Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1860 Page 2
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le ^-hlelolt* to ? ?! up a 1 ? e'.y r\i?rf?; hi iweeu tlK iutelre* at W*r?** 1 tb u'.d bare mvul ie> 1 the above as the rea? n t"r tne turning ot rl l??gltsb.i>umnlB tower's Prussia onne nitre Ti?r 'ear, khey *ay, " that Pru jo UortcUakiff oil/, uh'.l I'ruw.. turn t awards f r*r,c,e Tor ai a l ano* '' Tbe King of Harntrta will not eiter Naples until /ranals 11 bu '(tilted Italy, ui the turin ?uro?!s Tb? majority m N'aim m favor of nuneiatiou i.ia?t Seen a very large ooe ti Hxnbmo aod bis frleo'ts At Vile' bo, In Ibts Paiial Stales, aud ga-rlfunl oy tbefronili, also by the Pool ill n?l gead*rnit* tic cit '3< Mm u ianl n.ously voted Tor aabosstloa to l'lediu "< ' suppits 1*1 u? IX will kindly overlook tbn^ulr 'rotk on the r?rt of hta ? lorirji aid sttaJhed people, a? lb* Oisrnaie di Roma, entities th '?? J ' l,s%t ? ' Peter's ?uecot? <r feeJi a p-e*si?g waul ??' "I*"? The 1'aral Cillers are nearly emrty, too Papal soldiers .'tsert the motion. tnelr pay U uot duly uaadud over It is ffcarod tbat some k''lU? follower of the Fatbir of the Church will prop 'Se sacking or time or the rebeUlmuly ircliteil towns near Rome? the expaaia?t being ci c ihat silent lie- P tlio soldiers together The French loom*1* xult very natura'W over the late allied Titlcry in < "hii a a .d lo-k forward with pr At hipes toward* a peace ttul wi I b'' a durable ooe The -treaty of eomn erc< brt*?o Fran cc uod England is now settiel in u'l il# deUls-tbaik* to tho untiring offorli of Mr. Co tide n as 1 his French sr'jclaie* I am ?orry to ear that tbc icmir i? qeitt used up by bin exertions In lavor or b * oot .dry's commercial good, and that he <rltl moat probal'i) bo unab'e to atloud to his Parliam iL/iry duties lor a i ig tiiue to c? me The public ic Kuropc baa been of late much occupied by the Ni 4 Vi>kk IthAity Your wnndorful an?iuiLi of the prog rt as o( ibe I'rtece tf Wales in America Lave eir'ted a*i o:?iirnent on Ibia slJo of U>e Atlantic, where such th.n#* are >)< nt on a m?:h tmallor Bcale But you have cot ibegno'l will of ibe a pecial c rn apoodrot of the doc n?'i Van hadn't nughter have fo much preoeded btn acroi i t?of ibe (!olij'f. tie baipaldy(>u on for that by leirrg tbe London public know tbat '?you are not ww lev of belter; that yonr poo*atlon article* are over ?<ged by tbe New York public unle*a corrobo raW-d by Ibe New York 7\m?? or 1 rtbun* In fact, yon eiiat. but that la all " 1 h?po that this dreadful rldta tlon, that tbe dmplewore of lb* apeclal which b*ng? ov?r 3 > u , whl give yoi a leaaon that may be useful for the fu ture, arJ thai on uo other occaalon will you ?o forget tbe proprieties aa to beat all hollow your great contemporary in reporting matter* tbat coonarn It *o directly 1 'Ok out f ?r inne awlul exposure of American iranuera aed cjatoma from the aprcial wbes be gtls ome 'twill be y our fauit tf tt oooiea Kraart. l'*ar* Nor 6, H60 Tbe One nealbar la-t week baa a^ain farored the farmer* lu completing their B> Id work Notwitbatand Is; tbe Ooe weather ami the caution obaerrcd by boyeri, tbn Frt'orb co-u maraei* remain Qrm. The prlco of fljur I* well DiaiiilauitHl lu tlio I'arla market A de "lency of corn eiifia in Italt , and enppllea from the Slark Sea ar? 'mpatu DlIy atvaitcd at I.<-ghorn Ureat eonp'.atnti are btard in O ntral Italy ol tbe locg continued dry weather Tbe low wal>-r la the river Uuiuater has prevented the arrival ol wb<at at tMrtra !b i dat'i i.s bave taken pivy? In several of the depart menu Many bouse* wuru thrown down and considera ble dan age dote The easing article of the I'arla Pat ?%* of the 4lh in ? tr ttrrugly upon the neeotaHy both of augmenting the French army In Syria to * Urger for*, and prolonging its orcjpat'.ou tur a longur U..m tuan la UmlUi by treaty. Italy. The JtC'tunmn say* ? Ther* exi?t, we have reaaon to be lie^e, a^me grouLds lor *i*p<.ctiDg tbat th? Freueb Kn {?eror >a wavtrisc In bis Italian poacy, and has given ? ?rdtr* to tlenrral Gt.y t > Interpose, probably only la the la't iztremity, n faver of tae Ki ig, or tbe ex King ol Naples, tli'o motive to this alleged c,a4uge of feeing it ascribed Is the sort of rea-l a II Frencn pjpj tar (<eir#|> arisieg from lt< ovcrthro* o' I.tisortc'.ere, vth'oh is regart'eti, nppa. en'.l j , as a aort of national en's fort'inn Tbe S--u* *ays:? Th"re n to be a grauJ exh'.bt. tion or Italian p ct :m In F:or< rce cext ai miuer, 'n aid of which tbecbiel Italiau c.tiee arc to contribute largo i ?< money. The I'aria ourreaii nd'ol of tbe l/ttdci I'u'y flm *a; I ? 1( I* remarked that, accord '.g to the recent new* from Venice, tbo A istriana bave suddenly Ceased to lead tro^i* and an munll' n towards the i/>mi>aru frontier ^The / -ndin Morning lltral'i ??) * ? fne 1'ieJtn >nte?e to<Un (iu Uier wot da the Code N apoleon ) have j iSl been promulgated In th" Marches The Turlo Gout's, ai n lunci i the departure of fre*h troof? lor Naples Kat'LW, \ov. 3, IS80 The P rdii.ontew irm?, nndcr tbe com naud of K mg Victor hmanuel, has- gale J a brilliant victory on the ?i. ? I tbe (<arigl.*no The Bourb n ar jiy . attackoi in fr< nt a th great sp.rlt I' v the tro >[i?, and Lu (lank by ibe IWt, dispersed, leaving In oar hands U>nts, wagons. ? U-ree, ?;d a very la-ge i ntuber of prisoners fieuerai Soirtiar pi ramd ibe ?ren,y, and a-'terwarls occupied Moi* am' pr#ltlocs in oim?tii;.ig !? tela Kitg Victor K(uaj.utl enters Naples t>day In ncmber of priscecrs taken st Capua was 1 1 000 Tci ?, Nor. 4, l ?w. iesurday iur troops com-nscled by Victor Kaiauiie!, attacked aud ilispoiaoi tbe Bjurbon army beyond tbe <>a. igtiaro. TetiU, wag>ns and an immrnse number of n were teit in o;.r |>o*Be?slon tleaera' Sitaoai ??as occi.p ed to' la dl Uaeia an 1 o'.aer pn oui abort the city Tbe lollt.w Dg deepalcb Is anterior to tbe battle ? Navi*t, Nov 1, 1MI A part of tbe d'v sloe of (iooerai Homnat baa croaeei tbe'gMano The wbmo army will cross tomorrow Brldgta are being thrown over the river Anothrr dea^n'cb say* ? t part of the division of (h?o. Nonius! has orosr-i the i;?r ,gl:aoo and takeli tbc ir a at the same t.oe m?Wiog 100 pr> mers A brmge ot boats baa been tbr xn across tbe mouth of the (.ar'g.iano anoibur bridge Is being r?DStruct?d be yet it tbe tror briJge The wbole army w.ll er.-sj tbe rfver l? marrow lae royalwu bars fallen ba> k upon (laeta Tbrough o t tht r d erb they were me.eb embarrassv.l I y the Ire of ;be Sardinian Uget. N*rt?<, Nor 5. 1*^0 ft) l.c f '? lici t but l>cen dealarel to Jay Toe Tote* are ? \yes t l,r.M,044 -Noes 10 .3 12 Tbe p-isiiaer? front Capua v 000 la o mber, are arrir ? t without tb<or arns Naples is ?w f< '* It s sain thai Victor faiac ,ei wKl arrive here of) T .js day. N? vemNMr 6 <-4r'baldi is at Naples Plan a, Nov 4 14 V) Tbe rctieg oa tie ijoestloa of araetatu n bav ooai rrenoid T1 e eoneour*- ol people at tbe tans is etlraor J oar>- Notwithstanding lb* Frencn o.rapati .o aa i tbe p" 1'iiu! I'ootifl a g- u'in-m'S. tSc ehabl'?r.ts of save -a ri? joes la lbs pr-jrmce af Tt atoo am tasteataf to v >te lor acBcxattoa. Tue Papal statea. K?l. Nov I H90 la $t aatlt eanf st tea aad war wsirJ'tW ba?e arrive>t tMre fortbeureof Ulr Krench army Ine < ir^imeat of fcretfasfl for tbe |-an%i army has oecv it fpr.; tlreat eftU.ustasm pr jvaila m in- Marctet MM I a ir t In tr ?r 4 aa-' Allot,. Aaareby r. gus ta the province af Vi lev bo trail. Bo* ? imo The ret .'i s of tbe rating la Ctabiia aad ibe Wfrtes * vs rery ?attafactory resalts. Skum.NVt >. lv?0 A arge body of Rourboa trr>ips rrtr.a n oulflls tbe for trras of Uaeta. Th-se troops bave anot a proposal to lur reader to < tasral Faatl. Iha Initivl** Bttwita V trior t'.inkanil ??it t>kill?l<ll. A Ml#' '? rm Maplaa, liltt IM S>tk o* Oj|?>*r,jirad lb* foitna n Mymint .1 f tM ualarnea hrtwrm Victor t iru or at.d flariiartl ? p ariba'-tl t *d i*?'B up bin a ?mt'l m?> about f,?o' n l'i iu ? bai; k <-!?<??? 1"raoi ail .?|>rrar MM, M :hr 161k He or Vmi Ui* <vol int. lo a-l.-aa ? aa I tak* up i mtttm, d ml a>*?t Trecrni to aw ib?> Kit t '?* tbe f >Ua? . f tr ra rf Osuct Trrccftl ui Mi? >ri rata* I) la form kUb ibatCihMmi wad aaiut.u M twi b>ir>.l.,baj tbr K Mg n'>t far N'h:o1 (tor l* i t*rt taiKi d tW'y wltb ht? Mall, ?od thrro qjnU %m !>'>ur afu roria br .%??? n - *bl of t?i? ?( ibt iVm-MVM ciUna He r-t apart la ha Uur a Tb? Padmintr?i artrmifd aa foltoa mm Tba Taree If third aid Taratjr f. urtb r<-*(?*av of I l He One t> l tM Tvraif ailtfi Bad Taaaly | a*-, rah of I'laaroi" a t.ngfela, *hrt> * bat wry of rir'.i^ r\or.oa Ton mtu-. n fttlfttal I'tp it <i?rj%,j' ml of -n?<il to ai'ow htm vn par* tbnvi|h CuaUia rr. U*il torward, aa I GaM bIJi, 'n?a?!Bf mf m> bar* a-trwd b oa aif, t oalajy. tilt 'i ithf ag a f*w ws d. baldl r? fivunfd to m?