Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8839. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1800. PRICE ) CE.VTs TUG CRISIS IT TUG The Message of the Governor of North Carolina. PREPARATION TO RESIST COEECIOI. Too Thousand Volunteers to be Armed aad Equipped. THE MILITARY RESOURCES OF VIRGINIA. The Guarantees Required from the Worth by the Booth. Enthusiastic Secession Meeting at New Orleans. HURT WARD BEECKIR OR TIB CRISIS, lln ||,| &A. IMPORTANT FROM CHARLESTON. CBAMianon, Nov. 19, 18S0. Jbe government arwnal la nonauntly guarded by da> lanhmenta of the Washington light Infantry. It it gone nil; believed thai the pretext about UUa being a preoao Mao against popular or servile outbreak la all fudge. Tba hot la that aa immense quantity of aauaoaltlon la itorad lb ere, and aeople believe the public good reqalrea that It abooM not be ramovad. Any attempt to remove It would almost oertalnly precipitate revolution aad blood abed. Tba Light Infantry patrala are act admitted within Ika araeaal walla, bat encamp la the surrounding eoclo aare. Tbe itrlcteat military dlaclpllne prevails among those an dnty. Tba aecesalon flag waa hoi (ted on Saturday In Savannah front the armory of the Republican Btnaa, who lately rial ted New York. Tbe Chatham Artillery flred a salate aa tba occasion, Mayor Joaes, of Savannah, and othan spoke, aad the greateat enthoalam prevailed. Ootnmbta la muoh talked of aa the nana tor the now, Snthern confederation. The Military Committee of tbe Legislature, which flat Aartag tba preaant reoeaa, have adjourned. They uoa cJoded to report to tba Leglalature two bllla, said. to ha dMbln and practical la charaoter. They will m ?t again aw Monday morning, prevtona to tba opening of the rsgu lar newrion. A beautiful Palmetto gold baadad oane la Va be preaeet ed to Captain Berry , of tbe ataaaaablp Oolroabtn, ow hla arrival to-night, aa a teatlmenlal for having hoMad the Palmetto, tnatcad of tba federal flag, la V*e New York har bor. Tbe steapar will bo reoelvad wlCa a aaluta. Tbe re is aa doubt that a moat active oorreapaadanoe la aonatantly kept up from thia point with Cuba and Eu rope. relative to immediate recognition of tbe flnathai n waafederacy by the foreign Powera, aa aoon as tbe con federacy demands recognition. There is talk of lbs Legislature declaring tbe State (out of tbe Cuion, aad leaving the Coo veal loo to ratify tbe net; but many cid fogies, though hot for action, are ?ttctkra for foriralttisa, and wlU probably overrate Ibis aoarae. Tba Spanish Clipping bare to-day hoisted all tbalr llsgs tn^boaor of the birthday of the Spanish Qooaa. Taa lawyers of Lownda county, Alabama, have re paired to return all Northern claims uncollected, aad tho sample will piobably aoon be followed throughout tbe cotton States. TEE SENTIMENT OP ALABAMA. Movwioaaay, Nor. It, 1860. Tta foalon between the Bell aad Breckinridge p*rll? la Alabama la ataadtly prog reeBing, Both (Mm adromto es ireme rtawi. ? John T. Morgan, lata Breckinridge Elector (tor the Rtaio at large, and William Piillltpe, a prominent Dell ama la Vnt iiibiM, were com mated this day to repreaaot Dallas county la tkc UcurenUoo The meeting wia the torgert ever held In tbe ooonty, and itrag ?ecHoo reao hrtiooi were panel onanimooaly. Mr. Phillips baa hero todcre bten a Mrong I'tlon man, tml la now a eeoeerkjotat. A large majority of tbe preea of tbe State faror Iem dtete ae-raeioo. Old party feeling la entirely destroysd, aad tbe Union element will hart no power exoepl la a ?nail port too of North Alabama. p m thought that Mr. Forsyth, tbe editor of tbe af this city, will certainly jotn the dlsnalonlsis. Bis re eeat editorials lead to that belief. Be wp that tta South - or* etatss thonid act be Mtlafled with any goarantoes ePred by tbe Northern Statea, aaleaa they repeal their Slate law* agatcst tbe yogltlre aare law. U they fell to Ae tbla tbe Soatbani Stataa ehould dtaaolre the Uatea. Breckinridge"! eaajority orer both Bell and Dooglaa la about 10,00* Dooglaa reoelred 10,000 rotea, aad BeU RECOMMEND A Tir N8 OP THE QOVERNOB OP NORTH CAROLINA. Rataua, Nor. It, MM. Both branches of tbe Lf r'alatare aasawliliil to-day. A Strang Soother* feetla] la man t feat TtaOorernor'a aMaaage, which will ba aaat la to- am row, take* ttroag Soother a groanda. It nrn??aA? a ona terrace with the aol(hborlB| Sutea, aad than a Stat Oaareati a oa fed-cai affairs. Be reoaoianeads the en : rtvUmeat of all men between alghtaaa and forty Ire ! years, aad alao racoHcenda tbe raising of a carya of ton thiwiaaad rolaateers, with ami aad equlpaaaota. Be goes for reewtlag aay cTort at ooaretca la say ersaA Tea may look for early actloa of a paalttre Bbai%rtw THE ATTITUDE OP VEtOINIA. Iti< axoac, Vrr. It, IBM I an laforaaed by n?aeral Richardson, Adjstaal Osasral of this State, that there 4a now, folly armed aad equipped, la Vlrtfata, a foroe af aae hundred taooaaad of tbe ?Mte af tbe yoaag sea af tbe Stoto, with a raaarra torce of owe hoadred tbooaaad n?e*e F1 re hoadrad gradoatea of the Stole Military Academy are matter*: throughout tbe Gcwiatoa wealth, Biting tbe posttloas of brigade laapac tors, tasfcles ssroraJ grade ?tea of Weal r slat, oat ree of Virgiata Tbe Oestr*l aay* thai, from all the rorrespoadsncs or which bo ?* la receipt tt M ooaatderad that a decided nurpoae to rail federal aggreaatoae eiM everywhere la ' .tx Com wealth Ba la orsa la reoelpt af letter! fro? aattrrs of Vlrg'nla, reeldeat la other Statao requesting I wiMloiima seder tbe mUltta law, aad eran tendering tb?ir srrr.ors ea pnrataa staoil they fell to recalre coss nUTT'"? To aae tbe Ueaorni's words, "The tret tap of tbe Jrum will bri ig them to the aid of Virginia" rtre thoaear 1 smooth borad feroossioo masketo, per flbaaed from the ( alted States goreraaMat. tare lately ar rtead tare aa<l etfbt tboaaaad aland of artna af dlflbmat fltaaaa, pure heard la the North tare ??oea Ibr warded ft* tb with la the peat weak. Vlrftsta baa eatorad Into a cwrtrast for throe lAo iaaad stalls to salt beary artUlery , taatoea oae hoadrad now la haad to nit a battery af thirteen iron rifle gnos of the Psrrett pattora la ad dlttoa to tbeaa, Bra baadrad barrala af I>ipoat powder tare tarn porabaaed, aad ara aaw la aBara at l?sta?toa aad thle etty Two too mad aaw aabrea tara beat) prar dad Ibr oaralry, hide oaa tbawaad ottf aaaa, which hare beea Uaprorad la a ? riir la Bait aay amer gwxTr Oik thwatad r? to It lag pttoaBl af tbe Dwm h adaat* modal tara alao beea parataaai aad will aona he dtetrlbated. Thle looka is If Vlrglata waa lilBmlail to be la Ibe rtog A free argro la I^aoMtor aaaaty made a rerotatito to the aatborltiM of that oooaty a few daya age, to tbe of Met that tbe aegroea from tbe apper aad lowav aad of toe aaaaty w*re to mast at tta Qaart Boaaa at a aartoto Urn- t reak opee tta iall, Betae tta flraarma there Aapo paattod, an-1 ootameaoe aa indiacr'mloato alaagbter of mea, wotner aad childrea. Be atotad that maaaa af ea eape wore pirrrided by A reaMl lylag la the croak. A Mfero, wta proclaimed ha rlgbt to froadom aaw that 1.1a ?Blp waaatoctod, wit turn of, ktt ?otaaqoaaUy raleaa ed. having excuaed blmseirty mj*? ?? ?