W1PB ?'AB I he irt.iam date<1 with H<*rd la a faat ) wb?re tbey e? a I bar* il, ? 'Ooi'urta of a b<'?? If tb# pbity bare ore ur t ao ' rhllrren tbej ran rereWe h ?m? InrrueUoa In the nanal I .rK.? '? !"?'?> ???-at o I w?!ber altk Prenrb an1 r ?> O' ? ?lr abwie on onoderatc tcrma A ldrra R. 1> ? ? r - l ? lT -'aid r ?*' a Brook i. tr a f.AR4B*cr'oiw htort r<x>m. ai^> me 0?| tbtrrt alory, b<ab k bo^aoael) I <trn ?b?d. to let at 14' lllrka atreeta natr ferrtea Pantrlea. batk. ?aa. furnace. At ritanar At ? o'ekrk Terma aoderata. BOARP IR HBOOKI-YR? RBAT1.T PUR?rnH?t? BOOM*. In rolta or all t > with r* nd H wrd And b ane eowforu, ean b? bad ' a earlj arpdealbm at BIS Hrarr atreot. rmrner 'if Hi ale atracl. A faw ainuVM' wa.k from Hontb or Wall Mreet frrry B"?1P r?? BROORl.TJf ? !< I A K RTHK1P AND Pii t<? Itrrl'a la a prleaiA fatiiUy for ?ent eman and wife oraintia rentlarera Clbll at 12 llenry ttreet. Bear Pina Afpi? ; Boarp i !<t hr(x> ork or two | IM '<e nint'?1?lfd alth i Ie??ai4 R .oaia ai.d p?*Tal Hoard. > n re??>ral>le !*? at II ."UB'i rtrret IrM Hum Ir in W afkli (!?>? atreet ?e ereurea ri'i nred. BOABD IR BfOOKtm-A P?W flgRTMMIK (R ? i-ettlen en ar.d heir a it. ? will fad fli.a Kwraa and Hoard bv ail )!??? a'. ?7 Mreet. of ( inu i i ne bio k froa Allente and near Uw r?atb and Wall atreet lerrt*e Ibebouw baa M*. uk aad beater DUner at ri UHOABO IR RROtKIVR W AWfll) BT A OUTL1 ?ran kit wl'a aurae aad babr la a ?nol lo?ait m, al I ? lolli par w?ek. Inclilu f yaa and ire Wn ild f >ratak avarr I it irj Imt rarpela If aataaurr. Ardreai ??. L R, Hara'td ?Al<? _____ j HO ABO IB I" va A <>lTaTl.BMAR ABU Wl?K or two arte rem emm ean ftbta'n a pi aaant Rem atth llirkartreet. Mraotlia. BCabF in HAO'I I.VB W i T i ' I ? PI V A VIRCrir ? al ft el ker Ba'l #reet ur PnMon ferry b > tae la I I b'.l.d w Ik bati, 4- rvd ,t-dtrd And r od looadon A j p'y mm al 147 Bl< aa atreei B.PH IB BBf kTi.TR T?<> t?K T/ii.R* i?vf ,K rr,n.^l*n '? ?"-"?>?>4.tid wllk t?r l1 aiori fr. ni Kf flw at WW C llavw atreet. r-rf.MBTIT PTrB VIRIfRll* BOMM4-KV BUITK OR '' ' 1 'or fan !1 ran* ? ' rl? *er >tt.ea. wit* rr anbfl " Aera bo'>ae lei m * anetki'* : %ee < rardMf il ?' i ?on fi'aea aAd re?r Fifth arenne. Teraa W*( %.***?- I H Of I BOAHD1X6 ASP liODCIWO. FURalHHRD RiOMS, f*RIAJR A.NO BBDBOOM, tO let, with prtri'rge iu kHch?o JLXtil (.Iniug room; or would Hoard a troll* man and hla wife Inquire at 1W Ureene alreet, Jeraei tlty. Terms moderate. FUBNISHiD BOO art T ) LBT-NEWH FL'RNI?HID; gaa in ike rooma Apply ei 7* third aenue. FUBNlfHED ROOMS TO LET -TWO LA H<1B ROOMS >m < bird lluor i > tat, without bonM, writ* low. Apply at | 3 1 Bond at'ret. FUBN1SHRD ROOMS TO I.BT-AT Jtk) GRAND BTHBBT. nrar M<>it alreet. Two haadanmely fumiabed Rooma ' wllh .-a a to let to not* or two alig'e Keullemen OUI . FTUKNI-HBD RCoJJH AT CLINTON PLAOM? A Hilt of bantanmely furnlehed Kmimi oo Brut l>if, to lft to gentlemen for ihe winter, with Hrtutk'aal or full Hoard. A Jan, a soil of Boomaon third floor. Referencea eicha gel FURNISHED ROOMS IN HUITb OR B1NULT. TO l.BT, to gent'emen <?1> without boa/it, Is a quiet i maui kouae, at M Waal Ninth alreet, a few donri from Fifth avenue FURNISHED ROOMS at Kit BttOOMB STREET, NlU Bowery, '.or gentlemen. with breakfaai auu lea. a > -k Parlor would i a lefto a.nhyalclan.'or two young men eouM ?