*l tk? K'og V ,-|">f Rmaa-iw aa* not fkr h. Mod load la* o* b "?r d l? m Vi ri tba uiiia . Iba K mf t?* a teioaoop*. *4, ra no?? '.r? Garibaldi, put *pum l? hi* h >r*~ aud (a i >{?: towar b'ia tMWOlMW *<?" *V? tkdf Wl art bio ?"* par. a of i*.>-h . iNar IMaflliwr* of lb>hi*f ?ad of Garlballl abo?ta I '? 1 ~a? lira V.ctnr < oabu Gar'ta I . an r%?<r i , I v* i>' b'? bat, at 'I a a ft < n? * Lai baarre I ran ??>ti u.aald? " Knj or Italy ' V < >r ? ataac* pat b haed to r. ka*f lb< i b ? J tt ? l t" i. a' Itatdl as4 f?)aali* mi?v<M, upllaal " Ti aok } nn to'* alnoa <bai. baui la btaa, noarl/ a aalaulr, WiU ut llkr i?f abotbar ?oril i arik*ldi abil ike K'a?. ?rU knldlaf aank r'l h?o ' fnCoaod Ibr Ui?l? '?* a'xaulan larlor ia I. Tb< ? ati m baJ mtaaM tnf?ifc"f. atd (oiiovrd at a ?fc >H J,a iui* Mbiad tboia I'aaaiot ? rrwr * "'T iia' II aa tied iImm. *a<a ? Ibatn ?rra farial. VI u ,??<?r of War. a a r^raclaf caw of a aia.! ?t!)3*r,aa4 (waarbl F ail Tka Kuj| aaU OarlbaMI wara ooar aramg lift tM K aa *m< am tt* **<r*aiaaaia, r>cMa?ntb N irtn'a * . 1 r?>ai rtk miif al* a tba Iwa. ibaa aillr tear aa I lucr i?? ni? u or oaralrj Ba HbiMijr niaiitt l??al ?f NWM Srforf Miartac toaoo Kiag V rlor Uaw.uti bailail, and <-rdami a |?rtMaa of bw arair to >la la rraaanoa of t. a Hkakl, thai ararr oao m<?bt "baarra tbr gmd faaplla < wk ak ritataa! b?l<raro htm laad tba cl.tofta a H? tk?* , r?rM*?t Bin. .'a brifala, vblcb araa pi atad * l i|'? ba I foadOairl Ha ar?a irjalrad ?!lb tha rotkaftaatlc uf< naaalB' ua akont nf "I/*** Ira tbaKlrfof Ual; " ?a i*4: baa TOM <n?n. dlrtdtal bat aaat dl/I'trael pad ttaaa n>a Kiag taana^. t at Taaoo (Jariba'dl ra4?r*d to 0?l?( U> lira omara I >ro? tba Lradar Herald, War T Tka avaatlat kalvraa laxball: aod Victor Mtrafl, em Ikatdvkif'Maahar.wM t.? ?. m-m wabia la b tlory ad Utai aaaaviof af two trmi Mtrf* wb<ek toot p at* torit ?rd yrara nod*, at la B-1H Ai laaio* W. t? rata ditat ror I- raaallta tba a?K?a? of iha Kiag oa ?m' rariaf tba man tltlMWll off" b in IN ?.n*S><?i ? fa? tron Vr^ul aunt? af ika warrior ab> ?iib aamaiibael of rtM'.ataara, had rar?ialMa<r?4 *<-itji la oar miatb. aad lb* aaaiolaad at Naptaa la aaatbar tka patriot ti tad arlf tanial of Iba maa wkr> laid all al tka t?-t cf h ? bora ratfh.aad 4*atr?d Bar b'aa**lf ao r*r >-br?c*? but tba baaor of bariof fiMigai for Iia'f, moat ai*rabn? with adr ra.taaa of ao moivoaa kiad all wb> laot apo* ? kafv wh>w? Mk? la aot aaaa ta ? rmtarf add I > ' UuU tb* Rraillada b* moat faol fnr oo wba b?* braraJf *tm?(!iad far *lut b* hiaarlf dar v) j-.j'cilf ti , hop*, artK ha* *r> o?pliabM| rbai b* aa t otkrra IWJ?W t l?l?aMb?. aad at* r? -o?? to (Ira It 'rrr.f iait e i baLad* a* lha r?t r?a*a.utira of tka nail/ of lit'f, III ?Pathol of tka a*vtr???in* of liar *"-?. wi art ?af . af ?pa, tataftM U?* asottoa of lha I' xte^ataMi wk*a lulk a mm miM4 blA aa Kiag <f Italy tt a ?>i|'rr?V ' mar* *.i irr t.?, e- -a lo a Il.'et'n c, it tha tum:r. .t if the .r ; b'gtest hop<? A liUle more tiian a year iit? all bill | ,-i ? ?- of the) petty I'rlnoe of Ovu millions of fUr.i'.ulans | the K D| of a Statu of tweet; two mtlt'ooi ol Italians, v b.rb by its i) imbers, tbe intell. feace of tta people aud ??? gergraphlcal pisltton, may claim at < oce to take rutk among the great Powers of Europe The ?litt ;n wliuli we lite t? one wht ;h reader* revola lions of this kind almost Iraoosslble Tbe boundaries of tfbe chief Siat ate tued by treaties, and bare obtained tbe guarantee ot settle meuu to whiob all tbe great Po vers a-e par lit s, ail *li tch are pretty surely protected by their oiutual jealousies Italy was tbe on\? oountry in which iurb a change as this was feasible apUt Into as ti.any petty as Englanl at the time of the Heptar thy , her ions desired unity of government u tbe only meat s by which they could hope to obtain their legltl mate influence in ihe world. Their pri noes were mala tailed cn tbeU thrones principally bf foreign tnfl leuce ibis, aud tbe abeenae of any federative arrangement, made their condition far more Irksome than that of tbe subjects of tbe petty rulara of Germany. Tbe rulers if Italy weir a twofold oflenoe to the Italians, they otfeuded them by their Intolerable misgovernment; they offended them Just as much by the very fact of their estslence, which stood as a bar in the way of the realization of their hopel It was impossible that statesmen could remain blind to this strotg wish orthel i for one Italy ; they could not feign surprise at tbe continued ebullition of their dlsooo tent, even If this bad been the only oanse for It Bat had the tUUan governments boeu oal> In some degree popa lar- bad the Pilnoes been wise enough to allow a reason able degree of liberty to their restless subjects? there Is no doubt that the l owers of Europe would have regarded tbe latter as clamorous without a cause, as men enamored or a chimera, to which It would have been weakness to sacrifice tbe peace of the world and tba rights ol legitimate sovereignty. But men wbo^suikr from tbe very wantotnens ot tyranny, who without being criminals, are tortured, imprisoned for years in noisome dungeons, murdered wlthont tbe form of a trial, have a slam upon our sympathy wbicb tbe hardest cannot deny Hal It cot been for such arguiueits all movements in fa vor of Italian unity wiyild doubtless have been suppressed by tbe forcible Intervention of Europe. Wo could nc.t have su tiered the public peace to be disturbed for an idea Tbe ru.'e of many might be objectionable, but we kuo* that vhe role of one may ho worse, an "legitimate monar cble* take 10 lot? in establishing that it is better always to maintain a reigning dynasty where it is admitted to govern decently well No such pies oould be urged for tbe 1V| ?? and tbe King of Naplee. Hid t hero been, tbe Italians would never have been able to work out their liberation as they have done ? the rest of the world look ing on wiita sympathy, or refraining from aotlre Interfe rence Francis II of Naples may have scarcely reigned long enough tu Jeee-rve tho hawed of his subject*, dome pity may be felt for bim and for bis poor young wife, cooped up no* In that last reiuge at Gaels, soon lo he King and gueen no longer They bavo been weighed In the balsnoe and found w utting; their kingdom la the 1 unanimous award ot their people, who have voted their deposition under tbe protection af tbe army of another King whom they have cboaetw for tbelr sovereign The . truth is, Fraticts II was b >rn some two hundred yoars after b's time, In a day tu which tbe divine right of king* to misgovern their subjects is rudoly ret at caught by those who are mnpt < on. erred in the application of the doctrine But tf the faults of Francis might te condoned, three of Ferdinand cenamly cannot be wiped away, and the last ot tbe Bourbons must suffer for the crimc* of hts rare Between the fortresses of Capua and Qaeta, about flfty f >ur rr'i.g sKunder, the river (iarlgliano runs towards lbs sra When Capua was given up a* Ind- fensiBle th line of ih's river lorroed the projwr line of defence for the tiwn of Gaeta It ?*? w, u for tbi*; the right i>ank towards Gaeta being h!gh, tbe left fcatk bw. The army of the K'rg at (ise a i mSers still bet w en 40 OCO and 60,000 mm. and is ??ll provided with guns The King of Saraii ia bmgs .0 COO. with tO guns, aud Garibaldi has some 10 COO still under his orders Wltb this superiority of numbers, and a strorc fortress behind him, the jenorul of tbe srmy of Franr s 11 m<gbt. it may be tb.iugbt , have 1 oontri d to m?:,e a stand beh'nu the str .ug earthworks wbicb bad been throve upon tbe right bank of the Garlg llano It was a ma ter of vital importance) that he should Co so as iu the event of a failure there was laft uo re ; source but to full bae - on Oat Ui, leaving to the enemy po sill 'i.s itt the vll.agt of M' ia and elsewhere on t'ie bills round the town, from which to bombard it wltb effect This hast, In fact mu ted from tbe last battle mention ed by the tele 'graph, a combat wbicb may be cousilered as rv.oi' st dei istvr of th s hopelees v1 1 d sperato struggle (.fa K<cg sgair?t liis people. The ne*s of the fan of Capua had scarce y reai hed us before we beard that :>a November tbe Su Kicg Victor Fmanuei and General Soai US7 cn<s*e!