*? be mad* l be remark. Tbe iiadenla of the Medical Oo liege of V rgtnla held * meeting on Svnday last, at which they resolved to eon ?l. lute themaelve* a company o! Minute Men; to disregard ?1) party llnea, and re* lit Northern aggression ; to narn uln tbe right of seoeesloe by Individual States, tal resist any attempt at ooerclou by the federal government at all haaard and 10 tbe last extremity; to dla ooui> lenanee any raid a pen tbe government at Waab in (too, 10 long u tbe intagrlty of tbe constitution la maintained and Southern right# respected and ob served; bot in the event of unconstitutional enactment by functionaries In power, or the lav*# too of Southern ?oil by an armed fbroe of Northern fhnatlas, to By to tbe rescue of thooe sacred legaclee of tbe oonatltutlon and tbe archive* of the country from unhallowed hand*, and l( necessary sacrifice life In defence of home* and firesides. It waa resolved, farther, that a eopy of theae resolutions be cent to Governor Wise, tbe chief of tbe organisation Qq Minute Men, wltb a tender of servloes. It la tbna that matter* are now programing In Vlr A few day* more will develope a very general ft ^uag of i thla tort. The Enquirer review* tbe opinion* of rrtln.Hr, Times and N?w York Roai-D, aa to tbo wb'xsh Lincoln will, and ooght to pursue It re'^g M the den crepency In tho view* of the Tribune ^ rtntes on tbe ,uear.on of the right of aeoemion, an^ ?ooBj ,t tbe idea of ucoondltlonal submission by tbe P from tbo fear of a jtiimuriatenf majority In each So <Uwru Qtste, which the Tribune predict* aa a result of a policy of "masterly Inac tivity" by Llnooln. It alaa vldxalee tbe Idea of coercion advanced by tbe Time* In referenoe to South Oarollna, ahoukl ahe seise upon tbe. Oostess Hoase and take- pos temlon of Tort Moultrie ,%iid Castle Plnokney and open tbe port of Charleston for tbe Im porta' toa of foreign good* free of duty. If LI' i00in should blockade tbe coast of South Carolina, and . tend an army and navy to enforoe the payment of t .otiet, that, say* tbe At purer, would be ooercion, and ibis Greeley dianpproves of. Tbe En quirer suggests the acknowledgement by the general go- i venment of P outh Carolina's Independence, and tbe nego tiation of a treaty or commerce wltb her, aa the bee 4 means to a .vert the rnln upon the commercial inter eel* at the Nortb . milch would result from the free trade poll jy, Tbe t Aquirer then refers to tbe Hbbaid's *unge?Al> * te Uncoli J) to publlah a manifesto assuring ibe South of hie purp? to do her no Injury, and tbna avert tbe las fend ing disaster. In reference to tbla tbe Enquirer say g_ ' Ke would suggest that tbe prevenUtlve recom steaded >'j altogether inadequate for etlictent prevent! m. Mr. Lincoln Is little more than a cipher in the pr mat ax count. He la a mere exponent, wboae signifies' <v. t* dae oot to bla personal or ottictal conduct, but to t m sttand ant unit tigure which preoede*. Tbe algnlli *?ni fa-.t which mentcen tbe South la not tbat Abe Lincoln la elected President, but tbat tbe Northern yvple, l>y a sectional vote, have elected a Pr r?tenl fir tbe avowed pur pane of a*greesion 0 1 Southern right*. The pnrpoee of sggresslon ? mt been de r la red by thla a declaration of war. 1% 1 w 1* nude, and Mr. I.lnooln la impotent to oommand ? poaoe-'a bat then' Full assumncs of peace must be giver , trorn some 00m petent quarter, or tbe S wthernAate* mnr tjfcooee between subjection and resistance each Northern State, through bor legislature or In Convention ^aaombte prompt ly , repeal all nullity ing law* passed fo t rho Injur;' of tlja arustltutional rlghi# of the South . paw , saw* to aacnre the ?a?y and prompt executloo of the K a^Htve Slave law; l*rs other law* imposing adequate r ace Hiss on all male factor* who *hall hereafter assist or moourage tje eecapc of fugitive slaves, pan other laws c' * alar log and protect ing tbe right of slaveholder* to t> ?vn! and eojourn Ic Northern State*, accompanied by tetrtr slavec. instrus*. their Senators and reiweaealet'vee it Congress to repeal be law prohibiting the sale of *U rt in tbe District tf Oolombla, and to pass law* ?offle1 Mt for the mil protec tion of slave property la all the T srritories oi the L'ntea, ?nd let tbose Senator* and Reprn relatives yrcmptly ckey ?uch instruction* Tb.s, says tbe KMfuirrr, will d* no more 'ban merely fulfil the oonstltutlonal obltgatw m sf the .ortbern Striae. This, and nothing abort of thlr , will euC ee to preront a revolution. The Examtn-rr look* upon tl * toad* of Union now a* re duced to two ligature*? a foi mal political " nlon, at. 1 the tiea of trade. It then sto rs that the aecear.ty which Orst led to union ? namely, mutual suprort for oommon protection and dcfenco? do ?* a>< now ezlst, *.tbcr soctlon being capable of formint; a dlstinrt vporate selfans laming Power among eat! ona It tbeu ehowsth* >cproo?. OUtty of any aatlon mal .lag war npoc either section la view of tbe nniveraal t .Isaater which would fcltow. If ?ny l uropean Power mndo war uron tbo No'th and ef fected a oonqueat, It w ocld prove frtitieo*. Kj power on earth oould bold tbe people la subje-nion. A war on the Nortb would but Injure It* commerce, bi t all the nations of Icrops would share tbe damage tfe s In', cted A war upoa the South by any Faropean I'ow r would bring rnln upen the world. The export of nereasartee of life, now vataed at twenty m.'ilor dollars, tnd of cota forts and neccaaary support to a?l trade, anouuti?t te near tweaty million d tars more wonld V all stopped tha day the Southern people would be driven u, take up ?rms and uae a esaaatutn of trade for defense H K-Mm.r net deflne* the t of the Kortt In 1U polury towarda tbe South to be to pat tbe power of holding the South M i?rpeisal political bondage In the hand* of a ' ortharn majority. They mean to told the qnaatlon of peaoc or war n the.r own haadi, and to regulate and control tte trade built on Southern production*. IT tt*y suooaod Oey will nave tbe power to clone the Psuth'-re pcrts, make svsrv Southern product pay tr but*, and every eothern mport pssa through ibe North and pay tribute to them. When this oocur*. the Ksamimtr Ulaha, the rvln of the South be ooaanmmated . and It wtil be in vain for ber to talk of raalstiag aa overt act. It *aka, "WUI the people sf the Soath bear this ' and then adaaonlabsa tha { peopia of V irglaia that if they do ae? join tha Southern ( -ttates us an effort to pro. da soms security aga ast C.I* subjugation, the