> i pleaxantly acconc modated. Location la central ai.d oonr >? alant. IpUKBIHUBi) BOOMS TO LET- A PAR LOB ANLNHBD F room, together or feparnu a'm. a aaaall Bedroom to gentlemen only; mania furnlahed If ileal rad. Apply at 14 leroj piaoe, Bieeehrr alreel, uua block weal of Broadway. tUf? required. IN THE HOUSE OF A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO j I we'l furmaLed Knoma on third 11 i ,r front ; are auauy *n1 plewnnt; have gaa and cob m ?nuua pantry fartiv Hoar J if | denred. Apply at SC But twelfth alrert, netr BriMtitwKy IN A PRIVATE HOIBE, WITH UaS AMD BATtl, A furnltbed parlor nod two bedro-wnn to let to gentleman I onl?. with or without breahfaat No ct-i'rrvu < rot>nr h'.?r,leri Rrferenrea en handed In .uire at 2J- W eat I .? ?? ?> alreet, between BUfcth and >lnlh art- nun MRS MATTHEWS CAN ACOOMMODATB A PBW more permanent or transient Hna-dera with Parlora cr Ma latw, and with or wtttml << *rd iu her and eommodloua hiuie, ill) Blieuker afreet, two bloeka weal of Bn?dway, a very pleaaant and aantral location ' VrOTICE.- WANTED, A FEW OENTLatfEN WHO WILL XN pay liberally for mperlor a. -Mnmodallina wltborwlth nut b ard. In a modern bo.iee, wf.h all ibenew laprotrmnul*; gratea In every mnm ; wanking done. la the houae. pmmutat tentlon paid to neafneaa and oomf >?L Re'erenec-a eit'b?n(ed. Apply at 1UI lUat Tb.rly fourth atraet, near Third avenue NfO. 4 ASHLAND ?LACB -TO I.Er. WIT'I KOtKD, A i ami i f R ma on th? flrrt f "r, fur a gent'emm and hla wife. I'rlviie utile If deairrd Ale Kooma 'or tingle gm lie men. Seventh and Broadway Hue of ?ta*ei convenient. Din | aer at ?li. I VO 2 WEST TWKNTY PIFTii STREET -1 PINE SUIT J.> of ro"a h to rent on the Pra' tlo r, furnlahed or onfnrnUh eo. at ihe Mad'aor Park honae, rorner of Ur?iil??y r r Irate I tablea f'irnlrhed If prtferred. Heat of refeience re inlred. ONE OR TWO BOOMS TO LET-TO KMOLM UMU men or a gertieman and wife, bj a ?tn*H prlvaia family I Without ?hlluren: r?ut low: Kooma large, houae kaa gau. bath. ke. A !ply at 68 Fifth at/eft unr Kecond avenue To HAI-IIRM)RH.-A WIDOW LADT WITHOUT KAMI l?, harlrg more room than the rr.cilraa. eould let ,i front ro^m on the wernd flv<r, wlia a nedroom ad, lining, ne?tl' ftirclated looeeortwo gentlemen without boa-d, or brtaifaat if re<inlr?d. Alai Ko-kti on the lirai d .ir, with %.l | the mo^r> n tmprotetreDt* Reference* eichaiue l For I it ihtr part culara Inquire ai 775 Weit Twenty third atretl. TO LRT-TO A OEHTI.EMAN AND HIS W;FK WITn fnP Bfard, a third atnry front Konie, inc'iiilln; tire and , caj, 110 per * trek Ml Wtbt Thirty auth street, near Broad way. T' O L?T-FCRNIKI1*D ROOMS. TO HEN'LEBE.V AP ply at 214 Wooaler atreet near Warhlnsum a i lare 3 TO LET? AM UNFP RNISHKD ROOM IN HOl'riE NO. 18/ llurfroe