> tbe river, attacked tb? Bourbon army . com pletely routed them and drove them bark upon (iaela Tbe French admiral did not this time interfere with tbo Sardinian fleet, which barrassed tbe royalists by shelling themaluritg ib>-ir retreat A bombardment h ith by sea and land wrnld now settle the business qulckiv.and eause far Uss suflcrtng and bl mdsbed than a prolouged siegp aiiil blockade it Is said tbat Gacta Is impregaa'ile If attarlied by latd only but wt oannot see tbat tnts is com;<atlbV wltb tbe rtaU'ment that tbe position of tb.) v !i<ace of Mo'a commands the town Ho that even sdo i.d AJni.jai Baroler de persevere in his system of war* rylrg the Sardinian admiral, and so deprive him of bis share of tbe credit of the victory, we believe that this w> ? Id cot long delay the :ssoe. Unless be meets with foi'-tgn help of a morencth e nature tbaa this, we may i*l*'it Iu it fi-w days to have the ex uiug of Sapits a gucat en board an English frigate, and then the I'atrimo oy '>f *t Peter tu all lta'y.lrom Kesg'i Ui tbe Mtncto, w 111 b? the only spot cf ground that does not enjoy the blessings uf a true Italian government, Til* IUIm loabrogllo. From the 1 -milon Tl mea. Nor 6 ? T..lal wm ot the Boarboc irmj," tad '-ime mil loo throv hundri l tbnurand roioe Id favor of annetttlon to Sardinia" Ttipar arc Huh born focit, before wb Lb creo Kitijicrori mu?' bow Nothing Htrike* the ordiuary mai who tu i > the r, ?,<t to tupply blm vitb t*ru anl common aetiae to (Hide hla judgment on them, more tbaa the tlrauft- do loot which frtooti and tfiuittert, with every light of eiperenc. au 1 erery arft: ?? <>', tiat* rratt at their oominaod, r ji?'? y '?rm ??;?> i>i tbe tourer of ertnlt Tilkr. tar (Ar "i a*t vtuUani i twrntfui ynli'vna* of Ihf OmNmtnt?tAe trrmeh Km |*T.I? // hit- <ko> n k mtrlf a com mau ?? mmfrr of Sh man A? *oi th<"artfd ?iJ orrr Krovn a ru. 'J lt.-n <~f nj jonvfMt, and (Aoj> v V) rnt'r tA* futi uiJA f.i* nw look kWI fo 'A* j'ltWl t< f%ar or "w ur, nor TJ**' ee-n a crrti* (<> Ail lav I potns jtnd y<? if teat :Au iubf/t rulnr irAo orig nafrd ( '<? kAdi t of ?? I alia- Venf'd'ratwn, vttk (\r ny at iu ? a political ?ob<'mv (? impracticable a* to bare b?eo re Mired at .flrtt with incredulity, changing, wboo the cewt waa con3rme1, Into anger or derltioa Tboaa who ai tiie K%tne are proreroia'iy a.;.- to tee a>re > .eariy lUac |!ayert, and it may be o ir comparative id-:uIt?!>c? to Ui.- rrauita which mak't ue free Inn the cioadt whuh antpetimea obacura imperial j> jrwptioct Er lenity, lbs p'?lor?of tbu*e great p> r? >nag> t are to t'.rorg m costn a iy t- blind tbem; they da not know the itreigth of the ttroacu which heart th* m and all loropeao a lair* <e a cria'a di?lm?d r m'ae. and ara'nti whici. cabltet* aad etvoja, and ereo powerful arm MM, la tain druggie A roato*atal aut<?*.rat can d" much, bat It :a wllhlo certain iim.ti tie may bring prosperity or ruin to the rrg MS orer which bo taiaa , be may itccgibra or orsrt "?? o?n iHuatrloaa hoiiee , bo may kuef hU aeiKb^tor* la alarm, or loare tlieai eocUni'-d mi a happy t tb? art* or p^ase. bat th<>?< are oily eddlee la tbe great current, and. whether he will or not, the lUe wh'ri h?* aet ia toirlrdi tho ??e-rt on t ' rreed"tn *n ! BOtloMllty in E'iropr oi-4*t :.o? oa carrying wltb it htm and all hla apparatna nr coercloa The uriioa of I<?iy uodsr oat crown u bow as laeritabir ertnl The over* helming ir ijr |a farsr erf aon* u na to ?>?r iieia aa<t the *? li iBo-e arerweelm |M MM oni of \ :et -r l ioanue'. hare now aettie l that po at Tbe B-rcrhoc 0r? pot baa or, w little m.-re than the a runad be ataada > a to call bla cwn At an otajrt* wl'l i baa prod a ? tbe aorrneai a > tingle will ran arret! t Were erec Anatria to g?.a a u mpirart gitrr>wt. in a fow Tear* lb.' ttrl e mutt Minm. orr agtia To* tent at 1th* -hf ha? t> ? n r a < rer th* Itaiiaa iwaiatma it liat toarn roil, aod tbe tvtuUj It or arrao wta It 1: m<ij U ht'A IAj/ in nc !o> rm, tf>t m r?rla art >\ r* tr f? fmmd a fa mil t't v\" <U ?? J'lirr !. br . *n?4 tc Iht tiiydmia, aa?i-V> VW4 nc' tr r a>'f to rfrtat iht la< Auttn*n out of tkrtr country Tae future of tbat empire la bar dearly hep* pr'jriuc.' t lo? rattly to be read It aarda no pro pBrtle etatoo t<- *ee th* wbtte ooMi l owly anl t< >lrnly lurch ag .Kit of Veruaa. Bed aboadoalag, amid tb? aop prratel excltemcat uf the people, the 'ortiflcat' >aa '.aiaty Br ?he I at earh ?Bor?oa? mat at Vealoe If we aee ta<t, at rau writ ima.ibt toat tb? Catr AI?xaB<ler and hi* n> ? at?r tee it (??.>. and that, refract* ! and ?l'tf?rt?d by oiltjrtt of pt'iaittc me?:umt, It at inU reacw the per a coptlort of tbe rroaa ao Jabtttl. la fact, trory one ran' **? the hopr'"**rr*t of a new oatnptiga la Itair ctcept tMpr.iroke;1 oad riantrtlre torert'g* wht It tocgiag t > oidfta,.' t That ?>a-< ? Joatph waa reaty for it. t ! mad act tb^r? ran be llttie do> bt. aad that be w<nt to Warsaw to let- for tyaipathy, If dm help, it i eqoa. t cer lata tut bow ha en aid hare *ip*ol*d loe K'Jttiati aad t*rc?aa eourU to oouateaaaoe hi* achenrt t?ta-? the c vn ?r*beoti >o of oedieary otaaertr* II it a happy thing for the world thai tnr S ribf I ?i i au our* < i t*d Ut 1ef*n-.t than agg- w*. >0 aed do aot *a* .y br'eg the r Irglnnt t" thr ar?au!t of tree Matct t?i late. BobbU the Ml loraitl blr of tbes, hat r??r.'?d a Really wound, aad wmild i baril'y ttep?4eyo?d her frontier* lo mpt?rt the m wt (t llu. of a f or Ibe moat roerl?o*d of aaatal Aattnt ?.a* doea rotbiag to tl<-t?-r? aueb a ttrr'ftce nor orr tbt ? ? urbw tbroac- ad the arrerelgaty X the Pope taatna 1 1 t ? .1 wb i h r; ry Ri?ch attra -t the Ritaian pro^t We i tat tbe Knt* aa p?-oofe,f<r t tr% tt a puMie op n'oi t? lb* ?*p re, wt.iob baa af ?t* mad* tie. I f*it, which tha 1 t a r ? sr. ard lo nrrect, aad which hi caor >'iort are toe ? t* to th* a?t Tbit *>piakni hat b*ea all a >n? r*ry adTtree W; A^ttrta The n larrrl be(w?ea th tWe?n pi rtt ob the t!ibi*rt of th* Ttrkl'h war hat rea'ly beta tut to much thr do ng of ttateamra at of : ? r t? a gri eral. V K iatiaa prop.*, I. gh bb t j ?iar* repeat d tbe reppoatd pertly of Vieaaa. OC..1 hart worked then>trlrea lalt aa aatlpatky ti errrytbiet Auatr'an ?h eh It rte tr m harlag tabatded Tb* po'.itteiai t<b loaopber may draw t ime tb*..>urBC<>tnital t ^>e rn 'a R stt-aa prrgre**, froa the fact thatUr; i<*>pla hara learned ti hat* a a heartily a* !f thay wrra criili ?d rnnce uortchaA baa B<dor out y mad* hlmaaif na ?fictow ia t1?* i tt*raioe of aatt totlr an ojln' <at aad tr far a* a i'.taiaa ttateemaa can oosalataaiiy do bo. he ha* atxw traced tbe Itaiiaa itnUtM W, futlf Mmn rtaf farm tV (Vw? *W*WI-W*> (Vw u nor -%? /tu?t ta 4* a Aeeind Wke A?w n*l npntre werrf/g f A#< Auitrtm ?At lid be htmU*4 % tV? tKvrtf of Kt Wl mi aerfina-i >u> ettmy Oafr tha fear that a break np of tha Aaatrtaa empire might brtag tb* rrrolatloa to bw m tr : t trt hat a ' d'trrd the Cmr ta aeaept pro*oaalt foe a raooBc'liatiM Patiry bag foi tha boMtrof iMHaatma. a^. if Ao*lna bad oar a will. of to erter t ha f trie tb* m'tht pawibly hare okltbrt mat baling and aag'a rupua ronceaata* ta bar rtawa. Bit ?r*n it ) i tepb, '.hongb ?ad tatlBf rosqaaat *a tha l o, w an forfttMofbli lataraatat* ItaDiiiba II bt* aiwayg b*ao tha wtli of tboa* who, Ilka oar?alr??, wwld g adly , B*r a iktror and proaperont Mat* ia Otitral Baropa. tbat i Aiauia wo?.d lo* oaatward. aad, realgaltg Ml Ji>pa of Or*?e.t| the !tal ant. would aadertake th* ta* of da , ralop' ig and e:r1l"iBg hrr JOarle bad R .omaa pr rr aro* It may be that Ui- Rmparor l? >k* for?*rl to iaawact la U? d'.rretioa at or odembity for bw loa*e* la Iiaiy, and ?*** la the Trretr of farit a aorartty fi r bl?aa?r n t laat thaa for th* OuIibb Or tb* prid* of th* Mapabirg uay rerotl fmra tbe 'tl gn'tf ?' reataoelaf tor hit pr'raie adraatagr tbe *t .^ataiMM of b i/oaly no I Ir* yaara ?id. aad abiet. la tow af ita porta, wat odo^od on b s own tuggeatlon. Both Aoalrlt aad Pruvsla ?re isdersiood t > have declined wccxl< ? M> aay pro pomis fur the mocidoation of I be treaty of 1460 Gortcfcaioff and Krchoerg having ai ttelr first lut-ir view, li is i kid, allowed their leal to lurry then into none ? trmlb of expreaaion. Tbia result mgbl have been to re set a by any one even moderately a: |uainted with ihe stale of luro|xi It la plain thai Kuasta will not help bar ally without driving a bard bargain, and Austria, being free to Sgbt or oot, will prefer Inactivity to sucdese at such a coat There oertatnly do remain behind conslde / allocs to wbleb we may some day bave more psrticu . larlv to dlrcct attention, roe tide of revolution In lots j broke is vaio, a* the Kmperor Nicholas boeated, on tae granite of holy Russia, but It may torn oat that tbe present flood la strong enough to waab away tbe projec lions of thla solid formation. If current reports bd not wholly incorrect, the Emperor Alexaader b?s been muoa t la riled by the attitude of the Poles, wbo on his visit to Warsaw, received him with a oootoaaa wbljb he fanciel highly algniQcaut Having relaxed mum of toe mictiiifs of bis father'* rale, and gi?en the f'eiea a liberty to which they had been unaccus tomed, tbe Czar, la tbe regular course of things, might bave expected a lavoraoie reception. But ike silence of tbe population baa, It seems, only tcadod to confirm suspicion* that were abroad befor? bis visit Tfcat the Polea are uhqoiet, and that lb - movement la In stigated irom support la a power lul quarter, Is said to he I tbe belle! of ft. I'etersiurg. Should toese suspicions prove correct, tbe three I'rincea may draw closer to gether, but it will, we Ibir k, be long before they take the held in such a oauae as the Austrian dominion la Italy. Ab Incident of ta? Actios at lusa. A I .