Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Kasım 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Kasım 1860 Page 5
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tween Oem** and Denver, and It la hoped that they will % dew Ike pear express which left 81. Joseph on Thuredsy ir ? rtred here el In P. M. on Friday. The weather Is mild ud cloudy. Thwtrlcel KielUnent Auiast, N. T. , Not. IT, 1810 An i|ttt of tdwin Forrest to day served papers on Mr. Eddy and tike proprietors or Us Oajety theatre, in thl? j city, forbidding tlum to produce "Jack Cade." Notwith standing tble the piece was perforated this evening to sa Immense audience, a large comber of persons being una ble to gain admission to the bouse, the eadtement creat ed by the annonncemsnt of Mr. Forrest's legal proceed ings sailing oat the friends o! Mr. Eddy anl the owners of the theatre. Cel. Corcoran and Use Prlaee of Wales. Boa ton, Mot. IT, IBM. 41 a meeting of Irishmen, who sympathise with Colonel Oorooren, of Now Fork, held here last night, resolutions ?were adopted commenting on his oondnot in refusing to do honor to the Prince of Walee, anl In riling him to Bos ton, wbeu n long congratulatory public address will be made htm. Sonthern Ocean Steamer Movements* New OaiaAMS, Nor. 10, I860. The steamship Star of the South arrtrel at the bar -to day. Chasiict k, Njt. 16, 18M The else si ship Nsshrllls, CapUin L. M. Murray, arrived 'here at Are o'clock this (Friday) afternoon. Markets. 1VEL1DWLTU1A STOCK BOAKD. PBLAHKLrnu, Nor. IT, ISM. Stocks Irregular. Pennsylvania State t's, 03 SJ ; Read ing Railroad, 16>f; Moriia Canal, 66; Long Island Rail - rend, 11: Pennsylvania Railroad, #8','. Bight exchange no New Fork at par to 1 IS disoouni. Moihlb, Not. IS, tSM. Cotton? Sales today 4,000 bales middling at I0\c. a 10>ic. Sales of the week, 20.000 bales; receipts, *21 000 bales, against 34 COO bales In the corresponding week last year; decreeeed receipts at thli port, 43 COO bales; exports of the week. 3d 000 bales; stock In port, 127,000 b ties. Freights u> Liverpool, 17 32d ; l<> B?rre, 13 103 Bterliog exchange 103 a 104 a, but nomlual. Bight eiohango on ' New York, H per cent discount Bjh.tisork, Nov. 17, 1800. Floor declined 13 yic. Howard street and Onto super, 96 12X Wheat dull and lowtr, red, $1 30 a tl 30; white, SI 30 tl #6 Corn heavy; yellow, 081. a 71c. ; white, C6e a 13c Provisions quiet and unchanged Coffee dull, Bio, llo a 14^0. Wbisksy dull at 20>?c. a 20.1,e. Aujwrr, Nor. 17?1 P. M Nothing nrrlrlng br canal Flour dull. Wheat ? SmaJI salts of white Michigan at SI 4t; 8. TOO husiels white Cansda en private term*. Oals at 35>jc afloat for Canada East. Corn? 69 Ho , in lots, fur Western mixed. Barley? No sales ef moment; 30 000 bushels two rowed Stenben county at Sto. Wbisley? Salts of 180 barrels at FINE ARTS. Th? Darby lantltate, Broadway. This fine mw marble structure, the property of Mr. H. W. Derby , ha* Just been completed, and wiU be opened to the public thla week. It la situated bet wean Houston and Bleecker streets, and compriaea a lot thirty four feet by two honored In depth. The lower part It occupied by a lolly (tore, occupying the entire art a of the building, ^rim basement and aubrellar beneath, and possessing the rare feature of being unbroken by any columns in ita entire length or width. The design la la the Italian style of architecture, and Invites oomparlaon with any building hiUierto seen on Itrondway. On the Drat floor are lour arched opening* in front ? three belonging to the (tore, and the fourth form ing the grand street entrance to the gallery. Thla portion of the design la ae skilfully managed aa to bare entirely overcome what usually appear* a defect la all building* where It la Impossible to obtain a oentral entranoe. The cornice oyer the ground floor is made to break Ingeniously over the entrance doorway, In a handsomely sculptured vedlment, by Kuner k Sexto*. The oarred figure* repre sent two cherubs reclining on a globe, one holding a wreath and the other a palm branch, to typify tba cosmopolitan and pcaoeful character of the fine art*. On the *econd atory are three beautifully carved allegorical female Ggures of the alae of lire, cxecnted by the same modeller*, and representing Architecture, Painting and Sculpture? each holding the proper symbols of her art. Between the window* of the three other storlec are nlchaa, Intended to rooelre smaller nculptured figure*. The art gallerlea occupy the whole of the second story. At the bead of the spacious stairway la the entranoe to the prtnslpal one, a splendid room 115 feet by 33 feet, and 21 feet high, with ooved celling, and amply lit by three large domed skylights. The effect of tbta room, with Its long array of painting* on each aide, Is very striking. Jl* op*a archway lead* from this gallery to a smaller central ?n?, M feel by 21 feet, alto lit by skylight; aad Ibis again baa access to the front gallery, 60 feet by S3 feet, extend leg to Broadway? the whole forming oae spacious suit of apartments 300 feet k?g, running through from Droidwty to Msreer street. The walls of the galleries are linel with dark green doth aad maroon r el ret, aad the floor Is oo rered with rod carpeting, forming a subdued oootrast of colors most refreshing to tba eye. The balldlag has been creeled from the deaiga and under the superin tendence of Mr. J. R. Hamilton, architect. THE DCS8ELDOET COLLECTION. This collection . which was purchased sime time ago by Mr. Derby, occupies the prlsslpal gallery. It ha* been added to oonalderably since It was brought here, had arrangements hare been oompleled In Europe by which the pictures will be periodically changed aad freah one* substituted, thus keeplsg up the attraction of oovelty. It Is wonderful to see what a difference sf effect Is produced on tbe old palatiags or the oolleotlon by their transference to thla spacious aad splendidly lighted apartment. Tbey do not look like the ?ame pictures, fresh beauties and perf-ctkms being broqght out which had hlthsrtd escaped notice. As, how ever, our renders are familiar with stoat of them, aad ns are hare still heavy c talma on our epaoe In oonnectiea with this article, we will paaa on to the new feature of at traction which tbe Institute offers to tbe student and lover of art. TBI JAIVV COLLECTION. This collection of "old maaters" is the fruit of eight gears' study and renenich la Karope, ohiefly in Italy. It numbere 1M specimens, of which 130 are now on ashl bttion la thla build ln| , the remainder, chiefly large aad Important pictures, Including specimens of Andrea del 9nrto, Era Bsrtolomeo, Bronxlno, nod other well knows onmsn, will sot be reawved from Italy until tbe sucoeas oe feilore of Mr. Jar vss' Ides la rully ascertained. His aim la getting together these plctaree la twofold flrst, to trace the progreaa of painting mati rtally from Its erodes! siege* In Italy to Its rlpeet drrelopoment sts ceaturtes Inter; iscondly, to Illustrate the motives of epoch, particularly those ariainj froa the eeatrol the Catholic church exercised over art. Tbe rati re plan, If ever meeuia are aecured to oarry It out, wosld embrace the atma systematic chroaologloal survey of all the schools and periods of painting of hla torleaJ Importance among nil civilise 1 sattoas a* the foundnlloa of n grant national muaeum of art and public gallery lor Imerlca. The preaeat muaeum M but a com meBcwmeal, uad it Is confined chiefly to the Important schools of paiatlcg of Eloresce, Veotoe, Siena aad I'mbrln, although II poeaeeeee good ? peel mens of many others While It dors not profess to oOer to tbe pab (Is masterpiece*, or those works en which nre based the reputation* of the great names Is art, II does. h-. worse, give eharacwrtstic *pecimen* at ni y of tocm, wbi h ?re not as yet repeerated in 'be ftatinasl <? tilery of London, i r in the Louvre at Par II, *ucr. as tbe n*ut le da Eabrtano aad Sndoma while <>ih?rw. tl*e Sano di Pieiro, tbe Era itgolMS cf Siena, sad U? apagos, nre not In be found slth r Is those g*Ue?iee, >" area in tb^ee ?