power of taxing their property, 00c troll lag tbe price of tb-tr prod note, and decltrtng whether there shall be peace or war, rsssi* oa the 4tb of March next la to the band* of a people who baU their propert/. , ,sd whoae latercet it la to cheap?o every sale they malm, and raise the price of every art icle they purchase Tbeas paper* have probasly more nr. enc-e in the l- tato tbaa all the other democratic paper* within ta I'mit* ud their op^ oaa may, therefore, be regarded as 1 portaat Tbe South Carolina res ideate la Kew Orleans sssssn hied at tha St Charle otel n that olty oa th< l?th ln*t , r*r the purpes of en 1. rslng the actloa of the Soctb (kro Una Legislature. Mr H W Connor delivered a rery aaimated speich, la which be staled that wl'b tbe pty claimed principle* and ob ect* of ih1" black repub ican party, which has recsntly been elevated to power tad supremacy, the ^mtlberu States can no k nger rs mala la the 1 nloa with honor and ss'tty Uo sa d Ute time had some whea the floath had to give up the I'ntoaf or the constitution . tb' fbtsaav eq jality of the ! ?nates, the ln*titnti9n of alavry , and the foti.reL>p*a I tad prosperity of ber peojie. HssoIbiilos wsrc atoptod .ym^th ziag with South Oarollaa. tbesoerea ,4 tbe legislature la a ooavcatlnn, and pledg ng .i pport of such farther artion as t ie ?r Soath Ca rolina ssaysssdt to adopt, t^auermg to ftovernor O. t ne'.r pemonal services oa say attempt bs'.ng ma-lr a? r ^ ?rr on, and ordering aepiss of these reeolat.'** to be aaat to the Governor Tbe New lirlMU Oturigr, referr lo( to tbc dwrfr wMrh are iaerltable la the preaaat and prwpe< tire ca ditioa of Hkln, ium that lh? North will ktbrbrUx frcalret rafterer It itfl U>??, la eon ir. ,n?sia of the re raft at the alert toe, ike greater part nt the eotwa crop thm paar will be bold bar* and (tupped dlraaUp ..-aaa the *wrtftora porta to Ha flu 1 Tha New Orleaaa H*t predteta fearfol commarria: and aortal pel la to the North If the praam I exr.llwawtt afctuld soaUaao TK* LEGISLATURE OF LOUISIANA. f?a* Uiuum Not. 19, UN. Sortraor Moore wilt eoareoe tha toulataaa Ijaflatatnr* em Ika 1M ?f Daw bar AFFAIRS LV GEORGIA. *mon, Nov. I#, I t9i. Pol It Mai laMtnre are qalet to dap, with thy aanapttaa o( the aalMlBC of Mlaata Mm, tha arwtufe of liberty potaa and aoofe mat Vara tt la reported that itarlla? 'ieb?a?e w u offered at Sa ran Mb to dap at par without pnrehaaera. TIE BB PORTS PBO* WASHINGTON. t ..Ton, Nor 19, I MO We are la the mldat of free. ?nta. Tha roo racist* la the Soath are tha abaorblag tople. Mea aad wouiaa hare thtak of ac Mag elaa. Kraat opoa area! more*.'* an rapid ip, aad tha tntailifeaea la aa qalatlp eo??nrloa tad hp Magnpfc, that trarp peraoa who to Mtlwii at , all to attend to passing oocamr^ kDJW uxrooch : the soioans of tke H-aaiD to |Qto| OB from IUjm j to Florida ?ij every Important post, mt tar than UM , moot inquisitive rerddeats it um mm plaoes bob possibly obtain. from kj other soars*. | This facility of c<WiaK.nlc*tk? mrtea society ber# to | tlx utmost depths. At uto Rk. mal ind tftave a inner par- | Ilea of high oBoera of tba federal fCYeramenl, or of the i diplomat!: rtpr .tentatlT* a of forelpi oourts, at the nog ) banquets of political carles, at tba little ?,clet praadlal aflatrt in t'Ae caplt ^ room of Gustier, nothing a^a to , talked of. Tfco^Beof Vj/t hbbaid at this crisis hmi o?en higtir | appro n4 hy I'm truest frieudsof tb? Soma bow resident . here or temporarily sojourning wble en route to their ! bp'j?es ??d plantations. It la acknoaledgingly tba f*'f y ornal hat keeps op with tba pea- : frees of svents, North and Sooth. We have ( eater' a oo k MW era, and those whc peraiat La tba preui oct'.oct and prejad.oes of the pact xi; expect to be ran OT er. Nothing la so well calculated ta|dlspel tfceSe mis taken prBpoaatssiocs aa the trrUi b which the Hbsup dally tells tba North In retard to tba ictual r.ate of feel Sag aad Uk overt ptooeedmgs of the S01U1, acd the troths 'which, with rqual manfulness, the Hskilo telle tbe Sooth aa to the opinion, aentiment and probable determination of the North. By this enlightening u>ti plain spoken course ti approves itself tbe best friend of all seo tlons, and the promoter of all lbs pinclples and fsslings that can support tbe stability of the federal Colon. ?Shis is tbe appropriate mlaatos of the leallng in dependent journal? to diffuse far and Wile tbe fullest and ear lit' it intelligenoe of faots, so that toe proper correatlvo for I'm existing excitement and tbe threatened disorders mar to promptly applied. If Mr. I-.dooji would only lis ten *o tbe Hbbald's advice, and scthorliatlvely declare a oo jaerrativs programme of his policy, it would operate b tost favorably. lbs rapid deehae of stocks 1b New York ?n Saturday, aad especially of Virginia and Missouri sixes, has caused . oonsUerablt Urm here. W^HJ-Krto.*, Not. 19, 1S00. The secession excitement In C?e South la producing a cot n ter Irritation among Northern men in this metropolis, Isrtre nimbori of wbom are coming out openly for pcsce a'de dirioiciton. They maintain that the o.nest'on moat b ' Milled now, aad that ftctber wrangling will psoduoc | Botbit g but evil. To agree In the Union eoems inpossl bie. it Congreai baa powty to acquire new territory, for wolcb it era la no warren: in tbe oonstttctlon, ncd admit n w States carved oat of It by bill, tbey ask why can n >t Oocgreaa, by tfco aame power ac t in a sttnllsr manner, authorise ibe withdrawal from the Union of auch States, with their interest in the public property, aa amy by a vote cf tbe people of aald State apply fbr lea re? Doea not Ibe povre.- to aoqalre wl prtacribe terms of admlaaloa JaeecasarC/ Involve the c a verve of ibe proposition ? Ibe power to pranrlba termi of withdrawal, under tbe osastttntk.n > Tbe Calon baa beoome great aad powerful? per i jape too great. It la In deeper of crumbling to pieces from Ita ponderoae welgl.t and diverse j interests. During Ita sxlstence os'.lon aad rugtr ha.e become leading productions of lands ac quired without warrant of tbe occstltutloo, and tbshr culture ha* ocnaed aa advance in Ibe prtoe of negroes ef | a hoot lour hundred per eeet. Hence -bey have beoome a dittnrb n; element. When tbey wei 3 only able to e?T tbelr own lubalatenoe, their eondtUcn aa llavea or free men was comparatively of no oonss? jsnoe to tbelr owoerc. If tie ro too and (agar Stolen can withdraw, establish c separate oonfederacy , aad reopen tte slave trade, they csa reduce negroea to their former market value , and b J mean of this, an 4 cheap labor, and tbe culture of the enlarged a't>* made socessible byratiwajs, Increase tbe present i supply four or Bve hundred ps. cent at greatly roducd i prlcee. What do cotton spinners think of thtsf Do they blame >be (otton rsiseri? L not lbs prljs a tcmpt:ac oa> t ? But In ordsr to carry out this programme, tbe bob ootton and sugar States, or slave raising and 'eeli.n; Males, must be kept out of tbo new ooofoderasy . fur t*ey will never oon*ent to tbe re opeolng of thu 'Jav* *rr - it w?