ptrret. Will be let aa a lodging room to one or two ! aingle gentl> meu Inquire on the prem ara TO RENT-AT 319 PODRfH STRKET. NEAR BROAD way, a neatly :urnl?bed Room, foralng'e geutVmen TWO OENTI F.MKN CAN HAVB GOOD BOARD AND A comfortable k' me at a prirn'e realdem-e. twenty mlnutea ! fcy rail from fco- of Cort'andt itreet: rafrrencs Me , of A. I Oor?)lne of fee f rm of Dnriee k i'o , hardware 4t>r<), corner ol Veaey alii Cr>-t'bwich itreeU. TWO OKNTLEVEN OR A GENTLEMAN AND WIF1 can ha aooommoda ed with a third Room an l Bed re' m at 178 Weal Fourteenth atreet RefeKoae* gl.en nod required, l r at ? o'clock. TWO OKNTI.EMEN WHO WIRH A IIOMK OAN KB AO eommnr'aled bv agn e*b!e par. l-w ? A auli >f nUtely j nlahed Koeti a rouiUutg of >'ront and fia-k parlora folding tn ri. with bedroom adjoining, cloaeta grate gnu. f'ro'oo A f. Ike rooma In uood nrde ard prompt atteatio i paid ; the beat reference tlven ('Ail at 4f"'? Slith avenue. TWO OR THItKB tiKNTI.EMBN CAN RB AOOOMMO date 1 ? ilk got.* plain B<*rd In a rmall private faatl y, where th* romforta of ? hoate ,-ae be realired. within three minutea' walk of Wa'l ttrrel ferry, No. 7 Furman air eel Brooklyn. WANTBD-FCR A FAMILT, CONSIsTINU OF THREE ndulta a rh'ld aid tenant, Aral claaa Board. In a private knurr ? here tl ere are no other hoarder), rooma mutt be large and * ell fnrclahed ircail' D noeice ptl??ial>'e No replica ?r1U l a noticed rie>pt three atating t?>rm? and foil paniculan. A<1 drraa brz 3 ?1?8 foat i ? New York TIf ANTED- BOABD, FOR THREE ADULTS, A 0Hn.O YT and nurae three Roma re inlred fire and gaa included, rot tn rireed 9'Al or Vtt per week, early dinner required. Ad drr m, with lull particular* Monirraa, ilerald ottee 6 BOND RTREET-TO l.BT, ROOMS, FCRNIWBD, without Ik ard. to gentlemen oaly. 1 Q UNION SQUABE, WMr.T RIDM ?BEAUTIFUL AND i U pleaaarit aulta and (Ing e Rooma. aewly furaiaked. are now rea-ly for the raceptton of toardera. Or AND 17 WEST THIBTIETH NTRBMT, BETWEEN Of > Bmadway and Fifth arnnue.- Fiaalliea nod gentlemen dea.mca of obtaining Bnnmi: or the winter ran now ae a room modated with ralta or aiagie rooma; private table U intru d; re ftren^a ejekangei I 7(1 SPRINO STREET. THBBB DOORS FROM RBOAD I I i7 war ?To let. aereral kanda?mely fnrnlahed Rooma, to alngle genUeam The n la near all the Oral claa* ho4ea and cUrea of amuaemeat. Beading room free, Inquire of ' Ac roe Houae. on WHITE STREET. OBB I>OOB KAkT OF BBOAD Ou way - Rooma with Bnerd. a 'table for (?ntlaaen. Terma from M to W per week. Mraia without rooma if de al rrd ?>J OR BENE STRBMT ABOVE SPRINO? ALSTON O Hotwe.- Elegantly fnrnMe<l knlia of Knau, gaa, Oro ton aad every worenumce for hmiaekeeplng emoomianlly. partieularly anttahle for email fainlliaa orMaxW gent emea Beat low In permanent tenanta. CIU CIIRISTOPHKB RTREET? TWO MICILT FUR >*r7 nlahed Rooaaa n let t> tingle rentier? en, la a private family. Ba' h am! gaa Beferenoea re tulred. 1HB1H FTKIKT.