< Term. Tbua thin colkctvoo iiMnHMt* not Merely important tames, but Is flas pa<atl.<g*, tb?s tbe largest galleelea of Europe while aa a whole, la value of cbro nologtcai seqeeece, showing step by stap the progrees, first of reltgtoea or symbolical art, thea of tbe natural tnttc, am ail aa It is, It a aasurpaeeed ex tap! by a few, Ilka the Berlin nod Munich gal'ertes, which hnve been re csstly formed nt hsnvy outlay, nnd on n somewbst siml tar system. One of tae moat valuable features of tbe collection IS the step by atep progreaa which It Sh>w* of Italian painting Beginning with Bj i \nttne and Itallna Trlplychs, which data hack as far ss lbs twelfth orwtory (Nee 1 to fil of the catalogue), we lenrs al aglaace the elemeat* of diflhraMS between tbe two rases ts their art, the Bjaaatto* more mystic, re fired, and with moee lingeries trace* <>fi.ljWnmt beauty of drapery aad morimsst. idealistic Is everytbiag. nnd the Latin, Itke the old Klruaran, rore, realistic, aai yet snlve nnd rigorous The type of the Carats In these Iictorrs te ? strarge entrant that of tbe B;xa?ttae, or reoo Italian, ae It read*, So * being u besutlfal as the artist oosld Iwsg're a dlr<ae man, while th? early Ita'laa ooetrmporarv paintltgn r? (>ree? ut him repalelrely Oft*. No 10 forme n sort of ptrt-?eial Oiole, ?n?e?s oompoettKoe, ereais ta the life o' the Sarl.rar, be'rg fWewrded In th* <1 Imteuti ' e p* mlftr Bit th? caeoal natter *111 tot linger t over, Uow erer much luoo tor thought th >} may ofl.r to Uit mind, bat will p?M on to No. 13, a later piece, by MargartMoae, of 4rr no, wbo painted from 1202 to 1263. Tbls picture Is frightfully rode, yet has a certain eolemo, Mosaic sort of dignity, recalling those work* one MM In tbe rwok of the oldest medieval cburchee in Italy. It is ! lot:r(?tio| ?? tbe atarilng point of Italian progreea. 1 or many oenlurtM It bad rema.uir* ,tk# Next look at "Clmabua," No If-*" improvement in design ud ipirlt cerUlnly ; but It is no. ? hia scholar, Giotto, No 18, chiefly remarkabiC **>?' "? wp itllglous teutiment, and No 19, that we and evidence of a (rent rtep in idruot Tbe draper tee of the flgurei at tbe foot of tbe ctom carefully indicate the anatomy or tbe limbs underneath; their Mda are broad and graceful; and indeed in lb la reaped it M H improvement over tbem tn most uubsequent picture a. Now for nearly two ceo tor K a we are in n blaze of gold btclfgrounds and brilliant Gothic golden frames, which c< ndce paintinga of tempera, whose clear, prlamatlo crys talline tonca oontrMt alnguiariy with the more lumlnoua and fused and darker trails ot the oil paintinga which au reed to them. Tbs largest and moit impressive of this i ort of painting In an altar piece, with the date ot 1870, taken fr >m a coly<>oI aear Florence. It baa a monumental look, and abows that the painter, whoever be waa, wm accustomed to the broad aweep of fresco work. Tbe figures are iolemn and grand, and well oaloulated to strengthen religioua feeling, Mpeeinlly when Men in tbe dim light of an anotswt church. Next to it, No. 41 , we find a pleating ipeolman ot Fra Angelico? three aalnta, devout and ecstatic tn looks, aad very pure Ut oolor. Bat for religioua reeling, One, clear town, aim pie atory telling, 8ano dl lieiro, Noa 48 and 44, In the apseimens here exhibited exoela him. and rully malntalaa bis reputa tion m tho Fra Aagellco cf the Siena acbooL Nor in thla category mould we overlook No 40? The AMumpttoa of the Virgin. Thla atyle of painting makM one rsallxa what Rio m??aa by the Postrr of Chrintlaa Art; tbe rapt, a writ, argellc lock of the V trglc? supported a a aba la by tbe cbolr of Heaver? is the very BManaa of religion poetry; and tbe pore, bright color* harmonise admirably with tbe aentlment. One might study with interest and instruction many more of Una myatlc claaa of pioturea, particularly No. 61? artist unknown? representing the "Death of tbe Vir gin," Christ holding the aoul of hia mother, represented as a IltUe lnffcnt, In his arma. Olottlno'a "Hlrth and Re anrrectlon of the Saviour," No. 19, the "legend of St. Guaiberto." the fourlcr of Yallambrosa Monastery, a* shows In No. 26, and "Taddeo Gaddl's atory, No 24, of HI. Dominic, the founder of tbe Inquisition, recaiv Ing tbe Bible and tbe aword from tit. Peter and Paul, and not a few others, giving dogmas, le genda and tradltlona of the Catholic Church. A special interest of thla oolleotion arises Trom tbe r?jt that It represent ao thoroughly tho religious IdoM and faith of the me* I ??val times No. 91, "The Virgin In the ' 8 g . S'gnifiia the predestination of Mary, a vory rare subject , and, ao far as we can aacertain, nut to be seen in any other public collection. Amorg tbe figurea of aingls Saints, tboee by Orgagna, Noa 27 , 84 and 36, struck us aa particularly statuesque and grand, with a very doe Bnish. But for natural trutn, flue groupirg and anion, aimone Martini. No SS, In bji group or boraes and camels in tbe "Adoration of the j Magi," brara away the palm It la difficult tocnncHve ; vhat a picture ao well preserved la live hundred years eld, j and that at thla date, with ao much rode art in deaign as then prevailed, anything ao lively and natural aa tb a ; could have beeo painted. But tbe picture apeaka for ItaelT. One thing on a similar subject, No. 43, snould be noticed. Tbe artist hM given to tho men and animals, as they look j upon the infant Jeaca, precisely tbe aama oh tranter or | izpreMion, ludicrous enough in one aenae, but very do vout and mlracuioua no doiOt, aa the artist believed. Leaving th s data of plcturea, ws oome tn another act, a little later tn date, say about tbe yes^r 1400-1460, of a mythological, allegorical and blatorioal caat. Tbeioare tbe "caaone." or fruits of bridal duals, like Dells Detll's Not 56, aod 67 aad 68 by Coello, and 61 TheM will excite i- h Interest from their numerous figures with pic turf t-.ue meoia-val ooatumea, their lively movements, and the maight they give one Into thoee times Dello'a Is a tournament in one of the piazxas of Florence We aee In it every data of citizen, from the highest magia | trates, In their rich robes, V the gamin of tbe atreeta; I highborn lad lea, knights, tie., quaint and brilliant. We might get costnmoa enough from thia picture alone f>r the riohcat fancy ball ever given in New York. 1/ cello's ahovaus the ahlpaofhls day, hauling and marriage aoenea; in feet, architecture, the Oral attempts at true perspective. foreshortening and technical prog rasa, all seem to begin wltb tbla flare or paintinga. Tbe most lntereatlng allegory la No. 69, 'The Triumph of Love," which oontaina portra'.ia of Dante, I'stiarch atd Boeaacio; but the ruU oomprebenalon of thia rich and Interesting picture requires reference lo tho explanation, translated from the Italian, to be found tn tho catalogue. The adinlrera o' Piccoiotninl will be Interested in No 70, a plot u re painted for her family and containing their arms, front aad back, rour otnturies ago. Tbe aubject is tbe " rriumph of Cbastlty. " No 60 