<*M Arm* n,y ih?i? * ? markets, Mhi a?fvvr!alo tbelr slave property. It IS for this recson that tku South Carolina seoeders do aot <x ml In tbelr haraaguoe upon the co operation of Slavs islriag States In their movements. They do not want them. They oaly mention tieorgla, Florida, Alabama, Miaricp pi, Louisiana aad Arkansas sa llksiy to Jola tbem. Tbey want tbe others between th-m and the free States to -re rent the Mcape of their negroes. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court, has, It Is as Isr ?stood , written a letter to a friend In Washington , saylig 'among other things, that four fifths of tke cltlsoos of 8s' vsaaab are oppoaed to aaceaalon. 7 HE POSITION OP THE PBESIDEST EIiECT. (from the Chicago Tribune. Nov. It] We are enabled to sasure Mr. l .inooln's frisson wbo are alarme d last he should send out aa eddieee. ta wblen tbe aiaadard of the party will be lowered, for tbo purpose of ooaiisg tbe seoesstonists into an abatement or tbelr threats against the integrity ef tbe I'nioa, that bo will do no such foolish thing, and wa can also ossare tboas timid gentlemen wbo are entreating htm to itaaiars him self anew, that tbey are misusing their lime. Mr. I.locoin is not the President elect Thai he Is tbe oho'.oe of tbe people ? clear; but until tbe electors meet In their renpeetive Statea, aad chooae him sccnrdlng to the constitution and the forms of lbs law, ha Is ae more than any other private ell. sen la Ibe aMOnlirM, all sssa desirous of knowing his opinions upon aslim of cur rem interest will (lad them nlearly aad ansqalvooally est forth la bis many speeches as tboas opinions were deliberately formed, there la no oocsstaa to liar that Mr. Lincoln will change tbeas. at least until tbati uatooabie neea ts proved ? ? ? Before be acts '* makes any public dsclarattoaa, be will know tbe ground upon which be sisals, the full a Heat of the dlsadseUoa, and lbs temper of those upon wbom be mast depend for onrrytog eel ibe policy that be will inaugurate. That he will Iry all methods of ooMtllnsloa nans 1st set with bis MM ef right aad hie obllgatioaa to tba eoualry we bars ao donbt. If tbe** are of so avail, his supporters knew tkat tttsy have la htm a leader who will net fell, at ibe prspsr Usee sad is the proper sinnrrr, to uae all the means at his com mand to ensure respsct for the obligations into wbtsh lbs mates have etiered. SENATOB DOUGLAS ON THE ELBCTIOO OF UNOOIJI. A sumber of eitissn of New Orleans, irrespective of Ely, addressed n letter to Haaator Douglas requesting i to give bis views on lbs present oondilioo o< Ibe af fairs of tbe country, to Mr. Doug as rstnrnsd lbs ? r< reply ? Tour rvooeet to address lbs citizens of New Or leas s "en tbe preeeat onaditlm ef tbe alhirs of our osuslry, ' baa just been placed la my bands an tavttatiee so as meroosly signed by tbe most eminent business men of this grant oomsssrclal otty 1m pitas a oompitraeel wtich I dal; appreciate, aad am exceedingly rel xAan. to de dine. lbeee are aot the times for patriotic msa le affect ta i fferenra or to degennrnte Into despondency, or to rcah madly into violent sod estrense measures Just Is pro portion as our common country If environed with peri! It be?K>mee tbe imp?"ellve doly it every (MrlsUl he laad to increase his erturts aad exert his utmost powers an I <<aergtes to rescue lbs republic from ibe disssisis which U.r*tco lis Integrity. No man tn Amerlen rerrsts tbe election of Mr [.Inooln fn?v> than I do; none made more strvnamn exertions l") defeat htm. none dnicr with him more radiantly and rrer.< ncllably apoe all the groat mum Invo.rsd Is tho oontaet. No man llrlng Is prepnred to reeist, by all the legilissatS means ranciDuod by the oonstltolion and lass of our Mnntry, the agframtve pol cy which h? und fe I Hy are nndemood ? repreesal Ret wails I say Ibis, i ho .nd, aa a good eltlsea aad law abiding man, to declare my oonsci- nlloas mavtetioa that tbe mere elec tion ef any man to the I'rsetdaacy by ine American peo ple, In *oc?>rdanr? with the nonetltni.on and la*?. dc?a not of Itaelf furnish aay lost cause or reasonable ironed tor dlSBolvlag the r?der* ('atoa It le aot pretended, en Mr an I am informed, that any provision of ibe constipation lies b?ee vloMed tn tbe rf?rt ?lect'<n Mo not hss bees d'*s wblcb la pairs or destroys the const ituthmnl rights of aay Asia or ctt'ren VetbllS has yet oocurrsd to release ssy eltijaa from bia oath of ddeltty to Ibe < wmtitution of tbe Catted Ktntes. which is the supreme law of every Mate aad of every cltiasa Rat while It Is aaineded Ibat no act has yet hern done which impairs the rights or ss dans*rs the panne snd safety of aay port toe of nor country, It is apprelieaded thai Ibe elesttoa of Mr. Llhce'n carries with I the aasnranoe tbnt the policy sni prlnil pies of tbe party by which be win rlestei will prevail, aad be earned into practical eOknt In every departaseal sf tbe fedsrai (overs mant. and thereby win aadaager the atetyoftbe slaveboldlag Wawa. Is is is ap pmhenslaa well fon?ded' Dn the rtwells ef the reossl elect inn testify Ibis appssbsastoe' The PrssMsst can do nothing exrwpl what lbs few aalbori/M His doty is to see lbs lass faithfully seen led. If be fells In perform thla duty ha wll soon And himself a talnussi before the blgb iienrt of tmpeaehment. lortmalely that tr bnnal M so oonslttund aa lo oommsad tbe enntVnce sf tbe people ef lbs entire South, ss wall as UK^Wnnervsllve man of Ibe North Ws have Ibis security thai the ?* mtiag laws will be feltbfslly executed I have yet to learn that tbe people of the Bourn oom plain of U>" acta of Otsgreee sow on Ibe statate k cpon Uie subject of slavery, as applicable le tba *talss sr Ibe T mtcrlss. or to If# :>lstne? of OohusMs Thsss laws were ssmfted m airly, if aot entirely, by lbs joist scties of the cos ?evrnilv# s< embers of the Nsrtb ssd Booth. :s oppssi lion Is t*e abortion Ms ssd frssnlUrs, mi bsvs teen aqtksvd in by tbe ??ooibern people aa well as by -be r Senators (it n- preventatives, an dor the preaent and pre ceding admiii) Ira;, una of tbo federal government. Oou asqu?ntly it la lair to presume tbat the South, ao far from demanding lie repeal of the existing lava upon the anhjart of slavery aa essential to ber safety and eqmllty# hi tbo Union, will laalat upon iheir being re tained upon I ho statute book and faithfully executed. Nor are we permitted to Infer that tbe Southern people re quire any additional legislation by Congroaa on this subject, for the reason that tbo Southern Beaalora and reprt-eatatlvos ha to not introduced and advocated my changes In the tinting legislation apon tbo e'avery queatlon under the preaent ade'inlstraUon and that of Mr Pierce, when the abolltloa'Jta and free asdera ware In the minority in both houses of Oongreas. Assuming. therefore, that tie Southern people and their Senatora ai>d representative* deem thoir rights and lnstl tutlona entirely safe under the ooeatUutlou and laws aa they now atand, and only dealre te, be let alone, without any iuterfereioe by Oongreaa wHtt their domeatlo con