-A MJ1T OP HAHDBOVBljY lurai?h?d Bo in?, oa ?ae?nd Bonr, Biao a atr?l? Rons ln!?l alth'iit Hoard. Ml the mn1>rn 1b i roreir rata. lor ulno plraaaBl, I #t?aen Broadway and I oWerar.y pL 108 ? lOTfBTOBTH hTBlBT-TO l.BT AlrMHBR or I ? ? I larr>- neallf fnrBlahed Rncira, with (PkI H Mr J for lh? winter. for (enl,eB>*a or gentlemen and ibelr fan. Ilea TViaa wttltag k> i ?r i r>il rrire wtll pimut call at 137 Bl? bib atreet Ihree donr? *?*t 01 Broadway. 1 I-BINCI RTMCItT - THIS fill, ri'BVIBHID i t >\J llr. im lu ban taken alnra llit 1M Inai h t M. MU1. I y lat# of tha Oarnadf n H del, wka viakta to In'orm lha Vii I e >) at ha wl.l l*t hlii K'? tils t> noof tut single (enilamna. he r r tr? ? for a Parlor aad Hartn-.m nonaactlna ara from 17 K) i> M prr wtrk, ??'i no eitra ekure for iwo (eaUaasn friends " rupj Inf the i*ma rooma mBUVin RTRKBT. BIAS MACDODdAU Booaa haiManiBMy f imlehed to IM s lib Board. 10 families and sisals genllBBra, oaaMmls and Ira Arabia Msrim tri ni, vllb larga ptmry. c??. Ar , sunxlkn rlfiMtnl and ma verier!. terms moderate. dinner at ali 910 MB **** BPRUKJ-MABmif HOCTBB AilV Blraly fnrrlabad apartnimHa arraind for mnomlaa *" U" ?,rn"W???a?l?nlodlr(ro.mta^ Dim rila brat baddiac aaa. water. Aa- Eaato low to II HI ?)OK WIST P< >1' RTIBN'TTI BTRBBT DMIBAHI.B AC*) Rooms try faiM'les an J ? inrle MaUarn t.. lot la ? fro c ?as hour# Rrfarences rirbam'ed 7/;7 iihmaiiwav apartmi-htb. iw si;itb, ro? I U I faail Ira aod slBf.a Ronms far ?wi?lanu. u> lei, ruber far?Wh?d or nnfumisbad, tha ko-iaa la beasllfotj ?ttiklad In tha orntra of bnrnraa an.: plaaaur*. Terras aw dera'a for prmaaaat suaata HKW Pt HMCATIOS*. CIOCI.II'H LAW****' I>T/ R V PfiB 1^3 >BTAI?i.?M Y a eomplrta rorrartad lift pan.ea *<d i we* ' lim nee? of orrr J, (Ml lnwjf ra la lb# rlij alao fir?r l<m i virn* af prtatod miliar, naaful and arrraarr f.? tkc I rutrammi ?IL br rnWj na or abnm be 2<lb of Boraai)>^r In at. TBI "DOOMSDAY BrOK of Tnt RTATB Of NKW Tort."? Ow mtv a<?rta ffir lb* roUaattoB af faail'r rr*1?t?'? ar?l (aTlSy (,i?-irr bara ibair laitora. and onr HUrtm will pleare napond Ui ihclr rail hj fliUar v 0?? Marka and bv r?| orttei lb' r family hia*'>T at tba oOea, Ho. *i Omprr laaUiaU. DRKTIHTK V. Ni aRipfiM a PB"* ranrtniH. ho. r< '??akp . airrat. Haw Tori, and W7 PnltfiB alr??l, Br >a:ib, In ?art fall or partial <*ta of Taa<h oo tbalr Improral aiarwiibarlr Biair, with or wHboot aitr*rt?r? tta ror* -or atlrrr W am Mr or ru!>h?r, II I fold, lit plaUoa ??> partla! aM? >b (old tiprr Ifwah allrar. II. TartA flllwl wliA ?-.H, II. nguu b m? #lr?r <w Un. W omia TbbU aiirmatod wlife >ul paia M oroU. PAI?! KSH T'-OTH BXT * A'TI'iH *AV lit PI ft?a>*d- pcrbtp* Bnl why bare j -ir laati aitrartal at a'l when t>e? aan t>? (Iliad ? lUfxit pals, an! renderad iiaafiil f.fllfa nr JAWKM fBallfOa M l< . di^narar o' tka Ar li rial B >a Pi.'iac ? li-a "If BnivlBiy, riraar of Baraa Wanib turn Phy?l?a?' T'wt'm'* r ! Hari'-I naialaad iba <Ht?o|ilaaWa riu/na for diK^ral l?atk. *r riar.irrrd ?ad a-d lir l?r Paaram. af tin rttjr, ant h?r lr? 11 la oarrwa ta?h ?? rberrlully rfHiKmer 1 It *a a m iat ta'ualto Aaeo*?ry, raprr'al'T fo* fmnt l<*lh, ai htniiaitk <-r m>, ? -a * irakamr M l> SI H|aa?rh?r i'raai A 'I. Hail. N P., I?i *?? laaiiiyftrlh arret, l>r. Ortka l?6 ?.?