is by Gentile da Fabrlano, the father of Venetian coloring, ana though Injured, sustains his claims to that title. He la very Important In the blatory of painting, and but few or the European gall, rife boMt of a apoclmsn | or hia. Progressing tn color, we And Squarelone, No 70, rich and lumiooca, also Peruglio, whoee "81. John" is of rare beauty or feature, Bcl ii.i'a "tit. Ptler," deejp and solemn in color, "Tbe CruciOnon," by Paul Yeroneae. wociderfui for ita depth and deep relif out toss and sparkle of high lights, anbdued to the meaning of tbe acme and contraatlag favorably with Rubeoa'a, Mo 139, more naturallitio, though equally rlsh treatment is oolor? of the same event. Tbe Kubeas seema to be * sketch in design, finished highly, for a large compost tlon, but with b'a broad vigoroua touch. There la a great dealalaoof Vandyke In thla picture, but tbe tm- j pbatlc touches are thoroughly Rubens'a The sparkle or Velaiques Is finely sees In bis treatment or armor, but this picture haa suffered at some time or other. Its neighbor. Murlllo, la in floe preservation, all lupcloua in oolor, In his most diaph?nous atyle, the tlota melting into one another aod into the atmosphere, ao that tbe whole picture seema like a dream is color. But the cllmsx ef thought and of lumlnouanesa of coloring 1s seen la Glorglone'a "Clrcumc aloa," No. 10T Those sobis figures, with that deep, solemn, far background of poetically maaeed clouds Is golden aunllgbt , make a very thing elae teem almost opaqce asd hard This Is s p*tn of painting It would ba difficult for oo lorlrg to aurpaM it Im force, even In a Titian, ard what a pity Titian t| sot rapra aented here beside hM rival. Next to it Is I.uoa aignorelll's' "AdorUloaof tbe Magi"? a tempera ptoture of twenty three figures is a perfect condition, never having besa varnished Hers ws see Annates and grandeur of dMlgs? qualities which make one feel the "old master." 8ignor*ure pictures are ex oe?ding)y rare, many of the greatest galieriea Is Europs not possessing one, wbtlorioreooe haa nothing in oondltloo, coloring aod conoeptloa of bta lo put aloogaids of this Note the weight and poi< of tbe standing king, and the ' foreahortenltg of the knee of the kneeling one and his intense gaze? a faoa for character worthy of Leonardo i aWMtf. Antonio I*o1u<doIo, No. 74, bee n picture bar* that rt cat la bit ?MM Hud tee of the oude, aad bla uutoalctJ severity ml prtclaion or outline Thu painting i? re m triable also tor iu laadacape. On* ou m ti li the genua or tboae quaJltine which coeatltute the acleettfl ? talue or modern art la thla reaped Tbla picture, Ilka SigooreUl e, boetiar uninteresting it aaey aeeot at Bret ? i(bt to Umm unacquainted with tb? blatory of art, la of (real Talus and rarity . Biittcetil'a "Madonna," No. T3, will recall la feat area bia lord) "Venoe," lo the oorridor of tha 1'rtlgi, at Flo rente ? one of tboae ptctarea wbieb bo traveller eecapee oercing? a pad. meat race Betide It la Uorioll'a "Acnoaciatloo," tha angel of which la very daa ta aeotlmeat and oo.or, and recafia tha beat thlogt of Fra Angel loo We bad almoat forgotten tha rather of all thta progvean, Maeacclo, wbe la here rapreeoalud by am lajured paint log, No M? lucky eooogn are era to bare even thla of bim ? alt bough it ta to email that it ?*tghl eaoapa notloe unleaa repocial ett<>r 1 1- >a trae called to It An artlit will appreciate the prngraae thla great eed uafortaaete art! it male, wbtn be ccaparea Ue pott of hla Ogurea, bla rulee of oowpneltioo, breadth and (race or drapery. Ac , with the riiaiaiporarr gold backgrouad ptctarea near U h m We are that aaaiaclu bad act btaualf altogether given up coll la hia ataoepbere Noe 83 and S3? Tboae aweet I title ptctarea by La rent j dl Credl, to pare la teatlaHni and careTal In ezaou twm, cannot fail to pirate every one, tee ftprctnaei are tbey , ton, or hia beat eaael work Binaaui tbem n ? gracefully ocmpoatd "Boly lastly" of l>oaeeioo l.slrlaa dago. Ibe inert and ?oelaiiC eiprvaaloo of Cot Ig aula 'a ' t* Hebaitian " (No M ) will attract all tboae w bo pre fer Ibe Uner to the outer oeaae of art Tbla picture, however, thowa great aa atom toe! knowledge ant atudy The heade of I/> Hpegna i Holy dually recall Rephaal aad l'erugmo both; but bia ootortag la tveer then tha forater'e Tbe ri'tnret likely to be moat popular are of tbet ciaaa with which our pubiio are m< *l familiar, bat wbleh ere here repreaented bj only a few ni>*< im< r>a, auch aa the beautiful "kit.mia." by (Mnealchtao, wbioh firma tbe mart ccneptcnoaa object la the room, aad tbe "Venal l*ve'' of A. Carrtcci. n >t tboald we oeerlouk tbe ntie Urly little ?k'tcb of Gutdo'r, No 130. Ptp^eel'a rival. s. dom*. w well rejfreeented by two ptcturae, rath ?fcowttg bte fuoerlority le bia favorite ? ut- .? it? ? < briat aa tbe lore Home," No 101, aad No 1(3. tbe "Petri p Heiata of HI eta" and Iho ? V.rgia," , ah *e face la mnet woaaaly aod lovely. It rrqulrea n veral vluie to riamme crltlcelly all the i inl"Ui ctyecte of t bia, a ales aaouid be i etuillct) W> be t ipreclalad In portraita there are a a urn bey of i?trarliajle bredl for lottaece, oee of Uortrt, Atoiiwct Vttpocct. Biaaca Oapella, Ubariee V , br Hoi ! oerc tbe i"?li reet V.telil, by frarota who ao cmeely re era hire tbe Vlorrrlioe matter Of Rapta<- that ha?|bty ! cnkioen lacy, by Oreere da (beta, aad t ie tympathetto | fare, < f Ca?aai.ur? r ?Mr, the Itnpr 'riratrice of Ve ilea. " lv*e A?tiet*iltM aad bla two ?itWr?," b? onrglooe, ? as IbU ieatlBg group, uae of tbe tadtea ? IdeaMaed ea Laira, bit th< era fee err ? of tbe old wart tor have little of iUe pot k la lb. in No. 110 la attrlbated to Se taiiaa d<l P?, aid it believed to be the portrait of V ill em Celesta. It inhi I Atgak/a fr.ead Tbvdealgila Vtcbel Arjr!e?qae, U>* ootorlrit ta Veeetlaa, aad tbe fea i t?.r?e ai i o riun.e ?. ree win tboee of thai nub .e lady Tb t 'a aver j rur.artaot* pnrirtll W e can- ot coach -1c thta notice wttboot dwelling a little on tbe two Dimti at.cb attract the aanet curtielty tad Itqetri ? Rapbaet, No. N, aad t/eoeerdo, No. M Tie Fapba< rrqie chtrectrr or Ibe r"r?er It uoBlatakrtb*. but it li of a tl?e of wjlcta *?ly ; I brae abn bare ttadled Kapbael'a I'm brlaa work* can properly jn<!ge Tbe public know him by hia mr*t At it bed tnd later productions The preaent picture ? a t ? nsarkable ptu t'rg k>r a boy of tltern, anltndl ?at.* Um te quaiitieeor rrflaed aaatlmeat atd (racefai mttaer abltb lubtequeetlj trade him ?> fawoi* Ilia char ail bright la color, unlike bla MMer brown t*h ttnta m? Uoeerdo eprake for liaelf There la no mlatUing b a p*cu!iar t) pea of rlitrecur, hla Brian ??? nr. 1 pre c>aloD of deitgn, powerfal aad preriae meeipuiaUdh, floe, bioad flblafe aad colorlaf Hare are the Mine I Kvberr militate* that ba learaed lo afeetrh In tha atadi i i ef Verroc hio atd which we eee repeated in bla ' Vier*e , aai Rocberi, ' la the -Uwn" aad other paiallnfti The outllart are Ut eomewbat la the de?pealng of the darka , eed thadowa but if the vlalter will, by maaiag a tebe of bit band, ihot OOI tbe glilterleg frtme. abieb, by tha way, ooght lo he made Ira* brtgbt, he will aea an effect of Ixieraai llglit aod atrerglli i?f cbiernaciro In tbi? pic tore tech aa n?oe other la Ibe gall ry caa m any way rlvtl Thta tm litrctrd'a pecallar atreagih. Hla pelav lrg< hive the forre oftcuipitue mkojI aad oi preteadlng a* th<e tittle p'r'ar* It. for It lenulyMtne ru*ren lochia br<?1 by tw?