-Iter in the far)* PebaU cental aa tbe loiljsrlag ? '?As soon aa Clair lot reached gperanseno, a Hag a trace oame to ?qaeet aa tatervlew for the Marshal of the King of Wastes, falzano, wbo commands at Gapna Ctal d in 1 granted the raqoeat. aad Haixaao came to bead quar Mrs to prottat. He said that the oonduct of tbe King of Piedmont ?s? altogether unexampled la hiatnry; that there waa no Instance ol a king tovauiag tbe duteaof an other prince, who waa his relative and bad al ?ajs haen on friendly terms, without evea a declaration of war. Be at! ded, that the army of King Frannis 11. waa ladigaaat at lb '8 (act, and was determined to die In tbe defence of lie maater C laid In 1 listened without Interrupting him or betraying tbe least emotion, and even endeavoring to banish from bis Ojuntenance the lronual smile baoltual to him When k??I/aoo had conciuled his speech, be refuel, 'Very good; 1 sea that we Bhall not oome to an understanding today; come again to morrow, >ou ?1H. MflttHL then be more composed to spesk to the K ng." Aad dtlxano waa dismissed tlal o lul fcad Intended to take the mountain route by Rjcm liutiLa, and (all upon the enemy a rear beta-eta the Ga rlgiiabo ana feme, but tbe roada be lag found altogether imputable hr artillery, he waa obliged to cbaoge his plans Tb s bold stroke would perhaps bave decmod the war, by cutting oil the retreat of tbe royalists on Jaela, or driving them pell met! Into the Garigllano. It was, however, found impracticable, to the King's great regret, as be Intended to have been present In person After balling an in ur at Teano, Victor Kaanuel pushed on towaros tbe left of the Garigllano, having with him two regiments and half of a battery. At the fool of tbe mi runtain of tSan (liulano near a hatulcl oaiiel He?sa, , sixteen baltanions of Neapolitan Ubasieurs, drawn ! up in order of battle on tbe slope of the ; mountain, were walt'kg for them, buhmd trees and walls. The Picdmontea* line also formod la patouns. ; and tbe arlnf liefan. The Neapolitan nitea being batter than those ot tbe 1'iedmonlese, and carrying faitbsr, the . Sardinian sole i rs beg >o to sutler considerably, and bal a 1 gooi a. any wmti'i d Victor Emanuel then ordered to charge ? lib the bajonet. The order was at onoe exe euled, and a lew volieys of grape Uuuined the struggle Che royal ste retired in disorder, It uvin* a good number , of prisoners aid eomo dead, bat not to many of the I latter a* the r.edmontese had lost. VlBStlftt A Venice letter of tbe 26'.r. of iiclober present* a meiaa 1 choly aspect of tbe slate of that uiiaa ipy capital Tae oriler ?ajt ? Tbe si tace of Jeatb reigus In tbe CltV of the Itodgit, the ti inqulllty Is so profound tUat tbe aa IbOMtits do cot tven take Uo usual precaution try mea ' M.rtt a n'ght Tbe Central National Co nmlttec, profU leg by lt<ese itnHNMW ?u-i au unusual>y dense fog, ' bas c>u*ei the to, lowing proclamation to be pi warded ? ! To ocR Bnoiiiitiui o? Vaau a? Brotheif ? Tbis is a solemn hour f >r Italy. God favors oureoentry, an! her ilisticy approaches a solution It 1 has bree said that Naples is the key at Italy, Well, this : key has fallen It to tbe hands o' tbe bero (iariba .ll. Brothers? Turn your e>ea to war da the Adriatic, where you ibali seefri oj afar tl.o trl colore 1 Hag unfolded ? Ibat blerscd ( ?# MaribalJI will tie at band; he will soon dad himself sn.ot x the sons of Venice Await la siub a case the orJerof tbe rum mil We But antil Ibis shall take pisi-e, peaceu?OTe everything. 8anlsh all personal bate ai.d rsusor from your hraru. /or ailsaoriflies shoall be elleclcd at the altar of patrlotlam. Rally youraelvaa around Ibis attar, embrace each WW a* brothers, ao lhat tbe d anon may llnd you united and strong In the hour ot danger. One unanimous cry will then raa>uad from tbe Alpi- to tho (iua'nero I/>rg live Iia.y' l.twg live Victor Emanuel! f-oag live Garibaldi! THk NAlIUNAL CENTRAI. CUMMlllIX Vivts, Oct It This procismanon, tn Italian, was placarded on the Dlgbl of tue 24 tb at tbe corners of tbe streets and the pnnc'pal plaoca where the Austrian aani.'estnea were tested The agenls of polloe bad enou|h to do to tear I hem down and dsatroy them The Italians hardly dare to raise tbrtr eyee to war la tbe sa'd ooraoraof tbe atreeta, aad tbe appearsnne of tlte oUy becomea hourly more aim bre and melancholy Tto? Wkrww Vomt a rem ft. V >m, Not S IMO Count Rerhlrarg bw addressed a circular c>te oa the W ar* aw latcme* to the re pre? tatlrea of Austria ikrml To'? nolo >UM that tbo ot net or Ihe loton-lcw ?U to bind more cloeely itr personal and friendly relations of tbetbree pnt.cei prtsenl. and to ooaourt the principle* lor ibe i'iulat'cn of their conduct la Tlcir of oertalo ?nttnlttiM Count J'."<-.bbfrf. without entering upm any details M In tbe nature of tbe arratgr menu coaolon-d, HMOM lh?l a |H r:<ct uid?'r*lan I'i g waa e*lab lit,. .1 H*, bow rvtr, male* It clearly understood tbat boo intervention ID lb<- affh rs '<? Iialy waa agreed up n.atd that although anatoua to aoppirt ibe priartplea of order aad Earopeaa equilibrium, ibe three Northern Courts will da ao thing wbicb might pn>\ >ke a war M Bojer, 8? ereiary to tbe F.mpreaa, baa left for South aapu*, on Its way to Madeira, to prepare quarter* lor bar Ha esty. Aaalrlaa Keforma. Via***, Not. 4, ISM Tbr report tbal a treaty of enmimrce baa been aoa clud'J bet re a Kur'aud aad Austria la unfounded Tbe V h La oorrr*f?-on*nl ul tbe boadoa Timet eays ? Go <1(1 1* K? Ubrrji ai d Colnrbowtal dtsairea on m alien of r.cb tiial aip-iriaace to the well being of ibe ?epin Uat or.e or lb* other must nxieaaarlly sow qnil olBoe Th li ro? i e tbe ten (aor>rdtng to the Augsburg tiWei o' a ( rcc'ar %ri t bj a urine t-> the rariuua iier tnan L? iU ?ltb irf- r- noe to the rereut reform* latro daced by tbe Km per or ? V :?en OM SI. HI# Id Ibe Oaf He of Henna of this day yiwr Kiael lew J will nn > the l?xl u| tae *?vereiga d*,>o?iu>oa re aolred up<* b> bia Majeeiy tbe f.*p*r?rr oa thu aubjeet of tbe impirtanl quralb* of tbr or(aottau<* of Ota aualrlaa mat a reby. after bar. eg aaturel) Hu e. i tbr proposition* o( the Marmhlnl 'ioaicu of Ibe Kapire. Tbe history o( our cvut-trj rec.rda many srert* bnt It ooslams few epucbs coai jarattie to the eery grave time i. o mating at lb* (>r *eil mum 1 1 V-vor wa* thera an rpoch more at tatrd, or mora aerl-ica queetiona to ?o;re I add wua tbe u <*i profound rooricti. a that hi- rer waa re jlnUou u. rr pvre ao.1 i. Ma than tbat ? b;cb decreed BK-ax.rrs f r.i/o troir.b the puopfa of lb! I *att eajHro looked for th' ir MtMRtM aad peoeperity fit resolution* drererd b> va *at(i?t n iuan.h a,K<ali for UirmeeiTea I tbai! aot iiadt rlake to pilot oul their par tlrular cbararter % bt ther they are lakeu togrtber or separately, Ui* I laa will be ratogulaed of raii.rg upon all tbe peo ilea aalled under Ibe crown lo take part in lb* g'corai allalrt el th? empire, aa well aa la tbe particular alTalre of each coua try , atd to create fir this purpose r->n?timl.?oaJ diaprval li.'oe wh eh, ctcllti cioeoii latirg tbe unin and power of tbe taonarcby to acawee tbe eiigenrt> * of the m>>m^at, will a;an reapood to tbe special acoattoa of tbe diflirrat paria of tbe rap'.re, aad to tbe spirit wblco au tnat' * thetr popuiattntia for th* real, I an not add rea* mrelfat this taoiaaat to tbe re iraaaatati r?a of the Cmprior in ?J Ti??n with 1 out polatiag oat th* hl(h In/'Uir- w*>cb L i da <et aitach'-a to tba reao.dtioaa crtielilacd to day, aa a mea bee of Um ttfrnanie Ctafrdeeatf* d their reprr seatatioa Ir tbe Oecoetl of the Rmti're M Ute ?"oarcb, a* well a* by the reguialipa* doomed, tbe Auatriaa pro I e'acea of tbr territory of tbe (lermaaic Oou federal 'oa will late fVom this day a pnltitoal poetitoa, wniob far from b^rg opfx?>-,i u> tbe datir* aad <>bl gal >o* of auatna la her qoalur of a nottfederated Power, will ooo tribute la all . rv?,<-rt* to maititaia aad ooaa< lidate more aad a <ra the tntiirais coei.ret'oa of ikose proeinc?a with their com i in?e (leraaan coun iry. Hi* Hajoiy en^atqueatly ealertalcs thr Armest hops: li at the nit etrioa* prtnoea. bis Uersaaa r mfnle-alee, wth lb* per*i pal f> li'aitahip aad wa'n Stmpalby of whirii his gorrrainrnt baa rer lerd a? mart proof* wh rh | Ir raeEoi forget, ?"l ball with ,lof tba important dim ? na |.y ahiea ai* Maieaty baa Ui>* da* girea oew and w ???