> |e. . r?.t, KTI Mlama, * l? , lit Wan Taruly althlb mr-ti (? W Hrxk? M. I*.. ?J ?e?t Tblri te. ^nd ? r.?? U I* Crane M. 1). It larentk arcana, inl many ffkein PAIBL1BB T'Xflll BXTR A'TI'iB. WITM'.T I ? n?a of rkkiroft n>, alaeirtrtir. or t'y alnplffin* araal ? l>r BktntL kaa lata! j fcraaled aal p??er t?-l a? a >par?liit ft* tha patalrat ailranina of toath m l at iaii'a Twua a'M oartlf% Inff Ihe tama fro? paraxnaof h rh plkltoi war ba aaaa at I>r B ? rtodraw. Arllfloial T???b. w? all h a aja r pa traled lmproirn>eato. Taaih flllel, l?r?a low mitimt Mraet, r?mer of Bowary, I'laaaa riaa ib? ba.i w .* i?r na ihel'i aan, a na ... r, ? lha marT dratk* naaMlnwd ?y Ik* f.J* * V tm liata ?hf".ld eanaa tk? rapprrw*1" '? *?? Pjaau?v?toa rial! J wImb lha re -nil r IbIt j'?nd 'J r?fBo M IWm^ rtraet resf'ef* II t doaa Mlrart tarth wHko. t rala. aa iba r?*W tyi irllMI ol mm of hi. paBr^lr H*.1' VU2! ' ? d am (all to raJ) nt r? t? .?Baaday ' oamr. fl-IIB ?'V#T RIAMlXABII PBHT*B ABO TH1 B?K1 I nartwrr 'b*< ?? l>a?a ?ean In tka rtty ara at tha Baw T rh f>rrt?i latab! .haieal 1?? >Haa atraat ' Nal' on T iB?tili?oiX a rrti ?i*<i rrr'-e* '? BrT? rl A atrath it. of Ike KcreaaUa (Mlav* Ctrn -f I fit* - Wa t??? ec.pli "??>.' r?r 'rr?r?.'ll for wanr TKF1 m^t f,n ? r ? ? ? ' el ai d " at C'daCj re > wiir ?m h at aj a rart tnrtrtnr eprra; r, B A H , U aad II Ooorar laautata PKIIONAIm KMIL LaNBlBd U BXPECIP.D IN FOURTH STRBICT. between Hunk ut lluuwsd, In reference In rani estate, on Tuesday, at ? >, o'clock, or on Wednekdki morning, lli o clock. HANDKER< I1IEF -WINTBR OABDKW, er-E-rAY night ?The lady wb . oat a ? b te Haadkarchlsf with eo lore.1 embroidery, on the above khiibi, can ha . ? the came by kerdlng her addreik 10 the ; ud?r ad'ireaa U<?id Falifc. Herald c nice. HELKR? READ SATURDAY S UEHALD; YOOR'B JUBT received, ntdale: will see wli? yoo did not t?i ? ud attend to all you rf'.uml. All's well Ak ever yowa. t . IK KISS NELLIE M. C0LL1WR. WHO AYTBNDBD 1 ichi'il io Weetport. Conn., will udrcaa % lua to Ixnile, Ilera'd < flioo, khe will heap of ui old schoolmate, wbi hu i om el bin g to coin mo Bloat*. UiTTIC I F MART mH I AMB WHO ARRIVED IW THIB cm 1 about four week* ago lu lit ship MmUIUu from I J v r r I oo). will afnd her addreat to J M box IVJ Herald office, ifee will bear 1 rom her brother. 1 II FORMATION WANTBD? OP JAME8 F. WRAY, I. ATI I (if Pr.iu-amBion. Ireland. Addrece K B , boi 80 Phliadel pbia Pi?t oBVh Canada Weet pepe re plaaa* oopy. TAMES P. I I?, 81 Ami B, i:AN HEAR PROM ?l ?u old friend by addressing A. Y., Stauoa D, k (bib kirk el RS. R WILL PINO A I-ETTER TO HER ADDRESS at M allium n , tin re Pott .fflne, from P. M LOST AND POI ND. CaH'R Tll'PKT LOST ON THE !?TH iNMTANY, IN TUB F iie'ibl orhond of Washington e and Unlvaisjty plana. The lUii'rr will be reiraVert by leaving It at Ho. 101 Wsverley plki*. corner of Mamtougal ktreet IOfT-lN CHOS-IN'l UNION KJUAHB. A UOLO i locket wl'b dagnerreotype of male aid lemale beads. A suitable rt?u4 v. r,f he paiil oa '.ea\ ing the aame at 19 Onion Square, In the ?tore ]OBT - ON TBI VYBBINQ or TIIRIiril INBT., AT TUB J bali nf the First i'.m |mny W aabincton ' 'onunenial tluard, at Ue City Aasen.bly hoon.x. a daik 1 rowi, Overcoat and a Uj^t feit llat A suitable rev %rd w,M be paid njon ibeir re Urn 1 1 Francla Hbue, urter uf .!?