-iy b'gb, le "?iro^e It la af>T"a??ri1 bv r n-o'ttr- '* a?.t ce?l??e at 100 <Xt (rate* and e large price liaa a'rra l) htwn cff'ro' tor It, THE CHARTER ELECTION. Th? m >t(dmu mt u? Political OUqvw The Ktpsbllcu Trimmer* OMoaaclag the Trtbu*?Th? T*um?ajr sad Moiut Ksctloms? Nomlk.**"?** AirtKtjr H*d?, *e., Ac. The i moke of the PrssMentlal bustle bad hardly cleartd away before tbe governing cIhm, through the grogahop wul Itnil corner oliquee, began to sound the tcorin of preparation for the charter elect too, ud bare been ex ceedingly bn?y laying tbeir wires anl extending their roabtnalioes kilo alt parte of the city, to secure, what they value mora thaa earthing else, the municipal spoilt. The laat week hat bees at exceedingly busy one with theee disinterested petrlots, and although coefldent that thejr will be able to control the ten million of dollars ralft'd by tax, and disburse the public money to tall tbeir own teste, yet there bss been a grsat deal of Buttering amongst them at the symptems of a general uaMa of the WCtllhy QltlMM on a tot of candidates whose antoesleata I and pertonal Interests will guarantee t bettor protection to tbe true Interests of the city, and out off the peoula tioos through which our City Fathers, without any salary, havs i>ecome wealthy In a short time, and such men as Law and Vanderbilt scoured docks tnd femes, that ware Wbrtk tkoattadi of dollart, without paying Into the olty treasury tiis ?rtt cent, and In race of the Tact that others stood ready to pay a Mag sum tor tbe same rights. A person could not visit the (krorlto resorts of this class of politicians, any evening during the past week, without seeing a squad of them busy ooc cooling aflalr * and preparing for a geaeral bargain and sale of places and a division of the supposed spills If socoessful, and that, ton, with such a bold band "that be who runs may read." They bare so long had their way about the City Hall and plundered the city without aay opposition, except a little bowllcg after they had accomplished their end and pock eted tbe ipol s, tfcat they hare come to believe that their burlnets wss really a legitimate one, and aay scheme that would benefit tbeir pockcla wss In reality one that no one bad tne right to obiect to. Tbe election is to take place two weeks from next Tuesday, and there art to be etccted nine Allermen.or ooo from each odd numbered Alderman to district, and a full board or twenty four Councllmcn, about forty Con stables, one School Commissioner from each ward and two or three vacancies, a School Inspector from every ward and about fortj four Trustees; likewise a Civil Jus tice in ibe new Judicial or Eighth district, comprising tbe Sixteenth and Twentieth wards. These numerous ofllces control actual and proposed spoils to an amount that has caused tbe mouths of all the hungry politicians to water, both Inaide and out of the present ring thai exists about the CMy Ball. It la not to be wondered at that the governing c tastes are In a atate of turmoil and general exMtemcnt, and Increasing Instead of dlml I ntablng The republican* are probably more thoroughly aroused than either or the other part lea. Their reoeat luroea hts given them saw oourage and a Mock to trade a poo Tbelr Central Committee have, therefore, already com me need paring the way, aad are preparing for a general | aeliure cf all the rich placer* about the city. Their chin/ | organ, the tribune, has ralaed a lltUa oonsternation in thetr camp by coming out (or Independent notnl ( nation*; but Utoae who oontrol the nomination* j in that party are governed by the aame mo I Uvea that guide tfcoae of the other faction* in the city, the only difference being In the kind of liquor which they drink, laatead of "red eye" aad "Irish whls key." They have a atrong Inclination for thoae beve rages ha v leg a German bran 1. A* politician* they in re ality belong to the tame claaa of the itrlker* and bio won that run the macbliea for the *o called democratic fac lions, and are naturally Indignant at the wholesome pro petition of the Tribune to repudiate them aa ward mana gert. The only thing that wr could hear yeetorJay with this claa* waa a general (wearing at Greeley for ereo in timating that he would not support their nominations, dosing with the declaration that they would have mat ter* their own way In eplte of the newspapers. They art exceedingly confident of sucoeaa; and throegh their bar ; gains, aad tbs light which la au re to be made betwsta Mosartsad Tanmany? with far more vigor than In the laat election, for the reaaon that It la generally under stood that hia "Excellency" the Mayor Intend* to atep ta > lor a deal to ault hlmielf? they count upon carrying aa ' vec If not eight out of the atae Aldermen to be elected, i and a majority of tbe Oouncll men With tbla*urethlag, a ; they think, they have no ooltoa that their dlah ahali be ?polled by tbe cry of independent nomination*, bat only i work the harder, aad make batter offer* t? the grogshop politician who claims to hold la hia baada a osrtala aam j tier of rotaa. The haagsrs aa la tbe Tammaay aad the Masart foe tlona are In a delightful state of aa slaty J oat now. Tbe Tammany boys are getting the beat of the fight, and | are draalag maay over to their alda from the Koaultn, who aaa la the rote polled for the respective ticketa at the November election that Tammany la the atrongsat party of the two, and by oaltlag with theai they will ?land tbe beat chaaoe of *har lag la the rich placers about tbe City Ball. Thla fact Ir weakening the Moxart party more than ta generally auppcaed aad la going to furalah one of the Intweattng point* In thla contest. The Tarn maay Hall General Committee wUi be called together oa Monday or Tueeday night, tbe primary meetlaga will be called for aa early day, aad their ticket trotted out be fore the eloee of the preoeat week. The aame will be the caae with the Moxart party, who will exhibit tbelr staadard bearers ta the coataat wllliln tbe next ten days The republican will hold their primary election oa Wed nesday evealag nest. The handful of politicians who call tbswaalves Brack Inrldgers are look lag abost to aee what they aball d?, aad If they eaa find aay more Brmdys to stand up, bleed aad be knocked over, they wUl doubtless nuke nomina tlone. We aas, however, that a number of their dabs realise that they wire effectually killed ta the last elec tion, aad ta tbelr recent advartlaemeaia ad vert las tbelr clobe aa late Mreaklarldga debs, but now looking ta somi other direction From the lift of Candida Ua published la one of our weekly oootemporarlee, wa sbosld judge there is bat a email chaaoe for Improvement la oar dty lag total) re ball* if either la eucceaafai. The majority of the philo sophers brought forward for members of Assembly were Bad eaocgb , but manjr of them were saints compared to tbe bad list that la aow paraded aa aaaiona for tb* nominal loci fir Aldermen aad Oouactimen. Several nomination* have already been made by lade peadeat part lea aad the Mlante Mr a Jera alah Beaeoa baa been atmiaeted ta the Third diatrtct by aa eaeoala tlon of citterns, aad Richard Boralagtoa baa come oat aa 1 a itamp. The Miaute Mea of the Hfth dtatrlct have trot ted oat Colonel Wa H Draper. A meetiag of aa lad* ??rodent democratic clsb la the Eleventh dtatrlct have n< m lasted Alexander Frear foe Aider man and Alexander Mc Mailt a for Coaac'.lawa . alaa William C Robloeoe *iv Civil Justice ta that d Is trie* William Drake aaa takaa the stump 'or Alder men la the Fifteenth district A r mmltue of gentlemen, oornpoaad of private cltl - zeea brlnsgisg to the Tweatr irst ward, held