<* base* m tbe pohtx-al org.tsirttiea <4 ibe mwarcbr Tour Iireileoey ? charge.1 to oommuniaaie the pre ??nl r*a<g'|-t to tb< gcrereatnt lo wb<rb >?u bare the b -aor to be accredited COM IT R ttH IfRU Th* Vlgiht Ttetaa een rum Paddork aad Ih* kiai?)l)iMge Infaat fur tit* Caaupiaa atil|> ul K?hi?m?I. ?r.??i it* f(?.irtlsg Life, ?for IT ] Tbe Tght betaon *a?er* and ll-^uaa is hHitor'ral t'o'ilicat.*. h.siorun*. p?ete ai 4 aculpiors all la'd tsiJe their art to witoea* tb?' grand struggle FogiasT* hea- 1 ?lo-d (tin Tb* lilr-atore of Furo.w waa bro'igkt to boar oa .bai roaleat aad the grrat aipMeat of Napmen'i po Itey, the Jf^wi/mr, rem>r<i?d that cattle Chi 1 1 rea la the atirets fcag of lb<* ootC'rt tbe worklag ma -hanle a baa drted his aficatloe u- tait c?f It It* noble dire itor of P' bltr op'o'oa, lord Palmeratoa? who malitie* la him self ibe gr raw st |oaltll<?i* aa Fjgliahaon ? lid aot fail lo reeofi r* tbe merit* of day art Tae struggle watah baa taken plane between I'addo k aad Har*t allboeg b aot marved by the s<rae all a- groaa lag latere*! aa tbat ?tM dlst-rgu'ahe I the enr-mat*r bet w rea Myere aad Rraaaa, ww miu a eery ren*arka>l? owe Ot* aa* rc tared tae arean for ibe flrat lime whiM the nttwr had aot m?'?ly e^ap*?ed ag.ioat all th^mtaoi lltira of ibe peaart t af*. but had foail t a trrgrmn genera I1-* I'ad 1ork baa rem r*d a* mock paslMtmetit a* a?y lltkrg mar Alih<<?gh nal aa artiai of the bigbea* order la a eairatlir polal of rlew, ba latoaiual* <v>u-*ae, ?era* d? terminal a aad aartraliad enastftatl >a, >n der ed bla a Irraear*! e* oppoaenl Tbr Brat who re*' gala*d

iboae <i*iim*? wa* IM late .inhany Broomt, tb* Wa t?M<<* of lb* Ring, k-i *mp'y a great bna?e bla ?elf. bv> froa* I ?* keen aeeui powrr tbe bet of <ndg?* aa to lb* carablHtia* of other mea Oa thi ?><m?rakie day thai IVdnrk A'fated Harry Mrnlma, maty tibarrred tbat If the Old oa* aad Head th r^ull might hare beea liffhrerd Inoe tha *trug(|e fa 'lank Baa uad-rgoae a aerinu* malady, plMtng bla i.f a J o *rd; bst *tnl baring toh'a * aaabnnt *em -terf b> ertor ihe rlsg wltb tbe gesatoat of bo*er*. f-.r* ?*><>ra ' w? ha* beea backed on tbu light " the ? ih tri o' tbe H{, ??t by aMtay ?f tb* rongk and rrw? cal mtL couMad w'.U, u or, of bta prominent I P sar?2?r&sJ?. S2? &???;<? ESftS-K J3S 'a^/y^rrgg ?? trainer . 0. i'addo*'. Wrlv^atMrG^s fi' Oirndon street, on rtunday, be lu r^i./f , ,!', . warm aad old friends; but tbeJ^wJTtffl a'JTb! evluoed la the countenances of nme whath? i? compete with the gianf. streo^^X " ie, T? ST-T ? *** ,reml wre"lUn? J2K5? *?'??: It bad been arranged tbat the train, from whatever station abould atari aa early aa foar o'clock, and SJiST cy of tbia proceeding w i oooe be oomj>robeaded bv our readers. The entli uigement of the tranalt u we anuotnc* d on dnturd?,, , waa entrusted to Mr Johnny f'liii i10. Brougot to an aucceaafui an issue the prin^al fights In which the world- famed Tom Hart ra had beto engaged Tboie patrons of the P R who Intend* d to be preaent repaired to bed at an early hour, bat many tut jnong men ' apent the preceding night in making a tour of the sporting orlba, and waiting np until within a Hansom cab ? drive of the railway. Many o there , how ever, waN more prudent, fnd aecured snug oabooesw to ah cb they retired at a reJEable boar, wUhtte^S^ toe o. bight porters And lodklog houee kMMri tkut Uav "?* thai the "wnoreaboata" otule mill eocld be aaoertamed al various ai-ortbg bouses- but the moat diligent Inquirer could only diacorer that the J add ngtoa nation waa to be the rendeivoua, aud even the principals In tbe encounter bad b*en kept la tbo dark J? "5* tpoi lor ??""?* Tbla proceed lag wb*cb at the Orst bioab ao me what annoyed intend ng myaatun. waa in rrallty a moat prudent atep, aa nothing * adorer ooaad out relative to tbe cboeon Ueid of battle which tory latoe Sml Hunt, who, ag we announced on H&iur day laat would be tbe caae, piicbed bla teat at Harrv Bralo.'. Beack street, Ba'rb^ea , where he wia^ | fully utter ded to by Old Barry I'ooleon, aad, refnalrc all ollera of refreshment, the Infant went to bye-bye at aboat fcalf paet ten Old Tom Taddock enoamped at Gaum B>er a, Oxendon atrcet, Bay market, where bli leTeewS 1 numerously attended, aad tbe f|cctioua beat with ?r< at ^,hb.'^rlno!ir' w" aT I. ? ?? oWm? can tot win," aaldhe, "tbe light eta do I htm no barm, and wc may let him on his n?e partisans of each mas, Inspired with fun m. ,ar?.?t:?7r00^.rre,,*d ^ ?w3?U morn Log "audita "fif ** U?ree o'clock cabs arrived in quick auo f* <"?** Weatern terminus, where a crowd gathered in Ute dark, misty morning, plainly told that aome thing unusual was on tbe tapis Tbo con doctor arr.trs at tbe autlon w? ^^ble anS a wonderful improvement upon tbe dreadml mismanage wu .Mhta.' !?* b^l*ew, arettle, w^Jteb !" ?or? ?<>?? loss than a B >ld day for toe 1 mi pid tbievea and migtmen " a barricade of porters' SUS" b?-le" WM foun< oulalde the eutian^and a double l-ne of railway guards and policemen led up to tbe doors of tbe booking offloe, thus faoilitatmc the egress of- gentlemen to obtain their tickets rhe si* oer !lDf keep"s' !o ?ocordanoe with The resolution arrived at the recent meetibg Tor the revival Me uLi & WerC "?llonrt ,ln ">e booking olhoe, to fff. J"1. ?"> person waa muieeted while Uking their 'cct'"r 'n lhelr prcgrrsa to the carriagea. and well in Sn*h f ' C?" oat thM dut> - We f<* 1 asturtd tbat sucb a oourK of conduct will do more to raise tho fallin? fortunes of tbe rinj than an j thing else Tho Corinthian mo^hwi ,?'^f P", 1,111 ?4,D oocfld..oe,rad -Ul oo^ ^ rxMllT oam,>er? M the rioK aide, tare ou^ilr m FSJ?"00' m4nly ao<1 n*,"n?1 sport of pugili,m. Mr Olaeon, wrapped lo his evea la that in ,wn" ^'? i*fi u?i ^rcel of bis beii g, wsf soperiuieoditg thearraiigumeuts atd they were carried out faulthrtly. ' ? .loudJ P( ar from tUe ^u^Ue of the station f1nl1? ttc 'ougba were kept in thfir Mac and at times a I >ud cheer annnunoed the arrival of th?' ^2. Wlth "loilrable d tn. tra a ouDftot t?g of ?gut carriages, was fotawk> ata q.W S?. ?? A lo* ??I the tramp uf Hurried i^,"0?.U0Ct J ,b 1 "? lfl ccm Toe locornot . m sj?d on Ita way with good speei, until at abo.n a <, lartor J?-, *: "f'eos su? of a few mom oil was rnaoV al Slough By tbia timn the day had hegao to b c*k ? Ji#ht gleam w?s seen on tbe horizon, which gradually oi'oau jed ?? 'fr rfcr b"? mo, i wg A sudden mitd S^r tlon cftbecarriag., told u, at tweotv miniums iTTt a* I that the train had quitted the mam llu? , aud at fort* tL\- '? ? I'V ? 'ii'?ht, halt wag mLu l' 2^ ~ .k' mt"i ? h*" fr,>m BuHogstok > where there was nosution, but the t?.?ii7 ?t* aboarta) perrons, dr * endid into a small level ' ,u wVthThalfT oanoe rrt*t>ns arrangcannu, an outer ricr J' *!r* formtd, tne twenty four 'out areas was pitibcd Tho only r*?ual tpe:t4torfl were a f??r ru?iir S isdirido^a, who rubbed their " % ^ ? . y ?! the proceed !n?a. J?* * " first to enter tli > ring, aad was amaklr D^W,n ^ flur,t I'addock won thn toa* for cor 2^ j r* C*U16 ?6'oos the ring with a ?100 m>i/? ^ ?o une, and ^laoed it m thehauia or the' I T>" Prodws*' ? ^'0 ??>? ?s"?aidalw B At about tbia moment a couple of police tbe?r e ,oon,Ubal*ry were st*n making ? ll 0 ttie * "ene nf aclioc, and after a few f.niu raorts had beta ma le to ; : th thev wer? an M>d lW? ur thr? mo'? ' bluta," ao that uim mediate move waa beoeaaltated Tola waa most M Mcelle?' P?*? ?f turf bad been sel?to? J1, * " 00???Lsea/y , and tbe baiitgereata had al inoat completed their tollettea However tbe aoeetauira took it with a good .race, although Z' ao*m{T?*V Bt^IT'i'hSl Kb$D,lbl m*,lc elrot* *>? orokea, and tbe ?Ilui li '' '"ew, found to be waaUd to no purpoee Home cooalderabte deta* innir f fc,for* lh* train returned to take tbe travelhrs to a fctsb being u.ideratoid tbat the ew in? " ?om# 51 ?ore before they could return ou the tin* a considerable delay occurred, from tbe ract or tne au borltlea bavlng to ?e onnsult'd as to the new route la due time (tee- wM g,ven, and a ^ ^ made, atd aiusr a very quid run toe tri'n it ai Ajdermaaton, about aeveu miiee boyoud Rtadior vrb^re " P}?? 5 f turf waa p.tched up^ h.^d^M one side by the river Kennvtt, and on the otrnr b* th> "U"' W.tto ad m i r ab l!> a-s!cM t y Jf pre Itmii ariet were arranged. To? Paddock wuhib Ji in 1 a light tweed auit, with a fashionable ('paaiah bat wh oh * ' Hurst waa clad la stout winter attire aad be mmtd lately followed Hiddiick* aiaotplo by ahylag his I ' most approred style-mto the afeaa Direrlly Torn commenced to peel load offer* were male la lila corner to take ? to 4 or to I but backers at uJ"' did not g?d ready ^.Sa'1 All th.fcgr having been adjuated, U.e m. n at wvd un at *2?? lnLtbt n*tt "?? *?*** br idg. Infant "" ??11^ ?P" ?y Buea er aad Jem Hod,ai? m hul Cm b'J.,rrr Sooa "J aob fravers It iT!am Bfld,"oc* llul D"to?r Tom dayera io^a f' *" !?