< kmau and Water streets. Re* Verb I 0?Y? BETWEEN T WH.FTH AN1) THIRTBENYH j vtreets. In Plflb s venue on Friday laht a hatr bracelet, bound w lib gold Tbe finder will iveelte ? liberal reward on brli L'ln* It lo i2 Fifth a'eme, uy day, at & o clock. IOST-ON FRIDAY AFTIRNOON, A SMALL DOUBLE J headeloameo Hreattple with rl>ln (roll kelUnc Tue Pi, !er wr'H he riittktly rewarded by retnrulnc It to No. 1- Eaa; Thirty fifth ktreet LOBT-IN tub NBIOH BOB HOOD OP THIRTY-FOURTH t lief I. Fifth avenue kr.d M?dla->n I'ark, a *"l I Nreaetpln, it preieDil* K two Irka formril 1 v tbe tioneb of a tree. The tinder will be fitulily rewarded t<y lea?lntc It Bt 1M Writ Twer.t* f< urth ureet. LOBT-OM FRIDAY LAST IN A R?"*HW*T AND Forty rd ktreet nmi ibue cr at ^tewart'c kUi*e a lluckBUn Fnr?e. l oetalntlc a K>ut *2i The 'nder will be IttxriJly >ewardfd by leaving it with Ala Holt, at Uurr'B jewelry (tore, Hroadway. LOBT-OR THE 1ST OF ?OYBM?BR. IN PANBI<IO thronfh Nln'b ktrtet, A>tor i '.see, l.afavette p'aoe, Bowe ry. (Jrand .treel aid Hroa^w^v a iTtkre ?maln Flo, View of St. Pfter'e. Hone, wl.h * ?mn 1 K<ld mo and chain atlanhed. The finder will be eullaMy rewarded by returning It U) 141 Brnad way. LCST-AN OVAL BOUBNINd >ET HREABTI'IN MK tween Molt Haven and Tbirty fourth ktreet on Third are nue 1 be ff uder will be kuliably rewamed by leaving It at T. R. Crow's. 378 Cankl atreet, or tl the Mod llaven depot. T OHT-A DRAFT POR V 500. AT SI XTT DAYS' BlflHT. I J on Mrtirk. Ite'mont A Co.. ma^e at San PrancBoo, by 9. Iivvldkon Mav, and accepted bv Itelmont A Co All peraini are hereby notified from [le^lail.-/ <be name, aa pavment hax been ?topped The finder, bv lewving t lie aaae at the deck of Lore joy ? II. tel. will be kultably rewarded ARIIREW BMITH. LOBY-ON PRIUAY KVBN1NO. RKTl RN1NM PROM Stiiyveaaht a reet a gtil.l bracelet, cameo top Tbe finder will be tewurred by leaving it at Si etulb atreet. IOBT-ON FRIDAY BViNINfl, IN Tilt BOWERY, J Bear Fottiih rvreet, a For <'?i>e Tbe finder will be eitH ably r? warded by lea i In It at fio tlreat Jouea atreet. 10BT? FIVE DOLLAR* RKWARD-IN (iOINll FROM J SI Maiden laue. through W i.'.iam tn FnlUm atreet a email bl?ik bag, eo'talnlng an unfi'iahiv4 Mink tape The finder wi I receive the above reward by ret urning the a .me to Nt cbola, hurtji U A to,, 51 Maiden '.an ?. HKWA li UN. BEW AKD ? LO> T, FROM U KAST THIRTIETH C?) atree'.. a white kbaggy balr'd blut, acawe'a to tb? nan m of Topaey 1 he above reward will be paid by returning the t .!? tn f C IJeae No. 1 Lllierty ktreet. ?.?r. REWARD -STOLEN ON THE l?TH INST FROM 3)??./ <1 Piatt atreet. a boi 'ontxlnlag Silver Fiated Hpoima, PO'ka Ac. The