a meeting at t9l Third avenue, on Friday evealag last, aad marie aa tad*peadent nomination for AlderaMa Tae meetiag or (aa'ted bj the appoliuaeal of Mr P Mulvlbtll aa Chair man, aad Mr ears Ja are M. Bkeebaa aad War Bine air *a itetrstarlee. After tbe delivery of eevera speeches oa the aecersity i?r puttirg is ncmiaatioa mea of character, wea ih aad rr*f** .ability , abo wou.d be likely to com maad tie reap>< table vote of tbe Fifteenth AUtermaaie d strict, a ballot wa* ban fore caadldate for Alderman, reeulticg la a tie? Mrsera Peter H JacksoaandP Main bill receiving aa equal number of votsa Toe latter deciiaing to rsa, Mr Jarsson wsa then aomioated by eetiamallen, and the meeting acjoaraed nstil aext Tu< *J?y evening, when caadldataa fur COjecumea aad a eh<? (Blcera will be nominated. Mr Peter H Jackaoa is th* proprietor of esteasivs l ma foaadriss is this city, ' srd ts, moreover, a heavy taxpayer Tt>e movement for a aomioattna ta be made by eome of 1 tbe heavy taxpayers seems to taeat with geaaral favor: and If web men ns As lor, Mlntura, Mewart, aad that i itamp, should meet aad aelest candidates la the several ' districts, It will spaet tbe plaas of the tatrlgsers that are aow at work try lag to rally support aa party crlee It Is, la I feet . the only way that oar city g*veraa*sat oaa he takea oi l of I lie baada of the peca latere that aow pteader the etty for tbelr owa bratflt. Tbe prersat political deld la ripe for a complete ahaaga. aad the loaagnratloa of a more wbolevome state of affairs abaat the City Ball, and It only rrme'ae for oar betior class of oitiasaa to movs is the matter to place the onatrol of the tea mill mea of city n.nary la the ha . a of saah persnis ss naa be relied I npMi lo waiage |i it ?ay thai will prove beaeilclal to tb<- taxpevei* nf tl e sit). Who wUl be the <>arlbe!dl la I the movement' Alhrvst or ? Pata a Diwu ?Miss Isabella ll nokley ar 1 rived hereon Friday la tbe Trutoola from Kurope. She ?s ote of th* f>rt<ae dearc etgaged by Mr t' for bit IfOCfC. UUrMtlai twmm Utiibaldl'i Camp. TBI Mvonmox? OKN. AVAZZANA'S POMTIOW -THK AMMUCAPti IN OAKUALDl'S CAMF ? rKEFBCWOK Or THE rilDMOMlKB THOOW IK AXflUJUT MACrXCf. mo ; BK. i? mi sditob or m bhulo. Cahj Barogj Cajta, Got SI, 18?d tie KUg , Victor Emanuii, auisrs to morrow. The peo ple voted yesterday for annexation. The troops are now voting. General Claidtnl took General flcottl, eight bun dred prison era, a section of artillery uH ? ll?g, yeater day, at iMrnta. Tbe British legion had a akirmlsh on the 181b near the walla of Qapua, losing Br. Tucker, an artUit and a gentle man of doe family, while leading the ran. At the mo meet or Lib death he waa taking a sketch of the aotloo. They bad two privates killed aad eight wounded. (.tceral Avazzana commands the Oneat division of lbs army. He is the sword of Garibaldi. Be

Is now upon a mountain top overlook lag tbe whole val Icy, and, regie-like, he only awaits the orders of the chief to swoop from his eyrie upon the foe. Be is aur rounded by Americans and wears an American sword. Bis friend a in New York will be glad to know that while be lights so gallantly for hta native land he does not for get tbe land Of bis adoption. Colonel C. C Btoks li on tbe itaff, aad Is belovoJ bf all tbe troops. Captain Vaa Benlhnysen, of Louisiana, Is also on his tUS. Mr. Bsugh maa, of Virginia, and Mr. Alexander Moore, of Mew York, are here at amateurs. Lieut. Frank Maurv, tbe son of tbe Bon. Judge Maury, of Nashville, Tenn , and Lieut. Spencer, tbe son of the United States Consul at Paris, arc also bore. I bare been roraoveral days In the works at Ssn Ange k>, and bare never aeen such perfection la rlile artillery as u>e King 'a trooj* bave attained. At 3,500 yards they throw their shells with such preolalon that there la not a greater variation than the slight wtndglvaa. I bave seen nine sbolls strike In tbe mounialn behind a battery, not one of which was more than eighteen Inches above the sand bags, aad the only variation waa from the vertl cal plane. (ten. Garibaldi's troops are iu tbe highest splrlta, and only await the order to take Capua. They are remark | ably well fed and clothed, and are perfectly devoted to tbeir chkf. I will send yon a descr ptlon ol the tight, whlob will come off on the 4Sd. 1 am now going to tbe front with Gen. Avazzana, and muat close. W. Abtistk Uovkxwr.? a new panorama of California one that bu been highly praised by the pre* of the Golden State? la now on IU way from Han Francisco to New York, and will be plaeol on exhibition in this olty. letter* from Havana a late that Mr. Serradlo, had arranged for a lubecrlptlon of twelve nights of Italian Opera, to be given at tbe Taoon previous to the com menoement of tbe regular seaaon in December. Mr J. E Owen* will open the Varieties theatre, at New Or loan*, on Monday next. Mr. Owen* hai a very excellent ?took company, his llat onlainlng the names of aome of the very beat a:tors anil actreaaea In the country. Mr. John Brougham, on being called before the curtain on lha oocaalon of hla first appearance at the Qaymarket theatre addressed the aadionoe aa follow* :? Ladles and Gentlemen? Aa you mu?t necoatarlly hare seen, throughout the entire evening I have Keen suffer- j In* tvtcre y from nervous anx'tly? the Involuntary tribute my professional Individuality paid to the crltlcti ordeal through which 1 bad to pass. I have not done C7en ordinarily well to night? but let that go. Tbe kindly Indulgence with which you have overlooked such short coming Is tbe more complimentary. 1 can rtally do no more, now, but In a few heart earnest worda thane you mott gratefully and sincerely for the very warm wel come you have extended to me. H Is a great many year* since I bad tbe honor of appearing b<ruro you, aud I should be wanting In every proper feeling did 1 not ao kcowledge my vast Indebtedness to the hoap table, lm puUire and lice tiiartod people asougal whom thoae year* have barn? 1 trnst not unprottkbla? nas*ed. Be tore 1 makeanend,sun#r metoexpress the obligation t am under to Mr. Buck 1190* for the ready and friendly manner hi which be, tc the midst of previously settled business ar raoaemeu's.sllorded mo this opportunity , also to Mr Chip Bdale, for bla valuable managerial assiatanco In tbe pro Don of the piece, finally, and must especially, I take tbte opportunity ol publicly Ibanklng the lailen an 1 gnn tlcaen of the company for their tealous and cheerfullr reodered CO operatioa, It wis their man ife?t ability which gsvtt vital ir |>n*ssk>n to my Hla i 'I >rt Reiterating ay grateful thanks to tbe ladles and gentlemen, and in the b< pe of hav iug many opportune. n of renewing a professional acquaintance thus encouragingly reoeivoi, I Baa respectfully bid you good night. Buckley* Berenkdera have been very aucoaaaful In Laadon. Mr. Joseph Jeilcraon baa been playing at the Washington (DC) theatre George Christy's Miuatrela are at Uonoart Bal', Chestuut street, Philadelphia. Bapertor Coarl-Ur nrral Term. Before five Jud*?a Nov. 17 ? ChriJ&an Haul w Kduari //am and ?ni (tkrrt ?Order reversed aid defendant's ens is at spertat term, and hla eoata on appeal to abide U>a event of hla recovery of onsis la ike case /. t Midftld us Wm J Widirom ?Order reverted dafeadeat's cost at special tons, $10, aad his east of ap peal, $10, to abtda tbe event of hia recovery of coata la the action Chat BvrrtUl ri tUU Jcum ? Jadgaent and order de ny tag a new trial affirmed with ooets Mlak ran RslalM at Wtaoleaale Prleaa fey OtalK. U3 Broadway. Iianna Itetk vurrn clothim, aa. ?rbat iaDuonom I to offer no r large aad asaaMa ansa a 1 Winter (toUlac aad foralahia* (took for mm oad bora, a a , great redoatioe la prloea, preparatory U reaaovaL I We are aairraiaail to elnae oat Ike entire aoek a tfea pre SSM ?U?A brlna what It may IWs piwemts a treat op port natty a provide eoa?laa oat las rrua tbe laraeet smek of mm aa<l bnys ULoruiaa amd rvuSmaam ooodb Ib tbe city. AT UTUXm U)W pbicbb. DBVUB, HUDBOB M 00, at, $? Bad H$ Broadway. Vara SO par Caat LsM That Broadway prtoea at DBAKBY, 150 Pnttoa area. Kara? Kara? At WbHe'a Hat K m po riaa. lit Broadway, retailed at wh jteeale prtoee. Bhlrta, lhlrts-mi tor |?