***? ' ?el" wl"> Ho wee A. Cash lege, at I*ea>ir>gw>n), Oi,o Brettig orj^ck U* ?ioa*i<i HmT rrs" D P ^ ""Oipriaed tn. b.dd ZSXrXZZ?1?' "? mi MUST. Rorvr 1 ? IVidok ttrhipetl, berrod kit doubt, ad "old man," while the Hlaley bridge Infant Mood ortr lil-n to eucb an riW I mat Ule diepartty ?>< cv.m mora avt?d thaa between -wyare aad Unmi Hunt ?u evidently la feoitkee ocsdltioe, aad Jea Fl'xl^kia, k a tremor, who MH gm htm dowe iron Met mlin lib , *h'( be nM ?<T bieebirt.deaorne every laa^aebe credit Paddock waa Ogbnag at lkt ttb , Md (bowed x try v ifht ->ra?ly la c>n traet with H iret, who nbibied all the fall, barf muscle of j out b, altfa >cnt?nk?> react Hurat'i poaitloa of de r< ore *u good, although a* ?*? aj be (ot to work it waa plain be ba>t oo prrtetaioia M Nonce. Be waa . err ! errl?a? as. I fierce la ejpreaa: >a, wbi> poor ol<l Inn whf?e mug Waa hardly what It ought to hare b<eo, baa. >.cd with good bum.r an J pmlk-e. <>a pull lag cp tbi-ir haade, tbi-y ?f irrwd for a eer.-ed or two aa a lerier, > a boa Tcia daahid out tba fork, I ut waa mm, am San t onuktered biai oa Ibe ctliar boar, leawag a aa'k and ' ir 'l to c'. ee with be nan, but tb.? foa waa toommrf to a oa and y t dowa on tua kner Kot*ar> I ? Toa came apeoitliop. Bur?t look ng rery , Mttiak The MM M (o bka left, abut at goie.'. oa T. m'a kiaaiag trap, ft tching as i.aaiatakrahle aup>'y of ; tba ml.y " f ii at blood waa laaediateiy elainoi for Hurt., en' aliowr ? by tba referee they tbev got to gether aa 1 axainble-i dowa, Tua nailer m ?t Rnvat) ? ? Oa the call ot time Paddock came up with tbo ora'.r.r diatilllng fro? hi* drlaklag foiata a and | Uiekliagdowa hie cheat Buret Vai a*kia the drat to '?pea thr rail br Iterating agtia ot Tit poiti. trap P addon. r abed kt hia man, and after ? '?e i?t wild et cbat.gee, it wsich ao vaa doa< , foot g* dowe to avoid tbi otoee. aeemiag b> hold the ikfaat'i wree tiiag quaiMiee a gr"U reefiect Rnrw> 4 - So were they rp thaa liurat got ?w ? Kb hla left on ,m'a mouth, hut ant with kuy idecl In the roontrr, Tots wad abort Tate br.>a?ht locai t > h eloee. as I Hurat threw Tom la the right haad oomer of i the rtag, aa.. rati away laacuiog to hleowa roraar !>r?r t, aa<i laal ?the talhai waa again dcteriaiaed toioeup the b,m di aad dalirerad h'a left -nawiey atra.gbt oa rod a Jamagnl a.eeer Toes counterod him ?ltb a' liat *uti ' oa the left peeper, wh.oh half taraed Hurat ro<uid Ton la it'., atrly rac at hi ? to follow ap hie advaauge, boplog to !aad oae while tht lafact waa off hie ?uard b it he oel a 1 1. nge from liaiet'a r'tht, whicl got home wiih Mrrlte forre oa Paddock ? III: r be, near tbu rrgloa of the heart, which kt> xed rcei or mptetely off hla pine, and lie fall to tar greaad, where he laj paat.o( aad powerlete, aad waa rar M to Mr eo r?<r groaakg p.tacualjr CK ' ou-ae the ?(?? *? waa thrown ap inmed'awly, kod Buret war dK-lared the ctiamptno la tea miaiiha. lauui. lh ? nghl wai re%.'lr an dm that ft alaoei lefiea com mrpt I'crLapa a mill ao unmarked h/ ao; of thr >aaea i.aqca.nee of pagilieaa waa ae\er Jar toad ? nemtal? ?.ot for ibe rbkRipioeehip of englaa t. PeVdnak aeemed to bare loel all recoitretiia of bta 'nrtnor a tlf, aad f *rd aad preambled aa If ha fad nerer learnt the ? aee of hw , flat* at all. ladeed, are f uad rt ha' I m bel'aee that he waa the aame van, a> moeh bad the mighty MMH Ha waa tcrariebly abo-t la the taw de.irertee which he reaajed, had la the afth roand, aftae lau iicg a hot 'on oa Buret'p eye, he aablhlted wretched laMloa, oo>nplateif rnehiag i r. to hM fate, aad eatehtag Harat'a right oa the rrgfon r the hrart waa onmpiel elf keojled oot of tiaoa. Hat ha beea pai!-nt, he a<ght bare Made a better fljrbt of tt, altfeongL ha rook) aet bare woo -turat, frrm Ue rommeoeeaaeat, waa awkward aad da to id of the ellgbtret eeiawre. and be owed hla etdtnry mora to h lanky hi ?w acd hia great aireagth thaa aay tbtag Ha Isaget aat at Umee, apparaatly withoct i aim or ihject, at d * ?ma? at ttma* qeite heatde hlaaeif, el her ftaja waat of aatr p?we?aeioa or a mm ether eaaee He bad trarythleg la hla fa ear? yowth, weigh i. teeatb of rrarh had height, aad baa haeniai the Obaraptoa of Reg laad oa rbiaper lirma thaa aay af hla predeeaaanea Neither of the a?e* dieo eyed aay eertoea atf aa of pita uthmeM kt the (aiah of the brief battle T<m 'ad took hied allgbtly at the m'-ntb, aad altMagk eery III for eooia tlb? eaa graaaally raeieartag when we loft hla Haftt'e oe'r eta Ma mart of purianmeat waa oa the left ej e, where heaeppM padanek a eft baiuer. j Mt be fore be bad ?>? I kaip'r rcreagr la kcocklng. poor ('id T< a out of time. Narhetf. Lr*rr*w Mowrr Ha ax or, ftatarday 1'i'y, Not. ; ? ta ad*eaor in we haok rate ft dieeooat t.< tt the -a lay aeena in he gwaerail) etjmoter, the b?iuaw la laat eight 'a retare he. eg k?aal half a alUloat, aed the reaorwe ahool a neartar tt a a:ltea Mow the poigtg at wt rh ctMri in AnHi ?n?b ? riaa io fire par omi *? last loej biooc c April. w?. ?osoii ?m wall maintain reeo vtd upoo. At that | hlghar tbta tuat ei ad at a price more thu one p^* ri^ .* iltl,t0 which the, are do. quota*. and ??>r to suppose that the eipecied ?*> ^ ^ mater, ?> CecJiue T?e proapert of tls? ib ? ... China ear was U*b Inoeao'te, m*? ? , . lu Italy issw lm their m<?t or. ???? ?Qe Tba ImproTeuJnt In these Instances, *B? . extraordinary itvttopmm t of trade and . ' traffic e.noe *JlEt?*?d. uia) So ast against the ut>?a. U9I"~" tory harvest, and as tbe nonf-ision .0 Indian Quaaoe '? neither more nor lew than at that period, tbure is d ri-rj apparent ground for a soale of prices mucli tnferor to tb?'M then current, tlie demonstration Just obutned In China of the triumphant ellioleicy of the Armstrong gun la in a aterely finauclAl ere as, alter the expenditure thai baa been Incurred, a matter of mere than orl.nary Imp irtanee, while U>e (Act of FreucL capitalists. to whoas ?tic0,000 haa )uit been advanced to the Vlceroy^of Egypt, being wiling to entertain a loan lor a net amount erf ?S 000, OCO to Turkey. 11 likewise to be cstimati-d Tor tbe advantages U may confer on our market, and the way la which it may 1 chore it from olaims for now assistance to that country. Vomit En astao, mot. 6? The English fuAda thla morning open? d at an improvement of aa eighth, and have been wall maintained to the oloaa, the 00 ly quota tioni or consols being 08 a for money And 98 a ^ for Deoelnber 0 In the diioount market to Uay there baa been only a moderate demand Burin cm in foreign atocki haa seen limited, And scarce ly any charge baa tikes place. Amorloau securities bare been flat, particularly the sh&rea of tbe Illinois Central and New Votk And trie, la whlca a IaU of three JotlArs hAS taken p'AOe The Load to and Cbtaa Ttlryraph cay* The latest re port la circulation from Tien tain is. that Princo San ko lln ain ha< town degraded, And that the Chtoese hare consented to pa) aa indemnity of ?3 000,000 There la no doubt thAt the earn specified might easily be paid, u the sequestration for four years only of tbe Suing a ae customs (amounting annually to ?2, CfiO, C00) for thAt pe llod wou'd make It up. About ?90,000 war taken from the bank to day. Tbe London Dally Scm city Article of Not. 0 **y? ? the maiketa were someahat stringent to-day, by the con tlaued rt?e At the Bourse, which would probably have been Attended with a more decided effect bet for a sus picion that It ma; be occasioned less by the growth of political confidence than by tbe manceuvres of specula tive- capitalists, who wish to improve the proapecla ol a Turkish loan Tvb>i>ay ETnnnro, Nov. 6 ? The Engllah funds to day have again been rather fl'm, but as Advance of an etghtn, which at one time occurred, waa not maintained to tbe I'ioae. Consols for money were first quoted 93 a K> and they retnincd tbat point alter touching 93 L?. Numeroua nsod erale pMMW f< t bMHMt wrrc made during the day , but there was a alight lncreaen la tbe demand for loans on government securities at the ourient rate ol 2 per cent. In the discount mArket there la a fall domAnd for noaey for the purpoete of ge neral trade, but a total absence of prexaure dome doubt, lber?fore, ettll prevalla as to the probable action Af the bank ou TburaJay next. . Tbe a*t quotation Irom Paris waa 091 i0c ?10.000 wac taim In m tbe bank to-day, but the Continent*! ex cbarjtt-d steoi to j-ietent scArtx y any appreciable profit on rrmituccea Nothing I urUxir bat trantpired rcgar ling negot'.atljDA In 1'arlafor the new Turkish 'iian, b t it is bel'cvcd tbry ate in active progress with ibH firm of Hires & Co A tfcspmch b*a been received fro n Hnr g K ing to Sep tember IT (five dajs later) Tea war at former quota tions M k declined. Tb-j rale (>f exchange w 1 is 91, A bleb Is about one per cant le*r fuomile for ti s nut try. tbowfoo h?' been Uktn by tbo rfbe'B, and Xaypo (Nli'gp?f) wai thr< atened From iUiacgbae dates n re to the 10- b of ^trmber (S x dajs later); an I there wa* a re|A rt iba'. tbe nrg itlallora were not go'tig on smoothly at tlcnt sin A j artiai rally took place la the- shares of tiie Illinois CtLtrai at d Nor Tork and l.rle ijTAaroot (on ox Wavtit Nov fi aod 8 ?The Jetnand for cotton has been rooocraie. and the salsa for the mo dAys amount to 18 000 bales. ( 0(0 i'u speru atlon And for export Prlccs ol lo? Amerljui, ;,d a '^d per poa&d lower than last Saturday. I /vooar Cos.