Oerus, the queatlon ariaea whether Mr. Lincoln and hla party will have the power, even if they bsve the dispo sitlcn, to disturb or impair tic rlgbta and Institutions of the South, either a. the states or the Territories, or In the J>istr let of Oommbia? Tnoy certainly cannot do It under the eilatlng laws Will they have the power to repeal or tbange these laws, or to enact others* It la well known tbnt they will be In a minority in both Houses o. Congress, the Supreme Court again it thorn, in the Northern States thero bay* bc*u elected already a auiticlent number or dr mo "ratlc membots of Congress, bold and true national men, pledged te <t?e Cincinnati platform and the doctrine of van- by Congress with the qaeatloo of slavery ia the 'States and Territories and the I'-strlctof Columbia, wfei, added to the Southern representative*, wiilgiva at least twenty mainly against Mr. Lincoln and bis parly on all these questions, lu the Senate there la also a decided and reliable majority. Henoe no bill oan pass either Hooso of Oungross impairing or dlstarblng the rights or institutions of the Southern people in any manner whatever, unless a portion of the Southern Sena, tors ana Representatives abaeat themselves, so as to give an abolition majority in ocnatqtience of their abaenoe. In a minority us both Houses of Congress, with tlv Supreme Court to expound the laws and restrain all illegal and unconstitutional acts, the President will bo utterly powerless for evil, if be sbocld have the diipositlon to do wrong Kven In the distribution of a Is patronage be woald be dependent upon the Senate lor lb? conOrmntloo of his nominees to or' oe, so that ho ran not appoint ? bad man to - Sloe without tho consent ?){ tbeso in whose the South con dries. A partisan Presided, thus tied bana and loot, powerless lor goad or evil with out the nonarvt and support or his political opponents, should be tbo olvcct 01 p>.ty and commiseration rather than of fear and npprcber.sion by a brave and chiva'rou.^ people Wtut gcou or katm can be dc to anybody, except to bumble the pride and -wound the possibilities of a large portion of the Amerioat- people by occupying the chair onco filled by Washington, Jcflferarn, Madison and Jack eon? Does tfcis fact ftn-ntsh snSlclent cause for destroy, lag tbe best government of whk?i the history of the arorld ptvea an examp'.s f Four years will soon pKS away, when tto ballot box will furnistr a peaceful, legal and oonstltotteaal remedy for all tta evils and grievances with wtitah tbe oouetry may be a. I He tod. if, in tbe meanttnre, any act stall be perpetrated whlnh shall rtrtate or impair the rights of any cltlrsn or State, or aba), endanger the ,>eacc an 1 saloty of any portion of oar pev;>le, for wb'xh the oone'.ttutton and lews shall fall to provide adequrte and remedies, tLe time will tteen tare arrive for those vrbo think the oenstituticn baa boen disregarded nod the federal power perverted to purposes lncoes'itenl with tt?lr aa ety, hornr and equall ty , to oonsnlt and deliberate apon tbe natcre uxtent and mode of redress. I do sot anticipate, nor dc I deer- It possible In tbe pre sort condition ot the country, that uncer .ho admlnlstra ticn of Mr Lincoln any act can be perpetrated that would deatroy or impair tbe ..onr.ituttinal lights of the citizens, or invade tbe reserved rtfhte of the tttatss u|<on tbe sub. V*ct of slavery; but tf 1 should Hud mytrlf painfully mis taken on. this point, I hive no bositniloo tn e pressing my deliberate oonvtcttoc that such an cutrage would cot only make the Southern people a unit but would arouse and consolidate ail tbJ ootservatlv^ elements of tbe North in Arm and oete mlned resistance by overwhelm lug majorities. In soot an event tbe Couth would ocoapy an Impregnable position With ber own people unlt~i and animated by one sentiment? the unfaltering resolve to malrtnin and cefesd their righta cad liberties as won by the bleod of tbe r 'utters and ganranteed by the con stitution of their oenntry ? they ccnld safely rely apon tbe justice of their c*~ae, anl ooiSdcntly expect the sym pathy ot the otvltterat world and tbe chotoest blessings of Divine Proviaenoe ml .le straggling .'or the right. lud:r tbese circaiastaaoae, I can perceive no ju?t cause, no rea tunable ground for saob rash and precipitate action as would plurge Into the horrors of revolution, acareky Mi liar.kruptcy tbe ?pf)lest people, tbe most prosperots ? xiuntry and tbe beat government tLe sun of heaven eve : 'ibeJ bis r*nial rays upon To v.ose, if any . uch there may be, who look u-?n disunion sr.j a S. utbom cuafado racy as a thing dentrabia In ll?e';', and are ou'r waittac lor an opportunity to eooon.ptlsu tbat which ha1 be?a previously rsnolvt*! upon, tn? ?'ectl<'n of Mr l .nonla may fnrnisb a pretext for precipitating the Soother? Males Into revoiotljn. But to tb<?e who re?ard tbe Union under tbe oonst'tullon aa our tntii >rs made It, tbe meat - . -none legacy ?ver bequeathed to a lr#e pei.ile by * i * | triMkamklp.wi Hmu ?ln?r1 I. (Mlnlala It as loeg as i heir rlgiiu and liberties, equality and boner ?eo protected by It, ifee election ot Mr. Lincoln , In my bnm bte apinlon preset ts no jnst oaos; no rnsso nobis for disunion. Having dtscussel all the qaeetlena at lasoe rree'y r:id elaborately in m;~ addressea u> the people during too re oeni ' anvaKS, I M not (?-r<-<-|Te tbat any patriot!? objects Can be advanoed by any further p bile dlncuasloos on ray part ;rrlor te resuming my sea* La the ? ante That tho I*?'Iobs and nnimusiiles engond- rod l.y recemt a>nte^ts nay S H>n give place to reasoo and patriotism, that calm *nd wiae counsels may prevail, and fraternal feeling be restored ; that tbe oonstitntion nry be prceerved ins t late. acd tbo I n ion ir ? r. ? ? ; forever, Is the bc|? and ferveat prayer Of your fr^nd and felknw, i Norinnu 18, MM>' 8. A. DOt't.L AS LEV. HENBY WABD BEECHS3 ON THE STATE OP THE DNICN. Her Henry Ward Beecber but evening, accord.' ng to pubic announcement, deliver^ kta flrxt lecture of Ite a>*aou u the Cooper Inatllule. It -re tu a very laife attendance, no doebt drawn together vo bear ihtt atio ud popular lector?.