>H Mai tbe beet AansBssg sad Wea^^l 1? Chatham strata*. enrtier of PsarL Or ever At Baktr'i lewlag Dlaeblaea Prtes ?*> and apvarda Jset radneed. ? ' Broadway, B. Y. Wkteltr A Wllaaaa lawlag Maeklsaa. ornrra ** Htu*n??v Maw toan IwumjJ raridiMa tnr ?eeufariniaa aad the rnrtaiaaent of hUcsltun sapeneep maeeqaeat npoa rrewl aeitsi as cf Ike I ruler Ptalea < Vmrte noeflrmtap u>? reJIdlly at Iti Wkreiar a B Tare Maonfaclnrlnc IV mpant a pataa'a. enable tkta (' mp? ny to fnrwHk their Mwlnr Maohlaee arltk laponaai la prove prati. a< rre iHy redoeadpr era Ibe enp*A<rtty ol ibaaa Ma etlnas for famtly oa* end mean: art tiree I- Ue same ran?e n< pnrpnae asd eaatenal leatiaetMt by lb* Una of in naaande natas then aad the motarau pruwe at wku-a tb*y are an* ?.id l arra U>?a wKhla ibe raarb of al and obi taiea all fe<im tnr Lnri-*aalr? ibn?? Inferior and low orlrel mart sea vhtck ^vo a aaek prej'tilisad tbe Bowleg Msrttoo feagM^^^^_ - iwlaa I am be feirtJ by tbe moetb. J II W UITXBV k CO , *n M mdway Raaalaa sad llartaoa Bay Bable Kara, a bBX i> H 61.1 Clilldria'a Kara Heiatled at \%'helaaala ' pflm. al OBHIH'd, 413 Rroadway niak Kara Metalled al \* holeeale Price*. | at 'IBM I K H 113 Rroedaay. Kara. Kara, Kara, at Wkaliaala Prlraa, ai '?*> if MJ Hnadaay. A Reaatlfai leaag l.ady'a i.lfe Ilea beer ?a*rl '.j i.a nf DB. J BOTIB IKJIB' iBt-eiiiA'. #IH ltnaiA of mkere ??r he if a?er> ?>*???? ?a tbe land wru'd Irrp a aapi ly < f ll'ae L -.y ral iai..r H:ue>a oa baad. Le,ot7i* Bil k>. > 'e?l tllrehwgk a lllaalae Wig la F.nttrelfr aoej, sod t's perfectly *?> tnraia* ?.i' bebin?t I'artui** Ik. Broadway c **> ? f i?e? ? ai?>-ei linaraad a (Irleaial Crtam far tke C rl n* - kleaWai, foudre Subtile Inr uprooUa* lialr sapMb n ,n.d i ig?, l.tlyebiu and atedk >u<t It au, at tr Walker ureal Uajea, Brooklyn I'allaader. Pbi'eaipsla _______________ Chrlatedea'a Hair Dya, U'lfa aad Tea par* tbe beat le tbe arertd. wbnilraa la aad retail, aad MM dya prtTaaaty arpUed. Bo ? Aator kamae. " Beaatiral Ceaplsilea." ? Pbalaa'a I Haow ablte Orteatat Oesai Prlee SO eeaia par botua, "A Clear t ompleiloa" la Deelred by all ladiaa Cea rHAl-ow a "Banw Wbia oneatal Oesaaa." ??I.arflea' Beaatlfler."- Khaloa * Boa'a "Baow ? kite Oriaatal Craaa." Bold by aU draaTsa Radtral Care at Havata, a Bastara. ? Pr ? F BAtsn. of tbe well kaowa bnaae or Maafe ? Its , Po. I V aeey aareea. aetnr lo.nea, opp^M* the ehnraa u? aea eperW atien Una to Ika eor?tea> sainMri <tl ku radaal Oare Ta? K very Maker Who Haa ( klidraB snlerlc* fr> ia >al al the soar ><U?a laaMem to tbe . ertna if teeth rr we aay aa IW M i"?rnw> r? yreja d.r? a nf Mhers.uaiaathe eay ni tba renaf tb? arUI *?e s<irw? yea afeer,latal? aire in follow the nor < f MRa. WlBBiOWb a?OTBlB<l BTItCP. Kor Old Kieera, Boaa L?|a Ar -Try 1 1 ?? I - loaay^ ? n> i t al?>m'i 1 t?'wm llta'l t< ??Mva?y aad pr'aapfh feeal beat It t?a b??n p>??rri>erf "i aa*?rac *?al >m any j* ats ksi baa aara l?. a ? k.? s ewt'tMa. Draw lacs of tk? DtUvftn ???ta Ulc lartea.- WOO0. BDDT A CO., lutpn of tka . Muviiu, aajmica* x*? Mimocmi ?*tb torrnita. I)n.i?iu-Kmi Clam MB. Woraaaaa 17, U*l. 66 51, 76, 17. 34, 45, 58, 30, 49, 10, 67. 60, 63. Dau,w*ii?-Oi_i?? MO. *o?n?aaa 17, 1*0. 40 , 47 , 45, M, I, 1, 73, 23, 76, 34 , 35 , 38, 37. yjritUar."- ; - ? waltkar to "wooff" KDDT V CO., WUmlnu^i. D**W*f!!' Or lo WOOD, BDDT A 00.. Bt Loula, *u*-~ Orawlagi of n. rruw'i D?l?wm Brwr* CorKTT, Cuss 175, Wot. 17, 1800. 1<S. 12, 2, 7, 44. 74, 23, 45 . 40. 14 , 30 , 36. OiMsn <'a?HouiuTH> I-orreKT, Claim U. Hot. 17. WW. 19, U, 07, 6, 72. 10, 74. 3, 58, 66, 19, 7, 34. Olrculara not free cf ckaige, by ?drtr? dint B. KBAKCK, yilmlin<no, Delaware. LMIm' and Children's Dtnhi Claaned wtUxrot laklof Apart. Plain ud fan or dyeing. UB Broun* auraat, oornar of Broadway. I. 1/JRD. TntvoUin, Drlvt Dlnct to thi Bmltb eootan flooaa, Broadway, ooraar of tlouatoa rtreec Ooad tick ed oo lb* Boropeaa plaa. 8. B. NKkD. BroTtr <k Bakir'l CtlibrBUd NoImIni Family hewing Mackloo, IM Broadway, Bow Tort ntnrlBi'i PbIobI OhBaploB Kiro and Burglar Proof Bafea, Ml broad way, ooroar of If amy Mrvet, )ltw lorfc. IMHl, IhlrU-atx (to |?. lfada tram tie Mat kanakaag and Wemanlta Muallaa. Depot MM Ghatkaaa ???, tonar of Pear I. Boantltal Com plosion.? Laird 'a Llq?ld Peart has achieved a oelebrtly aa havtag on ?ioal (or beauti fy t?* and pi Mil ilng ib? oonploxka and *>'? Bold M all druggiela. TSJ and 431 Broadway. ftrmaala Lift Mmbmbm Company, Be. M Broadway, ooraar of Wall and. BDXio WmmMMDOMUK. PrmUmt. rmnmnw, Bwatary. Batckalor 'a Hair Of*- Reliable, Ham* leas and Instantaaeooa. black or browa. Tualarj, 81 Barclay ?treat Bold aad applied at BATUBBLOB'B wig faMory. 11 Boadattaac Photoaraphi la Brookljna.-?WIUIam BOM BMabUabf d Eighteen flnndrnd and Ptfty ooa. Married* BnriiiK ? Dkapbk ? On Thursday, November s, by Rev. J. Wheaton Smith, Mr. A. P. Bbbctiik to MUa Hay Ajim Drai-ib, all of Philadelphia. Coi Cakmans ? At Rockfbrd, 111., on Mnulay, November ia, at Kmacouel church, by the Key A. Clark, Jobs Colbmab vo Jcua, eldest daughter of Froacia D. Osmmaon, Elq. Kixiojt? Mahobbt ? At Westchester, N. Y., on Thurs day evening, November 15, by the Rov. Dr. 0. D Jack acn, Aummiw Elliott to Mlsa HinuK. Miiio.vv,a!l of the above place. I.*n? Bbdmo?i> ? On Tbtirxday, November 8, by the Rev Dr. W. Starrs, V. G., William t. L?:n to Maka.akci M Rbdmobd, all or thla oily. london and Dublin papers please copy. Dl?d. Arii-br ?On Friday, November lfl, Mathilda Rftiboca. beloved daughter of Henry and Anna Arppen, aged 1 years and '29 days The friends of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the residence of her parent!, comer of Roerum and Pacific street*. Brooklyn. Her remains will be taken to the I.uineran Cemetery for Interment. Bsu. ?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, November IT, of dip tbrria, Howard Slot, son of Dr. A. N. and J. A. Bell, aged 7 weeks. The relatives snd ft lends of the family are invited to attend his funeral at the resldenoe of bis parents. No. 80 Joralemoo stroet. this (Sunday) afternuoa, at lial/ past one o'clock , without farther notice. Biack ? On Saturday, November 17, at her resldenoe. No 34 West Twenty fifth street, Mast Black, relict of Richard Black, In the 81ft year of her age. Tbe funeral servloes will take plaoe at Trinity chapel on Monday morning at hail past nine o'clock Tbe friends of the family are rcspectfajly Invited to aUetid. DrnaiMii ? In Brooklyn, on Friday eveolag, November IS, Makia Dvkmnu , In the 4Tth yoar of her ?