* Was it. Not 5 ?The trarket to dty was Without Altoration I..".?kkx'l cok> asm tnAimrm Uaxkst, Nor 8 ? Tbe demaid for wheal wae limitttl at low rates f>r Cue qaaittics. bat rather less money for ordinary runs Hour was sigxcted Oats ;,d ,or 45 Itrs loaer. t^ypt an bears, Is per quarter dearer Barley And pess wore beld for extreme rates lu tlan ooru was not in so inuoh favor as of late, and 39a -fld per quarter may be quoted aa top price of both ) el low aud mUed . tla? wh.te amsrl can ?u sold at 46t> per 4i0 lbs. ? l>r?T)0? Coio^ia; Mapkkt. Kov 8 ?Sugar firm Cof fee lira Tra steady. Ktoe iirm. Tallow unlet at 81s a 81a Sd cb the t]?t 1U1 tantST MARrtrp. Lircaruo , Nor 0, 1360 Vt sales of ootV^n fer two ds.. s(Wot>da> and Tues 'av) , 18 100 bales, lAcludttg 8 COO ??a ee to speculator and ex i>nrlers Tbe summer s eews canaed a parti tl d.-mtae of i.d. H'ldirsott?r freely, bat Kbow no dUpvliloe tc pre?? sales Manctiefter advices are favorable; market Arm. Rtcbardnon . Spec ?? t. Cc report 1>ur dull : prices eas*or, bat qaotAtlosif uncbatiged Uteat quiet, uil d- o.loed Id. a 2d Core steady, and declined 81 : mixed, Ste 81 Wakefield, Nasb <v Po. rspcrt All articles general 1 us rLasged. Wheat f rm for floe Be?f du'l. Pirk 'quiet, but 8rm Baoon ^utet. Lard steady at 83s. Tallow, all qualities. sli?tl> advanced, 6*? 61 f jr Nerth Amarliaa <tugar steady Rice flim. Coflae quiet Sp rit* turpen tine steady: Sis fld a ?."?? Hoem doll; 8s Id a As Id on ibe spot, aod 6e >1 t? arrive Pot and pear! ?shea qal< t I.:v*a.-:?!, Not. T.IS^O Tbe sale* or nnttoa to d*7 Wtu pr.-batiljr iu.000 bale*, ircludlog 8,000 to s^>cu at rs and for exp-irt; market closing steady at Friday s qootattoaA- Br?a>tstu i quiet Provisions quiet Application for I?.l???tloa to I'rrwaat tMm U?tii?dlo> of m Maw Pltr ?( th? MMfi scrum corKt? sriciiL rtiM. Rrfora Ju ge Ingrabara TV re-tit tf On a*U of Am 1 'ark w Ctrmdiw ran StrVCt ? T? paoplt of the State of New York, ID p'ala UCt aboer tamed, by Charka G. Mycin, lUc.r Attorney OeBoraJ , cotrplmla of Oometlttt VabierMIt, the tefuodaal abore Dta?1 , ana hereby inform tbi? Or:rt and thow w bllow*. Tbel the bay ud ha-bor of Net k'o'k are gov, aa<t (or a loo | tiBiC patt Liit Ueo, held, XL->'i lai tcj<.,yod by the ptople of l be male of New Tort, it) th?t th< Mid prof ic are at ail timet aalltlad to the free aed aalBtrrr .pit J -9* aed e? i ynoai thereof, for tb* par. poatt of eonaimw tad, tree from all . uier roptioa, bu-dranrc aed rocr w< r.nem whaterar Teat by tUe law* of the -Juic of New V rk a certala lloc baa b<ti> Baed and eetnblitbrtl, and low < t rit, ae the p'cr Hat, ad.'aatat U the taoret of tat p*rt or New Tar*, be" jctl it V as.hwfal to tiuo 1 abj p er, or in bind, erector naitteia any tiruolait whatever la Ue walort of tte harbor of New T</rk Tbe plaiatiRk farther tbow. oa ihfWrmat! oa ul belief, that the licfiBtfeol abort named, ta ?. u.aiioa if law, bat lately (Ltered lato a a<> up >l the watert of ibt tald bar bor, at a pr' t or p act tomh of pter Nc 1 North rror, UH 0( tic '' .It ?: hatlr-y ; ac" anil i ult. Je i ' an J twyoad lae p er to at eatabliabed he law, aa<l bat e?m Bin ml am !t tow i,ai?l la Ihe trejt. >u 'a lh? t*.d wat< it or a teelim of a pter, ooa>ro<: i / called a "rrib," being a large a .d petu meal air ? U tv aaiak to lb.? bol ti n, an t i il.'i i g or to be eiwt ??*i op ear da ??> and atwre the trip of t .? water, abit tiled u, mI? at me aid that l> e aefeu *01 tb'eateaa *rri g.vea ?, I in%l h? w rural the ? o <m-c,tt>*d< ed . ao aa to o??ei aa l mala tarn the team from the r <ot of lialti't pit e In and be )ob<i the env a'l of wb.hpler, I .r. tel. wocl.t b* be j"- ' t~d outtide of the p>er lae at .r-l aad ott aaeu by law. Tb. plaiot 9e fnrtb - thow tbit ta>' al ?rraald ?trocU^t. row U prre/?t of ereci?>B tt ar cscroactuneot o^>t the harbor ?'f New V e? k . au o ae later'ept're nf thefrejaod (oitttoa u?e tfcrrco', aol aa otttrui itM lathe i*>bo. aa? MMUitutet a ? ?>1 < ccitai.rr and that the ibrekKaed arte of lie Jefee 'anl . at a?o. e Uieged, if rarried 'ttc ejecvti-a wlli be to tb* wr >af aai iaj?ry of the people of t'.ernue'f ?tr Tork, aot ? " rieeli lute a net *n?a< it and r^Mttaunua a t'.eaate, as well at a vletet: "B if aw and ibat pla ct.fli are airpn b< i tire tatl uelrtt rettraiae : ?r.?t eat< tned by the > rd-r of lb* Cuart. the defrB'-aat w if pn>cn><l la the ereri x? of tat tirae tur* to" ta tbt rxecatton of tbe acta f Ibreateeei't by inm *b?r?tore|?to!'.ti9t dettaad rr >ef it the pruaiMee at<t pray that the itefvaJaal, bit ?(?'ate Bart-aou aad iMlmt B?ay bt et 'Mnat aad rratra'net from >rv'?ed c| tt liM trerllM of tbe tlr'> ?t ire, an t ir m ?? ag aty art o? tbir g In create ae." eoer ?acfim* it opoa >r t tttrte lion tt tbt waurt of the barb w. or toed ng thereto, i liber by bteiS-f. El ag >n ur ctter an 1 ibtl bt b t rrrjB red ani a idged bj tl.e o? ler aon ndtiaetit of tbtt CwjM lo hi ale tre aa'aaaoe aid In remora ihe tame, ti ibat the waurt of the barbur may be and reaitt ta lh? ?aaie rwdtina at the* were hef. ra k? eomiaeaced the ert-ci. .? of lae ttrac t err a?r> II at the Irflrafail b? a'j' -t*'d to pay tne rottt et ah la acttoa, aa 1 mat i be plaiatiila i ay bare Kitu other tad rtrbrr reikf at aaat be j.itt ( HAKI M (. IT(R<. tllo,iityCNr<ii Oe< r*e W Blntt, of tald e'ty, baiof daly ew??rr de rof.t aad eayt Uial ha M aae m ib? l>> tt oo?rt of IM it for tbe city of Maw York, aad that all tbe 'am tlkgtd ta the fneacotBg oa?(naiat ara witkik b.t kaoa'edft, aad tl at tbt e-ispllalat tt tenet' httowti kaow'e^ge etrent aa to tbe Baiiara therein atated oa la f >ra aiu c aad ht iaf, aad aa to thtae mttlart he beiiartt tt to ba t'ue 01) ? RuV 1 f. Hworn to befwa ?e, tb't 1 "tb day "f N'^reaiber, t*at. Rt rl J. k i aa:.: , Notary Pabl<c ib Naw York c if ?>ll? tt tattafaetoe' y appearing a> the naip'.alit ta tbta ae t no aad the afTlilaeito aareied thereto, llal the pl*lal>(f)i are eat not to the relief daaiaaded ta the eoai Hatat, aad ibat anrb relief teaatalt ta reetralalng I be dafaadaat at berr.nafter (rnetdad ? ll It beret y ordered that tha ?al< deflatar t ahaw nanaa at a ep-cia teen of taw eoert ta aa held at tb* chamber* taeeeqr at the City Bali, W tha tlty ??f Haw York, ta tha M day af sonitte, I MO, at Iwetet o'tMct at a ana. or ae aoaa tha taftac aa t >aaaal ear he hea>d. why aa itjoacttoa thoui4 a 4 be graaiad aa prayed la eatd r?Mplali t. tad la tha ?taalitta aad aaltl tbe farther ordat af tbta Cart it thia afitoa, the aald def-adant. Op neliaa faadarattt, I la ataata. aeewaata a-4 wt-k?ea, aad aarh o' thata. a*a heraby at.; naad aad ra etratned Trrm eroceedleg wtib tha eraet(oa a< the oter or i etr'ittora draartbexl la t?ia roaipialet. aad fr?a OIHt( ta with av ae or ? tbar awlertal or lulidtng t*U aoy m? lertal a tha aatera o? tha harl-or rf tae citr of Nt? 1 Titk an 1th Of pier *>o 1, North Meat, Bad rr .m aoat aa tat ia the f?r(toraa?ac* o* a?> ??' tha a-tt eoapia a?l of I ta the rata mmptaiat ?ad for a e.fat.oe of tb'.t l?; toe . tloa tbe tall refMidaat will ha Uahla ta tb* pooalty thart ] fcr weaaarthad by law T. r LNilRiSi*. I.ll'ea N>wYoBJ.,?tt V.lWk * ??rlM Co art. (HI MI NCI or W * BATOBBS. Nov. 17 ? Is Um paae of Uxvr, Uw patrolman, ft* alleged false arrest? reported In yea teniae's Hjkau? w? wlsL It to be distinctly undented that Mr. Bee jam la P. Cook ?M not present wkes his jaunt ?eo scattered um leathers on the Pr'ooe of Wales' :>rooeasloa. Mr. Oook m a rtapecable merobani , aad ut likely to Indulge la suofc jtmntle lartr PERSONAL. ? iB*THaL PaHK. saTU Rl> aT, IOVIKiu 17.