- apon thii occaa. a by the epectal a; traction? that lit* eubject of his dlcsoaree would been entirely new ou. The lecture tlaelf would eoaroely bav j verlied lb la eaannaoimart. tor It wee entirely devoted to a humoreno view of Ike element! which at preeent oaatt tated tbe character e." young Amerleaea, contracted with Ibcee higher aad Mara ennobling ebafactertelkca xrhlab ?boo Id for* tbe mind aad babtu of a race wbnae early Ufa waa paartd amid tbe freeat mC beat laetiliiitoee af aay country la ?Le world Tbe lecturer eloaed bM dleooure* proper wMhaa expoettiun of wt_at be ooocaived waa tbe traa feeling of liberty, m N ebculd tin J a borne la every t mar lean heart, and thee proceeded to treat bta aadleane ta aa explanation of bla Tlcwx oa tbe (late of tbe L'atoe. He aald eae waa almotl eabnneil to eapreoe blaaetf ee a lover of Ute I'ntoo Night sOer night be aw Ma march lag to cauele, * wring ?Ml oa baaaere each mottuee aa tbe "Cm toe tor tbe cake of tbe Cnloa;" bet, aald 'be leeterer, I bare beea taugbt by tbe faibare of tbe KevololUa to love Us I'nloa for the eai? of Juatlcc, far the aakr of liberty Whea tbe rather* of tbe Revolution Bret framed tbe oonetttul.oe, they oaJ ed upoo all the sum to ratify the oovcnaat wt.tcn ibey aad mala witb Ood aad nana for Unman rlgbia. o.,e by one the Btatee came aad ranged thanaaivea on the ride of troth, of vlrtae, aad of liberty, aad It te that tb? t'aloe ba* bitberto pneerrel tbeee tha. I lore It. Bo lot g aa U?e In toe rubeervee the beheete of l'1-erty ao loeg (ball it be dear to me, aad wbea It or nana to do thla I atall not cvea then dreert it, bet aa a parent watrbea the eerraiBgiy dy lrg child, I will not give np hep* of lie rretorati ? to tbeae priori plea? to lie former exletecoa of digalty and boaor. Bet whenever tbe I'nlon oeaeea to he the c ?o*nrv*b,r of liberty aad I? lice efaer. It eeaaea to be tbe hvtng Bleclple? When It beoon^e tbe mere alabaeter without a or prlonple, let it die. B. t yet itcre are mm) I who cry out falaely Tor tbe l/eloo, aad wh i wr'V thla motto apoa banner* , and who fit llghte behind tt to Ule | mlnate the Blinking leatlment , ??!>.. oa for the lake of me ' I'aloa ' We beve ooaieto a traneiuon elate la Uie hi lory of tble laad. TJa la a time of so laoonalderablefewi log, aad aa every person feel* btmaetf to ?t preae iij in dividual view* upon tbe elate of tbe country, T *i*b to expreee mtaa here before you to-elght (Apjilauae.l Firet, then. I aak, what le N we "? We aee tbe reeull that feM attended tae aecudancy? I do oat mean of a peMy? I m?an tbe aaceada ecy of certain Ideaa? ttie peeoooderaao of tborc ideae a> ex pnenM by tb<< oul> ?, tnboltam by which Ibey could be e*pree*ed, lb? vote* of the pee pie through tbe b* let box? the el lea t thaader of Ood In nail aa. Th* u endaacy of certain Ideaa ua tb'a land t regard not aa tbe nature of thing* brought about by m%a, bat aa tbe r'eult <A growth I tai<? It that the rot* m tbe people ihrougb the ballot liot waa >rdalDad by a docree, o r the foreknowledge of Ood. aad te aa laevittbM aa it le now Immutable Tbe abaiow wtll aot g > beet np a tbe dial. No arm, aad no weap- n, aad ao meaaure r?ia>v| or firm'-i againat that decree wiU ever proeaer Aa to tbe reealta that may be rtpacl d from tbe late eiMtioa T?<i can not expect any great iraaetUoe wllboaLeome mischief or eome primary agttatlooa aUen'ttng It. Toe eeanol expect a dom'naat party, wbo baa mieeiad the power they held ao loeg, to part with it quietly. Wb> o tbe de?n ? waa rebuked , by oar lard aad commandni to lae re tbe boy be ooukl aot go oat of htm q?i< Uy , bat he eboald throw blm down on the ground and give bla one lael bite before be departed. Tbia TVolenoe at' the a*i nomaal la ao? a preeuaptloo aaalnat the "'>IMr of His ear* If* la ralber oa tbe noatrary, ladeed, a proof of 'be core fit vrrw op w* KKTivitevT anr^Tt. With rt^eeMo tbe exmtenieai. let ue look at It pnllti celly I de not wonder that there la a great deal of feel lag la tbe Soetbera Halea when I ooaeldar their habiu aad their tatereaia, aad aban I eoaeiaer tbe thing* that are *ald about them . aad to them I look for tbe exMV" meet, aad do mil look for It. Ml alan kaow tbeae abul Intone of feel lag are aomewhat of tbe aatnre of the boiling pot wbleh extlcguiebee tbe Are by boiling over la tike manner the *raibera people will put out the Ore of their eagre feetlag* by a pror?aa of boiling over (Apptenee aad laoghier ) Men ofven aay to me, "Do you know wbal the South are afcoot? Did you bear what they have reeolved !o A. ahet epeache* they baveMdo, and what aa excitement they are all iav? f* ramrea I fcave bet I My to myealf, now, If they were dumb aad (fleet there might be ?ome bar ef aa explnalea, ?>Ct ? tbey are tw 'ng *p aad lett lag o(T ibe rteam, ibey ure certain to be kfcfe and beHtr'for ihea, MT Ulk wd ?b? ??? eioWoment^U*^ w? in ye 1. (Langbtor) An w.hnow the prto '!! iJTSm 'Chlch U>**oT?m?nnt w- founded, elplea a?>oo w*ien t" (be jovcroinooi ud onr J^^ked of the South tn upon theee prtnclplee ^L'7!L would alter the inatitii uKirtooli P*" lh# town tUM M 0* other foundation! Omn meat U?e? btqo?*thed ^ ohMged in my way, It Ul*'i i^^Jntfocr euty to bring our lMtltutiou. beck would beoome ocr euty w Vial lone oe which they ud build Ibpm op on the roMdaiwnn ? ' no"ei*T ^thST; w?e lo limit them, webave do in'ljpoeltlon io ijmpalhue with J? (App wi? ) . ? M .,ii ?uk#ih than LBov bavfl bcro Uiizert.or more wdenlw^l fiwne?, vnau *??*/ glissss E?SSi-?'aE?1a"'n?a5 l w, t a.? m dim ? to oarry out, no new admmlatra ^smSSSSS sto SStt M oxacily that which we had in the ordinal oon federal Ion. Wedo JJSSTcEjto 6.? ~s.r SdE uV?S ?i?n?r Ib? ? ?? ? """?Si K wbea wo oomi to the other aide, 1 any that w? w"', ? oDtrfO-.n upin their* ? that we will carry no fev 'and no dMlurbence into their mldtl 9ut we hare a rlgb p'ead with the Sn<ilh, tho right to reaeon with ro*f?n> rlaht of coeacienoe to plead with conic lonoo?ihe right ?jiiru with the Orcator, emanating from tfce boHom of God, wo will not ??rr coder Bui aa to the result of the ejec tion Dolltlcally neither proeenl nor remote do wo wlah 5 S? br^^r.xajjs.5 I rrw^7aa"tCT rv?5 Cf ? the iDfloonci which tell them ?r SrSs^ggsgg toe tne?Tliablene? of thlnr " action of the IU trained boy, who, for the ' "V u,g the -eorrectlon of pratalijg tnS^*?S^ ban / irom all control, and, with W? <*?? ET^n^T1* ICbe'g^ blithe^ 'enough durtaf elf ..nee more at home whore he can >. leep w rin CMnrert SStXSgi iiS'iS.w SS:~i!?5.E .??. tuinfld.ahaif itied douKh cako. Nowyouarou^ , tnata party of mm anee fom e years *|0? aomeeoMCl 2fiM mi who ? talc <1 their oonrlcli' na in the Inn ^?S??3i ISeulVSd to raiae the public mind agalnit them Ttiia fovi rcmen 1 v clrctmatoncee, they grew ii^u3rrtr;:r :r?h b\. oi"t?T^S m?e^y me-Td pollUe* -h , h^IHI 'eractcd ta tU'.a Oily a couple or weeks *g" waa 7. ^TSSSZl to tho world. I refer V> the last LCVtr TKfiUFC \ t^r*?n.ti'ri??d W'.ltl \OM Of OOOP^Oy -a i";' ixssr" r*^"~ " ssss")' Hot tLv are ml?ia* ' In their rueu We are of the ^y^utTt^^f ? ift ao DpOB Ofl *? W,U Zr fortune, to maintaining our nrios?