+:" Her funeral will take plaoe this (Sunday) afternoon, at tws o'clock, from No 421 Hudson avenue. Callahan ?Suddenly, on Saturday morning, November 17. at five o'clock. Ellbb Fagab, wife of HalUuw Callahan, in tbe 81d year m her age. The friends and acquaintance of the family are respect fully Invited to attend her funeral, this (Sunday) after boos, at two o'clock, from ber late restlenco, No. 00 Ridge street, without further invitation. lASi-anraa? On Friday , November it, at Sreenpotnt, of cong-ellon of the bowels, Abba If. Ti rkib, wife of An drew J Carpenter, aged M years and 0 months the friends and relatives are particularly invited to at tend ber funeral, to take place at ber late resldenoe, Oreenpotnt, Fifth street, opposite tbe Houstoa works Boston and Bedford papers please copy. CoLiisH ?Departed this life oo Saturday, November IT, JamskColubb. aged 21 years, aaatlva of Dromoleage, county Cork, Ireland. His remains will be taken to Cavalry Cemetery to day, (Sunday) from his late residence, No fl West street. His friends and acquaintances are* respectfully Invited to at tend hit funeral without further notice Do VLB? I >u Saturday aftemooD, Sovoralwr 17, at half 1*11 live o'r.ock, of onosumptlon . aflor a Infl and painful l luesa, A.vs Eljiabbts, beloved wife of Thomas Doyle, In the 31sl year of ber age. Tbe relatives and friends of the fa-ntly are respectfully requested to attend tbe fuueral, which will tike pleco -u Mi ndty afternoon nr\t, at two o'clock, from ber late res Ideoce, No 130 Bast Thirty Sfth street, one door wsst of Third avenue. Fisuw ? On Raturdsy, November 17, Tjiobah forms, elder t child of John and Aaaey Melds, aged S years, 10 months, and S? days. Tbe relatives and friends of the ftunllr are res pent fully Invited to attend bis funeral, this ( Jon da; ) afuroom, at two o'clock, from tbe reaidsaee of his parents, No. M0 Slantoa street, New York. ?<>?i. ?In thin elty, on Saturday, November 17, Hblb* Ka.vs, wife of Samuel Ford, native of oouay of Kerry, Kb of Cur ran, ?ged M years, after a abort and severe is Tbe friends and aoquaiBtaansa of the r*nUy, the men. l-?rs of Caledonia Division No 31 . Soaa of Tempuraoe. and the membeie of Washington Prospect Temple of Honor No I, are respectfully Invited to attend tbe fune ral, en Monday aflerooea , at half past one o'clock , from b> r late rtsldesee, '.'TO Bowery, without further lovlta tloa. Fox ?After a short Illness, the beloved wife of Frede rick Fog, late Mary Walker, oi county I/oegford, Ire Is nrl. Tbe friends and relative* of the family era rsspectlully tsviud to ittecd the ruaeral, from ber late rseideaoe, 138 Went Thirteenth strsst, this day. Hakjbt ?In Jersey City, oa Friday. November 10, Ft bubs D , jourgeet daughter of Joha B. sad Eveline D Ila gbt, aged 1 year and 11 months The relatives and friends of the rsmlly are respectfully U viied to attend the ruaeral, thla (San day) afternoon, at two o'clock , from the residence of ber parents, No. 171 Grand street. Hacib ? On Friday, November 18, of dropsy, Emma Caroubs Him Tbe funeral will take plane on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock, from N? 71 amity atreet Oo Thursday, Novsmber It, Pawuw Ksut, aged 30 jeers, a natlvs of tbe parlab of Iargae, oounty of (even, Ireland. The fr lends of tbe family are rrqussted to attend tbe ruaeral, this (Sunday) afternoon , at half pant oae o'clock, from hi* late residence, No 104 West Nineteenth street, between Sistb snd Seventh stsnues Nsaib ?Is Brooklyn, oa Saturday, November IT, HrS. J a km M Nbalb, aged 30 rears and I months Tbe Mends of the family are rv?p*etfully Invited to at teed Um fUoeraJ, as Monday evening, St seven o'aloak, from the nndeaee of Charles K Hale, M> Wast Warren sfeet Brooklyn, without further levltelloa. O'Cobssil ? ??s Friday, November 10, pAjrrsf Ot'om bkli , ?"o of John and Mary A. O'Coaaell , aged 10 montba and la days The funernl will lake place frnsa 40 Forsyth street, this (??ind?} ) aftcrsoo*, at two o'clock. oxmriB <>o Thuraday , November If, Means f?mts?, In bis ell year Tbe means of the rsmlly ars respectfully lav lied to it terd Ibe ruoeral, (ron bis lata residsaee, N? 111 West Thirty rout lb tUset, between Slsth and Seventh are, this (Suaday) afternoon, at one o'clock, without fur lb" Invitation Rb^atii ? On Saturday .Novasa ber 17, frosws, son of Frederick and Catherine Reoand, aged 1 year, 11 Booth* and 1 day. The frtrBds sad rslstlvv ars Invited te sltasd the fa nrrnl this (h'uc'sy) ^rvernonn. st oss o'clock , trim tbe rvs'detre nibs parrBU, Mj rile utrset, near Bash wick sveBse, Brook Ijs, R P. Pvmrrov ? Oe Saturday wvnrnlag, November IT, Na THJBisi M Fv??ttob, Is lbs 14th year o' his sgs Bis friends, lbs frlerds or the rsmlly , if his rather In , law, Daniel oatir.aa an l of hie bmber, Soherl M Stfat- [ Ion. ai d or bis surviving partner, Nathaniel Oarney, are invited to aiiend ibe funeral, tbti (Sunday) an?m-?c, at ece ? 'ctotk, from hislate rtsidencs, 100 Mt Mncteoath Mreet. . Iai I've ?On Saturday, NovvmNer 17, ?r norgeetion of ii h i gr , f ?*a V rsi.ieu , * I "e of Jobs H Tayi?ir, aged 17 resrs Ik* relatives sr.d friend! are r*?p ctfully Invited to aM'i d the ruoeral. this > ?uada? ) aftern'on, at one o'clock. '"?> the rvatdeace. <? ktr father, 871 H ideo* ave tn.f . ?' < k jt ? r>i*ts ? Oa !%turlsy, Nove?a>er 17, Bas'iaba w ? Bi'ssst fma'den name ;?uer i, aged 21 yars and IB hie friends and relative* are respectfully Invited to aiterd ibe fnee'sl. th's JusJaj j sftem ws, at oae a 'clock, fr< m her lata rvilaeaee. 101 last Twenty Bfth street, atai Third aveaae OMTCA1T. TaostsK Bikwot, wbo died oa the 11 Inst , at Ma r**l detce la Blfterntb MLB this r it j . was for masy years s pmmlaeal an l proapeseus merchant la lh* whole eale hardware and ) B|iortleg hue la si, aad wis favorably itios la this esuatry ac i ta Karspe tor the satant aad IMrgrlty of bis operatmna in that trade Mr. Bisbep liavtrg sciulred aa srapte fovtaas retired from business sbo t n year ago, and devote l himself to that leisure an I repnee whlcb ??re <lae to his prsv ously active aad highly refill llfc AS a mer hSBt be wae one of tboee repressn ?stlve men whose rigid prlselples of siersanWIe eteetl tude give tbaract <r to Vha pwraulta ta which thsg ars ss ; gvgvd. a?d wbkk. whs* Ma's active dstles a?* MM ' d* wa, enable them to carry lato tb?ar pMiremeal toe irtwa and reaper i o! all who ha.1 hell releMoaS ?H?? lb- m In his petsoanl character Mr ttshu) wsa, ir pc* ?Ible, st ill mere eet mahle than la Ms * ??V eb-^i Rind, aSthis asd gesercas he r^ad w**u? ? he regard rf every circle wilh whee ^ %1 d his I VI aad Inmpi neture seemed ?? I ??.*iii ted la (evlsisg mesas ta son?er ' W, ih sever nstaetaliows, 1 STs, ">? -"rl; - h? I ahe esdoytd ?be i.-rpri.g a.e<ct*ii3B m bla aisvatai good i, tee Jf?(w4r?:*.' iVi aai IP* '? CHATHAM. &raMwV, *?" A* A Dd!?!L,?r,^l,S ?MPA*V QIVB PBOHPT Arras. fry * Unn* H0U^ *** A~*2? AC4KD.-UOTIL ST. OUHaIN, PIPTH A.VBBD1. BruadwOT and Twenty aeoond atraeC-Harlacaompialad u>a apart. >oa rUgmml dining room added to thla hotel, u? pro pnetor la prepared to aufce arrangements with ramiiiee mm A a on blbhiru A jouboitb mtw _ __ VlflUiraiiC Broadw?f, Waw Tort, MN1I A CURB ron HBBNIA OB BCPTUBB WHITBY PATBWT LBVBB TB3BB '? Joel the thiag. Krery peraon oatag a Tna ahoald NBjMi oaw Invention. Pwult h upporten ard Brace HoapagdMI a.'ao procured of tb? proprtt-lor* IIHMOtT BOO. (MB pamphlet. Bo. ? Bond atreet, Hew York. A KTTriCIAI.TKBTH THK ORKATHHT IBPROfBMBBV A Id Atmoapberto Melee- M l.K\ KTT'H pattM Prate Carnorhan, Rnv and f amity highly reooauaead It forjIvtaB comfort Mid lailafaciWm hitherto unattainable. Mo. 3 WtlH >y plate, near Broadway. ICatoiiUahed 18M. A * WB. BVBKDBLL/8 BOBB.-WBDOIBO OAJLDB A Bavalopaa of tha Mart (tylaa, 1(M Paltta Hrni Itwfc. BMaMEfcadlBU. AT QIMBBBDBt ? THB (J RAT OABD AID BOreUlea. A nBa Tta for wedding oarda in pat ^TJOBBB'. U)_ABD II AWN RTRIBV. M Ftt th 5?r,bto pro8f AT BVTRDBLL'R, (CO. SOI BBOADWAT.