^-J.M. ^ ' ikere Is a letter for >oo la Iks Msdlsoa square PastoftM. Butt. LANSINO IS BXPECTXD IN FOURTH STBBBP. b?n"f?u Dank aad Hammond, In refareooe to real re'Hs cm Tuesday. * o'clock, or on Wednesday morning, atl o'clock. ? lBFORMATION ITAHTBD -DBAS IIIR-I AM ONE OT 1 tie survivors or *-4? late calamity at Lawrence MUla. Mia aarVuaetta, aad have to Um koeultal la Ike city n t Boston ?fcr? that ilreerful oc<venee 1 have loat two sulers. whs were at work in the mills at Us ume I have bMi out of tka krepltal but two we ka aad t?vs come <o tkla city to searsk a t ?v faiker. who (art tiawrmirr ww time ago. I bare not Maw him la Bfwea irwi but seeing m f aaM la m a t tka Baw I?k pap are ke wr te t? me to com to Mew fork, but (tn me do dlrerikwa aa to wkere I could Bud kiss. All ka aald was lo rr me to Mew Turk He ts In good circumstances aa far aa I could bear H? utD? Is George K Kern" Ida. I teg aoma la formation through the aid of your journal. Tkla la tka <mtr remedy 1 hare left lo find him. By comply las with mr raqaaM you will uoofer a great favor on kla eon. Ha la a masMalsL CBARLBB REYNOLD* IP THE QFNT1EMAN WHO OALLBD WITH HIB WIPB to Inquire about a hones. Mo T Bond street, wko thought a!xmtke*ping a hotel will oall again. ka will kear a?H| 0 kla advantage IP TBIB bHOl'LD MBBT IBB BTB OP WILLIAM Parkae a Monlder, lata of Hyds, near Maachaater, B? land. be will kear of norsrilhlnjr to his advantage by addraaalac a teller to B howlaad, Hew Tork Mills, near CUsa, New Pert. f P MA KT ABB LAMB. WHO ABBIVBD IB THtl OTP* 1 about fbur weeks ego ta Ike skip Manhattan, from Liver pool. wtfl aend her address to J. M., box 1M Herald oMoe, ska will haar frees her brotkar. Ma. U CO.? PALSIPTIBO TIME. BHT EE-UHl ? Look akarp, for Ham s arcund. although It ts'at eras turnery for hiss? or aay other man. LOUT AXD F(HHD. LO'T-BITWIBN TWBiFTB AMD THIBTBBBVM streets In Fifth avenue. on Friday last a hair bracelet, bound w'.tk gold The finder will receive a liberal reward m t,ruglm It to ? fifth avenue, aay day, at 6 o'clock. Lost-a bank book, bo u.s?. oh tbb uanhat t?n Savings lostitutlon. <M Broadway. Ike finder wB please return it to tae bant and oblige B P. Lobt-tbousdat evening, bov. It, BITHBB bb tween Broadway aad Twentv elf ki at reel, tken by Bed Bird Use . f s>a?ee across Bnustoa street ferry lo fflfllsi? bu'g anil up Oraed street to Mlatk, a valuable Gold Broodt Tbe finder wtll ?e rewaided by returuug the above 10 B E., It W?et twenty sixth street, Mew York. LOBT-IN A SIXTH AVENUE CAB, NOV. IT, A Lady's Moroeeo Pnree with steel chala. oontalntng a small ? m of tr r uey and a colt' chain with hair cro?s aut'lud. The hnder. by leering It at IS Mnrrav sueet nj etalia. srtll tw te' ~e the thank* of the awner \ai a suitable reward. ICsT-lPTH TNST.. A BLAf K AMP TAN TERRIBB' J Dor blin<* of oneeye Any person ret irntag him to Jas 1 o".nt 231 West Twenty ninth s'reet will betkaaafully re warded LOST-OK flATTTRPAT 17TH INST. A NOTB. DBS WB by J. t* Brouner In favor of Uilsi, WhKeiork A Kel'y, pa> able at the Hhne and Leather Rank, dated Oct 19. ISSS fov.r a. ? ths, for I'M j~ All are Uereby notlSel not to t'egctlate said note. LCKT-ON BAT'-Rf>*T, a SMALL BLACK AND TA* Trrrle' w 'Jo a sl'sM scar on the llad oo a silver tba-'n enUar The finder wtll be rewarded ca leartng h.a at Ho. t Breroor'. place LOXT-OBbDNDArTHK UITH INST , WIIILC PASB I' k through Urand street aal lliwery i > Bleeter street, ? Ooid chat?aad two Lortels. a keepsake frrm a dear friend. Ibe fioderwill be suitably rewaided by leavlog U at Stt Boaery, Lf RT - ON FRID*T APT1KNOON, A RMaLL D1CBLB beade1e*m>v> Breastpin, with pMn go'. 1 setting The Cn.ler w.ii he suitably rewarded by retaining It to No. lj duet Thirty fifth Street. LIST-AN oval BOVkMMti JET BREASTFlll. MB tween Uott Haven and Thirty fourth street on rhtrd are t'.te. Tbe 'nder will be sul'ably rewarred by leavtrg U at T. M Oow s. SIS Caual street. .<r St tbe Mott Haven depot. LOST-OR PRIJAT KV1MIMO. RETrRMTNfl PROM kl' lyveaant a reel, a gold bracelet, caaseo top The findas wtU be tewar. ed by '.aavfnx It al Si MUth street OTltK-A PARTT WHO. ON FaTORDaT NlflBT lest broke lo f< tb? dwelling 5k Johaaia street. Uro klya. carried off. am'ieg ? tbrr Ihlcea. a note of Geo laronrtiM. date\l Naw >ork, Oct. J7, at ml; lavs, fur $1, KB. Ths pnbUa are hereb) warned agalatl ner-iUatti t the same in). McKBB, ?1 Wall straat N4 HEWAKDS. a?9 rkwabd.-lobt, a rbddish bsowb ro j. ?P u whitish eves Imi hair around his nnee. abont ulna m or tha old * hoerer wi! return sail Dog to 81 B yard street art 1 r?e- Ive tbe ataere reward fee REWARD -Lt ST. OR BNTIOBD FAOM TBB owner a Waek and tas uog. with blaak iratkar eollar. was last seea following a man weartig a sloueksd bat and ft ugk overeost Apply at JU? Seventh aveatia. f'K REWARD -LOT IB RIDINfT FROM THE POL vOu ton ferry to West Twemy eeveuih street. In a Fifth avenue stasa. a Lad) s cold Watrb and I'hitn Tk) number of the watch was and uae luvked 'J C li B Is O.' Tke liuder will rerelre Ike above reward by 'earing Ike earns at .16 Jrtlakdt street RPECIAI. .\OTICK*. Am imudhihiai wiul, AH'Bam.s at Mat.-opolliao A<v1amj, ,'S 8. un aaroua on T ".eaday aad Wadtfadaj, Uw mi flat tuaw at 10 o clock A. M. v IS tad 7 P. * 01 each day f-iin au I dA'.^kUsra jf um attaod Many talet.tcd aril! be praaeot vriw tom cm amp poumtt liquor oatunr 11 Pro'e<-t|*a b ?t?tj ?Member* are raa u>wn) luM ? of tbe kbo-e Horte'.y a: ike Blearkar Hon ?, ooraar or Biaeclar aad Uraena alraau, on Mjada? No?amUer U, at So'..aek!" M. Bynrvtrof ? * _ 'TbOMAM B KXilR, TVm PraAddBt. Pitl" M <}r 1 ~>w, Rerer.iiar Itaraiarjr. MkTHIrtOHUL. ALADT TOUMtf, INTMLLIUBNT AN l> I'MBPOM Waaler t' -?!"?? V" rcr?ctcoa<1 vltb k ??n' ew?n vttk a ?la? nuALrtnoaf. Addrtaa Arfaa* Tboroa, auiloa k KUbu ???.? ^jUAru: ??(;?? **:>? K?rr ' -HHOV1M4 tub aa in trat bow to ?ln k low aul tf auanl f / naarrtad. A aea hr~? for both riM. Frw for f aaa<a A JJreaa t. WW enh taaara. Wi I MM "blladairbla Po? o*.ea CP\1< ?rn ? f d wnrrs ?bh omau piacs o?i h(ID 1 lebMba- I Krva.! M i .1 n.n, M lb* tutt ;aaJHf and m ??ea; ai'kiK pi ee Aim Cam icrlai .1. EiraritnoJ ? >rral ui l .*1* HM>K V HKBVR, Coraar Can*] aad C?tre krd Jate aad Waal atraato. i!J v*Jt IIAi/PJ- AIM IV TUT* ur M* ?' Hk iIBi' AhTMBMT yf PIMaMOS L/ Horaaoof the lUwotar of Tai*?, Row Oo?rt Hctiaa. (B baa:barae?r?at, Norembar 11 1<M0 ? Mjtlaa to hereby *1ra? lat of llManb* ok aB tba* ] par ?aai vUi ba *..-iad on uia iraraa^lalcr rnv*id, ato that t par. real will oe added aa lb- 1Mb of I ?e?nber. Ho mooay raadtrad after I M. 1 ?ue bo< rtfrom 3 A, M w> ? P a. J&M MR CBU .T Macetrer of Tixaa. C'OBPOBATIOM KOli B.-TUB HPBCUl. O'lbb > avr Aaleil b ? lb* Board of Al<Urm-a fc. :m? ,fU<lka anBolrner of Hm> ar^xntT ?t?aa fu* Ul aafr kMs>lo? aad Bat todr at Ibc il'r 1 aoaafea Uo kOMawt of lalaraal aali tba? ?T. ?rd ataab o<b?r I .fWaaUna baarlaa apoa lb* aab'Mt ka lha ??ni?ut aa Bar ba aaabiad to aaq<tlr? ?ui moot at t uaa *a ? <'li> H*JI '* ?' o!a> iba l.<-b . at ?o" -liwl-f M AM p^raaoa itiiaraaiad tn laa ta'oaUMtkai arc boi an; n.iu?adta prr?*n'. at Jm aac ra iiuattuaad UoA aoJ . .am, witboatfar tb?r &>tta? iOBM n ??? ADT, 1 t i A, MfX>, B. ? ?Wr*ry.. UiltBKKT M. PLATT, ) Pa ? Art* r?f oilic H??oRr nv itomomthmmato* Srr apt" *?1 rM? M)AIU> OP >>CPBBrUK>IU?. H??>1 ;t?Hi aalbnr^rttf tta(V?iaittf>M Pnr ia??o pabiiah bj H< w t ?k'lp. lha o.u Hal raaaaaa la r ?*!< * M form. ?*<??? - Lf f p?r?l?) ?, HoMMi It '.-40 Oa a>fi kad aoa* kMMM *'? latM ?ppropri*'ie? M ? far j*>a kii u4 (Irdart far com lv jal>. h. a> a of rt- [?cr itora. Mor?mbar I*. 1M0 Oa a/aa aad naMi aPapiaa. pc* ? if'nr a rtbar1 * J-J7 M ? ?r U-ktd Jarr 'Onm It |>. I ,? I ,.11-t Fonaa abca a>.| ornriad Of 'nparrlaor*. Hu-raU; It. l$U. Oa a;aa kad OMB ad iplad Kaao r >1 ??> -a . tiiia of loh a O. Uati*. t&M 91 KNP, A. Bl Oa..(j ??? *T !"0. .'aoob Ttat^N, IMi li- UU. far aoypMNi a d a taadiar tat bn-ka. f^-ai lof'* ari '^wTk Nortubaf U, 1 Oa kraa Aad aoOi ?>(?: if J R. ? ?| 10 , ?r vi ia t* Li ,*ra .'awtl A Oo , ffr rbtMw for ?*, ?)? CO. ?M of f-pcu^m. fyrwmotr U Oa A ra tad noaa MtflbMi *'*0:0 < a to paj < 'bar>? U*? a tC or Etua* aaa. i ( ?'->ar* fi b aoa P -aa <r pa btl'aor ? t, 1 ,?caan I'M for paa . tia T I'aru A Co ?? K forlJA *. A. Ua . e?l. 9' W ??. Vxtrd Of M ra Moram ?r It, l*du Oa araa aad ooai ado, ad, Ha a kiwt i> ? >t btl.a if J % Mr<aowaa, tn 99. bad OaoraJ w - >7j Ml f ir a?r?'?)t aobr ?aa. ifca-d ft.' *? v .rriaoca. Moi *m^^r II IHU Oa ara* ko 5 aaaa H-aM^tApttMIt" Ikwktt M?l*d 1*1 W ft* a ? Watal oftajiYi MW % ???a?bcr It. ISM Oa araa aad aaaa * twaoicitxa V r ?? '"T'- ma?wm atkmiaat ?a iartan ta-cr and In# 1^1 tcmbcr *(? at aiiiarrro >oTcaaba? 1?. 1?" Oa kf?a ?ad noaa adnakad ^ rilR ARTI. S' VaSo^'f'r^ VAa LBMtrs of a Arm. A- twerr. )a ar? oa aibiM . TKHArif .lAi-'BWT m t iba 9Lof%. A<adaar 4 UM.oat Hmnnwtr '>c*a fmm I A M to r utdova - ,Pt,W ' *?. a H'11*' ' 'i- AMP T*M TK>1 P>>M A aal? k moat ate*, "cat ra*ar ka I tvtaa* watcb Aiaa. a ?at. ?an -a i> if Wo' be aotd abaar Arrif *> r?< bwl.i*aa ? fraat. rum l<? I laa ba aaaa In n 7 ? W s'< aab ta Wka caalaa 'or two dajt A laAMfcl liOf (?ri"MPit">MTMO OAMAMta*. fiim CL aa. t-lacb ft. Ma l arta Urtdbawaaa. joatarrtaad; alaa Mnclifi g w -1 a, a<l la ataailaal aana l?ra Wfaa. Ma tnr atla M tba Mara ifc Paitua awaat. occaar (loid atrw -? OAVtO ?MwTOW. Rat iiMiM?-Mc>Trom Pa? matok. a%>aa to l"?a af po talt w? in ?Ui take ahra Mb'.* aire ibto (Monday* aveal iff J ? jbrm ? aaatr TBt tnp ? HnMTlMM_ A M O TA IM a?or- ??) 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