above r*war4 will be paid for lu recovery by Orgtll. liro.'a A Oa, 11 Piatt (treel. |1||n REWARD -MR. ALFKKD KATOR WAS HRU Vl"'"' tallv aaaall* d laet evening aa be arwa e' aing kia atcre lo Peek alia1 . and beaten la x mat h.? nhle man ier. Tbe C'lce are In hop< ? that thee will ' e able u> find out the perp? tore nf thla foul deed ard b Ing hem to jt*a'.l*e I'OLITH \l? ~~~ 1 VEMOCRAYIC RBPl' BUI k OBRBRAL OOMMITrBB. J ' Tuiwuii Hall ? Hie n.WBbere >f the enmnKier are re tweeted to attend a meeting, to be he d a> Tammany Hail, oo Monday e\eul?g the liBh Iraunt atT .odork Bv order of BLIJAB P. PUBDY, Chairman. A B Bouib? JOIIB H ABUT, ) r)R COUNCILMAN OF THE FOURTH BEN AT" RIAL dlalrlrt. Jecos Peoare-i 'or elating r>f the Flrat. Be?vio,l Third, Fourth, Fl/th, KlitA, Seventh. Eighth aad Penrteeatk war da _________ NKU tore NOVEMBER Iff INftl -A LA ROB ARD enlhoalaalK' meeting wae beid In th* Eleventh ward, on Friday evening, November KS Alter they orgvilied tkey ? ?rohrdtoMr lAwrence I 'eiane . > 'eaideiee, and tendered him the BoaloatWD uf School mmie i >ner o: that watd. MR AuEEA.NDBR, t.'hairman. Mk. PoOLlT, Secretary. The dbmcm'rayn of yhe twinyy sboond ward. favorable tn leg)a<Mion with revreeeBtattna will hoi' I a ? eet'vg at National Hall Forty fourth (Ireet. between Btgbth ard Blnlh avetuee. na Mi nday eve Ing November It at 7 % o'clock n adept tke ? eel n.?a?irea paealMa t> rap recent the maaeof the people Irrespective of party eltque* MICHAEL O BbIen. OhUrmaa. B H Bflfkk i BerratartM 0 tones P DiTikJ r~rl" Ol ST WA Bl> ? INDBFIMPBNT PBM<H?BATir KUtO Ld 1 tore -In purauan ?cf I reaolnnon rued ai a lanrr ard enlku?la?tir ir??ilDf of tke Twenty Aral wtM ledepan dent itrmorrelle elretorm. kald oa ihe l.Hh I net . at Ml t klrd at'sna P MtilTlfcill. Br laO.erbalr. It wt i rrailrnd Ik a a n?imittr? of thrr ?? froa ea< I riec-tloo illalrkt he ckaarn It eel ert and rrj -?t Ike naaea of r?e^>?nelble krnaet ? ifMvti fi r A Idem an of lh? Twenty Bret ward on ifea 1Mb met . wkea. kfier ? a. nir t for i ardldaiee, Mr Mulilhlll and Mr Jaekeon fcad an rqia' nu??.er <* ei l??e. at d Mr Mnletklll ka?'.n? de em rd itr i ' tninaU.?i. .k? l..r,o? o( reeoluUona wrre uaaal Bnualy a^iirlrd ? ?l,e-eae Ike t ar haa arrived aken Ika demorraUe aim |a i rf ttli tard rkotl 4 bare adtlce In lb* ef.mina'i"n of an dldetea for rkarter ofljcera wtttout r?nard U> i?e ee-ret bar I f a'ua i f porr' r t ? .1' i< a rfUraknArera and ?" -e n;>eriaata aid wkrreaa it 'a eipedleat for tke heat lutrreete of tke reel drr.u oi ikr nitreMh t^traul ? <1 at'lrt i. bare. at Ike en r'rul'i'nn nnmriaeneed ky eor rcpt aad i arty aemrtaiWiie. ?lil ibrrm Pft?r H JatkM, f?l . !? a Ban w?:i knm I |o na ti te fol y noal>fle1 by ednrtfion and aortal pattern to I <0 III ike dnilra of Iknt ?<iw reaprn?iMe iffl~e and nee to : (MaitrlrlfiHii'/l ike ward and my can be eafely an I Uueted. therefore be It fteeo'red Ikat we h?r?>j rr.?i!ir. ??!? n'*ln?n Pmr H. .Tarkeon ?? ik? tr<?r*(d*Bt I >??'*- ratK- -?odl tale for A liar I man of ur Ftlteeilk A!''enniu.te Iileirirt at Ike enau >?