-THB BIBBQB ?QlMtMKf0* We<1'lln* Oard* A oompartaoo with iihm la C0LLK7TION8 MADB IN ALL CITIBB AND TOVII lo the tut ud Weal South and Houthweat; at lanliaata ratea. by ADAMn' HflOBB OOBPANT. (10RDIAL COONAC BITIKR8 IJf MKDI ATKLY BB J I'rvaa dlarrbu-h, agtta nod bilious attaoka. a HTBIB PKLD, tola Importer, 9u Nassau street, N. Y., and for eala ky all drngglsls. ban and groceries. / lAlltl.L A WOOD, tC0CK880R8 TO 8 C A HILL, ABB " sHlIng their Balmoral B<i la, for Isd'ea, at n SO boaaa Ksppers 75 oroli lo ft , a large uanrlmeut cf K?*>U, Khocaand Matters for ladles, gentlemen, mlues. boy* and children, at very mtxlernle pncaa. CAlill.l, A WOOD, 817 Broadway, between Blcroker and Uoiuitoo streets, oppaMla " Keent's. I <KKTIF1UATX8 OK Tilt MOST HEM ARK ABLB Ct V or uTsrcniA. indiobstiob. dbbimty. hvbb oo?. PLAINT .INCIPIENT OONBUMPTfON ANO XBMaI-B IMHBawKrt. by uitng DR J. BOVBB DODB' IVI'KRIAL WINK 1IITBBH, are received bj every raall from tbn South Keei udwM, while ihotuanda In thla city are dying by plaeemeala with tha remedy at their doom. Try ooe bottle ard be ron'tooed. BoM by all drtigglata. Depot is William itreet Mew York. / 10BKP. \J ABSOLUTE KKMOV AL Of CORNS AMD btnionb INSTANTANKOI 8 AND BPPIOAOIOC8 OIBBH, without cciitimu, pain ob BI.BBD1BQ Mr BBNDALL, tale of >? Be? ent rtrect, Itoodoa, aathor at "Practical Gbeervatlona on tha ? ansex. Nat are aed TrealiMai eC Cor na Bunions aad Ingrowing .Val'a." U Bind street. New Tort, for a few days. ( Ore boure. 8 tin ?amf If till i lia xlnga. 7 till 4 o'clock. Befera to Dr Dig >n. M O , editor of "Bralpel, " on wliotn Br B. hat Manipulated.', aad other Mat* leal gecurmen of this city, Grbat bargain*. Dtamonee. Watches and Baa Jewelry; Diamond BMgfc Ptea, Kajrtnga. Btuda and all htada of rtch Jewelry aad Chalaac Kngllah and hwlas Wat;hea. by the celebrated makara Obnrtag Taylor, <V?per. Tobtaa, Levitt, Jurjwaaea. Ac . Imparted ae? preeely for < oatoaa trade, all warranted. helling off at oaa third Leaa than onat to etoee the bnalnesa. D. C. I'KACOl'K, London. and tt'J Broadway, op atatra. Grbattibduotio*. Watchea cleaned tn the beat Bkhanar, and wirmlll 1 ??* ,<*r' POR ONB DOLLAR. At Q O. ALLBW. tit Broadway (formerly 11 Wall M<. GK.VTLIBBM'S NBW AND LRfT OPP CI OTIIINO PtJB rhaaed for the Weatern market. Add real Cooray, M Centra street. HARPBK'd B AO AKIN K apb HARPER'S WBB1CLT. The poblMara hire the rleaenre of announcing that DAB PEB'li BAUA/.1NB for the ensuing year will contain mum itnrtef BT THACKKRAY AND TltB AUTBOB OP ? ADAM BBDB and that tn the next aaaber (Not lit of HARPBR'8 WBBILI a new novel by CUARLBH DICKBMH, entitled OBBAT BXl'lt'TATluNK will be oommeo?''d. Mr. IMrkena' tale will be richly UlnaMaMB by JOHN MoI^BN AN Ban Theae work a will be printed from the mannaerlpta aad p roaf ahewta of the aothnra. Any leraon ?hn raa>ttafe?r dot ara n the pnhUafeara wfl reoetve ViUi publtra tona for one year, and wliUhtu piovtda hlaiaelf with the beat reading of the day, pohUahed la a haa^l fnl and autartlve atjte for a very amall anmnf money. HABPBBH WBKKI.V will ba arat gratoUmialy far oat mrath-aaaaperlaen? to any one who app Ilea for tt Hp eat man anaaheraof tha BAUA/INB will alao be aant grata TBRMg OP HABl'BB'H MAUAZINB Ona eopr for ooa year Teo ooplea for one year Three or BK>reeot'lea for oaa year teach) . And aa extra oopy gmlla for every elah of atglH m TKBMB OP IIABPBR'B WBBKI.T. One may for t? ? nty waeka fl I One copy for ore year II <>ne copy for two years 4 1 Ptve rnptaa for one year f I Twelve criplea for ooe jeer BB I Twenty flva ooplaa f?r one year Ml a An sxtia oopy will be_alV wad far ererv elab of t II t An lua oopy will be aU<<ared for every nlub of ti acrtbera HaBPBB A BHOWTkKH, PnMI r_ PraahUa tiara. Naw fat. Hbbbb wa bo bbboubb D-U era Ma PIBBT LBOTl'BB IN BBV TOBC TMaeeaant. AT OOOI*BB IWiriTUB On Monday eraatng. N ft. 19. HKNBT ?ABD HBB0BBB <?t aa hla dm t ertnre Utta ataaoa IN NBW TOBg. AT Oraper InatMute. On Moa<1ay evening Nov IB TUB I.BOTL'BB IH A NBW ONB Doora ipaa at 7 o'cloet l^nriare Jo eoimaaca at St IMtM To eeen^e altelMa aaate prrenee should beoe ha&t aaitv Tl'keta ubeial at the drmr. at the Merehatta Dotal. Aafear Iloiiae. hheldoa A Co 'a lit Naaaau street, aad aa Attssas B Ppeo<-?r a J?t Oraod street HODBB PUBN1BBINU aooDN AT PANU) I'RICB" oar aaial Bonthaea aaiaa having tea ainai naaaanea haaa ?topped by reaaoa of the peaaeat p^UUralirxmbtaa. wa are pre pared to offer, for aaah, ?l!?t ?? worth of CHINA, OLAHBWAKi. HIuVBB PUATBD (IOOML CHaNDBLIKBB, BBONZBN. CUrX* AND PaBCT OOODB, At prices herelnfnra latsnn in lata aaartat. 1 hose eoanleaa H?t? JB7 plee?s, Prea tt china sad rtch mm and tagravtd Olaaaeare are aUli farther red .cad to BU Wa Invite an ImaseJtata examination of onr nanda aad prtcaa K T IIAtiaiiWOUT A CO , if'. *rnt and 491 Bmalway, onraer sf Hrewese Hi set. EPOBTANT TO NCOAB n.tKTIM lbe proprietor of a l atent proceaa for aahtat lap*, it to ba tat rod or ed lato the principal soger p t mil s ^g Islsn/s aed cnaatrtee of U? world, betrg la Mats Tort at pre aeei, would llhe tn here ee latervlew with aay aagar alaaiar, or plaptrrv, of the Boathera hletea that may he asltn I le Ms e ly at preaeel wMt a view lo aecertele whether It wnald ha advtaeMe to letrodeoe eaM pslest late Loalalaafe Aa., Aa. MS dress linger Patent. Neea'd o?ce TOMB ABD OBBMAB TBI.rBTN. BLACK ANU COI.UBBB, triTAIILB POR JBWBLBT BO I ABO PbOWBB ^ tNUPAOTOBBBB. BTL1.INBBB DBB tN A k BBH. AC. Phi IWpoetatt. n WW opaa. ABNOLD. r<HTNTAB'.B A OO , Caaal etrvet. ewa ee of Meraar MBBCBANTTt BAVINU DBtPTH. Bl'.Ut, AOtfBTV aaeea. Ac . lo cellenv can have the aaae proessttp at tended to by A DAMB' BAPBNW* t'JkftllT . NIW TORK, A COUNT * l??-BBHtBN HONTBTTBB t Nit n h. pituborg I'a Por a ,?e tears past I have leea aifMed wHb tedtg?rl<in aiid dyeeep?a. neraptonallt at leeded web nhaataate aitarkaof iNarvhwa (???.> a a medleaJ mat. it.t>?lf, I aeidova ixh* an' medicine, bat kaowteg that tb? peeallar e><r of mt r->, -ilred beih a loei" aed tttteu'ant 1 <ie??iminad i'i try the e-e?t f a VitUe <J yoar ?e!ai.tat?<* UBNI ilefoee e aaei '?? totaJe ymir Hatees I had n t bad a ea" ral ! faMf ?"1th of try a*i?eark and b>we4? f-T three mrnihe. trd darlrg thai lute I had had fl' w?e i fieade rf fteeh le two eeek? I have r*lned M pixands ta w^gh^ >av? hsd a r?vem,?e appei'te j>erfert dlg^d'ia and aoera^ I as f t japert'a or dls"t -a P-:t wtr -^1 yonr isnijMpae? t le 'raxpor i"1 T 'ter* 1 *.r1 t* s de !gttf'>' piageat, map tie i|e teste, and the tee* Me ?'i?.-*a apes the >|MMB are a itllMitl watavth to li s ?t??e x k ?ud aa eikllaratie* gtew over the whole e?nfare of the Wr eaaSMeg nnplone peewttea Uoa wPhriat sUmolHting th? hrataar aeeetrretlag the ssi isaa vttz'&zsxissrj'jr as^sst L1 * MIBWwi op isorit' w i ntbb rummra, R?* * raaev <>Mhk he., Aa Bit K(> IN BiAlTV of gMtrrtal. sal I* TABrBrr BK IBM I a" 'flBtPWBW ... atodh heaetefora > leret by the ?raa ONB PBfCl ONlJf su WAttHlPAND JBHRI..BT At vary lew si teat. A Mr VDvar and Plate < Warm Paris Peaa CarHWa forte wa.eaMS NUver WhMtW Wed^.usg Pi I? ate^ Ba, ha The rakarrlbar B enw aaliing a\ asuah mm Mm tha mm Baa Ml. 1*1 aad UB Pall .? tnBM^ Vartrt Keen acr'-Mi'ed a?ea> ky three dt?evsa? I inters m je w*' , for tha sale W BaBrgPf a. I sty lea of 'lots Barr*" I(a. n aa. Rt-^Ma Wetsh I?.h?? ?a . Aa, at work na prtere Itar apt --tkev hreae. a are fevited to an:! sad eiuetre aafora r sj'iAlstag. np<> c a i.i in. le ureter Of Watr*Ae a.wl Jewelry tit InalvV <?** baoa t'aaai oraat