->!t? tarv '-rt'l what our fath^ra dll {?Mw^oi<it?C Te-n yield ererytblni: mat mm bat we oaonoi glre up our r ??o^, or well founds ooutictioBa, or tliat hope of our e.iur?iry'? i>m?i*rt?7 wtleh llee In mm t : nieen *e caanoi gl?" up for ouraeiTea, nor oeliher *hall Ib? *P fcr Norta or Wrei. neither for the (?write Htalt.' aor for lb*1 Southern Stale*, lhaugb I^SlS accede Woe t, the flUU whjeh-r- ?^?be; ?t tb? Pip^nee of H* manhood. A Slate may loeeite wetlUi but a* long an aaaxiUu?d renam* to h^r i*>oplo ao lone aa'lhey know thai tuey Uar? aufTered for a I"inc|P'<'. lb?t "ryYontictloc wlU rtlr lb*, up to rfMtor efloW and thiy wlH re'-rlere U^lr fortuDe wllb douMe tu-? ami an??' We ha?e ouch faith In th* n.fiv-'Dle of ntnt that we are aai to be Int.mldated. ^nkebMrt tbon^my aU wul be well tne r juntry? the wtole c wntry -* love the Vf ?at and the laal. tLa Nerth and the Soalh. Wo lore erarythuig bat ih.- iileere, and theeo w" will nedtoate? eyarylhing ^ltS:^o? toprcy We lero the reata of* m laad, hat they tnuat not take adranlage or that all eel ion w intlmMale na. Honuch, J"r^j nute of the I'ato. There ta a mac now at the helm of the ahtp -f 8mtc who wlU guide her aafoly abroagh lhe nonia wk loh enema' ?m her? a man ? ho know not whal u!a to be aeared. He will take bw off ?bc lee ?l ?eratowarda which the baa bo o to long running t3 d?eu aitkm^ Ha will pni ber al^wt. a 4 whrn anawerla? to h. ?? helm tha Mill begin to All, the block! aad rope* to etra n. b? >on to cieare the water, with aalla all W .rom d eck to top, Mid with a rich freight and protperouagjJee, a ei may hope for a continuance ef the l.kaaiega we hare io long ea '?^Se le>'t<*e'*bere^ retired, en 4 the naeenblag e broke up New* flom Ute Brltlah W?tt ImllM. Georgetown (Iiemarara) paper* np to Cel. 19, par bark frlaeetoa, furaMb the f^Uowlag itoma ? Bom. Kobtrt J. Waioott. maaber of Iho Coani II, bad 4i}d at Ehrbadoee, affed 71 year*. Bridgetowa waa la foaled with thlerea, who ha> I atrip pai a early rrery bonaa of tta e.pper guttore and to. ling Mnrdere were on tho Incmaae at Trinidad, reoaWy pnr prtraled by ooellea, while the crime of rape wae fearfully proralent. Some kw arreeia bad been made At Aallgve there war eome IHUe eiciuwot relnltre lo the audden departure of a morehaat learteg large lla bllluee A French brig had arriTed at Ceorgetown with III *m mlgrasi* (rem Madeira l,?Uar from Ihr Kt*. Mr. Bftrtlolt. ro rm n>rroK op tub obkald. iu jnvr 9aa<U)'a Mtua, sudor Ute baadiag ' Brooklyn If la later Af?ln*t Ibo Sunday Lawa," ap(?arad ? br ef rrport of to ordination acraon pr**ebed by me upon Tbur*!*.", Ulb ln?l Y'.ur reporter (milLUottoa ally, j*rb?[? ) ttlrnpraenr I* nw. Tb? topic of lb* ' *m cUy I Awt" 1 tare nrrer d wati ona w?y or Uw utter, II *11 HltMr dlmrtly MBtlMMd nor Indirectly alluded I* Is lb? dtnoonr** I **? tfblbltlac M un JhrUi like tt* chaplain* of jxiJltMmJ parii?e, u?, la afwak.nt a( ibrlr bilWr (Volte. pointed to ? onaplenoaa church ta joqr city, Inatanrii,* ' lb" fccllr laaisa wbo were held froM woiflab ooilnon by It* benign dltpeaaalloo e( lh* Metropolitan police," u (rrap-a of ih? eotir* rlncjard Tbta aaeerlion night h*r* c*uaad lh? mlaun iimiMdai. OrnOdeat that yonr falrniw* will (trr mi opportoa:iy to vim In ?l*r lb? antidote aa broadly ?a tb? p? win, I re m?:r, your* reapeetldlly, W * BAKTl.RrT, IlrHr, 0a Place rnr?rrr?lioiuU jbureh, Brook'y*. BMoiilf, Not 10, 1M4 Tk? Rtarflai Ptopl* of Kaaau, to tub wrroR np th? mkhh.p. OfW'l A?*ai' AlTi "-?*a Oootaxy,) 61 B< i?o* ^niaat. ("?*bb n* Jit, Nbw Yum, Not.IB, 1?M. ) In order to *d tb? reoeral aaorrmenl sow on foot to>a IHto the MSOO [' t Ibr popnltlloa llf portion* of Kiikm, lb*e kmrr,c*D tad l oiw i Ptatea ?ipr*aa runf* atM will forward*, fr*? of ohar|?, r/mtrlbetiooa la a?T or clotbtof , la tea dad for Um aaa of the nn>rm, and ad drr*aed lo lh? onwimUtera at Leavenworth Yon will be furthering a deaarrtat charity by |tr1nf pabltollr to U> ? notice lbrou(b U>e colarrna of lb* Hami> Vaara, te., HKVRY WCI.LB, President AaaerMai) Linn Company I). JT BtRNt Y, Prttldaat lalM?,Btat?e f-rrrea* Ompaay Mamm or ma Omifmwa*'* CoawrmBoaNrvwr' ? The (/Manilla* on "treat* of lh? Board of Caeaci -n?a mil yeeterdy afteraooa at Urea o alocfc, to aaaaHer it* pro ,oaltloo now Ntfom Uyw fur wlXilac UaUtarlnr ivract Iwofity ffft na ib? wxat ?.d? A as ibrr of paraooa tato. rtind m Um prrj?:'. <?"' >a ?< van Itnm, aad idruxwd lb? ofua arfiiairata fw a* ' a#? aal (b# mr?*nr?, whkrS ha*a b??? ao ofmm r*pmW1 lh? r*r om tlm*?lbla a.r i*ct baa tf<a brtori Um Own-son Oman I may took no f irihw ?o?>or, bowarrr. Ibtn U> B'1,jura llll } r lay afi?r ror.a a?tt at lliraa o'eiott nrmtisMG / pom spButGntm. Tbe President anil Vie? President Elect to Scet at (lilctfu Ur Llncvla'i Cabinet - I orUKaming ^(ii^OfllcUl E\|k> sition of Hto Views to., *0., *e. Si imuniu), 111., Nov 18, ) Via Chicag >, Nut. 19, MM. / Ur. Lincoln received a special despatch Mat evening from W. B. Karweil, une ol Ui? editors of Uke Ada CUt funia, daled ten Francisco, Noirmttr I, via Tort Kear ney, announcing thai Lincoln leads in California several thousand, as far ai beard from, and would carry Um Mate If no frauds were perpetrated In tbe Interior coon, ties. There I* great rejolc ug a uong Ihe Llnoo'n tee at this news, while the Dougla?tle* swoar not a little. An attempt has been made to get up a bank panic In lb .a State. An examination of tbe Batik Commissioners shows that out of one hundred banks In Illinois, representing eleven mil Hon dollar* circulation, only twenty two are defi< it to tho amount of two hundred an 1 ninety tlx thousand three hundred and eighty lire dollars, upon which a call has been made to-day, and It la believed all will respond. Tbe t. even millions represented la secired by pwardc of thirteen millions of Stale and United States stocks, only about two millions of which la Mlaaourl. Snu-MiNXLP, HI , Not. 10, I960. Mr. Lincoln will leave here for Chicago on Wednesday, In lbs morning train, accompanied by Mrs Lincoln and Senator Trumbull. Be will decline all orations, and make no apeechea, as tbe ob)ect of his visit la to attend to private matters before entering upon bla public duties, which already ciowd upon him in ths form of an Immense cor respondent? Mr. Hamlin, tho Tics President elect, will meet Mr. Lincoln at Chicago on Wednesday. They will men see each other [or tbe first lime. The indications about who will go Into tne Cabinet, aa rciiectod In the editorial In Friday s Herald, are wide ot the mars. Tbe uamo of Mr. Wiwon la especially obnox ious? excuse the uiidignlUed remark. The an nounced In the despatch In the Hsaaui of the 101b Inst Is nearer tho mark than anything yet publlabed. It la se follows ? Secretary of State