< rMn $rn4 ran naa d k.m to Ika ?n*l ?npjnn r,r ike 1 1 Dm ? Mnw aad cWBMt < ke ineirtet bar* by l lefaliu tiireelree I" ?lie k'? rnr wkole anl ontirmf in; p.*t P Ml'I.VlHlLU l'r..w??nt f*. Hoi I. AN, Vice Preeideal. I J i MR I. Miatrtj, 1 M fiitnim, [ FerretarX. M 1 1 1 1 ?a Fi?c i < in. I 'OHM III **? Treaei mr fleo W ft Trwpkfnt, I?r Ho ban J ksani, laarpfirr Klaa, PHar l.aa, Paalel Hniry Jokn L M<inka *??? nard (Vatallo. [>*rlal Ma.?*.l,aDd. Dim. Kmala aa, Ki.-ka?: Wra rlr ?. Ht?rkan Kia?. Paul Mrl/?i(klli). Jaaaa frnlpo. Pal> irk l>a. Oaorta MeIlonal4. Ji kn Mr Intra, J oka M array, ri'aai I'ttlka, Wlltlawi M'.l'.rwi. .(??ha Rnrre. Attkoar f. V?o?ka. Pai'kk << ?'<? ror, Tti?h Rll?*. Jokn K F?rr t .!>??? H Hlftln, Pali i--k H Rrnn, Patriot Sorae, J ha nirpatrM. .'naapk l yaefc. Pitrtek Krlly 'oka J kally. J.irra V ??rrfaa I'at/lrk ??rna William r.alr Haary w. Mnraky, Jrrem ek P MrLou|k;i?, Prrdlnaitd fwkrr. ?I'*a hr^nt. k. W. g. TTa?wktl1. Mtckatl Dkly .'okn Lyaek. Ard in' nkere. AC ADKMIBN. ^ DOmruKTU'H UAMOlMtl A< A1>BM1M. Mo n Broadway Haw Tort Mo. Utt Mmtac'ia ttraat Brrmtlya WMPMBWDAT* and HATrRDATk la M?w Tort ?OMUATR aad T II U aM) A VH, TlUltAT* aid PKIllATa '"la'aXeftt^r V. lfc? Ootirt Qtja'rVa. Prtar# laper'ala. Mrar arrrn. tm.i'ta and <tk?r *<rlal danraa Minnrl gnadrllla, Linda aan otkar aduratlnial da?r?<e a mti leirr*" nrrd by Mr. lV?lw Wtk. a rartety of a rmr Janore will k? krm?M forerard dorlai tkaeoaaoo am<?? " k,r? aa> b# ??rtoawl ? . a '? ftat, Jtirt rarwf'rd fnaa Parle and tfca V'latn r mirn anr. ? eepari.llr edei trd t? Ike dr*r.opaaeeal o' frarafa. ^ Aeadtaiy II It B fr* PA*? ?R -!. VKi: RK03BBI ? M*' *i AI'IMT Wl Hf oari'rtn ^AIl the faetk nakle .'arrae Utidk- In inw ro-iraa of Ireaone (JltWCI riA Tl B?lt AT ARI? wroni-nAT I ad?e **?t Tneefare ard PrMaie Jul iwnilemer 7 k> Kiv^ I v , t ,, t?r,< re.'.ta and Hum lata I In ?, P M l.v'ire prima -iaater ire r wted by Mra Hr?.?ea Hi. RIB W1HRU.UaT kv KR1 RtA A I I. T'll MdPBBR ARD AI'PR(,VBD DAM<?, Okire herl. ard fiber ei' rrte?? 'a ?bt AT nill.HROVt R HAM If'i AI'ADBMT ? .) *?? t'?Hb armne rear Taerif Srtt (tract I'eie 'f t'i Km, Mordaye and Tl -wfaje Puplaeeni >mm at any na.r. Apply a* abora. At trbmob-m pmitati ACAnnm bach pupil " irwr 'ted eepanoaif In all Uw new danoeaeaHetB*!*, *' ''eye Wr. -r?1aj? aad >alardaj? at M WK TMnt ? 1 . <ri k <tayt and Tb iradera el tf Month I Mreei H * ja B D Pi >a? leeerme and roknnja alM fan i'i?rr a'? aya we > ?wt??m. M.B.- Mhkar i lti<t( rorai u> rem far rrliat# parttaa, DA f> ipn -po ? MBRT TlllBTTMIITII rfBBBT *v,am Prrreroi JACKSOR A Private Danaiaa Aeada ?r- la n-w open Waet ire aed Waeae Wa?iwadara and Raln Ard T ? edaya ard Prldaye. A el>aa f.? frowr jonaa iad'et ra Raltir.iar m *nin? Rrknoli aad piiraM te?? lie tl i?rded m#ai aad eraatef. TI'OMAR PaILMT MAV1BB or TM? TRMATMI . A ytj at 'It an-' tier reer l??.r-r ixdnri.m f. IA. re-e-'T- end * leadayt > IfrMl ? I. frtkl* e?e> t M- < er4r Lef.aa' a'teraoq*

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