Judge McLean, of uhlo. Secretary of Treasury .... Wb. L. Dayton, ol N. J. I', stmaster r.cneral Fill Henry Warren, of Iowa. Secretary or War Oassius M Clay, af K y. .Secretary of tbe Nary Kmerson Etlier'dge, o i Tenn Secretary of the Interior... Galuaha A Grow, af Pa. Attorney General H Winter Davis, of M4. A large number of people have oalled upoa tbe Presi dent elect to dav rrom Kentucky, Virginia, Pooth Caroli na, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania. Mr. I.lnyin continues to receive applications tor ottoe In tbe South. Of all tbe callers Mr Lincoln had to day not one wan alter office. Ollioe se<ek?ra write letters, and woold stand a belter ohanoe If tbey did not write any. Tbe stampsdo for the Important offioes In the country baa not com menced The applicants to tar are mostly for Poet Offices. Tho rrpuMican jubilee to-morrow nlgbt promisee to be a brll'lani aOalr. Mr. uncoln will be oalled upoa at bin residence. He will present himself, but SMke no speech. Senator Trumbull, Don 1 tat t. of Cincinnati- Mr. bates. Governor elect of Illinois will speak at the Wlftvam. It is enderstood Mr Trumbull will represeat tbe views o ? Mr. Lincoln. Mr. ! In on la received a despatch to-lay from the Seore tary of the Kepubl.can State Committee of California, stating tnal be has probably carried that Sale. It say* the total vote heard from la ninety thousand, and that Lincoln lead* Douglas 2100, while Breoklnrtdge * far be hind liucglaa. Br lMi.rmui, 111 , Nov. 19, 1M0 Mr. I.Jicriln received the California eiootlsn news by special rt. rpatcb yesterday afternoon. Himself and friends arc i.ated, but Unak Douslas will carry tbe State by a smal' plurality. ? There were no place seekers here to day. *Mr L'oooln entertalmd Mmself and a few voters by reading aloud articles from lbs Indrpmimi He lakes Ibe Southern neof calmly, asd nays ?"My lime not hav ing arrived, 1 am contest to runelve all possible light oe tbe subject, and * s ' to be out of the ring." See a tor Trumbuh t;?eks at the republican JulUee to morrow. lie la expected to indicate Linocms policy, without cU.ming to speak authoritatively. I'ollc* SXTSHTil BlTWi L A H Y IN NASSAU 8T?PT? I II ? llll ON Ht'RFICION. An tntereatlag c*ae of biirglary came up for emotM Hon before Jortir ? Kelly, at the Low ar PoUoe Court, fW terd* y. Ob Ibe night uf the 10 A mat , It ippwi, Um Jewelry eotablmhmeut ot J trace Jaqoet, of No. N Nas sau street, era* entered by burglar* and robbed ot About 93,100 worth of property. Tb* thlOT** gala art ac re* to the Mfe by mcasa of tela* key*, aad, noiocttag a Bomber of gold and *Ur r watobe*, and otbor article* of jewelry, decern pel with the mm. Tbe foUowtag day Mr. Ja^oot appeared before J oat toe KtUy , aad, ralaliag the particular* of Ue burglary, prayed that a ooopio of detoctlT** might bo act to work to boat up Ue totor**. DeM olive* Farley, Toeag aad NItom war* aaoardlagly detailed to attaad to the aaUar. on ? Vtg a miaato kaapoctlon or the prraia**, tb* offloar* oaaao to toe coeeiiMioa, troa oortela ladlaaUoaa, that toe b*rg!ar* had been let into the More by aoae frlea-Jly hacJ from wltbla. 9uapto1a fell opoa the df ?oa boy, Rugrae MouUe aad aure enoagh, upas arraat uig htm he oafeeaed mat he w*a implicated la toe bar alary. M .lie "tated that be admitted two man, named I ran* Fa y aod togeoe Raetga, to tbe atore, aad that toaai I all lbj<o of lAra broke lofi the eafb aad abotractod all toe raiuablae too* eouid lay tbetr haada on Be aien ? eU?M thai after rekbtag too More they retired to No. UO I Weet Broadway, where they diapueed of too property to Jamb Levi gad John Nau'lh. fur toe eum of gl im that [ tort paid 9 Ho or we amount dowa, aad proaitaed to pay ' i be raaaiB'ler is the eourae of a f?w oaf*, I poo noali li ? lbs valoable Information tbe -flntr* arnleil ail of ti ? a r,3. ?ed parthw at.d broaght them before Juetloe Kol ly L? Uid Smith were eearohed, with tbe bopi of Li. lug a portion of the atolen gootfo, but Hal war uoibtac Uiacx rtred worthy of meatioa Moalle aay* he f i* toe burglary at toe *niieltoltoa of fay and i *' man aot /at arr?*t*d Fay aia> Tarn lelgre ' b J g lit, and *a>> be tried to sail the watcbao at a >W< It1* " Oolfn a?rp?-t before he digpnoed of ti.. m i o Merer* !??! aad Km lib Fay told oflMer HI ntitb ULartkai w the pro^mrty wai atoieo , aad that ite rtc< v< * told blm be oft* n bought etoleo.good* ba lort la ? art?d tH.OM ?or the jewelry, bet finally af ter eon ? ?a- MloiBg he agreed i<>e?il It tor II 1M rWa were no* ?*?dred aad eevnaly w a tehee atolea, bat Fby fays ha oa b *eH ''Vt about one hocdred an l thirty Tb? UHaara ?'r anxtoaa that join ttonlle aad Fay ehonfd l?unlv? at'-aer.dhaoe aod If thle oourao I* adopMd if ty art ?aa \ '>ae U batag able to aeod Lart ap to Hiag A Dimr>\t t Cm< ? Darld Ixopold, a praeociona Ad ?boot (oyrUro T"ar? of me, employed M ? el?rk !? the ?t >rr of Alder . V"Ui?r?, No. :,M H-oedway, >ti arr?et*t yttterday, b J , WllMttco ItirM ud Maaoc, of tba IwBXy i.xtb prr. Meet, on a charge of MmIIdi ? ideality of ?ilk oirbkrrcb ud 'ilber fancy v tlcJea, valued at *160 tLe pro party of bit eaptovera. I poo baitf taken i %?? eaeUnly be ? rii?w' niged u,? torn," an 1 gar* ml I Ibf rnalioo w> iM eriioere mMId tba rrvr mry of I be freeler jmrt ef tbe Mole* fooda Tbe pr'noner waa b. wtfbt b?Ai?a feel we Kelly, it Ikm I omm I'ol.oa Oourt, at *? waMBiited tar eaaaaatioe. Pnormai; Arraar r* Wiiiua *ramr ? Paoriaia Mra rm ?A boat eight a-el ?* '??? ?*, aao aa liaiiaa oam<4 P. A I ?*?". "d ? f r??*iaaa aaaaad Loclt laroa- wr> 'e at ** wmaa etreet, |K into a d to. m,t?. wb ch leal y reecll ed ?a Uroae drawing a rerUrer, ud rhootm# Craa)! Id J?? bjrnm, eatalag a MM daa ?eroae wnuad. ableb It ? Uiotigbl will prore tatal U r?aa, aa ao?e aa be be. I m? aaHWid the art, Had, bat waa erreetr I abe t la bo.r afV rwarda by oflVwr A I tea of tba fuortu rrtdart Tba wottadadaaaa waa ptaoed la Iho carr of a pbjeiclat who hat' HtUa bopaa tor Ua ca/brta nate Mil. ro m imroK or rn mauLD. Ilene* n ee -red Hi tMaaoni? i Hmutay a Hi raj a rtrem MataaeMa. nndir tba yiMaaatarr Untie* " wbara I a lertn in Ibe mala pflana. 1 ,oaliea. I bag to l?f ria ibe en hi* throMb year wMtfy tatfei mi waa, hat 1 waa. at tba tuaa at my ar rw, enUeaMe? abffllroa tba ?V!ew Trarr, wblab waa 4m tar a>aa4 en piled. aa ran t>e ?rer*d by eereeal ?a (fee rwtnttr tn omnm on. I r? i Btate the* I aa a tare ???*'?? mia wfc->bae ep Ut the p reseat time ena<lne*Mt nivaalf " ? ? aepanlehle aad anba leriTe etUaeo, aerar ha?laa mm ?e latodr o? aaj J^bie laaMtatka. TuiutKilil humum. Pblturfi N**<aa, N. J., Not. It. INI. Hmtm C. Tborbum , of U>? city, OarMt, aad aa* of final fborbwa, died to dar of tajarta* welral bv a fen He waa sorter appotalaaat at Ike INpee'tf <n of Mouat Veraea elw the IvUai look ObarfC Ba WW bi|biy rd?r?M).